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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/5/22)

TBS is Dynamite!



AEW Dynamite 2021

AEW moves to the mothership network!

AEW is on a new network, and we will see a new champion crowned as Jade Cargill and Ruby Soho battle for THE TBS Women’s Championship!


  • AEW World Championship: Hangman Page VS Bryan Danielson; Hangman wins and retains the title.
  • MJF VS Shawn Dean; Dean wins, by disqualification.
  • Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears VS Antonio Zambrano; Wardlow wins.
  • AEW TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Ruby Soho; Cargill wins and is the inaugural AEW TBS Women’s Champion.
  • Malakai Black VS Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart; Malakai wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Jurassic Express w/ Christian Cage; Jurassic Express wins and become the new AEW World Tag Team Champions.


AEW World Championship: Hangman Page VS Bryan Danielson!

New Year, new channel, and a different take on the classic we saw at Winter is Coming! The Millennial Cowboy and the American Dragon took it to the 60 minute time limit, but there won’t be a draw this time as there will be a panel of judges calling it if need be. It will be Mark Henry, Paul Wight and Jerry Lynn giving their votes, but will Hangman and Bryan make sure this ends long before 60 minutes?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we run it back from 2021!

Hangman rushes Bryan at the bell but Bryan gets away then bails out! Fans boo but Hangman stays in the ring. Bryan jogs around the ring and shows off with jumping jacks right in front of the judges. Hangman goes out after him but Bryan gets back in the ring. Bryan smirks but Hangman stays stone faced as the two circle. They tie up, go around, and end up in a corner. Hangman lets off as the ref counts, but Bryan avoids his chop to give a CHOP! Hangman storms up on Bryan but Bryan trips him up and goes for the legs. Hangman kicks Bryan away but Bryan bails out, wagging a finger. Bryan wants to determine the pace of this rematch.

Bryan takes his time returning, and he calls for a test of strength. Fans rally for Hangman as he knuckle locks with Bryan, but Bryan drops, breaks and wrenches, then wrenches again. Hangman rolls, breaks, wrenches Bryan back to a hammerlock then snapmare. Bryan gets up, avoids the back elbow, and does more jumping jacks. Bryan hopes the judges took note of all that, and he resets with Hangman. They tie up, Bryan headlocks and then wrenches with some grit. Fans duel, Hangman wrenches and headlocks but Bryan powers out. Things speed up, Bryan bails out but Hangman DIVES out onto Bryan! And then he goes right up for a ARIHARA MOONSAULT!

Bryan gets clear, runs in but into an APRON POWERBOMB! Hangman puts Bryan in, takes aim as fans fire up, but Bryan bails out the far side to avoid the Buckshot. Hangman is annoyed but he just builds speed again, and DIVES! But Bryan sends him into railing! Fans are chanting, “A E W! A E W!” which is a little odd but Bryan drags Hangman up to wrench and POST that bad arm! Bryan drags Hangman by the bad arm while the ring count climbs, and Bryan hammerlocks Hangman as he POSTS him again! Bryan goes into the ring to soak up some heat, and then he goes back out after Hangman to wrench for an ELBOW BREAKER!

Bryan puts Hangman in as the count restarts, and he has Hangman in a corner for KICKS! Bryan CHOPS and KICKS and CHOPS, but Hangman CHOPS back! And CHOPS! But Bryan wrenches the bad arm to an ELBOW BREAKER, then he wrangles Hangman down to STOMP the bad arm! Fans are fired up as Bryan drags Hangman up. Bryan wrenches, hits another ELBOW BREAKER, then wrangles Hangman back down for a hammerlock. Bryan KNEES the arm, pulls on the arm, but Hangman endures. Fans rally, Bryan gets the far arm and gets a recliner cradle, TWO! Bryan stands Hangman up to EuroUpper!

Bryan whips, Hangman reverses, Bryan ducks and dodges but leaps into a FALL AWAY SLAM! Bryan goes to the apron, but Hangman kips up! Fans fire up, Hangman triangle jumps, but Bryan dodges the lariat! Hangman ducks the back elbow to triangle jump and LARIAT again! Then he PLANCHAS Bryan down! Hangman puts Bryan in the ring and goes up the corner. Fans fire up, Hangman leaps, FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Both men slowly stand and fans rally up. Hangman CHOPS, then whips, but Bryan reverses. Hangman kicks Bryan away, then runs, only for Bryan to toss him up and out! Now Bryan builds speed, and he DIVES! But Hangman catches him for a BACK DROP!

Fans fire up for “COWBOY SH*T!” Hangman runs in but Bryan drop toeholds him into steel steps! The ref tells Bryan to get in the ring so he does, and he soaks up the heat while gloating. Hangman is busted open, just like Winter is Coming! Bryan goes out after Hangman to punch the wound! “Who’s the best?!” Bryan shouts as AEW goes picture in picture.

Bryan goes into the ring, the ref checks on Hangman, and Bryan looks to the judges at ringside again. Bryan goes back out to get himself a drink of water while Hangman flounders by the steps. Bryan brings Hangman up to dig his forehead into the steps! Bryan smacks Hangman off the steps, then whips him into railing! Bryan refreshes the ring count, drags Hangman back up, and he wrenches the bad arm to hammerlock it again. Bryan brings Hangman over to the railing and fish hooks his face right in front of the judges! Bryan lets off to then go back to the ring and refreshes the count again.

Hangman gets up and chops, but it doesn’t do enough. Bryan wrenches to another ELBOW BREAKER, then he hammerlocks and POSTS Hangman’s bad arm again! Hangman is dazed on the floor but Bryan drags him up and into the ring. Bryan soaks up the heat as he taunts Hangman, and he wipes Hangman’s blood off on the ref! AEW returns to single picture as Bryan headbutts the bloody forehead! And again! And again! Bryan keeps after that wound while holding hair but the ref reprimands. Bryan headbutts again but Hangman CHOPS! Bryan headbutts, Hangman CHOPS, repeat! Bryan gets the edge with the headbutts, then he HALF HATCH SUPLEXES!

Bryan shifts to a top mount for a ground ‘n’ pound! Bryan then gets the ARMBAR! Hangman clasps hands but Bryan sits up to punch the forehead again! The ref reprimands, Bryan lets off, and the judges are definitely taking notes here. Bryan stands Hangman up to CHOPS him! And KICK! And whip corner to corner, but Hangman reverses! Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, but Hangman fireman’s carries for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Both men are down again and fans are loving “A E DUB!” for this opener. The ref has a standing count, but Bryan gets up in the corner at 4. And Hangman CHOPS him!

Hangman CHOPS again, Bryan turns it around to CHOP! And headbutt! And KICK! Bryan whips, Hangman reverses again, and he hits the clothesline! Hangman reels Bryan in but Bryan gets around, GERMAN SUPELX But Hangman lands on his feet! He gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX Bryan! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans are thunderous as both men slowly rise. Bryan KICKS Hangman, and KICKS, and KICKS! Hangman stands up as the KCIKS keep coming, and he throws forearms! Bryan forearms back, but runs into a BOOT! Hangman reels Bryan in but Bryan resists the suplex. Bryan tries to suplex but Hangman resists.

Hangman suplexes himself and Bryan up and out, then suplexes again! Bryan slips off to POST Hangman, face first! The blood keeps pouring and “This is Awesome!” as it’s far from over. Bryan drags Hangman up, brings him back to the corner, and says, “You asked for it!” But Hangman blocks the yank, and he YANKS Bryan in! And again! And again!! The ring count is climbing, Hangman drags himself in at 5 of 10. The ref goes out to check on Bryan but Hangman comes back for more. Hangman puts Bryan in, stands Bryan up, and he gives back headbutts! Hangman wants to bust Bryan open in return!

Bryan is floundering, it’s hard to tell if it’s Bryan’s blood, but Hangman is doing jumping jacks! Fans are loving this as AEW goes back to picture in picture.

Hangman sits back in a corner while Bryan is dazed. The ref checks on Bryan but he’s somehow okay to continue. Bryan flounders, he looks to be bleeding on his own now, and the ref keeps Hangman back. Hangman backs away and the medic now checks on Bryan. Bryan refuses, though, he doesn’t want this to stop the match. Bryan flounders into the ring, so Hangman gets back in and stomps him! Bryan eggs Hangman on, Hangman drags Bryan up to throw hands! Hangman now smears himself with Bryan’s blood! Hangman hoists Bryan up top, CHOPS him, then throws a forearm. Hangman climbs up and throws more hands on Bryan’s forehead!

AEW returns to single picture again as Hangman throws even more haymakers! Bryan headbutts back! Hangman forearms, Bryan headbutts, Hangman headbutts, and headbutts and headbutts and headbutts! Fans are loving it, Hangman’s getting red hair from so much blood! He stands Bryan up for a SUPER FALL AWAY SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and fans are still loving this! Bryan goes to the apron, Hangman runs to triangle- NO! Bryan shoves Hangman down to the floor! Hangman gets back to his feet, Bryan goes to that apron and LEAPS, into the Alabama lift, and the DEADEYE!! Bryan is twitching as Hangman puts him in the ring!

Hangman’s wild eyes are clear through the crimson mask, and he wants Bryan to get back up! Slingshot, but Bryan just drops under the Buckshot! Hangman takes his time going to Bryan, but Bryan gets a cradle! TWO!! Bryan was playing possum, but now he gets Hangman’s arm! Omoplata, LEBELLE LOCK!! Hangman endures, Bryan pulls back as hard as he can, and the hands are on Hangman’s eyes! Hangman fights up, has the legs, and he catapults Bryan out! Bryan has the ropes, but he can’t skin the cat at this point. Hangman BOOTS Bryan down! Hangman goes out, climbs back up top, ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit!!

Hangman gets Bryan back in fast, takes aim again, and fans are electric! Slingshot, but Bryan dodges to BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?! No one can believe Hangman survives! Bryan sputters, the ref checks him but he’s okay to continue. Bryan and Hangman sit up slowly, Bryan grabbing the hair. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow. Hangman headbutts, Bryan headbutts back! Hangman headbutts, Bryan headbutts back. And again, and again. Hangman gives just as many back! Bryan rebounds to get a RUNNING HEADBUTT! Hangman rebounds to RUNNING HEADBUTT! They’re still giving headbutts!!

Bryan ROUNDHOUSES, and ROLLING ELBOWS! And then ROUND- NO! Hangman gets under, but no Alabama! Bryan Gotch lifts, for a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Minoru Suzuki wouldn’t like that! Bryan drags himself up and starts to grin! Bryan staggers back to Hangman, gets the arms, and unleashes the DANIELSON STOMPS! Bryan lets off, hobbles to a corner, and he takes aim as Hangman stands. BUSA- NO! POP-UP POWERBOMB! But Bryan gets Hangman in a TRIANGLE! Bryan rains down elbows, but Hangman deadlifts! Bryan lets go, gets the leg and has a HEEL HOOK! Hangman kicks with the free leg!

Bryan lets go, Hangman turns him over and gives clubbing crossface forearms! Hangman gets Bryan up, BIG back drop driver!! Hangman goes to the apron, throws off his armband and he takes aim again. Bryan slowly rises, Hangman slingshots, BUCKSHOT!!! Cover, Hangman wins!!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall (still AEW World Champion)

The judges weren’t needed, we have a decision! And we still have so much more still in store for tonight! What more does Hangman have in his reign as he leads the way into 2022?


The Acclaimed speak.

“Yo, listen.” Last week on Rampage, Anthony Bowens had Darby Allin beat, but just like everyone else in his generation, Sting had to get involved. “OK, boomer.” But in typical fashion, the Acclaimed still stood tall. Mwah! Three cheers for sweet revenge, and they’re not done with Darby’s “Nightmare Before Christmas lookin’ ass.” Next week, they’ll show Sting how their generation handles business. They’ll have a viral video! A brand new music video debuts next week! Will Platinum Max have a new diss track classic on deck?


MJF VS Shawn Dean!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is still undefeated even now, and he wants to finally make his way to the AEW World Championship. But will the Captain pop MJF’s bubble and let out all that hot air?

The bell rings, fans rally up, but here comes CM Punk! Punk wants after MJF, but MJF bails right out! MJF mocks Punk, “Aw, waaah~!” and even Dean wants to know what’s up. Dean eggs MJF on, Punk attacks Dean?! That’s a disqualification win for Dean!

Winner: Shawn Dean, by disqualification

And to top it off, Punk gives Dean a G T S! So MJF loses!! That makes MJF 0-1 in the New Year! Punk gets the mic to say, “This is your future. This happens every single time you step in the ring, until you step in the ring with me, you little bitch!” MJF says it’s bad enough that he is inside the cesspool that is “herpes infested” Newark, New Jersey…! Punk says MJF can’t get at them, they’re winners while MJF just lost! And it’ll be real hard to fight for a title if you keep losing. MJF says if we’re talking about being a loser, everything that comes out of Punk’s mouth is fake! It is fake and boring. Fans tell MJF to STFU but he shrugs that out.

Punk came out last week and said he was done with MJF. Punk wanted to focus on becoming champion. But look at what just happened. And why? Punk might have the fans fooled, but MJF knows the truth. The truth is that deep down, that without MJF, Punk has nothing! MJF gives Punk his edge, that chip on his shoulder, and makes him relevant. Fans call BS now, but MJF says for fans to come out and claim he’s some waste of money, when Punk is the one who sold the company nothing but a bill of goods. Punk ain’t who he used to be. He ain’t the savior the fans have been waiting for. But y’know who is? Maxwell Jacob Friedman!

And by the way, MJF finds it interesting that Punk has a problem MJF saying he’s like Roddy Piper. So MJF is just curious, “PG Punk,” who do you think you are? Because last time MJF checked, unlike Punk, Piper was actually talented enough to main event WrestleMania. MJF wants the fans to shut up, he’s talking. And if MJF isn’t starting to be shown the proper respect, maybe MJF will go main event a Mania, too. Punk laughs at that one and MJF asks him why. “All I’m trying to do is kick your ass, so how about you stop talking and get in the ring?” MJF ran away, hid behind FTR, all Punk wants is to give MJF the beating he deserves.

Oh, and if MJF thinks the grass is so much greener on the other side, go right ahead. Leave, main event “Night Four of a buy one, get one free extravaganza,” and then get released faster than you last in the sack! When MJF comes back, Punk will still be here, and that ass kicking will be waiting. MJF asks if Punk wants the match! He asks if the fans want the match! Well then, listen here you SOB! Next week, it’ll be CM Punk… VS WARDLOW! Of course MJF finds a way out of this. MJF says he doesn’t need Punk because he’s better than him. Fans still call BS.

Punk says the difference between himself, Piper and a worm like MJF, is that Punk and Piper will fight anyone, any time. MJF is going to run out of people to hide behind eventually, and Punk will put MJF to sleep. The clock is ticking! Will MJF’s muscle save him from the Best in the World? Or will Punk be unstoppable in his mission to shut MJF up?


