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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/8/23)

Fallout from Revolution!



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California is still All Elite!

The Revolution is done, but the action continues! AEW Dynamite is in Sacramento, who will be living it up like kings in this new chapter?


  • AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Jay Lethal w/ Team Triple J; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • Ruby Soho VS Skye Blue; Soho wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS AR Fox & Top Flight; The JAS wins.
  • Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli VS John Silver & Alex Reynolds; Moxley & Claudio win.
  • AEW TNT Championship Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes: Wardlow VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs; Hobbs wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.


AEW All-Atlantic Championship: Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends VS Jay Lethal w/ Team Triple J!

While neither #OrangeHausen nor Jarrett & Lethal dethroned the Gunns at Revolution, there is still some major beef to be settled between Freshly Squeezed and Lethal himself. Will Cassidy keep hold of this title? Or will the belt soon be added to the collection?

But wait, in a big surprise, the referees are already banning Lethal’s back-up from ringside! Cassidy and Lethal will truly go 1v1! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, there are some technical mishaps with commentary and the PA system, and uh, this is how Dynamite begins!

Lethal is upset but he rushes Cassidy, only for Cassidy to headlock and takeover. Lethal kips free, but Cassidy hits another headlock takeover. Lethal fights up, powers out, and arm-drags, but then Cassidy arm-drags back! Cassidy blocks an arm-drag to backslide, TWO! Cassidy reels Lethal in for a headlock takeover! Fans rally for Freshly Squeezed as Lethal stands up. Lethal back suplexes but Cassidy lands on his feet, to headlock takeover again! Lethal fights up, wrenches out but Cassidy arm-drags again. Cassidy has a top wristlock but Lethal makes it a ghost pin! TWO! Fans rally and duel while Lethal and Cassidy reset.

Fans boo as Lethal bails out to shake out his arm. Cassidy waits in the ring, Lethal hears the fans booing, and Lethal takes his time returning. Cassidy goes out after Lethal, they go around the ring, and Lethal gets in. Cassidy avoids the handspring to tilt-o-whirl, but Lethal throws him down! Lethal steps through the legs, Cassidy rolls him up! TWO, and Lethal fireman’s carries. Cassidy slips free, Alabama Lifts, but Lethal sunset flips! Cassidy sits on it, TWO! Lethal catches Cassidy for a BACKBREAKER, but Cassidy powers out of the rest of the combination. Lethal handsprings, but Cassidy PENALTY KICKS him down!

Fans fire up while Lethal clutches his arm. Lethal goes to a corner, Cassidy brings him up and YANKS his arm against ropes! Lethal bails out, Cassidy builds speed, and Cassidy DIVES, into a fireman’s carry! But Cassidy slips free to POST Lethal! Lethal clutches the arm again but Cassidy drags him up. Cassidy whips but Lethal reverses and Cassidy hits steel steps! Cassidy clutches a knee but he stands back up and goes around the corner. Lethal slides in at 5 of 10, Cassidy stands on the apron at 6, but Lethal gets a leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Cassidy falls to the apron while Lethal shakes out the bad arm.

Fans duel, “Let’s Go, Lethal!” “Lethal Sucks!” Cassidy gets to the corner but Lethal tells Sacramento to shove it. Lethal drags Cassidy up, wrenches and whips corner to corner, but Cassidy reverses. Cassidy runs in but is put on the top rope! Lethal then CHOP BLOCKS the bad leg! Cassidy falls to the apron and then the floor, and the ring count returns. Lethal decides to strut rather than pursue. Fans boo and “WOO~” but then Lethal goes out to BOOT Cassidy down! Lethal refreshes the ring count, brings Cassidy up and RAMS him into the apron! Lethal gets the leg, drops an elbow on the knee, but that was double-edged because of the bad arm.

Cassidy stands but Lethal is on him, and carries him, to SHIN BREAKER against the post! Cassidy writhes while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Lethal soaks up the heat while the ref checks Cassidy. Cassidy shakes out the bad leg, he’s still able to go. Lethal waits in the ring as the count climbs again, and Cassidy hobbles up. Cassidy slides in at 6 of 10, but Lethal stomps away on him! Lethal drags Cassidy to drop an elbow on the knee! And again, and again! And again, and again! And again! And again! Lethal just doesn’t stop! Lethal thrashes the leg around, then stomps it! Lethal stalks Cassidy to a corner, digs his boots into the bad leg, but lets off as the ref counts. The ref reprimands, Lethal “apologizes,” then he goes after Cassidy again. KNEE JAMMER!

Lethal stands on the bad leg, then soaks up the heat from Sacramento, before he SMASHES the knee into the mat! Cover, ONE!! Cassidy hangs tough, but Lethal looms over him. Lethal drags Cassidy up, snapmares, and then pulls on the leg in a modified stump puller! Cassidy endures, fans rally up, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Lethal lets off of the stump puller to soak up more heat. Lethal mocks putting hands in pockets, but Cassidy grabs the bad arm! Cassidy KICKS the arm, then throws haymakers! Lethal throws them back, they go back and forth, and Lethal kicks low. Lethal suplexes but the bad arm holds him back!

Cassidy wrenches the bad arm, Lethal suplexes, but Lethal blocks Stun-Dog Millionaire! Lethal shoves Cassidy, Cassidy rebounds and tilt-o-whirls, to suplex and BRAINBUSTER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Fans rally up for Freshly Squeezed as Cassidy crawls to a corner. Cassidy stands, shakes out the bad leg, and dodges as Lethal runs in! Cassidy goes to the apron, fires haymakers on Lethal, then climbs the corner. Lethal CLUBS the bad leg! Lethal ROCKS Cassidy, Cassidy throws forearms in return! Cassidy adjusts, but Lethal CHOPS! Lethal climbs up to join Cassidy, but Cassidy resists the superplex!

Cassidy fires off on Lethal, CLUBS away on him, and Lethal hops down. Cassidy leaps, DEEP IMPACT!! Cassidy hobbles, runs, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Lethal survives the consecutive DDTs but Cassidy throws off the elbow pad! Cassidy even slashes his throat! ORANGE- NO, the bad leg gives out! Lethal grabs that leg, steps through, and has the FIGURE FOUR!! Cassidy fights the hold, Lethal kicks him down! Lethal pushes the pressure but Cassidy fights! Cassidy drags himself and Lethal over, reaches out, but then he turns it over to get the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer, Lethal lets off, and Cassidy goes to the apron.

Lethal storms over, goes out after Cassidy and CHOPS! Fans rally and duel, Lethal CHOPS, and Cassidy “chops.” Lethal CHOPS again! Cassidy grits his teeth to “chop” again. Lethal throws haymakers, then eggs Cassidy on. Cassidy winds up, to CLUB! And CLUB! And CLUB Lethal into the ring! Cassidy ducks the enziguri, slingshots, but into a trophy lift! Lethal drops Cassidy, Cassidy lands on his feet, but that jams the bad leg! Lethal runs to PENALTY KICK the bad leg! FIGURE- CRADLE!! TWO!! ORANGE- NO, LETHAL COMBINATION! Fans boo as Lethal goes up the corner! MACHO ELBOW onto knees!

Cassidy hobbles up, runs in, into a CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Lethal skipped to the injection but it wasn’t enough! Fans fire up and duel again as Lethal fireman’s carries Cassidy. HOTSHOT on the ropes, then mule kick to the bad leg! Lethal handsprings, but the bad arm gives out! ORANGE PUNCH!!! Cassidy covers, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW All-Atlantic Champion)

Cassidy had a strategy and it paid off! Cassidy keeps his record setting All-Atlantic Championship reign going, but Lethal grabs the Golden Globe! The ref stops Lethal from getting in the ring with it! Lethal and the ref argue, but someone else sneaks into the ring! JARRETT HITS THE STROKE!!! Fans boo the Last Outlaw being a coward, but he has his guitar! SMASH HIT to the bad leg!! Best Friends rush out here, Jarrett runs for it! The damage was done, will Cassidy be able to keep on fighting after that cheap shot?


Backstage interview with “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs.

Renee Paquette is with the Face of the Revolution, and he will be challenging Wardlow for the AEW TNT Championship. How is he feeling? Hobbs says it is so unfortunate that Wardlow’s car got broken into and that he lost his gear, his boots. His life must be in shambles right now. Now look at a man like Hobbs. Would that have happened to Hobbs? Not on these streets. But there is one thing Wardlow has left, and that is being a champion. And tonight, Hobbs takes that. Will the Book of Hobbs have an unfortunate ending for the Maestro of Mayhem’s second movement?


Ricky Starks is here!

The Absolute finished things off with The Ocho with another win at Revolution! Fans cheer and Starks gets the mic. “Wow. For the past, I dunno, ten, eleven days, I’ve spent my time here in California, San Francisco, now Sacramento tonight. And on top of that, I beat Chris Jericho at Revolution, so I think I’m having a hell of a week!” Fans cheer that! Starks says week after week, he has taken down the JAS, Chris Jericho, and has done it all from TV to PPV. And people are asking, “What’s next?” Starks says the answer to it is, “I’m not sure.” But he will say this, the question that really weighs on his mind is not “What am I gonna do next?” It’s, “Where am I gonna go next?”

But then BULLET CLUB is here!? And in from behind, JUICE ROBINSON ROCKS Starks, then THE JUICE IS LOOSE! Starks is down after the modified DDT and #RockHard stands over him. Juice grins, he just made AEW Too Sweet! But will he prove to be better than The Absolute?


Backstage interview with Wardlow.

Tony Schiavone is with the TNT Champion and brings up that it was a tough night for him last night given his car was broken into. Where is his head at tonight? “I’ve dealt with a great deal of loss lately. Fortunately, some buddies of mine let me borrow some clothes,” he says as he motions to the 7 Star FTR tank top. “So since I’m dressed for the occasion, how ’bout we do this Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes? Cuz tonight I was planning on teaching Hobbs a lesson in respect, but now, I’m going to demolish him. I may not physically have the title, but I AM the TNT Champion! And no man on this earth is going to take that from me!”

The War Dog is ready to do anything and go anywhere, where will this title fight end?


Renee Paquette is in the ring.

She introduces at this time The Runaway, Ruby Soho! Fans are torn as she makes her entrance, flanked by the outsiders, Toni Storm and Saraya! And they of course have their spray paint. Ruby goes to the ring alone and joins Renee. Renee says it was a “pretty interesting turn of events” at Revolution, with Soho joining Storm and Saraya. The question on everyone’s mind is, of course, “Why?” Fans boo and Soho just smirks. It’s obvious, isn’t it? It shouldn’t come as a surprise. “You all created this monster. Let’s just run it back real quick, Renee. My very first title match here in AEW was at Grand Slam against Britt Baker. And when she beat me, these people were thrilled.”

Fans even chant “D M D!” now, so that proves Ruby’s point. Ruby fast-forwards past that to the semifinals of the Owen Hart Tournament, where Ruby faced another “homegrown” in Kris Statlander. Fans cheer that name and Ruby says fans all love “Stat.” But while Renee wasn’t in AEW yet, surely she remembers that response after Ruby beat Kris. Not a warm one. Yeah, no, the fans BOOED Ruby out of the building! Fans boo now and Ruby smirks. Ruby says then we get to Revolution, when AEW’s favorite homegrown, Jamie Hayter, pinned Ruby in the middle of the ring. And we ALL love Hayter, right?

Ruby realized in that moment that no one was ever gonna come to her defense. No one was gonna be mad when she lost. And no one here in AEW was ever gonna really appreciate her! But she’s not the only one! Toni Storm came here, she wasn’t appreciated from the get-go! In fact, the company didn’t appreciate Toni enough to call her an actual champion, she was an “interim” champion. And then the fans all begged Saraya to come out of retirement! Yeah? And she does! And then these “fat, neck-bearded trolls” came after her at a moment’s notice! “We’ve been outcasts since the day we came into AEW.”

Ruby says they came here to help rebuild the AEW Women’s Division. “But you can’t build on broken foundations, you can only demolish and start new. And the broken foundation is the entitled little sh*ts in the back! The broken foundation is the rookies who think that they deserve the world! Because Tony Khan and all of you people give it to them! So speaking of entitled rookie, why don’t we go ahead and bring out my opponent, another homegrown in Skye Blue.” Skye makes her entrance and fans cheer! Skye is all fired up hearing what Ruby said, but will she be able to prove Ruby wrong?

Ruby Soho VS Skye Blue!

Ruby stomps Skye the second she slides into the ring! The bell rings, Ruby rains down fists, then she drags Skye up to throw her out. Ruby goes out after Skye and whips her into barriers! Ruby taunts the fans in the front row, then POSTS Skye! Ruby stalks Skye, KICKS her in the side, and Skye writhes. Ruby talks more trash, she drags Skye up and puts her in, then stalks her to a corner. Ruby goes to the opposite corner while fans boo, and Skye stands. Skye hobbles forward at Ruby, but Ruby ENZIGURIS her down! Fans rally for Skye but Ruby looms over her. Ruby kicks Skye around, taunts her, and Skye reaches out at her.

Skye SLAPS Ruby! Ruby ROCKS Skye! Ruby whips, Skye dodges and spins her around but Ruby wrenches out to hit an STO! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Skye and Ruby smirks, somewhat amused. She’s still in control as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Ruby pushes Skye’s face into the mat, stands on an arm, and while Skye tries to hit Ruby away, Ruby STOMPS the hand! Skye writhes and goes to a corner, but Ruby CHOKES her on ropes. The ref counts, Ruby lets off, but then she stomps a mudhole in the corner. The ref counts again, Ruby CHOKES Skye and shouts in her face, then lets off. Ruby paces around, storms up on Skye, and taunts her. Skye ROCKS Ruby with a forearm! Ruby eggs Skye on, so Skye throws more forearms! Ruby CLAWS Skye’s face and puts her in the corner! Ruby grinds her forearms in, the ref counts but Ruby lets off at 4 to taunt the fans.

Ruby brings Skye up, ROCKS her with a forearm, then ROCKS her again! Ruby ROCKS Skye a third time, but Skye gest around to roll Ruby up! TWO, and Ruby CLOBBERS Skye! Cover, TWO! Ruby is growing frustrated, but she stands Skye up and bumps her off buckles. Ruby stomps Skye then paces around. Ruby stomps Skye more, lets off as the ref reprimands, and then she stands Skye up. Ruby CHOPS Skye and Skye flops to the ropes. Ruby bumps Skye off buckles again, then ROCKS her with a forearm. Ruby pie faces Skye, goes corner to corner, but Skye dodges! Ruby goes up as Dynamite returns to single picture, but Skye catches the headscissors!

