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WWE Rumors: WWE Reportedly Trying To Keep Rey Mysterio Off Jericho Cruise



If you had hopes of securing a cabin for the Chris Jericho Rock ‘N Wrestling Rager At Sea, you’re far too late at this point as the cruise is officially sold out and will set sail from Miami, Florida tomorrow on its way to Nassau, Bahamas.

Among the loads of appearances and events set for the four day journey, WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio is scheduled to be on board as he committed to the appearance prior to signing on with the WWE. Despite the company knowing ahead of time about Rey’s intentions of attending, they may be trying to keep him on shore. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is in fact attempting to keep Rey off of the Jericho Cruise despite only appearing and not actually wrestling.

Of course, Mysterio is not on any WWE Live Events this weekend in order to be a part of the Jericho Cruise.

EA’s Take: I’m not buying what The Observer is selling here, it doesn’t make any sense. Do I believe WWE doesn’t want him to go? I can definitely subscribe to that. However, I find it hard to believe they would be trying to stop him from going this late in the process. For months we heard about the negotiations between WWE and Mysterio, especially how his schedule and remaining commitments were a sticking point for Rey. Therefore, obviously WWE agreed to this one since they didn’t schedule him for any shows. I feel like any issues with this appearance would have been resolved weeks and weeks ago.


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