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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (5/16/23)

Round four, fight!




Will the Bad Child have bad luck?

The number four is bad luck in Japan, so whose luck in Best of the Super Juniors 30 turns sour in round four? Or will someone’s lucky actually turn around?


  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: YOH VS Clark Connors; Yoh wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Titán; Titán wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: BUSHI VS Robbie Eagles; Eagles wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: DOUKI VS TJP; TJP wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: Francesco Akira VS Dan Moloney; Akira wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: KUSHIDA VS Mike Bailey; Kushida wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: El Desperado VS Kevin Knight; Desperado wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS SHO; Hiromu wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: Master Wato VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Wato wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: Lio Rush VS Taiji Ishimori; Lio wins.


Here are the current A Block standings.

Mike Bailey: 3-0, 6 points
Taiji Ishimori: 3-0, 6 points
Lio Rush: 3-0, 6 points
Titán: 2-1, 4 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 1-2, 2 points
DOUKI: 1-2, 2 points
TJP: 1-2, 2 points
SHO: 1-2, 2 points
KUSHIDA: 0-3, 0 points
Ryusuke Taguchi: 0-3, 0 points


Here are the current B Block standings.

Francesco Akira: 2-1, 4 points
Robbie Eagles: 2-1, 4 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-1, 4 points
Clark Connors: 2-1, 4 points
Dan Moloney: 2-1, 4 points
El Desperado: 2-1, 4 points
YOH: 1-2, 2 points
Master Wato: 1-2, 2 points
Kevin Knight: 1-2, 2 points
BUSHI: 0-3, 0 points


Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: YOH VS Clark Connors w/ Gedo!

The Direct Drive couldn’t quite #StunTheWorld when facing Dan Moloney, but 100 Proof did give Bushi a hard shot. Will Yoh rev back up in round four? Or will there be No Chaser against the Wild Rhino?

The bell rings and the two rush in! Yoh jumps over Connors, and again! Connors is annoyed and he tries again, but Yoh trips him into a corner! Yoh then goes to the other corner and unties the buckle pad! Yoh’s given shoutouts to  icons already, here’s one to Toru Yano. Connors snarls, runs in, but narrowly avoids hitting bare buckles! Yoh aims but the ref stops him from hitting Connors with the pad! Connors ROCKS Yoh, but Yoh kicks low. Yoh runs, but Connors goes the other way to CLOBBER Yoh! Fans fire up and Connors glares at the ref. Connors takes the buckle pad, to SMACK Yoh with it!

The ref reprimands but Connors SMACKS Yoh again! And again! Yoh flops out of the ring, Connors pursues, and Connors stalks Yoh towards commentary. Connors SMACKS Yoh with the pad, then smothers him with it! The ring count starts, Connors tosses the pad to the ring, and he drags Yoh up. The count is 8 of 20 and Connors POSTS Yoh at 10! Fans applaud while Connors stalks Yoh. Connors hears the count so he goes back into the ring at 14. The count continues, fans rally up, Yoh crawls over at 17! He springs in at 19! Fans applaud but Connors is annoyed. Connors drags Yoh up but Yoh throws forearms!

Connors UPPERCUTS, whips, and Yoh hits the bare buckles! Yoh probably forgot this strategy backfires on Yano every so often, too. Connors talks trash while he looms over Yoh and drags him up. Connors suplexes Yoh high and hard! Fans applaud while Connors pushes Yoh down. Connors runs and drops a BIG elbow! Gedo applauds, the fans also applaud, and then Connors sits Yoh up. Connors clamps on a chinlock with a knee in Yoh’s back. Yoh endures, fans rally up, and Yoh fights up. Yoh throws body shots but Connors CLUBS him down. Connors runs, but Yoh dodges! Yoh comes back to RANA Connors out!

Fans fire up and Yoh hurries to the apron. Yoh aims, runs in and CANNONBALLS! Direct hit and fans fire up. Gedo complains while Connors flounders, and Yoh comes back around. Yoh stomps Connors, puts him in the ring, and fans applaud as Yoh scoops to SLAM! Yoh goes up the corner, TWISTING VADER! Cover, TWO! Gedo coaches Connors but fans rally for Yoh. Yoh drags Connors back up, reels him in, but Connors fights the suplex. Connors swings, but into a full nelson! Connors breaks that, throws elbows, but Yoh reels him back in! Connors fights the German Suplex and Yoh’s back hurts! Connors then DECKS Yoh!

Fans applaud and Connors calls his shot. Connors drags Yoh up, whips him, but Yoh holds ropes. Yoh BOOTS back, spins, but into the POWERSLAM! Gedo is amazed and the fans fire up. Gedo says it’s time and Connors aims from a corner. Yoh stands, Connors runs in to SPEAR! Connors says he’ll finish this and Gedo says “Break his ass!” Connors puts one out, suplexes, but Yoh fights free to slip around, pop up, but Connors throws him into the bare buckles! Connors then runs corner to corner, but Yoh dodges! Connors hits buckles, and then Yoh SUPERKICKS! O’Conner, FIVE STAR CLUTCH! YOH WINS!

Winner: Yoh, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Connors gains 0)

Direct Drive snatches victory from the jaws of defeat and Connors can’t believe it! Will this help Yoh #StunTheWorld? But then Connors attacks Yoh as a sore loser! Connors beats him with the buckle pad! Fans boo but Connors drags Yoh up, for NO CHASER to the buckle pad! Actually, wouldn’t that make it hurt less? But either way, Gedo gets Connors a chair! Connors is showing us this is truly the Savage Era of Bullet Club, he puts Yoh’s head on the buckle and aims the chair! CON-CHAIR-TO!! Connors blames everyone else for his loss, but will Connors take responsibility for his actions in round five?

As for Yoh, he rolls out, hugging the buckle pad. He did win this, but will he be able to rebound next round?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Titán!

The Funky Weapon is the bottom of the block, all because he’s tried to get serious. Meanwhile, El Inmortal is still doing well at 2-1. Will Titan keep his chances alive? Or will Taguchi seriously get going in the block?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, the two tie up, and Titan facelocks. Taguchi gets around to a waistlock but Titan switches then spins Taguchi back to the facelock. Taguchi wrenches to a wristlock but Titan rolls, handsprings and arm-drags! Fans applaud the standoff and the two reset. They feel things out, then Titan rushes in to trip Taguchi. Things speed up, Taguchi bypasses, and bypasses, and bypasses for some classic Taguchi antics! But Titan sees through this and whips Taguchi, and now Titan returns the favor! He makes Taguchi run and run and run, and run and run and run!

Fans applaud as Taguchi starts to slow down, and he asks for a timeout. Titan shrugs, and Taguchi comes back, to whip Titan! Titan reverses and DROPKICKS! Taguchi bails out and fans fire up as Titan builds speed. Titan rolls and flips but Taguchi slides in! Triangle jump PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Titan! Fans applaud and Taguchi rises. Taguchi CLUBS Titan, follows him around the way, and then puts him back in the ring. Fans applaud and Taguchi takes aim from the apron. Springboard, MISSILE HIP! Cover, TWO! Taguchi gets a leg for a standing toehold and Titan endures.

Taguchi steps through for a deeper toehold, but Titan kicks at him with the other leg. Taguchi pushes that leg away, shifts his position, and he ties Titan up in a figure four and abdominal stretch! Fans applaud while Titan endures. Titan pops his legs free and gets to the ROPEBREAK! Taguchi lets off, but then holds onto a foot. The ref reprimands, Taguchi lets go, and he brings Titan up. Titan ROCKS Taguchi, SOBATS, but Taguchi DECKS Titan! Titan sputters, but Taguchi stomps him around. Taguchi CHOPS Titan, follows him around the way, and whips him to ropes. Titan reverses then goes Matrix to dodge! CALF KICK!

Fans fire up while Taguchi flops around. Titan runs in but Taguchi puts him on the apron. Titan blocks to GAMANGIRI! Taguchi staggers, Titan springboards, CROSSBODY! Fans fire up and Titan keeps moving, the DROPKICK sends Taguchi out! Titan then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit in front of commentary! Fans fire up more while both men stir. Titan stands, he HIP DROPS Taguchi, then poses. Fans cheer, Titan puts Taguchi in the ring, and then covers, TWO! Titan holds onto a leg and ties Taguchi up in a deathlock! But Taguchi turns things over to have OH MY GAH ANKLE! Titan scrambles to a ROPEBREAK!

Taguchi lets go in frustration and Titan clutches his knee. Fans rally up, Taguchi stands Titan up but Titan fires off a strike fest! Titan runs but into a SOBAT! Taguchi fires off the same strike fest, with an ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as Taguchi runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Titan runs, but into a DROPKICK! The Master of the Dropkick shows him how it’s done! Fans rally up and both men stir. Titan goes to a corner, runs back in, pops up but Taguchi blocks the rana to OH MY GAH ANKLE! Titan crawls, reaches out, but Taguchi reels him in! Chicken wings, DODON TO THE THRONE!! Cover, TWO!!

Titan survives and fans fire up. Taguchi grits his teeth but he nods. Taguchi drags Titan up, tucks him in and spins around, VERTA- NO, Titan slips free! Titan goes to a corner, Taguchi runs in but into a BOOT! Titan SOBATS, front kicks and DROPKICKS Taguchi down! Fans fire up and Titan skins the cat to the top rope! Titan stands, leaps and DIVING- NO, Taguchi avoids the stomps! Titan jams his leg! BUM-A-YE!! Cover, TWO!?! Titan survives but Taguchi fires up! Taguchi drags Titan up, chicken wings again, but Titan fights free! Taguchi ROCKS Titan, whips, but Titan reverses to TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up again and Titan fires up! Titan gets the leg, hooks it up, rolls Taguchi around to the deathlock, and then bridges back for INMORTAL LOCK! Taguchi taps, Titan wins!!

Winner: Titán, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Taguchi gains 0)

Serious Taguchi is in serious danger as he goes 0-4! Is he already doomed to miss the semifinals? As for Titan, his take on the Muta Lock wins him another one, is he going to take a spot in the semifinals?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: BUSHI VS Robbie Eagles!

The Black Mask is the bottom of his block, but there’s always time to score. Will Bushi drag the Sniper down? Or will Eagles still fly high towards the top?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They approach and Bushi kicks low. Bushi throws forearms, whips Eagles but Eagles reverses. Bushi counters arm-drag with arm-drag but Eagles counters back to roll Bushi then kip up and basement dropkick! Fans cheer that fast opening exchange while Bushi bails out. Eagles runs, but Bushi moves, so Eagles just springboards to backflip and reload. Eagles DIVES onto Bushi at the ramp! Fans fire up and Eagles fires up with them before going back to Bushi. Eagles drags Bushi up, CHOPS him, then follows him around the way while the ring count starts.

Eagles puts Bushi in at 4 of 20, then brings Bushi up. Bushi rakes the eyes! The ref reprimands, Bushi stops but Eagles KICKS him back! Eagles runs but Bushi dropkicks the leg out! Fans applaud while Eagles clutches his knee. Bushi stomps Eagles, drags him up, and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Eagles hangs tough but Bushi keeps cool. Bushi stomps Eagles more, drags him into a stepover leglock, and he pulls hard on the foot. Eagles endures, moves around, but Bushi gets him for a STF! Eagles still fights around as fans rally up, and Eagles reaches out for the ROPEBREAK! Fans applaud and the ref counts.

Bushi lets go quickly, and he paces around Eagles. Bushi stomps Eagles, drags him up and fisherman’s a leg, but Eagles fights the lift. Bushi kicks Eagles low, then brings him up to FISHERMAN- NO, Eagles slips out of the screw! But Bushi ducks the roundhouse, reels Eagles in, back suplex, but Eagles lands out of it! Eagles reels Bush in for a SNAP SAIDO! Fans fire up while both men are down. Bushi stirs, the fans rally up and Eagles rises. Eagles goes to ropes, then comes back to KICK Bushi in the chest! And KICK! And KICK! And then run, to LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Bushi is still in this but Eagles rallies the fans.

“ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” “OI OI OI!” “Robbie!” “OI!” “Robbie!” “OI!” “ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE!” Eagles is all fired up now and he brings Bushi up. Eagles whips Bushi corner to corner, runs in and DOUBLE KNEES! Bushi sits down, Eagles runs back in, METEORA! Eagles pushes Bushi to a cover, TWO! Bushi survives but Eagles keeps his cool. Eagles drags Bushi around by a leg, but Bushi flounders to the ROPEBREAK! Eagles still steps through, so Bushi kicks him away. Eagles runs in, but into an elbow! Eagles LOW 619s the legs! And then springboards, but Bushi gets under!

Bushi kicks, Eagles blocks but Bushi fights the backpack. Bushi ROCKS Eagles, runs, but Eagles ROCKS him at the ropes! Eagles runs but Bushi DROPKICKS Eagles at the ropes! Fans fire up again while both men are down. Bushi goes to a corner, runs back in, but Eagles blocks the Code Breaker to a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO, into the EAGLE LOCK! Bushi endures the Ron Miller Special and fans rally up! Bushi crawls around, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! The fans applaud and the ref counts, Eagles lets off cleanly. Eagles drags Bushi back to stomp the leg! Eagles then goes up the corner!

Eagles aims, 450, but Bushi dodges! Bushi BOOTS back but Eagles frowns. Eagles comes back, blocks a boot and he stomps the other leg! Bushi still kicks Eagles away, then goes up to avoid the Low 619! Bushi leaps but Eagles gets under, and Bushi’s leg jams! Eagles runs in but Bushi catches him and spins him, DDT but Eagles handsprings through!? Eagles runs in again, blocks one kick, ducks the enziguri, but the HEEL KICK hits! Fans fire up and Bushi FISHERMAN SCREWS! Cover, TWO! Eagles survives and fans rally up. Bushi goes out to the apron, drags Eagles through the ropes, DRAPING APRON DDT!

Eagles flops back and Bushi clutches his leg. Bushi fires up and fans fire up with him! Bushi rolls in, hobbles to Eagles and brings him up. Bushi reels Eagles in but Eagles Alabama Lifts! Eagles throws Bushi away, then ROUNDHOUSES! SUPERKICKS! And PELES! Bushi wobbles, Eagles roars, but Bushi turns asai into backslide! Eagles rolls through to TRIGGER KICK! Cover, Eagles wins!!

Winner: Robbie Eagles, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Bushi gains 0)

And just like that, the Sniper hits the mark! Bushi falls to 0-4 while Eagles is 3-1, will these trends continue until the end?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: DOUKI VS TJP!

Japones Del Mal may be 1-2 but he’s had nothing but strong showings so far. The same can be said for Public Enemy Number One, who is also at 1-2. Who has the stronger showing here and now to break even?