Skye throws Ruby to the apron, ROCKS her with a forearm, then runs, but Ruby avoids the shoulder! Ruby mule kicks, then she makes everyone look at “homegrown baby.” Ruby pushes Skye back into the ring, drags her up and reels her in, SAIDO! Skye flounders to ropes but stands up again. Skye eggs Ruby on despite staggering around. Ruby storms up to SAIDO Skye again! Ruby is amused that Skye fires up! Ruby runs in, but Skye avoids the kick! Skye falls over, but she avoids another kick! Ruby is getting annoyed now, and she brings Skye up to ROCK her with forearm after forearm! Skye ROCKS Ruby back!

Skye runs, ROCKS Ruby again, then whips. SHINING WIZARD at the ropes! Snapmare and SUPER0 NO, Ruby blocks the kick, but the BASEMENT-GIRI hits! Skye fires up, runs but misses as Ruby dodges. Skye BOOTS Ruby away, goes up top, and leaps to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Skye growls, she runs, and hops on, but Ruby shrugs her off! SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK from Skye! Skye full nelsons, lifts, but Ruby slips free and pulls hair! DESTINATION UNKNOWN! Cover, Ruby wins!

Winner: Ruby Soho, by pinfall

Skye fought hard for being an “entitled brat” of a rookie. But here come Saraya and Toni! They have plenty of spray paint, and they surround Skye. Saraya sits Skye up, Ruby shakes the can, and she sprays Skye right on the chest. But here comes WILLOW NIGHTINGALE! She was Ruby’s friend and she comes out to confront Ruby. Ruby pushes Willow away but Willow wants Ruby to talk this out. But Storm and Saraya CLOBBER Willow! They stomp away, and Ruby doesn’t even care. Ruby drags Willow up, wrenches and NO FUTURE! Ruby puts Skye next to Willow, and Saraya takes care of spraying them both with the green L.

Fans boo but the outsiders stand tall. Will the AEW Women’s Division find itself in a civil war soon enough?


Backstage interview with Hangman Page.

Renee is with the Cowboy who survived Texas Death. Renee knows how Jon Moxley is doing, but how is Hangman doing? Physically, he’s been better. But in his mind and soul, all is well. Sunday, Hangman let that heart blacken and go somewhere with no light. Not because he wanted to, but because he had to. Let this serve as a warning. If you wanna push Hangman, Hangman will take you to hell. He’ll rip your flesh, he’ll choke you until life leaves your body, and then he’ll just ride back up.

Renee asks if it is safe to say things between him and Moxley are finally done. Hangman says that he’d given her a lot of flack for these interviews, and he owes her an apology. Especially for Sunday. He is sorry for what Renee had to see. But if she wants to blame someone, don’t look at Hangman. And as far as Moxley, after Texas Death, for Hangman, he’s finished. Renee thanks Hangman for his time. Will the Cowboy ride on towards something gold now that he’s out of the darkness?


MJF speaks.

“With a tear in my eye, you wanted to doubt me? You wanted to question my ability in that ring? Yeah? You people are worried about my mental health? MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET CHECKED! MAYBE YOU SHOULD GET YOUR BRAIN CHECKED! Because you actually thought that Bryan Danielson was on MY level! He’s the best in the world my ass! I just made the Dragon tap out. I snapped his wing clean off. And baby, I’m the devil. I got horns growing outta my forehead. I got a silver tongue. And got the grandest prize of ’em all!” MJF gives Triple B a big kiss, and says his back isn’t against the wall. He’s feeling good. Time to celebrate! Daddy is single and ready to mingle!

But he won’t end here! March 15th, the Ides of March, happens to be the birthday of the greatest wrestler on God’s Green Earth! MJF will stroll on in to Winnipeg, and celebrate that he is the most complete wrestler today. And he won’t just have some simple birthday party, that’s for chumps. MJF is gonna have a “re-bar-mitzvah.” Nobody is gonna dethrone the Devil of AEW, because his Reign of Terror has just begun. If MJF can even cheat an Ironman match, what can ever stop him now?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He welcomes us back to Dynamite in Sacramento, and welcomes one of the greatest tag teams, FTR! Fans fire up as Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood return to Dynamite after returning at Revolution. FTR goes to the ring, and Schiavone welcomes them back. We all saw them coming in here with a purpose. Cash says Tony’s gonna have to speak up, the fans are all fired up for “FTR! FTR!” Schiavone says it’s well-deserved. Cash says he missed this. “So we said over and over again how great 2022 was for us, but right now, I wanna talk about how bad the last few months have been.”

They lost to the Acclaimed, to the Gunns, lost three other sets of titles in about two months, and then we lost one of their best friends in Jay Briscoe. Fans cheer for “JAY! JAY! JAY!” and Cash glances to Heaven as he says, “We love you.” FTR knew they needed to step away, they needed to take a breath and recharge. But right now, they can NOT sit home and watch Austin & Colten call themselves the best team in wrestling! Yes, they’re good, they’re the current champions, and they are the future of AEW, but they’re also “spoiled, entitled, disrespect little a-holes.” Fans agree there!

Cash continues by saying the Ass Boys’ dad, Billy Gunn, gave them they could ever ask for! Every opportunity and advantage! Something Cash’s dad could never give him. Private education, jobs with the great wrestling company in the world. But what Cash’s dad DID give him was knowing how to fight, and knowing how to be respectful. Cash is gonna teach them everything his dad did that Daddy Ass should have.

Dax says that he’s come out here and talked about how much he cares about his wife and daughter, but now he wants to talk about someone else he cares about: all the fans. In a time where he felt that he was incapable of being loved, the fans loved him. In a time where he felt he couldn’t find love, pro-wrestling gave him love. That is why Dax loves this industry! And this ain’t some ra-ra, Babyface “Yay me” speech. But dammit, he loves y’all, too! Fans chant for “FTR!” to show their love now.

Dax says that in December, FTR closed the book on the greatest trilogy of matches they’ve ever had. And even though they didn’t win that night, Dax knew they and the Briscoes did something special for this business. But that feeling was taken away by the Gunns. The last memory Dax has with one of his best friends in this industry was taken away from him by them! And he will never forget that. So now, it’s time for retribution! Now it’s time to get even! It’d be so easy to fight them and beat their asses, but now FTR has to hit Austin & Colten where it hurts. Now they gotta beat them and finally become AEW World Tag Team Champions!

Fans cheer as Dax says they gotta do it for them, for the Briscoes, and for the fans! #TopGuysOut! Dax & Cash are back with a vengeance, but will they kick the Ass Boys’ asses down but good?


Backstage interview with Jade Cargill & Leila Grey.

Renee is with The Baddies and says Jade is 53-0, easily the most impressive record in AEW History. But is Jade feeling challenged at this point? Pfft, what’s a challenge? Leila says there are no challenges for Jade. Exactly. Jade is undefeated at 53-0, has ran through every woman here in AEW and in the United States. So seeing how they’re going to Canada, where Renee is from, why not we bring out the best Canada has to offer. Jade is so big on charity, “why won’t one of you wack-ass Canadians step up and get stepped on?” Jade and Leila head out, who will answer the open challenge?


Six Man Tag: The Jericho Appreciation Society VS AR Fox & Top Flight!

Chris Jericho is still stinging from losing to Ricky Starks again, but surely with Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara by his side (and Hager, Parker and Menard in his corner), he can rebound and feel on top of the world again. Will The Ocho feel like number one again? Or will the Coldest Team in the Game put the JAS on ice?

The trios sort out and Fox starts against Jericho. The two step to each other, Jericho shoves Fox but Fox fires haymakers! Fox whips, Jericho reverses but Fox KICKS him! Fox goes Matrix to dodge, then does it again! And again! Jericho gets annoyed but he storms up into an ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as Fox runs in to A-LIST LARIAT! Fox then skins the cat and swinging dropkicks! Jericho bails out, Fox builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp and fans fire up! The JAS is furious but Fox brings Jericho up. Fox puts Jericho in, Jericho scrambles and hugs Sammy as defense! Fans taunt Sammy but he tags in.

The Spanish God circles with Fox, knuckle locks, but then kicks low! Sammy scoops and SLAMS, then he brings Fox up. Jericho steps in, Le Sex Gods double whip to double shoulder Fox! Then they pose together! The rest of the JAS gets in on it, too. The fans boo, Top Flight shout at the goons to get off the apron, and Sammy brings Fox up. Sammy whips, Fox holds ropes and Darius tags in. Fox BOOTS Sammy, Sammy comes back but Fox jumps over. GAMANGIRI from Darius, and then Fox reels Sammy in to back suplex. Sammy lands on his feet, hurries away, and he hugs Garcia! Fans boo but Garcia tags in.

Garcia runs in but into an arm0drag! Darius brings Garcia up, whips, but Garcia reverses. Dante tags in, Darius blocks the hip toss, and Darius arm-drags Garcia to then feed him to Dante’s shoulder. Darius shoves Garcia out and Dante ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up and Dante flexes. Dante puts Garcia in the ring but Parker distracts him. Dante kicks at Parker and he backs off. Dante springboards, into a HAYMAKER! Garcia flexes, Sammy gets in to hug him, and Jericho spoon-hugs Sammy. Fans boo the JAS being idiots while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Garcia drags Dante up, bumps him off buckles, then fires UPPERCUTS! Tag to Sammy, he CHOPS! Sammy tags Jericho and Jericho grins as he CHOPS Dante. Jericho CHOPS Dante again and again, then swings, but Dante blocks and counter punches! Dante fires off, runs, but into a DROPKICK! Jericho soaks up the heat, pretends he can’t hear the fans, then drops an elbow on Dante. Jericho taunts Darius and Fox, drags Dante away and tags in Sammy. Le Sex Gods split the wishbone! Sammy swaggers, clamps on a chinlock, and he grinds Dante down. Dante endures, fans rally up, but Garcia tells them to kiss this.

Dante fight sup, but Sammy throws him down! Sammy shifts his grip, drags Dante up and tags in Jericho. Jericho bumps Dante off buckles, hoists him up top, then CHOPS! Jericho climbs up, fires forearms, then brings Dante up. Dante resists the superplex, throws body shots, then GOURD BUSTERS Jericho down! Dante leaps to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and the JAS is relieved. Dante and Jericho crawl for their corners, but Sammy runs in to BLAST Darius and Fox! Jericho tags Garcia! Garcia CLOBBERS Dante! Garcia stomps away, roars and flexes, then he drags Dante up and around.

Dynamite returns to single picture as Sammy tags in. Sammy snapmares Dante, clamps the chinlock back on and digs his knee in. Fans boo Sammy and rally for Dante and Dante fights up. Dante throws body shots, shoves Sammy away, then BLASTS Jericho! But Sammy picks Dante up! Dante fights that, and MONKEY FLIPS Sammy so hard, Sammy does a 450 onto his face! Fans fire up, hot tags to Garcia and Fox! Fox rallies on Garcia, ELBOWS in the corner, then snapmares and rolls, to a CUTTER! Jericho runs in to CHOP! Sammy adds a kick, Le Sex Gods double whip, but Fox holds ropes to stop himself.

Jericho runs in but is sent out! Sammy runs in, Fox kicks a leg out and Sammy ends up on ropes! Fox rolls, runs and SLIDES on Sammy to also WRECK Jericho with a dropkick! Fans fire up for that two-for-one, and Fox goes up top. Sammy staggers, but he avoids the 450! Fox keeps rolling to dodge Garcia, then he goes up and up and FLYING DOUBLE CUTTERS!! Cover on Garcia, TWO!! Garcia survives but Fox drags him over to tag in Darius. Fox drags and rolls Garcia for a CUTTER! Darius deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans fire up with Darius and he brings Garcia back up.

Garcia pulls hair to stop the German Suplex! Garcia even BITES an ear! Tag to Jericho, he runs in, but into a SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Darius runs, baits him in and elbows! PELE! Cover, Sammy and Garcia both break it! Dante and Fox go after them, throw them out, and Dante builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on Garcia! But Sammy JUMP KNEES Dante! Fox BOOTS Sammy from the apron! Parker checks on Sammy, but Fox IMPLODER SENTONS them both!! Fans are thunderous as Jericho runs at Darius. Darius goes up and over, but runs into a BOOT! Darius comes back, RANA- NO, SPINEBUSTER from Jericho!

Jericho has the legs, he turns Darius! Fans fire up as Darius turns that to a cradle, TWO!!! SUPERKICK to Jericho! Jericho distracts the ref as Darius runs, Hager CLOBBERS Darius with Floyd the Baseball Bat!! JUDAS EFFECT!!! Cover, JAS wins!!

Winners: The Jericho Appreciation Society, by pinfall

Yep, all of the JAS helps Jericho get this one! They all celebrate together, and Jericho gets a mic. He hands it to Parker and Parker says, “Ahem. AHEM! What you just witnessed was the single greatest Trios victory in AEW history! So Sacramento, do Cool Hand a favor, and LIGHT! THE! BEAM~!” Fans are torn on him shouting them out, but Menard gets the mic now. “Did you know that tonight marks the one year anniversary of the Jericho Appreciation Society? For over 52 weeks, the epitome of sports… enner-tay-ners!” Garcia gets the mic to say that “after such a beautiful victory,” it is only fitting that the JAS are the #1 contenders to the Trios titles!

Fans boo that but Sammy adds on. “Not only that, but the JAS is also the sexiest group alive, baby!” Hager says he likes his sexy hat! Jericho says that they’re deeming themselves the NEW #1 contenders to the AEW World Trios Championships, “so House of Black! Turn out your lights, do one of the greatest entrances in pro-wrestling history, and get your asses in this ring, NOW!” Fans do like that idea. And the lights DO go out! But for “CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON~!” The Elite! The, the, Elite, are here instead! Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks are the former Trios Champions, and Omega says, “Oh, hi, Chris.

“For the better part of three years, we’ve stayed out of your lane. You haven’t gotten yourselves involved in our business, and we haven’t gotten ourselves involved in yours. I’d like to think that that comes out of a place of mutual respect, but however, when you talk about the Trios Championships-” Wait, Don Callis cuts Omega off there. Callis wants to handle this, and fans boo. “Y’know, Chris, everybody knows that it was The Elite that established the World Trios Championships. And after the match that they had at Revolution, it’s very obvious that they are the #1 contenders, not you guys.

“And Chris, on a personal note, you and I have been friends for what? 33 years? And I fully agree with those that say that you are one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time!” Fans do cheer that. “Unfortunately, Chris, you’re only the second best wrestler from Winnipeg.” The JAS keep that from hurting Jericho too much, but the fans agree, it’s “KENNY! KENNY!” Callis says that if he himself had a couple of months to train, Jericho would end up THIRD! Jericho tells Callis to get his wormy ass down here and bring his stupid friends! He’ll go right here, right now! But then the lights turn off again!!

Malakai Black talks from the tron. “Boys, boys, there’s no need to fight. No, you are both equally as deserving to be humiliated in your hometown. So next week, if you want these…” The tron cuts out, and then the House of Black is here in person, standing between The Elite and JAS! “Come get ’em!!” Fans fire up, is that what it sounds like? Is this going to be a TRIPLE THREAT TRIOS MATCH!? The lights go out, there’s a commotion, and then the House of Black is gone. The JAS are ready, the Elite is ready, but Don Callis is worried. Will the biggest names in AEW all #FadeToBlack?


