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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/16/22)

We’re picking up speed!



AEW Year 4

AEW gears up for Full Gear!

Full Gear is just days away, so Dynamite is going to accelerate! The AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semifinals begins with Ethan Page VS Bandido!


  • Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara; Bryan & Claudio win.
  • Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster & Billy Gunn VS Swerve Strickland; Swerve wins.
  • AEW World Trios Championships: Death Triangle w/ Alex Abrahantes VS AR Fox & Top Flight; Death Triangle wins and retains the titles.
  • AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semifinals: Ethan Page w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Bandido; Ethan wins and advances to Full Gear.
  • AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator: Toni Storm VS Anna Jay “A S”; Storm wins and denies Anna a title opportunity.


Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara!

Before the Blackpool Combat Club and the Jericho Appreciation Society battle over the ROH World Championship in a Fatal 4 Way, we see the American Dragon & Swiss Superman team up against #LeSexGods! Will Bryan & Claudio be able to gain an advantage before Full Gear? Or will #THEOCHO and Sammy use more sports entertainment to get one over on the pro-wrestlers?

As teams sort out, Jericho talks trash to Claudio, and that sparks a brawl! Claudio is after Jericho while Bryan and Sammy continue from last week’s Best 2 Outta 3! Claudio TOSSES Jericho out while Bryan CHOPS Sammy! Sammy CHOPS back! Jericho and Claudio brawl outside, Jericho CHOPS and CHOPS but Claudio EuroUppers! Bryan CHOPS and KICKS on repeat against Sammy! Sammy CLAWS Bryan’s bad eye! Claudio CLOBBERS Jericho against railing! Sammy digs at the eyebrow but the referee reprimands. Sammy lets off and whips but Bryan reverses to then kitchen sink knee! Fans fire up as the BCC has control.

Claudio whips but Jericho reverses to send Claudio into railing now! Bryan rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS, but Jericho storms in. Bryan catches Jericho to wrangle him down! Claudio gets in, he snapmares Sammy into position, and we get DOUBLE HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans rally with “YES! YES! YES!” and the BCC let off as the ref reprimands. Bryan and Claudio forearm bump, then Bryan drags Sammy around to go after his legs. Bryan hooks the legs up, fishhooks Sammy’s nose, then he grabs the arms. Bryan brings Sammy up, up and away into the ROMERO SPECIAL!

Bryan lets Sammy down, tags Claudio, and he holds Sammy in place for Claudio to BOOT Sammy down! Claudio drags Sammy up, but Sammy pushes him to ropes. Sammy whips Claudio to then hurdle, flip, and DROPKICK! Sammy kips up so smooth but fans still boo. Jericho applauds Sammy and Sammy brings Claudio up. Sammy reels Claudio in, but Claudio suplexes! Claudio holds Sammy up, and he stares Jericho down as the fans count! Claudio does a squat! And another! And then the SLAM! Jericho runs in but Claudio suplexes him, too! Claudio pushes them down to DOUBLE SPLASH!

Fans fire up and Claudio tags Bryan. The BCC mug Sammy with a CHOP! Bryan bumps Sammy off buckles, then he CHOPS Sammy again. And KICKS! And CHOPS! And KICKS! CHOPS! KICK! But Sammy CLAWS the bad eye again! The ref reprimands, Sammy lets off and he tags in Jericho. Jericho bumps Bryan off buckles, CHOPS him now, then CHOPS again! And again! Jericho CHOPS Bryan down, then soaks up the heat. Fans boo so Jericho flips them off. Jericho flips Bryan off, but Bryan bends one of the middle fingers! Bryan isolates that arm and STOMPS it! Bryan bumps Jericho off buckles, CHOPS again, then tags Claudio.

Claudio EuroUppers Jericho and Jericho wobbles. Claudio EuroUppers Jericho down! Claudio traps Jericho in a seated cobra twist! Sammy reaches out, Claudio flips him off! But Jericho fights free to fire forearms and CHOPS! Bryan tags in and the BCC mugs Jericho. Bryan EuroUppers but Jericho ROCKS Bryan! Jericho CHOPS Bryan, then tags Sammy. Le Sex Gods double whip to double shoulder! Then they pose! Jericho storms up to stomp Bryan, then Sammy digs his boots in. Fans chant, “You Suck!” but Sammy climbs up. Sammy pretends he can’t hear the fans, then he hops down to CHOP Bryan.

