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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (4/3/19)

NXT goes big for their TakeOver go-home!

NXT TakeOver: New York is just days away and the action’s only heating up! Kairi Sane and Bianca Belair look to get a leg up going into the Women’s Fatal 4!



  • The War Raiders VS ???; Rowe & Hanson win.
  • The War Raiders VS Cezar Bononi & Adrien Jaoude; Rowe & Hanson win, again.
  • Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons VS Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch; Ryker wins.
  • Kairi Sane VS Bianca Belair; No Contest.


The War Raiders VS ???

NXT TakeOver: New York is Friday, but tonight, the war returns to Full Sail! Ray Rowe & “Warbeard” Hanson want to remind everyone, especially their challengers in Aleister Black & Ricochet, that they are machines who will do anything and everything to keep those titles. Will there be anything left of their opponents after tonight?

The bell rings and fans almost mockingly chant “Let’s Go Jobbers!” as Rowe starts for the Raiders. Rowe runs right at ?? and runs him over with a forearm! Rowe roars but then glares at ??? and throws him into the ring! And then into a corner! Rowe shotgun knees ?? into the corner then tags in Hanson. Rowe feeds ?? into Hanson’s heel kick, then uses Hanson as a weapon on ??? War Raiders then give ?? Thor’s Hammer! Cover, teh War Raiders win!

Winners: The War Raiders, Hanson pinning

But they’re not done, as Rowe picks up a mic. “General Manager William Regal has allowed us to come out here and deliver a message to our opponents at NXT TakeOver: New York!” Hanson says that they don’t have to listen, because they can just watch. “Bring out the next team!” Wait, the Raiders are putting themselves through a double header on purpose?!

The War Raiders VS Cezar Bononi & Adrian Jaoude!

Rowe & Hanson now take on a duo of Brazilian bruisers! Will the war roll through the Brazilian V8 and judo Jaoude? Or will there be a shocker this close to TakeOver?

Rowe makes sure to clear the ring of the first team before Bononi and Jaoude jump in. Bononi keeps Jaoude calm while Hanson starts. The bell rings and Bononi punches Hanson, but it does nothing but anger him! Hanson cartwheels and clotheslines Bononi down! Jaoude runs in but gets a big back body drop! Tag to Rowe and the Raiders give Jaoude some Ace Ten Mao! Rowe tags Hanson back in and the Raiders scoop slam Bononi for the Hanson back senton! Fans fire up with the Raiders as they each scoop an opponent. Rowe carries both of them for a powerslam-powerbomb combo! Tag back to Rowe, and Rowe drags Bononi up as Hanson climbs. Bononi suffers FALLOUT! Cover, The War Raiders win again!

Winners: The War Raiders, Rowe pinning

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That’s a quick 2 for 2 from two of the biggest and baddest in NXT today! Will Aleister & Ricochet survive the war with the Raiders in New York?


NXT takes a quick look at NXT UK’s Dunne VS Walter!

“Since May of 2017, at TakeOver: Chicago, one thing has remained the same.” Pete Dunne has been the champion. The Bruiserweight won again and again, against star after star, for a historic 685 days as WWE UK Champion. But then on January 12th, 2019, NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, a new challenger appeared: The Ring General, the Austrian Anomaly, WALTER! The Bruiserweight wasn’t afraid, but everyone from Progress to wXw to just about anywhere in Europe knew what Walter was capable. So to prove he wasn’t afraid, Dunne demanded Walter be his opponent in New York.

Dunne looks to face his toughest challenger yet, but he vows that the title is and always will be his. But then Walter did the most shocking thing ever: he spoke! He told Dunne in both Austrian and English that Dunne’s time is up, and that era will end. Walter vows to make that title and all of NXT UK his, but what will it take to take over in New York?


NXT Media catches up with Candice LeRae.

