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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Revolution Results & Report! (3/5/23)

He’s better than you, and you know it!



AEW Revolution 2023

Get ready for a guaranteed ONE HOUR MAIN EVENT!

In order to prove who is truly worthy of the AEW World Championship, Bryan Danielson and MJF will battle in a ONE HOUR IRONMAN MATCH!


  • Zero Hour – Six Man Tag: Mark Briscoe & The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Ari Daivari & The Varsity Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Briscoe & The Lucha Brothers win.
  • Chris Jericho VS Ricky Starks; Starks wins.
  • The Final Burial: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Christian Cage; Jungle Boy wins.
  • AEW World Trios Championships: The Elite VS The House of Black; The House of Black wins and become the new AEW World Trios Champions.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship Triple Threat: Jamie Hayter VS Saraya VS Ruby Soho; Hayter wins and retains the title.
  • Texas Death Match: Jon Moxley VS Hangman Page; Hangman wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS Wardlow; Wardlow wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way: The Gunns VS The Acclaimed VS Team Triple J VS #OrangeHausen; The Gunns win and retain the titles.
  • AEW World Championship One Hour Ironman Match: MJF VS Bryan Danielson; MJF wins and retains the title.


Renee Paquette & RJ City host the Zero Hour!

The Revolution Red Carpet is ready, so get ready for all the hard-hitting questions and deep analytics of tonight’s card.


Renee interviews Don Callis.

Don says he’s doing great, but he’s worried for Hangman Page. Hangman was a friend of The Elite way back when, and he’s going up against Jon Moxley. Callis says Moxley is essentially a sociopath, and he knows because he’s one, too. No compassion, no capacity for human kindness, and then add that Moxley is a bloodthirsty lunatic, and there’s some real concern for Hangman’s well-being. Renee says a lot of people undervalue Moxley as a technician. Renee as his wife, she sees the hours Moxley puts in training with Josh Barnett. To see the work he puts in to be the man he is in that ring, Moxley deserves some credit.

But given the fact this is a Texas Death Match, Renee asks how Callis expects this to go. Callis says Hangman has something to prove, but this is perfect for Moxley. This is the type of wrestling he likes to do, and it’s simply known as “fighting.” Hangman has to prepare himself mentally because Moxley’s going to take him to places he’s never been to before. Renee agrees, and the “real problem” is that Moxley would do this kind of thing for free, like it’s a hobby. Callis says that’s because Moxley is sick and twisted.

Then final answer: who wins? And will this end it for them? Callis says that this is a situation where five years from now, these two will face off again and something horrible will happen. He just hopes for a definitive winner here tonight to put an end to it, because it has been so violent, even Callis is shocked. Renee agrees there, too, because it has been hard to watch as Moxley’s wife the level of these matches.

Now to another match Callis will surely be watching, The Elite VS The House of Black. How do you prepare for a group like the House of Black? Callis says this is the kind of challenge The Elite has never had before, because there is no way to prepare. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, the House throws out something else. But think of it like this: The Bucks are the greatest tag team of all time; Kenny Omega is the God of Pro-Wrestling! You can’t get better than that. But Callis is concerned by the things the House will do in a match like this.

Renee asks his take on the House wanting to “clean the slate” for what The Elite has paved? The House seems to think that AEW should be about what they’re about, and want to put this company on their shoulders. Does Callis think they’re worthy of that? Callis says that at the end of the day, the House of Black is very scary but also are all phenomenal wrestlers. They’ve got power, athleticism. Looking at that and taking away the other stuff, they match up very well against The Elite. It is always a challenge to defend the titles, and that is what happens tonight. Then should Renee even ask who wins?

Callis says that he prays to one god, the wrestling god, Kenny Omega. Callis has faith in Kenny Omega. Renee says amen to that, and cues up commentary, we’re about to have in-ring action!


Six Man Tag: Mark Briscoe & The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Ari Daivari & The Varsity Athletes w/ Mark Sterling!

The South Sussex Chicken respects Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo as fighting brothers holding it down, and is looking to help them take down some common enemies. Will Mark and the Lucha Bros make Sterling’s stable #ReachForTheSky?

The trios sort out and fans already chant “CERO! MIEDO!” as Penta starts against the Premiere Athlete, Tony Nese. They circle, Woods and Penta talk some smack, then Penta and Nese knuckle lock. Nese breaks and backs off, which fans boo, because Nese wants to flex. Penta has everyone hold on, and he wants Nese to listen. “CERO! MIEDO!” And he pie faces Nese! Woods & Daivari get in but so do Mark and Fenix! The six men stare down, and then the brawl is on! Fans fire up, Mark and Fenix get Woods and Daivari out of the ring, then Mark AX HANDLES Daivari! Fenix whips Woods into barriers!

Nese has Penta in a corner, whips corner to corner, but runs into a SUPERKICK! Fenix springboards to CROSSBODY! Mark adds a BOOT! “CERO! MIEDO!” and Fenix and Mark run. Mark WRECKS Daivari with a dropkick, Fenix WRECKS Woods! Fenix then sets Woods up for Mark’s FLYING BLOCKBUSTER! Penta catches Nese’s haymaker into a half nelson, pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives and Penta is surprised, but he calls to his team. Penta reels Nese in, but Sterling gets on the apron. Fans boo and Penta stares Sterling down. Penta TOSSES Sterling into the ring!

Penta has Sterling up, he calls to his team, but Daivari attacks from behind! Daivari stomps Penta, Nese drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Nese mocks Cero Miedo by saying, “SEIS MUSCLES!” Tag to Woods, the Varsity Athletes mug Penta, then they double whip him hard into the corner. Fans rally with “CERO! MIEDO!” but Woods mocks it before he suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Woods drags Penta over, tags Daivari, and they mug Penta. Daivari throws hands, the fans boo, and the ref reprimands the closed fists. Daivari tags Nese, they drag Penta up and double suplex. They hold Penta up, and then SLAM him down! Nese covers, TWO!

Nese throws down hands, then he taunts Fenix to reach out. Nese stomps Penta, drags him up and wrenches, then tags Daivari. Fans rally but Daivari and Nese mug Penta. Daivari ROCKS Penta with a right, then another! Penta turns things around to CHOP! Daivari kicks low, CHOPS again, then he turns Penta to a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Tag to Woods, he and Daivari mug Penta, then Woods bumps Penta off buckles. Tag to Nese, he stomps Penta, then tags Daivari. Daivari and Nese mug Penta and fans boo, but then Nese tags Woods. Daivari & Nese double whip but Penta KICKS Daivari! SUPERKICK for Nese!

Woods runs in but Penta jabs, then wheelbarrows and rolls, DOUBLE DDTS for Daivari & Nese! Woods ROCKS Penta, whips him, but Penta ducks ‘n’ dodges to SLINGBLADE! Fans fire up while all four men are down! Hot tag to Fenix! The Warbird dodges Daivari to ROLLING SOBAT! Fenix BOOTS Nese, knuckle locks and CHOPS, then goes up and up and jumps around to FLYING ARM-DRAG! Woods BOOTS Fenix, but then Fenix BOOTS and KICKS and SUPERKICKS in return! Woods wobbles, Fenix goes up and up and TORNILLO into a KNEE! Woods drags Fenix up, to ANARCHY into the corner!! Woods drags Fenix into a cover, but Penta breaks it with DOUBLE STOMPS!

Fans fire up while Fenix and Woods are both down. Fenix and Woods crawl, Woods tags in Nese. Nese puts Fenix in a corner, throws body shots and hoists him up top. Nese climbs up after Fenix, fireman’s carries, but Fenix fights free! Fenix adjusts, and SUPER STEINERS Nese! A rough landing for both men, and hot tag to Briscoe and Woods! REDNECK-FU is unleashed on Woods and Daivari! Briscoe CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Woods, then he fires off palm strikes on Daivari! Woods waistlocks but Mark breaks free to PELE! Fans are thunderous, Briscoe turns around but into a kick. Daivari whips Briscoe but he uses that to BOOT Nese!

Fans fire up more, Mark and Daivari both run, SHOTGUN BOOT for Daivari! Mark turns Daivari for the NECKBREAKER! Nese drags Daivari out to safety, but the Lucha Brothers DOUBLE PLANCHA! Down go the Varsity Athletes and Daivari! Briscoe has a chair, sets it up, and uses it to launch and FLY! Direct hit back on the Varsity Athletes! Fans are thunderous as Briscoe puts Daivari back in. Briscoe goes up top, but Nese trips him up! Fans boo and the ref reprimands but Daivari tags Nese in. Nese goes right up after Briscoe, but Briscoe CHOPS, CHOPS and SLAPS Nese down!

Woods and Daivari both go after Briscoe now, but then the Lucha Brothers KICK and CLUB them in return! The Lucha Brothers grab Daivari and Woods, they still have Briscoe, TOWER OF DOOM!! Fans go nuts over the double powerbomb superplex, but Nese is up top! PREMIER 450!! Cover, the Lucha Brothers break it!! Fans are thunderous, “This is Awesome!” as all six men are down. Nese drags Briscoe up, tags Daivari, and Daivari hammerlocks Briscoe, only for Fenix to DROPKICK him! Nese DECKS Fenix! Penta SUPERKICKS Nese! Woods DECKS Penta! Briscoe kicks Woods and reels him in!

But Sterling distracts again! Daivari runs in to CRACK Briscoe with Sterling’s clipboard!! Woods wrenches and torture racks, coordinates with Nese, ONE R M!! The Varsity Athletes intercept the Lucha Brothers while Daivari covers, TWO!??! Briscoe survives and shocks everyone! Daivari is furious, the Varsity Athletes kick the Lucha Brothers out, then bring Briscoe up. They feed Briscoe to Daivari, but then the Lucha Brothers drag the Varsity Athletes out! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS to Daivari! SUPERKICK for Woods! Nese whips Fenix, Fenix tiger feint rewinds, HEEL KICK! Penta gets Nese in a Gory Especial!

Fenix brings Nese around and feeds him to Penta, they work together, LB DRIVER GORY BOMB COMBO!! Briscoe goes up top, Fenix sets Daivari in the drop zone, FROGGY BOW!! Cover, Briscoes & Lucha Brothers win!

Winners: Mark Briscoe & The Lucha Brothers, by pinfall

#DemNinos did the dang thing, and then Alex grabs Sterling! Alex feeds Sterling to Penta! Fans fire up, “CERO! MIEDO!” FEAR FACTOR! The Zero Hour just set the tone for the whole night, will this be a wild night until the very end?


RJ City interviews the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Daniel Garcia, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker are on the red carpet and RJ says the JAS is banned from ringside for Jericho VS Starks. What’re they gonna do since they can’t be out there? Daddy Magic tells RJ to check his nipples. W-What? Tell Menard how Menard’s nipples feel!! Uh, ok… RJ checks. “They’re not hard at all.” “Yeah, you like that, don’tcha? You pervert. They’re not hard, because we ARE banned from ringside! But lucky you, Ricky Starks, because you do NOT wanna be in the mud with three pigs like us, I’ll tell you right now.” Why not? Menard answers that question with a question: Why does RJ’s breath smell like dog crap?

RJ checks, and then covers his mouth. He says Parker looks frazzled, how is Cool Hand Ange feeling? Oh, frazzled, huh? FRAZZLED ISN’T THE WORD FOR IT!! Since this morning, Parker hasn’t felt like himself. And no matter what he’s tried, but he can’t make it right! Because he’s banned from ringside? No! His hair! It’s all out of place! Even his HAIR is upset about this! RJ understands. So, Daniel Garcia, what’re you wearing? Valuer? It’s soft, huh? But still not as soft as Ricky Starks! Chris Jericho has this match in the bag tonight. And afterward, the JAS will have the celebration… of a lifetime!

Menard gives RJ a kiss on the cheek, he’s that fired up! HEY HEY HEY HEY! Jericho joins in, too!! RJ says it’s a party, back to Renee! Renee simply lets us know all the ways to watch Revolution, and then we’re right back to RJ.

RJ City interviews Toni Storm.

RJ is with the Lightning From Down Under, who’s dear friend, Saraya, is vying for the AEW Women’s World Championship against Jamie Hayter and Ruby Soho. RJ says Saraya never leaves home without a plan, so can Toni tell us that strategy? Their strategy? Do you think they’d just tell that here and now? Do you think they’re stupid? N-no, he just wanted to get some dirt. Well, no, that’s not happening. Ok, then let’s talk fashion. Where’d Toni get this great jacket? Yeah, she’s not sharing that, either. Well, okay. Then, if Saraya does win, she’ll be champion, and Toni is a former champion surely wanting to be champion again, will Toni challenge her dear friend?

Toni says that she and Saraya are so close as friends, Saraya might just give Toni the title if she asked for it. That’s the bond they have. Yes, they’re both drama free and amicable, totally. #sarcasm But one thing RJ has wanted to say, he really likes that move she does where she runs, and she hits her target with her bum. RJ’s been calling it Sweet Cheek Music, will she make that official? Toni says that’s the smartest thing he’s said all day. Of course she will. Then there it is! And are Toni and Saraya still doing that spray paint thing? She brings out a can right now! Oh, not here, no, this is a new jacket. He will take the L internally. Toni sprays him on the side… RJ sends it back to Renee.


Renee interviews Britt Baker.

Fans cheer for the DMD, and Renee asks The Doctor how she’s feeling. Britt says we all know which side the fans are on, “the good guys,” the Originals. There is so much on the line. This isn’t just about winning or losing a title, this is about respect. Britt & Hayter don’t care where you’ve been, what channel you were on, what network, what time slot. Right now, you’re in HER house, AEW, and the last thing you will do is disrespect her. When Britt was champion, like her or not, she brought legitimacy to the title and the division. She made everyone pay attention.

And now, Hayter, “the best women’s wrestler in the world,” is holding the belt. There were some “duds” between then and now, but things are back on track. Renee wants Britt to tell us about Hayter as a champion. Everyone loves Hayter, Britt knows her so well, so what does Hayter represent? “Jamie Hayter is exactly what you see. She hits hard, that’s all she cares about. Professional wrestling, she lives it, she breathes it. All she wants to do is get in there and hurt her opponents.” And Hayter & Britt don’t mess with someone until someone messes with them. Once you cross that line, it’s over for you. Britt never wants to be on the other side of Hayter, she is the hardest hitting woman in pro-wrestling.

Then to Saraya and Storm. We’ve seen this new side of them, what does Britt think about this change? Britt thinks those two are confused and frustrated because at the end of the day, people just don’t give a damn what they have to say. People care about AEW and what they’re doing now. If you’re not getting on board, then they don’t care what you do or say. Renee says the Triple Threat is just part of a huge card, what other matches is Britt looking forward to? She knows a lot of us are gonna watch that main event, MJF VS Bryan Danielson. And Britt hopes and prays that we are DONE with the 30 minute MJF promos!

Does Britt think MJF can even last the 60 minutes? We know who Bryan Danielson is as a wrestler, as a technician, but there’s a question mark with MJF. Britt does feel people underestimate MJF as a wrestler, but he’s also an evil genius. Even if he can’t last 60 minutes, he’ll find a way with all the tricks up his sleeve.

Renee now asks about AEW All Access. Camera crews stuck to her and Adam Cole for weeks on end, what can we expect? She is not in the editing room, she’s not sure what will make the cut, but she let it all fly so she hopes everyone will enjoy seeing it because it will surely answer a lot of the fans’ questions. Renee thanks Britt for her time, will the Pillar be proven right when the Killer gets in the ring with Saraya and Ruby?


RJ City interviews “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs.

The Face of the Revolution is on the red carpet with his brass ring, and RJ asks how it feels to be home. “It feels great. That’s beside the point.” Right, right, there’s lots to talk about. RJ feels the literal weight of Hobbs’ hand on his shoulder. Hobbs won the Face of the Revolution ladder match, climbing all the way up, he grabbed the brass ring, and he stood there for a very long time. Was he frightened? Is RJ afraid? Yes, he’s not afraid to say he’s afraid. But see, next Wednesday on Dynamite, Hobbs will challenge for the TNT Championship against whoever wins here tonight between Samoa Joe and Wardlow. Does Hobbs have a preference?

Hobbs says that this Wednesday, we open up the Book of Hobbs, and we see if he has a preference. Can RJ see it now? See what? See the ring. Hobbs holds it up. It’s big, huh? Yeah, way bigger in person. Can RJ touch it? No. Okay. RJ then asks that Hobbs has been on a roll ever since starting the book. Can RJ read it? Hobbs says RJ asks a lot of questions. Does he wanna be in the book? No, thanks. Unless it’s good to be in the book? It’s not. Okay, RJ figured as much. RJ will just read the blurbs. The Face of the Revolution is ready, will his next chapter be the best one yet?


Renee interviews Sonjay Dutt.

The man with the pencil hears boos. Fans boo more and Sonjay says he’d love it if all these people here would show him some respect in front of his family. They still boo. Sonjay tells Renee to ask questions. Then let’s talk the AEW World Tag Team Championship Fatal 4 Way: The Gunns VS The Acclaimed VS #OrangeHausen VS Team Triple J. How do they prepare for such a match? First off, Sonjay says it is a guarantee that Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett will be the NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions! Fans boo more, he knew they would. But he knows that is their worst nightmare, but mark this day down: it happens.

And that’s a nice suit, Renee. He’s not getting compliments? Well, he has a kickass PPV suit. This isn’t even what he’s gonna wear? No! He’ll come out in a new outfit, fans better put him over. They still boo. Okay, who is the biggest threat to Triple J in this match? The biggest threat to Jarrett & Lethal are the “delusional AEW fanbase,” as Jarrett calls them. That is the biggest threat. Then what about the lack of respect the people have for the champions, Austin & Colten? Sonjay wants to talk the lack of respect for him! Who cares about the Gunns? Fans continue to boo, and Sonjay says that the Gunns and Triple J made a pact going into the Fatal 4. It’ll all be hunky-dory in the ring.

Then what can fans expect from the match? This card is so insane, but what exactly will go down in this Fatal 4 Tag? Sonjay says he’ll look awesome in his suit and pencil. And Satnam Singh will be dapper, too. And the last thing you need to expect, the guaranteed win for Triple J. They’ll get the hell outta San Francisco with the tag titles! That gold will be added to the Golden Globe that Sonjay took from Paul Walter Hauser! Well, then hopefully there are no tomatoes to throw at Sonjay. Renee thanks Sonjay for his time and Sonjay says it’s no thanks to the fans.


Tony Schiavone is on stage.

