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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (12/2/20)

BOSJ 27, Round 7!




Who gets lucky in Best of the Super Junior’s seventh round?

It’s round seven for Best of the Super Juniors 27! Will Taiji Ishimori keep his losses limited to one? Or will El Desperado prove he’s already worthy of a title shot?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Yuya Uemura VS DOUKI; Douki wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Robbie Eagles; Eagles wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Master Wato VS BUSHI; Bushi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Taiji Ishimori VS El Desperado; Ishimori wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: SHO VS Hiromu Takahashi; Sho wins.


Here are the current Best of the Super Juniors 27 standings!

Hiromu Takahashi: 5-1
Taiji Ishimori: 5-1
El Desperado: 4-2
Master Wato: 4-2
SHO: 4-2
BUSHI: 3-3
Ryusuke Taguchi: 3-3
Robbie Eagles: 2-4 [ELIMINATED]
Yuya Uemura: 0-6 [ELIMINATED]


Yuya Uemura VS DOUKI!

So what if both the Young Lion and Japones de Mal are out of the running? This is about pride! Only ONE man can be completely winless! But who will be the Worst of the Super Juniors after this round?

Douki shoves the ref aside to rush Uemura but Uemura is ready! Uemura throws forearms, the bell rings, and Uemura whips. Douki reverses but Uemura runs him over! Uemura drags Douki up, scoops and slams him, then covers, TWO! Fans cheer for Uemura’s fire as he stomps Douki and throws forearms. Uemura runs, Douki boots him back, but Uemura comes back, only for Douki to dump him out! Douki goes out, whips Uemura but Uemura reverses and Douki gets railing! Douki goes down in a heap and Uemura is on the apron. Uemura leaps for a crossbody! Direct hit and down goes Douki! Uemura fires up and fans cheer as he drags Douki up and into the ring. Uemura covers, TWO! Fans rally as Uemura stomps Douki.

Uemura drags Douki up for forearms and CHOPS Douki against ropes! Uemura runs, but Douki flapjack hotshots! Douki drags Uemura up, throws him out then pursues. Douki whips and this time Uemura hits railings! But Douki keeps going, and whips Uemura into more railing! And again, into even more railing! Uemura writhes and flounders as Douki gets his pipe! The ref tries to stop Douki but Douki shoves him aside! Douki SMACKS away on Uemura with the pipe! Douki drags Uemura up, takes aim, and RAMS Uemura down with the pipe! Fans rally for Uemura, but Douki leaves him behind. The ref starts a count, Uemura stirs at 8 of 20. Uemura crawls to railing at 12, slowly stands at 16, and hobbles to get in at 18!

Fans cheer but Douki stomps Uemura down. Douki stands on Uemura’s head and talks trash before he stomps Uemura more. The ref checks on Uemura, but Uemura hits Douki back with forearms! Douki knees low, scoops and slams him, then runs to DOUBLE STOMP Uemura down! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Douki grows annoyed. Douki scuffs Uemura with his boot and talks more trash. Douki slaps Uemura around but Uemura just gets mad. Douki reels Uemura in, but Uemura blocks the suplex to suplex Douki! Douki fights out and rakes eyes! The ref reprimands but Douki brings Uemura back up for a suplex. Uemura slips out, but his dropkick misses!

Douki shakes his head and then slaps Uemura around. Uemura gets mad, and he dropkicks Douki down after all! Fans fire up as both men are down! Douki and Uemura go to opposite corners, and Uemura runs in corner to corner, to back elbow! Fans fire up with Uemura as he fires off more forearms in the corner! The ref counts, Uemura stomps but then stops as the ref backs him off. Uemura drags Douki up and whips him corner to corner, to then run in and dropkick! Douki flops down, Uemura covers, TWO! Uemura keeps his focus as he grabs Douki’s legs! Uemura keeps Douki from ropes and turns him over for the Boston Crab!

Douki scrambles and gets the ropebreak, so Uemura lets go. Uemura waistlocks, lifts, but Douki fights free! Uemura reels Douki in, Douki mule kicks, front kicks and enziguris! Douki runs, but Uemura gets around, only for Uemura to victory roll the German Suplex! TWO, and Uemura throws forearms! Uemura roars and runs, but into a LARIAT! Both men are down again and fans rally up! Douki stands and gets to the apron. Douki waits for Uemura to rise, then slingshots, but Uemura holds Daybreak off! Uemura has the arms, for the TRAPPED ARM OVERHEAD SUPLEX! And then Uemura turns Douki over for a BOSTON CRAB!

Douki endures as Uemura drags him from ropes and sits deep! Fans rally as Douki crawls and Uemura sits even deeper! Douki keeps reaching but Uemura brings him back again! SO DEEP! Douki is fading, but he gets a second wind! Douki claws his way over, but Uemura brings him away again! Douki finally gets the ropes, even as Uemura tries to block! Uemura lets go in frustration, but the damage is done! Fans fire up with Uemura as he drags Douki back up. Uemura traps the arms again but Douki fights the suplex. Douki pulls hair but Uemura throws forearms. Douki ROCKS Uemura with an uppercut! Douki runs, Uemura traps him again! Uemura lifts, but Douki counters to ITALIAN STRETCH #32!!

Uemura fights to stay on his feet but he’s fading fast! Fans rally as Uemura gets HIS second wind, but Douki pulls harder! Uemura moves around, kicks his legs, and gets the ropebreak! Fans are fired up as Douki lets go at the count. Douki drags himself up with ropes, goes to the apron, and aims at Uemura again. Uemura flounders up, into DAYBREAK!! Cover, TWO!?!? Douki is shocked! Uemura is defiant but Douki vows to finish it! Douki drags Uemura into the wheelbarrow, full nelson, SUPLEX DE LA LUNA!! Bridging cover, Douki wins!

Winner: Douki, by pinfall; now 1-6, Uemura is now 0-7

The Young Lion was so close and yet so far! But now, he is the one winless wrestler in BOSJ 27! Will Douki be holding this over him for a long, long time?


Ryusuke Taguchi VS Robbie Eagles!

The Funky Weapon is on the bubble, but the Sniper of the Sky could shoot him down! Will Taguchi keeps his run in the round robin alive by the seat of his pants?

Eagles is wary of Taguchi’s rear but the ref checks, it’s not loaded. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Taguchi puts Eagles on ropes but lets off cleanly. Fans cheer and the two reset. Eagles and Taguchi tie up again, Eagles wrenches to a wristlock but Taguchi reverses to wrench and wristlock Eagles. Eagles rolls, wrenches back to a wristlock, but Taguchi rolls and gets a leg pick. Taguchi has the toehold, fans cheer and Eagles endures. Taguchi traps the leg, but Eagles headscissors out to go after the arm. Taguchi clasps hands to fight off the armbar then rolls to turn Eagles over. Taguchi gets the legs and pulls on the deathlock. Eagles pushes up but Taguchi shifts to lean on the hold! Eagles scrambles and gets the ropebreak!

Fans cheer and Taguchi lets off for Eagles to get up. Eagles and Taguchi circle, tie up, and Eagles headlocks. Taguchi pries against the hold but Eagles grinds harder. Taguchi powers out but Eagles runs him over! Fans cheer as the two stand off. Taguchi messes Eagles’ hair, Eagles trips Taguchi! Taguchi gets up again so Eagles trips him again. Things speed up, Taguchi keeps dropping, but Eagles sees the fake out coming and stays put. But then Taguchi still dodges the basement dropkick! Taguchi bops Eagles, point blank hip attacks, and then hip attacks again. Taguchi elbows Eagles, whips him corner to corner, then runs in for a big hip attack! Taguchi runs again, into an atomic drop! Rolling chop block to blindside lariat! Cover, TWO!

Eagles stomps Taguchi’s leg, and pulls Taguchi into a toehold. Taguchi fights against it but Eagles cranks harder. Taguchi CHOPS and CHOPS but Eagles keeps on the hold! Taguchi reaches for ropes and gets the ropebreak! Eagles lets off and fans cheer. Eagles drags Taguchi back up, CHOPS him, then snapmares him to run and basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Eagles sits Taguchi up to wrap on a chinlock and grind him to the mat. Taguchi kicks and flails to get around but Eagles leans on the chinlock. Taguchi throws body shots, but Eagles knees low. Eagles whips, Taguchi reverses but Eagles dodges and ducks to sunset flip! Taguchi stays up, and pantses himself!

Eagles holds off the Funky Weapon but Taguchi sits down to cover! TWO, Taguchi ends up on ropes and Eagles dropkicks him out! Fans fire up as Eagles builds speed, but Eagles has to stop himself as Taguchi slides in! Taguchi runs but Eagles avoids the hip attack! Eagles 619’s Taguchi in the butt! Eagles springboards but Taguchi dodges, only to hip attack into the atomic drop again! Eagles runs, into the hip attack! Both men are down and fans rally up! Eagles bails out, Taguchi takes aim and builds speed, to triangle jump! Eagles gets clear and Taguchi lands on the apron, to FLYING HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up as Taguchi hits his target!

Taguchi drags Eagles up and puts him in. Taguchi aims, springboards, MISSILE HIP! Cover, TWO! Taguchi keeps his cool and brings Eagles up to snap suplex! Uno amigo! Dos amigos! THREE AMIGOS! Fans cheer and Taguchi covers, TWO! Taguchi powers up and goes to the corner. “ORAYO!” But Eagles runs in, only for Taguchi to dodge his basement dropkick! Taguchi gets the leg for OH MY ANKLE LOCK! Eagles endures, rolls and throws Taguchi off. Taguchi runs into Eagles calf kick! Taguchi goes to a corner, Eagles runs in to double knee! And then the METEORA! Cover, TWO! Taguchi survives but Eagles keeps his focus.

Fans rally up and Eagles goes up top! But Taguchi rolls away to the other corner. So Eagles hops down, stomps Taguchi in the drop zone, and goes up this corner! Fans fire up, but Taguchi rolls back the other way. Eagles stomps Taguchi again, goes up again, but Taguchi has already started rolling. Eagles storms over, but Taguchi catches him to a cradle! TWO, Eagles knees but Taguchi enziguris! Eagles ROUNDHOUSES, HEEL KICKS and PELES! Taguchi goes down and fans fire up! Eagles and Taguchi are in opposite corners but Eagles runs in, only to be put on the apron! Eagles kicks Taguchi away, springboards and dropkicks the legs out!

Fans fire up as Eagles gets the legs but Taguchi kicks him away. Eagles comes back with the running enziguri! Eagles has the legs but Taguchi rolls him up! TWO, Eagles blocks the kick but Taguchi blocks the backpack! Taguchi chicken wings the arms but Eagles victory rolls! TWO, Taguchi sits, TWO! Eagles, TWO! Taguchi, TWO! They roll and roll and roll and roll around the ring, and then keep rolling! Taguchi has it now, TWO! OH MY ANKLE!! Eagles endures, Taguchi leans as hard as he can, and then drags Eagles into the chicken wing! DODON- Victory roll to RON MILLER SPECIAL!!

Now Eagles makes Taguchi suffer! Eagles drags Taguchi from ropes, Taguchi threatens Eagles with his ass! Eagles pushes Taguchi down then cranks harder on the legs! Taguchi taps! Eagles wins!!

Winner: Robbie Eagles, by submission; now 3-4, Taguchi is now 3-4

Taguchi’s bubble has popped! Eagles makes him give up his chances at the top, but will it be little solace when the Sniper of the Sky has missed his own shot at the BOSJ trophy?


Master Wato w/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan VS BUSHI!

The Way of the Grandmaster and Death Mask are both firmly in the middle of the block! With time running out, who scratches and claws their way up towards the top?

The bell rings and Wato circles with Bushi. Wato tests the waters with kicks but Bushi stays clear. They tie up with knuckle locks, Wato shoots in to get the waistlock but Bushi switches. Wato switches back, Bushi facelocks but Wato rolls. Bushi tries to make that a cover but Wato gets away, and fans cheer the exchange. Bushi and Wato reset, tie up, and Wato headlocks. Bushi throws body shots and powers out, then things speed up. Bushi hurdles, Wato leaps over, and Wato dodges to fake Bushi out! Wato kicks and KICKS Bushi down, and fans fire up with Wato! Bushi gets up, Wato KICKS away on the legs then KICKS Bushi down again!

Bushi ducks the buzzsaw and bails out, but Wato builds speed! Bushi moves so Wato stops and changes course, but Bushi avoids his plancha to then sweep the legs! Wato tumbles down, Bushi gets in and builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit into railing! Fans fire up as Bushi stands. Bushi has the ref keep an eye on Tenzan before he brings Wato up. Bushi whips Wato into railing! Bushi stomps Wato, drags him up and whips Wato into more railing! Tenzan coaches Wato but Bushi stomps him as the ring count starts. Bushi takes his time and brings Wato up at 8 of 20. Bushi whips Wato to more railing at 12 of 20! The count is 15 and Bushi goes into the ring. Wato hurries up and in at 19!

Bushi drags Wato back up and hits a neckbreaker. Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Bushi stomps Wato down. Bushi drags Wato back up, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS him! Bushi stomps Wato, drags him up and CHOPS him again! Bushi kicks at Wato, CHOPS him again, then brings him around to snapmare for a chinlock. Bushi claws Wato’s eyes but lets off to put on the headscissor hold. Wato endures as Bushi squeezes tight. Tenzan coaches Wato and Wato moves around, to get the ropebreak! Bushi lets go at the ref’s count of 3, and finally takes off his shirt, to choke Wato with it! The ref reprimands and counts, Bushi lets go with one hand. The ref counts and Bushi lets go with the other.

