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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (10/21/21)

Happy third anniversary!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

What’s next for NXT UK?

NXT UK hits its three year anniversary, here’s to another year! But Joe Coffey and Jordan Devlin run it back, who wins when it’s truly 1v1?


  • Xia Brookside VS Aleah James; James wins.
  • Symbiosis VS Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz; Mastiff & Starz win, by disqualification.
  • Joe Coffey VS Jordan Devlin; Devlin wins.


Xia Brookside VS Aleah James!

Nina Samuels pushed some buttons and egged this second gen superstar into taking on the energetic and bubbly boxer from Essex! Will Xia get back on the winning side of things? Or will Aleah catch her with a surprise knockout?

The bell rings, the two circle and fans rally up. Xia and Aleah shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship, and they tie up. Xia wrenches an arm to a wristlock, keeps on the hold, but Aleah cartwheels then wrenches back. Xia rolls, handsprings and wrenches again to have the wristlock. Xia hammerlocks, Aleah throws some elbows but Xia keeps on the hold. Fans rally, Aleah flips and drop toeholds to then float to a headlock! Xia gets up, Aleah wrenches and YANKS the arm, then has the wristlock. Xia goes to ropes, uses those to flip through and wrench back for a headlock takeover. Xia grinds Aleah down but Aleah rolls to a cover, ONE!

Aleah powers Xia to a headscissors and fans rally up again. Xia bridges, Aleah pushes her down and pushes up to add torque. Xia kips and kips but can’t get free. She turns, headstands and pops out to then PENALTY KICK! Then Xia does her hip shimmy to taunt Aleah. Xia snapmares and KICKS Aleah in the back! Xia hooks Aleah up, Aleah resists, but Xia still gets her for a grounded cobra twist! Xia cranks on the arms but Aleah gets one free. Aleah pushes up, fans rally again and Aleah hits a JAWBREAKER! Aleah runs, ducks and dodges to rally with flying forearms, then a dropkick! Fans fire up with Aleah as she KNEES Xia low, and jumps.

Xia blocks the DDT to WRING Aleah out to then hit a NECKBREAKER! Xia fires up and fans rally up again. Aleah gets to a corner, Xia runs in, BROKEN WINGS! Xia hoists Aleah up top, DOUBLE CHOPS her, then gets the arms. But Aleah kicks her away, sunset flips, ALEAH WINS!!

Winner: Aleah James, by pinfall

Xia is shocked! Aleah gets a big win outta nowhere, and the frustration is boiling up in Brookside. Aleah offers a handshake but Xia slaps it away! Xia storms off, what will it take for her to get out of this slump?


NXT UK Media catches up with Meiko Satomura.

She’s helping Emilia McKenzie train but how is she feeling about her coming match with Jinny? Meiko says this is good timing for a title match. Meiko knows Jinny is dangerous, but she’s not the Final Boss, Meiko is. Meiko goes back to Millie, will the Best in the World be razor sharp for her battle with the Spoiled Princess?


Kenny Williams speaks.

“I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding. When I said I was relentless, that I was resilient, that I was indestructible, that doesn’t mean I was undefeatable. Everybody, anybody, can be defeated. But what makes me indestructible is up here.” NXT UK is full of insecure little boys who need instant gratification from the WWE Universe. But not Kenny. “Those little maggots” that watch are going to be disappointed. But we’re going to be in for the shock of our lives. If you thought Kenny was bad before, you’re about to find out how low the Scum of the Earth can go!


Symbiosis VS Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz!

Eddie Dennis and his human weapons have been doing whatever whenever, and the dynamic duo before them says enough is enough! Will Primate & Tyson T-Bone be tamed by the Bomber and the Gatekeeper?

Pretty Deadly is on commentary to watch this one close up. The teams sort out and T-Bone starts with Starz. They tie up, T-Bone throws Starz down, but Starz gets up to circle with him. They tie up again and T-Bone puts Starz in a corner. The ref counts, Starz dodges the haymaker to ram in his shoulder! Starz whips, T-Bone reverses but Starz goes up and over to fire off dropkicks! Starz arm-drags T-Bone down and fans fire up. T-Bone fights up, Starz wrenches but T-Bone ROCKS him! T-Bone scoops and SLAMS Starz, then brings him up to whip to a corner. Starz bounces off buckles, T-Bone scoops him for a FALL AWAY SLAM! T-Bone pushes Starz around, covers, ONE!