But as Douki makes his entrance, TJP dropkicks him off the apron! TJP then throws Douki into the ring, goes up top, the bell rings and TJP MAMBA SPLASHES!! Cover, TWO!!! Douki survives this sudden start and bails back out. But TJP PLANCHAS! Direct hit and fans fire up as TJP finally takes off his jacket. TJP puts Douki back in, goes back up top, MAMBA SPLASH into ITALIAN STRETCH #32!! Douki has TJP caught now, but TJP fights around! TJP reaches back, ROPEBREAK! Douki lets go as the ref counts and TJP bails out. Douki builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp and the fans fire up again!

Fans rally up and Douki fetches TJP. Douki throws forearms but TJP throws them back. They brawl up the ramp, TJP aims at the entryway but Douki blocks! TJP CLUBS Douki, then SMACKS Douki off the steel! Fans rally, TJP finally takes off his shirt and throws it to the crowd, free souvenir! Douki throws body shots in return, then SMACKS TJP off the steel! Fans fire up and TJP flounders down the ramp. Douki brings TJP back up, but TJP blocks the suplex! TJP throws body shots, then snap suplexes Douki to the ramp! TJP kicks Douki around, throws up the crown, and fans rally up.

TJP waits on Douki to rise, and then runs down the ramp to CROSSBODY! Douki catches TJP! SAHARAWI to the ramp! Fans fire up, and then rally up as Douki rises. Douki roars and he brings TJP up as the ring count starts. Douki brings TJP over and in at 7 of 20 and then he climbs the corner. COUP DE GRACE! Cover, TWO! TJP survives the double stomps but Douki stalks TJP. Douki drags TJP up, Gory Especials, but TJP fights that off. Douki spins TJP to knee low and whip to ropes. TJP goes Spider-Man, then dodges as Douki runs in! Douki ends up on the apron, shoulders back in, and then slingshots, DAYBREAK!! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up and Douki roars again! Douki reels TJP into the wheelbarrow, full nelsons, but TJP fights it by bending fingers! TJP slips around, hooks Douki up, COBRA TWIST DRIVER!! Both men are down and fans fire up! TJP goes to one corner, Douki goes to the other. TJP runs corner to corner to back elbow! TJP sits Douki down, and fans rally up as TJP scrapes laces off Douki’s face! TJP runs side to side, but Douki is up! TJP dodges Douki, Douki dodges TJP but TJP SUPERKICKS! TJP keeps moving, and he BOOTS Douki! TJP goes side to side again, for a BOOT WASH! Fans fire up and TJP climbs the corner!

TJP leaps, MAMBA SPLASH onto knees!! Then ITALIAN STRETCH #32!! TJP is caught again but he reaches around! Fans rally as TJP drags Douki along, but Douki rolls him away to have ITALIAN- NO, TJP slips through and rolls Douki, only for Douki to cradle TJP! TWO!!! TJP escapes, JUMP SOBATS, but Douki ENZIGURIS! Douki runs, but TJP slips around. Douki drops to victory roll, TWO! Into the wheelbarrow! But TJP slips out of the full nelson to FINAL CUT! And then SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Douki survives and fans fire up! But TJP pounds the mat and goes back up the corner! TJP aims, MAMBA SPLASH!!! Cover, TJP wins!

Winner: TJP, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Douki gains 0)

It took a few more shots than TJP expected, but he still came away with the win! Will the United Empire soon conquer the Best of the Super Juniors? Speaking of…


Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: Francesco Akira VS Dan Moloney!

The Nova Fireball and #DaDrilla are both United Empire, but they’re both 2-1 and they both want to be Best of the Super Juniors. Will this stay a friendly match? Or will things get tense within the team?

The two throw up the crowns to show respect and the fans applaud. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, and Dan powers Akira back to ropes. The ref counts, Dan lets off and he lets Akira come back. Akira gets fans to clap “A! KI-RA!” and the two tie up again. Dan headlocks, grinds Akira down, but Akira fights up, only for Dan to grind him back down. Akira keeps fighting, and he pushes on one of Dan’s legs to make him kneel. Akira then slips out to headlock back. Fans applaud and Dan fights up. Dan powers out, they RAM shoulders, and Dan eggs Akira on. Akira runs again, they RAM shoulders, but neither falls.

Dan flexes, but Akira kicks low! Akira CLUBS away on Dan’s neck, then says he’s smarter than Dan. But Dan blocks the whip! And blocks again! Dan whips Akira, Akira ducks ‘n’ dodges then CALF KICKS! Dan stays up because he’s bigger than Akira. Akira goes up a corner, Dan runs in but Akira BOOTS him! Akira leaps, but Dan catches him! Dan says, “Abunai gaijin desu <I’m a dangerous foreigner.>” Dan then pops Akira to a suplex but Akira slips free. Akira waistlocks, Dan breaks free and shoves Akira. Akira comes back but Dan hurdles, drops and DROPKICKS! Fans fire up and Dan suplexes Akira high and hard! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally and Dan keeps his cool. Akira crawls to a corner but Dan stalks him. Dan kicks Akira around, then CHOPS him! Dan stalks Akira to the other side now, but Akira throws forearms! Dan CHOPS again! Akira falls into the corner and Dan even shakes out his hand. Dan drags Akira up to kick, CHOP and repeat! Akira falls on the last chop, Dan covers, TWO! Fans rally up for “A! KI-RA!” but Dan stalks him. Dan CLUBS Akira and eggs him on. Akira throws a forearm, but Dan eggs him on more. Akira throws a forearm, and a CHOP! And a DOUBLE CHOP! Dan CHOPS Akira right back down!

Fans rally up, Dan runs, but Akira follows and wheelbarrows, victory roll for STOMP 182! Both men are down and fans fire up! Fans rally, both men go to corners, and Akira runs in to clotheslines! Akira goes corner to corner to back elbow! Akira fires up and shouts, “Akita! Iku ze! <Here we go!>” The fans fire up for Akira’s Japanese and he runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, and RANAS! Dan bails out, Akira PLANCHAS! Direct hit and down goes Dan! Fans fire up and Akira puts Dan back in. Fans rally up, Akira climbs a corner, and Akira CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for “A! KI-RA!” again as he drags Dan around.

Akira tries to bring Dan up but he’s a big boy. Akira hooks Dan up but Dan fireman’s carries! Akira fights free, CLUBS Dan down, then runs again. Dan fireman’s carries! But Akira pops up, POISON-RANA!! Dan staggers, rebounds, ducks ‘n’ dodges and GORES!! Cover, TWO!! Akira survives and the fans fire up again! Dan sits up and slashes his throat. Dan drags Akira up, and shouts he is again the dangerous gaijin! But Akira arm-drags free, pops up, only for Dan to block the rana! Dan brings Akira up, pops him out and SPINNING CHOPS! Then fisherman BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up as Akira survives again. Dan pounds the mat and fans rally up. Dan drags Akira up but Akira is dead weight now. The ref checks Akira but Dan pats him on the shoulder. Dan drags Akira up, Canadian Racks, but Akira slips out to SUPERKICK! Dan sits up, but into a SLIDING KNEE! And then Akira aims, FIREBALL!! Cover, Akira wins!

Winner: Francesco Akira, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Moloney gains 0)

That was definitely a heated battle! And in the end, Akira proves he is the senpai in the team! They both still throw up the crowns, will this block still belong to the Empire?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: KUSHIDA VS Mike Bailey!

The Timesplitter has been slowing down but Speedball is speeding up! Will Kushida be stuck at the bottom of the block? Or can he bring Bailey down from the top?

The bell rings and fans applaud as the two fist bump to show respect. They feel things out, Mike gives testing kicks but Kushida pushes forward. Mike avoids Kushida’s drop toehold, and tries some palm strikes. Kushida keeps up his guard, each man tests with a kick, and then Kushida gets a leg. Mike slips free and the fans applaud. The two keep moving around, Mike again avoids Kushida’s toeholds, but Kushida blocks Mike’s cartwheel move. Mike floats to a waistlock, Kushida spins around and the two clinch onto ropes. The ref counts the break, Kushida lets off cleanly, and fans applaud.

Mike and Kushida feel things out, and then Kushida leaps for a body scissor! Mike fights out of that to turn Kushida over and facelock. Mike then floats to a waistlock, he gator rolls Kushida, but Kushida works on an escape. Kushida grabs Mike’s legs for leverage. Kushida spins around, Mike fights him off with hands but Kushida KICKS Mike in the side. Kushida drops on Mike but Mike spins to avoid the lateral press. Mike’s leg guard keeps Kushida back but Kushida gets around to a waistlock. Kushida then floats and he wants the double wristlock! Mike resists by clasping hands, then he back dorps Kushida!

Mike sets up, but Kushida sunset flips him before the knee drop! Both men get a HEEL HOOK! They fight each other while pulling on the holds, and they roll towards the apron. They both fall to the floor! Both men get up and are forehead to forehead. Kushida CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Mike KICKS in return! And KICKS! And KICKS but only gets post! Even the fans feel that one! Kushida body scissors Mike to drag him down for a KNEEBAR! The ref counts, Mike CLUBS away on Kushida, and Kushida lets go at 4. Mike clutches his leg but Kushida puts him back in the ring, which fans applaud.

Kushida keeps after Mike with the sliding kicks! Mike blocks one but Kushida just KICKS the leg out! Kushida lets the ref check Mike but Mike says he’s fine. It’s a standing count but Mike hobbles up at 3. Kushida then CHOP BLOCKS the leg! And SMASHES the knee on the mat! Kushida shows his mean side but Mike kicks at him. Kushida gives some kicks to the side but Mike keeps a leg guard up. Kushida kicks through the guard, and kicks and stomps and kicks! Kushida grabs the legs but Mike fights up to the ropes. Kushida brings him away, they go to the other side, and the ref counts the break this time.

Kushida lets go at 4, but he KICKS Mike’s arm! Mike KICKS back, and they KICK back and forth! Mike stumbles but he comes back for the lightning flurry! Fans fire up and Mike ENZIGURIS! Kushida stumbles and Mike grits his teeth. Fans rally up and Mike goes to a corner. Mike runs in to SOBAT! And AX KICK! And ROUNDHOUSE! Kushida falls, and Mike powers up to SHOOTING STAR into the body scissors! HOVERBOARD!! Mike scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Kushida lets off quickly, then runs in! Mike avoids the roll-up, Kushida tries again, but Mike KNEES him down!! The ref checks and Kushida is dazed!

The ref starts a standing count for Kushida, but he’s still down past 5 of 10! Kushida stirs at 7, stands at 9, but Mike runs in! TATSUMAKI- NO, Kushida blocks! Kushida pushes Mike, Mike BOOTS but Kushida PELES! Kushida aims but Mike HEEL KICKS him first! Then ROUNDHOUSES! Then ROUNDHOUSES again! Mike kicks away on that arm, and rolls Kushida to an ARMBAR! But Kushida stacks it to a cover, TWO!! Kushida tries again, TWO!! Mike lets go to BACKFLIP KNEE DROP! And then ARMBAR!! Fans fire up as Kushida endures! Kushida kicks, flails, reaches out, but Mike traps the other arm, too! Kushida moves around, ROPEBREAK with a foot!

The fans applaud as Mike lets go. Mike rises, drags Kushida up by that arm, and he KICKS Kushida down! And then stands him up, to KICK him back down! Fans rally up, Mike stands Kushida to KICK him down again! Mike drags Kushida up once again, wrenches through, and ELBOW- NO! SLEEPER! Kushida squeezes tight, then shifts around, COBRA TWIST! But Mike powers out! And ROUNDHOUSES! And then THRUST KICKS! And then aims, to spin and TATSUMAKI ROUNDHOUSE!! Kushida falls, Mike goes up and fans fire up, ULTIMA- NO! Kushida moves, and PENALTY KICKS the bad arm!

Kushida KICKS away on the legs, drags Mike down, HOVERBOARD! But Mike throws knees! Mike stands, throws more knees, but Kushida scoops him! BACK TO THE FUTURE!! Cover, TWO!?! Kushida can’t believe it! But he winds up, fires off palm strikes, but Mike SOBATS! And fires off palm strikes in return! BODY BLOW! Kushida blocks the kick, rolls Mike up, HEEL HOOK!! Mike kicks away with his free leg but Kushida gets that, CROSS HEEL HOOK!! Mike taps, Kushida wins!!

Winner: Kushida, by submission (gains 2 points; Bailey gains 0)

The Ace of the Junior Heavyweight Division finally gets on the board! Is there still time for Kushida to turn this around? Will Mike be able to stay near the top after this stumble?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: El Desperado VS Kevin Knight!

The Rogue Luchador and The Jet are both up from round three, but Desperado is in better shape. Well, record wise at least. Will that leg hold out so Desperado can win again? Or will the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion break even?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. Desperado avoids Knight’s drop toehold a la Kushida, and the two keep circling. Knight headlocks, Desperado powers out to headlock but Knight powers out in return. Things speed up, Knight hurdles and Desperado leaps. Things keep moving, Desperado drops and Knight hops over, to then leap over on the return! Fans cheer the opening exchange and even Desperado has to applaud Knight’s agility. Desperado then rushes in but Knight dodges and runs in to top rope springboard! FLYING ARM-DRAG! Desperado bails out, Knight slingshots but Desperado gets in!

Desperado BODY BLOWS Knight and he goes down. Desperado runs, slides, but Knight gets under. Knight sends Desperado into the apron, runs back in, but Desperado pops him up. Knight lands safe to mule kick Desperado, slingshot in and then PLANCHA back out! Fans fire up and Knight brings Desperado up. Knight CHOPS and Desperado goes around the way. Knight follows and CHOPS Desperado again. “Mo ikai!” Knight swings but Desperado ducks! But Knight stops from hitting the post! Desperado stands back up, and Knight CHOPS him again! Fans cheer while Desperado staggers away.

Knight says he outsmarted Desperado there and he puts Desperado in the ring. Snapmare and basement SHOULDER! Knight flexes and fans applaud. Cover, TWO! Knight drags Desperado up, but Desperado throws body shots. Knight knees low, whips, but Desperado avoids the dropkick! Desperado then runs Knight over and fans rally up. Desperado drags Knight up, to CHOP! And then Desperado gets a leg, for the SHIN BREAKER! Trip and elbow drop to the knee! Desperado pulls on the leg in a toehold but Knight endures. Fans rally, Knight crawls back, even as Desperado traps the leg, and gets the ROPEBREAK!

