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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS TV Results: Destruction in Hiroshima 2018!



NJPW Destruction in Hiroshima

AXS moves on in its NJPW coverage by bringing us Destruction in Hiroshima! Does the Best Bout Machine hold on to his title against the Stone Pitbull?


This coverage of Destruction in Hiroshima will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

Gifs can be found at http://frentique.tumblr.com/



  • Six Man Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma VS Kazuchika Okada, Yoshi-Hashi & Jay White; Tanahashi, Makabe & Honma win.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Tomohiro Ishii; Omega wins and retains the IWGP Heavyweight Championship.


NJPW and AXS set the scene!

Kenny Omega continues his reign as the newest IWGP Heavyweight Champion after his epic 2 Out of 3 Falls match Kazuchika Okada. He has bested some of the best, such as The American Nightmare, Cody, at the G1 Special in San Francisco, and six straight victories in this year’s G1 Climax tournament. However, things were changed when The Stone Pitbull looked to play spoiler. Tomohiro Ishii was no longer in contention for the G1 Climax 28 Finals, but he was more concerned about evening the score from the IWGP United States Championship tournament. Ishii defeated Omega in a toughly contested match, and that would ultimately cost Omega his spot in the G1 Climax finals. That victory has earned Ishii his shot tonight in Hiroshima, but will he be able to repeat his upset performance? Or will the Best Bout Machine break the tie and retain the title?


Six Man Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma VS Kazuchika Okada, Yoshi-Hashi & Jay White!

There is much tension within the Chaos trio as the Switchblade has made it clear he wants to take control of the faction away from The Rainmaker. Can White and Okada get along, with the Head Hunter stuck in the middle, against The Ace, the Uncaged Gorilla and the “Innovator of Lighttube Death Matches”?

NJPW and AXS jump into this match as it is in progress. White tags in off Okada and chops away on Honma. He whips him corner to corner then chops Honma off his feet. White taunts Honma then brings him up, but Honma chops back. White elbows Honma’s neck and tries to suplex, but Honma blocks. Honma goes to suplex White but White reverses and chops him to a corner. White runs in but into a boot, and Honma runs out for a leaping shoulder tackle! Fans fire up for Honma as he crawls for his corner. Hot tag to Makabe, who runs White over with a shoulder then barrels into Okada. Yoshi-Hashi slips in to kick and run, but into a powerslam! Hashi exits while Makabe corner clotheslines White. Makabe climbs up to throw hands but White slips out underneath. White tags Okada in so he can get away.

Okada comes in but Makabe is on him with big forearms. Makabe whips Okada corner to corner then hits a corner clothesline. Makabe climbs up and gives corner punches, all the way to 10. He goes to Northern Lights but Okada fights it off. Okada runs but into a big lariat! Cover, TWO! Makabe brings Okada up but Okada resists, countering with a back drop. Okada runs in corner to corner for the clothesline, then hits a DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada drags Makabe up and wants the gut wrench but Makabe fights it. Makabe and Okada both club each other, but Okada gets the edge. Okada runs but ducks one clothesline to get the other! Both men are down, and fans rally up. Hot tag to Tanahashi!

The Ace hits Hashi and White, then focuses on Okada. Tanahahsi runs, but into the gut wrench! He turns it around to hit the swinging neckbreaker! He keeps moving as Okada stands, to bring him down with the slingblade! Cover, but Hashi breaks it. Makabe tosses Hashi out and Tanahashi gets moving again. Tanahashi climbs up but Okada dropkicks him! Okada drags Tanahashi off the top rope, still wanting the Tombstone. Tanahashi slips off to rock Okada with a palm strike! Tanahashi runs but into a dropkick! Fans rally up and Okada tags in Hashi. Hashi runs and hits the blockbuster! He hits Makabe and Honma then runs back at Tanahsahi for the chop in the corner. But White wants him to use a chair now? Hashi refuses, and Tanahashi hits White! Tanahashi gets Hashi in the dragon screw!

Honma hits Okada and then Makabe comes in. They and Tanahashi rally on Yoshi-Hashi with a corner dropkick, and feed to the double clothesline sandwich! Honma drops the headbutt! Tanahashi heads up top but White dumps him down! Makabe and White exit and get into a fight with White while Yoshi-Hashi gets up. Hashi runs but into a full nelson. He denies the dragon suplex, but Tanahashi wants the straitjacket. Okada runs in to save Hashi, and then Hashi runs. Tanahashi boots Yoshi-Hashi away, then elbows Okada. Yoshi-Hashi still comes back to grab Tanahashi, and Okada runs in. Tanahashi ducks, Okada’s boot goes into Yoshi-Hashi! Tanahshi small packages while Makabe trips Okada, Tanahashi’s team wins!

Winners: Tanahashi, Makabe & Honma, Hiroshi Tanahashi pinning

Taguchi Japan makes it a victory against Chaos! And Chaos’s trio isn’t in a good move over it. Yoshi-Hashi won’t let Okada console him, and White gets in Okada’s face about the loss, too. With his faction so against him here, does Okada have a chance of keeping control? And what of his shot at Tanahashi’s IWGP Heavyweight Championship Wrestle Kingdom match contract?

Backstage interviews.

Jay White can’t understand why Chaos follows Okada. Okada ended up kicking Yoshi-Hashi square in the face and cost the team that match. The two of them were in there with that “old man” Tanahashi, but couldn’t do what White did by himself during the G1 Climax. White says it is Okada’s fault. Okada boots his friend Yoshi-Hashi in the face, for what? Is Okada angry that White beat him? Is Okada taking his anger out on Chaos? Okada shouldn’t bully someone who was on his side this whole time like that. The rest of Chaos should look at that and realize who they’re following. Clearly the Switchblade sees circumstances his own way, but will he be able to manipulate the rest of Chaos into seeing it the same way?


IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Kenny Omega VS Tomohiro Ishii!

The Cleaner won against the Stone Pitbull to become the inaugural IWGP United States Champion, but the Pitbull won to be the first loss on the Cleaner’s G1 Climax 28 record. Now they will have a tiebreaker with the title on the line! Who will win the third match in this hard-hitting trilogy?

The introductions are made, Red Shoes shows Ishii the belt, and we begin! Fans are immediately thunderous for both men and Omega makes sure Ishii hears it. Ishii steps closer to Omega, and Omega backs up until he ends up in his corner. Ishii takes a step back, and Omega comes out for a furious tie-up! They push each other back and forth, and end up breaking. The fans applaud as Omega and Ishii go again. Omega gets a headlock and grinds Ishii to the mat. Ishii gets back up and pries at the hold. Omega holds on, so Ishii powers out. Omega and Ishii collide but neither man backs down. Ishii dares Omega to go again, and Omega does, and they collide again. Again, neither man backs down, so Ishii dares Omega to try a third time. Omega looks to go, but he instead rakes Ishii’s eyes.

Omega rakes Ishii’s eyes again, then runs, to collide shoulders. Ishii staggers back but rebounds to run Omega over! Ishii runs and things speed up, but Ishii holds ropes to fake out Omega. Omega still boots Ishii, then runs. He dodges Ishii but Ishii dodges back. Omega boots Ishii’s lariat down, but Ishii blocks the V-Trigger. Ishii runs into a drop toehold, Omega runs but Ishii evades the dropkick! Fans fire up as we have a stand-off. Ishii and Omega grind foreheads, then start shoving. Omega throws a forearm, but Ishii comes back with one. Omega gives another forearm, but Ishii comes back with another. They go back and forth, forearm for forearm, until Omega kicks low. Omega wants the DDT but Ishii slips out to throw another forearm. Omega retaliates with a forearm, and we’re back to forearm for forearm!

Ishii hits, Omega hits, repeat, until Omega kicks Ishii again, and gets the DDT! Ishii crawls to ropes and Red Shoes checks on him. Omega brings Ishii up to kick him in the back, then sits him up for another kick. He brings Ishii all the way up and turns him, for the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Omega drags Ishii around for a rear mount and chinlock. Ishii endures, even as Omega shifts to a half came clutch. Ishii seems to just egg Omega on, so Omega puts him down to stomp him out. Omega grimaces as he drops double ax handles on Ishii. Ishii sits up so Omega kicks and clubs him. Omega brings Ishii over to bump him off buckles, but Ishii just fires up! Omega throws more forearms, then bumps Ishii on buckles again. Ishii continues to come back, so Omega bumps him off another buckle.

Omega stands on Ishii’s back to choke him in the ropes. Red Shoes counts and Omega lets up at 4. Omega brings Ishii up to throw more forearms, then whips corner to corner. He runs in and hits a big back elbow. He keeps moving but runs into Ishii’s powerslam! Ishii has evened things with Omega while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Ishii and Omega stand. Ishii chops Omega at the ropes again and again, then throws forearms into the mix. Forearm, chop, repeat, then Ishii whips. Omega reverses and fireman’s carry, “You Can’t Escape!” Rolling senton is a bit rough because Ishii is no light man, but Omega still gets up to moonsault! Ishii rolls out of the way so the moonsault flops! Both Omega and Ishii stand up slowly, but Ishii gets running, only to run into Omega’s huricanrana! Ishii rolls out of the ring but Omega takes aim. The Terminator Drums begin and Omega rises. Omega builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Ishii! Omega brings Ishii up and into the ring, then slides in to build speed, Kotaro Krusher!

But Omega doesn’t go for a cover, he locks and loads, but Ishii gets right up in that finger gun. Ishii fires forearms off, then runs, but into a boot! He’s right back up and he clotheslines Omega out of the ring! Ishii pursues and drags Omega up, to whip him into railing. Ishii chops Omega around the ringside area, and even against a post. Omega chops back, and now they brawl. Ishii forearms, Omega chops, Ishii chops, Omega chops again. They continue to trade sharp, echoing chops, but then Omega decides to clear an announcer table. Ishii stops Omega and whips him at railing, but Omega stops himself. Omega mule kicks Ishii then goes to springboard off the rails, but Ishii catches him into an electric chair! Ishii then tries to fold Omega, perhaps steal One Winged Angel, but Omega fights out.

Omega clubs Ishii on the back, brings him over, but it’s Ishii who snap suplexes Omega to the floor! Both men are down, but Red Shoes is letting them fight. Ishii gets Omega up and into the ring, but Omega dropkicks him back out. Omega takes aim again, builds speed and hits a wrecking ball dropkick! Ishii is sent into railing, but Omega keeps on him. Omega dumps him over onto that cleared desk, then continues where he left off. He clubs away on Ishii, even throwing monitors on him, before going back in the ring. Omega aims from a corner, springboards himself, and hits a DOUBLE STOMP! Omega cracks the table with Ishii’s body while Ishii clutches his chest. Red Shoes checks on both men but they’re somehow okay to continue.

Omega mocks Ishii while he makes his own way back to the ring. He’ll leave Ishii to the mercy of the 20 count as Red Shoes starts. Fans rally for Ishii, and he stirs at 8. Ishii drags himself over the railing at 10, but still crawls. The count passes 15, then 17, but Ishii’s in at 19! Omega says he’ll finish this, as he brings Ishii up. Aoi Shoudou brainbuster! Ishii rolls to ropes for safety, but Omega still says BANG! Ishii avoids the V-Trigger but Omega fights the waistlock. Omega swings but ends up in a saido suplex! Both men are down but fans are rallying up. Ishii sits up but Omega follows. Ishii chops Omega in a corner, and chops and chops! Omega chops back but Ishii doesn’t flinch. Ishii chops and Omega is again in the corner.

Ishii is chopping high on the chest, almost getting the throat! Red Shoes reprimands Ishii, so he stops that. Ishii whips Omega but Omega reverses. Ishii still barrels out to blast Omega to the corner with his shoulder! He brings Omega up, powerbomb lift, and the BIG powerbomb! High stack cover, TWO!! Omega survives but Ishii runs. Omega dodges the sliding lariat, then chops Ishii. Ishii felt that one, but he still comes back. Omega boots Ishii to a corner, then runs in. Ishii dodges but runs into a boot. Omega’s up but Ishii hits him with a forearm. Ishii and Omega brawl as Ishii climbs. Omega kicks but Ishii forearms. Omega gets more kicks in, then brings Ishii up for a slap! He stomps Ishii down, but Ishii grits his teeth as he comes back up. Ishii headbutts outta nowhere!

Omega is dazed but Ishii climbs up to join him. Ishii wants it, and gets the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives, but Ishii is not deterred. Ishii waits for Omega to stand, then runs, but omega ducks to get the German Suplex! Ishii’s right back up to give Omega a German Suplex! Omega stands up, but he’s a bit wobbly. Ishii clubs him in the back, then German Suplexes again! Omega lands on his feet! V-Trigger outta nowhere! Both men are down, but fans are fired up again. Red Shoes checks on them as they stir. Omega sits up first, then stands. He brings Ishii up but intercepts him with a forearm. Omega throws more forearms, and Ishii kneels. Omega keeps going, but now Ishii grows stronger! Ishii takes a forearm, gives a forearm, but runs into a roaring elbow. Ishii swings but ends up in a Snap Dragon Suplex!

Omega stands, runs, V-Trigger! Ishii rebounds to his feet, and Omega lifts in the electric chair. Ishii fights out and gets the dragon sleeper, but Omega counters into a brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as Omega stands up. He sits Ishii up, for a point blank V-Trigger! Then another! Omega grins as he keeps Ishii up, but then Ishii falls over before Omega can get the third. Omega drags Ishii up, holds him in place, and gives that next V-Trigger. Ishii crawls to a corner as Omega backs away. Omega runs in to V-Trigger Ishii in the back of the head! Omega drags Ishii up and onto the top rope, then climbs up to join him. He has Ishii in the full nelson, but Ishii resists. Omega clubs away on his back with palm strikes, but Ishii headbutts backwards! Omega staggers away and Ishii turns around, but into a chop. Now Omega double underhooks on the top rope, but Ishii still resists. Ishii sends Omega back down, but Omega jumps to V-Trigger!

