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Mitchell’s WWE Hell in a Cell Results & Report! (6/5/22)

It’s Hell in Chicago!




Abandon all hope, ye who enter Hell in a Cell!

Cody Rhodes’ return to the WWE has been a victorious one, but Seth Freakin’ Rollins wants to end the American Nightmare, inside Hell in a Cell! Will the Visionary finally get a win or go 0-3 against the Son of Dusty?


  • Raw Women’s Championships Triple Threat: Bianca Belair VS Asuka VS Becky Lynch; Belair wins and retains the title.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Omos & MVP VS Bobby Lashley; Lashley wins.
  • Ezekiel VS Kevin Owens; Kevin wins.
  • Mixed Six Tag: The Judgement Day VS AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan; The Judgement Day wins.
  • No Holds Barred: Happy Corbin VS Mad Cap Moss; Moss wins.
  • WWE United States Championship: (Austin) Theory VS Mustafa Ali; Theory wins and retains the title.
  • Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes VS Seth Rollins; Cody wins.


It’s the Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Kevin Patrick, Booker T, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting the hellacious action set for tonight!

Big news on Cody Rhodes!

Despite tearing a pec in the brawl with Seth Rollins last Monday, the American Nightmare will still compete tonight in the Hell in a Cell main event! Will Cody be able to finish things with the Visionary, even with only one good arm? Or will this be just what Rollins needs to end Cody’s homecoming streak?


Cody trains in the Nightmare Factory.

The American Nightmare’s own wrestling school is also the training ground he uses to prepare for Seth Rollins and the Hell in a Cell match. True pull-ups, shoulder crunches and weight raises. His passion has become his life’s work, he isn’t sure how else to live. He has to give his all. He could say he’s way better than Rollins, and the score is 2-0. This rematch is happening because Cody is allowing it. One way or another, this will close the book on their rivalry. But with his bad pectoral muscle, will Cody be able to give it his all against the Visionary?


Byron Saxton interviews Ezekiel.

Elias’ younger brother is happy to be here. Byron says Zeke is taking on Kevin Owens, who has been on a warpath to prove Zeke isn’t who he says he is. Zeke knows Kevin is a tough SOB, but Kevin is underestimating the new guy. Zeke’s first big event is tonight! He remembers watching Elias debut and how surreal it was to see Elias on the big screen. And now Ezekiel is here! Elias walked, so Zeke can speak. How is that relationship between the brothers? They speak with each other sporadically. But Elias had his reasons for going away, that Zeke wants to find out just as much as anyone. But they both grew up watching the WWE. It was their dream to get here, and it is Zeke’s dream to be a tag team champion with Elias.

So will Elias be watching? Zeke doesn’t want to assume, he doesn’t have the same brain. Zeke can’t say what Elias would saying, but Zeke hopes he’ll watch. They went to HIAC 1998 and saw Taker throw Mankind off the cell! Elias said, “One day, brother. One day.” So what can we expect from Zeke in his match with Kevin? Zeke says he’s getting #ZekedOut, he is pumped up, because Kevin’s tried to embarrass and humiliate him. But the Zeke Freaks have been by his side and Zeke is grateful for that. So when the bell rings, Zeke gets his turn. When he wins that match, Kevin will know Ezekiel is who he says he is, and he’s here to stay.


This sadistic structure changes lives and defines careers.

“So, here we are again. Staring at madness. Standing on the edge as we dive headfirst into darkness. But what lies below? Fate. Betrayal. Wrath. Or, an inescapable battle with our demons. Tonight, when the cell door closes, Hell’s door opens.” Who survives stepping inside Hell in a Cell?


Raw Women’s Championships Triple Threat: Bianca Belair VS Asuka VS Becky Lynch!

The strongEST, fastEST, roughEST, toughEST, quickEST and RawEST Women’s Champion has been going strong since WrESTleMania 38, but now she’s got two of the best opponents she could hope for in one match! Will Bianca still be the B E S T Raw has to offer? Will the Empress of Tomorrow’s time be now? Or will the Big Time Comeback be complete right here?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the numbers spell disaster for Bianca here in Chicago!

Fans fire up as the three women circle. Becky shoves Asuka, shoves Bianca, and talks trash about being the next champion. But she finds herself corner, so she shoves Bianca, then shoves Asuka at Bianca! They stop themselves, Asuka trips Becky and Bianca runs Becky over! Becky bails out and fans fire up as Bianca and Asuka get a moment 1v1. They circle, tie up, and Bianca gets an arm to a wristlock. Asuka wrenches, wristlocks, fans duel, Asuka waistlocks then spins Bianca to a snapmare. Bianca gets up and they ram shoulders! Bianca wags her finger, she didn’t budge! Things speed up, Asuka dodges to LARIAT!

Fans fire up, Asuka runs but Becky trips her up and drags her out! Becky BOOTS Asuka down, then gets on the apron. Bianca runs in but into a kick, and a KICK! Becky goes up but Bianca ROCKS her, to ROCKET LAUNCH her! Cover, TWO! Bianca is smiling as she whips Becky to a corner. Becky reverses but Bianca goes up and over and handsprings to then dropkick! Fans fire up, Bianca runs in but into a BOOT! Becky mule kicks Bianca, but Asuka jumps off Bianca to SHOTGUN Becky! Asuka then gets a BULLDOG LARIAT COMBO! Fans fire up as Asuka fires off KICKS back and forth, from Bianca to Becky and back again!

Asuka BUZZSAWS Bianca! Then she runs in to HIP ATTACK Becky! Bianca rushes in, Asuka sends Bianca into Becky and Becky falls out. Asuka grabs at Bianca but Bianca spins it around to a torture rack! Asuka gets away, and gets a FLYING ARMBAR! Bianca class hands, stack Asuka up, and deadlifts to BUCKLE BOMB Asuka! Bianca shakes out her arm but walks into Asuka’s mule kick. Asuka goes up but Becky ROCKS her! ICONOCLASM onto Bianca! Cover on Bianca, TWO! Cover on Asuka, TWO! Becky hurries to POST Asuka, and Asuka flops out of the ring. Becky runs to NECK SNAP Bianca! Cover, TWO!

Becky grows frustrated but she keeps focus. Bianca goes to a corner, Becky talks trash and runs in to Firearm! Then she stomps a mudhole into Bianca! Fans boo but Becky CHOKES Bianca on the ropes! Becky YANKS the ropes to snap Bianca back, then stalks her to a corner. Becky stomps Bianca more, bumps her off buckles, then digs her boots in. Becky lets off and soaks up the boos from the fans, but Bianca elbows her away! And BOOTS! And then waistlocks, only for Becky to buck the O’Conner Roll! Asuka pulls Becky’s hair, Bianca runs in, Becky sends her into Asuka! Becky puts Bianca through ropes to fire off forearms and a KICK!

Becky goes up the corner, fans fire up, GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Becky grows further frustrated but she stalks Bianca back to ropes. Becky CLUBS Bianca, Bianca throws elbows but Becky CLUBS away on Bianca! Becky kicks Bianca around, but Bianca JAWBREKERS! Becky dodges the clothesline, tilt-o-whirls, but Bianca resists the takedown to send Becky in  a corner. Becky dodges to JUMP KICK, and BECKSPLODER! Bianca bails out, Becky builds speed, and she WRECKS Asuka with a dropkick! Becky CLOBBERS Asuka, puts Bianca in, then climbs up top. The MAN’S LEG DROP! Cover, Asuka SLIDING KICKS it apart!

Fans fire up while all three women are down! Bianca flops out while Asuka and Becky go after each other. They throw forearms back and forth, then uppercuts! Becky throws more uppercuts, but into a backslide! TOW, Asuka BACKHANDS Becky! And SOBATS, KICKS, and BACKHANDS! Then GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up with Asuka and she HIP ATTACKS! Cover, TWO! Asuka is shocked that Becky survives! “This is Awesome!” as Asuka chicken wings, Becky victory rolls, TWO! Becky ducks a kick, wants the arm but Bianca ROCKS her! Torture rack, and Bianca BOOTS Asuka down! But Becky lands out of the KOD!

Bianca dodges, kicks, suplexes, and high steps before the SLAM! Then she dropkicks Asuka! Bianca kips up and Chicago fires up! Bianca RAMS into Asuka, climbs up and rains down fists! Fans count along, Becky rushes in but Bianca flips up and over her! Bianca then RAMS into them both, and climbs up to rain down fists on them both! Fans count along again, Bianca goes all the way to 10, until Becky pulls the hair! Bianca reels Becky in and sends her back into Asuka! SPINEBUSTER for Becky, GlamEST Slam for Asuka onto Becky! Bianca hurries to run and handspring, MOONSAULT! Double cover, TWO!!

Bianca is shocked but the fans are fired up! Bianca gets up, she pushes Asuka out and focuses on Becky. Bianca storms in, RAMS into Becky, then hauls her up top. Bianca climbs up after Becky, fans fires up, but Asuka joins in! Asuka CLUBS Bianca, gets under her, but Bianca fights her off! Asuka tries again, but Bianca kicks Asuka away. Becky and Bianca brawl, Asuka runs in but Bianca flips up and over! But Asuka hits a CODE BREAKER! Becky leaps, into a CODE BREAKER! Asuka aims from the corner, DOUBLE HIP ATTACK! Cover on Becky, TWO! Cover on Bianca, TWO! Asuka hurries to get Becky’s leg, ANKLE LOCK!

Becky endures, scrambles around, Bianca kicks but Asuka gets her, too! DOUBLE ANKLE LOCKS!! Bianca and Becky both crawl for ropes! They both roll and throw Asuka out! Becky hobbles to a corner, as does Bianca. They hobble at each other and the forearms start flying! Bianca KICKS the leg but that hurts her leg! The brawling continues, Bianca blocks a kick but Becky avoids the hair whip! Bianca rolls Becky, TWO! DISARM-HER! Bianca fights to move around, fans rally, and Bianca powers up! She has Becky for a torture rack! But Becky grabs ropes! Becky escapes the rack and she elbows Bianca!

Becky goes up and leaps, CROSSBODY! Bianca rolls it through! But Becky slips out, and shoves Bianca into Asuka’s MISSILE DROPKICK! Becky goes after Bianca but Bianca cradle counters! TWO!! MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, Asuka breaks it!! All three women are down and the fans are thunderous! Fans rally up as all three stir. Asuka drags Becky up, the haymakers start flying! They go back and forth, Asuka bobs ‘n’ weaves and fires off palm strikes! Becky blocks, Asuka spins, but Becky stops the backslide! She spins Asuka through but Asuka fights off the urenage. POP-UP KNEE! Bianca chicken wings, GlamEST-

NO, Becky ducks and the ROUNDHOUSE hits Bianca! Becky throws Asuka out again! Cover on Bianca, Asuka gets back and breaks it again! Fans can’t believe it, they hope these three “Fight Forever!” But this has to end somehow, we’ve got more show! Asuka and Becky fire up, Asuka blocks a kick to slip around, GERMAN SUPLEX! Becky avoids the hip attack to KICK Asuka in the ropes! ROPE ASSISTED DISARM-HER! But Bianca drags Becky off into a torture rack! Asuka HIP ATTACKS them both! Bianca goes down, Becky hurries to get Asuka in a cradle, TWO! Asuka has the cradle, TWO!!!

Becky O’Conner Rolls, TWO, ASUKA LOCK!! Becky is caught, but she fights off the body scissors! Becky is up, climbs the corner to push back to a cover! TWO!! Asuka still has the chinbar and armlock! ASUKA LOCK AGAIN!! Becky rolls things closer, but Bianca jumps in! Asuka and Becky avoid the 450! Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Bianca! Asuka runs in, but her hip attack gets caught to a waistlock! And then chicken wings, GlamEST BUCKLE SHOT! Becky throws Bianca out and gets Asuka! MANHANDLE SLAM!! But Bianca throws Becky out and covers Asuka! Bianca wins!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall (still Raw Women’s Champion)

Becky is shocked! Bianca outdid Becky at picking the most opportune time to strike! Bianca is still golden, what will it take for someone to take that title from her?


Cedric Alexander finds MVP & Omos backstage.

PRIMED Alexander ruins the pep talk MVP was giving Omos, because he has a plan for the Handicap match. Omos can get Lashley isolated, MVP can distract the ref, and Cedric will chop block Lashley’s legs. MVP tells Cedric to stop. He keeps trying to get back into MVP’s good graces but he never gets the job done. The Hurt Business is done, it is over, and it is never, ever coming back. Them as associates is done. Omos tells Cedric it is time for him to go. Cedric leaves, MVP finishes his talk with Omos, but will Cedric really accept this?


2v1 Handicap Match: Omos & MVP VS Bobby Lashley!

Montel Vontavius Porter sided with the Nigerian Giant over being abandoned by the Rocky Mountain Machine, and now vows to tear down what he helped build. Will Omos & MVP turn the All Mighty into the #FallMighty? Or will Lashley knock Omos down and shut MVP up once and for all?