The ref counts, Desperado lets go, “Oops!” He drops a knee on the knee! Desperado plays dumb but Knight tells him no one believes him. Desperado goes to a corner and fans rally up. Knight rises, Desperado storms up and stomps the bad leg. Desperado then CLUBS Knight on the neck. Knight crawls, Desperado drags him up, but Knight throws body shots and an UPPERCUT! Desperado knees low in return. Desperado whips, Knight reverses and SPLASHES In the corner! Knight puts Desperado up top to DROPKICK Desperado to the floor! Fans fire up and Knight builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Desperado!

Knight fires up, he puts Desperado back in and he aims from the apron. Desperado stands, Knight springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Knight went a long distance but didn’t get the win with that. Knight tells “Despy” to get up and he has him in a corner. Knight CHOPS, then he hoists Desperado up top. Knight says “Time to fly!” But Desperado jumps over! Desperado comes back, into the SKY HIGH SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Knight keeps focus, saying he’ll end it here. Desperado rises, Knight runs in, but Desperado stops the DDT! Desperado gets the bad leg, for the STRETCH MUFFLER!

Knight reaches out but Desperado drags him away! Desperado thrashes the leg, bends Knight back, but Knight claws his way forward! ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer as Desperado lets go quickly. Fans rally and duel as Desperado rises. Knight sits up and crawls around, but Desperado roars. Desperado reels Knight in but Knight fights the gut wrench. Knight then slips out, but Desperado switches to back suplex. Knight lands on his feet, swings, but into the gut wrench! GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO! Knight is still in this and fans fire up! Desperado grows frustrated but he fires himself back up.

Desperado stalks Knight and brings him up. Underhooks and PINCHE- NO, Knight wrenches out! Sayanagi and ghost pin! TWO!! But then sunset flip! TWO but back to the ghost pin, TWO!! Desperado stands, blocks a kick, and rolls Knight, to the STRETCH MUFFLER! But Knight rolls it to a cradle! TWO!!! Desperado stands, but Knight SUPERKICKS! Knight says here goes! Knight brings Desperado up, reels him in, picks him up, but Desperado fights the bomb to PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Desperado wins!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Knight gains 0)

The Jet started to take off, but he got grounded quickly! Desperado wins this one for Team Strong Style, will he keep on representing until the finals?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: Hiromu Takahashi VS SHO!

The Ticking Timebomb fell in last round’s main event, and now he’s up against The Murder Machine, whose cheating ways finally helped him out. Will Hiromu be ready for whatever tricks Sho (and Evil) might pull? Or will the House stack the deck again?

Whoa, wait, Evil is already making his way out to the ring! The King of Darkness isn’t hiding that he’s here, even though fans want him to leave. Wait, is Evil joining commentary? Since when? He takes Milano Collection AT’s chair! Will this be all the input Evil has tonight? Sho makes his entrance, and surprisingly doesn’t have his jacket or towel to hide the wrench. In fact, he just has it out in the open. Sho gets the mic, to read a statement? It’s supposedly from Hiromu, and supposedly, Hiromu can’t make it tonight, so he apologizes to the fans but he has to forfeit this round. Fans boo but Sho says this is all true.

As such, Sho expects to be awarded this match. He wants the ring announcer to verify the message and officially award him the match. The announcer isn’t sure, and neither is the ref. But then Sho threatens the announcer into saying it! The announcer reads that Hiromu Takahashi is not able to make it to the show tonight, so he will let Sho win this match. Fans boo more but Sho won’t let the ref read the message. The fans chant for “HI-RO-MU!” but Sho tries to tell them he’s not here. Sho wants the ref to raise his hand, but the ref refuses. There’s nothing proving this is true, but Evil says it’s too bad the champ wasn’t here tonight.

Sho and Evil decide to leave, but the fans still want “HI-RO-MU! HI-RO-MU!” The House of Torture says there’s nothing that can be done if Hiromu can’t make it. But then Hiromu’s music hits! Sho and Evil are freaking out, because here comes Hiromu, all tied up!! He SHOTGUNS The House! The ref and Young Lions hurry to get Hiromu free of the wrist tape, and he throws Sho into the ring. Hiromu stomps Sho around, the bell rings, and Hiromu fires off forearms! This match is still happening and the fans fire up! The ref wants Hiromu to left off but Hiromu shoves him away to drag Sho back up.

Hiromu fireman’s carries and CORNER DEATH VALLEY! And then another fireman’s carry, but Sho bends the fingers! The ref stops Sho but Sho grabs hold of the ref. This is to distract as Evil gets in with a chair! But Hiromu dodges to SUPERKICK Evil! Hiromu gets the chair, but the ref sees him! The ref grabs the chair and Evil runs away! Sho shoves Hiromu into the ref! Then GERMAN SUPLEXES Hiromu! Fans boo as Evil slides back into the ring. Evil and Sho stomps away on Hiromu, then put one out. They drag Hiromu up and Sho has the chair. Fans boo but Sho SMACKS Hiromu right on the back! And again! And again!

Sho SMACKS Hiromu again, then tosses the chair. Fans boo but Evil puts the ref in the ring. Sho drags Hiromu up, reels him in, and POWERBOMBS! Then deadlift to POWERBOMB again! And then again! Sho covers, TWO!! Hiromu survives and fans fire up! But Sho has the legs for a BOSTON CRAB! Hiromu endures, the fans rally up, and Hiromu crawls his way forward! Evil has the bell hammer? He wants to wait for Sho to win so he can ring the bell himself! But Hiromu keeps fighting forward to the ROPEBREAK! Sho lets go in frustration and paces around. Sho drags Hiromu up but Hiromu’s dead weight.

Sho wants the ref to check Hiromu. Hiromu’s still in this so Sho drags him up and reels him in. Sho tucks the arms, SHOCK- NO, Hiromu body scissors! But Sho powers through that, but Hiromu slips out to suplex and FALCON ARROW! Fans fire up while both men crawl. Evil coaches Sho but the fans rally behind Hiromu. Hiromu stands, roars, and he drags Sho up to a fireman’s carry. Sho slips off, swings, misses, and Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Sho staggers, Hiromu fireman’s carries, DEATH VALLEY to the outside! Sho holds on, Hiromu runs to SUNSET FLIP, but Sho still holds onto the ropes!

Sho grabs at the ref! Fans boo as Evil JAMS Hiromu in the chest with a chair! Sho is free and he hurries to fetch Hiromu. Sho sends Hiromu back into the ring, then drags him up. Sho runs, to LARIAT! But Sho isn’t done there, he stands Hiromu up and reels him in to tuck the arms! STRAITJACKET PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives and fans fire up! Sho and Evil are furious but the count is the count! Fans rally for “HI-RO-MU!” but Sho slashes his throat. Sho drags Hiromu up, reels him back in and tucks the arms again, SHOCK- NO, Hiromu fights the lift! Hiromu Alabama Lifts but Sho fights it back down!

Sho lifts, but Hiromu RANAS through, and into TRIANGLE D! Evil distracts the ref, Sho claws at Hiromu’s face!! Sho gets free, and gets the wrench! Sho takes aim, but Hiromu blocks! Hiromu kicks low, and then pretends Sho hit him with the wrench!! The ref asks Sho about this, Sho defends his innocence, and Hiromu CLOBBERS Evil with the wrench! Sho runs in at Hiromu, into EVERYTHING IS EVIL!!! Hiromu then dragon sleepers to TIMEBOMB MK. II!! But Hiromu isn’t done there! Hiromu drags Sho back up, brings him around to a fireman’s carry, and TIMEBOMB!! Cover, Hiromu wins!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Sho gains 0)

The more Sho & Evil play games, the more they find out! The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion isn’t so easy to cheat, will he not be stopped on his journey back to the finals?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, B Block: Master Wato VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

The Way of the Grandmaster lost to El Desperado, who lost to the Heel Master in an earlier round. So if Wato beats Kanemaru, can that propel him to the top? Or will Kanemaru keep climbing the ranks for Just5Guys?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They tie up, Kanemaru wrenches to a wristlock but Wato spins through to wrench back. Wato wristlocks but Kanemaru kicks low to wrench back. Kanemaru hammerlocks, Wato spins that around onto Kanemaru but Kanemaru spins it back onto Wato. Wato throws elbows to hammerlock then headlock. Wato hits the takeover but Kanemaru headscissors. Wato kips free but Kanemaru kicks him low. Kanemaru whips, Wato RANAS! Fans fire up while Kanemaru bails out. Wato runs but Kanemaru gets away. Kanemaru stretches while fans applaud the savvy.

Wato rushes out, Kanemaru runs around the way. Kanemaru slides back in Wato pursues, and Kanemaru runs him over. Kanemaru keeps moving, but he anticipates Wato’s back drop to whip him away. Wato still runs Kanemaru over on the return! Things keep moving, and Kanemaru trips Wato to SMASH the knee on the mat! The game plan that beat Desperado is coming into play. Kanemaru stomps Wato then throws him out. Kanemaru goes out after Wato, SMACKS him off the apron, and then talks some trash. Wato kicks, but Kanemaru blocks to send the leg into the POST! Wato falls and writhes and Red Shoes checks on him.

Kanemaru slides into the ring to wait. Wato is still in this so the ring count starts. Wato sits up at 5 of 20, fans rally, and Wato stands at 12. Wato slides in at 13 but Kanemaru is on him with a SHIN BREAKER! And then a YANK of the leg! Wato writhes more but Kanemaru YANKS the leg again! Fans rally up and Kanemaru SMASHES the knee on the mat! Wato writhes even more, but Kanemaru drops an elbow on the knee. Kanemaru has a toehold but Wato fights back with a chinlock. Kanemaru shrugs that off and pulls on the leg. Wato moves around, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Fans applaud, Red Shoes counts, and Kanemaru lets go.

Kanemaru has his own take on Desperado’s “Oops,” he’s still kneeling on Wato’s knee! Red Shoes reprimands and Kanemaru plays dumb. Kanemaru steps away, then he drags Wato to center. Kanemaru steps through, ties the legs up, and he has a modified DEATHLOCK! Wato endures, flails, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru claims he needs help undoing the hold. Red Shoes counts, Kanemaru lets go for real, and Wato crawls away. Kanemaru stomps the leg, and stomps it again. Kanemaru gives toying kicks but Wato throws forearms! Kanemaru rakes the eyes, then kicks the bad leg!

Kanemaru whips Wato corner to corner, but Wato can’t even make it on that bad leg. Wato hobbles the rest of the way, Kanemaru runs in but into BOOTS! Wato then BULLDOGS! Fans applaud and Wato fires back up. Wato drags Kanemaru up, blocks a kick, and hits a ZIGZAG! Both men are down but Wato gets his bad leg working. Fans rally and Wato brings Kanemaru up to wrench and hook. Kanemaru fights the lift, so Wato throws knee after knee. Wato whips Kanemaru to a corner, runs in, but Kanemaru puts him on the apron. The bad leg jams! Kanemaru runs in but Wato dodges to GAMANGIRI!

Fans fire up and Wato aims, springboard, but Kanemaru dodges! The leg jams again! Kanemaru runs in to dropkick the leg out! Kanemaru then steps through, for a FIGURE FOUR! Wato endures the legendary leglock, and Kanemaru thrashes around to add more pressure! Wato grabs at Red Shoes, begging him not to call this! Wato flails, reaches out, and then he turns it over! Kanemaru turns things back over, but they’re in the ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru lets go of the hold and he drags Wato back up. Kanemaru scoops Wato to SLAM him down! Kanemaru then goes up the corner, for the MOONSAULT! Wato moves, Kanemaru lands on his feet!

Wato goes back to the apron, to springboard and FLYING UPPERCUT! Fans fire up while both men are down again. Wato goes to ropes, as does Kanemaru. Kanemaru runs in but Wato gets around to a crucifix takedown, and then he brings Kanemaru back up for RECIENTEMENTE! Cover, TWO!! Kanemaru escapes and fans fire up! Wato also fires up as he beats his bad leg into working. Wato waistlocks but Kanemaru fights the lift. Kanemaru mule kicks the bad leg, shoves and victory rolls, TWO! Kanemaru trips Wato, steps through, but Wato kicks back! SCREW HIGH KICK! Fans fire up as Wato drags Kanemaru back up.

TUTENKAKU GERMAN!! Bridging cover, Wato wins!!

Winner: Master Wato, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kanemaru gains 0)

Even Wato is surprised with that result! Will this win over the Heel Master help the Way of the Grandmaster find his way to the finals?


Best of the Super Juniors 30, A Block: Lio Rush VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Bad Child won big last round, both because it was the main event and because it was against the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. Will Lio continue to that momentum and truly be the Man of the Hour? Or will the Bone Soldier make sure #ItsReborn?

The bell rings and fans rally as the two stare down. Lio encourages the fans to get louder so they oblige. Taiji and Lio circle, feel things out, and then tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. They’re in a deadlock, but Taiji does find a point of leverage to put Lio in a corner. Red Shoes counts, and Taiji lets off with a pat on the shoulder. Taiji flexes while egging Lio on. Lio and Taiji reset, circle again, and tie up again. Taiji throws Lio down! Taiji grins, but Lio shoots around to waistlock. Taiji switches, Lio switches then spins Taiji. Taiji blocks the snapmare and spins Lio back to a waistlock. Lio switches to shove Taiji, then he goes the other way.

Taiji stops, Lio ducks ‘n’ dodges but Taiji follows to run Lio over! Fans fire up but Lio is right up to fire forearms! Taiji gives them back, Lio gets the edge and whips. Taiji reverses but Lio slides out. Lio dares Taiji to follow him out there and the fans fire up. Taiji doesn’t follow and he wants Lio to get back in. Red Shoes wants Lio to get back in, but Taiji rushes out after all. Lio slides back in and now Lio taunts Taiji to get back in. Taiji is annoyed, but he does slide in. Taiji blocks a kick, flips Lio, and things speed up again. Lio hurdles, Taiji goes around Lio but Lio avoids the basement dropkick!

Lio runs in to SLIDING LARIAT but Taiji catches it! Ghost pin, TWO! Lio has a cover, TWO! The two stand up, and DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Both men stay up and fans fire up. Taiji CHOPS, Lio nods. Lio CHOPS, Taiji shakes it off. Fans rally up and Taiji CHOPS again! Lio CHOPS again! Taiji CHOPS again! Lio gets the fans to get louder, and Lio winds up, to feint and fire off a strike fest! Lio eggs Taiji on, then he dodges the haymaker to fire off more shots and an ENZIGURI! Taiji bails out, Lio builds speed, but Taiji ducks the slide. Taiji fireman’s carries to POST Lio! Red Shoes checks Lio but Taiji unties the blue buckle pad.

