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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/23/19)

A furious Fatal 5 for a chance at The Architect!



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw brings the heat in the Fall!

Raw prepares for next week’s season premiere with a Furious Fatal 5! Who wins a chance to challenge Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship?



  • The Viking Raiders VS The OC; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Rusev VS EC3; Rusev wins.
  • Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley; Banks wins.
  • Lacey Evans VS Ember Moon; Evans wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Sudden Interruption: Carmella wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Chad Gable VS “King” Baron Corbin; Gable wins, by disqualification.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match: AJ Styles VS Rey Mysterio VS Ricochet VS Robert Roode VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Mysterio wins and will challenge Seth Rollins for the title next week.
  • Seth Rollins VS Braun Strowman; No Contest.


Something is off with the introduction…

Is the Fiend already at work?


Last time on Raw…

“Friends forgive, but he never forgets.” The Fiend made his presence known throughout Raw, but none more so when Seth Rollins was being attacked by The OC, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. The Big Red Machine, Kane, returned to stop the assault on the Architect, but the Fiend said hello to the legend in person! Rollins didn’t know how to respond, but what will he say a week later?


Seth Rollins is in San Francisco!

The Universal Champion is back and grabs a mic to speak. “I gotta level with you guys.” Rollins has seen a lot in his career, but he never felt the way he did when Raw ended last week. He was defenseless in the ring, and before he knew what was going on, “the living embodiment of a nightmare” was inches from his face. Rollins could only close his eyes and hope it was a bad dream. But it wasn’t a dream. In less than two weeks, Rollins goes into the Cell to defend his title against Bray Wyatt! Rollins doesn’t need to tell us what a Hell in a Cell match is like, but now doing all that with Bray Wyatt, that’s a different story. What should Rollins do? Rollins will do what he always does: he’ll prevail! SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar, no one gave Rollins a chance but he prevailed! Clash of Champions, Braun Strowman, the fight of Rollins’ life, and Rollins prevailed.

Now, inside Hell in a Cell, Bray can play all kinds of games, but Rollins will do what he always does and prevail! And it won’t be easy- BRAUN interrupts! The Monster Among Men scowls as he heads down the ramp. Strowman gets himself a mic to respond. “Look, Seth, if you’ve got something to say abut me, I prefer if you say it to my face.” Unlike Bray, Braun doesn’t run around pretending to be psycho Mr. Rogers. If Strowman has a problem, he lets everyone know. He hopes Rollins would do the same. If this is about the tag team titles- Strowman wasn’t done talking, Rollins. Rollins cost them the titles, and then Rollins “hoped” Strowman doesn’t get another match for the title. That’s not what Rollins said. He has a lot on his plate right now, he has a match for the title next week even before The Fiend. Rollins is just glad not to get all beat up again after Clash. But with the way Strowman is getting in his face, Rollisn wants to fight again tonight! Is that a challenge? “Take that however you want to.” Good! Then Rollins is gonna #GetTheseHands!


The Viking Raiders VS The OC!

Erik and Ivar continue to wage war with the Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson! With so much happening on the way to Hell in a Cell, will one of these teams find their way to the Raw Tag Team Championships?

Raw returns as The OC make their entrance, and with new music. The teams sort out, and Erik starts against Anderson. They tie up and go around at the bell. Erik puts Anderson in a corner but the ref calls for him to back off. Anderson headlocks Erik back, but Erik powers out to tackle and turn Anderson over for a deadlift slam! Erik brings Anderson up again to put him in the corner. Tag to Ivar, and Erik feeds Anderson to Ivar’s knee! Ivar feeds Anderson to Erik’s knee, then Ivar throws clubbing forearms. Ivar wrenches and shoulders Anderson down. He keeps on Anderson’s arm then scoops him. Tag to Erik, slam and then Erik scoops Ivar to slam him onto Anderson! Erik keeps on Anderson with the armlock, but Anderson fights his way to the OC corner. Gallows tags in and starts throwing hands.

Gallows back suplexes Erik high and hard, then covers. ONE, but Gallows drops elbows! Gallows drags Erik up for punches right to the head, then stands him up. Erik breaks free to throw a heavy right! Erik staggers and Irvar tags in. Things speed up and Ivar bumps Gallows to then scoop and sidewalk slam. Crossbody splash! Fans fire up with the Warbeard as he throws haymakers and chops. Gallows reveres the whip but Ivar tumbles to the apron! Ivar fights off Anderson and has to kick Styles away. Gallows YAKUZA Kicks Ivar down! But the referee spotted Styles going at Ivar, so Styles is EJECTED! Styles protests that Ivar kicked him unprovoked, but the ref knows better. As Styles goes up the ramp, Cedric Alexander gets after him! This is revenge for everything Styles has done to him! They end up running off to the back while we go to break.

