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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 32 Results & Report! (7/30/22)

Will the Ace #JustTapOut?



NJPW G1 Climax 32

Don’t count the Once in a Century Talent out yet!

NJPW’s biggest G1 Climax yet pits two of their biggest names against each other, as once again Hiroshi Tanahashi faces Zack Sabre Jr!


  • SHO & Yujiro Takahashi VS Kosei Fujita & Ryohei Oiwa; Sho & Yujiro win.
  • Tama Tonga & Jado VS El Phantasmo & KENTA; ELP & Kenwin.
  • Six Man Tag: Suzuki-Gun VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • Tetsuya Naito & BUSHI VS EVIL & Dick Togo; Naito & Bushi win.
  • 10 Man Tag: Chaos VS Bullet Club; Chaos wins.
  • G1 Climax, D Block: David Finlay VS Shingo Takagi; Finlay wins.
  • G1 Climax, A Block: Tom Lawlor VS JONAH; Jonah wins.
  • G1 Climax, B Block: SANADA VS Great-O-Khan; Sanada wins.
  • G1 Climax, C Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Zack Sabre Jr; Tanahashi wins.


G1 Climax, D Block: David Finlay VS Shingo Takagi!

The Rebel shocked many, but especially Juice Robinson, just last Tuesday. And since Juice slayed The Dragon, that should put Finlay over him. Will Takagi change all that with one good Pumping Bomber? Or will Finlay continue this momentum and go 2-1 in the block?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two stare down. They circle, feel out the grapple, and tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Finlay waistlocks, Takagi switches but Finlay hammerlocks. Takagi headlocks, but Finlay powers up to turn things around. Takagi endures the headlock and powers out. Finlay RAMS Takagi but Takagi rebounds to RUN Finlay over! Takagi brushes himself off, runs the ropes, and he catches Finlay’s jump to a fireman’s carry! Finlay fights free, rolls Takagi up, ONE! Finlay arm-drags Takagi down to an armlock! Takagi fights up, Finlay wrenches, but Takagi powers him to ropes. The ref counts but Takagi whips Finlay away.

Finlay comes back but Takagi elbows him! Takagi runs but Finlay DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up and Takagi bails out. Finlay slingshots but Takagi moves out of the way. Finlay lands on the apron but Takagi trips him up! Finlay smacks off the apron then Takagi kicks low to DDT to the floor! Fans fire up and Takagi drags Finlay up to POST him! Finlay holds his arm but Takagi bumps him off the apron. Takagi grabs the IWGP US Championship belt and taunts Finlay with it. Finlay kicks Takagi but Takagi kicks back. Takagi digs Finlay’s face into the belt! The ref reprimands but Takagi puts Finlay in, for a slingshot STOMP!

Takagi says that’s not all! ROPE GUILLOTINE! Finlay sputters and fans fire up again. Takagi pushes Finlay to a cover, ONE! Takagi clamps on a chinbar and wrenches Finlay’s neck. Finlay endures, so Takagi brings him up and around to cravat. Finlay endures this neck wrench and throws body shots. Takagi CLUBS Finlay on the neck, and has him in a corner. Takagi whips Finlay to ropes, KNEES him against the ropes then DDTs! Fans fire up as Takagi sits Finlay up. Fans rally as Finlay resists but Takagi keeps driving in elbows! Takagi drags Finlay up, reels him in for a facelock, but Finlay throws body shots.

Finlay throws forearms, but Takagi HEADBUTTS him down! Fans fire up as Takagi stands Finlay up. Takagi goes to lift but Finlay fights it! Finlay powers up to back drop Takagi! But Takagi’s right back up to CLUB and KNEE Finlay! Takagi whips Finlay but Finlay comes back with a FLYING UPPERCUT! Fans cheer as Finlay knocks Takagi down. Finlay gets to a corner, Takagi gets up, and Finlay runs in to rally with big forearm smashes! Finlay whips, Takagi reverses but Finlay holds ropes top stop himself. Finlay kicks Takagi, but Takagi rushes in! Finlay dumps Takagi out, then takes aim to PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Takagi!

Fans fire up and Finlay encourages them to get louder. Finlay drags Takagi up and into the ring, then fires the fans up from the apron. Finlay springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Finlay gets Takagi up but Takagi throws down elbows. Finlay whips but Takagi reverses again, only to swing into Finlay’s BACKBREAKER, and BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Finlay catches his breath. Finlay drags Takagi back up, but Takagi fights the clinch. Takagi throws Finlay away to ELBOW, JAB and YUKON LARIAT! Fans fire up again and Takagi encourages them to keep going. Takagi kicks Finlay around and brings him up.

Takagi scoops Finlay to SLAM him, then goes up for the FALLING ELBOW! Takagi drags Finlay right up to POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO, but into an STF! Step-over Takagi Facelock? Either way, fans rally as Finlay endures! Finlay crawls and drags Takagi along but Takagi pulls way back on the hold! Finlay still fights forward and gets the ROPEBREAK! Takagi lets off, fans rally up, and Takagi stalks Finlay to ropes. Takagi CLUBS Finlay, drags him up to CLUB away, but Finlay fights the pump handle. Takagi throws knees, then pump handles. But Finlay slips out to IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER!

Fans fire up while both men are down! Finlay grits his teeth and nods as he watches Takagi get to a corner. Finlay runs in to UPPERCUT! Finlay hoists Takagi up top, throws forearms and climbs up after Takagi. SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up again while Finlay grows frustrated. Finlay fires up and he cravats Takagi. Takagi fights that off to back suplex but Finlay fights that with elbows. Finlay uppercuts, cravats, ACID- NO, Takagi tosses Finlay, then SLIDING FOREARMS the back! Fans rally, Takagi runs, but Finlay ducks the lariat to ghost pin! TWO, Takagi catches Finlay to a half nelson, but Finlay rolls through to a pin! TWO!!

Finlay hurries up and LARIATS Takagi down! Fans fire up while both men are down again. Fans rally as Takagi and Finlay stir. Finlay sits up first, drags Takagi up to a cravat, but Takagi throws body shots. Takagi shoves Finlay away, blocks his boot, then CLUBS Finlay into the corner. But Finlay uses the corner for PRIMA NOCTA! And then ACID DROP!! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives and Finlay can’t believe it! Finlay throws off his armbands and he glares at the camera. Finlay is determined so he gets back up. Finlay slashes his throat, drags Takagi up, but Takagi blocks the suplex. Takagi CLUBS Finlay, fans rally up and Takagi wrenches, but Finlay ROCKS him!

Finlay suplexes but Takagi knees free! Takagi suplexes, Finlay fights it, but Takagi snap suplexes through! Both men are down and the fans keep rallying. Finlay flounders to a corner, Takagi pounds the mat to fire up. Finlay stands, Takagi runs in but blocks a boot. Finlay BOOTS with the other leg, uses the corner to springboard again, but Takagi catches him! Gory Especial to NOSHIGAMI! Takagi gets up and runs, PUMPING BOMBER! Cover, TWO!! But Takagi drags Finlay right up to the pump handle! MADE IN JAPAN!! Cover, TWO!?! Finlay survives and shocks Takagi! Fans are thunderous as Finlay stirs.

Takagi shouts, “OI! OI! OI!” Fans clap along, and Takagi stands Finlay up for boxing elbows! Takagi throws about 10 but Finlay ROCKS Takagi back with one! Takagi JABS, HEADBUTTS, and then SLIDING BOMBERS! Finlay is down but Takagi grabs at him. The ref has Takagi hold on, he needs to check on Finlay. Takagi doesn’t care, he hauls Finlay up anyway! But Finlay leaps, PRIMA- NO! Takagi blocks the stunner and dragon sleepers! But Finlay gets to the ropes! Takagi swings but Finlay avoids his Takagi GTR! Finlay steps in, PRIMA NOCTA! And a victory roll, FINLAY WINS!!

Winner: David Finlay, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Takagi earns 0)

Another shocker from Finlay! Finlay already claims ownership of the IWGP US Championship, will this win lead Finlay to take the KOPW 2022 trophy from Takagi? Or can Takagi still make this the year of the Dragon?


G1 Climax, A Block: Tom Lawlor w/ Royce Isaacs VS JONAH w/ Bad Dude Tito!

Lance Archer gave Lawlor a Blackout while Toru Yano gave Jonah the slip, and both of these men are 0-1! But will things get Filthy as Lawlor gets his first win? Or will Jonah prove The Mighty Don’t Kneel when he crushes Lawlor?

The bell rings and fans rally for “TOM! LAWLOR!” Off come the denim shorts to reveal the tights. Lawlor throws the shorts at Jonah then dropkicks him! Jonah stays up so Lawlor keeps his distance. Lawlor throws testing kicks but ends up cornered. Lawlor manages to slip away and fans rally up. Lawlor winds up but Jonah still blocks the kick! And then CLOBBERS Lawlor! Fans fire up while Jonah waits on Lawlor. Lawlor sits up, Jonah rushes in, but Lawlor throws Jonah out! Lawlor goes out the other side and fans rally as he builds up speed around the way. PENALTY KICK! Lawlor gets fans rallying and he drags Jonah up.

Lawlor kicks Jonah, fans clap for “TOM! LAWLOR!” and Lawlor builds speed again. Lawlor makes a full lap, but Jonah POUNCES him into the ring! Jonah then drags Lawlor from the apron to trophy lift, and drop onto the railing! Fans fire up while Lawlor crashes and burns! The ref checks on Lawlor while Jonah returns to the ring. The ring count starts and fans rally up. Lawlor stirs at 7 of 20, stands at 11 of 20, and Bad Dude Tito keeps Royce Isaacs back. Lawlor flounders over the railing at 15 and hurries in at 17! But Jonah is there to stomp away! Jonah stands on Lawlor at the ropes! The ref counts and Jonah steps off at 4.

Jonah drags Lawlor up to DECK him with a forearm! Fans rally, Jonah drags Lawlor up and HEADBUTTS him down. Jonah drags Lawlor up again to wrap on a rear bearhug! Lawlor endures, fans still rally, and Lawlor fights up. Lawlor throws back elbows and then stomps a foot! Jonah lets him go, Lawlor runs, but into a BIG back elbow! Lawlor flounders but Jonah stalks him. Jonah kicks Lawlor around, then stands on his neck! The ref counts and Jonah steps off again. Jonah stands Lawlor up to bump off buckles, then he whips Lawlor corner to corner hard! Jonah smiles as Lawlor bounces off buckles and falls back.

Jonah drags Lawlor up but Lawlor throws body shots. Lawlor throws a kick but Jonah CLOBBERS him! Jonah drags Lawlor back up, scoops him and SLAMS him! Jonah runs and SENTONS but flops as Lawlor moves! Jonah goes to the apron but Lawlor hurries after him. Lawlor gets Jonah in the ropes with a cravat and throws knee after knee! The ref counts, Lawlor hits one last KNEE before he lets off. Jonah wobbles, Lawlor runs side to side to forearm smash after forearm smash! But Jonah CLOBBERS Lawlor right back! Jonah gets in the ring, drags Lawlor up, and whips him to ropes. But Lawlor ducks under the body press to roll Jonah for a HALF CRAB!

Fans fire up as Lawlor has Jonah’s leg! Jonah endures, Lawlor turns it for a HEEL HOOK CRAB! But Jonah rolls! Lawlor holds on, and has the GRAPEVINE! Jonah flails and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Lawlor lets off slowly and fans fire up. Lawlor waits for Jonah to stand to KICK at the leg! And again! And again! Fans rally, Lawlor runs, but Jonah reels him in! Lawlor dodges the haymaker to BLINDSIDE ROLLING ELBOW! Jonah stays up, Lawlor runs and WHEEL KICKS Jonah, then ZIGZAGS!! Cover, TWO!! Jonah sends Lawlor flying with that kick-out! Lawlor hurries back to fire off forearms!

