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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (8/10/21)

Will NXT plunge back into chaos?



NXT Coverage 2021

William Regal presides over the Cole-O’Reilly face to face!

Before the 36th TakeOver event in NXT history, before everything comes to blows, William Regal will TRY to keep the peace between the volatile and violent Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly!


  • Dakota Kai VS Sarray; Kai wins.
  • LA Knight w/ Cameron Grimes VS Andre Chase; Knight wins.
  • Gigi Dolin w/ Jacy Jayne VS Amari Miller; Dolin wins.
  • NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinal: Odyssey Jones VS Trey Baxter; wins and advances to the finals.
  • Boa w/ Tian Sha VS Drake Maverick; Boa wins.
  • Ilja Dragunov VS Pete Dunne; Dunne wins.


Ember Moon is NOT medically cleared!

She wanted her revenge on Dakota Kai, but the medics couldn’t allow her to compete. So taking her place against Kai is…

Dakota Kai VS Sarray!

But before the match, #CapKota calls out Raquel Gonzalez! “I hope you’re watching, Mami. Because I’m about to defeat the undefeated Sarray and prove that I am no one’s sidekick. Cuz you’re looking at the next NXT Women’s Champion!” Will Cobra Kai sink her fangs into her substitute opponent? Or will she burned by the Warrior of the Sun all the same?

The bell rings and the two circle. Sarray offers a handshake but Dakota slaps it away! Fans boo but Dakota doesn’t care as she and Sarray circle. They tie up, Dakota gets an arm and wrenches to a wristlock, Sarray fights the hold, wrenches back, then wristlocks. Dakota slips through to wrench and wristlock back, but Sarray rolls, kips up and wrenches! Dakota moves around but Sarray wrangles her to the mat. Sarray hammerlocks, Dakota fights up and throws Sarray down! Dakota slaps Sarray around but that only angers Sarray! Dakota whips Sarray to a corner, Sarray goes up and over and elbows! Sarray stomps Dakota and fans fire up!

Dakota turns things around to throw forearms in return! Dakota whips Sarray to ropes, Sarray reverses and springboards to arm-drag! Sarray kips up, fires up, and kicks Dakota! Sarray reels Dakota in to scoop, carry around, and SLAM her down! Sarray gets the legs, ties them up and drops down as fans fire up again! Sarray bridges back for a MUTA LOCK! Dakota endures, and pulls Sarray’s hair! Dakota drags Sarray down and out of the hold to AX KICK her on the back! Sarray gets to ropes but Dakota gets her up. Dakota bumps Sarray off buckles, digs her boot into the throat, but stops as the ref counts 4. Dakota drags Sarray to a cover, TWO!

Dakota is annoyed but she wants the fans to respect her, their future champion! Dakota clubs Sarray, drags her up but Sarray throws body shots. Dakota CLUBS Sarray down, uses one foot for a cover, ONE! Sarray kicks back but Dakota hammers her at the ropes. Dakota bends Sarray back against the ropes but the ref counts. Dakota lets off, fans chant, “YOU SUCK! WOOP WOOP!” but Dakota drags Sarray up to snapmare and KICK her! Cover, TWO! Dakota snap suplexes Sarray to a cover, but Sarray goes Matrix, only for Dakota to throw her by hair! Cover, another Matrix bridge and Sarray elbows Dakota away. Sarray runs, rolling takedown, ONE! TO THE MUTA LOCK!!

Dakota reaches as Sarray focuses on the legs! Dakota grits her teeth, claws her way around, and gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Sarray lets go at 3 and stomps Dakota down! Sarray kicks Dakota to a corner, then stands on Dakota at the ropes! Sarray uses ropes to go up and DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Dakota crawls away, Sarray is after her and gets Dakota up, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Sarray keeps the fire going while NXT goes picture in picture!

Sarray goes to a corner and climbs up top. Dakota stands, Sarray jumps and missile dropkicks her down! Cover, TWO! Sarray stays fired up as Dakota flounders around. Sarray rallies the fans then dares Dakota to stand. Dakota is in the corner, Sarray runs in and Dakota drop toeholds her into buckles! Dakota stomps away on Sarray then drags her up. Dakota whips Sarray to ropes, Sarray holds those ropes, but Dakota slides and trips Sarray to spin and BOOT her! Dakota then gets in to cover, TWO! Dakota grows frustrated and she takes it out on Sarray’s back. Dakota bends Sarray then SLAMS her head down, and repeat! Cover, TWO as Sarray bridges!

Dakota clubs Sarray to ropes, then drags her up. Dakota chokes Sarray on the ropes! The ref counts, Dakota stops at 4, and she clubs Sarray down again. Sarray gets to a corner, Dakota stands on her in return for earlier, but still lets off at 4. Sarray gets up and throws body shots and kicks, but Dakota ROCKS Sarray with a forearm! Dakota snapmares, covers, TWO! Dakota wraps on a chinlock and squeezes tight. Sarray endures as Dakota makes it a straitjacket stretch and thrashes her about. Sarray fights up, then JAWBREAKERs free! And dropkicks Dakota down! Both women are down and fans fire up!

NXT returns to single picture as Sarray throws forearm after forearm! Dakota stays up but Sarray gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Sarray aims from a corner, runs in, wheelbarrow takedown to a cover, TWO! DUBLE STOMPS! Fans fire up more as Sarray paces. Sarray gets Dakota up, waistlocks again, but Dakota resists the lift! Dakota throws elbows, gets free and runs, but Sarray dodges to shove and waistlock, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Dakota escapes but Sarray is firing up! Sarray gets Dakota up, half nelson but Dakota blocks the rest. Dakota elbows Sarray then whips her to a corner. Dakota goes side to side, BOOT WASH! Dakota drags Sarray to a cover, TWO!!

Fans rally harder for “NXT! NXT!” but Dakota drags Sarray up. She taunts Sarray but Sarray throws forearms. Dakota forearms back so Sarray hits again. The forearms fly faster and faster, turn into haymakers, and fans fire up as Sarray ROCKS Dakota! Dakota wobbles but SCORPION KICKS! Sarray flounders against ropes, Dakota runs but into a DROPKICK! Speaking of, Dakota is on the ropes and Sarray fires up! Sarray runs, SUNLIGHT DROPKICK!! But she’s not done with one, she goes again! Dakota gets out of the way to AX KICK Sarray down!! Both women are down, fans are thunderous, and Raquel Gonzalez has arrived outside!!

Fans are fired up as Sarray rolls Dakota, TWO! Dakota stands but into a wheelbarrow and victory roll! Dakota shoves Sarray away but Sarray rebounds to jackknife! TWO, and both women fire up! Sarray HEEL KICKS Dakota, then HEEL KICKS her again! But Dakota follows Sarray Around the World to BOOT her down!! Cover, Dakota wins!!!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

In the blink of an eye, Sarray loses her first NXT match, and it IS to Dakota Kai! But she isn’t done with the Warrior of the Sun! Dakota runs but HERE’S RAQUEL! Dakota runs the other way now! Raquel can’t catch her so she gets a mic to call her out! “DAKOTA KAI! You will never beat Raquel Gonzalez, and you will never have this! If you wanted a chance, all you had to do was ask. Well, chiquita, at NXT TakeOver, you’ll get your opportunity. But at TakeOver, I am going to tear. You. APART!” Former friends turned bitter enemies, will Team Kick’s captain be CRUSHED by Big Mami Cool?


Indi Hartwell prepares for her date!

And both Johnny and Candice can’t stand it. Candice says, “We have done everything for these kids. We bought this house so they could each have their own bedrooms.” But Johnny says they can’t have Indi running away like Austin Theory did. He’s out there, half-naked in the wilderness somewhere, they can’t have this happen. Indi loves Dexter, they’re dating now, Johnny and Candice have to make this work. Ding dong. Dexter’s arrived. Gargano gets the door and the two stare down. Johnny “invites” Lumis in, and Lumis enters.

Indi finishes up her make-up and Candice says everything looks great. But, and Candice doesn’t want to ask, but does she have any- Indi tells Candice to stop worrying. As a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion, she’s so strong she doesn’t need protection! That’s not… Sigh.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Lumis are staring down more in the living room, and Johnny asks what Lumis’ intentions are with #IndiWrestling. Not talking, huh? Well then Johnny will Lumis what’s happening tonight: Lumis will take Indi to a nice restaurant, show her a great time, and then bring her up by 10 PM. “And no funny business, okay?!” Indi walks into the room and sees the bouquet of darkened roses Lumis brought. They’re of course for her and she asks what they’re doing. Oh, wait, is it a surprise? Indi loves surprises! She takes him by the hand and they leave. Johnny and Candice reluctantly say, “Have a great time!” but then grumble behind the door.

Johnny tells Candice not to worry, he already has Indi’s phone GPS-tracked! They hurry off to their car so they can follow #InDex! But is there no way they can stop this romance now that it’s rolling?


Hit Row speaks.

An angry Ashante Thee Adonis says, “This all started when Legado started talking real spicy!” B-Fab says they tried to let this go, but then Legado went and jumped Top Dolla and Swerve! Dolla says it’s cuz Legado knows damn well, if they puled up face to face, their teeth would become chiclets. The second Escobar put his hands inside Swerve’s mouth to snatch his grill, he not only disrespected Swerve, he disrespected Hit Row and their culture. Swerve has the luchador mask Escobar used to cheat him once! Here’s Swerve “respecting” Escobar’s culture now. He puts it in the fire! Will this pale in comparison to the fireworks that pop off when Swerve and Escobar meet in a match?


Ilja Dragunov is here!

Just 12 days ahead of TakeOver 36 and his rematch for the NXT UK Championship, the Moscow Madman is here in the CWC to speak! “I’m not a man of big words. Simply because where I come from, and on the path I have been going, words didn’t mean anything. But pain has meant something. The struggle has meant something. The sheer, blind belief in fighting spirit has meant something!” So his strength is not in his mouth, but in his fists! So with his fists and everything else that he is, he will make the “unthinkable” happen.

Dragunov vows that on August 22nd, TakeOver 36, “you will witness chaos! You will witness rage! History will be made, and an unbeatable kingdom WILL fall!” Dragunov will do that by ending Walter’s reign and becoming the NEW NXT UK Champion! However, a former NXT UK Champion arrives! Pete Dunne slowly makes his way into the ring and gets himself a mic in the process. “Beofre you get ahead of yourself, you owe me a big ‘thank you.’ Because without me traveling the world with the UK Championship, putting NXT UK on the map, and carrying the entire continent of Europe on my back,” Dragunov doesn’t get his match, doesn’t get to TakeOver, and damn sure doesn’t get to stand in front of the Baddest Man in NXT.

For that matter, Dragunov should count himself lucky. If Dunne had stayed in the UK, he would’ve put Dragunov in his place a long time ago. Dragunov tells Dunne that speaking of big words, Dunne has a lot of them. Dragunov is not here because of Dunne or anyone else. He is here because he did nothing else than giving everything he has and carried his so-often destroyed body straight to the top! Dragunov will make the impossible possible when he beats Walter, not something Dunne can change, nor something he ever did! But that’s in two weeks. How about Dunne shows Dragunov that his words are as strong as his will? Dragunov wants to fight tonight!

Dunne says Dragunov must be as mental as he looks. After tonight, Dragunov won’t even make it to TakeOver! In other words, Dragunov’s challenge has been accepted! Will the Bruiserweight break Dragunov’s spirit or just his body?


Backstage interview with LA Knight and Cameron Grimes.

McKenzie brings up Knight ditching Grimes last week, and Knight says she can’t be serious. “Let me talk to ya. First, put some respect on his name. He is The Butler, okay? And if anybody left anybody hanging, he left me hanging.” Grimes lost, Knight kept saving him, over and over. The people were going nuts for “L A KNIGHT!” It was a madhouse! Knight gave Grimes a chance to make up for the golf course, but then he failed because Grimes is a failure! But Ted DeBiase- Don’t worry about him, Ted’s filling Grimes’ head with delusions. Just like every millennial when they were told, “You’re special~!” NO NO! Ain’t nothing special about The Butler Grimes. Grimes was always meant to be a butler.

But Grimes will find out how to win, because there is only one Million Dollar Megastar, one man who runs this! Whose game is it? Whose game is it, Grimes? It’s L A Knight’s game… That’s right, dummy! Now put the title on his shoulder. Grimes does as told, and he follows Knight out of the locker room. How much more can Grimes put up with?


LA Knight w/ Cameron Grimes VS Andre Chase!

NXT returns and Knight’s opponent is the former (and self-proclaimed) Number One Seed in the Breakout Tournament. Will Knight be teaching everyone a lesson in winning tonight?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Chase gets around to waistlock but Knight throws an elbow. Knight headlocks, Chase powers out but Knight runs him over. Things speed up and Chase hip tosses Knight down! Chase arm-drags Knight, only for Knight to yank him into ropes! Knight kicks and hits the BFT! Knight covers, Knight wins!

Winner: LA Knight, by pinfall

Knight did make quick work of Chase thanks to #BluntForceTrauma, but now he wants Grimes to attend to him. Grimes wipes Knight’s sweat off his brow, but now Knight wants Grimes to shine his shoes! Grimes crouches down, but here comes Ted DeBiase! Grimes is ashamed and Knight is shocked as the Million Dollar Man walks out. DeBiase blows right past Knight to get a mic. “This has gone too far. Cameron, I know you’re a man of your word. But… But I have a lot more for you. You could be doing a lot of other things.” Knight insists Grimes is destined to be a butler, but everyone tells him to shut up.

DeBiase says the one thing Grimes shouldn’t ever be is a butler. He believes in Grimes, and the people believe in Grimes! The fans chant “TO THE MOON!” and Grimes nods. Knight asks DeBiase what he wants, then insists he should go to the back, then says DeBiase better have something important to say or get punched in the mouth again! Fans boo and DeBiase glares at Knight. Grimes keeps the peace, and DeBiase tells Knight, “You need to shut your mouth.” And Grimes, you can be whatever you want to be. Just follow your heart. Be what you want to be, Grimes. And you want to be a champion, right? DeBiase thinks that if Knight puts the title up one more time-

Knight interrupts with “NO NO NO!” He’s won twice, there’s no third! Feed Grimes all the false hope you want, here’s the reality. Grimes can’t win, it’s scientifically proven. But at TakeOver 36, Knight has a deal. Grimes is Knight’s butler. But at TakeOver, they can have another match, but third time ain’t always a charm! And if Grimes somehow wins by the grace of God, then Grimes can have the title! But the bottom-line is, WHEN Knight wins for a third time, Grimes won’t be Knight’s butler, DEBIASE will be! Grimes doesn’t want DeBiase to accept this but DeBiase says he’s a gambling man. His money’s on Grimes, and he’s got a LOT of money! Challenge accepted!

The highest of stakes for the Million Dollar Man, but what else for the most lavish prize possible? Can Grimes win his freedom while securing DeBiase’s? Or will Knight be gloating all the way to the bank?


Gigi Dolin arranges flowers.

Or rather, starts cutting the flowers off their stems… “We are people that are just surviving. You come home every night, driving yourself insane like I do, because you’re never satisfied. Io Shirai, Ember Moon, Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai, unlike you, this isn’t just our job, this isn’t a 9-to-5, this is everything to us. And it’s not just about surviving. It’s about taking notice and running through every top woman in this business. And I’m not doing it alone.” If Gigi isn’t alone, who else is fighting to do more than survive?


Gigi Dolin w/ Jacy Jayne VS Amari Miller!

Aha! So it’s Jacy who Gigi was referring to. They were both seen talking with Mandy Rose backstage, is this somehow related to that conversation?

The bell rings and Gigi circles with Amari. They tie up, Gigi gets an arm then throws Amari by her hair. Amari scrambles away and Gigi grins. They tie up, Amari gets around, waistlocks, hammerlocks, but Gig switches, spins and wrenches Amari to a hammerlock and snapmare! Gigi then pie faces Amari and laughs. Jacy cheers Gigi on as she and Amari go again. Amari waistlocks, Gigi elbows out hard, then Gigi runs, but into a forearm! Amari back elbows, whips and reels Gigi in for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE! Amari scrambles after but GIgi gets away. Gigi is on the apron, she throws Amari down then YANKS the arm against the apron!

Gigi gets in, drags her by a leg, but Amari holds ropes. Gigi stomps Amari’s hand, gets her up but Amari throws shots. Gigi ROCKS Amari back, whips her to ropes and ROCKS her again! Gigi whips Amari again to ROCK her again, then back around for a wrench and cobra twist! SPINNING COBRA TWIST POWERSLAM?! Cover, Gigi wins!

Winner: Gigi Dolin, by pinfall

Gigi said she’s not like the rest, and that was definitely not like anything anyone has ever seen! Will Gigi have any more surprises for the NXT Women’s Division?


NXT catches up with #InDex on their date.

They’re at Fresco Cucina Italiana and are ready to order. Indi says they will have the calamari, the mussels, the stuffed mushrooms, the chicken fingers and a large salad. After all, Lumis doesn’t (can’t?) talk. But Indi just loves chicken fingers! She’s so glad they ordered those, that’s like a classic thing, right? “All Heart to Poison Pixie. Do you have eyes on Index?” Wait, who? Did Lumis hear that? “I repeat, do you have eyes on Index? Over.” Indi looks around, but Lumis doesn’t seem to notice. Or is it he doesn’t mind? Indi storms over to a propped-up menu and snatches it away. It’s Candice! “Hey…! Wow, of all the rest-”

Johnny asks Candice on their walkie-talkies if she sees Index. Indi tells Johnny to lave her and Lumis alone, they’re on a date. Candice? No, it’s Indi! Over and OUT. Candice says they’re made, abort the plan! Indi goes back to Lumis, they hold hands, and does even Lumis smile? Is this the beginning of a true American love story?


William Regal, and extra security, stands by in the ring.

“In 12 days, at TakeOver 36, it will be Adam Cole VS Kyle O’Reilly III, the Undisputed Finale!” He now asks both men to join him in the ring. First out is Adam Cole, saying he IS the black ‘n’ gold brand, “always have been, always will.” Cole of course gets in his “BOOM!” and “ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!” before Kyle makes his entrance. Regal continues to speak, laying down the rules of the match: It will be two out of three falls, and each man chooses a stipulation for a fall apiece; if there needs to be a third fall, Regal chooses that stipulation. Regal lets Kyle go first. Kyle says the only reason he isn’t ripping Cole’s head off is because he has respect for Mr. Regal.

But Kyle has been thinking of some crazy stipulations and all the tools he could use to abuse Cole. But that loss at Great American Bash doesn’t sit well with Kyle. So for Kyle’s stipulation, it will be a straight-up singles match with pinfall or submission. Cole almost laughs at Kyle but Kyle says Cole is such a narcissist, losing that standard match will shatter Cole’s ego worse than a chair ever could. Cole says Kyle is so predictable. Of course Kyle goes with this, Kyle is delusional! Kyle continues to live in a world where he sees himself as the better competitor, when for 13 YEARS, Cole has proven time and again that he is better than Kyle at this job in every way!

And speaking of The Bash, Cole won 1v1, fair and square. But Kyle is continuing on the “win” at Stand & Deliver. Kyle knows the one, it was where Cole had him beat but the ref was down. And it was the one that doesn’t even count on their records because it was unsanctioned! Then a few weeks ago, Kyle decides to SMASH Cole’s head into steel steps, making it crystal clear what Kyle really wants. And unfortunately for Kyle, Cole wants that, too! The second fall needs to be a Street Fight! And Cole tells everyone not to even worry about Regal’s stipulation, because it ain’t going to the third! Cole will win in a 2-0 sweep, and will win the Cole VS O’Reilly saga!

Kyle asks Cole if he even understands why Kyle did that. It’s because Cole taught Kyle that. As far as Kyle’s concerned, Cole was asking for it by sharpening the blade and handing it to Kyle. Kyle knows what being human garbage has done for Cole. Kyle may be naïve to think he can be a nice, upstanding citizen while still achieving his goals, “but ain’t that just a kick in the nuts?” Kyle has his priorities straightened. He is literally willing to do anything to put Cole down for good. Kyle doesn’t care. And now that he doesn’t care, he’s the most dangerous man Cole’s ever faced.

