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Mitchell’s NJPW New Beginning Hiroshima Results & Report! (2/11/21)

NJPW begins in Hiroshima, still!



Who will stand atop NJPW with the Double Championships?

A string of trios matches sets the scene for a G1 Climax 30 rematch! Will Kota Ibushi still be a wrestling god after facing the Cold Skull?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Six Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Master Wato, SHO & Tomoaki Honma; Wato, Sho & Honma win.
  • Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club; LIJ wins.
  • Kazuchika Okada & Toru Yano VS EVIL & Dick Togo; Double Count-Out Draw.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS EVIL; Okada wins, by disqualification.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Chaos VS Jay White & The Guerrillas of Destiny; Chaos wins and retains the titles.
  • IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Double Championship: Kota Ibushi VS SANADA; Ibushi wins and retains the titles.


Six Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS Master Wato, SHO & Tomoaki Honma!

Well, “card subject to change” is a common thing in wrestling, and that’s happened here! Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru wanted after Bullet Club tonight, but they’re getting the Grandmaster, High Voltage and Everyone’s Kokeshi instead! Will the Meanest Man in the World, the Rogue Luchador and Heel Master still do what they intended and send a message to the rest of NJPW?

The second Honma gets in the ring, he and Suzuki get in each other’s face! The ref keeps the peace, the teams sort out and Honma eggs Suzuki on. They start and they start throwing CHOPS! Fans rally as the CHOPS fly back and forth! Neither man backs down but Suzuki gets the edge. Suzuki whips Honma to a corner and runs in to boot him! Suzuki cravats but Honma blocks the snapmare. Suzuki body shots then runs but Honma elbows him at the ropes! Honma runs and runs Suzuki over with a shoulder! Honma fires up, runs, but Suzuki moves so Honma stops from dropping the headbutt. Honma stomps Suzuki at the ropes, then goes for it again, but Suzuki boots him down!

Desperado and Kanemaru go after Sho and Wato while Suzuki clubs Honma down! Suzuki then drags Honma out while Desperado throws Sho into railing. Suzuki RAMS Honma into railing by commentary and he throws body shots and knees! Desperado rakes Sho’s eyes then POSTS him! Kanemaru chops away on Wato and Suzuki whips Honma into more railing! Suzuki taunts Honma, smudges his face and CHOPS him again! Suzuki puts Honma back in the ring and tags in Desperado. Desperado drops knees on Honma’s head, then stomps him over and over! Fans rally up but Desperado bumps Honma off buckles. Tag to Kanemaru and Suzuki-Gun mugs Honma!

The ref has to keep Sho back but that allows Suzuki-Gun to dig their boots in! Suzuki-Gun finally lets off on Honma and Kanemaru runs in to BOOT Honma down! Kanemaru throws elbows, then stomps him more. Tag to Suzuki and he runs to BOOT Sho! And BOOT Wato! Fans rally for Honma and he fires off forearms! Suzuki is liking this and he ROCKS Honma back! Honma throws more forearms but Suzuki ROCKS Honma again! Honma roars but Suzuki headbutts! Suzuki runs but Honma LEAPING HEADBUTTS! Fans fire up as Honma and Suzuki crawl, hot tags to Sho and Desperado! Sho dodges then fires off to whip but Desperado reverses, only for Sho to run him over!

Sho hits Kanemaru down, then runs at Desperado with a corner clothesline! Sho whips, wrenches and kicks away on Desperado! Fans fire up with Sho as he watches Desperado rise. Sho KICKS Desperado down, covers, TWO! Sho keeps his cool as he waistlocks and dead lifts Desperado. Desperado fights the German Suplex off, but Sho reels him in to try again. Desperado victory roll counters, TWO! Sho staggers up, Desperado spins him and knees, double underhooks but no Pinche! Sho wrenches to throw a forearm, but Desperado hits back! Sho forearms again, Desperado responds, and the two go back and forth!

Fans rally up as Sho gets the edge, but Desperado pokes Sho in the eye! Sho still hits back, KICKS and runs, to LARIAT! Fans fire up again as Sho drags Desperado up and reels him in. Desperado resists the lift, wrenches free to whip, and Kanemaru gets a cheap shot in! Desperado SPEARS! Tag to Kanemaru, he drags Sho up to whip, but Sho SPEARS back! Hot tag to Wato! Wato BOOTS Suzuki, Honma goes after Kanemaru, and together, he and Sho whip Kanemaru corner to corner. Honma whips Wato in and Wato elbows Kanemaru! Honma whips Sho in to clothesline! Sho feeds Kanemaru to Honma’s elbow and then Honma HEADBUTTS Kanemaru, into Wato’s SPRINGBOARD UPPERCUT! Cover, but Suzuki-Gun breaks it!

It’s another chaotic brawl, Desperado and Suzuki throw Sho and Honma out. Suzuki-Gun whips Wato to a corner, Desperado runs in to elbow! Suzuki runs in to BOOT Wato! Suzuki whips but Wato reverses, only for Suzuki to break and boot him! Desperado lifts Wato, Kanemaru BOOTS into the back suplex! Cover, TWO! Wato survives but Kanemaru goes up the corner. Suzuki keeps Honma out and Kanemaru hits DEEP IMPACT!! cover but Sho breaks it! Desperado gets in to throw Sho back out and Kanemaru drags Wato up. Kanemaru suplexes but Wato fights that off. Kanemaru blocks Wato’s kick to give a kick, but Wato dodges the clothesline to tilt-o-whirl and roll-up, high stack with a jackknife! Wato and team win!!

Winners: Master Wato, SHO & Tomoaki Honma, by pinfall

High Voltage usually pulls off shockers but the Way of the Grandmaster just pulled off one here! Is this just the beginning of Wato living up to his nickname?


Six Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club!

The challenge was made on night one that the Timebomb will give El Phantasmo a shot at the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, but he and the Death Mask will get a shot at the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships first! With Tetsuya Naito and Tokyo Pimp in the mix, which side gets a major advantage going into the Junior Heavyweight title series?

Bullet Club throws up the Too Sweet, but they just use that as a distraction before ambushing LIJ! Yujiro is after Naito while the tag champs are after their challengers! ELP throws Hiromu out, they brawl as the bell rings and gets this on record! ELP ROCKS Hiromu and has him at the railing. ELP shouts that he won’t be embarrassed by Hiromu as he throws more forearms! Ishimori has Bushi in the ring, whips him corner to corner, but Bushi swings out to kick Ishimori away! Bushi goes up to hit a missile dropkick, and Bushirooni! Bushi drags Ishimori up but Ishimori slips out of the fisherman screw, only for Bushi to kick him low.

Ishimori goes to ropes, Bushi heads over but Ishimori throws him out! Bullet Club mugs Bushi at the railing, then puts him back in. Ishimori pulls Bushi’s shirt off him and throws it away! Ishimori drags Bushi up, fans rally up, but Ishimori CLAWS Bushi’s back! Tag to ELP and the tag champs coordinate for more claws to Bushi’s back! Tag back to Ishimori, he goes up and hits a super BACK RAKE! Bushi goes down and Ishimori tags ELP. ELP DECKS Hiromu and then Naito! Ishimori has Bushi in the corner, ELP runs corner to corner, cartwheels around and around, then rolls and handsprings, just to CLAW Bushi again! ELP tags in Yujiro and then sets Bushi up in the corner.

Yujiro throws clubbing forearms, then as ELP and Ishimori encourage him to scratch, he just clubs Bushi more. Yujiro snapmares Bushi, runs and basement boots! Cover, TWO! Yujiro drags Bushi up, stomps him to the corner, then stomps him in the corner. Tag to Ishimori, he drags Bushi up and hoists him onto the top rope. Tag to ELP, Ishimori runs to baseball slide Naito and Hiromu! ELP sets Bushi into the Tree of Woe, Ishimori runs in and basement dropkicks Bushi in the head! ELP runs in to leap, and then step on Bushi’s groin! Ishimori adds in, the ref reprimands, but Yujiro adds on! The ref counts, and Bullet Club steps away from Bushi’s boys.

ELP covers but the ref refuses because of their antics! ELP drags Bushi back, drags him up and throws forearms. ELP wrenches, whips Bushi corner to corner, then handsprings in, into a BOOT! Bushi goes up, FLYING RANA! Fans fire up, Bushi hot tags Hiromu! The Timebomb DECKS Yujiro, kicks ELP and whips him to ropes, but ELP reverses. Ishimori gets a cheap shot in, then he and ELP double whip Hiromu. Hiromu gets around and shoves Ishimori into ELP! Then Hiromu picks Ishimori up and makes him give ELP a RANA! Hiromu then whips Ishimori to a corner, clotheslines him, then runs to clothesline ELP! And back to Ishimori! Then back to ELP!

Hiromu baits Ishimori in, Ishimori avoids colliding with ELP, but Hiromu comes back to shotgun dropkick Bullet Club into the corner! Hiromu drags ELP up to suplex, for a Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Hiromu grins as he brings ELP around. Hiromu fireman’s carries, ELP fights free and shoves Hiromu to a corner. Hiromu boots back, runs, dodges, but ELP blocks the kick. Hiromu blocks ELP’s kick, flips ELP but ELP lands on his feet to get around and torture rack! ELP spins around for a BIG neckbreaker! Both men are down, fans fire up, hot tags to Yujiro and Naito! Naito dodges the boot, fires off on Yujiro then whips.

Yujiro reverses, Naito holds ropes and boots back! Naito spins Yujiro around, whips him to elbow him down and basement dropkick in the back! Naito whips Yujiro to a corner, runs in, rocket kick and Combinacion Cabron! Fans fire up as Naito drags Yujiro up again. Naito turns Yujiro but Yujiro BITES Naito’s hand! No one learns! Yujiro boots Naito, turns him and hits a reverse DDT! Ishimori runs in just to DECK Bushi, then goes out after him. Yujiro has Naito for the FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Naito survives and Yujiro is frustrated. Yujiro has a bloody nose but he ignores that to drag Naito around.

Yujiro fireman’s carries but Bushi saves Naito, to give Yujiro a BACKSTABBER! ELP superkicks but Bushi blocks! Hiromu SUPERKICKS ELP away but Ishimori runs in to fire off on Bushi and Hiromu! Ishimori runs but into SUPERKICK ENZIGURI COMBO! Yujiro runs in, Bushi sends him to Naito’s atomic drop! Naito whips Yujiro to a corner, Bushi elbows Yujiro, then LIJ coordinates, the HIROMU RAILGUN! Bushi keeps Ishimori out and then DIVES onto Ishimori! Hiromu goes after ELP on the outside as Naito throws an elbow and an enziguri on Yujiro! Tilt-o-whirl, DESTINO! Cover, LIJ wins!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

Tokyo Pimp takes the loss, but this doesn’t bode well for Bullet Club! Will Hiromu and Bushi take those tag titles away before having it out with Mr. Super J Cup one more time?


Kazuchika Okada & Toru Yano VS EVIL & Dick Togo!

The Rainmaker has been daring the King of Darkness to step up, but Evil keeps playing games. Will the provisional Mr. KOPW 2021 help Okada force Evil’s hand?

The teams sort out, Evil and Dick Too Sweet and Okada starts. Evil doesn’t want to but Okada gives him no choice! Yano throws Dick out and the bell rings! Yano whips Dick to railing, Okada snapmares Evil to ropes and runs to basement dropkick him down! Okada brings Evil up to throw him out and then goes out after him at the railing. Fans rally with “O-KA-DA!” claps as he whips Evil into railing! Okada digs his boots in, the ref starts the ring count, Okada RAMS Evil into railings again! Okada goes to gut wrench but Evil fights it off! The count climbs, Evil whips Okada into railing! The count is 15, Evil whips Okada into more railing, then he gets a chair to choke Okada with! The count hits 20 of 20!!

Double Count-Out Draw

That wasn’t a match! That was just a brawl! Young Lions try to stop Evil but he only stops when Dick regroups with him. Evil doesn’t seem to care about facing Okada fair, square or any other which way. But Okada is getting up and he is pursuing Evil! CHAIR SHOT to the back!! The Young Lions and Yano hurry to bring Okada away but he dares Evil to bring it on! Fans clap even harder, “O-KA-DA!” Okada gets a mic to tell Evil to man up and get in the ring! What’s Evil gonna do? Okada wants Evil to take him on 1v1 already so what’s it gonna be? Evil gets up as Okada fires up the fans more, and Red Shoes appears to handle this. Evil agrees to the challenge?! And he even tells Dick to stand down!? Dick goes to the back, Yano also exits, and it’s official!!

Kazuchika Okada VS EVIL!

Evil gets in, the bell rings and the brawl continues! Forearms are fast, furious and point-blank! Evil kicks low, whips but Okada ducks and dodges to elbow Evil down! Fans are thunderous as Okada brings Evil back up and whips him corner to corner. Okada runs in and elbows Evil into the kick and DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool but the fans are fired up again as he paces. Okada waits on Evil to get up, but Evil blocks the Alabama lift. Evil pulls hair to throw Okada down! Fans still rally as Okada goes to a corner. Evil runs in, Okada boots him away! Evil runs in again but Okada pops him up to the Alabama! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Fans stay fired up as Okada keeps his focus. Okada drags Evil up, gut wrenches, but Evil fights it off! Evil claws Okada’s face, the ref reprimands but Evil stops at 4. Fans rally, Evil brings him up and fisherman’s, but Okada blocks the suplex. The two struggle against each other, Evil knees low then tries again. Okada kicks and wrenches free to waistlock. Evil elbows free but runs into Okada’s dropkick! Okada is right on Evil with the MONEY CLIP! Evil endures, reaches for Okada’s face, but Okada leans on the hold! Fans rally up as Okada cranks harder and Evil starts to fade! The ref checks on Evil, Evil gets a second wind and gets a ropebreak!

Okada lets go, fans fire up and Okada rises. Okada drags Evil back up, but Evil blocks the lariat! Evil mule kicks, Okada staggers to a corner, and Evil runs in to clothesline! Evil brings Okada around to fireman’s carry but Okada fights free. Okada swings but into a waistlock. Okada elbows free and runs, but Evil runs to the corner and back, LARIAT! Evil seethes as he drags Okada up to fireman’s carry again. DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives and fans fire up but Evil keeps on him. Evil gets the legs and turns Okada over for the SHARPSHOOTER! Fans rally as Okada endures, and Dick returns! So much for standing down!

The ref goes to intercept Dick but Dick shoves him down! Dick stomps away on Okada! Shouldn’t this be a disqualification? Evil and Dick keep stomping, so yes, the ref calls for the bell!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by disqualification

Well it’s almost like there was no point now! But here comes Yano! Yano attacks Evil but Dick attacks Yano! Yano hits Dick but Evil LOW BLOWS Yano! Okada goes after Evil and rains down forearms! But Dick has the SPOILER CHOKER!! Dick uses it on Okada!! Okada is turning red as he fades out! Fans still rally for “O-KA-DA!” as Young Lions get in. Dick hits the Young Lions and sends them out! Evil looms over Okada, and stands on Okada’s head. Evil and Dick Low Sweet, but nothing has been settled! Will the King of Darkness ever truly face the Rainmaker head on?


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Chaos VS Jay White & The Guerrillas of Destiny!

Tomohiro Ishii spoiled the Switchblade’s G1 run and now is the time for revenge! Will Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa add more gold on top of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships? Or will Yoshi-Hashi and Hirooki Goto help Ishii #GetBackUp and #TurnItAround?

The introductions are made, the Six Man belts are raised, and the trios sort out. We begin with a brawl! Is this just how things are going to go tonight? Goto and Hashi get GOD out of the ring while White brawls with Ishii! White clubs away then kicks Ishii at the ropes. White throws a EuroUpper, then a CHOP, but Ishii just eggs him on! White rakes Ishii’s eyes, then whips Ishii. Ishii reverses but White bails out! Ishii pursues, White gets back in, but while he thinks he’s the smart one, he’s surrounded by Chaos! Chaos stomps White down 3v1! The ref reprimands, Chaos lets off and then they whip White to a corner.

Goto runs in to clothesline, then he feeds White to double shoulders from Hashi and Ishii! Then Chaos TRIPLE KICK COMBOS! Tama gets in but gets a double hip toss! And a basement dropkick! Loa returns but he gets hammered by Chaos! Ishii goes out after White then puts him back in. Ishii drags White away to the Chaos corner, drags him up and throws forearms. Ishii CHOPS White, Goto gets a shot in, and Gedo protests as Chaos digs their boots in! The ref counts, Chaos stops and Ishii tags Hashi. They double whip, but White grabs ropes to tag in Tama! Tama runs in but Hashi rallies on him with elbows and shoulders, then a RUNNING RANA!