The ref throws the shirt aside and Bushi brings Wato up. Bushi back suplexes Wato high and hard, then covers, TWO! Fans rally for Wato as Bushi looms over him. Bushi brings Wato up but Wato throws body shots and forearms! Bushi eggs Wato on and Wato hits more. Bushi blocks the kick, elbows the leg, but runs into a KICK! Wato drags Bushi back up, Bushi body shots and knees to whip. Wato reverses, hurdles, and back elbows to back hand and sobat! Bushi bails out, fans fire up and Wato builds speed to TORNILLO! Direct hit into railing! Wato fires up and fans rally behind him!

A ring count starts and Wato drags Bushi up. Wato gets Bushi in at 7 of 20, then aims from a corner. Fans rally, Wato springboards, flying uppercut! Cover, TWO! Wato keeps his focus as he drags Bushi up and wrenches. Wato reels Bushi in but Bushi fights off the Mouse Trap. Bushi runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Wato sits Bushi up to KICK and KICK from all sides! Cover, TWO! Wato keeps cool, clubs Bushi with elbows, then waits for him to sit up. Bushi ducks the buzzsaw to shove and dropkick Wato down! Bushi drags Wato up, reels him in and hangs him out to dry! Bushi clubs Wato, goes to a corner and leaps to dropkick Wato down!

Bushi drags Wato up and through the ropes now, for the APRON DDT! Wato is stuck and Bushi goes back in to drag Wato up. Wato shoves out of the fisherman to DREAMCAST KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Bushi crawls to Wato, drags him up by his hair, but Wato throws forearms! Bushi forearms back, so Wato forearms again! They go back and forth, faster and faster, and fans rally with them! Wato gets the edge but Bushi gives those forearms back! Bushi brings Wato back up but Wato BACK HANDS! Wato fires up, reels Bushi in and scoops, but Bushi fights off TTD, only for Wato to sobat! Wato wrenches, reels Bushi in, MOUSE TRAP DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Bushi escapes and fans fire up!

Wato goes to a corner, climbs up top, RPP FLOPS! Bushi avoids the impact and is in the corner. Wato gets up in the opposite corner, runs in but Bushi dodges again. Bushi runs in, blocks the boots and turns Wato sideways for the DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Fans fire up as Bushi watches Wato rise. Bushi runs from a corner but no Code Breaker! Wato ROUNDHOUSES Bushi down! Wato drags Bushi up by his mask tail, reels him in and lifts, but Bushi ranas out of the bomb! Cover, TWO! Bushi ENZIGURIS Wato and Wato wobbles, into the CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Wato survives and fans fire up again!

Bushi goes to the corner, hops up, and Tenzan warns Wato! Wato gets up, and dropkicks MX out of the air! Fans rally as Bushi writhes, and Wato brings Bushi up again. Bushi again ducks the buzzsaw, Wato ducks the enziguri but not the mule kick! Bushi brings Wato up, for the DESTROYER!! Bushi goes up to the corner again, calls for it and, M X!! Cover, Bushi wins!!

Winner: Bushi, by pinfall; now 4-3, Wato is now 4-3

The Death Mask is still alive in the round robin! He now has a tiebreaker over the Grandmaster, will this be a pivotal point in the homestretch?


Taiji Ishimori VS El Desperado!

The Bone Soldier lost to the Ticking Timebomb, but the Timebomb lost to Despy! Will the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion complicate the rankings by beating the man who beat him? Or will Desperado double down on why HE is the Best of the Super Juniors?

Ishimori shows off his title but Desperado holds up both his and Yoshinobu Kanemaru’s tag titles. Desperado then throws his towel at Ishimori’s face to blind him, before hitting a dropkick! The ref reprimands but the bell rings and Desperado stomps Ishimori out of the ring. Desperado whips Ishimori into railing! Desperado talks trash as he stalks Ishimori around the way, and whips him into more railing! Ishimori sputters and curses as he flounders but Desperado just mockingly asks what’s wrong. Desperado brings Ishimori up to POST him! The ref reprimands but Desperado stands on Ishimori’s head! The ref counts and Desperado stops at 3.

Desperado taunts Kojima on commentary before he drags Ishimori up. Desperado pulls on Ishimori’s ear as he brings him around the way, then puts him back in the ring. Fans cheer as this continues inside the ring, but Desperado grabs Ishimori’s title. The ref says to put that back, but Desperado digs it into Ishimori’s face! The ref reprimands and takes the belt from Desperado, but then Desperado covers. The ref refuses to count because of Desperado’s antics. So Desperado chokes Ishimori! The ref counts, Desperado stops at 4 and drags Ishimori up. Desperado whips Ishimori to the corner but Ishimori slips out! Desperado runs over, Ishimori slips around him and back outside, Ishimori rams into Desperado! Ishimori then springboard seated sentons!

Fans fire up as Desperado kicks and writhes. Ishimori drags Desperado up, throws him out and then whips him into railing! Desperado doubles over but Ishimori keeps on him. Ishimori whips Desperado into more railing! Desperado shouts as he flops down and writhes some more! The ref starts the count, Ishimori drags Desperado up and into the ring at 9 of 20. Fans cheer as Ishimori stalks Desperado and pulls him back from ropes. Ishimori drops elbows on Desperado’s arm, then drops knees! And more knees! Ishimori has the Disarmer to pull back, but Desperado gets the ropebreak! Ishimori holds on until the ref counts 3. Desperado sits up but Ishimori stomps him back down!

Ishimori wraps Desperado’s bad arm around ropes and fires off fast elbows! The ref counts, Ishimori stops at 4, and he paces as Desperado clutches the arm. Desperado tries to fight back but Ishimori knees him low. Ishimori wrenches the bad arm, throws elbows and uppercuts, then wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Fans cheer the aggression as Ishimori covers, TWO! Ishimori keeps his cool as he looms over Desperado. Ishimori RAMS Desperado’s bad arm into buckles, then RAMS him again! Desperado shouts and flounders, Ishimori covers, TWO! Ishimori goes after the bad arm with elbows again, but Desperado throws body shots with the good arm.

Ishimori CHOPS, wrenches and whips, but Desperado sunset flips! ONE as Ishimori pops through to get his own sunset, TWO! Desperado has the prawn hold, TWO! Ishimori gets the ghost pin, TWO! Ishimori tortures the arm again! Ishimori YANKS back! Desperado flops over in pain, who knows what state his arm is in! Ishimori grins as he looms over Desperado. Fans rally up as Desperado throws forearms with the good arm, but Ishimori CHOPS him! Desperado rakes eyes, but Ishimori BOOTS the bad arm! Ishimori runs, Desperado uses the ref as a shield! Ishimori avoids the dropkick to his legs, and then gets around to NECK TWIST!

Fans cheer the aggression, and Ishimori stalks Desperado to ropes. Ishimori drags Desperado up, elbows away on the bad shoulder, and then whips him to ropes. Desperado manages to reverse and then SPINEBUSTER! Both men are down, fans cheer and rally up, and Ishimori goes to a corner. Desperado is in the other corner, runs corner to corner, and blocks a boot to put it on the ropes. Desperado dropkicks the other leg, and gives it a DRAGON SCREW! Ishimori writhes, Desperado gets the leg for a STRETCH MUFFLER! Desperado can only use his one good leg and Ishimori gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Desperado keeps cranking but he lets go at 4!

Desperado grabs at the leg again and stomps away, drops knees, then splashes down! And back to the Stretch Muffler, but he uses that just to turn Ishimori over. Ishimori fights off Guitarra so Desperado kicks the leg! Ishimori still slips out of Guitarra but Desperado rolls Ishimori, to get the STRETCH MUFFLER! Desperado manages to get an arm for NUMERO DOS! Ishimori reaches, Desperado drags him away, but Ishimori uses that to drag Desperado into the YES LOCK! Desperado endures, crawls, reaches, and gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Ishimori holds until 4! Desperado clutches the bad arm but Ishimori gets up to elbow away. Desperado kicks Ishimori’s leg! Desperado runs, into a tilt-o-whirl, SHOULDER BUSTER!

Desperado kicks and flails, Ishimori gets his bad leg working, and then Ishimori runs to tilt-o-whirl takedown! YES LOCK!! Desperado endures, fights his way over, and fans rally, but Ishimori rolls Desperado away! Desperado uses that to get NUMERO DOS! Ishimori endures even as Desperado adds leverage! Desperado cranks as hard as he can on the arm and leg, but Ishimori uses his free arm to get the ropebreak! Desperado lets go, but both men are down from sore limbs. Fans rally up as both men stir. Desperado sits up first but Ishimori follows. Desperado throws a forearm, Ishimori foreams back! Desperado hits back, Ishimori hits back, too!

They slowly rise to their feet and the forearms continue to fly! Ishimori gets the edge, throws some elbows, then runs, but Desperado wrenches and reels him in! Ishimori slips out of Guitarra, waistlocks, but Desperado switches! Ishimori switches back, but Desperado grabs at the ref! Ishimori dodges the low blow, runs and tilt-o-whirls, but Desperado resists the takedown to get GUITARRA DE ANGEL!! Cover, TWO!?! Ishimori survives and Desperado is furious! Fans fire up as Desperado brings Ishimori into the double underhooks. But Ishimori ranas out of Pinche, to then scoop Desperado to CIPHER UTAKI! Both men are down again and fans rally back up!

Ishimori aims, BANG, and he drags Desperado back up. Ishimori half hatch but Desperado fights that off, and rams Ishimori into the ref! Desperado dropkicks Ishimori’s legs out! Ishimori clutches his knee, Desperado grabs Ishimori’s belt! Desperado aims, but Ishimori KNEES Desperado first! Ishimori drags Desperado up but realizes the ref is still down. So Ishimori decides he can get away with the same trick! Wait, the ref is now coming to and he sees Ishimori has the belt! The ref takes the belt from Ishimori and Desperado LOW BLOWS Ishimori! Then STRAIGHT LEFT! Desperado shouts to the ref, reels Ishimori in, PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Desperado wins!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall; now 5-2, Ishimori is now 5-2

Desperado has pinned the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! He has a victory that will surely prove decisive in the final rounds! With the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships still in hand, will Desperado truly become the BEST of the Junior Heavyweight Division?


SHO VS Hiromu Takahashi!

High Voltage is only a step behind the Timebomb, but he has to be careful not to step on a landmine here! Will Sho survive to keep his own chances of the finals alive? Or will Hiromu keep his promise to make the BOSJ finals more, more, MORE fun for everyone?

The bell rings and both men rush each other! They ram shoulders, Hiromu falls over but gets back up to ram Sho again! They keep ramming shoulders, and Hiromu’s leg bothers him. Hiromu dares Sho to run, and things speed up! Hiromu clotheslines Sho at ropes, but Sho returns the favor! Hiromu clotheslines Sho again but Sho returns the favor, again! Hiromu clotheslines, Sho follows, and clotheslines collide! Hiromu staggers to a corner as fans fire up! Sho rains in forearms, but Hiromu follows him as he runs to corner clothesline! Sho again returns the favor to clothesline Hiromu in the corner! Sho runs, Hiromu follows again but is put on the apron!

Sho sweeps legs, runs side to side but Hiromu goes up and over! Hiromu then comes back to sunset, but Sho holds ropes for dear life! Sho then drops down to get the ARMBAR! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Sho lets go at 3! Sho then aims from the apron to PENALTY KICK Hiromu down! Fans fire up as Sho brings Hiromu back up. Sho whips, Hiromu reverses and sends Sho into railing! But Sho comes right back to CLOBBER Hiromu! Fans fire up with Sho but he still needs to take a breath. Sho drags Hiromu back up, whips him, but Hiromu reverses again! Sho hits railing, and Hiromu shotgun dropkicks Sho back into railing to keep him down!

Red Shoes checks on both men and they’re both okay to continue. Fans rally, the ring count starts, and Hiromu puts Sho in at 7, only to drag him back out and whip him into more railing! And then into more railing! Sho bounces off and writhes while Hiromu walks off. Hiromu aims from the far side, runs back in, JOHN WOO! Sho hits railing again and the ring count returns. Hiromu stomps Sho, stands on his head, then brings Sho up. Hiromu puts Sho in at 14 of 20 and fans cheer. Hiromu kneels on Sho for a cover, TWO! Hiromu keeps cool as he brings Sho up. Sho throws forearms, Hiromu ROCKS Sho back! Hiromu CHOPS Sho, CHOPS him again, then whips Sho corner to corner. Hiromu runs in to hit a corner clothesline, then he runs and hits a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Hiromu reels Sho into the headscissors squeeze! Sho endures, moves around, but Hiromu grabs the arms to add to the pull! Sho keeps moving around, kicks and reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Hiromu lets go and starts to talk some trash. He stands on Sho’s head but Sho pushes him away. Sho throws forearms but Hiromu gives them back. Hiromu throws more forearms, and elbows, but Sho grits his teeth. Hiromu elbows Sho’s neck again, then brings him up to reel him in. Sho resists the suplex, to then suplex Hiromu! Hiromu fights it off, tries to suplex Sho again, but Sho wrenches, only for Hiromu to ROCK him with a forearm! Hiromu runs, Sho dodges and ducks to redirect and SPEAR Hiromu!

Fans rally up as Sho and Hiromu stir. Sho gets to a corner, Hiromu goes to the other. Sho runs in to corner clothesline! Sho whips, Hiromu reverses but Sho reverses back to kick, kick and KICK Hiromu down! Fans fire up as Sho aims at Hiromu, and KICKS him again! Cover, TWO! Sho keeps his cool as he drags Hiromu back up. Sho wrenches to an elbow breaker! And another! And another, but Hiromu hops on to be a sleeper backpack! Sho throws Hiromu off, ARMBAR, but Hiromu rolls around! Ropebreak, and Sho lets off. Sho drags Hiromu up in a waistlock and dead lift, but Hiromu elbows off the German suplex.