Wow, does Kyle hear himself? How much of a MORON can he be? Of course Cole taught Kyle! He’s taught Kyle for 13 YEARS, and for 13 YEARS, Kyle has tried to follow in Cole’s footsteps! For 13 YEARS, Kyle has tried to live up to Cole’s standard, and for 13 YEARS, Kyle has ridden Cole’s coattails. Because whether Kyle wants to admit it or not, but Cole has said it over and over, “You will NEVER be Adam Cole!” Cole is the GREATEST NXT superstar of all time! No one can touch him! No one ever has, no one ever will! Kyle is just a footnote in Cole’s career! So how about Cole teaches Kyle something else, right here and now?

Cole tells Kyle that his biggest problem is that he doesn’t have a killer instinct. Kyle is soft. #CoolKyle is pathetic. Oh he’s taking his jacket off now? Big tough guy wants to hit him? He won’t because Kyle is nothing, and means nothing to Cole! They shove then brawl and security rushes in! Regal knew this would happen, so he’s already naming the third fall here! It will be… IN A STEEL CAGE!! The three stages of Hell have been set, but will either of these two survive them?!


Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher speak.

Old Man Ciampa says that Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan want us to fear them as the baddest men in all of NXT. But a couple weeks ago, they could’ve proven just that against him and #ToothlessTimmy. But instead, they needed help. They needed a third man. Enter Ridge Holland: young, big, blue chipper. The industry chooses people like Ridge Holland, and Pete Dunne chose Ridge Holland, too. Ciampa gets that, he does. But here is what Ridge is not: He is NOT Thatcher, he is NOT Ciampa. These are two men who have traveled the world perfecting their craft, sacrificing, passionate, because THEY chose this industry, and continue to choose it.

Hell, let’s get real! Thatcher & Ciampa DEFINE everything that is GOOD, that is JUST, that is PURE about this industry! But Ridge wants to enter this world and make a name for himself? Hell, let’s party! Ridge Holland VS Tommaso- Thatcher puts a hand on Ciampa’s shoulder and says, “Please, sir, with all due respect, Ridge Holland VS Timothy Thatcher.” Alright. Class is in session! What painful lesson will the Northern Grit learn from Professor Thatcher?


Imperium speaks.

“We are here to protect the purity of our sport! By any means necessary-” Wait, MSK interrupt! Payback from last time as they even pretend to be Imperium. “What is wrong with our division?” “Interrupting opponents to have a message said.” “Rude!” “Childish!” They can’t hold in their laughter any longer, and throw off the “ImperiuMSK” jackets. That’s more like it! But Imperium, all that stuff you’re spewing about MSK’s reign being meaningless is crazy! Don’t they understand that MSK is the IV drip in this division, bringing it to life?

So if they want to be next in line for a title opportunity, if they want this work, if they want to risk it, if they want this two-piece side o’ the biscuit…!! Just let them know. They’re fighting champions. MSK All Night and All Day. With the challenge thrown out, will Barthel and Aichner choose to respond with action?


NXT Breakout Tournament Semifinal: Odyssey Jones VS Trey Baxter!

It’s been quite the journey, but there’s just one more step before the finals! Will Odyssey’s epic continue? Or will #AllHeart be enough to see him through to the other side?

The bell rings and the two circle. They approach, Baxter gets around but Jones breaks the waistlock to throw Baxter down. Baxter grins as he sits up and Jones likes the fighting spirit. They circle but as fast as Baxter is, Jones is big and has him cornered. Back suplex but Baxter lands on his feet! Baxter tries a schoolboy but Jones stays up! Baxter shifts but the sunset flip doesn’t work any better. Jones brings Baxter up with both hands, throws him but Baxter rolls! Fans fire up as both guys enjoy this. Baxter says toro toro, but Jones says that’s child’s play! Jones eggs Baxter on so Baxter runs and forearms! Jones stays up, Baxter fires off and throws fast hands!

Baxter goes to run but Jones reels him in and back suplex TOSSES him! Fans fire up with that showing of strength, and Jones storms in at the corner. Baxter slips out and ROUNDHOUSES Jones back, then springboards, but into Jones’ hands! Jones TOSSES Baxter across the ring and fires up! Fans rally for “OD-Y-SSEY!” as he gets Baxter up. Jones gut wrenches with one arm, but Baxter sips out to a sleeper hold! Jones stays up, throws Baxter off hard, then drags Baxter up. Baxter ENZIGURIS, but Jones stays up! Baxter ENZIGURIS again and is free. Jones storms in, gets caught in the ropes, tiger feint to the leg!

Jones staggers, Baxter springboards in and dropkicks a leg out! BASEMENT DDT! HEEL KICK BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Baxter keeps moving while Jones is still down, leaps but Jones dodges! Jones SPLASHES Baxter in a corner, then swinging URENAGES! Cover, Jones wins!

Winner: Odyssey Jones, by pinfall (advances to the Breakout Tournament finals)

Baxter’s heart was all in, but his body just wasn’t big or strong enough! Jones’ odyssey continues, will he be THE Breakout superstar?

Samantha Irvin interviews Jones at ringside, congratulating him on officially making it to the 2021 Breakout Tournament. How does he feel? “Well first thing’s first, WHAT UP, NXT UNIVERSE?!” And they have no idea how excited he is to be going to the finals and finally have his breakout moment. “Look, Mama! I made it!” After waiting a whole year in the back, will Jones finally be a star?


Tian Sha speaks.

Boa says, “Disobedience will NOT be tolerated.” Mei Ying blows her dragonbreath! Who will be next to burn at the hands of Tian Sha?


NXT returns, outside Mr. Regal’s office.

McKenzie Mitchell says Mr. Regal has big news towards next week’s episode, and then Kushida walks out through Regal’s door. Malcolm Bivens is telling Regal that he will not regret this decision. Bivens also seems to be scouting as he looks at the two towering security guards. He hands them his Diamond Mine cards, and tells McKenzie that now Regal has news for her. Bivens leaves, Regal walks out, and he thanks McKenzie for being here. He just finished signing the papers, and next week will be huge.

First, MSK VS Imperium for the NXT Tag Team Championships! Second, after Bivens’ “convincing” argument and Kushida saying he wants a challenger, it will be Kushida VS Roderick Strong for the NXT Cruiserweight Champion! That IS big news! Will much of NXT’s golden landscape change this close to TakeOver?


NXT shares Mandy Rose’s tweet.

“Congratulations Gigi Dolin on your victory! It sure seems like the advice is already paying off.” There’s even a winking emoji, and an @ to get Jacy Jayne in on the tweet. What is the Golden Goddess working on in the background of the black ‘n’ gold?


Boa w/ Tian Sha VS Drake Maverick!

Xia Li may have failed to dethrone Raquel Gonzalez, but there are more titles for Tian Sha to take in NXT. Will Boa begin his own journey to the top of the men’s division? Or can Rockstar Spud halt his progress before it begins?

The bell rings, Maverick rushes in but into kicks! Boa BOOTS Maverick down then dares him to come back. Maverick dodges his boot, kicks the other leg, then keeps kicking! Boa THROAT CHOPS! Maverick sputters and scrambles away but Boa runs in. Maverick BOOTS Boa, CHOP BLOCKS him, then runs. Boa STRAIGHT PALM STRIKES Maverick in the chest! Boa snarls and stalks Maverick. Fans rally for Maverick but Boa stomps Maverick’s hand! Boa wrenches Maverick, knuckle locks and wrenches! Boa has Maverick on his knees and he KICKS Maverick down! Boa wrenches, knuckle locks, KICKS him more, and is toying with Maverick.

Boa wrenches, lifts Maverick with one arm, then SLAMS him down! Boa stands on the arm, digs his heel in, but Maverick pushes him away. Boa drags Maverick up, lifts him again, but Maverick hops onto his shoulders! Maverick spins and RANAS Boa to a corner! Maverick runs to dropkick Boa’s legs out, then keeps going! Fake out and redirect to another dropkick! Boa bails out, Maverick goes to a corner and climbs up, to SUPER SENTON!! Direct hit and both men are down! Fans fire up as both men writhe! Boa drags himself into the ring while Maverick shakes out his arms. Maverick drags Boa back out at 5 of 10 and SLAMS the leg on the apron!

Boa clutches his leg and the ref checks him. Maverick turns around, and GETS SMOKE IN THE EYES! Mei Ying appeared ringside and now blinds Maverick with her dragonbreath! Maverick flounders into the ring, into a ROUNDHOUSE!! Boa covers, Boa wins!

Winner: Boa, by pinfall

Boa redeems himself for past failures, with help from Tian Sha’s fearsome leader. Will he now be the face of their conquest?


NXT checks back in with #InDex.

Indi says Lumis is too funny! Indi feels like she could talk to Lumis all night! How was the food? She’s stuffed, but always has room for dessert. Oh, he’s got a little something. She gets it with her napkin. Here’s a cake for the two lovebirds~! Wait, that voice…? And then the waiter asks her, in a very NOT Italian accent, “You such a beautiful young lady! Why’a you date crazy man?” Johnny! Y-You mean Jonbo! Yes, he is Jonbo the wa- STOP! No, he show you- She snatches the toupee and the mustache. Well, fine! But Lumis better be paying for dinner! And y’know what? No cake for you! This is Johnny’s cake now! Indi says that’s their cake, they really did order one!

The two tug-o-war over the cake, and of course it goes FLYING into Lumi’s face! Lumis glares at Johnny through frosting and Johnny says, “See you at home!” Johnny runs away and Indi says she always has room for dessert. She wipes a piece off his face and eats it up. Then she leans in, as does Lumis, and Indi covers up the camera so we don’t see the kiss!


NXT looks closer at the coming war: Kross VS Joe.

The NXT Champion says, “Good evening. I have had a lot to say for a very, very long time. There are certain people who would’ve never stepped into a ring with me if they knew what my true intentions were. Everything needed to fall into the right place, at the right time. And that time and place… is now.” Kross wont’ deny that he enjoys hurting people. But someone needed to cause this suffering and chaos. And that someone was him. Regal started to doubt himself because of Kross, until SAMOA JOE returned to NXT! Joe speaks now, “Many people asked me, ‘After the injury, why’re you coming back?'”

To Joe, he isn’t returning. “‘Coming back’ is reserved for people who think they’re gone.” For Joe, it was about rebuilding. Kross says Joe is acting like Superman, here to save the day. Joe got to be enforcer, slapping around those who have big mouths. And none bigger than Kross while he’s been NXT Champion. Kross doesn’t bye that “crap.” Does anyone know the real Samoa Joe? He’s really just like Kross. Joe likes to hurt people, and nothing is wrong with that. #UnlessProvoked happened pretty quick. Comparing Kross and Joe is like saying a housefire is a hurricane. Both are dangerous, but one is just that much more.

Kross says, “Sure. But I resent the fact that he’s here pretending like he wants to change things. Samoa Joe just wants to control things.” Kross knew what Joe was all about from the first time they locked eyes: “He’s just another opportunist.” Joe is getting what he wanted, though: a second chance. Joe says it’s not even about the title. “I’m there to f*** him up.” Kross VS Joe, TakeOver 36. They each vow to put the other down, “by any means necessary.” When Joe goes out, so will the past of NXT. Because in the end, everyone pays the toll. Tick-tock. Neither man is going to back down, but they will meet face to face in next week’s go-home episode!


Ilja Dragunov VS Pete Dunne!

The Moscow Madman isn’t just ready for this, he was born for this! Will #UNBESIEGBAR show that even the Bruiserweight DOES NOT know violence like he knows violence? Or will Dunne break Dragunov like he does fingers: in a snap?

The bell rings and the CWC are thunderous already as these two tie up! They go around, Dunne uses a chinbar to wrangle Dragunov, then he cranks the arm. Dragunov rolls, gets up, but Dunne wrangles him again. Dunne has a grounded cording hold, Dragunov rolls through and gets up to roll, fireman’s carry takeover, then cover. ONE, Dragunov has an arm and wrenches it on the mat. The two fight up, Dunne hooks a leg to resists the snapmare, then he bends fingers! Dragunov endures, Dunne shifts to a toehold and then shoot the half. ONE, and the two stand off. Fans keep rallying as the two circle again.

Dunne and Dragunov approach, Dragunov gets a leg and trips Dunne. Dragunov digs his knee into an arm, then traps the other. Dunne headbutts from below, pulls on both ears and then drop toeholds. Dunne ties up the legs, stands on them, then drops back to pull on the deathlock! Dunne gives toying jabs then shifts to a headlock. Dragunov fights up, throws Dunne with a takeover, then shifts to grind the headlock. Fans cheer, Dunne gives quick hammer fists, but then fights up to power out. Things speed up, Dunne leaps and KNEES Dragunov down! Then he KICKS Dragunov in the back! And then another! Dragunov gets mad but Dunne SLAPS him down!

Dunne kicks Dragunov, drags him up, wrenches the arm but Dragunov breaks free. Dune ducks one but not the LEFT LARIAT! Dragunov waistlocks and drags Dunne up, GERMAN SUPLEX! Dunne lands on his feet and Dragunov actually likes that! Dunne rushes in, Dragunov goes Matrix! Then he PELES Dunne to a corner! Dragunov runs in to KNEE Dunne at the corner, then HALF HATCH SUPLEXES! Dragunov goes up the corner, leaps, and KNEE DROPS Dunne in the chest! Cover, TWO! Dunne is still in this but Dragunov knows he’s tough. Dragunov goes up the corner, Dunne rushes up top to get him, and has a wristlock!

Dragunov throws body shots, then CHOPS! Dunne falls back, Dragunov leaps, but into a BIG forearm!! Dragunov flounders out of the ring as NXT goes picture in picture.

Dunne smirks and shrugs while a ring count starts. Dunne goes out to fetch Dragunov, drag him up and around the way, and wrenches the hand and arm to hammerlock against the steps! Dunne STOMPS the arm, then jumps to DOUBLE STOMP Dragunov’s chest! Dunne leaves Dragunov behind with the count getting higher, but Dragunov gets in at 9! Dunne stomps, Dragunov kicks, so Dunne steps through to a modified deathlock! Dunne adds a bit of a toehold into it, but Dragunov endures and even shouts at Dunne. Dragunov pries at Dunne’s grip but Dunne jumps up to STOMP him down! Dunne goes after an arm again, standing on the hand.

Dunne drops knees right on the shoulder! And then bends the arm back, trapping it in his legs, then digs a knee into the shoulder. Dunne stands up to drop more knees! Dunne reaches over Dragunov to get his other arm, and he digs his elbow into Dragunov’s ribs! He even pulls Dragunov’s nose and ear before standing up to STOMP the other arm! Dragunov writhes but he can’t clutch either arm! Dunne sits Dragunov up and punches him right in the forehead! Dunne gets Dragunov up, wrenches an arm and grinds Dragunov down towards the mat. NXT returns to single picture as fans rally up. Dunne digs in knuckles wherever he can, but Dragunov manages a scorpion kick!

Dunne is more annoyed than hurt, so he TWISTS the arm, and kicks Dragunov down! Dunne gives Dragunov more toying kicks but Dragunov starts to grin. Dragunov eggs Dunne on, Dunne gives more kicks but Dragunov stands up. Dunne boots, Dragunov LARIATS! Dunne stays up to ROCK Dragunov, “THIS IS AWESOME!” as Dragunov LARIATS again! Dunne ROCKS Dragunov, Dragunov LARIATS Dunne, repeat! Dragunov gets the edge and CLOBBERS Dunne! Dragunov swings a big hammer fist but Dunne blocks it! Dunne has the arm between his feet and TWEAKS it! But Dragunov rebounds and LARIATS Dunne again! Dragunov keeps moving, ANOTHER LARIAT!

Dragunov is still going, but Dunne BOOTS him! Dunne shoves Dragunov to ropes, CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Dragunov came back with the 619 clothesline and fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as these two rise. Dragunov gets Dunne’s arm, wrenches and knuckle locks to then CHOP and CHOP and CHOP Dunne down! Pump handle, but Dunne gets the arm and wrenches to a double wristlock! Dragunov fights through that to cobra twist and rains down elbow after elbow! Then the Gotch lift EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!! Fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” as Dunne and Dragunov stand again. Dragunov storms over but into a BOOT! Dunne runs in but Dragunov goes Matrix!

But Dunne KICKS an arm out! Dragunov is down, Dunne gets his fingers and bends! But Dragunov slips through and CHOPS Dunne off his feet! BACK SENTON! Waistlock, but Dunne slips through to FUJIWARA! But Dragunov rolls and stands, hooks a leg for a takedown and a rain of elbows! Dunne pulls Dragunov’s hair! And gives Dragunov knees right to the forehead! Dunne shifts over to the FUJIWARA! But Dragunov resists so Dunne floats to the other arm, FUJIWARA! Dragunov rolls, but into a TRIANGLE! He makes it a cover, ONE! Again, ONE! Dragunov shimmies out to drop an elbow, but Dunne knees him in the face at the same time!

Dunne again gets Dragunov into the TRIANGLE HOLD! And it’s on tight! Dragunov doesn’t stop, he DEAD LIFT POWERBOMBS Dunne! High stack cover, TWO!! FOREARM DROP!! Cover, TWO!?! Dunne survives that desperate shot and the fans are electric in the CWC! Both men are down but the fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” because “THIS IS AWESOME!” Dragunov waistlocks, Gotch lifts, but Dunne pulls fingers again! Dragunov slips through to BACK HAND! But with the bad hand! Dunne stops both hands then BUZZSAWS! Whip, Constantine- No! The arm can’t hold Dragunov up! BUZZSAW and FOREARM!

Dunne drags Dragunov up, pump handles, but Dragunov slips through! Gotch lift, but Dunne victory rolls to an ARMBAR! Dragunov bridges to relieve pressure, but Dunne has the arm stuck! Dragunov rolls back?! Waistlock, Gotch lift, SUPLEX!! Bridging cover, TWO!?!? More like 2.7, but that’s still not 3! Dragunov goes to a corner, climbs up top, SUPER SENTON!! It just clips Dunne but Dragunov isn’t stopping here, anyway! Dragunov aims from the corner, “UN! BE! SIEG!” Walter?! The NXT UK Champion finally makes his presence known, just as Dragunov has this in his grasp. Dragunov kicks Dunne out of the ring and dares the Ring General to do this now!

But Dunne gets Dragunov in the pump handle! Dragunov fights the lift, switches and shoves Dunne into ropes, to then JUMP KICK him down! Dragunov resets, TORPEDO MO- FOREARM!! Pump handle, BITTER END!! Cover, Dunne wins!!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall

That was definitely a bitter end to this match, as the Ring General threw Dragunov off his game. Walter gets in the ring, stares down with Dunne a moment, but then Dunne shrugs and leaves. Walter drags Dragunov back up and SLAPS him down! And then wraps on the SLEEPER! But Dragunov still has life as he arm-drags Walter away! Walter rushes to his feet, and into TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Walter underestimated Dragunov’s fighting spirit here tonight, will he do the same at TakeOver? Will there finally be a NEW NXT UK Champion?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for NXT, and though TakeOver isn’t for two weeks, this episode felt like the go-home. For one, we got a lot of big matches set up for next week. The NXT Tag Team and NXT Cruiserweight Championships are on the line since TakeOver is bringing in the NXT UK Championship and now the Million Dollar Championship. MSK had a good payback promo on Imperium, and of course Kushida will defend against Strong. It was a clever detail that Bivens gave his card to those really big security guards. On one level, Diamond Mine should have always been recruiting, even after their members were revealed. On another, they need new members because Nick Da Prick Khan decided to throw Tyler Rust away despite him being in the Diamond Mine story.

Knight had a good promo and a fast match, DeBiase returns again and of course helps motivate Grimes into going after the Million Dollar Championship one more time. This has to be the time Grimes wins, and the next phase of NXT can have Grimes as the fun-loving, money-spending, title-defending Million Dollar Caveman headed TO~ THE~ MOON~! Hit Row has a short but strong promo segment. Swerve VS Escobar for the North American title just needs to be declared already since we know that’s happening, and then they can go all out to finally settle this score that goes back to their days fighting over the Cruiserweight title.