Taiji has the Bullet Club Special in play as Red Shoes starts the ring count. Lio stands, gets back in the ring, and Taiji stalks him to a corner. Lio slips away to another corner but Taiji keeps after him. Taiji stomps Lio, CLUBS him, then throws down fists. Taiji digs his boots in but Red Shoes reprimands. Taiji lets off as Red Shoes counts, and Taiji drags Lio back up. Taiji wrenches the arm, then whips and WRINGS Lio’s arm out! Taiji then pulls on the arm, digging his boots into Lio’s shoulder! Lio endures, fans rally, and Lio fights. Lio kicks at Taiji then moves around to the ROPEBREAK! Fans applaud as Taiji lets go.

Taiji stalks Lio back to a corner and CLUBS him back down. Taiji whips Lio corner to corner, runs in corner to corner, but he blocks the boots. Taiji puts Lio in the ropes, ENZIGURI and then SLIDING GERMAN! Fans fire up and Taiji goes back in to cover, TWO! Lio is still in this but Taiji keeps cool. Taiji drags Lio around but Lio kicks at Taiji. Taiji twists the wrist, Lio sits up to throw body shots, but Taiji just twists harder. Taiji hammerlocks Lio, and aims at the bare buckles. Lio stops himself in time, then he throws elbows Taiji away! Lio ELBOWS Taiji more, ROCKS him again, and then whips.

Taiji holds ropes and blocks the hip, and that hurts Lio’s bad arm. Taiji swings but Lio bobs ‘n’ weaves. Lio whips, Taiji reverses, but Lio JUMP KNEES! And ELBOWS! Fans fire up as Taiji rushes back in, but Lio tosses him out! And then DIVES OUTTA NOWHERE! Direct hit at the ramp and the fans fire up! Red Shoes checks both men and they’re both okay to continue. The ring count starts, fans rally up, and Lio sits up first. Lio gets in the ring at 11, Taiji sits up at 13. Taiji crawls his way over, grabs at the apron at 18, but leaps in at 19! Lio then rushes up to FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Lio’s shoutout to tag partner Yoh was not enough!

Lio grows a bit frustrated, but he says it is time! Lio runs the ropes, RUSH- NO, Taiji blocks! Taiji inverted suplexes but Lio slips out. Taiji knees low, whips, Lio reverses but Taiji handsprings for a NEURALIZER! Both men are down and fans fire back up. Taiji stands and storms over, drags Lio up, and POSTS him in the bare corner! Taiji hammerlocks, half nelsons, and scoops for the SHOULDER BUSTER! Lio writhes and fans rally up, but Taiji takes aim from the corner. Taiji runs in, LA MYSTICA! BONE LOCK!! Lio endures, fans rally up, and Taiji pulls back on the hold! Lio fights his way over, but Taiji kicks the ropes!

Taiji has Lio stuck in the center with the BONE LOCK!! Lio endures, fans rally as hard as they can, and Lio fights up again. Lio rolls Taiji to a cover, TWO! Taiji still has the BONE LOCK, but not the leverage! Lio endures, gets to his feet, and he scoops Taiji! But Taiji turns it around, only for Taiji to turn it back around! But Taiji fights it back around, only for Lio to slip out and schoolboy! TWO!! Lio runs in, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up again as both men stir. Taiji and Lio slowly rise, and Lio throws a forearm! Taiji throws it back, so Lio throws another! Taiji throws that one back, too!

Lio shakes his head, and he throws another forearm! Taiji shakes his head now, and both men stand. The forearms keep going back and forth, and fans rally as they go faster and faster! Taiji kicks low! Taiji brings Lio up by his hair, and swings, but Lio ducks to headbutt low! But Taiji avoids the Scissor Kick! But then Lio ducks the Penalty Kick! Lio rolls Taiji and spins to BASEMENT ENZIGURI! Fans fire up but Taiji roars! Taiji LARIATS but Lio stays up! Lio LARIATS right back! And then Lio fireman’s carries, spins and spins and F5!! Lio goes to the corner, goes up top, and fans fire up for the FINAL HOUR, onto knees!!

Lio sputters, Taiji drags him up and gut wrenches, for CIPHER UTAKI! Cover, TWO!! Lio survives and fans fire back up! Taiji is too tired to be upset, he just goes to the ropes. Taiji drags himself up, takes aim with his finger gun and  says BANG! Taiji drags Lio back up, BLOODY- NO, Lio slips out! And then ducks as Taiji rushes in, to SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Taiji survives and Lio is beside himself! Fans rally, Taiji gives Lio a kick while they’re both down. Lio sits up first, and he again says it’s time! Lio goes for a corner but Taiji anchors a foot. Lio hops up to HEEL KICK! And then Lio runs, RUSH- KNEE!!

Taiji roars as he disrupts Rush Hour! Dragon sleeper, 1916!! Cover, TWO!!! Lio survives Taiji’s shoutout to The Prince! Taiji drags Lio up, but Lio is dead weight. Taiji grins and drags Lio up again. Taiji gut wrenches, CIPHER- ROLLING SPIKE-RANA!! Lio counters with an almost inverted Destroyer! Fans are thunderous, Lio runs, RUSH HOUR!! Lio hurries up top for the FINAL HOUR!!! Cover, LIO WINS!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Taiji gains 0)

The Bad Child is the ONLY undefeated man in the entire tournament! Taiji joins the 3-1 club, will he have to work even harder to make sure that’s his only loss?

As for Lio, he gets the ice, catches his breath, and then gets the mic. Fans cheer Lio on as he sits up to say, “AKITAAA~! I am… I always have, from the moment that I was a little boy, just like that one right there. You see? Please. Show these kids.” Lio has the cameraman follow him out of the ring so he can point out the very young fans in the front row. “This right here is what it is all about. These two.” And on his wrist tape are the names of his boys, his babies, at home right now, watching Lio be UNDEFEATED in the BOSJ 30! Fans cheer that.

Lio says, “At the end of the day, these people are who I do it for. These people are why I am alive today. These people are why I breathe. Akita, you are why I feel more alive than ever before!” The fans cheer that, too, as they appreciate that. Lio continues with, “Look at me. Look at me! I am the best thing out today. I knew it since I was a little boy, I knew it since I was a child, and I will prove it at the end of this tournament that I am in deed the Best of the Super Juniors. And my name is the Bad Child, LIO! RUSH!” Fans cheer as the Man of the Hour waves hi to the young girl, and holds the little baby up. Will these young fans be Lio Rush fans for life?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

Lio Rush: 4-0, 8 points
Taiji Ishimori: 3-1, 6 points
Mike Bailey: 3-1, 6 points
Titán: 3-1, 6 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 2-2, 4 points
TJP: 2-2, 4 points
SHO: 1-3, 2 points
DOUKI: 1-3, 2 points
KUSHIDA: 1-3, 2 points
Ryusuke Taguchi: 0-4, 0 points


Here are the NEW B Block standings!

Francesco Akira: 3-1, 6 points
Robbie Eagles: 3-1, 6 points
El Desperado: 3-1, 6 points
Master Wato: 2-2, 4 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 2-2, 4 points
Dan Moloney: 2-2, 4 points
YOH: 2-2, 4 points
Clark Connors: 2-2, 4 points
Kevin Knight: 1-3, 2 points
BUSHI: 0-4, 0 points

My Thoughts:

Another great round of the BOSJ for the NJPW, and it is awesome that Lio not only won in the main event again, but that he is THE guy at 4-0 in this tournament. That is great for him, as NJPW seems to be the one promotion that fully understands Lio Rush. NXT did great, but RawDown didn’t (Vince). AEW tried, still didn’t quite do it right, but here, in NJPW, he has been able to really shine. I feel like he should definitely be a finalist, an they already gave him a win over Hiromu, so he doesn’t have to win the whole thing.

Speaking of Hiromu, it was hilarious that Sho’s newest way of faking genuineness was claiming Hiromu couldn’t make it like there was an accident or something. Hiromu wins out so that he breaks even, he’ll surely make it to the semifinals, probably even facing Lio again. Taguchi continuing to be winless is a bit of a surprise but I guess this is to add more power to when Serious Taguchi finally does win. Bushi’s in the same boat, but he isn’t really changing up his style, he just isn’t cutting it. Maybe Bushi’s big win is meant to be a big spoiler for someone wanting to get into the semifinals.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s NJPW New Japan Soul Results & Report! (6/23/24)

The G1 Climax awaits!



Who moves on to Korakuen Hall?

A Block started their G1 Climax qualifier series, now B Block begins! Will it be Toru Yano or Boltin Oleg? Will it be TJP or Satoshi Kojima?


  • El Desperado & Shoma Kato VS DOUKI & Yuya Uemura; Douki & Yuya win.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi & Katsuya Matsumoto VS Tomohiro Ishii & Tomoaki Honma; Ishii & Honma win.
  • Six Man Tag: Just5Guys VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • HENARE & Callum Newman VS Yujiro Takahashi & Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Henare & Callum win.
  • Bishamon VS Chase Owens & Gedo; Bishamon wins.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: Toru Yano VS Boltin Oleg; Oleg wins and advances to New Japan Soul in Korakuen Hall.
  • G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: TJP VS Satoshi Kojima; TJP wins and advances to New Japan Soul in Korakuen Hall.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture; LIJ wins.


G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: Toru Yano VS Boltin Oleg!

While they’re once again NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions alongside The Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi, neither The Joker or The Rook was going to pass up this chance! Will Yano take it easy on Oleg here? Or will this tank from Kazakh steamroll his way through the Summer?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. The two shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship, then they tie up. They go back and forth on the clinch, but Oleg powers Yano back to the ropes. The ref counts the break, Oleg lets off slowly, and the fans applaud. Yano and Oleg reset, circle and feel things out. They go around, Yano slips away but comes back. Oleg avoids the takedown to get a leg, and they roll into the ropes. The ref counts, Oleg lets off and the fans applaud. They go again, clinch, and Oleg waistlocks. Yano slips away, they tie up again, but Oleg powers Yano back onto the ropes. The ref counts, both men let off slowly, but still joke for position.

The ref gets between the two, Oleg backs away, and the fans cheer as they reset. Oleg and Yano clinch, fight for control, then back up. They feel things out, Oleg gets around to a waistlock, and he has the gut wrench! Oleg brings Yano up but Yano scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Oleg lets off clean and Yano bails out. Yano is frustrated by how good Oleg is, and he splashes water everywhere! Yano gets his favorite red chair, the ref goes to stop him but Yano shoves him aside. Yano takes a seat on the ramp and dares Oleg to come get him! So Oleg goes out after him! Yano JAMS Oleg up, then SMACKS him on the back!

Yano drags Oleg up, and wraps him up with the apron skirt! That’s an extra large sushi roll! Yano shoves Oleg down, gets in the ring, and the ring count starts. Yano meanwhile unties a buckle pad! Oleg wriggles out of the wrap but he’s still down at 10 of 20! Oleg gets completely free by 15, and he slides in at 16! The fans cheer but Yano kicks low! Yano whips Oleg into the bare buckles! Yano tells fans to leave him alone, Oleg’s tough! Yano clamps onto Oleg’s shoulders, pushes him down to a cover, TWO! Wait, the ref finds the bit of wrist tape Yano was using to choke Oleg! The ref reprimands but Yano pretends he has no idea how that got there.

Yano storms up on Oleg, brings him around and whips him back into the bare buckles! Oleg falls over, the ref reprimands but Yano kicks Oleg and eggs him on. Yano stands Oleg up to HIP TOSS! Cocky cover, TWO! The fans applaud but Yano stomps Oleg in frustration. Yano scuffs Oleg, eggs him on, then stands him up again. But Oleg fires a forearm! Yano CLAWS Oleg’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Yano whips, but Oleg reverses. Yano avoids bare buckles, then dodges to send Oleg back in! Yano runs, but Oleg runs him over! The fans fire up with Oleg, and he scoops Yano to SLAM! Oleg runs to SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Yano stays in this but the fans rally behind Oleg. Oleg drags Yano up with the gut wrench! Time to Shake, Rattle and THROW! Oleg kips up! The fans fire up and Oleg storms over to Yano. Oleg whips, but Yano holds ropes and taunts Oleg! Oleg runs up but Yano sidesteps and clinches, for a BELLY2BELLY! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Oleg and Yano stir, but Yano is up first. Yano brings Oleg up but Oleg ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! And again! Oleg runs, but Yano atomic drops! Yano trips Oleg, has the legs, and CATAPULTS him into buckles! Oleg staggers up, Yano fires up and he fireman’s carries!

Yano gets Oleg up but Oleg fights free of the bomb! Oleg SHOTGUNS Yano away! The fans fire up as Yano goes to a corner, and Oleg runs in! STINGER SPLASH from the big man, then he scoops to SLAM! Oleg jumps over Yano to go up and up and VADER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Yano survives but the fans are still with Oleg! Oleg drags Yano up, fireman’s carries, and KA- NO, Yano slips free to roll Oleg, TWO! Oleg runs up, but Yano hooks him to a backslide! TWO!! Oleg escapes, Yano swings, but Oleg gets around! Yano grabs the ref to LOW BLOW! And CHOP BLOCK! Cover, TWO!! Oleg stands, blocks the takedown, and he powers Yano into a PANCAKE! OLEG WINS!!

Winner: Boltin Oleg, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Yano tried all the tricks in the book but Oleg could not be stopped! There’s still respect between them, but will The Rook show what he’s really capable of against The Ace?


G1 Climax 34 A Block Qualifier First Round: TJP VS Satoshi Kojima!

Public Enemy just finished up a round robin in the form of the Best of the Super Juniors, but now he’s looking to go even bigger! But will he be able to conquer this qualifier for the United Empire? Or will things be real cozy here tonight?

The bell rings and the fans rally up and duel, “T J P! T J P!” “KO-JI-MA! KO-JI-MA!” The two circle, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Kojima digs his heels in and shoves TJP away, but TJP stands right up. The two go again, tie up, and TJP waistlocks. Kojima wrenches out to wristlock, but TJP rolls, spins, cartwheels, breaks free, but Kojima swats the dropkick away! The fans cheer as TJP handsprings back up. TJP and Kojima circle, feel things out, then tie up. TJP headlocks, but Kojima fires body shots. Kojima powers up and out, TJP RAMS him, but Kojima stays put! TJP runs again, RAMS Kojima, but he bounces off!