Fans fire up for Hashi as he drags Tama up. Hashi elbows Tama to ropes then whips him. Tama uses that momentum to hit Goto of the apron! Hashi clubs and whips Tama again, but Tama reverses and Loa gets a cheap shot in! Loa holds Hashi and Tama CHOPS and forearms away! Tama runs but Goto trips him! Hashi elbows Loa away, he and Goto double whip and double shoulder Tama over! Hip toss senton combo! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Gedo and Jado shout at Tama but Hashi runs in at the corner. Hashi CHOPS Tama, whips out to CHOP again, but White sucker punches Hashi! White hits Chaos, Tama feeds Hashi to Loa’s lariat!

White throws Ishii and Goto around while Loa RAMS Hashi into railing! White whips Ishii hard into more railing! Ishii even flops up and over! White asks if he’s allowed to go out after Ishii. For now, the ring count climbs, Tama gets back in, White brings Ishii back around to whip him into more railing! The ring count is 10, Loa puts Hashi in for Tama. Tama uses a knee to cover, TWO! Tama stmops Hashi, tags Loa, and Loa slingshot sentons! Tama slingshots sentons, too, then White drags Hashi out to RAM him into railing at English commentary! White puts Hashi back in, Loa drags Hashi up to suplex! Uno amigo as Loa gets back up.

Loa wrenches to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! White mockingly checks on Hashi but the ref actually checks. Hashi is okay to continue and fans rally up. Loa toys with Hashi, Gedo says this should just be stopped. Hashi barely stirs but he’s still conscious, so Loa drags him back up. Loa tags White, they mug Hashi, and White brings Hashi up for a BIG back suplex! Hashi flops over and White mockingly checks on him again. Cover, TWO!! Hashi is still in this and now White is annoyed. White drags Hashi around, mockingly claps with him, and then brings him over. White talks trash to Ishii before tagging out to Tama. Tama stomps Hashi, talks some trash of his own, but then Ishii gets in.

The ref tells Ishii to stay back, and Tama looms over Hashi as Ishii reluctantly goes back to the corner. Tag to White and White kicks at Hashi. White spanks Hashi to the rhythm, then snapmares Hashi to a chinlock! Hashi is already turning red as White squeezes tight! White taunts Hashi to look to Ishii but then turns Hashi away. White grins but fans rally up and Hashi gets a second wind! Hashi fights up, throws body shots, but White throws him by his hair! White DECKS Goto, hits Ishii, but Ishii doesn’t budge! Ishii gets in, kicks at White, but the ref tells him to go back! Tama sneaks in and drags Hashi back! White goes after Ishii, GOD stomp away on Hashi!

White RAMS Ishii into more railing, then comes back to the ring. White tags Tama, and Tama takes his time bringing Hashi up. Tama throws a big right hand but Hashi just fires up! Tama throws another but Hashi feeds off it! The fans rally up and Tama is starting to worry. Tama throws more haymakers but Hashi just gets stronger! Tama clubs away with fury, he brings Hashi up, but Hashi suplexes to the BUNKER BUSTER! Fans fire up as both men are down! Hashi and Tama crawl, hot tag to Goto! The Fierce Warrior rallies on Tama, BLASTS White and Loa, then fires off on Tama! Goto whips, Tama reverses but Goto dodges. Tama runs, redirects, but Goto follows to LARIAT!

Loa gets in but Goto kicks him first! Goto goes to suplex but Loa slips out to waistlock. Goto switches, Loa elbows him away, and Goto ends up in a corner. Loa whips Tama in but Goto dodges to LARIAT Loa! MURAMASA for Tama, to the BULLDOG! Cover, but White breaks it! Ishii rushes in but White bails right out! Goto glares at White, goes back to Tama, but Tama throws a body shot! Loa uppercuts, Tama neckbreakers! Tama shakes out the cobwebs, fans rally up, and Tama drags Goto up. Tama dragon sleepers, for a TONGAN TWIST! Cover, TWO! Tama grows frustrated and White protests the count. Goto slowly rises but Tama looms over him.

Tama drags Goto around to a fireman’s carry but Goto fights out. Goto swings, but back into a dragon sleeper! Goto reverses but Tama snapmares free, only to miss with the super punch! Goto grabs Tama by the hair, HEAD SHOT! Fans fire up as both men are down! Tama rolls towards his corner while Goto crawls, hot tags to Ishii and White! Ishii and White each dodge, swing and dodge, switch and swing, but White shoves Ishii to a corner. White runs in but Ishii dodges, only for White to dodge. Ishii boots, runs in but into a firema’ns carry! Ishii slips off to shove again, White boots but Ishii still clotheslines!

Ishii whips corner to corner, White reverses but Ishii comes back, only for White to ROCK him! White runs, into a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Ishii scowls as he looms over White. Ishii drags White up by his hair, CHOPS him in the corner, then CHOPS again! Ishii CHOPS close to the throat and Gedo protests, but the CHOPS keep flying! White drops down and guards but Ishii tries to punch through. Gedo gets on the apron but Ishii glares at him. Gedo backs off but White goes after a leg! Ishii ROCKS White, glares at Gedo again, but White hits a DRAPING DDT! White hurries over to drag Ishii up and throw him out.

White RAMS Ishii into railing, and then RAMS him again! And then RAMS him again! All in front of Japanese commentary! The ref reprimands White and White lets off on Ishii long enough to put him in the ring. White drags Ishii back up, suplexes, and hits BLADE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives the twisting suplex and fans fire up! White mockingly pats Ishii on the head but Ishii eggs him on. White gets the leg for a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! White drags Ishii up but Ishii blocks the urenage. Hashi gets in to hit White, then Loa runs into the spin back kick! Hashi runs but into Loa’s dropkick! Loa looms over Ishii but Ishii hits him first.

Ishii runs and rams Loa but Loa stays up! Loa throws a forearm, runs, and rams Ishii! Ishii rebounds to ram Loa, Loa rebounds to ram Ishii! Both men run, but Tama and Goto trip Ishii and Loa! Goto gets in but Tama dropkicks Goto down! Tama rains down rights on Goto, White returns and they double whip Goto. Goto holds ropes, Ishii returns and he dodges double clotheslines! Ishii and Goto fireman’s carry White and Tama, but White and Tama rake eyes! Tama and White feed Goto and Ishii to Loa’s DOUBLE LARIATS! Bullet Club regroups and they focus on Ishii. Ishii staggers up into haymakers and forearms and uppercuts! Then GUERILLA WARFARE!

White drags Ishii back up, for KIWI KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!?! Ishii survives and White is furious! White drags Ishii back up, has the sleeper hold, but Hashi gets in! Hashi mule kicks White, but Loa hits a CODE BREAKER! Goto CLOBBERS Loa, CLOBBERS Tama, but White SNAP SAIDOS Goto away! Ishii runs in, into the SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! The Triple S hits, White drags Ishii back up, BLADE- NO! Ishii slips free, spins White, but White suplexes! Ishii fights out, escapes the urenage, and suplexes again! White fights out but Ishii HEADBUTTS and LARIATS! Fans fire up with Ishii and he drags White back up! But White fights the suplex off, but Ishii avoids Bladerunner again!

White escapes the suplex, catches Ishii again, URENAGE! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Ishii and White crawl, hot tags to Loa and Hashi! The Headhunter and Silverback collide with clotheslines! And again! And again! Hashi staggers but Loa just fires up. Loa runs, Hashi dodges, BLOCKBUSTER! Loa rolls away, Hashi runs in at the corner, and he corner clotheslines! Hashi brings Loa in but Loa suplexes first. Hashi slips out, waistlocks but Loa elbows free. Loa swings into a takedown! Hashi wants his head, BUTTERFLY LOCK! Fans fire up but Loa fights up to a fireman’s carry, SAMOAN DROP! Goto returns but Loa kicks, scoops and SLAMS Goto fast!

Loa aims at Hashi, Tama gets in, GOD drags him up. They hit Hashi with the back suplex neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Loa is furious with the count! Jado tells them to finish this, GOD drags Hashi up, but Hashi fights off Magic Killer! Hashi shoves Tama at Loa, but Tama whips Loa into Hashi! Loa drags Hashi back up, scoop slams him, then coordinates with Tama. They’re on opposite corners, for the FLYING HEADBUTT and FROG SPLASH! Cover, but Goto breaks it! Tama is after Goto but Goto throws forearms on GOD! Goto denies Gun Stun, dodges Loa’s boot and LARIATS him! Goto DECKS White, too, then drags Tama up! But Tama denies GTR to suplex!

Goto fights that off, he and Hashi combine, G Y R!! Hashi gets Loa, shoves him to Goto and Goto fireman’s carries. Loa slips off, shoves Goto into Hashi, but Hashi mule kicks Loa! Goto fireman’s carries again, SUPERKICK to USHIGOROSHI, Ishii adds the SLIDING LARIAT! Hashi adds the METEORA! Cover, White breaks it! Ishii drags White away with a sleeper and Hashi aims at Loa! But Gedo goes after Ishii! Hashi SUPERKICKS Loa, brings him around, but Jado distracts the ref! White slips in to LOW BLOW Hashi!! Hashi barely stays up but White pushes him over. Fans rally but Bullet Club is regrouping again.

White drags Hashi up, he and Tama set him up for Loa to TACKLE to a corner! Tama whips White in to EuroUpper! Tama hits a splash, then White helps out as Loa climbs! But Ishii gets in to block the bomb! Goto helps and throws Tama and White out! Ishii ROCKS Loa, Goto hits a SUPER MURAMASA! Ishii goes up top with Loa, SUPER BRAINBUSTER!! Goto DECKS Tama, then PLANCHAS! But White is back! Ishii holds off Bladerunner to GERMAN SUPLEX! Hashi is back on his feet and he runs at Loa, for a HEAD HUNTER LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?! Loa lives but Hashi is on him again, with the BUTTERFLY! Loa endures, Ishii holds White down but Loa keeps reaching!

Hashi gator rolls Loa away to keep the Butterfly on! Hashi adds the other arm to it! Loa endures the Kimura-Fly but Gedo gets up on the apron! The ref is distracted, Jado KENDO STICK SMACKS Hashi!! Loa LARIATS and covers, TWO!!! Hashi survives and fans are thunderous! Loa drags Hashi up, scoops him, but Hashi reverses to roll and cradle! CHAOS WINS!!

Winners: Chaos, by pinfall (still NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions)

But now things erupt into chaos! Tama is after Hashi, Ishii decks White then goes after Tama, Goto joins in, and Loa is pissed at the ref! Chaos clears the ring of the Bullet Club, and Bullet Club can only storm off in frustration! And with one of the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions taking the loss, does this mean the Headhunter is in the hunt for those titles? Hashi gets a mic to speak! “Oi, just wait a minute.” They’re still the NEVER Openewight Six Man champions, but now they want those IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles! Hashi and Goto are coming for the Guerrillas! So just keep those belts warm for them!


IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Double Championship: Kota Ibushi VS SANADA!

The Golden Star’s ascension to NJPW’s wrestling god all started with G1 Climax 30, making history as a three-peat finalist and a back-to-back winner. And that G1 Climax 30 Final was against the Cold Skull! Will Sanada make up for that loss by bringing Ibushi’s reign to a Skull End?

The introductions are made, both belts are raised, and the rematch from the New Beginning ends with a return of the Climax!

Fans are already fired up with “I-BU-SHI!” “SA-NA-DA!” clapping. Ibushi and Sanada soak it all in before circling. They approach, feel out the grapple, go around a bit more, and Sanada gets a waistlock. Ibushi switches, Sanada throws him over but Ibushi headscissors. Ibushi uses leverage to squeeze tighter but Sanada moves around. Sanada pops free, and then gets Ibushi in a headlock, only for Ibushi to headscissor again. Ibushi holds tighter this time, but Sanada kicks and flails. Sanada bridges, moves around, pries free again and has Ibushi’s legs. Sanada uses those to turn Ibushi over in a figure four knot. Ibushi crawls to the ropebreak, and fans cheer as Sanada lets go clean.

Sanada and Ibushi reset and the clapping returns. Sanada and Ibushi tie up, Ibushi wrenches but Sanada spins through. Sanada wrenches, wristlocks, but Ibushi rolls. Ibushi gets a leg and trips Sanada to then have a toehold. Sanada chinlocks but Ibushi pushes that away to crank the leg. Sanada uses his free leg to drag Ibushi down but Ibushi makes that a cover. TWO, Sanada wants the arm but Ibushi slips out to put on the figure four knot in return. Ibushi floats to a chinlock, Sanada fights up but Ibushi grinds the hold. Ibushi hits a takeover, Sanada headscissors, Ibushi kips free and Sanada thinks dropkick but holds back.

Fans cheer the technical exchange and stand-off between them. Sanada and Ibushi circle as the clapping continues, “I-BU-DA!” “SA-NA-SHI!” Sanada and Ibushi tie up, Sanada headlocks, but Ibushi powers out, only for Sanada to run him over! Ibushi kips up, though not the cleanest, and things speed up. Sanada fakes out the hurdle but gets a KICK for it! Ibushi has the fans rallying as Sanada bails out. Ibushi runs but has to slide as Sanada gets in. Sanada comes out, fakes IBushi out with the tumble, but Ibushi avoids the apron moonsault! Ibushi scoops but Sanada turns lawn dart into dragon sleeper! Ibushi spins through to suplex but Sanada fights that off.

Sanada suplexes Ibushi onto railing, MAGIC SCREW! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Red Shoes checks and Ibushi is okay to continue. Sanada is already up on his feet, and he stomps Ibushi down. Sanada drags Ibushi up to put him in and fans cheer as this continues in the ring. Cover, ONE! Sanada drags Ibushi up to elbow him back down! Ibushi goes to ropes, Sanada drags him back up. Sanada elbows Ibushi down again, then drags him up to bump him off buckles. Sanada whips Ibushi corner to corner, runs in and elbows! Sanada reels Ibushi in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Sanada keeps his cool as he sits Ibushi up and wraps on a chinlock.

Ibushi endures, Sanada shifts to a headscissor hodl! Sanada squeezes tight now but Ibushi endures. Fans rally up, Ibushi moves around, and Ibushi reaches for ropes. Sanada rolls him away! Sanada squeezes tighter, Ibushi endures, and Ibushi kicks around again. Ibushi gets the ropebreak with a foot, and Sanada lets go. Sanada drags Ibushi up, Ibushi hits back with forearms! Sanada knees low, runs, but Ibushi kicks, only for Sanada to block! Ibushi fires off forearms to get free, then whips. Sanada reverses but Ibushi LEAPING KICKS! Both men are down but fans fire up! Ibushi grits his teeth as he and Sanada slowly rise.

Ibushi drags Sanada up, Sanada swings but Ibushi fires off a strike fest! Sanada ducks the Penalty Kick but the Standing Moonsault hits! Cover, TWO! Ibushi keeps his focus and fans fire up again. Ibushi drags Sanada up, Sanada fights off the lift and switches. Ibushi elbows free, runs, but Sanada hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks! Ibushi goes out, Sanada PLANCHAS out onto him! Fans cheer and Sanada encourages them to get louder. They get louder but Sanada still wants them to get louder. The fans reach the right volume and Sanada brings Ibushi up to put him in. Fans cheer as Sanada aims from a corner. Sanada springboards but Ibushi gets under.

Ibushi runs into a boot, Sanada runs into a dropkick! Sanada bails out and Ibushi fires up. Fans rally as Ibushi aims, to PLANCHA! Direct hit and Sanada gets a taste of his own medicine! Fans rally, Ibushi drags Sanada up and puts him in. Ibushi aims from a corner now, Sanada rises and Ibushi springboards but Sanada gets under. Sanada runs into a boot, then Ibushi goes up and over to RANA Sanada to a corner! Ibushi steadies himself, Sanada gets up, and Ibushi runs in but Sanada elbows! Sanada Quebrada but Ibushi ducks, only to run into a RANA! Both men are down but fans rally up. Ibushi and Sanada slowly sit up, and Ibushi forearms Sanada!

