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WWE NXT Coverage

AJ’s NXT Takeover In Your House 2021 Results & Review

As mentioned on DWI the other day, NXT In Your House kind of seems like it’s Too Many In The House. Maybe I’m being skeptical, maybe I’m trying to down play what I am thinking but we still have a show and I’m your go to.



As mentioned on DWI the other day, NXT In Your House kind of seems like it’s Too Many In The House. Maybe I’m being skeptical, maybe I’m trying to down play what I am thinking but we still have a show and I’m your go to.

A Ladder Match for the Millions that made it, a Five Man Championship bout, Winner Takes All for the North American Championship and Tag Team Championships and the women will show themselves tonight with a championship match up and even potientally lining up for the next contender for the Women’s Championship. So come on in, take your shoes off at the door and let’s get into it.


  • Legado Del Fantasma vs MSK & Bronson Reed(c) in Winner Takes All – Bronson Reed wins via Tsunami – *** ½TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li – Xia Li wins via Trouble In Paradise – ** ½
  • Ladder Match: Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight for the Million Dollar Championship – *** ¾NEW CHAMPION!!!
  • Ember Moon vs Raquel Gonzalez (w/ Dakota Kai)(c) for the NXT Women’s Championship – Raquel Gonzalez wins via One Handed Powerbomb – ***TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne vs Karrion Kross (w/ Scarlet)(c) for the NXT Championship – Karrion Kross wins via Kross Jacket – **** ½TITLE DEFENSE!!


Legado Del Fantasma vs MSK & Bronson Reed-

Mendoza and Wes start the match up and all gears are going and very fast paced before some tags to each other’s tag partner and the speed keeps going until Santos and Bronson come in and things slow down. Santos playing coward, tags Raul Mendoza again and his offense has no effect on Bronson Reed. Some trickery comes out for Escobar and tries to pull a fast one on Reed, fails and tags Wilde to take the offense yet again. MSK getting some tags in to do some tandem offense and Reed comes to use his size to beat down Wilde.

Now that Nash Carter is the legal man in the match, Santos tries to sneak in and the flight comes in now as the tag champs take down Legado Del Phantasma including a big boy dive from Bronson and things look to be good for the champs. Santos slithers back in as the legal man and creates some distractions for the champion team and now the challengers are clicking on all cylinders. After a quick beat down of MSK, they somehow get the big boy in and he takes apart Wilde and Mendoza. As Reed tries to provoke Santos, he gets caught and snuck to lose momentum.

MSK saves the match after sneak attack and after taking apart each member out one by one for Legado Del Phantasma, the champs are the ones that stand tall in unison.

Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li-

Both women grab each other’s head and takes it to the outside for a nasty fall until Martinez comes in and takes the power to Xia Li but Xia comes in to switch momentum and get more offense in and more ruthless too, using the ring posts and ropes to take apart Mercedes.

Xia showing more of her power side, even with a damaged wheel but focuses on it a little too much and loses the advantage she once had, even taking a Cliffhanger to get a near fall. With more of the help for the outside, Xia Li comes back and hits her version of the Trouble in Paradise.

(Aftermath: Xia directs Boa to get her a chair and tries to use it on Mercedes but it backfires and Martinez takes the chair to beat down Xia and Boa. Mei Ying stands up from her Shao Khan chair to choke and toss Mercedes away as they all leave Mercedes Martinez outside of the ring. All hail Outworld I guess. Earthrealm is screwed.)

Cameron Grimes vs LA Knight –

Both men going for the same position but LA Knight gets a small advantage until the hubris comes back and Grimes takes control for the time being. LA Knight gets taken outside and is the first to take a ladder into the ring and makes it a game changer to take Grimes down and sets the first ladder up to grab the briefcase with the championship inside but Grimes’ speed comes into play and spin around with who gets the ladder. After another ladder control spot, LA Knight gets the worst end of it and gets caught with the ladder to the gut.

LA Knight gets the advantage on the outside of the ring and keeps the smashing Grimes against barricades and finally grabs another ladder, this one though to prop up against the barricade and apron of the ring. As the hell goes on inside the ring, including a neckbreaker from LA Knight to the ladder onto Cameron Grimes, Knight gets another ladder and set it up as the jockey for the same position again. LA Knight’s hubris gets back to bite him as he tell Cameron Grimes “Let’s go to the moon” and eats a ladder tied up into the corner and the others around.

Cameron says he wants the Golden Ladder to climb up and grab the Million Dollar Championship but too much time is taken and LA Knight takes the ladder out from under Grimes. LA Knight making chase and attacks Cameron Grimes with more ladders and took a lesson in the Kevin Owens Erector Set Class and puts a ladder outside and wedges another through to set a future spot. More and more of the carnage happens and Cameron Grimes climbs up the support beams to take LA Knight down and gets the Golden Ladder again to climb. LA Knight tries to stop the party one more time and stop him but Grimes climbs once more TO THE MOON!!!!

…but LA knight comes back one more time, tosses Grimes off the ladder and into his construction work and L…A… Knight is worth a Mill…ion… Bucks.

Ember Moon vs Raquel Gonzalez-

Ember goes fast and hits fast to get first blood on Raquel but, the champion comes back (with a little help from Dakota’s distractions) and takes total control and Ember unable to find a way to get an advantage. It took Raquel getting cocky in her own right to lose any form of momentum and after two superkicks, numerous strikes and a Yoshitonic to get things in her control again. As Raquel gets more punihsment done, the only way she gets any advantage is Dakota making her presence felt in the match for the momentum change.

Ember Moon hits a modified Eclipse without the ropes to create seperation and uses her own offense to get the advantage and got the Eclipse off officially… but Dakota gets Raquel’s foot on the ropes to break the pinfall and Shotzi runs out because she’s seen enough and now it’s one on one again. Ember now getting more and more impact in her moves, still to no avail and goes for another Eclipse, gets caught though and gets Snake Eyes and loses to the One Handed Powerbomb.

Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne vs Karrion Kross-

Right away, Cole gets hit by O’Reilly and Dunne fights off Gargano as in the ring now is Pete Dunne and Kross. After a suplex from Kross the more powerhouse matchup is put to an end, Dunne leaves and O’Reilly comes in to face the champion with striking now. After striking and a submission attempt from O’Reilly, Kross suplexes him and Gargano comes in to face off the champion and trying flight to take him down. Another suplex and the last challenger comes in with speed but everyone else attacks Cole for striking them with a chair on NXT Television and all hell comes to play in the ring

O’Reilly now getting the wind with his strikes and holds to face everyone off and after a stack of submissions, Kross comes in and powerbombs Dunne on the submission train. Now everyone realizes that maybe we need to take Karrion Kross out and Gargano and Dunne do so, putting Karrion Kross through the In Your House prop. Kyle and Adam get to fighting now and with Gargano stepping in, it is looking like a Pro Wrestling Guerilla reunion and with the two former ROH Champions in a Tree of Woe, Gargano charges for a move in the Tree but fails when Pete Dunne runs in and rolls up Gargano and hell breaks loose between all the challengers as they go with rapid kicks and strikes and they all fall down.

We are back to Kyle and Adam facing off now but Kross returns to remove everyone involved, tossing Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Pete Dunne out of the barricade and does a Tornado F5 to take down Gargano. It’s a near fall though and now Johnny gets his burst of energy and dives all around the ring to take everyone out and Adam Cole returns with some superkicks and even attempts the Panama Sunrise but is caught by a Reverse Tombstone Piledriver and gets a close nearfall.

All the challengers return to the ring and take it to one another and even getting some accidental two on ones on people. Dunne and Gargano meeting in the middle on O’Reilly. Gargano doing a Poison-rana in combination with a Superkick from Cole to Dunne and finally, a Enziguri into a back suplex from Gargano and O’Reilly to Cole and Kross returns to take apart each challenger, one by one. Everyone works together to try to take out Karrion Kross and even gets a small Undisputed Era reunion to Powerbomb Kross on the announce table so all the challengers face off.

