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Chairshot Classics: WWF Survivor Series ’88 – Teams Of Five Strive To Survive



We’re getting closer to WWE’s annual November tradition the Survivor Series, so today we’re taking a look back at another previous event! The newly reborn Akeem & Big Boss Man have joined forces as The Twin Towers, the next formidable duo looking to supplant The Mega Powers at the top of the WWF. Jake Roberts recently has exposed Andre The Giant’s fear of snakes, showing The Giant to be vulnerable for the first time in his career. The Ultimate Warrior’s Intercontinental Championship run is ongoing, gaining major momentum for the man from Parts Unknown. These rivalries and continued success for the WWF have ultimately put Jim Crockett Promotions and the NWA in a stranglehold, forcing them to sell their company to Ted Turner less than a month later….

Match #1 Survivor Series Elimination Match: WWF Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake, The Blue Blazer, Sam Houston, & ‘Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell vs. The Honky Tonk Man, ‘Dangerous’ Danny Davis, Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine, ‘Outlaw’ Ron Bass & Bad News Brown w/’Colonel’ Jimmy Hart
Brutus & Valentine start, The Hammer backs Beefcake in the corner, Brutus quickly turns the tide and they exchange blows. Valentine to the eyes, Davis with a cheap shot from the apron and he tags in. Brutus reverses an irish whip, gets the sleeper hold on Davis and he’s out. ‘Dangerous’ Danny Davis has been eliminated.

The Hammer comes back in, forearm off the ropes and headbutt the to lower abdomen. He starts to work Beefcake’s leg, goes for the Figure Four and gets kicked off into the turnbuckle. The Barber with rights, Blue Blazer tags and comes in off the top, getting stopped, but then hitting a headscissors. Brunzell enters, armbar to Valentine, The Hammer fights out and gets sent into the ropes. Brunzell with a leapfrog, Valentine slams him and misses an elbow drop, cover and Brunzell gets 1. The Hammer with a side headlock, Bad News with a blind tag and Brunzell dropkicks Valentine and covers him. Brown attacks from behind, Valentine holds Brunzell up and Bad News clobbers him.

Brown with right hands in the corner, a headbutt and a boot off the ropes. He slams Brunzell and drops a fist, ‘Jumpin’ Jim goes to the eyes, but Brown maintains control, sending him into the top turnbuckle. More fisticuffs in the corner, Brunzell reverses a whip across, charges and Brown side-steps it. Bad News with the Ghetto Blaster and covers for 3. ‘Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell has been eliminated. Brutus comes back in, big rights to Bad News and Houston with a tag, coming off the top with a double axe to the shoulder. He whips Brown into the corner, follows him in and runs into a boot. Brown with clubbing blows, drops a leg and a non-chalant cover for a count of 2. Bad News with a hard irish whip into the corner, follows up with a clothesline and The Hammer tags in for a big clubbing shot.

Brown back in, he holds Houston up and Valentine accidentally clocks Bad News. Valentine pleads with Brown that he didn’t mean to do it, there’s a shoving match and the whole team comes in to break them up. Bad News heads for the locker room, walking away and not even looking back. Bad News Brown has been eliminated. Houston dropkicks Bass from behind, rolls up Valentine and gets a near fall. Houston with a sunset flip off the ropes, can’t get The Hammer over and he drops a right, then tags Bass. The Outlaw with an delbow drop for a count of 2, Houston countering a slam attempt for a roll-up and a 2 count.

He whips Bass into the corner, rushes in and eats a boot. Bass levels Houston with a clothesline out of the ropes, covers for 2 and then drives him face-first into the mat for another 2. The Outlaw sends Houston into the corner, Houston to the 2nd rope and he connects with a crossbody for a count of 2, but can’t capitalize and takes a big forearm shot and an elbow drop for another 2. Into the ropes, Houston hops over and lands rights, tries a monkey flip in the corner and gets caught in a powerslam for the 1-2-3. Sam Houston has been eliminated. Warrior jumps in the ring, big rights for Bass and Valentine on the apron.

