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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/20/22)

Becky wants payback!



WWE Raw 2022

Is the Empress ready for The Big Time?

As Money in the Bank draws closer, Becky Lynch wants in on that ladder match! Will she get her way by taking Asuka out of the running? Or is not even The Man ready for Asuka?


  • Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Becky Lynch VS Asuka; changed to…
  • Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5: Becky Lynch VS Asuka VS Carmella VS Liv Morgan VS Alexa Bliss; Carmella wins and will challenge Bianca Belair for the title at MITB.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Matt Riddle VS Omos w/ MVP; Omos wins and advances to MITB.
  • Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford VS Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso; Dawkins wins.
  • WWE United States Championship Contender Three Round Gauntlet: Bobby Lashley VS ???; Lashley wins and will challenge Theory for the title at MITB.
  • AJ Styles VS Tommaso Ciampa; Styles wins.
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Becky Lynch VS Asuka (rescheduled); Asuka wins and advances to MITB.


WWE mourns to loss of referee Tim White.


Bianca Belair is here!

The University of Nebraska fires up for the RawEST Women’s Champion as she makes her way out to the ring. Bianca gets the mic and welcomes everyone to the freshEST and finEST show on TV, Monday Night Raw! Now, given that she is the EST Of WWE, she looks forward to every opportunity she gets to defend her title, so she looks forward to Money in the Bank and her newEST challenger, Rhea Ripley. But she really wishes she wasn’t the one who had to come out and break the news, but… Rhea Ripley will not be medically cleared to compete. Fans boo but Bianca says the match isn’t happening… yet.

But Bianca stays ready so she doesn’t have to get ready, so she will be ready and waiting when Rhea makes her return! Fans like the sound of that. So until then, who will Bianca face at MITB? Tonight, we have FIVE women: Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Carmella, Asuka and Becky Lynch. All five are going to compete in a Fatal 5 Way, the winner becomes Bianca’s challenger. All of them are amazing, but- Here comes Big Time Becks! And she tells Bianca, “There is only ONE contender, and you know it’s me. Let me remind you that I still haven’t gotten my one-on-one rematch after we had the greatest women’s wrestling match in WrestleMania history.”

Becky gets in the ring to say that at Hell in a Cell, she had it won. She had Asuka beat but Bianca stole that from her, didn’t she? Becky is being misused, mistreated and being made to jump through hoop after hoop and overcome obstacle after obstacle. But it’s okay, really! After tonight’s Fatal 5, it’ll make taking back her title all that much sweeter. But here comes who Becky was supposed to face alone, ASUKA! “Becky, Becky, Becky. Oh, Becky, aww…” Asuka laughs and says, “Are you crying?” Becky frowns as Asuka continues to tease her. Is Becky still a Big Time Baby? Huh, huh, huh?

Becky says maybe if Asuka spent less time making Simpsons memes and boring the piss out of Becky, Asuka would be doing alright. Because last match they had 1v1, Becky has Asuka’s shoulders flat on the mat! But here comes Liv Morgan! Liv tells Becky that if Liv were her, don’t worry just about Asuka. Liv is always ready for a fight! In fact, she’s in a great mood tonight! She’s already got her shot at MITB, the thing Becky hasn’t been able to do yet. Sorry about that, but Becky will figure it out. But Liv would gladly trade that in for a chance to go 1v1 with Bianca! And now Carmella makes her way out!

“Hold up, hold up, hold up. Something doesn’t quite add up here… I mean, obviously I know why I’m in the match tonight, along with Becky, Asuka and Alexa. I mean, we’re all former champions. But Liv, why’re you out here?” Liv scowls while Mella gets in the ring. “Raise of hands here, who thinks we should kick the lovable little loser out of the match and make it a Fatal 4 Way?” Fans boo and Liv says that’s so funny. Liv is here because she’s been here. If Mella wants to talk like that again, Liv can give her a few more weeks off. Mella says, “First off, how dare you? That’s some big talk by somebody who was only added to the MITB Ladder Match after riding Alexa Bliss’ coattails.”

But speaking of, here comes Lil’ Miss Bliss! Someone said her name, right? But we all know that Mella loves to name drop. Speaking of name dropping, should Alexa name drop a certain guy with no chin that won the match for Mella? And Mella’s here talking about riding coattails. Sweetie, that’s so rich coming from someone who has literally never been able to be successful on her own. So then, why not do us all a favor: stop being a hypocrite and stop picking on Liv before Alexa beats your face in herself. Bianca has everyone hold on, this is doing way too much. Everyone can run their mouths, but the fans are ready for some action!

Fans cheer and Bianca says let’s get to it. Let’s see who is ready to get down and compete! The EST gets things sorted out, and that Fatal 5 #1 Contender’s match happens after the break!


Raw Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5: Becky Lynch VS Asuka VS Carmella VS Liv Morgan VS Alexa Bliss!

Raw returns and Bianca sits with commentary as the bell rings. Becky goes after Asuka and tackles her! They scrap, fall out of the ring, and Mella ROCKS Liv! Alexa SLAPS Mella then ROCKS her, and Liv SHOTGUNS Mella down! Fans fire up for #LivYourBliss, but they circle and tie up now. Liv headlocks, hits a takeover, but Alexa slips out. Liv kicks Alexa away, avoids the stomps, then speeds up to sunset flip! TWO, but Liv holds on for a rolling body scissor clutch! She brings Alexa around and around and around, ONE count after ONE count, then she stops, TWO! Alexa is dizzy and Liv whips her to ropes.

Alexa turns hip toss into arm-drag and cover, ONE! Alexa cradles, TWO! Liv has it, Alexa has it back, it’s another rolling cradle! ONE after ONE after ONE, they finally settle but have to shift, TWO!! Both women are dizzy now, but Alexa dodges. Liv dodges, and then DOUBLE HAYMAKERS take them both down! Mella covers Alexa, TWO! Now she covers Liv, TWO! Back to Alexa, TWO! Back to Liv, TWO! Mella is losing her cool but the counts were all fair. Asuka runs in but Mella avoids the sliding kick! And the backhand! Asuka blocks the superkick but Mella ducks the backhand again. Asuka blocks a kick to waistlock, but Mella fights the lift!

Mella swings an elbow but Asuka dodges, to BACKHAND Mella down! Corey Graves freaks out about Mella’s face, but Asuka runs, only for Becky to trip her and drag her out! Becky BOOTS Asuka, but Alexa hits a BLOCKBUSTER on Mella! TWO, and Becky waves hi to Alexa. Alexa rushes her but gets a knee, ROUNDHOUSE, and then throw down by her hair! Becky goes up top, and drops the MAN’S LEG onto nothing! Alexa gets Becky but Becky slips out to wrench. Alexa ROCKS Becky, KICKS Becky, and RANAS Becky away! Mella rolls Alexa, TWO! Mella knees low, talks trash, then throws her down.

Mella soaks up the heat, Bianca shakes her head, but Mella drags Alexa up. Alexa SLAPS Mella and fires off body shots! Alexa scoops, Mella slips out and SLAMS Alexa down! Cover, TWO! Mella is frustrated again, but she dodges Liv. Liv dodges Alexa, BROKEN WINGS into buckles! Mella is down and Liv goes up as fans fire up! But Mella shoves Liv OFF and onto the others! Everyone is down on the outside while Mella grins and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Becky has Alexa in a corner. She runs in, misses, and Alexa fires off forearms! Becky shoves Alexa back, BECKSPLODER! Liv gets in, dodges Becky and kicks, KICKS and ENZIGURIS! Liv SHINING WIZARDS Becky in a corner, shoves her down and aims, BIG missile dropkick! Liv kips up and fans fire up with her! Liv runs at Becky to SLINGBLADE her down! Cover, TWO! Bianca is surprised and Liv fires herself back up. Becky flounders to a corner, Liv runs in but is sent into buckles! Becky stacks Liv, feet on the ropes, TWO! Becky hurries up top, but Mella ROCKS Becky! And DECKS Liv!

Mella gives Becky a SUPER STEINER that throws her onto Liv! Mella covers them both, Asuka breaks it in time! Bianca is getting goosebumps watching this! Asuka snarls at Mella and the feeling is mutual. Mella dodges Asuka, mule kicks then FABULOUS KICKS! Cover, TWO! Mella shrieks and slaps Asuka around. Mella drags Asuka up but Asuka hits a FLYING ARMBAR, into the ASUKA LOCK!! Alexa hits INSULT2INJURY! Becky tosses Alexa and goes after Asuka’s arm! Asuka avoids the Disarm-Her and wants the chicken wing! Becky fights that, Liv leaps in, Becky lets Asuka take the missile dropkick!

Becky TOSSES Liv, ROCKS Alexa up top, and then goes after Asuka! CRADLE! TWO!! Asuka almost had Becky but Becky gives Asuka a MANHANDLE SLAM! Cover, TWISTED BLISS breaks it! Double cover, Mella AND Liv break it!! Bianca and the fans are all loving this! “This is Awesome!” as all five women slowly stir. Asuka is up first, she looks for a target. Mella and Becky bail out the sides, Alexa rushes in! Asuka blocks a kick, but Alexa ducks the backhand! Alexa reels Asuka in but Becky returns! Becky facelocks Alexa but that allows Asuka to escape the clinch. Becky ducks, the ROUNDHOUSE hits Alexa!

Becky whips Asuka out of the ring, but Liv returns to give her a FLYING CODE BREAKER! Then ObLIV- NO! Becky holds ropes, MANHANDLE SLAM! Cover, Asuka drags Becky away!! They’re both on the outside, Asuka dodges a haymaker to ROUNDHOUSE Becky! Alexa WRECKS Asuka, and then drags Liv to a drop zone! Alexa goes up top, TWISTED BLISS onto knees! Alexa flounders out, FABULOUS KICK from Mella! Cover, Mella wins!!

Winner: Carmella, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the Raw Women’s Championship)

Even Bianca has to admit that was savvy. Becky is freaking out, because the (self-proclaimed) Most Beautiful Woman in the WWE has the golden ticket to the title. But will Bianca show her that looks and opportunistic tendencies aren’t enough to dethrone the EST?

Becky immediately finds Adam Pearce!

She complains to him about how it has been time after time that she loses! Pearce tries to calm Becky down, but what will happen to the Big Time Comeback now?

Raw returns and is still complaining. She should be in MITB, she should be #1 contender, that show is nothing without her! She’s on the freakin’ poster! Pearce tells her that he can’t just put her into something, she has to earn opportunities. Okay, then how? How how how? Well before the change in plans, she was supposed to face Asuka for a spot, right? So then they’ll do that? Fine! Then it’s back on. They still have their qualifier for the MITB Ladder Match, and that match will happen tonight. What? Tonight?! After what we just saw?! What is going on here?! Which will Becky lose first: her mind, or another match?


Vince McMahon is here?!

This is literally unannounced and unexpected, but yes, here he is in Nebraska! He thanks everyone and says tonight marks the 1,517th edition of Monday Night Raw. That means it continues to be the longest running episodic television show in history. For that, he thanks the fans. That means Raw has been on the air for almost 30 years, and 20 of them, they’ve been dominated by the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. That man makes his return to Raw next week. Vince makes no less reference to the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect, JOHN CENA! Cena is on his way back on June 27th, the 20th anniversary of his debut, what will Cena do on that night?


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Matt Riddle VS Omos w/ MVP!

The Bro came so, so, so close to taking the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from the Tribal Chief, but he could not put Roman Reigns away. Riddle is now barred from challenging Roman Reigns ever again, unless he can get this contract. Will the Stallion be able to topple a giant and have a huge opportunity in his hometown? Or will Omos simply add to the Bro’s woes?

Raw returns as Riddle has a mic to say, “Bro… So, one month ago, my best bro, Randy, may have had his career ended at the hands of Roman Reigns & The Bloodline.” Riddle says on that day, he made a promise to himself and Randy to get vengeance for both of them. Last Friday Night SmackDown, Riddle was this close, bro. He went toe to toe, tit for tat, and even hit one of the sickest RKO’s ever! “But Roman’s Roman, he’s the Tribal Chief, and at the end of the day, he hit me with a Spear that almost broke me in half, and he beat me.” Riddle let himself down, he let the fans down, and most importantly, he let down his best friend, his mentor, and his “brother from another mother,” Randy Orton.

Fans chant for “R K BRO! R K BRO!” and Riddle says he might be down, but he’s definitely not out! You’ll have to kill Riddle to stop him! And while Riddle can’t challenge Roman for the Undisputed Universal Championship, but here’s something he can do: win MITB! And Riddle knows it is a long shot, but if he wins the contract and cashes in on Roman, he could end his reign of terror in the WWE and finally get sweet vengeance that RKBRO truly desires. Now, Riddle knows there’s a lot of competition already in that match, from Sheamus to Drew McIntyre to “that punk ass Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

“And speaking of that punk ass, Seth Freakin’ Rollins, you kinda did my boy, Cody Rhodes, dirty when you hit him with a sledgehammer in the chest. So I think I wanna hit you in the back with a ladder, bro!” Fans like the sound of that. But here comes the Nigerian Giant and Montel Vontavius Porter! MVP tells Riddle, “You been hanging out with Snoop Dogg again? Or I know, you hung out with Wiz Khalifa and smoked dizzle, right?” Those are the only guys MVP knows that have that top shelf kind of stash that could have Riddle this divorced from reality! Riddle, you won’t even make it to MITB, let alone win. Because there’s a 7’3″, 403 pound GIANT in your way!

