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CMLL’s Review & Results (3/11/2019)

Joe dropping CMLL knowledge! Read along and catch up with the week that was!



CMLL Coverage

Joe dropping CMLL knowledge! Read along and catch up with the week that was!

Arena Puebla Show

Halcon Suriano Jr, Millenium, and Centella Roja vs Black Tiger, Sombra Diabolik, and Joker

Roja starts out with Black Tiger and they roll around on the ground grappling. Suriano is in next with Joker and they engage and fight for position. They get on the ground and do some grappling exchanges. Sombra comes in next with Millenium and Millenium slams him and Roja hits a splash off the top rope for the pin. Millenium then rolls up Black Tiger for a pin. Suriano gets Joker in an arm bar. First Fall: Suriano Jr submits Joker with an arm bar. 

Roja and Sombra start the round out with Roja getting the advantage on Sombra in most of the exchanges. Suriano acrobatically enters the ring with Joker doing front handspring flip after front handspring flip. Suriano hits multiple arm drags on him then tricks him to fall out of the ring. Now the match breaks down with Millenium being dropped and then Roja was hit with a triple team move. Joker gets Suriano in an abdominal stretch while Tiger stomps him for the fall. Second Fall: Joker submits Suriano Jr with an abdominal stretch.

Roja gets worked over to start this round. Sombra works over Millenium next. Suriano comes in next but gets distracted by Joker so Sombra continues to work him over as well. Finally Centella Roja fights off the triple team but he’s still going back and forth with Black Tiger. Millenium pulls Tiger to the outside, then Roja and Millenium drop kick Sombra and Joker to the outside. They chase them to the outside and attack them. Suriano hits consecutive back breakers on Tiger. Joker gets in and attacks him then gets power bombed by Tiger. Sombra hits a splash off the top rope and pins him. Third Fall: Sombra Diabolik pins Suriano with a top rope splash. 

Winners: Black Tiger, Sombra Diabolik, and Joker

Super Astro Jr (Meyer), Oro Jr, and King Jaguar vs Virus (Ares), Distrubio, and El Perverso

I always wonder why when CMLL uploads their shows they don’t just fix the line up card when someone doesn’t show up. Meyer starts with Perverso to begin the match. Jaguar comes in with Ares real quick but then Disturbio enters with Oro. Perverso enters and hurricanrana’s Oro. Meyer then takes out Perverso. Ares back breakers Meyer. Jaguar then monkey flips Ares. Oro hip tosses Disturbio to the outside. He goes from an apron splash but gets pulled down. In the ring Perverso gets Meyer in an arm bar. Ares gets Jaguar in some neck stretch. Looks like it couldn’t submit a small animal. First Fall: Ares submits Jaguar with a neck stretch.

Meyer gets worked over to start this round. There’s a bunch of teaming up until Jaguar hits a cross body to change the momentum. He hits a back breaker on Disturbio and Oro hits a moonsault on him for the pin. Second Fall: Oro Jr pins Disturbio with a moonsault. 

Meyer starts out with Ares and gets the upper hand on him then poses. Jaguar gets in with Perverso and gets the advantage on him then poses. Ares gets Jaguar in a submission but Meyer breaks it up. Ares then gets Meyer in an arm wrench for the submission. Jaguar and Perverso roll to the outside of the ring and fight. Oro Jr slams Disturbio and then lands on his feet for a moonsault. Disturbio then catches him in a back breaker for the win. Third Fall: Disturbio pins Oro Jr with a back breaker.

Winners: Ares, Disturbio, and El Perverso

(Match Relampago) Princesa Sugehit vs Amapola

They engage to start the match and battle for position standing until Amapola lands the first take down. Sugehit lands a head scissors on Amapola then she hits a tornado DDT in the corner on Amapola then poses. Amapola gets back in the ring and gets the advantage on Sugehit and works her over with strikes. Sugehit counters her and hits a senton splash for a two count. Amapola gets a pinning combo on Sugehit and she kicks out. Then Sugehit gets one and then Amapola gets another. All kicked out of. Amapola brings Sugehit to the top rope but Sugehit pulls her down by her hair then hits a cross body. Sugehit then gets Amapola in her head shake submission for the fall. Princesa Sugehit submits Amapola with her head shake submission.

Winner: Princesa Sugehit

Flyer (Stuka), El Audaz, and Titan vs Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Hechicero

Shocker punches Stuka to start the match during introductions. Bucanero and Stuka properly start the match out with some intense grappling. Titan is in quick with Hechicero and they grapple on the ground. Hechicero lifts Titan from a triangle position and Titan rolls into a pinning combo. Audaz and Stuka use agility to work over Shocker and Bucanero to the outside where they then hit dives through the middle rope. In the ring Hechicero rolls into a submission on Titan for the fall. First Fall: Hechicero submits Titan with a leg crank.

They show the chairs broken from the dives before. Bucanero works over Audaz on the ramp way trying to remove his mask. Shocker works over Titan in the ring. After being worked over for most of the round Titan and Stuka get Shocker and Bucanero in a double submission and in the middle of that Audaz rolls up Hechicero for the fall. Second Fall: Audaz rolls up Hechicero for the fall.

Bucanero gets hit with a team up move to start the round. Giving some payback to the rudos. Things settle down and Hechicero and Stuka trade back and forth. Audaz combats Hechicero and Bucanero and is able to get both out of the ring then he poses. Titan gets in the square up with Shocker. Titan kicks Shocker in the face and he plays like he’s out but you can seem him hand signal to Bucanero. Titan goes for a dive but Hechicero intercepts him. He removes Titan’s mask half way and punches him. Titan kicks Hechicero off the apron as he poses then hits a dive over the tope rope onto him. Stuka goes for a splash on Bucanero but Bucanero gets his feet up for the pin. Shocker then submits Audaz with a rear naked choke. Third Fall: Shocker submits Audaz with a rear naked choke. 

Winners: Shocker, Rey Bucanero, and Hechicero

Caristico, Mistico, and Sobernao vs Mephisto, Luciferno, and Ephesto

The sons of hell brawl to start this match, beating up Mistico on the outside of the ring. Ephesto works over Soberano on the apron. After minutes of triple teaming Mephisto hits a face buster on Mistico for the fall. First Fall: Mephisto pins Mistico with a face buster.

Mistico gets thrown into the crowd to start this round. The sons of hell continue to work over the technicos in this match. Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Mephisto to the outside and Mistico hits a dive over the top rope. Caristico then gets Luciferno in a Fujiwara arm bar for the fall. Mistico throws Mephisto into the crowd for payback. Second Fall: Caristico submits Luciferno with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Mistico chases Mephisto to the outside to start this round. Mephisto doesn’t want any part of him. Soberano hits an arm drag on Ephesto to the outside and then hits a pose. Mistico hits a hurricanrana on Mephisto to the outside. Soberano hits a back flip dive over the top onto Luciferno and Caristico hits a dive through the middle rope on Ephesto. In the ring Mephisto kicks Mistico in the groin for the DQ. Third Fall: Mistico wins via groin shot DQ

Winners: Caristico, Mistico, and Soberano

(Heavyweight Championship Match) Ultimo Guerrero (Champ) vs Vangellys

Bucanero is Vangellys plus one and Stuka is Ultimo Guerrero’s. That’s odd. I guess none of Los Guerrero’s were there. After they posture some and then they finally engage with each other and fight for position. Ultimo gets him down in a submission but Vangellys gets the ropes. Ultimo gets him down again and gets a surfboard stretch into a pin but Vangellys head is in the rope. Vangellys keeps stomping Ultimo even though Ultimo is hugging the ropes. Vangellys hits a northern lights suplex for the fall. First Fall: Vangellys pins Ultimo Guerrero with a northern lights suplex.

Vangellys worked on Ultimo early in the round but Ultimo changes momentum and brings him out in the crowd to brawl. Back in the ring Ultimo spine busters Vangellys and gets him in a leg neck crank for the submission. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero submits Vangellys with a head neck crank. 

Vangellys works over Ultimo to start the final round. Ultimo hits a hip attack off the apron on Vangellys. Ultimo hits a clothesline and the ref counts really slow. Vangellys hits a hurricanrana but Ultimo kicks out. Vangellys hits a brain buster and Ultimo kicks out. They’re starting to trade some big moves now. Ultimo hits a power bomb off the top rope for another slow two count. Ultimo hits a bronco buster like move in the corner for a two count. Vangellys catches Ultimo in a spear and Ultimo kicks out. Truth be told the crowd isn’t into this match at all. Ultimo gets Vangellys in his leg neck crank and wins. Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero submits Vangellys with a neck crank.

Winner: Ultimo Guerrero

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Shockercito and Angelito vs Mercurio and Pequeno Violencia

Angelito starts with Violencia and they grapple. Shockercito comes in with Mercurio and he uses his quickness to his advantage. Violencia comes in to put a halt to Shockercito. Angelito hits a shotgun drop kick on Violencia to stop the attack on Shockercito. Angelito hits a splash on Violencia for the pin. Shockercito hits a tornado DDT on Mercurio for the fall. First Fall: Shockercito pins Mercurio with a tornado DDT

Mercurio beats on Angelito to start the second round. Angelito gets Mercurio to the outside then poses. Shockercito gets tripped by Mercurio allowing Violencia to get the advantage. Violencia submits with a cloverleaf and then Mercurio submits Angelito with a neck stretch. Second Fall: Mercurio submits Angelito with a neck stretch.

