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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/30/24)

Bracket of Wisdom!



The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 52

The Bracket of Power gave the Fifth Annual HPW Triforce Tournament a strong start, and now we move on to the Bracket of Wisdom!


  • Bracket of Wisdom: Aveil VS Volga; Aveil wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Donny B. Kool VS Master Kohga; Donny wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Iron Knuckle VS Zant; Knuckle wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Wisdom: Ashei VS Zelda; Zelda wins and advances.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

The Bracket of Power was truly a strong start to this year’s tournament, but now the Bracket of Wisdom carries that momentum forward! And while there are incredible returns to action tonight, Zelda’s return to the Bracket of Wisdom is the one to watch! Will the Princess of Hyrule make it back to the top? Or will Ashei freeze her out right from the start? Meanwhile, another of the Gerudo Sisterhood looks to move on ahead! Will the Desert Flower bloom in all this heat? The Triforce Tournament in Goron City, night two, starts now!


Bracket of Wisdom: Aveil VS Volga!

Buliara and Tali opened night one and really set the bar for the entire tournament. Aveil looks to raise that bar, will she join the Dame of the Dunes in the next round? Or will the Dark Forces’ warrior of fire be the one to turn up the heat?

The bell rings and the fans rally up behind “Aveil~ Aveil Aveil Aveil~! Aveil~, Aveil~!” Aveil and Volga circle, feel things out, then tie up. Volga wrenches and wristlocks, but Aveil rolls, wrenches and wristlocks back. Volga reaches for ropes but Aveil twists the wrist to keep him away. Volga fights the wristlock, but Aveil pushes the wristlock harder. Aveil uses her forehead for even more pressure, but Volga wrenches, slips through, wrenches and then grinds the shoulder. The fans rally more, Aveil rolls, trips Volga, then drops onto him for a headlock. Volga rolls Aveil to a cover, ONE, and Aveil holds onto the headlock.

Fans cheer this ongoing technical exchange as Aveil grinds the headlock. Volga fights up, hooks a leg and trips Aveil as he pops out of the headlock! Volga goes to waistlock but Aveil slips out the back and trips Volga! Aveil waistlocks and deadlifts Volga! Fans fire up but Volga flails and throws elbows to fight the suplex. Volga gets free, swings, but Aveil ducks under to trip him again. Jackknife bridge, TWO as Volga bridges up! Fans are torn as Volga uses that to turn things around and backslide, but Aveil rolls through! Volga blocks the superkick, he spins Aveil around, but Aveil BASEMENT ENZIGURIS with that!

Fans fire up, Aveil drags Volga up and full nelsons, but Volga arm-drags free! Aveil hurries back but Volga arm-drags again! Aveil avoids the third arm-drag, then steps over to La Magistrol! TWO, Aveil rolls Volga up, TWO! Aveil sunset flips, TWO and Aveil sits on the cover! TWO and Aveil sunset flips again! TWO and Volga sits on the cover again! TWO, Aveil has it! TWO and Volga has it! ONE, Aveil! ONE, Volga! ONE, ONE, ONE as they rock back and forth! Aveil has it again, TWO! Volga has it once again, deep prawn hold! TWO!! Fans fire up as Aveil narrowly escapes! Volga says it was that close, and then he and Aveil reset.

Aveil and Volga circle, the fans continue to rally. They tie up, Volga kicks Aveil low, then whips her to a corner. Aveil goes up, over, keeps moving, then ducks ‘n’ dodges to SHOTGUN! Volga tumbles out of the ring, Aveil hurries to the ropes, and Aveil PLANCHAS! Direct hit and the fans fire up! Aveil hurries to put Volga back in, and she hurries up a corner! MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Aveil is furious as Volga survives! Volga crawls, Aveil stalks him, and then clamps on the full nelson! Volga drops down to drag Aveil into a victory roll! TWO, Aveil blocks Volga’s Superkick! Aveil steps over to WHEEL KICK!