Omega climbs back up, turns around, and brings Ishii up in a fireman’s carry. Ishii fights again, and stands, for a SUPER STEINER!! How rare for Ishii to fly like that! Omega crawls away but Ishii runs in corner to corner for a big clothesline. Ishii keeps going but runs into boots. Omega boots again but gets a headbutt for it! Ishii fires up and declares that belt is his! He sits Omega up, copies the finger gun, and runs in for a a V-Trigger?! Ishii keeps going to run him over with a lariat! Cover, TWO!! The Pitbull hasn’t put the champion away just yet! Ishii drags Omega up, suplex, but Omega slips out. Ishii headbutts, then runs, but into a leaping lariat! Omega drags Ishii up fast, into the Electric Chair, but Ishii slips out to suplex. Omega slips out, REVERSE-RANA!

Both men are down again but fans are loving it. They rally up for both men while Red Shoes checks on them. Ishii drags himself up on the ropes, but Omega crawls to the far side. They both stand and stagger over to each other. Omega throws a forearm, Ishii gives one back. Again these two go back and forth. Omega wobbles but still comes back. Ishii finally feels some of those hits, and Omega gives him a swift palm strike. Ishii fires off forearms from both sides, but Omega again palm strikes! Omega ducks the enziguri, and gets the Snap Dragon! To V-Trigger! Cover, TWO!! Omega refuses to stop, and he brings Ishii up again. Electric chair, the fold, but Ishii fights with elbows. So Omega pops him into the Croyt’s Wrath German Suplex!

Omega aims, runs, V-Trigger! But Ishii comes back with a lariat outta nowhere!! Fans are reaching a fever pitch as these two keep going. Ishii sits Omega up, runs, and hits the sliding lariat! Cover, TWO!! Omega still lives and Ishii can’t believe it! Ishii still has more to give, though, and runs, but into another V-Trigger. Omega runs but into another lariat. Ishii runs and Omega follows, but Ishii just stops and gives him another lariat! Ishii drags Omega up, but Omega gut wrenches for a quick piledriver! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and Hiroshima is thunderous again! Omega slowly stands, and he brings Ishii up again. He stands Ishii up against ropes, pulls down the knee pad, and runs, for a BIG V-Trigger! Omega tumbles out of the ring but gets back in, for another V-Trigger!! Cover, ONE?! The insanity!

Ishii is floundering, and Omega gives him another V-Trigger! Yet Ishii still enziguris Omega! Ishii blocks the next V-Trigger, but then Omega comes back with another. Omega double underhooks for the butterfly driver! Cover, TWO!? Ishii’s head really must be stone to endure all this. Omega takes a moment to catch his breath as the fans build to a rally. He runs again, and hits another V-Trigger! Then the electric chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL! Cover, Omega wins!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall; still IWGP Heavyweight Champion

Finally Omega finishes Ishii! Omega retains in his second defense, and settles the score with the Stone Pitbull. We’ll return with the celebration and more after the break.

NJPW on AXS returns and Omega stands back up to have his hand raised. Kota Ibushi joins him in the ring and puts the belt on Omega. Ishii flounders his way out, needing the help of the Young Lions to make his exit. Omega looks to him with a nod, showing that Ishii certainly has Omega’s respect. When and where will the Pitbull be back for another shot at the title?

As for Omega, he takes to the mic. In Japanese, Omega says that “Ishii-san, it feels like we still have unfinished business.” But what else? When Omega became champion, he thought it meant he was the strongest. That he’s the best, THE greatest in the world. But the truth is a bit different. The truth is, Kota Ibushi is the reason Omega is the best. Omega told Ibushi back at Osaka-Jo Hall, that “whenever or wherever, I’ll be ready.” Ibushi takes the mic now, and tells Kenny that they’ll make good on their promise.

Yes, they made a promise. That no matter where, no matter when, “The Golden Lovers will keep fighting with the same heart and emotion.” Being the Golden Lovers means more to them than just belts. But this is all for now, so thank you for being here. As always, but in Golden Trigger style, “Good Bye, MWAH, and Good Night, BANG!” What promise do the Golden Lovers mean? When and where will they make good on it?

Backstage interviews.

Omega makes this simple: “I am pro-wrestling.” He’s the face of pro-wrestling. He thought that meant he was the best by far, but he’s heard what Hiroshi Tanahashi had to say about his own ideology. Omega thought Tanahashi meant all of NJPW. Ishii is different than Tanahashi, Okada is different than Tanahashi, Tetsuya Naito is different than Tanahashis. They’re all different, and special in their own way.

In fact, the only thing wrong in NJPW is Tanahashi’s “old guard attitude” and close-minded heart. Tanahashi got lucky in the A Block. Omega was so close to using that mic to dare Tanahashi to have their title match here instead of at Wrestle Kingdom. But until then, good bye and good night, BANG! Though the Ace and the Cleaner are still months away from their WK13 match, things are already growing personal! Will Tanahashi be able to hold onto his contract briefcase? Will Omega be able to hold onto the IWGP Heavyweight Championship? Or will one of them lose their prize before Wrestle Kingdom ever arrives?



My Thoughts:

A really great night here for NJPW. With AXS airing Fighting Spirit Unleashed before this, there was a lot of this that was clear, but it was still great to watch. Chaos continues to fracture, and Jay White makes stronger moves towards taking control away from Okada. Of course, from FSU, we know he’s also after the IWGP Heavyweight Championship match contract. Perhaps White’s greed will be his downfall, but things could easily go his way and we suddenly have The Switchblade leading Chaos while aiming at Omega’s title. And it is still Omega’s title after that amazing match with Ishii.  Their G1 Climax match was itself very physical, but match did great to build on that. FSU gave us a hint that the Golden Lovers’ promise was to battle 1v1 for the title, and we might still get that down the road, but the wait will be worth it.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/20/23)

Dynamite returns to Arthur Ashe!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Who hits the Grand Slam? And who strikes out?

Dynamite returns to Arthur Ashe, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman returns to New York to defend his AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe!


  • ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Championships, Winner Takes All: Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Eddie Kingston; Eddie wins and becomes both ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Champion.
  • Chris Jericho VS Sammy Guevara; Jericho wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes; Fenix wins and becomes the new AEW International Champion.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya w/ Ruby Soho VS Toni Storm; Saraya wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Championship: MJF w/ Adam Cole VS Samoa Joe; MJF wins and retains the title.


ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Championships, Winner Takes All: Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Eddie Kingston!

This isn’t a rivalry, this is a grudge that has gone on for just over a decade, and this will be the end of it all! Will the Swiss Superman take away the title the Mad King fought so hard to get? Or will Eddie prove he IS the better man?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who leaves Arthur Ashe a double champion!

The bell rings and fans are thunderous already as Eddie and Claudio stare down. They slowly approach, then Claudio just BOOTS Eddie down! But Eddie’s right up to CHOP! And CHOP! Claudio forearms, Eddie CHOPS, repeat! New York is behind their own as he continues to go back and forth with Claudio! Claudio fires off forearm after forearm, then he  talks trash. “Is that all you got?” Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Claudio fires more forearms, then TOSSES Eddie out of the ring! But then Eddie drags Claudio out to whip hard into railing! Claudio hobbles, holding a knee, but Eddie choke grips him!

Fans fire up as Eddie MACHINE GUN CHOPS Claudio against the railing! Eddie ROCKS Claudio, brings him around, and whips him, only for Claudio to reverse and short arm LARIAT! Fans boo but Claudio soaks it up. Claudio drags Eddie up, ROCKS him, and stalks him. Claudio puts Eddie in the ring, fans rally up and Eddie catches Claudio in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Eddie dropkicks that bad leg! Claudio avoids the next one and he deadlift gut wrenches, for the POWERBOMB! Claudio hobbles and fans boo, but Claudio drags Eddie up. Claudio reels Eddie in, but Eddie fights the lift!

Eddie CLUBS the bad leg, fans rally up, but Claudio SLAPS Eddie! Eddie SLAPS back! And GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans fire up again as Claudio bails out to the apron. Fans chant “F HIM UP, EDDIE, F HIM UP!” Eddie storms over, and fires off backhand after backhand! Then URAKEN! But that hurts Eddie’s hand just as much! Claudio clamps on a SLEEPER in the ropes! But Eddie elbows free, only for Claudio to back suplex Eddie to the ramp! The LED Plexiglas ramp is a stiff worker, and Claudio looms over Eddie. Eddie is dazed and the fans rally up behind him. Claudio drags Eddie up, then stomps a hand!

Claudio then clotheslines Eddie back into the ring! Fans boo as Claudio climbs the corner. But Eddie rolls to the corner, only for Claudio to DIVING DOUBLE STOMP anyway! Claudio stomps Eddie, drags him up, and scoop SLAMS him! Claudio goes back up, to then DIVING HEADBUTT but FLOPS as Eddie moves! Eddie staggers up, but into an UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!! Eddie is still in this and Claudio is fuming as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Claudio and Eddie go to ropes, and then Claudio storms over. Claudio CLUBS away on Eddie at the ropes, then he drags Eddie up. Eddie pushes Claudio away but Claudio reels Eddie in. Claudio suplexes but Eddie blocks! Claudio throws body shots, tries again, but Eddie still blocks! Eddie then suplexes Claudio up and over! Fans fire up while both men flounder. Claudio stands first, runs and he BOOTS Eddie in the head! And then Claudio scuffs Eddie, kicks him around, taunts and toys with him, but Eddie CHOPS! Claudio kicks, Eddie CHOPS! Claudio SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Eddie reaches out in time!

Claudio sits Eddie up and clamps on with a top wristlock chinlock combo! Fans rally up as Eddie endures being squeezed and twisted around. But then Claudio KICKS Eddie in the back, and STOMPS the hand! Then he STOMPS the other hand! Eddie clutches fingers, but Claudio drags Eddie up by an ear. Eddie CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dynamite returns to single picture as Claudio eggs Eddie on. Eddie CHPOS, Claudio fires UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT in the corner! Claudio sits Eddie down, the ref back shim off, but then Claudio fireman’s carries! T K O! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Eddie hangs in there!

Claudio scuffs Eddie again, and that riles Eddie up. Claudio gives more toying kicks, then some harder shots. Eddie pounds the mat and fans fire up with him! Claudio kick sand kicks and kicks, and Eddie wobbles, only to sit up again. Claudio drags Eddie up to UPPER- NO, BACKSLIDE! TWO! Eddie ENZIGURIS! And then an EXPLODER!! Eddie has Claudio again, for a SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Claudio goes to a corner, Yuta coaches him, and Claudio sees Eddie go to the far side. Eddie runs in to clothesline! Eddie fires up and fires off MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! Claudio just brushes those off? Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS, then JABS! Claudio drops to a knee and fans are thunderous!

Eddie hauls Claudio up, Claudio fights the Northern Lights Bomb, so Eddie fires Kawada knees! Claudio JABS back! Eddie staggers, Claudio shakes out the cobwebs, and then both men stare down again. Fans fire up as the two step up, Claudio eggs Eddie on, then fires a forearm! Eddie CHOPS! Forearm! CHOP! Repeat! Claudio eggs Eddie on so Eddie CHOPS! Claudio UPPERCUTS! Eddie staggers back, steadies himself, and he CHOPS again! Claudio dusts that off, so Eddie CHOPS only for Claudio to catch it! HEADBUTT, short arm LARIAT!! Cover, TWO, but Claudio rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!

Claudio reels Eddie in, straitjacket for the RICOLA- RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Claudio has the cover, TWO!! Flashbacks to Supercard of Honor there, but Eddie is up! Into an UPPERCUT!! Cover, TWO?!? Eddie survives and Claudio is furious! Claudio drags Eddie up, straitjacket, RICOLA BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?! New York is electric as Eddie still lives! Claudio is beside himself, but he pulls off the elbow pad now. Claudio drags Eddie up, talks some trash, and UPPERCUTS! URAKEN!! URAKEN!! Then a half nelson, HALF ‘N’ HALF PLEX!! Claudio stands, into the URAKEN!! NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Fans are electric again as Eddie powers up! Eddie drags Claudio up, reels him in, but Claudio fights the lift! Claudio then UPPERCUTS! Eddie URAKENS!! And POWERBOMBS!! High stack, EDDIE WINS!!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Openweight & NEW ROH World Champion)

He has done it! The Mad King has conquered Claudio and now reigns over two kingdoms! Yuta tells Claudio that yes, it really did happen. Yuta helps Claudio to his feet, and Eddie keeps his eyes on them. Claudio offers a handshake, and Eddie… accepts it! Claudio hands the ROH title over then takes his leave. Fans chant “You Deserve It!” and that is an understatement. How much more history will be made by Eddie Kingston now?


The Kingdom visits Roderick Strong in the hospital.

This was recorded sometime last week after Dynamite. Matt Taven & Mike Bennett sit by Roddy’s bedside as the nurse fluffs Roddy’s pillow. Mike says they wanted to invite everyone here so they could personally thank everyone for all the gifts and cards. Taven likes this card here. “I hope it makes your day brighter knowing how much everyone cares. Your attention to neck health awareness has been inspirational, and one day, I hope to be as neck strong as you. XOXO Olga.” Mike excuses the nurse and then Adam Cole visits. Roddy calls out to Adam and asks where he is, he can’t see. Then open your eyes.

