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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/28/23)

Big battles before Roadblock!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Will Wes still have the title on the road to Hollywood?

NXT is headed for a Roadblock, but Wes Lee is taking a chance! Will he still have the North American Championship after another Open Challenge?


  • NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Wes Lee VS Nathan Frazer; Wes wins and retains the title.
  • Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen VS Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal; Indus Sher wins.
  • Meiko Satomura VS Zoey Stark; Meiko wins.
  • Sol Ruca VS Elektra Lopez w/ Valentina Feroz; Sol wins.
  • Katana Chance w/ Kayden Carter VS Tiffany Stratton; Tiffany wins.
  • Axiom VS Hank Walker; Axiom wins.
  • Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Tyler Bate; Melo wins.


There’s a HUGE brawl going on backstage!

Odyssey Jones is fighting with Xyon Quinn, but we also see Oro Mensah, Javier Bernal, Von Wagner, Malik Blade, and who knows who else are all crowding in the hallway going to gorilla! Why? Because of the North American Championship Open Challenge! Wes Lee is waiting, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak get in on it, and even Axiom! Hank Walker comes in like a wrecking ball! Edris Enofe sacrifices himself so Malik can get ahead! They both get on stage and then decide to rock-paper-scissors to see who gets it. But then DABBA-KATO CLOBBERS THEM!! Looks like Dabba’s the one! Until APOLLO CREWS leaps in!

Apollo and Dabba brawl, fans fire up, and someone sees an opening! NATHAN FRAZER leaps over them both to get in the ring! And so that’s the match-up!

NXT North American Championship Open Challenge: Wes Lee VS Nathan Frazer!

The bell rings and fans are fired up already! The brawl goes to the back as refs sort this out, and then Frazer offers a handshake and Wes takes it, and then Frazer reels Wes in! Wes powers out, things speed up, Wes runs Nathan over and Nathan gets right up! Fans chant “Welcome Back!” to Frazer as the two reset. Things speed up again, Nathan hits a headlock takeover and grinds the hold. Wes rolls to a cover, TWO, and Frazer holds on. Wes headscissors, Nathan kicks and kicks but Wes holds on. Frazer kips free, hits another headlock takeover, and he again grinds Wes down. Fans rally up as Wes fights up.

Wes throws body shots, powers out of the headlock, and ducks the leap! Nathan hits another headlock takeover! Fans rally and duel as Wes fights around again. Wes rolls, they stand up, and Nathan goes up the corner to TORNADO TAKEOVER! Wes fights up again, fans duel, Wes headscissors but Nathan shrugs it off. Wes keeps fighting, gets back to his feet, and powers out. Nathan goes up and over and keeps moving. Things speed up, Wes hurdles but so does Nathan! Nathan arm-drags, Wes arm-drags back! DOUBLE DROPKICKS cancel out, both men kip up and fans fire up!

Things keep moving, Wes headlocks, switches and rolls up, TWO! Nathan ducks a roundhouse, Wes jumps the sweep but Nathan dodges the buzzsaw! The two stare down and fans are loving this! Nathan offers a handshake again, but Wes makes it a low-five. They go again, tie up, and Wes gets around to waistlock. Wes spins Nathan, snapmares, and he wraps on a chinlock. Fans rally as Nathan endures and fights up. Nathan powers Wes to ropes, powers out but Wes runs him over! Cover, TWO! Wes facelocks, grinds the hold, and fans rally again. Nathan fights up, powers Wes to ropes and the ref calls for the ropebreak.

Nathan and Wes let off, and then Nathan headlocks! Wes powers out but Nathan reverses. Wes avoids the dropkick and shows the Wes Side fingers. Nathan runs in, Wes hurdles and handsprings, then he puts Nathan out. Both men show slingshot, but Nathan shoulders low! Nathan shovels Wes up and out, then goes to the corner! ARIHARA MOONSAULT, but Wes avoids it! Wes runs in the ring to FLY, but Nathan moves! Wes rolls through, Nathan runs in, but into a GAMANGIRI! Nathan flops to the floor and fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Wes has Nathan in a clutch. Nathan fights up to arm-drag free! Nathan goes to a corner, dodges as Wes runs in, and comes back to SUPERKICK! Wes hits buckles and goes down, and Nathan catches his breath while fans rally. Nathan kicks Wes into the drop zone, goes up the corner, PHOENIX SPLASH- NO, Nathan rolls through as Wes dodges! Wes blocks a superkick but Nathan dodges a haymaker, and Wes dodges a lariat! Both men run, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Fans are thunderous again while both men are down! “This is Awesome!” as both men sit up. Wes ROCKS Nathan, but Nathan ROCKS Wes!

Wes mule kicks Nathan, but Nathan stands to ENZIGURI! Wes wobbles on his feet and Nathan grits his teeth. Nathan runs in, ducks the heel kick and QUEBRADAS, to dragon sleeper, SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Wes survives, even as that came outta nowhere! Wes goes to a corner, Nathan storms up and CHOPS! Nathan hoists Wes up top, ROCKS him, then climbs up after him. Nathan sits Wes up, reels him in, but Wes resists the superplex! Wes fights and shoves Nathan away, but Nathan flips to land on his feet! And he’s right up top again! SUPERPLEX and roll through to the ANARCHY! Cover, TWO!!

The fans are electric as Wes survives Nathan’s take on Seth Rollins’ combo. “This is Awesome!” as Wes goes to the apron. Nathan runs up but Wes HOTSHOTS him! Nathan comes back to SHOTGUN! Wes hits the desk and fans are shocked! Nathan sees Wes get up again, and Nathan springboards, but only gets desk! Wes is back in the ring, he runs corner to corner to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Frazer! Wes puts Nathan back in, he goes to the corner again, and fans are thunderous for the CARDIAC KICK! Cover, Wes wins!!

Winner: Wes Lee, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

The future of wrestling was on display in this match, and Wes is still the present! The challenge was answered and defeated, but Wes shows respect to Nathan. Fans cheer on “Both These Guys!” but will Wes be the one to stand and deliver?


JD McDonagh speaks.

“If you’re ever unfortunate enough to suffer a retinal tear, the entire back of your eyeball, all the blood vessels and tissue that feed your eye with oxygen and nutrients, is ripped entirely away. Emergency surgery is required if you don’t want to lose the eyeball permanently. Dragunov, I don’t expect you to know what that feels like. But I promise you, you will. Between your penchant for enduring pain and my love for inflicting it, I know our next battle is gonna be the beautiful, destructive symphony you so deeply desire.

“You are an in-ring warrior, and you do have the highest threshold for pain of anyone I have ever met. But just as sure as my vision is coming back and my eye is learning to refocus, I am gonna push you beyond your barriers. To places you’ve never been before. You will suffer, and I will break your will. And I will send you home, permanently.” Will the Irish Ace be more dangerous than ever? Will The Czar still be #UNBESIEGBAR?


Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen talk backstage.

Briggs asks Jensen if he’s okay. He has big boy feelings to process. Jensen says he’s good, but Briggs asks him what’s going on. He knows when Jensen’s down. Jensen says he and Kina… Broke up? No, no! Could you imagine what that’d do to Jensen’s heart? Right, it’d be a disaster. It’s just, since Valentine’s Day, something’s been off. Something hasn’t been the same. Jensen isn’t know what to do about it. Briggs says it’s because Jensen’s stupid. But so is Briggs. When it comes to women, men ain’t exactly astrophysicists. Women want men to zig when men want to zag. But Jensen wants to zag!

Briggs is saying that it doesn’t matter. The Jensen from six months ago would be so damn proud of him now. So forget about that, that’ll figure itself out. Smile and get ready. They’re up against Indus Sher after the break, will we see that country boys can survive?


Backstage interview with Hank Walker.

McKenzie Mitchell points out Hank’s part in that wild brawl for the Open Challenge. Was Hank gunning for the title? Or just for Drew Gulak? Hank says it was a bit of both. He wants to prove to Gulak, but also everyone in NXT, that Hank belongs. Winning the North American title would’ve definitely done that. But when Hank saw Gulak and Dempsey, he saw red and- Axiom storms in demanding to know what the hell was all that. Hank apologizes, it got hectic, Axiom got in the crossfire. Yeah, but that kick almost knocked Axiom out! Well, it was meant for Gulak. Sorry if it caused problems.

Axiom says there is a problem! That cost Axiom a shot at the North American title! Hank apologized already, okay? Yeah, like Hank was gonna- Gonna what? Beat Wes? Refs step in but they start shoving! Hank is furious having someone look down on him. Will he make Axiom respect him in that ring?


Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen VS Indus Sher w/ Jinder Mahal!

While the country boy meets city girl romcom is in the dramatic part of the story, the story of Briggs & Jensen getting back to tag titles is in the comeback arc. Will that story start looking up? Or will Sanga & Veer tear into the good ol’ boys’ hopes and dreams?

The teams sort out and Veer starts against Jensen. They approach, Veer kicks low and CLUBS Jensen to ropes. Veer headlocks, tags in Sanga, and Indus Sher mugs Jensen. Sanga CLUBS Jensen, then brings him around to scoop and carries Jensen around! Jensen slips free, headlocks, but Sanga powers out. Jensen hurdles, tags Briggs and hits a FACEBUSTER! Sanga gets up, to get run over by Briggs! Briggs fires up, he facelocks, and calls to Jensen. Jensen is mopey and Sanga fights free. Briggs ROCKS Sanga, tags Jensen and tells him to focus. Jensen wrenches, but Sanga blocks the whip. Sanga BOOTS Jensen down!

Sanga stomps Jensen, tags Veer, and they whip to run Jensen over! Veer drops the BIG elbow! Veer snarls, stomps Jensen, and Briggs coaches Jensen up. Veer tags Sanga and they have Jensen on the ropes. Sanga runs to BOOT Jensen down! Sanga looms over Jensen, drags Jensen up by his hair and wraps on a cobra clutch! Jensen endures, fans rally and Jensen fights up. Jensen throws elbows, but Sanga KNEES and CLUBS Jensen down. Sanga scoops and SLAMS Jensen! Sanga then runs the ropes, but misses the elbow drop! Jensen hurries, hot tag to Briggs! Briggs dodges Sanga, ROCKS Veer, then fires off on both of them!

Briggs keeps moving, tag to Jensen and the BOOT! Briggs is fired up, he puts Sanga on the ropes, runs and slides, to ROCK Sanga! Jensen was a step behind and apologizes. Briggs tells Jensen to get his head in the game. Jensen gets back in, brings Sanga up but Sanga choke grips! CHOKE SLAM! Tag to Veer, Sanga BOOTS Briggs! Sanga whips Jensen into the MILLION DOLLAR LARIAT!! Cover, Indus Sher wins!

Winners: Indus Sher, by pinfall

The Modern Day Maharaja celebrates with his brothers in arms, they just broke Jensen’s body to add to his broken spirit. Jinder calls out the Creed Brothers! They kept Jinder from becoming the NEW NXT Champion for all of India! The Creeds have overcome every obstacle in their lives, except for Indus Sher, and that will never change. These three want to finish this! The question is, are they? Indus Sher beat them down in the past, but it will be ten times worse at Roadblock! Julius & Brutus surely won’t back away from this challenge, but who will be their third man?


Backstage interview with Nathan Frazer.

At least, it was supposed to be. McKenzie Mitchell was on standby with Nathan in the medical room, and the doc checked Nathan’s neck. But then Katana Chance ran into the room and said something happened to Wendy Choo! The doc hurried off, the camera went with, and as always, it happened in the parking lot! Kayden Carter stayed with Wendy, the doc checks her. Wendy clutches her arm, did the same person who attacked Nikkita Lyons just attack Wendy?


Gigi Dolin is here!

The Toxic Goth tells us to cut her music! “That is the last time you will hear this awful song. So, I’m gonna keep it to the point because unlike Jacy, I don’t like the sound of my own voice droning on and on. Three weeks ago, my life changed when my skull was crushed against a door in this ring. But don’t worry, don’t worry. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with big, life altering changes. This isn’t the first time I’ve had my kicked in by someone I trusted, someone I considered family. I can deal with the physical pain, I can handle the personal betrayal. Because in trying to boot my head off, you made me realize who I really am, Jacy.

“You will always be about the superficial surface level things. Wanting the money, the fame, the glitz, the glamour. That is all Toxic Attraction was ever about! Hell, it was fun being the mean girl for awhile. It was a way for you to channel your insecurities, Jacy. But it was a way for me to channel my inner demons. Because deep down, I’ve always been happy to just survive.” Fans cheer that. Gigi says Jacy knows this because she trusted Jacy, and Gigi shared everything with her. The last person Gigi let betray her and beat her down the way Jacy did, was Gigi’s own MOTHER!

Gigi’s mom used her as a personal punching bag for years! And when Gigi finally got the courage to run away from home, Gigi was determined to show her little brother that she could make it to the WWE! To show that they could escape the constant cycle of pain and suffering! Jacy, you don’t know a HUNDRETH of what Gigi’s been through! Jacy says she’s the last woman standing, but Gigi has been knocked down time and again, but she has always gotten right back up!

Fans fire up as Gigi says next week, at Roadblock, Jacy can bring everything she has and it still won’t be enough. Gigi has pain, suffering and rage that she has built up inside to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction. Gigi’s new theme plays, and fans are ready for what Gigi’s about to do! Will Gigi show everyone what she can do all on her own?


NXT checks in on Chase U.

Duke Hudson brings up Roadblock to the other students. Gigi VS Jacy, that story is messed up. Gigi’s face after that door stomp… One time, when they were getting on a plane to Texas, Jacy- Oh, hold on. Duke walks up to Thea Hail as she walks in. He asks how she’s doing and she says a little better. That’s a start. Duke apologizes for his behavior last week. It was rude and immature to speak to her like that. Thea says it’s okay, people say things they don’t really mean. Okay. Duke just wants Thea to know she is a strong young woman who can stand on their own. They U-five, and Thea is sure Mr. Chase will accept an apology for what Duke said about the school.

Oh, no, Duke meant all those things. Chase asks Duke if there’s a problem. No. Good. Then today’s lesson is on famous WWE factions. These factions formed because they wanted to achieve- OH NO, GACY IS ON THE SCREEN!! “Attention, students of Chase University!” The rest of Schism also speaks through the television. Rip Fowler asks how they can be proud to be representing a failing institution. Andre Chase, Duke Hudson and Thea Hair are a reflection of the university and everything for which it stands. Jagger Reed says promising minds must be nourished by rich ideals that awaken spiritual excellence, not just with anger.

Gacy says the grass is always greener on the other side, and there’s plenty of grass under the Schism’s tree. Ava Raine says Thea Hail’s body is in shock not from physical pain, but from how she saw what life could be like under the Schism’s shade. And they can’t unlearn what’s ingrained in her brain and unhear what is caught in her ears! Thea knows! Thea knows! THEA KNOWS!! Duke Hudson, let it out! You know the only flag you should be waving is a white one. And Chase U is unaccredited! So gather your books and take the first step to a better life. Move under the Schism’s tree, or else the Schism’s roots will grow deeper and dismantle Chase U “until it goes up in flames.”

The Schism burns a Chase U shirt and put on their masks. Duke wants to speak but Andre tells him no! He will not stand here and let anyone badmouth this school! First they go after Thea, and now this BS? Schism, Chase knows you can hear him, you effing freaks! Next week, Roadblock, Chase shows everyone what principles this school is built on when he gives Gacy an Andre Chase University sized ass whooping!! But will it truly be a Teachable Moment? Or will Chase have to accept the truth the hard way?


Dijak speaks.