Raw returns and the OC mugs Ivar in their corner. Anderson stomps away but the ref backs him off. Anderson goes back at Ivar with European Uppercuts, then tags Gallows. The OC mugs Ivar more and Gallows throws heavy body shots and an uppercut! Gallows throws headbutts to drop Ivar, but Ivar comes back with big hands! Ivar BOOTS then seated sentons! Fans fire up as Ivar crawls, hot tags to Erik and Anderson! Erik rallies on Anderson and hits Gallows for good measure. Anderson headbutts, Erik comes back with a flurry of strikes! Erik sees Gallows coming and tosses him with an exploder! Ace Ten Mao for Anderson! Tag to Ivar, Ivar splashes Anderson and Erik shotgun knees! Human weapon, Ivar hip attack! Cover, TWO!! Anderson survives but Ivar tags Erik. The Vikings grab Anderson, springboard but Gallows trips him up! Erik swipes at Gallows but turns around into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Anderson gets frustrated but he tags Gallows back in. The OC drag Erik up, fireman’s carry and Anderson runs, BOOT O’ DOOM! Cover, TWO!! Erik survives but Anderson tags back in. The OC lift Erik but Erik fights out! Erik throws a forearm, Gallows an uppercut. Ivar tags in, cartwheel clotheslines! Anderson mule kicks, but runs into THOR’S HAMMER! Erik DIVES onto Gallows! Cover, The Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Ivar pinning

The warpath continues! Anderson will surely remember that #VikingExperience. Will Erik and Ivar find the gold in their future?


Backstage interview with Robert Roode.

Tonight, the GLORIOUS One is among the five competing for a shot at Seth Rollins’ Universal Championship. We all know this will be very chaotic, so what makes Roode think he will win? “Let’s face the facts here.” Roode pinned Rollins to win the tag titles, so that proves Roode can win! And when the title is on the line, the results will be Absolutely… Glorious! But when it’s an elimination match, what will Roode have to do in order to make that true?


Michael Cole interviews Becky Lynch.

The Man accepted the challenge for the Hell in a Cell PPV, but she was the one to escalate to the Hell in a Cell match. Was this a wise idea given The Boss’ recent hot streak? Becky wants to take a step back. Sasha Banks on a hot streak is what Becky’s wanted all along. Becky left SmackDown the best it could be, while Raw was in ruins because of Ronda Rousey. Becky can’t make history alone, so she called out anyone and everyone, and that especially went for Sasha. Cole points out Sasha Banks was one of the two women to be in the first and only Women’s Hell in a Cell match. Becky reminds us Sasha didn’t win that match. But surely, Bayley will be lurking. The idea of the Hell in a Cell match is not to keep someone out, but to keep someone in. We all saw Sasha runs for the crowd at Clash of Champions. But in the Cell, the only way to get out is through Becky. Becky will revel in having the rat trapped in the cage with her.

Cole points out that Sasha upped the intensity because she brought the chair into the match. It eventually ended up being Becky using that chair, and costing herself $10,000. Sometimes you look for victory, sometimes you look for revenge. So a month ago, when Sasha returned, she didn’t want to beat Becky, she wanted to end Becky. So in the Cell, Sasha gets her chance and better take it, because we all know Becky will. Who doesn’t so much win as survive the Raw Women’s Championship match inside the Cell?


Rusev VS EC3!

The Bulgarian Brute is back! And he’s maybe the new Kanellis Baby Daddy. But none of that drama matters to Rusev as he prepares to MACHKA the Top One Percent!

The bell rings, and EC3 goes right at Rusev! EC3 throws forearms and body shots, then clubs Rusev away. He whips but Rusev reverses, only to get kicked away. Fans chant “We Want Lana!” as EC3 throws hands! EC3 powers Rusev to a corner and whips him corner to corner. Rusev reverses but runs into an elbow. EC3 dodges and jumps but into Rusev’s arms for a swinging side slam! Rusev roars and paces before he drags EC3 up for a Half Hatch suplex! Then he drags EC3 up for another! EC3 is dazed as Rusev stomps the mat. Rusev runs out, MACHKA KICK! But he won’t end EC3 here, he turns him over to CRUSH! Accolade is on, EC3 taps, Rusev wins!

Winner: Rusev, by submission

There is no rust on Rusev, and he is only getting started. Where will Rusev be come the WWE Draft?


Rey Mysterio speaks.

“It seems impossible that just a few weeks ago, I nearly retired and left this business.” This business has been his entire life. But he was just experiencing a moment of doubt. But thanks to his son, Mysterio stuck it out, and he has an opportunity to face the Universal Champion. Mysterio knows Dominic is watching, and dedicates this match to him. Will Mysterio make his son proud in such a critical match?


Nikki Cross w/ Alexa Bliss VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley!

The battles between Bliss-Cross and the Boss & Hug Connection isn’t over! The Goddess’ knee is banged up, but her best friend will avenge her! Will Nikki make a dent in Sasha’s hot streak as we head for Hell in a Cell?

The bell rings and Nikki glares at Sasha from the corner. Thens he runs out and chases Sasha to a corner. Sasha gets out and the ref has Nikki back off. Nikki shouts at Bayley as Sasha slowly returns. Sasha and Nikki tie up and go around. Sasha puts Nikki in the corner then fires off forearms! The ref backs Sasha off, but Sasha copies Alexa’s SLAP! Nikki fires forearms back! Nikki whips but Sasha reverses, only to get run over! Nikki fires up as she runs in, monkey flip! Sasha is dizzy and Nikki dropkicks her down! Cover, TWO, and Sasha bails out to regroup with Bayley. Nikki paces and eggs Sasha on, but Bayley says to wait. Sasha cools off and returns, but then hurries out as Nikki runs over. Sasha and Bayley talk it out, and Sasha even laughs Nikki off. She gets in and catches Nikki to throw her down by her hair. Sasha rains rights but stops to soak up the heat.