Gargano and Adam Cole hit each other with superkicks, Dunne and O’Reilly put submission holds on them and drop it to fight each other. After a submission transition, Adam Cole and Gargano come in to spoil the party and use speed and superkicks to go to them and hell breaks loose once again. O’Reilly stops a double Garga-No Escape and takes full control as Adam Cole takes ultimate opportunity for this and hits a Panama Sunrise to Gargano after pushing Kyle off. Dunne breaks the pin attempt of Adam Cole and X-Plexes him on the outside and Karrion Kross rises up and Dunne fights off Kross, landing the Bitter End and it’s a nearfall. Changing it up to and putting a Triangle on Kross, everyone returns and now it’s Pete Dunne’s second wind.

Kross comes back though and removes Adam Cole from the match once more and puts the Kross Jacket on. Dunne breaks it, “breaking” Kross’ fingers and Johnny comes in to One Final Beats Dunne to eliminates him from the match and O’Reilly returns to clean house until Adam Cole gets his second wind as well, superkicking everyone involved and gets caught in a Leg Lock but too close to Karrion Kross and Karrion Kross applies the Kross Jacket onto Kyle O’Reilly to make him fade.

(Aftermath: Makenzie comes in and asks William Regal what he thinks of In Your House and he says… “I’ve never seen so much bedlam in NXT. I think it’s time for a change.” He walks off, dejected.)

Overall Score & Thoughts: 8.5/10

Oh…My… God. I was impressed by all involved. Each match was good, each match stood out on it’s own. I usually hate clustered matches but they made everything make sense with this five way for a major reason.

First off, the worst thing to me about this was whatever is going on with Xia Li and entering Mortal Kombat or whatever that was, I am not a fan. Other than that, matches were really good. No titles changed but each match had their story written and done. Cameron Grimes was too clouded on being a Million Dollars that he failed to capture the championship, Raquel showed she could finish without Dakota Kai but, Dakota is doing great as the Shawn Michaels to make sure Raquel stays champion to maybe crossing her one day. The six man tag match was energizing, it was a great opener and things felt right and smooth with the match…

…but that five way was VERY GOOD and the reason why Karrion Kross won that is because everyone else used all of their energy as a last ditch effort EXCEPT KROSS. Kross was constantly taken out and waited patiently for his next shot. He did everything correctly and that’s why he won. Tick Tock and I don’t mean the flashy social media app that I don’t even use. All in all, great show. Lowered my expectations but it worked out in the end. Next big show will be Great American Bash on NXT Television so maybe they will have some teasers with things happening leading up to that or after that.

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/19/23)

Welcome to N BEX T!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

NXT has truly hit The Big Time!

Becky Lynch won the NXT Women’s Championship just last week, and she opens tonight’s festivities! What will The Grand Slam Man do next?


  • NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group A: Tyler Bate VS Pete Dunne; Dunne wins and advances to the finals.
  • NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase; Duke wins and forces a tie.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice w/ Elektra Lopez; Roxie wins.
  • Carmelo Hayes VS Dominik Mysterio; No Contest.
  • NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B Triple Threat: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase VS Nathan Frazer; Coffey wins and advances to the finals.
  • 2v1 Handicap: Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James VS Becky Lynch; changed to…
  • Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria VS Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James; Becky & Lyra win.


Becky Lynch is here!

And the fans are all fired up as the NEW NXT Women’s Champion heads to the ring! The Grand Slam Man defended this title just last night in Salt Lake City against Natalya, but she’s right back in Orlando to say, “The Man has come around to N BEX T~!” Fans fire up and chant for “N BEX T! N BEX T!” Becky says the NXT Women’s Championship World Tour continues! She brings the fight every damn night! It doesn’t matter the name, the game is the same. Gigi Dolin, Elektra Lopez, Thea Hail, Roxanne Perez, Becky assures you she’ll be here awhile and will go the extra mile. SO how ’bout a scrap, Ivy Nile?

Becky gets Natty, she’ll beat that baddie. Give her Jacy Jayne, you know I’ll retain. You want this, she’s the mountain to climb. So welcome all, to the Big Time! Fans cheer that! Becky says she loves it here so much, it is so good to be back. It feels so good to represent them! They are what makes this happen. But speaking of time… Time, time, time, TIFFY TIME is over! Fans chant “BECKY TIME!” But Becky says credit where credit is due. Last week, Tiff hung with The Man, pushed her to her limits, and for that, Tiff will get her rematch whenever she wants it, she has earned it. She may be an idiot and an arse, but she is- here! Tiffy heads to the ring!

Tiff says excuse her, but she’s heard enough. Fans boo as Tiff appreciates the flowers. But did Becky really think the rematch was going to be optional? Are you kidding? She didn’t earn a rematch, she DESERVES a rematch. She knows Becky is a WrestleMania main eventer, The Man, the number one, but she is TIFFANY STRATTON! She is the future of the WWE, and she is the future TWO-TIME NXT Women’s Champion! Fans keep booing but Tiff says if Becky’s a fighting champion, then Big Time VS Tiffy Time, Round 2, for the title, TONIGHT!! Fans like the sound of that! And Becky is even smiling!

Tiff knew they’d love it. That’s why it’s NOT happening! Tiff says these losers actually cheered her every week until Becky showed up. Tiff wants her rematch on a bigger stage. She wants her rematch in Bakersfield at No Mercy! Becky says Tiff can have it whenever she wants it, but the result will be the same. And not because Tiff ain’t good enough, but because she’s not hungry enough! You think Becky hasn’t seen this? People like Tiff come in, rocket strapped to her back, and they become entitled! But this NXT, with these fans, have the same feel as the NXT Becky came up in. And it comes down to who wants it more!

And even after ten YEARS here, Becky wants it more! Aw, cute. Becky should be thanking Tiff for this return. If Becky’s name never came outta Tiff’s mouth, Becky would have never returned! And instead, Becky would be driving to the nearest retirement home for the next Hall of Famer for Becky to beat to get more clout! Okay, okay, Tiffany. For one thing, she’s a better fighter than a talker. But instead of going word for word with The  man, just go punch for punch! And then Becky fires off on Tiff! But then KIANA JAMES attacks! Fans boo as the Calculator uses numbers to her advantage!

Kiana drags Becky up, Tiff gets a chair! But Becky still fights them both off! Fans fire up as Becky fires forearms, then gets the chair! Tiff runs for it, then Kiana does, too! The Man is ready for a fight, will she get one tonight?


Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo talk backstage.

Stacks is impressed by the research The Don has done going into finding contenders. But that means there’s a lot of eyeballs on them. Stacks says that’s just the price of being NXT Tag Team Champions. What’re they gonna do? Tony says they’ll offer everyone a seat at the table, and then do what they do best. What’s that? Eat! Some tortellini, some shrimp scampi, ah c’mon~! Stacks is getting hungry. Well he asked for it. But who are they inviting? The Creeds? They’ve got history but they’re straightforward, so that allows The Family to be straightforward with them. And then Garza & Carrillo. Keep friends closer but enemies closer? Eh. Gotta respect that.

But what about these two big teams right here? Hank ‘n’ Tank or Nima & Price? To be honest, Tony likes both teams, but only one seat at the table. These teams need to impress The Don. Who wants it more? They’ll fight it out to show us who’s really hungry.


Backstage interview with Ilja Dragunov.

McKenzie Mitchell is with The Mad Dragon, and brings up how the fans are still buzzing after that instant classic with him and Wes Lee just last week. Now Ilja heads to No Mercy for a rematch with Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship. Ilja says he is still suffering from the pain Wes inflicted upon him. But he will still finish what happened at the Great American Bash. And this time, the Mad Dragon will cover his wings in gold. As for tonight, Dragunov will watch Melo VS Dom.

Becky storms in and Dragunov acknowledges she is in a bad mood. He will let her have the stage. Becky tells Tiff & Kiana that “you two dopes” didn’t have to attack her to get a fight with her. You wanna go 2v1? Fine! Let’s do that in the main event! See you there! The Man wants a handicap match against two top talents? Is that a bit reckless?


