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Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (3/9/24)

It’s an ELITE Collision!



Time to make it rain in AEW!

Kazuchika Okada isn’t just All Elite, he’s in THE Elite! And tonight, he stands alongside our AEW EVPs, Matthew & Nicholas Jackson!


  • Bryan Danielson VS Shane Taylor w/ Lee Moriarty; Bryan wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada & The Young Bucks VS Jon Cruz, Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; Okada & The Bucks win.
  • Mariah May VS Trish Adora; Mariah wins.
  • Nick Wayne w/ The Patriarchy VS Adam Priest; Nick wins.
  • Chris Jericho VS Titan; Jericho wins.
  • Mistico VS Angelico w/ Serpentico; Mistico wins.
  • Six Man Atlanta Street Fight: Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett VS The House of Black; The House of Black wins.


Bryan Danielson VS Shane Taylor w/ Lee Moriarty!

The American Dragon fell to the Mad King at Revolution, but he’s looking to rebound here tonight! Will Bryan survive this collision with Bad Boy Shaney T? Or will even he be saying, “Rumble, bad man, rumble?”

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel things out, tie up, and Shane SHOVES Bryan down! Fans boo but Shane soaks up the heat. Shane eggs Bryan on, and brings up how Bryan stepped on Lee’s head. Shane promises to make Bryan pay for that. The two circle, tie up, and Bryan waistlocks. Shane backs Bryan down to a corner, the ref counts, but Shane elbows back. Shane then TOSSES Bryan across the way! Shane says it’s different out here, and Bryan’s just a punk! Bryan keeps his cool as he circles with Shane and they feel things out. They knuckle lock, and they go shoulder to shoulder in a Test of Strength.

Shane’s size helps him bring Bryan to his knees, but Bryan fights up. The fans rally, Bryan rolls and wrenches to then get a leg. Bryan facelocks, then floats to HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOW! Shane powers out, they reset, and Shane throws some jabs. Bryan KICKS a leg, then backs away. The two circle again, Shane avoids a kick and ROCKS Bryan with a right! Bryan goes to a corner, Shane runs up to CHOP! Bryan goes to another corner while the fans fire up. Shane winds up to CHOP again! The fans fire up but then Bryan turns things around to KCIK! And KICK! And KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” but then Shane turns it around to CHOP and CHOP!

Bryan CHOPS and KICKS, and repeat! Shane staggers, Bryan KICKS and KICKS then goes for the leg! Shane drops to a knee and then Bryan puts the one leg on ropes! The ref counts but Bryan HIP DROPS on the leg! Shane goes to a corner but Bryan KICKS the leg, and KICKS it again! Bryan wraps the leg around ropes, pulls on the leg, but lets off at 4 to CHOP! And KICK! And CHOP! Bryan puts the leg around ropes again, then runs side to side, to DROPKICK the leg! Shane clutches the knee, gets it free, but Bryan CHOPS Shane again! Bryan stalks Shane around the way, but Shane puts Bryan in a corner. Shane throws body shots now!

Shane winds up, but Bryan ducks the haymaker! Shane blocks the kick then catches the leg to KICK back! Bryan wobbles, Shane ROCKS him with a right! Bryan falls right out of the ring! The fans go wild as Shane paces and Collision goes picture in picture.

Shane storms out after Bryan, brings him up, and ROCKS him again. Shane then has Bryan against railing, to CHOP! Even fans are gasping from that one! Shane leaves Bryan behind and argues with the ref, and that lets Moriarty get a cheap shot in! Moriarty flexes and Shane goes back out to fetch Bryan. Shane scoops Bryan and carries him around, to SNAKE EYES off the apron! Bryan slumps down and Shane eggs him on. Shane puts Bryan on the apron, to CLUB him in the chest! Shane then steps in to drag Bryan up, but Bryan fires a forearm! And another! And another! Shane KNEES low, then KNEES again, then KNEES again!

Bryan flops back in a corner and Shane paces around. Shane digs his boot into Bryan’s face, but he lets off as the ref counts. Bryan slumps over while Shane mocks the “I have ’til five!” that Bryan always does. And then Moriarty gets another cheap shot in! Shane kicks Bryan around, goes to the apron, and he has Bryan in place. Collision returns to single picture as Shane stands on Bryan’s chest! The ref counts, Shane steps back, and then Shane soaks up the heat while he lines up a shot. Shane runs up, GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! The fans fire up and Shane grins. Shane then steps back inside and covers, TWO!

Bryan is still in this but Shane reminds him about what he did to Moriarty. Shane HEADBUTTS Bryan down, then stands him up. Shane CHOPS again and Bryan sputters! Shane stands Bryan up and gets in Bryan’s face in the corner. The ref counts, Shane lets off, and Shane CHOPS again! Bryan falls to his knees and crawls along the ropes while the fans fire up. Shane taunts the fans, Moriarty taunts Bryan, and Shane whips Bryan corner to corner. Bryan goes up and over! Bryan keeps moving, he ducks ‘n’ dodges and dropkicks the leg! Shane hobbles around and ends up in a corner! Shane runs in but Bryan dodges, and the splash hits buckles!

Bryan drags Shane to the corner, and he has the bad leg! Bryan SLAMS the bad leg into the post! And SLAMs it again! The fans rally as Bryan SLAMS the leg again! The ref counts, Bryan glares at Nigel for being biased, and then Bryan climbs up. Shane turns around, Bryan MISSILE DROPKICKS! Shane stays up so Bryan runs up to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” Shane hobbles as Bryan KICKS again! Shane falls, the fans fire up, and Bryan nods. Bryan winds up to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan winds up, BUZZSAW! Cover, ONE?!? Shane still has power to spare and Bryan is surprised!

Shane goes to a corner, Moriarty coaches him up and the fans fire up! Bryan runs corner to corner, to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps going, he DROPKICKS again! Bryan keeps on going, but Shane takes a swing! Bryan ducks, but the SOUTHPAW finds him! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives and Shane is frustrated. The fans rally, Shane kicks at Bryan and eggs him on. Bryan ROCKS Shane, and ROCKS him, and ROCKS him again! Bryan swings, Shane bobs ‘n’ weaves to HEADBUTT! Then URENAGE! And SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives again and Shane is beside himself! Moriarty is also anxious as Bryan crawls to a corner.

Shane goes to the opposite corner, he runs in at Bryan, but Bryan moves! Cannonball hits buckles, and then Bryan aims! “YES! YES! YES!” BUSAIKU0 NO, Shane scoops Bryan into position! But Bryan slips free to ROUNDHOUSE! And ROUNDHOUSE! And ROUNDHOUSE!! Shane roars, Bryan dodges once, dodges twice, and BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, Bryan wins!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

Shane Taylor did rumble, he did push Bryan, but he could not slay The American Dragon! But wait! Will Ospreay is here! The Aerial Assassin is confronting Bryan like Bryan did him on Dynamite! The fans are thunderous as Ospreay and Bryan are in the ring, and Ospreay gets a mic. “Alright, everyone, how’re you doing? Good?” Ospreay wants another mic so he can give it to Bryan. Can’t have a chat just by himself, right? Ospreay says give a round of applause for that match! The fans do cheer, and Ospreay says it is so incredible watching Bryan work. The amount of years Bryan has put in this, and he is still performing at the highest levels!

The fans sing “Ospreay~, Ospreay Ospreay Ospreay~! Ospreay~, Ospreay~!” He thanks them for that, and he says in the short time that Ospreay’s been here, he’s noticed a lot of things. First thing: the sandwiches in the back are lovely. But the thing he noticed when Bryan walks around the halls, everyone looks and goes, “F me, that’s Bryan Danielson! That’s the bar!” Bryan sets the standard here! His enthusiasm for pro-wrestling is infectious. It inspires Ospreay, it inspires others. So for everyone here that just loves pro-wrestling, Bryan is owed so much. So on behalf of everyone, Ospreay thanks Bryan for everything he has done.

The fans also join in with “YES! YES! YES!” but then Ospreay has a “Mmm… BUT! You, you cheeky little slag, you interrupted me on my main event Dynamite! So I’ve got this warm feeling in my belly, right? I’ve got this warm feeling that maybe, just maybe, Mr. Danielson, you have something you wanna ask me.” The fans like the sound of that! Bryan smiles and says, “That’s about half right. I have something I wanna ask you, and I have something I wanna say to you. First, welcome to AEW!” The fans cheer that! Bryan continues with, “And secondly, I saw the match that you had with Takeshita at Revolution.

“Not only did you win, but that was one of the best damn matches I’ve ever seen.” The fans cheer there. Bryan also says he listened to Ospreay in the Media Scrum afterward. Ospreay said that for years, he’s been screaming into the camera how he’s the best wrestler in the world, and he came here to prove it! Well, Bryan wants to give Ospreay that chance. The fans fire up for that! So then, what about Bryan Danielson VS Will Ospreay at AEW Dynasty!? The fans say “YES! YES! YES!” Ospreay’s answer is, “Yes, bruv!” They shake on it, and we have a major dream match set for April 21st! Who proves they really are THE best today?


Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada & The Young Bucks VS Jon Cruz, Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis!

The Rainmaker has not only joined AEW, but he’s joined the EVPs as the newest member of The Elite! In fact, he’s replacing Kenny Omega, who Matthew & Nicholas Jackson “fired” from The Elite! Will Okada pay for selling out? Or will he make more money than ever before?

The trios sort out, Cruz starts against Nick, and they circle. But then Okada wants in? The fans rally up, and Nick tags him in! The fans fire up and Cruz is concerned. Okada and Cruz circle, tie up, and Okada puts Cruz on ropes. The ref counts, Okada lets off, but then fakes the cheap shot to pat Cruz on the head. But then Okada kicks low! Okada CLUBS Cruz, whips him to ropes, and FLAPJACKS him! The fans fire up as Cruz flounders around. Okada brings Cruz up, TOSSES him to the corner, and Alanis tags in. The fans fire up as Okada eggs Alanis on. Alanis fires heavy forearms, but Okada doesn’t care!

Alanis fires a flurry, runs, but into the DROPKICK! Okada looms over Alanis, drags him up, and he TOSSES Alanis to the corner! The fans fire up but Gray isn’t sure. Gray tags in, fires up, and he fires haymakers! Okada eggs him on but then gets around! Ripcord and RAINMAKER!! Cover, The NEW Elite wins!

Winners: Kazuchika Okada & The Young Bucks, by pinfall

Okada won this all by himself and didn’t even break a sweat! The New Elite, NEW NEW Elite, celebrate and strike their poses. But wait! Eddie Kingston runs in! The Mad King wants revenge but The Bucks beat him down first! The fans boo but Okada joins in. Wait, here comes Pentagon! He SLINGBLADES Nick, SLINGBLADES Matt, but Okada slips away! Okada pops Penta up and tucks him in, REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Penta tried to save his good friend but he just gets stomped around by The Bucks now! And Okada makes it clear, he wants the Continental Triple Crown! Wait, who is this now?! PAC?!?

The Bastard storms his way out, BOOTS Matt down and then DUMPS Nick out! Nick gets up but Pac SHOTGUNS him down! Bastard and Rainmaker stare down and the fans lose their minds! Okada fires first and the forearms fly! Okada UPPERCUTs but Pac SOBATS, KICKS and SOBATS! Pac whips, Okada reverses but Pac stops himself. Okada runs in but into a SNAP GERMAN! The fans are thunderous as Pac runs up on Okada, but The Bucks get Okada outta there! The Elite retreat, but Pac gets the mic! “Gentlemen! I’ll make this very, very clear for ya. The Bastard’s back! And I promise ya, I’m just looking for trouble!

“So if it’s trouble you’re after, you’re certainly barking up the correct tree! You understand me?! Boys! You want some? I’ll give it ya! Ya reap what ya sow!” And Eddie tells them all Big Business in Boston, Six Man Tag! See ya there! The Elite have some rogues coming after them, will Okada & The Bucks make it rain in Bean Town?

Mariah May VS Trish Adora!

The superfan keeps the cosplay going, but she’s also hoping to keep her win streak going. Will Mariah prove she’s a worthy understudy to Toni Storm? Or will the AfroPunk ruin all of Mariah’s fun?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Mariah wrenches but Adora wrenches back. Mariah rolls, cartwheels, wrenches and hammerlocks. But Adora wrenches back and wristlocks. Mariah flips through using the ropes, then wrenches and headlocks for the takeover. Adora headscissors and the fans cheer, but Mariah moves around and pops free. Mariah taunts Adora, they tie up, and Adora wrenches. Adora cording holds, then wrangles Mariah to the mat. Mariah fights up, but Adora wrenches, knuckle locks, and she throws Mariah down! Then she drags Mariah up to throw her again! Adora then rolls Mariah up, bridges, TWO!

Mariah hurries away but Adora salutes. The fans rally, but Mariah SLAPS Adora! Adora swings, Mariah dodges and tilt-o-whirls to RANA! Mariah gives a rebel yell then SHOTGUNS Adora outta the ring! Mariah keeps the imitation up while Collision goes picture in picture.

Mariah runs and WRECKS Adora with a dropkick! Mariah then goes out to bring Adora up and whip her into railing! Adora slumps down but Mariah storms up on her. Mariah stands Adora up to CHOP! Mariah puts Adora in the ring, poses by a fan sign that says, “Mariah, I wanna be your ex-husband!” Mariah storms back in after Adora to stomp her around. Mariah drags Adora up, puts her through ropes, and pulls her back! The ref counts, Mariah lets off at 4, and then she runs side to side to DROPKICK Adora in the back! Adora flounders away but Mariah pushes her to a cover, TWO! Mariah is annoyed but she drags Adora back up.

Adora fires forearms but Mariah kicks low. Mariah whips and LARIATS Adora down, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Mariah ducks an elbow, but not the POLISH HAMMER! Adora HAMMERS Mariah again, then BOOTS her! The fans fire up and Adora runs to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Mariah stays in this but Adora shakes her head. Adora drags Mariah up, reels her in, but Mariah gets around to kick low! Mariah throws Adora by her hair! Fans boo but Mariah runs up, but Adora dodges the boot! BASEMENT GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Mariah survives but Adora roars! The fans fire up and Adora brings Mariah up. Mariah HEADBUTTS a la Toni! Then runs up to KNEE a la Mariah! Mariah fireman’s carries for MAYDAY! Cover, Mariah wins!

Winner: Mariah May, by pinfall

The superfan has become a hybrid of herself and her role model, and it still works out for a win! But speaking of that role model, Toni Storm makes her entrance! A microphone is set up on stage so that the AEW Women’s World Champion may say, “Good evening. This is AEW Women’s World Champion, Toni Storm.” The fans cheer, and Toni says she is here to present the first annual Toni Awards. Yes, that’s with an I so they can’t get sued. And this award represents Outstanding Achievement in the field of performance related to a pro-wrestling event. The nominees are: As Toni Storm in AEW Revolucion, Mariah May.

And the award goes to… Toni takes a moment to open the envelope, and says this is so exciting. The winner is MARIAH MAY! Mariah is so honored! But uh, she was the only nominee… Storm brings down the golden shoe, aka The Toni, but DEONNA PURRAZZO snatches it! And SMACKS Toni with it! Luther shields Toni but Deonna just smacks him then! Mariah runs out to attack Deonna! Mariah stomps Deonna, Storm adds on, and they mug Deonna! Mariah grins as she DDTS Deonna to the ramp!! Storm takes back The Toni and presents it to Mariah. The fans cheer this farce, “You Deserve It!”