Sasha drags Nikki up but Nikki cradle counters! TWO, and Nikki arm-drags Sasha into an armlock. Sasha endures as Nikki grinds her down. Fans rally as Sasha fights her way up. Sasha throws hands then whips, but Nikki goes up and over to arm-drag Sasha again! Bayley coaches Sasha up while Alexa cheers Nikki on. Nikki rolls Sasha to a crucifix, TWO, but the armlock is still on. Nikki steps through, La Magistrol, TWO! Sasha is free, but runs into another arm-drag! Sasha is growing frustrated as Nikki grinds her down again. Sasha pulls hair to help her get up, and then knees low. Sasha whips but Nikki dodges and comes back with a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Sasha bails out again but Nikki pursues, and hops on for a sleeper hold! Nikki thrashes Sasha about as they go around the corner, but Sasha backpack sentons Nikki on the ground! Sasha grins as she gets away and we go to break.

Raw returns and Sasha has Nikki bent backwards in the straitjacket stretch. Fans rally as Nikki endures and fights her way up. Nikki bumps and breaks free, then turns around to roll Sasha up, TWO! Sasha runs into a headbutt, and then Nikki whips. Sasha reverses and deflects the boots. She has Nikki sideways but gets a knee! Nikki puts Sasha on the apron but gets a knee back. Sasha swings in to meteora! Cover, TWO! Sasha grows annoyed as Nikki gets up. Sasha throws her back down by her hair, then looms over her. She knocks Nikki down then toys with her. Sasha wraps up one arm in a hammerlock, then headscissors with her other leg! Fans rally and duel as Nikki endures. Nikki kicks and fights out, but Sasha grinds her heel in Nikki’s face. Sasha drags Nikki up but gets a jawbreaker! Nikki throws forearms, but ends up in a corner. Sasha runs into an elbow, and then Nikki kicks Sasha away.

Nikki gets to another corner, and baits Sasha into buckles! Nikki rallies with clotheslines! Sasha scrambles to a corner, Nikki runs in for a splash! And bulldog! Cover, TWO! Bayley is relieved but Bliss-Cross are both frustrated. Nikki runs in but Sasha slips out. Sasha hotshots a leg! Nikki rolls away, clutching the knee. Sasha climbs back in and runs corner to corner to meteora! Cover, TWO! Nikki survives but Sasha stomps the bad leg. Sasha stalks Nikki to ropes and brings her up to snapmare. She grabs the bad leg and drops on it hard for the toehold. Alexa cheers Nikki on but Sasha keeps on that knee. Sasha has a standing toehold to wrench the knee, but Nikki pulls Sasha in by her hair and arms! The ref reprimands Nikki, but Nikki gets both feet to power Sasha away. Sasha comes back but gets a headbutt. She still wants Nikki’s leg, but Nikki rolls to send her into buckles!

Sasha bails out of the ring as Nikki fires herself up. Nikki slingshots to wreck Sasha with that dropkick! Bayley checks on her friend, but Nikki LEAPS to crossbody Sasha down! Fans fire up with the Loony Lass as she puts Sasha in. Sasha shoulders but into a knee, and then gets a neckbreaker! Nikki hits the cross-arm neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Sasha survives but Nikki grins as she fires up more. Nikki has the fans on her side as she hobbles up. Nikki drags Sasha up but Sasha kicks out the bad leg. Sasha hits a basement knee! Cover, TWO! Sasha is starting to lose her cool but Bayley coaches her on. Sasha basement dropkicks Nikki out of the ring, then runs to slide! But into the apron skirt! Nikki got Sasha again! Nikki clubs away on Sasha, then puts her back in. Nikki climbs up but Sasha runs at her. NIkki boots Sasha, but the tornado is thrown off! Sasha grabs Nikki, but Nikki elbows free! PURGE OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, but Bayley hops up to distract the ref!

Nikki swings at Bayley, Alexa DECKS her! Alexa sends Bayley into the timekeeper’s area! The Goddess scowls at Bayley while Nikki fires back up. Nikki climbs and Crossbodies! Roll through into Bank Statement!! Nikki taps, Sasha wins!!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission

The Boss still wins, but goes after Alexa for good measure! Backstabber to Bank Statement again! Alexa won’t tap so Sasha throws her aside. But will Sasha get her way when she and Becky are inside the Cell?


The OC complains.

Viking Raiders beating the Good Brothers, Cedric going after Styles! But it doesn’t matter now. When are they going to learn they’re not in the OC’s league? Cedric is good, but he’s not Phenomenal. Just like the other superstars in that Fatal 5! Preach! It doesn’t matter if they’re a superhero, a rockstar, Styles is mother loving PHENOMENAL! Styles will be Universal Champion. And that is Too Sweet.


BREAKING NEWS: The Beast will be on the Raw premiere!

Yes, when Raw starts fresh, Brock Lesnar will make his presence known!