AEW looks closer at Battle of the Belts.

Jennifer Nettles, Cody’s cohost/fellow judge on the Go Big Show, narrates. “In 2022, at the inaugural Battle of the Belts, it will all begin again. The TNT Champion, the American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, does everything big.” He won on the first AEW Dynamite, defeating Sammy Guevara. But Sammy’s story doesn’t end there, as he continue on to establish himself as a Pillar of AEW, and two years later, upset Miro and became TNT Champion. But on Christmas, Cody went big again and won the title for a third time. The big week continues with Go Big Show’s return, and then Saturday Fight Night. Will Sammy take the title back? Or will he fail to go big enough to stop Cody?


Chris Jericho is here!

Fans sing Judas for him as he heads to the ring. Jericho applauds Newark and he gets the mic. “NEW JERSEY~! What a historical night here tonight. The very first episode of AEW on TBS here tonight!” Fans chant for TBS and Jericho continues to say that’s the first time ever in wrestling history. A bit of a homecoming, too, as Jericho hasn’t been on TBS since April 7th, 1999, when Jericho was on WCW Thunder losing to Booker T. “I think he cheated.” But it is great to be back on TBS and in Newark, and most of all, great to be back anywhere after “those two jerkoff 2point0 jagoffs” hit him with a chair six weeks ago.

It took Jericho a bit to get the cobwebs out, and that is why he didn’t come out to save Eddie Kingston, but to get some revenge on the 2point0 dipsh*ts, baybay! But speaking of, here they come! Matt Lee & Jeff Parker have mics as they go to the ring, and they say, “Isn’t this nice?” “Welcome back, Chris Jericho! How ya doin’?” “Got the sing along going. How nice.” Jericho says, “Ladies and gentlemen, Terrence & Philip!” Real funny guy, Jericho. A comedian, even. Maybe he doesn’t remember last time, but they gave him a taste of a steel chair! How do ya like that? Sorry, he didn’t like the taste. And Jericho can’t help it, he is distracted by Lee’s square head.

Lee looks like a talking Post-It Note, or a waffle! Doesn’t he have a square head? Fans chant “Square Head!” but Parker tells Jericho to shut his mouth! Don’t call Lee a square head! Right, then can he call Parker a pinhead? Fans chant, “PIN~ HEAD!” Let’s hear it for Square Head & Pinhead! Lee says Parker isn’t a pinhead, and Parker says Lee isn’t a square head! Does he want another taste? No, but he’ll grab Floyd the Baseball Bat and knock both their blocks off! But then Garcia gets in the ring! Jericho hits Garcia down but then gets mugged by 2point0! But here come Santana, Ortiz and Eddie Kingston!

They run Garcia & 2point0 off and fans are fired up! This Friday, Rampage sees a No Holds Barred Six Man Tag! Will The Mad King and Proud ‘n’ Powerful get revenge on Red Death and 2point0?


Adam Cole & reDRagon speak.

That thing on, Brandon? Yeah? Good. Because last week, that was awesome. Think about it: these three whooped Orange Cassidy’s ass, then Best Friends’ ass, and “the boys” are back together. Cole knows Kyle didn’t mean to kick him in the face. That was an accident. But what wasn’t an accident was the Young Bucks coming down and making sure these three got the win. Think about this: together, all five will be unstoppable! They’re a super group! These are exciting times! And speaking of, Jake Atlas made the news by being the newest young star signed to AEW. Cole thinks on Rampage, Cole VS Atlas!

That way, Cole can remind all the new kids that Cole is STILL the guy everyone’s talking about. Cole can even buy Atlas a one-way ticket back to Orlando. This is a New Year, but the same Adam Cole Baybay. Cut, Brandon. Cut, Landon! Kyle doesn’t care to know Brandon’s name, but will Cole learn to show respect to the Muscle of El Camino?


Wardlow w/ Shawn Spears VS Antonio Zambrano!

Mr. Mayhem still has his accountabilibuddy with him, but will The Chair Man let Wardlow do things his way?

Zambrano gets out of the ring a moment before the match starts, but Spears goes right after him! C4 to the floor! Spears puts Zambrano back in, the ref rings the bell and Wardlow can’t believe Spears did that! But Wardlow decides to pick the bones anyway, POWERBOMB! Fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” and Wardlow obliges, he drags poor Zambrano back up for another POWERBOMB! And then again for a third POWERBOMB! Spears sighs but Wardlow drags Zambrano up yet again, for a fourth POWERBOMB! And then right back up to a FIFTH POWERBOMB! One foot cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

Spears still gets a CHAIR SHOT in, and he celebrates with Wardlow as they exit. Wardlow does his own dirty work, but will he be satisfied with doing MJF’s next week against CM Punk?


AEW TBS Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Ruby Soho!

The tournament is finally coming to a close, and one way or another, TBS is getting their first Women’s Champion! Will it be the undefeated and nearly unstoppable Jade Cargill? Or will the Runaway make her hard journey worth it by reaching the goal?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, history is being made in Newark!

Jade and Ruby stare down as they approach each other. Fans rally and duel, the two tie up, and Jade arm-drags Ruby to then kip up. Ruby shakes it off, she circles with Jade and they tie up again. Jade puts Ruby in the corner, she lets off with a push, but Ruby JABS and fires forearms! Ruby eggs Jade on, Jade runs in but Ruby dumps her out! Ruby runs and RAMS Jade off the apron! Ruby then goes tot he apron to PENALTY KICK! And even a missile dropkick! Fans fire up with Ruby while Jade gets back in the ring. Ruby follows after her but Jade BOOTS her down! Jade stomps Ruby, CLUBS her down, then goes up the corner.

Jade goes to the very top, Ruby stands, Jade leaps to DOUBLE AX HANDLE! Sterling fires up and wants that again! Jade goes up again, Ruby staggers up but she gets Jade first with a SUPER ARM-DRAG! Ruby flops out of the ring, though, clutching her arm. But then Mercedes Martinez shows up! Mercedes helped Jade before, is she here to do it again. But Thunder Rosa shows up and goes right after Mercedes! They brawl back up the ramp and fans are fired up! Jade gets to the apron while the ref checks on Ruby. Ruby drags herself in the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

Ruby sees Jade on the apron, but she runs into knees! Jade has Ruby on the apron now, and she chicken wings the arms! Ruby grabs the corner with her legs, fights back, and reels Jade in. Jade blocks the back suplex, throws hands, then pushes Ruby away. Jade CLUBS Ruby, wraps the bad arm around ropes, and then POSTS Ruby! Ruby clutches the shoulder but Jade just smiles as Ruby crawls away. Jade goes in after Ruby, shoves her down and stomps her, then drops a knee on the arm! Ruby writhes and flails but Jade drops another knee! Ruby crawls away to ropes, kicks back from below, but Jade KICKS her in the back!

Jade stomps Ruby, drags her up and puts her in the corner to fire forearms! Jade TOSSES Ruby across the ring, and she soaks up the heat. She even does push-ups just to show off! Jade goes back to Ruby but Ruby throws body shots. Jade CLUBS Ruby, looms over her, then CLUBS her again. Jade drags Ruby up, wraps the bad arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Jade lets off, and she bumps Ruby off buckles. Jade runs in but into a BOOT! Ruby runs, gets around Jade, bumps her off buckles and has the O’Conner Roll! TWO and Ruby is sent into buckles! AEW returns to single picture, Jade “dribbles” and runs, but she misses the slam dunk!

Ruby runs side to side to BOOT! And then the other way to BOOT! And then again for another BOOT! Fans fire up but Jade swings, only for Ruby to spin her! Ruby blocks a kick, gives a KNEE then a SUPERKICK and ENZIGURI! Jade staggers, Ruby gets her for a waistlock, but Jade blocks the suplex! Jade headlocks, Ruby powers out and sends Jade to a corner. Jade stops herself but she might’ve jammed her leg! Jade staggers into Ruby’s STO! Cover, ONE!! Jade staggers but Ruby KICKS her bad leg at the ropes! And again! And again! Ruby brings Jade around, sobats, runs, but Jade scoops and brings Ruby around for a SHOULDER BREAKER!

Ruby staggers up, Jade BOOTS her back down! Cover, TWO!! Ruby is still in this and Jade is furious! Sterling coaches Jade and she drags Ruby back up. Jade brings Ruby around to whip to ropes, pops her up, fireman’s carry for- Sunset flip from Ruby! Jade stays up, drags Ruby back up but Ruby ROCKS Jade with a forearm! Jade blocks the saido again, throws elbows over and over, but Ruby reels her back in for a SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Jade survives and Ruby grows frustrated. Sterling gets on the apron to distracts the ref, but the ref EJECTS him! Sterling throws a fit, and throws off his jacket! Ruby laughs at Sterling, but Jade gets the arms! JAD- NO! Victory roll, TWO!!

Ruby hurries to get Jade’s arm, wrench and NO FUTURE KICK! Cover, TWO?!?! Ruby can’t believe it and neither can the fans! Ruby grits her teeth and fights through the pain as fans rally up. Ruby drags Jade up, bumps Jade off buckles, runs in, but Jade boots her back! Jade gets the arms, Ruby drops to victory roll, TWO! Jade gets up in a huff, misses in the corner and Ruby fires off forearms and CHOPS! And then she just hammers away on Jade’s back! Fans fire up with Ruby and she hoists Jade up to the top. Ruby goes for the arm but Jade punches her away! Ruby staggers, fans duel, Ruby goes up and up to get the arm!

Jade blocks the super arm-drag, gets the chicken wings, SUPER JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (inaugural AEW TBS Women’s Champion)

Jade’s daughter is in the front row, and she just witnessed her mom make history! Jade is 23-0 and the first-ever TBS Champion, how much higher will she climb?


Jim Ross interviews Serena Deeb.

There are so many things to be excited about working for AEW, and one is the evolving rivalry of Serena and Shida. Serena says her intention was respect. She wanted to wrestle “civilized matches,” but she didn’t get that as Shida got fluke victories. From here on out, this is now about Serena hurting Shida, and claiming her spot at the top of the division, where she belongs. JR thinks she’s taking this rather personally, and that something is eating away at Serena about Shida. He can’t put his finger on it, would she like to elaborate? She turns it around with a question of her own: “Do you think there is any woman on this roster that’s on my level?” A tough question, but probably not.

Damn right. The reason she’s the Professor of Professional Wrestling is because she has “a PhD in this sh*t!” She’s paid her dues more than enough for every woman in the locker room. Yes, Serena takes issue with Shida. She doesn’t whine, she takes what she wants. She demanded a match with Shida next week! Serena takes 17 years of anger and frustration out on Shida to the point where Shida will not be walking out on her own! Will the Woman of 1000 Holds look to use all 1000 to torture the Full Metal Warrior?


Malakai Black VS Brian Pillman Jr. w/ Julia Hart!

The Dark Father misted Julia Hart and damaged Griff Garrison, but there’s still one Varsity Blond putting up a fight. Will Bulletproof Brian Pillman Jr. get revenge for his brother and sister in arms? Or will he simply be made to #FadeToBlack?

Surprisingly, Julia is here, but she is wearing an eyepatch in the eye Malakai hit with the mist. The bell rings, BPJ and Malakai stare down, and the two approach. They circle, tie up, and go around the ropes. They end up in a corner, scrap, keep moving, and BPJ pushes Malakai against ropes. BPJ lets off with a pat on the shoulder, but he narrowly avoids the Black Mass! BPJ rushes back in, Malakai headlocks but BPJ powers out. Malakai runs BPJ over, things keep moving and BPJ dropkicks Malakai to a corner! BPJ runs in, Malakai elbows him back then goes up to QUEBRADA! BPJ gets under, he throws Malakai out and WRECKS him with a dropkick!

BPJ fires off on Malakai as AEW goes picture in picture! He hammers away on Malakai, the ref has him let off and put Malakai back in the ring. BPJ aims from the apron, springboards in, but Malakai ROUNDHOUSES him down! BPJ staggers away, Malakai goes out and BOOTS BPJ down! Malakai drags BPJ up, wraps his arm around the post and PULLS! Then Malakai BOOTS the bad arm! BPJ staggers away, Malakai goes around the way and ROCKS him with a forearm! Malakai hammerlocks the arm again for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fans rally up as Malakai follows BPJ back into the ring. Malakai kicks BPJ around, but BPJ CHOPS back!

Malakai ROCKS BPJ with another forearm, then he wrenches an arm to another hammerlock. BPJ fights the back suplex, kicks, but Malakai blocks. BPJ kicks Malakai to a corner, then runs in, only to get POST! BPJ flops out of the ring and to the floor, but Malakai goes out after him. Malakai drags BPJ up and into the ring, drags him back up and whips him to KNEE him against ropes. Malakai snapmares, then gets the arm for a short arm scissor! BPJ endures, moves around, high stack, TWO!! BPJ kicks, reels Malakai in and suplexes, but the bad arm stops him! Malakai waistlocks, BPJ elbows out, but Malakai blocks kick to get an STO!

Malakai looms over BPJ, drags him up, but BPJ powers up to SINGLE LEG SUPLEX! Both men are down and a standing count begins. Malakai gets up, BPJ CHOPS him! Malakai throws a forearm and AEW returns to single picture. BPJ CHOPS, Malakai KCIKS! BPJ ducks another kick, rolls him up, TWO! ROUNDHOUSE! BPJ drops and Malakai lifts him up with a foot. BPJ pushes the foot away, Malakai DECKS him. Malakai lifts BPJ again, but BPJ won’t let go of the foot! BPJ spins Malakai to ROCK him with a right! BPJ whips, Malakai swings but BPJ dodges to CLOBBER Malakai! BPJ starts to rally and fires up!

BPJ runs but into a BOOT! He still CHOPS back! BPJ reels Malakai in, suplex, JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO!! BPJ goes to the corner, fans fire up and BPJ springboards, but he trips up on the ropes! BLACK MASS!! Kneeling cover, Malakai wins!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall

Julia goes into the ring to check on BPJ, but Malakai turns his attention to her. She’s already lost one eye, but here come the Lucha Brothers! They’re here for revenge on Pac’s behalf, but then the lights turn off! When the lights turn back on, Malakai has switched places with them! The Lucha Brothers still want him to fight them, but he takes his leave. Will Penta & Fenix be able to switch focus back to their tag title defense?


Backstage interview with Ruby Soho.

Schiavone says that was a great match, Ruby fought from first round to the last, but then Britt Baker and friends walk in. What does she want?! Britt says this is the second time Ruby couldn’t get the job done. Big talk coming from someone who can’t even win without her broads. Come to think of it, Britt hasn’t beaten her coming opponent, Riho, at all, with or without help. So maybe Britt should prepare for Saturday and just leave Ruby alone. Britt DECKS Ruby and then fires off on her! Jamie Hayter gets her shots in, but RIHO rushes in! The refs and security hurry to stop this before it gets any worse! Will Britt put up or shut up when Battle of the Belts comes ’round?