Sanada forearms back, but Ibushi hits Sanada again! Sanada shakes his head, and he forearms Ibushi back! Ibushi forearms, Sanada forearms, and the two stand up now. The back and forth of forearms continues and picks up speed! Sanada fires off several forearms but Ibushi KICKS him down! Ibushi drags Sanada back up, Sanada EuroUppers! Sanada GERMANS but Ibushi lands on his feet! Ibushi gets Sanada for a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Both men are down again but Ibushi sits up first. Fans rally, Ibushi grits his teeth. Ibushi brings Sanada up, reels him in, and lifts, SIT-OUT LAST RIDE! Cover, TWO! Ibushi looms over Sanada, drags him up by his wrists, but Sanada avoids the Kamigoye!

Sanada reels Ibushi in but Ibushi switches to straitjacket! Sanada resists the suplex, pries out of the straitjacket, and steals Kamigoye?!? Sanada sits Ibushi up and wants to do it again! But Ibushi voids that to gut wrench Sanada! Sanada slips out, lifts Ibushi up, and LAWN DARTS him into a corner!! Both men are down and fans fire up! Red Shoes checks on Ibushi, he’s okay to continue and Sanada drags him back up. Sanada hoists Ibushi to the top rope, climbs up to join him, and they go to the very top! SUPERPLEX!! But Sanada rolls through to hoist Ibushi up again, MAGIC SCREW! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives but Sanada says he’ll end it!

Sanada wraps on the dragon sleeper for SKULL END! Ibushi is stuck in the body scissors, too, and he powers his way out of the sleeper! Sanada works to drag Ibushi back in, Ibushi resists, but Sanada gets the dragon sleeper back! Ibushi endures again, fans still rally, “SA-BU-DA!” “I-NA-SHI!” Ibushi moves around, but he’s fading! Sanada lets Ibushi go to go to the corner! Sanada goes up, ROUNDING BODY FLOP!! The moonsault misses as Ibushi manages to move! Sanada stirs as fans rally up, and both he and Ibushi slowly rise. Ibushi runs in but Sanada elbows him away! Sanada Quebrada to the dragon sleeper!

Ibushi rolls back to dragon sleeper! Ibushi lifts Sanada, to LAWN DART him now! Fans are thunderous as Ibushi gets even with Sanada! Ibushi stalks Sanada and drags him up on the apron. Ibushi climbs, drags Sanada up the ropes, but Sanada kicks and flails! Sanada elbows then clubs Ibushi, then drags him to a fireman’s carry! SUPER TKO!! Both men crash and burn to the floor with that double-edged take on the move! Fans rally up again, a ring count begins, but neither man stirs until 10 of 20! Sanada stands and puts Ibushi in at 15 and fans cheer that this continues! Sanada stalks Ibushi, reels him into chicken wings, TIGER SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!

Ibushi escapes but Sanada is after him again with the dragon sleeper! Sanada takes Ibushi for a ride on the SKULL SWING! But Ibushi fights free to victory roll, TWO! SHINING WIZARD! Fans fire up with Ibushi as he rises again! Ibushi drags Sanada up by his wrists, but Sanada pops Ibushi up for a CUTTER! Sanada goes to a corner, ROUNDING BODY PRESS to Ibushi’s back! And then ROUNDING BODY PRESS, to Ibushi’s knees!! Ibushi saves himself and fans are thunderous again! Ibushi drags himself to a corner while Sanada stirs. Ibushi aims from the corner as Sanada stands. Sanada runs in, Ibushi boots him, then Ibushi dodges to send Sanada into the corner.

Sanada elbows back, cravats, Sliced Bread into chicken wings! But Ibushi breaks free to PELE! Sanada ducks the roundhouse, O’Conner rolls to the Japan Clutch, but Ibushi blocks the bridge to turn Sanada over! Ibushi has the arms, BLINDSIDE KAMIGOYE!! But Ibushi won’t end it there, he wants the proper finish! Ibushi sits Sanada up, FORWARD KAMIGOYE!! Cover, TWO!?!? Sanada survives the double shot!? Ibushi is stunned and the fans are volcanic! Ibushi brings down his knee pad! Ibushi sits Sanada up again, but Sanada dodges to backslide! TWO!! Sanada body scissors and rolls, JAPAN CLUTCH! TWO?!?!? That was more like 2.99!!

Ibushi runs in, Sanada waistlocks but Ibushi switches and throws Sanada way, to ROUNDHOUSE! V-TRIGGER! KENNY~! Ibushi gets the wrists, BARE KNEE KAMIGOYE!!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall (still IWGP Heavyweight & Intercontinental Double Champion)

AMAZING! The Cold Skull didn’t win but it took so much for the Golden Star God to put him away! Ibushi shows his respect to Sanada and the fans cheer. Sanada sits up to show respect back and fans cheer even more. Will the Cold Skull return to try again as the year rolls on?

Ibushi has both belts, manages to get them on his shoulders, and then gets the mic. But before he can say anything, Naito appears! Naito goes to the ring and Ibushi lets him enter. Naito tells Ibushi, or rather, after what happened in the Tokyo Dome, the God of Wrestling, that the title match just now was awesome, cabron! However… Naito says Ibushi may have won in the Tokyo Dome, but that doesn’t give him the right to combine those belts into one. Naito admits losing at WrestleKingdom proves he’s not suited for double gold, so he just wants one: the Intercontinental Championship! Fans like that idea!

So Naito therefore asks “God” to withhold on his plan to unify belts so that he can have a match for the Intercontinental title. Naito asks “God” to honor his request. Ibushi responds by saying Naito should TRANQUILO~! But if that’s what Naito wants, Ibushi is up for letting Naito challenge for just his favorite belt. Ibushi vows that he’ll never give up, run away or betray the fans! Ibushi thanks the fans for coming, and says Hiroshima’s awesome! Naito sets his sights on the belt in white, but when and where will he have his battle to deny Ibushi’s plans?

My Thoughts:

A great event to follow up yesterday’s great event, but I’m surprised things changed from what was advertised. I suppose NJPW does an even stronger level of kayfabing things, by changing matches based on story introduced just yesterday. It does make sense now that LIJ would battle Bullet Club’s ELP and Ishimori, that’s good build for their story with only so much time from now to Castle Attack. Everything with Okada and Evil was very different for what NJPW does, or at least what I’ve seen NJPW do. It feels slightly influenced by Western/WWE style, and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Okada and Evil will have another match for sure, but I wonder how they’ll stipulate it so that it can actually have an ending.

The NEVER Openweight Six Man match was really good, so much story and chaos. It works out that Chaos retains, because now Hashi and Goto will go after the IWGP Heavyweight Tag titles and White VS Ishii can happen on its own. The main event was amazing, it was definitely a level up from the G1 Climax and WrestleKingdom. It makes a lot of sense for Ibushi to retain, and it makes a lot of sense for Naito to come back around. Naito wants to separate the titles again, not because having a Double Champion was outright a bad idea, but because he wanted the Double Champion to be a double champion, not a unified champion. Naito wants the top champion to be a workhorse, so who knows if Ibushi changes his mind, win or lose.

My Score: 9.2/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW Windy City Riot Results & Report! (4/12/24)

Will the winds of change blow?



NJPW starts a riot!

As NJPW lands in Chicago, the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Testuya Naito, defends the title against Jon Moxley! Is The Maniac going to become the face of NJPW?


  • Kickoff Show – Strong Survivor: Matt Vandagriff VS Zane Jay; Vandagriff wins.
  • Kickoff Show – Mina Shirakawa & Viva Van VS Alex Windsor & Trish Adora; Windsor & Adora win.
  • Minoru Suzuki VS Ren Narita; Narita wins.
  • NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Stephanie Vaquer VS AZM; Vaquer wins and retains the title.
  • NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo VS TMDK VS West Coast Wrecking Crew VS #NoFilthyDaysOff; TMDK wins and become the new NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions.
  • Shota Umino VS Jack Perry; Shota wins.
  • Mustafa Ali VS Hiromu Takahashi; Ali wins.
  • Riot Rules 8 Man Tag: Team Eddie Kingston VS Team Gabe Kidd; Team Kidd wins.
  • NJPW World Television Championship: Matt Riddle VS Zack Sabre Jr; ZSJ wins and becomes the new NJPW World Television Champion.
  • Nic Nemeth VS Tomohiro Ishii; Nemeth wins.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS Jon Moxley; Moxley wins and becomes the new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.


Minoru Suzuki VS Ren Narita!

Finally, months after the betrayal, The King of Pancrase gets his chance at teaching #SouledOut Narita a lesson! Will Meanest Man in the World show no mercy? Or will the House of Torture find a way to stack the deck even now?

The Windy City knows “KAZE NI NARE~!” and then Suzuki CLOBBERS Narita! The bell rings, Narita bails out and the fans fire up as Suzuki goes after him! Suzuki stomps Narita, whips him into railing, then storms up to stomp Narita down! The fans fire up for “SU-ZU-KI!” as he whips Narita hard into more railing! Suzuki stomps Narita more, then CHOKES Narita with camera cables! The fans fire up, the ref reprimands, but Suzuki lets go. The fans cheer the “MURDER GRAMPA!” as he gets a chair! Suzuki then stomps Narita, drags him up and puts his arm through railing! The ref reprimands as Suzuki pulls on the arm!

Suzuki lets off, the fans fire up more, and Suzuki drags Narita up. Suzuki brings Narita along, SMACKS him off the apron, and the ref finally starts a ring count. Suzuki kicks away on Narita then shoves him into the ring. The fans cheer and Suzuki drags Narita up. Suzuki whips but Narita flops and flounders out of the ring. The fans boo but Suzuki is amused. Suzuki taunts Narita, but Narita trips Suzuki and whips him into railing! The fans boo as Narita goes into the ring, builds speed, and as Suzuki gets on the apron, Narita BOOTS him back down! Narita stomps Suzuki against railing while the ring count starts.

Narita fires forearms, Suzuki eggs him on, so Narita claws the eyes! Suzuki gets in the ring, Narita storms in to stomp away at the ropes! The fans boo as Narita kicks Suzuki back out, then whips him hard into railing! Suzuki sputters, Narita brings Suzuki around to whip into more railing! Suzuki grabs a bottle of water to SPLASH Narita! The fans fire up but Narita kicks Suzuki, only to slip in the water! Narita puts Suzuki in the ring, stands on him for a cocky cover, TWO! The fans boo but Narita soaks up the heat. Suzuki rises, Narita fires a forearm then runs to BOOT! Suzuki staggers, Narita whips, but Suzuki reverses!

Suzuki runs in to BOOT Narita at the corner! The fans fire up as Suzuki fires forearm after forearm! The fans count and Suzuki goes past ten, and even tells the ref to back off! Narita sits down in the corner but Suzuki fires off more forearms! Suzuki tops it off at TWENTY! The fans fire up, Suzuki drags Narita to his feet, then snapmares Narita to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Suzuki keeps on Narita with a SLEEPER! Narita fights up, slips around, and has a SLEEPER! Suzuki switches to put the SLEEPER back on Narita! The fans fire up as Narita flails, but Suzuki drops back into body scissors! Narita is caught and the fans fire up!

Narita flails, reaches out, but Suzuki rolls him away from ropes! Narita is fading, the ref checks. The arm drops once! The arm drops twice! Narita comes back at the third and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts as Suzuki thrashes around! The ref pries at the hold, but Suzuki holds on! The ref counts again, Suzuki lets go at 4, and Suzuki gets in the ref’s face! Narita breathes again, rises up, and then runs up to KNEE STOMP! The fans boo as Narita goes to get a chair! The ref stops Narita, but Narita wedges the chair into the corner. But Suzuki kicks Narita first! Suzuki whips, follows, then shoots around to the SLEEPER!

Narita wrenches out! Narita whips, Suzuki stops himself, and then Suzuki BOOTS Narita down! The fans fire up as now Suzuki has the chair! The ref says no, the fans boo, and Narita has his push-up bar! Suzuki shoves the ref aside, PUSH-UP BAR SHOT!! Then the DOUBLE CROSSER! Cover, Narita wins!

Winner: Ren Narita, by pinfall

The fans boo because of course the Souled Out son of a gun had to cheat to win, but it’s surprising that he did it all on his own! Suzuki is pissed, he runs back up but the Young Lions keep him away! So the Young Lions are sent into railing for it! Will anyone ever humble Narita’s inflated ego?


NJPW Strong Women’s Championship: Stephanie Vaquer VS AZM!

Having dethroned Giulia in the background of Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament, La Primera feels unstoppable! But will she be able to keep up with the Highspeed Superstar? Or will Stephanie show she’s a real speed demon herself?

The introductions are made, the NJPW belt is raised, and we see who is truly a Strong Star!

The bell rings and the fans rally up already as the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but then Vaquer uses her height for leverage. AZM digs her heels in to push back, and the fans rally up more. Vaquer gets around to waistlock, sit-down, roll and JAPANESE BRIDGE! TWO, and the fans cheer as the two reset. AZM runs up to kick low, whip, but Vaquer reverses. Vaquer hurdles but AZM comes right back to shove, follow and run up again. Vaquer pops AZM up but AZM slips free to then duck ‘n’ dodge and trip Vaquer up! Then PENALTY KICK! SLIDING KICK! Kip up! The fans fire up with AZM and she gets them even hotter!

AZM gets Vaquer up but Vaquer JAWBREAKERS! AZM blocks a kick, gives a kick, then runs to sunset flip! Vaquer stays up, scuffs AZM and then runs to drop the leg, brother! The fans fire up and Vaquer clamps on a chinlock. Vaquer squeezes tight but AZM endures. The fans rally, AZM fights around, reaches out, but Vaquer drags her by her hair! The fans boo but Vaquer wraps on a headscissors, and she turns AZM over to RAM her into the mat again and again and again! The fans cheer as Vaquer lets off to cover, TWO! AZM stays in this but Vaquer stays calm. Vaquer looms over AZM, then springboard KNEE DROPS!

Vaquer digs her heel into AZM’s head, but the ref counts. Vaquer lets off, drags AZM up and the fans rally up. Vaquer bumps AZM off buckles, sits her down, then goes up to stand on AZM’s face! The ref counts, Vaquer steps off, and she drags AZM up. AZM fires a forearm but then falls over. Vaquer stands AZM up to HEADBUTT her down! AZM drags herself up to fire another forearm! Vaquer HEADBUTTS again! AZM forearms again and again and again! The fans fire up, but Vaquer HEADBUTTS again and again and again! Vaquer runs, AZM gets around and spins her, snap suplex! The fans fire up while both women are down!

AZM stands, whips Vaquer to a corner, but Vaquer stops herself to CLUB AZM! Vaquer whips, runs up, but into a BOOT! AZM fires up, but Vaquer puts AZM’s leg in the ropes! Vaquer has the other leg, to DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! AZM writhes, flops out of the ring, but Vaquer goes to the apron. Vaquer watches like a hawk, but AZM avoids the kick! AZM trips Vaquer to ROUNDHOUSE Vaquer down! Vaquer slumps to the floor, AZM goes up and up and SUPER DIVING STOMPS!! The fans are thunderous as AZM stands tall! AZM drags Vaquer up, puts her in, and then goes back up the corner!

AZM aims and the fans fire up for the MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! But into the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Vaquer reaches out, so AZM traps that arm and pulls the other arm! Vaquer endures as AZM has a mounted armlock! Then AZM YANKS the arm into an ARMBAR! Vaquer clasps hands to fight the hold, then kicks around, ROPEBREAK! AZM lets go and fans rally as she brings Vaquer around. AZM KICKS Vaquer in the side, then drags her into a drop zone! AZM steps on Vaquer before she climbs back up. The fans fire up for the DIVING- NO, Vaquer avoids the stomps to DROPKICK!

But AZM’s right back up! She ROUNDHOUSES Vaquer, then runs, but Vaquer reels her in, BIG back suplex! Both women are down again and the fans are thunderous! The two women slowly sit up and the fans rally again. AZM fires a forearm first, but Vaquer HEADBUTTS! AZM fires another forearm, so Vaquer HEADBUTTS! Forearm, HEADBUTT, then AZM fires a flurry! Vaquer SLAPS AZM! The fans fire up as Vaquer then blocks a slap into an ARMBAR! AZM stacks it, TWO! CROSSFACE!! Vaquer pulls way back on AZM, AZM is fading, reaches out, but Vaquer rolls her from ropes!