“Tony D’Angelo. You want an answer from me, huh? I knew you had a big ego, but this time, you don’t even know what you’re asking for. A Jailhouse Street Fight, where anything goes. You could’ve saved yourself a lot of suffering, pal. But you’ve cost me the North American Championship not once, but twice. So now, you’re public enemy number one. And by the time I’m through with you, your boy Stacks won’t even recognize your face anymore, because you’re nothing but a street rat who has no business dishing out high justice. You’re not gonna put me in solitary confinement. Next week at Roadblock, I’m gonna lock you down for good.” Will Dijak lock Tony in a cell and throw away the key?


Meiko Satomura VS Zoey Stark!

The Final Boss is respected by most, but not The Hunter! Stark says SHE should get the title match with Roxanne Perez at Roadblock because she’s worked for it, and that Meiko shouldn’t just be handed things because of her legend status. Will Stark put her money where her mouth is? Or will Meiko show Stark just how hard she’s worked to become a legend?

NXT returns and Roxie has joined commentary while Stark makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. Stark headlocks for a takeover but Meiko headscissors. Stark kips free and wags her fingers. They go again, Meiko headlocks, hammerlocks then drop toeholds to a facelock and cover. ONE, and the two stand off as fans applaud. Stark and Meiko circle again, feel things out, and Roxie says Meiko is not just a legend but a trailblazer in women’s wrestling. Meiko started at 16 years old, during a time when women’s wrestling was not respected. But then Meiko made people respect it.

Meiko and Stark knuckle lock and have a Test of Strength. Meiko bends Stark back, but Stark bridges and powers back up. Stark powers Meiko back, but Meiko fights up, kicks and wrenches and KICKS! Meiko wrangles Stark down but Stark rolls back, only for Meiko to hammerlock. Stark rolls and kips up but Meiko blocks the haymaker to wrench and sweep! Then knee drop! Cover, ONE!! But Meiko headlocks. Fans rally, Stark fights up, but she can’t power out as Meiko holds on tight. Stark tries again, but Meiko still holds on. Starks fights up again, wrenches out and turns things around, to ROCK Meiko!

Stark says that’s right! Meiko doesn’t deserve the title shot! But then Meiko UPPERCUTS, KICKS, Stark ducks the buzzsaw but not the return! Stark goes to a corner but Meiko runs in to UPPERCUT! Meiko fires up, whips corner to corner, and she runs in, but Stark dodges to then ROCK Meiko! Stark snapmares, runs, and SLIDING LARIATS! Meiko bails out, fans sing “OH~ Zoey is angry~!” Stark runs, slides, but Meiko avoids the dropkick. Stark rushes in but Meiko dodges to KICK Stark down! Fans fire up for Meiko while NXT goes picture in picture.

Meiko drags Stark and puts her in the ring. Meiko stands Stark up to snapmare, and then she wraps on an abdominal stretch! Stark endures, grabs at Meiko but Meiko ghost pins, TWO! Stark stands into an UPPERCUT! Meiko runs to HANDSPRING KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO! Stark gets to ropes but Meiko is on her with forearms. Stark blocks a whip but Meiko ROCKS her! Stark reverses the whip to send Meiko right into ropes! Meiko sputters, stands, into a LARIAT from Stark! Stark seethes and she stomps away on Meiko! Then rains down fists! Stark lets off to set Meiko down, for a KNEE DROP to the head!

Stark stands Meiko up, whips her into a corner, then whips her in again! Snapmare and cravat, Stark cranks on a neck wrench. Meiko endures, fights up, but Stark wrangles her back down. Meiko keeps fighting, arm-drags free, and kicks Stark! Stark ROCKS Meiko in return, and snapmares to have the cravat again. Meiko endures, fights up again, and she throws body shots. Stark wrangles Meiko back down, then drops an elbow! And back to the cravat! Stark leans on the hold but Meiko continues to endure. Meiko fights up, throws more body shots, but Stark keeps on the cravat, even digging her chin into Meiko’s head!

NXT returns to single picture and fans rally up. Meiko continues to endure and fight up. Meiko throws more body shots but Stark thrashes her around. Stark throws knees in, whips Meiko to a corner, then runs in, but is put on the apron. Meiko swings, but into Stark’s GAMANGIRI! Meiko falls, fans boo, but Stark springboards, into a ROUNDHOUSE! Meiko kicks the leg rather than the ribs, knowing Stark has leg problems. Fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” while both women slowly rise. Stark crawls over to throw forearms on Meiko but she gives them back! They go back and forth, Stark gets the edge!

Stark runs, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! And another! Stark goes to a corner, Meiko runs in to FOREARM! Meiko whips, Stark reverses but Meiko reverses back, DDT! Meiko puts Stark in the drop zone, climbs the corner, DIVING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Roxie says she’s ready for Meiko, she’s not the competitor she was a few months ago. But Meiko KICKS Stark, KICKS her again, and KICKS her again! Meiko fires up, to KICK Stark again! Stark flounders to a corner, Meiko runs side to side, but Stark avoids the handspring knees! Stark stands on the apron, she brings Meiko up to throw her down!

Fans boo again but Stark slingshots to ARABIAN PRESS! Cover, TWO! Meiko is still in this and fans rally up. Stark hobbles to the corner, goes right up, but Meiko kicks the legs out! And then PELES Stark off the corner! Meiko fires up and she brings Stark up, to wrench and back suplex! Cover, TWO! Stark is still in this but fans rally up behind Meiko. Meiko stands Stark up but Stark blocks the back suplex. Stark throws elbows, then mule kicks! And SUPERKICKS! Stark runs, SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Meiko survives and Stark grows frustrated. Stark puts Meiko in the drop zone and climbs up again.

Stark leaps, 450- NO, Stark has to roll through as Meiko moves! Meiko kicks, fireman’s carries, and DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS! Stark flounders but Meiko fires up! Meiko runs in, SCORPIO RISING!! Cover, Meiko wins!

Winner: Meiko Satomura, by pinfall

The Final Boss proves that the legend is real, and that the legend is ready! Roxie says she’s also ready, and that she is the one going to Hollywood. Roxanne joins Meiko in the ring and looks Meiko in the eyes. This collision is happening at Roadblock, who will make it through to Stand & Deliver?


Shawn Michaels has a tweet.

“Every day I focus on the development of the young men and women of NXT. I had my time in the spotlight. Now that attention should be directed on these incredible Superstars. However, knowing Grayson’s behavior will only get worse, and against my better judgment, I accept the invitation to be on the Grayson Waller Effect next week at Roadblock, and promise to be as professional as I can be.” HBK has spoken, but what will Waller have to say when they’re face to face next week?


NXT checks on things backstage.

McKenzie is just outside of NXT medical and points out Wendy is getting medical attention after the attack outside in the parking lot. Hopefully we get an update before the night is over, but then Tiffany Stratton walks in. “Oh, McKenzie. Here’s your update. Wendy Choo will be out indefinitely after being attacked in the parking lot. Newsflash, people! Stay out of the NXT parking lot.” KC Squared exit with the real update. It isn’t looking good. Tiffany says she told us so. But look on the bright side: no one cared about Wendy, so she won’t be missed.

Kayden checks with Katana, didn’t Tiffany have a long-standing issue with Wendy? Yeah, not too long ago, actually. Okay, Tiffany knows what they’re doing. They can point that blame finger right back at them. Where were they when Lyons got attacked? And they just happened to find Wendy first? Sounds sketchy. What is she trying to say? O M G, Tiffany Epiphany! What if she became a detective? What she should do is put her wrestling boots on because Katana’s gonna get them a match. KC Squared head out, and then Tiffany scoffs before going the other direction. Will someone get to the bottom of this every growing whodunnit?


The Creed Brothers talk backstage.

Julius tells Brutus that he isn’t happy about this, either. He’d rather get hit by an ambulance than do this. Brutus knows, and says they can rethink this. They don’t have to tag with this guy. But it’s gonna take an SOB to beat Indus Sher, and that’s exactly who this guy is. Okay, fine. The man they’re talking about is DAMON KEMP! Damon says, “Sup, boys?” Julius says that Damon is an awful person. Wow, missed you, too. But Damon is calculated, sly and has no remorse. But that’s what it’ll take to beat Indus Sher. Oh, so Julius Creed is coming to Damon Kemp for help? They did rock some Six Mans. Is the band getting back together?

Seems so. Well… NOPE! Damon leaves the Creeds high ‘n’ dry and that pisses Julius off! Brutus holds Julius back, but in walks Bron Breakker. Bron tells the Creeds that if they need a third, they kept his match clean against Jinder so he’s in! Brutus is all fired up, but Julius is upset. Bron couldn’t have come in a minute earlier and saved Julius from the most humiliating moment of his life? Brutus and Bron have a laugh, but Julius lightens up. But hey, they needed an SOB, so here’s one! Brutus asks, “Where my dogs at?” He and Bron bark, but Julius doesn’t join in. Aw c’mon, Julius. For Roadblock? Fine. For Roadblock. They ALL bark it up! Will these dogs have their day next week?


Sol Ruca VS Elektra Lopez w/ Valentina Feroz!

The Sol Surfer waves hi to Stark as they cross paths. Their rematch has yet to happen, but will Sol show the Hunter that she can hang? Or will La Madrina use Sol as a stepping stone to the top?

NXT returns as Lopez makes her entrance, and surprisingly, Feroz is with her! Feroz didn’t want to accept Lopez’s advice or her help, but it seems things might be changing. The bell rings, Lopez and Sol tie up, Sol puts Lopez on the ropes, but she lets off as the ref counts. Fans sing, “SOL~ So-o-o Sol~!” Lopez shoves Sol, storms up on her, but Sol headlocks. They move around, Sol hits a headlock takeover, but Lopez fights up. Lopez pulls hair, the ref reprimands, but Lopez wrenches out. Lopez arm-drags Sol down to a wristlock but Sol fights up. Lopez wrenches, Sol rolls and kips up to cartwheel, only for Lopez to throw her by her hair!

Lopez stands Sol up, whips her to a corner, but runs into a boto! Sol then goes up and over but runs into an elbow! Lopez snarls, whips, but Sol handsprings through the hip toss to FACEBUSTER! Sol brings Lopez up, whips her to ropes, but Lopez reverses. Sol goes up and over again but Lopez throws her to the apron. Sol ROCKS Lopez, climbs up, but Lopez SHOVES her to the floor! Fans boo but Lopez goes out after Sol and brings her up. Lopez puts Sol in, covers, TWO! Lopez stalks Sol while fans rally up. Lopez KNEES Sol in the back, and again, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Lopez keeps on Sol but Sol throws body shots!

Lopez knees low, and throws Sol at the ropes! Then CLOBBERS her from behind! Lopez whips Sol to ropes, back drops and Sol lands hard! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Solo but Lopez has a neck wrench. Sol endures, but Lopez shoves her down to drop an elbow! Then it’s back to the neck wrench! Fans rally, Sol fights up, but Lopez CLUBS her! Sol ROCKS Lopez! Lopez kicks low, throws Sol at ropes but Sol blocks! Sol turns things around to throw Lopez at ropes! Lopez staggers, into JAB, JAB and kick! Sol whips, Lopez reverses but Sol blasts through the lariat to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! And again!

Sol DROPKICKS Lopez and fans fire up! Sol stands Lopez up, underhooks and BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES! Lopez staggers to a corner, Sol runs in, handspring and- NO, she only gets buckles! Lopez throws Sol into those buckles, drags her out and covers, TWO! Sol shows toughness but Lopez grits her teeth. Lopez goes to her favorite corner, but where are the brass knuckles? Feroz has them! Lopez wants Feroz to hand them over, but Feroz says she doesn’t need them! But then SOL SNATCHER!! Cover, Sol wins!

Winner: Sol Ruca, by pinfall

Feroz might’ve been wrong. Maybe Lopez needed those knuckles after all. Or maybe if she didn’t rely on them, she could win without them? Either way, Sol gets a big win, will she continue to ride the wave of momentum to the top?

Lopez argues with Feroz, pie faces her and says all Feroz is gonna be is a little girl. But then Feroz puts on the knuckles to DECK Lopez!! Fans fire up for Feroz, has she just learned how to stand on her own?


Gallus is back at the bar.

Mark Coffey & Wolfgang are playing pool again. But how long have they known each other? Not sure. Since they were wee lads in Glasgow? Yeah, and they’ve been Gallus for years. Their firm ran NXT UK. Their firm commanded respect. Every team feared them, and they put their names down in the record books. But back home, there’s no way a couple of chancers would get away with what Pretty Deadly did. “Two years ago, Pretty Deadly stole the NXT UK Tag titles from us. And then last week, to remind us of that, they jump us from behind.” Is Wolfman in there? Is he processing this? He better visualize what happens when Gallus gets their hands on them.

Because last Mark checked, NXT is now THEIR kingdom! Is Wolfgang gonna let “two badly dressed English pricks” do that to them? Embarrass them!? Gallus Boys On Top! All fun and games until someone tries to take their titles. Wolfgang should be raging! Wolfgang hits his next shot, then bumps into some random guy. So Wolfgang BASHES the guy with his mug! Yeah, they’re ready. But speaking of Pretty Deadly…


Backstage interview with Pretty Deadly.

McKenzie is with Elton Prince & Kit Wilson, and we all saw what Gallus did in response to last week. Yes, they’re doing that tough guy act after Pretty Deadly gave them “a jolly good thrashing!” Kit agrees, they gave Gallus a good and proper spanking. The plan worked out perfectly. Well-done, Kitster! Thank you, Elly. Those two are so angry, just imagine how mad they’ll be when Pretty Deadly takes the titles! Bye-bye pool tables. Wolfgang, get the pool tables!

Well, here’s a tweet from Drew McIntyre. “I’ve known Mark Coffey for a decade, Wolfgang for two. I’ve faced them, we’ve stood side-by-side, and the Gallus lads are tough as hell and take no BS. Pretty Deadly, you have a receipt coming your way.” Oh, the Scottish lads sticking together! Oh~! Scottish friends! It’s a terrible country, all grey and dreary, full of horrible people reveling in how allegedly rough they have it. And Pretty Deadly is positively cocker-hooped! So they’ll do it next week! A face-to-face meeting at Roadblock, to have a “civilized discussion” about their coming tag title match. How smashing! #YesBoy! But will the only thing smashed be Pretty Deadly into the dirt?


Katana Chance w/ Kayden Carter VS Tiffany Stratton!

This match was made just as Katana wanted! Will KC Squared uncover the truth of the NXT parking lot attacks? Or will Daddy’s Little Rich Girl continue to make things all about her?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Tiffany doesn’t budge as Katana pushes her, and then Tiffany throws Katana aside! Tiffany flexes but fans boo. Katana comes back, shots around to roll Tiffany up, TWO! Katana waistlocks but Tiffany elbows her away. Tiffany whips, Katana goes up and over, then DROPKICKS! Tiffany is in a corner. Katana runs in but is put on the apron. Katana shoulders in, slingshots but handstands to then headscissor Tiffany away! Fans fire up, Katana wrenches and wristlocks but Tiffany scoops. Katana fights that to a cradle, TWO! Katana headlocks but Tiffany powers up.

Tiffany back suplexes, Katana lands on her feet and shoves, but Tiffany handsprings over. Tiffany hurdles, she blocks the rana and brings Katana up. ALLEY-OOP HOTSHOT! Fans boo but Tiffany smirks. Tiffany stomps away on Katana, then mocks Katana’s pain. Tiffany digs a knee into Katana’s back and has the arms for the motorcycle stretch. Fans rally, Katana fights up but Tiffany wrangles her. Katana fights up, flips and kangaroo kicks! Tiffany staggers, Katana runs and trips her! Then Katan runs in to CLOBBER Tiffany! Tiffany swings, misses, and Katana ranas! Fans fire up while Tiffany goes the apron.

