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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (1/18/23)

Dynamite is Absolute!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Ricky Starks takes on Jake Hager and his stupid hat!

Ricky Starks looks to tear down the Jericho Appreciation Society piece by piece, and he’s starting with bucket hat wearing Rock Hard Jake Hager!


  • AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Jay Lethal; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • The Young Bucks VS Top Flight; Top Flight wins.
  • Ricky Starks VS Jake Hager w/ The Jericho Appreciation Society; Starks wins.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Bandido; Bryan wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Toni Storm w/ Saraya; Storm wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS KUSHIDA w/ Kevin Knight & The DKC; Darby wins and retains the title.


AEW mourns the loss of Jay Briscoe.


AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Jay Lethal!

This episode of Dynamite is certified Freshly Squeezed! But with neither Best Friends or Lethal’s alliance allowed ringside, this will truly be 1v1! Will Lethal be able to beat Cassidy again like he did back in August? Or will Cassidy get serious here in Fresno?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who gets it done all on their own!

The bell rings and fans rally for Cassidy but Lethal wants a timeout. Fans boo but then Lethal looks up to the bleachers. Wait, Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh are walking down the steps! Fans boo more, but there’s nothing anyone can do because they’re here as members of the audience! Guess that’s their loophole around Tony Khan’s ringside ban. Cassidy puts his hands up, but Lethal rushes in! Cassidy dodges Lethal, comes back, but Lethal ducks the Orange Punch! Lethal trips Cassidy, “WOO~!” but Cassidy turns Figure Four into a cradle! TWO, and Lethal rushes in. Cassidy drops, hurdles, but Lethal blocks the hip toss!

Lethal tries to hip toss but Cassidy blocks it! Cassidy slips around to hook the arms! Backslide, TWO! Cassidy has the wrist but Lethal whips Cassidy to a corner. Cassidy goes up and out, but Lethal DECKS him! Fans boo but Sonjay, Satnam & Jarrett cheer. Jarrett wants to hop the railing but Sonjay tells him no, they have to stay part of the crowd. Tony Khan said Sonjay would be fired if they violate the ban. Lethal goes out to fetch Cassidy, but DANHAUSEN appears! Danhausen is checking for tickets. Sonjay produces them, and Danhausen checks them. Seems they’re okay, and then he waves someone over? It’s Trent & Chuck! And they have popcorn!

Cassidy gets in the ring, builds speed, and he DIVES! Lethal hits railing! Cassidy puts Lethal in the ring as Chuck & Trent make their way to the same area Jarrett and the others are seated. Cassidy keeps things moving, he tilt-o-whirls, but Lethal HOTSHOTS him! Lethal rains down fists on Cassidy then stomps away. Lethal drags Cassidy up, bumps him off buckles, then digs his boots in. The ref counts, Lethal lets off at 4, and fans cheer as Danhausen changes from being an usher to being in Cassidy’s corner! Lethal tosses Cassidy out while Jarrett and the boys cheer him on. Cassidy crawls around the way and Lethal goes out to the apron.

Lethal walks down the steps, he brings Cassidy around, and he RAMS Cassidy into the apron! Cassidy grits his teeth, the ring count climbs, but Lethal whips Cassidy into the POST! Cassidy goes flying and fans boo while Lethal’s friends cheer him on. Lethal goes into the ring to give us a strut. Danhausen boos and the fans give thumbs down. Cassidy gets in the ring, but Lethal drags him up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Lethal clamps on for a chinlock. Cassidy endures as Lethal leans on him. Fans rally for Cassidy, Trent and Chuck munch popcorn, and Cassidy fights up. Lethal knees low, then scoops and SLAMS!

Fans boo as Lethal swaggers around. Lethal goes to a corner and climbs up, but Cassidy crawls away. Lethal hops down, he goes to the next corner, but then Cassidy crawls away from that one. Lethal is annoyed but he goes to the third corner, only for Cassidy to crawl to the fourth! Fans fire up but Lethal hops down, and bypasses the fourth to the first! HAIL- NO, Cassidy gets his boot up, only for Lethal to block it! Lethal steps through, but Cassidy kicks him away and into buckles! Cassidy gets up, runs in, but is put back on the apron. Cassidy bumps Lethal off the buckles again and again, all the way to “OCHO!” and then TEN!

Fans fire up as Lethal staggers. Cassidy climbs, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cassidy keeps moving, but Lethal follows! Lethal fakes Cassidy out and suplexes! But into STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Lethal wobbles, Cassidy runs to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO! Lethal and Cassidy are both down, Sonjay argues with Jarrett to stay put, and fans rally up. Cassidy crawls to the apron, then stands up. Cassidy goes up the corner and fans fire up! Lethal stands, for DEEP- NO, he catches Cassidy to the LETHAL COMBINATION! Then the handspring, LETHAL- NO, Cassidy just moves out of the way! Lethal crashes down, and off comes the elbow pad!

Fans fire up as Cassidy takes aim. ORANGE- NO, fireman’s carry! A TOSS, and the LETHAL INJECTION!! But Cassidy flounders right out of the ring! Lethal is furious, Sonjay again keeps Jarrett back, but then Chuck dumps his popcorn on Sonjay’s head! Jarrett wants to fight back but Sonjay says no, that could still cost him! Lethal drags Cassidy back into the ring but the ref hurries over to settle everyone down. Wait, Jarrett sneaks his guitar to Lethal! Only for Danhausen to snatch it away! Payback for them stealing Paul Walter Hauser’s Golden Globehausen! And then Danhausen CURSES Lethal! And plays the guitar.

Danhausen runs as Lethal chases him, and they get in the ring, Cassidy wheelbarrows Lethal to a VICTORY ROLL! TWO!!! ORANGE PUNCH!!! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW All-Atlantic Champion)

Best Friends helped out, and now they join Cassidy in celebrating! Double J is furious, but Sonjay keeps him back. Satnam rushes into the ring and he grabs Best Friends! Sonjay hurries in to calm the giant down! This will get Sonjay fired! Satnam shoves them down, and Trent asks what his problem is! But then Jarrett gets his guitar back and aims for Cassidy! But Sonjay stops him, too! They argue, and the ref dares someone to do something! Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! And he fires off the “devastating” shin kicks on Sonjay! Sonjay throws off his jacket, but now Lethal and Jarrett hold him back! Lethal says up yours, and Team Triple Jay leaves.

Fans boo, but Best Friends go back to celebrating. They give Cassidy the popcorn, and they GROUP HUG! You GOT to give the people what they want! But will Best Friends give Triple Jay what they deserve soon enough?


The Young Bucks w/ Brandon Cutler VS Top Flight!

Matt & Nick Jackson are fresh off their AEW World Trios Championship win in that Best of 7 Series that went all the way to match seven and Escalara de la Muerte! But now, they face off against the Coldest Tag Team in the Game, Dante & Darius Martin, who won big in that Three Kings Christmas Battle Royal. Will Top Flight earn themselves and AR Fox some golden tickets to the trios titles? Or will it be a Superkick Party in Fresno?

The teams sort out and Dante starts against Nick in a showdown of younger brothers. They circle, tie up, Nick wrenches and wristlocks but Dante handsprings and wrenches back. Nick uses the ropes to flip through, then he wrenches back. Nick wrenches Dante again, but Dante just flips through to WRING out Nick! Fans fire up, but Nick kicks low to headlock. Dante powers out, Nick runs him over, but things keep moving. Dante hurdles, rolls and headscissors, but Nick handsprings, dropkicks cancel out! They both kip up and Dante says he did his faster. Fans fire up but Nick pie faces Dante. So Dante ROUNDHOUSES Nick!

Nick staggers, Matt tags in, and Matt has Dante cool off. Then he throat chops him! Matt mocks Dante checking the time, but Darius tags in. Matt whips Dante but Darius slips in, and as Dante returns, LEG SWEEP BULLDOG COMBO! Fans fire up as Darius fires off on Matt. Darius runs in, Matt puts him on the apron but Dante tags in. Darius CHOPS Matt, Dante runs in and A-LIST LARIATS! Darius tags back in, snap suplexes Matt down, and Dante slingshot sentons! Nick runs in, into DOUBLE DROPKICKS! Top Flight double suplex Matt but Nick makes the save! Darius runs in, but into double dropkicks to the legs! Darius flies face first into buckles!

The Bucks aim at Dante, Dante elbows Nick away, then he elbows Matt away. Dante goes up, but the Bucks mule kick his legs out! Dante gets stuck in the ropes, Darius is in the other corner. Nick runs in but Darius puts him on the apron. Matt runs in but Darius ducks, only for Matt to catch his dropkick! Matt CATAPULTS Darius into a GAMANGIRI! Darius ends up on Matt’s knees, Nick springboards to DOUBLE STOMP Darius, then rolls to DRAPING BACKSTABBER Dante! Fresno fires up for the Bucks and they regroup in their corner. Nick tags back in as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nick brings Dante up to rain down fists! Nick goes all the way to “OCHO!” and then TEN! Nick swaggers a la Savage, then he sucker punches Darius. Nick drags Dante up but Dante fires a forearm! And another! Nick swings but misses, Dante mule kicks and whips. Nick tumbles up and out to PENALTY KICK Darius! But Dante BLASTS Nick off the apron! Dante then builds speed, only for Matt to CLOBBER him! Matt swaggers about, then drops a fist. And then another! And then has a cocky cover, TWO! Matt is annoyed but he drags Dante up to ROCK him with a right hand. And then another! Matt bumps Dante off buckles, fires off hands, then stomps a mudhole in!

Matt lets off as the ref counts and he soaks up the cheers and jeers. Matt tags Nick, Nick drags Dante up and brings him around to scoop. Nick carries Dante around, then SLAMS him with some stank! Nick drops a leg, brother, then another! And then another! Nick taunts Dante to reach out to Darius, then he SPITS at Darius! Darius spits back! Nick takes that wad of gum, and puts it in his own mouth! Darius doesn’t even know what to make of that. Nick drags Dante up, tags Matt, and the Bucks mug Dante. They double whip Dante to ropes, but Dante holds ropes to avoid the Superkicks!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Nick runs in, but Dante jumps up and over! Nick tumbles out, Matt runs in, whips Dante to the corner, and Matt blows a kiss to Darius. Matt runs in, into a BOOT from Dante! Dante then front flips over Matt, only for Nick to trip Darius! Fans are torn as the Bucks deny the tag! Matt stomps Dante, drags him up, and whips him corner to corner. Dante reverses, Matt goes up and over, and Nick runs in to SHINING WIZARD! And GAMANGIRI! And elbow smash! Then BULLDOG DROPKICK COMBO! Matt tags Nick back in, then he drags Dante into the drop zone. They coordinate, RISKY BUSINESS! Cover, TWO!

Dante crawls but Nick drags him from Darius. Tag to Matt, the Bucks drag Dante up and double whip to ropes. Dante handsprings out of the double hip toss to double arm-drag! Dante keeps moving, ducks ‘n dodges to RANA Matt away! Fans fire up as Matt flounders! Dante crawls, hot tag to Darius! Atomic drop, and haymaker after haymaker to Matt! Matt tries to hit back, but Darius just blocks to ROCK Matt, and then LARIAT! Darius BLASTS Nick for good measure! Darius BOOTS Matt away, goes up and over and redirects Matt into a SPANISH FLY! And then a DIVE for Nick! Fans are thunderous as Darius goes up top!

Darius leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Matt survives but Darius fires up. Darius stands Matt to fire forearm after forearm after forearm! Matt shoves Darius away, but swings into a back suplex! Matt lands on his feet, Nick sneaks a tag, Darius DECKS Matt! Nick springboards, Darius dodges, ducks ‘n’ comes back, into a SUPERKICK! Dante tags in and springboards, but Nick gets under! Nick runs, hurdles, Matt tags and Nick sunset flips! Dante rolls through to jackknife, but Nick bridges up and brings Dante around! Backslide feed to the gut wrench! Nick hurries to the apron, but Darius trips him up! Dante escapes the piledriver to shove Matt!

Darius GAMANGIRIS! Dante SUPERKICKS! Darius steps in to COMPLETE SHOT! Matt is down, fans are thunderous, and Dante goes up! Darius tags before the ASAI MOONSAULT onto Nick! Darius drags Matt up, reels him in, “This is Awesome!” as Dante returns! NOSEDIVE BOMB!!! Cover, NICK BREAKS IT!! The Bucks survive by nanoseconds! All four men are down and Fresno is thunderous for “A E DUB!” as a standing count starts. Nick drags Matt to their corner, then he tags in. Dante runs in but Nick dumps him out! Darius runs in but Nick shoulders into him! “Hey, Darius! SUCK IT!” FACEBUSTER for Darius, cartwheel MOONSAULT for Dante!

Nick returns to slingshot and DESTROYER on Darius! Cover, TWO!?! Darius survives and Nick is stunned! Fans are thunderous again while Nick stands back up. Tag to Matt, the Bucks bring Darius up and bump him off buckles. Matt gives a shoutout to Jay Briscoe with a kiss to the armband. Matt Electric Chair Lifts Darius, Nick goes up top, DOOMSDAY DEVICE!! Cover, Dante breaks it!! Dante brings Matt up, throw shim out, but Nick runs in! Dante dumps Nick out onto Matt! Dante builds speed and he springboards, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! The Bucks hurry back into the ring, they have Darius by the arms!

The Bucks sit Darius up, B T E TRIGGER but Darius ducks! Knees collide, Darius kicks Nick away and rolls Matt up, TOP FLIGHT WINS!!!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

As great as the Bucks felt coming out of the Best of 7, they slept on Darius & Dante just a bit here! Matt takes onus for the lost, but will he, Nick and Kenny Omega need to be razor sharp if they want to hold onto their AEW World Trios Championships?


The Gunns are here!

Though, everyone was expecting The Acclaimed next… Austin & Colten storm down to the ring while fans boo, but the Gunns grab mics. Fresno taunt the “ASS~ BOYS!” but Colten wants them to show respect to the best tag team in the world! Austin waits but fans keep chanting “ASS~ BOYS!” Austin says, “Last week, The Acclaimed embarrassed us on national TV!” Fans cheer that! Austin says what fans keep forgetting is that the Gunns made The Acclaimed popular! The Gunns MADE the Acclaimed champions! They even gave them their own dad! But the Gunns promise that that is the last time The Acclaimed embarrass them!