Mariah then sits Deonna up, places the shoe, and Storm steps into it to be standing on Deonna. Will this mock fairytale still have a happy ending for the leading lady and her understudy? Or will The Virtuosa create quite the plot twist in the sequel?


Nick Wayne w/ The Patriarchy VS Adam Priest!

The Prodigy is back in action, with his mother, “father” and “big brother” Killswitch/Luchasaurus by his side. Will Nick make Christian Cage proud?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Priest. Priest and Nick tie up, Nick wrenches and wristlocks, then arm-drags Priest to a cording hold. Nick flexes but fans boo. Priest fights up and around to then whip Nick away. Nick runs Priest over then flexes again. Fans boo but Nick speeds things up. Priest drops, but Nick RANAS! And UPPERCUTS! Nick kips up, swaggers around, but fans boo. Nick brings Priest up, around, and reels him in. Nick suplexes, but Priest slips free! Priest ELBOWS Nick, UPPERCUTS him, and CHOPS him! The fans fire up as Priest winds up, but Nick gets around to TOSS Priest out!

Nick checks his nose, the fans taunt him with “CHILD SUPPORT! CHILD SUPPORT!” Nick goes out to storm up on Priest, and BOOT him down! Nick soaks up the heat then goes back to Priest. Nick and Christian smile, but Priest CHOPS! And CHOPS! Nick goes into the ring, but Luchasaurus storms up. The ref sees that and tells Luchasaurus to back off! Priest hurries to the apron, but Nick HANDSPRING KICKS him down! Nick fetches Priest back in, fisherman and BUSTER! The fans boo but Nick just soaks it up. Nick stalks Priest, puts him on ropes, and then stands on him just like Christian would!

The fans boo, the ref counts, but Nick lets off to then GAMANGIRI! Nick springboards for the WAYNE’S WORLD! Cover, Nick wins!

Winner: Nick Wayne, by pinfall

Nick says it was too easy, and Christian taunts the fans. Then he snatches the sign that says “Christian Skips Leg Day!” The fan in the golden luchador mask grabs Christian and drags him over! This man fires hands, RAMS Christian into railing, and the fans go nuts! Nick runs up but the mystery man BOOTS him down! Then this man goes up to CROSSBODY Luchasaurus! Surprise! It’s ADAM COPELAND! Edge storms to ringside, grabs the TNT Championship but also a case! Edge opens it up, but also holds up the belt. Christian huddles up with The Patriarchy and they swarm the ring. Edge opens the case to reveal something to Christian!

Christian is stunned! The fans ask, “What’s in the Box? What’s in the Box?” Edge sets the TNT title on top of the case, perhaps we’ll have to wait and see on that. Edge gets a mic to tell Christian, “Get your stupid little mouth ready to say two words. Toronto, Dynamite, TNT Championship, Cope Cage III, two words, you know ’em! I…!” “QUIT!!” The Rated R Superstar is ready to end this once and for all, what surprise does he have in that case?


Backstage interview with Mark Briscoe and Team Triple J.

Lexi Nair is with the Sussex County Chicken, as well as Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, and even Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh & Karen Jarrett. They’re going to be teaming up against a very vicious but united House of Black. What is the strategy going into the Six Man Street Fight? Jarrett says like they say around here, Saturday night’s alright for a fight! The whole world is talking, “Can Mark Briscoe trust Jeff Jarrett? Can Jeff Jarrett trust Mark Briscoe?” He is gonna tell Mark this face to face and man to man. Mark doesn’t have to worry about trusting him. Just trust that Jarrett will do anything to win this Street Fight.

Lethal says he still trusts Jarrett, and he trusts Mark, so he hopes they trust him. Mark says of course he trusts Lethal! They’re about to go to war, so let’s do this! Mark knows Jarrett a dog, so let’s do this thing, baby! They in Atlanta, let’s go! House of Black their ass!! This ragtag group gives it one more shot, will they be able to tear down The House?


Chris Jericho VS Titan!

“Corazon de Leon” has been making a comeback as part of welcoming CMLL to AEW. He defeated Atlantis Jr. even with Atlantis Sr. ringside, but will he be able to bring down El Inmortal? Or will this ungovernable make things tranquilo?

The bell rings and the fans rally for “Lucha Libre!” as Titan and Jericho circle. They tie up, Jericho waistlocks and SLAMS Titan down. Jericho ties up legs, then digs his knees in. Jericho brings Titan into the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Titan pops free to cover, ONE! Titan facelocks, but Jericho wrenches and wristlocks. Titan rolls, kips up and bridges, to then go around, handspring and arm-drag! Titan handsprings up and aims a finger gun while the fans fire up. Jericho keeps cool, steps to Titan, and CHOPS! Titan is stinging but he CHOPS back! Jericho CHOPS again! Jericho eggs Titan on, but Titan CHOPS again!

Jericho CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS Titan in the corner again and again! Jericho whips, Titan goes up and over and handsprings away! Fans cheer that, then Titan goes Matrix to dodge! Titan CALF KICKS and the fans fire up! Titan blocks Jericho’s haymaker to knuckle lock, CHOP, and then he goes up and up to tightrope walk, jump and FLYING RANA! The fans fire up as Jericho tumbles out! Titan builds speed and DIVES! Down goes Jericho at the ramp and the fans fire up again! Titan roars as he rises, but that shot took a bit out of him, too. Both men stand, Titan kicks and knees low. Jericho throws hands but Titan SOBATS!

Jericho SLAPS Titan, Titan SOBATS and knees, then whips. Jericho is sent into steel steps, and Titan stomps him down! Titan puts Jericho in, the fans rally up, and Titan goes up a corner. Jericho trips Titan up! Jericho goes up, the fans rally for Titan, but Jericho CHOPS then fires hands. They brawl up there, and Jericho brings Titan up, SUPER BULLDOG! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Titan saves himself and the fans cheer while Collision goes picture in picture.

Jericho rises up, soaking up cheers and jeers, then he drags Titan up. Jericho hits a BIG back suplex! Cocky cover, ONE! Jericho goes after Titan’s mask in frustration! The ref reprimands, Titan throws knees into Jericho, and Jericho lets go. Titan crawls but Jericho hurries after him. Jericho has Titan under the ropes for the ROPE GUILLOTINE! Titan sputters and Jericho blows a kiss to the camera. Jericho paces, soaks up the heat from the fans, then brings Titan back up. Jericho puts Titan in a corner and CHOPS! Titan throws hands in return! Titan CHOPS but Jericho pokes him in the eyes!

Titan staggers, Jericho BOOTS him down! Jericho digs his boots in at the corner, but the ref counts. Jericho lets off at 4, then brings Titan up. Jericho whips corner to corner, runs in but Titan dodges! Jericho’s splash sends him tumbling up and out to the floor! Titan goes out there to kick Jericho around. Titan puts Jericho in the ring, then KICKS and KICKS! Jericho CHOPS and CHOPS but Titan CHOPS back! The CHOPS keep going, then Titan fires off a strike fest! Titan roars, runs, but into a BOOT! Titan falls and Collision returns to single picture. Jericho rallies the fans, then triangle jumps, but Titan ducks under!

Jericho ducks Titan’s haymaker, throws him down by his mask, but Titan kips up to PELE! Jericho falls and the fans fire up! Titan builds speed to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp and the fans fire up again! Jericho drags himself up but Titan storms after him. Titan CLUBS Jericho into the ring, then slingshots to DOUBLE STOMP! Jericho sputters, Titan covers, TWO! Titan aims, runs up, but Jericho ducks under and spins Titan around! BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! The fans rally behind Titan as he stays in this, but Jericho paces. Jericho soaks up the cheers and jeers, then brings Titan up.

Jericho fireman’s carries Titan for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Jericho shouts and the fans are torn, but Jericho LIONSAULT FLOPS! Titan SOBATS, runs, but Jericho ROCKS him! Jericho whips, Titan reverses and TORNADO DDTS! The fans fire up for the cover, TWO! Jericho survives but Titan throws off the elbow pads! Titan goes to a corner, skins the cat to the top, and Titan aims. The fans fire up for the DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Titan pushes Jericho to a cover, TWO!!! Jericho survives, but Titan hooks up the legs! TRAILER HITCH, but then Titan stands up to further hook the legs! But Jericho powers his way out!

Jericho gets Titan’s legs, he works to turn Titan, but Titan cradles! TWO!!! Jericho escapes, Titan runs up, but Jericho sidesteps! Titan goes up and up and CROSSBODIES into a CODE BREAKER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Jericho is shocked but the count is the count! Jericho wants Titan to rise up! The fans rally, Jericho takes aim, JUDAS0 NO, Titan goes Matrix again! CALF KICK! Jericho is down, Titan hurries to get him back up! Titan fireman’s carries, for the spin and DEATH VALLEY BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?! Jericho survives but the fans rally for Titan! Titan fires a strike fest, then ripcords to CHOP!

Titan knuckle locks, goes up and up and jumps around, to FLYING- NO, Jericho stops the rana this time! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Titan taps, Jericho wins!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by submission

The Lionheart does it again! But wait! The Gates of Agony go after him! They want after Jericho for him getting in the way of their beatdown on- WAIT! Here comes Hook! And he has a kendo stick! Hook JAMS Kaun, then storms in to bait Liona. Hook DUMPS Liona out, then SMACKS him with the kendo stick! And again! And again! Liona gets away and rages on the outside, but Kaun has Liona stand down. Will Hook and Jericho be an unlikely duo that slams these Gates shut once and for all?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He tells fans that one week from tonight, the tournament to crown NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions! With that in mind, here is one of the greatest teams not just in AEW but of all time, it’s FTR! The fans fire up as Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler make their way out to join Schiavone in the ring. Schiavone notes the battle scars from their great match at Revolution. But when we talk about world tag team championships, who comes to mind? FTR! They wanna be AEW World Tag Team Champions a third time, it all starts on March 16. The fans cheer on FTR, and Cash says, “So Mr. Schiavone, I think it’s safe to say that Sunday did not go according to plan for FTR.

“And all I can really say about that is… That’s life, right? It happens. Life has this way of sometimes, it can knock you down. And it has this habit of kicking you while you’re there. But for us, all we can really do is get up, dust ourselves off, and keep moving forward.” The fans cheer that. Cash says matter of fact, 2024 marks TEN YEARS of FTR. The fans cheer that, too! Cash says that is a decade of them getting knocked down, getting back up, dusting themselves off and moving forward. So with that said, what is next for FTR? As Schiavone said, we happen to have an AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament around the corner.

And in case you didn’t know, now you know, officially, FTR throwing their names in the hat. Dax says that Collision has been built on the back of tag team wrestling. FTR VS Better Than You Baybay! FTR VS House of Black! FTR VS Bullet Club Gold for 58 MINUTES! And it’d be easy, so easy for Dax to tell everyone that FTR is the greatest of all time. It’d be easy for Dax to tell everyone they are gonna win the tournament, win the titles, grab this division, throw it on their backs and take it higher than it’s ever been. That would be easy! But there is one thing Dax is not, and he is not a liar. And we all saw the PPV, right?

Dax cannot confidently say that FTR has been firing on all cylinders. In saying that, Dax has some self-doubt. Everyone goes through doubt. Should FTR be in the tournament? Fans boo, they want FTR! So Dax says if you’ll have them, he promises that they will give every ounce of energy, passion and sweat they have in their bodies until they roll over and can’t get back up! Until then, FTR is hoping to become the first-ever THREE-TIME AEW World Tag Team Champions! #TopGuysOut! But wait, The Infantry comes in! Captain Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo swagger to the ring and Dean has the mic.

Dean asks what’s good! Sorry to interrupt, y’all know Infantry ain’t like that. But for those who don’t know ’em, The Infantry is the most dynamic, the most popular, the most handsome, the most fly, and coolest, and don’t forget handsome, tag team there is. This is Capt. Dean, this is Bad News ‘n’ Tattoos, and together they are THE Infantry. But this ATL, this is home! So Atlanta, if you rockin’ with The Infantry, can we get a oorah? “OORAH!!” Seems there are plenty of fans in Atlanta who know Dean & Bravo, perhaps they watch ROH. Bravo likes that. See, facts is facts, and everyone knows Cap Don’t Cap.

But to be honest, Schiavone, The Infantry almost didn’t make it cuz it’s half-off down at Magic City tonight, and- Dean stops Bravo there but the fans get it. Bravo says okay, sorry, to keep it jiggy, the reason they’re here is because they respect FTR. The fans chant “MAGIC CITY!” and Bravo says yes, it is a magical place. But hey, respect. To be honest, The Infantry respects everything FTR has done in the AEW Tag Division, so this is them keeping it cool. When it comes to the tournament, may the best team win. They shake hands and the fans cheer, but then Bravo says it’s cuz The Infantry’s coming for the Top Guys’ spots!

But hey, this way, we can give the tag division what it’s really needed. And that is a bit of a revival. Say yeah~! Cash & Dax smirk because that’s clever. But The Revival is dead. And if FTR meets Infantry in the tournament, they’ll be dead, too. Now #TopGuysOut. Dean & Bravo gave some warning shots, but will the shot at the titles go to FTR instead?


Mistico VS Angelico w/ Serpentico!

The CMLL World Historic Middleweight Champion, and perhaps THE best pound-for-pound luchador today, returns to AEW to continue establishing CMLL’s presence. But will Mistico stay hot in Hotlanta? Or will the South Africa Stud make things real chill?

The bell rings and the fans rally up for “MISTICO! MISTICO!” Mistico circles with Angelico, they shake hands to show respect, and the fans cheer. The two tie up, then break. They go again, and Mistico wrenches to a wristlock. Angelico rolls, slips through, wrenches and wristlocks, but Mistico rolls, handsprings, and wrenches back. Angelico wrenches and trips Mistico, cover, ONE! Mistico sweeps and covers, ONE! Mistico handsprings up and the fans cheer. Angelico shows off with his jump up and spin, and the two reset. They circle, Angelico gets around and waistlocks to SLAM! Mistico turns over, Angelico grabs an arm, but Mistico uses that to get up!

Mistico arm-drags , then arm-drags again! Angelico says timeout and the fans cheer. Mistico lets Angelico get to a corner, and Serpentico coaches Angelico up. The fans cheer as these two circle again. They knuckle lock, but Angelico kicks low! Angelico whips, Mistico ducks ‘n’ dodges to handspring and BACK ELBOW! The fans fire up and Mistico feeds off that as Angelico goes to a corner. Mistico runs in, Angelico puts him outside, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Mistico blocks the haymaker to GAMANGIRI! Angelico wobbles, Mistico springboards and CROSSBODIES! Things keep moving as Mistico ducks ‘n’ dodges and RANAS! Angelico tumbles out of the ring, Mistico rallies the fans, and he takes aim. Mistico builds speed but Serpentico stands in the way! The ref reprimands, Serpentico hops down, and Angelico slides in to BOOT Mistico down! The ref reprimands but Serpentico applauds. Angelico drags Mistico up to bump him off buckles, then he JABS! And JABS! And JABS! Angelico winds up and… JABS! Mistico falls over, Angelico swaggers about, and Serpentico tells the fans to calm down.