Katana runs in, avoids Tiffany’s shoulder, and KICKS her in the ropes! Tiffany’s stuck, Katana goes up the corner and DOUBLE STOMPS Tiffany down! Then STANDING TORNILLO! Cover, TWO! Katana keeps cool, but Tiffany DECKS her! Tiffany fireman’s carries, but Katana turns throw into arm-drag! Tiffany stands up, into Katana’s ENZIGURI! Katana goes to the corner but out walk Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre! Fyre has her bat, Kayden tells her and Isla to back off. Katana is up top, but she’s distracted. She leaps, into Tiffany’s arms! Pop-up to the fireman’s carry, ROLLING SENTON to the BEST MOONSAULT WHATEVER! Cover, Tiffany wins!

Winner: Tiffany Stratton, by pinfall

The Center of the Universe never loses focus, and she wins another match! But what business did Fyre & Dawn have with KC Squared? As for Tiffany, she gets the mic to say, “I have proven that I am the very best woman in NXT. And all of you would be satisfied by that. But I’m never satisfied. I don’t wanna be called ‘the best.’ I wanna be called the NXT Women’s Champion! Roxanne Perez, Meiko Satomura, I don’t care who wins next week. Because that title belongs to me!” Fans boo, but Tiffany has called her shot. Who will make it through the Roadblock to face Tiffany at Stand & Deliver?


Briggs & Jensen regroup backstage.

Jensen wants Briggs to understand that all that was on him. Briggs stops him there. He wants to be honest here. Fallon and Jensen are all he’s got. He supports Jensen and Kiana, but whatever is going on between the three of them, it needs to stop! It is WrestleMania season! You can’t keep doing this! Jensen knows, he kept overthinking and screwed up. That is on him. He is sorry, really. Briggs knows. It’s a bad time but it’s not a bad life. Fallon apologized to Kiana, and that’s the hard part. The next step is Jensen getting his girl back. But it will take some time, honestly. Jensen knows. He just wishes he could have a do-over, but he doesn’t know the right words to say.

Briggs says that if he’s learned anything in life, is that you don’t get a lot of do-overs. Oh, what if Briggs talks to Kiana for him? Really? Absolutely. Briggs would do anything for Jensen. They hug it out, will Briggs be the voice of reason that helps everyone get on the same page?


Axiom VS Hank Walker!

Misfire or not, the Undeniable Truth knows that the boot from Hank Walker was a heavy one! Will Axiom hit back just as hard? Or will Hank prove to everyone that he belongs in the ring?

NXT returns as Hank makes his entrance. The bell rings, the two circle, and they tie up. Axiom waistlocks, headlocks, and hops on for a SLEEPER! Hank RAMS Axiom into buckles, is free, but Axiom leaps right back on! Axiom has the sleeper and the body scissors but Hank pries free. Only for Axiom to squirrel around into an ARMBAR! But hank deadlifts and throws Axioma way! Axiom runs in, Hank blocks a kick, but Axiom SLAPS Hank! Hank is just mad now! Hank picks Axiom up and carries him around, but Axiom sunset flips. Hank drags Axiom up, Axiom slips around to another sleeper!

Hank pries at the hold so Axiom shifts to a waistlock. They go to ropes, Hank bucks the O’Conner, and Axiom kips up, into a BOOT! And that one was on purpose! Fans rally behind Hank and he brings Axiom up. Axiom headbutts low, Hank powers out and scoops, to then TOSS Axiom! Cover, TWO! Hank keeps cool and he brings Axiom back up. Hank ROCKS Axiom, but Axiom CHOPS Hank! And CHOPS! And ROCKS! And CHOPS! And ROCKS again! Hanks wings, misses, and Axiom DROPKICKS Hank down! Fans fire up, Axiom runs to GAMANGIRI Hank in a corner! Axiom then goes up top and leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!

Axiom grows frustrated but he stands up. Hank sits up, into a PENALTY KICK! Hank grimaces and fans fire up. Axiom runs in to PENALTY KICK again! Hank scowls, Axiom scuffs him. Axiom SLAPS Hank, throws forearms, but Hank throws a body shot. Hank runs, but into a LARIAT! Axiom runs, into a SHOULDER TACKLE! Fans fire up with Hank and he runs in to SPLASH at the corner! Whip corner to corner for another SPLASH! Hank roars, runs, but Axiom follows, only to get a LARIAT! Hank drags Axiom up, but Axiom cradles! ONE!! Hank shoots in, into a KNEE from Axiom!!

Hank is dazed and fans fire up! Axiom aims, but Hank ducks, only for the HEEL KICK to hit! Axiom aims from the corner, GOLDEN RATIO!! Cover, Axiom wins!

Winner: Axiom, by pinfall

That was a fast and furious showdown between speed and strength! Speed kills, and Axiom stands tall! Axiom respects the fight Hank put up, will this help Hank get back up? But wait! Someone is watching from the background. It’s SCRYPTS! Is the mysterious man of many words looking to write his own epic with Axiom?


Grayson Waller speaks.

“G’day, Mr. Michaels. Just wanna give a huge thank you for the night off, and for finally getting back to me. Now next week at Roadblock, we can sit down and talk face to face for the greatest episode of the Grayson Waller Effect of all time! And properly discuss Stand & Deliver. And I’m gonna be honest, I’m pretty excited, lads, because I don’t know which version of Mr. Michaels is gonna show up. When you sit down next to me, and you look in the mirror at the man you used to be. Are we gonna see the Heartbreak Kid one more time? Or are we gonna see the same old corporate stooge in a suit and cowboy hat that we’ve had to deal with for the last few years?”

Waller just asks that Michaels shows him the proper respect. “Because they say never say never.” Don’t make Waller put HBK in a position HBK said he’d never be in again. Is the 21st Century Success Story going to stop the show with the Showstopper?


Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Tyler Bate!

When it comes to being #1 contender to the NXT Championship, when it comes to being a star, when it comes to Stand & Deliver, Carmelo Hayes says he is that man. But the Big Strong Boi says he’s going to take us on a mystical journey back to the top of the mountain! Who will be proven right? Who will be him?

NXT returns and Tyler Bate makes his entrance. The bell rings and fans rally as the two tie up. They’re in a deadlock so they break. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Bate spins to wristlock and arm-drag. Melo headscissors but Bate kips free. Fans applaud the standoff and the two go again. Bate wrenches, wristlocks, but Melo rolls, only for Bate to roll with him! And again! Melo wrenches through, but Bate turns, breaks free and hammerlocks Melo. Bate toys with Melo, they go around, and Melo throws Bate out! Bate lands on his feet, he’s right back in, but Melo arm-drags! Bate headscissors, Melo kips free, and fans applaud the exchange!

Bate offers a handshake but Melo slaps it away. Bate fakes Melo out, Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Melo covers, ONE, and Bate body scissors to a rolling clutch! TWO, Melo high stacks but Bate rolls that back, only for Melo to roll it through to the sunset! TWO and Bate high stacks, only for roles to reverse and Melo rolls through and high stack back! Bate pops Melo through to a sunset flip, TWO!! Melo narrowly escapes and fans duel the count! Melo rushes in, Bate steps up and over and underhooks, but Melo wrenches out! Melo jumps but his Code Breaker is blocked! Bate throws Melo away, runs in, but Melo dodges. Melo comes back but Bate goes up then under!

Bate baits Melo, they knuckle lock and Bate reels Melo in, slips around, baits Melo again, then leap frogs to slide under. Melo doesn’t fall for the bait this time and fans applaud. Melo swings, but Bate blocks! Bate UPPERCUTS, UPPERCUTS again, then UPPERCUTS again! Bate whips, Melo rolls off his back and runs back in, but into a back drop! Bate runs to tilt-o-whirl headscissor and DROPKCIK! Melo bails out, Bate FLIES! Direct hit and fans fire up! Trick is beside himself while NXT goes picture in picture.

Bate stands first and checks his shoulder, then goes back for Melo. Melo wants to leave but Bate throws him in the ring. Melo uses that to build speed and BLAST Bate off the apron! Melo keeps moving, but he runs into an UPPERCUT! Bate goes back in but Melo kips up to EDDY GORDO KICK! Cover, TWO! Melo keeps on Bate and CHOPS him down! Melo snarls, he drags Bate up and DECKS him! Bate comes back with body shots but Melo CLUBS him down! They trade shots, Melo knees low, but Bate blocks the suplex. Melo fights off a suplex, too, and they go back and forth. Melo gets Bate up and hangs him out to dry!

Melo holds on, and he uses the ropes to help snap suplex Bate back down! Melo then rolls to the cover, TWO! Melo is annoyed and he clamps onto Bate with a top wristlock. Bate endures, fights up, and arm-drags free. Melo comes back, dodges the lariat and SPRINGBOARD LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Melo has the top wristlock again and NXT returns to single picture. Fans rally while Bate endures again. Bate fights up but Melo keeps on that arm. Bate stands to throw body shots, Melo cranks on the cording hold, but Bate whips. Melo reverses and Bate hits the buckles. Melo runs in, blocks a boot but not the KNEE! Bate goes up to FLYING UPPERCUT!

Fans rally as both men stand, and Melo goes to a corner. Trick saves Melo from the splash! But Bate throws up Bop to BANG! Down goes Trick! Bate then ROCKS Melo, clinches, and hits an EXPLODER! Kip up and STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Melo is still in this and fans rally up. Bate slaps Melo’s hands away, stands him up, but Melo boots. Bate blocks, but Melo doesn’t fall for Bop! Melo spins Bate around, but Bate fireman’s carries! AIRPLANE SPIN, but Melo sunset flips it! TWO, and Melo BOOTS! Bate wobbles, Melo runs, but into a pop-up fireman’s carry! AIRPLANE SPIN!!

Fans fire up as Bate goes around and around and around, to the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Melo is still in this and Trick is relieved. Fans rally up again as Bate runs, but Melo grabs a foot! Bop up, BANG hits! Bate rebounds, COMEBACKER LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Melo survives again and Bate can’t believe it! Fans duel as Bate stands and Melo stirs. Bate rushes in but is sent into buckles! Melo snarls, he storms up and he ROCKS Bate! Bate UPPERCUTS, and UPPERCUTS! Melo CHOPS!! Melo ROCKS Bate, throws more forearms, but Bate UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! And UPPERCUTS! Bate just keeps going, then he fires off hands at the ropes!

The ref counts, Melo botos Bate away, then spins him around, underhooks for the BUTTERFLY SLAM! Cover, TWO! But Melo body scissors for a Gedo Clutch! TWO! Melo KNEES Bate in the face! Then Melo suplexes, CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Melo grows frustrated as Bate survives but fans rally for “NXT! NXT!” Melo HAMMERS away on Bate, then he goes to the corner. Melo climbs up, but Bate springs up after him! SUPER EXPLODER!! Bate hurries up top now, but Trick distracts! Bate BOOTS Trick! And SKY TWISTERS to FLOP! CODE BREAKER!! Melo hurries up top, aims again, NOTHING BUT NET!!! Cover, Melo wins!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall

Give Trick the assist, Melo would not have made his shot without him! Melo says there are NO roadblocks in his way to Stand & Deliver. “There’s only one man left, and I am Him.” Will Melo finally be THE A Champion in NXT? Or will it take more than an assist from Trick to stop Bron Breakker?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT to be a go-home to Roadblock, and we got such great interweaving of many stories. For one, I love that we got a wild scramble for the Open Challenge, and maybe it was just deja vu, but it feels like Frazer answered a previous one with this same brawling opening. Either way, many stories were featured all in one segment, like Apollo Crews stopping Dabba-Kato from answering the challenge, Hank getting at Gulak and Dempsey while ending up with a match with Axiom. Hank VS Axiom was a quick match but a really good one. And also, Scrypts in the background of Hank VS Axiom, I bet we see what they just threw on Level Up actually be a story on NXT.

Frazer VS Wes was an awesome match, Wes retaining against Frazer was of course how things were going to go, and Wes’s Stand & Deliver opponent could still be just about anyone. Dijak had a good promo to call out Tony D and accept the Jailhouse Street Fight. I should’ve figured that the “jailhouse” part is putting someone in a cage. With that stipulation, I feel like Stacks is going to help Tony beat Dijak and put him in the cage. Real good promo from JD to call out Dragunov, and given how things escalated for them in NXT UK, I hope they get a No Disqualifications type stipulation for their rematch. It’s the only thing that’d fit how vicious and personal this meant to be.

Amazing promo from Gigi Dolin. Fans have always really liked her, and she really bared her soul here. I wish Gigi VS Jacy was Last Woman Standing given they’ve used that phrase in their promos, but it seems to be just a normal match. Maybe Jacy wins in “controversial fashion,” and we get an escalated rematch for Stand & Deliver since the women’s title is spoken for. Great match from Meiko VS Stark that Meiko of course wins, and her match with Roxie would normally feel like it could go either way. But Roxie is going strong, she’ll surely survive Meiko and go on to Stand & Deliver.

And wow, another attack in the parking lot? I did not expect that, but I do like that we’re getting more and more people questioning each other. Wendy Choo is taken out, taking her off the suspect list, and she could be a clue to who is the real attacker. Tiffany only cares if it can put the spotlight on her, but she has a really good match with Katana. Tiffany has been going strong as a character, I suppose she does deserve to be a contender. Fyre & Dawn must also think KC Squared had something to do with the attacks since they showed up, but we’re of course going to get Fyre & Dawn VS Carter & Chance in both storyline feud and a way to determine contenders to the Women’s Tag titles.

And speaking of the titles, the drama of Kiana, Fallon and Jensen continues to ripple out as it affects Jensen & Briggs in their match. Good promos from the boys, but I have a feeling Briggs talking to Kiana will backfire in some way. That will ruin the trust Fallon and Kiana have been trying to build, that will end their title reign and give those belts to whoever, probably Fyre & Dawn, and then maybe Kiana and Fallon feud through the summer to build both of them towards top title contention. And great stuff from Sol VS Lopez. Sol gets a good win, but Feroz has the real highlight as she stands up to Lopez. Feroz VS Lopez is gonna be some great stuff to also build them in the singles division.

More great story interweaving as Indus Sher win against Briggs & Jensen and then call out the Creeds. I knew that we’d get a Six Man Tag of Bron & Creeds VS Indus Sher, and they gave us a good, natural build to it. With Roderick Strong still MIA, the Creeds turned to their former Diamond Mine ally in Damon Kemp, but because Damon is a jerk, he turns them down. Bron steps up because he is returning the favor, and I would think Bron & Creeds win to give them all momentum towards Stand & Deliver. Gallus had a really good promo, as did Pretty Deadly, but still nothing about escalating their tag title match’s stipulation to match the intensity they’re feeling. At least give this Tornado Tag Rules so there can’t be like sneaky tag shenanigans.

Good social media based back and forth from Waller and HBK, and of course we’re getting HBK on Waller’s talk show. Waller of course wants HBK to come out of retirement for one more match with him, but HBK’s tweet said he doesn’t wanna take the spotlight from the current generation, so I’m still betting on a proxy. Great stuff from Chase U and The Schism, and Andre Chase VS Joe Gacy will be good stuff. I’m still thinking we need some kind of Mixed Tag to finish this off, mostly so we can see Ava Raine in action. Given how things have been going, and how Chase brought up WWE factions “in class,” I feel like Chase U is gonna be the next faction to fall apart, as is the way of many, if not all pro-wrestling factions.