The Street Profits react to the news!

BROCK LESNAR! Raw is so hot from downtown, Steph Curry would be impressed. Rollins VS Strowman tonight in a  Clash of Champions rematch, that’s the biggest main event you could get! But there’s also the Fatal 5 Elimination match to name a new contender! Mysterio, Ricochet, Styles, Roode and Nakamura! And Angelo Dawkins can’t get over the baby daddy drama. IT was rather traumatic. We still don’t know the real-

The Miz comes by with two huge announcements of his own. Last Friday, Miz and Maryse welcomed their second baby girl! Monroe Sky now has Madison Jade as a new baby sister, and we all know who the father is there. But number two, the Raw season premiere, Miz returns for the “biggest Miz TV ever!” The Immortal Hulk Hogan AND the Nature Boy, Ric Flair~! WOO~, brother! There’s no time to waste, let’s get some of that SmackDown recap. And what Montez Ford means is Brock Lesnar challenging Kofi Kingston for his WWE World Championship! SmackDown’s Fox debut will have the fighting champion fight the Beast! And when Kofi accepted, he got an F5 for it! Will #Kofimania survive a trip to Suplex City?


Lacey Evans VS Ember Moon!

The Sassy Southern Belle returns from her rather awkward time in Edmonton to continue her hot streak on Raw. But with SmackDown’s War Goddess paying a visit, will Lacey get a very classy Eclipse? Or will Lacey show Ember is not ready to be on the red brand?

The bell rings and Lacey first has to wipe herself down. She tosses the handkerchief at Ember, only to get a dropkick from Ember! Cover, ONE, but Ember stays on Lacey with a headlock. Lacey pulls hair but Ember holds tight. Lacey powers out and hip tosses but Ember handsprings through to arm-drag! Ember mocks the hankie dabbing to then springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Ember watches Lacey closely, and gets a leg. Lacey pushes Ember away then runs in, but is put on the apron. Lacey throws Ember down by her hair, then slingshots around to dropkick Ember to the floor! Lacey fans herself off before going out to fetch Ember. She puts Ember in with force then takes her time getting in. Natalya is seen watching backstage as Lacey puts Ember in a keylock.

Fans rally for Ember as she fights up, but Lacey drives her down with a knee to the arm! And then drops a knee on the arm! Lacey stomps a mudhole into Ember in the corner, then swings to hit the bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Lacey keeps on Ember with angry hammering fists, then dares Ember to get up. Lacey wraps on a classy cobra clutch but fans rally for Ember. Ember fights her way up and out, then fireman’s carries to a Samoan Drop! Now both women are even as they slowly stir on the mat. Lacey stands first but Ember dodges the punch to clothesline! And mule kick, front kick and enziguri! Ember fires up and fans join her as she brings Lacey around. Ember whips but Lacey reverses, only for Ember to slip out and rock Lacey! But Lacey sweeps the legs! Lacey dropkicks but misses, and Ember is like a bat as she hangs up side down, to get Lacey with a stunner! Ember puts Lacey in and covers, TWO!

Ember is shocked Lacey still lives, but she tries again. TWO, and Ember grows angry. Ember climbs up and fans cheer, but Lacey gets to the apron. Lacey pulls hair to keep Ember down! The ref counts but Lacey lets up at 4 to hit the WOMAN’S RIGHT! Ember flops to the mat but Lacey wants to rub it in. Lacey steals the Sharpshooter! And sits down deep! Ember taps, Lacey wins!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by submission

Lacey blows a kiss to the crowd as she wins with her “classier” Sharpshooter. Natty is asked about this backstage, and her response is while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Lacey hasn’t quite mastered that hold yet. Natty will gladly show Lacey how it’s done in a rematch. When and where will Lady and Queen face off again?


Raw presents a new Firefly Fun House!

Kane’s picture now hangs on the Wall of Friends, but Bray prepares yet another frame. “There’s always room for one more.” Bray laughs and says hello. But wait, Huskis and Ramblin’ Rabbit are fighting over something. It’s a Seth Rollins action figure! Oh, Huskis. But why are they arguing over Rollins? You two are best friends. But they’re such big fans, they don’t want to share! Well, sharing isn’t easy. But it’s never good to be too attached to something. If you love something too much, it weakens you, and you become vulnerable to negative feelings, like disappointment, neglect, and abandonment. Bray knows what it feels like to be abandoned. Well yeah, but, they don’t want The Fiend to hurt Rollins… Well maybe Fiend is protecting Rollins in his own way! Fiend never forgets, and doesn’t like to share. But surely everyone else can. Bray breaks the Rollins toy in half! Sharing is caring~! Bray gives a death glare, but then cheerfully says, “See you in Hell!”


The 24/7 Championship chase heads to the ring!

R-Truth and Carmella run down and look around for the hunters. It takes a moment before Drake Maverick, Curt Hawkins and the Lucha House Party appear. Carmella says they all need to stop! She begs them to stop chasing them all the time. They can’t take it anymore! Carmella sure can’t. They’ve been at this for four months! Truth says they’ll get out of this mess. His clown friend will give them a balloon ride. No! Carmella can’t take this! They can’t eat, sleep, anything! Truth is surprised at Carmella, but they hug it out. And then Carmella rolls him up!? Carmella wins!!