Tony Khan speaks.

“I’m here tonight because the AEW All-Atlantic Champion, Orange Cassidy, has requested an Open Challenge match next week in Winnipeg against Double J, Jeff Jarrett. I’m honoring that request. Next week in Winnipeg, it will be Orange Cassidy VS Jeff Jarrett, and this match represents an important milestone for our company. I’d like to tell you about it on behalf of AEW and Warner Brothers Discovery. Next week marks the fifth and final defense of the AEW All-Atlantic Championship on international soil. It is the only AEW championship to ever change hands on international soil.

“And next week, in partnership with Warner Brothers Discovery, to support the release of Shazam: Fury of the Gods, next week in Winnipeg, it will be Orange Cassidy VS Double J, Jeff Jarrett, for the AEW International Championship! Next week in Winnipeg, we will level up the championship. It will be a huge match, a huge milestone for AEW, and all of us are so excited for the release of Shazam: Fury of the Gods, and we can’t wait for Wednesday Night Dynamite in Winnipeg. Orange Cassidy VS Jeff Jarrett, for the AEW International Championship as we level up the championship in AEW!”


Bryan Danielson speaks.

“I always thought I was doing this for my kids. I was forced to retire. But I wanted to teach them, if you love something, you gotta fight for it. And uh, what I realized out there tonight, Max was right. This whole time, my whole career, has been legs, lungs, heart, and never giving up. And that’s always what I thought was best. To fight! To just fight and fight and fight and fight. And when I woke up from being unconscious, and I’m in the LeBell Lock, my first instinct was to effing fight. Then as I was fighting, I realized I can’t feel my arms. And my left leg didn’t have any strength anymore.

“And when Max said, after the Ironman match, I wouldn’t be able to play with my kids, it dawned on me. He was right. I was putting myself before my family. More than tapping out, that made more ashamed than anything else. It’s time for me to go home.” The American Dragon lost more than just a match, but will we ever see him back in AEW again?


Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS John Silver & Alex Reynolds!

While Hangman says things are done between him and The Maniac, it seems the Blackpool Combat Club and Dark Order still have business to settle! Will Moxley and the Swiss Superman tear down the Numbers? Or can Johnny Hungy & Alex Handsome take the fight to the BCC like Evil Uno did?

The teams sort out, but the BCC just attack! The bell rings as Moxley CLUBS Reynolds and Claudio CLUBS Silver! Moxley TOSSES Reynolds out, goes out after him, and sends him into barriers! Claudio digs his boots into Silver, the ref counts and Claudio lets off. Tag to Moxley while Yuta taunts Reynolds, and the BCC mugs Silver. Moxley CHOPS Silver, but silver CHOPS back! Silver CHOPS Moxley, Moxley ROCKS Silver! Tag to Claudio, the BCC mugs Silver more, then Claudio fires hands. Silver fires forearms in return! Silver whips, Claudio reverses and he LARIATS Silver down! Fans rally for “JOHNNY HUNGY!” as Claudio drags him back up.

Silver blocks the suplex, knees free, then suplexes Claudio! Claudio fights that, suplexes again, but Silver knees Claudio again. The struggle for control continues, and Silver gets Claudio up and over! Fans fire up but Moxley tags in to drag Silver away. Gator roll, cover, TWO! Moxley drags Silver around, stomps away on Silver’s stomach and ribs, then JUMP STOMPS! Tag to Claudio, the BCC mugs Silver with stomps. Claudio drags Silver up, scoops and SLAMS him, then drops a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Claudio wraps on a chinlock and grinds Silver down. Silver endures and Moxley taunts him but the fans rally up.

Silver grits his teeth, fights up to his feet, and he backpacks Claudio to RAM him into buckles! Claudio UPPERCUTS! And then fires off fast hands, then another UPPERCUT! Claudio whips corner to corner hard, then runs in. Silver FLAPJACKS Claudio onto buckles! Fans fire up and Silver tags Reynolds! Reynolds dodges Claudio, BOOTS Moxley, then dodges Claudio again to back elbow! Reynolds keeps moving, FLYING UPPERCUT! Then a wrench and FOREARM! ROLLING ELBOW! Reynolds keeps moving and he DIVES into Moxley! Fans fire up as Reynolds then hits a DRIVE-BY DROPKICK on Claudio!

Reynolds hurries in, waistlocks, but Claudio elbows free. Claudio storms up, into a BOOT! Reynolds goes up, but Claudio BLASTS Reynolds to the floor! Fans fire up, Claudio wants after Reynolds but the ref keeps him in the ring, and Moxley CLOBBERS Reynolds in the distraction! The BCC is in control as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Claudio flexes, tags Moxley, and Moxley fetches Reynolds. Moxley TOSSES Reynolds over the timekeeper’s table! Moxley soaks up the cheers and jeers while the ring count climbs. Reynolds drags himself back up but Moxley fetches him again. Moxley puts Reynolds in the ring, then in a corner, to CHOP! Moxley hoists Reynolds up, goes up after him, and CLAWS Reynolds’s back! The ref reprimands but Moxley SUPERPLEXES Reynolds down! Cover, TWO!! Reynolds is still in this but Moxley keeps him down with a CROSSFACE! Reynolds endures, Moxley rolls him to a ghost pin, TWO! Moxley tags Claudio and smothers Reynolds.

Claudio stomps Reynolds, then scoops and SLAMS him! Cover, TWO! Claudio clamps onto Reynolds with a chinlock and leans all his weight on him. Silver rallies the fans, Reynolds fights to his feet, but Claudio whips Reynolds away into the corner. Claudio then runs in to KNEE Reynolds down! Cover, TWO! Silver scuffs Claudio with his boot and Claudio storms up on him, but the ref keeps these two apart. Claudio goes back to Reynolds, clamps onto an arm and pulls on the double wristlock. Reynolds endures, fights up, and Reynolds reaches out. Dynamite returns to single picture as Reynolds fights with elbows.

Claudio knees low, shoves Reynolds to a corner, and runs in, but Reynolds dodges! The knee hits buckles and Claudio tumbles up and out! Fans fire up and Reynolds crawls for his corner. Claudio slides in to intercept! Facelock and gator roll keeps Reynolds from Silver! Claudio keeps pushing Reynolds back but fans rally. Reynolds fights up, powers Claudio back step by step, but Claudio knees low again! Claudio swings on Silver but Silver ducks it. The two stare down, Claudio turns around into a BIG back drop! Claudio sunset flips, but Reynolds stays up to DOUBLE STOMP! Fans fire up while both men are down!

Claudio and Reynolds crawl, and Claudio anchors Reynolds’s leg. Reynolds boots Claudio away! Hot tags to Moxley and Silver! The Meat Man SHOTGUNS the Maniac, then fires off KICK after KICK after KICK! Fans fire up, Silver runs, but Moxley follows to ELBOW! Moxley runs, into a waistlock! Moxley fights the lift, elbows free, but Silver BOOTS him down! Silver has Moxley on the ropes, runs and BOOTS him in the back! Then GERMAN SUPLEXES into the bridge! TWO!! Moxley survives but fans rally with Silver. Silver and Moxley stand, and Moxley KICKS a leg out! Moxley KICKS and KICKS and KICKS, but Silver blocks to DECK Moxley!

Silver rains down fists! Moxley drags him into a TRIANGLE HOLD!! Silver endures, fans rally, and Silver rolls free to float over, STRAITJACKET CROSSFACE! Silver throws down KNEE after KNEE! But Claudio STOMPS Silver down! Claudio drags Silver up, UPPERCUTS him, and eggs him on. Claudio brings Silver up to UPPERCUT! Claudio slaps Silver around, kick shim, then runs, but Reynolds intercepts! FLAPJACK UPPERCUT COMBO!! Fans fire up and Silver tags Reynolds. Moxley runs in, into a GAMANGIRI! The Beaver Boy Blitz hits, until Moxley catches Reynolds to a SLEEPER! Claudio drags Silver out!

Reynolds flails, reaches out, but Moxley shifts to a  HALF ‘N’ HALF! And then, DARS CHOKE!! Reynolds flails, Moxley keeps on tight, Reynolds TAPS! The BCC wins!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli, by submission

But then Moxley shifts to a REAR NAKED CHOKE! Fans boo but Claudio and Yuta keep the ref away from Moxley! Silver CLUBS away on Moxley! But Claudio gut wrenches Claudio to TOSS him out of the ring! Claudio goes out, Moxley shifts to a BULLY CHOKE!!! Reynolds is OUT, but here comes UNO! Uno BLASTS Yuta! Uno gets in to stomp Moxley down! And CLUB away on him! Fans are thunderous for Uno as he fires off forearms! Claudio is shocked, but Yuta gets in to CHOP BLOCK Uno! Yuta keeps on Uno with stomps! Then he drags Uno up. But here comes HANGMAN!!

The Cowboy runs into the ring and gets in Moxley’s face. Hangman checks on the Dark Order, fans fire up for “COWBOY SH*T!” Claudio steps up and turns Hangman around, but Hangman DECKS him! Yuta and Moxley are upset, but Claudio CLOBBERS Hangman! The BCC beat down Hangman! Fans boo, refs rush in, but now Uno fights with Yuta! Hangman flounders around, trying to get up, and the fans chant “LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!” Things seem to be far from over for the BCC, how will Hangman and the Dark Order respond?


Backstage interview with The Acclaimed.

Renee is with Max Caster, Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunn, and says things didn’t go their way at Revolution, so what is next for them? Bowens says that obviously, things didn’t work out, but The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass are on the road back to the tag titles! And that includes here tonight in #Scissormento. Because EVERYONE! LOVES! THE ACCLAIMED! Caster says that’s right! They’re the People’s Choice, the People’s Voice, and- Wait, the JAS’s Menard & Parker interrupt the “wonder boys.” What a consolation prize. Yes, everyone loves The Acclaimed, even Parker & Menard!

But y’know who really loves The Acclaimed? Chris Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society. They love rap music! Love it! So here’s a proposition. You know, they know, Renee knows, the FANS know, that The Acclaimed are sports enner-tay-ners at heart! So how about they join up? The Acclaimed laugh at that one. Billy says that was good. That was funny. But no chance, with Menard’s bootleg Michael Jackson Thriller lookin’ ass. They’re on TV more than you guys, just leave them alone. The JAS swung and missed hard on that one. Will they just have to face the House of Black and Elite with the numbers they have?


AEW TNT Championship Falls Count Anywhere, Anything Goes: Wardlow VS “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs!

Just as the Mayhem of Maestro avenged the betrayal of Samoa Joe, he finds himself running headlong into the fray once again. This is War, but will this freshly minted title reign survive? Or will this be the greatest chapter in the Book of Hobbs yet?

Wait, Wardlow’s not making his entrance. He and Hobbs are already brawling backstage! Hobbs CLUBS Wardlow, opens the car door, and brings out the brass ring to JAM Wardlow with it! Then he pushes Wardlow at the door. Wardlow stops from being crushed in the door and he throws hands on Hobbs! Wardlow throws hands, Hobbs throws them back, then tries again. Hobbs whips Wardlow into the car door, and bends it off the frame! Then he digs Wardlow’s face into the rear passenger side window! Wardlow tries to fight back but Hobbs throws a body shot. Hobbs grabs a keg, and he CHCKS it! Wardlow narrowly dodges it!

Wardlow kicks low, the ref decides to ring the bell so that this is on record as Hobbs SMACKS Wardlow off the hood!  Then Hobbs brings Wardlow around, and suplexes Wardlow onto the hood! They climb up onto the car, and Hobbs reels Wardlow in. But Wardlow BACK DROPS Hobbs onto the windshield! Cover on the broken glass, TWO!! Hobbs is still in this but Wardlow snarls. Wardlow drags Hobbs over and around, throws him into plastic crates, then SMACKS Hobbs with a plastic crate! They go to wood palettes as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Wardlow brings Hobbs away from the palettes but Hobbs digs a PRYBAR into Wardlow’s face! Hobbs kicks low, stalks Wardlow around the way, but Wardlow kicks Hobbs low. Wardlow then THROWS Hobbs into boxes! And then more boxes! Hobbs hits back, and SMACKS Wardlow off a road case! They go into a truck trailer, and Hobbs SMACKS Wardlow with a 2-by-4! Wardlow kicks Hobbs low in return, brings him deeper into the trailer, and RAMS him into a wall! Hobbs RAMS Wardlow into a wall, but Wardlow RAMS Hobbs into a wall. Hobbs turns things around, throws hands, but Wardlow dodges and Hobbs punches the wall!

Wardlow RAMS Hobbs into the wall, then CHUCKS him through the back wall!! Hobbs is down in wooden wreckage but Wardlow covers him. TWO!! Hobbs survives but Wardlow drags him back up. Wardlow brings Hobbs out of the trailer, further down the parking garage, and SMACKS him with a trash can! Hobbs staggers towards a production truck but Wardlow bowls him into the viewing area backstage! Wardlow stalks Hobbs but Hobbs hits him low! Hobbs storms after Wardlow as they go around the backstage area. They throw more hands, Hobbs has a chair! Hobbs SMACKS Wardlow on the back!

Hobbs brings Wardlow around to whip, but Wardlow reverses! Hobbs hits a brick wall, literally! And then Wardlow SMACKS Hobbs with a chair! They start heading for gorilla! Dynamite returns to single picture, they’re now by the stage! They go behind the fans and then up to ringside. Wardlow TOSSES Hobbs over the barriers! Fans fire up while Hobbs writhes. Wardlow drags Hobbs up, puts him in the ring, and fans duel between “WARD~LOW!” and “POWERHOUSE!” Wardlow hits a SPINEBUSTER! Hobbs stands up and roars! To SPINEBUSTER Wardlow in return! But Wardlow stands up!?

The titans stare down and fans are thunderous as the haymakers start flying! Wardlow gets the edge, he ROCKS Hobbs, then winds up, to LARIAT! Hobbs sits up but Wardlow fireman’s carries! F5!! Cover, TWO!! Hobbs survives and fans want tables! Wardlow drags Hobbs up, reels him in, but Hobbs slips free of the bomb! Hobbs ROCKS Wardlow, shoves him, then hits another SPINEBUSTER! Roll through, and then a whip, for another SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Wardlow survives but Hobbs snarls. Hobbs goes out and takes off the safety padding on the barriers! Hobbs RAMS Wardlow right through the barriers!!