He says it is great for AEW to be in San Francisco, and look what we have here. Tonight, this casket, this shovel and this dirt, the FINAL BURIAL, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Christian Cage. Have we had enough of Christian Cage? The fans booing confirms that. JB said it on Dynamite and Rampage, and will show us tonight, that they will battle, and one person gets locked in the casket, and then buried. The Final Burial between these two, who will finish this grudge once and for all? Also, Sonjay’s suit sucks!


RJ City interviews Adam Cole.

RJ has the Undisputed on the red carpet, and he has to say, it is so nice to be here in the bay. Oh, okay, Cole gets it. RJ can finish it since Cole knows his own catchphrase. No, RJ doesn’t wanna do it. But as we know, March 29th, AEW All Access premieres on TBS right after Dynamite. But what did it feel like to have the camera following him around all the time for nine months? Well, it was nerve-wracking but also really exciting. It was perhaps the most challenging time in Cole’s life, and you will hear from him, his family, his friends, and Cole feels the fans deserve to see what he went through.

Did the cameras see him in the bathroom? Well, you’ll just have to tune in for that one, boys and girls. Good hook. And Cole smells fantastic, what is he wearing? First off, don’t ever smell him. Secondly, don’t ever bring it up. Right, got it. But then, also on March 29th, on that Dynamite, Adam Cole makes his wrestling return! Is he ready? He has never been more ready! San Francisco, are you ready? The fans cheer! Then who is his opponent? Oh, well, RJ, if anyone deserves to know that, it’s NOT you. But what about the people? Don’t the people deserve to know?

Here is all anyone needs to know: “Someone on the AEW roster is gonna get the best damn pro-wrestler on the planet. You are gonna get a man who is gonna RUN AEW and take it to places it has never been before. A man who refuses to let anyone or anything stand in his way of becoming THE! VERY! BEST! AEW has ever seen. And his name… ADAM COLE, BAYBAY!!”


Chris Jericho VS Ricky Starks!

While The Ocho has already faced The Absolute and lost, he went after Starks so viciously that Starks felt compelled to get a rematch. And now, to prove Jericho really can win against Starks, it will be JUST Jericho! With no Jericho Appreciation Society ringside, will the Wizard get even with Starks? Or will Jericho be absolutely stunned with another loss?

The bell rings and fans are already fired up for “RICKY! RICKY!” Starks and Jericho talk some trash, then they start throwing hands! Fans fire up more as Starks gets the edge and bumps Jericho off buckles! Then off more buckles! Starks CHOPS and CHOPS and bumps Jericho off more buckles! Starks fires off fast hands, the ref reprimands and backs Starks off, and Starks eggs Jericho on. Jericho gets up to CHOP, and CHOP, and CHOP! Jericho whips, Starks reverses and runs Jericho over! Starks strikes his pose and fans fire up again. Jericho bails out, but Starks builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Jericho hits barriers!

Starks drags Jericho back up, whips him into more barriers, and then Starks air guitars. Fans rally behind him as he puts Jericho back in, but Jericho KICKS Starks as he gets in. Jericho CHOPS Starks in a corner, CHOPS him again, then whips corner to corner hard! Starks falls to the mat and Jericho soaks up the heat. Jericho flips the fans off and they boo more. Jericho goes back to Starks, brings him up, but Starks throws body shots. Starks fires off, runs, but into a cross chop! LIONSAULT FLOPS as Starks moves! Starks runs up to CHOP again! Starks whips, but Jericho blocks back drop to suplex! Jericho hangs Starks out to dry! Then runs to BLAST Starks to the barriers!

Fans boo but Jericho just soaks it all up. Starks clutches his ribs, which are already taped up. Jericho blows kisses to the fans, then flips them off! Jericho goes out after Starks, RAMS him into barriers, then brings Starks around into the ring. Fans duel, “Let’s Go, Ricky!” “Y 2 J!” Jericho stalks Starks to a corner, ROCKS him right haymakers, then sits him down to dig his boot in. The ref counts, Jericho lets off and he soaks up more heat. Jericho goes back for Starks but Starks throws hands and CHOPS! Starks whips, Jericho reverses to wrench and knee low! Jericho underhooks, lifts, TIGER BACKBREAKER!

Starks writhes and Jericho blows another kiss to the camera. Fans boo, Jericho stalks Starks again, and Jericho slaps Starks around. Starks snarls as Jericho slaps him more. Starks stands, Jericho talks trash, but Starks SLAPS back! And again! And then fires off haymakers! Starks has Jericho in a corner, elbows him, then whips him corner to corner. Jericho reverses, Starks tumbles up but gets caught in the corner. Starks manages to go to the apron, but Jericho triangle jumps to DROPKICK! Starks falls and fans are torn between cheers and jeers. Jericho runs to baseball slide dropkick Starks to the floor!

Jericho pretends he can’t hear the fans as they boo, then goes out after Starks. Jericho brings Starks up, CLUBS him right where the rib tape is, then he pushes Starks in. Fans rally again, Starks drags himself to a corner, and Jericho brings Starks up. Jericho CLUBS Starks, clinches and wraps on an abdominal stretch! Jericho CLUBS the bad ribs, taunts Starks, then CLUBS the ribs again! Starks endures, throws hands from below and gets free! Starks throws more hands, whips, but Jericho reverses. Starks CLOBBERS Jericho! Jericho comes back, swings, but Starks dodges to TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!

Starks grits his teeth, the ribs making it harder to bring. But he still goes to a corner and climbs up. Fans rally, Starks reaches the top, but Jericho trips him up! Jericho CHOPS, climbs up, then brings Starks up. Starks throws body shots to resist! Then he SUPER GOURD BUSTERS Jericho! Starks adjusts, leaps, but Jericho KNEES him in the ribs! Jericho hurries to fireman’s carry, to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Starks survives, he doesn’t need an attitude adjustment. Jericho drags Starks up to CHOP him! Jericho whips Starks to a corner and Starks hits buckles chest first! Starks staggers, but he blocks the Code Breaker!

Fans fire up as Starks hits a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Starks kicks and stomps him! Starks drags Jericho up, reels him back in, and says this is it! Canadian Rack, but Jericho slips free! Jericho ducks ‘n’ dodges, Starks hurdles, SPEAR into CODE BREAKER!! Jericho crawls to the cover, TWO!!! Starks survives and no one can believe it! Fans rally up, Jericho drags himself up and then goes after Starks. Jericho throws a forearm, but Starks throws it back. Jericho throws another, Starks gives it back, then Jericho SLAPS! Starks SLAPS, SLAPS, fires palm strikes, but Jericho ROCKS Starks!

Jericho whips, Starks reverses then sends Jericho out. Jericho goes right up the corner, but Starks avoids the ax handle! TO SPEAR!!! Cover, TWO!!! Jericho survives and Starks is beside himself! Starks sits Jericho up but Jericho grabs at Starks. They go forehead to forehead, and then they start throwing hands! Fans duel again, Starks gets the edge, but Jericho hits the ribs! Jericho storms up to kick Starks, then runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Starks fires up and the fans are with him! Starks goes up, LIONSAULT, but Jericho moves! Starks lands on his feet, Jericho trips him! WALLS OF JERICHO!!

Fans are thunderous as Starks endures! Jericho sits deep, both men are red as they put their all into this, but Starks slips through! Starks throws hands, sits up, and he has Jericho’s leg! HALF CRAB! Fans fire up as Jericho endures now, and Jericho crawls. But wait, Sammy Guevara is here? This is in violation of the ringside ban! But ACTION ANDRETTI CLOBBERS Sammy!! Fans are thunderous as Action keeps the Spanish God from interfering, but Jericho still grabs Floyd the Baseball Bat! Starks sees what’s going on with Sammy and Action, he lets Jericho go, and Jericho JAMS Starks with Floyd!!

Fans boo but Jericho gets away with it! Starks staggers up, Jericho aims, JUDAS- NO!! Starks blocks, then fires off haymakers on Jericho! Starks spins Jericho around, CLUBS him down, and BOOTS him! Jericho wobbles but Starks keeps him up to hook those arms! Canadian Rack, ROSHAMBEAUX!!! Cover, Starks wins again!!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

An Absolute sweep! Starks is 2-0 against Jericho, putting him in rarified air in AEW! Will this mean Starks is moving on to bigger and better for the Spring?


The Final Burial: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Christian Cage!

A bond of student and mentor became a bitter rivalry when Captain Charisma betrayed his young ward simply over losing titles. But will Christian survive the repercussions of his actions? Or will he be buried alive by the young man he left for dead?

The bell rings and the two rush in and fire off hands! JB TACKLES Christian, rains down fists, but Christian shoves him away. Christian bails out, JB storms over, but Christian trips him! Christian has the legs, but JB YANKS him into the POST! JB then goes out to CHOP Christian, fire off more hands, but Christian knees low. Christian CLUBS JB, CHOPS him, then whips him at the apron. JB tiger feints to BOOT Christian! JB then gets in the ring, builds speed, but Christian runs into the crowd! JB pursues and fans fire up! They go up the stairs into the upper deck and JB fires off! Christian hits back, throws hands, and talks some trash.

JB CHOPS Christian, CHOPS him again, then ROCKS him with a haymaker. JB has Christian going down the stairs, and then pours someone’s beer on him! Fans fire up and Christian tumbles back to ground level. JB throws more hands, CHOPS him, then pushes him back to ringside. JB TOSSES Christian up and over the barriers, then high-fives the fans. JB stalks Christian around the way, Christian goes up the ramp, but then he realizes that’s where the coffin awaits! JB fireman’s carries but Christian fights free! JB trips Christian but Christian boots JB away! JB CLUBS Christian, but Christian still runs for it!

JB chases Christian back into the ring, stomps him down, then bumps him off buckles. JB CHOPS Christian, then BITES Christian’s forehead! Fans fire up and JB climbs up to rain down fists! Fans count all the way to “OCHO,” but Christian slips free to throw JB by his hair! Fans boo but Christian blows a kiss to the Perry family at ringside. Christian rains down fists on JB, digs his forearms into JB’s face, and taunts JB as he lets off. Fans boo and chant “CHRISTIAN SUCKS!” but he just soaks it all up. Christian stands on JB’s face, raises his fist, but JB pushes him away. Christian stands on JB’s hair and pulls on the arms! JB can only endure!

Christian thrashes JB around, then finally lets off his normally illegal hold. Christian then puts JB on the ropes, says JB is a loser who will never have “it,” and this is his good-bye. Fans jeer, “F YOU, CHRISTIAN!” but Christian stands on JB at the ropes! Then he slingshots over to UPPER- NO, JB dodges and WRECKS Christian! And then DIVES to send Christian right into barriers! JB whips Christian into more barriers! And then whips him into steel steps! JB HEADBUTTS Christian, then dribbles his head against steel! Fans fire up as JB drags the steps around. “F him up, Jungle Boy, F him up!”

JB puts Christian on the steps, and holds out that repaired arm! JB stands on the arm, but Christian gets his arm out of the way of the stomps! Christian trips JB and JB lands hard on those steps! Christian glares through the blood coming out of his busted eyebrow, but fans boo him as he looms over JB. Christian takes JB’s own belt off him, and fans boo as Christian LASHES JB with it! JB flounders, Christians LASHES him again, and again! Right in front of his family! Christian LASHES JB more and more, chases him up the ramp as he does, and they head for the stage and the casket! One more LASH and JB falls to his knees!

Christian CHOKES JB with the belt! Fans boo but JB is fading! Christian lets off, then he goes to the casket. Christian opens it and there are CHAIRS inside?! Christian must’ve planted those himself! Christian turns around, and JB ROCKS him! JB throws hands, Christian wobbles, but Christian elbows in return. JB fireman’s carries! Christian fights free, scoops, but JB slips free! JB kicks low, reels Christian in, and he gets Christian up, but Christian fights it! Christian back drops JB away! Christian sits a chair up, he brings JB up and over, and he chicken wings the arms! Christian turns JB, but JB shoves Christian OFF THE STAGE!

Christian flounders up, JB FLIES! Direct hit with that senton! The family and the fans are all thunderous for Jack Perry! JB drags Christian up, puts him back on the stage, and stalks him back towards the chairs. Christian wants mercy but JB takes the chair in hand. Christian crawls, JB aims, but Christian LOW BLOWS! Christian smirks as he gets the better of JB’s integrity again. Christian closes the casket, to SMACK JB’s face off the lid! And then again! And again! And again! Christian then opens the casket again, and he pushes JB in! Fans boo, but Christian blows a kiss good bye. But JB blocks the lid!!

Fans fire up but Christian throws down hands! Christian CHOKES JB, but JB still holds the lid back! JB powers up and he ROCKS Christian with haymakers! Christian flounders away, JB hurries after him! JB gets a leg, but Christian throws dirt into JB’s eyes!! Christian then drags JB up, chicken wings and turns him, KILLSWITCH to the stage!! Christian isn’t done there, either! He puts a chair under JB’s head! Christian grabs the other, but JB dodges the Con-Chair-To! JB has the shovel! He SMACKS the chair out of Christian’s hands! But Christian TACKLES JB! Christian pushes the shovel down, trying to choke JB!

JB digs a hand into Christian’s bloody eyebrow! Christian falls over, JB has him now, and JB CHOKES Christian with the shovel! But Christian CLAWS JB’s face! Fans boo as JB falls over now, and Christian has the shovel! Christian aims, but JB ducks the swing! JB trips Christian into the SNARE TRAP!! JB puts the shovel’s wood handle into Christian’s mouth!! Christian fades out quick! JB lets Christian go, throws the shovel aside, and he puts Christian’s head on a chair! Fans chant “CON-CHAIR-TO!” and that’s what JB is thinking. JB has the other chair, he stands over Christian, and he snarls, CON-CHAIR-TO!!!!

Fans lose their minds and that chair is even BENT! JB is still conflicted over going that far, but he shoves Christian into the casket. JB kisses Christian good-bye, and then slams the lid shut! The casket falls into the hole, Jungle Boy wins!!

Winner: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Jack Perry had to go to a dark place to finally get past the past. Will JB now move on towards the light of singles gold in AEW?


AEW World Trios Championships: The Elite VS The House of Black!

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks defeated Death Triangle in the Best of 7. They went 2-0 in back-to-back battles with AR Fox & Top Flight. But now, one of the most dangerous trios in AEW, and perhaps in all of wrestling, are coming for gold. Will Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews tear down what The Elite has built? Or can Omega & The Bucks carry on after tearing down The House?

The introductions are made, the trios belts are raised, and a battle of light and dark begins!

The trios sort out and Don Callis joins commentary. Omega starts against Buddy, and while Omega talks strategy with the Bucks, Buddy just stares straight ahead. Buddy and Omega circle, tie up, and Buddy waistlocks. Omega switches, Buddy switches, Omega switches back, but Buddy wrenches to YANK the arm. And YANK, and YANKS! Buddy grinds the arm, wrenches again, but Omega flips, kips and wrenches back. Omega slips through to back drop Buddy into a top wristlock! Buddy kips up, pulls hair, whips Omega away, and they RAM shoulders. Buddy shoves Omega so Omega shoves back.

Buddy kicks low, headlocks for a takeover, but Omega headscissors. Buddy kips free, roles reverse as Omega headlocks for a takeover but Buddy headscissors and now Omega kips free. Omega blocks Buddy’s V-Trigger but Buddy dodges the OG V-Trigger, and the two stand off. Fans cheer and both Buddy and Omega smirk. Buddy backs off, and Malakai tags in. Fans fire up seeing this dream showdown, and Omega says he’ll take this. Omega and Malakai circle, “This is Awesome!” already. Malakai and Omega feel things out, tie up, and Malakai kicks Omega low. Omega shakes that off, they go again, and Omega blocks a kick this time.

The two circle, tie up, Omega wrenches and wristlocks but Malakai stands. Malakai spins, throws and runs in, but Omega BOOTS him! Omega goes up and over, arm-drags Malakai, then runs, but into an arm-drag! Malakai has a top wristlock but Omega chinbars in return. Fans rally, the two stand up, and Malakai trips Omega. Omega stands up, blocks a boot, but then narrowly avoid the roundhouse! Omega gets around and full nelsons but Malakai fights free. So Omega Electric Chair Lifts! Malakai fights free of that, and Omega ducks the Black Mass!! Malakai sits down cross-legged and fans are thunderous!

Omega applauds, he says that was good. Omega and Malakai both stand, fans rally for “A E DUB!” and Matt Jackson tags in. Matt is calling out big bad Brody?! Malakai obliges and tags Brody in. Brody steps up to Matt and dares him to do something. Matt sees he may have gotten in over his head, so he turns to the corner. Nick backs away!? Matt also seems to understand that’s fair. Brody throws Matt to a corner! Brody rushes in but Matt dodges, only for Brody to catch him and throw him back to the corner! Matt ducks the chop, tags Nick, and then dodges again. The Bucks DOUBLE DROPKICK, but Brody comes back to DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE them!

Omega runs in, but Brody runs Omega over, too! The Elite regroups outside, the House of Black regroup inside. The House all builds speed, but The Elite slide right in! The six stare down at the center and fans fire up! The ref wants this to go back to 1v1, but the brawl is on! Omega throws hands with Brody, Matt throws hands with Buddy, and Nick throws hands with Malakai! Buddy bumps Matt off buckles, Malakai ROCKS Nick and Brody knees Omega low. Brody throws Omega out while Buddy keeps on Matt. Nick throws Malakai out to then PENALTY KICK! Buddy back suplexes Matt but he lands on his feet!

Matt shoves Buddy to ropes, Nick shoulders in. “SUCK IT!” FACEBUSTER! Cartwheel MOONSAULT for Malakai! Matt clotheslines Buddy up and out! Matt then goes up top, to CROSSBODY the House! Brody and Omega get back in the ring and Brody fires off forearms! Brody CHOPS and then runs, but Omega RANAS! Brody bails out now, and fans start up the Terminator Drums! Omega builds speed to FLY! Direct hit on the ENTIRE House! Fans are thunderous as the Bucks put Brody in and Nick goes up the corner. 450 SPLASH! Cover, ONE?!?! Nick can’t believe it! Brody swings, Nick blocks, but Brody comes back.

Nick dodges, Brody hits buckles. Nick knuckle locks, ROUNDHOUSES, then “LUCHA LIBRE~!” But Brody blocks that to DOUBLE ARM-DRAG Nick! Brody BOOTS Omega off the apron! Brody goes out while Buddy sends Nick into barriers and Malakai BOOTS Matt down. Brody whips Omega into barriers! Brody makes Omega sit in the chair while Malakai BOOTS Matt again and again! Brody runs to SPLASH Omega against the barriers! The fans fire up for “A E DUB!” again as Brody goes to the ring. Brody CHOPS Nick, then CHOPS him again! Tag to Buddy, he pump handles Nick, but Nick wheelbarrows to victory roll! TWO!!