TakeOver: New York is big for Johnny Gargano and her as he competes for the NXT Championship. She’s excited for him, but she also has her eyes on that Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way. However, the Visions, Vanessa Borne & Aliyah, want to double check. Candice thinks she’ll be a future women’s champion? Isn’t she just gonna fail that like Gargano will? Then they can both be failures. Candice should give up. She wasn’t created to be admired as a champion. In fact, she’s a “lower”. Failure, huh? These two should know a lot about that, huh? So how about this: Candice will earn a title shot. And she’ll do it by knocking Aliyah on her “bougie ass”. Vanessa and Aliyah don’t take her serious, and Aliyah storms off before she has a hissy fit. But will Aliyah put her money where her mouth is and take on Mrs. Wrestling?


Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons VS Oney Lorcan w/ Danny Burch!

Neither team won the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, but the Gunner and the Boston brawler look to keep their stable afloat in NXT by going head-to-head! Will it be Ryker or Lorcan who leaves the other one forgotten?

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The bell rings and Ryker stares Oney down as fans chant. They tie up and Ryker puts Oney in a corner. Oney fights his way out but Ryker keeps his eyes locked on him. They circle and tie up again and Ryker clubs Oney. Oney CHOPS and CHOPS but Ryker barely flinches. Oney headlocks but Ryker powers out. They collide but neither falls, so Oney CHOPS again! Ryker still doesn’t flinch but he does glare daggers. Oney runs but gets run over by an elbow. Ryker drags Oney up and hangs him out to dry! Oney tumbles down and out but Burch keeps Cutler & Blake away. Oney slowly stands but Ryker grabs him by an ear. Ryker goes to suplex but Oney resists. Ryker throws body shots then drags Oney onto the top rope to club away on!

The ref counts and Ryker lets up at 4. Ryker climbs up to join Oney but Oney resists the superplex. Oney fights back with body shots and headbutts! Ryker staggers away and Oney adjusts, but Ryker gets clear of the leap. Ryker fireman’s carry Oney for a big gut buster drop! Cover, TWO! Oney gets to ropes but Ryker drops falling ax handles. Ryker drags Oney up and whips to give him the kitchen sink knee! Oney writhes more but Ryker looms over him with those wild eyes. Ryker drags Oney up again, and he shoves and headbutts the gut. Oney swipes back at Ryker but Ryker eggs him on. Oney CHOPS more, but Ryker still doesn’t flinch. Ryker shoves but Oney sunset flips! Ryker blocks and drags Oney up right into a bearhug!

Oney endures and fans rally for him! Ryker squeezes tight and thrashes Oney about, but Burch tells Oney to fight. Oney gets hold of the beard and starts punchnig away. Oney is free and CHOPS Ryker again and again. He takes hold of Ryker’s beard to chop, chop and CHOP! Oney runs for European Uppercut after uppercut! Ryker stays up but Oney elbows him in the corner. Oney goes corner to corner for another, but runs into a double ax handle! Ryker sit-out choke slams Oney! Cover, Ryker wins!

Winner: Jaxson Ryker, by pinfall

Ryker’s eyes are still wild as he looks down on Oney. Burch keeps them from doing any more, but will the Forgotten Sons be forgotten no more?


NXT looks back on the reality of the NXT Championship.

“For Tommaso Ciampa, reality has dictated that he need neck surgery and has had to relinquish the NXT Championship.” But the beauty of thsi brand is that while one dream ends, another begins. Johnny Gargano gets to live a dream to compete for the NXT Championship in New York, but against who? Adam Cole was confident even before being named that he would be the next champion. He fought in a Fatal 5 and earned his part in TakeOver’s historic 2 Out of 3 Falls championship match. Gargano knows Cole’s hungry for gold, but Gargano is starving. He may not get his revenge on Ciampa, but he won’t let this opportunity get past him.

But Cole doesn’t take “Johnny TakeOver” seriously. Cole debuted at TakeOver, won at other TakeOvers, and will not lose against “Johnny Participation”. Gargano has no shame in his road to this match, he’d do it all again. Cole and Gargano are preparing harder than ever for this”big money match”. Gargano has strength of heart but Cole has strength in numbers. But who will prove stronger and finally become THE NXT Champion?