AZM kicks around still, ROPEBREAK behind Vaquer’s back! The fans fire up as Vaquer lets go in frustration. Vaquer drags AZM up, ducks the haymaker, then spins her to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! AZM is still in this and the fans fire up! Vaquer goes to a corner, climbs up, but AZM rises! AZM ROCKS Vaquer, but then Vaquer HEADBUTTS back! AZM ROUNDHOUSES back, goes up after Vaquer, and the fans fire up for the SUPERPLEX! AZM positions Vaquer just right, hurries back up top, and DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!! Vaquer survives and neither Chicago nor AZM can believe it!

AZM drags Vaquer up, “This is Awesome!” as she reels Vaquer in. Vaquer wrenches out, EAT DA FEET! Vaquer runs, AZM follows and tilt-o-whirls, LA MYSTICA! Then the step over, AZM SUSHI ROLL! TWO!! Vaquer escapes the cradle, and AZM hurries to a corner. AZM runs in, but is sent into buckles! HEADBUTT HEADBUTT HEADBUTT!! Vaquer sits AZM down, runs corner to corner, METEORA! Vaquer drags AZM up and tucks her in, but AZM pops free! AZM ducks ‘n’ dodges but into a SUPERKICK! Vaquer runs, but AZM follows again! Tilt-o-whirl but no Mystica! PACKAGE BACKBREAKER!! Cover, Vaquer wins!

Winner: Stephanie Vaquer, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Women’s Champion)

AZM’s speed was there, but so was Vaquer’s strength! Vaquer keeps her THREE belts, from NJPW Strong to CMLL, but will she be able to hold onto all of them through the Summer?

Well hold on, speaking of, here comes Alex Windsor! She gets a mic to say, “Now I understand that you maybe don’t know who I am, so allow me to formally introduce myself. I am at the top of the UK Women’s Scene. I have conquered Europe, I have overcome Japan. Every single country, every single company I have been to, I have made my presence known. And trust me when I say, it doesn’t stop here. So uh, if you’re up for it, May 11th, Resurgence, you put your NJPW Strong Women’s Championship on the line against Alex Windsor!” The fans are torn on this, but Alex bloody dares Vaquer!

Vaquer looks Alex up and down, takes the mic, and says, “You’re on.” Will Vaquer be able to break the Iron Willed Windsor? Or will Alex prove she’s just as NJPW Strong, if not stronger?


NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo VS TMDK VS West Coast Wrecking Crew VS #NoFilthyDaysOff!

The Guerrillas of Destiny have passed on the torch, but there’s a chance the fire could be blown out in the Windy City! Can The Headbanga & Young Guerilla make it through Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls, Royce Isaacs, Jorel Nelson, Tom Lawlor AND Fred Rosser all at once? Or are we guaranteed NEW Strong Tag Team Champions?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who defies the odds to win the gold!

Tensions are already running high given the beef between WCWC and their former leader, Lawlor. In this Fatal 4, only two teams are legal at a time, and ELP steps up to start against Hysterical Haste. The fans rally up with the bell as the two circle. They tie up, Shane headlocks, but ELP powers up and out. Shane runs ELP over, drags him back up, and runs, but ELP drops, hurdles, and drops again. ELP DROPKICKS Shane down then handsprings up! The fans cheer but Shane KICKS ELP, whips him to the corner, only for ELP to ROCK Mikey! Shane DROPKICKS ELP down! Tag to Mikey and TMDK double whip.

TMDK DOUBLE ELBOW ELP then SENTON FIST DROP COMBO! Cover, ONE, and Mikey whips ELP. Leo tags in, ELP gets around Mikey and sends him into the UPPERCUT! ELP BLASTS Shane, Leo sends Mikey to the corner to SPLASH! ELP back elbows, then feeds Mikey to Leo’s SIDEWALK SLAM! ELP is up, for the FALLING ELBOW! Then the high five! The fans fire up as Leo aims, but then Rosser tags in! Rosser eggs Mikey on, they RAM shoulders! And RAM again! Rosser runs but Mikey ELBOWS him! Mikey runs, Rosser dodges and ROLLING ELBOWS! Tag to Lawler, the fans fire up, and NFDO RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP TACKLE COMBO!

Rosser BLASTS WCWC, drops a leg on Mikey, then scoops Lawlor to SLAM him on Mikey! Rosser BLASTS Shane, too, but Royce sneaks a tag. The fans fire up as Lawlor and Royce stare down. The two circle, but then ELP tags in off Lawlor! No filthy showdown yet, but then Royce SHOVES ELP into Lawlor, then GERMAN SUPLEXES ELP! The fans boo as WCWC BLAST Leo! Royce RAMS ELP into the corner, stomps a mudhole in, then tags in Jorel. Jorel stands ELP up to CHOP, then CHOPS again! The fans rally up as Jorel winds up, but then he pokes ELP in the eyes! The fans boo but Jorel says he’s smarter than that.

Jorel RAMS ELP into the corner, tags Royce, and then WCWC wrench and DOUBLE ATOMIC DROP! ELP hobbles, Jorel sweeps the legs, and Royce deadlift suplexes! Royce holds ELP up, kicks Shane away, but then Lawlor reaches out to tag in! Royce SLAMS ELP down, but he has to exit now. Lawlor drags ELP up, and clamps on a GUILLOTINE! ELP endures, fights his way up, reaches out, but Lawlor redirects him. Rosser tags in and CLUBS ELP. NFDO double whip to ELBOW ELP down, then Lawlor hooks Rosser up, HALF NELSON FACEBUSTER SPLASH onto ELP! Cover, TWO! Rosser stares down WCWC then gets ELP up.

Rosser kicks and KNEES ELP, then HEADBUTTS! Rosser HIP ATTACKS ELP, runs, but Royce tags in! Royce then knees Rosser low and TOSSES him! Tag to Jorel, WCWC BLASTS everyone else! Then WCWC double wrench and double- NO, ELP slips free of the suplex! ELP go esup and over, slips under, but Royce gets a leg! ELP ENZIGIRIS but then Jorel gets a leg! ELP BOOTS Jorel into Royce! Hot tag to Leo! The fans fire up as Leo UPPERCUTS Jorel! Royce ducks ‘n’ dodges but Leo still BOOTS him! Leo scoops Jorel for SNAKE EYES, and the BOOT! Leo choke grips Royce, but Jorel gets up! So Leo gets him, too!

The fans fire up but WCWC break the guzels to throw hands! WCWC double whip, but Leo breaks the line to DOUBLE LARIAT back! The fans fire up but TMDK attack! They double whip but Leo breaks those lines, only for TMDK to get under! BACK SUPELX NECKBREAKER COMBO! NFDO fire off on TMDK! The fans fire up as NFDO double whip, but Shane JUMP KICKS Rosser and Mikey ELBOWS Lawlor! TMDK pinball Lawlor, get him up, but Lawlor slips free! Lawlor shoves Mikey into Shane, then he and Rosser clamp on, SLEEPER HOLD and CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING! The fans fire up as TMDK endure!

Mikey holds Shane’s hand, but then Leo DOUBLE LARIATS all four men!! The fans are thunderous as Leo gets NFDO, DOUBLE GODSENDS!! Leo SPLASHES Jorel, scoops him, and POWERSLAMS! The fans are thunderous as Leo tags ELP in! ELP and Leo coordinate, tune up, and Jorel stands. But Royce trips ELP! Leo still grabs Jorel, but Jorel STUNNERS! Royce LARIATS Leo up and out! Jorel KNEES ELP, Royce UPPERCUTS, feed to the POP UP POWERBOMB! And then CATAPULT into the fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY BACKBREAKER!! Cover, Lawlor breaks it! The fans are thunderous again and Royce is furious!

“This is Awesome!” as WCWC CLOBBER Lawlor! But Rosser gets in to stand Lawlor up. The four stare down, and the filthy brawl is on! The fans fire up as the forearms fly back and forth! NFDO DECK WCWC, then they DOUBLE ROLLING ELBOW on Jorel! NFDO aim at Royce, DOUBLE ROLLING ELBOW but Royce ducks! The elbows clash, Royce BOOTS Rosser! Lawlor sweeps the leg then KNEES Royce down! But Jorel SHOTGUNS Lawlor! But he turns around into SUDDEN DEATH! And then EKP DIVES onto the others before GODSEND!! ELP is back on the apron, he climbs up Leo, but Shane sneaks a tag!

SUPER THUNDERKISS, but Shane TOSSES ELP out! Mikey gets Leo, Shane LAST SUPPER on Jorel! TMDK WINS!!

Winners: TMDK, by pinfall (NEW NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions)

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, and they don’t let an opportunity get past them! Shane & Mikey have gold, will Zack Sabre Jr. join them later tonight?

Meanwhile, WCWC are pissed! They CLOBBER NFDO for it! Royce POSTS Rosser, then OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY SUPLEXES to the floor! Jorel beats down on Lawlor, then shouts in his face, “WHY!? WHY!? WHY!?” WCWC gets Lawlor up, reel him in, PILEDRIVER!! MACHO ELBOW!! Team Filthy is truly no more, and then Jorel brings out SCISSORS!! The fans boo as Royce sits Lawlor up! Jorel grabs a handful of hair, and CUTS it away! The fans boo as Jorel & Royce disrespect their mentor as they just cut random pieces away! Jorel shouts, “It didn’t have to be this way!”

The fans tell Royce he’s sick as he EATS Lawlor’s hair! Rosser manages to rise to his feet, but he’s in no shape to fight! WCWC knows that, and Jorel MAKES Rosser eat hair!! The fans are disgusted, but the WCWC leaves. Will they prove they’re truly the filthiest of them all?


Shota Umino VS Jack Perry!

The Roughneck and his mentor, Jon Moxley, got the win over the Scapegoat and Ren Narita just a few days ago at NJPW Sakura Genesis. But now this is a more personal showdown as Shota wants to finally shut Jack up once and for all. Will there be a Paradigm Shift here in Chicago? Or will Perry prove Shota doesn’t know Jack?

As Jack makes his entrance, he has guards in riot gear. The fans are chanting “C M PUNK!” at him, but he came prepared! He has the flag of Chicago draped on his shoulders, then holds it up as he struts around. Then Jack turns around and drops the flag to reveal “CRY ME A RIVER” painted on the back of his jacket! Jack is rubbing it in everyone’s faces as he goes down to the ring, but will Shota make Jack cry?

Jack gets on a corner to soak up the heat, and Chicago sure gives him all he can handle. Though, there are some fans actually cheering “SCAPEGOAT! SCAPEGOAT!” The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Jack puts Shota on ropes. Jack lets off clean and that surprises Shota, maybe even confuses him. The two reset, tie up again, and now Shota puts Jack on ropes. The ref counts, Shota lets off with pats on the shoulder, but then Jack SLAPS Shota! Jack bails out while fans boo, and a ring count starts. Jack grabs some water to take a sip, then he SPLASHES the fans! Shota rushes out, but the water trips him up!

Jack and Shota brawl, Shota RAMS Jack into railing, then CLUBS Jack around. Shota puts Jack in, but Jack KICKS Shota down! The fans boo as Jack stomps Shota to ropes. Jack CHOPS Shota, Shota staggers away, and Jack whips, Shota reverses, scoops, DROPS and basement dropkicks! The fans fire up with Shota while Jack flounders to a corner. Shota runs up to CLUB Jack down, then stomps him around. But Jack CLAWS Shota’s face! Jack CLUBS Shota, snapmares, and basement dropkicks to the back! Cover, ONE!! Shota is tougher than that, the fans chant “You Got Choked Out!” “No He Didn’t!” in reference to the All In video.

Jack stalks Shota, stands him up, and facelocks! The GUILLOTINE is a direct shot at #BrawlIn! The fans are torn, but then Jack snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Jack says okay, he drags Shota up and he whips Shota to a corner. Jack runs up to clothesline, then he stomps Shota down. The ref counts, Jack goes up the corner to soak up the heat. Jack then hops down to drag Shota up. Shota ROCKS Jack first! Jack CLUBS Shota, whips, but Shota ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Jack! The fans fire up with Shota and he storms up on Jack again. Shota whips corner to corner, runs in and UPPERCUTS! Then FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!

Not quite perfect but Shota does the Jungle Life dance! The fans sing along, Shota drags Jack up, and then clinches. Jack fights the lift, throws elbows, and he CLAWS Shota’s back! The ref reprimands, but Jack runs up, into a drop toehold! Shota slingshots to APRON DDT! The fans fire up again while Jack flops to the floor! The ring count starts, Shota takes a full lap, then returns to Jack. Shota drags Jack up at 5 of 20, puts him in at 7, and Shota goes up the corner. Fans chant for “LUCHASAURUS!” while Shota MISSILE DROPKICKS! Shota then clinches to EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Jack is still in this but Shota keeps his cool.

Shota drags Jack back up, dragon sleepers, and hits the TRI- NO, Jack slips free! Jack waistlocks, Shota standing switches, but Jack grabs the ref and then LOW BLOWS Shota!! The fans boo as Jack gets away with that one! Jack then drags Shota out, has him on the apron, DRAPING DDT to the floor! Jack drags Shota up, puts him back in, then brings Shota around to underhook. TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Shota survives and the fans fire up! Jack sighs, rises up and hears all the boos. Jack walks around to soak up more heat, then he scuffs Shota. Shota crawls, Jack scuffs him again, but Shota shakes his head.

Jack scuffs Shota more, pie faces him, then eggs Shota on. Shota rises up to fire a forearm! Jack puts his hair back and Shota roars! Jack ROCKS Shota, Shota fires another forearm! Jack ROCKS Shota, Shota staggers around, but Shota comes back to forearm! Jack sighs, then SPITS at Shota! The fans boo more and Shota scowls. Shota storms up on Jack, then ROCKS him! Jack ROCKS Shota, Shota ROCKS Jack, repeat! They go back and forth, the fans strongly on Shota’s side! Shota gets the edge, then UPPERCUTS! Shota eggs Jack on, pie faces him, so Jack SLAPS back! Jack CLUBS Shota, runs, but into a DROPKICK!

The fans are thunderous as both men are down! Shota pounds the mat and rises up, and the fans rally behind him. Shota drags Jack back up, dragon sleepers, and TRIDENT! Cover, TWO!! Jack survives but Shota just fires up again! Shota drags Jack into a half nelson, spin and POP UP KNEE! IGNITION! Cover, TWO!! Jack is still in this but Shota is still fired up! The fans are still with him as he aims from a corner! Jack slowly sits up, Shota kicks low and underhooks, but Jack wrenches out! Shota blocks the superkick to ROCK, ROLLING- SUPERKICK! Jack hops up, POISON-RANA! But Shota’s up to BLAZE- NO, Jack ducks!

Jack runs, into a pop-up! But Jack blocks the uppercut and spins Shota around, for an UNPRETTIER?! Shoutout to Christian Cage as Jack covers, TWO!!! Shota survives and Jack is furiously headbutting the mat! Jack drags Shota up, calls the end, and runs up, GLASSJAW!! Cover, TWO?!? Shota survives the knee shot and Jack is beside himself! The fans chant “G T S! G T S!” Jack lets his hair back down, will he listen to Chicago? Shota is in a corner, Jack aims and runs in, SHINING WIZARD! Another shot at Phil Brooks! The fans are rowdy as ever as Jack flips them off, and he shoves Shota down. Jack says night-night!

Jack takes his time going up to Shota, then brings Shota up to fireman’s carry! Jack flips everyone off before the GO TO- DDT COUNTER!! The fans are electric as Shota aims from the corner! Shota says night-night to Jack! BLAZE BLADE!! Underhooks, DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Shota wins!!

Winner: Shota Umino, by pinfall

The Scapegoat was less fighting the Roughneck and more the specter of the Second City Saint, and perhaps that cost him! Shota brings Jack down tonight, but will he still bring a Paradigm Shift to NJPW?

Wait, Jack gets to his feet and offers a handshake? He suddenly respects Shota now? Shota trusts it and shakes Jack’s hand. Jack raises Shota’s hand in victory, but still flips off Chicago. Is this itself a paradigm shift in Jack’s personality?


Mustafa Ali VS Hiromu Takahashi!

Chicago’s other hometown hero is here, bringing the TNA X-Division Championship AND the DREAMWAVE Alternative Champion with him. The Beacon is shining with gold but he wants to have the Junior Heavyweight Division spotlight on him. Will he do that by defusing the Ticking Timebomb? Or will Hiromu still be the Best of the Super Juniors?