Buddy hurries after Nick but Nick ENZIGURIS! Buddy tags Brody, and Nick has no one! Brody SPLASHES Nick, TOSSES him, then watches him go to another corner. Brody runs into BOOTS from Nick! Nick dodges the splash, Brody drags Nick back but Nick slides under. Nick SCREW HIGH KICKS Brody! Hot tag to Omega! Brody staggers while Omega climbs up, CROSSBODY! Buddy runs in, Omega POLISH HAMMERS him! Malakai runs in, he gets a POLISH HAMMER, too! Omega watches Brody stand, DISCUS POLISH HAMMER! But Brody stays up! Omega dropkicks the legs out! Omega keeps moving, KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!

Omega grits his teeth and fans rally up. Omega drags Brody up, fireman’s carries, “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” ROLLING SENTON, MOONSAULT, but onto knees! Buddy runs in to SHOTGUN Omega into the Bucks! Buddy then has Omega in the corner and the House takes a corner each. Brody barks and the fans join in, but the Bucks SUPERKICK Malakai and Buddy! Brody CANNONBALLS into buckles! Omega BLINDSIDE V-TRIGGERS!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Omega had Brody too close to the ropes, but he vows to finish this! Omega drags Brody up, and tries to Electric Chair Lift, but Brody throws down hands.

Omega LCUBS away on Brody, and goes to full nelson. But Brody breaks free to LARIAT Omega right down! Fans fire up, a standing count begins, and both men crawl. Brody tags Buddy, Buddy tags Malakai, and the House drags Omega up. Double suplex, but Nick saves Omega from Dante’s Inferno! Nick shoves Brody into Buddy, but Malakai blocks the superkick to ROUNDHOUSE! Malakai blocks a V-Trigger to JUMP KNEE! Malakai waistlocks, Omega switches, but Malakai rolling leg clutches! CALF KILLER! But Matt is up top, MACHO ELBOW on Malakai! Omega hobbles up, but into a ROLLING ELBOW from Brody!

The Bucks get in, they DOUBLE SUPERKICK Brody! Buddy is up top, leaps, Nick shoves Matt away only to take the METEORA! Matt SUPERKICKS Buddy! Cravat, SUPERKICK for Malakai, then SLICED BREAD! But Malakai KNEES Matt down! Fans are thunderous as Malakai and Omega are the only ones left in the ring. Omega staggers up, Malakai glares right at him. Omega eggs Malakai on, they both step forward, and the forearms start flying! Fans rally as the shots go faster and faster! Malakai body shots, ELBOW JABS, but Omega V-TRIGGERS! Omega runs, blocks a boot, but not the KNEE!

Malakai runs but into a V-TRIGGER!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous again! A standing count starts, the Bucks coach Omega but Julia is lurking. Nick aims, Julia grabs Nick’s foot! Nick glares at Julia, but Brody catches him for a SLEEPER!! But Matt SUPERKICKS Brody! Nick is free, Brody stays up, but Matt kicks the legs out! SUPERKICK again! Omega V-TRIGGERS Brody off the apron! Julia is shocked, but Malakai rises! Omega turns around, into a KICK! Malakai KICKS, KICKS, but Omega blocks to spin Malakai for a SNAP DRAGON! And then another SNAP DRAGON! Malakai flounders and Omega wants more!

Omega aims, but Julia gets on the apron. Omega and Julia stare down, Omega tells her to get down. But he turns around, ducks Black Mass! Electric Chair, but Malakai slips free! Omega runs in, Malakai dodges, V-TRIGGER hits JULIA!! Omega shrugs, but turns around into BLACK MASS!!!! Cover, NICK BREAKS IT!! Brody and Buddy mug Nick and throw him out! They drag Omega up, “This is Awesome!” DANTE’S INFERNO!!! Malakai drags Omega to a cover, MATT BREAKS IT!! Buddy and Brody throw him out now. Buddy WRECKS the Bucks with a dropkick, then moves as Brody DIVES! Direct hit and the Bucks hit barriers!

Brody whips Matt OVER barriers, and Buddy does the same to Nick! Omega is all alone, surrounded by the House of Black. Fans are thunderous but Malakai has Buddy and Brody stand down. But the Bucks drag them out! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Omega grabs Malakai’s foot, Nick SUPERKICKS! Matt SUPERKICKS! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! Malakai goes down, Buddy returns, but he gets DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Brody returns, he gets TRIPLE SUPERKICKS! Fans are thunderous, Omega tags Matt! The Bucks drag Malakai up, Omega coordinates, B T E V TRIGGER!!! Cover, BUDDY BREAKS IT!!!

Buddy TOSSES Nick, drags Matt up, but Matt gets around to waistlock. Buddy ELBOWS Matt away to a corner. Buddy runs in, Matt dodges and Nick GAMANGIRIS! The Bucks want to finish this and they call their shot! Matt gut wrenches Malakai, Nick springboards and flips, into Buddy’s KNEE!!! Matt is shocked, BLACK MASS!! The House regroups, DANTE’S INFERNO!!!! Cover, THE HOUSE OF BLACK WINS!!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall (NEW AEW World Trios Champions)

The shadows crept up on the light quickly and quietly, and now the darkness has eclipsed the light! The Elite has fallen, will all of All Elite Wrestling soon #FadeToBlack?


AEW Women’s World Championship Triple Threat: Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker VS Saraya w/ Toni Storm VS Ruby Soho!

An AEW homegrown talent, an outsider from the world of sports entertainment, and the Runaway who is blazing her own path are all colliding with gold on the line! #HayterHitsHard, but can she hit hard enough to defend her home? Will Saraya prove she IS the Revolution when she makes this her house? Or will there be no future but the one where Ruby reigns?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly the face of women’s wrestling!

The bell rings and Saraya eggs on Soho, only for Hayter to go right at her! Soho gets clear as Hayter whips Saraya at a corner. Hayter runs in to back body block Saraya, then she rushes Soho. Soho dodges and comes back, but Hayter runs her over! Hayter keeps moving, she runs Soho over again. Hayter still keeps moving, only for Saraya to trip her up and drag her out! Saraya sends Hayter right into steel steps! Fans boo but Saraya RAMS Hayter into barriers! And then into more barriers! And then she tosses Hayter OVER barriers! Saraya says this is HER house, but Soho MISSILE DROPKICKS Saraya from the apron!

Fans fire up for Soho as she TOSSES Saraya over the barrier! Hayter is there to throw hands, but Soho gets an assist from security to get up and CROSSBODY! Direct hit on both Hayter and Saraya and the ref hurries after them. The ref wants this back in the ring but it’s not like there are count-outs. Ruby ROCKS Saraya, drags Hayter up and throws hands with her now. Saraya and Hayter mug Soho, Saraya ROCKS and CLUBS Soho, then follows her through the crowd. Soho mule kicks, smacks Saraya off barriers, but Hayter throws hands on Soho! Soho ROCKS Hayter, CHOPS her, then CHOPS Saraya right next to her!

Fans fire up, Soho runs but Saraya and Hayter DOUBLE FLAPJACK Soho on the barrier! Soho falls and Saraya ROCKS Hayter! Hayter tumbles to ringside and Saraya follows after. Storm talks some trash while Saraya CLUBS Hayter. Saraya puts Hayter in, stomps her down, then HEADBUTTS her! Saraya stands Hayter up to stomp a mudhole, then digs her boot in. Saraya soaks up the heat as she stomps another mudhole in! Britt and Saraya insult each other, then Saraya YANKS and SLAMS Hayter from the corner! Cover, TWO! Saraya drags Hayter up again, puts her through ropes, and then goes to the apron.

Saraya fires off knee after knee on Hayter! Fans boo but Saraya soaks it up as Hayter flops to the apron. Saraya drags Hayter up, but Hayter blocks the suplex. Britt coaches Hayter, Hayter throws body shots then POSTS Saraya! Then APRON URENAGE! Storm hurries over to check on Saraya while Hayter goes to the ring. But Soho is waiting! CROSSBODY! Soho rallies with elbows, then a whip. Hayter reverses, but Soho comes back to STO! Cover, TWO! Right into a SLEEPER! Soho thrashes Hayter around, grinds her down, and fans rally. Hayter fights up, Soho squeezes as tight as she can, but she’s a backpack now!

Saraya returns, she fires forearms on Hayter. Hayter fires back, even with Soho still on her! Hayter RAMS Soho into buckles, gets free, then runs to back elbow Saraya. Hayter runs to elbow Ruby, then whips Ruby into Saraya to SANDWICH them in the corner! DOUBLE SUPLEX! Fans fire up, Hayter runs, DOUBLE LARIATS! Cover on Saraya, TWO! Cover on Soho, TWO! Hayter is frustrated but fans fire up as she powers up again. Hayter kisses the bicep, drags Soho up and waistlocks, but Soho throws elbows. Saraya runs in, Soho ducks and the forearm ROCKS Hayter! Soho blocks Saraya’s kick to KNEE her!

Hayter BOOTS Soho! Saraya gets Hayter for the LIGHTNING SPIRAL! Soho gets Saraya with a SAIDO! Soho runs at Hayter, but into a HAYTEBREAKER! All three women are down and fans fire up again! Fans rally for Hayter as all three women stir. Hayter CLUBS Soho, Saraya CLUBS Hayter but Soho ROCKS Saraya! They continue to throw forearms in rotation, but Soho and Hayter pinball Saraya around! Saraya mule kicks Hayter, SLAPS Soho, then SLAPS them both! Saraya shouts “STOP! Ow.” Soho and Hayter mug Saraya! They stomp her down, then Hayter swings on Soho. Soho blocks the haymaker to kick a leg out!

Soho runs and SPIKE-RANAS Hayter down! Cover, TWO!! Hayter survives and Soho is fuming. Soho drags Hayter over to a drop zone and she goes up top. Hayter stands to trip Soho first! Hayter fires hands, climbs up after Soho, and fans duel between the two. Hayter brings Soho up but Soho resists. Saraya returns, she adds on, TOWER OF DOOM! High stack on Hayter, TWO!! Saraya drags Soho around, steps through the legs, and has the QUEEN ANGELITO!! Soho endures, but Hayter CLOBBERS Saraya!! Storm distracts the ref! Hayter DECKS Storm! Saraya kicks Hayter low and reels her in, KNIGHTFALL!!

But now Britt distracts! Turnabout is fair play! Saraya swings but Britt ROCKS her! Soho gets Saraya, DESTINATION UNKNOWN!! Cover, HAYTER BREAKS IT! Fans are thunderous again while Soho is furious! Soho sits Hayter up, “This is Awesome!” as the two start throwing forearms back and forth! Soho mule kicks, wrenches and- NO, Hayter blocks the No Future kick! To BOOT her, and ripcord, but Saraya rushes in! HAYTERADE hits Saraya!! Soho hurries to O’Conner Roll Hayter! TWO!! Soho comes back, Hayter ducks the kick to roll her up, TWO! Hayter snatches a ghost pin, HAYTER WINS!!

Winner: Jamie Hayter, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Hayter snatches victory away, and Storm BLASTS Britt for it! Then she gets in to CLOBBER Hayter! Fans boo as Storm throws down hands and even stomps! Soho doesn’t really care, she’s upset that she lost like that. Britt gets up, she goes after Storm and Saraya! But Storm DECKS her! Saraya stomps Hayter, fans boo and Soho stands back up. She TOSSES Saraya out, then TOSSES Storm out! Soho says the outsiders don’t run this, this is THEIR home! That is to say, Soho is team homegrown! Hayter raises Soho’s hand, but Soho hits NO FUTURE!! Britt runs in, into DESTINATION UNKNOWN!!

Fans boo, is Soho really an outsider?! Storm shoves a cameraman, BUSTS his camera up, and then Saraya shouts at the others to get out of her face! Saraya offers Soho a spray paint can, and she takes it! Soho was the third outsider, brother! She sprays L’s on Britt and Hayter! Will this trio in the AEW Women’s Division bring about a new order?


Texas Death Match: Jon Moxley VS Hangman Page!

The first time they faced off, the Maniac beat the Cowboy by concussion. In the rematch, Hangman returns the favor. In the third match, Moxley snatched victory from the jaws of defeat with a roll-up. And now, the fourth fight could be the last. Who will win what very well could be the scariest, most brutal match in AEW history?

It seems the Cowboy has leveled up into the Ghost Rider, given he’s coming out to that song by The Outlaws. And then he doesn’t wait very long, he attacks Moxley during his entrance! The bell rings to get this on record as Hangman throws hands on Moxley! They go through the crowd, Moxley throws hands back as fans fire up for “COWBOY SH*T!” Hangman gets the edge, he stalks Moxley through the crowd, then ROCKS him! Fans love being this close tot he action, and then Hangman runs Moxley all the way to ringside and into barriers! Moxley is down, the ten count starts, but Hangman drags Moxley up and into the ring.

Fans rally, Moxley goes to a corner, and Hangman runs in. Hangman avoids the lariat to CHOP! Moxley CHOPS, Hangman throws a forearm, then they both throw CHOPS! Moxley finally takes off his vest and shirt, Hangman and Moxley CHOP back and forth again! Moxley fires a forearm, Hangman gives it back, repeat! Fans are torn, the fight gets fast ‘n’ furious! Hangman runs, but Moxley DECKS him! A standing count starts, but Moxley goes out to find himself some barbed wire! Fans fire up as Hangman stands at 5 of 10, but Moxley slides into the ring. Moxley brings that wire and goes after Hangman’s face!

Hangman blocks the wire, and he digs it into Moxley’s forehead!! Hangman lets off because his own hands are getting hurt. Hangman then BOOTS Moxley down! Moxley is in a corner, Hangman storms up to stomp a mudhole into him! Hangman lets off to grab the barbed wire for himself. Hangman wraps it around his shoe while Moxley flounders. Moxley is busted open already, but Hangman gets those arms. Hangman STOMPS, but Moxley manages to block! Moxley trips Hangman and throws down fists! Moxley even BITES Hangman’s forehead! Moxley lets off to get more barbed wire! Moxley makes it a knuckle duster, to BARBED WIRE PUNCH Hangman!

Fans are torn while the count starts on Hangman. Hangman sits up and then stands at 5 of 10. Moxley brings something out of his boot. It’s a FORK?!!? Fans are freaking out as Moxley aims at Hangman. Moxley storms up, but Hangman TACKLES Moxley! They fight for the fork! Moxley has a TRIANGLE HOLD, and he JABS AWAY AT HANGMAN’S FOREHEAD!!! He even DIGS into the skin!! Hangman is bloodied almost instantly, and it’s splattered all over Moxley! It sounds like fans are chanting both “HOLY SH*T!” and “YOU SICK F***!” But Moxley doesn’t care, he KNEES Hangman down!

A standing count starts on Hangman as Moxley shows off the bloody fork. Moxley brings out chairs from under the ring, puts them in the ring, and then he JABS the fork into Hangman’s forehead again!! Moxley then goes looking for more, and he brings out more chairs. But those aren’t enough for Moxley, he finds a BARBED WIRE WRAPPED CHAIR! Hangman flounders but Moxley has the barbed wire chair and he wedges it into a corner. Hangman stands, and he fires forearms on Moxley! Then whips him at the corner! Moxley stops, dodges, and Hangman hits barbed wire chair face first!!! Fans are freaking out but Moxley just grins.

The count starts on Hangman, he sits up at 5 of 10 but Moxley goes back to the barbed wire chair. Hangman stands, flops back over, and Moxley sets the barbed wire chair down. Moxley turns Hangman onto the chair, to then have a HALF CRAB!! Hangman endures the hold and the wires digging into him! Hangman refuses to quit, so Moxley turns Hangman over and gives him DRAGON STOMPS! Moxley lets off, many fans are speechless, and Moxley picks up the chair. To SMACK Hangman on the back with it!! Hangman writhes from barbed wire to the back! Moxley lets the count climb while he goes looking for more things.

Moxley brings the normal chairs into the ring, Hangman staggers up at 7 of 10, but fans chant, “WE WANT TABLES!” Well for now, Moxley sets up his chairs so they sit facing each other, and then he stomps Hangman down. Moxley has the loose barbed wire, he turns the chairs to sit back to back, and then places the wire on the wedge! Moxley brings Hangman over, but Hangman fireman’s carries! Moxley fights free, climbs up and he rains down fists! Fans count along, all the way PAST ten! Moxley then BITES Hangman’s bloody forehead!! But Hangman gets Moxley up, POWERBOMB to the barbed wire wedge!!!

Fans are losing their minds all over again while the count is on both men! Moxley manages to stand at 5 of 10, then he flops to the apron. Hangman stands at 6, he storms after Moxley with the loose wire. Hangman BOOTS Moxley from the apron, then goes up the corner with the wire. Hangman does his best to wrap his body with the wire! Double-edged as it is, Hangman hits the ARIHARA MOONSAULT!!! Direct hit and fans lose their minds again! Hangman unwraps himself, Moxley flounders with an even bigger crimson mask, but Hangman puts him in the ring. Fans rally and Hangman brings out another plain chair.

Hangman sits the chair at the ramp, then he brings a barbed wire panel into play! Hangman sets that against the chair like a ramp, goes back for Moxley, but Moxley hits a CUTTER! Fans are torn, the count starts again, but Moxley keeps searching for things. He brings out more plain chairs, Hangman stands at 5 of 10, and fans still want tables. Hangman rests in a corner while Moxley is deep under the ring in his search. Moxley comes out, having found a CHAIN, and some BRICKS! Moxley brings those into the ring, and he grabs Hangman’s hand! Hangman resists but Moxley has the other brick! He sandwiches the fingers in the bricks! THEN STOMPS IT!!!

Hangman writhes and clutches his fingers! The count starts again but Moxley is again plotting. Moxley brings the chain over, gathers it up, and fans duel. Moxley drags Hangman over, to PILEDRIVER onto the chain!!! Moxley’s crimson mask is complete but he’s the one in control. Moxley gathers up the chain again as Hangman stands at 6 of 10. Moxley stomps Hangman down, turns him over and ties up the legs, with the chain! Hangman is in a FULL METAL REGAL STRETCH! Hangman endures, and BITES Moxley’s hand! Fans fire up, Hangman flips Moxley off and SLAPS him! But that was the bad hand!

