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Mitchell’s NJPW WrestleKingdom 17 Results & Report! (1/4/23)

New year, new champions?



NJPW is back in the Tokyo Dome!

As a new year begins, NJPW settles scores from last year with WrestleKingdom 17! Will Switchblade Jay White still be IWGP World Heavyweight Champion? Or will Kazuchika Okada once again make it rain?


  • Ryohei Oiwa VS Boltin Oleg; Time Limit Draw.
  • KOPW 2023 Right to Challenge New Japan Rambo: Shingo Takagi, Great-O-Khan, SHO & Toru Yano advance to the KOPW 2023 match at New Year’s Dash.
  • Antonio Inoki Memorial Six Man Tag: Yuji Nagata, Satoshi Kojima & Togi Makabe VS Tiger Mask, Minoru Suzuki & Tatsumi Fujinami; Nagata, Kojima & Makabe win.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Catch 2/2 VS YOH & Lio Rush; Catch 2/2 wins and retains the titles.
  • IWGP Women’s Championship: KAIRI VS Tam Nakano; Kairi wins and retains the title.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Bishamon; Bishamon wins and become the new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.
  • NJPW World Television Championship Tournament Finals: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Ren Narita; ZSJ wins and is the inaugural NJPW World Television Champion.
  • NEVER Openweight Championship: Karl Anderson VS Tama Tonga; Tama wins and becomes the new NEVER Openweight Champion.
  • Six Man Tag, Keiji Muto’s Last NJPW Match: Keiji Muto, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shota Umino VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; Muto, Tanahashi & Umino win.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way: Taiji Ishimori VS El Desperado VS Hiromu Takahashi VS Master Wato; Hiromu wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Will Ospreay VS Kenny Omega; Omega wins and becomes the new IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Jay White VS Kazuchika Okada; Okada wins and becomes the new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.


KOPW 2023 Right to Challenge New Japan Rambo!

Another year in the books for KOPW, but now we start all over again! With the trophy being traded in for a title, who will be the four at the end of this going for gold at New Year’s Dash?

The first two are the Murder Machine, Sho, and The Lion of Hontai, Hikuleo! Sho wants Hiku to take it easy, but the bell rings and the two circle. They approach, Sho pulls the “what’s that?” trick, and then fires off forearms! Hiku doesn’t budge! Sho dodges Hiku’s haymaker and runs the ropes, but into a scoop! Hiku aims for ropes but Sho flails, slips free, and then slides out under the bottom rope! Fans boo, but Hiku goes up and over the top rope! Well, wait, he can’t eliminate himself, can he? Sho still laughs as he leads Hiku on a cat ‘n’ mouse chase, but then Hiku goes the other way and BOOTS Sho down!

Hiku drags Sho up and puts him back in the ring. The countdown is here, and next out is… The King of Darkness, Evil! Sho has reinforcements as Evil, and Dick Togo, rush to the ring! Hiku has Sho up in a choke grip, but Evil slides in to save Sho! The House of Torture works together against Hiku, they double whip him, but Hiku BOOTS Evil! And scoops Sho to give him SNAKE EYES, and a LARIAT! Fans fire up for Hiku as he runs at Evil. Evil pulls the ropes down but Hiku is smarter than that. Hiku stops himself and stomps Evil down! Hiku drags Evil up, choke grips, and CHOKE- NO, Evil slips out! EVERY- NO, Hiku slips free, FULL NELSON SLAM!

The countdown is back and fourth out is… the Stone Pitbull, Tomohiro Ishii! Evil crawls out of the ring under the bottom rope and Dick checks on him. Ishii storms down to the ring while Hiku grabs at Sho in the corner. Hiku drags Sho around but Sho pushes him away. Ishii throws his shirt at Hiku, and Hiku steps up to him. Hiku mocks Ishii’s height, but then he and Ishii both go after Sho! Ishii holds Sho for Hiku to CHOP! Then BOOT, forearm, and BRAIN- Wait, Ishii turns on Hiku by saving Sho! They DOUBLE SUPLEX Hiku! Ishii stomps Hiku, and the countdown is back. Fifth out is… The Dominator, Great-O-Khan!

Ishii stomps Sho now as Khan makes his way to the ring. Hiku ROCKS Ishii with forearms but Ishii HEADBUTTS back! Sho also bails out under the bottom rope, the House of Torture regroups. Hiku CHOPS Ishii, CHOPS him again, Khan slides in but then slides right out. The Rev-Pro British Heavyweight Champion is smarter than that. Hiku knocks Ishii down and rains down forearms while Khan shows off his title. Hiku CHOKES Ishii, then drags him up. The countdown is back, and sixth out is… Japones Del Mal, DOUKI! Khan gets in the ring to CLUB Hiku and Mongolian Chop Ishii! Douki tosses his pipe aside to slide in, but Khan is right on him!

Khan whips but Douki RANAS Khan away! Douki keeps moving, SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW! Khan bails out, Evil gets in to CLUB Ishii! Douki slides out after Khan. Ishii holds ropes to dump Evil to the apron! Ishii ROCKS Evil but Dick keeps Evil up! Evil rakes Ishii’s eyes! Evil suplexes but Ishii slips free! They’re both on the apron but Dick is pulling on Ishii’s leg! Ishii holds onto ropes, and onto Evil! Evil has to hold onto ropes to keep from being eliminated, too! The countdown is back, and seventh is… Azucar, Rocky Romero! The King Coach is back, and he grabs Evil’s leg! Evil shots to Sho, but Rocky DECKS Dick!

Rocky runs in to KNEE Sho! Rock whips, Sho reverses, but Rocky uses that to ROCK Evil! Sho runs in but Rocky dodges, Sho BLASTS and ELIMINATES Evil!! Sho freaks out but Rocky gets him for a snap suplex! Fans fire up with Rocky and he whips Sho to a corner! Rocky starts up the Forever Clotheslines! The countdown is back, and eighth is… Fang Revived, KENTA! Rocky finally stops the lariats, and he keeps Sho from running away! He power walks to the ring, Sho slips away, but Ishii and Rocky are on guard. Rocky snags Khan as he crawls in, and Ishii is after Kenta! Kenta rakes Ishii’s eyes, then fires off haymakers!

Ishii growls but Kenta keeps throwing hands! Ishii ROCKS Kenta, HEADBUTTS him, and pulls hair! Kenta claws Ishii’s face! The ref reprimands, Kenta puts Ishii through ropes! Ishii fights back but Kenta HOTSHOTS him! The countdown is back and ninth is… The Heel Master, Yoshinobu Kanemaru! Rocky fights off Khan, Hiku mugs Sho on the outside, and Rocky now has Khan’s leg in the ropes. The ref reprimands, Kanemaru slides in and attacks Kenta! Kanemaru CLUBS and ROCKS Kenta but Kenta ROCKS him back! Kanemaru CLUBS Kenta down, then he kicks Rocky. Kenta comes back with forearms but Kanemaru EuroUppers!

Ishii hits Kenta from below, Kanemaru kicks Kenta from behind. Kanemaru EuroUppers again, then CLUBS him on the neck. The countdown is back, and tenth is… The Ultimate Weapon, Aaron Henare! Khan has reinforcements now, and Henare goes right after Ishii! Henare whips Ishii but Ishii comes back to RAM shoulders! And again! And again! The forearms start flying and fans fire up! Kanemaru keeps Kenta down, Khan has Rocky, and Henare gets the edge on Ishii! But Ishii swings! Henare ducks to body shot, but Ishii blocks the kick! Ishii ROCKS Henare, but Henare scoops him for a BERSERKER BOMB! Cover, TWO!

Khan calls to Henare and they work together as the countdown is back. Eleventh is… The Funky Weapon, Ryusuke Taguchi! Henare and Ishii keep throwing forearms, Khan saves Henare from a cover. Kanemaru dropkicks Kenta’s legs while the Empire mugs Ishii. Henare puts Ishii on the apron! Ishii fights back against Henare and Khan! But #Khanare hits the SUPERKICK BOOT COMBO! Ishii falls, The United Empire ELIMINATES Ishii! Taguchi HIP ATTACKS Henare! And HIP ATTACKS Khan! Taguchi stomps Khan, Hiku is still after Sho on the outside. Ishii throws forearms on Henare even though he’s out of this!

Taguchi uses his shirt to CHOKE Khan! The ref reprimands, the countdown is back, and twelfth is… The Imperial Unit, Jeff Cobb! The United Empire is growing stronger in this match! Taguchi & Rocky double whip Khan to DOUBLE HIP ATTACK! Cover, but Rocky breaks it? Guess not even former teammates are friends in this match. Hiku goes after Kanemaru but Kanemaru dropkicks his legs out! Sho is helping Rocky from the outside by pulling Taguchi’s hair! Douki returns to help Kanemaru! Dropkick to Hiku’s leg and ENZIGURI! Douki & Kanemaru try but they can’t double suplex Hiku! Hiku DOUBLE SUPLEXES them! Khan covers Kanemaru, but Taguchi stops him!

Hiku TOSSES Douki and ELIMINATES him! Then Hiku TOSSES Kanemaru out and ELIMINATES him, too! Not a good start for the former Suzuki-Gun members. But Cobb CLUBS Hiku! They brawl, the countdown is back, and thirteenth is… Hysterical Shane Haste! Hiku CHOPS Cobb down, Taguchi traps Henare in a corner, and Haste gets in to throw uppercuts on Rocky! Then an INVERTED EXPLODER! Fans fire up, Shane drags Rocky up, and he reels Rocky in for a POWER- RANA from Rocky! Cobb hoists Hiku up, Khan tries to help, but Hiku CLUBS them both away! Rocky covers Haste, TWO!

Rocky kicks Shane while he’s down, the countdown is back, and Kenta is after Taguchi. The fourteenth is… Mikey Nicholls! TMDK is quickly united! Hiku saves Taguchi from Kenta and Henare, Shane keeps after Rocky. Mikey hurries up but Rocky DECKS him! Shane turns Rocky around but Rocky ROCKS him! Rocky knuckle locks, CHOPS, and goes up, but Mikey is there to trip him! Shane DROPKICKS and ELIMINATES Rocky! Taguchi ROCKS Shane, aims from the corner, BUM-A- NO!! THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!! Shane counters the Funky Weapon with its one weakness! Mikey scoops Taguchi, for TANK BUSTER! Cover, TMDK ELIMINATES Taguchi!

Khan rolls Mikey up but Shane breaks it! The countdown is back, and fifteenth is… Tokyo Pimp, Yujiro Takahashi! The House of Torture is at full force! The United Empire mugs Shane while Yujiro jogs his way to ringside. Kenta and Mikey brawl with forearms, Hiku goes after Sho, and Kenta claws Mikey’s eyes. Yujiro hits Hiku, brings him around, but Hiku BOOTS him before the cane shot! Cobb ROCKS Hiku, ROCKS him some more, but Hiku choke grips! Khan grabs Hiku with an IRON CLAW! But Hiku choke grips Khan! Cobb SUPERKICKS Hiku! Cobb whips Khan at Hiku, and Khan clotheslines Hiku up and out to ELIMINATE him!

The countdown is back, and sweet sixteen is… The Producer, Toru Yano! The man who helped put KOPW on the map is here! Shane goes after Cobb, he and Mikey hoist Cobb up but Cobb fights out of Thunder Valley! But TMDK still work together, and they DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE Cobb up and out! TMDK ELIMINATES Cobb!! Henare fires off on the Mighty but they mug him back! Mikey scoops Henare and Shane goes up, but Henare shoves Mikey into Shane! Shane tumbles out, Mikey ELIMINATES Shane!! Henare then DECKS Mikey! Khan drags Mikey up, HITSUJIGOROSHI! Henare grabs the legs, FUBUKI!

Khanare carries Mikey to the ropes, they dump him out with MARINE to ELIMINATE him!! The United Empire has two, and they wait on Bullet Club. The countdown is back as Kenta fires off on Khan and then Henare. The seventeenth out is… The Headbanga, El Phantasmo! Bullet Club just grows stronger in this match! But Khan pulls Kenta’s shirt over his head! But Sho goes after Khan by clawing his eyes! ELP takes his time strutting to ringside as Sho stomps Khan down. Kenta joins in on that, and Yujiro hits Yano on the outside. ELP CLAWS Khan’s back! Then he rolls and CLAWS Henare’s back!

Fans fire up as House of Torture and ELP Too Sweet. But Henare throws body shots and a KICK! ELP flounders to ropes, Henare rushes in, but ELP holds the ropes down! Henare tumbles to the apron but he stays up! ELP ROCKS Henare but Henare ROCKS ELP! They brawl with the ropes between them! The countdown is back again as ELP gives Henare PURPLE NURPLES! Henare falls, ELP ELIMINATES Henare! But eighteenth in is… The Holy Emperor, Taichi! He lip syncs his way to the ring while ELP does jumping jacks. ELP slips away as Taichi slides in. Taichi’s the only one in the ring!

Khan and Henare go after the House of Torture, ELP helps turn the tides. Yano slides into the ring but Taichi CLOBBERS him! Khan rushes in, he and Taichi go sumo on this! They clinch as the countdown returns! Taichi THROWS Khan! Fans fire up, but twentieth in is… SHINGO TAKAGI!? Didn’t he say he was done with KOPW?! Perhaps the allure of going back-to-back was too much for him to resist! Taichi is ready for the Rampaging Dragon so that they can continue their feud from 2022! Taichi kicks Khan out so he and Takagi can have the entire ring! They DOUBLE BOMBER! And then again! And again!

Taichi SOBATS, runs, but Takagi clotheslines him at the ropes! Takagi runs, but into a clinch! Takagi resists, but Taichi THROWS him! Fans fire up even more for Taichi! Taichi dares Bullet Club to try something now, so they all get in! ELP, Kenta, Sho & Yujiro surround Taichi, and they all rush him together! They hoist Taichi up, and Takagi joins in! They all dump and ELIMINATE Taichi! Perhaps Taichi was too ambitious. Sho keeps Yano out of the ring while Kenta and Yujiro mug Takagi. ELP and Sho mug Yano, Kenta & Yujiro double whip. Takagi ducks to shove Kenta into Yujiro! Then he clinches Kenta, reels in Yujiro, COMPLETE SHOT DDT COMBO!

Takagi then DOUBLE PUMPING BOMBERS! Takagi TOSSES and ELIMINATES Yujiro! And then TOSSES and ELIMINATES Kenta! Sho storms up but into ELBOW! JAB! YUKON LARIAT! ELP CLAWS Daddy Takagi! ELP runs, but into an ELBOW! ELP SUPERKICKS! Takagi JABS! ELP FOREARMS! Takagi YU- NO, ELP begs for mercy from Daddy. ELP says, “Papa!” He wants a hug? Takagi doesn’t trust ELP but the fans want to see the hug. Takagi obliges, and they hug! But then Takagi blocks the dick punch! ELP knees low, whips, but Takagi reverses! ELP goes to the apron, Takagi runs in to BLAST ELP! But ELP lands on the railing!

Yujiro is there, too, he confirms ELP’s feet are on the railing, not the floor! ELP is safe! Takagi stomps Khan while Kenta and Yujiro carry ELP to the ring! ELP is on the apron, he and Takagi start throwing hands! Takagi HEADBUTTS but ELP ROUNDHOUSES! ELP hooks Takagi, Sho runs in, but Takagi BOOTS Sho! Takagi elbows ELP, baits Sho in, and then sends Sho into ELP! ELP wobbles, leg hooked in the ropes! Takagi runs in, ELP holds the ropes! Takagi tumbles to the apron! ELP fires off forearms on Takagi! ELP calls to Sho, Sho runs in again, but Takagi pulls ELP in the way, Sho BLASTS and ELIMINATES ELP!! And that’s it! We have our four!

Winners: Shingo Takagi, Great-O-Khan, Sho & Toru Yano (advance to New Year’s Dash)

The Rampaging Dragon, the Dominator, the Murder Machine, and perhaps by sheer luck, The Producer, all make it to the Fatal 4 Way! Will Takagi pull off the repeat? Will Khan or Sho change the status quo? Or will the Clown Prince return to his former glory?


Antonio Inoki Memorial Six Man Tag: Yuji Nagata, Satoshi Kojima & Togi Makabe VS Tiger Mask, Minoru Suzuki & Tatsumi Fujinami!

To celebrate the legacy of the legend that founded this company, six legends in their own right come together for this match! Even THE Tiger Hattori is calling this special match! Who will best embody Inoki’s Fighting Spirit that Burns here tonight?

The teams sort out and Blue Justice steps up against The Dragon. The fans rally up as the two circle. They tie up, clinch, and Nagata puts Fujinami on the ropes. Fujinami turns it around, Hattori calls for the break, and Fujinami lets off clean. Fans applaud as the two reset. They tie up again, Nagata goes for a waistlock but Fujinami switches. Nagata wrenches free to have a wristlock, but Fujinami turns that around on Nagata. Fujinami hammerlocks but Nagata reaches back to facelock. They end up on ropes again, Hattori calls the break, and Nagata lets off. Fans applaud again as the two reset.

Nagata and Fujinami tie up again, and Nagata gets the headlock. Fujinami powers out, Nagata runs Fujinami over, but Fujinami gets back up. Nagata fires off kicks, but Fujinami blocks for a DRAGON SCREW! Fans cheer seeing the move from the man who invented it! Fujinami tags Suzuki and fans rally up as two rivals meet again. Suzuki grins, then SLAPS Nagata, but Nagata SLAPS back! Suzuki SLAPS, Nagata SLAPS, the SLAP fight is on! Fans fire up but Suzuki kicks low. Nagata falls over and Suzuki stomps away on Nagata’s leg! Suzuki then drags Nagata up and puts him in the corner. Suzuki CHOPS, then tags Tiger Mask.

Tiger Mask KICKS Nagata, KICKS and SOBATS! Nagata flounders but Tiger stomps him down. Tiger snapmares Nagata and has the motorcycle stretch. Tiger Mask then ELBOWS Nagata in the head and KICKS him in the back! Nagata gets up, throws body shots, but Tiger puts him in the corner. Suzuki holds Nagata so Tiger can fire off haymakers and KICKS! Tag to Fujinami and he stomps Nagata. Fujinami CLUBS Nagata but Nagata hits back with forearms! Fujinami CHOPS, Nagata throws another forearm, repeat! Fans fire up, Fujinami DRAGON PALMS! Tag to Suzuki and he stomps away on Nagata. Hattori counts, Suzuki stands Nagata up.

Suzuki ROCKS Nagata with forearm after forearm, but Nagata ROCKS Suzuki back! Fans cheer as Nagata eggs Suzuki on. Suzuki fires off more forearms, Nagata wobbles, but Nagata ROCKS Suzuki back! Suzuki swings, into the EXPLODER! Fans fire up as Nagata crawls, hot tag to Kojima! Kojima stomps Suzuki in the corner! And fires off Machine Gun CHOPS! Fans fire up but Suzuki eggs Kojima on! Kojima CHOPS, Suzuki talks trash, so Kojima reloads and Machine Gun CHOPS again! Kojima whips corner to corner, runs in and forearm smashes! Kojima shoves Suzuki aside, fans shout along with Kojima, but Suzuki BOOTS Kojima! Suzuki tells the fans to shut up!

Suzuki drags Kojima up but Kojima fires off forearms. Kojima spins but into a knee! Suzuki whips Kojima to a corner to BOOT! Suzuki snapmares Kojima, runs, but Kojima blocks the kick to CLUB the leg! Kojima then ROCKS Suzuki with a forearm! Suzuki eggs Kojima on and the forearms start flying! Fans rally as they go back and forth, faster and faster! Kojima gets the edge, but Suzuki laughs it off. Suzuki DECKS Kojima! Tag to Tiger Mask, he and Suzuki double whip. They dropkick the legs, then DOUBLE KICK! Suzuki then ROCKS Kojima, Tiger SOBATS and TIGER DRIVERS! Cover, TWO!! Kojima is still in this but Tiger looms over him.

Tiger sits Kojima up to CHOP! Then he CHOPS Kojima while he’s down! And again! Tiger stands Kojima up to ROCK him with a right. But Kojima hits back, to hit the COZY CUTTER! Fans fire up, hot tag to Makabe! The Gorilla BLASTS Suzuki and Fujinami! Then he whips Tiger to a corner for a clothesline! Makabe climbs up and rains down fists! Fans clap along as Makabe goes to ten! Makabe laughs, brings Tiger out, but Tiger fights the Northern Lights! Tiger knees low, whips Makabe to ropes, and Fujinami is there to kick low! Makabe kicks back but Fujinami blocks! DRAGON SCREW! Suzuki intercepts Nagata in the corner!

Suzuki whips Nagata and Fujinami gets a leg, DRAGON SCREW! Kojima kicks, but into a DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up as Fujinami takes down all three opponents! Suzuki keeps Kojima down with a SLEEPER!, and Tiger catches Makabe in a IRON OCTOPUS! Nagata storms up but Fujinami gets him with a DRAGON SLEEPER! Makabe gets the ROPEBREAK, everyone lets go of the holds. Fans rally up as Suzuki and Fujinami drag Nagata and Kojima out of the ring. Makabe ROCKS Tiger, then runs, but into a crucifix takedown! TWO! Fans rally, Tiger SOBATS, then runs. But Makabe scoops for a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up and Makabe slashes his throat. He runs, and he LARIATS Tiger down! Makabe drags Tiger to a drop zone, goes up the corner, but Suzuki springs up after him! Suzuki HEADBUTTS Makabe! Then he THROWS Makabe down! Suzuki bails out, pushes Makabe, and Tiger hops up onto Makabe’s shoulders! Makabe throws Tiger off, drags him back up, but Tiger drops to victory roll! But Makabe sits on it! Makabe’s team wins!!

Winner: Togi Makabe, Satoshi Kojima & Yuji Nagata, by pinfall

A rather shocking end to a fiery match! And in the end, the Gorilla, King of Bread Style and Blue Justice stand tall! But since this was to honor Inoki, no hard feelings here. Everyone shakes hands and bows respect. Suzuki then gives the mic to Fujinami so that he can speak. Fans applaud, and Fujinami wishes everyone a Happy New Year. He says this was a special memorial for Antonio Inoki and is thankful there are so many being a part of it. After this, NJPW will carry on that Fighting Spirit through this incredible card. And he is sure Inoki would appreciate this. “DAAAA~!” Everyone cheers as Inoki’s song plays one more time! Thank you, Antonio Inoki. You will be missed.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Catch 2/2 VS YOH & Lio Rush!

TJP & Francesco Akira may not have won Super Jr. Tag League 2022, but they did beat Direct Drive & The Bad Child in the round robin. Can Yoh & Lio redeem themselves in the rematch? Or will the Public Enemy & Nova Fireball conquer Chaos to start the new year?

