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AJ’s WWE Fastlane Results and Review 3/21/21

AJ brought NWA’s return PPV a little while earlier, and now covers Fastlane as well! Which show was better? Does Daniel Bryan pull out a miracle against the Tribal Chief?



And on to part two of my phenomenal double header, this time with more fire behind it since we are three weeks away from WrestleMania. The possible rebirth of The Fiend, Daniel Bryan against Roman. The preshow had Retribution turn their backs on Mustafa Ali after falling short once again (thank God) and more tension between the SmackDown Women’s Championship picture between Bianca and Sasha against the Tag Team Champions, Shayna and Nia.

What will happen? What will unfold? Will Rosenburg say Daniel Bryan vs Roman is Spear vs Spear again? Well that last one, I hope not…


  • Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks vs Shayna Bazler & Nia Jax (c) for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship:  Shayna wins via Roll-Up – ** ½TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Apollo Crews vs Big E (c) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E wins via Roll-Up(?) – * ½ TITLE DE…Defense…? I guess
  • Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon: Strowman wins via Running Powerslam – **
  • Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura:  Seth Rollins wins via Curb Stomp – *** ½
  • No Holds Barred: Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus:  Drew wins via Claymore – *** ¾
  • Alexa Bliss vs Randy Orton: Alexa wins by pinfall – N/A
  • Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns (c) for the WWE Universal Championship (with Edge as Special Guest Ring Enforcer):  Roman wins via pinfall – *** ¼TITLE DEFENSE!!



Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks vs Shayna Bazler & Nia Jax

Sasha starts fast against Bazler and makes a quick tag the Belair, taking it to Shayna in the corner with even more fast tags. Belair goes for quick pins and roll ups until Shayna breaks it with hold and submissions then Nia tags in, getting impatient with her tag partner. Nia gets a bit of a start going but it goes back to an even playing field. Shayna starts getting a decent amount of offense on Belair and gets frequent tags to weaken Belair. After taking a bunch of offense against Nia, Belair tags in Sasha to get things done against both of the champions. As the challengers get a full head of steam going after Sasha’s… transition, Reggie gets involved after Bianca hit the best 450 in a while and Sasha gets distracted by him. After a good amount of outside shenanigans, Banks tags herself in, saying she’s got this and she will win the match before slipping and falling short, losing the match for them in the process.

Aftermath: Sasha keeps saying that Bianca costed them the match and calling her a rookie. Bianca tries to talk back, saying it was Reggie that distracted her and then slaps Bianca and walks out. Bianca in shock saying that she needs to focus on Mania.

Apollo Crews vs Big E

The match starts off fast as Big E takes Apollo to the apron, Suicide Dive Spears Apollo and keeps taking to Crews with Apron side Splashes and not stopping, even trash talking Crews because he demanded another title match from Big E. Apollo finally gets a chances after dirty shotting Big E with a kick to the leg and muscling E with German Suplexes. Apollo continues to beat down Big E, even getting a Frog Splash off on him but, only for a two. Big E tries to get momentum in his favor with double knees but misses the corner spear. They get to the center of the ring, do a tetter-totter of a small package and… Big E wins? I think? That’s what they say.

Aftermath: Apollo is livid and starts beating Big E down, doing three Angle Slams and walking out pissed off.

Braun Strowman vs Shane McMahon

Shane hurt himself before training and since Elias wanted an opportunity to prove himself to “the boss”, yeah you got this Elias.

Strowman swings wildly and dismantle his new opponent. Strowman does everything he can to destroy and break Elias with strikes. Ryker tries to help as best he can as he distracts Braun. Elias has a small amount of offense with a DDT and diving Elbow but not enough to keep Strowman down. Corner splash, high angled chokeslam and then the Running Powerslam. 1, 2, 3
(And for us that love the Braun Strowman game on DWI, it looks like he got all that slime off of him with some soap from Dawwwwwwwwwwwn)

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura

The two go very back and forth with their match from the start but Rollins takes control with dirty tricks, knee striking Shinsuke in the face from the outside, taking it to Nakamura a decent amount only for a one count with the pinfall. Seth keeps going for gutbusters and backbreakers repetitively to slow Shinsuke, going for pinfall attempts but always kicking out. Rollins gets cocky, going for Cesaro’s Swing but Nakamura gets the reverse and starts taking control, doing some knee strikes of his own, Good Vibrations and his theatric knee to the gut in the corner. Seth escapes the Inverted Exploder shortly after and starts to take offense again. Rollins lands a knee strike from the ropes and another move that Shinsuke is oh so very used to… (Thanks Tanahashi!) but gets another two count.

Both men now get to a slugfest, even ground. Obviously, Seth only watched Tanahashi and not Nakamura because you don’t get into a striking match with the King of Strong Style. After a sliding German through the bottom rope and a Kinshasa attempt, Rollins counters it into a Buckle Bomb and Falcon Arrow. Shinsuke breaking out a Fireman Michinoku Driver and Inverted Exploder and gets the Kinshasa reversed again into a kicking combination on the ground and finishing it with a Curb Stomp. I guess when you take from Tanahashi’s moveset, you get the Tanahashi wins lul treatment.

Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus

 The start of the match starts off like a hockey fight (or um… a Rugby Scrum? I don’t think they have a hockey team in their countries) and go to the outside afterward.  If you wanted to see the definition of “That escalated quickly”, this went from fighting from pillar to post to throwing them into barricades, tables and steps  with kendo sticks being tossed into the ring. Sheamus gets the first pinfall attempt as he Brogue Kicks the kendo Drew was about to swing back into Drew’s face and after the pin, smacks the kendo over and over again, back and then chest. Drew gets back up after a while and then delivers a Glasgow Kiss to disarm Sheamus, crack him with the stick now and delivers a Russian Leg Sweep, digging the stick in Sheamus’ eye before Sheamus powders out and traps Drew into the outside and drop toe holds drew into the steps.

They keep taking it to each other on the outside, Sheamus with the steps like Monday and then Drew putting Sheamus through a barricade. Sheamus gets the last word in this exchange to the outside with the ThunderDome and suplexing Drew on the outside, taking the breath out of him. Sheamus continues with a rolling senton where the LED Boards are at but, Drew goes one step further and throws Sheamus through the LED Screens causing actual sparks to fly. The fighting continues and both men are out of it, Sheamus gets his temper flaring up and shouts, “I should be in the Main Event of WrestleMania!” and does White Noise onto Drew through the announce table.

Sheamus brings a piece of the announce table into the ring and trash talks Drew more. Sheamus attempts the Alabama Slam (Dublin Slam? Cork? Idk what the Alabama equivalent of Ireland is) and Drew gets out of it, goes for the Futureshock DDT on the table piece and ends it with the Claymore.

Alexa Bliss vs Randy Orton

Randy goes for his signature pose in the ring as he enters and starts spitting up the black substance (play with me here, it’s probably tar, vegemite or soy sauce) and asks for a towel to clean it up. Alexa comes out next with the white contacts and Bliss takes some of the Fiend’s powers and makes the arena purple.

Orton goes to approach her but is stopped by a wall of fire. Alexa giggles psychotically as Randy gets pissed off and charges to the corner, hitting the post and falling to the outside. Alexa giggles again and eggs Orton to follow her on the outside as the walk methodically. Alexa looks up and stage lights fall from above to cut off Randy. Alexa keeps the “cutesy” crazy going and tells him to get in the ring as she uses the ropes as a swing or bench. Orton begrudgingly follows into the ring, Alexa blows a kiss as randy marches forward and actually played Mortal Kombat by dodging Alexa’s fireball attempt. As it seems there is no more tricks, a burnt and mutilated Fiend returns to cut Randy off and appears in front of him. Bliss kicks Orton in the back and feeds Orton to the Fiend, gets a Sister Abigail and Alexa… ahem… “Pins” Randy for the win.

Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

Daniel plays some mind games, trying to get into Roman’s head with a single leg takedown but, Reigns isn’t having it and getting more and more annoyed. Roman showing his strength in a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and while Roman trash talks, Bryan transitions to an armbar which Roman instantly breaks out of, getting under Roman’s skin more. After a little bit, Roman actually puts Roman in a headlock takedown but, Daniel slides out of it and picks apart Roman’s joints and muscles. Roman gest out as fast as possible and begins to beat down Daniel to cut him off. After a couple of attacks from Roman, Bryan starts to get a good amount of steam going, rushing to the ropes and does his corner backflip until Roman does a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam to stop that momentum. Roman keeps going to the beat down, going slow and methodical as he takes firm control of the match. Each time Daniel takes a little momentum, Roman stops him by beating him outside of the ring now, getting to an eight count and going for a pinfall attempt. Roman keeps the beatdown going, demanding respect and acknowledgement as the Tribal Chief from Daniel Bryan but, now Daniel Bryan gets some offense going now. Bryan tries to go for a Frankensteiner  but Roman caught him on the drop down and puts Daniel in a Boston Crab. Daniel gets out of the crab though and gets a nearfall pin.

Both competitors now taking it to each other, Roman to the outside now as Daniel gets caught in a dive attempt, countering Roman’s snake eye attempt and getting the comeback started, taking Roman to the pillar, back to the ring and hits a Missile Dropkick for a nearfall but after Roman kicks out, Bryan doesn’t stop the attack. As Daniel Bryan goes for his It Kic—Yes… Yes Kicks, Roman counters it, begins his beat down on Bryan but Daniel is now quicker than that and goes for another pinfall. Romans kicks out and Bryan now trash talks, saying that Roman likes to talk, time to stop and stomps on Roman’s face and neck, applying the Yes Lock after and Roman not tapping, breaking out of it into a full mount attack after. Roman delivers a powerbomb pin attempt but Daniel kicks out, both of them gasping as Roman talks to himself again, getting angry. Bryan loads the Running Knee and hits the ref as Edge now becomes the authority in the match as Roman hits the Spear against Daniel Bryan. Edge comes in as the ref now and the trash talking continues from Reigns. Daniel gets a Triangle attempt in, Roman picks him up for a Powerbomb but Daniel transitions it into the Yes Lock. Jey Uso rushes in and superkicks Edge and Daniel Bryan to save Reigns.

Jey brings a chair into the ring, takes Edge out in the corner and charges at Bryan. Bryan hits the Running Knee on Jey, Daniel picks the chair up to take Roman out but hits Edge by mistake. Roman then lands a Superman Punch but gets the Spear caught from the Labell Lock. Roman actually taps out to the lock but Edge gets up, pissed off on all belief and says… Fuck it. Hits both Daniel and Roman with the chair and storms off as both men are down.  A new ref comes in and Roman slowly drapes his arm along Daniel to get the win.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

And like that, I retire for the night. The matches weren’t the worst except the Intercontinental debacle and I don’t count the Alexa and Randy thing a match as we all expected. Tag match made sense, we don’t have Retribution anymore so that’s always a plus from the kickoff show. Drew can put Sheamus in the rear view as he gets to the main event against Bobby Lashley for one of the nights, tension rose for the SmackDown Women’s Championship match at Mania with Bianca and Sasha. We don’t know what Seth or Shinsuke are going to do, Big E will probably face Apollo again down the road and Shane provoked the Monster. Two things that we have learned most likely from this however… First, Daniel Bryan is probably going to get inserted into the Universal Match at Mania some way shape or form since Roman actually tapped out and the second thing that the editor can confirm that Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon need to learn… It’s probably a bad idea to piss off people named Adam that have anger issues.

That being said, I’m gonna need to relax after the Phenomenal Double Header of Pay-Per-Views I did today with some brews and if you have any thoughts that you have or feedback, let me know on Twitter @PhenomenalAJB (If they are negative though, really it was @PCTunney that said it, not me).

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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 40 Results & Report! (4/7/24)




Bloodline Rules, but will they reign?

The Rock quite truly did everything he could to screw Cody Rhodes on Night One, so now on WrestleMania Night Two, it’s BLOODLINE RULES for the Universal Championship! Is this how they #FinishTheStory?


  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Drew McIntyre; McIntyre wins and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship MITB Cash-In: Drew McIntyre VS Damian Priest; Priest wins and becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Six Man Philly Street Fight: The Final Testament VS The Pride; The Pride wins.
  • LA Knight VS AJ Styles; Knight wins.
  • WWE United States Championship Triple Threat: Logan Paul VS Kevin Owens VS Randy Orton; Logan wins and retains the title.
  • WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky VS Bayley; Bayley wins and becomes the new WWE Women’s Champion.
  • Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Bloodline Rules: Roman Reigns VS Cody Rhodes; Cody wins and becomes the new WWE Universal Champion.


It’s the WrestleMania Night Two Kickoff Show!

Once again, join Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, CM Punk & Big E in discussing, analyzing and predicting the action for the biggest WrestleMania’s epic finale!


WWE presents part two of the sit-down interview with Triple H.

Megan Morant brings up how CM Punk made his return to the WWE in Chicago back in November, at the end of Survivor Series. How’d that all come about? HHH says it is funny. If you’d asked HHH a few weeks prior to it, all the rumor and speculation, yet HHH and Punk had no communication. But as the event drew near, there were a couple conversations that happened between Punk and Nick Khan. Khan wanted HHH to have a conversation and see where it goes. HHH had no issues, just a concern about, “What’s the fit?” It was still a longshot when it came to calling Mia Lowie on the WWE Music side of things to see about Cult of Personality.

And then Survivor Series starts, and HHH got word that they’d pay for the song, and Punk was gonna show up. So at that point, maybe five people knew. Right before Punk arrived, HHH got word that it was a done deal. Punk snuck in, HHH said hey at gorilla, and HHH told people at the break just before the main event to tell the others. There was some mixed emotions, and over the next couple of days, HHH had some “interesting” private conversations for people to air their differences. They got to a good place, and HHH will say himself this is a different Punk than before. Punk’s been nothing but a wonderful employee and addition to the team.

It has even been refreshing to work with Punk now, that they’ve kept him updated on everything even while Punk is out injured. Megan shifts things to Drew McIntyre VS Seth Rollins, with CM Punk on commentary. Certainly a lot of drama there between all three, but what has the dynamic been like to HHH? A lot of history there. Rollins and Punk have respect, but they’re not fans of each other. McIntyre and Punk have a lot of water under that bridge. The dynamic completely changed when they all agreed to add CM Punk to things.

Megan says WrestleMania is one thing, but even the rest of 2024 looks just as busy. What can fans expect as the year continues on? HHH says he couldn’t be more excited and motivated not just by the superstars but by the staff and crew. It makes him wake up and excited to go to work and dig in. It is hard to put things into words how excited he is for this. Then imagine five years from now, what does the WWE look like? HHH wants to reinvent all this. Well, not really “reinvent” since nothing is broken, damaged or anything like that. This is the greatest form of entertainment in the world, but HHH wants to turn it into something even more.

Mania next year, this might feel like a whole new place. Five years from now, HHH expects this to be the same heart and soul, but with a whole new bunch of ish that blows our minds. Then any final words of wisdom? Nah, HHH just feels, keep doing what you’re doing, keep sharing what you like and all that. Pro-wrestling is an escape, a fantasy world, and you can enjoy every aspect of it, just like he does. Megan thanks HHH for this time, and appreciates all he is doing for the company. HHH thanks Megan and appreciates all of us. Is The Game’s Era going to be the greatest of all time?


Meek Mill speaks.

“In this life, you either finish your story, or somebody else gonna finish it for you. Turn neon dreams into faded nightmares. Ain’t this what they’ve been waiting for? You ready? I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this, to grind like that to shine like this. Dreams are full, nightmares come true, time to marry the game and said, ‘Yeah I do.'” Snatch the glory. When they write the book of greatness, this will be the epilogue. We on one now! Ain’t no better place to be, no better city to be in! Let’s get it, one more time!


The War & Treaty sings God Bless America.


Stephanie McMahon is here!

The fans cheer as the Billion Dollar Queen of the WWE returns! Steph struts her way down the ramp and to the ring. She gets the mic and says it’s a good things are a little warmer tonight. But when she was eight years old, she was at the entryway to watch WrestleMania 1. She has seen or been part of every mania since, but WrestleMania 40 is the one she’s most proud of. This is the first Mania of the Paul Levesque Era! And tonight, fans from 64 countries and all 50 states of America are here to share this one thing we all love! And no one understands that better than HHH. So if she may steal a line from him… Are you ready?

The fans sure sound ready! No, no, no, Philly and the world over! ARE, YOU, READY?! The fans are really fired up now! Then without further ado, Steph says let’s kick off night two of WrestleMania XL!


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins VS Drew McIntyre!

The Visionary also lost against The Bloodline last night, but now he has to focus on what he’s fighting to protect. Will he be able to survive the Scottish Psychopath that’s coming after him? Or will this finally be McIntyre’s Mania Moment, four years in the making?

McIntyre gets an entire Scottish procession but CM Punk is on commentary for this to say this is some kinda sacrilege. McIntyre walks under the raised claymores of his fellow Scotsman all the way down the ramp, then he steps into the ring. As for Rollins, he has the Philadelphia Mummers Parade playing his song on banjos, saxophones and accordions! And Rollins himself looks like a grand poobah of the owl house or something! Punk says Liberace must be rolling in his grave. The fans still sing along, “WHOA~ OHH~ OHHH~!” The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who burns it down!