MVP says he’ll start, and Omos obliges. The bell rings and MVP circles with Lashley. But then MVP tags out to Omos. Fans boo and Lashley gets antsy, but he and Omos circle. They tie up, Lashley waistlocks but Omos is too big to lift! Omos pries free, bumps Lashley, and he withstands the lariat! Omos grins and circles with Lashley again. They tie up, Lashley wrenches to a hammerlock, but Omos throws Lashley away! They reset and Omos calls for a test of strength. But his hand is 10 feet in the air! Lashley reaches, but then Omos switches hands. Lashley kicks low! Lashley fires off haymakers, runs, and ROCKS Omos!

Lashley swings on MVP but MVP gets away! Omos goes after Lashley, Lashley throws hands, then BOOTS from the corner! MVP anchors Lashley’s foot and Omos SPLASHES the corner! Omos then TOSSES Lashley corner to corner! Tag to MVP and he rains down fists! Cover, TWO! MVP looms over Lashley, scuffs him, and taunts him. MVP slaps Lashley around, throws forearms, then runs, but Lashley dodges to fire haymakers! Lashley kicks low, MVP rakes the eyes! The ref counts, MVP lets off and tags Omos! Omos swings but misses, Lashley DECKS MVP and CHOP BLOCKS Omos! Lashley CLUBS Omos and fans fire up!

Lashley reels Omos in, but Omos blocks the suplex to suplex and GOURD BUSTER Lashley! Omos roars, hauls Lashley up, and he scoops him! Omos gives Lashley SNAKE EYES, then CLOBBERS him into the corner! Omos then SPLASHES in the corner, and gets space. MVP tags in, right before Omos SPLASHES again! MVP runs in corner to corner to BOOT Lashley out of the ring! Fans boo and a ring count starts, but MVP tags Omos. Omos goes around the way to run down and CLOBBER Lashley through the barriers! Omos then returns to the ring and roars as fans boo. The ring count starts while Lashley is down in the wreckage.

Fans rally while they count along, and Lashley is still down at 5 of 10. And then 7 of 10! Lashley gets up at 9 and in at 9.99!! Fans fire up, but Omos tags MVP. MVP hurries to get Lashley up to CLUB him down, then he rains down more fists! Cover, ONE!1 MVP rains down forearms now! More ground ‘n’ pound from all sides, and a knee drop! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! A third, TWO!! MVP is furious but Lashley is still in this! MVP drags Lashley up, fans rally, but MVP hooks Lashley up. OVER- NO, Lashley slips out, dodges and DECKS Omos to SPEAR MVP! Cover, Omos breaks it! Omos drags Lashley up with the IRON CLAW!

Omos clamps on both hands, but Lashley fights! Is that Cedric on the corner? He jumps in, but Omos catches him and shoves him right back out! Lashley SPEARS Omos!! Omos tumbles out of the ring and Lashley gets to a corner. MVP runs in, Lashley dodges the boot! HURT LOCK!! MVP TAPS, LASHLEY WINS!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

PRIMED Alexander helps Lashley take out MVP & Omos! Is this a new era for the All Mighty? Will Omos and MVP want revenge on Cedric as much as they do Bobby now?


Ezekiel VS Kevin Owens!

Elias’ young brother makes his PPV/Premium Live Event debut, and as we heard from him in the kickoff show, is ready to #ZekeOut! But the Prizefighter refuses to accept that Ezekiel isn’t just Elias with a haircut and a shave. Will Kevin finally prove he’s been right all along? Or will Zeke win and make Kevin have another meltdown?

The bell rings and Kevin tells Ezekiel he is a damn liar. But fans chant for “ZEKE! ZEKE! ZEKE!” and it annoys Kevin. Kevin runs in, into a JUMP KNEE! Zeke goes up top, for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Kevin survives and keeps Zeke from getting a lightning fast win! Kevin bails out, Zeke follows, kicks him and CHOPS him at the barriers, but Kevin hits back. They brawl, Zeke ROCKS Kevin, but Kevin kicks low! Kevin goes to bump Zeke off the apron but Zeke blocks to give that bump to Kevin! And then he RAMS Kevin into the desk! Zeke gets back in the ring to refresh the count, and he CHOPS Kevin!

Kevin goes to barriers, Zeke throws more haymakers. Zeke whips, Kevin reverses to POST Zeke! The ring count is climbing again but Kevin gets in the ring. Zeke hobbles up and in at 8, but Kevin is on him for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Kevin swears that was three but the ref defends it was not. Kevin stomps away on Zeke, and shouts, “This is MY show!” Zeke is busted open and Kevin stomps him on the head! SENTON, to the corner, to the MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Kevin snarls that Zeke is still in this. Zeke sits up, Kevin storms over but Zeke throws body shots. Kevin DECKS Zeke, stomps him, and shouts, “THAT’S ELIAS!!”

Kevin clamps onto Zeke with a chinlock and fans duel, “That’s Elias!” “No It’s Not!” Fans rally for “ZEKE! ZEKE! ZEKE!” and he fights up out of the hold to arm-drag Kevin away! Kevin comes back to LARIAT! Fans fire up and Kevin mocks them. Kevin KICKS Zeke in the chest, CHOKES him on the ropes, and he tells us all, “That’s Elias!” Smile, Elias!” Kevin fishhooks Zeke, then lets off as the ref counts. Kevin ROCKS Zeke, slaps him around, then CHOPS him! Zeke fires forearms back but Kevin ROCKS him again. Kevin whips corner to corner, Zeke reverses hard and Kevin tumbles into the buckles!

Fans rally for Zeke and the haymakers start flying! Kevin and Zeke go back and forth but Zeke gets the edge. Zeke whips to CLOBBER Kevin, then runs in at the corner, into a BOOT! Kevin hops up, reels Zeke in, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Kevin goes right to a corner and right up top! SWANTON BOMB onto knees! Kevin writhes and crawls to the ropes, but Zeke is firing up! Fans rally, Zeke counter punches Kevin, kicks him, knee lifts, then tells Kevin, “Do you know who I am?” He puts Kevin in a corner and fires off punches and kicks! The ref counts, Zeke whips corner to corner but Kevin reverses! Zeke goes up to mule kick Kevin away!

Zeke runs corner to corner to SPLASH! Kevin staggers, Zeke SPLASHES him again! Zeke goes again but Kevin dodges! Kevin runs, into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Zeke pumps himself up, he drags Kevin up and reels him in, but Kevin wrenches out and dodges. Kevin kicks low but no stunner! Zeke runs into a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Kevin is shocked again! Kevin hobbles up to his feet, and he tells Zeke, “You’re Elias! Admit it!” He pie faces Zeke, SLAPS him, and keeps saying Zeke is Elias! Zeke SLAPS back! Kevin kicks, but Zeke rolls him up, TWO! JUMP KNEE!! Zeke hurries up top again, but Kevin trips him up!

Kevin SUPERKICKS Zeke, then SUPERKICKS him again! Zeke flops into the corner, CANNONBALL! Kevin hauls Zeke up, and gives “Elias” a STUNNER! Cover, Kevin wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Kevin may not have proven Zeke is Elias, but Kevin has proven he is the better man here tonight! But will Kevin leave whoever this is alone now and focus on his own career?


Mixed Six Tag: The Judgement Day VS AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Liv Morgan!

Edge is no longer the Rated R Superstar, he is, as he says, “The Omnipotent and Benevolent Deity” of WWE. Damian Priest & Rhea Ripley joined his cause of doing what they want to who they want without caring what fans think, all in the name of a twisted sense of freedom. But the Phenomenal One, the Prince and the LIVing End don’t believe the hype. Will they #LivTooSweet? Or will they be punished and eradicated by Edge and his Saints of Fate?

The trios sort out and fans fire up as the ladies are first. Liv and Rhea talk trash, Rhea even talks trash on Styles. But then the guys get back in and now it’s a brawl! Fans fire up as Styles throws out Edge, Finn trips and DOUBLE STOMPS Priest, and the Judgement Day goes running! Finn whips, Styles boosts, Liv RANAS Rhea! Fans fire up and Liv runs in at Rhea in the corner to back body block! And then SHINING WIZARD! Snapmare and Liv runs, into a HEADBUTT from Rhea! Rhea talks trash on the boys then ROCKS Liv. Rhea snap suplexes Liv, KICKS Liv in the back, then blows a kiss to the boys before she snap suplexes Liv again!

Rhea swaggers, she brings Liv up and smiles at Styles & Finn, before the stalling suplex on Liv! Rhea holds Liv for five then SLAMS her down! Cover, TWO! Rhea is annoyed already and she rains down fists on Liv. Rhea lets off to loom over Liv, then she drags Liv up to whip into a corner. Liv bounces off buckles, and Rhea takes her time walking over. Rhea RAMS into Liv again and again but lets off as the ref counts 4. Liv BOOTS Rhea, goes up top, and leaps for a missile dropkick! Rhea scrambles to the Judgement Day corner, Rhea dares Liv to do something. Liv points to her corner, and fans fire up as she tags in Styles!

Styles wants Edge, so Priest tags in. Fans boo as Edge lets his Punisher handle this. But Styles blocks the kick, spins Priest and CHOPS away! Styles whips, Priest reverses but Styles rolls to dropkick! Styles then dodges to PELE! Styles wrenches Priest’s arm, tag to Finn! Fans fire up as Finn wrenches, CLUBS the arm, wrenches again, but Priest scoops Finn! Finn slips off to headlock but Priest powers out. Finn ducks ‘n’ dodges to dropkick the legs out! Finn KICKS the legs, puts Priest in a corner and pull son the leg in the ropes! The ref counts, Finn lets off and Priest sucker punches him! Priest whips but Finn KICKS him!

Edge distracts Finn and Priest CLOBBERS Finn! Priest stomps Finn at the ropes, drags him up and throws him out. Priest tags Edge and Edge takes his time stalking Finn. Edge CLOBBERS Finn against the announce desk! Edge smacks Finn off the desk, then RAMS him into the apron. Rhea applauds as Edge puts Finn in. Edge soaks up the heat, stomps Finn in the corner, and tags in Priest. The Judgement Day mugs Finn, then Priest fires off heavy hands! Priest fires haymakers and uppercuts, but lets off at 4, so Edge can CHOKE Finn! Fans boo but Edge gets away with it. Priest taunts Liv with a smirk, then hits a back elbow on Finn! Priest CLOBBERS Finn, covers, TWO!

Priest clamps onto an arm and drags Finn over to tag Edge. They mug Finn more, then Edge brings Finn out to DECK him! And CLUB him! Edge soaks up the heat and taunts Styles, then goes back to Finn. Edge brings Finn around to whip him corner to corner hard, and Finn bounces off buckles! Edge slithers and stalks Finn, looms over him, then brings him up. Edge shoves Finn into the corner, throws haymakers, then backs off. Finn BOOTS him, DECKS Priest, and keeps firing off hands! Edge picks Finn up, Styles reaches out, but Priest hits the SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Edge tags Priest, and they stomp Finn down.

Priest brings Finn up but Finn fires off fast hands! Priest shoves and CLOBBERS Finn! Cover, TWO! Priest clamps onto Finn with a chinlock and grinds him down. Fans rally, Finn endures, and Finn fights up to a JAWBREAKER! Priest grabs an arm but Finn throws forearms! Finn and Styles still reach out, but Priest hits a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Finn is still in this but Rhea talks trash. Priest taunts Finn, throws KICK after KICK, but Finn CHOPS! Finn kicks, Priest BELL CLAPS and ROLLING ELBOWS! Finn PELES! Fans fire up and the Judgement Day freaks out! Finn crawls, Priest does, too, hot tags to Edge and Styles!

Styles rallies on Priest and Edge, Phenomenal Blitz for the Iconoclast! SLIDING FOREARM! Styles dodges Priest to back suplex FACEBUSTER! Corner forearm for Edge, into the USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Styles reels Edge in, Liv intercepts Rhea! Liv WRECKS Rhea out of the ring, Styles runs in at Edge. Edge puts Styles on the apron, Priest is there, but Styles SLIDING KNEES! Styles ROCKS Edge, takes aim and springboards, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, Priest drags Styles out! Edge, Priest and Styles are all down! Liv and Rhea coach their people up, Styles gets in after Edge. Styles and Edge crawl, hot tags to Liv and Rhea!

Liv dodges rhea, RANA- NO, Rhea blocks! But then Liv powers through to rana cover, TWO! ENZIGURI! Rhea staggers, swings, but into a CRUCIFIX DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Rhea survives but is on the ropes! Fans fire up, Liv run sin, but Rhea avoids ObLivion, to HALF ‘N’ HALF! Liv flounders, Rhea drags her up! Double pump handle, flips Liv through to a SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Liv survives and Rhea is frustrated. Rhea drags Liv up, pump handles and hooks Liv up, RIP- NO, Liv slips out, tag to Finn! Liv runs at Rhea, SATELLITE DDT! Finn and Styles trip Priest and Edge, everyone gets ground ‘n’ pound!