As the champs make their entrance, Yoh FLIES out onto them! Direct hit and down they go! Yoh throws TJP into the ring, Lio whips him to ropes, but TJP stops himself! Yoh runs in, TJP boots him away, then boots Lio! The bell rings, TJP rushes Yoh & Lio, but they both dodge him. They come back, TJP dodges Yoh and chases Lio but Lio dodges TJP. Yoh elbows TJP down while Lio runs, Yoh wheelbarrows Lio for the SPLASH! Fans fire up while TJP bails out to regroup with Akira. But Lio slingshots and MOONSAULTS onto them both! Fans fire up as Lio & Yoh drag Akira & TJP up. Lio ROCKS Akira and runs him up the ramp!

Yoh throws hands on TJP, Lio CLUBS Akira, but then TJP whips Yoh into railing! TJP saves Akira from a suplex! Lio kicks, TJP blocks and flips Lio, but Lio lands on his feet. Lio runs in, but into the ALLEY-OOP to the ramp! And that’s an LED ramp, too! Lio clutches his face while Catch 2/2 throws up the crowns. The ring count starts, Catch 2/2 return to ringside and fetch Yoh at 6 of 20. They put Yoh in the ring, but Yoh fires back with forearms and kicks! Yoh runs, but into a SOBAT, KICK, KICK and SHOTGUN! TJP covers, TWO! Things are finally 1v1 and TJP throws off his shirt. TJP drags Yoh up to bump him off buckles.

Tag to Akira and Akira brings Yoh out to DOUBLE CHOP! Yoh staggers to another corner, Akira whips corner to corner while fans clap “CATCH! NI NI!” Akira runs corner to corner to clothesline Yoh! Akira then turns Yoh around and puts him up top. Akira puts Yoh in a Tree of Woe, then he tags in TJP. TJP knuckle locks with Akira to help him go up and up, then walk the tightrope! SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK! Yoh gets knocked out of the Tree and TJP pushes him out of the ring. Yoh staggers, TJP and Akira go to the apron. Akira hops up onto TJP’s shoulders, “Take pictures! Take pictures!” SUPER ELECTRIC CHAIR SENTON!!

Fans fire up as Akira wipes Yoh out at the ramp! Akira drags Yoh up and puts him back in the ring. TJP drags Akira up, bumps him off buckles, and Akira keeps on Lio as he returns to ringside. Fans rally up and TJP scrapes his boot off Yoh. TJP runs side to side to BOOT WASH! Fans fire up and Akira puts Lio in the ring. TJP adds Lio to the corner for another round of face scrubbing! Then TJP runs, into a SPEAR from Lio! Lio crawls to the red corner and calls to Yoh. Yoh crawls his way over as fans rally up, but TJP stops Yoh with a whip! Yoh reverses and DROPKICKS TJP down! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to Lio!

The Bad Child, forehead busted up, rolls Akira for the SPIN KICK! TJP kicks low and reels Lio in but Lio slips out of the suplex! Lio goes Matrix, handsprings, and KIKCS to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up with Lio and he drags TJP up. Lio whips, TJP reverse but Lio slides to a stop. Catch 2/2 run in, Lio dodges to handspring, DOUBLE BACK ELBOW! Fans fire up again and Lio sees TJP bail out. Lio DIVES to knock TJP down at the ramp! Lio gets in again, and DIVES to send Akira into railing! Lio fires up and fans fire up with him as he puts Akira back in the ring. Akira crawls, Lio pounds the mat. Fans rally up and Lio chicken wings Akira.

Lio turns Akira, for the SPINNING KAMIKAZE! Cover, TWO!! Akira survives the swinging Unprettier, and Lio has to wipe the blood from his eyes. Tag to Yoh, and fans rally up as the Men of the Hour tune up the band! But TJP saves Akira from Yoh’s superkick! Akira SUPERKICKS Yoh! Lio mule kicks TJP to then SPIN HEEL KICK! Akira whips Lio but he uses that for the springboard, only to get stuck in the ropes! Akira drags Lio out into a HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Yoh SUPERKICKS Akira after all!! All four men are down and fans fire up again! Yoh stands first and he drags Akira up. Yoh hoists Akira to the top rope then CHOPS him!

Fans rally as Yoh climbs. Yoh stands Akira up, underhooks the arms, but TJP pulls Yoh away with an Electric Chair! But Lio shoves TJP forward, and Yoh grabs Akira again! ELECTRIC CHAIR SUPERPLEX! And then Yoh rolls through, to FALCON USHIGOROSHI!! And Lio is up top, for the FINAL HOUR!! Cover, TJP breaks it!! Fans are thunderous while Yoh is furious! Lio drags TJP up to throw him out. Yoh & Lio high-three, and fans rally up as they bring Akira up. They double whip, for 3K!! But TJP hits a MAMBA SPLASH on Yoh! And a SHOTGUN dropkick on Lio! TJP roars, fireman’s carries Yoh, DETONATION KICK! Cover, TWO!!

All four men are down again and fans are thunderous! TJP helps Akira up, and hoists him up top. Then TJP drags Yoh up and brings him over. TJP Electric Chair Lifts as Akira adjusts, but Yoh POISON-RANAS TJP! Lio rushes in, Akira jumps but Lio gets under! Lio comes back, SPANISH FLY! Yoh brings up TJP, 3K!!! Cover, Akira uses Lio to break it!! Lio is furious and he staggers over to Akira. Lio drags Akira up but Akira SLAPS him! Lio snarls, and he fires off fast hands and a SUPER FOREARM! Lio runs and springboards, to hit RUSH HOUR! Akira flops out of the ring and Yoh fires up! Fans are with him as he drags TJP up!

Yoh underhooks, for DIRECT- NO, TJP turns that into a cradle! CATCH 2/2 WIN!

Winners: Catch 2/2, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

Yoh is shocked! TJP turns things around at the last second and keeps the belts with the Empire! They are still the best Junior Heavyweight tag team, but will they have to be careful it doesn’t get that close again?


IWGP Women’s Championship: KAIRI VS Tam Nakano!

The Pirate Princess became the inaugural women’s champion of NJPW at the Historic X-Over, but she is no stranger to the Shining Stardom Dream. However, this will be the first time they’ve faced each other 1v1, and young Nakano has a lot to prove! Will she shine brightest tonight in the Tokyo Dome? Or will Kairi prove it’s still far too early for Nakano to take the spotlight on the world stage?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly the star of women’s wrestling!

The bell rings and fans rally up. The two circle, feel things out, and then tie up. They go around, Tam powers Kairi back, but Kairi turns it around to put Tam on ropes. The ref counts the break and Kairi lets off. Kairi fakes a chop, to pat Tam on the head. And then she hits Tam with a body blow! Kairi then eggs Tam on, and Tam storms up. Kairi gets around to a waistlock but Tam headlocks. Kairi throws body shots, powers out, but Tam handsprings over the drop down. Kairi runs, Tam dodges, but then Kairi dodges to whip and arm-drag! Tam staggers up, Kairi runs in but Tam goes Matrix to get a roll-up! Kairi rolls through, but Tam basement dropkicks her!

Fans fire up and Tam taunts Kairi with a smile. Kairi grabs Tam by her hair and stands her up. Kairi ROCKS Tam with a forearm, but Tam ROCKS Kairi back! Kairi throws another forearm, but so does Tam! Tam gets the edge, fans fire up, and Tam ROCKS Kairi! Tam runs, but Kairi goes the other way, to SPEAR! Fans fire up with Kairi and she watches Tam go to a corner. Kairi walks the plank, to run and SLIDING D! Fans fire up more as Kairi goes up top! Tam stands, into the KABUKI ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Kairi keeps her cool and she brings Tam up. Kairi Alabama Lifts but Tam fights free! Kairi CHOPS Tam!

Kairi runs, but Tam HEEL KICKS her down! Kairi flops out and now Tam fires up! Fans rally as Tam goes to the corner and climbs! Kairi stands, and Tam SUPER CROSSBODIES! Down goes Kairi and some Young Lionesses! Tam puts Kairi in the ring, drags her up, and reels her into a waistlock. Kairi flails but Tam hits the GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Kairi survives but Tam keeps cool. Tam drags Kairi up, reels her in, and suplexes! But Kairi fights free! DOUBLE HAYMAKERS rock both women! They both roar, Kairi runs in and ducks the roundhouse! But Tam blocks the Uraken! Kairi swings into Tam’s hook and suplex!

Tam holds Kairi up and fans fire up as she slowly turns, for the VIOLET SCREW DRIVER!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Tam can’t believe it but Kairi survives! Tam drags Kairi around, thrashes her and CLUBS her, hammers away on her back, and then aims, to AX KICK! Tam then stands Kairi up, runs, but into the URAKEN!! Cover, TWO?!!? Tam survives the vicious backhand, but Kairi fires up! Kairi drags Tam up but Tam roars! URAKEN AGAIN!! Tam falls over, Kairi climbs up! Fans fire up for the INSANE ELBOW!! Cover, Kairi wins!

Winner: Kairi, by pinfall (still IWGP Women’s Champion)

Tam fought her heart out, but she could not dethrone the Pirate Princess! Kairi’s reign continues to sail, but wait! The lights go out, and a video plays! Someone is stepping out of a luxury sports car. Money? Moné? It’s… THE BOSS! SASHA BANKS! Or rather, MERCEDES MONÉ! She has come here from the WWE to be in NJPW, and she’s going right to the ring! She stares Kairi down, and Kairi holds up the belt. Fans cheer, and Sasha/Mercedes nods. She offers a handshake, and Kairi accepts it. And then Sasha reels Kairi into a Gory Especial! SPIN-OUT DDT! And then she asks for a microphone.

“Kairi~. Aw… Congratulations on making history. I also know a thing or two about making history. I am here in NJPW and Stardom to make some more. Allow me introduce myself. I’m the Standard, the Conversation, the Blue Print and the CEO of this Women’s Division. So Kairi-san, enjoy your IWGP Women’s Championship while you can. Because at The Battle in the Valley in San Jose, I’m gonna leave you bankrupt, b*tch! And you can bank on Moné.” The Boss has struck first! But will she strike new gold in the new year?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Bishamon!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood were once three-belt champions, but they find themselves holding on to their last piece of gold. As for Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi, they are coming off a repeat win in the World Tag League! Will the Fierce Warrior & Head Hunter repeat history again by taking these titles in the Tokyo Dome? Or can FTR #SayYeah to staying on top?

The introductions are made, FTR give the belts a kiss and the belts are raised. Let’s see if FTR is kissing those belts good-bye!

The teams sort out and Hashi starts against Cash. They circle and fans rally up. Hashi avoids Cash as he shoots in, and then the tie up. Hashi powers Cash back and wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Cash reaches out, Hashi keeps him from Dax, so Cash rolls, handsprings and wrenches around to a headlock and takeover! Fans applaud the opening exchange while Hashi kicks around. Hashi fights up to his feet, pries the headlock open but Cash cranks it back on. Hashi keeps trying and prying, and he wraps the headlock onto Cash! Cash powers out and things speed up. Cash drops down, but Hashi comes back to run him over!

Fans rally while Cash stands back up. The two stare down, but Hashi tags out to Goto. Cash talks things over with Dax, then Cash grabs at Goto. Goto gets away, so Cash tags to Dax. Dax and Goto circle now, and Goto avoids Dax as he shoots in. They tie up, Dax powers Goto back but Goto puts Dax on the ropes. Dax turns it around, the ref calls for the break, and Dax lets off. Dax shoves Goto but Goto shoves Dax. They tie up again and Dax ROCKS Goto! Goto ROCKS Dax, Dax ROCKS Goto, repeat! Fans rally up as the forearms fly back and forth, faster and faster! Dax then CHOPS! Dax ROCKS Goto at the ropes, and again!

Dax runs, but Hashi gets in, Bishamon runs Dax over! Then HIP TOSS SENTON! Cash runs in but Goto sends him right out. Dax goes to a corner, Hashi runs in to clothesline! Hashi feeds Dax to Goto but Dax ROCKS Goto first! Dax ROCKS Hashi, too, but Goto dragon sleepers! Hashi gets the legs! But Dax kicks free! Cash trips and drags Hashi out while Dax suplexes Goto! Goto bails out and fans fire up. Cash builds speed!? Cash DIVES to wipe out Bishamon! Fans fire up and Cash puts Goto in the ring. Dax drags Goto up, hoists him up top, and then CHOPS Goto! Dax climbs up, Cash tags in and goes to an adjacent corner.

Dax has Goto for the SUPERPLEX! Cash FLYING SPLASHES! Cover off Power ‘n’ Glory, TWO!! Goto survives and fans fire up! Cash drags Goto over, tags Dax in, and FTR go to opposite corners now. Goto slowly sits up, FTR runs in to DOUBLE LARIAT SANDWICH! But Goto stays up! Goto ROCKS Dax, ROCKS Cash, but Dax CLUBS Goto and Cash ROCKS Goto! Dax reels Goto in, POWERBOMB, and a roll into Cash’s FULL NELSON SUPLEX! Cash bridges, and Dax jackknifes! But Hashi breaks it!! Fans fire up, but Cash KNEES Hashi out of the ring. Dax drags Goto up, whips him, but Goto KICKS Dax! Goto deflects Cash’s boot to DISCUS LARIAT!

Dax kicks Goto and reels him back in. Goto fights the lift, so Dax stands Goto up to ROCK him! Dax runs, into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Both men are down and fans fire back up! Goto and Dax crawl for their corners, hot tags to Hashi and Cash! Hashi rallies on FTR with forearms and CHOPS! Cash kicks low, whips Hashi to a corner, and then runs in, only for Hashi to dodge! Hashi dropkicks Dax’s legs out and he CHOPS Cash! Hashi reels Cash in, suplexes, but Cash slips free! Tag to Dax, Hashi dodges Cash to SUPERKICK! Dax storms in, blocks the kick to JAB! Dax whips, but Hashi hits the HEADHUNTER!

Fans rally up and Hashi tags Goto. Bishamon calls their shout, they dragon sleeper Dax but Dax kicks free again! Dax ROCKS Goto but Hashi SUPERKICKS! They try the again, but Cash CLOBBERS Hashi! Dax hoists Goto up, BIG RIG!! Cover, Hashi breaks it in time!!! Bishamon survives FTR’s best shot! Cash UPPERCUTS Hashi, then CHOPS him and UPPERCUTS him against ropes! Cash then suplexes, but Hashi fights it! Hashi suplexes Cash, and they tumble out of the ring! Fans are stunned as Hashi clips railing! Dax slashes his throat and he drags Goto up! Dax reels Goto in but Goto fights the lift! Goto back drops Dax away!

But Dax is right up! Dax reels Goto in again, but Goto still resists! Another back drop! But Dax is up again! Goto HEADBUTTS him! Both men wobble, Goto reels Dax in to suplex high and hard! Both men are down, and Goto crawls for his corner. Fans rally, hot tag to Hashi! Hashi fires up, runs, but Dax swats the lariat! Hashi CHOPS, SUPERKICKS, and then full nelsons to the pump handle! Dax slips free but Hashi switches! Dax switches, Hashi switches, but Dax turns around to bring Hashi up, PILEDRIVER!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Hashi survives but Dax doesn’t hesitate! Fans fire up as Dax lifts Hashi again and Cash is up top! MIND BREAKER!!! Cover, GOTO BREAKS IT!!

Fans are thunderous as all four men are down! Cash staggers up and he snarls. Cash runs in but Goto blocks the lariat! Cash CLOBBERS Goto on the return! Cash mule kicks Goto then throws him out. Dax drags Hashi up, whip him, but Hashi fights off Big Rig with an ax handle! SUPERKICK for Cash! Goto returns to clothesline Cash up and out! Dax storms over to Hashi but Hashi holds him against ropes! Goto BLINDSIDE LARIATS, and then Hashi SUPERKICKS! Goto dragon sleepers, Hashi hooks the legs, SHOUTO!!!! Cover, BISHAMON WINS!!

Winners: Bishamon, by pinfall (NEW IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

Incredible! Back-to-back World Tag League wins resulting in back-to-back tag title wins! Goto & Hashi are back on top of the NJPW Heavyweight Tag Division! Will they make 2023 as big a year as last year? As for FTR, they are now left with NO belts! They do show respect to Bishamon, but when and where will FTR return to NJPW?


NJPW World Television Championship Tournament Finals: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Ren Narita!

NJPW commemorates FIFTY YEARS with an innovative title division! One way or another, history is made tonight, but who will be the one getting their fifteen minutes of fame?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and in the end, there can only be one inaugural champion!

The bell rings and time is counting down already. The two rush in, ZSJ waistlocks but Narita switches. ZSJ switches, Narita switches, but ZSJ spins around for an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Narita quickly sits up and pushes for a cover but ZSJ’s leg guard keeps him at bay. Narita slips around to go for an arm but ZSJ does the same thing. Narita kicks around, rolls through, but ZSJ avoids the Penalty Kick! ZSJ grabs a leg and trips Narita but Narita kicks him away. ZSJ comes back, but Narita ducks the Penalty Kick! Narita stands, he blocks the hip toss and throws ZSJ down, but ZSJ avoids the stomp! Fans applaud this fast and furious start!

The two cool off and circle. Fans rally and duel, “NA-RI-TA!” “Z S J!” The two feel things out, knuckle lock, but then ZSJ rolls to wrench and wrap Narita up in a straitjacket stretch! Narita powers up and puts the straitjacket on ZSJ! ZSJ moves around, bridges back, rolls and we return to a Test of Strength knuckle lock. ZSJ and Narita fight for control, but ZSJ KICKS! Narita eggs ZSJ on so ZSJ KICKS again! Narita KICKS, KICKS, fires off palm strikes then a forearm! Narita runs and BOOTS ZSJ down! Fans fire up this second exchange as Narita paces. Narita stands ZSJ up, reels him in, but ZSJ fights the suplex. ZSJ wrenches and WRINGS Narita’s arm!

ZSJ looms over Narita, stands on his face and grabs an arm. ZSJ steps over, twists the wrist and bends the elbow! Narita endures as ZSJ tortures his arm, but then ZSJ isolates the arm into a top wristlock to STOMP it down! Narita clutches his arm, but ZSJ kicks at him. ZSJ kicks and kicks but Narita just snarls. ZSJ grabs the arm, wrenches it, but Narita fires a forearm! ZSJ eggs Narita on so Narita gives more forearms. ZSJ wrenches the arm to an ELBOW BREAKER, then runs the ropes. Narita OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! Fans fire up while both men are down! Narita shakes out the bad arm as he and ZSJ go to opposite corners.

Narita stands, runs in corner to corner, and he back elbows! Narita reels ZSJ into a HALF HATCH! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans rally, Narita shakes out the bad arm and brings ZSJ up. Narita ties ZSJ up in a cobra twist but ZSJ pulls on Narita’s bad arm! ZSJ then switches the cobra twist onto Narita! Narita endures, fights through to switch again, but again the bad arm is ZSJ’s target! ZSJ pulls the arm and hits a hip toss! Then a KICK to the back! Narita just scowls and stands up. Narita knees low, snapmares, and KICKS ZSJ in the back! ZSJ frowns, and Narita sits down, daring him to go again! Fans fire up and ZSJ obliges, he KICKS Narita in the back!

Narita grits his teeth and ZSJ eggs him on. ZSJ sits down, daring Narita to bring it! Narita runs to PENALTY KICK! ZSJ writhes and Narita dares him to get up. Fans rally, ZSJ stands and BOOTS! Narita runs to BOOT! ZSJ and Narita both BOOT! And again! And again! Both men fall but ZSJ is up first! PENALTY KCIK! Cover, ONE?!? PENALTY KICK from Narita! Cover, ONE!!! Narita and ZSJ stagger up and we’re only five minutes in! ZSJ EuroUppers! Narita ENZIGURIS! Both men are down again and fans fire back up! Narita and ZSJ stir, Narita drags ZSJ up and throws forearm after forearm! Narita eggs ZSJ on so ZSJ stands up to EuroUpper!

ZSJ EuroUppers again, and again! Narita shakes his head so ZSJ ROCKS him with a forearm! ZSJ swings again, into a FISHERMAN EXPLODER! Bridging cover, TWO!! ZSJ escapes and fans fire up as Narita stands. Narita snarls, drags ZSJ up and holds the wrists as he BOOTS and BOOTS! ZSJ uses his chin to trap the foot! ZSJ drags Narita down into a KNEEBAR! Narita sits up, ZSJ TWISTS the leg, but Narita rolls with it to get the ROPEBREAK! ZSJ lets go quickly and fans applaud again. Narita shakes out the leg now but ZSJ is right on it with stomps. ZSJ kicks at the leg, and then at the arm, and then Narita’s chest!

Narita just takes the kicks and eggs ZSJ on. Fans rally and ZSJ gives Narita space. Narita still eggs ZSJ on so the kicks come back. ZSJ KICKS, but Narita just growls through it! ZSJ eggs Narita on so Narita KICKS ZSJ down! Narita sits ZSJ up to KICK again! Cover, TWO! Fans rally more and Narita roars! Narita drags ZSJ up, has the wrists, and reels ZSJ in for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Narita still has the wrists, and he uses that to reel ZSJ in again, but ZSJ jumps on for a GUILLOTINE! Narita throws ZSJ down but ZSJ just drags Narita into a TRIANGLE HOLD! Narita fights, ZSJ still has his arm!

Narita pushes forward, kicks at ZSJ’s face, and ZSJ lets go of the arm. ZSJ checks his nose, but Narita swings a BIG forearm! Narita stands ZSJ up but ZSJ wrenches the arm to PELE! ZSJ KICKS the arm, kicks again but Narita blocks! Narita SLAPS ZSJ down! ZSJ sits up in a daze, and Narita drags him into a SLEEPER! ZSJ fights up, fans rally, and ZSJ reaches for ropes. Narita pulls ZSJ away, but ZSJ drops! Narita sits on it, TWO! ZSJ has the arms, EURO CLUTCH! TWO!?! Narita narrowly escapes , but ZSJ BOOTS him! GERMAN SUPLEX! But Narita roars as he rises up! GERMAN SUPLEX! ZSJ is up, but he and Narita both stagger around!

Narita runs, but ZSJ ducks the wheel kick! ZSJ runs in to PENALTY KICK! Narita sits up but ZSJ runs, into a clinch! ZSJ fights the throw and drags Narita down, double wristlock and sunset flip! TWO?!?!?! Narita escapes by a nanosecond!! Fans are thunderous as we now hit ten minutes! Narita staggers up, ZSJ clamps right on! But Narita switches around! ZSJ switches it back! They fight for cobra twist control, but then Narita has a SLEEPER! Into the cobra twist! ZSJ pries free but Narita rolls him to a HEEL HOOK! But ZSJ yanks the arm right into an ARMBAR! NARITA TAPS, ZSJ WINS!!!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission (Inaugural NJPW World Television Champion)

Narita couldn’t endure, he had to #JustTapOut! And in the New Year, ZSJ has a new look and finally has himself singles gold in NJPW! Will ZSJ create a truly historic reign, 15 minutes at a time?