Hiromu runs, Sho KNEES him, then runs, into the wheelbarrow, COMPLETE SHOT! Both men are down but fans rally up. Sho and Hiromu again go to opposite corners, and Hiromu runs in to clothesline! Hiromu runs, but he knows Sho follows! Sho still avoids the back elbow, whips Hiromu, and then LARIATS collide! Both men stay up but Sho keeps moving, Hiromu OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Sho into buckles! Fans fire up as both men are down again! Red Shoes checks Sho’s neck and fans rally up. Sho says he’s fine, the match continues, and Hiromu drags Sho up. Hiromu fireman’s carries, DYNAMITE PLUNGER! Cover, TWO!

Hiromu grins as he gets back up and drags Sho around. Hiromu fireman’s carries and CORNER DEATH VALLEYS! Fans fire up with Hiromu and he grins as he drags Sho back up. Hiromu fireman’s carries but Sho fights back! Hiromu still gets Sho up, but Sho fights more! Sho throws elbows, but Hiromu tries again. Sho slips off, blocks the superkick and fires off forearms! Sho wrenches but Hiromu CLUBS him on the back! And SUPERKICKS! Sho wobbles, Hiromu runs, but Sho side-steps to REBOUND GERMAN! Fans fire up as Sho grits his teeth. Sho fires up, dead lift waistlocks Hiromu, and GERMANS!

But Sho holds on, drags Hiromu up again, ANOTHER GERMAN! And then the pop into the ARMBAR! Hiromu clasps hands, but Sho pulls on the arm and gets it free! Hiromu flails and gets the ropebreak! Sho lets go and keeps his cool as he stands. Sho smirks as he scuffs Hiromu at the ropes. Sho brings Hiromu up to throw forearms from all sides! Sho point-blank LARIATS, and again, and again! Sho runs, but Hiromu clotheslines back! Hiromu runs, fakes Sho out and dumps him down! Hiromu runs, sunset flips and POWERBOMBS Sho to the floor! Fans fire up while Red Shoes checks on Sho. Sho is okay to continue and fans rally up. The ring count begins as both men stir.

The count reaches 10 of 20 before either sits up. Hiromu goes to the apron and is in at 15. Sho sits up at 16, slowly stands, hobbles, but gets in at 19.9! Fans cheer as the match continues! Hiromu stands, brings Sho up, but Sho throws a forearm! Hiromu forearms back, but Sho forearms again! They go back and forth, and fans rally up as they pick up speed! Sho wobbles but comes back to hit Hiromu again! Hiromu staggers, fans rally up again, and Hiromu throws more forearms! Sho roars to fire off forearms from all sides again! Sho runs, Hiromu swats the lariat away! Hiromu fires forerams from all sides now! Sho ROCKS Hiromu back!

Sho grits his teeth and runs, but Hiromu spins him around and around to huricanrana, into D TRIANGLE! Sho endures, reaches with legs, but Hiromu turns him away from ropes! Hiromu squeezes tighter, Sho fights up, and Sho dead lifts to BUCKLE BOMB Hiromu down! Fans fire up as Sho is free! Fans rally as both men are in corners again. Sho runs in but Hiromu LARIATS first! Hiromu fires himself up, runs at Sho and dropkicks him through the ropes! Hiromu drags Sho up, fireman’s carries again, but Sho grabs at the bad arm! Sho has the double wristlock! Hiromu is blocking with clasped hands behind his back, then breaks free to ROCK Sho with a forearm!

Hiromu fireman’s carries, Sho fights off and runs, to tilt-o-whirl, and takedown to the KIMURA! Hiromu endures, flails, reaches for ropes, but Sho drags him away with a gator roll! But Hiromu fireman’s carries, for another CORNER DEATH VALLEY! But Sho holds onto the arm!! Sho drags Hiromu around and has the KIMURA again! Hiromu endures, fans rally, but Sho shifts around to keep on the arm! Hiromu refuses to quit, kicks around, and gets the ropebreak! Sho lets go, fans rally up again, and Sho brings Hiromu up. Sho crosses the arms, but Hiromu tries to rana out of the driver! Sho powers Hiromu up higher, for the POWER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives but Sho still has his bow!

Sho drags Hiromu up and reels him in, then double pump handles. Hiromu flips through to roll Sho, and dragon sleeper for the inverted suplex! Sho slips out, throws forearms from all sides again, and then runs, but Hiromu gets around to SNAP GERMAN! Sho sits up in a daze but he powers up! Hiromu runs in, and LARIATS Sho first! Cover, ONE!?!? Sho LARIATS back and covers, ONE?!?!? Both men flounder about as fans fire up! Hiromu runs at Sho, but LARIATS collide! Sho stays standing but Hiromu anchors his legs. Sho fires up to run, but into a POP-UP BOMB! Hiromu drags Sho back up, VICTORIA!! Cover, TWO!! Sho survives and fans are thunderous!

Hiromu fires up as fans rally, and Hiromu drags Sho back to the fireman’s carry. Sho fights off, dragon sleepers, but Hiromu reverses to suplex! But Sho slips out to BACKSTABBER! Hiromu staggers, Sho runs and clotheslines him against ropes! Sho runs again, to BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Hiromu staggers but Sho runs, and LARIATS Hiromu down again!! Sho powers up, reels Hiromu in to cross arm PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!?!?! Hiromu survives and shocks everyone! Sho is furious but he again takes aim with his bow! Sho reels Hiromu in, double pump handles, for SHOCK ARROW!!! Cover, Sho wins!!!

Winner: Sho, by pinfall; now 5-2, Hiromu is now 5-2

High Voltage has another shocking upset on his resume! Will this completely change how the BOSJ turns out?! Fans cheer as Sho gets the mic! Sho thanks the Osaka fans for their support, and he tells Hiromu that “that match with you was a great thrill.” Sho says some fans here and watching around the world might not know this, “but I’m actually not a good talker. So I’m just going from the heart. I’m really happy to beat Hiromu today. Really happy.” But Sho won’t be satisfied with this! “This year, of all years, I will be the one to win this Super Junior!” Sho asks that we join him, and all the other Junior Heavyweights, “in turning up the voltage!” Does Sho still have the power to make it these last few rounds?


Here are the NEW Best of the Super Juniors 27 standings!

El Desperado: 5-2
SHO: 5-2
Hiromu Takahashi: 5-2
Taiji Ishimori: 5-2
BUSHI: 4-3
Master Wato: 4-3
Ryusuke Taguchi: 3-4 [ELIMINATED]
Robbie Eagles: 3-4 [ELIMINATED]
Yuya Uemura: 0-7 [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A great round for Best of the Super Juniors! Douki VS Uemura was so good because they were both fighting so hard not to be last place. For a moment, I thought Uemura was going to pull it off, but no, he’s still a Young Lion so he gives Douki his first win in the tournament. I have a feeling Uemura won’t win at all in this tournament, unless it’s against one of the others out of the running. Taguchi loses and now he’s out of the way, but Bushi bringing Wato down was an interesting move. But I suppose FOUR wrestlers at 5-2 right now was more than enough. Desperado beating Ishimori and Sho beating Hiromu were two amazing upsets, and the last two rounds are going to be great stuff.

With Ishimori having lost twice, thereby owing two matches, Desperado and Hiromu are the obvious choices for the BOSJ 27 winner. And then the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship will pull double duty at WrestleKingdom 15, so that Desperado and Hiromu both get their shots, regardless of who wins or loses the tournament. I think the best sequence would be for only one of them to be a finalist, so that they can meet again on WK15 Night 2 after one wins the title off Ishimori. And chances are, the one pulling the double duty at WK15 would be Hiromu to add Face heat and story because of his beat up body.

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (2/24/24)

The Collision Cowboys ride again!



Can Papa Gunn breathe with the Switchblade?

The Bang Bang Scissor Gang wants to run AEW, but they need to prove they can work together, no matter what! Will Jay White, Colten & Billy make a winning combination?


  • No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs; Hobbs wins.
  • FTR VS Shane Taylor Promotions; wins.
  • Bryan Keith VS Malakai Black; wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS ???
  • Serena Deeb VS Lady Frost; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jay White, Colten Gunn & Billy Gunn VS ???
  • Bryan Danielson VS Jun Akiyama; wins.


No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs!

Just last night on Rampage, The Spanish God called out the Don Callis Family, and then got jumped by the Don Callis Family! Callis and the rest of the family has been banned from ringside, as has Chris Jericho, this must be settled between Sammy and Hobbs! Will there be anything left of Sammy to return home to his wife and daughter? Or will The Book of Hobbs call for no mercy and no remains?

The moment Hobbs hops off the corner, Sammy JUMP KNEES! The bell rings, Sammy runs up to JUMP KNEE again! Hobbs staggers around, but he catches Sammy to TOSS him to a corner! Hobbs runs in, Sammy dodges and RAMS in! Sammy ENZIGIRS, Hobbs staggers, and Sammy springboards, FLYING CUTTER! The fans fire up as Hobbs staggers back to his feet. Sammy runs up to clothesline Hobbs and himself out of the ring! Sammy shouts, “I’m a freakin’ Collider now!” Sammy gets the steel steps in place and the fans fire up. Sammy comes back to whip Hobbs but Hobbs reverses! Sammy leaps the steps!

Hobbs runs up, but Sammy sends him into railing! Sammy repositions the steps, gets space and runs in, to use the steps to LEAP! But Hobbs catches Sammy, and WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM on the steps!! Sammy writhes and flounders away but Hobbs tells the ref to get outta the way. The fans boo, Hobbs soaks it up, and Hobbs drags Sammy up. Hobbs says Sammy wanted this, and he brings Sammy around to DECK him with a haymaker! The fans duel, Hobbs scoops Sammy, APRON POWERSLAM! And again! And again! Hobbs then SLINGS Sammy into railing! The fans fire up as Hobbs says one more time!

Hobbs hauls Sammy back up, for a fake out. Hobbs doesn’t do what the fans want him to do, he does what he wants. Hobbs moves the other set of steps around, brings Sammy back up, and Hobbs whips Sammy hard into railing! Hobbs asks Kevin Kelley what he’s going on about but Kevin isn’t sure Hobbs means. Hobbs tells Kevin to stand up so Kevin does, and then Hobbs demands Kevin hand over his belt. His belt? Hobbs tells him again, give over the belt. Kevin gives in and hands said belt over. Hobbs then takes the belt and uses it to LASH Sammy on the back! Fans are torn but Hobbs LASHES Sammy again!

Sammy writhes, Nigel tells Kevin this is his fault. Hobbs winds up, Sammy dodges the belt to SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK again! Sammy grabs a chair, and he SMACKS Hobbs with it! And then HEADSHOT! Hobbs flounders against railing but the fans fire up as Sammy stalks him. Sammy tosses Hobbs the chair to KICK it into him! Then Sammy cravats, uses the steps, but Hobbs turns the cutter into a TOSS over the railing! Sammy’s leg clips the top, but Hobbs hauls him back up and over! But Sammy slips free, and CUTTERS to the steps!! Sammy gets the belt now and he LASHES Hobbs in return!

Sammy then goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a table! The fans fire up as Sammy sets the table up nearby. Sammy has security move aside, so he can slide that chair off the table and into Hobbs! Sammy then adds another table! If one is good, more must be better! The fans fire up with Sammy as he has those side by side. Hobbs goes to the apron but Sammy climbs up. Sammy aims and leaps, but Hobbs catches him again!! And he SPINEBUSTERS Sammy through the tables!!! All of Springfield, Missouri lose their minds while the ref checks on both men, and Collision goes picture in picture!

Hobbs snarls as he slowly rises up out of the wreckage. Sammy stirs but Hobbs clears out the debris to bring him up. Hobbs HEADBUTTS Sammy and Sammy staggers away. Sammy gets in the ring but Hobbs pursues. Hobbs climbs the corner?! Hobbs then FLYING LARIATS! The Powerhouse proves he can fly, then he covers, TWO!! Sammy survives but Hobbs grinds him into the mat! Hobbs talks trash on Sammy while he fishhooks the nose and pulls on the ear! Hobbs then drags Sammy up, whips him to a corner hard, and Sammy drops to his knees. Hobbs looms over Sammy, eggs him on, and the fans rally up.

Hobbs talks more trash, stands Sammy back up, and Hobbs whips Sammy hard into another corner! Collision returns to single picture as Sammy crawls around. Hobbs looms over Sammy again, slaps him around, and then whips him into another corner! Hobbs runs up, Sammy dodges and Hobbs hits buckles! Sammy uses the corner to help in the torture rack! Fans fire up as Sammy carries Hobbs, and GO TO HOSPITAL!! Cover, TWO?!? Hobbs survives and Sammy is shocked! The fans rally as Sammy hurries to find himself something more. Sammy takes a monitor from the timekeeper!

Sammy brings the equipment into the ring, MONITOR SHOT!! But that’s not enough so Sammy looks around outside. He finds another table! The fans are thunderous as table number three is put in the ring. Sammy hurries after Hobbs but Hobbs LARIATS Sammy inside-out! Hobbs storms around, grabs the table for his own and sets that up near a corner. Hobbs goes back for Sammy as the fans rally up, and Hobbs hauls Sammy up. Sammy JAWBREAKERS back! Hobbs wobbles, but Sammy SUPERKICKS! Hobbs still wobbles, so Sammy springboards and FLYING- NO, Hobbs catches him again! WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! Cover, TWO!!!

