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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/13/19)

Witness the fallout from Full Gear!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

Will we witness Le DOUBLE Champeon?

Even after retaining THE AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho is hungry for more! Will he and “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara dethrone SCU so soon?



  • Jon Moxley VS Michael Nakazawa; Moxley wins.
  • The Dark Order VS Jurassic Express; The Dark Order wins.
  • Triple Threat: Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS Darby Allin; Allin wins.
  • Nyla Rose VS Dani Jordan; Rose wins.
  • Hangman Page VS PAC; PAC wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: SoCal Uncensored VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara; SCU wins and retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships.


Full Gear has come and gone, but what are its after effects?

Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong are collecting trophies in the form of locks of hair. The #ProudNPowerful Ortiz & Santana won the battle but have sparked a war with the Young Bucks. Hangman did that #CowboyShit and Shawn Spears had Tully Blanchard help him screw the Bad Boy over. The tag titles were on the line in the biggest first defense yet, and the inaugural champions are still the champions! And they’re at full power with the Fallen Angel back in action! The student surpassed her teacher as Riho retained, but then the American Nightmare ended up living a nightmare as he busts himself open and is betrayed by a best friend. And while Moxley VS Omega will never count on paper, it will never be forgotten in the minds of those that witnessed it. But now, we witness the next chapter for AEW Dynamite, starting tonight!


AEW follows Kenny Omega.

The Best Bout Machine is cut up and banged up from the vicious and unsanctioned match with the madman, Jon Moxley. After only a few days, he’s still stinging from the mouse traps, broken glass and barbed wire. The black eye from the hardwood flop is fine, but the AEW team tell him to just take the week off so he can come back next week. Wait, how did Moxley do with his check-in? He was beat up, too, but managed to be cleared. Oh, okay. Omega keeps his cool in front of Michael Nakazawa and Riho, but surely that must sting worst of all. Will the Cleaner be able to dust himself off and be back in action with another week of rest?


Jon Moxley VS Michael Nakazawa!

Speaking of the Death Rider, there is truly no rest for the wicked, and that’s the way this lunatic likes it! And wouldn’t you know? He’s up against Nakazawa! Will Nakazawa test just how tough Moxley really is here tonight in Nashville?

But even before the bell, Nakazawa brings out the body oil! Moxley is intrigued as Nakazawa throws the bottle away! The bell rings and Nakazawa is serious as he throws furious forearms at Mox! Nakazawa CHOPS and forearms and runs, into a LARIAT! Moxley finally takes off the vest to then watch Nakazawa get up. He hits Nakazawa with a big forearm smash and then another, and Nakazawa sits down. Moxley drags Nakazawa up to climb up and get in his face. The referee reprimands Moxley but Moxley scares him off. Moxley whips Nakazawa corner to corner and then runs in, for a boot. He runs back in but gets an elbow, Nakazawa runs into PARADIGM SHIFT! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

Moxley bows to Nakazawa to show it was nothing personal. Will the Death Rider keep rolling towards the top of the rankings? Moxley gets a mic to say, “That one counts, right?” Moxley is a lot of things, but he is not a liar! He told us all exactly what was going to happen at Full Gear, and he delivered “as advertised.” Kenny Omega will never be the same again! Moxley wants Omega to know he is “one radical son of a bitch,” and their personal differences aside, he does respect Omega. Omega had the balls no one else in AEW has the balls to do anymore. No one in that locker room will ever have the balls to step to Mox! But no one can run and hide forever. Moxley is going to scorch the earth and break one leg at a time until he is THE last man standing!

And however long it takes, if there’s anyone in AEW that wants to test themselves and confront their own mortality, let Mox know. Anyone listening right now, say the word, and Moxley will let them know where they are on the food chain! “Just do me a favor. If you’re going to step in the ring with me, kiss your loved ones good-bye and have an ambulance on standby.” And no matter what, don’t ask Moxley for an apology! Who will answer this open challenge of fire and wrath from the madman?


The Dark Order VS Jurassic Express!

Evil Uno and Stu Grayson were the number one seeds given that bye into the first round they won, yet they still lost the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament. Meanwhile, Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt were impressive even in defeat. Which team starts turning their fortunes around with a win here tonight?