Moxley goes out in a huff and he grabs those other chairs. Moxley sets those up at ringside while Hangman is still dealing with the standing count. Moxley puts the second of the barbed wire boards on the chair, it’s a makeshift table! Moxley stands on Hangman’s bad hand to keep him down, then he sets the barbed wire chair down nearby. Moxley reels Hangman in, but Hangman resists the lift! Hangman Alabama Lifts, but Moxley slips off! SLEEPER! But Hangman SAIDOS! Moxley stands up, but into a LARIAT! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as Moxley and Hangman both sit up.

Hangman grabs some loose wire and puts it around his forearm. BARBED WIRE ROLLING ELBOW! AND ANOTHER! AND- BOOT from Moxley! Moxley runs, knees Hangman, then runs again. But Hangman scoops Moxley, to FALL AWAY SLAM onto the barbed wire chair!! Then Alabama Lift, for DEADYE onto the barbed wire chair!!! Fans lose their minds all over again while both men are subject to the standing count. The count passes 5, Hangman crawls to ropes and Moxley sits up at 7. Hangman stands at 8, but Moxley is up at 9, then flops out of the ring. Hangman PLANCHAS him right down onto the barbed wire panel!!

Fans are freaking out again, and Moxley laughs?! Moxley is having fun because of how truly twisted he is! Hangman goes back to the apron, Moxley stands up at 6, bleeding from both front and back. Moxley gets in the ring, flounders to grab anything, but Hangman goes up the corner. So Moxley hits the ropes to trip Hangman up! Hangman straddles the corner, Moxley sets up a chair nearby. Moxley climbs up, underhooks, but Hangman resists. Moxley CLAWS Hangman’s back! But Hangman CLAWS Moxley’s back right back! Then Hangman Alabama Lifts, but Moxley CLUBS Hangman’s legs!

Moxley grabs the loose barbed wire Hangman left behind! Moxley brings it up, and DIGS it into Hangman’s back! And then HAMMERS away on the wire! Moxley then takes the wire, but Hangman DIGS it into Moxley’s face! Moxley sits down in his chair, and Hangman adjusts. But Moxley SHOVES Hangman down onto the other barbed wire board!! Hangman is down and the standing count begins. He’s still down at 5, and Moxley watches him like a hawk, or maybe a vulture. We’re at 8! Hangman springs up at 9.9!! Hangman gets in the ring and Moxley is fuming. Moxley runs in to KING KONG LARIAT Hangman right down!

The count restarts, Moxley paces around, but Hangman sits up at 6! Hangman eggs Moxley on so Moxley kicks him. They start throwing SLAPS, then HAYAMKERS! Hangman whips, Moxley comes back, LARIAT! Hangman stays up to LARIAT right back!! And speaking of lariats, Hangman goes to the apron, BUCKSHOT- NO! Moxley catches Hangman, spins him around, DEATH RIDER!!! Then CURB STOMP to a BRICK!! Moxley is confident this time, and Hangman is still down at 5 of 10 while fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Wait, Hangman stands at 8!? Moxley just wraps on a REAR NAKED CHOKE!!!

Hangman flails, fights up, but Moxley squeezes tight again! Hangman is fading! But Moxley drops Hangman to let the count finish him. The count is 5 of 10 again while Moxley wraps his hand in chain. Moxley tells Hangman to stay down, but Hangman just grabs the other end of the chain! Moxley and Hangman reel each other in, Hangman LARIATS!! Hangman then grabs the bricks, and stands them up the tall way! Alabama Lift, but Moxley fights free! Moxley suplexes, Hangman slips free, and he has the SLEEPER! Hangman adds the chain to the hold! But Moxley LOW BLOWS!! Fans boo because legal or not, that’s cheap!

Moxley has the chain, he wants Hangman to stand, and Hangman BRICKS Moxley in the head!! Fans are thunderous again as Hangman resets on the apron! Moxley flips Hangman off! Slingshot, BUCKSHOT!!! Then CHAIN LARIAT!! Hangman makes it a CHAIN NOOSE!!! Moxley is suffocating! Moxley TAPS, Hangman WINS!!!

Winner: Hangman Page, by submission

This was truly the bloodiest, scariest, most brutal match in AEW history, and certainly befitting of the stipulation’s infamous legacy! The Blackpool Combat Club appears to get Moxley out of there, how well will he recover after this? As for Hangman, was this Texas Death Match the key to new life in AEW?


AEW TNT Championship: Samoa Joe VS Wardlow!

The One True King of Professional Wrestling Television built his kingdom on a foundation of betrayal, brutality and a personal attack that cut to the core. But the wolves are out and THIS IS WAR! Will Joe no longer reign in Wardlow’s World? Or will this be where the war ends?

The introductions are made, the TNT title is raised, and one way or another, the grudge will be put to rest!

The bell rings and Wardlow rushes in! He fires off on Joe but Joe bails out. Joe drags Wardlow out but Wardlow fires off hands! Wardlow CLUBS Joe, RAMS him into the apron, then ROCKS him! Wardlow RAMS Joe into barriers, stomps him down, then brings him back up. Wardlow puts Joe in, brings Joe up at the ropes, but Joe HOTSHOTS Wardlow down. Joe builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit with that tope elbow! Fans rally and duel, and Joe CHOPS Wardlow, to then POST him! Joe stalks Wardlow, kicks him low, then CHOPS him again. Joe puts Wardlow in the ring, Wardlow goes to a corner, and Joe storms up to JAB and JAB and JAB!

Joe lets off as the ref counts to soak up the cheers and jeers. Joe goes back to Wardlow, whips him corner to corner, but Wardlow goes up for WHISPER IN THE WIND! Wardlow RAMS into Joe again and again and again! Wardlow UPPERCUTS and fans chant for him. Wardlow whips corner to corner hard and Joe bounces off buckles. Wardlow rains down forearms and fists from all sides! Wardlow lets off, then he brings Joe back up. Wardlow snap suplexes Joe! Then he CLUBS away on Joe with crossface forearms and elbows! Wardlow then runs to drop an elbow! Wardlow paces around Wardlow while fans rally up again.

Wardlow stands Joe up, CHOPS him, then stalks him to a corner. Wardlow RAMS into Joe, and again, and then backs off to run in and clothesline! Joe flounders onto ropes, Hobbs is watching from the skybox, and Wardlow CHOKES Joe! Wardlow lets off at the ref’s count, he brings Joe up to a fireman’s carry, but Joe slips off to KICK Wardlow! Wardlow swings, misses, and Joe sweeps the legs! Joe stomps Wardlow, stalks him to ropes, but Wardlow kicks from below. Joe JABS, JABS and fires off hands! Joe ELBOWS Wardlow in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Wardlow reverses, runs in, but into the URENAGE!

Fans fire up, Hobbs likes what he sees, and Joe soaks it all up. Joe stomps Wardlow’s legs, then KICKS him. Wardlow hobbles, Joe KICKS the leg out! Wardlow crawls and Joe eggs him on. Joe JABS, Wardlow throws haymakers! They go back and forth, then Joe KICKS the leg out! Joe grabs it for a HEEL HOOK! Wardlow endures, his shoulders are down, ONE as he sits up. ROPEBREAK! Joe lets go and Wardlow clutches his knee. Joe stalks Wardlow, KICKS his bad leg again, then JABS him! And JABS! JABS! Joe runs, but Wardlow hits a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up and Wardlow snarls as he paces.

Wardlow CLOBBERS Joe, fireman’s carries, and manages the F5!! Wardlow hurries to a corner, he climbs up top, and SWANTON BOMBS!! Cover, TWO!! Joe survives and Wardlow grows frustrated. Wardlow stalks Joe, stands him up, and winds up, but swings into a SLEEPER! Joe squeezes tight, Wardlow pries at the hold, but Joe drags him down! COQUINA CLUTCH!! Wardlow endures, but Joe’s body scissors also trap an arm! Wardlow reaches out with his one arm, crawls his way over, but he’s fading! Fans rally up, Wardlow gets a second wind! Wardlow fights over, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Joe lets go in frustration as Wardlow survives by a literal foot.

Joe glares up where Hobbs is watching from. Wardlow drags himself up at the ropes and Joe brings him around to fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Joe is annoyed, Hobbs keeps watching, and Joe drags Wardlow back up. Joe bumps Wardlow off buckles, hoists him up top, and then clinches. But Wardlow fights with forearms! Joe CHOPS Wardlow! Wardlow wobbles, Joe climbs up, but Wardlow slips under! RUNNING POWERBOMB! Wardlow roars, and he gets Joe back up, only for Joe to LARIAT! Fans fire up while Joe has a wild look in his eyes. He mocks the conducting of the choir!

Joe drags Wardlow up, reels him in, and continues to conduct. But Wardlow slips free of the bomb to HEADBUTT!! And SLEEPER!! Wardlow steals the COQUINA CLUTCH!! Joe endures, but he’s fading fast! The arm drops once! Then twice, then THREE TIMES! WARDLOW WINS!!!

Winner: Wardlow, by submission (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

What a shocker! Not so much that Wardlow won, but that he used Joe’s own move to finish him! But now Hobbs conducts the choir. Will the Book of Hobbs have his own take on the Powerbomb Symphony? Or will the Maestro of Mayhem survive facing the Face of the Revolution?


AEW World Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way: The Gunns VS The Acclaimed VS Team Triple J VS #OrangeHausen!

Austin & Colten got no respect, but they still got the titles! Will they survive with the odds stacked against them? Will Max Caster & Anthony Bowens become TWO-TIME champions? Perhaps Sonjay Dutt’s guarantee of Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal becoming champions will come true? Or perhaps Orange Cassidy becomes a Freshly Squeezed champ-champ?

But of course, Platinum Max has a diss track! “The Acclaimed ’bout to get the crowd open. In San Fran, but we ’bout to go Oakland. In the Golden State, giving Golden Showers. The Ass Boys have the belts but they know it’s ours. Y’all’re just the weakest champs. Looking like single moms in your cheetah pants! Y’all’re A-holes with some B star talent. Yo, Jeff, man, you forgot your Cialis.” Bowens then says, “SAN! FRAN! CISCOOO~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS!” And he does! The introductions are made, the tag titles are raised, and we see who defies the odds!

In this Fatal 4, only two teams are legal at a time, so Jarrett and Cassidy start. Jarrett tells Cassidy he will NOT be putting his hands in his pockets. Cassidy and Jarrett circle, approach, and then Jarrett dodges so he can strut. Fans boo, Cassidy sighs, but he and Jarrett circle. They approach, then Cassidy dodges Jarrett! Cassidy “struts” and it pisses Jarrett off! And then, HANDS IN POACKETS! Dodge, SHOTGUN, and kip up! Fans fire up, Colten runs in but gets hit with a back drop! Lethal tags in but gets a back drop! Austin gets a back drop! Jarrett runs in but backs off as Cassidy shows punch! Cassidy has Lethal in the corner and Danhausen tags in.

Danhausen whips Cassidy at Lethal, but well, it’s Cassidy so he’s going in slow-mo. Danhausen runs to clothesline Lethal, then runs in again to clothesline! Then again! Cassidy finally arrives, winds up, and he whips Lethal into Danhausen’s scoop. But Jarrett makes the save and Triple J mug OrangeHausen. They double whip Danhausen but he BOOTS Jarrett and RANAS Lethal! Danhausen spins Lethal around, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, Jarrett breaks it! Jarrett stomps Danhausen, but Lethal drags Danhausen up. Lethal bumps Danhausen off Austin’s boot, then Colten tags in to stomp Danhausen.

Fans boo but Colten ROCKS Danhausen! Colten talks trash, he and Austin soak up the heat, but San Fran call them “ASS~ BOYS~!” Colten and Austin are upset by that, but Colten stands Danhausen up to DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Colten tags Austin, Austin brings Danhausen up to suplex. Danhausen slips free, waistlocks, Austin switches. Colten runs in but Danhausen BOOTS him! Danhausen dodges Austin, tag to Cassidy! Cassidy bumps Austin, he bumps Colten, then repeat! Cassidy goes up, CROSSBODY on Colten! Cassidy dodges Austin to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cassidy DIVES onto Colten! Then hurries back in, kips up and throws off the elbow pad!

Fans fire up but Austin tags out to Lethal! The elbow pad goes back on, and Lethal fires hands with Cassidy! Fans fire up, Lethal knees low and fireman’s carries. Cassidy slips off, shoves, but runs into a LETHAL COMBINATION! Lethal soaks up the cheers and jeers, then drags Cassidy up. Lethal suplexes, but Cassidy hits STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Hot tag to Caster! Caster scoops and SLAMS Lethal, then tags Bowens. Bowens goes up and Caster has the legs, but Jarrett ROCKS Bowens! Caster scoops and SLAMS Jarrett! Caster has Jarrett’s legs, but Sonjay gets in! Caster blocks his kick, and trips him up!

Caster holds Sonjay open, Bowens says SCISSOR ME TIMBERS!! Sonjay takes a shot to his pencil! Bowens and Caster… SCISSOR FINGER! But the Gunns CLOBBER them! Fans boo as the Ass Boys beat down The Acclaimed. Lethal then drags Bowens up to bump him off buckles and stomp a mudhole in. The ref reprimands, Lethal lets off, but Jarrett CHOKES Bowens! Lethal tags Jarrett in, Triple J double whip, but Bowens reverses. Jarrett gets Bowens for a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Jarrett stomps away, stands Bowens up and ROCKS him! Tag to Lethal, and he KNEES Bowens down! Lethal drags Bowens to then tag Colten.

Colten stomps Bowens, then brings Bowens up. Tag to Austin, they whip, hit and knee lift to a LARIAT! Austin covers, TWO! Austin drags Bowens up, reels him in, and suplexes Bowens to hold him up! Colten and Triple J BLAST the rest of the opponents, then Austin SLAMS Bowens down! Triple J & Ass Boys strut to GROUP FINGER! But Bowens CHOPS Lethal! Bowens gets mugged by the others, then Austin drags Bowens up. Tag to Jarrett, tag to Lethal, and they get Bowens up. Bowens slips free to send Lethal into Jarrett’s outlaw! Hot tag to Caster! Caster rallies on Triple J! Austin runs away, Caster dodges Lethal!

Caster CHOPS Jarrett, SUPERKICKS him, then whips Lethal. Lethal reverses but Caster CLOBBERS him! And kips up! Fans fire up as Caster “pulls the straps down,” for the OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, Jarrett breaks it! Jarrett DECKS Bowens, wrenches Caster, and reels Caster in, but no Stroke! Shove, fireman’s carry, but Lethal SUPERKICKS! Triple J double whip Caster up and out hard! But the Gunns BLAST Triple J! They just betrayed the alliance! But Satnam Singh gets in! He double choke grips and SHOVES the Gunns up and out! But DANHAUSEN is back! Danhausen glares at the giant, and CURSES- Wait, Sonjay gets in the way!

Danhausen takes Sonjay’s pencil to BREAK IT! Sonjay swings on Danhausen but gets dumped out! So Satnam choke grips Danhausen! ORANGE PUNCH OUTTA NOWHERE!! And DICK PUNCH OUTTA NOWHERE! Billy Gunn gets in, GIANT FAMOUSER!!! “SUCK IT!” Fans are thunderous for Daddy Ass, but the Ass Boys DOUBLE LOW BLOW him! The Gunns tell their dad to “SUCK IT!” but then The Acclaimed get in! They CLOBBER and rally on the Ass Boys! Austin gest tossed, Colten gets the Five Tool Strike Fest! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, and a SHINING WIZARD! Austin returns, but into the ARRIVAL!!

Caster is up top, for the MIC DROP!! Cover, but Colten uses Bowens to break it!! Bowens whips but Colten sends Bowens out. Bowens drags Colten out to join him, ROLLING ELBOW! Bowens says bye, and he whips, but Colten reverses to TOSS Bowens to the crowd! Jarrett tags in off Austin then tosses him! Lethal gives Jarrett his guitar! Jarrett aims at Caster, but Caster ducks the smash hit! Caster kicks low, and he snatches the guitar! Fans fire up, the ref says no, there are still disqualifications! Caster wants to but the ref takes the guitar. Lethal GOLDEN GLOBE SHOTS Caster! THE STROKE!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Fans are thunderous that Caster survives! Jarrett argues the count but two is two! Jarrett gets in the ref’s face but the ref warns him. Jarrett shoves the ref so the ref shoves back! Austin tags in, and he TOSSES Jarrett onto Lethal! Danhausen rolls Austin up! TWO!!! Austin runs in, only gets buckles, then Danhausen GERMAN SUPLEXES! Danhausen takes off his elbow pad, and CURSES Austin! But Austin dodges the boot! 3:10 TO YUMA!!! Cover, The Gunns win!!

Winners: The Gunns, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Ass Boys or not, that win showed actual tag team savvy and opportunistic thinking! Renee joins The Gunns to congratulate them on the win, despite the fans being upset. How do Austin & Colten feel? Austin has a question: “Who’s an Ass Boy now?!” “YOU!” Colten demands respect! They beat FTR, they beat The Acclaimed, they beat Triple J! They are THE best tag team in the world! WAIT! F T R is BACK!!! Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood are 100% and ready to fight! They storm down to the ring as fans are thunderous, and the Gunns take them on! They brawl, Cash with Colten and Dax with Austin!

Dax clotheslines Austin out, Cash beats on Colten! They set Colten up, SPIKE PILEDRIVER!! Austin returns, into the SHATTER MACHINE!! FTR gave the Ass Boys the beating the fans have wanted to see, and they pick up the belts! Will Cash & Dax return to the top of the tag team division where they belong?


AEW World Championship One Hour Ironman Match: MJF VS Bryan Danielson!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman proudly considers himself the Devil of AEW, and has done truly sinister things, all in the name of establishing himself as the best in the world. But he can’t stand that the world says the American Dragon is the best. Will MJF do anything and everything he can to prove he truly is the best? Or will there be no denying Bryan Danielson after this?

While Bryan’s theme is normal, MJF has a string orchestra to play his live, and in much more a sinister tone. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we’re one hour away from the fate of AEW!

Fans fire up already as the two stare down. Fans chant “YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR EFFING HEAD KICKED IN!” to quote Bryan from Wednesday. Bryan and MJF circle, feel things out, but Bryan is toying with MJF a bit. MJF bails out and fans boo, but MJF cools off before getting back in. MJF and Bryan circle, tie up, and MJF arm-drags. MJF flexes and smirks, then he mocks the Yes hands. Bryan and MJF circle again, tie up again, and Bryan wrenches to a hammerlock. MJF switches that onto Bryan, but Bryan drops, trips MJF, and has a standing toehold! Bryan then turns MJF over, hooks up the legs, and SNAPS the deathlock!

