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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (5/6/21)

Someone must say good-bye to NXT UK!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Kenny Williams or Amir Jordan, there can only be ONE in NXT UK!

Kenny Williams goes from Chancer to Scum of the Earth, and Amir Jordan goes from Bhangra Badboy to Bhangra BADASS! But who’s going to LEAVE NXT UK?


  • Ilja Dragunov VS Dave Mastiff; referee stoppage.
  • Trent Seven VS Saxon Huxley; Seven wins.
  • No Disqualifications, Loser Leaves NXT UK: Kenny Williams VS Amir Jordan; Williams wins, Jordan must leave NXT UK.


Ilja Dragunov VS Dave Mastiff!

#UNBESIEGBAR is dealing with an uncontrollable fury, but The Bomber doesn’t mind seeing if they can’t temper that temper. Will the Proper British Heavyweight have the answers to solving Dragunov’s problems?

The bell rings and Dragunov rushes Mastiff to BOOT him! Dragunov CLUBS and fires off forearms on Mastiff, but he headlocks to punch back! Dragunov comes back to waistlock, but Mastiff switches to shove Dragunov down. Dragunov comes back to throw hands, Mastiff ROCKS Dragunov but he rebounds to ROCK Mastiff back! JUMP KICK! Dragunov waistlocks and lifts but Mastiff elbows the back suplex away. Mastiff swings but into a headlock. Mastiff powers out, Dragunov throws another HARD elbow! Dragunov waistlocks again, but Mastiff backs Dragunov into buckles! The ref counts the ropebreak, Mastiff staggers but Dragunov hops on for a body scissors!

Dragunov elbows away on Mastiff’s head, but Mastiff hits a BACKPACK SENTON! BT Sports Studio fires up but then Mastiff says something’s wrong and the ref calls the match?!

Referee Stoppage

Mastiff has a bloody nose, maybe a broken one, and medics come out to check. Replay is used and it was perhaps the elbow Dragunov threw before hopping on Mastiff’s back. Dragunov and Mastiff cool off, perhaps having to try this again next time.


NXT UK hears from one of next week’s Gauntlet participants!

Xia Brookside says she’ll win because she’s worked her way from the ground up these past two-plus years. She will go out there and fight, give it her all, because Kay Lee Ray is not a champion to be proud of. “To be your NXT UK Women’s Champion would be a dream come true. I will fight with pride, passion, but most of all, I will fight for all of you.”


Sid Scala talks with Kenny Williams backstage.

Sid knows Kenny knows the situation, and feels the need to emphasize there’s no real timeline for this match. Whoever loses must immediately leave NXT UK. Kenny knows that, because he asked for this! By the end of tonight, Amir Jordan will be gone, and the Lucky Yin will be here. Sid leaves Kenny to finish his preparations, but is The Chancer really ready for the gamble he’s going for?


NXT UK hears from Stevie Turner.

“Hello, NXT UK, my name is Stevie Turner, and I have a bad habit of taking things to the next level.” NXT UK has some of the best superstars in the WWE today, but they’re all just a little bit two-dimension. Stevie Turner is FOUR dimensional. The future is now, and Stevie won’t stop until she’s beaten everyone on her way to the top. “When you see me wrestle, you will see into the future of wrestling.” Will Stevie Turner defy time and space to take her place at the top of NXT UK?


NXT UK Media catches up with Dragunov.

They ask him what happened out there, but he tells them that Mastiff wanted to help. But Dragunov’s lack of self control has consequences. Especially for those he respects. Dragunov vows he will change, but what will he do to calm the rage inside?


The Gallus boys are… goofing around?

Mark Coffey dribbles the soccer ball, or I suppose football in the UK, and Wolfgang counts for him. He only gets about 5 but NXT UK Media asks if this is some kind of new training method. No, it’s just them showing that even when they drop the ball, Gallus boys get back up. Rampage Brown gets the ball for them and he asks where Joe is. Well if he returns the ball, they’ll tell him. Rampage tosses the ball and says that Joe said, when he’s ready, they’d have a rematch. Where’s Joe? Well not here now. But Wolfgang’s here. Rampage admits the Gallus boys do love a good fight. He loves a good fight, so Wolfie will do. Then it’s made! Will the Last King of Scotland survive the Rampage meant for the Iron King?


NXT UK hears from another Gauntlet participant, Isla Dawn.

“I am an entity like none of these girls have ever seen before.” Isla laughs, but she has proven more wicked than we thought. “Kay Lee Ray has used me as a stepping stone to further herself. And now, she has to watch as her title reign burns. To become the NXT UK Women’s Champion, oh, how good it would be to gain the whole world. And al; I had to sacrifice… was my soul.” Will Isla make the other competitors a sacrifice to her own glory?


NXT UK presents an all new Supernova Sessions!

“Hear me now, live from the moon,” Noam Dar is back and has Sha Samuels as his cohost! It has been brought to their attention that the general opinion of Noam Dar is “overrated.” Dar makes one thing perfectly clear: good, bad or indifferent, Dar doesn’t need validation from any of the dafties! Dar validates Dar! The rest is simply knowledge. So never come at him with such nonsense again. Now, tonight’s guest is making his #SNS debut, this is an exclusive! It’s Nathan Frazer! Wait, wait, no, isn’t that Ben Carter? Nathan/Ben is glad to be back, but both Dar and Sha are confused. Maybe they missed the memo? Be quiet a minute, okay?

Dar says they don’t do reruns here! And Dar has no questions for Ben/Nathan. Sha tells Nathan/Ben to stop stuffing his face with breadsticks. That’s not for him, that’s for new guests, exciting guests. Ben/Nathan apologizes while Dar and Sha take a seat. Well, what does Dar even do? Well okay “Nathan,” what’s so different about you now? Right! He says that “Ben Carter” was actually just a name he gave himself because he didn’t want his parents finding out he was wrestling. Dar and Sha chuckle. Nathan went to the States to play football, soccer for the Americans, he couldn’t let the coaches know he was wrestling, either, so the name just stuck. But he’s in the WWE now so he has nothing to hide! He IS Nathan Frazer.