The teams sort out and “Babysaurus” Stunt starts with Stu. The bell rings but then Uno tags in suddenly. So Stunt just goes after Uno with furious hands! Uno shoves and swings on Stunt but misses. Stunt kicks back, dodges again, then runs. Jungle Boy tags in and Stunt arm-drags Uno! Stu tags in but runs into JB’s crucifix. ONE, but JB kips up to headlock. Stu headscissors but JB pops out. JB kicks but misses, Stu shoves but JB rebounds to headscissor Stu away! JB dropkicks Stu back down, and fans are fired up! Tag to Stunt, and Stunt whips Stu. Stu reverses and hops over Stunt to tilt-o-whirl, but Stunt headscissors! Tag to JB and the boys double whip. Stunt headscissors Stu onto the ropes, and gets a boost, Stunt in Motion cannonball against the ropes! Cover, TWO! JB keeps on Stu with a wrench and Stunt tags in. Stunt climbs up top to double stomp the arm!

Stunt headlocks Stu but Uno gets in. This distracts the ref as he shoves Stunt, but Stunt sees the “low bridge” coming from Uno. Stunt flosses on Uno! Only for Stu to waistlock. Tag to Uno, O’Conner roll, TWO into Uno’s BOOT! Uno drags Stunt up and slams, to then go to the corner, climb up fast, and SWANTON! Cover, TWO! Stunt survives but Uno drags him up by his hair. Tag to Stu and Uno gives Stunt a backbreaker. Stu takes aim, slingshot senton smashes Stunt on the apron! Fans boo as the Creepers do their salute. Stu isn’t paying attention to Stunt and Uno has to shout at him. Stu hurries to keep Stunt from Jungle Boy, and then he drags Stunt away. Tag to Uno, and the Dark Order mug Stunt with stomps.

Uno drags Stunt up and slaps him around but Stunt fires back! Uno CHOPS Stunt down to stop that. But Stunt gets up to fire off more back elbows. Uno grabs Stunt’s nose and YANKS the nostrils! JB protests but Uno drags Stunt away to tag Stu. The Dark Order take a bow while AEW goes picture in picture.

Stu drags Stunt up in a facelock and he suplexes Stunt up. He holds Stunt up for a count of 10 before dropping him! Cover, TWO! Stunt survives but Stu just laughs as he gets to hurt Stunt more. Stu dares Stunt to get up and do something, and Stunt fights with kicks! Stu drags Stunt up and hauls him into the Dark Order corner! Uno tags in while Stu puts Stunt in a backwards Tree of Woe, and then Uno runs in to back elbow Stunt’s back! Uno taunts JB before going back to Stunt. But Stunt fights back! Stunt dodges but Stu tags in to roll over and block the tag! He again hauls Stunt into the Dark Order corner and Uno enziguris! They combine, springboard elbow drop sidewalk slam! Cover, but JB breaks it! Uno is upset but he goes back to Stunt. He taunts Stunt to hit him, so Stunt does! Stunt staggers Uno, and then goes after Uno’s leg! Stunt is biting Uno’s leg! So Uno claws Stunt’s back!

The ref reprimands them both but Uno kicks Stunt down. Cover, TWO! Uno drags Stunt away and then scoops him. Uno shows how strong he is carrying little Stunt around with one arm, before hitting a Fall Away Slam! Cover, TWO and AEW is back to single picture. Uno drags Stunt up but Stunt fights back! Fans rally but Uno whips Stunt. Stunt dodges, tilt-o-whirls to a pop-up COMPLETE SHOT! Both men are down and fans are fired up! Uno and Stunt crawl, but Stu goes around to trip up JB! But JB lands on his feet to SUPER FOREARM! Stunt shoves Uno away, tag to JB! Jungle Boy dodges Uno and DIVES onto Stu! He’s right back to counter kick Uno! And then he slingshots in to elbow and forearm away on Uno. Fans are fired up as he rolls Uno to Penalty Kick! Cover, Stu runs in, but JB gets clear! Stu splashes down on Uno! JB moonsault knee drops on Stu! Then covers Uno, TWO!!

Fans keep rallying while JB keeps his cool. Tag to Stunt and the boys mug Uno. They double whip Uno but he crisscrosses them into each other. Tag to Stu and he leaps in, into double mule kicks! JB grabs Uno, Stunt enziguris Uno down! Stunt gets help from JB, but the ropes are slippery as Stunt hops up. JB steadies Stunt for the second try, DRAGONRANA! Cover, but Uno uses JB to break it up! Uno drags JB up but JB throws Uno out. Stu runs in but is dumped out, and now JB DIVES! The tope is not enough to topple them both, Uno BOOTS while Stu KNEES Jungle Boy down! Stu targets Stunt, scoop to the torture rack, NIGHT FALL BACKBREAKER! Tag to Uno, Stu goes up top. Uno has Stunt in the Gory Especial, Stu blockbusters, FATALITY! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, Evil Uno pinning

The now fourth-rank team in AEW might be moving up. Uno gets a mic as his Creepers come in to be his seat. “Marko, Marko, Marko.” Boo all you want, give it up for little Marko! This little man is ridiculed every day, and still he shows promise. But he could be a winner, and Uno can give him purpose. Just become one with the Dark Order! Uno offers a Creeper mask, but JB grabs the mask and throws it away. Stunt’s mask is the Babysaurus mask! Uno can respect that. “Put them down.” Stu and the Creepers attack like piranha! They stomp and punch Stunt and Jungle Boy down without mercy! Fans want Luchasaurus but that leg injury might still be keeping him out. Uno forces JB to wear a Creeper mask but… Wait! Luchasaurus IS here!? And he BOOTS a creeper down! He swats Creeper after Creeper away, and even withstands one Creeper’s pescado by just standing there!

