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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 33 Results & Report! (8/13/23)

The moment of truth!



Historic threepeat? Or a home run to WrestleKingdom?

Kazuchika Okada and Tetsuya Naito are both critical parts of NJPW history, but perhaps never more than here, in the G1 Climax 33 Finals!


  • Toru Yano & Oskar Leube VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa; Kaito & Ryohei win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Shota Umino, Master Wato, Tomoaki Honma & Yuji Nagata VS Team Strong Style & Yuto Nakashima; Shota, Wato, Honma & Nagata win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tomohiro Ishii, YOH & Eddie Kingston VS Tiger Mask, Togi Makabe & TenKozy; Tanahashi, Ishii, Yoh & Eddie win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Bishamon, Ryusuke Taguchi & Boltin Oleg VS TMDK; TMDK wins.
  • 10 Man Tag: El Phantasmo & The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Bullet Club; ELP & The GOD win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The United Empire; LIJ wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Just5Guys VS The House of Torture; The House of Torture wins.
  • G1 Climax 33 Finals: Kazuchika Okada VS Tetsuya Naito; Naito wins and will have the Right to Challenge for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleKingdom 18.


10 Man Tag: El Phantasmo & The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Bullet Club!

These two teams have beef with each other, and they each won yesterday against other teams. But will the Headbanga, Master Heater, Good Bad Guy, Silverback and Young Guerilla finally get some real revenge on David Finlay and his War Dogs? Or will even they see that NJPW needs The Rebel?

The teams sort out and Finlay starts against Tama Tonga. Fans rally, the two step up and talk some trash, and then Finlay pie faces Tama. Tama pie faces back! Then they throw forearms and body shots and fast hands! Tama gets the edge but Finlay claws his face! The ref reprimands, Finlay puts Tama on ropes, and then Finlay whips. Tama reverses and DECKS him! And ELBOWS him! And then scoops, but Finlay slips off to go after the eyes again! Fans boo, Finlay is even BITING Tama! The ref reprimands, Finlay lets off, and he UPPERCUTS! Finlay whips corner to corner but Tama comes back to LARIAT! And OFF COMES THE VEST!

Tama fires off hands on Finlay, then runs corner to corner to STINGER SPLASH! Fans fire up as Finlay flops over! Tama drags Finlay up, he tags in Jado, and they double whip. Tama body shots, Jado knee lifts, and Tama whips Finlay into Jado’s LARIAT! Fans fire up with Jado and he brings Finlay around. But Gabe ambushes him! The War Dogs BLAST Tama and team off the apron and Finlay kicks Jado out of the ring. Finlay hooks Jado’s nose, then HEADBUTTS him! Coughlin stands on Hikuleo to CHOKE him! Gabe brings ELP out to SMACK him off chairs! Fans move aside but Gabe leaves ELP behind.

Kenta stomps Tama and Chase stomps Loa. Finlay even steps all over Loa just to get at Tama. Kenta keeps on Leo, the ref reprimands, and Finlay finally returns to the ring. Coughlin puts Jado in while the fans all boo. Finlay goes back to Jado but Tama CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up but Tama gets mugged 3v1! Coughlin TOSSES Tama out, then Finlay brings Jado up. Finlay bends Jado’s fingers, then tags in Kenta. They mug Jado, and Kenta throws body shots. Jado goes to a neutral corner but Kenta fires body shots! Kenta claws Jado’s face, then headlock punches him down! Fans rally but Kenta stomps away on Jado.

Kenta drags Jado up, and bumps him off boots. Then Kenta tags Coughlin and they mug Jado. Chase pulls on Jado’s ears, and Coughlin CHOPS him! Coughlin cravats Jado to neck wrench then snapmare. Coughlin rains down fists, the ref reprimands, and fans boo! ELP gets in but the ref keeps him back. Coughlin drags Jado up, RAMS him into the corner and he tags in Finlay. Finlay throws hands and HEADBUTTS and UPPERCUTS! Finlay UPPERCUTS Jado to a corner, then runs in to UPPERCUT again! Then RUNNING BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Jado fires up and the fans are with him!

Finlay tags Gabe and Gabe kicks at Jado. Jado snarls, Gabe throws hands, but Jado fires up! Fans fire up with Jado as he marches around. Jado flips Gabe off, so Gabe BITES Jado! The fans boo, the ref reprimands, and Gabe lets off. Gabe flips everyone else off, then runs, but Jado runs him over! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to ELP! ELP dodges Gabe, BLASTS the War Dogs, then dodges again to springboard CROSSBODY! ELP DIVES onto Coughlin! Then ELP goes up the ropes to SWANTON BOMB, then LIONSAULT!! Cover, Coughlin breaks it! Coughlin CLUBS and stomps ELP, then he and Gabe stand ELP up.

The War Dogs double whip ELP but he slides to a stop, and Leo DOUBLE LARIATS the War Dogs! Leo whips Coughlin to a corner, ELP whips Gabe into Coughlin. Leo then sends ELP in to forearm smash Gabe! ELP then feeds Gabe to Leo for a back drop! Then ELP whips Leo in but Coughlin dodges and runs ELP over! Leo swings, Coughlin gets around, but Leo fights the German Suplex! Leo CHOPS, reels Coughlin in, but Coughlin suplexes!? Leo fights that, and he suplexes Coughlin in return! But Gabe hits Leo low! The War Dogs mug Leo, reel him in, but ELP saves Leo! Leo CHOPS Coughlin, Gabe UPPERCUTS ELP!

Leo CHOPS Gabe, CHOPS Coughlin, and grabs them both! But they fight free of the grips! They DOUBLE LARIAT Leo up and out! But ELP ENZIGURIS Gabe, SUPERKICKS Coughlin, but Gabe LARIATS ELP! Fans fire up as both men crawl! Hot tags to Chase and Loa! Chase dodges, fires off a strike fest, but Loa DECKS him with one shot! Chase comes back, Loa fires off strikes on him! Body blow! Uppercut! Body! Uppercut! Repeat again and again and again in the corner! Loa tops it off with a CHOP! Loa then whips Chase into the corner, clotheslines, and BULLDOGS! Fans fire up as Chase staggers around, and Loa scoops!

But Chase slips free to BACK ELBOW! And BOOT! Loa roars, but Chase blocks the punch to hammerlock and JEWEL HEIST! Finlay BLASTS Tama! Kenta stomps Loa, he and Finlay drag Loa up to RAM him into the corner! They mug Loa, whip him corner to corner, then Chase runs in to forearm smash! Kenta adds a back elbow, and Finlay adds an UPPERCUT! Finlay snapmares Loa so Chase can KNEE Loa down! Cover, Tama breaks it! Finlay attacks Tama and throws him back out, then AX HANDLES him from the apron! Tama hits back, they brawl, and fans rally up as Chase paces around Loa.

Chase drags Loa up to C-TRIGGER point blank! Chase tucks the arms but Loa fights out to kick, knee and ENZIGURI! Chase comes back, Loa ducks the knee to roll him up! TWO, and Chase rushes in to SOBAT! Step over, LA MAGISTROL! LOA COUNTERS IT! The Guerillas win!!

Winners: El Phantasmo & The Guerrillas of Destiny, by pinfall

Chase attacks Loa, the sore loser! Tama goes after Chase and UPPERCUTS him! Loa clotheslines Chase and himself to the floor! Finlay rushes in but Tama avoids the belt shot! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Coughlin tries, Leo BOOTS him! ELP TACKLES and fires off on Gabe! The War Dogs are in retreat! Bullet Club was bragging about having belts just yesterday, but Tama holds up the NEVER Openweight Championship! Will we see the Good Bad Guy fight The Rebel 1v1 one more time with this belt on the line? And at the same time, Leo & ELP have the NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Championships! Will they look to reign together?


8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The United Empire!

Bushi, Hiromu, Takagi y Yota are going to be cheering Naito later tonight, but they still want to fight their own battles! Will they score big against Jeff Cobb, Great-O-Khan, Henare & Will Ospreay? Or will the ungovernable be conquered by the Empire?

Cobb sees Tanahashi on commentary so he mocks him with the slow opening of the jacket. The teams sort out, fans rally up, and after the LIJ fist bump, the Empire attacks! Cobb TOSSES Hiromu, Ospreay is after old rival Takagi, and Khan throws out Yota so that Henare has Bushi. Takagi throws forearms on Ospreay but Takagi sends him into railing! Henare drags Bushi up to bump off buckles then fire off body shots! Henare HEADBUTTS Bushi and Bushi staggers away. Henare keeps on Bushi with another HEADBUTT! Henare runs, into an ENZIGURI! Bushi dropkicks the legs out then DDTs! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally for Bushi and he tags in Hiromu. They BLAST Ospreay and Khan off the apron while Tsuji & Takagi double whip Henare to DOUBLE SHOULDER him down! Takagi SENTONS, Tsuji SPLASHES, and Hiromu gets a boost from Tsuji, scoop and SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Fans rally behind Hiromu as he CHOPS Henare. Hiromu whips Henare to a corner, runs in, and clotheslines! Henare just glares at Hiromu! Hiromu says sorry, then stomps a foot! Hiromu kicks low, CHOPS, then runs, but into a FLAPJACK, and KICK! Khan & Henare BLAST Takagi & Tsuji, then Khan helps the others stomp LIJ down.