But wait! Here comes the Acclaimed now! Austin says NO NO NO! CUT THE MUSIC! And sadly, the music is cut. Austin won’t let us hear rhymes, this isn’t about Fresno! Bowens says maybe they shouldn’t then. Caster asks Fresno, “Did y’all come to hear the Ass Boys talk? Or do y’all wanna hear me freestyle?” Fans cheer for the rap! Caster says to shut off Austin’s mic and play the music. And so that happens! “Acclaimed on the mic, got the atmosphere. Y’all only got a job cuz your dad works here! Your last name got class, boys. Billy Gunns’ sons, better known as the Ass Boys! And now I’m done with the lyin’. Y’all the worst kids since Hunter Biden!

“Up in Fresno State, y’all’re so bitter. You’re not the bullsh*t, you’re the sh*tters!” Bowens then says, “FRRRESNOOOO~! The Acclaimed! Have arrived!” But no time for scissor fingers, The Acclaimed get right in the faces of Austin & Colten! The shoving starts, then the brawling starts! But Daddy Ass hurries in to get his boys off his sons?! Billy and Austin shout at each other, Austin storms off and Colten joins him. The Ass Boys are done with this, but Billy gets a mic. “Well, I’m sick and tired of this, and I’m tired of you whining, the self-privileged two that you think that you are. And you two are tag champs, let’s start acting like it.”

Fans are surprised Daddy Ass is laying down the law. But Billy says that if his sons have some kind of issue, then tell ya what, next week, they’re all going to sit down and hash this out. So now all he has two words for ya. Fans say “SUCK IT!” but Billy says, “FAMILY THERAPY!” Billy leaves on his own, is he hoping to get the super group back together?


Backstage interview with Hangman Page.

Renee Paquette is with The Cowboy, and she has of course spent time with Jon Moxley since his match with Hangman just last week. How is Hangman feeling? Physically fine, but as Hangman said before, after that first match, Moxley took something from Hangman. Hangman told Moxley to his face that he’d beat Moxley for the world title, and that didn’t happen, so Moxley took Hangman’s word from him. Hangman feels like with this win in the rematch, he at least has his word back.

Renee says Moxley said something rather interesting to her this past week. She understands that Hangman and Moxley are elite level performers and athletes, but Moxley said that Hangman really pushes him to be a better version of himself. That he both “despises and cherishes” Hangman. What is Hangman’s response to that? Is that really what he said? Yes it is. Well, Hangman understands the nature of pro-wrestling. Their first match, Moxley put Hangman to sleep. But then Moxley made jokes about it. So Hangman told Moxley to his face that he’d knock Moxley out cold if he had to in order to win, and he did that.

If Moxley has something to say about that, then he can say so to Hangman’s face, and Hangman will gladly go again. That’s how Hangman feels about that. Renee then asks where Hangman goes from here. Well, Renee did say something earlier that reminded him of where he’d like to go, and the tough conversations Hangman would like to have. And to mend some fences that have been needing mending for a long time. But Hangman won’t get too specific, he’ll just leave it at that. Renee thanks him for his time, and Hangman does ask how Moxley’s doing.

Honestly, he’s been hurt one way or another for the ten years Renee’s known him, but Moxley always dusts himself off. That’s good. If she gets the chance, can she tell Moxley that… Nevermind, it’s dumb. Hangman thanks her and heads out. Just what was it that Hangman wanted to say to Moxley? And when and where will The Maniac return to action?


Ricky Starks VS Jake Hager w/ The Jericho Appreciation Society!

There’s already been a lot of back and forth between the Absolute and the “JAS Holes,” with Starks already owning a win over Chris Jericho. But the JAS isn’t done with Starks, so will Rock Hard Hager be the one to finish it? Or will Starks put the hurt on Big Hurt and that purple bucket hat of his?

Fans sing Judas as Jericho joins commentary. Starks then makes his entrance and Jericho says we are going to watch the demise of Ricky Starks. Jericho doesn’t wanna just see it, he wants to feel it and to smell it! The bell rings and Hager ties right up with Starks. Hager powers Starks to a corner, Starks pushes back, and they go along the ropes and into another corner. Hager fires off body shots, the fans rally for Starks, and the ref counts. Hager lets off at 4 and Angelo Parker hands him the bucket hat. Hager puts it on and shouts, “I like this hate!” Hager mocks the Starks pose, then he whips Starks to ropes, to then run him over!

Starks flounders, Daddy Magic mocks Starks, then Hager whips Starks to a corner. Hager runs in, but into a BOOT! Starks CHOPS, bumps Hager off buckles, and he snatches the hat! Starks puts the hat on, kicks Hager’s legs out, then brings Hager up with a knuckle lock. Starks goes up and up, and goes Old School, only for Hager to yank him down! Hager scoops, Starks slips out and shoves Hager out! Starks runs, slides, but Hager catches him for knees! Hager whips Starks at a corner, but Starks manages to slip between the ropes! Starks comes back around, into a BOOT! Hager roars as he has his hat back! “Don’t touch my hat!”

Parker kicks dust at Starks and Hager drags Starks up. Hager RAMS Starks into railing, refreshes the count, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Hager distracts the ref, allowing Parker & Menard to mug Starks! They get away with that, and then Hager fetches Starks. Hager puts Starks in, Starks goes to a corner, and Hager storms over. Hager throws body shots, Starks falls to his knees, and Hager flexes. Hager puts his hat aside and stalks Starks to a corner. Starks CHOPS Hager, so Hager CHOPS back! Hager stands on Starks at the ropes to CHOKE him! The ref counts, Hager lets off, but then Hager hauls Starks up for a BELLY2BELLY SLAM! Hager gets Parker to go look under the ring. Parker & Menard bring out a TABLE! The ref reprimands but they still set the table up.

Hager CLUBS Starks in the corner, CLUBS him more, and then digs his knee in. The ref counts, Hager lets off and he sees the table is ready. Hager goes to Starks but Starks kicks low! Hager powers Starks to a corner and throws another body shot! Starks falls over, and he clamps onto Hager’s legs. Hager sighs, stomps Starks, and then hauls him up. Hager throws a hand but Starks slips around it! Starks fires off in return! The fans fire up, the ref counts, Starks DOUBLE HAMMERS as Dynamite returns to single picture! Starks fires off as he climbs, but Hager brings him out! Hager heads for where the table is, but Starks slips free!

Starks dropkicks Hager to the apron! Parker & Menard move the table aside as Hager tumbles to the floor. Starks runs and WRECKS Hager with a dropkick! Parker rushes in but Starks slides him along the table! Menard rushes in but Starks CLOBBERS him! Starks gets in the ring, Hager rushes at him! Starks sidesteps the shoulder to KICK Hager back! Starks goes up to springboard, FLYING CROSSBODY! Fans fire up, Starks keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges to LARIAT! Fans fire up with Starks as he goes back for more, but Hager throws him away! Hager BOOTS Starks down, then goes up, HAGER BOMB into boots!

Hager staggers and Starks runs in to spin him around! TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Hager survives but Jericho is upset on commentary. Starks beats his chest as Fresno fires up again! Starks strikes his pose, but Menard is on the apron! Starks DECKS Menard! Starks sees Parker and swings on him, but Parker catches him! Hager rushes in, Starks sends him into Parker! Parker goes down, Hager staggers around, into Starks’ SPEAR!! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Jericho is furious! Menard and Parker regroup, but here come Sammy Guevara & Daniel Garcia! Starks gets outta there before the numbers game gets him again! The Absolute has two big wins over the JAS, will he get the rest of them soon enough?


Adam Cole speaks.

“I’ve been looking forward to a day like today since I got injured six months ago. I’d been imagining and fantasizing what it would be like to get back in front of the AEW fans, what it would be like to feel that rush again. And my God, Los Angeles did not disappoint one bit.” Cole vows that he will run AEW, and that he will run over anyone who stands in his way. It’s a new Adam Cole, but will he still be the same undisputed talent he always has been?


Backstage interview with the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Tony Schiavone is with Garcia, Guevara and Jericho himself, and Jericho is furious. Jericho says, “Ricky Starks has been insulting us, he’s been mocking us, he’s been evading us, and worst of all, he’s been beating us! But next week, it’s all gonna end, because I’ve requested a tag team match with Ricky Starks and his little buddy, Action Andretti, that orphan! Against Sammy Guevara & Chris Jericho, Le Sex Gods!” Daniel Garcia says that he’ll get his hands on Action this Friday Night Rampage, he wants to get after Starks, too. He wants to be Jericho’s partner over Guevara.

Sammy says, “Wow! This is exactly what we’ve talked about! I’ve trained you for this! I’m so proud of you.” And then Sammy hugs Danny. When Garcia beats Action on Friday, if he beats him, he CAN have Guevara’s spot on Dynamite. And y’know what? Sammy believes in Danny so much, he got Garcia new ring gear! Leather pants? Well, whether we get #LeSexGods or #Garciacho, next week is when Starks’ lucky streak ends for good! The JAS is all on the same page, but will they all end up taking another upset loss to Starks & Andretti?


Bryan Danielson VS Bandido!

The American Dragon needs to stay undefeated in singles competition until February 8th, and so far, he’s 2-0! But where The Future failed, will the Most Wanted succeed? Or will Bryan keep the streak alive?

The bell rings and Fresno fires up as the two stare down. Bandido has a huge fanbase here, they’re red hot for him! Bryan and Bandido shake hands to show respect, and they circle. They tie up, Bryan wrenches and wristlocks but Bandido rolls, handsprings and breaks free to show finger guns. Bryan kicks the “gun” away and the two circle again. Fans rally for Bandido even harder, and Bandido fires up from that! He and Bryan tie up, Bryan headlocks for the takeover, and he fights off the headscissors. Bandido endures the grind, keeps his shoulders up, and he headscissors after all. Bryan rolls, pops free and hooks up the legs!

Bryan has the Deathlock and fans rally. DEATHLOCK SNAP! And then Bryan gets the arms to turn Bandido over, SURFBOARD CRADLE! TWO, and the two stand off. Bryan shows his finger guns, and Bandido nods respect. Fans fire up as the two reset and circle again. They tie up with knuckle locks, Bandido drop toeholds and he drags Bryan down. Bandido hooks up the legs, SLAPS Bryan, and Bryan knows what Bandido’s after! Even so, he can’t keep his arms away and Bandido pulls Bryan up and up and into the ROMERO SPECIAL! Fans fire up as Bryan endures one of his favorites, but he manages to slip free!

Bryan KICKS Bandido in the leg, has a standing toehold and he uses it to turn Bandido over. Bandido crawls but Bryan drags him back. Bryan hooks the legs, he grabs the arms, but Bandido’s power game helps fight! But not for long, as Bryan pulls those arms back again! Bandido powers up again, crawls, but Bryan STOMPS the knees! Bryan aims his finger gun again but Bandido aims his back. And goes double! BANG! Fans fire up and Bryan applauds. The two circle again, tie up, and Bryan headlocks. Bandido powers up and out, but Bryan runs him over! Things speed up, Bryan sunset flips, but Bandido rolls through to hook Bryan up!

Bandido has a SURFBOARD CRADLE of his own! TWO as Bryan gets his left shoulder up! Bandido pushes it down, TWO as Bryan gets the other shoulder up! Bandido tries again, TWO as Bryan curls! Bryan then bridges, sits up, and fans fire up as Bryan throws short headbutts! Bryan gets up and over to sunset flip, TWO!! Bandido trips Bryan, ties the legs up, but Bryan fights free! Bandido says it was that close as fans applaud. Bryan is a little annoyed, but he and Bandido circle. “This is Awesome!” as the two knuckle lock. They go shoulder to shoulder, forehead to forehead, and Bryan knees an arm to KICK and KICK and KICK!

Bryan monkey flips but Bandido lands on his feet! Things speed up, Bandido hip tosses but Bryan blocks! But then Bandido uses his insane strength to lift Bryan up and TOSS him anyway! Bandido gets the legs, ties them up, and even gets the arms! EL NUDO LAGUNERO!! The Blue Panther’s signature hold keeps Bryan off the mat! Bryan endures, fights free, and then scrambles out of the ring! Fans boo but Bandido builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp and Bandido hurries back in! Bandido builds speed again, to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp again and fans are thunderous! Bandido fires up and he finger guns again.

Bandido puts Bryan in and he springboards as AEW goes picture in picture! Bryan KICKS Bandido out of the air! Bryan smirks as he slows down the fan favorite, but fans chant “YES! YES! YES” because he’s still a fan favorite, too! Bryan stands Bandido up to EuroUpper him down! Bryan stands Bandido up again, to EuroUpper again! Bryan stands Bandido up a third time, Bandido hits back, but Bryan EuroUppers him down into the corner! Bryan drags Bandido up again, scoops him, and puts him in the Tree of Woe! Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS away on Bandido, but he lets off as the ref counts.

Bryan goes corner to corner, to basement dropkick Bandido outta the Tree! Then Bryan drags Bandido back, hooks up the legs, and pulls on the arms. Up, up and away into the ROMERO SPECIAL! Bandido endures, Bryan tips back to have a ROMERO CRADLE! TWO!! Bandido escapes but Bryan keeps his cool. Fans rally up, Bryan brings Bandido back up, and Bryan EuroUppers again! Bryan whips Bandido to ropes to kitchen sink him down! Bandido flounders and fans fire up as Bryan stalks him to ropes. Bryan brings Bandido up to CHOP! Bryan has Bandido against ropes, and CHOPS him again! And EuroUppers!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Bryan fires off fast hands! Bryan whips but Bandido rolls Bryan up! TWO, and Bryan runs in, into a POP-UP FACEBUSTER! Fans fire up while both men are down, and a standing count starts. “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly rise. They stand at 6, Bryan CHOPS! But Bandido CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS! Bandido CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS, Bandido CHOPS, Bryan EuroUppers! And again! And then he KICKS away on Bandido in the corner! Bryan whips corner to corner, Bandido reverses, Bryan goes up and over but into a SUPERKICK! Bandido goes up and up and TORNILLO CROSSBODIES!

Bandido and Bryan hurry up to their feet, Bandido ducks and SOBATS at the same time! Bandido says BANG and reels Bryan in. Fans fire up as Bandido suplexes, holds Bryan up, for “OCHO!” and beyond! Fans fire up as Bandido still holds Bryan, before the SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Bryan gets his shoulder up as Bandido couldn’t fully cover. But Bandido just goes to the top rope! Bandido takes aim, gives us some Latino Heat, for a FROG SPLASH! Onto knees!! Bryan drags Bandido around, into the LEBELL LOCK!! Bandido endures, fans are thunderous, but Bryan shouts “TAP!” as he pulls way back!