We got a great pseudo-Prime-Target for Kross VS Joe, and Kross’ line about NXT’s past being done hits differently when you factor in all the talk and concerns about NXT. I will worry about NXT only when/if those things come to pass. All that aside, Kross VS Joe, Sleeper VS Sleeper is still more exciting than Lashley VS Goldberg, Spear VS Spear. Kross may not be a great in-ring guy, but at least both guys are in their prime, and neither guy is resorting to intimidating a teenager. Jones VS Baxter was a really good match for how quick it went. I already sensed the Breakout Tournament becoming The Big Hoss Tournament, so Jones winning makes sense. Hayes VS Hudson could still go either way, giving us a great tournament finals either way.

It was good to see Boa get himself a win, but I hope this isn’t NXT dumping Xia Li. Yes, her heel kick legitimately knocked people out, but the first time it happened, they should’ve realized how strong her heel kick was. Then they should’ve said, “Let’s book matches where that kick never comes into play again.” At the same time, Xia Li is still recovering from rib injuries suffered during her match with Raquel Gonzalez, but Boa’s promo made me think she was out of Tian Sha completely.

Everything with #InDex and The Way was well done and very funny. I’m still betting on Mixed Tag: InDex VS The Way, and THAT is the make-or-break for both the romcom and The Way as we know it. Johnny acknowledging that Theory’s missing is also a good sign, maybe Theory comes back home after the InDex saga wraps. Ciampa and Thatcher have a good promo, and I do like that Thatcher wants to take on Ridge Holland first. Gigi Dolin had a good promo, but the transition messed up the beginning so I don’t think I got those first few words right. But Jacy Jayne at ringside for Gigi’s match, and Mandy’s tweet right after, confirms another trio is forming.

Dakota VS Sarray was a great match, just as Dakota VS Ember would have been. I almost thought Raquel was going to interfere with the match but her getting there just after Dakota wins was still a good call. Raquel has a strong promo in response, and because Dakota is so devious on top of being skilled, I really feel that match could go either way.

Cole VS Kyle III is apparently following in the footsteps of Cole VS Gargano in that is Two Outta Three Falls, or rather an unofficial Three Stages of Hell. Tonight’s Cole-O’Reilly face-off was good, but it was definitely more because of Cole than Kyle. There was one flaw, though: Cole says Kyle has no killer instinct, but this is after the Unsanctioned match and that chain-wrapped knee drop, and after Kyle gave him the brainbuster to the steps. Cole even brought that up himself, so it just seems like a weaker part of his argument.

But at the same time, Kyle choosing a singles match is a weak move from both him and the booking team. Kyle could have at least spiced it up by saying it’d be a Submission Match. And personally, I was hoping Regal would up things a bit more than a Steel Cage match. Yes, NXT Cage matches are far better than RawDown Cage matches, but there’s still that cliché of “Now they can’t escape each other!” when it’s not needed. Cole and Kyle want to settle this, it’d be weird of NXT to write it as “And now Cole turns chicken.” Last Man Standing or I Quit would’ve better escalated things on a proper scale with Cole saying “Street Fight.” Standard match becomes Street Fight, dropping the disqualifications and ring counts, then LMS/I Quit drops pinfalls and submissions and it comes down to sheer will of character.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (5/26/24)

Now, where were we?



A Block Round 8, but B Block Round 7!

After a few days off, Best of the Super Juniors kicks it back into gear! But will El Desperado and Hiromu Takahashi both stay on track back to the top?


  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: KUSHIDA VS Ninja Mack; Mack wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kosei Fujita VS HAYATA; Hayata wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Dragon Dia VS SHO; Sho wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: BUSHI VS Blake Christian; Blake wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Taiji Ishimori VS “Drilla” Dan Moloney; Taiji wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Titan VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Kanemaru wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kevin Knight VS Clark Connors; Knight wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS Robbie Eagles; Hiromu wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: El Desperado VS TJP; TJP wins.


Here are the current A Block standings!

Titan: 5-2, 10 points
El Desperado: 5-2, 10 points
HAYATA: 4-3, 8 points
Blake Christian: 4-3, 8 points
Clark Connors: 4-3, 8 points
Kevin Knight: 3-4, 6 points
BUSHI: 3-4, 6 points
TJP: 3-4, 6 points
Kosei Fujita: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-5, 4 points [ELIMINATED]


Here are the current B Block standings!

Robbie Eagles: 5-2, 10 points
“Drilla” Moloney: 4-2, 8 points
KUSHIDA: 4-2, 8 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 4-2, 8 points
Taiji Ishimori: 4-2, 8 points
SHO: 4-3, 8 points
DOUKI: 4-3, 8 points
Ninja Mack: 2-4, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Francesco Akira: 2-3, 4 points [FORFEIT]
Dragon Dia: 0-6, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: KUSHIDA VS Ninja Mack!

There’s still time for The Timesplitter to make it to the top, but the American Shinobi no longer has an outside shot. Will the Mack attack bring Kushida’s countdown to zero? Or will Kushida head back to the future?

The bell rings and the fans rally up for “NINJA! NINJA!” Mack and Kushida circle, feel things out, and Mack avoids the leg takedown. They clinch, go around, and Kushida waistlocks. Mack drops to his knees as he pries at the hold, but Kushida floats to a facelock. Mack slips around to waistlock, Kushida switches, Mack switches back, and the two stand. The fans cheer, Kushida tries to use his leg guard, but Mack blocks that. Mack gives a kick, but Kushida rolls to snatch the other leg! Mack falls but he gets the ROPEBREAK, and Kushida lets off. The fans applaud as the two reset, and they are both in fighting stances.

Mack and Kushida circle, then they start firing KICK after KICK! They each duck a kick, then Kushida kicks low. Kushida whips, Mack reverses then hurdles, and then back handsprings over Kushida’s slide! The fans cheer as the two stand off again! Kushida runs up, RANAS, but Mack flips through! The fans fire up and Kushida hits the crane stance. Mack runs up, but into a hip toss! Kushida cartwheels, Mack kips up, Kushida crane stance but he avoids Mack’s dropkick to cartwheel and DROPKICK! The fans cheer as Mack goes to ropes. Kushida KICKS him in the arm, runs, but Mack puts him on the apron!

Mack body shots, CLUBS, and runs to handspring and NINJA SUNSET FLIP! Kushida holds the ropes, throws down fists, and Mack lets go. Kushida goes up and in, builds speed and slides as Mack ducks, to SUNSET FLIP BOMB only for Mack to handspring through! And he handsprings all the way down the aisle through the crowd! The fans are thunderous as Mack strikes another fight stance! Mack runs all the way back in, is put on the apron, and he mule kicks, to then ASAI TORNILLO! Direct hit and the fans are thunderous again! They cheer on Mack as he puts Kushida in and goes up a corner!

Mack aims, leaps, and DIVING HEADBUTTS! Both it was a bit double-edged for Mack! Mack manages the cover, TWO! Kushida is still in this, but Mack clamps on the KIMURA! Kushida endures his favorite hold as the fans rally up! Kushida rises, but then Mack jumps on for the HOVERBOARD! Now Kushida is really annoyed, and he powers his way out of the hold! And then he turns the HOVERBOARD onto Mack! The fans cheer, Mack fights around, wrenches out, and ROCKS Kushida! Kushida KICKS the leg! And KICKS again! Kushida whips, Mack reveres, Kushida handsprings, but into an ARMBAR!

The fans fire up, Kushida fights around, and he rolls back to get free, Oklahoma Roll! TWO but Kushida keeps on Mack, cradle! TWO, and Kushida drags Mack around for another cradle, TWO!! Mack escapes, rolls Kushida up now, schoolboy KICK! The fans rally up as Mack takes aim, LION’S BARRAGE into a HOVERBOARD!! Kushida has Mack caught, but Mack stacks Kushida! TWO, Kushida lets go and runs up but Mack sends him to ropes. Mack hurdles the slide, comes back, but Kushida RANAS! Cover, ONE as Mack sunset flips! Kushida rolls through, goes to stack but Mack tucks Kushida! MACK WINS!!

Winner: Ninja Mack, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kushida earns 0)

It wasn’t Back to the Future but the Return of the Mack! Did the American Shinobi just slam the door shut on Kushida going to the semifinals?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kosei Fujita VS HAYATA!

The Japanese Young Punk is out of the running, but the GHC National Champion has an outside shot, so long as he keeps winning. But will Hayata see The Mighty Don’t Kneel? Or will he leave Fujita lost in the Silence of Darkness?

Fujita gets in Hayata’s face but the ref has him back down. Fujita doesn’t like Hayata being so dismissive of him, so he fires a forearm! The bell rings and the brawl is on! The fans rally up, Fujita knees low and whips, but Hayata holds ropes. Hayata bails out, Fujita pursues and CLUBS him on the back! Fujita puts Hayata in, brings him up, but Hayata CLAWS the eyes! The ref reprimands, Hayata headlocks, but Fujita powers out. Hayata runs Fujita over, things speed up and Fujita sidesteps to arm-drag! And arm-drag again! But Hayata avoids the third! The fans cheer, Hayata brings Fujita up, but Fujita gets that arm-drag after all!

Hayata gets up but Fujita DROPKICKS him down! Fujita drags Hayata up, ROCKS him with a forearm, then whips corner to corner. Fujita runs in but Hayata TOSSES him up and out! Fujita hits apron on the way down, and checks his teeth as he is on the floor. Hayata goes out after Fujita, and POSTS him! The ref reprimands but Hayata smirks as he looms over Fujita. Hayata drags Fujita up, puts him in, and the fans applaud. Cocky cover, ONE! Hayata paces around Fujita, brings him up, and reels him in. Hayata suplexes, but Fujita slips free! Hayata elbows free, avoid the dropkick, then things speed up.

Fujita jumps, but into a Manhattan Drop! Hayata runs to SHOTGUN BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fujita stays in this and the fans rally up, but Hayata looms over him. Hayata taunts Fujita and steps on his face! The ref reprimands, Hayata brings Fujita up, but Fujita fires a forearm! And another! Fujita eggs Hayata on, ROCKS him again, but Hayata knees low. Hayata puts Fujita in a corner, stomps a mudhole in, then digs his boots in! The ref counts, Hayata steps away, then stands Fujita up to CLUB him down! The fans rally for Fujita but Hayata stands him back up. Hayata knees low, whips, but Fujita reverses and GAMANGIRIS!

The fans fire up while both men are down! Fujita grits his teeth and sits up first. Fujita goes to a corner, Hayata goes to the other. Fujita storms up and fires forearms. Fujita whips but Hayata blocks, so Fujita CHOPS Fujita whips corner to corner, runs up, but is put on the apron this time. Fujita ducks a haymaker to ROCK Hayata! Then he springboard MISSILE DROPKICKS! Direct hit and Fujita covers, TWO! The fans rally as we pass five minutes. Fujita waistlocks and deadlifts Hayata, but Hayata fights free! Fujita ducks the elbow to CHOP! Fujita whips, Hayata PELES! Both men are down and the fans rally up again.

Both men stand, Hayata goes to a corner, then runs out to SHOTGUN! Hayata drags Fujita to the drop zone then goes up, SECOND ROPE SAULT onto knees! Fujita saves himself and the fans rally up again. Fujita rises, stalks Hayata, and brings him up. Hayata fires a forearm first, but Fujita gives it back! They go forearm for forearm, then Fujita CHOPS! Fujita waistlocks but Hayata wrenches right out to STRAITJACKET DDT! Cover, TWO! Fujita survives and the fans fire up! Hayata vows to end this, and he gets Fujita up for 403- NO, Fujita fights free, wrenches, drop toeholds, and ties up the legs! CAMEL DEATHLOCK!

Hayata endures, crawls forward, reaches out, but Fujita gets the arms! QUEEN ANGELITO! But Hayata fights and still gets the ROPEBREAK! Fujita lets Hayata go, waistlocks and deadlifts again! Hayata reaches out for ropes, Fujita brings him from ropes, but Hayata spins around! 403- NO, Fujita slips free! Hayata ducks the heel kick, runs, but into a POP-UP GERMAN SUPLEX!! Bridging cover, TWO!! Hayata escapes and the fans are thunderous as Fujita roars! Fujita slashes his throat, drags Hayata up and in, suplex, but Hayata knees free! Fujita fights Hayata’s lift and the fans rally! Hayata gets a leg, FISHERMAN SCREW!

Hayata drags Fujita back up, 403 IMPACT!!! Cover, Hayata wins!

Winner: Hayata, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Fujita earns 0)

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but they can get dropped on their heads! Hayata rolls on, will the GHC National Champion soon become the Best of the Super Juniors?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Dragon Dia VS SHO!

The Infinity Carat Diamond sure doesn’t feel like it after going 0-6. And when it comes to the House of Torture, the deck is always stacked. Will Dia get lucky in round 7 and finally score? Or will the Murder Machine not take any chances, even this deep into tournament?

Wait, Sho runs up behind Dia! He snatches Dia’s skateboard away! The fans boo but Sho gets a mic to say, “Oi, Dragon Dia’s won every one of his matches, right? Then there’s no point in me wrestling him! So just give me the points now and I’ll give you your skateboard back.” Dia gives chase instead! They go around the outside, then Yujiro appears for Sho to hand off the board! Dia goes after Tokyo Pimp but he gets mugged by them both! The fans boo more but Sho puts Dia in the ring. The bell rings, Sho stomps Dia, and fans boo more. Sho digs his heel into Dia’s ribs, then he steps off, talking trash the whole time.

Sho drags Dia up, whips, but Dia holds ropes and bails out. Sho wants Dia to come back but Dia wants his board! Dia goes after Yujiro but Yujiro rolls the board into the ring. Sho has it now, Dia slides in, only for Sho to roll the board back out to Yujiro! Dia goes for Yujiro but Sho CLUBS him on the back! Sho whips and kitchen sink knees! The fans boo as Sho stretches Dia’s arm and leg, heels digging into Dia’s ribs! Dia endures, crawls his way over and bringing Sho along, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Sho pulls more, but lets off at 4. Dia bails out, and he rushes Yujiro! Yujiro slides the board in, but Dia catches up to it!

Dia and Sho tug-o-war over the board and the ref gets involved. Sho shoves the ref away, then fakes a low blow with the board! The fans boo the farce and Dia defends his innocence! Sho shoves Dia at the ref, takes aim, but Dia blocks the legit low blow! Dia kicks and whips Sho, Sho reverses, but Dia RANAS back! The fans fire up and Dia storms after Sho. Dia whips, Sho reverses but Dia WRECKS Yujiro with a dropkick! The fans fire up, Sho storms out after Dia and CLUBS him! Sho gets the board back, holds it up, but then Dia BASEMENT 619s Sho’s legs out! Sho falls, the board bonking him on the head as he goes down!

The fans fire up as Dia takes aim, and he ASAI MOONSAULTS the House! Dia slides in, gets his board, and the fans cheer as he holds it up! Dia hands the board to Milano Collection AT-san, then storms after Sho. Dia puts Sho in, fires off forearms in the corner, and the ref reprimands. Dia lets off, drags Sho up and whips, but Sho reverses. Sho runs up but Dia dodges, slips around, and then trips Sho to TORNILLO SPLASH! The fans fire up and Sho is on ropes, Dia dials it up, 619! Then STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Sho survives but Dia fires up! The fans rally as he climbs, aims, D D D D- NO, Sho blocks the 4DT!

Sho RAMS Dia into the corner, puts him on the top rope, then runs in, TOP SHELF KNEE! Dia flops down and Sho goes to his corner. Sho grabs his Torture Tool! The fans boo, the ref stops Sho, but Yujiro slips in with the pimp cane! But Dia dodges Yujiro to DROPKICK the pimp! Then he DROPKICKS Sho! Dia has the wrench, hands it to the ref, then runs, but then the ref is used as a shield! SPEAR! Sho’s usual tricks have worked so far, and he vows to put this one away. Sho drags Dia up, gut wrenches, but Dia arm-drags free! Dia jackknife bridges, TWO! Ghost pin, TWO!! Sho escapes but Dia runs up to wheelbarrow, somersault clutch, TWO!!!

Sho escapes by the seat of his pants, but Dia dodges him to ENZIGIRI! Dia runs, rolls, but Sho BOMBS him into the ref! And LOW BLOW for good measure! Yujiro snatches the board away from Milano! SKATEBOARD SHOT!! Dia sputters, Sho runs up, LOADED PUNT!! Cover, TWO?!?! Dia survives and the fans are thunderous! Sho shakes his head, reels Dia back in, gut wrench for the STRONG BLOCK!! Cover, Sho wins!

Winner: Sho, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Dia earns 0)

The Murder Machine holds up Dia’s board then throws it down to stomp on it! Sho needing to cheat even now is just insult to injury, but will he continue to insult this entire division until he’s holding the trophy?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: BUSHI VS Blake Christian!

The Black Mask is on the hot seat, and now All Heat is looking to burn him! Will Bushi find a way to keep things tranquilo? Or will the now former GCW Champion get everyone all riled up?

The bell rings and the fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Blake puts Bushi on ropes, but Bushi turns things around. The ref counts, Bushi feints a chop then rolls back to taunt Blake. Blake runs up, Bushi avoids the kick to kick back. Bushi whips, Blake reverses but Bushi dropkicks the leg out! Bushi stomps Blake to a corner, CHOPS him, and Blake staggers away. Bushi DOUBLE CHOPS Blake, then stomps a leg. Bushi wraps the leg around ropes, then dropkicks the leg! Blake tumbles away and the fans rally up. Bushi drags Blake around, steps through, and has the TRAILER HITCH! Blake endures, reaches out, and the fans rally as he has the ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Bushi undoes the hold at 4, and he stomps Blake. Bushi reels Blake in, but Blake fights the lift with elbows. Bushi scuffs Blake, but Blake fires a flurry! Blake SOBATS then PELES! Bushi falls, the fans rally, and Bushi bails out. Blake builds speed to FOSBURY FLOP! A direct hit but a bit double-edged as Blake hobbles away. Blake stalks Bushi, drags him up and puts him in. The fans applaud and rally, then Blake goes up, but Bushi avoids the double stomps! Bushi runs in, Blake dodges and BOOTS! Bushi falls, Blake rises, and DIVING DOUBLE STOMP to the back! Cover, TWO! Bushi stays in this but Blake smirks.

Blake aims from a corner while the fans rally up. STEP-UP- NO, Bushi sunset flips Blake! TWO, and Blake runs in, but Bushi ROCKS him! Blake PELES again, but then he blocks a kick, ducks the enzigiri, only for the REWIND HEEL to hit! Blake staggers back to a corner, Bushi runs up, but Blake boots him away! Blake somersaults to BASEMENT ENZIGIRI! Cover, TWO! Bushi stays in this and the fans rally up. Blake huffs and puffs as the fans rally up, and Blake drags Bushi up. Blake half nelsons, but Bushi fights the lift! Bushi throws elbows, Blake hobbles, Blake kicks but Bushi blocks! Bushi dropkicks the bad leg out!

The fans fire up, Bushi ties up the legs but Blake reels him into a cradle, TWO! Bushi hurries up but Blake ROCKS him! Blake runs, but Bushi DROPKICKS! Bushi reels Blake in for the SHIN BREAKER! And then the trip, tie up, and FABLE!! Blake endures, crawls around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Bushi lets off at 4. The fans continue to rally, and Bushi drags Blake up for the FISHERMAN- NO, Blake slips free to JUMP KNEE! Blake goes back to the apron, the fans rally up, and Bushi runs up. Blake ROCKS Bushi, shakes out his bad leg, then springboards, but Bushi gets under! Blake handsprings to LETHAL INJECTION!!

The fans are thunderous as Blake goes to the apron! HEAT 450!! BLAKE WINS!

Winner: Blake Christian, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Bushi earns 0)

Blake was able to reignite that spark and he gets to double digits in this tournament! Will All Heat show GCW they were wrong to doubt him when he becomes the Best of the Super Juniors?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Taiji Ishimori VS “Drilla” Dan Moloney!

Bullet Club VS Bullet Club happens a lot in these tournaments, and we’ve seen how Too Sweet can turn sour. And at this point in the tournament, it is all about survival! Will Bone Soldier make sure #ItsReborn? Or will he be outdrawn by the 44 Caliber Abunai Gaijin?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two stare down. They circle, tie up, and Taiji wrenches, but Drilla goes to ropes. The ref counts, Taiji YANKS the arm, and Drilla shakes it out as he paces. Taiji and Drilla circle again, feel things out, and Taiji kicks. Drilla avoids it, they circle again, and then Taiji kicks low. Taiji CLAWS Drilla’s face, puts him in a corner, and whips. Drilla reverses, runs in, but Taiji slips out, slips under, and RAMS Drilla. Taiji goes up and SEATED SENTONS! The fans fire up and Taiji grins. Drilla snarls as he sits back up, but Taiji clamps on with a cravat. Drilla endures the neck wrench, Taiji snapmares, and sets up.