Hiromu shows off a very jacked Daryl Jr. but Ali refuses to accept that thing as alive. Ali gets on a corner for fans to cheer, but then Hiromu gets on a corner and all the fans cheer! The bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and then they break. They circle again, the fans cheer on “TA-KA-HA-SHI!” and he bows to Chicago. Ali gets the fans fired up, but then Hiromu gets the fans really fired up! Ali and Hiromu feel things out, knuckle lock, but Ali brings Hiromu down to wrench. Hiromu slips through, puts the wristlock up and over, using Ali’s own head to break the hold.

Hiromu then wrenches Ali to a wristlock, but Ali rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Hiromu wrenches, Ali wrenches, repeat! The fans fire up as Hiromu WRINGS Ali! Ali stands, uses ropes to flip through, then wrenches to hammerlock. Ali headlocks, Hiromu powers up and out, but Ali runs Hiromu over! Things speed up, Hiromu drops down, hurdles, but Ali drops on the monkey flip for a cover, TWO! Hiromu sweeps the legs to cover, ONE as Ali goes Matrix! Hiromu rolls Ali up, TWO! The two stand off and the fans cheer. Ali gets Chicago fired up again, then he shoves Hiromu. Hiromu sputters and claims Ali hit him so hard!

The ref has Ali stay back while Hiromu shouts, “Oh my gosh!” Hiromu goes to Daryl Jr. and has him sit in the center. Daryl flops over but Hiromu says Daryl can handle this. Hiromu gets fans chanting for Daryl, but Ali is annoyed by these antics. Ali says fine, he’s gonna mess Daryl Jr. up! Ali circles with Daryl, but then Hiromu slips in! Ali sees that and the fans boo. Hiromu apologizes, but then Ali takes a swing! Hiromu dodges, scoops up Daryl, they duck ‘n’ dodge and then Hiromu says MEOW~! Or no, Daryl says meow! Catch! Hiromu throws Daryl at Ali, Ali catches Daryl and then Hiromu dropkicks Ali’s legs out!

The fans cheer while Ali flounders, and Hiromu picks Daryl Jr. back up. Hiromu shows Daryl to the crowd, the fans cheer, but then Ali runs up! Hiromu dodges to CHOP! Hiromu CHOPS again, then follows Ali around. Hiromu CHOPS again, whips, but Ali holds ropes. Ali bails out but Hiromu pursues, and CHOPS! The fans fire up as Hiromu follows Ali, but then Ali takes a swing! Hiromu counter punches, says “Oh my gosh,” then chases Ali around the ring! Ali suckers Hiromu into a DRAPING DDT to the floor! The ring count climbs, Ali talks trash on Hiromu, then stomps him. Ali drags Hiromu up and in at 9 of 20.

Ali shouts, “What’s my name?” The fans chant for Ali and he goes in to KNEE Hiromu in the back, then clamps on the chinlock. Hiromu kicks around, the fans duel, and Hiromu has the ROPEBREAK! Ali CLUBS Hiromu as he lets off, then whips Hiromu to a corner. Hiromu reverses, runs up, but Ali slips out to ROUNDHOUSE! Ali slingshots for the NECKBREAKER! Cover with a bridge, TWO! Hiromu stays in this but Ali stays on Hiromu with another chinlock. Hiromu endures the squeeze and the fans rally up. Hiromu fights up to his feet, throws body shots, but Ali CLUBS him again. Ali whips Hiromu to a corner, then runs to NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Ali is growing frustrated but he has the fans cheering. Ali sits Daryl up in the corner so he can watch what’s about to happen. Ali of course knows this is a stuffed animal, it doesn’t matter, but he’s still gonna mess Hiromu up. Ali kicks Hiromu around, tells him he’s crazy, but then Hiromu CHOPS! And CHOPS! Ali knees low, runs, but Hiromu follows to RANA! The fans fire up while Ali flounders to ropes. Hiromu drags himself up, they end up in corners, and Ali runs in. Hiromu dodges to clothesline, snapmare and basement dropkick! Ali bails out but Hiromu goes to the apron. FLYING SHOTGUN! Ali is sent into railing!

The fans fire up with Hiromu as he stands back up. The ring count starts, Hiromu goes back to Ali but we reach 10 of 20 before Hiromu gets him up. Hiromu puts Ali into the ring, cover, TWO! Hiromu drags Ali up by his hair, then fireman’s carries. But Ali slips free, runs up, but into a BOOT! Hiromu runs, but Ali ducks, only to swing into a spin and suplex, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! The fans rally and duel again as Hiromu rises. Hiromu stalks Ali, drags him up and fireman’s carries, but Ali fights free again. Ali shoves, runs in, and DROPKICKS in the corner! Ali keeps moving, and he DROPKICKS again!

Ali goes again, but Hiromu LARIATS first! The fans fire up, Hiromu whips Ali to ropes, then scoops him, but Ali tilt-o-whirl DDTS! Cover, TWO! Hiromu survives but both men are down, and the fans rally up. Ali slowly rises, makes his way to ropes and goes up a corner. Ali reaches the top but Hiromu throws body shots and elbows first! Hiromu climbs from the outside, and fans are freaking out as Hiromu aims for the floor! Ali fires body shots to send Hiromu to the apron. But Hiromu UPPERCUTS Ali! Ali backflips, and lands on his feet!! The cameraman almost got an eyeful, though! Ali hurries up to SHOVE Hiromu down!

Hiromu hits railing, and then Ali DIVES into him! The railing is sent WAY back, commentary takes a hit, and the fans are thunderous! Ali is busted open, but he still drags Hiromu up and into the ring, then goes up the corner! The fans rally, Ali aims, 450- NO, he has to roll through as Hiromu moves! Ali comes back, but Hiromu sends him hard into buckles! The fans rally up while the ref checks both men. Ali and Hiromu are both somehow okay, as is Chris Charlton on commentary. Hiromu crawls his way over to Ali, brings him back up to the top rope, and then CHOPS! Hiromu climbs, brings Ali up, but Ali resists!

Ali throws body shots, then he HEADBUTTS Hiromu down! Hiromu staggers to his feet, Ali stands on the top rope, but Hiromu runs up! Ali jumps to SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! Ali then skins the cat, takes aim, and 450 SPLASHES! Cover, Ali wins!!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall

The X-Division/Alternative Champion is triumphant here in his hometown! And best of all, Ali shows Hiromu respect by shaking his hand. Hiromu wants Ali to shake Daryl Jr’s hand, too, and so do the fans! Ali sighs, goes over to pick Daryl Jr. up, and he shakes Daryl Jr’s hand! The Windy City cheers him on, will Ali become the champion not just Chicago needs, but that the world needs?


Riot Rules 8 Man Tag: Team Eddie Kingston VS Team Gabe Kidd!

The Mad King has lost the AEW Continental Championship and the ROH World Championship, but he is still NJPW Strong! However, this War Dog vows he will take everything from the company that, in his eyes, has all but thrown away its identity. There are no rules holding these teams back, but no one even knows who recruited who! Who drew the hotter hand to take the win here in Chicago?

Well of course Gabe got his fellow War Dog, Clark Connors, as well as The Fang Revived, Kenta, and the LEADER of Bullet Club, #GoatSlayer Rebel, David Finlay! As for Eddie, he’s already bringing a trash can of goodies as he’s got The United Empire’s Jeff Cobb and TJP! The enemies of his enemies are his allies tonight, and then we add HOMICIDE! Eddie’s old friend has come around to F Kidd’s S up! Team Eddie rushes down the ramp, Bullet Club runs up to meet them, the bell rings as the brawl is on! No need for tags or count outs in this match, anyway! Homicide fires off on Kidd while TJP has Connors, Cobb has Kenta and Eddie is after Finlay!

TJP sends Connors into railing, Eddie throws Kenta over railing! Homicide and Kidd brawl, Kidd gets the edge, and Finlay helps out. TJP stomps away on Connors while digging a chair into him, and Eddie grabs the ring bell! Kidd CLUBS Eddie first, then throws hands. Homicide fires off on Finlay, Cobb UPPERCUTS Kenta! TJP brings more chairs, and one is wrapped in barbed wire! Homicide UPPERCUTS Kidd, TJP digs the wires into Connors’ head! Eddie places the bell against Connors’ head and DING! TJP kicks Finlay away, Kidd gets in the ring, and so does Homicide. Eddie joins Homicide, but then the Dogs drag Eddie out!

Homicide runs up, he CLOBBERS Kidd, then goes out to CHOKE Kidd! Finlay wraps a chinlock on Homicide, Eddie CHOPS Connors in the ring! Connors goes to a corner, Eddie fires MACHINE GUN CHOPS! But Finlay CLOBBERS Eddie with a shillelagh! The fans boo but then TJP runs up on Finlay. TJP SOBATS, runs, but Finlay dodges the boot! And he ducks the blood mist! But TJP DROPKICKS Finlay out all the same! TJP runs to WRECK Finlay with a dropkick, then Cobb brings out a TABLE! The fans fire up seeing that, and the Empire gets the table in the ring. The table is put in the corner, then TJP grabs Finlay.

TJP bends Finlay back in a chinlock stretch, then feeds him to Cobb. Cobb picks Finlay up but the War Dogs save Finlay! The fans boo but TJP and Homicide turn things around on the Dogs. Everyone falls out of the ring again, TJP throws down hands on Connors but Finlay pulls TJP’s hair. Homicide has fans move aside so he can TOSS Kidd over railing! Finlay gets in the ring with a chair while Homicide SMACKS Kidd with a trash can lid! Finlay undoes the red corner’s buckle pad, Eddie CLOBBERS Connors with the trash can! Eddie even headbutts the trash can until it’s dented! But Connors CHOP BLOCKS Eddie!

Cobb SMACKS Kenta with the buckle pad, but Finlay CLAWS Cobb’s face! TJP SMACKS Finlay with a kendo stick! The fans fire up as TJP CHOKES Finlay with the stick! Kenta CLUBS TJP, grabs the stick and SMACKS TJP with it! And SMACKS him again! Cobb CLOBBERS Connors off of Eddie! Cobb rains down fists, Eddie SMACKS Connors with the trash can! Finlay has a loose skateboard deck and SMACKS Cobb with it! Eddie crotches Connors on the railing, then CLOBBERS him! Eddie then goes out to the crowd to CLAW Connors’ face, and send him into the railing! Eddie fires hands, Kenta SMACKS away on Cobb with the kendo stick!

Cobb blocks a shot and JAMS Kenta in return! Cobb SMACKS Kenta, Connors hits Eddie back! Connors then crotches Eddie on the railing! Eddie falls over, Connors talks trash on the fans, but TJP drags Finlay around. Homicide and Kidd are brawling in the crowd! Fans count as Homicide rains down TEN fists, then takes a BITE out of Kidd’s forehead! Cobb puts Kenta in the ring, TJP drags Kenta around to trap an arm, and Eddie SMACKS Connors with a stop sign! TJP puts the skateboard on Connors’ back to ride him! Finlay CLOBBERS Eddie to rain down fists! TJP HIP DROPS Connors, then Cobb brings him up.

Homicide and Kidd are still brawling somewhere in the crowd, Cobb keeps Connors down in a corner, and TJP drop toeholds Finlay down! TJP skateboards on Finlay’s back! Finlay powers up to throw TJP off, then IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Eddie grabs at Finlay but Finlay hits him back. Finlay goes out after Eddie, HEADBUTTS him, but the fans rally up. Finlay throws hands, Eddie hits back! Eddie CHOKES Finlay with camera cable! Eddie rains down fists and sits Finlay down. Cobb ROCKS Kenta, then CHUCKS the trash can! Kenta ducks, the can hits post! Eddie and Connors get in the ring, Eddie fires knees.

Eddie hits a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX and Connors writhes. Kidd TOSSES Homicide over railing! But Homicide hits Kidd with the railing! And again! And again! Finlay and Connors mug Eddie, CLAW his eyes, but TJP hurries over to CLOBBER Kidd! Kidd shoves TJP into railing, gets into the ring, but Homicide finds a ladder! The fans cheer as Homicide gets Kidd up, reels him into a corner, and CLAWS Kidd’s back! Then TORNADO- NO, Kidd powers out to LARIAT! “I’m a MAD MAN, y’know!!” The fans boo but Kidd grabs that ladder! Kidd RAMS Homicide low, then equips the ladder like Terry Funk!

Kidd CLOBBERS Cobb, CLOBBERS Eddie, and CLOBBERS TJP as he does the ladder-copter! But then Cobb returns, GERMAN SUPLEX!! The ladder dropped away just in time but Kidd still tumbles out. Connors runs up to SPEAR, but Cobb blocks it! Canadian Rack, but Connors slips free, ducks ‘n ‘dodges and SPEARS!! Down goes Cobb and the fans fire up! Connors grabs the barbed wire off his hat, wears it as a crown of thorns, and then he drags TJP up. The fans tell Connors he’s sick as he BARBED WIRE HEADBUTTS! And BARBED WIRE HEADBUTTS again! Connors fires up, drags TJP back up, but gets BLOOD MIST!!

The fans fire up as TJP then sits Connors in a corner, and digs that wire in! TJP scrubs Connors’ face through the wires! TJP goes side to side for the BARBED WIRE BOOT WASH! Homicide joins in, Connors is fed to an ELBOW! And then speaking of “fed,” Homicide has a FORK! Homicide DIGS the fork into Connors’ forehead!! Kenta runs in, but blocks the fork! URAKEN! Homicide sits back but TJP kicks Kenta. TJP whips, Kenta reverses and BOOTS! Kenta runs to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK Homicide! HYDRAULIC DROPKICK for TJP! Homicide puts TJP up top, climbs up after him, but Cobb CLUBS Kenta!

Cobb drags Kenta back but Kenta fires elbows. Kenta fireman’s carries, but Cobb’s too big! Cobb CLBUS Kenta, but Kenta CROSS COUNTERS! Kenta runs, into a LARIAT! TJP adjusts up top to MAMBA SPLASH, but he has to roll through as Kenta moves! Kenta fireman’s carries! GO TO SLEEP!! But Cobb CROSSBODIES! Finlay returns and SMACKS Cobb with a kendo stick! And again! Finlay whips Cobb into the barbed wire chair wedged in the corner!! Cobb falls out of the ring, but Eddie blocks the kendo stick smack! LOW BLOW! Eddie fires off shots on Finlay!! The fans are thunderous as Eddie even headbutts the stick to break it!

The straps come down, and finally, Eddie and Kidd meet! They LARIAT, CHOP, CHOP and repeat! The fans “WOO~” with every CHOP! Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Kidd BITES Eddie’s forehead! The Mad Man spits, flips everyone off, and Kidd whips Eddie! Eddie stops himself, then clinches! EXPLODER through the table!! The fans are thunderous as Eddie rises, barbed wire in hand! Eddie wraps his hand in the barbed wire, and he aims as Kidd rises! But then the Dogs CLOBBER Eddie! The fans boo as Finlay, Connors and Kenta all beat down Eddie! They get a steel chain to gag Eddie and sit him up!

Kidd storms around as the Dogs hold Eddie open! But Homicide returns and the fans fire up! Homicide fires off shots on Kidd! Kidd denies one cutter, shoves Homicide, but Homicide returns to CUTTER after all! Eddie meanwhile breaks free to fire off hands on Kenta and Connors! Connors hits low, CLUBS away, then he and Kenta mug Eddie. The chain wraps Eddie up, but Homicide gets Kidd up. Only for Finlay to SHILLELAGH Homicide! Feed to Kidd’s HANGING GUILLOTINE, then PILEDRIVER!! The Dogs keep Eddie down while Kidd covers, Bullet Club wins!

Winners: Team Gabe Kidd, by pinfall

The War Dogs worked together to tear down Eddie’s team, and Finlay says they run this! But Eddie still puts up a fight! As do TJP and Cobb! It is chaos as Eddie CHOKES Kidd and Cobb throws hands down on Finlay! Young Lions and refs rush in to stop this, but Eddie and Kidd still throw windmilling haymakers! TJP still wants after Kenta, refs pull him back, and Kidd ROCKS Eddie! TJP and Cobb stand tall as the Dogs fall back. Kidd wants to tear Eddie apart, and Eddie gets a mic! “Hey! HEY! Gabe! Get in, you effing t*at! You effing b*tch! May 11th! May 11th! California! No ropes, Last Man Standing, you effing p*ssy!”

