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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Report! (8/9/21)

Three rounds in three days!



NJPW Summer Struggle 2021

The Cutest Tag Team is on a roll!

It’s round three of the Super Junior Tag League, and well, it was bound to happen. Bullet Club VS Bullet Club! But Bullet Club will be fine, right? Right?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori VS Gedo & Dick Togo; ELP & Ishimori win.
  • Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles VS El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles win.
  • Roppongi 3K VS Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato; Taguchi & Wato win.


Here are the current Super Junior Tag League standings:

El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori: 2-0, 4 points
El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-0, 4 points
Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles: 2-0, 4 points
Gedo & Dick Togo: 0-2, 0 points
Roppongi 3K: 0-2, 0 points
Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato: 0-2, 0 points


El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori VS Gedo & Dick Togo!

Well there aren’t any shenanigans about this match happening, the round robin brings about all match-ups. But will the Headbanger and Bone Soldier Reborn be able to stay friendly with their Bullet Club buds?

Actually, as the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions enter the ring, they try to say hey to Gedo and Dick but Gedo and Dick tell them to take this seriously and go to their corner. ELP and Taiji shrug and back away to the red while Gedo and Dick have blue. The ref checks everyone, Bullet Club all looks at each other, and they decide to talk this out. Gedo points out, as everyone knows, ELP & Taiji are undefeated 2-0 already. That’s great for ELP & Taiji, everyone applauds. Bullet Club wants an easy match, and they Low Sweet it out. ELP starts, shakes hands with Dick, and Dick lies down! ELP is surprised, he didn’t think it’d be that easy. He covers, TWO!

Dick sits up and seems surprised with himself! ELP is upset, didn’t they just agree? Dick isn’t sure how to explain it! Just natural instinct, perhaps? He tags to Gedo and Gedo promises this’ll go how they said. Gedo lies down, ELP covers, but Dick breaks it?! They’re all upset with him and Gedo defends his tag partner! It was another instinctual move! Gedo talks it over with Dick and Dick says it’s all fine. Okay, then. And they both attack Taiji and ELP! They double whip, the champs duck, and double CLAW! But wait, Dick and Gedo aren’t affected? Oh because they’re still wearing shirts! Gedo and Dick take swings, ELP & Taiji get around, but Gedo and Dick aren’t worried about claws.

Wait, ELP & Taiji reach under the shirts to CLAW bare skin! Dick and Gedo writhe, ELP bumps Dick off buckles, but both he and Taiji put Dick and Gedo into Trees of Woe! ELP & Taiji coordinate, BANG, corner to corner… CROTCH STAND! Fans cheer the moxie as the ref counts. ELP and Taiji let off at the same time, Gedo and Dick fall out of the trees, and the champs Low Sweet. ELP whips Taiji at Gedo to back elbow, then Taiji sets up, HEADBANGER IN MOTION! Cover, TWO! ELP keeps cool and drags Gedo up to wrench and wristlock. Tag to Taiji and he hops up, to leap and CLAW! Gedo falls over and Taiji CLAWS Gedo again!

Gedo crawls, Taiji stalks after him, and Gedo wants mercy! But then he suckers Taiji in and throws him out! ELP gets in but the ref keeps him back, and Dick goes after Taiji! Dick chokes Taiji against the railing then CLAWS him in return! Taiji writhes from the receipt, and Dick CLAWS him again! Seems Gedo CLAWED ELP, too! Dick tags in and distracts the ref because Gedo sets up something with his belt! Gedo LASHES Taiji! And again! Gedo dares Taiji to get up, then stalks him along the way. The ref has Gedo stay back a moment, but Gedo gets Taiji in the ring for Dick to cover, TWO! Fans rally up though reluctantly for ELP & Taiji. Taiji throws body shots but Dick CLUBS him down!

Dick clamps on with a chinlock and bends Taiji back. Dick jumps for a fist drop then covers, TWO! Dick tags in Gedo, they get Taiji up and mock ELP before they CLAW Taiji! ELP rushes in but Gedo gets around to CLAW him, too! Taiji and ELP are both writhing on the mat and Gedo grins. The fans rally but Gedo CLAWS ELP again! ELP writhes his way out of the ring, Gedo tags Dick and they have Taiji isolated. Dick climbs and slashes the throat, to leap and CLAW! Fans do cheer they audacity of Dick and Gedo to copy the Cutest Tag Team. Dick puts Taiji in a corner and throws hands! Dick taunts ELP as he whips Taiji corner to corner. Dick runs in but into a boot!

Dick runs back in, Taiji stops him with a headscissor to ax kick! Dick staggers, comes back again, but Taiji drop toeholds Dick into buckles! Both men are down and fans rally up. Taiji crawls and tags in ELP! ELP shows fist but Dick wants him to wait. Dick tries a sucker punch but ELP counter punches, and counter punches, and counter punches! ELP whips, Dick reverses but ELP hits flying forearms! ELP kips up, Gedo runs in but into an atomic drop! ELP mocks Gedo and reels him in for another atomic drop! Dick gets back in, ELP dodges and springboards to crossbody! Cover, TWO! ELP handsprings and LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!

ELP keeps going and DIVES to take out Gedo! ELP gets back to the ring and springboards to SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dick survives again and fans fire up! ELP gets his foot going. Wait, is he “locked and loaded?” ELP aims, Dick gets up, but Dick blocks the superkick to poke ELP in the eye and roll him up! TWO, but into the CROSSFACE! ELP endures, crawls, reaches, but Dick rolls him from ropes! But ELP slips out to get the ANKLE LOCK! Dick scrambles, rolls but ELP rolls through the throw. Things speed up, both men duck and dodge but DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take them both down! Fans rally up as ELP and Dick crawl!

Hot tags to Taiji and Gedo! Gedo knocks Taiji over, whips him to a corner, but Taiji slips out to the apron. Taiji slides in, out, shoulders Gedo then springboards to SEATED SENTON! Fans fire up as Taiji whips but Gedo reverses. NEURALIZER from Bone Soldier! Taiji gets the arm, roll into omoplata and then the YES LCOK! Dick stomps Taiji but ELP CLUBS Dick! ELP throws Dick out, Dick hits back, and Gedo JAWBREAKERS Taiji! Gedo SUPERKICKS Taiji down! Cover, TWO! The fans rally as Gedo scurries to get the brass knuckles! The ref sees those, stops Gedo, but Dick has the SPOILER CHOKER! Taiji endures, ELP gets in and RAKES Dick’s eyes!

ELP mule kicks Gedo and shoves him into the ref! ELP slides Taiji one of the title belts! ELP PLANCHAS Dick down as Taiji takes aim! Gedo begs for mercy again but Taiji just pulls a Latino Heat! He gives Gedo the belt and acts like GEDO hit HIM with it! The ref sees Gedo, Gedo defends his innocence, but Taiji rolls Gedo up! TWO, and Taiji baits Gedo into a sunset flip! High stack, with the ropes! But the ref sees that! The ref reprimands, Taiji keeps his feet on the ropes, so the ref KICKS the rope! Taiji falls down but gets up in a huff about the count! Gedo slithers up to roll Taiji! TWO, INTO YES LOCK! Gedo flails, reaches, but Taiji rolls him from ropes.

Taiji gets Gedo up for BLOOD- NO! Gedo slips out pokes Taiji in the eye! Gedo whips Taiji into the ref! Atomic LOW BLOW! And then, GEDO CLUTCH!! But ELP breaks it with SUDDEN DEATH!! Taiji covers, the tag champs win!!

Winners: Taiji Ishimori & El Phantasmo, by pinfall

Okay okay wait! Yes, Gedo and Dick tried to cheat just as always, but is the mysterious item supposedly not in ELP’s boot… back inside the boot? Well, Dick doesn’t like any of this, but Bullet Club’s Cutest Tag Team are a strong 3-0 in the round robin! Is there any stopping their Super Junior Tag run?


Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles VS El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

Two teams, undefeated at 2-0, but only ONE can stay at the top with El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori! Will the Sniper of the Skies shoot the Rogue Luchador down, just as he did to take the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship? Or will not even two natural predators stop Desperado and the Heel Master?

Speaking of that title, Eagles shows it off but Desperado shrugs it off. The teams sort out, Eagles and Desperado start to give us a partial rematch from Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo. The bell rings and the two circle. Desperado seems to talk trash as he goes, but then Kanemaru gets in to kick Eagles down! Desperado DECKS Tiger, then he and Kanemaru stomp Eagles more. They double whip Eagles to a corner, Kanemaru runs in but misses, and Eagles RANAS Desperado! Kanemaru comes back to kick Eagles, run, but into a dropkick! Eagles fire sup and hip tosses Desperado down! Fans fire up as Eagles roars more.

Eagles stomps Desperado, tags Tiger Mask, and Tiger stomps Desperado around. Desperado keeps getting up but Tiger keeps stomping him down. Desperado gets to ropes, Tiger steps back, and Desperado gets to his feet. They circle, Tiger kicks a leg, then kicks it again and again. Desperado falls, Tiger gets him up and KICKS his leg again! Desperado hobbles, Tiger KICKS his leg out from under him! Tiger drags Desperado by the leg, turns him and gets the HALF CRAB! Desperado endures, reaches, crawls, and gets the ropebreak! Tiger lets go fast, then stomps the bad leg. Tag to Eagles, and Eagles clubs Desperado down. Eagles runs to DECK Kanemaru, then goes back to Desperado.

Eagles fires forearms and CHOPS in a corner, then wrenches Desperado to whip corner to corner. Eagles runs in, Desperado puts him on the apron Eagles blocks, ROCKS and jumps but Kanemaru trips him up! Desperado sucker punches Tiger as Kanemaru gets Eagles up. Kanemaru whips Eagles hard into railing! Kanemaru clubs Eagles down, Desperado POSTS Tiger, and the ref reprimands Suzuki-Gun but can’t get them to stop. Kanemaru puts Eagles back in, Desperado hobbles over and tags Kanemaru. SHINBREAKER to SHOTGUN DROPKICK to the leg! Eagles writhes, Kanemaru gets the leg and turns him, for a HALF CRAB!

Now Eagles endures, crawls and reaches for the ropebreak! Kanemaru lets go to stomp Eagle sin the corner. Kanemaru drags Eagles by the leg, turns him over and SMASHES the knee into the mat! Tag to Desperado, he drags Eagles around to YANK the leg! Eagles crawls but Desperado keeps him from Tiger Mask. Fans rally up but Desperado DECKS Tiger for good measure! Desperado stomps Eagles, drags him around and bumps him off Kanemaru’s boot. Eagles falls, tag to Kanemaru, and Kanemaru covers with a hand in Eagles’ face! TWO, Kanemaru tries again, TWO, and Kanemaru tries again, TWO!

Kanemaru stomps Eagles at the ropes, Eagles hits back but Kanemaru stomps him down. Fans rally as Eagles hits back again, but Desperado drags Eagles to the apron! Desperado SLAMS the bad leg on the edge! The ref reprimands but Kanemaru whips Eagles and dropkicks his leg out! Cover, TWO! Kanemaru keeps on Eagles with a motorcycle stretch. Fans rally as Eagles endures the knee in his back. Tiger gets in but Desperado kicks him and hooks the arms! DOUBLE MOTORCYCLES! Tiger and Eagles fight up, and DOUBLE SOMERSAULT DROPKICK! Suzuki-Gun is down, Tiger hurries back to the corner! Eagles crawls over, but Desperado trips Tiger to stop the tag!