But Drilla reaches up to headscissor Taiji down, and he NECK TWISTS Taiji first! Taiji writhes, the fans cheer, and Drilla grins now. Drilla drags Taiji up, turns him, and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! The fans rally, Drilla digs his boot into Taiji’s neck, but the ref reprimands as it’s almost a choke. Drilla lets off, drags Taiji back up, and he CLUBS Taiji on the neck. Drilla stands Taiji up to UPPERCUT the back of his neck! Then he cravats and CHOKES Taiji on ropes! The ref counts, Drilla lets off at 4, and Taiji sputters. Taiji goes to a corner but Drilla stomps him. Drilla drags Taiji up, hammerlocks, then chinbars to crank the neck!

Taiji endures, reaches out, but Drilla pulls harder! The fans rally up, Taiji fights around, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Drilla lets off and CLUBS Taiji! Taiji throws a body shot, then another! Taiji backs Drilla down but Drilla snapmares. Taiji BOOTS from below to stop the neck twist! The fans rally and Taiji goes to a corner. The fans rally up, Drilla runs in, but Taiji BOOTS him! Taiji reaches up but Drilla stops the rana, so Taiji AX KICKS him! Taiji somersaults and jumps, ZIGZAG! The fans rally up while both men are down, and Taiji rises first. Taiji scoops Drilla, but Drilla turns that around, pops Taiji around, but Taiji fights free!

Taiji waistlocks, Drilla switches and ripcords but Taiji gets around to LA MYSTICA! BONE LOCK!! Drilla endures as that bad arm is being bent back! Drilla fights with the good arm, but Taiji rolls him away from ropes! Drilla endures, claws at the mat, fights around, ROPEBREAK! Taiji lets go in frustration and he shakes out his own bad arm. Taiji says BANG, gets Drilla up, BLOODY- NO, Drilla powers out! Drilla whips, Taiji handsprings, but into a STYLES CLASH!! Cover, TWO?!? Drilla isn’t phenomenal and that’s why Taiji survives! Drilla snarls, aims from a corner, and Taiji rises, GORE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!

The fans fire up as Taiji survives those sudden impact moves, but Taiji is in bad shape all the same. Drilla gets Taiji up, says Too Sweet and lifts, but Taiji flips through to BLOODY CROSS!! Cover, Taiji wins!!

Winner: Taiji Ishimori, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Drilla earns 0)

It was a shootout to be sure, but Taiji proves he’s number one with a bullet! Will Taiji make it to the top of the block now? Is Drilla gonna run out of ammo before the end here?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Titan VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

El Inmortal is riding high at the top of the block, but the Heel Master is at the bottom. Will Kanemaru step all over Titan’s hopes of making it back to the finals? Or will Titan keep the faith until the end?

Oh but of course Kanemaru attacks Titan during his introductions! The fans boo as Kanemaru dumps Titan off the corner, and then to the floor. Kanemaru stomps away on Titan, drags him up, and POSTS him! Titan flounders, Kanemaru stalks him, then Kanemaru stomps some more. Kanemaru puts Titan in the ring, but Titan comes back to WRECK Kanemaru! Titan then DIVES and down goes Kanemaru! The bell rings to get this on record and the fans fire up! Titan stomps Kanemaru, puts him in the ring, then goes up the apron. Titan springboards but Kanemaru uses the ref as a shield! Titan lands on his feet, only for Kanemaru to dropkick the legs out!

Kanemaru grabs that leg, turns Titan over, and SMASHES the knee! Kanemaru then stomps Titan, drags him up, and puts him up top backwards. Kanemaru climbs up, and he goes after the mask! The fans boo and the ref reprimands, but Kanemaru has the laces loose! Titan fights with elbows, Kanemaru falls back, but Titan is still stuck in the Tree of Woe. Kanemaru stomps Titan down, drags him back, and drops an elbow on the knee! Kanemaru has the toehold but Titan endures. Titan claws at Kanemaru, crawls backwards for ropes, but Kanemaru drags him away, for a HALF CRAB! Titan scrambles forward, ROPEBREAK!

The fans cheer and the ref counts, Kanemaru lets go at 4. Kanemaru stalks Titan, kicks him around, stomps the bad leg, then stomps it again. Kanemaru drags Titan up, whips him to ropes, and dropkicks the leg out! Titan writhes, Kanemaru covers, TWO! The fans applaud but Kanemaru drags Titan up. SHIN BREAKER! Titan writhes again, and Kanemaru smirks as he stalks Titan. Kanemaru drops a knee on the knee! Kanemaru then stomps Titan more, drags him back up, and he TOSSES Titan out. Kanemaru goes out after Titan to get the leg, and he SMASHES it on the floor! Titan writhes, the ref reprimands, and Kanemaru leaves Titan behind.

The fans rally for Titan but the ring count begins. Titan stands at 2 of 20, hobbles over at 5 and rolls in at 6. Kanemaru storms up on Titan, brings him up and kicks the leg. Titan fires a forearm! And another! Kanemaru kicks the leg again! Kanemaru whips, Titan holds ropes! Titan BOOTS Kanemaru, runs up, but into a mule kick! Kanemaru whips, Titan reverses and TORNADO DDTS! The fans fire up while both men are down! Titan goes to the apron and roars! Titan aims, springboards and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Kanemaru tumbles out, the fans fire up, and Titan builds speed! Titan FLIES and takes down Kanemaru!

The fans fire up with Titan as he rises again! Titan roars, hobbles over to Kanemaru and puts him in to cover, TWO! Kanemaru stays in this but Titan stays focused. Titan stomps Kanemaru and brings him up. Titan fireman’s carries, but Kanemaru fights and flails! Kanemaru is free but Titan fires off the strike fest! Titan runs, but Kanemaru dropkicks the leg out! But Titan kips up!? And PELES! Kanemaru falls and the fans fire up again! Titan rises again, watches Kanemaru go to the corner, and off comes the armband! Titan runs corner to corner but Kanemaru uses the ref as a weapon! ENZIGIRI! The fans boo but Kanemaru goes for his whiskey!

Kanemaru reaches over the ref to grab the bottle, and he just takes aim at Titan! Titan rises, but he goes Matrix to dodge! CALF KICK and down goes Kanemaru! Titan roars, the fans fire up, and Titan says how’s this?! Leg lock and JAVE INMORTAL!! Kanemaru endures, the ref hurries over, but Kanemaru CLAWS at Titan’s eyes!! Titan lets go of Kanemaru while the fans boo, but Kanemaru goes to a corner. Titan goes to the other, then runs in. Kanemaru BOOTS Titan, goes up, but Tian gets under the leap! Titan kicks, kicks, palm strikes and WHEEL KICKS! The fans fire up with Titan as he rises again!

Titan goes to the corner, skins the cat, and even with one good leg, he DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS into Kanemaru’s boots! Kanemaru rolls Titan up with a high stack, TWO!! Titan flounders, Kanemaru drags him up and whips, but Titan reverses! But Kanemaru says no tornados, and he THROWS Titan into the ref! Titan sees the ref is down, and Kanemaru YANKS the mask! Titan keeps hold, but Kanemaru LOW BLOWS! Shove and somersault clutch, KANEMARU WINS!

Winner: Yoshinobu Kanemaru, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Titan earns 0)

The Heel Master had a game plan and he played it to perfection! Kanemaru is no longer the bottom of this block, but will Titan be able to stay on top?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: Kevin Knight VS Clark Connors!

After what Kanemaru just did to Titan, the window is opening! Will The Jet fly past this War Dog to still have a chance? Or is there going to be No Chaser to follow Kanemaru’s whiskey?

The bell rings and the two run up! Knight leaps over Connors, but Connors comes back to run him over! The fans applaud, and Connors stomps Knight, then CLUBS him. Knight gets up, throws body shots, but Connors CHOPS! Connors CHOPS Knight again in the corner, and Knight growls as he goes along ropes. Connors whips to ELBOW Knight down, and the fans rally up. Connors runs to JUMP ELBOW DROP! He gets Knight right on the bad shoulder, then covers, TWO! Connors keeps cool while Knight clutches the bad arm. Connors brings Knight up but Knight fires body shots. Connors CLUBS Knight and barks at him.

Connors runs, but Knight DROPKICKS him down! The fans fire up and Knight runs corner to corner to clothesline! Knight stomps, UPPERCUTS, repeat! The ref counts as Knight stomps a mudhole in! Knight lets off, puts Connors up, and DROPKICKS him down to the floor! The fans cheer Knight hitting a rather Okada like move, but then Knight PLANCHAS onto Connors! The fans fire up with “KEVIN! KEVIN!” and he goes back for Connors. But Connors kicks Knight’s leg! Knight hobbles away, and Connors brings out a chair! The ref says no, but Knight SUPERKICKS the chair into Connors! Knight says not today, Connors!

Knight picks up the chair, but also stands Connors up. Knight sits the chair up, sits Connors in the chair, then fires off forearms on Connors. Knight gets space, and a lot of it, to run in, go up the apron, and FLYING DROPKICK! The fans are thunderous as Knight shouts, “TSUYOI~!” Knight storms back up on Connors, CLUBS him, then puts Connors in. Knight aims from the apron, but Connors hurries away. Knight hops back down, goes around the way, and storms up to stomp Connors on the ramp. Knight stands Connors up to UPPERCUT, then whips him, only for Connors to reverse! Knight goes up the apron, LEAPS, but Connors dodges!

Knight turns around and runs at Connors, but into a SNAP POWERSLAM to the floor! Knight writhes, Connors rises, and the ring count climbs. Connors storms around the way to get that chair! Connors brings it back as the count is 10 of 20, and he just JAMS Knight with it! Connors pushes the chair onto Knight, grabs a Young Lion, and scoops him onto Knight to sandwich the chair! The count is 15 of 20 as Knight crawls away! But then Connors tries to block Knight’s path! Knight jukes and slides into the ring, Connors hurries in at 19! Knight then goes to the apron, springboards in, but he fakes Connors out! Somersault and JET SPLASH!

The fans fire up while both men are down! Knight grits his teeth as he goes to a corner and rises up. Connors sits up, and he fires the first forearm! Knight gives it back! Connors fires another! Knight gives it back! They stand and keep throwing shots back and forth! The fans rally up as they go faster and faster! Connors winds up, Knight blocks to ROCK him! And again! And again and again and again! Knight whips, Connors reverses, but Knight goes up and over! Knight comes back, is put on the apron, but he springboards back in to FLYING LARIAT! The fans are thunderous and Knight hurries to cover, TWO!

Knight keeps cool, brings Connors up and vows to end this. Fireman’s carry, but Connors fights free. Connors spins Knight, Knight shoves Connors, but Connors dodges the dropkick to JEEP FLIPPER! Both men are down and the fans fire up again! Connors and Knight slowly rise, and Connors aims from a corner. Connors runs in, but Knight hurdles up and over! Connors comes back, into a SHOTGUN! Knight fires up, runs the ropes, but into a SPEAR!! Connors has to crawl to the cover, TWO!! Knight survives from the delay and Connors is stunned! The fans are thunderous as Connors rises again.

Connors brings Knight up, reels him in, and serves it up, but Knight says no to No Chaser! Knight cradles, TWO!! SUPERKICK! Connors stays up, runs in, but Knight pops him up, only for Connors to fight! So no Sky2High, Knight puts Connors up top! Knight ROCKS Connors, climbs up after him, but Connors fights back with body shots! Knight gives those back and drags Connors up, but Connors still fights the superplex! Connors shoves Knight, but Knight returns for the UPPER ROOM! The fans are thunderous again as The Jet gets those engines roaring! SATELLITE- NO, Connors fights out of the DDT, for NO CHASE- DDT!!! Cover, KNIGHT WINS!!!

Winner: Kevin Knight, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Connors earns 0)

Connors is in a daze from that stunning upset! Knight is 4-4, Connors is 4-4, but will this win lead the Intergalactic Jet Setters back to the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships in the near future?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 B Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS Robbie Eagles!

The Ticking Timebomb is just a step behind the Sniper of the Skies in this tournament, but he could blow it all up here tonight. Will Hiromu be within reach of another BOSJ semifinal? Or will Eagles fly high at the top of the block?

As before, Hiromu offers a framed and signed headshot to Milano Collection AT-san, and Milano Collection AT-san gladly accepts. The fans rally and duel, and it sounds pretty even to Eagles. The bell rings and the “HI-RO-MU!” comes out a bit stronger. The “ROBBIE! ROBBIE!” counters, but then Eagles has everyone quiet down. Eagles starts a “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” “ROBBIE!” “OI! ” “ROBBIE!” “OI!” “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” The fans cheer, but Hiromu tries now. “HIRO HIRO HIRO!” “OI OI OI!” “HIRO HIRO HIRO!” “OI OI OI!” “HIRO!” “OI!” “HIRO!” “OI!” “HIRO HIRO HIRO!” “OI OI OI!”

The fans cheer again and Eagles shrugs at the fans. Eagles and Hiromu circle, tie up, and Eagles wrenches to a wristlock. Hiromu spins, slips through, hammerlocks then headlocks. Hiromu hits the takeover, Eagles the headscissors, and Eagles holds on tight. Hiromu fights around, traps Eagles’ legs and pops out, to then get the headlock back. Eagles fights around, stands up, but Hiromu wrenches to wristlock. Eagles spins, drop toeholds, and then ties up the legs in the RON MILLER SPECIAL! Hiromu scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Eagles lets go and the fans applaud as Hiromu bails out.

Eagles taunts Hiromu, Hiromu returns and CHOPS! Hiromu chest bumps Eagles, so Eagles CHOPS back! Hiromu CHOPS, Eagles CHOPS, repeat! The fans “WOO~” with each CHOP, and then Eagles storms out of the ring. Eagles wants Hiromu to join him so Hiromu obliges. The CHOPS continue back and forth, harder and harder, then they both go into the ring! The CHOPS just keep going, and then Eagles bails back out! The fans fire up with Eagles, and we get more CHOPS back and forth! The ring count starts as the CHOPS keep going! Both men egg the other on, CHOP more, and we’re past 10 of 20!

The CHOPS keep flying back and forth, even as we hit 15! 16! 17! 18! 19!! Both men slide in, but then Eagles slides right out! Eagles gets Hiromu’s legs tied up, for a DOUBLE KNEE BUSTER to the floor! Hiromu writhes, the fans rally, and Eagles stalks Hiromu around the way. Eagles gets the bad leg to DDT it to the floor! Hiromu writhes and flounders, Eagles refreshes the count, but the ref reprimands Eagles. Eagles waits as the ref checks Hiromu, then he eggs Hiromu on. Hiromu rises but Eagles KICKS the leg! And KICKS it again! Hiromu gets in the ring, Eagles pursues, but the Hiromu bails out the side again.

Eagles goes back out after Hiromu, drags him around, and then UPPERCUTS the leg! Hiromu writhes, Eagles stands on the knee, and the fans are torn. Eagles mocks the fans booing him, and he brings Hiromu up. Eagles puts Hiromu in at 8 of 20, then drops an elbow on the leg! The fans rally, Hiromu endures, and Hiromu drags Eagles along for the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Eagles lets off at 4. The fans rally for Hiromu while Eagles mockingly says tranquilo. Hiromu drags himself up with the ropes, and he storms up on Eagles to CHOP! Not as much edge as before, but Hiromu CHOPS again! And again! Eagles kicks the bad leg!

Eagles runs, Hiromu follows, and Hiromu RAN- NO, Hiromu’s legs can’t hold on for him! Eagles then lines up a shot to PENALTY KICK the leg! Hiromu hobbles around and Eagles pushes him to a cover, ROPEBREAK! Hiromu’s good leg saves him, but Eagles kicks Hiromu around. Eagles steps through to have the SNAP LOCK! Then the FIGURE FOUR! Hiromu endures, drags Eagles along with him, ROPEBREAK! Eagles holds until the ref counts, then lets go at 4. Hiromu clutches his knees and Eagles mockingly encourages the fans to cheer. Eagles ROCKS Hiromu, lets out a “WOO~!” then steps through. But Hiromu kicks and kicks, so Eagles KICKS the leg!

Eagles rolls Hiromu to his feet, hooks him up, TURBO- NO, Hiromu CLUBS free of the backpack! Eagles CHOPS and Hiromu staggers away! Eagles runs up but into a BOOT! Hiromu then gets Eagles for a HANGING HEADSCISSORS, but Eagles fights free to have a HANGING CRAB!! The ref counts, Eagles lets go and Hiromu falls to the floor. Eagles runs up to DIVE! Direct hit and the fans fire up for Eagles! Eagles then drags Hiromu up, puts him in the ring, and the fans rally again. Eagles aims, springboards, MISSILE DROPKICK to the legs! The fans fire up, Eagles grabs the leg, but Hiromu BOOTS him into buckles!

The fans rally as Hiromu crawls away to the far side. Eagles runs up, DOUBLE KNEES! Eagles returns, BASEMENT 619! He sweeps the legs out, runs back in, METEORA! But Hiromu blocks?! Hiromu lifts Eagles up from there, and BACK DROPS Eagles away! The fans fire up as Hiromu turns things around on Eagles! Hiromu grits his teeth, rises up, and Eagles is in the corner. Hiromu runs in to clothesline! Snapmare, and basement dropkick! The fans fire up as Hiromu rises again. Hiromu hobbles over, brings Eagles up but Eagles swings! Hiromu spins Eagles for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Eagles is still in this and the fans continue to rally.

Hiromu rises, hobbles back to Eagles, and drags him up. Hiromu fireman’s carries, but Eagles fights free! Hiromu hobbles and falls into the corner he was aiming for, and the fans rally again. Eagles and Hiromu both slowly rise, and Hiromu hobbles after Eagles. Eagles fireman’s carries, slips Hiromu into the backpack, but Hiromu fights free! Hiromu swings but into a clinch! SPINEBUSTER! Turnover and Eagles has the legs, DEATHLOCK STOMP! Hiromu writhes and the fans rally again. Eagles stands, storms over to Hiromu, and KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! Eagles runs, but into a fireman’s carry! But he slips free!

Eagles dodges the elbow, Hiromu dodges the boot, and Hiromu waistlocks. Eagles switches, half nelsons and spins Hiromu, has the leg, SLAP and CLUB, TURBO- NO, Hiromu flips through to VICTORY ROYALE but Eagles braces himself! RON MILLER SPECIAL!!! Hiromu flails, claws, crawls, but Eagles pulls on the bad leg! Hiromu fights, reaches out, scrambles forward, ROPEBREAK!! Eagles lets go in frustration, but floats right to the cravat! ASAI DDT!! The fans are thunderous as Eagles goes up the corner! Eagles takes aim, but Hiromu crawls to the corner. Hiromu stands, Eagles ROCKS him with a forearm!

Hiromu shakes that off, tries to climb, but Eagles ROCKS him again! Hiromu still tries, Eagles ROCKS him again and again! And SLAPS him! And CHOPS him! And fires more forearms! Hiromu holds onto ropes to stay on the corner! Eagles kicks at Hiromu again and again, ROCKS Hiromu, but Hiromu SUPERKICKS! And SUPERKICKS again! Eagles wobbles up top and the fans rally! Hiromu climbs up after Eagles, brings him onto a shoulder, then into a gut wrench position! Hiromu tucks Eagles in, but Eagles fights free! TURBO BACK- NO, Hiromu slips free for TRIANGLE D!! Eagles flails as Hiromu squeezes tight!

Eagles fights around, reaches out, but he’s starting to fade! The ref checks, the arm drops once! The arm drops twice! But Eagles comes back to life! Eagles deadlifts Hiromu to BUCKLE BOMB him!! The fans are thunderous as both men are down! The fans rally up, Hiromu rises, but Eagles runs in! Hiromu ELBOWS, KICKS, and then KICKS again! But Eagles ducks the superkick to ROUNDHOUSE! SUPERKICK! Hiromu ROLLING ELBOWS! Eagles PELES! Hiromu SUPER- NO, Eagles catches the foot! But Hiromu pushes free to SUPERKICK after all! Hiromu roars, runs, HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!! But Eagles stays up!?!