Angelico KNEES Mistico’s leg, then bends it against his own leg. Mistico endures, but Angelico shifts into a CALF SLICER STRETCH COMBO! Mistico endures, fights around, and gets the ROPEBREAK! The red counts, Angelico lets go at 4, and he drags Mistico up as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and Angelico JABS, whips, and swings, but Mistico ducks ‘n’ dodges to RANA again! The fans fire up as Angelico is on ropes, and Mistico dials it up! 619! Angelico flops back, Mistico springboards in, MISSILE DROPKICK! Angelico tumbles right out of the ring and the fans rally again. Mistico builds speed to DIVE onto Serpentico! Mistico catches #SNAKEMAN off guard, then hurries back in. Mistico WRECKS Angelico with a dropkick, then fires back up! The fans rally, Mistico slingshots to RANA Angelico down! The fans fire up again and Mistico KICKS Angelico in the back!

Mistico puts Angelico in, the fans continue to rally, and Mistico SLINGSHOT SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Angelico stays in this but Mistico stays cool. Mistico drags Angelico to a drop zone, goes up the corner, and he SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Angelico survives but Mistico doesn’t let that bother him. Mistico stomps away on Angelico, then he brings Angelico to the drop zone again. Mistico climbs, and MOONSAULTS, but has to land out as Angelico moves! Angelico runs up, into a drop toehold! Mistico steps over but Angelico rolls through, steps over, LA MAGISTROL! TWO!! Mistico escapes and Angelico is shocked!

Angelico argues with the ref but Mistico rolls him up! TWO, and both men are tiring out. Angelico still AX HANDLES Mistico down! Mistico calls upon the fans and they rally up for him. Angelico puts Mistico in a corner to clothesline! Angelico then runs corner to corner but Mistico follows to clothesline back! Mistico runs, Angelico follows, for another clothesline! Angelico runs, but he fakes Mistico out! Mistico dodges, but Angelico SUPERKICKS! Mistico HEEL KICKS and the fans fire up as both men fall! Angelico rises, Mistico follows, and he tilt-o-whirls, but Angelico slips free! Angelico runs, but Mistico dodges to springboard and CROSSBODY!

Things keep going, Mistico tilt-o-whirls but then shifts to roll Angelico up! TWO!! Angelico can’t keep up as Mistico runs again, LA MYSTICA!! And then the FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! Angelico taps, Mistico wins!

Winner: Mistico, by submission

Angelico gets beat at his own game, Mistico proves why he is the pound-for-pound champion! Serpentico is upset, but Angelico still shows Mistico respect with a handshake. Will Mistico continue his win streak here in AEW as CMLL continues its invasion?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite: Big Business!

Things get even bigger as Jericho and Hook team up for the first time to take on Liona & Kaun! Will the Ocho and the Handsome Devil handle their business in Boston?


Six Man Atlanta Street Fight: Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett VS The House of Black!

The Sussex County Chicken simply wanted to back up his friends in FTR against Malakai, Brody & Buddy, and that put him on the House’s bad side. Now, Mark teams up with another friend and a former enemy, will they all be able to #ManUp and win this war? Or will everyone see that when there’s nothing holding them back, The House Always Wins?

The bell rings and the brawl is on! Mark dodges Buddy and Lethal trips him up, then Mark fires off UPPERCUTS on Brody! Malakai glares at Mark while Jarrett CLOBBERS Buddy with a trash can! Lethal goes around to find Brody while Mark and Malakai throw hands! The fans fire up as Mark gets the edge and Jarrett keeps after Buddy. Lethal CHOPS Brody, Mark tosses Malakai out, and then Mark ROCKS Malakai with a dropkick! Brody turns things around on Lethal but Lethal ELBOWS Brody away! Lethal builds speed to DIVE! Brody hits the desk and the energy drinks go flying! Mark gives Malakai the FOLEY ELBOW!

The fans fire up as Lethal brings out a TABLE! Jarrett has a chair, he JAMS Buddy! And SMACKS him! Lethal sets the table up, and then Mark brings out another table! Malakai BOOTS Mark down first, though! Mark comes back with hands while Jarrett & Lethal mug Brody. Mark gets a few chairs, piles those up, and then just adds more chairs! Buddy helps Brody with Lethal and Jarrett, and Brody makes Lethal take a seat. Brody CHOPS Lethal against railing! The fans hoot along with Brody, and Buddy KNEES Mark down while Brody runs in! But Lethal drop toeholds Brody into a chair!

Brody sputters but Buddy takes ownership of a table. Jarrett drags Brody up, SMACKS him with a chair, and Mark fires forearms on Buddy! Jarrett SMACKS Brody again, Buddy ROCKS Mark, but Mark ROCKS Buddy! Jarrett & Lethal bring Brody around, mug him some more, and set up a chair. Buddy DECKS Mark, Malakai BOOTS Jarrett! Lethal still runs in and leaps off the chair, but Brody ROCKS him! Brody puts Lethal against one of the tables, then runs in to CROSSBODY through the table!! Brody breaks table and possible Lethal! Buddy has Mark on the apron but Mark fights back! Mark ROCKS Buddy, ROCKS him again, but Buddy hits back!

Buddy puts Mark up top, then climbs up after him! The fans freak out but Mark fights with body shots! Mark HEADBUTTS Buddy, and again, and again! Buddy drops to the apron, Mark adjusts, and REDNECK UPPERCUTS! Buddy flops to the table and the fans fire up! Mark adjusts position again, but Brody CLUBS him! Brody SHOVES Mark down, onto the chair pile!! The fans go nuts while Collision goes picture in picture!

Mark writhes, perhaps preferring the table to the chairs. Malakai stomps Mark around while Buddy & Brody go looking around. Buddy stomps away on Jarrett while Brody puts chair after chair in the ring. Brody wedges a chair into a corner, then whips Mark right into it! Buddy RAMS Jarrett into steel steps! Malakai drags Mark around, places a chair on his face, and drops a knee right on him! Cover, TWO! Mark is still in this somehow, but Buddy DUMPS Jarrett into the crowd! Brody sets a table up by the ramp while Malakai keeps on Mark. Mark slumps out of the ring but Brody reels him in, to POWERBOMB through a table!!

The fans go nuts, and Buddy sees Jarrett get up. Buddy DUMPS Jarrett back to ringside while Malakai RAMS Lethal into the apron! Buddy clamps on a SLEEPER for Jarrett, then he and Brody mug Jarrett against railing. The House all brings Jarrett around to the table by ramp side, and Collision returns to single picture. Brody reels Jarrett in, slashes his throat, but Jarrett resists! Brody CLUBS Jarrett, and then Buddy finds lighter fluid! Buddy mentioned wanting to literally burn Mark and his team, so here it is! Buddy drenches the table in the fluid, and Malakai has the lighter! But Sonjay Dutt runs up to SMACK Brody with the guitar!

Well, that was far from a Smash Hit, and Brody’s just annoyed now! Brody barks and Sonjay runs away! Buddy makes sure Sonjay keeps running, and stalks him right up to the stage! And then Julia Hart is there! Buddy steps on Sonjay, and Julia has a tank of gasoline!? Buddy dumps that all over Sonjay!! Julia has her own lighter! But then Jarrett SMACKS away on Brody with a cookie sheet!! Lethal stomps away on Malakai, but Sonjay begs for mercy! Julia taunts Sonjay with the lighter, but KAREN JARRETT LOW BLOWS Buddy!! Karen saves Sonjay, and then Sonjay POUNCES Buddy off the stage and down through tables!

Julia is furious, so she LOW BLOWS Sonjay! Karen gets in Julia’s face, but Julia gives her BLACK MIST!! Julia shows no emotion as Karen writhes, but Lethal RAMS Malakai into the railing! Jarrett brings Brody around, he and Lethal get Brody in the ring. They mug Brody, clear some space, and then double whip Brody to ropes. Brody reverses but still gets caught in a DROPKICK RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP COMBO! Julia coaches Brody up but Lethal helps Jarrett stand. They go after Brody again, but Brody HOTSHOTS Jarrett! Lethal kicks Brody, goes to the apron and kicks more. Lethal throws hands but Brody just gets mad!

Brody ROCKS Lethal, then eggs Lethal on! lethal fires a forearm but Brody ROCKS him again! Lethal ROCKS Brody, but Brody DECKS Lethal! Lethal CLAWS Brody’s face! And fireman’s carries!? Brody’s so big, though! Brody elbows free, and clamps on the SLEEPER! He makes it the HANGING SLEEPER!! Brody drops Lethal, but Jarrett has his guitar! SMASH HIT!! Timber! Brody falls through the table!! But Jarrett turns around, into BLACK MASS!! Malakai snarls as he and Mark are the last two up! “This is Awesome!” as Malakai tells Julia to hand “it” over. Julia gives him the SPIKE! Malakai stalks up to Mark, and stands him up.

But Mark blocks the spike!! Mark kicks low, reels Malakai in and underhooks, JAY DRILLER!! The fans are thunderous and now Mark has the spike!! Julia freaks out, she grabs Mark’s foot! Malakai runs up but into an UPPERCUT! Mark CHOPS Malakai out of the ring, then sets up a chair! Mark builds speed and leaps off the chair to FLY, into the arms of Buddy & Malakai! They DOUBLE APRON BOMB him!! Julia freshens up the table with more lighter fluid, and then she IGNITES it!! The fans are thunderous as Malakai & Buddy get Mark up, DOUBLE POEWRBOMB through the burning table!!

The House drags Mark from the flames, covers him, and wins!!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

The Sussex County Chicken got cooked, and Julia helps Brody stand. The House Always Wins, but will this carnage lead them back to holding championships?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision tonight, and apparently prerecorded on Thursday night. Great opening match, and good on Shane to bring up continuity from when Bryan faced Lee Moriarty almost two years ago. Bryan of course won, and great promo between him and Ospreay to set up Bryan VS Ospreay for Dynasty. I said for Dynamite that this was the right course of action, so that Ospreay can build himself up towards the AEW World Championship so that he can have that match for All In: London II. Similarly, Pac is back, and hopefully he stays healthy and has no other issues to ruin his momentum this time, because he’s building towards as match with Okada, possibly for All In: London II, too.

Great win for Mariah May tonight, but the Toni Awards weren’t quite as highly produced as I was hoping they would be. And only one category seemed like less than it should’ve had, too. Toni didn’t even get to award herself anything, it was just Mariah getting a Toni. But then of course Deonna goes after Storm, only to get beat down. There’s definitely a rematch happening for Dynasty at this rate. And with Adora here, it was fitting Dean & Bravo were here. Not sure how I feel about The Infantry confronting FTR since they’re all Faces last I checked, but at least The Infantry is getting in on the tag team tournament. Though, that’s probably to feed them to FTR for a surefire first-round win.

Nick Wayne of course gets a win, but it’s great to see Adam Priest on AEW programming again. There might’ve been a throwaway match on ROH but it feels like Priest hasn’t been back since AEW Dark was a thing. And then the other Adam attacks Christian to add more to this I Quit match. Seems a little redundant with Dynamite’s segment, like this could’ve waited until Big Business, but now there’s intrigue with what was in the case. It’s gotta be something from their past, maybe even as far back as The Brood. Can’t wait to see what Edge brings out of the box, and how it plays into their I Quit match which Edge has to win somehow. It doesn’t feel like this ends if Christian wins again, so Edge has to find the one thing other than the title that gets under Christian’s skin and use that.

Really good match between Jericho and Titan, though it seemed like the early parts were clunky. They were probably just getting their rhythm since this was a first-time-ever match. I figured Jericho was winning, and then of course we set up Jericho & Hook VS Gates of Agony for Big Business. I’m figuring #JeriHook wins and then we might get Hook VS Jericho for the FTW Championship. Really good match from Mistico VS Angelico, with a really good win for Mistico, but that was all just a lot of “for fun.” There was no attack after, no one else showed up to confront Mistico, Mistico didn’t have a promo, it was just a really good match.

Then awesome stuff in the main event. Good promo from Mark and Team Triple J, but I’m really surprised they lost. The House of Black really has needed some wins, though, and maybe this helps some combination of two be put in the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament, maybe Buddy & Brody while Malakai goes for a singles title. And maybe to counter, Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal are a duo? That might upset Jarrett but we didn’t even really get a resolution on that story of dysfunction, they were just all working together again. Mark & Lethal costing The House in the tournament could be something, but I guess we’ll just have to see who’s in the bracket.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/15/24)

Fear The Rainmaker!



Will Dax Harwood SAY YEAH?

Before going Double or Nothing on Anarchy in the Arena, The Elite defends their championships! Will Dax end The Rainmaker’s reign?


  • Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley VS Kyle Fletcher & Jeff Cobb; Bryan & Moxley win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator: The Young Bucks VS Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal; The Bucks win and deny Daniels & Sydal a title match.
  • Hook VS Sebastian Wolfe; Hook wins.
  • AEW World Championship Eliminator: Swerve Strickland VS Brian Cage; Swerve wins and denies Cage a title match.
  • Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Harley Cameron w/ Saraya; Storm wins.
  • AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS Dax Harwood; Okada wins and retains the title.


Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley VS Kyle Fletcher & Jeff Cobb!

The American Dragon may be teaming with Eddie Kingston & FTR at Double or Nothing, but he’s joining forces with The Maniac to take on The Aussie Arrow & The Imperial Unit! The Don Callis Family is looking to grow their forces, will they and the United Empire make for a powerful alliance? Or can the Blackpool Combat Club tear them all down here tonight?

But speaking of united, Kyle & Cobb attack Moxley the moment he’s ringside! The fans boo as the ROH World TV and NJPW World TV Champions mug the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion! Kyle soaks up the heat and talks some trash while Cobb holds up Moxley’s belt. Cobb throws hands on Moxley, puts him in the ring, but here comes Bryan! The fans fire up as Washington’s own ROCKS Kyle, whips him hard into railing, and then dropkicks him down! Bryan fires hands on Cobb now, then whips him into railing! Cobb gets stuck, Bryan brings him back down, and Moxley makes Kyle sit on railing! Moxley LARIATS Kyle down!

The fans fire up as this is like a sampler of Anarchy in the Arena! Bryan DROPKICKS Cobb against railing! Moxley CHOKES Kyle with his jacket! Don Callis is on commentary complaining but his guys started it! Bryan sends Cobb into steel steps! Moxley rains down fists on Kyle! Cobb SMACKS Cobb off railing, then has the fans fire up as he throws down fists! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan just picks up speed, then he lets off to revel in the fans cheering. Moxley CHOPS Kyle, ROCKS him and makes him take a seat. Moxley goes side to side to run in and KNEE Kyle against railing! Bryan puts Cobb in the ring, the bell sounds, and the match begins!

The fans fire up as Bryan stalks Cobb to a corner and CHOPS! And CHOPS! And KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! The fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” with each one, then Bryan stands Cobb up. Bryan runs corner to corner, to DROPKICK! Cobb staggers, Bryan tags Moxley, and Moxley puts Cobb in the corner. The fans fire up as Moxley rains down fists! Moxley goes all the way to nine, then he CLAWS Cobb’s face! Mox puts Cobb’s leg in the ropes, ROCKS Cobb, then runs side to side to DROPKICK the leg! Moxley brings Cobb out, trips him, and then tags Bryan. The BCC split the wishbone on Cobb! And then Bryan KICKS Cobb down!

