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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (3/21/24)

One step closer to history!



The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 56

The HPW Triforce Tournament has reached the Bracket Finals! Who moves on to the Triforce Anniversary on April 1st?


  • HPW Goddess Championship Contender’s Tournament Finals: Nabooru VS Midna; Nabooru wins and will challenge Ruto for the title on the Triforce Anniversary.
  • HPW Triforce Tournament, Bracket of Power Finals: Tali VS Yunobo; Yunobo wins and advances to the Triforce Tournament Finals.
  • HPW Triforce Tournament, Bracket of Wisdom Finals: Aveil VS Zelda; Aveil wins and advances to the Triforce Tournament Finals.
  • HPW Triforce Tournament, Bracket of Courage Finals: Riju VS Skull Kid; Riju wins and advances to the Triforce Tournament Finals.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

HPW has gone big in its fifth year, and it feels like things are only getting bigger and better! The Triforce Tournament has its Bracket Finals, and the Gerudo Sisterhood is looking to dominate with Power, Wisdom and Courage! The Dame of the Dunes, Tali! The Desert Flower, Aveil! And the Gerudo Dynamo, Riju! They want to give the world the first-ever all-Gerudo/all-female Triple Threat Finals, will the dream come true? Or are the odds just not in their favor? But first, another title will have a contender after the Gerudo icon, Nabooru, takes on the Twilight Princess! Who challenges Ruto for the anniversary show? HPW by the Gerudo Great Cliffs starts now!


HPW Goddess Championship Contender’s Tournament Finals: Nabooru VS Midna!

Ruto more or less stole this title at HyruleMania 4, and while the Twilight Princess is one step away from her rematch, an old rival of Ruto’s is also at the doorstep. Will Nabooru again set the tone for the Gerudo Sisterhood on the big stage? Or will Midna tuck her in for a Twilight Sleep?

The bell rings and the fans rally up. Nabooru of course has a homefield advantage here at the Great Cliffs but Midna ignores that. They tie up, go around, and Midna uses her height to push Nabooru back. Midna puts Nabooru in a corner, referee Maron Ron Ron counts, and Midna lets off slowly. Midna smirks at Nabooru but the fans boo. Nabooru keeps her cool and the two reset. They feel things out, knuckle lock, and Midna kicks low! Midna headlocks, hits a takeover, and she grinds Nabooru down. Nabooru goes for a headscissor but Midna shrugs that off. But then Nabooru pushes her forearm into Midna’s face to power her into the headscissors!

Midna kips free and roles reverse as Nabooru headlocks for a takeover. Midna headscissors right away, and she holds tight as Nabooru tries to kip free. Nabooru moves around and fans rally up. Nabooru turns Midna over, bridges and rolls back to tie up the legs, and then shifts around. Midna crawls her way forward as Nabooru tries for the crossface, ROPEBREAK! The fans applaud as Nabooru lets off quickly. Midna bails out to calm down, and Nabooru waits on her. The ring count starts while Midna paces. The count reaches 5 of 10 but Midna slides in. Midna and Nabooru tie up, and Midna powers Nabooru right into a corner.

Maron counts, Midna whips Nabooru corner to corner. Midna runs in to CHOP! The fans “WOO~” but plenty still boo, and Midna whips corner to corner the other way. Midna runs in again, but Nabooru dodges and runs the ropes. Midna swings, Nabooru ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl and headscissor! Midna tumbles out of the ring and again Nabooru waits on her. The fans cheer while Midna gets up in a huff. Midna again cools off and the ring count starts. Midna storms up at 5 of 10, but Nabooru WRECKS her with a dropkick! The fans fire up while Nabooru goes out and brings Midna up. Nabooru whips, but Midna reverses to send her into barriers!

Fans boo but Midna just soaks it up. Midna brings Nabooru around, SMACKS her off the apron, then puts her in the ring. Midna soaks up more heat, steps inside, but Nabooru gets the leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Midna falls to the apron while fans fire up! Nabooru drags Midna into the ring, steps over, La Magistrol! TWO, and Nabooru sunset flips! Midna reaches out for ropes as she stays standing, but then she stomps Nabooru! Midna drags Nabooru up and clinches, but Nabooru fights the suplex with elbows. Nabooru then wrenches and reels Midna in to fireman’s carry, but Midna fights free! Midna CHOPS Nabooru again!

