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Roman Reigns WWE Championship


Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle (2/22/19)

Commentary on Roman Reigns returning to RAW, RAW Ratings on the rise, a potential angle involving Becky Lynch and more!

Jason shuffles into your Thursday with the Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle! Today we take a look at news on Roman Reigns returning to RAW, RAW Ratings on the rise, a potential angle involving Becky Lynch and more!

Roman Reigns To Return To RAW

WWE posted today that Roman Reigns will be returning to RAW on Monday to update fans on his battle with leukemia. It has been over four months since Reigns was last seen on RAW.

Big Angle Planned For Becky Lynch Monday (POTENTIAL SPOILER)

The following post contains a potential spoiler for Monday, so if you aren’t in to spoilers, you may want to look away. You’ve been warned. According to, a site that has broken news in the past, WWE has an angle planned Monday night involving Becky Lynch. Company officials believe the angle planned will be big, and help RAW in the ratings. You can read more on the potential angle HERE.

Matt Hardy’s Contract Set To Expire Soon

Matt Hardy Tweeted out today a response to a fan letting them know that his time with WWE is drawing to a close, and has 11 days left on his contract.


RAW Ratings On The Rise?

It appears that the inclusion of NXT’s top four stars was a benefit to RAW’s ratings this week. The average viewership for the three hours was 2.771 million viewers. That would be the best number they have had since last September. A breakdown of the numbers:

– 8 pm – 3.05 million viewers
– 9 pm – 2.84 million viewers
– 10 pm – 2.43 million viewers

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Jason’s Thoughts On Today’s News

Sorry for the short news posts, but the news is what it is today.

Many fans have been speculating that Roman Reigns returning to RAW means that he will be back on the active roster. There was much speculation that he could potentially have entered, and won, the Royal Rumble as well. Face it folks, the man just went through chemotherapy. Regardless of the shape he is in, and he is probably in the best physical condition of his life, chemotherapy takes a toll on a body. Let’s be thankful he is returning to RAW, and not be planning out six months worth of storylines for him. Best case scenario for Reigns would be a guest host role for WrestleMania. If he is by chance able to return to active roster, then that is fantastic news!

I know you all get a lot of AEW news from these news shuffles and that’s what keeps you all coming back! But, in all honesty, another addition to the AEW that would make sense to me would be Matt Hardy. Now it doesn’t have to be in a wrestling role either. He is a vast knowledge of the business and has always been someone who has shared as much as he can with wrestlers on the independent scene. A backstage role in AEW would be a perfect fit for Matt Hardy.

I am curious to see what, if anything, WWE has in store for Becky Lynch on Monday. What a perfect scenario though. The Ric Flair 70th b-day bash gets interrupted by Lynch, leading to a match with Charlotte at Fastlane. If Lynch wins, she joins the match at WrestleMania. Bubba Ray Dudley posed a similar scenario to this back in October when he appeared on Busted Open Radio:

“I know what I will do for the finish of their match at Evolution, like if I was booking their match. They’re having a Last Woman Standing match, correct? Remember last week when we talking about how we would possibly get heat on Becky Lynch? …What if at Evolution, at the Last Woman Standing Match, something really really bad would happen to Charlotte at the end.

Let’s just say, and I know this is not going to happen, let’s just say Charlotte was busted open and was in a really bad predicament. And [Ric] Flair came out because he was really concerned about his daughter. He didn’t put his hands on her, he wouldn’t try to help her up. He didn’t get involved in any way, shape, or form. But as he would get closer to his daughter, he would trip and fall. And we sam him hurting or something happened. What if Becky Lynch takes a chair and stands over Ric Flair, threatening to cave his head in unless Charlotte stayed down for the ten-count. How would you feel about that?”


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