Bryan gets the bad leg, steps through, and fans “WOO~!” as Bryan drops into the FIGURE FOUR! Cobb fights but Bryan clamps it on tight! Cobb endures, but Moxley tags in and ELBOW DROPS! Cover, TWO! Moxley brings Cobb up but Cobb RAMS him into the corner! Tag to Kyle and Kyle fires off furious fists! The fans boo but Kyle storms in to kick Moxley. Kyle CHOPS Moxley, but Moxley just frowns and crosses his arms. Moxley pie faces Kyle and eggs him on, but Kyle CHOPS back! Moxley paces, goes to another corner, and eggs Kyle on. Kyle CHOPS, but Moxley turns things around to fire forearms and CHOPS on repeat!

The fans fire up and Moxley whips corner to corner. Moxley runs in to clothesline! Moxley puts Kyle up top, CHOPS, then goes up after Kyle. Moxley CLAWS Kyle’s back, then BITES Kyle’s face! The ref reprimands but Moxley brings Kyle up, to SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! ARMBAR! Kyle clasps hands but Cobb stomps Moxley! The fans boo but Kyle is still free. Kyle brings Moxley around, Moxley reaches for Bryan, but Kyle fires body shots. Moxley turns things around on Kyle and tags in Bryan! Moxley hangs Kyle out to dry, Bryan goes up top, GUILLOTINE FLYING KNEE! The fans fire up again and Bryan revels in it as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Bryan stalks Kyle, looms over hi m, and then hooks up the legs. Kyle resists as Bryan goes for arms, so Bryan STOMPS the knees! Tag to Moxley, he drags Kyle up and whips him into a corner. Moxley runs up but Kyle THROWS him out to the floor! Cobb goes after Moxley to stomp him, but Bryan rushes over to fight Cobb! Cobb whips Bryan into railing! Cobb then runs to CLOBBER Moxley! Cobb puts Moxley in the ring for Kyle, the ref reprimands Cobb, but Kyle soaks up all the heat. Tag to Cobb, Kyle keeps Moxley down so Cobb can stand on him! The ref reprimands, Kyle lets off and Cobb deadlift suplexes Moxley!

Cobb marches around with Moxley, then THROWS him away! Cobb mocks Bryan and KICKS Moxley! Then Cobb SPLASHES, covers, TWO! Cover again, TWO! Cobb drags Moxley up while Bryan rallies the fans. Cobb tags Kyle, then traps Moxley in the corner to Kyle can throw hands. Kyle scoops and SLAMS Moxley, then brings him back up. Kyle scoops and SLAMS Moxley again, flexes, then taunts Bryan. Dynamite returns to single picture as Kyle drags Moxley up. Kyle throws a haymaker, Moxley throws it right back! Kyle forearms, Moxley returns it! The fans are on Moxley’s side as the shots go back and forth!

Moxley goes for Bryan but Kyle keeps him back! Then Kyle BLASTS Bryan! Cobb has Moxley caught in the corner, Kyle fires off body shots! Tag to Cobb, and Cobb watches Moxley flounder. Cobb taunts Moxley to reach for Bryan, then he waistlocks and deadlifts! Moxley fights with elbows, but Cobb holds on! Moxley still fires more elbows, gets free, then dodges Cobb to SNAP GERMAN! The fans fire up while both men are down! Moxley hobbles up, hot tag to Bryan! Bryan goes up to MISSILE DROPKICK Cobb! Bryan kips up, and then he BLAST Kyle! The fans fire up as Bryan dodges Cobb to KICK! CHOP! Repeat!

“YES! YES! YES!” echoes out and Bryan whips, but Cobb reverses! Bryan goes up and over, keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges, LEAPING LARIAT! The fans are thunderous as Bryan takes aim, and KICKS! KICKS! KICKS! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan winds up, but Cobb ducks the buzzsaw! Cobb shoves Bryan, Kyle trips Bryan up! Bryan kicks Kyle, then he DUMPS Cobb! Bryan builds speed and DIVES onto Kyle! Cobb CLUBS Bryan, puts him in, and then URENAGES! FALLING AX HANDLE! And then Cobb mocks the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The fans boo but Cobb GACHIMUCHI- FLOP! Bryan avoids the moonsault to then run up and BU- ATHLETIC PLEX!!

The fans fire up while both men are down! They both crawl, hot tags to Moxley and Kyle! Moxley dodges Kyle to ROCK him, but Kyle comes back to ROCK Mox! Moxley rebounds to ROCK Kyle again, but now Kyle BOOTS Moxley! Moxley BOOTS Kyle, Kyle BOOTS Moxley! Moxley KICKS, ROCKS and repeat! Moxley fires off HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! Moxley runs, but into a CALF KICK! Moxley goes to a corner, Kyle snarls and soaks up the heat! Kyle runs corner to corner, into a KING KONG LARIAT! Cobb runs in, into a CUTTER! Kyle scoops to MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, BRYAN BREAKS IT!

The fans fire up but Cobb TOSSES Bryan out. Kyle gets Moxley up, feeds him to Cobb, and Cobb RAMS Moxley into a corner. Kyle runs up to GAMANGIRI! Cobb adds an UPPERCUT! Cobb feeds Moxley to Kyle’s JUMPING TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO?!? Moxley survives and Kyle is furious! Kyle has Cobb step in, and Cobb gets Moxley up in an Electric Chair Lift! Kyle goes up, but Moxley fights free! Moxley shoves Cobb into Kyle! Then Bryan gets in to BUSAIKU KNEE! Moxley avoids Kyle’s leap, Bryan ROUNDHOUSES! DEATH RIDER!! Moxley covers, BCC wins!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley, by pinfall

The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion gets one on the ROH World TV Champion, but wait! Konosuke Takeshita slides in! He drags Moxley off the corner with a GERMAN SUPLEX!! Cobb attacks Bryan, too! The fans boo but Callis wants them to kurose! Konosuke winds up to DECK Moxley!! Kyle & Cobb mug Bryan, Konosuke CHOKES Moxley, but wait! Here comes Claudio Castagnoli! The Swiss Superman has a crowbar and he swings! The Callis Family and Cobb get outta there! The BCC stands tall, but will they have more issues with the Don Callis Family after Double or Nothing?


Adam “Edge” Copeland is here!

The fans fire up for the Rated R Superstar as he- OH, House of Black attacks! Well, Edge wanted their response to his challenge, but it’s Brody King & Buddy Matthews who mug him and throw him down the ramp! Malakai Black takes his time following as Buddy & Brody mug Edge at ringside! They then put Edge in the ring, Malakai bringing the TNT Championship with him. CURB STOMP! Brody gets chairs into the ring, and Buddy brings them over. Malakai slowly joins them in the ring, and gets a mic while the fans boo. Buddy & Brody sit Edge up so Malakai can speak to him.

“Adam, I really don’t understand why you try to keep up with this facade of what you think you are.” The fans tell him to STFU already but Malakai kneels by Edge. If they don’t like that, they’re gonna love this. Malakai tells Mr. Matthews to take Edge’s wedding ring. The fans boo as Brody clamps on a SLEEPER so that Buddy can take Edge’s ring off his finger. Edge is already fading but Malakai takes the ring. Malakai looks it over, puts it in his pocket, and Brody sits Edge in a corner. Brody hoots, Edge is out cold! Malakai and Buddy position chairs on either side of Edge, then they go for the adjacent corners!

But Kyle O’Reilly is here! He YANKS Malakai down, ROUNDHOUSES him, then he dodges Buddy! Kyle BOOTS Buddy, then gets in the ring, only for Brody to LARIAT! Brody stops the rescue attempt and TOSSES Kyle out hard! Buddy is there to get Kyle back up, and feeds him to THE END! The House continues where they left off, FULL METAL CERBERUS!!! Edge is sandwiched between chairs and Brody’s beefy body! Is that Malakai’s way of saying yes to the barbed wire catch match?


AEW has a medical update on Eddie Kingston.

Last Saturday for NJPW Resurgence, The Mad King had a hellacious No Ropes Last Man Standing Match for the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship, and he lost to Gabe Kidd. But that wasn’t even what this update is about. Jack Perry distracted Eddie from a blindside attack by The Young Bucks! Matthew & Nicholas Jackson were playing hooky from AEW Collision just so they could beat down Eddie! Jack then said in a backstage interview that Eddie chose the wrong team in this fight. Eddie tells it how it is, right? He’s a real one? Well, he sure didn’t hesitate to jump into bed with a bunch of fakes who claim to represent AEW! Eddie paid for that in Ontario, California.

The Scapegoat says we all have to sacrifice, and Eddie’s about to lose everything.

The Elite speak backstage.

Jack, Matt, Nick & Okada finish watching the replay like we all did, and they pretend to cringe in pain seeing all that. Looks like Eddie might’ve been bit by the injury bug. Then that might men Anarchy in the Arena is 4v3, right? Unless Team AEW wants to forfeit. Nick says that’s a good point. Let’s look at the track record these past three weeks. Week one, they take out The President, Tony Khan. Week two, they take out Kenny Omega. And now, Eddie Kingston! They run this place because they’re The Elite and you’re not! And Okada tells Dax that tonight, he will DESTROY him! “Mwah, B*TCH!” The Elite’s tyranny is only growing worse, will there be another to stand against them?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Renee Paquette is with Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler, and she brings up Dax’s title match with Okada later tonight. However, we just heard from our EVPs that Eddie is out, that puts Team AEW down a man. Cash says first off, The Bucks aren’t their EVPs, that’s just Matt & Nick. And if The Elite honestly thinks they’re just gonna forfeit to them, thinking they’re not gonna take Anarchy in the Arena at 4v3, 4v2, 4v1, it doesn’t matter. But… Cash thinks that maybe, just maybe, they have a new fourth man. And Dax tells Okada, name calling isn’t nice. By the company Okada keeps, it looks like he’s The Elite’s b*tch! Guess we’ll see tonight. #TopGuysOut.


AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator: The Young Bucks VS Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal!

While Matthew & Nicholas are confident they have the advantage at Double or Nothing, they still have to fulfill their obligations as champions. On top of that, this is about The Fallen Angel putting the EVPs in their place for talking down to him. Will the Zen Assassin help Daniels humble The Bucks? Or will there be no standing against The Elite?

Jack Perry is on commentary, wanting more energy out of Justin Roberts in introducing The Bucks. The teams sort out, Sydal starts against Nick, and Nick gets right in Sydal’s face. Nick says he’s an EVP, he can do whatever he wants! And he pie faces Sydal! So Sydal KICKS Nick in the leg! Nick hobbles, Sydal KICKS, and KICKS, and JUMP KICKS! Sydal whips, Nick reverses but Sydal tilt-o-whirls and rolls him up! TWO, and Sydal wrenches an arm. Tag to Daniels and the fans fire up! Nick gets away, tag to Matt, and now Matt gets in Daniels’ face. The fans rally for Daniels as he and Matt argue.

Daniels takes off one of his finger wraps and tells the Bucks to read between the lines! Matt says clever, and he shoves Daniels. Daniels SLAPS Matt, bumps him off buckles, then fires off haymakers! The ref counts, Daniels fires up and the fans are with him! Daniels whips but Matt reverses. Daniels reverses, Matt reverses again, but Daniels CLOBBERS Matt! Nick starts barking at the ref but Daniels DECKS him! Daniels brings Matt up but Matt throat chops him! The ref reprimands but Matt hits a back suplex! Daniels lands out, rolls Matt up, tag to Sydal! Sydal has Matt in the corner to whip Matt back in, Daniels GAMANGIRIS!

Daniels then feeds Matt to Sydal’s KICK, then adds an STO! The fans fire up and Sydal sets up, STANDING MARIPOSA! Cover, TWO! Nick shouts at Sydal, Sydal frowns, but he keeps Matt from Nick! Matt takes a swing, Sydal gets under to lift, but Nick tags in! Matt still suffers the atomic drop! Sydal whips but Matt reverses, only for Sydal to come back and LARIAT! Nick ROUNDHOUSES Sydal! Nick BLASTS Daniels, goes out and then PENALTY KICKS! Jack says that’s so smooth. Nick goes up, and he AX HANDLES Sydal down! The fans boo but Matt soaks up the heat, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nick stomps Sydal around, scrapes him off the ropes, and then lets off as the ref reprimands. Nick stomps Sydal in the corner, then CLAWS Sydal’s back! The ref reprimands but Matt mocks the fans. Nick tags Matt in, they whip Sydal to the corner, but Sydal ELBOWS Matt and BOOTS Nick! Sydal goes up and leaps, but the Bucks catch him! And they pop him in position! Nick goes to the apron but Sydal RANAS Matt into Nick! Matt scrambles and anchors Sydal’s legs! Sydal gets up to fire strikes, but Matt trips him! Nick tags in, and CATAPULT into the GAMANGIRI! Sydal falls back onto Matt’s knees, Nick goes up, DOUBLE STOMPS!

Nick & Matt soak up the heat from the fans, Jack talks them up on commentary, maybe even rats on Tony Schiavone, and Nick bumps Sydal off buckles. Tag to Matt, The Bucks mug Sydal. Matt brings Sydal back around to fire body shots in the corner. The ref counts, Matt stomps away on Sydal, then stands on him! The ref reprimands and counts, Matt steps away to taunt Daniels. Matt stands Sydal up to pie face him, but Sydal fires off forearms on The Bucks! Sydal fires more shots on Matt, but Matt scoops to BACKBREAKER! Tag to Nick and he slingshots in to LEG DROP! Cover, Daniels breaks it! Matt goes after Daniels!

Dynamite returns to single picture, the fans rally up, but the Bucks bully Sydal. Sydal fights back with forearms and KICKS! Sydal fires off on Matt, but Nick runs up! Sydal dodges, and he DOUBLE RANAS The Bucks! The fans fire up as Sydal crawls, reaches out, hot tag to Daniels! Daniels gets around, shoves Nick and ELBOWS him down! Then he LARAITS Matt! Daniels whips, Nick reverses but Daniels ducks the superkick to fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! The fans fire up with Daniels and he reels Nick in, but Matt CLOBBERS Daniels from behind! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but The Bucks double whip.

Daniels ducks the double clothesline to shove Nick into Matt! Then he reels Nick in, clinches Matt, COMPLETE SHOT DDT COMBO! The fans fire up with Daniels and he has Nick in the clinch, for an URENAGE! But Matt SUPERKICKS Daniels down! Sydal runs in, Matt ducks one kick but not the JUMP SOBAT! Sydal sends Matt out to then PLANCH, but Matt dodges! Matt sends Sydal OVER barriers! Nick fires hands on Daniels but Daniels hits back! The fans rally up, Matt goes after Sydal in the crowd! Nick runs up but Daniels puts Nick on the apron! Nick ENZIGIRIS, then he goes up a corner! Daniels SHOTEIS first!