However, it’s not all bad. Riddle will get high tonight, when Omos picks him up and slams him down to reality! “Talk about a bad comedown.” Riddle says touché. But here’s a little something for Omos & MVP. Riddle will get high, when he raises his hand up high when he wins here tonight with the three most destructive letters in all of sports entertainment: R K BRO! Riddle is fired up, but will he be coughing up a lung after falling off Mount Omos?

Raw returns and the bell rings. Riddle rushes in and fires off on Omos! Omos shoves Riddle away but Riddle gets around to fire off more shots! Omos shoves Riddle to a corner but Riddle avoids the back body block! Riddle fires off KICK after KICK after KICK, then lets off as the ref counts. Riddle runs, but Omos scoops him for a SIDEWALK SLAM! Omos is fired up and MVP says he doesn’t like that, he loves that! Omos aims at Riddle, runs corner to corner, and hits the back body block! Riddle falls over and MVP says to keep on him. Omos drags Riddle up, whips him to a corner hard, and Riddle falls to the mat!

Riddle writhes, and Seth Rollins is watching backstage in a pink leopard print. Omos kicks Riddle to ropes, and then stands on the bad ribs! The ref counts, Omos lets off, and MVP talks trash. Riddle gets up to fire off on Omos! Riddle runs, but into a BEARHUG! Fans rally as Riddle endures but Omos thrashes him around! Riddle throws down hands on Omos’ head! Riddle frees himself, but Omos reels him in to CLUB him in the back! MVP says Omos can’t let Riddle disrespect him! BEARHUG! Riddle endures all over again and fans rally back up. Riddle throws elbows, Omos thrashes Riddle more, but Riddle fires more and more and more shots!

Riddle is free again, he throws more elbows, but Omos choke grips! CHOKE- FINAL FLASH! Omos staggers and goes to a corner, but Riddle runs in! Forearm smash! Then side to side, forearm smash! Riddle keeps going, but gets caught! Omos TOSSES Riddle away! Omos runs corner to corner, into BOOTS! Riddle goes up top, FLOATING BRO ATTACK! Omos gets hit but still only staggers! Riddle fires up and hears the voices, bro! RK- NO! Omos has both hands, MOUNTAINTOP SLAM!! Cover, Omos wins!!

Winner: Omos, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

But then Omos adds on! Another MOUNTAINTOP SLAM!! Fans boo, but the giant is moving on to the ladder match. Will Omos even need a ladder to win?

As for Riddle, SETH ROLLINS makes his way out to the ring! Rollins is in a good mood given he’s in the MITB match, and that Riddle is not. Rollins looks at Riddle as he somehow manages to stand up. Rollins then DECKS Riddle! And throws him out of the ring! Fans boo and Rollins laughs as he gets a mic. “HAHAHAHAHA! Awww~ I’m sorry! I don’t share airspace with loooserrrs~! And Riddle, you are the Ultimate Loser! HAHA! First, you lose your buddy Raandy~! And then you lose your title match to Roman Reigns! And now you’ve lost your opportunity at MITB! HAHAHAHA!”

But hey, truth be told, Rollins can’t be too hard on Riddle, since it wouldn’t have mattered. Because no one in the MITB can defeat Roman Reigns. The entire planet knows that only one man has Roman’s number, and you are looking at him! HAHAHA! Roman’s been ducking and dodging Rollins since he emotionally dismantled him at the Royal Rumble. But in two week’s time, Rollins will climb the ladder, take the MITB contract, and then Roman can run and hide all he wants, but Rollins will find him. And if you thought that first cash-in was something, “well you ain’t seen nothing yet, baby! Because I am a Visionary! I am a revolutionary! I am Seth! Freakin’!”

Riddle DECKS Rollins! Fans fire up but Rollins kicks back, runs, and hits a CURB STOMP!! Rollins laughs at Riddle more, then swaggers away. Will the Visionary truly recreate history? Does Riddle still have a way back to the top?


(Austin) Theory is here!

The Youngest United States in WWE History is back again, flexing and boasting the entire way to the ring. He says he is untouchable after what he did to Bobby Lashley last week, but he’s ignoring the fact he lost. Will Theory only inflate his ego more here tonight? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Theory is back on the Pose-Down pedestal. Theory says everyone wants to know what it’s like to be a prodigy, the new Chosen One, and the new face of the WWE. But hey, he was expecting the boos because he doesn’t expect anyone here to relate to the youngest and greatest US Champion in WWE history! Fans boo more but Theory says they love him. Last week, he stood on this podium, showed off his physique, and proved Lashley can’t touch him! No one can! At this point in his career, Theory is better than Lashley ever was! He is on a level that- SHUT UP! He’s the one with the mic, so shut up!

Theory smiles and says he can wait. But next week, that might be the Cena Celebration, but his time is up, and Theory’s time is now. Get it? Is that unfair? Unfair that Theory says that about the supposed greatest of all time? What’s unfair was his Pose-Down last week! He didn’t get to show the fans the rest of his immaculate poses! So all you losers get to see the most perfect body in all the WWE, right here and now in his Theory Invitational Pose-Down! Now shut up while he oils up. Theory shines himself up and gives us the Double Biceps! Theory gloats the whole time, and says here comes the Side Chest! ALL DAY! Better than Lashley!

And of course, his favorite- LASHLEY! Fans fire up and Theory thinks it’s for him. Theory flexes, but then says everyone can quiet down. He’s good but hold on. Theory picks up the belt and tells fans to stop chanting for Lashley. But then Theory takes a selfie, and sees Lashley in the background! He turns around, and gets BABY OIL IN THE FACE! And a SPEAR off the podium!! Lashley sends Theory rolling and picks up the belt! Lashley also gets a mic and says he’ll say it one more time to make it clear: He’s not asking, he’s telling Theory that the title is coming home with Lashley! Fans fire up with the Rocky Mountain Machine, will he humble Theory once and for all?


Theory returns backstage.

Theory is still wiping baby oil out of his eyes and Kevin Patrick walks over. Theory asks where interviewers even come from. Do they just lurk in the shadows and wait for him to walk by? Kevin Patrick asks if Theory will address that challenge for the title. Lashley doesn’t deserve a title shot! He wishes he could hold this title! But, Theory was just in Adam Pearce’s office, on the phone with higher-ups, and Theory made a suggestion. Pearce accepted it, so if Lashley wants to earn a title match, he has to defeat three men, one after another, in a gauntlet match TONIGHT! Only then, which Theory guarantees won’t happen, Theory will defend his US title at MITB.

A mighty challenge for the All Mighty! Will he survive whoever it is Theory throws at him to then go for the gold in Las Vegas?


Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford VS Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso!

The Street Profits get their shot at the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships at MITB, but they’re already down after Jimmy turned things around on Ford. Will Dawkins tie up the 1v1 series? Or will the #RightHandMan keep things on the right track for the Bloodline?

Raw returns and Jey says you know who they are! You know who they are! “We the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos!” Jimmy adds, “And the Usos hold all the gold! Raw!” Jey says, “Got dat.” SmackDown. “Got dat, too!” Jimmy says The Bloodline runs both shows, Mondays and Fridays, and they’re smashing errybody! Just like Roman smashed Riddle, Roman will smash Lesnar again, and then the Usos will smash the Profits again! Cuz they the twos and #WeTheOnes! But speaking of, here come the Profits! Fans fire up for the red Solo cups, and Dawkins points out to Ford, it’s the Usos!

Oh, yeah! But they’re talking like they got bass in their voice. Last time they faced off, Profits beat the Usos so bad, Usos couldn’t get back in the ring. Guys, the Profits are the Profits, all about dat money, say somethin’ to me. But the only thing better than having Money in the Bank, is having more gold around their waists. But Jey tells Ford that his mouth is writing checks his ass can’t cash! Dawkins says, “Hey, Tez, y’know what? He’s got a point. But Jey, I bet I could beat your ass, though.” Ford tells the Usos to enjoy their reign while they can. Because the Profits are up, and #WeWantTheSmoke! Jey and Dawkins stay in the ring, and we see which way momentum goes this time!

The bell rings, Jey and Dawkins circle, talking some smack, and then they tie up. Jey kicks and ROCKS and CLUBS Dawkins, then whips him corner to corner. Dawkins reverses, runs in and CYCLONE SPLASH, to an ENZIGURI! Jey flounders out while Ford is fired up! Dawkins runs in but Jey dump him out! Jey then DIVES and hits Dawkins into barriers! Jey snarls, tells Dawkins this ain’t no game, and then he punches the headbands off him! Jey CLOBBES Dawkins into the timekeeper’s area! Fans fire up while the Usos raise their fingers, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Dawkins endures a chinlock. Dawkins fights up, fights free, and ROCKS Jey with a right hand! And then ROCKS him again! Dawkins JABS and JABS and JABS Jey in the corner. Dawkins whips corner to corner, Jey reverses, but Dawkins bounces off buckles to LARIAT Jey! Dawkins keeps rallying with clotheslines, but Jey mule kicks! And uppercuts! Jey whips, Dawkins hurdles and FLYING ELBOWS! Fans fire up, Dawkins scoops for the EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Dawkins is surprised but Ford coaches him on. Dawkins watches Jey get up, runs in, and CYCLONE- NO, Jey dodges! POP-UP NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Jimmy argues the ref but the ref tells him to get off the apron. Jey watches Dawkins goes to a corner as he goes to the other. “UCE! SO!” Jey runs in, into a POUNCE! Dawkins gets Jey up, SILENCER! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives and Dawkins can’t believe it! Dawkins hurries to get Jey back up, whip him to ropes, but Jey KNEES free of the pop-up! Dawkins bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS Jey again! Jey rebounds to SUPERKICK! Dawkins is down, Jey goes up top! USO SPLASH into the ANOINTING! Cover, Dawkins wins!!

Winner: Angelo Dawkins, by pinfall

And we’re all tied up! Jimmy is stunned as now the Usos are on the losing side! But will they be able to redeem themselves when it comes time to put the titles up?


Elias is playing his guitar.

Ezekiel visits his brother, saying, “There’s Zeke’s #1 freak.” Elias responds with, “And there’s my little brother.” They sit on the same couch together and Zeke says it’s been too long. Zeke debuted, won his first match, but still dealing with doubters like Kevin Owens calling him a liar. But where’s Elias been? Traveling around the world, writing songs, playing shows. But nothing compares to being in front of the WWE Universe. Wow, even in a place like Nebraska? Elias used to say some things about places like this. Elias says he’s a changed man. And he’s seen Zeke out there, living the dream, hearing the crowds. It has changed Elias’ perspective.

In fact, Elias is proud to be here. He just wonders if the people remember: WWE stands for #WalkWithElias. C’mon, man! Didn’t you hear them all last week? Of course they remember! But gotta say, this means the world to Zeke. Mom ‘n’ dad are surely watching them like they used to watch the WWE. Maybe Zeke will be in the MITB Ladder match! Imagine that: Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Ezekiel! He’s getting #ZekedUp just thinking about it! Because then, everyone will wanna #SpeakWithZeke. Elias tells Zeke not to get ahead of himself. He has to focus on what’s right in front of him.

Elias wasn’t sure a wholesome kid like Zeke has a mean streak but he likes what he sees. Zeke’s doing a great job. Zeke says he loves his brother, and Elias says he loves Zeke, too. Now, if Zeke doesn’t mind, Elias has to tune up before he gets out there. They fist bump and Zeke heads out. Will the Drifter really have his return concert here tonight? What will Kevin Owens say to something like this?


Ladies and gentlemen: Elias.

He’s back in the ring with the spotlight! “Hello, I am Elias. And I gotta say, it feels great to be here in front of all the good people of Nebraska.” Fans cheer for that, and Elias says, “I wanna thank you for welcoming me back, I wanna thank you for taking care of my little brother, and I’m here for a couple reasons tonight. And one of those is to remind you that there is a universal truth that you should never forget. And that is that WWE stands for…” “WALK! WITH! ELIAS!” Elias missed that! But in light of everything that’s going on, he’ll kick things off here tonight with a song dedicated to his brother, Zeke.