Hold on, TMDK’s Shane & Mikey are back. They applaud ZSJ and join him in the ring. ZSJ says give him a minute, he has to catch his breath. But wait, TMDK aren’t here to challenge ZSJ, they’re here to offer him a spot in the group! After all, Suzuki-Gun is no more, and the Top Dog did leave for WWE. Will the Submission Master be one of the Mighty? ZSJ sets the belt down, takes the shirt, and he puts it on?!? ZACK IS MIGHTY! The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but will they make all of NJPW #JustTapOut?


NEVER Openweight Championship: Karl Anderson VS Tama Tonga w/ Jado!

The Machine Gun may be part of the WWE, but he still shows up for the bright lights in NJPW! He’s shot down the Good Bad Guy once before, can he do it again? Or is this Tama’s time once and for all?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if this title stays in Japan or returns to the States!

But wait, Karl takes the belt back. He taunts Tama that the fans aren’t chanting “TAMA! TAMA!” And then Karl CLOBBERS Tama with the belt!! The fans boo but Karl tells the ref to ring the bell. The bell rings and Tama is on the apron, Karl runs to SHOTGUN Tama off the apron! Tama hits railing, Karl goes out after him to fisherman NECKBREAKER Tama on the railing! Karl then hurries back into the ring and wants the count to take care of this! Fans boo Karl but Karl kneels and apologizes. Karl soaks up the heat as the fans boo more, “That’s a beautiful sound, ain’t it?” The count starts, reaches 5 of 20 but Karl wants it to go faster.

Tama crawls back to the railing at 10 of 20 but Karl goes out after him! Karl brings Tama up the ramp to the LED section, and scoops for APE SHIT to the ramp!! Or rather, the Bernard Driver in honor of Giant Bernard. Either way, Karl mocks the fans by trying to start an “ANDERSON!” chant. Fans boo instead, but Tama starts stirring. Karl is annoyed, but then he pounds the ground. Karl wants Tama to stand, and Tama rises. Karl aims, GUN- NO, Tama SLAMS Karl down! Karl writhes down the ramp and fans fire back up! Tama and Karl both crawl towards ringside, and Karl rolls into the ring. Fans applaud as Tama gets in the ring, but Karl goes to the far side.

Karl stands on the apron, Tama hurries out after him. Tama fires body shots but Karl throws forearms! They brawl on the edge, Tama UPPERCUTS, then UPPERCUTS again! Tama calls his shot but Karl denies the Gun Stun to hit a ROCKET KICK! Tama is down but fans rally up. Karl soaks up the heat again while Tama rolls into the ring. Karl slaps Tama around, saying this is just like back in the day. Karl SLAPS Tama, but Tama throws body shots! Tama ROCKS Karl with forearms but Karl ROCKS Tama back! The forearms go back and forth, Tama UPPERCUTS, then ROCKS Karl again! Fans fire up with Tama, but Karl UPPERCUTS right back!

Tama ends up in a corner, Karl whips him corner to corner, but Tama comes back to CLOBBER Karl! Fans fire up, Tama runs in at the corner, STINGER SPLASH! Tama throws more fast hands and forearms! The ref counts, Tama lets off, and then comes back to DROPKICK! Karl leans against the corner but Tama is right on him. Tama whips corner to corner, then runs in to STINGER- NO, Karl dodges! ROCKET KICK! Karl fireman’s carries Tama, and runs for a TKO! Cover, TWO! Karl hurries up top, Jado warns Tama, and Tama stands. Karl leaps, FLYING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Tama survives and fans fire up!

Karl paces around in frustration but he watches Tama. Tama stirs, Karl pounds the mat, and fans rally up. Tama rises again, Karl runs in, GUN- NO, Tama blocks, fireman’s carries, and hits S R C! Karl clutches his gut while Tama goes to the corner now. Tama climbs and fans rally, but Karl UPPERCUTS first! Karl climbs up after Tama, digs his elbow in and JAMS Tama in the head! Then he throws forearms! Tama wobbles but Karl brings him up. Karl goes to the very top, and he calls his shot! But Tama resists the super brainbuster! Tama throws body shots, HEADBUTTS Karl and shoves him away! Tama then adjusts to SUPREME CROSSBODY!

Fans fire up again as Karl is down! Tama climbs back up and takes aim, for SUPREME FLOW!! Cover, TWO!?! Karl survives but Jado keeps Tama focused. Fans drum along as Jado pounds the apron. Tama takes aim, Karl stands up, GUN- NO! Karl blocks it at the last moment! Karl fireman’s carries now, but Tama slips off! Tama swings, Karl ducks, but then Karl swings and Tama ducks! Tama ducks again, redirects Karl, but Karl follows! GUN- NO! Tama blocks it on the run! Tama spins Karl around but Karl UPPERCUTS! Tama PELES! Karl staggers, swings, misses, and Tama goes up, FLYING GUN STUN!!

Fans are thunderous, and OFF COMES THE VEST! Tama is ready, he pounds the mat! Karl rises, Tama aims again, GUN STUN!!! Cover, TAMA WINS!

Winner: Tama Tonga, by pinfall (NEW NEVER Openweight Champion)

Redemption and revenge, all for Tama! He gets even with Bullet Club for rejecting him, and he gets even with Karl for taking this belt from him! Will 2023 now be the Year of the Guerrilla?


Six Man Tag, Keiji Muto’s Last NJPW Match: Keiji Muto, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shota Umino VS Los Ingobernables de Japon!

Another legend says good-bye, as THE Great Muta, the Pro-Wrestling Master, wraps up his retirement tour. Will he, the Ace and the Roughneck send him off in style? Or will Bushi, Sanada and Tetsuya Naito be able to hang their hat on something at WrestleKingdom?

The teams sort out and fans already chant for “MU-TO! MU-TO!” Naito takes his time with his entrance attire, and Tanahashi shows off the muscles. Fans applaud, and even Muto approves. And so, Muto insists he start! Fans applaud, and then LIJ fist bumps. Muto waits, and it’s Sanada who insists he start! Naito and Bushi oblige, and fans fire up with the bell. Muto and Sanada circle, and Sanada throws up the Too Sweet in honor of nWo Japan! Muto gives the Too Sweet back, but then Sanada dropkicks the legs out! Sanada dropkicks again, and again, and Muto falls! Sanada drags Muto up to whip but Muto reverses.

Sanada goes up and out, springboards in and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Sanada drags Muto up, scoops and hits a BACKBREAKER! Sanada hurries to the corner, for the ROUNDING BODY PRESS! Cover, TWO!! Muto is still in this but he seems rather surprised by Sanada. Sanada whips, Muto rolls under and comes back to dropkick the legs out! Muto then SHINING WIZARDS Sanada down! Fans fire up and Muto drags Sanada up for a POWERSLAM! Now Muto goes up, but Tanahashi hurries over to caution him! He’s no spring chicken, a moonsault might not be the best thing… Muto still wants to, but he listens to reason.

But then Sanada CLUBS Muto! Sanada whips, but Muto kicks him back! Muto snapmares and runs for the FLASH ELBOW! Fans fire up and Muto tags Tanahashi. Tanahashi drops an elbow of his own! Tanahashi then BLASTS Bushi & Naito! Sanada runs in, but Tanahashi elbows him away to go up and CROSSBODY! Fans fire up with the air guitar, and then Tanahashi drags Sanada up. Sanada ROCKS Tanahashi with a forearm but Tanahashi fires off a strike fest! Tanahashi whips, Sanada reverses and Bushi gets a cheap shot in! Naito dropkicks Tanahashi’s legs out, and Sanada basement dropkicks Tanahashi down!

The ref reprimands but Bushi and Naito hit Muto and Umino! Umino goes own, Muto stays up, but Bushi kicks him off the apron. The ref reprimands LIJ more, but Naito whips Umino into railing! Sanada stomps Tanahashi, then he tags Bushi. Bushi stomps Tanahashi around, then drags him up to turn and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bushi stomps Tanahashi then tags Naito. Fans fire up as Naito ROCKS Tanahashi with forearms! Naito has Tanahashi in the corner, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to JUMP KICK! Leg sweep! SWINGING DROPKICK! Fans fire up for Combinacion Cabron! Muto seems curious about Naito’s pose, and Naito raises the LIJ fist.

Muto reaches up, but then decides not to fist bump. Naito stomps Tanahashi, drags him up, but Tanahashi fires off forearms! Naito staggers, fakes a punch and kicks low! Naito whips, Tanahashi reverses but Naito reverses back. Tanahashi ducks the enziguri and he reels Naito in for a REVERSE DRAGON SCREW! Fans fire up and Tanahashi crawls over, hot tag to Umino! Umino goes up top to MISSILE DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Umino intercepts Sanada with a kick. Umino whips, Sanada reverses but Umino holds ropes. Umino BOOTS Sanada, then baits him in. Sanada runs in but into an arm-drag! Umino then runs to RANA Sanada!

Bushi kicks Umino, runs, but into a scoop and DROP, to a BASEMENT UPPERCUT! Umino kips up and fans fire up! Umino whips Naito corner to corner, runs in and UPPERCUTS! Then Umino reels Naito in, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect, but Umino keeps focus. Umino shouts out the legends on commentary as he clamps on an STF! Naito endures, crawls, Bushi & Sanada rush in but Tanahashi & Muto intercept! DRAGON SCREWS IN STEREO! Muto then puts Sanada in a FIGURE FOUR while Tanahashi puts Bushi in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! LIJ endures three different submissions!!

Fans rally, Naito crawls forward but Umino pulls back on the STF! Naito reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts and LIJ is let go. Umino drags Naito up and clinches, but Naito fights the lift! Umino kicks low, whips, but Naito reverses to ELBOW! Umino fires up, but runs into an atomic drop! Naito fires off those heavy back elbows, then turns Umino for a NECKBREAKER! Fans rally and Naito crawls, hot tag to Bushi! Fans rally, Bushi climbs, and Bushi MISSILE DROPKICKS! Bushirooni! Umino goes to a corner, Bushi stomps him down. Bushi brings Umino up, spins him around, but Umino wrenches out to spin Bushi! TEST DRIVE!

Umino drags Bushi back up, for an inverted suplex! But Bushi slips out and waistlocks, to feed to Sanada’s DROPKICK! Sanada DROPKICKS Muto off the apron! Tanahashi storms in, he gets around Sanada and turns him for a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Naito full nelsons but Tanahashi breaks free for TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Bushi dodges, Tanahashi blocks one kick and ducks the enziguri, but the HEEL KICK hits! Bushi runs, into a SLINGBLADE! Tanahashi sets Bushi up and Muto fires up, for the SHINING WIZARD!! Fans are thunderous and Umino tops this off with DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Team Muto wins!

Winners: Keiji Muto, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Shota Umino, by pinfall

The legend, the icon and the future of NJPW stand tall! Muto exits the ring quickly, not one for sentiment. But surely, everyone agrees in saying, #ThankYouMuto!


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4 Way: Taiji Ishimori VS El Desperado VS Hiromu Takahashi VS Master Wato!

The Bone Soldier has been able to hold onto this title for a long time, but now the odds are stacked against him! He has the Rogue Luchador, the Ticking Timebomb and the Way of the Grandmaster coming after him, will one of them take the title? Or will 2023 be REBORN?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the champion can defy the odds!

The bell rings and Hiromu SHOTGUNS Desperado down while Taiji runs away from Wato! Taiji taunts Wato on the outside, but then Hiromu runs to clothesline Wato in the corner! Hiromu snapmares Wato down but Taiji runs in to dropkick Wato first! Hiromu swings on Taiji but Taiji gets around to a waistlock. Hiromu switches, Desperado slides back in, and Hiromu sends Taiji his way. Desperado lifts Taiji, Hiromu runs in, DROPKICK BACK SUPLEX COMBO! Fans fire up as rivals work together, but then Desperado rakes Hiromu’s eyes! Desperado runs, Hiromu elbows him at the ropes. Hiromu runs but Wato hurdles over!

Wato back elbows Hiromu, back hands, but then elbows and back hands Desperado! Wato runs, but into double kicks! Hiromu & Desperado double whip to double shoulder tackle Wato down! Fans cheer as the rivals end up working together again. Hiromu offers a handshake, but Desperado pokes him in the eyes for a cradle! Taiji breaks the cover, then throws hands on Desperado. Taiji and Hiromu work together now and they mug Desperado in the corner. They double whip Desperado corner to corner, and then Taiji whips Hiromu, only to reel him in for a cradle! Wato breaks that! Wato stomps Taiji, Desperado rolls him! TWO!

All four rivals argue, Desperado CHOPS Wato but Wato ROCKS Desperado! Taiji rolls Desperado while Hiromu rolls Wato! Double covers! TWO!! Fans fire up as all four men stand off! Taiji says forget this and he bails out. But there’s no Champion’s Advantage in a Fatal 4. Taiji continues up the ramp while Desperado and Hiromu go after Wato. They double whip, but while Hiromu sets up for a back drop, Desperado elbows Wato down! Desperado and Hiromu argue, they obviously weren’t on the same page. But they put Wato in a corner, and then double whip him corner to corner. But then both Desperado and Hiromu run in!

Hiromu stops Desperado and they argue again. They each pie face the other, but Hiromu runs at Wato. Wato dodges and Hiromu hits buckles. Wato dodges Desperado then shoves him into Hiromu! DOUBLE BULLDOG! Fans fire up with Wato while Taiji just lounges on the ramp. Wato drags Desperado up to ROCK him with a forearm! And another! Desperado wants Wato to hold on, they can work together with Hiromu, against Taiji! Taiji takes notice, and he says bring it on! Desperado leads the charge up the ramp! Desperado runs in first, but into a HIP TOSS! Hiromu runs in, into a tilt-o-whirl SHOULDER BREAKER!

Wato runs in, Taiji dodges, and the SHOTGUN hits Hiromu and Desperado! Taiji grins as he outsmarts all his challengers! Taiji strolls back to the ring and waits on them to return. With all three challengers outside, there’s a ring count! One of them has to get back to stop Taiji from winning by default! They all hurry, they’re back to ringside by 8 of 20, but Taiji is up top! ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Taiji wipes out all three! The count continues, Taiji slides in at 12. Desperado, Wato & Hiromu stir, but they flounder around past 15! They all stand at 18 and slide in at 19! Taiji covers Desperado, TWO! Taiji is frustrated but the match continues!

Taiji drags Desperado up, whips him to a corner, then runs in. Taiji blocks the boots, puts Desperado in ropes and ENZIGURIS! Then Taiji runs side to side for a SLIDING GERMAN! Fans fire up as Taiji goes up top again. Taiji aims at Desperado, 450, but he has to bail out as Desperado moves! Wato is up top, but Taiji avoids his flying clothesline! Taiji throws a body shot, then whips Wato at Desperado. Desperado steps aside, hits Taiji and whips him into Wato! Desperado rolls Taiji up, TWO! Hiromu leaps at Wato for TRIANGLE HOLD D! And Desperado has the STRETCH MUFFLER, into NUMERO DOS! Dueling submissions are in effect!

Fans rally as Taiji and Wato each endure! Wato is fading, but Taiji fights his way over to ropes! Wato gets a second wind, just as Desperado drags Taiji away! Wato deadlifts Hiromu to POWERBOMB him on Desperado!! Taiji is saved, and fans are thunderous as all four men are down! Taiji clutches a knee as he crawls out to the apron. Wato goes to a corner and stands up. Wato fires up as he has Hiromu alone! Hiromu CHOPS, but Wato CHOPS and CHOPS and KICKS and KICKS! Wato KICKS Hiromu up high, then whips him to ropes. Hiromu reverses, goes around, but Wato dodges to RANA!

Fans fire up as Hiromu bails out. Wato builds speed, but Taiji trips him and drags him out! Taiji hurries but Hiromu SUNSET FLIPS! Taiji flips through the bomb but is sent into the apron! Desperado builds speed, Hiromu gets away, Desperado DIVES to take out Taiji! Wato slides back into the ring to build speed and FLY! Direct hit on Desperado now! Wato drags Desperado and Taiji up but Hiromu is up top! SUPER SENTON!! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down again! The ring count starts now that all four men are on the outside! Hiromu crawls over at 7 of 20, stands at 9, and he drags Wato up. Hiromu puts Wato in at 11 and hurries to get Wato up.

Hiromu fireman’s carries, for a CORNER DEATH VALLEY! And then another fireman’s carry, but Taiji BOOTS him down! Desperado runs Taiji over but Wato BOOTS Desperado! Hiromu dropkicks Wato’s legs out, then dodges Taiji’s clothesline. Taiji comes back with a JUMP KNEE! Desperado storms up but into a body shot! Taiji whips, Desperado reverses to SPINEBUSTER! Wato storms up on Desperado, avoids his haymaker to hit the JUMP NECKBREAKER! Wato roars, he brings Hiromu up, but Hiromu slips out of the scoop! Wato elbows Hiromu, runs, but into POP-UP POWERBOMB! Taiji dragon sleepers Hiromu into BLOODY SUNDAY!

But Desperado drags Taiji away from Hiromu! Taiji fires off fast hands, but Desperado catches the haymaker and spins Taiji around, GUITARA DEL ANGEL!! But that’s not all! Desperado underhooks for PINCHE- NO, Taiji fights off the driver, and Wato SUPERKICKS Desperado down! Wato roars again, and BUZZSAWS Desperado down! Wato fires up more and he brings Desperado up. Wato wrenches, but Desperado slips out, LOCO MONO!! Both men fall, all four men are down, and fans fire up again! The ref checks all four men, they stir, and the fans rally up. A standing count starts, Wato and Taiji crawl to one side.

Desperado and Hiromu go to other corners, the count is 8! Wato staggers up at 9 but leans against ropes. All four men wobble, hobble towards center, and Taiji CLUBS Wato. Wato hits back, Hiromu and Desperado trade CHOPS! Wato and Taiji then hit Hiromu and Desperado! Desperado and Hiromu hit back, so Taiji and Wato hit them again. Desperado rakes Taiji’s eyes, Hiromu SUPERKICKS Desperado! Wato SOBATS Hiromu but he blocks Taiji’s kick. Taiji blocks Wato’s kick, then rakes Wato’s eyes! Taiji whips, Wato reverses, but Taiji handsprings, into a waistlock! Taiji elbows free, but Wato gets around, crucifix takedown, into the MOUSE TRAP DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!

Taiji escapes but Wato just roars! Wato climbs up top, fans rally, but Desperado anchors Wato. Taiji BOOTS Desperado off the apron, ROCKS Wato, then climbs up after Wato. But Hiromu adds on! TOWER OF DOOM!! High stack on Taiji, but Desperado breaks it!! Fans fire up after that close call! Desperado and Hiromu crawl to each other, and they start throwing forearms! Fans rally as the rivals go back and forth! Hiromu gets the edge but then Desperado DECKS Hiromu! Hiromu roars, but into LOCO ELBOW! Desperado stands Hiromu up again for another ELBOW! Desperado reels Hiromu in, TIGER DRIVER!!

Desperado holds onto the underhooks, and he rolls Hiromu back to his feet, for PINCHE LO- NO! Hiromu fights free and fireman’s carries! TIMEBOMB!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Desperado survives Hiromu’s best shot, but Hiromu fires up! Hiromu drags Desperado up, dragon sleepers, but has to throw Desperado away as Wato SPRINGBOARD FLYING UPPERCUTS!! Wato drags Desperado back up, hooks him up with chicken wings, TIGER SUPLEX into a MOUSE TRAP DRIVER!!! Cover, Taiji drags the ref out!! Taiji stops Wato from winning! And now he has a chair!! Taiji sneaks up on Wato to SMACK him!

Taiji then fetches the ref, gets him in the ring, and Taiji says BANG! Taiji drags Wato up, reels him in, BLOODY- NO, Wato slips free! And he chicken wings Taiji into the MOUSE TRAP DRIVER!!! Cover, but Hiromu dropkicks it apart!! Hiromu saves this match for himself at the last possible second! Hiromu drags Taiji up but Wato stands! Wato ROUNDHOUSES Hiromu, hooks him up, but Hiromu wheelbarrows! Only for Wato to block it! Wato has the waistlock, Hiromu resists, but Wato hits a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN!!! Bridging cover, TWO!??!! Hiromu shocks everyone by surviving that! Fans are thunderous and Wato roars!!

Wato drags Hiromu up, chicken wings, but Hiromu arm-drags free! Wato comes back, tilt-o-whirls, but Hiromu blocks it! Hiromu shifts, TIMEBOMB MK II!!! Cover, Hiromu wins!!!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

Taiji could not defy the odds, and as close as Wato came, he is still not there yet! Desperado staggers away backwards, will he struggle to find his footing after Suzuki-Gun’s disbandment? As for Hiromu has the trophy, he has the title, does this truly make him the Best of the Super Juniors?


IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Will Ospreay w/ The United Empire VS Kenny Omega!

Parallel paths and a rivalry that has been building for some time finally comes to a head on NJPW’s biggest stage! Will the Commonwealth Kingpin keep his United Empire strong? Or will the Best Bout Machine continue to live up to that name?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly elite!

The bell rings and the two rush in! Omega avoids the boot and lets things cool down. They circle, feel things out, and Omega shoots in. Ospreay counters with a facelock, they go around and now they collar ‘n’ elbow. They go around more, Omega wrenches out to a wristlock. Omega slaps Ospreay around, then wrenches the arm to avoid Ospreay’s hands. Ospreay rolls, handsprings, and wrenches to WRING Omega! Omega kangaroo kicks back, headlocks for the takeover, and he denies Ospreay the headscissors! Fans rally as Ospreay keeps trying but Omega keeps the headscissor away. Ospreay fights up and powers out of the headlock, only for Omega to run him over!

But Ospreay kips right back up! Fans fire up as the two stare down, and Ospreay talks a bit of trash. Omega shoves, but Ospreay shoves back. Omega slaps Ospreay but Ospreay SLAPS Omega back! Ospreay fires off on Omega in the corner, but lets off as Red Shoes reprimands. Ospreay whips corner to corner, but Omega BOOTS him away. Omega goes up and over, then comes back to RANA, but Ospreay handsprings through, to RANA back! Fans fire out while Omega bails out, and Ospreay goes to ropes to PLANCHA! Direct hit and then Ospreay rains down fists! Fans fire up while Ospreay stands over Omega.