Midna whips Nabooru to ropes, but Nabooru holds ropes to stop herself. Midna rushes in but Nabooru dumps her out to the apron! Midna clutches her back as she stands back up, then turns around into Nabooru’s PLANCHA! The fans fire up with Nabooru and she brings Midna up. Nabooru puts Midna in the ring, aims from the apron and springboards, CROSSBODY! But Midna rolls through! The fans are torn as Midna FALL AWAY SLAMS! Nabooru tumbles out of the ring, Midna storms out after her. Midna brings Nabooru up, whips her into barriers hard, and then runs up to BOOT Nabooru over into the crowd!

The front row fans fire up as they get even closer to the action now! Midna steps over the barriers and stomps Nabooru. Maron reprimands and wants this back in the ring. The count begins as Midna CLUBS Nabooru, then DUMPS her over the barriers. Midna steps over again, stalks Nabooru, and the count is 5 of 10. Midna brings Nabooru up, for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Midna pushes Nabooru in, slides in to cover, TWO! Midna keeps cool and keeps on Nabooru with a chinlock. Nabooru endures while the fans rally up. Nabooru pries at the hold as she stands, but Midna KNEES Nabooru low!

Nabooru staggers, Midna brings her around to clinch, EXPLODER! Nabooru flounders into a corner, Midna storms up to stomp a mudhole in. Midna digs her boot in, Maron counts, and Midna lets off at 4. Midna drags Nabooru from the corner to put her in the drop zone. Midna stomps Nabooru, then goes up the corner. The fans boo, Midna mocks them with “Wah-wah,” but then Nabooru anchors a leg! Midna kicks at Nabooru and finally shakes her free. Midna adjusts her position but Nabooru comes back to GAMANGIRI! The fans fire up while Midna wobbles on the second rope! Nabooru reels Midna in for a fireman’s carry!

Nabooru carries Midna away from the corner, for the USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Midna is still in this and Nabooru grows frustrated. The fans rally up, and Nabooru brings Midna back up. Nabooru dragon sleepers, fires herself up, but Midna snapmares free! Midna aims, TWILIGHT- NO, Nabooru ducks under! Nabooru hurries to dragon sleeper again, but Midna goes up and over to dragon sleeper Nabooru! Midna steals NBR! Cover, TWO!! The fans are thunderous as Nabooru survives her own move! Midna is furious, but she drags Nabooru up. Midna shakes out her leg before she reels Nabooru in.

Nabooru trips Midna! Jackknife bridge, TWO as Midna bridges up! Midna turns things around, but the leg bothers her again! Nabooru CLUBS that leg! Fans fire up as Nabooru fireman’s carries again! N B W!! The elbow drop outta the Death Valley Driver! Cover, TWO!! Midna survives but the fans are thunderous! “This is Awesome!” as Nabooru takes aim from a corner! Midna sits up, Nabooru runs in, but Midna ducks the Twilight Sleep attempt! Midna SPEARS Nabooru down! Cover, TWO, but Midna has Nabooru’s legs! Midna steps through to FIGURE FOUR! The fans are torn as Midna works to bridge! But the bad leg holds her back!

Midna struggles but can’t support herself, so she settles for just the normal Figure Four! Nabooru endures, scrambles around and reaches out! Midna backstrokes to pull Nabooru from the ropes but Nabooru keeps fighting! The fans rally as hard as they can as Nabooru does her own backstroke! Midna pulls on the leg but Nabooru gets the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer while Midna lets off in frustration. Midna slaps the bad leg into working, then storms over to Nabooru. Nabooru shoves Midna back, then ELBOWS her! Midna wobbles, Nabooru QUEBRADAS, and has the dragon sleeper! NBR!! Cover, NABOORU WINS!!