Elias starts playing and fans clap along. But then Kevin Owens says nope! They’re not doing this! He is ending the charade! No one wants this concert! Fans boo because they do! Kevin says this man is a liar with no integrity! Now, he might have the “wise” people of Nebraska fooled, but not Kevin! He’s French Canadian, he’s super smart! He knows this man is a liar! Elias and Zeke are the same person! That video of them together doesn’t fool Kevin! Special effects, movie magic, they can do whatever they want! Kevin saw a movie with dinosaurs in it! A T-Rex was flying a helicopter!! That video proves NOTHING!

But then Zeke calls Kevin from the tron!? Does Kevin get it now? This is Zeke, and that is Elias. They’ve been telling him the truth the whole time. Kevin just has to accept it and move on. And to Elias, good luck with the concert. Elias thanks Zeke and tells Kevin that it is clearly no one is lying. But to make it clear, here’s a little song. “Elias is back for one night! Big Zeke likes to bring the fight. The Zeke Freaks have been on fire, cuz they know KO is a liar! Sing it! KO is a liar! KO, is a liar~!” Kevin tells Elias to stop already! Stop it! He takes the guitar and TOSSES it! So Elias hits a JUMP KNEE! Fans fire up as Kevin drops, and then Elias gets his spare guitar!

Elias aims at Kevin, and gives him a SMASH HIT! The classics never get old! Kevin writhes and Elias says thanks to Nebraska for tonight. Will Kevin ever leave Zeke and Elias alone? Kevin flops to the back, and Kevin Patrick asks him just that. Is he convinced? Why would he be?! Is he an idiot?! He can explain all that! That tron message could’ve easily been recorded earlier today! And Elias was wearing a fake beard! But KO does know that his back is killing him, he just hurt his knee, and that’s all “his” fault! So next week, Kevin challenges “him” to a match! It can be Elias, Zeke, or their even YOUNG brother, Elrond! Just someone face Kevin!

Kevin then looks like he’s seen a ghost, as Zeke walks in! Zeke heard the challenge, and accepts it. Kevin is flabbergasted, and even shouts “ELROND!” Will the Prizefighter ever get over this obsession?


WWE United States Championship Contender Three Round Gauntlet: Bobby Lashley VS ???

Theory made this match for the All Mighty, and the All Mighty gladly accepts! Will Lashley put three innocent men through some serious pain to finally make Theory put his title where his mouth is? Or will it only take one of them to stop Lashley’s momentum?

Raw returns, and first up to take on Lashley is… Chad Gable! Will Gable make Lashley SHOOOOSH~ here?

Bobby Lashley VS Chad Gable w/ Otis!

The bell rings and Gable tells Lashley to focus on him, not on Otis. They tie up, Gable waistlocks but Lashley wrenches to a wristlock. Lashley grinds the arm, Gable endures, and Lashley hammerlocks to a headlock. Gable endures again, and Lashley hits a takeover. Gable makes it a cover, ONE! Lashley holds, wrenches, waistlocks and SLAMS Gable down! Lashley facelocks, keeps his eyes on Otis, but Gable fights up. Gable wrenches out, wristlocks, but Lashley wrenches back to a wristlock. Fans rally for Lashley but Gable rolls, bridges, and handsprings to wrench through and CHOP! Gable says SHOOOOSH~!

Lashley spins Gable around for a NECKBREAKER! Lashley runs to run Gable over, then shoots in to trip him up and SLAP him! Lashley tells Gable to SHOOSH! Gable snarls, rushes in, but Lashley puts him on the apron. Lashley runs to then BLAST Gable all the way to the desk! Otis tells Lashley to stay back but fans fire up as Lashley goes out after Gable. Lashley whips Gable into barriers, then shines up the corner. Lashley hauls Gable up, fireman’s carry and POST! Fans fire up while Gable is down and Lashley gets back in the ring. Otis helps Gable stand, but Lashley throws elbows at the apron!

Lashley suplexes Gable, holds him up for 10, then 15, then SLAMS Gable down! Fans fire up and Lashley takes aim from the corner. Gable gets up, Lashley runs in, but Gable drop toeholds to an ANKLE LOCK! Gable laughs and tells Lashley to give up! Lashley endures, pushes up, but Gable puts on more pressure! Lashley rolls over to kick Gable away! Gable gets up the corner, Lashley runs in and Gable leaps over! Gable CLOBBERS Lashley, goes up top, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Lashley survives and Gable is shocked! Gable wants Nebraska to SHOOSH, and he stalks Lashley. Gable reels Lashley in, but Lashley spins around to clinch and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly!

Lashley hobbles over, gets Gable, but Gable blocks the Full Nelson to standing switch! Lashley switches back, Gable drops, but Lashley drags Gable up out of the victory roll and into the HURT LOCK! Gable TAPS, Lashley ELIMINATES him! But then Otis CLOBBERS Lashley! Obviously the tree trunk is the second opponent!

Bobby Lashley VS Otis w/ Chad Gable!

Otis stomps away on Lashley, Gable tells Lashley to SHOOSH, but the ref pulls the Alpha Academy away. Otis then stands on Lashley! The ref counts, Otis lets off at 4 and Lashley gets to the apron. Otis goes out after Lashley, storms over around the way, and he KICKS Lashley in the side! Otis RAMS Lashley into barriers and says that felt good! Otis says this is #ForTheAcademy, and then he drags Lashley back up. Otis POSTS Lashley in return for what he did to Gable, and then he gets in the ring at 5 of 10. Fans rally, the count is 8, but Otis then goes out after Lashley again to CLOBBER him! Otis paces around as the ring count restarts.

Otis aims, runs and SPLASHES Lashley! Fans boo while Gable says “A THANK YEW~!” Otis asks, “Who’s the man now?!” and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Otis has Lashley with a neck wrench. Fans rally as Lashley endures, fights up, and throws body shots! Lashley ROCKS Otis, then waistlocks, but Otis is too bulky to lift! Otis elbows free, runs, but Lashley dodges. But Otis rolls to dodge back! And then he CLOBBERS Lashley! Cover, TWO! Otis snarls and argues with the ref but the count was fair. Otis runs to drop a BIG elbow! Otis again asks, “Who’s the man?!” Otis stalks Lashley to a corner, throws clobbering shots, and reels Lashley in for a short arm LARIAT! Otis calls himself the Hammer of God, then goes up the corner! VADER BOMB FLOPS as Lashley moves!

Otis clutches his gut, Lashley runs in, but Otis rolls again! Lashley dodges in return, for a COMPLETE SHOT! Fans fire up and Lashley fires up, too! Lashley waits on Otis to get up, but Otis blocks the Hurt Lock! Otis throws an elbow but Lashley still holds on. Otis powers Lashley to a corner and fires off back elbows from both sides! Otis then runs corner to corner, but only gets buckles! Lashley SPEARS Otis down!! Cover, GABLE attacks! Lashley advances by disqualification! Gable hammers away on Lashley, rains down fists, and there’s still one more man Lashley has to face! Gable and Otis haul Lashley up to POST him!

Otis drags Lashley out, feeds Lashley to Gable’s GERMAN SUPLEX, and then Otis hits a SPLASH! Who is the third man? THEORY HIMSELF!!

Bobby Lashley VS (Austin) Theory!

Of course “The Chosen One” wants to pick the bones! He rains down fists on Lashley and fans boo! Theory stomps away, flexes, and says this is HIS time! Theory CLUBS Lashley, CLUBS him again, stomps and kicks, then hauls Lashley into a corner to fire off haymakers! The ref counts, Theory lets off at 4, and storms around shouting at Lashley. But then Lashley hits back with counter punches! Theory kicks a leg, but runs into a scoop! But Theory kicks and flails and gets to the apron to HOTSHOT Lashley!

Theory somersaults and SHOTGUNS Lashley down! Theory wants to finish this and he tells Lashley to get up! Fans boo while Theory fireman’s carries, A TOWN- NO, Lashley turns it into a leg capture cradle! LASHLEY WINS!!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the WWE US Championship)

Theory was angry before, but now he’s furious! Lashley survives three opponents and now has his golden ticket to Las Vegas! Will Theory lose his cool and lose the title, too? Or can the “new face of the WWE” find a way to save face and survive the All Mighty?


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

Sarah asks if Bianca was surprised by Mella winning and becoming new #1 contender to the Raw Women’s Championship? Bianca says yes and no. Mella was away but she showed up and showed out. Mella is always an amazing competitor, a former Ms. MITB, Women’s Tag Team Champion and Women’s Champion, so Bianca isn’t going to underestimate her. She’ll treat Mella like she does Rhea. Bianca stays ready so she doesn’t have to get ready, because she is the strongEST, the fastEST, the- Mella cheap shots her!! Always ready, huh? Well, watch your back, because #MellaIsMoney! Mella runs off, but will Bianca be more than ready to bust her in Las Vegas?


The Miz heads to the ring!

The Hollywood A-Lister promises a phenomenal edition of MizTV tonight with AJ Styles as his guest! What will Miz asks Styles on the road to MITB? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and Miz welcomes us to the Most Must-See WWE Talk Show, and says he is anxious to get to the bottom of what’s been going on with his guest. Get up out of your seats for the Phenomenal AJ Styles! Fans fire up as Styles makes his entrance, and Miz jams out to Styles’ theme song as Styles makes his way to the ring. They sit and Miz thanks Styles for being here. Styles has been going through some “issues” lately, such as Edge attacking Styles going into WrestleMania. Then when Styles tried to get payback, Edge used the ol’ numbers game by starting The Judgement Day.

What did Styles do? Got himself an ally in Finn Balor, only for Finn Balor to join The Judgement Day. And then last week, Styles wanted to punish Rollins so bad for what he did to Cody Rhodes, it cost Styles a spot in the MITB ladder match. And to top it all off, earlier tonight, Styles’ former tag team partner, the 7’3″ giant, Omos, qualified for the MITB match. Miz says he’s not gonna lie, but he’s embarrassed for Styles. Miz, a two-time Mr. MITB, would not let an opportunity- Okay, okay, c’mon. Styles asks if Miz only asked him out here to get a rise out of him? If so, he’s going about this all wrong.

No, no, Miz says Styles has The Miz wrong. Styles is here on MizTV so that the “young, naïve University of Nebraska students could get a preview of what it’s like to become a failure.” Fans boo and Miz smirks, but Styles asks if that was supposed to sting. These fans are young, but they’re not naïve. The one who is naïve is Miz. Miz clearly doesn’t watch college football, because if he did, he’d know that Nebraska is Cornhusker Country! Fans chant “GO BIG RED!” But if we’re talking corn, Miz must feel like the failure since Maryse married a man with tiny little popcorns. Maybe smaller? Miz says this is not going to be a thing.

Oh, no, Miz’s tiny balls are a thing. NO! It is not a thing! Yes, it is. It isn’t! Styles asks the fans: Are Miz’s tiny balls a thing or not? “YES! YES! YES!” “POPCORN BALLS! POPCORN BALLS!” Miz says he does NOT have tiny balls!! His balls are MASSIVE!! And Miz is the ONLY two-time Grand Slam Champion in WWE history! More wins here than Styles could ever dream of! The fans are all excited for the 20th Anniversary Cena Celebration? Well Miz BEAT Cena at the main event of WrestleMania! Miz has a beautiful wife, a perfect family, and The It Family reinvented reality television with Miz & Mrs., and a brand new episode is on right after Raw! Miz is a SUCCESS STORY!

But what Miz wants to know about Styles is, “What does it feel like to be a huge disappointment?” Styles hopes fans see what Miz is doing. He’s trying to get Styles to pop off, right? But Styles won’t play that game. Yes, things haven’t gone his way. He isn’t in MITB and that’s on him. One of his best friends betrayed him, not so Too Sweet. And there was his time in the Seth Rollins VS Cody Rhodes saga. Styles lost, and that’s on him. He’s been through adversity before. How do you think he became Phenomenal? But see here’s the thing: When Styles gets disrespected, he doesn’t come out to some talk show and run his mouth like Miz does.

When Styles gets disrespected, he does this! Styles CLOBBERS Miz with the microphone! But then TOMMASO CIAMPA attacks Styles!? Is Ciampa Miz’s guardian psycho or something?! Will Styles do something about this after the break?


AJ Styles VS Tommaso Ciampa!

Raw returns, the bell rings and the two rush each other! Styles puts Ciampa in a corner, fires off hands, then whips corner to corner. Ciampa reverses, Styles hits buckles but LARIATS Ciampa back! Miz is on commentary, of course, while Styles hits a BACKBREAKER! Cover, ONE, but Styles brings Ciampa up. Ciampa CLAWS Styles’ face then HEADBUTTS him! Ciampa CLUBS Styles, Miz complains about Styles’ sucker punch, and Ciampa CHOPS Styles. Ciampa whips, Styles reverses, and Styles hurdles, drops and dropkicks! Byron Saxton asks if Miz knew Ciampa was lurking, and Miz says no. He hasn’t had a single conversation with Ciampa in his life.