Winner: Carmella, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Shawn Michaels betraying Marty Jannetty, Kevin Owens betraying… Well a lot of people. And now, Carmella betraying R-Truth! The FABULOUS Princess is the champion and everyone is in shock! But Truth smiles, and celebrates for her. If anything, he’s proud of her. But now, the Women’s Division gets to chase Carmella! Off they go! Will Carmella’s first reign make it through the night?


Sasha Banks and Bayley talk about destroying Bliss-Cross.

They revel in giving the tag team champions what they deserved. And Becky rambling about ending Sasha. Becky rambles on about this being a cat ‘n’ mouse game, like Sasha should be concerned. Sasha is only concerned about taking the title, because Becky will never be a Boss. Sasha will be the only woman standing, and then both best friends will be champions! Will the #TwoWomanPowerTrip be born after Hell in a Cell?


Sami Zayn gives Shinsuke Nakamura a pep talk.

This is a big opportunity for the Intercontinental Champion. “Just remember who you are!” The poet, the artist, the King of Strong Style will- He stands up to tell Sami in Japanese that he knows what he has to do. Sami apologizes, and agrees, Shinsuke has this. Will Nakamura be one match away from being a dual champion?


Chad Gable VS “King” Baron Corbin!

After the runner-up ruined the coronation, Corbin has recreated his rob, scepter and crown in his own image! Will the Lone Wolf King conquer Gable in this rematch of the tournament finals? Or will the rebellion be televised live?

Raw returns and Gable makes his entrance. Gable is still feeling great after what he did to ruin Corbin’s first regalia. Corbin has a mic to say he’s not here to make fun of anyone. He probably won’t be out here very long anyway, this match will be rather short. And as the King of the Ring, Corbin decrees that he will no longer have to compete against “runts,” or anyone else under 5’5″. The king prepares himself, and the match begins.

Gable and Corbin circle and Gable dodges the punch to give a kick. Corbin shrugs that off and they tie up. Corbin powers Gable to a corner but Gable dodges to kick and kick. Corbin shoves Gable but they circle again. Gable and Corbin tie up and Gable waistlocks. Corbin swings but Gable shoves, and then tricks Corbin into dropping down. Gable waistlocks again, but Corbin spins and throws Gable out. Gable returns, but gets an elbow! Corbin puts Gable in a chinbar and half nelson! Corbin leans on Gable but fans rally up. Gable fights to his feet and throws hands. Corbin knees low then whips Gable hard into buckles. Corbin clubs Gable down then chokes him on the ropes. The ref counts and Corbin lets up. Gable catches his breath in the corner, but Corbin bumps him off more buckles. Corbin whips corner to corner but Gable goes up and over and dodges to hit a leaping arm-drag! And then he dropkicks the legs out! Gable runs for the rolling neckbreaker!

Corbin bails out to avoid the cover, but fans boo. Corbin trips Gable and brings him out, but Gable brings the fight! Corbin kicks Gable’s leg out to bounce him off steel steps! Corbin hip tosses Gable out into the security! Fans front row get even closer to the action while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again, and Corbin has Gable back in the ring. Gable throws punches back but Corbin shoves. Gable dodges, Corbin slides out then in to body check Gable! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows frustrated by Gable surviving, but he looms over the underdog. Corbin pulls Gable up by his hair to drive elbows into the shoulder. He then locks on a new chinbar half nelson, but fans rally for Gable. Gable endures and works his way up. Gable throws body shots, then gets a leg. Corbin shoves Gable then whips him hard into buckles! Cover, TWO! Corbin argues with the ref, but John Cone won’t be intimidated. Corbin drags Gable up to put him in the corner and throw big body shots. He hoists Gable up top but Gable fights back. Gable rolls off Corbin’s back to then go under and up to crossbody! Both men are down and fans rally up again.

Gable and Corbin stand, and Gable throws big forearms and uppercuts! Gable knees and uppercuts more, then ducks the clothesline to mule kick! Gable runs, into a BOOT! Corbin covers, TWO! Corbin is furious but San Fran rallies again. Gable crawls his way to a corner and Corbin hears the fans cheer. Corbin runs in at Gable, BIG clothesline! Gable slumps over in the corner and Corbin enjoys the boos. Corbin goes corner to corner again for another big clothesline! Gable again slumps over and Corbin soaks up the heat. “You will bow down!” Corbin runs in a third time, but Gable dodges. Corbin slides out, in, but into the rolling kick! Gable goes corner to corner to hit the rolling kick again! And then again! Corbin falls into the drop zone, Gable climbs up! But Corbin trips him up! Corbin hauls Gable off the top, for a yo-yo slam! Cover, TWO!! And Corbin has about had it with him!