Winner: Nabooru, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the HPW Goddess Championship)

The fans are thunderous again as the Gerudo icon pulls out the win! Will Nabooru get one more win off her old rival, Ruto? Or will the Zora Princess refuse to give up the throne? As for Midna, she’s the most stunned out of everyone. What is she to do without a clear path back to the top?


Byrne Lokoma is here!

Wait, why is he here, though? He and Chancellor Cole are making their way down the ramp and Cole has a mic. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am Chancellor Cole, special counsel to this man, the Man with the Iron Claw, Byrne Lokoma. But not only does Byrne have an iron claw and an iron will to match, but he also has a one-track mind. He was determined to take the Triforce Tournament by storm, but was then derailed in the first round by a massive obstacle on the track. That obstacle… was Rusl’s giant rectangular head!” Fans boo and Rusl glares at Cole from the commentary desk.

Cole brings up Rusl saying HPW management needs to quote, “sort out who’s kicking Byrne’s ass,” or else Rusl will do that for them. Is that Rusl’s way of saying he wants to kick Byrne’s ass? Is that Rusl even thinking he could kick Byrne’s ass? “A washed-up has-been should know better than to get involved with a wrestler in his prime! Byrne Lokoma is the future of not just HPW but of all professional wrestling, while you (Rusl) are the past. In fact, when were you ever really the name everyone was talking about? Are you just trying to ride Byrne’s coattails?” Fans boo and Rusl gets more upset. Rusl stands up but Shad & Telma tell him to calm down.

Rusl has his headset on to say Cole’s talking big for a tiny man who isn’t even a wrestler. And Byrne must be “all smoke and no fire” if he’s got Cole talking for him! Byrne hears enough of that to get mad and storms up to the ropes. Cole has Byrne hold on, and Shad tells Rusl to sit down. Rusl doesn’t sit down, and Byrne stays at the ropes to glare at him. Cole continues by telling Rusl that if he thinks facing Byrne will somehow make up for him only ever being a “midcarder” in his career, he’s free to try. But Cole wants Rusl to really think about it. Rusl needs to think long and hard. “Do you really want Byrne to force you into retirement from the one thing you have left?”

Fans let out an “Oh…!” and Shad has to actually physically hold Rusl back! Cole laughs and he leads Byrne away. What will Rusl do about how Cole talked to him? What will management do about how Cole talked to Rusl?


HPW Triforce Tournament, Bracket of Power Finals: Tali VS Yunobo!

For the first time in the Power Bracket, a female wrestler has made it this far, but the same goes for a Goron wrestler! Two cultures built on strength and stamina are set to collide, will the Dame of the Dunes win one for the Sisterhood? Or will Yunobo make his grandfather proud?

The bell rings and the fans rally up for Tali as she and Yunobo circle. They feel things out, tie up, and are in a deadlock. They break, Tali eggs Yunobo on, and they tie up again. They are in another deadlock, but Yunobo uses his size to push Tali back. Tali turns things around to put Yunobo on the ropes. The ref counts, Tali lets off, and she pushes Yunobo while egging him on. Yunobo frowns as he and Tali reset and the fans rally up again. Tali calls for a test of strength, so Yunobo obliges and knuckle locks. They go shoulder to shoulder, Tali twists the wrists and brings Yunobo to his knees! Fans cheer but Yunobo fights his way back up!

Yunobo stands, starts to power Tali back, but Tali kicks low! Tali headlocks but Yunobo powers up and lifts Tali! Tali thrashes the headlock, they go to ropes, but Yunobo powers out! They RAM shoulders, and the fans fire up as the two stare down. Tali eggs Yunobo on, Yunobo runs the ropes and RAMS Tali! Tali rebounds and RAMS Yunobo, then they RAM each other! Neither falls so they RAM again, and again, and again! Yunobo swings but Tali ducks and then BOOTS! Yunobo wobbles but stays up, so Tali runs to RAM him! Yunobo tumbles right outta the ring and the fans fire up with Tali as she roars and flexes!

