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Carol: Can NXT Continue Success After Invasion Angle?

Will NXT maintain momentum after Survivor Series?

NXT has always been a hit with fans. When it switched from the WWE Network to the USA Network it made big news. The reason had to do with AEW, whom is WWE’s competition. AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday, the same night and time as NXT.

NXT got a head start on AEW when they premiered two weeks earlier. Their debut episode on the USA Network garnered over 1 million viewers. But after AEW’s premiere, NXT’s ratings started to decline, reaching as low as 580,000.

However, this past Wednesday the shows saw a huge increase in ratings with over 800,000 viewers, and they almost beat AEW.

The huge spike in NXT’s ratings can be credited with the current invasion angle they have. The upcoming Survivor Series PPV will have RAW vs SmackDown vs NXT. To hype the PPV, we’ve seen NXT stars invading RAW and SmackDown. On the recent episode of NXT, we saw AJ Styles and The OC invade the yellow brand, and tease a potential reunion with Finn Balor.

The invasion angle has certainly brought some much needed attention to NXT. But the question can NXT keep up this success?

Well, that depends on a couple of factors. The first is how long will the invasion angle last. The main reason WWE is doing the angle is hype Survivor Series. The PPV will have a lot of dream matches with Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Shayna Baszler facing off. We’ll also see Adam Cole, Brock Lesnar, and The Fiend in a match. This is enough to get fans excited. Seeing the promos from the competitors along with the invasions from the wrestlers has Survivor Series set to be one of the best PPVs of the year.

Yet, once Survivor Series is over, will that be the end of the invasion angle. Odds are it will be, however we could see some shakeups with the rosters. Some NXT stars could make their long-awaited debut on the main roster, while a few main roster stars may go back to NXT.

So far we’ve seen Finn Balor return to NXT, and the move has been beneficial for both sides. Balor was in a creative rut on the main roaster, but his return to NXT has not only brought star power to the brand, it’s also done wonders for his career. His heel turn along with his possible alliance with The Undisputed Era is one of the biggest storylines in NXT.

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I have no doubt we’ll see more main roster stars appearing on NXT. While it’ll be good for both sides, however WWE doesn’t need to rely on this tactic all the time. I don’t mind bringing a main roster star back to NXT so they can get more training and reboot their character. Yet, I fear that WWE will continue to use RAW and SmackDown stars just for the sole purpose of getting huge ratings.

NXT is already filled with a group of amazing athletes, and WWE needs to focus on developing these talents. Thanks to the invasion angle, attention is on these up-and-comers. It’s up to WWE to continue pushing these new stars and getting them ready for their debut on RAW or SmackDown.


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