Kelly Kincaid is in the Meta Four Lounge.

But before she can ask anyone a question, Lash Legend says “SKRRRT!” AKA put on the brakes. Noam Dar welcomes us to the Matrix! But that’s enough from Agent Smith. They, the chosen ones, are once again ready to watch these dafties compete for the honor, NO! The privilege of losing to Dar at No Mercy. It doesn’t matter if it’s Group A or Group B, or if they take the red pill or the blue pill. The result will remain the same: Dar as champion. But then here comes Pete Dunne! Fans cheer as he shuts the Meta Four up! Will it be the Bruiserweight or the Big Strong Boy that wins the block?


Trick Williams is on the phone.

He says it’s all good, but then Dominik Mysterio walks over. “Look who it is! Tricky Williams!” Trick says hey to Dirty Dom, and look! Dom has a knack for sucking all the positive vibes out of any room, just like that. Dom says he’s glad he ran into Trick. That makes one of them. No, Dom is being for real. As someone who lived in his dad’s shadow, he understands Trick’s situation. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Trick don’t live in no shadow. Look at him! He don’t fit in no shadows. Dom says he’s serious, though. The Judgment Day helped him step out and shine. Now it’s time to see what Trick can do in the spotlight.

Trick tells Dom that they are not from the same place. Trick ain’t built like that. Nothing and no one will drive a wedge between Trick Melo Gang. Believe that. Dom chuckles and says he used to say the same thing about him and Rey. Just think about it. Dom leaves, but will his recruitment case be hurt losing to HIM?


NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group A: Tyler Bate VS Pete Dunne!

NXT returns and Bate makes his entrance. The bell rings and we’re on the clock for this must win match!

Dunne and Bate stare down, then tie up. Fans rally up as the two go around. Dunne wrangles Bate with a wristlock and writhes, but then Bate kips up. Bate headlocks, Dunne powers Bate down and slips out the back, then bends that arm! Dunne then bends the fingers! And CLUBS the hand! Dunne clubs it again and again and again! “Neo” Dar watches as Dunne drags Bate up to wrench and again. Bate flips through to headscissor takedown! Dunne kips free, Bate kips up, Bop up, but Dunne SLAPS! Dunne knows that trick too well! Bate snarls, Dunne smirks, and the two tie up. Bate headlocks, Dunne powers out, things speed up and Dunne hurdles.

Bate leaps, but Bop up, to BANG!! Cover, TWO!! Bate drags Dunne up by his beard to SLAP him back! Dunne and Bate throw hands, Dar tries to contain his emotions, but Bate backs Dunne into a corner! Bate fires off, the ref counts, and Dunne CHOPS Bate down! Dunne stomps Bate, the fans rally behind him, and he twists on Bate’s ear. Dunne whips Bate to a corner, Bate goes up and under and knuckle locks to step over, headlock, bait again and leap to slide under. Dunne steps on Bate’s foot to DECK him! Fans fire up, Dunne runs in but Bate boots then KNEES back! Bate goes up, FLYING- FOREARM from Dunne! Cover, TWO!

Dunne scowls but he stomps Bate’s leg! The Global Heritage Invitational Watch Party is going on, everyone feeling sore just watching. Dunne stands Bate up to CHOP him down! Dunne goes up the corner but Bate ROCKS him first! Bate CHOPS, climbs, and he powers Dunne to the top rope! Stalling SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Dunne is still in this but Bate stays focused as NXT goes picture in picture.

Bate crawls as he watches Dunne rise. Then Bate junkyard dog headbutts! And again! Dunne stares him down, then catches him for a GUILLOTINE! Bate fights up to his feet, but Dunne turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Bate writhes while Dunne looms over him. Dunne sits Bate up to SLAP and KICK and KICK and KICKS! Bate just frowns, but Dunne stands him up. Bate DECKS Dunne! Bate keeps close, rains down forearms, but Dunne grabs the other arm for a double wristlock! Dunne shifts around to trap that arm, and he grinds Bate’s ear with forearms! Then Dunne stomps Bate’s head! Dunne then runs to KICK Bate in the side!

Dunne paces, sits Bate up, and CHOPS him back down! And then DECKS him again! Dunne has the arms for DRAGON STOMPS! Then he drops into an ARMBAR!! Bate hurries to move around, and he throws kicks from below! But Dunne grabs the leg for a toehold! Then he STOMPS the foot! Bate writhes, but he keeps his leg guard up. Bate kicks and kicks but Dunne drops knees on the knee! And he SLAPS Bate down again! Dunne drags Bate up, CHOPS him, and CHOPS him again! Bate snarls as Dunne CHOPS more and more! Bate ROCKS Dunne, Dunne CHOPS Bate, repeat! They go back and forth, faster and faster!

NXT returns to single picture as the fans are thunderous for this brawl of Brits! Dunne then DECKS Bate! Dunne smothers Bate, rains down more forearms, “This is Awesome!” and Dunne finally lets off. Dunne drags Bate up while Meta Four looks worried. X PL- NO, Bate lands out of it to STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Then deadlift BACK SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Bate drags Dunne up, underhooks, TYLER DR- NO! Dunne has a TRIANGLE HOLD! Bate stays up on his feet, but Dunne throws elbows! Bate endures, Duke heads out because his match will be soon. Joe Coffey toasts his Gallus boys before also heading out.

Bate fights up to deadlift Dunne, but Dunne slips around! Bate uses that for an AIRPLANE SPIN!! Bate goes around and around and around and around and around, then staggers, only to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Dunne is still in this and even Meta Four can’t believe that. Dar says time’s running out, too. Fans rally, both Bate and Dunne grab each other by beards, and they throw hands! Two minute warning as Bate hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bate has the underhooks, Dunne slips free! To steal the TYLER DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Fans fire up as Dunne pump handles, BITTER- DDT!!

Bate is up, he pump handles? To STEAL BITTER END!!! Cover, TWO?!!? Dar is freaking out as Bate and Dunne rise. Bate has Dunne’s hand, and he bends the fingers! To SNAP!! That’s Dunne’s thing! But then Dunne Bop up, BANG!! Bate dodges, REBOUNDER!! Fans fire up as Bate goes up the corner! SKY TWISTER onto knees!! Pump handle, BITTER END!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?? How?!? Dunne won’t let off, he drags Bate up but we’re at 30 SECONDS! Dunne pump handles again, BITTER PILEDRIVER!! Cover, DUNNE WINS!!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Bate earns 0)

The Bruiserweight is NOT someone Dar wants to face, but he’s a finalist! And in the end, he still shows respect to his old friend and rival. Will Dunne tear down whoever it is that comes out of Group B?

Here are the NEW Group A standings!

Pete Dunne: 2-0-1, 5 points
Tyler Bate: 2-1, 4 points [ELIMINATED]
Axiom: 0-1-1, 1 point [ELIMINATED]
Charlie Dempsey: 0-2, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


Thea Hail & Jacy Jayne go shopping.

Thea pumps herself up. She’s not a little girl anymore, she’s a grown woman. She may not like change but change is good. Jacy asks Thea if she’s okay. She doesn’t- NO, she needs to! She’s not a kid! Let’s go! Okay, okay, woosah. They step into ASC and Jacy looks through the selection. She tosses what she likes at Thea, sticking toa red and black aesthetic. Time for the fashion show! Thea can’t walk out in this first one. What? She came this far, at least show us what it looks like. Okay, fine. Red skirt and lacey top. Okay, yeah, maybe a bit much. The snake skin boots on the second one is good, but they need MORE leather.

Full leather dress? Yes, this is the vibe Jacy is talking about. Next! Thea returns in a vest top. Bingo! But still next. And then… That’s the one!! Really? Thea does really like this. They’re going with it. They finish up and Jacy can’t wait for the world to see the new and improved Thea Hail.


NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase!

Bate VS Dunne was must-win to determine a finalist, and this is pretty much that but on an even bigger scale! If the Iron King wins, that’s it, this is his kingdom! But if the Chase U MVP pulls out the win, we go to a very interesting three man tie. What will the fate of Group B be?