Both men stagger, Eagles runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER finds him again!! Hiromu roars, the fans are with him, and he gets Eagles for TIMEBOMB MK- NO!! Eagles kicks and throws knees! Hiromu just tries again, but Eagles slips it around! TURBO BACKPACK!! Both men are down and the fans are electric! Eagles crawls to a cover, TWO?!?! But Eagles just goes into the RON MILLER SPECIAL!!! Hiromu endures, flails, pushes back, but Eagles CLUBS the bad leg! Hiromu fights forward then, reaches out, but Eagles drags him back to center!! Hiromu flails, grits his teeth, and Eagles pushes on the legs!

Hiromu looks around, grits his teeth and makes his way forward! But Eagles drags him back! AKNLE LOCK, and Eagles KICKS and KICKS and KICKS the legs!! RON! MILLER!! SPECIAL!!! Hiromu pleads with the ref, grabs at him, but the ref gets free! Hiromu claws at the mat and the fans are thunderously rallying! Eagles tries to drag Hiromu back but Hiromu still fights forward, to the ROPEBREAK!! KNEE DROPS ON THE KNEES!! Eagles roars and the fans are going nuts! Eagles aims, BANG and- NO, Hiromu ducks Hyperion to HIROMU-CHAN ROLL!! HIROMU WINS!!!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Eagles earns 0)

Eagles is absolutely flummoxed as to how he got caught! He had Hiromu dead to rights and yet couldn’t finish him off! Is the Soul of PWA going to miss out on the semifinals? Does the Timebomb still have time on the clock for his own shot?


Best of the Super Juniors 31 A Block: El Desperado VS TJP!

The Rogue Luchador could stand alone as the ONLY 6-2 in this entire tournament, all but guaranteed a spot in the semifinals. But the Public Enemy wants to prove he’s still a worthy successor to Will Ospreay. Will TJP conquer Desperado for the United Empire? Or is Desperado going to make good on his promise to himself and the world?

The fans already rally for “T J P! T J P!” Despe nods, the bell rings, and the fans rally up again. The two circle, feel things out, and knuckle lock. They go shoulder to shoulder, fight for the advantage, and Despe hooks TJP’s leg to push him back. TJP bridges, fights up, but Despe puts the arms back down. TJP breaks one knuckle lock to focus on the other, and he powers Despe down with a top wristlock. Despe rolls back, stands up, wrenches to a wristlock, but TJP endures. TJP rolls, spins, cartwheels, and drops to TWIST RANA! The fans cheer as TJP has Despe down in the headscissors! Despe bridges up, but TJP pushes him down.

TJP floats to a top wristlock but Despe bridges to avoid a pin. TJP brings Despe up, wrenches, hammerlocks, then spins Despe to trip him for a standing toehold. Despe turns over, reels TJP in but TJP flips Despe back over. Despe wants an armbar but TJP rolls! Despe still wants the arm but TJP slips through and ties up Despe’s legs, and brings him into the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Despe endures, pops free, covers, ONE! TJP stands, sweeps, covers, ONE! TJP handsprings up and the fans cheer! Despe also applauds, and he resets with TJP. The two circle, feel things out, and tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Despe puts TJP on ropes, lets off, but then wraps an arm around ropes!

Red Shoes reprimands as Despe pulls on the arm. Despe lets off, but then CLUBS the arm! Despe stalks TJP along ropes, whips him, but TJP reverses. Despe sunset flips, TJP rolls through to high stack with knuckle locks! TWO as Despe gets one arm up! TJP puts that arm back down, TWO as the other arm comes up! TJP steps through on the legs, ties Despe up, SHARPSHOOTER SURFBOARD HYBRID!! Despe endures, TJP drops him into the deathlock, then goes back to the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Despe endures, TJP drops him into a cover, TWO! Despe escapes and TJP paces while the fans fire up.

Despe shakes out his arms but TJP gets him up. TJP whips, hip tosses, and FIST DROPS! TJP then runs up to NECK SNAPPER! Cover, ONE, but TJP clamps onto the bad arm. Despe endures as TJP digs his elbows in, but Despe reaches out to ROPEBREAK! TJP lets go and Despe goes to a corner. Red Shoes has TJP stay back while Despe checks his arm. Despe stands, TJP drags him out and trips him, to then trap the good arm, and make the bad arm a DARK SACRIFICE! Despe writhes and flounders out of the ring! TJP waits as Red Shoes checks Despe, and Despe seems okay to continue. The ring count starts, and Despe sits up at 6 of 20.

Despe stands at 9, shakes out the bad arm, then heads inside. Despe rolls in at 15, but TJP’s right on him! TJP puts Despe in a corner, BOOTS the arm, YANKS it, then whips corner to corner hard! Despe slumps down, the fans rally, and TJP storms up. Despe throws body shots but TJP UPPERCUTS! TJP whips, Despe wrenches, hammerlocks and RAMS TJP into buckles! Despe then WRINGS the arm out! TJP writhes, the fans rally, and Despe hammerlocks TJP’s arm, for a SNAP LOCK! Despe is evening the score with TJP, and now TJP shakes out the bad elbow. Despe storms up to get the arm, and YANKS it! And YANKS it!

Despe wrenches, clamps onto the arm, then CLUBS it! TJP writhes, shakes out the arm, but so does Despe. Despe storms up on TJP again, steps over and HIP DROPS the bad arm! Cover, ONE! The fans applaud as TJP grits it out. Despe clamps back onto TJP for a motorcycle stretch, and he steps over TJP’s head! Despe then steps around to hammerlock one arm, and cording hold the other, then HALF CRAB! TJP uses his one free limb for the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and Despe lets go, but “Oops!” SNAP LOCK! Despe grins and taunts TJP while the fans rally. The two go forehead to forehead, and TJP pie faces Despe.

Despe gets in TJP’s face, then CHOPS! TJP CHOPS but that was his bad arm! Despe whips just to YANK the arm, then CLUB it! Despe whips, TJP Spider-Mans to the apron, and Despe runs up. TJP swings but Despe blocks the counter punch, only for TJP to avoid the shoulder! TJP DROPKICKS Despe and Despe flops to the floor! The fans fire up, TJP builds speed to go up and TRIANGLE JUMP WRECKING BALL DROPKICK! TJP puts Despe in, goes up top, and he FLYING FOREARMS! Despe flounders away and the fans rally up more. TJP aims from the corner, runs in, and BACK ELBOWS! Despe sits down, so TJP says it’s time for scrubbing!

The fans rally up as TJP scrubs Despe’s face again and again, then runs side to side, BOOT WASH! The fans want that again, so TJP obliges! TJP scrubs Despe again and again, then goes side to side, but Despe is up! Depse swings, TJP blocks and spins him, to JUMP SOBAT! Despe ends up in another corner, and TJP runs in to BOOT WASH! The fans are thunderous as Despe staggers up. TJP kicks low, Half Hatch for “ICHI!” Then again for “NII!” And then “SAN!” The hattrick is complete and the fans fire up again. TJP climbs, aims, MAMBA- NO, TJP has to bail out as Despe moves! TJP keeps moving, but Despe SPEARS!

Both men are down and the fans rally up again. Despe grits his teeth and smacks some sense into himself as he sits up. TJP sits up now, both men go to corners. Despe runs in to UPPERCUT! Despe reels TJP in, and suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO!! TJP survives and Despe is a little surprised. The fans rally more, and Despe drags TJP up again. Despe gut wrenches for GUITARRA- NO, TJP slips free to hook arms! Despe fights the backslide, flips up and over, then GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO! TJP survives but Despe stands. The fans rally harder as Despe drags TJP up and underhooks. But TJP drops to a knee to fight the lift!

Despe tries again but TJP still fights. Despe KNEES TJP, but TJP RAMS Despe into buckles! TJP staggers away, comes back, but is put on the apron. TJP swings, Despe blocks and HOTSHOTS the bad arm! TJP sits on the apron, Despe goes up the corner. Despe deadlifts TJP to the top rope! TJP fights with body shots! Despe CLUBS TJP, underhooks, but TJP fights again! SUPER GOURD BUSTER! TJP has Depse down, aims, MAMBA SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! And Despe has a KIMURA!! TJP scrambles over, reaches out, but Despe rolls him away from ropes! But TJP stands, wrenches, LA MYSTICA into IRON OCTOPUS!

But Despe powers out! STRETCH MUFFLER!! TJP endures, reaches out, but ends up in NUMERO DOS!! But TJP drags Despe down to a cradle, TWO!! Despe blocks a kick, but TJP hits an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN, into a PACKAGE! TWO!! Despe is free and he ROCKS TJP with a forearm! Despe aims another but TJP blocks it to spin him! ROLLING LARIAT from TJP!! The fans are thunderous as both men are down! TJP and Despe stir and crawl. TJP goes to a corner, Despe rises up and glares. Despe runs in but TJP goes up and over! TORNADO DDT! The fans fire up and “T! J P! T! J P!” aims from the corner!

TJP says crowns up, ONE BY- OLYMPIC SLAM!?! TJP staggers up, into GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! TJP survives again and the fans are thunderous! TJP sputters, Despe roars, and Despe drags TJP up. Despe underhooks, but TJP wrenches out! IRON OCTOPUS! Despe pops out, underhooks, PINCHE- NO, TJP fights that to BACK DROP! Bridging cover, TWO as Despe bridges!! TIGER DRIVER- RANA!! SUNSET FLIP!! TWO!!!! TJP escapes, the fans are thunderous, and TJP SUPERKICKS! But Despe SPINEBUSTERS!! Both men are down again and the fans are electric!

TJP and Despe stir, and both men crawl to ropes. TJP is on the apron, Despe makes his way over. Despe stalks up behind TJP, drags him up, and underhooks! The fans are going nuts as Despe lifts! But TJP slips to the inside! Despe ROCKS TJP, brings him up, but TJP goes to suplex! Despe fires body shots, but TJP still tries! TJP hangs Despe out to dry! TJP goes up, GUILLOTINE MAMBA!! Then TJP sets up in the corner! Despe rises, into ONE BY ONE!!! Cover, TWO!!! TJP is shocked, but he hurries to reload! TJP’s doing this one for Akira! NOVA FIREBALL!! And MAMBA SPLASH!!! Cover, TJP WINS!!!

Winner: TJP, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Desperado earns 0)

Once again, back is the incredible, the graps animal, the uncannable, TJP! Public Enemy Number One brings Desperado down! Will the Rogue Luchador have to fight harder for his dream of being the Best of the Super Juniors?

As for TJP, the fans cheer him on as he gets the mic. “Tanoshi, desu ka? <That was fun, wasn’t it?>” The fans cheer that! TJP again asks if they had fun, and the fans cheer again. TJP apologizes, he’s just tired. TJP says that Best of the Super Juniors 31, “It’s not easy. I’m tired… Everything hurts… But TJP is still alive!” The fans cheer that! So again he asks, are they having fun? The fans cheer again! “Arigato gozaimasu. <Thank you very much.>” A female fan offers a very nice sign, and TJP accepts it. And gives it a kiss! The fans cheer that, too! TJP says he sees many of these signs in every section. Please, hold them up.

The fans cheer and oblige, and TJP points out each one. TJP holds up the one he has and thanks everyone again. “This isn’t too difficult for me. Next, I meet Titan, and Titan, this is for you.” In Spanish, TJP says, “Two years ago in BOSJ, it was Titan VS TJP. Titan won that one. Also, two years ago, it was LIJ VS Catch 2/2 in Super Junior Tag League. Titan won that one. Last year in BOSJ, it was again Titan VS TJP. Titan won that one, as well. And last year’s Super Junior Tag League, Catch 2/2 were champions, but Titan won that one. Simply put, TJP needs to make a change. TJP needs to change.”

TJP again thanks the fans again, and says “United Empire! Crowns up!” The fans cheer and the Public Enemy is gearing up for one final round! Will he bring out the side of him that can defeat even El Inmortal?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Titan: 5-3, 10 points
El Desperado: 5-3, 10 points
HAYATA: 5-3, 10 points
Blake Christian: 5-3, 10 points
Kevin Knight: 4-4, 8 points
Clark Connors: 4-4, 8 points
TJP: 4-4, 8 points
BUSHI: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 3-5, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Kosei Fujita: 2-6, 4 points [ELIMINATED]


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

Taiji Ishimori: 5-2, 10 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 5-2, 10 points
Robbie Eagles: 5-3, 10 points
SHO: 5-3, 10 points
“Drilla” Moloney: 4-3, 8 points
KUSHIDA: 4-3, 8 points
DOUKI: 4-3, 8 points
Ninja Mack: 3-4, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Francesco Akira: 2-3, 4 points [FORFEIT]
Dragon Dia: 0-7, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

Another great round for BOSJ as we approach the end of the round robin phase. Some great shockers in this round, too, like Taiji turning things around on Drilla, Knight turning things around on Connors, and Hiromu snatching Eagles all in those final moments. Sho cheating Dia and Kanemaru cheating Titan should’ve been expected, though. Certainly more the former than the latter, I thought Titan was gonna get up to six wins. But then TJP has an awesome match with Desperado and takes the win, keeping Desperado even with Titan. And as such, if TJP wins against Titan in A Block’s final round, he could very well pull of that historic comeback to get a spot in the semifinals.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Double or Nothing Results & Report! (5/26/24)




Sin City is All Elite!

AEW’s fifth anniversary goes Double or Nothing, and The Elite are risking it all in Anarchy in the Arena! Will “Team AEW” tear down our corrupt EVPs?


  • Buy-In – Deonna Purrazzo VS Thunder Rosa; Deonna wins.
  • Buy-In – Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS The Cage of Agony; The Acclaimed & Billy win.
  • AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Will Ospreay; Ospreay wins and becomes the new AEW International Champion.
  • Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships: Bullet Club Gold VS Death Triangle; Bullet Club Gold wins and retains the titles.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Serena Deeb; Storm wins and retains the title.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta; Cassidy wins.
  • FTW Championship Triple Threat: Chris Jericho w/ “Big Bill” Morrissey VS Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata; Jericho wins and retains the title.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Title Eliminator: Jon Moxley VS Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis; Moxley wins and denies Takeshita a title match.
  • AEW TNT Championship Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match: Adam “Edge” Copeland VS Malakai Black; wins and
  • AEW TBS Championship: Willow Nightingale VS Mercedes Mone; wins and
  • AEW World Championship: Swerve Strickland VS Christian Cage w/ The Patriarchy; wins and
  • Anarchy in the Arena: Kazuchika Okada, Jack Perry & The Young Bucks VS Bryan Danielson, Darby Allin & FTR; win.


It’s the Double or Nothing Buy-In!

Join Renee Paquette, RJ City and “Double J” Jeff Jarrett in discussing, analyzing and predicting the high stakes, high reward, high octane action set for Sin City tonight!


Backstage interview with Charlie Ramon.

Lexy Nair is with AEW’s Special Match Coordinator, and she asks him what goes into tonight’s Barbed Wire Steel Cage? “In this instance, you have a cage that stands over 15 feet tall from the ground up and it weighs over 3,000 pounds. However, woven throughout it will be over 500 feet of barbed wire.” Unbelievable! Now, Adam Copeland was part of the planning process, how did that go? Charlie would normally say it went well, but in this case, Tony Khan’s absence, a lot of emotion, he’ll just say it’s been tough. Then that said, how dangerous is this match? What can we as viewers prepare for?

Normally, a cage match is about ending a feud. In this case, this cage is built for destruction. Then this just got a lot more real. Lexy thanks Charlie for his time, are we about to see the end of one man’s in-ring career?


Buy-In – Deonna Purrazzo VS Thunder Rosa!

The Virtuosa took offense to La Mera Mera trying to jump the line right from the moment she returned to action, and ever since, it has been a back and forth both with fists and with words. But Deonna’s been doing a lot more running and hiding than Rosa expected, so it is time to put up or shut up! With the women’s titles on the line later tonight, who wins their spot as next in line?

The bell rings and the fans rally up already. Rosa and Deonna stare down, circle, and tie up. They go around, break, and the fans are dueling. Rosa has the majority share, the two go again and tie up. Rosa arm-drags but holds onto the grapple. Deonna arm-drags but also holds onto the grapple. They get up, go to a corner, and the ref counts. Deonna lets off, but RAMS into Rosa! The ref reprimands, Deonna stomps Rosa, then digs her boot in! The ref counts, Deonna lets off and soaks up the heat. Rosa rises up but Deonna whips her. Rosa reverses to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Rosa whips Deonna but Deonna KICKS back!

Deonna swings, Rosa ducks ‘n ‘dodges to tilt-o-whirl RANA! The fans fire up, Rosa throws off the sleeves and runs in to ELBOW! The fans fire up more as Rosa goes corner to corner, but Deonna ELBOWS back! Deonna brings Rosa around to whip but Rosa goes up and over. Rosa DROPKICKS Deonna, the fans fire up, and Rosa grins as she storms back up on Deonna. Rosa stands Deonna up, but Deonna breaks free. Deonna swings, Rosa gets around and arm-drags her away! Deonna bails out, Rosa builds speed and WRECKS Deonna with a dropkick! The fans fire up and Rosa says, “Thank you very much.”

Rosa puts Deonna in, but Deonna bails out. Rosa storms up but Deonna BOOTS her down! The fans boo but Deonna soaks up the heat. Deonna scuffs Rosa, refreshes the count, and she RAMS Rosa into the apron! The ref reprimands, but Deonna CLUBS Rosa in the chest! Rosa gets in the ring, Deonna follows, and she paces around Rosa. Deonna stands on Rosa’s hand, talks trash on her, “This is what you wanted!” But Rosa fires body shots in return! Deonna DECKS Rosa, brushes herself off, then drops a leg on the arm! Deonna scissors the arm but Rosa endures. The fans rally, Deonna shifts around to wrench the arm, but Rosa fires a forearm shot!

Rosa fires more shots but Deonna WRINGS that arm out! Cover, TWO! Deonna is annoyed but she keeps close as Rosa writhes. Deonna grabs the bad arm, kicks it, then knuckle locks to step over. SNAP LOCK! Deonna drags Rosa to a cover, TWO! The fans rally with “SI SE PUEDES!” Deonna YANKS the bad arm, YANKS it again, and then wrenches for an ELBOW BREAKER! Rosa pulls hair, but Deonna wrenches and CLUBS away on the arm! Deonna grinds the bad arm, pulls at Rosa’s hair, but Rosa fights up! Rosa pushes back to a cover, TWO! Rosa has Deonna’s legs, for a SEATED SURFBOARD!

The fans fire up as Rosa pulls Deonna back, then hooks her up. Deonna fights the pendulum and ROCKS Rosa down! Cover, TWO! Deonna clamps onto the bad arm for a top wristlock! Rosa bridges to alleviate pressure and the fans rally up. Rosa fights to sit up, then arm-drag free! Rosa runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but DOUBLE LARIATS take both ladies down! The fans fire up again as the two stir. The dueling gets louder, but it still seems like Rosa has the majority if by only a few. The two go forehead to forehead, shout at each other, and Deonna SLAPS! Rosa SLAPS back! Rosa LARIATS! And NECKBREAKER!

Rosa pounds the mat and fans rally as Deonna goes to ropes. Rosa fires up, runs in, DROPKICK! Deonna flounders, Rosa shrieks and covers, TWO! Deonna survives but Rosa keeps her focus. Deonna bails out to the apron but Rosa runs up. The fans cheer on “Women’s Wrestling!” as Rosa ducks the haymaker and ROUNDHOUSES! Rosa goes up and up, but Deonna SLAPS her first! Deonna puts Rosa in the Tree of Woe, then takes aim! Deonna runs up, and RAMS into Rosa! Then she YANKS Rosa out of the Tree, covers, TWO! Deonna is beside herself but Rosa is tough! Deonna slashes her throat as she reels Rosa in, but Rosa wrenches out!

Rosa wrangles Deonna but Deonna fights, so Rosa shifts to a COBRA CLUTCH! The fans fire up and Rosa becomes a backpack. Deonna RAMS Rosa into buckles, arm-drags free, then runs up, but Rosa ROLLING ELBOWS! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives that shot but Rosa snarls. Rosa drags Deonna up, reels her in, and says it’s time! But Deonna wrenches out to wrangle Rosa! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! Rosa endures, Deonna pushes on the arm, but Rosa rolls her to a cover, TWO! Deonna swings, Rosa gets around, BACKSTABBER! Rosa glares, clamps on, but Deonna fights the Cobra Clutch! Rosa grinds Deonna down, COBRA CROSSFACE!!