Sammy survives and now Hobbs is furious! Hobbs runs to BOOT Sammy down! Hobbs goes out while Sammy flops off the apron. Hobbs looks around under the ring, and he brings out a fourth table! The fans fire up as Hobbs brings this one to the ramp side. Hobbs sets that up, stomps Sammy to keep him down, then he goes to fetch a fifth table! The fans are thunderous, this might be the most tables in a non-table match! Hobbs hauls Sammy up, scoops him, and aims, but Sammy slips free to POST Hobbs first! Sammy fires up again while Hobbs staggers around. Sammy chugs a fan’s beer, then SMASHES Hobbs with the bottle!

The fans fire up as Hobbs ends up on the tables! The fans give Sammy another beer, to SMASH it on Hobbs again! Sammy then goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a LADDER! The fans are loving it, because now we’ve entered TLC territory! Sammy gets that ladder in the ring while the fans lose their minds! Sammy moves table number three outta the way so he can stand his ladder up. And it’s a big ladder! Fans chant “Please Don’t Die!” because this is extra crazy even for Sammy! Sammy climbs to the second highest rung, takes aim, and shoutout to Jeff Hardy! SUPER SWANTON BOMB through the tables!!!

The fans lose their minds all over again as the ref checks Sammy. Sammy gets Hobbs up and into the ring and the fans fire up again. “This is Awesome!” as Sammy takes table number three and sets it back up! Hobbs flounders, Sammy pushes him onto that table and punches him down. Sammy then goes to the corner, which is comparatively short, but Hobbs shoves the ref into Sammy!! Sammy is stuck on the top rope and Hobbs snarls as he storms up after him! Hobbs brings Sammy up for the scoop! WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!! Cover, Hobbs wins!!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, by pinfall

All that damage done to Hobbs and he still took the win! Is there no stopping the Don Callis Family with the Powerhouse behind it?


The Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Jon Moxley is with Claudio Castagnoli as he shares a story. “When Claudio first comes to America, he shows up at the gym to train with William Regal and Dave Taylor. When Dave pulls up, Claudio’s sitting on the front step, there’s no cars around. Dave says, ‘How’d you get here?’ Claudio says, ‘I walked.’ Dave says, ‘From the airport? 20+ miles?’ Claudio says, ‘Yeah.'” That was day one. You think 20 minutes is a lot to Claudio? It’s nothing, he’s a freak. Moxley is a freak in a different way, needing to get hit in the face a couple times just to wake up. And while Moxley’s not a sprinter, he can run all day and all night.

You will never win a war of attrition with the BCC. When it’s a game of who can endure, you have no chance. But the BCC don’t get paid by the hour and they don’t wanna wrestle like they do. So time limit draws for them are unsatisfactory. So congrats, FTR, you pissed them off! Good job. But if you wanna challenge them for Revolution, you wanna pay homage to tag team wrestling in one of the wrestling Meccas, Greensboro, North Carolina, they accept. The four of them will show the world that all that history is just that. This is 2024, this is AEW, the BCC are the elite of the elite, and this sport evolves.

Claudio, what’s Moxley thinking of right now? Well, tag team wrestling, Midnight Express, Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Arn ‘n’ Tully, Crockett Promotions, its entire history. And about FTR, how they look to the past, how they wanna bring back the past. The BCC looks to the future. The BCC creates the style and the wrestling that they wanna see today. So FTR, if you wanna live in the past, fine. But if you wanna step into the future, that path is through them! And all you have to do is just be better than Moxley & Claudio.

Moxley also keeps thinking, that can’t be all that FTR had. Because it feels like they unloaded all their heavy artillery, every magazine, while the BCC barely pulled the trigger. If FTR want to be big names in Greensboro, then they’ll have to swim in deep, deep waters. Claudio tells FTR to bring the whole bag of tricks, because they’ll need it. The match is set, but just how far will both teams go to settle the score?


FTR VS Shane Taylor Promotions!

Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler are ready for another fight with the BCC, but for right now, they’ve got the STP! Will the #TopGuys still be FTR? Or will Lee Moriarty & Shane Taylor himself prove they’re in that conversation now?

The teams sort out and Dax starts against #TAIGASTYLE. Lee and Dax tie up, Lee waistlocks and headlocks, then wrenches to hammerlock. Lee shoves Dax then claps at him, but Dax keeps it cool. Dax tags Cash, Cash runs up but Lee avoids him. The two feel things out, tie up and go around, then break the deadlock. They reset, tie up again, and Lee wrenches to spin Cash and wrangle him. Lee steps over, has La Magistrol, TWO! Lee pushes Cash around and then dances at him. Cash storms up but Lee backs off. Lee smirks at Cash then resets with him. They tie up, Lee headlocks, but Cash powers out.

Cash drops, drops, and hurdles to then ELBOW Lee down! Then arm-drag! Cash has the armlock and he slaps Lee around. Cash tags Dax, whips Lee, drop toehold and elbow drop! Fans rally up and Dax brings Lee up. Dax wrenches but Lee powers him to the corner! Tag to Shane but Dax gets away. Shane and Dax circle, talk some trash, and tie up. Dax headlocks, Shane powers up and out, but Dax RAMS him! Shane says not today! Dax runs again, RAMS again, but Shane stays up. Dax RAMS Shane again, and again, but Shane scoops! Dax slips free, waistlocks, but Shane bucks the O’Conner. Dax ducks ‘n’ dodges, but stays back to avoid hands.

The fans fire up as Dax and Shane reset, tie up, and Dax headlocks. Shane powers up and out, Dax SHOTGUNS him! Shane comes back but Dax avoids the senton! Dax wrenches, but Shane LARIATS! Shane drags Dax up, tags Lee, and STP mugs Dax. Lee throws knees, snapmares Dax and basement dropkicks! Lee drags Dax up, ROCKS hi, but Dax puts him in a corner to CHOP! And CHOP! Dax brings Lee around, wrenches, but Lee ROCKS Dax! And CHOPS him! Dax CHOPS again! And again! Lee swings, Dax ducks and picks Lee up, but Shane tags in before the atomic drop! Lee hobbles away, Dax ROCKS Shane!

Dax runs up to whip Lee but Lee reverses. Dax rebounds off buckles to CLOBBER Lee, but Shane CLOBBERS Dax! Cover, TWO! Dax survives, Shane talks trash on Cash, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Dax up, puts him in a corner, then winds up to CHOP! Dax sputters and Shane talks more trash. Shane stands Dax up, winds up, and CHOPS again! Shane keeps Dax in the corner, whips him corner to corner hard, and Dax falls back! Shane talks more trash to Cash but the ref keeps Cash back. Shane tags Lee, STP mugs Dax and Lee puts Dax in a corner. Lee fires forearms, then climbs up to rain down fists! Lee gloats but Dax CHOPS from below! Lee stomps but Dax CHOPS! They clinch, go around, and end up on ropes. Shane tags in, he throws hands on Dax! Shane scoops and SLAMS Dax, then stares Cash down while Collision goes to break.


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Mitchell’s WWE Elimination Chamber Results & Report! (2/24/24)

WWE goes Down Under!



Who survives Perth to head for Philadelphia?

The Road to WrestleMania passes through Perth, Australia, with two massive Elimination Chambers! Who will face Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship?


  • Kickoff Show – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell; The Kabuki Warriors win and retain the titles.
  • Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Becky Lynch VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Naomi VS Liv Morgan VS Bianca Belair VS Tiffany Stratton; Becky wins and will challenge for the title at WrestleMania 40.
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Finn Balor & Damian Priest w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne; Finn & Priest win and retain the titles.
  • World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton VS Drew McIntyre VS LA Knight VS Bobby Lashley VS Kevin Owens VS Logan Paul; McIntyre wins and will challenge for the title at WrestleMania 40.
  • Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Nia Jax; Rhea wins and retains the title.


It’s the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Sam Roberts & Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action on the golden shores of Perth, Australia!


The Rock has a message!

“Oh, I know, everybody wants to know what’s happening down in Perth, Australia. It’s gonna be this weekend, right? Is that right? Yeah, The Rock knows when it’s happening, y’know why? Because they kept asking The Rock, ‘Rock, will you go down to Perth? Will ya come down to Perth, Australia?’ Listen, The Rock can’t be there in Perth, he wishes he could be there in Perth, he’s gonna be there in spirit and that’s all that matters. The People’s Champ’s spirit is gonna be there in Perth. But here’s who else is gonna be there in Perth: Grayson Waller, doing the Waller Effect. It’s that show, it’s a big show.

“It’s a big show here in the states, and it’s an even bigger show down there in Australia? Y’know why? Y’know why, Dumbo? Because Australia is his country, it’s his home country, the people are gonna go crazy for him. But here’s what’s happening. Here’s the BS that’s happening now down in Australia. Cody Rhodes and his little girlfriend, Seth Rollins, are gonna go on the Waller Effect. Here’s the thing, I need you, and you, and this goof holding the camera and this one holding the microphone over here, I need all of you guys to make sure that Perth knows this some BS happening.

“And if those guys, meaning Cody and his little girlfriend, Seth, if they start talking trash, let The Rock know. Tell The Rock. Because here’s what’s gonna happen: The Rock is gonna slap the piss out of both of them, just like that. As a matter of fact, if those two talk trash, The Rock will fly down there to Perth before that interview is over and he’ll do it. Don’t wonder why The Rock can make it that quick, The Rock makes magic happen. Do you understand? All right, that’s all The Rock has to say about Perth. Perth, Australia, get ready because the WWE is coming. Let The Rock know if those two jabronies talk trash. IF YA SA-MELLLL~… what The Rock… is cooking.”


Kickoff Show – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell!

It was just last night on SmackDown that Asuka & Kairi Sane made good on their promise to get Dakota Kai back. But now, they must shift things from personal to business as they take on the Poison Pixie and the hometown hero, #IndiWrestling! Will Damage CTRL return to the US still golden? Or will Candice & Indi find the way to win?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see what it takes to take control!

The teams sort out and Kairi starts against Indi. The fans fire up already as Indi and Kairi circle. They tie up, go around, and Indi headlocks. Indi grinds Kairi down, Kairi throws body shots and powers out, only for Indi to run her over! The fans cheer and Indi smiles, but Kairi scrambles away. Asuka coaches Kairi up and Kairi rests with Indi. Kairi gets around Indi, CLUBS away on her, but fans boo. Kairi headlocks, grinds the hold, but Indi fights up. Indi lifts Kairi and fans cheer as Indi shoves Kairi away. Indi drops down, hurdles, and BOOTS Kairi! The fans fire up again as Indi drags Kairi over and tags Candice.

Indi scoops to SLAM Kairi, then she and Candice combine, inverted wheelbarrow SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Candice keeps on Kairi with a wrench but Kairi stomps Candice’s foot! Kairi brings Candice over, tag to Asuka and Kairi feeds Candice to Asuka’s boots! Asuka taunts Candice, taunts the fans, and soaks up the heat. Asuka pie faces, but Candice blocks the kick! Candice spins Asuka to fire off CHOPS and haymakers! The fans fire up with Mrs. Wrestling as she fires off in the corner! Candice runs in to back body block, then snapmare and STEP-UP SENTON! Cover, TWO! Asuka hangs tough but Candice facelocks.

Asuka RAMS Candice into a corner! And again! Asuka backs off to go corner to corner, but Candice ELBOWS her away! Candice goes up, but Asuka runs back in. Candice BOOTS Asuka away again, and Asuka fakes pain to distract the ref. This allows Kairi to SHOVE Candice down! Fans rally for Candice & Indi but Asuka goes out to fetch the Pixie. Asuka CLUBS Candice, puts her in the ring, but Candice crawls for her corner! Asuka CLUBS Candice down, drags her over and tags in Kairi. Kairi TOSSES Candice to an open corner, then she mocks the fans as she walks the plank. Kairi runs in, SLIDING D misses!

Candice and Kairi crawl, hot tag to Asuka! Asuka gets Candice’s foot, ANKLE LOCK! Candice still hops and hops and reaches out! But Asuka reels Candice in, GERMAN SUPLEX! Asuka tells Indi to kiss this, then SLIDING KICK takes Candice down! Tag to Kairi and she climbs. Fans boo, but the FLYING KABUKI ELBOW hits! Cover, TWO! Candice stays in this but Kairi keeps on her with an armlock. The fans rally, Candice fights up and fires forearms! Candice reaches out, Kairi holds on, but Candice still fights. Kairi knees her low! Kairi puts Candice in the corner, tags Asuka, and Asuka HIP ATTACKS Indi down!

Fans boo but the Kabuki Warriors double whip, sidestep, KICK, AX KICK and BULLDOG into the basement DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up but Asuka calls to Kairi again. They coordinate, Asuka whips Candice in but Candice uses that to BLAST Kairi down! Candice BOOTS Asuka, slips under her, and reaches out! Asuka grabs Candice’s foot to drag her back! But Candice ENZIGIRIS free, hot tag to Indi! The fans go wild as Indi rallies on the Kabuki Warriors! LARIAT after LARIAT, and then she brings them together, for a meeting of the minds! Kairi and Asuka fall back, Indi kicks and CLUBS and JABS Asuka!

Indi whips Asuka, for a SPINEBUSTER! Kairi returns, SPINEBUSTER onto Asuka! Indi covers Asuka, TWO!! Asuka keeps the Kabuki Warriors in this but Indi puts Asuka in the ropes. UPPERCUT and BOOT! Asuka sits on the apron, Indi runs up to CROSSBODY her through the ropes! “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” “OI OI OI!” Indi puts Asuka in, tags Candice, and they get Asuka up. Candice kicks at Kairi while Indi hits the FULL NELSON FACEBUSTER! Candice LIONSAULTS! Cover, Kairi breaks it! Fans boo but Kairi drags Candice up to whip. Candice reverses to send Kairi out! Tag back to Indi and fans fire up!