Tali goes out after Yunobo, brings him up and whips, but Yunobo blocks! Yunobo then whips Tali into the barriers hard! Tali slumps down and fans boo, but then Yunobo runs up to SPLASH Tali against barriers! The fans go nuts as the barriers move back a bit! Yunobo drags Tali up as the ring count is climbing, and he puts Tali in at 5 of 10. Yunobo storms in to SENTON! Cover, TWO! Tali is still in this and the fans rally up again. Yunobo drags Tali up, but Tali throws body shots! And a CHOP! Fans “WOO~” but Yunobo knees low! Yunobo runs, but Tali SPLASHES him at the ropes! A bit double-edged, but Tali keeps moving.

But then Yunobo SPLASHES Tali at the ropes! Yunobo runs but Tali dodges and LARIATS! With all that momentum, Tali’s the one that tumbles out of the ring! Fans rally up as Tali hurries back in the ring. She reloads and runs in, but Yunobo dodges! Tali dodges, Yunobo keeps moving, and DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide!! Fans are fired up as both Tali and Yunobo sputter on the mat! Tali and Yunobo slowly rise, and they go head to head on the mat. They go forehead to forehead, and stand to go forearm to forearm! Yunobo ROCKS Tali, but Tali ROCKS Yunobo! Yunobo throws a body shot, but Tali CHOPS! Yunobo CHOPS, Tali throws forearms!

Yunobo gives the forearm back, but Tali hits back again! They go back and forth, faster and faster, and the fans fire up with every shot! Tali ROCKS Yunobo, Yunobo wobbles, and Tali ROCKS him again! And again! Yunobo staggers to a corner, and Tali fires off more forearms and CHOPS, on repeat! The fans fire up, the ref counts, but Tali CHOPS, CHOPS, forearms, and forearms! Tali lets off at 4 but the fans rally again. Tali whips Yunobo corner to corner but Yunobo reverses! Only for Cobb to bounce off buckles and run Yunobo over!! The fans are thunderous as Tali keeps going, and she runs Yunobo over again!

Tali wants Yunobo to get back up, and he does. Tali runs the ropes to run Yunobo over a third time! Fans fire up more as Tali looms over Yunobo. Tali reels Yunobo in, pump handles and lifts, for a FALL AWAY SLAM!! Fans are thunderous after seeing that feat of super strength! Tali crawls to the cover, TWO!! Yunobo is still in this but fans rally for Tali. Tali hauls Yunobo up to whip to ropes! Yunobo holds ropes, and BOOTS Tali back! Tali DROPKICKS Yunobo back! Fans fire up for that feat of agility, and Tali whips Yunobo again. Yunobo BODY CHECKS Tali down!! Cover, TWO!! Tali survives and fans are thunderous again!

Yunobo snarls, looms over Tali and brings her up. Yunobo reels Tali in but Tali fights off the lift! Yunobo DOUBLE CHOPS Tali to a corner, then DOUBLE CHOPS again! Yunobo runs corner to corner and back again, but Tali dodges the splash! Tali storms back in, but into a back elbow! Yunobo goes up to CROSSBODY, but Tali catches him!? To then POWERSLAM!! But Yunobo rolls it into a cradle!! TWO!!! Yunobo hurries to SUPERKICK!! Tali staggers, Yuno runs, to LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous again as Tali survives! Yunobo drags Tali up and HEADBUTTS her to a corner! Yunobo hoists Tali up top, ROCKS her, then climb up after her.

Fans rally as Yunobo drags Tali up. But Tali fires off body shots! Tali DOUBLE CHOPS in return, but Yunobo HEADBUTTS again! Yunobo climbs back up, and then to the very top! Fans fire up but also worry about this! Yunobo brings Tali up, and hits a SUPERPLEX!!! The ring stays intact so Yunobo hurries back up top! The fans go nuts for the DEATH MOUNTAIN SPLASH!!! Cover, Yunobo wins!!

Winner: Yunobo, by pinfall (advances to the Triforce Anniversary)

The fans lose their minds, they can’t believe Tali just got crushed! A Goron finally conquers the Bracket of Power, will Yunobo soon make his bloodline proud?