Ospreay brings Omega up to whip him into railing! Omega writhes, Ospreay stands him up and puts him back in. Ospreay aims from the apron, springboards, but Omega catches him and trips him up! Omega then BLASTS Ospreay off the apron and Ospreay hits railing! Now Ospreay writhes as Omega goes out after him. Fans rally, Omega drags Ospreay up, puts him in the ring, and then CLUBS Ospreay on the back. Omega CLUBS Ospreay more, then stalks him to ropes. Omega ROCKS Ospreay in the back, fireman’s carries, and says, “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” ROLLING SENTON, and then Omega goes up the corner for the MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Omega is annoyed but fans rally up. Omega drags Ospreay up but Ospreay pushes him away. Omega CLUBS Ospreay, whips him to ropes, and then hits a BIG hip toss! Omega adds a KICK to Ospreay’s back! Omega stands on Ospreay for a cocky cover but Ospreay pushes him away before a count. Omega kicks Ospreay around, stands on Ospreay again, but Red Shoes doesn’t care for cocky covers. Omega paces around and drags Ospreay up. Omega pushes Ospreay to a corner and digs his boot in! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Omega lets off at 4. Omega SLAPS Ospreay on the back, whips him corner to corner hard, and Ospreay bounces off buckles!

Omega says “There’s a difference” as he stares into the camera. Omega then goes to the blue corner and he unties the buckle pad! He may not be Bullet Club anymore but he is using their move! Omega struggles with the straps a bit, but Don Callis distracts Red Shoes so that Omega can finish untying it. Omega then drags Ospreay up. Ospreay deadweights it so Omega stomps him down. Omega aims at the bare corner and fans rally up. Omega stands Ospreay up, whips him in, but Ospreay avoids the buckles! Ospreay elbows Omega, ROCKS him, then ROCKS him again! Omega drops to his knees but Ospreay brings him up. But Omega BOOTS Ospreay into the buckles!

Omega hurries to stand Ospreay up, for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Omega is annoyed again but fans rally up. Ospreay clutches his back while resting on the apron, but Omega drags him back in. Omega springboard stomps Ospreay down, then drags him back up. Omega ROCKS Ospreay with a forearm, then knees low! And again! Callis talks up Omega on English commentary as Omega whips Ospreay to ropes. Ospreay catches Omega to a COBRA TWIST! Ospreay grinds Omega down, then stands him up to pull on the facelock! But Omega powers out with a HIP TOSS! Ospreay staggers up, Omega runs in, but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT!

Ospreay runs to BOOT Omega down! Fans fire up, and Ospreay drags Omega up to suplex! Omega knees free, suplexes, but Ospreay hits STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Fans rally up again as Ospreay works to loosen his back. Ospreay and Omega rise, and Ospreay ROCKS Omega with forearm after forearm! Ospreay whips, Omega reverses but Ospreay handsprings for the NEURALIZER! Fans fire up as Ospreay goes to the apron. Ospreay springboards, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Omega survives the flying forearm but Ospreay keeps his cool. Fans rally again as Ospreay stands and Omega checks his jaw.

Ospreay drags Omega up but Omega resists the bomb lift. Ospreay fires off a sharp Kawada Kick, then CHOPS! Ospreay brings Omega in again, but Omega slips out of the bomb to CHOP! Omega runs, but Ospreay TIGER WALL KICKS and ENZIGURIS! Both men are down and fans fire up! Omega crawls to the apron, Ospreay goes out after him. Ospreay drags Omega up, aiming for the floor! Fans rally up, Omega resists the lift, so Ospreay CHOPS him! Omega shakes his head and CHOPS back! Ospreay CHOPS again! Omega is stinging, but he CHOPS back! Ospreay CHOPS but Omega ROCKS him! Ospreay SUPERKICKS!

Omega holds onto ropes to stay standing, but Ospreay goes to the corner! APRON OSC- NO!! Omega holds the ropes to deny the cutter, and Ospreay crashes down! Omega steadies himself, then goes looking under the ring! Ospreay crawls, but Omega drags him back! Omega drags out a table! And he SLAMS it on Ospreay’s back! Omega puts the table on Ospreay’s back, and stomps it down! Fans fire up as Omega goes to the apron, and he DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS the table!! He stomps a hole right through it!! Ospreay writhes and fans are going nuts as Omega picks the wrecked table up. “HERE’S~ KENNY!!”

Omega grins and he stands back up. Ospreay grits his teeth as he sits up, and he keeps Omega from sliding into the ring! Ospreay throws Omega into railing, then he fires off hands from all sides!! Ospreay brings Omega over to suplex him onto the busted table!! Omega writhes and spasms while fans go nuts again! Ospreay goes to the corner, climbs to to the top, and SUPER SKY TWISTERS!!! Direct hit but Ospreay also hits railing! Fans are thunderous as both men are down. Red Shoes checks, Ospreay stands up and his back seems in good enough shape to continue. Ospreay puts Omega in the ring, and then he climbs up again! BLINDSIDE FLYING FOREARM! Cover, TWO!!!

Omega staggers, Ospreay springboards, OSCUT- NO!! Omega blocks, pushes Ospreay, and BLINDSIDE V-TRIGGERS! Then POISON-RANAS! Then fisherman’s for AOI SHOUDO!! Cover, TWO!!! Ospreay barely gets that shoulder up but it keeps him in this! Omega flounders his way to ropes, drags himself up, and fans rally as he calls his shot. Omega drags Ospreay up with a half nelson. Omega has the full nelson, but Ospreay breaks free! Ospreay throws elbows, but Omega CLUBS him on the back! Omega CHOPS Ospreay to a corner, then hoists him up top backwards. Omega CHOPS Ospreay on the back, then climbs up after him!

Ospreay resists but Omega throws down elbows! Omega full nelsons but Ospreay still resists! Omega CLUBS away on Ospreay, has the nelson, and fans fire up as Omega stands on the very top! SUPER DRAGON SUPLEX!!! But Ospreay lands on his feet!!! ROBINSON SPECIAL!! Fans are thunderous, Ospreay springboards, OSCUTTER!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! Omega survives and no one can believe it! Fans rally as hard as they can as both men sit up. Omega crawls to ropes and drags himself up. Ospreay runs in, to HELLUVA KICK Omega against bare buckles! Ospreay then hoists Omega up top, tucks him in, and CHEEKY NANDOS!

And CHEEKY NANDOS again! Ospreay fires off boots but Red Shoes reprimands. Ospreay CHEEKY NANDOS for a third time! Omega flops off the top and to the apron! Fans rally, Ospreay climbs up the corner and brings Omega up to the top rope. Ospreay ROCKS Omega with a forearm, but Omega holds ropes to stay up! Ospreay ROCKS Omega again, but Omega throws a body shot. Ospreay ROCKS Omega again, but Omega throws another body shot. Ospreay hops down to CHOP! Omega flops but holds onto the rope to stay on the apron. Ospreay climbs up again, drags Omega back up, and clinches, only for Omega to throw body shots!

Omega facelocks Ospreay for a TOP ROPE DDT to the bare buckle!!! The United Empire can’t help it, they hurry over to check on Ospreay! Red Shoes reprimands as Akira, TJP, Henare, Cobb and Khan all check on Ospreay. Cobb complains that the DDT should’ve never happened! Fans rally up as Omega sits up. Ospreay also sits up and he is busted open! Red Shoes gets the Empire to return to their seats at ringside. Omega shouts for Red Shoes to count this already. Ospreay stirs but the ring count climbs. It reaches 10 of 20 but Ospreay is at the railing. Ospreay drags himself up at 12, flounders at 14, and the Empire shouts for him to get up!

The fans are thunderous, Ospreay drags himself up again, and he heads for the ring, only for Omega to WRECK him with a dropkick! Omega has the fans rally up and he starts the Terminator Drums! Ospreay manages to stand as Omega builds speed, Omega FLIES!! Direct hit and Omega almost lands on his feet! Omega has a wild look in his eyes while Ospreay reaches out feebly. Omega sets up what’s left of that table and he drags Ospreay up. Omega drags Ospreay over, and SMASHES his face into the table! Omega keeps going until there’s another hole in the wood! Red Shoes reprimands, Omega drags Ospreay back up and into the ring.

Omega drags Ospreay up and reels him in! Omega lifts for a STUFF PILEDRIVER!!! Cover, TWO!?!? Ospreay manages to tip the cover over just enough to escape! Omega is furious, and he rains down fists on Ospreay’s bloody forehead! Red Shoes reprimands but Omega lets off with a scuffing kick. Fans are thunderous again as Ospreay drags himself up. Ospreay has a crimson mask but he refuses to let it end by stoppage! He shoves Red Shoes down, swings at Omega, but into a SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX! Omega is telling the Empire this is what Ospreay gets, and he drags Ospreay back up. Ospreay is a ragdoll as Omega hits another SNAP DRAGON!

Ospreay tries to stand but he just flops back over! Ospreay is on the ropes, Omega takes aim, BANG! But Ospreay grabs Omega’s leg to keep him from running! Omega stomps away on Ospreay! Ospreay holds on so Omega rains down palm strikes, then he fires off KNEE after KNEE!! Omega underhooks, lifts Ospreay, JAY DRILLER!!! Cover, ROPEBREAK?!?! Ospreay survives by inches and fans are thunderous again! Red Shoes checks Ospreay, but Ospreay refuses to give in. Omega says BANG, V-TRIGGER!!! Ospreay flops right out of the ring!!! Omega grins as he slides out after Ospreay. Omega drags Ospreay up and puts him in the ring.

Omega wants Ospreay to stand, and the fans rally for as much, too! Ospreay flounders, Omega climbs up the corner, and Omega gloats, only for Ospreay to hit the ropes! Omega falls right on his crotch! Ospreay staggers over, ROCKS Omega with a right hand, then goes up after Omega. Ospreay loses his balance moment but he fires off forearms on Omega! Ospreay slams himself to wake up, and he goes up on wobbly legs. Ospreay manages to reach the top, but Omega slips out and trips Ospreay up! Ospreay gets a face full of steel buckle!! Fans lose their minds as Omega crawls away to the far side!

The Empire shouts at Ospreay, but Omega runs in, to BLINDSIDE V-TRIGGER Ospreay into bare buckles!!! Omega shows no mercy as he hoists Ospreay up top! Omega climbs up, he reels Ospreay in for an Electric Chair Lift! But Ospreay fights back! Only for Omega to pop him for a SUPER CROYT’S WRATH!!! High stack cover, TWO!?!? But Omega pops Ospreay in place for a V-TRIGGER!! Cover, TWO!?!??! Ospreay is still in this, but how?!? Fans are thunderous all over again as Omega looms over Ospreay. Omega drags Ospreay up and V-TRIGGERS!! But Omega won’t let Ospreay fall over, either! V-TRIGGER!!!

Omega still keeps Ospreay up, for another- NO!! Ospreay blocks the V-Trigger! Omega fires off fists but Ospreay just fires up! Omega likes this, and fans are electric! Omega JABS, and JABS, and JABS! Ospreay fires off KAWADA KICKS, a CHOP, then more Kawada Kicks! CHOP, KAWADA KICKS, then CHOP, CHOP! Omega boots the elbow to V-TRIGGER! Omega winds up, but Ospreay slips through the lariat! LIGER BOMB!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?? Omega survives and fans are shocked! Ospreay roars, he drags Omega up and turns him, for the CHELSEA GRIN! Ospreay prepares the arm, for the HIDDEN BLADE! And then another HIDDEN BLADE!

Ospreay runs, goes up the corner, SUPER OSCUTTER!!!! Ospreay crawls to the cover, TWO!?!?!?! Just what are these two made of?!? Fans are electric, Khan waves the Empire’s banner, and Ospreay drags Omega up. Ospreay underhooks, lifts, but Omega slips free! And Electric Chairs, but Ospreay slips around to sunset flip! High stack, TWO, but Ospreay yanks Omega up! STYLES CLASH!!! But Ospreay doesn’t cover, he goes to the corner! Ospreay raises his arm, takes off the elbow pad, and fans are thunderous again! HIDDEN BLADE from the front!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? Ospreay is furious, but he fires back up!

The fans rally as hard as they can and Ospreay drags Omega in. Ospreay underhooks, lifts, and STORM- NO, Omega lands free to V-TRIGGER! But Ospreay HIDDEN BLADES!! Fans are electric as both men are down again! Omega holds onto Ospreay’s wrist, and the two rise again. Omega drags Ospreay up and throws a forearm. Ospreay throws it back! Omega throws another, so Ospreay gives it back! Omega forearms, Ospreay forearms, repeat, and the fans are fired up with every shot! Ospreay gets the edge! But Omega shoots around, STRAITJACKET GERMAN!! Cover, TWO!!! But Omega holds onto the wrists!

Omega turns Ospreay around with the wristlocks, and everyone knows what’s coming! Ospreay SPITS at Omega and dares him to do it! KAMI-GOYE!!!!! But then, Electric Chair, and ONE WINGED ANGEL!!!!! Cover, Omega wins!!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall (NEW IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion)

Truly an elite battle of elite wrestlers! But the Cleaner comes out on top to claim this title once again! Will this massive title win be the start of an All Elite Era in NJPW?


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Jay White w/ Gedo VS Kazuchika Okada!

Another grand rivalry of NJPW adds a new chapter to its history! The Switchblade has thwarted many a challenger, including the Rainmaker, but nothing lasts forever! Will this still be Jay White’s era? Or will Okada turn his G1 Climax win into a new reign?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we find out who is THE BEST in NJPW!

White mocks Tanahashi by taking off his jacket and showing off the abs. Then White and Gedo get the fans to join in on the Too Sweet. The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. White hears the fans chant for “O-KA-DA!” but tells them to hush. White gets the claps going for “O-KA-DA!” but he means it mockingly. Then he says they’re idiots, so they should just chant it. Fans do chant it, and White says Okada needs to thank White. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and Okada powers White back. White turns it around to put Okada on the ropes, but Red Shoes calls the break. White lets go, but he chest bumps Okada as he lets off.

Fans applaud as Okada keeps his cool. Okada and White reset and circle again. They tie up, are in another deadlock, but Okada pushes White back again. White again puts Okada on the ropes but Okada turns it right back around. Gedo protests, Okada lets off slowly, but White SLAPS Okada! White grins, kicks low, then CLUBS Okada! White bumps Okada off buckles, stomps a mudhole in, then throws haymakers! Red Shoes reprimands, White CHOPS and brings Okada out. White knees low, whips, but Okada reverses to BOOT White down! Fans rally, Okada drags White up and Okada CLUBS White down.

Okada drags White back up, to ROCK him with a forearm! Okada brings White up again, for a NECKBREAKER! Okada kicks White, brings him up, and snapmares him along the ropes. Okada runs but Gedo drags White out to safety. Fans boo but Gedo shrugs. Okada rushes out, White slides back in, but Okada is focused on Gedo! White slides back out but Okada kicks him low! Okada CLUBS White, puts him in the ring, then he storms up on Gedo. Gedo says okay, he’ll stay back! Okada goes into the ring, but White gets around to waistlock and SAIDO! Gedo applauds but he’s the only one as White stands back up.

White grabs Okada’s legs and stomps him in the stomach! And again! White flexes and fans are torn. White kicks Okada around, sits Okada up to fishhook his face, but Red Shoes reprimands. White lets off, “apologizes,” and he drags Okada up. White top wristlocks, then he throws a body shot! White then stands Okada up to ROCK him in the back! Fans rally for Okada but White mocks their clapping. White scoops and SLAMS Okada, covers, TWO! White clamps on a chinlock and he pokes Okada with the Too Sweet. Okada endures, fans rally up, and Okada stands up to throw body shots. White ROCKS Okada with a forearm!

Okada swings, White gets around and reels Okada in for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally but White kicks Okada out of the ring. White then goes out after Okada, taunts Tanahashi, and he brings Okada up to RAM him into railing! And then into the apron! And then back into the railing! And then back into the apron! White reels Okada in to suplex and APRON GOURD BUSTER! Okada flops right to the floor and White relaxes. White drags Okada up, puts him in the ring, and White brings Okada up to suplex. White hangs Okada out to dry! Okada flops onto the mat, White plays around, and then he drags Okada up for a CORNER HALF HATCH! Cover, ROPEBREAK!

Fans rally while White complains about the slow count. Red Shoes defends his count, so White gets fans to do a call and response of “Too!” “Sweet!” Okada stands, White winds up, and CHOPS! White waits on Okada as he continues the “Too!” “Sweet!” And then the CHOP! White mocks Okada, brings him up, whips him corner to corner, and then swings, but Okada dodges! Okada kicks, but White wrenches out of the DDT! White reels Okada in but Okada back drops free! White stagger sup, swings, but misses! Okada kicks low to DDT! Fans rally up, Okada has White, and he fires off forearms! Okada whips, White reverses but Okada ducks ‘n’ dodges to ELBOW White down!

Okada drags White up, whips again, and FLAPJACKS! Fans fire up while White writhes and clutches his ribs. White goes to a corner, Okada goes to the other. Okada runs in corner to corner but Gedo warns White! White dodges and Okada hits buckles! White RAMS into Okada, and again, and again! And again, and again, and again! Red Shoes reprimands but White shoves him away. Fans boo, but Okada hoists White right up to DROPKICK him down to the floor! Fans rally and Gedo coaches White up. Okada goes out after White and drags him up. Okada brings White around, and then to the ramp.

Gedo storms up after Okada and tells him no. But White spins Okada around! Okada avoids the haymaker and kicks low! Gedo storms up but Okada kicks him low! DOUBLE DDT to the ramp! Fans cheer as Okada gets even with the Blacksmith! Okada fires up and the fans fire up with him, and Okada fetches White. White calls to Gedo but Okada drags White into the ring. Okada climbs up the corner, White stands, MISSILE DROPKICK! Okada drags White back up, wrenches his arm, and clamps on the MONEY CLIP! White endures, throws body shots, and he RAMS Okada into a corner! White gets free, but Okada storms up, only to swing into a COMPLETE SHOT!

White drags Okada up with a deadlift GERMAN SUPLEX! White mocks Okada, “Rocking the baby,” but fans rally up. Okada stirs but White goes to the opposite corner. Okada stands, White runs in, and White UPPERCUTS! Then suplexes, for BLADE BUSTER! Cover, TWO! White grows frustrated but the fans continue to rally. White hears that and is annoyed. He drags Okada up, but also stands on Okada’s head. White then stands Okada up, but Okada resists the clinch with elbows! White knees low and Okada drops to his knees. White mocks the claps again, then drags Okada back up. Okada UPPERCUTS, then gut wrenches!

White fights with elbows and body shots! Okada lets go, White FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and White scowls. White drags Okada around, sits him up and clamps on a chinlock. White stands Okada up but Okada rams him into a corner! Okada is free, but White CHOP BLOCKS his leg! White gets the bad leg but Okada kicks with the other leg! White flops back, Okada drags himself up the ropes, and White CHOPS! But Okada doesn’t flinch! Okada stares White down, so White CHOPS again! Okada still doesn’t flinch. White pokes Okada with the Two Sweet, then CHOPS! Okada fires off forearm after forearm!

Okada whips and DROPKICKS White right down! Fans fire up as Okada roars! Okada drags White back up, gut wrenches, but White rakes the eyes! Red Shoes reprimands, White stops, but he has the sleeper! But Okada arm-drags free! Okada runs in, spins White, but White ducks the discus to clinch! But Okada fights off Bladerunner to get the MONEY CLIP! White endures, he pries at the hold, but he’s fading! White gets a second wind to fight back up, so Okada gut wrenches him! SPINNING TOMBSTONE! Okada drags White up again, DISCUS LARIAT! Okada roars again and fans fire back up! Okada sits White up, for the MONEY CLIP!!

White is turning red and Okada leans on the hold! Gedo shouts for White to do something, move anything, and White flails around! White reaches out but he’s starting to foam from the mouth! Red Shoes checks, White gets a third wind to get the ROPEBREAK! Okada lets go in frustration but the fans rally up. White flops out of the ring but Okada takes aim. Okada builds speed, but Gedo stands in the way! Gedo begs Okada not to do this, but fans boo. Gedo then tries a sucker punch, but Okada blocks and DECKS Gedo! Gedo flounders to where White is, and Okada climbs the corner!? SUPER CANNONBALL takes out White AND Gedo!!

Fans are thunderous as Okada stands back up! Okada drags White up to put him in the ring. Okada drags White up, brings him around and scoops to SLAM! White is in the drop zone, Okada climbs up the corner, and he MACHO ELBOWS! And fans fire up because here comes the Rainmaker Pose! Okada brings White up and in, ripcords, but White deadweights it! Fans boo but White smirks. Okada KICKS White down! White chuckles even though Okada kicks him more. Okada won’t let White play possum forever, and he drags White back up. White pushes Okada away, but that forearm is rather weak. Okada DECKS White with his!

Okada eggs White on, and White drags himself to ropes. White stands, steps up to Okada, and he throws another forearm. Still no good, and Okada DECKS White again! Gedo gets in the ring and distracts Red Shoes! But Okada sees White gearing up for the low blow, so he DECKS White first! Okada drags White around by his arm, stands him up, but White BOOTS! And BOOTS! And SPITS at Okada! Okada is furious, but he swings into an URENAGE!! Both men are down again and fans rally up. White crawls after Okada, clamps onto him with a chinlock, and drags him up. Okada throws elbows to fight the sleeper suplex!

Okada has White on the ropes, he throws more elbows, but White SAIDOS Okada up and out of the ring!! Red Shoes checks on Okada but White hurries to drag Okada back up and in! White flounders after Okada, drags him back up, and SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEXES!! Gedo cheers White on but fans rally for Okada. White drags Okada up and back into the sleeper, and hooks the leg! FISHERMAN BACK SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Okada survives and Gedo is frustrated. But White grabs Okada’s arms, tucks them in, BLACK DRAGON BRAINBUSTER!! White grins and slashes his throat! He drags Okada back up, clinches, BLADE- NO, Okada GERMAN SUPLEXES!

Okada keeps the waistlock, drags White up and now has the wristlock. Gedo panics and White reaches for ropes, but Okada hooks that arm! Backslide, White rolls through, but Okada short arm LARIATS! Okada drags White back up by an arm, for another short arm LARIAT! Okada roars, Gedo freaks out, and fans fire up! Okada ripcords, for the RAIN- NO, White ducks, but comes back into the DROPKICK! Okada ripcords, RAIN- NO! BLADE- NO!! Scoop and LANDSLIDE DRIVER!! Okada drags White back up, ripcords again, RAIN- BLADERUNNER!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Okada survives and shocks everyone!

Fans are thunderous as Red Shoes checks both men. White crawls over as Gedo says he just needs one more good shot. White sits Okada up and clinches him. But Okada CLUBS White from below! White just stands Okada up, to short arm LARIAT! White is copying Okada now as he drags Okada back up, for another short arm LARIAT! Fans rally as Okada stirs, but White copies the Rainmaker Pose! White says it’s time, and he ripcords, for the BLADE- NO! Okada sips out, ripcords, RAINMAKER!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?? Gedo is going nuts as White somehow survives! White sputters, Gedo pounds the mat to wake him up.