The Factory speaks.

Everyone’s talking about Hook, but they’re not mentioning how he learned everything from QT Marshall at his school. “That little delinquent used to do nothing but show up late, leave early, eat chips and stretch people.” QT can’t understand where that behavior came from when Hook’s dad is such a great guy. But one guy Hook didn’t stretch is Aaron Solo. Solo tells Hook, “Stretch me if you can, survive if I let you.” Solo mocks Taz’s famous catchphrase, but will Solo find that it’s going to be the other way around?


This just in!

After that scrap we just saw, Rampage adds one more match! Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter VS Ruby Soho & Riho! Will The Dentist be feeling so confident if she loses to Riho just 24 hours before the title match?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Jurassic Express w/ Christian Cage!

Tension has been rising between these two teams the closer and closer Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus got to being #1 contenders. Now things have come to a head, and we’ll see if Fenix & Penta can continue to reign in the New Year, or if it is finally time for Tarzan Life to take over!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we revisit that instant classic from the summer Rampage!

JB starts against Fenix and fans rally up. “CERO MIEDO!” “JUNGLE BOY!” The two feel out the grapple and knuckle lock. They go around, Fenix flips JB over but JB cranks the knuckle locks. Fenix turns things around and wraps JB up, to then ripcord, only for JB to dodge and knuckle lock again. JB NORTHERNLIGHTS, bridging covers, TWO! Fenix monkey flips, both men are down for a double cover, TWO as Fenix rolls back. Cover, TWO as JB gets an arm up. Fenix pushes it down, TWO, JB bridges! JB jumps up to RANA, cover, TWO! Fenix sunset flips, TWO! Fenix sobats but JB blocks so Fenix CHOPS! Fenix whips and DROPKICKS JB right down!

Fenix stares Luchasaurus down, then drags JB over to tag in Penta. They double back suplex but JB lands on his feet! Luchasaurus tags in and fans fire up! The four men stare down, Penta SUPERKICKS JB and Luchasaurus BOOTS Fenix! Luchasaurus and Penta stare down, but Penta takes his time to take off the glove. Penta tosses it to Alex and the catch is good! “Listen! CERO! MIEDO!” Luchasaurus swings, Penta dodges and CHPOS, but Luchasaurus doesn’t flinch! Penta CHOPS again, and again, and now Luchasaurus feels it. But then he spins Penta to CHOP Penta down! Fenix gets in to SUPERKICK Luchasaurus, but JB SUPERKICKS Penta!

Fenix sobats JB and knuckle locks to then run, but JB stops him to CHOP him. JB runs, but Penta is there. JB knuckle locks them both, kicks and kicks, but the Lucha Brothers keep him from jumping up. Fenix and Penta CHOP JB, then Fenix CHOPS Luchasaurus. Fenix knuckle locks Luchasaurus, JB kicks Penta while Fenix kicks Luchasaurus. JB and Fenix stare at each other, they both go up and rebound to ARM-DRAG the others! Fans fire up as JB and Fenix kip up! But then Penta SUPERKICKS JB down! Luchasaurus DOUBLE LARIATS the brothers! Fans fire up while Luchasaurus glares at Penta.

Luchasaurus brings Penta up, puts him in a corner and fires off heavy hands. Then a GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Luchasaurus drags Penta back up, fireman’s carries, but Penta slips off and shoves him to the corner. BLINDSIDE SUPERKICK! Fenix adds a GAMANGIRI, Penta swings but Luchasaurus swats him! JB tags in, but so does Fenix. The Lucha Brothers intercept JB with double wrench and whip to the corner. Fenix runs in but JB puts him on the apron. JB slips out to evade Penta, slides under, but Fenix springboards in! JB slides out to avoid stomps, then shoulders into Fenix.

JB GAMANGIRIS Penta, then slingshots over Fenix, to run and HEADSCISSOR ARM-DRAG COMBO! The brothers bail out, JB builds speed and slides, but Penta ducks! Penta pops JB up, Fenix tightrope walks and KICKS JB down! Fans fire up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Penta drags JB up, stands him against the apron and CHOPS him! JB flops down, Penta drags him up and puts him back in. Fenix drags JB up to fireman’s carry and DEATH VALLEY BOMB! Fenix then rebounds off ropes to SPLASH! Fenix drags JB around, wraps on a chinlock and grinds JB down. JB endures, even as Fenix throws elbows. Fenix has a standing cradle cover, TWO! Fenix stomps JB more, then holds him open for Penta’s QUE PASO! Double stomps to the banana bunch while Fenix SUPERKICKS Luchasaurus down! Fenix tags Penta in, they drag JB up to CLUB him down, then Penta has JB against ropes. Penta puts a leg on the rope to run and KICK it!

JB writhes, clutches his leg, but Penta keeps him away from Luchasaurus. JB hits Penta but Penta CLUBS JB down. Penta hears the fans chanting for him, and he drags JB up to whip to ropes, to then SUPERKICK! JB flops down, Penta talks trash to Luchasaurus, then he covers. TWO, but Penta drags JB up and tags in Fenix. They have JB in the corner, Fenix CHOPS JB down! Fenix drags JB up, reels him in and suplexes, but JB blocks! JB throws body shots, AEW returns to single picture, but Fenix shoves him to the corner. Fenix runs in but JB ducks the sobat! Fenix hurries to keep JB away from Luchasaurus, shoves him to ropes, COMEBACKER!

Fenix hurries to tag in Penta, and Penta reels JB in. Back suplex, but JB lands on his feet! JB dodges and hot tags Luchasaurus! The wrestling dinosaur rallies on the brothers! He puts Penta in one corner, Fenix in the other, Luchasaurus runs to back elbow Penta, then back elbow Fenix, and repeat! Fenix dodges, but Luchasaurus DOUBLE LARIATS the Lucha Brothers! Fans fire up, Luchasaurus gets Fenix with a choke grip, then he gets Penta with the inverted grip. Penta slips out to KICK, Fenix SUPERKICKS! Luchasaurus swings but into double mule kicks! Uno, dos, tres! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Then wheelbarrow victory roll SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

The ref wants the Lucha Brothers to be one at a time, so Fenix gets out. Penta stomps Luchasaurus, he tags Fenix in, and then Penta climbs. Fenix wants to set Luchasaurus up, but JB anchors Penta! Luchasaurus rolls back to SPIKE headscissor Fenix into the mat! Then Luchasaurus BOOTS Penta! Luchasaurus fireman’s carries Penta. JB LEAPS over to hit a DESTROYER on Fenix! POWERSLAM on Penta! Cover, TWO!! Penta survives and fans lose their minds Luchasaurus drags Penta up, he tags in JB, and Luchasaurus scoops Penta. Penta slips out to SUPERKICK Luchasaurus, and SUPERKICK JB!

Luchasaurus sees Fenix on the apron and grabs him with both hands! He yanks Fenix right up, but Fenix hits a DESTROYER of his own!! Penta gets JB in the half nelson, pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! JB survives now and fans are thunderous! The Lucha Brothers get JB up, “CERO! MIEDO!” They have JB set up, but then the lights turn off again! It can’t be! The lights turn back on, Malakai is nowhere to be seen. Was he just playing mind games? The Lucha Bros bring this to the apron, but Luchasaurus gets up to save JB! He shoves Penta, dodges Fenix, but Penta ENZIGURIS! Fenix steps up to SOBAT!

Penta gets JB set up again but Luchasaurus is there. Penta puts JB’s legs on the corner, Fenix runs and TORNILLOS! Down goes Luchasaurus! Penta hits a DRAPING FEAR FACTOR!! “This is Awesome!” and Fenix tags in as he goes up! DOUBLE STOMP FEAR FACTOR!! Cover, TWO!?!? No one can believe JB survives, but he did! Wait, Alex is getting the timekeeper’s table?! He sets it up at ringside, he wants them to finish this off! But Christian chases Alex off! Fenix and Penta coordinate, but Luchasaurus gets back up. Fenix CHOPS away on him, but Luchasaurus BOOTS Fenix! Penta SUPERKICKS Luchasaurus but he holds on! Another SUPERKICK but he’s still holding on!

Penta tries again but Luchasaurus blocks and then HEADBUTTS Penta back! Fenix runs in, goes up, but Luchasaurus catches him! CHOKE SLAM through the table!!! Fans lose their minds, but Fenix’s arm is broken!! The replay confirms, that elbow shouldn’t bend that way!! Penta hurries to finish this off in the meantime, and he gets JB up! JB slips out, chicken wings, and he shouts out Captain Charisma! No, no Killswitch! Penta shoves, avoids the Comebacker, and he tucks JB in, but JB victory rolls it! JURASSIC EXPRESS WINS!!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall (NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Penta can’t believe he got caught, but he did! Jungle Boy’s mom and sister are ringside, they’re crying tears of joy as he and Luchasaurus win the gold! Christian raises their arms in victory, he is so proud of his guys! But the rest of the AEW Tag Division walks out on stage, and we also see Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz, and even Malakai Black watching from up high. Who will be coming to challenge the new champions first in the New Year?

My Thoughts:

Another great AEW Dynamite, but especially for opening the year and the TBS era. Opening with the AEW World Championship was a great move, because it again gives the match time to breathe, and does make you wonder if they’ll go to the hour limit again. It didn’t quite go that long, but that was also very fitting. All that blood was concerning, especially as Bryan looked pretty bloody pretty quickly. But in the end, Hangman retains and there’s a lot of match-ups they can go with from here. Maybe Miro shows up, maybe they go with who is actually ranked next, maybe Hangman calls out someone he’s been wanting to face.

The Acclaimed calling out Darby & Sting was logical, and I’m definitely looking forward to their newest diss music video. Then I found it a little disappointing but still pretty creative that Punk cost MJF his match by attacking Dean. The promos were good, but we should’ve figured Wardlow would be set up against Punk. Wardlow of course decimates his opponent, even with Spears getting his shot in first. Wardlow VS Punk could turn into a mess if Spears and/or MJF are ringside. And of course another of the Go Big Show celebrity judges puts Cody over. The vignette was good stuff, and while I’m sure it’ll be a great match, I feel like Cody retains to keep the TNT title part of his story.

Jericho had a decent promo segment with 2point0, and of course he brought up “square head” again. But clearly things aren’t settled with Kingston, Santana & Ortiz, and their No Holds Barred Six Man is going to be great stuff. I feel like the only way this ends is with Jericho and Kingston having a match together against 2point0. We also got a good promo from No Longer Undisputed Era plugging Jake Atlas being signed but also their own story with the Young Bucks. Cole VS Atlas is going to be very good, and I wonder if reDRagon and the Bucks will get in each other’s way trying to help Cole, furthering the tension between them.

Serena Deeb had a very good interview promo segment with JR, and she is going to have one hell of a match with Shida. The TBS Championship match was also great, the story of Ruby’s arm and Jade’s leg was well done, but it was pretty clear Jade was going to win. She easily came up with the great catchphrase #ThatBitchShow, the Heel as the champion is a great standard for Faces to chase her, and it’ll be even bigger when someone finally beats Jade because then Jade’s first loss will also lose the title. Britt and Ruby had a good segment backstage, including the brawl with Hayter and Riho jumping in. Their tag match is going to be good, could be very telling about the math, but I sense then that Britt loses the tag match so that she finally beats Riho 1v1.

Malakai VS BPJ was really good, but naturally Malakai wins. He’s building up while his faction is forming in the shadows, and I can’t wait for the moment The House of Black is fully realized. I also like the segments being arranged so that they can use connected stories, aka the Lucha Brothers wanting to avenge Pac. Again, another moment where Malakai is waiting for his faction to form, and then he’ll take on… Well, it’ll just have to be Penta for Death Triangle, because Fenix legit broke/dislocated his elbow in tonight’s main event. Aside from that, this was an awesome main event, and I was surprised Jurassic Express won.

At the same time, knowing Fenix was legit injured, they could’ve called an audible. The Lucha Bros would probably have had to vacate the titles at this point, so putting it on Jurassic Express instead keeps things moving smoothly. No need for a vacant title tournament situation, just send the next team(s) up. Jurassic Express against any one of those teams that stood on stage makes for great stuff, and maybe this helps get teams like Private Party or Proud ‘n’ Powerful back in the mix after being cooled off by faction based story detours.

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (2/16/24)

Sammy Guevara’s on a Rampage!



The Spanish God looks to go muy loco with Brother Nero!

As Sammy Guevara looks to get back in an AEW title hunt, he takes on an equally determined Jeff Hardy in a No Disqualifications match!


  • No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy; Sammy wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Dustin Rhodes & The Von Erichs VS Romero Crews, Shimbashi & Hitt; Dustin & The Von Erichs win.
  • Queen Aminata VS Anna Jay; Aminata wins.
  • 12 Man Tag: Bang Bang Scissor Gang VS The Dark Order & Team Triple J; BBSG wins.


No Disqualifications: Sammy Guevara VS Jeff Hardy w/ Matt Hardy!

The Spanish God and the Uncontrollable Charisma are known for getting wild, so AEW decided to throw out the restrictions! Who’s star tonight shines big and bright, here in the heart of Texas?

The bell rings and the fans fire up as Jeff swings his rally towel. Sammy smiles as he gets his dream match, and Jeff sends the towel flying! Free souvenir and the fans fire up! Sammy and Jeff circle, then Jeff offers a fist bump. Sammy goes to take it, but Jeff SLAPS him! Sammy SLAPS back! They fire off fast hands and the fans fire up even more! Jeff puts Sammy in a corner, RAMS into him again and again, then brings Sammy out. Jeff scoop SLAMS Sammy, then goes out to look under the ring. Jeff goes around to another side, and with Matt’s help, he brings out a ladder! The fans fire up as Jeff picks that ladder up, puts it on the apron, but Sammy DROPKICKS it into him!

Sammy takes ownership of the ladder, sets it up, and then goes out after Jeff. The fans fire up as Sammy CLUBS Jeff. Sammy CHOPS Jeff against the apron, then whips, but Jeff reverses to send Sammy into railing! Jeff whips Sammy into more railing, then goes up the apron. Jeff does his dance, the fans fire up and Jeff FLYING LARIATS! Down goes Sammy and the fans fire up for “HARDY! HARDY!” Jeff shouts, “We are legends!” then he SMACKS Sammy off the desk! Jeff pushes Sammy into the ring, then stomps away on the apron. Jeff stands on Sammy’s neck, Sammy can only endure while the fans boo.

Jeff lets off to haul Sammy up, but Sammy resists the lift! JUMP KNEE! Sammy reels Jeff in now, lifts, but Jeff fights free! Jeff shoves Sammy back but Sammy SUPERKICKS! Jeff wobbles, Sammy goes up a corner, and Sammy leaps, APRON DOUBLE STOMPS!! Fans lose their minds while Sammy drags Jeff into the ring. Cover, TWO! Sammy grows frustrated but the fans rally up. Sammy drags Jeff around, but Jeff gets out of the ring. Sammy pursues, and he borrows a fan’s neck brace to CHOKE Jeff! Sammy CHOPS Jeff, whips him, but Jeff reverses! Sammy hits chairs that were up against the railing!