Jack says that was a closed fist! Daniels goes up the corner, but Matt anchors Nick! The Super Steiner crashes and burns! Matt mockingly asks where Sydal went, and then he gets Daniels up. NIck is up top, they give Daniels the TK DRIVER!! Cover, The Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (deny Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal a title opportunity)

Jack asks if anyone is surprised, and Schiavone says not really. Disappointed maybe, but not surprised. But then Matt gets a mic to cut the music, and he tells Daniels that last week, Daniels spoke down to The Bucks! And he even put his hands on Matt! As an executive, Daniels should know better! The Bucks are trying to clean up the toxicity in this company! They’ve been working hard for months and he’s screwing things up! So unfortunately, Daniels, they must bear some bad news tonight. “CD, we’ve gotta let you go. You’re FIRED!” The fans boo but Matt says don’t worry, they’re not evil! They’ve got a sweet severance package all set up! It’ll cover him for at least… 30 days!

The fans boo but Matt says to make this less awkward, they even have a security escort to usher Daniels out immediately. The EVPs just want to say thank Daniels for five years of kickass work! They love him to death, see you later. But please, everyone, stick around for the show! Let’s get an AEW chant going! “A E DUB! A E DUB!” The fans boo instead, but Jack says let’s raise a toast to The Bucks for the great job they’re doing. He sips some WOOOOO Energy, then says have a drink, Schiavone, “ya stooge.” Jack pours his drink out on Schiavone’s head! The fans boo more and Jack takes off. Schiavone grumbles at the SOB, but what can anyone do against this corrupt management?



Collision & Rampage will be live and back to back on Saturday, starting at 8 PM Eastern, and all on TNT! Make sure your DVRs are ready so you get ALL THREE HOURS of All Elite Wrestling!


Backstage interview with Toni Storm, Mariah May & Luther.

Renee is with the AEW Women’s World Champion and her entourage, and brings up that tonight, the leading lady is in a quote “grudge match” with Harley Cameron. But it has also been decided that Mariah, Luther and Saraya are all banned from ringside. That upsets Storm and her team, but Renee does bring up last week, Storm being knocked out by Serena Deeb. How is Storm feeling tonight? Storm says first thing’s first: her maternal instincts are kicking in and her ovaries must be heard! HARLEY CAMERON! You assaulted and abused this sweet, angelic child that is Mariah May? Then you must answer to the bosom that she clings to!

So now, it will just be Storm and Harley, and Storm will take Harley’s womb to the woodshed! And as for Serena Deeb, Storm must thank you for knocking her out. She didn’t have to listen to another second of Deeb’s sob story! Funny how you wanna hitch yourself to this caboose. Well, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Storm promises that Deeb will end Double or Nothing the same way every degenerate in Las Vegas does: flat on your back with an ass in your face, wondering where the bloody hell your dignity went! And tonight, bet your bottom dollar on this old whore that you all adore! Everything is coming up chin, tits, and shoooe~!

Uh… Okay. Will the grudge match Storm and Harley have truly be timeless? Or will Harley be the one Outcast that does crazy better than she does?


Malakai Black speaks.

He holds Adam Copeland’s wedding ring to the light, and he says when he looks at it, it’s gorgeous. But everything that is holding Edge back in this world, all fits into such a small little trinket. His hopes, his dreams, his children, his wife, his memories, all in this ring. But speaking of holding Edge back, a barbed wire cage match? Malakai knew there was still a part of Edge that still existed. And of course, like Edge said, but if Malakai beats Edge, and he will, Edge must bend the knee to The House of Black. Malakai is raising the stakes for Double or Nothing, will The Rated R Superstar still be able to win the bet?


Hook VS Sebastian Wolfe!

The Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil promised he’d be back, and he’s back to fight! Will he send a message to Chris Jericho with this return to the ring? Will Jericho even bother to listen?

The bell rings and Wolfe runs up, but Hook gets under the lariat! Hook lifts Wolfe to SAIDO! The fans fire up and Hook paces around. Wolfe sits up, into crossface forearms! Hook CLUBS Wolfe, into the REDRUM!! Wolfe taps, Hook wins!

Winner: Hook, by submission

It was short, but the message was clear! But just in case, Hook grabs himself a mic. “This isn’t what I was looking for. I’m here for Chris Jericho and my FTW Championship! Chris, get out here right now!” The fans fire up as Hook calls out The Learning Tree, and here he comes! And Jericho also has “Big Bill” Morrissey with him as he goes to the ring. Jericho & Bill step into the ring, and Jericho waves hi. He has the mic to say hey, everybody! And Hook, it is so great to have you back. Hopefully, Hook learned a few lessons after essentially hitting himself in the face with a baseball bat. Jericho understands why Hook did it.

Jericho is just glad Hook called him out here. Jericho loves being on Dynamite so much, even if he has to share the spotlight with someone! He just loves it! Hook says, “Share the spotlight? Chris, I don’t wanna share the spotlight. I want all the spotlight on you, getting your ass beat by me, for MY FTW Championship, right here tonight!” The fans like the sound of that! Bill & Jericho chuckle and Jericho asks if they’d like to see it. The fans do! Jericho agrees, but this isn’t a fighting moment. It’s not. The fans boo but Jericho says this is a teaching moment. And what Jericho wants to teach Hook is that the world doesn’t revolve around him.

Hook needs to be less selfish in this business. Just like Jericho! Think of others. The fans boo but Jericho says he wants to get these words right. The fans chant “Please Retire!” but Jericho knows why they want him to. They know that when he does, he’ll be inducted into every pro-wrestling hall of fame in the world! But he’s not ready for that yet! Neither is AEW, because The Learning Tree & “The Big Redwood” are here to entertain everyone! Everyone here, everyone at home! That’s why this is the For The World Title now! Not For The Hook! Hook’s name isn’t on this title. Jericho’s is, he has a sticker that reads “The Learning Tree, Chris Jericho.”

But Jericho wants to teach Hook that when you lose a title, you don’t just jump to the front of the line, you work your way up. That’s why this Saturday Night Collision, Hook and a few others will be in a qualification match. If Hook wins, then maybe he gets the chance to face Jericho again for this title. How does that sound? Huh? Hook says yeah, great. But you know what else sounds good? BOP with the microphone! Jericho staggers, Hook fires off hands, but then Bill goes after Hook! But Hook gets around Bill! Bill gets free and Jericho DECKS Hook! Bill beats Hook down and Jericho says to learn this lesson! Know when to stay down!

But wait! Here comes SHIBATA! The Wrestler slides in, Jericho runs but Shibata dodges Bill to BOOT Bill out! The fans fire up for Shibata as he stands tall with Hook. Jericho is bleeding from where the mic got him, will he learn not to upset a Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil?


Swerve Strickland speaks.

“The State of Washington, congratulations. Your boy brought home a world championship. This past weekend on Collision, I ended a chapter of my life that was called The Mogul Embassy. Toa Liona, Bishop Kaun, they bit the hand that fed them and they got put down. My focus now is at Double or Nothing coming up against Christian Cage. We’ll get to that soon. I was the one that got put in the coffin, yeah, sure. But I’m the one that’s gonna put you in your grave. Speaking of which, tonight, Brian Cage. Consider yourself the final nail in that coffin of the Mogul Embassy. Everybody, welcome Brian Cage to whose house?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!”

The Realest heads out, will he terminate The Machine so that nothing will stand between him and Captain Charisma? Or is this the night the Swolverine really does get all his stuff in?

AEW World Championship Eliminator: Swerve Strickland VS Brian Cage!

The bell rings and Swerve runs up to DOUBLE KNEE! Swerve fires hands, Cage puts him in a corner to fire clothesline after clothesline! Swerve blocks one to arm-drag and wrangle Cage. Cage avoids the stomp to the arm, Swerve waistlocks but Cage switches. Cage back suplexes, Swerve lands out, and then Swerve DUMPS Cage out! Swerve builds speed to DIVE, but Cage catches him for a suplex, only for Swerve to get free! BOOT from above! The fans fire up, Swerve then FLYING DOUBLE STOMPS the arm! Cage writhes, the fans fire up, and Swerve seethes. Swerve goes back to get Cage up, he CLUBS the arm, then he SLAMS the arm on railing!

Swerve brings Cage around, wraps the arm around the post and pulls! The ref counts, but Cage YANKS Swerve into the post! Cage rolls into the ring, then storms after Swerve at the apron. Cage ROCKS Swerve, ROCKS him again, then goes to the corner. The fans boo but Cage deadlifts, only for Swerve to HOTSHOT the arm! Swerve slingshots in, somersaults, and COMPLETE SHOTS! Cover, ONE!! Cage is tougher than that but Swerve scowls. Swerve storms up again, clamps onto Cage’s arm and CLUBS it! Swerve grinds the shoulder, Cage endures, but Swerve hooks the arm up and then has the chinbar.

Cage endures the neck wrench and fights up, to then scoop Swerve, for a BACKBREAKER! Swerve flounders, Cage storms after him, and Cage ROCKS Swerve to a corner. Cage RAMS into Swerve, digs his shoulder in, then CHOPS! Swerve staggers, but he CHOPS back! Swerve fires forearms, CHOPS again, then puts Cage in a corner. Swerve wraps the bad arm around ropes, and he fires off haymakers! The ref reprimands, but Swerve pulls on the arm! The ref counts, Swerve lets off at 4, and the fans rally up. Swerve storms up but Cage kicks low! Cage bumps Swerve off buckles, whips but Swerve blocks.

Cage kicks and CHOPS Swerve, reels him in to suplex, but Swerve slips free! Swerve has the half nelson but Cage RAMS him into a corner! Cage fires elbows, then says, “Who betta?!” The fans boo, Cage runs back up, but into a BOOT! Swerve runs up, but into a trophy lift! And a THROW into the corner!! Swerve scrapes down buckles and flops to the apron, but Cage flexes while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Swerve is on the ground, Cage goes out to fetch him. Cage whips Swerve into railing! Swerve crawls, but Cage hauls him up, to BARRIER BACK SUPLEX! Swerve flops into the front row, at the feet of the fans! Cage refreshes the ring count, then drags Swerve up to DUMP him back to ringside. Then he hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Swerve writhes, Cage soaks up the heat, and Cage goes in after Swerve. Cage stomps Swerve, stalks him to a corner, then fires off forearms! Swerve hits back and the two go back and forth! Cage ROCKS Swerve, Swerve sits down in the corner, and Cage digs his boot in!

The ref counts, Cage lets off, and he mocks the fans cheering Swerve on. Cage then KNEES Swerve in the corner! Cage drags Swerve to a cover, TWO! Swerve stays in this but Cage stays on Swerve with a chinlock. Cage grinds Swerve down but Swerve endures. Swerve fights around as the fans rally up, and Swerve fights to his feet. Swerve throws body shots, then ROCKS Cage! Swerve runs, but Cage CLOBBERS him! Cage goes to a corner as Dynamite returns to single picture, and he deadlift SUPERPLEXES Swerve!! Swerve flounders, Cage covers, TWO!! Swerve survives and the fans fire up, but Cage just looms over him.

Cage gets Swerve up, reels him in, and puts one out. But Swerve slips out of the bomb! Swerve drop toeholds Cage into buckles! The fans fire up as Swerve runs in to BOOT Cage in the back of the arm! The fans fire up, Cage hobbles and Swerve storms up on him. Swerve snapmares, gator rolls, but Cage suplexes first! Swerve slips free, Cage ELBOWS him! Swerve BOOTS back, ducks a lariat but not the SOUTHPAW! Swerve springs up to DROPKICK! The fans are thunderous, and Swerve sees Cage go to a corner. Swerve runs up to UPPERCUT! Swerve scowls, UPPERCUTS again and again and again!

The fans rally with “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Swerve snapmares Cage, then goes up, to FALLING UPPERCUT! Swerve hits the Griddy and the fans are thunderous! Swerve stalks Cage, whips him to ropes, but Cage reverses. Swerve catches Cage’s leap!? And pops Cage into a BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO! Swerve is frustrated but he reloads in a corner. Cage rises up, Swerve runs in, somersault and- JUMP KNEE from Cage! Cage gets Swerve up, Gory Especial into WEAPON- NO, Swerve slips free and rolls Cage into a SHORT ARM SCISSOR! Cage flails, fights around, rolls and stacks, and deadlifts to BUCKLE BOMB!

Cage fireman’s carries for an F5!! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Cage grows frustrated. Cage slashes his throat but the fans boo. Cage hauls Swerve up, suplexes, but Swerve somersault clutches! TWO!! Cage runs up, but Swerve ducks the lariat to RISING HEADBUTT!! Cage flops to the apron and Swerve shakes out the stars before going after him. Swerve SUPERKICKS Cage, and Cage dangles off the apron! Swerve aims, slingshots, WOE STOMPS to the floor!! The fans are thunderous again and Swerve has a sinister grin! Swerve puts Cage in the ring, goes up top, and 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO?!?! Cage survives and shocks the fans!

Swerve shakes his head, he won’t let Cage’s toughness intimidate him. Swerve half nelsons but Cage arm-drags free! POP-UP POWERBOMB! Deadlift and POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and “This is Awesome!” Cage drags Swerve back up, reels him in, suplexes, but Swerve RANAS! And FOREARMS! Cage roars and eggs Swerve on! So Swerve SOBATS, ROLLING ELBOWS, but Cage SUPERKICKS back! Cage ripcords but Swerve ROKCS him first! And BOOTS him! And then fires off boxing elbows! Cage shoves Swerve, Swerve comes back, DOUBLE STOMPS!! And then Swerve gets the bad arm set up, to STOMP it!!

The fans are thunderous, and Swerve time to end it! “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” HOUSE CALL!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall (denies Brian Cage a title opportunity)

And with that, The Mogul Embassy is dead and buried! But wait, Swerve goes looking under the ring, and he brings out some chairs! Swerve stalks Cage, and SMACKS him with a chair! Brian Cage writhes, but here comes Christian Cage! Swerve puts Brian’s arm on a chair, has the other, and he waits for The Patriarch to show himself. Christian and Mother Wayne are on stage, but where are their boys? Swerve wants Christian to watch what happens to this Cage, but Nick Wayne slithers in to LOW BLOW Swerve!! Christian laughs at Swerve for falling for it. And now Killswitch Luchasaurus gets in to BOOT Swerve down!

Nick throws down hands, Killswitchasaurus drags Swerve up. They have a picture of Swerve and his daughter?! Nick makes Swerve look at it, before he SMASHES it on Swerve’s head!! Glass shatters and Swerve falls in a heap! And only now does Christian walk to the ring. The fans boo and Swerve’s eyebrow is just gushing blood! Killswitchasaurus puts Swerve on ropes to CHOKE him, and Christian tells him, “You embarrassed my son, Nick Wayne, when you attacked him at his gym, at his home, right down the street here in Everett, Washington last year. You embarrassed my son, and now I’m forced to embarrass you.”

Christian has the picture of Swerve and his daughter, and asks if Swerve thinks his daughter is proud. Maybe they should ask her! Is she proud of her absentee father? The fans boo as Christian pushes the picture into Swerve’s face, painting it with his blood! “Tonight, I took your blood, Swerve. In two weeks at Double or Nothing, I take your World Heavyweight Championship!” The fans boo and Swerve glares at Christian, but Christian smirks as he walks away. Christian may be taking things from Swerve, but will he only get Swerve’s wrath in Sin City?


Backstage interview with Hook & Shibata.

