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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/31/24)

The Bracket of Courage!



The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 53

We have seen Power, and we have seen Wisdom, but now it is time for Courage! Who are the final four in on the HPW Triforce Tournament?


  • Bracket of Courage: Odolwa VS Skull Kid; Skull Kid wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Courage: Taro Blanco VS Byrne Lokoma w/ Chancellor Cole; Taro wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Courage: Torbevito VS Grim Creeper w/ Ted Beedle Ossi; Creeper wins and advances.
  • Bracket of Courage: Riju VS Lupay; Riju wins and advances.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

We are in the last night of the opening round, and if the first two nights were any indication, this could be the wildest night yet! The Gerudo Sisterhood has Tali and Aveil through to the second round, will there be a trifecta with Riju in the main event? Or will the Wild Wolfos show the power of the Faces of Evil? Plus, the Arrow Club took the HPW Trios Championships away from the UnderWorld Order, but the feud continues as their junior members do battle! Will the Son of the Whirlpool wash The Grim Creeper out to sea? Or will Torbevito be the one going down the drain?

But first! A major return to action as Skull Kid (yes, THE Skull Kid) is back! He has to find himself again after being used and dumped by Majora, will he redeem himself through the tournament? Or will Odolwa, Sword of the Swamp, cut him down before he gets started? The HPW Triforce Tournament in Goron City, night three of three, starts now!


Bracket of Courage: Odolwa VS Skull Kid!

The God of Woodfall wants to become the God of Hyrule, but that isn’t just something that happens. But neither does redeeming yourself in the eyes of the people, which is all Skull Kid wants. Will Skull Kid prove himself worthy of people’s praise? Or will he fail before he even begins?

The bell rings and fans rally up while the two stare down. Odolwa and Skull Kid slowly circle, Skull Kid being very wary of Odolwa. Skull Kid ends up cornered that way! Odolwa storms up, Skull Kid slips away! Fans cheer, but Odolwa storms up on Skull Kid again. Skull Kid goes to another corner, uses the ropes as defense, and the ref has Odolwa stay back. Odolwa complains but then Skull Kid rushes up to fire haymakers! Fans fire up, but Odolwa shoves Skull Kid away. Skull Kid runs back up, only for Odolwa POP-UP GORON DROP! Cover, TWO! Skull Kid sputters and crawls while fans rally up.

Odolwa storms over to drag Skull Kid from ropes, and he waistlocks to deadlift Skull Kid! Skull Kid flails and throws elbows, but Odolwa still GERMAN SUPLEXES Skull Kid! Skull Kid’s slumped in a heap while even Rusl on commentary winces. Odolwa hoots and hollers but the fans are torn. Odolwa storms up on Skull Kid, drags him into a corner, and then hoots as he fires up. The fans are torn again but plenty still join in. Odolwa runs corner to corner and back again, to HIP ATTACK! Skull Kid slumps over again while Odolwa roars! Odolwa drags Skull Kid to cover, TWO!! Skull Kid survives and Odolwa is furious!

Odolwa drags Skull Kid up and talks trash, mocking how Skull Kid thinks he’s tough! Odolwa whips Skull Kid into another corner, runs up, and SPLASHES! Odolwa reels Skull Kid in for an OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Skull Kid flops right out of the ring! Odolwa lets Skull Kid stay out there while the ref starts the ring count. Fans rally for Skull Kid while he stirs on the floor. The count reaches 5 of 10 before Skull Kid sits up. Skull Kid grasps at the apron skirt, drags himself up at 8, and rolls in at 9! Fans cheer but Odolwa is frustrated. Odolwa drags Skull Kid from the ropes to JUMP ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO!

Odolwa looms over Skull Kid while fans rally up. Skull Kid punches Odolwa’s leg, but Odolwa stomps him! Odolwa then facelocks to deadlift suplex! And then he stalls! Odolwa holds Skull Kid up and fans count along, but Skull Kid throws knees! Odolwa almost lets Skull Kid back down, but he powers Skull Kid back up! But Skull Kid lands on his feet to NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up while both men are down! Odolwa sits up first but Skull Kid is huffing and puffing as he rises! Skull Kid fires off forearms on Odolwa! Then he CLUBS away with forearms and elbows over and over! Skull Kid roars, runs, but into a JUMP KICK!