Dar speaks up and says, “I don’t know about you, Sha, but I do what I want.” Sha agrees, he does what he wants, too. They don’t need to worry about mommy and daddy. But then okay Nathan, what have you learned here in his time in NXT UK? Good question, right? Nathan says it is well-documented that the reason he came to NXT UK was so he could learn the traditional British style. The last few months, Johnny Moss and James Mason have been training him, and now Nathan can blend British style with his high-flyer style, becoming more of a complete performer. It’s been fun. Well, alright. Easy day at the office, huh? Guess they can have some actual fun now. Play the mus-

No, Sha has a question. Alright, fire away, bruv. Sha asks who Nathan Frazer thinks he is. “Y’know what really winds me up?” Sha throws his hat down and gets mad as he says he’s annoyed seeing everyone singing Nathan’s praises. “Oh, Nathan Frazer’s the future~! He’s rebranded himself~!” Sha says Nathan is NOT a true British wrestler, and yet has the nerve to put the British flag on his titantron like he’s Captain Britain! But he’s from the UK- “Oh shut up, you tart!” Sha says Nathan needs to get in that ring with a REAL British Wrestler! Nathan is a fraud, a pretender, and a one-trick pony!

Dar says Nathan likes to talk about what he’s learned, but he hasn’t had the ultimate lesson from the grand master. Dar IS British Wrestling! THEY are British Wrestling! And Sha is right, because Nathan wouldn’t last a minute in there, let alone six three-minute rounds in a Heritage Cup Rules match. Dar is a young legend, and Nathan could never step to him. So that’s a challenge then? Well don’t get ahead- Sha says CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! In that case, Nathan accepts! But wouldn’t it be something if this “rookie” beat the “grand master” of British Wrestling at his own game? BT Sports Studio is fired up as Nathan heads out.

Dar has the music play them off and then he tries to argue it out with Sha, but will Dar’s body have to cash the check Sha’s mouth wrote?


NXT UK hears from another Gauntlet participant, Jinny.

“I don’t care who I face in this Gauntlet. I’m not letting anyone take this opportunity from me. This is MY time, and I am not letting any little girl get in my way of me getting what already belongs to me.” The Spoiled Princess has studied everything KLR does, and vows that this is HER division, and that she was born for greatness. But will the Fashionista be denied the greatest accessory by four other opponents?


Sid Scala speaks to Amir Jordan now.

He also wants to make sure Amir is committed to this stipulation. Once the bell rings, the ban is for good. Amir knows that, and he’s going to do this anyway. Sid leaves Amir to his preparations, but can anything prepare him for the possibility of saying good-bye?


NXT UK hears from Team Subculture.

Flash Morgan Webster’s Mod Life, Mark Andrews’ skater and musician life, and Dani Luna’s punk rock life taught all of them to stand up for who they are, to take risks and refusing to conform to the norm. There was a time when people just like them would’ve fought each other all over the country. “But when it comes to the squared circle, our passion, dedication, loyalty means we are a perfect fit. So hear our call. Whoever you are, and wherever you’re from, join us.” They may have grown out of different subcultures, but now they ARE The Subculture. Are you joining in?


Tyler Bate and A-Kid both watch their rivalry back.

Bate admits to not having watched the February 2020 match back in some time. And A-Kid admits that you can see it on his face, that he just wanted to face Bate because he looked up to him. Bate had a soft spot for AK and they spent time together training and working together. Bate knew AK can get impatient, and that is how AK lost. AK knows that he wasn’t ready to win. He didn’t have the mental strength or the experience. But roughly a year later, in AK’s first defense of the Heritage Cup, he was a different person. The cup was his life, but Bate was ready anyway. Bate admits to being rather hairy and wild looking.

AK admits he got frustrated, and that first fall was where he knew. He wasn’t angry, just trying to figure things out. AK came back, and Bate points to the tornado DDT as the moment he lost and AK saw the doubts. Bate says when he gets frustrated, he has to remind himself that the biggest lessons are in your losses, and that match was the best example of it. This is good motivation for AK, and Bate knows that this isn’t about the physical but about the mental. Neither man will make those same mistakes, and Bate promises to make this cerebral. But AK says that having the cup makes him the better man, and he will still be the better man. With the series tied, it all comes down to the six rounds ahead of them!


NXT UK hears from another Gauntlet participant, Dani Luna.

“Not only am I the strongest girl in this match, but I’m the only girl who understands what real loss feels like. And it’s about time I stand eye-to-eye with Kay Lee Ray at the top.” They faced off before, and after only three matches in NXT UK. Next time will be inevitable. Will the punk rock powerhouse punch her golden ticket?


There is a medical update on Dave Mastiff.

It is confirmed that he did suffer a broken nose from the shot he took from Ilja Dragunov. Mastiff will need some time away, so NXT UK wishes him a speedy recovery.


Trent Seven VS Saxon Huxley!

The Man from Moustache Mountain is feeling refreshed after winning alongside the Big Strong Boy. But now he faces a Divine Beast of the Astral Plane! Will the Seven Stars align and help the Artful Dodger defeat the deranged and dangerous Huxley?

The bell rings and Huxley is barking as he rushes Seven. Seven dodges the boot, circles with Huxley then ties up. Huxley uses leverage to put Seven in a corner. The ref counts, Huxley lets off but then swings, only for Seven to get away. Seven and Huxley circle, tie up, and Huxley CLUBS Seven down! Seven gets up but Huxley throws heavy body shots! Huxley throws forearms against the ropes, then whips Seven to KNEE him low! Huxley whips and KNEES again, then whips to kitchen sink knee Seven down! Seven writhes, Huxley shouts, “What’re you gonna do?!” Huxley stomps Seven, runs, but Seven drops down to leap up!

Huxley catches Seven’s crossbody but Seven fights to make Huxley fall over! BT Sports Studio fires up with Seven as he scoops and SLAMS Huxley, then drops the leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Huxley survives and Seven grows frustrated. Huxley slowly gets up but Seven is on him. Huxley elbows out of the ripcord, whips Seven to ropes, but Seven gets around him. Huxley follows to KNEE Seven up high! Seven rebounds but into a THESZ PRESS! Huxley runs to drop a big elbow! Cover, TWO! Seven survives and Huxley huffs and puffs as he paces around. Seven gets to a corner, Huxley runs in for a BIG corner splash!

Seven sits down, Huxley scrapes his boot on Seven’s face over and over! Huxley runs side to side, for a HIP ATTACK! Seven sputters while Huxley goes to the outside. Huxley comes in around the way, to BOOT Seven down to the floor!! Huxley drags Seven up as the ring count climbs, but Huxley scoops and SLAMS Seven! Huxley leaves Seven behind and the count is 6 of 10! But then Huxley goes back outside and aims from the apron. “There he goes! There goes Saxon Huxley!” BIG elbow drop a la Mick Foley right onto Seven! Seven writhes as the ring count climbs again. Huxley gets up at 5 of 10, drags Seven up to put in at 7. Cover, TWO!