Bryan gets in Sammy’s face, Sammy throws a forearm but Bryan CHOPS and KICKS and CHOPS and KICKS! Bryan whips corner to corner, goes corner to corner and DROPKICKS! Sammy stays up but Bryan DROPKICKS him again! But then Sammy drop toeholds Bryan into buckles! The ref reprimands, Sammy claims his jaw hurts, and that distracts the ref so that Jericho can CLOBBER Bryan with Floyd the Baseball Bat! Jericho hurries away and AEW goes picture in picture.

Jericho cheers himself on while Sammy drags Bryan from the corner. Sammy does the cocky pin a la Jericho, ONE! Sammy shouts at Bryan and he rains down fists! Then he BITES the bad eyebrow! Sammy then sits Bryan up to KICK him in the chest! And again! And again! And again, but Bryan blocks it! Bryan stands but Sammy CLAWS the bad eyes again! Tag to Jericho, they mug Bryan, and Jericho puts Bryan in the ropes to CHOKE! The ref counts, Jericho lets off, to then grind Bryan’s face into the ropes! The ref backs Jericho off and he just flexes. Jericho then storms over to Bryan and drags him up to CHOKE more!

The ref counts, Jericho stands on Bryan even, but he hops off at 4. Jericho CLUBS away on Bryan’s back, then soaks up the heat. Jericho runs, but Bryan dodges and the straddle attack hits ropes! Fans fire up while both men are down! Hot tag to Sammy and he DECKS Claudio! Claudio gets back up but the ref stops him. Sammy rains down fists on Bryan, then he soaks up the heat. Sammy pretends he can’t hear the fans, which only riles them up, and he tags Jericho back in. Dynamite returns to single picture and Le Sex Gods double suplex to hold Bryan up! They hold until ten before the SLAM! Jericho has the cocky cover, ONE!

Jericho drags Bryan up as fans rally, and Jericho CHOPS Bryan to a corner. Jericho stands Bryan up by pulling hair, and then he CHOPS Bryan again. And CHOPS again! But Bryan turns things around to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! CHOP! Bryan whips but Jericho reverses, only for Bryan to go up and over! Bryan keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges and CLOBBERS Jericho! Fans fire up while both men are down! Jericho and Bryan crawl, hot tag to Claudio! Claudio rallies on Jericho, TOSSES Sammy into the ring, then EuroUppers Jericho to a corner. Claudio drags Sammy up to TOSS at Jericho! And then he runs in to EuroUpper Jericho!

Claudio fires off uppercut after uppercut but the ref backs him off. Claudio cools off, but comes right back to fire more uppercuts! Fans fire up but the ref counts again. Claudio lets off, but then jukes around to fire off MORE EuroUppers! Claudio runs, and he LARIATS Jericho down! Cover, TWO! Jericho survives the onslaught but Claudio hauls him up. But Jericho back drops free! Claudio lands on his feet! Claudio ducks and springboards to FLYING UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives again but “This is Awesome!” Claudio drags Jericho around but Jericho pokes him in the eye! Jericho trips Claudio but Claudio fires elbows!

Claudio boots Jericho away to then trip Jericho! Fans fire up but Sammy gets in to SUPERKICK Claudio! Claudio uses that to CATAPULT Jericho! But Jericho lands safe on the corner! Jericho jumps to schoolboy Claudio and turn him! Sammy builds speed to FLY out onto Bryan! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Claudio endures, he crawls over and reaches out, but Sammy pulls the rope back! Jericho then pulls Claudio from ropes! Bryan POSTS Sammy! Bryan then goes up top to MISSILE DROPKICK Jericho down! Fans are thunderous as all four men are down! Bryan hurries back to his corner and fans rally up. Hot tags to Bryan and Sammy!

Sammy and Bryan stare down as they step forward. Fans boo as Sammy fires off forearm after forearm, but Bryan starts leaning into those shots! Sammy runs, but into a ROLLING ELBOW! Bryan dares Sammy to get back up. Sammy sits up, into a KICK! KICK! KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” Sammy ducks the buzzsaw and CLAWS the eyes! Fans boo but Sammy JUMP KNEES! Sammy vows to end this and he torture racks Bryan, to GO TO- NO, Bryan slips under and around to get the arm! Bryan wrangles Sammy into the LEBELL LOCK!! Sammy endures, crawls around, flails and reaches out, and he gets the ROPEBREAK!