Kanemaru stalks Eagles, kicks out the bad leg, then drags Eagles up to whip into Desperado’s boot! Tag to Desperado, he mocks Tiger Mask, but the ref keeps Tiger back. That allows Kanemaru to drag Eagles to the apron and elbow away on the bad leg! Tiger stands down, Desperado drags Eagles to a cover, TWO! Fans still rally for Eagles as he grits his teeth. Desperado gets Eagles up but Eagles blocks the whip by holding ropes. Desperado rakes Eagles’ eye but Eagles uses the whip to go up and around! But Desperado blocks the arm-drag! Desperado yanks Eagles up and DECKS him with a right! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Desperado paces. Desperado taunts Tiger again, whips Eagles but Eagles reverse to wrench and WHEEL KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up, hot tag to Tiger Mask! Tiger goes up top to CROSSBODY! Direct hit but Tiger keeps moving! Kick, sobat and ROUNDHOUSE! Desperado is down in the corner and fans cheer on the living legend! Tiger Mask gets Desperado up, underhooks, but Desperado blocks the Tiger Driver. Tiger gets around to crucifix to DISARMER! Kanemaru gets in and kicks Tiger off the hold! Kanemaru stomps Tiger more, then drags Tiger up. Suzuki-Gun double whips but Tiger ducks the line, shoving Desperado into Kanemaru!

Tiger tilt-o-whirls around Desperado to crucifix takedown into ghost pin, TWO!! Tiger kicks and stomps Desperado, then runs, but Tiger dodges the dropkick to stomp away on Tiger! Desperado grabs at a leg but gets dragged down to an ARMBAR! Desperado flails, reaches around, scrambles about, and gets a ropebreak with a foot! Tiger lets go quickly and drags Desperado up for forearms. Fans rally and Tiger runs, Desperado gets him up! Tiger fights off the spinebuster, but rushes into a BIG back suplex! Both men are down and the fans rally up! Desperado tags Kanemaru and Kanemaru runs in to BOOT Tiger in a corner!

Kanemaru snapmares, runs and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Kanemaru keeps his focus as he stomps Tiger more and more. Kanemaru runs again but into a sobat! Tiger runs in but Kanemaru blocks the kick, only to get the spinning mule kick! Again, both men are down but the fans fire up! Hot tag to Eagles! Eagles manages to run corner to corner for DOUBLE KNEES! And then he rolls back, only to run into Kanemaru’s boot! But Eagles comes back again, basement Tiger Feint to sweep the legs! Kanemaru sits down, Eagles hits the METEORA! Cover, TWO! Kanemaru survives but fans rally for Eagles as he steps through.

Kanemaru kicks Eagles off the leg hold but Eagles KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Eagles runs, but Kanemaru dropkicks the legs out again! SHINBREAKER! And another dropkick to the legs! Both men are down but Kanemaru keeps Eagles anchored. Kanemaru steps through to FIGURE FOUR! Desperado keeps Tiger on the outside as Eagles endures! Eagles shouts, reaches, comes really close, but he scrambles and thrashes to move around! Eagles reaches, crawls, ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru lets Eagles go but Desperado mugs Tiger more. Kanemaru gets Eagles up for a scoop and BRITISH FALL! Cover, TWO!

Fans are thunderous as Kanemaru goes to a corner and climbs. Kanemaru aims, leaps, Eagles avoids Deep Impact! Kanemaru hobbles, ROLLING CHOP BLOCK and BLINDSIDE LARIAT from Eagles! Tiger RAMS Desperado into railing! Fans rally up while both men are down. Eagles crawls to ropes then goes to the apron. Eagles aims as Kanemaru rises, springboard missile dropkick to the legs! Eagles vows to end it, he rolls Kanemaru to his feet and brings him in, TURBO BACKPACK- VICTORY ROLL!? TWO!! Eagles sobats high and hard, then cravats again, but Desperado gets in! Kanemaru shoves Eagles to Desperado, SHOTGUN DROPKICK BACK SUPLEX COMBO!

Desperado goes bac out after Tiger Mask but Tiger hits first! Fans rally up as Kanemaru and Eagles stir. Kanemaru crawls to a cover, TWO! Eagles is still in this but Kanemaru drags him up. Kanemaru suplexes but Eagles slips out to spin, ROUNDHOUSE, SUPERKICK and PELE!! Tiger Mask gets in to underhook Kanemaru, TIGER DRIVER! Eagles takes the cover with a jackknife bridge, but Desperado breaks it! Tiger kicks Desperado but Desperado rakes eyes. Desperado runs, into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Eagles GAMANGIRIS Desperado out! Eagles goes to a corner, Tiger builds speed to DIVE!

Desperado’s down, Eagles 450 SPLASH to the legs! RON MILLER SPECIAL!!! Kanemaru reaches, but TAPS! #FlyingTigers win!!

Winners: Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles, by pinfall

The legend and the champion are the other undefeated duo! Will Suzuki-Gun’s confidence take a hit with so much SJTL still left to go?


Roppongi 3K VS Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato!

To everyone’s shock, Sho & Yoh are 0-2 to start Super Junior Tag League. Is it the words of Desperado and El Phantasmo echoing in their heads? Is it the other interests in life distracting them? Or is it that no team, no matter how great, can maintain such High Voltage forever? Will RPG3K get that Direct Drive back? Or will the answer to all that and more be #SixOrNine?

The teams sort out, Yoh starts with Taguchi and the fans rally up. “R P G!” “TA GU CHI!” Yoh and Taguchi circle slowly, then approach. They feel things out, Yoh being the aggressor. They tie up, Taguchi gets a leg, Yoh floats to a waistlock but Taguchi floating back. Yoh gets an arm, Taguchi keeps moving to get a leg pick. Yoh avoids a cover, rolls Taguchi but Taguchi body scissors to block. Yoh gets through to mount but Taguchi pushes him off, and the fans cheer this exchange. The two go again, Yoh getting a leg and trip to a toehold. Taguchi reaches forward, hooks Yoh with a leg, but Yoh clasps hands to resist the armbar. Taguchi shifts to a short-arm scissor!

Yoh rolls, turns Taguchi, facelocks, but Taguchi slips out to facelock back. Yoh gets away and the fans cheer this new exchange. Taguchi and Yoh back off to tag Wato and Sho. They circle, feel things out, give testing kicks, but then Wato swings big. Sho stays away and the two go again. They knuckle lock but Sho avoids another kick. Sho kicks but Wato walks it off to kick back. Wato kicks, KICKS, but Sho kicks back! Sho KICKS but Wato eggs him on. Things speed up, Wato back elbows, back hands and sobats Sho down! Wato stomps Sho, gets him up and whips him to ropes. Sho reverses, Yoh gets in, RPG3K drop toehold to basement dropkick! DOUBLE DROPKICKS for Taguchi!

Fans fire up, Sho goes after Wato in the corner. Sho wrenches an arm, digs his elbow into the shoulder, then CLUBS Wato in the bicep! Wato staggers to ropes, Sho wrenches the arm again and tags Yoh. RPG3K mug Wato, Yoh snapmares Wato then chinlocks. Wato endures the knee in his back but Yoh elbows him in the head! Cover, TWO! Yoh keeps cool while he stays between Wato and Taguchi. Yoh gets Wato up, wrenches an arm and whips. Wato reverses and GAMANGIRIS Yoh down! Wato tags Taguchi and Taguchi knocks Sho down. Wato and Taguchi coordinate, Wato whips Yoh at Taguchi in the corner, bumping him off the butt! And again!

Taguchi turns around to FLYING SEATED SENTON! Cover, TWO! Taguchi drags Yoh up to clamp on a chinlock and grind a knee into the back. Yoh endures, Sho coaches him but Taguchi turns Yoh over. Sho stomps Taguchi, Wato kicks Sho and throws him out! Taguchi gets Yoh up, bumps him off Wato’s boot, then Wato tags in. #SixOrNine double whip, double drop toehold and double basement dropkick! Fans fire up with the combo and Wato covers, TWO! Wato gets Yoh up, CLUBS him on the back, then puts him in a corner. Wato CHOPS, follows and whips Yoh to ropes to elbow him down! Cover, ONE! Yoh is tougher than that but Wato drags him away.

Taguchi tags in, #SixOrNine mugs Yoh, then Taguchi has a rather high camel clutch. Taguchi gets an arm for a half straitjacket variant but Sho gets in to kick Taguchi. Taguchi throws Sho back out and Sho gets mad. Taguchi drops down on Yoh again and again, then slingshots out then in for a senton butt-omico! Cover, TWO! Tag to Wato, Taguchi baseball slides Sho down and Wato stomps Yoh. Wato bumps Yoh off buckles, #SixOrNine double whip corner to corner, Taguchi runs in but misses! Yoh DECKS Wato, but turns around into a HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up as Wato anchors Yoh! Yoh reaches for Sho, ENZIGURIS Wato away, and scrambles, hot tag to Sho!

High Voltage rallies on the Grandmaster! Atomic drop for the Funky Weapon, and Sho runs Taguchi over! Wato’s kick is blocked and Sho ROCKS Wato to then run him over with a shoulder! Fans fire up with Sho as he stomps about. Wato rises, Sho aims, Sho KICKS Wato down! Cover, TWO, KIMURA! Sho cranks on the double wristllock but Wato scrambles around, ropebreak! Red Shoes counts, Sho lets off fast, but he drags Wato up. Sho wrenches an arm, kicks, KICKS and KICKS- NO! Wato blocks that one, to CLUB the leg and ROCK Sho with a forearm! Sho staggers but comes bck to ROCK Wato! Wato hits back, Sho hits again, we have a forearm brawl!

Sho forearms Wato, Wato forearms back! Sho forearms, Wato forearms, repeat! Fasn rally up as they go faster and faster! Sho gets the edge, ROCKS Wato then runs, but Wato elbows him! Wato runs but into Sho’s elbow. Sho fires off boxing elbows, then powers up and runs, into a CALF KICK! Both men are down and fans fire back up! Wato crawls, hot tag to Taguchi! Taguchi hip attacks Yoh down, and RPG3K end up on opposite ends! All aboard the hip train! HIP ATTACK for Yoh! HIP ATTACK for Sho! Back to Yoh! Slide and APRON HIP ATTACK for Sho! Fans fire up with Taguchi now as he aims from the apron. MISSILE HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO!

Taguchi gets Sho’s leg, OH MAH GAH ANKLE! Sho rolls and kick Taguchi waay, things speed up, HIP- NO! Sho catches Taguchi but Taguchi fights the waistlock. Taguchi runs in place and Sho falls for it, HIP ATTACK! Taguchi “moonwalks” into the cover, TWO! Fans rally up again, “R P G!” “TA GU CHI!” Taguchi snap suplexes, uno amigo! Dos amigos! And THREE- NO, Sho fights that and tries to suplex Taguchi! Taguchi resists but fans rally up. Sho powers through to suplex Taguchi! Sho crawls for his corner, hot tag to Yoh! Yoh runs to DECK Wato, then runs at Taguchi to back elbow! And NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Yoh grits his teeth, determined to end this! Yoh gets Taguchi up, reels him in, suplex, but Taguchi slips out to kick and run. Yoh ATOMIC DROPS the hip attack, then full nelsons! Taguchi fights that, and fights the waistlock lift, to drop toehold Yoh to OH MAH GAH ANKLE!! Yoh scrambles around as he endures the hold, and he reaches out for ropes in all directions! Yoh hops but Taguchi reels him in! Double chicken wings, but Yoh backs Taguchi into a corner! Sho runs in as Yoh gets free, clothesline! Sho is the step stool for RPG IN MOTION! Then suplex to Canadian rack, but Taguchi slips off! Taguchi shoves Sho into Yoh, runs, but into DOUBLE KNEES!

Sho DECKS Wato, fans fire up and RPG3K gets Taguchi up! BACKSTABBER to SHOTGUN BOOT! The energy is rising and RPG3K watches Taguchi. Taguchi stands, turns around, THREE- HIP ATTACK?! Taguchi dodges Sho to ENZIGURI him down! Everyone is down and Shof lops out of the ring! Taguchi crawls to his corner, hot tag to Wato! Springboard FLYING UPPERCUT! Wato fires up and builds speed to TOR- No, Yoh moves! So Wato changes direction to FLY over the corner post!! Direct hit on Direct Drive and Wato gets Yoh in the ring! Wato stands Yoh up, reels him in, MOUSE- No, Yoh fights the driver and feeds to Sho’s LARIAT!