Candice CROSSBODIES Kairi on the outside! Indi drags Asuka up, but Asuka throws URAKEN after URAKEN! GERMAN SUPLEX! Indi flounders, but she ducks the buzzsaw! Roll up, TWO!! Asuka escapes but Indi runs up to DECK her! Tag to Candice and Candice goes up. Indi gives her some help, but Kairi trips Indi and that trips Candice! Kairi POSTS Indi, then calls to Asuka. Asuka brings Candice over, tag to Kairi! Kairi climbs, Asuka has Candice in position! InSANE DDT!! Cover, Kabuki Warriors win!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Candice & Indi tried their hardest, but The Empress of Tomorrow & The Pirate Princess keep their thrones! Will nothing stop DMG CTRL on the Road to WrestleMania? Will Bayley & Dakota Kai be able to change that next Friday Night SmackDown?


Rhea Ripley narrates the intro.

“Around here, we have a saying. ‘No worries.’ Well now, you better start worrying.” The most brutal stop on the Road to WrestleMania, the unforgiving, inescapable and yet career-defining Elimination Chamber! “Mami is always on top.” Or is she? Nia Jax looks to put that to the test. Will the Eradicator end up A-Nia-lated?


Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Becky Lynch VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Naomi VS Liv Morgan VS Bianca Belair VS Tiffany Stratton!

Before Rhea and Nia battle over the title, this match determines who faces the winner in the most brutal way possible! The Man, Big Mami Cool, The Glow, the LIVing End, the EST and the Wrestling Barbie all want their shot, who survives this sinister structure to take it?

Bianca makes her entrance first, followed by Raquel, Tiffany, and Liv, which leaves Naomi and Becky to start things off. The bell rings and the fans fire up as Becky stares Naomi down. They circle, tie up, and go around. Naomi headlocks to hit a takeover but Becky rolls that into her own headlock. Naomi makes it a cover, ONE, and the two stand up. Naomi powers out but Becky rusn her over! THe fans fire up as Becky flexes, then thigs speed up. Naomi drops, hurdles, then runs, but Becky follows. Naomi redirects her to run her over! Fans fire up as Becky goes to a corner and cools off.

Naomi and Becky reset, circle, and the fans rally behind Becky. Becky waistlocks, Naomi breaks free to switch, then they go to rpoes. O’COnner Roll, ONE and Becky has it! ONE and Naomi rolls Becky up, ONE! Naomi trips Becky, jackknife bridges, TWO as Becky bridges up! They spin around, Becky backslides, TWO! Naomi stands but Becky sweeps! Cover, ONE! Naomi sweeps and covers, ONE as Becky goes Matrix! The fans fire up again, and things keep moving! Naomi follows Becky but Becky arm-drags! Naomi arm-drags back! The two stand off and the fans cheer! Becky applauds, too, and offers a handsahke.

Naomi takes the shake, but they both go to kick! They both block and they argue about who lets go. They agree to go at the same time. They keep that clean, but then they throw forearms! Both stagger back, but Becky runs up, only for Naomi to sidestep. Becky tilt-o-whirls and goes for the arm! Naoim keeps the armbar away and rolls Becky, TWO, into the BUTTERFLY CLUTCH! Becky makes it a cover, TWO! Naoim DROPKICKS Becky down! Becky goes to a corner and fans rally up again. Naomi runs up but Becky BOOTS her! Becky runs up but Naomi blocks the buckle bump to KICK Becky! Then Naoim BUCKLE BULLDOGS!

Becky staggers away, Naoim climbs, and Naomi leaps, only for Becky to get under! Naomi handsprings up, into a DROPKICK! Becky runs up, into a BOOT! Naomi whips, Becky reverses, but Naomi goes up. Becky stops her from going over, puts her outside the ring, but Naoim KICKS Becky in the ropes! Becky elbows back, to JUMP KICK Naom into Liv’s pod! Becky brings Naomi around but Naomi stops from hitting chains. Naomi elbows Becky, then tries the same. Becky also stops that, whips Naomi, but Naoim goes up the chains! Becky grabs at Naomi but Naomi TWERK ATTACKS, then RAMS Becky into chains!

Naomi RAMS Becky in again, and again! Becky falls, the fans fire up, and Naomi twerks a bit more before the SPLIT LEG DROP! Naomi shoves Becky into the ring, covers, TWO! Becky survives but Naomi storms up on her. Becky ELBOWS Naomi, but Naomi blocks the mule kick! Naomi spins Becky, dodges her, but DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Both women are down and the countdown is here! The fans duel for who they want to enter, but the Chamber chooses… Tiffany! The fans fire up for Tiffy Time, oddly, and Tiff bumps Naomi off buckles. Tiff cartwheels to get Becky, BUCKLE SLAM!

Tiff handsprings to back elbow Naomi! Then she handsprings to elbow Becky! Tiff snapmares Becky to sit her by Naomi, and she DOUBLE BASEMNT DROPKICKS! Cover on Becky, TWO! Cover on Naomi, TWO! Tiff is annoyed already but she throws forearms on Naomi. Tiff tosses Naomi aside, drags Becky up, but Becky JAWBREAKERS! Becky clinches, Tiff slips free and whips, SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Tiff is even more annoyed but she covers again, TWO! Tiff drags Becky up, SMACKS her off the mat, then pushes Becky around. Becky throws body shots! Tiff knees low, and fireman’s carries!

Becky fights free, grabs an arm, but Naomi is up top! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Double cover, TWO!! Becky and Tiff both survive but Naomi puts them in corners. Naomi runs to SPLASH Becky! Then SPALSH Tiffy! Becky runs up to CLOBBER Naomi! Becky clinches, for a BECKSPLODER on Naomi! But Tiff DISCUS LARIATS Becky! Cover, TWO! Tiff is frustrated but she, Becky and Naomi are all down. Naomi goes to a corner while Becky and Tiff stand. Tiff fireman’s carries Becky, and uses her to SMACK Naomi! Tiff adds Naomi to the stack, but Naomi slips free! Tiff BOOTS Naomi away, ROLLING SENTONS Becky, then SMACKS Naomi!

Tiff fireman’s carries Naomi now, ROLLING SENTON right next to Becky! Tiff goes up and up, but Becky joins her! SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! But Naomi runs to DOUBLE SPLIT LEG DROP! Double cover, TWO!! These three are all down again while the other three wait their turns. Naomi KICKS Tiff, scoops and SLAMS Becky, then SPLIT LEG MOONSAULTS Becky! But Tiff stops the cover right away! Tiff POSTS Naomi, covers Becky, TWO!! Becky is tougher than that, and here comes the countdown! The Chamber chooses… LIV! She’s in her fifth Chamber match, and she goes right after Tiff with a THESZ PRESS!

Liv fires fast hands, then she tosses Tiff to the outside. Liv fires off more shots, then RAMS Tiff into Bianca’s pod! And then into the empty one! And then back into Bianca’s! And then back to the empty one! Tiff falls and Liv says it’s HER time! But Becky runs up, only for Liv to ROCK her! Liv gets around to BACKSTABBER! Liv sees Naomi coming, CODE BREAKER! Liv kips up and the fans fire up for the #ELIVinationChamber! Liv goes corner to corner, back body blocks Naomi, back body blocks Becky, repeat! SHINING WIZARD for Naomi! SHINING WIZARD for Becky! Liv goes up to FLYING CODE BREAKER Becky! Cover, TWO!!

DOUBLE STOMPS from Tiff on Liv! Cover, TWO! Liv survives, Naomi SHOTGUNS Tiff! Tiff goes to the outside, Naomi pursues. Tiff JAWBREAKERS Naomi, then cartwheels to cartwheel again, but Naomi grabs the chains! Naomi climbs again, but Tiff won’t let go! Naomi CLUBS away on Tiff, scuffs her, then Becky hurries out to CLUB Tiff into chains! Becky clinches, BECKSPLODER into chains! Tiff sputters, but Becky isn’t done! STEEL CHAIN DISARM-HER!! The fans are torn as Becky tries to tear Tiff’s arm off! Tiff fights free with her good arm, but then Liv drags Tiff into the ring! Tiff elbows free, but Liv drop toeholds her into buckles!

Tiff staggers up, Liv DOUBLE STOMPS her down! Liv then goes up and up, but Naomi’s on a pod!! SUPER BLOCKBUSTER!!! But Tiff rolls Naomi up!! TIFF ELIMINATES NAOMI!! Naomi is stunned but Tiff just smiles and says, “Sorry.” The fans are torn but the countdown is back! The Chamber chooses… Raquel! Ricky Desperado smiles as she CLOBBERS Becky, ROICKS Tiff then LARIATS! And LARIATS! Raquel scoops Tiff to spin and POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Raquel looms over Tiff, stalks her to the outside, but Becky’s up top. Becky leaps, but into Raquel’s arms! Raquel RAMS Becky into chains! And again!

Raquel RAMS Becky into chains again, then FALL AWAY SLAMS her into the ring! Raquel dusts herself off, but Tiff runs up! Raquel stops the rana to bring Tiff around, and SWING her into chains! And again! And again! Raquel dumps Tiff then goes to the ring. She and old friend Liv meet, and Liv fires forearms! Raquel picks Liv up with both hands and TOSSES her to a corner! Then SPLASHES! Then runs in, but she blocks boots to put Liv on the outside. Liv KICKS Raquel in the ropes, runs up, but Raquel blocks the Code Breaker! Raquel SLAMS Liv into chains, then suplexes her to TOSS her into the ring!

Raquel storms up on Liv, drags her back up, and hauls her up, only for Becky to CHOP BLOCK the leg! Liv CODE BREAKERS, Becky fires UPPERCUTS and a SOBAT! Tiff SHOTGUNS, Becky reels Raquel in. Liv joins her for a DOUBLE DDT! Triple cover, TWO!! Raquel still gets out of that, so Tiff, Liv and Becky brawl with each other! Becky fires off on Liv, but Tiff LARIATS Becky! Everyone is down, and the countdown is back! And we all know that Bianca is next! Tiff eggs her on, but Bianca dodges to SLAP Tiff! Bianca throws Tiff around, shoves her in a pod, and then closes the door! Bianca ROCKS Becky, then runs up to run her over!

Bianca rallies on Becky, DROPKICKS her, then scoops Liv for a GUTBUSTER! Becky is back but Bianca suplexes her! And holds her up, marches around, and then SLAMS her down! The fans fire up as Bianca kips up! Tiff is back, she pulls Bianca’s braid! Bianca whips Tiff away, then SPINEBUSTERS her in return! Bianca dusts herself off, fans are torn, but Raquel is back! Bianca is the strongEST, but Raquel is the biggest. Raquel swings, but Bianca ducks to fire off shots! Raquel shoves, Bianca ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Raquel scoops! Bianca slips free, to torture rack! Raquel fights free and BOOTS Bianca! Raquel runs up but Bianca throws her to the outside!

Raquel drags Bianca up and over to join her, then suplexes Bianca to hit the chains! But then Bianca rebounds off ropes to TORNADO DDT!! Bianca drags Raquel to a cover, TWO!! The fans fire up as Bianca waits on Raquel. Raquel stands, Bianca fireman’s carries, but Tiff runs up to ROCK Bianca! Raquel ends up on the top rope, Tiff TOSSES Bianca aside! Tiff CLUBS away on Raquel, but then Liv is up on a pod!? Tiff hurries after her, but Liv leaps to SEATED SENTON Raquel! Becky and Tiff realize they’ve both ended up on the pod together, and they brawl! Becky SMACKS Tiff off Plexiglas, but Tiff fights the clinch!

Tiff SMACKS Becky off Plexiglas, then SHOVES her down onto Raquel! Tiff takes a moment to catch her breath, and the fans fire up as she thinks about how to get down. Tiff says it’s time, and she SUPER SWANTONS onto Raquel, Becky AND Bianca!! All four women are down and the fans lose their minds! Tiff gets in the ring, “This is Awesome!” Tiff and Liv brawl, Liv shoves then dodges but Tiff scoops her! Pop-up and ROLLING SENTON! Tiff goes up and up, but Liv anchors her! Tiff kicks Liv away but Liv goes up, SUPER ObLIVion!! Cover, Liv ELIMINATES Tiff!! The fans are torn but Liv tells Tiff to #CryAboutIt.

Liv crawls to ropes, she sees Raquel and runs up. Raquel ROCKS Liv then BOOTS her! Then she BOOTS Becky! Raquel hauls Bianca up, rebounds off ropes, hits chains then POWERBOMBS Bianca into the ring! Raquel then CHOKE SLAMS Liv! Raquel goes up a corner, and TWISTING VADERS onto Liv! But Becky KICKS Raquel’s arm! DISARM-HER!! Raquel is caught, but she powers up! Becky rolls to bring her down into an ARMBAR!! Raquel clasps hands, fights around and stacks Becky, TWO! Raquel deadlifts Becky, but Becky grabs ropes! Liv runs up, but Raquel has her, too! DOUBLE TEXANAS BOMBS!!!

But Bianca torture racks Raquel! KISS OF DEATH!!! Cover, Bianca ELIMINATES Raquel! The fans fire up as we’re now down to our final three! Bianca is freshEST, but Liv’s been in the most and Becky’s the most determined. Bianca runs up to RAM Liv, runs up but Becky KNEES her! Liv waistlocks but Bianca elbows free! Bianca ROCKS Becky, chicken wings Liv, GlamEST Slam! Becky BOOTS Bianca again, then goes up, but Bianca UPPERCUTS! Bianca trophy lifts Becky to SLAM her onto Liv! They’re side by side, Bianca handsprings to MOONSAULT! Double cover, TWO!! Bianca is frustrated but she’s still the only one up.