Bryan shifts, and has a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! MJF endures, so Bryan sets him up into a SURFBOARD CRADLE! TWO! MJF grabs at Bryan’s legs but Bryan dares him to figure this out. They go around, Bryan has the arm, but MJF rolls free! Fans fire up for the technical exchange but MJF is frustrated. Bryan does jumping jacks just to show off. The two circle again, feel things out, but MJF kicks low. MJF does jumping jacks just to mock Bryan, but Bryan whips MJF away. MJF runs Bryan over, things speed up, but Bryan hurdles and hip tosses! MJF kangaroo kicks but Bryan headlocks. MJF powers out but Bryan runs MJF over!

Things keep moving, MJF hurdles and hip tosses but now Bryan kangaroo kicks. MJF scoops and SLAMS but misses the elbow drop! Bryan drop toeholds, MJF avoids the elbow to headlock takeover, buy Bryan headscissors. MJF kips free, rolls reverse, and then again, then MJF arm-drags! Bryan arm-drags, and both men kip up! Fans are thunderous for this technical showdown! This alone might’ve just proven MJF can really wrestle! MJF cools off, and he offers a handshake. That, fans don’t trust. Bryan wonders, and he kicks the hand away! MJF avoids the roundhouse and bails out to go out into the crowd!

MJF stares down fans, throws trash at them, then paces around. A ring count starts, MJF takes a fan’s drink and splashes their child with it! MJF smirks and goes back to ringside. The ring count is past 5 of 10, but MJF returns at 7. MJF then bails right back out, “Oh no! Is this gonna cost me a star, Dave? Maybe I won’t get the Bryan Danielson Award.” But Bryan rushes out at him! MJF slides back in, and struts. Bryan gets back in, and does jumping jacks. The two tie up, Bryan gets around but MJF switches. Bryan switches, MJF switches, repeat! Bryan full nelsons, MJF switches that onto Bryan, but Bryan drops down to victory roll! TWO!

MJF swings, misses, and Bryan has a full nelson with body scissors! MJF stays up with Bryan as a backpack, and he lets Bryan down. MJF slips out, drops, but Bryan blocks to hook up the legs! Fans fire up as Bryan goes for the arms! And then he fishhooks MJF! The ref reprimands, counts, and Bryan says he has until five. Then he STOMPS the knees! MJF crawls away, then he uses the ref as a shield! Bryan moves the ref aside and CHOPS MJF! And CHOPS! And KICKS! And KICKS! KICKS! The ref backs Bryan off, fans boo, but Bryan stays cool. Bryan storms up, but MJF yanks him into buckles!

MJF stomps a mudhole in but the ref counts. MJF lets off, he drags Bryan back up, and he whips Bryan to ropes to back drop! Fans boo but MJF just soaks it all up. MJF whips Bryan to ropes, and back drops again. MJF flips the fans off while just burning clock. MJF whips Bryan, but Bryan catches him for a cradle! TWO, and MJF kicks low. MJF whips, Bryan reverses and Bryan back drops MJF! Fans fire up and Bryan whips MJF again. For another back drop! Bryan poses a la Liger and fans fire up. Bryan UPPERCUTS MJF, UPPERCUTS again, then whips. MJF blocks, bails out, but Bryan is after him on the apron.

MJF HOTSHOTS the arm! Bryan clutches the elbow, MJF storms up on him in the corner, to run him and RAM him into buckles! MJF goes out, and he looks under the ring. MJF gets a bottle of water to take a refresher. Bryan is in a corner, MJF goes after him to whip corner to corner and WRING the arm into buckles! MJF drags Bryan into a cover, TWO! MJF grinds Bryan’s arm, but Bryan endures. Fans rally, Bryan fights up, and Bryan throws body shots. Bryan runs, but MJF throws Bryan down by his hair! MJF soaks up the heat again and goes back to Bryan. MJF throws Bryan out and then goes out after him.

MJF hammerlocks the bad arm, and RAMS Bryan into barriers! MJF tells fans to move aside, then he brings Bryan up. MJF brings Bryan around, to then put him in the ring. MJF flips off the fans but the fans flip him off in return. MJF grins, but Bryan WRECKS him with a dropkick! MJF hits barriers, and then Bryan builds speed! Bryan DIVES! But MJF sends Bryan into the barriers, shoulder first! MJF puts Bryan back in, fans duel, “M J F!” “SUCKS!” MJF has the hammerlock and facelock for an ELEVATED DDT! Cover, TWO! Bryan keeps MJF at zero but time is ticking away. MJF wraps on a keylock to keep Bryan down.

Bryan endures and fans rally up. Bryan fights up, throws body shots, but MJF knuckle locks and twists the arm. Bryan throws forearms, but MJF whips to STRAIGHT ARM SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! MJF wrenches, hammerlocks, and back suplexes on Bryan’s arm! Cover, TWO! MJF pushes Bryan down and CHOKES him! Bryan goes to a corner, MJF catches his breath and storms over. MJF stands Bryan up, wraps the bad arm around ropes and pulls! The ref counts, MJF lets off, to climb up and rain down fists! MJF reaches TEN, and we’re at 15 minutes in. MJF puts Bryan back up top, climbs up again, and he twists the arm!

Bryan throws HEADBUTTS! Bryan HEADBUTTS again and again, MJF wobbles, and Bryan adjusts. SUPER SUNSET POWERBOMB!! Both men are down and a standing count starts. Fans rally, Bryan and MJF stand, and MJF runs in, into a drop toehold into buckles! Bryan CHOPS! And KICKS! And CHOPS! KICKS! Repeat! Bryan runs corner to corner, to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps moving, he DROPKICKS again! And then a third DROPKICK! MJF wobbles. Bryan climbs up and he rains down fists! Fans count all the way to TEN! Bryan then hoists MJF up top, climbs up after him, and SUPER STEINERS! MJF writhes, Bryan pushes him to a cover, TWO!

We’re still scoreless as we near 20 minutes in. MJF crawls, Bryan aims from a corner and fans rally up. MJF stands, Bryan runs in, but into an elbow! MJF hops up, and DOUBLE STOMPS the arm! MJF steadies himself, he clamps onto Bryan’s arm again, but Bryan fights up to whip MJF away. Bryan then dodges MJF but MJF dodges Bryan. Bryan jumps, but into a POWER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! MJF shakes his head in frustration but fans continue to rally and duel. MJF grabs at Bryan but Bryan drags him down! MJF resists the LeBell Lock to CATAPULT Bryan up and out! Bryan holds on, to skin the cat, into a SUPERKICK!

Bryan falls to the floor and MJF strikes the HBK pose. Fans boo, he ain’t cute and he ain’t sexy. Bryan stands, MJF goes out to the apron and lines up a shot. MJF QUEBRADAS, but Bryan moves! MJF clutches his knee, he may’ve just jammed it! Bryan DIVES and direct hit at the ramp! Fans rally as the ring count starts. Bryan hobbles over and he stands MJF up. Bryan CHOPS MJF, puts him in the ring, and then climbs up the corner. Bryan MISSILE- NO, MJF catches Bryan into the SALT OF THE EARTH FUJIWARA! Bryan clasps hands, rolls, stands, but MJF ducks the kick to pump handle and MADE IN JAPAN!! Cover, TWO!!

Bryan survives that one and fans are thunderous! A standing count starts, both men stir at 5 of 10. Bryan and MJF sit up at 6, and MJF stands. He back suplexes, Bryan lands on his feet, ducks ‘n’ dodges, LEAPING LARIAT! Fans fire up again while both men are back down. Another standing count begins, and Bryan crawls. Both men stand, Bryan gets a cradle! TWO!! MJF runs in, into a headlock takeover! Bryan makes it a cover, TWO! MJF makes it a cover, TWO! Bryan has a cover, TWO! MJF headscissors., Bryan kips free, MJF headlocks for the takeover. TWO, Bryan has the cover, TWO! Another headscissor and kip, a backslide, TWO!

MJF gets up into Bryan’s cradle! TWO! MJF has it, TWO! Bryan has it! TWO! ROLLING CRADLE!! Fans fire up as they around and around and around, MJF has it, TWO!! MJF sunset flips, TWO! Bryan  sits on it, TWO! MJF, TWO! Bryan, TWO! ROLLING SUNSET! MJF has it again, TOW! Bryan jackknife bridges, TWO as MJF bridges!! MJF backslides now, TWO!! MJF reels Bryan in but Bryan victory rolls, TWO! MJF has it, TWO! Bryan, TWO!! MJF tackles Bryan and high stacks, TWO! MJF whips Bryan to a corner, Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, but MJF LARIATS! Bryan stands, to LARIAT! Both men are down again and fans are giving a standing ovation!

Another standing count starts as we hit 25 minutes. Both men are down at 5 of 10, and at 7. They stir, Bryan kips up at 9! Bryan aims, MJF slowly rises, and Bryan runs in, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, Bryan scores first!

MJF: 0; Bryan: 1

26 minutes to get one fall, but that just means 34 minutes to play defense! MJF flounders to a corner as he regains consciousness. Bryan aims, fans chant “YES! YES!” But then MJF FLOPS! Bryan is denied another Busaiku Knee, but he drags MJF back up. MJF LOW BLOWS!! But MJF rolls Bryan up, to score a fall! And then ANOTHER fall! MJF covers again, TWO!!

MJF: 2; Bryan: 2

The disqualification gives Bryan one point, but MJF has tied things up quick! Just as Bryan had the lead, we are back to square one because of MJF’s big brain move. MJF gets another water break then grins as he returns to the corner. MJF swaggers and soaks up the heat, then brings Bryan up through the ropes. MJF slashes his throat, fans boo, but Bryan TOSSES MJF away! MJF lands on his knees! Bryan climbs a corner, MJF stands, MISSILE DROPKICK! MJF tumbles back out of the ring and he crawls to a corner of the barriers. Bryan stalks MJF, brings him up, and CHOPS him against barriers! And KICKS! And CHOPS! And KICKS!

Bryan brings MJF around again to SMACK him off the security’s chair! Bryan refreshes the ring count, then runs in from the far side, but into a LARIAT from MJF! MJF snarls as we finally reach the halfway point, and he sits Bryan in the chair. MJF CHOPS, then gets space. MJF makes sure his pads are in place, runs, but into a LARIAT from Bryan! Bryan KICKS MJF in the chair again and again! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan gets ten of those, refreshes the count again, and then goes out to run in and BUSAIKU KNEE MJF into the barriers!! Fans are thunderous as Bryan stands over MJF. Bryan drags MJF up and puts him in the ring.

Bryan pulls MJF against the post! Bryan SLAMS the leg into the steel! MJF writhes and shouts in pain, but Bryan ROCKS him with a right. Bryan SLAMS the leg against the post again! MJF begs for mercy but Bryan just ROCKS him again. Bryan then SLAMS the leg against the post again! Bryan gets in the ring, grabs the leg, and he drops a knee on the bad knee! Bryan pulls on the leg, but MJF fishhooks Bryan’s face. Bryan pushes MJF down, and wraps on a FIGURE FOUR! MJF’s shoulders are down, TWO!! MJF is furious, he shouts, “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” He SLAPS away on Bryan but Bryan just smiles and leans back to put on the pressure!

Then Bryan sits up, to SLAP away on MJF! Bryan pushes up to add pressure, but MJF fights to turn the hold over. Bryan keeps MJF down, eggs him on, but then MJF turns things over! Only for Bryan to turn it back over! MJF gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, and Bryan lets go because he has until five. MJF clutches his leg, Bryan tells him to suck it up. Bryan KICKS MJF around, he wants to see MJF show heart! They both go to the apron, and Bryan drags MJF up. Bryan reels MJF in, Gotch holds, but MJF fights the lift! Bryan still brings MJF up, but the bad arm gives out! MJF scoops Bryan, but Bryan CLUBS the bad leg!

Bryan gets free, he KICKS the leg! MJF CLUBS the bad arm! Bryan KICKS, MJF CLUBS, repeat! Bryan gets the edge with the KICKS and MJF falls to the apron! Fans fire up as Bryan looms over MJF. Bryan drags MJF up and hoists him onto the corner. Bryan climbs up behind him, and he throws down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! MJF clings to the post but Bryan works to lift him. MJF DECKS Bryan! Bryan falls to the apron and then the floor! MJF pushes the corner camera out of the way in frustration. MJF then goes after Bryan, and POSTS him! They go to the timekeeper’s area, MJF clears the table off, and fans fire up!

MJF snarls, he drags Bryan onto the table, and then he goes to the corner. MJF climbs the corner?! MJF gets that camera out of the way, and even with a bad knee, he SUPER MACHO ELBOWS through the table!!! Fans lose their minds as MJF does something legit! But MJF still clutches his beat up leg. He tells the ref to get in the ring, and MJF wants Bryan to be counted out. The count starts, Doc Sampson checks Bryan, but somehow Bryan is still in this. The count is 5 of 10 as Bryan stirs. Bryan crawls and flounders, but we’re at 8! Bryan stands at 9, and slides in at 9.5! Fans fire up but MJF is furious!

MJF drags himself over to the ropes and goes out. MJF grabs pieces of the busted table, then fetches Bryan. MJF scoops Bryan and aims, to TOMBSTONE Bryan through what’s left of the table!! But again, double-edged because of his bad knee! We’re at the last 20 minutes and both men are down on the outside! Bryan is busted open but MJF DIGS his fingers into the wound! MJF drags Bryan up, puts him in the ring, then stands Bryan up on the apron. MJF has Bryan through the ropes, for the HEATSEEKER!! Cover, MJF scores again!

MJF: 3; Bryan: 2

MJF doesn’t continue on the covers like he did before, his knees are bothering him too much. MJF goes back outside, and gives himself another water break. MJF then returns to rain down fists on Bryan’s bloody forehead! Fans boo, the ref reprimands about closed fists, but MJF lets off. MJF soaks up the heat while Bryan’s crimson mask grows. MJF isolates Bryan’s bad arm, and he STOMPS the fingers! Bryan is so tired, he can’t even react. MJF taunts Bryan, “You’re the best in the world, huh? YOU EFFING SUCK!!” MJF stomps Bryan, then he CLAWS the wound! MJF brings up Bryan’s kids, then CLUBS him down!

“I told you this would happen to Dada! I told you this would happen to Dada!” MJF CLAWS the wound again! The ref reprimands, MJF lets off and says HE is the best in the world. MJF goes back to Bryan, eggs him on, and gives him toying kicks. Fans boo as MJF scuffs Bryan. MJF SLAPS Bryan, pulls away the shoulder tape, then kicks Bryan more. Bryan is getting mad! Fans fire up as Bryan stands, and MJF dares him to do something. Bryan throws a forearm, but it doesn’t do much. MJF laughs, blows snot on Bryan, then slaps Bryan around. MJF dares Bryan to go again, so Bryan SLAPS him! MJF HEADBUTTS Bryan down!

Fans boo as MJF shows off the blood on his hands. We reach 15 minutes remaining, it’s the final quarter for Bryan. MJF brings Bryan out, hammerlocks the arm, and whips, but Bryan reverses! MJF hits POST! Fans duel, Bryan shakes out the bad arm and goes to the apron. MJF stands, Bryan FLYING KNEES! Both men go down and fans fire up! The ring count starts, Bryan gets in the ring, but he climbs the corner! Bryan SUPER CROSSBODIES MJF back down! Fans are thunderous again but time is still ticking away! Bryan drags MJF up and puts him in the ring. Bryan climbs up the corner again, but MJF ROCKS him first!

MJF hobbles, he climbs up after Bryan, and he goes to the very top. But Bryan slips under to trip MJF! MJF lands on his salt of the earth! Bryan climbs up after MJF and throws fists! Fans taunt “MAXI-PAD!” as Bryan keeps punching away! Bryan stands MJF up to SPIDER SUPERPLEX! MJF writhes and Bryan sits back up! Fans fire up with Bryan and he adjusts on the corner. DIVING HEADBUTT!! Both men are down but fans fire up again! Now MJF is busted open! Bryan covers, TWO!! MJF’s crimson mask is immediately complete, and he crawls to a corner like a zombie! Fans are thunderous as both men rise, and Bryan runs in, to BUSAIKU KNEE!!

But Bryan doesn’t cover, he turns MJF over! REGAL STRETCH!!! MJF endures, but he TAPS! Bryan scores and ties this all up!!

MJF: 3; Bryan: 3

We’re at the last ten minutes and fans are thunderous again! They tell MJF, “YOU TAPPED OUT!” just in case MJF isn’t sure. Bryan puts MJF back in the REGAL STRETCH!! But MJF fights it, grabs the bad arm, SALT OF THE EARTH!! And he thrashes around non Bryan’s arm!! But Bryan fights up, rolls through, and drags MJF into the LEBELL LOCK!!! MJF endures, Bryan gets the other arm, too, and then grinds forearms into MJF’s face! MJF’s own blood is making it hard to get a grip! But Bryan rolls MJF away from ropes!! MJF endures, fans are thunderous, and MJF rolls it to a cover, TWO!!! SALT OF THE EARTH!!!

Bryan endures again, reaches out for ropes, but MJF pushes back! MJF’s own bad knee keeps him from putting on the pressure the whole time, but he drags Bryan back! INVERTED CROSS ARMBAR!!! Bryan fights, drags MJF along, still reaches out, but MJF hooks the far arm! RINGS OF SATURN!!! MJF gets a leg, too! Bryan only has one free limb, but he still fights with it! Bryan refuses to give up, ROPEBREAK!!!! MJF is furious, but he lets go at 4! Bryan survives by tiptoes and fans are thunderous again! “This is Awesome!” with just seven minutes left! Bryan and MJF crawl and go forehead to forehead.

Both men rise, glaring through blood, sweat and matted hair. MJF ROCKS Bryan with a haymaker! Bryan ROCKS MJF back! MJF ROCKS Bryan, Bryan ROCKS MJF, repeat! Bryan HEADBUTTS, MJF HEADBUTTS, repeat! They both stand, Bryan HEADBUTTS! MJF wobbles, but he ROCKS Bryan! Bryan ROCKS MJF! Both men stagger, MJF ROCKS Bryan again! Bryan ROCKS MJF! MJF ROCKS Bryan! They just go back and forth, faster and faster! MJF shoves Bryan, DOUBLE FOREARMS knock both men down! Fans are electric as both men lean on each other! And Bryan is laughing! MJF is crying!

“This is Wrestling!” as both men slowly stand and we hit the five minute warning! THE FISTS START FLYING!! MJF CHOPS, but Bryan just grins. Bryan CHOPS and MJF wobbles! MJF CHOPS! Bryan CHOPS! Repeat! MJF pokes Bryan in the eyes! MJF runs, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! MJF and Bryan both rebound, ROLLING ELBOW from MJF! Bryan rebounds to CLOBBER MJF! Fans are thunderous again as Bryan wants MJF to stand. Bryan drags MJF up, but MJF shoves him away. Bryan runs in but it sent out. Bryan hurries up but MJF HOTSHOTS the arm! MJF has Bryan in the ropes, HEATSEEKER!! Cover, TWO!?!?