Huxley grows frustrated, though it’s hard to tell with all his barking. Huxley drags Seven up, clamps onto his ears, but Seven CHOPS back! Seven fires up to CHOP, but Huxley throat chops! Huxley drags Seven back up to whip him into a corner. Seven dodges the splash, fires up, fakes Huxley out and hits a DDT! Both men are down but Sam Gradwell is on the titantron! “Ello, Moustache Boy. You might be a ‘founding father,’ but how’s it feel to know, that after you’ve made that daft little entrance, after you’ve spun around that daft little towel, after you’ve twizzled that moustache, lost 50 pounds, you still can’t get the job done.” Seven seethes, but he still dodges Huxley’s boot!

Seven wristlocks and ripcords, but Huxley BOOTS the lariat away! Huxley gets Seven up, TWO-HAND SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!?!? Seven survives and Huxley is fuming! Huxley paces around, stomps around, and aims at Seven. Huxley runs in, but Seven puts the boot on the ropes! CHOP to SNAP DRAGON! Ripcord, SEVEN STAR LARIAT!! Cover, Seven wins!

Winner: Trent Seven, by pinfall

What was that about not getting the job done? Seven may not be a champion, but he isn’t letting the Thunderstorm get him down! Will Gradwell have to put up or shut up against the Man from Moustache Mountain?


NXT UK hears from the fifth Gauntlet participant, Emilia McKenzie.

“I am gonna win this Gauntlet match and prove to everyone that even though I’m the youngest here, I’m definitely the toughest. I’ve already shown Kay Lee Ray what I’m capable of, and she’s already running scared. I’m definitely gonna be the one to end her reign.” When Millie is champion, she will prove to everyone that she IS the best woman wrestler in the UK. Will #SuplexMillie throw everyone else aside to get at the Scary Queen of Scots?


NXT UK Media and referees rush to the women’s locker room!

Xia Brookside has been assaulted by Amale! The French Hope is in a fury as referees drag her away from an already unconscious Xia! She shouts something about how SHE should’ve been chosen for the Gauntlet match! Does this mean Xia won’t even enter the contender’s match now? Has Amale only made things easier for the other four?


No Disqualifications, Loser Leaves NXT UK: Kenny Williams VS Amir Jordan!

A tag team was ended when a friendship was broken. But now, one man’s NXT UK career will come to an abrupt end after what will surely be a brutal battle. Will it be the Lucky Yin that benefits from the rift he tore between them? Or will the Bhangra Badboy be the one to banish the man who betrayed his trust?

The bell rings, Amir and Kenny talk trash at each other, and then they tie up. They go around, Kenny puts Amir in a corner and climbs up to pie face him over and over. Amir shoves him away and the two go again. Kenny puts Amir in another corner, unleashes body shots, but again Amir shoves him away. Amir ROCKS Kenny, counter punches, then rolls him up, TWO! Amir tells him to get serious, because it’s all on the line! Kenny and Amir circle, tie up, and Kenny gets around to CLUB Amir down! Kenny whips, Amir reverses to ROCK Kenny! Kenny DECKS Amir, whips, but Amir reverses again to whip Kenny HARD into buckles!

Amir stalks Kenny, drags him up, and whips Kenny into more buckles. Kenny flops to the apron, Amir drags him to center for a cover, TWO! Amir drags Kenny up, Kenny wrenches the PELE the bad arm! Kenny goes after that arm, brings Amir around and puts him through ropes. Kenny wraps the bad arm in the ropes and CLUBS away on it! Kenny hops up to kick Amir over and over! Kenny lets off to run and dropkick Amir in the back! Cover, TWO! Amir toughs it out but Kenny knocks him down with a straddle attack! And then another! Kenny sits Amir up for clubbing crossface forearms, then mounts the arm! Amir resists, Kenny brings him around and whips him out of the ring.

Kenny goes out after him, and brings Amir up to wrench and WRING the arm out! Amir writhes from hitting the floor shoulder first! The ref checks, Kenny grabs the timekeeper’s chair and brings it over! Amir stands up for Kenny to JAM him in the stomach and SMACK him on the back! Amir writhes his way back to the ring and Kenny says this is what he gets. Kenny gets the toolbox from ringside! Kenny dumps its contents out as he gets in the ring, but Amir goes after him with body shots! Kenny headbutts low, CLUBS Amir over and over on the back, until Amir is on the mat! Kenny then gets Amir up to SHOVE him into buckles!

Kenny hoists Amir up top, then CLUBS him and drags him into the Tree of Woe! Kenny then fetches something from the toolbox. It’s a spare crossbar! Kenny brings chair and bar over and takes a seat first. Kenny wants Amir to listen to him a second: “I always hated your guts!” Amir is going to find out just how scummy Kenny can be! Kenny goes after Amir’s mouth with the bar!! Amir holds him off, hits back and knocks Kenny down! Amir drags himself out of the Tree, builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Kenny hits barriers! BT Sports Studio is fired up as Amir hobbles over to Kenny. Amir drags Kenny up, whips, but Kenny reverses to POST Amir, bad shoulder first!

Kenny isn’t done there, though, and he smirks as he starts pulling up floor mats! Kenny exposes BT Sports Studio’s concrete floor, then BOOTS Amir down! Kenny drags Amir over by a headlock, but Amir fights off the headlock driver! Amir back suplexes, Kenny holds the apron skirt to resist! Kenny ROCKS Amir then RAMS him into barriers! Kenny runs in but Amir TOSSES him up and over! Kenny tumbles and hits the floor out there! Amir climbs up the barrier to FLYING AX HANDLE Kenny down! The ref checks on Kenny but Amir CLUBS Kenny on the back! They throw hands, brawl closer and closer to the trons, but Kenny shoves Amir away.

Kenny retreats but Amir pursues and CLUBS him by the tech area! “EVERYTHING’S ON THE LINE!!” Amir clubs away, bumps Kenny off road cases, and BOOTS him down! Amir brings a road case around, and RAMS it into Kenny!! Kenny goes tumbling away but Amir pursues! “This is what you wanted!” Amir CLUBS Kenny, throws body shots, and then whips him into more trunks and cases! Kenny crawls towards a table while Amir clutches his bad arm. Amir storms over, Kenny uses a FIRE EXTINGUISHER! The blast gets Amir right in the face! Kenny reels Amir in, BACK SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE!!