Luchasaurus TOSSES the Creeper into railing, then finally gets in the ring. Fans are loving this as Luchasaurus stands in front of The Dark Order. Uno orders his last three Creepers to shield him, but Luchasaurus TAIL WHIP KICKS all three down at once! Luchasaurus then drags one Creeper up, to TOSS onto the rest! Stu is the last line of defense as Uno bails out of the ring. Stu runs at Luchasaurus, falls for a feint and gets a roundhouse, to a CHOKE SLAM! And standing moonsault! Luchasaurus has only gotten stronger with his return, and the boys are glad to have him back! Jurassic Express is at full strength, and perhaps is now going full speed ahead! Will they steamroll right through the rankings now?


Triple Threat: Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS Darby Allin!

The Chair Man is back again! He got the win over Bad Boy Joey Janela, but with some help from the Horseman by his side. However, AEW is picture in picture as the Librarians make their entrance, so the one being hushed is Avalon trying to hush Nashville. However, Avalon seems to time his talking down to people perfectly, as we return to single picture to hear him run down “Music City, USA.” “Such musicians like Jason Aldean and Johnny Cash,” and yet… Well, Avalon doesn’t get to finish condescending towards country fans, as the undead underdog makes his entrance! Darby was so close to being champion once, can he win this Triple Threat to prove he deserves a second chance?

The bell rings and Darby is laser focused on Spears. Fans support Darby just about 100% and Spears is willing to step to him. But Avalon gets up to get their attention with his leap! But he FLOPS as the other two easily get out of the way! Darby tosses Avalon out but Spears jumps on Darby! Spears CHOPS but Darby CHOPS so Spears kicks low. Spears suplexes but Darby lands on his feet. Darby goes around, redirects, and dares Spears to bring it. Spears tries but he whips into an acrobatic arm-drag! Fans fire up as Spears bails out, and then Darby builds speed. Avalon intercepts, but Darby bucks him off to put him on the apron. Darby dropkicks Avalon down! Fans fire up as Darby climbs up top. Darby aims at Avalon but Spears shoves him off! Darby bounces off ropes to then hit the mat! Spears drags Darby up, back suplex to the facebuster! Cover, TWO!!

Spears keeps on Darby by putting him in a corner and stomping a perfect 10 mudhole into him. Fans boo but the referee backs Spears off for Darby’s sake. Spears drags Darby up to CHOP him down! Spears goes after Avalon to bounce him off the apron, then give him an apron back suplex! But wait, the Bad Boy is back! And he brawls with Spears! No disqualifications so Joey Janela lights Spears up and tosses him over railing! Janela is all fired up but then Spears goes after Janela! Janela rakes Spears’ eyes and then chases him off into the crowd! The triple threat is now 1v1, and Darby dares Avalon to bring the fight. Avalon runs in, but into an elbow. He tries again but Darby goes up and over, spins around, O’Conner roll, TWO! Darby goes up and out, baits Avalon and even Bates in. He slingshots, gets around, throwback stunner! Darby hurries up top and fans fire up for the COFFIN DROP! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Janela and Spears are still fighting somewhere in the back, but Darby takes this win without question. Darby then gets a mic to speak. Fans are fired up, but calm down to hear Darby say four words: “Jon Moxley, I accept.” And then fans explode all over again! That didn’t take nearly as long as Moxley thought! The undead daredevil wants to take on the Death Rider, but will he survive?


Nyla Rose VS Dani Jordan!

The Native Beast feels there is no respect for what she is capable of shown by the AEW Women’s Division. So Nyla has vowed to make them all fear her instead! Will that begin here and now in Nashville?

The bell rings and DJ is confident, at first. Nyla corners her, but DJ slips out to throw hands. Nyla just elbows DJ away! Then she whips DJ but DJ ducks the boot. DJ throws more hands but Nyla BOOTS her that time! Nyla clamps a choke grip on, but DJ slips out of the slam to SLAP Nyla! Oh that wasn’t good… Nyla roars as she LARIATS DJ down! Nyla whips DJ corner to corner hard, then drags DJ up for big body shots. The ref reprimands Nyla but she just runs corner to corner to splash! Then fireman’s carry, Samoan Drop! But Nyla isn’t done, she drags DJ up and into position, BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

The example has been made and the message has been sent. Who else will be mowed down on the warpath Nyla vows to wreak on the way to the AEW Women’s World Championship?