Jeff SHOTGUNS Sammy back down, then clears some space so he can bring the steel steps over! The fans fire up, Jeff runs and uses the steps for POETRY IN MOTION against the railing! The fans fire up again while both men are down! Sammy crawls, Jeff stalks him, and Jeff puts Sammy in the ring. Jeff brings a chair along, storms up and CHUCKS the chair into Sammy’s face! Jeff then brings the ladder to center, climbs it, but Sammy hurries up after him! They brawl at the very top and fans duel! The haymakers keep going, Jeff HEADBUTTS and he brings Sammy up! SUPER TWIST OF FATE!! The fans go nuts while Jeff covers, TWO!!

Sammy survives and Jeff is shocked while Rampage goes picture in picture!

Sammy crawls to the apron but Jeff pursues. Jeff drags Sammy back, folds the ladder up, and drops it on Sammy’s back! Sammy writhes, Jeff bails out and goes looking for more plunder. Matt helps him bring out a second ladder! AND a table! This has unofficially become a TLC match as Matt helps set the ladder and table up by the ramp. Sammy crawls, Rampage returns to single picture, and Jeff SHOTGUNS Sammy down! Sammy drags himself up with railing and help from fans, but Jeff CLUBS Sammy back down! Jeff SMACKS Sammy off the apron, then puts him on the table! Jeff rains down fists and a HEADBUTT to keep him there!

Jeff unzips the shirt, throws that down and goes up the ladder! The fans fire up as Jeff climbs, but then Sammy CLUBS Jeff! Sammy drags Jeff back down, puts him back in the ring, and Sammy puts Jeff in a corner. Jeff elbows in return, climbs the corner, but Sammy CLUBs him again. Jeff fights with elbows but Sammy YANKS Jeff down! Jeff hits the buckles, and then Sammy puts the chair around Jeff’s head! Sammy goes up and up and FULL METAL FLYING CUTTER!!! Fans lose their minds while Sammy slashes his throat! Sammy drags Jeff from ring to table! Fans go nuts again as Sammy rains down fists!

Sammy walks under the ladder, playing with superstition, then climbs up! Fans are torn as Sammy goes all the way to the top, a la Jeff Hardy! MUY LOCO SWANTON BOMB through the table!!! The fans lose their minds all over again, and “This is Awesome!” as both men stir in the wreckage! Sammy drags Jeff up, puts him in the ring, then goes up the corner. Sammy aims again, SHOOTING STAR onto knees!! A double-edged save, as Sammy’s own knees hit Jeff in return! Both men rise up, Jeff kicks and TWIST- NO, Sammy slips free to torture rack, GO TO HOSPITAL! Cover, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

Jeff’s nose was already busted by the Shooting Star Press, that GTH definitely made it worse! Jeff’s losing streak continues, but WILL HOBBS is here to get Sammy!! SPINEBUSTER!! And then the spineless Don Callis saunters out here to applaud this. Hobbs says he told Sammy he’d get him, and now, WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! The fans boo but the Powerhouse stands over Sammy. Will the Don Callis Family look to end Sammy’s career once and for all?


Backstage interview with Brian Cage & Prince Nana.

Renee Paquette is with The Machine ahead of the huge match announced for next Wednesday Night Dynamite. Cage, Swerve & Samoa Joe VS Hangman, Hook & RVD. Is Cage going to keep his sights firmly on Hook in this match? Nana says there Renee goes, all these questions. She’s moving real spicy. But Cage says he’s got something to say! It doesn’t matter who he teams with, it doesn’t matter who Hook teams with, all that matters is he gets Hook. Cage says he’ll be real with Hook. Hook doesn’t belong here. “I think deep down, you don’t even wanna be here. You come in here as some fab flavor of the month.

“And the fact that I go out there and they cheer your name, people want to see you, people wanna see you perform, they buy your merchandise and not Brian Cage’s, yeah, it pisses me off. This is what I love. This is what I wanna do. And everybody cheering for you, when they should be cheering for me… I’m what a wrestler should look like! I’m what a wrestler is! And the fact that I take a back seat to you, week after week, I’m sick of it! And next Wednesday, as I said, it doesn’t matter who your partners are, you’re getting your ass beat.” The Machine has issued an ultimatum, will he, The Realest and THE AEW World Champion crush the Cowboy, the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil and the One of a Kind?


Private Party speaks.

Isiah Kassidy says, “Allow us to reintroduce ourselves in case you don’t know, but you probably should know, but it’s all good. It’s all good.” Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, and their personal AEW security, “Cheesecake.” They are Private Party, AKA the future AEW Tag Team Champions. And since 2024 started, they said they were gonna put all teams on notice. And guess what they’ve been doing? Shooting straight to the top! They are in the power rankings! Top five, top five, no one better alive. When it comes to Private Party, they talk the talk, walk the walk, and wherever they go, it is litty litty in the city. Wait, what?

Zay makes it a song and Quen joins in. Litty, litty, litty in the city! Well, we’ll work on that, Cheesecake. For now, they’re heading out to have some fun. Will Quen & Kassidy be waiting on the other side of Revolution to challenge whoever holds the gold?


Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Jon Moxley says, “Well I am in a pissy mood now. We’re gonna ruin our reputations as gentlemen, as ambassadors for this great sport, spending extra time after a match teaching a lesson to this FTR, a lesson they should already know. Cuz never in the history of time has it ever been a good idea to provoke the Blackpool Combat Club. But you know what they say: You can’t fix stupid. But you can choke it. FTR, they are the standard bearer, they are the benchmark of great tag team wrestling week in and week out, on a nightly basis. A team all these young teams look up to and aspire to be.

“You don’t think we know tag team wrestling? You don’t think we know tag team wrestling in and out? You don’t think we are every bit the artists when it comes to tag team wrestling that you are?” Moxley and Claudio can read each other’s minds? What is Moxley thinking right now? Claudio says it’s Renee’s glutes. And? And how when you’re good, you tell everybody. But if you’re great, people tell you. BCC don’t talk about being #TopGuys, wearing stars on their gear, telling everyone how good their matches are. BCC don’t care. They don’t have to. They get results! They take pride in what they do. They don’t play this, they are this.

Moxley says that is exactly what he was thinking. See you Wednesday, FTR. Will Moxley & Claudio prove who the real top guys are around here?


Backstage interview with Ruby Soho.

Renee is with the Runaway, and she notes the “moving parts” in her life right now. Last week, Ruby ditched Saraya, and now Angelo Parker has, uh, requested time alone with her. What’s she gonna do? Before Ruby can answer, in step Saraya & Harley. Saraya forgives Ruby. And Harley forgives Ruby, too. Oh, they forgive her? The thing is, Saraya, Ruby ain’t sorry. Oh so it WAS Parker who- Ruby says before Saraya starts, she needs to say this. Ruby knew. She knew the whole time that this thing that happened to her, Saraya was behind it. Ruby is hoping that maybe it was because Saraya was doing what she thought was best for Ruby.

But Ruby’s a grown-ass woman! She knows what is best for her, and right now, that’s space. Especially from Saraya. Ruby heads out, Saraya tells Harley it’s time to end this. Harley knows what to do. She brings out her “knife.” That’s a soup spoon. Oh, she’s played knife-spoon before! Okay, time to go. Saraya leads Harley away, just what is going to happen between the Outcasts next?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Rampage!

Back at its regular time of 10 PM Eastern, we will see Anna Jay VS Mariah May! Will The Queenslayer still be the Star of the Show? Or will Toni Storm’s biggest fan continue her win streak?


Six Man Tag: Dustin Rhodes & The Von Erichs VS Romero Crews, Shimbashi & Hitt!

When AEW is in Texas, it’s only natural that we’d see this trio combination happen! Will the legacy of the Rhodes & Von Erichs be unstoppable? Or will there be a Texas sized upset here tonight?

The trios sort out and Dustin starts against Hitt. Hitt’s a big man, and as he and Dustin tie up, Hitt puts Dustin on the ropes. Hitt throws body shots, whips, but Dustin stops and UPPERCUTS! Dustin bumps Hitt off buckles, tags Ross, and they whip Hitt to drop and DROPKICK! The fans fire up with Ross, Shimbashi tags in but Ross arm-drags him down! Ross grinds the arm, tags Marshall, and the brothers double whip. They DOUBLE ELBOW Shimbashi down, Marshall clamps on a headlock, then Dustin tags in. Marshall hands off Shimbashi but Shimbashi ROCKS Dustin! Shimbashi mocks the Von Erich claw, then tags in Crews.

Shimbashi, Hitt & Crews mug Dustin, then Crews taunts the Von Erichs. Crews whips, Dustin turns things around to a dragon sleeper! CROSS RHODES! Cover, but Hitt & Shimbashi attack! The Von Erichs get in, and they clamp on IRON CLAWS! Dustin gets Crews up, and we get FINAL RECKONING and DOUBLE CLAW SLAMS! Cover, Dustin’s team wins!

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & The Von Erichs, by pinfall

And it was only natural that the Texans would win here! Will these three stick together to go after some trios titles?


Backstage interview with “Timeless” Toni Storm.

Renee is with the AEW Women’s World Champion, as well as Luther and Mariah May. Renee brings up Deonna Purrazzo’s reaction to Wet Ink, and while it was very emotional, she didn’t mince words. What is Storm’s reaction back? Storm laughs it off, and Mariah joins in. Then Storm drags Mariah down and has the arm! “Is this what you want? Is this the move you wanted?! Huh?! This one?! Really?” Storm says no, she’ll give Deonna some of this! ANKLE LOCK! Mariah taps out and Storm says this is what you’ll be seeing! Storm tells Mariah good job. Mariah smiles, and Storm tells Deonna, “No one likes a drama queen, so piss off!”

Storm storms off, Luther nods and laughs, and Mariah follows after. Is Storm going to lose her mind before losing her title? Or will it be that much more of a tragic end to Storm’s Hollywood story at Revolution?


Darby Allin speaks.

“Sting coming back to wrestling, going undefeated as a team for years, and finally winning the AEW Tag Team Championships. It should’ve been a beautiful moment for Sting and his family, but you stole it. You disrespected Sting, you beat us down, you beat his sons down! I really don’t think you guys understand what you got yourselves into. But that’s our bloodstains on your white suits. And March 3rd, we’re coming for your blood. Sting’s last match, at Revolution.” The stakes have been raised again, because now the title match is a TORNADO TAG! Will either side survive when nothing can stop them?


Queen Aminata VS Anna Jay!

While she is one step closer to the ROH Women’s World Television Championship, the Queen of Guinea is still looking for that breakout win here in AEW. Will Aminata go on a Rampage and finally have it all? Or will the Queenslayer live up to the nickname?

The bell rings, the ladies shake hands to show sportsmanship, and the two circle. They tie up, Aminata waistlocks but Anna wrenches. Anna wristlocks, but Aminata spins through and wrenches around to wristlock back. Anna wrenches through to wristlock, waistlock, but Aminata pries the hold open, Aminata wrenches, steps over, gives that twerk attack, and then wristlocks again. Anna wrenches, steps over, and she gives the twerk back! The fans fire up and Aminata runs in. Aminata waistlocks, Anna wrenches but the hook kick is blocked! Aminata hits a hard takeover and fans fire up again!

Anna tries to headscissor but Aminata fights that off. Anna fights up to her feet, powers up but can’t power out as Aminata holds on tight. Anna RAMS Aminata into a corner, then ROCKS her! Anna runs in to LEG LARIAT! Anna then reels Aminata in, puts her in the ropes, and hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Aminata stays in this but Anna stays on her in a corner. Anna ROCKS Aminata, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Anna digs her boot in, the ref counts, and Anna lets off at 4. Anna bumps Aminata off buckles, stands over her, then puts her on ropes to CHOKE! Aminata endures, the ref counts, and Anna lets off. Anna storms up but Aminata hits low. Anna ROCKS Aminata, reels her in, and snap suplexes! Cover, ONE!! Aminata shows her toughness, but Anna SMACKS her off the mat. Anna talks some trash to the fans, then SMACKS Aminata off the mat again. Anna storms after Aminata in a corner, and ROCKS her again. Aminata turns things around to ROCK Anna! Anna dodges to ROCK Aminata again!

Anna stands Aminata up, runs her corner to corner and bumps her off buckles! Anna then goes to another corner for another buckle bump! Anna ROCKS Aminata, then bumps her off more buckles! The ref checks on Aminata but she shoves Anna away. Anna comes back to ROCK Aminata, then throws body shots. Anna runs Aminata into the corner and bumps her off buckles again! Anna CHOPS Aminata, snapmares her, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as Aminata fights up out of a chinlock. The fans rally, but Anna CHOPS! Aminata CHOPS back! Anna CHOPS again, so Aminata DOUBLE CHOPS! Anna falls, staggers up, and Aminata wrenches to reel her in! Snap suplex! Anna staggers, into a LARIAT! Aminata gets Anna up, spins her, snapmare and PENALTY KICK! The fans fire up with Aminata and she pounds the mat. Anna goes to a corner, Aminata runs in, HIP- NO, Anna dodges! Anna runs up but Aminata dodges! Aminata ROCKS Anna, sits her down, and goes side to side to BOOT WASH! Aminata drags Anna to a cover, TWO!!

Anna survives and the fans fire up again! Aminata drags Anna up and Alabama Lifts, but Anna fights! Anna wrenches to HOOK KICK! Then she clinches, FLATLINER! Cover, TWO!! Aminata survives and Anna is beside herself! Anna drags Aminata up, and QUEEN- JAWBREAKER! Aminata runs, but Anna gets around, QUEENSLAYER!! Aminata is in the body scissors, but she pushes back to a cover!! TWO!!! Anna lets go in time, but Aminata HEADBUTTS her down!! Cover, AMINATA WINS!!

Winner: Queen Aminata, by pinfall

And there it is! From her tournament win last night on ROH to a huge win here on Rampage, the Queen of Guinea is ready to reign! Anna shows respect with a handshake, will Anna find her own way back up the ranks?


Backstage interview with Willow Nightingale, Kris Statlander & Stokely Hathaway.

Renee congratulates Willow on her big win over Skye Blue from Dynamite. She has to ask, though, is Willow happy with the win? Honestly… What the freakin’ hecc, Stoke?! Willow feels that was not what they talked about! There was no trust in her, no ethical/moral high ground! Kris cools things off. This was probably her fault, there should’ve been a team meeting. They didn’t talk about “being nice,” and Stokely’s probably never cheated on a match before. Stokely parrots all of this and Kris has him stop. For now, Kris will make sure this doesn’t happen again. Willow’s fine with that. No cheating. Shake on it? Kris literally shakes Stokely.