Henare stalks Hiromu, drags him up, and snapmares him for a KICK to the back! And then a SENTON! Cover, TWO! Henare drags Hiromu over and tags Cobb in. Hiromu kicks at Henare, but Cobb stomps Hiromu. Cobb drags Hiromu up to scoop with one arm, and then he gives Hiromu a noogie before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT! Cover, Takagi breaks it! Khan chases Takagi out and Cobb drags Hiromu up. Tag to Ospreay and fans fire up as Ospreay meets another old rival. Ospreay winds up to CHOP! Hiromu sputters to ropes but Ospreay brings him around for an UPPERCUT!

Ospreay stands on Hiromu while throwing up the crown, but the ref counts. Ospreay lets off at 4, tags in Khan, and Khan drags Hiromu up to bump him off buckles. Fans fire up and Khan sits on his throne! Hiromu flails, the ref counts, and Khan hops down at 4. Khan brings Hiromu out for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up for Hiromu but Khan wags his finger. Khan pushes Hiromu down, but Hiromu refuses to kiss Khan’s foot! Hiromu fights up and blocks a kick! DRAGON SCREW! Fans rally up while both men are down! Hiromu crawls over, hot tag to Takagi! Fans fire up as Takagi runs Khan over then scoop SLAMS Ospreay!

Henare runs in, gets around, but Takagi blocks the full nelson! Cobb runs in, Takagi BOOTS him and then sends Henare into him! Cobb falls out, Takagi hooks Henare for a spin and BIG suplex! Fans fire up and Takagi steadies himself. Khan runs in, into an ELBOW, JAB and YUKON LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Takagi looks to the camera, and fans fire up as he says IT’S- NO, Khan stops him, and then tries to make him kiss his foot! Takagi’s face tastes laces! Khan then lets off so he can BOOT Takagi down! Tag to Ospreay and fans fire up for the Kawada Kicks, and CHOP! And more Kawada Kicks, but Takagi blocks!

Ospreay ROCKS Takagi first, underhooks, but Takagi wrenches out. Ospreay dodges the lariat but runs into the ELBOW! JAB! YUKON feint for a DDT! Fans fire up with Takagi and he rolls to tag in Tsuji! Fans fire up even more as Tsuji fires off forearms! Tsuji whips, Ospreay reverses but Tsuji ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls to arm-drag! Then he runs Ospreay over! Fans fire up with Tsuji and he grins. Tsuji waits on Ospreay to rise, then brings him in to suplex. Ospreay fights it, wrenches and CHOPS, but Tsuji just ROCKS Ospreay! Ospreay staggers to a corner, Tsuji runs in, but Ospreay avoids the splash!

Khan runs in and clotheslines! Henare runs in, he and Ospreay CLOTHESLINE ENZIGURI COMBO! Feed to Cobb’s ATHLETIC PLEX! Ospreay covers, TWO! Ospreay suplexes for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, Bushi breaks it! Henare TOSSES Bushi out! Ospreay prepares the elbow! Fans fire up as Ospreay takes aim, HIDDEN- NO, Tsuji ducks, Takagi PUMPING BOMBERS! Khan wrenches Takagi to HITSUJIGOROSHI, and MARINE! Hiromu SUPERKICKS Khan! Cobb catches Hiromu’s rana and pops him up! Hiromu sunset flips but Cobb drags him back up! Hiromu dodges, Cobb ducks Bushi’s enziguri but not the REWIND HEEL!

Hiromu RANAS Cobb right outta the ring! Bushi builds speed to DIVE! Cobb is sent over railing! Henare runs in, Hiromu kicks him, but Henare doesn’t budge! Hiromu ducks ‘n’ dodges but runs into a BERSERKER BOMB! Tsuji runs in, Henare ELBOWS him! Henare runs, into BLUE THUNDER! GENE TRIGGER!! Takagi keeps on Henare with elbows, Tsuji brings Ospreay up. Ospreay ROCKS, ROLLING ELBOWS, but Tsuji SUPERKICKS! Tsuji suplexes, Ospreay slips out but Tsuji elbows him! Tsuji runs, but Ospreay Spanish slips through to underhooks! But Tsuji fights out of the Canadian Rack!

Tsuji suplexes, BRAINBUSTER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay survives and fans are thunderous! Tsuji runs, Ospreay avoids the stomp to KCIK! ELBOW! JUMP KNEE! Springboard and OSCUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay is seething but he aims from the corner. HIDDEN- GENE BLAST!!! Fans are thunderous as Tsuji aims from a corner! Ospreay staggers to his feet, into another GENE BLAST!!! Cover, LIJ WINS!!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by pinfall

Tsuji just pinned the IWGP United States- Er, no, United Kingdom Champion! The Aerial Assassin has lost to LIJ twice in one weekend! Is he going to lose again should Tsuji come for his title?

Wait, Eddie Kingston goes after Henare! Payback for just yesterday! The Mad King brawls with the Face of Fury all the way tot he back! Will Eddie show Henare just who is NJPW Strong?


8 Man Tag: Just5Guys VS The House of Torture!

The Cold Skull got cheated by the King of Darkness, and it’s time for some payback! Will Sanada, Taichi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Douki win big for Just5Guys? Or will Evil, Yujiro Takahashi, Sho & Dick Togo continue to stack the deck?

The teams sort out, the House puts ’em out, then attacks! Dick attacks Douki, Yujiro throws Kanemaru out, Sho CLUBS Taichi and Evil is of course after Sanada. Fans boo as the House takes things outside, and the bell rings as Dick stomps away on Douki in the ring. Fans boo, Dick steps off, and he drags Douki up. Evil CLAWS Sanada’s back while Dick smothers Douki! Cover, TWO! Dick hears the fans rallying for Douki and tells them to shut up! Dick drags Douki up but Douki throws body shots! Dick CLAWS Douki’s eyes! Dick trips Douki, runs, but has to leap over the dropdown. Douki then sidesteps and arm-drags Dick! And again!

Dick keeps going, Douki RAMS him then springboards to BACK ELBOW! Fans rally and Douki bumps Dick off Kanemaru’s boots. Tag, and they whip, trip and basement dropkick, and Douki DOUBLE STOMPS! Kanemaru covers, TWO! Kanemaru stomps Dick, drags him up and CLUBS him on the neck! And again! Kanemaru snapmares and chinlocks but Dick slips free to hammerlock! Dick KNEES the arm, then wrenches it. Dick brings Kanemaru around but Kanemaru switches the hammerlock onto Dick. But Dick switches it back onto Kanemaru, then shifts to a headlock. Dick headlock punches Kanemaru down!

Sho & Evil BLAST J5G and go out after them. Dick claws Kanemaru’s eyes and Evil does the same to Sanada. Fans boo, the ref reprimands, and Dick lets off to stomp away on Kanemaru. Dick sits Kanemaru up to claw the eyes again! The ref counts, Dick lets off, and then he drags Kanemaru up. Dick wrenches an arm, tags in Yujiro, and they mug Kanemaru. Tokyo Pimp knees low, then DECKS Kanemaru! Yujiro drops a leg, covers, TWO! Fans rally up but Yujiro drags Kanemaru up. Yujiro bumps Kanemaru off Sho’s boot, then tags him in. The Murder Machine CLUBS Kanemaru, then knuckle locks to bend the fingers!

Sho wrenches the arm to an ELBOW BREAKER, then he wrenches again. Tag to Evil and he CLUBS the arm. Evil scoops Kanemaru to SLAM him! Cover, TWO! Evil is annoyed but the fans rally up. Evil paces around, stomps Kanemaru, then stomps him some more. Kanemaru sits up to throw body shots! Evil knees low, whips Kanemaru but Kanemaru reverses to DROPKICK! Fans fire up while both men are down! They crawl, Kanemaru reaches out, hot tag to Sanada! Sanada BLASTS the House, but Sho gets in to CLUB him! Sho and Evil mug Sanada then double whip him to a corner.

Sho runs in, Sanada dodges and he dropkicks Evil’s legs! Sanada then DROPKICKS Sho, and then DROPKICKS Evil! Evil bails out, Sanada PLANCHAS! Fans fire up as Sanada slides back in, and then PLANCHAS Dick on the other side! Sanada then slides back in, to PLANCHA Yujiro! Fans fire up for the hattrick and Sanada encourages them to get louder. The fans chant for “SA-NA-DA!” and he likes the volume. Sanada then fetches Evil into the ring, covers, TWO! Sanada keeps cool and the fans rally behind him again. Sanada brings Evil up to fireman’s carry, but Evil claws his eyes! The ref reprimands, but Evil blocks Sanada’s kick!