And just awesome stuff in the main event from Melo VS Bate. It was clear Melo was going to win, but if Trick keeps helping Melo, I don’t know how strong Melo’s gonna look if/when he wins the title off Bron. Which is a shame because Melo should be looking GOODT going into that match, not looking like every other Heel WWE’s booked. Melo has what it takes to win things on his own, he and Bron should be a true 1v1 match and Melo should be the one to overcome the seemingly unstoppable Bron, on his own. That will allow Bron to lose without excuses and leave NXT cleanly, while truly establishing Melo as the face of the next chapter.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (2/26/24)

Scores will be settled!



The Road to WrestleMania gets intense!

Raw has grudge matches on tap as Sami Zayn faces Shinsuke Nakamura, and The New Day faces Imperium in a Tag Team Street Fight!


  • Sami Zayn VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Sami wins.
  • Chelsea Green VS Raquel Rodriguez; Raquel wins.
  • Tag Team Street Fight: The New Day VS Imperium; Imperium wins.
  • Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell; Shayna & Zoey win.
  • Nia Jax VS Liv Morgan; Nia wins, by disqualification.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Grayson Waller w/ Austin Theory; Cody wins.


Dominik Mysterio is in the ring.

San Jose is booing but Dom has the mic to say, “Everyone, please welcome the greatest Women’s World Champion of all time! RHEA RIPLEY!” The fans fire up as Mami makes her way to the ring, and she feels great after retaining her title at Elimination Chamber. Rhea gets the mic to welcome us to “Monday Night Mami!” The fans cheer Mami on and she smiles. Rhea says this weekend, she walked into her home country our Women’s World Champion, and she walked out of it still our Women’s World Champion. Nia Jax might’ve been the biggest threat to her reign, but it doesn’t matter how big you are. Rhea may be from Down Under, but Mami’s always on top! Because she’s Rhea BLOODY Ripley!

Wait! Here comes Becky Lynch! The Man started the Elimination Chamber match, won the Elimination Chamber match, and now she’s here to step to the champion she’ll be facing at WrestleMania! The fans cheer Becky on and she gets a mic now. “The Man has come around to San Jose!” The fans cheer that! Becky says The Man is also coming back around to WrestleMania… to fight Rhea. “But The Man came out here to say congratulations. What a night that you had on Saturday. Hell, what a night we both had on Saturday, hey?” Becky won the Chamber, Rhea successfully defended her title against Nia in her home country, stadium filled and in the main event!

Rhea had her family and friends there, what a moment. And even better, because now they won’t have to fly all the way to WrestleMania to watch her lose. Dom tells Becky “Nobody talks to Mami like that.” Fans boo Dom and Becky tells him to listen to them, “ya dirty kumquat!” Becky was talking to Mami, and if Mami won’t put Dom in his place, The Man will. The fans cheer that! Becky says Rhea is on a hell of a run, one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. And even though the last year, Rhea has been the face of this company, she’s spent most of the time being fed grapes by this loser.

Meanwhile, Becky has been the backbone, the heart and soul of this company! She became a Grand Slam Champion, all while writing a best-selling book! The Man can do it all, including beating “Rhea Bloody Ripley.” Becky throws down her mic but Rhea asks if she’s done. Yeah? Cool. First off, never disrespect her Latino Heat like that again. Secondly, “congrats” on winning the Chamber. It’s about time Becky stopped disappointing Rhea and actually won something to get even this close to Rhea’s level. Becky says she’s the backbone, but The Man always thinks they’re the backbone of everything.

The funny thing is, that behind every great Man is an even greater woman. But Rhea isn’t behind Becky, because Mami is ALWAYS on top. Rhea drops her mic now but the two still talk some trash. Rhea & Dom leave, title in Mami’s hand. Will Becky leave Philadelphia with that title in hers? WAIT! Nia Jax runs up from the crowd to CLOBBER Becky! Fans boo as Nia HEADBUTTS Becky then dribbles her off the mat! The sore loser drops a leg on Becky! Rhea dares Nia to try her then, but Dom says Nia’s not worth Rhea’s time. Nia drops another leg on Becky! And then she drags Becky to a corner, but refs rush out here!

Fans boo Nia while Adam Pearce tells her to stop this. The producers also get Becky to safety. Pearce says Nia’s getting a fine if she keeps going rogue. Nia backs down, but will she make sure everyone feels her wrath on the Road to WrestleMania?


Backstage interview with Nia Jax.

Jackie Redmond has caught up with the “heated” Irresistible Force, and asks why Nia attacked Becky. Nia says, “Why? Are you kidding me?” Becky won Chamber but she should NOT be going to WrestleMania over Nia! Nia beat Becky clean, so there’s no way Nia is letting Becky make it to WrestleMania. Then with Mania still weeks away, and Nia having a match with Liv Morgan tonight, will- Nia says whatever just happened to Becky, expect ten times that for Liv. Nia storms off, will she look to end Liv’s revenge tour cold here tonight?


Sami Zayn VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

Speaking of WrestleMania, The Great Liberator still wants a spot on the Grandest Stage of Them All, even if the path isn’t quite clear. However, the King of Strong Style says Sami just plays it up so people will pity him. Will there be no sympathy from Nakamura as he looks to take that spotlight for his own? Or will Sami get even with Nakamura for their previous match’s controversial finish?

Raw returns and Nakamura makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Sami wrenches to wristlock, but Nakamura pulls hair to put Sami on ropes. The ref counts, Nakamura lets off slowly, but then he KICKS Sami in the side. Sami goes to a corner, comes back, and they tie up. Nakamura headlocks, Sami powers up and out, things speed up and Sami hurdles to arm-drag! Sami has the armlock and the fans rally up. Nakamura fights to his feet, puts Sami in a corner and throws body shots and knees! The ref reprimands, Nakamura lets off and Sami bails out. Nakamura goes out to kick Sami low!

Nakamura whips Sami, but Sami goes up the barriers to QUEBRADA! Direct hit but perhaps still double-edged for Sami, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Nakamura has Sami in a seated cobra twist! The fans rally, Sami endures and fights with elbows! Sami gets free, he stands up, but Nakamura KICKS him in the side again! Nakamura storms up in a corner, whips corner to corner hard and Sami falls in a heap! Nakamura drags Sami up, fireman’s carries to put him on the top rope, then TOP SHELF KNEES! Nakamura keeps Sami up there, to run and TOP SHELF KNEE again! Cover, TWO! Sami is still in this but Nakamura kicks him around. Nakamura drags Sami up while fans sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” Nakamura whips, Sami goes up and over and LARIATS!

The fans fire up and Sami grits his teeth to stand. Sami storms up to fire hands on Nakamura! Sami whips, Nakamura reverses to KNEE low! Sami drops, but then he scoops and MICHINOKU DRIVERS! Cover, TWO! Nakamura survives and Sami is stunned! Sami grits his teeth from the pain in his side, and he hauls Nakamura up. Nakamura RAMS Sami into a corner! And again! And again! Nakamura puts Sami up top but Sami CLUBS Nakamura! Sami reels Nakamura in, TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up while Nakamura flounders out of the ring. Sami builds speed but runs into a kitchen sink knee!

Fans boo as Nakamura stalks Sami to the outside. They’re both on the apron, and Nakamura stands Sami up. Nakamura hits an APRON GOURD BUSTER! Sami flops to the floor while Nakamura soaks up the heat, and Raw goes back to break.

Raw returns yet again, Sami blocks a kick but Nakamura fires forearms! Sami fires those back, the two brawl and the fans fire up! Sami gets the edge but Nakamura fires a strike fest! Sami ducks the roundhouse but not the WHEEL KICK! Nakamura goes to a corner and takes aim, KIN- NO, Sami gets around to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives and Sami can’t believe it! Sami watches Nakamura crawl to a corner and then goes to the other side. The fans fire up as Sami runs in, but Nakamura JUMP KNEES! Nakamura then goes up the corner to FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Sami survives and shocks Nakamura!

The fans fire up as Sami flounders to ropes. “This is Awesome!” as Sami bails out and Nakamura pursues. Nakamura stalks Sami, KICKS him in the side again, and then drapes him along the barriers. Nakamura CLUBS Sami, goes up the steel steps, and FLYING GUILLOTINE KNEES! The fans boo Nakamura while he leaves Sami behind. Sami sputters on the floor as the ring count climbs! We’re past 5 of 10, and then 8! Sami springs up at 9 to slide in at 9.9! KINSHASA!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Sami saves himself by a literal foot, but Nakamura stomps away on him for it! The ref counts, Nakamura argues with him, then goes back to a corner.

Nakamura aims again, “YAO~” but Sami sends Nakamura into buckles! BLINDSIDE HELLUVA KICK!! The fans are thunderous as Sami goes to the far corner! Sami roars, wants Nakamura to get back up, and he runs in again, HELLUVA KICK!! Cover, Sami wins!!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall

Sami gets even with Nakamura and gets back on the winning track! Is this just what Sami needs to find his way to WrestleMania?


Chelsea Green VS Raquel Rodriguez!

The Hot Mess is always complaining and bringing up issues, and she’s got an issue with the woman who eliminated her from the Last Chance Battle Royal. But will she only end up complaining more when she loses to Raquel 1v1? Or will Chelsea somehow, someway, bring down Big Mami Cool?

Raw returns and Chelsea has the mic to say, “San Joseee~! I’m speaking! Let it be known that tonight, after issuing a formal complaint to WWE Management, I will be competing in protest. That’s right. Last week, I would have won the Last Chance Battle Royal, and I would have gone on to become the most illustrious winner in Elimination Chamber history, had Pea Head Pearce not added that secret, stupid last entrant, Raquel Rodriguez!” Fans cheer Raquel but Chelsea says that was wrong! The people want HER! She’s the star! Raquel flew all that way to Perth, and for what? To lose? HAHA! To be a big dumb loser like the San Jose Sharks!

Fans boo but Chelsea laughs, and then she says after tonight, everyone will SHH when Chelsea proves Raquel is a loser, by kicking her- Oh, wait, here comes Raquel! The bell rings and Chelsea draws a line int he sand, daring Raquel to cross it. Raquel steps right over it! Chelsea draws another line and dares Raquel to cross that. Raquel does! Chelsea SLAPS Raquel out of panic! Then Chelsea apologizes, only to turn and run! But Raquel reels her in, whips her, and Chelsea ducks one lariat, but not the SOUTHPAW! The fans fire up as Raquel drags Chelsea up, scoops her, and hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! The fans fire up as Chelsea staggers back up.

Chelsea bumps into Raquel, and Raquel scoops for another FALL AWAY SLAM! Chelsea flounders, Raquel drags her up and tells her to shush. Raquel hits the TEXANA BOMB! Cover, Raquel wins!

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez, by pinfall

What was that about kicking someone’s butt? Chelsea might still need to figure out how to think before she speaks, but will Raquel let her actions do the talking for her on this Road to WrestleMania?


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Jackie congratulates him on the big win over Shinsuke. They’ve been talking for weeks now about adversity, and Mania is 40 days away. How much did Sami need tonight’s win? “Need” is an understatement to Sami. He’s been bottling stuff up for weeks now, trying to keep his cool, but this has been in his mind all week. A loss tonight, he couldn’t even tell you what it would’ve done not just to his path to WrestleMania, but to him emotionally. It would’ve perhaps disproved his claims of being a contender. But he doesn’t need to worry about that, because this win reaffirms what he’s been saying!

The belief in himself, the fire inside, he IS a contender and will be a champion, and that his path to Mania will come to him. And if it doesn’t, then he will go out and he will find it himself. Because this isn’t the first time nor the last that- Imperium walks over. Ludwig Kaiser looks Sami up and down, then scoffs and moves on. Giovanni Vinci smirks as he walks right past Sami, and then Gunther walks by. Gunther looks Sami in the eyes, then looks him over. Gunther laughs then leaves. Does Der Ring General not think Sami is a contender? Will Sami prove him wrong?


Backstage interview with Cody Rhodes.

Cathy Kelley is with the American Nightmare and says he made big news at Elimination Chamber by calling The Rock out for a 1v1 match. A lot of people question if that was smart given Cody’s match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Cody isn’t sure it was smart, either, but it’s simple: The Rock slapped Cody, Cody challenged him to a match for anywhere, anytime, and we await the rebuttal this Friday Night SmackDown. Then for tonight, Cody has a match with Grayson Waller, how does he see that going? Cody asks back, “Do you like Grayson Waller? Right? No. You don’t have to answer that right now.”

But Cody has been watching Waller. Waller won the Iron Survivor Challenge, has tons of skills, and not just on the mic. But if anything, Waller should certainly like Cody. The first time Cody was on the Grayson Waller Effect, he brought Jey Uso back to the WWE. And this past time, in front of over 50 THOUSAND people in Waller’s home country, Cody called out The Rock. And tonight, Waller gets his very first Monday Night Raw main event against Cody, and finds out first hand. Cody thanks Cathy for the time then heads out. Will the American Nightmare completely neutralize the Grayson Waller Effect tonight?


Imperium goes to the ring.

Ahead of their Street Fight match, Imperium is here so Der Ring General can speak. However, the fans boo so he waits it out. Gunther smiles and says, “After successfully defeating Jey Uso last week, I am standing here still your greatest and longest reigning Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion of all time!” Fans are torn on that, but Gunther continues by saying that he has to be honest, it was very, very close. Jey almost had Gunther beat, and Gunther actually felt it slipping away from him for the first time. But let’s be honest, he got lucky. Nobody’s perfect! But Gunther is still very, very close to it.

And before Kaiser & Vinci “outclass” The New Day, Gunther wants to address his future! Understand that over 600 days, Gunther has worked hard, putting his heart, soul and body into making this title into the most prestigious in this company! Fans do cheer that. “And I’ve beaten everybody along the way to achieve this.” Which leaves one question: Who will be Gunther’s opponent for WrestleMania? Fans have different ideas, but Gunther says he has seen all the ridiculous claims! Sami Zayn? Fans cheer that name! Chad Gable? “A THANK YEW~!” The Miz?! Fans cheer again. Gunther says it gets worse! He even sees people want R-Truth!

Fans really cheer for Truth, but wait! The Judgment Day makes their way out here? Finn Balor & Damian Priest are still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions after defeating “New Catch Republic,” Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne, and they’re leading the way, JD McDonagh & Dirty Dom right behind. These four step into the ring to stand across from Imperium, and the fans are torn seeing these seven stare down. Priest says, “Big Bad Gunther. We don’t sweat you, man. Although you’ve have quite the dominant run, second only to the run The Judgment Day is on.” Priest hopes Gunther was watching Chamber as Judgment Day ran the table.

And Judgment Day plans to do it again at WrestleMania. Except, they plan on adding even more gold! Priest tells Gunther in Spanish, and then in English, that they mean the Intercontinental Championship. Gunther says since they’re not cashing in the MITB briefcase, who is it gonna be then? Finn Balor? Big headed JD? Who? DOM steps up!? Fans boo and Gunther almost laughs again. Dom tells Gunther, even as fans boo louder, that when Dirty Dom and the Judgment Day say they’re gonna do something, they mean it. And that means that the Intercontinental Championship now belongs to them.

Gunther still grins at Dom, and then pushes him back. Judgment Day keeps Priest back, and Gunther dares someone to do something then. Priest says they’ll be taking that title one way or another, and Gunther doesn’t stand a chance. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” and Senor MITB throws off his vest, but Finn and the boys keep him back. Gunther holds up the belt, will nothing stop him from continuing his historic reign? Or will WrestleMania be his judgment day?


Judgment Day regroups backstage.