Shockercito gets taken out and then they team on Angelito. Shockercito comes in to take out Mercurio. Angelito hits a head scissors and Violencia takes it the wrong way and the crowd boos. Shockercito hits a crazy head scissors on Mercurio. Angelito hits a neck breaker on Violencia and then Shockercito pins Mercurio with a pinning combo. Third Fall: Shockercito pins Mercurio with a pinning combo.

Winners: Shockercito and Angelito

Mystique, La Jarochita, and Avispa Dorada vs Tiffany, Reyna Isis, and La Metalica

Dorada and Isis start out engaged and fighting for position. Mystique comes in with Tiffany and they go back and forth until Tiffany hits a x factor. Jaorchita comes in to take on Tiffany but she gets worked over. Dorada comes in and Metalica comes to work her over. Dorada drop kicks Metalica to the outside then hits a dive over the top rope. Jarochita hits a hip attack on Tiffany for the pin and Mystique rolls up Isis for the fall. First Fall: Mystique pins Isis with a pinning combo.

Metalica works on Jarochita to start the round. Dorada then gets teamed up on by the rudas team. Tiffany hits a senton on Jarochita followed by a leg drop by Metalica. Tiffany hits a senton on Mystique followed by Isis for the pin. Tiffany slams Dorada and then gets her in a Boston crab for the fall. Second Fall: Tiffany submits Dorada with a Boston crab.

Isis works with Mystique to start but it quickly breaks down to them teaming up on Dorada. Mystique drop toe holds Tiffany into a Dorada drop kick to balance out the momentum. Isis hits a fisherman’s suplex on Mystique but Dorada breaks up the pin. Jarochita gets Tiffany in a submission but Metalica breaks it up. Metalica hits a shoulder breaker on Jarochita for the pin as Tiffany and Isis attack Mystique and Dorada during the pin. Third Fall: Metalica pins Jarochita with a shoulder breaker.

Winners: Tiffany, Reyna Isis, and La Metalica

El Audaz, Guerrero Maya, and Black Panther vs Polvora, Okumura (Metalico), and Universo 2000 Jr

Metalico is replacing Okumura who I think is having concussion issues. Don’t quote me on that. Panther and Polvora start out the match going back and forth and grappling. Audaz comes in to take on Universo and they go back and forth for less than a minute. Metalico comes in with Maya and Maya hits an arm drag and then chases Metalico to the outside. Some brawling breaks out and then Metalico works on Panther on the outside. Eventually Maya gets teamed on. Metalico then gets Audaz in a leg lock for the fall. First Fall: Metalico submits Audaz with a leg lock.

Maya starts with Polvora and Polvora works on him to start the second round. Maya makes a come back hitting back breakers. Audaz hits a dive on Universo then Maya hits a dive on Metalico. Black Panther hits a drop kick off the top onto Polvora for the fall. Second Fall: Black Panther pins Polvora with a top rope basement drop kick.

Metalico starts out with Black Panther for the final fall. Black Panther works him over and gets him to the outside then hits a pose. Universo comes in with Maya and he chops him then Maya hits a sloppy arm drag. Metalico then does a goofy comedy spot entering the ring. Audaz uses his agility to work past Polvora. He then hits an impressive hurricanrana on Universo where he basically 619’d with the steel post into the hurricanrana. Maya hits a springboard headbutt on Universo and Metalico breaks up the pin. Metalico hits a powerslam on Maya and Audaz breaks it up and hits a lionsault but Polvora breaks it up. Polvora catches Audaz and hits a power bomb on him. He goes for another but Audaz rolls out and hits a hurricanrana to the outside. Black Panther then hits a dive through the middle rope on Polvora. Maya hits a cross body on Universo then a school boy for the pin. Audaz hits a run up hurricanrana on Metalico for the win. Third Fall: El Audaz with a run up hurricanrana for the win.

Winners: El Audaz, Guerrero Maya, and Black Panther

(Match Relampago) Blue Panther vs Luciferno

They lock up and engage to start and they fight for position. They get it to the ground and Panther applies a submission hold and Luciferno gets to the ropes. They re-engage on the ground and Luciferno traps Panther in a triangle. The match rolls to the outside and Luciferno whips Panther into the barricade. Luciferno goes for an axe handle and Panther moves. Panther gets back in the ring and hits a dive through the middle rope. I’ve said it before Blue Panther is good in general but especially good for his age. They get back in the ring and Luciferno hits a Styles Clash but Panther kicks out. Luciferno then proceeds to rip Panther’s shirt off. Panther hits a hurricanrana off the top rope to the outside and then hits a middle rope dive on Luciferno. He then hit another middle rope dive on him. That’s three so far, he must be feeling good. He then goes for yet another one. Wow! Panther gets Luciferno in an arm bar in the ring and wins. That was a super fun match. Blue Panther defeats Luciferno with an arm bar.

Winner: Blue Panther

Atlantis, Stuka, and Flyer vs Hechicero, Templario, and El Felino

Flyer starts out with Templario and they almost immediately roll on the ground. Stuka enters with Hechicero and they trade strikes back and forth .Hechicero and Templario work on Flyer and Stuka on the outside. Felino works on Atlantis in the ring. Felino gets Flyer in a kimura lock. Stuka gets flipped up by Hechicero and Templario kicks him. Hechicero gets Stuka in some kind of submission and wins the fall. First Fall: Hechicero submits Stuka with a submission.

Hechicero works over Atlantis to start this round. Templario takes out Stuka. There’s not much organized tag team wrestling in this match. Flyer gets teamed on next and taken out. Flyer hits a cross body on Templario and then Stuka hits a big splash on him while Flyer rolls up Felino at the same time. Second Fall: Stuka pins Templario with a top rope splash.

Atlantis works over Hechicero on the ramp to start. Atlantis takes on everyone and hip tosses them. Atlantis monkey flips Hechicero to the outside then Atlantis poses. Flyer and Felino exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Flyer takes out Felino then hits a head scissors on Templario to the outside. He then hits one on Hechicero then poses. Hechicero and Stuka go back and forth until Hechicero gets knocked out. Felino then works over Stuka and holds him in place for the midget Zakarias to hit him. Stuka makes a come back and hits a back breaker on Felino. Stuka and Flyer hit stereo moonsaults on Felino and Templario to the outside. Atlantis gets Hechicero in a roll up for the win. Third Fall: Atlantis rolls up Hechicero for the win.

Winners: Atlantis, Stuka, and Flyer

Mistico, Titan, and Soberano Jr vs Negro Casas (El Terrible), Mephisto, and Ephesto

It was known Negro Casas wasn’t going to be on this show but they went ahead and pulled a AAA anyway for whatever reason. Soberano starts the match with Terrible and Terrible uses his strength to get an advantage. Soberano used his quickness to counter but Titan and Mephisto come in and start grappling on the ground. Mistico comes in to hit a cross body on Mephisto enter the ring and then he goes for a hurricanrana on Terrible but Terrible stops it and hits a styles clash for the pin. First Fall: Terrible pins Mistico with a styles clash.

Titan gets worked over by Mephisto to start this round. Ephesto comes in next to work on Titan. Titan is trying to tag his teammates but they won’t let him. Soberano gets in next but he gets teamed on as well. Titan comes back in to work with Terrible but alas it ends up with him getting teamed. Mephisto launches Mistico into Terrible and Mistico hits a hurricanrana on him and pins him and nobody knew. Second Fall: Mistico pins Terrible with a hurricanrana. 

Mistico hits a dive off the stage on Mephisto to start this round. Soberano uses his quickness to work circles around Ephesto to start the round. Mistico gets in the ring with Mephisto and quickly gets him out. He then gets Terrible out and then hits a pose. Titan fights off Ephesto on the apron then drop kicks Terrible to the outside and then hits a dive to the outside on him. Soberano then hits a back flip dive to the outside on Ephesto. Mistico hits a hurricanrana on Mephisto for a two count. He then hits another one off the top rope for two count. Mephisto rolls to the outside and Mistico hits yet another one on him to the outside. In the ring Ephesto hits a shoulder breaker on Soberano and Terrible hits a power bomb on Titan for the win. Third Fall: Terrible pins Titan with a power bomb for the win.

Winners: El Terrible, Mephisto, and Ephesto


Arena Mexico Friday

Stigma and Oro Jr vs Nitro and Sangre Azteca

Stigma starts out with Azteca and they grab each other and begin fighting for position. They bring it to the ground and start to grapple. Stigma hits a head scissors on Azteca then chases him to the outside bringing in Nitro and Oro. They engage and Oro gets the advantage on him. Stigma hits a cross body on Nitro and Azteca. Oro goes for an attack but Azteca pulls him out of the ring. They double Stigma briefly. Azteca holds Oro in place and Nitro drop kicks him. Azteca hits a face buster on Stigma for the pin. Nitro hits a splash off the top on Oro for the fall. First Fall: Nitro pins Oro with a splash off the top.

Nitro starts the round working over Oro. Azteca comes in and takes Oro out then Stigma enters and gets double teamed. Oro comes back to make the save but gets teamed on too. Stigma then moves and slams Nitro and Oro hits a moonsault for the pin. Stigma gets Azteca in the corner and hits a jaw breaker. Second Fall: Stigma pins Azteca with a jaw breaker.

Nitro works on Stigma to begin this round. Stigma bounces off the ropes and hits an arm drag. He runs off the apron and hits a hurricanrana on the floor to Nitro. Oro gets the better of Azteca dodging his attacks. Oro hits a hurricanrana off the top but it’s messed up a bit. Oro then gets double chopped and Nitro elbow drops his butt. Oro jumps back in and gets double drop kicked. Nitro stalls and hits a piledriver on Oro. Azteca did…. what looked like an axe handle to Stigma while he was on the ground…. yeah. Third Fall: Nitro pins Oro with a pile driver.