Evil hands the foot over to the ref, and then mule kicks! Evil rolls, tags in Sho, and Sho storm sup on Sanada. Sho drags Sanada up, wrenches the bad arm, and has Sanada kneel for the kick, kick and SUP- NO, Sanada blocks that kick to trip Sho! Sho fights off Paradise, runs in but Sanada spins him around! MAGIC SCREW! Fans fire up while both men are down and Sanada crawls! Hot tag to Taichi! Taichi gives Sho Kawada Kicks, then runs, but Sho gets around to waistlock. Taichi fights free to PELE! Douki BLASTS Evil & Yujiro, Kanemaru UPPERCUTS Sho in the corner! Feed to Taichi’s SOBATS! Sanada front kicks! Douki ENZIGURIS!

OFF COME THE PANTS! Taichi BUZZSAWS Sho! Cover, Dick breaks it! J5G intercept the House and throw them back out! Fans fire up and Taichi drags Sho up. Taichi Alabama Lifts but Sho fights that to then bend Taichi’s fingers! The ref reprimands, Taichi kicks free! Sho shoves the ref at Taichi but Taichi moves the ref aside. Sho swings, but into a DANGEROUS SAIDO! Fans fire up and Taichi drags Sho back up! SEITEI JUJIHOU!! Sho endures the Holy Emperor’s Tomb, but Dick distracts the ref! Sho taps but it doesn’t count now! Taichi shoves Sho aside and storms up on Dick, but Yujiro SHOVES Taichi into the ref!

Dick gets in after Taichi with the SPOILER CHOKER! Fans boo but Kanemaru WHISKEY MISTS Dick! But Yujiro PIMP CANE SHOTS Kanemaru, then TOSSES him out! Douki has his steel pipe! Fans fire up and Yujiro takes a swing, Douki blocks it! Yujiro is disarmed, but Evil CLUBS Douki down! Fans boo more as Evil grabs Douki’s pipe, and Yujiro CANE SHOTS Douki! Evil PIPE SHOTS Sanada! Fans boo even more as Yujiro drags Taichi up. But Taichi avoids the pipe to DOUBLE AX BOMBER!! And then Taichi takes the pipe and the cane, and he threatens each man! Fans are thunderous, but Sho has his “Murder Tool!”

Taichi turns around, WRENCH SHOT!! Fans boo even more, and Sho drags Taichi up as the ref comes to. Sho tucks the arms, for SHOCK ARROW!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: The House of Torture, by pinfall

The Murder Machine pins the KOPW Champion! And then stomps away on him! And CHOKES him! Dick goes after Taka Michinoku and sets him up for Sho to DECK! Sho holds up the KOPW belt, and then gets the mic! He tells Taichi that while the KOPW was made into a belt, it still has no name value! Why do you think that is? That’s because you’re too weak as champion! So now, SHO will take this belt and give it meaning! And speaking of belts, Evil holds up THE IWGP World Heavyweight Championship! Evil CLOBBERS Sanada with it! Evil then drags Sanada up, for EVERYTHING IS EVIL!!

Fans boo but consider that Evil challenging Sanada officially for that belt! Wait, they’re handcuffing Sanada to the ropes!? Evil has the mic to say, “I am the rule of law here in NJPW!” The House then makes Abe-san read his announcement! Sanada is not good enough as champion, so he must relinquish the title to Evil! Evil says there you go! Evil vows to become the NEW IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, and truly show us his power! And then Sho CLOBBERS Taichi with the KOPW belt for the hell of it! Will the House of Torture take these prizes by any means necessary?


G1 Climax 33 Finals: Kazuchika Okada VS Tetsuya Naito!

The Rainmaker won the 31st and 32nd G1 Climax tournaments, and is now on history’s doorstep! But the Uncontrollable Charisma is determined to headline WrestleKingdom 18 so he can be immortalized! Only one gets the win, the trophy and the shot at the IWPG World Heavyweight Champion at the Tokyo Dome, but will this one come with a name written down in the annals of history?

The fans are fired up already as Okada puts his robe aside, and then waits on Naito. The fans chant for “NA-I-TO!” as he takes his time with his entrance attire. Okada is patient, and Naito finally puts the pants aside. The bell rings and fans chant for “NA-I-TO!” again. Okada stares Naito down from across the way, but Naito almost ignores Okada as the two circle. The two approach, but Naito backs up, then steps forward, then repeat. Okada is already over that and he just circles with Naito again. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Okada shifts around to waistlock. Naito powers Okada to a corner, and Red Shoes calls the break.

Naito and Okada slowly let off, and Naito backs away. Fans cheer the sportsmanship, and the two circle again. They feel things out, tie up, and Naito goes for an arm. Okada fights as Naito tries to wrench, and they go around and around. Okada waistlocks again, Naito still wants the arm and he wrenches to a hammerlock. Okada drop toeholds then waistlocks. Naito rolls and headlocks, but Okada keeps his shoulder up. Okada rolls Naito to a cover, ONE! Naito holds on, Okada fights to his feet, and Okada pries at the headlock. Naito clamps on tighter, and even grinds the hold. But Okada fights back up and keeps at the grip!

Naito clamps on even tighter and he grind Okada down to the mat! Fans rally, Okada fights up, and Okada powers Naito to ropes. Red Shoes counts the break, Okada lets off slowly, and he swings on Naito! Naito dodges to fire off haymakers of his own! Naito whips, Okada reverses, Okada hurdles and then Naito leaps over the dropdown. They keep moving and Naito sidesteps to arm-drag! Okada staggers up into a kick and Naito throws him out! Then Naito builds speed, but he fakes Okada out to tranquilo! Fans cheer and Okada feels foolish for falling for it. Fans rally for “NA-I-TO!” while he waits on Okada.

Okada paces at the five minute mark, then slides in. But Naito slides out the side! Naito stretches and paces around, but the ring count starts. Naito says okay, just have Okada move back. Okada steps back to the far side and Naito stands on the apron. Naito steps in and then Okada rushes up! Naito blocks the kick to CLUB the leg, then kick and snapmare Okada into a chinlock! Fans rally as Okada endures the knee digging into his back! Naito pushes the knee in more, then ELBOWS Okada in the head before clamping back onto the chinlock. Okada endures, fights up, and he throws body shots. Naito CLUBS Okada on the back!

Naito runs, but Okada FLAPJACKS him down! Fans fire up and the Okada chants can be heard now. Okada stalks Naito to ropes, drags him up, and CLUBS him on the neck. Okada snapmares Naito by ropes, then runs to basement dropkick! Fans fire up while Naito writhes and scrambles away. Okada follows Naito to the apron, brings him up and reels him in, APRON DDT!! Fans fire up while Okada leaves Naito behind. Naito writhes and Red Shoes checks on him. Okada goes into the ring, but then goes right back out, to whip Naito into railing! Naito falls over in a heap and Okada goes into the ring again.

Okada waits as the ring count starts. Naito writhes, and sits up at 8 of 20. Naito pushes himself up, stands at 14, and hobbles around. Fans rally for Naito and he slides in at 18! Okada brings Naito up, reels him in, and DDTs again! Okada stalks Naito, stands on him, but Red Shoes doesn’t accept that as a cover. Fans boo Okada’s cockiness but Okada steps away. We pass 10 minutes as Okada drags Naito up. Naito throws body shots, but Okada doesn’t budge! Okada eggs Naito on, and Naito stands to throw forearms! But Okada still eggs him on! Naito throws more shots, but Okada UPPERCUTS him!

Okada whips, Naito reverses but Okada ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Naito dodges the elbow to kick and NECKBREAKER! Fans rally up as Naito and Okada rise. Naito drags Okada up to throw forearms and CLUB Okada on the neck. Naito whips, ELBOWS and basement dropkicks! Fans fire up and Naito hurries to whip Okada to a corner. Naito runs in, blocks Okada’s boots and puts him in the ropes, DRAPING NECKBREAKER! And then Naito stands Okada up, turns him, another NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up while Okada writhes. Cover, TWO! Fans continue to chant for “NA-I-TO!” as he drags Okada back up.

Naito ROCKS Okada, turns him, but Okada elbows free of the neckbreaker! Okada runs in, but into BOOTS! Naito goes up, and BOOTS Okada before he can dropkick! Okada runs back in, but into a HIP TOSS BACKBREAKER! Okada writhes all the way to the apron and then the floor. Naito waits on Okada but the ring count starts. Naito rolls out after Okada and drags him up. Naito whips Okada into railing! Okada falls in a heap, but Naito drags him up, to whip him into more railing! Okada falls over again, and Naito opens the gate. Naito CLUBS Okada into No Man’s Land, then closes the gate, to drag Okada up and RAILING NECKBREAKER!!

Fans fire up as Naito leaves Okada behind! Okada clutches his neck, we pass 15 minutes and Red Shoes checks on Okada. Okada is somehow okay to continue, so the ring count returns. Okada is still down at 10 of 20 but the fans rally up. Okada sits up at 12, crawls his way over at 13, but is still crawling at 15! Okada springs up and in at 19! Fans cheer and Naito storms up to turn Okada for another NECKBREAKER, and then he clamps on the LEG SCISSOR NELSON! Okada endures, even as Naito thrashes around! Okada moves around, reaches out, and has the ROPEBREAK! Fans cheer, but Red Shoes has to “help” Naito undo the hold.