Finn clotheslines Priest out and Styles DECKS Edge! Rhea also scrambles away, and fans fire up! Finn and Styles DOUBLE PLANCHA! Liv DIVES onto Rhea! Judgement Day is down and the fists keep flying! Finn CHOPS Priest, puts him in the ring, then GAMANGIRIS him down! Finn goes up top and fans fire up, but Edge distracts the ref and Rhea shakes the ropes! Finn tumbles down! Rhea grins and Priest tags Edge. Priest gets Finn up, but Finn elbows him away! Finn BOOTS Edge, but turns around into a SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM! PHENOMENAL FOREARM for Priest! But Edge POSTS Styles!

Edge aims at Finn and runs in, cradle counter! TWO!! Edge escapes, but into a SLINGBLADE! Finn aims from a corner, SHOTGUN! Edge bounces off buckles, down he goes! Finn hurries up top, but Rhea stands in his way! Fans boo, but Liv jumps onto Rhea for a SLEEPER! Rhea and Liv tumble out, but Edge avoids Coup de Grace! SPEAR!! Cover, Judgement Day wins!

Winners: The Judgement Day, by pinfall

The Eradicator is all smiles, she was the key piece to this victory! Will Judgement Day dominate and spread their influence? Or is this war far from over between them and #LivTooSweet?


Lashley finds Cedric backstage.

Lashley asks Cedric what that was. Well it wasn’t for Lashley, it was for Cedric. MVP and Omos got what they deserve. So instead of finding a way to belong, he’ll stand on his own too feet. Lashley says that’s great, you gotta stand up for yourself around here. But don’t mess with another of Lashley’s matches again, got it? Got it. Lashley and Cedric are cool, but will they both be in the crosshairs of MVP and his giant?


No Holds Barred: Happy Corbin VS Mad Cap Moss!

Once boss and sidekick who bullied anyone and everyone are now bitter enemies because Corbin just kept treating Moss like trash. But will the “Big Bald Wolf” huff and puff and put Moss back in a hospital? Or will raging Riddick use anything and everything to beat that smile off Corbin’s face once and for all?

The bell rings and the two circle. Moss fires off haymakers but Corbin pulls Moss’ beard! Corbin puts Moss in the corner, but Moss dodges to fire off hands! Moss clotheslines Corbin out of the ring, then pursues with more haymakers! they go up to the stage, Moss ROCKS Corbin again! Corbin knees low, then RAMS Moss into the LED board! The board glitches out while Moss staggers away. Corbin kicks Moss back down the ramp and back to ringside. Corbin whips, Moss reverses, and Corbin hits barriers! Moss whips Corbin into more barriers, then puts him in the ring. Fans rally and Moss clotheslines Corbin out the other side!

Moss goes out to get Corbin again, and he gets a chair! Fans fire up but Corbin ROCKS Moss first! Corbin grabs the chair, fans boo, and Corbin puts the chair aside. Corbin brings Moss around to aim at the desk, but Moss blocks! Moss elbows Corbin, but Corbin choke grips and SHOVES Moss over the desk! But Moss TOSSES an armchair at Corbin! Down goes Corbin, but Moss RAMS Corbin into steel steps! Moss hauls Corbin up and around to RAM into the other steps! Fans chant, “We Want Tables!” but Moss pulls steps apart first. But Corbin runs away into the crowd! Moss pursues, but Corbin just CLOBBERS Moss back to ringside!

Corbin drags Moss up and hangs him out to dry on the barriers! Then he SLAMS Moss’ face into the barriers and throws knee after knee! Moss flops to the floor, and Corbin goes looking under the ring. Corbin brings out a table! Fans cheer, but then Corbin puts the table under the ring. They boo and Corbin snarls as he brings Moss up. Corbin has fans move aside, but then says “Psyche!” He puts Moss in the ring, but then Moss ROCKS Corbin on the apron! Moss fires forearm after forearm, but Corbin choke grips to CHOKE SLAM! Corbin fetches as chair and brings it into the ring. Corbin aims and JAMS Moss in the ribs!

Moss staggers, Corbin SMACKS him on the back! Corbin says this is because of the fans! Corbin SMACKS Moss again! Corbin wants Moss to give up, and he JAMS Moss in the neck! Corbin hauls Moss up, sits him down in the chair, and throws haymakers. Fans rally and chant, “We Want Tables!” but Corbin runs, into a drop toehold! Corbin hits the chair with his face! Moss hauls Corbin up, turns him, but Corbin powers out! DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin is frustrated, but he tosses the chair aside and goes outside. Corbin gets a fresh chair, not a table, and fans boo. Corbin gets in and digs the chair into Moss’ neck!

Moss can only endure but Corbin lets off to wedge the chair into a corner. Chicago tells Corbin he’s an A-Hole, but Corbin doesn’t care. Corbin stands Moss up to throw body shots! Corbin whips corner to corner, Moss stops himself, and then dodges. Corbin slides out, slides in, but Moss dodges again! Moss baits Corbin into the chair! Both men are down and Moss drags himself to the far side. Fans still want tables so Moss goes out and finds his way to the chair. Moss gets in, aims and JAMS Corbin in the side! Then he SMACKS Corbin on the back! Moss SMACKS Corbin again! And again! And again! Moss is fired up and he gets Corbin in a corner!

Moss fires off fast hands, and stomps, and he doesn’t have to hold back! Moss then brings Corbin around, DDT to the chair! Cover, TWO! Corbin is still in this but Moss keeps focus. Corbin flounders away, Moss aims from a corner. Moss runs in to RAM into Corbin! And again! Moss goes side to side to POUNCE Corbin out of the ring! Moss goes out and runs in, but into a CHOP BLOCK! Corbin takes out Moss’ leg, and then he gets Moss up to TOSS him over the barrier! Corbin drags Moss out of the timekeeper’s area and over to the desk. “You think you’re better than me?!” Corbin rains down furious fists and Moss flounders against the desk.

Fans still want tables but Corbin still goes for a chair. Corbin drags Moss up, puts the chair around Moss’ head, then RAMS him into the desk!! Moss sputters and falls while Corbin looms over him. Corbin takes the chair and tosses it aside, then he puts Moss in the ring. Corbin gets the base steps and puts those in the ring. Corbin stands the steps up in the corner, then he drags Moss up. Corbin reels Moss in, Canadian Rack, but Moss fights free! Corbin elbows Moss, but then swings into a scoop! Moss aims at the steps, to FALL AWAY SLAM Corbin into them! THE PUNCHLINE!! And then Moss gets the chair again!

Moss puts the chair around Corbin’s head, and he wants to give Corbin some karma! Moss has the steps, he aims at the chair, and SLAMS the steps on the chair!! Corbin writhes but Moss covers, Moss wins!!

Winner: Mad Cap Moss, by pinfall

Riddick unleashed his wrath and he may have just crushed Corbin for good! Will Moss use momentum to move forward from this and on to bigger things?


WWE United States Championship: (Austin) Theory VS Mustafa Ali!

Vince McMahon handpicked (Austin) Theory to mentor personally, and though he lost to Stone Cold at WrestleMania, Theory is now the youngest WWE United States Champion in history! But Theory has abused the authority he has from being Vince’s protégé, and it might’ve just come back to bite him! Will the Beacon win his first WWE title in his hometown? Or is all that just a theory?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if all it takes for Ali to win is a fair fight!

Fans rally for “ALI! ALI!” but Theory just smirks. Ali and Theory circle, tie up, and Theory wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Ali uses the ropes to flip through, then he rolls and handsprings to break free and CHOP! Theory rushes in but into an arm-drag! Theory bails out and fans boo. Ali waits on Theory and Theory mockingly applauds. Theory gets in, resets and circles with Ali, then they tie up. Theory headlocks, Ali powers out but Theory runs him over! Theory flexes on Ali, talks trash, but things speed up. Ali follows and RANAS theory, then arm-drags him around! Theory bails out again and Ali is getting annoyed.

Theory is getting upset, the ring count climbs and fans rally for Ali. That just upsets Theory more and Theory gets back in. Ali and Theory circle again, but then Theory runs out of the ring. So Ali slides and dropkicks Theory! Ali goes up a corner, to SUPER CROSSBODY! Direct hit and down goes Theory! Fans fire up, Ali stalks Theory and CHOPS him against barriers. The ref counts, Ali refreshes that count, and runs at Theory, only for Theory to POST him! Theory gets Ali in, rains down fists from all sides, then stomps away on Ali’s ribs! Theory stalks Ali to a corner, drags him up and brings him around to ROCK with a right,

Fans chant “Theory Sucks!” and that frustrates him. Theory runs in, but Ali sends him into buckles! Ali goes up top but Theory SHOVES him to the floor! Ali writhes from the crash landing but Theory soaks up the heat. Theory gets Ali up and in, stalks Ali, then drags him up again. Theory ROCKS Ali with a fist, then corner clotheslines! Theory scoops and FALL AWAY SLAMS! Cover, TWO! Theory clamps on a chinlock and squeezes tight. Fans rally, Ali fights up and throws body shots! Theory knees low! Theory snapmares, then stomps Ali down! Theory paces, grabs at Ali, but Ali gets him for a victory roll! TWO, and Ali blocks a kick to give a WHEEL KICK!

Theory staggers and falls over, Ali gets to a corner. Theory staggers, fans rally up, and Ali goes up and over! Theory hits buckles, Ali runs and CLOBBERS him! Theory gets up to put Ali in a corner, but Ali slips out and ROUNDHOUSES Theory away! Ali somersaults in for the NECKBREAKER! Theory gets up and kicks Ali back, then goes up top. Ali CHOPS Theory then goes up after him, but Theory throws body shots. Theory shoves Ali but Ali lands on his feet! The leg jams, Theory leaps but into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Ali and Theory each have a bad leg, and fans rally up.

Theory YANKS Ali into ropes! Ali sputters into a corner but he BOOTS Theory back. Ali goes up, Theory springs up for the REBOUND SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Ali survives and Theory is shocked! Theory covers again, TWO! And again, TWO, to the ghost pin! TWO!! Ali ducks but Theory back elbows, only for Ali to LARIAT! Both men are down and fans rally back up! Ali and Theory slowly rise, and Theory fireman’s carries! Ali fights and gets the ropes! The ref counts, Theory can’t hold on, Ali goes up to FLYING TORNADO DDT! Ali gets up and goes for the corner! Fans fire up, but Theory hits the ropes! Ali falls and Theory fireman’s carries! A TOWN-

NO! Ali catches the leg, trips Theory, STF!! Theory endures, reaches out, crawls forward, ROPEBREAK! Fans boo as Theory survives but Ali has to let him go. Theory gets to the apron but Ali hurries over. Ali brings Theory up, but Theory HOTSHOTS! Theory gets back up, brings Ali up, but Ali reels Theory in to KICK! And then TILT-O-WHIRL DDT!! Ali hurries to get to the corner! Fans fire up as Ali reaches the top rope, for the 450 FLOP!! Theory aims from the corner, runs in, and he CHOP BLOCKS the leg!! Theory gets that bad leg, but Ali kicks him away. So Theory uses the leg to get Ali up into A TOWN DOWN!! Cover, Theory wins!

Winner: (Austin) Theory, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

Ali fought hard, but he made a miscalculation in his flight. The champion takes his victory selfie, will he make sure this belt is all about A. Theory?


Hell in a Cell Match: Cody Rhodes VS Seth Rollins!

The Son of a Son of a Plumber made a thrilling return to the WWE at WrestleMania 38 as the Visionary’s mystery opponent, and then had a great rematch with him at WrestleMania Backlash. But Rollins won’t let any of that go, and now they’re having a hellacious rematch to put an end to it! Cody won as a surprise and he won at 100%, but does he have a chance when he has a torn pec and an angry Architect? Or will Seth Freakin’ Rollins end the American Nightmare’s dream comeback?

The cell is lowered, and Rollins comes out in a Dusty Rhodes polka dots outfit! Rollins is really trying to get under Cody’s skin here, and it only makes the fans chant for Cody more. Cody makes his entrance, and though the pyro goes off, it is clear Cody’s right arm isn’t doing well. The weight belt goes to a young fan in the front row, and Cody steps inside the cell. The door is locked, fans are fired up and despite the bad arm, Cody is ready! The introductions are made, the bell rings, and we see who survives going through Hell… in a Cell!

Cody takes off his jacket and shows just how nasty that torn pec looks. Rollins loves seeing that dark purple-red chest as the two circle. Cody keeps that bad arm back and avoids Rollins’ grip to JAB! Rollins sneers, he and Cody circle again, and they knuckle lock. Rollins wants the arm, Cody shoves him away and JABS, JABS, but Rollins trips him! Cody avoids a stomp to kick Rollins, then he fires off JAB after JAB! Rollins swings, Cody dodges and DISASTER KICKS! Fans fire up but Rollins reels Cody in! Back suplex but Cody lands out, CODY CUTTER!! But the bad arm slows him down! Cody just grits his teeth and fires back up!