Deonna fights forward, reaches out, but Rosa kicks ropes, only for Deonna to roll her to a cover! Deonna holds ropes! DEONNA WINS!!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by pinfall

Rosa is shocked! The Virtuosa proved she’s an expert in stealing the win, because she just did that here! Rosa is about to lose her mind, but is Deonna going to use this move on to bigger things?


Backstage interview with The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn.

Lexy is now with Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass, and says they are facing the #CageofAgony up next, how are they feeling? Billy tells “Penny” that they’re feeling magnificent! And does she know why? Here’s why. Last night, Billy was scrolling through social media, because that is what Billy does, and he comes across Cage & Agony whining and complaining. Brian Cage is always asking “Who Betta?” Well, one, two, three, three betta. Caster says that’s right! That’s right! Brian Cage and his two boys wanna say Caster’s name? They wanna blame Caster for losing Cage’s match? They’ve said his name, but Caster wants to know their names! He still hasn’t learned ’em.

Caster is a fast learner, he went to college, and yet he still can’t remember their names! How long have they been in AEW? How many times have they said their names? Caster couldn’t tell ya. So they wanna say last night on Collision was the biggest night of their career, then guess that’s true! Because they were in the ring with the best wrestlers alive, The Acclaimed! But that match for them was just another day at work. So y’know what? They wanna take it personal? Caster’s taking it personal! He has to wrestle them again, has to lend them his story power, The Acclaimed’s star power, to those three once again!

Caster could’ve been anywhere else, but he’s gotta be here. Caster’s respect is hard to earn, and Cage, you and your two boys, they don’t have any of it! That’s said humbly by the best wrestler alive! Mic drop, BETCH! Bowens steps in to say there’s so much to talk about! They’re live in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand, Double or Nothing! Brian Cage, with your big strong muscles, acted like a little biyatch needing to kick Bowens in the nuts just to win! And now Cage is bringing his boys into this, “The Cage of Agony.” Well Bowens is a #GayInAgony having to listen to Brian whine! Want your name in lights? Here you go! Step up to the plate!

When it is all said and done, all their names will be are NOTHING next to The Acclaimed as they whip some ass all over the strip! And after this, The Acclaimed is gonna go out, play some poker, pull some slots, and win the jackpot! They’ll celebrate all night long because EVERYONE Loves The Acclaimed! But will Sin City be scissoring at the end of the Buy-In?


Renee Paquette is on stage.

She says there is a major announcement to come, so please welcome out Martha Hart and Tony Khan! The fans cheer Dr. Martha walks out on stage with TK, and we clearly have the Owen Hart Cup on stage as well. Renee says it is so great to have Dr. Martha here, sot he floor is hers. She says it is great to be back in Vegas for Double or Nothing. And this is a special year for the Owen Hart Foundation, as it is 25 years of philanthropy and giving back. And because of that anniversary, here’s a little something special in mind for the 2024 Owen Hart Cup. The fans chant for “Owen! Owen!” and she joins in.

Martha says Tony Khan should do the honors here, and tell us all what they have in mind. Tony thanks Martha and says hello to the fans. We’ve got something very special planned as the third year of the Owen Hart Cup! It was on Christmas Eve this past year that Martha had a great idea. She said it’d add even more stakes to this great tournament if the winners were given… WORLD TITLE SHOTS! The fans love that idea! Tony loved that idea, too, and so the time and place for the finals of this year’s Owen Hart Cup should be in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July 10th, the hometown of Owen Hart!

And yes, the winners this year will receive world championship opportunities… at ALL IN LONDON! Tony thanks Martha for all the great work with AEW, and this is a very exciting time. Tony will see everyone in Calgary and in Wembley, happy five year anniversary for AEW! Who gets in on those brackets to become this year’s King and Queen of Harts and future #1 contenders?


Buy-In – Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn VS The Cage of Agony!

We just heard from Caster, Bowens & Daddy Ass tonight, we heard from The Machine, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona the other night, but now it is time to put up or shut up! Well, except for Caster’s diss track.

“The Cage of Agony sounds like a chastity belt. I’ll whip you all, leave you freaky ass with a welt. He a fan, he a fan, he a fan. Brian Cage, limp pee niz, barely a man! Damn, straight bustin’ on these hoes. He barefoot, you probably suckin’ on his toes! You’re a pervert, probably put your long hair in curlers. Yes, I’m on the mic, and it’s a murder. Brian Cage always dressing up but do not lie. These days, why you cosplay as a top guy? To you other guys, I still don’t know your name. But in Vegas…” “Everybody Loves The Acclaimed!” “See? I didn’t even have to finish that.”

Bowens then gets the mic to again tell “LAAAS VEGAAAAAS~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does! Platinum Max just burned up the mic! Will the former AEW World Trios Champions burn the TWO-TIME ROH World Six Man Tag Champions? Or will there still be a question to #WhoBetta?

The trios sort out and Caster starts against Kaun. The fans rally as Kaun says Caster is just talk. But the fans taunt Kaun with “What’s Your Name?” Kaun points to his tights, it’s on his groin! Kaun and Caster tier up, go around, and Kaun puts Caster in a corner. Kaun smothers Caster, lets off at 4, but Caster BACKHANDS him! Caster headlocks but Kaun powers out. Caster dodges, runs, but Kaun drops, hurdles, but Caster waistlocks. Kaun switches, Caster bucks the O’Conner, but then Kaun throws Caster down by his hair! Caster gets up but Kaun LARIATS! Cover, ONE! Caster goes to ropes and uses those as a defense.

Kaun and Caster reset, but in tags Billy Gunn! The fans fire up and Billy tells Cage to get in here! The fans fire up for “DADDY ASS! DADDY ASS!” as Cage tags in. Cage flexes on Billy, the fans boo, but Billy says hold up. Billy flexes and the fans cheer! Billy and Cage circle, tie up, and Cage knees low. Cage headlocks, Billy powers up and out, but Cage runs him over! Billy goes to a corner while Cage soaks up the heat and flexes again. Billy stands back up, Cage talks some trash, but the fans taunt his “LITTLE WEENIE!” Cage and Billy tie up, Billy headlocks, but Cage powers up and out. Billy runs Cage over! The fans fire up as Billy flexes and swaggers!

Billy then says “SUCK IT!” Cage swings on Billy but Billy counter punches! Billy fires hands, whips, but Cage goes up and over to roll Billy! Billy rolls through but Cage basement dropkicks! Cage soaks up the heat, Caster tags in, but the Gates BLAST The Acclaimed first! Cage clotheslines Billy against ropes, they get stuck up there, then finally tip over and out to the floor! It’s chaos now as the teams brawl! Kaun sends Bowens into steel steps! Cage sends Billy into railing! Kaun stomps Caster while Liona sticks Bowens between steps and post! Liona CLUBS Bowens, then SMACKS him off the steps! Cage digs his boots in, Kaun sends Caster into railing!

Liona drags Billy up now, to send into the steel steps! The impact jams Bowens’ bad leg up! Bowens falls in a heap and clutches his leg but the ref reprimands Cage and the others. Cage gets in the ring, Liona and Kaun follow, and they aim at Caster in a corner. Liona runs in to clothesline! Kaun runs in to clothesline! Cage runs in to UPPERCUT! Tag to Kaun, then Cage hauls Caster up to the top rope. Kaun climbs, scoops, TOP ROPE BACKBREAKER! Caster flops to the apron! Liona APRON SENTONS! Cage tags in and he deadlift SUPERPLEXES Caster!! Cover, TWO!! Caster survives and Cage is annoyed but the fans fire up!

Cage tags Kaun back in, they get Caster up and mug him. Kaun CHOPS and Caster falls to his knees! Kaun drags Caster up, CHOPS again, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Liona, he fires body shots from all sides! Liona snapmares then KICKS Caster in the back! The fans boo but Liona digs his foot into Caster’s face! The ref counts, Liona lets off, and Caster flounders to a corner. Liona stands on Caster again! The ref counts, Liona lets off at 4, and Liona gets in the ref’s face so that Kaun can CHOKE Caster! The fans boo, the ref senses something and reprimands Kaun. Cage tags in, but Caster kicks back!

Caster fires hands but Cage JUMP KNEES! Cage puts Caster back in the corner to RAM into him! And RAM him again! And then CHOP! Cage hoists Caster up top, climbs up, “Who betta than Cage?!” Caster fires body shots! Caster shoves Cage down, Kaun tags in! Kaun ROCKS Caster, goes up, but Caster fires hands! Kaun staggers back, Caster adjusts and CROSSBODIES! Cover, but the ref is busy checking Billy! TWO!! Liona tags in, and he BLASTS Billy! Billy gets up and in but the ref keeps him back! Liona SUPERKICKS Caster, drags Caster to a drop zone, then goes up. Liona fires up, leaps, but Caster avoids the diving headbutt!

The fans fire up as both men are down! Caster and Liona crawl, reach out, but Liona anchors Caster! Caster BOOTS Liona away, hot tags to Kaun and Billy! Daddy Ass rallies on Cage & The Gates with haymaker after haymaker! “SUCK THIS ISH!” Billy TOSSES Cage, clinches Kaun, THE ONE AND ONLY SLAM! Cover, TWO!! But the fans fire up with Billy as he kicks Kaun and tells him, ‘SUCK IT!” But Liona gets in to CLOBBER Billy!! The fans boo but Caster FLYING LARIATS Liona! Only for Kaun to get Caster for a GUTBUSTER! DISCUS LARIAT from Cage! The Gates & Cage get Billy up for a TRIPLE POWERBOMB! Cover, BOWENS BREAKS IT!!

The fans are thunderous as Bowens returns, even with one good leg! Bowens fires haymakers and CHOPS but Cage SOBATS, KICKS, and Liona HEADBUTTS! The fans boo more but Liona just soaks it up. Cage gets a chair and the fans boo, but wait! Chance, the Golden Knights’ mascot, snatches the chair! But now he’s a target! But then Caster goes out to kick Cage, for a FAMOUSER! The fans fire up, but then Liona runs to CLOBBER Caster! Kaun gets Billy but Billy cradles, ACCLAIMED WIN!!

Winners: The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn, by pinfall

Kaun is furious, but The Acclaimed snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! Chance celebrates with Daddy Ass, Bowens & Caster while Cage, Kaun & Liona regroup. And then fans fire up for it, as Chance joins in on the SCISSOR PARTY~! With this win here, does The Acclaimed have a chance of going after some gold again?


Malakai Black speaks.

“For the life of a creature is in the blood. And I have been given it, from you, to make atonement for yourself on the altar. This altar, this cage, which will serve as your confessional, Cope. And every tear in your skin will serve as an admission of your guilt. This bloodletting, a release from bounds that you put on yourself. I will not stop, I will not yield. No, I will meet you in the abyss that we created together. And I will look you in the eyes, and I will absolve you through torture and death. What do you see when you look at me, Adam?” Is the Dark Father going to become the Face of TNT? Or will he regret pushing The Rated R Superstar to the edge?


“There’s been a lot said about this town.”

“A lot more than can never be spoken. Fortunes change with the roll of the dice. Realities shift on the flip of a card. And to win big in this place, you need to be willing to risk big. There is one thing here that is always certain: this place lives for the fight. And the Triple Main Event? That is Vegas. Tonight, will your dreams come true under these bright lights? Or be buried in the desert? Because after all these years, you know that in Las Vegas, it’s Double or Nothing.”


AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom VS Will Ospreay!

The Savior of the Backbreaker doesn’t respect the Aerial Assassin because he still sees that same brash young kid from over a decade ago. But the feeling is mutual because Ospreay still sees the same stuck up veteran who’s always been jealous of Ospreay’s natural ability. These two aren’t fighting to earn respect, they’re fighting to prove they’re the best! Will Roddy make sure this title stays Undisputed? Or does Ospreay prove he is the #BillyGOAT?

The introductions are made, but Ospreay doesn’t wait for the bell, he runs up as Roddy poses! Roddy ducks the Hidden Blade and the brawl is on! The ref rings the bell then tells Taven & Bennett to get outta the ring! Roddy CLUBS away on Ospreay, throws the belt aside, then whips. Ospreay stops himself by holding ropes, then he TOSSES Roddy out! Ospreay aims to PLANCHA, but has to land out as Roddy moves! Roddy runs up, Ospreay dodges him to BOOT Taven into the timekeeper’s area! Bennett runs up but Ospreay TOSSES him into Taven! The fans fire up but Roddy KNEES Ospreay low!

Roddy pulls the safety pads off the railing, but Ospreay fights the suplex! Ospreay swings, Roddy dodges and CHOPS! Roddy whips, Ospreay VAULTS over railing to take out The Kingdom! The fans are thunderous and Ospreay rises. Callis is on commentary and cheers Ospreay on as Ospreay and Roddy stare down. Ospreay gets around to TACKLE Roddy and he fires off hands! Roddy gets up, Ospreay fires more hands! The fans sing “OSPREAY~! OSPREAY OSPREAY OSPREAY~!” and Ospreay CATAPULTS Roddy into the post! Ospreay fires up, the fans are with him, and he storms after Roddy.

Ospreay puts Roddy in the ring, the fans chant “BRUV! BRUV! BRUV!” Ospreay scoops to hit a BACKBREAKER! Cover, ONE! Ospreay stands Roddy to CHOP! And CHOP again! Roddy goes to a corner, Ospreay runs up, but Roddy puts Ospreay on the apron. Ospreay ROCKS Roddy, HOTSHOTS him, but Roddy flounders away. Roddy distracts the ref with talk of a bad neck, and The Kingdom go after Ospreay! Ospreay kicks Taven away, but Bennett gets under him for an Electric Chair Lift! Taven gets in the ring, builds speed, and FLIES! TOPE DOOMSDAY!! Ospreay lands hard on his head and Taven didn’t land much better!

The ref sees Ospreay is down and checks on him. The fans chant “REF, YOU SUCK!” Callis is worried for Ospreay but Ospreay seems okay to continue. Roddy gets Ospreay in and digs at the bandage on Ospreay’s forehead! Roddy gets the bandage off and he punches away on that healed up cut! He wants to bloody Ospreay like he did on Wednesday! The fans boo, the ref reprimands, but Roddy stomps Ospreay right on the forehead! Ospreay goes to a corner, Roddy CLUBS him, then CHOPS him! Roddy clamps onto Ospreay to CLUB him in the head. Roddy then gives Ospreay a STOMP, then drags him into a CAMEL CLUTCH!

Ospreay endures, Callis complains about The Kingdom being ringside to begin with, but Ospreay fires hands from below! Ospreay slips an arm through the chinlock to CLUB Roddy. Roddy KNEES Ospreay down, then soaks up the heat from the fans. Ospreay throws a body shot, Roddy hits back, and they go back and forth! Ospreay gets the edge, whips, but Roddy reverses. Ospreay still catches Roddy to a COBRA TWIST! But Roddy HIP TOSSES free! Cover, TWO, but Roddy clamps onto Ospreay with a CROSSFACE! Ospreay fights it by turning sideways, and the fans rally with “BRUV! BRUV! BRUV!” Ospreay scoots back, ROPEBREAK!

Roddy throws hands on Ospreay’s head, then lets off as the ref counts. Roddy drags Ospreay up, CHOPS again, but Ospreay just gets fired up! Ospreay ROCKS Roddy! Roddy CHOPS, and they CHOP back and forth! The fans fire up but then Roddy knees low! Roddy fires body shots in the corner! The ref counts, Roddy CLUBS Ospreay, and The Kingdom says that’s how you do it! Roddy scoops Ospreay for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Roddy is annoyed but the fans rally for Ospreay. Roddy drags Ospreay up, but Ospreay JAWBREAKERS free! Roddy BOOTS back! But Ospreay blocks! And CHOPS! Ospreay CHOPS again!

The fans fire up and Ospreay whips corner to corner. Roddy reverses, runs up, blocks a boot and YANKS Ospreay into a carry! But Ospreay CLUBS free! Ospreay runs, handsprings, and NEURALIZER KICK! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous! The standing count starts, Roddy crawls to a corner at 2 of 10, but Ospreay kips up at 3! The fans fire up again, Ospreay runs up to BOOT! Ospreay pushes Roddy down, but The Kingdom is lurking! Ospreay has to stay inside, the ref reprimands Taven & Bennett! Roddy crawls to a corner, and here comes WARDLOW! Wardlow CLUBS Ospreay and reels him in!

The ref gets so heated at The Kingdom, but then he steps back and bumps into Ospreay, and turns around to see Wardlow! The ref gets Ospreay free of the bomb and tells Wardlow off! Wardlow gets out, shrugs, but Roddy runs up on Ospreay! Ospreay ducks the knee, tucks Roddy in, CHEEKY NANDOS! Roddy tumbles out, The Kingdom help shim up, but Ospreay goes up and up and SKY TWISTER!! Down goes everyone but Wardlow! The ref has had it! He EJECTS The Kingdom while the fans lose their minds! Ospreay gets Roddy in, goes to the corner, and springboards in, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO!!

Roddy is still in this but Ospreay stays on him. Ospreay reels Roddy in, Roddy fights the lift, so Ospreay gives a Kawada Kick, and a CHOP! Roddy CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Roddy runs, into the TIGER WALL KICK! ENZIGIRI! Ospreay hits a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Ospreay doesn’t let that bother him. The fans rally up, Ospreay gets Roddy up, and he scoops Roddy for a SLAM! Ospreay goes up and the fans cheer, but Roddy trips Ospreay! Roddy climbs up behind Ospreay, hoists him up, but Ospreay fights with elbows! Ospreay sends Roddy down, then adjusts!

The fans fire up for the LEAP OF FAITH, but has to land out as Roddy moves! But the leg jams! He still SUPERKICKS Roddy! Ospreay powers up the arm, gets the bad leg moving, and he runs up again, but Roddy snatches that leg to a HALF CRAB! Ospreay fights, turns over, kicks, but Roddy gets both legs! TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Ospreay endures, reaches out, and the fans rally! Ospreay crawls, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Roddy lets go, and the fans rally for “BRUV! BRUV! BRUV!” Ospreay sits up, Roddy drags him up and CHOPS! And ROCKS him! And then stands him up against ropes.

Roddy CHOPS, ROCKS, CHOPS, repeat! Roddy goes side to side to forearm again and again and again! Then he hoists Ospreay up for the atomic SLAM! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up again as Ospreay goes to a corner. Roddy hoists Ospreay up top, but Ospreay fights back! Ospreay HEADBUTTS, Roddy GAMANGIRIS! Roddy tells the fans to shut up, then he climbs up to get Ospreay on the very top. SUPER DUPER PLEX!! And Roddy holds on to get Ospreay up in a torture rack! RACK DROP BACKBREAKER!! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives but Roddy shows no mercy! Fireman’s carry, but Ospreay fights! Roddy still GUTBUSTERS!

Roddy runs the ropes to SHOTGUN- SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous again! A standing count starts while fans chant for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Both men are still down at 4 of 10, then sit up at 5. Ospreay throws a haymaker, but Roddy CHOPS! Ospreay haymakers, Roddy gives that back, and they go back and forth! Ospreay roars as he stands up, and now the forearms get going! The fans rally as Ospreay eggs Roddy on! Roddy fires boxing elbows, so Ospreay unleashes a flurry! Ospreay ROCKS Roddy, Roddy fires ELBOW, ELBOW, and ELBOW! Ospreay HOOK KICKS! But then Roddy gets around, ripcord and dropkick to the leg!

Roddy suplexes, Ospreay slips free and full nelsons. Roddy breaks free but Ospreay avoids the elbow! But Roddy ducks the hook kick! Ospreay swings, into Roddy’s half nelson! Roddy swings Ospreay but Ospreay sunset flips, TWO! STYLES- NO, Roddy kicks free! Roddy back drops, Ospreay l ands on his feet to OSCUTTER!! Ospreay can’t pin but the fans are thunderous! Ospreay crawls to cover, TWO!! “This is Awesome!” and now the ref is checking Roddy. The ref keeps Ospreay back, Callis doesn’t understand! Ospreay is frustrated, is this like with Bryan Danielson? Callis jumps off commentary to coach Ospreay about killer instinct! Storm Driver 93!?