Taguchi HIP ATTACKS Sho! Yoh DROPKICKS Taguchi! Wato BOOTS Yoh down!! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down in the ring! Red Shoes checks them all and they’re all okay to continue. Sho and Taguchi bail out, leaving Wato and Yoh alone as they rise up. Wato throws a forearm from the mat, but so does Yoh. They stand, Wato forearms Yoh, Yoh forearms back! Wato forearms and Yoh drops to a knee! But Yoh gets up to fire off forearms and uppercuts! Wato BOOTS, Yoh rebounds to ROLLING ELBOW! Wato stays up!? But Yoh blocks his kick, only for Wato to dodge his clothesline! ROUNDHOUSE!

But Yoh kips up?! SUPERKICK to SNAP GERMAN! Bridging cover, Taguchi breaks it!! Sho gets Taguchi and throws him out, then follows! From the apron, Sho PENALTY KICKS Taguchi down! Sho shouts to Yoh and Yoh fires up! Fans are thunderous again as Yoh gets Wato up! Underhooks, lift, but Wato flips out to sobat! Front kick! DREAMCAST KICK!! Cover, TWO!?! Yoh survives and Wato can’t believe it! Red shoes that was fair and the fans are electric! Wato reels Yoh in, MOUSE TRAP DRIVER!! Cover, SHO BREAKS IT!! RPG3K refuses to lose here! Sho fires off forearms, runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Taguchi is here, BUM-A-YE!!

Wato and Taguchi fire up and coordinate! Wato is outside, Taguchi inside, they go at Yoh in the corner, GAMANGIRI SANDWICH! Chicken wings to DODON BUSTER!! Wato’s up top, R P P!!! Cover, SIX OR NINE WIN!!??

Winners: Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato, by pinfall

Incredible! Inconceivable! Insane, even! The three-time Super Junior Tag League winners are three losses deep in just the first three rounds! What in the world IS the reason for this? But at the same time, the eclectic duo of Funky Weapon and Grandmaster are finally on the board! With that, Wato gets on the mic. “Sho-san, Yoh-san, I can’t say with this win that I am better than you. But today, I’m happy we won.” Fans cheer both the showing of respect and the humility in victory.

Wato continues to say that they lost the first two, but from here on out, #OneOrEight- Or, no, they were that but now they’re #SixOrNine… “We will win this Super Junior Tag League.” Fans cheer and he continues. “Over the next two rounds, I want us two to link up… And win. I will be, the Grand Master.” Well, odd word choice aside (perhaps Taguchi is a bad influence?), Taguchi and Wato are no longer stagnant! Can they ride this wave of momentum and come out the ones on top?


Here are the NEW Super Junior Tag League standings:

El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori: 3-0, 6 points
Tiger Mask & Robbie Eagles: 3-0, 6 points
El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-1, 4 points
Ryusuke Taguchi & Master Wato: 1-2, 2 points
Gedo & Dick Togo: 0-3, 0 points [ELIMINATED]
Roppongi 3K: 0-3, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

Another great round for the Super Junior Tag League, hitting each combination perfectly (undefeated VS winless, two undefeated teams, and two winless teams). I knew that somehow, someway, the “Finger Poke of Doom,” “lie down for me, brother” stuff in Bullet Club was going to cause problems. There are a lot of subtle details to it, as well. When Yujiro Takahashi wouldn’t just lie down for Jay White, Jay White accused it being Evil’s influence. Dick Togo, Evil’s sidekick, was the one acting up to start this match. Granted, Gedo got on board with Dick, but he does have his pride, too. The whole thing was great and I’ve never seen so much back clawing happen in one match. Also, just as I wondered yesterday, ELP did use Sudden Death today, further feeding into overarching story of “What’s in the boot?!” Somedays he has it in the boot, somedays he doesn’t.

Desperado & Kanemaru VS #FlyingTigers was also great stuff, and Eagles making Kanemaru tap was the result they could give us to keep Junior Heavyweight singles division math even. Eagles couldn’t take the loss, they didn’t want someone having a shortcut to a title match. Tiger couldn’t pin someone, NJPW legends make sure younger talent looks strong. But at the same time, Tiger couldn’t be pinned, because that’d make someone look too strong. And with Eagles VS Desperado the likely plan for said singles title, Kanemaru takes the fall. But Kanemaru also got the last two decisions for his team, his momentum could take it.

And the RPG3K story is spot on right now. Their match with Taguchi and Wato was perfect main event material, probably best match of the 2021 SJTL so far because of both the level of action and the story behind it. RPG3K was fighting so strongly and so desperately because they were already down 0-2, and with this being the halfway point, it was already do or die. Of course, the same was true for #SixOrNine, they were also 0-2. But there was the pressure of being the three-peat winners and wanting to be a fourth that was heightening everything for RPG3K, that’s what really turned everything up. Now RPG3K are mathematically out of the running for the finals, and their attitudes tomorrow in round 4 will be very telling in both SJTL and as a team overall.

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Battle of the Belts Results & Report! (4/13/24)

Rumble, bad man, rumble!



The tenth edition goes the X-tra mile!

Battle of the Belts returns, and to settle the score from Dynamite’s Six Man Tag, Hook puts up his FTW Championship against Shane Taylor!


  • FTW Championship: Hook VS Shane Taylor; Hook wins and retains the title.
  • AEW International Championship Eliminator: Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Rocky Romero; Strong wins and denies Rocky a title match.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena w/ Billie Starkz VS Red Velvet; Athena wins and retains the title.


AEW Collision bleeds over a bit.

Bryan Danielson is still down on the ramp after Konosuke Takeshita’s Brainbuster and the medics check him. The battle with Will Ospreay at Dynasty is still in the books, but what condition will Bryan be in?


Backstage interview with Hook and Katsuyori Shibata.

Lexi Nari is with the FTW Champion and The Wrestler, and notes we saw Hook make the save for Shibata during Collision against Shane Taylor Promotions. At the same time, Hook is about to face Shane Taylor himself with the FTW title on the line. Knowing what Shane’s capable of, what is Hook’s strategy going into that match? Shibata uses his voice-to-text translator say, “Pardon the interruption… Hook, I’ll have your back tonight.” Hook appreciates that, but even knowing what Shane’s capable of, Hook’s got his own way of handling this. Shibata says bet, and Hook gives him the fist bump.

FTW Championship: Hook VS Shane Taylor w/ Anthony Ogogo!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil knows he’s up against a bad, bad man, but this is FTW Rules! Everyone who fights for this title is a bad, bad man, so will Hook prove he’s the baddest? Or will Shane #SendHook back to New York without his gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who’s really the biggest badass in AEW!

The bell rings, the two circle, and they feel things out. Shane swings, Hook dodges to fire off fast hands and forearms! The fans fire up behind Hook but Shane shoves him away. Hook ducks the haymaker, waistlocks, but Shane fights with elbows. Shane swings again, but Hook gets under! Shane CLUBS the Camino down, then whips. Hook holds ropes, then DUMPS Shane out! Shane tumbles to the floor, Hook pursues, and Hook SMACKS Shane off railing! Hook SMACKS Shane off steel steps, then has Shane sit in a corner. Hook rains down fists, then lets off to revel in the cheers. Hook throws knees again and again, then CLUBS Shane again.

Shane staggers along railing, but Hook puts him in the ring. The fans cheer again, Hook storms in, but Shane JABS! JABS! And BODY SHOTS! Hook falls, sputters, and the ref has Shane stay back to check. That could’ve been a liver shot but Shane hauls Hook up. Shane CHOPS Hook in the career, and Hook sputters as he goes along ropes. Shane taunts Hook, puts him in a corner, and CHOPS again! Hook staggers to another corner, Shane taunts him, “I thought you were the man!” Shane BODY BLOWS again and Hook coughs. Hook fires hands in return, backs Shane down, then reels Shane in! Shane’s too big for the suplex, though!

Shane shoves Hook, and BODY BLOWS! Hook falls to the mat, but Shane drags him back up. Shane HEADBUTTS Hook, Hook is dazed, and Shane says he thought Hook was a killer. Shane says to bow down to the killer that’s badder! Shane CHOPS Hook, suplexes him, and hangs him out to dry! Hook sputters and falls, Shane soaks up heat, and Battle of the Belts goes picture in picture.

Shane drags Hook up, TOSSES him out, then goes out to bring Hook up. Shane whips Hook hard into steel steps! Hook writhes, Shane storms around, then Shane drags Hook up. Shane makes Hook take a seat in a corner, then runs up to KNEE Hook against railing! Hook falls over, but he’s somehow still conscious! Shane drags Hook up and hangs him out to dry on the railing! Hook sputters and falls to the floor, and Shane talks more trash. Shane drags Hook up, puts him in the ring, and BOTB returns to single picture. Shane has Hook on the apron, for the APRON LEG DROP! Hook sputters more while Shane seethes.

Shane storms in, talks trash on the fans, then soaks up the heat. Shane drags Hook up, puts him in the corner, and BODY SHOTS! BODY SHOT! HAYMAKER! Hook slumps down in the corner but the fans rally up. Shane waits on Hook, Hook says he’s still in this! Shane stands Hook up to BODY SHOT, BODY SHOT and BODY SHOT! Then Shane ROCKS Hook again, again, and AGAIN! Hook flops back down while Shane storms around. The ref checks with Hook, Shane says to call it already! Hook says no, he’s still in this! Shane drags Hook up, tells Hook to quit or he gets send home in a body bag!

The fans boo as Shane whips corner to corner, hard! Hook sputters, Shane runs in, but Hook dodges! Shane hits buckles, Hook hurries to waistlock! Shane fights the grip, then ROCKS Hook! Hook ROCKS Shane back! And ROCKS him again and again! The fans fire up as Hook fires more shots! Hook runs to LARAIT! Shane stays up, Hook LARIATS again! Hook runs, ducks the haymaker, and GERMAN SUPLEXES!! Shane staggers up in a daze, and Hook clinches to EXPLODER!! Hook covers, TWO!! Shane is still tougher than that and Hook is beside himself! Hook runs up in the corner, but into an URENAGE!

Shane drags Hook into the drop zone, goes up the corner, and he SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO?!? Hook survives and shocks Shane! Shane storms around, the fans rally up, and Shane drags Hook up. Shane slaps Hook around, then winds up, but Hook dodges! And dodges! REDRUM!! Shane is caught, he flails around, but then he fights up! Shane RAMS Hook into buckles, but Hook still holds on! Shane RAMS Hook in again, but Hook still has his hooks in! BACKPACK SENTON!! Shane is free, but then Hook springs up, REDRUM!! He even traps the arms!! Shane flails, reaches out, but he’s fading! Shane’s OUT, Hook wins!!

Winner: Hook, by submission (still FTW Champion)

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil does it again! He takes damage and finds a way to win! But now, will he have that face to face meeting with Chris Jericho this Wednesday Night Dynamite?


Backstage interview with Rocky Romero.

Lexi is with Azucar as he is just moments away from his Title Eliminator match for the International Championship. However, Lexi wants to know if he knows what’s going on with Best Friends. Rocky says Chuck, Trent and Orange Cassidy are like brothers to him, and yet he has no idea what’s going on there. But right now, he can’t really worry about that, he has to focus on the match with Roderick Strong. When Rocky wins, he’ll be one step closer to fulfilling his destiny of becoming International Champion. Kyle O’Reilly pops in, wishes Rocky luck, and then heads back out. Will Azucar be able to get one over on the Savior of the Backbreaker? Or will he just end up broken?


AEW International Championship Eliminator: Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Rocky Romero!

While Azucar is confident, it was just last night on Rampage that Roddy took offense to him and Kyle O’Reilly even thinking there was a chance this match doesn’t go The Undisputed Kingdom’s way. Will Roddy prove them all wrong by crossing Rocky off the list? Or is this were The Kingdom starts to crumble?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans are behind Rocky as he and Roddy tie up. Rocky waistlocks, Roddy wrenches to wristlock, but Rocky rolls, wrenches and wristlocks back. Roddy tries to pull hair but Rocky twists the wrist. Roddy pulls on Rocky’s ear to have the headlock and takeover. Rocky fights up, pops out the back, and then steps over. Rocky hooks an arm but Roddy fights off the takedown to hip toss and cover. ONE, but Roddy facelocks. Rocky fights up, pries at the hold, but Roddy holds on tight. Rocky still fights his way out of the hold, wristlocks and wrenches again, then YANKS the arm.