Winners: Nitro and Sangre Azteca

Rey Cometa, Fuego, and Star Jr vs Virus, Kawato San, and Tiger

Cometa comes out in a much different outfit than he usually does. Kawato and Star Jr start out working over each other trying to get the advantage. Tiger comes in next with Rey Cometa and they grapple on the ground. Virus enters in next with Fuego and they go back and forth. Fuego hits a drop kick and Cometa hits a cross body an a back elbow. Star Jr hits a springboard splash for the pin. First Fall: Star Jr pins Virus with a springboard splash.

Star Jr and Tiger go back and forth and Star avoids a double team attack by Kawato. Star then takes Tiger out with an arm drag and Kawato with a hurricanrana. Cometa then takes out Virus and poses. Fuego comes in with Virus and they exchange strikes. Virus punches him and Fuego falls. Star then gets stomped on in the corner. Kawato hits the double stomp off the top on Star for the pin. Virus gets Fuego in a body stretch submission for the fall. Second Fall: Virus submits Fuego with a body stretch submission. 

Fuego gets teamed on to start this round off. Star Jr then gets worked over next. Cometa hit an apron hurricanrana on Tiger to make a come back. Star hits a run up tornado splash on Kawato. Virus comes and hits a kind of neck breaker on Star but Fuego breaks up the pin. Tiger takes out Fuego and Cometa comes in and goes for a hurricanrana but Tiger counters it with a big power bomb for the win. Third Fall: Tiger pins Rey Cometa with a power bomb.

Winners: Virus, Kawato San, and Tiger

Titan, Triton, and Esfinge vs Shocker (Universo 2000 Jr), Rey Bucanero, and Vangellys

Titan and Bucanero started and they went back and forth for a bit. Triton and Universo come in next and start fighting on the ground. Esfinge entered and then a whole lot of spots were exchanged. Titan leaps to the outside but is met by Bucanero  to throw him into the barricade. Triton is launched into Vangellys and he hits a northern lights suplex for the pin. Rey hits a corkscrew splash on Esfinge for the fall. First Fall: Bucanero pins Esfinge with a corkscrew splash.

Titan gets worked over to start the round. When he goes to make the tag the ref acts like he doesn’t see. They throw him onto the ramp. Bucanero hits a leg drop on Esfinge. Triton and Esfinge come in after minutes of getting beat on and hit a hurricanrana and arm drag respectively on Bucanero and Universo. Esfinge hits a splash on Vangellys for the pin and Triton hits a 450 splash on Universo. Second Fall: Triton pins Universo 2000 with a 450 splash.

Esfinge kicks Universo and Triton comes in and hits a hurricanrana. Triton hits a jump on the ropes hurricanrana on Vangellys. Bucanero then hits knees to the corner on Triton and Titan springs in. Bucanero hits a face buster on Triton. Esfinge breaks the pin up then super kicks Bucanero twice. Vangellys spears Esfinge then poses. Esfinge hits a drop kick on him then dives to the outside on Vangellys. Triton then hits a plauncha on Universo. Titan in the ring rolls into an arm bar on Bucanero for the win. For some reason they’re taking Triton out on a stretcher. I don’t know why, it didn’t look like he hit his head on the last spot he did. Third Fall: Titan submits Bucanero with an arm bar.

Winners: Titan, Triton, and Esfinge

Atlantis, Dragon Lee, and El Valiente vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Valiente and Cuatrero start the match with a lock up and then proceed to do some grappling. Dragon Lee then comes in with Forastero and they go back and forth. It eventually evolves into a brawl however. Dragon Lee gets beat on and then Atlantis gets worked over. Cuatrero launches Forastero in Valiente for a pin. Sanson slams Lee off the top rope for the fall. First Fall: Sanson slams Dragon Lee off the top for the fall.

Atlantis gets teamed on to start the round. They hit triple kicks on Dragon Lee in the corner. Atlantis chops Sanson to the outside. Dragon Lee hits the shotgun stomp in the corner on Cuatrero while Valiente gets Forastero in a leg lock. Lee then pins him. Second Fall: Dragon Lee hits the double stomp while Cuatrero hangs in the corner.

There’s some posturing to begin the final round. Valiente out smarts Cuatrero and Forastero then hits a hurricanrana on Sanson to the outside then hits a pose. Lee is in with Cuatrero but he spits at Sanson so Sanson comes in. Quickly the Dinamita brother come in to team up on Dragon Lee. Atlantis and Forastero strike each other and then the brothers come in and Atlantis arm drags all of them. Dragon Lee then hits a huge over the top rope dive on Forastero. Followed by Valiente hitting a run up moonsault to the outside on Cautrero. In the ring Atlantis catches Sanson with a hurricanrana pinning combo for the win. Third Fall: Atlantis pins Sanson with a hurricanrana.

Winners: Atlantis, Dragon Lee, and El Valiente

Diamante Azul vs Gilbert El Bourica

They engage and fight for position to start. They exchange chops back and forth. Gilbert kicks Azul and then hits him with a driving spear. First Fall: Gilbert El Bourica pins Diamante Azul with a spear.

They brawl on the outside to start this round off. Gilbert continues to work over Azul. Azul hits a big clothesline coming in from the ramp over the top rope. He catches Gilbert’s spear and then hits a power bomb for the pin. Second Fall: Diamante Azul pins Gilbert with a power bomb.

They stare each other down to start this round. Azul shoulder blocks Gilbert to the outside and then Azul hits a dive through the middle rope. Gilbert goes flying into the crowd. Back in the ring Gilbert hits the draping DDT on Azul for a two count. Azul gets Gilbert in an STF. Azul hits knees to the back while Gilbert is in the ropes for a two count. Azul goes to the top but Gilbert catches him and hits a superplex for a two count. Gilbert then rips Azul’s mask off and then spears him. He then keeps punching Azul in the face. Azul doing a miserable job of covering his face. Third Fall: Diamante Azul wins via DQ from mask removal.

Winner: Diamante Azul

Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja vs Rush, El Terrible, and Bestia del Ring

Match starts out super hot and Terrible and Roja exchange running strikes in the corner. Caristico gets Rush to the outside and then hits a dive through the middle rope. Roja and Oro then get Terrible and Bestia in roll ups and pin them. First Fall: Oro and Roja pin Terrible and Bestia with pinning combos.

There’s brawling on the outside to start this round. Oro and Roja get thrown into the announce table and Rush poses on top of it. They triple drop kick Caristico. Bestia then power bombs Roja off the top. Caristico does a handspring elbow that Terrible and Bestia no sell. Roja and Oro arm drag Bestia and Terrible to the outside and hit dives through the middle rope. Caristico then follows on Rush. Besita hits a cradle tombstone on Oro for the pin. Roja then catches Bestia in a small package for the pin. So we have a 2/3 for this fall lol. Rush elbows Caristico to the outside then hits a dive over the top rope to the outside. Roja gets Terrible in the rock the boat submission but Bestia comes from behind with a belt and hits him. Ref DQs him. Second Fall: Roja wins via DQ when Bestia hit him with a foreign object.

Winners: Caristico, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja

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AAA’s Review & Results 6/16/2019

Joe brings us AAA updates! Big matches! The Young Bucks defend the Tag Titles!



Joe brings us AAA updates! Big matches! The Young Bucks defend the Tag Titles!

Live on Twitch 6/15

Keyra and Hijo Del Tirantes vs Mamba and Maximo

This match wasn’t even remotely advertised. Well a cookie sheet gets introduced really quickly by Tirantes. After getting beat on some Maximo hits a dive through the middle rope. Nothing really happens for a few minutes. This is a really slow paced match. Mamba hits a power bomb on Keyra, reversing her hurricanrana. Tirantes tries to pretend he was fouled. Ref ain’t having it. Tirantes argues with the ref, Maximo kisses him and then rolls him up for the win. Maximo pins Tirantes with a roll up

Winners: Mamba and Maximo

Dr. Wagner comes out for a promo talking about Silver King. Rey Escorpion comes out saying he doesn’t care. Wagner pushes Rey and folks come out to beat him up but Pagano helps Wagner out.

Taya Valkyrie, Lady Shani, and Scarlett Bordeaux vs La Hiedra, Chik Tormenta, and Tessa Blanchard

Match starts out much quicker than the first thankfully. An array of trading moves. We get some normal back and forth action before it becomes a brawl again. Taya gets hit with a super kick, stunner, then a german suplex. Scarlett does a canadian destroyer on Tessa. Boy has that move been bastardized. Scarlett power bombs Tormenta but the pin gets broken up. Shani has a flurry on Hiedra and Tormenta and Scarlett hits a dive off of the top to the outside. Daga comes down and super kicks Taya and Tessa hook DDTs her for the win. Tessa pins Taya with a hook DDT

Winners: La Hiedra, Chik Tormenta, and Tessa Blanchard

Myzteziz Jr vs Puma King vs Sammy Guevara

A make shift triple threat match. Puma and Myzteziz tried to work on Sammy to start. This match is going at a crazy pace. Myzteziz hits a tornillo splash. Guevara hits one of his own. Myzteziz messes up a hurricanrana spot with Puma. There’s some double team offense with Sammy and Puma. Puma hits an over the top rope dive. Puma counters Myzteziz on the top rope for a power bomb. Sammy comes and hits a shooting star press during the pin to break it up and pin Myzteziz. Sammy Guevara pins Myzteziz Jr with a shooting star press.