AEW has a medical update for Dustin Rhodes.

The radial fracture of his left forearm is in a cast, and he’ll be out for a few more weeks left. He will be training in the ring to get back to form, so hopefully it will only be a month or so before The Natural is back. Will he want revenge for what the savage Jake Hager did to him weeks ago?


AEW announces a big match for next week!

The first ever “Dynamite Dozen” Battle Royale will be held. The difference between this and a normal battle royal? 12 men enter, until only two remain. Then those two will move on to have a traditional singles match, where the winner ears a Dynamite diamond ring, whose purpose will have significance down the line. Who will enter and who will walk out the shining diamond in the rough?


Tony Schiavone interviews Allie!

Allie is climbing the rankings. AEW’s rankings update every Friday, and right now Allie is #4. Allie is happy to be in Nashville! Nashville is happy to see Allie, too. Allie wants to show the world what she can do, and has done that on AEW Dark. Now it’s time to do that on Dynamite. But wait, those candles on the titantron… They’re going out…! And then the lights go out, too! This is the calling card of AWESOME KONG and BRANDI RHODES! This devious duo heads for Allie and Allie puts up a fight! But she gets a Mongolian chop and a big back hand! Kong drags Allie up to BIEL her to Brandi’s feet. And just as we saw them do to Bea Priestley, Brandi grabs a good lock of hair, for Kong to cut off! What is the purpose of these trophies? Who, if anyone, can hope to stop these two from targeting more victims?


Chris Jericho is here!

And he is still Le Champion! The AEW World Champion struts his way to the ring, and fans are torn as he takes up the mic. “Much to the chagrin to everybody here in Nashville, Chris Jericho is still LE CHAMPION!” And once again, Y2J proves he is what he says he is: “The greatest of all time, baby!” And that’s why Jericho will always say it, “I demand a thank you from every single member of the AEW roster, the back office, the front office, the side office, I want my ‘thank you!'” Fans boo instead. But Jericho doesn’t care about “jackasses from Nashville” anyway. Jericho has beaten everyone put in his way, basically the entire Elite. Jericho told us so, that Cody is “nothing more than an entitled Millennial son of a bitch!” But fans chant for Cody, and the lights go down! Here comes the American Nightmare, from his special entrance!

No, wait! It’s Maxwell Jacob Freeman instead!! MJF just stole Cody’s entrance! Fans boo MJF just about as hard as they did Jericho, but MJF just soaks it all in as he joins Jericho in the ring. Maybe harder? Well, they do call MJF “A**hole!” so there is that. But MJF tells “Christopher” that he has to get something off his chest first. Fans don’t like MJF much, do they? Nope! Are they upset about the towel? They were. What fans don’t understand is, their favorite wrestler’s career would be done, and yet MJF is the villain? Fans were cheering the real villain the whole time! And MJF means Cody. MJF mocks the fans, “Cody’s a stand-up guy! I love me some Cody Rhodes!” Oh do you? Do fans love Cody? Yes! Well guess what, Cody couldn’t give “less of a sh*t” about any of them. The real Cody only cares about Cody! Fans don’t believe him, but MJF says only one man knows the real Cody, and that’s MJF!

“The real Cody is a liar! The real Cody is a user and abuser!” The real Cody saw a bright young talent out of New York and saw someone he could make into a puppet. That “sociopath” Cody gave that kid an offer to be a mentor. Fans call BS on MJF. But what’s actually BS is that Cody ever claimed he cared about MJF! Cody only wanted MJF not under his wing, but under his thumb! “Guess what, Blondie! Your thumb ain’t big enough to hold me down!” So it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, MJF is the new face of AEW! “Because Cody Rhodes, I’m better than you, and you know it.” Fans chant but MJF claims Cody isn’t here because he still doesn’t care about them.

Now, back to “Christopher.” MJF is actually a fan. The Mount Rushmore of wrestling would have Jericho as like the third or fourth head. But the word is, Y2J wants MJF in the Inner Circle? Interesting timing bringing that up, “Maxwell.” Jericho heard that it’s MJF who wants to join the Inner Circle. Well is it Jericho wanting MJF in or MJF wanting in on his own? The two argue the perspective, but MJF breaks the loop. “Listen, Chris Cross Applesauce,” as much as you want MJF to join up, the Inner Circle Jerks- Sorry, sorry, Freudian Slip perhaps? All respect to Le Champion. MJF heard about how Jericho likes a little bit of the bubbly, but MJF is starting to think that, just like these “inbred, white trash, redneck hicks,” Jericho drinks too much. To think MJF, “the youngest and fastest rising star in the history of professional wrestling,” needs Jericho, just seems a little odd.