Roddy ROCKS Rocky then CHOPS him! Roddy whips, Rocky slides under then ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! The fans fire up as Rocky then wrenches Roddy and goes up a corner. Rocky FLYING KNEE DROPS right on the arm! The fans cheer the Latino Heat and Rocky goes back to the corner. Rocky CHOPS Roddy, Roddy CHOPS back! Rocky CHOPS, Roddy kicks low! Roddy CLUBS Rocky, ROCKS him, then reels Rocky in for a BACKBREAKER! Rocky writhes but Roddy covers, TWO! Roddy and The Kingdom talk trash, Roddy swings but Rocky dodges! Rocky CHOPS and then stomps away on Roddy!

Rocky digs his boot in, lets off as the ref counts, then stands Roddy up. Rocky snapmares and runs to basement dropkick! Roddy flounders, Rocky covers, ONE!! Rocky keeps one eye on The Kingdom, then he brings Roddy around. UPPERCUT and Roddy staggers. Roddy BOOTS, whips, but Rocky goes Spiderman! Rocky then dodges Roddy and sends him tumbling out! Rocky goes out to PENALTY KICK from the apron! Rocky leaps to DIVING STOMP! Roddy writhes, Rocky gives more Latino Heat, and BOTB goes picture in picture.

Rocky tells The Kingdom to back off, and so does the ref. Taven mocks Rocky’s Latino Heat, but Rocky puts Roddy in the ring. Rocky storms up on Roddy to KICK his leg! Roddy hobbles to a corner, Rocky CHOPS him and then follows him. Rocky ROCKS Roddy, ROCKS him again, but Roddy bails out. Rocky goes after Roddy on the apron, but Roddy lifts! Rocky fights that to then elbow Roddy! But Rocky has to watch out for The Kingdom lurking! Roddy BOOTS Rocky, then POSTS him! Rocky falls to the floor, Roddy hops down and he drags Rocky up. Roddy gives Rocky a RAILING BACKBREAKER! Rocky writhes, The Kingdom mocks him more, and Roddy drags Rocky up.

Roddy puts Rocky in the ring, stomps Rocky around, then drags him up to CHOP! Rocky staggers to a corner, Roddy storms up on him, and then DECKS him! Roddy soaks up the heat, then he digs his boots into Rocky! The ref counts, Roddy lets off at 4, but just switches feet! The ref counts more, Roddy steps away, and Rocky sputters along the ropes. Roddy gets Rocky up but Rocky ROCKS him first! And again! Roddy hits back, Rocky CHOPS, and CHOPS! Rocky runs, but Roddy blocks the Rana to make it a POWER BREAKER! Rocky writhes, Roddy covers, TWO! Roddy clamps onto Rocky with a motorcycle stretch!

Rocky endures as Roddy digs knee into Rocky’s back. Rocky fights up, moves around, but Roddy knees him low! Roddy scoops Rocky to RAM him into buckles! Then OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! Cover, TWO! Rocky is still in this but Roddy stays on Rocky with stomps. Roddy stomps and stomps as BOTB returns to single picture. Roddy goes back to the motorcycle stretch but the fans rally again. Rocky fights up, fights back, and he KICKS Roddy’s leg! And KICKS! Roddy CLUBS Rocky, eggs Rocky on, but Rocky roars! Rocky fires forearms, then UPPERCUTS! Roddy wobbles, Rocky KICKS and KICKS and SOBATS!

Rocky CHOPS, whips, but Roddy reverses. Rocky reverses back to kick, but Roddy ducks the enzigiri! Rocky REWIND HEEL KICKS! Roddy flops out of the ring and the fans fire up! Rocky builds speed, fakes Roddy out and DIVES onto Taven! Then Rocky DIVES onto Roddy! Rocky puts Roddy in, runs up, SLICED BREAD! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives but Rocky keeps his cool. Rocky fires forearms in the corner, then winds up! The fans fire up as Rocky runs in, clothesline! Another clothesline! But Roddy follows to RAM Rocky, and CHOP him! And CHOP! And CHOP! Roddy whips, Rocky comes back into the SICK KICK! Cover, TWO!

Roddy is frustrated but he hauls Rocky up. Fireman’s carry, but Rocky fights free! Roddy shoves, lifts again, but Rocky pops up to RANA! The fans fire up as Rocky ducks ‘n’ dodges, tilt-o-whirls and DDTS! Cover, TWO! Roddy survives but Rocky stays focused. The fans rally for Rocky as he stalks Roddy. Roddy RAMS Rocky, gets him up top, and then climbs up after him. Rocky fights with fists and a HEADBUTT! Rocky then cravats, SUPER SLICED BREAD!! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives again and Rocky is beside himself! The Kingdom is also worried, they rally up for Roddy. The fans rally for Rocky as he goes out to the apron.

Rocky climbs but The Kingdom is lurking again. The ref tells them to back off, but Roddy ROCKS Rocky first! Roddy has Rocky up top but Rocky DECKS Roddy! Rocky adjusts, Roddy stands, METE- STRONG KNEE!! Cover, Roddy wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall (denies Rocky Romero a title opportunity)

The Kingdom helps Roddy, whether Roddy will say it that way or not. Kyle is here to celebrate with his friend, but he also checks on his other friend in Rocky. Kyle helps Rocky up to his feet, and wants the fans to give it up for Rocky. But then Wardlow LARIATS Rocky, and The Kingdom stomps away! Kyle has them stop, this isn’t cool! But then Roddy STRONG KNEES Kyle down?!? The fans boo as Roddy tells Kyle that he could do it on his own, but there’s only ONE man that can be International Champion! Kyle made the wrong decision! Roddy’s arrogance just ended his friendship with Kyle, will Kyle make Roddy pay for that?


Backstage interview with Serena Deeb.

Lexi Nair is with the Professor of Professional Wrestling and notes how last week, Serena walked on stage after Yuka Sakazaki’s return victory. Why? Serena says she was sitting in the back, watching that impressive match, and thought to herself that she was watching a great pro-wrestler. Someone that Serena would love to tear it up with. Tonight, the Professor is here on BOTB, but has no championship opportunity. She’s not sweating it, though. Since her return, Serena is undefeated. She checked the rankings, and The Professor is sitting pretty at Number 3! So week by week, she’s climbing her way up to inevitably become champion.

Serena tells Yuka, that was an invitation. To where? Into the Deeb Dojo! Serena will show Yuka that Serena is better, and that she is what she says she is: The Professor of Pro-Wrestling! Serena wants to test herself against the Wrestling Magical Girl, but who will be the one taking a step closer to a title opportunity?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynasty!

After Roddy’s sudden rejection of Kyle O’Reilly, they are now going to battle over the International Championship! It’s the fight neither man wanted, but will Kyle give Roddy payback for what he did with interest?


ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena w/ Billie Starkz VS Red Velvet!

The Fallen Goddess is 49-0 after defeating Hikaru Shida on Supercard of Honor last week, and when she says she’s the Forever Champion, she means that. But will “forever” come to a crashing halt in Kentucky? Or will The Chef be the one getting served an L?

The introductions are made by Lexi Nair, so just a little biased in Athena’s favor. The belt is raised, and here in the main event, we see who is the face of the ROH Women’s Division!

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings and the fans fire up for Athena already. The two circle, tie up, and they go around. They go into a corner, along ropes, then Athena throws Velvet down. Velvet holds on, they roll on the mat with the collar ‘n’ elbow, then they stand up. Athena puts Velvet in a corner, the ref counts, but Athena lets off with a cocky smile. Velvet keeps cool and resets with Athena. They tie up. Velvet wrenches an arm to wristlock, but Athena handsprings and wrenches back. Velvet rolls, kips up, and wrenches back. Velvet headlocks but Athena powers up and out. Velvet runs Athena over, but Athena kips up!

The fans fire up while both women brush themselves off. They reset again, tie up, and Athena headlocks. Velvet powers up and out, but Athena wrenches to whip. Velvet ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls to RANA, but Athena handsprings through! The fans fire up and Athena cheers herself on. But Velvet DROPKICSK Athena down! Athena gets up, Velvet arm-drags, arm-drags again, and then Velvet cheers herself on. Athena runs up into another arm-drag! Velvet has the armlock but Athena fights up and throws Velvet down by her hair! The fans cheer but the ref reprimands, and things speed up.

Velvet drops, runs up and CALF KICKS Athena down! Athena bails out, Billie there to check on her. Velvet goes to the apron, Athena grabs a leg but Velvet kicks her away. Velvet then ASAI MOONSAULTS land takes Athena down! The fans fire up, Velvet drags Athena up and puts her in the ring, then has her on the apron. Velvet climbs up, brings Athena up, but Athena shoves her back. FLAPJACK off the top buckles! Velvet staggers, Athena reels her back in, APRON BACK SUPLEX! The fans fire up with Athena while BOTB goes picture in picture.

Velvet crawls into the ring but Athena follows her. Athena looms over Velvet, drags her up, then CLUBS her down. Athena stands Velvet up to whip her hard into a corner. Athena revels in the cheers before she runs in and back body blocks! Then Athena goes side to side to forearm SMASH! Athena smiles as Velvet leans against buckles. Athena shoves Velvet down, stomps her around, then drags her back up. Velvet fires body shots, but Athena bumps her off buckles. Velvet avoids the forearm to DOUBLE CHOP! Velvet fires body blows but Athena throws hands! Velvet CHOPS, Athena CHOPS, they CHOP, then Athena CHOPS Velvet off her feet!

The fans cheer while Athena snarls. Athena sits Velvet back up, KICKS her in the back, then KICKS her again! And again! Athena stands Velvet up, bumps her off buckles, then scoops to put Velvet in the Tree of Woe. Athena KICKS away on Velvet’s back, then lets her fall out of the Three. Billie applauds, tells Velvet she should’ve known better, but Velvet swipes at Billie. Billie gets away, cheers Athena on, but Velvet fires hands on Athena! Athena swings back but Velvet bobs ‘n’ weaves! Velvet ROCKS Athena, kicks her legs out, then runs up , into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Athena is annoyed but still in control as BOTB goes to break.

BOTB returns once again as Athena hits buckles! Velvet rallies on Athena with clothesline after clothesline! Velvet runs, tilt-o-whirls and RANAS Athena onto ropes! Velvet runs up to DOUBLE KNEE! Velvet shoves Athena down, runs, and tilt-o-whirls again, REVERSE DDT! Cover, TWO! Athena survives and Velvet is frustrated. Athena crawls away, wanting mercy! But Velvet storms up, only for Athena to YANK Velvet into buckles! Athena then fireman’s carries Velvet for the WASTELAND! Roll through and another fireman’s carry, for another WASTELAND! Another roll through, and then Athena mocks the stirrin’ it up motion!

But Velvet pops up to RANA! Cover, TWO!! Athena escapes, Velvet runs up to wheelbarrow, but Athena URENAGES her down! Cover, TWO!! Athena is furious as Velvet survives! Athena goes up a corner, the fans cheer, and Velvet rises. But Velvet ROUNDHOUSES first! Velvet ROCKS Athena, climbs up after her, then CHOPS! Velvet goes to the very top, to SUPER VICTORY THROW! Athena flounders but she ducks the buzzsaw! Roll up, Velvet rolls through! THE SLICE! And then the tilt-o-whirl DDT!! Cover, TWO!!! Athena survives and Velvet is fuming! Velvet pushes Athena around while the fans rally up.