Bandido continues to fight forward, reaches out, but Bryan gets that arm! RINGS OF SATURN!! Bandido kicks with his feet, to get the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous as Bryan lets go in frustration. Fans love “A E DUB!” for this one, but Bryan shakes his head. Bryan aims and KICKS! And KICKS! Fans make these “SI!” kicks! “SI! SI! SI!” Bryan runs in to BUZZ- NO, Bandido blocks! Bandido SHOVES Bryan away, Bryan returns, but into a scoop! Torture rack and flip, GO TO SLEEP! Bryan ends up at the ropes, Bandido runs in, 21 PLEX! But Bryan lands on his feet?! Bandido turns around, into a drop toehold!

Bryan hooks an arm, La Magistrol, TWO!! Another drop toehold, another arm hook, but Bandido trips Bryan to La Magistrol! TWO!!! MJF was almost saved from that Ironman match right there! Bandido and Bryan rise as fans rally back up. Bryan goes to a corner, Bandido storms up and throws forearms. Fans hope these two “FIGHT FOREVER!” but it has to end somehow. Bandido throws body shots and fast hands! Bandido CHOPS, then rallies the fans with “SI SE PUEDES!” Bandido whips corner to corner, runs in, but Bryan tosses him up and out! Bryan then builds speed and WRECKS Bandido with a dropkick!

Bryan then goes to the apron, aims, and FLYING KNEES Bandido back down! Fans cheer and jeer and Bryan soaks it all up! Bryan puts Bandido in, goes up the corner, but Bandido SHORYUKENS! Bandido climbs up after Bryan, throws forearms but Bryan fights back! They brawl up top, fans rally, and Bandido gets the edge. Bandido stands on the very top, brings Bryan up to join him, for the SUPER FALL AWAY SLAM!! Bandido crawls to Bryan, pushes him to ropes while fans lose their minds, and here comes the 21 PLEX!! Bridging cover, TWO!?!? Bryan survives Bandido’s best shot and no one can believe it!

Bandido drags Bryan up and underhooks the arms. Bryan resists the lift, fans are thunderous, and Bryan wrenches out to ROCK Bandido with a forearm! Bandido gives it back! Bryan gives another forearm, but Bandido SLAPS! Bryan forearms, Bandido SLAPS, and they go back and forth, throwing wild shots! Bandido fixes his mask, Bryan ROUNDHOUSES him! Bandido SUPERKICKS in return! Bryan wobbles, Bandido reels him in, to suplex, only for Bryan to knee free! Bryan drags Bandido down but Bandido fights off the LeBell! Bandido deadlifts Bryan! But Bryan shifts around to RANA! Bryan runs in, Bandido pops him up, but Bryan uses that to get a backslide!

Bandido slips free, both men run, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, Bryan wins!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall (now 3-0 in 2023)

Bryan succeeds again! But of course MJF has to interrupt via the titantron! “Hey, Bryan. I just felt that you and these people didn’t deserve to see me live. Actually, I’m beginning to feel a little bit underappreciated around here. Bryan, I’m not deaf and I’m not dumb. I hear, I see, I read everything that you and all these ‘fans,’ have to say about me. Claiming that I am not worthy, I am not deserving of my position here in this company. I’m beginning to think people have forgotten just exactly who the hell I am and how the hell I became your world champion. And I take that very personally.”

To think that after all the moments he’s given us. Saying we’re fickle people, that’s an understatement. MJF tells Bryan what he doesn’t seem to understand: Since they first crossed paths, Bryan has only been dealing with “masked” Max. Masked Max likes to keep things light, likes to keep things fun. But Bryan will find that the further he goes on this journey, the further he gets to Revolution and the One Hour Ironman match that Bryan thinks he wants… The more the mask will begin to slip away. “And Bryan, you don’t want that, man. Sh*t, nobody does.” Bryan may think he’s a dragon, but not even a dragon is a match for the monster behind the mask.

Fans boo and Bryan doesn’t seem affected by MJF’s words, but will MJF show his “true” form soon enough?


Saraya, Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida meet backstage.

Saraya isn’t sure what Shida was thinking last week, but that was a “stupid, idiotic move” for her to throw the kendo stick into the ring! Storm calms Saraya down and says it wasn’t Shida’s fault that Britt got the stick. Storm knows Shida. Shida is solid, she’d never do anything like that on purpose. The problem here is the “AEW Homegrown girls” being in this little bubble! They don’t know what Storm & Saraya know! Shida is flabbergasted like she was when Saraya chose Storm! But speaking of homegrown talent, Storm faces Willow Nightingale tonight. And Storm will show her, just like she will everyone else here, why Storm is the best. Saraya agrees. And Shida, you stay backstage.

Saraya and Storm head out, and Shida wants to say something, but she just sighs. Shida may not have meant to cost Saraya & Storm, but did that mistake only make these two into monsters?


Backstage interview with Brian Cage & Prince Nana.

Renee is with The Machine and announces the official word that next week, Bryan Danielson’s win streak runs into Brian Cage! Huge match right there, how does Cage feel about that? How does he feel? It’s about damn time! But then MJF walks in. “Brian Cage. The Machine, right?” That’s him. Good, that’s what MJF needs. MJF needs a Machine. And what he has potentially for Cage, with all due respect, is “more money than you gentlemen have ever seen in person your entire lives. I don’t care if you win, I don’t care if you lose, but I do care that you break his arm. Sound doable?” Cage says he can work that out. Good. And then MJF SLAPS Cage!?

Cage grabs MJF by the head! Is MJF crazy?! Does Cage want the money or not? Nana calms Cage down and has him think about the money. Cage lets MJF go, and MJF says that feeling Cage has right now is hate. MJF learned the hard way and at a very young age that there is no greater motivator. “So next week, use it. Pleasure doing business with you.” MJF gives Nana the money, and now The Machine is all fired up. Will he slay the American Dragon so that MJF doesn’t have to?


Willow Nightingale VS Toni Storm w/ Saraya!

While the Lightning From Down Under and The Revolution lost to the Pillar & the Killer, the always optimistic Willow and Ruby Soho won a brutal Street Fight against TayJay! Will Willow keep the momentum going from Rampage? Or will Fresno be on #ToniTime after tonight?

The bell rings and Storm circles with Willow. Willow offers a handshake, Toni takes it, and they tie up. Storm arm-drags Willow, Willow comes back and they tie up again. Storm headlocks, Willow powers up but can’t power out as Storm holds tight. Storm hits a takeover, but Willow rolls it to a cover, ONE! Storm holds onto the headlock, but Willow lifts! Storm fights that off, so Willow powers up and out of the headlock. They RAM shoulders, Willow rebounds and runs Storm over! Willow flexes, runs, but Storm drops. Willow rolls, Storm tries a hip toss but Willow blocks it to an arm-drag and cover! ONE!!

Storm gest up, Willow ducks her elbow to whip and lift, BIG back suplex! Fans fire up as Willow runs, BASEMENT SPLASH! Cover, ONE!! Willow is annoyed, Saraya coaches Storm, and fans rally up. Willow storms in to fire off a forearm! Willow whips corner to corner, Storm reverses but Willow handsprings through! Fans fire up, Storm nods in some respect, and offers the handshake back. Willow goes to take it, but Storm SLAPS her! And then BOOTS her down! Saraya says to get her, and Storm stomps Willow out of the ring! Willow is on the apron, Storm runs to HIP ATTACK her to the floor! Storm goes out after Willow to AX HANDLE her down!

Fans boo but here comes Shida! Storm bumps Willow off the apron, whips her into railing, and AEW goes picture in picture! Shida storms over but Saraya tells her to get back. Shida keeps her distance, but she explains she’s out here as support. Saraya lets her stay, and Storm is in the ring as the ring count starts. Willow drags herself up at 5 of 10, staggers at “OCHO!” and gets in at 9! But Storm stomps her down! Storm kicks Willow around, drags her up, and EuroUppers her to a corner. Storm stands on Willow, the ref counts, and Storm lets off. Storm stand Willow up to TOSS her across the way! The ref reprimands about hair pulling and Storm apologizes.

Storm digs her boots in, the ref counts and Storm lets off again. Willow throws body shots but Storm knees low and CLUBS her down. Storm CLUBS Willow more, and more, and Saraya smiles. Storm kicks Willow but Willow throws a forearm! Storm CLUBS Willow down again, then clamps on a seated full nelson! Willow endures, even as Storm leans on the hold. Willow fights up, but Storm throws her down by her hair! The ref reprimands again but Storm clamps the full nelson again. Willow endures, fights back up, but Storm thrashes her about! Willow still endures as Dynamite returns to single picture!

Willow breaks the nelson and elbows Storm away! Willow runs in to back body block! Willow whips corner to corner, runs in and back body blocks again! And then LARIATS, snapmares, and BOOTS! Fans fire up behind Willow as she whips Storm, for a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Saraya rallies for Storm but fans rally for Willow. Willow climbs up the corner, Storm stands, and Willow MISSILE DROPKICKS! Storm ends up in a corner, Willow runs corner to corner, but Storm avoids the CANNONBALL! Willow hits buckles, Storm goes corner to corner, SWEET HIP MUSIC! Storm drags Willow up to TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up while Storm and Saraya are frustrated. Storm drags Willow by her legs, but Willow drags Storm to a cradle! TWO, and Storm swings. Willow dodges, runs and POUNCES Storm to ropes! Fans fire up with Willow and she brings down the straps! Willow roars, runs corner to corner, and she CANNONBALLS! Willow drags Storm out to a cover, TWO!! Storm survives, Saraya is upset and that just distracts Willow so Storm can roll her up! With tights!! Storm wins!!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Willow points out the cheating to the ref, but Saraya runs in to CLOBBER her! Saraya and Storm stomp away on Willow and fans boo! Shida is shocked, she gest on the apron, but it’s RUBY who rushes in to make the save! Storm & Saraya bail out while fans rally for Ruby. Ruby asks what the hell this is about, and Shida seems unsure what to make of this. Will the Runaway help Willow get payback on Saraya and Storm?


The Firm speaks.

Stokely Hathaway says that supposedly, the locker room is buzzing because Jungle Boy is telling everyone that he’s done with them. Well, the Firm isn’t done with Jungle Boy! And just like he said to Big Bill Morrissey, it is EMBARRASSING that they lost to people named “Hook” and “Jungle Boy.” Ridiculous names! Ethan Page says that’s where he steps in. Ethan says Stokely’s been letting him have his fun making Isiah Kassidy’s life a living hell while still having a blast with Matt Hardy on Dark and Elevation. But the fun is done! JB wants to tap out Moriarty?! This Friday, it’s payback! Will All Ego take down Jack Perry? Or will he just end up deflated on Rampage?


Backstage interview with Konosuke Takeshita.

Renee is with The Future and says that in his short time here, he has already garnered so much respect from both the wrestlers and the fans. In his match with Bryan Danielson just last week, it was an incredible showing, but how does he feel after that match? Konosuke says he enjoyed wrestling Danielson, one of his heroes, and he learned so much. He is now going to watch Bryan’s back because he doesn’t trust MJF. Konosuke goes off on MJF in Japanese, and Renee asks for a translation. “It means MJF is an asshole.” Perfect! Then if Bryan is supposed to worry about “unmasked Max,” will “unmasked Max” have to worry about undeterred Konosuke?


AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS KUSHIDA w/ Kevin Knight & The DKC!

While the Relentless One and the Icon are heading to Yokohama, Japan for Keiji Mutoh’s final match this weekend, one of NJPW’s best has come here to answer the always open Open Challenge! Will the Timesplitter add another title to his list of accolades? Or will Darby stay the fighting champion through to WrestleKingdom 17 part two?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Darby’s time is up!

The bell rings and fans rally for Darby. Darby and Kushida circle, tie up, and Darby waistlocks. Kushida switches, Darby switches, repeat, but Darby rolls away. Fans rally and duel as the two circle. Darby avoids Kushida’s drop toeholds, but Kushida uses a leg guard to pursue. Darby still keeps his distance so Kushida stands and the two go again. Kushida shoots in, waistlocks, and shifts to a full nelson. Darby breaks free, switches, but Kushida throws him down. Kushida hammerlocks an arm but Darby fights up and slips around to hammerlock Kushida. Kushida tries to spin it around but Darby spins with him to hold onto the hold.

Darby then steps through for a flying-mare, and he clamps on a chinlock. Kushida fights up, Darby shifts to a headlock, but Kushida powers out. Darby runs Kushida over, things speed up, Darby rolls to trip Kushida and cover. ONE, but Darby rolls to get an arm! Kushida moves around, drags Darby down, but Darby gets the ROPEBREAK! Kushida lets off quickly and cleanly, and fans applaud the sportsmanship. Darby and Kushida reset and go again. They knuckle lock, Kushida knees an arm and trips Darby to have a standing toehold. Darby endures, Kushida traps the other leg, but Darby fights free to roll and reel Kushida in.

Darby has a headlock, Kushida powers out, and Kushida sidesteps to then hip toss, cartwheel and basement dropkick! Fans fire up while Darby bails out. Kushida builds speed, but Darby ducks the baseball slide! Darby waistlocks, Kushida reverses and has an arm, but Darby goes around and around to send Kushida into railing! Fans fire up and Darby slides into the ring, but Kushida drags Darby back out! Kushida slides in, Darby follows, but Kushida PENALTY KICKS the arm! Darby clutches his elbow and crawls to a corner, but Kushida digs his boots in. The ref counts, Kushida lets off quickly, and he wrenches the arm.

Kushida wrangles Darby, steps over to hammerlock the arm with his leg, and then Kushida TWISTS! Darby writhes while Knight and DKC applaud. Fans rally but Kushida stalks Darby to a corner. Fans duel, Kushida CHOPS Darby. Kushida whips corner to corner, runs in, but Darby goes up and over. Darby comes back to COFFIN SPLASH! Darby keeps moving, springboards, but Kushida waistlocks! Kushida spins Darby and spins himself, ROLLING ELBOW! And PELE- NO, Darby blocks the kick to stand Kushida up! Darby fires off palm strikes, a headbutt, rolls and runs, CODE RED! Cover, TWO! Kushida escapes and bails out to the LADOJO boys.

Knight fans Kushida off and DKC coaches Kushida, but Darby goes up top! Darby SUPER CANNONBALLS! DKC and Knight take the hit as Kushida gets away! Fans fire up, and Kushida goes after the arm! RUNNING ARMBAR BULLDOG!! Darby writhes and the ref checks him while AEW goes picture in picture.