Renee is with The Handsome Devil & The Wrestler, and notes it is clear Hook will do just about anything to get the FTW Championship back. But now knowing that there is a qualifying match on Collision, does it feel like the numbers game is getting too stacked against him? Hook says the odds could not mean less to him. Whoever he has to beat to get his hands on Jericho, he will beat. Okay then. Shibata speaks up with his translator: “Even me?” What does that mean? Shibata says that he wants his own shot at Jericho. Hook says push comes to shove, Hook VS Shibata to face Jericho, that’s fine by Hook.

The two stare down, but then in steps Samoa Joe! And he’s laughing at Hook! Joe says, “Really? What is this? Who are you? Wasn’t too long ago I thought you were something special. But then week after week, I watch you come out here and fall into the same trap over and over and over again. And now Jericho’s got you at your own man’s neck? Sad. Y’know what’s sad? It’s that if you two people stop playing yourselves, you might actually be dangerous around here.” Joe storms off, Hook says he’ll fight Joe, too! Shibata adds, “He’s too large to be wearing a floral pattern.” The Wrestler and the Handsome Devil do not fear Joe, but should they?


Toni Storm VS Harley Cameron!

The leading lady promised to do some serious damage to her apparent replacement within The Outcasts, all to avenge Mariah May. Will Storm punish this parody parading around with Saraya? Or will Harley’s own brand of crazy actually outshine the original?

The bell rings and the two stare down as they circle. They feel things out, Harley kicks low then headlocks for a takeover. Toni headscissors, Harley kips free, then Harley gets around to waistlock. Harley headlocks but Toni slips out to headlock back. Harley throws body shots, powers up and out, but Toni turns her over! The fans cheer, Toni hits a headlock takeover now. Toni thrashes Harley around, but Harley pulls hair! The ref reprimands, Harley headscissors, but Toni kips fee. Harley knees low, throws more knees, then whips. Toni reverses but Harley ducks ‘n’ dodges, only for Toni to THESZ PRESS!

Toni rains down fast hands, then lets off and the fans fire up. Toni runs to HIP ATTACK Harley off the apron! The fans fire up more as Toni lounges on the apron. Toni then sees someone on stage, and it’s Deeb! The Professor is exempt from that ringside ban, and she just wants to say hi. Harley sends Storm into steel steps! Harley dribbles Toni off the apron again and again, then puts her in the ring, and Dynamite goes to picture in picture.

Harley has a crazy grin as she then goes to a corner. Harley climbs, and she slingshots in to BASEMENT FLATLINER! Harley soaks up the heat while pacing around Toni. Harley puts Toni in a corner, digs her boot in, but lets off as the ref counts. Harley argues with the ref, then stalks Storm to another corner. Harley digs her boot in again, but lets off at 4. Deeb is mildly amused, but Storm CHOPS Harley! And CHOPS! Harley bumps Storm off buckles, then RAMS into her! And again, and again! Harley digs her shoulder in, lets off to soak up more heat, then goes back for Toni at the ropes. Harley whips, ELBOWS Toni down, then covers, TWO!

Harley is annoyed but she stalks Toni to more ropes. Harley CHOKES Toni on the ropes, lets off as the ref counts and argues with him again. Toni rises but Harley is on her in a corner. Harley whips corner to corner, runs in, and then jumps up to ROCK Toni! Harley fires off more shots, then goes corner to corner again. Storm puts Harley on the apron, Harley ducks a haymaker, and she ROUNDHOUSES Toni down! Harley storms in, then digs her boots in again. The ref counts, Harley lets off, and Toni sputters to the apron. Harley drags her back in, sits her up and clamps on a chinlock. Harley gets the arms to make it a straitjacket stretch!

Storm endures, fights up, and powers out of the hold to arm-drag! Harley comes back, into a HEADBUTT! Both women fall and Dynamite returns to single picture. The fans rally, a standing count starts, but Storm goes to a corner. Storm stands at 4 of 10, Deeb smiling as she struggles. Harley runs up, but into an ELBOW! Harley comes back, but Storm goes up and over, rolls and returns, then blocks boots! DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Then a DDT! Then a roll through, into a FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Storm isn’t quite perfect but she isn’t going to stop here! Storm hauls Harley up, but Harley throat chops!

The ref reprimands but Harley reels Storm in for SOLE FOOD! Harley shrieks, runs, and SHINING WIZARDS! Cover, TWO!! Storm survives and Harley is losing her mind! Or, more of it than she’s already lost. Harley talks trash on Storm, runs again, but Storm gets up to grab her! SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Harley survives but Storm staggers to her feet. She gets Harley up and in, but Harley trips her! Jackknife bridge, TWO! Storm sunsets, TWO! Harley stacks, TWO! Storm sunsets again, TWO! Harley kicks, Storm ducks then feints a punch, to STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Now that is timeless! Deeb is impressed, at least, but Storm clings to her precious. Will Storm still be the leading lady after the Professor puts her to the test?


Backstage interview with Will Ospreay, Roderick Strong & The Undisputed Kingdom.

Arkady Aura mediates this face to face meeting of #BillyGOAT and Savior of the Backbreaker, and thanks them to agreeing to no physicality. She introduces the International Champion and the #1 contender, and says Ospreay is no stranger to gold. How does this one feel different? Ospreay says the world’s eyes are definitely on him, but there is a sour taste in his mouth after last week. Shane Taylor did all the work so that Roddy and his “bell end mates” could stand over him. Bell end? Yeah, Taven, you’re a bell end. Bennett’s a bell end, Wardlow’s a HUGE bell end!

But most of all, Ospreay hates that Roddy is so comfortable around Ospreay with that title. Now, there’s only two reasons Roddy could feel this way. One: If Ospreay were to lunge at Roddy and put his hands around Roddy’s throat, he’s pretty sure the rest of these guys would get involved. Two: Maybe it’s that Ospreay retired the Tiger Driver 91 from his arsenal. Now, Ospreay isn’t sure the mind games Roddy is playing, but Roddy keeps bringing up that move. Ospreay’s gotta wonder, why is Roddy playing these games when he plays them so piss poor? Roddy, you understand what it feels like to be dropped on your head and feel the power go out in his arms.

Ospreay’s done that move on people that he loves, that he respects, and allow him to tell Roddy right here and right now, Ospreay does NOT respect Roddy. Not because of his talent. That’s why Roddy’s a champion, bruv! But it’s because Roddy’s never respected Ospreay back! Not in ROH, PWG, Progress, even Southside Wrestling, Roddy has always looked down on Ospreay, has never had any respect for Ospreay. So in turn, Ospreay’s got none for Roddy. Roddy says that’s the smartest thing Ospreay’s ever said! Roddy doesn’t have respect, never have. And it’s because Ospreay himself is so talented in the ring, but such an idiot in life!

And Ospreay thinks that now, now that he has a “missus” and a child, that he’s this responsible man? Roddy says Ospreay is still the irresponsible little boy that he’s been and always will be! Ospreay doesn’t deserve this title! Understand this: Roddy overcame something traumatic in his life, a neck injury that almost took him out. But Roddy doesn’t cry over it! And everything Roddy has had and will get, he worked for day in and day out! So it doesn’t matter who everyone else thinks Ospreay is, Roddy knows who Ospreay is, and Ospreay is a fraud! Ospreay is a coward, a child, and at Double or Nothing, Roddy ends this!

Ospreay says yeah, go ahead, get it out. This will be sweet for Ospreay, because Roddy will learn a lesson of humility! For all those years he looked down on Ospreay, that he buried Ospreay to the ROH guys! This will be sweet because Ospreay will take the one thing that makes Roddy important around here. Ospreay is the best wrestler in the world! Internationally known as the greatest of all time! And so Sunday, May 26th, that is Ospreay’s time to show everyone why he is on another level! Roddy says sure, we’ll find out. Who will still be standing after these two go Double or Nothing for pride and respect?


Renee Paquette is in the ring.

The fans cheer and she says it is now time for the contract signing for the TBS Championship match happening at Double or Nothing. First, the challenger, Mercedes Mone! The fans fire up for The CEO as she makes her way to the ring. And of course, welcome the champion, The Face of TBS, Willow Nightingale! The fans fire up for the Babe with the Power as she makes her entrance, Stokely Hathaway & Kris Statlander by her side. Willow tells them that she’s got this, so they let her go to the ring alone. The belt is put on display and Renee says this is such a highly anticipated match between the two of them.

Of course, there is so much history here, but also the AEW in-ring debut of Mercedes Mone. Without further ado, the champ is up first. Sign away and make it official. Willow has the mic to tell The CEO that she does respect her, she really does. She respects Mone, everything she’s done in her career, but Willow needs to know: Does Mone respect this title? Because this is the T B S Championship! The fans cheer that as Willow says this is a title that celebrates the legacy of professional wrestling. A legacy that dates back to over 50 YEARS, on this very channel. The fans cheer that, too! Willow says it is a legacy built on fighting, on hard work, dedication, and defending titles.

Making a name for yourself in the face of obstacles, that is something that every woman that has held this title represents. That is what Willow’s friend, Kris Statlander, represents! And now, Willow is the Face of TBS. The fans cheer that, too! Willow says her smiling face, every time she walks to the ring, you see on the tron, “Nothing Matters, Smile Anyway.” And to Willow, that means through all the doom and gloom, find something to smile for. Her smile is her strength, and pro-wrestling is just that. And this title is what matters to Willow! So through all of that, Willow is NOT going to just let Mone walk into AEW and take that away! Not now, not at Double or Nothing, NOT EVER!

The fans are all fired up but Mone just smiles back. Willow signs her part, pushes the contract over to Mone, and Mone gets a mic. “Evereeeeett~! Please say hello to your C E O.” The fans are a bit more torn than they were for Willow. But Willow wants to talk legacy to Mone? HAH! “Money Changes Everything” isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a fact. Back in 2015, in Brooklyn, while Willow was still training, Mone was in the ring changing the game forever. Willow wants to talk dedication? Scratching and clawing your way to the top? What about breaking down doors and kicking through glass ceilings? That is what Mone did!

Willow would not be here without Mone! Mone respects Willow, she has so much respect, and thinks Willow is a great champion. But there is a difference between being great, and being the Greatest Of All Time. The fans are again torn, but Mone continues to say, “Let’s talk about The Face of TBS. You should be looking at the New Face of TBS.” Mone shows off her outfit, the fans are still torn, but Mone says everyone’s had to have seen her on the red carpets, throwing out first pitches, sitting courtside, because that is what a CEO does. And now, Willow, Mone knows the best part of Willow’s career was beating Mone.

But at Double or Nothing, now that Mone is healthy, Willow losing will still be the best thing to ever happen! Because Mone’s legacy is all about winning! Mone caresses the belt, signs her part of the contract, and Willow stands up. Mone can keep on believing that, because the last time they wrestled, Willow walked away the champion. And Mone didn’t walk out at all. DANG~! Mone SLAPS Willow for that one! Renee gets outta there as Mone throws off her jacket and grabs the belt! But then Willow ducks the attack to kick low! Willow reels Mone in, gut wrench, and BABE WITH THE POWER BOMB through the table!!

The fans are going nuts for Willow as she holds up the title! Will this be the scene we see in Sin City when The Face of TBS and the CEO go Double or Nothing?


AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS Dax Harwood!

While Jack Perry & The Young Bucks crossed off Eddie Kingston, Team AEW is confident they’ve got a new fourth man ready to step up. Will they need another new fourth man after The Rainmaker is done with Dax? Or will this Top Guy find a way to dry up the reign?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who’s bringing the gold to Las Vegas!

The bell rings, the fans rally up as the two stare down. They circle, tie up, and Dax waistlocks. Okada switches, Dax arm-drags to a takeover, but Okada headscissors. Dax kips free, hits a headlock takeover, but again Okada headscissors. Dax kips free again, the two stand off, and the fans cheer. Okada and Dax reset, circle, and the fans rally up again. The two tie up, Dax headlocks but Okada powers up and out. Dax runs Okada over! Things keep moving, Dax slides under the boot, then trips Okada to tie up the legs! Okada scrambles to the ROPEBREAK, then bails out of the ring! The fans fire up while Dax waits on Okada.

Okada takes his time coming back to the apron and steps in. He and Dax tie up, end up on ropes, and the ref counts. Okada lest off slowly, fakes a chop to pat Dax on the shoulders, but then kicks low! Okada CLUBS Dax again and again, and Dax goes to a corner. The fans rally and Okada storms up, but Dax CHOPS! The fans “WOO~!” while Okada sputters! Dax CHOPS again, then bumps Okada off buckles. Dax CHOPS, then brings Okada out. Okada headlocks, Dax powers up and out, but Okada runs him over! Things keep moving, Dax sets up but Okada stops himself. Okada then POSTS Dax!

Dax flops to the apron while Okada grins, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Okada goes outside, brings Dax from the apron and RAMS him into railing! Dax hobbles, Okada ROCKS him with a forearm, then follows him around the way. Dax CHOPS back! And ROCKS Okada! Okada knees low, POSTS him, and then puts Dax in the ring. Okada talks smack on the fans, goes back into the ring, and he brings Dax up. Okada wrenches and slips around Dax for a modified abdominal stretch. Dax endures, but Okada shifts around to turn Dax, into a NECKBREAKER! Dax sits up and clutches the back of his head, but Okada pushes him down for a cocky cover. ONE, and Dax gets up to CHOP!

Okada eggs Dax on, he and Dax shove, and then Dax CHPOS! Okada gets in Dax’s face, Dax fires forearms! Dax then gets in Okada’s face, so Okada fires forearms in return! Okada then reels Dax in for a DDT! Okada sits up, chest red from those chops, and Dax kicks from below! Okada grabs that leg to knee it in the thigh! And knee it again! Okada paces, soaks up the heat from the fans, then stalks Dax to a corner. Okada knees low, UPPERCUTS Dax, then follows him to another corner. Okada throws elbows, Dynamite returns to single picture, and Okada whips corner to corner. Okada runs in, but Dax dodges! Dax then JABS, JABS and JABS!

Okada KNEES low, whips to ropes, but Dax reverses. Okada ducks ‘n’ dodges but runs into the SPINEBUSTER! Both men are down and the fans rally up! The standing count starts, both men go to corners. Okada stands, Dax runs up, but Okada puts him up top! Okada DROPKICKS Dax down to the floor! The fans fire up, Okada takes a moment before going outside to fetch Dax. Dax sits in a corner of the barriers, and Okada runs up to BOOT him! The fans boo but Okada just soaks it up. Okada leaves Dax behind, the count passes 5 of 10, but then Okada slides back out. Okada grins, but Dax CHOPS! Okada and Dax fire forearms back and forth!

Okada UPPERCUTS Dax, then reels him in, puts him on the barriers, DRAPING DDT to the floor! Okada grins and laughs at Dax while the ref checks him. Dax is somehow okay to continue, which annoys Okada. Okada rolls into the ring, Dax drags himself up the steel steps, and the ring count reaches 5 of 10! The fans rally, but Dax flops off the apron at 7! Dax writhes, Okada smirks, but Dax springs back up at 9! Dax slides in safe at 9.9! Okada is amused and he drags Dax up into the waistlock. Dax is a ragdoll, so Okada just lets him down. The ref checks, Dax is still in this somehow, so Okada gets Dax back up.