Clothesline to Bass in the corner, Honky Tonk hops in and gets held in the air by the neck. Warrior cleaning house here, laying out everyone. He slams Bass, tags The Blazer and launches him off the top into a splash for a near fall. HTM with a blind tag, enters the ring and walks into a crossbody. Blue Blazer with a monkey flip out of the corner, quick dropkick to HTM and he quickly tags in The Hammer. Valentine hits the ropes, they botch a leapfrog and Blazer just hits him with a gutwrench suplex, then drops a knee for a 2 count. Irish whip, back body drop to The Hammer, Blazer with a falling slam and he climbs up top. HTM pushes him off, Blazer landing on his knees and Valentine slaps in the Figure Four for the submission. The Blue Blazer has been eliminated.

Beefcake helps The Blazer out of the ring, Valentine attacks from behind and hits a back elbow. Bass tags in, knee to the breadbasket out of the ropes, follows with a falling headbutt for a count of 2. Honky Tonk in now, right hands to the forehead and he drives The Barber face-first into the canvas. The Hammer back in, more clubbing shots and Warrior enters the ring, allowing a 3 on 1 in the corner. HTM in, he goes for Shake, Rattle & Roll, Beefcake flips him over and Bass gets a tag to stop Brutus from getting to his corner. He hangs The Barber across the top, covers and Brutus gets a foot on the ropes. Honky to the top off the tag, gets caught in the midsection with a right hand and Brutus fires away. Atomic drop to HTM, Beefcake with a clothesline, irish whip and he gets the sleeper on.

HTM to the ropes, both men falling out to the floor and then exchanging punches. Brutus locks the sleeper on again as the ref counts to 10. Honky Tonk Man & Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake have been eliminated. Bass & Valentine jump Warrior on the apron, 2 on 1 in the ring and they hit a double back elbow, Valentine covers and only gets 1. Bass with a tag, more double teaming with boots to the midsection, Bass with hard shots to the chest. He drives Warrior into The Hammer’s boots, Valentine tags and hits a big shot out of the ropes. Warrior fights back, but gets sent into The Outlaw’s boot in the corner.

They tag again, into the ropes, Warrior ducks a double clothesline and knocks both men down, hits The Outlaw with a double axe handle and covers for 3. ‘Outlaw’ Ron Bass has been eliminated. The Hammer immediately attacks as he was still in the ring, hard elbows to Warrior, sends him into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Warrior with another double axe handle and he covers for the win.
Winner & Sole Survivor: The Ultimate Warrior

  • EA’s TakeNow this is the kind of pacing a Survivor Series match should have, however this is the only match that would go under 30 minutes tonight. Ultimate Warrior’s momentum is gaining huge right now, but clearly his in-ring skills are a little iffy. The finish of the match was weird and using a simple double axe handle to finish off two guys is pretty weak, in my opinion. Our newcomer in this match The Blue Blazer, would become a much beloved superstar in the future after ditching the mask and performing under his real name, Owen Hart.

Match #2 10 Team Survivor Series Elimination Match: WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition (Ax & Smash), The Conquistadors, The Bolsheviks (Boris Zhukov & Nikolai Volkoff), The Brainbusters (Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard) & The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) w/’Mouth Of The South’ Jimmy Hart, Slick, Mr. Fuji & Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan vs. The Powers Of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian), The Young Stallions (Paul Roma & Jim Powers), The Hart Foundation (Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart & Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart), The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty), & The British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith)
Davey Boy starts off with a Conquistador, they tie-up and Davey with a wristlock, slamming him down. Jacques with a tag, clubbing blows and an irish whip, getting caught in a military press and Davey dumps Jacques into Raymond on the apron. Volkoff & Michaels tag in, Nikolai with heavy shots and he gets him in the wrong corner.

Tag to Zhukov, more right hands and a whip into the corner, Michaels scales the ropes and backflips, then hits a hip toss. Jannetty in, double team arm wringer with a chop and a count of 2. Boris backs to his corner and Ax tags, pummeling Marty to the mat and driving him into Jacques’ foot. Arn Anderson in now, Jannetty reverses a whip into the corner and flips him with a back body drop. Dropkick to Double A, falling towards Tully who enters the match. They exchange punches, Jannetty ducks one and hits an atomic drop, playing back and forth with his teammates on Blanchard. Marty with another dropkick and Tully falls into his corner, tagging Jacques. Jannetty backs him into the corner, sent across and Jacques misses a 2nd rope crossbody, Marty covering for 2 and tagging Dynamite.