Cody gets Rollins in the dragon sleeper but Rollins knees free! Cody trips Rollins to step through, FIGURE FOUR! But how well can Cody hold it when one arm can’t push up? Rollins drags Cody with him, has the ropes, but there are no ropebreaks in the cell! Rollins uses the ropes to drag himself out further, and he gets something from under the ring? A toolbox! That’s a familiar sight for Rollins. But instead, Rollins gets a kendo stick! Rollins SMACKS the bad arm! Rollins is free of the leglock, and he SMACKS Cody again! Cody crawls, Rollins CLOBBERS him with the stick! And again! Fans rally for Cody but Rollins stands on the bad hand, to dig into the bad shoulder!

Rollins lets off and laughs while he paces around. Cody manages to get up, and blocks the kendo stick! Cody JABS, JABS and back hands, then he whips Rollins corner to corner. Rollins reverses but Cody goes up and out, only for Rollins to BLAST him into the steel! The ref checks on Cody but he refuses to give up. Rollins aims while fans rally up, and Rollins WRECKS Cody with a dropkick! Cody hits steel, Rollins smacks him off it again! Rollins has the kendo stick, and he digs it into the bad shoulder again! Rollins eggs Cody on then SMACKS the bad arm! Rollins has cameramen move aside so he can RAM Cody into steel!

Rollins taunts Cody more as he digs Cody’s face into the fencing like a grater! Rollins goes for another but Cody blocks and throws Rollins into the steel! And again! And again! Cody stalks Rollins around the way, fans rally behind Cody, and they get in the ring. Rollins kicks low, whips Cody to ropes, but Cody kicks back! Cody LARIATS with the left arm! And then LARIATS Rollins out of the ring! Rollins tumbles into the steel while Cody grits his teeth and fights through the pain. Cody goes out after Rollins, but Rollins is taking the steps apart! Rollins RAMS Cody down! Rollins stalks Cody, digs fingers into Cody’s face, then puts him in the ring.

Rollins soaks up the heat from the fans and gets Cody’s jacket. Rollins puts the jacket on, continuing to disrespect Cody. Rollins then brings something out from under the ring: a polka dot weight belt with “Visionary” on it! Rollins is taking this to another level as he LASHES Cody with the belt! Rollins soaks up all the heat, but fans do start to sing Rollins’ song for him. Rollins LASHES Cody, then LASHES him again, across the chest! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives but that bruise has to be getting worse. Rollins doesn’t care, he goes looking, and he brings out a table! Chicago’s been wanting that since Moss VS Corbin and here it is!

Rollins puts the table in the ring, bums Cody off buckles, then CLUBS the bad shoulder and digs his boot in! Fans chant, “Thank You, Rollins!” for the table, and Rollins sets it up. Cody hurries over but Rollins throws hands! Cody hits back but that was with his bad arm! Rollins rakes eyes! Cody staggers away but Rollins puts him up on the top rope. Rollins CHOPS Cody, then takes aim at the table. Rollins climbs up, but Cody fights the superplex! Cody throws elbows, gets under Rollins, and even with a bad arm, he lifts Rollins! Rollins fights free, then ROCKS Cody! Rollins turns Cody, DREAM SMASHER ELBOW!

Cody ends up on the table and Rollins makes sure he’s in position. Rollins goes up the corner, FROG SPLASH through the table, BUT NO CODY! Cody gets out of the way just in time and fans fire up for him! Cody gets the spotted belt, and throws it aside. Cody goes looking under the ring, brings out a duffle bag, and finds a BULL ROPE! With a cowbell on it!! Fans are loving this tribute to the American Dream as Cody actually straps himself in! He dares Rollins to use the other end?! Rollins won’t be called out like that, he straps in! This is now part Bull Rope Match! Rollins and Cody tug-o-war, then they rush in! Cody knee slow, then YOINKS Rollins upside-down!

Cody gets Rollins up, has the cowbell, but Rollins kicks low! Rollins has the cowbell, but Cody SUPERKICKS! Cody gets the cowbell back, reels Rollins in and CLOBBERS him! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives having his bell rung! Cody drags Rollins around drags him out of the ring. Rollins kicks low, smacks Cody off the apron, and Cody leans against steel. Rollins goes through the corner and YANKS Cody into the POST! And again! Rollins undoes the strap, he’s done with the bull rope. And now, Rollins gets another table! Fans are fired up again as Rollins puts the table in with Cody. Rollins sets the table up in a corner, and he goes back for Cody.

Rollins drags Cody up, reels him in, gets Cody up, but Cody fights off the bomb! Cody dodges, Rollins stops from hitting table, CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives again but Cody is too hurt to be upset. Cody grits his teeth and gets back up as fans rally. Cody drags Rollins up, reels him in, but the bad arm won’t let him lift Rollins. Cody whips but Rollins stops himself, and he YANKS the bad arm! SUPERKICK! Cody flounders, Rollins gets him up to POWERBOMB through the table!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Cody survives and no one can believe it! “This is Awesome!” and somehow both men are stirring.

Rollins pushes himself up, even with bloody scratches on his arms. Cody has bruises and scrapes on his back now, but Rollins still isn’t done with him. Rollins kicks the toolbox out of the way as he looks deep under the ring. Rollins brings out a SLEDGEHAMMER! Rollins shouts out the Game, and he brings the hammer into the ring! Rollins runs in at Cody, but Cody kicks him first! Rollins kicks back! Tucks the arms, but Cody spins it around! PEDIGREE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cody forces himself to stand, he considers his options, and he sees the hammer. Cody hobbles over to the hammer and brings it up.

Fans fire up and Rollins starts to freak out! Cody holds up the hammer, but Rollins is outside the ring. But the cell keeps him from going too far, and Cody stalks Rollins around the way. Rollins gets back in the ring, Cody gets in, CURB STOMP!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Cody survives and now Rollins is too tired to be shocked! Fans are thunderous and Rollins goes to a corner. Cody stirs, crawls to center, and Rollins runs in, but Cody evades the stomp! But Rollins turns things around, and steals CROSS RHODES! Rollins brings Cody up, but Cody turns it back around, CROSS RHODES!! Both men are down and Chicago is stunned!

Cody sees the hammer again and he crawls that way. But so does Rollins! It’s a race! Cody gets the hammer first! But his bad arm let sit go! Rollins has the hammer, runs in, but into a BOOT! And a CROSS RHODES! Then another CROSS RHODES! Cody can do the hat trick, but he doesn’t want it? He wants the hammer! SLEDGE SHOT!!! Cover, Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

That was one hell of a match! Cody goes 3-0 against Seth Freakin’ Rollins, putting an exclamation point on this final chapter! The American Nightmare survived the Visionary’s devilish playground, is he on his way to the Promised Land that is the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship?

My Thoughts:

Wow, this was quite the event for WWE. Though, it was basically a great event for Raw guest starring one match from SmackDown that should’ve been on SmackDown. It was still a really good No Holds Barred match, Moss and Corbin are both very good in the ring. Chicago needed to shut up about tables during it because obviously Moss and Corbin have been all about the chairs ‘n’ stairs. Moss winning is a great move, and wow that brutal finish with the stair smash on the chair. This can give Corbin some time off, or even add to the story with Corbin crying in his neck brace. Moss can even use this momentum to represent SmackDown in Money in the Bank.

We got a great opener in the Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat, lots of great chaos, and in the end, Bianca wins at Becky’s own opportunistic game. Becky will of course be mad, she and Asuka can feud into MITB, and maybe Asuka wins to have the MITB run she would’ve had a couple years ago if Becky hadn’t gotten pregnant. Or Becky wins as that is an accomplishment she hasn’t had yet, and Heels tend to work better since it’s all about the opportunistic cash-in. We then got a decent handicap match, but I think the best part was that Cedric took the rejection how I figured, and he turned against MVP and Omos.

At some point, Lashley and Cedric will end up working together, and maybe MVP and Omos get a win back by pinning Cedric. At the same time, Lashley would make a great participant in MITB, and might even win it, turning things around from when he was Big E’s cash-in victim. Ezekiel VS Kevin was good, but I wouldn’t say PPV worthy. This would actually be where I’d want something happening to distract someone as the finish. Elias’ guitar strum distracts Kevin, or it even distracts Zeke to tease how he really is still Elias and Elias can’t be showing up because Zeke’s in the ring. Either way, it just felt like they put what should’ve been on a Raw here on HIAC.

The Six Person Tag was pretty good but could’ve been a bit more. Judgement Day winning with distractions was a good move, though. This will push things towards MITB and maybe even SummerSlam, and in the end, I just want Finn & Styles to stick together. That tag team should be seen as Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship worthy. Theory VS Ali was very good but I should’ve known the hometown hero would lose. Vince loves doing that just so the other person has heat. Theory wins clean, though, so there isn’t really room for another match with Ali, which is also a shame. I’m not even sure who is going to face Theory next, something about Raw’s midcard feels weak.

But that Hell in a Cell was wild stuff. First off, Cody still going through with this despite the pec injury is both commendable and reckless. I suppose the bruise was the worst part of it if Cody was still able to do this, and of course it became the story of the match, but I also like that they still had plenty of Dusty Rhodes and Triple H related story beats. To think that the payoff of Cody’s AEW story, aka him finally using the Pedigree, happens here, and he doesn’t even win with it. But Cody still wins out, and if not for this pectoral injury, I’d think Cody would be going on to MITB, too. But if that needs surgery or something, Cody might not be back until the Royal Rumble. SummerSlam is way too close being in July now, so Cody returning and winning the Royal Rumble might be best.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/27/24)

The Czar and… HIM!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Ilja Dragunov confronts Carmelo Hayes face to face!

Before they once again battle for the NXT Championship, Ilja Dragunov dares Carmelo Hayes to look him in the eyes! Will Melo man up and do it?


  • Kelani Jordan VS Kiana James w/ Izzi Dame; Kiana wins.
  • The Good Brothers VS Malik Blade & Edris Enofe; The Good Brothers win.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Jakara Jackson w/ Lash Legend; Roxie wins.
  • DIJAK VS Luca Crusifino; Dijak wins.
  • Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone VS Lexis King; Von wins.
  • Gigi Dolin VS Jaida Parker w/ OTM; Jaida wins.
  • NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ The Meta Four VS ??? w/ The No Quarter Catch Crew; Charlie Dempsey wins and becomes the new NXT Heritage Cup Champion.


Ilja Dragunov is here!

The NXT Champion heads to the ring and the fans are all fired up, because the Mad Dragon is not going to wait any longer! “Carmelo Hayes! You disgusting rodent of a man! Let’s go!! I’m not in the mood to wait around all night. This is Stand & Deliver season!” The fans fire up for that! Dragunov says what did Melo say last week? That if this isn’t about the NXT Championship, there’s nothing to talk about? What Melo is looking for is right here. So come on out of your little hiding place, and let’s talk about it. Melo makes his entrance and the fans boo, and now security moves in to be a wall between Dragunov and HIM.

Melo has a mic of his own to say, “Ilja, you the NXT Champion, for now. But you ain’t the superstar that make this brand go, I am. And it’s been that way since I stepped on the scene with that ruthless aggression. Y’see this right here, Ilja? This security. They’re Melo’s security. And they’re here to do whatever it is I need them to do. Look at you. You still pissed off that I used you, huh, Ilja? That I made Trick doubt the Great Ilja Dragunov, with your custom suits, so honorable and all your integrity. Ugh, you make me sick.” Fans boo and tell Melo to “Shut The Hell Up!” Melo says he can tell Dragunov is spiteful.

Dragunov says after what Melo did, he is damn right about Dragunov! And that is why Melo isn’t stepping in that ring with him. Not until he sees a contract and Ava makes this official. Because, Ilja, losing that NXT Championship is your biggest fear. And Melo knows Ilja isn’t the type to try and take Melo out before the match. So go ahead, get it all in order, and then they can talk business. Fans boo more but Melo says Dragunov has until the end of the night. Dragunov drops the mic, rushes up, and he CLOBBERS security guard after security guard! Melo falls back, the remaining guards form a circle around him.

Dragunov stays back, he raises the belt, but will Melo still get what he wants?


NXT Media catches up with Ava Raine.

Just before the show began, reporters asked the NXT General Manager about the big show planned tonight. Yes, this is a big lead-up to Stand & Deliver. Then she spots Gigi Dolin and asks what’s up. Gigi says she just wanted to talk about what’s next for herself. Absolute, this is a competitive Women’s Division, they can definitely talk it out. Awesome! They went to Ava’s office, where Jaida Parker was already waiting. How’d she get in here? Jaida says she had a key. Now, no disrespect, but they gotta talk about Jaida’s future. She ran through Rizzo, and- Gigi says great win, yeah. But Gigi’s meeting was first, line starts behind her.

Jaida says she doesn’t wait in any lines, and especially not behind Gigi. Gigi says Jaida should learn who she’s talking to. Hold on, World Star’s never mentioned Gigi. Well, she’ll give them something to talk about then. Ava has them both stop. They’re not gonna World Star in here. What’s next for both of them will be each other. So now they can leave, starting with Jaida. Jaida heads out, will she be making World Star news after getting toxic with Gigi?


Kelani Jordan VS Kiana James w/ Izzi Dame!