Fans lose their minds while a standing count starts on Wardlow. Hobbs looks under the ring, and he brings out a TABLE! Fans fire up as Hobbs sets that up at ringside. Wardlow stands at 5 of 10, fans rally for the table, and Wardlow SPLASHES Hobbs with water! Wardlow fires off haymakers and puts Hobbs on the table! Wardlow climbs, fans freak out already, SUPER SWANTON BOMB through the table!!! Fans lose their minds all over again, and Wardlow covers, TWO!?!? Hobbs survives and no one can believe it! “This is Awesome!” as Wardlow drags Hobbs up and reels him in. POWERBOMB to the ramp!!

Hobbs writhes but that took a lot out of Wardlow, too. Both men are down, but Wardlow stalks Hobbs as he crawls up the ramp. Wardlow brings Hobbs to the stage! Wardlow CLUBS Hobbs, and they go to commentary! Wardlow reels Hobbs in and fans fire u. But QT MARSHALL is here!? And he SMACKS Wardlow on the back with a chair! But it just pisses Wardlow off!! Wardlow choke grips, but QT LOW BLOWS, and then HEADSHOTS Wardlow! Fans boo QT, and going by his shirt, he is the man behind QTV! QT HEADSHOTS Wardlow again! Fans boo but QT grins as he helps Hobbs up. QT says Hobbs has this now!

Hobbs drags Wardlow up, he and QT get Wardlow up for a DOUBLE POWERBOMB off the stage!! The standing count starts and QT helps Hobbs stand. Wardlow stirs at 6 of 10, but he’s still down at 8! The count reaches TEN, Hobbs wins!!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

QT celebrates like he won this belt or something, but he did have a huge part in helping Hobbs! The promise from months ago comes through tonight, is QT going to help co-write the Book of Hobbs into the record books?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite to follow a PPV, though I must say as I did on Sunday that Tony Khan really booked himself into a corner with the TNT Championship. Wardlow being the victim of a car burglary just kinda makes this decision even more painful. But ignoring that, he put two guys who he was trying to push in a collision course and Wardlow gets the short end of the stick. It’s great for Hobbs to be Face of the Revolution and new champion, but it feels like there should’ve been a different route for the title itself. Darby should’ve retained to face Hobbs instead, with Wardlow and Samoa Joe settling their score separately.

At least Falls Count Anywhere and QT Marshall interfering protects Wardlow on some level. Though at the same time, they only just started hyping “QTV” last week, and we didn’t even get one QTV promo. Granted, anything they did would’ve felt like a ripoff of “NXT Anonymous” or Scrypts. But QT should’ve just shown up without warning to make this even more shocking. And now, it seems like Tony Khan has booked himself into other corners. Wardlow of course has to come back for the TNT title to get revenge on Hobbs and QT, and at this point, no one can tell how the title match will go. But if Wardlow were to lose the rematch, how is he supposed to move on to another title without looking weak again?

Speaking of, we got great promos from MJF and Bryan Danielson to respond to the Ironman match result. Bryan’s was much more powerful because of the emotion he displayed. As for MJF, he doubles down on being obnoxious, and he’s gonna have a “re-bar-mitzvah,” which is to say, a new celebration of becoming a man. He is of course just daring someone to crash the party and become his next challenger as we head for Double or Nothing in May. Starks had a really good promo, and just as it seemed like he was going to aim for a title, Juice Robinson shows up! The Bullet Club theme was easily a teaser for Jay White but Juice showing up kinda swerves us all. Starks VS Juice will be good stuff, though, and can help Starks bide time until a title story is clear for him to join.

And great promo from FTR to call out the Gunns, especially putting it in the perspective of how Final Battle was the last time Jay Briscoe would wrestle. FTR is definitely going to beat the Ass Boys, but I feel like they need to have a stipulation match to escalate from where things left off. Great promo from Ruby before her match with Skye. I almost wanted to say, “Why’re you booing? She’s right!” Not so much that fans turned on her or never supported her, because that’s typical Heel stuff. The “broken foundation” is the part she made good points with, but she obviously couldn’t lean too hard into the real problem being Tony Khan not booking more than one women’s match each week.

Great match from Ruby and Skye, and speaking of not really booking the Women’s Division the best, only NOW is Willow involved in this story despite her being a friend and tag partner for Ruby. But now after this, surely Willow joins Britt and Hayter as part of Team Homegrown to take on the outsiders. Jade and Leila have a good promo, as always, and it was fitting Renee was there when Jade threw shade at Canada. Not sure who they’ll find. Off the top of my head, Impact has Taya Valkyrie and Taylor Wilde, both Canadian by birth. That’d be a great way to get Impact and AEW working together again, though Jade surely wins.

Great All-Atlantic Championship match to open the show, and great win for Cassidy. Still nothing on the Golden Globe going back to Paul Walter Hauser but oh well. And Cassidy VS Jarrett having a match next week is going to be great stuff. Them finally making the title the “AEW International Championship” is good, they should’ve had it that way since the start. It’d be buzzworthy if Jarrett won the title, but fans love Cassidy so much, surely Cassidy keeps the belt during the name change. And with it being truly international now, I hope we get a ton of wrestlers of all sorts of nationalities going for the belt on the way to Double or Nothing.

Great Six Man from JAS VS Fox & Flight, but of course the JAS cheats to win. Even if they didn’t cheat, they were gonna win to get Jericho back up from his losses. The JAS wanting after the Trios titles is great, and I love the Triple Threat Trios match. Truly nine of the best are going to face off, and it is going to be so chaotic and awesome. Also I like that the JAS is trying to recruit so that they have even more numbers to overwhelm opponents. But also, of course the Acclaimed said no, and I’d love a feud of Acclaimed VS Menard & Parker just for the raps Caster can come up with. The Triple Threat likely goes the House’s way since this will be their first defense and they need to look strong. Though, look what we just saw in Wardlow VS Hobbs…

And great tag match out of BCC VS Dark Order. BCC wins, of course, with Moxley and Claudio being as strongly booked as they are. But they’re clearly full Heels now after beating up on The Dark Order. Hangman had a great promo where he made it clear he wanted to be done, but he’s getting dragged back in. I would love to see The Good, The Bad & The Hungy have one more go against Moxley, Claudio & Yuta. But at the same time, Texas Death should’ve been the blow-off, so I can’t be sure what they have to do to truly end this so that Hangman and Moxley can both move on.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (6/22/24)

Will Will Ospreay stay golden?



An episode with truly international flavor!

While Will Ospreay defends his AEW International Championship against Brian Cage, Kazuchika Okada takes on former mentor, Ultimo Guerrero! Will the champions stay strong on the Road to The Forbidden Door?


  • Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Joe, Hook & Shibata win.
  • Private Party VS Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith; Jericho & Bill win.
  • AEW Continental Championship Title Eliminator: Kazuchika Okada VS Ultimo Guerrero; Okada wins and denies Ultimo Guerrero a title match.
  • Six Man Tag: The Patriarchy VS The Iron Savages; The Patriarchy wins.
  • Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch; Storm & Mariah win.
  • Malakai Black & Brody King VS Leon & Max St. Giovanni; Malakai & Brody win.
  • Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Matthew Menard; Hechicero wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS Brian Cage; Ospreay wins and retains the title.


Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling!

Three dangerous men joined forces out of respect for what each of them can do, but they aren’t getting much respect from others. But will the Samoan Submission Specialist, The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil & The Wrestler beat some respect into Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari & Josh Woods? Or can the Premier Athletes actually put their money where their muscles are?

The trios sort out, Joe starts against Nese and the fans sing, “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” Nese says not tonight. Nese and Joe tie up, Nese waistlocks, but he can’t lift Joe! Joe smirks, wrenches free, and wristlocks. Nese rolls, wrenches and headlocks. Nese’s team cheers but they’re the only ones. Joe powers up and out, then he runs Nese over! Joe smirks, stalks Nese to ropes, then brings him around. The fans fire up for Joe as he scoops, but Nese slips fere! Nese SOBATS, runs, but into an ELBOW! Tag to Hook and the fans fire up more! Hook puts Nese in a corner to fire off body shots! Hook throws hands, Nese shoves past him but Hook fires more shots!

Nese throws forearms on Hook, but Hook counter punches! Nese staggers, comes back, but Hook gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Nese manages to land out and he STOMPS Hook down! Nese tags Daivari and they mug Hook with haymakers! The fans boo but Nese lets off. Daivari brings Hook up, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! Daivari snapmares Hook, clamps on a full nelson and leans on the hold. The fans rally and Hook fights up, and he pries the hold open! But Daivari waistlocks! Hook elbows free, and hot tags to Shibata! Shibata storms in but he has to slow down as Daivari gets away to his corner.

Woods reaches out, so Daivari says here’s something for The Wrestler. Daivari tags Woods in, he steps to Shibata, and they fire forearms! The fans rally up as the shots keep going, then Shibata gets the edge! Woods trips Shibata, goes for an arm, but Shibata slips right around to go for the arm! Woods goes for Shibata’s arm, but Shibata goes after Woods again! Woods powers through to get the arm, but then Shibata slips around, changes sides, and has the ARMBAR! Woods scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer as Shibata lets off and CLUBS away on Woods. Shibata cranks the arm for a double wristlock but Woods throws body shots!

Shibata leg scissors to trip Woods! KNEEBAR! Nese storms in to stomp Shibata! The fans boo, Woods tags Nese in. Nese stomps Shibata around, then taunts the fans. The fans boo but Nese CHOPS Shibata. Shibata doesn’t flinch! Nese CHOPS again, but Shibata eggs him on! Nese throat chops! Nese whips, Shibata reverses, but Nese ELBOWS back! Nese goes up and up and QUEBRADAS, but Shibata steps aside! Everyone’s learning from Joe now! The fans fire up and Joe smiles. Shibata then tags Joe in, and he stalks Nese. Nese rises up, into the JABS! JABS! JABS! Joe fires off fast hands, CHOPS Nese down, but Sterling gets on the apron!

Joe scares Sterling off, but this is all a delay tactic so Nese can crawl, and Woods can HOTSHOT Joe! The fans boo but Nese brings Joe around, BULLDOG HOTSHOT! Joe staggers, Daivari tags in! Nese & Daivari mug Joe, run, and DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Daivari covers, ONE!! Joe is still tougher than that! Woods tags in, he and Daivari mug Joe, and then Woods CLUBS away on Joe’s chest! Cover, ONE!! Joe is still tougher than that so now Daivari tags back in. Daivari and Woods mug Joe, then Daivari stands Joe up. Daivari throws hands, but Joe hits back! They go back and forth, Joe gets the edge, but Daivari CLAWS the eyes!

Daivari sucker punches Shibata down! Daivari whips, Joe reverses and sweeps the legs! SENTON! The fans fire up, hot tags to Hook and Nese! Hook rallies on Nese, wrenches and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Woods runs in but Hook KNEES him down! Nese gets up, but into the clinch! TAZ PLEX! The fans fire up and Hook stalks Nese, to give crossface forearms! Daivari runs up, Hook DECKS him! Woods gets in to GERMAN SUPLEX! Hook tumbles, but Shibata tags in! Shibata ROCKS Woods, BOOTS Nese, BOOTS Daivari, then STO for Woods! Shibata runs up at Nese for a BOOT! Shibata fires off forearms and the ref counts.

Shibata goes corner to corner to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Shibata drags Nese up, SNAP HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Nese survives, but ends up in an ARMBAR!! Nese endures, but he taps! Shibata’s team wins!

Winners: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata, by submission

The Premier Athletes did prove they’ve got guts, but not enough to overcome this trio of warriors! Will Joe, Hook & Shibata find themselves on the road to trios gold?


The Bang Bang Gang speaks.

Juice Robinson says, “Apparently… AEW isn’t gonna recognize the fact that I was anointed one-quarter of the AEW Unified Trios Champions!” Austin says he’s pissed, Colten confirms that is true, and adds that apparently, The House of Black still gets their shot. At least, once Buddy’s leg gets better. And apparently, PAC cares!? He interrupted their match, he pushed Juice off the top, and then he flipped Austin off! But that’s good. Because their fearless leader, Jay White, is off training his butt off. You thought EIGHT abs was something? Jay will be coming back with TEN! SO Pac, you better hope you don’t see The Switchblade in the Owen Hart Cup!

Because then, The Bastard will do more than just “care” now. He’ll cry to sleep! And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya! GUNS UP! Bullet Club Gold is taking aim at a lot of different targets, but will they be able to hit the mark?


Private Party VS Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy have been busy this week. They got called out by The Learning Tree on Dynamite, they put in a fast and furious match last night on Rampage, and now they’ll be entering the “Jericho Vortex” when they take on Big Bill and the man himself. But will Quen & Zay teach Jericho something about not looking down on the younger guys? Or will Jericho ruin the fun #ForTheWorld?

The teams sort out and Jericho starts against Quen. The fans rally up and Jericho says here’s a free lesson from The Learning Tree. Then he tags out to The Redwood. Bill steps in, sporting new gear that quotes Tony Schiavone, on the butt… Bill and Quen tie up, Quen gets around and headlocks. Bill powers out and runs Quen right over! Because as the shorts say, “Too much man!” Bill mocks the “Shots! Shots! Shots!” then he stands Quen up. Bill CHOPS Quen, drags him up, then CHOPS him again! Bill keeps Quen in the corner, and he ROCKS him with a right. Then Bill TOSSES Quen across the way!

Bill mocks the dancing, runs corner to corner, and he SPLASHES Quen! Quen was practically smothered by that move! Quen falls over, but Bill stands him back up, and gives a thumbs up before he TOSSES Quen again! Quen writhes, goes to ropes, then the corner. Bill runs in again, but Quen dodges the splash! Bill staggers, Quen goes up, and Quen leaps to MISSILE DROPKICK! Bill staggers, Quen is on him in a corner! Quen rains down fists, Bill stops him at 6, then DECKS him! Jericho applauds, and Bill tags him in. The fans are torn as The Learning Tree waves, and Bill hoists Quen way up! Jericho “helps” SLAM Quen down!

Jericho & Bill wave, then Jericho stands Quen up to CHOP! Jericho CHOPS again, then whips corner to corner. Jericho runs up but Quen BOOTS him! Quen goes up and leaps to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Then hot tag to Zay! The fans rally as Zay TACKLES Jericho and rains down fists! Jericho pushes him away but Zay comes back, another TACKLE and more fast hands! Jericho tries to get away but Zay fires off high and low and all around! Jericho CLAWS eyes! The fans boo but Jericho brings Zay up. Zay CHOPS, fires more forearms, then just more and more and more! Zay runs, but Jericho sends him out!