Jericho tells “Maxwell she sells sea shells down by the sea shore,” that MJF might want to be like Jericho. Think about it: both from Long Island, both have three-letter nicknames, both love scarves, both have great senses of humor and are crushingly handsome. It’s like MJF got horny watching Y2J beat down Juvetud Guerrara 25 years ago on a WCW Saturday Night, and then nine months later, “your little twerp ass popped out.” Fans chant “Juve! Juve!” and MJF has to ask: Who the hell is Juve? Google it, babe. But the point is, Jericho understands why MJF wants to be in the Inner Circle. Being in the same ring with Y2J puts someone on a different level. So does MJF want in or not? Depends, does Y2J want MJF in or not? Well does MJF want in? Does Y2J want MJF? Who wants who first?

Jericho breaks the loop this time. Jericho will ask one more time: does MJF want to be in the Inner Circle? Depends, does Jericho want MJF to be in the Inner Circle? “Y’know what? Do you know who the biggest jackass in AEW is?” “Oh I know who the biggest jackass in AEW is!” Yeah?! Who is it!? They both want to say it so they do: CODY RHODES! They hug it out! They’ve found common ground! But wait, Cody IS here!? The scar on his eye tells the tale. QT Marshall and other producers tell Cody not to do this, but Cody doesn’t care! He rushes the ring! He ducks Jericho to get at MJF! Then he punches Jericho! Jericho rebounds off ropes, and Cody attempts the spinning powerslam but it doesn’t really work out. Cody ditches Jericho to Rhodes Uppercut MJF! Jericho gets up, and now the powerslam hits!

But who the hell is this? WARDLOW IS HERE! He CLOBBERS Cody down! And it seems he’s on MJF’s side as he drags Cody up to a fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY SLAM! MJF tells Wardlow to break Cody! Wardlow uses his tie to CHOKE Cody! And then he HANGS Cody on the ropes! MJF shouts that he’s the best, but he still needs someone else to beat Cody up for him! The referees rush out there to save Cody, and MJF leaves with Wardlow. Can Cody get revenge on his former friend now that he’s rolling with Wardlow?


Hangman Page VS PAC!

It seems Full Gear was not enough for these two! The Problem Solver got even with The Bastard in Baltimore, but now we’re getting their tiebreaker tonight! Will we see even more #CowboyShit in Nashville?

The bell rings and this sparks off. Pac dodges to enziguri Hangman quick! Pac goes up but Hangman gets far away. Pac hops down to back kick and front kick then back kick again. Pac runs to shotgun dropkick Hangman out, then he FLIES! The Fosbury Flop just manages to take Hangman down! But Pac is not slowing down, he’s up top again for a SUPER MOONSAULT! That’s usually something Hangman does but Pac shows he can do it, too! Pac puts Hangman in and climbs up again. Hangman is in the drop zone, Pac leaps, but has to bail out as Hangman dodges. Hangman dropkicks Pac in the corner and out of the ring! Then he DIVES! Direct hit takes Pac into railing! Hangman puts Pac in, whips him, and pops him up for the POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Hangman keeps his cool as he goes to a corner. He catches his breath while fans chant “Cowboy Shit!” Hangman drags Pac up but Pac fires forearms. Hangman dares him to keep hitting so Pac does. They brawl and Hangman CHOPS. Hangman runs into a boot, then Pac slips to the outside. Pac springboards, into a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Hangman is upset over the count but he lets it go to bring Pac back up. Hangman CHOPS Pac to a corner then hoists him up top. Hangman CHOPS again then climbs up to join Pac. Fans rally up as Hangman stands on the very top, but Pac fights him back. Pac headbutts Hangman down, then adjusts, missile dropkick takes Hangman down! But Pac doesn’t stop, he goes up top again. Fans adjust the chant to be “Bastard Shit!” as Pac aims and leaps, for a missile dropkick to the back! Cover, TWO!