The Gym Princess has been getting the spotlight, and that put her on the Calculator’s hit list! Will Kiana prove she’s still the future of NXT and no one else? Or will Kelani’s potential be off the charts?

The bell rings and Kiana circles with Kelani. They tie up, Kiana powers Kelani to a corner and gets up in her face. The ref counts, Kelani avoids the elbow, and she wags her finger. Kiana runs up, but Kelani wrenches and wristlocks. Kiana rolls, handsprings, and wrenches back to YANK the arm! Kelani spins through then goes up and up to ARABIAN PRESS ARM-DRAG! The fans fire up and Kelani storms up, but Kiana rams her low! Kiana whips, Kelani goes up and headscissors to RANA Kiana away! Kiana bails out, Kelani runs up, but Izzi plays roadblock! Kelani goes up and out to ASAI MOONSAULT them both then! The fans fire up as NXT goes picture in picture!

Kelani tells Izzi that’s what she gets, then she drags Kiana into the ring. Cover, TWO! Kiana sits up, into Kelani’s SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Kelani drags Kiana up, whips her to a corner hard, then storms up. Kelani whips corner to corner, Kiana reverses but Kelani goes up again,. But Kiana blocks the rana to SLAM Kelani down, then literally KICKS her out of the ring! Izzi is there to taunt Kelani, and Kiana goes out after her. Kiana drags Kelani up to SMACK her off the apron! Kiana then CHOPS Kelani, high fives Izzi, then RAMS Kelani into the apron! The ref reprimands, the ring count climbs, but Kiana puts Kelani in.

Kiana talks trash while she stalks Kelani, then brings her up. Kelani throws body shots, only for Kiana to knee her low! Kiana drags Kelani up to TOSS her to a corner. Kiana handsprings, runs in and RAMS into Kelani! Kiana then brings Kelani out to kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO! Kelani stays in this but Kiana scowls as she looms over her. Kiana taunts Kelani, CHOKES her on the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Izzi laughs at Kelani while she crawls away. Kiana drags Kelani up to CLUB her down, then goes to ropes. Kiana whips but Kelani turns knee into roll-up! TWO, and Kelani gets around to backslide! TWO!

Kiana stands, knees Kelani low again, then drags her around. Kiana suplexes, GOURD BUSTERS, and covers, TWO! Kelani toughs it out but Kiana clamps onto her for a seated cobra twist! Kelani endures being stretched and bent! Kelani fights up and throws body shots. NXT returns to single picture but Kiana knees low! Kiana whips, Kelani ducks ‘n’ dodges, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Izzi is worried for Kiana while both women are down. The fans rally for Kelani as she sputters, but Kiana crawls her way over. Kiana throws a forearm, but Kelani forearms back! Kiana forearms again, but Kelani gives it back!

The fans rally up but Kiana kicks low. Kiana back suplexes, Kelani lands out, and she CLOBBERS Kiana! And again! And then cartwheel BACK ELBOW! Kelani kips up, the fans fire up, and Kelani blocks a kick to step-over WHEEL KICK! Cover, TWO! Kelani is frustrated but she watches Kiana rise. Kelani handsprings but Kiana catches her! Kiana pops Kelani around but Kelani slips free, rebounds, hurdles and handsprings again! Clinch and FLATLINER! The fans fire up as Kelani pushes Kiana to a cover, TWO!! Kiana survives and Kelani growls. Izzi is worried but Kelani drags Kiana up. Kelani hooks Kiana up but Kiana slips free to KNEE low again!

Kiana puts Kelani on the apron, but Kelani RAMS into her! Kelani slingshots up and over, keeps moving, but Kiana SPINEBUSTERS! High stack, TWO!! Kiana loses her cool as Kelani stays in this! Kiana drags Kelani back up, reels her in, but Kelani cradle counters! TWO!! Kiana kicks low, whips, but Kelani holds ropes! Kelani kicks, Kiana blocks and flips Kelani to the apron! Kelani ROUNDHOUSES Kiana back, but Kiana distracts the ref. Kelani slingshots but Izzi YANKS her right down!! The fans boo but Izzi gets Kelani in the ring! Kiana hurries to drag Kelani in, for the DEAL BREAKER! Cover, Kiana wins!

Winner: Kiana James, by pinfall

The Izzi insurance policy strikes again! Will nothing stop these two in their hostile takeover of NXT?


NXT shares footage from after last week’s show.

Roxanne Perez was still seething over someone else swooping in and getting a title shot before her. Last time was Tatum and Lola, this time was Shotzi and Lash Legend! Is the universe just against her? And leave the broken TV where it is, it doesn’t matter! But Jakara says, “Check, please.” This is just how a superstar operates. Lash Legend stays ready so she ain’t gotta get ready. That’s something Roxie needs to understand. Roxie says Lash was just in the right place at the right time. Unlike Jakara right now. Oh, whatever, you lost, just go- Roxie fires off on Jakara! The rest of the locker room rushes in, but this explains tonight’s match. Will Roxie’s wrath wreck Miss Jackson?


The Good Brothers VS Malik Blade & Edris Enofe!

In a shocking return last week, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows ran in, wrecked some top teams in NXT, and then staked their claim to the top spot! Will the Machine Gun and Big LG make NXT Too Sweet? Or will they learn Malik & Edris are far from rookies?

NXT returns as Malik & Edris make their entrance. The teams sort out and Malik starts against Karl. Karl kicks low, bumps Malik off buckles, then fires off haymakers. The ref counts but Karl stomps away until 4. The fans fire up, Karl talks some smack on Malik, then storms back up. Karl whips Malik to ropes, but Malik ducks ‘n’ dodges, cartwheels and DROPKICKS! The fans fire up for “Malik! Da Freak!” as he wrenches and brings Karl over. Tag to Edris, they double whip Karl to ropes, then double drop toehold! Then they DOUBLE DROPKICK! Gallows gets in but he gets DOUBLE DROPKICKS, too!

The ref reprimands and Gallows bails out. Edris runs at Karl but Karl UPPERCUTS him away! Then UPPERCUTS him again! Karl whips, Edris goes up and over and keeps moving, to RANA Karl away! Karl flounders, Edris runs up to CHOP! Tag to Malik, he and Edris double whip Karl again. Double shoulders knock Karl down, then Malik sets up so Edris can run and POMMEL HORSE SPLASH! Edris sets up now and Malik runs, step-up ELBOW DROP! The fans fire up for the combo moves and Malik brings Karl around. Gallows shouts at Malik and that’s a distraction enough for Karl to pull Malik’s ear!

Karl puts Malik in the corner, tags Gallows, and the Good Brothers mug Malik! The ref counts, the Good Brothers let off and Karl eggs Edris on. Gallows digs his boot in, stands on Malik, then lets off. Gallows brings Malik up, suplexes and puts him on the ropes, to then run and BOOT Malik down! The fans are torn as Big LG drags Malik up. Malik throws body shots but Gallows UPPERCUTS! Malik sits back, only for Gallows to rain down elbows! Gallows clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Malik down. The fans rally as Malik endures and fights up. Malik throws body shots, but Gallows HEADBUTTS him down!

Gallows puts Malik in the corner to fire body shots, then he UPPERCUTS! Malik sits right down and the fans fire up. Gallows stomps Malik, tags Karl, and Karl stomps Malik. Karl clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Malik into the mat. Malik endures, the fans rally up, and Malik fights to his feet. Malik throws elbows but Karl CLUBS Malik. Karl reels Malik in for a back suplex, but Malik lands out of it! Malik sunset flips Karl, TWO! Karl stands up but Malik dodges him, hot tag to Edris! Edris dodges Karl to BLAST Gallows! Edris rallies on Karl with big clotheslines, then he runs to SLING-DOG! Gallows runs in, Malik & Edris DUMP him back out!

Edris kicks Karl, reels him in, JACKHAMMER! Malik LEAPS at Gallows, but Gallows catches him! Gallows SHOVES Malik into steel steps! Edris BOOTS Gallows from the apron! Edris then climbs, aims at Karl, 450- NO, Edris has to roll through as Karl moves! Karl comes back to SPINEBUSTER! Tag to Gallows and the Good Brothers get Edris up. MAGIC KILLER!! Cover, Good Brothers win!

Winners: The Good Brothers, by pinfall

But before the celebration can begin, Chase U is here! Andre Chase says if the Good Brothers wanna interrupt a Chase U victory, then they’re gonna learn that karma’s a bitch! Duke Hudson says Gallows & Anderson aren’t the first team to come into NXT thinking they can just do what they want. But this time, Chase U’s backs aren’t turned. And y’know what that calls for, Mr. Chase? Oh, yes. These two deserve an Andre Chase University sized- WAIT! Axiom & Nathan Frazer storm out here! Frazer says here we go again. Mr. Chase, Duke, congrats on being #1 contenders. But when it comes to Gallows & Anderson, Axiom & Frazer have next.

Good Brothers wanna jump people from behind? Well, at least when a team like LWO shows up to NXT, they confront people to their face. Axiom adds that he and Frazer have no problem dealing with Good Brothers. Duke says not if Chase U gets them first. But then speaking of LWO! Cruz & Wilde are up top, they DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK the Good Brothers! And all the teams go after Gallows & Anderson! Gallows & Anderson bail out, and then we see the Wolf Dogs watching from the perch! The NXT Tag Team Champions are very amused at all the teams fighting each other, but will they be ready for when Chase U looks to be a Roadblock next week?


Ava Raine is on the phone.

She confirms to whoever this is, that there will be some big title matches for Roadblock, it will be a great show. Someone walks in, and it’s Oba Femi! Ava excuses herself from the call and asks what’s up. Oba wants to know who is his next “victim.” Ava says she is figuring that out because there are many guys who’d love a shot at the North American Championship. Oba says they might say that now, but when they get in the ring with him, they will regret those words. But then in steps Ilja! Champion stares down champion, and Oba smiles before he leaves. Dragunov says he and Ava need to talk. Is The Czar going to acquiesce to Melo’s demands?


Roxanne Perez VS Jakara Jackson w/ Lash Legend!

We saw how this match came about, now we’re gonna see how it goes! Will The Prodigy use her new edge to cut down one of the Meta Four? Or will her anger get the better of her this close to Stand & Deliver?

NXT returns as Jakara makes her entrance, Lash right by her side. The bell rings and the two rush in! Roxie hits a THESZ PRESS and fast hands! Jakara gets away, goes out, but Roxie runs up! Lash gets Jakara away so Roxie stops herself. Roxie rushes out there but Lash stands in the way. Jakara runs up but Roxie avoids the sucker punch to ROCK Jakara! Roxie pushes Jakara in but Jakara kicks back! Lash talks trash and Jakara puts Roxie in. Jakara runs up to DROPKICK Roxie to a corner! The fans rally, Jakara fires body shots on Roxie, then says she’s Miss Jackson! CHOP! Roxie sputters and crawls, Jakara talks trash, but Roxie elbows her back!

Roxie puts Jakara in a corner and UPPERCUTS! Roxie CHOPS, CHOPS, and then shoves Jakara down. Roxie goes up and up and LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Jakara survives but Roxie got her with legs more than anything. Roxie puts Jakara on ropes, whips her, but Jakara reverses. Roxie stops herself to SOBAT! Roxie then reels Jakara in for a facelock! Jakara endures, they go around and around, and Roxie CLUBS Jakara down. Roxie hops on, but Lash reaches out to save Jakara! The fans boo, but then the ref EJECTS Lash! Lash protests but she did it in plain sight! Jakara is devastated, but then Roxie goes after her!

Jakara gest around, pulls hair, EDGE-O-MATIC! Cover, TWO! Roxie goes to ropes, Jakara runs up and trips Roxie! Jakara drags Roxie to the apron to CLUB her, then Jakara shoves her back in. Jakara clamps onto Roxie with chicken wings but the fans rally up. Jakara shifts to a motorcycle stretch and she leans back to really pull on the arms! The ref counts as Jakara pulls hair now! Roxie pops free to cover, TWO! Jakara SMACKS Roxie off the mat, she pie faces her around, then stands her up. Roxie SLAPS Jakara! Jakara SLAPS back! Roxie SLAPS again, now it’s a SLAP fight! Roxie gets Jakara good, then fires off body shots!

The fans fire up with Roxie and she whips. Jakara reverses but Roxie CLOBBERS her! Roxie SMACKS Jakara, then SHOTGUNS her down! Roxie kips up, fires up, and she runs in to UPPERCUT in the corner! Roxie wrenches and clinches, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! And then CROSSFACE!! Jakara taps, Roxie wins!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by submission

Roxie lets go and has a sinister smile on her face. Jakara said you say ready so you don’t have to get ready, so is this prove Roxie is ready for one more shot at the title?


Thea Hail talks with Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx.