Styles seethes while Ciampa bails out. Ciampa checks his teeth, but Styles slingshots. Ciampa slides in and dropkicks Styles down! Then KNEES him off the apron! Miz likes that! Ciampa gets Styles up, puts him in the ring, and then runs in to KNEE Styles back down! Miz wants Ciampa to pin Styles and Ciampa covers, TWO! Miz does note that if you’re paying attention, every strike of Ciampa’s is just vicious. Ciampa stomps Styles, paces around him, then drags him up to turn him for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Byron does ask Miz why he wanted Styles as a guest, and Miz asks back how Byron is still on commentary when he adds nothing.

Ciampa tries another cover, ONE! Ciampa sits Styles up to ELBOW Styles in the head! Miz says he asks the hard hitting questions, so that is what he did with Styles. Ciampa clamps on a chinlock and grinds Styles down. Styles endures, even as Ciampa pushes up for leverage. Fans rally, Styles fights up, and he throws body shots. Ciampa swings but Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz! SLIDING FOREARM! Fans fire up, Styles runs in and hits a clothesline in the corner! Then he fireman’s carries Ciampa for the USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Styles brings Ciampa up and calls for The Clash!

But Ciampa wrenches out, gets around, ripcord and ROLLING ELBOW! Ciampa reels Styles in, underhooks the arms, but Styles blocks the lift to lift Ciampa for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Both men are down and Miz looks worried. Ciampa gets to a corner, Styles runs in, but Ciampa puts Styles out on the apron. Styles ROCKS Ciampa, adjusts his elbow pad, and springboards, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall

But Miz is right off commentary to run in! But Styles dodges and PELES! Miz wobbles, Styles reels him in, and fans fire up! STYLES CLASH!! Styles wins against Ciampa and he gets the last word on The Miz! Will Styles make a phenomenal rise back up?


Kevin Patrick interviews Veer Mahaan on stage.

Last week, the Lion of India defeated Rey Mysterio after a series of assaults, some of which were brutal, maybe even “gruesome.” Veer says, “Only some? That’s a shame. Because what I did to the Mysterios was just the beginning. The WWE has never seen hunger like mine before. I love carnage. No one knows how to stop me, because I can’t be stopped.” Veer says in Punjabi that WWE can send anyone against him, but it won’t matter. In English, he says, “I will not be stopped until there is nothing left to pick upon the bones. Fear Veer!” The look on his face says it all, no matter what language you speak. Will the Lion of India become the king of the WWE jungle?


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match Qualifier: Becky Lynch VS Asuka!

This match was meant to happen before Rhea Ripley’s injury and the Fatal 5 Way was made, and it’s still happening since neither The Man nor The Empress won that Fatal 5 Way. Will The Big Time Comeback still stay on track? Or is Becky still, still, still not ready for Asuka?

Raw returns and Asuka makes her entrance. But Becky rushes out of the ring to get her at the ramp! Becky hammers away on Asuka, drags her towards the ring, CLUBS her more, then whips her into the apron! But Asuka elbows back! Asuka gets in the ring, takes off the jacket, and Becky gets back in! The ref has them hold on, the bell rings, and Asuka tackles Becky! Fans fire up as the two scrap! Asuka gets the ARMBAR!! Becky hurries to get up, stacks to a cover, TWO! Becky wants the arm but Asuka trips her! Asuka stomps Becky’s butt, runs, but has to roll over the dropdown. Asuka whips, Becky RAMS shoulders, but neither falls!

Becky runs, Asuka follows and runs Becky over! Fans fire up with Asuka and she drags Becky into the chicken wing! Becky hurries to throw Asuka out of the ring! Becky runs and WRECKS Asuka with the baseball slide! Fans fire up, Becky smacks Asuka off the apron, then again on the other side of the corner. The ring count is 7, Becky puts Asuka in, but then Asuka KICKS Becky in the ropes! And again and again and again! The ref reprimands, Asuka lets off to run, and she HIP ATTACKS Becky to the floor! Fans fire up and Asuka goes out after Becky. Becky kicks low, then drags Asuka up to smack off the apron again.

Becky puts Asuka in, climbs up a corner while fans cheer and jeer, but Asuka CHOPS Becky first! Asuka climbs up after Becky now and fans fire up, but Becky blocks the superplex! Becky throws body shots, DECKS Asuka, then gets back up, only for Asuka to dodge the missile dropkick! CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Asuka KICKS Becky in the chest again and again, but Becky blocks to ROCK Asuka! And EuroUpper! Becky whips Asuka to a corner, Asuka goes up, but Becky DECKS her! Asuka tumbles to apron then the floor! Becky is back in control while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns one more time, Becky hits a leg drop, brother! Becky runs but Asuka avoids this next leg drop, and she runs to SLIDING LEG LARIAT! Both women are down and fans fire up again! Asuka and Becky slowly rise while a standing count starts, and they’re both up at 5 of 10. They throw haymakers back and forth, then Asuka fires off palm strikes! Becky blocks a backhand but Asuka catches the haymaker to arm hooks. Becky fights the backslide so Asuka spins her to a cradle! TWO, and Asuka mule kicks! Asuka runs, Becky follows but Asuka dodges, and Asuka FLYING LARIATS! Becky gets to a corner, Asuka HIP ATTACKS her!

Asuka waistlocks, Becky throws an elbow but Asuka ducks it! BACKHAND! BACKHAND! SOBAT! Front kick and- NO, Becky ducks the next backhand, but the HEEL KICK hits! Down goes Becky, but Asuka gets her up for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Becky sits up in a daze, HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO!! Asuka is shocked but she drags Becky back up. Asuka has the chicken wing and wants the crossface, but Becky switches around! Becky steals the ASUKA LOCK!! Asuka fights free of the crossface, pries the legs apart, and has an ANKLE LOCK! Becky hurries to roll but Asuka rolls with her! Becky tries again, but Asuka still holds on!

Becky rolls Asuka into buckles! Becky hobbles over, bumps Asuka off buckles, KICKS her in the back and CLUBS her in the chest! Cover, TWO!! Becky is frustrated, she drags Asuka up and throws her through ropes. Becky fires off forearms and uppercuts and a sobat! Becky then climbs for a GUILOTINE- NO, Asuka avoids the leg drop for an ASUKA LOCK in the ropes! Asuka lets go at 4, fans fire up with her as she climbs, BIG missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives again but Asuka is too tired to be upset. Becky rolls all the way out of the ring, but Asuka aims from the apron. SLIDING- NO, Becky dodges, hops up, but Asuka KICKS her leg!

Asuka then gets under Becky, but Becky stomps Asuka against the apron, and hits an APRON LEG DROP! Becky leaps, into a KNEE from Asuka! Both women are down and fans are fired up! The ring count is climbing, and it passes 5! Then 8! Both women are in at 9.9!! Asuka and Becky get up, they throw forearms back and forth! They stand, Becky ducks a kick to MAN- NO, victory roll! But Becky blocks it to have her own cover! TWO, but Becky is after an arm! Asuka holds off the Disarm-Her, wants the ropes, but Becky drags her away! Asuka rolls Becky, TWO! ROUNDHOUSE!! Cover, ASUKA WINS!!

Winner: Asuka, by pinfall (advances to the Women’s MITB Ladder Match)

Becky was ready for Asuka, but she wasn’t able to withstand what Asuka brought to the fight! And now Becky is having a Big Time MELTDOWN! She’s ripping up the announce desk and kicking the steel steps! With only two spots left, is the window on the comeback closing? As for Asuka, can she become a TWO-TIME Empress in the Bank?

My Thoughts:

This was actually a great Raw that built towards Money in the Bank. Except for Vince making a random appearance to do, guess what? Nothing of substance, just like he did on Friday. We all knew Cena was making his return on June 27th, it has been advertised for weeks. Vince showing up was just so he could have more TV time and get the fans to cheer for him out of habit. So stupid, just tone deaf filler.

Moving on, a shame Rhea got hurt this close to MITB, but if there is one thing WWE does well even now, it’s that they can improvise with amazing results. Bianca has a good promo segment with Becky, Asuka, Liv, Alexa and Carmella, and that Fatal 5 was an awesome match. But with Alexa and Liv already in the Women’s MITB and Asuka canceling out with Becky, of course Mella won. Mella will of course lose to Bianca, no harm done and I hope Rhea is healed up in time for SummerSlam. Bianca and Rhea can have an awesome SummerSlam match, Nashville is Tennessee and Bianca will basically be the hometown hero, that place will be on fire for her.

Becky and Asuka then gave us a killer main event to continue with things as planned. I was a little surprised that Becky lost, but I also do feel this is a great way to give Asuka a second chance at being Ms. MITB. Her first run wasn’t even a run because Becky went on maternity leave and Asuka was automatically made champion. At the same time, COVID was in the way of last time, so Asuka can really have a lot of fun with teasing a cash-in this time. Out of the field so far, it’s really either her or Lacey Evans, anyway. And Lacey doesn’t necessarily need the MITB contract for her story, she can just flip that switch and be Heel a la Kurt Angle (as much as I don’t want that to happen cuz again, they set it all up with her tragic backstory of hers).

The Men’s MITB qualifier was a bit of a surprise. I thought this was going to be Riddle’s win, but I suppose Omos is still being built strong, and Riddle was under 100% with the rib tape. Plus, with a story now starting with Rollins and Riddle in Cody’s absence, Rollins gets to pick on Riddle after the loss. Riddle surely finds another way in, MITB is going to be in Vegas! The crowd will love having a hometown hero there. As for Omos and MVP, what the hell happened with Ziggler & Roode? Did they just not care about continuing that? Also why are they bringing back the stage position now? Veer’s interview promo was still fine, but why did it have to be on stage? It just seemed weird.

Meanwhile, we got a great 1v1 match from Dawkins and Jey, and it makes sense the singles matches would be 1-1 so that the math is a wash. Just like last week, I can’t say who wins, but it’d be a great opportunity for Profits to win in Vegas. Theory gloating on the Pose-Down podium was a strange thing to follow up last week with, but it worked out perfectly to set up Lashley showing up and getting him back. That gauntlet match was also awesome stuff, with Gable and Otis getting to look great. I should’ve expected Theory being the third man, and that costing him was great stuff. With their title match happening at MITB, after Cena’s appearance, it could go either way as Theory can feud with Cena even without the title.

MizTV was a decent segment, but of course the continued mocking of Miz’s nuts is hilarious. Ciampa always being around when Miz gets in a bad situation is interesting, but we did get a good match out of Styles VS Ciampa. A little confused as to why Finn and Priest couldn’t still do Judgement Day related things but oh well, maybe they’ll give us something next week. We at least need Styles VS Finn set up for SummerSlam, that’ll be awesome stuff. In another timeline, Styles VS Finn would be the Undisputed WWE Champion match, not Roman VS Lesnar, but we’re cursed to be in this timeline.

And segment of the night, maybe even all week and all month was everything with Elias, Ezekiel and Kevin Owens. Yes, obvious Ezekiel and Elias are still the same person but what an amazing and thought out way to give us both of them in the WWE Universe. The irony is that Kevin is absolutely right about the video editing and the beard, but they did a great job in kayfabe to turn that all around. And I love that the graphic hyping next week’s match includes “Elrond” or “Elrod” or whatever, just to play along with Kevin. Kevin VS Ezekiel next week should definitely be a MITB qualifier on top of everything, but even if it isn’t, that will be the best match Kevin and Zeke have put on yet.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Elimination Chamber Results & Report! (2/24/24)

WWE goes Down Under!



Who survives Perth to head for Philadelphia?

The Road to WrestleMania passes through Perth, Australia, with two massive Elimination Chambers! Who will face Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship?


  • Kickoff Show – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell; The Kabuki Warriors win and retain the titles.
  • Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Becky Lynch VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Naomi VS Liv Morgan VS Bianca Belair VS Tiffany Stratton; Becky wins and will challenge for the title at WrestleMania 40.
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Finn Balor & Damian Priest w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne; Finn & Priest win and retain the titles.
  • World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton VS Drew McIntyre VS LA Knight VS Bobby Lashley VS Kevin Owens VS Logan Paul; wins and will challenge for the title at WrestleMania 40.
  • Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Nia Jax; wins and


It’s the Elimination Chamber Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Sam Roberts & Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action on the golden shores of Perth, Australia!


The Rock has a message!

“Oh, I know, everybody wants to know what’s happening down in Perth, Australia. It’s gonna be this weekend, right? Is that right? Yeah, The Rock knows when it’s happening, y’know why? Because they kept asking The Rock, ‘Rock, will you go down to Perth? Will ya come down to Perth, Australia?’ Listen, The Rock can’t be there in Perth, he wishes he could be there in Perth, he’s gonna be there in spirit and that’s all that matters. The People’s Champ’s spirit is gonna be there in Perth. But here’s who else is gonna be there in Perth: Grayson Waller, doing the Waller Effect. It’s that show, it’s a big show.