HPW Triforce Tournament, Bracket of Wisdom Finals: Aveil VS Zelda!

For the first time in her career, the Desert Flower reaches the Wisdom Bracket’s finals, but now finds herself facing the original Triforce of Wisdom! We just saw Tali fall, but will Aveil make it through to the Triforce Anniversary? Or will the Princess of Hyrule return to prominence?

The bell rings and Aveil offers a handshake. Zelda takes a moment to consider it, but she does shake Aveil’s hand. The fans cheer the respect shown and the two circle. They tie up, Aveil wrenches and wristlocks, and she keeps Zelda from ropes. Zelda slips under and headlocks, and she grinds the hold. Aveil powers up but can’t power out as Zelda holds tight. Zelda grinds Aveil down to the mat, but Aveil pops out the back to headlock in return. Aveil grinds Zelda now, but Zelda endures. Zelda fights up, throws body shots, and powers out. Aveil rebounds and RAMS Zelda, and fans fire up as Zelda staggers back!

Zelda is surprised but Aveil smiles and flexes. Zelda gets up and dusts herself off, and the two reset. They circle, feel things out, and tie up with knuckle locks. Aveil makes it a test of strength as they go shoulder to shoulder, and she bends Zelda back. Zelda’s shoulders are down, cover, TWO as Zelda gets an arm up. Aveil pushes that arm down for another cover, TWO as Zelda gets the other arm up. Aveil pushes that arm down, TWO as Zelda bridges up! Aveil sweeps the legs out, TWO as Zelda bridges up again! Aveil jumps up but Zelda uses that to MONKEY FLIP Aveil away! Aveil keeps the knuckle locks and it’s a double cover! TWO as both women bridge up!

The fans fire up as the two stare down while upside-down! They then both bridge up to headstands, and they lock legs! The fans fire up as the two balance themselves, and then Aveil SLAPS Zelda! Fans fire up, Zelda SLAPS back! Aveil SLAPS again, Zelda SLAPS again, it’s a SLAP fight while they’re upside-down! The fans are loving it as they SLAP back and forth! Aveil gets the edge as she SLAPS, SLAPS and SLAPS! The two fall over, and Aveil uses the leg hook to turn Zelda over for a SAND CRAB! Zelda endures and the fans fire up! Zelda reaches out, but Aveil drags her back! Zelda keeps clawing at the mat, but Aveil shifts to an STF!

The fans fire up as Aveil pulls on the crossface, but Zelda still endures! Zelda reaches out, claws at the mat, and drags Aveil along! ROPEBREAK! The fans are torn while Aveil holds on until referee Maron Ron Ron counts 4! Aveil lets go in frustration while Zelda coughs and sputters her way to the apron. Aveil waits for Zelda to sit up then she storms her way over. Aveil grabs at Zelda but Zelda grabs Aveil’s arm! HANGING ARMBAR! Maron counts, Zelda lets go at 4, and Aveil staggers away. Zelda hurries in and chicken wings that arm! Aveil fights off the crossface part to get the ROPEBREAK! Maron counts, but Zelda CLUBS the bad arm!

The fans boo and Maron reprimands, but Zelda follows Aveil to a corner. Zelda takes the bad arm and wraps it around ropes! Maron counts while Zelda pulls the arm, but Zelda lets go at 4. Aveil shakes out the bad arm, and Zelda  storms up to stomp Aveil down. Maron counts again, Zelda lets off at 4, then runs corner to corner to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Zelda drags Aveil to a cover, TWO! Zelda goes after the bad arm! Zelda wants a Fujiwara Armbar but Aveil scrambles around! Aveil reaches out, Zelda drags her away from ropes, steps over, LA MAGISTROL! TWO, and Aveil scrambles to another corner.