Kenny laughs, even as he clutches his own ribs, because of the wreckage Amir writhes in. Amir tells the ref that he isn’t quitting, this is his career here! Amir gets up but Kenny throws him to ringside. Kenny puts Amir in the ring, aims from a corner, and runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Amir isn’t done yet and Kenny grows frustrated. Kenny goes to a corner and exposes a buckle! Kenny brings Amir over but Amir blocks the buckle bump to ROCK Kenny! Amir sunset flips, TWO!! Kenny escapes but Amir whips him at the corner! Kenny stomps himself, SHOVES Amir into the steel, then hits the WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Amir survives and Kenny can’t believe it! Amir throws the tape off his arm, it’s only annoying him. Amir goes to the apron, Kenny scowls as he goes after him. Kenny drags Amir up, Amir throws body shots! Amir wants to suplex Kenny to the bare concrete! Kenny lands on the apron to save himself, and the two brawl! Kenny BOOTS Amir, reels him in to a waistlock, but Amir holds ropes for dear life! Amir elbows Kenny away but Kenny lands on his feet. Kenny chop blocks Amir and brings him in! Amir fights off the powerbomb, the two wobble, and Amir kicks Kenny low! Amir reels Kenny in, aims for the concrete, and SNAP SUPLEXES Kenny onto it!

The ref checks on both men, that was still double-edged for Amir! The two are somehow okay to continue, and Amir gets up first. Amir drags Kenny up, telling him this is what he wanted! Amir shoves Kenny in, climbs up a corner, and SWANTON BOMBS!! Cover, TWO!!?!! Somehow, Kenny survives, but Amir says that’s fine! Amir looks over and grabs the chair. Amir sits the chair up and says this is what Kenny wanted! “This is what happens to scumbags!” Amir dribbles Kenny’s head off the chair! BT Sports Studio fires up with Amir, and Amir sees the bare buckle. Amir climbs up that corner, but Kenny THROWS the chair!

But Amir catches it, and throws it back! Kenny dodges and hits ropes to trip Amir up! Amir lands bad on the bare buckle, and Kenny sets the chair down. Kenny drags Amir over, FULL METAL HEADLOCK DRIVER!! Cover, Kenny wins!!

Winner: Kenny Williams, by pinfall; Amir Jordan must LEAVE NXT UK

The Scum of the Earth celebrates ruining the life of someone who wanted to do things the right way! Where does The Chancer go from here? BT Sports Studio applauds Amir’s valiant effort as the emotions wash over him. Where does the Bhangra Badboy literally go now that he can’t stay in the place he called home?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode, and with some surprising moments. I didn’t think the heavy hitting match of Dragunov VS Mastiff would be so hard hitting that it couldn’t actually finish. But it does seem to work out in Dragunov’s story, and could be used to feed his next match or feud. We got good promos from all of the Gauntlet participants, but I could not have foreseen someone taking out one of them. Seems a shame it’s Xia Brookside but at the same time it was totally going to be Brookside, she was being pushed as a frontrunner. Xia VS Amale is going to happen on the side, there could be a substitute or it could just be four participants now, but the winner is going to be a Face, so it’s either Dani or Millie.

Seven VS Huxley was a very good match, even with Gradwell trying to distract. That makes it all work for the story building between Seven and Gradwell, which is going to be a great match. Bate and A-Kid had a great vignette to hype up their rematch, and this is going to be the best British Rounds/Heritage Cup match in NXT UK yet. I can’t be sure which way it goes. Supernova Sessions was great, especially because Dar pointed out the strangeness of Ben Carter being Nathan Frazer, but Nathan did a good job explaining that he’s been Nathan all along and “Ben Carter” was the stage name. Dar VS Nathan in British Round rules is going to be really good, and could act as a contender’s match for the winner of Bate VS A-Kid.

I like that NXT UK is taking their time building to Joe Coffey VS Rampage Brown now, and Rampage VS Wolfgang is going to be a very good match that Rampage will of course win. I like that we got some last promos from Kenny and Amir, to see if either one wanted to back out and reconsider. Of course neither was going to, and that No Disqualification match (which again was more like No Holds Barred because of no count outs) was very fitting of the build. It coming down to the bare buckle was also fitting given the last time these two faced off.

Williams winning to stay and send Jordan away is surprising, but I suppose it works out in some way. Williams as a Heel has more potential for feuds because there are quite a few Faces in NXT UK. Amir Jordan will at least be on 205 Live to freshen it up, maybe even on NXT once he gets some traction. This match helped give Amir some edge before getting serious on NXT and 205 Live, and I could see him at least getting into some good feuds with Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari, maybe even Swerve’s new crew he started. Both Kenny and Amir have possibilities, only time will tell who comes off more the Shawn Michaels, or if they’re more like the members of the Shield, each having equal success.

My Score: 8.2/10

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Mitchell’s NXT No Mercy Results & Report! (9/30/23)

There’s No Mercy in Bakersfield!



Will the Mad Dragon slay… HIM?

In a rematch from The Great American Bash, Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov once again battle over the NXT Championship! But will history repeat itself? Or will history be made?


  • NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ The Meta Four VS Pete Dunne; wins and
  • Blair Davenport VS Kelani Jordan; wins.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Tag: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS The Creed Brothers VS Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo VS #OutTheMud w/ SCRYPTS; win(s) and
  • Bron Breakker VS Baron Corbin; wins.
  • NXT North American Championship, Special Guest Referee Dragon Lee: Dominik Mysterio VS Trick Williams; wins and
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes VS Ilja Dragunov; wins and
  • NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Becky Lynch VS Tiffany Stratton; wins and


It’s the No Mercy Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Matt Camp & Sam Roberts in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action about to go down in Bakersfield!


Time to play the game.

Plug in the cartridge and load up the brand new NXT edition of No Mercy! Press start and make the match! Will there be no asterisk next to tonight’s NXT Championship match? Will the Bruiserweight snap Noam Dar’s reign? Or just his fingers? Who will truly be #MeanerThanEvil? Is karma going to bite Dirty Dom right on the ass? Or will he still #WhoopDatTrick? And in the biggest and most violent match of her career, will Tiffany Stratton take back the title? Or will the Big Time still be too much for Wrestling Barbie?

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (9/29/23)

Eddie Kingston is on a Rampage!



Will the Mad King regret this gamble?

Before putting both belts on the line against Katsuyori Shibata at AEW WrestleDream, Eddie Kingston defends his NJPW Strong title against Rocky Romero! Will plans have to change all thanks to Azucar?