Jonah ROCKS Lawlor with one, but Lawlor throws another. They go back and forth and fans rally up! Lawlor EuroUppers then KICKS and BOOTS Jonah! Lawlor wrenches, reels Jonah in, and fires off “TOM! LAWLOR!” elbows! But Jonah HEADBUTTS Lawlor! Lawlor ENZIGURIS back! Jonah staggers but stays up, so Lawlor clamps on a SLEEPER! Lawlor hops on but Jonah stays on his feet! Jonah backs up but Lawlor sends him into buckles! Lawlor kicks a leg out, headlocks, but Jonah powers out to BODY PRESS! Fans fire up and Lawlor is dazed! Jonah puts Lawlor in a corner then hoists him up top.

Jonah CHOPS Lawlor, climbs up after him, and fans fire up! Lawlor throws body shots to stop the superplex, then he BELL CLAPS Jonah! Jonah wobbles, Lawlor slips around and waistlocks! Jonah CLUBS Lawlor away but Lawlor HEADBUTTS a leg out! Then he SUPER URENAGES Jonah down!! Cover, TWO!! Jonah survives and fans fire up again! Lawlor gets up, throws knees into Jonah’s head, then PENALTY KICKS him! Lawlor calls his shot, brings Jonah in, TORNADO- Jonah blocks to fireman’s carry, and F5 Lawlor onto ropes! Jonah then drags Lawlor off those ropes to POWERBOMB! And then Jonah climbs the corner!

Fans fire up as Jonah reaches the top! DEATH FROM ABOVE!! Cover, Jonah wins!!

Winner: Jonah, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Lawlor earns 0)

The Top Dog destroys the Filthy Lawlor with that massive splash! Will Lawlor have to bring even more fire if he’s to get a win? Will Jonah continue to bring Death From Above to the rest of the block?


G1 Climax, B Block: SANADA VS Great-O-Khan!

These two faced off back at WrestleKingdom, and the Cold Skull came out on top. Sanada also came out on top against Taichi last round, while The Dominator was the victim of a heist at the hands of Chase Owens. Will Sanada keep this momentum going and be 2-1? Or will Khan redeem himself for the honor of the United Empire?

Khan stays firmly in the center of the ring, even as Sanada makes his entrance. Then Khan goes to his corner as Red Shoes does his checks. The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They feel out the grapple, Khan shoots to a waistlock and then gets an arm. Sanada goes to wrench out but Khan shoots to get a leg. Sanada floats around but Khan clinches with him. Khan waistlocks, uses a wristlock to roll Sanada, but Sanada keeps his shoulders off the mat. Khan pushes Sanada through to try again. Cover, ONE, and fans applaud as the two stand off. Khan and Sanada circle, Khan shoots in but Sanada dodges.

Sanada and Khan tie up, Sanada still wants an arm, but Khan still goes after a leg. Khan drags Sanada down, Sanada turns but Khan traps one of his arms against the mat. Khan then floats around, waistlocks and rolls to a bridge, ONE! Khan facelocks, Sanada fights up and fireman’s carries for the takeover! Khan guards with body scissors and goes for an arm but Sanada stays out of the triangle. Khan kicks Sanada away and gets back up, and fans cheer the newest standoff. Sanada and Khan circle again as fans rally up. They feel out another grapple, knuckle lock and Khan puts Sanada on ropes. Red Shoes counts the break and Khan lets off cleanly.

Sanada applauds with the fans, and the two reset again. They knuckle lock, Khan facelocks then gets a leg! He ties Sanada’s legs up and rolls but Sanada prevents the cover. Khan pushes through and gets an arm for a double wristlock! Sanada resists, Khan drags him up and waistlocks. Sanada fights that but Khan still drags him down. Sanada moves around, Khan goes for a headlock. Sanada keeps his shoulders up, gets a leg guard involved, but Khan moves up and around. Sanada moves to defend, but Khan just grabs the legs for a toehold! Then Khan shoots in to lateral press. Sanada slips out, and Sanada puts Khan on ropes now.

Red Shoes calls the ropebreak while fans applaud. Sanada lets off clean and fans cheer the sportsmanship. Khan slaps his face a bit to wake himself up. Khan and Sanada go again, and Khan drags Sanada right down to a KNEEBAR! Sanada endures, moves around, but Khan shifts to a HEEL HOOK! Sanada still fights to get around, reaches out and gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans applaud as Khan lets off slowly. Khan stomps Sanada’s leg then drags him up. Khan wrenches while fans rally, and Khan whips corner to corner. Sanada goes up and out and springboards in to missile dropkick! Khan bails out, Sanada PLANCHAS him down!

Fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get louder. The fans oblige and Sanada is satisfied. Sanada then goes back for Khan, drags him up and puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO! Sanada drags Khan up, fireman’s carries, but Khan claws Sanada’s ribs! Khan slips off the fireman’s carry, pushes Sanada with the claw to the abs, but Sanada powers up! Sanada pushes the claw back but now Khan is after Sanada’s face! They fight for control and the fans rally up! Sanada dropkicks the legs! Sanada runs, but into a BOOT! Fans fire up as both men are down! Khan checks his neck then storms over to Sanada.

Fans rally as Khan stands Sanada up. Khan dribbles Sanada’s head off buckles, then SLAM DUNKS him! Khan runs but Sanada DROPKICKS him! Khan is right up but Sanada dodges the boot! Only to run into Khan’s LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up again while both men are down. Khan sits up and he looms over Sanada. Khan drags Sanada up for Mongolian Chops! Sanada falls back down and fans fire up. Khan dares Sanada to get up, and then he Mongolian Chops again! Sanada falls back down but he grits his teeth as he gets back up. Khan aims, Mongolian Chops! Sanada falls again and Khan mockingly asks what’s wrong.

Khan kicks Sanada around and fans fire up. Sanada gets up in a huff and he fires off forearms! And an uppercut! Khan shakes his head, but Sanada dares him to hit back. Khan brushes himself off to Mongolian Chop! Sanada grits his teeth as he falls to a knee, but he stands back up. Fans fire up as Khan Mongolian Chops again! Sanada wobbles but he stays up! Khan can’t believe it! So he Mongolian CHOPS! Sanada falls, but the accidental low blow happens again! Jay White felt that, and Sanada takes advantage again! O’Conner Roll, TWO!! Sanada forearms, ROLLING ELBOWS and RUNNING ROLLING ELBOWS!

Fans fire up as Khan goes down! Sanada drags Khan up, fireman’s carries, and T K O!! Cover, TWO!! Sanada hurries up top for the ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto knees! Double-edged for Khan right now but the fans fire up as both men are down. Khan slowly rises but that knee is bothering him. He tells Red Shoes he’s okay to continue, and he rises in a corner. Sanada is in the other, and Khan roars as he runs corner to corner! Sanada elbows Khan! Sanada goes up but Khan CLUBS Sanada! Khan brings Sanada off the corner in a cradle, for a BACKBREAKER, to HITSUJIGOROSHI LUNA! The variation on the Sheep Killer makes it a rack!

Fans rally as Sanada endures, and he fights up pulling Khan’s ponytail! Sanada gets the dragon sleeper! Khan claws at Sanada’s face! IRON CLAW, into CLASSIC HITSUJIGOROSHI! Sanada endures, fights his way over and goes up the corner! Sanada uses that to go up and over and get the SKULL END! Sanada has the body scissors in and Khan is caught! Fans fire up as Khan endures, and Khan kicks and flails! Khan claws at Sanada’s bad eye! Red Shoes reprimands but Khan drags Sanada up. Red Shoes tells Khan to let go of the bad eye. Khan does, and Sanada SOBATS! Sanada runs, but Khan uses Red Shoes as a shield!

Sanada moves Red Shoes aside, but Khan’s IRON FIST knocks Sanada down! Red Shoes misses the closed fist punch and both men are down! Khan drags himself over to the corner, drags himself up with the ropes, and he headbutts the buckle to fire up! Fans fire up and Khan says he’ll end this! Khan hits a SECOND ROPE MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Sanada survives and Khan can’t believe it! Khan clamps onto Sanada, drags him up, but Sanada arm-drags out of the Eliminator! POP-UP CUTTER! Sanada hurries to the corner to go up, ROUNDING BODY PRESS!! Cover, Sanada wins!

Winner: Sanada, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Khan earns 0)

The Cold Skull pulls it off again! Will Sanada be able to make a comeback and take this block? Will Khan continue to fall further away?


G1 Climax, C Block: Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Zack Sabre Jr!

The Ace has split his first two rounds, losing to Aaron Henare but defeating the already down Tetsuya Naito. However, the Submission Master is undefeated at 2-0, having made Kenta and Henare #JustTapOut. Will Tanahashi be able to make it through with love and energy? Or will ZSJ be unstoppable in the block?

Tanahashi shows off the muscles and fans applaud. The bell rings and fans rally up, “Let’s Go, Ace!” “Z S J!” Tanahashi and ZSJ circle, feel things out, and tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. They’re in a deadlock, ZSJ shoots around to a waistlock, but Tanahashi wrenches free. Tanahashi waistlocks, ZSJ switches, Tanahashi switches back, but ZSJ slips away from the leg takedown. Fans applaud this opening exchange and the two go again. Fans rally up more as the two go again. ZSJ gets the arm, wrenches through to a hammerlock, but Tanahashi moves around. Tanahashi drop toeholds, headlocks, but ZSJ turns to headscissor.

ZSJ pushes up to put on pressure, then holds tight. Tanahashi bridges, but ZSJ pushes up again. Tanahashi uses that to turn ZSJ over and tie up his legs! Fans applaud, but ZSJ reaches back to get a headlock. ZSJ shifts to a cravat, then he puts Tanahashi on ropes. Red Shoes counts the break but ZSJ lets off at 4. Fans applaud as ZSJ taunts Tanahashi. Tanahashi and ZSJ reset, and Tanahashi calls for a test of strength. ZSJ wipes his hands off on Red Shoes to make sure they’re dry. ZSJ then knuckle locks with Tanahashi, but then he spins to wrench and wristlock! ZSJ twists the wrist and shoulder, but Tanahashi powers through to wrench back!

ZSJ rolls, wrenches Tanahashi back, and fans applaud the exchange. Tanahashi slips through, wrenches and wristlocks, but ZSJ squats, uses a leg to break free, and he wrenches, wrenches and wristlocks again! Fans applaud the speed, and ZSJ BENDS Tanahashi’s fingers! Red Shoes reprimands but ZSJ wrenches the wrist. Tanahashi rolls, wrenches back, but ZSJ steps over to wrench right back! ZSJ uses one hand on the wristlock and taunts Tanahashi with it. Fans rally as Tanahashi endures, and Tanahashi throws a heavy body shot! ZSJ staggers away and Tanahashi promises Red Shoes that wasn’t a closed fist.

Tanahashi throws more body shots on ZSJ in the corner and fans fire up. Tanahashi drags ZSJ up to whip him corner to corner, but ZSJ reverses! ZSJ runs in but into an elbow! Tanahashi goes up, CROSSBODY! Fans fire up and Tanahashi air guitars. Tanahashi then gets ZSJ for a NECK TWIST! The Ace copies one of ZSJ’s favorites, and ZSJ bails out of the ring. Fans rally, “Let’s Go, Ace!” “Z S J!” as Tanahashi fetches ZSJ from the outside. Tanahashi puts ZSJ in the ring and fans applaud more. Tanahashi gets in but ZSJ gets the leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! And then an arm assisted ARMBAR! Red Shoes counts, ZSJ lets go at 4.

ZSJ drags Tanahashi to the apron to isolate the arm, and STOMP it down! Tanahashi clutches his elbow, but ZSJ bends it back against the apron’s edge! Fans rally as Tanahashi endures and Red Shoes calls the ropebreak. ZSJ lets go and slides back in. ZSJ kicks at Tanahashi while fans rally up. ZSJ kicks Tanahashi as he sits up, then again. Tanahashi eggs ZSJ on so ZSJ KICKS him down! ZSJ stands on Tanahashi’s bad arm, then scuffs him. ZSJ clamps onto the bad arm and wraps it around ropes! Red Shoes reprimands and counts but ZSJ twists Tanahashi’s nose! The fans rally and ZSJ lets off at 4. ZSJ then eggs Tanahashi on.