Darby has the ref back off, he isn’t letting this stop him. But even Sting looks a bit concerned for that arm. Kushida drags Darby up by that arm, puts him in the ring, and stalks him. Kushida drags Darby up, CHOPS him, then CHOPS again! Darby snarls, throws a forearm, and then another. Darby runs, but into a SHOTEI! Down goes Darby, and Kushida shouts out Jushin Thunder Liger with his pose and spin. Kushida then waits on Darby as he crawls to a corner. Kushida goes to the far side, runs corner to corner, RUNNING SHOTEI! Darby flounders away and Kushida stalks him. Cover, TWO! Darby shows his toughness but Kushida goes after the arm!

Kushida hammerlocks the arm again, hooks the far arm, and even a leg! Darby endures this modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow as Kushida pulls him backwards! Kushida lets off on the leg to step over and wrench the arm! Kushida has both arms trapped, for a RECLINER SNAP! Darby writhes and clutches each arm, but Kushida looms over him. Kushida kicks Darby to ropes, then basement dropkicks! Darby crawls to the corner, Kushida drags him up, and Kushida CLUBS the bad arm! Kushida then stands on the arm, to STOMP it! Darby writhes more, but fans rally up. Kushida drags Darby back up as Dynamite returns to single picture.

Fans duel again but Kushida CHOPS! Darby snarls, and he fires a forearm! Kushida CHOPS, Darby CHOPS in return! Kushida CHOPS again, eggs Darby on, so the forearms start flying! Kushida forearms, Darby forearms, but then Kushida KICKS the bad arm! Kushida pie faces Darby, but Darby fires off fast hands! Darby fires off more forearms, whips Kushida to ropes, but Kushida CROSSBODIES! That had some impact on it! Kushida comes back, bobs ‘n’ weaves as Darby throws hands, and then Kushida PELES! Darby staggers, Kushida rushes up and whips, but Darby reverses. Kushida handsprings, into a dragon sleeper! SCORPION DEATH DROP!

Fans fire up as both men are down! The standing count begins, the LADOJO boys coach Kushida up but Sting just watches Darby. The count is 5 of 10, Kushida and Darby sit up at 6. Darby snarls as he stands at 7, and he drags Kushida up. Darby puts Kushida on the ropes to SLAP, SLAP, and SLAP! Darby runs, Kushida follows, HANDSPRING KICK! Darby flops out of the ring and Kushida goes to the apron! Kushida waits, Darby stands, and then Kushida runs in to FLYING KNEE the bad arm!! Fans fire up again, the ref checks Darby but Darby refuses to give up. Kushida wants a count and he gest on the apron.

Darby grabs at Kushida’s legs but Kushida kicks him away. Kushida then drags Darby up to the apron by the bad arm, only for Darby to break free! Darby fires off forearms, but Kushida BOOTS him! Darby ELBOWS Kushida, then hops up, THROWBACK STUNNER on the apron!! Darby flops to the floor while Kushida goes flying back! Kushida then flops down just like Darby and the ring count is on both of them! Fans rally up and Darby stands at 3 of 10. Darby brings a chair over, the ref reprimands and wants this to get in the ring. Darby sits the chair up, makes Kushida take a seat, and he throws forearm after forearm!

Kushida fires back but Darby fires off a flurry as we’re past 6 of 10! Kushida finally sits, and Darby slides in at 7. Darby climbs the corner as the LADOJO boys shout to Kushida. Darby SUPER SENTONS, but Kushida catches him to an ARMBAR!!! Kushida thrashes the arm on the floor but Darby endures! The ring count restarts even as Kushida pulls way back on the arm! And the wrist, too! The count is 5 of 10, Kushida lets Darby go and gets back in the ring! Darby drags himself up with one arm, but the count is 7! And then “OCHO!” Darby gets in, but he avoids Kushida’s grip by sliding back out! Kushida roars and he goes to the corner.

Kushida drags Darby up by that bad arm, in a top wristlock! Fans are thunderous as they duel, and Darby ends up on the top rope. Both men stand, for a SUPER INVERTED ARM-DRAG!! Darby flounders, Kushida rolls to get the arm! HOVERBOARD!! But Darby clasps his hands behind his back to relieve the pressure! Knight tells Sting that he might wanna throw in the towel. Knight even has a towel just in case. Sting tells Knight that ain’t happening, and he uses the towel to wipe the sweat. Sting throws the towel to the fans, free souvenir! As for Darby, he fights up and reaches for ropes! But Kushida rolls Darby away! But Darby uses that to get up and SPINEBUSTER!

Darby has Kushida’s legs! Darby steps through, hooks them up, for the LAST SUPPER!! Cover, DARBY WINS!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Kushida is stunned as Darby snatches victory from the jaws of defeat! The TNT Champion is still Relentless, but will that arm be a problem at WrestleKingdom in Yokohama? Darby offers a handshake with his good arm, and Kushida accepts it. Kushida also holds up a finger to say he’ll gladly go one more time. Kushida then raises Darby’s hand in victory, will we see this showdown happen again down the line?

My Thoughts:

This was a great Dynamite, and with pretty good flow. Great opening match with the All-Atlantic Championship, and I like the detail of the ringside ban that neither side actually obeyed. That was all hilarious stuff, and of course Cassidy finds a way to win. If this feud continues, I feel like Cassidy VS Jarrett for the title should happen. Now, if Triple Jay still have the Golden Globe, I would also love if it was Title VS Golden Globe so that Cassidy can avenge Paul Walter Hauser. Great promo segment with Gunn Club and Acclaimed, and I find it rather interesting that only now does Billy Gunn decide they need to talk this out before having another match. “Family therapy” won’t go well, and we’ll probably get Acclaimed VS Gunns for the tag titles.

Really good promo out of Hangman Page and Renee Paquette, with Hangman again teasing that he wants to reconcile with The Elite. At the same time, he also teased that he wanted a tiebreaker with Moxley, but he held back because he knows Moxley is kayfabe recovering. Maybe they’ll give us that match at Revolution. And speaking of The Elite and Hangman’s “fences” that need mending, really good vignette from Adam Cole to add to the hype return from last week. I would love an interaction between the Adams to see if we get a rematch of those two. And there has to be a way to tie The Dark Order into this given their friendship with Hangman.

Good promo from Stokely and Ethan to hype up Ethan VS Jungle Boy, which is not the next step I expected in this feud. That match could go either way, but I would Ethan wins so that The Firm can look like a threat for once. Also I like that Ethan’s promo let us know that there have actually been story developments on Elevation and Dark. And great promo from Konosuke to say he’s staying part of this MJF VS Bryan storyline. I’m pretty sure Konosuke said more than “MJF is an asshole,” but I love that he’s showing some great personality and wit in summarizing it like that. I really do hope we get to see Konosuke confront MJF should MJF try and directly get involved with Bryan’s matches.

Speaking of, Bryan VS Bandido was an awesome match. This is exactly how I knew this series of matches for Bryan was going to go, where Bryan wins but his opponents look amazing. Then Brian Cage being made into Bryan’s next opponent, that match is going to be awesome. MJF had a really good promo directed towards Bryan, and a really good promo talking to Cage. But I would love if at some point, MJF pushes one of Bryan’s opponents to the points where they just hand the win to Bryan so that MJF will have no choice but to be in the One Hour Ironman Match. MJF needs to get some comeuppance in this, and that’d be a great way to do it since he doesn’t wrestle on TV.

Awesome match out of Bucks VS Top Flight, and I loved that the Bucks went for a reference to the Briscoes. But I did not expect Top Flight to win, so that was a great surprise. We also got a great match out of Starks VS Hager, and of course the JAS tried to help Hager win that. Great promo from Jericho, Sammy and Garcia, and I like that Sammy made a deal with Garcia on trading spots in the tag match. Garcia VS Andretti is going to be great for Rampage, and that could go either way, but I would think Garcia wins to team with Jericho. #Garciaco is a sad tag name, especially with “The Death Wizards” right there. Garcia is Red Death, Jericho is The Wizard, boom, Death Wizards.

Really good promo from Saraya, Storm and Shida before Storm VS Willow. I did not expect Saraya & Storm to turn Heel in this but that’s a great twist. Oh, and of course it works to AEW’s overall “We don’t like WWE” motif. Saraya and Storm were in WWE before AEW (but also other promotions), and they’ll have this odd bias against the AEW originals. Shida seemed torn, given she is also someone who got going in her career before AEW, but she also doesn’t like the attitude Saraya and Storm have. Storm VS Willow was great stuff, but of course Storm cheats in her Heel turn and of course Saraya attacks.

In a nice twist, Ruby Soho is a former WWE talent who is on the side of AEW, and I’m sure we’ll get a great match of Saraya & Storm VS Soho & Willow. Then maybe Shida will be forced to choose a side. I would think Shida sides with AEW and we still get Saraya VS Shida at Revolution. And I suppose this helps Hayter turn Face since fans love her anyway. And then we got an awesome main event for the TNT title. Kushida gave Darby a great match on the technical front on top of the Strong Style, but Darby did great in finding a way to win. With AEW and NJPW still working together, I would love to see more NJPW stars showing up and challenging for the midcard titles.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (6/15/24)

Happy Anniversary, Collision!



Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

AEW Collision turns one year old tonight, and to “celebrate,” Thunder Rosa and Deonna Purrazzo battle under NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! What won’t these two do to settle the score?


  • 8 Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Rocky Romero, Lio Rush & TMDK; The BCC wins.
  • No Disqualifications: Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo; Deonna wins.
  • Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Dalton Castle; Hechicero wins.
  • TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lee Moriarty VS Dante Martin; Dante wins and advances to Forbidden Door.
  • Kyle O’Reilly VS Anthony Henry; Kyle wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS The House of Black; The House wins.


Christian Cage speaks.

“Welcome to Collision. Welcome to the one year anniversary of Collision. That’s right, it’s been 365 days since I singlehandedly put this show on the map when I won the TNT Championship int he very first episode, and went on a run with the TNT Championship that will never, ever be seen again. Now in the spirit of Christian Cage’s Collision, tonight, I guarantee you will see why AEW is where the best wrestle. And in the spirit of usual unpredictability, on the eve of the most important holiday of the year, Father’s Day, I guarantee you, Christian Cage’s Collision is going to end up being… very special.” Just what does The Patriarch have in mind for “his” show?


8 Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Rocky Romero, Lio Rush & TMDK!

Jon Moxley is still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Wheeler Yuta is still ROH Pure Champion, and both Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli are still bad, bad men! The BCC is looking to still be the baddest group around, but will they be rolling on towards Forbidden Door? Or will Azucar, The Bad Child and the NEW Undisputed NJPW Tag Team Champions prove they’re just a little bit badder?

The teams sort out and The American Dragon starts against Lio. The fans rally for “B C C! B C C!” as Bryan and Lio circle. They feel things out, Lio ducks the roundhouse but Bryan blocks a kick! Bryan gets a SLEEPER, but Lio slips under to waistlock. Bryan switches, shoves, but Lio redirects! Bryan gets under the heel kick and the fans fire up for the standoff! Lio and Bryan reset, feel things out again, and knuckle lock. Bryan kicks low, brings Lio around to UPPERCUT, then UPPERCUTS again. Bryan whips, Lio reverses to then go up and RANA! Bryan gets up, but Lio runs to wheelbarrow. Bryan powers Lio to the corner, Yuta tags in!

The fans fire up for Yuta but Lio dodges to whip. Yuta whips, Lio reverses, Yuta goes up and over. Lio handsprings under ot kick and ENZIGIRI! Lio brings Yuta over, tag to Rocky, but Yuta gets loose. Rocky and Yuta trade forearms, the fans fire up, and then the CHOPS fly! CHOP after CHOP after CHOP and the fans fire up more! Yuta fires a flurry of forearms, then whips. Rocky slides under, kicks, Yuta ducks the enzigiri but not the HEEL KICK! Yuta rewinds to get around and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Yuta floats to a facelock, tags Claudio, and the fans cheer as the Swiss Superman kicks low.

Claudio brings Rocky around to CHOP! Claudio whips, Rocky ducks ‘n’ dodges to jump up and RANA! Tag to Mikey Nicholls but Shane Haste jumps in, too! Shane BLASTS the BCC corner while Mikey whips Claudio to a corner. Mikey runs in to clothesline! Feed to Shane’s UPPERCUT and snapmare, then Mikey SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Mikey keeps on Claudio and tags Shane. TMDK double whip but Claudio crisscrosses them! Then he runs to DOUBLE BULLDOG! The fans fire up with Claudio and he tags Bryan. Bryan goes up, Shane stands, into the MISSILE DROPKICK! The fans fire up with Bryan as Shane tumbles to a corner!

Bryan runs in to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps going but Shane FLYING ELBOWS! Shane storms around, goes after Bryan, but Bryan drags him into the LEBELL LCOK! Shanes’ team runs in but BCC intercepts! Moxley & Yuta TOSS out Mikey and Lio, but Claudio has Rocky in a COBRA TWIST! Shane endures, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go while The BCC keeps beating on Mikey, Lio & Rocky! Moxley makes Rocky sit on the railing, Claudio BOOTS him down! Bryan KICKS Shane again and again, “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan winds up to BUZZ_ NO, Shane ducks to shove Bryan! Mikey trips Bryan, Shane basement dropkicks!

Mikey spins Bryan around to UPPERCUT! The ref reprimands, The BCC storms up, and Collision goes picture in picture.

The ref has everyone back off, but Rocky gets cheap shots on Bryan! The ref reprimands, Rocky backs off, and Shane drags Bryan in to stomp him down. Shane drags Bryan up, cravats, then tags in Lio. They mug Bryan, and Lio fires off at the ropes! Tag to Rocky, he adds on with KICKS! Rocky stomps Bryan down, tags Mikey, and they mug Bryan some. Mikey then CHOKES Bryan on the ropes! The ref counts, Mikey lets off, and Bryan sputters as he reaches out. Mikey drags Bryan up to tag in Rocky, and the mugging continues! The ref has to keep The BCC back and that lets the whole team beat up on Bryan!

Rocky taunts Yuta, goes back to Bryan, and brings Bryan around to snapmare. Rocky clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Bryan down. Bryan endures, fights up, but Rocky becomes a backpack! Bryan still reaches out, steps forward, but Rocky lets go to whip Bryan to a corner! Collision returns to single picture, Rocky runs up to clothesline! Rocky keeps going, TWO-EVER! Then THREE-EVER! Rocky hoists Bryan up top, climbs up after him, and goes to the very top. Rocky swivels them hips, but Bryan grabs Rocky for a SUPER ATOMIC DROP! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Rocky and Bryan crawl, hot tag to Shane and he BLASTS BCC!