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NXT takes a look at the North American Championship.

Velveteen Dream has gained more and more spotlight with every match. He won the inaugural WWE Worlds Collide tournament to then challenge for and win the North American title. But then the Original Bro came along to get a closer look. Dream doesn’t care, the spotlight and title both belong to him. What has Matt Riddle done to deserve the Dream’s time? Well it seems all it took was talking to him. Riddle promises Dream will have the biggest spotlight ever against him. But Dream says he gave Riddle the biggest moment of his life: Dream simply saying his name. Riddle wants to beat the best, and Dream is certainly one of the best, but he’s not THE best. Who will come out of New York the winner of this #DreamBroMatch?


NXT Media catches up with Keith Lee.

When will the Limitless One take on the Croatian Colossus in a rematch from their count out draw? Lee makes one thing clear: he wants to find a conclusion, too. They had some trouble with that and were “bumped” from the TakeOver event. Are we all seeing the same thing? Keith Lee IS an event! Lee knows he wasn’t the “chosen one”, so he’s taken the initiative and was first in line at Regal’s office. So now it is official: Lee VS Dijakovic will happen again in two weeks. Then “they” will regret all the choices up to this point, and Dijakovic will #BaskInMyGlory. With that, Lee takes his leave to prepare. Will there truly be a conclusion to this clash of titans?


Kairi Sane VS Bianca Belair!

The Pirate Princess and the EST have both had their matches with Shayna Baszler. Both times, The Queen of Spades used her friends to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. But now, in New York, it won’t matter. The title will be on the line in a Fatal 4 Way! Who goes into that match with more momentum than the rest?

The bell rings and Kairi circles with Bianca. Fans duel as they tie up, and Bianca gets a full nelson. She thrashes Kairi around but Kairi switches to a headlock. Bianca powers out but Kairi goes to roll her up. Bianca handsprings out and dares Kairi to come at her. Kairi runs but gets run over! Bianca blows a kiss but Kairi takes that kiss, throws it on the ground and stomps it! Kairi eggs Bianca on, and Bianca runs into a clubbing fist! Bianca scrambles to a corner while Kairi fires up. Kairi runs in corner to corner, but Bianca puts her on the apron. Kairi shoulders back in the climbs up top to leap. Bianca gets under and Kairi rolls through. Kairi’s ponytail isn’t as long but she still twirls it to taunt Bianca. Fans like that but Bianca not so much.

Things speed up and Kairi SPEARS and dropkicks Bianca down! Then Kairi hits the Sliding D against the ropes. Bianca bails out but the Flying Kabuki still finds her! Fans fire up with Kairi as she storms up the steel steps. Kairi drops back down to put Bianca in the ring. Cover, TWO, but Kairi goes after the legs. Kairi figure fours them for the Anchor! Bianca endures then powers out. Bianca scoops Kairi for a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Bianca drags Kairi up and bumps her off buckles. Bianca stomps an EST mudhole into Kairi but backs off at 4. She clubs Kairi down then covers, TWO! Bianca drags Kairi up again and bends her in a modified abdominal stretch. Fans rally as Kairi endures, but then Bianca hits her with a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

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Kairi clutches her back while Bianca circles her. Bianca drags Kairi up to club her back down. Kairi hits back but Bianca clubs her again. Bianca suplexes, then nips up to stand on her. TWO and Kairi avoids more stomps. Kairi drop toeholds Bianca into an Octopus stretch! Bianca flails and moves around, and backs Kairi into buckles. Kairi lets go but she climbs up high. Kairi leaps but is caught into a Fall Away Slam! Bianca steps on Kairi to then splash, but onto knees! Kairi dumps Bianca out to the apron, then dropkicks her down! Kairi can’t pursue from her bad back. Bianca crawls her way back in and drags Kairi up first for a suplex, but Kairi DDT’s out of it! Kairi fires up and fires chops on Bianca. Bianca kicks but it’s caught into a dragon screw!