Fans boo and Bryan lets go in frustration. Bryan hauls Sammy up, puts him up top, and CHOPS him! Bryan climbs up after Sammy, but Sammy throws body shots in return. Bryan and Sammy shift, and Sammy BITES Bryan’s forehead! Sammy stands to SUPER CUTTER!!! Hot tag to Jericho, LIONSAULT!! Cover, Claudio breaks it!! Fans are thunderous again and Sammy storms in, POP-UP UPPER! But Jericho CLUBS Claudio out of the ring! Jericho and Bryan stand, Jericho ROCKS and whips but Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges, DOUBLE HEADBUTTS collide!! Fans rally again as both men crawl, hot tag to Claudio!

Jericho is almost to his corner, but Bryan DIVES out onto Sammy! Jericho grabs Floyd instead! Claudio is fired up, and he trips Jericho before he can swing! We get a SWISS SWING instead!! Fans count along as Claudio goes all the way to TEN! Claudio stops at 13, steps through, and he snatches the bat away! SHARPSHOOTER!! Jericho taps, the BCC win!

Winners: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli, by submission

The Blackpool Combat Club are victorious together against the Jericho Appreciation Society! But at Full Gear, it’ll be every man for himself! Win or lose, will Bryan and Claudio still coexist in the BCC after? Or will somehow, someway, the JAS keep the ROH title in their possession?


AEW takes a closer look at Jon Moxley VS MJF.

The Maniac says, “There is no other Jon Moxley in the sport of professional wrestling.” And Maxwell Jacob Friedman says, “Jon Moxley is the best wrestler in the world, for now.” Excalibur says we’ve seen a different side out of MJF lately, but Moxley says MJF “is a child.” Jim Ross says that if nothing else, MJF is “very, very intelligent.” Taz says that MJF wanting to earn it this time… “Okay.” Excalibur says this is something MJF has never really done in AEW. JR says it’ll take the match of a lifetime for MJF to win.

Excalibur says Moxley has proven he’s the best wrestler in the world today, and Moxley says that he has “stared into the void of death. What’re you gonna do to me?” Will the Blue Eyed Battler be unstoppable as world champion? Or will the Devil of AEW have the prize he’s wanted for so long?


Darby Allin has another video.

It shows a smashed guitar a la Jeff Jarrett, and two body bags. Those body bags do some crowd surfing at a concert, and then end up in the middle of the desert. Sting hauls one body bag into his car and drives off. the bag unzips, and it’s Darby Allin. Darby hops up front and the Relentless Icons drive. Sting says, “Full Gear… It’s showtime.”

Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh respond.

They applaud the video and Sonjay says Sting and Darby cruising down the highway, they can show up at Full Gear because that is all he’s been wanting! Jeff Jarrett then walks in and says that he’s got this. “Sting. 24 years ago when we stepped foot in the ring against each other for the first time. You want to use your catchphrase for Full Gear, saying ‘It’s Showtime!’ Well Saturday night at Full Gear, it’s gonna be your LAST time.” Jeff then tells the camera to back up off him already. Will Double J & Jay have the final say on Sting’s legacy?


Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster & Billy Gunn VS Swerve Strickland!

The Acclaimed will settle things with #SwerveInOurGlory at Full Gear, but we get a sampler as the Five Tool Player takes on Swerve 1v1! Will Bowens remind Swerve that EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed? Or will Bowens get lost in Whose House? SWERVE’S HOUSE!

But of course, Platinum Max has a diss track on deck! “Acclaimed getting warmed up for Full Gear with the brand new video world premiere! Swerve In Our Glory, yo, you ain’t special. Y’all’re ’bout to get burned like Jay Leno! We goin’ viral again! Swerve’s mad, I think he’s on his cycle again! Bowens gonna put him in the grave, and in Connecticut, everybody loves The Acclaimed!” Bowens gets the mic to say, “BRRRIIIDGEPOOOORT~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass!” And the moment we’ve all been waiting for, their brand new music video!

Captain Insano!? The Ass Boys attacked him from behind, and Captain Insano will show them no mercy! Harsh words from a powerful man. But then someone calls in. It’s Keith Lee & Sneaky Swerve! “Captain Insano. We were wondering the statistical probability of Swerve In Our Glory beating the Acclaimed to regain our tag team championships at Full Gear.” Insano & The Acclaimed laugh! It’s ZERO!! Nice Water Boy reference.

“It’s eye for an eye, you be looking like Fetty Wap. You got your nose sticking out like a Netty Pot. You think you can beat The Acclaimed, but I bet you not. You’ve gotta better chance of doing that heavy squat. Bird-leg Swerve’s not tough in the street. Keep writing whack raps that’ll put me to sleep. Put some flowers on your grave like three petunias, and your tag partner looks like Cleveland Jr. This one goes out to Sneaky Swerve and Keith Lee, make the fans at home just turn off their TV. You nervous-Lee speak, Acclaimed at Full Gear, you need more than two gears in your whole career.