Athena is in the drop zone, so Velvet goes up top. Velvet tells Billie to shut up, but Athena gets out to the apron. The fans boo but Velvet adjusts position, to leap and SUPER CROSSBODY! Athena catches her!? And then brings Velvet around to FALCON ARROW to the floor! The fans fire up as Athena roars, but so does Velvet as she rises! Only for the SUPERKICK to knock her down! Athena has a wild look on her face and Billie cheers on the Overlord. Athena gets Velvet up, THROWS her into the LED board, then THROWS her around again! Athena drags Velvet up and into the ring, storms in after her, and reels her in! Canadian Rack, but Velvet sunset flips it! TWO!!!

Athena escapes, Velvet runs up, ducks ‘n’ dodges then SUPERKICKS! But Athena DECKS Velvet with a forearm! Athena goes up top, Velvet rises in a daze, to get the O-FACE!! Cover, Athena wins!

Winner: Athena, by pinfall (still ROH Women’s World Champion)

And that’s FIFTY and zero! Fifty wins, no losses, and no slowing down as she title belt clinks with Billie. But as is customary on ROH, Athena sets her belt down, and Billie does, too. They drag Velvet up, mock “stir it up,” but Velvet SLAPS Athena! And SLAPS Billie! But then Athena and Billie mug Velvet! The fans boo as Billie picks up her belt, takes aim, but then QUEEN AMINATA is here! Aminata runs down into the ring, dodges Billie to DECK Athena, then HEADBUTT for Billie! That’s payback for cheating in the TV title match! But then Athena runs up, into an Alabama Lift! AIR RAID CRASH!!

Aminata saves Velvet while also making her own impact, will The Queen not be denied her crown? Or will the Fallen Goddess look to make her pay for this insolence?

My Thoughts:

A really good BOTB but uh, after ten of these, we already know nothing really happens on these. Great action and promos like on Collision, but no titles were ever changing hands. And after two hours of Collision, the crowd was of course tired out. Hook of course defeated Shane but it was a really good showing of Hook’s resilience to take all that damage and still win. Really good match from Roddy and Rocky that Roddy of course won, and turns out I was right in thinking they’d fast track Roddy VS Kyle here. That match will be great stuff, but it’d be a shame if Kyle’s first title shot ends up a loss, even with The Kingdom all there to interfere and distract.

Good promo from Serena to make it clear that she’s having a match with Yuka, just in case it wasn’t clear last week. And then a great main event for the ROH Women’s Championship. Red Velvet looked great even in defeat, and natural move for Aminata to show up and go after Athena & Billie. Aminata really has her pick of the two titles at this point, and while payback on Billie for Supercard is an obvious route, why wouldn’t she go right to the source and take down Athena? Athena’s made it to 50-0, and if not when Athena faced Billie, not when she faced Nyla Rose nor when she faced Shida, her first loss should be to pass the torch to Aminata.

Aminata went through the grind, paid her dues, and has got organically over with ROH viewers, so if she isn’t gonna be the historic first Women’s TV Champ, make her the woman that takes down the top woman in ROH.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (4/13/24)

The Don Callis Family is out for blood!



Will the Blackpool Combat Club survive this Collision?

Before the Dynasty dream match of Ospreay VS Danielson, the Don Callis Family wants to not just beat the American Dragon, but to destroy him!


  • Six Man Tag: The House of Black VS Dante Martin, Action Andretti & Matt Sydal; The House of Black wins.
  • Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty; Shibata wins.
  • Daniel Garcia VS Angelico w/ Serpentico; Garcia wins.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator: Toni Storm w/ Luther & Mariah May VS AZM w/ Anna Jay; Storm wins and denies AZM a title match.
  • Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Will Hobbs & Kyle Fletcher; Bryan & Claudio win.


The Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Bryan Danielson says BIG week for BCC. Jon Moxley is the NEW IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, a huge accomplishment. And on Wednesday, Claudio Castagnoli takes on Will Ospreay, then Bryan faces Ospreay at Dynasty. But there’s tonight first. Claudio says Don Callis gave Kyle Fletcher & Will Hobbs this motivational speech that they don’t even need to beat BCC, they just have to hurt BCC. How weird. But it’s easier to beat them than to hurt them, and what kind of faith does that show Callis has in Ospreay? Not much, it seems. Not sure what Callis is thinking. But Claudio has faith that all three of those guys could beat BCC.

But hurt them? People have been trying to hurt Claudio and Bryan for 20 years. Because they see the spotlight, they see how successful BCC is, and they see BCC all over the world. Bryan couldn’t be stopped by a broken orbital bone nor a broken arm. And Claudio’s been fighting week after week after week, consistently like Swiss clockwork for over 15 YEARS. Because it’s not about the work and the talk here in front of the camera, but the work behind cameras, the stuff you don’t see, that goes into making this look so easy at the level they are at. Bryan agrees there, and tells Don Callis that he wants his guys to hurt them, to hurt Bryan and to hurt Claudio.

Guess what?! That’s not gonna fly tonight! Because Bryan goes out there every single night to hurt people! That’s what BCC does! Violence is their specialty! DCF will not only see that tonight, but on Wednesday and in St. Louis. The American Dragon is all fired up, but will he and the Swiss Superman burn down the Powerhouse and the Protostar?


Six Man Tag: The House of Black VS Dante Martin, Action Andretti & Matt Sydal!

Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews are preparing for the coming war with Adam Copeland, Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston, but they’re taking on three men who are much different from Copeland, Briscoe & Kingston. Will grounding high-fliers make the House ready for those brawlers? Or is this where the House will fold?

The trios sort out and the fans bark as Buddy starts against Action. The fans rally as the two circle, feel things out, and tie up. Buddy wrenches an arm to a wristlock, YANKS it and grinds the arm down. Action fights up, Buddy wrenches again, but Action rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Action wristlocks, but Buddy rolls, handsprings and wrenches again. The fans cheer the technical exchange, and Action rolls, kips up, and wrenches back. Buddy powers Action back to whip, but Action holds onto the wristlock. Action twists the wrist but Buddy spins, headlocks and hits the takeover. Action moves around but Buddy keeps him down.

Action pushes Buddy to a headscissor, but Buddy kips free! Buddy gets around, waistlocks, but Action bucks the O’Conner. Action goes up and over as Buddy runs in, then DROPKICKS! The fans are torn but Action tags Sydal. Buddy TOSSES Action but Sydal schoolboys and bridges! TWO, Buddy knees low! Buddy ROCKS Sydal, CLUBS him, then tags Malakai! But Sydal arm-drags and SOBATS! Sydal KICKS Malakai, tags in Dante, and they coordinate, MONKEY FLIP and SWANTON CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Tag to Action, he ROCKS Malakai and whips. Malakai reverses, Dante gives Action the boost up and over!

Dante catches Malakai to a facelock, but Malakai wrenches out to BOOT Action! Malakai blocks Dante’s kick to STO! Action kicks low, whips, but Malakai stops himself to stare Action down. The fans cheer, Malakai dodges a shot and Brody tags in. BOOT to SHOULDER TACKLE! Dante and Sydal run in but they get run over! The fans fire up with Brody, but then Dante and Sydal DOUBLE DROPKICK! Brody returns to DOUBLE LARIAT! The fans bark for Brody, he gets Action up and CHOPS him to a corner. And CHOPS again! Action sputters, Brody whips him to ropes, but Action ducks ‘n’ dodges to go up, but Brody catches him!

Action fights, but Buddy distracts the ref while Malakai jumps in. Brody gets Action in wheelbarrow position, ROUNDHOUSE into the GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans fire up for The House while Action tumbles out. Buddy tags in and Brody DIVES onto all three opponents! The fans fire up again as Brody roars, and he puts Action in for Buddy. Buddy aims from a corner as Action rises, and Buddy runs in to BOOT in the corner! Snapmare and cover, TWO!! Action survives but Buddy stays focused. Buddy drags Action up, suplexes, but Action knees free! Action waistlocks, Buddy ELBOWS Action then sucker punches Sydal!

Buddy storms up on Action, Action slides under and reaches out! Buddy has a leg, he reels Action in to back suplex, but Action lands on his feet! Action ducks under an elbow, reaches out again, but Buddy has the tights! Action ENZIGIRIS, hot tag to Sydal! JUMP KICK! Sydal ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Buddy tumbles, comes back, but into a WHEEL KICK! Malakai runs up to CLUB Sydal, but Sydal JUMP KNEES back! QUESTION- NO, Malakai blocks the Question Mark Kick to ROUNDHOUSE Sydal! Sydal staggers to ropes, Brody storms in, but Sydal DUMPS Brody out! Buddy runs up, into a BOOT!

Sydal ELBOWS Malakai, runs up, but into a POP UP, POWERBOMB BACKBREAKER COMBO!! The fans fire up and Buddy covers, TWO! Sydal is still in this while Collision goes picture in picture.

Buddy looms over Sydal, drags him up and whips to JUMP KNEE! Sydal tumbles out and Brody tags in. Brody goes after Sydal to whip him hard into railing! Sydal writhes, Brody drags him back up, and Brody whips Sydal hard into more railing! The fans bark for Brody again as he stands Sydal up and CHOPS! Brody puts Sydal in the ring, looms over him, then drags him up. Brody CHOPS Sydal to the corner, tags Buddy, and then Brody scoops Sydal to SLAM him! Buddy slingshot SENTONS right in! Tag to Malakai and Buddy snapmares Sydal for Malakai to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Malakai drags Sydal down into a KIMURA!

Sydal endures the double wristlock as Malakai twists the elbow! Malakai drags Sydal back, Buddy tags in, and they mug Sydal. Buddy snapmares Sydal to KICK him down! Buddy drags Sydal back up, clamps onto the arm, and Collision returns as Buddy whips Sydal hard into a corner! Buddy BOOTS Dante off the apron for the hell of it! Buddy snapmares Sydal to KNEE him in the back, and KNEE again! Buddy mockingly holds Sydal’s hand out to Action, then KICKS Sydal in the back! And KICKS him again! The fans rally but Buddy drags Sydal right up to an Electric Chair Lift! But Sydal uses that to POISON-RANA!

Buddy flops right out of the ring and the fans rally up! Sydal crawls, The House shouts to Buddy, and the ring count is 5 of 10! Brody hurries to toss Buddy back in, hot tags to Malakai and Dante! Dante fires off on Malakai, then whips. Malakai reverses, runs up, but Dante slips out, goes up and around, then GAMANGIRIS! Dante springboards to CROSSBODY! But Malakai rolls through it to suplex and GOURD- NO, Dante lands out! POP-UP RANA! Dante hurries up a corner while Malakai is down! The fans fire up but Dante has to leap away as Brody rushes over! Dante comes back to SHOTGUN Brody down!

Malakai waistlocks, GERMAN SUPLEX, but Dante lands on his feet! Dante dodges Malakai to PELE! Cover, TWO!! Dante runs and FLIES out onto Brody! Dante hurries back in, the fans fire up, and Dante stalks Malakai, only to get a ROUNDHOUSE! Action hurries to tag in, he torture racks but Malakai lands out! Malakai knees low, whips, but Action ducks ‘n ‘dodges to DIVE onto Buddy! Action snarls but Malakai hits him with a TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Malakai puts Action in, BOOTS him to ropes, then ROUNDHOUSES! Malakai brings Action over, tags Brody, and then Buddy joins in. The fans bark as the House surrounds Action.

DANTE’S- NO, Sydal and Dante save Action! Then they TRIPLE SUPERKICK in return! And then TRIPLE SUPERKICK! DOUBLE SUPERKICK! TRIPLE SUPERKICK!! The fans fire up but Buddy POP-UP KNEES Dante! Sydal goes up to METEORA! Malakai ROUNDHOUSES Sydal, Action springboards to FLYING LARIAT Malakai! Brody DISCUS LARIATS Action down!! Cover, but Dante MAMBA SPLASHES it apart!! The fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” “This is Awesome!” as the teams regroup. Sydal BUZZSAWS Brody! Dante SUPERKICKS! Action joins in, TRIPLE KICK! Dante then SENTONS!

Action 450 SPLASHES! Cover, ONE?!?! The fans are barking while Action can’t believe! Tag to Sydal, METE- NO, Brody catches Sydal, throws him back and SPLASHES in a corner! The fans bark more, The House all coordinate, CEREBERUS ATTACK!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

That was surely a fast ‘n’ furious fight just to open the night, and Malakai wants to make sure Adam Copeland was watching. The House vows that Dynasty will be The End. Will the House soon take the head of the Face of TNT?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm, Mariah May & Luther.

