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Joe’s CMLL Results & Review (Ending 10/7/2018)



CMLL Coverage

Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and El Audaz vs Dragon Rojo, Polvora, and Luciferno

Niebla Roja and Polvora start the match off. They posture to the crowd to start. They start the match with some mat wrestling. When they hit a stale mate it brings in Angel de Oro and Luciferno. They do some acrobatic spots. Audaz and Rojo are in next. Audaz gets him out of there with an arm drag. He feigns a dive but gets intercepted. Angel de Oro gets placed on top and he gets hit with a face buster for the pin. First Fall: Polvora pins Angel de Oro with a face buster off the top.

They start the second round with everybody brawling. Dragon Rojo and Niebla finally get into the ring and square off. He gets triple teamed and Polvora hits him with a drop kick to the butt. The triple teaming continues to go on. Finally a come back is made and Niebla and de Oro hit big middle rope dives on Luciferno and Rojo leaving Audaz and Polvora in the ring. El Audaz hits a head scissors take over on him for the pin. Second Fall: El Audaz hits a head scissors take over from the top on Polvora for the pin.

El Audaz and Polvora start out and they fight on the ramp a bit. Audaz hits a hurricanrana on the ramp. Luciferno and Roja get in the ring and Roja takes his shirt off to a cheer. Luciferno gets taken out by his own teammates and then Roja hurricanrana’s Rojo to the outside. Polvora and Roja work for a bit more until de Oro and Rojo get in and face off. Rojo slides to the outside daring Angel but he doesn’t come. Polvora comes in the ring to face him now. They exchange some acrobatic spots until El Audaz comes in to face Rojo. Audaz hits a big corkscrew dive on Rojo to the outside. Angel de Oro gets Luciferno in a stretch submission for the win. Third Fall: Angel de Oro gets Luciferno in a stretch submission for the win.

Winners: Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and El Audaz

Mistico, Volador Jr, and Stuka vs Negro Casas, Mephisto, and Ephesto

Stuka and Negro Casas begin this match. They exchange a few holds and do some grappling. It breaks down really quick as all men are in the ring now. Stuka hits a dive to the outside and then Mistico does as well, and then Volador rolls up Negro Casas for the pin. First Fall: Volador Jr pins Negro Casas with a roll up.

Mistico starts the second round with Negro Casas. He hits a hurricanrana on Casas to the outside. Then Volador gets in there with Mephisto and he eventually hits a asai moonsault to the outside. Finally, Stuka gets in there with Negro Casas. Mephisto hits a face buster from the top on Mistico on top of Stuka for the pin. Then he puts Mistico in a submission for the fall. Second Fall: Stuka submits Mistico with a stretch.

Everyone is brawling outside the ring except for Mistico and Negro Casas. They triple team Mistico and hip toss him onto the ramp. They finally make a come back and Stuka lauches Mistico in the ring and he hits a hurricanrana on Ephesto. Volador then flips Stuka off the ramp for a dive. Then Negro Casas hits a dive off the apron. Mayhem. Mistico hits a fireman’s carry on Ephesto then, Stuka hits a big splash for the pin. Then Mistico gets Mephisto in a flying head scissors into an arm bar for the win. Third Fall: Mistico submits Mephisto with an arm bar.

Winners: Mistico, Volador Jr, and Stuka

NWA Historic Middleweight Championship Match

Caristico (Champion) vs Gran Guerrero

They start out this championship match doing some mat wrestling. They start to ramp up the intensity. Gran Guerrero hits a drop kick on him then poses to the crowd. He starts throwing Caristico around on the outside. Guerrero hits a power bomb and then starts pulling at Caristico’s mask. Caristico hits a come back and does a flying head scissors take over and then does a pinning combination for the first fall. First Fall: Caristico rolls up Gran Guerrero.

Caristico hits a head scissors take over to the outside then hits a top splash to the outside. Caristico makes his way back into the ring and Guerrero hits him with a spin buster then gets him in a head scissor submission for the quick fall. Second Fall: Gran Guerrero submits Caristico with a head scissors neck crank.

Caristico hits a springboard hurricanrana which brings Guerrero to the outside. He then does a hurricanrana over the top to the outside. When they get in the ring he does a pinning hurricanrana for a very close two count. Guerrero back body drops Caristico to the apron and then drop kicks him off it. He’s now working over Caristico on the outside. Back in the ring Gran Guerrero hits a big power slam for a two count. Guerrero goes for a top rope attack but Caristico gets him feet up. Caristico hits a fireman’s carry then goes for a moonsault but Guerrero moves and Caristico lands on his feet then hits a basement drop kick to the leg out on Guerrero.

Caristico tries the pinning combination that won him round one but Guerrero kicked out at a close 2 count. Caristico goes for a moonsualt again but Guerrero gets his feet up and he goes for the pin but it’s another close two count. A superplex off the top by Guerrero is kicked out at 2 as well. Guerrero hits Caristico with a flapjack off the top after reversing Caristico’s offense for yet another close 2. Caristico hits him with a springboard hurricanrana from the top for yet another 2 count. Finally Caristico catches him in his flying head scissors take over into a Fujiwara arm bar for the victory. Third Fall: Caristico submits Gran Guerrero with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Winner: Caristico

The CMLL Grand Prix will be it’s own article.

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