NXT returns and Gallus has made their entrance. The bell rings and we’re back on the clock! Duke and Joe circle, fans rally for the MVP as they tie up. They break, tie up again, and then break again. They tie up, Joe headlocks, but Duke powers out. They RAM shoulders but neither man falls! Duke headlocks, Joe powers out and they RAM shoulders again! Joe eggs Duke on, he and Duke RAM and RAM and DOUBLE LARIAT! They stay up, Duke breaks through the next lariat to finally run Joe over! Duke whips, Joe reverses, but Duke RANAS!? The Watch Party now opened things up so others, like Ikemen Jiro and Dani Palmer, can watch.

Duke storms up on Joe in the corner to JAB! Duke whips corner to corner then back drops him away! Cover, TWO! Duke keeps cool and brings Joe in, but Joe fights the lift! Joe RAMS Duke into the corner, RAMS into him again and again, then fires off body shots! Joe hoists Duke up to HOTSHOT off the ropes! Duke sputters, Joe BOOTS him down, then stomps him around! Fans rally for Duke but Joe drags him up. Joe whips Duke into a corner hard, then whips him back in even harder! Joe scoops to BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Duke stays in this but Joe stomps him. Joe throws hands, then storms around.

Fans rally up and duel as Joe talks trash. Joe sits Duke up to throw hands but Duke counter punches! And again! Duke JABS! JABS! JABS! Flip, flop and “U~!” But Joe runs away! Fans boo but Duke goes out after him, Joe RAMS Duke into the apron! And SMAKCS him off it! Joe puts Duke in and storms up into the ring. Fans rally as Joe goes up, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Joe then waistlocks to drag Duke up to GERMAN SUPLEX! Duke flounders, Joe aims from the corner, GLASGOW SENDOFF! Duke hits buckles and Gallus is rabidly fired up! Joe runs, ALL THE BEST- Duke ducks it! Roll up, DUKE WINS!!

Winner: Duke Hudson, by pinfall (gains 2 points, Joe earns 0)

AND NOW WE HAVE A TIE!!! We go to the GHI Watch Party where Kelly asks Frazer about this situation. Frazer says let’s go! He has life in the tournament! Joe beat him, he beat Duke, Duke beat Joe. So now… Triple Threat next week! But Kelly says hold on, breaking news! The Triple Threat isn’t next week, it’s later tonight! Whoa, really? Well then, Frazer’s gotta get ready! Off he goes! Will the Jersey Island Rocket make a big comeback? Or will Joe get even with Duke inside that Triple Threat?

Here are the NEW Group B standings!

Joe Coffey: 2-0, 4 points
Nathan Frazer: 2-1, 4 points
Duke Hudson: 2-1, 4 points
Akira Tozawa: 0-3, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


Robert Stone tweets.

“Saw Von. Not good. He appreciates all the well wishes.” When and where, if ever, will we see Von Wagner again?


Roxanne Perez VS Lola Vice w/ Elektra Lopez!

The Prodigy’s new edge has carried her through against quite a few opponents, but the MMA Mamacita says Roxie has no idea about true aggression. Will Lola teach Roxie how it’s done? Or will Roxie be unstoppable on her rise back to the top?

NXT returns as Lola makes her entrance, La Madrina by her side. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Roxie wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Lola kicks and then SLAMS Roxie down! Lola clamps onto the arm, Roxie fights up but Lola wrenches to a wristlock. Roxie spins and spins and slips through to wrangle Lola to a La Magistrol then shifts to a jackknife! TWO, and Lola has the SLEEPER! Roxie rolls back to cover, TWO! They both stand, Lola kicks low and hard! Lola talks trash, fans duel, and Lola brings Roxie up. Roxie CHOPS back! Lola swings, Roxie wrenches and knuckle locks to CHOP!

Roxie goes up and up, but Lola shoves her down! Roxie hits off the ropes, staggers in, but Lola mule kicks! Lola wrenches, ELBOW BREAKERS, then wrenches to WRING the arm! Fans duel, Lola talks trash and she AX KICKS Roxie on the back! Lola grabs an arm, wrap sit up, then CLUBS away on Roxie to get the other! Lola swivels the hips before the ARM SNAPPER! Cover, TWO! Roxie goes to ropes, Lola is after her, hammerlock and a RAM into the corner! Roxie clutches the arm but Lola drags her up. Lola hammerlocks and whips, but Roxie reverses! Lola hits buckles, Roxie wrenches and clinches, but Lola fights out to WRING the arm!

Lola has the omoplata, and she pulls on that bad arm! Roxie endures, even as Lola SLAPS her and CLUBS her! Lola pushes up on the arm, Roxie endures and fans continue to duel. Roxie fights around, rolls, but Lola holds onto the bad arm. Roxie ROCKS Lola with her good arm! And again! Lola KICKS low, talks some trash, then whips. Roxie BOOTS from the corner, then goes up! FLYING THESZ PRESS! And fast hands! Fans fire up as Roxie SHOTGUNS Lola into the corner! Roxie roars, runs corner to corner, and she UPPERCUTS! Roxie goes up to rain down fists! Fans count along but Lola slips out to YANK Roxie into buckles!

Lola drags Roxie out, wrenches, ELBOW BREAKER! Roxie screams in pain but she rolls through the wringer! She ducks a kick to give a kick, then hips on! Lola pops her off, drags her down, OMOPLATA! Roxie fights to a stack cover, ROXIE WINS!!

Winner: Roxanne Perez, by pinfall

Lola showed Roxie all about edge, but Roxie showed Lola all about perseverance! Will Roxie use everything she’s learned to find her way back to the top title?


Eddy Thorpe goes to his meditation place.

He sees the damage done to the tree by Dijak. Dijak says Eddie needs to embrace his wild side? You don’t think he knows what Dijak is doing? What he’s really trying to say? Then say it, coward! Eddie’s what? A savage? Is that it? Guess what! Perhaps there is something, deep down inside of Eddie, that is a merciless Indian savage! Dijak has insulted Eddie’s culture and desecrated sacred land! So how about this? Next time they face off, they do it in a way that Eddie can return the favor, by ripping the flesh from Dijak’s body the same way Dijak did the bark on this tree. That’s right, a STRAP MATCH! “You wanted a savage? You’ve got one!”


Becky sits backstage.

She has that anger in her eyes, but then Roxie walks in. Hey, is she okay? That was a hell of a match. And Becky says whatever Roxie’s doing, just keep doing it, because she’s been kicking ass. Roxie thanks Becky for that. In a way, Roxie took a page out of Becky’s book. She was letting people walk all over her, and decided it just wasn’t for her. Becky knows that feeling. And so if they’re on the same page, then Becky doesn’t have to face Tiff & Kiana alone tonight! Roxie wants to tag in! The Man and the Prodigy? Sounds good. But Roxie needs arm on that arm first. Becky ain’t the Man for nothing. But thanks for the offer.

Roxie heads out, will Becky really be alright on her own?


Carmelo Hayes VS Dominik Mysterio!

Both champions will defend these titles at No Mercy, though that’s if Dirty Dom makes it through Dragon Lee next week on Monday Night Raw. But for now, this is about establishing who is the alpha champ of NXT! Will it be Mami’s Latino Heat? Or will it be none other than HIM?

As he makes his entrance, Melo has a shirt just for Dom, with him right in the purple crosshairs. But the moment Melo’s in the ring, Dom goes right after him! Dom fires off in the corner, then he picks up THE NXT Championship and smiles as he holds it up. But Melo storms up to Dom, to ROCK him with haymakers! Melo whips, Dom reverses but Melo ducks ‘n’ dodges to springboard LARIAT! Dragunov has magically appeared on commentary to watch this match, and Melo RIPS the shirt he was wearing. Free souvenir for the fans, and the bell finally rings! Dom rushes up but Melo dodges to CHOP!