Willow says no, a handshake. Stokely shakes Willow’s hand, and finds she’s strong. Don’t forget it. The trio is good, for now. Will #BigStoke remember he is a manager, not the insurance policy?


Backstage interview with Ruby Soho & Angelo Parker.

Renee is once again with the Runaway, now joined by Cool Hand Ange. Ruby has been through a lot tonight already, but Parker did ask for this time. Renee will leave it to the two of them. Parker thanks her as she steps aside. Parker knows this is a weird place to be doing this, but this seems to be the only time they’re ever alone, so he’ll get right to it. Happy Valentine’s Day! He gives her a white rose, and says she has him feeling things he doesn’t know how to wrap his head around. There was that whole thing a few weeks ago with Harley and getting cake thrown in his face. He thought he lost her.

That’s why he slipped her the note. He thought it was the only way to reach her. And then he saw what Ruby did in the match that night, and Parker realized Ruby must feel the same. So he’ll go for broke and just- Ruby asks first if he wants to get a drink with her. Can’t tonight because of her redeye flight, but what about next week? Yeah, that works for him. Then pick her up on Wednesday, “Cool Hand.” Ruby leaves him with the flower but keeps the candy, and Parker smiles. The romance is still alive, but will Saraya & Harley try to kill it?


12 Man Tag: Bang Bang Scissor Gang VS The Dark Order & Team Triple J!

That’s right, Rampage is ending with a HUGE tag match! The AEW World Trios & ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions are united, but will they truly mesh in the ring? Or will Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, John Silver, Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh & Jeff Jarrett be grabbing up a lot of golden tickets tonight?

The teams sort out and we get Jay VS Jay as Switchblade starts against Black Machismo. They circle, tie up, and go around. The fans rally as the Jays end up in a corner. White has Lethal but Lethal turns that around, only for White to turn that back around. The ref counts, White lets off, but Lethal headlocks! White slips out to headlock, Lethal wrenches and headlocks to hit the takeover. White headscissors, Lethal kips free, and rolls reverse while fans chant “Let’s Go, Jay!” White kips free but Lethal headlocks again. White powers out to headlock, then facelock, then headlock again. Lethal powers out and Jarrett gets a cheap shot in!

White swipes at Double J but he gets away, and Lethal CLOBBERS White! Lethal stomps White, Sonjay talks trash, and Uno tags in. Uno & Lethal mug White, but white CHOPS Uno! White CHOPS Uno again, then storms up to put Uno in a corner. White CHOPS and fans fire up! Uno flounders, White tags Colten Gunn. Colten wrenches, whips, then says Guns Up! Colten hits a SPLASH! Then he runs up again to DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Colt and he drags Uno over. Tag to Max Caster, he brings Uno up and around to scoop SLAM! The fans fire up as Caster tags Bowens and sets Uno up for SCISSOR ME TIMBERS!

Bowens says “EVERYONE Loves the Acclaimed!” The rest of the gang BLASTS Triple J & Dark Order, and then Rampage goes picture in picture.

BBSG set up all around the ring, but they get dragged right out! The brawl is chaotic all around ringside! White SMACKS Lethal off the desk, Caster ROCKS Jarrett, Silver is after Bowens, Billy helps out there, and then BBSG regroup. The sassy six throw ’em up, for the GROUP GUN SCISSOR~! Things cool down and Bowens fires off on Uno. Bowens CLUBS Uno down, hears the fans rallying, and he brings Uno over to tag in Austin. White gets the fans singing “Oh~ Scissor Me Daddy~!” Austin JABS, JABS and then does his two step for the HAYMAKER! Uno flounders, Jarrett protests, but the ref reprimands.

Austin stands Uno up in a corner, whips him corner to corner, only to send him right back to where he started! Austin high-fives his dad, then runs up, but misses the splash! Uno hurries to the corner, Jarrett CLOBBERS Austin! Reynolds tags in, he stomps away on Austin, and then bumps him off buckles! Tag to Silver, and they double whip Austin for the double drop toehold! Then they double basement dropkick! Cover, ONE!! Silver stays between Austin and the BBSG, then hauls Austin up. Austin throws counter punches, but Silver ROCKS him! Silver RAMS Austin into the corner, tags Lethal, and they mug Austin.

Lethal stomps a mudhole in, Sonjay talks trash, and Bowens gets mad. The ref keeps Bowens back but that lets Uno CHOKE Austin! Lethal brings Austin up as Rampage returns to single picture. Lethal puts Austin in the corner, CHOPS him, then brings him over. Tag to Jarrett, they double whip but Austin reverses! Jarrett still gets a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Jarrett puts Austin on ropes, to STRADDLE ATTACK! Fans boo as Jarrett struts! Jarrett then tags in big Satnam so he can CLUB Austin down! Satnam HEADBUTTS Austin to a corner, then stands him up. Satnam TOSSES Austin halfway across the ring!

Jarrett kicks Austin from the ropes to keep him in the ring, and Satnam stands Austin up. Another TOSS!! Satnam then BLASTS the BBSG! Billy stays up, he shoves Satnam but the ref has to back him down. Satnam hauls Austin up, taunts Daddy Ass, then brings Austin over. Tag to Reynolds, and Reynolds dares Austin to crawl to daddy. Reynolds whips Austin but Austin BLASTS Lethal and Uno! Austin goes up and over, hot tag to Billy! Billy rallies on the Dark Order with haymaker after haymaker! Kick to Reynolds, “SUCK IT!” FAMOUSER!! Uno runs up, blocks a kick, hand that to the ref and hits a NECKBREAKER!

Bowens is in to fire off Rock Paper SUPERKICK on Uno! But Silver BOOTS Bowens! And KNEES him at the ropes, to then GERMAN SUPLEX! But Caster BACKHANDS the Meat Man! But Satnam storms up after The Acclaimed! He gets each on by the neck, but Austin & Colten set up, FLYING HAYMAKER! The fans fire up but Lethal returns to handspring and LETHAL INJECTION!! Colten is in, he gets Lethal with COLT 45! But Jarrett wrenches into THE STROKE!! But White has Jarrett, BLADERUNNER!! White says SUCK IT, but Reynolds grabs White! Billy grabs Reynolds but Reynolds sends Billy into White!

White falls, Reynolds rolls Billy up, TWO!! Billy kicks low, runs and another FAM- NO, Reynolds dodges! But then Billy dodges Reynolds, Austin gets in, 3:10 TO YUMA!!! Cover, BBSG wins!!

Winners: Bang Bang Scissor Gang, by pinfall

That was fast and furious, and even with one miscommunication, the Acclaimed & Bullet Club Gold made it work! Will this six pack prove to be unstoppable?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, stuffed to the brim for just a one hour show. Though, that’s probably because they lose two hours with no Collision. Great story progress for Ruby Soho through the pair of promos tonight. Ruby has confirmed she’s distancing herself from The Outcasts and growing closer to Parker, and that doesn’t sit well with Saraya. Harley is doubling down on being the crazy one, I’m thinking we get Ruby VS Harley to then give us Ruby VS Saraya at Revolution, Parker in Ruby’s corner for it all. Really good promo from Moxley & Claudio to hype up their match with FTR, and a great promo from Brian Cage to not just hype the Six Man and his feud with Hook, but to really help us understand where Brian Cage comes from as a character. He isn’t just Swerve’s heavy, he wants to be a top star, too.

Good promo from Private Party, kinda wish they’d done this one sooner. Still not sure why they aren’t feuding with the Hardys yet… Great promo from Toni Storm with her going extra nuts at Mariah’s expense, but also of course Mariah forgives Storm when Storm compliments her. Great match from Aminata VS Anna, and I was just thinking that this would be the right time for Aminata to win in AEW after her win in the ROH Women’s TV title tournament. AEW is clearly seeing Aminata’s full potential, she might even win the TV title. But at the same time, maybe she doesn’t win the ROH TV title so she can compete for an AEW title on the other side of Revolution.

Great opening match from the No Disqualification match, but ouch, that knee into Jeff’s nose. He was bloody right away, but a broken nose seems to be the extent of it. Sammy meanwhile getting beat up by Hobbs was a good story move, Sammy will surely want payback some time before Revolution. At the same time, Sammy could make for a good ally to Ospreay and Fletcher against the Don Callis Family as that feud continues into the Spring and Summer.

And great 12 Man Tag for the main event, though it wasn’t quite as frantic or chaotic as I expected. But still, a great detail of Billy being sent into White and White being a bit upset about it, but BBSG still wins. I would hope they don’t switch things into Acclaimed VS BCG so quickly, we’ve seen Acclaimed beat the Gunn sons plenty over the years. At least make this last until the super group either branches out for other titles or a trio gets a title match with BBSG. There really can be a lot of fun had with this big group, I hope they don’t squander it.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/14/24)

What a lovely Dynamite!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Will there be a Valentine’s Day Massacre tonight?

As AEW Revolution approaches, Adam “Edge” Copeland and Daniel Garcia fight to see who challenges Christian Cage for his TNT Championship! Will Valentine’s Day get Rated R?


  • Jon Moxley VS Dax Harwood; Moxley wins.
  • Wardlow VS Barrett Brown; Wardlow wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Adam “Edge” Copeland VS Daniel Garcia; No Contest.
  • The Young Bucks VS Top Flight; The Young Bucks win.
  • Willow Nightingale w/ Kris Statlander & Stokely Hathaway VS Skye Blue w/ Julia Hart; Willow wins.
  • Texas Death Match: Orange Cassidy VS Matt Taven; Cassidy wins.


Jon Moxley VS Dax Harwood!

The Blackpool Combat Club has been daring people to step up, and FTR did just that! They brawled on Collision and now The Maniac and #DaxTheAx battle here on Dynamite. Will Moxley prove the BCC are the elite of All Elite Wrestling? Or will Dax show everyone that FTR are still the #TopGuys?

The bell rings and the fans rally up for “FTR! FTR!” Dax stares down Mox, they circle and feel things out, and the fans start dueling. Dax and Mox still circle, tie up, and go around. Dax puts Mox in a corner, Mox turns that around, and the ref counts. The two scrap and let off, then Mox flips Dax off. Dax smirks, resets with Mox, and Dax headlocks. Mox gets free but Dax gets around to shove Mox, and then Dax flips Mox off! Fans fire up as the two reset, tie up, and go around again. Mox puts Dax in a corner, then goes up to taunt Dax. Then Mox kisses Dax on the cheek! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mox then dares Dax to hit him, so Dax gives him a kiss! Dax fires off forearms and CHOPS then just HAMMERS away in the corner! The ref counts, Mox shoves Dax away then kicks low. Mox fires forearms and CHOPS, and fans “WOO~!” Mox ROCKS, CHOPS, but Dax CHOPS and CHOPS! Dax CHOPS more, Mox gets away but Dax pursues. Mox turns things around to fire body shots and forearms! The ref counts, Mox fires faster shots, then BITES Dax’s bald head! The ref counts, Mox lets off and Dax CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dax ROCKS Mox, bumps him off buckles, then JABS! And CHOPS!

Dax JABS, CHOPS and repeat! The fans fire up as Dax fires hands from all sides! The ref counts, Dax lets off and then brings Mox around, only for Mox to put Dax back in a corner. Mox fires overhand CHOPS again and again, then he stomps and kicks Dax down. The ref counts and reprimands but Dax digs his boots in! The ref counts again, Mox lets off, but Dax headlocks. Mox powers up and out but Dax runs him over! Things speed up, Dax slides under, but Mox gets around to SLEEPER! Dax flails and reaches out but Mox shifts to the BULLY CHOKE! Dax endures, the fans duel, and Dax shifts to roll Mox up, TWO!

Dax steps through the legs! Mox fights Dax off with kicks from below! Dax falls back, Mox storms up to clothesline Dax up and out! Dax tumbles to the floor and fans fire up again. Moxley storms out after Dax, brings Dax up and claws the eyes! Then Mox RAMS Dax into the railing! Dax tumbles up and over, Mox soaks up the heat from fans, then he grabs a chair. Mox sets that up near the railing but Dax CHOPS and CHOPS and JABS in return! Moxley ROCKS Dax, and again, but Dax hits back! Dax hurries up and over but Moxley kicks low! Mox trips Dax hard, then uses the legs to CATAPULT Dax into a POST!

Fans are feeling that one as Dax flops around! Moxley storms over while the ring count climbs. Moxley snarls as he hears it pass 5 of 10. Moxley drags Dax up, puts him in the ring, then slides in at 8. Moxley stalks Dax, climbs up the corner, and he DIGS his nails into Dax’s head! Moxley rains down fists, the fans count along, but Dax stops it at five! Dax brings Moxley out to SITOUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Mox is still in this but Dax brings him back in. Dax suplexes but Mox blocks! Mox and Dax go to ropes, Dax suplexes Mox and himself up and out of the ring! They hit apron and then the floor while Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both Moxley and Dax, they’re both somehow okay to continue. Dax and Moxley slowly rise, Moxley getting to his feet first. Moxley staggers around, Dax slowly stands, and both men jump in at 9 of 10! The fans cheer as both men go forehead to forehead. They stand up and go haymaker for haymaker! Dax staggers, but he comes back to ROCK Moxl! Mox ROCKS Dax! They go back and forth with shots, faster and faster, then Mox trips Dax to a FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! The fans fire up and Dax endures! Dax reaches out, punches at Moxley’s legs, but Mox puts on more pressure! Dax falls back, it’s a cover! TWO!!

Dax reaches out, and he CLAWS Moxley’s face! The ref reprimands but Mox lets Dax go. Mox KICKS Dax’s leg out, then steps through, to an INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Dax endures again, and he CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Moxley CLAWS Dax’s face! The ref reprimands, Moxley lets off to sit up and rain down forearms! Dax endures, still in the deathlock, but then Moxley shifts to a cover, TWO! Dax is free of the hold, but Moxley stalks him to ropes. Dynamite returns to single picture as Mox CHOPS Dax! And CLUBS him! The fans duel as Mox CHOPS again. Moxley whips but Dax blocks by holding ropes!

Mox ROCKS Dax, but Dax CHOPS Mox! They go CHOP for CHOP and fans “WOO~” with each one! Moxley ROCKS Dax with a forearm, but Dax ROCKS him back! They go back and forth with forearms now, then Dax CHOPS again! Moxley choke grips Dax, Dax choke grips Mox! They both break free, then Mox SLAPS! Dax SLAPS! The fans fire up for the SLAP fight! The shots go fast and furious and then both men wobble! They DOUBLE SLAP and they both fall back! The fans fire up again, and Moxley finds his way to a corner. Moxley steadies himself, Dax rises up, and Dax storms up to CHOP! Then he hoists Moxley up top!