  • AEW World Trios Championships: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS The Hardy Party; The Acclaimed & Billy win and retain the titles.
  • NJPW Strong Openweight Championship: Eddie Kingston VS Rocky Romero; Eddie wins and retains the title.
  • The Righteous VS Caleb Crush & Gunnar; The Righteous win.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s match: Ruby Soho VS Hikaru Shida; Shida wins and will challenge Saraya for the title on Title Tuesday, October 10th.


AEW World Trios Championships: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS The Hardy Party!

The open challenge was put forth, and it was answered very quickly! Will Matt, Jeff & Brother Zay DELETE the Scissor World Tour? Or will Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass keep the party going?

But of course, Platinum Max has a diss track! “Acclaimed on the mic, ’bout to leave these dudes up in smoke! Y’know we comin’ like the Colorado Buffalos! Matt, I don’t want any heat! I don’t need your crazy ass wife sendin’ me tweets! It’s the one guy in Private Party! Nowadays, he gets tag teamed by the Hardys! Jeff, I’m a leave you black in both eyes! You gonna need these sunglasses like Coach Prime.” Bowens takes the mic to say “COLORADOOOO~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor Me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does! The belts are raised, and we see who survives WrestleDream weekend!

The trios sort out and Bowens starts against Kassidy. They shake hands, tie up, and Bowens waistlocks. Kassidy drop toeholds, facelocks but Bowens slips free to wrench. Kassidy rolls, handsprings, wrenches and hammerlocks to a headlock. Bowens powers out to headlock but Kassidy powers out, only for Bowens to run him over! Bowens self-scissors, then things speed up. Kassidy hurdles, Bowens shoves then follows but Kassidy arm-drags! Bowens arm-drags! Bowens blocks Kassidy’s arm-drag to whip, but Kassidy wheelbarrows and arm-drags! Bowens stands, into a RANA! Kassidy then pounds the mat and fans fire up.

Bowens kicks but Kassidy blocks to spin him. Kassidy kicks but Bowens blocks to flip him! Bowens then kicks, kicks and KOTARO KRUSHER! Fans fire up, “EVERYONE Loves The Acclaimed!” Bowens drags Kassidy up, tags in Caster, and they double whip. Kassidy holds ropes, TOSSES Bowens then BOOTS Caster! Tag to Matt and Matt BOOTS Caster! Kassidy hits a NECKBREAKER, Jeff tags in to go up, for the SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Jeff snapmares Caster to then NECK SNAPPER! Fans fire up with Jeff and he waits on Caster to stand. Kick but no Twist as Caster slips free! Jeff ducks the backhand to SPIN KICK!

Jeff CLUBS Caster, Caster scrambles away, tags to Billy and Matt! Fans fire up as Matt says “DELETE! DELETE!” Billy says “SUCK IT!” “DELETE!” “SUCK IT!” “DELETE!” “SUCK IT!” And repeat! Then Billy headlocks! Matt throws body shots, powers out, but Billy runs Matt over! Billy flexes and does a dance, and then he runs in. Matt ELBOWS Billy, BOOTS him, then bumps him off buckles! “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Billy gets all three layers, and Matt tags Jeff. Jeff tags Kassidy, and the Hardys set up fort he classic POETRY IN MOTION! Then Kassidy adds PARTY IN MOTION! But The Acclaimed CLOBBER Kassidy & The Hardys!

Fans fire up as Caster has Kassidy up to scoop and SLAM! Billy helps get the legs, and Bowens goes up to SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Kassidy squeals before impact! Cover, TWO! Kassidy survives but The Acclaimed have control as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Billy brings Kassidy up, bumps him off buckles, and he hears the fans singing. Billy ROCKS Kassidy with a right, apologizes to the ref, then tags to Bowens. Bowens drags Kassidy up to ROCK him with haymaker after haymaker! Bowens then brings Kassidy up to tag in Caster. They double suplex Kassidy, Caster covers, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Caster keeps Kassidy down with a chinlock while fans rally up. Kassidy fights to his feet, throws body shots, and he fires forearms as Rampage returns to single picture. Kassidy runs but Caster CLOBBERS him! Tag to Billy and they mug Kassidy.

Billy brings Kassidy to an open corner, stomps and ROCKS him on repeat, then lets off to smirk at the Hardys. He dares them to do something, but Matt tells Billy to suck it! So Billy DECKS Matt! Billy runs corner to corner but Kassidy dodges! The splash hits buckles and Billy falls back! Fans rally up as both men crawl, but Billy gets Kassidy’s leg! Kassidy stands up to ENZIGURI! Hot tag to Jeff! Jeff rallies on Billy, on Bowens, and on Caster! Fans fire up and Jeff clotheslines Billy up and out! Jeff CLOBBS Bowens, then catches him for a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Leg hook cradle! Cover, Caster breaks it!

Caster helps Bowens up, then runs in, but Jeff ELBOWS caster and ROCKS Bowens! Jeff goes up, WHISPER IN THE WIND! Jeff gets both Caster and Bowens but everyone is down! Billy returns, kicks low, says ‘SUCK IT!” and runs, but Jeff dodges! Matt kicks Billy for a TWIST OF FATE! Jeff hurries up top, fans fire up, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Bowens breaks it in time! Matt CLUBS Bowens, Bowens hits back, and Bowens calls to Caster. They whip Matt to a corner, forearm then ELBOW then forearm again! And a feed to the POWERSLAM! ROLLING ELBOW for Jeff! The Acclaimed regroup, and Billy crawls to the corner.

Fans fire up as Billy drags Jeff over. Jeff gets loose, hot tags to Kassidy and Bowens! Kassidy dodges Bowens to DROPKICK Caster! “This is Awesome!” as Kassidy BOOTS Bowens! Kassidy goes up, leaps, FLYING FLATLINER! Billy stands, runs in, but Kassidy dumps him out! Kassidy slingshots out then QUEBRADAS to take Billy down! Kassidy mocks the scissoring, then tells Bowens to get up. Kassidy springboards in, but Bowens dodges and Caster BACKHANDS Kassidy! Then Bowens BACKHANDS Kassidy! Bowens fires off the Five Tool Strike Fest! Caster hoists Kassidy up and Bowens helps, to give Kassidy the PLATINUM BOMB! Cover, The Acclaimed win!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn, by pinfall (still AEW World Trios Championships)

A huge win for the champions, and the Scissor World Tour continues! In fact, it is heading to Seattle for WrestleDream’s Zero Hour! TMDK’s Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls & Bad Dude Tito are waiting, will they show The Acclaimed that The Mighty Don’t Kneel?