Melo whips corner to corner, Dom bounces off buckles and into a back drop! And then a DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Melo storms up to whip Dom corner to corner again. Fans taunt Dom with “Mami’s Feelin’ Ucey!” Melo snapmares to then SUPER- NO, Dom bails out! Fans boo and Dom is upset not having anyone with him. Melo slides out to ROCK Dom! Melo whips but Dom reverses, only for Melo to stop himself! Melo ROCKS Dom, runs in, but Dom FLAPJACKS Melo off barriers! Dom puts Melo in, fans boo more but Dom soaks it up. But Melo KICKS Dom in the ropes, to then FADE AWAY! Cover, TWO!

Melo keeps his cool as he stalks Dom. Dom wants mercy but there’s no mercy in his future. Dom YANKS Melo into ropes! Dom runs, into a SUPERKICK! Melo runs, to tilt-o-whirl, LA MYSTICA! Cover, TWO! Dom survives, bails out again, but Melo dares him to come back as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Dom has Melo in a chinlock. Fans rally as Melo fights up, and even Dragunov is cheering Melo on. Melo throws body shots but Dom throws a knee! Then Dom throws Melo by his hair! Cover, TWO! Dom drags Melo up as fans taunt Dom with “Mami’s Gonna Beat~ You!” Dom suplexes, Uno Amigo! Then some Latino Heat before Melo hits the suplex CUTTER! Fans rally up for “MEL~O! MEL~O!” Melo goes to the ropes, he and Dom stand and Dom runs in. Melo ELBOWS Dom, then kicks, KICKS and throws him to the corner! Melo fires off fists, the ref counts, and then the ref backs Melo down.

Dom runs in, but into a spin and KNEE SMASH! Melo whips, Dom reverses but Melo ducks the kick to pump handle and SPIENBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Dom scrambles to ropes but Melo drags him back in! Dom holds onto the apron skirt, then the ropes! Dom BOOTS Melo, kicks low and DDT! Cover, TWO! Dom drags Melo around, has the legs, and he CATAPULTS Melo onto ropes! Dom dials it up, 619! Dom goes up the corner, for the FROG SPLASH, but he has to bail out! Turn around into the CODE BREAKER! Melo then goes up the rope, takes aim, but Dom trips him up! Melo flops to the apron and Dom goes out after him.

Dom whips, Melo reverses, and Dom goes into Dragunov!! Fans lose their minds and even Melo is shocked by what happened! Did Melo mean to do that? But it doesn’t matter, because now Dom YANKS Melo into Dragunov! Dom puts Melo in the ring, talks smack to Dragunov, then SMACKS Dragunov!! Fans lose their minds again as Dom angers the wrong man! Dragunov runs in to CLOBBER Dom and Melo!!

No Contest

Dragunov fires off on Dom and fans fire up, ENZIGURI! The Mad Dragon FOREARM BOMBS! Fans are loving this as Dragunov goes to the corner! “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” But Dom sends Melo into the TORPEDO MOSCOW!! Dom runs away, but wait! Dragon Lee storms up behind him! SUPERKICK!! Fans are loving it as The Wonder Boy stands over Dirty Dom! Will Dragon Lee take the North American title and the No Mercy spot from Dom? As for Dragunov and Melo, is this only fuel for the fire going into their rematch?


Trick Williams is watching.

And he does not like how that all played out. But then The Schism walks in. Joe Gacy tells Trick that everyone wants to be their own man, but no one ever thinks how that’d affect everyone else. Ava Raine says Trick left his best friend all alone. Trick asks if they just came in here to talk crazy. Ava says being alone is written all over his face. This isn’t loneliness! This is olive oil. But just because he is his own man doesn’t mean he’s alone. Trick, just look around you! There is no one else here! The Schism isn’t too different from Trick. They know what he’s going through, and they can help him. Just come with them.

Trick, joining The Schism? Hmm… NO. He wants nothing to do with their roots or trees, he’s seen this movie before so he knows how it ends. Gacy says Trick is so charismatic. If only Melo took Trick up on that offer. Some friend. The Schism leaves, but Trick says it’s Trick Melo Gang 4 Life. Will the bond between these two be unbreakable, no matter who tries?


Duke and Chase regroup backstage.

Chase says that was amazing! Did you see the Chase U student section? They were going crazy! Thanks, Mr. Chase. Duke just needs like an hour to recover. An hour? Duke, time is relative! The Triple Threat has no time limit! And though Duke has already proved a lot of people wrong, he has to do it again. Yeah, yeah, just understand, Joe Coffey is as big as an ox, and Frazer is faster than Usain Bolt! Chase asks Duke a question. Who is the MVP? What? Duke is. Then as of now, who is none as The Spoiler? Duke is…! And with the entire student section, the entire country of Australia, and the entire NXT Universe cheering him on, who is gonna go out there and give those others an Andre Chase University sized ASS WHOOPIN?! DUKE IS!!

WHO? DUKE! WHO?! DUKE!! LET’S EFFIN GOOOOO~! Duke is reenergized, but will this be enough against two opponents? The moment of truth is up next!


SCRYPTS and the boys run a side hustle.

They’re playing dice for big money, and here it comes. SEVENS! The loser gets mad but he can’t fight men as big as Nima & Price. They and Scrypts divide up the winnings, and Nima says they are shaking up this whole tag division! Price says there are teams talking like they don’t understand the language. But these hands speak it fluently. Scrypts says they’re all just clowns. But Tony D & Stacks think things are real sweet. Just wait until they feel the pressure. Scrypts says that bond is why he rocks with them. They know what it is to go to sleep with no dinner. Fast losers and slow winners. Reaching for cash in your pockets, nothing there.

But by any means, they gotta eat. True hustlers. Look at ’em n ow! Making it happen, no handouts! Self made, from the dirt to making it out the mud. O T M! They’re gonna take it all!


Backstage interview with Hank ‘n’ Tank.

McKenzie says we all just heard from Bronco Nima & Lucien Price, another young and hungry team. Hank says Bronco & Lucien are powerful dudes, and Tank says they know firsthand. Those two have Scrypts with them now, but still going nowhere. Though, neither are Walker & Ledger. Tank says they’re easygoing guys, but right now, there’s an opportunity in sight. That means no more games, turn up the intensity. Hank says Stacks & Tony want them to earn their way to that table, so consider this challenge accepted! Hank & Tank haven’t missed many meals, but they’re not just here to eat. They’re here to FEAST on the tag division!

If Nima & Price wanna get in the way, then Hank & Tank have no problems working up quite the appetite! They head out, who wins the BIG battle between these heavy hitters?


NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group B Triple Threat: Joe Coffey w/ Gallus VS Duke Hudson w/ Andre Chase VS Nathan Frazer!

NXT returns as Duke and Joe are back in the ring. The bell rings, and Joe CLOBBERS Duke! Joe fires off, Frazer runs up but Joe shoves him away. So Duke fires off on Joe now! Frazer jumps back in but Duke shoves him away! Duke throws big elbows, but Frazer SHOTGUNS Duke into Joe! Frazer fires off hands and CHOPS on Duke, whips, but Duke reverses. Duke runs in but into an elbow! Frazer goes up, Duke gets under the leap, but then Frazer slides under Joe. Joe ROCKS Duke, Frazer DROPKICKS Joe! Fans rally up as Frazer ELBOWD Duke out of the ring. Frazer builds speed, but Joe CROSSBODIES him first!

Fans fire up as Joe grinds Frazer’s face in to laces! The “Matrix” Four is back in the lounge, cheering on anyone but Frazer. Joe suplexes, Frazer slips free, and then he TOSSES Joe to the apron! GAMANGIRI! Joe falls, Frazer aims, and Frazer builds speed. But Duke FLAPJACKS Frazer! Cover, TWO! The Watch Party is having some fun now, except maybe Dempsey since he’s not getting to fight. Duke stomps Frazer at the ropes, Dar and Oro do Matrix leaning, and then Duke goes after Joe. Joe HOTSHOTS Duke away! Joe runs in but Duke is ready, they DOUBLE LARIAT! And DOUBLE LARIAT! And DOUBLE LARIAT!