The fans rally up, and TJP stomps Kojima’s foot! TJP runs to run Kojima over! TJP keeps moving, but Kojima stay slow, then hip tosses TJP down! Kojima runs to run TJP over! TJP bails out and fans cheer Kojima’s dancing pecs! Kojima goes out to stomp TJP, then he CLUBS TJP. Kojima CLUBS TJP more, then brings him around to whip. TJP reverses and Kojima hits railing! TJP runs up to BOOT Kojima, then he fires haymakers. The ref reprimands, TJP CLUBS Kojima then puts him in the ring. TJP then drags Kojima up, bumps him off buckles, and CHOPS! TJP CHOPS again, the fans rally up, and TJP uses the MACHINE GUN CHOPS!

The fans are torn but Kojima gets in TJP’s face! Kojima CHOPS TJP off his feet! The fans rally up, Kojima stomps TJP to ropes, then he CLUBS TJP on the neck. Kojima CHOKES TJP on the ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and the fans cheer. Kojima drags TJP up, reels him in and turns him, NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Another cover, TWO! TJP toughs it out but Kojima stays focused. The fans rally, Kojima stomps TJP, then stands TJP up. Kojima ROCKS TJP, stomps him at the ropes, then fires hands. TJP goes to a corner, kicks back, then fires hands! TJP backs Kojima down, but Kojima body shots!

Kojima ROCKS TJP and TJP staggers to ropes. Kojima stomps TJP, brings him up and whips, but TJP goes Spider-Man! Kojima runs in, TJP slips under to sunset flip, then he steps through to trap an arm! DARK SACRIFICE! Kojima clutches his arm as he bails out of the ring. The fans rally with TJP and he builds speed to go up and up and FLYING DROPKICK! Kojima staggers, the fans cheer, and TJP stands back up. CANNONBALL! Down goes Kojima and the fans rally again. The ring count starts, TJP catches his breath before he brings Kojima up at 8. But Kojima SWEEPS the legs and TJP falls on the apron!

Kojima goes up after TJP, reels him in, and APRON DDTS!! TJP flops down to the floor while the fans rally up again. Kojima is in the ring but a new count starts. TJP stirs at 8 of 20, slowly sits up, and uses railing to stand at 12. TJP stumbles, falls, and crawls over at 15. TJP stands at 17, flounders with the apron skirt, but is in at 19! Kojima stomps TJP to a corner then CHOPS! And CHOPS! And then MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Kojima shows TJP how it’s done! The fans fire up as Kojima goes an extra round before he CHOPS TJP down! Kojima then whips TJP corner to corner, runs up and forearm SMASHES!

Kojima shoves TJP down, shouts that he’s coming after the bastard, but TJP DROPKICKS Kojima first! The fans rally, TJP goes corner to corner and ELBOWS! Kojima sits down and the fans rally up! TJP gives Kojima the scrubbing! TJP runs side to side, to BOOT WASH! The fans fire up and want it one more time! TJP obliges and gives more scrubs to Kojima’s face. TJP runs, but Kojima kicks him low! Kojima fires off forearms, then a ROLLING ELBOW, a kick, and a DDT! The fans fire up while both men are down! Kojima rises, he storms over to TJP and drags him up, then cravats. TJP fights but Kojima CLUBS him!

TJP powers up and slips through to an IRON OCTOPUS! Kojima endures, stomps his way forward, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! TJP lets go but the fans rally up again. TJP aims, springboards, and FLYING DDTS! Cover, TWO!! Kojima survives and the fans fire up again. TJP goes to a corner, pounds the mat and fans clap along. “T! J P! T! J P!” TJP runs up but Kojima blocks the knee! Kojima kicks low and COZY CUT- NO, TJP handsprings through the cutter! And basement dropkicks in return! The fans fire up and TJP goes to a corner! ONE BY ONE!! Cover, TWO!! Kojima survives and the fans fire up again!

TJP points to a corner and calls his shot! TJP makes sure Kojima is in the drop zone, and he goes up top! MAMBA FLOP as Kojima moves! COZY CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! TJP survives and the fans fire up again! Kojima stays cool, and he powers up the arm! Off comes the elbow pad! Kojima runs, but into a BOOT! JUMP SOBAT! TJP runs, into a LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! TJP survives again but Kojima drags him back up. The fans rally, Kojima suplexes, BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!!! TJP is still in this and the fans fire up! Kojima powers up again, and he runs, into a SUPERKICK! Kojima rebounds, but into a clinch, and MOUSE TRAP! TJP WINS!!

Winner: TJP, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Even TJP is surprised that finished it! A major win over the Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, but even bigger is that TJP is one step closer to the G1! But will Public Enemy be able to take down The Holy Emperor in Korakuen Hall?


8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture!

Now, don’t be confused, this match did happen yesterday, too. But now, Yoshinobu Kanemaru is swapped out for Dick Togo! Will he be a spoiler for Bushi, Titan, Yota y Naito? Or will things still be tranquilo in the Summer heat?

Wait, Sho gets the mic just like he did last night. He again talks trash on LIJ, and says he hates having to be here in Ibaraki. Sho then asks Young Lion Katsuya Murashima where he’s from. Right here in Ibaraki. The fans cheer but Sho says no wonder he’s a loser! And then The House beats up on Murashima! LIJ protests but poor Murashima already flops out of the ring. Sho says The House is gonna prove LIJ are loses, just like Murashima and Ibaraki! The teams finally sort out, and after LIJ fist bumps, Naito steps to Evil. The fans rally for “NA-I-TO!” and that annoys The House, but Naito and Evil slowly circle.

The two feel things out, Evil knowing Naito’s tricks. But speaking of tricks, Dick jumps in to CLOBBER Naito! The fans boo and Red Shoes reprimands but Evil stomps away on Naito. Evil and Dick stand on Naito, Red Shoes reprimands more, but Evil tags Sho. The Murder Machine talks trash as he stomps Naito, then he DECKS Bushi! Sho stomps Naito more, whips him to ropes, but Naito reverses to kick low. Bushi gets in to RANA! The fans cheer, and Naito cravats Sho for a neck wrench. Naito brings Sho to the corner, Bushi tags in, and Bushi goes up to MISSILE DROPKICK Sho down! And Bushirooni!

The fans fire up, Bushi runs in to ELBOW Sho! Sho takes a swing, but Bushi ducks and spins Sho to a DDT! Cover, TWO! Bushi tags Titan and the fans rally up. Sho stands, Titan springboards in, CROSSBODY! But then Narita throws Titan down by his mask! Titan kips up to PELE Narita! Titan dodges Sho, knuckle locks and CHOPS, then goes up and up! Titan tightrope walks, jumps, but Evil distracts Red Shoes so Dick can LASH Titan with his belt! Sho then shoves Titan down and Evil BLASTS Naito off the apron! The fans boo but The House goes after LIJ on the outside! Another LASH from Dick’s belt and Titan staggers!

Dick CLOBBERS Titan into No Man’s Land, Sho & Evil double whip Naito hard into railing, and Narita is after Yota in the crowd! The fans boo, but Evil RAMS Naito into the timekeeper! Down goes Abe-san and the fans boo more. Red Shoes reprimands Evil but he misses Sho & Dick CHOKING Titan at the ropes! Red Shoes finally sees, Sho lets off and brings Titan around to bump off buckles. Tag to Dick and he CLUBS Titan on the back. Dick bumps Titan off more buckles, then climbs up to go after the mask! The fans boo, Red Shoes reprimands, but he’s busy stopping Evil as he has Dick’s belt! Dick almost has Titan’s mask off!

The cameramen are respectful enough to move so we don’t see any of Titan’s face, and then Red Shoes makes Dick stop. Titan gets his mask back on but Dick CLAWS Titan’s back! Dick then brings Titan around, tags Narita, and they mug El Inmortal. Titan drags Titan up, whips him to ropes, then ELBOWS him down! Cover, TWO! Narita BOOTS Yota off the apron just because, and then he tags Evil. Evil CLAWS Titan’s back, then he brings Titan around to wrench and whip into the corner. Evil clotheslines Titan, tags Sho, and Narita distracts Red Shoes so Dick can climb! The fans boo but Titan still suffers the DICK CHOP! Evil covers, TWO!

Evil argues the count but the fans cheer. Evil stands on Titan’s head, talks trash, and the fans boo again. The fans rally for “L I J! L I J!” “TI-TA-NN! TI-TA-NN!” Evil fireman’s carries but Titan slips free. Evil kicks, whips, but Titan reverses then goes Matrix! CALF KICK! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Titan hurries over, hot tag to Yota! The fans fire up and Yota fires forearms on Evil. Yota whips, Evil reverses but Yota ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA! Dick runs in but Yota dodges, to then scoop and BACKBREAKER! Yota BLASTS Narita, DECKS Sho, but Evil kicks low! Evil reels Yota in, but Yota suplexes first! Cover, TWO!

The fans fire up with Yota and he brings Evil up. Yota fireman’s carries, but Evil fights free. Evil waistlocks, Yota elbows free and runs, but Narita is there with his pushup bar! Red Shoes reprimands Narita but Evil puts Yota in a corner. Evil blocks a boot, puts Yota in the ropes, then WOE STOMPS him down! Tag to Narita and he drags Yota up. Narita whips Yota to a corner, runs in and ELBOWS, then goes side to side to JUMP KICK! Narita doesn’t stop, he scrapes Yota’s face off ropes! Narita runs to BOOT Yota down! Cover, TWO! Yota is still in this and the fans rally up. Narita brings Yota up, Yota takes a swing, but Narita catches him to a SLEEPER!

The fans rally as Yota endures and reaches out. Narita pulls hair to bring Yota away from ropes. Yota breaks free to hit the BACKBREAKER, COMPLETE SHOT and STOMP! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Yota crawls over, hot tag to Naito! The fans cheer again and Naito fires hands on Narita. Naito kicks, CLUBS and whips Narita, to then arm-drag! Narita comes back but into an ELBOW! Basement DROPKICK! Naito hauls Narita up and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! The fans cheer as Naito poses, and he storms over to the corner. Naito hops up, brings Narita up, but Narita breaks free, so Naito BOOTS him!

Naito runs in, Narita redirects him into a cheap shot from Dick! Then Narita KNEE STAMPS Naito down! The House blasts LIJ, and Evil gets Naito to a corner. Evil and Dick double whip Naito to the corner, then Dick runs in to BACK ELBOW! Sho runs in to FOREARM SMASH! Evil runs in to clohtesline! And FISHERMAN BUSTER! Dick covers, TWO! The fans fire up but Evil argues with Red Shoes. But this is all a distraction so Dick can use the SPOILER CHOKER! The fans boo but Naito powers out and arm-drags Dick! Yota drags Evil out! Naito ELBOWS Dick, atomic drops, then Bushi basement dropkicks! ROLLING JACKKNIFE! TWO!!

Dick survives the combo but Naito wrenches him. Sho & Evil attack first! They whip Naito, but Naito stops himself! Titan springboards in to DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK! Narita knees Titan, runs, but Titan DROPKICKS! The fans fire up as Titan builds speed, and he FLIES out onto The House! Naito fires ELBOWS on Dick, then Yota SUPERKICKS! Bushi hits a CODE BREAKER! Naito tops it off with DESTINO! Cover, LIJ wins again!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

The hot streak continues for LIJ, which also means the House of Torture keeps losing! Will they ever learn?

As for LIJ, Naito gets the mic like he did last night, and says “Buenas tardes, KAMISUUU~!” The fans cheer, and Naito notes that it has been one year since NJPW was last here. It makes him very happy to be competing in front of them again, here in the Kamisu Bousai Arena. And he is thankful that they all came out tonight to see them. Gracias, amigos! Naito then brings up that next Sunday, he will be in the United States to challenge Jon Moxley for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Naito acknowledges that he was the one who lost the title and let it go overseas, so he vows to bring it back. The fans cheer that!

Naito knows he still has to beat Moxley, but he asks until then, TRANQUILO! Assen na yo. And of course, it is time to close. And Naito’s pretty sure this is the first time they’ve had a role call here in Ibaraki. Are they ready? The fans cheer! Then New Japan Soul here in Kamisu Bousai Arena can only end one way! “Bushi, Hiromu, Takagi, Titan, Yota, y Naito! Nosotros! LOS! INGOBERRRRNABLEEEEEES~! DE! JA! PON!” LIJ is rolling, Naito is rolling, but will Naito rock New York and bring the title home?

My Thoughts:

Another solid night for New Japan Soul, and a great night for The United Empire as they sweep the card, while also getting TJP to the next round of the qualifiers. I personally would love seeing TJP get into the G1 Climax, really let him show what he’s got against the heavyweights. And great match from Yano VS Oleg, and I appreciate they gave Oleg the win here. Oleg VS Tanahashi is gonna be good stuff, too, but I feel like Tanahashi moves on to the B Block qualifier finals. And then another fun 8 Man Tag but of course Naito wins. Naito brings that momentum to Forbidden Door, Moxley probably has his own tune-up on Dynamite or something, and then as I said before, I would hope Naito wins the title back and brings it with him into the G1.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (6/22/24)

Will Will Ospreay stay golden?



An episode with truly international flavor!

While Will Ospreay defends his AEW International Championship against Brian Cage, Kazuchika Okada takes on former mentor, Ultimo Guerrero! Will the champions stay strong on the Road to The Forbidden Door?


  • Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling; Joe, Hook & Shibata win.
  • Private Party VS Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith; Jericho & Bill win.
  • AEW Continental Championship Title Eliminator: Kazuchika Okada VS Ultimo Guerrero; Okada wins and denies Ultimo Guerrero a title match.
  • Six Man Tag: The Patriarchy VS The Iron Savages; The Patriarchy wins.
  • Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch; Storm & Mariah win.
  • Malakai Black & Brody King VS Leon & Max St. Giovanni; Malakai & Brody win.
  • Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Matthew Menard; Hechicero wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS Brian Cage; Ospreay wins and retains the title.


Six Man Tag: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata VS The Premier Athletes w/ Mark Sterling!

Three dangerous men joined forces out of respect for what each of them can do, but they aren’t getting much respect from others. But will the Samoan Submission Specialist, The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil & The Wrestler beat some respect into Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari & Josh Woods? Or can the Premier Athletes actually put their money where their muscles are?

The trios sort out, Joe starts against Nese and the fans sing, “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” Nese says not tonight. Nese and Joe tie up, Nese waistlocks, but he can’t lift Joe! Joe smirks, wrenches free, and wristlocks. Nese rolls, wrenches and headlocks. Nese’s team cheers but they’re the only ones. Joe powers up and out, then he runs Nese over! Joe smirks, stalks Nese to ropes, then brings him around. The fans fire up for Joe as he scoops, but Nese slips fere! Nese SOBATS, runs, but into an ELBOW! Tag to Hook and the fans fire up more! Hook puts Nese in a corner to fire off body shots! Hook throws hands, Nese shoves past him but Hook fires more shots!