Roddy does open his eyes and is happy to see Cole is here. Of course he is, he wouldn’t miss this for the world. Cole then says hi to The Kingdom and they ask him where he’s been. He got here as quick as he could. Oh, convenient, Cole shows up just as The Kingdom has to leave. Mike tells Roddy sorry, they gotta go. They’re going to be the new #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Titles. Roddy understands. He knows they don’t need it, but good luck. New champs coming soon. Taven then insults Cole’s shirt and pants. Is that how he dresses when he’s mourning? Cole says that’s real appropriate to say.

Cole then tells Roddy that he is glad Roddy is doing okay, and Cole hates to do this but he has to leave soon, too. Max has the world title match with Samoa Joe, and after what happened all last week, Cole has to make sure Max will be okay. Roddy says who cares! What about him? Cole wants Roddy to know he loves him, but Max is the one in danger. Roddy makes the bed sit up so he can look at Cole properly, just so he can tell Cole to go. Then Roddy lowers himself back down. Will Cole be able to help MJF through whatever is coming?


Backstage interview with Christian Cage & Luchasaurus.

Renee Paquette is with Captain Charisma and the AEW TNT Champion to bring up that this Friday, Rampage: Grand Slam, it will be Darby Allin & Sting taking on these two in a tag team match. Obviously, Christian & Luchasaurus have a ton of experience- Christian cuts Renee off to say they have a ton of experience in defending the TNT Championship. And at Rampage: Grand Slam, Christian & Luchasaurus walk through Darby & Sting, and then move on from them. But obviously, Darby isn’t going to move on until he gets another chance at Christian’s- er, their TNT Championship!

So here’s a proposition: Saturday on Collision, Darby VS Christian VS Luchasaurus in a Triple Threat for the TNT Championship! Sound good to Darby? Oh, and one more little wrinkle: if Darby wants his shot, then Sting is not allowed at ringside! And when Darby steps into the ring for their Handicap- er, Triple Threat… Then Darby has as much a chance of winning this championship as both the Yankees and the Mets! ZERO! As for Friday, bring your boy. Christian & Luchasaurus head out, will they dominate this entire week?


Chris Jericho VS Sammy Guevara!

For the first time ever, The Ocho and the Spanish God go 1v1 with each other! They’re both ready to fight harder than they ever have before, but who will come out on top?

Sammy’s entrance has him wearing an LED vest as a reference to all of Jericho’s light up jackets, and Sammy even has Monteasy live to rap the theme song! Is this Sammy’s time to take flight? Or will he be unable to get off the ground with Judas in his mind?

The bell rings and fans fire up as the two circle. Sammy offers a handshake, Jericho accepts it, and the two tie up. Jericho headlocks, then switches and hammerlocks to headlock again. Sammy powers out, but Jericho runs him over, only for Sammy to kip up! So Jericho slaps Sammy! Sammy slaps back, and the hands start flying! Fans fire up and Sammy CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS! Repeat! Sammy gets the edge, whips, hurdles, flips over, and Jericho stumbles into the DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Sammy spins to hit his pose! And Jericho still joins in? Sammy is surprised by that and Jericho SLAPS him again!

Sammy goes to ropes, Jericho storms up but Sammy rolls him up! ONE, and Sammy cradles! ONE, and Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! Sammy CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS again, then CHOPS Sammy in the corner! Fans fire up as Jericho whips corner to corner. Jericho runs in but into an elbow! Sammy swings, Jericho spins him around, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Sammy goes to the apron but Jericho storms over. Triangle jump, but Sammy ducks and Jericho hits the floor! Sammy builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Jericho! Fans fire up as Sammy puts Jericho in the ring.

Sammy goes up the corner, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jericho hangs tough but Sammy keeps his cool. Sammy slashes his throat and he torture racks! But Jericho fights that, to hit a CODE BREAKER! Sammy goes to the apron again, but Jericho goes out after him. Fans rally as Jericho drags Sammy up, CLUBS him, but Sammy throws body shots. Jericho CLUBS and CLUSB and CLUBS Sammy, to then suplex. Sammy blocks, throws more body shots, but Jericho hits back! Then Jericho suplexes to the floor! Fans fire up while both men writhe and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men but they’re okay to continue. Jericho drags himself up with the apron skirt, then soaks up the cheers and jeers from New York. Jericho drags Sammy up and SMACKS him off the desk! The ring count is climbing, but Jericho clears off the desk! Jericho SMACKS Sammy with the desk hood! Jericho slides into the ring to stop the count and soak up more cheers and jeers. Sammy stands up, and slides in at 9! Jericho stomps Sammy, drags him up and reels him in, for a BIG back suplex! Jericho smacks Sammy around, eggs him on, and brings him up again, but Sammy cradles! TWO! Jericho rushes in to BOOT Sammy down!

Jericho drags Sammy up again, puts him in a corner and on the top rope. Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! And then he climbs up, to rain down fists! Jericho goes all the way to TEN, then SUPER STEINERS! Sammy writhes, Jericho pushes him to a cover, TWO! Jericho huffs ‘n’ puffs and paces around as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally, Jericho stands Sammy up and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Jericho eggs Sammy on, so Sammy CHOPS! And forearms! And CHOPS! Sammy fires off more, whips Jericho to ropes, but Jericho KICKS him away! Jericho runs, into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!

Both men stand and Jericho LARIATS Sammy down! And then LARIATS him again! Cover, TWO! Sammy is still in this and fans rally up. Jericho brings Sammy up, CHOPS him again, then has him in a corner. Jericho CHOPS, whips corner to corner, but Sammy goes up and over, ducks and steals the CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives his own move and Sammy is beside himself. Jericho goes to the apron, Sammy runs in to BLAST him off! Jericho hits the desk! Sammy then goes to the apron, to then go up the corner?! Sammy aims, says a quick prayer, and ARIHARA MOONSAULTS!

Sammy clutches a leg, puts Jericho in, and he fires up! Fans are with Sammy as he goes to the apron. Sammy springboards, into a DROPKICK! Sammy goes back to the apron, Jericho triangle jumps, into a CALF KICK! Not the cleanest but something got Jericho. Sammy SUPERKICKS to knock Jericho down, and then he goes back up top! FLYING CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Jericho just gets that arm up and Sammy grows frustrated. Sammy drags Jericho up, torture racks, GO TO- NO, Jericho blocks! Jericho trips Sammy and has the legs! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Fans are thunderous while Sammy endures!

Jericho sits deep on the hold, but Sammy reaches out! Sammy crawls his way forward, but Jericho drags him back! Sammy clubs at Jericho’s legs, tuck sunder and throws hands from below! Sammy then throws Jericho away! Sammy JUMP KNEES Jericho to a corner! Sammy runs in, is put on the apron, and Jericho ROCKS him! Jericho goes up the other side of the corner! Jericho drags Sammy up to join him, CLUBS him, but Sammy throws hands in return. They both stand on the top rope, to SUPER CUTTER!! Both men are down and fans are losing their minds! Sammy crawls to the cover, TWO!!!

Jericho is still in this but Sammy is too sore to be upset. Sammy and Jericho sit up, Jericho goes to ropes but Sammy is right on him. Sammy CHOPS, then whips. Jericho reverses, but Sammy avoids the dropkick! Sammy goes to the ropes, LIONSAULT onto knees!! Jericho counters his own move, and then runs to BULLDOG! Fans fire up as Jericho lines up the shot, Jericho LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Jericho grits his teeth, but he also has a sinister grin on his face now. Jericho throws down fists, then he brings Sammy up for a knee to the head! And another! And another! Jericho runs, into a JUMP KNEE!

Sammy torture racks! GO TO HOSPITAL!! But Sammy doesn’t cover!? Sammy goes up the corner instead, takes aim, and SHOOTING STAR- CODE BREAKER!!! Cover, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

Sammy gambled and just got busted! Jericho wins, proving why he is the master and Sammy is the apprentice. But the real question is, can these two still be friends? Jericho offers a hand, Sammy accepts, and they hug it out! Fans cheer as Le Sex Gods stick together! But then Sammy LOW BLOWS Jericho?! Jericho falls against Sammy but Sammy shoves him down! And here comes Don Callis?! No, Sammy, no! But Don pats Sammy on the shoulder. Don threw his friendship with Jericho away, and now takes away Jericho’s last friend! Will the Spanish God soon be a wrestling god thanks to the Don Callis Family?


MJF & Adam Cole pull into the parking lot.

The brochachos pull up in an emerald green Porsche, and as he steps out of the car, Maxwell Jacob Friedman calls out Samoa Joe! “I’ve been holding a grudge against you for eight long years. And when you decided to shove me, I took that and I turned it into a little ball, and I put that chip on my shoulder. And tonight, I take that chip and I bash your skull in! See, it was bad enough when you shoved me. But you took, and you took, and you took, and you tried to take away the two things now that are most precious to me: you are trying to take away my AEW World Championship, and you are trying to hurt my brother, Adam Cole.”

That is where Joe messed up. Tonight, MJF will choke Joe out in front of thousands of New Yorkers, MJF’s people! And the last thing Joe is gonna hear as he fades out is… “M! J! F! M! J! F!” Because they’re better than you, and Cole gets a call? It’s Roddy? Seriously? He’s upset but Cole wants him to talk it out. Cole says he still has MJF’s back but this is an emergency. Roddy, relax, you are not gonna die! Cole heads out to talk with Roddy about his neck, and MJF tells Joe, “Your ass is mine.” Will the ROH World Television Champion look to change that with his own two hands?


Backstage interview with Don Callis & Sammy Guevara.

Renee walks up to ask them if this all but confirms that Sammy has joined the Don Callis Family, but Don says not to cut her off, “but all will be revealed this Friday on Rampage. C’mon, kid, we got a lot to celebrate.” The two traitors head out, but then cross paths with Daniel Garcia! Sammy and Danny stare down, and then Sammy asks if he has something to say. Don has Sammy stand down and says Danny is money. For now, the two of them will go. Don gets Sammy outta there, but what are Danny’s feelings? He left the JAS, but is he upset Sammy joined the DCF?


AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Maniac made it past the human skyscraper that is “Big Bill” Morrissey, but now he has to face what he did to the Immortal Firebird almost a month ago! Will Fenix burn Moxley down? Or will Moxley ace this, game, set and match?

Moxley goes up the ramp so he can drop his belt on top of Fenix’s cape. Moxley taunts Fenix, Fenix storms up after Moxley and CHOPS! Fans fire up as the brawl is on! Moxley ROCKS Fenix, whips him at the ring but Fenix goes up the ropes to JUMP SOBAT! Fans fire up while Moxley flops to the floor. Fenix uses the ramp as a runway to FLY and take Moxley down! Fans lose their minds and Fenix crawls his way over to Moxley. Moxley is dazed but Fenix’s back is sore from that landing. Fenix still stands up and he drags Moxley up. Fenix ROCKS Moxley, CHOPS him against railing, and then puts Moxley in the ring.

The bell finally sounds so this is a match! Fenix baits Moxley, avoids the stomp and then shoulders into Moxley! Fenix slingshots to sunset flip, ONE! Moxley stacks, TWO! Moxley staggers, Fenix kips up and things speed up. Fenix handsprings over the leg sweep! Moxley swings, Fenix catches him to CHOP, knuckle lock, and go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! Moxley stands back up and Fenix somersaults, into a FOREARM! Moxley is done playing around, and he runs to CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO! Fenix survives the shoutout to the Visionary, but Moxley rains down fists! Moxley then shifts to a cover, TWO!

Moxley has the double wristlock but Fenix fights up with body shots. Moxley facelocks but Fenix powers out to BITE the hand! Fenix BOOTS the punch, CHOPS and CHOPS but Moxley pokes the eyes! Moxley whips, Fenix tiger feints but into a BOOT! Fenix flounders to the ramp and then the floor but Moxley pursues. The ring count climbs and Moxley CHOPS Fenix against railing! Moxley dumps Fenix over into the front row! Fans fire up as Fenix drags himself up. Moxley drags Fenix up but Fenix throws body shots! Fenix ROCKS Mox, then pushes him away. Fenix jumps up onto the railing, but Moxley shoves him back down!

Moxley has Fenix on the railing, to DRAPING PARADIGM SHIFT!! Fenix is dazed now and Moxley gets a chair! The ref reprimands so Moxley puts Fenix in the ring. Cover, TWO! Fenix is hanging tough but Moxley eggs him on. Fenix chops but that was nothing, and Moxley BOOTS him! Moxley rains down fists, lets off, and Fenix crawls to a corner. Moxley storms over, brings him up, and clotheslines! Moxley flips fans off, runs in, but Fenix dodges to GAMANGIRI! And GAMANGIRI! And then JUMP SOBAT! Moxley staggers, into the SOMERSAULT CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! But Fenix hurries to a corner and goes right up! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Moxley is still in this but Fenix fires up again. Fans are with him as he runs, but into a KING KONG LARIAT! Moxley roars, fans fire up even more, and then Moxley flips off Fenix. Abrahantes coaches Fenix up, and he kips up to his feet! Fenix dodges Mox to SUPERKICK him out of the ring! Fenix goes out after him, brings him around, and puts him on the railing now! Fenix goes to the apron, then up the corner! Fans are losing their minds already, SUPER FLYING LEG DROP!!! Both men crash down and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men and they’re somehow okay to continue. Abrahantes coaches Fenix as he and Moxley stir. Moxley crawls to the ring, Fenix follows and pushes him in. Fenix then aims from the apron, springboards, but into a kick! PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives but Moxley just snarls and storms around. Moxley gets Fenix’s legs, ties them up, and has a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Fenix endures, reaches out, and fans rally as he fights forward. But Moxley shifts to a CLOVERLEAF STF!! Moxley grinds the hold, then shifts to just a facelock. Moxley drags Fenix up, Gotch hold for the PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!!