Odolwa roars, he sits Skull Kid up for a dragon sleeper! Inverted suplex, but Skull Kid snapmares free! ENZUGIRI! Odolwa rebounds off ropes, takes a swing, but Skull Kid slips under and trips Odolwa up! Skull Kid body scissors, turns Odolwa over, O’Conner Roll with tights! SKULL KID WINS!

Winner: Skull Kid, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Well, “redemption” might be a misnomer, but Skull Kid still- OH! Odolwa CLOBBERS Skull Kid for stealing that win! Fans boo but Odolwa says Skull Kid’s gonna pay for that! Odolwa drags Skull Kid up, even while the ref reprimands, and he dragon sleepers! Inverted suplex, WOOD FALL!! Fans boo, but did Odolwa just make sure Skull Kid won’t make it past the second round?


Bracket of Courage: Taro Blanco VS Byrne Lokoma w/ Chancellor Cole!

Los Taros Locos’ leader steps up to lead the way as they pursue gold. But Byrne is looking to get back on track towards Championship City himself! Will the White Bull derail the Man with the Iron Claw? Or will we learn this Lokoma has a cow catcher?

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Chancellor Cole introduces himself as the “Special Counsel” to The Man with Iron Claw, “the man who will take his control of this year’s tournament and finally steer HPW in the right direction.” Taro Blanco gets the mic to shout, “CALLETE, CABRON!” Fans cheer while Cole is flustered. Byrne storms into the ring, the ref calls for the bell, and Blanco dodges Byrne’s haymaker to DROPKICK him! Fans fire up while Byrne gets back up, but Blanco rushes him, whips him, only for Byrne to hold ropes and bail out. Fans boo while Cole coaches Byrne. Byrne goes around the way while Blanco dares him to get back in.

The ring count climbs, Byrne slides in at 7 of 10, but then slides back out as Blanco storms over. Blanco is annoyed and he eggs Byrne on, but Byrne goes around another corner. Blanco slides out but Byrne slides in, and he WRECKS Blanco with a dropkick! Fans boo but Byrne goes out after Blanco to fire off haymakers! Byrne stomps Blanco against barriers, digs his boots in, but the ref reprimands. Byrne lets off while fans boo but Cole tells them to shut up. Byrne brings Blanco around, whips, but Blanco reverses and he sends Byrne into barriers! Blanco then runs up to SHOTGUN Byrne down! Fans fire up but Cole is freaking out!

Blanco hurries to get Byrne up and into the ring. Blanco kicks Byrne to a corner, stomps him, then climbs up so he can really stomp away on him! The ref counts, Blanco lets off and fans cheer as he goes to the opposite corner. Blanco runs back in, but he feints the jumping dropkick so he can BOOT Byrne instead! Blanco then rolls back to tranquilo! Fans cheer but Cole is furious! Blanco then stomps Byrne again, CHOKES him on the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts 4. Byrne coughs and sputters, Blanco storms up on him but Byrne uses ropes as defense. The ref backs Blanco up, and Byrne throat chops him! Fans boo and the ref reprimands but Cole cheers!

Byrne brings Blanco over to bump him off buckles, then brings him to another corner and bumps him off buckles. Byrne brings Blanco to the third corner and bumps him off more buckles. Byrne goes for the fourth corner, but Blanco turns things around to bump Byrne off buckles instead! Blanco then hushes the crowd, winds up, and CHOPS! Fans “WOO~!” and even Cole is wincing from that one. Blanco stands Byrne back up and hushes the crowd again, but Byrne clamps on the IRON CLAW! Fans boo but Cole cheers as Byrne tries to smother Blanco! Byrne has Blanco down on the mat for a cover! TWO!!

Fans fire up as Blanco manages to sit up, and he kicks at Byrne. Byrne drags Blanco up, reels him in, IRON- NO, Blanco slips free! And HEADBUTTS Byrne right down! Blanco shakes out the stars, and Cole drags Byrne out of the ring! Fans boo but Cole tells them to shut up, Byrne’s his meal ticket- er, client! But then Blanco DIVES and takes down Byrne! Fans fire up again and Blanco roars as he stands up! Blanco drags Byrne up, Rusl picks up his drink as Blanc brings Byrne near the desk, but then he relaxes as they go past. But then Byrne CLAWS Blanco’s face! Byrne TOSSES Byrne over the desk!