Priest has cooled off, and Mami asks what Dom is doing stepping to Gunther of all people! Dom says he’s got this! Well, he better. Rhea heads out again, and Finn tells Dom that he really should smooth things over. Dom agrees, but encounters Andrade on the way. Dom says long time no see, and Andrade says hey, kid. Dom says he has to smooth things over first, but good seeing him. Wait, wait, wait. Andrade has a meeting with Pearce to discuss his first opponent. See you soon, huh? Yeah, maybe. Dom wishes Andrade luck, but will the Prodigal Son have to face El Idolo before getting to Der Ring General?


Tag Team Street Fight: The New Day VS Imperium!

After almost two years of fighting back and forth, these two top level teams are putting things to rest! No disqualifications, no count outs, and no limitations on what they’re allowed to do, who will prove they are the superior team once and for all?

The New Day make their entrance, and Imperium rushes out of the ring to attack! They brawl on the ramp and the bell sounds while fans fire up! The New Day are dressed in San Jose Sharks uniforms, which the fans appreciate, and the brawl goes up to the stage. Kaiser ROCKS Kofi, Vinci kicks Woods, but New Day hits back with haymakers. Vinci sends Woods into the LED  screen! Kaiser UPPERCUTS Kofi! Then Vinci DECKS Kofi! Kaiser rains down fists on Kofi, Vinci stomps him, but the fans rally for New Day. Kaiser drags Kofi up, feeds him to Vinci, but Woods has Francesca MK II Turbo! And he CRACKS Ludwig with her!

Woods uses the slide to SMASH Vinci, and then Kofi uses the horn piece to SMASH Kaiser! Woods uses the broken pieces to beat up on Kaiser! The brawl goes back to ringside, Kofi throws headbutts! Woods ROCKS Vinci, then helps Kofi go looking under the ring. San Jose fires up as New Day brings out a TABLE! But Imperium CLOBBERS The New Day! The fans boo as there’s no furniture yet, Imperium puts New Day in the ring. New Day DECKS Imperium off the apron! The fans fire up as New Day builds speed and they DOUBLE DIVE! Kofi wipes out Kaiser, Woods wrecks Vinci with a dropkick, and the fans fire up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and the brawl is now in the crowd! Kofi ROCKS Kaiser, Vinci ROCKS Kofi, but Woods SMASHES a beer can on Vinci! The fans fire up as this keeps on moving, and Woods headlocks Vinci to bring him away. Kaiser ROCKS Kofi, Woods dumps Vinci back to ringside, but Kaiser sends Kofi into barriers! Woods CHOPS Vinci, Kaiser ELBOWS Kofi in the forehead! Vinci hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX on Woods! Kaiser GAMANGIRIS Kofi down! Fans want tables, but Imperium doesn’t care as they put Woods in the ring. Kaiser goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a table after all! Only to put it right back!

Fans boo but Kaiser gets himself a chair. Vinci drags Woods up, Kaiser aims and JAMS Woods in the ribs! Then SMACKS him on the back! Kaiser talks trash while fans boo, but Kaiser and Vinci sit Woods up. PENALTY KICK! Kaiser drags Woods, puts him in the ropes, and Vinci adds a chair to the mix. Vinci & Kaiser go side to side and back again, FULL METAL DOUBLE DROPKICK in the corner! Woods sputters as he falls from corner to floor! Kofi returns and he HOTSHOTS Kaiser, GAMANGIRIS Vinci, and he goes up top! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The fans fire up as Kofi keeps going, and he RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS Vinci!

Kaiser runs up, but Kofi scoops and SLAMS him onto Vinci! The fans fire up as Kofi runs for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kaiser gets away but Kofi clinches him! Kofi and Kaiser throw elbows, then Kofi drags Kaiser down. Kofi DECKS Kaiser, then hurries to get that table! The fans are thunderous as Kofi sets it up and brings Kaiser around. But Vinci makes the save! Imperium DOUBLE SUPLEX Kofi into the ring! But Woods is back to SHOTGUN Kaiser, and mule kick Vinci! Woods fires off, Vinci kicks and CHOPS! Woods falls, Vinci stomps him out of the ring. Vinci & Kaiser regroup, Kaiser has kendo sticks!

Kaiser SMACKS Woods, then hands one to Vinci. Vinci and Kaiser DOUBLE SMACK Woods again and again and again! They stretch Woods across steel steps, and Kaiser gets space! Fans boo as Kaiser runs in, but Kofi JUMP KNEES first! Vinci LARIATS Kofi! But Woods waits on Vinci in the ring! Vinci ducks ‘n’ dodges to CROSSBODY! Vinci gets the kendo stick to SMACK away on Woods again and again and again! Kaiser has the chair and he SMACKS Woods, too! Fans boo as Imperium stands tall, and Raw goes back to break.

Raw returns again and Imperium RAMS Woods into barriers! Kaiser smirks, turns around, ARMCHAIR ATTACK! Kofi takes Kaiser down with that, then BOOTS Vinci! Kofi whips Vinci into steel steps! Fans fire up as Kofi puts Kaiser in the ring, stalks him, and Woods is there, too! Now New Day has the kendo sticks! The fans fire up again as Kaiser realizes the trouble he’s in! The New Day SMACKS away on Kaiser again and again and again! The kendo sticks are coming apart! The fans are thunderous as Woods tells Kofi, “GET THE TABLES~!” Kofi & Woods go out, stomp Imperium down, then find a table under the ring!

New Day sets the table up at ringside, then Woods CLUBS Vinci. Woods brings Vinci over, Kofi throws some hands, then they put Vinci on the table. The fans rally up as Woods climbs up a corner! Woods aims, the fans are on their feet, and Woods SUPER MACHO ELBOWS through the table!! Vinci writhes while Kofi & Woods roar! They haul Vinci out of the wreckage, put him in the ring, and Woods climbs again. Kofi hits a BACKBREAKER, Woods adds a KNEE DROP! Cover, Kaiser yanks the ref away!! The fans boo but Kaiser gets away with that one, but Kofi KENDO STICK DIVES! Down goes Kaiser!

Vinci flounders out of the ring, a red line of blood on his back from where the table got him. Kofi puts Kaiser in so he and Woods can kick him around! The fans know “This is Awesome!” as New Day drags Kaiser to his feet. Woods scoops Kaiser, Kofi climbs up, but Vinci rises! Vinci SHOVES Kofi down through a table!! The one from earlier! Woods ELBOWS Kaiser away, grabs at Vinci, Vinci SMACKS Woods with a cookie sheet! Kaiser RAMS Woods into a chair wedged in a corner!! Roll up, Imperium wins!!

Winners: Imperium, by pinfall

The New Day brought the fight but they lost the fight! Will Kofi & Woods be able to rebound from this crushing defeat? Will Kaiser & Vinci look to confront Judgment Day over the titles Finn & Priest have?


Adam Pearce is on the phone.

He talks with Bronson Reed, and says this isn’t the first phone call he’s had just like this. But yes, “it” is on the front of everyone’s mind, Pearce will address it soon enough. But congratulations on the newborn baby, see you soon. Pearce finishes the call, Chad Gable walks in and they shake hands. Gable over Ivar was a hell of a win, congratulations. Oh, well A THANK YEW~ then. But Gable just wants momentum going to WrestleMania. And speaking of, we all know Gunther wants an opponent going into the big show. Everyone will be coming to Pearce with their reasons why they’re the guy.

Gable has reasons of his own. He comes here as not just a competitor but as a father. Last time Gable faced Gunther, he was this close to taking the title. But that’s not what haunts him. What haunts Gable is that Gunther reduced Gable’s daughter to tears, and laughed at her misery! Gable needs to make this right. Gable’s reasons are honest. To anyone else, this match would be about the title. But for Gable, this means more. Pearce sees that. He has a lot to think about. Who will be in the running for a shot at Der Ring General?


Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell!

Speaking of title chases, The Queen of Spades & The Hunter are hot on the trail of Damage CTRL! Will Shayna & Stark be primed for their shot at Asuka & Kairi Sane? Or will the Poison Pixie & #IndiWrestling find the way to a rematch from Elimination Chamber?

Raw returns as Indi & Candice make their entrance. The teams sort out and Candice starts against Shayna. Shayna runs up, Candice dodges to kick a leg out and ENZIGIRI! Then STEP-UP SENTON! Candice hurries to BLAST Zoey, then she dodges Shayna to back body block! Candice goes out to CANNONBALL Zoey! The fans fire up as Candice then avoids Shayna’s shoulder to KNEE her away! Step-in TORNADO- NO, Shayna SLAMS Candice outta the DDT and KNEES her down! Candice is dazed but Shayna stands on her arm! Shayna lets her hair down and STOMPS Candice’s elbow! Tag to Zoey and Zoey storms right up.

Zoey wrenches and YANKS the bad arm, then YANKS it again. Zoey steps over to HIP DROP the elbow, then she stalks Candice to ropes. Zoey wraps the bad arm around ropes and pulls! Zoey grinds forearms into Candice’s face while saying she’s a nobody! Zoey whips Candice into buckles hard, then grinds her forearms in again! The ref counts, Zoey lets off, and she brings Candice up for an INVERTED EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Candice stays in there but Zoey pushes her around. Zoey stands Candice up but into a CODE BREAKER! Hot tag to Indi and the fans rally up! Indi dodges Zoey in the ropes to UPPERCUT and BOOT her away!

Indi hurries in, LARIATS Zoey, BLASTS Shayna, and LARIATS Zoey again! Indi CLUBS, DECKS and then stalks Zoey. Zoey swings, Indi dodges, but Shayna tags in before the SPINEBUSTER! Indi roars, but Shayna grabs her! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Indi taps, Shayna & Zoey win!

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark, by submission

The Queen of Spades & The Hunter put away Candice & Indi faster than Asuka & Kairi did, will this be more than enough to name them the next contenders? Or will not even Shayna & Zoey be ready for DMG CTRL?


R-Truth is in the Judgment Day clubhouse?

And then he’s joined by The Miz and “DX,” aka DIY. They all sit down and Miz asks what Truth is even doing here. Well, Judgment Day’s gone for the night. He doesn’t want them to see him like this, but he was reminiscing about all the good times. Johnny Gargano says Truth’s always cheering them up, so they’ll return the favor. They’ll get revenge on The Judgment Day. And speaking of, Ciampa has a plan. Are you ready? What? He said… Are…! You…! Ready!? Oh, Truth gets it now! They’re gonna regenerate, right? What? Y’know, Regeneration X. Now that’s what’s up! No, no, it was Degeneration- Never mind. That is what’s up, and it’s AWESOME~!

Truth says let’s do it then! Hold on, he’s taking the TV back. Don’t worry about unplugging it, ain’t no cords on it. So it’s wireless? Nope. Truth, Miz and DIY head out, just what will they do to finally get one over on Judgment Day?


Drew McIntyre is here!

The Scottish Terminator and the winner of this year’s Elimination Chamber match is in San Jose, primed to face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship! McIntyre gets the mic to say, “We did it.” He wants to thank the fans. You don’t achieve success alone, so everyone here and around the world, thank you for praying harder than ever before. Because of them, it is happening! McIntyre VS Rollins for the WHC at Mania! McIntyre feels like hell, though. He is more jetlag than man right now, especially after being the first man in the Chamber and the last man standing. He got hurt in there, an eardrum blown out. It was a bit of an incident after the show.

McIntyre was talking with the doctor afterward, and he told McIntyre that he is hurt, he might not make WrestleMania. Fans boo, but McIntyre told the doc, “Who do you think I am? CM Punk? Nothing’s gonna stop me from making Mania!” Fans are torn, they should’ve known McIntyre was going there with this. And then McIntyre sits down cross-legged a la Punk! “Don’t look up my kilt, ya pervs.” McIntyre tells Punk that he knows it hurts not to be part of Chamber or WrestleMania, and it probably kills Punk to see McIntyre in the world title match instead. But he wants Punk to know he thought about him after the match.

McIntyre wants to do something special just for Punk. We know Punk is straightedge, doesn’t drink alcohol, so McIntyre drank twice as much for both of them to celebrate. McIntyre grins and says okay, to more serious business. He has to talk to the champ, so if he’ll indulge McIntyre, “Mr. Rollins, c’mon down.” And here he comes! The fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” as Rollins makes his way out in a baggy, wine red suit. Rollins joins McIntyre in the ring, and McIntyre points to the sign. Rollins says yeah, we’ll get to that, but if McIntyre will indulge Rollins a moment… “SAN JOSE! Welcome to Monday Night Rollins!”

And a congratulations to Drew McIntyre! Fans boo but Rollins says no, no, McIntyre did it. Rollins is proud of McIntyre for clawing his way back to a title match with him again. And this time, McIntyre has an opportunity to do what he’s been wanting since 2020: win the world title, but not in an empty warehouse! This time, it’ll be in front of a capacity crowd at the BIGGEST WrestleMania of all time! But… there is just one thing standing in the way. He is the Visionary, he is the Revolutionary, he is Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins! The fans sing again and Rollins revels in it. McIntyre says yeah, Rollins is standing in the way.

McIntyre says beating Rollins is no easy job, but beating McIntyre is no easy job, either. So why is Rollins making it so hard on himself? We’ve seen what’s going on with Roman and Cody and The Rock, Rollins should just stop. Rollins doesn’t need that in his life. McIntyre’s talked with Rollins about this, from the bad knee to the bad back. Rollins should take time off, rest up, and be at 100% for WrestleMania. But Rollins won’t listen, doesn’t have to, he’s a grown man. But it just doesn’t make sense to McIntyre why Rollins is going to SmackDown this Friday to fight Cody’s battle when Raw needs Rollins here!

That stuff is their business, screw them! When McIntyre is champion, he won’t care if SmackDown is on fire and begging for help, McIntyre wouldn’t piss on ’em to put it out! McIntyre’s responsibility will be Raw and the World Heavyweight Championship only. But here is something for Rollins to think about: The Bloodline situation. We know where this is going, Rollins doesn’t need to go down that path. We know the outcome, it has happened time and time again, and to McIntyre personally. You push Bloodline too far, you know what happens! Their match at Mania will be a killer match, the fans going wild, Bloodline will hit the ring and cost Rollins the title!

So please, for Rollins’ sake and McIntyre’s, just back off. Fans boo and Rollins takes off the sunglasses. Rollins tells McIntyre, “I respect everything you just said. But respectfully, some risks are worth taking.” Fans cheer that, and Rollins says that he’ll be straight here. McIntyre’s known Rollins a long time, he knows what Rollins is about, so he knows that everything McIntyre just said, Rollins has already thought about. Rollins has replayed it over and over, all the negative outcomes. It’s why Rollins is the Architect, the Visionary, and the truth is… McIntyre might be right. Rollins’ knee may not be ready, the back may give out, and Bloodline might leave him broken in their wake, just like they have everyone else.

WrestleMania might be an easy night for McIntyre. McIntyre might be right, but what if he’s wrong? Like Rollins said, some risks are worth taking. He’s been selfish in his career and in his life, and Rollins thought that the goal at the end of the road would fill the void. But every single time, when Rollins got to the top, he felt empty inside. It wasn’t until he had his daughter that Rollins realized not everything is about him. There are some things in life bigger than all of us! The World Heavyweight Championship is bigger than us! Taking down the Bloodline is bigger than us! Fans cheer that!

Rollins asks McIntyre back: If they don’t take care of Bloodline before Mania, then what? Let’s say McIntyre does take the title from Rollins. It doesn’t matter if McIntyre is champion or Rollins is champion, The Bloodline wants power, and it’s only a matter of time before they come for the World Heavyweight Championship. So McIntyre might be right, but what if he’s wrong? What if Rollins’ knee is 100%? What if his back is ready to go? What if they can rip The Bloodline apart once and for all to secure the future of this industry!? Because if they can do all of that, then at WrestleMania, it is just Rollins, McIntyre and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins said this before Crown Jewel, and he’ll say it again here: May the best man win. And some risks are worth taking. Rollins drops the mic and takes his leave, will this gamble go his way? Or will McIntyre find his own way to win it all?