Hangman rolls out to the apron, but Pac is on him at the corner. Pac kicks Hangman until he falls back down, then he goes out to join Hangman on the apron. Pac runs over, but for a side effect to the apron! Hangman climbs up now, and now Hangman SUPER MOONSAULTS! And lands on his feet! Hangman drags Pac up and in as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Hangman throws off an elbow pad to start throwing big elbow shots on Pac! Hangman whips Pac but Pac holds ropes. Pac puts Hangman on the apron but Hangman holds on, to slingshot in! Pac almost kicks the Buckshot apart but Hangman pushes him away, only for Pac to SUPERKICK anyway! Pac runs, into a rolling elbow! Hangman runs but Pac sidesteps to SNAP GERMAN! Hangman flounders up, Pac waistlocks again, another German, but Hangman lands on his feet to DISCUS LARIAT! And Nashville is fired up for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” A standing count begins and climbs to 4 but Hangman stands. Hangman drags Pac up to suplex, but Pac slips out to waistlock. Standing switch after standing switch, but much like Full Gear, they run at the ref! Pac tries to low blow mule kick but again Hangman catches it! Pac enziguris and school boy bridges, TWO!

Hangman gets up to SUPERKICK Pac! Pac flops out of the ring! Hangman realizes that and heads over as fans chant “This is Awesome!” Hangman finds Pac staggering around and into a corner. Pac kicks Hangman! Another Full Gear flashback, but it’s Hangman who BRAIN BUSTERS Pac! Hangman puts Pac in, slingshots, BUCKSHOT! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives Hangman nearly taking his head off! But Hangman won’t be denied. He stalks Pac to a corner, but the ref backs him off. Pac bumps into the ref which bumps him into Hangman, but Hangman pushes the ref aside, only to get a BOOT! Pac BOOTS Hangman again! Pac stomps away on Hangman’s head but the ref backs him off. Pac comes back for more and fans boo. The ref warns Pac but Pac doesn’t care! He keeps stomping Hangman, then drags him to the drop zone. Pac goes up top, BLACK ARROW! Into the BRUTALIZER! Hangman is OUT, Pac WINS!

Winner: PAC, by submission

And now he won’t let go! The Bastard is ruthless for sure, but this win doesn’t seem satisfactory. Will Pac get what he wants by moving up from #2 to #1, as in, contender?


There’s a brawl backstage!

The Young Bucks are after Santana and Ortiz! Nick Jackson throws Santana into a garage door while Matt scoop slams Ortiz through a table! And then he still rains down right hands on him! The security and referees pull the Bucks back, but Santana has climbed up on top of a forklift! And he LEAPS onto everyone! Santana keeps after Nick and bumps him off another table. Nick kicks back and neither stops. Santana whips Nick at a door! The door flies open, and there’s Orange Cassidy! The Sloth stands there in the bathroom, but Santana closes the door for him. Only to turn around into Matt’s SUPERKICK! Nick beats Santana down more and Matt goes back for Ortiz, to brawl it out! Things are moving through the backstage area, and the Bucks bounce the Proud ‘n’ Powerful off whatever is around!

Matt and Ortiz have ended up by tables and chairs, perhaps a private area for the talent? Meanwhile, Santana and Nick are making their way towards the bleachers! They’re in the arena! Ortiz throws Matt that way, too! They’re brawling in front of the fans! Ortiz uses a mop to jab and SMACK Matt! Matt hits back with haymakers and punches Ortiz towards ringside. Nick and Santana do the same, and Matt runs, only for Ortiz to back drop him up and over the railing! Santana is about to suplex Nick onto the apron but security rushes back out, only for Matt to LEAP Onto them all! The security still get Matt away from Ortiz and Nick away from Santana so things can finally calm down. However, the war of the Elite and the Inner Circle is far from over, especially for these two teams. The Bucks SUPERKICK the security guards out of their way and rush down the ring!

But wait, Ortiz finally resorts to the “blackjack” sock with baseballs in it! He sends Matt and Nick rolling from the heavy gut shots! And Santana goes after the leg that was injured during Full Gear! Santana gets the sock now and Ortiz puts the leg through the girders, for Santana to SMACK away on! But then they go back to Matt! They drag Matt over like they did Ricky Mortin of Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, and Santana makes sure to mark their target. He and Ortiz drag Matt over, for a DOUBLE POWERBOMB!! Matt crashes through the stage! Nick crawls over but “now these boys gonna die~!” That is, until Brandon Cutler appears. He saves Nick from the same fate as Matt, and PNP decide they’ve done enough. But then Ortiz shouts, “Guess what? WE LIE!” They go after Brandon in Nick’s place!

Wait, Private Party shows up! They stand up for the Bucks, but a new wave of security make sure things don’t devolve into another fight! Santana warns Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy not to stick their noses in other people’s business. Matt is dragged from the wreckage as the chaos finally stops. Is the Inner Circle going to win this war of tag teams in AEW?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: SoCal Uncensored VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/ Jake Hager!

Speaking of tag teams in AEW, SCU still has the titles! And now with Christopher Daniels by their side, they’ll surely be ready for anything that comes their way. Will they be able to deny the Inner Circle the gold? Or are we moments away from seeing Le Doublé Champion?