Fans lose their minds as Blanco tumbles right into Rusl! Rusl swears up a storm but Byrne just drags Blanco back to the ring. Rusl shouts at Byrne, “You jackass!” and storms right up to the ring. But then Cole turns Rusl around and argues with him about calling Byrne a jackass! The ref reprimands them both, Rusl pushes past Cole but that upset Cole more! Cole gets up in Rusl’s face, Rusl glares at the short yet very angry man, and Byrne shouts at Cole to knock it off already. Byrne goes back for Blanco, but Blanco SUPERKICKS him! Fans fire up as Byrne falls back into the corner, and Blanco goes to the other end!

Fans join in with “SI! SI! SI!” as Blanco snorts and revs up, then Blanco runs in, BULL’S HORNS!! Blanco drags Byrne to a cover, Blanco wins!

Winner: Taro Blanco, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

Cole is even angrier now because he just cost Byrne the win! Though, he still blames Rusl. Rusl says to blow it out his rear, and security steps in to keep a retired wrestler on color commentary from fighting a manager. But Byrne has been derailed all the same, will Blanco use this momentum to reach the top of HPW?


Bracket of Courage: Torbevito VS Grim Creeper w/ Ted Beedle Ossi!

Arrow Club and the UnderWorld Order are both looking to dominate HPW, and that means grabbing up titles! The Son of the Whirlpool has been Death Mountain Champion, but does he start his climb to the world title tonight? Or will the Million Rupee Man’s investment mature into a major player?

The Arrow Club sees Torbevito off, but they go back to the back so he can handle this solo. But of course that’s not how the uWo does it, as Beedle is here at ringside. The bell rings, fans sing, “Torbevito, mi linda! Torbevito. The feelin’ I have inside for you. Torbevito, mi linda! Torbevito!” Torbevito is confused, but he still ties up with Creeper. They go around the ropes, in a corner, out of a corner, and end up in another corner, Torbevito pushing Creeper into buckles. Referee Tiger Sahasrahla counts, Torbevito lets off, but then Creeper turns it around! Saharahla reprimands, Creeper lets off, but then he JABS Torbevito!

Fans boo the cheap shot but Creeper shrugs as he backs away. Torbevito stays cool as he resets with Creeper. They circle, tie up again, and go back to ropes. Creeper headlocks, Torbevito throws body shots then powers out. Creeper ducks ‘n’ dodges then slides under to ROLLING ELBOW! Torbevito staggers to ropes and Creeper fires off forearms. Creeper whips, but Torbevito flips through the hip toss! Torbevito arm-drags Creeper and Creeper goes to a corner. Torbevito runs up and MONKEY FLIPS Creeper! Creeper tumbles and flounders to a corner, Torbevito runs up again, but Creeper blocks the monkey flip this time!

Creeper puts Torbevito up, but Torbevito BOOTS him away! Torbevito then leaps to BLOCKBUSTER Creeper down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up while Torbevito drags Creeper up. Torbevito wrenches an arm, hooks Creeper up, but Creeper fights out of the Mouse Trap to wrench and wrangle Torbevito with a top wristlock. Creeper isolates the arm, and then STOMPS it! Torbevito writhes and fans boo but Creeper just soaks it up. Creeper stalks Torbevito to ropes, wraps the bad arm around them and pulls! Sahasrahla reprimands and counts, Creeper lets off at 4 and distracts Sahasrahla, and Beedle HOTSHOTS the bad arm!

Fans boo more but Beedle gets away with that one. Torbevito staggers to a corner, Creeper storms up to stomp him down. Creeper grabs the bad arm but Torbevito fights against him. Sahasrahla counts, Creeper lets off at 4, but then Creeper stomps Torbevito. Creeper wrenches Torbevito’s bad arm, whips him corner to corner, but to WRING him into the buckles! Fans boo while Torbevito writhes, but Creeper drags him into a short arm scissor! Fans rally while Torbevito endures and reaches out. Creeper shifts and rolls to have a TRIANGLE HOLD! Torbevito still endures and fights around, drags Creeper along with him, and has the ROPEBREAK!

The fans cheer and Creeper lets off in frustration. Torbevito shakes out his arm and coughs while he catches his breath, but Creeper then dropkicks him out of the ring! Fans boo but Creeper soaks up the heat. Creeper storms up to the ropes but Sahasrahla keeps him back, and that allows Beedle to run over and stomp Torbevito! Fans boo, Beedle scurries away, but wait! Is that Torbevito’s dad? Fans fire up for THE Torbellino as he storms down to ringside. Sahasrahla tells Torbellino to stay back but he points to Beedle and points out what was going on. Beedle plays innocent, and Torbellino leaves him alone to then check on his son.