Aveil fires up and the fans are with her! Aveil drags Volga back up, but wait, Wizzro storms out here! Wizzro’s shouting stuff at Aveil, but Aveil storms out after him! Wizzro backs off, but then the Gerudo Sisterhood storms out here! Fans cheer as Wizzro turns around to see Nabooru and Urbosa! Wizzro backs up again, but into Aveil! Aveil shoves Wizzro at Nabooru, who ROCKS Wizzro with a right hand! Then Urbosa picks Wizzro up to SPINEBUSTER to the floor! Fans fire up, Aveil slides back into the ring, but into a CURB STOMP!! Volga covers, TWO?!? Aveil survives and shocks everyone!

Volga is furious, and he hurries to bring Aveil up. Volga pump handles, half nelsons, and LIGHTNING SPIRALS! Volga then drags Aveil into a drop zone, goes up the corner, and PHOENIX FLOPS as Aveil moves! Nabooru & Urbosa fire up, as do the fans, and Aveil hurries to full nelson Volga again, for the FACEBUSTER!! Cover, Aveil wins!

Winner: Aveil, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

The Desert Flower blooms with the help of her #DesertRain! Will Aveil be able to turn that into a reign at the end of this tournament?


Bracket of Wisdom: Donny B. Kool VS Master Kohga!

The OG, Original Geru, is ready to hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip hop-a you don’t stop the rock, but the Master of the Yiga Clan has his own plans. Will Donny drop Kohga like he drops the beat? Or will Kohga make Donny B. Kool look like a fool?

The fans are already cheering on Donny and singing, “You Better Believe It! *clap clap* You Better Believe It!” Kohga tells them to stop it but he is ignored. The bell rings and Donny circles with Kohga. They feel things out, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Donny pushes Kohga back a couple steps, but then Kohga pushes him back those couple steps. Donny pushes Kohga a couple steps again, “You Better Believe It!” Kohga pushes Donny back those two steps, “You Better Believe It!” Donny takes two steps forward, “You Better Believe It!” Two steps back, “You Better Believe It!” Donny gets in the groove but Kohga pushes him away.

Fans boo as Kohga doesn’t want to play along. Kohga then shows off his dance moves. Left hand out, right hand out, palm up, palm up, touch the shoulders, then the sides of his head- Wait, that’s the macarena! He puts his hands on his hips and swivels his hips, “Heeeey~ macarena! AIGHT!” And he takes a swing! Donny does the splits to duck the clothesline! Then he springs up to CALF KICK! Kohga staggers to a corner, Donny storms up to stomp him down! The ref counts, Donny lets off, then he goes back to stomp stomp, and he points to the crowd, “You Better Believe It!” Stomp stomp, “You Better Believe It!”

Donny stomp-stomps, “You Better Believe It!” but then Kohga blocks. Kohga stands up, and he DRAGON SCREWS the leg! Kohga then has an ANKLE LOCK! Fans boo but Donny scrambles around, ROPEBREAK! Kohga holds on as the ref counts, and he lets go at 4. Kohga then slides out under the bottom rope to GAMANGIRI! Donny flounders and Kohga slides back in, then Kohga SLING-DOGS Donny down! Cover, TWO! Kohga is frustrated but the fans rally up. Kohga sits Donny up to clamp on a chinlock, and he grinds Donny into the mat. Donny endures and the fans continue to rally, but Kohga leans on the hold.

Kohga does a headstand to put more of his weight on the hold, then he drops back to crank the hold. Donny still endures, so Kohga headstands again. Kohga drops back down, and he pulls on the chinlock. Donny claws at the hold, reaches out for ropes, but Kohga headstands again. Kogha drops back but Donny uses that momentum to roll back and get free! Donny runs up, Kohga avoids the kick, but then Donny ELBOWS Kohga away. Donny reels Kohga in to back suplex, but Kohga lands on his feet! Kohga reels Donny in but Donny fights the back suplex with elbows. Donny spins to ROCK Kohga with a forearm!

Donny whips Kohga to a corner, runs up, but Kohga boots. Donny blocks it, but Kohga brings Donny in for a KNEE! Kohga goes up and jumps to FLYING RANA! Donny tumbles, flounders to a corner, then Kohga runs in to HIP ATTACK! Kohga goes side to side, and he BOOT WASHES! Kohga drags Donny from the corner to cover, TWO! The fans rally up but Kohga grows frustrated. Kohga huffs and puffs as he paces around Donny. The fans rally with “You Better Believe It!” and Donny sits up. Kohga lines up a shot, and SUPERKICKS! Direct hit, but Donny stays up thanks to his tail! And then Donny uses his tail to spring up and CUTTER!