Tag to Primate and Symbiosis mugs Starz. Primate wrenches and CLUBS Starz down then grinds the arm. Starz endures, fights up, Primate wrenches again and has the wristlock. Starz rolls, cartwheels and handsprings to hop under and kick Primate out of the ring! Starz kips up and dropkicks Primate off the apron! And then he dropkicks T-Bone! Mastiff gets in to CLBOBER T-Bone! Primate returns but Starz fires off EuroUppers! Starz whips, dropkicks and arm-drags Primate to an armlock! Starz makes it a top wristlock but Primate endures. Starz wrenches, tags in Mastiff, and fans fire up as Mastiff headbutts Primate down!

Mastiff scoops Primate to scoop and SLAM! Then he runs and BACK SENTONS! Starz tags in to slingshot SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Starz drags Primate back up to CLUB him to the ropes. Starz tags Mastiff back in. they mug Primate in their corner, but Primate fights back! Primate stomps Mastiff’s foot and tags in T-Bone! T-Bone boots, whips but Mastiff reverses to kitchen sink knee! Mastiff drags Primate up, bumps him off buckles and tags in Starz. Starz throws EuroUppers, CLUBS T-Bone, then throws more uppercuts. Starz wrenches, T-Bone reels him in for a back suplex BACKBREAKER! Starz is in the Symbiosis corner but he fights out!

T-Bone shoves Starz away but Starz dodges the haymaker to DECK Primate! T-Bone CLUBS Starz then throws him out! Dennis gives orders, T-Bone lets Starz get up on his own, so that Primate can scoop and SLAM Starz to the floor! T-Bone goes out to fetch Starz now, brings him up and into the ring, then drags him up to SIT-OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Starz is still in this and Symbiosis grows frustrated. Tag to Primate, T-Bone brings Starz out on the ropes, Primate springboards to drop ax handles! Primate shoves Starz to ROCK him in the back, then hits a BIG back suplex! Fans boo as Primate roars but Primate drags Starz by a foot to the Symbiosis corner!

Tag to T-Bone, Symbiosis mugs Starz, then double SLAMS him for a DOUBLE STOMP! T-Bone drags Starz around, suplexes and holds Starz up for a count of 10 before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! T-Bone throws Starz out again, and again he distracts the ref. Primate scoops again but Starz slips out to scoop and SLAM Primate! Starz hurries back up, he shoulders into T-Bone and goes up the corner! Starz leaps to CROSSBODY! Tag to Mastiff! Fans fire up as Mastiff brawls with T-Bone! Mastiff gets the edge, T-Bone shoves him away but T-Bone runs into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! And then he shoves T-Bone into Primate before the fireman’s carry, ROLLING SENTON!

Dennis gets on the corner, Mastiff swipes at him, but T-Bone mule kicks! T-Bone swings, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Mastiff has his target, he runs corner to corner INTO THE VOID! Starz wants in, but Dennis attacks! Dennis uses a chair on Starz!!

Winners: Dave Mastiff & Jack Starz, by disqualification

Primate CLOBBERS Mastiff! Symbiosis sacrificed the win to deal damage on their opponents! Dennis chokes Starz with the chair, Mastiff is getting mugged 2v1, but here come Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter! They have their own beef with Symbiosis and they CLOBBER Primate and throw hands on T-Bone! Carter throws Primate out to Dennis, then Smith CLOBBERS T-Bone! DOUBLE DROPKICKS send T-Bone out! Pretty Deadly don’t get what this is about, but the message was clear to Symbiosis! Will Dennis and his pack learn to be careful who they pick a fight with?


Amale speaks.

“The first and only French superstar in all of WWE. I carry the hopes of a nation on my shoulders. And that’s a responsibility I take very seriously. SO let’s be clear. What happened last time against Emilia was a fluke and will never happen again.” She’s back in action next week, and nothing will stop her.


NXT UK Media catches up with Charlie Dempsey.