Fenix survives again and Moxley is fuming! Moxley storms around the ring, Abrahantes coaches Fenix and the fans rally up. Moxley clamps on with a SLEEPER, then drags Fenix up again. Moxley CHOPS Fenix to the corner and Fenix drops to his knees! Moxley stands Fenix up to CHOP again! Dynamite returns to single picture and Moxley storms around. Fenix sputters, stands, and CHOPS! Moxley forearms, then he puts Fenix back in a corner. Moxley puts Fenix up top, climbs up to join him, but Fenix resists with body shots. Fans rally as Fenix HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS! Moxley falls, Fenix jumps to DIVING DOUBLE STOMP!!

Both men are down and New York is thunderous again! Fenix crawls to a cover, TWO! Fenix drags Moxley up and reels him in but Moxley resists the lift. Fenix CLUBS Moxley, but Moxley Alabama Lifts him! Fenix still CLUBS Moxley, they end up on ropes, and Moxley throws body shots! Moxley DECKS Fenix to the outside! Moxley goes out to run downhill, CURB STOMP ON THE RAMP!! Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” for the Visionary as Moxley drags Fenix in. Moxley lifts, to stall, and PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Fenix survives and fans are thunderous again! Moxley is seething and he drags Fenix back up.

Moxley puts Fenix in a corner, CHOPS him, and CHOPS him, and then hoists Fenix up top. Moxley goes up, underhooks, but Fenix fights! Moxley falls, Fenix adjusts, SWANTON BOMB!! Then Fenix drags Moxley up and fireman’s carries, to BLACK FIRE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! HOW?!? Fans call BS, that twitch could NOT have been enough! But Fenix figures F it, BLACK FIRE DRIVER again!!! Cover, FENIX WINS!!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall (NEW AEW International Champion)

New York cannot believe it but they are loving it! Moxley’s reign ends after just three defenses, and Fenix has his vengeance! Death Triangle regains the gold once held by The Bastard, will Fenix blaze his own trail with this title? As for Moxley, he is getting checked by medics, what condition will he be in after such an epic fight?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“Oh Maaaax~! You feel it, Max? The night is upon us, a great celebration! Tonight is a night of consequences. And Max, you have run your mouth, you have made your angst known, you have told the world you’ve harbored your grudge against me for eight years.” But MJF better be prepared to hold onto that grudge a little longer, because Joe will smash him from pillar to post, in front of MJF’s people! And tonight, Joe finishes taking what he was trying to take from MJF all those years ago. But it won’t be MJF’s future, it’ll be his championship. We’ve already seen the landscape shift, will the One True King of Wrestling Television add to that?


AEW takes a closer look at the ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders match.

Matt Hardy says that Friday on Rampage: Grand Slam, he and Jeff will compete in a match, with the winners going on to face MJF & Adam Cole for the ROH World Tag Team Championships at WrestleDream! But Matt Taven says they are the OGK, and the Melvins will put respect on the name of The Kingdom. Mike says that they do three things this Friday: Punch ’em in the wiener; hit ’em with piledrivers; and become the #1 Contenders! Best Friends join in, and Trent says this is one more shot for the boys to go on and get another shot to win the big one. Chuck knows MJF & Cole say they’re best friends, but we all know there is only one set of Best Friends that matter, and it’s these two!

Vincent says that a long time ago, being crazy meant something. But now, everybody’s crazy! The Righteous is here to purify AEW, and it starts this Friday on Rampage. Dig what they’re saying? It’s a Fatal 4 of four powerful teams, but who will come away with those golden tickets to Seattle?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya w/ Ruby Soho VS Toni Storm!

The Outcasts used to be a strong trio within the AEW Women’s Division, but this very title is what tore apart the friendship of The Knight and the Lightning. Saraya won an All In London Fatal 4 to become champion, but Storm won the Fatal 4 to earn this match! Will Storm complete the #PortraitofaStar with some gold? Or will this Knight still reign?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is the real star of the AEW Women’s Division!

The bell rings and Storm wants a hug? Saraya says no, she’s crazy as a loon and totally betrayed The Outcasts! Storm still offers, so Saraya SLAPS her! Fans boo and Storm looks hurt emotionally. Saraya SLAPS Storm again and says Storm is nothing without Saraya! “You need me! YOU NEED ME!” Then she SLAPS Storm again! So now Storm smiles? Saraya is confused, but Storm CHPOS her! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Ruby shouts from the apron but Storm rushes over! Storm avoids Ruby’s cheap shot to CHOP her down! But Saraya BOOTS Storm down! Fans boo but Saraya tells Storm she’s a stupid cow!

Saraya has Storm on ropes, goes to the apron, and fires off knee after knee after knee! Storm flops to the floor and Saraya soaks up the heat. But then Storm trips Saraya up! Saraya hits the apron, Storm pushes her back in the ring. Storm sees Ruby standing there, and she goes under the ring? What in the world? The ref goes to check with Saraya, Storm sticks her feet out and Ruby drags her out from under there. Storm has SHOES! She kicks Ruby, then SLAPS her with those slippers! Fans fire up and Storm goes back to the ring. The ref says drop the shoe, then snatches the slipper away. But he misses the HIGH HEEL SHOT!! Cover, TWO!!

Storm is furious that Saraya survives! Storm argues with the ref then throws a fit as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Storm drags Saraya into ropes, drapes her out, to DRAPING DDT to the ramp!! Ruby rushes up to check Saraya, her neck is a major issue for her. Storm is torn between remorse and rage, but Saraya seems okay to continue. So Storm drags her in through the ropes, to DRAPING DDT again!! Cover, TWO!! Saraya survives and Storm seethes. Storm storms around, pursues Saraya out of the ring, but tells Ruby to back off. But that distraction allows Saraya to BOOT Storm! Saraya then SMACKS Storm off the desk! Storm staggers and flounders away, then Saraya CLUBS her! Saraya scowls as she stands Storm up to CHOP!

Saraya pushes Storm into the ring, tells fans off, then hops back in. But Storm ROCKS her! And CLUBS her! And CHPOS her! Saraya goes to a corner, Storm hoists her up top, and then ROCKS her! Storm climbs, Saraya hits back, they brawl up top! Storm CLUBS and CLUBS and CLUBS, then stands Saraya up. Saraya fights back with body shots, and she CLUBS away on Storm now! Saraya adjusts, to SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Storm survives and Dynamite returns to single picture! Ruby is furious while Saraya argues with the ref. Fans boo as Ruby tries to start a Saraya chant.

Saraya sits Storm up but Storm hits first! Saraya hits back, Storm hits again! They go back and forth, forearm for forearm, and fans fire up as Storm just HAMMERS away! Fans are thunderous for Storm and she grabs a turnbuckle. Storm rips the pad right off! The ref takes that but the buckle is still exposed. And then Storm gets the spray paint! Ruby snatches that away, payback for that TBS Championship screw job! The ref argues with Ruby, then with Storm, and Ruby rolls the can to Saraya! Saraya SPRAYS Storm in the face!! KNIGHT CAP!! Cover, TWO?!?! Storm survives the flashback to All In!

New York is thunderous but Saraya is furious! Saraya slaps Storm around, drags her up, and bumps her off buckles! And again! And then she considers the bare buckle. Saraya sits Storm in the corner but Ruby wants her to finish this! Saraya stomps but Storm blocks! Storm sets the foot down, to KISS Saraya!? And then reel her in! STORM ZERO!!! Cover, TWO!?! Storm’s kiss goodbye didn’t finish this! But Storm puts Saraya in the corner, against that bare buckle! Storm goes to the far corner, says “I’m sorry, I love you.” SWEET HIP- NO, Saraya moves and the buckle gets Storm in the booty! Saraya reels Storm in and onto the ropes, DRAPING KNIGHT CAP!!! Cover, Saraya wins!!

Winner: Saraya, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Saraya shouts that Storm forced her to do that! Storm reaches out, but The Outcasts leave her behind. Will Saraya & Soho move on from Storm to conquer the entire AEW Women’s Division?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage: Grand Slam!

Considering it is a TWO HOUR special edition for Arthur Ashe, there’s more action to be had! And in a Mixed Trios match, Kris Statlander joins #OrangeHook to take on Anna Jay, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker! Will the TBS Champion, the FTW Champion and Freshly Squeezed prove why they’re The Galaxy’s Greatest? Or will they owe some title shots to the sports… enner-tay-ners?

Then Skye Blue takes on Julia Hart in a battle of two young and hungry stars wanting their shot at some gold! Plus, after making a comeback at All In London, after sharing his side of the story, Mike Santana gets back in the ring! Will he blaze a trail to the top, all by himself?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

On top of the TNT Championship “Triple Threat” of Luchasaurus VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin, Andrade El Idolo accepts Jay White’s challenge from last Saturday! Will the Latin Idol learn what it means to Breathe With The Switchblade? Then Rob Van Dam competes in his home state of Michigan, FTR defends the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Workhorsemen, and Bryan Danielson gives Ricky Starks his rematch, in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH! With as much blood as was shed at All Out, how much more violent will the American Dragon and Absolute go?


AEW World Championship: MJF w/ Adam Cole VS Samoa Joe!

It’s the moment of truth! After watching the Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament, Maxwell Jacob Friedman was very… happy(?) to see that the King of Wrestling TV won the right to have this match. MJF threw some Steiner math at Joe but now it’s time to put it to the test! Will the hometown antihero finally have his revenge? Or will we soon be calling him #TwoBeltJoe?

MJF’s entrance is an homage to the old Mean Joe Greene commercial. A kid shouts out to MJF, tells him to go get ’em, champ, and then MJF nods and gives the kid his scarf. And also whispers something before heading out. What’d he say? That the kid’s adopted?! Anyway… The introductions are made, the Triple B is raised, and we see who finishes Dynamite with a Grand Slam!

The bell rings and the fans are thunderous already for MJF. MJF and Joe circle, feel things out, and then Joe kicks a leg! MJF backs away to a corner, resets with Joe, and they feel things out again. Fans chant “He’s Our Scumbag!” but Joe just smirks. They circle, Joe corners MJF but the ref has him back off. So MJF pokes Joe in the eye! MJF hops on for a SLEEPER, but Joe THROWS MJF down! MJF clutches his neck, and conspicuous by his absence is Adam Cole. Was Roddy’s “emergency” more engrossing than Cole thought? Joe looms over MJF as MJF sits up, and MJF stands to say he’s okay. Joe CLUBS him down for it!

Joe stomps MJF, fans boo, but Joe stomps MJF on the neck! MJF goes to a corner, Joe JABS and JABS and JABS! Joe sits MJF down, then RIDGEHANDS him down! Fans boo but Joe just says “SUCK IT!” Joe eggs MJF on, drags him from the corner, and clamps on a neck wrench! MJF endures the torture but the fans rally up behind him. MJF fights up, throws body shots, but Joe throws him down by his hair! The ref reprimands but Joe drags MJF up to atomic drop! Joe runs but MJF dodges the boot! MJF kicks, Joe blocks and MJF apologizes, only to poke Joe in the eyes again! MJF jumps on for a SLEEPER!

Joe RAMS MJF into buckles! Joe is free, and he runs to BOOT! And SENTON! Cover, TWO! Joe paces, not at all bothered. Joe then drags MJF up, but MJF JABS, throat chops, and runs at the corner, into the “SIT YO ASS DOWN!” URENAGE! Joe paces while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Now Joe covers, ROPEBREAK! MJF saves himself by fingertips but Joe just drags him to the outside. Joe CLUBS MJF against the apron! MJF sputters, Joe drags him out and whips him hard into railing! MJF falls in a heap and Joe mockingly applauds. Joe then storms back over, drags MJF back up and puts him back in the ring. Joe CLUBS MJF again and MJF flounders away. Joe hurries in after MJF, CHOKES him on the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts 4. MJF sputters, only for Joe to KICK him in the side! Joe paces, drags MJF up, and snapmares to then neck wrench again! MJF endures all over again but the fans still rally.

MJF fights up, using Joe’s twisting for leverage, and he throws body shots! MJF runs, but Joe CLOBBERS him! Cover, TWO! MJF is hanging in there but Joe keeps his cool. Joe drags MJF up and puts him in a corner to JAB! JAB! JAB! And CHOP! MJF leans against ropes and the ref reprimands Joe, but Joe JABS MJF again as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally as hard as they can for MJF and he fires forearms back! Joe HEADBUTTS, then he hoists MJF up top! Joe tucks MJF in but MJF sunset flips! Stack cover, TWO! SUPERKICK! MJF learned that one from his brochacho! But Joe stays up, so MJF short arm LARIATS!

Joe is still up so MJF LARIATS again! Joe is still up, so MJF runs to LARIAT! That takes as much out of MJF as it does Joe, but fans are thunderous as MJF goes again. Joe LARIATS MJF down!! Cover, TWO!! Joe is getting annoyed now but he rips MJF’s new shirt up! Then he wipes his butt with it and throws it down on MJF! Fans boo and MJF is furious, that was his loving tribute to the New York MLB legacy! Joe gives scuffing kicks and toying pie faces. MJF is getting mad now! Joe HEADBUTTS, and MJF just glares at him! Joe SLAPS MJF, then CLUBS him! MJF fires off forearms!