Scorpio Sky takes up the mic to say, “Nashville! It’s been awhile, let’s see if we still have it. This is the worst town I’ve ever been to!” Nashville is bad but filled with badass fans. SCU may not like the town but they love the people, which is why they have a sample of some California Love~! So Frankie Kazarian has three letters he wants to say, and if they join in, it’ll make his day. “S C U!” The titles are on the line, after the break!

AEW returns again as the “Spanish God” makes his entrance, followed by the Painmaker and his savage henchman, Hager! The introductions are made, the tag belts are raised, and this golden main event begins!

Kaz starts against Jericho, but Jericho gives Sammy some quick tips before things begin. Fans are torn again for Jericho as he ties up with Kaz. They go around, Kaz puts Jericho in a corner, but lets up at the ref’s orders. Jericho complains but ties up with Kaz again. Jericho puts Kaz in the corner now and lets up, to swing a sucker punch. Kaz ducks it to throw Jericho around with arm-drags! Jericho gets up to forearm and CHOP, then he whips Kaz. Kaz rolls off Jericho’s back to dropkick Jericho down. Jericho scrambles, wrong corner, but he finds Sammy eventually and tags out. Sammy assures Jericho he has this, only to run into arm-drags! Kaz has Sammy and drags him over, tag to Scorpio. Scorpio hops up to drop ax handles on Sammy’s arm.

Scorpio brings Sammy up for a spinning backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Tag to Kaz, and Scorpio whips Sammy to drop toehold for Kaz’s slingshot leg drop! Cover, TWO! Kaz keeps on Sammy but Sammy knees low. Sammy CHOPS and whips, but Kaz ducks under. Sammy flips but Kaz held ropes. Kaz drop toeholds Sammy onto ropes, Scorpio kicks him off those ropes, and into Kaz’s German Suplex! Sammy hits hard so Jericho runs in, but Kaz whips him away. Scorpio is in to dropkick Jericho down! SCU and the fans are fired up as Jericho bails out. Kaz brings Sammy up, ducks the punch to kick, knee, kick and lariat as AEW goes picture in picture.

Kaz covers, TWO, but he stays close to Sammy. Kaz has the fans echo “S C U!” again before clubbing Sammy down. Kazy punches Sammy with big haymakers, then runs, but Jericho cheap shots! Kaz DECKS Jericho back! And then punches away on Sammy again! Kaz runs, but Sammy distracts the with claims of a bloody nose, so Jericho can trip Kaz! Sammy then hits a Shooting Star to Kaz’s back! Cover, TWO! Sammy is upset but he drags Kaz over to tag Jericho. Le Champion walks all over Kaz before flipping Scorpio off. Jericho kicks Kaz while he’s down as the ref is busy keeping Scorpio back. Jericho brings Hager over to get a cheap shot in, too! Kaz flounders up but Jericho is on him with a back suplex! Cocky cover, TWO! But it’s classic Jericho. Jericho slaps Kaz around but Kaz slaps back! It’s a slap fight! Kaz SLAPS away on Jericho, but runs into the kitchen sink knee, and then Jericho adds a basement dropkick!

Jericho drags Kaz over to tag Sammy, and the Inner Circle mug Kaz in the corner. Sammy drags Kaz up for a fireman’s carry to a squat and Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO to the Crucifix, TWO!! Sammy swings but into a waistlock. Sammy flails and elbows freed, to then hop up and moonsault. Kaz gets under but Sammy dropkicks Kaz down! Sammy kips up and shows off his dance moves, but fans boo. Jericho joins in for a photo op. Sammy dropkicks Kaz back down and then hauls him up to snapmare into a chinlock. Kaz fights his way up and elbows out to throw haymakers. Sammy dodges to get Kaz for a SPANISH FLY! Sammy goes up top fast, for teh Shooting Star! It FLOPS, and his leg is hurting! Kaz crawls for his corner but Sammy has Kaz for a back suplex. Kaz slips out, ducks and hot tags Scorpio!

Scorpio rallies on Sammy, big back elbow! Scorpio kicks away on Sammy then whips, big dropkick! Jericho runs in but gets a dropkick, too! Fans cheer Scorpio and “SCU! SCU!” a Scorpio whips Sammy. Sammy reverses but leaps into a spinebuster! Scorpio rolls Sammy to his feet for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! SCU keeps their cool and Scorpio drags Sammy up to a fireman’s carry. Sammy slips out, big knee strike! Sammy runs but into a BOOT! Scorpio slingshots out then in, CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives, but now he’s in the Dragon Sleeper Clutch! Fans rally but Jericho SLAPS Scorpio off the hold! Kaz runs in but is put out, but he baits Jericho into the guillotine leg drop! Scorpio boots Sammy, sets Sammy up, but Hager drags Kaz out while Jericho distracts the ref! Hager CLOBBERS Kaz and Sammy rolls Scorpio, TWO!!