Nese throws forearms on Hook, but Hook counter punches! Nese staggers, comes back, but Hook gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Nese manages to land out and he STOMPS Hook down! Nese tags Daivari and they mug Hook with haymakers! The fans boo but Nese lets off. Daivari brings Hook up, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! Daivari snapmares Hook, clamps on a full nelson and leans on the hold. The fans rally and Hook fights up, and he pries the hold open! But Daivari waistlocks! Hook elbows free, and hot tags to Shibata! Shibata storms in but he has to slow down as Daivari gets away to his corner.

Woods reaches out, so Daivari says here’s something for The Wrestler. Daivari tags Woods in, he steps to Shibata, and they fire forearms! The fans rally up as the shots keep going, then Shibata gets the edge! Woods trips Shibata, goes for an arm, but Shibata slips right around to go for the arm! Woods goes for Shibata’s arm, but Shibata goes after Woods again! Woods powers through to get the arm, but then Shibata slips around, changes sides, and has the ARMBAR! Woods scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer as Shibata lets off and CLUBS away on Woods. Shibata cranks the arm for a double wristlock but Woods throws body shots!

Shibata leg scissors to trip Woods! KNEEBAR! Nese storms in to stomp Shibata! The fans boo, Woods tags Nese in. Nese stomps Shibata around, then taunts the fans. The fans boo but Nese CHOPS Shibata. Shibata doesn’t flinch! Nese CHOPS again, but Shibata eggs him on! Nese throat chops! Nese whips, Shibata reverses, but Nese ELBOWS back! Nese goes up and up and QUEBRADAS, but Shibata steps aside! Everyone’s learning from Joe now! The fans fire up and Joe smiles. Shibata then tags Joe in, and he stalks Nese. Nese rises up, into the JABS! JABS! JABS! Joe fires off fast hands, CHOPS Nese down, but Sterling gets on the apron!

Joe scares Sterling off, but this is all a delay tactic so Nese can crawl, and Woods can HOTSHOT Joe! The fans boo but Nese brings Joe around, BULLDOG HOTSHOT! Joe staggers, Daivari tags in! Nese & Daivari mug Joe, run, and DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Daivari covers, ONE!! Joe is still tougher than that! Woods tags in, he and Daivari mug Joe, and then Woods CLUBS away on Joe’s chest! Cover, ONE!! Joe is still tougher than that so now Daivari tags back in. Daivari and Woods mug Joe, then Daivari stands Joe up. Daivari throws hands, but Joe hits back! They go back and forth, Joe gets the edge, but Daivari CLAWS the eyes!

Daivari sucker punches Shibata down! Daivari whips, Joe reverses and sweeps the legs! SENTON! The fans fire up, hot tags to Hook and Nese! Hook rallies on Nese, wrenches and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Woods runs in but Hook KNEES him down! Nese gets up, but into the clinch! TAZ PLEX! The fans fire up and Hook stalks Nese, to give crossface forearms! Daivari runs up, Hook DECKS him! Woods gets in to GERMAN SUPLEX! Hook tumbles, but Shibata tags in! Shibata ROCKS Woods, BOOTS Nese, BOOTS Daivari, then STO for Woods! Shibata runs up at Nese for a BOOT! Shibata fires off forearms and the ref counts.

Shibata goes corner to corner to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Shibata drags Nese up, SNAP HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Nese survives, but ends up in an ARMBAR!! Nese endures, but he taps! Shibata’s team wins!

Winners: Samoa Joe, Hook & Katsuyori Shibata, by submission

The Premier Athletes did prove they’ve got guts, but not enough to overcome this trio of warriors! Will Joe, Hook & Shibata find themselves on the road to trios gold?


The Bang Bang Gang speaks.

Juice Robinson says, “Apparently… AEW isn’t gonna recognize the fact that I was anointed one-quarter of the AEW Unified Trios Champions!” Austin says he’s pissed, Colten confirms that is true, and adds that apparently, The House of Black still gets their shot. At least, once Buddy’s leg gets better. And apparently, PAC cares!? He interrupted their match, he pushed Juice off the top, and then he flipped Austin off! But that’s good. Because their fearless leader, Jay White, is off training his butt off. You thought EIGHT abs was something? Jay will be coming back with TEN! SO Pac, you better hope you don’t see The Switchblade in the Owen Hart Cup!

Because then, The Bastard will do more than just “care” now. He’ll cry to sleep! And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya! GUNS UP! Bullet Club Gold is taking aim at a lot of different targets, but will they be able to hit the mark?


Private Party VS Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey w/ Bryan Keith!

Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy have been busy this week. They got called out by The Learning Tree on Dynamite, they put in a fast and furious match last night on Rampage, and now they’ll be entering the “Jericho Vortex” when they take on Big Bill and the man himself. But will Quen & Zay teach Jericho something about not looking down on the younger guys? Or will Jericho ruin the fun #ForTheWorld?

The teams sort out and Jericho starts against Quen. The fans rally up and Jericho says here’s a free lesson from The Learning Tree. Then he tags out to The Redwood. Bill steps in, sporting new gear that quotes Tony Schiavone, on the butt… Bill and Quen tie up, Quen gets around and headlocks. Bill powers out and runs Quen right over! Because as the shorts say, “Too much man!” Bill mocks the “Shots! Shots! Shots!” then he stands Quen up. Bill CHOPS Quen, drags him up, then CHOPS him again! Bill keeps Quen in the corner, and he ROCKS him with a right. Then Bill TOSSES Quen across the way!

Bill mocks the dancing, runs corner to corner, and he SPLASHES Quen! Quen was practically smothered by that move! Quen falls over, but Bill stands him back up, and gives a thumbs up before he TOSSES Quen again! Quen writhes, goes to ropes, then the corner. Bill runs in again, but Quen dodges the splash! Bill staggers, Quen goes up, and Quen leaps to MISSILE DROPKICK! Bill staggers, Quen is on him in a corner! Quen rains down fists, Bill stops him at 6, then DECKS him! Jericho applauds, and Bill tags him in. The fans are torn as The Learning Tree waves, and Bill hoists Quen way up! Jericho “helps” SLAM Quen down!

Jericho & Bill wave, then Jericho stands Quen up to CHOP! Jericho CHOPS again, then whips corner to corner. Jericho runs up but Quen BOOTS him! Quen goes up and leaps to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Then hot tag to Zay! The fans rally as Zay TACKLES Jericho and rains down fists! Jericho pushes him away but Zay comes back, another TACKLE and more fast hands! Jericho tries to get away but Zay fires off high and low and all around! Jericho CLAWS eyes! The fans boo but Jericho brings Zay up. Zay CHOPS, fires more forearms, then just more and more and more! Zay runs, but Jericho sends him out!

Quen is there, for SILLY STRING! Jericho tumbles, Zay covers, TWO!! Jericho survives, Quen tags in, and he TACKLES Jericho! Quen fires off hands just like Zay! Quen stomps Jericho around, runs, but Bad Apple Bryan Keith trips him! The fans boo, but then Jericho CLOBBERS Quen! Jericho waves to the fans, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Jericho takes his time waving to all sides of the arena, then he drags Quen up. Jericho hits a BIG back suplex, then has the cocky cover, ONE! Jericho perhaps returning the favor from last night there, but Jericho bumps Quen off buckles. Tag to Bill and Bill stomps away on Quen! Jericho adds on, the ref counts, and Bill digs his boots in. The ref counts more, Bill lets off with applause, and then Bryan CHOKES Quen! Bill SUCKER PUNCHES Kassidy! The ref reprimands but Bill goes back to Quen. Bill mocks the “Shots! Shots! Shots!” then CLUBS Quen on the back. Then SLAPS Quen down! Bill mocks the shots more, then mockingly cheers.

Bill drags Quen up, puts him on ropes, and RIPS his shirt open to CHOP him down! Quen sputters, Bill drags him up and tags in Jericho. They mug Quen in the corner, then Jericho brings Quen around. Quen fires hands first! Quen runs, but Jericho DROPKICKS him down! Jericho waves to the fans again, then he drags Quen up. Collision returns to single picture, Jericho bumps Quen off buckles, then Jericho puts Quen up top. Jericho CHOPS Quen, climbs, and wants his “branches” to fire up. The fans are torn, but Jericho has Quen on the very top, but Quen throws hands! Quen shoves Jericho down, and the fans rally up!

Quen adjusts, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jericho survives and Quen is frustrated. Quen and Jericho crawl, hot tag to Zay! Zay springboards to CROSSBODY! Zay keeps moving, he ducks ‘n’ dodges, then DROPKICKS! Bill storms in, but Zay DUMPS him out! Zay then triangle jumps to DROPKICK! That’s Jericho’s move! Zay then kicks and hits a STUNNER! Then a STUNNER for Bill! The fans fire up and Zay runs up to SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and shocks Zay! Bryan coaches Jericho, Zay tags Quen. Private Party mugs Jericho, then Quen whips Jericho to a corner. Quen runs up to SPLASH!

Quen brings Jericho around again, SOBAT and SOBAT! Quen runs, but Jericho THROAT CHOPS! Then LIONSAULTS! But onto knees! Quen holds Jericho, Zay uses him as a step to FLY onto Bill! Then Zay hurries back and goes up again! Quen sets Jericho up again, SWANTON BOMB! Quen climbs now, for the 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Quen can’t believe it! Tag back to Zay, but Bill returns! The ref is busy with Bryan, too! Zay springboards, into a BOOT! The Redwood slips away, Bryan hops down, and Jericho covers Zay, TWO?!? Zay survives and the fans fire up!

Jericho huffs ‘n’ puffs, drags Zay up, but Zay is dead weight. Jericho KNEES Zay, then KNEES him again. Jericho says if Zay wants to be a threat, he has to fight. So Zay fires off fast hands and CHOSP! Zay whips, Jericho reverses, but Zay KICKS, then RAN- NO! Jericho turns Rana into WALLS OF JERICHO! Zay endures, even as Jericho sits deep! The fans fire up as Zay fights around! Zay reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! Zay lets go in frustration but also exhaustion, so he tags to Bill. Bill storms up but into a mule kick! Zay runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but into the BOSS MAN SLAM!! Cover, TWO?!? Zay survives and Bill is frustrated.

Bill mocks the shots again, gives a thumbs up, then he drags Zay up. But Quen runs in! Bill choke grips Quen, to CHOKE SLAM him onto Zay! Cover, TWO?!?! Zay survives and Bill is surprised! Bill tags Jericho back in, and Jericho climbs. Bill gets Zay up and brings him over, CHOKE- NO, Zay slips free and shoves Bill into Jericho! Jericho lands on his sapling, then Quen DROPKICKS Billy into him! Private Party DOUBLE LARIAT Bill out! Then they get Jericho set up! GIN & JUICE!! CODE BREAKER STYLE!! Quen CLOBBERS Bill, Zay covers, TWO?!?!? Jericho survives and no one can believe it!

The ref defends his count was fair but Zay can’t believe that math. Jericho is up, Zay fires off forearms! “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” Zay fires body “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!” then runs to LARIAT! Zay is all fired up and the fans are with him! But Bill returns! Zay LION- NO, Bryan Keith CLOBBERS Zay!! The ref was busy with Bill, he missed that! Jericho drags Zay to a cover, Jericho’s team wins!

Winners: Chris Jericho & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

Consider this one a 3v2 Handicap Match, because the Bad Apple got involved. And he even goes after Zay now! Quen goes after Bryan, but Bill & Jericho go after Quen, but Samoa Joe’s team runs out there! Joe LOW BLOWS Bill! Shibata and Hook go after Jericho and Bryan, but Jericho gets outta there! The Learning Tree wants nothing to do with this! So Shibata isolates Bryan’s arm, and STOMPS it!! Jericho feels Bryan’s pain, emotionally speaking. Joe gets a mic to say, “HI~, CHRIS~!” But week after week, Jericho has “graced” us with his presence, but Joe and his associates here have been talking. And every idea that falls from Jericho’s tree “absolutely SUCKS!”

The fans cheer but Joe isn’t done. Joe tells Jericho that they come from very different schools of thought. And the best ideas survive the crucible of combat! So that is what Joe suggests! Joe, Hook & Shibata VS Jericho and what’s left of his tree, come Forbidden Door! Will Jericho, Bill & Bryan be able to regroup in the eight days they have? Or will they be turned into the lumber that builds the school of Samoa Joe?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

Though Will Ospreay and Swerve Strickland are Forbidden Door opponents, and hardly friends after how personal they’re making things, they must team together against The Gates of Agony! Will Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona crush the champions before they ever reach Long Island?


AEW Continental Championship Title Eliminator: Kazuchika Okada VS Ultimo Guerrero!

Christopher Daniels promised The Elite that they would face top tier competition for their titles, and he finally realized who would be best for The Rainmaker: the man who mentored him while on excursion in Mexico! Will Okada be able to stay undefeated in AEW when facing one of CMLL’s best? Or will Ultimo Guerrero show him that he still has a lot to learn?

The bell rings and Okada stares Ultimo down. The fans rally up, the two circle, and Ultimo offers a handshake. Okada slaps the hand away, he no longer cares about his former sensei. The two tie up, Ultimo waistlocks, then he SLAMS Okada down. Ultimo facelocks, Okada wrenches out but Ultimo rolls and trips Okada. Ultimo rolls Okada but Okada arm-drags free, and the two stand! The fans fire up as they reset and go again. Ultimo gets his side of the crowd going, but Okada has plenty of fans, too. The two speed things up, Okada drops but Ultimo runs him over! Ultimo whips, Okada ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Ultimo CHOPS!

Ultimo scoops, Okada slips free, but Ultimo LARIATS! Cover, TWO! The fans rally, Ultimo stands first and he brings Okada around. Ultimo puts Okada in a corner to CHOP! Okada sputters, but Ultimo CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Okada drops to a knee, Ultimo brings him up to scoop, and SLAM! The fans fire up, Okada slowly rises, but Ultimo is on him again. Ultimo CHOPS, and CHOPS, then brings Okada around. Ultimo whips Okada to ropes, then LARIATS him down! Ultimo stalks Okada to a corner, KNEES low, then KNEES low again! The ref counts, Ultimo snapmares Okada down then clamps on a chinlock.

The fans rally, Okada endures and fights around, but Ultimo pushes him down to get a leg. STRETCH MUFFLER! Okada endures, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The ref counts in Español, and Ultimo lets go at 4. Ultimo stomps Okada to the corner, lets off again, but Okada powers up to Alabama Lift! REVERSE NECK- NO, Ultimo fights it to an IRON OCTOPUS! Okada hurries to the ROPEBREAK, and Ultimo lets off again. Ultimo whips Okada to a corner, runs in, but Okada pops him up to the Alabama! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Okada scowls and the fans fire up while Collision goes picture in picture.