Okada ripcords, but Dax ducks the lariat to GERMAN SUPLEX! Dax holds on, to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Okada fights the third, switches, but Dax elbows free! Dax runs, into a BOOT! Dax rebounds, blocks a boto but the UPPERCUT hits! Dax ROCKS Okada with a right! Okada UPPERCUTS but Dax catches the arm! Dax wants the backslide, Okada spins free, only for Dax to full nelson and DRAGON SUPLEX! Okada sits up in a daze then flops over! The fans are thunderous while both men are down! A standing count starts, Dax crawls his way to Okada, “This is Awesome!” as both men stand.

Dax goes to whip but Okada blocks. Dax CHOPS, then whips, but Okada reverses to ROCK Dax! Both men keep the wristlock, and Okada laughs! Dax CHOPS, Okada ROCKS Dax! Dax ROCKS Okada, Okada ROCKS Dax, so Dax CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dax whips, Okada reverses but Dax deflects the dropkick! Dax gets the legs again but Okada kicks him away! Dax falls into buckles hard! Okada gets Dax up, but Dax fights the gut wrench! Okada CLUBS away on Dax, runs, but Dax ELBOWS! Dax reels Okada in, but Okada fights the lift to Alabama and REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO?!? Dax survives and shocks everyone!

The fans hope they “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end somehow! Okada goes up a corner, but Dax springs to life! Dax ROCKS Okada, shoves him back, and then climbs up to the very top! Dax stands Okada up, the fans fire up, and Dax hits a SUPER DUPER PLEX!! Both men are down from the landing and the fans are thunderous again! A standing count begins again and the fans rally up. The count reaches 5 of 10, Dax snarls as he crawls over to Okada. They junkyard dog headbutt back and forth, then they fire forearms! Dax ROCKS Okada, Okada ROCKS Dax! Okada brings Dax up but Dax ROCKS him back!

Dax CHOPS Okada, and Okada drops to his knees! The fans fire up, Dax whips, Okada reverses, but Dax reverses back, to short arm- NO, Okada ducks the lariat! DISCUS- LARIAT from Dax!! Dax gets Okada up, reels him in, and SLINGSHOT POWER- RANA from Okada! Dax sunset flips it! Okada rolls through, jackknife, but Dax pops through to a prawn hold!! TWO!!! Okada escapes, but Dax trips him! Okada kicks Dax away again! Dax flounders up, Okada gets him for a gut wrench! Dax kicks and turns that around! TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO!!! Okada survives and shocks Dax! The fans fire up while both men are down again.

Dax goes to a corner, climbs up, and DIVING HEADBUTT FLOPS as Okada moves! The fans rally again and Okada drags Dax up. Okada ripcords, RAIN- NO, Dax gets around and he ripcords! Dax trips Okada again, steps through, and has the SHARPSHOOTER! The fans are thunderous as Okada endures and fights forward, ROPEBREAK! Dax lets go more from exhaustion than in frustration, and Okada bails out. Dax pursues, but Okada grabs the belt! Dax keeps Okada from fleeing and throws him into the ring! But Okada throws the belt away, so the ref has to hurry after it. Okada KICKS the ropes to jam Dax up!!

The fans boo as Okada ripcords, RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (still AEW Continental Champion)

And now that the ringside ban is lifted, The Elite rush out here just to beat Dax down! They want to take another piece off the board while they still can! But then here comes Cash and Bryan! They brawl with The Elite but that’s still 4v3 total! Where’s Team AEW’s fourth man!? IT’S DARBY ALLIN!?! The Relentless One slides in from the crowd to CRACK Nick with the skateboard! And he JAMS Matt! And he brawls with Jack! The fans are losing their minds as Darby brawls with Jack, Bryan has Okada, and FTR are after The Bucks! They’re all in corners, Okada and Nick bail out, but that leaves FTR to mug Matt and Bryan to help Darby with Jack!

FTR TOSS Matt, Darby JAMS Jack with the skateboard! The Elite is sent running, will Darby use Anarchy in the Arena to avenge The Icon?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Dynamite here, but there was something about the second hour that just felt odd. As always, lots of promos, and the promos were all well done, but I’m very thankful they chose to do Ospreay and Roddy confronting each other as a backstage segment and not something on stage or in the ring. There was no time for them to have entrances for everybody. Great contract signing segment with Willow and Mone, and the table spot was definitely proof Mone is healthy to get in a match or they wouldn’t have done that. However, it also felt very go-home, so with Willow standing tall, I guess Mone does win the title. It’d make them even in the bigger picture of their history, and then maybe they can have a rematch in June on the road to Forbidden Door.

Really good promo from Toni Storm ahead of her match with Harley, and it was a clever move to have a ringside ban on the usual suspects, only for Deeb to appear on stage. Storm VS Harley was still a very good match even with Deeb distracting more the cameras than anything. Still hard to say if Deeb gets the title, though. And great move with Edge’s segment to turn into a beatdown rather than a promo. Good save attempt by Kyle, and while Edge got wrecked, he’s obviously going to still make it to Double or Nothing. Maybe we get a match of Edge & Kyle VS Brody & Buddy for the go-home? And good promo from Malakai to establish the raised stakes, but I fear if Malakai wins the title and forces Edge to join The House of Black, it’ll become a little too Early Judgment Day with Edge in charge…

Great promo from Swerve to lead into his great match with Brian Cage. Swerve won, of course, but we of course saw him get beat down by The Patriarchy. My only gripe is that Swerve wasn’t just bleeding hard way, he was gushing hard way! That stream from his eyebrow…! Granted, it works in story because Swerve made Nick bleed, and Christian smeared the blood on Swerve’s family picture. I just hope AEW tones down the blood, that’s still some risky stuff. But in the end, Swerve is of course still winning, this is just upping how he’s on the other end of being targeted and beat down after doing it to others before.

Good stuff from Hook with Jericho, and I do like that Hook himself said a squash match win wasn’t good enough. Shibata stepping up because he also wants after Jericho is good stuff, and Joe also had a good part in the backstage promo. Shibata bringing up the floral print was hilarious, I loved it. There was nothing on what kind of qualifying match is happening for Collision, but Hook VS Shibata VS Joe would be some amazing stuff. Great opening tag match with BCC beating the United Empire Callis Family hybrid, and that is clearly a faction feud that can happen past Double or Nothing. Though, obviously Konosuke Takeshita is losing to Moxley in an IWGP World Championship match, Moxley still has to deal with Evil and the House of Torture in NJPW.

And from there, great stuff with The Elite. I would think Eddie’s injury is kayfabe, but he’s also apparently busy being part of Renee Paquette’s new YouTube show, A Match & A Meal. Bucks beating Daniels & Sydal to then “fire” Daniels definitely adds more heat, and we got an awesome main event from Okada and Dax. Darby returning to be the new fourth man is great, because Darby knows how to go wild in that ring, even in normal matches. Anarchy in the Arena is right up his alley after all the Street Fights and what not alongside Sting, and Darby might be the deciding factor in this match now. Darby can have a great feud with Jack Perry, maybe even go after Okada and the Continental Championship, this is good stuff.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/11/24)

The Virtuosa is on a Rampage!



Will Deonna Purrazzo avoid getting Frostbite?

While she has issues with the Thunder, Deonna Purrazzo first takes on the Frost! Will she be more than ready for La Mera Mera after firing back up?


  • Trent Beretta VS Dalton Castle; Trent wins.
  • Bryan Keith VS JD Drake; Keith wins.
  • Deonna Purrazzo VS Lady Frost; Deonna wins.
  • PAC VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie; Pac wins.


Collision bleeds over into Rampage.

After their incredible TNT Championship match, Adam “Edge” Copeland is the winner, but he helps Kyle O’Reilly to his feet and shows him respect with a handshake and hug. The fans cheer that, and Edge even raises Kyle’s hand in victory. Kyle wants to go but Edge doesn’t let go. Edge finally does let go, and even he isn’t sure what that was just now. Edge takes his title and leaves, will he have no choice but to face Malakai Black to exorcise this darkness?


Backstage interview with Claudio Castagnoli.

Lexy Nair catches the Swiss Superman on his way out, and congratulates him on his win alongside Bryan Danielson on Collision. But while Bryan had words to say after, Claudio decided to leave on his own. What happened? Claudio says Anarchy in the Arena. He heard the match be made, and then Bryan tonight defending AEW, Claudio gets it. And he also gets wanting to beat the crap out of The Elite. But Bryan and Eddie teaming up again in that same match? The last time they were on the same team for Anarchy in the Arena, that was almost the end of Bryan’s wrestling career. Claudio had to replace Bryan against Zack Sabre Jr. for Forbidden Door.

Claudio says we didn’t know if Bryan would ever wrestle again, all because of Eddie Kingston. Eddie is swearing to be a changed man, but he could go back to his old self at a moment’s notice. Claudio knows Eddie better than anyone else does. And we also know Bryan is on his last year as a wrestler. Bryan can do whatever he wants, that’s fine, and Claudio supports that. They went to Mexico, to Japan, wherever. But this one? Claudio wants Bryan to retire healthy. And he doesn’t want to have anything to do with this Anarchy in the Arena business. He cannot be there for Bryan. He just doesn’t want to see Bryan get hurt.

Claudio leaves, clearly conflicted, but are his concerns perhaps justified?


Trent Beretta VS Dalton Castle!

It is very clear that from now on, it’s not about Best Friends, it’s about #JustTrent. However, will he really be able to make the most of things now that it is all up to Trent? Or will The Peacock strut all over this selfish traitor?

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Castle puts Trent on ropes. The ref backs Castle up, he and Trent reset. Castle gets a single leg takedown but Trent scrambles to ropes. Castle lets off, but Trent SMACKS him! The fans boo, but Castle gets around to waistlock and SLAM! The fans fire up as Castle waistlocks and gator rolls Trent around. Castle gut wrenches, brings Trent up, and he throws Trent around! Trent gets free, swings, but Castle blocks to counter ELBOW! Trent staggers away, Castle storms up, but Trent HOTSHOTS Castle away! Trent goes up the corner but Castle sweeps the legs!

Castle goes to the apron, runs side to side and KNEES Trent to the floor! The fans fire up and Castle flexes. Castle goes after Trent at the ramp, drags him up and puts him in the ring, then stalks Trent to the far side. Castle waistlocks, Trent throws elbows, but Castle still lifts! Trent fights more, gets free, but Castle scoops! Trent slips free to go to the other side of the corner, and Trent HEADBUTTS Castle in the back of the head! Trent then brings Castle through the corner, for a DRAPING APRON DDT!! The fans boo but Trent just soaks it up, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Trent paces around while Castle sits up in a daze. Trent drags Castle off the apron, then LARIATS! Trent leaves Castle behind and waits on the count. Castle staggers up to his feet, walks off the pain, and then goes to the apron at 5 of 10. But Trent attacks Castle in the ropes! Trent brings Castle in to knee low, then CHOP to the corner! Castle falls over, Trent paces, then digs his boots in! The ref counts, Trent lets off, and Trent stalks Castle to a corner. Trent stands Castle up but Castle ROCKS him! Castle BOOTS from the corner, goes up, but Trent YANKS Castle down into a SAIDO! Trent hurries to cover, TWO!

Castle hangs tough, seeing as how he’s a former ROH World Champion. Trent snarls, storms up on Castle, then brings him around. Trent reels Castle in, but Castle fights the suplex to cradle! TWO! Trent runs up to ELBOW Castle down! Trent soaks up the heat while Castle flounders. Trent stalks Castle to ropes, but Castle throws elbows. Trent CLUBS Castle, Castle ROCKS Trent! Trent CHOPS Castle, then puts him up top. Trent fires forearms, climbs up after Castle, and Rampage returns to single picture. The fans boo as Trent goes up to SUPER STEINER, but Castle sunset flips it! TWO and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down!

The fans fire up as both men stir. Castle flops around to ropes, Trent rises at center. Trent runs up but Castle shoots around to EXPLODER! The fans fire up with Castle as he rises again! Castle runs up to get up and under for another EXPLODER! The fans are thunderous as The Peacock is roaring! Castle storms over to Trent, waistlocks, but Trent elbows free! Trent boots but Castle blocks, reels Trent in, SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Trent stays in this, but Castle stays on him with a gut wrench. The fans rally, Castle brings Trent up, but Trent throws body shots. But Castle Alabama Lifts! Trent grabs ropes to stop that!

Castle pulls, he gets Trent loose, but Trent uses the momentum to reel Castle in! PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Castle survives and Trent scowls. The fans rally for Castle but Trent stalks him to a corner. Trent hauls Castle up for the TORNADO- NO, Castle blocks the DDT and pops Trent around to GERMAN SUPLEX! The fans fire up and Castle rises! Trent bails out but Castle pursues! Castle storms over but Trent has the chair! The ref stops that, but Trent CLAWS Castle’s face! The fans boo, the ref reprimands, but Trent lets off. Trent has Castle in the corner, and YANKS Castle into the crossbar!! Castle writhes and sputters, Trent storms in.

Trent mockingly calls for the hug, only to BUSAIKU KNEE!! Trent then steps over, and reels Castle into the SNAKEBITE!! Castle endures, flails, but he’s fading! Castle is OUT, Trent wins!

Winner: Trent Beretta, by submission

Trent’s a snake, so of course he’d use a move like that to win! Trent gives a mocking thumbs up, then mockingly gives well wishes to Chuck Taylor, the man he forced into early retirement! What is going on inside Trent’s twisted mind?


Deonna Purrazzo speaks.

“Wow, Thunder Rosa, welcome back to work! We haven’t seen you in two weeks. Are you dodging me? Congratulations on your victory, I was watching. And tonight, I hope you’ll pay me the same respect. Because when I’m meticulously picking apart Lady Frost’s arm, I’m going to be thinking about you. When you stepped into my business, when you blamed me for your shortcomings, you made this personal. And it’s about time we end it. A wise man once told me to keep my front towards enemy so when my enemy sees me coming, they know their fate.” The Virtuosa has issued her warning, but is she overlooking her opponent here tonight?


Rush speaks.

“The American fans don’t understand what true greatness is. You fear all that is different. You all have fear because El Toro Blanco, Rush, will squash you and step on you. I will destroy you, I will spit on you, I will walk all over you! And now, everyone in AEW, they’re going to find out why I kick them all in the face. And I plan to do that to anyone who gets in my way. Just remember, if you mess with the bull, you get the horns!”


Bryan Keith VS JD Drake!

The Bounty Hunter is still in search of his prize, but he’s ready to go on a Rampage if it’ll bring him one step closer. Will Keith get what he wants? Or will the Workhorseman put him through the wringer?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Keith headlocks but JD powers out. They RAM shoulders, and JD doesn’t budge. Keith CHOPS, then tries to scoop! JD CLUBS Keith, BELL CLAPS him, then swings. Keith ducks the chop to BOOT JD right outta the ring! The fans fire up and Keith goes out after JD. Keith storms up to CHOP! JD felt that one and the fans fire up again. But then JD shoves, swings, only for Keith to dodge! But then JD pops Keith up to the apron to CLOBBER him! JD puts Keith in the ring, stomps him around, then drags him up. JD reels Keith in and suplexes, but Keith slips free! Keith waistlocks, but JD bucks the O’Conner!