Joe puts MJF in the corner, but MJF dodges to CLAW the back, and bump Joe off buckles again and again and again! Fans count all the way to TEN! MJF goes up to then rain down fists! Fans count all the way to nine, because then MJF BITES Joe’s head!! The ref reprimands, Joe shoves MJF away, but MJF backflips and lands perfectly!! MJF has New York all fired up as he takes the kangaroo stance! KANGAROO KICK!! Joe flops out of the ring, MJF kips up and shakes the ropes! Fans are thunderous but MJF stops because his neck bothers him again. The chants of “M J F! M J F!” gets MJF back to his feet!

MJF pounds the mat, fans rally, and MJF builds speed! No doubts this time, MJF DIVE into a GAMANGIRI! Joe goes up to get MJF on the apron, fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!! Joe then laughs as he watches MJF down on the floor! Joe drags MJF up while fans boo, and Joe puts MJF in the ring. Cover, TWO!! MJF is still in this and the fans are thunderous again! Joe is amused, but also rather frustrated. Joe goes out, and he brings out a TABLE! Fans are torn but they do love tables! Joe puts that table against railing, then drags MJF out of the ring! The ref reprimands but Joe brings MJF over.

Joe clinches, and URENAGES MJF through the table!! The ref reprimands, fans boo, but Joe just laughs again. Joe drags MJF up out of the wreckage, puts him back in the ring, and covers, TWO?!?!? MJF survives and the fans are thunderous again! Joe nods, he might even respect the fighting spirit. But now he pulls padding off the concrete floor!! Joe drags MJF out of the ring again, the ref reprimands, and they go to the bare floor! But MJF fights free, to BITE Joe’s leg!! Fans fire up as MJF lets off that, to reel Joe in! But MJF’s neck won’t let him lift Joe! Joe kicks MJF, reels him back in, and gets him up to PILEDRIVER to the concrete!!!

Fans are losing their minds and the ref freaks out! The medics check MJF but Joe just has an evil smile on his face! Joe looms over MJF but the ref has him back off. Joe doesn’t care, he SWATS and BOOTS medics and security! Joe drags MJF up and into the ring! Joe figures he can pay the finds once he has two champ checks! Cover, TWO!??!?! Joe is stunned!! Devil or not, MJF is not human!! Joe drags MJF up, and he says MJF better give up or else. MJF SPITS in Joe’s face! So Joe DECKS MJF!! Joe then drags MJF back to his feet, runs, and LARI- NO, MJF slips through, reels Joe in, and manages a POWERBOMB?!?! Cover, TWO!!!!

The fans are electric as both men are down! “This is Awesome!” as Joe and MJF stir! Joe sits up, as does MJF. They stand, and Joe CHOPS! Joe runs, but MJF ROCKS him with a forearm! Joe CHOPS, but MJF seethes to forearm! They go shot for shot, MJF SUPERKICKS! Joe ROCKS MJF! And again, and again, and again! Joe runs one more time, but MJF gets around to a SLEEPER! But Joe gets around, to a COQUINA! MJF grabs at the ref, and then LOW BLOW MULE KICKS in the distraction!! Fans fire up as MJF gets away from Joe. MJF then gets his Dynamite Diamond Ring out! MJF gives it a kiss and puts it on the pinkie!

MJF runs in, but Joe puts the ref in the way! The ref sees the diamond ring and confiscates it! Then Joe LOW BLOWS MJF!! Joe puts MJF up top, tuck shim in, MUSCLE BUSTER!!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! HOW?!?!? Joe can’t even explain it!! The fans are volcanic as Joe drags MJF back up, into a SLEEPER!! MJF flails, reaches out, but Joe is leaning on him! The hand falls once! But wait! Here comes Adam Cole!! Cole coaches MJF on but the hand falls twice! Cole pounds the mat, fans rally up even harder, and MJF comes back to life!! MJF fights up and again Joe can’t explain it! MJF stands to BITE the arm!!

Joe lets go, MJF victory rolls! TWO!! MJF hurries to have a SLEEPER of his own!! Joe fights up, and he RAMS MJF into a corner! The ref had to bail out to avoid the impact! Cole distracts Joe on the apron, MJF undoes some wrist tape, and MJF CHOKES Joe with the wrist tape garrote!!! MJF hides it inside the sleeper!! The ref revives, MJF has Joe in body scissors!! The ref checks, Joe is OUT! MJF wins!!

Winner: MJF, by submission (still AEW World Champion)

MJF hides the evidence in his armpit, but then it falls out as the ref raises his hand in victory! MJF keeps the ref distracted and Cole takes care of truly hiding the evidence. MJF and Cole hug to celebrate, Cole had MJF’s back in the end. But Joe knows it, and he shoves Cole! MJF gets in the way to keep this from getting worse. Joe snarls, but he offers a handshake? MJF is wary, he knows all the tricks in the book, but fans want to see it. MJF takes the handshake, and there is now respect instead of a grudge. Will the One True King of Wrestling Television have to settle for defending his one crown?

As for the brochachos, they stand together with all their belts! The medics still check with MJF, that neck has to be killing him. With both the AEW World Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship around his waist, how long can MJF keep this up?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Dynamite for Grand Slam 2023, with the right balance of action and talking. A little surprised they didn’t open with the International Championship, but the Winner Takes All match was a great choice all the same. The right choice was made here with Eddie winning the ROH World Championship. Claudio doesn’t have to worry about going to ROH tapings when he only did so rarely, and Eddie can go back and forth between ROH and NJPW Strong, just as I’ve been saying since this match was teased. Then speaking of the International Championship, it was awesome stuff, but clearly, there was something along the lines of a concussion there with Moxley. Fenix wasn’t supposed to win, but winning the title given the injury makes sense. And hopefully Moxley is alright.

Jericho VS Sammy was great, and it was very surprising that Jericho won clean. But in the end, that’s because Sammy was gonna turn on him and join Don Callis! I like that Daniel Garcia’s part in this story is to now be the one member of the former JAS that left Jericho behind, who might now return to his side. Garcia VS Guevara is going to be great stuff, and at least there’s now more than two people in the Don Callis Family. Still waiting on Kota Ibushi responding to Don & Konosuke claiming they’re gonna end his career.

Really good promo from Christian Cage & Luchasaurus, but uh, isn’t having a TNT Championship match on Collision after the Rampage tag match a little too soon? Though, given Christian is only making such a match so he and Luchasaurus can beat down Darby and one of them still has the title is definitely more TV programming than PPV programming. Then maybe Darby gets a proper title rematch at WrestleDream to add another hometown wrestler to the card. The ROH World Six Man Tag Championships being the Rampage main event is great for the building story of Swerve VS Hangman, and might actually give Mogul Embassy a chance to retain.

Great title match from Saraya VS Storm, with great character work and references back to the previous matches. But as such, of course Ruby helps Saraya retain, and who knows where Storm goes from here. Good promo to set up the Tag Team Fatal 4 Way, but I still feel The Kingdom wins that to then challenge MJF & Cole. Great promo from The Kingdom with Roddy and Cole, and how that tied into Cole not being around for most of MJF VS Joe. Good promos from MJF and Joe, too, and we got a PPV worthy title match. MJF has now reached that Eddie Guerrero level where he can cheat and do Heel things but is still Face because the fans love him. As such, MJF wins, and it is great to see Joe show him respect.

Joe will still have plenty to do with his ROH TV title, and now I think AEW really commits to how Roddy & The Kingdom will get in between MJF & Cole, take those tag titles, and then MJF VS Cole Round 3 happens at like Full Gear to settle things once and for all.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/19/23)

Welcome to N BEX T!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

NXT has truly hit The Big Time!

Becky Lynch won the NXT Women’s Championship just last week, and she opens tonight’s festivities! What will The Grand Slam Man do next?


  • NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group A: Tyler Bate VS Pete Dunne; Dunne wins and advances to the finals.
  • NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase; Duke wins and forces a tie.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice w/ Elektra Lopez; Roxie wins.
  • Carmelo Hayes VS Dominik Mysterio; No Contest.
  • NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B Triple Threat: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase VS Nathan Frazer; Coffey wins and advances to the finals.
  • 2v1 Handicap: Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James VS Becky Lynch; changed to…
  • Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria VS Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James; Becky & Lyra win.


Becky Lynch is here!

And the fans are all fired up as the NEW NXT Women’s Champion heads to the ring! The Grand Slam Man defended this title just last night in Salt Lake City against Natalya, but she’s right back in Orlando to say, “The Man has come around to N BEX T~!” Fans fire up and chant for “N BEX T! N BEX T!” Becky says the NXT Women’s Championship World Tour continues! She brings the fight every damn night! It doesn’t matter the name, the game is the same. Gigi Dolin, Elektra Lopez, Thea Hail, Roxanne Perez, Becky assures you she’ll be here awhile and will go the extra mile. SO how ’bout a scrap, Ivy Nile?

Becky gets Natty, she’ll beat that baddie. Give her Jacy Jayne, you know I’ll retain. You want this, she’s the mountain to climb. So welcome all, to the Big Time! Fans cheer that! Becky says she loves it here so much, it is so good to be back. It feels so good to represent them! They are what makes this happen. But speaking of time… Time, time, time, TIFFY TIME is over! Fans chant “BECKY TIME!” But Becky says credit where credit is due. Last week, Tiff hung with The Man, pushed her to her limits, and for that, Tiff will get her rematch whenever she wants it, she has earned it. She may be an idiot and an arse, but she is- here! Tiffy heads to the ring!

Tiff says excuse her, but she’s heard enough. Fans boo as Tiff appreciates the flowers. But did Becky really think the rematch was going to be optional? Are you kidding? She didn’t earn a rematch, she DESERVES a rematch. She knows Becky is a WrestleMania main eventer, The Man, the number one, but she is TIFFANY STRATTON! She is the future of the WWE, and she is the future TWO-TIME NXT Women’s Champion! Fans keep booing but Tiff says if Becky’s a fighting champion, then Big Time VS Tiffy Time, Round 2, for the title, TONIGHT!! Fans like the sound of that! And Becky is even smiling!

Tiff knew they’d love it. That’s why it’s NOT happening! Tiff says these losers actually cheered her every week until Becky showed up. Tiff wants her rematch on a bigger stage. She wants her rematch in Bakersfield at No Mercy! Becky says Tiff can have it whenever she wants it, but the result will be the same. And not because Tiff ain’t good enough, but because she’s not hungry enough! You think Becky hasn’t seen this? People like Tiff come in, rocket strapped to her back, and they become entitled! But this NXT, with these fans, have the same feel as the NXT Becky came up in. And it comes down to who wants it more!

And even after ten YEARS here, Becky wants it more! Aw, cute. Becky should be thanking Tiff for this return. If Becky’s name never came outta Tiff’s mouth, Becky would have never returned! And instead, Becky would be driving to the nearest retirement home for the next Hall of Famer for Becky to beat to get more clout! Okay, okay, Tiffany. For one thing, she’s a better fighter than a talker. But instead of going word for word with The  man, just go punch for punch! And then Becky fires off on Tiff! But then KIANA JAMES attacks! Fans boo as the Calculator uses numbers to her advantage!

Kiana drags Becky up, Tiff gets a chair! But Becky still fights them both off! Fans fire up as Becky fires forearms, then gets the chair! Tiff runs for it, then Kiana does, too! The Man is ready for a fight, will she get one tonight?


Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo talk backstage.

Stacks is impressed by the research The Don has done going into finding contenders. But that means there’s a lot of eyeballs on them. Stacks says that’s just the price of being NXT Tag Team Champions. What’re they gonna do? Tony says they’ll offer everyone a seat at the table, and then do what they do best. What’s that? Eat! Some tortellini, some shrimp scampi, ah c’mon~! Stacks is getting hungry. Well he asked for it. But who are they inviting? The Creeds? They’ve got history but they’re straightforward, so that allows The Family to be straightforward with them. And then Garza & Carrillo. Keep friends closer but enemies closer? Eh. Gotta respect that.

But what about these two big teams right here? Hank ‘n’ Tank or Nima & Price? To be honest, Tony likes both teams, but only one seat at the table. These teams need to impress The Don. Who wants it more? They’ll fight it out to show us who’s really hungry.


Backstage interview with Ilja Dragunov.

McKenzie Mitchell is with The Mad Dragon, and brings up how the fans are still buzzing after that instant classic with him and Wes Lee just last week. Now Ilja heads to No Mercy for a rematch with Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship. Ilja says he is still suffering from the pain Wes inflicted upon him. But he will still finish what happened at the Great American Bash. And this time, the Mad Dragon will cover his wings in gold. As for tonight, Dragunov will watch Melo VS Dom.

Becky storms in and Dragunov acknowledges she is in a bad mood. He will let her have the stage. Becky tells Tiff & Kiana that “you two dopes” didn’t have to attack her to get a fight with her. You wanna go 2v1? Fine! Let’s do that in the main event! See you there! The Man wants a handicap match against two top talents? Is that a bit reckless?


Kelly Kincaid is in the Meta Four Lounge.

But before she can ask anyone a question, Lash Legend says “SKRRRT!” AKA put on the brakes. Noam Dar welcomes us to the Matrix! But that’s enough from Agent Smith. They, the chosen ones, are once again ready to watch these dafties compete for the honor, NO! The privilege of losing to Dar at No Mercy. It doesn’t matter if it’s Group A or Group B, or if they take the red pill or the blue pill. The result will remain the same: Dar as champion. But then here comes Pete Dunne! Fans cheer as he shuts the Meta Four up! Will it be the Bruiserweight or the Big Strong Boy that wins the block?