Zelda storms up again but Aveil ELBOWS her away. Aveil then CHOPS Zelda, ROCKS her, then UPPERCUTS! Zelda staggers, Aveil waistlocks, but Zelda wrenches the bad arm! Zelda wristlocks then grinds the shoulder, but Aveil rolls, rolls back, then handsprings to arm-drag Zelda away! Zelda gets up, comes back, but into another arm-drag! Zelda avoids taking a third, then PENALTY KICKS the bad arm! Aveil clutches the elbow, Zelda wants after that arm, but Aveil rolls away. Aveil kicks but Zelda blocks, only for Aveil to ENZIGIRI! Fans fire up as Zelda falls and Aveil shakes the bad arm. Aveil stalks Zelda, and waistlocks.

Aveil deadlifts Zelda, but the bad arm holds her back! Zelda wrenches the bad arm to WRING it out! Aveil writhes, Zelda aims and runs in, but Aveil avoids the Penalty Kick this time! Zelda comes back but into a ROUNDHOUSE! SUPERKICK! ENZIGIRI! Aveil fires up and waistlocks Zelda, for the GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Zelda escapes but the fans fire up with Aveil! Aveil brings Zelda up, but Zelda HYLIAN KISS HEADBUTTS! Aveil falls and Zelda wobbles, and then Zelda falls onto the cover! TWO!! The fans are thunderous as Aveil just gets her arm up! “This is Awesome!” while both women are down!

Maron checks on them both, and they’re both okay to continue, so the standing count begins. Fans sing “Aveil~, Aveil Aveil Aveil~! Aveil~, Aveil~!” as she and Zelda stir at 3 of 10. Zelda sits up first, shakes out the stars, and then stands up at 6. Aveil staggers up at 8, and the fans cheer as the two make their way over to each other. Zelda winds up to fire a forearm! Fans boo but Aveil comes back to forearm in return! The fans cheer, but then Zelda fires another forearm! They go back and forth, hitting faster and faster, and the fans rally up! Zelda gets the edge, then ROLLING- Aveil DECKS Zelda!!

The fans go nuts and Aveil has fire in her eyes! Aveil stalks Zelda, full nelsons, DESERT- NO, Zelda slips out the back! Zelda goes for the chicken wing! Aveil reaches back to STUNNER! Aveil storms up but Zelda shoots around to half nelson! REQUIEM OF SPIRIT! Zelda fires up but Aveil stands up! The fans fire up while Zelda is shocked! Zelda kicks but Aveil blocks! Aveil KNEES Zelda in return, then reels her in, brings her up, and POWERBOMBS! High stack cover, TWO! Zelda survives but Aveil runs back up, but into a SERENADE OF WATER! And a long one at that! Zelda grabs Aveil’s wrists, but Aveil kicks the legs out!

Aveil gets Zelda in a TRIANGLE HOLD! The fans fire up, Zelda fights around, and Zelda manages to push forward and bridge into a prawn hold! TWO!! Zelda kicks, KICKS, SOBATS and- NO, Aveil ducks the enzigiri! Full nelson, DESERT RAIN!! Cover, Aveil wins!!

Winner: Aveil, by pinfall (advances to the Triforce Anniversary)

The Desert Rain puts out the Bolero of Fire, and the Desert Flower is now blooming into the Triforce Tournament Triple Threat Finals! Will she be the one to hoist the trophy on the Triforce Anniversary?


HPW Triforce Tournament, Bracket of Courage Finals: Riju VS Skull Kid!

The Gerudo Sisterhood has gone 1-1 in these bracket finals, and it all comes down to this! The Gerudo Dynamo wants to join the Desert Flower, but Skull Kid wants to finish his story of redemption! Who shows true courage and completes the Triforce Tournament Finals?

Skull Kid is wearing a bright and shiny new skull mask, and is seen off by Groose, Tingle and even Ladrona. The bell rings and the fans rally up again. Riju and Skull Kid circle, feel things out, then tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Skull Kid headlocks then shifts to waistlock. Riju fights the lift, standing switches, but then Skull Kid resists the lift. Skull Kid switches, Riju resists. Riju switches, gets Skull Kid up, but Skull Kid kicks and flails and flails and kicks! Riju finally lets Skull Kid down, then jumps to sunset flip! TWO, they both stand up and the fans cheer. The two reset and circle again while the fans rally back up.