Quen is there, for SILLY STRING! Jericho tumbles, Zay covers, TWO!! Jericho survives, Quen tags in, and he TACKLES Jericho! Quen fires off hands just like Zay! Quen stomps Jericho around, runs, but Bad Apple Bryan Keith trips him! The fans boo, but then Jericho CLOBBERS Quen! Jericho waves to the fans, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Jericho takes his time waving to all sides of the arena, then he drags Quen up. Jericho hits a BIG back suplex, then has the cocky cover, ONE! Jericho perhaps returning the favor from last night there, but Jericho bumps Quen off buckles. Tag to Bill and Bill stomps away on Quen! Jericho adds on, the ref counts, and Bill digs his boots in. The ref counts more, Bill lets off with applause, and then Bryan CHOKES Quen! Bill SUCKER PUNCHES Kassidy! The ref reprimands but Bill goes back to Quen. Bill mocks the “Shots! Shots! Shots!” then CLUBS Quen on the back. Then SLAPS Quen down! Bill mocks the shots more, then mockingly cheers.

Bill drags Quen up, puts him on ropes, and RIPS his shirt open to CHOP him down! Quen sputters, Bill drags him up and tags in Jericho. They mug Quen in the corner, then Jericho brings Quen around. Quen fires hands first! Quen runs, but Jericho DROPKICKS him down! Jericho waves to the fans again, then he drags Quen up. Collision returns to single picture, Jericho bumps Quen off buckles, then Jericho puts Quen up top. Jericho CHOPS Quen, climbs, and wants his “branches” to fire up. The fans are torn, but Jericho has Quen on the very top, but Quen throws hands! Quen shoves Jericho down, and the fans rally up!

Quen adjusts, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jericho survives and Quen is frustrated. Quen and Jericho crawl, hot tag to Zay! Zay springboards to CROSSBODY! Zay keeps moving, he ducks ‘n’ dodges, then DROPKICKS! Bill storms in, but Zay DUMPS him out! Zay then triangle jumps to DROPKICK! That’s Jericho’s move! Zay then kicks and hits a STUNNER! Then a STUNNER for Bill! The fans fire up and Zay runs up to SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and shocks Zay! Bryan coaches Jericho, Zay tags Quen. Private Party mugs Jericho, then Quen whips Jericho to a corner. Quen runs up to SPLASH!

Quen brings Jericho around again, SOBAT and SOBAT! Quen runs, but Jericho THROAT CHOPS! Then LIONSAULTS! But onto knees! Quen holds Jericho, Zay uses him as a step to FLY onto Bill! Then Zay hurries back and goes up again! Quen sets Jericho up again, SWANTON BOMB! Quen climbs now, for the 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Quen can’t believe it! Tag back to Zay, but Bill returns! The ref is busy with Bryan, too! Zay springboards, into a BOOT! The Redwood slips away, Bryan hops down, and Jericho covers Zay, TWO?!? Zay survives and the fans fire up!

Jericho huffs ‘n’ puffs, drags Zay up, but Zay is dead weight. Jericho KNEES Zay, then KNEES him again. Jericho says if Zay wants to be a threat, he has to fight. So Zay fires off fast hands and CHOSP! Zay whips, Jericho reverses, but Zay KICKS, then RAN- NO! Jericho turns Rana into WALLS OF JERICHO! Zay endures, even as Jericho sits deep! The fans fire up as Zay fights around! Zay reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! Zay lets go in frustration but also exhaustion, so he tags to Bill. Bill storms up but into a mule kick! Zay runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but into the BOSS MAN SLAM!! Cover, TWO?!? Zay survives and Bill is frustrated.

Bill mocks the shots again, gives a thumbs up, then he drags Zay up. But Quen runs in! Bill choke grips Quen, to CHOKE SLAM him onto Zay! Cover, TWO?!?! Zay survives and Bill is surprised! Bill tags Jericho back in, and Jericho climbs. Bill gets Zay up and brings him over, CHOKE- NO, Zay slips free and shoves Bill into Jericho! Jericho lands on his sapling, then Quen DROPKICKS Billy into him! Private Party DOUBLE LARIAT Bill out! Then they get Jericho set up! GIN & JUICE!! CODE BREAKER STYLE!! Quen CLOBBERS Bill, Zay covers, TWO?!?!? Jericho survives and no one can believe it!

The ref defends his count was fair but Zay can’t believe that math. Jericho is up, Zay fires off forearms! “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Zay fires body “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” then runs to LARIAT! Zay is all fired up and the fans are with him! But Bill returns! Zay LION- NO, Bryan Keith CLOBBERS Zay!! The ref was busy with Bill, he missed that! Jericho drags Zay to a cover, Jericho’s team wins!

Winners: Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Consider this one a 3v2 Handicap Match, because the Bad Apple got involved. And he even goes after Zay now! Quen goes after Bryan, but Bill & Jericho go after Quen, but Samoa Joe’s team runs out there! Joe LOW BLOWS Bill! Shibata and Hook go after Jericho and Bryan, but Jericho gets outta there! The Learning Tree wants nothing to do with this! So Shibata isolates Bryan’s arm, and STOMPS it!! Jericho feels Bryan’s pain, emotionally speaking. Joe gets a mic to say, “HI~, CHRIS~!” But week after week, Jericho has “graced” us with his presence, but Joe and his associates here have been talking. And every idea that falls from Jericho’s tree “absolutely SUCKS!”

The fans cheer but Joe isn’t done. Joe tells Jericho that they come from very different schools of thought. And the best ideas survive the crucible of combat! So that is what Joe suggests! Joe, Hook & Shibata VS Jericho and what’s left of his tree, come Forbidden Door! Will Jericho, Bill & Bryan be able to regroup in the eight days they have? Or will they be turned into the lumber that builds the school of Samoa Joe?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

Though Will Ospreay and Swerve Strickland are Forbidden Door opponents, and hardly friends after how personal they’re making things, they must team together against The Gates of Agony! Will Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona crush the champions before they ever reach Long Island?


AEW Continental Championship Title Eliminator: Kazuchika Okada VS Ultimo Guerrero!

Christopher Daniels promised The Elite that they would face top tier competition for their titles, and he finally realized who would be best for The Rainmaker: the man who mentored him while on excursion in Mexico! Will Okada be able to stay undefeated in AEW when facing one of CMLL’s best? Or will Ultimo Guerrero show him that he still has a lot to learn?

The bell rings and Okada stares Ultimo down. The fans rally up, the two circle, and Ultimo offers a handshake. Okada slaps the hand away, he no longer cares about his former sensei. The two tie up, Ultimo waistlocks, then he SLAMS Okada down. Ultimo facelocks, Okada wrenches out but Ultimo rolls and trips Okada. Ultimo rolls Okada but Okada arm-drags free, and the two stand! The fans fire up as they reset and go again. Ultimo gets his side of the crowd going, but Okada has plenty of fans, too. The two speed things up, Okada drops but Ultimo runs him over! Ultimo whips, Okada ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Ultimo CHOPS!

Ultimo scoops, Okada slips free, but Ultimo LARIATS! Cover, TWO! The fans rally, Ultimo stands first and he brings Okada around. Ultimo puts Okada in a corner to CHOP! Okada sputters, but Ultimo CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Okada drops to a knee, Ultimo brings him up to scoop, and SLAM! The fans fire up, Okada slowly rises, but Ultimo is on him again. Ultimo CHOPS, and CHOPS, then brings Okada around. Ultimo whips Okada to ropes, then LARIATS him down! Ultimo stalks Okada to a corner, KNEES low, then KNEES low again! The ref counts, Ultimo snapmares Okada down then clamps on a chinlock.

The fans rally, Okada endures and fights around, but Ultimo pushes him down to get a leg. STRETCH MUFFLER! Okada endures, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts in Español, and Ultimo lets go at 4. Ultimo stomps Okada to the corner, lets off again, but Okada powers up to Alabama Lift! REVERSE NECK- NO, Ultimo fights it to an IRON OCTOPUS! Okada hurries to the ROPEBREAK, and Ultimo lets off again. Ultimo whips Okada to a corner, runs in, but Okada pops him up to the Alabama! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Okada scowls and the fans fire up while Collision goes picture in picture.

Okada goes back to Ultimo, drags him up, and CLUBS him. Okada TOSSES Ultimo out, goes out after him, and UPPERCUTS! Ultimo staggers, Okada UPPERCUTS him again, and Ultimo sits in a corner. Okada stands Ultimo up, to SMACK hm off the chair! Okada drags Ultimo up and puts him back in the ring, then takes his time stepping in. Okada brings Ultimo up, turns him, and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ultimo stays in this and Okada is annoyed. Okada paces, drags Ultimo up and DECKS him! Okada looms over Ultimo as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Okada has Ultimo in a corner. Okada brings him up but Ultimo body shots! And CHOPS! Okada knees low, whips, and runs in to BACK ELBO! Okada goes corner to corner, but Ultimo follows to clothesline! Ultimo keeps moving, but then Okada follows! Ultimo dodges, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up, the ref checks, and both men are still in this. Okada sits up first but Ultimo stands first. Ultimo whips, Okada reverses, but Ultimo pops Okada up to the apron! Ultimo sweeps the legs, fires up, and runs side to side to WRECK Okada with a dropkick!

The fans fire up and Ultimo goes out to the apron. Ultimo storms over to Okada, drags him up, and whips him into railing! Then he CHOPS! The fans fire up as Okada reaches out in pain. Ultimo storms up behind Okada, the ring count climbs, but Ultimo POSTS Okada at 7! Ultimo slides into the ring at 8, Okada flounders in after, and Ultimo eggs Okada on. Ultimo fireman’s carries, Okada slips free! Ultimo ELBOWS Okada, runs, but into the DROPKICK! Okada snarls and he drags Ultimo back up. Okada ripcords, but Ultimo ducks the lariat! Ultimo kicks low, runs in, but Okada avoids the splash! Okada fires forearms then goes up!

Okada pulls at Ultimo’s mask! The fans boo the disrespect, but Ultimo hits a RUNNING POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Okada stays in this but Ultimo rises up. Ultimo drags Okada up, puts him up top backwards, then climbs up behind him. Ultimo goes to the very top!? But Okada CLAWS at Ultimo’s face through the mask! Ultimo drops down, Okada climbs off the corner, and Okada ripcords! Ultimo ducks again, rolls Okada up, TWO!! Okada escapes and the fans fire up! Ultimo swings, but Okada gets around, and UNMASKS HIM! Ultimo does his best to cover up, but Okada ripcords! RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (denies Ultimo Guerrero a title opportunity)

Despite how he got the win, Okada grins because for him, a win is a win! Will The Rainmaker be unstoppable now that he does what he wants?


Backstage interview with Top Flight.

Lexy Nair is with Dante, Darius & Action, and she congratulates Dante for making it into the AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match. Now, they wanted this time so what’s on their mind? Dante says the last time he was in a ladder match, he broke his leg. A broken fibula, a dislocated ankle. It took a lot of hard work for Dante to make it back here. He had to relearn how to walk, how to run, how to jump, and how to be himself again. But now, he’s going back in to that environment. A lot of people are saying that’s crazy. But it’ll take a little bit of crazy to become the NEW TNT Champion, so boys, at Forbidden Door, he’ll get some gold to celebrate with.

Lio Rush walks in and he wants to talk about last week. Action says before that, he does want to congratulate Lio Rush on the win last night. Lio appreciates that. And he asks if Darius is cool. Darius nods so Lio takes that. Lio tells Dante that when it came to last week, Lio is a man of his word. He has Dante’s back. Always has, always will. But come Forbidden Door, Lio is in the match, too, and he wants the TNT Championship for himself. Dante says same for him. So then see you there. Darius says they’ll see who the better man is. Top Flight heads out, but will the Bad Child make sure he’s the Man of the Hour in New York?


Six Man Tag: The Patriarchy VS The Iron Savages!

While Christian Cage still wants to be AEW World Champion, he also wants his “sons,” Nick Wayne and Killswitch/Luchasaurus, to succeed, too. So they are going to go after the AEW World Trios Championships as a family, no matter who they have to go through. Killswitchasaurus took out Jacked Jameson, Dirty Bulk Bronson & Beefcake Boulder all by himself, so will it be even easier when Captain Charisma & The Prodigy Son are with him? Or will everyone be sippin’ sauce and livin’ hoss on Saturday night?

Before the match, Jameson has a mic. He tells Christian that he has been a focal point on the biggest shows in wrestling since most of us were little kids. Christian is one of the greatest of all time, and is now better than he’s ever been. However, ever since coming to AEW, Christian’s been acting more like “Low T Loser!” A couple weeks ago, Christian had Killswitch take them out for no reason! Then he’s got that little peeper, Nick Wayne, who looks like Timothée Chalamet but even wimpier! But they ain’t going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! They’re going to the milk farm in #TIDDYCITY!!

The fans are a little torn about that idea, but then The Patriarchy makes their entrance. But then Christian leaves?! No, he joins commentary! He’s leaving this all up to his “sons!” The teams sort out in this unofficial handicap match, and Luchasaurus starts against Bronson. The fans are on the dinosaur’s side, but Jameson says time to sip some sauce! Bronson grabs the cup and he CHUGS it! Bronson is all fired up, runs up on Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS him down! Nick wants in, so Luchasaurus tags. Nick swaggers around, toys with Bronson, then taunts Jameson. Nick eggs Bronson on, kicks him around, then KICKS Bronson ont he back!

Nick flexes but Bronson gets up! Bronson is literally twice as big as Nick! Bronson back suplexes, Nick lands out! Nick kicks and runs, but into a back drop! Christian coaches Nick from 30 feet away at the desk but Bronson says it is time for TIDDY! CITY~! Bronson sends Nick right into Boulder’s beefy chest! Nick sputters, Luchasaurus tags in! He CLOBBERS Bronson, BLASTS Boulder & Jameson, then TOSESS Bronson toa  corner! Luchasaurus fires off fast hands, whips corner to corner, then runs up to BOOT Bronson down! Christian says this is the most elite big man in the business. Boulder storms up, he grabs Luchasaurus!

Luchasaurus ELBOWS Boulder, SHOVES him up and out, but Jameson grabs Luchasaurus by the hair! Christian says that’s cheating! Well, he would know… Jameson CLUBS Luchasaurus, goes up, but Luchasaurus garbs him first! To THROW him down onto Boulder! Nick gets in, he gets a boost from Luchasaurus, SUPER PLANCHA onto the Savages! Christian says they are the next Trios Champions and it is not up for debate. Luchasaurus waits on Bronson, Bronson slowly staggers to his feet, and into the choke grip! But Bronson CLUBS at the arm! Bronson breaks free, fires hands over and over, then LARIATS!

Christian is upset but Luchasaurus stays up! Bronson LARIAT, then DISCUS LARIATS! Luchasaurus drops to a knee, Bronson fires back up, “I’M GONNA BUST~!” Bronson runs, but into the choke grip! JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! And then Nick wants back in! Christian says to do it, so Luchasaurus tags. Luchasaurus gets Bronson up, Christian says now his boys need his help. WAYNE’S WORLD! Christian goes to ringside, and Nick gladly tags his “father” in. Christian then has his “sons” get Bronson up, and he says THEY are the next Trios Champions! KILLSWITCH for Bronson! Cover, Patriarchy wins!