Fans fire up with Donny as he rises up again! Donny waits on Kohga to stand up. Donny fires off a strike fest, and he tops it off with a leg sweep, using his tail! Kohga lands on his face, sits up in a daze, and Donny slides up, POPPIN’ MAH COLLARBONE! Cover, TWO! Kohga survives the sliding flatliner and Donny frowns. Donny waits on Kohga to get up again, then storms up to grab him, only for Kohga to break free and ENZUGIRI! Donny staggers, Kohga hits him with a BACKSTABBER! Donny writhes, Kohga goes to ropes and LYNEL-SAULTS! Cover, TWO! Kohga throws a fit but the fans fire up for Donny!

Kohga goes to a corner, he waves his hands around and makes hand signs as he gathers his power. Donny stands, Kohga spins and spins and SCREW HIGH KICK! But he’s not done, he points to a corner! Kohga storms over and goes up top. He again puts his hands together and focuses his power, to DIVING SPLASH! Wait, all that for just a splash? Cover, TWO!! Donny still survives Kohga’s splash and the fans fire up again! Kohga argues with the ref but the ref says the count was fair. Kohga seethes as he goes back to Donny. Kohga drags Donny up, whips him to ropes, but Donny holds the ropes using his tail!

Kohga is furious again and he runs up. Donny drop toeholds Kohga into the ropes! Kohga sputters as he stands back up, and Donny runs in, PULL UP TO THE CURB LIKE! Another flatliner and Kohga ends up in the drop zone! Donny heads up top now! Donny hits the FROG SPLASH!! AKA “Frog The Beat!” Cover, Donny wins!!

Winner: Donny B. Kool, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

The Original Geru has a huge win, and the fans chant “You Better Believe It!” Donny grooves his way out of the ring to celebrate with the fans, but will he be dancing through to the finals?


Bracket of Wisdom: Iron Knuckle VS Zant!

Forged By Violence doesn’t necessarily scream “wisdom,” but their fearless leader is the most technical of the trio. Will he be able to twist the twisted Twilight Usurper into knots? Or will Zant wriggle and worm his way to the next round?

The bell rings and Zant rushes up to fire fists on Knuckle! Fans boo but Knuckle shoves Zant away. Zant runs back up to throw more shots, but Knuckle picks Zant up to RAM him into a corner! Knuckles RAMS into him again and again while Tiger Sahasrahla counts, and Knuckle lets off at 4. Knuckle then JABS! JABS! JABS, JABS, JABS, JABS! Fans fire up as Knuckle sits Zant down with JAB after JAB, but Sahasrahla reprimands and counts. Knuckle lets off and the fans are all fired up as he storms around. Zant drags himself up in the corner, Knuckle runs up and BACK ELBOWS, then ENZUGIRIS!

Zant staggers, Knuckle stalks up behind him, REBONAK KLUTCH! Fans fire up as Knuckle drops back, but Zant rolls back to make a cover! TWO as Knuckle lets go in time, and Zant scrambles to get out of the ring! Zant flounders to the railing, and he sees Ganon and Ghirahim in the crowd! When did those two get there? Zant turns around just as Knuckle DIVES! Direct hit and Zant’s sent into the railing! Fans fire up while Knuckle stands tall, and he stares Ganon down! Knuckle drags Zant up and into the ring, covers, TWO! Knuckle is annoyed, but he looms over Zant. Knuckle taunts Zant and slaps him around.

Zant crawls to the ropes, and Knuckles CHOKES him! Sahasrahla reprimands but Knuckle lets off at 4, to then YANK the ropes! Zant flounders, staggers to his feet, and Knuckle stalks him. Knuckle turns Zant around but Zant ROCKS him with a haymaker! And another! And another! Zant backs Knuckle down, fires himself up, and swings, but Knuckle catches him! BACKBREAKER to COMPLETE SHOT! Then he clamps on a HEAD ‘N’ ARM TRIANGLE! Fans fire up while Zant endures the squeeze! Knuckle leans all his weight on the hold while Zant flails around and reaches out! Zant kicks and kicks and he gets the ROPEBREAK by a tiptoe!