MJF hurries to get more water! But he brings the bottle into the ring. MJF takes a big chug, storms up on Bryan, and then he hoists Bryan up top. MJF CHOPS, fans chant for “H 2 O!” as MJF goes up after Bryan. We’re at three minutes and MJF fights the scoop! For HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!! MJF blocks and grabs Bryan’s hair! MJF uses that to drag Bryan over, into a SUPER TOMBSTONE!!! But MJF’s knees damage, too!! We’re at the last two minutes, and fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” This has to end somehow, though, and the ref checks both men. MJF crawls over to Bryan, who hasn’t stirred at all.

MJF drags his bad leg with him, he covers, TWO!! And Bryan has the HALF CRAB!!! Bryan drags MJF from ropes and fans are going nuts! MJF has to last for ONE MINUTE!! Bryan pulls as far back as he can on that bad leg! MJF crawls forward, reaches out, but Bryan drags him away! Bryan sits deep on the leg! MJF grits his teeth, shakes his head, and has lasted 30 seconds! Can he last another 30? MJF bites his own hand, crawls, but Bryan sits down again at 20 seconds!! MJF reaches out, Bryan grabs the arm!! MJF has just FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE!!! TIME’S UP, and then MJF TAPS!!!

Time-Limit Up, Draw at 3-3; MJF is still AEW World Champion

Neither man lost but neither man won! Fans are upset, they want a winner, not a survivor! The medical team checks both men, they even get oxygen for MJF. But word is coming in and Tony Schiavone says he’ll be glad to go down there. Bryan stands, he looks ready to keep going! Schiavone goes ringside, he talks with Justin Roberts and the referee. Tony Khan doesn’t want this to end in a draw, so we’re going SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME!!!! Fans are thunderous, and Bryan is all for it! MJF is shocked! He doesn’t understand, but the final fall is here!

Sudden Death Overtime!

MJF SHOVES the ref! MJF doesn’t want to do this, but the ref shoves back! Bryan rolls MJF up, TWO!!! MJF grabs at the ref, and LOW BLOWS Bryan!!! Roll up, with tights! TWO!!! MJF is going back to his shortcuts, but it hasn’t worked so he has no idea what to do! Fans are electric again as Bryan and MJF go to opposite corners. MJF has the belt! The ref sees that and tells him to put that down. Use it and lose it, because this isn’t a standard match! MJF reluctantly gives the belt up, but HE HAS THE DYNAMITE DIAMOND RING! But Bryan dodges! Bryan hops up, POISON-RANA!!!

MJF staggers about, fans are thunderous with “YES! YES! YES!” BUSAIKU KNEE!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? HOW?!?! MJF survives after everything he’s been through?!?! Fans are volcanic, no one is sitting, and Bryan gets the leg! Bryan KICKS it! And KICKS it! And KICKS it! Bryan turns MJF for the HALF CRAB!! MJF flails, the ref sees the diamond ring! The ref TAKES the ring! Deja vu, anyone? MJF pounds the mat with fists, but Bryan leans back on the leg! MJF crawls, forces himself to move forward, and he gets the ROPEBREAK and then taps!! Bryan gets tricked, he thinks he’s won! MJF gets away with another trick!

MJF has the oxygen tank!? MJF grins, and he waits for Bryan to storm over. TANK SHOT!!! MJF hides the tank, gets back in the ring, and he takes his time putting on THE LEBELL LOCK!!! MJF is adding insult to injury! Bryan’s arm drops once! Then twice! BUT BRYAN HAS NEW LIFE!! MJF can’t believe it!! Bryan fights up, fans rally as hard as they have all night, and MJF is freaking out! Bryan keeps fighting, but then he FADES! BRYAN TAPS, MJF WINS!!!

Winner: MJF, by submission (still AEW World Champion)

Maxwell Jacob Friedman says this means he IS the best in the world! Controversy doesn’t exist in MJF’s world, will his reign of terror be unstoppable?

My Thoughts:

AEW does it again. They didn’t do the best with every build to this card, but the card was phenomenal! Great Zero Hour (Buy-In) match, though I’m surprised that was the only one. Good promos throughout the Zero Hour, and RJ City is definitely an interesting personality. Great opener from Starks and Jericho, though I am a bit surprised Starks won again. I guess this means the feud is over and everybody goes their separate ways. The Final Burial was awesome stuff, and it has been a long time since anyone’s seen a Buried Alive Match, and that one definitely lived up to the standards set. JB really showed his grit with that win, he should definitely get a title by Double or Nothing in May.

The House of Black VS The Elite is a top example of lackluster build but awesome match. But it is only somewhat surprising that the House won. There’s something going on with The Elite, The The Elite, so it works both in story and in reality that the titles are on another team. Great Triple Threat with the women’s title, and Hayter getting a roll-up cover to win was a good way to keep everybody strong even with the status quo kept. But Ruby swerving us on which side she was taking was brilliant, and the parallel to the nWo origin story is complete. Now, for more women to join this story so we can have Blood & Guts!

Texas Death, holy hell. Excalibur said it in the hype vignette, he repeated it on commentary, that was definitely brutal and scary. Both guys bled quickly and early, and there was a lot of innovation in how violent they could get. Like, two bricks and a chain, I would not have expected either of those. Well, maybe the chain since Moxley used a chain on Omega way back when. But Hangman winning, that is the right call. Moxley is on his way to being a Heel, he and the BCC can do stuff in the Trios division, and Hangman can rise up the ranks towards the top title to see if he can get a make-good for the first reign.

Joe VS Wardlow was really good, but it was gonna be hard for anything to follow Texas Death. Wardlow winning was the right move in the vacuum of just his story with Joe, but now AEW has booked themselves in a corner. Wardlow and Hobbs are both on the rise, but only one can win. If Hobbs wins, great for him but that sucks for Wardlow having only a three day reign. If Wardlow wins, then great for him but that sucks for Hobbs being pushed and given that “brass ring” only to fall the week after. Maybe since this is free TV, they have a Dusty Finish or some other “controversy” that allows them to have a rematch.

That Fatal 4 Way tag was almost how I hoped it’d go, but then they kept the status quo. And while that’s a shame for The Acclaimed, and means that the Triple J VS Best Friends over the Golden Globe story has to continue on the side, at least we’re getting FTR’s return. FTR have gotta whoop Ass Boys and get the belts back. And who knows, maybe Austin & Colten get in on the ROH Tag Division. And of course, holy crap, that main event. That was definitely the best match MJF or Bryan have had in AEW, that was the bloodiest MJF has gotten ever, and this could even be AEW’s new best match ever.

It was great story that MJF did 90% of the Ironman match cleanly but strategically used that DQ to get quick points, just as I expected. And to think they would go to a draw at the end of the hour to give us “sudden death.” MJF cheating hard with every trick in the book, from teasing belt shot to trying the diamond ring, to eventually using the apron to block his foreign object, it was like MJF hit all the classic Heel moves in one go. MJF retaining this way is perfectly MJF, and anyone can bring up how MJF proved he could do things legitimately, he just chooses not to or is too scared to go legit, and you go from there.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/29/23)

The Continental Classic continues into week 2!



AEW Coverage Lasers

The Switchblade enters whose house?

The AEW Continental Classic continues here on Dynamite! Swerve Strickland and Jay White are both 1-0, but they go against each other for the top spot in Gold League!


  • AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jon Moxley VS Jay Lethal; Moxley wins.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Mark Briscoe VS Rush; Rush wins.
  • Wardlow VS AR Fox; Wardlow wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Hardy Party; Action & Top Flight win.
  • AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Emi Sakura; Julia wins and retains the title.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jay White VS Swerve Strickland; Swerve wins.


Bryan Danielson is here!

Fans cheer as the American Dragon, eyepatch on like a pirate, joins commentary to watch the Continental Classic competition in person.


AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jon Moxley VS Jay Lethal!

The Maniac is 1-0 with three points, so he’s feeling pretty good batting lead for round two! Will he continue his momentum with #PureCarnage? Or will this be a lethal week two?

The bell rings and the clock is ticking on the 20 minute time limit. Moxley and Lethal circle, tie up, and Lethal headlocks for a takeover. Moxley headscissors, Lethal kips free but Moxley headlocks for a takeover. Lethal headscissors, Moxley kips free, and we go another takeover for another scissor. And another! Lethal then ROCKS Moxley with a right! Moxley ROCKS Lethal, Lethal ROCKS Moxley, and they go back and forth! Lethal kicks low, runs, but Moxley CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up but Lethal trips Moxley to step through, FIGURE FOUR! But Moxley rolls to the apron, and they fall to the floor!

Lethal and Moxley get up, Lethal throws body shots but Moxley clinches. Lethal RAMS Moxley into the apron, slides into the ring and he builds speed. Lethal DIVES and sends Moxley into the railing! Fans fire up, Lethal goes to the apron and struts, but Bryan says not to do that with Moxley. Lethal hops in, builds speed again, but Moxley slides in to deny the dive! Then Moxley DECKS Lethal, and he DIVES! Now Lethal is sent into railing! Moxley shakes out his leg after jamming it up a bit. Lethal CLUBS Moxley, CLUBS him more, but Moxley ROCKS Lethal back. Moxley puts Lethal in, runs in at the corner and clotheslines!

Moxley climbs up to rain down fists! The fans count, but Lethal slips away before five to kick at the legs! Then Lethal hoists Moxley for a SHIN BREAKER to a DRAGON SCREW! Moxley clutches his knee, Lethal storms up to stomp him! Lethal goes after that knee with more stomps, but Moxley hobbles to another corner. Lethal CLUBS the leg, CLUBS it again, and again! Moxley ROCKS Lethal! Lethal ROCKS Moxley! They go back and forth, Moxley gets the edge with boxing elbows! Then he BITES Lethal! Moxley runs, Lethal ducks to handspring, but into a SLEEPER! Lethal JAWBREAKRS free, and hits another SHIN BREAKER! Then a SAIDO!

Lethal hits a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Moxley writhes, Lethal climbs, and he MACHO ELBOWS! Cover, TWO! Moxley is still in this, but he sputters as he crawls to ropes. Moxley is on the apron, Lethal BLASTS Moxley to the railing! The front row has Moxley in their laps as Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Lethal waits while the ref checks on Moxley. Moxley drags himself up but Lethal goes out after him. Moxley drags himself over railing, and Lethal ROCKS him with a right hand! And again! Lethal then RAMS Moxley into the apron, then CLUBS away on the leg! Lethal SLAMS the leg into the apron, and Moxley scrambles into the ring. Lethal pursues, runs up and KICKS the leg out! Moxley crawls, Lethal grabs the leg, and he drops an elbow on the knee! And again! Lethal then has a toehold and he twists the foot. Moxley endures, Lethal stomps the leg, then drops another elbow! But Moxley uses that to get an ARMBAR!

Lethal clasps hands quickly, fights up to stack, TWO and Lethal knees the back of Moxley’s leg! Lethal bends the leg across his own knee, but Moxley endures. Lethal KNEES it again, pulls, and goes back to the standing toehold. Moxley endures, Dynamite returns to single picture, and the fans rally up. Moxley kicks away at Lethal, then gets up to hit a CUTTER! Fans fire up while both men are down. Moxley fires up, he drags Lethal up and in, but Lethal fights the piledriver! Lethal RAMS Moxley into the corner, hoists him up, and CHOPS! Lethal climbs for a SUPER DRAGON SCREW! Moxley writhes and Lethal says he’s gonna rip that leg off!

Lethal aims as Moxley slowly rises, but Moxley avoids the chop block! Moxley ROCKS Lethal with a forearm! And CHOPS him! Lethal fires a forearm but Moxley fires back! The fans rally, the forearms fly, and Moxley gets the edge! Moxley runs, but Lethal follows to UPPERCUT! Lethal runs, but Moxley follows to ELBOW! Moxley runs, baits Lethal in, to LARIAT! Fans fire up with Moxley and he drags Lethal up. Underhooks, but Lethal fights the Paradigm Shift, BACKBREAKER TO COMPLETE SHOT! Moxley is down after the Lethal Combination, and Lethal covers, TWO! Bryan says that wasn’t a great cover, a tournament like this is about the basics.

Lethal grabs Moxley’s leg to SMASH the knee against the mat again and again! Then he drags Moxley, steps through, but Moxley cradle counters! TWO!! Lethal rushes Moxley but Moxley POSTS him! And then rolls him up, TWO!! Lethal escapes again, and Moxley goes back to the corner. Moxley slaps the bad leg and the fans rally up. Lethal stands, he dodges Moxley, and he O’Conner Rolls! TWO and Moxley has the REAR NAKED CHOKE! Lethal rolls back, TWO! Lethal gets the legs, FIGURE FOUR!! Moxley sits up but he endures the pain! Bryan coaches Moxley from commentary and Moxley fights his way around!

Moxley reaches out, Lethal pulls on that hold, but Moxley has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Lethal lets off and drags Moxley up. Lethal KICKS the leg, then calls his shot! Handspring, but Moxley falls! Lethal stops himself, but falls for it! PARADIGM SHIFT!! Moxley fires up, and he KING KONG LRAIATS Lethal inside out!! Then PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Lethal survives, but Moxley has the REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Lethal CLUBS Moxley’s leg, but then Moxley traps that arm! Lethal taps, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission (gains 3 points; Lethal earns 0)

The Maniac is 2-0 with a strong six points, but it may have cost him a leg! Will he have to watch out next round with that target on his back?


AEW shares footage from after Saturday Night Collision.

Eddie Kingston asks them what they want him to say. He knew this was gonna be tough. Tony Khan didn’t put any scrubs in this tournament. Eddie just maybe got too cocky, thinking that since he put two belts in the pot, he was a given winner. No one deserves to win, everything is earned. Eddie has Bryan next but he’s behind the 8 ball. Eddie says he will not do this. He will not go backwards. Humble in victory and humble in defeat. Eddie has to go heal up, Epsom salt bath, all that good stuff. The Mad King vows he will be ready for the American Dragon.

Bryan Danielson responds.

Bryan says he was actually impressed by the confidence Eddie had to put up both his titles for the tournament. But now, one loss and Eddie feels he’s behind the 8 ball? Against Bryan? Bryan fractured his orbital bone, needed surgery in two places, and yet he is coming into this tournament on fire! He is NOT behind the 8 ball, he is NOT going to be humble, he is here to win this and be the first AEW Triple Crown! Will Bryan’s Blue League start be Eddie’s Blue League end?


Tony Schiavone is backstage.

He brings up that Sting’s final match is coming. AEW Revolution, Sunday, March 3rd, 2024. And when it comes to where they’ll have Sting’s final match, they thought of the many great venues across the world, but what better place for Sting’s final match than Greensboro, North Carolina and the Greensboro Coliseum? So many great Sting matches were held there, but one in particular that comes to mind is 1988, Sting VS Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship. So Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina, get ready! Joining Schiavone now are those very legends, Sting and Ric Flair!

First off, 24-0, the longest win streak in AEW right now, what a fitting place for Sting to have his final match and maybe end on 25 than in Greensboro. Sting says yeah, wow, all those years ago, it was March 8th, 1988, his very first world title match against perhaps the greatest world champion of all time in The Nature Boy. Sting would’ve never guessed that night, 35 years later, we’d be here now. The memories, 45 minutes but a draw, commercial free, the first time in TV history that any sporting event even did that. But that’s not the real point of it. The big deal was being in there with Ric Flair. That was a make or break night, and so thank you, Ric, for putting Sting on the map.

Sting says yeah, that is a fitting place to end his career all these years later, Greensboro. Schiavone says so many great memories, and for him and Flair, forty years ago, does he remember? Oh, Flair knows. The words cannot be spoken to emphasize what is about to happen! Greensboro, where Sting, make no mistake, Ric didn’t make Sting a thing, Sting made himself! 45 MINUTES! Commercial free! With Flair! Unthinkable! Sting walked back there to 25 wrestlers going, “Jesus! You’re the man! You did it, Stinger!” He went out there and did it like a man! That’s what this business is all about.

Flair is 74 years old, standing next to the Icon, with his friend, Schiavone, and going back to Greensboro for what will be the greatest moment of his life, and God knows Flair’s had some good ones. He is honored to be there at Sting’s side! They shake hands, and Flair says the ACC Tournament and all that, nah, this is one for the ages! Highway 85 will be lined up from Richmond, all the way to Charlotte, like it always was! Sting, The Nature Boy, and AEW are coming to Greensboro! Let’s give it to ’em! “WOO~!” It’s the 80s all over again! Tickets on sale December 15th! IT’S SHOWTIME!


AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Mark Briscoe VS Rush!

The Sussex County Chicken got beat by The Maniac but El Toro Blanco got cheated by the Switchblade! These animals are hungry for points, so who gets fed?

The bell rings and Rush rushes in! They RAM and then fire off forearms! The fans fire up, Bryan says this is what he was talking about! This isn’t going 20 minutes! The forearms keep flying, Rush ROCKS Mark, but Mark fires off forearms and CHOPS! Rush CHOPS back! Rush whips, runs in, and SPLASHES int he corner! Rush runs but Mark follows, JUMP KCIK! Mark gets Rush up, CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Fans fire up as Mark forearms and stomps away! The ref counts, Mark lets off, but Rush dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Rush sits Mark down so he can stomp with both feet!

Rush scrapes Mark, goes to the far side, then runs in. Mark BOOTS back but Rush still clotheslines! Snapmare and KCIK! Rush stomps away, takes Mark’s “head” and kicks it! The kick is good for Rush but fans boo. Rush goes up a corner, but Mark CLOBBERS him! Rush falls to the floor and fans fire up as Mark builds speed! Mark WRECKS Rush with a dropkick! Mark then stomps away on Rush, then stands him up to CHOP! So Rush CHOPS back! Mark CHOPS back! Rush CHOPS again! Rush whips Mark hard into railing! Rush then whips Mark into more railing! And then back the other way! Rush goes into the ring to tranquilo and let the count handle Mark.

Mark hobbles up, so Rush goes out after him. Rush runs in, but Mark ducks and RAILING BACK SUPLEX! Rush writhes, the ring count starts again, and Mark gets on the apron. Fans fire up as Mark says BANG BANG! FOLEY ELBOW! Fans fire up again and Mark high fives the front row. Mark leaves Rush behind now as the count climbs. Rush drags himself up, drags himself in at 5 of 10, and Mark eggs him on. Rush snarls, and he CHOPS! Mark CHOSP! Rush CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Fans fire up as Rush shoves, and Mark BOOTS him! Rush wobbles, but he dodges Mark to SNAP GERMAN!