Dax sits Mox up to CHOP! Dax climbs up, but Moxley reels him in! TOP ROPE GUILLOTINE!! The ref reprimands and counts, but Dax fights the hold, so Moxley CLAWS Dax’s back! Moxley then ROCKS Dax! Dax holds onto ropes but Mox ROCKS him again and again, and again! Dax stays up and the fans fire up, but Mox throws more shots! Dax holds on and rises again! But Moxley BITES a hand! Then he DECKS Dax to the mat! Mox says hook ’em horns for Texas, and then adjusts up top. But Dax springs right up to ROCK Mox! Dax climbs to the very top, brings Moxley up to join him, for the SUPER DUPER PLEX!

The fans are thunderous while both men are down! A standing count begins, both men stir at 4 of 10. They head for each other at 5, and they junkyard dog headbutt! They ram again and again, then stand up for Moxley to kick, forearm and KICK! Dax staggers Mox ROCKS him then whips him, but Dax reverses to wrench and short arm LARIAT! But Moxley stays up! Dax LARIATS again, and again, but Moxley dodges to LARIAT! Dax stays up! Dax LARIATS Mox down! But Mox juts rises up! Dax dodges the lariat to go for the arm but Mox rolls! Dax uses that to step through, SHARPSHOOTER!!

The fans are thunderous as we hit the five minute warning!! Moxley flails, endures as Dax sits deep, and Moxley fights. Mox turns over, kicks Dax away, then gets the arms for DRAGON STOMPS! The fans fire up as Mox then shifts to the ARMBAR! Dax clasps hands to block, but Moxley pulls as hard as he can! Dax uses that to stack Moxley for a cover, TWO and Moxley lets Dax go! Mox reels Dax in, but Dax fights the lift! Dax wrenches, tries to do the same, but Moxley powers up! Dax CLAWS Moxley’s back! But Moxley still back drops free! Dax sunset flips it! Mox rolls through that, rolls Dax to his feet, but falls for Dax’s feint! PILEDRIVER!!

The fans are thunderous as Dax crawls to the cover, TWO!! Moxley survives but Dax is too tired to be frustrated. “This is Awesome!” as Moxley bails out and Dax pursues. Dax CHOPS Mox again, then CHOPS again! Moxley goes back into the ring, uses the ref as a shield so he can kick the ropes! Dax gets jammed up, Mox hits a CUTTER! Then the CURB STOMP! Then a PILEDRIVER of his own!! Cover, TWO?!? Dax survives and shocks everyone! Time is running out but the fans love this all the same! Moxley snarls as he drags Dax back up. Mox aims a finger gun then runs, but Dax ROCKS Mox first!

Dax reels Mox in, Mox wrenches out to underhook, but Dax wrenches out of that! Suplex to the BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO?!? Now Mox shocks everyone! Dax hurries to a corner and climbs right up! DIVING HEADBUTT into a REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Moxley squeezes tight, body scissors locked in! Dax flails but he’s fading! He’s so red in the face! But his hand reaches out! Moxley thrashes Dax around, Dax taps! Mox wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission

But Moxley isn’t letting go! The ref tells him to stop, and then Cash Wheeler rushes out here! Cash punches away on Moxley, but Claudio CLOBBERS Cash! Claudio CLUBS Cash, reels him in, NEUTRALIZER!! The fans are torn as the BCC shows no respect to FTR! Moxley then gets Dax back in the REAR NAKED CHOKE! And Claudio puts Cash in a CROSSFACE! Cash endures and Dax fades out! BCC lets FTR go, showing no mercy. Will they do the same to all teams that stand in their way and the top spots in AEW?


BREAKING NEWS for Blackpool Combat Club!

With all of the AEW VS CMLL action, especially between the BCC and the luchadores, that on March 29th, Moxley, Claudio, Bryan and even Wheeler Yuta are going down to Arena Mexico to battle Mistico, Volador Jr, Blue Panther y Ultimo Guerrero in an 8 Man Tag! Will AEW return the favor with a win South of the border?


Backstage interview with The Don Callis Family.

Renee Paquette is with Konosuke Takeshita, “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, and Don Callis himself as she notes Takeshita’s incredible roll. He beat Darby Allin, has two wins on Kenny Omega, and then did the unthinkable: He tapped Chris Jericho out with Jericho’s own move, the Walls of Jericho. What is next for the DCF now? Callis says they’re a victim of their own success! No one wants to wrestle Takeshita, Takeshita is the best rope to rope wrestler in the world. No one wants to wrestle Hobbs, either! The DCF has all the talent, and Revolution is coming. The best wrestler in the world needs to be on that PPV! The DCF needs to be on that PPV!

But they can’t find the talent for Takeshita, so Callis realized, he’s got all the talent right here! He looked within the family, and will give us a match that will have us all talking not just for years, but for decades! It will be DCF VS DCF when we see Konosuke Takeshita VS… Will Ospreay! Wait, Callis is willingly pitting “family members” against each other? Well, when Callis was growing up, Papa Callis would have a few drinks late at night, then make Don and his brothers fight in the backyard, every thing was fine with them. But the best part of this is that no matter what, the Don Callis Family wins.

And at the end of Revolution, no one will be talking about Sting! Everyone will be talking about Hobbs, Takeshita, Ospreay, Fletcher and the Don Callis Family’s Match of the Decade! A huge move by the malevolent mastermind, but will Ospreay appreciate this big money move by Callis?


Wardlow VS Barrett Brown!

The Undisputed Kingdom’s War Dog continues his warpath up the ranks, and surely has one eye on the AEW World Championship Triple Threat that’s looming. Will the Maestro of Mayhem have a symphony waiting for the winner on the other side of Revolution? Or will one of Austin, Texas’ own catch him off guard?

Adam Cole is on commentary for this, wanting to keep an eye on his Kingdom’s war machine. The bell rings and the fans chant for “WARD~LOW! WARD~LOW!” Wardlow stares Brown down, Brown storms up but Wardlow then powers him to a corner! Wardlow glares at Brown, the ref counts, so Wardlow drags Brown out to haul him right up top! WAR HAMMER already!! Wardlow grins and flexes while the ref checks. Wardlow admires himself on the tron and Cole smiles, and somehow Brown is still conscious! Cole says let’s wrap this up, so Wardlow gets Brown up, for a LAST RIDE!! Cover, Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

Cole says it was a pleasure to talk with everyone, though he barely said a thing. Wardlow scrapes Brown out of the ring, will he have his hands on gold soon enough?


AEW shares footage of The Young Bucks arriving earlier today.

And despite it being an entire week since their heinous attack on Sting & Darby Allin, Matthew & Nicholas Jackson still wear the blood-stained suits! They said it’s a lovely day, and they’re ready to get to work. But will Darius & Dante Martin humble the arrogant EVPs on the road to Revolution?


AEW TNT Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Adam “Edge” Copeland VS Daniel Garcia!

Though Christian Cage would never admit to it, it’s clear he fears both men in this match. The Patriarchy had to cheat to beat the living legend, and then they lost to the Red Death. Will Revolution get Rated R when Edge comes back for revenge? Or will Garcia prove he is the greatest wrestler of his generation by defeating one of the greatest of all time?

“Daddy Magic” Matthew Menard is on commentary to support Garcia. The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two circle. They feel things out, knuckle lock, then Edge ROCKS Garcia with a forearm! Edge KNEES Garcia to ropes, fires more forearms, then bumps Garcia off buckles. Edge fires more forearms, but lets off as the ref counts. The fans rally for “DANNY! DANNY!” and “ADAM! ADAM!” Edge wrenches and WRINGS Garcia’s arm out, and Garcia writhes. Edge clamps on the CROSSFACE but Garcia rolls it to a cover! ONE, so Garcia rolls and has a leg! ANKLE LOCK! Edge flails and scrambles to the ROPEBREAK!

Garcia lets go, Edge of course knows a lot about taking an Ankle Lock. The fans rally as the two reset and circle again. They tie up then fire forearms! Edge headlocks, Garcia body shots and powers free, only for Edge to run him over! Things speed up, Garcia hurdles, but Edge SPLASHES on the dropdown! Cover, TWO! Garcia kicks at Edge so Edge KICKS Garcia in the side! Edge stalks Garcia to a corner, then CHOKES him on ropes! The ref counts, Edge lets off, and the fans continue to duel. Edge drags Garcia up, headlocks, but Garcia wrenches out to elbow low. Garcia headlocks, Edge powers out, and Edge runs Garcia over again!

Things keep moving, Garcia drops down then hurdles again. Garcia drops down again, but avoids the splash! Garcia has the Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Garcia sweeps the legs and covers, ONE! Edge runs into a drop toehold, and Garcia uses that to hook the leg! Garcia then hooks up both legs, CLUBS Edge on the back, then does his dance! Then he STOMPS both knees! Edge writhes, but Garcia drags Edge up to fire forearms. Garcia CHOPS Edge to a corner, whips him corner to corner, but Edge reverses. Edge runs up but into a BOOT! Garcia hops up the corner to body scissor and he fires off elbow after elbow!

Edge wobbles, Garcia goes up again, and CROSSBODIES, but into Edge’s arms! Edge shifts to SHOULDER BREAKER! Garcia writhes while the fans fire up, and Edge drags Garcia back up. Edge whips Garcia hard into buckles, and Garcia falls back as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Edge rises, has the ref move aside, and he runs to baseball slide dropkick Garcia outta the ring! Edge rests, does a backstroke, then mocks Garcia’s dance! Edge adds his own bit to it, then fetches Garcia. But Garcia fires off haymakers! Garcia whips, Edge reverses and Garcia is sent into steel steps! Edge stares Menard down, stalks Garcia, and Edge waves hi to fans in the front row. Edge has them move aside as he stands Garcia up and pushes him against railing! The ref reprimands as Edge fishhooks Garcia’s mouth! Edge lets off at 4 then soaks up the cheers and jeers. Edge borrows a fan’s sunglasses, then BREAKS them!?

Edge drags Garcia up, puts him in the ring, and then watches Garcia sit up. Edge runs up to KNEE Garcia in the back! Garcia writhes, but Edge slaps him around. Edge clamps on a chinbar armlock combo but Garcia endures. The fans rally, and Edge pushes that forearm into Garcia’s face. Garcia fights up, pries at the hold, then bounces to pop free! Dynamite returns to single picture as Garcia fires hands, but Edge BOOTS Garcia down! Edge stalks Garcia to a corner, puts him in a drop zone, and then goes up top. But Garcia rises to go after Edge! Edge and Garcia scrap as Garcia climbs, and Edge HOTSHOTS Garcia down!

The fans are torn as Edge storms his way back up the corner. But Garcia springs back up to trip Edge! Edge is stuck up top, and the fans fire up as Garcia goes after him! Garcia has a leg, SUPER DRAGON SCREW! Edge clutches his knee and the fans are thunderous as Garcia rises. Garcia fires hands on Edge, backs Edge down with shot after shot, then stomps away in the corner! The ref counts, Garcia digs his boots in, but still lets off so he can run side to side, BOOT WASH! Garcia drags Edge up but Edge fights the saido! Garcia still tries, but Edge CLUBS him! So Garcia gets the leg! DRAGON SCREW, and then a KNEE JAMMER!

The fans fire up and Garcia snarls as he looms over Edge. Garcia gets the bad leg, and drops an elbow right on the knee! And then another elbow on the knee! But Edge shifts around to go after an arm! FUJIWARA ARMBAR! But Garcia powers that to get an STF!! Another move Edge has felt in the past, and he reaches out! Garcia crabs an arm, half nelson modification! Edge still fights, headlocks out of the nelson, and then facelocks. Edge brings Garcia up, but Garcia wrenches out! Edge CLUBS away on Garcia but Garcia hits back! They brawl, the fans fire up, and Garcia kicks the bad leg! Garcia grabs it but Edge throws hands!

Garcia INVERTED DRAGON SCREWS the leg! The different direction catches Edge, and the fans fire up again! Garcia goes up a corner as Edge rises up. Edge hurries to CLUB Garcia! Edge climbs up but the bad leg slows him down. Garcia fires hands on that leg but Edge fires hands on Garcia’s back! Edge brings Garcia up, SUPER IMPALER!! Garcia writhes but Edge can’t make the cover! Edge crawls to a corner, rises up again, and the fans are thunderous! Edge aims as Garcia rises, and he runs in to- KNEE!! Garcia jackknife bridges, TWO!!! Edge escapes, scrambles to get Garcia’s arm, CROSSFACE!!

Garcia endures, reaches out, but NICK WAYNE ATTACKS! Killswitch/Luchasaurus is there with him, The Patriarch just screwed this whole thing up!! Nick stomps Garcia, Killswitchasaurus BOOTS Edge down! The fans boo as The Patriarchy mugs Garcia, with Christian Cage & “Mother” Shayna Wayne walking down the ramp. Captain Charisma saunters his way around the ring while fans boo as hard as they can, then he goes looking under the ring. Christian brings out two chairs! But Daddy Magic says NO! He takes a chair, now he and Christian have a standoff! But Luchasaurus CLOBBERS Menard from behind!

Fans boo again and Christian says that’s what Menard gets. The chairs are brought into the ring, Luchasaurus hauls Garcia up, JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! Fans boo but then Nick drags Garcia onto a chair! Christian has the other, but then Edge gets in with a chair of his own! Edge JAMS Nick, JAMS Luchasaurus, then SMACKS Luchasaurus down! Edge and Christian have a showdown, the chairs CLASH and Christian is disarmed! Garcia gets to safety as Edge storms up on Christian! But Shayna LOW BLOWS Edge!! The fans boo but now Christian stomps away on Edge! Christian feeds Edge to WAYNE’S WORLD!

Luchasaurus hauls Edge up, EXTINCTION LARIAT! Fans chant, “Christian Sucks!” but he just smiles as he now sets Edge up on a chair! And he gets the other chair, tells Edge this is what he gets for still pursuing him, and then takes aim! CON-CHAIR-TO!!! The Patriarchy stand over the Rated R Superstar and Christian raises the TNT Championship. What lows won’t Christian sink to in order to hold onto that belt?


Samoa Joe is here!

The fans fire up for the AEW World Champion as he makes his way to the ring, ready for the face-to-face-to-face with his two challengers. The fans chant for “JOE! JOE! JOE!” as he gets the mic. “My name is Samoa Joe, and I stand here proudly your AEW World Champion.” The fans cheer that, and Joe says tonight he comes with the spirit of apology. When he became champion, he reenacted the ranking system to make sure that only the very best victims were served up in front of him to destroy and continue his championship reign. “And everything was going so well, until last week when Hangman Adam Page and Swerve Strickland came out here, battled tooth and nail for 30 minutes, to a draw.”

Fans boo the draw, and Joe says somehow, someway, he thought the Championship Committee would kick those two to the back of the line. But no, they took a page out of the Texas playbook to make this match bigger and dumber. Fans are a little torn on that line, but Joe says it seems we reward mediocrity around here. And instead of telling those pretenders they don’t deserve to be contenders, now at Revolution, Joe finds himself in a Triple Threat. “Obviously a crime has been committed against me, and now there must be repercussions. So I guarantee you this: You send your two bright stars into the ring with me, and I guarantee I am hurting one, if not both of them! So they may walk in, but I guarantee they will both limp out.”