Fans fire up as they go again and again, then Joe RAMS into Duke! Joe fires hands, Duke ROCKS Joe back, and ROCKS him again! Joe RAMS into Duke, throws more hands, then CLUBS Duke down! Joe DECKS Frazer, stomps Duke, then stomps Frazer. But Duke throws hands back! Duke and Joe go back and forth, fans rally and duel, and Frazer runs past them both, ducks ‘n’ dodges, keeps going, and he SHOTGUNS them both out of the ring! Fans fire up as Frazer fires himself up. Frazer builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on both behemoths and Frazer is roaring! Lash likes the dive at least.

Frazer puts Duke in, throws hands, and then he CLUBS Duke. Duke throws hands but Frazer stomps. Frazer CLUBS Duke, throws hands, and he has Duke in a corner. Frazer runs in, but into an URENAGE! Fans fire up but then Joe trips Duke, to YANK him into the post! Joe pulls on Duke’s legs to put that post where the sun don’t shine! Oro and Dar feel for Duke here as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns again and Joe has Frazer down with a top wristlock. Frazer endures, and fans rally as Duke drags himself up to the apron. Dar and Oro are “sparring” while Frazer fights up. Joe ROCKS Frazer, throws him down and then DECKS Duke! Joe says he’s winning this, but Frazer throws hands! Frazer ROCKS Joe, but Joe scoops to SLAM Frazer! Fans boo as Joe crosses his arms in the Gallus pose. Joe then deadlifts Frazer, but Frazer victory rolls! TWO!! Joe escapes, and he pop-up UPPERCUTS Frazer! GLASGOW SENDOFF! Joe runs, but Duke SHOVES Frazer aside, to roll Joe up! TWO!!! Joe escapes this time and shocks Duke!

Fans fire up and the watch party is just eating this up! Duke tells Joe it was that close to a repeat. The two stand, throw hands, and fans are fired up for the MVP! Duke JABS! JABS! JABS! Flip, flop and “U~!” ELBOW! Duke then scoops to SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Frazer reaches out feebly while Duke hauls Joe up. Frazer stands to SUPERKICK! Then he QUEBRADAS to catch Joe, and he kicks Duke low, DOUBLE DDT COMBO! Cover on Joe, TWO! Cover on Duke, TWO! Frazer is frustrated but the fans are thunderous as all three men are down. Frazer goes to the apron, Meta Four doesn’t want this.

Frazer springboards but stops as he sees Joe show haymaker! Frazer then ROCKS Joe, springboards again, but Joe gets under. Joe comes in, GLASGOW- SUPERKICK! Frazer sees Duke but Duke hits him first! SLINGSHOT GERMAN SUPLEX! Duke sees Joe running up, swings, but Joe waistlocks. Duke elbows free, runs, and he BOOTS Joe down! Frazer staggers up, into a scoop and SWINGING SLAMS! Cover, TWO!! Frazer survives but the fans fire up again! Duke scoops Frazer, spins and spins and SWINGING SLAMS!! Cover, Joe breaks it! Fans are torn and Meta Four cannot believe this match.

Frazer drags himself to a corner, Joe fires hands on Duke! Duke rebounds, but he TOSSES Joe out! Duke then sees Frazer in a corner. Duke runs in, but into BOOTS! Frazer runs up but Duke pops him up, RANA!! Duke got spiked!! Frazer goes up, PHOENIX SPLASH!! But Joe drags him up and TOSSES him out! Frazer skins the cat, but gets a GLASGOW SENDOFF!! ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS!!! Cover, JOE WINS!!!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Frazer was so, so close, but the Iron King steals this one! Dunne shows up to stare Joe down, ready to go even now! But then they both look at Dar, and Dar holds up the Heritage Cup. Will it be the Bruiserweight or the Iron King that meets Dar in the Golden State?


Backstage interview with Mustafa Ali.

McKenzie says The Beacon requested this time, so what is on his mind? Ali says that it has been 24 hours, yet no one is in an uproar other than himself! An uproar? Over what? Ali says HE is the rightful #1 contender to the North American Championship, and that is FACT, not opinion! Plus, Ali promised Dragon Lee that should Ali win at No mercy, Dragon would get the very first title opportunity, afterward. And yet, while Ali is watching Raw last night, a graphic shows up to advertise Dominik Mysterio VS Dragon Lee for the North American Championship, next week on Monday Night Raw!

Ali has to ask us, HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?! How does the man he beat get a title match before he does?! Ali could say this is a travesty, but that word doesn’t even fit here! Neither of those men deserve that title. Dom is a criminal, Dragon is a liar! And Ali… Ali is going to deal with this. With both of them! Next week, on Monday Night Raw! Ali heads out, but just how is he going to handle this?


Tiffany finds Kiana backstage.

Tiff says good looking out tonight. Kiana says it’s not really what either of them wanted, though. Tiff just wants to be honest for a minute. Kiana got Tiff so ready for Becky. Kiana says same back. Iron sharpens iron. Now, they may not be each other’s number one fan, but they do have one thing in common: They both despise Becky Lynch. And since Becky has zero friends and no one likes her, they can do some serious damage together. Then they will decide who the next NXT Women’s Champion is around here. Kiana says finally, a woman with some sense. Plus, Tiff has a special surprise. She’ll tell on the way.

But little do they know, Becky’s watching the show. Will The Man be ready for whatever the Wrestling Barbie has up her proverbial sleeve?


Fallon Henley, Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs watch last week’s Six Man Tag back.

Namely, where Myles Borne reveals his true colors and screws their team over. Why would he do this? Briggs puts this on Fallon but she asks what he means by that. Myles was her idea, she said he could be trusted! Jensen has them calm down, and Fallon says she thought Myles was a good guy. She feels he still is, but he’s hanging out with the wrong people. Briggs wants Fallon to listen to herself. That guy is a snake, stop making excuses! She isn’t making excuses! Yes, she is! But then Baron Corbin walks over and asks what is going on. What’re they even arguing about? Not that he actually cares. No one here cares.

This isn’t high school, so whatever this is, get over it. Either way, shut up so Baron can enjoy his massage. Briggs is glad Corbin could actually hear them. Briggs was worried Bron Breakker popped those eardrums last week. Corbin turns back around and tells Briggs that just because they got outsmarted by a rookie on his first night doesn’t mean they have to puff out their chests and get all tough. Oh, Corbin says everyone here is soft yet is the one getting the massage. Book another one very soon. Briggs and the group head out, when and where will Briggs and Corbin throw down?


NXT Media catches up with Melo.

They ask him about how he’s feeling after earlier. Melo says Dragunov walks around with a lot of confidence, like he’s already got the championship. But he doesn’t, Melo has the championship because he’s the champion. At Great American Bash, Melo knocked Dragunov down. At No Mercy, Melo knocks him down again. Next week, Melo lets Dragunov know where he stands. The contract signing is coming, how wild will it get before the bell rings?


2v1 Handicap: Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James VS Becky Lynch!

Tiffy Time is over but she looks to change that at No Mercy. Will the Calculator helping her with the numbers game be the first step to that? Or will neither of them be ready for The Big Time?

But wait! That surprise Tiff mentioned is a surprise attack at the ramp! Fans boo as Tiff & Kiana don’t wanna play fair! They stomp Becky, then RAM her into steel steps! They stomp her more, drag her up, and put her in the ring. Fans boo more and the ref wans them to stand down, but Kiana & Tiff mug Becky in the corner! They stomp her, but here comes LYRA VALKYRIA! She dodges then CLOBBERS Kiana! And she LARIATS Tiff! And LARIATS Kiana! Lyra sends Tiff into Kiana, then she and Becky both CLOBBER them! Tiff & Kiana bail out, and it seems The Man is willing to take The Morrigan’s help!

But that means numbers are even, so of course Tiff & Kiana want out. They go up the ramp, so Becky & Lyra pursue! They CLOBBER Kiana & Tiff from behind, brawl their way back down the ramp, and fans are loving this! Becky SMACKS Kiana off the apron, shoves her in, and fans rally up as this is finally a match!

Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria VS Tiffany Stratton & Kiana James!

Becky drags Kiana from the ropes, clinches and BECKSPLODERS! Fans fire up as Kiana staggers around, and Becky storms up on her. Becky bumps Kiana off buckles, then brings her over to bump off more buckles. And then a third corner! And again, and again, and again! Fans rally, the ref counts, and Becky lets off at 4. Becky glares at Tiff, Tiff glares back, and Becky drags Kiana up to send her to the corner. Tiff doesn’t wanna tag in? Becky runs in but Tiff catches her to ROCK her! But Becky blocks the buckle bump (say that five times fast) and bumps Tiff! Becky then drags Tiff up and into the ring!

Becky bumps Tiff off more buckles, then throws her to the mat! Becky goes for the arm but Tiff trips her and runs! DOUBLE- NO, Becky sunset flips the stomps! Tiff rolls through, Becky SOBATS her to the corner! FOREARM SMASH! Tag to Lyra, and fans fire up as the lasses double whip, trip and sliding dropkick! Lyra covers, TWO! Lyra keeps her cool and brings Tiff around to wrench. Tiff ROCKS Lyra, tags in Kiana, and Kiana runs in, into a drop toehold! Lyra facelocks, grinds Kiana then headlocks, but Kiana fights up. Fans rally, clapping Lyra’s theme, and Becky tags in as Kiana powers out.

Lyra slides under Kiana, anchors her feet, and Becky hits a BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Becky has the fans rallying up even more, and she brings Kiana up to clinch. Kiana fights the slam, throws haymakers, and Tiff fires up! Kiana runs in but Becky dumps her out! Becky runs, and she WRECKS Kiana with a dropkick! Then FLYING FOREARM off the apron! Tiff runs in, Becky dodges, and Lyra WRECKS Tiff with the dropkick! Fans are all fired up as NXT goes picture in picture.

Becky and Lyra high-five, then Becky fetches Kiana. Becky puts Kiana in, avoids a shoulder and kicks, to then ROUNDHOUSE! Becky goes up, to MISSILE- NO, Kiana gets under! Kiana runs in but Becky wrangles her! Kiana fights up, whips Becky away but Becky BOOTS back! Tiff runs in again, but Becks DECKS her! Only for Kiana to attack from behind! Kiana puts Becky in the corner, stomps away, then tags in Tiff. Tiff stomps a mudhole into Becky! Then she CHOKES Becky on ropes! Tiff lets off to run and HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Tiff drags Becky around into a STRETCH PLUM!

Becky endures, fights up, but Tiff whips her to the corner. Tiff fires forearms, then stomps away! Tag to Kiana, Kiana stomps Becky, then RAMS into her! And again! Kiana digs her shoulder in, Tiff tags in, and Kiana handsprings to RAM into Becky! Tiff handsprings corner to corner to back elbow! Tiff fires off back elbows, then snapmares to DOUBLE STOMP!! Cover, TWO!! Tiff is frustrated and she drags Becky up. Becky fights back as NXT returns to single picture. Tiff CLUBS Becky, whips her to a corner, then runs in, into a BOOT! Becky brings Tiff in, goes up, but Tiff YANKS Becky down to the mat!

Tiff drags Becky over, tags in Kiana, and they mug Becky. Kiana drags Becky up to RAM into her, and again, and then brings her around to throw her by her hair! Fans boo but Kiana wraps on a chinlock. Becky endures, fans rally up, but Kiana leans on the hold. Becky fights up but Kiana throws Becky down! Kiana grinds the hold, Becky still endures and fights up. Fans rally, Becky arm-drags free, and Becky ROCKS Kiana! And again, and again! Kiana blocks the kick to throw Becky down! Kiana drags Becky up, RMAS her in the corner, and again, then Tiff tags in. Kiana handsprings, but into a BOOT!

Tiff hurries to whip Becky into another corner, then she handsprings again, but Becky dodges! Tiff hits buckles and scrambles to tag Kiana! Kiana runs up to drag Becky away from Lyra! But Becky avoids the elbow drop! Hot tag to Lyra! Lyra rallies on Kiana and Tiff! KICK, KICK and then she dodges them both, to springboard DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Lyra ENZIGURIS Tiff! And SOBATS Kiana, front kicks, CHOPS and AX KICKS! Lyra then NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, but Tiff breaks it! Fans rally as Tiff brings Lyra up. Kiana joins in, they double suplex but Becky makes the save!

Becky and Lyra swing, miss, and Kiana & Tiff kick low. But Becky TOSSES Tiff, Lyra TOSSES Kiana, and they have them in the ropes! Becky & Lyra fires off the strike fest! They both go up corners, and fans fire up for the DOUBLE GUILLOTINE LEG DROPS!! Cover, TWO!! Kiana survives for her team but Lyra keeps her cool. Lyra drags Kiana up, wrenches and facelocks, but Kiana fights to facelock back. Kiana back suplexes, Lyra lands on her feet! Lyra ducks ‘n’ dodges but Tiff trips up the springboard! So Becky fires off on Tiff! But Tiff POSTS Becky! Kiana ROCKS Lyra, scoops and POWERBOMBS!

Tag to Tiff and she goes up, to SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Becky breaks it! Fans are thunderous as all four women are down! Becky and Kiana bail out, Lyra and Tiff crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Becky and Kiana! Kiana storms in but Becky goes up, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Tiff runs in to scoop, but Becky slips out! Becky has a dragon sleeper, then she kicks Kiana! DOUBLE DDT COMBO! Cover, TWO! INTO THE DISARM-HER!! Fans are thunderous as Kiana endures, fights up, and rolls Becky! Kiana BOOTS Becky, Lyra sneaks a tag. MANHANDLE SLAM, and then the FLYING SPLASH!! Cover, Lyra & Becky win!

Winners: Becky Lynch & Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall

The Man & The Morrigan teamed up and kicked some lass! But then Tiff SMACKS Becky with a chair! And JAMS Lyra! And SMACKS Becky again! And again! And again! Tiff throws the chair down, grabs the belt and holds it up over Becky. Fans boo but will this be what we see at the end of No Mercy? But wait, Becky crawls over to ropes and grabs herself a mic. “Tiffany! That’s how you wanna play it? Then at No Mercy, it’s gonna be you and me, EXTREME RULES!!” Fans fire up as Becky raises the ante!! Will Tiffy Time even survive this rematch?

My Thoughts:

A great NXT here, with a lot set up for both next week’s go-home episode and No Mercy. For one, great bookending of “N BEX T” with the women’s title story. Really good opening promo from Becky, with good response from Tiffany, and then Kiana jumping in was a logical move given Kiana got all up in Becky’s face. I like Roxie offered her help to Becky, but Becky was right for saying that after that great match against Lola Vice, Roxie should rest up. Lyra saving Becky from the ambush and joining the match was also a logical move given their friendship, and that was a great main event.

Lyra getting the pin is great for her, and then Tiff and Becky setting up an Extreme Rules match for No Mercy is awesome. For one, with it being anything goes, Tiff can win the belt back after using all sorts of weapons, or also getting help from Kiana. Just as Tiff set herself up to fail in the original match, this could be Becky playing into Tiff’s hands this time. Tiff can be two-time women’s champ, Becky can return to the WWE Women’s World Championship story with a familiar foe in Nia Jax, but also with all the other great names on Raw.

Jacy and Thea had a decent segment, very much a modern and bad girl version of the 80s to 90s trope of the shopping spree fashion montage. These two could become a good tag team, as could Kiana & Tiff if they really wanted. Seriously, have the WWE Women’s Tag Champions show up on NXT already, or else what was the point of unifying the tag titles? Hell, where are Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn? They haven’t been on TV but word is, they wrestled a dark match for SmackDown. Those two need a huge comeback in the tag title story in time for Halloween to really scare Chelsea Green for the lulz.

