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Could a Match Between Randy Orton & The Rock Happen at WWE WrestleMania?

Sarah Hirsch checks back in to The Chairshot to look at a potential WrestleMania classic: Randy Orton vs. The Rock!



WWE The Rock Randy Orton

Sarah Hirsch checks back in to The Chairshot to look at a potential WrestleMania classic: Randy Orton vs. The Rock!

When fans think of 3rd generation Superstars, the first names that come to mind are The Rock and Randy Orton.

For the two men to have never met one on one in a match is simply mind boggling.  But at that time, The Rock was well on his way to Hollywood immortality while Orton was polishing his mat game.  It wasn’t time then; only time fans got a taste of these two in the ring was back in 2004, when The Rock ‘N Sock Connection faced Evolution in a handicap match at WrestleMania 20.

Followed by that loss, there was the confrontation where The Rock embarrassed Orton with childhood memories of ‘My Little Pony’.  After that, there was nothing more or nothing less after the fact that a potential showdown between two of the biggest 3rd generation superstars could be in the cards.

Until now.

Fast forward to 2019; my, oh my how things have changed.  The Rock has achieved so many accolades and has established himself as one of Hollywood’s top “it” guys.  While he has made sporadic appearances for WWE, Orton has been collecting accolades on his own.  Thirteen time Champion, first-ballot WWE Hall of Famer, and an impressive resume all before the age of 40.  To this day, Orton is one of the most consistent, well-rounded wrestlers on the entire WWE roster.

Photo: WWE

Orton got fans talking last month by posing a challenge to The Rock on Twitter.   The tweets back and forth have teased something for the fans to salivate at, but since then both men have gone quiet on the matter.  With the Rock seemingly declining Orton’s challenge, perhaps that’s something to swerve fans for now.  Because one would know it is unlike The Rock to turn down a challenge such as a monumental showdown.

Photo: WWE

In addition, WrestleMania season is upon us; so what if Orton doesn’t really let the issue go?  Little remarks and instances go a long way.  Orton already fired the first shot, only for The Rock to essentially put him over while passing off the idea.  It could certainly mean something much bigger when an idea is out of sight, out of mind.  Perhaps after the Rumble or a snide remark during a promo beforehand can factor into the hype package, should this match happen.

Photo: WWE

The hype behind the idea of The Great One vs. The Viper is already there.  Both men have had similar careers.  Their careers catapulted as they joined game-changing faction in the Nation of Domination and Evolution, respectively.  Their resumes were built upon career-making feuds, memorable Championship reigns, and their way around the microphone.

Photo: WWE

Their personalities are a stark contrast no doubt; Orton is more of a straight-forward competitor while The Rock doesn’t pass up an opportunity to shame a Superstar.  That’s not to say these are flaws; because those qualities are what makes them the Superstars that they are.  And it’s also not to say that both men aren’t ready for the battle at hand.  The biggest question of them all is that will all parties make it happen?  The potential for the right timing is there.

So yes, let’s see who in fact is the greatest 3rd generation Superstar between The Rock and Randy Orton.  Because name one fan who wants to see another match at between Orton and John Cena?  That is vile compared to the names of many fans who want to see The Rock and Orton clash on the biggest stage of them all.

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