The fans are thunderous as the challenge has been made, and Kidd even gets some last shots in on Eddie! Eddie grabs the ladder but is told to stand down! Eddie gets back on the mic to say, “I’m gonna kill that mother effer!!” The fans are loving this as Resurgence will become violence, but will the Mad Man dethrone the Mad King once and for all?


NJPW World Television Championship: Matt Riddle VS Zack Sabre Jr!

The Original Bro has been taking this title on Ex-BRO-dition to Major League Wrestling, where he even fought some TMDK members in Bad Dude Tito and Kosei Fujita. But now, the original star of this title division has come back to prove The Mighty Don’t Kneel! Will ZSJ have the answer to this Riddle? Or will the Super King prove he’s mightier than The Mighty?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if “season three” gives way to a reboot!

The bell rings, 15 minutes on the clock, and the fans rally already as the two circle. They feel things out, Riddle goes for a leg but ZSJ flips him around to facelock. They go around, trade waistlocks, then break. The fans cheer as the two reset and go again. They feel things out, Riddle powers his way to a waistlock but ZSJ wrenches to an armlock. ZSJ steps over, headscissors Riddle onto his back, but Riddle moves around, and goes for the ARMBAR! ZSJ clasps hands, bridges up and rolls back, but they’re in the ropes. ZSJ still gets the KNEEBAR, but Riddle stands to pry ZSJ off! ZSJ goes for the leg again, Riddle gets away!

The fans cheer the technical exchange as the two reset. They circle, the fans sing for “OH~ Zack Sabre Jr~!” ZSJ pops Riddle up and drops him down into the ARMBAR! Riddle holds that off so ZSJ floats to a HEEL HOOK! Riddle endures, ZSJ eggs him on, and he pushes on the hold. Riddle rolls and rolls and rolls and also gets a HEEL HOOK! They duel with heel hooks, ZSJ kicks Riddle away, and the fans cheer the newest standoff. ZSJ and Riddle reset, feel things out, and ZSJ snapmares. Riddle avoids the Penalty Kick, trips ZSJ but ZSJ kicks him away. ZSJ avoids a Penalty Kick and the fans cheer again.

ZSJ and Riddle circle, feel things out again, and knuckle lock. Riddle shoots around, gut wrenches and SUPLEXES! Riddle rolls back, drags ZSJ up, GUT WRENCH PLEX! The fans are torn but Riddle smiles all the same. Riddle runs to BROTON but into an ARMBAR! Riddle scrambles, ROPEBREAK, but ZSJ has the DISARMER! The ref counts, ZSJ lets off and the fans fire up with him. ZSJ kicks Riddle, kicks again, but then Riddle blocks. Riddle stands up, ZSJ avoids the sweeps and SLAPS Riddle back! Riddle CHOPS ZSJ down! The fans are torn again while Riddle scowls now. ZSJ rises, and Riddle KICKS!

Riddle eggs ZSJ on, KICKS him again, and KICKS him again! Riddle kicks ZSJ around, then stands him up to KICK! ZSJ eggs Riddle on now, blocks that kick, and SNAPS a toe! Riddle falls over, ZSJ gets the foot and bends the toes back to SNAP! Then he twists the other foot all around, and STOMPS the leg down! Riddle bails out as we pass five minutes, and the fans are all fired up! Riddle hobbles up and into the ring, ZSJ is on him and snap suplexes! ZSJ gets the foot, hooks the leg, then twists the other foot! ZSJ turns Riddle over, ties the legs up, and has the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Then ZSJ throws Riddle away!

Riddle storms up to CHOP! And forearm! ZSJ UPPERCUTS! Riddle goes to a corner, ZSJ runs in, but into a HANGING ARMBAR! The ref counts, Riddle lets go and ZSJ falls back. Riddle adjusts his shorts, goes up the corner, and leaps, FLYING KNEE into a HALF CRAB! ZSJ shifts to lean on that hold, STF, but Riddle has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer this technical exchange, ZSJ brings Riddle up, but Riddle gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! ZSJ is still in this but Riddle BROTONS! The fans are torn but Riddle is having fun again as he goes up top. Riddle aims for the FLOATING- NO, he has to bail out as ZSJ moves!

ZSJ runs up, TRIANGLE HOLD! And he fires off ELBOWS! ZSJ squeezes with the legs but Riddle powers up to deadlift, and POWERBOMB! ZSJ sits up, FLASH KNEE! Cover, TWO! ZSJ survives, but Riddle crosses his arms to mock the fans. Riddle KICKS ZSJ, KICKS him again, and again! Riddle runs side to side to forearm SMASH! Then again, but ZSJ dodges to go up, around and TORNADO DDT! Into a GUILLOTINE!! ZSJ has the body scissors, too! ZSJ flails, endures, fights up, and he lifts ZSJ to then power through into a suplex! ZSJ slips free to SLEEPER! Riddle flails, throws ZSJ off, and ARMBAR!

ZSJ clasps hands to fight the hold, but Riddle works on breaking it. ZSJ lets it go so he can shift and have the ARMBAR! Riddle clasps hands but ZSJ pulls fingers! ZSJ has the ARMBAR, but Riddle shifts into the leg guard to fire shots! The ground ‘n’ pound favors Riddle, but then ZSJ catches him to a TRIANGLE HOLD! Riddle deadlifts, but ZSJ slips free to ZACK DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! We pass ten minutes, time is on Riddle’s side! ZSJ goes to the corner, runs up, but Riddle catches Penalty Kick into the HALF CRAB! Riddle pulls on the leg but ZSJ flips Riddle off as he endures! ZSJ reaches out, even as Riddle pulls way back!

Riddle lets go to deadlift but ZSJ PELES the arm! Riddle still gets ZSJ for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Then Riddle goes up top, FLOATING BRO! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives and the fans fire up! Riddle is stunned, that move almost never fails! Riddle has fans chanting “BRO! BRO! BRO!” for him as he aims, and KICKS! KICKS! And SLAPS, to then KICK! KICK! And CHOP! Three minute warning, Riddle just toys with ZSJ, but ZSJ kicks, KICKS, blocks, CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Riddle wobbles ZSJ grabs a leg, but Riddle JUMP KNEES! Riddle hurries to haul ZSJ up, ripcord and FINAL FLASH!

But Riddle’s not done with ZSJ, he gets the gut wrench and tuck, BRO- VICTORY ROLL! And EURO CLUTCH!! TWO?!? Riddle escapes, but ZSJ KICKS! Then he runs up, into a FLASH KNEE!! Two minute warning, Riddle runs, but ZSJ catches him in to a ghost pin! ZSJ wins!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by pinfall (NEW NJPW World Television Champion)

ZSJ goes from the first-ever champion to the first-ever TWO-TIME NJPW World TV Champion! Riddle is mad with himself and storms off. Is Riddle going to find a way to some other title opportunity in NJPW? Or will he come back for another try?

As for ZSJ, he gets the mic to say, “Alright, Chicago, what’s up, mates? Are we having a lovely time or what? Are you having a lovely time?” Chicago sure is! ZSJ says his year hasn’t gone well. He wanted the world title, but he had to get his baby back! Did she miss him? Also, he needs industrial cleaner, he doesn’t trust the last champion. But it’s been a minute, so this is usually where ZSJ goes talking about challengers, but he won’t bother, he’s tired, it’s straight to the pub. But he will defend this title in the US very, very soon. Cheerio, everyone, buh-bye. Wait! Someone is not letting ZSJ get away that easily, because here comes Cobb!

The fans cheer as The Imperial Unit makes his way back out here, and he steps in to the ring with ZSJ. Cobb looks at the title he’s come close to taking on multiple occasions, and ZSJ sets it down at his feet. ZSJ says not today, though, he’s tired. Cobb and ZSJ shake hands to agree on it, so when and where will we get this sequel? Wait, ZSJ tries to scoop Cobb! Cobb says nope and he scoops ZSJ! ZSJ slips away, bails out, and gets the mic back. “Hawaiian Jeffery, please may I have my championship back? And I promise, I’ll give you a championship match, just not today, I’m tired.” ZSJ also compliment’s Cobb hair.

Cobb hands the belt over, ZSJ thanks him and heads out. ZSJ is back on top of the NJPW World TV Division, but will he end up the first man to lose this title twice?


Nic Nemeth VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Showoff is basically showing off now, saying he isn’t going to defend his IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion until he faces Hiroshi Tanahashi. Is he really looking past the Stone Pitbull like that? Or will Ishii not give Nemeth a choice on who has next?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, and they’re in a deadlock. Nemeth uses his height for leverage but Ishii gets around to waistlock. Nemeth switches and hooks Ishii up in the COBRA TWIST, but Ishii slips right out to waistlock. Nemeth switches, tries for the Cobra Twist but Ishii slips around again. Ishii lifts, Nemeth hooks a leg to fight it, and he switches to wrangle Ishii to a cover. TWO, they end up in ropes, and the ref has them both separate. The fans cheer as the two reset. They tie up, are in another deadlock, but Nemeth uses his height as leverage to put Ishii on ropes.

The ref counts, Nemeth lets off, but Ishii CHOPS! Nemeth CHOPS back! Ishii CHOPS again! Nemeth CHOPS again! The CHOPS go back and forth as fans “WOO~,” but then Nemeth throws a forearm! Ishii fires a forearm in return, they go back and forth and Nemeth gets the edge. The fans fire up but then Ishii ROCKS Nemeth again and again. Ishii runs, RAMS Nemeth, but Nemeth stays up. The fans fire up as Nemeth ROCKS Ishii, runs and RAMS him! Ishii rebounds to CLOBBER Nemeth! The fans fire up more while Nemeth flounders. Nemeth slowly rises, Ishii brings him up and bumps him off buckles.

Ishii CHOPS Nemeth and Nemeth falls over. Ishii eggs Nemeth on, Nemeth stands, and the fans rally. Nemeth fires forearms, but Ishii CHOPS him down! The fans rally behind Ishii as he looms over Nemeth. Ishii drags Nemeth up to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Ishii kicks Nemeth around while egging him on. Ishii slaps Nemeth around, the fans rally, and Nemeth fires body shots! Nemeth kicks, DROPKICKS, and Ishii falls! The fans fire up while both men go to corners. Ishii stands, Nemeth runs in, STINGER SPLASH! And then NECKBREAKER! Nemeth drops ELBOW after ELBOW, then winds up for the JUMPING ELBOW! Cover, TWO!

Nemeth is a little annoyed but Ishii is tougher than that. Nemeth reels Ishii in, but Ishii fights the lift! Ishii powers up and back drops Nemeth away! The fans fire up while Nemeth staggers to his feet. Nemeth fires hands but Ishii just scowls. Nemeth looks around as the fans say he messed up, but he still throws hands! Ishii doesn’t budge, then he just DECKS Nemeth with one shot! The fans fire up while Nemeth flounders to a corner. Ishii storms up, brings Nemeth up to the top rope, and climbs. Ishii brings Nemeth up to the very top, for the STALLING SUPERPLEX! The fans are all fired up while both men are down!

Ishii rises, looms over Nemeth, then drags him up. Ishii reels Nemeth in, but Nemeth fights the lift now! Nemeth wrenches, and jumps on, SLEEPER! Ishii has Nemeth as a backpack, but he shifts around to put the SLEEPER on Nemeth! Nemeth flails, gets around, OLYMPIC SLAM! The fans fire up while both men are down again! Nemeth rises while the fans rally. Nemeth runs up, but Ishii denies the satellite DDT with a throw! Ishii runs up but Nemeth UPPERCUTS! Ishii ROCKS Nemeth, but Nemeth SWATS the lariat to SATELLITE DDT! Cover, TWO! Ishii survives and the fans fire up while Nemeth is a bit surprised.

The fans rally as Nemeth watches Ishii rise. Nemeth kicks low, runs, FAM- NO, Ishii turns the leg drop into a POWERBOMB! The fans fire up again and Ishii headbutts the buckles to fire himself up! Ishii runs but Nemeth ducks to HEADBUTT! And FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans fire up again! Nemeth is beside himself, but rises as the fans rally again. Nemeth goes to a corner, Ishii staggers to his feet, and Ishii runs in! Nemeth BOOTS Ishii, runs up, and LARIATS! Ishii just roars! Ishii ROCKS Nemeth but now Nemeth roars! The fans fire up with Nemeth, but then Ishii LARIATS him down! Cover, TWO!!

Nemeth survives and Ishii growls in frustration. Ishii sits Nemeth up while fans chant “This is Awesome!” Ishii runs but Nemeth ducks the sliding lariat! Ishii blocks Nemeth’s superkick, then ENZIGIRIS! The fans fire up again while Ishii aims from a corner! SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Nemeth survives again and Ishii grows further frustrated. Ishii fires back up and the fans are with him as he drags Nemeth up. Ishii suplexes, but Nemeth fights it! Nemeth wrenches, HEADBUTTS, but Ishii still whips! Nemeth reverses, but Ishii bucks the Danger Zone! Only to turn around into a SUPERKICK 101! Cover, TWO!!!

Ishii just gets an arm up and Nemeth’s shock is clear on his face, even with his hair over his eyes! The fans fire up again as both men slowly rise. Ishii winds up but Nemeth ROCKS him first! Then GERMAN SUPLEXES! But Ishii rises right up! Ishii staggers, but he avoids Danger Zone to STEAL DANGER ZONE!! The fans are thunderous as Nemeth staggers up, into the LARIAT!! Cover, ONE?!?! Nemeth shocks everyone as he kicks it into another gear! Ishii rises, into the SUPERKICK 101!! Cover, ONE?!?!? Now Ishii shocks everyone! “This is Awesome!” as both men are down, catching their breaths.

Ishii and Nemeth go to corners, then they run in! DOUBLE LARIATS collide but neither man falls, and then Ishii HEADBUTTS! Nemeth rebounds to HEADBUTT, but then they DOUBLE HEADBUTT! Ishii BATTERING RAM HEADBUTTS!! Cover, TWO!?!? Nemeth survives that shot, but Ishii roars as he rises up! Ishii slaps himself to get back in this! Ishii drags Nemeth up, reels him in, suplexes, but Nemeth slips free, DANGER- NO, Ishii clinches! Nemeth slips free, ROCKS Ishii, SUPERKICK 101! Then he dodges Ishii to DANGER ZONE!!! Cover, Nemeth wins!!

Winner: Nic Nemeth, by pinfall

Nemeth is a Wanted Man, and this is why! He took Ishii to the Danger Zone, proving that hanging with NJPW isn’t Mission: Impossible! But will Nemeth prove he’s a Top Gun when he finally gets his dream match with President Tanahashi?


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS Jon Moxley!

The Uncontrollable Charisma has finally been back on top of NJPW since WrestleKingdom, and he even just defeated his Los Ingobernables de Japon teammate, Yota Tsuji, just a week ago at Sakura Genesis. At the same time, The Maniac put out the challenge that same night, and Naito said okay! Will Naito continue to keep NJPW tranquilo? Or is there truly about to be a Paradigm Shift in the world of pro-wrestling?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the winds of change start to blow!

Moxley paces as Naito takes his time with his entrance attire, and Naito tells Moxley to tranquilo. Naito really takes his time with his pants, and is finally ready. The bell rings and the fans fire up already! Naito looks around but Moxley keeps his eyes right on Naito. The two slowly circle while the fans rally and duel. They approach but Naito dodges, and the fans cheer while Moxley keeps cool. They go again, and again Naito avoids Moxley’s grip. Naito again says tranquilo, and they circle. Moxley flips Naito off, the fans are torn, but Naito doesn’t even flinch. The two circle, tie up, and Moxley puts Naito on ropes.

The ref counts, Moxley lets off, but Naito SPITS at Moxley! Naito kicks low, TOSSES Moxley out, but gets Moxley with the fake out and tranquilo pose! The fans cheer while Moxley seethes. Moxley snarls, storms in, but Naito slips away to the outside. The fans cheer as Naito continues to troll Moxley, but then Moxley rushes out to fire off forearms! Moxley whips Naito into railing, then fires more forearms! Naito hits back, Moxley headlocks, and then he SMACKS Naito off the timekeeper’s table! The fans rally as Moxley goes up and over the railing to get Naito back up. The ref reprimands but Moxley ROCKS Naito!