The Kid with a snap suplex for a count of 2, Jim Powers and Raymond come in. Powers backs Raymond into the ropes, Dynamite with a quick tag and a side headlock. He’s pushed into the ropes, scores with a shoulder knockdown. Raymond to the gut, whip into the corner and Dynamite hops over with a sunset flip for a 2 count. Powers back in with Zhukov, irish whip and he lands a dropkick, driving Boris into the turnbuckle and he falls into a tag to Smash. Smash with a quick shot and quickly tags out to Jacques, sending Powers into a dropkick. Powers dives into a tag to The Hitman, he gets clocked as he comes in and Jacques with a jumping back elbow for 2.

Raymond back in, gets caught ducking for a back body drop with a small package and Bret picks up a 3 count. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers have been eliminated. Nikolai comes in to the ring, Bret with a hammerlock and a tag to Roma, coming in off the top to the shoulder. Volkoff turns the tide, smashing Roma head-first into the top turnbuckle, Roma blocks and hits a springboard crossbody for a near fall. The Anvil tags, dropkick to Nikolai and Volkoff battles back, making a tag to Smash who comes in with right hands. He sends Neiedhart into the ropes, The Anvil hops over a back body drop attempt and levels him with a clothesline before tagging Barbarian.

They exchange rights, Barbarian with a slight advantage, but Smash with a knee, backing Barbarian into his corner and tagging a Conquistador. Barbarian firing back, nailing a big boot off the ropes and tagging Warlord. Warlord with a couple shots and a tag to The Hitman, he connects with a right and Conquistador falls into a tag to Smash. Smash with an armwringer, Ax comes in and they beat Bret down with a double team. Bret fights back in the corner, sends Ax across and runs into a knee, Blanchard with a tag and ascending the top rope. Tully comes down with an elbow, whips Bret across and follows him in, rushing into a Hitman clothesline.

Michaels and Ax come into the match, Tully grabs Shawn’s leg before he exits, Ax holding Michaels and Smash coming in for another double team beatdown. Smash sends Michaels into the ropes, Shawn ducks a right and goes for a crossbody, getting caught and planked in the wrong corner. Nikolai tags and everyone unloads on Michaels, Volkoff with a military press into a backbreaker. Into the ropes, Nikolai buries a knee to the midsection and tags Blanchard. Arn with a blind tag, Tully whips Michaels in and Anderson with a spinebuster for a near fall. Tag to a Conquistador, irish whip and a back elbow, followed by a slam and a count of 2.

Shawn’s too close to his corner and Jannetty tags, irish whip and a powerslam for the Conquistador. Conquistador #2 tags in, buries a knee and sends Marty into the ropes. Conquistador with a hip toss attempt, Marty spins out of it and hits a slam for 2, Volkoff tagging in. Nikolai sends Jannetty into the ropes, Marty slides through, hitting a dropkick for a count of 2. Roma enters the match with rights and an armwringer, Davey Boy tagging and slamming the Russian for a 2 count. Nikolai with a spin kick, Tully tags and hits a back body drop followed by multiple elbows. Blanchard misses a final one, Warlord & a Conquistador back into the ring. Warlord with a whip, Conquistador ducks a clothesline and runs into a military press slam, then tags Ax.

They exchange rights, Warlord wins it until Ax goes to the body and tags Smash in. He sends Warlord into the ropes for a boot, gets his foot caught and Warlord takes him down and tags Barbarian. Barbarian with a whip and a flying tackle. They exchange some more, Blanchard with a tag and and elbow off the top. Barbarian reverses a whip, military press and he drops Tully across the top rope. The Anvil in, connecting with a powerslam and a 2 count. Dynamite with a tag, double headbutt and he levels Blanchard with a clothesline. Tully grabs the tights, pulling Dynamite out of the ring to the floor and making a tag to Double A.

He goes to the breadbasket of The Kid, tag to a Conquistador for right hands and a tag to Zhukov. Boris with a slam, misses a knee drop and Dynamite tags out to Powers. He comes in with lefts and rights, back body drop and he drives Boris into the turnbuckle. Powers whips him across and flattens him with a clothesline, Zhukov reversing another whip and Powers with a 2nd rope crossbody. Boris switches the momentum, hooks the leg and gets the pinfall. The Young Stallions have been eliminated. Michaels hops in the ring with boots, whip into the corner and a back elbow. Shawn slams Boris, drops a fist from the 2nd rope and gets a count of 2.