Lexi Nair is with the AEW Women’s World Champion, as well as her protege and her butler, and says we saw a lot on Dynamite. Kissing, champagne, and- “Yes, we did see a lot, didn’t we, darling? Get used to it. Because we saw a Champion’s Champagne Celebration that made an Italian woman curse, and turned Lightning Daffodil into a diddling do-how! And as for the kissing… There has been no greater love than this.” Storm turns to Mariah, but Lexi interrupts by saying she meant the kiss Mariah had with Mina- Mariah cuts Lexi off there. Can’t Lexi see Toni has a lot on her plate right now?

Toni has a title defense on a PPV coming soon, AND a match against AZM tonight. Plus, Anna Jay’s all serious~ right now. Yes, yes, Azumi-san. You want her to kiss your bottom? Well, that makes you and a thousand other perverts! Toni will give AZM a beating so intense, it’ll be featured in a fetish periodical! And the name of that publication? Chin up, tits out, and watch for the shoe…! The leading lady leads the way out, will she send AZM crying back to Stardom?


AEW shares footage from after Dynamite.

Chris Jericho found Taz backstage to talk with him about the Six Man Tag. We all saw what happened, and Jericho just wants to explain himself to Hook. Jericho is just trying to do what’s right for Hook but Hook won’t listen. Hook won’t answer his phone or his texts, but Taz knows his son better than anyone. Can Taz please ask Hook if he’ll talk to Jericho? Taz says he’ll try, a lot of the time he doesn’t really hear from Hook, Hook’s his own man. Of course, of course. Taz says Jericho may have pissed Hook off. And when Hook gets pissed, it’s… Well, Taz will try.

Jericho appreciates that, and as it turns out, this coming Wednesday, Taz will broker a face to face! Will #LionHook still make it work? Or will this Jericho only #SendHook into a stronger rage?


Katsuyori Shibata VS Lee Moriarty w/ Shane Taylor Promotions!

The Wrestler got caught by #TAIGASTYLE all because Lionheart Jericho couldn’t get out of his own way. Will Shibata be able to handle things much better on his own? Or will Moriarty sink his fangs into Shibata one more time?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Lee and Shibata circle, Ogogo joins commentary to say the “skull cracking, jaw jacking Gov’nah is back in AEW.” Shibata and Lee clinch, go around, and Shibata waistlocks. Lee moves around, Shibata finds a lateral press, ONE! Shibata has the legs, goes around to cover, ONE! Lee uses a leg guard, gest Shibata’s leg, but Shibata sits on the toehold. Lee tries to waistlock at the same time but Shibata wristlocks. Lee scrambles to the ROPEBREAK, and fans applaud as Shibata lets off. The two reset, feel things out, and then Lee kicks low. Lee cravats, snapmares, and stomps Shibata!

Lee runs to roll things into a chinlock! Shibata pushes back to a cover, ONE! Lee holds onto the hold but Shibata fights the body scissors. Shibata uses his leg as leverage for breaking the chinlock, then he wrenches an arm. Lee rolls, Shibata wrangles him back down, but Lee fights up again. Lee slips around, wrenches, but Shibata waistlocks. Lee wrenches, wrangles, but Shibata trips Lee. Shibata has Lee’s legs, knees on Lee, but Lee fights free to kick. Shibata steps over and has the FIGURE FOUR! Lee blocks the main leg but Shibata powers through that! The fans rally, Lee drags Shibata along as he reaches out, but Shibata puts on the pressure!

Lee endures, fights and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Shibata lets off, but then lee kicks Shibata away. Lee bails out, Ogogo coaches him from commentary, but Shibata goes out to CLUB Lee! Ogogo gets off commentary, gets up in Shibata’s face, and Shane distracts the ref so Ogogo can feint high to BODY BLOW! Lee slips away to the ring and sits cross-legged to mock Shibata! The fans boo while Ogogo rejoins commentary and the ring count begins. Lee mockingly applauds and Ogogo pretends not to know what happened. The count is 8! 9! Shibata springs in at 9.9! But Lee CLOBBERS Shibata, covers, TWO!!

Lee clamps right onto Shibata, steps over, and SNAP LOCKS the short arm scissor while Collision goes picture in picture.

Lee turns Shibata over, keeps the one arm trapped in a hammerlock, then pulls on the other arm. Shibata endures as Lee tortures the fingers and twists the wrist! Lee pushes the arm around for a RECLINER ARMLOCK! Shibata endures, Lee sits up and hooks the arm with a leg. Lee uses that to hook Shibata to a cover, TWO! Shibata escapes but Lee stalks him to ropes. Lee drags Shibata up but Shibata CHOPS! Lee comes back but Shibata ROCKS him! Lee comes back again, ROCKS Shibata, and Shibata falls over! Lee digs his boots in at the ropes, scrapes Shibata out of the ring, then soaks up the heat.

Lee goes out after Shibata, RAMS him into railing, then taunts everyone while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Shibata gets back in the ring after having wrecked Lee on the outside. But then Lee wrenches Shibata. Shibata ROCKS Lee, Lee wrenches, repeat! Lee CHOPS Shibata, but Shibata doesn’t budge! Lee CHOPS again, but Shibata eggs him on! Lee CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS, but Shibata is leaning into the shots! Shibata backs Lee down even though Lee CHOPS again and again! Shibata eggs Lee on, Ogogo coaches Lee, and the CHOPS keep going. Shibata ROCKS Lee with a forearm! Lee flops in a corner, Shibata fires more forearms on him! Shibata UPPERCUTS, then JABS, then COHPS! JAB CHOP JAB CHOP!

Lee sits down, Shibata COHPS and CHOPS and runs, HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! The fans fire up for Shibata’s signature and STP looks upset! Shibata snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Lee stays in this and both men catch their breaths, but Shibata gets Lee up. Lee switches around to COBRA TWIST! The fans rally as Shibata endures, and Shibata pries at the grip. Shibata switches the Cobra Twist onto Lee! Lee endures now, marches his way forward, and has the ROPEBREAK! But Shibata KNEES Lee low! Shibata reels Lee in to SAIDO! Shibata runs up, but Lee ducks the kick! Lee kicks, Shibata blocks but the KNEE hits!

Lee runs, BOOTS, but Shibata stays up! Shibata fires up and runs, to BOOT Lee! Lee wobbles, roars, and runs to BOOT! Shibata runs to BOOT! Lee rebounds, into a BOOT! Shibata waistlocks, Lee fight sit to switch, facelock and suplex, but Shibata fights out! Lee catches Shibata, wrenches, and THE- NO, Shibata avoids the Fang to SLEEPER! Ripcord PALM STRIKE! Then PENALTY KICK!! Cover, Shibata wins!

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata, by pinfall

Moriarty put up a fight, but it wasn’t enough to win. So Shane Taylor attacks from behind! The fans boo as Shane stomps Shibata at the ropes then talks trash! But here comes HOOK! The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil won’t let Shane beat up his friend like that! Lee runs up but Hook catches him for an EL CAMINO! Shane stares Hook down, their FTW Championship match set for later tonight on Battle of the Belts. But given that, Shane stands down and STP regroups. They’ll look to handle this later, but it be rumble, bad man, rumble?


Backstage interview with Athena & Billie Starkz.

Lexi Nair is in her Minion In Training Letterman’s jacket as this is an Emergency Minion Empowerment Meeting! She is with the ROH Women’s World Champion AND ROH Women’s Television Champion, and Athena defends her title against Red Velvet in the main event of Battle of the Belts! The main event, ON TNT, LIVE! Athena deserves this because she is that damn good! Billie agrees, but says Red is really good. She made it really far in the Women’s TV Title tournament. Yes, but Billie won that, right? She did! So Athena knows Red Velvet is a top star, Red Velvet is a threat, but Athena is the TOP champion! The BEST champion in wrestling today!

Athena is the Minion Overlord, the Fallen Goddess, the REAL Alpha, the Forever Champion, and tonight, Athena makes an example out of Velvet to show the world what they’ve been missing. Will Athena be the one serving L’s to The Chef tonight?


Backstage interview with The Undisputed Kingdom.

Collision returns as Lexi is now with Roderick Strong, Mike Bennett & Matt Taven and says as of late, they’ve had a lot of success. Would they attribute any of that success to Wardlow? “LEXIII~! How dare you. How dare you give credit to anybody but me.” Roddy is a fighting champion, a giving champion. Do you not see the opportunity Roddy is giving to these gentlemen who do not even deserve it? He is making them earn it because they do not deserve it. How dare she? But hey, Roddy has been doing it on his own, just like Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle inspires Roddy.

But enough about that, let’s talk tonight. Tonight, Roddy puts on a show. What’s the show called? The Beating of a Lifetime! That’s the Kingdom’s favorite show! But will Rocky Romero cancel that show to make it The Azucar Hour?


Daniel Garcia VS Angelico w/ Serpentico!

The Dragonslayer has been getting back up with win after win, and he doesn’t plan on stopping now! Will he turn it up a notch as we get closer and closer to Dynasty? Or will the South African Stud prove he’s still worthy of some opportunities, too?

The bell rings, the fans rally and the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, and Angelico wrenches to a hammerlock. Angelico spins Garcia, wristlocks, but Garcia pries the hold open to wrench back. Angelico spins, slips through, spins Garcia, then slips around again to arm-drag! Garcia gets up fast but Angelico does his own dance. The fans boo but Garcia keeps cool. The two tie up, Garcia waistlocks, spins, snapmares, ghost pin, TWO! Angelico is up but Garcia clinches to to arm-drag! Leg-sweep, cover, ONE! Angelico puts a leg guard up as he calls for a timeout! The fans cheer as Garcia shows sportsmanship and lets Angelico get up.

Angelico and Garcia reset, knuckle lock, then Angelico trips Garcia. Angelico rolls Garcia, whips, but Garcia reverses. Angelico rolls off Garcia’s back, Garcia jumps the leg sweep, but not the EDDY GORDO KICK! Angelico wrenches, steps over, LA MAGISTROL! TWO, but Angelico stomps Garcia around. Angelico drags Garcia by an arm but Garcia kicks him. Angelico stomps Garcia, but Garcia CHOPS! Angelico JABS Garcia, digs his boots in, but lets off as the ref counts. Angelico drags Garcia up, hits a BIG back suplex, then grabs legs. Angelico steps over, but Garcia kicks him away to trip him! Garcia steps through to FIGURE FOUR!

The fans fire up as Angelico endures! Angelico’s shoulders are down, ONE as he sits back up. Garcia puts on the pressure but Angelico turns things over! Garcia endures now, but he fights it back over! Angelico endures again, stays off the mat, and turns things over again! Garcia turns it back! Then Angelico, then Garcia! Angelico has it! Garcia has it! Angelico has it again, Garcia has it back, ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer as the two kick at each other while the hold is undone. They both stand, Garcia kicks but Angelico kicks back. Garcia kicks, Angelico kicks, repeat! Garcia kicks more and more, runs, but the leg bothers him!

Angelico DECKS Garcia! Angelico hauls Garcia up to suplex, but Garcia slips free and kicks! Then TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! The fans fire up while both men are down! Garcia beats his leg into working, the fans rally behind him, and he stands. Garcia counter punches Angelico, then does it again! Garcia then wrenches and BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES! The fans fire up as Garcia runs in at the corner to forearm SMASH! Garcia climbs up, rains down fists, and goes to nine before he puts up his dukes, to DO HIS DANCE! The fans fire up as Garcia hops down and runs corner to corner, HAYMAKER! Garcia runs up again, choke grip!

Angelico breaks free, Garcia CHOPS and SAIDOS! Garcia storms around, gets the legs, KNEEBAR!! Angelico flails, reaches out, but TAPS, Garcia wins!