Mark wobbles up, Rush SUPERKICKS! Mark stays up to LARIAT in return! Both men are down and Minneapolis is thunderous! Mark sees his chewing gum on the mat and picks it back up while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Mark goes to ropes, then stomps Rush. Mark drags Rush up, ROCKS him, and Rush falls over! Mark digs his boots in at the ropes, the ref counts, and Mark lets off at 4. The ref checks Rush, he’s still in this and bails out. The ref has Mark stay back, the ref makes sure Rush is okay, but then Mark runs in to stomp away! Rush gets up, Mark CHOPS him in a corner, and then ROCKS him! Mark brings Rush around, but Rush whips and SPLASHES! Rush sits Mark down, stomps and ROCKS him, then hobbles away. Rush snarls, he runs back in, but Mark is up to CHOP him down! Mark drops an elbow! And another elbow! Cover, TWO!

Mark fishhooks Rush into a chinlock, but the ref counts. Mark lets off, stands Rush up, but Rush trips Mark and has a leg! Rush hooks that up into a TRAILER HITCH! Mark endures and Rush pulls on the legs! Fans rally, Mark crawls and drags Rush along. Dynamite returns to single picture and fans rally more. Mark reaches out, powers his way forward, and has the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer and the ref counts, but Rush lets go. Mark drags himself up, the fans rally again, and Mark CHOPS! Rush CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Rush gets in Mark’s face, eggs him on, so Mark CHOPS! Rush and Mark throw SLAP after SLAP!

Mark swings, Rush bobs ‘n’ weaves and HEADBUTTS! Rush hobbles back, but Mark is back up! Rush swings, into an EXPLODER! Fans fire up as Mark stands again. Rush roars, Mark runs in, Rush hits an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY to send Mark into buckles! Rush snarls again, fans rally up and he aims. Rush runs in, but Mark SPEARS him!! Cover, TWO!! Rush survives but Mark drags Rush up. Mark turns Rush for the NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Rush is still in this but the fans fire up for Mark. Mark underhooks, but Rush swings. Mark clinches, waistlocks, but Rush throws elbows. Rush switches, Mark breaks free to PELE!

Rush falls out to the apron and Mark storms after him. They’re both on the edge, Mark fires forearms, but Rush CHOPS! Mark CHOPS! Rush CHOPS! Repeat! Fans “WOO~!” for every CHOP! Mark GAMANGIRIS, Rush staggers back, but Rush gets Mark for another OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Mark crashes on the floor and the ref checks him. The fans lose their minds but Rush snarls. Rush paces as the ring count climbs, and Mark is up at 5 of 10. Mark drags himself in at 6, but Rush storms right up on him. Rush hoists Mark up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up. Mark fires off hands, and then REDNECK HELL STAB!

Fans fire up as Mark leaps, FROGGY-BOW!! Cover, TWO!! Rush survives again but Mark has the underhooks! Rush powers up to back drop free! Rush aims from a corner now, Mark runs in again but into another OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Rush runs up to DECK Mark! Then the BULL’S HORNS!!! Cover, Rush wins!!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Briscoe earns 0)

A true war right here, and now Rush is 1-1! Will this ungovernable one find a way to take over the league? As for Briscoe, he is down 0-2 with no points, is he already on the bubble?


RJ City interviews “Timeless” Toni Storm.

Madame Storm seems rather bothered by something. RJ gets her attention but she tells him to sit. And don’t be so loud. RJ does sit, and Mariah May takes the title for Storm. RJ wants to bring up the championship acceptance speech last week. Yes, and she was rudely interrupted! Yeah, that’s true. How is she feeling? Storm says they partied well into the night, spent some time at the compound, JFK or one of the Kennedys was there. But now she is very fatigued, dehydrated, and has a touch of the gout. Oh, wow. Well, he wants to inform her that she is scheduled to defend the AEW Women’s World Championship. But given her state, is she worried at all?

Worried? Was Fatty Arbuckle worried? Was Jean Harlow worried? Was Frances bloody Farmer worried? No, they all turned out fine, and so will she. Before she goes, take off her shoe, she’s feeling swollen. RJ does take off her shoes for her, but will Storm have to focus before someone takes the title off her?


MJF is here!

Fans cheer as the AEW World Champion walks out here with the help of his cane, mic in the other hand. He has them cut his music, he gets into the ring, and the fans cheer him on. MJF gets right to it as he says “December 30th, Nassau Coliseum, Worlds End, it will be Samoa Joe VS yours truly for the grandest prize of ’em all, The Triple B, the AEW World Championship.” Fans cheer that, and MJF wants to be honest, though. When it comes to Joe as a person, eeeeeeh MJF doesn’t like him. But when it comes to Joe professional, MJF respects him.

MJF respects what Joe has done for the industry, and most importantly, when Joe came into AEW, he didn’t come here to line his pockets, he came here because he believes in those three letters. Fans cheer for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” and MJF says back in the early 2000s, MJF remembers getting a poster in his mailbox and it was for TNA Wrestling. And he remembers thinking, what even is this all about? He tuned in and couldn’t have been happier. He saw insane feats of athleticism, he saw a new cast of pro-wrestlers he’d never heard of before, but most of all, he saw one man among the rest, and that was the Samoan Submission Machine.

While Samoa Joe may’ve looked unconventional, he didn’t seem to care, and neither did any of the fans. Because every time Joe walked through the curtain, we knew he was the baddest man walking on God’s Green Earth. Now unfortunately, later on in his career, Joe’s talents were not recognized and he was not afforded the opportunity to be a world champion in the WWE. Fans boo, but MJF says what Joe did for this sport was bigger than that. “Joe proved you don’t have to be a massive male model bodybuilder to be a top guy in this sport. Samoa Joe broke the mold. Samoa Joe proved alternatives matter.

“And because of the road that Joe paved, it has allowed for a man like me to stand before you today. Without a guy like Joe, there may be no AEW. So Joe, very quickly, what I’d like to say, as much as this all pains me to admit, thank you.” Fans cheer that and join in, “Thank You, Joe! Thank You, Joe!” Yes, thank you, Joe! However… MJF has actually, though grateful to have gone down the road Joe paved, MJF isn’t too shabby himself, now is he? Fans cheer that. MJF managed to pave his own road, and built on a new alternative. He is AEW day one, and he has helped build this place brick by brick! Fans cheer “M J F! M J F!”

MJF says he did that by defeating some of the biggest names in this industry! Names like Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega. But of all the names MJF has had to face in this ring, the one name he looks back on, and not only was he lucky to win, he was lucky to survive, that is Joe. Samoa Joe is a wrestling legend. But December 30th is not about Joe’s legacy. It’s about MJF’s! December 30th is about answering the question, “Can Max Friedman outlast the Final Boss of this sport one more time?” So now, MJF is gonna make a promise. He promises to everyone watching at home and everyone here in this arena.

MJF promises that on December 30th, it doesn’t matter if his left knee keeps sliding in and out, if his right hip keeps popping in and out of socket, if his right shoulder is hanging on by a threat, or if Joe beats him within an inch of his life. Joe could be King Kong and Godzilla incarnate. Because MJF promises that on December 30th, he shows the world that it is not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog! And if you want to take what’s his… at Worlds End, you’ll have to put MJF down! MJF even breaks his cane!! Fans fire up with MJF, but then the lights go down.

Now there are lights blinking all over the place. MJF looks around, but THE DEVIL’S MINIONS ATTACK! Fans boo as one of them has a baseball bat!! But here comes Joe!! Joe said he’d have MJF’s back so here he is! He YANKS the big guy out, gets that bat, and he runs the rest off! Cameras have trouble here, but when things come back, a message types out on screen. “In the shadows, our game begins. Next week, MJF & Samoa Joe… will you face the unknown in a tag match? Are you a hero, Max?” The Devil has made his challenge to the champ! The fans chant “DO IT! DO IT!” and “He’s Our Scumbag!” Joe tries to get MJF to ignore all this, it’s what this Devil wants!

But MJF says “I’m so sick of your Scooby-Doo BS! LEMME EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO YOU! I am not dealing with your crap when I got that guy breathing down my neck at Worlds End. No no. I am going to take out all of your men, one by one. I am going to unmask you, you coward! And next week, you wanna tag match?! YOU’RE ON!!” Joe isn’t for it, but the challenge has been accepted. Will Joe just have to save MJF from himself?


Wardlow VS AR Fox!

Speaking of someone who wants to take everything away from MJF, the War Dog is on the warpath, just waiting for the right moment. After what we just saw, is MJF going to be served up on a silver platter?

But wait! Fox BOOTS Wardlow down off the apron! And then FLIES out! But Wardlow stays up! So Fox FLIES again! Direct hit but Wardlow is still up! Wardlow HEADBUTTS Fox, then whips him at the apron. Fox 619s on the apron to hit back! And then he goes up the corner to MOONSAULT, but Wardlow catches him! SLAM on the apron, and then Wardlow box jumps up to the apron. Wardlow storms in, fans rally up, and Wardlow drags Fox up for an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Now with both men in the ring, the bell finally sounds and this is actually a match. Wardlow storms up on Fox in the corner, to then TOSS him across the way!

Fox flounders out of the ring and Wardlow is having fun now. Wardlow goes out to stalk Fox, CLUB him on the back, and the ring count climbs. Wardlow hauls Fox up to TOSS him back in! Fans rally, Wardlow storms back in, and Wardlow drags Fox up. Fox shoves Wardlow but Wardlow CLUBS him! Wardlow trophy lifts, but Fox slips free! Wardlow runs in, but only gets buckles as Fox slips out to the apron! Fox swings to dropkick, then he goes up to 450 SPLASH! Cover, ONE!! Wardlow snarls and Fox is stunned! Fox runs in to BOOT! Wardlow doesn’t budge so Fox BOOTS him again! And again! Fox runs, but Wardlow pops him up for a SPINEBUSTER!

Wardlow winds up, to LARIAT Fox down! Wardlow then hauls Fox up, POWERBOMB! The symphony begins as fans want more! Wardlow drags Fox up, reels him back in, another POWERBOMB! And then Wardlow goes up the corner, to SWANTON BOMB!! Fans fire up and Wardlow still isn’t done! He reels Fox back in, to LAST RIDE POWERBOMB!!! The ref checks, Fox is OUT! Wardlow wins!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall

The remixed Powerbomb Symphony was too much for Fox, and Wardlow storms off. When and where will Wardlow sink his teeth into MJF?


Six Man Tag: Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Hardy Party!

The Sight to See and the reunited Martin brothers are ready to be the Coldest Trio in the Game, but they’re taking on Isiah Kassidy and the legendary Hardy brothers! Will Action, Darius & Dante add themselves to the top of the trios rankings? Or will Matt, Jeff & Brother Zay take them to the extreme?

The trios sort out and Minneapolis is happy to have Dante back. Action and Matt start, they tie up and Matt headlocks. Action powers out then DROPKICKS Matt down! Matt goes to ropes, Action runs in but is put on the apron. Action RAMS into Matt, slingshots up and over to sunset flip, TWO! Matt is up, Action kicks but Matt blocks! Matt flips Action, Action lands on his feet but Matt hip tosses! Tag to Jeff and the Hardys get Action up, atomic drop and the takedown, DOUBLE LEG DROP! Jeff covers, TWO! Jeff drags Action up, CLUBS him, and wrenches an arm. Jeff hammerlocks but Action switches it onto Jeff.

Fans rally up for Dante, Jeff elbows Action and runs, but Action trips Jeff! STANDING MOONSAULT, but Jeff moves! Action hits the superhero landing and stares the Charismatic Enigma down! Fans fire up, and they both back away, tag to Darius and Isiah. Fans rally up as Zay and Air Wolf tie up. Zay headlocks, Darius powers out but Zay runs him over! Zay pumps and bumps, things speed up, and Darius hurdles. Zay backflips over, but Darius arm-drags! Darius then sidesteps but Zay arm-drags! Darius trips Zay to cover, ONE! Zay trips Darius but Darius throws him away to then DROPKICK!

Fans fire up as Darius mocks the Jeff Hardy dance. Zay is in the corner, Darius runs in to SPLASH and tag Dante! Fans fire up as Dante jumps, runs, and A-LIST LARIATS! Tag back to Darius, snap suplex and a slingshot senton! Fans fire up and Action tags in. Darius gets Zay up, wrenches an arm, and Action DOUBLE STOMPS the arm. Zay losses his durag and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Action whips Zay, Zay reverses but Action avoids the dropkick. Matt CLOBBERS Action while the ref is checking Zay! Zay gets Action up, RAMS him to the corner, and Zay fires off hands. Tag to Jeff, and they mug Action with some stomps. The ref counts, Jeff lets off at 4, and he brings Action up to snapmare. Jeff runs to NECK SNAP, then NECK SNAP the other way! And then another one! Action staggers up, Jeff kicks low and suplexes for a GOURD BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Jeff stays between Action and the Martins to show them how to do his dance. Jeff then CLUBS Action, tags in Zay, and Zay CLUBS Action’s arm.

Zay throws Action out, goes out and throws him into railing! Zay talks some smack, then he stomps away on Action! High five with the fans, then more stomps! Selfie! Zay then puts Action in the ring, CLUBS him down, then drags him back to the corner. Tag to Matt and he RAMS into Action. Matt ROCKS Action with a right, then bumps him off buckles. Matt dribbles Action off the buckles again and again and again! “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” and Dynamite returns to single picture. Matt ROCKS Action again, tags Jeff, but fans rally up for Top Flight. Matt CATAPULT GUILLOTINES, then Jeff hits a GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!

Jeff drags Action into the ring, snapmares and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up more but Jeff bumps Action off buckles. Tag to Matt, the Hardys stomp a mudhole in, then dig their boots in. The ref counts, Matt lets off and he stands Action back up. But Action ROCKS Matt with haymakers! Matt shoves Action, Action comes back, but into a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Action survives and fans fire up but Matt calls his shot. “DELETE! DELETE!” and Action stands. Kick and- NO, Action wrenches out of the Twist! But Matt ducks the haymaker to back suplex! Action lands on his feet to KICK, KNEE and ENZIGURI!

Both men are down and the fans fire back up! Action and Matt crawl, hot tags to Dante and Zay! Dante goes up and over Zay, CLOBBERS him, CLOBBERS him again, then whips. Zay reverses, Dante goes out and Zay hits buckles! Dante then goes right over the corner, GAMANGIRIS Zay away then jumps to avoid Jeff’s sweep! SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY! Cover, Matt breaks it! Fans boo but Matt TWIST- NO, Dante powers out and Darius GAMANGIRIS! Dante ROUNDHOUSES, Darius steps in to COMPLETE SHOT! Zay is up and he shoves Dante into Darius! Roll up, TWO!! Zay LARIATS Dante back down, putting his all behind that one!

Fans fire up as both men crawl, but Jeff runs to BLAST Action! Darius ROCKS Jeff, but Zay uses Jeff as a step, PARTY IN MOTION wipes Darius out! Dante sees that, but then Matt sets up for Jeff! POETRY IN MOTION! The Hardy Boyz get Dante up top, Zay GAMANGIRIS him into a Double Electric Chair Lift! Zay springboards, MISSILE DROPKICK DOOMSDAY!! Cover, TWO!!! Dante survives but the Hardys go after Darius & Action! POETRY- INTERCEPTED as Darius jumps off Matt to CLOBBER Jeff!! Action kicks Matt, then QUEBRADAS off the railing! Zay suplexes Dante, but Dante knees free!

Dante runs, Zay dodges to mule kicks! But Darius is in, he and Action set up, but Zay fights the waistlock! Zay BOOTS Action, elbows Darius, but the still get the SHOTGUN GERMAN SUPLEX!! Zay flops into Dante’s half nelson, SIDE SLAM!! Cover, TOP FLIGHT WINS!

Winners: Action Andretti & Top Flight, by pinfall

A powerful homecoming for Dante Martin, he and his team have a massive win! Will they soon fly high and go after the AEW World Trios Championships?


Backstage interview with Action & Top Flight.

Renee is with them and congratulates them on the big win. So good to see Dante back, how is that leg? But then Penta El Zero Miedo and Alex Abrahantes step in. Penta offers a fist bump, and Dante accepts. They’re all good given Penta was responsible for the broken leg in that Reach for the Sky Ladder match. But then Penta counts, one, two, three. Bring ’em in. Komander and El Hijo Del Vikingo join Penta, that makes one, two, three. And Cero Miedo! Dante nods, when and where will we see this top tier trios match go down?


AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Emi Sakura!

The Princess of the Black Throne successfully defended her gold on Collision against Lady Frost, but now she takes on the Queen of Joshi! And for this match, Dealer’s Choice says submissions can NOT win the match! Then if Julia can’t be Hartless, will she just have to be ruthless?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the House Always Wins!

The bell rings and fans rally up behind Julia. Julia soaks it up, but Emi laughs at it. Emi and Julia smirk as they stare down, then they approach. Emi dodges Julia and laughs some more, but then Julia grabs her by the face! Julia bumps Emi off buckles, fires off forearms and stomps, then whips corner to corner. Julia runs in, handsprings and clotheslines! Julia keeps moving, back body block! Julia snapmares Emi, KICKS her, but Emi just frowns. Fans fire up, and Emi stands up. Julia CHOPS but Emi CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Julia shrieks, but Emi pushes her around. Emi aims but Julia blocks the chop to WRING the arm!

Emi goes to ropes, the fans fire up as Julia CLUBS, HOOK KICKS then KICKS Emi down! Julia pushes Emi out of the ring, goes out after her, but Emi throws body shots. Julia whips, Emi reverses, and Julia hits steel steps! Per the House Rules, there’s a 20 count, not a 10, so Emi has more time to use. Emi runs in to SPLASH Julia against the steps! Fans fire up and the ref checks Julia as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Emi stands on Julia’s face, the ref reprimands, but Emi steps away. She has to be careful, part of House Rules is that disqualifications are strongly enforced. Emi then takes a seat on security’s lap before she storms up on Julia. Emi brings Julia around to CHOP against railing! Then Emi brings Julia over to send into more railing, and CHOP again! Emi puts Julia in the ring, drags her around and dragon sleepers! TWISTING DDT! Cover, TWO! Julia is still in this but Emi pushes her to a corner. Emi CHOPS, and Julia staggers away to another corner. Emi CHOPS her again! And again! And MACHINE GUN CHOPS!

