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Press Release: Renee Michelle & Zeda Zhang Form Alliance



The Chairshot was sent along the following by Team Vision Dojo:

Since being released, Zeda Zhang has been training alongside Renee Michelle at the Team Vision Dojo and this past Sunday, the two formed an alliance.

First, Zeda continues her undefeated submission streak in Melbourne, FL with the help of Renee Michelle over Sofia Castillo. In the semi-main event, Renee challenged Impact Knockout Amber Nova for the RIOT Women’s Championship. Zeda helped behind the refs back to secure Renee the championship.

Amber Nova vs. Renee Michelle (full match – FREE)

Amber Nova had a busy weekend as aside from having the RIOT Women’s title taken away, she also won a battle royal to become the CWE Vixen’s Champion this past Friday. However, in the main event, she unsuccessfully defended it against Singapore’s Alexis Lee.

Also, if you watched Undercover Boss Friday night, you saw Amber Nova at the WWE Performance Center. While it appears her scene was cut along with another indepdent wrestler standing with the group, she looked great on camera and it was a really heartfelt episode that Stephanie McMahon was great on.

Next live event featuring all these women and the top independent wrestlers in Florida will be on Friday, July 6 at 8pm at the Team Vision Dojo in Orlando, FL for I Believe in Wrestling. Also, the Dojo will be holding their next open house for potential students on Tuesday, July 10 at 7pm for potential students to attempt a first day’s pro wrestling class.

Live events and open house tickets available:
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