Gable gets to a corner while Corbin argues with John Cone again. Corbin goes back to Gable but Gable dropkicks the legs out. Gable gets up, kicks the leg, but Corbin choke grips! Lift, but Gable sunset flips out! Cover, TWO! CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Gable still lives! Corbin is beside himself, but San Fran rallies back up! Corbin tells them to shut up, but Gable is up. Corbin goes at him in the corner but Gable fires off strikes! Corbin rocks Gable with a right, then hops up to leap. The ax handles miss! German Suplex! Gable has Corbin down and goes up top again! MOONSAULT HITS! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives and Gable feels how close he was! “This is Awesome!” and fans are fired up for Gable. Gable goes to Corbin but Corbin choke grips! Gable breaks free, runs, but escapes End of Days! He gets Corbin to the ANKLE LOCK! Corbin flails and reaches, but he gets to his scepter! He jabs Gable with it!

Winner: Chad Gable, by disqualification

Corbin clobbers Gable over and over with his scepter! Fans boo and jeer, but Corbin drags Gable up to make him pay for pushing the king this far. Corbin SMASHES Gable in the back! The Lone Wolf King hobbles over to his corner to put on his crown and cape. King Corbin stands tall, but will Gable and other superstars refuse to bow down?


The Authors of Pain are coming back.

Akam and Rezar told the world last week how soft and afraid all the other “wannabe tough guys in WWE” are. And they’re right to be afraid. People want to know who the AOP are, but the AOP will show you. Akam and Rezar head out, with cameras following. They find Heath Slater and No Way Jose and just start attacking! After, they return to their interview room, and say “We told you no one is hard enough to fight us. Now you’ve seen it for yourselves.” That is why no one wants to fight the AOP.


WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match: AJ Styles VS Rey Mysterio VS Ricochet VS Robert Roode VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Phenomenal United States Champion, the King of Lucha Libre, the One and Only, the GLORIOUS half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, and the King of Strong Style. Only one can challenge Seth Rollins in the Raw season premiere. Who will be the last one standing?

Raw returns with a quick backstage interview with Ricochet. This incredible opportunity means so much to Ricochet. “There comes a time in everyone’s life where we have an opportunity to soar,” and that’s tonight for Ricochet. He will not only win a chance at the title, but it proves that superheroes are real. And as the music starts up, it proves that Ricochet’s time has come. Ricochet makes his entrance, but has that time finally come for the King of Flight? After Ricochet, Roode, Styles and Nakamura make their entrances, and this star-studded contender’s match begins!

Styles goes right at Mysterio while Nakamura goes at Ricochet. Roode bails out as the odd man out, and watches the two champions take on the two high-flyers. Styles and Nakamura whip Mysterio and Ricochet, but Mysterio slides to dodge while Ricochet ducks. Mysterio tilt-o-whirls Styles around, then Ricochet does the same to Nakamura! Mysterio dropkicks Styles out and Nakamura bails out on his own. Ricochet rocks Roode as he returns, but Mysterio rolls Ricochet! ONE, and Mysterio shrugs. This is every man for himself, after all. Roode slides back in but Mysterio hits him first. Ricochet dropkicks Roode out then rocks Styles! Mysterio runs but is put on the apron, so he Asais onto Styles! Ricochet FLIES onto Nakamura! The Kings of Lucha and Flight are standing tall as we go to break.

Raw returns as Nakamura has Ricochet in a facelock. Ricochet fights back but Nakamura knees low. Nakamura runs into the dropkick-flip and enziguri! He bails out and Sami checks on him while Ricochet dumps Styles out. Triangle dropkick takes Styles out, but Roode waistlocks Ricochet. Ricochet elbows out then slingshots, only to miss, and Styles LARIATS Ricochet down! Roode gets Mysterio as he returns, then whips. Mysterio slides but gets picked up. Mysterio kicks Roode away, but runs into Roode’s knee! Roode whips Mysterio and Mysterio slide-splashes out onto Ricochet! Styles seethes as he looms over Ricochet and puts him in. Roode is on Ricochet and bumps him off buckles. Roode throws haymakers, but Styles pulls him off. Roode shoves Styles, then stomps Ricochet. Styles joins in! They mug Ricochet then whip him to ropes. Double elbows drops Ricochet, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

But Roode tries to sucker punch Styles! Styles dodges to PELE Roode down! Styles covers, TWO! Roode still lives but Styles goes after Ricochet. Scoop slam and Styles runs, but Nakamura drags Styles out to throw him into barriers! Nakamura puts Styles on the apron, for the running knee! Sami is enjoying this as Nakamura goes back to Ricochet. Nakamura suplexes and gourd busters! Then he rams his knees into Ricochet’s head and shoulders! Nakamura kicks Ricochet to a corner, then rams his knees in more. He gives Ricochet Bad Vibrations, then hauls him up top. Ricochet is stuck sideways as Nakamura runs in, Top Shelf knee! Inverted Exploder, but Ricochet lands on his feet to enziguri! Nakamura wobbles, Mysterio springboard seated sentons! Mysterio sees Nakamura bail out, and he’s alone with Ricochet again.