Killer Kross comes out. Kross kills Puma King with a kick. He hits a modified F5 on Myzteziz

Winner: Sammy Guevera

Daga vs Laredo Kid

There is a feel out process and then each postures to the crowd. They have some back and forth pinning exchanges and then Daga starts to work him over. Laredo Kid hits a middle rope dive but it hurts him more. Daga takes advantage. It’s really a long casual back and forth. Tessa interferes when Laredo Kid has Daga beat. Laredo Kid goes for a top rope move and Daga low blows him and then double stomps the back of his head for the victory. There was a lot of posturing in this match. They try to remove Laredo Kid’s mask and Taya comes to make the save. Daga pins Laredo Kid with a double stomp to the back of the head.

Winner: Daga

La Parka, Aerostar, and Hijo del Vikingo vs Chessman, Australian Suicide, and Monster Clown

The rudos quickly beat up on the tecnicos. This is pretty much a hardcore match. A trashcan gets introduced fairly early. Chessman brings a chair in. Vikingo uses his agility to gain the advantage on Chessman. Aerostar hits a tornillo splash and then makes Chessman miss an attack and hit Monster Clown. Aerostar climbs a structure which is legit like 25 feet off of the ground. Aerostar cannon balls off of it. What the hell. Suicide hits a piledriver on Vikingo for a close count. They go to the top rope and over rotate on a spanish fly. Vikingo gets crotched and dropped by Suicide. Suicide goes for a sideways shooting star but Vikingo gets the knees up. Vikingo hits an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo del Vikingo pins Australian Suicide with an imploder 450.

Winners: La Parka, Aerostar, and Hijo del Vikingo

Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Pagano vs Rey Escorpion, Taurus, and Killer Kross

Scarlett was a baby face earlier in the night and now she’s heel because she’s with Kevin Kross. They all start brawling on the outside. Dr. Wagner clearly has hair extensions in. It’s hilarious. This is really like 5 on 3 with Scarlett and Hiedra out there. We got cookie sheets and other weapons. Psycho Clown gets his trusty broomstick. Kross is selling on the outside and Scarlett is shielding him. Clown gets his strap and hits everyone with it. Wagner and Escorpion go at it. Kross goes to the top and hits a sloppy frog splash. He goes up to the top again but Puma King comes out and head scissors him. He drops kicks a chair into him then hits a plauncha. Pagano then hits a dive through the middle rope. Wagner hits a flip dive off of the apron on Taurus. Clown gets Rey in a pinning combo and Hiedra stops it. Clown makes Rey attack Hiedra and then Rey takes his mask off for the DQ. Escorpion attacks the ref with a cookie sheet. The rudos stand tall at the end. Which is usual for AAA. Psycho Clown wins via mask removal

Winners: Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Pagano

Live on Twitch 6/16 Verano de Escandalo

(Reina de Reinas) Keyra vs Lady Shani (Champ) vs Chik Tormenta

Just as the match was gonna start AAA has technical difficulties. Never change AAA. We finally come back to Keyra having Shani in a pinning combo. They apologize for the technical difficulties. Hey don’t apologize to us, you guys probably have a lot of casual viewers for this show. Lol. Keyra hits a nice hurricanrana and split leg moonsault on Shani. She hits a face buster on Tormenta but Shani breaks up the pin. Tormenta does a running death valley on Keyra into Shani. We are a little sloppy in this match but it’s okay, they’re working hard. Shani does a back stabber on Keyra on the apron. I think that hurts Shani more. Tormenta kicks her and does a knee dive off of the apron. Back in the room they do a tower of doom spot. Keyra kicks out of the power bomb by Shani. Shani hits a northern lights suplex on Keyra but she kicks out. Keyra rolls out of a victory roll and stomps on Shani and then pins her. Interesting finish. Keyra pins Shani with a double stomp into a pinning combo.

Winner: Keyra

The Young Bucks come out for a promo. Fenix comes out with that belt he’ll never defend. Pentagon alerts us Los Lucha Bros have 0 fear. Konnan comes out in a D Wade Jersey and a chair. Looking in the best shape he’s looked in years probably. So basically Lucha Bros turned on Konnan so he brings the Bucks in. Konnan slaps Pentagon and the Bucks come running out. The beat down is on. Definitely got better heat this time than last time they were here. Now the crowd knows to boo them later.

Faby Apache vs Hijo del Tirantes

Time to follow up that segment with this match. Tirantes beats up on Faby to start. Tormenta is at ring side with Tirantes so it’s basically a handicap match. Tirantes smashes Faby with a cookie sheet. Faby dodges the attacks finally and gets the cookie sheet and hits Tirantes and Tormenta. They keep starting up someone’s theme by accident I presume. Sounds like Scarlett’s. Faby is now beating down Tirantes. Crowd’s going crazy for this. I imagine the casual viewers on twitch aren’t. Faby gets a conveniently placed trash can and lid. She goes to put Tirantes in a surfboard stretch but Tormenta comes from behind. Faby hits a face buster on her. Tirantes hits one on her and nearly kills her but she kicks out. Tormenta throws a trash can to Tirantes. Faby drop kicks it and pins him. Faby Apache pins Tirantes with a top rope drop kick into a trash can.

Post match he goes to shake her hand but he beats her down with Tormenta.

Winner: Faby Apache

Maximo and Mamba vs Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide

Sammy gets on commentary during the Exoticos entrance to tell everyone to check out his youtube page. There’s a ridiculous amount of posturing to start this match. Mamba slaps Sammy and drop kicks him out. And that’s like all that’s happened for 5 minutes. Maximo knocks them out of the ring, and then Mamba comes in to go for dives but Suicide and Guevara enter and super kick them. Sammy and Suicide pretty much just beat them down. They miss spots and Maximo and Mamba kiss them then make them kiss each other. Then they hit middle rope dives. Back in the ring they both hit swanton bombs that get kicked out of. Suicide and Guevara get Maximo and Mamba to the outside. Suicide hits a back flip dive and Guevara hits a tornillo. Guevara hits a swanton bomb. Suicide hits a 450 then hits a middle rope dive on Maximo. Guevara then hits a shooting star press for the win. Sammy Guevara pins Mamba with a shooting star press

Winners: Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide

Laredo Kid and Taya Valkyrie vs Daga and Tessa Blanchard

Taya and Tessa start fighting to start. Laredo Kid hits a hurricanrana on Daga and Taya kicks Tessa to the outside. They go for dives but Tessa and Daga get back in. Tessa is clearly jawing at someone in the crowd. Tessa spent time working on Taya. Taya gets the hot tag to Laredo and he hits a michinoku driver on Laredo followed by two moonsaults. Daga catches him and hits a neck breaker. Tessa hits a cutter on Laredo. Taya attacks her. She hits her of of the apron and Daga catches her. Taya hits a dive onto them, then Laredo Kid hits a moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring Daga hits a kicking combo on Taya. Daga hits a back stabber but Laredo breaks up the pin. Laredo hits a 450 on Daga but Tessa breaks it up. Daga pulls out brass knuckles and goes to punch Laredo but he ducks and Daga hits Tessa. They go to the top and fight and Laredo Kid hits a Laredo Fly on Daga for the win. Laredo Kid pins Daga with a Laredo Fly

Winners: Laredo Kid and Taya

Pagano, Aerostar, and Puma King vs Chessman, Monster Clown, and Killer Kross

Kross coming out with Scarlett. Monster Clown grabs a kid out of the crowd because why not. We are wasting no time and it’s time for some brawling. They’re beating down the tecnicos with weapons. Scarlett is getting involved so it’s like a 4 on 3. Pagano tries a handspring attack and it goes very bad. Kross choke slams him. Scarlett seduces Aerostar then hits a Canadian Destroyer. Aerostar gets launched and hits a hurricanrana on Monster Clown. Scarlett hits Kross by accident. Aerostar hits a fast paced dive on Monster. Pagano hits a middle rope dive on Chessman. Puma hits one on Kross. Dives everywhere. Pagano completely misses a leg drop on Chessman. Pagano completely fucks up a middle rope dive by bouncing off the ropes. Aerostar climbs the structure and dives off of it. And he bounces off the floor. What’s wrong him. A ladder gets set up and Puma power bombs Chessman through it for the win. Puma King power bombs Chessman through a ladder for the pin.

Kross beats up Puma post match. He hits an F5 and a power bomb and takes Puma’s mask.

Winners: Pagano, Aerostar, and Puma King

La Parka, Myzteziz Jr, and Hijo del Vikingo vs Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion, and La Hiedra

Match starts with a beat down. Naturally. Rudos beating down tecnicos. They throw Vikingo with a rope by the balls and then Hiedra drop kicks him. Hugo asks if that’s a foul as La Parka comes in with a chair. Myzteziz almost breaks him neck on a failed shooting star attempt. Vikingo shows him how to do it. Back in the ring Myzteziz does a few spots redeeming himself. Vikingo gets offense in on Escorpion. Tries a springboard dragonranna but messes up. Eventually he hits a hurricanrana to the outside. La Parka does a plethora of goofy spots. Myzteziz goes for a dragonranna on Escorpion but he counters with a power bomb through chairs. Vikingo slams Hiedra and hits an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo del Vikingo pins Hiedra with an imploder 450.

They beat down Vikingo post match.