Kairi ax kicks Bianca down, then hits the running blockbuster! And another! Bianca ends up in the corner so Kairi marches the plank. Kairi goes corner to corner for another Sliding D! Bianca’s down and Kairi climbs up, another Flying Kabuki elbow! Cover, TWO! Bianca survives and Kairi can’t believe it. Kairi vows to end it, but Bianca grabs her by her hair. Kairi breaks free to back hand Bianca down! Now Kairi positions Bianca in a drop zone and climbs back up. But Bianca catches her with a forearm. Bianca climbs up and clubs Kairi, but Kairi hits back. Bianca still manages to SUPERPLEX Kairi! Then sits right back up! She tumbles and moonsaults onto Kairi, TWO! Bianca covers again, TWO! High stack, TWO!!

Kairi uses Bianca’s ponytail for a triangle! Bianca deadlifts but Kairi escapes. Kairi swings but misses, chicken wings for a facebuster! But wait, Shayna Baszler attacks Bianca!!

No Contest

The Horsewomen appear as Shayna knees Bianca down! Jessamyn and Marina drag Kairi up but here comes Io Shirai! She saves her best friend, and Bianca fights back, too! It’s a chaotic brawl and referees hurry in to stop it. But then the NXT Women’s Division rushes the ring! They hold the Horsewomen, the Sky Pirates and the EST back, but then Bianca throws Lacey Lane onto EVERYONE! Io Shirai hits Bianca with a SHOTEI! Then the Genius of the Sky climbs up high to ASAI onto the others! The Sky Pirates stand tall as Io grabs the belt and holds it up high! But will her best friend in Kairi have something to say about that? And what of Bianca and Shayna?



My Thoughts:

An incredible go-home for NXT! The War Raiders had been off of NXT TV for some time as far as matches, so it was pretty clever for them to have two here tonight. It doesn’t really matter if we don’t know who those first two were, they definitely weren’t winning. And it’s great to see Bononi & Jaoude tag together more, maybe they’ll get to finally do things after this Wrestlemania Weekend. As I’ve said about Aleister Black & Ricochet on Raw and SmackDown, there’s at least the tease of them becoming dual tag champs quickly, but it’s anyone’s guess if that trigger would be pulled. NXT uses the same hype video package from today’s NXT UK episode, and as I say there, Walter just has to be the one winning or else Dunne becomes too powerful.

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I really liked Ryker VS Lorcan tonight, both guys are heavy hitters in their own way. With Oney being on 205 Live now, and as a Heel, I wonder how much longer he has on NXT and with Danny Burch as his tag partner. I’d assume their team is going to split up eventually, but the NXT Tag Team Division is still going strong with crossover teams like Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner. Those two will be back for the post-TakeOver episode and will surely have a great match with Street Profits. Then we get two great hype packages for the North American and main NXT Championships, but it’s not like those will change the odds of who is winning. I personally still want to see Gargano win and become NXT’s first Triple Crown champion.

Mrs. Wrestling, Candice, should hopefully find a way to win against Aliyah, even if Vanessa tries to help her. Candice has truly been having to take a backseat to the story of Gargano and Ciampa. But as HHH said, when something bad happens, there’s a chance for something good. Whether or not Gargano wins, Candice can finally branch out on her own and work back towards that women’s title in the post-Mania phase. And speaking of, Kairi VS Bianca was incredible, though the Horsewomen attacking was a bummer. But then things turn right back to awesome as quite literally the entire women’s roster rushes out there for a chance at revenge on Shayna. Shirai stands tall, and Kairi doesn’t seem to protest, but I’m still not sure this is their match to win. Maybe I’m just thinking neither will be champion should they challenge Bayley & Sasha for the tag titles.

My Score: 8.6/10


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