Callis says if Ospreay wants to win, he has to finish this! Roddy’s going to the hospital anyway! Does Ospreay wanna be second best or does he want the title? Just do it! Ospreay snarls and headbutts the buckle to fire up! Ospreay storms up but the ref keeps him back! But Ospreay shoves the ref! Underhooks and lift, STORM…! But then Ospreay hesitates again! He lets Roddy down, but he’s also disappointing Callis! Ospreay lifts again for STORM BREAK- NO, Roddy slips free to OLYMPIC SLAM! And then roll through, fireman’s carry, GUTBUSTER DROP!! Roddy runs, to SICK KICK!! Cover, TWO!!! Ospreay survives and Roddy can’t believe it!

The fans are electric as Roddy storms up on Ospreay. Roddy hauls Ospreay up, suplexes, RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Roddy escapes, ducks a superkick and JUMP KNEES! Roddy gets Ospreay up to suplex, END OF- Ospreay lands out! HIDDEN BLADE!! Ospreay hauls Roddy up, underhooks, STORM BREAKER!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall (NEW AEW International Champion)

Callis shouts “WE WON!” as if he actually did anything, but the Aerial Assassin does get the job done! Ospreay adds this title to his already incredible list of accolades, will nothing stop him from being the best of all time?


Adam Cole is here!

The fans are thunderous again as “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOOM!” The Panama City Playboy makes his return to AEW PPV and just being on screen at all, that foot looking at 100%. Cole steps into the ring for his “ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!” and then gets a mic. “Who’s ready for Story Time with Adam Cole Baybay?” The fans sure are! Cole says here it goes then: “Las Vegas, Nevada! You all suck! You wanna know why you suck? I shouldn’t even be out here right now. I should be back there checking on Roderick Strong. Or better yet, I should leave the building and go hang out with The Undisputed Kingdom.

“Truth be told, I shouldn’t even be in this freakin’ city. I should be home, rehabbing my ankle, coming back and doing what I do best, and that is professional wrestling. None of you have any idea the hell that I’ve been through these past two years, and I still get disrespected. Because whether anyone wants to admit it or not, I am one of the greats pro-wrestlers of this generation.” Cole then brings out the MJF Devil Mask. “We do have a little devil inside all of us. And I wanna make one promise and one promise very, very clear. When I am 100%, you WILL give the Devil his due. And his name…” THE LIGHTS GO OUT!?

A spotlight comes on, and Cole looks around. On the tron is a long hallway. And as we walk down that hallway, we go into a room. MJF’s room! The music plays, the Dynamite Diamond Ring is put on, and so is the scarf! There’s a picture torn in half, of the best brochachos. Cole has seen a ghost, but more like he’s seen a devil! Because MJF is HERE!! Sin City is losing its mind as The Scumbag walks out in a denim vest, looking ready to play the game! MJF storms his way down the ramp, into the ring, and he sees the mask on the mat. The fans are thunderous, Cole wants MJF to hold on a second, and Cole offers a hug!?

MJF can’t believe this. Cole says together, these two could run this place! The fans tell Cole that he F’d up, but then MJF says okay, Adam. They hug it out, the fans boo, but then MJF LOW BLOWS Cole! The fans cheer Cole getting what he deserves, and MJF grins. MJF then drags Cole up to suplex for a BRAINBUSTER! MJF grabs the mic Cole was using while the fans go nuts. “He’s Our Scumbag!” MJF tells Cole, “You noodle armed, bobble-headed SOB! Uh oh, did I hurt the Baybay? Tough s*it, get this s*it stain outta my ring, huh? Oh and Cole, while they’re dragging your boney carcass outta here, I want you to try and listen while you’re close to unconsciousness.

“See, I gave you something I’ve never given anyone before: Trust. And thanks to you, brochacho, that s*it ain’t happening again! See, he thought he took out MJF.” MJF then tells a cameraman to get his butt in the ring, MJF needs all the angles. MJF then says Cole didn’t take out MJF, he just woke MJF up! MJF remembers who he is: THE GREATEST WRESTLER ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH! MJF is a generational talent, he is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he is better than you, and you know it! But why is that? Pray tell! Oh, he will. Because unlike Adam Cole “and all those shmucks in the back, I don’t need a New Japan, or a Vince McMahon, to make MJF, BECAUSE MJF MADE MJF!!”

The fans fire up again and MJF smirks. MJF says when it comes to The Salt of the Earth, back to the regularly scheduled programming. No more haha, no more friendships, no more kangaroo kicks, no more BS!! Back to being driven by what he is driven by best. Not love, no no no. He’s talking HATE, HATE, HATE! Fans actually chant “HATE! HATE! HATE!” MJF says when your boy is driven by hate, no one is safe. MJF then looks at the mask. MJF picks it up, looks it over, and says “You see this stupid mask? Masks are adorned by cowards who want to hide. See, I’m about done hiding. I’m about done being humble. I’m about done apologizing for the fact that I’M THE GADDAMN BEST!

“No one is more complete in this sport than me! It is not my fault, ladies and gentlemen, that all your cute little favs, in comparison to moi, suck a big ol’ bag o’ donkey d*cks!” MJF says he doesn’t need a mask to prove that no one is on the level of the devil. “So this stupid, goofy, grotesque mask that symbolizes the tail end of 2023 and makes my stomach turn in knots, this dumb mask and everything it symbolizes can go straight to HELL!” MJF throws the mask down, stomps it, throws off the jacket then swaggers to Ric Flair ELBOW DROP! MJF TOSSES the mask, free souvenir! The fans chant “Welcome Back! Welcome Back!”

MJF then says he’s been betting on himself since day one. He’s all in, double or nothing. So when it comes to his contract, as if it wasn’t already obvious to the stupid marks, no offense… to quote one of the all time greats, may he rest in peace… MJF rolls up a pant leg and tells the cameraman to zoom in. MJF’s got a new tattoo that says “BET ON YOURSELF” and has an AEW poker chip! The fans are thunderous for “A E DUB!” and MJF says when it comes to him in AEW, you can call him the Wolf of Wrestling. BECAUSE HE’S NOT EFFIN’ LEAVING!! The Scumbag references all the legends because he is a legend in the making, when and where will he get his shot at the top?


Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships: Bullet Club Gold VS Death Triangle!

Jay White & The Gunns couldn’t help but pick on Pac, all because he was alone and down in the dumps. He dared them to do something that mattered, and then they attacked him backstage! So now, Pac calls upon his amigos, his hermanos, the Lucha Brothers, and they are once again aiming at the gold! Will this triangle be the death of the Bang Bang Gang? Or will Sin City breathe with the Switchblade?

The introductions are made, just a couple belts out of the nine are raised, and we see who hits the jackpot!

The trios sort out, The Switchblade starts against The Bastard while the fans chant for “CERO! MIEDO!” White then decides nope, and he tags out to Colten. The fans boo but Colten says guns up! But Pac hip tosses him! Pac headlocks, Colten powers out but Pac runs him over. Things speed up. Colten hurdles, but Pac turns hip toss into hip toss! Austin tags in, he runs up, but into a hip toss! The fans fire up, Pac headlocks but Austin powers out. Pac handsprings up and over, blocks a hip toss, blocks Austin’s counter of a hip toss to still hip toss! Pac clotheslines Austin up and out! White gets in but Penta & Fenix have Pac’s back!

The fans fire up as White falls back, and White checks on the Gunns. The fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” but White tells them to shut up! Pac tags Penta, he and Austin circle now. They do just like they did last night on Collision, but then Austin sucker punches Fenix! Penta ducks ‘n’ dodges Austin to SLINGBLADE! But Austin avoids the second, shoves, Fenix tags in! SLINGBLADE from Penta, he and Fenix combine, WHEELBARROW SOMERSAULT SPLASH! The fans fire up but White distracts Penta. Austin tags Colten, but the Lucha Bros kick the legs out! They double whip Colten to a corner, tag to Pac!

Penta GAMANGIRIS! Fenix FOREARMS! Pac CLOHTESLINES! The Lucha Bros CHOP, Pac SOBATS! They pinball Colten around with more kicks! “SE NO!” TRIPLE DROPKICKS! Austin runs up, Fenix fireman’s carries him, and Penta SUPERKICKS! Pac DROPKICKS Austin to kickstart Fenix’s spin and SLAM! Then they hold Austin up for Penta to go QUE PASO! Austin tumbles out from the pain in his butt, but Fenix goes up top! Penta builds speed to FLY, Fenix SUPER CROSSBODIES! The Lucha Bros take out the Gunns and the fans fire up! Pac builds speed, but White gets in to clinch! BLADE- NO, Pac slips free!

Pac waistlocks, White switches, Pac elbows free. Pac runs, Austin trips him up, White DDTS!! Pac bridges from the impact, White covers, TWO! Pac flounders, White smirks and stalks him. The fans boo as White stands on Pac’s face! The ref counts, the Gunns talk trash, and White steps away. White drags Pac up for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Pac stays in this but White tags Colten. Colten stays between Pac and the Lucha Bros to stomp him. The fans again taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” Colten stomps Pac, CHOKES him on ropes, then lets off at the ref’s count. Colten bumps Pac off buckles, tags Austin, and Austin brings Pac around.

Austin throws Pac by his hair, then asks “Who’s the Ass Boy now?!” “YOU~!”  Austin tags Pac, White talks trash and CHOPS Pac! White CHOPS Pac again and Pac falls over. White taunts Pac, covers, ROPEBREAK! White is annoyed but he grinds his forearm into Pac’s face! The ref counts, White lets off, and he mocks Penta. Austin scrapes Pac but the ref misses that. White drags Pac up, CHOPS him back down, then grins. White pie faces Pac, drags him up, and CHOPS again! Pac staggers, White taunts The Lucha Bros, but Pac fights out of the Bang Bang Gang corner! Pac runs but White catches him to HOTSHOT!

White trips Pac, puts him under the ropes now, ROPE GUILLOTINE! White drags Pac by a leg, turns him over, and has a HALF CRAB! Pac endures, crawls towards his corner, but White drags Pac back! Pac kicks and kicks, White staggers back but Colten tags in! Pac kicks Colten now! Colten staggers, Austin tags in! The Gunns get in Pac’s way, but Pac ducks their double clothesline! Hot tag to Penta! Penta goes up to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Penta CHOPS Austin, CHOPS Colten, repeat! KICK to the legs, then more CHOPS! Penta fires up and the fans are with him! “CERO! MIEDO!” Tag to Fenix, but then the Gunns get Penta!

Fenix SUPERKICKS Colten, Penta waistlocks Austin! TIGHTROPE PENALTY KICK from Fenix! BACKSTABBER from Penta! Then a BOOSTED SPLASH! Cover, White breaks it! White BLASTS Penta, goes back to his corner, and argues with the ref. White tags in, gets in the ref’s face, then aims at Fenix. White drags Fenix up, but Fenix ENZIGIRIS! Tag to Penta, and the Lucha Brothers dodge White to SOBAT, REWIND HEEL, and then fireman’s carry! SWINGING DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO! White survives but the fans rally for Penta. Penta points to Pac, tags him in, and Pac looms over White.

The fans fire up as Pac gets in White’s face. Pac stands White up, they both egg each other on! Pac counter punches again and again, then SOBATS! KICKS! SOBATS! Pac runs, but White CHOPS! White whips, Pac reverses but White reverses back to WRING Pac! Pac gets up, sidesteps, and SNAP GERMANS! Austin returns to LARIAT Pac! Penta returns to DESTROYER! Colten JUMP PUNCHES Penta! Fenix kicks a leg out then DROPKICKS Colten! White clinches for an URENAGE! All six men are down and the fans are thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as the trios regroup. White snarls, runs up at Pac, but Pac SUPERKICKS!

White is down, Pac goes up! But White gets out, Colten runs in, Pac leaps over! Colten returns, Pac dodges the splash to SNAP GERMAN! Austin returns, to get a SNAP GERMAN! Death Triangle regroups, Fenix GAMANGIRSI White! Penta clotheslines! Pac UPPERCUTS! They set White up for the “CERO! MIEDO!” LUCHA FEAR FACTOR! Fenix DIVES onto the Gunns! But JUICE ROBINSON IS HERE! White has his gold baseball bat, the ref is distracted by that, and Juice trips up Pac!! The fans boo, or chant for Juice, and White hits BLADERUNNER!! Cover, Bang Bang Gang wins!!

Winners: Bullet Club Gold, by pinfall (still Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions)

The Juice is loose and he helps his boys hold onto all these belts! Now that the Bang Bang Gang is at full strength, will there be no stopping them?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Serena Deeb!

The Leading Lady was hoping for a bigger part in this picture, and she blames it on having to play opposite The Professor of Pro-Wrestling. Will Toni still be timeless after tonight? Or will she fail to make it through Deeb’s Dojo?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see whose story gets the Hollywood ending!

The bell rings, the two circle, and the fans rally for Toni. They tie up, go around, and around, and then Deeb headlocks for the takeover. Storm headscissors, Deeb kips free, but then Storm headlocks for the takeover. Deeb headscissors, Storm kips free, and the two stand off. The fans cheer as the two reset, and they circle again. They tie up, Storm powers Deeb to ropes, but she lets off as the ref counts. Storm sniffs Deeb, but Deeb SLAPS her! Deeb shoves, trips and ties Storm up, putting her in the Paradise Lock! Deeb sits on Storm and smiles, and the fans are torn. Deeb lets off, aims, and runs up to DROPKICK Storm out of Paradise!

The fans fire up, Deeb wrenches, and she whips corner to corner. Storm reverses, runs up, blocks a boot but Deeb reels her in. Deeb KICKS Storm, goes out, but Storm DECKS Deeb! Storm then runs side to side to HIP ATTACK Deeb to the floor! The fans fire up and Storm goes out to fetch Deeb. Storm puts Deeb in, storms in after her, but Deeb gets a leg in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Deeb runs side to side to BLAST Storm down! Deeb gets Storm up, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT to the floor! Deeb gets Storm up and in, hurries to cover, TWO! The fans rally for Storm but Deeb just smirks.

Deeb stalks Storm, gets her up, ripcords and ELBOWS! Then she wrenches, hooks Storm up, and has the IRON OCTOPUS! Storm endures, reaches out, marches over, and has the ROPEBREAK by her teeth! The ref counts, Deeb lets off slowly, and then she whips Storm. Storm reverses, Deeb slips around, and goes for the COBRA TWIST! Storm endures again, even as Deeb digs her elbows into the ribs! Storm powers up and hip tosses free! The fans fire up, Deeb storms back up to get that leg! DRAGON SCREW! Storm sits up but Deeb brings her around, and taunts her! Storm can’t reach, then Deeb SLAPS her before the DRAGON SCREW!

The fans boo but Deeb looms over Storm. Deeb scuffs Storm, drags her up, and gets that leg again! DRAGON- NO, Storm sits on it! TWO!! Deeb sunset flips, TWO! Both women stand, Deeb gest around and spins Storm again and again and again, and again, and again, to then backslide! TWO! Storm manages to Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Deeb runs up but into a HEADBUTT! Both women fall and the fans fire up! Mariah coaches her mentor, the fans rally up as well, but Deeb goes to a corner. Storm rises, runs in, blocks another boot, but is ready for the kick! She puts Deeb in ropes to DRAPING BACKSTABBER! SNAP DDT!

Storm has the leg, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Storm isn’t perfect but she keeps after Deeb. Storm CHOKES Deeb, to SKY- ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Deeb has Storm but Storm clasps hands! Storm rises again but into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Storm deadlifts Deeb to POWERBOMB! Storm then ties Deeb’s legs up for a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Deeb endures as Storm uses a submission now! Deeb fights around, even as Storm sits deep! Deeb still reaches out to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Storm lets off in frustration, and the fans rally up. Storm hobbles back after Deeb and brings her up.

Storm reels Deeb in, but Deeb RAMS her into a corner! Deeb backs up, but Storm runs up on Deeb! Deeb SLAPS, SLAPS and SLAPS! Deeb fires off shots from all sides and the fans fire up! Deeb roars, whips, but Storm reverses! Deeb ducks ‘n’ dodges and dodges again to LARIAT! The fans are torn, Storm is in a corner and Deeb clotheslines! Deeb whips corner to corner, Storm reverses but runs into an UPPERCUT! Deeb goes out, brings Storm through ropes, HOTSHOT NECKBREAKER! The fans fire up as Deeb gets Storm up and reels her in. But Storm wrenches, swings, but Deeb ripcords. Storm ducks the elbow but Deeb kicks low!

Storm wrenches out but so does Deeb! TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT!! Mariah is worried, as is Luther, but Deeb paces around Storm. Deeb hears the fans cheering on Toni and that pisses her off! Deeb hauls Storm up, but Storm switches, Deeb switches, repeat! Storm fights the nelson but Deeb shoves to SNAP GERMAN! And then a wrench, hammerlock, and PEPSI TWIST! Cover, TWO!! Deeb is great but not Best in the World. At least, not yet! Deeb rises, the fans rally, and she scuffs Storm. Storm stands, SLAPS Deeb, but Deeb SLAPS back! They SLAP back and forth, again and again! The fans fire up, Deeb UPPERCUTS!

Deeb runs, RAMS Storm, but Storm fights the headlock! Deeb facelocks for a takedown, cover, TWO! Deeb runs, but into a SKY HIGH!! Cover, TWO!! Deeb survives and Storm is beside herself! Deeb goes to the corner, the fans rally, and Storm goes to the other end. Storm runs up, but Deeb rolls her up! High stack, TWO, into the HALF CRAB! Deeb has Storm now and she sits deep! Storm endures as Deeb pulls that legas hard as she can! Storm crawls forwar,d reaches out, but Deeb drags her away! Storm turns over, kicks at Deeb, but Deeb sits Storm up to KICK! Deeb reels Storm in, Storm back drops! Deeb rolls Storm up, ONE, into a HALF CRAB!

Deeb SMASHES the knee over and over! HALF CRAB! Mariah and Luther argue if they should throw in the towel! Mariah tugs on the towel, but Storm gets the ROPEBREAK!! Storm survives and Mariah feels foolish for not believing in her mentor! Deeb goes out after Storm but Storm HEADBUTTS!! Storm sees the towel and assumes Luther was gonna quit for her! She throws the towel away, no quitting now! Storm storms in after Deeb, but Deeb cradles! TWO!! Both women stand, Deeb swings, but into Storm’s GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Deeb tumbles to a corner, Storm takes aim! Time for the close up! But Deeb flips Storm off! So no hip attack, STORM- NO, Deeb trips storm to a jackknife! TWO, and STORM ZERO!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Deeb survives and no one can believe it! Storm follows Deeb to the apron, reels her in, but the bad leg won’t let her lift! Deeb slips back in, gets that leg again, DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! DRAGON SCREW! DRAGON SCREW!! The fans are actually dueling now as Deeb gets Storm on the apron! Tuck and APRON DEEB-TOX!! Deeb drags Storm in, resets and DEEB-TOX!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Now Storm shocks everyone!!

Deeb goes to a corner, climbs up, but Storm rises again! Storm fires haymakers, then climbs after Deeb! Storm CLUBS away on Deeb, but Deeb fires body shots! Storm SMACKS Deeb off the buckles again and again! Then she reels Deeb in, SUPER STORM ZERO!!! And then another STORM ZERO!!! Cover, STORM WINS!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Deeb pushed Storm to her limits, but this is why Toni is timeless! Storm dramatically sits down on stage and lets the confetti shower all over her. She hugs Mariah, as well, will they celebrate like there’s no tomorrow?


Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta!

Freshly Squeezed has been fuming ever since Trent made this about #JustTrent. After going back and forth, it is time to have it out once and for all! Cassidy’s even added “I’m gonna punch Trent” to his tron! Will he make good on that bet? Or will it still be all about #JustTrent?

Um, okay, where is Cassidy? Trent asks if he’s showing up. Wait, Cassidy ditches Jefferson Starship to bring back The Pixies! Cassidy’s got a new denim jacket, new sunglasses, and a black tee version of his usual shirt. One part throwback, one part new, could this be Don Callis’ influence? The bell rings and the two fire off fists already! The fans fire up, both men ROCK the other, but they just come back for more! Trent shoves Cassidy, ducks the Orange Punch, but Cassidy dodges the lariat! They RAM shoulders, ROCK each other, then DECK each other! The fans fire up as both men rise back up.