Julia sits down, Emi digs her boots in, but the ref counts. Emi lets off, soaks up the heat, and then brings Julia up to whip corner to corner. Julia stops herself to ELBOW back! Julia storms up on Emi to throw hands, but Emi SLAPS Julia down! Julia checks her jaw, but Emi digs her knees into Julia’s neck! The ref counts, Dynamite returns to single picture, and Emi lets off. Emi watches Julia flounder around, and Julia sits up to throw body shots. Emi just laughs and brings Julia around to underhook. Stalling BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER! Emi waits on Julia to sit up, says she’ll be the champion, and then underhooks again!

Julia fights up and round, SLEEPER! Submissions won’t win but she just wants to make Emi suffer! Emi falls, flails, Julia has a headscissor squeeze! Emi rolls, pops out the back, and she hooks Julia’s legs up! ROMERO SPECIAL! Julia endures, then Emi THROWS her down! Emi drags Julia around, puts her in a drop zone, but fans still rally for Julia. Emi climbs, MOONSAULT FLOPS as Julia moves! Julia wraps on the HARTLESS LOCK!! But it won’t win! Emi flails, taps, but it doesn’t save Emi, either! Julia thrashes Emi, lets her go, and the ref has to remind Julia it’s her own rules. So Julia BLINDSIDE LARIATS!

Julia stomps Emi into the drop zone, then goes up the corner. MOONSAULT!! Cover, Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

Another defense in the books, Julia is still golden! Will she keep on winning with such unpredictable rules?


Backstage interview with Mariah May.

RJ City is with Miss May and says we saw her at Full Gear and last week, but we also know she’s here, hungry for more. Mariah says yes she is. She knows she’s the new girl and all, but she did just come from Stardom, and she had quite the run. She is dying to show us what she can do. So thanks for connecting her with Toni Storm. RJ says it’s nothing, he and Toni go way back, used to play squash together. No, really, RJ is quite the curator. And Mariah knows Toni likes him, so this means the world to her. No, no, Toni makes things happen. He’s just happy to help. Mariah seems a bit disappointed, but RJ says without further ado, go get ’em!

Mariah knocks on Tony Khan’s door, steps inside, and talks with the boss. Will this Tony be just as accommodating as Toni Storm?


Christian Cage is here!

The TNT Champion, the Patriarch, makes his way to the ring, security right behind him. Captain Charisma then gets a mic while the fans boo, and he says what he’d like to do right now is go ahead and invite the Rated R Superstar to this ring right now. Fans fire up for that, and Christian says he knows Edge is back there. Fans shout “ADAAAAM~!” and Christian says he just wants to talk about what Edge said on Collision. So if Edge doesn’t mind making his presence felt, Christian would appreciate it. But still no response? Did Christian make sure to do this when Edge isn’t here?

Christian waits, gets upset, and asks Adam “ADAAAM~!” that he’d like to speak with him in this ring. Please, someone, hit the mic, get Adam’s attention, something. Or should Christian go back there to speak with him? “You think you know him.” And here comes Edge!! Fans fire up as Edge storms into the ring, and of course the security becomes a wall in front of Christian. Edge paces and Christian says listen, management wanted this, not him. Fans boo that garbage, but Christian says they don’t need security. He asks these men to vacate the ring. They shrug and bail out, even though Edge looks ready to pounce.

Christian brings up that last week, Edge challenged him to a match for the TNT Championship on December 6th, Dynamite in Montreal. Christian is here to tell Edge that they won’t make it to Montreal. They get face to face and fans fire up. Christian says they won’t make it to Montreal because “I’m sorry.” What? Edge is also confused, and Christian says he knows what we’re all thinking. Christian is only sorry because he’s all alone, right? Fans confirm and they chant “BULL~ SHID!” at him! Christian asks them to understand. Edge took out “The Prodigy” Nick Wayne, he took out Killswitch/Luchasaurus, but that’s not why Christian’s sorry.

He won’t lie, he was pissed about what Edge did to Lucha- er, Killswitch, with not one but two Con-Chair-Tos. Christian was so mad, he jumped out of his house, got in his car and just drove around. He needed to think, needed fresh air. And somewhere during that trip, it turned into one of reflection. It turned into a roadtrip of soul searching, digging down deep, trying to understand why he became the person that he is, this guy who says and does such unsavory things. And then he remembered those times he and Edge would borrow Christian’s mom’s Ford Taurus. They nicknamed it “Toby the Taurus” because they took it everywhere when they were trying to make it.

They didn’t care where they went, they were broke, not a dime to their names, but they didn’t care. They were having the time of their lives! They knew they were gonna make it. They didn’t know how, but they knew they would. And dammit, did they ever make it, huh? They went on to become multiple-time tag team champions, and Christian will say it, the greatest tag team that ever lived! Fans do cheer that. Christian and Edge then became multiple time world champions, two of the greatest careers in this sport. But take the wrestling away, and it runs even deeper. Everyone knows Edge grew up with a single mom. Everyone knows that Edge didn’t have a father figure.

Fans boo, already sensing where this is going! Christian wants Edge to listen! Yes, he is the Patriarch of AEW, but in no way is he suggesting he’s Edge’s father. Christian is Edge’s brother. And in turn, Christian’s father became like Edge’s father. Edge went on family trips, sat at the dinner table, slept over! When Edge needed discipline, Christian’s dad treated him the same as his own kids. He picked Edge up, brushed him off, hugged him and cheered him on. To this very day, he is still Edge’s biggest fan. So listen, Christian will just say it. They weren’t just random guys thrown together. “I love you, man.” Fans boo that one!

Christian says they’re family. And listen, when Edge’s mom passed a few years ago, that was the hardest time of Edge’s life. Christian knows that. But some time before, she said, “What I wouldn’t give to see you guys in that ring, teaming one last time.” Christian started thinking, that they should do this for her! Let’s go on the journey together again, like Edge wanted! Edge & Christian, for Judy “Judemeister” Copeland! Let’s do it for her! Fans cheer for Judy, but Edge is conflicted. Christian drops the mic, holds the belt, and then rushes Edge! Edge LOW BLOWS Christian first!! Fans cheer as Christian leans on Edge in pain.

Christian slumps down and Edge lets him fall. Fans want that one more time, but Edge gets the mic. “Nice try, dumbass.” Edge tells him to sit up when he’s talking. Edge grabs the belt, tells Christian to shine it up real nice. Hell, sleep with it if he wants. Because next week, the title’s coming home with Edge! Oh, and one more thing, Edge almost forgot. G F Y!! Fans are thunderous as Edge takes his leave. Will Edge crush Christian’s spirit as payback for everything he’s said and done?


AEW Continental Classic, Gold League: Jay White VS Swerve Strickland!

The Switchblade and the Realest are both 1-0 with three points, and now they are going to battle in what could be the decisive battle in this block! With no Juice Robinson, no Ass Boys, no Prince Nana or Brian Cage, who will prove to be the slipperiest snake in all of AEW?

The bell rings and fans fire up for “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” White still throws guns up, but he and Swerve then tie up. They go around, Swerve puts White in a corner, but White turns it around. Swerve turns it back around, White pulls hair to turn it around again, then he RAMS into Swerve! And again! And again! White tosses Swerve out, then goes out to CHOP! White then RAMS Swerve into railing, mocks Nana’s dance, but Swerve throws hands! Swerve runs and RAMS White into railing! Fans fire up with Swerve and he stomps White down. Swerve then whips, but White reverses and Swerve hits railing so hard, he goes over into the front row!

Fans fire up and security helps Swerve, but then White drags him back in. White puts Swerve in the ring, mockingly asks, “Whose House?” and he stomps Swerve. White wrenches the arm, CLUBS it, and then CHOPS! White again mockingly asks, “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” White CHOPS Swerve, but Swerve BOOTS back! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Swerve whips, White holds ropes, then he dumps Swerve out. But Swerve pulls hair! White HOTSHOTS Swerve, builds speed and slides, but Swerve catches him to BACK SUPLEX White into the front row! Fans are getting a much more interactive experience than expected!

Swerve drags White back up, White grabs at fans desperately, but the fans can’t do anything for him as Swerve dumps White back over. Swerve pushes White around, goes up the apron, and then he FLYING STOMPS White down! Fans fire up, Swerve puts White in, and then aims from the apron. But White gets a leg in the ropes! Swerve claws at White, pushes him away, but White BOOTS Swerve, then DRAPING DDTS! Fans rally for Swerve but White drags Swerve up to CHOP! Fans “WOO~!” and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

White sits Swerve up again, to CHOP him back down! White drags Swerve up again, goes up a corner, and mocks Swerve, to then hop back down and CHOP again! Swerve writhes, White drags him up, and White TOSSES Swerve out of the ring. White goes out after Swerve, but he CHOPS back! Swerve then clinches to hit a BACKBREAKER! White writhes, Swerve goes up to the apron again, and he BOOTS White back down! Fans rally up, Swerve drags White into the ring, and then clamps on a cording hold. White grabs ropes, the ref counts, Swerve takes a swing, but White EXPLODERS Swerve up and out!

White goes out after Swerve, hauls him up, and APRON GOURD BUSTERS! Swerve writhes and flounders but White refreshes the ring count. White then RAMS Swerve into steel steps! Swerve gets in the ring, White pursues and covers, TWO! White clamps onto Swerve’s bad arm, then traps the other, and he stretches Swerve out as Dynamite returns to single picture. Swerve fights up, but White throws him down by hair! White again mocks the chant, “Whose House?” Bryan commends Swerve on toughness. He had a brutal Texas Deathmatch with Hangman Page, and the only thing taped up is that arm.

Speaking of, White clamps onto the arms again, but Swerve endures. Swerve fights up, throws body shots, but White throws him down by his hair! Fans boo, Swerve gets up to SLAP White! Swerve CHOPS, White waistlocks, but Swerve swings elbows. White gets under to SAIDO! White then storms up to drag Swerve up, CORNER HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Swerve is still in this but White scuffs him. White mockingly says he needs his points. White knees Swerve low, and again, but Swerve blocks the chop! Swerve wrenches, gets around, HAMMERLOCK BACK SUPLEX! White writhes and fans fire up!

Swerve snarls, storms up on White, and he ROCKS him! Body shot! Forearm! Body shot! Repeat! Swerve snapmares, rolls, but White catches the Complete Shot, but then Swerve slips out of the Urenage! Swerve goes to a corner, White runs in but Swerve goes up and over to O’Conner and Eddy Gordo RANA! White tumbles, staggers, into the SOMERSAULT COMPLETE SHOT! And then a gator roll into a deadlift suplex! Fans fire up as Swerve covers, TWO!! White survives and Swerve grows frustrated. Fans still rally up behind Swerve, and he grabs White’s wrist. White resists but Swerve still drags him up.

White reaches out, kicks Swerve’s legs, then gets free. White swings, Swerve dodges and comes back, COMPLETE SHOT from White! White then waistlocks to deadlift GERMAN SUPLEX! White runs up, but Swerve DISCUS LARIATS! Fans are thunderous while both men are down and Bryan says, “How incredible are these two men?!” A standing count starts, both men stir, and White flounders to ropes. “This is Awesome!” as White comes back, he and Swerve go forehead to forehead, and they trade junkyard dog headbutts. Swerve laughs, White throws hands! Swerve throws them back! They go back and forth, faster and faster!

Fans rally up as the shots keep flying, and Swerve DECKS White! Fans fire up, Swerve smiles, but White grabs at Swerve’s legs. Swerve grabs at White, White CHOP BLOCKS! White then gets the bad arm, clinches, and URENAGES! Cover, TWO!! Swerve is still in this, this isn’t anything compared to Texas Death! White clamps on with the sleeper, though, and he hauls Swerve up. Swerve throws elbows, but White wrangles him for a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Fans fire up, Swerve endures, White CLUBS away on the bad arm and pulls! Swerve reaches out, fights around, but White keeps him from ropes by pulling hair!

Swerve and White roll together, but Swerve slips around to get White’s arms trapped! Swerve stands on that arm! Finger gun and BANG!! The arm goes back and the fans tell Swerve he’s sick! Swerve grins, storms up on White and drags him up again. But White fights the half nelson and puts Swerve in a corner. The ref counts, White arm-drags free, but then Swerve sends him at the ref! White stops himself, LOW- NO! Swerve blocks the kick, he was paying attention to last week! Swerve slips around and hits a BACKBREAKER! Fans fire up, Swerve runs to HOUSE CALL!! Then Swerve goes up and he takes aim!

White sits up, into the KILL STOMPS!! Cover, TWO?!?! No one can believe it, least of all Swerve!! White survives Swerve’s best shots, but Swerve drags him up! Swerve’s bad arm holds him back, but then White clinches! BLADERUNNER!! But Swerve flops out of the ring!! White hurries out after Swerve, pushes him in, and hurries to clinch. Swerve fights up, fights the sleeper, and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! But White still rolls Swerve up with his other arm! TWO! White storms up, Swerve trips and jackknife bridges, TWO!! BLADE- NO, Swerve slips free, but White fights the half nelson! And CHOPS!

Swerve CHOPS back! White CHOPS! We get the 15 minute mark, so time’s ticking away! Swerve CHOPS, White CHOPS, repeat! White kicks and CHOPS, then reels Swerve in. Swerve uses a leg to get free but White has him again, SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX!! Then the clinch, BLADE- ARM-DRAG!! Cradle cover, SWERVE WINS!!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall (gains 3 points; White earns 0)

White is shocked that he got beat! The #Jay1 aside, these points go to The Realest! Will the Gold League soon be whose house?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite, with awesome Continental Classic matches. But also really good non-tournament matches, such as that Trios Match. Great return to action for Dante Martin, great win for him and his trio, and those three could really build themselves up into trios title contenders with matches like this. And really good TBS Championship match Julia and Emi, though they need to get better at bringing up how House Rules work. No Ropebreaks, the ring count is to 20, and there’s Dealer’s Choice. They just kinda threw out there that this was gonna be a No Submission Falls, which was honestly a brilliant move by Emi. But in the end, of course Julia wins, it’s still too early for her to lose this belt.

Wardlow squashing- heck, he demolished AR Fox, is fine for Wardlow but a shame for Fox. Wardlow is still staying strong as he waits for the right moment to go after MJF again, but maybe, just maybe, he’s been going after MJF all along as that big guy among the “gimp squad” that tried to get MJF tonight. Great promo from MJF to not just praise Joe but also bury Punk without having to actually reference Punk going back to WWE. Joe made the save as expected, and now they’re getting dragged into a tag match against any two of those goons, and who knows who they are really, but can’t wait to see how this all goes.

Awesome stuff from Christian and Edge tonight, a brilliant move for Christian to so blatantly play to Edge’s emotions just to save his own ass. But of course it was also brilliant for Edge to not fall for it at all and get the better of Christian. But uh, AEW needs to be better at live censoring their shows, that GFY got right past them. That aside, that TNT Championship match is going to be awesome stuff, could go either way, but I still want to see Luchasaurus betray Christian and finally become his own man-dinosaur. Not Jack Perry’s tag partner, not Christian’s henchman, but his own man doing his own stuff.

And as I said at the start, awesome Continental Classic matches. Bryan Danielson also being on commentary for these was a good move, that could easily be a thing he does after he retires, except I think part of retiring is staying home with the family. Anyway, Moxley VS Lethal was a great opening match, and I figured Moxley would win that. Maybe Lethal realizes he really has let Team Triple J weaken him with all their antics. Rush VS Briscoe then raised the bar, though with a somewhat scary moment where I thought Rush took a shot to the head but it was really a concern for his leg. Rush winning was a fair choice, and that puts pressure on a possible 0-2 VS 0-2, Lethal VS Briscoe in the next round. I say “possible” because Tony Khan doesn’t reveal the entire schedule at once.

And then just an awesome, borderline PPV level match of Swerve VS White. The fans were strongly behind Swerve, I was behind Swerve, so it’s great to see Swerve get to 2-0. Swerve’s becoming my top choice for Gold League and maybe even the entire thing. Swerve having the ROH World, NJPW Strong Openweight and the AEW Continental Championships, he could really do a lot with traveling between the three brands. Mogul Embassy is already in ROH given they’re ROH World Six Man Champions, and the Gates are in NJPW right now for World Tag League, so Swerve joining them pretty much everywhere, all four of them having belts, that’s great stuff to me.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Continental Classic Update! (11/27/23)

What a start to the tournament!



Did your picks win points?

The AEW Continental Classic is underway, with almost everyone competing. Check in here if you haven’t seen the winners and losers of week 1!

Here are your Gold League standings!

  • Jon Moxley: 1-0, 3 points
  • Swerve Strickland: 1-0, 3 points
  • Jay White: 1-0, 3 points
  • Rush: 0-1, 0 points
  • Mark Briscoe: 0-1, 0 points.
  • Jay Lethal: 0-1, 0 points


Here are your Blue League standings!

  • Brody King: 1-0, 3 points
  • Claudio Castagnoli: 1-0, 3 points
  • Daniel Garcia: 0-1, 0 points
  • Eddie Kingston: 0-1, 0 points
  • Bryan Danielson: Yet to Compete
  • Andrade El Idolo: Yet to Compete


My Thoughts:

Nothing too crazy, nothing too wild, this tournament only just got started. The only disappointing point is that they could not get Bryan “cleared to compete” Saturday night. Not sure how much of that is shoot given the bad eye, but this was kinda the problem of wanting him in the tournament over tons of other choices. Bryan wants to face Okada for WrestleKingdom 18, how is Bryan supposed to do that at his best if he’s also gonna be in a round robin, doing five top level matches in about as many weeks? And it takes away from Andrade being able to do something. Also a little surprised we didn’t even hear from Andrade on Saturday.

Now as we heard on Saturday, round two’s matches are set. Gold League will see Mark Briscoe VS Rush, White VS Swerve, and of course, Moxley VS Lethal. Nice variety there, a couple 0-1 guys facing off, as well as two 1-0 guys, and then 1-0 VS 0-1. No offense to Lethal, but he feels like an 0-2 going up against Moxley. Hard to call the other ones but that’s the fun of it. Meanwhile, Blue League sees Brody VS Claudio in a showdown to be 2-0, then Bryan and Andrade finally jump in, Bryan against Eddie and Andrade against Garcia. Sadly, feels like Eddie and Garcia are going 0-2, no way Tony Khan is booking Bryan and Andrade to lose their first shots.

In fact, that could be half the reason they did wait on those two, that’s almost too good for just a first round opener. But I still would’ve done it, same as NJPW does stuff like that for round robins, which this is all modeled after anyway.

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