Fans rally up again and Naito drags Okada up. But Okada throws forearms! Fans fire up as Naito runs in, into an Alabama Lift! But Naito CLUBS Okada, and he throws a back elbow! Okada goes to a corner, Naito runs in, but into the Alabama Lift! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Okada and Naito crawl to opposite ends, and Okada drags himself up on the ropes. Naito runs in, Okada dodges to put him up top, and DROPKICK him to the floor! Fans fire up as now Naito is down and out! Okada rests in the ring for a moment before going out and stalking Naito.

Okada brings Naito up, whips, but Naito reverses and Okada hits railing! Okada falls over in a heap, but Naito also drops to his knees. We pass 20 minutes but Naito smiles as he stands back up. Naito walks over to bring Okada up, but Okada scoops! TOMBSTONE to the floor!! Fans fire up as both men are down again! Red Shoes checks both men, and somehow Naito is still in this. Fans rally up behind Naito but Okada scowls as he drags Naito up and into the ring. Fans cheer the sportsmanship and Okada stalks Naito. Okada brings Naito up, but Naito swings! Okada gets around to HIGH ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX!

Okada holds onto the waistlock, then wristlocks! But Naito throws elbows! Okada spins, DISCUS LARIAT! Fans fire up and Okada drags Naito back up! Ripcord, but Naito ducks, runs, but into the DROPKICK! Okada roars, fans are thunderous, and Okada drags Naito around. But Naito is dead weight! He was like this just yesterday against Ospreay! Fans are thunderously behind Naito, and a standing count begins! Naito grits his teeth and sits up at 6 of 10, but Okada is right there. Okada eggs Naito on, and UPPERCUTS! Naito SPITS at Okada! Okada UPPERCUTS, Naito SPITS! Fans fire up as Okada brings Naito up again.

Okada UPPERCUTS, whips, but Naito reverses to TORNADO DDT!! Fans are thunderous again as both men are down! Naito crawls his way over to Okada, he grabs an arm, and he drags Okada up. And he throws those HEAVY back elbows! Okada falls over, Naito goes to a corner, and Red Shoes checks Okada again. Naito drags Okada up, and throws more HEAVY elbows! Okada falls over again and fans fire back up! But Okada eggs Naito on!? We pass 25 minutes and Okada wants Naito to bring it on! Naito grabs Okada’s arm to then kick him in the face! Naito does what he wants, not what Okada wants.

But then Naito drag Okada up, and does throw more HEAVY back elbows! Okada falls over again and fans fire back up. Naito paces, then he drags Okada up. Naito hoists Okada up top, climbs up after him, and SUPER STEINERS! Fans fire up as Okada clutches his back, and Naito pushes him to a cover. TWO, into PLUMA BLANCA!! Okada endures Naito’s take on the Koji Klutch, just as Ospreay did yesterday! Okada is already turning red, maybe even purple! Red Shoes checks on Okada as he’s fading! Okada gets a second wind to kick around, but Naito rolls him away! Okada still fights as fans rally up!

Okada reaches out with an arm, then with his legs! Okada fights over to the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer and Naito lets off relatively quickly this time. Fans rally behind Naito as he stands and goes back for Okada. Naito goes up the corner, reels Okada in, ESPERANZA!! Okada sits up in a daze and Naito aims from the corner. Okada rises as fans fire up, and Naito runs in, into a fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY- DDT!! Naito turns things around, then scoops Okada, VALENCIA!! Cover, TWO!?!? Okada survives but Naito doesn’t let off! Naito scoops and SLAMS Okada, then goes up the corner! He tried this yesterday, STARDUST FLOPS!!

Fans fire up, that also happened yesterday! Both men are down but stirring as the fans rally. Naito sits up first, we hit 30 minutes, the longest match all tournament and for good reason! Well, mostly that there’s no time limit, but still. Okada goes to a corner, he glares at Naito as Naito sits up. Naito stands, Okada runs in to SHOTGUN Naito down! Okada then hurries to get an arm, but Naito ducks the lariat! Okada elbows the waistlock apart, but Naito fights the gut wrench! Naito CLUBS Okada, and CLUBS him again, but Okada throws a forearm! Okada whips, Naito leaps but Okada gets around to waistlock!

Okada ripcords, but Naito ducks the lariat to reel Okada in! TORNADO CRADLE! TWO!! Naito ELBOWS Okada, dodges a haymaker, then ENZIGURIS! Naito whips, Okada reverses but Naito FLYING FOREARMS! Both men are down again and fans are thunderous! Naito crawls around to a corner while Okada sits up at center. Naito aims, runs in, but into a DROPKICK! Okada hurries to scoop and LANDSLIDE!! Okada roars and fans are thunderous again! Okada drags Naito up, ripcords, RAIN- DESTIN- NO! Okada blocks to short arm LARIAT! Okada then drags Naito back up, but Naito falls over!

Okada drags Naito up again, but Naito ducks the lariat! Hammerlock, POLVO DE ESTRELLA!! Cover, TWO!!! Okada escapes and scoops but Naito slips out! CORRIENDO SHIKI DESTINO!!! Cover, TWO!!!! Okada survives again and fans are electric! Naito rises, he is determined to finish this! Naito drags Okada up, wrenches, tilt-o-whirl, DESTI- EMERALD FLOWSION!?! Okada fires up, fans are erupting, but Naito ducks the Rainmaker to ripcord, DESTINOOOO!!!! Naito vows this will end it, and he wrenches for another DESTINOOOOOOOO~!!!! Cover, NAITO WINS!!!

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, by pinfall (G1 Climax 33 Champion)

The fans are beyond volcanic! This is practically supernova! Okada wanted to make history so badly, but he has been denied! Will The Rainmaker have to wait until next year to have his fifth G1 tournament win?

As for Naito, after catching his breath, he stands and Red Shoes raises his hand in victory. Fans cheer, and Naito kneels by Okada and Okada sits up while the G1 banner is brought into the ring. LIJ appears ringside, as well, as the official announcement is made. The G1 trophy is officially presented to Naito by the Yamada Infra Technos chairman, Hirofumi Yamada. This will join Naito’s collection as his third ever, and he sets it down so he and Yamada-san can pose for the photo ops. Then Yamada-san even fist bumps with him! Masahiro Chono officially presents the banner, which of course he has won many times himself.

Naito graciously takes the banner from Chono, and Chono joins in on the fist bump! Fans cheer this moment, and the two pose for more photo ops. Then Naito drops the banner?! Abe-san hurries to put that in the stand, and fans cheer as LIJ joins Naito in the ring. Naito takes the mic to say, “BUENAS TARDES, RYOGOKUUU~!” Fans cheer, and Naito says that in the 33rd G1 Climax tournament, just like every year, or maybe even more than any year, this was the hottest Climax ever! Did they all enjoy this Summer? Fans cheer, because they sure did!

Naito says that July 15th, we started in Hokkaido, and then moved all around Japan. It was seen by thousands on TV, online, and live in person. And to the people here in Ryogoku, from the bottom of his heart, Naito thanks you for coming. Fans cheer in thanks back, and Naito says that he hates the word, “Always.” So for him, that is why he doesn’t talk about what could be, but he always talks about the here and now! And so he’ll say this, he IS the center of NJPW! Fans cheer for that! Naito then says to everyone here, he knows they’re ready for it. The only way this G1 Climax can truly finish, are they ready?

The NJPW G1 Climax 33 ends the only way it can, and the fans join in! “Bushi! Hiromu! Takagi! Titan! Yota! Y Naito! Nosotros! LOS! INGOBERRRRRRNABLEEEEEES~! DE! JA! PON!!” The streamers fly and fans cheer as Naito stands by the trophy and banner. The Uncontrollable Charisma has his golden ticket back to the top, and LIJ joins in for a group fist bump. Will Naito make it to WrestleKingdom with the Right to Challenge? Will he hit it out of the park in the Tokyo Dome?

My Thoughts:

An awesome G1 Climax Finals, including the many tag matches leading up to it. I did skim stuff, and I really liked how Boltin Oleg was taking it to ZSJ. Oleg may be a Young Lion but I’d love to see him get a NJPW World TV Championship match. Those are just 15 minutes anyway, so he wouldn’t have to last that long, and he’d probably lose anyway. Great 10 Man from Guerrillas VS War Dogs, and great win for the Guerrillas. The title matches are set up, though I didn’t expect ELP & Hikuleo to be the Openweight Tag Championship challengers. I cannot be sure which way those go, but if it’s anything, Gabe & Coughlin lose but Finlay retains. Gotta keep leadership strong.

Though as I say that, what a wild 8 Man from LIJ VS Empire, with Ospreay taking the pin! He just rebranded the IWGP US Championship as the IWGP UK Championship, and he loses again! Ospreay VS Tsuji is gonna be awesome stuff, but I would hope Ospreay wins just so he gets to actually show he is the IWGP UK Champion. Also great move from Eddie returning the favor to Henare. Then, a great 8 Man from Just5Guys VS The House of Torture. Of course the House cheats to win, and a little surprised it is Sho coming for the KOPW, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what weird stipulations he can invent. And of course Evil wants the world title, that is gonna be good stuff.