Hager looms over Kaz, but Daniels LEAPS onto him! But Hager catches him for a SPINEBUSTER! Then whips him into railing! Sammy gets up, kicks but Scorpio blocks. Scorpio spins Sammy but gets a Dragon Whip heel kick! Sammy hot tags Jericho! Jericho fires off on Scorpio with CHOPS! Scorpio reverses the whip to Thesz Press for fast hands! Scorpio back kicks, runs, dumdum stomps! Fans fire up as Scorpio aims at Jericho, fireman’s carry, TKO! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives but Scorpio keeps his cool. Scorpio whips, Jericho reverses but the dropkick is denied! Scorpio positions Jericho and hops up, flying elbow drop! But he misses! LIONSAULT BLOCKED! Scorpio slingshots, but the cutter is blocked! Jericho shoves Scorpio, Scorpio goes up and leaps, into CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!?! Scorpio survives to save SCU! Jericho drags Scorpio, cradle counter, SCU WINS!?!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Scorpio Sky pinning; still AEW World Tag Team Champions

That was incredible! The Closer got the better of Le Champion, and no one can believe it! But SCU takes their titles and get out of dodge before Jericho throws a tantrum by throwing everything he can all over the place! Jericho smashes railing and ring posts with a steel chair, because what he was hoping for didn’t work out at all! And furthermore, does this mean Jericho will be defending against Scorpio Sky in the near future?



My Thoughts:

A great episode to follow up the PPV with! The highlight real was nice, but what was great was seeing Omega get his medical check. There’s already a strong difference drawn between him and Moxley, in that Moxley, for all the damage they both took, is somehow just more resilient. Moxley was cleared, Omega wasn’t. Moxley gets to have another match already, Omega didn’t. Moxley just got a win on his record, and over Michael Nakazawa, a friend to The Elite, and Omega could only watch. Then with Darby Allin winning the Triple Threat, mostly thanks to the story of Janela VS Spears continuing, Allin is the next one to step to Moxley. I don’t know about unsanctioned, but there has to be something mostly No Disqualification for these two, right?

All the matches were great tonight, with some good stories coming out of them. Dark Order VS Jurassic Express as a feud story for the next phase is going to be a really good one, and I liked the idea that the Order is recruiting. Luchasaurus wrecking the Creepers was great, too. This feud will likely revolve around Uno trying to make Stunt the chief Creeper while it’s up to Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus to help Stunt resist the dark side. Nyla squashing an opponent works for her story, but as one of two Heel monsters in the Women’s Division, who is it that steps up to her to stop her rampage? It seems Allie might be on the schedule for Awesome Kong given that attack tonight, and AEW Dark helped Hikaru Shida feel like Riho’s next contender, so perhaps the other top face, Britt Baker, is the one by default.

I’m very curious about this Dynamite Diamond concept. Will the ring be the midcard title that isn’t a title belt? Will it be used very similarly to Lucha Underground’s Gift of the Gods or Impact’s X Division Championship? That is to say, you win the ring, you “cash it in” to get a world title match, and then a new set of wrestlers competes to win the vacated title. That would be pretty unique, but also very fitting of Cody’s style since he invented the literal Ring of Honor while in ROH. Then there was a lot of great surprises leading to the end. MJF and Jericho had a great promo segment together, it was great to see Cody come for revenge so soon, and I didn’t think Wardlow would debut quite like this. It seems MJF isn’t joining the Inner Circle but forming his own team, starting with his muscle. That brawl of Bucks and Ortiz-Santana was probably among the best backstage brawl I’ve seen. Whenever we get a rematch of Bucks VS PNP, that has to be a contender’s match to face the tag champions.

And of course, the tag team title main event itself was really good, a lot of fun, but not too surprising. It wasn’t a surprise that SCU retained, there’s no way someone is crowned a dual champion so soon. However, I expected it to be Sammy taking the pin, but what a great idea for Scorpio Sky, the MVP of SCU, to pin the world champion! If SCU chooses to Freebird the tag titles, Daniels can step back in with Kaz just in time for a feud with Lucha Brothers while Scorpio is treated as the singles wrestler. Even if Scorpio doesn’t win against Jericho, it’s not like he’s being buried, he’s losing to an all-time great. Plus, this is the first major singles title I’ve heard of Scorpio even coming close to, so that shows AEW can see the true talent in Scorpio that ROH never tapped into.

My Score: 9.1/10

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