The bell rings, and CLAYMORE OUTTA NOWHERE!!! Cover, TWO!!! Rollins survives and everyone is stunned! McIntyre reloads, Punk says this is the smart play! But same goes for Rollins getting outta there! McIntyre seethes, he storms out after Rollins and CHOP BLOCKS the bad leg! Rollins writhes, McIntyre stalks him, and McIntyre hauls Rollins up to OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Rollins tumbles, McIntyre borrows his wife’s phone to tweet, “Bored at work, LOL!” Then McIntyre POSTS Rollins, spine first! Rollins hobbles, McIntyre refreshes the count, and he OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Rollins again! McIntyre sneers at Punk, then hauls Rollins up.

The fans chant for Punk, but McIntyre asks if Punk recognizes this. The underhooks are in, but Rollins wrenches out! Rollins underhooks to PEDIGREE on the floor! Rollins clutches the leg but he gets himself into the ring. The ring count is climbing, McIntyre rises at 8 and slides in at 9! Rollins runs up to CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO!!! McIntyre survives Rollins’ best shot now, and Punk thinks this is all to impress him. But he’ll neither confirm no deny if he is, because neither guy is The Best int he World. Rollins rises up, underhooks again, but McIntyre back drops Rollins away! Rollins writhes, and McIntyre storms up again.

McIntyre ROCKS Rollins, stalks him, but Rollins ROCKS McIntyre! McIntyre ROCKS Rollins, Rollins ROCKS McIntyre, repeat! They go back and forth, faster and after, and the fans fire up! Rollins CHOPS, McIntyre CHOPS, but Rollins ROLLING ELBOWS! McIntyre BOOTS Rollins, Rollins SUPERKICKS! McIntyre GLASGOW KISS HEADBUTTS! Rollins staggers but stays up, to swing again! But into a NECKBREAKER! Both men are down, but McIntyre kips up! The fans fire up and McIntyre scowls. Rollins sits up slowly and McIntyre aims from a corner. “THREE! TWO! ONE!” CLAY- POP-UP?! POWERBOMB!! And flip over, into underhooks! PEDIGREE!!!

But the leg won’t let Rollins cover! Rollins reloads, to CURB STOMP!! Cover, TWO!!! McIntyre survives again and Rollins is stunned! Is the bad leg and the bad back holding back all his best moves? “This is Awesome!” as Rollins and McIntyre stir. Rollins hobbles to another corner, and he goes up a corner. McIntyre rises, Rollins SUPER- NO, McIntyre avoids the stomp, but then Rollins avoids the Claymore! McIntyre dodges, wrenches, underhooks, FUTURE SHOCK!! Cover, TWO?!?! Rollins survives and McIntyre is shocked! McIntyre thinks on what he has to do, but he looks at Punk. Punk tells him to focus on Rollins.

McIntyre says night-night! Punk says of course McIntyre goes there. He must be putting the fans to sleep. McIntyre fireman’s carries Rollins, for the GO TO- CRADLE!! TWO!! McIntyre escapes, blasts past Rollins, CLAYMORE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? HOW?!?! McIntyre is getting frustrated as Rollins shows superhuman grit! McIntyre goes outside, and he clears off the English commentary desk! Punk is not intimidated, he says doubt is creeping into McIntyre’s mind. McIntyre can’t get this done in the ring so he needs furniture. McIntyre ROCKS Rollins, drags him out, and reels him in. McIntyre gets Rollins up, aims, but Rollins fights!

Rollins lands safe on the desk to BOOT McIntyre, then SMACKS him off the desk! And again! And then SUPERKICK! Rollins drops to his knees but then goes to the Spanish commentary desk! This is a bit like last night’s main event. Rollins runs to CURB STOMP McIntyre off the desk!! McIntyre falls back, Rollins gets him in the ring, but McIntyre’s up to CLAYMORE again!!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Where is Rollins getting this!?! McIntyre seethes, Rollins sputters, but Rollins dares McIntyre to do it! CLAYMORE YET AGAIN!!!! Cover, MCINTYRE WINS!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre, by pinfall (NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

The Visionary was beat up but still had so much to give, only for it all to be snuffed out by the Scottish Terminator! McIntyre is trying not to be emotional, but he finally holds a world championship in front of a sold out arena! And Rollins stands, emotional in his own way. He says McIntyre earned this, and then moves on. Will that seal of approval heal McIntyre’s wounds?

McIntyre brings the belt to show to his lovely wife, and she gives him a kiss in celebration. But then McIntyre looks over at Punk again. McIntyre gets on the desk to look Punk in the eyes. Punk says congrats, go have fun taking selfies for the internet with the belt. McIntyre says he still meant every single word he’s said about Punk. And he wouldn’t change anything he’s done, either. If Punk wants, he can step back in the ring, but he needs to know McIntyre will obliterate him when he does. McIntyre wants this moment framed on his wall as he holds the belt over Punk’s head, and tells him to “SUCK IT!” So Punk TRIPS McIntyre!!

The fans go nuts as Punk is no longer on commentary, and he takes off the arm brace and suit jacket! Punk CLOBBERS McIntyre with the brace! Punk stomps McIntyre again and again, taking out his frustrations on him! WAIT! Damiani Priest is here!! Punk loves it! He knows all about Money in the Bank cash-ins, and he lets Priest CLOBBER McIntyre with the briefcase! Priest says it’s go time!

WWE World Heavyweight Championship MITB Cash-In: Drew McIntyre VS Damian Priest!

Priest puts McIntyre in the ring, the bell sounds, and Priest takes McIntyre SOUTH OF HEAVEN!!! Cover, PRIEST WINS!!!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall (NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

McIntyre’s moment lasted all of five minutes! The Punisher goes from Senor Money in the Bank to the man who pulled off the NEW Heist of the Century! And Punk can’t help but applaud. Judgment Day may not be undisputed tag team champions, but Priest is THE champion! Will nothing stop Judgment Day from running Raw?


Snoop Dogg is here!

The WWE Hall of Famer and world renowned rapper is bringing the Golden Championship with him as he joins commentary for the showdown that’s about to go down.

Bubba Ray Dudley is here, too!

The ECW Original is wearing the zebra stripes, aka he’s the special guest referee for this match, because it’s gonna get extreme!

Six Man Philly Street Fight: The Final Testament VS The Pride!

Karrion Kross & The Authors of Pain have been writing how this story goes, and it’s them always beating down The All Mighty and his Profits. However, Bobby Lashley, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins aren’t going to let it continue any longer! Will The Pride be the reason for The Final Testament’s fall? Or will Kross still bring the apocalypse to WrestleMania?

The bell rings and it fires off! Lashley LARIATS Korss up and out! Ford ENZIGIRIS and Dawkins DROPKICKS! The AOP tumble out, and the Profits go looking. They bring out a TABLE! Bubba didn’t even need to say anything! But AOP mug the Profits and send them into steel steps! Lashley hurries out but Kross hands out kendo sticks! Lashley stands his ground in the ring, even as the Final Testament flank the ring. Lashley hits Kross, hits Rezar, but Akam gets him first! Then it’s a 3v1 kendo stick smack attack! Kross talks trash, and Rezar BREAKS his kendo stick off Lashley’s back! Kross gets a chair, turns Lashley, and hits a NECKBREAKER on the edge!

Kross covers, but Dawkins breaks it! But then he gets kendo stick strikes! Ford leaps in, but Kross SMACKS him out of the air! Like a homer by the Phillies! The sicks all break apart and Rezar shows off the damage done. The AOP haul the Profits up, and Kross says have at it! SUPER COLLIDER! Kross covers, B-FAB breaks it! So Scarlett CLOBBERS her with a trash can! This is a Mixed Street Fight now as Scarlett POSTS B-Fab! Kross tells the AOP to set it up again. They get the Profits up, but Lashley makes the save! He then clinches Kross to FLATLINER! The Profits RANA free and the AOP tumble all out!

Lashley OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Kross! The Profits hurry up, and Dawkins POUNCES both AOP! Then Ford FLIES to take them both out at the barriers!! The fans are thunderous and Snoop can’t even! Lashley gets a chair, and he aims at Kross! Lashley JAMS Kross, SMACKS him, then SMACKS him again and again and again! Snoop loves it, and Lashley puts the chair down so he can URENAGE Kross right on it! Kross writhes, Scarlett panics, and Lashley clamps on the HURT LOCK!! Scarlett SMACKS Lashley with the kendo stick! That just pisses Lashley off! But B-Fab BOOTS Scarlett for him! B-Fab gets Scarlett to the apron, but Ellering gets involved!

B-Fab gives Scarlett a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP through the table!! Kross ROCKS Lashley, to hit a DOOMSDAY SAIDO!! Kross sets the chair up again, drags Lashley up, and DDTS him through the chair!! Cover, TWO!!! Kross argues the count with Bubba, but you can bet Bubba knows the difference between two and three. Kross shoves Bubba, so Bubba brings out the glasses! The fans fire up as Kross turns around, into a SPEAR!!! The Profits return, and Lashley nods to them. Bubba also approves as they open Kross up! Dawkins is up top to say WAZZUP~!! The Dudleys would approve! Then Lashley tells Ford, and Ford tells Dawkins, “GET THE TABLES!!”

The fans chant for tables as the Profits find the hardware! They get that in the ring, Lashley helps set it up, and they put it right at center. Kross is put on the table, and it already breaks! Shoddy craftsmanship! Lashley beats down Kross while the Profits go find another table! They put this one in, Ford SMACKS away on Kross with the kendo stick! This new table is set up, Ford says they’ll try this again. Ford climbs, Kross is put on the table, and the table stays together! Ford comes in FROM THE HEAVENS through the table!!! Cover, The Pride wins!!

Winner: The Pride, by pinfall

Philly is the city of extreme, and that’s just what Philly got! But will this punctuate the story with The Final Testament? Or will there be a sequel on the horizon?


Backstage interview with Paul Heyman.

Kayla Braxton first congratulates him on the Hall of Fame induction, but then has to ask about last night, The Rock & Roman Reigns won their tag team match, tonight is now Bloodline Rules for Cody VS Roman. Can he please tell us what that means? Well yes, according to WWE Official Rules Page 88, Subsection D… Oh, c’mon, Kayla! The Bloodline Rules are determined by The Bloodline itself! No disqualifications, no count outs, there HAS to be a definitive winner. One is the Universal Champion, the other goes home to his wife, Brandi Rhodes. So tonight, Roman Reigns and The Bloodline Rules! Get it?

The Wise Man heads out, and if it is Anything Goes, what won’t The Bloodline do to make sure Cody’s story ends in tragedy?


LA Knight VS AJ Styles!

The Mega Star drove up to the arena in the Slim Jim-mobile, and he’s ready to snap the Phenomenal One in two! But will he really turn this into WrestleMania X L A Knight? Or will Styles make this his game now?

Styles has new music to fit his new attitude, and he runs down the ramp! Styles slides in, the bell rings right before the hands start flying! Styles puts Knight in a corner but Knight turns things around to fire hands! “YEAH! YEAH!” Knight whips, but Styles CLUBS and KICKS Knight back! Styles CHOPS Knight against ropes, runs side to side, but Knight dodges! Styles tumbles up and out, Knight RWECKS him with a dropkick! “YEAH!” Knight gets Styles up, and he SMAKCS him off the desk! “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Knight then brings Styles for one last big SMACK! The ring count is past 5 of 10 but Knight puts Styles in at 8.

Knight storms in, argues with the ref, but Style kicks the ropes to jam Knight! Then he CHOP BLOCKS the leg! Styles stomps away on Knight’s leg, then drops knees on the knee! Styles paces around Knight, then gets the leg to DDT the foot! Knight writhes, Styles stalks him to a corner, but Knight kicks back! The haymakers fly, Styles KICKS the leg out! And he KICKS the leg again! The ref reprimands but Styles backs off. Knight hobbles along ropes, but Styles brings him around to get the leg for a SHIN BREAKER! Knight flounders away while Styles soaks up the heat. Styles storms up on Knight, drags him around by the leg, but Knight kicks with the good one!

Styles staggers, Knight stands, but Styles kicks the bad leg! SHIN- NO, Sunset Flip! TWO! Knight DECKS Styles again and again, then RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS! “YEAH!” The fans rally as Knight gets Styles in a corner. Knight stomps a “YEAH!” hole into Styles! The ref counts, Knight lets off to go corner to corner and back again, KNEE WASH! The fans rally up as Knight waits on Styles. Styles rises, Knight springboards to TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Styles is still in this but the fans still cheer on Knight, “YEAH!” Knight puts Styles up top, then CHOPS! Styles almost falls off but Knight goes up after him.

The fans rally and “YEAH!” as Knight brings Styles up. Styles resists, slips under, and he Electric Chair Lifts to then SMACK Knight off buckles! GERMAN SUPLEX! Styles holds on, to atomic FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Knight survives but Styles seethes again. Styles drags Knight to a drop zone, goes up the corner, but Knight trips him up! “YEAH!” Knight climbs up to get Styles, and he CLUBS away on Styles chest! “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Knight BITES Styles’ forehead, “YEAH!” Knight then gets Styles up, but Styles CLAWS the eyes! Knight falls back, Styles adjusts, but Knight’s right back up! SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!!

Styles survives but both men are down after that one! “This is Awesome!” as both men slowly rise. Knight stands, he gets the fans fired up, “YEAH!” Knight drags Styles up, but Styles trips him! CALF CRUSHER!! Knight endures, reaches out, fights around, and the fans rally for him! Styles pulls back on the leg, but Knight still reaches out! ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Styles lets go at 4 and is frustrated as Knight hangs around. Knight goes to a corner but Styles goes out. Styles drags Knight to the corner to SLAM the bad leg! And then Styles positions the leg, gets on the apron, and DROPKICKS the knee into the post!

Knight writhes, the ref reprimands, but Styles pushes Knight around. Styles gets Knight’s legs on either side of the post, but Knight YANKS Styles in! Styles wobbles, Knight hobbles, and Knight gets Styles’ legs to STOMP the stomach! Knight rips up floor mats!? Knight goes back for Styles, hauls him up, but Styles fights the lift. Styles back drops Knight onto the bare floor! Styles goes into the ring and wants the count out! The fans boo but the count climbs as Knight writhes. We pass 5 of 10, then 7! Knight rises at 9 and slides in at 9.99!! The fans fire up and Styles is furious! Styles KICKS Knight in the side!

Styles goes out to the apron, springboards and 450 SPLASHES onto knees!! Double-edged for Knight but better than taking the full force of that move! Styles sputters as he tumbles to a corner, and the fans rally harder for Knight! “YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!” Knight rises, and he ROCKS Styles with a haymaker! Styles ROCKS Knight back! Knight ROCKS Styles, “YEAH!” Styles ROCKS Knight, “BOO!” They go back and forth, Styles KICKS the bad leg! Knight JABS! JABS! And swings, but Styles ducks to PELE! Knight goes to the corner, Styles runs up but is put on the apron! Styles springboards back in, but Knight dodges!

Knight hurries to cravat, but Styles rolls him up! And then deadlifts into the- NO, Knight kicks free! Styles BOOTS from the apron, goes out and he ROCKS Knight! Styles springboards again, but Knight trips him up! Styles falls in and Knight has him! B F T!! Cover, KNIGHT WINS!

Winner: LA Knight, by pinfall

“YEAH!” The Mega Star proves he’s more than phenomenal! His first WrestleMania is his first WrestleMania victory, will it only be a matter of time before this IS LA Knight’s game?


The King & Queen of the Ring are coming!

The epic tournaments return, and it all culminates on May 25th as the WWE returns to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Who will fight their way to the top and ascend to the thrones?


The 2024 WWE Hall of Fame Class is on stage!

Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda, aka The US Express! Thunderbolt Patterson! Bull Nakano! Ata Johnson is here to represent Lia Maivia, and a banner flies for Muhammad Ali! And of course, The Wise Man, Paul E. Dangerously himself, Paul Heyman! The fans cheer for “E C DUB! E C DUB!” as this incredible class shines under the spotlight.


WWE United States Championship Triple Threat: Logan Paul VS Kevin Owens VS Randy Orton!

They say all men are created equal, but if you were to ask The Maverick, he’d say he’s levels above both of his opponents put together. Logan is ImPAULsive to say the least, but he went from trolling The Prizefighter to outright screwing The Viper over inside the Elimination Chamber. Now he’ll have to face them both, can he survive? Or are we mathematically guaranteed a new champion here in Philly?

Logan sees LA Knight’s Slim Jim car and raises him a Prime Truck, armed with a “Prime Cannon” to set off his pyro! And once again, he has a Prime bottle mascot following him. Is that gonna turn out to be KSI again? As for Kevin, he reaches gorilla, and Sami Zayn is there! Sami won the Intercontinental Championship after Kevin encouraged him, so he says, “Your turn now! Go get ’em!” Kevin makes his entrance, his ring gear and graphics echoing OG ECW, but that makes him think. Kevin goes around behind the L to go get the golf cart! Kevin cruises down to ringside, but then he hears Orton’s music hits so he backs up and offers a ride.

Orton thinks about it, and says why not. Orton hops on the back, holds on to the handrail, and Kevin cruises right back down to ringside. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who’s prime championship material!

The bell rings and Logan bails out! Logan won’t let #RKKO go after him like they did on Friday, but he thinks this is enough to turn them against each other. They go out after him, chase him down and pinball him between haymakers! The fans fire up and Kevin CHOPS! Orton CLUBS Logan, Logan kicks Kevin but Orton SMACKS Logan off the apron! Kevin SMACKS Logan off the apron! Orton SMACKS Logan off steel steps! Kevin SMACKS Logan off Spanish commentary! Speaking of commentary, Orton gives Logan a DESK BACK SUPLEX! The fans fire up and RKKO agree to do that again! Kevin hits the DESK BACK SUPLEX!