They note how he said he had high expectations for himself, but how does he feel he’s going? He feels like it’s been great so far. Josh Morrell was a great first opponent to test himself against, and he’s really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the roster has to offer. This could be the start of a great legacy. Gallus walks over and likes that he wants to leave a legacy. He should do that, the same Gallus did on the NXT UK Tag titles. “Just don’t let your legacy get in our way, pal.” Dempsey stands up tall and Gallus wants him to keep cool. They head off, and Dempsey says he’s going to get back to training.

Suddenly, Teoman and Roha Raja start beef with Gallus over the Breakout Tournament! Will the Family get even with the Gallus boys soon enough?


NXT UK presents an all new Supernova Sessions!

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels set their set up in the ring. “Hello, hello, hello! Hear me now! Live from the moon, welcome to another edition of Supernova Sessions.” Since day one in NXT UK, Dar’s made it his mission to become everything they said he couldn’t be and wouldn’t be. That continues next week as he proves he’s the star player in the WWE when he runs victory laps with the Heritage Cup. Everyone’s running scared, and they should be. Class being class, and they’re class. But speaking of next week, welcome their guest, Tyler Bate. Fans cheer as the Heritage Cup Champion, and Trent Seven, head to the ring.

Bate carefully sets the cup down on the table, Dar gets impatient as Moustache Mountain take their time sitting down in the guest chairs. Wait, Seven wasn’t invited. What’s he doing here? Oh wait, the same thing he always does: riding Bate’s coattails. Seven stands up but Bate keeps him back, and Sha tells “granddad” to take his seat. Dar and Sha sit on the couch and Dar says there’s this idea that he doesn’t like Bate. That’s partially true, and Sha confirms for himself that he definitely doesn’t like Bate. But Dar has respect for Bate. That’s why he is extending a courtesy to simply relinquish the cup to him right now. That saves Bate the embarrassment and beating Dar has in store. If Bate shows up, it is over.

Bate and Seven talk it out, and Bate says he can. NOT! Sit down and shut it. Get a grip, man. Get real. Oh he wants to get real? Okay, well, Dar says Bate’s fallen off, gotten complacent, and Sha adds that he’s lazy! Bate never learns from his mistakes. In fact, one he doesn’t learn from is carrying around the deadweight weird uncle. They’re too focused on tag team endeavors or whatever these DAFTIES do on Moustache Mountain. Seven gets up again and says that while he isn’t worried about the cup, the NXT UK Tag Team titles mean the world to him. Bate keeps Seven calm and says Seven is right, tonight isn’t about the tag titles.

Bate has no idea what planet Dar thinks he’s on, or what Sha has in his flask, but every single time Bate and Dar meet, the result is the same. Next time they meet, history will repeat itself: Dar will be flat on his back, awoken from a deep slumber to the sweet, sweet sounds of the brass section, playing “Bah! Bah dah!” Dar says Bate is scared, shook even! Seven asks if Dar is done. When Dar fails again next week, he’ll be done. Dar sucker punches Bate! Sha keeps Dar back, Seven helps Bate up but also keeps him back. Bate almost gets at Dar but Dar and Sha get away! Dar says he’s the big strong boy now! Thank you, buh-bye! But will it finally be Dar’s time? Or does he go 3-0 real quick?


The Gallus boys prank Jordan Devlin.

While Devlin is listening to his tunes while working out, they snatch his jacket! Devlin turns around to see the jacket is gone and goes looking. Will he get even with the firm when it’s just him and Joe Coffey?


Speaking of Gallus…

After the confrontation between them and “The Family” in the UK Performance Center, Mark Coffey will take on Rohan Raja 1v1 on behalf of their teams!


Joe Coffey VS Jordan Devlin!

Because Markus and Wolfie got a little too involved behind the referee’s back, it was only fair that NXT UK run it back again. The Iron King wears the Irish Ace’s jacket out to the ring, will Devlin take it back as he takes his revenge?