Shane whips Bryan to a corner runs up, but Bryan dodges, hot tag to Claudio! Claudio BLASTS Lio, UPPERCUTRS Mikey, then UPPERCUTS Shane! Claudio fires off fast hands at the ropes, the ref backs him up, but Claudio jukes to UPPERCUT! The fans fire up, Claudio whips, and he back drops Shane hard! Claudio just keeps going, he UPPERCUTS Rocky on the outside! Claudio brings a chair around the way, sets it up, and then uses it to LAUNCH into Mikey! Claudio then returns to the ring, runs up and DOUBLE STOMPS Shane! The fans fire up and Claudio gets the legs! But Mikey gets in to LARIAT Claudio down!

The fans boo but Yuta DROPKICKS Mikey! Mikey tumbles out, Yuta DIVES onto him, but is THROWN into railing! Shane fireman’s carries Claudio, but Moxley’s in to CUTTER! Moxley shouts to Claudio and Claudio rises up! The fans are thunderous for the hot tag! Moxley gives Mikey a CUTTER! Moxley then runs in to clothesline at the corner! Moxley whips corner to corner, for another clothesline! Moxley goes up to rain down fists! The fans count along as fast as they can, Moxley goes right to TEN, then he reels Mikey in! Stalling PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! But Moxley clamps on with the SLEEPER!

Mikey fights up, pries free and elbows Moxley. Moxley BOOTS back! Mikey rebounds, Moxley dodges, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Lio tags in and he goes up! FINAL HOUR!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley’s not done yet and Lio is shocked! Lio says no, now it’s time! Lio goes up top again, for another FINAL- NO, Moxley moves and Lio rolls through! Moxley BOOTS Lio down! Then Moxley underhooks, for PARADIGM- NO, Lio slips out! TMDK is in, URENAGE BOMB!! Bryan runs in, but into the scoop! Bryan slips free, shoves Mikey into Shane, then BUSAIKU KNEE! Shane DROPKICSK Bryan!

Yuta gives Shane an OLYMPIC SLAM! Rocky hits SLICED BREAD! Claudio SPINEBUSTERS for the GIANT SWING! Azucar goes around and around and around, and the fans count to TEN, but Claudio just picks up speed! Claudio TOSSES Rocky at 15! Lio leaps on for a SLEEPER! Claudio powers Lio around to TOSS into the DEATH RIDER!! Cover, BCC wins!

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club, by pinfall

The BCC defend homefield in AEW, and we’re just two weeks away from Forbidden Door! Moxley then gets the mic to say, “Tetsuya Naito of NJPW is a survivor, but The Forbidden Door is the final conflict. This is it. This is your last chance. I’m not coming to beat you,  Naito. I’m not coming to defend the IWGP Championship. I’m coming to Forbidden Door to put an end to Tetsuya Naito once and for all! Naito, I’m coning to Forbidden Door to finish you, to finish your career, to put you in a pine box, to put you in the ground, and to BURY your ass once and for all!!” A powerful ultimatum with still two weeks to go, will the Maniac also be the man that retires Naito?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

Youngstown, Ohio, please welcome The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn! The fans fire up as Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass make their way to the ring. Schiavone lets Caster have the mic, and he says usually the Acclaimed comes out here with a rap, some punchlines, but tonight, if you didn’t see, but the “love” EVPs, the Young F’s…! Well, those guys issued a $5 THOUSAND FINE on them for disparaging company executives!? There was a tweet about it! Seems these EVPs are outta touch with the fans! Youngstown confirms!

Caster says the fans don’t want a couple of women’s business suit wearing a-holes! They want Platinum Max roasting everyone! They want Bowens & Billy hitting the scissor fingers, and you bet they want The Acclaimed to become the NEW AEW World Tag team Champions! And if Bowens was The Bucks, he wouldn’t focus the pettiness on raps and tweets, but on the fact that they will be face to face with The Acclaimed for the first time in four years. And this isn’t the same team they faced before in 2020. They are not an upstart! They have the same exact accolades as The Bucks do! Scissor King, Platinum Max, FORMER AEW World Tag Team Champions, FORMER AEW World Trios Champions, the WINNINGEST team in the history of AEW!!

And all they have to get the titles back is beat The Bucks twice. So do your worst! FINE them, but all they want is to get those titles back, get this company back, and prove that EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! In fact, forget fines! Take those fines, stick ’em up your virgin asses, because everyone here is gonna kick it old school for you! YO! YO! YO! LISTEN~! But then someone says NOOOO~! And it’s Brandon Cutler! He tells The Acclaimed to listen! This one year anniversary of Collision is to be a night of praise for the EVPs! They’ve carried this show since day one! But these limp noodles use their public platform to disparage!

So if they want a fine? FINE! Here’s a $10 THOUSAND fine! Then it’ll be $15- Christopher Daniels comes out here to stop Cutler. The Acclaimed had Daniels’ back, so here’s some good news. Tony Khan has REVERSED the fines, they get their money back! And Cutler, we don’t need to hear any more from you. But Cutler shows his clipboard to Daniels. Daniels SMACKS Cutler with the clipboard! Then DECKS him with his fist! Daniels TOSSES Cutler in for The Acclaimed to handle! They trip him up, hold him open, and Bowens goes up to say, SCISSOR ME TIMBERS~! Cutler crawls away in shame, but will The Bucks make sure The Acclaimed pay for that on Wednesday?


No Disqualifications: Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo!

La Mera Mera tried to be an ally to The Virtuosa against their common enemy, but the only thing they had in common was that they wanted to be the one to take down Toni Storm. That made them into enemies, and it has escalated to this! With nothing holding these two back, who stops at nothing to make sure the other regrets ever showing up in AEW?

Deonna doesn’t wait, she attacks while Rosa’s on the corner! The bell rings and Deonna puts Rosa in the Tree of Woe. Deonna runs in, but Rosa sits up! Deonna slides out of the ring, and Rosa CROSSBODIES down onto her! Rosa fires off hands, then POSTS Deonna! The fans rally behind Rosa and she CHOPS Deonna against the apron. Rosa SMACKS Deonna off the steel steps, then off them again, and then again! Rosa stands on Deonna, Deonna pushes her away, and Rosa starts bringing out stuff from under the ring! A chain, a trash can, and the lid! Rosa SMACKS Deonna with the lid! And then pushes the lid into Deonna with a boot!

The fans want tables but Rosa runs up first. Deonna dodges, Rosa dropkicks the steps! Deonna drags Rosa up, puts an arm between steps and post, then BOOTS the steps! Rosa falls back, clutching the elbow! Deonna snarls, goes looking under the ring, and she brings out a kendo stick! Deonna throws that all the way over the ring, but she gets some chairs. Deonna wedges a chair in a corner, then gets Rosa up. Rosa reverses the whip but Deonna stops herself! Deonna kicks and whips, but Rosa stops. Rosa ELBOWS Deonna, fireman’s carries, then DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS! Cover, TWO! Deonna stays in this but Rosa goes looking for more!

Rosa brings out a TABLE! Youngstown cheers as Rosa gets that big thing up, only for Deonna to DROPKICK it into her! The fans boo but Deonna soaks up the heat, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Deonna drags the table up for herself, and she puts that in the ring. Deonna drags Rosa up, wrenches, then kicks Rosa. Deonna hammerlocks an arm before she POSTS Rosa! And then she hammerlocks and POSTS Rosa again! Rosa clutches the side of her face, but there’s no blood, yet. Deonna gets Rosa in the ring, then drags her over to snapmare by the table. Deonna steps over Rosa to trap the arms, then turns her over so she can dribble Rosa’s head onto the wood! Deonna lets off and Rosa flops over. Cover, TWO! Rosa is tougher than that but Deonna keeps her cool as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and the two fight over a chair. Deonna JAMS Rosa up, takes a swing, but Rosa dodges! Rosa BOOTS the chair into Deonna! Then Rosa grabs the chair to JAM Deonna, and SMACK her on the back! And SMACK her again! Rosa brings Deonna around, fireman’s carries, and SAMOAN DROPS her on the folded table! Cover, TWO! Deonna is still in this but Rosa drags her around to put in a corner. Rosa hoists Deonna up top, goes up after her, but Deonna fights with body shots! Rosa CLUBS Deonna in return, but Deonna slips under! Rosa rains down fists, so Deonna YANKS her into the buckle! CHEEKY NANDOS!

Rosa falls into the Tree of Woe, Deonna runs up and this time, she RAMS into Rosa! Rosa falls out of the Tree, Deonna covers, TWO!! Rosa survives that Spear of Woe or whatever you’d call it, and the fans rally up. Deonna drags Rosa up, slashes her throat, and then Gotch lifts, but Rosa fights that! Rosa wrenches out to FULL METAL DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives hitting steel but Rosa won’t let up. Rosa brings Deonna over to a corner, and puts the trash can around her! The fans cheer as Rosa stomps away on Deonna! Deonna sits down, Rosa grabs the table and she brings that around. The fans cheer as it’s finally set up!

Rosa SMACKS the can with the chain! Then Rosa finishes setting the table up, to use it as a ramp! FLYING SHOTGUN into the trash can!! The fans are thunderous for that unique use of a table, and then Rosa covers Deonna, TWO!?!? Deonna survives the savage innovation, but Rosa won’t give up just yet. Rosa completely stands the table up now, but Deonna has a chair! She slide sit at Rosa, the table falls over, but Rosa JAMS Deonna up with it! Rosa reels Deonna in, underhooks, but Deonna fights the package to wrench out! Deonna reels Rosa in, for a KNEELING PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!!! Rosa lives and Deonna is stunned!

Deonna clamps onto the arm, FUJIWARA! Rosa reaches out, but ends up in the VENUS DE MILO!!! Rosa reaches with her legs, but Deonna HAMMERS away on her head! Deonna rolls past Rosa to then look around on the outside. She LOW BLOWS a staff member!? Just to CLOBBER Rosa with his camera!!! Deonna shows no mercy to anyone, and she puts Rosa in the ropes! MOTORCYCLE STRETCH IN THE ROPES! Rosa’s out cold, Deonna wins!!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by referee stoppage

That camera shot might as well have been a knockout! But Deonna still gets the win either way. Is Deonna going to move on from Rosa once and for all to then go after a title? Or will Rosa’s revenge not die with one loss?


Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Dalton Castle

Now this is a unique match-up! The Alchemist of Lucha is taking on The Peacock, and… wait are those The Outrunners being Castle’s substitute Boys? Well, uh, Turbo & Truth aside, will Castle be too hot to handle even for the man that summons fire? Or will Hechicero turn this Forbidden Door appetizer into sweet, sweet victory?

The bell rings and the fans fire up as these two get face to face. Hechi shoves Castle, Castle gets serious. They feel things out, tie up, and Hechi facelocks. Castle still powers Hechi to ropes, the ref calls the break, and the two let off clean. Castle gets fired up and eggs Hechi on. Hechi CHOPS, so Castle UPPERCUTS! They fire back and forth, CHOP for forearm, then Castle fires off a flurry! Castle runs, but HEchi follows to CROSSBODY! Hechi slips right into a SLEEPER at the ropes! Hechi shoves Castle away, goes up, and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Hechi kicks Castle around and eggs him on.

Hechi CLUBS away on Castle, runs, but Castle wrenches to LARIAT, KNEE, and DDT! The fans fire up as Castle gets a wild look in the eyes. Castle clamps on a half nelson, then CLUBS away on Hechi to get him up. Hechi fights with elbows of his own, but runs into an Alabama Lift! Castle spins, BANGAAA- NO, Hechi slips free, pops Castle up, and has the COBRA CLUTCH STRAITJACKET! Castle flails, pushes back to a cover, TWO! Hechi keeps the body scissors, wants the rear naked choke but Castle rolls. Hechi drags Castle up but Castle arm-drags free! Hechi BOOTS back, swings, but Castle blocks to ELBOW!

Castle snarls, runs, but Hechi follows to LARIAT in the corner! Hechi fires fast hands and a CHOP! Castle sits down, Kaun & Liona like what they see. Hechi powers up but runs into a clinch! EXPLODER! Castle and Hechi both rise, and the fans fire up with Castle! Hechi swings, but into another lift! Hechi sunset flips, TWO!! Castle just manages to escape, and he BOOTS Hechi! Hechi goes to a corner, Castle runs in but Hechi dodge! SHINING WIZARD! Hechi keeps going, LA MYSTICA LEG DROP! Cover, Hechi wins!

Winner: Hechicero, by pinfall

That was some in-ring magic for sure! The Gates of Agony celebrate with their new ally, will they and The Machine, Brian Cage, soon take over AEW and CMLL? But then Hechi beats up on Castle, puts him in a corner, and Liona HIP ATTACKS! Kaun METEORAS! The fans boo, but The Outrunners run in! Only to get CLOBBERED by The Gates… Hechi then feeds Castle to the Gates for the LARIAT SANDWICH! And they CLOSE- NO! Daniel Garcia hurries out here, with a chair! He and Daddy Magic have Castle’s back as they run off Hechi & The Gates! Will even The Alchemist of Lucha fear Red Death?


Backstage interview with Dante Martin.

Arkady Aura is with Angel Dorado, as well as his teammates, Darius Martin & Action Andretti. She brings up Dante facing Lee Moriarty in the TNT Championship qualifier. However, everyone else is banned from ringside. Dante says that’s fine, because Top Flight is about friendly competition. He remembers a time when Lee Moriarty was once about that. Darius asks if Dante is running. He’s not. Is he scared? He’s not. Because this is one of the best high-fliers today! High-flying and redeye-ing! Action promises that at Forbidden Door, Dante will be the NEW TNT Champion! But in steps Lio Rush. He says what’s up, long time no see. Good to see he has some new friends.

Not sure if any of them knew this or not, but Lio and Action go way back. That’s true. So as far as Darius, nice to finally meet you. Darius knows who Lio is, and won’t shake his hand. Okay, that’s fine. Just wanted to wish Dante luck tonight. Maybe see them around. Lio heads out, Action says yeah, great seeing him again. Top Flight heads out, but will Dante book him and the boys some golden tickets to Long Island? Or will #TAIGASTYLE make sure Shane Taylor Promotions takes over New York?


The Patriarchy is in the ring.