Sahasrahla counts, Knuckle holds on, but Sahasrahla tells him to let go! Knuckle obeys and lets go of Zant. Zant coughs and sputters, then crawls to a corner. Knuckle storms up on him to fire off fast hands! Fans fire up and chant “Knuckle’s Gonna Kill~ You!” Sahasrahla counts again, Knuckle lets off at 4, then runs corner to corner. Knuckle comes back, but Zant dodges him! Zant runs back in, Knuckle puts him on the top rope! But Zant BOOTS Knuckle away! Zant then adjusts, and CROSSBODIES, only for Knuckle to step aside! Fans fire up as Zant belly flops! Zant staggers, Knuckle throws him into the corner!

Knuckle CHOPS Zant, puts him back up top, and he tucks Zant in! Fans fire up as Knuckle carries Zant around, for the MUSCLE BUSTER!! Cover, Knuckle wins!

Winner: Iron Knuckle, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Zant put up a fight but Knuckle won that fight, and now Knuckle moves on. Will Knuckle be more than ready for whoever comes out of the main event?

As for Zant, Ganon starts waving him over? Zant is as confused as anyone else. Didn’t Ganon throw Zant around after their Trios Championship loss over a year ago? What does he want with Zant now? Zant tentatively walks over, and Ganon motions with his head and says, “C’mon.” Ganon turns around to leave, and Ghirahim follows. Zant is hesitant, but then Ganon and Ghirahim stop to look back at him. Ganon says “C’mon!” and motions with his hand again. Zant looks around in confusion, then hops the railing to follow. First the Living Blade and now the Usurper, what kind of army is Ganon gathering?


Bracket of Wisdom: Ashei VS Zelda!

The Lady of Snowpeak is back after a one-year hiatus and fans are happy to see her back! She’s refreshed and healthy, but her return might be ruined because she’s up against the Princess of Hyrule! Will Ashei just be the first step on Zelda’s road back to the top?

The fans chant “Welcome Back! Welcome Back!” for Ashei, and she bows in thanks. Zelda and Ashei shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship here and the fans applaud. The bell rings and the two tie up. Zelda wrenches an arm, wristlocks, but Ashei rolls. Zelda wrenches again, Ashei rolls again, and then Ashei clinches. Zelda wrenches out, Ashei wrenches back and fireman’s carry for the takeover. Ashei has the arm now, but Zelda fights up to arm-drag. Ashei headscissors to bring Zelda down, then holds tight. Zelda fights around, turns Ashel over, rolls back and ties up the legs to have the BOW ‘N’ ARROW!

Ashei endures so Zelda throws her away, and the two reset. The fans rally up, the two tie up, and Zelda wants a leg. Ashei drops back, rolls, but Zelda waistlocks to lift her up. Zelda wants the full nelson but Ashei arm-drags free. Ashei wants a lateral press but Zelda powers her way to a ghost pin. ONE, Ashei facelocks but Zelda fights up. Ashei uses the ropes, but Zelda headlocks back. Ashei powers out, but Zelda runs her over! Things keep moving, Zelda counters hip toss with hip toss, only for Ashei to block. Ashei takes a swing, but Zelda ducks the lariat to roll Ashei up, TWO! The two stand off and the fans fire up.

Ashei and Zelda reset and feel things out. Zelda shoots in, gets a leg, trips Ashei and has a standing toehold. Ashei endures, reaches out, but Zelda twists the one foot while standing on the other. Fans rally, Ashei gets her other foot free, and she reels Zelda in to then BOOT her away! Zelda rolls back to get to her feet, runs up, but Ashei SNAP POWERSLAMS! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up, Ashei brings Zelda up to whip, but Zelda reverses and scoops Ashei for SERENADE OF WATER! Cover, TWO! Zelda is frustrated, but she drags Ashei around by a leg. Zelda steps through but Ashei scrambles and flails to get the ROPEBREAK!