Tanahashi sits up, ZSJ KICKS him, and KICKS him! ZSJ stands Tanahashi up to EuroUpper! ZSJ asks what’s up as Tanahashi drops to his knees. ZSJ taunts him with “Tanahashi sucks!” Tanahashi gets up to fire off forearms! ZSJ gets the bad arm and wrenches, to a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Tanahashi moves around as he endures, and ZSJ floats to get an ANKLE LOCK! Then a stepover, to have both leglock and ARMBAR! And then DOUBLE ARMBAR! Then he shifts to a JIM BREAKS ARMBAR, then to BARRY FROM EASTENDERS! Tanahashi endures and fans rally up! Tanahashi pushes this to a cover, TWO!! ZSJ shifts to have the double wristlock, but Tanahashi gets the ROPEBREAK!

Fans fire up as ZSJ lets Tanahashi go quickly. Tanahashi clutches his arms but ZSJ eggs him on. ZSJ kicks at Tanahashi, but Tanahshi fires up! Tanahashi fires off forearms, but ZSJ EuroUppers! Tanahashi wobbles, but fires up to fire off fast hands! Tanahashi runs, but into a COBRA TWIST! Tanahashi switches it around! ZSJ fights that off, they go around and around, and around and around, and Tanahashi gets a leg! DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up as both men are down! Fans rally up again, “Let’s go, Ace!” “Z S J!” Tanahashi drags ZSJ up for forearms and body shots! ZSJ goes to a corner, Tanahashi scoops and SLAMS him!

Tanahashi climbs up and SUNSET SENTONS! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Fans rally and Tanahashi waits on ZSJ to stand. ZSJ stands, and Tanahashi dropkicks his legs out! Fans fire up, Tanahashi runs, but ZSJ avoids the slingblade to get the arm! Fans fire up as Tanahashi clasps hands to resist the armbar! ZSJ twists the fingers to get the ARMBAR! Tanahashi rolls, ZSJ has the DISARMER, but Tanahashi gets the ROPEBREAK! ZSJ lets go and fans fire up. ZSJ drags Tanahashi up by his arm and wrenches through. Tanahashi throws a forearm! And another! And another! But ZSJ holds onto the wrist to wrench and ELBOW BREAKER!

Tanahashi goes to a corner, ZSJ runs in to EuroUpper! But Tanahashi shoves ZSJ back! ZSJ BOOTS Tanahashi, Tanahashi fires up and runs in, but ZSJ catches him to a full nelson! Tanahashi switches that onto ZSJ, but ZSJ breaks free! ZSJ resists the straitjacket suplex, slips under and kicks Tanahashi’s legs out! REAR NAKED CHOKE! Then ZSJ switches to the ARMBAR! Tanahashi clasps hands to resist again and fans fire up, but ZSJ breaks the grip! Tanahashi hurries to turn towards the armbar, but ZSJ pushes him down! They move around, ZSJ has the TRIANGLE HOLD, but Tanahashi gets the ROPEBREAK!

ZSJ lets Tanahashi go, and fans fire up. ZSJ brings Tanahashi up to WRING the arm! Fans rally as ZSJ drags Tanahashi up to WRING the arm again! ZSJ drags Tanahashi up again, wrenches through, and PELES the arm! Fans fire up as ZSJ KICKS, but Tanahashi blocks it! ZSJ SLAPS Tanahashi but Tanahashi dropkicks the other leg! Fans fire up more and Tanahashi runs, but into a GUILLOTINE! Tanahashi stays up, and powers through to a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi holds on to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT again! Tanahashi drags ZSJ up again, but ZSJ counters with a GUILLOTINE! Tanahashi endures but he drops to a knee!

Fans rally up and ZSJ brings Tanahashi around, ZACK- NO, Tanahashi scoops out of the driver to MICHINOKU DRIVER! Fans are thunderous as Tanahashi stands again and runs, to SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi fires up and goes to the corner! Tanahashi climbs, ZSJ stands, HIGH FLY ATTACK! But ZSJ rolls through to body scissor and EUROCLUTCH! TWO!!! Tanahashi escapes and fans are thunderous! ZSJ is pissed, he PENALTY KICKS, but Tanahashi blocks it! Some fans can’t help but shout out as Tanahashi DRAGON- NO, ZSJ steps through the screw to get the ARMBAR!! Tanahashi hurries to roll him up, TWO!!

ZSJ has the TRIANGLE HOLD! Tanahashi pushes forward to bridge! ZSJ’s arm is under the ropes but Red Shoes misses it! TANAHASHI WINS!!!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; ZSJ earns 0)

ZSJ and Tanahashi aren’t even sure the match ended, but it has! ZSJ wants to point out the ropebreak but Red Shoes can’t call what he can’t see. The Ace snatches these points from the jaws of defeat, will ZSJ be more aware of his surroundings next time? As for Tanahashi, he goes to the ropes but the fans rally, “Let’s Go, Ace!” Tanahashi acknowledges them and gets the mic. And don’t trust El Phantasmo’s “translation” on English commentary, he’s biased.

“The G1 Climax is back in the summer, and back in Nagoya! This G1 is even more important to me, and here is why. Everyone wants to win this thing. But even as we’ve been through a lot, more than just the victory, the only one to lead the way after this tournament is ME!” Fans cheer but Tanahashi says he can get more than that. “It HAS to be me!!” Fans applaud louder this time, and Tanahashi says their support has really touched him. Tanahashi thanks them for that. Tanahashi sets the mic down, but of course fans want the “AIR GUI-TAR! AIR GUI-TAR!” A Young Lion brings it out from beneath the ring and throws it up to Tanahashi!

Tanahashi says, “LET’S ROCK!” And the air guitar concert begins! Tanahashi admits it’s been awhile. And he thanks the fans for the cheer. But now fans want the “EN-CO-RU! EN-CO-RU!” Tanahashi looks around and a fan throws another air guitar to him! “LET’S ROCK!” Tanahashi gives fans the encore, but his big jump hurts his knee a bit. But the fans rallying, “Let’s Go, Ace!” helps him get back up! “LAST ONE!” Another encore and Tanahashi throws the air guitar back. Tanahashi picks the mic back up and says, “Three air guitar songs after the match. I’m okay. I’ve never been tired in my life, and that’s why I can carry this company.”

Fans applaud as Tanahashi stands back up. “I will win this G1… in a snap! Nagoya…! ASHITEMASU~!” The fans in Nagoya love Tanahashi, but will The Ace be able to trump everyone to reach the Climax?

My Thoughts:

Another great night for G1 on a day that is stacked with wrestling. I was very surprised to see Finlay beat Takagi, but it was technically with a technical move, and he didn’t dominate Takagi. Depending on how things shake out with the US Championship, I’d also love to see Finlay take Takagi on for the KOPW trophy after the G1. Great stuff out of Lawlor and Jonah, though it was more of a grind out, cerebral kind of match. Fans weren’t quite as fired up for it but they were still into it. And I figured Jonah would win. Lawlor’s not small but he is small for A Block and all the monsters in it. Jonah is also taking on Jeff Cobb next and THAT is going to be wild!

Sanada VS Khan for the first time 1v1 since WrestleKingdom was a great rematch, and a great showing from both. Sanada wins to keep pace with Takagi, but it is surprising Khan went 0-2. If nothing else, we’ll see Sanada and Takagi in the semifinals, and I’d love to see Okada VS Sanada again. And of course, an awesome main event from Tanahashi and ZSJ. They always build off their previous matches, and a great finishing exchange for the somewhat controversial finish. But Tanahashi still gets the win as he needed it more than ZSJ. ZSJ is still strong in the block and he takes on Goto next, so he can get his win back by giving Goto his first loss. Tanahashi can still make a run for the top, there’s still a lot of time and C Block seems to be up in the air.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/24/24)

Who is in control?



Who moves on to Money in the Bank?

After last Monday Night Raw’s wild ending, everyone just wants to move forward. But will the Wyatt Sick6 cast their shadow on the MITB qualifiers?


  • Bron Breakker VS Ludwig Kaiser; Kaiser wins, by disqualification.
  • Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Lyra Valkyria VS Kairi Sane VS Shayna Baszler; Lyra wins and advances to MITB Toronto.
  • Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Chad Gable VS Braun Strowman VS Bronson Reed; Gable wins and advances to MITB Toronto.
  • Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn VS Kayden Carter & Katana Chance; Alba & Isla win.
  • Karrion Kross VS Kofi Kingston; Kross wins.
  • WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Awesome Truth VS Finn Balor & JD McDonagh; Finn & JD win and become the new WWE World Tag Team Champions.


The Miz is on commentary!

Pat McAfee is taking tonight off for some obvious reasons, between last Monday night and how that bled over into the Pat McAfee Show.


Drew McIntyre is here?!

We know from Friday Night SmackDown that The Scottish Terminator did NOT quit, he just hunted CM Punk down in Chicago to beat him down! And now he’s here in Indiana, with fans chanting “C M PUNK!” at him. McIntyre says people were talking about how he quit last Monday, but they’re not talking about that anymore, are they? They’re talking about Friday! It was so good, McIntyre wants to see it again. Footage replays as McIntyre hauls a bloodied and half conscious Punk from backstage to the stage, just to drop him down in front of the Chicago fans. The fans here boo that but McIntyre smiles.

McIntyre says he prayed for this, and “The Big Man” made it happen, because he is the big man! And everyone chanting Punk’s name for months now? He’s done with you! When you chant his name, it is just in memory of him now. You’ve watched what Punk has done to McIntyre. He screwed McIntyre over in Scotland, in front of McIntyre’s friends, family, countrymen, and his WIFE! McIntyre promised his wife the world title and Punk stopped that, and the fans still chant that damn name! Those who chant for Punk are dead to him! McIntyre will talk right to Punk because he’s sitting at home now.

“I hope you’re uncomfortable and in pain, and being fed through a straw, because I did that to you. I put you there! And I didn’t just take your dignity, though, did I? I also took this.” McIntyre shows the friendship bracelet Punk was wearing! It’s worth about 50 cents, because a fan made it, but it means so much to Punk because it has the names of his wife, AJ Lee, and his stupid looking dog, Larry! The fans boo but McIntyre says Punk wears this when he leaves home so he can take them with him so that he isn’t alone. The fans chant for “LARRY! LARRY!” McIntyre says Punk IS alone, because of McIntyre.

Punk is in pain, is miserable, and that is the theme going forward, because McIntyre will enter the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and Punk will watch McIntyre all alone, and McIntyre will win while Punk is in pain because of him. McIntyre knows what it feels like to be alone. He’s felt it every time the fans chanted Punk’s name, as the roster accepted Punk and as management accepted Punk, even after McIntyre told the world what kind of person Punk really is! But McIntyre’s not alone now, is he? He puts on the bracelet, and says he has Punk’s dog and Punk’s wife, Punk’s family, in McIntyre’s corner.

McIntyre will win MITB, cash in that night, and Punk will be miserable and in pain as McIntyre has PUNK’S family by his side, and once again becomes World Heavyweight Champion, in spite of Punk! The fans boo but McIntyre has made his mission clear. Will he give everyone else broken dreams on his way back to the top of the mountain?


A car pulls up in the back.

And out of it exits Chad Gable! He doesn’t want cameras on him right now. He even has security help him get his things and walk through the halls. Gable is clearly not over the horrors of last Monday Night Raw, but will he be able to focus on the colossal challenge ahead of him tonight?


Backstage interview with Chad Gable.

At least, Cathy Kelley hopes for some words from the former Olympian ahead of his Triple Threat match. Security is doubled both inside and out to protect him. There have been murmurs of shock that Gable is even here tonight. Other than the wound on his forehead from last week, there is no word on the extent of his injuries from the Wyatt SICK6 attack. Gable was not the only victim of that rampage, will any of them be alright going into the night?


Bron Breakker VS Ludwig Kaiser!