Winners: La Parka, Myzteziz Jr, and Hijo del Vikingo

(AAA Tag team titles) Pentagon Jr and Fenix vs Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson (Champs)

Lucha Bros jump the Bucks. Matt Jackson does 3 northern lights suplexes to Fenix then does one to Fenix and Pentagon at the same time. Matt does a baseball slide and then Nick does a dive over him. Matt unties Pentagon’s mask and then beats him up in the crowd. Back in the ring they hit double super kicks. Pentagon hits sling blades on both Bucks. Fenix does a double cutter. They roll out and Fenix hits a huge dive and goes flying into the crowd while Pentagon hits Matt with the Pentagon driver. Matt hits a Canadian destroyer then a spear and Fenix breaks it up. Lucha bros go for super kicks but the Bucks reverse it into sharptshooters. Lucha bros break out and a ton of super kicks get hit. Nick hits a frog splash on Fenix and Penta runs up his back and hits a Canadian destroyer on Matt. Fenix then hits a stomp on the apron on Nick. Pentagon hits the package piledriver on Matt. He kicks out. Then Fenix and Pentagon do the combo package piledriver. Nick pulls the ref out. Nick does an asai moonsault to the ref and Fenix. Matt pulls off Pentagon’s mask and kicks him in the groin and then they hit a Meltzer driver. Fenix pulls the ref out now. Fenix kicks Matt in the groin and then hits a cutter for a two. A new ref is out here now. They do the combo package piledriver again and Fenix hits a middle rope splash on Nick. Penta pins Matt. Pentagon pins Matt Jackson with a package piledriver combo.

Winners: Pentagon and Fenix

Dr. Wagner Jr and Psycho Clown vs Blue Demon Jr and Taurus

There’s some posturing and now the match is on. Wagner and Demon quickly brawl into the crowd. Actually all 4 of them are brawling. Wagner is bleeding already. Finally after a long beat down Wagner and Psycho make a come back. Wagner back drops Taurus to the outside and Clown hits a dive through the middle turnbuckle. Wagner hits a senton splash on Demon. Wagner rips Demon’s mask and bites him. Clown breaks a broom over Taurus’ back. Blue Demon is bleeding badly now. Taurus sets up a table. Clown hits the double stomp in the corner for a two count. Taurus misses a corner attack and then Clown hits a dive through the middle rope. Wagner back drops Demon onto a table. Wagner then hits a michinoku driver for the win. Dr. Wagner pins Blue Demon with a Michinoku driver

Winners: Pscyho Clown and Dr. Wagner Jr

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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: Dominion 2019 Part 1!

It’s Rainmaker VS Painmaker in the main event!



NJPW Dominion 2019

NJPW returns to Osaka-Jo Hall!

Kazuchika Okada defends the IWGP Heavyweight Championship against Chris Jericho! Will Y2J stop the reign of the Rainmaker? Or will Okada continue to raise NJPW to the next level?


Coverage of Dominion in Osaka-Jo Hall will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found on



  • Jon Moxley VS Shota Umino; Moxley wins.
  • Shingo Takagi VS Satoshi Kojima; Takagi wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Bullet Club VS Taguchi Japan; Taguchi Japan wins.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Dragon Lee VS Will Ospreay; Ospreay wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS Chris Jericho; Okada wins and retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS TV set the scene for this Summer blockbuster!

The Rainmaker reigns once again after his long road to redemption. Madison Square Garden was the beginning of Kazuchika Okada’s fifth reign, and Okada would be successful in his first defense back in Japan. But a darker Chris Jericho has come back to NJPW to be the Painmaker that ruins the Rainmaker’s Summer. Can Okada keep going? Or will he regret playing with Y2J?

But before that, the Aerial Assassin, fresh off his Best of the Super Juniors victory, wants the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship back! Will Ospreay slayed the Muscle Dragon, Shingo Takagi, in the finals, but can he slay CMLL’s Dragon Lee? Or will Lee continue the reign that also started in Madison Square Garden?


Jon Moxley VS Shota Umino!

The Lunatic is free, and he has come to NJPW! He won the IWGP United States Championship in his debut, but will the Death Rider keep going strong as this Young Lion gets to show his stuff?

Umino is definitely eager to show what he can do, as he FLIES out onto Moxley before the bell! Osaka fires up with Umino as he gets Moxley in the ring. The bell does ring and Umino climbs up to missile dropkick Moxley back down! Umino runs in corner to corner, but gets a big lariat from Moxley! Moxley goes back to Umino to rain down rights, but the ref reprimands him for closed fists. So Moxley switches to elbows! Moxley walks off his annoyance before putting Umino in the corner for a CHOP! And another! Moxley grinds his forearm into Umino’s face but lets up at the ref’s count, for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer as Umino survives, and Moxley mocks them before dropping an elbow. Cover, TWO!

Moxley drags Umino around for a Queen Angelito Stretch. Umino endures the deathlock and crossface, but Moxley fish hooks the mouth. Fans rally and Umino crawls, but Moxley pulls back harder. Umino powers his way forward for the ropebreak! Moxley lets go just to hammer Umino down. Moxley walks off with some swagger, then returns to loom over a dazed Umino. Umino hits back but Moxley eggs him on. Umino throws more forearms but it’s not enough for Moxley. That third one still wasn’t, and Moxley headbutts Umino, only to run into a dropkick and a German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Umino stays fired up as he fishermen’s, but Moxley spins out to forearm Umino back. Then Moxley gives Umino the X-Plex! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer Umino’s heart and Moxley even laughs. Moxley drags Umino up, Death Rider DDT! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

That wasn’t as easy as Moxley thought, but he still puts the Young Lion away. When and where will the Death Rider strike again? How long will he be IWGP US Champion?

Moxley isn’t done, he grabs a mic. “I bring a message from Cincinnati, Ohio. Jon Moxley, international purveyor of violence, gentleman and all around sick son of a b*tch wants in on the G1!” A huge move for the newest star in NJPW! Will Moxley rise to the challenge of the G1 Climax to take it all?! Either way, he takes his belt, and Umino, with him to the back! Has the Young Lion won the veteran’s respect?


NJPW Media backstage interview

Moxley has a floundering Umino hold onto the IWGP US Championship belt for him as he compliments the Young Lion. “I like this kid. He could be my new Young Lion. I’m gonna need some help, I’m gonna need a partner.” A training partner, a guy to spot him on the bench, to drive him home from Roppongi. Does Umino drive? Well Moxley and his Young Boy will be fine. And Moxley made his intentions clear. “See you at the G1. Come, my friend.” Moxley helps Umino up and the two head out. Is this partnership really going to work out? And how is the Death Rider going to fare in his first G1 Climax tournament?


Shingo Takagi VS Satoshi Kojima!

The Muscle Dragon suffered his first loss in NJPW when he fell to the Aerial Assassin, but he looks to spring back already. Will his Pumping Bomber beat the legendary Cozy Lariat in this special first-ever encounter?

The bell rings and the fans are already fired up. They tie up, and Shingo keeps even with Kojima. Shingo puts Kojima on the ropes, then lets up to pat his shoulders. And then CHOP him anyway! Kojima doesn’t flinch, and kicks back. He headlocks Shingo but Shingo powers out. Kojima bumps Shingo but Shingo comes back to run him over! Fans marvel at the muscles as Shingo drags Kojima up. Kojima forearms Shingo but Shingo hits back. They brawl with fast and furious forearms, then Shingo headbutts. Shingo whips but Kojima runs him over! Fans cheer as Kojima shows he’s as strong as ever. Kojima flex the pecs then slingshots to topple Shingo down! Fans cheer as Kojima gets up. Shingo follows and they brawl on the outside.

The count climbs as the punches fly, but Shingo CHOPS! Kojima keeps hitting Shingo and Shingo keep shitting Kojima. But the count hits 15! Then 17! They hear 19 and jump in! Shingo goes at Kojima with a facelock but Kojima gets up. Shingo shifts to a cravat, but Kojima endures the grind, only to get an elbow. Kojima ends up in a corner, Shingo whips him to another. Shingo runs in but blocks the boot then jab and chop! Jab, chop, and repeat! Shingo lets up at the ref’s count and checks his hand. He whips Kojima corner to corner, but Kojima dodges and CHOPS! Kojima CHOPS over and over and over! Fans fire up as he tops it off with one more big CHOP! Shingo is stinging as Kojima whips him corner to corner. Kojima forearm smashes then goes up top! But Shingo knocks him down!

Shingo joins Kojima on the apron and says HE is going for something. Kojima denies the Death Valley, but Shingo holds on to deny the cutter. Shingo fireman’s carries, and hits the apron Death Valley Driver! Both men slump to the floor but Shingo sits up first. Kojima slowly follows, and sweeps Shingo’s legs on the apron! Shingo crashes and Kojima climbs up to join him. Kojima hits an apron DDT! Kojima puts Shingo in and brings him up for a cutter! Cover, TWO! Shingo survives and surprises Kojima a bit, but Kojima keeps his cool. He clubs away on Shingo and then puts him up top. Kojima climbs up to join Shingo, and hits a SUPER CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Shingo survives again!

Kojima drags Shingo up and Shingo denies the suplex. Kojima manages to get Shingo up but Shingo slips out. Shingo waistlocks but Kojima elbows free. Kojima runs, but into a back elbow of Shingo’s, then a JAB and LARIAT! But Shingo can’t make the cover, his arms are still stinging. Shingo whips Kojima and knees him against ropes. He suplexes Kojima for a big vertical suplex! Shingo drags Kojima back up but Kojima flops over. Shingo tries again, underhooks but Kojima resists. So Shingo knees and CHOPS him with both hands! Shingo runs, but Kojima blocks the bomber! Kojima runs, but Shingo blocks on one side, only to get Cozy Lariat from the other side! Kojima brings Shingo back up, BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Kojima keeps his cool as fans rally up both ways. He prepares the arm, whips Shingo, but Shingo flops over now. The ref checks on Shingo while Kojima eggs him on. Shingo stands, blocks the lariat, and underhooks, but Kojima fights free, only to get a DDT! Kojima gets to a corner and fans rally up with Shingo. Shingo runs corner to corner for a big clothesline! Then he runs to Pump- Kojima tanks the bomber?! Shingo tries again but Kojima stays up. Shingo runs but clotheslines collide! And it’s Kojima who stays up! Fans fire up as Kojima glares. Off comes the arm band! Kojima runs, but into a PUMPING BOMBER! Cover, ONE!? Kojima shows great heart, and throws forearms with Shingo back and forth again.