The fans fire up for that! Joe says that he stands here the AEW World Champion, and there is nothing anyone can do about that. But then “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” The fans fire up as Prince Nana leads the way for The Realest, doing his dance. Swerve already has a mic, and he steps into the ring. The fans chant, “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve tells Joe, “When we started this whole thing, like I said, this wasn’t supposed to be personal, right? But as we inch closer and closer to Revolution, and the more that you run your mouth, I can’t help but get the feeling it’s becoming personal.”

Swerve tells Joe that when Joe won the title, Joe said… The fans cheer as Swerve seems to need a second to think. Swerve then says Joe said that the new championship protocol was about people showing up with their reputation and with their resumes. And also that hunger is what defines the greats. Well then if you look at Swerve, you’re looking at one of the greatest of all time. Fans cheer that! “No one out hustles me, no one out works me, and no one out grinds me. So you need to check my resume, and while you’re at it, you should proceed to put some respect on it, as well.” Fans cheer for that!

Swerve says 15 YEARS, he’s been grinding up and down, all in the hopes that somebody would one day see Swerve and go, “Y’know what? One day, Swerve might go down as one of the best int he world currently. Maybe one day.” Swerve then says after this past year, he’s proven that today is that day! He’s gone toe to toe with former world champions, and with some of the best legends AEW has to offer. The same thing every time: Swerve is left standing, and the fans have only one thing on their mind: “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” And at Revolution, nothing changes! Except for one thing: the fact that Swerve will be holding the title above his head.

But then Hangman Page storms out shouting, “Hold on, hold on, hold on!” The fans are torn as The Cowboy says hey, first off, he wants to set the record straight! After last week’s match, he wasn’t mad. So when you write your weekly Dynamite reports, don’t put “Hangman was mad.” But everyone already knows that last week was BS! The fans are torn again, but Joe actually nods and agrees. Hangman says he signed a contract for a match to determine THE #1 contender to the World Championship, and the winner would be the contender. Swerve couldn’t do it! THIRTY MINUTES, and Swerve couldn’t do it!

So if this were up to Hangman, at Revolution, the match would be between two men who value and respect that title and everything that it stands for. Fans boo but Hangman says unfortunately, he doesn’t make the matches. So Swerve, you were “added” to this match. So Hangman wants to say something eye to eye and Swerve needs to hear it. Swerve says, “We gonna do this again?” Hangman says after everything Swerve has done to him, Swerve doesn’t deserve one second of Hangman’s time. Swerve doesn’t deserve for Hangman to give him five more minutes because he couldn’t get the job done! And Swerve does NOT deserve to be in this championship match!

But Joe steps in now. Back up, knock off the charades. This walking domestic dispute ends tonight! Joe knows what this is about. Each man thinks they can beat the other and just walk over Joe, but that’s not gonna happen! As far as they’re both concerned, he is Samoa Joe, and he’ll whoop both y’all’s asses!! Joe throws down his mic and storms out. Hangman and Swerve continue to argue, but will the numbers NOT spell disaster for Joe at Revolution?


Timeless Toni Storm presents… Wet Ink.

A beatnik jazz form of Seven Nation Army plays as the AEW Women’s World Champion asks, “What does this tuh-too remind me of? It reminds me of a girl I befriended because I felt sorry for her. A girl so naive, so needy, so desperate to make it, that she had my pity. You were my Young Girl, I showed you my ways. I brought you into Japan, I helped you sign a contract. I nurtured you on my bosom of brilliance, you suckled on my teet of talent. And now, you bit the tit that feeds you!” Storm is now in a tuh-too, er, uh, tattoo parlor with Luther and Mariah May, as she gets something put OVER the commemorative tattoo she and Deonna Purrazzo both have!

Storm continues to narrate, “Somewhere along the way, you forgot who you were. Thought you were the star of this story instead of just an extra. You want the old Toni Storm? Oh, you’ll get the old Toni Storm, and so much more. What do you do when you can’t change the past? You kill it!” The new tattoo? It’s a KNIFE going through the ducky!

Deonna Purrazzo responds.

Renee Paquette is now with The Virtuosa, having finished watching Wet Ink with the rest of us. Renee isn’t sure how she feels, so she can’t even imagine Deonna’s feelings. Deonna says that Toni Storm is what her family would call a yakkity yon. AKA, she talks too much. So Deonna will keep this short and sweet: “Toni, I’m gonna break your arm, b*tch!!” The leading lady may have crossed a line putting a dagger through Deonna’s heart, but will she lose that belt around her waist?


The Young Bucks step out of their stretch SUV.

They still haven’t changed out of the blood-soaked suits, and all they’ve done to prepare for their match is wrap their fists! Matthew Jackson says they’re gonna put on another banger, but are they taking the Air Wolf & Angel Dorado a little too lightly?

The Young Bucks VS Top Flight w/ Action Andretti!

The teams sort out and Nicholas starts against Dante. The fans rally for Top Flight as Dante stares Nick down. They tie up, Nick wrenches and wristlocks, but Dante goes to ropes. Dante flips through, WRINGS Nick out, and then dodges Nick to roll and headscissor. Nick shoves that away, Dante gets around to waistlock, but Nick switches and headlocks. Dante powers up and out, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then goes up and over as Nick runs in! Nick slides out, and he tells commentary to put respect on their names! Taz says he’s got them. Nick gets back in but Dante arm-drags him down! The fans rally as Dante grinds the shoulder.

Nick fights up, pulls Dante’s hair and whips, but Dante reverses. Nick avoids the arm-drag, but Dante avoids the kick! Dante wheelbarrows and arm-drags! Then Dante kicks low, but Nick pushes him away. Tag to Matthew, he calms Nicholas down, and he reasons with Dante that there’s respect here. They shake hands, but Dante blocks the sucker punch! Dante ROCKS Matt, Darius ROCKS Matt, then Dante ROCKS him again! Matt pinballs between the Martins, Dante ENZIGIRIS! Dante puts Matt in the corner to A-LIST LARIAT! Tag to Darius, he snap suplexes Matt to then kip up and tag Dante. Dante slingshot SENTONS and fans fire up!

Nick runs in, Dante leapfrogs and Darius TOSSES Nick out! Nick ROCKS Darius back, but Darius sends up so Dante can CALF KICK Nick down! The Bucks regroup, the fans fire up, and Top Flight build speed, only for The Bucks to get out of the way. Top Flight just adjust course, but The Bucks dodge the dropkicks! The Bucks mug Top Flight, soak up the heat, then straighten up their suits. The Bucks shove Top Flight at the apron, but Top Flight jumps up and in, to then DOUBLE PLANCHA! Direct hit on both Bucks and the fans fire back up! Top Flight puts Matthew in, Dante bumps him off buckles and tags Darius.

Darius goes up and he DOUBLE STOMPS Matt’s arm! Dante snapmares Matt so Darius can basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Darius whips, Matt reverses and Nick gets a cheap shot in! Darius DECKS Nick then BOOTS Matt! Darius dodges Nick ones, dodges twice, but Matt CLOBBERS Darius! Then he BLASTS Dante down! The fans boo but the Bucks soak it up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nick nods and Matt smooths out his hair. Matt drags Darius up, bumps him off buckles, tag to Nick. CATAPULT GAMANGIRI, and then the DOUBLE STOMP BACKBREAKER! Darius writhes, Matt talks to commentary, perhaps trying to smooth things over from Nick’s threat, and Nick clamps onto Darius with a chinlock. Nick throws off his suit jacket to drag Darius up and turn him, for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Nick drags Darius up to bump him off buckles, then he stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Matt tags in, and Matt CLUBS Darius. Darius throws body shots in return! Matt CLUBS Darius again, then BLASTS Dante back down!

Darius BLASTS Nick in return! Matt and Darius talk trash on each other, then Matt takes a swing! Darius ducks, gets around, atomic drop and a BULLDOG HOTSHOT! But Nick PENALTY KICKS Darius from the apron! The ref reprimands but Nick says that’s what Darius gets! Nick drags Darius up, puts him in, and Matt drags Darius around for haymakers. Matt whips Darius to the corner, runs up, but into BOOTS! Nick takes a swing, Darius dodges and Dynamite returns to single picture as Darius CLOBBERS Nick! The fans fire up as Darius ducks ‘n’ dodges Matt to LEAPING LARIAT! Both Bucks are down and the fans rally for Darius!

Darius crawls, reaches out, but Matt pulls hair to bring him away! Matt whips, Darius ELBOWS back! Darius uses the corner for the WALL RUN PELE! Matt is down again, Darius crawls over, hot tag to Dante! Dante rallies on Matt and then JUMP KNEES Nick! Dante whips, Matt reverses but Dante slips out, goes up and around, then GAMANGIRIS! SUPERKICK for Nick! Springboards CROSSBODY for Matt! Cover, TWO!! Matt escapes that deep stack but Dante fires up again! Dante drags Matt up, Matt shoves him away but Dante sunset flips! Nick storms in to keep Matt standing, but Darius sunset flips Nick! Double cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Top Flight clothesline Nick up and out! Matt runs in, Dante dodges but Matt CLOBBERS Darius! Matt fakes Dante out to DDT! Matt admits Top Flight is good, and he composes himself. Matt drags Dante up, ROCKS him with a right, then whips. Dante ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Dante BLASTS Nick back down, Matt flounders and Dante brings him over. Dante SPLASHES in the corner, Darius tags in and Dante whips Matt. Matt reverses but Darius gives Dante the boost to go up and over! Then Dante helps Darius TORNADO DDT! Cover, Nick breaks it!! Fans boo but Dante kicks Nick!

Dante TOSSES Nick out, builds speed and DIVES! Nick hits barriers, Darius runs and runs and slips around to whip Matt for the SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Matt survives and Darius can’t believe it! Nick then YANKS Dante into barriers! Darius runs in at Matt, but Nick holds onto Matt to stop the Monkey Flip! Matt then high stacks Darius, with feet on the ropes!! The ref sees that, Nick argues with him about it, but Matt pop-up LOW BLOWS Darius! Fans boo as the ref misses the bigger cheat! Tag to Nick, and the Bucks sit Darius up for E V P TRIGGER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winner: The Young Bucks, by pinfall

The abuse of power continues, but so does the Bucks’ chase after the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Tony Schiavone then joins Matthew Braun John & Nicholas Lee Jackson in the ring. He notes the big win, and Matt says “Undefeated this year, Nicholas! Holy crap! I think that makes us the top, unbeatable tag team in AEW.” Fans boo but Matt says he has reason to believe that after beating a team the quality of Top Flight, a great team really, it is safe to assume that The Bucks are the NEW #1 contenders! Wow, there’s already a graphic for that… Fans boo but Schiavone says Sting isn’t here to respond, because of the despicable, heinous act by-

Oh, despicable?! Heinous!? You guys just can’t stop yourselves! Matt has to sit at his desk every week and hear Schiavone talk trash on the Bucks! Every single week! Hey, Matt has to think that this might be a breach of contract! Publicly disparaging the EVPs?! That is unacceptable, bush league, and we all know it! Nicholas says that is a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR FINE! Does Schiavone have a problem with that? DOES HE HAVE A PROBLEM!? Nick shoulder bumps Schiavone off his feet!! Matt takes the mic back, apologizes for his “hothead” brother, this doesn’t need to get physical. Just don’t let it happen again, Schiavone.

The Bucks get Schiavone’s hands to help him up, into an E V P- NO! Darby is here!! He rushes down with Sting’s black baseball bat! He runs the Bucks out of the ring, grabs the mic and shouts at them, go ahead and remind everyone of the original mission statement of AEW. It was “Change the World.” When Darby was homeless, he begged the Bucks for a job, but they saw nothing in him. He sat by while The Bucks hired their sh*t friends! All their stupid California crew! But thank God that there was an EVP with a sense of brains back then. And we ain’t talking Kenny Omega! Fans chant for “CODY! CODY!”

Darby says The Bucks did their little interview why they stuck with AEW. Why was that? It was because the schedule was light and the money was good, NOT because they wanted to change the world! Seems the original mission is dead! So much for this being AEW! This is All Friendship Wrestling. Think of that first episode: No Darby! But Brandon Cutler was there! What even!? Darby isn’t sure what kind of tussles the Bucks got into while they were homeschooled, but we’re talking Sting’s final match! The Bucks want to be Sting’s final opponents? Then they don’t know what they got themselves into.

We’re talking about a man who’s got nothing left to lose. Young Bucks VS Darby & Sting for the AEW World Tag Team Championships? “IT’S SHOWTIME~!” Darby says if the Bucks want it, they’ve got it! Will the Bucks take those titles off the Relentless Icons? Or will they get what they deserve instead?


Backstage interview with The Bang Bang Scissor Gang.

Renee Paquette is with Jay White, The Acclaimed & The Gunns, and says it seems things are going smoothly for these six. The merch looks great, too. So what is next for the super group? Well, Austin wants to welcome us to the BBSG Lounge! Bowens gives Renee a rose for Valentine’s Day, very sweet. Bowens then signals for Austin & Colten to keep cool, it’s just plutonic. Jay says back to the question, what is the goal for them? Well as she said, they’re running smoothly, have momentum, new merch, gold on all the waists, shoulders and in their possession. But they still need to test their cohesiveness in the ring.

Billy has an idea! How about this Friday- Austin cuts Daddy Ass off by suggesting a 12 Man Tag for Rampage! No one responds. Or… and this is totally Billy’s idea, a 12 Man Tag for Rampage! Everyone loves that idea! Billy says no big deal, he’s been doing this for awhile. Bowens says great idea, and BBSG rules the world! Because EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed, BANG BANG! And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya: GUNS UP! A massive open challenge is now set, what set of six will step to Platinum Max, Five Tool Bowens, Daddy Ass, his sons, and the Switchblade for Rampage?


Because of NBA All-Star Weekend, Rampage will be on much earlier, 7 PM Eastern, with an encore after NBA coverage at 11 PM Eastern, so make sure your DVR is set accordingly!


Willow Nightingale w/ Kris Statlander & Stokely Hathaway VS Skye Blue w/ Julia Hart!

The Babe with the Power used to be friends with Chicago Skye before Julia Hart stained her with the black mist. This is the first time they’ve ever been opponents, can Willow bring herself to crush Skye? Or will the House Always Win?

In an odd move, Kris sees Willow and Stokely off then returns to the back. Perhaps she wants to see if her friend and her manager can coexist without her as the buffer. Stokely joins commentary, the bell rings and the fans rally for Willow. Skye runs up to SHOTGUN Willow! Skye fires off in the corner, the ref counts, and Skye lets off. Skye storms up to whip but Willow handsprings through! Willow then scoops and SLAMS Skye, covers, ONE! Willow huffs and scoops but Skye slips free to dragon sleeper! But Willow picks Skye up to SLAM her again! Skye stands, dodges, and SLAPS Willow! Fans boo but Willow says okay then!