“It’s a big show here in the states, and it’s an even bigger show down there in Australia? Y’know why? Y’know why, Dumbo? Because Australia is his country, it’s his home country, the people are gonna go crazy for him. But here’s what’s happening. Here’s the BS that’s happening now down in Australia. Cody Rhodes and his little girlfriend, Seth Rollins, are gonna go on the Waller Effect. Here’s the thing, I need you, and you, and this goof holding the camera and this one holding the microphone over here, I need all of you guys to make sure that Perth knows this some BS happening.

“And if those guys, meaning Cody and his little girlfriend, Seth, if they start talking trash, let The Rock know. Tell The Rock. Because here’s what’s gonna happen: The Rock is gonna slap the piss out of both of them, just like that. As a matter of fact, if those two talk trash, The Rock will fly down there to Perth before that interview is over and he’ll do it. Don’t wonder why The Rock can make it that quick, The Rock makes magic happen. Do you understand? All right, that’s all The Rock has to say about Perth. Perth, Australia, get ready because the WWE is coming. Let The Rock know if those two jabronies talk trash. IF YA SA-MELLLL~… what The Rock… is cooking.”


Kickoff Show – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The Kabuki Warriors VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell!

It was just last night on SmackDown that Asuka & Kairi Sane made good on their promise to get Dakota Kai back. But now, they must shift things from personal to business as they take on the Poison Pixie and the hometown hero, #IndiWrestling! Will Damage CTRL return to the US still golden? Or will Candice & Indi find the way to win?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see what it takes to take control!

The teams sort out and Kairi starts against Indi. The fans fire up already as Indi and Kairi circle. They tie up, go around, and Indi headlocks. Indi grinds Kairi down, Kairi throws body shots and powers out, only for Indi to run her over! The fans cheer and Indi smiles, but Kairi scrambles away. Asuka coaches Kairi up and Kairi rests with Indi. Kairi gets around Indi, CLUBS away on her, but fans boo. Kairi headlocks, grinds the hold, but Indi fights up. Indi lifts Kairi and fans cheer as Indi shoves Kairi away. Indi drops down, hurdles, and BOOTS Kairi! The fans fire up again as Indi drags Kairi over and tags Candice.

Indi scoops to SLAM Kairi, then she and Candice combine, inverted wheelbarrow SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Candice keeps on Kairi with a wrench but Kairi stomps Candice’s foot! Kairi brings Candice over, tag to Asuka and Kairi feeds Candice to Asuka’s boots! Asuka taunts Candice, taunts the fans, and soaks up the heat. Asuka pie faces, but Candice blocks the kick! Candice spins Asuka to fire off CHOPS and haymakers! The fans fire up with Mrs. Wrestling as she fires off in the corner! Candice runs in to back body block, then snapmare and STEP-UP SENTON! Cover, TWO! Asuka hangs tough but Candice facelocks.

Asuka RAMS Candice into a corner! And again! Asuka backs off to go corner to corner, but Candice ELBOWS her away! Candice goes up, but Asuka runs back in. Candice BOOTS Asuka away again, and Asuka fakes pain to distract the ref. This allows Kairi to SHOVE Candice down! Fans rally for Candice & Indi but Asuka goes out to fetch the Pixie. Asuka CLUBS Candice, puts her in the ring, but Candice crawls for her corner! Asuka CLUBS Candice down, drags her over and tags in Kairi. Kairi TOSSES Candice to an open corner, then she mocks the fans as she walks the plank. Kairi runs in, SLIDING D misses!

Candice and Kairi crawl, hot tag to Asuka! Asuka gets Candice’s foot, ANKLE LOCK! Candice still hops and hops and reaches out! But Asuka reels Candice in, GERMAN SUPLEX! Asuka tells Indi to kiss this, then SLIDING KICK takes Candice down! Tag to Kairi and she climbs. Fans boo, but the FLYING KABUKI ELBOW hits! Cover, TWO! Candice stays in this but Kairi keeps on her with an armlock. The fans rally, Candice fights up and fires forearms! Candice reaches out, Kairi holds on, but Candice still fights. Kairi knees her low! Kairi puts Candice in the corner, tags Asuka, and Asuka HIP ATTACKS Indi down!

Fans boo but the Kabuki Warriors double whip, sidestep, KICK, AX KICK and BULLDOG into the basement DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up but Asuka calls to Kairi again. They coordinate, Asuka whips Candice in but Candice uses that to BLAST Kairi down! Candice BOOTS Asuka, slips under her, and reaches out! Asuka grabs Candice’s foot to drag her back! But Candice ENZIGIRIS free, hot tag to Indi! The fans go wild as Indi rallies on the Kabuki Warriors! LARIAT after LARIAT, and then she brings them together, for a meeting of the minds! Kairi and Asuka fall back, Indi kicks and CLUBS and JABS Asuka!

Indi whips Asuka, for a SPINEBUSTER! Kairi returns, SPINEBUSTER onto Asuka! Indi covers Asuka, TWO!! Asuka keeps the Kabuki Warriors in this but Indi puts Asuka in the ropes. UPPERCUT and BOOT! Asuka sits on the apron, Indi runs up to CROSSBODY her through the ropes! “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” “OI OI OI!” Indi puts Asuka in, tags Candice, and they get Asuka up. Candice kicks at Kairi while Indi hits the FULL NELSON FACEBUSTER! Candice LIONSAULTS! Cover, Kairi breaks it! Fans boo but Kairi drags Candice up to whip. Candice reverses to send Kairi out! Tag back to Indi and fans fire up!

Candice CROSSBODIES Kairi on the outside! Indi drags Asuka up, but Asuka throws URAKEN after URAKEN! GERMAN SUPLEX! Indi flounders, but she ducks the buzzsaw! Roll up, TWO!! Asuka escapes but Indi runs up to DECK her! Tag to Candice and Candice goes up. Indi gives her some help, but Kairi trips Indi and that trips Candice! Kairi POSTS Indi, then calls to Asuka. Asuka brings Candice over, tag to Kairi! Kairi climbs, Asuka has Candice in position! InSANE DDT!! Cover, Kabuki Warriors win!

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Candice & Indi tried their hardest, but The Empress of Tomorrow & The Pirate Princess keep their thrones! Will nothing stop DMG CTRL on the Road to WrestleMania? Will Bayley & Dakota Kai be able to change that next Friday Night SmackDown?


Rhea Ripley narrates the intro.

“Around here, we have a saying. ‘No worries.’ Well now, you better start worrying.” The most brutal stop on the Road to WrestleMania, the unforgiving, inescapable and yet career-defining Elimination Chamber! “Mami is always on top.” Or is she? Nia Jax looks to put that to the test. Will the Eradicator end up A-Nia-lated?


Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Elimination Chamber Match: Becky Lynch VS Raquel Rodriguez VS Naomi VS Liv Morgan VS Bianca Belair VS Tiffany Stratton!

Before Rhea and Nia battle over the title, this match determines who faces the winner in the most brutal way possible! The Man, Big Mami Cool, The Glow, the LIVing End, the EST and the Wrestling Barbie all want their shot, who survives this sinister structure to take it?

Bianca makes her entrance first, followed by Raquel, Tiffany, and Liv, which leaves Naomi and Becky to start things off. The bell rings and the fans fire up as Becky stares Naomi down. They circle, tie up, and go around. Naomi headlocks to hit a takeover but Becky rolls that into her own headlock. Naomi makes it a cover, ONE, and the two stand up. Naomi powers out but Becky rusn her over! THe fans fire up as Becky flexes, then thigs speed up. Naomi drops, hurdles, then runs, but Becky follows. Naomi redirects her to run her over! Fans fire up as Becky goes to a corner and cools off.

Naomi and Becky reset, circle, and the fans rally behind Becky. Becky waistlocks, Naomi breaks free to switch, then they go to rpoes. O’COnner Roll, ONE and Becky has it! ONE and Naomi rolls Becky up, ONE! Naomi trips Becky, jackknife bridges, TWO as Becky bridges up! They spin around, Becky backslides, TWO! Naomi stands but Becky sweeps! Cover, ONE! Naomi sweeps and covers, ONE as Becky goes Matrix! The fans fire up again, and things keep moving! Naomi follows Becky but Becky arm-drags! Naomi arm-drags back! The two stand off and the fans cheer! Becky applauds, too, and offers a handsahke.

Naomi takes the shake, but they both go to kick! They both block and they argue about who lets go. They agree to go at the same time. They keep that clean, but then they throw forearms! Both stagger back, but Becky runs up, only for Naomi to sidestep. Becky tilt-o-whirls and goes for the arm! Naoim keeps the armbar away and rolls Becky, TWO, into the BUTTERFLY CLUTCH! Becky makes it a cover, TWO! Naoim DROPKICKS Becky down! Becky goes to a corner and fans rally up again. Naomi runs up but Becky BOOTS her! Becky runs up but Naomi blocks the buckle bump to KICK Becky! Then Naoim BUCKLE BULLDOGS!

Becky staggers away, Naoim climbs, and Naomi leaps, only for Becky to get under! Naomi handsprings up, into a DROPKICK! Becky runs up, into a BOOT! Naomi whips, Becky reverses, but Naomi goes up. Becky stops her from going over, puts her outside the ring, but Naoim KICKS Becky in the ropes! Becky elbows back, to JUMP KICK Naom into Liv’s pod! Becky brings Naomi around but Naomi stops from hitting chains. Naomi elbows Becky, then tries the same. Becky also stops that, whips Naomi, but Naoim goes up the chains! Becky grabs at Naomi but Naomi TWERK ATTACKS, then RAMS Becky into chains!

Naomi RAMS Becky in again, and again! Becky falls, the fans fire up, and Naomi twerks a bit more before the SPLIT LEG DROP! Naomi shoves Becky into the ring, covers, TWO! Becky survives but Naomi storms up on her. Becky ELBOWS Naomi, but Naomi blocks the mule kick! Naomi spins Becky, dodges her, but DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Both women are down and the countdown is here! The fans duel for who they want to enter, but the Chamber chooses… Tiffany! The fans fire up for Tiffy Time, oddly, and Tiff bumps Naomi off buckles. Tiff cartwheels to get Becky, BUCKLE SLAM!

Tiff handsprings to back elbow Naomi! Then she handsprings to elbow Becky! Tiff snapmares Becky to sit her by Naomi, and she DOUBLE BASEMNT DROPKICKS! Cover on Becky, TWO! Cover on Naomi, TWO! Tiff is annoyed already but she throws forearms on Naomi. Tiff tosses Naomi aside, drags Becky up, but Becky JAWBREAKERS! Becky clinches, Tiff slips free and whips, SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Tiff is even more annoyed but she covers again, TWO! Tiff drags Becky up, SMACKS her off the mat, then pushes Becky around. Becky throws body shots! Tiff knees low, and fireman’s carries!

Becky fights free, grabs an arm, but Naomi is up top! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Double cover, TWO!! Becky and Tiff both survive but Naomi puts them in corners. Naomi runs to SPLASH Becky! Then SPALSH Tiffy! Becky runs up to CLOBBER Naomi! Becky clinches, for a BECKSPLODER on Naomi! But Tiff DISCUS LARIATS Becky! Cover, TWO! Tiff is frustrated but she, Becky and Naomi are all down. Naomi goes to a corner while Becky and Tiff stand. Tiff fireman’s carries Becky, and uses her to SMACK Naomi! Tiff adds Naomi to the stack, but Naomi slips free! Tiff BOOTS Naomi away, ROLLING SENTONS Becky, then SMACKS Naomi!

Tiff fireman’s carries Naomi now, ROLLING SENTON right next to Becky! Tiff goes up and up, but Becky joins her! SUPER RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! But Naomi runs to DOUBLE SPLIT LEG DROP! Double cover, TWO!! These three are all down again while the other three wait their turns. Naomi KICKS Tiff, scoops and SLAMS Becky, then SPLIT LEG MOONSAULTS Becky! But Tiff stops the cover right away! Tiff POSTS Naomi, covers Becky, TWO!! Becky is tougher than that, and here comes the countdown! The Chamber chooses… LIV! She’s in her fifth Chamber match, and she goes right after Tiff with a THESZ PRESS!

Liv fires fast hands, then she tosses Tiff to the outside. Liv fires off more shots, then RAMS Tiff into Bianca’s pod! And then into the empty one! And then back into Bianca’s! And then back to the empty one! Tiff falls and Liv says it’s HER time! But Becky runs up, only for Liv to ROCK her! Liv gets around to BACKSTABBER! Liv sees Naomi coming, CODE BREAKER! Liv kips up and the fans fire up for the #ELIVinationChamber! Liv goes corner to corner, back body blocks Naomi, back body blocks Becky, repeat! SHINING WIZARD for Naomi! SHINING WIZARD for Becky! Liv goes up to FLYING CODE BREAKER Becky! Cover, TWO!!