So Thea talked with Riley. He came crawling back? Men always do. Because the women don’t chase the men, the men chase the women. Right… No. It was the opposite. He was really excited to go on the date with Thea, but then the girl he went out with wasn’t the girl he expected. So he said they’re better off as friends. Wait, what’d he expect? Uh, duh, the happy, energetic, fun-loving Thea. Oh, so the old Thea. Well, sorta. So, the Thea that was a loser? What? No, not this Thea. The old Thea! That Thea was a loser. Well, Fallon- Fallon Henley? She’s a moron! She practically begs people to be her friend!

The Thea that Jacy saw, who desperately needed help in her Chase U shirt and uncontrollable energy? Trust Jacy, Thea is much better off. What about Duke & Chase? They’re losers! They’re all losers! If not for Jacy, Chase U would be gone. True… But then in walks Kiana & Izzi. Kiana compliments Jacy on the calendars. Didn’t they sell out three times already? Thank you! Someone gets it! Jacy tells Kiana that Thea wanted to actually take advice from Fallon. Pfft, Fallon? Really? They all laugh and say Fallon is the last person to listen to on anything. Agreed. So, tell Kiana more about the calendar.

Jacy & Jazmyn leave with Kiana & Izzi, and Thea sighs. A loser? Seriously? Is Thea starting to see Jacy’s true colors aren’t Chase U black and red?


The Wolf Dogs are backstage.

Bron Breakker is talking to Baron Corbin about spicing up the jacket. Bron has an airbrush guy, they can do something about this. Corbin doesn’t care, this isn’t Spring Break 99, he’s not spray-painting his jacket. Okay, okay, fine. Maybe just put some tanner on his pasty face then. The Good Brothers walk by and Corbin asks if they had a rough night. The tag division’s got some depth, huh? Karl says look, it’s Corbin acting like he loves this place. Corbin says they got jokes. NXT reinvigorated Corbin’s career! Reinvigorated! Corbin’s back to kicking asses. Back to kicking asses! And he won these tag titles all by himself! All by him-

Wait. Corbin, c’mon, stop messing around. Corbin tells Bron he’s just messing around, Mr. SmackDown. That was a really good Spear from Bron last Friday, right? Gallows says these are the NXT Tag Team Champions? Then this is gonna be easier than they thought. Karl agrees, and while the Dogs have their jokes, it stoked a flame inside the Good Brothers that’s been gone a long time. See, Good Brothers came here like Corbin did eight months ago. And he doesn’t like that, because he knows it won’t take them that long to become NXT Tag Team Champions. Corbin says last week, they said Corbin was a comedian.

But what’s really funny is the sound Karl’s face made when AJ Styles slapped him across the mouth. Bron adds an “OHHH~!” Karl says then you go ahead and try something. Gallows says not yet. Bron says between the four of them, yeah it’s a good time, he and Corbin make jokes. But when the bell rings, the dogs come out, and they destroy everyone. Good catchphrase. Let’s see if the dogs get past Chase U. And if they do, Good Brothers will be waiting. Is The OC ready to Stand & Deliver?


DIJAK VS Luca Crusifino!

#HardJustice and the Legal Eagle had a… disagreement on how to treat Joe Gacy. Luca believes no one is above the law, but Dijak says he IS the law! Cliche as that may sound, will Dijak prove to Luca that might makes right? Or will Luca bring Dijak to true justice?

NXT returns and Luca makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. Dijak knees low, then ROCKS Luca! Luca staggers, Dijak talks trash but Luca fires off body shots and haymakers! Luca CLUBS Dijak, swings more, but Dijak pulls hair! Luca avoids the haymaker to clothesline Dijak up and out! Luca runs to WRECK Dijak, and Dijak tumbles up and over the desk!! The fans fire up and Luca gets Dijak in. But he can’t lift Dijak! Dijak throws hands, Luca hits back, the fans fire up. Luca runs up but Dijak ELBOWS him! Dijak goes up, leaps, but into an UPPERCUT! Luca runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL!

The fans fire up with Luca, and he drags Dijak up. Dijak still fights the back suplex, throws more hands and then CLUBS Luca down. Luca clutches his back but Dijak stomps him. Dijak stalks Luca to a corner, then throws elbow after elbow! The ref counts, Dijak CLUBS Luca in the chest. Dijak stands Luca back up, and CHOPS! Luca screams in pain and the fans “WOO~!” Dijak says how’s that? He CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Luca CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! They fire hands, Dijak SUPERKICKS Luca back! The fans are thunderous as Dijak reels Luca, TIME TO- NO, Luca slips free! And he back suplexes! Only for Dijak to land out and LARIAT!

The fans fire up while both men rise. Dijak choke grips, but Luca fights with elbows and a LARIAT! And another LARIAT! Dijak stays up, so Luca runs to LARIAT! Dijak is still up, so Luca runs again! LARIAT! Dijak swings, Luca gets around, BIG back suplex! The fans fire up while both men are down again. Luca roars, runs corner to corner, and clotheslines in the corner! Luca keeps moving, but the CYCLONE BOOT finds him! Dijak roars, drags Luca up and torture racks, FEAST YOUR EYES! Cover, Dijak wins!

Winner: Dijak, by pinfall

Hard Justice might have won out, but Luca put up a hell of a fight! And wait! Here comes Joe Gacy! He is tearing free of the straitjacket! Dijak is furious, he shouts at Gacy, and Luca finds Tony D’Angelo’s crowbar?! Luca CLOBBERS Dijak, and then Gacy goes after Dijak! Gacy CLUBS away, sending Dijak to the back! And as for Luca, well, the D’Angelo Family is watching backstage. The Don confirms with Stacks and Rizzo, he saw what we all saw. Tony tells Stacks to go get Luca. Right now? No, Tony has bigger business to handle. Then Stacks can go get him. Stacks says, “You got it, boss.” Does Tony mean all this in a good way or a bad way?


Backstage interview with Noam Dar & Oro Mensah.

Kelly Kincaid spooks Supernova 11 while he was drinking, and he says don’t do that! He has PTSD from the sneak attack by Von & Stone! She doesn’t even care! Kelly apologizes, and then asks that the Catch Clause means he could be facing anyone from the No Quarter Catch Crew. Who would Dar prefer to face tonight? Dar says Meta Four is ready for anything. Tonight, Jakara took Roxie to her limit, Lash had two matches in one night, and in the second one, with no preparation, she nearly won the NXT Women’s Championship. Kelly, who is doing it like them? NOBODY~! Dar & Oro high-five.

Dar says Catch Clause this, Catch Clause that, it can be Papa Gulak, Uncle Mullet, it can be… Uh, who’s the fourth guy? Oro says just call him “new guy.” It could be the new kid or Charlie the Chocolate Factory. The result remains the same: Meta Four, five trophies, one picture. Check, please! Back to you, Vic & Booker! Dar’s always wanted to do that. But will all the confidence in the world not save Dar from whoever the NQCC is sending his way?


Lyra Valkyria is here!

The Morrigan heads to the ring and the fans cheer. The NXT Women’s Champion gets the mic, and says first thing’s first: We all wish Shotzi a speedy recovery. The fans cheer that, and Lyra wants to make it known that when Shotzi makes it back, Lyra owes her the title shot. And we gotta give Lash her flowers, she showed up, showed out and stepped up. And Lyra still has the battle wounds to prove it. But Lyra promised us she’d still be here the champion, and well, she’s a woman who keeps her promises. And last week, Lyra made Tatum a promise. So trust her, no one is as shocked as Lyra that Tatum held up her end! Time to give her what she’s earned, right?

So then, Tatum, please come out here. The superfan hurries her way out, but from the crowd side! Lyra says of course. But Tatum gets into the ring with Lyra and says it is so good to see her. Lyra, last week was so hard for Tatum. And then Ava Raine came out to issue an open challenge just so someone else can get near her! “My sweet, sweet dove, in danger of losing her title!” Yes, but, Lyra didn’t. And Tatum actually did what she was asked to do. OF COURSE! Because Tatum would do anything for Lyra. And Tatum has proven her devotion for her! Er, uh… She proved she’s a woman of her word. Yes, that she did.

And Lyra did promise Tatum a surprise. So is Tatum ready? Tatum closes her eyes and holds out her hands but Lyra says no, she can keep her eyes open, it’s not like that. Oh, okay. Lyra spoke with Ava, some calls were made, and next week at Roadblock, Lyra & Tatum team together! OMG Tatum knew it! Lyra said it was a one time thing, but Tatum knew that they’d be together forever and ever and- Whoa, whoa, hold on. It is not them teaming as friends. So more than friends? As a team, taking on The Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships! The fans fire up and Tatum can barely speak!

Tatum puts it together. Tatum.. And Lyra… against Asuka & Kairi for the tag titles? But wait! Ridge Holland comes out here now? He apologizes and says he is very happy about their opportunity, and he wishes them the best of luck in becoming champions together. But if they’re finished, then please leave because he has something very important to get off his chest. The fans boo Ridge stepping on Tatum’s moment, but Lyra & Tatum do exit. Ridge says he is a man of action more than he is of words. But it seems his actions as of late have gotten him in this predicament. When he retaliates, it is always Ridge who takes it “too far.”

But whether he likes it or not, whether he understands the bias, he is still here to apologize for all his actions. Fans boo, but Ridge says he was defending himself against Gallus. He was defending his family! There was no true malice behind it. But wait, the lights go out! And then the tron lights up! A voice says, “Truth will ultimately prevail. But there is pain in bringing it to light.” The lights go out again, and then someone is behind Ridge! They SMASH him with a chair! The fans chant “TEN! TEN! TEN!” because yes, it is TYE DILLINGER!! Or rather, Shawn Spears! The Chair Man is in NXT! The fans lose their minds, they didn’t think it was him! Is he going to take NXT to a perfect ten?


Brooks Jensen confronts Oba Femi!

Jensen says if Oba’s still looking for a challenger, then he’s that guy. Oba chuckles and asks if Jensen is sure. Because Jensen seems to be confused. Jensen says Briggs told him to grow some balls, so he put up that fight and busted Briggs up. Now if Oba takes the challenge, Jensen will bust him up! Oba stares Jensen down. Standing up after a fight is one thing, but after Oba is done, Jensen won’t even be able to walk away. Oba heads out, will he be right about his next “victim” soon regretting their decision?


Backstage interview with Carmelo Hayes.

At least, Kelly is hoping to, but security stands in front of the door. But word is, Ava is drafting a contract for a signing later tonight. Security lets Kelly through now, and Kelly asks Melo about earlier tonight. Melo has her stop, and says it is pretty simple. He wants Ilja out there, and Ava with a contract, signed, sealed and delivered. Then all Melo has to do is put his name to paper. But tell Ilja for him, no contract means no Melo. Kelly thanks him for his time, will Ava come through for both sides of the fight?


Von Wagner w/ Robert Stone VS Lexis King!

Though they failed against The Meta Four, Von & Stone are still proud of the fight they put up. However, effort doesn’t matter to The Drama King, only the results. Will Lexis make big bad Von bow down to him? Or will King be thrown off his throne and right through a table?

NXT returns and Von makes his entrance, Suit Man Stone by his side. The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, the two tie up, and Von shoves King right down! King gets up but gets thrown again, and again! Von swings, King dodges and CHOPS! Von just frowns, then he CHOPS King down! Von headlocks, King powers up and out, but Von hurdles then runs King over! Von whips King and back drops him! King writhes and the fans fire up! Von drags King up, says we’re going up, and he suplexes King! Stone starts a count for how long King is in the air, and Von goes past TEN to SLAM King at 13!

The fans fire up and Von waits on King. King is in a corner, Von runs up but King dodges! Knee hits buckle, then King dropkicks the knee! Von hobbles back up, but King KICKS his leg! And KICKS it again! King mocks Von but Von ROCKS King! King staggers, Von runs up but the boot gets stuck on ropes! King KICKS the leg, CHOPS and kicks Von more, then has the leg for a SHIN BREAKER! Then a DRAGON SCREW! King keeps on Von’s leg by puling it to the apron! King SLAMS the leg on the apron, then SLAMS it into the post! The fans boo, Stone is frustrated for Von but King pushes Von to a cover, ONE!!

King mocks Von, pushes him around, then kicks him. Von throws body shots but King CLUBS Von! King has the leg, and he SMASHES the knee into the mat! And he SMASHES the knee again! Von writhes, King grabs the leg, but Von kicks at King with the good leg! King still holds on, but Von BOOTS him! Von choke grips King, stands and shoves him, then DECKS King! And DECKS him again! Von whips but King KNEES back! Von roars, King runs, but Von BOOTS him down! The fans fire up with Von, and Von runs up to clothesline King up and out! The fans fire up as Stone mocks King. Von storms out but King throws hands.

King and Von brawl, but King sends Von into Stone! The fans boo but Von ROCKS King! Von checks Stone but Stone says focus on King. Von hurries back in, hauls him up but King CHOP BLOCKS the leg! King lines up the shot, and he BLINDSIDE KNEES Von! King then crosses the arms but Stone distracts King! King rushes up on Stone, and Von rolls King up! VON WINS!