White and Okada stir, and White crawls over to Okada. Okada sits up, he and White are forehead to forehead. Okada throws a forearm! White throws it back! Okada nods and throws another forearm! White flounders, but he comes back to throw another forearm! Gedo fires up, White calls Okada a coward, but Okada and White are forehead to forehead again. The forearms start flying, and White keeps talking trash! Okada grins, White fires up, but Okada ROCKS him! White CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Gedo likes this as White CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Okada falls over and fans fire up more!

White drags Okada up but Okada pushes him away. White CHOPS Okada back down! White keeps telling Okada he’s a coward, and that Okada isn’t going to take this from him! But Okada DECKS White with a forearm! Okada drags White up to ROCK him with forearm after forearm! White flops into the ropes and falls over! Okada eggs White on, White drags himself back up, and the two storm up to each other. White forearms, Okada forearms, repeat, and the fans rally harder with every shot! Okada UPPERCUTS! White wobbles, but Okada brings him around for another UPPERCUT! Okada UPPERCUTS again, but White clinches!

But Okada fights free! Ripcord ENZIGURI! Okada then drags White up, gut wrenches, but White slips free! BLADE- NO, Okada ripcords! NO, White ripcords, Okada STEALS BLADERUNNER?!?! Fans are going nuts and Okada drags White back up! Okada gut wrenches for a SPINNING POWERSLAM!! Fans are thunderous as Okada roars! Okada ripcords, for the RAINMAKER!!!! Cover, OKADA WINS!!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (NEW IWGP World Heavyweight Champion)

The New Year starts with the end of the Switchblade Era! And once again, The Rainmaker reigns! White grabs the title belt, refusing to give it up. Red Shoes grabs the belt and makes it clear White lost. White reluctantly lets go, and the belt is officially given to Okada. When and where will White come back for the top title in NJPW?

As for Okada, he applauds White, and goes to get the mic, but Shingo Takagi gets it first! Takagi tells Okada to hold on! Takagi wishes to interrupt. “Okada, congratulations on becoming the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.” But Takagi didn’t come all the way down here just to say that. One year ago to this day, Takagi lost that title to Okada, and Takagi hasn’t forgotten that. Takagi made up for it with my KOPW reign last year, and he had more than a fitting resumé in 2022. Okada, anyone who watched that match knows how great and strong you are. And the fans definitely got their money’s worth tonight.

Takagi says that this is something worth an even higher ticket price: him challenging Okada for that title! That’s pretty straightforward, so how about they do this on February 11th? AKA New Beginnings in Osaka! And Takagi promises to have the KOPW Championship on top of it! Takagi drops the mic and waits on Okada to respond. Okada picks the mic up, and tells Takagi that he should just get the hell out. Fans cheer for “O-KA-DA!” and Okada says, “TOKYO DOME~! Thank you for your hot, passionate support.” Okada says this was a truly amazing night, and he thanks the fans so much for that.

Okada says he and Jay White fought on another grand stage in NJPW, and White does lead their series 4-1, so Okada knows he’ll have to fight even harder to claw back that difference. But Okada thanks everyone for watching NJPW’s 50th anniversary year, and he gets a bit emotional seeing so many fans in the crowd. Okada asks Antonio Inoki what he thinks about tonight’s matches. Was he watching tonight? Okada hopes Inoki sees that his fighting spirit is here and will continue to burn, so please watch over NJPW as we enter year 51. There is plenty more for NJPW to do the next 50 years and beyond. Inoki, we hope the lights are bright enough for you to see in Heaven.

Okada says as long as the fans support and love NJPW, NJPW will keep fighting for them. And Okada will be the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and continue to make it rain~! Okada drops the mic and fans cheer, but will the Rainmaker be ready for the Rampaging Dragon in Osaka?

My Thoughts:

Just an incredible event for NJPW to cap their year while starting this new year. I suppose I didn’t need to skip the Young Lion showdown at the very beginning, that was a three minute time limit match, and it looked pretty competitive and fast paced from what I skimmed through. But the New Japan Ranbo was a lot of fun, and what a surprise that Takagi entered that. I’m also surprised Taichi didn’t make the final four, but I do like that they’re giving Khan and Sho a spot in that Fatal 4. I don’t see Sho winning that, it has to be anyone else in that match to win. And that was a really fun Six Man Tag to honor Inoki, though I feel like Makabe getting that pin was semi-botch.

Great match from Catch 2/2 VS Yoh & Lio, and a great finish with TJP snatching that win away. The United Empire is still holding onto those Junior Heavyweight titles, that’s the bit of gold they have and they might be holding onto those for quite some time. Great match from Kairi VS Tam, but I figured Kairi was going to win. And as I had heard the talk of Sasha Banks showing up here, I wasn’t surprised that she confronted Kairi. Sasha calling out Kairi is fitting, but that Gory Especial to DDT is not a good finisher. I didn’t even realize she did the DDT at first. And Sasha’s in NJPW, she can copy a finisher she saw in WWE so long as it isn’t a move someone in NJPW or Stardom already uses. And now I have a reason to put Battle in the Valley on my calendar.

FTR VS Bishamon was a great match for the heavyweight tag titles, but I had a feeling FTR was dropping the belts. This was the time for something that big, and with what’s building for them in AEW, it gives FTR a strong story of having to build back up from nothing after such a great 2022. FTR will beat up Austin & Colten Gunn to get going again, and Goto & Hashi will carry these belts into the various New Beginnings events to give some NJPW teams their chances. Aussie Open wasn’t spotted anywhere tonight, maybe they make a big splash by getting those belts this year.

Great match from ZSJ VS Narita, and while it’s a lot to keep up with when typing it, I really like the pace of the NJPW World TV Division. It truly is a “don’t blink or you’ll miss something,” “thank goodness for rewind technology” type of thing. ZSJ winning is the right choice, he has deserved a singles title for a long time and he is so good as a literal wrestler that he can make this pace work. But the real big development was him joining up with The Mighty in the wake of Suzuki-Gun disbanding and Jonah Rock returning to being Bronson Reed in WWE. ZSJ can help bring TMDK to another level and really establish them as a force in NJPW.

Tama VS Karl was a great match, but with Karl getting busier in WWE, it just makes sense Tama wins the NEVER Openweight title. Tama himself has been deserving of more in a singles run, he can get that going this year and finally come into his own as a singles guy. And it’s not like Guerrillas of Destiny is out of tag team wrestling, as Hikuleo has joined the fold and can team with Tanga Loa when Loa returns from injury. Hell, the three brothers can even go for the NEVER Openweight Six Man titles if they want and reign together. And we got another really fun tribute match with Muto’s team winning over LIJ. I know Naito had been teasing this was his last WrestleKingdom, but this didn’t feel like that. Naito can easily say he’s changed his mind and try everything all over again.

That Fatal 4 Way was great stuff, too, with everyone playing off the rivalries and odd team-ups really well. They really made it look like Wato was gonna get it there with how strong he was before the end, but Hiromu winning out makes sense. He set the record for Best of the Super Junior tournament wins, he has definitely put in the work to be worthy of the title. Ospreay VS Omega for the US title was NUTS! I did not think they were going to go that hard, but what a way for Omega to take that title off of Ospreay. Omega now has the potential to a be a dual champion with the AEW World Trios Championship ladder match next Wednesday, that would be pretty wild.

And of course, another great world title match between Okada and White. In terms of excitement and shock factor, Ospreay VS Omega did better. But the storytelling of Okada and White is a large part of their strength. They know each other so well, the countering back and forth was great, and in the end, of course Okada ends up on top. Okada is still NJPW’s number one guy, they will always circle back to him because of how good he is and how much the fans love him. Now, Takagi showing up to call Okada out was rather surprising, but Takagi being that confident is rather fitting. IWGP World Champion VS KOPW Champion for the first time ever would be really cool, that’ll be big for their Osaka show no matter who wins. At the same time, I think Okada retains, no way his newest reign is only a month and change.

My Score: 9.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (11/27/23)

Look in my eyes~! What do you see~?



CM Punk is back in the WWE?!

Just as the smoke settled at Survivor Series: WarGames, we witnessed the shocking return of CM Punk! On top of that, he’s going to be on Raw tonight!! What will the controversial “Best in the World” say about his return?


  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil: The Creed Brothers win and will challenge The Judgment Day for the titles.
  • Bronson Reed VS Ivar w/ Sarah Logan; Double Count-Out Draw.
  • Nia Jax VS Zoey Stark; Nia wins.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Chelsea Green & Piper Niven VS Natalya & Tegan Nox; Chelsea & Piper win and retain the titles.
  • Randy Orton VS Dominik Mysterio w/ JD McDonagh; Orton wins.


The first hour of Raw is COMMERCIAL FREE!


Randy Orton is here!

Nashville fires up as The Viper is back! Orton came through for Cody Rhodes and the team in WarGames and they all defeated The Judgment Day plus Drew McIntyre, and he is feeling good being back on Raw. Orton signs a young fan’s action figure box, then goes to the ring. Orton thinks about how long it has been, and he steps up to finally and once again hit his pose! The fans cheer, and they chant for “RANDY! RANDY!” as Orton gets a mic. “Well, it seems, or I should say it sounds like a few of you missed me.” Fans cheer again, and Randy says, “I’m back! I’m back for as long as I can stay here. Now without any further ado, let me cut right to it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw!”

Fans cheer again and Orton says he was gone awhile, wasn’t he? Nashville chants “Welcome Back!” and Orton nods. He thanks them and says the whole time he was gone, it gave him plenty of time to think about all his accomplishments and accolades. They already know all that and he won’t bore us to day, but he had never done one particular thing. And it was WarGames. So when his dear friend, Cody Rhodes–fans cheer a lot–called, of course Orton was in! But there was another reason he wanted in. It is because WarGames was invented by the late, great American Dream, Dusty Rhodes! To be part of that match is to be part of pro-wrestling history!

And guys, that is what it is all about. Making moments. Two nights ago at Survivor Series, he got to make a moment. But he also came back because he has unfinished business to attend to. And that business has to do… with The Bloodline. Now, if anyone gets where those guys are coming from, it’s him. Orton’s the Legend Killer, he made a living out of putting people on the shelves. He can forgive, but he can’t forget. So point of the matter is, he has a bag full of receipts for every single member of The Bloodline, and he means every single member! Now, he is sure they know what form the receipts come in, right?

These receipts are in the form of the three most dangerous letters in the WWE. NO, the most dangerous letters in ALL of Sports Entertainment: R K O! Fans fire up for that! But then Rhea Ripley makes her way out here? Mami waves hi to Randy as she struts down to the ring. Rhea is still Women’s World Champion after dealing with Zoey Stark, but she welcomes Orton back. What a performance he had at Survivor Series. She didn’t think he was the kind to do favors for others, or to team with someone who tried to end his career. Or have his big return a year in the making upstaged.

But hey, don’t get Rhea wrong. Randy looks more dangerous than ever, so it’d be a shame to have all of that wasted. Because Randy doesn’t realize that the landscape here has changed. The Bloodline has fallen, and the Judgment Day has risen as the most dominant force here in the WWE. Fans boo but Rhea says when it comes to WarGames, that was just a bump in the road. The reality is, Randy, they’re all dripping in gold! Rhea wiped the floor with Zoey, Her Dirty Dom is THE NXT North American Champion, and when it comes to Finn & Damian, they hold those Undisputed Tag Team Championships that Randy lost everything trying to get.

And if not for Randy, Damian would be the NEW World Heavyweight Champion! So he’s come in here, made all these enemies that could make his life a living nightmare. He needs to stop focusing on The Bloodline because unlike them, The Judgment Day gets the job done, and they will put Randy out permanently! Fans chant “R K O! R K O!” and Randy looks around. He stated how he kept in touch and watched for a year and a half. It’s Mami this, Mami that, blah blah blah. Guess what, Mami? Daddy’s back! Fans fire up for that! They chant “Who’s Your Daddy?” Randy says yeah, things have changed. A lot of things.

But the one thing that hasn’t changed, the one thing that will never, ever, EVER change as long as Orton is here, is that no one tells Randy Orton what to do. Rhea laughs and says he’s made his bed. She tried to warn him, tried to give him an out, but Orton has made them his enemy. And the Judgment Day attacks from behind! Dom, and McDonagh in a neck brace, stomp away on Orton in a corner! Orton fights back, POSTS McDonagh and puts Dom in ropes! Fans fire up as Randy drags Dom along, but McDonagh CLUBS Orton! RKO FOR JD!! Fans fire up as The Viper keeps the Irish Ace down and gets the mic back.

“Don’t you go too far, Dom. Don’t you leave this damn arena. Cuz as soon as I leave this ring, I’m gonna find Adam Pearce, and I’m gonna make damn sure I get you in this ring, one on one, TONIGHT!” Fans love the sound of that! Rhea freaks out, is her Latino Heat about to end up snakebit?


The Raw Tag Division gathers backstage.

Chad Gable says tonight is the night! For the first time ever, Otis & Tozawa team up! You guys ready? OOOH YEAH~! Woods & Kofi can’t believe this, the New Day’s been at this a decade and a team that literally just got put together is facing them? Maxxine & Ivy walk in, and no pressure but they have a very special guest. He is a CMA award winning, Grammy nominated and multi-platinum artist, it’s JELLY ROLL! Everyone’s excited to say hey, and Otis brings it for a belly bump! Jelly is excited to see them all in his hometown, but then R-TRUTH is here! Wassup, guys? Where’s them jelly rolls? His sweet tooth’s got a sweet tooth.

Uh, no, Truth, this guy is Jelly Roll. He’s got ’em all? He can’t have ’em all. Truth say she gotta go check catering. Tozawa, hit ’em with the roll. Ooooooh, that’s naaaaaaasty~! Truth’s confusion aside, will this Tag Team Turmoil be sweet and spicy?


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil!

Judgment Day held onto the titles on SmackDown last Friday, all thanks to Mami. The Profits are down, so who steps up to go after Finn Balor & Damian Priest next?

First out, Gable’s guys, Otis & Tozawa! And their opponents? Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano! Will the Psycho Killer and Johnny Wrestling finally get on track towards former glory?

Otis & Akira Tozawa w/ The Alpha Academy VS #DIY!

Ciampa and Tozawa start, tie up, and Ciampa headlocks. Tozawa throws body shots and powers out, but Ciampa runs him over! Things keep moving, Tozawa jumps but Ciampa catches him! Tozawa slips free, SOBATS, but Ciampa ducks the spin kick. Tozawa slides under, “A THANK YEW~!” Ciampa swings, Tozawa dodges and CHOPS! Then he does his Tozawa Shuffle! But Ciampa knees low in return. Ciampa whips, Tozawa reverses but Ciampa ducks ‘n’ dodges, tag to Gargano! Ciampa slides under, CHPOS, Gargano LARIATS and Ciampa JAWBREAKERS! Whip and LARIAT! Gargano does his shuffle, then puts Tozawa in a corner.

Gargano CHOP LARITS, whips corner to corner, but Tozawa reverses. Gargano BOOTS him away, goes up and leaps, but into a GUT BUSTER! Fans fire up, Tozawa and Gargano crawl, hot tags to Otis and Ciampa! Otis blasts past DIY, does it again, then rolls under to CLOBBER them both! Fans fire up as Otis whips Gargano, WRECKER ELBOW! Clinch on Ciampa, whip and WRECKER ELBOW! Otis ELBOWS Gargano in a corner, then SPLASHES Ciampa in another! DIY falls over, and Otis rips off the shirt! Tozawa joins in, but his shirt is a bit tougher… Otis rips it off for him! The fans fire up as they DOUBLE CATERPILLAR ELBOW!

Nashville fires up as Otis tags Tozawa back in. And then Tozawa gets on Otis’ shoulders! But Gargano SPERKICKS, and Tozawa falls into a JUMP KNEE! Ciampa DUMPS Otis out, tags Gargano, and DIY sets up! MEET IN THE MIDDLE!! Cover, DIY ELIMINATES Alpha Academy! But that only brings out Indus Sher! Will the Modern Day Maharaja’s menacing proteges pulverize DIY?

#DIY VS Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal!

DIY attacks first, DROPKICK and BOOT sends Veer & Sanga down! But then the brawl continues on the outside, and Indus Sher pick DIY up, to SANDWICH and POST! Jinder approves as Veer stomps away on Gargano in the ring. Fans boo but Veer whips Gargano to ropes. And then THESZ PRESS! Tag to Sanga, and Indus Sher double whips to CLOBBER Gargano! Sanga BOOTS Ciampa for good measure, then tags Veer back in. They drag Gargano up from the apron, have him along the ropes, and Sanga runs to BOOT Gargano down! Fans boo but Indus Sher shouts “NAMASTE!” Veer then runs in, but Gargano dodges!

Gargano manages a sunset flip, and high stack! DIY ELIMINATES Indus Sher!! But while Indus Sher is furious for getting caught off guard, here come The Creed Brothers!

#DIY VS The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile!

Ciampa hurries to reset, and he starts against Julius. They feel thigs out, Julius hits a fireman’s carry takeover and then an armlock. Tag to Brutus, and they hit a fireman’s carry takeover! Brutus sends Ciampa into Julius’ fireman’s carry takeover! Then they DOUBLE fireman’s carry takeover! Brutus has a cording hold to keep Ciampa back from Gargano, tag to Julius. Julius wrenches but Ciampa fires shots! Julius scoops, Ciampa slips free and hits a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tags to Brutus and Gargano! Gargano rallies on the Creeds! ENZIGURI for Julius! CHOP in a corner for Brutus! BULLDOG LARIAT COMBO!

Fans fire up and Gargano runs in at Brutus. Brutus puts him on the apron but Gargano PENALTY KICKS Julius, the SLINGSHOT SPEARS Brutus! Cover, TWO!! Brutus survives, Ivy is relieved, and fans rally up for “Johnny Wrestling!” Gargano feeds off that, tags in Ciampa, but Brutus sends DIY into each other! Ciampa sends Gargano back to ELBOW Brutus, then assisted SLICED BREAD! SLIDING KNEE! Cover, Julius breaks it! Gargano runs in, Julius TOSSES him out! Ciampa SLAPS Julius down, then goes back for Brutus. Brutus ROCKS Ciampa, SPLASHES him in the corner, and tags in Julius.

Julius feeds Ciampa to Brutus’ underhooks, then Julius runs, LEAP FROG FACEBUSTER! Cover, Gargano breaks it! Gargano TOSSES Brutus, then PLANCHAS! Fans fire up, Julius storms up on Ciampa and throws hands. Ciampa hits back, they go back and forth. Nashville is on Ciampa’s side, and he BOOTS! Then roll up! TWO!! Ciampa goes to a corner, Gargano tags in, GAMANGRI for Julius! Another BOOT, and DIY sets up again! MEET IN THE- BRUTUS POUNCES! Julius picks Gargano up, POWERBOMB! And deadlift, to then fireman’s carry! Tag to Brutus, and another pop-up, for the BRUTUS BALL DOOMSDAY!! Cover, Creeds ELIMINATE DIY!

Fans are stunned, but “it’s a New Day, yes it is!” The Creeds take on ELEVEN-TIME Tag Team Champions, who will make it through to face Imperium?

The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile VS The New Day!

Woods starts against Julius, they tie up and Woods arm-drags! And SHOTGUNS! And then forearms! Tag to Kofi, Woods CHOPS and CHOPS and then feeds Julius into Kofi’s DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Kofi drags Julius up, brings him over, wrench and tag to Woods. Woods CLUBS the arm, wrenches it, and tag back to Kofi. Kofi goes up to DOUBLE STOMP the arm! Kofi pushes Julius down, covers, ONE!! Julius hangs tough but Kofi snapmares. Tag to Woods, PENALTY KICK! SLIDING LARIAT! IMPLODER SPLASH! ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Julius survives the speed blitz but fans rally behind the “NEW~ DAY~!”

Woods climbs up on Julius, rains down fists, but Julius stops him at five! Julius fights out of the corner but Woods trips Julius! And then Kofi SPLASHES in outta nowhere! Cover, TWO! Kofi clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Julius down. Julius endures, fights up, and reaches out. Julius has Kofi as a backpack as he storms over, but Kofi slips around to knee low! Kofi cradles Julius, TWO! Julius has the cradle, then deadlifts Kofi from the mat! And the SLAM! Fans rally up as Julius crawls, as does Kofi. Hot tags to Woods and Brutus! Woods ducks ‘n’ dodges and slides to ROLLING ELBOW! Brutus rebounds, blocks the superkick and clinches! EXPLODER!

Fans rally as Woods goes to the apron. Brutus storms over, drags Woods up, and uses the ropes to deadlift Woods for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Woods toughs it out but Brutus tags Julius. The creeds whip to scoop and POWERSLAM! Brutus STANDING MOONSAULTS, and Julius STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, TWO! Woods is still in this and the fans fire up. Julius drags Woods over, tags Brutus, and Brutus fireman’s carries. Julius runs, but Woods slips free and kicks Julius, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Brutus hangs in there, but Kofi tags in. Woods lifts Brutus, Kofi goes up, BACKBREAKER and the DIVING STOMPS! Cover, Julius breaks it!

Woods runs up on Julius to CLUB away on him! But Julius TOSSES Woods out! Kofi TOSSES Julius out! Kofi claps and the fans join in, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Brutus stands, but ducks Trouble in Paradise! Tag to Julius, he runs but Kofi trips him! Kofi hurries up top, CROSSBODY! But Julius rolls through and lifts Kofi! Woods is back but Julius BOOTS him! FALL AWAY SLAM for Kofi! Brutus MOONSAULTS out onto Woods! Tag to Brutus, Julius has Kofi up, BRUTUS BALL DOOMSDAY!! Cover, CREEDS ELIMINATE NEW DAY!! But now, here comes European Elegance! Will Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci make Gunther proud by taking the golden tickets?

The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile VS Imperium!

The brawl is on and fans fire up! Ludwig TOSSES Brutus, then he and Vinci mug Julius. The ref reprimands and counts, but Ludwig soaks up the heat. Vinci CLUBS Julius, Ludwig stomps Julius down, and Vinci stays legal. Ludwig sends Brutus into the desk! Julius whips, Vinci springboards to CROSSBODY! Vinci kicks Julius around, drags him up, and short arm LARIATS! Tag to Ludwig, he and Vinci taunt Julius, but Julius fights back! Fans fire up but it’s 2v1! Shove and SPINEBUSTER, then a PENALTY KICK! Ludwig shouts “NEIN!” but fans boo. Tag to Vinci and Ludwig goes up! Vinci hauls Julius up, IMPERIUM BOMB!! Cover, BRUTUS BREAKS IT!