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“Well folks, tonight, it’s me and Big Rock, Rocky Romero, for the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship. Rock, I got nothing but respect for you, dawg, so it’s gonna be an honor and a pleasure to defend this against you. You’re the man that got me into the G1. You’re the man that got me-” Wait, Team Triple J is interrupting. Jay Lethal says that if we’re talking honor and respect, Eddie is standing here with two titles on his shoulders, and that is worth respecting. But Lethal can’t get behind how Eddie is the ROH World Champion. Lethal dedicated his life to that title! His blood, sweat, tears, all to honor a tradition that meant that every person to hold that title would be a pure athlete!

And Eddie, you are no pure athlete! Now as for this NJPW Strong Openweight title, Lethal doesn’t care if Eddie wins it or loses it here tonight. He really doesn’t. But he just cares that Eddie is unfit to be ROH World Champion! Eddie says okay, he’s got Lethal. But excuse his back, he’s gotta go beat up Romero. The Mad King leaves, but will he still have both crowns going into WrestleDream?


AEW shares an interview from after last week’s Collision.

Lexi Nair was with Andrade El Idolo after he was bandaged up from the beating Bullet Club Gold gave him. He almost won, but Juice Robinson interfered. What was that about? Andrade says everyone saw that Andrade had White beat. But the question for Juice is… “Do you have a problem with me? With Andrade El Idolo? Lemme tell you something. See you Saturday in Seattle!” Andrade wants his revenge on Rock Hard, will he get it on WrestleDream Eve?


NJPW Strong Openweight Championship: Eddie Kingston VS Rocky Romero!

The Mad King beat Kenta at NJPW Independence Day back in July to have his first singles title under the NJPW banner. And now he defends it against Azucar as a favor for getting him in the door. Will Rocky repay this favor by taking this title from Eddie? Or will Eddie still head to Seattle as a double champion?

The introductions are made, the NJPW belt is raised, and we see who is truly NJPW Strong!

The bell rings and fans rally up for “EDDIE! EDDIE!” The two circle, Rocky tests things with a kick but Eddie stays back. They feel things out, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Eddie waistlocks, Rocky wrenches, wristlocks, but Eddie clinches. Fans rally, Rocky keeps on the wristlock but Eddie powers through to wrench and wristlock back. Rocky rolls, breaks free and DROPKICKS! Fans are torn as Rocky swaggers, but he and Eddie reset. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Rocky knees low. Rocky headlocks, grinds the hold, but Eddie powers up and out. They RAM shoulders, but Eddie stays up with a smirk.

Fans fire up as Rocky smirks back, but then pie faces Eddie! Rocky runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, and RANAS! Eddie bails out, Rocky builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit but Eddie stays up, so Rocky goes again! DIVE and Eddie drops to his knees! Rocky keeps going, and he DIVES for the hattrick, only for Eddie to catch him! Stalling suplex, to the floor! Fans rally behind Eddie while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Eddie stands, stretches out his back, and then he gets Rocky up and into the ring. Cover, TWO! Eddie keeps cool, and also chooses not to rain down fists, instead clamping on a chinlock. Rocky endures as Eddie grinds him down, and fans rally up. Eddie cranks the headlock but Rocky refuses to give up. Rocky fights up, throws elbows, but Eddie knees him low! Eddie whips to knee low again, then whips for another knee! Eddie whips but Rocky rolls him up, TWO! Rocky BUZZSAWS Eddie, then TORNADO DDTS! Both men are down and a standing count begins. Rocky stirs at 3, crawls over, and he brings Eddie up.

Eddie pushes Rocky, runs, but into an IRON OCTOPUS! Eddie endures, pries at the hold, and pops free, only for Rocky to wrangle him with a ghost pin! TWO, and Eddie goes to ropes. Rocky storms up, KICKS Eddie in the back, but Eddie just grimaces. Eddie eggs Rocky on so Rocky KICKS him again! Eddie growls and eggs Rocky on more as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Rampage returns and Eddie suplexes, but Rocky knees free! Rocky knees low, Eddie rebounds, but into a JUMP KNEE! Eddie goes to ropes, Rocky storms over and brings him up through the ropes, to KICK! Eddie eggs Rocky on even though he’s stuck, so Rocky SLAPS Eddie! Eddie SLAPS Rocky! Rocky SOBATS! Then Rocky goes up a corner to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Eddie is still in this and Rocky argues the count but the ref says it was fair. Rocky drags Eddie up, cravats, but no Sliced Bread! Eddie runs in to clothesline in the corner! And MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Fans fire up and Eddie hoists Rocky up top!

Eddie climbs up behind Rocky, stands him up, but Rocky throws hands! Rocky CLUBS Eddie, cravats, and hits SUPER SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Eddie survives, and Rocky grits his teeth. Rocky pumps up and fans rally. Rocky runs in to clothesline! That’s one-ever! Two-ever! But URAKEN stops that! URAKEN again!! Eddie drags Rocky into the STRETCH PLUM!! Rocky taps, Eddie wins!!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by submission (still NJPW Strong Openweight Champion)

Azucar could not dethrone The Mad King, but he still shows Eddie respect with a handshake and hug. Eddie is still NJWP Strong, but will he have to fight even harder to survive The Wrestler, Katsuyori Shibata?

Wait! That’s Shibata’s music! Shibata is HERE! He goes into the ring and shakes hands with Eddie. These two respect each other, and that means they will give it everything they’ve got! Will Eddie still be a two belt king? Or will Shibata become a TRIPLE CROWN Champion?


Aussie Open speaks.

Mark Davis says he is so tired. So tired of hearing the “top blokes” walk around here the last year, hubris unchecked, lying to the people that they are the best in the world. Kyle Fletcher says that for the last 365 days, everything Aussie Open has done has been to get back to FTR. When FTR beat them a year ago, it broke Fletcher. Fletcher felt like a failure and felt lost. So what he wants more than anything is to make FTR feel that pain. This Sunday, Aussie Open takes the AEW World Tag Team Championships, burns down the legacy of #7StarFTR, and from the ashes, rebuild a new empire that they will stand atop of to proclaim that THEY are the best tag team in the world!

The Aussie Arrow and Dunkzilla are ready to bring down Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler, will they fulfill that WrestleDream?


The Righteous VS Caleb Crush & Gunnar!

Speaking of tag titles, Dutch & Vincent are aimed at the ROH World Tag Team Championships! However, Adam Cole will be out with injury so it’ll just be Maxwell Jacob Friedman meeting them in Seattle. Will this tune-up prove to be more than enough going into that tag title handicap match?