Melo VS Dom ending up a No Contest, or whatever the official decision was, makes sense in the end given everything going on. Dom is great but he ain’t beating Melo, but then Dom needs some sense of momentum going into what could be two title matches in one week. Dragon got the better of Dom here, and then Ali has a good promo addressing the honestly surprising move to have Dom VS Dragon happen on Raw. Ali might be the reason Dragon doesn’t win against Dom on Monday, but maybe Dragon ends up the reason Ali doesn’t win at No Mercy? Or maybe, just maybe, we get a Triple Threat after all.

Great promos from the tag teams tonight, such as Tony & Stacks setting up this dinner meeting idea. Good promos from Team Scrypts and Hank ‘n’ Tank in response, their tag match is going to be great stuff, but it feels like Bronco Nima & Lucien Price win. Tony & Stacks are Faces, The Creed Brothers are Faces, I feel like Garza & Carrillo are Faces (or at least Tweeners) given they’re now representing familia, so Nima & Price would be the Heels in the mix. At most, we get a Fatal 4 Way for the titles like back in the Black ‘n’ Gold Era. But more likely, we get a Triple Threat of the other teams, winner goes to No Mercy to face The D’Angelo Family.

And really, just awesome stuff out of the Global Heritage Invitational Tournament. Bate VS Dunne going down to the last 13 seconds was awesome, Duke beating Coffey to force the Triple Threat was awesome. I am very surprised by the choices for finalists, but at the same time, so great that Dunne and Coffey are getting the nod to even get this far. Dunne VS Coffey is going to be just as awesome as tonight’s matches, and I can’t be sure who wins. It’d be great if Coffey did, but then I fear it’d be another case of Joe Coffey “not winning the big one.” And as an aside, very surprised Meta Four went with The Matrix and not another Disney related theme. But I guess Bakersfield is north of Los Angeles which is basically Hollywood, so any hit movie/franchise is fair game.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s NXT Global Heritage Invitational Results & Report! (9/15/23)

The Big Strong Boi levels up!



Will Tyler Bate keep his Heritage Cup hopes alive?

The NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament continues to Level Up, and now Tyler Bate battles Charlie Dempsey in their second match-ups!


  • NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group A: Tyler Bate VS Charlie Dempsey; Bate wins.


Here are the current Group A standings.

Pete Dunne: 1-0-1, 3 points
Tyler Bate: 1-0, 2 points
Axiom: 0-1-1, 1 point
Charlie Dempsey: 0-1, 0 points

Here are the current Group B standings.

Joe Coffey: 2-0, 4 points
Nathan Frazer: 2-1, 4 points
Duke Hudson: 1-1, 2 points
Akira Tozawa: 0-3, 0 points [ELIMINATED]


NXT Global Heritage Invitational Tournament, Group A: Tyler Bate VS Charlie Dempsey!

The Big Strong Boi had a fast and furious start for his tournament run against Axiom, and now he takes on the sadistic Son of the Gentleman Villain! Will Bate keep up the momentum? Or will Dempsey grind him to a halt?

The bell rings and we’re on the clock. The two tie up, Bate arm-drags and armlocks but Dempsey headscissors. Bate kips free and fans rally behind Bate already. The two reset, tie up, and Bate wrenches to wristlock and YANK the arm! Dempsey spins, wristlocks back, the two fight for control, but Dempsey spins and slips through to wrench and wrangle Bate to a wristlock! Bate endures as Dempsey bends those fingers and twists the wrist. Dempsey top wristlocks, then bridges over! Bate’s shoulders are down so it’s a cover, TWO as Bate gets an arm up! Dempsey keeps on the arm but Bate kips up.

Dempsey wrenches, wristlocks, but Bate rolls, rolls back, and then squats to break free by using his own leg. Bate wrenches and knuckle locks, then he WRINGS Dempsey out! Dempsey gets up and fans applaud this technical exchange. They tie up, spins Bate and UPPERCUTS, then WRINGS Bate out! Dempsey drags Bate around by his arm, steps over, and MONKEY FLIPS him! Dempsey fires up and eggs Bate on, but Bate keeps cool. They reset, tie up, and Dempsey gets a single leg takedown. Dempsey ties the legs up, and chinbars Bate into a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Bate pops free to a cover, TWO!

Bate keeps on Dempsey with a facelock but Dempsey spins out to hammerlock Bate. Dempsey pulls on the other arm, then on a leg. Fans rally as Bate endures, but Dempsey cording holds the far arm. Dempsey pushes the arm down, recliner cradle, TWO! Bate is up, they tie up again, and Bate full nelsons, spins and UPPERCUTS! Dempsey UPPERCUTS, repeat! Bate hooks the arms and backslides, TWO! Bate reels Dempsey in, steps over, LA MAGISTROL! TWO, and the two reset again. Fans rally, the two tie up, and Dempsey wrenches Bate. Bate resists, they knuckle lock and go shoulder to shoulder.

Bate powers up to power Dempsey back, but Dempsey hits a SAYANAGI! Double knuckle lock cover, TWO as Bate gets an arm up! Dempsey pushes that arm down to cover, TWO as the other arm comes up! Dempsey pushes Bate down again, but Bate bridges up! Dempsey jumps on Bate but Bate stays up! Fans fire up as Dempsey tries again, he brings Bate down, TWO as Bate bridges back up! Dempsey tries a third time but Bate turns that into a MONKEY FLIP! Bate rolls back but into body scissors! Fans fire up as Dempsey squeezes! Dempsey CHOPS, but Bate CHOPS! Dempsey CHPOS, Bate CHPOS, repeat!

Fans fire up as Dempsey CHOPS and CHOPS but Bate pushes to a cover! ONE as Dempsey gets an arm up! Bate deadlifts Dempsey to scoop and SLAM! Fans fire up for the Big Strong Boi as he UPPERCUTS! Dempsey forearms, Bate headlocks and SMACKS Dempsey with a foot! Bate tries again but Dempsey blocks to DRAGON SCREW! Dempsey then STOMPS Bate’s back! Dempsey drags Bate up to UPPERCUT, shove, and HEADBUTT! Dempsey CLUBS Bate, whips, but Bate KICKS back! Bate runs in, REBOUNDER, but Dempsey catches it to a full nelson! Bate uses his leg for leverage again, but Dempsey CLUBS Bate for it!

Dempsey waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Bate is still in this, but Dempsey still has the waistlock! Bate headlocks to punch! Dempsey CLUBS Bate again! Dempsey UPPERCUTS, Bate fireman’s carries! AIRPLANE SPIN!! Dempsey fights but Bate still goes around and around before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Dempsey is still in this but Bate goes after him. They UPPERCUT back and forth and fans fire up! Bate runs to UPPERCUT but Dempsey UPPERCUTS back! Bate UPPERCUTS again but Dempsey THROAT CHOPS him down! Dempsey shakes his arm out, whips Bate to a corner, but Bate goes up and under!

Bate trips Dempsey, has the legs, but Dempsey rolls! Bate cartwheels through, whips Dempsey but Dempsey rolls and comes back, to catch the dropkick! But Bate body scissors to drag Dempsey down, only for Dempsey to sunset flip! Bate rolls through to high stack and jackknife bridge! BATE WINS!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Dempsey earns 0)

Bate catches Dempsey with the follow-through and Dempsey is furious! Dempsey is out of the running now, but Bate still has to face Pete Dunne on Tuesday! That is a rivalry for the ages, will the Big Strong Boi break through to the finals? Or will the Bruiserweight bring about a Bitter End?

Here are the NEW Group A standings!

Tyler Bate: 2-0, 4 points
Pete Dunne: 1-0-1, 3 points
Axiom: 0-1-1, 1 point [ELIMINATED]
Charlie Dempsey: 0-2, 0 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

A very good and very fast match-up between Bate and Dempsey, and mathematically, Bate could’ve lost this match and still be in the running, putting a lot more pressure on his match with Dunne. However, it just makes sense that in the end, the two still standing in the block are Bate and Dunne. Either guy is worthy of the Heritage Cup, but as I said on Tuesday, this really feels like Bate VS Frazer for the finals so that no matter what, No Mercy sees Dar face someone he has a lot of history with.

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