Speaking of, Devlin attacks right from behind on the ramp! Devlin stomps away on Coffey, CLUBS him around the way then stomps him against the barriers! Devlin CHOPS Coffey, throws him at the ring, but Coffey rebounds to CLOBBER him! Coffey stomps, throws EuroUppers, and then ROCKS Devlin. Devlin RAMS Coffey into the apron, puts him in the ring, then trips him up to slingshot TORNILLO! Devlin soaks up the heat while the ref checks on Coffey. Coffey still wants the match so the ref rings the bell, and Coffey throws hands on Devlin! Devlin ends up in a corner, Coffey throws more hands, but Devlin gets around to a headlock and takeover.

Coffey rolls to a cover, ONE! Devlin grinds the hold, Coffey fights up, but he can’t power out as Devlin holds tight! Coffey fights up again, fans rally, and Coffey pushes Devlin around. Coffey powers out and trips Devlin up, then throws EuroUppers! Coffey whips, Devlin reverses then ducks and dodges, only for Coffey to scoop. Devlin slips out, waistlocks but Coffey switches and shoves to then go the other way and CROSSBODY! Fans fire up with Coffey and he whips Devlin into a corner. Coffey scoops Devlin for a BACKBREAKER, and holds on for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Coffey brings Devlin up to wrench and RAM him with a shoulder.

Devlin sits up to throw body shots but Coffey blocks to a cording hold. Coffey cranks the arm, Devlin endures. Devlin fights up, powers Coffey to ropes but Coffey uses that to arm-drag! Coffey keeps on the cording hold, Devlin fights up to his feet again, and Devlin goes up to headscissor, only for Coffey to SLAM him down! Coffey still has the arm for the cording hold, but Devlin fights up to go up and around, then POST Coffey! Devlin goes corner to corner to HESITATION DROPKICK Coffey back into the post! Devlin goes out to BEND Coffey against the post! The ref counts, Devlin stops at 4, and Devlin stomps Coffey down!

Devlin soaks up the heat, CLUBS Coffey, but Coffey throws body shots! Devlin hits Coffey back, puts him in a corner and CHOPS! Coffey headlocks Devlin, Devlin powers out and hurdles, drops and kitchen sink knees! Coffey writhes and clutches his ribs but Devlin stalks him. Devlin drops an elbow, covers, TWO! Another cover, ONE! Devlin is annoyed but fans rally up for Coffey. Devlin stands Coffey to DECK him with a haymaker! “Every day of the week, baby!” Devlin drags Coffey up, whips him hard into a corner, and watches Coffey crawl along the ropes. Devlin KICKS Coffey, Coffey blocks! Devlin throws slapping shots and he knocks Coffey down!

Devlin drags Coffey up again to reel him in for a cobra twist! Coffey endures, fans rally, and Coffey powers out with a HIP TOSS! Coffey keeps moving, he BOOTS, then catches Devlin, only for the back to give up! Devlin gets around, and has a body scissors! Coffey clubs Devlin, but Devlin lets him spin through for a body scissors on the mat! Coffey endures the squeeze, Devlin pulls hair and CLUBS Coffey on the back. Devlin rolls Coffey to a cover, TWO! Coffey pries at the legs, fans rally up, and Coffey gets up with Devlin as a backpack! Coffey RAMS Devlin into buckles and is free! But Devlin goes up the corner to LEAP, into an uppercut!

Both men are down and fans rally back up. Coffey throws hands, whips but Devlin reverses, Coffey still runs Devlin over! Coffey keeps moving, FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Cover, TWO! Coffey gets up and runs at Devlin in the corner but Devlin boots him! Devlin runs but into a pop-up POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Devlin survives and fans fire up again. Coffey stalks Devlin, waistlocks but Devlin fights the suplex. Devlin gets Coffey for the URENAGE and STANDING MOONSAULT! Both men are down again but fans keep rallying. Devlin drags himself to a corner and the top rope. Coffey runs over to SHORYUKEN!

Coffey climbs up to join Devlin but Devlin throws body shots! Devlin slips out and under, drags Coffey down but Coffey elbows him away! Double jump CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Fans continue to rally up as Coffey grits his teeth. Devlin’s in a corner again, Coffey blocks the boots but Devlin lands on the apron, SLINGSHOT CUTTER! But Coffey rolls and flops to the floor! Devlin goes to the apron, aims and PENALTY KICKS! Coffey staggers, Devlin ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and down go both men! The fans fire up as a ring count starts. Devlin gets up, brings Coffey up at 5 of 10 and he puts Coffey in at 6.