Shingo gives elbows from all sides, but Kojima comes back with his own! Kojima swings into a pump handle! Shingo lifts Kojima, for Made in Japan! Cover, TWO!! Kojima escapes the driver! But Shingo keeps going, PUMPING BOMBER!! Shingo won’t cover?! He gets up and brings Kojima into the pump handle fireman’s carry, Last of the Dragon!! Cover, Shingo wins!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall

The biggest Junior Heavyweight in NJPW defeats a legendary heavyweight! Takagi picks up the mic to say, “You saw it happen. I got the job done.” But he needs something more. A bigger thrill! Something heavier. You get what he means, right? Osaka has an idea, but Takagi gets to the point. He also wants in on the G1!! It doesn’t matter the size, the talent, the toughness, Takagi will take them all down, “just the way I am.” That is all. The Muscle Dragon drops the mic and also wants in the big Summer tournament! Will Takagi prove that he can be the best of both weight classes?


Six Man Tag: Bullet Club VS Taguchi Japan!

Two factions of NJPW clash as Jay White leads Taiji Ishimori and Chase Owens into battle against Juice Robinson, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and of course Ryusuke Taguchi. Will the Flamboyant One, The Ace and the Funky Weapon #BreathwiththeSwitchblade? Or will they take the Switchblade, Bone Soldier and Crown Jewel down on Dominion?

NJPW on AXS returns as the teams sort out. Chase starts against Juice with the bell. The two circle and tie up. Chase waistlocks then wrenches Juice, but Juice spins through to wrench back. Chase spins and headlocks, but Juice pries free to get a keylock to waistlock. Juice throws Chase down and keeps on him with a waistlock. Chase stands and backs Juice into ropes, and the break is clean, until Chase elbows Juice in that bad eyebrow! Chase goes after it with a headlock punch! The ref reprimands Chase but Juice just punches Chase back! Juice jabs and CHOPS in the corner over and over. The ref counts so Juice whips Chase corner to corner, to then run in for a big clothesline! Juice keeps moving, but Chase bails out.

The Bullet Club regroups while fans rally up for Juice. Juice dares Chase to get in, and Chase does, to tag out to Taiji. Taiji stares down with Juice, but Taguchi wants in. Osaka wants him in, too! Tag to Taguchi, and we revisit their resent Junior Heavyweight Championship match. Taguchi does his Sailor Boys dance, but that only gets him kicked. Taiji headlocks but Taguchi powers out and things speed up. Taguchi goes for a hip attack but gets an atomic drop! Taiji whips but Taguchi reverses to hit a corner hip attack! Then he whips Taiji corner to corner for another! Taguchi keeps moving, but misses that one! The Bullet Club blasts Taguchi’s teammates, and Taiji throws Taguchi out to join them.

White throws Tanahashi at the NJPW commentary while Chase punches Juice up the ramp. Taiji keeps on Taguchi on the other side while White CHOPS Tanahashi. Taiji whips Taguchi into barriers! White stomps Tanahashi down while Chase helps Taiji against Taguchi. Juice is down at the ramp while Taiji puts Taguchi in to cover. TWO, but Taiji tags Chase. Chase stomps Taguchi to keep him away from his corner. Chase bumps Taguchi off buckles then feeds him to White’s boot. Tag to White and Chase throws Taguchi out for White to ram into railing, apron and railing, repeat! White puts Taguchi back in while fans boo and jeer. He covers, TWO! Taguchi survives but White wraps him up with a chinlock.

Fans rally up and Taguchi feeds off the energy. Taguchi fights back and whips, but White reverses, and dodges the hip attack. The Funky Weapon has done more damage to himself than anything. He runs into another atomic drop! But he escapes White’s back suplex! Taguchi dodges and hits White with the hip attack! Both men are down and fans rally up. Taguchi and White crawl, hot tag to Tanahashi! The Ace has his hated nemesis and starts throwing forearms. He whips but White reverses, only to get a flying forearm! Tanahashi blasts the Bullet Club, then dodges White. He blocks the boot for a Dragon Screw! Fans fire up as Tanahashi hops up, for the senton onto White! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer “GO ACE!” as Tanahashi aims at White. White dodges Slingblade but Tanahashi elbows White away. Tanahashi runs but into a CHOP! But he keeps going! White blocks Slingblade to saido suplex! The Bullet Club take Taguchi and Juice out, then help White with Tanahashi. Taiji whips Tanahashi corner to corner, then Chase whips Taiji in to double knee Tanahashi. Chase adds a forearm smash, then White adds a running uppercut! White suplexes Tanahashi for a twisting suplex! Cover, but Juice and Taguchi both break it! Fans cheer but Bullet Club throws them back out. White drags Tanahashi up and slashes the throat. He has Tanahashi in position, but Tanahashi spins and palm strikes!

Tanahashi runs, but Slingblade is denied again! White wants but is denied Blade Runner into a Slingblade! Fans rally up while both men are down. Bullet Club hits Taguchi down and drags White to the corner, and Chase tags in! Chase grins as he aims at Tanahashi. He runs in corner to corner for a forearm, then snapmares for a Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi survives but Chase drags him up for a piledriver. Juice runs in but gets a SUPERKICK! Taguchi returns to kick Chase, then runs only to miss again! Taiji whips Taguchi into railing again while Chase drags Tanahashi up. Tanahashi goes to counter punch but Chase hits the bad arm. Chase hammerlocks and lariats, the Jewel Heist! But Chase isn’t done there, he double guns and drags Tanahashi up. Package-

No, Tanahashi escapes and trips Chase up! He laces the legs but Chase shoves him away into White’s cheap shot. But Juice yanks White down for the Left Hand of God! Chase drags Tanahashi up and whips, but Tanahashi reverses into a familiar position. But Tanahashi doesn’t steal Blade Runner, he hits a Slingblade DDT! Cover, Tanahashi and team win!

Winners: Taguchi Japan, Tanahashi pinning

The Ace gets the win for his team! But will this trios victory help Tanahashi in his newest NJPW comeback? Or is it a long road back for even the Once in a Century Talent?


Katsuyori Shibata returns to NJPW!

The man simply known as “The Wrestler” is back in Osaka-Jo Hall! But he is in a suit, so he’s not here to fight. Instead, his business is to introduce NJPW to a new star… KENTA!! Yes, the Innovator of the GTS is here! And as the shirt says, he’s ready to take over! Shibata helps Kenta into the ring and Osaka goes wild! And of course, Shibata picks up the mic to speak.

“Today, I brought a really close friend with me.” This is THE Kenta! And then the mic is given over to Kenta so that he may speak. “Hello NJPW fans, I’m Kenta.” He thanks Shibata for making this possible. And he is here because he followed his instincts. Kenta wants to show you his style of pro-wrestling. “I will see you at the G1 Climax.” Incredible! A third man declares for the tournament in one night! Will Kenta #TAKEOVER and make the rest of the field #GoToSleep?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Dragon Lee VS Will Ospreay!

The Best of the Super Juniors practically just ended, but the Aerial Assassin doesn’t take anything easy. The two-time tournament winner wants to go from two-time champion to three! Will he slay another dragon in just the span of a week? Or will CMLL’s dragon continue to reign over the NJPW Junior Heavyweight Division?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised then put carefully alongside Ospreay’s BOSJ 26 trophy, and the two rivals shake hands. The bell rings and we begin this battle of young and international icons!

Osaka is already thunderous for these two top Junior Heavyweights. The two circle and tie up. Ospreay wrenches but Lee handsprings through. Lee and Ospreay tie up again and Lee snapmares, but Ospreay handsprings through. They go again, and Lee headlocks, but Ospreay powers out. Things speed up and Lee shoves to follow then huricanrana, but Ospreay handsprings through that! Ospreay huricanranas but Lee also handsprings! Lee kicks but Ospreay dodges to handspring, but Lee just denies the Oscutter! Lee lifts for Desnucadora but Ospreay slips out. Ospreay swings a kick, but Lee ducks, and then they both dropkick! Those cancel out and both men kip up, but Lee dropkicks Ospreay back down! Fans cheer how fast and furious these two move!

Lee goes after Ospreay with a hook to the face, then wraps an arm around the ropes. Lee CHOPS Ospreay then follow shim in a corner. He knees and forearms Ospreay, then whips corner to corner. Ospreay boots and enziguris Lee back, then hits a top-rope 619! Lee bails out but Ospreay slingshots for a big crossbody! Fans fire up as Ospreay stands tall! Ospreay takes a moment to walk off the landing then drags Lee up to CHOP him back down! Ospreay drags Lee up and into the ring, and covers, ONE! Fans cheer while Ospreay drags Lee back up for a big forearm. Ospreay whips and elbows Lee down, cover, ONE!

Ospreay keeps his cool as he drags Lee around. He hammerlocks one arm, then pulls on the other, for a recliner! Cover, TWO! Ospreay stalks Lee to a corner and CHOPS him back. He CHOPS Lee more, but Lee hits back with forearms. Ospreay back kicks then whips, but Lee puts Ospreay on the apron. Ospreay hits back then springboards, but his Pip Pip Cheerio gets caught into an STO! Both men are down but stirring as fans cheer. Lee gets up and goes to Ospreay in the corner to throw forearm after forearm. Lee runs but Ospreay follows to uppercut! Ospreay sweeps the legs and runs corner to corner, but Lee dodges. Lee throws more forearms to sit Ospreay down, then runs corner to corner for the basement dropkick! Snap suplex and cover, TWO!