Logan writhes, RKKO say they need to go higher! Orton drags Logan up to BIG DESK BACK SUPLEX! Kevin sees it now, and he brings Logan up to put him in the ring. They go in, stomp Logan around, then Kevin hauls Logan up to back suplex. Logan slips free, shoves Kevin into Orton, and now there’s tension. But Orton remembers, it was Logan who shoved Kevin. So RKKO mugs Logan! Orton stomps Logan’s hand, Kevin stomps the other hand! Then they do the same to the feet! The fans cheer as Kevin asks Logan, “Are you having a good time? No?” Oh well. Orton whips Logan to ELBOW him down, then Kevin SENTONS! But then who covers…?

The tension grows a bit more, but RKKO says they’ll keep going against Logan. But then Kevin stops the RKO! Orton says it was that close. The fans tell Orton he messed up, but Kevin says they might as well get it out of the way. They fire off haymakers on each other! The fans cheer as the forearms fly, then Orton HEADBUTTS! Logan DOUBLE BUCKSHOTS them down!! The fans boo but Logan rains down forearms on Kevin! Logan says this is what they get for bullying him, and he stomps Orton around. Orton goes to one corner, Kevin goes to the other, and Logan mocks Orton’s pose. Logan mocks the fans, then runs up to dribble Kevin off buckles!

Logan digs Kevin’s face into the Prime logo on the buckle, then ROCKS him! Logan runs up at Orton to STINGER SPLASH! The fans cheer for Gatorade, and Kevin SUPERKICKS Logan! Logan falls onto Orton, and Kevin says “SUCK IT!” CANNONBALL, two for one! Kevin hurries up top with Logan in the drop zone! SWANTON onto knees! Logan saves himself, goes out to the apron, and he climbs up top. Logan SWANTON BOMBS Kevin, then SPLASHES Orton! Cover, TWO! Logan covers Kevin, TWO! The fans tell Logan “You Still Suck!” but Logan waits on Orton to stand. Logan drags Orton up to UPPERCUT! Orton UPPERCUTS in return!

Logan UPPERCUTS, but Orton shakes out the cobwebs. Orton UPPERCUTS and Logan wobbles. Logan UPPERCUTS, Orton UPPERCUTS, repeat! They go shot for shot, Logan throws UPPERCUTS from all sides! Orton drops to his knees and Logan wipes the sweat from his brow. The fans boo but he just grins and soaks it up. But then Orton pokes Logan in the eye! Orton TOSSES Logan out to the floor, but Kevin kicks Orton! Kevin whips Orton to a corner but Orton comes back to LARIAT! And LARIAT! Kevin swings, misses, and runs into the SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up as Orton smirks.

Orton has Kevin in the ropes, brings him out, but Logan ROCKS Orton! Logan slingshots but into the SNAP POWERSLAM! Orton scowls and drags Logan up. Orton puts Logan in the ropes, and then gets Kevin, too! The fans fire up as Orton has them both, DOUBLE DRAPING DDTS! The fans cheer as Orton swaggers, then he hears those voices in his head! The Viper has two targets, who wants it first? Logan and Kevin both stand, so Orton tries Logan! No RKO, Kevin SUPERKICKS! Kevin SUPERKICKS Logan, too! Then CODE BREAKER SENTON COMBO! Orton tumbles away so cover on Logan, TWO!!

Kevin rains down hands on Logan, steps on him to go to the corner and climbs up top. But Orton is back and he ROCKS Kevin! Orton throws hands but Kevin hits back! Orton pokes Kevin in the eye, climbs up, but Logan runs up to CLUB Orton in the leg! Logan gets under Orton but Orton rains down fists! Orton also punches Kevin, he alternates and gets to TEN much faster! But then Kevin HEADBUTTS! And HEADBUTTS! Orton falls back, but Logan ROCKS Kevin! Logan goes up, but Kevin turns this around, FISHERMAN BUSTER JACKHAMMER!! Kevin goes back up to MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!!! Logan survives and Kevin is speechless!

Logan flounders his way to the outside, and Orton wants Kevin! Kevin says no to the RKO and rolls Orton, TWO! Kevin kicks, whips, but Orton slips free of the pop-up! Kevin still tries the kick but Orton block the Stunner! RKO!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Kevin survives THE move, and Orton is shocked! Kevin crawls to the apron then flops out. Orton is frustrated, but Logan slithers in. He has the brass knuckles!! The fans boo as Logan can’t just do this fair and square! But Orton ducks the haymaker, gets the knuckles, but Logan CLAWS Orton’s face! And BRASS KNUCKLE HAYMAKER!! Cover, TWO?!?!?!

Orton survives and Logan can’t understand! To be fair, surviving that is superhuman to say the least! Logan aims again, but Kevin grabs that hand! Logan gets free, BRASS BODY BLOW then BRASS HAYMAKER!! Logan gets Orton back up, reels him in and grins. Logan says watch this! RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!!! The Viper strikes and the fans are thunderous! But all three men are down! Orton stirs and rises up while Philly rallies for him. Orton finds his way over to Logan, takes the knuckles away, and the fans want him to use them now! Orton says no, he lets the ref have the knuckles. Orton then looms over Logan, and prepares that field goal leg!

The fans fire up as Orton takes aim, and he runs in, only for the Prime bottle to get Logan outta there! The fans boo, that’s IShowSpeed! Streamer helps influencer, and he barks at Orton like he’s a big dog! Speed shoves Orton, talks trash, but Orton BOOTS him down! He spills the Prime, and then clears off the English commentary desk! Orton strips Speed of the costume, then drags him to the desk! Orton gets Speed on the desk, then climbs up to join him! The fans fire up as Orton’s about to meme him! BARK BARK, RKO TO THE DESK!!! Philly is electric but Logan POSTS Orton! Logan puts Orton in, goes up top, and FROG- NO, Orton move!

Kevin is there, POP-UP POWERBOMB for Logan!! STUNNER for Orton!! Cover on Orton, TWO?!?! Orton survives Kevin going Stone Cold and Kevin is beside himself! “This is Awesome!” as Logan flounders away and Kevin drags Orton up. Kevin gets Orton on his feet, whips him to ropes, POP-UP RKO!!!! But Logan runs in! Orton tosses him back out, but Logan still POSTS Orton! Logan goes up to FROG SPLASH Kevin!! Cover, Logan wins!!

Winner: Logan Paul, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

The Maverick proved he can be as opportunistic as the best of ’em! He better give IShowSpeed some of that winner’s purse for saving him. But with this big WrestleMania victory, will Logan’s ego grow exponentially from here on out?


WWE Women’s Championship: Iyo Sky VS Bayley!

Damage CTRL debuted at SummerSlam 2022, and it was meant to be how The Evil Genius, The Role Model and Dakota Kai would take control of the WWE Women’s Division. However, when Iyo found success and Bayley did not, things soured. It was Iyo who brought in old friends to usurp control from Bayley and then cut the deadweight away from the group. Will Bayley make Iyo regret betraying her? Or will Bayley end up regretting ever bringing Iyo back to the WWE?

Bayley’s entrance has her carried in by men in Anubis headdresses while she herself is like an Egyptian goddess. Her theme song is remixed to fit the theme, is this her way of saying she’s going to bury Iyo like the pharaohs of old? As for Iyo’s entrance, it’s a lot of herself on screen, and then she walks out in a robe that sparkles in all colors of the rainbow, DMG CTRL seeing her off. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly in control!

The bell rings and the fans rally up as the two stare down. They step up, tie up, and go around. Bayley headlocks for the takeover, but Iyo headscissors. Bayley kips free and runs Iyo over! Iyo bails out, Bayley eggs her on, and Iyo returns. Iyo stomps a foot, then throws Bayley by her hair! The fans still rally behind Bayley but now Iyo eggs Bayley on. Bayley gets back in, they tie up again, and Bayley powers Iyo back. They go to the mat, tumble out to the floor, then stand up. Bayley shoves Iyo so Iyo SHOTEIS! The brawl is on, and Iyo SMACKS Bayley off the apron! Iyo puts Bayley in, storms up after her, but dodges the haymaker!

Iyo handsprings, Bayley dodges, but the DROPKICK still finds her! Bayley bails out and Iyo says iku zo! Iyo runs but Bayley ROCKS her first! APRON DDT! Iyo staggers, Bayley DIVES! Direct hit with a rare low-pe from Bayley, but she shakes out a leg. Bayley puts Iyo in, pushes her to a cover, TWO! Bayley keeps cool but her leg still bugs her. Iyo bails out so Bayley WRECKS her with a dropkick. Bayley then runs to DAREDEVIL- NO, Iyo blocks the dropkick to SLAM the bad leg into the post! Iyo has her target and she gets on the apron for a HANGING HEEL HOOK! Bayley suffers, the ref counts, but Iyo lets go at 4!

Iyo hurries back in, Bayley hobbles away, but Iyo SLAMS the bad leg off the mat! Bayley goes to a corner, Iyo runs in, but Bayley BOOTS her! Iyo runs back in, blocks the second boot, and then puts that leg in the ropes to DRAPING DRAGON SCREW the other! Bayley won’t have a leg to stand on at this point! Iyo stomps Bayley around, focusing on the knees, then she drags Bayley up. The fans rally but Iyo whips. Bayley reverses, but Iyo wheelbarrows, victory rolls, STOMP 182! Cover, TWO! Bayley survives, bails out, and the fans still rally behind her. Iyo smirks as she goes out to the apron. Iyo then aims, but Bayley YANKS her down!

Bayley runs up, but Iyo ROCKS her first! Iyo brings Bayley up to whip, but Bayley reverses and sends Iyo over barriers, into the timekeeper’s area! Bayley says she’s got Iyo now, but Iyo ROCKS her first! Iyo goes up the barrier to CROSSBODY into a SPINEBUSTER! Bayley turned that right around on Iyo and the fans rally up! The ring count is 5 of 10, then 7! Bayley hurries to get Iyo up and in at 8 to keep this match alive. Cover, TWO! Iyo is still in this but Bayley KNEES her right down! Iyo goes to a corner, Bayley fires off point-blank clotheslines! The fans fire up as Bayley fires off but the ref backs her down.

Bayley reels Iyo in, fireman’s carries, and spins around, SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Iyo survives that but Bayley just goes to a corner. Bayley climbs, even with the bad leg, but Iyo SHOTEIS! Bayley’s bad leg gets caught between the ropes! Iyo hurries up to SHOTGUN Bayley to the floor! Iyo won’t stop there, she goes up the corner! ARIHARA MOONSAULT! Direct hit and Bayley’s down again! Iyo roars as she rises but the fans boo. Iyo gets Bayley in, goes up and up and springboards to SHOTGUN! Then Bayley’s on ropes so Iyo DOUBLE KNEES her in the back! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives the onslaught and Philly still sings for her!

Iyo snarls, gets Bayley up, but Bayley switches. Iyo switches, Bayley switches, repeat! Bayley back suplexes, Iyo lands out and Bayley hobbles. Bayley still comes back, SUNSET FLIP BUCKLE BOMB! Then inside cradle, TWO!! Iyo escapes, Bayley’s bad leg holding back that cradle. Bayley and Iyo both stand, Bayley runs up but Iyo puts her on the apron! Bayley’s bad leg buckles, but she still avoids Iyo’s shoulder tackle! Bayley CLUBS away, but then Iyo waistlocks! Iyo drags Bayley back in, to GERMAN SULE! Bridging cover but the roll through, deadlift HIGH ANGLE GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Iyo is seething but she goes up the corner now. The fans boo the OVER THE MOONSAULT but Bayley BOOTS her! A truly double-edged move to save herself but this is how much Bayley wants this! Bayley drags herself up the corner, aims, MACHO ELBOW, into a CROSSFACE!! Bayley flails, reaches out, rolls it to a cover, TWO! SLIDING UPPERCUT! Then SLIDING- CROSSFACE!!! Iyo has Bayley again, but Bayley fights and crawls around! Bayley reaches out but Iyo rolls this back, steps over, STF!!! Bayley endures all over again, but gets her arms inside the crossface to elbow away! Iyo lets her go, and Bayley clinches! BAYLEY2BELLY!!! Cover, TWO!!!

Iyo survives the classic and Bayley is frustrated. Bayley drags Iyo back up, hooks her up, but Iyo grabs at Bayley’s vest! Iyo wants to apologize? SUCKER PUNCH! Iyo manipulates Bayley’s emotions and laughs about it! But Bayley rises up to SLAP Iyo!! The fans are thunderous as Bayley says Iyo is right: they were never friends. Bayley did this for Iyo! Iyo ROCKS Bayley, Bayley fires off forearms in return! BAYLEY2- ROLL-UP! TWO!! Bayley rises, but Iyo wrenches her and underhooks! TIGER BACKBREAKER!! Iyo goes up the corner, to go OVER THE MOONSAULT!! Cover, TWO!!! Bayley survives and shocks everyone!

The fans cheer Bayley on as hard as they can while Iyo tries to use all her Evil Genius to understand how Bayley’s still in this! Iyo fires off hands, STANDING MOONSAULTS, then she goes up to LIONSAULT! Then she goes up and up and OVER THE MOONSAULT but Bayley moves! Bayley runs up to hook Iyo up! ROSE PLANT but Iyo handsprings through?! Since when!? Iyo runs up, but Bayley LARIATS Iyo inside-out!! Bayley fights through the pain and the fans are thunderous! Bayley hobbles back up, clinches, SAIDO!! Bayley hurries to the corner and drags herself back up! MACHO ELBOW!!!

But that’s not enough for Bayley! She hooks Iyo up, ROSE PLANT!!! Cover, BAYLEY WINS!!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Champion)

Justice has been served and Bayley has been vindicated! She takes control back from Iyo, adding to her already stellar résumé! Will Bayley’s star only shine bigger and brighter from here on out?


Backlash says c’est la vie.

That’s right, Saturday May 4th, WWE goes to Lyon-Decines, France! But who will say oui oui to championship opportunities?


The Philadelphia Cheerleaders help bring out Snoop Dogg!

D O Double G has a mic to say, “Yessir! If you having a good time tonight, make some noise!” The fans make some noise for sure. Snoop says he is gonna announce tonight’s attendance: 72,755! Can we have a toast to the City of Brotherly Love? The fans cheer that, too! Is anybody out there ready for the amin event? Then say “Hell yeah!” “HELL YEAH!” Say it again! “HELL YEAH!” Then that brings us to the two night total of: 145,298! WrestleMania 40 is truly XL, will things only get bigger and better from here?


Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Bloodline Rules: Roman Reigns VS Cody Rhodes!

It has been a cold weekend in Philadelphia, and everyone has had chills going up their spines as the story continues to heat up. Reality doesn’t always have a happy ending, just look back at last year in Hollywood. “You can step away, set a new standard, ignite a revolution,” and even then, a dream may always be just out of reach. The Tribal Chief has found a way to dominate and retain this title time and time again, and again, just look back at last year. But this year, The American Nightmare vows to do everything he has to in order to right those wrongs. This year, Cody is all in, he’s going to go all out, because it is all or nothing!

If Cody loses now, he’ll NEVER get another shot at this title, because The Final Boss, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said so! Last night’s tag team match may have sealed Cody’s fate, but if there’s even a one percent chance of winning, can The American Nightmare hit the mark? Or will we all ACKNOWLEDGE the end?

As banners with his logo wave on the tron, with a warzone all around, Cody Rhodes rises up wearing a winged skull helmet, Brandi Rhodes by his side! “Wrestling has more than one royal family,” and Cody is ready for war! The fans sing along with Cody’s song, “WHOA~ OH~!” and Cody gets his pyro. Cody hugs his mom, sister and nephew at ringside, hoping to make them proud. For Roman’s entrance, he has an entire choir and orchestra performing the prelude to his theme song, then he walks out on stage, The Wise Man right behind him. He raises the title and the pyro goes off as the music continues here on Day 1316.

Roman continues down to the ring, Heyman holding up the title as the only banner The Tribal Chief needs. Roman then steps into the ring, raises the belt again, and his second round of pyro goes off. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it’s time to see just how we #FinishTheStory!

The bell rings and the fans are thunderous already! And they’re all chanting for “CODY! CODY!” Roman smirks and steps forward to stare Cody down. Roman talks a little trash, then the two circle. Cody fires the fans up more, they tie up, and Roman clinches. Cody puts Roman in a corner, but then gets away before Roman can turn it around. The fans boo Roman but Roman chuckles. The two circle again, tie up, and Cody waistlocks. Roman fights the lift, ELBOWS free, then talks more trash. Roman headlocks, Cody powers up and out, but Roman runs him over! Roman puts up the one but the fans boo.

Cody gets up and Roman smirks. Roman and Cody reset and circle again. The fans fire up for “CODY! CODY!” more and Roman is annoyed. They tie up, go around, and Cody headlocks. Roman powers up and out, but Cody slides under, kicks low and RHODES UPPERCUTS! Cody baits Roman in, Roman runs up but into the POST! Cody has Roman on the outside and hurries after him! Cody decides to use Bloodline Rules to his advantage, and he gets a TABLE! The fans fire up as we’re going extreme already! Cody puts the table in but Roman DRIVEBY DROPKICKS! Roman chuckles as he takes the table and puts it back under the ring!

The fans boo, but Roman doesn’t give them what they want, he does what he wants. Roman brings Cody around, whips him, but Cody reverses! Roman hits steel steps! Cody sees the belt on display, then goes after Roman. Cody puts Roman back in, but Roman bails out the side. Cody is annoyed but he hurries after. Cody drags Roman up by his hair, but Roman kendo stick SMACKS Cody! Then Roman gets in to SMACK Cody again! And again! And again! And again! The fans boo but Roman tells them to shut their mouths, he’s The Tribal Chief. Roman winds up, but Cody ducks! Strike one, and Cody kicks low!