Nia Jax VS Liv Morgan!

The Irresistible Force is a sore loser, determined to prove she’s far more worthy of a WrestleMania moment than every single woman that was in the Elimination Chamber match. To her point, she did get the better of them all just last week. Will she do it again tonight? Or will Liv make Nia #CryAboutIt some more?

Raw returns as Liv makes her entrance. The bell rings and Liv SHOTGUNS Nia! Liv fires off forearms but Nia shoves her away. Liv runs up to back body block! Liv runs up again, SHINING WIZARD! Liv keeps moving, but Nia stops the rana! Nia swings Liv up and around, SAMOAN DROP! Nia soaks up the heat while she paces around Liv. Nia drags Liv around to pull on the arms! The fans boo and Liv endures, but Nia STOMPS her down! Liv sputters but Nia drags her up and puts her in a corner. Nia runs in to SPLASH Liv, and Liv flops down. Nia runs back in, HIP ATTACK! Nia rubs it in quite literally, then drags Liv up.

Liv fires body shots, runs, but Nia ELBOWS her down! Nia drags Liv around, and has a leg for the STRETCH MUFFLER! Liv endures as she dangles off the mat! Nia then swings Liv into buckles! Nia drops Liv, kicks her around, and then goes to the apron. Nia lines up a shot, but Liv dodges the leg drop! Fans taunt Nia with “MY HOLE! MY HOLE!” while Nia hobbles away. Liv aims, builds speed, and DVIES! Down goes Nia and the fans fire up while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Nia has Liv in a BEARHUG! Liv endures as Nia squeezes and thrashes her around! Pat uses the telestrator to show us just how much Liv was suffering in the Stretch Muffler. Back to present, Liv fights out of the bearhug and ENZIGIRIS! Nia wobbles, and then CLOBBERS Liv! Nia runs to SENTON but misses as Liv moves! Liv goes to a corner, Nia runs up, but Liv slips to the apron! Nia hits buckles, Liv KNEES her back! Then HOTSHOTS her away! Nia staggers, Liv goes up the corner, and fans fire up for the MISSILE DROPKICK! Nia staggers to the corner but Liv runs in! Nia blocks the Code Breaker!

Nia puts Liv in the corner but Liv ROCKS her! Liv leaps, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Nia is still in this and Liv grows frustrated. The fans rally up as Liv rushes Nia, but into a fireman’s carry! Liv sunset flips through, but Nia stays up! Nia drags Liv to her feet for a HEADBUTT! Liv ends up in a corner, Nia runs in, but Liv dodges, Nia POSTS herself! Nia falls out of the ring and Liv hurries to the apron! Liv runs but Nia catches her! SAMOAN DROP into the post! The fans boo but wait! BECKY LYNCH FLIES IN!

Winner: Nia Jax, by disqualification

The Man fires off on Nia and SMACKS her off the desk! And again and again and again! The fans fire up as Becky dribbles Nia! Becky then SMACKS Nia off the apron, puts her in the ring, and storms up on her to CLUB her right back out of the ring! Nia hurries up the ramp while the ref keeps Becky back! Becky wants Big Time revenge, will she tear Nia down before going after Rhea? And how will Liv feel about this when Becky’s revenge just cost her a win?


Backstage interview with Grayson Waller & Austin Theory.

Cathy Kelley is now with A-Town Down Under and brings up Elimination Chamber’s “massive scoop.” Does Waller feel Cody being the guest on the Grayson Waller Effect backfired on him? Waller says once again, Waller gets the biggest scoop via his show, not surprised! Big for Waller, big for Australia, but that doesn’t change the fact Cody disrespected Waller in his home. He beat up Waller’s boy, Theory, and Waller did everything he could to protect him (not), but now they flip the script. Waller will disrespect The American Nightmare in his house, and then The Rock & Roman can pick the bones. This lad ain’t ever gonna finish his story!

Cathy thanks them for their time, will the Grayson Waller Effect be super effective? Or will nothing stop Cody from making it to Mania?


WWE mourns the loss of Ole Anderson.

The OG Four Horseman passed away today at the age of 81. A great tag team wrestler and one half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, he will be missed.


Adam Pearce finds Becky backstage.

She says after what Nia did to her, Becky was not gonna be able to move on until she ends this. Becky wants her shot at Nia. Oh, really? Then how does next week sound? Sounds perfect to Becky. Then it’s official. Becky thanks Pearce, but then Liv storms in! Liv says she was in the middle of something out there, but guess Becky doesn’t care about anyone else. Not everything is about The Man! Liv storms off, is Becky only going to settle one score to have to worry about another?


Backstage interview with Jey Uso.

Jackie Redmond is with Main Event Jey and says despite a hell of an effort against Gunther, not an outcome Jey wanted. How does Jey plan on getting back in the title scene? Jey says he’ll keep on being him, doing what he does, keep on showing up to Raw and being Main Event Jey Uso. Last week, he was this close to having his first singles title. Feels like when he tries to get close to something, he falls short. When he tries to complete the mission, he falls short. When he tries to do something positive for himself, he falls short. When he tries to pull himself up, he falls short. Whether it is his past enemies on Raw, or his own flesh ‘n’ blood.

Jey then spots said enemy in McIntyre. McIntyre says he knows Jey is having a tough time. McIntyre is in a good place, riding high, but he felt this was a good time to have this talk. McIntyre knows how Jey is feeling, and McIntyre wants Jey to know that from the bottom of his heart, Jey deserves it. Jey fires off on McIntyre and it’s a brawl! Refs and security rush in to pull these two apart! The Scottish Terminator can’t help himself when it comes to pushing buttons, but will he regret getting on Jey’s bad side?


Cody Rhodes VS Grayson Waller w/ Austin Theory!

The American Nightmare wants after The Rock, but it seems the Aussie Icon has just ended up a pawn in the Bloodline’s game. Will Cody get past this obstacle to have a clear path to WrestleMania? Or will Waller be drinking a shoey in The Tribal Chief’s honor?

Raw returns as Cody makes his entrance, the fans singing along, “WHOA~ OH~!” The bell rings and the fans rally up behind Cody. Waller is annoyed by that as he circles with Cody. They tie up, go around, and Cody headlocks for the takeover. Waller headscissors, Cody kips free and hits another takeover. Waller headscissors, Cody kips free again and waistlocks. Waller elbows free, runs up and bumps Cody off buckle! Waller taunts the fans but they rally behind Cody. Waller JABS Cody, CLUBS him, but Cody turns things around to CHOP! Cody stalks Waller to a corner, whips him corner to corner but Waller reverses hard!

Waller storms up to cravat Cody and fires off knees! Fans boo but Theory soaks it up for Waller. Waller throws body shots on Cody, has him against ropes and CLUBS him. Waller ROCKS Cody with a forearm, throws body shots, and he keeps Cody on the ropes. Waller wrenches and whips Cody but Cody reverses to kick, drop and RHODES UPPERCUT! Cody then reels Waller in to suplex, and he holds Waller up! Fans cheer as Cody waits until ten for the GOURD BUSTER! Cody then clotheslines Waller up and out! Fans fire up as Cody stands tall and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once again and Cody throws body shots to get free of a chinlock. But then Waller LEG LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Waller keeps on Cody with a cravat and he cranks the neck wrench. Waller says he won’t let Cody disrespect him! The fans rally, Cody fights up, and commentary says Paul Heyman is somewhere in the building. Did he bring The Bloodline with him? Cody throws more body shots to get free, then he CHOPS! Waller kicks low, reels Cody in to back suplex, but Cody lands out of it! Cody CLOBBERS Waller, goes to a corner then goes up and over, to SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up with Cody as he rises!

Cody runs, springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cover, TWO! Waller stays in this but then Theory distracts Cody! Cody glares at Theory, runs him off, but Waller is up, to JAB! Cody drops to his knees, and Theory says that’s teamwork! Fans boo but Waller whips. Cody ducks ‘n’ dodges to DIVE! Theory is sent tumbling up and over the desk!! The fans fire up but Waller goes out to LARIAT Cody down! Waller puts Cody in, says this is the real deal, and he somersaults, but Cody dodges the flatliner! CODY CUTTER! The fans fire up again and Cody dragon sleepers for the CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

A-Town Down Under probably wishes they’d stayed home on this one! Cody is rolling down the Road to WrestleMania, but “Ladies and gentlemen,” The Wise Man confirms he is here by stepping on stage. Heyman has private security but Cody still gets a chair! Cody also gets a mic while Heyman says it’d figure “San Josie” would boo ladies. They’re ruining his shtick! Heyman continues his introduction, but Cody doesn’t give a damn! If this is a set-up, then come get him! Heyman has everyone calm down. This is not a Bloodline set-up. The only member of The Bloodline here tonight is Heyman. Does anyone see a drop of Polynesian blood anywhere in the security?

That’s rhetorical, because the answer is no. These gentlemen are Heyman’s “friends” from the NYPD. They are off-duty, technically, because they’re suspended, but that’s a whole different story. Heyman came here to California to let us know no one wants an apology. Heyman understands how insulting it must be to get Will Smith’d across the face. But Heyman wants Cody needs to take The Rock’s name out of his freakin’ mouth. Because The Tribal Chief, Roman…! Reigns…! has authorized Heyman to let Cody know, that if Cody does not back away from this… Like, you can’t just say you want a match with The Rock and then it magically happens.

Well, it magically happens if you ARE The Rock, but Cody screwed that all up, didn’t he? See, a year ago, they were crying in the ring with each other, Heyman forgives Cody. But The Rock doesn’t. And understanding that Cody is in the WrestleMania main event with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship, Heyman is begging and pleading, “Please, Cody. Please. Pretty please, with a cherry on top… Withdraw this challenge from The Rock… or else.” Cody takes a seat and asks, “Or else what, Mr. Heyman?” Does Heyman wanna know why Cody hasn’t rained holy terror on this mic about Heyman’s new boy, Dwayne? Why Cody hasn’t trashed The Rock in media?

It’s simple! Like everyone here, Cody was a fan of The Rock! How could he not be? Put yourself in Cody’s shoes! He comes from a family where every meal was determined by ticket sales, and nobody sold more than The Rock! But Cody is done, fed up with being nice! If this is a set-up, then like Cody said, “Come and get me.” Heyman says he has a better idea. Heyman and his “friends” go to the apron and Heyman asks if he may step inside. Heyman may not. Heyman says that’s just rude. But the “friends” step in and Cody says okay, then he’ll make this clear. If one more person steps towards Cody, he is dropping every single person in this ring.

The fans fire up and Heyman says okay, he respects that. As Cody will surely respect that his threat doesn’t apply if Heyman is that one person, right? WRONG! Cody gets his chair and he JAMS everyone up! Then SMACKS them all down! And then CHUCKS the chair into the one guys’ face! CROSS RHODES!! The fans fire up as Cody stands his ground! He dares Heyman to send The Bloodline, but Heyman has his phone to call Roman Reigns. And another phone to call The Rock! Cody says go ahead, call whoever he’s got! Because the Bloodline isn’t hunting Cody, Cody is hunting The Bloodline!

Heyman looks a little worried as Cody has another round to JAM and SMACK the “friends!” Cody TOSSES one, TOSSES another, then TOSSES the third! Did this little stunt backfire in the worst way possible for The Bloodline?

My Thoughts:

Another great Raw, with great build upon the WrestleMania stories. I really like this intertwining of stories between Judgment Day and other groups. Great opening promo from Dom, Rhea and Becky, which then turned into Nia attacking Becky, which then in turn became Becky attacking Nia during her match with Liv. Now, while we’re getting Nia VS Becky 2, it feels like Liv is adding Becky to the revenge tour. There’s talk of Triple Threats for world titles at every 10th WrestleMania, what if it was for the Women’s World Championship? Granted, it’d be a shame since Becky fought her way to earn the shot, but it would hearken back to Mania 35 where Becky won a Triple Threat.

Judgment Day confronting Imperium over the Intercontinental Championship was some good stuff. And I do appreciate that even Rhea felt Dom was biting off more than he could chew stepping to Gunther. Now, it sure feels like they want Sami to get his shot after that encounter with Gunther, but I like that Andrade is also in the mix after his talk with Dom. Sami VS Nakamura was an awesome opening match, it probably should be Sami given he mentioned “doing something historic” last week. But Sami having to get through Andrade, Bronson, Gable and maybe even Dom would really make it a great road to Mania.

Awesome Street Fight tag match, too, and I was rather surprised Imperium won. But I have a feeling Kaiser & Vinci will be getting in on the Undisputed Tag Team Championship story, same as The Awesome Truth. Good but short promo from Truth, Miz & DIY to keep up the “DIY is DX” gag and establish that the feud is continuing. Awesome Truth still feels like they’re set for their shot at Mania, but maybe Imperium and a team from SmackDown get involved to make it easier for Finn & Priest to lose the belts.

Raquel all but squashing Chelsea was entertaining, though Shayna & Zoey all but squashing Candice & Indi was a little disappointing. I suppose Shayna & Zoey are still being established as challengers for DMG CTRL, we might get a Fatal 4 tag title match for the women. As I said at Chamber, maybe Bianca gets in on the tag title story since the top titles are spoken for. Meanwhile, great promo from McIntyre with Rollins, though it maybe took a little too long to get where it was going. It is good character stuff from McIntyre to be hypocritically worried The Bloodline is going to screw Rollins over when McIntyre just wants the title regardless.

Great bit with McIntyre and Jey, too, though it felt like Jey was just going on and on to stall for time as McIntyre was heading over there. McIntyre VS Jey one more time will be really good stuff to give McIntyre momentum going towards Mania. And really good stuff from Cody Rhodes tonight. Good promo before his match, good promo from Waller as well, and really good main event from Cody VS Waller. Heyman showing up was a nice surprise, though it was a weird move for him to bring fake cops that were supposedly suspended. We all knew they were getting beat up by Cody anyway, maybe this was some kind of adlib to keep from Cody beating down Jimmy and/or Solo. There’s a very good chance that happens on SmackDown anyway, so they probably didn’t wanna be redundant.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW New Beginning Sapporo Results & Report! (2/24/24)

Night two!



The New Beginning comes to an end!

It’s a WrestleKingdom rematch here in Sapporo as Tetsuya Naito gives Sanada a shot at the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship! Will NJPW still be tranquilo? Or will the Cold Skull once again be the Gold Skull?


  • Frontier Zone: Toru Yano & Tomoya VS Tomoaki Honma & Katsuya Murashima; Yano & Tomoya win.
  • 10 Man Tag: The House of Torture VS Shota Umino, El Desperado, YOH, Togi Makabe & Boltin Oleg; Shota, Desperado, Yoh, Makabe & Oleg win.
  • 10 Man Tag: Chaos VS Matt Riddle & The United Empire; Chaos wins.
  • Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa VS El Phantasmo & Hikuleo; ELP & Leo win.
  • Nic Nemeth & Ryusuke Taguchi VS David Finlay & Gedo; Nemeth & Taguchi win.
  • BUSHI VS Taka Michinoku; Bushi wins.
  • Hiromu Takahashi VS DOUKI; Douki wins.
  • Shingo Takagi VS Taichi; Taichi wins.
  • Hair VS Hair Match: Yota Tsuji VS Yuya Uemura; Yota wins and Yuya must cut their hair.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS SANADA; Naito wins and retains the title.


Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa VS El Phantasmo & Hikuleo!