Winner: Daniel Garcia, by submission

A great fight leads to a great win for Red Death! Will this momentum help Garcia be primed for a title match on the other side of Dynasty?


Pac speaks.

“Kazuchika Okada. Believe it or not, bonny lad, I would like to thank you. Not only for accepting my challenge, but also for walloping me around the head with a big dirty lump of steel. That was very brave of you, wasn’t it, huh? And now, as a result, I have a perpetual headache that serves as motivation to remind everybody of exactly who I am. Now I may not be tall and handsome, I am not a Japanese superstar, I do not own a Ferrari, and I’m certainly not flavor of the month. Okada, you may think you’re God’s gift to professional wrestling, but you’re not! You’re CRAP! And what I am is better than you!

“And next Sunday, at AEW Dynasty, live from St. Louis, Missouri, I am going to relish the opportunity to prove it in front of the entire world. You understand me, hm? Good.” The Bastard is ready, will he violently end The Rainmaker’s reign?


AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator: Toni Storm w/ Luther & Mariah May VS AZM w/ Anna Jay!

The leading lady of AEW knows her next big picture will have “Lightning Daffodil” starring against her, but she has to be careful not to take tonight’s performance too lightly. Will Storm strike down AZM here in Kentucky? Or will the Highspeed Superstar find her way into the Dynasty picture?

The bell rings and the fans rally up already. The two circle, feel things out, and then tie up. Storm throws AZM down then laughs at her, but AZM gets right up. They reset, circle again, and tie up. They go around, Storm puts AZM on ropes, then sits her down! Storm poses and the fans cheer, but AZM is right up to fire forearms! The fans rally, Storm just shrugs those off! AZM runs to RAM Storm but Storm still laughs! AZM runs and RAMS Storm again, Storm chuckles this time. AZM fakes a punch to stomp Storm’s foot! AZM runs, but Storm follows and runs AZM over! The fans cheer but then AZM kips right up!

AZM ducks ‘n’ dodges, trips Storm then keeps moving, PENALTY KICK! Basement dropkick! The fans fire up as AZM kips up again! AZM pushes Storm around, steps on her, and the ref counts. AZM steps away at 4, the fans rally up, and AZM runs to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, ONE!! Storm toughs it out and the fans rally as AZM goes to the apron. AZM climbs, Storm DECKS her! Storm then runs to HIP ATTACK AZM to the floor! AZM tumbles away to the ramp, but Anna gets Mariah in a QUEENSLAYER SLEEPER! Mariah RAMS Anna into railing! Mariah and Anna fight now, the fans fire up, and AZM gets outta the way!

Storm is flabbergasted as Anna and Mariah brawl their way to the back! Storm fetches AZM but AZM whips her into steel steps! Then AZM pushes Storm around, goes up the apron, and fans fire up for the PENALTY KICK! Storm is dazed but the fans fire up as Collision goes picture in picture.

AZM shoves Storm in, goes up top, then MISSILE DROPKICKS! Storm flounders all the way across the ring! AZM storms over to drag Storm up, but Storm HOTSHOTS her! AZM flounders, Storm stomps her, and then Storm CHOPS AZM down! Storm pushes AZM around, flexes, then brings AZM up. Storm whips AZM, BOOTS AZM down, then flexes again. Storm drags AZM back up, bumps her off buckles, then fires off CHOPS! Storm TOSSES AZM by her hair! The ref reprimands but Storm steps on AZM in the corner! The ref counts, Storm steps away, and she then scuffs AZM against ropes. The ref counts, Storm lets off again.

Storm drags AZM up, scoops, and SIDEWALK SLAMS! Cover, TWO! AZM is still in this but Storm grabs arms to put AZM in a motorcycle stretch. AZM endures, so Storm shifts to a chinlock, but AZM still fights! ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Storm lets go at 4, and she paces around AZM. Storm stomps AZM, drags her up, and Collision returns to single picture as Storm stomps AZM in a corner. Storm pie faces AZM, taunts her, but AZM rises. The fans fire up as AZM fires forearms! Storm ROCKS AZM in return! AZM fires another forearm, Storm ROCKS her again! AZM fires more forearms, then blocks a kick to ROUNDHOUSE!

AZM runs, but Storm HEADBUTTS! But AZM returns to LA MYSTICA! Then BUZZSAW! Both women are down and the fans fire up! AZM sits up first, brings Storm up, and then runs, but Storm CHOKES her! AZM fights free, blocks a kick, LEG TRAP GERMAN! AZM puts Storm in a drop zone while the fans are dueling! AZM goes up top, takes aim, and DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!! Storm survives and AZM can’t believe it! AZM fires herself back up, reels Storm in, but Storm wrenches out to SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Storm throws a fit then storms around. Storm drags AZM up, waistlocks, but AZM fights!

AZM grabs ropes, Storm drags her back, but AZM arm-drags free! Step over, and AZM SUSHI ROLL! TWO!! Storm escapes, blocks the buzzsaw, then waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX!! AZM tumbles and flounders into a corner, and Storm takes aim! She’s ready for her close-up! SWEET HIP MUSIC~! STORM ZERO PILEDRIVER!! Cover, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall (denies AZM a title opportunity)

That was certainly fast and furious, but you can’t beat a classic like Timeless Toni! Mariah returns from backstage with a couple glasses of the bubbly. Mariah and Toni link arms while they drink up, and Storm brings Mariah to her bosom. Storm cuddles Mariah, then shoves her, then drags her back up to bring her away. Will nothing and no one take the spotlight away from the AEW Women’s World Champion?


Backstage interview with Red Velvet.

Lexi Nair is now with The Chef and brings up tonight’s title match with Athena. How is Velvet feeling about such a high profile match? High profile? Red Velvet IS high profile! And she saw what Lexi’s “boss,” Athena had to say, really stirring up the pot. But Athena, you wanna stir it up? They can stir it up? In BOTB’s main event, Red Velvet will knock you out! Red Velvet is not a stranger to main events, title pictures or high profile matches. Tonight, Velvet makes an example out of Athena, and shows everyone why it was a mistake for Athena to step into Velvet’s kitchen! Will The Chef make Athena eat crow while serving up that L?


Mark Briscoe speaks.

“Now House of Black, I’ve been doing this dance with y’all a little while now, and I’m starting to understand how y’all operate. Starting to understand y’all’s M-O. You try to intimidate me. You try to strike fear into the hearts of men. Well I done told you, I fear no man, I fear no evil. And ancient wisdom says the violent take it by force. Now lemme tell you, Eddie Kingston, Adam Copeland, and Mark Briscoe, we some violent men! And at Dynasty, we bringing the violence, babeh! So heed my advice, House of Black! Be afraid, be very afraid!” The Sussex County Chicken is ready for a fight, will he, the Rated R Superstar and Mad King tear down The House of Black once and for all?


Tony Schiavone is on stage.

He says Dynasty is coming, and a big match on that card is the AEW Women’s World title, Timeless Toni Storm VS the former champion, Thunder Rosa! The fans cheer as La Mera Mera makes her way out and joins Schiavone on stage. Schiavone says we saw what happened on Dynamite when Storm hit her with champagne and smudged her face paint. But the fact is, Rosa never lost her title. She has a chance to redeem herself and get the title back. Rosa says that is right. Before that, she wants to address something else. See all these people here? She wants to thank all of them for making this comeback so special for her.

And of course, thank you to everyone watching at home seeing them on TBS, TNT and all over the world! Without you, we wouldn’t have made all these wonderful memories the last five years. Without you, we wouldn’t have made AEW what it is today. The fans cheer that, and Rosa says she is here for a reason. That is to remind people that she doesn’t need help. And she means you, too, Deonna Purrazzo. Rosa wants to remind everyone that she’s done a lot on her own. When she earned her college degree, she earned her US citizenship, she helped a lot of people as a social worker, and won all those matches even before AEW, and especially when she won the AEW title.

But most importantly, Rosa fought so hard here to be in AEW, and she’s still here in AEW, because it is where the best wrestle! And “Antonia,” Rosa thought you believed the same things. What happened to you, homegirl? Weren’t they together in the ring? Weren’t they #ThunderStorm? When did Storm go completely crazy!? Rosa was so proud of being a champion, even though her body couldn’t carry her as far as her passion. Rosa had to heal. Then that day, something died inside of her. But Rosa has a chance, another opportunity, and it is important that Toni knows it will happen in St. Louis.

Rosa wants to humble Toni, to remind her that Rosa didn’t leave because she “couldn’t carry” the weight of that title. At Dynasty, Rosa carries more than that title. She will carry the pride of HER people, of her family, and if she has to break every single bone in her body to uplift and empower the women of this locker room fighting for just one opportunity and respect, because they also believe in AEW… Then Antonia, kiss your little clone goodbye. You made a big mistake on trying to erase Rosa’s mask. You don’t wanna see what’s underneath. You can’t kill what’s already dead! And on Sunday, Rosa comes for Storm, for the title, and to drag Storm’s soul to HELL!!

La Mera Mera is all fired up, and she smears her own face paint to make her point. Will she smash that spotlight and leave the leading lady in the dark?


Deonna Purrazzo speaks.

“Thunder Rosa, if you don’t want my help, that’s fine. I’ll help myself. When I staked my claim at the AEW Women’s World Championship, it wasn’t personal. It’s because frankly, I don’t think Toni Storm embodies what it means to be a world champion. But I do. I’m a workhorse, I’m a thoroughbred, I am the Virtuosa, Deonna Purrazzo. And I could stand here, make excuses about why I’m not the AEW Women’s World Champion right now, or I could do something about it. It seems if I can’t get one Toni Storm, I might as well get the other. So next week, Mariah May VS The Virtuosa, Deonna Purrazzo, and I’m gonna break your arm.”

The message has been sent, will Deonna make sure the leading lady’s understudy won’t make it to Dynasty to support Toni Storm?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynasty!

To raise the stakes on this match, The Young Bucks VS FTR Part 4, it will be a LADDER MATCH! No pinfalls or submissions, only the team that can literally rise above will become the NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions! But is this still playing right into the EVPs’ hands? Or can Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood find a way to come out on top?


The Don Callis Family speaks.

Kyle Fletcher says tonight in the main event, he and Will Hobbs are on a mission for the Don Callis family. That is to protect the golden goose. This Wednesday Night Dynamite, Claudio will end up a cakewalk for Ospreay! And Dynasty, Bryan will be the exact same thing, all thanks to DCF. Hobbs says not to worry about next week, let’s just focus on tonight. Tonight, they got Claudio and Danielson, and tonight the DCF expects a hefty fine. Bryan might as well just expect not to walk out on his own. One last message has been sent, but now it’s time to put up or shut up! Will the Protostar & Powerhouse pulverize the BCC?

Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Will Hobbs & Kyle Fletcher!

The teams sort out but then the DCF just attack! The bell rings, the fans fire up and the brawl is on! Claudio fires off on Hobbs but Kyle TOSSES Bryan out. Hobbs and Claudio fall out of the ring while Kyle stalks Bryan. Kyle ROCKS Bryan, Hobbs HEADBUTTS Claudio! Claudio UPPERCUTS Hobbs, Bryan whips Kyle into railing! Claudio UPPERCUTS again, Bryan sits Kyle in a corner then runs side to side, to DROPKICK against the railing! The fans fire up as Claudio throws more UPPERCUTS to keep Hobbs moving up the ramp! Then Claudio whips Hobbs down the ramp and into the LED apron!

The fans fire up as Bryan CHOPS and KICKS Kyle against railing again and again and again! “YES! YES! YES!” Claudio drags Kyle up for Bryan, and Bryan DROPKICKS Kyle again! The fans fire up and high-five with BCC! Hobbs sits up, into a KICK from Bryan! Claudio keeps Hobbs up so Bryan can KICK again! Claudio puts Hobbs in, storms after him, and Bryan whips Kyle hard into railing! Kyle tumbles up and over into the front row! Hobbs throws hands on Claudio, CLUBS him, but Claudio hits back! They go forearm for forearm, Hobbs ROCKS Claudio! Claudio rebounds to ROCK Hobbs, Hobbs rebounds to ROCK Claudio!