Barbarian enters, flying shoulder tackle off the ropes and Zhukov falls into a tag to Tully. He immediately tags out and tags Nikolai, Volkoff backing Barbarian in the corner and eating a right hand. Nikolai with headbutts, Ax tags and he sends Barbarian into the ropes for a right hand to the gut. He pummels Barbarian down to the canvas, Conquistador with a tag and rights, then a quick tag to Nikolai. More headbutts and right hands, Barbarian fires back with a big boot and tags out to Michaels. Zhukov back in, gets a side headlock, pushed into the ropes and Jannetty with a blind tag. Michaels with a shot to the breadbasket, Marty with a sunset flip from the apron and a 3 count. The Bolsheviks have been eliminated.

Double A jumps in right after the pinfall, ambushing Jannetty with left hands, then tags Blanchard who puts Marty in the wrong part of town. Lots of quick tags to punish Jannetty, Conquistador with a whip and a back body drop try, Marty hangs on for a roll-up and a 2 count. Conquistador maintains control, tags to the other Conquistador who comes off the top with an overhand chop, then hits a back body drop. Smash tags, pounding Marty to the mat and tagging his partner, Ax. Ax with a big slam, sends Marty into Arn’s boot and tags him in. Anderson with a whip, ducks his head and Jannetty drives him into the mat. Davey Boy tags in with a Conquistador, big back body drop and Tully tags, reluctantly. Davey Boy works him in the corner, Blanchard reverses a whip and sends him into the corner upside-down.

Smash back in, hammering away and a snapmare into a chinlock before tagging a Conquistador. Right hands for Davey, the other Conquistador tags for more strikes, charges, Davey in the corner and runs into boots. Neidhart into the ring, heavy shots and and Hitman comes off the top with an elbow, Neidhart covers for 2. Michaels with a tag, dropkick out of the ropes and then bringing in Jannetty for a jumping back elbow. Dynamite tags, hits a chop and a snap suplex, following with a 2nd rope knee drop for 2. The Kid with a backbreaker and another near fall, tag to Barbarian with a big shoulder knockdown and a powerslam out of the ropes. He follows with an elbow drop, Barbarian with a headbutt and the Conquistador falls backward into a tag to Tully.

Blanchard convenes with Heenan quickly, Tully uses the ref as a distraction and suckers Barbarian in. Ax tags, pummeling Barbarian and then tagging Smash for more of the same. He grabs a chinlock, Barbarian powers out, but takes a shot to the back and Anderson tags for left hands. Conquistador with a tag, choking Barbarian and then tagging the other Conquistador. Barbarian powers up, Ax with a blind tag and he goes back to the chinlock. Blanchard tags, holds Barbarian and tags Anderson. He whips Barbarian in, ducks his head and takes a kick. Jannetty back in, dropkick to Arn and a jumping back elbow out of the ropes.

The Anvil with a tag, irish whip and he ducks his head down, Double A with an elbow and a tag to Blanchard. Tully with a top rope crossbody for a count of 2, attempts a suplex and The Anvil counters into one of his own. Bret with a tag, splitting Tully with a backbreaker and then an inverted atomic drop. Right hands by The Hitman in the corner, Blanchard reverses a whip across, Bret hops over and hits a german suplex with a bridge as the ref counts 3. The referee claims Tully got his shoulder up. The Hart Foundation has been eliminated. Dynamite rushes the ring, spiking Tully with a tombstone piledriver for a near fall.

Davey with a tag and the Bulldogs with a double shoulder knockdown before Michaels enters the match. Shawn with a whip, ducks his head and eats a kick. Anderson and Jannetty jump in the ring and it’s a 4 man brawl between the Rockers & Brainbusters. The referees try to seperate them, Brainbusters look for a double suplex, Michaels catches his partner and the Rockers hit double superkicks. Both teams have been disqualified. The Rockers & The Brainbusters have been eliminated. Smash & Dynamite come into the ring, Smash with a chinlock as The Rockers & Brainbsuters battle their way out of the arena.