JD runs up to SHOTGUN BOOT! Cover, TWO! Keith survives that, but JD drags him back up. JD bumps Keith off buckles, then CHOPS! The fans fire up hearing that one! JD stands Keith up to CHOP again! Keith just fires up to fire CHOP after CHOP in return! JD knees low, whips, but Keith ducks ‘n’ dodges and repeat, to FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! JD gets up, and Keith scoops and SLAMS! The fans fire up, Keith runs in, and he GAMANGIRIS! JD wobbles, Keith gets around and reels him in, DIAMOND DUST! Cover, Keith wins!

Winner: Bryan Keith, by pinfall

The Bounty Hunter brings down the Blue Collar Badass and is ready to keep going! Will Keith have a golden opportunity waiting for him on the other side of Double or Nothing?


Adam “Edge” Copeland speaks.

He stands on the other side of chain link fence, barbed wire woven throughout. Edge says, “I just survived a war with Kyle O’Reilly. But I have more ideas. Malakai Black! I’ve already taken out Buddy Matthews, I’ve already taken out Brody King. So now, now it’s your turn. You want evil? You want my darkest side? It’s starting to come out, Malakai, and I don’t think you want it. But I think I do. So I have a challenge for you. At Double or Nothing, Las Vegas, Malakai Black VS Cope The Rated R Superstar, in a BARBED WIRE STEEL CAGE MATCH for the TNT Championship!! If you’re man enough, I want to see you in Everett this Wednesday on Dynamite to accept my challenge.”

Edge rattles the cage, will he make The Dark Father regret ever rattling his?


Deonna Purrazzo VS Lady Frost!

The Virtuosa gave La Mera Mera her warning, and now she’s going to make good on it. Will she melt the ice in Frost’s veins? Or will Deonna have to be careful not to lose her arms to Frostbite?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Deonna puts Frost in a corner, then shoves her around. The ref counts, Deonna lets off, and Frost comes back. Deonna headlocks to hit the takeover. Frost keeps her shoulders up, stands up and throws body shots. Frost powers out but Deonna runs her over! Frost kips up! Deonna kicks low! Deonna whips, drops down, but Frost rolls under the lariat to handspring and headscissor! But Deonna blocks that to stomp Frost’s fingers! Deonna stalks Frost to a corner, CHOPS Frost, then stalks her to another corner. Frost CHOPS back! Deonna kicks low, whips corner to corner, but Frost slips out to the apron!

Frost blocks a shot to ROCK Deonna, then she goes up and up to HANDSPRING RANA! The fans fire up as Deonna tumbles out of the ring! Frost takes aim from the apron, but handsprings over the lariat! But Deonna blocks the kick to YANK Frost down! The fans boo but Deonna soaks it all up as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Deonna rolls into the ring, drags Frost up, and wrenches to CLUB the arm. Frost goes to a corner, and Deonna pulls the arm around ropes! The ref counts, Deonna lets off, and then she wrenches Frost to YANK the arm. And YANK it again! Deonna wrenches but Frost fires body shots! Deonna wrenches to WRING the arm out! Deonna soaks up more heat, then drags Frost around to drop a leg on the arm! Deonna leg scissors the arm but Frost endures. Deonna drops a leg on the arm again, then drops a knee on the elbow! Frost endures but Deonna covers, TWO! Deonna is annoyed but she storms up on Frost.

Frost throws body shots but Deonna ROCKS her. Deonna puts Frost in a corner to whip corner to corner, then she runs in. Frost BOOTS Deonna away, then handsprings up and over to SHOTGUN from behind! Cover, TWO! Deonna is still in this but Frost brings her up. Frost whips, Deonna reverses, then Deonna ELBOWS Frost down! Deonna huffs and puffs and stalks Frost, then drags her by an arm. Deonna digs a knee into the shoulder, then gets the other arm. Deonna bends those fingers back, then pulls the arm! Deonna flips Frost into a cover, TWO! Deonna keeps on Frost with a knee to the back and a chinlock on top!

Frost endures, Deonna CLUBS her in the chest, then keeps on the chinlock. Frost fights around, stands, throws body shots, and breaks free to KNEE low! Frost fires more shots as Rampage returns to single picture, but Deonna ROCKS Frost back! Deonna whips Frost to a corner, but Frost ELBOWS her away! Deonna runs in again, but Frost dodges to then SCREW HIGH KICK! But Deonna BOOTS her down! The fans fire up while both women stir. Deonna goes to ropes, the fans cheer on Frost, and Frost runs up to LARIAT! And then wrench, and LARIAT! Frost fires up, Deonna ducks a roundhouse but not the HEEL KICK!

Deonna goes to a corner, Frost runs up to SHINING WIZARD! Frost sits Deonna down then goes corner to corner for the handspring CANNONBALL! Frost drags Deonna to the cover, ROPEBREAK! Frost miscalculated but she drags Deonna back up. But Deonna SOBATS! Deonna runs to KNEE LIFT and RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Then a roll through into the FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Frost endures, reaches out, but Deonna pushes way back on the arm! Frost still fights around, makes her way over, ROPEBREAK! Deonna lets go in frustration and she stomps away on Frost! Frost goes to the apron, Deonna runs up but Frost RAMS into her!

Frost ROUNDHOUSES, then goes up top! Frost aims, leaps, TORNILLO! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives and shocks Frost! But Frost hurries to put Deonna back in the drop zone! Frost goes up but Deonna CLUBS her first! Deonna waisltocks but Frost holds ropes! Frost elbows Deonna away, then mule kicks! Frost adjusts, but Deonna trips her! Deonna throws Frost into the Tree of Woe, to run in and TACKLE Frost! Cover, Deonna wins!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by pinfall

Just as Rosa proved she can win by submission, Deonna proved she can win by sudden impact! But speaking of sudden, here comes Rosa with a chair! Deonna bails out and runs away into the crowd! Rosa wants to pursue but security gets in the way! The Virtuosa flees into the night but Rosa looks where she can find her! When and where will La Mera Mera get her chance to tear into Deonna?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

After The Outcasts bullied her protege, Mariah May, the leading lady is coming for revenge! Toni Storm will take on Harley Cameron in a “grudge match,” but who will watch out for the shoe? And then, with Kazuchika Okada wanting his 1v1 with Dax Harwood, the stakes have now been raised, because it will be an AEW Continental Championship match! Perhaps a move by Tony Khan or Kenny Omega? No Cash or Bucks allowed ringside, who will make it reign in Everett?


The Acclaimed debut a brand new music video!

They say it couldn’t be done~! Ey yo, why you say that? They say we could never make it~! You sound so dumb! Hey yo yo yo yo, listen! New legends, like the news said it, I’ma turn it to 11, send the haters to the heavens. New new, new new. Who knew who knew? Not you, not you! You lose, you lose! Broke ceilings and hit walls, here to tag like graffiti. Here to drop bombs on the whole world, you’d think we at Tuskegee. At war with the world again, hats off, we’ll be burnin’ them, hurtin’ them, even when the situation got harrier than a Persian man. Every dollar, we earnin’ ’em.

We don’t care ’bout your Bucks. We don’t need our initials, either. Swear to God, we give no WHOA! People love me and Bowens a lot. Billy Gunn took us over the top. Merch numbers, they going to cop. Big bubble, we gonna pop. Who winning the most? Us. Who did all they goals? Us! Who comin’ for more? US! Who spinning these hoes? US! New new, new new. Who knew who knew? Who’s next who’s next? Better hope it’s not you.

Platinum Max has sent a message to the top guys of the tag division, but will he and the Five Tool Player soon replace them as the elite team of AEW?


Scorpio Sky speaks.

“Yes, I was hurt. And yes, I’m better than ever now. Every time you get hurt, you heal. After darkness comes the light. Where most people see an injury as a step back, I saw this as a step forward. But I had tough days. I struggled like normal people do. Now, I choose to believe. If you put one foot in front of the other, every step takes you closer to your destination. It’s all about faith. And if you don’t have it, that’s okay. I’m here for you. Because together, the Sky’s the limit.” Will this return finally be the one that takes Scorpio to the top of AEW?


PROGRAMMING ALERT for next Saturday!

It’ll be another THREE HOUR BLOCK for AEW as Collision & Rampage go back to back again, but it’ll be back to TNT!


PAC VS Johnny TV w/ Taya Valkyrie!

The Bastard has been looking for trouble, and trouble keeps finding him. Will the Man Gravity Forgot show that it’s not about being TV Ready, but about being ready for a fight?

The bell rings and Johnny pulls out a Canucks jersey from the back of his pants. He shows it off, just to floss it between his legs! The fans boo, but then Pac BOOTS Johnny down! The fans cheer as Pac stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Pac digs his boots in, but Pac still lets off at 4. Pac drags Johnny up, bumps him off buckles, then stalks Johnny to another corner. The fans rally for Pac, he stomps Johnny more, but lets off as the ref counts. Pac drags Johnny up to bump him off more buckles! Johnny falls back, Pac goes up the corner, and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Johnny tumbles all the way out of the ring!

Pac goes to the apron, KICKS Johnny, then ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit and down goes Johnny! The fans fire up and Pac stalks Johnny. Pac drags Johnny up and into the ring, then storms in after him. Taya gets on the apron to shout at Pac, but then she backs away as Pac storms over. Johnny CLAWS Pac’s eyes! Johnny ROCKS Pac, ELBOWS and ROUNDHOUSES, then runs, to CALF KICK! Johnny hits a STANDING SHOOTING STAR, covers, TWO! Johnny keeps on Pac and throws down elbows as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Johnny digs his elbow into Pac’s shoulder, then brings Pac around to kick low. Johnny TOSSES Pac out, then KICKS him in the back. Johnny grins while he paces around Pac, then talks some trash on the fans. Johnny hauls Pac up to FLAPJACK off the apron! Taya applauds but she’s the only one. Johnny steps into the ring, argues with the ref, and Taya CHOKES Pac! Taya gets away with all that, Johnny waits on Pac to get in, and then he SWITCH KICKS! Johnny BOOTS Pac to ropes, CHOKES him on the ropes, then lets off as the ref counts. Johnny drags Pac into a cravat and snapmares. Johnny keeps Pac down with a neck wrench, but Pac endures.

Pac fights up, throws body shots, but Johnny throws him down by his hair! Johnny then SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Johnny rains down forearms, goes for the arm but Pac clasps hands to fight off the armbar. Pac moves around, ROPEBREAK! Johnny lets go but then CLUBS Pac in the corner. Johnny drags Pac around to have another cravat neck wrench. Pac endures, Taya taunts the fans, and Johnny leans on the hold. Pac fights up, even as Johnny adjusts his angle, and Rampage returns to single picture. Pac fights body shots but Johnny knees low! RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! And then Johnny can’t help but go over to Taya for a big kiss!

The fans boo because public displays of affection are gross. Johnny and Taya still flirt even as Johnny goes back into the ring. Pac CLOBBERS him! And CLOBBERS him again! Pac whips, Johnny reverses but Pac CLOBBERS him a third time! The fans fire up with Pac and he stalks Johnny. Pac brings Johnny up to SOBAT! KICK! SOBAT! Pac runs, but Taya trips him up! The fans boo but Taya scurries away. Pac pursues! Taya says he is not about to, but then Johnny runs in! TORNILLO! Down goes Pac, and Johnny puts him back in. MOONLIGHT DRIVE! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives but Johnny drags him to a drop zone.

Johnny stomps Pac, then goes up the corner. STARSHIP- NO, Pac moves and Johnny lands out! Pac rolls Johnny, Johnny rolls through, but Pac dodges him to SNAP GERMAN! Pac roars, the fans fire up, and he runs in, but into a BOOT! Johnny aims again, goes up, and the fans boo the STARSHIP- FLOP!! Pac goes up while Johnny crash lands! The fans are thunderous but Taya gets on the apron! Everyone is distracted and that allows Johnny to get away! Taya takes a swing, but Pac blocks! Johnny runs up, but is sent into his wife!! Pac jumps on, BRUTALIZER!!! Johnny drops to a knee, tries to power up, but he falls to the mat! Johnny taps, Pac wins!!

Winner: PAC, by submission

That’s what you get for picking a fight with a Bastard! Mr. & Mrs. TV will have to regroup and rethink their plan for stardom, but then Bang Bang Gang is here via the tron! They want “Pac-man” to pay attention! Pac won his match, huh? Yeah, just did. But as good as White did against Rocky Romero? Nope! But he at least took White’s advice about it. Then wait, Pac won? Yes. After that embarrassment against Okada, are things finally looking up for ol’ Pac? Well let’s not get carried away. Pac, that is great. The fans are happy, good to see you back in action after vacation. But if you stick your nose in Bang Bang Gang business again, they will put you on the shelf permanently.

But until then, everyone in Vancouver can help them finish this one. If you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya: GUNS UP!! Pac scowls at the arrogant World Trios Champions, but are they the ones playing with fire?

My Thoughts:

Very good episode for Rampage, but like, can we stop these three hour blocks? I know it’s because of actual sports like NBA and NHL, not something AEW really wants to do, but all the more reason they need to just fold Rampage and focus on Collision. This was still great stuff but it just seems like if AEW can’t guarantee Rampage gets to be on its own night or something, it just gets to be a lot to do on a weekend. Good bit of stuff from Collision, with Edge being all strange after his TNT title match with Kyle. But him wanting a barbed wire cage match for the blowoff with Malakai, that is gonna be awesome stuff.

Really good match from Trent and Dalton Castle, but Castle having more and more substitute Boys just reminds me that they stupidly released THE Boys, Brandon & Brent Tate. But either way, of course Trent wins and does it with some Heelish savagery. No response from Orange Cassidy but maybe that’ll be on Wednesday. Really good match from Bryan Keith and JD Drake, but much like Garcia on Collision, this win was filler to keep Bryan in a holding pattern until titles are freed up after Double or Nothing. Really good music video from Acclaimed, as hard as it is to keep up with Caster even with DVR powers. But clearly, Caster & Bowens are going back for the World Tag titles, that should be a good build as we go into the Summer.

Good promo from Claudio to explain leaving Bryan behind on Collision, and he did a great job referencing Anarchy in the Arena 2022. With Bryan about to retire from wrestling and Wheeler Yuta still out hurt, I feel like Blackpool Combat Club is one Heel turn away from breaking up. Good promo from Rush and he’ll be back in action soon. If only there was an indication La Faccion Ingobernable was coming back with him so that they could go after factions like The Undisputed Kingdom, Bullet Club Gold or even The Elite at some point. Also good promo from Scorpio Sky in what is his third return or so. A shame he got hurt while trying to get going in ROH, and that makes me wonder where in the hecc did Ethan Page go. But hopefully Scorpio stays healthy enough to really do something as a singles wrestler.

Good promo from Deonna before her really good match with Lady Frost. Deonna of course won, and I like that Rosa came out after her since she was still in the building. Their rematch should really be something big, like a Last Woman Standing match. Basically, something more than just another standard match given the animosity that’s been building. And good promo from Johnny & Taya on Collision leads to a really good main event match here, but of course Pac won out. Bullet Club Gold sending a message to Pac makes me wonder if Pac really will change his mind and reunite Death Triangle, or he finds a new duo who has beef with the Bang Bang Gang. And even then, I don’t see Pac’s team taking the titles, White & The Gunns only just “unified” them and haven’t even faced a trio from ROH.

My Score: 8.7/10

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