Winner: Von Wagner, by pinfall

King is shocked but he just got a taste of his own medicine! So King goes after Von for it! King stomps the leg, rains down fists, but stone gets in! Stone drags King away by his hair but King SLAPS Stone! King crosses the arms, CORONATION! Fans boo but refs rush out to get King to back off. King may not have won, but he made Stone pay for it. Will nothing stop The Drama King from doing what he wants?


Tatum and Lyra regroup backstage.

They finish watching the Kabuki Warriors highlight package like the rest of us, and Asuka was undefeated for a really long time. But imagine, Lyra & Tatum take the Women’s Tag Team Championships back to NXT. And that would also mean Lyra is a double champion! Tatum will always look out for Lyra. She’s a really good partner. Who told her that? Jaida walks in and says she was gonna feel bad for Gigi, given she’s about to whoop dat ass. But uh, y’all two? You’ll be embarrassed by Asuka & Kairi! Lyra keeps Tatum back, and Arianna Grace stands up. Ladies, we’re all supposed to be supportive role models who settle arguments with words.

Not everything has to end in a fight! What problem does Lyra have with the Kabuki Warriors? There is no problem. Then why challenge them to a fight? Because they wanna be tag champions, duh! They are all champions in their hearts and in their minds. Jaida says she’d rather have a title around her waist than some dumb tiara on her head. Arianna is upset, and Lyra says this is pro-wrestling. Fighting is the norm. Arianna says it is only normal until they change it. What is the pageant queen inspired to do now?


Dijak argues with Ava.

Gacy should be in a padded cell! He’s a maniac! Ava says Dijak’s the one who threw the guy in a dumpster! Gacy says Dijak may be done with him, but he’s not done with Dijak! Wait, Gacy’s the one behind the camera?! Gacy attacks, security rushes in to stop these two and Ava says they cannot keep doing this! What will it take for Dijak and Gacy to put this to rest?


Gigi Dolin VS Jaida Parker w/ OTM!

Speaking of titles, of course both ladies want their shot at the top title. To get up the ranks, they’ll have to go through each other. Will Jaida from the block do as she promised and whoop dat ass? Or will Gigi make Jaida respect the former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion?

NXT returns as Jaida makes her entrance, Nima, Price & Scrypts following behind. The bell rings and the fans rally. The two tie up, Jaida waistlocks and SLAMS Gigi down. Jaida talks trash on Gigi but Gigi runs up, Jaida gets around to waistlock, but Gigi switches. Gigi headlocks, spins, and drop toeholds! Gigi floats to a facelock and she grinds Jaida down. Jaida fights up, wrenches out and WRINGS, but Gigi rolls through! Gigi rolls Jaida up, TWO! Jaida knees low, talks trash, and she has Gigi on the ropes. The ref counts, Jaida lets off, and fans duel. Jaida SLAPS Gigi, eggs her on, then whips. Gigi ducks ‘n’ dodges to then hook and arm-drag!

Jaida tumbles to ropes, Gigi runs up and HIP ATTACKS! Gigi keeps moving and she DROPKICKS! Jaida sputters but Gigi covers, TWO! Gugi stalks Jaida to a corner, but Jaida kicks a leg out. Jaida bumps Gigi off buckles, throws hands, then stomps away. Jaida lets off, eggs Gigi on, but Gigi fires off forearms! Jaida ROCKS and CHOPS Gigi, hen knees low. Jaida scoops Gigi to put her in ropes, then CHOPS! Jaida runs, goes up and up and HIP DROPS! Cover, TWO! Jaida scowls, and she drags Gigi up. Jaida suplexes but Gigi cradle counters! TWO, and Jaida runs up to knee low! Jaida runs, and hits a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Gigi survives and Jaida grows frustrated. Jaida clamps on with a seated cobra twist but the fans rally as Gigi endures. Gigi fights up, throws body shots, but Jaida knees low. Jaida whips, runs in, but into a BOOT! Fans rally, Gigi goes to another corner and Jaida runs in, Gigi BOOTS Jaida, runs up, gets around and ROCKS Jaida with forearm after forearm! The fans fire up but is that Arianna Grace making her way out here? She’s pleading with Gigi and Jaida to stop fighting? Gigi dodges Jaida to SHOTGUN her down! Gigi then lines up the shot to LARIAT! And wrench, and ROUNDHOUSE! Gigi reels Jaida in but they both see Arianna.

Jaida avoids Gigi’s ripcord lariat to ROCK and CHOP Gigi! Gigi ROCKS Jaida, CHOPS her and fires off fast hands! Arianna keeps begging, Gigi blocks Jaida’s shot to kick a leg out! Kawada Kicks! Arianna gest on the apron, the ref says to get down, but Arianna stops Gigi from hitting Jaida with a haymaker! Gigi HEADBUTTS Arianna! But Jaida CLOBBERS Gigi! Jaida runs to SLIDING FOREARM!! Cover, Jaida wins!

Winner: Jaida Parker, by pinfall

Arianna didn’t want anyone fighting, and now she costs Gigi the fight! Jaida still gets the win, will she be the one primed for a title shot? Arianna says that NXT needs to come together, but does she even understand what this sport is about? Or will Gigi have to slap some sense into her?


Waves are rolling in.

And in the sand is written, “See you soon.” Does this mean the Soul Surfer is on her way back to NXT?


BREAKING NEWS for Roadblock!

Ava Raine wants the madness to end, so she is putting Dijak and Gacy in an ASYLUM MATCH!! The weaponized cage is making its return, will either man be walking away from this one?


NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ The Meta Four VS ??? w/ The No Quarter Catch Crew!

The Scottish Supernova has held onto this trophy through every trick in the book and then some, but he might’ve just run into a trick even he can’t get around! The Catch Clause is gonna keep everyone guessing until the moment of truth, will this be the moment Dar finally loses the Cup?

One thing Dar has to worry about is that Meta Four isn’t at full power. He only has Main Man Mensah in his corner after Roxie beat down Jakara. The introductions are made, and that reveals it’s DEMPSEY stepping up! The fans cheer, will Dar be ready for the Son of the Gentleman Villain?

The bell rings and round one begins. Dar and Dempsey circle, feel things out, and they tie up. Dempsey waistlocks, Dar wrenches to wristlock, but Dempsey rolls, wrenches, and wristlocks. Dar spins, slips through, wristlocks, and he wrangles Dempsey to the mat. Dar has a top wristlock but Dempsey fights up to his feet. Dempsey powers Dar to ropes, the ref counts, and Dempsey lets off fast. Dar and Dempsey dare each other to do something, and the two reset. They feel things out, Dar kicks, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to KICK again! Dar clinches but Dempsey turns that around to cravat! Dar throws knees to get free, but Dempsey gets around to whip him to a corner.

Dar goes up, under, and RAMS into Dempsey! But Dempsey cravats again! Dar snapmares free, but Dempsey ducks a kick! Dar spins around the wiastlock but Dempsey whips. Dar holds rpoes, table tops Dempsey, then steps over to roll Dempsey up! ONE!! Dempsey is up, he blocks a kick but Dar rolls free! Dar goes to rpoes, Dempsey is on him to whip but Dar reverses! But Dempsey catches Dar, spin and backslide, with bridge! DEMPSEY SCORES!!

Dar: 0; Dempsey: 1

With a minute and 13 to spare, Dempsey takes the crucial first point! The ref backs Dempsey off Dar, and Damon Kemp uses that to blindside Dar! Oro rushes in, seems NQCC is giving Meta Four more than just a taste of their own medicine! Oro drags Dar back towards their corner while Dempsey cools off. Oro says he saw the funny business, but is there anything he can do about it? Round two begins, Dempsey runs up to UPPERCUT! And GUT WRENCH PLEX! Then cover, TWO! Dar stays in this but Dempsey stays on him with a KNEE to the back! Dempsey clamps onto a top wristlock while NXT goes picture in picture.

Dar endures as Dempsey pulls on the arm. Dar moves around, gets to his feet, but Dempsey arm-drags him back down! Dempsey bends the fingers, but Dar scrapes Dempsey with a boot. Dempsey still holds onto the arm, drags Dar around, DOUBLE WRISTLOCK SUPLEX! Dar is back down but he kicks around, and even kicks Dempsey from below. Dempsey shifts to chicken wing the arm, an d he wants the crossface! Dar fights that off, but Dempsey pulls on the chicken wing. Dempsey whips, Dar reverses, and then runs in, but Dempsey ELBOWS him away! Dempsey goes up but Dar sweeps the legs!

Dempsey flounders, NQCC shouts at Dar but Dar goes after Dempsey with a KICK! And a KICK! And a feint to sweep the legs! Dar runs to SLIDING GAMANGIRI! Dar says pinkies out, and he then drags Dempsey back up. Dar goes up a corner, reels Dempsey in and ELBOWS him in the head! Dempsey staggers away, Dar pursues and goes up the corner again. Dar ELBOWS Dempsey over and over, the ref counts, but Dar ELBOWS Dempsey down! We’re under 45 seconds left in the round but Dar doesn’t seem to be in a rush. Dar clamps onto Dempsey, throws him down, then STOMPS an arm! Dar drags Dempsey back up, reels him in, but Dempsey fights the suplex.

NXT returns to single picture, Dar CLUBS away on Dempsey but now we’re in the last ten seconds! Dempsey suplexes Dar first! The two stand, they DOUBLE FOREARM, then time is up! They still wanna brawl!

Dar: 0; Dempsey: 1

Dempsey DECKS Dar, the ref reprimands, but Dar is dangerously close to where NQCC is standing. Dar gets away before any more cheap shots come in, and Dar refreshes. Dempsey is also good to go, and round three begins! the two rush in to fire off more forearms! The fans rally up as the brawl continues, and Dar UPPERCUTS! Dempsey UPPERCUTS! Dar UPPERCUTS, Dempsey UPPERCUTS, repeat! Dar swings again, but Dempsey catches him to a backslide! Dar rolls through, gets around, REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Dempsey powers out to roll back, ARMBAR!! Dar clasps hands but Dempsey breaks the grip!

Dar flails, uses his leg to get Dempsey’s leg in a grapevine, and he gets Dempsey on his stomach! Dar CLUBS away on Dempsey, then shifts into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Dempsey stays on his feet, smothers Dar, but Dar shifts to grapevine again! Dempsey fights off the kneebar to have an ANKLE LOCK! Dar endures and the fans are thunderous! Dar rolls to throw Dempsey away, then hobbles up. Dar avoids the lariat to roll Dempsey, schoolboy bridge! TWO and both men go to ropes. The fans rally, Dar storms up but Dempsey RAMS into him! Dempsey UPPERCUTS, reels Dar in to BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Bridge then roll through, BUTTERFLY STRETCH!

Dar endures, Dempsey shifts to FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Dar endures, Dempsey shifts around, and he throws down elbows! We hit the final minute mark, but Dar rolls Dempsey to a cover! ONE and Dar is free! Dar bobs ‘n’ weaves to HAYMAKER! Pop-up into ARMBAR! Dempsey fights around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Dar lets go and we’re at 30 seconds left. Dar storms up again to fire body shots. Dar ROCKS Dempsey, reels him in, but Dempsey wrenches out! Dar drops to grapevine! Final ten seconds, Dempsey hauls Dar up! GERMAN SUPLEX!! Dar staggers up, BACK ELBOW! But both men are down and that’s the round!

Dar: 0; Dempsey: 1

Dempsey may have been saved by the bell, if a knockout had occurred, he would’ve lost! Gulak gets Dempsey to the NQCC corner, still good to go for round four. Dar is waiting, the bell rings, and Dar runs up, FLYING ELBOW! EXPLODER! Dempsey staggers up into a BACK ELBOW! Dar ROUNDHOUSES, runs corner to corner, NOVA ROLLA!! Cover, Dar scores!!

Dar: 1; Dempsey: 1

The fourth round was the shortest, and we’re all tied up! Kemp helps Dempsey to the corner, and here comes the fifth! Dar runs up, Dempsey dodges! Dar still ROCKS Dempsey first, goes up and leaps, FLYING FOREARM! Cover, TWO!! Dempsey survives and the fans rally up. Dar drags Dempsey up to throw knees. Dempsey drops to his knees, but Myles distracts the ref! Oro YANKS Myles down, but Myles POSTS Oro! Dar ELBOWS Dempsey down, puts pinkies out, he wants to finish this! But now Kemp distracts! Dar DECKS Kemp, the ref reprimands, but Gulak helps Dempsey get up. Dar runs in, Gulak takes the DROPKICK!

Dempsey full nelsons Dar! DRAGON SUPLEX! Bridging cover, DEMPSEY WINS!!!

Winner: Charlie Dempsey, by pinfall (NEW NXT Heritage Cup Champion)

Just a minute into the fifth, with a lot of assists from his crew, Dempsey takes the Cup from Dar!! Was all this just karma for Dar’s past? Or did the Meta Four just get beat at their own game?


NXT Media catches up with Shawn Spears.