Bianca runs at Becky, Becky dodges but then Bianca blocks the kick! Bianca torture racks Becky to HOTSHOT her, and RAM her! Becky hits chains, Liv BACKSTABBERS Bianca! Liv goes up the ropes to FLYING- NO, Bianca stops the rana to SWING Liv into chains! Bianca hauls Becky up, smacks her off chains, then does it again! Becky sputters but Bianca eggs her on. Bianca fireman’s carries, then swings at Liv. Liv ducks the KICK, KICK and that sends Becky and Bianca into chains! Liv ENZIGIRIS Bianca down, the fans rally up, and Liv gets around Bianca to motorcycle stretch and BOOT Bianca into the pod!

All three women are down but the fans rally back up. Liv storms after Becky but Becky sends her into chains! And again and again and again! Becky then dragon sleepers Liv, kicks Bianca, and she DOUBLE DDTS! Becky puts Bianca in the ring, goes up a corner, and Becky climbs, only for Bianca to ROCK her first! Bianca ROCKET LAUNCHES Becky! Becky goes to another corner, Bianca RAMS her! Bianca goes up and rains down fists! The fans count along, but Liv stops this at nine! Liv pulls but Bianca holds on. Bianca kicks Liv away but Liv CLUBS away on Bianca’s buns and thigh! Liv then springboards to SUNSET POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!!!

Bianca survives but Becky’s up top! Becky aims, MISSILE DROPKICK to Liv! Cover, TWO!! Becky is frustrated but she focuses on game-planning. Becky goes up but Liv trips her up! Liv ROCKS Becky but Becky hits back! They brawl as Liv climbs, and Liv CLUBS away on Becky’s back. Liv brings Becky up for a SUPERPLEX! Bianca is up top! 450 SPLASH onto knees!! Becky saves herself in time and all three women are down again! The fans rally up and Bianca is after Becky. Liv runs up but Bianca ducks the enzigiri! Torture rack, KISS OF- JAWBREAKER!! Liv counters in time, but Bianca tumbles to ropes. Liv aims, but Becky runs up!

MANHANDLE- CODE BREAKER from Liv! Liv still wants someone, but Becky dumps her out of the ring! Bianca runs up, Becky clinches, but Bianca uses the corner to flip up and out of the Manhandle Slam! Bianca then torture racks Becky, KISS OF- NO, Becky lands out, and Liv rolls Bianca up! LIV ELIMINATES BIANCA!! MANHANDLE SLAM for Liv!!! Cover, Becky wins!!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the Women’s World Championship)

Bianca and Liv cannot believe it, but The Man runs the gauntlet! WrestleMania 40 is about to enter the Big Time, but who will be the Women’s World Champion after tonight?


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Finn Balor & Damian Priest w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne!

The Judgment Day has dominated up and down the card, beating teams like Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso, and most recently #DIY. Will they add the Big Strong Boi & Bruiserweight to that list? Or will the New Catch Republic become the new tag team champions?

The introductions are made, but Dom takes the mic so he can handle the Judgment Day’s introduction. The fans boo the entire time so it’s hard to hear him mention Damian Priest is Mr. Money in the Bank. “ALL RISE for The Judgment Day!” Finn & Priest hold up the belts, but they miss Bate & Dunne CLOBBERING Dom! Dunne then DUMPS Priest out, Bate DROPKICKS Finn, and Dunne ASAI MOONSAULTS Priest! The belt rings, Bate runs to UPPERCUT Finn! EXPLODER! And kip up, to STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Finn kicks Bate, bumps him off buckles then fires off hands!

Finn snapmares Bate, CLUBS him, then paces around. The fans rally as Finn trips Bate, but Bate reaches up, crosses his legs and he brings Finn along to go up the corner! Tag to Dunne before the RANA, then Dunne CLOBBERS Finn! The fans fire up as Dunne grabs an arm, to double knee drop the elbow! Dunne grabs the other arm to twist the wrist and bend the elbow, to then stomp Finn’s ribs! Finn endures as Dunne bends the arm again, isolates it, and stomps it! Finn writhes but Dunne tags Bate. Dunne sets up, Bate hits the KNEE-BOARD SENTON! Cover, TWO! Bate headlocks but Finn endures.

The fans rally, Finn fights up, but Bate smacks him with his boot. Finn powers out, Priest tags in, and Finn drops for Priest to DECK Bate! The fans boo but Priest kicks and kicks and ROCKS Bate! Bate sits back, the fans tell Dom he’s a wanker. Priest suplexes to BROKEN ARROW Bate! Cover, TWO! Bate stays in this but Priest stays on him. Priest tags Finn, they mug Bate, and then Finn CLUBS Bate in the back. Finn clamps on a chinlock, sits Bate down, then he ELBOWS Bate. Finn has the headlock and he grinds Bate in an almost Bully Choke. Bate endures, the fans rally, and Bate fights up. Bate stands but Finn jumps on as a backpack!

Bate stays standing and the fans fire up! Bate RAMS Finn into buckles and is free! Bate reaches out but Finn clamps back on. Finn is again a backpack, but Bate still stays on his feet. Bate RAMS Finn, but into Judgment Day territory! Priest tags in and throws Bate down by his hair! The ref reprimands but Priest stands Bate up. Priest TOSSES Bate to a corner, then ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! Priest stomps away, the ref counts, and Priest lets off at 4. The fans boo but Priest soaks up the heat. Dom smiles as Priest CHOKES Bate on ropes, but Priest lets off at 4. Priest argues with the ref, and Dom gets a cheap shot in!

The fans boo more but Dom taunts them and commentary. Dunne storms up but Priest DECKS him! Priest runs up to BACK ELBOW Bate! Priest snapmares Bate, tags Finn, and Finn slingshot STOMPS! Finn scoops Bate, BACKBREAKER! Priest runs to add a LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Dunne runs up but Priest TOSSES him back out! Priest stalks Bate, tags Finn, and they have Bate in the corner. Finn flexes, runs up, but Bate dodges! But there’s no Dunne to tag! Finn CHOPS Bate, whips him back in, but Bate BLASTS Priest! Bate BOOTS Finn, goes up, and FLYING UPPERCUTS! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Dunne rises, he reaches out, and Bate gives him the hot tag! The fans fire up as Dunne ENZIGIRIS Finn, GAMANGIRIS Priest, then GAMANGIRIS Finn! ENZIGIRI! Dunne keeps going, LEG LARIAT! Finn flops out of the ring, Dom freaks out as Dunne goes up and out and up again, to ASAI MOONSAULT Finn & Priest! The fans fire up and Dunne hurries to get Finn back in. Dunne STOMPS Finn’s hands! And STOMPS them again! Finn ducks the buzzsaw, shoves Dunne away, but Dunne CHOPS Finn! Tag to Bate, then Dunne gets around Finn! REBOUND LARIAT GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO!! Cover, TWO!!

Finn survives but Bate keeps on him. Dom is worried as Bate UPPERCUTS Finn! And UPPERCUTS again! And again! But Finn tripos Bate to STOMP him down! Tag to Priest, Priest runs at Bate in a corner. Bate dodges and the splash gets buckles! Bate fireman’s carries Priest but Priest slips free, BELL CLAP! ROUNDHOUSE! Then a ROUNDHOUSE for Dunne! Priest hammerlocks and LARIATS Bate! Cover, TWO! Bate survives and Priest is annoyed, but he talks trash. This is what you get for stepping into Judgment Day’s world! Bate URAKENS Priest! Finn tags in, Bate dodges Priest but Finn KICKS low!

Priest and Finn combine, SIDEWALK SLAM REVERSE DDT COMBO! Cover, TWO!! Bate survives and Finn snarls while the fans rally up. Finn stomps away on Bate at the ropes! The ref counts but Finn stops at 4. Bate rises, Finn runs up, but into a DEEP BLUE THUNDER! Priest runs in, Bate sends him into Dunne’s GAMANGIRI! Bate then fireman’s carries, for the AIRPLANE SPIN! The fans fire up as Bate goes around and around and around, and around, and around! That’s at least TWENTY rotations by now, but Bate is still going! SPINNING SLAM!! Priest and Bate are both dizzy, but Bate manages the tag to Dunne!

Dunne & Bate give Finn TOP BINS! Then Bate DIVES to take out Priest! Dunne has Finn, BITTER END!!! Cover, DOM gives Finn the ropebreak!! The fans boo but Dom gets away with one! At least, mostly because Bate knows! Bate tells the ref about it, so the ref EJECTS Dom!! The fans fire up but Dom throws a fit! Extra refs come out to usher Dom away and fans say, “Hey hey hey! Goodbye~!” Dom is defiant, though, so Bate CLOBBERS him! But then Finn RAMS Dunne into Bate and rolls Dunne up, TWO!! Dunne escapes, but Finn SLINGBLADES! Finn fires up, aims from the corner, and SHOTGUNS Dunne into buckles!

Dunne falls into a drop zone and Finn hurries up top! COUP DE- NO, Dunne dodges! Dunne grabs the arm, to SNAP the fingers!! Finn writhes, Dunne tags Bate! New Catch Republic gets Finn up, DOUBLE TYLER DRIVER!!! Cover, PRIEST yanks Bate out! At least that was more legal than Dom’s move! “This is Awesome!” as Dunne stands on Priest’s fingers! Then STOMPS them! Dunne leaps outside, but Priest catches him, APRON FLATLINER! Priest tosses Bate but Bate rebounds to LARIAT Priest! Bate hurries back in, ducks ‘n’ dodges, COMEBACK- NO, Finn catches Bate for BLOODY SUNDAY!! Cover, TWO!!

Bate survives and Finn is seething! Finn says time to end this! Tag to Priest, and Priest brings down the straps. Priest soaks up the heat before he hauls Bate up. Finn goes up, Priest lifts Bate, but Bate RANAS out of Razor’s Edge! Priest tumbles into Finn! Finn falls, Bate rolls Priest up! TWO!!! Priest escapes, but Bate tags Dunne! They DOUBLE STOMP Priest’s hands! BUZZSAW! BUZZSAW! But Priest catches both men! DOUBLE SOUTH OF- NO, they both flip free! Double Bops up, DOUBLE BANG!! Then double torture racks?! Shoutout to Mustache Mountain! DOUBLE BIRMINGHAMMER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?!

Priest survives and somewhere, Trent Seven is disappointed! The fans are still thunderous, and Dunne tags Bate. They get Priest with furious fists from all sides! The ref reprimands, Dunne lets off but Bate keeps going. Bate fires up, runs side to side and tags Dunne, GAMANGIRI! GAMANGIRI! Then DOUBLE GAMANGIRI!! Dunne roars, he hauls Priest up and Bate joins in. They both climb up to bring Priest up, but Finn anchors Priest’s foot! Priest then grabs each man, Finn tags in before DOUBLE SOUTH OF HEAVEN SLAMS!! Finn goes up, COUP DE GRACE on Dunne!! Judgment Day wins!!

Winners: The Judgment Day, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions)

New Catch Republic came as close as any team has in taking these titles away from Finn & Priest, but they just couldn’t get past the numbers game! Will even WrestleMania 40 meet its Judgment Day?


Austin Theory is here?

“The 150 Million Hit Man” is in the ring on the set of the Grayson Waller Effect and he welcomes us to Austin Theory Live. The fans boo but Theory says, “G’day, mate!” He wants to talk to Australia about vegemite. It’s DISGUSTING! But that’s just a snack here, right? So then he had a real Australian meal. He had himself a Blooming Onion from Outback Steakhouse! Oh, they don’t like that? Well alright. Then he’ll introduce to us the Moment Maker, the Aussie Icon, Australia’s own, his boy, Grayson Waller! The fans cheer Waller as he makes his entrance, and he sees UFC fighter, Tai Tuivasa, in the crowd.

Waller walks up, they shake hands, and they both get the golden shoes for the Shoey! The fans cheer as Tai chugs it all down, then Waller joins Theory in the ring. Waller takes the mic to welcome us to the Grayson Waller Effect. The fans cheer, and Waller says this might be the greatest day of his life! And he wants us to do one thing before the greatest GWE of all time. “Aussie Aussie Aussie!” “OI OI OI!” “Aussie Aussie Aussie!” “OI OI OI!” “Aussie!” “Oi!” “Aussie!” “Oi!” “Aussie Aussie Aussie!” “OI OI OI!” The fans cheer and Waller says time to get to it. The biggest story in sports entertainment involve his two guests tonight.

First, the World Heavyweight Champion, Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins! The fans cheer and sing along as the Visionary makes his entrance, wearing a suit that is purposefully baggy, and also has cords on it. Rollins revels in the singing, which bores Theory, but then Rollins takes a bow. Waller says his second guest is the winner of the 2024 Royal Rumble, “the man who can thank the ineffectiveness of the American education system for not being able to finish a story,” The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes! Cody makes his entrance in a normal suit, and now fans sing with Cody’s song, “WHOA~ OH~!” Cody gets an extra big pyro as he gets in the ring!

Cody and Rollins sit with Waller while the fans chant for Cody. Cody asks Perth, “What do we wanna talk about?” Waller says hold on, this is his show. What HE wants to talk about is to acknowledge their Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief appreciates that. But Rollins, Waller doesn’t care about who wins the Chamber, he wants to know who Rollins wants to face. Oh, well, the Chamber is stacked, who knows who wins, but he has a scoop. Oh? Here we go! Yeah, Rollins has an inside track, some secret info. Does Perth wanna know a secret? “YES!” Alright, then. Rollins… is just days away from being medically cleared to compete!