The Big Bad Booty Nephew nearly broke the Impeccable German in half last week, all because of how Kaiser ruined the fun he was having with The Fella. Will Bron finish the job and leave Kaiser in pieces? Or will being #MeanerThanEvil not be enough against the European excellence?

Raw returns and Kaiser is at gorilla. Jackie Redmond is there to interview him. She says with all due respect, he is still visibly upset from last week, which was technically all because he interfered with the match of Bron and Sheamus. Kaiser says let’s forget about Sheamus, alright? Bron Breakker is strong, explosive and fast. Kaiser felt all that when Bron viciously attacked him. But Kaiser will prove he is destined for greatness! He will prove that Bron Breakker is no Ludwig Kaiser. The music plays and Kaiser makes his entrance, will he find that statement works better the other way around?

The bell rings and the fans bark for Bron. The two tie up, Bron powers Kaiser to a corner, but the ref counts. Bron lets off slowly, grins, but Kaiser pie faces him! The fans boo but Bron CHOKES Kaiser! The ref counts, Bron lets off, but Kaiser BOOTS him! And SLAPS him! And CLUBS him! Kaiser UPPERCUTS, CLUBS Bron again, then fires forearms. Bron fires back and the fans rally. Bron gets the edge, but Kaiser headlocks. Bron powers out, Kaiser reverses but Bron runs and runs and CLOBBERS Kaiser! The fans fire up and bark, and even Miz likes that! Bron snarls and goes back to drag Kaiser up.

Kaiser fights the facelock, puts Bron on ropes, and they end up in the ropes. The ref counts, Kaiser lets off, but he HOTSHOTS Bron! Bron sputters, Kaiser KICKS him down! Kaiser rains down fists, the fans boo, but Kaiser lets off to snarl and soak up the heat. Kaiser goes back but Bron RAMS him into a corner! The fans fire up as Bron RAMS into Kaiser again and again! Bron lets off to scowl at the ref, and Kaiser wants mercy. Bron just RAMS into him again and again! The ref counts, Bron grabs at Kaiser but Kaiser CLAWS the eyes! The fans boo but the ref misses it, and Kaiser KICKS the legs out! Kaiser CLUBS away on Bron now!

Kaiser drags Bron up to KICK him back down! Kaiser gets Bron up to POST him, and Bron is stuck in the ropes! Kaiser runs side to side to DROPKICK Bron to the floor! Miz says Kaiser is becoming a standout as he moves from the tag division to singles, and Kaiser goes out to scuff Bron. The fans chant “YOU SUCK!” but Kaiser sees the steel steps. Kaiser brings Bron over, but Bron RAMS Kaiser into the apron! Kaiser grimaces while Bron goes up the apron. The fans bark, Bron aims, and Bron FLYING LARIATS Kaiser over the desk! Bron does Kaiser like he did Sheamus, the fans are losing their minds, and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Kaiser has Bron down now, and under the ropes. Kaiser fires off hands, lets off as the ref counts, and he talks trash as Bron flounders. The fans boo more, but Kaiser KICKS Bron! Kaiser eggs Bron on, pie faces him, then SLAPS him! Bron scowls and the fans rally up. Bron rises, Kaiser looks worried, so Kaiser fires CHOP after CHOP! Bron fires haymaker after haymaker! Bron whips, Kaiser reveres, but Bron runs through the lariat to FLYING BACK ELBOW! The fans fire up for the freakish athleticism and Bron hauls Kaiser, for a deadlift BELLY2BELLY! Bron then GERMAN SUPLEXES!

Kaiser flounders, Bron runs in to clothesline at the corner! The fans are behind Bron as he puts Kaiser up top. Bron climbs, but Kaiser HEADBUTTS, then throws hands! Bron staggers away, but he comes right back up, to SUPER STEINER! The fans go nuts and even Miz can’t believe what he just saw! The straps come down, Bron gets Kaiser by the neck, then trophy lifts! But Kaiser slips free! Kaiser UPPERCUTS, but Bron DUMPS Kaiser up and out! The fans fire up as Kaiser crawls, and Bron goes out the side. Bron grins and he comes in around the way, but Kaiser sends him into steel steps! Kaiser grins as he avoids that car crash!

Kaiser gets back int he ring, but then slips out the side. Now Kaiser runs in around the way, but SHEAMUS KNEES HIM DOWN!!

Winner: Ludwig Kaiser, by disqualification

The Celtic Warrior gets payback on Kaiser and the fans are loving it! Sheamus now clears the desk and the fans are loving this even more! Sheamus hauls Kaiser up, lifts, but Kaiser fights it! Bron SPEARS Sheamus down!! The fans bark with Bron as he wipes out two men with one move! Will nothing and no one stop Bron from breaking through to that next level?


The Judgment Day hangs out int he clubhouse.

Carlito is over, so they’re playing WWE 2K while having some chicken nuggets. They’re having Rhea Ripley beat up on all sorts of superstars. Damian Priest walks in, and he asks who hooked them up with the goods? Carlito says it wasn’t him. Dominik puts the nugs down to say that while Priest might not like this, these are all gifts from Liv Morgan. Dude, seriously? Carlito says Liv helped him win his match so she can’t be all bad. Pause the game… Carlito says yeah, they do need to figure this out. When are the distractions gonna end? Someone texts Dom, and he checks. Now what? Whoa…

Dom shows the guys, and JD’s jaw practically hits the floor! Carlito says that’s cool. Priest glares at Carlito and Carlito says no, n-not cool. Dom says Liv is crazy and Priest agrees, but it is crazier how Liv even has Dom’s number! Priest isn’t telling Dom what to do, but if it were him, he’d find a way to end this with Liv tonight. Just saying. And guys, are you having fun? You know who else is having fun? Braun Strowman, because he’s having his way with them every week. Priest doesn’t wanna be a broken record, but that should’ve been handled by now. But hey, enjoy the games. Finn says yeah, Priest is right. They gotta handle Braun, tonight.

Carlito & JD agree, but they go back to WWE 2K. Will the Judgment Day finally put their foots down and establish dominance?


Bron returns backstage.

And he bangs on the door of Adam Pearce. Pearce says good God almighty, calm down! What’s the issue? Bron’s issue is that he’s sick and tired of everyone getting involved in his matches! He would’ve beaten Kaiser if not for Sheamus, and he would’ve beaten Sheamus last week if not for Kaiser! Bron wants a match with Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship. He is sick of this, do something! Pearce says alright, just calm down before you have a heart attack. But then speaking of Sami, here he is! And the champ stares Bron down. If Bron wants the title match, well, no one is here to get in the way. Any time, any place, just name it.

Then how about Bron VS Sami at Money in the Bank? Sami tells Pearce, “You tell Bron Breakker he’s got his match.” Pearce says then at MITB, Sami VS Bron for the IC title is OFFICIAL. Bron says he’ll destroy Sami. Bron leaves, will he tear Sami apart in Toronto?


Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Lyra Valkyria VS Kairi Sane VS Shayna Baszler!

The Morrigan has been a thorn in the side of Damage CTRL, only because they’ve been trying to hold her down ever since they got here. But will Lyra be able to fly high and head for Toronto? Will the Pirate Princess help Iyo Sky double their chances in the ladder match? Or will the Queen of Spades stop everyone from overlooking her and finally head back to the top?

Raw returns and Kairi makes her entrance, followed by Shayna. The bell rings, the three feel things out, and then Kari takes a swing! Lyra gets around, Kairi BOOTS Shayna, then Kairi switches to headlock. Lyra powers out, hip tosses Kairi down to a cover, ONE!! Lyra whips Kairi to a corner hard, but then Shayna LARIATS Lyra! Shayna keeps going and clotheslines Kairi in the corner, then gut wrench SLAMS her! Cover, TWO! Kairi bails out so Shayna goes right after Lyra. Shayna whips Lyra to a corner, but Lyra goes up and over, sweeps the legs, and reels her in for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, Kairi AX KICKS it apart!

Kairi wrenches to a wristlock, whips, but Lyra reverses. Kairi goes up and gets both Lyra and Shayna for a RANA ARM-DRAG COMBO! The fans fire up as Kairi goes up, and she aims to SUPER CROSSBODY both Lyra & Shayna down! The fans fire up with Kairi while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Shayna suplexes Kairi, only for Kairi to APRON DDT!! Both women are down and the fans fire up, but then Lyra runs in to WRECK Kairi with a dropkick! Lyra puts Kairi in the ring, climbs up, and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Lyra isn’t done there, she hauls Kairi up to fisherman BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kairi survives and then Shayna BUZZSAWS Lyra! Shayna CLUBS Lyra, drags her up, and whips her to ropes. Lyra slides under, but Shayna stops the heel kick to LEG CAPTURE SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Kairi runs up to BLOCKBUSTER Shayna! Kairi drags Shayna to a drop zone and the fans fire up!

Kairi goes up, INSANE ELBOW onto knees!! Shayna drags Kairi up in a KIRAFUDA, but Lyra rolls Shayna up! TWO!! Shayna escapes, Lyra SOBATS, KICKS and RAMS into her! And then ENZIGIRIS! Shayna falls, Kairi rises, but Lyra runs. Kairi ducks the enzigiri, goes for a leg, but Lyra steps over, gut wrenches, and SITOUT POWERBOMBS! Cover, Shayna KNEES Lyra in the face!! Cover, TWO!! All three women are down and the fans fire up! “This is Awesome!” as the three stir. Kairi goes to a corner, Shayna runs in but only gets buckles. URAKEN! Kairi hurries up while Shayna falls, but Shayna rises again!

Shayna GAMANGIRIS Kairi, but Lyra waistlocks Shayna! Shayna ELBOWS free, but Lyra ducks the kick! Lyra fireman’s carries, Shayna slips out! KIRAFUDA!! Lyra flails, falls back, but Kairi aims! Lyra rolls back, TWO! INSANE ELBOW!! But Lyra fireman’s carries, NIGHTWING DRIVER!!! Cover, Lyra wins!!

Winner: Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

It was a fast and furious finish, and when the dust cleared, it was Lyra standing tall! But will she be able to fly over the field and get up that ladder to bring down the briefcase?


McIntyre argues with Pearce backstage.

Everything that Punk did to him, costing him at WrestleMania, costing him at Clash at the Castle, McIntyre should automatically be in the MITB ladder match! Pearce says no, everyone has to earn their way into that match, especially the guy that “quit” last week. Oh, whatever, it’s not like McIntyre meant it. Well, Pearce is gonna mean what he says, and no, McIntyre doesn’t deserve it. All McIntyre’s done is disrupt things on Raw and SmackDown. Oh, well, did McIntyre deserve CM Punk snatching a referee shirt, running out there and screwing McIntyre over? Does Seth Rollins deserve the shot at Priest after just coming back when McIntyre beat him at Mania?

McIntyre will tell Pearce this: He believes Pearce will do the right thing. Because if he doesn’t, he’ll see the true meaning of the word “disruption.” McIntyre leaves, but then Liv Morgan walks in. She’s wearing a shirt that reads “Daddy’s Girl,” and she smiles as she makes her way to gorilla. The WWE Women’s World Champion makes her entrance, and we’ll find out what she’s up to, after the break.


Raw returns and…

Liv has the mic to say, “Oh, Dominik~! Since I couldn’t seem to catch you backstage, I thought I’d come all the way out here to get your attention. I hope you really, really, really liked the gifts I gave you,. But I hope you liked that text I sent you even more.” She knows he’s playing hard to get, but once he’s honest with herself that she is what he really wants, she promises there’s so much more in store for him. Rhea’s never gotten Dom any gifts, has she? She’s never cared about him the way Liv does. Will “Daddy Dom” please come out here? He can thank her for the gifts, and she promises to give him another right in front of all these people.

But instead, Zelina Vega makes her way out here! La Muneca says she has a gift for everyone: it’s shutting Liv the hell up. Zelina doesn’t get why Liv’s obsessed with Rhea’s “sloppy seconds.” But that’s not even why she’s here. Zelina is here to talk about something that Liv has clearly forgotten about. While Liv is running around chasing that Dirty D, Zelina is here chasing the WWE Women’s World Championship. The fans like that! Liv says oh goodness, she has not forgotten about the title. This is the most important thing in her life! She took out Rhea for this title. She put Becky into early retirement for this! There is NOTHING that means more to her than this.