The teams sort out, but then Dutch just CLOBBERS Crush & Gunnar! Fans boo as Dutch says just a few more days and those titles will be theirs! Vincent rains down fists on Crush, then drags him up to UPPERCUT! Vincent bumps Crush off buckles, tags in Dutch, and the Righteous mugs Crush before the BOSS MAN SLAM! Gunnar staggers up but Dutch feeds him to Vinnie’s KNEE! Then Vinnie feeds him to a BOSS MAN SLAM! Tag to Vinnie, fans are torn as the Righteous pace around Crush. Vinnie snaps his fingers, then cravats, AUTUMN SUNSET! Cover, Righteous win!

Winners: The Righteous, by pinfall

A swift and dominant win, these are the two men coming for the tag titles! Will The Righteous purge ROH of the “false friendship” that is the brochachos? Or are even two Righteous men combined not on the level of the Devil?


Ortiz sits alone in a room.

He looks back on his career alongside Mike Santana. They were at the top of their game coming into AEW, but then it ended up going downhill. There’s even audio from Konnan touching on how Ortiz and Santana stopped talking to each other and how Konnan was saddened by that. Ortiz has the footage stop there. What will it take for him to get Santana to talk to him?


Darby Allin speaks.

After replaying what Christian Cage said just last Wednesday on Dynamite, the Relentless One reiterates that he is NOT losing in Seattle, Washington! Will Darby defend home turf against Captain Charisma?

Nick Wayne speaks.

He knows Darby has a lot to say about Christian Cage, and all of that will be part of the Countdown special. But Nick also knows Darby’s actions will speak louder than his words at WrestleDream. And although Darby told Nick not to be there ringside, Nick doesn’t really want to anyway because of what Christian & Luchasaurus are capable of. So, while they let Christian and Darby settle their business, how about Nick and Luchasaurus settle theirs? For months and months, Luchasaurus walked around here while another man held his title. And Luchasaurus followed Christian around like he was some kind of father figure.

And Nick isn’t sure what it is about Christian where he thinks he can even be such a figure to “us Lost Boys,” but Nick had a father. And he told Nick at a young age “to never leave your debts unpaid.” Nick owes Luchasaurus. At Wembley Stadium, Luchasaurus choke slammed Nick onto a skateboard and Nick never forgot it. Nick will repay Luchasaurus this Sunday during Zero Hour. And Nick will even hand Luchasaurus a receipt. Nick brings his own skateboard, will he grind it right into the Right Hand of Destruction?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

AEW is going to do it big for WrestleDream Eve as, with Zack Sabre Jr. on commentary, we see an 8 Man Tag! FTR teams with Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta to take on Aussie Open, Ricky Starks & “Big Bill” Morrissey! Plus, Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega test their tag team chemistry against The Gates of Agony! Will The Ocho & The Cleaner survive Toa Liona & Bishop Kaun to take on the Don Callis Family? And Julia Hart gets in action to build some last minute momentum, will she be ready for Kris Statlander and their TBS Championship match set for Sunday?


Backstage interview with Zack Sabre Jr.

Renee Paquette is with The Front Man of TMDK, and says we’re just days away from WrestleDream, where ZSJ takes on The American Dragon, Bryan Danielson. ZSJ just came off a three week tour in NJPW and just got here to the States, is he worried at all about acclimating? ZSJ asks Bryan “Dragon Bullocks” Danielson, “Where are you, darling?” As Renee just said, ZSJ got off a 16 hour flight from Tokyo and is feeling fresh as a daisy. But perhaps this company’s keeping Bryan wrapped head to toe in bubble wrap, or keeps him in a giant Zorb ball. At this point, a strong gust of wind will knock Bryan over.

And is ZSJ supposed to be honored that Bryan chose him as part of the year long retirement tour? Newsflash: Bryan barely has a weekend. This Sunday isn’t just about finding out who the best technical wrestler is, no no. Bryan has retired once in Seattle, so ZSJ will make it final. Ya like that? The final retirement~! Submissions in Seattle, see you on Sunday. The NJPW World Television Champion has put Bryan on notice, but will he be able to slay the American Dragon?


AEW Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s match: Ruby Soho VS Hikaru Shida!

While the Outcasts stand at two members, Saraya is looking forward to a friendly showdown with the Runaway in a little under two weeks! But will Ruby make sure there is No Future for the Shining Samurai? Or will Shida take down one Outcast to go after another?

The bell rings and the two circle. Fans fire up as Ruby and Shida step up, and they’re on Shida’s side. Ruby shoves, runs, and RAMS Shida, but Shida just fires up! Ruby headlocks, Shida throws body shots, and then she powers out. Shida then runs past Ruby to run Ruby over! Fans duel, Shida has the majority, and she goes to the corner. Shida climbs up but Ruby slips away before any fists can rain down! Shida is annoyed but she waits on Ruby to return. Ruby takes her time going to the apron, steps in at 6 of 10 but wants Shida to stay back. Shida gets annoyed as the ref keeps her back, but then Ruby pulls Shida’s hair to throw her down!

Ruby throws hands, puts Shida in the corner, then RAMS into her again and again! Fans boo but Ruby runs, only to miss! Shida ROCKS Ruby, then climbs up to rain down fists! Ruby gets away before three, runs back in but into a BOOT! Shida bumps Ruby off buckles, climbs up and rains down those fists! Ruby slips out at five to YANK Shida down! Ruby whips, Shida goes up and CROSSBODIES! Shida then drags Ruby up, puts her in yet another corner, and tries one more time! Shida rains down fists, and goes all the way to TEN! Fans fire up with Shida and she kicks Ruby out, to then MISSILE DROPKICK!

Fans fire up as Shida drags Ruby up, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Ruby CLUBS away on Shida to stop the lift, then shoves her to a corner. Ruby runs in, Shida dodges, but Ruby ELBOWS her! Ruby goes up to hit DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Ruby digs Shida into the buckles, lets off as the ref counts, and then brings Shida up to snapmare. Ruby covers, TWO! Ruby throws down fists now, but lets off with a smug smirk. Ruby puts Shida on ropes to CHOKE! The ref counts, Ruby lets off, and then Ruby has Shida in the ropes to throw knees! A shoutout to Saraya, and Ruby lets off at 4. Ruby stalks Shida, looms over her, and pushes her around. Shida pushes back but Ruby eggs her on.