They ask him why he struck Ridge down with a chair to the back, and The Chair Man says, “I like Ridge Holland. But he’s been lying to himself for far too long. That jolt of pain that’s currently coursing through his body is only the truth. That’s why I struck Ridge. The truth can bring you to your knees. And that’s why Shawn Spears is now in NXT. See you next week at Roadblock.” Then Roxie storms out, and doesn’t even wanna talk to anyone. The Chair Man promises to bring out the truth through pain, will Ridge have some “truth” planned for Spears in return? And will Roxie ever be in a good mood in NXT again?


Ilja Dragunov is back in the ring!

The NXT Champion is ready, as is Ava Raine, a table, and a contract. Carmelo once again makes his entrance, with his private security, and fans boo. Melo waits for his security to step up to the apron before he joins Dragunov and Ava in the ring. Each man has their seat at opposite ends, and Melo says this is more like it. They’ve got the contract, the boss, and now they’re speaking the same language. But hey, don’t get too intimidated by the security guards. Melo had to bring them out here for his protection. But he thanks Ava for coming, let’s get this show on the road. Melo has been without his NXT Championship for far too long. Next week at Roadblock, it will be a sweet reunion.

Dragunov tells Melo that they’ve been around each other close to eight months now, and Dragunov used to be shocked by Melo’s blatant transparency. But now he realized, it’s just who Melo is! Melo’s willingness to discard anyone or anything juts for the NXT Championship. Melo says absolutely. And it’s crazy hearing this coming from Dragunov, the same man who said he’d take Melo’s soul. Hey, man, the only difference between them is Melo is just colder about how he does things. It’s true! And Melo is going to- be interrupted by The Don? The fans cheer as Tony D’Angelo leads Stacks & Rizzo on stage, then has them stay back.

Tony goes down the ramp and joins everyone else in the ring. Tony says, “Excuse me, gentlemen and lady, but if you’re talking about big business, I gotta be included in the conversation. So let’s talk about it.” Melo says no, this has nothing to do with Tony, okay? If Tony says one more word, Melo’s security will take him outta here, don’t try him. Tony tells Melo to listen. “You don’t have to be HIM or the NXT Champion to make things move around here. There’s only one Don.” Tony snaps his fingers and security drops away! Melo is shocked, and Ava lets Tony have her seat. Melo seethes and Dragunov is amused.

Tony says, “So where was I? Oh that’s right. I can’t be the only one that sees the NXT title picture has been dominated by this Melo-Ilja-Trick saga for the past eight months. But in my opinion, there’s only one man that can flip this on its head, and it’s The Don of NXT. Now I got respect, I even like Trick.” Melo says don’t do all this, Tony. Tony tells Melo to NOT speak while he is talkin. The fans fire up for that one! Ava tells Melo to let Tony finish. Tony says Melo has had a full year to talk about the NXT Championship, and tony has heard it all. Melo is this, Melo is that, whatever, who cares?

Now, Tony isn’t done. Mr. Dragunov dresses like a champion, is intense, maybe a little too dramatic for Tony. But he’ll talk to Dragunov harshly because he can handle it. This might make some people a little uncomfortable, so Melo should put his earmuffs on. Tony will show the world and talk to Dragunov face to face and say that Tony is the man who wants to take the title from Dragunov, NOT Melo. Tony has earned everything he ever got, and anyone who ever crossed him earned everything they deserved. Melo mockingly applauds that. Tony wants them both to listen. Melo is here demanding a title match, but Tony is here telling us that he will EARN the match for Stand & Deliver.

The fans cheer that and Dragunov tells Mr. D’Angelo, he piques Dragunov’s interest. This is a man willing to work for his position, that Dragunov can respect. Tony says Ava agrees if Dragunov agrees. Next week, Roadblock, Melo VS Tony and the winner gets an NXT Championship match at Stand & Deliver. The fans like that, and Ava says they did have a conversation, and she did have a contract drafted for this scenario, should Dragunov agree to it. However, if Dragunov still wants the match with Melo, they just need Melo to sign his part. Dragunov says that actually, he wants nothing more in life than to see Melo earn something for the first time in his life!

The fans cheer as Dragunov says Tony, you’ve got a deal! But please, Whoop Dat Melo! The fans cheer as Tony and Dragunov shake hands. Melo can’t believe Ava is standing by this! This coward of a champion! Fans boo but Melo says fine. Tony can’t beat Melo anyway! This is the NXT Championship! If they need someone to take out the trash or book keep for a washed up school, Tony’s the guy for that. But when it comes to that title, Melo is The Don! Tony stands up to get in Melo’s face, Melo shoves Tony and Tony knocks Dragunov over! And then Melo sucker punches Tony! BACK SUPLEX through the table!!

Fans boo as Melo demands the contract. Ava hands it over, Melo laughs and signs his part. Melo puts the contract down on Tony then picks up Dragunov’s title to drop it on him. Will nothing stop HIM from getting back to the top? Or will he fail to get through the Roadblock?

My Thoughts:

An awesome NXT here with it being half go-home to Roadblock next week and half building towards Stand & Deliver on WrestleMania Saturday. Great stuff from the NXT Championship story, with the promos bookending the night as Melo wants a title shot. But I did like the plot twist that Tony D’Angelo jumps into the story. Melo VS Tony in a #1 contender’s match will be great stuff, but with Melo standing tall after the brawl, I bet Tony wins because Trick Williams makes a return to screw Melo over. Then we can get Melo VS Trick in a non-title grudge match while Tony takes on Dragunov.

Great stuff going on in the tag division with Good Brothers getting a good win but then having several teams coming after them. But of course they’re after Bron & Corbin. I feel like Bron & Corbin are gonna make it through Chase U, but then they might lose to Good Brothers at Stand & Deliver, bringing the Wolf Dogs to an end so Bron can go full-time SmackDown. And then if Good Brothers have the belts, they can take on Chase U, LWO, Frazer & Axiom and other teams for the Spring.

Dijak VS Luca was awesome stuff, especially with Luca really bringing it to Dijak. Gacy showing up was good stuff, too, and the Asylum Match is going to be wild stuff. Good promo from Oba wanting a challenger, good on Jensen for stepping up, but you can bet Jensen gets thrown around and loses. I wonder if seeing Jensen get beat up by Oba makes Briggs step up and that’s the North American Championship match for Stand & Deliver. Stone helping Von win over King was good, but King standing tall makes me think we get an even bigger match for King VS Von in a rematch. Maybe a tables match because that’s Von’s thing?

Great stuff in the NXT Women’s Division that went back and forth between the different stories. Really good match from Kelani VS Kiana with Kiana winning thanks to Izzi, and good match from Roxie and Jakara with Roxie getting the win with the submission. Jacy, Jazmyn, Kiana & Izzi could end up making an all women’s faction since Jacy & Jazmyn are all leaning Heel, and then Thea and Fallon are the Faces coming out of this story. And Jaida beating Gigi was to feed this new thing with Arianna wanting world peace in pro-wrestling, fitting of Arianna being so hilariously annoying. And great teaser from Sol Ruca, hopefully her return gets her back on track.

Then Lyra and Tatum getting a tag title shot is a fun little thing, but I would think Asuka & Kairi retain. This has to still steer things towards Lyra VS Tatum, the break-up is coming, I can feel it. And speaking of returns to NXT, holy crap Shawn Spears is back! That was probably the top moment of the night, especially for that live audience. I did not think those cryptic messages were from him, and Ridge being his first target is an interesting one. Granted, Ridge interrupting Lyra & Tatum was interesting, too. Is this to play to Shawn Spears’ point that Ridge isn’t really a good guy at all? I mean, the fans are gonna cheer Spears over Ridge so might as well go with it.

And great Heritage Cup match out of Dar VS Dempsey. I did not think they were going to have this match happen so soon, like NQCC was gonna test the waters with Myles, but then very clever stuff having NQCC out Heel the Heels in Meta Four. Though maybe NXT wants to pivot Meta Four to Faces and NQCC is the team to do it, but I honestly really like that Dempsey won all the same. Dempsey was probably gonna be Heritage Cup Champion before this had NXT UK continued, and he is certainly worthy of the Cup, can’t wait to see how this story goes moving towards Stand & Deliver.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Andrew’s TNA Xplosion Results & Match Ratings: 2.22.2024

We get Dirty Dango and Mike Bailey in action, as well as the Around the Ring interview with Speedball Mike Bailey!



Let’s remember this took place right before the No Surrender pre-show, so there’s still No Surrender hype in the announcer points.

Therefore, we already know most of how the Top 5 turns out and if the allusions for momentum pay off…but Xplosion has established itself as more than just a wrestling show. We get to see a few of the undercard players get some ring time, we get wholesome interviews with Gia in full Southern Fried charming glory, and we always get some nice nostalgia moment with the throwback match. Its a quick and dirty 45 minutes, so its hard to be mad.

Speaking of dirty, he’s in the main event!



  • Mike Bailey vs Jai Vidal: Speedball wins via Ultima Weapon – ** 3/4
  • Laredo Kid vs Dirt Dango w/Oleg Prudius & Alpha Bravo: Dango wins via Down & Dirty – ** 1/2



Mike Bailey vs Jai Vidal

Vidal tries a cheap shot, Bailey blocks, puts his hands behind his back and says “try again”, he ducks the slap. Gives Vidal one more chance and just front kicks him when he winds up. Vidal is on the receiving end of early strikes and the Bailey Kick Flurry. Running Boot sends Vidal crashing to the floor, Triangle Moonsault connects and its all Speedball so far. Bailey throws Vidal back in, but Jai slips out and Bailey loses track of him when he goes under the ring. So Jai gets behind him, picks the leg and throws Bailey into the stairs.

Back in the ring, Jai is hitting a few Open Hand Smacks and a Tornado DDT. Jai goes for the SLAYmore Kick, but Bailey catches it and starts lighting up Jai with kicks into the Running Shooting Star Press. Vidal ducks a few Buzzsaw Kicks but Bailey holds one to catch him when he thinks he’s safe. Tornado Kick to the corner misses, Jai uses the ropes to keep distance, trips Bailey and then lands the Double Stomp into the SLAYmore Kick…but Bailey kicks out!

Jai lands a few Slaps that just piss off Speedball, he stands up, they trade shots, Jai misses the Yakuza kick, Tornado Kick lands into Ultima Weapon for the Bailey’s win!

Don West, You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! Trending Topics of the week:

5. Chris Sabin’s Longest X Division Title Reign

4. ABC vs GYV going to Match 3

3. Tickets on Sale for Rebellion in Vegas on 4/20

2. Josh Alexander vs Simon Gotch

1. Joe Hendry’s new AJ Francis song

Around the Ring with Gia Miller has Mike Bailey on it today. They start off with Bailey revealing he went to Cooking School and both he and Gia enjoying cooking. Ahh I relate to Bailey on the can’t bake aspect because its too specific and basically science. Bailey’s thing he created that he hasn’t been able to remake is a Pulled Pork Brie Grilled Cheese. I’m only mentioning that since it sounds delicious. 

TNA+ Flashback Moment: Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray, No Surrender 2012

This is right towards the end of the TNA height, still solid matches and memories, but its kind of like watching events from WCW 1999. 

Laredo Kid vs Dirt Dango w/Oleg Prudius & Alpha Bravo

Ahh he mixed it up saying he hates Lucha Libre this time. 

Dango keeps up with Laredo a little until a Headscissors sends Dango flying, Bravo and Prudius try to block Dango which causes Laredo to pivot. Wrecking Ball Dropkick for Bravo into a big Moonsault into bodies and Laredo is rolling.

They get back in the ring, Forearm Smash into a Michinoku Driver and Uno Mas Moonsaults, but Bravo distracts him on two and a Release Side Suplex gives Dango the edge. Dango just fires Laredo into the corners a few times and goes for a quick cover, but barely gets a 2. Chin Lock into a Sleeper gives Dango the heelish “rest hold” advantage. Laredo tries to fire but Dango stops it with a Knee. Near fall again and Dango goes into a Crossface to keep the Luchador grounded.

Laredo slips a Fireman’s Carry, Dango tries to chase, misses, and Laredo throws some offense together. Missile Dropkick into a Flying Neckbreaker for 2. Laredo goes for a Brainbuster, Dango slips it, hits the ropes and simultaneous Lariats to lay both out. Laredo is the first one up, Forearms into a big slap, goes for a Rope Run, but Dango turns him INSIDE OUT with a Western Lariat. Dango heads to the top for Down & Dirty, Laredo kips up, tries to counter the attempt but Bravo distracts the referee and Oleg trips up Laredo. Down & Dirty hits, Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap for the win!

Overall Score: 5.5/10

This gave Bailey a little momentum going into No Surrender, gave Jai his best showing to date, and reminded everyone that Dango is lurking in that upper middle card area thanks to his enforcers. Dango is an enjoyable gimmick, and I think they’ve done really well at using him often enough to care, but not shoving the “punk rock, don’t care” attitude in our face too much. Like most of us TNA fans remember Shannon Moore’s Book of DILIGAF, right? Punk attitude is fun, but applied correctly…and this is pretty well executed.

Also once again, Around the Ring interviews are charming, and I think do a really good job at ingratiating the talent beyond what the storyline or workrate dictates. Gia is a great interviewer.

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