But it seems to Zelina that Liv is just about having fun. And that that fun is all she’s worried about. What’s wrong with having fun? Zelina will tell her what’s wrong. Liv schemed for her opportunities, Zelina starves for hers. So her Why will always top Liv’s libido. And what sounds “fun” to Zelina is Liv putting that title on the line. How does that sound? Zelina VS Liv for the WWE Women’s World Championship, here tonight! The fans fire up for that idea! Liv says she’d love to, but she’s busy. How about next week? Zelina is NOT waiting for next week! Try her. But wait, here domes Com! The fans boo but Liv is all smiles.

Dom has a mic, but Liv asks if he liked those gifts. She knows he does. Dom says he did get the gifts, but no he did not like them. Oh, but she knows he loved that text, right? She even gets the ropes for him. Dom tentatively steps inside, and Zelina asks what is going on here. The fans chant “SLOPPY SECONDS!” and Zelina gags before she laughs. Zelina says if Liv is too afraid to fight, she didn’t need to bring her man out here. Dom says he’s not Liv’s man. The fans boo but Dom keeps trying to talk. If Zelina’s gonna fight Liv for the Women’s World Championship… The fans keep booing, but Dom says he wants to help.

Okay, wait, this is rich. He wants to what? He wants to help! Dom knows Zelina and Rhea have had their issues, and Zelina says that’s an understatement. Dom tells the fans to let him talk! Liv agrees, Daddy needs to speak. Dom says he’d rather seen anyone but Liv with the title! Zelina says no, if she wanted to hear anything out of Dom, she would’ve tossed a coin in his begging bowl. Second, she doesn’t need Dom’s help, nor does she want it. So- LIV ATTACKS ZELINA! Liv and Zelina scrap on the mat, the fans fire up, and then Rey gets in! Rey pushes Dom aside to drag Liv away, then he goes to Zelina’s side. But then Dom SHOVES Rey!

The fans boo as Dom again disrespects his dad, and Liv takes that as Dom fighting to protect her! Dom gets outta there, but Liv hurries after. Just what is going on with this WWE telenovela?


Cathy Kelley still waits by Chad Gable’s room.

She confirms that WWE medical has checked on Gable, and Adam Pearce has also talked with Gable. Pearce now exits and Cathy asks for an update. Gable is shaken up, as would anyone, but he IS medically cleared and focused on tonight’s Triple Threat. Then has Gable provided any further details on that brutal attack and his mental state? Pearce says that isn’t his story to tell, and Gable might not be in a position to tell it just yet. Will Gable be alright when facing two giants so soon after facing a living nightmare?


Liv continues to follow after Dom.

Dom tells her to leave him alone but she just wants to talk. Liv thanks Dom for being her hero out there. He saved her from his deadbeat dad! Now she knows he wants this as much as she does. No, that was just because he can’t stand his dad! Liv still thanks him, and hugs him. Dom squirms away, but then R-Truth walks in. Was that Tom or Nick Mysterio? Well, whichever one it was, he’s a reluctant hero. Those are the best kind, right? Liv says they sure are. Truth always has a soft spot for Tom/Nick. Wouldn’t it be nice to do something for a guy like that? Liv says Truth has no idea. Truth loves it when love is in the air.

Truth tells Tom/Nick is playing hard to get. They sure are. But Liv has an idea how she can do something nice for Dom and his friends. She can talk with Pearce about a match of Dom VS Rey for next week, and for tonight, it can be JD & Finn in a match for the World Tag Team Championships. Can Truth help with that? Yeah, Truth used to be cool with Finn, but he never liked JD. JD’s never been in Judgment Day, and he’s got a freakishly large head. Liv says JD sure does. But Liv knows the guys would love a tag match with the best team in the world. Truth says he’s one half of THE WWE World Tag Team Chamipons!

OMG really? Can he help? Of course! He’s the best! Well, yes, he is. Okay, just make sure to go talk to Pearce. Liv thanks Truth, heads out, and Truth says he’s always ready to help Carmella. Miz is NOT happy on commentary, and now he has to intercept Truth! Michael Cole is now alone on commentary, will Judgment Day get everything they could ever want?


Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifier Triple Threat: Chad Gable VS Braun Strowman VS Bronson Reed!

It’s the moment of truth for the former leader of The Alpha Academy. Will what happened last week leave him in any shape to face the Monster of All Monsters and the Colossal Aussie? Or will he pull off the truly biggest upset victory in WWE history?

Raw returns and Bronson makes his entrance, followed by Gable’s. Gable has a mic to say, “Do you believe in miracles?” The fans are torn, but Gable says the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated. Yes, eh was left bloodied and bludgeoned, left for dead by a bunch of monsters. There’s just one problem: Chad Gable cannot be killed! He LIVES! And in an act of true bravery, he is out here tonight to face these two monsters. And like last week, he will persevere, go on to MITB, win the briefcase, and he will become The Master in the Bank. Gable steps into the ring, but the tron is getting all glitchy…

The bell rings, Gable looks between the two mountainous men, and he CHOPS Bronson! Bronson doesn’t flinch! Gable CHOPS Braun, but Braun doesn’t flinch! Bronson CHOPS Gable, then Braun CHOPS Gable down! Gable bails out so now the big men are left alone. The fans fire up for “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” The two tie up, go around, and Bronson headlocks. Braun powers up and out, Bronson ducks ‘n’ dodges and RAMS Braun! Braun gets stuck int he ropes a moment, but comes back to CLOBBER Bronson! Braun keeps moving, but Bronson DUMPS him out! Gable gets in, and he waistlocks Bronson! Bronson elbows free!

Bronson lifts Gab le, and THROWS him at Braun, but Braun catches Gable! Gable fights, but Bronson DIVES?! Down goes everyone and the fans fire up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Gable has Braun in a HANGING ARMBAR! Braun gets free, but Bronson SPLASHES him! Gable gets in, ducks ‘n’ dodges Bronson to DROPKICK! Bronson SENTONS but Gable dodges! Gable has the giants in the corners, and he runs to forearm SMASH Bronson! And forearm SMASH for Braun! Gable goes back to Bronson but Bronson busts through the lariat to SPLASH Braun! SPLASH to Gable, then a whip into Braun’s BOOT! Bronson runs up but Braun BOOTS him, too! Braun then runs to run Bronson over! Another BOOT for Gable! Braun gets Gable up and TOSSES him into Bronson!

Both Bronson and Gable fall and the fans fire up! Braun sees both men go outside, so it’s time to get on the tracks! The Strowman Express runs to CLOBBER Gable! And CLOBBER Bronson! Braun storms back into the ring as the fans fire up, and he runs, only for Bronson to move! Braun POSTS himself! Gable GERMAN SUPLEXES Bronson!! Bridging cover, TWO!! Bronson survives but Gable stomps him to a drop zone. Gable goes up and up, but Braun trips him up! Braun drags Bronson out to POST him, then scoops him, for a MONSTER SLAM on the floor! The fans fire up as Braun huffs and puffs and rips off his shirt!

Braun drags Bronson back up, but then JUDGMENT DAY attacks! JD, Dom, Finn & Carlito all attack, but Braun fights them all off! Braun stalks JD, grabs him and Dom, then goes to the ramp, only for Finn to CHOP BLOCK Braun! Judgment Day mugs the Monster of All Monsters, the fans boo, but this leaves Gable and Bronson alone! Gable adjusts, has his target, and MOONSAULTS! Cover, GABLE WINS!!

Winner: Chad Gable, by pinfall (advances to MITB)

Judgment Day handles their Braun problem, and Gable actually comes through on his promise! Will Gable continue to do as he said and win the MITB contract?

Wait! The lights start turning off! The fireflies are coming out and Gable is in a panic! There’s fog filling the ring, and the piano starts playing! And then a spotlight shines on Gable, as SISTER ABIGAIL rises!! She creeps up behind him, and Gable falls into a corner! Gable scurries out of the ring but he can’t look away from fear. But then Abby crawls her way over to something else. There’s a box on the floor, and she picks it up. She sets it down on the commentary desk. What’s in the box, Cole? What’s in the box?! Abby continues on, walking through the crowd. And then she goes into the shadows, and disappears.


Raw returns and…

Michael Cole holds up the package. The fans are chanting “OPEN IT! OPEN IT!” The box is meant for Pat McAfee but he’s not here tonight. Cole unwraps the package, opens it up, and pulls out a VHS tape. It has the words “PLAY ME” on it, but hopefully the production truck has something.


Gable is backsatge.

He knocks on a door, and is thankful Otis is there. Gable asks if the others are there. He needs to talk with them. Otis calls to them, and out walk Tozawa & Maxxine. Gable says after last week, h is life flashed before his eyes, and when it did, all he could see was them, his family. It takes a big man to admit when he was wrong. These last two months have been rough for all of them, and he knows he stepped over the line. He owns that. So from the bottom of his heart, he is sorry. But that’s what families do, right? They fight, but they stick together. Otis says yeah, but anyone who hurts Tozawa & Maxxine isn’t family.

Otis is sorry for what happened to Gable, but he said what he said. They’re done. Otis leads the others away and Maxxine tells Gable that he put them through a lot. Gable really hurt Otis. Otis looked up to Gable. But for what it is worth, they are glad he’s okay. What happened to him must’ve been terrifying. But Otis just needs time, okay? Maxxine will talk with him. Maxxine heads back inside, and Gable turns around to see The Creeds & Ivy Nile. They ask if he’s alright, and Gable says no! He’s not alright! He needs help… Will Gable have to move on if Otis is unable to forgive him?


Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn VS Kayden Carter & Katana Chance!

The wicked witches are back in action after winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships at Clash at the Castle, and it’s going to be against the high-flying, good vibing party girls of KC Squared! Will Kayden & Katana be able to break the spell already cast by the new champs? Or will there be no After Party here tonight?

The teams sort out, Alba and Kayden start up and they tie up. Alba throws Kayden down then soaks up the cheers and jeers. But then Kayden YANKS Alba into ropes! Isla runs in, Kayden throws her out! Kayden runs and WRECKS both Alba & Isla with a dropkick! The fans fire up, Katana comes around, and she gets a boost to CROSSBODY Alba & Isla down! KC Squared is all fired up and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Kayden has Alba in a TRAILER HITCH! Alba endures, crawls over, and has the ROPEBREAK! Kayden lets go in frustration but she runs back up, only for Alba to YANK her into ropes! Kayden flounders, Alba brings her up and Isla tags in. The lasses double suplex, only for Kayden to counter with a DOUBLE DDT! The fans rally up, Kayden SUPERKICKS Isla down! Kayden grabs Isla by the legs and puts her in the drop zone. Katana tags in, and she goes up for the KEG STAND! Cover, Alba breaks it! The fans fire up as Alba RAMS into Kayden! Kayden TOSSES Alba, gets Isla up, and Katana climbs.

But then Alba trips Kayden up! Isla avoids Katana, but Katana rolls Isla! TWO, and Isla ROUNDHOUSES Katana down! Tag to Alba, she gets Katana up in the Gory Especial, double double, TOIL AND TROUBLE!! Cover, Alba & Isla win!

Winners: Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn, by pinfall

But wait! Now DMG CTRL runs in to CLOBBER Alba & Isla! The fans boo but they beat the tag champs down 3v2! Then Dakota BOOTS Katana for good measure! Iyo goes up top, takes aim, and OVER THE MOONSAULT for both Isla & Alba! The Evil Genius said DMG CTRL needs to make a change, will this increased intensity help them take over Raw?


Priest returns to the clubhouse.

But Liv’s already there? She says hi then bye, and Priest hopes this was Dom ending things. Priest steps inside, but only Finn is here? Finn thought Priest was heading home already. No, he had to come back and grab the world title so that he can go out and address Seth Rollins. Don’t tell Priest that it didn’t look sketchy just now! Don’t accuse Finn of things. Liv was here telling them all that Dom’s got a match with Rey, and that Finn & JD have a tag title match TONIGHT! Oh, she did that? Yeah! It ain’t ideal, but a title match is a title match. Finn will take what he can get. Liv seems a little too good to be true, Finn admits that.