Moxley SMACKS Naito off the table, SMACKS him off it again, then brings Naito around. The crowd moves aside as Moxley fires hockey scrum punches. Moxley then whips Naito, but Naito reverses and Moxley hits railing! The fans fire up, Naito checks his face, then he takes a seat to relax. The fans cheer, but then Moxley BOOTS Naito down! Moxley drags Naito up, brings him around, and back to ringside so he can POST Naito! Naito falls, the fans are torn, but Moxley paces around. Moxley storms back up on Naito, drags him up, and puts him in the ring. Moxley stalks Naito to the ropes, then stands on Naito’s face!

The ref counts, Moxley lets off to grab a hand, and Moxley SNAPS fingers! Moxley reels Naito in, PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO! Naito’s still in this but Moxley paces again. Moxley waits on Naito to get up, then KICKS him! And ROCKS him! And ROCKS him, and ROCKS him again! Then Moxley KICKS a leg! And KICKS the leg, and then KICKS the leg out! Cover, TWO! Naito is still in this but Moxley eggs him on. Moxley paces around, drags Naito up and then CHOPS! Moxley KICKS, CHPOS, but Naito SPITS! Moxley KICKS, ROCKS, but Naito SPITS! Moxley fires off ELBOW after ELBOW, then whips, but Naito sunset flips!

Moxley rolls through, steps through, FIGURE FOUR! Naito endures, the fans rally, but Moxley talks trash even as he puts on pressure! Naito powers the main leg up but Moxley powers it back down! Naito sits up, SPITS at Moxley, but Moxley puts on more pressure! Naito fights around, turns things over, but Moxley slips free to get the legs again. Moxley SPITS, then he turns Naito over into a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Naito endures, the fans rally, and Naito fights his way around. Moxley drops down into a modified STF! Naito again endures, moves around, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Moxley lets go at 4.

Moxley eggs Naito on, talks more trash, then PENALTY KICKS! Naito sits up and shakes his head. Moxley KICKS again, but Naito again sits up. Naito even smirks as he annoy Moxley. Moxley KICKS but Naito blocks! Naito CLAWS the eyes, but Moxley kicks low! Moxley suplexes for a BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Moxley CHOKES Naito, the ref counts, but Moxley lets off. Moxley storms around, the fans rally, and Naito stirs. Moxley goes to the apron, then climbs a corner. Naito rises, Moxley leaps, Naito BODY SHOTS! Naito ENZIGIRIS, Moxley drops to his knees, but Naito still has to catch his breath.

The fans rally as Naito smirks and rises up. Naito brings Moxley around to fire forearm after forearm! Naito whips, atomic drops, and then runs to ELBOW Moxley down and basement dropkick in the back! Naito whips corner to corner, runs up, JUMP KICK! He can’t get up and over so he ELBOWS then NECKBREAKERS! Cover, TWO! Naito clamps on a cravat for a neck wrench on the mat! Moxley endures, the fans rally, but Naito thrashes him around. Moxley fights up, he drags Naito up and he DUMPS Naito to the apron! Naito gets up but Moxley fires a forearm! Naito gives it back, they go back and forth!

The fans rally as the shots keep going, faster and faster! Naito ROCKS Moxley but Moxley BOOTS Naito! Naito wobbles, Moxley goes out to the apron, but Naito fights the half nelson suplex! Naito fires elbows, gets free, but Moxley ELBOWS back! And then APRON DDT! Naito flops down to the floor while the fans fire up! Moxley leaves Naito behind to mock the tranquilo! The fans are torn but Naito stirs. Naito slowly crawls, the fans rally up, and Naito stands. Naito shakes out the cobwebs, flounders into the ring, and Moxley drags Naito up. Moxley TOSSES Naito out, then builds speed to DIVE into a chair?!

The fans fire up as Naito sneaks that one! The ref checks Moxley but he’s somehow still in this! Naito goes up to the apron and brings Moxley up, for an APRON NECKBREAKER! Moxley flops down while Naito leaves him behind. The ring count starts, Moxley stirs at about 3 of 20. Moxley turns over, he’s busted open! Naito counts along as we pass 10 of 20, then reach 15! Moxley rises at 17, staggers about, and slides in at 19.9!! The fans fire up and Naito is actually annoyed. Naito drags Moxley up, reels him in, and TORNADO DDTS! Moxley sits up in a daze, the crimson mask already complete on his face!

Moxley staggers back to his feet, Naito runs in, but Moxley KING KING LARIATS! Both men are down and the fans fire back up! The ref checks both men, especially Moxley with that blood, but they’re both okay to continue. Moxley sits up as we pass 15 minutes, a quarter of the allotted hour time limit. Moxley says he’s not gonna be taken alive! Not tonight! The fans fire up with Moxley as he is ready to Die Hard! Moxley fires a haymaker, Naito gives it back! Moxley throws another, so Naito SPITS, then ROCKS him! Moxley ROCKS Naito, Naito ROCKS Moxley, so Moxley SPITS! Naito SPITS, and the forearms fly again!

The fans are thunderous as this gets fast and furious! Moxley fires a flurry, then winds up to run, but Naito gets around! Waistlock, but Moxley switches, to a SLEEPER! Naito RAMS Moxley into buckles, gets free, but the CURB STOMP OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, TWO!! Moxley hurries to clamp on, REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Naito flails but the body scissors are on! Blood pours off of Moxley’s head, will he give out before Naito does? The fans rally as Naito endures and fights around! Moxley uses that to get the BULLY CHOKE!! Naito fights to his feet, Moxley keeps a SLEEPER! The fans continue to rally as Naito flails!

Naito pries at the hold, then drops, victory roll! TWO!! Moxley stands, Naito wrenches and fires the heavy elbows! Again and again, and then the wrench, tilt-o-whirl, but Moxley slips free! CUTTER!! But that’s not all! DEATH RIDER!! Cover, TWO?!? Naito survives Moxley’s best shot and the fans are thunderous! Moxley snarls, the fans rally and duel, and Moxley wipes the blood from his eyes. Moxley underhooks Naito again, but Naito slips around to DESTINO!!! TWO!!! Moxley survives Naito’s best shot now! But Naito is just as confident about trying again! DESTI- NO!! Moxley slips free to ROLLING ELBOW! ROLLING ELBOW! DEATH RIDER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?

The fans are electric as Naito survives another shot! But Moxley won’t let up, he KING KONG LARIATS again!! Cover, ONE?!?!? HOW?!?! Naito staggers about, but into a DEATH RIDER!!!! Cover, MOXLEY WINS!!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (NEW IWGP World Heavyweight Champion)

Chicago cannot believe it, but they are loving it! From WWE World Champion to AEW World Champion to now NJPW’s IWGP World Champion, this is history being made before our eyes!! The Maniac makes himself a modern legend, but what does this mean for Naito? Is Naito’s destino simply that he cannot last?

As for Moxley, he does push-ups just to show he has more in that tank! He sets the title down on the lion logo then gets the mic. Moxley says a quick prayer while the fans say, “You Deserve It!” Moxley gets the mic on to say, “Arigato gozaimasu, Chicago! Holy s*it… This was a treat for everybody here that might not ever get a chance to fly across the ocean and NJPW, an authentic NJPW wrestling show live and in person. And it was special to be a part of it here, and there’s nowhere better to have done it than right here in Chicago.” The fans cheer that!

Moxley says he’s wrestled in every building in Chicago, big, small and tiny, and the fans have been with him every step of the way. He thanks them for being here to make it special, as he now stands atop the effin’ NJPW mountain!! The fans fire up for Moxley again, “Thank You, Moxley!” Moxley says he’s just getting started, so he has a message for everyone in NJPW and around the world. First order of business as the King of NJPW is to pick who’s coming at him first! Mox calls the shots, and the long list of Japanese legends he’s defeated over the last five years is really something, but that’s the easy stuff.

Moxley won’t run or hide from the Young Lions, the young and hungry stars of NJPW! He won’t sit atop a mountain and be scared of the hungriest hunters in the game. So stepping up first, this will be the final exam for #SHOOTER!! The fans fire up, but then in runs REN NARITA! PUSH-UP BAR ATTACK!! The fans boo as Narita stomps away on Moxley! Narita gets the mic while he CHOKES Moxley to tell “Shooter, no no no. I’m next challenger, mother effer!” Narita stomps away, but then here comes The Roughneck! Narita turns tail and runs, the fans cheering “SHOOTER! SHOOTER!” Narita laughs as he retreats, but Shota helps Moxley sit up.

Moxley manages to glare at Narita through the crimson mask, and Shota gets the mic for him. Moxley says, “What the heck, man? Narita! You just graduated from being a Young Boy… to being a dead man!” Moxley just said he isn’t gonna run and hide, so if Narita wants a fight, he’ll get a fight! Will The Maniac tear apart that Souled Out SOB? Will Shota get to have his match with his mentor sometime after that?

My Thoughts:

A great event for NJPW, and I did not think they’d have so many changes to the title landscape. Well, Vaquer retained but that’s because she only just got that belt off Giulia. And good on Windsor to step up, though I’m not sure she’ll take that title, either. Anyway, great Fatal 4 Way that also referenced the story between Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy falling apart. Great win for TMDK here, and rather surprising because I didn’t think ELP & Leo would be losing those belts. I wonder if ELP & Leo go back to the heavyweight titles for the Summer.

And then quite the surprise that ZSJ won the NJPW World TV title back. TMDK is taking over, and maybe this move was because Riddle is more an MLW wrestler than a NJPW wrestler. ZSJ VS Cobb the third time around is going to be awesome, great trilogy, and maybe Cobb wins this time. United Empire needs some positives in their post Ospreay era. Cobb and TJP did really good in helping Eddie and Homicide against what ended up being less Team Gabe Kidd and just Bullet Club War Dogs or whatever. Good win for Bullet Club here, and setting up a NO ROPES Last Man Standing for the NJPW Strong Championship is going to be awesome stuff.

Great non-title matches, too. Narita cheating Suzuki to win, but Shota winning despite Jack trying to cheat is good stuff for the Reiwa Musketeer rivals. Great fun in the Hiromu VS Ali match with Daryl Jr, aka El Hijo De Daryl cuz he had a little lucha mask. Great win for Ali, too, but he isn’t scheduled for the Best of the Super Juniors so maybe this was so Chicago gets a win. And then great match of Nemeth and Ishii with Nemeth getting a great win to keep his momentum up while waiting on a match with Tanahashi.

And of course, an awesome main event from Naito and Moxley. I should’ve known Moxley was gonna bleed, but I was NOT expecting Moxley to win the title. Great for Moxley personally, but I’m surprised NJPW made this move. Is Moxley going to bring this title to Dynasty AND Double or Nothing? Well, I suppose Moxley could tell us as much on Dynamite, but this is all still really surprising. I’m not gonna say I agree with Gabe Kidd’s claims NJPW is letting AEW get their way, but it certainly seems like NJPW is hoping AEW helps them with the American audience.

That stuff aside, Narita and Shota being winners works for them stepping up to the world title. Narita probably won’t win, but maybe Shota proves the student has surpassed the master. Might be a bit of NJPW fast tracking their new neo new musketeers, but it’s not like other companies haven’t done that.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Battle of the Belts Results & Report! (4/13/24)

Rumble, bad man, rumble!



The tenth edition goes the X-tra mile!

Battle of the Belts returns, and to settle the score from Dynamite’s Six Man Tag, Hook puts up his FTW Championship against Shane Taylor!


  • FTW Championship: Hook VS Shane Taylor; Hook wins and retains the title.
  • AEW International Championship Eliminator: Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Rocky Romero; Strong wins and denies Rocky a title match.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena w/ Billie Starkz VS Red Velvet; Athena wins and retains the title.


AEW Collision bleeds over a bit.

Bryan Danielson is still down on the ramp after Konosuke Takeshita’s Brainbuster and the medics check him. The battle with Will Ospreay at Dynasty is still in the books, but what condition will Bryan be in?


Backstage interview with Hook and Katsuyori Shibata.

Lexi Nari is with the FTW Champion and The Wrestler, and notes we saw Hook make the save for Shibata during Collision against Shane Taylor Promotions. At the same time, Hook is about to face Shane Taylor himself with the FTW title on the line. Knowing what Shane’s capable of, what is Hook’s strategy going into that match? Shibata uses his voice-to-text translator say, “Pardon the interruption… Hook, I’ll have your back tonight.” Hook appreciates that, but even knowing what Shane’s capable of, Hook’s got his own way of handling this. Shibata says bet, and Hook gives him the fist bump.

FTW Championship: Hook VS Shane Taylor w/ Anthony Ogogo!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil knows he’s up against a bad, bad man, but this is FTW Rules! Everyone who fights for this title is a bad, bad man, so will Hook prove he’s the baddest? Or will Shane #SendHook back to New York without his gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who’s really the biggest badass in AEW!

The bell rings, the two circle, and they feel things out. Shane swings, Hook dodges to fire off fast hands and forearms! The fans fire up behind Hook but Shane shoves him away. Hook ducks the haymaker, waistlocks, but Shane fights with elbows. Shane swings again, but Hook gets under! Shane CLUBS the Camino down, then whips. Hook holds ropes, then DUMPS Shane out! Shane tumbles to the floor, Hook pursues, and Hook SMACKS Shane off railing! Hook SMACKS Shane off steel steps, then has Shane sit in a corner. Hook rains down fists, then lets off to revel in the cheers. Hook throws knees again and again, then CLUBS Shane again.

Shane staggers along railing, but Hook puts him in the ring. The fans cheer again, Hook storms in, but Shane JABS! JABS! And BODY SHOTS! Hook falls, sputters, and the ref has Shane stay back to check. That could’ve been a liver shot but Shane hauls Hook up. Shane CHOPS Hook in the career, and Hook sputters as he goes along ropes. Shane taunts Hook, puts him in a corner, and CHOPS again! Hook staggers to another corner, Shane taunts him, “I thought you were the man!” Shane BODY BLOWS again and Hook coughs. Hook fires hands in return, backs Shane down, then reels Shane in! Shane’s too big for the suplex, though!

Shane shoves Hook, and BODY BLOWS! Hook falls to the mat, but Shane drags him back up. Shane HEADBUTTS Hook, Hook is dazed, and Shane says he thought Hook was a killer. Shane says to bow down to the killer that’s badder! Shane CHOPS Hook, suplexes him, and hangs him out to dry! Hook sputters and falls, Shane soaks up heat, and Battle of the Belts goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Hook up, TOSSES him out, then goes out to bring Hook up. Shane whips Hook hard into steel steps! Hook writhes, Shane storms around, then Shane drags Hook up. Shane makes Hook take a seat in a corner, then runs up to KNEE Hook against railing! Hook falls over, but he’s somehow still conscious! Shane drags Hook up and hangs him out to dry on the railing! Hook sputters and falls to the floor, and Shane talks more trash. Shane drags Hook up, puts him in the ring, and BOTB returns to single picture. Shane has Hook on the apron, for the APRON LEG DROP! Hook sputters more while Shane seethes.

Shane storms in, talks trash on the fans, then soaks up the heat. Shane drags Hook up, puts him in the corner, and BODY SHOTS! BODY SHOT! HAYMAKER! Hook slumps down in the corner but the fans rally up. Shane waits on Hook, Hook says he’s still in this! Shane stands Hook up to BODY SHOT, BODY SHOT and BODY SHOT! Then Shane ROCKS Hook again, again, and AGAIN! Hook flops back down while Shane storms around. The ref checks with Hook, Shane says to call it already! Hook says no, he’s still in this! Shane drags Hook up, tells Hook to quit or he gets send home in a body bag!

The fans boo as Shane whips corner to corner, hard! Hook sputters, Shane runs in, but Hook dodges! Shane hits buckles, Hook hurries to waistlock! Shane fights the grip, then ROCKS Hook! Hook ROCKS Shane back! And ROCKS him again and again! The fans fire up as Hook fires more shots! Hook runs to LARAIT! Shane stays up, Hook LARIATS again! Hook runs, ducks the haymaker, and GERMAN SUPLEXES!! Shane staggers up in a daze, and Hook clinches to EXPLODER!! Hook covers, TWO!! Shane is still tougher than that and Hook is beside himself! Hook runs up in the corner, but into an URENAGE!