The two tie up, and Skull Kid headlocks again. Riju powers out, then runs Skull Kid over! Things speed up, Skull Kid hurdles but Riju shoves, only for Skull to turn Riju’s arm-drag into one of his own! Skull Kid DROPKICKS Riju down, then handsprings up! The fans boo and Skull Kid is a little confused, but then he turns around into a DROPKICK from Riju! The fans cheer and Riju takes a bow. Skull Kid stands up in a huff, but calms himself down. He and Riju go again, but then Skull Kid kicks low! Skull Kid whips but Riju reverses to hurdle, hurdle and DROPKICK! Skull bails out while the fans fire up!

Riju encourages the fans to get louder, and they oblige. Riju builds speed but Skull Kid slides back in! Riju tumbles up and out to the apron, Skull Kidd DROPKICKS her down! Skull Kid then builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp! The fans boo as Skull Kid brings Riju up and RAMS her into the ramp! Skull Kid puts Riju in the ring, slides in and covers, TWO! Riju’s tougher than that but Skull Kid keeps his cool. Skull Kid drags Riju up, but Riju CHOPS! Skull CHOPS back but Riju CHOPS again! The fans rally as the CHOPS go back and forth, but then Skull Kid kicks low. Skull Kid whips but Riju holds the ropes!

Skull Kid runs in but Riju DUMPS him out to the apron! Skull Kid staggers while clutching his back, then turns around into a PLANCHA! Direct hit and the fans fire up again! Riju gets Skull Kid into the ring, drags him to a cover, TWO! Skull Kid stays in this but Riju stays on him with a chinlock. Riju grinds Skull Kid down but he endures. Skull Kid fights up, throws body shots, then forearms. Skull Kid runs, but Riju follows! Riju ducks Skull Kid’s lariat and comes back to BLOCKBUSTER! The fans fire up with Riju, and she waits on Skull Kid to get up. Riju SOBATS, front kicks, then SOBATS again!

Riju whips Skull Kid to ropes, then catches him to a COBRA TWIST! The fans rally for Riju while Skull Kid endures! Skull Kid reaches out, flails, and he stomps his way over to ropes. Riju thrashes Skull Kid, rolls him back, GROUND COBRA CRADLE! Cover, TWO!! Skull Kid escapes, but then Riju ENZIGIRIS him back down! Cover, TWO! Riju is frustrated but the fans continue to rally behind her. Riju drags Skull Kid up, reels him in, and suplexes, but Skull Kid knees free! Skull Kid whips, Riju reverses but Skull Kid tilt-o-whirls to RANA! Riju ends up in a corner, Skull Kid runs in, but Riju pops him up to a Hebra Lift! REVERSE NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

The fans rally up while Riju goes to the corner. Riju climbs, but Skull Kid crawls under the corner. Riju hops down while Skull Kid slips to the outside. Skull Kid then grabs Riju’s feet and trips her up! Skull Kid drags Riju out and sends her into barriers! Skull Kid then hurries into the ring, builds speed, and he DIVES! Direct hit and Riju is sent into barriers again! Skull Kid gets back into the ring, builds speed again, and DIVES! Another direct hit sends Riju back into barriers! Fans boo but Skull Kid keeps going! Skull Kid builds speed for another DIVE!! The hattrick is complete and Skull Kid is all fired up!

Fans boo, Skull Kid shoves Riju into the ring and he goes to a corner! Skull Kid aims from the corner, but then he has a bit of a freak out. He realizes he was going for Torpedo Majora, and he doesn’t wanna be like Majora anymore! Skull Kid storms over to Riju, brings her up, but Riju trips him to a jackknife bridge! TWO as Skull Kid bridges up! Skull Kid spins with Riju and hooks the arms! Backslide cover, TWO and Riju brings Skull Kid right up! Riju kicks low, then brings Skull Kid into the clinch! MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS!! Cover, Riju wins!