Willow bumps Skye off buckles, bumps her off more buckles, then bumps her off a third! Skye bails out, fans boo, but Stokely likes what he sees. Willow storms out to chase Skye around the ring, then back in. Skye keeps moving, but Willow gets around to shove, run and POUNCE! PERIOD! Skye tumbles right out to the floor and the fans fire up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Willow fumes while Skye flounders to a corner. Willow goes out to SMACK Skye off railing, then stomps her down. Willow SMACKS Skye off the apron, then whips her, only for Skye to reverse and POST Willow! Willow falls and clutches her head, but Skye storms up to stomp her down! Skye CLUBS Willow, stalks her, then pushes her into the ring. Skye stalks Willow, stomps her again, then CLUBS away on Willow’s back! Skye pushes Willow to a cover, TWO! Skye is frustrated, but she bumps Willow off buckles. Skye digs her boot in, waves hi and blows kisses, but Willow pushes Skye away. Skye comes back to fire forearms!

Skye snapmares Willow and KICKS her in the back! Skye paces around Willow, stands her up, but Willow blocks the suplex to suplex back! Willow storms up but Skye YANKS her into ropes! Skye runs in to BOOT WASH her! Skye then pushes Willow down, covers, TWO! Skye is frustrated and she SLAPS Willow. willow ROCKS Skye! Skye BOOTS Willow! Willow goes to ropes, Skye storms up to CLUB her on the back, then puts her in a corner to stomp away! The ref counts, Skye lets off and paces around. Skye goes back for Willow, brings her around and ROCKS her with a right hand! Willow snarls and she ROCKS Skye back!

Dynamite returns to single picture as the forearms go back and forth! The fans are on Willow’s side but Skye gets the edge! Willow blocks a shot, runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Skye roars, runs, but Willow blocks the boot to LARIAT! And LARIAT! Stokely again likes what he sees as Willow rallies with more shots! Skye goes to a corner, Willow runs up to back body block! Then LARIAT, then snapmare! Skye staggers up, into a BOOT! Willow drags Skye up, whips her again and hits the SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Skye survives but Willow stays on her with the gut wrench! Skye slips free, ducks a lariat and wrenches to a JAWBREAKER!

Skye SUPERKICKS, then BASEMENT DDTS! Cover, TWO!! Willow survives, but Skye gets her up into a full nelson! Willow fights free of that with elbows, then fireman’s carries! But Skye slips into a DRAGON SLEEPER BACKPACK! Willow endures, fans rally up, and Willow RAMS Skye into buckles! Stokely says Julia Hart’s TBS Championship is gonna be in trouble! Willow is free, runs in, but Skye slips to the outside. Willow still ROCKS Skye first, but then Skye avoids the shoulder! Willow avoids the boot and BLASTS Skye to the floor! The fans fire up with Willow and Stokely says even he’s all fired up!

Willow fetches Skye, puts her in the ring, and then stalks Skye to the corner. Willow hoists Skye up top, the fans rally behind her as she climbs, but Skye throws body shots! Skye slips under Willow, tucks her in, CHEEKY NANDOS! And then a FALLING POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Willow survives and Skye shrieks in frustration! Stokely says he’s had enough of this, and he storms off of commentary. Skye runs, hops on, CODE BLUE! But Stokely distracts the ref!! Skye would’ve won by now! Skye is furious and shouts at the ref, the ref finally counts, TWO!! Willow has the cover, TWO!

Skye runs up, Willow dodges, and Willow mule kicks! Gut wrench, BABE WITH THE POWERBOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall

#BigStoke gave a big assist to his other client, and he fist bumps with Willow. Will Stokely be right about the Princess of the Black Throne losing her crown one way or another?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

With title chases never ending, Jeff Hardy and Sammy Guevara both look to get back in the hunt! The Charismatic Enigma and Spanish God look to go muy loco in a No Disqualification match! Then, Queen Aminata looks to finally break through and have her first win in AEW! However, she’s up against Anna Jay! Will the Star of the Show show the Queen of Guinea what it takes to win?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

After the confrontation both tonight and last Saturday, the BCC will have to put up or shut up, as it will be Moxley & Claudio VS FTR! Plus, a huge Six Man Tag has just been made, as Samoa Joe must team with Swerve Strickland & Brian Cage against Hangman Adam Page, Hook and Rob Van Dam! Truly a one of a kind trios match, but will RVD and the FTW Champion help The Cowboy get a big win over all his enemies? Or will the AEW World Champion be able to get along with Swerve’s House?


Texas Death Match: Orange Cassidy VS Matt Taven!

With things escalating between Best Friends and the Undisputed Kingdom, yet Roderick Strong still wanting to wait until Revolution, the only way Freshly Squeezed can get revenge is by proxy! Will Cassidy crush one of the pawns on the way to the title match? Or will the AEW International Champion get beat to a pulp in the main event?

The bell rings and Cassidy runs right up! He and Taven brawl and the fans fire up! Taven shoves, Cassidy dodges and SHOTGUNS! Cassidy kips up and he stands off with Taven. Taven waves to the ramp, but that’s a fake out so Taven can CLOBBER Cassidy from behind! Taven CHOPS Cassidy to a corner, ROCKS him with a right, then whips corner to corner. Cassidy reverses, Taven goes up and over then keeps moving. Cassidy hurdles, keeps moving, but Taven DROPKICKS him down! Fans boo Taven but he says “III’M Matt Taven!” Taven CHOPS Cassidy, CHOPS him again, and then whips corner to corner.

Cassidy reverses, Taven goes under, ENZIGIRIS back, then hoists Cassidy up, a hard BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cassidy flops out of the ring, the standing count starts, but Taven storms after him. Cassidy is up at 4 of 10, Taven RAMS him into railing! Taven SMACKS Cassidy off steel steps, then whips him into more railing! Cassidy slumps down but Taven drags him back up. The fans cheer Cassidy on but Taven ROCKS Cassidy again. Fans want tables but Cassidy sends Taven into railing! Cassidy whips Taven hard into more railing, then storms up on him. The fans fire up as Cassidy whips again, but Taven reverses!

Cassidy LEAPS over the railing clean! The fans fire up, and then Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! Taven is furious, he hurries out after Cassidy, but into a BOOT! Cassidy CLUBS Taven, CLUBS him again, then brings him into the crowd with haymakers! The fans fire up while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cassidy brings Taven up the bleachers with a headlock, throws some hands, then keeps bringing Taven along. Taven SMACKS Cassidy with someone’s water bottle! The brawling continues up to the second level, and Taven CHOPS! Taven stalks Cassidy, throws more hands, then ROCKS him. Taven shoves Cassidy down the bleachers to return to the ground level. Taven SMACKS Cassidy off barriers, then brings him along for more CHOPS! They end up near the stage now, and Taven SMACKS Cassidy off light trusses! The standing count starts, Cassidy rises up, but Taven has found a table! Taven sets that up right over an AEW logo.

Taven storms up on Cassidy, ROCKS him with a right, but Cassidy ROCKS Taven in return! Cassidy fires more hands but Taven knees low! Taven SMACKS Cassidy off the table, then follows him as he staggers around. Taven brings Cassidy back around, SMACKS him off the table again, then pushes him onto it. Taven throws down more hands, then talks trash to the fans. Especially the kid cosplaying Cassidy. Taven throws down more hands, then he goes up onto the stage! Taven soaks up the heat, talks more trash, probably calls them all Melvins, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Taven takes aim, to MACHO ELBOW through the table!

Fans lose their minds as both men fall with the table, the table is really more dented than broken. The standing count starts all the same, and Taven drags the table over to prop it up against the ramp! Cassidy stands at 8 of 10, so Taven reels him in! Snap suplex through the table! Cassidy writhes, his forehead is a bit bloody, and the count begins again. Taven paces but Cassidy stands at 6 of 10! Taven ROCKS Cassidy, pushes him onto the ramp, then lines up the shot. JUST THE TIP of the knee! Taven tells the fans off, then wants the count. The count begins, but Cassidy rises pretty fast! So Taven is on him already, to push him into the ring.

Taven storms up on Cassidy, scoops him, and hits a BACKBREAKER! And then a flip around into a DDT!! Cassidy is down, the count begins, and some fans are stunned he’s still moving! Taven finds another table! Taven brings that up, and props it against the commentary desk!? Cassidy DIVES, but Taven narrowly avoids the table he set up! The count is now on Taven while Cassidy has a crimson mask forming. Cassidy puts Taven in, but Taven hits the springboard FLYING CHUCK! Cassidy wobbles, flops off the apron, and Taven builds speed! Taven WRECKS Cassidy, but Cassidy doesn’t fall!

Cassidy wobbles, he leans on the table and marks it with his blood. Taven builds speed again, and he FLIES, through the table!!! Cassidy avoids disaster and the fans lose their minds! Commentary can barely be heard, their own desk taking some damage in that crash! Cassidy staggers his way over while the count is climbing. Taven rises up, he’s bloodied now, and he stands at 9.5!! “This is Awesome!” as Cassidy has… A box of chocolates? The card reads “To: OC. From: Chuckie T. XOXO.” The Kentucky Gentleman left a Valentine’s Day gift for his buddy and the fans fire up! Cassidy takes the gift into the ring, opens it up, and surprise! It’s not candy, but THUMBTACKS!!

The fans are thunderous as Cassidy drags Taven up a corner! Taven throws body shots to resist, then he adjusts. Taven SHOVES Cassidy onto the tacks!! Cassidy writhes, and Taven adjusts, FROG SPLASH onto tacks!! Cassidy avoids disaster again and then runs, tilt-o-whirl DDT onto the tacks!! The fans lose their minds as both men continue to lose blood! Cassidy staggers up, Taven is still down, the count begins. Cassidy goes out, to get a steel chain!? And then an even bigger heart shaped box!? But then Mike Bennett rushes out here to CLOBBER Cassidy! It was only a matter of time before The Kingdom stopped playing fair!

Bennett gets that box, and he SMASHES it right on Cassidy’s head! Bennett puts Cassidy in while the fans boo, and Bennett puts chair after chair into the ring! Taven flounders around, the ref reprimands Bennett but there’s nothing to stop this! The chairs are a pile, but wait! Here comes Trent Beretta! And much like Arnold in Terminator 2, he has a box of roses, that he then pulls a weapon out of! It’s a steel pipe! Bennett has a chair, he takes a swing, but Trent dodges to CLOBBER Bennett with the pipe! But Taven CHUCKS a chair into Trent! Taven hoists Trent to the top rope, drapes him out, FULL METAL CLIMAX!!

But ORANGE PUNCH for Taven!! And then BEACH BREAK onto tacks and chairs!!! Taven writhes but Cassidy isn’t done with him! Taven RIPS the pockets away!? Fans boo, that’s like taking a luchador’s mask! Cassidy wraps that chain around his fist, and because “IIIIIIII’M Matt Taven!” FULL METAL ORANGE PUNCH!!! Taven is down, the count begins, but here comes Roddy! Roddy aims at Cassidy, STRONG KNEE into Trent!! Trent takes the bullet for Cassidy, and Taven is still floundering around at 8 of 10! Taven is DOWN, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by technical knockout

The International Champion’s Best Friends came through for him and they thwarted The Undisputed Kingdom! But with Revolution fast approaching, is Cassidy going to stand a chance against the Savior of the Backbreaker?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Dynamite here, lots of big stuff going down. Toni Storm’s Wet Ink was very well done, clearly she’s been given a bigger budget compared to her early films because of how successful she’s been. And what a powerful move to (I assume legitimately) change her tattoo to stick it to Deonna. Speaking of powerful moves, Callis making Takeshita VS Ospreay happen for the hell of it, that’s going to be an awesome match. And it makes me think Ospreay and Fletcher are gonna break away from the Don Callis Family to get some United Empire stuff going in AEW. Then they can make it DCF VS Empire if they’re moving away from Jericho (and they probably should be).

Just as I was wondering why Bang Bang Scissor Gang wasn’t doing much, they show up to have a group promo and it was a lot of fun. A 12 Man Tag is going to be nuts, and it’ll certainly be like three different jobber tag teams like Outrunners, The Workhorsemen and Butcher & Blade because of course BBSG is winning. I would really hope one of the tag teams (Ass Boys or Acclaimed) call out The Kingdom’s Taven & Bennett for an ROH World Tag Team Championship match, and for the love of pro-wrestling, get these guys on ROH since Bullet Club Gold are the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions!

Moxley VS Dax was an awesome opener, great win for Moxley, and clearly BCC is turning Heel since FTR is sticking to Face. The tag match next week will be awesome, too, surely setting up the winners as tag title contenders for after Revolution. And of course we were officially given Darby & Sting VS Bucks for Revolution. Great tag match from Bucks VS Top Flight, and pretty good “abuse” of EVP authority for “Matthew & Nicholas” to use a simple 2-0 win streak as justification for the top spot. Darby had a great promo slamming the Bucks as sellouts, and now that the match is official, it is going to be awesome stuff.

Great match from Edge VS Garcia, but I should’ve figured it’d get “ruined” by The Patriarchy. It was ruled No Contest so that there wouldn’t be someone crowned the winner by disqualification, but after the Con-Chair-To to Edge, it feels like they might give Garcia the Revolution match. I say that because there shouldn’t be a Triple Threat, that’d make this too much like the world title story. Meanwhile, I don’t see Garcia winning the TNT Championship unless Edge thwarts Luchasaurus & Nick Wayne getting involved, maybe even Matt Menard since he stood up to Christian only to get knocked down by Luchasaurus. Honestly, I’d love if Garcia did win the title, then Christian VS Edge can be just about the grudge.

And speaking of the world title story, great promo from Joe, Hangman and Swerve. Seems we’ve gotten the double turn of Hangman and Swerve, despite Swerve doing what he did. But that is just how pro-wrestling works, where things are forgiven by the fans when the Heel turns Face. All that aside, the Six Man Tag set up for next week is going to be interesting because of how Hangman is becoming a Heel but RVD and Hook are still Faces, and then it’s hard to really say where Joe, Swerve and Cage are on the Heel-Face spectrum. Feels like RVD is taking the loss though, with Hook and Cage needing to be strong going into their FTW Championship match and of course Joe, Hangman & Swerve needing to stay even for their own title match.

Really good match from Willow VS Skye, and I find it interesting Stokely has come around to Willow so quickly. He helps her get the win, hard to say if she knew that or not, but it definitely feels like Willow and Kris will have to fight if either wants a shot at Julia and the TBS title. And then awesome main event in that Texas Death Last Man Standing Match. Matt Taven may be like if The Miz never went Hollywood with his gimmick, but he is still really good in the ring, proved himself in ROH, so him and Cassidy was the right move for the match. Still wish they’d be careful with blood, feels like Cassidy’s blading was overdone. And of course it got overbooked but great win for Cassidy here to keep himself going strong towards Revolution.

My Score: 9/10

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