And just an all-timer in the main event. I really am surprised Okada lost. But I suppose a threepeat, something no one has done, not even Antonio Inoki did in his ten total wins, would be too much for even Okada to pull off. Great moment here for Naito, though if it’s like any year, he’ll have to defend his Right to Challenge briefcase all the way until December. There will be great matches out of that, but I’m thinking Naito holds onto the briefcase and Sanada holds onto the world title so we can see those two have an instant classic of their own at WrestleKingdom.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Andrew’s TNA iMPACT! Results & Match Ratings: 6.13.2024

The ultimate Go Home! We are one day away from Against All Odds and The System goes to the Hardy Compound for a face off!



Against All Odds is tomorrow night, so we see how this Go Home show is structured to get there. We also get a Hardy Compound segment in TNA for the first time in what…6 years? I’m not fact checking time frames, just been a long damn time.

A few matches to set the table for the TNA+ Event and looks like about 3 Knockouts matches. So fans of women’s wrestling should enjoy this episode.


  • Zachary Wentz w/Trey Miguel vs Mike Santana: Santana wins via Spin the Block – ***
  • Masha Slamovich vs Marti Belle w/Allysin Kay: Marti wins via Roll-Up – **
  • Tasha Steelz vs Dani Luna w/Jody Threat & Lars Fredrickson: Dani wins via Luna Landing – ** 1/2
  • ASH by Elegance w/Personal Concierge vs Jada Stone: ASH wins via Rarefied Air – **
  • The ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Nemeth Brothers (Nic & Ryan Nemeth): Nemeths win via Maverick – *** 1/4



Zachary Wentz w/Trey Miguel vs Mike Santana

Santana comes out second and immediately double legs Wentz as soon as he hits the ring, bullies him a little and then starts chasing Trey around so Wentz can recover and land a Moonsault on Santana. Codebreaker into a Running Shooting Star for a near fall from Wentz. Wentz slowly things down with the headlock, even though he’s the quicker guy, so that doesn’t make sense. Santana fires back a little but WEntz counters and starts choking him on the ropes. Referee backs him off so Trey gets involved. Wentz with some attempted control moves, standing switches from both leads to both heading to the ropes, Santana shakes off Wentz and hits the Rolling Buck Fifty! Dive takes out both Rascalz after Wentz powders, bullying in the corner, Wentz tries to pop out but Santana catches him in a fluid pop Death Valley Driver and near fall.

Wentz manages to duck the Spin the Block, counter the next move and connect on his strike combo. Swanton Bomb from Wentz, but only 2! Superkick from Wentz, attempted UFO Cutter, but it turns into trading Push Kicks, Enzuigiris and then a Jumping DDT from Wentz! Wentz feigns injury, Trey tries to interfere but Maclin makes the save. Wentz goes for his Back Handspring Jumping Knee but Santana times the Spin the Block perfectly. Levels Wentz and picks up the win!

Tom has an interview with Mustafa Ali and it just cements his delusional politician thing. Not really a ton beyond Ali is ignoring facts and continuing his schtick.

Masha Slamovich vs Marti Belle w/Allysin Kay

Ahh yelling at each other in Spanish and Russian, so no one understand the other and Masha grabs Marti’s head and pulls her down. They start a little chain wrestling with Arm Wringers and World of Sport counters. Bad Drop Toe Hold because Marti slowed down too much and it made the move look fake as hell. But at least the next few moves from both connect a little harder, Marti distracts the ref and Allysin makes her presence felt.

Running Forearm drops Masha in the corner, Hip attack from Marti gives her a near fall. Masha retreats to the corner, Marti tries to go back to the well but Masha has great counters. Slips through her legs, Up Kick, Yakuza Kick, Waterwheel Kick, all beautiful strikes for a near fall. Marti tries to use the ropes in a dirty Roll-Up but the referee sees it, Allysin jumps up, Masha attacks her and then another Roll-Up from Marti with Allysin assisting from the outside for the win.

Why is Xia so perfect in this adorable supportive friend character? I really hate enjoying this wrinkle from Xia…god dammit.

PCO saw AJ Francis take the rose from SDL, so he jumps them during their interview with Gia. PCO just wants the rose back, very Young Frankenstein vibes, and I’m not mad at this so far. 

Tasha Steelz vs Dani Luna w/Jody Threat & Lars Fredrickson

Collar and Elbow tie up that goes from corner to corner and Tasha leans into the ropes for the break. Rope run, Tasha Leap Frogs Dani and then connects with a Sole Butt. Tasha tries to go for something in the corner, but Dani just throws her halfway across the ring and connects with a Sliding Lariat Ishii style. Tasha connects on a kick, takes entirely too long showboating and Dani counters into a Falcon Arrow for 2.

Dani misses in the corner, Tasha tries to follow up but eats a forearm and retreats to the apron. Dani tries to Suplex her outside in, but Tasha counters, uses the ropes to her advantage and Dani eats a PK to the face. Near fall gets followed up by a Headbutt from Tasha, then she chokes Dani on the ropes, Dani tries to fight back but another Headbutt drops Dani. Dani tries to fight back again, but eats a Codebreaker from Tasha for yet another near fall. Forward rolling Snapmare into PK but Dani grabs her leg and goes for a flash Roll-Up only for 2. Forearm strike exchange, Tasha gets the best of things with a Knee Lift, tries to hit the ropes but Dani lays in a few Lariats and then…I don’t know. Both go for a Single Leg Dropkick and its just…ugly. Dumb spot and the stutter steps telegraphed a goofball spot.

Dani is the first one back up, a few quick strikes and another Single Leg Dropkick gives Dani the advantage but Tasha blocks the follow up, tries a Cradle, but no dice. Powerbomb from Dani for 2. Luna Landing attempt, but the eye rake into the Rope Assisted Bulldog, but Dani counters, Tasha hits the Shiranui, only for 2. Tasha tries the Rings of Saturn, but Dani gets her foot on the ropes. Tasha with chops and headbutt combos, but Dani hits the Rebound Blue Thunder Bomb for a two! Dani tries to psyche up, Luna Landing gets turned into a Frankensteiner from Tasha, but Dani blocks, then blocks the Okurrr, transitions it into the Luna Landing and Dani wins!

Frankie makes a Megadeth reference now with Kill the King. So I’m not angry now, or angry again.

The Hardy Compound thing…I have no words for it. It was definitely goofier than the previous TNA ones (which is saying something when Rockstar Spud lost a match to a child), but it was kinda fun. 

ASH by Elegance w/Personal Concierge vs Jada Stone

ASH goes back to the kiss the hand aspect of her persona, then stomps into the enhancement talent. Rosemary lurking in the shadows and just watching the match is odd, but ASH is back to getting her character over. ASH gets cocky, eats a quick Dropkick, ASH powders, complains to the Concierge, but when Jada dives…ASH catches her nicely with the Forearm to the face. Two near falls, and then ASH just unloads in frustration.

Cartwheel Back Elbow from ASH, Jada cuts off the next move, tries to string together some offense but ASH say nope. A little struggle, Jada connects on a kick to the face, Moonsault, but ASH gets the knees up, Lariat into Rarefied Air, and ASH wins!

The ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Nemeth Brothers (Nic & Ryan Nemeth)

Bey starts, its a very respectful double Babyface team style of start. Some counter wrestling, then Bey asks for Nic to tag in, and some playing jawing, but nothing seems to be crossing lines. And no offense is really worth discussing, just basic stuff, playful taunts and giving each other space to tag out. When Ace tags in, he’s a bit more business minded, doesn’t toy with taunts and just rolls under a Lariat, kicks the back of the knees, takes Nic down, throws an Arm Wringer into a Hammerlock and tries to stay on top of Nic. Nic with a desperation spin out into the Release Northern Lights counter. Ace tags out, Bey Double Stomps Nic’s back and keep him isolated. Nic tries to fight back a few times but Bey cuts off the comeback, Nic even just tries to scuttle past Bey, but can’t get to Ryan in time.

Headlock Suplex from Ace after Bey tags him in, to continue the isolation. Coordinated tagging in and out from the ABC, keeps Nic completely isolated. When they comeback from the commercial is probably when Nic will make the comeback and tag out. But those 3 minutes…rough isolation days. Rebound Tandem Overhead Arm Drag, into a Double PK from ABC. Nic is connecting with a few Rabbit Punches, but a Dropkick from Bey stifles the attempt at momentum. Bey tags out to Ace, kick to the ribs into a High Angle Backdrop, and then a Headscissors Chokehold. Nic slowly turns through the Headscissors, gets back to his feet, but gets shoved into the ABC corner. Jumping Snap Kick from Ace, into the jump off teammate Flying Uppercut attack. Bey shoves Nic back into the corner, goes for another attack but crashes and burns, a small struggle to stop Nic, but Nic gets free and Ryan with the hot tag.