Fans fire up as Ricochet whips but Mysterio reverses only for Ricochet to roll off the back. Mysterio springboards but Ricochet catches him, and blocks the tornado DDT! Ricochet suplexes Mysterio up and over, cover, TWO! Styles runs in to Penalty Kick Ricochet down! Styles hits a big corner clothesline on Ricochet, then whips him corner to corner. Ricochet boots Stylse away, somersault shotgun dropkick! Roode returns, but gets a jawbreaker! Ricochet whips but Roode reverses. Roode misses in the corner, Ricochet shoulders in and bumps him off buckles. Ricochet kicks Roode away, springboards and clotheslines Roode down! Ricochet hits RECOIL! KINSHASA outta nowhere! Cover, Nakamura ELIMINATES Ricochet! The One and Only is the first one out as we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Mysterio has Nakamura in the drop zone. But Nakamura revives to ROUNDHOUSE him down! Nakamura climbs up to join Mysterio, but Styles runs in to climb up, too. They both have Mysterio, but Roode joins in! TOWER OF DOOM! Double powerbomb superplex! Roode goes to Mysterio and covers, TWO!! Mysterio still lives! So Roode covers Styles, TWO! Cover on Nakamura, TWO! Roode strikes out and is frustrated, but he goes back to stomp Styles. He drags Styles up to throw him out hard. Roode has Nakamura all to himself, and puts him in a corner to CHOP and punch away! Sami is concerned for his kindred spirit, but Roode tells Nakamura to quit. Roode whips but Nakamura dodges to ROUNDHOUSE! Nakamura hops up, takes aim, FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura and Sami are both frustrated as Roode bails out.

Styles returns to get his old nemesis with a Phenomenal Blitz! But Nakamura dodges the back hand to swing and hit the back heel! Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO!! The Intercontinental Champion takes aim at the United States Champion from a corner. “YAO!” But Styles dodges to kick, but his Clash is countered to a fireman’s carry! Styles flails so Nakamura dumps him out! Mysterio returns to springboard crossbody! He whips but Nakamura reverses, knees, shoves, but Mysterio huricanranas! Dial it up, 619!! Sami is right there to see it all! But Styles clobbers Mysterio first! And suplexes him to drop him on the apron! Styles forearms Roode away and prepares the forearm, but Roode dodges, PHENOMENAL FOREARM on Nakamura! Styles ELIMINATES Nakamura! Sami is furious but Nakamura is out! Now it is just Styles, Roode and Mysterio left!

Roode hits Styles, GLORIOUS DDT!! Cover, Roode ELIMINATES Styles!! Now it’s just Roode and Mysterio! Fans are thunderous for Mysterio but he is still vulnerable after that suplex. Roode grins as he goes out to fetch Mysterio. Roode puts Mysterio in the ring and he waits for Mysterio to stand. Roode winds it up, fans rally as hard as they can for Mysterio, “GLORIOUS~!” Roode drags Mysterio up, but Mysterio rolls him up! ONE, and Mysterio runs to tilt-o-whirl Roode onto ropes! Mysterio dials it up again, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Mysterio shocks himself with surviving! Both men are down, and Roode is beside himself. San Fran cheers Mysterio on as he gets to the apron. Roode hobbles over but Mysterio shoulders then enziguris back. Mysterio springboards, but the seated senton is caught! Roode drops Mysteiro, lift, but counter! Redial 619!! Springboard frog splash!! Cover, MYSTERIO WINS!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the Universal Championship

Mysterio dedicating this match to his son is the motivation he needed to win! Now the King of Lucha moves on to face the Architect for the title! Will Mysterio be a major monkey wrench in the hellish plans of The Fiend?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

What are his thoughts on facing Mysterio for the title next week? Congratulations to Mysterio, he earned this opportunity. This is a dream match for Rollins, but he’s not looking past anything. Rollins still has to settle things with The Fiend, title or no title. He’s not happy about that, about Strowman, but that’s how it is when you’r e the champ. But he’ll do what the best in the world odes: beat Strowman, beat Mysterio, and then survive, prevail and #BurnItDown!


Seth Rollins VS Braun Strowman!

With Mysterio and The Fiend on the horizon, can The Architect once again be the #MonsterSlayer? Or will the Monster Among Men prove he’s worthy of another shot by beating Rollins in this Clash of Champions rematch?

The bell rings and Rollins circles Strowman. Rollins waistlocks then kicks Strowman, but Strowman shrugs it off. They go again but Rollins kicks harder, and that gets Strowman to stagger. Strowman blocks the third kick, and flips Rollins! Rollins lands on his feet, to get ROCKED by a right hand! Rollins rolls to ropes as fans cheer Strowman. Rollins stands, but Strowman runs Rollins over! Strowman watches Rollins get up, to run him over again! Strowman wants Rollins to stand, and Rollins does. Rollins dodges this time, but Strowman keeps coming. Rollins dodges, but gets scooped, only to sip into a sleeper hold! But Strowman throws Rollins right off, to club Rollins right down! Rollins bails out and fans fire up for Strowman as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again as Rollins endures a bearhug. He headbutts Strowman off him but Strowman shoves him away. Rollins dodges, dodges and dropkicks! Strowman falls and Rollins reels him in, but Strowman powers out of the Pedigree! Strowman sees Rollins bail out again, and decides to take a lap! Strowman builds up speed as he goes around the corners, but Rollins gets out of the way! Rollins uses the barriers as a springboard, but gets caught and headbutt’d! Rollins gets in the ring and Strowman pursues, to run corner to corner and squash Rollins! Strowman goes again, but runs into boots! Strowman still comes back, but gets only post! Rollins chop blocks Strowman’s legs out! Then swings a leg into the post! And again! And again! The ref reprimands Rollins and he lets up, to springboard back into the ring. Flying knee takes Strowman out! SUPERKICK decks him! Cover, ONE and with power!