Priest says that’s exactly right. Priest will go handle his business, and he wishes Finn good luck in the tag title match. Finn nods, Priest leaves, but then Finn rolls his eyes. Is Priest getting worked up over nothing? Or is there something going on here between The Prince and “Daddy’s Girl?”


The Miz finds Truth.

Miz asks if Truth talked to Pearce. Oh, he did, and it’s official. Why isn’t Miz in gear? They gotta get to gorilla. Miz asks if Truth has been paying attention. Miz was on commentary tonight! Oh, oops. Truth says he did it for love. Liv and Dom is a classic romcom. Like Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and Shrek! Miz doesn’t care about that right now! This is about them! Truth says he loves Miz, but only as a friend. Truth heads out, Miz is beside himself. What is Miz to do with Truth? What are they going to do against The Prince & Irish Ace?


Damian Priest heads to the ring.

El Campeon has already had a busy night just trying to keep his team on track, but now he will focus on his own business. Priest has the mic and says we all saw the Seth Rollins video package earlier. It was humbling and inspiring. Real talk, Priest sees what Rollins meant when he said he sees a version of himself in Priest. He gets it. They’re both someone who can be in a group, stand out as a leader, and elevate everyone around them. They’re both someone who can come out here as champion, representing Raw, while always rising to the occasion. And tell you waht. Priest knows what he sees in Seth.

Priest sees a man… he does not want to become. To break it down, Priest doesn’t wanna be here and see his successor. See someone who is bigger, stronger, and better than him. No, don’t get him wrong. Rollins is great, but Priest is the champion of the world! And so long as he IS world champion, sorry, but Rollins will never see the mountaintop again. But wait! Here comes Rollins himself! The fans fire up as The Visionary struts his way out as Cruella’s male counterpart and goes to the ring. Indianapolis sings for Rollins as he gets the mic, and he tells them, “We are partying in Indy today!”

The fans cheer and Rollins says this is why: Royal Rumble 2025 is coming their way! But that’s in February. Tonight is Monday, and so it’s still his show, it is MONDAY NIGHT ROLLINS! The fans sing more, and Priest is amused. Rollins revels in it, then says Priest goes “All Rise for El Campeon,” well all sing for Seth Freakin’ Rollins. But Priest wants to come out here, run his mouth about Rollins, is that it? No, no, Rollins wants to get this right. Priest says that as long as he is World Heavyweight Champion, Rollins will never get the belt back? That’s about right. Ooh… Well that is bold, Priest, very bold.

The problem is, man… Rollins doesn’t believe that. Rollins doesn’t believe in this confidence, this is false bravado. Does Priest even believe the crap coming out of his mouth? Does Indy believe the crap coming out of Priest’s mouth? “NO! NO! NO!” Rollins says they don’t buy it and here’s why. They don’t buy Priest as the man, as the mountain, because his actions and his words don’t line up. Priest says all the right things, says he doesn’t want anyone’s help when it comes to this title. However, in both of his title defenses so far, it was very obvious that Priest needed the help. If not for Judgment Day or CM Punk, Priest wouldn’t be here as World Heavyweight Champion!

Priest says yeah, he gets that opinion, and Rollins is right. Priest didn’t ask for help, but people got involved. The fans boo, then chant “YOU SUCK!” Priest frowns, but says he is the world champ! And he can’t change what happened. But what he can do, look at Rollins while holding the world title, while Rollins is there representing the past and holding on to a whole lot of nothing. Rollins says, “For now.” Rollins isn’t here to run Priest down. No, Rollins has a lot of respect. But Rollins doesn’t appreciate being one-upped. Priest one-ups Rollins by challenging him to this title match> Respect, that was a bold move.

But now Rollins is here to one-up right back. A challenge for challenge. Rollins says they should sweeten the pot at MITB. Y’know, nothing official, no Pearce or anything. More like a side bet, or a gentlemen’s agreement. A cherry on top. What does Priest say that if somehow he retains the title, he gets his wish. As long as Priest is champion, Rollins never challenges for it again. But when Rollins wins, takes back the title Priest has been keeping warm these past two months, we find out if Priest really can stand on his own two feet. WHEN Rollins wins at MITB, Priest… must LEAVE Judgment Day! The fans like that idea!

Priest is a bit speechless here. Rollins says we can find out if Priest really can walk a mile on Rollins’ shoes. What does El Campeon say to that? Priest chuckles, and he has to admit, that’s good. As Priest sees it, he’s the champion. So to him, Judgment Day needs him more than he needs them. But as far as this “agreement” goes, Priest accepts. Now Rollins is shocked. They shake on it, but wait! Here comes Der Ring General! Indy fires up as Gunther goes to the ring to join Visionary and Punisher. Gunther looks between the two, the fans chant “This is Awesome!” and then Gunther gets a mic.

Gunther has everyone hold on, and he says he fully understands there’s a lot on the line here. The world title, and the gentlemen’s agreement. MITB, Seth Rollins, the workhorse who established the prestige of this title, against Damian Priest, the man who is carrying Monday Night Raw on his back right now. Gunther wishes good luck to both men. He cannot wait to see this match. The fans cheer that! Gunther then adds, “May the better man win. But don’t make a mistake. At SummerSlam, the better man out of you two, will be the lesser man when he steps in the ring with me.” Gunther drops the mic and heads out. Will the King of the Ring prove he’s the greatest of them all in Cleveland?

And as for Rollins and Priest, will The Visionary make good on the last shot he might have for a long time? Or will he force the Judgment Day to do things without their Punisher?


The VHS tape is ready.

The production team has a VCR to play it, and so here we are. A buzzard, the piano playing, the Wyatt Sick6, and of course, Uncle Howdy. “Are you… Happy? How have you been since the loss? Do you feel as though you have been… forgotten? Do you remember who you are?” BO DALLAS!? And he says, “I’m nobody.” Howdy says, “There you are. How did it feel when your brother died?” Bo says one of the most important things in his life… was taken from him. And it feels like nothing was ever gonna matter again. Howdy says, “Don’t you think you’re exploiting your brother’s legacy?” Bo says all he ever wanted his whole life… was to be like his brother.

Bo looked up to his brother, wanted to be like his brother. And he worked his entire career, his life, so he could have the chance to work next to his brother. They were going to… They were going to rule together. They finally made it! They had it all! And then it was taken away. There is no one on this Earth that feels more hurt by his loss than Bo! No one feels what Bo feels! So what is he supposed to do? Let his life become a mausoleum? To let everyone forget about what his brother stood for, what he fought for, what he believed in?! They wanted to forget about Bo. “They wanted to forget about all of us!”

Bo says they need to remember. The Wyatts made them all remember! Howdy says, “Yes, we did!” The two sides of one mind sit in the dark room, and then the video ends. What will the Wyatt Sick6 do to “make us remember” next?


Karrion Kross VS Kofi Kingston!

Mr. Apocalypse put out the challenge, and then got what he hoped for in #KofiMania running wild! There’s an agreement to leave everyone else in the back so that this is a fair fight, but will it really be fair? Or will the New Day find a way to triumph over The Final Testament?

The bell rings and Kofi DROPKICKS Kross right out of the ring! Kofi then FLIES and he takes Kross down! The fans fire up with Kofi and he gets Kross up and into the ring. Kofi goes up the corner, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” but Kross avoids the ax handle. Kofi comes back but into a BACKBREAKER! Kross then shifts to get Kofi back up, fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Kofi tumbles out of the ring but Kross has a confident sneer, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns, the fans rally, and Kofi JAWBREAKERS free of Kross! Kofi goes to the apron, springboadds in, and AX HANDLES! Kofi keeps rallying with CHOPS and a DORPKICK! Kofi runs, but into Kross’ arms! Kross RAMS Kofi into the corner, runs back in, but Kofi goes out to PENDULUM KICK! Kofi goes back up, to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO, and Kross swings! Kofi dodges, and he LEAPING LARIATS! The fans fire up and Kofi gives us the “NEW~ DAY~!” BOOM DROP! Kross sputters and the fans fire up. Kofi claps, and the fans clap along. Kofi aims from the corner, but then Paul Ellering is on the tron!

Ellering shouts at Kofi, “Is it worth it? Is it really worth it!?” The Authors of Pain are beating up on Woods! Kofi hurries to the ropes but Kross reels him in! Kofi runs, dodges, but into the scoop and FINAL PRAYER!! Cover, Kross wins!

Winner: Karrion Kross, by pinfall

Kross holds up seven fingers, because Kofi is “lucky” number seven in Kross’ list of former WWE Champions he has defeated. But it would seem The New Day fell into their trap, will nothing stop The Final Testament from ruling over Raw?


WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Awesome Truth VS Finn Balor & JD McDonagh!

Miz really should’ve had Truth join him on commentary earlier tonight, because now they’re having to defend their titles on short notice! Again! Will the Hollywood A-Lister and the former 54-time WWE 24/7 Champion ever be done with The Judgment Day? Or will the luck of the Irish bring these belts back to the clubhouse?

Raw returns and The Awesome Truth makes their entrance. That takes care of the introductions, then the belts are raised, and we see if all is truly fair in love and war.

Truth starts against JD and the fans rally up. Truth and JD circle, but then Finn pushes Truth! JD CLUBS Truth, stomps away in the corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Finn tags in, he drags Truth up to ROCK him. Finn headlocks, Truth powers up and out, then Truth drops and blocks a kick. Truth kicks low, runs, and SCISSOR KICKS! Finn flounders to a corner, Truth does the splits! Truth goes corner to corner to STINGER SPLASH! Truth then brings Finn over to tag Miz. The Awesome Truth double whips, DOUBLE ELBOWS, then they do their secret handshake before the DOUBLE ELBOW DROP!

JD runs in but he gest a DOUBLE HIP TOSS! Finn runs in, but into a DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Then Miz & Truth DOUBLE LARIAT JD up and out! Indy is all fired up, but then here comes Liv! Whose side is she on? We’ll just wait and see, after the break.

Raw returns again and Finn stomps away on Truth at the ropes! The ref counts, Finn tags JD, and JD slingshots to ARABIAN PRESS! Cover, TWO! Liv is still at the ramp, but JD CHOKES Truth on the ropes. The ref counts, JD lets off to argue, and Finn gets a cheap shot in! JD stomps Truth, tags Finn, and they mug Truth. Truth writhes, Finn drags him up and whips. Truth KICKS Finn back, but then Finn rebounds, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up and Miz reaches out. Truth and Finn crawl, hot tags to JD and Miz! JD trips up, Miz KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! The fans are thunderous as Miz stomps away in the corner!

The ref counts, Miz lets off at 4, and he runs corner to corner to A-LIST LARAIT! Miz pushes Miz down, dodges Finn and Finn kicks post! Miz YANKS Finn down, hurries back up, but JD runs up. Miz RAMS into JD, but Dom & Carlito show up now! Liv says hi, but Dom & Carlito go after Miz! Miz kicks Carlito, TOSSES him over the desk, then hurries up., Miz BOOTS JD, springboards and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! JD survives and the fans fire up! JD goes to a corner, Miz runs in, but into a BOOT! JD goes up, but Miz trips him up, and Miz DRAPING CODE BREAKERS! Miz hauls JD up, but Finn returns! Miz kicks Finn, too! DOUBLE DDTS! Cover on JD, TWO!!

Dom & Carlito are frustrated but The Judgment Day is still in this. Miz has the fans fired up, and he rises up. But Dom’s on the apron! Miz swings on Dom, JD rolls Miz up! TWO, and JD swings. Miz dodges to WRECK Dom with a dropkick! JD swings again, but into the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! Cover, Carlito helps with the ROPEBREAK! The fans boo as Caribbean Cool gets away with one! But then  Miz grabs at Carlito’s hair! Carlito gets free, Miz goes for JD, but JD HEADBUTTS Miz down! And here comes BRAUN! Braun storms down to the ringside, he chases Dom & Carlito away, just like last week!