The fans rally up while Torbellino coaches Torbevito. Torbevito sits up while the ring count starts, and he drags himself up with the apron skirt. Torbellino cheers him on as he slides in at 5 of 10, but then Creeper basement dropkicks Torbevito right back out! Creeper goes out after Torbevito this time, and tells the “old man” to go home. Torbellino glares at Creeper, but then Beedle turns Torbellino around to PUNCH him! Fans boo, but Torbellino doesn’t budge! Fans tell Beedle he messed up, and Torbellino chases him around the ring! Sahasrahla reprimands but they go up the ramp and to the back.

Creeper laughs and waves that off, but turns around into Torbevito running up, and Torbevito uses the apron to WHIRLPOOL DDT to the floor! Fans fire up and Torbevito gets Creeper into the ring. Torbevito aims as Creeper rises up, and Torbevito runs in to tilt-o-whirl and DDT! Cover, TWO!! Creeper survives and Torbevito is shocked! Fans rally up as Torbevito goes to a corner. Torbevito climbs, but he spots Majora in the crowd! Fans boo but Majora just stares Torbevito down. Sahasrahla also sees Majora and tells him to stay where he is, but Creeper gets up behind Torbevito! CREEPER SLEEPER!!

The fans boo and Sahasrahla reprimands since they’re on the ropes. Creeper drags Torbevito off the corner and into the body scissors! Torbevito flails and reaches out but he is caught! Torbevito is fading! Sahasrahla checks him, Torbevito is OUT! Creeper wins!

Winner: Grim Creeper, by submission (advances to the next round)

Fans boo while Creeper holds on past the bell! Sahasrahla reprimands but Creeper lets Torbevito go. Creeper celebrates while he leaves through the crowd with Majora, will the uWo do anything and everything they can to get ahead?


Bracket of Courage: Riju VS Lupay!

The Gerudo Sisterhood has strong representation in the other brackets, and now their odds of taking this whole thing could improve right here in tonight’s main event! The opening round is closing, will one more Desert Flower bloom? Or will the Faces of Evil still have skin in the game?

Things have already been chaotic ringside so Sahasrahla tells the announcer, Purah, and then she announces it officially that there will be NO seconds allowed. No managers or teammates allowed ringside! Fans applaud, that means this will truly be 1v1 now! Riju makes her entrance first, then Lupay. The bell rings and the fans rally for “RI~JU! RI~JU!” as she circles with Lupay. They feel things out, tie up, and Lupay powers Riju to ropes. Sahasrahla reprimands and counts, Lupay lets off slowly, and he mocks the fans applauding the sportsmanship. Riju keeps cool, she and Lupay reset and circle again.

The two approach, feel things out again, and tie up. Lupay wrenches and wristlocks but Riju rolls. Riju wrangles Lupay with a top wristlock, but Lupay kips up. Riju brings him back down, but Lupay kips up again. This repeats and repeats and repeats, and then Riju lets go so that Lupay is just kipping up and falling back all on his own! Lupay then changes it up to do some drop steps and lunges. Then Lupay somersaults into a kneeling pose. Fans are torn, but Riju still applauds. Lupay and Riju reset, feel things out again, and they knuckle lock. Riju kicks one away, wrenches the other arm, and then steps over for a takedown!

Lupay hurries to clasp his hands to resist the armbar, then scrambles around to the ROPEBREAK! Riju lets go quickly and the fans applaud again. Lupay is annoyed, storms back up on Riju and takes a swing but Riju bobs ‘n’ weaves to HEADBUTT! Fans fire up while Lupay wobbles, and Riju reels him in for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Lupay hurries out of the ring, but Riju goes right to the ropes. PLANCHA! Down goes Lupay and fans fire up! Riju encourages the fans to get louder and they do. Riju nods in approval and drags Lupay back into the ring. Riju then puts Lupay in a corner.

Riju stomps a mudhole in, Sahasrahla counts but she lets off at 4. Riju then basement dropkicks Lupay! Sahasrahla reprimands but Riju drags Lupay out to the apron. Riju fires up and the fans are with her as she gets space. Riju runs back up to KNEE LIFTS Lupay! Fans fire up again and Riju climbs up a corner. Lupay stands up, into a MISSILE DROPKICK! Lupay goes tumbling, Riju hurries to get him for a cover, TWO! Lupay bails out again while fans boo, but Riju sets up at the ropes again. PLANCHA, but Lupay moves this time! Riju stumbles to her feet, Lupay ROLLING ELBOWS her back down!