Claudio fires off forearm after forearm, but Hobbs knees low! Hobbs runs, but Claudio scoops! Claudio SLAMS Hobbs, runs, and then DOUBLE STOMPS! The fans fire up, Claudio brings Hobbs up, but Hobbs blocks the suplex! Claudio UPPERCUTS Hobbs, suplexes, and he hangs Hobbs out to dry! Tag to Bryan and he goes up to DIVING KNEE! The fans fire up and Bryan paces. Hobbs sits up, Bryan drags him around by the legs, and then hooks those legs up. Bryan SLAPS Hobbs to go for the arms! Bryan tries but Hobbs is so big, Bryan just STOMPS the knees! Tag to Claudio, and Claudio helps Bryan split the wishbone!

Claudio drags Hobbs up, reels him in, but Hobbs suplexes instead! BIG slam, and the fans fire up while both men are down! Hobbs drags Claudio over, tag to Kyle, and Kyle stomps Claudio down! Kyle puts Claudio in a corner, CHOPS, then ROCKS, then repeat! Kyle whips, Claudio reverses and UPPERCUTS! The fans rally, Claudio climbs up and he rains down fists! The fans count and Claudio goes to nine, then kisses his fist before TEN! But then Kyle TOSSES Claudio up and out! Claudio sees Hobbs storming up, but so does the ref. The ref has Hobbs stop, but then Kyle CLOBBERS Claudio with a kick!

The ref reprimands Kyle, they argue, and that lets Hobbs CLOBBER Claudio after all! The DCF is standing tall while Collision goes picture in picture.

Hobbs soaks up heat, then steps back as Kyle goes out to fetch Claudio. Kyle whips Claudio hard into railing, then taunts Bryan. Kyle drags Claudio up, puts him in the ring, then brings Claudio up. Claudio ROCKS Kyle, but Kyle RAMS him into the corner! Kyle RAMS in again and again, then tags Hobbs. Hobbs CLUBS Claudio from the outside, and CLUBS him again and again. Hobbs storms into the ring, stays between Claudio and Bryan, then fires knees and body shots. Hobbs brings Claudio up for a facelock, but Claudio fights his way forward! Claudio lifts Hobbs one step at a time! Hobbs lets off to BLAST Bryan, then he CLOBBERS Claudio!

Hobbs drags Claudio up, brings him over, tag to Kyle. The DCF mugs Claudio while Collision goes to break.

Collision returns, both Claudio and Kyle are down, and the fans rally up. Kyle clamps onto Claudio with a SLEEPER, and even body scissors! Claudio flails around, Bryan rises back up, but Kyle keeps Claudio away. The fans rally, Claudio rises and has Kyle as a backpack! Kyle thrashes but Claudio steps forward! But then Claudio drops to a knee! Claudio is fading but Bryan coaches Claudio on. Claudio gets a second wind and he rises up again! Claudio powers Kyle around into a gut wrench and SUPLEX! The fans fire up as both men crawl! Kyle grabs a leg to anchor Claudio! Claudio BOOTS Kyle away, hot tag to Bryan!

The fans fire up as Bryan goes up and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Then he DROPKICKS Hobbs off the corner! Bryan UPPERCUTS Kyle, UPPERCUTS again and again, then whips. Kyle reverses, Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving! Duck ‘n’ dodge and LEAPING LARIAT! The fans fire up with Bryan and he goes to a corner. “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan KICKS Kyle, and KICKS, and KICKS! “YES! YES! YES!” Then the BUZZ- NO, Kyle duck sit, shoves, but Bryan WRECKS Hobbs first! Bryan ROUNDHOUSES Kyle, runs and PLANCHAS, but Hobbs catches him! Hobbs SLAMS Bryan on the apron! And SLAMS him again!

Hobbs then pops Bryan around, but Bryan slips free to POST Hobbs! Bryan goes to the apron to FLYING KNEE! But Kyle comes in to BOOT Bryan into security! But Claudio UPPERCUTS Kyle into railing!! The fans are thunderous as Claudio stands up on the timekeeper’s table! The BCC regroups, “This is Awesome!” as Claudio whips Hobbs into railing! Claudio runs up to UPPERCUT Hobbs up and over railing!! But Kyle SMACKS Bryan off the desk! Kyle CLOBBERS Claudio in the crowd! Kyle sends Claudio into railing! But Bryan LEAPS into the fray! Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Hobbs while Claudio has Kyle, and Collision goes picture in picture!

BCC DUMPS Kyle back to ringside, then they hurry to get him in the ring. Claudio drags Hobbs back over, whips, but Hobbs sends Claudio into railing! Bryan KICKS Kyle, brings him up and whips him corner to corner. Kyle reverses and GAMANGIRIS! Then suplex for the BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and Kyle is fuming! Kyle rains down fists and elbows, then lets off to pace around. Kyle seethes, mocks the fans, then stalks Bryan to a corner. Bryan slips out of the ring but Kyle follows. Kyle CHOPS Bryan against railing! Kyle mocks the fans, Bryan staggers away, but Kyle pursues to CHOP again!

Kyle mocks the fans, Bryan goes into the ring, and Kyle taunts Claudio now. Kyle goes up the steps, and he DIGS his fingers into Bryan’s face! He wants to do Callis’ idea of eye gouging! Collision returns to single picture, and Kyle peels the floor mats away! The fans fire up while the ref reprimands, but Kyle drags Bryan out of the ring. Hobbs makes sure the mats stay outta the way for Kyle to reel Bryan in. The mats aren’t behaving, but then Bryan back drops free! The fans fire up, but then Hobbs RAMS Claudio into railing for good measure! Bryan gets in the ring but he’s isolated! Hobbs gets Kyle up and into the ring at 9!

Kyle mocks the ref’s good counting, then drags Bryan up. Kyle puts Bryan in the corner, hoists him up top, then climbs up after him. Kyle brings Bryan to the very top, but Bryan resists! The fans fire up as Bryan slips under and trips Kyle up! Kyle lands on his Aussie arrow, and the fans rally as Bryan rises! Bryan climbs up after Kyle, but then Hobbs Electric Chair Lifts Bryan! Claudio runs up to UPPERCUT Hobbs! Bryan returns to the corner, Claudio UPPERCUTS then LARIATS! Hobbs stays up, the uppercuts keep going! Hobbs dodges to then LARIAT Claudio and himself outta the ring! Bryan still hits a SUPER BACK SUPLEX!! Bryan crawls to the cover, TWO!!

But into the LEBELL LOCK!! The fans are thunderous as Kyle endures, but Hobbs returns to CLOBBER Bryan! The fans boo but Kyle signals to Hobbs. Hobbs goes to the corner, tags in then storms back in after Bryan. Hobbs scoops Bryan, but Bryan slips free! Bryan shoves Hobbs into Kyle and Kyle falls outta the ring! The fans rally, Claudio rises, and Bryan crawls over, hot tag to Claudio! Claudio fires UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT on Hobbs, but lets off as the ref counts. Then Claudio jukes to UPPERCUT! Kyle gets in, but he gets an UPPERCUT! Claudio fires UPPERCUTS from all sides! Claudio then shrugs and runs in at Hobbs, UPPERCUT!

UPPERCUT for Kyle! UPPERCUT for Hibbs! Claudio LARIATS Kyle up and out! Hobbs staggers and Claudio trips him! The fans fire up for the GIANT SWING! Hobbs goes around and around and around, the fans counting along! Claudio goes to TEN, then he steps through! SHARPSHOOTER! Hobbs endures as Claudio sits deep! But Kyle returns to KICK Claudio! Claudio holds onto Hobbs! Kyle KICKS again, but still not enough! Bryan goes up top, leaps in, into a SUPERKICK! Claudio does let Hobbs go to POP-UP UPPERCUT Kyle! Only for Hobbs to SPINEBUSTER Claudio! Cover, TWO!! The fans again say “This is Awesome!” as it’s still not over!

The teams crawl and regroup, and the fans cheer on “B C C!” The forearms fly, as do CHOP! Bryan CHOPS Kyle, Kyle CHOPS Bryan! Hobbs and Claudio keep throwing forearms while the other two CHOP! Kyle gets the edge with forearms, then so does Hobbs! Kyle whips Bryan, Bryan stops himself, then Bryan DUMPS Kyle out! Bryan dodges Hobbs to then DIVE! Kyle is sent into railing! Claudio gets Hobbs in a fireman’s carry!? DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Hobbs survives and the fans can’t believe it! But Claudio powers back up, waits on Hobbs, and then runs in, to LARIAT! But Hobbs stays up!

Claudio runs, but DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Claudio blocks a lariat to UPPERCUT, run, and LARIAT! Hobbs falls down! Cover, TWO!! But Claudio doesn’t hesitate, he drags Hobbs up. But Kyle RAMS Bryan into railing! Hobbs back drops free, but Claudio lands on his feet! Claudio ducks ‘n’ dodges but Kyle trips him! Hobbs LARIATS Claudio, then scoops him! WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! Cover, BRYAN BREAKS IT! Kyle gets Bryan up to TOSS him, then he tags in, Hobbs goes out to get a chair! Hobbs threatens Bryan, but the ref grab the chair! Bryan KICKS away on Hobbs! “YES! YES! YES!” But Kyle DIVES onto Bryan!

Kyle fires hands, then he clears the desk! Hobbs helps out, time to forget winning and time to start hurting BCC! Kyle feeds Bryan to Hobbs but Bryan slips free of the spinebuster! Claudio runs up to UPPERCUT Hobbs onto the desk! Claudio ELBOWS Kyle, then goes up onto the desk so he can FLYING RANA! Kyle is sent into the apron, then Claudio puts him in the ring! GOTCH NEUTRALIZER!! Cover, BCC wins!!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli, by pinfall

The DCF isn’t done, though, because KONOSUKE TAKESHITA attacks! He and Hobbs brutalize Bryan and Claudio! The mission doesn’t end with the match, and they TOSS Bryan out of the ring! The fans cheer for Moxley but he might not be here after being in Chicago last night. Konosuke suplexes Bryan, BRAINBUSTER on the ramp! Kyle says Bryan should’ve listened, and this is what happens! Claudio gets a chair and he runs off the DCF, but the damage has been done! Will the American Dragon be able to recover in time for Dynasty?

My Thoughts:

Really good Collision, though half of it was a go-home to BOTB X with it being on right after this. Good promos from Athena and Billie, from The Undisputed Kingdom, and Red Velvet, but yeah, no titles are changing hands, even if it is the tenth BOTB special. Good promo from Mark Briscoe to add hype to the coming Six Man Tag, and of course The House of Black won tonight’s Six Man Tag. Good promo from Storm and Mariah ahead of Storm’s match with AZM that Storm of course won, but also good stuff with Anna and Mariah fighting. Good promos from Rosa and Deonna to add to the build, and maybe Rosa beats Storm at Dynasty, but hard to say with a week still to go.

Good promo from Jericho and Taz to set up this whole “meeting” with Hook, and I have a feeling that is where #LionHook really falls apart and we get Jericho VS Hook for the FTW Championship at Dynasty, or maybe Double or Nothing at the latest. Really good match from Shibata and Moriarty, and good save from Hook after to add a little more to the FTW Championship match scheduled for BOTB. Great match from Garcia VS Angelico though it was just for the sake of having a great match. I think I said before but Garcia really should get at a title after Dynasty, just not sure what title that’ll be.

Pac has a good promo to call out Okada, and then quite the big move for the tag title match to now be a ladder match. If feel like that’s just them telegraphing that The Bucks are winning because ladder matches are certainly more their thing than FTR’s. And good promos from both BCC and DCF, though the latter wasn’t needed other than to fill time. We know what Kyle & Hobbs were gonna go for after Callis’ promo, we didn’t need them doubling down on it. And while BCC of course won the match, the DCF then of course attacked after. The math here is a bit of a wash, Claudio surely loses to Ospreay, and then Ospreay and Bryan go in more or less even so it could be anyone’s win at Dynasty.

My Score: 8.7/10

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