Winners: The Patriarchy, by pinfall

Christian tops it off after his “sons” do the heavy lifting, but a win is a win. Will nothing stop The Patriarchy as they look to reign over AEW together?


Mercedes Mone visited Arena Mexico.

And she told Stephanie Vaquer this is why she’s the CEO. She flew all the way to Mexico just ot make a point. Mone said hola, and then stared Vaquer down. Mone knows Vaquer is NJPW Strong Women’s Champion for now, but that title is hers come Forbidden Door. But then Vaquer told Mone, “You’re in my house now, b*tch! And we speak Spanish here!” So Mone used the internationally understood SLAP ACROSS THE FACE! The fight was on, and Mone snatched both belts! Will Mone prove she is The CEO of the entire world? Or will she find out why Vaquer is La Primera?


Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch!

While Mina Shirakawa is coming for The Leading Lady’s AEW Women’s World Championship and the spotlight, she also wants her Mariah back! Will Storm and Mariah show Mina that their bond is more than just skin deep? Or will they both freeze up facing a LEGIT cool duo?

The teams sort out and Storm starts against Leyla. The fans rally for Storm as she and Leyla circle. They tie up, and Storm powers Leyla back, but Leyla puts Storm in the corner. They go around again, on the mat, then back to their feet. Storm wrenches but Leyla gets around to trip Storm. Leyla pushes Storm to a cover, ONE as Storm bridges. Leyla pushes her down, ONE! Leyla tries again, ONE! Leyla hops on but Storm stays bridged up! They stand, Storm wrenches to a facelock, then tags Mariah. The fans cheer as Storm whips Leyla to ropes, then BOOTS her down! Mariah SHOTGUNS Leyla down, but Leyla scrambles away.

Frost tags in, Mariah and Storm are too busy celebrating together. Frost gets around Mariah, goes to ropes, but Mariah bucks the O’Conner. Frost rolls through, comes back, tilt-o-whirl and sunset flip! TWO, but Mariah SLAPS Frost! Mariah puts some stank on the CHOP! Mariah then scoops for a SPIN OUT SIDEWALK SLAM! The fans fire up and Mariah even BLASTS Leyla for good measure! Storm runs in to HIP ATTACK Frost! Storm and Mariah pose together, and Storm cues us to picture in picture.

Storm and Mariah talk but Leyla drags Mariah back in! Frost drags Storm out, the two are separated and Frost fires off on Storm! Leyla throws Mariah down, covers, TWO! Frost CHOPS Storm against barriers! Leyla drags Mariah up to snap suplex! Leyla soaks up the heat, drags Mariah up, then tags in Frost. Leyla snap suplexes again, and Frost STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Frost stays on Mariah and brings her back over, tag to Leyla. They mug Mariah, stomp her down, then Leyla digs her boots in. The ref counts, Leyla lets off, and then she drags Mariah up. Luther rallies the fans while Mariah endures the REAR BEARHUG!

Mariah reaches out while Leyla leans on her. Mariah fights up, reaches for Storm, but Leyla brings her away. Mariah fights with elbows, then runs, but Leyla reels her in! Mariah switches, Leyla switches, but Mariah wrenches to a SAIDO! Mariah and Leyla crawl, hot tag to Storm! Storm rallies on Leyla, BLASTS Frost, and Collision returns to single picture! Storm dodges Leyla, blocks the boots, and DRAPING BACKSTABBERS! The fans fire up and Storm stands Leyla up, for a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Storm stands Leyla up again. Storm reels Leyla in, but Leyla back drops!

Storm sunset flips, but Leyla drops into the ARMBAR!! Storm flails, reaches out, and the fans rally up again! Mariah jumps in to RUNNING KNEE Leyla down! Storm is free, Frost runs up, but into a HEADBUTT! Mariah hurries back and reaches out! Hot tag to Mariah! She drags Leyla to a corner, Frost is in the other. Mariah and Storm say kiss THESE! But then Frost & Leyla dodge! GAMANGIRI for Mariah! Now Mariah and Storm are in corners! Frost hits the CANNONBALL! Leyla adds a SWINGING DROPKICK! Leyla drags Mariah to the drop zone and Frost goes up! Leyla goes after Storm but Storm HEADBUTTS!

Storm shields Mariah from the FROSTBITE!! Frost drags Leyla to cover Mariah, STORM BREAKS IT! The fans fire up, Frost fires off on Storm! Frost bumps Storm off buckles, Leyla gets Mariah up. Leyla ROCKS Mariah, coordinates with Frost, and they whip Storm and Mariah into each other! The two HUG! Then they dodge Leyla & Frost, to DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans fire up as now they DOUBLE HIP ATTACK! Storm gets Leyla for STORM ZERO! Mariah covers, she and Storm win!

Winners: Toni Storm & Mariah May, by pinfall

The mentor and protege embrace as they come out victorious! But with Mina Shirakawa trying to wedge herself between them, will this story have a tragic ending?


Serena Deeb speaks.

“Leading up to Double or Nothing, I was 6-0. Physically, I was unbeatable. Mentally, I was untouchable, unbreakable. And subsequently, I’ve had three of the toughest losses of my career, to some of the best women in this company. And I know how this goes. Sometimes you’re on the up, sometimes you’re on the down. But when you’re on the down, you gotta stop it in its tracks and you gotta lift yourself back up. If there’s anything that my wrestling career has shown, it’s perseverance, it’s redemption, it’s grit. So next week, I will be in Buffalo at Collision, and I am begging anybody to step into my ring, to step into Deeb’s Dojo!

“Because, baby, I’m on the up. And from here, I’m gonna remind everybody, and I’m gonna remind myself, just who the hell I am: The Professor of Professional Wrestling.” Who will accept Deeb’s “pop quiz” next week on Collision?


Malakai Black & Brody King VS Leon & Max St. Giovanni!

The Bang Bang Gang mocked the misfortune of this malevolent faction, and they are looking to take their anger out on whatever poor souls AEW have found for them. Will LSG & MSG soon RIP at the feet of The Kings of the Black Throne?

The teams sort out, MSG starts against Malakai. They circle, MSG is wary of Brody, but he ties up with Malakai. MSG wrenches, wristlocks, but Malakai rolls, wrenches and cording holds. MSG slips around to wrench back, but Malakai spins to wrench then headlock. MSG powers out but Malakai runs him over! Malakai stands MSG up but MSG ROCKS him with a forearm! MSG winds up, but Malakai blocks the kick to ELBOW him away! Malakai runs up, but into an ELBOW! LSG tags in, but runs into an arm-drag! Malakai clamps onto LSG’s arm, wrenches it, and tags in Brody. The fans bark as Brody CLOBBERS MSG!

LSG arm-drags free of Malakai, then runs up, but Malakai drops down so Brody can CHOP LSG off his feet! LSG sputters, the fans bark for Brody, but MSG is back! Malakai blocks MSG’s superkick to KICK the other leg. Brody and Malakai FOREARM KNEE SMASH COMBO! LSG runs up, but into a POP-UP KNEE COMBO! Then DANTE’S INFERNO!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: Malakai Black & Brody King, by pinfall

The brothers St. Giovanni could not withstand the wrath of the Dark Father and the King of Death, who still have fury burning in their eyes. But as they head up the ramp, Ian Riccaboni is there to interview them. He congratulates them on the win tonight, but he must ask: How does it feel after what happened to Buddy last week? Malakai chuckles, and says what a “human” question. Brody tells Ian that revenge is never a straight line. They feel nothing. Does that mean Buddy doesn’t matter? Or are Malakai & Brody just waiting until the right time to strike?


Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Matthew Menard!

The Alchemist of Lucha Libre warned MJF that at Forbidden Door, he’s going to break off one of MJF’s arms! Will Hechicero use Menard as an example of that? Or will Hechicero have a hard time handling some Daddy Magic?

The bell rings and Menard dodges Hechi to fire off fast hands! Menard whips Hechi to then CLOBBER him! The fans fire up with Menard as he keeps on Hechi, with a LARIAT! “What you got!?” The fans cheer, Menard whips, but Hechi gets under the leap frog to DUMP Menard down! Hechi ELBOW DROPS, then basement DROPKICKS! Menard bails out, shakes out the stars, then slides back in. But Hechi stomps away on Menard, then CHOKES him on ropes! The ref counts, Hechi BITES Menard before letting off. Menard gets up but Hechi CHOPS him! Hechi runs to JUMP KNEE! The fans are torn, but Hechi gets Menard up, for a back drop!

Hechi traps an arm, grabs the other, and DARK SACRIFICE! Menard writhes, staggers around, and Hechi slithers around to make sure MJF knows he is numero uno! Hechi runs up, but Menard dodges! Hechi hits buckles, and Menard fires off shots! Menard whips corner to corner, then runs up to clothesline! Menard climbs, and he rains down fists! The fans fire up and count all the way to TEN! Menard is all fired up, then he hits a CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Hechi stays in this but Menard scowls. Menard runs, but into a CROSSBODY from Hechi! SLEEPER on the ropes! The ref counts, Hechi RAMS Menard down!

Hchi then slingshots to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Hechi waits on Menard, runs and tilt-o-whirls, HEADSCISSOR LEG DROP! Then Hechi rains down shots on Menard’s back, before reeling him into the CRUCIFIX ARMBAR! Menard taps, Hechi wins!

Winner: Hechicero, by submission

The Gates of Agony storm in to celebrate with Hechi, will the Alchemist of Lucha turn the Wolf of Wrestling into a lap dog? Or will MJF prove that he’s better than even Hechicero, and he knows it?


Jeff Jarrett speaks.

“When I was asked officially about being in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, all the emotion came back. It’s hard for me to imagine it’s been 25 years, but there are so many things that I remember like it was yesterday. In the late 90s, we would become Tag Team Champions, and I kinda look back on those days as the favorite days of my career. His passing in 1999, May 23rd, on the Monday the following day, I made a promise to myself that I would be able to look Oje & Athena in their eyes, and it really meant something. They were little kids when it happened, but to let them know what a great man their father is. I never, ever met anybody like him.”

Jarrett looks back, and he’s since become a 12-time world champion, a two-time Hall of Famer. The Owen Cup means more to him than anything he’s ever done. Toby Keith passed away earlier this year, another good buddy. And as the song says, he ain’t as good as he once was, but he’s as good once as he ever was. To get the opportunity to win three matches, then stand in the ring in Owen’s hometown of Calgary, Jarrett is absolutely gonna do it. The Last Outlaw must still wait and see what “wild card” is dealt, but will he make it through no matter what?


AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS Brian Cage!

The Aerial Assassin wants to be the #TwoBeltBruv by taking Swerve’s AEW World Championship, but he also has to defend the belt he has. And while The Machine doesn’t work for The Mogul anymore, he might end up helping him out with this match. Will Ospreay stay golden on the Road to The Forbidden Door? Or will Cage make sure Ospreay’s limping into Long Island?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it’s time to see #WhoBetta!

The bell rings and Cage CLOBBERS Ospreay! Cage fires off in the corner, the fans boo and the ref counts. But then Ospreay turns things around to fire back! Ospreay goes up to rain down fists, but Cage SHOVES him away at 4! Ospreay lands out on his feet, only for Cage to run him over! The fans boo but Cage drags Ospreay up to ROCK him! Ospreay staggers, Cage CHOPS him, but the fans rally for the “BRUV! BRUV! BRUV!” Cage whips, Ospreay ducks ‘n’ dodges and RAN- NO, Cage stops that and TOSSES Ospreay! Then he scoops to do bicep curls, before the FALL AWAY SLAM! Cage flexes but fans boo.

Ospreay grits his teeth as he stands up, and Cage runs in. Ospreay DUMPS Cage out, ROCKS him, then ROCKS him again. Cage shoves Ospreay but Ospreay comes back to BOOT! Cage falls to the floor, the fans fire up with Ospreay, and he PLANCHAS! Down goes Cage and the fans fire up again! Ospreay paces, brings Cage up and into the ring, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Ospreay aims from the apron, springboards, but Cage catches him! Cage stalling suplexes Ospreay, walks around with him, but Ospreay flails. Cage still keeps Ospreay up, to JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO! Cage is annoyed but he brings Ospreay back up. Cage brings Ospreay around, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! Cage ROCKS Ospreay, soaks up the heat, then smirks as he drags Ospreay back up. Ospreay fires forearms in return! Cage SOBATS, scoops, and SLAMS, to then drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Ospreay stays in this but Cage stays on him. Cage drags Ospreay up, to HEADBUTT him!

Ospreay staggers, Cage bumps him off buckles, but Ospreay kicks low! Ospreay ROCKS Cage, CHOPS him, then CHOPS him again! Ospreay whips corner to corner, but Cage reverses hard! Ospreay falls back, Cage dusts himself off, and then Cage asks, “Who betta?!” Cage looms over Ospreay, gives him clubbing crossface forearms from both sides, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Cage has Ospreay in a BEARHUG! Ospreay endures, the fans rally, and Ospreay throws elbows! Ospreay BELL CLAPS and Cage lets him go! Cage still knees low, CLUBS Ospreay, then shouts, “Who betta than Cage, huh?!” Cage runs but into the TIGER WALL KICK and ENZIGIRI! Cage staggers to a corner and the fans fire back up! Daniel Garcia is watching, as he still wants a shot at the International Championship. Ospreay runs corner to corner to BOOT Cage! Ospreay pushes Cage out, goes to the apron and springboards in, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Ospreay is annoyed but he just brings Cage up.

Ospreay reels Cage in but Cage resists the lift. The fans rally as Ospreay fires Kawada Kicks! And then winds up to CHOP! Ospreay reels Cage in again, but Cage back drops free! Cage goes corner to corner to UPPERCUT, GAMANGIRI, then GERMAN SUPLEX! Ospreay has a rough landing and the ref checks him, but he seems okay to continue. Cage goes to the corner, and he deadlift SUPERLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay toughs it out and Cage grows frustrated. The fans rally for Ospreay but Cage reels him in. Cage puts one out, lifts Ospreay up, but Ospreay RANAS Cage into the buckles!

Ospreay hurries up top now, and he BLINDSIDE CHEERIOS! The fans fire up and Ospreay prepares his elbow pad. Cage stirs, Ospreay goes to a corner and the fans are thunderous! HIDDEN- NO, Cage fireman’s carries first! But Ospreay fights around, sunset flips, but Cage stays up to YANK Ospreay up! But Ospreay gets around, full nelsons, only for Cage to ELBOW free. Ospreay HOOK KICKS back! Ospreay springboards, OSC- DROPKICK from Cage!! The fans boo, but Cage aims and spins, but Ospreay slips through the lariat! And he gets Cage up, SITOUT BOMB! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous!