Cody gets the kendo stick now! Roman freaks out, dodges Cody, and the stick goes tumbling away! Cody kicks Roman back to then BULLDOG him down! Cody gets the legs, the fans “WOO~!” and Cody steps through! FIGURE FOUR! Roman flails right on the Prime logo! Roman grabs at the hold, CLAWS Cody’s face, and Cody lets Roman free! Roman snarls, hobbles, and Cody flounders. Roman BOOTS Cody down, stomps away on him, then stalks Cody. The fans rally for Cody but Roman wags his finger. Roman bumps Cody off buckles, then brings him around to bump off more buckles. The fans rally for Cody but Roman TOSSES Cody out.

Roman talks trash as he goes out after Cody. Roman storms up and uses the Prime tank to SMACK Cody! Roman shoves the hydration station aside, DUMPS Cody into the crowd, then pursues! Roman tells Mama Johnson he’s gonna beat Cody’s ass. But Cody hits back! They brawl with haymakers right by one of the girder supports, then Roman SMACKS Cody off it! Roman gets up on the support with Cody, but the fans boo. Roman tells fans to move aside, he’s about to chuck Cody! Roman reels Cody in, but Cody blocks the suplex! Roman throws body shots, but Cody still fights, to suplex Roman onto the support!

The fans fire up while Cody rises. Roman hobbles away, but Cody DUMPS him to ringside! Cody puts Roman in, the fans rally up, and Cody hurries in to springboard and DISASTER- NO, Roman catches and POWERBOMBS Cody! But even Roman falls back from how much that took out of him! Roman sits up, Cody crawls, and the fans rally again. Heyman grins as Roman stands and storms up on Cody. Roman hauls Cody up to snap suplex! Cover, ONE!! Cody is defiant but Roman CHOKES him on the ropes! Roman says he’ll send Cody to Hollywood with the rest of ’em! “This is MY company, you little b*tch!”

The fans boo as Tribal Chief puts money in the swear jar, but Roman just looms over Cody. Roman kicks Cody around and laughs. Cody hobbles up, but Roman reels him in for a BIG back suplex! Cover, ONE!! Roman gets annoyed but laughs it off. Heyman says the son of the son of a plumber is not going to win this one! Roman clamps on a cravat for a neck wrench, and he grinds Cody down to the mat! Cody endures, fights up, and the fans rally up! Cody throws body shots, but Roman CLUBS Cody! Roman brushes off the fans cheering Cody on, and he back suplexes, but Cody lands out! Kick and facelock, but Roman wrenches out!

Roman hooks a leg, PERFECT PLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! So not quite perfect, but Heyman says Cody must love the pain if he’s still hanging around. Roman stalks Cody to a corner, and he SLAPS Cody! Roman stares Cody down, ROCKS him, and Heyman is certainly enjoying this. The fans still rally for Cody as Roman ROCKS him again. Cody goes to another corner, Roman storms up, and Roman fires point blank clotheslines! The fans count along, Roman goes all the way to TEN! Roman then runs, but Cody SUPERKICKS! Roman BOOTS back, Cody SUPERKICKS! Roman BOOTS again! Both men wobble, but DOUBLE LARIATS collide!

The fans fire up while both men are down! Roman and Cody slowly sit up. Roman stands and he throws a haymaker! Cody gives that haymaker back! Roman hits back, so Cody hits back! They go back and forth, Philly clearly on Cody’s side! Cody gets the edge as he fires off a flurry! Cody whips, Roman reverses but Cody CLOBBERS him! Roman runs back up, Cody goes up and over! SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans are thunderous as Cody is feeling it! Even with one good leg, Cody springboards to DISASTER KICK! Cover, TWO! Roman’s tougher than that but Cody keeps calm. Cody glares at Heyman, then hauls Roman up.

Cody runs, springboards, but into a waistlock! Then dragon sleeper! Roman steals CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!!! Heyman is shocked and Roman is laughing in disbelief! “That move sucks!” Roman pretends like that’s the reason Cody kicked out, and then he goes to a corner. The fans boo as Roman locks ‘n’ loads! Roman runs in, SUPERMAN- NO, Cody dodges! JAB! JAB! JAB! JAB JAB JAB JAB! Flip, Flop, Fly, BIONIC ELBOW! Cody looks to Heaven, knowing Dusty is looking down on him! Roman bails out, Cody pursues, but then thinks about it. Cody looks at the desk, and he clears it off! The fans are loving where this is going!

Cody gets Roman up, but Roman LOW BLOWS!! The fans boo but Roman grins. It was only a matter of time before Roman went there, and he reels Cody in to get him up, to POWERBOMB him through the desk!! Roman then hurries to get Cody up and into the ring! But Cody’s right up, so Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES!! Cover, TWO!!! Cody survives again and Roman is beside himself! Roman eggs on the fans now and they boo as he goes back to the corner. Roman says this is the end! “OOOAH~!” Roman runs in, into a KICK! Cody springboards, CODY CUTTER!! But Cody can’t make the cover! He crawls to it, TWO!!!

Roman survives but Cody fights back his frustration and panic. The fans are still with him, and Cody roars! Roman rises, Cody dragon sleepers, but Roman fires hands from below! And a KNEE! Cody staggers back, but he runs up, into a clinch! ROCK BOT- ARM-DRAG!! Cody then dodges Roman to SPEAR!!! Cover, TWO!!! Roman survives, does that move “suck” now? Cody gets Roman back up, dragon sleepers, and CROSS RHODES!! But Cody holds on! JIMMY USO SUPERKICKS HIM!!! This was also only a matter of time! Jimmy may have lost to Jey but he isn’t gonna let Roman lose this!

Jimmy gets Cody up, Roman runs in, SUPERMAN PUNCH! But speaking of, here comes Jey!! Jimmy hurries to intercept and the Uso VS Uso battle begins again! Jey throws haymaker after haymaker, “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Then SUPERKICK! Then a SPEAR off the stage and through some tables!!! Uso cancels out Uso and Roman can’t believe it! Cody rolls Roman up! TWO!!! Cody ducks ‘n ‘dodges, but Roman SPEARS!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! Cody survives again and Roman is pissed at the ref!! Roman storms around, says he’s done with this ish! Roman tells Heyman to do something but what? Roman gets Cody in the GUILLOTINE!

Cody RAMS Roman into buckles! Roman holds on, so Cody RAMS Roman into more buckles! Then Cody takes Roman tumbling out of the ring! Cody is free now, stands back up, and he runs back in at Roman! Cody SPEARS Roman through barriers!!! The fans lose their minds as Cody gives Roman a taste of his own medicine from just last night! “This is Awesome!” as Cody drags Roman up from the wreckage, into the ring, and he pounds the mat. Is he hearing voices like his old mentor, Randy Orton? CROSS RHODES!! And then another CROSS RHODES!! But then flashbacks to WrestleMania 39!! SOLO SIKOA SAMOAN SPIKES CODY!!!!

The fans boo as the other ace up Roman’s sleeve comes into play! Solo drags Roman onto Cody, handing him this on a silver platter! Cover, TWO!??!?!? HOW?!?!? Solo doesn’t believe it, even though he sees it with his own eyes! Solo is about to lose his cool, and he HAMMERS away on Cody! The fans boo as The Enforcer tells The Tribal Chief to stand! Solo says to finish this, and Roman says he knows! Solo stands Cody up for Roman, and Roman takes aim! Roman says “OOOAH~” and SAMOAN SPIKE SPEAR COMBO!!!! Cover, TWO??!?!?! How is Cody human?! Solo is pissed, but HERE COMES JOHN CENA!!!!

The fans are going nuts as Cena wants payback on Solo for Crown Jewel!! Cena fires off haymakers on Solo, then runs to LARIAT Solo up and out! Then fireman’s carry on Roman, this is for SummerSlam 2021! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!! Cena clears off the Spanish desk, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT through the desk!! But here comes THE ROCK! Cena knows The People’s Champion well, and he goes into the ring as Rock starts heading down the ramp! The fans are losing their minds as we get Once in a Lifetime for the third time! Cena says you can’t see him, but Rock hits the ROCK BOTTOM!!

Rock tells that’s what Cena gets! The weight belt comes off, and it still has Mama Rhodes’ name on it. But wait, the SHIELD theme?!? The Rock is waiting for someone, anyone, but Roman sees Rollins first! SUPERMAN PUNCH on Rollins, who was even dressed in the old gear! The fans boo as Roman ruins Rollins’ moment, and now Rock tells Mama Rhodes she’s gonna see a repeat of Chicago! BUT THEN THE BELL TOLLS?!? Not even The Rock can believe this one! The lights go down, and when they come up, THE UNDERTAKER IS BEHIND ROCK!!! Rock sees him, takes a swing, but gets a CHOKE SLAM instead!!!

Taker then disappears with the lights, and he took Rock with him!! Roman and Cody are alone with a chair and the weight belt in the ring! Roman thinks about what he wants to use, and he goes for the chair. Cody drags himself up with the ropes, but then Roman sees Rollins is still here. Roman can’t let the past go, he SMACKS Rollins!! Rollins falls, Roman takes aim at Cody, “OOOAH~!” But Cody KICKS him first! CROSS RHODES!!! CROSS RHODES!!!! And once again, CROSS RHOOOOODES!!!!! Cover, CODY WINS!!!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall (NEW WWE Universal Champion)

Now THAT is how you #FinishTheStory!!! Brandi joins Cody in the ring to celebrate with a kiss as he, and the Rhodes Family, finally holds up THE WWE Championship! Rock and Roman regroup on the ramp while Cena, Rollins, Jey, Sami, Kevin, Randy, even LA Knight and CM Punk join Cody in celebrating. They hoist him up on their shoulders for all to see, because finally, someone dethroned The Tribal Chief! Even Mama Rhodes gets in the ring to hug her boy. Cody lets Mama hold onto the belt, everyone knowing Dusty is smiling down on them. Cody gets a mic and stands with the family to say, “Real quick, I know it’s been a long night.”

The fans cheer Cody on, and Cody says he is surrounded by greatness in this ring, in this stadium, but there are two people who he would never have made it back to WWE without. One is Bruce Pritchard, and the other is pleading to not come out here, but we have started a brand new era and that man is the leader of it, PLEASE, HHH! Come on down! Mama Rhodes hands the belt back to Cody as Pritchard and HHH make their way on down the ramp. Brandi helps Cody put the belt on, just in time for Pritchard to hug it out with Cody. HHH shakes Cody’s hand, the fans cheer, and now they hug it out, all the emotion pouring out.

HHH raises Cody’s hand in victory and the fans cheer again. Sami calls Randy over, they get Cody up again for another round of applause. The American Nightmare is living the dream, having fulfilled Dusty’s greatest dream for his son. Cody even goes out to hug it out with Michael Cole, then shakes hands with Corey Graves and Pat McAfee. Cody returns to the ring to continue shaking hands and hugging it out with everyone on Team Nightmare. And of course, Cody thanks Rollins for sticking with him until the end. They shake hands, and Rollins says Cody deserves this. HHH shakes Cody’s hand one more time, and now Cody revels in the cheers of the fans.

The pyro goes off in celebration, and Cody holds the belt up one more time. Truly, a new era has begun in the WWE, and if this is the biggest WrestleMania ever, just how much bigger will WrestleMania 41, 42 and beyond become?

My Thoughts:

What an incredible night for WrestleMania, for WWE, for pro-wrestling at all! From first match to last match, just so much great action that also worked well with all the stories being told. And Steph returned, that’s a sign of good thigs, too! The World Heavyweight Championship opening the night was a surprising move, but then it became clear they wanted this title scene to have a moment unto itself. Rollins probably survives one too many things given what he also went through last night in the tag match, but McIntyre gets his win, his moment, and then perhaps his own hubris took that moment away when he taunted Punk, got punked, and then Priest cashes in successfully. What an awesome move going into Raw in this HHH Era.

The Six Man Street Fight was great not just for action but for the fact Snoop joined commentary, Bubba Ray got to be the special guest ref, and even the ladies got involved. Great win for The Pride after all the “losses” they took along the way. With this team on SmackDown, and given how A-Town Down Under have the tag titles, The Pride could easily go after them now in this stretch to Backlash France. In fact, Logan Paul still being US Champion, Lashley can even go after him now so that the whole faction is facing Logan and his circle of friends. The Triple Threat was great stuff, and Kevin is himself so self-aware of story tropes, it was great for him and Orton to amicably start fighting each other! As I figured, those two canceled out, Logan retains, on to another Face challenger.

LA Knight VS AJ Styles was really good because it found a way to blend their styles, pun intended. LA Knight is the Attitude Era throwback beefy brawler while Styles basically helped innovate the Indy wrestler hybrid of technique and high-flying, and we got enough of both that it worked. Knight winning out was the right move, he gets payback for Elimination Chamber and gets a much needed moment of “winning the big one.” If not Lashley, LA Knight should go against Logan and the US Championship next because he’d be able to match Logan in promos while basically having another of these mixed style matches.

Iyo VS Bayley as the second-to-last match was a great honor for them, that in a way shows how important this story is to WWE right now. Iyo the international Joshi star, Bayley as one of the NXT Horsewomen and first Women’s Grand Slam Champion, these two gave us an awesome match because what else was it gonna be? Both knew each other so well given their time as allies in DMG CTRL, and it’s Bayley bringing out stuff she hadn’t in a long time that tipped the scales in her favor, I really like that Bayley actually pulled this win off. DMG CTRL lost the whole weekend, though, so you can bet they’ll want something big for Backlash as revenge.

And of course, what is there to say about the main event? Well, I did wonder at the start how wild it was gonna get, they kinda gave us just a taste of what that “fair and square” match was gonna be. But it built up through the No Disqualification stipulation, built up through the overbooking, and it was so awesome that they got Cena and Taker to get in on this. Granted, Taker was the most surprising, I was expecting glass to shatter, not the bell to toll. But hey, there’s continuity to make Taker helping Cody make sense, such as Roman beating Taker after the streak was already broken. But in the end, Cody HAD to #FinishTheStory, he DID #FinishTheStory, and so much great showing of real emotion. In a perfect world, Dustin would’ve been here, too, but hey, 99% is still damn good.

My Score: 9.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 40 Results & Report! (4/6/24)

And so it begins!



It’s the biggest dream team tag match in WrestleMania history!

To determine if the WWE Universal Championship is fair and square or Bloodline Rules, Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins take on The Rock & Roman Reigns! Will this weekend become a #FreakinNightmare for The Final Boss & Tribal Chief? Or will that be the other way around?


  • WWE Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Becky Lynch; Rhea wins and retains the title.
  • Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Six Pack Ladder Match: Finn Balor & Damian Priest VS #DIY VS The Awesome Truth VS The New Day VS New Catch Republic VS A-Town Down Under; A-Town Down Under win the SmackDown titles and Awesome Truth win the Raw titles.
  • Rey Mysterio & Andrade El Idolo VS Dominik Mysterio & Santos Escobar; Rey & Andrade win.
  • Jey Uso VS Jimmy Uso; Jey wins.
  • Six Woman Tag: Naomi, Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill VS Damage CTRL; Naomi, Bianca & Jade win.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER VS Sami Zayn; Sami wins and becomes the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.
  • The Dream Team Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins VS The Rock & Roman Reigns; The Rock & Roman win and establish Bloodline Rules for the Universal Championship match on Night Two.


It’s the WrestleMania 40 Kickoff Show!

Join Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, CM Punk and Big E for this TWO HOUR kickoff show, as they discuss, analyze and predict all of the action on the first night of the biggest WrestleMania Weekend of all time! Punk even says you can’t have a Philly WrestleMania without #PhilE! Get it?


Meek Mill speaks.

“Every city lives by a code. Only difference is, when you crack that Philly code, you put the whole world on notice. Tonight, we got some mess around and find out type o’ guys. Straight up code breakers. So if you come for The Bloodline, you best not miss. We been showin’ out for 40 years, and we got forever to go. And it’s about to be legendary. Philly, WrestleMania, let’s get it!”


Triple H has a sit-down interview.

Megan Morant is with the The Game, the Cerebral Assassin, the Chief Content Officer of the WWE at the WWE headquarters. She thanks him for taking this time during this busy part of the year, and starts with a tough one: How’s he doing? He’s great. There’s no better time than WrestleMania season, and especially for the biggest Mania ever. First Mania under TKO, what’s that like? TKO sort of coming in allowed WWE to think outside the box. They’ve been able to look at things with fresh eyes and you’ll see that going forward from now on. It is different, but it is fun.

Six weeks ago, the Mania main event looked rather different. But here we are, Mania Saturday. How does HHH adapt and evolve? HHH notes that things were different. It started with The Rock saying he wanted to come back and get involved. There’s one thing about The Rock is that he’s known this business his entire life. He listens to fans, hears their reactions. The best stories are when you can blur the lines of real-life and fiction, and they have followed the path most intriguing to the fans. This is now everything it should be.

Megan notes the “complicated” history between HHH and The Rock. What is the dynamic now that they both have executive level responsibilities? It is funny to think of how their careers are wildly different yet also parallel. It’s rather poetic going into WrestleMania 40. Looking back at Rocky Maivia and Hunter Hearst Hemsley, it’s so hard to imagine them both being where they are today. The Rock is the biggest star in the world yet HHH still sees him as that young guy. It’s just fun.