Okada goes back to Ultimo, drags him up, and CLUBS him. Okada TOSSES Ultimo out, goes out after him, and UPPERCUTS! Ultimo staggers, Okada UPPERCUTS him again, and Ultimo sits in a corner. Okada stands Ultimo up, to SMACK hm off the chair! Okada drags Ultimo up and puts him back in the ring, then takes his time stepping in. Okada brings Ultimo up, turns him, and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ultimo stays in this and Okada is annoyed. Okada paces, drags Ultimo up and DECKS him! Okada looms over Ultimo as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Okada has Ultimo in a corner. Okada brings him up but Ultimo body shots! And CHOPS! Okada knees low, whips, and runs in to BACK ELBO! Okada goes corner to corner, but Ultimo follows to clothesline! Ultimo keeps moving, but then Okada follows! Ultimo dodges, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! The fans fire up, the ref checks, and both men are still in this. Okada sits up first but Ultimo stands first. Ultimo whips, Okada reverses, but Ultimo pops Okada up to the apron! Ultimo sweeps the legs, fires up, and runs side to side to WRECK Okada with a dropkick!

The fans fire up and Ultimo goes out to the apron. Ultimo storms over to Okada, drags him up, and whips him into railing! Then he CHOPS! The fans fire up as Okada reaches out in pain. Ultimo storms up behind Okada, the ring count climbs, but Ultimo POSTS Okada at 7! Ultimo slides into the ring at 8, Okada flounders in after, and Ultimo eggs Okada on. Ultimo fireman’s carries, Okada slips free! Ultimo ELBOWS Okada, runs, but into the DROPKICK! Okada snarls and he drags Ultimo back up. Okada ripcords, but Ultimo ducks the lariat! Ultimo kicks low, runs in, but Okada avoids the splash! Okada fires forearms then goes up!

Okada pulls at Ultimo’s mask! The fans boo the disrespect, but Ultimo hits a RUNNING POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Okada stays in this but Ultimo rises up. Ultimo drags Okada up, puts him up top backwards, then climbs up behind him. Ultimo goes to the very top!? But Okada CLAWS at Ultimo’s face through the mask! Ultimo drops down, Okada climbs off the corner, and Okada ripcords! Ultimo ducks again, rolls Okada up, TWO!! Okada escapes and the fans fire up! Ultimo swings, but Okada gets around, and UNMASKS HIM! Ultimo does his best to cover up, but Okada ripcords! RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (denies Ultimo Guerrero a title opportunity)

Despite how he got the win, Okada grins because for him, a win is a win! Will The Rainmaker be unstoppable now that he does what he wants?


Backstage interview with Top Flight.

Lexy Nair is with Dante, Darius & Action, and she congratulates Dante for making it into the AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match. Now, they wanted this time so what’s on their mind? Dante says the last time he was in a ladder match, he broke his leg. A broken fibula, a dislocated ankle. It took a lot of hard work for Dante to make it back here. He had to relearn how to walk, how to run, how to jump, and how to be himself again. But now, he’s going back in to that environment. A lot of people are saying that’s crazy. But it’ll take a little bit of crazy to become the NEW TNT Champion, so boys, at Forbidden Door, he’ll get some gold to celebrate with.

Lio Rush walks in and he wants to talk about last week. Action says before that, he does want to congratulate Lio Rush on the win last night. Lio appreciates that. And he asks if Darius is cool. Darius nods so Lio takes that. Lio tells Dante that when it came to last week, Lio is a man of his word. He has Dante’s back. Always has, always will. But come Forbidden Door, Lio is in the match, too, and he wants the TNT Championship for himself. Dante says same for him. So then see you there. Darius says they’ll see who the better man is. Top Flight heads out, but will the Bad Child make sure he’s the Man of the Hour in New York?


Six Man Tag: The Patriarchy VS The Iron Savages!

While Christian Cage still wants to be AEW World Champion, he also wants his “sons,” Nick Wayne and Killswitch/Luchasaurus, to succeed, too. So they are going to go after the AEW World Trios Championships as a family, no matter who they have to go through. Killswitchasaurus took out Jacked Jameson, Dirty Bulk Bronson & Beefcake Boulder all by himself, so will it be even easier when Captain Charisma & The Prodigy Son are with him? Or will everyone be sippin’ sauce and livin’ hoss on Saturday night?

Before the match, Jameson has a mic. He tells Christian that he has been a focal point on the biggest shows in wrestling since most of us were little kids. Christian is one of the greatest of all time, and is now better than he’s ever been. However, ever since coming to AEW, Christian’s been acting more like “Low T Loser!” A couple weeks ago, Christian had Killswitch take them out for no reason! Then he’s got that little peeper, Nick Wayne, who looks like Timothée Chalamet but even wimpier! But they ain’t going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! They’re going to the milk farm in #TIDDYCITY!!

The fans are a little torn about that idea, but then The Patriarchy makes their entrance. But then Christian leaves?! No, he joins commentary! He’s leaving this all up to his “sons!” The teams sort out in this unofficial handicap match, and Luchasaurus starts against Bronson. The fans are on the dinosaur’s side, but Jameson says time to sip some sauce! Bronson grabs the cup and he CHUGS it! Bronson is all fired up, runs up on Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS him down! Nick wants in, so Luchasaurus tags. Nick swaggers around, toys with Bronson, then taunts Jameson. Nick eggs Bronson on, kicks him around, then KICKS Bronson ont he back!

Nick flexes but Bronson gets up! Bronson is literally twice as big as Nick! Bronson back suplexes, Nick lands out! Nick kicks and runs, but into a back drop! Christian coaches Nick from 30 feet away at the desk but Bronson says it is time for TIDDY! CITY~! Bronson sends Nick right into Boulder’s beefy chest! Nick sputters, Luchasaurus tags in! He CLOBBERS Bronson, BLASTS Boulder & Jameson, then TOSESS Bronson toa  corner! Luchasaurus fires off fast hands, whips corner to corner, then runs up to BOOT Bronson down! Christian says this is the most elite big man in the business. Boulder storms up, he grabs Luchasaurus!

Luchasaurus ELBOWS Boulder, SHOVES him up and out, but Jameson grabs Luchasaurus by the hair! Christian says that’s cheating! Well, he would know… Jameson CLUBS Luchasaurus, goes up, but Luchasaurus garbs him first! To THROW him down onto Boulder! Nick gets in, he gets a boost from Luchasaurus, SUPER PLANCHA onto the Savages! Christian says they are the next Trios Champions and it is not up for debate. Luchasaurus waits on Bronson, Bronson slowly staggers to his feet, and into the choke grip! But Bronson CLUBS at the arm! Bronson breaks free, fires hands over and over, then LARIATS!

Christian is upset but Luchasaurus stays up! Bronson LARIAT, then DISCUS LARIATS! Luchasaurus drops to a knee, Bronson fires back up, “I’M GONNA BUST~!” Bronson runs, but into the choke grip! JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! And then Nick wants back in! Christian says to do it, so Luchasaurus tags. Luchasaurus gets Bronson up, Christian says now his boys need his help. WAYNE’S WORLD! Christian goes to ringside, and Nick gladly tags his “father” in. Christian then has his “sons” get Bronson up, and he says THEY are the next Trios Champions! KILLSWITCH for Bronson! Cover, Patriarchy wins!

Winners: The Patriarchy, by pinfall

Christian tops it off after his “sons” do the heavy lifting, but a win is a win. Will nothing stop The Patriarchy as they look to reign over AEW together?


Mercedes Mone visited Arena Mexico.

And she told Stephanie Vaquer this is why she’s the CEO. She flew all the way to Mexico just ot make a point. Mone said hola, and then stared Vaquer down. Mone knows Vaquer is NJPW Strong Women’s Champion for now, but that title is hers come Forbidden Door. But then Vaquer told Mone, “You’re in my house now, b*tch! And we speak Spanish here!” So Mone used the internationally understood SLAP ACROSS THE FACE! The fight was on, and Mone snatched both belts! Will Mone prove she is The CEO of the entire world? Or will she find out why Vaquer is La Primera?


Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch!

While Mina Shirakawa is coming for The Leading Lady’s AEW Women’s World Championship and the spotlight, she also wants her Mariah back! Will Storm and Mariah show Mina that their bond is more than just skin deep? Or will they both freeze up facing a LEGIT cool duo?

The teams sort out and Storm starts against Leyla. The fans rally for Storm as she and Leyla circle. They tie up, and Storm powers Leyla back, but Leyla puts Storm in the corner. They go around again, on the mat, then back to their feet. Storm wrenches but Leyla gets around to trip Storm. Leyla pushes Storm to a cover, ONE as Storm bridges. Leyla pushes her down, ONE! Leyla tries again, ONE! Leyla hops on but Storm stays bridged up! They stand, Storm wrenches to a facelock, then tags Mariah. The fans cheer as Storm whips Leyla to ropes, then BOOTS her down! Mariah SHOTGUNS Leyla down, but Leyla scrambles away.

Frost tags in, Mariah and Storm are too busy celebrating together. Frost gets around Mariah, goes to ropes, but Mariah bucks the O’Conner. Frost rolls through, comes back, tilt-o-whirl and sunset flip! TWO, but Mariah SLAPS Frost! Mariah puts some stank on the CHOP! Mariah then scoops for a SPIN OUT SIDEWALK SLAM! The fans fire up and Mariah even BLASTS Leyla for good measure! Storm runs in to HIP ATTACK Frost! Storm and Mariah pose together, and Storm cues us to picture in picture.

Storm and Mariah talk but Leyla drags Mariah back in! Frost drags Storm out, the two are separated and Frost fires off on Storm! Leyla throws Mariah down, covers, TWO! Frost CHOPS Storm against barriers! Leyla drags Mariah up to snap suplex! Leyla soaks up the heat, drags Mariah up, then tags in Frost. Leyla snap suplexes again, and Frost STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Frost stays on Mariah and brings her back over, tag to Leyla. They mug Mariah, stomp her down, then Leyla digs her boots in. The ref counts, Leyla lets off, and then she drags Mariah up. Luther rallies the fans while Mariah endures the REAR BEARHUG!

Mariah reaches out while Leyla leans on her. Mariah fights up, reaches for Storm, but Leyla brings her away. Mariah fights with elbows, then runs, but Leyla reels her in! Mariah switches, Leyla switches, but Mariah wrenches to a SAIDO! Mariah and Leyla crawl, hot tag to Storm! Storm rallies on Leyla, BLASTS Frost, and Collision returns to single picture! Storm dodges Leyla, blocks the boots, and DRAPING BACKSTABBERS! The fans fire up and Storm stands Leyla up, for a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Storm stands Leyla up again. Storm reels Leyla in, but Leyla back drops!

Storm sunset flips, but Leyla drops into the ARMBAR!! Storm flails, reaches out, and the fans rally up again! Mariah jumps in to RUNNING KNEE Leyla down! Storm is free, Frost runs up, but into a HEADBUTT! Mariah hurries back and reaches out! Hot tag to Mariah! She drags Leyla to a corner, Frost is in the other. Mariah and Storm say kiss THESE! But then Frost & Leyla dodge! GAMANGIRI for Mariah! Now Mariah and Storm are in corners! Frost hits the CANNONBALL! Leyla adds a SWINGING DROPKICK! Leyla drags Mariah to the drop zone and Frost goes up! Leyla goes after Storm but Storm HEADBUTTS!

Storm shields Mariah from the FROSTBITE!! Frost drags Leyla to cover Mariah, STORM BREAKS IT! The fans fire up, Frost fires off on Storm! Frost bumps Storm off buckles, Leyla gets Mariah up. Leyla ROCKS Mariah, coordinates with Frost, and they whip Storm and Mariah into each other! The two HUG! Then they dodge Leyla & Frost, to DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans fire up as now they DOUBLE HIP ATTACK! Storm gets Leyla for STORM ZERO! Mariah covers, she and Storm win!

Winners: Toni Storm & Mariah May, by pinfall

The mentor and protege embrace as they come out victorious! But with Mina Shirakawa trying to wedge herself between them, will this story have a tragic ending?


Serena Deeb speaks.

“Leading up to Double or Nothing, I was 6-0. Physically, I was unbeatable. Mentally, I was untouchable, unbreakable. And subsequently, I’ve had three of the toughest losses of my career, to some of the best women in this company. And I know how this goes. Sometimes you’re on the up, sometimes you’re on the down. But when you’re on the down, you gotta stop it in its tracks and you gotta lift yourself back up. If there’s anything that my wrestling career has shown, it’s perseverance, it’s redemption, it’s grit. So next week, I will be in Buffalo at Collision, and I am begging anybody to step into my ring, to step into Deeb’s Dojo!

“Because, baby, I’m on the up. And from here, I’m gonna remind everybody, and I’m gonna remind myself, just who the hell I am: The Professor of Professional Wrestling.” Who will accept Deeb’s “pop quiz” next week on Collision?


Malakai Black & Brody King VS Leon & Max St. Giovanni!

The Bang Bang Gang mocked the misfortune of this malevolent faction, and they are looking to take their anger out on whatever poor souls AEW have found for them. Will LSG & MSG soon RIP at the feet of The Kings of the Black Throne?

The teams sort out, MSG starts against Malakai. They circle, MSG is wary of Brody, but he ties up with Malakai. MSG wrenches, wristlocks, but Malakai rolls, wrenches and cording holds. MSG slips around to wrench back, but Malakai spins to wrench then headlock. MSG powers out but Malakai runs him over! Malakai stands MSG up but MSG ROCKS him with a forearm! MSG winds up, but Malakai blocks the kick to ELBOW him away! Malakai runs up, but into an ELBOW! LSG tags in, but runs into an arm-drag! Malakai clamps onto LSG’s arm, wrenches it, and tags in Brody. The fans bark as Brody CLOBBERS MSG!

LSG arm-drags free of Malakai, then runs up, but Malakai drops down so Brody can CHOP LSG off his feet! LSG sputters, the fans bark for Brody, but MSG is back! Malakai blocks MSG’s superkick to KICK the other leg. Brody and Malakai FOREARM KNEE SMASH COMBO! LSG runs up, but into a POP-UP KNEE COMBO! Then DANTE’S INFERNO!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: Malakai Black & Brody King, by pinfall

The brothers St. Giovanni could not withstand the wrath of the Dark Father and the King of Death, who still have fury burning in their eyes. But as they head up the ramp, Ian Riccaboni is there to interview them. He congratulates them on the win tonight, but he must ask: How does it feel after what happened to Buddy last week? Malakai chuckles, and says what a “human” question. Brody tells Ian that revenge is never a straight line. They feel nothing. Does that mean Buddy doesn’t matter? Or are Malakai & Brody just waiting until the right time to strike?


Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Matthew Menard!

The Alchemist of Lucha Libre warned MJF that at Forbidden Door, he’s going to break off one of MJF’s arms! Will Hechicero use Menard as an example of that? Or will Hechicero have a hard time handling some Daddy Magic?

The bell rings and Menard dodges Hechi to fire off fast hands! Menard whips Hechi to then CLOBBER him! The fans fire up with Menard as he keeps on Hechi, with a LARIAT! “What you got!?” The fans cheer, Menard whips, but Hechi gets under the leap frog to DUMP Menard down! Hechi ELBOW DROPS, then basement DROPKICKS! Menard bails out, shakes out the stars, then slides back in. But Hechi stomps away on Menard, then CHOKES him on ropes! The ref counts, Hechi BITES Menard before letting off. Menard gets up but Hechi CHOPS him! Hechi runs to JUMP KNEE! The fans are torn, but Hechi gets Menard up, for a back drop!

Hechi traps an arm, grabs the other, and DARK SACRIFICE! Menard writhes, staggers around, and Hechi slithers around to make sure MJF knows he is numero uno! Hechi runs up, but Menard dodges! Hechi hits buckles, and Menard fires off shots! Menard whips corner to corner, then runs up to clothesline! Menard climbs, and he rains down fists! The fans fire up and count all the way to TEN! Menard is all fired up, then he hits a CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Hechi stays in this but Menard scowls. Menard runs, but into a CROSSBODY from Hechi! SLEEPER on the ropes! The ref counts, Hechi RAMS Menard down!

Hchi then slingshots to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Hechi waits on Menard, runs and tilt-o-whirls, HEADSCISSOR LEG DROP! Then Hechi rains down shots on Menard’s back, before reeling him into the CRUCIFIX ARMBAR! Menard taps, Hechi wins!

Winner: Hechicero, by submission

The Gates of Agony storm in to celebrate with Hechi, will the Alchemist of Lucha turn the Wolf of Wrestling into a lap dog? Or will MJF prove that he’s better than even Hechicero, and he knows it?


Jeff Jarrett speaks.

“When I was asked officially about being in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, all the emotion came back. It’s hard for me to imagine it’s been 25 years, but there are so many things that I remember like it was yesterday. In the late 90s, we would become Tag Team Champions, and I kinda look back on those days as the favorite days of my career. His passing in 1999, May 23rd, on the Monday the following day, I made a promise to myself that I would be able to look Oje & Athena in their eyes, and it really meant something. They were little kids when it happened, but to let them know what a great man their father is. I never, ever met anybody like him.”

Jarrett looks back, and he’s since become a 12-time world champion, a two-time Hall of Famer. The Owen Cup means more to him than anything he’s ever done. Toby Keith passed away earlier this year, another good buddy. And as the song says, he ain’t as good as he once was, but he’s as good once as he ever was. To get the opportunity to win three matches, then stand in the ring in Owen’s hometown of Calgary, Jarrett is absolutely gonna do it. The Last Outlaw must still wait and see what “wild card” is dealt, but will he make it through no matter what?


AEW International Championship: Will Ospreay VS Brian Cage!

The Aerial Assassin wants to be the #TwoBeltBruv by taking Swerve’s AEW World Championship, but he also has to defend the belt he has. And while The Machine doesn’t work for The Mogul anymore, he might end up helping him out with this match. Will Ospreay stay golden on the Road to The Forbidden Door? Or will Cage make sure Ospreay’s limping into Long Island?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it’s time to see #WhoBetta!

The bell rings and Cage CLOBBERS Ospreay! Cage fires off in the corner, the fans boo and the ref counts. But then Ospreay turns things around to fire back! Ospreay goes up to rain down fists, but Cage SHOVES him away at 4! Ospreay lands out on his feet, only for Cage to run him over! The fans boo but Cage drags Ospreay up to ROCK him! Ospreay staggers, Cage CHOPS him, but the fans rally for the “BRUV! BRUV! BRUV!” Cage whips, Ospreay ducks ‘n’ dodges and RAN- NO, Cage stops that and TOSSES Ospreay! Then he scoops to do bicep curls, before the FALL AWAY SLAM! Cage flexes but fans boo.

Ospreay grits his teeth as he stands up, and Cage runs in. Ospreay DUMPS Cage out, ROCKS him, then ROCKS him again. Cage shoves Ospreay but Ospreay comes back to BOOT! Cage falls to the floor, the fans fire up with Ospreay, and he PLANCHAS! Down goes Cage and the fans fire up again! Ospreay paces, brings Cage up and into the ring, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Ospreay aims from the apron, springboards, but Cage catches him! Cage stalling suplexes Ospreay, walks around with him, but Ospreay flails. Cage still keeps Ospreay up, to JACKHAMMER! Cover, TWO! Cage is annoyed but he brings Ospreay back up. Cage brings Ospreay around, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! Cage ROCKS Ospreay, soaks up the heat, then smirks as he drags Ospreay back up. Ospreay fires forearms in return! Cage SOBATS, scoops, and SLAMS, to then drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Ospreay stays in this but Cage stays on him. Cage drags Ospreay up, to HEADBUTT him!

Ospreay staggers, Cage bumps him off buckles, but Ospreay kicks low! Ospreay ROCKS Cage, CHOPS him, then CHOPS him again! Ospreay whips corner to corner, but Cage reverses hard! Ospreay falls back, Cage dusts himself off, and then Cage asks, “Who betta?!” Cage looms over Ospreay, gives him clubbing crossface forearms from both sides, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Cage has Ospreay in a BEARHUG! Ospreay endures, the fans rally, and Ospreay throws elbows! Ospreay BELL CLAPS and Cage lets him go! Cage still knees low, CLUBS Ospreay, then shouts, “Who betta than Cage, huh?!” Cage runs but into the TIGER WALL KICK and ENZIGIRI! Cage staggers to a corner and the fans fire back up! Daniel Garcia is watching, as he still wants a shot at the International Championship. Ospreay runs corner to corner to BOOT Cage! Ospreay pushes Cage out, goes to the apron and springboards in, PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Ospreay is annoyed but he just brings Cage up.

Ospreay reels Cage in but Cage resists the lift. The fans rally as Ospreay fires Kawada Kicks! And then winds up to CHOP! Ospreay reels Cage in again, but Cage back drops free! Cage goes corner to corner to UPPERCUT, GAMANGIRI, then GERMAN SUPLEX! Ospreay has a rough landing and the ref checks him, but he seems okay to continue. Cage goes to the corner, and he deadlift SUPERLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay toughs it out and Cage grows frustrated. The fans rally for Ospreay but Cage reels him in. Cage puts one out, lifts Ospreay up, but Ospreay RANAS Cage into the buckles!

Ospreay hurries up top now, and he BLINDSIDE CHEERIOS! The fans fire up and Ospreay prepares his elbow pad. Cage stirs, Ospreay goes to a corner and the fans are thunderous! HIDDEN- NO, Cage fireman’s carries first! But Ospreay fights around, sunset flips, but Cage stays up to YANK Ospreay up! But Ospreay gets around, full nelsons, only for Cage to ELBOW free. Ospreay HOOK KICKS back! Ospreay springboards, OSC- DROPKICK from Cage!! The fans boo, but Cage aims and spins, but Ospreay slips through the lariat! And he gets Cage up, SITOUT BOMB! Both men are down and the fans are thunderous!

Ospreay and Cage stir, a standing count begins, and the fans rally up. Both men are down at 5 of 10 but Ospreay sits up first. Cage follows, and Ospreay stands at 7. Ospreay brings Cage around to fire a forearm! And then another forearm! And then another! Cage ROCKS Ospreay back! Cage stalks Ospreay, hauls him up to a fireman’s carry, and F5!! Cover, TWO!! Cage is losing his cool and he argues with the ref but the count was still two! Cage seethes, and Collision goes picture in picture again.

Ospreay stirs while Cage paces around him. Cage slashes his throat, brings Ospreay back up, and he SLAPS Ospreay! Ospreay wobbles, Cage SLAPS him again! Ospreay ROCKS Cage, ROCKS him again, and again! Cage ROCKS Ospreay right back! Ospreay staggers around, finds his way back, and he fires more forearms on Cage! So Cage DECKS Ospreay! Cage eggs Ospreay on, and Ospreay rises to fire another flurry! Cage ROCKS Ospreay again, and Ospreay leans against Cage. Cage pushes Ospreay down, talks trash, then stands on Ospreay’s back! Cage flexes, soaks up the heat, but Ospreay pushes up off the mat!

Cage STOMPS Ospreay down! Cage runs, but Ospreay avoids the elbow drop! Cage staggers back over, brings Ospreay up, but Ospreay fires forearms! Cage ROCKS Ospreay but Ospreay just fires up! Ospreay fires another flurry, Cage ROCKS him again, but Ospreay ROARS! Ospreay fires shot after shot but Cage ROCKS him one more time! Ospreay goes to a corner, Cage brings him around and reels him in. Suplex, but Ospreay slips free! Ospreay waistlocks, Cage switches, but Ospreay ELBOWS free. Cage ROCKS Ospreay again, but Ospreay headbutts buckles to fire himself up! The fans are thunderous as Collision returns to single picture!

Ospreay eggs Cage on, then blocks a shot to fire KAWADA KICKS! Cage JUMP KNEES! DISCUS- SUPERKICK! Cage stills wings, Ospreay swats the lariat to HOOK KICK! Cage still LARIATS through!! Cage gets Ospreay up, lifts, POWERBOMB! Deadlift, SPINNING SITOUT BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and the fans are thunderous again! Cage seethes and pounds the mat in frustration but the fans are behind Ospreay. Cage drags Ospreay up, fireman’s carries again, but Ospreay fires elbows! Ospreay pops up to spin and RAN- NO! Cage blocks that again! Cage brings Ospreay up, but Ospreay slips into a DDT!

Cage staggers, Ospreay whips, but Cage reverses! Ospreay handsprings, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Ospreay springs right up to HIDDEN BLADE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cage survives and shocks Ospreay! Ospreay just fires himself back up and the fans rally as hard as they can! Ospreay gets Cage up, reels him in, and underhooks those big meaty arms! But Cage fights with those arms to RAM Ospreay into a corner! Cage goes corner to corner, but Ospraey BOOTS him! Ospreay goes up but Cage GAMANGIRIS! Right in the mouth! Cage goes up, but Ospreay slips under and tucks Cage in! CHEEKY NANDOS!

Cage wobbles, Ospreay puts him back up! Ospreay goes up TO SUPER- NO, Cage slips free! So Ospreay GAMANGIRIS back! Ospreay goes up but Cage scoop him! SUPER SPINNING POWERSLAM!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Now Ospreay shocks Cage! The fans are electric for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Ospreay rises, Cage runs in, and he CLOTHESLINES Ospreay in that corner! Ospreay’s momentum puts him up top! Cage goes up after Ospreay, fireman’s carries, but Ospreay pops up to SUPER STEINER!! The fans are electric again, for the OS- NO!! Cage stuffs that to ripcord and HAYMAKER!

Cage vows to end this! Suplex, STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! And POISON-RANA!! Ospreay gets moving, OSCUTTER!!! Cover, TWO!??!? Ospreay throws his elbow pad away, he means business this time! HIDDEN BLADE!!!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

The Machine proved he can get his stuff in, and that he can take one of the best to the limit, but that is where Cage hits his limit! Ospreay is rolling into Dynamite next week, where he will have no choice but to team with The Realest to take on some common enemies. Will Will Ospreay & Swerve Strickland make it through The Gates of Agony? Or will neither of them make it to The Forbidden Door?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision, though stocked full of more action than I expected. Thankfully, it was less talky than usual, and what promos we got were fairly efficient. Well, I feel like there was a touch of redundancy to Lio interacting with Top Flight when we got that moment on Rampage. I guess AEW is worried not enough people are watching Rampage. Deeb sending out an Open Challenge for the Collision go-home next week was good, I’m sure we’ll get a great match of her and a visiting CMLL or Stardom talent. And after Jarrett’s very moving promo, I actually want to see him make it to the finals. I don’t see him winning the whole thing with Pac AND Bryan Danielson on the other side of the bracket, but for the sake of honoring Owen Hart’s memory, Jarrett at least has to get past the wild card.

Storm & Mariah VS Leyla & Frost was a good tune-up match for the Six Woman Tag set for Dynamite, but as such, The Outcasts likely win. As I said on Wednesday, if Mariah is going to beat Saraya in the Women’s Owen Hart Cup, she’ll have to lose out on Dynamite because that’s how the math works. Hechicero of course beat Daddy Magic, but that’s because MJF is going to win at Forbidden Door. And then of course The House of Black beat the St. Giovanni brothers. Their dismissive nature towards the interview was an interesting one, but I would think they will get their revenge on The Patriarchy soon enough.

Good promo from The Bang Bang Gang that helped feed into the various stories. The Patriarchy of course beat The Iron Savages, but Christian avoided doing work in an even more obnoxious way than I expected. I still think Pac should work with Malakai & Brody in an attempt to get revenge on The Bang Bang Gang together, but I guess that depends on if Pac goes to the Owen Hart Cup finals or not. Oddly, I’d love if The Bang Bang Gang did face The Patriarchy for some rare Heels VS Heels shenanigans. Christian will try to cheat at the same time Bang Bang Gang tries to cheat so it comes down to who can cheat better.

Though going by the other tag matches, the Joe-Hook-Shibata trio is a great team, and they naturally made quick work of The Premier Athletes. Then they logically went after Jericho’s group after that great match with Private Party. Jericho likely will still owe Hook an FTW Championship match, but it’d also be great if Joe-Hook-Shibata got their shot at the trios titles. We’d get some awesome promos between them and the Bang Bang Gang, as well as some fresh showdowns. And really good match of Okada and Ultimo Guerrero. It was a little sluggish, but I suppose between Ultimo and Okada needing to get a rhythm, and Ultimo being 52, it was still very solid stuff. But Okada winning was fine, it leaves him available for a different match-up for Forbidden Door weekend.

And just an awesome International Championship match for the main event. I did not think Cage was going to get as much offense in as he did, but I appreciate that they let him. Cage needs to be seen as a threat on some level so pushing Ospreay like this was a good way to do it. But of course Ospreay wins, because they’re continuing to tease Garcia VS Ospreay.

My Score: 8.9/10

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