Devlin takes a breath, gets up on the corner, but Coffey goes right up after him! SUPER OVERHEAD SUPLEX!! But Coffey’s ribs bother him, he can’t make the cover! A standing count begins, Devlin and Coffey head for each other. Coffey throws body shots but Devlin gives them back. Devlin CLUBS Coffey, brings Coffey up but Coffey throws fast hands! Devlin ducks to fire them all back! Devlin ROCKS Coffey but Coffey gets around to throw more boxing hands! Uppercut after uppercut in the corner! Coffey fires up, the fans are with him, but Devlin BOOTS him back! Coffey throws more heavy hands and DECKS Devlin with the left! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives and fans fire up again!

Devlin goes to a corner, Coffey runs in, GLASGOW SENDOFF! And then ALL THE- HEADBUTT!! Devlin intercepts the Best for the Bells then goes up top! 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Fans fire up, Devlin drags Coffey up, DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, Devlin wins!!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

It was truly 1v1 and Devlin won in one hell of a slugfest! Is this enough to prove the Irish Ace is worthy of facing the NXT UK Champion?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK, even with just three matches. Xia VS Aleah was a short match but Aleah winning and Xia getting frustrated does bring us a little closer to that Heel turn in Xia I’m sensing. We got decent promos from Meiko Satomura, Kenny Williams and Amale, but the interesting one was what started as Dempsey’s promo “interrupted” by Gallus turned into Gallus getting into it with Raja and Teoman. Teoman’s family is going to add someone, just as they said last week, but I’d be surprised if it was Dempsey. I feel like that’d be rather odd for Dempsey, he just got started and could have a few matches before getting a feud.

Symbiosis VS Mastiff & Starz was a really good tag match but I didn’t think they’d do a disqualification finish here. I suppose that’s one way of keeping both teams strong. Carter & Smith getting involved makes sense given their recent matches with Symbiosis, and I’m thinking these three teams fight in a contender’s match to then go on and challenge Pretty Deadly. Symbiosis is probably the team that takes the loss to one of the Face teams. Supernova Sessions being in the ring is rather odd for the framing of it but with fans back, they had to move things around. It was a pretty good segment otherwise, and I have a feeling Sha and Seven will play a part in the finish.

Coffey VS Devlin was a very good match, definitely a touch better than their previous match. Devlin getting the win makes sense, since he didn’t have to worry about the Gallus boys getting in the way and he targeted Coffey’s ribs. Devlin’s been building up outside of title stories for awhile, I have a feeling he could move up and be a major challenger for Ilja Dragunov.

My Score: 8.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (9/30/23)

It’s WrestleDream Eve!



There’s a Collision in Seattle!

Before AEW starts a “new chapter” with WrestleDream, it is an All-Star Collision 8 Man Tag! Will FTR and BCC work together to take down their enemies?


  • Andrade El Idolo VS Juice Robinson; wins.
  • Julia Hart w/ Brody King VS ???
  • Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega VS The Gates of Agony w/ Prince Nana; win.
  • The Kingdom VS Best Friends; win(s).
  • WrestleDream All-Star 8 Man Tag: Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta & FTR VS Ricky Starks, “Big Bill” Morrissey & Aussie Open; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Collision will begin later tonight]

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Mitchell’s NXT No Mercy Results & Report! (9/30/23)

There’s No Mercy in Bakersfield!



Will the Mad Dragon slay… HIM?

In a rematch from The Great American Bash, Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov once again battle over the NXT Championship! But will history repeat itself? Or will history be made?


  • Kickoff Show – Blair Davenport VS Kelani Jordan; Blair wins.
  • Bron Breakker VS Baron Corbin; wins.
  • NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ The Meta Four VS Pete Dunne; wins and
  • NXT Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way Tag: Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo VS The Creed Brothers VS Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo VS #OutTheMud w/ SCRYPTS; win(s) and
  • NXT North American Championship, Special Guest Referee Dragon Lee: Dominik Mysterio VS Trick Williams; wins and
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes VS Ilja Dragunov; wins and
  • NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Becky Lynch VS Tiffany Stratton; wins and


It’s the No Mercy Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Matt Camp & Sam Roberts in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action about to go down in Bakersfield!