Fans fire up but Ludwig tosses Brutus out. Ludwig tells Vinci to focus on Julius, but then Julius dumps Vinci out! Julius crawls, but he has no one to tag. Ludwig goes for legs, Julius boots him away! Julius hurries, Brutus is back, but Vinci intercepts! Julius dodges, hot tag to Brutus! Tag to Ludwig, but Brutus SMASH! He rallies on Imperium, clotheslines Ludwig up and out, and then SPINEBUSTER for Vinci! Brutus SMASH SMASH SMASH! Brutus snarls, gorilla crawls, then gets under Vinci to fireman’s carry! Ludwig CHOP BLOCKS a leg! Ludwig rains down fists but he isn’t the legal man! The ref counts, Ludwig fires off more furious shots, but lets off at 4.

Ludwig stands Brutus up to whip him into the corner. Ludwig runs in, blocks the boot, “NEIN!” And UPPERCUT! Vinci gets Brutus up, BACKBREAKER and a cover, TWO! Vinci clamps onto Brutus with shoulder claws but Brutus endures. Fans rally, Brutus fights up, and he arm-drags Vinci away! But DOUBLE BOOTS bring both men down! Vinci and Brutus crawl, hot tags to Ludwig and Julius! Julius clinches to OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY for Vinci! Another OVERHEAD for Ludwig! And another for Vinci! Ludwig fights the next one, Vinci adds on, but Julius DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS!

Fans fire up for Julius, and he scoops to POWRSLAM Ludwig! Cover, Vinci breaks it! Vinci gets Julius up but Julius TOSSES Vinci! Ludwig rolls Julius up, TWO! Julius facelocks, Ludwig wrenches out and UPPERCUTS, then fireman’s carries. But Julius slips free to gut wrench and lift, POWERBOMB! Tag to Brutus, and they drag Ludwig up. Another Electric Chair, but Ludwig claws eyes! Vinci SHOVES Brutus down! Ludwig POSTS Julius! DISCUS LARIAT for Brutus! Tag to Vinci and Ludwig goes up. Vinci lifts Brutus, but Julius uses Vinci as a step up to get to Ludwig! Brutus runs with Vinci, SHELL SHOCK! Julius has Ludwig for a SUPERPLEX!!

Fans fire up again, “This is Awesome!” Brutus tags Julius back in, and they get Vinci up. Brutus climbs, Vinci fights desperately but can’t get free! BRUTUS BALL!! Cover, THE CREEDS WIN!

Winners: The Creed Brothers, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the Undisputed Tag Team Championships)

Diamond Mine doesn’t break, they thrive under pressure! But will Julius & Brutus be able to take down The Prince & Punisher to take those titles?


Judgment Day regroups backstage.

Rhea says Randy is dangerous, so Dom has to be absolutely focused. Finn walks in, he just finished watching Tag Team Turmoil. Those Creed Brothers are the real deal. Priest, we can’t take them lightly. Priest, you hearing them? Priest snaps out of his funk. He hears them. And he sees the look on their faces. Go ahead, say what you wanna say. They made him WarGames captain and he let them down. He lost the match, embarrassed them, let them all down. Go ahead, say it. Finn wasn’t gonna say any of that. Priest says no, he can tell. But Rhea says no, they’re a family. They all rise together and they all fall together.

Finn says yeah, don’t sweat it, it was one loss. They’re still champions, right? Dom says yeah, it’s all good. This is real? Yeah, 100%. Rhea says that just because Priest made himself team leader for WarGames and it didn’t go their way, that doesn’t mean they are gonna hold a grudge. Just relax. Priest says okay, that’s what families do, he appreciates it. And on that subject, how is McDonagh? Still getting checked out. Finn & Priest should go check on him. Good idea. The tag champs head out, but will their tensions be eased by the time they have to defend the titles?


Cody Rhodes is here!

Nashville fires up and sings along as the American Nightmare makes his way to the ring, “WHOA~ OH!” Cody goes to the ring and gets his pyro, “WHOA~ OH!” before he gets the mic. Fans cheer Cody on, and he gets fired up! Then he smiles and asks Nashville, “Whaddya wanna talk about?” Cody says so many stories stemming from this weekend. Here is one of gratitude. His team in WarGames was able to secure the victory, and Cody wants to thank each and every one of his teammates. Sami Zayn, #YeetMaster Jey Uso, the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” And let’s not forget the man who came through, the Legend Killer, Randy Orton!

Fans cheer again, and Cody says Randy was a mentor, is still a mentor, and is a dear friend. They had a handful of memories before but they got a new one. Orton fed Priest to Cody for the Cross Rhodes and let him have the 1-2-3. But not just in any match, it was in his dad’s match. Fans cheer for “DUSTY! DUSTY!” and Cody gets a little teary eyed. The other story from Survivor Series: The WWE return of C M Punk. Fans are a bit torn, but plenty chant for Punk. Cody says no one knew that was gonna happen, and no one knows what will happen. That is why tonight, we’re all tuned in to see what Punk has to say. Here’s what Cody has to say: Welcome back.

But what’s the saying? Fishermen always spot other fishermen from afar. That is why Cody feels this news being made, all these stories, well Cody wants to make some news and make it right here. At this point, everyone here truly knows him. So there is only one destination for Cody now. And that is why, granted by Adam Pearce, Cody is the very first to declare for the 2024 Royal Rumble match!! Fans fire up for that! But then wait, the lights start going down? And then SHINSUKE NAKAMURA is on screen! “Cody… You are a brave hero who has won his battle. Now you say you need to continue your story. But, I need you to set me free. To awaken me. To evolve!”

Nakamura was patient to wait week after week, btu no more waiting! He will bring CHAOS to Cody! And then the REAL Nakamura is already behind Cody!! RED MIST!!! Cody writhes and fans boo but Nakamura grins a sinister smile. The King of Strong Style takes a bow, will he destroy the American Nightmare’s dreams?


Bronson Reed VS Ivar w/ Sarah Logan!

As if tonight wasn’t already a big night, things are about to get massive! Will Auszilla wipe out the War Beard with a Tsunami? Or will the chosen warrior slay this real life kaiju?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Ivar shoves Bronson, he and Ivar RAM! They throw clotheslines back and forth, and fans rally up with “Let’s Go, Meat! Let’s Go, Meat!” Ivar runs, Bronson swings but Ivar dodges to RAM him! But Bronson comes back, BODY CHECK! Fans rally up again and Bronson ELBOW DROPS! Ivar goes to a corner, Bronson runs in, but into a SEATED SENTON! Ivar drags Bronson up, reels him in, but Bronson blocks the suplex, to suplex! Fans fire up, Ivar bails out, and Bronson goes to the apron. But Sarah stands in the way! Then Ivar YANKS Bronson down, and HEEL KICKS him down!

Bronson sits back, Ivar SPLASHES him against the LED apron! Fans boo but Sarah revels in it as Raw goes picture in picture.

Ivar drags Bronson up and into the ring, then kicks him to a corner. Ivar throws elbows, then body shots! Ivar snarls as he sets Bronson up for more elbows. Ivar ROCKS Bronson, DECKS him, then runs to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Ivar clamps on to CLUB Bronson in the chest. Ivar clamps on a chinbar to twist the neck, but Bronson endures. Bronson fights to his feet, but Ivar Viking Chops! And he fires off hands! Ivar whips, Bronson reverses and Ivar hits buckles hard! Ivar tumbles up and down the corner even! Bronson storms up on Ivar, brings him up to HEADBUTT, and has him in a corner. Bronson RAMS into Ivar, but Ivar CLUBS in return!

The ref counts, Bronson lets off to HEADBUTT Ivar, and then he CHOKES Ivar on the ropes! The ref counts, Bronson lets off, and he brings Ivar up to HEADBUTT! Bronson clamps on a chinlock now and he squeezes tight. Ivar endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Bronson ROCKS Ivar, whips him to ropes, but Ivar ducks ‘n’ dodges, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both behemoths down! The fans rally while both men stir, and Bronson sits up. Ivar follows, and Ivar throws hands! Bronson hits back, they throw shots back and forth. Raw returns, fans chant “BEEF!” with the shots! Bronson HEADBUTTS Ivar to a corner, then SPLASHES!

Bronson CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Fans fire up, but Bronson swings again. Ivar dodges to ELBOW! And ELBOW, ELBOW, ELBOW! Fans fire up and Ivar spins, but the kick is blocked! Bronson SUPERKICKS! Ivar goes to a corner, Bronson runs in but into a BOOT! Ivar runs, into a SAMOAN DROP! Fans fire up as Bronson then SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Bronson stalks Ivar. Ivar rises, Bronson ripcords but Ivar dodges! Ivar scoops to SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Bronson survives and Ivar grows frustrated. Ivar drags Bronson to a drop zone, then he climbs up the corner!

Fans fire up as Ivar reaches the top, for the DOOM-SAULT! But he FLOPS as Bronson moves! Bronson now goes up and fans fire up again! Sarah distracts and fans boo! The ref reprimands, Bronson hurries down, and Ivar goes to the far side. The ref EJECTS Sarah! The fans fire up for that, Bronson runs at Ivar, but Ivar dodges! Ivar clotheslines Bronson out of the ring! Then Ivar goes to the apron, to CROSSBODY, but Bronson catches hiM! And SLAMS him! And then TOSSES him over barriers! Fans rally, a ring count starts, and Ivar BOOTS Bronson in return! Ivar drags Bronson over railing, we’re at 5 of 10!

Ivar DECKS Bronson, goes up the barrier, but Bronson hits him low! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER through the barriers!! And the count is TEN!!

Double Count-Out Draw

Fans fire up for more, and Ivar SMACKS Bronson with a chair! Ivar ROCKS Bronson, and this goes into the crowd now! Bronson HEADBUTTS, but Ivar sends him into the technical staff! The forearms fly, Bronson throws more HEADBUTTS! Ivar throws more forearms, security rushes in, but they get CLOBBERED! Adam Pearce reprimands, but Bronson scoops a guy to TOSS him at Ivar!! Fans cheer and Bronson revels in it, but Ivar goes up onto a road case! CANNONBALL onto Bronson and security!! Producers rush out here, they get Ivar away from Bronson while Nashville loses their minds! Bronson and Ivar shout that this isn’t done, but then when and where will this end?


Zoey Stark stalks with Shayna Baszler backstage.

Stark feels how close she was to beating Rhea. Shayna says yeah, she gave Rhea a good fight. She’ll get another shot, just relax. Right, Shayna’s right. But Nia walks in and sarcastically applauds. “Congrats, champ. Oh, that’s right, Zoey, you had a great match against Rhea at Survivor Series, and you took her to her limit, but you fell a little short, didn’t ya? And ya lost.” It should’ve been Nia against Rhea because then she’d be champ. But Nia will still tear through the division, so every woman should be on notice. That includes Zoey and Shayna. Shayna tells Nia to do us all a favor and “shut your hole,” before someone breaks your arm and puts you on the shelf, again.

Zoey says she’s got this, she doesn’t need someone standing up for her. So Nia, if you want a fight, then they can go 1v1 tonight. Nia says that’s exactly what she wanted. Nia heads out, Zoey and Shayna can’t deal, but will the Irresistible Force turn the Hunter into the Hunted?


Judgment Day regroups again.

But Priest, Finn & McDonagh can’t believe it. R-TRUTH is on their couch, eating jelly rolls, and has gotten powdered sugar EVERYWHERE! And all he can say is, “Wassup, dawg?” Finn asks what the hell! Truth found a comfy place to eat this award winning jelly rolls. Truth… This is THEIR clubhouse! And now it’s a mess! Yeah, and they don’t have a TV. But he heard they wanted a fifth member for WarGames, and so sign him up. Truth… That was Saturday! No! Yep. Did they win? How’d he do? Priest says Truth wasn’t in there, and they lost anyway, thanks for the reminder. Oh, sorry. Cheer up, though. Randy Orton’s back! Ain’t that cool?

The Judgment Day tell Truth to get out! Are they sure they don’t want any jelly rolls? NO!! NOW GO! Truth leaves, the couch is ruined, and McDonagh says he’ll take care of Truth. Is the Irish Ace going to make Truth wish he had stayed gone?


Nia Jax VS Zoey Stark!

Raw returns and Stark makes her entrance. The bell rings and Nia runs in! Zoey slide sunder, KICKS and KICKS and KICKS, then runs to ROCK Nia! But  Nia grabs Zoey to lift her up and TOSS her to a corner. Nia runs in, into a BOOT! Zoey boots again, Nia blocks to put her on the apron, but Zoey ROUNDHOUSES! And slingshots, but Nia ROCKS her! Fans boo but Nia tells them to shut up. Nia storms up on Zoey, drags her up, and TOSSES her, but Zoey handsprings through! Zoey runs back in, but Nia catches her, for a POWERSLAM! Nia mocks the fans cheering on Zoey, tells them to shut up, then TOSSES Zoey again!

Zoey ends up in another corner, Nia runs in to SPLASH! Nia throws Zoey away, then runs at her, but Zoey sends her out! Nia is furious and shouts at Maggle. Zoey goes up and up and FLYING LARIATS! The fans fire up and Zoey stomps Nia as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Nia has Zoey in a torture rack! Zoey endures, throws elbows, and gets free! Then she JAWBREAKERS! Nia wobbles, but she still ELBOWS Zoey down! Nia storms up on Zoey, stalks her and stands on her, then drags her up. The fans rally but Nia hoists Zoey up. Zoey fights with fists! Zoey tries but Nia stops the Rana, to SWING Zoey into buckles! Fans boo but Nia soaks it up. Nia drags Zoey out, dribbles her off the mat, then drags her up to scoop. Zoey slips free to SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK! Zoey kicks the legs out, runs, but into a BODY CHECK! Nia snarls, runs in at the corner, but Zoey dodges to POST Nia!

Fans fire up as Zoey pushes Nia down, and ARABIAN CORKSCREW SENTONS! And then SLIDING BOOT! Cover, TWO! Nia is still in this but Zoey grits her teeth. Zoey drags Nia up but Nia HEADBUTTS her away. Nia runs in to SPLASH at the corner, and Zoey sits down. Nia runs in to HIP ATTACK! And then Nia drags Zoey into a drop zone, goes up the corner, but Zoey moves! SUPERKICK to the legs! Nia gets stuck, Zoey STOMPS her down! Deep stack, TWO!! Nia gets free, but Zoey goes to the apron. Zoey springboards and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Nia is tough but the fans are behind Zoey!

Zoey CLUBS away on Nia, then roars! Zoey goes up a corner, fans rally as she climbs, but Nia hits ropes to trip Zoey up! Fireman’s carry to a SAMOAN DROP! Nia isn’t done, she runs to drop a SENTON! And that’s still not enough! Nia drags Zoey into a corner and climbs up! A-NIA-LATOR!! Cover, Nia wins!

Winner: Nia Jax, by pinfall

The Irresistible Force could not be stopped, she puts another name on the list! Will it only be a matter of time before she steamrolls even Rhea Ripley?


Imperium regroups backstage.

Ludwig and Vinci argue over their loss, and Gunther walks over. Der Ring General expects them both to go to Adam Pearce and sort out this DIY issue. Vinci promises- Oh, Vinci promises?! Ludwig says HE promises to get it done. They head out together, Gunther grumbles, but then he turns around to see The Miz. Miz asks if there’s trouble. What does Miz want? Miz says he heard Gunther’s comments during the Survivor Series press conference. Gunther said his next challenger should be someone who challenges him to his face. Well here Miz is! Gunther chuckles. Is Miz sure about this? Oh, he’s real sure.

Miz is sure he CAN beat Gunther and take that title. Miz know sit, and now Gunther knows. Gunther knows that Miz is no threat to his legendary reign. But Miz did stand up for himself so Gunther gives him that. Miz came prepared for a fight. Miz can claim he belongs in that ring, just not with Gunther. So is that a no on a rematch from their great Survivor Series showdown? Or will the Hollywood A-Lister find a way to get that sequel made?


Seth Rollins is here!

Nashville fires up and sings along “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~” as the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. The Visionary is feeling good after the WarGames win, but might be feeling some kinda way after seeing CM Punk return. We hear what is on Rollins’ mind, after the break.

Raw returns and the fans are still singing, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Rollins has the mic to say, “NASVILLE~! Welcome… to Mondaaay! Niiight! Rolliiins!” And he is a Visionary, he is a Revolutionary, he IS Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins! The singing returns, but there are also some “C M PUNK!” chants. Rollins takes off his sunglasses and says go on then. Come on with it. Is that all they got, Punk fans? Yeah, get it out of your system, because tell you what. Rollins won’t spend one more second, one more ounce of energy, on that hypocrite! Fans get riled up and Rollins says instead of talking about someone who don’t matter at all, let’s talk about what matters most!

Let’s talk about the title that for the last six months, Rollins has built into the most IMPORTANT title in this entire industry! Fans cheer that, and the singing returns. Now, Nashville, Rollins has to be real. Two days out from WarGames, he is not feeling too good. But he’s starting to get that itch again. He’s starting to get the itch to be a fighting champion again. And he went and saw Adam Pearce earlier today. They sat in the office, talked about- DREW MCINTYRE!? The Scottish Warrior walks down to the ring and Nashville is a bit torn. McIntyre gets a mic to say it has been a crazy 48 hours around here, hasn’t it?

Goodness, people are talking about a lot of things, about what happened outside the ring with McIntyre and Rollins, but they both know what is more important: what happens in the ring. So McIntyre wants to shake Rollins’ hands to congratulate him on the win in WarGames. Rollins accepts, and McIntyre then says Judgment Day had some master plan. They promised Jey Uso on a silver platter, but McIntyre didn’t get Jey, and the real plan was losing, so that’s one hell of a plan. Jey’s been driving McIntyre mental, and McIntyre realized these last 48 hours that he needs to refocus. Jey is on the backburner, McIntyre will focus on what is most important: the World Heavyweight Championship.

Now does Rollins remember what he said before their match at Crown Jewel? Rollins chuckles and says yes, he does. He told McIntyre that when Rollins beats McIntyre, McIntyre would have no one to blame but himself. And that it’d be the best thing to ever happen to him. Was Rollins right? Yes, 100% right. McIntyre has no one but to blame but himself for losing at Crown Jewel. And Rollins surely remembers that one point in the match. If anyone wants to watch it back, there was a point where McIntyre had Rollins on the steps, dropped him on the apron, and Rollins rolled into the ring. McIntyre could see it in Rollins’ eyes that he was finished.

That is where McIntyre should’ve struck. But something came over him as he saw Rollins writhing in pain. It was sympathy and compassion. Something about thinking of Rollins with his daughter backstage, it felt the urge to tell Rollins it was okay and it was over. McIntyre took Rollins by the face to say that, and Rollins SLAPS him! McIntyre deserved that slap, that was on him. Acting like that with Rollins, Rollins was always gonna win. To swim with shark, you gotta become the biggest shark of all. So no more sympathy, no more compassion, forget Jey Uso, McIntyre wants a damn rematch!

Rollins says if there’s one thing he has always respected from McIntyre, it is his honesty. And to be honest with McIntyre, Rollins does believe McIntyre deserves a rematch. The problem is, Rollins also believes there are some others who deserve an opportunity more. And that, Nashville, is why Rollins came out here tonight. He talked with Pearce, and he wanted to tell everyone right here, next week, Rollins defends the World Heavyweight Championship LIVE on Monday Night Raw! Fans cheer, McIntyre sighs, and he says Rollins is the champ, he calls the shot. But can McIntyre ask who the match is with?

Rollins is hesitant. Rollins says okay, he’ll just say it. It’s Jey Uso. Fans chant “YEET! YEET! YEET!” and McIntyre looks dumbfounded. Rollins says this wasn’t personal, it- GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTT!! Fans are stunned as McIntyre busts his own forehead open with that shot! And as he said, no more compassion! He RAMS Rollins into a corner, then OVERHEAD SUPLEXES! McIntyre gets in Rollins’ face again and asks if this really isn’t personal. JEY USO of all people?! McIntyre BEAT Jey two weeks ago!! He should be head of him! McIntyre throws down another HEADBUTT! But here comes Jey!

Fans fire up as Jey storms up to the ring, slides in, and he dodges McIntyre to fire off haymakers! The fans chant “YEET! YEET! YEET!” with every shot! Jey pops ‘n’ locks and ROCKS McIntyre! Then SUPERKICKS! Rollins is up, he and Jey DOUBLE SUPERKICK! Fans fire up while McIntyre is in retreat. Jey then picks up the world title, looks at it, but smiles and hands it over to Rollins. Fans cheer but will Main Event Jey finally reach the mountaintop next week?


Sami Zayn confronts McIntyre backstage.

McIntyre tells him not now but Sami says no, he needs to hear this. Sami doesn’t know what’s going on with McIntyre, but c’mon. He can’t beat Rollins so he has to headbutt him when he’s not ready? McIntyre says Rollins has something against him, and Sami doesn’t know what he’s going through. Oh, Sami doesn’t know? Guess what? You’re not the only one who’s had disappointments around here! McIntyre lost out on the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in front of his family? So did Sami! McIntyre came up seconds short of beating Rollins? So did Sami! Every disappointment McIntyre’s had in his career, Sami’s had that times TEN!

The difference is, when Sami falls down, he dusts himself off, picks himself up and keeps moving forward because he knows the endgame for him is becoming World Heavyweight Champion! McIntyre has already been a world champion twice, and he’s 6’6″, 300 pounds of pure muscle! He has everything going for him, but he’s acting like a spoiled little brat. Sami says McIntyre is better than that. McIntyre says maybe Sami’s got a point. Maybe McIntyre should be taking everyone’s advice, including his own, and fighting his way up the ladder. He can go talk with Pearce to get a match next week. With Sami.

McIntyre heads out, and while Sami stood up to do the right thing, did he also just step on a landmine? Or better yet, in front of a Claymore?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Chelsea Green & Piper Niven VS Natalya & Tegan Nox!

The Hot Mess & Scottish Viper have been avoiding a fight with the Queen of Harts & Welsh Firecracker but there’s no running from it now! Will Chelsea & Piper be able to survive the Raw after Survivor Series? Or will Natty & Nox finally shut them up?

Raw returns and the champs make their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who really runs the Women’s Tag Division!

The teams sort out and Chelsea starts against Natty. They tie up before the bell, then go around. Natty trips Chelsea, floats to a facelock but Chelsea wrenches out. Chelsea grinds forearms into Natty’s face, puts her on ropes, then whips. Natty reveres but Chelsea reverses back, but Natty rolls over the dropdown. Chelsea whips again but Natty ELBOWS her, then DISCUS LARIATS! Natty goes for the legs but Chelsea kicks her away! Tag to Piper while fans boo. Piper storms up on Natty, she and Natty tie up but Natty waistlocks. Piper pries free, HEADBUTTS Natty to a corner, and runs in, but Natty POSTS her!