DOUBLE STOMPS from Tiff on Liv! Cover, TWO! Liv survives, Naomi SHOTGUNS Tiff! Tiff goes to the outside, Naomi pursues. Tiff JAWBREAKERS Naomi, then cartwheels to cartwheel again, but Naomi grabs the chains! Naomi climbs again, but Tiff won’t let go! Naomi CLUBS away on Tiff, scuffs her, then Becky hurries out to CLUB Tiff into chains! Becky clinches, BECKSPLODER into chains! Tiff sputters, but Becky isn’t done! STEEL CHAIN DISARM-HER!! The fans are torn as Becky tries to tear Tiff’s arm off! Tiff fights free with her good arm, but then Liv drags Tiff into the ring! Tiff elbows free, but Liv drop toeholds her into buckles!

Tiff staggers up, Liv DOUBLE STOMPS her down! Liv then goes up and up, but Naomi’s on a pod!! SUPER BLOCKBUSTER!!! But Tiff rolls Naomi up!! TIFF ELIMINATES NAOMI!! Naomi is stunned but Tiff just smiles and says, “Sorry.” The fans are torn but the countdown is back! The Chamber chooses… Raquel! Ricky Desperado smiles as she CLOBBERS Becky, ROICKS Tiff then LARIATS! And LARIATS! Raquel scoops Tiff to spin and POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Raquel looms over Tiff, stalks her to the outside, but Becky’s up top. Becky leaps, but into Raquel’s arms! Raquel RAMS Becky into chains! And again!

Raquel RAMS Becky into chains again, then FALL AWAY SLAMS her into the ring! Raquel dusts herself off, but Tiff runs up! Raquel stops the rana to bring Tiff around, and SWING her into chains! And again! And again! Raquel dumps Tiff then goes to the ring. She and old friend Liv meet, and Liv fires forearms! Raquel picks Liv up with both hands and TOSSES her to a corner! Then SPLASHES! Then runs in, but she blocks boots to put Liv on the outside. Liv KICKS Raquel in the ropes, runs up, but Raquel blocks the Code Breaker! Raquel SLAMS Liv into chains, then suplexes her to TOSS her into the ring!

Raquel storms up on Liv, drags her back up, and hauls her up, only for Becky to CHOP BLOCK the leg! Liv CODE BREAKERS, Becky fires UPPERCUTS and a SOBAT! Tiff SHOTGUNS, Becky reels Raquel in. Liv joins her for a DOUBLE DDT! Triple cover, TWO!! Raquel still gets out of that, so Tiff, Liv and Becky brawl with each other! Becky fires off on Liv, but Tiff LARIATS Becky! Everyone is down, and the countdown is back! And we all know that Bianca is next! Tiff eggs her on, but Bianca dodges to SLAP Tiff! Bianca throws Tiff around, shoves her in a pod, and then closes the door! Bianca ROCKS Becky, then runs up to run her over!

Bianca rallies on Becky, DROPKICKS her, then scoops Liv for a GUTBUSTER! Becky is back but Bianca suplexes her! And holds her up, marches around, and then SLAMS her down! The fans fire up as Bianca kips up! Tiff is back, she pulls Bianca’s braid! Bianca whips Tiff away, then SPINEBUSTERS her in return! Bianca dusts herself off, fans are torn, but Raquel is back! Bianca is the strongEST, but Raquel is the biggest. Raquel swings, but Bianca ducks to fire off shots! Raquel shoves, Bianca ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Raquel scoops! Bianca slips free, to torture rack! Raquel fights free and BOOTS Bianca! Raquel runs up but Bianca throws her to the outside!

Raquel drags Bianca up and over to join her, then suplexes Bianca to hit the chains! But then Bianca rebounds off ropes to TORNADO DDT!! Bianca drags Raquel to a cover, TWO!! The fans fire up as Bianca waits on Raquel. Raquel stands, Bianca fireman’s carries, but Tiff runs up to ROCK Bianca! Raquel ends up on the top rope, Tiff TOSSES Bianca aside! Tiff CLUBS away on Raquel, but then Liv is up on a pod!? Tiff hurries after her, but Liv leaps to SEATED SENTON Raquel! Becky and Tiff realize they’ve both ended up on the pod together, and they brawl! Becky SMACKS Tiff off Plexiglas, but Tiff fights the clinch!

Tiff SMACKS Becky off Plexiglas, then SHOVES her down onto Raquel! Tiff takes a moment to catch her breath, and the fans fire up as she thinks about how to get down. Tiff says it’s time, and she SUPER SWANTONS onto Raquel, Becky AND Bianca!! All four women are down and the fans lose their minds! Tiff gets in the ring, “This is Awesome!” Tiff and Liv brawl, Liv shoves then dodges but Tiff scoops her! Pop-up and ROLLING SENTON! Tiff goes up and up, but Liv anchors her! Tiff kicks Liv away but Liv goes up, SUPER ObLIVion!! Cover, Liv ELIMINATES Tiff!! The fans are torn but Liv tells Tiff to #CryAboutIt.

Liv crawls to ropes, she sees Raquel and runs up. Raquel ROCKS Liv then BOOTS her! Then she BOOTS Becky! Raquel hauls Bianca up, rebounds off ropes, hits chains then POWERBOMBS Bianca into the ring! Raquel then CHOKE SLAMS Liv! Raquel goes up a corner, and TWISTING VADERS onto Liv! But Becky KICKS Raquel’s arm! DISARM-HER!! Raquel is caught, but she powers up! Becky rolls to bring her down into an ARMBAR!! Raquel clasps hands, fights around and stacks Becky, TWO! Raquel deadlifts Becky, but Becky grabs ropes! Liv runs up, but Raquel has her, too! DOUBLE TEXANAS BOMBS!!!

But Bianca torture racks Raquel! KISS OF DEATH!!! Cover, Bianca ELIMINATES Raquel! The fans fire up as we’re now down to our final three! Bianca is freshEST, but Liv’s been in the most and Becky’s the most determined. Bianca runs up to RAM Liv, runs up but Becky KNEES her! Liv waistlocks but Bianca elbows free! Bianca ROCKS Becky, chicken wings Liv, GlamEST Slam! Becky BOOTS Bianca again, then goes up, but Bianca UPPERCUTS! Bianca trophy lifts Becky to SLAM her onto Liv! They’re side by side, Bianca handsprings to MOONSAULT! Double cover, TWO!! Bianca is frustrated but she’s still the only one up.

Bianca runs at Becky, Becky dodges but then Bianca blocks the kick! Bianca torture racks Becky to HOTSHOT her, and RAM her! Becky hits chains, Liv BACKSTABBERS Bianca! Liv goes up the ropes to FLYING- NO, Bianca stops the rana to SWING Liv into chains! Bianca hauls Becky up, smacks her off chains, then does it again! Becky sputters but Bianca eggs her on. Bianca fireman’s carries, then swings at Liv. Liv ducks the KICK, KICK and that sends Becky and Bianca into chains! Liv ENZIGIRIS Bianca down, the fans rally up, and Liv gets around Bianca to motorcycle stretch and BOOT Bianca into the pod!

All three women are down but the fans rally back up. Liv storms after Becky but Becky sends her into chains! And again and again and again! Becky then dragon sleepers Liv, kicks Bianca, and she DOUBLE DDTS! Becky puts Bianca in the ring, goes up a corner, and Becky climbs, only for Bianca to ROCK her first! Bianca ROCKET LAUNCHES Becky! Becky goes to another corner, Bianca RAMS her! Bianca goes up and rains down fists! The fans count along, but Liv stops this at nine! Liv pulls but Bianca holds on. Bianca kicks Liv away but Liv CLUBS away on Bianca’s buns and thigh! Liv then springboards to SUNSET POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!!!

Bianca survives but Becky’s up top! Becky aims, MISSILE DROPKICK to Liv! Cover, TWO!! Becky is frustrated but she focuses on game-planning. Becky goes up but Liv trips her up! Liv ROCKS Becky but Becky hits back! They brawl as Liv climbs, and Liv CLUBS away on Becky’s back. Liv brings Becky up for a SUPERPLEX! Bianca is up top! 450 SPLASH onto knees!! Becky saves herself in time and all three women are down again! The fans rally up and Bianca is after Becky. Liv runs up but Bianca ducks the enzigiri! Torture rack, KISS OF- JAWBREAKER!! Liv counters in time, but Bianca tumbles to ropes. Liv aims, but Becky runs up!

MANHANDLE- CODE BREAKER from Liv! Liv still wants someone, but Becky dumps her out of the ring! Bianca runs up, Becky clinches, but Bianca uses the corner to flip up and out of the Manhandle Slam! Bianca then torture racks Becky, KISS OF- NO, Becky lands out, and Liv rolls Bianca up! LIV ELIMINATES BIANCA!! MANHANDLE SLAM for Liv!!! Cover, Becky wins!!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the Women’s World Championship)

Bianca and Liv cannot believe it, but The Man runs the gauntlet! WrestleMania 40 is about to enter the Big Time, but who will be the Women’s World Champion after tonight?


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships: Finn Balor & Damian Priest w/ Dominik Mysterio VS Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne!

The Judgment Day has dominated up and down the card, beating teams like Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso, and most recently #DIY. Will they add the Big Strong Boi & Bruiserweight to that list? Or will the New Catch Republic become the new tag team champions?

The introductions are made, but Dom takes the mic so he can handle the Judgment Day’s introduction. The fans boo the entire time so it’s hard to hear him mention Damian Priest is Mr. Money in the Bank. “ALL RISE for The Judgment Day!” Finn & Priest hold up the belts, but they miss Bate & Dunne CLOBBERING Dom! Dunne then DUMPS Priest out, Bate DROPKICKS Finn, and Dunne ASAI MOONSAULTS Priest! The belt rings, Bate runs to UPPERCUT Finn! EXPLODER! And kip up, to STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Finn kicks Bate, bumps him off buckles then fires off hands!

Finn snapmares Bate, CLUBS him, then paces around. The fans rally as Finn trips Bate, but Bate reaches up, crosses his legs and he brings Finn along to go up the corner! Tag to Dunne before the RANA, then Dunne CLOBBERS Finn! The fans fire up as Dunne grabs an arm, to double knee drop the elbow! Dunne grabs the other arm to twist the wrist and bend the elbow, to then stomp Finn’s ribs! Finn endures as Dunne bends the arm again, isolates it, and stomps it! Finn writhes but Dunne tags Bate. Dunne sets up, Bate hits the KNEE-BOARD SENTON! Cover, TWO! Bate headlocks but Finn endures.

The fans rally, Finn fights up, but Bate smacks him with his boot. Finn powers out, Priest tags in, and Finn drops for Priest to DECK Bate! The fans boo but Priest kicks and kicks and ROCKS Bate! Bate sits back, the fans tell Dom he’s a wanker. Priest suplexes to BROKEN ARROW Bate! Cover, TWO! Bate stays in this but Priest stays on him. Priest tags Finn, they mug Bate, and then Finn CLUBS Bate in the back. Finn clamps on a chinlock, sits Bate down, then he ELBOWS Bate. Finn has the headlock and he grinds Bate in an almost Bully Choke. Bate endures, the fans rally, and Bate fights up. Bate stands but Finn jumps on as a backpack!

Bate stays standing and the fans fire up! Bate RAMS Finn into buckles and is free! Bate reaches out but Finn clamps back on. Finn is again a backpack, but Bate still stays on his feet. Bate RAMS Finn, but into Judgment Day territory! Priest tags in and throws Bate down by his hair! The ref reprimands but Priest stands Bate up. Priest TOSSES Bate to a corner, then ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! Priest stomps away, the ref counts, and Priest lets off at 4. The fans boo but Priest soaks up the heat. Dom smiles as Priest CHOKES Bate on ropes, but Priest lets off at 4. Priest argues with the ref, and Dom gets a cheap shot in!

The fans boo more but Dom taunts them and commentary. Dunne storms up but Priest DECKS him! Priest runs up to BACK ELBOW Bate! Priest snapmares Bate, tags Finn, and Finn slingshot STOMPS! Finn scoops Bate, BACKBREAKER! Priest runs to add a LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Dunne runs up but Priest TOSSES him back out! Priest stalks Bate, tags Finn, and they have Bate in the corner. Finn flexes, runs up, but Bate dodges! But there’s no Dunne to tag! Finn CHOPS Bate, whips him back in, but Bate BLASTS Priest! Bate BOOTS Finn, goes up, and FLYING UPPERCUTS! Both men are down and the fans fire up!

Dunne rises, he reaches out, and Bate gives him the hot tag! The fans fire up as Dunne ENZIGIRIS Finn, GAMANGIRIS Priest, then GAMANGIRIS Finn! ENZIGIRI! Dunne keeps going, LEG LARIAT! Finn flops out of the ring, Dom freaks out as Dunne goes up and out and up again, to ASAI MOONSAULT Finn & Priest! The fans fire up and Dunne hurries to get Finn back in. Dunne STOMPS Finn’s hands! And STOMPS them again! Finn ducks the buzzsaw, shoves Dunne away, but Dunne CHOPS Finn! Tag to Bate, then Dunne gets around Finn! REBOUND LARIAT GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO!! Cover, TWO!!