Trick Williams is on the phone.

He says it’s all good, but then Dominik Mysterio walks over. “Look who it is! Tricky Williams!” Trick says hey to Dirty Dom, and look! Dom has a knack for sucking all the positive vibes out of any room, just like that. Dom says he’s glad he ran into Trick. That makes one of them. No, Dom is being for real. As someone who lived in his dad’s shadow, he understands Trick’s situation. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Trick don’t live in no shadow. Look at him! He don’t fit in no shadows. Dom says he’s serious, though. The Judgment Day helped him step out and shine. Now it’s time to see what Trick can do in the spotlight.

Trick tells Dom that they are not from the same place. Trick ain’t built like that. Nothing and no one will drive a wedge between Trick Melo Gang. Believe that. Dom chuckles and says he used to say the same thing about him and Rey. Just think about it. Dom leaves, but will his recruitment case be hurt losing to HIM?


NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group A: Tyler Bate VS Pete Dunne!

NXT returns and Bate makes his entrance. The bell rings and we’re on the clock for this must win match!

Dunne and Bate stare down, then tie up. Fans rally up as the two go around. Dunne wrangles Bate with a wristlock and writhes, but then Bate kips up. Bate headlocks, Dunne powers Bate down and slips out the back, then bends that arm! Dunne then bends the fingers! And CLUBS the hand! Dunne clubs it again and again and again! “Neo” Dar watches as Dunne drags Bate up to wrench and again. Bate flips through to headscissor takedown! Dunne kips free, Bate kips up, Bop up, but Dunne SLAPS! Dunne knows that trick too well! Bate snarls, Dunne smirks, and the two tie up. Bate headlocks, Dunne powers out, things speed up and Dunne hurdles.

Bate leaps, but Bop up, to BANG!! Cover, TWO!! Bate drags Dunne up by his beard to SLAP him back! Dunne and Bate throw hands, Dar tries to contain his emotions, but Bate backs Dunne into a corner! Bate fires off, the ref counts, and Dunne CHOPS Bate down! Dunne stomps Bate, the fans rally behind him, and he twists on Bate’s ear. Dunne whips Bate to a corner, Bate goes up and under and knuckle locks to step over, headlock, bait again and leap to slide under. Dunne steps on Bate’s foot to DECK him! Fans fire up, Dunne runs in but Bate boots then KNEES back! Bate goes up, FLYING- FOREARM from Dunne! Cover, TWO!

Dunne scowls but he stomps Bate’s leg! The Global Heritage Invitational Watch Party is going on, everyone feeling sore just watching. Dunne stands Bate up to CHOP him down! Dunne goes up the corner but Bate ROCKS him first! Bate CHOPS, climbs, and he powers Dunne to the top rope! Stalling SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Dunne is still in this but Bate stays focused as NXT goes picture in picture.

Bate crawls as he watches Dunne rise. Then Bate junkyard dog headbutts! And again! Dunne stares him down, then catches him for a GUILLOTINE! Bate fights up to his feet, but Dunne turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Bate writhes while Dunne looms over him. Dunne sits Bate up to SLAP and KICK and KICK and KICKS! Bate just frowns, but Dunne stands him up. Bate DECKS Dunne! Bate keeps close, rains down forearms, but Dunne grabs the other arm for a double wristlock! Dunne shifts around to trap that arm, and he grinds Bate’s ear with forearms! Then Dunne stomps Bate’s head! Dunne then runs to KICK Bate in the side!

Dunne paces, sits Bate up, and CHOPS him back down! And then DECKS him again! Dunne has the arms for DRAGON STOMPS! Then he drops into an ARMBAR!! Bate hurries to move around, and he throws kicks from below! But Dunne grabs the leg for a toehold! Then he STOMPS the foot! Bate writhes, but he keeps his leg guard up. Bate kicks and kicks but Dunne drops knees on the knee! And he SLAPS Bate down again! Dunne drags Bate up, CHOPS him, and CHOPS him again! Bate snarls as Dunne CHOPS more and more! Bate ROCKS Dunne, Dunne CHOPS Bate, repeat! They go back and forth, faster and faster!

NXT returns to single picture as the fans are thunderous for this brawl of Brits! Dunne then DECKS Bate! Dunne smothers Bate, rains down more forearms, “This is Awesome!” and Dunne finally lets off. Dunne drags Bate up while Meta Four looks worried. X PL- NO, Bate lands out of it to STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Then deadlift BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Bate drags Dunne up, underhooks, TYLER DR- NO! Dunne has a TRIANGLE HOLD! Bate stays up on his feet, but Dunne throws elbows! Bate endures, Duke heads out because his match will be soon. Joe Coffey toasts his Gallus boys before also heading out.

Bate fights up to deadlift Dunne, but Dunne slips around! Bate uses that for an AIRPLANE SPIN!! Bate goes around and around and around and around and around, then staggers, only to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Dunne is still in this and even Meta Four can’t believe that. Dar says time’s running out, too. Fans rally, both Bate and Dunne grab each other by beards, and they throw hands! Two minute warning as Bate hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bate has the underhooks, Dunne slips free! To steal the TYLER DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Fans fire up as Dunne pump handles, BITTER- DDT!!

Bate is up, he pump handles? To STEAL BITTER END!!! Cover, TWO?!!? Dar is freaking out as Bate and Dunne rise. Bate has Dunne’s hand, and he bends the fingers! To SNAP!! That’s Dunne’s thing! But then Dunne Bop up, BANG!! Bate dodges, REBOUNDER!! Fans fire up as Bate goes up the corner! SKY TWISTER onto knees!! Pump handle, BITTER END!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?? How?!? Dunne won’t let off, he drags Bate up but we’re at 30 SECONDS! Dunne pump handles again, BITTER PILEDRIVER!! Cover, DUNNE WINS!!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Bate earns 0)

The Bruiserweight is NOT someone Dar wants to face, but he’s a finalist! And in the end, he still shows respect to his old friend and rival. Will Dunne tear down whoever it is that comes out of Group B?

Here are the NEW Group A standings!

Pete Dunne: 2-0-1, 5 points
Tyler Bate: 2-1, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Axiom: 0-1-1, 1 point [ELIMINATED]
Charlie Dempsey: 0-2, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne go shopping.

Thea pumps herself up. She’s not a little girl anymore, she’s a grown woman. She may not like change but change is good. Jacy asks Thea if she’s okay. She doesn’t- NO, she needs to! She’s not a kid! Let’s go! Okay, okay, woosah. They step into ASC and Jacy looks through the selection. She tosses what she likes at Thea, sticking toa red and black aesthetic. Time for the fashion show! Thea can’t walk out in this first one. What? She came this far, at least show us what it looks like. Okay, fine. Red skirt and lacey top. Okay, yeah, maybe a bit much. The snake skin boots on the second one is good, but they need MORE leather.

Full leather dress? Yes, this is the vibe Jacy is talking about. Next! Thea returns in a vest top. Bingo! But still next. And then… That’s the one!! Really? Thea does really like this. They’re going with it. They finish up and Jacy can’t wait for the world to see the new and improved Thea Hail.


NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase!

Bate VS Dunne was must-win to determine a finalist, and this is pretty much that but on an even bigger scale! If the Iron King wins, that’s it, this is his kingdom! But if the Chase U MVP pulls out the win, we go to a very interesting three man tie. What will the fate of Group B be?

NXT returns and Gallus has made their entrance. The bell rings and we’re back on the clock! Duke and Joe circle, fans rally for the MVP as they tie up. They break, tie up again, and then break again. They tie up, Joe headlocks, but Duke powers out. They RAM shoulders but neither man falls! Duke headlocks, Joe powers out and they RAM shoulders again! Joe eggs Duke on, he and Duke RAM and RAM and DOUBLE LARIAT! They stay up, Duke breaks through the next lariat to finally run Joe over! Duke whips, Joe reverses, but Duke RANAS!? The Watch Party now opened things up so others, like Ikemen Jiro and Dani Palmer, can watch.

Duke storms up on Joe in the corner to JAB! Duke whips corner to corner then back drops him away! Cover, TWO! Duke keeps cool and brings Joe in, but Joe fights the lift! Joe RAMS Duke into the corner, RAMS into him again and again, then fires off body shots! Joe hoists Duke up to HOTSHOT off the ropes! Duke sputters, Joe BOOTS him down, then stomps him around! Fans rally for Duke but Joe drags him up. Joe whips Duke into a corner hard, then whips him back in even harder! Joe scoops to BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Duke stays in this but Joe stomps him. Joe throws hands, then storms around.

Fans rally up and duel as Joe talks trash. Joe sits Duke up to throw hands but Duke counter punches! And again! Duke JABS! JABS! JABS! Flip, flop and “U~!” But Joe runs away! Fans boo but Duke goes out after him, Joe RAMS Duke into the apron! And SMAKCS him off it! Joe puts Duke in and storms up into the ring. Fans rally as Joe goes up, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Joe then waistlocks to drag Duke up to GERMAN SUPLEX! Duke flounders, Joe aims from the corner, GLASGOW SENDOFF! Duke hits buckles and Gallus is rabidly fired up! Joe runs, ALL THE BEST- Duke ducks it! Roll up, DUKE WINS!!

Winner: Duke Hudson, by pinfall (gains 2 points, Joe earns 0)

AND NOW WE HAVE A TIE!!! We go to the GHI Watch Party where Kelly asks Frazer about this situation. Frazer says let’s go! He has life in the tournament! Joe beat him, he beat Duke, Duke beat Joe. So now… Triple Threat next week! But Kelly says hold on, breaking news! The Triple Threat isn’t next week, it’s later tonight! Whoa, really? Well then, Frazer’s gotta get ready! Off he goes! Will the Jersey Island Rocket make a big comeback? Or will Joe get even with Duke inside that Triple Threat?

Here are the NEW Group B standings!

Joe Coffey: 2-0, 4 points
Nathan Frazer: 2-1, 4 points
Duke Hudson: 2-1, 4 points
Akira Tozawa: 0-3, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


Robert Stone tweets.

“Saw Von. Not good. He appreciates all the well wishes.” When and where, if ever, will we see Von Wagner again?


Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice w/ Elektra Lopez!

The Prodigy’s new edge has carried her through against quite a few opponents, but the MMA Mamacita says Roxie has no idea about true aggression. Will Lola teach Roxie how it’s done? Or will Roxie be unstoppable on her rise back to the top?

NXT returns as Lola makes her entrance, La Madrina by her side. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Roxie wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Lola kicks and then SLAMS Roxie down! Lola clamps onto the arm, Roxie fights up but Lola wrenches to a wristlock. Roxie spins and spins and slips through to wrangle Lola to a La Magistrol then shifts to a jackknife! TWO, and Lola has the SLEEPER! Roxie rolls back to cover, TWO! They both stand, Lola kicks low and hard! Lola talks trash, fans duel, and Lola brings Roxie up. Roxie CHOPS back! Lola swings, Roxie wrenches and knuckle locks to CHOP!

Roxie goes up and up, but Lola shoves her down! Roxie hits off the ropes, staggers in, but Lola mule kicks! Lola wrenches, ELBOW BREAKERS, then wrenches to WRING the arm! Fans duel, Lola talks trash and she AX KICKS Roxie on the back! Lola grabs an arm, wrap sit up, then CLUBS away on Roxie to get the other! Lola swivels the hips before the ARM SNAPPER! Cover, TWO! Roxie goes to ropes, Lola is after her, hammerlock and a RAM into the corner! Roxie clutches the arm but Lola drags her up. Lola hammerlocks and whips, but Roxie reverses! Lola hits buckles, Roxie wrenches and clinches, but Lola fights out to WRING the arm!

Lola has the omoplata, and she pulls on that bad arm! Roxie endures, even as Lola SLAPS her and CLUBS her! Lola pushes up on the arm, Roxie endures and fans continue to duel. Roxie fights around, rolls, but Lola holds onto the bad arm. Roxie ROCKS Lola with her good arm! And again! Lola KICKS low, talks some trash, then whips. Roxie BOOTS from the corner, then goes up! FLYING THESZ PRESS! And fast hands! Fans fire up as Roxie SHOTGUNS Lola into the corner! Roxie roars, runs corner to corner, and she UPPERCUTS! Roxie goes up to rain down fists! Fans count along but Lola slips out to YANK Roxie into buckles!

Lola drags Roxie out, wrenches, ELBOW BREAKER! Roxie screams in pain but she rolls through the wringer! She ducks a kick to give a kick, then hips on! Lola pops her off, drags her down, OMOPLATA! Roxie fights to a stack cover, ROXIE WINS!!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall

Lola showed Roxie all about edge, but Roxie showed Lola all about perseverance! Will Roxie use everything she’s learned to find her way back to the top title?


Eddy Thorpe goes to his meditation place.

He sees the damage done to the tree by Dijak. Dijak says Eddie needs to embrace his wild side? You don’t think he knows what Dijak is doing? What he’s really trying to say? Then say it, coward! Eddie’s what? A savage? Is that it? Guess what! Perhaps there is something, deep down inside of Eddie, that is a merciless Indian savage! Dijak has insulted Eddie’s culture and desecrated sacred land! So how about this? Next time they face off, they do it in a way that Eddie can return the favor, by ripping the flesh from Dijak’s body the same way Dijak did the bark on this tree. That’s right, a STRAP MATCH! “You wanted a savage? You’ve got one!”