Ospreay and Cage stir, a standing count begins, and the fans rally up. Both men are down at 5 of 10 but Ospreay sits up first. Cage follows, and Ospreay stands at 7. Ospreay brings Cage around to fire a forearm! And then another forearm! And then another! Cage ROCKS Ospreay back! Cage stalks Ospreay, hauls him up to a fireman’s carry, and F5!! Cover, TWO!! Cage is losing his cool and he argues with the ref but the count was still two! Cage seethes, and Collision goes picture in picture again.

Ospreay stirs while Cage paces around him. Cage slashes his throat, brings Ospreay back up, and he SLAPS Ospreay! Ospreay wobbles, Cage SLAPS him again! Ospreay ROCKS Cage, ROCKS him again, and again! Cage ROCKS Ospreay right back! Ospreay staggers around, finds his way back, and he fires more forearms on Cage! So Cage DECKS Ospreay! Cage eggs Ospreay on, and Ospreay rises to fire another flurry! Cage ROCKS Ospreay again, and Ospreay leans against Cage. Cage pushes Ospreay down, talks trash, then stands on Ospreay’s back! Cage flexes, soaks up the heat, but Ospreay pushes up off the mat!

Cage STOMPS Ospreay down! Cage runs, but Ospreay avoids the elbow drop! Cage staggers back over, brings Ospreay up, but Ospreay fires forearms! Cage ROCKS Ospreay but Ospreay just fires up! Ospreay fires another flurry, Cage ROCKS him again, but Ospreay ROARS! Ospreay fires shot after shot but Cage ROCKS him one more time! Ospreay goes to a corner, Cage brings him around and reels him in. Suplex, but Ospreay slips free! Ospreay waistlocks, Cage switches, but Ospreay ELBOWS free. Cage ROCKS Ospreay again, but Ospreay headbutts buckles to fire himself up! The fans are thunderous as Collision returns to single picture!

Ospreay eggs Cage on, then blocks a shot to fire KAWADA KICKS! Cage JUMP KNEES! DISCUS- SUPERKICK! Cage stills wings, Ospreay swats the lariat to HOOK KICK! Cage still LARIATS through!! Cage gets Ospreay up, lifts, POWERBOMB! Deadlift, SPINNING SITOUT BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and the fans are thunderous again! Cage seethes and pounds the mat in frustration but the fans are behind Ospreay. Cage drags Ospreay up, fireman’s carries again, but Ospreay fires elbows! Ospreay pops up to spin and RAN- NO! Cage blocks that again! Cage brings Ospreay up, but Ospreay slips into a DDT!

Cage staggers, Ospreay whips, but Cage reverses! Ospreay handsprings, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Ospreay springs right up to HIDDEN BLADE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cage survives and shocks Ospreay! Ospreay just fires himself back up and the fans rally as hard as they can! Ospreay gets Cage up, reels him in, and underhooks those big meaty arms! But Cage fights with those arms to RAM Ospreay into a corner! Cage goes corner to corner, but Ospraey BOOTS him! Ospreay goes up but Cage GAMANGIRIS! Right in the mouth! Cage goes up, but Ospreay slips under and tucks Cage in! CHEEKY NANDOS!

Cage wobbles, Ospreay puts him back up! Ospreay goes up TO SUPER- NO, Cage slips free! So Ospreay GAMANGIRIS back! Ospreay goes up but Cage scoop him! SUPER SPINNING POWERSLAM!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Now Ospreay shocks Cage! The fans are electric for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Ospreay rises, Cage runs in, and he CLOTHESLINES Ospreay in that corner! Ospreay’s momentum puts him up top! Cage goes up after Ospreay, fireman’s carries, but Ospreay pops up to SUPER STEINER!! The fans are electric again, for the OS- NO!! Cage stuffs that to ripcord and HAYMAKER!

Cage vows to end this! Suplex, STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! And POISON-RANA!! Ospreay gets moving, OSCUTTER!!! Cover, TWO!??!? Ospreay throws his elbow pad away, he means business this time! HIDDEN BLADE!!!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

The Machine proved he can get his stuff in, and that he can take one of the best to the limit, but that is where Cage hits his limit! Ospreay is rolling into Dynamite next week, where he will have no choice but to team with The Realest to take on some common enemies. Will Will Ospreay & Swerve Strickland make it through The Gates of Agony? Or will neither of them make it to The Forbidden Door?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision, though stocked full of more action than I expected. Thankfully, it was less talky than usual, and what promos we got were fairly efficient. Well, I feel like there was a touch of redundancy to Lio interacting with Top Flight when we got that moment on Rampage. I guess AEW is worried not enough people are watching Rampage. Deeb sending out an Open Challenge for the Collision go-home next week was good, I’m sure we’ll get a great match of her and a visiting CMLL or Stardom talent. And after Jarrett’s very moving promo, I actually want to see him make it to the finals. I don’t see him winning the whole thing with Pac AND Bryan Danielson on the other side of the bracket, but for the sake of honoring Owen Hart’s memory, Jarrett at least has to get past the wild card.

Storm & Mariah VS Leyla & Frost was a good tune-up match for the Six Woman Tag set for Dynamite, but as such, The Outcasts likely win. As I said on Wednesday, if Mariah is going to beat Saraya in the Women’s Owen Hart Cup, she’ll have to lose out on Dynamite because that’s how the math works. Hechicero of course beat Daddy Magic, but that’s because MJF is going to win at Forbidden Door. And then of course The House of Black beat the St. Giovanni brothers. Their dismissive nature towards the interview was an interesting one, but I would think they will get their revenge on The Patriarchy soon enough.

Good promo from The Bang Bang Gang that helped feed into the various stories. The Patriarchy of course beat The Iron Savages, but Christian avoided doing work in an even more obnoxious way than I expected. I still think Pac should work with Malakai & Brody in an attempt to get revenge on The Bang Bang Gang together, but I guess that depends on if Pac goes to the Owen Hart Cup finals or not. Oddly, I’d love if The Bang Bang Gang did face The Patriarchy for some rare Heels VS Heels shenanigans. Christian will try to cheat at the same time Bang Bang Gang tries to cheat so it comes down to who can cheat better.

Though going by the other tag matches, the Joe-Hook-Shibata trio is a great team, and they naturally made quick work of The Premier Athletes. Then they logically went after Jericho’s group after that great match with Private Party. Jericho likely will still owe Hook an FTW Championship match, but it’d also be great if Joe-Hook-Shibata got their shot at the trios titles. We’d get some awesome promos between them and the Bang Bang Gang, as well as some fresh showdowns. And really good match of Okada and Ultimo Guerrero. It was a little sluggish, but I suppose between Ultimo and Okada needing to get a rhythm, and Ultimo being 52, it was still very solid stuff. But Okada winning was fine, it leaves him available for a different match-up for Forbidden Door weekend.

And just an awesome International Championship match for the main event. I did not think Cage was going to get as much offense in as he did, but I appreciate that they let him. Cage needs to be seen as a threat on some level so pushing Ospreay like this was a good way to do it. But of course Ospreay wins, because they’re continuing to tease Garcia VS Ospreay.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/21/24)

Willow Nightingale is on a Rampage!



Will the Babe with the Power pass the test?

In pursuit of going back to back in the Women’s Owen Hart Cup, Willow Nightingale goes on a Rampage against The Professor of Pro-Wrestling, Serena Deeb!


  • Private Party VS Komander & Metalik w/ Alex Abrahantes; Private Party wins.
  • Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Turbo Floyd; Fenix wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lio Rush VS Action Andretti; Lio wins and advances to Forbidden Door.
  • Shingo Takagi VS AR Fox; Takagi wins.
  • 2024 Women’s Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal: Willow Nightingale VS Serena Deeb; Willow wins and advances.


Private Party VS Komander & Metalik w/ Alex Abrahantes!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy know The Learning Tree, Chris Jericho, will be watching this match, given what’s already on tap for Collision tomorrow night. But will Quen & Zay be more than ready to enter the “Jericho Vortex?” Or will the Commander of the Skies and the King of the Ropes make the fiesta take a siesta?

The teams sort out, Brother Zay starts against the AAA World Cruiserweight Champion, and Fairfax is all fired up for Private Party. Komander and Kassidy circle, tie up, and Kassidy headlocks. The fans rally, Komander powers up and out, drops down, then hurdles. Zay leaps over, comes back, but Komander sidesteps. Zay turns hip toss into arm-drag and the fans fire up! Zay runs up, but Komander BOOTS him! Komander goes up and leaps to RANA! Zay stagger sup, Komander runs and tilt-o-whirl arm-drags! Then DROPKICKS! The fans fire up with Komander and he drags Zay over. Tag to Metalik and they double whip.

Metalik & Komander double HIP TOSS, then they double BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Metalik clamps onto Zay but Zay fights up. Zay throws body shots, powers out and headlocks in return. Metalik throws body shots, powers up and out, but Quen tags in as Zay goes up and over! Zay runs up, Metalik throws him up and out but Quen is there for some SILLY STRING! The fans fire up, Quen hurries to cover, TWO! Metalik toughs it out but Quen stomps him around. Quen drags Metalik up to whip him to ropes, then he DROPKICKS Metalik down! The fans fire up, Quen drags Metalik up, and he scoops to SLAM!

Quen does a cocky cover a la Jericho, TWO! Quen says that’s for The Learning Tree. Quen drags Metalik up, fires forearms, then tags Zay. The fans rally, Private Party double whips but Metalik handsprings to DOUBLE BACK ELBOW! All three men are down and the fans rally again. Metalik crawls, hot tag to Komander! Komander springboards in to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The fans fire up as Komander knuckle locks Zay, kicks Quen, then knuckle locks Quen, too. Komander goes to the ropes, goes up and up and ARABIAN PRESS DOUBLE ARM-DRAGS! The fans fire up as Private Party staggers up!

Komander runs up, tilt-o-whirls on Zay so he can RANA Quen! Zay hurries up, Komander blocks a shot to give knees. Komander CHOPS, runs, tiger feints and somersaults, to then swing and RANA Zay! The fans fire up and Komander goes to the apron. Metalik runs up, Komander holds the ropes down so Metalik can FLY! Direct hit on Private Party but now Komander loads up! A salute and a TOP ROPE SKY TWISTER!! Direct hit and everyone is down! The fans fire up again and Komander realizes he took out Metalik, too. Komander high-fives with the fans, then he gets Zay up and in. Komander hurries in to cover, TWO!

The fans rally up for both sides and Komander watches Zay stir, but Rampage goes picture in picture.

Komander CLUBS Zay, then brings him up to whip to a corner. Komander runs in to UPPERCUT and Zay falls over. Zay crawls but Komander CLUBS him down. Komander gator rolls Zay from his corner to tag in Metalik. Metalik CLUBS Zay, CHOPS him, but Zay CHOPS back! Metalik CHOPS Zay down, then stomps away! The ref counts, Metalik lets off, and then he digs his boots in on Zay’s neck. The ref reprimands and counts, Metalik lets off again, only to stomp Zay some more. Metalik drags Zay up, wrenches an arm and wristlocks, then tags Komander. Komander springboards to AX HANDLE the arm!

Rampage returns to single picture as the fans rally for Private Party. The luchadores keep Zay isolated, then Metalik whips him to his corner! Zay stops to go after Metalik!? And he TOSSES Metalik out! Komander tags in, but Zay hits a SPINEBUSTER! Zay and Komander are down and now Zay has to crawl to his corner! The fans rally, but Metalik gets in to get Zay’s legs. Zay rolls to throw Metalik away, then he dodges to hot tag! Quen rallies on Metalik with forearms and elbows, then ducks to PELE! Koander returns but gets a BOOT! Quen puts Metalik up top, ROCKS him with haymakers, but Komander runs up.

Quen ELBOWS Komander, goes up and QUEBRADAS! Then Quen goes back up after Metalik, to SUPERPLEX! Quen shakes it off and goes up the corner. 450 SPLASH!! Cover, Komander breaks it! Komander whips but Quen reverses and TOSSES Komander out hard! But Metalik SUPERKICKS! And SLING-DOGS! Then Metalik goes up and around the ropes to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, Zay breaks it! Zay helps Quen to their corner and tags in. The fans rally up as Zay gets Metalik up. Metalik fires forearms but Zay fires back! The fans rally, Zay gets the edge and just hammers away! Metalik drops to his knees but Zay CLUBS away!

Zay runs, but Metalik ducks ‘n’ dodges, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up as both men crawl for their corners. Wait, Komander and Quen each climb up! They both SHOOTING STAR, but Metalik and Zay both move! Komander and Quen manage to land out, then Komander takes a swing! Quen ducks, and he shoves Komander into Zay’s BOOT! Quen hops up to POISON-RANA! Komander staggers out of the ring, Zay runs corner to corner at Metalik! Metalik BOOTS Zay, but Quen lets Zay roll off his back! Metalik goes up, Quen jumps up to get him! GIN & JUICE!! Cover, Private Party wins!!

Winners: Private Party, by pinfall

Fairfax cheers as Quen & Zay now have the momentum! But wait, here comes The Learning Tree to steal the spotlight. Jericho waves to the crowd while Big Bill applauds. But wait! Zay & Quen run up to fight! But that’s 3v2 because Bryan Keith is also there! Quen gets beat down but Zay holds his own, and then security runs out here! Somehow, the two sides are pulled apart, but they’re headed for a Collision! Will Private Party teach The Learning Tree not to look down on them?


AEW takes a closer look at Ultimo Guerrero.

Excalibur narrates that as “one of the fiercest luchadores Mexico’s ever produced, Ultimo Guerrero is among the most highly decorated athletes to compete in CMLL’s 90 year history.” A SIX-TIME CMLL World Tag Team Champion, a FIVE-TIME CMLL World Trios Champion, and a TWO-TIME CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, Ultimo Guerrero now has his eyes set on Kazuchika Okada and the AEW Continental Championship. Ultimo was Okada’s mentor while on excursion in Mexico, and has watched The Rainmaker’s rise ever since. Will Okada withstand the challenge of his former mentor? Or will Ultimo have a golden ticket in time for the Forbidden Door?


Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Turbo Floyd w/ Truth Magnum!

The Immortal Firebird will be in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament this year, preparing to battle The Switchblade, Jay White next Wednesday. However, he does need to stay hot, so will he be all warmed up after tonight? Or will this Outrunner look to be more than just a tune-up?

The bell rings and the fans rally up behind Fenix. Fenix and Turbo circle, tie up, and then Turbo shoves Fenix. Fenix runs up, they RAM shoulders, but Turbo flexes as he stays standing. So Fenix CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Fenix BODY BLOWS, fires up, then runs, only for Turbo to run him over! Turbo runs to drop the BIG elbow! Cover, ONE!! Fenix is tougher than that but Turbo keeps cool. Turbo ROCKS Fenix, runs up, but into a BOOT! Fenix then dodges Turbo, brings him around and goes up, up and CROSSBODIES! Fairfax fires up with Fenix and he goes back up, to tightrope PENALTY KICK! Fenix goes to the corner, FROG SPLASH! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

Well, that was certainly fast! Maybe Fenix should be called “Turbo.” Penta & Abrahantes celebrate with Fenix, will there be #CeroMiedo in the Owen Hart Cup? Or will Jay White force even Fenix to Breathe With The Switchblade?


AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lio Rush VS Action Andretti!

Turns out that The Bad Child and the Sight to See have known each other a long time, but friendship only goes so far when there’s gold on the line. Will Lio make sure he’s the Man of the Hour tonight? Or will Andretti get in on the action in Long Island?

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two circle. The fans are on Lio’s side but Action doesn’t sweat it. They shake hands to show there is sportsmanship, then things speed up! Action drops down but Lio gator rolls that, only for Action to slip around to a waistlock. Lio slips under to waistlock then spin, but Action reverses the whip. Lio reverses, Action reverses, repeat, but Lio springboards to RANA, only for Action to handspring through! The fans fire up for this exchange, and Lio says alright. They talk a little smack, then things speed up again. Action follows Lio, even as he turns the corner on a dime!

Lio ducks the lariat, baits Action in then throws him out! Lio builds speed but Action moves aside. Lio stops himself, bails  out, but Action sees him, too! They meet at the steps, backflip away, and then both slide in! The fans cheer again, and the two reset. They go again, hook arms, use that to redirect, then they redirect again, to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Lio and Action are definitely likeminded as they go to ropes, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Action and Lio rise up, storm over, and Action facelocks to suplex. Lio slips out to shove, then he ELBOWS Action down! Lio hurries to cover, ONE!! Lio keeps Action down with a chinlock but Action endures the grind. Action fights up, but Lio shifts around to become a backpack! Action still stands up, but Lio sends him into a corner! Lio clotheslines, then short arm LARIATS! The fans rally while Action checks his jaw. Lio gets him right up to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Action pushes Lio away, so Lio KICKS him down! Lio eggs Action on, gets him up, and shoves him to a corner to stomp low. Lio fires hands, then lets off as the ref counts.

Lio brings Action up, whips him corner to corner, then runs in, but into a BOOT! Action runs up, Lio slips around then snapmares to UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Action is still in this but Lio stays on him with another chinlock. Lio body scissors Action to keep him down, but Action endures as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Lio brings Action up. Action fires body shots, then forearms. Action whips, Lio reverses then runs up, but into a BOOT! Lio comes back, Action dodges him, then DECKS him! Action DECKS Lio again, wrenches and ROCKS him! Action fireman’s carries, but Lio grabs the ropes! Action puts Lio on the apron but Lio ROCKS Action back! Action BOOTS Lio to the floor! Lio stands up, Action slingshots to ARABIAN PRESS! Down goes Lio again and Action hurries to put him in the ring! Action springboards to 450 but he has to roll through as Lio moves! Lio kicks the legs out, Action ducks the heel kick to return the favor!

Action CHOPS, BUZZSAWS, then deadlifts Lio into a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Lio survives and Action grows frustrated. Action stalks Lio but the fans rally up behind the Bad Child. Action torture racks Lio, pops him up, but Lio arm-drags free! Lio then bobs ‘n’ weaves, fires off fast hands and ROCKS Action! Lio runs, but Action is up, SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Lio survives and Action grows frustrated again. The fans rally, Action considers his options. Action puts Lio in the drop zone, goes up and up and SPLIT- NO, Lio dodges the moonsault, roll up and SPIN KICK! The fans fire up and Lio says it’s time!

Lio runs to springboard, RUSH HOUR! Action falls back, Lio hurries up top! FINAL HOUR!! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall (advances to Forbidden Door)

And with that, Lio is headed for Long Island! Will Lio make sure it’s his time in that TNT Championship Ladder Match? Top Flight heads out here to check on Action, but then they stonewall Lio. Lio pushes past them to help his old pal to his feet. The fans cheer the sportsmanship, and Lio offers a handshake. Action looks to his teammates, but he still shakes Lio’s hand. Lio offers, he gets more a low-five out of Darius, but a full handshake from Dante. Dante and Lio will both be in that ladder match, will friendship again be out the window when only one man can be the Face of TNT?


Shingo Takagi VS AR Fox!

Speaking of the Forbidden Door, NJPW’s Rampaging Dragon is going to show up in Long Island for a fight with the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson! Not only that, but that match will be part of the Men’s Owen Hart Cup tournament! Will Takagi prove it’s his time, no matter where he wrestles? Or will he have a hard time with the Whole Fox’n Show?

Wait! Fox attacks before the bell! He won’t be a “tune-up” like Turbo was with Fenix! Fox CLUBS away but Takagi KNEES, HEADBUTTS and CHOPS! Takagi runs, but into a CALF KICK! The fans fire up with Fox as Takagi bails out, but then Takagi steps back. Fox stops his plancha to land on the apron, but Takagi goes for a leg. Fox mule kicks free, then uses the corner to QUEBRADA! Direct hit and the fans fire up with Fox! Fox drags Takagi up, puts him in, and then climbs up a corner, to SWANTON BOMB! And long range at that! Cover, TWO! Takagi is tougher than that but Fox has the fans rallying up.

Fox brings Takagi up, CLUBS him, then kicks him. Takagi eggs Fox on so Fox runs, into the ELBOW! JAB! YUKON LARIAT! The fans fire up for that display of power! Takagi drags Fox up, reels him in, but Fox fights the suplex, so Takagi hits a TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! The fans duel, but Takagi sits Fox up for some HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Takagi runs to SLIDING- NO, Fox dodges the lariat to kip up, SUPERKICK, and BUZZSAW! But Takagi ducks the second superkick, only to get a BASEMENT CUTTER! Fox hurries up and up and 450 SPLASHES! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives the speed blitz and that shocks Fox!

The fans rally up but Fox brings Takagi up. Fox fires forearms, hoists Takagi up top, then gest space. Fox runs back in, goes up, but Takagi holds onto the top ropes to stifle the Arabian Press Fly! Fox flounders back up, the fans fire up, and Takagi pumps up! PUMPING BOMBER! Takagi drags Fox back up, pump handles and torture racks, but Fox sunset flips it! TWO!! Takagi escapes, Fox goes Matrix to avoid the Pumping Bomber, but Takagi ducks the Pele! Takagi shoves, to POP-UP DEATH VALLEY! The fans fire up as Takagi gets moving, PUMPING BOMBER!! Takagi shouts “OI! OI! OI!” and Fairfax joins in!

Takagi drags Fox up, pump handles, torture racks, and LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, Takagi wins!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall

Fox put up a fight but Takagi is a former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion for a reason. But wait, here comes Bryan Danielson! Fairfax chants “YES! YES! YES!” as Bryan applauds for Takagi. Dragon meets dragon, and we only have 9 days until these two have it out. Bryan offers a handshake, the fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” so Takagi nods and SLAPS the hand away. The fans boo but Takagi pushes past Bryan to take his leave. Takagi says it’s still his time, but will he have to prove it in Long Island? Or will Bryan kick Takagi right back out the Forbidden Door as he moves forward in the Owen Hart Cup?


2024 Women’s Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal: Willow Nightingale VS Serena Deeb!

The Babe with the Power won the entire tournament last year, and even won titles between then and now, but she’s also lost between then and now. However, there’s motivation beyond repeating as the Queen of Harts here, because former friend Kris Statlander is waiting in the semifinals for the winner of this match. Will Willow pass the Professor of Pro-Wrestling’s test to take on The Galaxy’s Greatest Traitor? Or will there be no mercy in Deeb’s Dojo?

The bell rings, Willow offers a handshake, and Deeb accepts. The fans cheer the sportsmanship, then they rally up for “DEEB! DEEB! DEEB!” as the hometown hero. Deeb nods, but Willow brushes that off. The two tie up, Willow wrenches an arm, then wristlocks. Deeb rolls forward, rolls back, reaches over and wrenches to wristlock Willow. The fans duel now as the Willow fans fire up. Willow feels her way through the wristlock to then get around and waistlock. Willow SLAMS Deeb down, holds on, but Deeb moves around. Deeb pops the hold open to hammerlock then headlock, then spin and hammerlock again.

Deeb hits another headlock, another spin, and another headlock. Deeb keeps the pattern going to disorient Willow, but Willow powers out. They RAM shoulders, and Willow says, “Ooh~, okay.” Deeb runs, RAMS Willow, but Willow still doesn’t budge. Deeb runs again but Willow follows to then run Deeb over! The fans are torn but Willow scoops and SLAMS! Willow runs then SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Willow keeps cool and she brings Deeb up to suplex. Willow holds Deeb up, then SLAMS her down! The fans fire up more and Willow goes up a corner. Deeb stands, but she avoids the missile dropkick!

Deeb grabs a leg, turns Willow over, HALF CRAB! But Willow gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Deeb lets go, and Willow goes to the apron. Deeb storms up but Willow ROCKS her first! Willow steps in but Deeb gets the leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Deeb runs to BLAST Willow down! Deeb then hurries out to get Willow up, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT to the floor! The fans fire up for Deeb while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Deeb drags Willow up, puts her in the ring, then drags Willow up for another TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Cover, TWO! Willow stays in this but Deeb drags her back up. Deeb ripcords to ELBOW, then wrenches the arm to wrap Willow up in the IRON OCTOPUS! Willow endures, marches her way forward, but Deeb bends the fingers! Willow still endures, still fights her way over, and her free arm gets the ROPEBREAK! Deeb lets go, Willow goes to a corner, and Deeb storms over. Deeb wrenches and whips, but Willow reverses! Willow runs up, blocks a boot, but Deeb reels her in to KICK! Deeb goes to the apron, brings Willow into the ropes, and HOTSHOT NECKBREAKERS!

Deeb hears the fans, then she storms in after Willow. Deeb sits Willow up but Willow throws body shots in return! Willow stands to CHOP, then CHOP again! Deeb staggers, Willow ROCKS her with a forearm! Willow CLUBS away in the corner, then stomps a mudhole in. Deeb turns things around then CHOPS Willow in the corner! Willow staggers away but Deeb puts her in another corner, for another CHOP! Deeb UPPERCUTS Willow, reels her in, but Willow fights the lift to back drop free! Deeb writhes, Willow hobbles to a corner, but Deeb hurries up. Deeb whips, but Willow cartwheels and ENZIGIRIS!

Both women are down, but Deeb shakes out her arms. Willow crawls her way to ropes, Deeb stands, and Rampage returns to single picture. Willow runs Deeb over, then runs her over again! And again! Willow is fired up and the fans are with her now as she runs to back body block in a corner! Willow clotheslines, snapmares, BOOTS, and then fires up! The fans cheer as Willow whips and SPINEBUSTERS! High stack, TWO! Deeb survives and Willow is frustrated, but Willow gets Deeb up. Willow whips, Deeb KICKS back! Deeb wrenches, hooks Willow up again, IRON OCTOPUS! But Willow powers out, right into an AIR RAID CRASH!

The fans fire up, Willow gets Deeb up and gut wrenches, but Deeb grabs a leg! Deeb CLUBS that leg, trips Willow, and turns her into the HALF CRAB! Willow endures, even as Deeb sits deep! The fans duel, Willow crawls, then runs over. Willow kicks and kicks and kicks free, then brings Deeb around! Fireman’s carry, but Deeb fights free! Deeb wants the full nelson but Willow elbows free! Deeb shoves Willow to SNAP GERMAN! Willow staggers up, Deeb hammerlocks and PEPSI TWISTS! Cover, TWO! Willow survives and the fans fire up! Deeb is frustrated, but she refocuses and goes to a corner. The fans are torn as Deeb climbs up top.

“This is Awesome!” as Willow ROCKS Deeb first! Willow climbs, CLUBS Deeb, then brings her to the very top! SUPERPLEX! And a stiff one! Both women are down but the fans are all fired up! A standing count starts as both women stir. Willow rises at 5 of 10, and she finds Deeb. Willow stands Deeb up to ROCK her! Deeb UPPERCUTS back! Willow CHOPS, Deeb CHOPS, repeat! Deeb UPPERCUTS, Willow huffs ‘n’ puffs and ROCKS Deeb! Deeb rebounds to LARIAT, but Willow rebounds to LARIAT!! Deeb is down and Willow hurries to cover, TWO!! Deeb survives but Willow just powers up!

Deeb is in a corner, Willow goes corner to corner, CANNONBALL only gets buckles! Deeb hurries to reel Willow in and tuck the arms! DEEB-TOX!! Cover, TWO?!? Willow survives but Deeb doesn’t hesitate! Deeb SMASHES the knee into the mat again and again! Deeb then steps over, but Willow kicks her away! Willow fireman’s carries, but the leg buckles! Deeb slips down, UPPERCUTS, and then UPPERCUTS again! Deeb runs, but Willow goes the other way! POOOUNCE~!! PERIOD! The fans are thunderous as Willow gut wrenches, BABE WITH THE POWER BOMB!! Cover, Willow wins!

Winner: Willow Nightingale, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Willow passes the Professor’s test, and now she’s not only one step closer to repeat Owen Hart Cup finals, she’s going to get her grudge match with Kris Statlander! Will Willow also get her revenge? Or will Kris add to the list of things she’s done to ruin Willow’s life?

My Thoughts:

A very good Rampage, and they’re really stuffing these episodes lately. For one, two good tune-up matches. Fenix of course beats Turbo Floyd easy, and we get a great match out of Takagi VS Fox. But again, of course Takagi won so he has momentum, and I figured Bryan would show up. Bryan will surely have his own great tune-up match as part of a Forbidden Door go-home episode, and then we’ll get an awesome match out of Bryan VS Takagi in the Owen Hart Cup. Great opening tag match from Private Party with Metalik & Komander, and while Metalik & Komander are great, Private Party gets the momentum going into their match tomorrow night on Collision.

As such, of course Jericho and team show up, but the brawl was a bit of a surprise. Chances are that means Jericho & Bill win with help from “Bad Apple” Bryan Keith. Great TNT Championship qualifier from Lio and Action, and I like this tension they’ve kept between Lio and Top Flight. Given how AEW handles contracts and departures, there really never was closure behind Lio leaving AEW for NJPW, and then that means there was no explanation why Lio left Dante high and dry and that has to be the kayfabe by default, but at least they’re making up for it now. Lio and Dante interacting will be a great part of the ladder match in itself, but I’m still leaning towards Jack Perry winning the title.

And great main event from Willow and Deeb. Deeb is great, she deserves something, but sadly there are a lot of other great wrestlers in the AEW Women’s Division. And with story taking precedence, of course Willow won here. Willow VS Kris will be great, and could go either way. However, also because of story, Mariah May is surely going to win this tournament so she can take on Toni Storm for the Women’s World Championship. Plus, Kris and Willow can feud through the summer, escalating things to something really wild to then give the winner of that momentum going towards the world title, perhaps in time for All Out.

My Score: 8.8/10

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