The fans fire up as Miz and JD slowly stir. Finn is back and he reaches out. Liv seems unsure what to do without Dom here. JD crawls, as does Miz. Hot tags to Finn and Truth! Truth dodges Finn, and fires those FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES! Truth hits the SPIN OUT BOMB! And we know what that means “YOU CAN’T-” NO, Finn KICKS Truth in the face! Miz gets up, Finn DECKS him off the apron! But Truth drop toeholds Finn, into the STF!! Finn endures, flails, reaches out, but JD CLOBBERS Truth! Miz springboards in, into a DROPKICK! Truth gets JD up, SPIN OUT BOMB! But Finn rolls Truth! TWO!!

Truth hurries to his feet, gets under Finn, and SPIN OUT BOMB! Finn & JD are side by side, and the fans fire up! DOUBLE “YOU CAN’T SEE ME~!” Truth runs, for a TEN KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!! JD flops out, Finn flounders around, and LIV gets on the apron!? Truth is distracted, Liv says love is in the air! Do this for her! Liv hugs Truth, JD distracts the ref, and then Liv HOTSHOTS Truth!! Finn SHOTGUNS Truth down!! Finn goes up top! COUP DE GRACE!!! Cover, JUDGMENT DAY WINS!!

Winner: Finn Balor & JD McDonagh, by pinfall (NEW WWE World Tag Team Champions)

Liv IS a bad girl! She just screwed Truth so that Dom’s friends could succeed! Judgment Day has more gold again, and Liv stands with them! Finn & JD allow it, but what will Priest have to say about this? What will Mami Rhea have to say about it?

My Thoughts:

An awesome episode of Raw here tonight! Great “surprise” of McIntyre showing up to really add some heat to this  already red hot feud with Punk. Of course he just expects to be in the MITB match, and he’ll be getting his chance to qualify, but it’s hard to say if he’ll actually become Mr. MITB. Punk could easily show up in Boston next week to mess McIntyre over, or he’ll show up in Toronto to yank McIntyre off the ladder. Either way, something is going to get us to McIntyre VS Punk for SummerSlam, and no title involved, just the grudge. That’s because Gunther is promised the title match for SummerSlam, and we got a great promo from Rollins, Priest and Gunther to feed that.

As always, a lot of great stuff out of Judgment Day, and Priest accepting the stipulation of that gentlemen’s agreement is some great stuff. Rollins might win, might get cashed on at some point, who knows, but Priest being forced to leave Judgment Day would be wild. I don’t see that coming because of everything else we got tonight, but it’s good stuff to put on the pressure. Liv keeps on flirting with Dom, and I think she’s right that he really did like getting WWE 2K on PS5 AND a huge platter of chicken nuggets, but then she doubles down and helps JD & Finn win the tag titles. That closing image tells me that Liv, Finn & JD VS Rhea, Dom & Priest in Judgment Day Civil War. It doesn’t even matter who is Heel and who is Face, it’s the cards they’re showing.

Awesome match from Bron VS Kaiser, but apparently Kaiser got legit injured during it. They should’ve been more careful with that flying clothesline onto the desk, maybe not bust that out all the time… But Sheamus going after Bron was great, and maybe after Bron VS Sami, Sheamus gets his shot to see if he can finally become Intercontinental Champion and complete the ultimate WWE checklist. And good stuff from Kroff and Kofi, but I nailed the prediction last week. Kofi was out in the ring so that Woods could be mugged by The AOP, this is the same stuff they did to Lashley & The Profits. But hey, if it adds to the New Day’s dysfunction, it’s still good stuff.

Awesome Triple Threat from Lyra VS Kairi VS Shayna. Lyra winning made sense, she and Iyo Sky can have it out during the ladder match. And DMG CTRL going after the tag teams later on was a good move, too. DMG CTRL will of course want the tag titles back, so it’ll likely be Kairi & Dakota VS Alba & Isla at some point. While that was a very good Triple Threat for the men, it should’ve been clear Braun was going to be attacked by Judgment Day. Chad Gable’s story tonight was also great, seeing as how it is also connected to this larger Wyatt Sick6 story. They could’ve gone with a bigger piece of bandage on Gable’s “wound” so it’d be more apparent, but that’s a small thing compared to him being one of the Wyatts’ targets.

Apparently Pat McAfee is another, as the Wyatt Sick6 “hacked” his show some time last week, which explains why he didn’t wanna show up tonight. Very clever to make the message a VHS tape, and that promo from Taylor Rotunda as both Uncle Howdy and Bo Dallas, that was powerful stuff. They even addressed the concern that some fans think this is exploitation by showing this story is a tribute to Bray and not just some gimmick. The therapy session style of Bo basically talking to himself even shows this is a way of working through mourning and grief, but also perhaps something more, something darker. That’s where it felt like Bray’s story was going with Howdy and Fiend and everything else, so this is Bo picking up the torch as only he can.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Soul Results & Report! (6/23/24)

The G1 Climax awaits!



Who moves on to Korakuen Hall?

A Block started their G1 Climax qualifier series, now B Block begins! Will it be Toru Yano or Boltin Oleg? Will it be TJP or Satoshi Kojima?


  • El Desperado & Shoma Kato VS DOUKI & Yuya Uemura; Douki & Yuya win.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi & Katsuya Matsumoto VS Tomohiro Ishii & Tomoaki Honma; Ishii & Honma win.
  • Six Man Tag: Just5Guys VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • HENARE & Callum Newman VS Yujiro Takahashi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Henare & Callum win.
  • Bishamon VS Chase Owens & Gedo; Bishamon wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: Toru Yano VS Boltin Oleg; Oleg wins and advances to New Japan Soul in Korakuen Hall.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: TJP VS Satoshi Kojima; TJP wins and advances to New Japan Soul in Korakuen Hall.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture; LIJ wins.


G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: Toru Yano VS Boltin Oleg!

While they’re once again NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions alongside The Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi, neither The Joker or The Rook was going to pass up this chance! Will Yano take it easy on Oleg here? Or will this tank from Kazakh steamroll his way through the Summer?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. The two shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship, then they tie up. They go back and forth on the clinch, but Oleg powers Yano back to the ropes. The ref counts the break, Oleg lets off slowly, and the fans applaud. Yano and Oleg reset, circle and feel things out. They go around, Yano slips away but comes back. Oleg avoids the takedown to get a leg, and they roll into the ropes. The ref counts, Oleg lets off and the fans applaud. They go again, clinch, and Oleg waistlocks. Yano slips away, they tie up again, but Oleg powers Yano back onto the ropes. The ref counts, both men let off slowly, but still joke for position.

The ref gets between the two, Oleg backs away, and the fans cheer as they reset. Oleg and Yano clinch, fight for control, then back up. They feel things out, Oleg gets around to a waistlock, and he has the gut wrench! Oleg brings Yano up but Yano scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Oleg lets off clean and Yano bails out. Yano is frustrated by how good Oleg is, and he splashes water everywhere! Yano gets his favorite red chair, the ref goes to stop him but Yano shoves him aside. Yano takes a seat on the ramp and dares Oleg to come get him! So Oleg goes out after him! Yano JAMS Oleg up, then SMACKS him on the back!

Yano drags Oleg up, and wraps him up with the apron skirt! That’s an extra large sushi roll! Yano shoves Oleg down, gets in the ring, and the ring count starts. Yano meanwhile unties a buckle pad! Oleg wriggles out of the wrap but he’s still down at 10 of 20! Oleg gets completely free by 15, and he slides in at 16! The fans cheer but Yano kicks low! Yano whips Oleg into the bare buckles! Yano tells fans to leave him alone, Oleg’s tough! Yano clamps onto Oleg’s shoulders, pushes him down to a cover, TWO! Wait, the ref finds the bit of wrist tape Yano was using to choke Oleg! The ref reprimands but Yano pretends he has no idea how that got there.

Yano storms up on Oleg, brings him around and whips him back into the bare buckles! Oleg falls over, the ref reprimands but Yano kicks Oleg and eggs him on. Yano stands Oleg up to HIP TOSS! Cocky cover, TWO! The fans applaud but Yano stomps Oleg in frustration. Yano scuffs Oleg, eggs him on, then stands him up again. But Oleg fires a forearm! Yano CLAWS Oleg’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Yano whips, but Oleg reverses. Yano avoids bare buckles, then dodges to send Oleg back in! Yano runs, but Oleg runs him over! The fans fire up with Oleg, and he scoops Yano to SLAM! Oleg runs to SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Yano stays in this but the fans rally behind Oleg. Oleg drags Yano up with the gut wrench! Time to Shake, Rattle and THROW! Oleg kips up! The fans fire up and Oleg storms over to Yano. Oleg whips, but Yano holds ropes and taunts Oleg! Oleg runs up but Yano sidesteps and clinches, for a BELLY2BELLY! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Oleg and Yano stir, but Yano is up first. Yano brings Oleg up but Oleg ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! And again! Oleg runs, but Yano atomic drops! Yano trips Oleg, has the legs, and CATAPULTS him into buckles! Oleg staggers up, Yano fires up and he fireman’s carries!

Yano gets Oleg up but Oleg fights free of the bomb! Oleg SHOTGUNS Yano away! The fans fire up as Yano goes to a corner, and Oleg runs in! STINGER SPLASH from the big man, then he scoops to SLAM! Oleg jumps over Yano to go up and up and VADER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Yano survives but the fans are still with Oleg! Oleg drags Yano up, fireman’s carries, and KA- NO, Yano slips free to roll Oleg, TWO! Oleg runs up, but Yano hooks him to a backslide! TWO!! Oleg escapes, Yano swings, but Oleg gets around! Yano grabs the ref to LOW BLOW! And CHOP BLOCK! Cover, TWO!! Oleg stands, blocks the takedown, and he powers Yano into a PANCAKE! OLEG WINS!!

Winner: Boltin Oleg, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Yano tried all the tricks in the book but Oleg could not be stopped! There’s still respect between them, but will The Rook show what he’s really capable of against The Ace?


G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: TJP VS Satoshi Kojima!

Public Enemy just finished up a round robin in the form of the Best of the Super Juniors, but now he’s looking to go even bigger! But will he be able to conquer this qualifier for the United Empire? Or will things be real cozy here tonight?

The bell rings and the fans rally up and duel, “T J P! T J P!” “KO-JI-MA! KO-JI-MA!” The two circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Kojima digs his heels in and shoves TJP away, but TJP stands right up. The two go again, tie up, and TJP waistlocks. Kojima wrenches out to wristlock, but TJP rolls, spins, cartwheels, breaks free, but Kojima swats the dropkick away! The fans cheer as TJP handsprings back up. TJP and Kojima circle, feel things out, then tie up. TJP headlocks, but Kojima fires body shots. Kojima powers up and out, TJP RAMS him, but Kojima stays put! TJP runs again, RAMS Kojima, but he bounces off!

The fans rally up, and TJP stomps Kojima’s foot! TJP runs to run Kojima over! TJP keeps moving, but Kojima stay slow, then hip tosses TJP down! Kojima runs to run TJP over! TJP bails out and fans cheer Kojima’s dancing pecs! Kojima goes out to stomp TJP, then he CLUBS TJP. Kojima CLUBS TJP more, then brings him around to whip. TJP reverses and Kojima hits railing! TJP runs up to BOOT Kojima, then he fires haymakers. The ref reprimands, TJP CLUBS Kojima then puts him in the ring. TJP then drags Kojima up, bumps him off buckles, and CHOPS! TJP CHOPS again, the fans rally up, and TJP uses the MACHINE GUN CHOPS!

The fans are torn but Kojima gets in TJP’s face! Kojima CHOPS TJP off his feet! The fans rally up, Kojima stomps TJP to ropes, then he CLUBS TJP on the neck. Kojima CHOKES TJP on the ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and the fans cheer. Kojima drags TJP up, reels him in and turns him, NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Another cover, TWO! TJP toughs it out but Kojima stays focused. The fans rally, Kojima stomps TJP, then stands TJP up. Kojima ROCKS TJP, stomps him at the ropes, then fires hands. TJP goes to a corner, kicks back, then fires hands! TJP backs Kojima down, but Kojima body shots!