Becky sits backstage.

She has that anger in her eyes, but then Roxie walks in. Hey, is she okay? That was a hell of a match. And Becky says whatever Roxie’s doing, just keep doing it, because she’s been kicking ass. Roxie thanks Becky for that. In a way, Roxie took a page out of Becky’s book. She was letting people walk all over her, and decided it just wasn’t for her. Becky knows that feeling. And so if they’re on the same page, then Becky doesn’t have to face Tiff & Kiana alone tonight! Roxie wants to tag in! The Man and the Prodigy? Sounds good. But Roxie needs arm on that arm first. Becky ain’t the Man for nothing. But thanks for the offer.

Roxie heads out, will Becky really be alright on her own?


Carmelo Hayes VS Dominik Mysterio!

Both champions will defend these titles at No Mercy, though that’s if Dirty Dom makes it through Dragon Lee next week on Monday Night Raw. But for now, this is about establishing who is the alpha champ of NXT! Will it be Mami’s Latino Heat? Or will it be none other than HIM?

As he makes his entrance, Melo has a shirt just for Dom, with him right in the purple crosshairs. But the moment Melo’s in the ring, Dom goes right after him! Dom fires off in the corner, then he picks up THE NXT Championship and smiles as he holds it up. But Melo storms up to Dom, to ROCK him with haymakers! Melo whips, Dom reverses but Melo ducks ‘n’ dodges to springboard LARIAT! Dragunov has magically appeared on commentary to watch this match, and Melo RIPS the shirt he was wearing. Free souvenir for the fans, and the bell finally rings! Dom rushes up but Melo dodges to CHOP!

Melo whips corner to corner, Dom bounces off buckles and into a back drop! And then a DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Melo storms up to whip Dom corner to corner again. Fans taunt Dom with “Mami’s Feelin’ Ucey!” Melo snapmares to then SUPER- NO, Dom bails out! Fans boo and Dom is upset not having anyone with him. Melo slides out to ROCK Dom! Melo whips but Dom reverses, only for Melo to stop himself! Melo ROCKS Dom, runs in, but Dom FLAPJACKS Melo off barriers! Dom puts Melo in, fans boo more but Dom soaks it up. But Melo KICKS Dom in the ropes, to then FADE AWAY! Cover, TWO!

Melo keeps his cool as he stalks Dom. Dom wants mercy but there’s no mercy in his future. Dom YANKS Melo into ropes! Dom runs, into a SUPERKICK! Melo runs, to tilt-o-whirl, LA MYSTICA! Cover, TWO! Dom survives, bails out again, but Melo dares him to come back as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Dom has Melo in a chinlock. Fans rally as Melo fights up, and even Dragunov is cheering Melo on. Melo throws body shots but Dom throws a knee! Then Dom throws Melo by his hair! Cover, TWO! Dom drags Melo up as fans taunt Dom with “Mami’s Gonna Beat~ You!” Dom suplexes, Uno Amigo! Then some Latino Heat before Melo hits the suplex CUTTER! Fans rally up for “MEL~O! MEL~O!” Melo goes to the ropes, he and Dom stand and Dom runs in. Melo ELBOWS Dom, then kicks, KICKS and throws him to the corner! Melo fires off fists, the ref counts, and then the ref backs Melo down.

Dom runs in, but into a spin and KNEE SMASH! Melo whips, Dom reverses but Melo ducks the kick to pump handle and SPIENBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Dom scrambles to ropes but Melo drags him back in! Dom holds onto the apron skirt, then the ropes! Dom BOOTS Melo, kicks low and DDT! Cover, TWO! Dom drags Melo around, has the legs, and he CATAPULTS Melo onto ropes! Dom dials it up, 619! Dom goes up the corner, for the FROG SPLASH, but he has to bail out! Turn around into the CODE BREAKER! Melo then goes up the rope, takes aim, but Dom trips him up! Melo flops to the apron and Dom goes out after him.

Dom whips, Melo reverses, and Dom goes into Dragunov!! Fans lose their minds and even Melo is shocked by what happened! Did Melo mean to do that? But it doesn’t matter, because now Dom YANKS Melo into Dragunov! Dom puts Melo in the ring, talks smack to Dragunov, then SMACKS Dragunov!! Fans lose their minds again as Dom angers the wrong man! Dragunov runs in to CLOBBER Dom and Melo!!

No Contest

Dragunov fires off on Dom and fans fire up, ENZIGURI! The Mad Dragon FOREARM BOMBS! Fans are loving this as Dragunov goes to the corner! “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” But Dom sends Melo into the TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Dom runs away, but wait! Dragon Lee storms up behind him! SUPERKICK!! Fans are loving it as The Wonder Boy stands over Dirty Dom! Will Dragon Lee take the North American title and the No Mercy spot from Dom? As for Dragunov and Melo, is this only fuel for the fire going into their rematch?


Trick Williams is watching.

And he does not like how that all played out. But then The Schism walks in. Joe Gacy tells Trick that everyone wants to be their own man, but no one ever thinks how that’d affect everyone else. Ava Raine says Trick left his best friend all alone. Trick asks if they just came in here to talk crazy. Ava says being alone is written all over his face. This isn’t loneliness! This is olive oil. But just because he is his own man doesn’t mean he’s alone. Trick, just look around you! There is no one else here! The Schism isn’t too different from Trick. They know what he’s going through, and they can help him. Just come with them.

Trick, joining The Schism? Hmm… NO. He wants nothing to do with their roots or trees, he’s seen this movie before so he knows how it ends. Gacy says Trick is so charismatic. If only Melo took Trick up on that offer. Some friend. The Schism leaves, but Trick says it’s Trick Melo Gang 4 Life. Will the bond between these two be unbreakable, no matter who tries?


Duke and Chase regroup backstage.

Chase says that was amazing! Did you see the Chase U student section? They were going crazy! Thanks, Mr. Chase. Duke just needs like an hour to recover. An hour? Duke, time is relative! The Triple Threat has no time limit! And though Duke has already proved a lot of people wrong, he has to do it again. Yeah, yeah, just understand, Joe Coffey is as big as an ox, and Frazer is faster than Usain Bolt! Chase asks Duke a question. Who is the MVP? What? Duke is. Then as of now, who is none as The Spoiler? Duke is…! And with the entire student section, the entire country of Australia, and the entire NXT Universe cheering him on, who is gonna go out there and give those others an Andre Chase University sized ASS WHOOPIN?! DUKE IS!!

WHO? DUKE! WHO?! DUKE!! LET’S EFFIN GOOOOO~! Duke is reenergized, but will this be enough against two opponents? The moment of truth is up next!


SCRYPTS and the boys run a side hustle.

They’re playing dice for big money, and here it comes. SEVENS! The loser gets mad but he can’t fight men as big as Nima & Price. They and Scrypts divide up the winnings, and Nima says they are shaking up this whole tag division! Price says there are teams talking like they don’t understand the language. But these hands speak it fluently. Scrypts says they’re all just clowns. But Tony D & Stacks think things are real sweet. Just wait until they feel the pressure. Scrypts says that bond is why he rocks with them. They know what it is to go to sleep with no dinner. Fast losers and slow winners. Reaching for cash in your pockets, nothing there.

But by any means, they gotta eat. True hustlers. Look at ’em n ow! Making it happen, no handouts! Self made, from the dirt to making it out the mud. O T M! They’re gonna take it all!


Backstage interview with Hank ‘n’ Tank.

McKenzie says we all just heard from Bronco Nima & Lucien Price, another young and hungry team. Hank says Bronco & Lucien are powerful dudes, and Tank says they know firsthand. Those two have Scrypts with them now, but still going nowhere. Though, neither are Walker & Ledger. Tank says they’re easygoing guys, but right now, there’s an opportunity in sight. That means no more games, turn up the intensity. Hank says Stacks & Tony want them to earn their way to that table, so consider this challenge accepted! Hank & Tank haven’t missed many meals, but they’re not just here to eat. They’re here to FEAST on the tag division!

If Nima & Price wanna get in the way, then Hank & Tank have no problems working up quite the appetite! They head out, who wins the BIG battle between these heavy hitters?


NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B Triple Threat: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase VS Nathan Frazer!

NXT returns as Duke and Joe are back in the ring. The bell rings, and Joe CLOBBERS Duke! Joe fires off, Frazer runs up but Joe shoves him away. So Duke fires off on Joe now! Frazer jumps back in but Duke shoves him away! Duke throws big elbows, but Frazer SHOTGUNS Duke into Joe! Frazer fires off hands and CHOPS on Duke, whips, but Duke reverses. Duke runs in but into an elbow! Frazer goes up, Duke gets under the leap, but then Frazer slides under Joe. Joe ROCKS Duke, Frazer DROPKICKS Joe! Fans rally up as Frazer ELBOWD Duke out of the ring. Frazer builds speed, but Joe CROSSBODIES him first!

Fans fire up as Joe grinds Frazer’s face in to laces! The “Matrix” Four is back in the lounge, cheering on anyone but Frazer. Joe suplexes, Frazer slips free, and then he TOSSES Joe to the apron! GAMANGIRI! Joe falls, Frazer aims, and Frazer builds speed. But Duke FLAPJACKS Frazer! Cover, TWO! The Watch Party is having some fun now, except maybe Dempsey since he’s not getting to fight. Duke stomps Frazer at the ropes, Dar and Oro do Matrix leaning, and then Duke goes after Joe. Joe HOTSHOTS Duke away! Joe runs in but Duke is ready, they DOUBLE LARIAT! And DOUBLE LARIAT! And DOUBLE LARIAT!

Fans fire up as they go again and again, then Joe RAMS into Duke! Joe fires hands, Duke ROCKS Joe back, and ROCKS him again! Joe RAMS into Duke, throws more hands, then CLUBS Duke down! Joe DECKS Frazer, stomps Duke, then stomps Frazer. But Duke throws hands back! Duke and Joe go back and forth, fans rally and duel, and Frazer runs past them both, ducks ‘n’ dodges, keeps going, and he SHOTGUNS them both out of the ring! Fans fire up as Frazer fires himself up. Frazer builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on both behemoths and Frazer is roaring! Lash likes the dive at least.

Frazer puts Duke in, throws hands, and then he CLUBS Duke. Duke throws hands but Frazer stomps. Frazer CLUBS Duke, throws hands, and he has Duke in a corner. Frazer runs in, but into an URENAGE! Fans fire up but then Joe trips Duke, to YANK him into the post! Joe pulls on Duke’s legs to put that post where the sun don’t shine! Oro and Dar feel for Duke here as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns again and Joe has Frazer down with a top wristlock. Frazer endures, and fans rally as Duke drags himself up to the apron. Dar and Oro are “sparring” while Frazer fights up. Joe ROCKS Frazer, throws him down and then DECKS Duke! Joe says he’s winning this, but Frazer throws hands! Frazer ROCKS Joe, but Joe scoops to SLAM Frazer! Fans boo as Joe crosses his arms in the Gallus pose. Joe then deadlifts Frazer, but Frazer victory rolls! TWO!! Joe escapes, and he pop-up UPPERCUTS Frazer! GLASGOW SENDOFF! Joe runs, but Duke SHOVES Frazer aside, to roll Joe up! TWO!!! Joe escapes this time and shocks Duke!

Fans fire up and the watch party is just eating this up! Duke tells Joe it was that close to a repeat. The two stand, throw hands, and fans are fired up for the MVP! Duke JABS! JABS! JABS! Flip, flop and “U~!” ELBOW! Duke then scoops to SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Frazer reaches out feebly while Duke hauls Joe up. Frazer stands to SUPERKICK! Then he QUEBRADAS to catch Joe, and he kicks Duke low, DOUBLE DDT COMBO! Cover on Joe, TWO! Cover on Duke, TWO! Frazer is frustrated but the fans are thunderous as all three men are down. Frazer goes to the apron, Meta Four doesn’t want this.

Frazer springboards but stops as he sees Joe show haymaker! Frazer then ROCKS Joe, springboards again, but Joe gets under. Joe comes in, GLASGOW- SUPERKICK! Frazer sees Duke but Duke hits him first! SLINGSHOT GERMAN SUPLEX! Duke sees Joe running up, swings, but Joe waistlocks. Duke elbows free, runs, and he BOOTS Joe down! Frazer staggers up, into a scoop and SWINGING SLAMS! Cover, TWO!! Frazer survives but the fans fire up again! Duke scoops Frazer, spins and spins and SWINGING SLAMS!! Cover, Joe breaks it! Fans are torn and Meta Four cannot believe this match.

Frazer drags himself to a corner, Joe fires hands on Duke! Duke rebounds, but he TOSSES Joe out! Duke then sees Frazer in a corner. Duke runs in, but into BOOTS! Frazer runs up but Duke pops him up, RANA!! Duke got spiked!! Frazer goes up, PHOENIX SPLASH!! But Joe drags him up and TOSSES him out! Frazer skins the cat, but gets a GLASGOW SENDOFF!! ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!!! Cover, JOE WINS!!!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Frazer was so, so close, but the Iron King steals this one! Dunne shows up to stare Joe down, ready to go even now! But then they both look at Dar, and Dar holds up the Heritage Cup. Will it be the Bruiserweight or the Iron King that meets Dar in the Golden State?


Backstage interview with Mustafa Ali.