Fans are torn, referee Maron Ron Ron counts, and Zelda lets off in frustration at 4. Zelda backs away, keeping her eyes on Ashei, and Ashei gets up. Ashei storms up on Zelda, they tie up, and Ashei powers Zelda to a corner. Maron counts, Ashei lets off slowly, but then Zelda puts Ashei in the corner! Maron reprimands and counts again, Zelda lets off slowly, but then she CHOPS Ashei! Maron reprimands again and the fans are torn, but Zelda brings Ashei around to fire off the BOLERO OF FIRE! Ashei wobbles, Zelda gets behind her and half nelsons, REQUIEM OF SPIRIT! Fans fire up, Zelda grabs Ashei’s wrists, but Ashei reels Zelda in instead!

Ashei picks Zelda up, but Zelda kicks and flails to go up and over, sunset flip! TWO, Ashei pushes forward to high stack, TWO and Zelda pops Ashei back into the sunset flip! TWO, Zelda hurries to reel Ashei in! Zelda rolls Ashei back, and hooks the arms for the NOCTURNE OF SHADOW! The fans fire up and duel as Ashei endures the modified butterfly stretch! Ashei kicks around, reaches out, Zelda pushes way back with her legs, but Ashei powers up and lurches forward, ROPEBREAK! Maron counts, Zelda lets go fast and drags Ashei back by an arm! Fans are torn again as Zelda STOMPS Ashei’s arm down!

Ashei clutches the elbow while she staggers up, and Zelda stalks up to CLUB her on the back. Zelda then takes the bad arm to pump handle, and she rolls Ashei with the MINUET OF FOREST! Cover, TWO!! Ashei escapes in time, and she ROCKS Zelda with a forearm! Ashei shakes out the bad arm, firemen’s carries, but Zelda grabs at the bad arm! Zelda fights her way to a double wristlock takedown! KIMURA! Ashei endures, moves around, but Zelda cranks on the arm while also trying for the body scissors! Ashei reaches out with her free arm but Zelda shifts around to trap the arm and get a CROSSFACE!

Fans fire up and duel as Ashei endures what is Zelda’s take on Black Magic, Cia’s move! Ashei still reaches out with her free arm, but then Zelda grabs at it! Zelda brings the arm in for RINGS OF SATURN! Ashei still endures and the fans are going nuts! Ashei kicks around, but then Zelda tips things around, Rings of Saturn becomes a ghost pin! TWO!!! Ashei barely gets an arm free in time! But Zelda gives a HYLIAN KISS HEADBUTT! Ashei falls down, but Zelda grabs the wrists to sit her up! LIGHT ARROW!! Cover, Zelda wins!

Winner: Zelda, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Ashei fought as hard as she could, but she still fell to the Princess of Hyrule! With this incredible start, will Zelda finish as a two-time winner of the Bracket of Wisdom?

My Thoughts:

A real fun one here, doing my best to get this done quickly so to have time for Bracket of Courage. I wanted to make sure Ashei got a good showing even though she was gonna lose to Zelda. I didn’t even realize Ashei dropped out of the spotlight until before writing this tournament. I should probably plan on something a bit more for her after this. Meanwhile, I also wanted Knuckle to look strong since he was of course beating Zant. Knuckle VS Zelda next round is gonna be real good. I wonder if I should make the next round two articles to make it feel more special, maybe even fit some bonus matches in.

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Hockey Talk- The Great Outdoors [022024]

Hockey Talk discusses the Stadium Series plus looks at the stats and standings as the Trade Deadline draws ever closer.



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Hockey Talk returns this week as Patrick and Dave offer up their thoughts on the Stadium Series and whether the outdoor games are a boon or bust for the NHL. That plus the guys look at stats and standings and mull over some important questions such as: Is the Pacific Division already decided? Is there a changing of the guard afoot in the Atlantic Division? Can Patrick’s Blues hang on and make the playoffs? Can Auston Matthews score 70 goals this year? All that plus much more here on this week’s Hockey Talk!

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • The guys offer their thoughts on the Stadium Series
  • Vancouver continues to roll
  • Is Florida the best team in the East?
  • Auston Matthews continues to be white hot

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