And “Mother” Shayna Wayne asks for everyone’s attention. They boo her? They boo a mother?! How dare you! Shayna demands they all get on their feet right now and pay respect to “the greatest father to ever live,” THEIR Patriarch, Christian Cage. And with that, Captain Charisma makes his way out here. Christian takes the mic and sits in the fancy chair they have for him. “Well, I didn’t exactly have ‘spending the most important holiday of the year’ in The Rust Belt, but here we are.” The fans boo but Christian says Youngstown needs to sit down and shut their mouths while he conducts his business.

Now, he’d be remised if he didn’t acknowledge what today is. Today is the anniversary of his son, Nick Wayne’s biological father passing away. Christian says that can affect a child many different ways. You might wonder why the universe can be so cool. But in a strange way, Nick’s father dying was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to him, because it led him to Christian Cage. The fans boo but Christian says this veiled picture must of course be a gift for him. Did Nick commission this? Nick even has a card! Christian opens it up, and it says Happy Father’s Day. A homemade card from the heart? Should he read it?

“To Dad, You are the greatest TNT Champion in history,m and I can only dream of having half your tlanet, but I will keep striving to prove my worth. Love, Nick.” How thoughtful, Christian appreciates that. And uh, can we unveil the portrait now? Of course! The curtain is taken away, and it’s a failry impressive painting. Did Luchasaurus do this himself? Wow. Then uh, this is… Okay. But Nick’s card is unbelievable! He’s a wordsmith! It’s popping off the paeg! Christian has never been prouder, he will cherish this forever. And uh, Killswitch- The fans chant “LUCHASAURUS!” but he says shut up, he’s Killswitch! Killswitch, why can’t you be more like Nick?

Luchasaurus storms off! The fans cheer but Christian says he wasn’t excused! Get back in line! Christian has something important to say and everyone will want to hear this. Luchasaurus reluctantly stands back by the chair, and Christian says that’s a good looking guy in the picture either way. Now, it is no secret that Double Or Nothing was a couple weeks ago. And Christian clearly fell short in his quest to become AEW World Champion. But what you might not realize is that there is alternate footage clearly showing his shoulder was up! The EVPs want to do the right thing and show this footage, but he politely asked not to show it.

This family does not make excuses here! They just roll up their sleeves and get back to work! Christian vows to one day be World Champion, and that path starts with winning the Trios Championships! That’s right! Christian’s gift to his “sons” is that they will hold titles together. The fans still chant for Luchasaurus but Christian tells them to shut up! Now yes, it is uncommon for the father to give a gift to his children on Father’s Day, but that is what a good father would do. He would give anything to make his children smile. Hey, even Tony Khan’s dad gave him millions upon millions of dollars to start this company!

But here’s the thing, Tony Khan, this very instant, Christian Cage says this is HIS company! He is the greatest, most talked about and influential star in this sport! He will win every accolade until he goes down as THE greatest in history! So Tony, Christian is your father now. They are The Patriarchy, the next Trios Champions, the Faces of TNT, now and forever! Captain Charisma has spoken, but will his declaration become reality?


The Bang Bang Gang speaks.

Juice Robinson says it is the one-year anniversary of Collision, and they are the Collision Cowboys, the men who built this brick by brick! Juice broke his back carrying this place! Colten says that as such, they hold a lot of gold. There are a lot of teams gunning for them, but they can’t handle the pressure. House of Black tonight, and now The Patriarchy wants a shot? Yeah, it’s Father’s Day, but you don’t get special privilege. Get in line! Austin adds that House of Black, they’re not sure what’s going on, maybe they’ve been in the dark too long, but open your eyes, dilate the pupils, and uh, notice that Jay White isn’t here.

Tonight is NOT for the titles, but tonight is about proving whether or not if you can hang with the OGs! And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya: GUNS UP!


TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lee Moriarty VS Dante Martin!

As we heard from Dante, these two used to be friends, but ambition seems to have given #TAIGASTYLE a bit of a salty edge. Will Lee use that edge to clip Angel Dorado’s wings? Or will Dante prove that he not only does things the right way, but can win at the same time?

The bell rings, the fans rally as the two circle, and then Lee goes for a leg. Dante steps over, trips Lee, then speeds up. Lee drops, hurdles, but Dante stops to hurdle and drop. Lee handsprings, then shimmies and shakes. The fans cheer and the two reset. Dante and Lee feel things out, and the fans are behind Dante. Lee gives a testing kick, then the two knuckle lock. Lee wrenches, trips Dante, then GROUND DRAGON SCREWS! The fans are torn, but Lee drags Dante around by the leg< Dante kicks free, reaches up, and RANAS! The fans fire up, Dante speeds up, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then jumps to RANA again!

Lee flounders, Dante stays by ropes,. Lee runs up, Dante goes up and over! Lee tumbles out of the ring, Dante builds speed! Dante FLIES, but lands safe as Lee moves aside! Lee thinks he’s safe, but then Dante uses the corner to DROPKICK Lee down! Dante copies the shimmy and then drags Lee up. Dante CHOPS Lee against the railing! The fans fire up for that one, and Dante puts Lee in the ring. Dante then jumps right up to the apron, springboards, but Lee trips him up! Dante tumbles back down and Lee grins. Lee claps and the fans applaud, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Lee waits on Dante, and Dante slides back in. Lee stomps Dante at the ropes again and again and again! Dante writhes, Lee drags him up, then KNEES low. Lee fires m ore knees, then shoves Dante to RAM into him. Lee reels Dante in to HALF HATCH! Roll back and cover, TWO! Lee keeps on Dante with a hammerlock, then traps that arm to go after the other. Dante endures, even as Lee pushes on the arm. Lee twists the fingers and wrist to bend the arm, and then use it as a recliner! Dante endures as Lee gives a thumbs up. Lee then sits back up, to stomp the arm down! Dante writhes, Lee stomps him around, then Lee drags Dante up.

Lee fires more knees into Dante, shoves him, but Dante leaps up and over to sunset flip! TWO, and Lee ROCKS Dante with fast hands! Dante blocks a kick but not the KNEE! Dante sits down, Lee basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Lee is annoyed but he clamps onto the arm again. Dante endures, Lee bends the fingers and wrist, to JAM the fingers into the mat! Dante still endures, but Lee clamps on, chinbars, and pushes on the joint. The fans rally, Dante fights, but Lee throws knees to keep him down. Lee pulls on the chinbar but Dante powers up. Collision returns to single picture, and the fans rally as Dante pries free!

Dante arm-drags Lee away, Lee runs up, but Dante BOOTS him! ROLLING ELBOW! Dante ROCKS Lee again, whips, but the bad arm jams up! Lee whips Dante away, runs up, but Dante slips to the outside! Dante ROCKS Lee, springboards to go up and around, but Lee grabs a leg. Dante kicks him away, jumps again and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Lee survives but Dante stays focused. The fans fire up with Dante as he rises, and Dante reels Lee in. Lee fights the half nelson, so Dante CLUBS away! Lee wrenches free of the waistlock, brings Dante to a knee, and he SNAPS the fingers! What a villain!

Lee gets Dante’s arms tired up, clinches, YOYO URENAGE! Into the BORDER CITY STRETCH!! Dante endures, reaches out, and he crawls with the one free arm! Lee kicks at that arm, but Dante uses a leg for the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer as Lee lets off, and then Lee brings Dante up! Lee suplexes into a SLAM, then covers, TWO!! Dante escapes that deep tuck and Lee is frustrated. Lee kicks at Dante while they’re both down, then Lee rises up. Lee aims, Dante rises, and Lee runs up, but Dante ducks the kick! JUMP KNEE! Lee wobbles, but he BOOTS back! Lee runs up, into a KNEE from Dante!

Dante goes up, METEORA! Lee is down and the fans fire up as Dante climbs a corner! MAMBA SPLASH!! Cover, Dante wins!

Winner: Dante Martin, by pinfall (advances to Forbidden Door)

And with that, the fourth spot is filled! Dante joins Mark Briscoe, Konosuke Takeshita & Jack Perry, but wait! Shane Taylor & Anthony Ogogo show up to mug Dante! The fans boo as STP are sore losers! BODY SHOT from Ogogo! But here come Darius & Action! They fight with STP but that’s 3v2! Shane DECKS Darius, Ogogo GERMAN SUPLEXES Action! URENAGE for Darius! The fans boo more but STP doesn’t care. Lio Rush hurries out here, he asks what this is all about. Shane dares Lio to bring his little ass in here! Lio does, and he slips under Shane to shove Ogogo into him! Then he schoolboys Ogogo to SPIN KICK!

Shane whips Lio but Lio stops himself at the ropes! Lio eggs Shane on, then DUMPS him out! Lee runs up but Lio TOSSES Him out, and HANDSPRING KICKS Lee into Shane! Lio stands tall with Top Flight, and refs hurry out to stop this from getting any wilder. Will Shane Taylor make sure Lio meets his final hour soon enough? As for Dante and Top Flight, they nod respect to Lio, but still no handshakes. Will Lio just have to give them all time to trust him?


Hikaru Shida speaks.

“I have been in AEW since day one. I am a three-time world champion. I am the longest reigning AEW Women’s World Champion. And I am officially entering the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. That tournament needs me. And Wembley Stadium needs me! And the Shining Samurai will go to Wembley Stadium to once again become Women’s Champion.” Will Shida shine all the way through the Summer to then go All In on an incredible fourth Women’s World Championship reign?


Kyle O’Reilly VS Anthony Henry!

The Violent Artist has been trying to do things on his own, but even now, Roderick Strong & The Kingdom tag along. They’re on commentary for this match, and BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite! It will be an “All-Star 8 Man” as Roderick Strong joins forces with Kyle Fletcher, Konosuke Takeshita and Zack Sabre Jr. VS Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin & Mark Briscoe. Will the Savior of the Backbreaker still be able to support his “friend” here tonight knowing that now? Or will Roddy find himself rooting for the other guy?

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel things out, and tie up. Henry powers Kyle back but Kyle turns that around. They go around and around, Kyle waistlocks but Henry switches. Kyle switches and drags Henry down Henry blocks one kick but has to duck the other! The fans cheer as Henry backs off, and the two reset. Kyle and Henry feel things out, knuckle lock, and go shoulder to shoulder. They go around, Henry throws Kyle down but Kyle has the leg guard up. Kyle kicks one knuckle lock apart to trip Henry up. Henry uses a leg guard now, but Kyle stands. Henry uses body scissors to climb up and go for the arm!

Kyle moves around, back drops and ARMBAR! Henry scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Kyle lets go, KICKS at Henry, then wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! This relentless Kyle is the kind Roddy likes. Kyle wrenches, whips, but Henry holds ropes! Kyle KICKS the leg, then hooks it. Henry turns that around to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Henry traps Kyle’s head to NECK TWIST! Henry holds on, grabs an arm, then gives some kicks. Kyle just gets mad! The fans rally for Kyle and Roddy also coaches Kyle. Kyle stands, Henry KICKS, but Kyle ROCKS Henry. They fire off forearms, henry fires a strike fest!

Kyle blocks a kick, gives a strike fest in return, then SWEEPS the legs! The fans fire up as Henry flounders to a corner. Kyle runs up to forearm SMASH! Then wrench and ELOBW BREAKER, to a KNEE, to a suplex and FALCON ARROW into the ARMBAR! Henry TAPS, Kyle wins!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by submission

Roddy says that’s because of his presence! Roddy says Kyle is clearly missing something, or someone, to help him get that edge. Will Kyle show Roddy plenty of that “edge” this Wednesday?


Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS The House of Black!

We heard from Rock Hard Juice Robinson, Fully Cocked Colten, and… Austin earlier tonight, but now is time to put up or shut up! Malakai, Brody & Buddy have been World Trios Champions before, but will they get one step closer to becoming Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions? Or will the House fold when facing the Collision Cowboys in their house?

The trios sort out, but then they all step to each other. The fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” but we get Juice and The Dark Father. Juice and Malakai circle, then tie up. Malakai headlocks, Juice powers out but Malakai runs him over! Cover, ONE and Juice arm-drags! Malakai headscissors, Juice kips free, but Malakai avoids the arm-drag to sit down. The fans fire up, so Juice lifts a leg a la dogs. Malakai stands up to KICK Juice down! Juice scrambles away, Austin tags in. Austin is all fired up, but then Brody tags in! Austin turns around and tags Colten! Colten says that’s fine, he can bark it up. Brody swings, Colten bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS-

Er, well, no, Brody doesn’t seem too bothered. Brody runs Colten over, he runs Austin over, then runs them both over! The Gunns stagger up, Brody runs up to DOUBLE LRIAT them out! Juice runs in but Brody TOSSES him out onto The Gunns! The fans fire up as The House stands together, they all build speed, but the Bang Bang Gang gets in to say BANG! So the House DECKS them all! The House tosses everyone out and the brawl is on as Collision goes picture in picture!

Brody is after Juice, Malakai TOSSES Austin, and Buddy CHOPS Colten. Malakai BOOTS Austin into the crowd! Brody sits Juice in a corner to CHOP! Malakai joins in to mug Juice, and Buddy KNEES Colten. Brody brings Juice around to whip hard into railing! Austin returns but Malakai KNEES him down. Brody CLUBS Austin, the fans fire up, and Brody CHOPS Austin. Buddy brings Colten over to join in, and he UPPERCUTS Colten into a seat. Brody herds Austin and Juice that way, the Bang Bang Gang all take seats, and Malakai KICKS away on them all! The fans hoot and bark with Brody as he runs in, to TRIPLE CROSSBODY!

The fans cheer and high-five Brody as The Bang Bang Gang all slumps down. Brody drags Colten up to put him in, and then stalks Colten to his empty corner. Brody grins at Colten’s fear, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns again and Buddy tags Malakai. They mug Colten, then Malakai wrenches to tag Buddy. Buddy climbs up to DOUBLE STOMP Colten’s arm! Buddy taunts Austin, goes back to Colten and wrenches. Tag to Malakai and he KNEES the arm! Malakai wrenches but Colten throws him down by his hair! Tag to Austin and Austin stomps away on Malakai! The ref counts, Austin lets off, but Malakai BOOTS him! Austin runs up to CLOBBER Malakai! Austin throws hands, then tags in Colten. They whip Malakai, to BODY SHOT, KNEE LIFT, and DROPKICK! Juice tags in to SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Juice stands on Malakai, the Gunns YANK Buddy & Brody down! Juice whips Malakai hard into the corner! Juice stomps away on Malakai, argues with the ref, then drags Malakai back up. Juice snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Malakai is still in this and Juice is frustrated. Juice stands Malakai up to bump him off buckles, then he tags Austin in. They mug Malakai, Austin asks “Who’s the Ass Boy now?” “YOU!!” Austin frowns, then fires hands on Malakai. Tag to Colten, he stomps away on Malakai. The ref counts, Colten ROCKS Malakai but the fans rally up. Juice tags in, he stomps at Malakai, then eggs him on.