The fans like the sound of that! Rollins says whoever wins the Chamber will get a crack at Rollins’ World Heavyweight Champion. And newsflash: they don’t stand a chance. Because it’s WrestleMania 40, the biggest Mania of all time! The world is gonna sing Rollins’ song, “WHOA~ OHH~ OHHH~!” and Rollins will do what only Rollins can, put on a show like nobody else! Because he is a Visionary, he is a Revolutionary, he is SETH FREAKIN’ ROLLINS! Big pop. Rollins sits back down and Waller says cool story, bro.

Now, Cody, we had the opportunity to have the biggest Mania main event of all time: Roman Reigns VS The Rock. The fans boo and Rollins sticks out his tongue. Waller asks if Cody was being selfish taking that away from the fans. The fans chant “Rocky Sucks! Rocky Sucks!” Cody doesn’t want it twisted, he is a fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. And if The Rock were here, The Rock would probably call Cody a candy ass, prattle on about rooty poo, insult Cody. What is it he calls Cody’s fans again? Waller knows, it’s Cody Crybabies. Theory claps and Cody says yes, Cody Crybabies.

But Cody wants to ask Perth: Are there any Cody Crybabies in here tonight? The fans cheer and Cody wants to double check, the pyro got to his hearing. Are there any Cody Crybabies in here tonight? The fans cheer even louder! Rollins says yes, seems there are. The fans chant for Cody again, and Cody says one thing The Rock wouldn’t wanna talk about is the conversation that led them to this point, why Cody was going to step away from that WrestleMania main event just to step right back in. Waller says hold on, he’s talking about The People’s Champion! Cody does what he’s told. Oh, People’s Champion?

That is a grand and lofty title, one you can’t self-appoint. Maybe at one point, The Rock was The People’s Champ. But to Cody, to be the People’s Champ, you have to actually be around the people! The fans cheer that, and Cody says that while Seth had an announcement, here’s one from Cody. Cody tells The Rock that he indeed slapped Cody across the face. And at WrestleMania 40, Cody faces Roman in the main event. But until then, the card is wide open! So let’s make it official! Cody wants The Rock 1v1, any time, any place!! The fans fire up for that and Rollins stands up to stand with Cody. Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!”

Rollins tells Cody and Perth, let’s cut the head off the snake once and for all! Rollins admires that challenge, but when it comes to The Bloodline, we all know that there is no such thing as 1v1. So if and when The Rock decides to take Cody up on this challenge, just know that Cody won’t be fighting that battle alone. Waller says there you have it! Another scoop on the Grayson Waller Effect, the greatest talk show in WWE! Theory says hold on there. Cody thinks he’s gonna face The Rock? Is that what you think? IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! Rollins laughs at Theory’s pretty decent Rock imitation.

Yeah, it was good, but here’s more. Finally…! Austin Theory has come to Perth, Australia, to finish his story. Rollins laughs more and says this is good. But hey, does he have the big one? Y’know, the one. Jacket off, show ’em what it’s all about. Theory takes his jacket off, “IF YA SMELLLLL-” Rollins THROWS Theory into the Waller sign! CODY CUTTER! Waller is stunned as Theory is down and out! Waller says okay, fine, and he backs off. Rollins lines up the shot, to CURB STOMP Theory! The Visionary and the American Nightmare show they make a powerful combo, will they be just what the WWE Universe needs to finally The Bloodline’s tyranny?


World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton VS Drew McIntyre VS LA Knight VS Bobby Lashley VS Kevin Owens VS Logan Paul!

As the Visionary just said, he is 100% and ready for whoever comes out of this match! The Viper, the Scottish Terminator, the Mega Star, the All Mighty, the Prizefighter and the Maverick are just as ready, but who proves they are worthy by making it through the Chamber?

Kevin Owens makes his entrance first, followed by Lashley, Logan, and Orton! That leaves Drew McIntyre and LA Knight to start things off in a rematch from just last night on SmackDown. The bell rings and the fans fire up already as Knight and McIntyre stare down. The fans cheer on Knight, McIntyre swings first! Knight counter punches, and again, but McIntyre kicks low. McIntyre CHOPS Knight in a corner, stalks him to another corner, then CHOPS him again! Knight counter punches again! And again! “YEAH! YEAH!” Knight whips, McIntyre reverses but Knight hits a NECKBREAKER! Knight throws more hands, then suplexes!

Fans fire up as Knight goes up a corner. “YEAH!” and FALLING AX HANDLE! Cover, ONE!! McIntyre is tougher than that but Knight keeps on him. But McIntyre RAMS Knight into a corner, then OVERHEAD SUPLEXES! The fans rally, and they taunt McIntyre by chanting for “CM PUNK! CM PUNK!” McIntyre smirks as he brings Knight up and CHOPS again! McIntyre brings Knight around, says night night, and he fireman’s carries! But Knight slips free, and HOTSHOTS McIntyre off ropes! Knight then goes up and out, slingshots in, BACKBREAKER! Knight then basement dropkicks McIntyre out of the ring

Knight runs and FLIES, and he sends McIntyre into chains! The fans rally as Knight throws McIntyre back into chains! Knight drags McIntyre up, SMACKS him off Logan Paul’s pod again and again and again! “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” This is like last night and the desk! Logan smirks as Knight SMACKS McIntyre off the pod one more time. Knight and Logan talk some trash that mayhaps needs to be muted, and McIntyre CLUBS Knight! Knight whips McIntyre but Knight reverses to send him into Kevin’s pod! Knight dribbles McIntyre off the Plexiglas again, and Kevin hits the glass in return, hoping to add more impact to McIntyre’s head!

Kevin applauds as Knight whips McIntyre into the Plexiglas again! McIntyre falls in a heap, but fans want all that “One More Time!” Knight says okay, and he brings McIntyre around to RAM him into the glass! Knight puts McIntyre in the ring, the countdown is brought to you by Slim Jim, and the Chamber chooses… Kevin Owens! Kevin gets right in to dodge Knight and ROCK McIntyre! Kevin fires hands on both men back and forth, then fires off on McIntyre! Knight runs in, Kevin dodges and that sends Knight into McIntyre! McIntyre tumbles out, Kevin clinches Knight and hits a CHOKE SLAM! Kevin SENTONS, covers, TWO!

Knight hangs tough but Kevin drags Knight up to CLUB him! Kevin CHOPS Knight, RAMS into him again and again, then whips corner to corner. Knight drops to his knees, McIntyre CLUBS Kevin and throws hands! McIntyre puts Kevin up top, throws hands, but Kevin hits back! McIntyre fires more haymakers, climbs up after Kevin, but Kevin throws body shots! McIntyre drops back, only to ROCK Kevin in return! McIntyre goes up top, brings Kevin up, but Kevin HEADBUTTS! And HEADBUTTS again! McIntyre falls, Kevin hits a FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO! McIntyre stays in this so Kevin goes after Knight.

Kevin fires hands on Knight, fires hands on McIntyre, then whips Knight at McIntyre. Knight reverses, though, so Kevin takes the BOOT from McIntyre! McIntyre runs up but Knight ROCKS him! And again! Knight whips, McIntyre reverses, kick and scoop for a SLAM! But Kevin CODE BREAKER SENTON COMBOS! Cover on Knight, TWO! Cover on McIntyre, TWO! Kevin goes up a corner, mocks Randy’s pose, then fires hands on McIntyre. Kevin kicks at Logan’s pod but Logan says oh, so scary. Kevin runs to clothesline McIntyre in a corner, then puts him up top. Kevin CHOPS McIntyre, goes up after him, but McIntyre fires body shots!

McIntyre shoves Kevin but Knight ROCKS McIntyre! Knight climbs up, but McIntyre throws body shots! McIntyre HEADBUTTS Knight, Kevin ROCKS McIntyre! Kevin and Knight work together, they throw hands and climb up. They CLUB McIntyre into position, bring him up, but McIntyre throws HEADBUTTS in return! McIntyre adjusts, and DOUBLE CROSSBODIES! All three are down, the countdown is back, and the Chamber chooses… Lashley! The All Mighty is unleashed, and he kicks McIntyre, CLUBS him, and fires hands! Lashley bumps McIntyre off buckles, then RAMS into him again and again and again!

Lashley ELBOWS McIntyre, goes corner to corner and ROCKS McIntyre again. Lashley has the fans behind him as he CLUBS McIntyre. Lashley whips, McIntyre KICKS back! Lashley stays up, swings, but runs into an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! McIntyre slowly rises, he goes after Lashley and underhooks, but Lashley wrenches out! Lashley CLOBBERS McIntyre and the fans fire up. Lashley tosses McIntyre out then goes after him. Lashley RAMS McIntyre into chains! McIntyre holds onto ropes but Lashley pries him free to RAM him into chains again! Lashley POSTS Kevin for good measure, but McIntyre throat chops!

McIntyre suplexes Lashley but Lashley fights it! Lashley suplexes McIntyre in return! Lashley stalks McIntyre, Knight runs up but Lashley ELBOWS Knight away. HURT LOCK for McIntyre, but McIntyre fights it off! The bad arm of Lashley’s might be holding him back. McIntyre RAMS Lashley into chains but Lashley clotheslines McIntyre into the ring! Lashley storms in, stares Orton down, then goes back to McIntyre. The fans rally but McIntyre GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTTS! The fans rally, McIntyre runs in but is put back on the outside. Lashley runs up but McIntyere ROCKS him! Kevin runs up, McIntyer ROCKS him!

McIntyre climbs again, leaps but Lashley gets under! Lashley gives McIntyre a MILE HIGH SPINEBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!! McIntyre survives and Lashley grows frustrated. Knight and Kevin get in the ring, Lashley ROCKS Knight! Lashley gut wrenches Knight but Knight sips free! Lashley ducks a boot but Kevin SUPERKICKS Knight! Lashley rolls Knight up, TWO!! Kevin BOOTS Lashley down, covers, TWO! No one’s out of the match yet, but now the countdown is back! The Chamber chooses… Randy Orton! The fans fire up as The Viper fires off on Knight and Kevin! He throws Knight into chains and ROCKS Kevin!

Orton LARIATS Kevin, LARIATS again, then dodges for the SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up again and Orton drags Kevin up. Orton puts Kevin in the ropes, but Kevin fights and puts Orton outside. But Orton KICKS Kevin in the ropes, brings him out, DRAPING DDT to the chamber floor! A bit double-edged given there’s no real padding on those platforms, but Lashley goes after Knight. NECKBREAKER! McIntyre runs up but Lashley hits a FLATLINER! Orton returns to the ring, Lashley runs in and clotheslines him! Lashley goes to the corner to clothesline Knight! Then a corner clothesline for McIntyre!

Lashley paces, he runs back up to RAM Orton in a corner! SPEAR for Knight! Knight tumbles away but Lashley keeps his focus. Lashley runs up on McIntyre but McIntyre POSTS him! McIntyre gets Lashley up to POST him in the other corner! The ref checks Orton, his back is of concern. Orton seems okay enough to continue, but McIntyre has Knight on the outside. Knight slips free to DDT McIntyre on the platform! All five men are down, and Logan is waiting to be let out! Knight crawls his way into the ring, as does Lashley. Orton is up, he kicks Knight to hit a BIG back suplex! But that may still have done just as much to Orton as it did Knight!

The countdown is back, and Logan has his moment! Except Kevin is waiting…! Logan is scared but Kevin forces the pod open, and he fires off on Logan inside the pod! Kevin dribbles Logan off every wall, then busts his way back out to bring Logan along. Kevin sends Logan into Lashley’s pod, then CROTCHES him on a corner! Logan hobbles away, but Kevin RAMS him into chains! Kevin looms over Logan and says if he wants to be in “their” ring, get in it! Kevin TOSSES Logan over ropes and fans fire up as Kevin clotheslines Logan back out! Kevin pursues, but Logan turns things around and he dribbles Kevin off chains!

Logan fires hands and UPPERCUTS, but Kevin fights the chicken wings to turn around and LARIAT!! Fans fire up as Logan nearly loses his head! Kevin drags Logan up, and he DECKS Logan! But Lashley is there to RAM Kevin through a pod! Lashley aims at Logan now, and he SPEARS Logan through a pod!!! The fans lose their minds as Lashley rises up from the wreckage! Lashley himself says that sucked, because his arm is hurting. The fans chant, “Thank You, Bobby!” for what he just did to Logan. But McIntyre CLAYMORES Lashley down!! McIntyre drags Lashley into the ring, Knight is there to haul Lashley up.

Knight hits a torture rack, but Lashley slips free! HURT LOCK, but Knight fights free! Lashley CLUBS Knight, but the bad arm is bothering him. CLAYMORE AGAIN!!! McIntyre covers, McIntyre ELIMINATES Lashley! The Scottish Terminator has the last laugh, will he meme this one later? Knight kicks McIntyre, they brawl, the fans rally behind Knight. Knight whips and stomps a mudhole, “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Knight spells it out but has to dodge Orton! BIG back suplex! “L! A! KNIGHT! YEAH!” KNEE WASH for McIntyre! KNEE WASH for Orton! But McIntyre ELBOWS Knight in return!

McIntyre climbs, but Knight springs up after him! SUPER DUPER PLEX!! Knight staggers up, into an RK- NO! Knight stops that to B F T!! McIntyre is up, B F T!! But AJ STYLES is here?! And he uses a chair to SMACK Knight again and again and again! The Phenomenal One isn’t letting The Mega Star win this match after keeping him out of it! The fans boo as Styles then takes the chair back from the refs, and puts Knight in a STYLES CLASH onto the chair! McIntyre crawls over to cover, McIntyre ELIMINATES Knight!!