Smash with a whip, ducking his head and getting dropped for a 2 count. Tag to a Conquistador, he drives a knee to the breadbasket and tags the other Conquistador for a smal. He heads up top for a somersault senton and misses, Warlord with a tag and a gutwrench suplex. Barbarian back in, big boot off the ropes and the Conquistador falls to tag the other Conquistador, Davey Boy back in. Davey with a delayed vertical suplex for 2, Conquistador dives to tag Ax, he sends Davey Boy into the ropes, tries a clothesline and Davey with a cruicifix for a near fall. Ax stops the momentum with clubbing shots, Smash comes in, Davey reverses a whip into the turnbuckle and hitting and arm drag.

Dynamite in, connecting with a jawbreaker and Smash falls to tag Ax. Dynamite ducks a back elbow coming out of the ropes, levels Ax with a clothesline and tags Davey as a Conquistador comes in. Davey ducks a shot out of the ropes, landing a military press slam and his patented running powerslam. Barbarian with a tag, double headbutt and Conquistador falls into his corner to tag Ax. Barbarian with right hands a clothesline for 2, Ax coming back with boots and forearms, then tags Smash. Smash tosses Barbarian to the outside, he rolls back in, tag to a Conquistador for forearms and then tags the other Conquistador. He comes off the top with a double ax, dropkick and right hands don’t phase the Barbarian and he tags out to Davey.

Double team back elbow, Davey Boy covers and gets 2, then tags Dynamite for a gutwrench suplex and another 2. The Kid drops a headbutt for 2, tag to Warlord and he clobbers away at the Conquistador, slams him and drops a leg. Dynamite off the tag, irish whip and he ducks his head, taking a kick and Smash comes in. He sends Dynamite into the corner, charges into a boot and The Kid with a snap suplex. He climbs up top, diving headbutt and Smash rolls out of the way, flattening Dynamite with a clothesline and picking up 3. The British Bulldogs have been eliminated. Barbarian into the ring, chops and headbutts, but Smash backs him into the wrong corner and a Conquistador tags for rights.

Tag to the other Conquistador for more clubbing shots, Barbarian overpowers him and tags Warlord, coming in and pounding the Conquistador in the corner. He sends him across, charges and hits the ring post with his shoulder. Ax tags in, beating Warlord down, tag to Smash and he goes to work on the shoulder. Mr. Fuji hops on the apron, flailing his cane around, Smash tags a Conquistador and Fuji gets off the apron. The other Conquistador tags, off the top with a right hand and then a tag to Ax. Ax wraps Warlord’s arm in the ropes, takes him down and goes to an armbar. Smash off the tag, more heavy artillery and he goes back to the arm.

Fuji to the apron once more, Warlord to his feet fighting out of the armbard and he scores with a shoulder knockdown. Back into the ropes, Smash comes back with a clothesline, goes to hit the ropes and Fuji opens them, causing Smash to fall out to the floor. Smash doesn’t make it in the ring and the ref counts 10. Demolition has been eliminated. Ax is furious, arguing with Fuji over why he pulled the rope. Fuji says he didn’t do it, giving Ax a whack with his cane. Smash is back to his feet, grabbing Fuji and sending him into a slam on the floor from Ax. The Powers Of Pain go outside and attend to Fuji, helping him up.

Barbarian gets caught sliding in the ring, Conquistadors with a double team, tagging in and out in their corner and pummeling the big man. Conquistador hits the ropes, Fuji trips him with the cane and Barbarian follows with a falling headbutt for the win.
Winners & Sole Survivors: The Powers Of Pain

  • After The Bell: The Powers Of Pain hoist Mr. Fuji onto the shoulders in celebration, Demolition makes their way back to the ring and the brawl is on. They slam The Powers Of Pain, leveling them with clotheslines and clearing the ring.
  • EA’s TakeBrutally long and just like last year’s 10 Man tag, just a total cluster of guys. We do get introduced to a couple of new teams however, as The Rockers arrived from the AWA and jumped into a rivalry with fellow WWF newcomers, The Brainbusters. Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, founding members of The Four Horseman, had given their notice to Jim Crockett Promotions. This was one of the last major blows to that company, before being forced to sell to Ted Turner. Demolition and The Powers Of Pain would pull a double-switch in this match, but by the way the crowd reacted, you’d think Mr. Fuji just turned babyface. For The British Bulldogs, this would be their final appearance as a tag team, as their real-life feud with the Rougeaus had gotten out of hand. Dynamite Kid would never compete in the WWF again.

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