Juice HEADBUTTS, but Malakai ROCKS Juice, DECKS the Gunns, then fires off on Juice! Juice blocks a kick, to LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Malakai is still in this and Juice is upset with the ref’s count! Juice clamps onto Malakai for a chinlock but Malakai endures. Malakai fights up as the fans rally, and Malakai KICKS the bad leg! Juice THROAT CHOPS back! Malakai falls into a corner, Juice goes corner to corner, CANNONBALL only gets buckles! Malakai crawls, as does Juice, hot tag to Colten! He CLOBBERS Malakai, then whips him away. Colten runs up, but only gets buckles! Austin tags in, grabs Malakai’s foot, but Malakai BOOTS him into Colten!

Hot tag to Buddy! The fans fire up as the Aussie Juggernaut fires off strikes and a BOOT to Austin! POP-UP KNEE for Colten! Austin runs up, into a tilt-o-whirl and LAWN DART into Colten! Buddy reels Austin in for the JACKHAMMER! Cover, Juice breaks it! The fans boo but Juice hurries to BLAST Brody! Juice goes back to Buddy to whip, but Buddy lands safe on the apron! Buddy GAMANGIRIS Juice, bumps him off buckles, then BOOTS him away! Buddy goes up, Juice staggers around, into the METEORA! Cover, TWO! Buddy’s bad knee is bothering him, but he hobbles up to tag in Brody. Brody storms in and the fans fire up as we go picture in picture again.

Buddy has medics check his knee, he may have taken himself out when he hit Juice. Brody does his best to focus on the match, and he puts Austin in a corner. Buddy is in some serious pain, though. Brody runs up to CLOBBER Austin in the corner! Brody hoots and barks and gets the fans back into this. Brody roars, runs, but Colten saves his brother! The Bang Bang Gang regroups on the outside, the medics are still checking on Buddy but it isn’t looking good. This is basically 3v2 now. Juice & The Gunns strategize, knowing they have the advantage now. The ref has Bang Bang Gang settle down a minute while Buddy is helped to the back.

The fans applaud as Buddy is doing his best to walk on the good leg, and Collision returns to single picture. But the Gunns jump on Brody, they and Juice mug him, and Malakai tries to help but is sent back out! The fans chant “YOU SUCK!” but the Bang Bang Gang doesn’t care! Tag to Colten and he stomps away on Brody. The ref counts, Colten tags Austin back in, and now Austin stomps Brody. Tag to Juice, he gets some stomps in! The fans still taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” but Juice blows boogers onto Brody! Then Juice CANNONBALLS! Direct hit and Juice covers, TWO! Brody stays in this and the fans fire up!

Austin tags in, then he tags Colten. The Gunns get Brody up, whip him to ropes, but Brody denies the 3:10 with a LARIAT! And another LARIAT! Juice runs up, but into a BOSS MAN SLAM! Brody is down and the fans fire up! Brody crawls, the fans hoot and bark, hot tag to Malakai! Malakai breaks through Colten’s lariat to BOOT Austin! Malakai dodges Colten, DECKS Austin, then ELBOWS Colten! A strike fest and a LEG SEWEP for Austin! SLIDING KNEE! The fans fire up, but Juice takes the QUEBRADA for Colten! Malakai still ROUNDHOUSES Colten and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Malakai snarls and the fans fire up! Colten rises, distracts the ref with talk of injury, and Juice grabs a leg! Malakai kicks Juice away, but Colten runs up, FLYING FOREARM! Cover, TWO!! Colten’s shot doesn’t finish this but he tags to Austin. The Gunns get Malakai up, double whip, 3:10- NO, Malakai BOOTS Colten, BOOTS Austin, but Juice HOTSHOTS! FAMOUSER from Austin! Cover, TWO!! Malakai survives and Austin is stunned! The Gunns reload, call their shot, and they coordinate with Juice! Juice goes up, but Brody is back! The Gunns dodge him, 3:10 TO YUMA!!! But they have to get Malakai down!

Austin turns Malakai, Juice finally aims, but PAC is here?! The Bastard spooks Juice, trips him up, then flips off Austin! Austin swings on Pac, but turns around into THE END!!! Cover, The House wins!!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

The Bastard told The Bang Bang Gang that he was not going to let what they did to Death Triangle slide! The House still gets the win, even with Buddy going down with a bad knee. But then The Patriarchy has to come in via the tron to ruin all the fun. Christian Cage says congratulations to The House. Congratulations on becoming the #1 contenders to the World Trios Championships. The only problem is, they’re not a trio anymore. The Patriarchy reveals they took out Buddy!! The Patriarchy leaves Buddy down and out, right as Malakai & Brody rush to the back! Will Christian Cage stoop to new lows just so he and his “sons” can rise up the ranks?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision for the anniversary episode, and I appreciate it was more rock, less talk. The only real talky stuff was everything Christian Cage did, but even that wasn’t so bad because he didn’t take forever getting to the point. He takes credit for all the good Collision content, heavily favors Nick Wayne over Killswitchasaurus, and then tries to hide his failure at Double Or Nothing by going for the trios titles, which he can totally just use Nick and Luchasaurus to win for him when the time comes. Really good promo from Bang Bang Gang in response, and great main event between Bang Bang Gang and House of Black.

If Buddy isn’t actually hurt, he was doing amazing acting tonight. And with how Christian “attacked” Buddy, it seems the story is the same either way: The House will need a new third man to challenge Jay White & The Gunns. Pac showed up to stick it to the Bang Bang Gang, so maybe The Bastard becomes an honorary member of The House of Black just to take the titles. And honestly, what better feud than Christian “Greatest Father Ever” Cage and “The Bastard” Pac, with how “bastard” also has the old definition of “a fatherless child.” And honestly, when is Luchasaurus going to break away from Christian? Should happen during the trios title match.

Really good 8 Man Tag, but I should’ve figured BCC would win, and that Moxley would again tell Naito that he’s done after Forbidden Door. It’s the same thing he’s been saying all week since Dominion last Sunday, he’ll probably keep saying it for those who weren’t paying attention, and I am starting to think that’s just because he’s going to lose in Long Island so Naito can have finish his last run with the world title. And good integration as Lio says hey to Dante before Dante has his match with Lee. Great win for Dante, and I figured he would because you need a true high-flyer in a ladder match. Lio helping fight off Shane Taylor Promotions is also interesting, can’t wait to see which way this splits. Could someone be leaving Top Flight to join STP?

Kyle VS Henry was a strange filler-not-filler, because at least we got the news of an 8 Man Tag happening for Dynamite. It’ll be a great match, with some Forbidden Door build involved as Cassidy will be facing Zack Sabre Jr. and now we’ll be seeing Mark Briscoe, Dante Martin, and Konosuke Takeshita in the ladder match. With that, feels like one of the Kyles takes a loss. Either Roddy purposefully costs O’Reilly or accidentally costs Fletcher. I’m thinking the former so that Roddy can insist O’Reilly still needs him to be relevant. Then they can take that feud through the Summer, maybe even into the Men’s Owen Hart Cup.

Really good promo from Shida, and she’ll be a great part of the Women’s Owen Hart Cup. Probably won’t win it, though, with the potential story of Mariah May challenging Toni Storm, or with Willow looking to go back-to-back. Very good match from Hechicero VS Dalton Castle, and it was a rather clever move that The Outrunners were the pseudo-boys that failed to save Castle while Garcia & Menard succeeded. Add Angelo Parker to that and you’ve got an 8 Man Tag right there of Garcia, Menard, Parker & Castle VS Hechicero & The Cage of Agony. Very good No DQ match from Deonna VS Rosa, but as I said earlier in the week, I figured Deonna would win. She’s a Heel, the current champions are Faces, she will make a good challenger to maybe the TBS Championship for All In.

And a great promo from The Acclaimed to call out The Bucks for their continued abuses of power. Cutler being the scrub that takes beatings on behalf of The EVPs is a pretty silly recurring gag, but Daniels getting in on the fun was good stuff. The Acclaimed surely do find a way to win the Title Eliminator in order to force a title match that The Bucks probably cheat to win. This probably still leads to Acclaimed helping Swerve for Blood & Guts, as I sensed on Wednesday.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/14/24)

Toni Storm is on a Rampage!



The Leading Lady “rehearses” for The Forbidden Door.

The AEW Women’s World Champion knows Mina Shirakawa wants her spotlight, but Toni Storm must first test her mettle against “Titanium” Alex Windsor!


  • Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor; Storm wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez; The Cage of Agony wins.
  • Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino; Shota wins.
  • Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo; Satnam wins.
  • PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; Pac wins.


Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor!

The Leading Lady knows her beloved, budding protege’s past partner is coming for her prized possession, but she is looking to send a message tonight. Will Mina Shirakawa hear that message loud and clear? Or will Titanium Alex be nobody’s tune-up?

Speaking of, Alex doesn’t even wait for the bell, she goes after Toni the moment she’s in a corner! The fans boo but the bell rings and the ref reprimands. Alex fires off haymakers on Storm, then bumps her off buckles. Windsor soaks up the heat, whips Storm back in, then runs up to CHOP! Windsor soaks up more heat, then runs back in, but into a THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fast hands, then fires up! The fans are with her and Storm gives Windsor a point-blank HIP ATTACK! And then another! And then another! Storm winds up, the fans fire up, and BOOM, another hip attack! Windsor tumbles out while the fans cheer.

Storm runs side to side to HIP ATTACK Windsor off the apron! Storm calls Mariah over, nuzzles her, then goes after Windsor. Storm CLUBS Windsor, drags her up, then reels her in. Windsor fights the suplex, throws body shots, and then swings, but Storm DECKS her first! Storm goes to the ring but Windsor gets her for a wheelbarrow! Windsor SMASHES Storm off the apron! Windsor KICKS Storm, gets her back up, and hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Storm flounders, Mariah is concerned but Windsor gets in her way. Windsor CLUBS Storm, HAMMERS away, then soaks up the heat. Windsor slides into the ring and Mariah checks on Storm.

Windsor taunts Storm, then goes back out to fetch her. But now Luther stands in Windsor’s way to keep her from getting at Mariah. Windsor drags Storm up, whips her, and POSTS her! Storm staggers around, Windsor runs up to CLUB her again, then throws body shots! Windsor CLUBS Storm, soaks up more heat, but Storm RAMS Windsor into barriers! The fans fire up as Storm rolls into the ring. The fans rally as Windsor drags Storm to a corner, to SLAM the legs into the post! And again! And again! And again! The ref reprimands, but Windsor YANKS Storm out to CLUB her down. Windsor rolls into the ring while fans rally behind Storm.

Luther & Mariah check on Storm, but Windsor goes out again. Luther says to stay back, but Windsor SHOVES Luther into Mariah, which sends Mariah into Storm! The fans boo but Windsor stomps away on Storm, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Windsor drags Storm up and ROCKS her with a forearm! Storm sputters and staggers around the way, but Windsor stalks after her. Windsor has Storm against barriers to CLAW the eyes! Windsor puts Storm in the ring, drags her to a cover, TWO! Storm is tougher than that, and Mariah scowls at Windsor. Windsor fires forearms on Storm, ROCKS her, then whips Storm to ropes to run her over! Cover, TWO! Windsor grows frustrated but she drags Storm up for a cravat. Storm endures the neck wrench, but Windsor throws in knee after knee!  Storm throws body shots but Windsor whips her to a corner.

Windsor runs in but Storm dodges! Rampage returns to single picture as Storm blocks boots, puts Windsor in ropes and hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Windsor writhes, Storm goes to the far end, and the fans fire up for the close up! Storm runs in to SWEET HIP MUSIC! And then the fisherman SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Storm storms around. She drags Windsor up and reels her in, but Windsor wrenches out to HEADBUTT! Storm HEADBUTTS back! Storm runs, but Windsor clothesline at ropes! And again! And then a RIGHT ANGLE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Storm survives and the fans rally up!

Windsor drags Storm up but Storm drags her into a cradle! TWO, SHINING WINDSOR! Cover, TWO!! The fans rally for Storm again but Windsor snarls. Windsor storms up on Storm, drags her up, short arm- NO, Storm dodges the lariat, runs, and smothers the pop-up to STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Storm breaks through Iron Will Windsor, and revels in the praise of her adoring public. She also holds Mariah close, but will she still have both once she passes through The Forbidden Door? Or will the Fighting Gravure Idol steal more than just the spotlight?


Backstage interview with Harley Cameron.

Arkady Aura is with The Outcasts’ crazier component, and says she’s a bit surprised to see Harley without Saraya, considering the big win last week. Yeah, yeah, who cares? Saraya is not here as a form of protest! All these women are all declaring for the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament. Oh~, declaring~! What are we? Royal subjects? Oh, a royal decree from the king! Or maybe we’re more old Southern women, “Oh, I do declare!” The only one who should be declaring anything is Saraya. Because the winner gets a world title shot at All In. And who was it that won last year at Wembley Stadium? Saraya! What a declaration!

And with that said, Saraya’s done it before, and she will do it again. And now Harley declares this interview over, goodbye. Then from Harley’s mouth to the world’s ears, will Saraya make sure she is the one crowned the 2024 Queen of Harts before crowning herself champion once again?


AEW hears from Thunder Rosa and Deonna Purrazzo.

La Mera Mera tells “Deonna, you might’ve been a little bit busy, but there were some flashing news. Saturday is the one-year anniversary of Collision. And as a tradition, Thunder Rosa always likes to pick a fight. And who else than you?” But The Virtuosa asks back, what does Rosa not understand here? Rosa’s selfishness has forced Deonna to embrace her own. But La Mera Mera isn’t owed anything. From where Deonna comes from, those who want respect must show respect. And those who refuse get respect beaten into them. Saturday Night Collision, Rosa VS Deonna, NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! And Deonna asks what Rosa thinks happens when her head collides with a chair.

Rosa says nothing will stop her from showing Deonna the real respect of a warrior. No disqualifications, no problems. Happy Anniversary, Collision! But who will celebrate by standing over the other’s battered body?


Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez!

Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona have broken away from Swerve’s House to do things their way. So far, so good, for them. But will their opponents wish it’d been another three sent into The Cage of Agony?