McKenzie says The Beacon requested this time, so what is on his mind? Ali says that it has been 24 hours, yet no one is in an uproar other than himself! An uproar? Over what? Ali says HE is the rightful #1 contender to the North American Championship, and that is FACT, not opinion! Plus, Ali promised Dragon Lee that should Ali win at No mercy, Dragon would get the very first title opportunity, afterward. And yet, while Ali is watching Raw last night, a graphic shows up to advertise Dominik Mysterio VS Dragon Lee for the North American Championship, next week on Monday Night Raw!

Ali has to ask us, HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?! How does the man he beat get a title match before he does?! Ali could say this is a travesty, but that word doesn’t even fit here! Neither of those men deserve that title. Dom is a criminal, Dragon is a liar! And Ali… Ali is going to deal with this. With both of them! Next week, on Monday Night Raw! Ali heads out, but just how is he going to handle this?


Tiffany finds Kiana backstage.

Tiff says good looking out tonight. Kiana says it’s not really what either of them wanted, though. Tiff just wants to be honest for a minute. Kiana got Tiff so ready for Becky. Kiana says same back. Iron sharpens iron. Now, they may not be each other’s number one fan, but they do have one thing in common: They both despise Becky Lynch. And since Becky has zero friends and no one likes her, they can do some serious damage together. Then they will decide who the next NXT Women’s Champion is around here. Kiana says finally, a woman with some sense. Plus, Tiff has a special surprise. She’ll tell on the way.

But little do they know, Becky’s watching the show. Will The Man be ready for whatever the Wrestling Barbie has up her proverbial sleeve?


Fallon Henley, Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs watch last week’s Six Man Tag back.

Namely, where Myles Borne reveals his true colors and screws their team over. Why would he do this? Briggs puts this on Fallon but she asks what he means by that. Myles was her idea, she said he could be trusted! Jensen has them calm down, and Fallon says she thought Myles was a good guy. She feels he still is, but he’s hanging out with the wrong people. Briggs wants Fallon to listen to herself. That guy is a snake, stop making excuses! She isn’t making excuses! Yes, she is! But then Baron Corbin walks over and asks what is going on. What’re they even arguing about? Not that he actually cares. No one here cares.

This isn’t high school, so whatever this is, get over it. Either way, shut up so Baron can enjoy his massage. Briggs is glad Corbin could actually hear them. Briggs was worried Bron Breakker popped those eardrums last week. Corbin turns back around and tells Briggs that just because they got outsmarted by a rookie on his first night doesn’t mean they have to puff out their chests and get all tough. Oh, Corbin says everyone here is soft yet is the one getting the massage. Book another one very soon. Briggs and the group head out, when and where will Briggs and Corbin throw down?


NXT Media catches up with Melo.

They ask him about how he’s feeling after earlier. Melo says Dragunov walks around with a lot of confidence, like he’s already got the championship. But he doesn’t, Melo has the championship because he’s the champion. At Great American Bash, Melo knocked Dragunov down. At No Mercy, Melo knocks him down again. Next week, Melo lets Dragunov know where he stands. The contract signing is coming, how wild will it get before the bell rings?


2v1 Handicap: Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James VS Becky Lynch!

Tiffy Time is over but she looks to change that at No Mercy. Will the Calculator helping her with the numbers game be the first step to that? Or will neither of them be ready for The Big Time?

But wait! That surprise Tiff mentioned is a surprise attack at the ramp! Fans boo as Tiff & Kiana don’t wanna play fair! They stomp Becky, then RAM her into steel steps! They stomp her more, drag her up, and put her in the ring. Fans boo more and the ref wans them to stand down, but Kiana & Tiff mug Becky in the corner! They stomp her, but here comes LYRA VALKYRIA! She dodges then CLOBBERS Kiana! And she LARIATS Tiff! And LARIATS Kiana! Lyra sends Tiff into Kiana, then she and Becky both CLOBBER them! Tiff & Kiana bail out, and it seems The Man is willing to take The Morrigan’s help!

But that means numbers are even, so of course Tiff & Kiana want out. They go up the ramp, so Becky & Lyra pursue! They CLOBBER Kiana & Tiff from behind, brawl their way back down the ramp, and fans are loving this! Becky SMACKS Kiana off the apron, shoves her in, and fans rally up as this is finally a match!

Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria VS Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James!

Becky drags Kiana from the ropes, clinches and BECKSPLODERS! Fans fire up as Kiana staggers around, and Becky storms up on her. Becky bumps Kiana off buckles, then brings her over to bump off more buckles. And then a third corner! And again, and again, and again! Fans rally, the ref counts, and Becky lets off at 4. Becky glares at Tiff, Tiff glares back, and Becky drags Kiana up to send her to the corner. Tiff doesn’t wanna tag in? Becky runs in but Tiff catches her to ROCK her! But Becky blocks the buckle bump (say that five times fast) and bumps Tiff! Becky then drags Tiff up and into the ring!

Becky bumps Tiff off more buckles, then throws her to the mat! Becky goes for the arm but Tiff trips her and runs! DOUBLE- NO, Becky sunset flips the stomps! Tiff rolls through, Becky SOBATS her to the corner! FOREARM SMASH! Tag to Lyra, and fans fire up as the lasses double whip, trip and sliding dropkick! Lyra covers, TWO! Lyra keeps her cool and brings Tiff around to wrench. Tiff ROCKS Lyra, tags in Kiana, and Kiana runs in, into a drop toehold! Lyra facelocks, grinds Kiana then headlocks, but Kiana fights up. Fans rally, clapping Lyra’s theme, and Becky tags in as Kiana powers out.

Lyra slides under Kiana, anchors her feet, and Becky hits a BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Becky has the fans rallying up even more, and she brings Kiana up to clinch. Kiana fights the slam, throws haymakers, and Tiff fires up! Kiana runs in but Becky dumps her out! Becky runs, and she WRECKS Kiana with a dropkick! Then FLYING FOREARM off the apron! Tiff runs in, Becky dodges, and Lyra WRECKS Tiff with the dropkick! Fans are all fired up as NXT goes picture in picture.

Becky and Lyra high-five, then Becky fetches Kiana. Becky puts Kiana in, avoids a shoulder and kicks, to then ROUNDHOUSE! Becky goes up, to MISSILE- NO, Kiana gets under! Kiana runs in but Becky wrangles her! Kiana fights up, whips Becky away but Becky BOOTS back! Tiff runs in again, but Becks DECKS her! Only for Kiana to attack from behind! Kiana puts Becky in the corner, stomps away, then tags in Tiff. Tiff stomps a mudhole into Becky! Then she CHOKES Becky on ropes! Tiff lets off to run and HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Tiff drags Becky around into a STRETCH PLUM!

Becky endures, fights up, but Tiff whips her to the corner. Tiff fires forearms, then stomps away! Tag to Kiana, Kiana stomps Becky, then RAMS into her! And again! Kiana digs her shoulder in, Tiff tags in, and Kiana handsprings to RAM into Becky! Tiff handsprings corner to corner to back elbow! Tiff fires off back elbows, then snapmares to DOUBLE STOMP!! Cover, TWO!! Tiff is frustrated and she drags Becky up. Becky fights back as NXT returns to single picture. Tiff CLUBS Becky, whips her to a corner, then runs in, into a BOOT! Becky brings Tiff in, goes up, but Tiff YANKS Becky down to the mat!

Tiff drags Becky over, tags in Kiana, and they mug Becky. Kiana drags Becky up to RAM into her, and again, and then brings her around to throw her by her hair! Fans boo but Kiana wraps on a chinlock. Becky endures, fans rally up, but Kiana leans on the hold. Becky fights up but Kiana throws Becky down! Kiana grinds the hold, Becky still endures and fights up. Fans rally, Becky arm-drags free, and Becky ROCKS Kiana! And again, and again! Kiana blocks the kick to throw Becky down! Kiana drags Becky up, RMAS her in the corner, and again, then Tiff tags in. Kiana handsprings, but into a BOOT!

Tiff hurries to whip Becky into another corner, then she handsprings again, but Becky dodges! Tiff hits buckles and scrambles to tag Kiana! Kiana runs up to drag Becky away from Lyra! But Becky avoids the elbow drop! Hot tag to Lyra! Lyra rallies on Kiana and Tiff! KICK, KICK and then she dodges them both, to springboard DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Lyra ENZIGURIS Tiff! And SOBATS Kiana, front kicks, CHOPS and AX KICKS! Lyra then NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, but Tiff breaks it! Fans rally as Tiff brings Lyra up. Kiana joins in, they double suplex but Becky makes the save!

Becky and Lyra swing, miss, and Kiana & Tiff kick low. But Becky TOSSES Tiff, Lyra TOSSES Kiana, and they have them in the ropes! Becky & Lyra fires off the strike fest! They both go up corners, and fans fire up for the DOUBLE GUILLOTINE LEG DROPS!! Cover, TWO!! Kiana survives for her team but Lyra keeps her cool. Lyra drags Kiana up, wrenches and facelocks, but Kiana fights to facelock back. Kiana back suplexes, Lyra lands on her feet! Lyra ducks ‘n’ dodges but Tiff trips up the springboard! So Becky fires off on Tiff! But Tiff POSTS Becky! Kiana ROCKS Lyra, scoops and POWERBOMBS!

Tag to Tiff and she goes up, to SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Becky breaks it! Fans are thunderous as all four women are down! Becky and Kiana bail out, Lyra and Tiff crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Becky and Kiana! Kiana storms in but Becky goes up, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Tiff runs in to scoop, but Becky slips out! Becky has a dragon sleeper, then she kicks Kiana! DOUBLE DDT COMBO! Cover, TWO! INTO THE DISARM-HER!! Fans are thunderous as Kiana endures, fights up, and rolls Becky! Kiana BOOTS Becky, Lyra sneaks a tag. MANHANDLE SLAM, and then the FLYING SPLASH!! Cover, Lyra & Becky win!

Winners: Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall

The Man & The Morrigan teamed up and kicked some lass! But then Tiff SMACKS Becky with a chair! And JAMS Lyra! And SMACKS Becky again! And again! And again! Tiff throws the chair down, grabs the belt and holds it up over Becky. Fans boo but will this be what we see at the end of No Mercy? But wait, Becky crawls over to ropes and grabs herself a mic. “Tiffany! That’s how you wanna play it? Then at No Mercy, it’s gonna be you and me, EXTREME RULES!!” Fans fire up as Becky raises the ante!! Will Tiffy Time even survive this rematch?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT here, with a lot set up for both next week’s go-home episode and No Mercy. For one, great bookending of “N BEX T” with the women’s title story. Really good opening promo from Becky, with good response from Tiffany, and then Kiana jumping in was a logical move given Kiana got all up in Becky’s face. I like Roxie offered her help to Becky, but Becky was right for saying that after that great match against Lola Vice, Roxie should rest up. Lyra saving Becky from the ambush and joining the match was also a logical move given their friendship, and that was a great main event.

Lyra getting the pin is great for her, and then Tiff and Becky setting up an Extreme Rules match for No Mercy is awesome. For one, with it being anything goes, Tiff can win the belt back after using all sorts of weapons, or also getting help from Kiana. Just as Tiff set herself up to fail in the original match, this could be Becky playing into Tiff’s hands this time. Tiff can be two-time women’s champ, Becky can return to the WWE Women’s World Championship story with a familiar foe in Nia Jax, but also with all the other great names on Raw.

Jacy and Thea had a decent segment, very much a modern and bad girl version of the 80s to 90s trope of the shopping spree fashion montage. These two could become a good tag team, as could Kiana & Tiff if they really wanted. Seriously, have the WWE Women’s Tag Champions show up on NXT already, or else what was the point of unifying the tag titles? Hell, where are Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn? They haven’t been on TV but word is, they wrestled a dark match for SmackDown. Those two need a huge comeback in the tag title story in time for Halloween to really scare Chelsea Green for the lulz.

Melo VS Dom ending up a No Contest, or whatever the official decision was, makes sense in the end given everything going on. Dom is great but he ain’t beating Melo, but then Dom needs some sense of momentum going into what could be two title matches in one week. Dragon got the better of Dom here, and then Ali has a good promo addressing the honestly surprising move to have Dom VS Dragon happen on Raw. Ali might be the reason Dragon doesn’t win against Dom on Monday, but maybe Dragon ends up the reason Ali doesn’t win at No Mercy? Or maybe, just maybe, we get a Triple Threat after all.

Great promos from the tag teams tonight, such as Tony & Stacks setting up this dinner meeting idea. Good promos from Team Scrypts and Hank ‘n’ Tank in response, their tag match is going to be great stuff, but it feels like Bronco Nima & Lucien Price win. Tony & Stacks are Faces, The Creed Brothers are Faces, I feel like Garza & Carrillo are Faces (or at least Tweeners) given they’re now representing familia, so Nima & Price would be the Heels in the mix. At most, we get a Fatal 4 Way for the titles like back in the Black ‘n’ Gold Era. But more likely, we get a Triple Threat of the other teams, winner goes to No Mercy to face The D’Angelo Family.

And really, just awesome stuff out of the Global Heritage Invitational Tournament. Bate VS Dunne going down to the last 13 seconds was awesome, Duke beating Coffey to force the Triple Threat was awesome. I am very surprised by the choices for finalists, but at the same time, so great that Dunne and Coffey are getting the nod to even get this far. Dunne VS Coffey is going to be just as awesome as tonight’s matches, and I can’t be sure who wins. It’d be great if Coffey did, but then I fear it’d be another case of Joe Coffey “not winning the big one.” And as an aside, very surprised Meta Four went with The Matrix and not another Disney related theme. But I guess Bakersfield is north of Los Angeles which is basically Hollywood, so any hit movie/franchise is fair game.

My Score: 8.9/10

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