Trent storms up but Cassidy ROCKS him! Trent ROCKS Cassidy back! They go back and forth, the fans strongly behind Cassidy! They pick up speed, throw harder shots, but then Trent throat chops! The fans boo and the ref reprimands but Trent scowls. Trent stalks Cassidy as he sputters and coughs. Trent CHOPS Cassidy in a corner, then whips corner to corner. Cassidy tumbles up and out, bumps Trent off buckles, then runs him side to side for another! They go back the other way, and then the other! Cassidy brings Trent around again for another buckle bump! The fans fire up as Cassidy climbs, CROSSBODY!

Cassidy keeps going, ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl and DDT! Trent tumbles out but Cassidy kips up and the fans fire up again! Cassidy DIVES and Trent hits barriers! The ring count starts, Cassidy refreshes it at 3 of 10. Cassidy drags Trent up, brings him around, and ROCKS him! The fans chant “F HIM UP, ORANGE, F HIM UP!” Cassidy ROCKS Trent and has him in a corner! Cassidy gets up on the barriers so he can throw down fists! The fans count along all the way to nine, then Cassidy gives a thumbs up before TEN! The fans cheer, Callis says he loves it, and Cassidy refreshes the count again.

Cassidy stalks Trent, brings him up, but Trent CLAWS Cassidy’s eyes! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but Trent digs at Cassidy’s face! Trent puts Cassidy in the corner, and YANKS him into the crossbar! The fans boo as Cassidy coughs and sputters, but Trent gives a mocking thumbs up. Trent storms in after Cassidy, throws him down, and fans chant “TRENT YOU SUCK!” Trent smirks, and he rains down fists from all sides! The ref reprimands about closed fists, Trent lets off and he shouts, “Who sucks now, huh!?” Cassidy flounders away and Trent goes back to him. Trent waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX!

The fans boo but Trent smirks. Trent stalks Cassidy again while fans rally, and Trent gets Cassidy up. Cassidy throws elbows but Trent GERMAN SUPLEXES! Trent snarls, stalks Cassidy and waistocks again. Cassidy throws elbows, but Trent shoves him to a corner. Cassidy BOOTS Trent, goes up, but Trent YANKS Cassidy down into a SAIDO! But Cassidy is back up! Only for Trent to GERMAN SUPLEX again! The fans boo and tell Trent he’s an A-hole. Trent says they don’t know how awful Cassidy really is! Cassidy crawls to a corner, Trent ROCKS him with a forearm! Cassidy shakes his head as he goes to another corner.

Trent ROCKS Cassidy again, but Cassidy shakes his head again. Callis defends Cassidy’s reputation, but Trent ROCKS Cassidy again! Cassidy huffs and puffs, Trent eggs him on then ROCKS him again! Cassidy huffs and puffs more, the fans rally behind him, but Trent fires another forearm! Trent SLAPS Cassidy, tells him he’s nothing, then eggs him on. Cassidy grits his teeth, rises up, and puts hands up! And into the pockets! The fans fire up, Trent is furious! Trent FOREARMS and CHOPS over and over! Cassidy sits back down, but Trent stands him back up. Trent goes corner to corner, but Cassidy dodges!

Cassidy SHOTGUNS Trent down, then kips up! The fans fire up for the basement dropkick! Cassidy slowly rolls back up, storms over, and he “stomps” a mudhole in! But then those stomps get real! The fans fire up as Cassidy goes side to side, to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! The fans fire up with Cassidy and he goes up the corner! Trent stands, bails out, but Cassidy just adjusts on the corner! APRON- NO, Trent kicks Cassidy outta the air! And then APRON- NO, Cassidy fights the piledriver to lift! But Trent fights that to lift Cassidy again, APRON GOTCH PILEDRIVER!! The ref checks on Cassidy, his neck is a concern after their last 1v1 match.

Speaking of, Trent decides to bring steel steps over! Trent no longer cares about winning or losing, he just wants to hurt Cassidy! But Cassidy YANKS Trent down! Trent hits off steps, and staggers into BEACH BREAK on the floor! Cassidy writhes, his own neck and back hurting from exerting themselves! The ring count starts, both men stagger up at 4 of 10, and Cassidy rolls in at 5. Trent rolls in just after, and they’re in corners. The fans rally up, both men stand again, and Cassidy puts his arms out? Is he really asking for a hug? Trent isn’t gonna fall for a trick like he did to Cassidy, he takes a swing!

Cassidy dodges the lariat to then scoop and MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO! PENALTY KICK! Shoutout to The Wrestler, and Cassidy snarls as he gets Trent back up. But Trent wrenches out to ROCK Cassidy! Cassidy wobbles, Trent brings him in and suplexes, STUN DOG- NO! Trent knows that trick, too, and now he half nelsons! But Cassidy fights it, gets loose, and tilt-o-whirls, but no DDT! Trent suplexes, stops Stun Dog again, HALF ‘N’ HALF! And a LARIAT! Trent gets Cassidy back up, to Alabama Lift, tuck and CRUNCHY!! Cover, TWO!! Trent is furious that Cassidy survives but the fans are fired up!

Trent scowls and goes to a corner. Cassidy rises and Trent mockingly calls for the hug. And just like the night he betrayed Cassidy, he runs in, but Cassidy ROCKS Trent first! BEACH BREAK!! Cover, TWO!! Trent survives now, but Cassidy throws off the armband! The fans fire up and Cassidy shakes the ropes! Cassidy aims, runs up, but into a CODE BREAKER, into the SNAKE BITE! Cassidy fights before it locks in, kicks off a rope and jackknife bridges! CASSIDY WINS!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Schiavone asks how he pulled that off, and Callis says Cassidy is greatness personified! The song asks, “Where is my mind?” and Trent is starting to lose his! Cassidy is 2-0 in their 1v1 matches, has he proven it’s #JustTrent who has a problem? Speaking of Trent, as he storms off, Rocky Romero hurries out. He tries to talk with Trent, and Renee Paquette also heads out here. She says with all due respect, after losing to Cassidy again, what is next for him? Trent says he’s not doing this, he’s done. Trent even pushes Rocky aside, and is leaving through the crowd! What is next for Trent now that he’s cut off everyone he used to call his friend?


FTW Championship Triple Threat: Chris Jericho w/ “Big Bill” Morrissey VS Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata!

The Ocho became The Learning Tree, but deep down he’s still the same selfish star he’s always been. But now, things might be catching up to him as he has not one but two challengers to deal with. This is the first time there will be an FTW Rules Triple Threat, will Jericho make history by surviving it? Or will the #JerichoVortex tear itself apart?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who wins this one “For The World!”

The bell rings and Jericho waves to the fans despite them booing. Jericho then fires hands on Hook! Shibata goes after Jericho, then CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS! Shibata CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS again! Shibata CHOPS, then Hook GERMAN SUPLEXES Jericho! Hook ROCKS Shibata, clinches, and T-BONE PLEX! The fans fire up and Hook goes out to fetch something from under the ring. Hook brings out a TABLE! The fans cheer and Hook sets that table up at ringside. Hook makes sure it is stable, then he gets Jericho to the apron. But Jericho fights by holding ropes! Shibata runs up to BOOT Hook and Jericho down!

Jericho and Hook hit the floor, Shibata goes to the apron and he PENALTY KICKS! Shibata then gets Hook, and whips him, only for Hook to reverse! Shibata hits barriers hard! Jericho kicks Hook, and snap suplexes him to the floor! Hook writhes, Jericho waves, but fans boo more. Jericho puts Hook in, and then he brings out a black bag! It was hockey pucks in Canada, what is it here in Vegas? Jericho pours out dice! Six sided dice fill the ring, but Hook clinches! EXPLODER onto the dice! A bad roll for Jericho, because now Shibata gets in to snap suplex Jericho onto the dice! Hook and Shibata CHUCK dice at Jericho!

The fans fire up as Jericho gets peppered by pips, then Hook & Shibata mug Jericho. DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX onto the dice! And that was a hard landing that folds Jericho up! Hook goes after Shibata, NORTHERN LIGHTS on the dice! But Shibata just fires up and clinches Hook! BELLY2BELLY on the dice! The fans fire up while everyone is down! Hook and Shibata go out of the ring to join Jericho, and Hook looks under the ring again. Hook brings out a kendo stick, Shibata brings out two! The fans fire up as they get back in the ring, and Shibata goes one stick with Hook, only for Jericho to get the other!

The fans fire up as the three stand off, Jericho SMACKS Hook! Then he SMACKS Shibata! Neither flinches! Jericho SMACKS again, and SMACKS again! Shibata & Hook SMACK SMACK SMACK away on Jericho! The fans fire up as Jericho falls and bails out, but Shibata goes out after him! Shibata puts Jericho back in, Hook drags him up, and they double whip Jericho to ropes. Jericho ducks the kendo sticks but not on the return! The DOUBLE SMACK takes them down, then Shibata STOs Hook on dice! Hook writhes, Shibata goes out to bring out another table! The fans fire up as Shibata puts this table in the ring.

Shibata stands the table up in a drop zone and he brings Hook over. Shibata reels Hook in but Jericho CLOBBERS Shibata! Jericho stomps Shibata to a corner, then CLUBS Hook! Jericho reels Hook in, but Hook wrenches out to NORTHERN LIGHTS on the dice! Hook then drags Jericho onto the table, goes to the corner and climbs! Shibata CHUCKS dice! Shibata UPPERCUTS Hook, climbs up after him, and works to fireman’s carry! The fans fire up as Hook fights whatever Shibata’s up to! Shibata still lifts Hook, ROLLING DEATH VALLEY onto the table! The fans lose their minds as the legs of the table give out!

All three men are down, the table is probably in better shape than any of them. Shibata crawls to cover Hook, TWO! Jericho gets up and he props the table up in the corner. Jericho whips, Shibata reverses, Jericho goes through the table! And then Shibata HYDRAULIC DROPKICKS him in the wreckage!! The fans fire up, Shibata covers, TWO!! Jericho survives but Shibata drags Jericho around. Shibata stands Jericho up, CLUBS him, then CHOPS! CHOPS! And CHOPS! Shibata kicks, CLUBS, and trips Jericho, to turn him! Jericho fights so Shibata ties the legs up into a DEATHLOCK! The fans fire up but Hook kicks! Shibata blocks! ANKLE LOCK!

Shibata has each man in a submission, but Hook kicks free! Hook DECKS Shibata, which puts pressure on the deathlock! Jericho turns over to get free of the hold, and Hook brings Shibata up. EXPLODER onto dice! Shibata bails out, Jericho hits a CODE BREAKER on Hook! Cover, TWO!! Hook survives, Jericho gears up, JUDAS- NO! REDRUM!! Jericho flails, there are no ropebreaks here! Hook has the body scissors!! Jericho flails, but here comes Big Bill’s BIG ELBOW DROP! The fans boo as the Redwood saves The Learning Tree! Bill rains down fists on Hook, then mocks the fans booing him.

Bill tells everyone to shove it, then he brings Hook out to the apron. Bill CLUBS Hook, gives thumbs up, and he CHOKE- NO, Hook fights the slam! Hook clinches, to EXPLODER through the table!!! The fans are thunderously losing their minds as Hook takes down the human skyscraper! Shibata has Jericho alone now, and CHOPS! CHOPS! And CHOPS! Jericho trips Shibata, turns him over, WALLS OF JERICHO!! Shibata endures, crawls through the dice, but Jericho drags him back! But Shibata rolls through, steps through, and has the FIGURE FOUR!! But Hook returns! REDRUM!! This is like on Dynamite!!

Jericho endures, fades, but someone else gets in the ring!? They STOMP Hook and SMACK Shibata with a trash can! This mystery man puts the can around Shibata, and then SENTONS! This person has a lucha mask, but they take it off to reveal… BRYAN KEITH!! The Bounty Hunter got the short end of the stick on Wednesday and now he’s sticking it to Hook and Shibata! But then speaking of sticks, Hook SMACKS Keith with the kendo stick! And SMACKS him again! And then TOSSES him out! JUDAS EFFECT!! Cover on Shibata, JERICHO WINS!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall (still FTW Champion)

The Bounty Hunter screws over the two men he lost to, all to help the man he wanted after in the first place! Bill applauds while down in the wreckage, will no one ever cut down The Learning Tree? Hook is pissed, Jericho has security get in to stop him! Hook THROWS security around! Jericho runs away, Hook pushes past the cameraman to pursue! Hook isn’t done with Jericho, when and where will they settle this once and for all?


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Title Eliminator: Jon Moxley VS Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis!

The Maniac has challengers coming after him from both NJWP and AEW, but that’s how he likes it. He’s still got Evil to deal with at NJPW Dominion in a couple weeks, will he be able to focus on The Alpha? Or will Takeshita have a golden ticket to cash in after tonight?

The bell rings and the two feel things out. Moxley is careful with the heavily bandaged left arm, knuckle locks with the right, and then he powers Takeshita to a corner to fire off forearms! The ref counts, Takeshita turns things around to fire hands high and low! Takeshita pulls at Moxley’s ears but Moxley turns things back around. Moxley CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Takeshita gets the bad arm, wrenches and ELBOW BREAKERS! Takeshita YANKS the arm, YANKS it again, but Moxley ROCKS Takeshita! Takeshita CLAWS the eyes! The ref counts, Takeshita lets off and he whips. Moxley reverses and ELBOWS Takeshita!

Takeshita stays up so Moxley whips. Takeshita ducks ‘n’ dodges to TAKESHITA LINE! The fans rally while Moxley is down, and Callis says to break that bad arm. Takeshita storms up to wrap the bad arm around ropes! The ref counts, Takeshita lets off at 4, and he ROCKS Moxley with a forearm. Moxley staggers to another corner, but Takeshita again wraps the arm around ropes. The ref reprimands, Takeshita bends fingers! Takeshita SNAPS one, and Moxley staggers away again. Takeshita stalks Moxley, brings him around, and wrenches the arm to then hammerlock. Takeshita scoops and SLAMS Moxley onto the arm! Cocky cover, ONE!

Takeshita digs his boot into the arm, paces around, and Callis likes that he sees. Takeshita eggs the fans on as he goes up, but Moxley gets up! Moxley ROCKS Takeshita and Takeshita falls to the apron! Moxley goes out, scares Callis off, and then reels Takeshita in. But Takeshita fights as Moxley only has the one good arm! Takeshita wrenches the bad arm to WRING it into the apron! The fans boo but Takeshita just flips them off. Callis says that arm has to be broken, and Takeshita storms back up. Takeshita rips away the tape, the ref reprimands, and Moxley hits back. Moxley gets away but Takeshita pursues, clawing at the tape.

Takeshita CHOKES Moxley with that tape! The ref reprimands, but Moxley sends Takeshita into barriers! Moxley fires off fists and the fans fire up! Moxley BITES Takeshita’s face! The ref reprimands, Moxley lets off, to come back and KNEE Takeshita into barriers! The fans fire up more but Takeshita puts Moxley in the corner! Takeshita fires off forearms, and now he BITES Moxley! Takeshita BOOTS the bad arm! And BOOTS it again! Takeshita drags Moxley up, wrenches the bad arm to a hammerlock, and RAMS Moxley’s arm into steel steps! The fans tell Callis off but Takeshita drags Moxley up to put him in the ring.

Takeshita stalks Moxley, Callis wants to finish this. Takeshita drags Moxley up but Moxley CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Takeshita just winds up and ROCKS Moxley! Moxley drops to his knees, the fans boo, but Takeshita drags Moxley up. Takeshita wrenches the bad arm, clamps on, and ARMBAR BULLDOGS! Moxley snarls as he sits up, and Takeshita has an evil smile back. Takeshita KICKS the bad arm, grabs at it again and KNEES the bad arm! Moxley SLAPS Takeshita and flips him off! So Takeshita SLAPS back! And then deadlift BRAINBUSTERS! Moxley sits up in a daze, and Takeshita grabs the bad arm.

The fans rally for Moxley but Takeshita clamps on a chicken wing and crossface! Moxley fights up before it’s locked in, and he twists Takeshita’s nose! The fans fire up but Takeshita SLAPS Moxley. Moxley gets in Takeshita’s face, so Takeshita SLAPS him again! Callis says light him up, and Takeshita ROCKS Moxley! Moxley ROCKS Takeshita, they go forearm for forearm! The fans rally as the shots keep going, then Moxley KICKS, forearms, KICKS, then HEADBUTTS, HEADBUTTS, HEADBUTTS! Moxley runs, into a BOOT! Takeshita runs, but Moxley sidesteps and CUTTERS! The fans fire up as Takeshita is down!

Moxley gets his bad arm working again and he drags Takeshita back up. Moxley reels Takeshita in and lifts, but Takeshita fights it! Takeshita wrenches the bad arm into a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Takeshita bends the fingers, too! Callis wants Takeshita to snap that arm off! Moxley endures, the fans rally, and Moxley rolls through to get a TRIANGLE HOLD! Moxley squeezes but Takeshita CLAWS at the eyes! Then Takeshita deadlifts for a POWERBOMB! Takeshita flips Moxley over into a DISARMER!! Moxley endures as Takeshita pulls on the arm! Moxley crawls, reaches out, ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Takeshita lets off, and the fans rally up again. Moxley flounders to ropes, shakes his head, and says Takeshita can take the arm home with him. Takeshita CLAWS at Moxley’s eyes again! The ref counts, Takeshita lets off at 4, and he gets in the ref’s face! The ref warns Takeshita, Takeshita goes back to Moxley, but Moxley DUMPS Takeshita up and out! Takeshita stands as Moxley builds speed, and Moxley DIVES! Direct hit and they hit the desks! The fans fire up while both men are down, but Moxley rises! Moxley storms around, drags Takeshita up, and puts him in the ring. The fans rally as Moxley drags himself back in.

Moxley sees Takeshita rise, the fans rally again, and Takeshita scowls at Moxley. Takeshita roars, runs in, but into a KING KONG LARIAT!! Moxley storms back up, brings Takeshita up, underhooks, but Takeshita wrenches out to gut wrench! And tuck! BASTARD DRIVER!! But then the wheelbarrow, for a WHEELBARROW GERMAN! The fans are thunderous as Takeshita aims, POWER DRIVE- PARADIGM SHIFT!! Both men are down, “This is Awesome!” Moxley and Takeshita stir, Callis coaching his Alpha. The two go forehead to forehead, then they go HEADBUTT for HEADBUTT! Then they SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!

The fans fire up as the shots go back and forth, then Takeshita fires a forearm! Moxley gives that back, so Takeshita gives another! Moxley wobbles, but he comes back with more! Takeshita ROCKS Moxley, Moxley CHOSP Takeshita! Takeshita forearms, Moxley KICKS, now it’s just a scrap! Moxley throws more but Takeshita wrenches and CLUBS the bad arm! Takeshita winds up to ROCK Moxley! Moxley falls and the fans fire up again! Takeshita wants to end this as he waits on Moxley. POWER DRIVE KNEE!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and shocks Takeshita! Callis says to destroy Moxley, no mercy! Off comes the elbow pad!

Takeshita aims again, winds up, and he ROCKS Moxley! And ROCKS him! But Moxley gest around for a SLEEPER! Takeshita fights but Moxley throws him down! BULLY CHOKE!! Takeshita sits up, but Moxley is using his bandages for grip! The ref reprimands, Moxley lets go at 4, then underhooks! But Takeshita fights the lift! Takeshita wrenches the bad arm, gets loose of the bandage, and he POSTS the bad arm!! Then a roll-up, roll through, ALPHA ELBOW!! Takeshita isn’t done, he underhooks Moxley to steal DEATH RIDER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? HOW?!?! Moxley survives his own move and no one can believe it!

Callis says finish it! Kurose! Takeshita goes out, goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a chair! That chair goes into the ring, then another! The ref has to watch out or he’ll catch a stray. Takeshita puts another chair in but the ref gets the rest out. Moxley runs up, CURB STOMP on the chair!! And then a DEATH RIDER!!! Cover, Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (denies Takeshita a title opportunity)

Callis is disappointed as his devious scheme backfires! His Alpha goes home empty handed, but will all this damage done only help The King of Darkness at Dominion?



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