Lee keeps his cool while fans cheer. Lee kicks Ospreay then whips, but Ospreay handsprings to PELE! Ospreay gets to the apron then springboards back in, flying forearm! Cover, TWO! Lee lives but Ospreay sees him bail out. Fans rally as Ospreay builds speed, Sasuke Special! Lee dodges but Ospreay still lands on his feet! Only to get Lee’s knee trigger! Lee drags Ospreay up onto the railing and throws forearm. NJPW commentary gets a good look as Lee builds speed and DIVES! They both go into the next section!! Even commentary is wiped out with that insane tope suicida! Red Shoes checks on both men, and somehow they’re okay to continue. Fans rally up behind commentary who got wiped out. Everyone is up and Lee pushes Ospreay over the railing back to ringside.

Lee puts Ospreay in the ring and deadlifts him. Ospreay fights the waistlock but Lee shifts to a full nelson. Ospreay breaks that, but gets caught into the Straitjacket German! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ospreay still escapes after all of that! Lee grits his teeth and checks his mask as he goes after Ospreay again. He puts Ospreay up on the back rope and Ospreay falls into the Tree of Woe. Lee climbs up but Ospreay sits up to start brawling! They hit each other with forearms back and forth, and with little where else to go. Lee headbutts Ospreay back into the Tree, then stands up, but Ospreay kicks Lee down! Ospreay is free of the Tree while Lee falls to the floor. Ospreay climbs up, CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! He takes Lee down with him!

Osaka fires up while Ospreay clutches his ribs. But Ospreay fires up to drag Lee into the ring! Ospreay drags Lee up into the dragon sleeper, for a Bloody Sunday! Cover, TWO! Lee lives again but Ospreay keeps his focus. Both men stand and Ospreay aims, Hook Kick! But Ospreay won’t stop there, he roars as he underhooks. Lee blocks so Ospreay kicks away on his face. Underhooks to Canadian rack, but Lee pops out of Stormbreaker for a gut wrench! But Ospreay slips through to gut wrench Lee, only for Lee to tilt-o-whirl DDT! And then springs up to a suplex, only to get the Osaka Street Cutter! Both men are down after an Osaka Street Cutter in Osaka! Fans rally up and the two slowly stir. The two crawl towards each other, and start throwing forearms again.

Fans cheer as Ospreay hits Lee and Lee hits Ospreay. Both men fire up and get to their feet. Ospreay hits Lee again, but Lee hits Ospreay again. They go back and forth, then Ospreay fires several! Lee hits one and decks Ospreay! Lee runs but into a HOOK KICK! Ospreay runs, but into a German Suplex! But he lands on his feet to dropkick-flip, into Lee’s knee trigger! Lee POISON RANAS! Lee runs, but into SPANISH FLY! Both men are down again and fans are thunderous! Ospreay crawls to a cover, TWO!! Lee just barely survives that one!

Fans rally up as Ospreay puts Lee in the drop zone. Ospreay climbs up again, but has to fight Lee. Lee SUPERKICKS Ospreay down to the apron! Lee runs side to side, for a FLYING HURICANRANA! But Ospreay lands on his feet?! Lee is stunned as Ospreay stares him down. Ospreay eggs Lee on, and gets him with an apron pop-up bomb! Ospreay puts Lee in, climbs up top, and leaps for the Shooting Star! Cover, TWO!! Lee still lives, but Ospreay vows to end it! Ospreay aims, Robinson Special! But that’s not all, Ospreay springboards, but into a knee trigger! Fans are thunderous all over again as both men slowly stir.

Ospreay goes back to the apron, but Lee pursues. Lee drags Ospreay up and throws forearms. Ospreay swing kicks Lee back! Ospreay hops up fast, but Lee trips him up! Into a Tree of Woe to the outside! WOE STOMPS!! Lee may have done as much damage to himself just on the landing! Red Shoes checks but again they’re somehow both okay. A ring count begins and climbs past 10, but Lee is up and in! Ospreay is still down as fans cheer. Ospreay stands at 14 but flops over at 15! The count reaches 18, Ospreay springs up at 19 and gets in at 19.5! Only to get another knee trigger! Lee drags Ospreay up, lifts, but Ospreay resists again! Ospreay elbows out and roundhouses Lee down! But Lee catches Ospreay for another STO! That Ospreay slips through! Powerbomb lift, but Lee hits a DESTROYER!!

Lee won’t end it, he runs to Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO!? How?! But Lee doesn’t take long to worry about that. He takes the knee pad down and runs again, but Ospreay blocks the Wizard! Only to get a knee trigger! Fans are thunderous again as Lee lifts Ospreay, tucks, but Ospreay lands out of Desnucadora to back heel kick Lee in the head! Then reels him out for a Hook Kick! Ospreay aims, Hidden Blade!! But not even this is enough for Ospreay! He hops way up, SUPER OSCUTTER! He holds on, to underhook, STORMBREAKER!! Cover, Ospreay wins!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall; NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion

The Aerial Assassin wins his third Junior Heavyweight Championship as he slays his second dragon! Ospreay holds up both title and trophy, as THE Super Junior of NJPW today! How long will this newest reign last?


NJPW Media backstage interview

Ospreay says “The Junior Heavyweight wants in on the G1. I dare NJPW: put me in the G1 Climax this year! I’ll show that this trophy is just as good as the heavyweight trophy.” A fourth man makes his intentions known! Will Ospreay conquer both divisions in 2019?!


IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kazuchika Okada VS Chris Jericho!

Y2J has already held championship gold in NJPW, but he isn’t going to stop until he holds the top prize. He dares the Rainmaker to come out and play, so Okada will play his game. But just what is a “Painmaker,” anyway? Jericho promises to show the world right here in this match. Will the Judas Effect kick in to end Okada’s fifth reign? Or is Okada still on a whole different level?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this battle of true greats!

Okada throws his jacket at Jericho much like Jericho might do to someone else. Jericho doesn’t appreciate that but Okada laughs and grins as Jericho throws Okada’s jacket out. These two hear the fans already thunderous for Okada, and Jericho grows annoyed already. Jericho tells the “stupid idiots” to shut up, but they just boo him instead. Okada encourages the fans to cheer so they cheer loud and proud. He and Jericho finally circle and tie up. Jericho pushes Okada away and the two circle again. They tie up again, and Jericho pulls hair. Okada turns things around and the two go around the ring, with Okada on Jericho against the ropes. Red Shoes calls for the break, and Okada fakes Jericho out like all the rest. But Jericho pokes Okada’s eyes!

Fans boo but Jericho clubs Okada and CHOPS him. Jericho whips then runs him over with forearms! The fans boo but Jericho just mocks them. Jericho slaps Okada around but Okada throws forearms back. Okada whips but Jericho bails out to deny the dropkick. Jericho walks it off, but Okada gives chase! They go around the ring, into the ring, and then Jericho dodges Okada only to get a BOOT! Okada heads for a corner already, and leaps for a missile dropkick! But Jericho blocks it to the Walls of Jericho! Okada endures as Jericho sits down deep. Okada crawls while Jericho mocks the fans cheering him on. Ropebreak! Jericho lets go and Okada slumps out of the ring, but Jericho runs to wreck him with a dropkick! Okada tumbles over into commentary! Those guys are having a busy night…

Jericho climbs over to join Okada, mock the fans, and throw chairs! Jericho bounces Okada off the desk, then climbs up to stand Okada up. Flashbacks to Jericho’s matches with Naito, DDT to the table! Okada is stuck in the wood and Jericho rings the bell himself, as if he’s already won. Jericho goes back to Okada, tosses more furniture aside, and drags Okada up over the railing. He stomps Okada into the railing then drives in elbows. Jericho walks around the ring to go looking for something. He brings out a spare table! Jericho sets the table up, then shoves Red Shoes aside to fetch Okada. He brings Okada to the table, but Okada resists the lift. Jericho clubs Okada, but Okada powers Jericho into railing! Jericho BOOTS right back! And once again, Jericho confiscates a camera to get a close-up on Okada, while flipping the bird.

Jericho gives the camera back while he mocks the fans cheering for Okada. He puts Okada in the ring then climbs up top. Jericho dares Okada to stand, and then leaps to crossbody Okada down! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Jericho grows annoyed. Jericho slaps Okada around then drags Okada up for a BIG back suplex! Jericho stands on Okada but Red Shoes doesn’t count that as a cover. They argue and Jericho shoves Red Shoes again. Fans rally up for Okada but Jericho rains down rights. Jericho sits Okada up to drive in more elbows, then pushes the “piece of s*it back down.” He slaps Okada but Okada comes back for more. Jericho keeps slapping Okada so Okada throws forearms! Okada runs but into Jericho’s dropkick! Jericho grins as he mocks the Hulkster, too.

Jericho drags Okada up and chokes him on the ropes. He lets up at the ref’s count of 4 and even mocks the count, before kicking Okada down. Jericho chokes Okada against ropes again, then backs off to bring him up. Jericho suplexes and holds Okada up about 7 counts, then drops Okada down. He covers, TWO! Okada stays in this as we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns and Jericho drags Okada up to CHOP him. Jericho CHOPS Okada against ropes, then again. He throws forearms, too, then whips. Okada kicks Jericho back then throws forearms of his own. Jericho throws even more forearms, but runs into a flapjack! Both men are down, but then Okada kips up. Okada rallies on Jericho with elbows and forearms! He whips, but Jericho reverses, only for Okada to dodge and elbow Jericho down! Okada fires up and Osaka with him! Okada runs in for a corner elbow, then kicks to DDT Jericho down. Jericho slumps out of the ring, but Okada pursues. Okada whips Jericho across the way into railing! Then runs in to boot him over! Okada gets the fans rallying as he gets space. Okada runs back in, to FLY, into a Code Breaker!