It’s Guerrillas of Destiny VS Guerrillas of Destiny in the Good Bad Guy’s farewell to NJPW! Will Tama and the Silverback “big brother” The Headbanga and Young Guerilla on the way out? Or will ELP & Leo prove their title belts aren’t just for show?

For those wondering which corner Jado would, he chose neither, as he is now the special guest referee! You can bet The Master Heater will keep this one fair and square. And in a great throwback, Tama comes out in his ghost face killer paint! Meanwhile, Loa has the Mr. Terrific T paint. The four fist bump to show respect, and ELP gets the fans rallying for Tama. The teams sort out and Leo starts against Tama. The fans rally for “G O D! G O D!” as the brothers double fist bump. They circle, tie up, and Leo shoves Tama away. Tama comes back, gets around, headlocks, but Leo endures the grind. Leo powers up to lift Tama, but Tama thrashes the hold.

Leo powers up and out, but Tama slides under the boot! The fans cheer as the stand off. They reset, speed up, and Tama dodges to DROPKICK! Leo stays up and he runs Tama over! Leo runs but Tama avoids the elbow drop! The fans cheer as the two stand off again. Leo and Tama then back off, tag to ELP and Loa. The fans rally as these two circle now. ELP and Loa feel things out, tie up, and they go around. ELP headlocks, Loa powers up and out, and they RAM shoulders! Neither falls but Loa applauds ELP. ELP dares Loa to go then, so Loa runs. They RAM shoulders and ELP falls! Loa fires up and the fans cheer.

Loa flexes, runs, but ELP drops. Loa sunset flips, ELP sits on it, TWO! Loa has it, TWO! ELP has it, TWO! Wait, aren’t those counts kinda fast? ELP and Loa rock back and forth and Jado can’t even keep up! ELP and Loa let off and ask what’s going on. Jado gives them shoves, telling them to respect his authority. ELP and Loa shove back, but Tama and Leo get in! Tama tells ELP not to shove Jado, but Leo tells Loa the same, and now they’re all shoving each other! Jado tells them all to stop it, this is a clean fight! The fans cheer and GOD all agrees. So they start throwing forearms! Nothing wrong with a brawl!

Tama gets the edge on ELP and Loa gets the edge on Leo. Tama & Loa whip, but ELP & Leo dosido! Tama & Loa dodge, but then so do ELP & Leo! They each SPLASH, then ELP feeds Tama to Leo’s SIDEWALK SLAM! ELP hits the FALLING AX HANDLE! But Loa throws hands on them both! The fans fire up, Loa runs, but ELP hurdles and Leo DDTs Loa down! The fans fire up again as ELP winds up and high-fives Leo! ELP then ROCKS Loa with a forearm, and Loa ends up on ropes. ELP fires more forearms, puts him in a corner and throws body shots. Loa shoves ELP away so ELP BOOTS him!

Tag to Leo and ELP CHOPS Loa. Leo stands Loa up to CHOP! Leo grits his teeth but Leo brings up the vest is too much padding for Loa. Jado says there’s nothing he can do about that, so Leo bumps Loa off buckles. Leo stomps Loa, then CHOPS again! Leo then scoops Loa, ELP tags in, and Leo POWERSLAMS! ELP then springboard SWANTON BOMBS, then LIONSAULTS! Cover, ONE!! ELP argues the count but Jado says he’s being fair. ELP clamps on a chinlock and grinds Loa down. Loa endures, the fans rally up, but ELP smothers Loa. Jado reprimands, ELP lets off with an ELBOW to Loa’s head!

ELP brings Loa up and around, whips but Loa blocks! ELP pushes Loa, whips, but Loa reverses! Loa runs in to A-LIST LARIAT! Loa then goes up and MISSILE DROPKICKS ELP across the ring! The fans fire up while both men are down! ELP and Loa both crawl, hot tag to Tama! Tama rallies on ELP with body shots and uppercuts! Tama fires off in a corner, then whips corner to corner. ELP reverses, runs up but Tama CLOBBERS him first! The fans fire up as the vest comes off! Tama claps and the fans clap along. ELP goes to a corner, Tama runs in, STINGER SPLASH! Then EXPLODER! ELP flounders but Tama goes over to cover, TWO!

ELP is still in this, but Tama keeps his cool. Tama CLUBS ELP, throws down hands, then brings him up. Tama dragon sleepers but ELP snapmares free! ELP dodges the superman punch to straitjacket and torture rack! Tag to Leo, Leo runs, BOOT and BRAIN SALAD! Cover, Loa breaks it! Loa kicks ELP, scoops him, but ELP slips free, feed to Leo’s UPPERCUT! Loa roars, but gets a BOOT ENZIGIRI COMBO! Tama runs up but Leo stops Gun Stun! Feed to SUDDEN DEATH! Tama is down, Leo & ELP reload to aim at Loa! SUDDEN DEATH and GODSEND!! Then Loa is in the drop zone as ELP goes up!

ELP climbs onto Leo’s shoulders, for the SUPER- GUN STUN!! Tama intercepts Thunderkiss, but then Loa grabs Tama! GOD- SPEAR from Loa!! All four men are down and the fans fire up! Jado checks them all, they all stir, and the OG GOD rise up first. They stand Leo up, bring him around and pick him up, MAGIC KILLER!! But they’re not done there, they each take a corner! Loa DIVING HEADBUTTS, Tama SUPREME FLOWS! Cover, TWO!! Leo survives the onslaught from his own brothers and the fans fire up! Tama & Loa are frustrated but they reset and call their shot again! Even Jado’s surprised they want to go this far!

Tama & Loa double whip Leo to a corner, and Loa runs in to clothesline! Tama hits the STINGER SPLASH, and then Loa goes up. The fans rally both ways as Tama tries to suplex Leo, but he’s so big! Leo suplexes Tama instead! Leo stands, Loa leaps, AX HANDLE! Leo drops to a knee, Loa fires up and kicks low. Loa scoops, but Leo slips free! Leo kicks but Loa blocks! Loa dodges the lariat, runs, but into the SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up for Leo as he aims at Tama! Choke grip, but Tama breaks free to ROCK Leo! Leo choke grips again! But Tama breaks free again, so Leo UPPERCUTS! Choke grip again, for GOD-

NO, Tama slips free, shoves, runs, GUN- NO! Leo stops that and choke grips through! GOD- GUN- NO!! Leo counters the counter, then scoops, for a POP-UP CUTTER!! ELP fires up with Leo, and Leo LARIATS Tama inside-out! Cover, ONE?!!? And that’s with Jado’s faster than normal count! Tama fires up, Leo fires up, and Leo hauls Tama up and POWER- NO, Tama fights it! Leo stops the counter, though, to POWERBOMB after all!! Cover, TWO?!?! Tama survives again and everyone is shocked! The fans are thunderous as Leo drags Tama back up with the choke grip. Leo hesitates, but he still hits GODSEND!!! Cover, ELP & Leo win!

Winners: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo, by pinfall

The younger GOD duo defeats the older, and now the torch has been passed. Tama’s farewell to NJPW will be bittersweet, but he will leave knowing he gave it his all, and he has all of our love and respect. Tama stands with his brothers, with Jado and with ELP, and they group hug over the lion logo. Ain’t nobody realer than Guerilla, is the future in good hands with ELP & Leo?


Hair VS Hair Match: Yota Tsuji VS Yuya Uemura!

The Gene Blast and The Heat Storm both want to be THE face of NJPW’s future. They’re both so determined to rise up and leave behind their Young Lion days, they’re willing to put their glorious manes! Who wins and moves forward while the other must relive their past?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two stare down. They circle, feel things out, but Yota avoids Yuya’s lunge in for a leg. They knuckle lock, Yuya gets around to waistlock, but Yota wrenches and switches. Yuya wrenches out to hammerlock, but Yota elbows then switches. Yota has a nelson, then he spins Yuya to a cravat. Yuya endures the neck wrench, swings an arm to bring Yota down, then rolls to wrangle Yota with a top wristlock. Yota keeps his shoulders up, moves around, and he trips Yuya. Yota gets past the leg guard to cover, ONE, but Yota holds off Yuya’s attempt at a lateral press.

Yuya lets off slowly, Yota gets up, and the fans cheer this exchange. The two reset and circle again, feel things out, and knuckle lock again. They go shoulder to shoulder in a Test of Strength and the fans rally up. Yota’s height gives him leverage, and he powers Yuya to ropes. The ref calls the break, Yuya turns things around, but Yuya still lets off. Yuya then CHOPS and whips! Yota rolls Yuya up, TWO! Yuya cradles, ONE!! Yuya tries to roll up now, TWO! Yota bails out and fans cheer. Yuya storms right up to ropes but Yota backs away. Yota paces around the outside so Yuya rests on a corner, willing to wait.

Yota walks around as the ring count climbs, and he steps back in at 5 of 20. Yuya hops down and he resets with Yota. They stare down, Yota just smiling. They go forehead to forehead, then Yota kicks low! Yota headlocks, Yuya powers out then goes the other way! They run the ropes crisscross, then Yuya drops, hurdles and HIP TOSSES Yota down! The fans fire up and Yuya covers, TWO! Yuya keeps cool, and he brings Yota up. Yuya wrenches to wrangle Yota with another top wristlock, then he drops an elbow on the elbow! And then another elbow drop! And another elbow drop! Yuya goes for another wristlock but Yota gets the ROPEBREAK!

Yuya lets go quickly and he waits on Yota. Yota stands and Yuya whips him to a corner. Yuya runs in but Yota BOOTS him! Yuya staggers back, runs in again, but Yota dodges! SPLASH! Yota keeps moving to run Yuya right over! And then he runs to SOMERSAULT SENTON! Yota just keeps moving for a SPLASH! Cover, TWO! The fans rally up as Yuya stays in this. Yota keeps cool, though, and he storms up on Yuya. Yota reels Yuya in but Yuya fights the suplex. Yuya shoves free but Yota BODY BLOWS! Yuya falls in a heap and the ref checks him. Yota drags Yuya up, bumps him off buckles, and RAMS him again and again!

Yota snapmares Yuya to KICK him in the back. Yota kneels for the cover, TWO! A bit cocky from Yota but he grins as he looms over Yuya. Yuya sits up, Yota stands him up, and Yota winds up to ROCK Yuya in the back! Yuya staggers to ropes but Yota storms up. Yuya CHOPS Yota, but Yota fires forearm after forearm. Yota snapmares and KICKS Yuya in the back again! The fans rally as Yuya writhes and Yota paces. Yota grabs the legs, but Yuya scrambles and reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Yota doesn’t let go so Yuya kicks him away. Yuya runs, but into a scoop! BACKBREAKER! Yota gets the legs again, and he turns Yuya over for the BOSTON CRAB!

Yuya endures as Yota sits deep and the fans rally up! Yuya powers up, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Yota lets go while the fans applaud. Yota says okay, and then he runs to baseball slide dropkick Yuya out! Yuya even tumbles to the railing! Fans rally up again as Yota grins and builds speed, but Yuya drops down! The damage to Yuya’s back keeps him from standing and taking a tope. Yota eggs Yuya on, the ring count starts, and Yuya drags himself up at 3 of 20. Yota drags Yuya to the apron and stops the count. Yota suplexes but Yuya slips free! Waistlock, but Yota bucks the O’Conner! Yota runs up, but into an arm-drag!

Yota swings, Yuya ducks, and Yuya hits another arm-drag! Then a DROPKICK! The fans fire up while both men are down! Yuya grits his teeth and clutches his back while Yota stirs and checks his chin. Yota rolls to a corner but Yuya kips up! The fans fire up and Yuya runs corner to corner, to CHOP! Yuya whips corner to corner but just reels Yota in, for a BIG back suplex! Float-over to the cover, TWO! Yota toughs it out but Yuya keeps his cool. Yuya brings Yota up, but Yota fires forearms and a knee! Yota whips, Yuya reverses to SAYANAGI! GROUND ARM SCREW! And then basement dropkick to the arm! Yota writhes, Yuya hurries to cover, TWO!

But Yuya has the top wristlock! Yota reaches out but Yuya drags him away for the DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Yota flails, reaches out, blocks the twist on the arm, but Yuya pulls harder with his top mount! Yuya breaks the grip for the DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Yota still reaches out for ropes but Yuya drags him right to center! Yuya keeps on the double wristlock but Yota kicks around. Yuya shifts into an ARMBAR, but Yota has the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and Yuya lets go. Yuya is frustrated but he stands back up and brings Yota around. Yuya wrenches, cording holds, and then goes for the other arm. Yota throws Yuya down and rolls back, into the BOSTON CRAB!!

Yuya endures as Yota sits deep on the hold! Yuya powers up but Yota drags him away! Yota’s bad arm forces him to change to a HALF CRAB! Yota still sits deep and Yuya has to bite his thumb to ignore the pain! Yuya fights forward, but Yota drags him away! Yota manages to get both legs on one side, LOBSTER CRAB! Yuya endures as Yota pulls! Yuya tries to fight, but Yota then digs a knee in! LION TAMER!! Yuya bites all his fingers just to keep from giving up! Yota lets go in frustration as his arms can’t hold on any longer! Yota grabs at both legs this time, and he SWINGS Yuya around! He only gets five rotations but he fires back up!

Yota tries for the legs again but Yuya traps the bad arm, to SNAP it! Yota staggers, Yuya swings but Yota catches him! BACKBREAKER, but Yuya swings out of the clinch to full nelson! Then he spins Yota to DIVORCE COURT DDT! Yota clutches the arm while both men are down! Yuya rolls to ropes while Yota writhes at center. Yuya goes back to Yota and they both stand. Yuya throws a haymaker, then another! Yota backs up to a corner, Yuya CHOPS him! Yuya CHOPS again, then fires haymakers! Yuya CHOPS then runs Yota corner to corner to bump off buckles! Yuya throws hands, runs Yota to the other corner and again bumps him off buckles!

Yuya CHOPS Yota, climbs up, and he rains down fists! The fans fire up and count along, Yuya goes all the way to TEN! Yuya pulls at Yota’s hair but Yota grins. Yuya drags Yota out by his legs, stomps him and covers, TWO! Yota rises up but Yuya fires up. Yuya runs up but Yota gets around, goes up and over to sunset flip, TWO! Yuya stands, swings, but into a wrench and wrangle, lateral press! TWO, and Yota arm-drags! Float over, headscissor cradle, TWO!! Yuya escapes, Yota runs up, but Yota blocks the arm-drag! Only for Yuya to swing around and arm-drag after all! Yota gets up, swings, but into a spin and backslide! TWO!

Yuya holds onto the arms, rolls into another backslide, TWO! The two men fight for control, stand back up, and Yuya spins Yota around for underhooks! Yota fights that to back drop but Yuya sunset flips it! TWO and Yota BOOTS Yuya down! The fans fire up while Yota catches his breath. Yota finally goes for the cover, but Yuya drags him into a ghost pin, TWO!! Yuya shifts around, sunset flip! TWO and it’s back to the ghost pin! TWO!! Yota escapes but Yuya UPPERCUTS! Yuya runs, but into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! The fans fire up, Yota runs, but Yuya gets around the lariat! Yuya underhooks for the BUTTERFLY SLAM! Cover, TWO!

The fans rally up again and Yuya grows frustrated. Yuya goes to a corner, then climbs up! Yota rises, then runs up to GAMANGIRI! The fans fire up with Yota as he climbs up! Yota fires hands, then goes to the very top! Yota brings Yuya up to join him, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Yuya survives but Yota roars! Yota drags Yuya up and suplexes, but Yuya knees free! Double cording holds, DEADBOLT PLEX! But both men are down! The fans fire up as they stir, and Yuya goes to a corner. Yota eggs Yuya on, Yuya runs up, and DOUBLE FOREARMS DECK both men! The fans fire up again while the ref checks them!