Fans boo but Lupay mocks them while he drags Riju up. Lupay whips Riju into the steel steps! Fans boo more but Lupay just storms over to Riju to drag her up. Lupay wrenches an arm and then goes up the steps. Lupay stands on Riju’s hand! The fans boo and Sahasrahla reprimands, but Lupay just grins. Riju fights and gets free before Lupay stomps down! Riju then sweeps the legs and Lupay lands hard on the steel! Fans cheer while Lupay coughs and sputters, and then Riju pushes him so Lupay tumbles down the steps! Riju drags Lupay up, props him against the barrier, and then UPPERCUTS him!

Lupay staggers away, Riju follows and then CLUBS him along. Lupay goes to more barriers, then ELBOWS Riju away! Fans boo, Lupay brings Riju around to THROW into the barriers! Fans boo more but Lupay stomps Riju down. Sahasrahla reprimands then starts the count. Lupay drags Riju up and whips her into more barriers! Lupay then runs up to BOOT Riju up and over the barriers into the timekeeper’s area! Fans boo more but Lupay goes up and over the barrier to get Riju up. The ring count is 5 of 10, Lupay brings Riju over and puts her in the ring. Fans applaud as this continues in the ring.

Lupay runs and drops a knee on Riju’s head! Fans boo while Lupay rolls through and Riju writhes. Lupay struts, then stomps Riju down, then runs again, for another knee drop! Lupay rolls through again, struts some more, and then sits Riju up to KICK her in the back! Riju grits her teeth while Lupay shakes out that leg. Lupay eggs Riju on, then stomps her again. Riju sits up, Lupay stomps, repeat. The fans rally up and Riju eggs Lupay on now. Lupay runs, but Riju blocks the kick! Riju DRAGON SCREWS the leg! Fans fire up and Lupay sits up, into the SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! Lupay survives and Riju grows frustrated.

Lupay flounders to a corner, Riju runs in, but Lupay pops her up and out onto the apron. Riju ROCKS Lupay in return, then slingshots, but Lupay catches her to a fireman’s carry! Lupay runs for a ROLLING SENTON! Then he goes to the ropes to LYNEL-SAULT! Cover, TWO! Lupay drops a knee on Riju’s back! And then pulls her back with a chinlock stretch! Riju endures, the fans rally up, and she pries at the grip. Riju fights up, pries the grip away, and she arm-drags free! Lupay comes back, Riju ducks ‘n’ dodges and springboards to CROSSBODY! Riju keeps moving, goes up a corner and FLYING SUNSET FLIPS! TWO!

Lupay runs up again, Riju dodges again, comes back and RANAS, but Lupay handsprings through! Lupay wags his finger, then goes Matrix to dodge Riju! Lupay mule kicks, front kicks, and ENZI- NO, Riju ducks! Riju waistlocks and deadlifts Lupay for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Riju holds on, drags Lupay back up, but Lupay RAMS Riju back into buckles! Lupay throws some elbows, then he runs side to side. Lupay ROCKS Riju with a forearm, Riju sits down, then Lupay goes the other way. Lupay comes back to BOOT WASH! Fans boo but Lupay drags Riju to a cover, TWO!

Lupay is frustrated, but he drags Riju up. Lupay torture racks Riju, soaks up the heat from the fans, but then Riju fights free! Riju UPPERCUTS Lupay, CHOPS him, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Lupay SOBATS, front kicks, then SCREW HIGH KICKS! Lupay hurries to the ropes to LYNEL-SAULT, onto knees! Riju saves herself and then reels Lupay in for a SIDEWINDER DDT!! Cover, Riju wins!!

Winner: Riju, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

The fans are thunderous as it strikes #MidnightAtTheOasis! Riju is moving on to the next round, will she and the Gerudo Sisterhood dominate the Triforce Tournament?

My Thoughts:

Another under-the-wire finish for me, but as I promised, I wanted this tournament to be some real good stuff, and I certainly like how this is going. I’ll tell you right now, there’s something cooking after that Blanco VS Byrne, I hope I can do a good job with what’s coming.

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Hockey Talk- The Great Outdoors [022024]

Hockey Talk discusses the Stadium Series plus looks at the stats and standings as the Trade Deadline draws ever closer.



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Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

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  • Vancouver continues to roll
  • Is Florida the best team in the East?
  • Auston Matthews continues to be white hot

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