Winner: Riju, by pinfall (advances to the Triforce Anniversary)

The fans go wild as we get two out of three brackets dominated by the hometown heroes! And though Skull Kid’s story in the tournament ends here, there was clearly some redemption found as he did things his way. Riju does show Skull Kid respect, is there hope for him yet? As for the Gerudo Sisterhood, they all gather in the ring to celebrate! Shabonne brings Riju the mic as fans chant “SA’OTEN! SA’OTEN!” Riju smiles and tears up a little as she says, “Sav’saaba, Great Cliiiiffs~!” The fans cheer and the “SA’OTEN!” continues.

Riju continues by saying tonight was a great night. Nabooru is going to challenge for the HPW Goddess Championship, and for the first time, two-thirds of the HPW Triforce Tournament Triple Threat Finals will be not just female wrestlers, but Gerudo wrestlers! The fans cheer that! Riju tells Yunobo that he won fair and square, he earned his spot in the finals. Then Riju tells Aveil that it is going to be an honor to face her in that match. They’ve been champions together, but they both know it’s time to see if they can reign on their own. Riju offers a handshake, and Aveil takes it. The fans cheer as the two hug it out, then are joined in by the others.

“Okay, okay, now that we’ve gotten all gushy,” Riju says as the group hug ends, “we must bid you adieu. So until next time, sav’orq, MWAH! And sav’orr, BANG!” The fans cheer again as the Sisterhood waves to them all. The odds are in their favor, will the Triforce Tournament Trophy soon belong to the Gerudo?

My Thoughts:

We are so close to the FIFTH Triforce Tournament Finals, this is exciting! Now obviously the Gerudo couldn’t sweep again after they did on night one of the previous round. But I definitely knew Nabooru was winning to give us Nabooru VS Ruto, and I knew Yunobo was winning to “deny” us the historic All Gerudo Triple Threat. Sorry, y’all, but there’s plans for Yunobo in the works. I was torn on whether Zelda should win or lose, but something felt right about Aveil and Riju being together in the finals. You can bet we’ll both get moments of them working together against Yunobo but also them facing each other while Yunobo is out of the way.

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #231: Disney News & Superhero Madness

Round two of Superhero Madness begins this week. Cinema Con gives us plenty of Disney news and a trip to the trailer park. TUNE IN!



Bandwagon Nerds Mario

With Dave and Patrick out visiting both Disney bases respectively, Rey, DP and Tunney take the reins. Speaking of Disney, we have some news from Cinema Con on a plethora of Disney projects. Could Robert Downey Jr. make a return to the MCU? The trailer park gives us four new looks at… The Beach Boys Official Doc on Disney+, Joker: Folie a Deux, Young Woman and the Sea and Civil War. To round out the show we are back at the Superhero Madness! This week we begin the second round in the Mutants/Genetics and Non-Powered Humans brackets. TUNE IN!!!

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About Bandwagon Nerds

Join Patrick O’Dowd, David Ungar, PC Tunney, Rey Cash and DPP as they keep everyone up on all things nerd, and maybe add some new nerds along the way. It’s the Bandwagon Nerds Podcast!

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Hockey Talk- Metro Mayhem [040924]

Hockey Talk looks at an absolutely wild playoff situation taking shape in the Eastern Conference while, out West, the battle for seeding rages on.



Chairshot Radio Large

Hockey Talk returns this week to look at the insanity that is the playoff situation in the Eastern Conference. While the Western Conference focuses on seeding, the eight teams involved are pretty well set. That is definitely not the case in the East where seven teams all still have a legitimate shot at taking the last two playoff spots. This is especially true in the Metropolitan Division where five teams could end up with results ranging from a third-place finish, to a wild card finish, to missing the playoffs entirely. The guys bring you up to speed as to what to expect with just a few games left in the regular season.

Today’s hosts: Dave Ungar (@AttitudeAgg) and Patrick O’Dowd (@WrestlngRealist)

  • Mayhem in the Eastern Conference and Metro Division
  • Seeding on the line out West
  • Milestones for Austin Matthews, Sydney Crosby, and Alex Ovechkin.

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