Yota and Yuya stir, and Yota blinks through the daze. Yota stands up, but then falls right over! Yuya is also still down so the ref says it’ll be a standing count! The fans rally up for both guys, and they’re both down at 5 of 10! And then 7! And 8! Both men rise at 9 and the fans fire up again! We hit 25 minutes, leaving five left! Both men rise up, stare down, and they rush right in! Yuya headlocks, Yota powers out but Yuya runs him over! Cover, ONE!! The fans rally again as Yuya stands, but Yota runs him over! Cover, ONE!! Yuya storms up but Yota blocks the scoop with a facelock! Yota scoops Yuya to SLAM him!

Yuya rises and runs up, but into another scoop and SLAM! The fans fire up and Yota grins as he drags Yuya back up. Yota runs, but Yuya back drops him away! Yuya roars and the fans fire up again as he goes up the corner! Yuya aims as Yota rises, CROSSBODY FLOPS! CURB STOMP!! Yota then hauls Yuya up to suplex and FALCON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Yuya survives and the fans fire up as Yota roars again! Yota powers up his arm, we hit the three minute warning, and Yota aims from a corner. GENE- RANA!! Then ARMBAR!! But Yota stacks him, TWO! Yota is free and KNEES Yuya! And SUPERKICKS! And GENE- ARM-DRAG, Ghost pin! TWO!!

Yuya ENZIGIRIS but Yota stays up! GENE- CUTTER!! Yuya has had an answer for every spear attempt, and now he drags Yota back up! Yuya cording holds, swings for the other arm, and roars to DEAD- NO, Yota HEADBUTTS! But Yuya HEADBUTTS! Two minute warning and a GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men rise, GENE BLAST!!! Cover, YOTA WINS!

Winner: Yota Tsuji, by pinfall (Yuya must cut his hair)

Yuya let Yota have too much space and he got blasted! Yota has the epic tiebreaker, will he make his way towards championship opportunities now? And Yota stands Yuya up by pulling his hair, as if adding insult to injury. Yuya says fine, just get it over with. The ring staff set out a white tarp and bring in a chair. Yuya reluctantly sits in the chair, and Yota has the scissors and clippers. Yota gathers up the hair in a ponytail, and Yuya grits his teeth as all of that is cut away. Then Yota just goes right down the middle with the clippers! Yuya says stop, and he does the rest himself! Yuya won’t let Yota have the satisfaction of humiliating him.

Yuya leaves to finish that haircut in the back. Will the Heat Storm find a way to shine while looking like a Young Boy?


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS SANADA!

WrestleKingdom 18 was only 50 days ago but it feels like only yesterday that NJPW had the largest LIJ roll call in history! The Uncontrollable Charisma finally had his moment, but will the Cold Skull take it back? Or will even Sapporo be tranquilo?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who closes out this New Beginning!

As usual, Naito takes his time with his elaborate entrance attire, but again Sanada is patient because he knows all about this. Naito finishes with the pants and the bell rings. The fans rally up as the two stare down. Red Shoes assesses the cheering and feels it favors Naito. Sanada doesn’t seem bothered by that, but Naito doesn’t seem fired up by it, either. The two circle, approach, but back away. Sanada knows this trick by Naito, too, and doesn’t let it get to him. They tie up now, Naito powers Sanada back to ropes then headlocks. Red Shoes calls the break, Sanada turns things around on Naito, but Naito doesn’t let go.

Red Shoes counts, Naito slowly lets go and Sanada pats Naito on the shoulders. The fans cheer as the two reset. They circle, feel things out, and Sanada gets a leg. Sanada moves to waistlock but Naito wrenches out. Naito hammerlocks then full nelsons, but Sanada fights the hold. Sanada breaks free, hammerlocks then headlocks, and he grinds Naito down. Naito powers up and out but Sanada runs him over! The fans rally up as things speed up, and Naito arm-drags only for Sanada to counter that! Sanada then trips Naito, has the legs and he ties Naito up into Paradise! The fans cheer as Sanada has Naito caught!

Sanada pulls on the legs to put some pressure on, then he DROPKICKS Naito out of Paradise! Naito bails out but Sanada waits on him. Sanada then builds speed, but he tumbles up and out as Naito moves! Naito sweeps the legs, then dropkicks Sanada down! Naito builds speed, but he rolls and tranquilos! Sanada still fell for that old trick! Sanada cools off as he paces around, though, and takes his time returning. Naito stays back, Sanada slides in, but then Naito bails out! The fans cheer but Sanada goes out to CLUB Naito! Sanada isn’t in the mood for games and he whips, but Naito reverses to CLAW Sanada’s eyes!

Naito whips Sanada, but Sanada reverses! Naito is sent into railing after all! Sanada brings Naito around, hangs him off the apron, but Naito kicks free of that to turn things around! DRAPING DDT to the floor!! Sanada writhes while Naito strikes like a Viper! The fans rally up while Naito leaves Sanada behind. The ring count starts while Sanada clutches his head and neck. Sanada is still down at 5 of 20, and then 10! Sanada sits up at 12, pushes himself up and stands at 15. Sanada shakes out the arm and slides in at 18, and fans cheer. Naito brings Sanada up to CLUB away on the neck, though, then he whips.

Naito arm-drags Sanada, ELBOWS him down and basement dropkicks! Naito floats to a cravat and he cranks on the neck! Sanada endures and kicks around. Naito leans his weight but Sanada fights up. Naito CLUBS Sanada again, and again! Sanada goes to ropes, but Naito whips him. Naito hip toss NECKBREAKERS! Sanada writhes again, rolls to the apron and flops to the floor, but Naito pursues. Naito sits Sanada up to SAMBO LEG NELSON! No ropebreaks on the outside, is Naito going to grind Sanada down for a count out? The count does start again, and Sanada can only kick around as Naito puts on the pressure.

Naito stops at 10 of 20, then slides into the ring at 14. Sanada is down at 15, rises as the fans rally, and slides in at 18! Fans cheer but Naito is right on Sanada to CLUB away on the neck! Naito whips, Sanada holds ropes to avoid the arm-drag, and he dropkicks a leg! Naito hobbles but Sanada runs up. Naito kicks low then whips Sanada to a corner. Naito runs in but Sanada BOOTS him! Sanada goes up and QUEBRADA, but Naito gets under! Only for Sanada to dropkick the legs out! Both men are down as Naito clutches his knee and Sanada shakes out his arm. Sanada stalks Naito, brings him up and has the leg, but Naito CLAWS the eyes!

Red Shoes reprimands but Naito SPITS at Sanada. Naito whips but Sanada reverses to hurdle, hurdle and DROPKICK! Sanada’s legs work just fine, and he watches Naito bail out again. The fans rally and duel, Sanada PLANCHAS! Down goes Naito and the fans fire up! Sanada encourages them to get louder so they oblige. Sanada goes back to Naito, still loving the adulation, and he brings Naito back up. Sanada puts Naito in, fireman’s carries, but Naito fights free. Naito shoves Sanada to a corner, runs up, and he blocks boots! Naito puts Sanada in the ropes for a DRAPING BACKBREAKER!

Naito drags Sanada up, whips, and HIP TOSS NECKBREAKERS again! Sanada writhes and Naito shakes out his leg. Naito drags Sanada up again, puts him up top, and then climbs up after him. But Sanada slips out to DROPKICK Naito down onto the post! That post might’ve saved Naito from a worse fall, but certainly not from a softer one! Sanada climbs up behind Naito now, brings him around, and hits a SUPER FALLING BACKBREAKER!! Then a suplex for the MAGIC SCREW! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and Sanada seethes but the fans fire up! Sanada hauls Naito up to the SKULL END! But Naito arm-drags free!

Naito runs up, Sanada sidesteps and O’Conner Roll, into SKULL END! The body scissors are in and Naito is caught! The fans fire up and duel as Naito endures! Naito kicks around, reaches out, but Sanada squeezes tight! Naito kicks and kicks and fights to gain ground but Sanada’s body scissors keep him stuck at center! The fans rally as hard as they can for Naito but he’s fading! Sanada follows his formula by letting go to go up top! ROUNDING BODY PRESS onto knees!! Naito saves himself but in double-edged fashion! Both men are down and the fans rally up again! Naito rises first and hobbles over to Sanada.

Naito drags Sanada up to kick and ELBOW! And kick, and ELBOW! Naito fires off more elbows, and Sanada staggers away to the corner! The fans rally up again, but Naito drags Sanada up to kick and ELBOW! And kick, and ELBOW! And ELBOW, ELBOW, ELBOW! Sanada falls again and this is all going to Naito’s formula! Naito drags Sanada up, puts him up top, and climbs up again. Naito CLUBS Sanada again and again to make sure he stays put this time. SUPER STEINER!! The fans fire up as both men are down! Naito then aims from the corner as Sanada rises, and the fans rally behind him.

Sanada stands, Naito runs up, into a DROPKICK! Naito stays up so Sanada whips. Naito reveres but Sanada denies the DDT to fireman’s carry! TK- DESTINO!! Naito hits it outta nowhere but he won’t leave it at that! Naito drags Sanada up, SPITS at him, then throws those ELBOWS! Sanada drops to his knees but Naito drags him up again. ELBOW! ELBOW! ELBOW! But Sanada roars! Sanada runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Naito stands Sanada up, wrenches, but Sanada denies the tilt-o-whirl! Naito and Sanada fight for control, and Naito CLUBS away! Tilt-o-whirl, DESTI- NO! Sanada fights that to the clinch!

But Naito fights from below! Sanada wrenches Naito, but Naito dragon sleepers! Is Naito trying to steal Skull End?! Sanada snapmares free before Naito truly can, and Sanada SHINING- NO, Naito ducks it! Naito UPPERCUTS, ENZIGIRIS, and then wrenches! Tilt-o-whirl, but Sanada slips free! Clinch and DEAD- NO, Naito gets around to waistlock! Sanada powers out to fire forearm after forearm! ROLLING ELBOW! Naito leans on ropes and the fans fire up! Naito CLUBS Sanada again and again, then ROCKS him! Sanada fireman’s carries! TKO! Both men are down again and the fans fire back up!

Sanada and Naito stir as the fans rally and duel. The “NA-I-TO!” is still stronger than the “SA-NA-DA!” but Sanada stands up first. Sanada scoops and BACKBREAKERS Naito into position! Sanada goes up again, ROUNDING BODY PRESS!! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives and the fans are thunderous! Sanada snarls, goes back up, ROUNDING BODY PRESS!! But Sanada won’t stop there, he clinches and DEAD- NO, Naito slips free! Tilt-o-whirl, DESTINO!!! And then another wrench, another tilt-o-whirl, DESTINO~!!! But that’s still not enough!? Naito scoops Sanada, but Sanada fights it! The fans duel as the two fight for control!

Sanada powers his way out of the grip and ENZIGIRIS! Naito roars?! But he turns around into a SHINING WIZARD!! Clinch and DEAD- NO, Naito slips free again! TORNADO- NO, Sanada stuffs it, so Naito just holds onto the facelock! Naito has the squeeze on Sanada now, but Sanada moves around. Sanada reaches out but Naito has body scissors to keep him down! The fans rally, Sanada fights up, so Naito clinches, to steal DEADFALL! Sanada rolls through!? BLINDSIDE SHINING WIZARD!! The fans are thunderous again as both men are down! Sanada kips up!! The fans fire up as Sanada runs up, SHINING WIZARD!!!

Sanada isn’t done there, he drags Naito back up! Clinch and DEAD- NO, Naito just fights free again! TORNADO CRADLE! NAITO WINS!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall (still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion)

Sanada is furious that he got caught! Sanada stubbornly tried for his new ace card and that was perhaps his downfall. Will he have no choice but to go to the back of the line when it comes to this title?

As for Naito, he gets some water, and then takes the belt from Red Shoes. Naito drops it in a corner for a moment so he can get his baseball cap. Naito then gets the mic so he can say, “Buenas tardes, Sapporo~!” The fans cheer, and Naito thanks everyone for being here at NJPW: The New Beginning in Sapporo, “Gracias, amigos.” And tonight, here in Sapporo, there is someone who won’t be in the ring anymore. It was August, 2007, the first person that man wrestled in NJPW was Naito himself. And so Naito feels it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t address that man. The fans know he means “O-KA-DA!” who was on commentary for this match.

Naito says that all that said, this was a main event title match, and Naito won. So we have to end this the only way it can! It has been a minute since we heard this, so are you ready? The New Beginning in Sapporo must of course end with… “Bushi! Hiromu! Takagi! Titan! Yota! Y Naito! Nosotros…! LOS! INGOBERRRRRNABLEEEES~! DE! JA! PON!!” The confetti flies and the fans cheer as the tranquilo era continues! But then Naito invites The Rainmaker into the ring! Okada obliges by stepping off commentary and stepping through the gate. Okada steps inside and he stands with Naito right at the center of the ring.

Naito offers the LIJ fist bump, which fans cheer. Okada sighs and figures this is the last time he’ll even get the chance, so he reaches up. But then Naito SPITS in Okada’s eye and CLUBS away on Okada! Fans are torn as Naito whips, but Okada reverses! Naito avoids the dropkick, Okada avoids the lariat, and then ripcords! But Naito ducks the Rainmaker to tranquilo! The fans cheer and even Okada has to smile. Naito stands back up and says Okada can go now. Okada says fine and he exits. The fans cheer as The Rainmaker takes his leave, and the Uncontrollable Charisma waves goodbye. But will Naito prove he’s the true face of NJPW now that we’ve made it through the New Beginning?

My Thoughts:

A great finale to the New Beginning series here, though it’s a shame Tanahashi is hurt and could not take Nemeth up on his invitation to have a tag match, nor could he be part of the 10 Man Tag with Okada and Chaos. It’s an ankle injury, hopefully he’ll be alright. But at the same time, he doesn’t really have to wrestle, he’s President of NJPW now and should be taking it easy. Anyhow, great tag match from the Guerillas of Destiny to be Tama’s sendoff. As such, Leo & ELP naturally won, and they take the banner up for GOD, certainly as a tag team. I don’t think Loa’s leaving NJPW, so maybe Loa becomes a singles guy within the faction?

Bushi beating Taka, Douki beating Hiromu, Taichi beating Takagi, Just5Guys win that best of three, but LIJ wins out the night because both Yota and Naito win the last two matches. A really good, really cerebral match from Yota and Yuya, the storytelling of wanting to win with Young Lion moves continues between them, and I really liked how many times Yuya countered the Gene Blast, only for one to still hit. The New Japan Cup is up next, I’m sure Yota is going to have a strong showing as he tries for the world title.

Naito VS Sanada was really good, though I’m not sure it was quite like their WrestleKingdom match. But I suppose part of that was that of course Naito won. I appreciated the parallel to Yota VS Yuya with Sanada failing to hit Deadfall again and again. Naito then snatches the win with a cradle, not a finisher, technically keeping Sanada strong. I’m just not sure how Sanada does in the New Japan Cup. English commentary was pointing out getting Naito VS Sanada Part 3 through the New Japan Cup would be too much.

Sanada could obviously go for a different title in the meantime, though I have no idea what one. Just5Guys already feuded with House of Torture, they can’t default to that and the NEVER Openweight title. Nemeth just got the Global title and Riddle just got the NJPW World TV title, so I don’t think they’d lose to Sanada, but those would make for some interesting feuds. And I don’t even think Sanada would care about the KOPW Championship, though it would  be interesting to see what matches he’d come up with.

My Score: 8.8/10

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