Megan notes HHH also has the most experience in a WrestleMania ring than anyone in WWE today. Does he miss any part of performing? Not the physicality. But it is interesting that in your career, it is rather self-centered. “Can I deliver? Can I still do it?” Being in the leadership role is now more external, more collaborative, and having a building full of talented people, the roster and the crew. It is more fun and exciting than even his wrestling career. They’re an entertainment company, they keep that in mind as they work on it. If they’re having fun working, you’ll have fun watching.

This is just part one of this interview, watch the rest of this interview tomorrow as part of night two!


Peter Rosenberg and Braun Strowman are at Cheekie’s & Pete’s!

They’re having some Wheatley American Vodka, and they’re talking the Dream Team Tag Match. Braun would be nervous but confident, because Cody Rhodes is gonna #FinishHisStory. Big day, big weekend, big thirst! Braun wants to make some American Mules for the fans! The fans cheer as he starts pouring the drinks, and they all toast “CODY! CODY!” Will everyone be drinking to Cody’s success? Or will there be some drowning of sorrows instead?


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Jackie Redmond is with the Great Liberator and speaks to how she’s been along for the ride on Sami’s WrestleMania journey. He said he’d find a way, here it is, he faces Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. There have been highs and lows, but where is Sami at right now? Sami says the interesting part is the “right now” thing. Maybe an hour ago, his answer would be different, and an hour from now it’ll be different again. It’s been that crazy of a day, and part of it is that reality is setting it about what’s going down. Sami knows others wouldn’t admit this, but he’ll say it: he’s nervous.

And he knows others interpret that as self-doubt but that’s not this. These are the kinds of nerves that happen when you’re ready to go to war. Ready to push through something you didn’t know you had, ready to be tested in a way no planning could prepare you for. So right now, Sami will say that he’ll use that. He’ll ride the nerves, accept them, and use them as he goes to war. Jackie says Sami wanted to prove to everyone that they were right about him, so she wishes him luck. Will Sami be able to take everything he’s felt up to this point and use it against Der Ring General?


Backstage interview with Trish Stratus.

Cathy Kelley is with the living legend, and she has had many Mania moments, and even faced Becky Lynch. Does she have any predictions? Trish has faced off with Becky inside a steel cage, a Match of the Year contender. And Trish will say that Becky is the best she’s ever stepped in with. Now “Mother” Trish hasn’t stepped into the ring with Mami Rhea, but we all know Rhea’s been unstoppable since winning the world title. Hard to stay if Becky can stop Rhea. Speaking of stepping into the ring, is Trish returning to action in WWE any time soon? Trish says never say never.


Backstage interview with JBL.

Kayla Braxton is with John Bradshaw Layfield and asks how excited he is for the weekend. JBL says his first Mania was HBK ziplining in from the ceiling. JBL retired at Mania, he saw the greatest matches ever, such as HBK VS Taker. His college buddies pitched in so they could all watch Hogan scoop slam Andre! Mania makes you immortal. Hearts will be broken, legends will be created, he can’t wait. Any particular match? Yes, JBL met Rey Mysterio when Rey first came to the WWE, and JBL knew Rey was a deadbeat dad even then. He’s like a lucha libre Darth Vader, it’s horrible. But Dominik Mysterio is like Gandhi, a man who persevered through prison and then turned his life around to be a great role model. JBL can’t wait to see Dom get justice on his father.

And then of course, the main event. Roman Reigns is a modern day Bruno Sammartino, and he’s gonna team with The Rock to take on Daddy’s Boy Cody and Seth Freakin’ Rollins, he can’t wait.


Tom Rinaldi relates a story of sports and charity.

In one crucial moment, a championship belt sparked a bond between a boy in need and the player who helped. The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII, from offensive lineman Trey Smith to the Chiefs Assistant GM Mike Borgonzi. They had their parade on Valentine’s Day 2024, and the community was all united by that moment. To match the rings, the WWE gave the team a Legacy belt. Trey loved having that belt, it was glorious. But as the parade was ending, everything changed as a shooting between angry teens broke out. The Chiefs staff was evacuated, and Trey saw Joey, Mike’s son.

Joey was really scared seeing everyone running to get away. There were so many ambulances, he was really nervous. Trey sat with Joey, could tell Joey was panicked, and his parents didn’t know what to do to calm him down. Mike was sure the fear came from the possibility that the shooter was on the bus. Trey thought how to calm Joey down, and behold, his WWE Legacy belt. Little did Trey know, Joey loves the WWE. Rey threw his shirt to the crowd, and Joey caught it! Joey got to even be Rey for Halloween with that shirt. Joey held onto the belt, and just talked pro-wrestling. He calmed down, and that was a great relief.

Trey telling Joey he was a champion helped Joey forget about the chaos outside. Jill, Joey’s mom, was so grateful that Trey was there with them. Joey thought about his two favorite things, the WWE and the NFL, and it helped him be brave. These childhood moments do carry over into adulthood, so Mike is sure that moment in time changed Joey. When looking back on that day, Joey brings up Trey, the WWE Legacy title, and that Trey let Joey have the belt because he’s the champ. It meant a lot to Joey, he keeps the title by his bed at night to encourage him.

So what is a hero? Joey says a hero is someone who, just like Trey, can help those who are afraid and cheer them up. Trey helped Joey through that scary time, so that’s why Trey’s a hero. And speaking of, Tom welcomes Joey and Trey to the show! Joey got to meet Rey, and Joey thanks Rey and the WWE for giving him such a great experience. Tom says Joey’s an incredible kid. Trey, could this be part of his future? Trey thinks back to being a kid watching WWE, he loves it. Tom says this is a great story, a special bond, and that’s what WWE helps bring into the world. Stay tuned for more kickoff show after this.


Jackie Redmond and Wade Barrett tag in for the panel.

Obviously Michael Cole & Pat McAfee need to make their way to commentary, it’s probably gonna take all 45 minutes left to get there. The fans chant for CM Punk, but then they even chant for Jackie.


Backstage interview with Judgment Day.

Cathy Kelly is with Finn & Priest, and note they’ve been dominant the past few months. But are the odds stacked against them tonight? Priest is pissed because of course they’d be pissed about this situation! They’re the best, no one team can beat them, so now they stack the odds! Five teams?! Seriously? But Finn says they can keep stacking them up so Judgment Day can keep knocking them down! Finn & Priest fist bump, united, but will they still fail to retain all their titles?


WWE honors local Philadelphia non-profits.

Fly Forward, Yeah Philly and The Lighthouse are all given commemorative titles, but that’s not all! In partnership with Slim Jim, WWE awards these organization $50 THOUSAND!! The fans cheer the community champions, here’s hoping that money helps even more people.


Backstage interview with Natalya.

Cathy is with the Queen of Harts who has a lot of Mania moments, but what match is she looking forward to? Well, Philly is the City of Brotherly Love, so she wants to see Yeet VS No Yeet, Jey VS Jimmy. She’s Team YEET, but she’s so excited to see how far these two came. Naturally, she loves looking back to Bret VS Owen, Hart VS Hart, WrestleMania 10, so it’s fitting that WrestleMania 40 is also Brother VS Brother. Cathy says Natty looks so lovely right now she’ll just leave it at that, and sends it over to Kayla.

Backstage interview with Dominik Mysterio & Santos Escobar.

Kayla Braxton is with Dom & Santos, but how much does strategy change – Dom says nothing changes, they just want to destroy The LWO. Andrade will learn what happens when you turn on Santos, and Rey will finally pay for turning on those who loved him. Santos agrees with Dom: the strategy remains the same, they will ERADICATE Rey and the LWO. Will Dirty Dom and the Emperor finally get what they want? Or just what they deserve?


Sit down interview with Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins.

Jackie Redmond asks them… What do they wanna talk about? Clever, and they fist bump Jackie over it. Jackie says after all the history they had, what is it like to be teaming together? Cody knows they put each other through hell, but they both know what it’d mean if this were to become a Bloodline dominated WWE. The Rock has power on the Board of Directors, what else was Rollins supposed to do? Who else would step up if not Rollins? Jackie also brings up how Rollins got to know Dusty Rhodes back in the day. How much did that motivate this partnership?

Rollins takes the sunglasses off to get serious. Dusty believed in Rollins when he didn’t even believe in himself. Dusty was the first person in the WWE that told Rollins to be himself. And so Rollins being under that learning tree means a lot. What would Dusty make of this partnership? A Dusty Kid and one of his sons. Cody is sure that Dusty seeing the inaugural NXT Champion at WrestleMania, he’d be so proud. Dusty’s fingerprints are all over the WWE in 2024. Then this will probably also be hard to talk about, but what about the confrontation with The Rock in Chicago?

Cody says it was embarrassing more than anything. And the last thing The Rock should’ve done was embarrass Cody. Cody wants to see what it’ll be like facing The Rock in a fair fight. Jackie brings up the ambush in Brooklyn, and Rollins says The Bloodline underestimates their opponents. Rollins has had Roman’s number every step of the way, and that hubris and complacency for Roman is gonna bite him on the ass. The Rock hasn’t wrestled in 12 years, and got hurt the last time he did. Roman has been holding on by fingertips, needing the Bloodline in every title match. Bet it all on Cody & Seth for this one.

Then final question: If they lose, Cody’s match becomes Bloodline Rules, Anything Goes. How massive are the repercussions if this doesn’t go how they hope? The reality is, it was always Bloodline Rules. So it can’t be anything other than a win this time. This is their moment, their time, they are united: just win. Some risks are worth taking, they need this win, and that’s what they will do. Confident as they are, can Team Freakin’ Nightmare pull it off?


Coco Jones sings the American National Anthem.


Triple H steps out on stage!

Philly knew The Game was here, but now The Game walks out to see the people! He takes a moment to revel in their cheers, then heads down to the ring. HHH gets on the corner for his signature pose and the fans cheer even more. HHH then gets a mic to say, “Man, I live for this. Welcome to a new time. Welcome to a new era! Welcome to WrestleMania!!” The fans fire up for that, and HHH takes his leave, having made his message short and sweet. Are you ready for The HHH Era?


WWE Women’s World Championship: Rhea Ripley VS Becky Lynch!

When it comes to the Raw Women’s Division, Mami has been on top for an entire YEAR, having taken this throne from The Queen, Charlotte Flair. But now, Rhea runs into The Man, and The Man wants to get back to the Big Time! Will Becky show Rhea that dominance doesn’t last forever? Or will Rhea simply eradicate another of the Four Horsewomen?

Becky’s entrance includes a quote from her autobiography, Not Your Average Average Girl. “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will complete you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will destroy you.” Becky found what she loved. She wasn’t good at it, but she wanted to be, and that was enough. She was addicted to the euphoria, and couldn’t believe anyone wanted to do anything else. Average height, average weight, average upbringing, average anxieties, yet she has done some extraordinary things. For she is… THE MAN! Becky steps through the cover of her book and WEARS her book, because she lives it!

As for Rhea, she has Motionless In White live to perform her theme song! They eat, sleep, bleed the demons in your dreams, and Rhea is ready to rock Philadelphia! The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is truly on top tonight!

The bell rings and the fans fire up as the two stare down. They circle, tie up, and Rhea shoves Becky down! The fans duel already as Rhea eggs on The Man. Becky scowls, and then SLAPS Rhea! Rhea SLAPS back! Then Rhea whips Becky to a corner, runs up, but Becky dodges. Rhea blocks the jump kick, puts Becky on the apron and bumps her off buckles! Becky sputters, Rhea brings her in but Becky HOTSHOTS an arm and POSTS Rhea’s shoulder! Becky goes up, MISSLE DROPKICKS, and Rhea tumbles out. Becky builds speed and slides, but Rhea blocks the kick! Rhea Electric Chair Lifts, but Becky gets free to kick the arm! Then FLYING FOREARM!

Becky hurries after Rhea, puts her in the ring, then storms back in. Rhea swings, Becky bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS her back! Becky swings, but Thea gets under, atomic FACEBUSTER right on the Prime logo. Then Rhea NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Becky scrambles away but Rhea smiles. Rhea sees Becky go to ropes. kicks her around, then puts her in a corner. Rhea bumps Becky off buckles, RAMS into her, and RAMS in again. The ref counts, Rhea lets off, Becky kicks back. Rhea ROCKS and DECKS Becky! Rhea hauls Becky up, reels her in, and she suplexes, but Becky cradle counters! TWO, and Rhea deadlifts Becky!

Rhea SLAMS Becky on the mat, covers, TWO! Rhea is a little amused that Becky’s hanging in there. Rhea pushes Becky around, but Becky fires forearms! Rhea kicks low, CLUBS Becky and CLUBS her again. Rhea whips, DROPKICKS and Becky flounders. The fans rally up as Rhea dusts herself off. Rhea stalks Becky, gets a leg, drags her around with it, then stomps her into a drop zone. Rhea shows some Latina Heat and goes up top. The fans are torn but Becky is after Rhea to SUPER ARM-DRAG! Both women are down and the fans rally up again! Becky crawls her way to ropes, Rhea runs up but Becky counter punches! And again, and again!

They trade haymakers, body shots, and forearms! Becky UPPERCUTS, SOBATS, but Rhea kicks low, stomps a foot, and SMASHES Becky off a knee! But Becky fights the suplex to TORNADO DDT! Becky hurries to cover, TWO! Rhea is still in this but Becky keeps her cool. Becky stands, gets the fans fired up again, then brings Rhea up. Rhea fights the clinch, whips Becky to a corner, then runs up, but Becky dodges! JUMP KICK! Rhea is stuck in the ropes now, and Becky goes up to APRON LEG DROP! Becky gets Rhea up to clinch and BARRIER BECKSPLODER! Rhea writhes, Becky puts her in the ring, and Becky climbs a corner! THE MAN’S LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!

Rhea is still in this and seething, but Becky brings her around. Becky SLAMS the bad arm off the mat, SLAMS it again, and again! Becky goes to mount but Rhea pushes her away! Rhea runs up, into an ELBOW! Becky goes up and up and leaps, into Rhea’s arms! Rhea pops Becky up to a fireman’s carry, for a DROP! And a KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Rhea is shocked! Rhea seethes, dribbles Becky off the Prime logo, then drags her up. Rhea pump handles, RIP- NO, Becky slips free and shoves, BACKSTABBER! Shoutout to The Boss, and Becky gets the ARMBAR! Rhea flails, kicks around, but she’s going away from the ropes!

Becky keeps the arm extended, but Rhea stacks her, and deadlifts, to POWERBOMB! Becky holds on, so Rhea BOMBS her again! And BOMBS her again!! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Rhea is beside herself! Rhea looks around as she thinks of what she has to do now. Becky drags herself up, elbows back, but Rhea HEADBUTTS! Rhea whips, but Becky wrangles an arm to TWEAK it! But Rhea BOOTS her for it! Cover, TWO! Rhea is losing her cool, and she hammers away on Becky! Rhea KICKS Becky in the side, CLUBS away, but Becky CHOPS! Rhea CHOPS, they CHOP and CHOP and SLAP and CHOP!

The fans fire up and “WOO~!” and Rhea HEADBUTTS again! Rhea runs in, but Becky POSTS her! Then Becky has Rhea in the ropes, DISARM-HER!! The ref counts, Becky lets off at 4.52! Becky BOOTS Rhea into the post! Rhea falls back, Becky adjusts, THE MAN’S LEG DROP BLOCKED into the PRISM TRAP!! Becky endures the Cloverleaf and reaches out, but Rhea drags her back! Becky still fights forward, but Rhea drags her back again! And then drops down to body scissor! Becky is caught right on the Prime logo, but she uses her arms as best she can to fight around! They roll and roll, into a cover! TWO!!

Rhea gets up, ROUNDHOUSES Becky, but Becky stays up. Rhea pump handles, RIP- NO, Becky slips free to MANHANDLE SLAM!! Cover, TWO!!! Rhea survives and shocks everyone, especially Becky! “This is Awesome!” as Becky thinks on what she has to do now. Becky grabs the arm but Rhea moves around. Rhea shoves Becky away, but Becky gets around. Rhea turns the backslide around to flip Becky up and over! Pump handle, RIPTIDE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Becky survives and everyone’s shocked all over again! Rhea asks just what the what, and she pushes Becky to a drop zone. Rhea goes up top, but the bad arm bothers her.

Becky hits ropes to trip Rhea up! Rhea gets stuck up top, Becky ROCKS her! Becky climbs up, throws haymakers, windmills away on Rhea, then climbs to the very top. Becky brings Rhea up, for a SUPERPLEX! Roll through, ARMBAR! Rhea moves around, but Becky uses that to get the DISARM-HER!!! Rhea is caught now, but she kicks and pushes up! Rhea Electric Chair Lifts! Becky throws hands, then victory rolls to the outside! Rhea lands on her feet to bring Becky around, ELECTRIC CHAIR SLAM to the floor!! Rhea fires up and the fans fire up, too! Rhea puts Becky in, climbs a corner, and FROG SPLASHES!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Becky does it again, but how?!

Rhea is furious, and she tells Becky she could’ve made this a lot easier on herself. Becky’s on the apron, Rhea goes up the corner. Rhea drags Becky up, to deadlift SUPER- NO, Becky fights that off! Becky pops free to UPPERCUT, HOTSHOT, and then climb up after Rhea! Becky clinches for a SUPER MAN- NO, Rhea slips free! HAYMAKER! Pump handle, RIPTIDE BUCKLE BOMB STYLE! Then another RIPTIDE!!! Cover, Rhea wins!!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s World Champion)

One year and counting for Mami! It took more than even she expected it to, but if Rhea can beat even the Big Time, will anyone ever stand a chance of stopping her?


Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Six Pack Ladder Match: Finn Balor & Damian Priest VS #DIY VS The Awesome Truth VS The New Day VS New Catch Republic VS A-Town Down Under!

From Judgment Day to Judgment Day, we see if the boys can follow Mami’s example. However, The Prince & The Punisher aren’t just facing one team, or even two teams. FIVE teams from both Raw and SmackDown get their shot in what very well could be the biggest tag team championship match then, now and forever! Now, there is a sliver of hope: the match doesn’t end until BOTH the red and the blue belts are brought down! Can Finn & Priest come away with at least a little gold? Or will it all be gone in one fell swoop?

To go along with R-Truth thinking they’re DX, Gargano & Ciampa have a very DX inspired graphics package and ring attire so that Truth won’t have to face the truth. Meanwhile, Kofi Kingston is Rocky while Xavier Woods is Creed, and they’re ready to go as many rounds as needed! All the introductions are made, the belts are already hanging in the balance, and we see if the Judgment Day stays golden!

The bell rings and all five challenger teams go after the champs! The fans fire up as Finn gets mugged outside while Priest gets mugged inside! Then things spill out as everyone goes for ladders! The different teams go after each other, Finn hits a POST, and then A-Town Down Under get ladders under each set of belts! They want to get it all done all at once! DIY, Awesome Truth and New Catch Republic stop them, then they all fight over who gets to climb! Miz gets ahead on the Raw belts, as does Truth for SmackDown, but everyone goes after them now! NCR brawl with DIY, A-Town Down Under join in, and then new Day sneak in the middle!

Kofi tips the Raw Ladder! Woods tips the SmackDown ladder! They each reach for belts but the Judgment Day go after them! Kofi gets SMACKED off rungs, Woods is put in an corner! UPPERCUT from Priest! Kofi keeps Finn from climbing so Finn TOSSES him out! Dunne goes after Finn, Finn ROCKS Dunne! Priest CHUCKS a ladder at Waller & Theory! Dunne is sent into a ladder by Finn! Ciampa’s back, but Priest sends a ladder into him! The Judgment Day put ladders in corners, they mug Bate, and then puts Bate against a ladder. Priest runs up, but Bate moves, Priest splashes onto the rungs! Bate ROCKS Finn, then torture racks him and a ladder!

The fans fire up as the AIRPLANE SPIN gets going, Jumbo Jet style! Kofi gets in but gets SMACKED! The ladder falls away but the spin continues for Finn! Bate stops at about ten, then TOSSES Finn onto the ladder! Bate calls to Dunne but Woods drags Bate out! Ciampa CHOPS Waller down, Woods brawls with Bate, Dunne BOOTS Theory! Bate & Dunne climb the tallest ladder standing! The other teams are brawling, and so NCR say go! DOUBLE ARIHARA MOONSAULTS!! The fans are thunderous as all the other teams get wiped out! NCR get the ladders in the ring and go for the SmackDown belts first.

Dunne RAMS into Priest to keep him away as Bate goes up. But Priest lifts Dunne, to RAZOR’S EDGE him into Bate and the ladder! Bate takes the worse of the falls, and Priest goes up! Priest has to choose which belt first, but Miz CLUBS him down! Miz full nelsons, but Priest fights it! The ladder is tipped over, Priest ROCKS Miz! Finn joins in to CLUB away on Miz and knee him down! The Judgment Day move the ladder aside, but Truth… wants to tag in!? Did he get hit so hard he forgot what kind of match this is?! Judgment Day whips Miz to a the ladder, Miz stops himself and doges, hot tag to Truth! Truth does the splits to dump Priest!

Truth runs to rally with the big shoulder tackles! Finn swings, into the SPIN OUT BOMB! Truth gets up and the fans are with him as he says, “YOU CAN’T SEE ME~!” Truth runs, shimmy and FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Then fireman’s carry, and ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT through a ladder! Truth covers but that’s not the kind of match this is! Truth counts it, he feels he won. Miz reminds him, this is a LADDER match! GO up! Priest choke grips Awesome Truth but they kick back! THE AWESOME FINALE! Truth tells “HBK” to tune up, so Gargano tunes up! SWEET CHIN MUSIC for Priest! And then a PEDGIREE from “HHH!”

The fans fire up as #RegenerationX coordinates, and they get ladders up under the belts! Miz & Truth have the blue ones in sight, DIY has the red! The fans cheer this on, but then Waller TIPS Awesome Truth! Theory TIPS DIY! The fans boo as A-Town Down Under now has to go and climb! Waller has the blue belts down, they’re the SmackDown champions!

A-Town Down Under are NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions

Well, whether we like it or not, they’ve got half the prize here! Theory gets the ladder set up for the red belts, but New Day mugs him first! Bate says Bop up, BANG on Waller! He and Dunne then get Waller up to DOUBLE POWERBOMB through a ladder bridge!!! The fans lose their minds as the Grayson Waller Effect just got brutally neutralized! New Catch Republic then moves on to WRECK the New Day with dropkicks! They hurry to stop Ciampa getting his ladder in, and they RAM him into barriers! Gargano is up, Dunne runs up but Gargano DUMPS him! Bate runs up into a GAMANGIRI! Gargano CANNONBALLS onto Dunne and Finn!

Ciampa RAMS Bate into the Prime drink tank! DIY say, “GET THE TABLES!” Philly fires up as now they go Team 3DIY! Truth helps out to set things up ringside as fans cheer for “E C DUB! E C DUB!” And not just one but THREE tables! Dunne DECKS Truth, Ciampa has Woods at the ropes. Gargano joins in, but Kofi saves Woods from the double suplex! Kofi hits TROUBL EIN PARADISE, Ciampa keeps Gargano from falling in ladders! Woods KNEES Ciampa, he and Kofi mug Ciampa, then SMACK him off another ladder bridge! Woods goes to the top and takes aim! Tightrope and LIMIT BREAKER on the ladder!!

Woods writhes, Kofi gets the ladder bridge outta the way, then TOSSES Dunne as he runs in! Kofi BOOTS Miz, Woods climbs, but Finn is back! Kofi kicks him, kicks Priest, brawls with Bate, and then kicks Miz! Woods and Kofi both climb, so Kofi SUPER TRUST FALLS to take everyone out!! Woods reaches out for the red belts in hand, but Theory CLUBS him! And KNEES him, and TOSSES him! Theory hurries to adjust the ladder, the fans boo! But NCR return! They drag Theory down, and bend his fingers! Dunne SNAPS Theory’s digits, then he and Bate hit the  BIRMINGHAMMER!!

Dunne holds the ladder in place, Bate climbs, but Gargano’s back. Dunne runs up but Gargano puts him on the apron, GAMANGIRI! Ciampa climbs to intercept Bate! Gargano slingshots, ONE FINAL BEAT through a table!!! Bate and Ciampa brawl while fans lose their minds, and Bate touches belts! But Ciampa Alabama Lifts! SUPER AIR RAID CRASH!!! The ladder falls with them!! Philly again loses their minds, and wait! Truth rises up! Truth sees the belts, he sees the ladder, and the fans cheer him on! Truth stands the ladder back up, hurries to climb, but JD MCDONAGH attacks!? The Irish Ace YANKS him down, DEVLINSIDE!!

JD calls to Judgment Day as the fans boo as hard as they can! JD hurries to get Finn in and up the ladder! JD even helps Finn climb! Finn reaches out, but Woods returns! And Kofi! Kofi has a chair to SMACK JD! Woods fires off on Finn, then lets Kofi SMACK him, too! And again! JD sees he’s alone now, and the New Day carries the ladder over to tip it! JD falls through the tables!!! And then New Day resets the ladder, only for Priest to BOOT Woods! Priest CLUBS Kofi down, has him in the crucifix, RAZOR’S EDGE onto a chair!! Priest storms up the ladder while fans boo, but Priest just soaks up all that heat.

Priest grabs the belts, but MIZ returns! Miz fires off hands to bring Priest down! Miz grabs onto the belts, but Priest choke grips Miz! SUPER SOUTH OF HEAVEN! It wasn’t the cleanest given the ladder itself is beat up, but Priest chucks it to get a new one. Truth is there but Priest BOOTS him! Priest stands this new ladder up, and the fans rally for Truth to get up! Truth rises again and he TIP the ladder! Priest hotshots off ropes, and into a fireman’s carry! ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT out of the ring! Truth hurries to get the ladder up again! Truth climbs and the fans are thunderous already! Truth grabs the belts, brings them down, and Awesome Truth win!!

The Awesome Truth are the NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

Judgment Day loses it all as Truth finally has a WrestleMania moment! He and Miz celebrate finally reigning together, will they make the rest of 2024 truly AWESOME?


Rey Mysterio & Andrade El Idolo VS Dominik Mysterio & Santos Escobar!

It was just last year that the father and son battled, and now on the biggest WrestleMania ever, this blood feud has escalated! The former La Sombra and the former El Hijo Del Fantasma are themselves multi-generational luchadores, each with their own ideas of what lucha libre should be. In shocking fashion, Andrade rejected Dom & Santos to join Rey, will they make him regret it? Or will the Prodigal Son and the Emperor of Lucha finally be humbled?

Naturally, both sides bring all their back up in the rest of the LWO and Legado Del Fantasma. The teams sort out and Rey starts against Santos. Santos JUMP KNEES, whips, then drops. Rey ducks ‘n ‘dodges and tilt-o-whirls to RANA! Santos staggers, Dom tags in and the fans boo. Dom stares Rey down but Rey smirks. Rey runs up, Dom dodges and kicks low! Dom reels Rey in, gives some Latino Heat, but Rey slips right out! Rey BOOTS, then tags in Andrade! Andrade CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Dom! Dom falls, Andrade DECKS Santos! Dom kicks low, CHOPS back, then runs, but into the boot feint and ELBOW!

Dom bails out, Andrade tags Rey, and they combine to wheelbarrow RANA to send Santos out! Andrade then climbs up, Rey climbs up onto Andrade’s shoulders, and they DOUBLE DECKER CROSSBODY! Direct hit and the fans all fire up! Rey bumps Dom off barriers, then brings him around to SLAP him! Dom gets into the ring, Rey goes up a corner to slingshot and RANA! Dom hits POST, then Rey takes off his belt! The ref reprimands, but Dom mule kicks! Dom whips Rey to the apron, but Rey ROCKS him! Rey springboards but Dom DECKS him! The fans boo but Dom KNEES Andrade off the apron!

Dom has the ref pay attention as he tags in Santos. Santos then KICKS Rey in the side! Fans boo as Santos puts Rey in the ring. Santos steps in to LEG DROP! Santos rains down fists, then he drags Rey up. Santos talks trash, whips Rey to ropes, and tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS! Cover, TWO! Rey is tougher than that but Santos drags him up. Tag to Dom then Santos whips, BACKBREAKER and Dom slingshot SENTONS! Cover, TWO! Dom is annoyed but the ref defends his count. Dom facelocks to keep Rey away from Andrade. Rey fights up as the fans rally, and he throws body shots! Rey runs, but Dom UPPERCUTS him down! Cover, TWO!

Dom is annoyed and he brings Rey up to tag in Santos. They double whip Rey to ropes, then ELBOW him down! They both run to DOUBLE BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Santos is annoyed, and he drags Rey up to put him up top. Santos climbs, he pulls on the mask, but the fans boo! The ref reprimands, Santos lets go to then bring Rey into the Tree of Woe. Santos goes corner to corner, runs in, and PENALTY KICKS Rey out of the Tree! Santos smiles as he drags Rey up, snapmares, and clamps onto a seated Cobra Twist! Rey endures, the fans rally, and Andrade reaches out. Rey fights up, throws hands, but Santos shoves him to a corner.

Santos runs up but Rey BOOTS him! Rey bumps Santos off buckles, climbs up and he rains down fists! But Santos Electric Chair Lifts Rey! Rey throws hands, shifts around, but Santos blocks the sunset! Rey sits up to go again, CODE RED! Both men are down, the fans rally up, hot tags to Dom and Andrade! El Idolo rallies on Santos and Dom, DRAGON SCREW for DRAGON SCREW! Andrade ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Dom! Andrade kips up, the fans fire up, and Andrade sees Dom in a corner! Andrade has the fans chanting “SI! SI! SI!” Andrade runs to CIEN SHADOWS! Andrade then goes up the corner, MOONSAULT!

Dom moves, but Andrade STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Dom stays in this but Andrade whips him to ropes. Dom reverses, dodges, and NECKBREAKERS! Dom crawls, as does Andrade, hot tags to Santos and Rey! Rey goes up to SEATED SENTON! Then he runs to RANA Santos onto ropes! Rey dials it up and the fans love it, but Dom runs in! Rey TOSSES Dom, redials, 619!! Andrade goes up to ARIHARA MOONSAULT Dom down! Rey then goes up but Angel distracts the ref! Humberto anchors Rey and Santos GAMANGIRIS! Santos then goes up to get Rey for a SUPER DUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Rey survives! Lopez gets mad at the ref, but Zelina YANKS her down! Zelina goes up the corner now to ASAI MOONSAULT! Down goes Lopez, Angel is mad, and Carlito has to keep Zelina from getting after him! That’s fine, Cruz Del Toro FLIES out onto Angel! Humberto DIVES onto Cruz! Carlito RAMS Humberto into Angel! Wilde says let’s get a Mania moment! Carlito and Cruz agree! BOOSTED CROSSBODY takes out Angel & Humberto!! The fans are thunderous, but Santos runs up at Rey! DOUBLE KNEES in the corner, then Santos POSTS Rey! The ref sorts out the chaos on the outside as Santos tells Dom to bash Rey’s head out!

Wait, who are these guys in lucha masks!? They’re huge! They POST Dom, then put him in the ring! Just what happened here!? Santos is freaking out, Andrade CLUBS Santos and Rey puts him on ropes, too! DOUBLE 619!! Then Andrade gives Dom THE MESSAGE! Rey hits the FROG SPLASH on Santos! Cover, LWO wins!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Andrade El Idolo, by pinfall

But seriously, who’re these towering dudes in the lucha masks? They take off the masks, and surprise! Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles! Fly, Eagles, Fly indeed! Will this finally be enough to humble Legado?


Jey Uso VS Jimmy Uso!

Two twins that were down since day one, but torn apart by pride and jealousy, these two will battle in just the third-ever Brother VS Brother singles match in WrestleMania history. This is twin VS twin, Uso VS Uso, YEET VS NO YEET, who will establish their own identity once and for all?

Given the deal they made just this past week, Jey gets Lil’ Wayne to be part of his entrance! Jimmy comes out here solo, so Jey DIVES right onto him! The fans fire up and “YEET! YEET! YEET!” as Jey POSTS Jimmy! Jey ROCKS Jimmy, POSTS him again, and then pushes Jimmy into the ring. Jimmy gets up, swings, but the bell rings as Jey dodges! Jey fires haymakers, whips, but Jimmy holds ropes. Jey clotheslines Jimmy up and out! Jey throws off the vest and he DIVES onto Jimmy again! The fans fire up as Jey gets Jimmy up and into the ring. Jimmy comes back, into a GAMANGIRI! Jey goes up, to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!

Jimmy sputters but he survives and flounders to the corner. Jey takes aim from across the way, runs in, but Jimmy pops him up, SAMOAN DROP! Not the cleanest but Jimmy finally gets his vest off. Jimmy aims from the corner now, runs in, HIP ATTACK! Jey sputters now while fans boo. Jimmy keeps going, and he HIP ATTACKS again! Big Brother Jimmy shows no mercy as he then runs up to BOOT Jey down! Jimmy soaks up the heat for being Mr. No Yeet, then runs in again. Jey BOOTS Jimmy back! Jey goes up, leaps, but into an UPPERCUT! Jimmy grins as he says this is too easy. Jimmy eggs Jey on as Jey slowly rises.

Jey stands, into a SUPERKICK! Jey falls, Jimmy throws up the one, but the fans boo. Jimmy runs up to SUPERKICK again! Jimmy eggs Jey on more, and Jey stands again. SUPERKICK! Jey leans against ropes as Jimmy eggs Jey on. Jimmy aims, SUPERKICKS, and Jey flops around against ropes! The fans chant “JIMMY SUCKS! JIMMY SUCKS!” Jimmy says he doesn’t suck, and he SUPERKICKS Jey back down! The fans boo more but Jimmy just revels in it. Jimmy goes up the corner, mocks Jey’s bounce, but the fans give thumbs down. Jimmy aims at Jey, to USO SPLASH, but he has to roll out as Jey moves! Jey SUPERKICKS now!

Both Usos are down and the fans rally up! Jey and Jimmy slowly rise, they stare down, and oddly they both smile. Jimmy throws a haymaker, so Jey gives it back! Jimmy UPPERCUTS, to Jey HAYMAKERS! “NO YEET! YEET! NO YEET! YEET!” and repeat! Jey ducks to fireman’s carry, but Jimmy fights free! Jimmy mule kicks, UPPERCUTS, but Jey returns the mule kick and the uppercut! Jey blocks a kick but Jimmy DRAGON WHIPS! So Jey PELES! The fans fire up as both Usos are evenly matched! This will come down to who makes the smarter move! Jey grins, Jimmy gets mad, and the fans rally up as the hands fly!