Flying Shoulder Tackle into a Rude Awakening for 2 on Bey! Nic tags himself back in, tries a Cutter, blocked, Back Slide, but no, Fame ASSER for 2! Arm Wringer control for the Nemeth side now, tags back in Ryan for some Dosie Doe Wringers into a Double Clothesline. Rope runs, both miss and then Double Lariat stereo tags spot. Ace has early control of the stereo tag, Russian Leg Sweep into Click Click Boom. Ryan tries to run interreference but eats a Leaping Bulldog. Nic tries something and then eats a Triangle Kick from Ace for 2! Nic eats a Double Knee to the face, then the Spike Brainbuster, but Ryan breaks up the pinfall! Jumping DDT on Ace, Cutter from Bey on Ryan and then Nic comes to long enough to hit a Superkick as everyone lays on the mat.

Superkick is blocked by Ace, Roll-Up, no, Face Stomp, near fall and Ace keeps searching for how to win. Tags in Bey, 1-2-Sweet, but Ryan picks Ace’s foot from outside. Ace tries a Plancha on Ryan, but Ryan just slides in the ring to avoid the attack. Ryan lands a Jumping Flatliner and Nic with Danger Zone for the win!


Overall Score: 5/10

I mean, for all intents and purposes this show did kind of what it was supposed to. It got across some stories, it set things up for tomorrow,  but the show was paced a little slow. The some spots were clunky, some matches felt necessary but unwanted…and the Hardy Compound thing was…interesting. It really depends on your tolerance for campy and silly. This one was more Scooby Doo than the previous ones, Eddie turned into a legit Werewolf, Reby beheaded Alisha, Myers got laid out by a skeleton and Maxell and Broken Matt allowed Moose to regain the power of 69. If you go in expecting references and fun, this was good. If you go in expecting some kind of twisted mystical puzzlebox…you’re gonna have a bad time.

The main event was a pretty damn good TV main event though. Things are set up a little awkwardly for the PPV, but I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. Also curious if Tatum Paxley is gonna answer Jordynne’s open challenge or if they go a different route.

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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (6/13/24)

Go big or go home!



Four Corner Survival gets SUPER SIZED!

The Bang Bang Gang may have the unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships, but FOUR trios fight to take one step closer to taking their own shot! Who rises up out of this dirty dozen to be the ones?


  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Proving Grounds: Billie Starkz VS Sandra Moone; Billie wins and denies Moone a title match.
  • Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty VS Nick Comoroto & Jacoby Watts; Shane & Lee win.
  • Red Velvet VS Viva Van; Velvet wins.
  • Trios Four Corner Survival: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Dark Order VS Dalton Castle & The Infantry; Action & Top Flight win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Marina Shafir, Alex Windsor & Diamante VS Abadon, Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch; Shafir, Windsor & Diamante win.
  • Trish Adora VS Harley Cameron; Harley wins.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships Proving Grounds: The Kingdom VS Bad Dude Tito & Che Cabrera; The Kingdom wins and denies Tito & Che a title match.


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Proving Grounds: Billie Starkz VS Sandra Moone!

Athena’s Minion is still stacking up wins while stacking up bodies, but now she runs into the Subspace Sweetheart, who was also part of that Women’s World TV title tournament. Will Moone find a way to eclipse the Star(kz)? Or will Billie make her Overlord proud by going 11-0?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the fans rally. The two approach, Billie dodges the haymaker to BOOT Moone! Billie grins, whips Moone to a corner, then runs in. Moone dodges, says eat her space dust, and she CROSSBODIES in the corner! Moone goes to the apron, runs Billie side to side to bum her off buckles, then hurries back in. Moone winds up, but Billie gets under the lariat. Billie waistlocks, Moone pries the hold, but Billie pulls hair! The ref reprimands, but Billie cravats to KNEE SMASH! Moone falls over, the fans cheer, and Billie reels Moone in. Billie snap suplexes Moone, covers, TWO!

Billie watches Moone go to a corner, then fires off forearm after forearm! The ref counts, Billie snapmares Moone, then KICKS her in the back! Moone writhes, the fans fire up, and Billie says the kick was good. Billie stalks Moone, kicks her around, taunts her, and brings her up. Moone ROCKS Billie, Billie DECKS Moone! Billie puts Moone in a corner, whips corner to corner, and Moone hits buckles hard! Billie stomps away on Moone, then gets in the ref’s face as he counts at her. Billie storms back after Moone, whips corner to corner, but Moone stops herself! Moone ELBOWS Billie down, then hurries up on her.

Billie trips Moone, rains down furious forearms, but the ref reprimands Billie on how she’s holding Moone down by her neck! Billie tells the ref not to tell her what to do! The fans fire up and Billie snarls as she goes back to Moone. Billie clamps onto Moone for the motorcycle stretch! Moone endures, fights up, arm-drags free, and then blocks a lariat to ELBOW! And ROLLING ELBOW! Moone wrenches, CLUBS away on Billie, and then steps over. Moone says finger licking good, and she MULE KICKS Billie right down! Billie bails out, fans fire up as Moone builds speed, and she DIVES! Not the cleanest but Billie still falls!

Moone puts Billie in, covers, TWO! Moone grows frustrated and pounds the mat. The fans rally behind her, Moone runs corner to corner at Billie, but Billie puts up her boots. Moone blocks, but gets the REBOUND ENZIGIRI! Moone is down, Billie goes up, but Moone rises! SHORYUKEN! Moone climbs up, brings Billie up, but Billie fights with body shots! Billie then SMACKS Moone off the top buckle, reels her in, and gives her a SUPER GOURD BUSTER! Moone is down, Billie grins and adjusts. But then she hops down just to deny the fans their fun! The fans boo but Billie clamps onto Moone with the HALF NELSON CHINBAR! Moone taps, Billie wins!

Winner: Billie Starkz, by submission (denies Sandra Moone a title opportunity)

Moone put up a fight but Starkz still shines as she checks another one off the list. But will Billie be in for a fight when ROH goes to Arlington, Texas for Death Before Dishonor?


Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty VS Nick Comoroto & Jacoby Watts!

Shane Taylor Promotions plans to tear through anyone and everyone in their way to the top of both ROH and AEW. Will they do just that here tonight? Or will HE, Jacoby, finally lead the Wrecking Ball to a victory?

Comoroto starts for his team, as he has before, and offers a handshake for the Code of Honor. Lee Moriarty starts and just gets in Comoroto’s face. Comoroto does his best to smile and shrug that off, and the two circle. They feel things out, but Lee KICKS a leg. Comoroto shrugs that off, too, and the two circle more. Fans chant “S, T, P! S, T, P!” Lee KICKS, applauds, and dares Comoroto to take a swing. Comoroto does, Lee avoids it, but then Comoroto blocks a kick! So Lee KNEES free! Lee fires up, runs, and forearms Comoroto, but Comoroto HEADBUTTS Lee down! Comoroto applauds and the fans join in.

Comoroto trophy lifts Lee, does some quick pumps, then SLAMS Lee down! Tag to Jacoby and this is the first time we’ve seen him do anything in weeks! Jacoby FLAPJACKS Lee off the apron, but then asks for a microphone? Jacoby says, “My friends, my followers, my faithful flock right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, praise be to HE! And HE is ME.” The fans boo instead. Jacoby goes back to Lee, puts him in, and tags Comoroto. Wow, that was all? Comoroto wrenches Lee, Lee kicks free, and he tags in Shane! The fans fire up for Big Bad Shaney T. Boy, and he steps to Comoroto. Shane SLAPS Comoroto!

Fans chant “MEAT! MEAT! MEAT!” as Shane eggs Comoroto on. Comoroto shoves Shane, Shane shoves back, and they RAM shoulders! Shane nods, runs, and RAMS Comoroto! “MEAT!” Comoroto RAMS back! “MEAT!” Shane JABS, eggs Comoroto on, so Comoroto runs in! Shane throws Comoroto out! Jacoby encourages Comoroto, and the fans fire up, too! Comoroto skins the cat! But then Shane is there, to bob ‘n’ weave and HEADBUTT! And URENAGE! And SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Comoroto is still in this but Shane tags Lee. Lee runs to BOOT Jacoby, but that upsets Comrooto! Comoroto CLOBBERS Lee, BLASTS Shane, then scoops Lee!

Comoroto spins and SLAMS Lee, runs up and JUMP ELBOW DROPS! The fans fire up with Comoroto, and he says “Save us, Jacoby~!” Comoroto runs in at the corner to SPLASH, then Jacoby tags in! POWERSLAM, Jacoby takes the pin, TWO!! Lee survives because Jacoby took too long, and now Jacoby tags Comoroto back in. Lee runs up to SHOTGUN Jacoby! Comoroto is mad again, and he scoops Lee. Lee slips free, tags Shane, and then baits Comoroto in! BUCKLE SHOT! Shane waits on Comoroto to get up, and then KNOCKOUT PUNCH! Cover, STP wins!

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions, by pinfall

Lee takes Jacoby’s cowboy hat to do a dance, then throws it away. Will ROH soon belong to STP from top to bottom?


Johnny TV & Taya Valkyrie speak.