Finn survives but Bate keeps on him. Dom is worried as Bate UPPERCUTS Finn! And UPPERCUTS again! And again! But Finn tripos Bate to STOMP him down! Tag to Priest, Priest runs at Bate in a corner. Bate dodges and the splash gets buckles! Bate fireman’s carries Priest but Priest slips free, BELL CLAP! ROUNDHOUSE! Then a ROUNDHOUSE for Dunne! Priest hammerlocks and LARIATS Bate! Cover, TWO! Bate survives and Priest is annoyed, but he talks trash. This is what you get for stepping into Judgment Day’s world! Bate URAKENS Priest! Finn tags in, Bate dodges Priest but Finn KICKS low!

Priest and Finn combine, SIDEWALK SLAM REVERSE DDT COMBO! Cover, TWO!! Bate survives and Finn snarls while the fans rally up. Finn stomps away on Bate at the ropes! The ref counts but Finn stops at 4. Bate rises, Finn runs up, but into a DEEP BLUE THUNDER! Priest runs in, Bate sends him into Dunne’s GAMANGIRI! Bate then fireman’s carries, for the AIRPLANE SPIN! The fans fire up as Bate goes around and around and around, and around, and around! That’s at least TWENTY rotations by now, but Bate is still going! SPINNING SLAM!! Priest and Bate are both dizzy, but Bate manages the tag to Dunne!

Dunne & Bate give Finn TOP BINS! Then Bate DIVES to take out Priest! Dunne has Finn, BITTER END!!! Cover, DOM gives Finn the ropebreak!! The fans boo but Dom gets away with one! At least, mostly because Bate knows! Bate tells the ref about it, so the ref EJECTS Dom!! The fans fire up but Dom throws a fit! Extra refs come out to usher Dom away and fans say, “Hey hey hey! Goodbye~!” Dom is defiant, though, so Bate CLOBBERS him! But then Finn RAMS Dunne into Bate and rolls Dunne up, TWO!! Dunne escapes, but Finn SLINGBLADES! Finn fires up, aims from the corner, and SHOTGUNS Dunne into buckles!

Dunne falls into a drop zone and Finn hurries up top! COUP DE- NO, Dunne dodges! Dunne grabs the arm, to SNAP the fingers!! Finn writhes, Dunne tags Bate! New Catch Republic gets Finn up, DOUBLE TYLER DRIVER!!! Cover, PRIEST yanks Bate out! At least that was more legal than Dom’s move! “This is Awesome!” as Dunne stands on Priest’s fingers! Then STOMPS them! Dunne leaps outside, but Priest catches him, APRON FLATLINER! Priest tosses Bate but Bate rebounds to LARIAT Priest! Bate hurries back in, ducks ‘n’ dodges, COMEBACK- NO, Finn catches Bate for BLOODY SUNDAY!! Cover, TWO!!

Bate survives and Finn is seething! Finn says time to end this! Tag to Priest, and Priest brings down the straps. Priest soaks up the heat before he hauls Bate up. Finn goes up, Priest lifts Bate, but Bate RANAS out of Razor’s Edge! Priest tumbles into Finn! Finn falls, Bate rolls Priest up! TWO!!! Priest escapes, but Bate tags Dunne! They DOUBLE STOMP Priest’s hands! BUZZSAW! BUZZSAW! But Priest catches both men! DOUBLE SOUTH OF- NO, they both flip free! Double Bops up, DOUBLE BANG!! Then double torture racks?! Shoutout to Mustache Mountain! DOUBLE BIRMINGHAMMER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?!

Priest survives and somewhere, Trent Seven is disappointed! The fans are still thunderous, and Dunne tags Bate. They get Priest with furious fists from all sides! The ref reprimands, Dunne lets off but Bate keeps going. Bate fires up, runs side to side and tags Dunne, GAMANGIRI! GAMANGIRI! Then DOUBLE GAMANGIRI!! Dunne roars, he hauls Priest up and Bate joins in. They both climb up to bring Priest up, but Finn anchors Priest’s foot! Priest then grabs each man, Finn tags in before DOUBLE SOUTH OF HEAVEN SLAMS!! Finn goes up, COUP DE GRACE on Dunne!! Judgment Day wins!!

Winners: The Judgment Day, by pinfall (still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions)

New Catch Republic came as close as any team has in taking these titles away from Finn & Priest, but they just couldn’t get past the numbers game! Will even WrestleMania 40 meet its Judgment Day?



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Andrew’s TNA No Surrender Results & Match Ratings: 2.23.2024

lex Shelley gets his contractual rematch against Moose for the World Title, Gisele Shaw cashed in her Ultimate X for the Knockout’s title shot and the best of 3 comes down to a decisive match between The ABC and Grizzled Young Vets!



We’ve got ourselves an exclusive TNA+ App Event tonight! Alex Shelley gets his contractual rematch against Moose for the World Title, Gisele Shaw cashed in her Ultimate X for the Knockout’s title shot and the best of 3 comes down to a decisive match between The ABC and Grizzled Young Vets.

There are a few other matches worth some note, but let’s just get to predictions and then the show:

  1. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven) vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) : I see Speedball Mountain winning here purely because its their first official tag match on TNA programming since the Hard to Kill PPV got shifted because of travel issues.
  2. The System (Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards) vs Intergalactic Jet Setters (Kushida & Kevin Knight) : I see The System continuing to establish the faction as a solid force; a little too early for glitches in The System.
  3. X Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs Mustafa Ali : Mustafa winning makes a lot of sense here to me with the fact that he hasn’t been in a TNA ring yet and Sabin holding the title doesn’t really do as much as Mustafa winning. I expect The Good Hands to play a part.
  4. Knockouts Tag Championship: Decay (Rosemary & Havok) (c) vs MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly) : The Knockouts Tags are so irrelevant I don’t really care. I would like MK Ultra to win just because they seem like a more reasonable target for potential tag team threats as opposed to the magical netherworld bullshit of Decay.
  5. Frankie Kazarian vs Eric Young : EY makes the most sense for me here. Kaz is a heel, he can absorb the loss and turn it into maybe joining the system or finding other ways to screw EY down the line to continue the feud.
  6. PCO vs Kon : Another match I don’t care about. I’m gonna say PCO wins only because Kon doesn’t have nearly as much value to me. He’s not imposing, has no real momentum and putting him over PCO lines him up for…what? Ya…nothing, exactly.
  7. Tag Team Title Match: ABC vs GYV : I’ve got the Grizzled Young Vets going over because I feel like pushing an eventual GYV vs Speedball Mountain match is in the tea leaves for 3/4 nostalgia.
  8. Josh Alexander vs Simon Gotch : I think Gotch wins here. Josh needs some time away from the main event scene to build up his hunger. So potential shenanigans happen, but I don’t really know what Josh winning would do for anything aside from vaulting him to a main event scene that people would be more excited to see Nemeth in.
  9. Knockouts Title Match: Gisele Shaw vs Jordynne Grace (c) : I think Jordynne retains because the SHAWntorague is an unresolved albatros that will cost Gisele the match and be a fun way to keep the fire burning for a potential Gail Kim match.
  10. No Surrender Match, TNA World Championship: Moose (c) vs Alex Shelley : Like I said before, I expect The System to continue establishing themselves with this show and no glitches just yet.

So let’s see how many I get right!


  • Eric Young vs Frankie Kazarian: EY wins via Crucifix Pinfall – ***
  • Tag Team Title Match: ABC (c) vs GYV : ABC retains via 1-2-Sweet – *** 1/2
  • Kon vs PCO: PCO wins via DQ – * 1/2
  • Knockouts Tag Team Titles: Decay (Havok & Rosemary) (c) vs MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly): MK Ultra wins via Russian Death Device – ** 1/2 – TITLE CHANGE!!
  • Josh Alexander vs Simon Gotch: Josh wins via C4 Spike – *** 3/4
  • No Surrender Match: TNA World Championship: Moose w/Eddie & Alisha Edwards & Brian Myers (c) vs Alex Shelley w/Kushida & Kevin Knight: Moose retains – ** 3/4
  • Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Gisele Shaw: Jordynne retains via Juggernaut Driver – ****
  • X Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs Mustafa Ali: Ali wins via 450 Splash – **** 1/4



I don’t usually cover pre-show stuff so I’ll say here, Speedball Mountain lost, because Maclin made his presence felt to help get the Rascalz the win. The System is working though, so I got that match right at least. So I’m 1-1 out of the pre-show. 

Eric Young vs Frankie Kazarian

The tie ups are close, aggressive for positioning but nothing crazy, EY with a Jaw Jacker, but Kaz cuts off a rope run with a big Body Block. After a slap in the face, EY returns the favor and returns the slap. So Kaz Kitchen Sinks EY, talks crap, EY Kitch Sinks Kaz. This is very simply an “anything you can I do I can do better” style of open. EY tries to toss Kaz to the corner and pull him out, but Kaz pops to his feet and Back Body Drops EY, transitions into the Side Russian Leg sweep and its a near fall.

Frankie goes for a simple Vertical Suplex and then a cover, which is a little silly. Kaz keeps lording over EY, deliberate strikes, slow building offense, and EY tries to get something going with a Knee Lift, but Kaz Scoop Slams him after and goes for his Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop…but misses! EY fires back with a few lariats! They fight to the top, Kaz wants the Flux Capacitor, but EY clocks him, drops him and goes for the Macho Man Elbow…for 2. Corner charge leads to Kaz countering EY as he slips to the apron, EY tries to duck his head through and catches the Leg Drop for a near fall. EY gets whipped to the corner, does the Flair Flop over the buckle, Kaz quickly Slingshots EY in and lands the Cutter for another 2!

After a few moments to collect himself Kaz goes for Fade to Black, EY counters with a Piledriver attempt, but a little countering and slipping but Kaz manages to get him in another Fade to Black…and connects! 1-2-kickout?!? Kaz argues with the ref, EY takes advantage of the distracted Kaz, and Crucifix Pin for the win!

Tag Team Championships: The ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) vs Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zack Gibson)

ABC doesn’t come out to the classic Bullet Club music. So I guess Anthem didn’t feel like paying for the rights anymore? So they deserve to lose, music sucks now, GYV forever.

Ace and Zack start and Ace is just angry, stomping away on Gibson in the corner. Ace almost doesn’t listen to the referee, but eventually does, Drake makes a blind tag, Baseball Slide trip to Ace, Sliding Kick to the Face and then Poetry in Motion from the GYV connects flush with Bey and he flies off the corner apron. The two on one continues for a minute, before Ace can flip out of a tandem move, fall back into his corner and get some of their own tandem offense going. Assisted Russian Leg Sweep into the Click Click Boom for 2.

Shortcuts allow the GYV to stifle the onslaught, and Gibson does the ole Launcher into the bottom rope followed by stepping on his neck. Classic heel tactics, Outside In Vertical Suplex, Drake tags in, Gibson hangs Bey on the ropes and Drake brings down the Polish Hammer from the corner. Drake sits on Bey with the Front Neck Lock applied, Bey gets to the ropes, tries to get around things with a Sunset Flip but Drake counters that with a simple punch to the throat. Drake traps him in their corner and tags in Gibson. The verbal assault is more effective than the simple offense, but it also seems to fire Bey a little. Quick strikes, and then a reach to Ace, but Gibson pulls him close and lays into the Sleeper Hold.

Bey does the reach spot again, but this time when Gibson pulls him close, Bey slips behind him and hits the School Boy for a 2 and then snaps off a Neckbreaker. Gibson makes a quicker tag so Drake tries to keep Bey isolated, but Bey slips it, dives towards Ace and Hot Tag from Ace. Slingshot Double Dropkick evens the situation, Fosbury Flop onto Gibson on the outside, runs back in and lands a nice kick combination on Drake into his own solo version of Click Click Boom, but Gibson saves the pinfall. Gibson gets dispatched Twisting Moonsault combo for only 2! 1-2-SW-NO Drake grabs Bey with the Body Scissors and Sleeper Hold while Gibson slides in and Shankly Gates gets applied to Ace. GYV try to fire, Ace tries to do his one handed counter to turn things back for them, but Gibson just grabs him and DOOMSDAY DEVICE on the outside!

GYV point at Bey, Bey fires and meets them head on. Bey throws Gibson into Drake and clocks Gibson but Drake tries to grab him and Bey counters it into a Suplex of his own. Springboard FameAsser levels Gibson. Art of Finesse attempt but Gibson counters, Bey goes to the top, Lung Blower from Gibson and he holds him there while Drake hits a Coast to Coast Dropkick…but BEY kicks out! GYV look for something to put away Bey, but Ace is stirring, drops Drake, and they use the GYV scarf as pay back while the referee is focused on Drake. 1-2-SWEET and ABC retain.

Their new music still sucks. 