Jey fireman’s carries again, but Jimmy fights free again. SUPERKICK! Jey wobbles, but then he SUPERKICKS! Jimmy goes to ropes, Jey eggs him on now! Jimmy returns, to SUPERKICK! Jey rebounds to SUPERKICK! Jimmy goes to a corner, Jey eggs him on, so Jimmy SUPERKICKS again! Jey SUPERKICKS again! It’s a Superkick Party as Jey SUPERKICKS Jimmy in a corner! Jimmy’s dazed and Jey fires up! The fans rally, Jey SUPERKICKS again! Jey wants Jimmy to get up, and eggs him on! “I’m your twin brother!” Jimmy wobbles, the fans rally, and Jey goes corner to corner to SUPER SUPERKICK!! Jimmy falls in a heap!

The ref checks Jimmy but somehow, he’s still in this! Jey tells Jimmy to get up, he knows this isn’t it. Jimmy rises up, Jey says “Line ’em all up, knock ’em down!” SUPER- NO, Jimmy puts up the guard and Jey holds back! The fans boo, they don’t think Jimmy is sincere. Jimmy is apologizing?! He’s sorry for what he’s done!? The fans still don’t believe Jimmy, but what does Jey believe? Jimmy reaches out a hand, apologizes some more, and Jey takes it! The Usos hug it out! But then Jimmy SUPERKICKS!! The fans knew it all along! Jimmy hurries up top, to USO SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!! Jey survives and Jimmy is shocked!

The fans fire up with “YEET! YEET! YEET!” Jey crawls to a corner, Jimmy aims from the other. Jimmy glares at Jey as he rises, and then Jimmy runs in, SPEAR from Jey!! Jey drags Jimmy to the drop zone, goes up the corner, and USO SPLASH!! Cover, JEY WINS!

Winner: Jey Uso, by pinfall

It was Uso VS Uso, twin VS twin, and YEET wins out! Jey stands tall, is this the end of the family feud?


Six Woman Tag: Naomi, Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill VS Damage CTRL!

While Bayley got betrayed by her own team, she isn’t the only one that has beef with Damage CTRL. The Glow, The EST and even SmackDown’s newest star can’t stand how Asuka, Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai think they run this, and they’re taking a stand! Will this power trio tear down DMG CTRL once and for all? Or will not even the GlowEST Storm be ready for the Empress of Tomorrow, the Pirate Princess and #CobraKai?

Fitting of the Kabuki Warriors’ style, they have Japanese maidens waving fans and sprinkling cherry blossoms around for their entrance. The theme song seems to even have a Japanese remix now. As for Naomi, Bianca & Jade, they descend from the sky, ready to not just glow but to shine! The trios sort out, Asuka starts against Naomi and the fans rally up. Asuka and Naomi circle, tie up, and go around. Naomi headlocks, Asuka powers up and out and tags Kairi. Naomi ducks the Kabuki Warriors to SHOTGUN them both! Naomi kips up, runs at Kairi, basement dropkick! Naomi drags Kairi int position, SPLIT LEG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Kairi scrambles up, Naomi runs in but is put on the apron. Kairi runs up but into a ROUNDHOUSE! Naomi goes up, but Asuka runs over! Naomi ROCKS Asuka but Kairi goes after the hair! The ref backs Kairi off but Dakota BOOTS Naomi down! The fans boo but DMG CTRL uses numbers to their advantage as always. Kairi goes up to SUPER FLYING KABUKI ELBOW! DMG CTRL talks trash and soaks up the heat, then Kairi puts Naomi in. Cover, TWO! Naomi stays in this but Kairi clamps onto Naomi. Kairi drags her over, bumps her off buckles and tags Asuka. The Kabuki Warriors double whip to bypass, KICK, AX KICK, BULLDOG and BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!

Naomi stays in this but Asuka stays on her. The fans rally, Asuka gives thumbs down, but Naomi throws body shots! Asuka SLAPS Naomi, but Naomi blocks the buzzsaw! Naomi spins Asuka but Asuka SLAPS her down! Asuka whips Naomi to the corner, runs in, but Naomi BOOTS back! Naomi fires off on Dakota and Kairi, then DOUBLE STUNNERS! The fans fire up and Naomi stands, but Asuka runs in! Asuka blocks kicks but not the REBOUND ENZIGIRI! Naomi crawls, but Asuka tags Dakota! Dakota anchors Naomi’s feet, brings her back, and Kairi runs up! Jade BOOTS Kairi, Naomi gets free to hot tag Bianca!

Bianca rallies on Dakota, DROPKICKS her down, then gets Asuka for a BACKBREAKER! Kairi returns, but Bianca wrenches and suplexes! Bianca holds Kairi up, marches around then SLAMS her down! Bianca kips up, the fans fire up, and Bianca runs to RAM both Kabuki Warriors in a corner! Bianca climbs up, and she rains down fists on them both! The fans count all the way to TEN, but Dakota runs in! Bianca backflips up and over, then scoops Dakota to a GUTBUSTER! Asuka runs up, SPINEBUSTER! Kairi goes up but Bianca ROCKS her first! Bianca trophy lifts Kairi to then DROP her onto Asuka and Dakota!

Bianca fires up, builds speed and handsprings to MOONSAULT! Three for one, triple cover! TWO!! The fans fire up as Bianca points to Jade! But Dakota gets the hair! Dakota puts Bianca on the apron, avoids Bianca’s shoulder and STOMPS her down! Cover, TWO! Tag to Kairi, and she tags Asuka. DMG CTRL gets Bianca up, Asuka CODE BREAKERS and Kairi BLOCKBUSTERS! Asuka then SLIDING KNEES! Cover, TWO!! Bianca’s the toughEST for a reason, but Asuka brings her up. Asuka whips Bianca to the corner, runs up, and ELBOWS! Dakota tags in, but Bianca fires off forearms on everyone!

Asuka mule kicks, she and Dakota bring Bianca around. But Bianca handsprings out of the double suplex, dodges the double lariats, hot tag to Jade! DMG CTRL is worried now! They run up, Jade DECKS Asuka, BOOTS Dakota, then choke grips Asuka for a CHOKE SLAM! Kairi is up top, she leaps at Jade, but Jade catches her! Jade swings Kairi around to a BACKBREAKER! Jade says Kairi chose the wrong one! Dakota runs up, ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Jade back drops her hard! Jade fires up, runs up, and STINGER SPLASHES! Jade brings Dakota around, suplexes to a MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, Kabuki Warriors break it!

Bianca gets in, she wrenches Kairi to a torture rack! But Asuka makes the save! Kairi waistlocks, but Bianca ducks, BLUE MIST into Kairi! BUBBA BOMB for Kairi, Bianca LASHES Asuka with the braid!! Torture rack, KISS OF DEATH!! Dakota runs up at Jade, but Jade turns wheelbarrow into chicken wings! JADED!! Cover, Jade’s team wins!

Winners: Naomi, Bianca Belair & Jade Cargill, by pinfall

Her first WrestleMania, and Jade makes it a victorious one! Will this win lead all of the #Big3 to big things in the near future?


WWE Intercontinental Championship: GUNTHER VS Sami Zayn!

Der Ring General has reached Day 667 of his reign, adding to the historic record with every defense. However, the Great Liberator vowed to do something truly historic for this WrestleMania, and dethroning the “greatest Intercontinental Champion in history” would certainly fit the bill! Chad Gable helped train Sami to be ready for this, will it all pay off? Or will nothing stop Gunther from keeping this mat sacred?

Before the match, Sami’s wife and son visit him backstage. They tell him tonight is the night. He can do it! Sami is so happy his son believes in him, and blows a kiss. Gable is there to tell him it’s time. Sami is ready, but Gable says he can’t go out there with him. Really? After all that training? Gable says Sami got this on his own, he always did, but don’t forget: you owe Gable a favor. Sami nods and shakes Gable’s hand. Sami goes up the long ramp to gorilla, then turns the corner to see Kevin Owens there! Kevin gives him a push and a hug, and tells him to go do it! Sami goes through the curtain to gorilla, then out on stage because it’s time!

As for Gunther, he has Imperium accompany him on stage, and they take his coat for him before he goes down to the ring. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see just what kind of history is made here tonight!

The bell rings, the fans rally up for Sami as he circles around Gunther. They feel things out, circle some more, and they tie up. Gunther puts Sami in a corner, the ref counts, but Gunther lets off slowly. Sami sees chop and puts up his guard, and Gunther laughs. Gunther pie faces Sami, so Sami CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Gunther shoves Sami back, Sami dodges the chop to CHOP, CHOP and then climb up! Sami rains down fists and the fans count. Gunther stops Sami at 7, swings, but Sami dodges to CHOP! CHOP! And whip, but Gunther reverses! Sami goes up but Gunther catches him to a GERMAN SUPLEX!

Sami writhes while Gunther paces. Gunther drags Sami up, CHOPS again, and Sami staggers away to ropes. Gunther gives Sami kicks then BOOTS him down! Gunther drags Sami up, scoops him and SLAMS him! Sami writhes more, but Gunther paces. Gunther stands Sami up just to CHOP him down! Gunther eggs Sami on, CHOPS him again, and Sami falls back over. Sami shakes his head as he rises back up, but Gunther UPPERCUTS! Sami goes to a corner, the fans duel, and Gunther storms up. Sami CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Gunther UPPERCUTS! Gunther runs to clothesline! Gunther puts Sami up top to CHOP again!

Gunther climbs up to STAND on Sami and bend him against the top rope! The ref counts, Gunther lets off, and Sami flops down to the mat. Gunther soaks up the heat and grins as Sami sits up. Gunther storms up on Sami and stands him up, to CLUB him on the back! Sami scowls but Gunther UPPERCUTS Sami right down! Sami’s wife is in the front row coaching Sami but Gunther talks trash. Gunther stands Sami up to KICK, and KICK, and CHOP! Sami flops down, but Gunther stands Sami up. Sami CHOPS! Gunther CHOPS! Repeat! The fans “WOO~”, Sami dodges Gunther to LARIAT! The fans and Mrs. Zayn fire up!

Sami brings Gunther up, but Gunther CHOPS! Sami roars as he stays up, so Gunther CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Sami CHPOS, JABS, fires off haymakers and fast hands! The fans fire up as Gunther has to cover up! Gunther shoves Sami, Sami BOOTS the lariat, then HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEXES! Gunther staggers up, into another HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Gunther LARIATS Sami right down! Cover, TWO!! Sami survives and Gunther is annoyed. Gunther storms up on Sami, stands him up, but Sami CHOPS! Gunther CHOPS Sami down! Gunther hauls Sami up but Sami fights the lift! Sami wrenches, CHOPS, CHOPS and SLAPS!

Sami goes up and up and TORNADO DDTS! Gunther flounders to a corner and the fans fire up! Sami takes aim, runs in, HELLUVA- SLEEPER! Gunther squeezes tight but Sami arm-drags free! Sami gets around, but Gunther headlocks to fight the Blue Thunder! Sami slips out the back to CLUB, CLUB, crossface forearm and repeat! Sami lifts, Gunther slips out, SLEEPER! Body scissors added on, Sami is caught on top of the Prime logo! The fans rally as Sami endures and reaches out! Sami moves around, fights to his feet, and Gunther’s a backpack on him! Sami marches his way forward, reaches his hand out, but he’s also turning red!

Gunther shifts to GERMAN SUPLEX Sami away from ropes! Sami flounders to a corner, Gunther runs in, but into a clinch! CORNER EXPLODER! The fans fire up as Sami goes to the opposite corner, then runs in, but into a T-REX SHOTGUN! GUNTHER BOMB!! High stack, TWO?!?! Sami survives and the fans fire up! Gunther is surprised and thinks on what he has to try now. The fans rally as hard as they can for Sami as he rises up. Sami wobbles and hobbles his way to a corner, Gunther runs in, and Gunther HELLUVA KICKS!? Gunther grins as he parodies Sami’s best move, and then stands Sami up.

Gunther runs, Sami follows! HELLUVA KICK!!! Cover, TWO!!! Gunther survives and Sami can’t believe it! Sami refocuses, goes back to a corner, and he waits on Gunther to stand. Sami runs back in, but into a LARIAT!! Gunther hauls Sami right up, GUNTHER BOMB!! Deadlift and ANOTHER GUNTHER BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Sami shocks everyone, including Gunther! Philly is thunderous as Sami is still in this, but Gunther talks trash to Sami’s wife! Sami’s wife gives it right back to Gunther, so Gunther SLAPS Sami, CHOPS Sami, and stands over him. Gunther sits Sami up to KICK him!

Sami is on ropes, Gunther CHOKES him! The ref counts, Gunther steps away, but then stomps a mudhole in! The fans sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” but Gunther stomps more! The ref backs Gunther down, Sami drags himself up with ropes. Gunther soaks up heat, runs up, and LARIATS Sami back down! Gunther wants the ref to check Sami, but Sami is already sitting up! Gunther is annoyed, he again talks trash to Sami’s wife and family, and even says Mrs. Zayn should get in the ring to check on her husband. She just coaches Sami on instead, so Gunther hauls Sami up, GUNTHER BOMB right on the Prime logo!

Commentary is starting to get worried for Sami, but the fans are torn. Gunther grins as the ref checks Sami, but Sami still wants to fight! Gunther goes up, GUNTHER SPLASH! Gunther smiles, he’s just toying with Sami now! Gunther goes up the corner again, to GUNTHER SPLASH again!! The fans boo, but Gunther decides he’ll top it off. Gunther taunts Mrs. Zayn, but Sami is stirring! Sami is rising! The fans are firing up as Sami is firing up! Gunther can’t believe this, but he hurries up top! Sami HELLUVA KICKS the legs!! Sami goes up, brings Gunther to the top rope, for a TOP ROPE BRAINBUSTER!!! The fans lose their minds!

Sami aims, Gunther stands, and Sami gives him a HELLUVA KICK!!! Gunther sits down int he corner, Sami goes back to the other side, and the fans are thunderous for the HELLUVA KICK!!!! Gunther falls, Sami covers, SAMI WINS!!!!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall (NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion)

“Historic” might be an understatement! Something about this is miraculous yet also inevitable! Sami once again holds the Intercontinental Championship after making the impossible possible! The Zayn family celebrates Baba Sami bringing home the gold, will this be the best reign Sami’s had yet?


Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce are here!

The General Managers of SmackDown and Raw want to take a moment to thank everyone live and everyone around the world making this truly the biggest WrestleMania of all time! And they’ve only just begin. All night long, the fans have given the WWE their passion and energy, and as we prepare for the biggest tag team match of all time, please give a little bit more. On behalf of the WWE, and the 72,543 beautiful souls that have filled the seats in The Linc, thank you!


The Dream Team Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins VS The Rock & Roman Reigns!

The American Nightmare won the Royal Rumble for the second year in a row, and his moment of hesitancy created this entire mess we’ve found ourselves in. The Final Boss and Tribal Chief who escalated things, and now this main event will directly affect tomorrow night’s main event! If The American Nightmare & Visionary win, Roman Reigns must finally have a title match that is fair and square, no Bloodline allowed ringside. However, if Cody & Seth lose, it’s the exact opposite! Bloodline Rules, anything goes, and The Rock has promised time and again to make Cody suffer and bleed! Then will Night Two be by the book? Or will it turn into a #FreakinNightmare?

The fans of course sing along with Cody’s song, “WHOA~ OH~!” and he gets his pyro. Cody also hugs his mom, Michelle, at ringside before handing the Freakin’ Nightmare belt to his father-in-law, Otis Friedman, who battled cancer and chemo to be here. Rollins makes his entrance and the fans again sing, “WHOA~ OH~ OHH~!” Rollins’ robe has quite the long train, and it’s a hybrid of blue velvet on one side and a gold ‘n’ black leaf pattern on the other. But then the lights drop down for The Rock’s Brahma Bull Black Adam entrance, “ACTIVATING V.10.0. FINAL BOSS ENGAGED.” Lightning and fire, and The Rock steps out on stage!

The Rock shows off The People’s Championship, as bestowed upon him by Lonnie Ali, wife to the late, great Muhammad Ali. And after The Rock makes it down to the ring, Roman finally makes his entrance, Paul Heyman by his side once again. Roman holds up the Universal Championship and gets his pyro as he stands her on Day 1315. Roman makes his way into the ring, holds the belt up again, and has his second round of pyro. The introductions are made, because the stakes are raised, and we see if The Bloodline gets their way like always!

The teams stare down and the fans fire up, but this still has to be 1v1. The ref wants them all to calm down and sort things out, but the stare downs only get more intense! Neither side is budging, not wanting to be the side that concedes first. The ref still insists, there have to be legal men and men waiting on the corner. Rock and Roman talk it out, fist bump, and Roman steps up! Cody and Rollins shake hands as Rollins steps up. Roman is amused and the fans fire up as we see the Shield brother rematch. They circle, the fans sing “WHOA~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Rollins is amused now while Roman is annoyed.

Roman and Rollins feel things out, tie up, and are in a deadlock. They go around, Roman headlocks, but Rollins powers up and out. Roman runs Rollins over and Rollins tumbles. Roman puts up the one, as does The Rock, and Roman says Rollins already knows, “I’ll run the b*tch over real quick.” Rollins and Roman reset, go again, and they tie up. Roman headlocks, Rollins powers up and out, but Rollins drops down to hurdle and redirect! Rollins ducks ‘n’ dodges to mule kick! Roman sputters, Rollins wrenches and reaches for Cody, but Roman breaks free! Rollins smirks as Roman seems to be avoiding Cody.