Tag to Nox, she runs up to wheelbarrow and STUNNER! Nox keeps going, PENALTY KICK! Tag back to Natty and Nox brings Piper up, for the CROSSBODY! Natty cheers herself and the fans join in as Raw goes picture in picture.

Natty tells Chelsea to kiss this, then she gets the fans cheering again. Natty stomps Piper, drags her from ropes, and steps through. Chelsea distracts the ref, Nox tells her to stop it, but now the ref is busy with Nox. Piper kicks Natty away and Chelsea is there to cheap shot her! Piper then runs up to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Piper tags Chelsea, Chelsea climbs and Piper sets Natty up, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Chelsea taunts Nox, drags Natty up and taunts her, but Natty throws body shots! But Chelsea throws Natty down by her hair! Chelsea mocks the fans cheering Natty on, then stalks her to ropes.

Chelsea drags Natty over, tags Piper, and Piper scoops Natty to SLAM her! Then Piper scoops Chelsea to SLAM her onto Natty! Chelsea wants to go again, so Piper scoops and SLAMS her onto Natty again! Nox protests, the ref keeps her from getting involved, and then Chelsea tries to scoop Piper? Yeah, not that easy… Piper scoops Chelsea to SLAM her onto Natty a third time! Cover but the ref is busy telling Chelsea to go. The ref finally sees the cover, TWO! Piper keeps cool and she HIP DROPS Natty down! Piper taunts Nox, keeps Natty from Nox, but Natty and Nox reach out! Piper reels Natty in, short arm LARIAT!

Piper tells the rf to deal with Nox but the ref knocks to watch Chelsea. Chelsea plays innocent but Piper bumps Natty off buckles. Piper tags Chelsea, and Chelsea RAMS into Natty! And again! Tag back to Piper and Raw returns to single picture. Piper cobra clutches and ripcords so Chelsea can SLAP Natty, then Piper CLOBBERS her! Fans rally but Chelsea drags Natty back to the corner. Chelsea puts Natty up top, climbs up after her, but Natty hits back! Natty hits Piper, too! Natty sends Chelsea down, adjusts, but Chelsea is back up! Natty slips under to carry Chelsea out, SIT OUT POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Chelsea survives but Natty hurries for her corner! Hot tag to Nox! Fans fire up and Nox rallies on the champs! Nox fires off hands, then LARIATS Chelsea! And again! And UPPERCUTS! Fans fire up with Nox and she runs up, but Chelsea SLAPS her! Nox just laughs! Nox HEADBUTTS, then reels Chelsea in. GOURD BUSTER, and then a KNEE for Piper! Piper tumbles down, Chelsea runs in at the corner, but Nox slips out to the apron! ROUNDHOUSE! Chelsea wobbles, Nox goes up, MOLLY-GO-ROUND! Cover, Piper breaks it! Piper drags Chelsea to their corner and tags herself in. Chelsea staggers after Nox but Nox rolls her up!

Chelsea rolls through to CODE BREAKER! Piper SENTONS onto it all! Cover, Natty breaks it! Fans cheer, Natty drags Piper up but Piper ROCKS her and TOSSES her! Piper tags Chelsea back in, and Chelsea storms up on Nox. Chelsea has the arms, but Nox shoves her away! Piper tags back in, Chelsea TOSSES Nox! Nox drags Chelsea out with her! Chelsea kicks Nox away, then CROSSBODIES, but Nox & Natty catch her! They DOUBLE SUPLEX her into barriers! Fans fire up, but here comes Piper! CANNONBALL!! Fans fire up and Piper puts Nox back in the ring. Piper runs, for the BASEMENT SPLASH!! Cover, Piper & Chelsea win!

Winners: Chelsea Green & Piper Niven, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Once again, Piper does all the hard work to keep these belts on her and Chelsea. Chelsea smiles and celebrates, but will there come a time when even Piper isn’t enough to save this team?


Jey Uso talks with Randy Orton backstage.

Jey doesn’t want any trouble. Just wanted to find Orton before Orton found him. Is that so? Yeah. Jey wants to thank Orton for having their back at WarGames. And if it means anything, Jey heard about those receipts. He is sorry how everything went down back in the day. Cody gave Jey a second chance here on Raw, Jey is trying to do right by everyone. He wants to leave the past in the past. Orton understands that. Listen, Uce, Orton has been watching. He’s seen how these past few months, hell maybe longer than that, but Jey has had Cody’s back. Jey has had a lot of people’s backs. Cody trusts Jey, those other guys trust Jey, that goes a long way.

So as far as Orton is concerned, bygones are bygones. But Orton is handling unfinished business with The Bloodline. So long as Jey is out, they’re good. They shake hands on it and Jey wishes Orton luck. Orton thanks Jey, and now he has one less name on the list. But will Jey’s name just be replaced by Dirty Dom’s? That main event happens next!


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch.

Jackie Redmond is with The Man, and notes that just 48 hours ago, she was in her own WarGames match in Chicago, and came out the winner. How is she feeling now after such an epic battle? Well, she feels like she went to war in an epic battle, and she hopes she looks it. But Saturday was a night about making amends. There is a thin line between love and hate, and she never knows when one switches from one side to the other. But enough about that, she wants to talk tonight! The Man has come around to Nashville. And there’s a couple fights on the horizon, one more pressing than the other. Becky heads out, what fight could she mean?


Randy Orton VS Dominik Mysterio w/ JD McDonagh!

Raw returns and Orton makes his entrance. The bell rings and fans cheer on Orton. Orton and Dom circle, they tie up, and Orton powers Dom to a corner. The ref counts, Orton pushes Dom around and lets off. Dom sucker punches Orton! Fans chant “Who’s Your Daddy?” Dom runs, but gets run over! Dom bails out and regroups with McDonagh. McDonagh coaches Dom up, Dom rushes back in, but Orton fires haymakers! Orton has Dom on ropes, UPPERCUTS him, then whips Dom to back drop! Dom writhes from the crash landing and fans fire up as Raw goes picture in picture.

Dom bails out, wants mercy, but Orton storms up to the ropes. Dom gets away, so Orton strikes his pose. Dom wants a mic? No, there’s no time for that. Dom storms around, complains about something, maybe he’s missing his Mami. Orton smirks as Dom keeps pacing around but the ring count starts. Orton goes out after Dom to CLOBBER him! Orton chases McDonagh away while mocking his bad neck. Dom staggers up but Orton UPPERCUTS him down! Orton brings Dom around, Dom throws hands, but Orton SMACKS him off the desk! Orton puts Dom in and then stalks him, to trip him and have the leg.

Orton brings Dom around to stomp him in the stomach! Orton digs his heel in, then stomps a leg! Dom writhes and flounders to a corner but Orton is on him again. Orton whips corner to corner hard and Dom bounces off buckles. Orton drags Dom to a cover, TWO, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Orton drags Dom up while fans again chant “Who’s Your Daddy?” Orton TOSSES Dom out, storms out after him, and McDonagh hobbles away. Orton stands Dom up, to back- NO, Dom slips out of the back suplex, CLUBS Orton and RAMS him into steel steps! Fans boo while Orton writhes, Dom is after that repaired back and shoulder! Dom puts Orton in the ring, covers, TWO! Dom is annoyed by the count but the ref says his count is fair. Dom clamps on a chinlock, he squeezes Orton’s neck, but Orton fights up. Fans rally and Orton throws body shots. Dom CLUBS Orton, whips him to a corner, but Orton comes back to CLBOBER him!

Orton rallies on Dom, ducks him and SPIN POWERSLAMS! Fans fire up with Orton and he is feeling it! Orton puts Dom in the ropes, brings him out, and he grins at McDonagh as he hits the DRAPING DDT! Fans fire up again and Orton soaks it up. Because Orton’s hearing those voices! McDonagh drags Dom to safety! Fans boo, McDonagh asks what they’re all looking at. Wait, Jelly Roll is up front! Fans cheer as Jelly stands up. Jelly and JD argue, and Jelly shoves JD! Fans fire up as now Dom gets mad! So Jelly shoves Dom! Orton high-fives Jelly, goes back for Dom, and hits that BACK SUPLEX TO THE DESK!

Dom writhes and flops off the desk but fans want that one more time! Orton drags Dom up, brings him back around, and indeed, another BACK SUPLEX TO THE DESK! Orton puts Dom in, but McDonagh gets on the apron. Orton gets him for a DRAPING DDT! McDonagh writhes, Dom DROPKICKS Orton onto ropes! Dom dials it up, 619! Dom hurries up top, FROG SPLASH FLOPS! Orton aims, R K O!! Fans are thunderous, Orton covers, Orton wins!

Winner: Randy Orton, by pinfall

The Viper had a successful return to the ring at WarGames, and he has another successful return here tonight! Dom & McDonagh retreat, will Mami not be happy about this?


CM Punk is here!

Nashville fires up one more time and sings along with Cult of Personality. Punk goes to the ring, and gets a mic as the fans chant his name. Punk then says, “Looks like Hell just froze over.” Fans cheer that! And Punk means that as in, this is him, standing in a WWE ring, on Monday Night Raw, with a mic in his hand. He doesn’t mean that apparently, a Blackhawks fan is actually getting love inside the Predators’ territory. Sorry, had to say it. He’s gotta be himself. And lately, he’s been feeling a little more like himself ever since Saturday. That is a career highlight for him, and he’s been trying to come up with the words to explain exactly how he feels.

He has two words that he’s afraid to say. Not because they’re not true. It’s because he’s scared of how true they actually are. It is a bit corner, it won’t sound like CM Punk, but he’s a changed man. Once upon a time, an American Dream taught him that as long as you speak from the heart, you cannot go wrong, because it is the truth. So this is the truth: “I’m home.” Fans cheer that! Punk says he has come back to this familiar place, and he didn’t know how he was gonna react, he didn’t know how it was gonna go, but it has made him feel like himself again. Because this is where Punk belongs! This is home! And he’s been gone for TEN YEARS!

And yet for those ten years, no one ever forgot him, even when he maybe wanted to forget himself. And that is powerful stuff. The fans are all powerful. A bunch of continents, countries, arenas all over the world, people watching at home, they never stopped chanting his name. The fans chant it now! Punk says the Voiceless found their voice, and he couldn’t be more proud. He heard them, that is why he is back. Because he loves them! He loves them! He loves them, missed them, missed all of this, and wishes he could say he didn’t have to leave. But once upon a time, a Wise Man told him that for him to get everything he wants out of this place, he’d have to leave it and come back.

Hate to say it, but the Wise Man was right. But that is why Punk is back. He wants to get everything he needs out of this place. He is back for the fans because the fans are home. Fans cheer that! Saturday was an amazing moment, Monday is an amazing moment. He wants the words to explain how it feels, but in front of and behind the camera, it’s nothing but love, nothing but hugs. It feels like a family reunion. Everybody back there is happy to see Punk, a few kissed him, it is all “Welcome back, welcome home, we’ve missed you, we’re happy to see you. How’s AJ?” And AJ lee is fabulous and sends her regards. Fans cheer that most of all!

Punk says everyone has welcomed him back with open arms. Except… Some are afraid. They’re afraid of the truth, of what they don’t understand, but Punk understands. Everything he has ever wanted has always been right here. The competition, week in and week out, competes to be the Best in the World, but the Best in the World hasn’t been here in almost ten years. Punk understands being afraid. They’re afraid he’s set the bar to an unobtainable level, that he has the brass ring in his back pocket. That the most dangerous and controversial, feared man in this business, walked in and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Some are afraid that tomorrow, they’ll have to come to terms with how their best efforts at being the Best in the World in this ring, on this mic, even at commentary, isn’t just false, but a lie! Because the Best in the World is back, standing in this ring, live and in living color, in Nashville, Tennessee on a Monday night, and his name is… C M PUNK!! He’s baaack~! “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money.” Will Punk prove he is still the Best in the World? Or will that be hard to do even for him?

My Thoughts:

A great Raw to follow Survivor Series, especially with everything they had to build upon. A touch disappointed Tag Team Turmoil wasn’t pretty much the entire commercial free first hour to give everyone a lot of time, and rather surprised that the Creeds won out. But at the same time, not that surprised, given that DIY and Imperium still have to settle things. But I’m a little surprised they didn’t give New Day a shot at Judgment Day, that feud is probably simmering for WrestleMania season. Creeds can still have a good feud with Judgment Day, Ivy can even step to Rhea, but I don’t see them winning the titles.

Great promos throughout the night with the winners and losers of WarGames. Orton and Rhea interacting was really fun, and of course Dom gets in trouble because of it. Great main event match from them with McDonagh of course there to also get whooped. And also good interaction of Jey and Orton to bypass Jey VS Orton happening. Orton is going strong, but I don’t expect him to just shoot up to the world title. Maybe he has a good showing in the Royal Rumble, but I bet he alters course to go after like the Intercontinental Championship and Gunther. Gunther had a good promo with Imperium and also with Miz, that’ll be a fun rematch before Gunther gets on his Road to WrestleMania.

Speaking of Rumble, great promo from Cody to not just declare for Rumble, but to also put WarGames into a heartfelt perspective. And then Nakamura going after Cody, great move there to help them both build momentum to Rumble. Awesome promo stuff with Rollins and McIntyre to give McIntyre’s Heel turn more heat, I busted up laughing that it was Jey getting his shot against Rollins next. McIntyre and Sami also have a great promo, and that rematch of the two of them is going to be great, too. And I just about died laughing during R-Truth’s promo with the Judgment Day. What a great way to bring Truth back, he is a national treasure.

Also really good promo from Becky, and maybe, just maybe, she’s saying she’s gonna go after Rhea now? Thought it was gonna be Nia, but she and Zoey had a good promo and match, maybe Nia has to get through the others first, meaning Shayna is next. Really good women’s tag title match but that could’ve been a touch better. Something seemed a touch off, who knows what. But Chelsea & Piper retaining is fine, because this is all leading to Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn taking those belts back. I kinda wished something had happened while we lingered on Chelsea smiling and waving after the win. Maybe they start on that build this Friday.

Awesome stuff from Bronson VS Ivar, though the crowd didn’t get into it right away. Great move to have it be a count out draw and then a brawl, they’re definitely gonna up the ante next time. And then CM Punk of course had the closing moment tonight. I had another laugh when Punk said he was “back home” in the WWE, perhaps out of surprise and how that buries his time in AEW. But whatever any of us think about Punk, from egotistical to hypocritical to emotional to passionate, he’s back, but also, this is it. He messes up here, he is done. He can’t go back to AEW, likewise can’t go to AEW’s friends like NJPW, and he clearly doesn’t want to go anywhere “small time” like Impact or NWA. He needs to keep it under control this time or lose whatever’s left of his legacy.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW World Tag League Results & Report! (11/26/23)

B Block, round 3!



Will the Headbanga & Young Guerrilla have to tranquilo?

The NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions have been rolling through World Tag League, but will that roll come to a screeching halt against Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr?


  • 8 Man Tag: Tomoaki Honma, Yuto Nakashima & The Gates of Agony VS Bullet Club War Dogs; Bullet Club War Dogs win.
  • Six Man Tag: The United Empire VS The House of Torture; The United Empire wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Chaos VS TMDK; Chaos wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Shota Umino, Ren Narita & Oskar Leube VS Kaito Kiyomiya, Ryohei Oiwa & Boltin Oleg; Kaito, Oiwa & Oleg win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: Lance Archer & Alex Zayne VS Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr; Archer & Zayne win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: Bishamon VS Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza; Bishamon wins.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS Taichi & Yuya Uemura; Taichi & Yuya win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, B Block: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo VS Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr; Tsuji & Zandokan win.


Here are the current B Block standings.

Taichi & Yuya Uemura: 2-0, 4 points
Alex Zayne & Lance Archer: 2-0, 4 points
Atlantis Jr. y Soberano Jr: 2-0, 4 points
ELP & Hikuleo: 1-1, 2 points
Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr: 1-1, 2 points
Bishamon: 0-2, 0 points
Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza: 0-2, 0 points
Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki: 0-2, 0 points


2023 World Tag League, B Block: Lance Archer & Alex Zayne VS Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr!

The Monster Sauce just pinned the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions while the sons of lucha managed to bring down the Rogue Army. Both teams are 2-0 but still hungry for more, so who is eating their first loss here tonight?

Zayne is for some reason suddenly shy, and he keeps his jacket closed as he walks out here. Archer doesn’t understand why, either. He claims he’s cold? Archer insists he put the jacket aside, so Zayne reluctantly does, revealing he is just wearing basketball shorts. Did his luggage not make it? Well, the teams sort out, Archer starts against Atlantis and the bell rings. Fans rally up as the two tie up, and Archer laughs at he puts Atlantis in the corner. The ref counts, Archer lets off with pats on the shoulder, and the two reset. They approach, Atlantis gets around and throws a forearm! Archer doesn’t budge!

Archer takes a swing, Atlantis bobs ‘n’ weaves, runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges then CHOPS! Atlantis whips, Archer reverses but Atlantis holds ropes. Archer runs in, Atlantis dodges and comes back, but Archer puts him on the apron. Archer runs in but Atlantis shoulders him back! Atlantis slingshots but Archer stays up! Archer drags Atlantis up, TOSSES him to a corner, and then runs corner to corner. Atlantis dodges to BLAST Zayne, and Soberano GAMANGIRIS Archer! Atlantis & Soberano stomp away on Archer, the ref counts but they let off. Fans fire up and the luchadores mug Archer to then double whip. Archer swings but they dodge the double lariats!

Soberano runs back in but Archer catches his crossbody! Archer BOOTS Atlantis then FALL AWAY SLAMS Soberano! Zayne runs in, UPPERCUTS Atlantis then UPPERCUTS in the corner! Archer ELBOWS Atlantis, then helps Zayne with the HIP TOSS CANNONBALL! Fans fire up and Archer drags Atlantis up. Archer bumps Atlantis off buckles, then tags Zayne. Fans cheer and Zayne CLUBS Atlantis down. Zayne drags Atlantis up to ROCK him, and Atlantis falls back towards a corner. Zayne stands Atlantis up to knee low, then reels him in. Tag to Archer, Zayne scoops to SLAM! And then Archer scoops Zayne to SLAM him on Atlantis! Cover, TWO!

Archer argues with the ref and chases him around. Archer then goes back to Atlantis to snap suplex! Archer talks trash on Soberano then stands on Atlantis at the ropes. The ref counts, Archer steps away and he tells fans to urusei! Archer then whips Atlantis hard into the corner! Tag to Zayne and he clamps on a facelock. Atlantis endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Atlantis is free, he dodges Zayne and then scoops to BACKBREAKER! Fans rally up, both men crawl, and hot tag to Soberano! Soberano DROPKICKS Zayne, whips him to a corner, and then runs in to DROPKICK again! Zayne staggers, into a RANA!

Fans cheer and Soberano eggs on Archer. Soberano keeps Zayne from him, then holds out a hand tauntingly. The ref has to keep Archer back and Soberano CLUBS Zayne. Soberano taunts Archer, whips Zayne but Zayne reverses. Soberano BOOTS Zayne, Atlantis tags in, and Soberano BOOTS Zayne down! Soberano runs in and Atlantis puts him up top, but Archer runs in! Soberano BOOTS Archer, Atlantis SUPERKICKS, and then Zayne runs in. Atlantis gets around to waistlock Zayne, Soberano MISSILE DROPKICK SPLASH COMBOS, sending Zayne into Atlantis’ GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up and Atlantis covers, TWO!

Fans cheer as Zayne hangs tough, and Atlantis stands him up. Atlantis ROCKS Zayne, Zayne ROCKS Atlantis. They trade forearms, Zayne gets the edge and ELBOWS Atlantis. Zayne runs in at the corner but is put up top! ENZIGURI and Zayne’s in the Tree of Woe! Atlantis runs to DROPKICK him down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Atlantis argues the count. The ref says his count was fair, so Atlantis brings Zayne up to throw forearm after forearm. Atlantis runs, Archer gets in to scoop! ROLLING AX KICK SIDEWALK SLAM COMBO! Cover, Soberano breaks it! Archer ROCKS Soberano, then runs in, only for Soberano to dump him out!

Soberano aims and SLINGSHOT RANAS Archer! Atlantis puts Zayne on ropes, Soberano GAMANGIRIS and Atlantis DROPKICKS! Fans fire up and Atlantis tags Soberano. Soberano goes up to TORNILLO! Cover, TWO! Zayne is still in this and the fans fire up again. Soberano drags Zayne up to a fireman’s carry, and then hits a WASTELAND SLAM! Soberano goes to a corner, climbs up, but Archer STEP-UP KNEES! Zayne runs, NO HANDS STEINER! And then CHOKE SLAM SAULT but onto knees! Archer hurries to grab Soberano, CHOKE- NO, Soberano slips free and ENZIGURIS! Mule kick for Zayne, and Soberano stands on Zayne’s back!

But then Zayne avoids the Elevator Famouser! Atlantis runs in, but into a schoolboy KICK! Soberano kicks low, reels Zayne in and vows to finish this! Canadian Rack, into the Gory Especial! Swing and- NO, Zayne blocks the knee! Soberano avoids the lariat, but springboards into the choke grip! CHOKE SLAM! Atlantis runs in, into a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Fans fire up with Monster Sauce and they say, “ITADAKIMASU~!” Zayne hauls Soberano up, straitjacket and pump handle, TACO DRIVER!! Cover, Monster Sauce wins!

Winners: Lance Archer & Alex Zayne, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Atlantis & Soberano earn 0)

The sons of lucha libre just got burned! Will they be able to recover from this in the next round? Will Archer & Zayne keep things going until they feast in the finals?


2023 World Tag League, B Block: Bishamon VS Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza!

It is rather shocking that Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi, THE IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, have started 0-2. However, the Rogue General & Red Commando are also 0-2, could this be a huge rebound for them? Or will the Fierce Warrior & Headhunter be the ones to finally get on the board?

The teams sort out and Bonza starts against Goto. Fans rally as the two circle, and they tie up. They go around, Bonza waistlocks but Goto wrenches and wristlocks. Bonza rolls, wrenches and waistlocks, but Goto switches. Goto full nelsons, spins Bonza to cravat then headlock, but Bonza pries the hold open to hammerlock. Goto goes to ropes, Bonza lets off, but then Bonza kicks low! Bonza headlocks and he grinds Goto, but Goto pries at the hold. Bonza clamps on tighter, but Goto powers out, only for Bonza to run Goto over! Bonza runs, Goto stays low but Bonza stomps him down! Bonza paces around then stands Goto up.

Bonza whips but Hashi tags in. Bishamon run Bonza over with double shoulders! Hashi runs and Goto sets up, ZANMAI! Fale runs in but Bishamon kicks him first! “SE~ NO!” They HAMMER away on Fale! Fale explodes out, but then Bishamon runs to double shoulder Fale down! Fans fire up and now Bishamon bring Bonza up. “SE~ NO!” and they HAMMER away on Bonza! Fans fire up, Hashi brings Bonza around to CLUB him again. Hashi whips Bonza to a corner, then storms up to CHOP him! Hashi ROCKS Bonza with a forearm, and then another, and then whips corner to corner. Bonza reverses but Hashi dodges the splash!