La Wera Loca says over the course of the last year and a half, yes, she has had wins and losses, faced some of the best women in the world, and has nothing but respect for each and every one. But one is just… getting under her skin! Queen Aminata~! Queen? So she gave herself a crown? You can’t do that! Aminata’s not a real queen! Taya earned the iconic title of Reina De Reinas (Queen of Queens), earned the nickname “Ratings Queen,” and earned the nickname, “The Main Character.” Aminata is a fraud! And quite annoying. So it doesn’t matter that Aminata beat Taya in the tournament, this is a warning.

Taya will wipe that smug smile off Aminata’s face, and kick that ass off her throne! Watch your back. Johnny says nice one. Mr. & Mrs. TV are ready, but will Aminata just have to beat Taya again?


Trios Four Corner Survival: Lance Archer & The Righteous VS Action Andretti & Top Flight VS The Dark Order VS Dalton Castle & The Infantry!

Well, they’re in Las Vegas, so ROH sees last week’s Trios Triple Threat and raises it another trio! It’s a Dirty Dozen in Sin City, but who will hit the jackpot on these 25% odds?

The Peacock argues with the Murderhawk Monster, but then steps down as the teams sort out. In this kind of Fatal 4, only two teams are legal at one time, and it is The Sight to See that starts against Alex Reynolds. The Code of Honor is upheld, but then Alex trips Action at the bell! Things speed up, Action hurdles but Alex leaps over! Things keep moving, Action bypasses, and he handsprings through Alex’s hip toss! Action snapmares Alex, then slides, but Alex ducks the Penalty Kick to roll Action up! ONE, and Action arm-drags Alex! Then JAPANESE ARM-DRAGS, then DROPKICKS! The fans cheer, and Action wrenches Alex’s arm.

Action brings Alex over, tags in Darius, and Darius takes the handoff to wrench. Darius whips, Alex reverses, but Darius turns arm-drag into backslide, ONE! Alex runs up, into the arm-drag! Darius has the armlock, then he wrenches. Tag to Dante, he CLUBS an arm and snapmares Alex down, for Darius to basement dropkick the arm! The fans cheer, Dante covers, ONE! Dante keeps on the arm, tags Action, and Action takes the handoff to snapmare, then ghost pin! TWO, but Action whips. Alex reverses, Action ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Alex ELBOWS Action down! The fans cheer, and Alex bumps Action off buckles to tag Silver.

Silver tags Uno, the fans cheer and Dark Order whips Uno in to SPLASH Action! Uno then feeds Action to a double hip toss, cradle and DOUBLE FACEBUSTER! Alex & Uno get Action up, then Silver hops on! The Dark Order flexes while holding Action down, and then Silver & Reynolds step away for Uno to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! Uno keeps on Action, ROCKS him with a right, then whips him to ropes. Action rolls off Uno’s back but Carlie Bravo tags in off him! Action bails out, Bravo runs in, then dodges Uno to JAB! JAB! JAB! Uno shoves, Bravo ducks and gets around, to JAB, JAB, JAB!

Uno shoves again, Bravo gets around again, full nelson and spin, but Uno shouts “STOP~!” Then he ROCKS Bravo with a right! The fans fire up, Uno whips, but Bravo jukes and dodges, mule kick to the leg! Tag to Captain Shawn Dean and he STEP-IN KNEE STRIKES Uno down! Reynolds runs up, The Infantry dodges and Castle is in, to get around and SLAM him! The fans fire up as The Infantry and Castle pose together. But then Archer & The Righteous attack! The ref reprimands but they knock down The Infantry as well as Castle, and even the rest of The Dark Order! Vincent feeds Uno to Dutch for the SCRAPBUSTER!

Top Flight storms in but Archer BOOTS Darius, SLAMS Dante, then sends Darius to the SCRAPBUSTER! Action runs up but into a SIDEWALK SLAM! Archer hauls Bravo up into a dragon sleeper but Dean CLUBS him! Archer just frowns, and then he grabs Dean by the neck! CHOKE SLAM DDT COMBO! The fans fire up, and Vinnie snaps his fingers. SLIDING FLATLINER on Uno! Vinnie tags himself in off Uno, then runs up on Dean. Dean fires body shots and forearms, then whips. Vinnie reverses, both men run, and Vinnie CLOBBERS Dean! Vinnie drags Dean up and over, bumps him off buckles and fires body shots!

Tag to Dutch and Dutch UPPERCUTS Dean! Castle protests but Archer smothers Dean! Dutch smiles and snaps his suspenders, before running in, into a BOOT! Dean ELBOWS Vinnie, ELBOWS Archer, dodges Dutch, hot tag to Castle! The fans fire up for The Peacock as he blocks a shot and BACK ELBOWS Dutch! Castle catches Alex to EXPLODER! Castle BLASTS Archer off the apron, catches Dante, and hits an EXPLODER! Darius runs up, into an EXPLODER! Silver runs up, into an EXPLODER! Action runs in, EXPLODER! Vegas is fired up for Castle, Dutch runs up, but into a waistlock. Dutch elbows free, Castle falls back to the corner.

Dutch runs in, Castle dodges, and The Infantry DOUBLE GAMANGIRI! Dutch staggers, Castle BODY SHOTS! Bravo runs up to SCISSOR KICK! Dean is up top, DIVING SPLASH! Castle runs up, builds up power, and then SPLASHES down! Triple cover, but Dante and Alex break it! Dante hurries to his corner, tags in off Dutch, but Alex does the same with Castle. Alex and Dante shove each other, then throw forearms! Darius and Uno get in but they each get a forearm! Then Dante and Alex throw hands again! Silver and Action try, but Dante and Alex DECK them! The brawl is back on, Archer and Dutch get in!

Alex and Dante each hit Archer and Dutch, but they’re much bigger than the others! Archer choke grips Alex, Dutch choke grips Dante! But Uno & Action DOUBLE SUPERKICK Dutch! They DUMP Archer out, but Archer grabs Uno! Action SUPERKICKS Archer down! The Righteous regroups outside, some of the others head that way, and Alex swings on Action. Action dodges, SOBATS, then reels Alex in. Action suplexes, Alex slips free, and Alex waistlocks. Action drops down, slips under, mule kicks then front kicks! Alex ducks the roundhouse but not the ENZIGIRI! But then Silver SUPERKICKS Action!

Silver torture racks and spins, TOWER HACKER BOMB! Dean gets Silver for a full nelson, then ROLLING ELBOW! Darius runs up, blocks a kick and hits a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Castle returns to short arm LARIAT, KNEE and DDT! Darius bails out, Vinnie gets in, SIDE EFFECT! Bravo gets Vinnie in a wrench and clinch, SIDEWINDER! Uno runs up, blocks a boot, and he hands that to the ref so he can NECKBREAKER! The fans are thunderous, Dante gets in, and he hurdles Uno! Uno ends up outside, The Righteous mugs him! Dante WRECKS them all with a dropkick! Dante keeps moving, but Reynolds sends him to a corner!

Silver & Reynolds coordinate, they’re starting up that WOMBO COMBO!! Bridging cover, but Darius COMPLETE SHOTS Alex! Action breaks the pin, then he and Darius get Alex up! DOUBLE URENAGE! Darius covers, TOP FLIGHT WINS!

Winners: Action Andretti & Top Flight, by pinfall

It was fast ‘n’ furious between all four teams, and the fastest team won out! Will Action, Darius & Dante make good on some golden tickets to Arlington?


Six Woman Tag: Marina Shafir, Alex Windsor & Diamante VS Abadon, Lady Frost & Leyla Hirsch!

The Problem is already hard to solve, and now she’s got British Titanium and the Cuban Diamond by her side! Will this trio be unbreakable? Or will they have some trouble with the LEGIT trio standing against them?

The Code of Honor is upheld, though barely, and the trios sort out. Leyla starts against Marina and the fans rally up. The two circle, tie up, and Leyla waistlocks to drag Marina down. Marina fights up, Leyla has a leg, but Marina’s sturdy, so Leyla lets off. They reset, knuckle lock, and Marina slips around to trip Leyla. Marina ties the legs up, floats to a headlock, but Leyla slips out the back to a waistlock. They go around, Leyla is a backpack as Marina stands up. Marina leans forward to dump Leyla off, but Leyla holds on to drag Marina down into body scissors! Marina fights free and the fans cheer the technical exchange.

The two reset and go again. Marina trips Leyla to a cover, ONE! Leyla goes to sweep but Marina jumps over! Marina pats little Leyla on the head, but that pisses Leyla off! Leyla trips Marina, rains down forearms, then she gets around to facelock. Leyla brings Marina over, Abadon tags in, and the fans fire up as the two double whip. Drop toehold then SENTON! Abadon hurries to cover, TWO! Abadon keeps Marina from her team and rains down fists! Marina gets free, goes for a leg but Abadon slips away. Abadon goes for an arm, wrenches and wristlocks, but Marina rolls. Abadon wrangles her, Marina fights up and rolls to her feet.