Fans boo more, Styles just screwed Knight and the rest of the field benefits from it! But everyone else is still down, Orton clutching his back. Kevin and Logan find each other, and the fans fire up as they brawl it out! Kevin sends Logan into chains, then AOI SHODOU!!! Kevin leaves Logan behind to aim at McIntyre and Orton. Kevin runs to CANNONBALL McIntyre! CANNONBALL for Orton! Kevin goes up and aims, SWANTON BOMB for Orton!! Cover, TWO!! Orton stays in this despite the pain, but Kevin just goes back to Logan. Kevin stomps Logan down, goes up another corner, and he SWANTON BOMBS onto McIntyre’s knees!

Kevin sputters as McIntyre saves himself there. The ref checks everyone, they’re all okay to continue, and the fans rally back up. Logan sits up and fans boo. McIntyre also stands, he aims at Kevin and has his own countdown. “THREE! TWO! ONE!” CLAY- NO, POP-UP POWERBOMB instead!! But Logan runs u! Logan avoids a kick, Kevin avoids a haymaker, STUNNER!! Logan tumbles away, Orton goes after Kevin. No RKO, Kevin SUPERKICKS instead! Kevin whips, POP-UP- NO, Orton slips free! RKO!!! Orton crawls to cover, Orton ELIMINATES Kevin! Orton writhes from the bad back but he’s still one of the final three.

McIntyre crawls to the chains, Logan is also on the outer platform, and Orton stands up in the ring. McIntyre storms into the ring, glaring at both targets. McIntyre locks onto Orton and Orton locks onto McIntyre. Orton hobbles with the bad back, but he still stands tall to stare McIntyre down. They start throwing hands and the fans fire up! The haymakers go back and forth, Orton gets the edge, but McIntyre hits low! McIntyre runs, but into a SNAP POWERSELAM! But Logan RAMS into Orton! And bumps Orton off buckles! Logan fires up, fans boo, and Logan climbs. But Orton trips Logan up! Logan lands hard on his Maverick!

Orton throws hands on Logan, then climbs up. Orton brings Logan to the top, but McIntyre CLUBS Orton! Orton steps down, McIntyre CLUBS him again! McIntyre throws more hands but Orton fires counter punches! They brawl again, GLASGOW KISS! Logan goes up to a pod while McIntyre stops the RKO! NECKBREAKER! Both Orton and McIntyre are down, but then McIntyre kips up! Fans cheer that, but then Logan SUPER CROSSBODIES McIntyre down! All three men are down again but the fans tell Logan, “You Still Suck!” Logan rises, and he brings out BRASS KNUCKLES! He had them in his tights all along!

Logan puts the knuckles on and gives them a kiss. Logan powers up that fist, but RKO!!! Orton risked his bad back but he shut Logan up! Cover, Orton ELIMINATES Logan! The fans cheer the loudest they have yet, and now it comes down to McIntyre and Orton. They both drag themselves up with ropes, but Orton’s back is really bothering him. McIntyre turns him around, kicks low, but Orton wrenches out! RK- NO, McIntyre powers out and runs in! Orton sidesteps, he has McIntyre in ropes! DRAPING DDT!! Orton fires up and the fans are with him! Orton hears the voices in his head as he watches McIntyre stir!

Orton pounds the mat as McIntyre rises, RK- NO!! McIntyre powers out, and SPINEBUSTERS! Orton writhes and McIntyre goes to a corner. McIntyre aims, he wants Orton to get up now! Orton slowly rises, the countdown begins! “THREE! TWO! ONE!” But Orton falls over! The ref checks Orton, but Orton refuses to be taken out by forfeit. McIntyre looms over Orton, Orton pounds the mat in frustration over his own body being beat up. McIntyre grins and chuckles as Orton forces himself to stand, RKO!!!! Orton fires up, but LOGAN PAUL SUCKER PUNCHES ORTON!? Logan hadn’t left the Chamber yet and he screws Orton over!!!

McIntyre crawls to cover, McIntyre wins!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall (NEW #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship)

The ImPAULsive Influencer just influenced this match’s finish! He couldn’t let it go and had to knock Orton out! Will Logan have to watch his back for the Viper? As for McIntyre, he’s still going back to WrestleMania. Will he finally have his moment on the Grandest Stage of Them All?


Triple H is here!

The fans fire up as The Game stands in the ring, and he says, “I just wanted to come out here for a second to say thank you. On behalf of the WWE, on behalf of every superstar back there, thank you for inviting us into your home. Thank you for being great hosts. Thank you for this beautiful Optus Arena. It’s been a wonderful night. And I wanna let you know the attendance here tonight, the official attendance: 52,590!” The fans cheer that!


Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Nia Jax!

Australia is Mami’s home, and this truly be the biggest moment in her career. However, that’s all the more motivation for the Irresistible Force to ruin it! Will the challenger A-Nia-late the champion? Or will the Eradicator still be the most dominant woman in the WWE?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly on top!

The bell rings and the fans are thunderous already as Rhea stares Nia down. Rhea smiles as the fans are all behind her. Nia and Rhea circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. They go around, Nia shoves Rhea away, and the fans boo. Rhea stays cool and she dodges Nia to kick, stomp a foot, and SMASH her off a knee! Rhea LARIATS but Nia stays up! Rhea CHOPS, CHOPS, and knuckle locks to go up and up and RANA! Nia staggers to a corner, Rhea DROPKICKS her in! The fans fire and Rhea brings Nia out, to pump handle! Nia elbows free of that and knocks Rhea down, then SENTONS!

Nia dribbles Rhea off the mat, puts her in a corner, and runs up to SPLASH! Nia keeps Rhea up so she can “smile” at the fans. Nia HEADBUTTS Rhea, tells her to kiss this, and then HIP ATTACKS! Nia rubs it in, literally! Nia soaks up the heat, especially from Rhea’s family at ringside. Rhea throws body shots and backs Nia down, but Nia HEADBUTTS Rhea down! Nia drags Rhea around, runs, and drops a leg, brother! Rhea writhes but Nia eggs her on. Nia SLAPS Rhea, Rhea BOOTS from below! Rhea kicks more, but Nia KICKS Rhea in return. Nia pushes Rhea, has the arms and stands on Rhea’s back as she pulls!

Rhea endures, the fans boo, but Nia stomps Rhea down! Nia soaks up the heat, mocks the fans, and then drags Rhea around. Nia grabs a leg for a STRETCH MUFFLER! Rhea endures as Nia stands and has her hanging over the mat! Rhea fights, but Nia shifts right to a HALF CRAB! Rhea endures as Nia kneels on her neck! Rhea still fights her way around, but Nia HIP DROPS her down! Nia soaks up more heat, then mocks Rhea reaching out for her family. Nia stomps Rhea, tells Rhea to say “Mommy,” but Rhea throws body shots! Nia HEADBUTTS Rhea down! Nia torture racks Rhea and bends her!

Fans boo as Nia marches around with Rhea on her back, but Rhea fights around! GUILLOTINE FACELOCK! The fans fire up as Rhea has Nia in the body scissors, too! But Nia powers up and out, only for Rhea to sunset flip! Nia stays up, but Rhea avoids the hip drop! Nia lands hard on her butt, and fans taunt her with “MY HOLE!” Nia stands Rhea up but Rhea fires off fast hands! Nia grabs on with both hands, but Rhea breaks free to knuckle lock and CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Rhea then goes up and up and FLYING RANA, but Nia blocks that one! POWERBOMB! Deadlift, and POWERBOMB again!

Nia drags Rhea around, runs, for another leg drop, brother! Cover, TWO! Rhea survives and Nia grows frustrated. Nia looms over Rhea and brings her up. Nia shoves Rhea into a corner, then goes up the corner! But Rhea DROPKICKS the legs out! Nia ends up in the Tree of Woe, and Rhea hurries up to WOE STOMP her down! The fans fire up while Nia flounders away! Rhea climbs the corner again, aims as Nia stands, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Nia is tougher than that and Rhea is frustrated. The fans rally up as Rhea stands Nia up. Nia shoves Rhea, Rhea gets around to short arm LARIAT! Nia stays up so Rhea LARIATS again!

Nia stays up, fireman’s carries, and SAMOAN DROPS! Nia roars, runs, but Rhea avoids the leg drop this time! Basement dropkick! The fans fire up as Rhea has Nia down, and Rhea climbs up! Rhea aims, but Nia ROCKS her first! Nia climbs, fireman’s carries, and fans freak out! SUPER SAMOAN DROP!! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives and the fans fire up again! Rhea writhes but Nia drags her to a drop zone. Nia climbs up, but Rhea gets her in an Electric Chair! And SLAMS her off buckles! Nia falls in a heap, Rhea goes up and gets everyone fired up! Rhea aims, gives some Latino Heat, and hits a FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Nia survives and Rhea is beside herself! Rhea stands back up, she storms after Nia and pump handles! But Nia powers out and TOSSES Rhea to the floor! Fans boo but Nia smiles as she goes out after Rhea. But Rhea trips Nia up on the apron! Nia falls hard and Rhea says screw it. Rhea clears the desk! The fans fire up as Rhea hobbles over to Nia. Rhea drags Nia up, reels her in, and says “SUCK IT!” But Nia’s too big to lift from this position, too! Nia fireman’s carries, SAMOAN DROP on the desk! The desk does not break, but maybe Rhea just broke! Nia goes up onto an armchair, to ELBOW DROP through the desk!!

Fans boo as Nia drags Rhea from the wreckage and into the ring. Rhea is in a drop zone, Nia goes up! A-NIA-LATOR!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Nia is shocked and the fans are electric! Nia runs to KICK Rhea in the side, then whips her to a corner. Nia RAMS into Rhea again and again, going after that bad back! Nia throws Rhea down and has her in the drop zone again. Nia climbs again, but Rhea scrambles up to SHOVE Nia down! Nia falls to the apron bug holds onto ropes! Rhea goes up the corner, the fans rally with “MAMI MAMI MAMI!” “OI OI OI!” Rhea hauls Nia up but that’s still too much. Rhea drops back, and Nia HEADBUTTS!

Nia hops off the corner, but then says why not. Nia climbs up! But Rhea goes up after her! Rhea has Nia for the SUPERPLEX!! The Ripley family cheers and the fans go wild as Rhea rises! Nia manages to stand, but Rhea roars as she ROUNDHOUSES! Pump handle, RIPTIDE!!! Cover, Rhea wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s World Champion)

That was the biggest Riptide ever, and it washes Nia away! With this win, Rhea not only proves she’s the most dominant woman in WWE, but she proves everything she’s done to get here was worth it! Mami gets her pyro and celebrates with her family, but will she have an even bigger moment at WrestleMania 40 facing down The Man?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Elimination Chamber with basically nothing bad to say. Great promo from The Rock that was featured in the Kickoff show, and great Grayson Waller Effect segment for Cody & Rollins to respond. Great beat down of Theory, too, that was fun. Really good Women’s Tag Team Championship match for the Kickoff, though it was clear The Kabuki Warriors were retaining. Indi at least got to perform in her home country, but I don’t feel she and Candice circle back to the titles in time for Mania. Another team probably steps up, or maybe multiple teams, and they’re the ones that face Asuka & Kairi.

Speaking of tag titles, awesome match from Priest & Finn VS “New Catch Republic.” That had some real NXT TakeOver vibes with the near falls and false finishes, but I figured Judgment Day was returning. Given the story with R-Truth, it just seems more fitting that The Awesome Truth steps up and wins big at Mania. And in case you missed it, Truth went to Austria instead of Australia, because he is a comedic genius. I am going to love all the shenanigans and misunderstands Truth has once he and Miz are the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

Awesome stuff out of both Chamber matches tonight, though WWE always does pretty good with these in my experience. And even though it seemed a bit obvious to me that Becky and Drew were each running the gauntlet in the Chamber, I feel they did a better job disguising things in Drew winning than Becky. Tiffany eliminating Naomi was a good move, as she and Naomi can feud. Tiffany is new to main roster, Naomi has returned to WWE, a feud can help RawDown fans learn/relearn who they are while we get great acrobatic matches out of them. Liv and Bianca being in the final three with Becky also worked, they all have stories involving Rhea, a return to Mania, or both.

As for what Bianca does now without a clear path to Mania, I’m thinking she could get in on that tag title story. She has beef with DMG CTRL, and if Dakota really is on Bayley’s side, maybe Dakota and Bianca can be a team? Not saying they’d win, there’s a chance DMG CTRL makes everyone think Dakota’s still on their side, and that helps DMG CTRL retain, but it’d be good story. And in the Men’s Chamber, I did not expect Styles to screw Knight over like that, and I did not expect Logan to screw over Orton like that. Kevin was great wanting after Logan so badly, and I don’t think their story is over yet, but maybe they add Orton to the mix? A Triple Threat protects all three so that Logan can lose the belt while someone else takes the pin, or Logan is opportunistic and steals a pin to retain.

And of course, an awesome main event. Rhea of course won out but she and Nia did great, really made Rhea look like the underdog champ that then overcame her toughest challenge, and now she’s rolling towards that match with Becky. Both have done so well that Mami VS The Man could go either way, and I wouldn’t be surprised either way. They’re both worthy of the top title, so it really depends on who is set up for the Women’s World Championship for after Mania. Maybe Jade Cargill? That’d be quite the moment on whatever night of Mania to have Jade walk out there and confront the champion and set things up for Backlash in France.

My Score: 9/10

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