But Fale’s there to CLOBBER Hashi! Bonza BLASTS Goto, Fale drags Hashi out and throw body shots. Hashi falls over, the ref reprimands, but Fale sends Hashi into railing! Hashi falls in a heap, Bonza goes out to fetch him. Bonza drags Hashi up, puts him in the ring, and then tags Fale in. Bonza drags Hashi around and Fale stands on Hashi’s chest! It’s technically a cover so the ref counts, TWO! Hashi hangs in there but Fale drags him up. Fale CLUBS Hashi back down! Bonza applauds and Fale taunts Goto. The ref is busy with Goto so Bonza stands on Hashi’s head! Bonza gets away with that, and Fale stands Hashi up.

Fale scoops and SLAMS Hashi, then stands on his back! Fale goes surfing, but then lets off to cover, TWO! Fans applaud as Hashi hangs tough. Fale drags Hashi over, tags Bonza, and the Rogue Army mugs Hashi with a CHOP! Bonza ROCKS Hashi, ROCKS him again, then runs to BLAST Goto! Bonza returns to Hashi, but Hashi fires forearms in return! Hashi fires up, dodges Bonza and sends him into Fale! Roll up, with a bridge, TWO! Bonza checks, he’s safe, but then Hashi kicks. Hashi runs, but into an ELBOW! Bonza whips, Hashi ducks, but Bonza blocks the superkick into an STF! But Goto stomps Bonza!

Bonza BOOTS Goto and kicks him out of the ring! Bonza complains to the ref, then mocks the fans cheering on Hashi. Bonza drags Hashi up, reels him in, but Hashi suplexes! Bonza fights it, Hashi tries again, but then Bonza suplexes! Hashi slips free but Bonza elbows him away. Bonza runs but Hashi dropkicks the legs out! Fans rally up while both men are down! Hashi crawls over to the corner, hot tag to Goto! Goto runs in to run Bonza over! Goto fires off forearms, whips Bonza corner to corner, and runs in to MURAMASA! And then SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Goto keeps his cool and he ROCKS Fale! Fale grabs Goto!

Bonza CLUBS Goto, runs, but Goto follows to LARIAT! Fale runs in, Goto kicks him first! Goto reels Fale in, and aims for Bonza! But Fale blocks the suplex to scoop! Goto slips free but Fale elbows him away. Bonza runs in at the corner, but into a BOOT! Fale tries but Goto dodges the splash! Goto fires off forearms on them both! Goto runs, but Bonza drops and Fale LARIATS! Bonza covers, TWO! Fans rally up but the Rogue Army coordinates. They get Goto up, Bonza scoops, BACKBREAKER to Fale’s ELBOW DROP! Cover, Hashi breaks it! Fans fire up but Fale stomps Hashi and throws him out. But then Hashi RAMS Fale into railing!

Fans fire up while commentary takes a hit! Yoh is stunned and Milano Collection AT almost falls out of his seat like yesterday! Bonza has Goto, suplexes, but Goto slips free to waistlock. Bonza switches, Goto elbows free and runs, but Bonza BOOTS him! And LARIATS! Fans fire up and Bonza drags Goto up to reel him in. Gut wrench, DOCTOR BOMB!! Cover, HASHI BREAKS IT!! Hashi saves Goto from disaster but Fale ROCKS and CHOPS Hashi to a corner. The Rogue Army regroups and double whips corner to corner. Fale runs in but Hashi dodges to LARIAT Bonza! Hashi runs to clothesline Fale in the corner!

Hashi roars, fires off forearms, and then a kick and a CHOP! Fale stays up, but Hashi gets around him! Goto is back up and he LARIATS from behind! Bishamon fires up to DOUBLE LARIAT Fale up and out! Fans fire up, Bonza runs in to ELBOW Goto! Hashi blocks Bonza’s kick, Goto KICKS that leg! Goto fireman’s carries, for FIERCE FLASH into SHO- NO, Bonza kicks Hashi away! Goto feeds Bonza to HIDDEN GAP! And then SHOTO!! Cover, BISHAMON WINS!

Winner: Bishamon, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Rogue Army earns 0)

Finally, the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions have points! Does this mean their dream of a WTL threepeat is still alive? Does this third loss in a row mean the Rogue Army needs to call in reinforcements?


2023 World Tag League, B Block: Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS Taichi & Yuya Uemura!

Blue Justice & The Meanest Man in the World are 0-2, but the Holy Emperor & Heat Storm are 2-0. But will Suzuki be able to bring down one of his former proteges? Or will Taichi and his new protege keep their roll towards the finals going?

The teams sort out and while Suzuki stares down Taichi, Nagata stares down Yuya. The fans rally up, the ref has the teams settle down, and Taichi starts against Suzuki. The fans fire up with the bell as the two circle. Taichi and Suzuki stare down and Suzuki smirks. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Suzuki powers Taichi to ropes. The ref counts the break, Suzuki lets off slowly, but Taichi is chill because he knows “Boss” Suzuki well. Suzuki grins as he and Taichi reset. They feel things out again, knuckle lock, and now Taichi puts Suzuki on ropes. They pull hair and ears, but Taichi still lets off. Fans applaud as the two reset again.

Suzuki tags to Nagata and fans applaud. Taichi then backs away to tag Yuya. The fans cheer as these two tie up, and Nagata wrenches. Yuya spins, wrenches, and WRINGS Nagata, reaches down, but Nagata headscissors. Yuya kips free and the fans cheer. Nagata and Yuya reset and circle again. They knuckle lock, then go shoulder to shoulder in a test of strength. They push each other, hands up then back to shoulder to shoulder. Yuya wrenches, hammerlocks then headlocks, and he holds tight as Nagata tries to power out! Fans cheer as Yuya facelocks to keep Nagata down. Nagata fights up, Yuya goes back to the headlock.

Nagata endures as Yuya grinds the hold. Yuya hits a takeover, Nagata headscissors, Yuya kips free and hits a flying takeover! Fans cheer as Heat Storm has Blue Justice back down. Nagata fights up, Yuya grinds the hold, but Nagata throws body shots. Nagata sends Yuya to a corner, runs in, but Yuya dodges to arm-drag! But then Nagata kitchen sink knees! Fans rally up and Nagata KICKS Yuya in the back! Yuya gets up, fires off forearms and CHOPS, but Nagata ROCKS him then snapmares to KICK him again! Nagata tags Suzuki and Suzuki reluctantly gets in. Suzuki drags Yuya up to wrench and hammerlock then headlock.

Yuya endures as Suzuki grinds, then he hits the headlock takeover. Suzuki goes after an arm and shifts to the double wristlock! Yuya endures, clasps hands, but Suzuki changes up to a facelock. They go to the corner, Nagata tags back in, and the murder grandpas mug Yuya. Nagata CLUBS Yuya, snapmares and clamps on the chinlock! Nagata shifts his grip as Yuya pries at it, and Yuya endures as the fans rally. Nagata KNEES Yuya in the back, KICKS him, and brings Yuya to the corner. Nagata ROCKS Yuya, ROCKS him again, Suzuki tags in just as Yuya starts hitting back! Nagata ROCKS Yuya and Suzuki BOOTS him!

Suzuki stomps Yuya, digs his boot in, but the ref counts. Suzuki lets off, fans rally up, and Suzuki brings Yuya around. Yuya shoves Suzuki but Suzuki pulls hair to throw a knee. Suzuki whips, but Yuya reverses to DROPKICK! Fans fire up while both men are down! Yuya and Suzuki stir, Yuya crawls, hot tag to Taichi! Taichi runs to BLAST Nagata, and then he goes back to his mentor. Taichi gives Suzuki some Kawada Kicks! Suzuki just stands up and laughs! Taichi kicks low then fires off more Kawada Kicks! Suzuki kicks back, whips, but Taichi reverses to wrench and DANGEROUS HOOK KICK! Fans fire up as Taichi watches Suzuki go to a corner.

Taichi runs corner to corner to BOOT Suzuki! And then he brings Suzuki around to snapmare and KICK in the back! Suzuki laughs and kicks back, to then snapmare and KICK! Fans cheer and Taichi stands back up. Taichi smiles, SOBATS, then runs to BOOT! Suzuki rebounds to BOOT! Taichi BOOTS again, so Suzuki BOOTS again! They egg each other on and the fans love it! Suzuki fires a forearm, Taichi paces. Taichi KICKS but Suzuki stays up. Suzuki ROCKS Taichi with a forearm, but Taichi KICKS in return! Suzuki laughs as he and Taichi go back and forth, forearm for kick! Suzuki gets the edge, then he eggs Taichi on.

Taichi winds up to ROCK Suzuki! Fans fire up, Taichi KICKS again! Suzuki drops to a knee and Taichi fires up! Taichi’s chest is bleeding but has he surpassed his mentor? Taichi kicks, but Suzuki blocks! Suzuki headlocks, Taichi powers out but Suzuki pulls Taichi’s hair! HEADBUTT! Taichi staggers, Suzuki throws another forearm, but Taichi roars! So Suzuki DECKS him! Fans fire up with Suzuki as Taichi flops against him! Suzuki eggs Taichi on and Taichi slowly rises. Suzuki BOOTS, Taichi growls! Suzuki BOOTS, Taichi BOOTS Suzuki down! Suzuki gets up to BOOT Taichi down! And hot tag to Nagata!

Nagata brings Taichi up to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! Nagata whips corner to corner, runs in and BOOTS! Nagata clinches but Taichi fights with elbows! Nagata waistlocks, Taichi pries free to PELE! Nagata falls and fans fire up! Taichi crawls his way over, hot tag to Yuya! Yuya runs up to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP, but Nagata kicks low. Nagata whips, Yuya reverses and arm-drags! Yuya keeps moving, and he DOUBLE CHOPS Nagata down! Nagata goes to a corner, Yuya runs corner to corner to SPLASH and BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while Yuya stays focused. Yuya drags Nagata up again and clinches!

Nagata fights the lift, Suzuki attacks from behind! Taichi attacks Suzuki, then runs, but Suzuki follows to shoot around and SLEEPER! Fans fire up and Suzuki spins Taichi, but Taichi knows that one! Taichi slips free, Suzuki dodges a haymaker, but not the AX BOMBER! Fans fire up while those two fall, and then Yuya aims at Nagata in a corner. Yuya fires up and runs in, to DROPKICK! Nagata staggers and Yuya roars! Yuya traps one arm, then the other, but Nagata turns that into a SAIDO! The fans fire up again while all four men are down! Nagata and Yuya stir, and Nagata roars as he rises! He eggs Yuya on, and then fires a forearm!

Yuya fires a forearm back! The forearms go back and forth, and fans rally up! Nagata eggs Yuya on so Yuya fires a flurry! Nagata keeps returning the shots, they go harder and harder back and forth, and the fans love it! Nagata ROCKS Yuya, ROCKS him again, but Yuya DOUBLE CHOPS! DOUBLE CHOPS! And DOUBLE CHOPS! Nagata WHEEL KICKS outta nowhere! Fans fire up as Yuya flounders to a corner. Taichi returns to kick and whip, but Nagata reverses to SHINING WIZARD! Yuya is back but Nagata BOOTS and ENZIGURIS! Taichi sends Suzuki into railing! Nagata SAIDO- CROSSBODY from Yuya! Cover, TWO!!

Nagata is up, Yuya gets around, Taichi returns, feed to a BOOT! DOUBLE CHOP! GAMANGIRI! Fans fire up with Yuya and he hurries up top. Yuya aims while Taichi keeps Suzuki out! CROSSBODY! But Yuya isn’t done, he traps the arms! KANMUKI SUPLEX BRIDGE! J5G WINS!!

Winners: Taichi & Yuya Uemura, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Nagata & Suzuki earn 0)

The youngest star in this match just pinned the highly decorated living legend, and the duo stays undefeated! Is this a sign that Yuya & Taichi are on the right track? Will Suzuki & Nagata ever get on the board?


2023 World Tag League, B Block: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo w/ Jado VS Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr!

The NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions just lost last round in the main event, but they’re back again, looking for redemption! Will they prove they can rebound from anything? Or will Gene Blast & The King of the World sink their ship and grab some golden tickets?

ELP enjoys the fans cheering him on. Then the fans cheer on “Yota! Yota!” and he smiles. The teams sort out, and Zando steps up. ELP jokes that Jado should step up, but Zando pushes ELP. ELP says okay then! ELP gets sexy with taking off the shirt, and a great toss to Leo. The bell rings and fans rally up as Zando offers a handshake. ELP thinks about it, but then Zando puts some spit on it! ELP puts a lot of spit on his! They shake hands after all! And then Zando headlocks! ELP powers up and out, but Zando runs him over! Zando shouts he’s El Rey Del Mundo, then things speed up. ELP drops, hurdles, but then Zando leaps over!

Zando dodges ELP, but ELP RANAS! ELP swings, Zando dodges and he RANAS in return! Fans fire up more, and Zando runs in at the corner. ELP BOOTS him, eggs him on, and then blocks the haymaker to knuckle lock and CHOP! ELP goes up and up and jumps around to FLYING RANA! ELP handsprings up and fans fire up again! ELP does jumping jacks to show off, even. Zando backs off, tags Tsuji, and Tsuji smiles as he steps to ELP. But then Tsuji calls out the big guy? Leo looks around, it has to be him. Leo tags in and he steps to Tsuji. Fans rally and Tsuji grins. Leo puts some spit on his handshake, and Tsuji leaves him hanging!

Leo swings, Tsuji dodges and fires a forearm! Then a body shot! Tsuji fires more shots, but Leo ROCKS him! Leo drags Tsuji up, suplexes, but Tsuji slips free to dropkick a leg out! Tsuji runs, but Leo scoops! SNAKE EYES, and Leo runs, but Zando trips him! Tsuji basement dropkicks! ELP gets in but Tsuji kicks low. Tsuji & Zando double whip, then POP-UP KNEE! ELP falls out of the ring and fans fire up. Tsuji storms up on Leo, drags him up, and CHOPS him! Tsuji brings Leo up and around to bump off buckles. Tag to Zando, and he stomps a mudhole into Leo! Red Shoes counts but Zando lets off to bring Leo up.

Leo pushes Zando away but Zando BOOTS him! Zando then thrashes Leo around by his hair! Zandn CLUBS Leo, tags Tsuji, but Leo CHOPS! Tsuji eggs Leo on, so Leo CHOPS again! Tsuji pulls Leo’s hair, then throws him down by his hair! Tsuji BLASTS ELP, but ELP gets back in! Red Shoes keeps ELP back and Tsuji stomps Leo to the corner. Tsuji & Zando dig their boots in, Red Shoes warns ELP to cool off, then counts at him. ELP backs off, Tsuji & Zando let off, and Tsuji grins at ELP. Fans rally, Tsuji stomps Leo and tags Zando. Zando & Tsuji bring Leo around to then CHOP and CHOP in a corner. They double whip corner to corner, then Zando runs in.

Leo dodges Zando to UPPERCUT Tsuji! Fans fire up but Zando CLOBBERS Leo! Zando BLASTS ELP, then looms over Leo. Fans rally, Tsuji & Zando double whip Leo, but Leo DOUBLE LARIATS them first! Fans fire up and Leo crawls, hot tag to ELP! ELP goes right up top to AX HANDLE Zando! Then atomic drop on Tsuji! ELP mocks Tsuji’s pain, then ducks Tsuji’s punch to atomic drop again! ELP TOSSES Tsuji out, the fans rally and ELP runs, but Zando is there to kick him down! Zando whips ELP to a corner, runs in, but ELP catches him into headscissors, for an ELBOW! ELP then eggs Zando on, gets him for another headscissor and an AX KICK!

ELP runs in, BOOTS Zando down, and then suplexes high and hard! Somersault to the LIONSAULT! But ELP keeps going, and he DIVES onto Tsuji! Tsuji hits railing and fans fire up with ELP! ELP throws a fan’s LIJ hat! ELP gets back in, Zando dodges but then ELP dodges, only for Zando to SNAP SAMOAN DRIVER! Zando drags ELP up, “IKU YO~!” Canadian Rack and DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!! ELP survives and the fans fire up! Zando tags Tsuji in and Tsuji BLASTS Leo! Tsuji fires up and the fans are with him as he goes back to ELP. Tsuji stands ELP up, reels him in and suplexes, but ELP fights it and wrenches free!

But Tsuji ROCKS ELP first! ELP swings, but into the BACKBREAKER! COMPLETE SHOT! ELP avoids the stomp, and the chop, to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up while both men are down! ELP rolls to hot tag Leo! ELP then torture racks and Leo runs, BOOT UFO, into the BRAIN SALAD! Cover, TWO!! Tsuji survives and fans fire up! Jado pounds the apron, the fans clap along, and Leo takes aim. Tsuji stirs, then slowly rises. Leo choke grips, for GOD- NO, Tsuji flips through and runs in! Leo scoops, but Tsuji slips free again! But Leo UPPERCUTS! And choke grips again! Zando runs in, Leo grabs him, too! But Zando & Tsuji break free!

Zando & Tsuji double whip, but Leo breaks the line, only to get double basement dropkicks! Ten minutes have passed, but Tsuji & Zando get Leo up. But ELP saves Leo from the Anchor! ELP CHOPS Zando, Tsuji CHOPS ELP! Leo CHOPS Tsuji, Zando CHOPS Leo! Leo roars, runs in, but Zando dumps him out! Zando fires the fans up and he builds speed, to DIVE! Down goes Leo into the railing! ELP runs at Tsuji but he’s put on the apron. So ELP ASAI MOONSAULTS Zando! But Tsuji is up top! SUPER CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as all four men are down on the outside! Red Shoes calls to them, then starts a ring count.

Fans rally, Tsuji sits up first, and he grits his teeth as he stands. Fans fire up with Tsuji, and he puts Leo in at 10 of 20. Fans rally, Tsuji drags Leo up and reels him in. But Leo fights the suplex! So Tsuji ROCKS Leo! Leo fires up but Tsuji V-TRIGGERS, SUPERKICKS, but Leo HEADBUTTS! Leo reels Tsuji in, but Tsuji suplexes first!! Cover, TWO!! The fans rally up, Tsuji calls to Zando and Zando says, “VAMOS AMIGO!” Tsuji climbs, then stands on Zando’s shoulders! Leo stands first, and he reaches up to grab Tsuji! But Zando SUPERKICKS! Tsuji SUPERKICKS! They get Leo up and ANCHOR!! Cover, ELP breaks it while hitting a DESTROYER on Zando!

Tsuji fires off on ELP but ELP fires back! Tsuji gets the edge, whips ELP but ELP reverses to hurdle, and Leo gets in there to POWER TRIP! Fans fire up and Leo coordinates with ELP! ELP tunes up the band, and SUDDEN DEATH, into the choke grip! ELP DIVES at Zando, but Zando catches him! T K O to the floor! Then Tsuji victory rolls Leo!! TWO!! Leo escapes, but Tsuji blows past, and he KNEES the Power Trip down! CURB STOMP!! Fans fire up as Tsuji roars and he takes aim from a corner! Leo rises, into the GENE BLAST SPEAR!!! Cover, LIJ wins!!

Winners: Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr, by pinfall (gain 2 points; ELP & Leo earn 0)

The Guerrillas of Destiny have fallen again! Two losses in a row, will the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions be owing a lot of golden tickets after World Tag League?

As for Tsuji & Zando, Tsuji gets the mic first to say, “Oi, Hikuleo. Don’t think this win is my revenge for the G1! I haven’t really beaten you yet. Back when we were in the dojo, we talked about our hopes and dreams. Let’s spin the rest of the story now.” Fans applaud this show of respect, and Tsuji continues by saying, “Apparently, Hikuleo & ELP are Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions. My apologies, but I don’t care for that brand.” But he knows Leo & ELP aren’t the kind to just accept a loss. Tsuji vows that he and Zando will win World Tag League and go to the Tokyo Dome. Then maybe after that, how about a rematch here in Japan? Or maybe in Zando’s home of Mexico?

Fans like the sound of that! Tsuji then properly introduces his tag partner, Zandokan Jr. About a year ago, while Tsuji was in Mexico on excursion, they teamed up. In Mexico, the fans throw money into the ring when you’ve had a great match. Now that is being a rainmaker! And those memories are still vivid in Tsuji’s mind. “Thank you, Zandokan. Let’s keep it up.” They shake hands and the fans applaud. Tsuji then says “It seems like the owner, Kidani, is really behind Bishamon, huh? He needs them to keep the younger ones down. But I’m not that young…”

Tsuji then calls out Kidani, and says “me and Zandokan Jr. will crush your quiet favorites who don’t move the needle. Please count on us.” Fans fire up hearing that bold statement! Tsuji then asks them, “Are you ready?! We will win this World Tag League!” Then together with Zando, he shouts, “VAMOS AMIGOS!” Gene Blast and the King of the World are ready to claim all the treasure, will they be the ones with the trophies and the titles?


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

Taichi & Yuya Uemura: 3-0, 6 points
Alex Zayne & Lance Archer: 3-0, 6 points
Atlantis Jr. y Soberano Jr: 2-1, 4 points
Yota Tsuji & Zandokan Jr: 2-1, 4 points
ELP & Hikuleo: 1-2, 2 points
Bishamon: 1-2, 2 points
Bad Luck Fale & Jack Bonza: 0-3, 0 points
Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki: 0-3, 0 points

My Thoughts:

A great third round for B Block, and a sixth day for NJPW World Tag League. Awesome stuff from Monster Sauce and the CMLL luchadores, and since only one was going to keep their streak going, I really like that Archer & Zayne keep on going. Quite shocking that Nagata & Suzuki are 0-3, but a great match with Taichi & Yuya where the younger guys look great for having beat the old guard. Rogue Army being at the bottom still makes sense, given they gave Bishamon their first win of this tournament. Bishamon needed to get something, so here it was.

And great main event of Tsuji & Zandokan getting one over on ELP & Leo. Bit rough that Tsuji out and says he doesn’t really care about NJPW Strong, that’s like if someone in WWE out and says they don’t care about NXT or someone in AEW doesn’t care about ROH. But I did like the boldness of him saying Bishamon aren’t needle movers/money makers for NJPW, because in a way, I do agree. Goto & Hashi are great, have been great, but they really only have the Heavyweight Tag titles back because Mark Davis got hurt and Aussie Open couldn’t defend the belts. And then Aussie Open moves over to AEW, only for Davis to get hurt again. There’s a very good chance that the WTL winners become the landmark 100th champions, depending on who they give the nod to for winning WTL in the first place.

My Score: 8.8/10

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