Abadon wrangles Marina again, using power to get the better of the technician. And then Abadon BITES Marina’s arm! The ref reprimands and Marina breaks free! Thankfully Marina’s gear has sleeves. Abadon backs off and Frost tags in. Marina tags Diamante, and these two run up. Frost wheelbarrows to arm-drag, then dodges Diamante to handspring and RANA! Diamante ends up in the corner,. Frost tags Abadon then CHOPS Diamante. Abadon throws hands, brings Diamante around, and ROCKS her with forearm after forearm! Diamante kicks low but Abadon HELL STABS! Abadon whips, Diamante reverses, and Marina gets a cheap shot in!

Abadon shrieks at Marina, but Diamante CLUBS Abadon down! Diamante stomps a mudhole into Abadon, lets off as the ref counts, and then tags Windsor. Windsor fires off hands on Abadon, then brings her around to bump Abadon off buckles. Windsor whips corner to corner, runs up, but into a BOOT! Windsor just huffs ‘n’ puffs and comes back! Windsor blocks boots, puts Abadon in ropes, and DRAPING NECKBREAKERS! Cover, TWO! Windsor CLUBS Abadon again and again, then drags her up. Tag to Marina, then snapmare for Abadon. Marina uses Windsor as a weapon, scoop SLAM on the legs!

Abadon writhes, Windsor throws down hands and Marina sucker punches Leyla! The ref keeps Leyla back, letting Windsor and Diamante stomp Abadon! Then Windsor uses Diamante as a weapon, HIP TOSS SENTON! Diamante hurries away before the ref sees, and Windsor tags Marina. Marina tags Diamante, they drag Abadon, and then Marina uses Diamante as a weapon, scoop SLAM on Abadon’s chest! Diamante eggs Leyla & Frost on, but Abadon sits up like a certain Deadman! Abadon checks her neck, dodges Diamante, then tags Frost! Frost fires up as she rallies on Daimante! ELBOW, then a tilt-o-whirl into the sunset flip! ONE, but Frost BUZZSAWS!

The fans fire up with Frost and she runs to the corner. GAMANGIRI! Diamante sits down, Frost goes corner to corner, handspring CANNONBALL! The fans fire up again and Frost covers, TWO! Diamante stays in this but Frost stays on her with a wrench. Tag to Leyla and Frost snapmares Diamante. Diamante ducks the buzzsaw, but not the HEEL KICK! Leyla then waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, Windsor & Marina break it! Frost ROUNDHOUSES Marina! Frost goes out but Marina SWEEPS the legs! Windsor tags in, Leyla DECKS Marina, but then sees Windsor waiting! Leyla takes a swing, but into the RIGHT ANGLE SLAM!

Windsor hurries to cover, but Abadon breaks it! Diamante SPEARS Abadon! Windsor hauls Leyla up, but Leyla wrenches to SAIDO! Leyla puts Windsor in the drop zone, then goes up, but Diamante distracts the ref so Marina can YANK Leyla down! SHINING WINDSOR! And then the fisherman and a twist, LIBERTINE DRIVER! Cover, Windsor’s team wins!

Winners: Marina Shafir, Alex Windsor & Diamante, by pinfall

Powerful teamwork from this trio, and we know Windsor gets a big match tomorrow night on AEW Rampage against Toni Storm. Will Iron Will Windsor steal the spotlight from the Leading Lady this close to Forbidden Door? Will all three of these women be primed for title opportunities as we head for Death Before Dishonor and beyond?


ROH World Tag Team Championships Proving Grounds: The Kingdom VS Bad Dude Tito & Che Cabrera!

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett are the only ones in the Undisputed Kingdom still holding gold, and they’ve gotta put in the work to prove they’re still worthy. Will they make sure ROH stays their kingdom? Or will the #WolfZaddies be howling to the moon as they take a bite out of the champs?

The teams sort out, Mike starts against Tito and the Code of Honor is kept. The bell rings, we’re on the clock, and Tito is all fired up. They tie up, Mike headlocks, but Tito squeezes tight before he powers out. Mike RAMS Tito, Tito asks if that’s all he’s got. Mike ROCKS Tito and headlocks him! Tito powers up to lift Mike, then powers out of the headlock. They RAM shoulders again, and Mike says okay. Try this! CHOP! Tito CHOPS back! They CHOP and CHOP and CHOP, and the fans “WOO~!” with each one! Tito CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS, then he CHOPS Mike down! The fans fire up, Tito runs, but Mike dropkicks the leg out!

Tag to Taven, he runs to CLOBBER Tito! Taven tells Vegas to shut up, then he CHOPS Tito to a corner. Taven whips, Tito reverses, and he catches Taven as he goes up! Taven fights free, but Tito dodges to CHOP! Tag to Che, and the Zaddies double whip to DOUBLE FLAPJACK! That had some sauce on it! Che covers, TWO! Che keeps cool, brings Taven up, but Taven puts Che in the corner. Taven CHOPS, but Che doesn’t flinch. Taven apologizes, but he kicks low. Taven whips, Che goes up and over, and he keeps moving to then FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Cover, TWO! Taven crawls to ropes, Che storms up, and Che brings Taven up.

Che whips, Taven holds ropes to stop himself, but Che runs in. Mike tags in before Taven DUMPS Che out, then Mike swings on Che! Che gets under, Mike comes back, but into a FLAPJACK to the floor! But Taven WRECKS Che with a dropkick! The fans cheer and Taven helps Mike into the ring. Taven tags back in, and he puts Che in the ring. Che goes to the corner, Taven runs in, but Che dodges the splash! Che grabs at Taven, Taven holds ropes, and the ref counts. Che lets off but Taven sucker punches him! Tag to Bennett, the Kingdom double whips Che to ropes. Taven hurdles, Mike ROCKS Che, then Taven hits the KICK OF THE KING! Mike covers, TWO!

The fans fire up while Mike grows frustrated. Mike drags Che up, puts him in a corner, then CHOPS! And ROCKS! And CHOPS! Repeat! Mike then mule kicks Che, snapmares, and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Che stays in this but Mike drags him back up. Tag to Taven, The Kingdom double whips to a corner. Che bounces off buckles, Taven whips again but Che reverses hard! Taven hits buckles and falls, and the fans rally up! Che and Taven crawl, but Mike tags in first! Mike gets Che up, Che hops and LARIATS Mike down! Che crawls, the fans fire up, hot tag to Tito! The Bad Dude dodges Mike to UPPERCUT Taven in the corner!

Tito fires off forearms and CHOPS on Taven, but Mike runs up! Tito ROCKS Mike! Taven swings, Tito wrenches to a SPINEBUSTER! Mike swings, but into a BLUE THUNDER onto Taven! Tito covers Mike, TWO!! Mike survives but Tito hauls him back up. Fireman’s carry, but Mike fires elbows! Tito ELBOWS Mike back, then wrenches to a SKY HIGH! Cover, Taven breaks it! Che gets in and he TOSSES Taven out! Tito brings the straps down, Che goes up! Electric Chair Lift, but Taven SHOVES Che to the apron!! Mike slips free, fireman’s carries, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER, and JUST THE TIP of the knee!

Taven goes up, Mike reels Tito in, HAIL MARY PILEDRIVER!! Cover, The Kingdom wins!

Winners: The Kingdom, by pinfall (denies the Wolf Zaddies a title opportunity)

Taven says this belt is his girl, he makes love to it every night! No one takes Taven’s girl from him! Mike says it doesn’t matter who you put against them, The Kingdom IS the best tag team in the world! But will there come a time when a tag team does come along and takes these titles away from them? Or will these titles always be undisputed?

My Thoughts:

A very good ROH here with it clocking in at an hour and 11 minutes. Surprisingly little on the promo side, with just Taya calling out Aminata for a match. Taya will definitely lose to build Aminata up towards her title match with Athena, which probably happens at Death Before Dishonor. Billie and Velvet each have momentum going into their inevitable TV title match, and it was great to see Moone back after her tournament appearance. And good Six Woman Tag, real good teamwork from the Heels in getting the win. Also, didn’t realize until double checking on Windsor’s finisher name, she is Will Ospreay’s wife, the “missus” he refers to so often.

Good tag match from Shane Taylor Promotions VS Comoroto & Watts, and of course STP won out. The whole story of Comoroto & Watts is their dysfunction because Watts puts himself above everything. But I do like that Watts is getting more and more involved as the weeks go by, so maybe at some point, Watts actually does do something meaningful in a match. Maybe. I’m a bit surprised Adora lost to Harley but I suppose Harley’s been losing plenty on AEW, she has to get something at some point.

Great stuff in the Trios Fatal 4. Castle joining up with The Infantry was certainly fun, but I was a little surprised Action & Top Flight won. This does help them keep pace with Shane Taylor Promotions as that rivalry gets going via AEW, but I thought Dark Order was gonna be the ones to get going again. Well, there’s still time before Death Before Dishonor, so they can hold many other matches to determine #1 contenders. And while The Wolf Zaddies got a good showing against The Kingdom, of course The Kingdom won the Proving Grounds match. The story, slow moving as it is, will of course be Menard & Parker getting their shot, probably at Death Before Dishonor, and there’s still a good chance The Kingdom retains. Depends on if TK cares about The Undisputed Kingdom’s story where Adam Cole wants Wardlow to protect all their titles. Feels like that moment passed, to be honest.

My Score: 8.6/10

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