Shida ROCKS Ruby, then fires again! Ruby claws Shida’s face! And throws her down by her hair again! The ref reprimands, but Ruby clamps on a straitjacket stretch! Shida endures, but Ruby grinds her into the mat! Fans rally, Shida fights up, and she arm-drags free! Ruby returns to CLOBBER Shida! Cover, TWO! Ruby is annoyed but Shida grabs at Ruby’s hair! Ruby CLUBS Shida, drags her up, and stomps a hand! Shida scrambles to a corner while the ref reprimands but Ruby stomps a mudhole in. Ruby lets off as the ref counts, and Ruby storms around. Shida drags herself up, but Ruby CHOKES her on the ropes!

The ref counts while Ruby BITES Shida’s ear! Ruby lets off at 4, drags Shida up, but Shida ROCKS her! And again! And again! And again! But Ruby knees low! Ruby talks trash, whips Shida to ropes, but Shida ducks ‘n’ dodges, and DOUBLE LARIATS knock both women down! Rampage returns to single picture as the standing count climbs. Fans rally, both women are down at 5 of 10 but Shida goes to ropes. Shida snarls, she and Ruby stand at 7, and they storm up. Shida fires a forearm, Ruby gives it back! Shida throws another, so Ruby gives it back! They go back and forth, harder and harder, faster and faster!

Ruby gets the edge, but Shida ROCKS her! And ROCKS her! And ROCKS her again! Shida whips to JUMP KNEE! Shida then suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Shida fires up again and the fans are with her! Shida aims, KATA- NO, Ruby ducks and bails out! Fans boo but Shida goes out to pursue! Shida runs in, jumps off the steps, and DROPKICKS Ruby down! Fans fire up again and Shida stands Ruby up. Shida torture racks Ruby, then goes to the ramp!? Fans are thunderous but Ruby fights free! They throw forearms, and CHOPS! Shida CLUBS Ruby, Ruby throws body shots, but the count is climbing!

They both hear it’s 8 of 10 and start sprinting! They both slide in at 9.5!! Fans are thunderous and then Ruby swings, but Shida blocks! Ruby HEADBUTTS, blocks a kick, then KICKS back! SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Shida survives and Ruby grows frustrated. Ruby goes to a corner, and she takes Shida’s kendo stick for her own! The ref stops Ruby, takes the kendo stick, but then Ruby brings out the spray paint! Shida and the ref both block that and they’re all fighting over it! Down goes the ref!! Shida and Ruby are both stunned, but then Ruby HEADBUTTS! DESTINATION UNKNOWN! But no ref to count the cover!

Ruby is furious, she would’ve had this! But then she sees the kendo stick! Ruby grins as she wields Shida’s weapon! Fans boo, but Shida blocks the strike to kick and HEADSHOT! Then KATANA KICK!! Cover, but still no ref! Wait, here comes Aubrey! Aubrey slides in, counts the cover, TWO!! Ruby survives but Shida fires up! Shida puts Ruby in a drop zone, goes up the corner, and she METE- NO! Ruby dodges to then STO! Ruby drags herself up the corner, goes to the very top, and STAGE DIVE SENTONS onto knees! And then FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Ruby survives but Shida won’t stop there!

Shida hauls Ruby up but Ruby wrenches to NO FUTURE KICK! But Shida rebounds to KATANA!! Cover, Shida wins!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the AEW Women’s World Champion)

The Shining Samurai takes down The Runaway, but wait! Here comes Saraya! #TitleTuesday is coming, will that be a good Knight for the champ? Or will Shida take this belt back to become a historic THREE-TIME champion?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage, especially as the go-home to WrestleDream. I figured the title matches would end with the champions retaining, but we got really good stuff out of Acclaimed VS Hardy Party and Eddie VS Rocky. As for their title defenses on WrestleDream, I don’t see TMDK taking the trios titles as this will be their AEW debuts. And as I’ve said a few times already, Eddie isn’t losing both belts he worked so hard to have so soon. Plus, it feels like there’s some tension between NJPW the company and Shibata, or else Shibata would already be NJPW Strong Openweight Champion and not one of ROH’s champs.

Speaking of Eddie, good promo from him before his match with Rocky, and good interaction with Team Triple J. I wasn’t exactly expecting Jay Lethal to be Eddie’s first actual feud for the ROH World Championship, but I suppose it does make sense as Lethal was a major player in ROH. I hope these guys actually show up on ROH programming, but also, Tony Khan wants this feud to be seen so it’ll end up on AEW programming instead. Y’know, just like all these other ROH title stories outside of the AEW Women’s title.

Good squash from The Righteous, and I’m really curious as to how the tag title match goes on Sunday. There’s a lot of stuff MJF still has to do with Cole, Roddy and The Kingdom, and now this intrigue with Jay White, Bullet Club Gold and the backstage attack at the end of Dynamite. I still feel it should’ve been The Kingdom in the PPV match anyway, but it seems they were going to drag this story out even before Cole hurt his foot. Good promo from Nick Wayne to call out Luchasaurus, but I feel like Luchasaurus ends up winning that match just to make a point of Nick not being able to show up ringside for Darby.

Good promo from Andrade to call out Juice for this week’s Collision, and I’m still wondering if/when La Faccion Ingobernable helps Andrade against Bullet Club Gold. For that matter, why can’t MJF be paying LFI to beat up on White and the BCG? He’s had business dealings with Andrade & Rush before, let’s strike that up again for some continuity. Really good promo from Aussie Open ahead of their tag title match, and from ZSJ to call out Bryan. That 8 Man Tag tomorrow night is going to be good stuff, and perhaps rather telling about where the PPV matches go. The only reason I don’t see Aussie Open winning against FTR is because of that big Fatal 4 Way tag contenders match, but who knows, maybe Aussie Open wins to bring the AEW belts to NJPW events as they take on like Goto & Hashi.

And of course, a great main event from Shida and Ruby. Seems a little silly to set up Ruby as a contender, wouldn’t that just end up in a Finger Poke of Doom situation with Saraya? Which therefore meant Shida was winning. Saraya VS Shida for this Title Tuesday Dynamite is going to be good stuff, but something makes me feel like Ruby is just gonna help Saraya retain. And not to be mean to Shida, but if she’s already a two-time champ, I don’t see her becoming three-time so soon. Why not get Shida in on the TBS Championship story? Britt Baker wants to be the first to have held both titles in AEW, but Shida should want that distinction, too. Then that lets us have Britt VS Shida as we should’ve gotten by now given everything else we’ve been seeing lately.

My Score: 8.7/10

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