Shane drags Hook into the drop zone, goes up the corner, and he SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO?!? Hook survives and shocks Shane! Shane storms around, the fans rally up, and Shane drags Hook up. Shane slaps Hook around, then winds up, but Hook dodges! And dodges! REDRUM!! Shane is caught, he flails around, but then he fights up! Shane RAMS Hook into buckles, but Hook still holds on! Shane RAMS Hook in again, but Hook still has his hooks in! BACKPACK SENTON!! Shane is free, but then Hook springs up, REDRUM!! He even traps the arms!! Shane flails, reaches out, but he’s fading! Shane’s OUT, Hook wins!!

Winner: Hook, by submission (still FTW Champion)

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil does it again! He takes damage and finds a way to win! But now, will he have that face to face meeting with Chris Jericho this Wednesday Night Dynamite?


Backstage interview with Rocky Romero.

Lexi is with Azucar as he is just moments away from his Title Eliminator match for the International Championship. However, Lexi wants to know if he knows what’s going on with Best Friends. Rocky says Chuck, Trent and Orange Cassidy are like brothers to him, and yet he has no idea what’s going on there. But right now, he can’t really worry about that, he has to focus on the match with Roderick Strong. When Rocky wins, he’ll be one step closer to fulfilling his destiny of becoming International Champion. Kyle O’Reilly pops in, wishes Rocky luck, and then heads back out. Will Azucar be able to get one over on the Savior of the Backbreaker? Or will he just end up broken?


AEW International Championship Eliminator: Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Rocky Romero!

While Azucar is confident, it was just last night on Rampage that Roddy took offense to him and Kyle O’Reilly even thinking there was a chance this match doesn’t go The Undisputed Kingdom’s way. Will Roddy prove them all wrong by crossing Rocky off the list? Or is this were The Kingdom starts to crumble?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans are behind Rocky as he and Roddy tie up. Rocky waistlocks, Roddy wrenches to wristlock, but Rocky rolls, wrenches and wristlocks back. Roddy tries to pull hair but Rocky twists the wrist. Roddy pulls on Rocky’s ear to have the headlock and takeover. Rocky fights up, pops out the back, and then steps over. Rocky hooks an arm but Roddy fights off the takedown to hip toss and cover. ONE, but Roddy facelocks. Rocky fights up, pries at the hold, but Roddy holds on tight. Rocky still fights his way out of the hold, wristlocks and wrenches again, then YANKS the arm.

Roddy ROCKS Rocky then CHOPS him! Roddy whips, Rocky slides under then ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! The fans fire up as Rocky then wrenches Roddy and goes up a corner. Rocky FLYING KNEE DROPS right on the arm! The fans cheer the Latino Heat and Rocky goes back to the corner. Rocky CHOPS Roddy, Roddy CHOPS back! Rocky CHOPS, Roddy kicks low! Roddy CLUBS Rocky, ROCKS him, then reels Rocky in for a BACKBREAKER! Rocky writhes but Roddy covers, TWO! Roddy and The Kingdom talk trash, Roddy swings but Rocky dodges! Rocky CHOPS and then stomps away on Roddy!

Rocky digs his boot in, lets off as the ref counts, then stands Roddy up. Rocky snapmares and runs to basement dropkick! Roddy flounders, Rocky covers, ONE!! Rocky keeps one eye on The Kingdom, then he brings Roddy around. UPPERCUT and Roddy staggers. Roddy BOOTS, whips, but Rocky goes Spiderman! Rocky then dodges Roddy and sends him tumbling out! Rocky goes out to PENALTY KICK from the apron! Rocky leaps to DIVING STOMP! Roddy writhes, Rocky gives more Latino Heat, and BOTB goes picture in picture.

Rocky tells The Kingdom to back off, and so does the ref. Taven mocks Rocky’s Latino Heat, but Rocky puts Roddy in the ring. Rocky storms up on Roddy to KICK his leg! Roddy hobbles to a corner, Rocky CHOPS him and then follows him. Rocky ROCKS Roddy, ROCKS him again, but Roddy bails out. Rocky goes after Roddy on the apron, but Roddy lifts! Rocky fights that to then elbow Roddy! But Rocky has to watch out for The Kingdom lurking! Roddy BOOTS Rocky, then POSTS him! Rocky falls to the floor, Roddy hops down and he drags Rocky up. Roddy gives Rocky a RAILING BACKBREAKER! Rocky writhes, The Kingdom mocks him more, and Roddy drags Rocky up.

Roddy puts Rocky in the ring, stomps Rocky around, then drags him up to CHOP! Rocky staggers to a corner, Roddy storms up on him, and then DECKS him! Roddy soaks up the heat, then he digs his boots into Rocky! The ref counts, Roddy lets off at 4, but just switches feet! The ref counts more, Roddy steps away, and Rocky sputters along the ropes. Roddy gets Rocky up but Rocky ROCKS him first! And again! Roddy hits back, Rocky CHOPS, and CHOPS! Rocky runs, but Roddy blocks the Rana to make it a POWER BREAKER! Rocky writhes, Roddy covers, TWO! Roddy clamps onto Rocky with a motorcycle stretch!

Rocky endures as Roddy digs knee into Rocky’s back. Rocky fights up, moves around, but Roddy knees him low! Roddy scoops Rocky to RAM him into buckles! Then OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! Cover, TWO! Rocky is still in this but Roddy stays on Rocky with stomps. Roddy stomps and stomps as BOTB returns to single picture. Roddy goes back to the motorcycle stretch but the fans rally again. Rocky fights up, fights back, and he KICKS Roddy’s leg! And KICKS! Roddy CLUBS Rocky, eggs Rocky on, but Rocky roars! Rocky fires forearms, then UPPERCUTS! Roddy wobbles, Rocky KICKS and KICKS and SOBATS!

Rocky CHOPS, whips, but Roddy reverses. Rocky reverses back to kick, but Roddy ducks the enzigiri! Rocky REWIND HEEL KICKS! Roddy flops out of the ring and the fans fire up! Rocky builds speed, fakes Roddy out and DIVES onto Taven! Then Rocky DIVES onto Roddy! Rocky puts Roddy in, runs up, SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives but Rocky keeps his cool. Rocky fires forearms in the corner, then winds up! The fans fire up as Rocky runs in, clothesline! Another clothesline! But Roddy follows to RAM Rocky, and CHOP him! And CHOP! And CHOP! Roddy whips, Rocky comes back into the SICK KICK! Cover, TWO!

Roddy is frustrated but he hauls Rocky up. Fireman’s carry, but Rocky fights free! Roddy shoves, lifts again, but Rocky pops up to RANA! The fans fire up as Rocky ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirls and DDTS! Cover, TWO! Roddy survives but Rocky stays focused. The fans rally for Rocky as he stalks Roddy. Roddy RAMS Rocky, gets him up top, and then climbs up after him. Rocky fights with fists and a HEADBUTT! Rocky then cravats, SUPER SLICED BREAD!! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives again and Rocky is beside himself! The Kingdom is also worried, they rally up for Roddy. The fans rally for Rocky as he goes out to the apron.

Rocky climbs but The Kingdom is lurking again. The ref tells them to back off, but Roddy ROCKS Rocky first! Roddy has Rocky up top but Rocky DECKS Roddy! Rocky adjusts, Roddy stands, METE- STRONG KNEE!! Cover, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall (denies Rocky Romero a title opportunity)

The Kingdom helps Roddy, whether Roddy will say it that way or not. Kyle is here to celebrate with his friend, but he also checks on his other friend in Rocky. Kyle helps Rocky up to his feet, and wants the fans to give it up for Rocky. But then Wardlow LARIATS Rocky, and The Kingdom stomps away! Kyle has them stop, this isn’t cool! But then Roddy STRONG KNEES Kyle down?!? The fans boo as Roddy tells Kyle that he could do it on his own, but there’s only ONE man that can be International Champion! Kyle made the wrong decision! Roddy’s arrogance just ended his friendship with Kyle, will Kyle make Roddy pay for that?


Backstage interview with Serena Deeb.

Lexi Nair is with the Professor of Professional Wrestling and notes how last week, Serena walked on stage after Yuka Sakazaki’s return victory. Why? Serena says she was sitting in the back, watching that impressive match, and thought to herself that she was watching a great pro-wrestler. Someone that Serena would love to tear it up with. Tonight, the Professor is here on BOTB, but has no championship opportunity. She’s not sweating it, though. Since her return, Serena is undefeated. She checked the rankings, and The Professor is sitting pretty at Number 3! So week by week, she’s climbing her way up to inevitably become champion.

Serena tells Yuka, that was an invitation. To where? Into the Deeb Dojo! Serena will show Yuka that Serena is better, and that she is what she says she is: The Professor of Pro-Wrestling! Serena wants to test herself against the Wrestling Magical Girl, but who will be the one taking a step closer to a title opportunity?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynasty!

After Roddy’s sudden rejection of Kyle O’Reilly, they are now going to battle over the International Championship! It’s the fight neither man wanted, but will Kyle give Roddy payback for what he did with interest?


ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena w/ Billie Starkz VS Red Velvet!

The Fallen Goddess is 49-0 after defeating Hikaru Shida on Supercard of Honor last week, and when she says she’s the Forever Champion, she means that. But will “forever” come to a crashing halt in Kentucky? Or will The Chef be the one getting served an L?

The introductions are made by Lexi Nair, so just a little biased in Athena’s favor. The belt is raised, and here in the main event, we see who is the face of the ROH Women’s Division!

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings and the fans fire up for Athena already. The two circle, tie up, and they go around. They go into a corner, along ropes, then Athena throws Velvet down. Velvet holds on, they roll on the mat with the collar ‘n’ elbow, then they stand up. Athena puts Velvet in a corner, the ref counts, but Athena lets off with a cocky smile. Velvet keeps cool and resets with Athena. They tie up. Velvet wrenches an arm to wristlock, but Athena handsprings and wrenches back. Velvet rolls, kips up, and wrenches back. Velvet headlocks but Athena powers up and out. Velvet runs Athena over, but Athena kips up!

The fans fire up while both women brush themselves off. They reset again, tie up, and Athena headlocks. Velvet powers up and out, but Athena wrenches to whip. Velvet ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls to RANA, but Athena handsprings through! The fans fire up and Athena cheers herself on. But Velvet DROPKICSK Athena down! Athena gets up, Velvet arm-drags, arm-drags again, and then Velvet cheers herself on. Athena runs up into another arm-drag! Velvet has the armlock but Athena fights up and throws Velvet down by her hair! The fans cheer but the ref reprimands, and things speed up.

Velvet drops, runs up and CALF KICKS Athena down! Athena bails out, Billie there to check on her. Velvet goes to the apron, Athena grabs a leg but Velvet kicks her away. Velvet then ASAI MOONSAULTS land takes Athena down! The fans fire up, Velvet drags Athena up and puts her in the ring, then has her on the apron. Velvet climbs up, brings Athena up, but Athena shoves her back. FLAPJACK off the top buckles! Velvet staggers, Athena reels her back in, APRON BACK SUPLEX! The fans fire up with Athena while BOTB goes picture in picture.

Velvet crawls into the ring but Athena follows her. Athena looms over Velvet, drags her up, then CLUBS her down. Athena stands Velvet up to whip her hard into a corner. Athena revels in the cheers before she runs in and back body blocks! Then Athena goes side to side to forearm SMASH! Athena smiles as Velvet leans against buckles. Athena shoves Velvet down, stomps her around, then drags her back up. Velvet fires body shots, but Athena bumps her off buckles. Velvet avoids the forearm to DOUBLE CHOP! Velvet fires body blows but Athena throws hands! Velvet CHOPS, Athena CHOPS, they CHOP, then Athena CHOPS Velvet off her feet!

The fans cheer while Athena snarls. Athena sits Velvet back up, KICKS her in the back, then KICKS her again! And again! Athena stands Velvet up, bumps her off buckles, then scoops to put Velvet in the Tree of Woe. Athena KICKS away on Velvet’s back, then lets her fall out of the Three. Billie applauds, tells Velvet she should’ve known better, but Velvet swipes at Billie. Billie gets away, cheers Athena on, but Velvet fires hands on Athena! Athena swings back but Velvet bobs ‘n’ weaves! Velvet ROCKS Athena, kicks her legs out, then runs up , into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Athena is annoyed but still in control as BOTB goes to break.

BOTB returns once again as Athena hits buckles! Velvet rallies on Athena with clothesline after clothesline! Velvet runs, tilt-o-whirls and RANAS Athena onto ropes! Velvet runs up to DOUBLE KNEE! Velvet shoves Athena down, runs, and tilt-o-whirls again, REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO! Athena survives and Velvet is frustrated. Athena crawls away, wanting mercy! But Velvet storms up, only for Athena to YANK Velvet into buckles! Athena then fireman’s carries Velvet for the WASTELAND! Roll through and another fireman’s carry, for another WASTELAND! Another roll through, and then Athena mocks the stirrin’ it up motion!

But Velvet pops up to RANA! Cover, TWO!! Athena escapes, Velvet runs up to wheelbarrow, but Athena URENAGES her down! Cover, TWO!! Athena is furious as Velvet survives! Athena goes up a corner, the fans cheer, and Velvet rises. But Velvet ROUNDHOUSES first! Velvet ROCKS Athena, climbs up after her, then CHOPS! Velvet goes to the very top, to SUPER VICTORY THROW! Athena flounders but she ducks the buzzsaw! Roll up, Velvet rolls through! THE SLICE! And then the tilt-o-whirl DDT!! Cover, TWO!!! Athena survives and Velvet is fuming! Velvet pushes Athena around while the fans rally up.

Athena is in the drop zone, so Velvet goes up top. Velvet tells Billie to shut up, but Athena gets out to the apron. The fans boo but Velvet adjusts position, to leap and SUPER CROSSBODY! Athena catches her!? And then brings Velvet around to FALCON ARROW to the floor! The fans fire up as Athena roars, but so does Velvet as she rises! Only for the SUPERKICK to knock her down! Athena has a wild look on her face and Billie cheers on the Overlord. Athena gets Velvet up, THROWS her into the LED board, then THROWS her around again! Athena drags Velvet up and into the ring, storms in after her, and reels her in! Canadian Rack, but Velvet sunset flips it! TWO!!!

Athena escapes, Velvet runs up, ducks ‘n’ dodges then SUPERKICKS! But Athena DECKS Velvet with a forearm! Athena goes up top, Velvet rises in a daze, to get the O-FACE!! Cover, Athena wins!

Winner: Athena, by pinfall (still ROH Women’s World Champion)

And that’s FIFTY and zero! Fifty wins, no losses, and no slowing down as she title belt clinks with Billie. But as is customary on ROH, Athena sets her belt down, and Billie does, too. They drag Velvet up, mock “stir it up,” but Velvet SLAPS Athena! And SLAPS Billie! But then Athena and Billie mug Velvet! The fans boo as Billie picks up her belt, takes aim, but then QUEEN AMINATA is here! Aminata runs down into the ring, dodges Billie to DECK Athena, then HEADBUTT for Billie! That’s payback for cheating in the TV title match! But then Athena runs up, into an Alabama Lift! AIR RAID CRASH!!

Aminata saves Velvet while also making her own impact, will The Queen not be denied her crown? Or will the Fallen Goddess look to make her pay for this insolence?

My Thoughts:

A really good BOTB but uh, after ten of these, we already know nothing really happens on these. Great action and promos like on Collision, but no titles were ever changing hands. And after two hours of Collision, the crowd was of course tired out. Hook of course defeated Shane but it was a really good showing of Hook’s resilience to take all that damage and still win. Really good match from Roddy and Rocky that Roddy of course won, and turns out I was right in thinking they’d fast track Roddy VS Kyle here. That match will be great stuff, but it’d be a shame if Kyle’s first title shot ends up a loss, even with The Kingdom all there to interfere and distract.

Good promo from Serena to make it clear that she’s having a match with Yuka, just in case it wasn’t clear last week. And then a great main event for the ROH Women’s Championship. Red Velvet looked great even in defeat, and natural move for Aminata to show up and go after Athena & Billie. Aminata really has her pick of the two titles at this point, and while payback on Billie for Supercard is an obvious route, why wouldn’t she go right to the source and take down Athena? Athena’s made it to 50-0, and if not when Athena faced Billie, not when she faced Nyla Rose nor when she faced Shida, her first loss should be to pass the torch to Aminata.

Aminata went through the grind, paid her dues, and has got organically over with ROH viewers, so if she isn’t gonna be the historic first Women’s TV Champ, make her the woman that takes down the top woman in ROH.

My Score: 8.6/10

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