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Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Full Gear

Tiffany MC checks in with her takes on AEW Full Gear! Did she throw in the towel? Go lights out? Read on and see!



AEW Full Gear Jon Moxley Kenny Omega

Tiffany MC checks in with her takes on AEW Full Gear! Did she throw in the towel? Go lights out? Read on and see!

Full Gear

It’s time! Who will be standing after Full Gear?

Britt Baker vs Bea Priestley

I don’t think any of us really thought this match was going to happen or weren’t very excited about it until Britt Baker cut the promo of her career so far on Wednesday night.

This match was much better than I think a lot of us were expecting from either woman. This definitely had the feel of a grudge match and it was great to see them just tearing each other apart. Also, kudos to Britt for doing a great match while battling the flu, she’s a tougher chick than me, who barely wanted to get off the couch because of a cold. She didn’t rip Priestley’s jaw off, but she proved her point: Don’t fuck with Dr. Britt Baker. I am intrigued by Awesome Kong attacking Priestley, though, I would’ve thought Priestley would be someone Brandi Rhodes would want on side. Guess we will see.

Young Bucks vs Proud n Powerful

It’s the first Inner Circle vs Elite match of the night and it was a barnburner! The battle on who truly is the best tag team in the world didn’t disappoint as both teams brought their A-games. Young Bucks were great, imperiled babyfaces, and having Rock n Roll Express at ringside was a nice touch. I’m a little surprised that PnP won, but it was such a great match, that I don’t think it matters…except for the win/loss records.

I’m glad Sammy Guevara has embraced the douchebag role he seems born to play. I also love Rock n Roll Express getting some revenge on PnP and Inner Circle.

PAC vs Hangman Adam Page

This is the rubber match of this feud that started back in May and got sidelined by PAC.

This match was just as good as their previous ones, in my opinion, and definitely felt like a serious grudge match. PAC did everything he could to win the match by hook or by crook and Page showed he’d learned from their previous encounters and was able to counter many of PAC’s tricks and was able to get a decisive win over the Bastard, which is sur

Joey Janela vs Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard)

This storyline kind of came out of nowhere on Being the Elite and AEW Dark. Sad to say, Tully Blanchard is more over than Spears.

I really wanted to enjoy this match but I don’t. There just didn’t seem to be enough build for it to make me really care about these two feuding…or maybe that was my cold medicine. I will say it was nice to see Earl Hebner refereeing again, I was beginning to wonder what happened to him. I will say Spear tying Janela to the ringpost by his hair was pretty ingenious. I’m kind of bummed that Janela lost, but I think AEW is set on trying to make Spears a top heel, in spite of no one really caring about him.

Kip Sabian

Well, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford (I think) are aligning which should be interesting down the road.

Triple Threat Match for the AEW Tag Team Championship – SCU vs Lucha Brothers vs Private Party

I’m still not sure how to feel about this being a Triple Threat Match. Given the controversial ending, Lucha Brothers should’ve been given a one on one rematch and Private Party getting a match with the winner on Dynamite.

That said, this was a REALLY good match! Everybody brought their A-games to the match, however, SCU would pull out the win and stand tall, but the Lucha Brothers weren’t going to take defeat lightly. This feud is NOT over, even with Daniels going in for the save.

AEW Women’s Championship Match – Riho vs Emi Sakura

It is student vs teacher for the Women’s Championship. This was another match with very little build, but with an interesting story. Emi Sakura trained Riho when Riho was just a little girl and now it’s Mentor vs Protege for the AEW Women’s championship.

This match was SOOO good. It was very technical and had pretty good storytelling from both women. In the end, the student won this match, but they got a standing ovation from the crowd. I hope we’ll see these women lock up down the road because this match was excellent.

AEW Championship Match – Chris Jericho vs Cody – If Cody loses, he will never again challenge for the AEW Championship

Well, this is TECHNICALLY the main event of the night and it’s for all the marbles. Our judges are: Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and Great Muta. All former WCW stars and all very familiar to the Baltimore crowd.

I really wasn’t sure about this match considering all the bells and whistles they’d added to it, but it was actually pretty good. Even the spot where Cody got busted open, which looks like it was done the hard way, but I’m REALLY hoping was a overdone blade job.

I will give both men credit for doing the best they could with what they had. Jericho isn’t nearly as sharp as he used to be but both guys gave an amazing performance.  Loved Cody’s mom getting a shot in, that was fun. I think we all expected MJF to turn on Cody and cost him the match, I don’t think anyone called ‘MJF throwing in the towel and THEN turning on Cody’ as the finish. That was a swerve. Be that as it may, Cody can no longer challenge for the AEW Championship, so now what do we do?

Lights Out Match – Kenny Omega vs Jon Moxley

Well, this is the match I signed up for, but having sat through that Jericho/Cody match, I’m even more scared it won’t live up to the hype. Loved that Mox came out through the crowd, a nod to his Dean Ambrose/Shield days. I’m not thrilled with everyone discounting Mox’s wrestling skills. I’m also not happy that he’s not wrestling in those shorts.

I have to give Omega credit, I didn’t think he really understood just what he signed up for, but he took those barb wire shots like a pro. I also disparaged using a barbwire wrapped broom, but I’m sure Mox was grateful for the give when Omega hit him in the head with it.

This match was SOOOOO GOOD! Omega bit off a lot more than he could chew, but he was a game little fucker. Not sure what he was expecting to accomplish with a board covered in mousetraps, but you do you, dude. Aside from the sheer brutality, there was some great storytelling, like the Bucks and Page trying to stop Omega from going too far, not that he listened.

Dudes, I’ve watched some crazy ass matches, and I’ve never seen many THIS crazy! I’ve never seen one where they literally took the ring apart! Did I mention how much I LOVED this match? I did? Well, I’ll say it again! I LOVED this match! I’m glad Mox won, but at the same point, the match was so good, it doesn’t matter. WHAT. A. MATCH!

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW Takes! Tune in Wednesday for Dynamite!

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