The trios sort out, Tupu starts against Kaun, and the two circle. Liona distracts Tupu and Kaun DROPKICKS Tupu into the corner! Kaun CHOPS, then fires off forearms! The ref counts, Kaun bumps Tupu off buckles to then fire off more forearms. Kaun CHOPS, the ref has him back off, and Kaun runs in. Tupu goes up and over, keeps moving, and Gutierrez tags in. Kaun CLOBBERS Tupu but Gutierrez kicks low! Gutierrez whips but Kaun reverses. Gutierrez ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Liona sneaks a tag. Gutierrez hurdles but turns around into a BOOT! Liona CLOBBERS Gutierrez! Liona looms over Gutierrez, drags him up, then BODY SHOTS!

Liona BODY SHOTS again, and again! Gutierrez falls, but Liona drags him up again, to LARIAT! The fans rally as Liona drags Gutierrez over and tags in The Machine. Gutierrez fires haymakers on Liona, but they do nothing! Liona SPINEBUSTERS Gutierrez! Cage smirks, Marston tags in, and Marston ducks ‘n’ dodges, but runs into a BIG back drop! Cage drags Marston up, reels him in, puts one out, an d gives Marston a POWERBOMB! Cage then tags to Kaun, Liona steps in with him. Tupu runs in, dodges The Gates, but Cage SUPERKICKS him! Then the Gates get Tupu up to CLOSE THE GATES!

Cage drags Marston over, and the trio TRIPLE SLAMS him! Kaun covers, The Cage of Agony wins!

Winners: The Cage of Agony, by pinfall

This dangerous trio is only more dangerous now that they’re the ones in charge! Will they be right on the heels of the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions?


Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino!

It’s another Forbidden Door appetizer as Azucar “welcomes” The Roughneck back to AEW! #SHOOTER has learned a lot from Jon Moxley over the past four years, will he show all those lessons have paid off? Or will Rocky make it clear Shota’s still got a lot to learn?

The bell rings and the two shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship here. The fans cheer, the two tie up, and Shota wrenches to a wristlock. Rocky rolls, slips around, facelocks and cravats. Shota swim moves to wrench and wrangle Rocky to the mat. Rocky stands, Shota wrenches and wristlocks, but Rocky pulls hair. The ref reprimands, but Rocky wrenches through to an IRON OCTOPUS! Shota endures, powers out and throws Rocky down. Shota has the toehold, then digs a knee into the knee. Rocky turns over, stands up, clinches, and they end up on ropes. The ref counts, Rocky slowly lets off, and then CHOPS!

Shota just stares Rocky down! The fans fire up, and Shota winds up to CHOPS! Rocky staggers and sputters, Shota fires forearms! Shota spins, Rocky ducks the elbow, but runs into a scoop and DROP! Then a basement dropkick! The fans cheer and Shota does a dance similar to Mercedes Mone’s! Shota stomps Rocky around, CLUBS him, then stalks him to ropes. Shota CLUBS Rocky again, but Rocky grits his teeth. Shota ROCKS Rocky against ropes, then has him in a corner. Shota stomps and UPPERCUTS, then he stalks Rocky. Shota stomps Rocky, UPPERCUTS again, then whips to ropes. Rocky holds ropes to BOOT back!

Shota runs up but Rocky DUMPS Shota out! Rocky builds speed and DIVES! Shota’s head hits the desk and the ref checks him out while Rampage goes picture in picture.

It seems Shota is okay so the ref goes back to the ring. Rocky stands, fires up, and gives us some Latino Heat. Rocky puts Shota in the ring, drops a knee into the back, then stomps Shota before dropping a knee on the chest! Cover, TWO! Shota toughs it out but Rocky drags him up. Rocky KICKS the bad arm, wrenches it, then hits an ELBOW BREAKER! Shota goes to ropes, Rocky puts him through ropes, to KICK again! Rocky goes up a corner, gives some more Latino Heat, then MISSILE DROPKICKS! Shota flounders, Rocky covers, TWO! Rocky argues the count but the count was fair, so Rocky clamps onto Shota with a cobra clutch!

Rocky thrashes Shota around but Shota endures. Shota fights up, throws elbows, but Rocky CLUBS him on the back. Rocky TOSSES Shota out, then aims from the apron! CROSSBODY, but Shota catches him! Shota pops Rocky up but Rocky slips free, so Shota SHOTGUNS him down! Both men are on the floor on the outside and the fans rally up. Shota rises up, fetches Rocky, and puts him in the ring. But Rocky DROPKICKS Shota back! Shota is down in the corner and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Rocky clotheslines Shota in a corner! Rocky keeps going, and clotheslines again! Then he keeps going, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! The fans fire up and Shota pounds the mat. The fans rally behind Shota and he aims at Rocky at the ropes. Slingshot, APRON DDT! The fans fire up again as Rocky flops to the floor! Shota puts Rocky in, then goes up a corner. Shota aims as Rocky flounders, MISSILE DROPKICK! Shota hurries to clinch, EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Rocky survives but Shota stays focused. Shota waits on Rocky to rise up, then runs in, IGNIT- NO, Rocky makes it a backslide!

Shota rolls through the cover, blocks a kick, ducks the enzigiri, but not the REWIND HEEL! Shota staggers to a corner, Rocky runs in. Shota dodges, runs in, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! Rocky goes up and up and TORNADO DDTS! Rocky pounds the mat, the fans rally behind him now, and he aims from a corner. Shota rises, Rocky runs in, SLICED BREAD!! Cover, TWO!! Shota survives and Rocky roars! The fans are torn as Rocky drags Shota up. Rocky fires forearms, but Shota just eggs him on! The fans like that, so Rocky fires more forearms! Shota roars, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! And cravat, for the SLICED- NO, Shota poops free!

Shota POP-KNEES, then IGNITION!! Cover, TWO!! Rocky survives but Shota takes aim from the corner now! A shoutout to Ospreay here with his BLAZE BLADE!! And then PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Shota wins!

Winner: Shota Umino, by pinfall

The Roughneck does indeed prove that what he learned from his senpai, his upperclassmen, have indeed made him into a great wrestler! But will he become one of the greatest wrestlers as he continues to battle all around the world?


Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo!

The One in a Billion is a big, big man, but he still has a lot to prove if he wants to be the best of the best. Will he finally start building on a win streak? Or will Rosario overcome this mountain of a man?

The bell rings, and Satnam offers a handshake? Rosario takes it, but Satnam won’t let go! Rosario kicks and kicks and CHPOS and CHOPS, but Satnam’s grip is too strong! And speaking of, he grabs Rosario by the neck, to PO-UP BEARHUG!! Satnam ragdolls Rosario! Rosario is OUT, Satnam wins!

Winner: Satnam Singh, by pinfall

Satnam TOSSES Rosario aside, having made quick work of the mere mortal. Sonjay Dutt gets in the ring with a mic to say, “Hey hey hey hey hey! Bubba (Jay Lethal), tell ’em, what’re you gonna do?” Lethal takes the mic to say ladies and gentlemen, Satnam Singh is on a freakin’ roll! Satnam just squashed Grillo in record time, and Lethal is so impressed that not only will he beat his opponent tonight, but he and Sonjay have a little side bet that Lethal can do it even faster than what Satnam just did. Satnam chuckles and Lethal says he’s done waiting! Bring that poor shmuck out here! Did Lethal not read the match card? Lethal’s up against THE BASTARD!!

Fans fire up as Pac makes his entrance out here. Pac already said he was in a bad mood on Dynamite, and surely Lethal taking him lightly isn’t helping things. Will Pac make sure Sonjay wins that side bet with Lethal?

PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh!

The bell rings, Pac dodges Lethal to flying-mare! Pac has the headlock, Lethal puts him in a corner, and the ref counts. Pac lets go but Lethal stomps a mudhole! The ref counts, Lethal stops and walks it off. Sonjay knows he’s already won the side bet but he still wants Lethal to win the match. Lethal tosses Pac out, but Pac lands on the apron. Pac RAMS into Lethal, slingshots up and over, then comes back, only for Lethal to hip toss! Lethal cartwheels but Pac kips up! Pac SUPERKICKS Lethal, Lethal bails out, so Pac runs to FLY! Direct hit and Pac stares through the camera into the souls of the AEW roster!

Pac drags Lethal up, but he’s wary of Satnam. Pac puts Lethal in, goes up, and fans chant “HE’S OUR BASTARD!” Lethal rises, but Sonjay distracts the ref! Pac hops down, BOOTS Lethal, but Satnam trips Pac! And YANKS him out! The ref saw that one! The fans cheer as the ref EJECTS Satnam! Team Triple J is freaking out, but Lethal rains down fists on Pac. The ref counts, Lethal lets off but the fans sing ‘Hey hey hey! Goodbye~!” to Satnam. Lethal whips Pac hard into railing, then RAMS him into the POST! Lethal then runs to DROPKICK Pac down! Sonjay mockingly asks if Pac’s hurt, but the ref tells him to back off!

Lethal tells Sonjay to cool it so he doesn’t get kicked out. Lethal drags Pac up and into the ring while Sonjay mouths off to fans. Lethal drags Pac up, but Pac fires body shots. Lethal TOSSES Pac out, builds speed, and Lethal fakes the dive to Fargo Strut instead. The fans “WOO~” with Lethal and he smiles. Sonjay says Lethal’s the man! Lethal then goes out to fetch Pac, but Pac whips! Lethal reverses, Pac hits steel steps! Sonjay mocks Pac again with a fake apology, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Lethal leaves Pac behind, and he counts along with the ring count. Pac is still down at 5 of 10, but he drags himself up with the apron. Pac flounders in at 8, but Lethal stomps him down! Lethal drags Pac up, bumps him off buckles, then stomps a mudhole. Lethal RAMS Pac into the corner, snapmares him into a chinlock, and he grinds Pac down. Pac endures, pries at the hold, and fights up. The fans rally as Pac breaks free! Pac ROCKS Lethal, CHOPS him, then CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS again! Pac whips Lethal, Lethal reverses then TOSSES Pac out! Lethal wants the ring count again, but that’s just all distraction so Sonjay can stomp away!

The fans boo and try to point Sonjay out, but he scurries away. Lethal gets the ref to finally count, and then joins in. Pac is still down at 5, drags himself over, and Lethal grows anxious. Pac rises up and drags himself in at 9! Lethal runs to ELBOW DROP! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Pac survives by a literal foot but Lethal drops elbow after elbow on that leg! Lethal just keeps going with elbow after elbow, then soaks up some heat before dropping a knee on the knee! Cover, TWO! Pac toughs it out but Lethal covers again, TWO! Lethal argues the count, the ref says it is a fair count, so Lethal drags Pac around by the leg.

Lethal stomps away on Pac’s leg, and Rampage returns to single picture as Lethal steps through. Pac kicks but Lethal blocks that, and now Lethal steps through on that leg. Pac kicks again, Lethal blocks again, but then Pac kicks Lethal away! Lethal comes back, trips Pac, and steps through, but into a cradle counter! TWO!! Lethal escapes, gets around, back suplex! Pac lands out, so Lethal handsprings, but Pac SHOTGUNS Lethal while he’s upside-down! The fans fire up while both men are down! Sonjay coaches Lethal but the fans rally for Pac. A standing count starts, Pac drags himself up with ropes to stand at 5.

Pac storms up, blocks a shot to ROCK Lethal! Pac ROCKS Lethal again and again, then SOBATS! KICKS! SOBATS! Pac runs, to SHOTGUN BOOT! Lethal is dazed and Sonjay is worried as Pac goes up a corner. Pac watches like a hawk, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Lethal stays in this and Sonjay coaches him again. The fans rally for Pac as he watches Lethal rise again. Pac waistlocks but Lethal fights the lift. Lethal trips Pac, powers through, but Pac kicks and kicks and kicks! Lethal lets go, but he KICKS Pac’s leg out! Lethal drags Pac up, for a SHIN BREAKER! Then DRAGON SCREW! Then Lethal steps through, for the FIGURE FOUR!!

Pac endures, Sonjay tells him to quit, but the shoulders are down! ONE as Pac tilts to the side! Pac reaches out for ropes but Lethal thrashes and pulls on that leg! Pac fights over to the ROPEBREAK! Lethal lets go, the ref checks with Pac, but Pac says he’s still in this. Lethal rains down fists, then goes to a corner. The fans boo as Lethal climbs, and Lethal calls his shot. But Pac goes up to get a leg! Lethal CLUBS away on Pac, then drags him up top. Lethal reels Pac in, but Pac fights the lift! Pac back drops Lethal away! The fans fire up and Pac adjusts. Sonjay stresses out as Pac aims, but Sonjay gets on the apron!

Pac hops down, runs up and BOOTS Sonjay down! The fans cheer, but Lethal is lurking! Lethal runs in, Pac dodges, but Lethal switches to SNAP GERMAN! Lethal handsprings, but Pac sidesteps to run! But Lethal still hits a CUTTER! But that wasn’t lethal enough, so Lethal handsprings again! LETHAL- NO, Pac dodges to LARIAT!! And then, BRUTALIZER!! Lethal is caught, he QUITS, Pac wins!!

Winner: Pac, by submission

Pac makes Lethal suffer a few seconds longer before letting go. That’s what Lethal gets for calling The Bastard a shmuck! Pac is going to be in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament, will he win it all to go All In for the AEW World Championship?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, even with an extra squash match for the fun of it. Cage of Agony are definitely rolling, not sure they’ll be going for the trios titles while a Heel faction like Bang Bang Gang has them, but Cage, Kaun & Liona would definitely be a tough challenge for them. And I really liked that they segued from Satnam’s squash win to Lethal’s great main event with Pac. Great win for Pac to build momentum towards the Owen Hart Cup, I do like the possibility of Pac being in the main event of All In. Whether Pac is facing Ospreay or Swerve for the world title, he’ll give us great promos in the build and an awesome match in Wembley.

Great match from Rocky and Shota, and a great win for Shota. There might be something in the works for Forbidden Door, but I don’t see Shota getting in on title stories in AEW. Really good promo from Deonna and Rosa, and their No DQ match is going to be awesome stuff. That match can really go either way, but something tells me that Deonna wins. As it stands, we’ve got two Face champions in the Women’s Division, and that won’t change after Forbidden Door, so Deonna is a very strong Heel to go after Storm or Mone. And speaking of, great opener out of Storm VS Windsor, which I clearly thought was gonna be the main event but oh well. Still a good showing for Windsor and a good win for Storm, and Storm has momentum going to Forbidden Door, though she surely isn’t losing.

My Score: 8.7/10

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