Cody still wants to tag in and the fans want to see it, so Rollins tags Cody! We get our appetizer of the Universal Championship match as these two circle, and they tie up. Cody wrenches, wristlocks, and UPPERCUTS the arm! Cody CLUBS the arm, wrenches again, then whips. Roman reverses, runs in and clotheslines! Roman mocks the fans chanting for Cody, then CLUBS Cody down. Roman CLUBS Cody along the ropes, headlocks, but Cody powers up and out. Cody drops, hurdles, and kitchen sink knees! Cody ROCKS Roman, ROCKS him again, then UPPERCUTS! Roman headlocks, Cody powers up and out, but Rollins misses the tag.

Roman ducks ‘n’ dodges but hesitates, unsure if Rollins is making a move. Cody and Roman reset, knuckle lock, and go shoulder to shoulder. The Test of Strength goes around, and Cody wrenches to wristlock then headlock. Now Rollins tags in as Roman powers up and out. Cody ducks, Roman stops as he sees both Cody and Rollins there. The fans rally up as The Rock reaches out! Rollins smirks and Roman looks around. The fans chant “ROCKY! ROCKY!” so Roman tags him in! The fans fire up as the World Heavyweight Champion and the People’s Champion finally circle and feel things out. They tie up, and Rollins digs his heels in.

Rollins starts to push The Rock back, but Rock SHOVES Rollins down! Rollins sits up and nods as he admits, that was good, The Rock’s not just putting on Hollywood muscles here. They reset, tie up, and Rollins waistlocks, headlocks, hammerlocks then shoves The Rock! Rollins mocks The Rock to show it takes more than size to keep up with him. The fans sing “WHOA~ OHH~ OHHH~!” but also chant for “ROCKY! ROCKY!” The two tie up again, go around, and Rock puts Rollins in the ring. The ref counts, Rock lets off slowly, but then kicks low and hard! The Rock talks trash, throws hands, then DECKS Rollins!

Rollins flounders up, The Rock swings again but Rollins counter punches! And again and again and again! Rollins whips Rock to the corner but Rock comes back to LARIAT! Rock dares Cody to #JustBringIt! The fans fire up, they want to see it, too! Rollins stands, and he tags in Cody! The fans fire up as now Cody gets a chance to avenge that attack in Chicago! Cody and Rock stare down, circle, and tie up. Cody powers Rock back but Rock puts Cody in a corner. They go along the ropes, then back to center, then break. The fans rally as the two stare down again. Cody and Rock hear the energy building, and then the hands fly!

Cody counter punches, throws hands, but Rock kicks low! Rock whips, Cody reverses to kick and drop, RHODES UPPERCUT! Cody bumps Rock off buckles, CHOPS him, then ROCKS him! Cody stomps a mudhole in, then fires more hands! Cody bumps Rock off buckles, throws more hands, and he ROCKS The Rock! Tag to Rollins, they mug Rock and Philly fires up! They double whip Rock, DOUBLE ELBOW him, then Roman runs in! Cody kicks, RHODES UPPERCUTS, and Rollins SLINGBLADES! The fans fire up as Cody and Rollins watch Rock and Roman regroup. The ref wants things to calm down, one in and one out.

Cody and Rollins say okay, but then they fire off on Roman & Rock! Cody TOSSES Roman out, Rollins pursues Rock. Cody SMACKS Roman off the apron, Rollins sends Rock into the #HydrationStation! Roman turns things around on Cody, Rollins SPITS Prime into Rock’s face! Rock’s mama is there to yell at Rollins! Rollins ROCKS Rock, Rock CLAWS Rollins’ face! Rock SMACKS Rollins off steps! Rock says the ref counts this match out, he’s fired! Rock says IDGAF, The Rock is The Final Boss! Roman and Cody keep brawling up the ramp, Rock brings Rollins up, and Rollins CLOBBERS Rock with a Prime tank! Cody SMACKS Roman off the ramp!

Rollins DUMPS Rock over barriers and right into the crowd! Rollins pursues, the fans fire up as the brawling gets even closer! Rock SMACKS Rollins off the girder support! Rock tries again but Rollins blocks to SMACK Rock off the support! Then he SMACKS Rock off railing! Roman is sent into the giant L on stage! Foreshadowing? Rollins winds up to ROCK Rock! Roman kicks Cody, Rollins and Rock keep brawling! Roman suplexes but Cody blocks! Rock SMACKS Rollins off a trash can! Cody snap suplexes Roman on stage! Rock CLOBBERS Rollins with a trash can! Rock drags Rollins up but Rollins blocks the railing bump!

Rollins bumps Rock off railing, then ROCKS him again. Rock staggers away, Rollins pursues, and HEADBUTTS him! Rock and Rollins are returning to ringside as they go, but then Rock SMACKS Rollins off railing. Rock takes a swig and SPITS water in Rollins’ face! Probably tastes better than Prime. Anyway, Rock brings Rollins around, Rollins throws body shots and he TOSSES Rock back over. Meanwhile, Roman and Cody are now brawling down the ramp to ringside! Rollins goes up the barrier, to AX HANDLE Rock down! Rock flounders, Rollins stalks him, and Rollins whips Rock into barriers! Rollins puts Rock in the ring and says it’s harder to do this bell to bell, isn’t it?

Rollins goes up the apron, but Rock distracts the ref and Roman CHOP BLOCKS Rollins! Rollins’ leg only just recovered to 100%, he’s already clutching the knee and hobbling around. Rock goes out to KICK the bad leg! Rock finds Cody and DECKS him! Rock & Roman get Rollins in the ring, and Rock gets the leg to SMASH the knee on the mat! Rollins writhes but Rock brings him over to a corner. Rock SLAMS the bad leg against the post! Rock gets the leg again and he SLAMS the leg against post again! Cody protests but the erf’s hands are tied by The Final Boss. Rock rolls into the ring, tags Roman, and they stomp Rollins around.

The Bloodline picks Rollins apart, and then Roman bumps Rollins off buckles. Roman gets the bad leg in the ropes and pulls! Rollins fights but Rock kicks the leg from the outside! Cody protests, but again the ref is too scared of The Final Boss’ authority! Roman gets Rollins’ leg, trips him, and then steps over to a HALF CRAB! Rollins endures, the fans rally up, but Roman sits deep! Cody coaches Rollins, the fans rally up, and Rollins grabs at a leg. Rollins turns back over and he KICKS Roman away! Rollins throws hands, CHOPS, but Roman kicks low! Roman DECKS Cody with a sucker punch! Rollins dodges Roman to clothesline him out!

Roman staggers up, Rollins goes to the apron, but The Rock is there to attack! Rock whips Rollins into steel steps! The fans boo as Rock continues to abuse his authority! He whips Rollins back into the steel steps! Roman stomps Rollins, the ref keeps Cody back but that’s because Cody isn’t the boss. Rock puts Rollins in for Roman while Roman taunts Cody. The fans boo as Roman holds up the one to the sky, then Roman brings Rollins up. Roman whips Rollins hard into the corner and Rollins falls! Rock tags in, he drags Rollins up, and Rock whips Rollins back in hard! Rollins falls in a heap, Roman tags back in.

Rock & Roman get Rollins up, they double whip him into the corner hard, and Rollins falls again! Rock intimidates the ref, Roman taunts Cody, and then Roman also intimidates the ref. Rollins slowly rises, hobbles along the ropes and to a corner, but Roman HEADBUTTS him. Roman winds up to fire off the point-blank clotheslines! Roman goes all the way TEN, then brings Rollins around so he can run and BOOT Rollins down! Roman stares Cody down, puts up the one, and smiles as he soaks up the heat. Roman goes to the open corner, he locks ‘n’ loads, then takes aim at Rollins. Rollins stands, into the SUPERMAN- NO, Rollins gets around to NECKBREAKER!

The fans fire up while both men are down! Rollins and Roman crawl, hot tag to Rock and Rock gets Rollins’ legs! Rock drags Rollins away, then LOW BLOWS quite blatantly! But the ref is too intimidated to say anything about it! Rock whips Rollins to CLOBBER him! Rollins sputters but Rock stomps him around. Rollins glares in defiance but Rock stands him up. Rollins ROCKS Rock! Rock ROCKS Rollins! Rollins ROCKS Rock, Rock ROCKS Rollins, repeat! Rock gets the edge with those haymakers, but Rollins PELES! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Rollins crawls, Roman panics and calls to Rock! Roman just runs in, Rollins TOSSES him!

Rollins hurries but Roman YANKS Cody down! The fans boo but Rock is on Rollins with a takedown, step through, and THE PEOPLE’S SHARPSHOOTER! The fans are torn as Rollins endures! Rollins grips his hair, grits his teeth, reaches out, but Cody gets in to SLAP Rock!! The fans fire up as Cody defies The Final Boss’ authority! Rock runs up, so Cody HOTSHOTS him! Rollins SUPERKICKS him! CURB STOMP!!! But the bad leg gives out!! Rollins clutches the knee, the fans are thunderous as he and The Rock crawl! Hot tags to Roman and Cody! Cody rallies on Roman with haymakers! Cody whips, Roman reverses but Cody CLOBBERS Roman!

Cody goes to a corner, goes up and over, then SNAP POWERSLAMS! The fans are thunderous as Cody takes aim, runs, and springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK! The fans fire up again as Cody drags Roman up and runs to springboard, CODY CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives and Cody is frustrated, but he still has some cards to play. Cody storms around, glares at The Wise Man, and then calls his shot! Dragon sleeper, CROSS- NO, Roman snapmares! Cody avoids the Superman Punch, springboards, into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!! Cody survives and Roman is a little surprised!

Roman sees he has a bloody nose, and he’s furious! Nobody makes Roman bleed his own blood! NOBODY! Cody rises, Roman aims from the corner, “OOOAH~!” Roman runs in, but Cody sunset flips the spear! TWO!! Cody dodges the Superman Punch, goes up and up and Rollins tags in before a SUPER CODY CUTTER!! FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO?!?! Roman survives and Rollins can’t believe it! Rollins taunts Heyman, and Heyman says he hates Rollins’ song! The fans sing it anyway, “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” Rollins aims from the corner, runs up, but Roman pops him up! POWERBOMB! Rollins flounders, Roman staggers, but “OOOAH~!”

Roman runs in, Rollins KICKS him! Cody tags, SUPERKICKS, and then Rollins SUPERKICKS! Roman rebounds, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! Cody says this is it, and Rollins runs up, CURB STOMP!! CROSS RHODES!!! Cover, Rock YANKS the ref out! The fans boo as The Rock skips intimidation and just abuses the ref! Rollins runs up but Rock kicks low! Rock whips Rollins into barriers, then dares Cody to do something. Roman LOW BLOWS Cody first!! Roman runs to SPEAR!! Rock shoves the ref in to count this, TWO?!?! Cody survives and Rock is furious! Roman can’t believe it but the fans are thunderous!

Roman is losing his cool, and he hammers down fists on Cody’s head! Roman scuffs Cody with the heel of his boot, then drags him up into the GUILLOTINE FACELOCK!! Cody flails, grabs at Roman’s leg, but he’s fading! The fans rally, Cody gets a second wind, but even that is being squeezed out of Cody! The ref checks, but Cody comes back to life! Roman is shocked, so Rock trips Cody! They’re under the ropes, this should be a ropebreak! The Rock dares the ref to defy him, but Rollins CURB STOMPS Roman!! The leg hurts again, but Rock is on Rollins to TOSS him out! The Rock storms back to his corner and tags himself in.

The Rock hears the fans booing, which only upsets him more. The Rock then remembers his promise to Mama Rhodes, aka Michelle. Rock takes out the Mama Rhodes weight belt! He tells her the belt already tasted blood, now it’ll taste Mama’s tears! Rock storms into the ring, but Cody kicks back! Cody has the belt! Rock ROCKS Cody first! Rock wags his finger, the ref gets the belt away, Cody JABS! JABS! And JABS! Flip, Flop, Fly, BIONIC ELBOW! The fans fire up for Dusty as Cody powers up! Cody runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! The fans go nuts because they know what follows! The Rock stands over Cody, and he takes off an elbow pad!

The Rock runs side to side, but Cody gets up to CODY CUTTER!! The fans are thunderous all the same, and Cody roars as Rock rises up. Cody dragon sleepers, but Roman’s back to SUPERMAN PUNCH! Rock, Roman and Cody are down, Rollins is on the outside with his bad leg. The fans rally as Roman seethes and stands back up. Roman aims from the corner as Cody slowly rises. “OOOAH~!” Roman runs in, Rollins gets Cody outta the way, SPEAR TO ROCK!!! The fans go nuts, Cody and Rollins each get Rock and Roman! DOUBLE PEDIGREEES!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? HHH isn’t gonna be happy his finisher just failed twice in the same match!

The fans are thunderous as Cody and Rollins regroup. They strategize, fire themselves up, and then they go out to get each man. Cody fires off on Rock but Rollins goes up! SUPER CROSSBODY onto Roman! Cody clears off the English commentary desk but Rock CLAWS Cody’s face! Rock SMACKS Cody off steps, then clears off the Spanish commentary desk! That desk sure has been through a lot today… Rock SPITS water at Cody, then brings him around to SMACK off the Spanish announce desk. Rock scoops, tells Mama Rhodes to watch her son. Rock SLAMS Cody on the desk, then gets up on the desk with him.

Rock drags Cody up, clinches, but Rollins anchors Rock’s foot! Rock kicks Rollins away, but Cody throws elbows! Cody clinches, to ROCK BOTTOM through the English commentary desk!!! But Roman SPEARS Rollins through barriers!! The fans lose their minds over both these things! Cody manages to rise up, and he drags Rock from the wreckage. Cody puts Rock in the ring, but Roman hits a DRIVEBY DROPKICK! Roman drags himself up, Rock tags him in, and Roman glares at Cody. Roman hobbles while Rock says to end that POS. Roman stomps Cody around, shouts “HE DON’T BELONG HERE!” then DECKS Cody!

Roman paces around Cody some more, DECKS him again, but Cody leans on Roman’s leg. The fans boo as Roman looms over Cody, then ROCKS him again. Roman stands Cody up, but Cody ROCKS Roman! Roman ROCKS Cody, Cody ROCKS Roman, repeat! The haymakers keep going, Cody then body shots! Roman UPPERCUTS! Cody rebounds, gets around, CROSS RHODES!!! Cody drags Roman up to CROSS RHODES AGAIN!!! And then they get up again, but Rock LASHES Cody with the weight belt!! Cody drops to his knees, Roman SPEARS him back down!! Roman looks to Rock and Rock reaches out. Roman tags Rock in, and Rock snarls as he stands over Cody.

The fans boo as The Final Boss clearly insists on ending this match himself. Rock hits his Brahma Bull stance, Cody rises up, into the clinch and ROCK BOTTOM!! But Rock won’t end it there, he wants to hit the most electrifying move in all of sports entertainment! He raises the one to the sky, goes side to side, for the PEOPLE’S ELBOW!! Cover, Bloodline wins!

Winners: The Rock & Roman Reigns, by pinfall (The Universal Championship will be Bloodline Rules)

After bending the rules right until they broke and then bending them even more, The Final Boss gets the win and has sealed Cody’s fate. Will the only ending left for Cody’s story be a tragic one? Or is there some sliver of hope for Cody, even with the deck stacked so heavily against him?

My Thoughts:

An awesome first night for the biggest WrestleMania ever, though I’m really surprised we got a two-hour kickoff show with not one kickoff match. Well, I’m not disappointed, I was having dinner during the kickoff show anyway. Fun stuff in the kickoff show, too, with Big E and CM Punk being part of it. I really like that they grouped the Judgment Day related matches all together all at the start. Great match from Rhea VS Becky to open, and great win for Rhea after dealing out a lot of damage to Becky. The ladder match was awesome stuff, and I predicted half of that right. A-Town Down Under won the SmackDown titles but then got taken out for the rest of things, and how great for Awesome Truth to win. Now surely Priest will be desperate and want to cash in on something tomorrow to make up for this.

Rey & Andrade VS Dom & Santos was really good, but given all the overbooking, it might as well have been the huge 8 Man Tag between LWO and Legado. But a slightly surprising move that LWO won out then, though getting some Eagles players involved makes some sense given how closely WWE and NFL have been working together for a long time. And there’s a chance the feud only escalates from here going towards Backlash. Really good stuff out of Uso VS Uso, though it felt like it lagged in the middle as Jey just gave superkick after superkick to Jimmy. Jey winning was the right call with how much grief he’s been given by Roman and Jimmy.

Amazing ring gear from pretty much everyone in the Six Woman Tag, especially The GlowEST Storm mixing country and sci-fi. They were like space cowgirl bounty hunters or something, and as I said the other night, of course they won. Jade’s Mania debut goes her way, and surely she will stick together with Naomi & Bianca until some combination of the three take the tag titles off Kabuki Warriors. Awesome stuff in the Intercontinental Championship story. Sami didn’t need a big fancy entrance, just one that was emotional because it had his family, his trainer and his best friend all encouraging him.

Awesome stuff that Sami won, too, I wasn’t really sure if it was gonna happen. At the same time, Gable said Sami owes him now, so maybe Gable gets a title shot now? That’d be wild if Gable only trained Sami to make sure he could beat Gunther and then use what he learned about Sami against him to win. And of course, great stuff out of the main event tag match. Though, night one only went past the 11 PM Eastern mark because the entrances took so long. Roman & Rock winning was of course happening to put all the pressure on Cody, and Bloodline Rules, Anything Goes, that means no “Dusty Finish” to rob Cody of a proper ending to this story. Cody will surely assemble the WWE Avengers to battle The Bloodline, and somehow, someway, Cody wins and ends Roman’s reign.

My Score: 9.2/10

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