Both Jericho and Okada are down but it’s Okada gasping for air. Jericho leaves Okada behind to get in the ring. Jericho wants the ring count to end Okada’s reign. The count climbs to 10 but Okada is up and hobbling over. Okada gets to the ring at 11 but falls at 12. Okada hops in at 16, but Jericho is on him with a basement dropkick. Cover, TWO! Jericho clubs Okada with crossface forearms, but fans cheer Okada on. Jericho gives them dirty birds as he goes back to Okada. He CHOPS Okada and follows him to a corner for another CHOP. Jericho whips corner to corner and hits a corner clothesline! He gut wrenches but Okada slips out! Okada gut wrenches Jericho, but Jericho tumbles back to get the lift back!

But Jericho slips through to grab the legs! Okada resists but Jericho gets the Walls all over again! Okada endures as fans cheer and Jericho talks trash. The champion crawls with all his might but Jericho just keeps up the pressure. Okada gives on more push, to a ropebreak! Jericho holds on until 4, then argues with Red Shoes. He chokes Red Shoes as he says Okada tapped out. But Jericho turns around into Okada’s dropkick! Jericho goes to a corner but Okada runs in, only to miss. Jericho runs in but misses, and Okada puts him up top. But Jericho kicks Okada before Okada could dropkick. Jericho leaps, into Okada’s dropkick! Okada drags Jericho up and gut wrenches, TOMBSTONE! And the Rainmaker Pose!

Okada drags Jericho back up, reels him in to wring him out, but Jericho spins through to underhook, Tiger Bomb! High stack, TWO!! Okada survives but barely! Jericho waits for Okada to stand again, runs in, but the Code Breaker is denied to the Air Raid neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his cool as he goes up top. But his back slows him down given all that time in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho runs in but Okada shoulders and punches him away. Jericho punches back but Okada punches again. Okada goes to bump Jericho on buckles, but Jericho blocks to bump Okada. Okada staggers, Jericho triangle dropkicks him down! Fans have to cheer that classic move from Jericho.

Jericho drags Okada back up to bump him off buckles. He drags Okada up to the top rope, but Okada resists. Jericho clubs Okada, but Okada hits back. Okada throws Jericho off! MACHO ELBOW! Fans fire up as Okada hits a proper Rainmaker Pose! Okada drags Jericho up, wrings him out, but Jericho ducks to enziguri! Both men are down again, but fans continue to cheer. Jericho and Okada crawl to each other, and start throwing forearms on the mat. They go back and forth, and slowly stand as they do. Jericho CHOPS Okada, but Okada walks it off to forearm Jericho back. Okada throws more forearms and even European Uppercuts. Okada whips but Jericho holds the ropes to again deny the dropkick. LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!!

Jericho keeps his cool as he stalks Okada to a corner. Jericho kicks Okada while he’s down and even in the corner. He argues with Red Shoes, but gets Okada’s shotgun dropkick! Okada gives back those corner kicks, and grinds his boot into Jericho as he gives back all the trash talk! Red Shoes counts and Okada lets up. Okada gets mad at Red Shoes and stomps Jericho more. Okada goes corner to corner, but into a Code Breaker! Jericho crawls to a cover, TWO!! Okada barely survives that one. Jericho grows frustrated, and tells Okada to “Stay down!” Jericho unties a buckle pad and tosses it at commentary. “You see what happens?! Huh!? You stupid son of a b*tch?!” Jericho drags Okada up, gut wrenches, but Okada slips out to German Suplex!

Okada holds onto Jericho with that waistlock and drags Jericho up. He wrings Jericho out but Jericho ducks the waistlock. Jericho wrings Okada out and tries to steal Rainmaker! But Okada ducks it, to steal Code Breaker! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives his own move, but Okada has more to give. Okada gut wrenches for a JUMPING TOMBSTONE! And then wristlock, but Jericho ducks to roll Okada into the Walls! And Jericho sits in deep! But Okada powers up to head for ropes! Fans rally up as Jericho demands they ring the bell! Okada reaches but Jericho drags him away! And then turns for a Lion Tamer! Jericho goes old school for this one! But Okada rolls around to pop through and spin Jericho off!

Jericho and Okada crawl then stand. Okada runs in but is sent into the bare buckles! Jericho clotheslines Okada, then demands Okada stand! He wants to use that elbow, but Okada ducks Judas Effect! Okada wrings Jericho out but Jericho again dodges Rainmaker. Jericho jumps but Code Breaker is denied again, and Okada pops Jericho up. Jericho sunset flips but Okada sits on it! Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall; still IWGP Heavyweight Champion

But Jericho won’t take that sitting down! He hammers away on Okada! Jericho is a sore loser, and shoves Red Shoes away to keep punching Okada in the head. Jericho throws Red Shoes right out of the ring, to then fetch something else from under the ring. A steel chair! Jericho brings that into the ring, and as Okada stands up, Jericho SMACKS him in the face!! Fans boo and jeer as Jericho holds his weapon up high. Jericho waits for Okada to stand again, Judas Effect! Fans continue to boo as Jericho takes a seat in his chair.

Jericho drags Okada outside the ring and then wraps the chair around Okada’s head! And rams him into the post!! Fans boo even louder but Jericho just soaks it up. Jericho goes back to Okada and brings him around to that table. Jericho finally lifts Okada, but Tanahashi hops in to save Okada! Tanahashi goes after Jericho but Young Lions hurry to keep them apart. Jericho throws things as he retreats, not wanting to face The Ace right now. Jericho grabs a mic to tell “Tana Bakahashi” that if he wants to start stuff, just look at what happened to Okada. “The Painmaker never loses! The Painmaker always wins! Chris Jericho is the Greatest of All Time, even here in this bulls*it country of Japan.” Osaka boos even more while Jericho says he’ll see them both later. “Happy Championship, B*tch!”

Tanahashi is still seething as Jericho heads up the ring. Jericho grabs Okada dollars and wipes the sweat from his pits. The Young Lions turn their attention to helping Okada while Jericho grabs more Okada dollars. He sticks one to his forehead, then rubs the other down his pants to throw at the camera. Jericho’s crude displays aside, when and where will he man up to face The Ace? Will Jericho also get another shot at Okada and the IWGP Heavyweight Championship? What even is the state of Okada after Jericho’s sore loser attack? Tanahashi helps Okada stand and head to the back, these two rivals again on the same side.


NJPW Media backstage interviews

Chris Jericho (with that Okada dollar still stuck to his head) says if Okada wants to know what a Painmaker is, ask if he understands now. He probably can’t even talk. No event closing speech from him tonight, that’s for sure. But Jericho will speak for him. “Hello, my name is Okada. Chris Jericho just kicked my ass.”

Jericho wants to know if Okada will be in the G1 this year. And Tanahashi, for that matter. If so, then maybe Jericho will be in it, too. Jericho will beat up Moxley, too, since he still owes Jericho $15,000 from ripping up that LED jacket three years ago in the WWE. Even that “little bastard, Kenta,” he’ll beat him, too. All the G1 field, for that matter. He’ll become Chris G1-icho, how about that? A major move for the Best in the World at What He Does, but will he’s the best in NJPW against the best in NJPW?



My Thoughts:

These two-hour nights for NJPW on AXS are so great! We are getting so much more of these events now, but I suppose Best of the Super Juniors Finals and Dominion are big enough to warrant it. Moxley makes his squash match with Umino even better by deciding Umino is his “Young Boy.” I wonder if this will really continue as the kayfabe for Moxley in NJPW. If this were an American promotion, we’d be getting goofy gags with them, which would actually be fun to see on social media. Takagi VS Kojima was a great match between these heavy hitters, and Kojima of course gives Takagi the rub by putting him over. Then the Six Man Tag was mostly filler, but it was a good match to keep Tanahashi going in his newest comeback.

Hooray to finally see Hideo Itami/Kenta somewhere! Granted, he got hurt a lot while in NXT and WWE, but when he was finally ready to go, they didn’t let him go full speed. Now in NJPW, and hopefully by extension ROH, Kenta really can show us what he’s capable of. Lee VS Ospreay, another amazing match for the Aerial Assassin. Just when it seemed like there wasn’t another way to recreate the spot where Ospreay lands on his feet out of a steiner, they do this one. Ospreay winning makes a lot of sense, as he is the BOSJ 26 winner, is moving to Japan to truly be full-time for NJPW, and is making a push to be an even bigger big name for the company. We got so many declarations for the G1 Climax this year, this field is looking amazing.

And of course, Okada VS Jericho was amazing, too! Two greats, who knew the other pretty well but especially Jericho knowing Okada. Okada wins but with a surprise cover, so that keeps Jericho strong for a rematch. Of course, Jericho going after Okada after totally fits his “Evil Jericho” persona. It also gives Tanahashi his heroic moment in saving Okada. Jericho was great in his promo, too, as he just straight face talks with that Okada dollar stuck to his head. And great continuity to even reference his WWE feud with Moxley/Ambrose. Jericho VS Tanahashi better happen in the G1, but I would also hope at the right moment. It either needs to open Block competition, or close a Block to lead to the G1 Climax Finals. And either way, Jericho VS Tanahashi will be amazing.

My Score: 9.3/10

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