Kon vs PCO

Kon attacks PCO on the ramp during his entrance and PCO is amenable to the brawl. PCO does go into the ring, so the match officially starts, and its just Heymakers, Clotheslines and slamming faces into the corners. They trade dropping each other and standing back up. PCO throws Kon out, PCO went for the Dive and Kon side steps and connects with a clubbing blow on PCO’s way down. Chokeslam onto the apron, but PC-NO Sell, and attacks Kon. PCO bounces Kon’s face off the apron, they both head back in just to have PCO Lariat them both back to the outside.

PCO posts Kon, drapes him and looks for the Deanimator…and he…MISSES! Kon slides back in and PCO clips the apron. Kon grabs a chair, and hits PCO causing a DQ?

The DQ finish is stupid, I guess it’s gonna lead to another match at Sacrifice. Kon buries PCO under chairs, throws the ring bell guy around, but PCO bursts out of the chairs and attacks. PCO finally gets the best of the Goozle Face off, pushes Kon over the ropes, dives onto him and then lays into him with a chair.

All the extra attacks are just stupid, Kon even Zip Ties PCO to the Entrance Tunnel and goes for the neck snap spot with a chair wrapped around which makes no real sense. This was a bad finish and then just got progressively more stupid. 

Knockouts Tag Team Titles: Decay (Havok & Rosemary) (c) vs MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly)

Donnybrook to kick things off, just an all out brawl, Havok pulls Masha into the ring and I guess that makes them legal. Masha gets sandwiched in the corner, Exploder Suplex from Rosemary. Masha manages to take advantage of a small opening, Kelly gets involved and we get some quick and sadistic offense with Kelly doing some…fun…pin covers. Kelly slaps the taste out of Rosemary’s mouth, but Rosemary just slowly stands up, kinda likes it and ducks the last one to hit a Rainmaker.

Rosemary mounts Kelly, Kelly sits up to get on top of Rosemary, Rosemary returns the favor and they start throwing fists. Masha runs in, talks sense into Kelly and a High/Low style tandem move gives MK Ultra the advantage again. Strike exchange, into a Spinning Back Fist, a few Sambo kicks and Masha looks for the Russian Death Device, but Rosemary slips it into an X-Factor. Simultaneous tags as Masha is resting in the corner, Havok uses her size advantage, throws Kelly into Masha and then a corner Senton kills them both. Assisted Pop-Up Powerbomb, but Masha breaks it up! Masha takes out Havok, catches Rosemary mid Spear and hits the Russian Death Device! Our BDSM Feme Fatal Fever Dream wins!

Josh Alexander vs Simon Gotch

Classic chain wrestling style of opening. Josh has a Headlock cinched in, Gotch counters with the Headscissors and tries to find a wrist lock, and they trade similar style counters and mat based maneuvers. Josh gets a near scare of going from the Armbar to an attempt for the early Ankle Lock, but Gotch immediately finds the ropes.

After taking a beat, an old school test of strength into a Headbutt from Gotch and a response from Josh, then they trade Uppercuts. So we get another match that opens with that “anything you can do I can do better” concept. Josh drops Gotch, plays to the crowd a little and then eats a few kicks to the face. Gotch looks for a few Armbars, and when Josh protects the one side, Gotch tries the other. But Josh manages to fight out of that, and hits the Kurt Angle locomotion German Suplexes. After 3 he holds for a 4th, but Gotch grabs the ropes to force a break and then connects with a big front kick to take control again. A few down strikes, Senton, and Gotch takes a beat to collect himself so Josh tries to roll him up, and Gotch kicks out.

Gotch’s offense is consistent but deliberate. Knee Strikes, Front Kicks, Bootwashes, Uppercuts with Chops after…just really calculated attacked. Josh does fire out of the corner with a Dropkick, but he charges and Gotch tosses him over, Slap and Enzuigiri have Josh crumple on the apron. Gotch looks for a Brainbuster, Josh blocks, strike exchange on the apron, kick drops Gotch, Gotch kicks Josh’s foot out from under him. Gotch tries a Senton on the apron but misses! Gotch sells slowly on the apron so Josh gets his spot for the Low Crossbody through the ropes. Both are wiped out on the floor, but get in at 9. Crawl to the middle and Subury blueberry bulldogs hockey fight time! Okay no of course not, we have to do the played out Fighting Spirit spot, how silly of me. Does it look good? Sure, but its becoming stupid that every match has to have one of these.

T-Bone Suplex from Josh for 2! Straps down, C4- nope, Front Kick counter, Gotch Style Piledriver, nope, both roll through and Bulldog Choke with Josh’s headgear! Because of the headgear, Gotch’s grip slips so Josh turns it into the Ankle Lock, roll off it, strikes, Powerbreaker from Josh into the C4 Spike for the win.

No Surrender Match: TNA World Championship: Moose w/Eddie & Alisha Edwards & Brian Myers (c) vs Alex Shelley w/Kushida & Kevin Knight

Shelley starts off aggressive, jamming Moose into the turnbuckles twice, focusing on the left shoulder, which is the side he’s focused on the last month or so. Announce team also points out the announcement that the two teams have different color towels. So that just lines up for the heels to cheat by throwing in the babyface towel since color is all that matters.

While I’m being annoyed at how brain damaged the gimmicks in the match has become, Moose gets tossed out “tweaks” his knee, but manages to power through to Powerbomb Shelley into the apron and then Bow and Arrow him around the post. Shelley goes for the Chop Block on the tweaked knee, then pulls out a chair and plays a little La Parka. Shelley and Moose trade torture spots. Shelley traps Moose’s hand in the buckle chains and uses pliers to squeeze. Moose gets out of it, traps Shelley’s hand twice and cracks him with a chair. Shelley sells the pain into the ring, Moose follows but Shelley hits the Dragon Screw on the tweaked left knee. Shelley then ties up Moose in corner, Dragon Screws, Hamstring kicks, and then Shelley gets a Kendo Stick.

Left knee is the target, and Shelley gets a little sadistic. Cracks the stick into the knee, Kendo Stick assisted Half Crab on the bad leg. Myers distracts Shelley and Eddie grabs the Kendo Stick away. Because it wasn’t direct contact it’s legal, Moose catches Shelley with the Uranage and demands Eddie give him a trash can. Upside Down Trash Can, Moose wants the Superplex, Shelley fights off, bites Moose and slips between the legs and Avalanche Powerbomb into the point of the trash can. Shelley gives a few moments to see if the towel will get thrown, but then goes for the Figure Four. Moose turns it around, but Shelley turns that over. Moose gets handed the Kendo Stick and Moose uses it to break the Figure Four. Moose demands the System get the table and they do so.

Moose tries to Spear Shelley into the table, Shelley dodges and Moose stops himself. Low Blow, Border City Stretch and Moose sells towards the ropes, Myers sees Moose’s extended fingers and slips on Brass Knuckles so Moose can break the hold. Moose ditches the knucks, goes for the Spear into the table again and MISSES! Shelley calls for a chain, Shelley uses the chain for the Border City Stretch, but then all the seconds get involved. Lish tries to take the white towel from Kushida, Shelley grabs it back and hands it to Kushida. Back to Back Lights Out, then Moose wraps the chain around himself and connects with a third Lights Out. Kushida is torn watching, and decides to throw in the towel as Moose lines up the fourth Lights Out.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs Gisele Shaw

Ash by Elegance comes down to ringside to watch. So will Ash be the one to screw Gisele since their gimmicks are a touch similar?

Gisele tries to powder early and force Jordynne to chase, but she gets caught, bullied a little early and Gisele’s striking gives her a brief moment of offense. Jordynne returns the striking and mobility with some rope maneuvers and a nice tilt-a-whirl side slam for an early pinfall attempt. Jordynne tries to keep the offense going, but Gisele gets a sneaky kick in the way, a Headscissors Driver, and a Corkscrew Splash for 2. The fight out to the apron, Shaw slips Jordynne’s move, tries the Powerbomb, but Jordynne blocks, clocks her, Senton’s Gisele’s face into the apron and starts riding the momentum.

Jordynne looks for the Juggernaut Driver on the apron, Shaw counters with elbows, Spanish Fly from the apron to the floor! Gisele goes for three straight pinfall attempts but Jordynne keeps kicking out. Gisele looks for the Denouement, Jordynne catches it, Spinebuster for 2! Juggernaut Driver attempt 2, Shaw finds the ropes, Shaw Trigger into a Pinfall but Grace grabs the bottom rope. Gisele is slowly snapping as Jordynne is resilient. Quick strikes, both fire and clock the other with Spinning Backfists and Kicks, Gisele goes for a Springboard Cutter, but Jordynne lands on her hands to block. Quick back and forth continues, but the third attempt at the Juggernaut Driver lands! Jordynne retains!

X Division Championship: Chris Sabin (c) vs Mustafa Ali

Simple collar and elbow tie up that runs into the corner break. Nothing fancy, very deliberate. We go into Arm Wringer trade offs chain wrestling before Ali hits a back Elbow to the eye and a headlock to the ground to slow things down. Rope run misses and that stupid Stereo Dropkick spot. At least its out of the way early and I haven’t seen it in a hot minute. Still hate it, but its less annoying I suppose.

Sabin with a Headlock Takeover and then some ground wrestling, a Trailer Hitch, leg pick, pinfall attempt but Ali slides up and dusts his boots off in an arrogant play. Sabin clocks him with a Lariat, but Ali keeps powdering and using classic heel psychology to piss off Sabin. A Headscissors Takedown on the apron is a touch scuffed, but it does enough and everyone is safe. Throws Ali back in, Crossbody from Sabin connects and we see a 2 count. Fighting the corner, the battle up the buckles, Ali gets the best of things and then 450 Splash on the left arm of Sabin as he’s reaching to get back up. Ali STF into a Crippler Crossface and then a Border City Stretch. Ali talks some smack, pins the left arm and then stomps right on the left shoulder. Sabin with a quick fire, both men trade desperation kicks and are laid out.

Getting to his feet first, Sabin fires and connects with a few short Elbows and Lariats, Sole Butt, Ali tries to counter a few things, Sabin shakes off the counters and lands a Tornado DDT from the Middle Rope. Two Roll Up attempts from Sabin, Ali kicks but Sabin floats over into a Crossface. Sabin with a bunch of punches, then tries to climb the buckles and Ali catches him with an Upkick. They fight for the top rope, Sabin shoves Ali off and Ali Backflips and lands on his feet, Dropkick on the flying Sabin connects beautifully. Back in the ring, 450 Splash attempt misses, Ali charges at Sabin but he just does the old ole and Ali’s face bounces off the turnbuckle like he things he’s Bret Hart.

A few strikes exchanged from both, but Ali chops into the throat of Sabin, Sabin keep fighting, Ali tries an Enzuigiri from the outside but Sabin connects with a Rope Assist Gamengiri. Sabin dives, takes out the security, Good Hands show up to give Ali a small opening but it doesn’t lead to anything. Skyler hits the apron to distract and is leveled, Hotch is clocked, Ali School Boy for 2! Clothesline From Hell, Michigan into the Cradle Shock- BUT ALI KICKS OUT! Sabin connects a few stomps, kick to Ali’s face and then crotches him on the top rope. Sabin looking for an Avalanche Cradle Shock…but elbows counter! Sabin eats a Sunset Bomb! Ali pulls himself up and 450 Splash for the win!


Overall Score: 7.25/10

Well 7-3 in predictions isn’t too bad if I do say so myself. If it’s good enough for Tom Brady, it’s good enough for me. But honestly, this show was a little weird. Having the World Heavyweight title so low…feels insanely disrespectful; the match was so convoluted even Jade had trouble explaining the rules, and using different color towels is just dumb and sets up very easy shenanigans (even though they weren’t used). Hell the fact that it was right there for someone like Myers forcing Kushida to throw in the towel, or bringing a backup white towel and being super heels would’ve at least made the finish fall less flat. But stupid match concept, worse execution, too many cooks in the kitchen. It could’ve been decent if there were so many caveats to idiocy in the match. The Knockouts and X Division were great matches though. Knockouts reminded me of a combination of Stardom High Speed and old 90s AJW wrestling. Fast, dirty, hard hitting, very brutal. X Division was fun, nice to see some new blood in the title scene and while the look of the security guards was a bit laughable, enough of the match hit the right notes to make me happy.

Kon and PCO shouldn’t be lengthened, especially with that moronic ending…but I suppose they need some undercard stupidity for Sacrifice. Really not sure how Kushida will validate his actions, Ash potentially teaming with or facing Gisele could be interesting. So while most of the matches were pretty good, the awkward pot holes were deep and irritating. Kon’s match being a waste of time and the No Surrender being convoluted beyond reason and then not even using the convolution in the finish of the match. The whole set up was like reading a story that was started by one writer, and then finished by another, in a different genre, translated into a different language.

High points were still worth the watch, but some stories need weird explanations and the bad matches are definitely awful beyond true description.

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