Kojima ROCKS TJP and TJP staggers to ropes. Kojima stomps TJP, brings him up and whips, but TJP goes Spider-Man! Kojima runs in, TJP slips under to sunset flip, then he steps through to trap an arm! DARK SACRIFICE! Kojima clutches his arm as he bails out of the ring. The fans rally with TJP and he builds speed to go up and up and FLYING DROPKICK! Kojima staggers, the fans cheer, and TJP stands back up. CANNONBALL! Down goes Kojima and the fans rally again. The ring count starts, TJP catches his breath before he brings Kojima up at 8. But Kojima SWEEPS the legs and TJP falls on the apron!

Kojima goes up after TJP, reels him in, and APRON DDTS!! TJP flops down to the floor while the fans rally up again. Kojima is in the ring but a new count starts. TJP stirs at 8 of 20, slowly sits up, and uses railing to stand at 12. TJP stumbles, falls, and crawls over at 15. TJP stands at 17, flounders with the apron skirt, but is in at 19! Kojima stomps TJP to a corner then CHOPS! And CHOPS! And then MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Kojima shows TJP how it’s done! The fans fire up as Kojima goes an extra round before he CHOPS TJP down! Kojima then whips TJP corner to corner, runs up and forearm SMASHES!

Kojima shoves TJP down, shouts that he’s coming after the bastard, but TJP DROPKICKS Kojima first! The fans rally, TJP goes corner to corner and ELBOWS! Kojima sits down and the fans rally up! TJP gives Kojima the scrubbing! TJP runs side to side, to BOOT WASH! The fans fire up and want it one more time! TJP obliges and gives more scrubs to Kojima’s face. TJP runs, but Kojima kicks him low! Kojima fires off forearms, then a ROLLING ELBOW, a kick, and a DDT! The fans fire up while both men are down! Kojima rises, he storms over to TJP and drags him up, then cravats. TJP fights but Kojima CLUBS him!

TJP powers up and slips through to an IRON OCTOPUS! Kojima endures, stomps his way forward, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! TJP lets go but the fans rally up again. TJP aims, springboards, and FLYING DDTS! Cover, TWO!! Kojima survives and the fans fire up again. TJP goes to a corner, pounds the mat and fans clap along. “T! J P! T! J P!” TJP runs up but Kojima blocks the knee! Kojima kicks low and COZY CUT- NO, TJP handsprings through the cutter! And basement dropkicks in return! The fans fire up and TJP goes to a corner! ONE BY ONE!! Cover, TWO!! Kojima survives and the fans fire up again!

TJP points to a corner and calls his shot! TJP makes sure Kojima is in the drop zone, and he goes up top! MAMBA FLOP as Kojima moves! COZY CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! TJP survives and the fans fire up again! Kojima stays cool, and he powers up the arm! Off comes the elbow pad! Kojima runs, but into a BOOT! JUMP SOBAT! TJP runs, into a LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! TJP survives again but Kojima drags him back up. The fans rally, Kojima suplexes, BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!!! TJP is still in this and the fans fire up! Kojima powers up again, and he runs, into a SUPERKICK! Kojima rebounds, but into a clinch, and MOUSE TRAP! TJP WINS!!

Winner: TJP, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Even TJP is surprised that finished it! A major win over the Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, but even bigger is that TJP is one step closer to the G1! But will Public Enemy be able to take down The Holy Emperor in Korakuen Hall?


8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture!

Now, don’t be confused, this match did happen yesterday, too. But now, Yoshinobu Kanemaru is swapped out for Dick Togo! Will he be a spoiler for Bushi, Titan, Yota y Naito? Or will things still be tranquilo in the Summer heat?

Wait, Sho gets the mic just like he did last night. He again talks trash on LIJ, and says he hates having to be here in Ibaraki. Sho then asks Young Lion Katsuya Murashima where he’s from. Right here in Ibaraki. The fans cheer but Sho says no wonder he’s a loser! And then The House beats up on Murashima! LIJ protests but poor Murashima already flops out of the ring. Sho says The House is gonna prove LIJ are loses, just like Murashima and Ibaraki! The teams finally sort out, and after LIJ fist bumps, Naito steps to Evil. The fans rally for “NA-I-TO!” and that annoys The House, but Naito and Evil slowly circle.

The two feel things out, Evil knowing Naito’s tricks. But speaking of tricks, Dick jumps in to CLOBBER Naito! The fans boo and Red Shoes reprimands but Evil stomps away on Naito. Evil and Dick stand on Naito, Red Shoes reprimands more, but Evil tags Sho. The Murder Machine talks trash as he stomps Naito, then he DECKS Bushi! Sho stomps Naito more, whips him to ropes, but Naito reverses to kick low. Bushi gets in to RANA! The fans cheer, and Naito cravats Sho for a neck wrench. Naito brings Sho to the corner, Bushi tags in, and Bushi goes up to MISSILE DROPKICK Sho down! And Bushirooni!

The fans fire up, Bushi runs in to ELBOW Sho! Sho takes a swing, but Bushi ducks and spins Sho to a DDT! Cover, TWO! Bushi tags Titan and the fans rally up. Sho stands, Titan springboards in, CROSSBODY! But then Narita throws Titan down by his mask! Titan kips up to PELE Narita! Titan dodges Sho, knuckle locks and CHOPS, then goes up and up! Titan tightrope walks, jumps, but Evil distracts Red Shoes so Dick can LASH Titan with his belt! Sho then shoves Titan down and Evil BLASTS Naito off the apron! The fans boo but The House goes after LIJ on the outside! Another LASH from Dick’s belt and Titan staggers!

Dick CLOBBERS Titan into No Man’s Land, Sho & Evil double whip Naito hard into railing, and Narita is after Yota in the crowd! The fans boo, but Evil RAMS Naito into the timekeeper! Down goes Abe-san and the fans boo more. Red Shoes reprimands Evil but he misses Sho & Dick CHOKING Titan at the ropes! Red Shoes finally sees, Sho lets off and brings Titan around to bump off buckles. Tag to Dick and he CLUBS Titan on the back. Dick bumps Titan off more buckles, then climbs up to go after the mask! The fans boo, Red Shoes reprimands, but he’s busy stopping Evil as he has Dick’s belt! Dick almost has Titan’s mask off!

The cameramen are respectful enough to move so we don’t see any of Titan’s face, and then Red Shoes makes Dick stop. Titan gets his mask back on but Dick CLAWS Titan’s back! Dick then brings Titan around, tags Narita, and they mug El Inmortal. Titan drags Titan up, whips him to ropes, then ELBOWS him down! Cover, TWO! Narita BOOTS Yota off the apron just because, and then he tags Evil. Evil CLAWS Titan’s back, then he brings Titan around to wrench and whip into the corner. Evil clotheslines Titan, tags Sho, and Narita distracts Red Shoes so Dick can climb! The fans boo but Titan still suffers the DICK CHOP! Evil covers, TWO!

Evil argues the count but the fans cheer. Evil stands on Titan’s head, talks trash, and the fans boo again. The fans rally for “L I J! L I J!” “TI-TA-NN! TI-TA-NN!” Evil fireman’s carries but Titan slips free. Evil kicks, whips, but Titan reverses then goes Matrix! CALF KICK! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Titan hurries over, hot tag to Yota! The fans fire up and Yota fires forearms on Evil. Yota whips, Evil reverses but Yota ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Dick runs in but Yota dodges, to then scoop and BACKBREAKER! Yota BLASTS Narita, DECKS Sho, but Evil kicks low! Evil reels Yota in, but Yota suplexes first! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up with Yota and he brings Evil up. Yota fireman’s carries, but Evil fights free. Evil waistlocks, Yota elbows free and runs, but Narita is there with his pushup bar! Red Shoes reprimands Narita but Evil puts Yota in a corner. Evil blocks a boot, puts Yota in the ropes, then WOE STOMPS him down! Tag to Narita and he drags Yota up. Narita whips Yota to a corner, runs in and ELBOWS, then goes side to side to JUMP KICK! Narita doesn’t stop, he scrapes Yota’s face off ropes! Narita runs to BOOT Yota down! Cover, TWO! Yota is still in this and the fans rally up. Narita brings Yota up, Yota takes a swing, but Narita catches him to a SLEEPER!

The fans rally as Yota endures and reaches out. Narita pulls hair to bring Yota away from ropes. Yota breaks free to hit the BACKBREAKER, COMPLETE SHOT and STOMP! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Yota crawls over, hot tag to Naito! The fans cheer again and Naito fires hands on Narita. Naito kicks, CLUBS and whips Narita, to then arm-drag! Narita comes back but into an ELBOW! Basement DROPKICK! Naito hauls Narita up and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! The fans cheer as Naito poses, and he storms over to the corner. Naito hops up, brings Narita up, but Narita breaks free, so Naito BOOTS him!

Naito runs in, Narita redirects him into a cheap shot from Dick! Then Narita KNEE STAMPS Naito down! The House blasts LIJ, and Evil gets Naito to a corner. Evil and Dick double whip Naito to the corner, then Dick runs in to BACK ELBOW! Sho runs in to FOREARM SMASH! Evil runs in to clohtesline! And FISHERMAN BUSTER! Dick covers, TWO! The fans fire up but Evil argues with Red Shoes. But this is all a distraction so Dick can use the SPOILER CHOKER! The fans boo but Naito powers out and arm-drags Dick! Yota drags Evil out! Naito ELBOWS Dick, atomic drops, then Bushi basement dropkicks! ROLLING JACKKNIFE! TWO!!

Dick survives the combo but Naito wrenches him. Sho & Evil attack first! They whip Naito, but Naito stops himself! Titan springboards in to DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK! Narita knees Titan, runs, but Titan DROPKICKS! The fans fire up as Titan builds speed, and he FLIES out onto The House! Naito fires ELBOWS on Dick, then Yota SUPERKICKS! Bushi hits a CODE BREAKER! Naito tops it off with DESTINO! Cover, LIJ wins again!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

The hot streak continues for LIJ, which also means the House of Torture keeps losing! Will they ever learn?

As for LIJ, Naito gets the mic like he did last night, and says “Buenas tardes, KAMISUUU~!” The fans cheer, and Naito notes that it has been one year since NJPW was last here. It makes him very happy to be competing in front of them again, here in the Kamisu Bousai Arena. And he is thankful that they all came out tonight to see them. Gracias, amigos! Naito then brings up that next Sunday, he will be in the United States to challenge Jon Moxley for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Naito acknowledges that he was the one who lost the title and let it go overseas, so he vows to bring it back. The fans cheer that!

Naito knows he still has to beat Moxley, but he asks until then, TRANQUILO! Assen na yo. And of course, it is time to close. And Naito’s pretty sure this is the first time they’ve had a role call here in Ibaraki. Are they ready? The fans cheer! Then New Japan Soul here in Kamisu Bousai Arena can only end one way! “Bushi, Hiromu, Takagi, Titan, Yota, y Naito! Nosotros! LOS! INGOBERRRRNABLEEEEEES~! DE! JA! PON!” LIJ is rolling, Naito is rolling, but will Naito rock New York and bring the title home?

My Thoughts:

Another solid night for New Japan Soul, and a great night for The United Empire as they sweep the card, while also getting TJP to the next round of the qualifiers. I personally would love seeing TJP get into the G1 Climax, really let him show what he’s got against the heavyweights. And great match from Yano VS Oleg, and I appreciate they gave Oleg the win here. Oleg VS Tanahashi is gonna be good stuff, too, but I feel like Tanahashi moves on to the B Block qualifier finals. And then another fun 8 Man Tag but of course Naito wins. Naito brings that momentum to Forbidden Door, Moxley probably has his own tune-up on Dynamite or something, and then as I said before, I would hope Naito wins the title back and brings it with him into the G1.

My Score: 8.8/10

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