Rollins is again shocked, but he saw this at Clash of Champions. He clamps on with a sleeper hold but Strowman fights his way up to power Rollins into buckles. Rollins lets go and Strowman runs in, to get another SUPERKICK! Rollins climbs up high, leaps, BLOCKBUSTER! Rollins covers, TWO! Rollins heads back to the corner and back up top. Rollins leaps for the Frog Splash! It hits but Rollins bounces off! So he just goes up top again, for a second Frog Splash! Cover, TWO!! Rollins keeps his cool, he still has Strowman reeling. Fans build to a rally as Rollins stomps, “Burn It Down!” Rollins aims, runs, but into a scoop! He slips out and shoves Strowman out. Rollins aims, runs and DIVES! Direct hit but it only makes Strowman stagger. Rollins runs and DIVES again! Strowman is down but Rollins isn’t satisfied. Rollins runs again, DIVE, but into Strowman’s hand! APRON CHOKE SLAM!

Strowman builds speed around the ring to RUN ROLLINS OVER! But Strowman grins as he watches Rollins get back up, and he runs Rollins over again! Monster Slam to the floor! Strowman drags Rollins up and into the ring, but he isn’t finished with him yet. He hauls Rollins back up, another scoop, but the lights start going out! Fans know what this means, and so does Strowman! The flashing lights show Strowman is caught in the Mandible Claw! The Fiend smothers the Monster!! And again, Rollins is living a waking nightmare as The Fiend creeps closer! The Fiend sees Strowman stir, an uncanny thing for someone who took the Claw. So The Fiend just smothers Strowman again! And this time, The Fiend laughs as he puts Strowman out for good. Fans lose their minds but it is Rollins who might go insane after seeing this. The Fiend still keeps his eyes on Strowman, right up until the lights go out again. Did… Did the Fiend “save” Rollins from Strowman tonight?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode for the “season finale” of Raw to help build up towards the Fall changes. All great matches tonight, even with the Lacey VS Natty story still seeming weird women’s midcard filler. Their rematch should probably just be on the “season premiere” next week, otherwise it will just be Kickoff Show material for Hell in a Cell. Viking Raiders VS OC was a great match for these two teams, but it is clear that as the Faces, Erik and Ivar will make their way to those tag titles to face Heel Roode & Ziggler. That title match could happen at Hell in a Cell, but who knows who actually wins. Rusev keeps rolling with a win over poor EC3 the former three-time 24/7 Champion. Fans really wanted to see Lana, so hopefully Lana’s return to TV brings things around to that baby drama with the Kanellises.

What a great development for the rest of the Women’s Division, though. Carmella was so good in swerving Truth to take the 24/7 Championship! And now things start fresh with all the new possibilities. Though I’m surprised they didn’t linger on the distraught Drake Maverick more. He will surely go to wife Renee Michelle about this, but then it’d be hilarious to see her take over as the obsessed one. At the same time, this is a great chance for all the women yet to have a title in their careers, like Sarah Logan, Dana Brooke, and even Fire & Desire if there’s nothing going for them in the Women’s Tag Division right now. And then we got a solid match out of Nikki and Sasha. The one thing I would’ve tweaked is getting Alexa more invested, she had “lose energy” in the most dire moments for Nikki. But at least this keeps #TwoWomanPowerTrip alive in the background of Sasha’s story with Becky. Becky had a great interview promo, and Sasha had a great response promo, this match of theirs is going to be a show stealer.

The rematch of Gable and Corbin was incredible! On par, if not better, than their KOTR Finals match. Gable came so close, so it worked really well for Corbin’s Heel heat to get himself disqualified. There has to be a third match between these two, where Gable finally wins to be triumphant over King Corbin. It would be the perfect match to open HiaC’s main show and get that crowd excited. There was a lot of great hype for next week’s episode, too, and a new logo means a new thumbnail for these articles. The Fatal 5 Elimination was incredible, and it is great for Mysterio to be the winner. This really boosts his story of his comeback, and will give us a great match with Rollins next week in the premiere. At the same time, it is clear Rollins should win that to keep the title for Hell in a Cell for The Fiend.

Rollins and Strowman had a good bit to open the show, and their main event match was a pretty good rematch from Clash. But at the same time, it was pretty clear The Fiend was going to attack. Firefly Fun House was great this week, as they always are, and it was quite an interesting move for The Fiend to basically guard Rollins from Strowman at the end there. It fits how Bray said this has all been The Fiend’s way of protecting Rollins, so I would think next week’s Firefly Fun House explains more of that motivation. There’s also a chance Fiend attacks Mysterio so that the title stays on Rollins to keep things going the way they are. There is a chance we’re getting at least a Triple Threat for the title now, as Strowman will want payback on Bray while also claiming he would’ve beaten Rollins this week. At the very least, it can all lead to The Fiend winning the title without pinning Rollins so that they can have a rematch at an even bigger PPV, like the Royal Rumble.

My Score: 8.5/10

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