Kickoff Show – Blair Davenport VS Kelani Jordan!

The Ichiban Gaijin made sure Gigi Dolin had no chance against her on Tuesday by attacking her long before their match! Will she add another name to the list of victims? Or will Kelani show what she can do all on her own?

The bell rings and fans rally up as these two stare down. They tie up, Blair throws Kelani down then she headlocks. Kelani endures, fights up, and powers out, only for Blair to run her over. Fans rally as things speed up, Kelani splits, hurdles then slingshot arm0-drags! Then springboards to RANA, and then DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Kelani as she shows off her #FlexAppeal! Handspring back elbow, then the- NO, Blair blocks the flip to put Kelani up top and SWAT her down! Kelani tumbles to the floor, Blair goes out and RAMS her into the apron! Blair talks trash and fans are torn as she storms around.

Blair drags Kelani up and into the ring, then storms up on her. Blair whips Kelani to a corner, hits a hip toss, then brings Kelani up to scoop and SLAM! Cover, TWO! Blair keeps on Kelani with a chinlock stretch! Kelani endures, fans rally up, and Kelani fights up. Kelani elbows free, then DROP- NO, Blair blocks the kick to have the legs! BOSTON CRAB! Kelani endures, reaches out, crawls forward, but Blair drags her away! Blair sits deep on the hold, but Kelani continues to fight forward! Kelani rolls and sends Blair into buckles! Fans fire up, Kelani ROCKS Blair, CHOPS Blair, then ROCKS her again!

Kelani swings again but Blair gets under. Waistlock, but Kelani victory rolls! TWO, and Blair swings, but Kelani counter punches! Blair ROCKS Kelani, Kelani snarls and ROCKS her back! Blair snarls and she ROCKS Kelani! Kelani ROCKS Blair! Blair hits back, Kelani hits again, and fans rally up behind Kelani, only for Blair to DECK her! Blair BOOTS Kelani, talks trash, calls her a child, and says she’s nothing! Kelani gets mad and blocks a kick! Kelani shakes her head, throws the foot away and ROCKS Blair again! Then slingshot CUTTER! Fans fire up while both women are down!

Kelani and Blair stir, the fans rally up, and Blair goes to ropes. Blair and Kelani stand, and Kelani rallies on Blair with big forearms and elbows! Fans fire up with Kelani, she handsprings into the BACK ELBOW! Kelani kips up and the fans are with her! Kelani shouts at Blair to get up, then kicks her low! OVERDRIVE! Cover, TWO! Blair survives and Kelani is fuming, but the fans still rally! Kelani gets Blair up but Blair wrenches and WRINGS the arm! Then DOUBLE STOMPS Kelani’s back! Blair drags Kelani up, suplexes, but Kelani slips free to hop on! SLEEPER!! Kelani has the body scissors, too!

Blair endures, RAMS Kelani back into buckles and is free. But Kelani goes up to AX KICK! And then up and up and SPLIT LEG MOONSAULT onto knees! Blair goes up and up and FLYING DOUBLE STOMPS! Fans fire up again and Blair drags Kelani up. Blair reels Kelani in, suplexes, FALCON DRIVER! Cover, Blair wins!

Winner: Blair Davenport, by pinfall

Enemies of the heir beware! But wait, GIGI DOLIN IS HERE! And she CLOBBERS Blair, gives her Kawada Kicks, then rains down furious fists! Refs rush out to stop this but Blair gets up and scraps with Gigi! Fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” but when and where will these two settle the score?


Time to play the game.

Plug in the cartridge and load up the brand new NXT edition of No Mercy! Press start and make the match! Will there be no asterisk next to tonight’s NXT Championship match? Will the Bruiserweight snap Noam Dar’s reign? Or just his fingers? Who will truly be #MeanerThanEvil? Is karma going to bite Dirty Dom right on the ass? Or will he still #WhoopDatTrick? And in the biggest and most violent match of her career, will Tiffany Stratton take back the title? Or will the Big Time still be too much for Wrestling Barbie?

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