“How you gonna be a rapper and you can’t spit? How you gonna be a mogul on the D List? Selfies with unknown celebrities. Big fat stacks, little D energy! Eye for an eye, hand for a hand, don’t cross the line, you don’t stand where I stand. Acclaimed in the house, yeah, we cancel your plans. You will never be the tags champs again! Scissoring the only thing bringing world peace. Man, you got your family up in the dirt sheets. Fake stories, talk about how esteemed you are. Only a snake would align with the media.

“You got anemia, you at a lighter weight. I dangled you off the side of Empire State. Nobody’s repping insecurity like you do. Red carpet paparazzi gotta ask, ‘Who’re you?’ At All Out, we saw you’re not popular. At Grand Slam, you were not what you thought you were. Full Gear, the Acclaimed, no stopping us. We leave you with the IV, repping heart monitor.” The video ends with the flatline, and fans cheer. But then “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Caster may have talked big, but can Bowens win big for his team tonight?

But then Billy TACKLES Swerve at the ramp! Caster and the ref pull him away and more refs rush out! They EJECT Daddy Ass and Caster! Swerve smirks, but Bowens turns him around to ROCK him with a right! Bowens SMACKS Swerve off the steel steps, then he stands on Swerve’s hand! Bowens STOMPS the hand! Swerve hobbles away into the ring but Bowens pursues. Bowens and Swerve throw hands, the bell rings, and Bowens CHOPS Swerve in the corner. And CHOPS again! Bowens whips but Swerve reverses, only for Bowens to go up and over. Bowens rolls, hurdles, then headlocks.

Swerve powers out, Bowens hurdles, and Bowens mule kicks, front kicks, then runs to LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Bowens and he has Swerve on the ropes. Bowens puts Swerve through the ropes, but Swerve CLUBS Bowens on the back! Fans rally for Bowens but Swerve blocks to ROCK and HOTSHOT! Bowens staggers away and shakes out the bad arm. Swerve gets in, he half nelsons, but Bowens switches and shoves. Swerve stops himself, gets around Bowens, rolls him and Eddy Gordo RANAS! Swerve BOOTS the haymaker to then basement dropkick! Fans boo but Swerve watches Bowens bail out. Swerve runs and FOSBURY FLOPS!

Swerve hurries back up to the apron and he wants Bowens to get up. Bowens stands, and Swerve BOOTS him back down! Swerve drags Bowens around, drags him up, and he hammerlocks an arm before a BACK SUPLEX on the railing! Bowens tumbles into the front row and fans boo while AEW goes picture in picture.

Swerve snarls as fans help Bowens back up and to ringside. Bowens clutches the arm but Swerve stalks him at ringside. Swerve chinbars Bowens while talking some trash. Swerve then POSTS Bowens! Swerve has some swagger as he stalks Bowens more. Swerve drags Bowens up and pulls him against the post! Bowens endures as the bad arm is bent against steel! The ref counts and Swerve shoves Bowens down. Swerve paces while Bowens drags himself into the ring. Swerve taunts Bowens as Bowens keeps a leg guard up. Swerve KICKS Bowens in the side, YANKS the bad arm, and KICKS Bowens in the ribs! Swerve CLUBS Bowens, but Bowens kicks back!

Swerve throws hands, he has Bowens in a corner, and he wraps the bad arm around the ropes! The ref counts but Swerve lets off at 4. Swerve “apologizes,” then he SUPERKICKS Bowens down! Swerve swaggers more, but Bowens swings! Swerve dodges, half nelsons and rolls Bowens to rain down fists! Bowens defends his bad arm but that leaves the other side open. Swerve clamps onto the bad arm and he grinds it with the cording hold! Bowens endures, even as Swerve smothers him into the mat. Dynamite returns to single picture, fans rally for Bowens, but Swerve does push-ups on the bad arm.

Bowens keeps moving around, he gets up and he powers Swerve into a corner! Swerve keeps on the armlock, but Bowens RAMS him in again! Swerve RAMS Bowens into buckles! Swerve snapmares and KICKS Bowens in the back! Fans boo but Swerve grins as he goes up the corner. But Bowens trips Swerve up! Swerve tumbles to the mat and crawls away! Fans fire up as Bowens stands up in the corner. Swerve runs in, Bowens dodges and GAMANGIRIS! Bowens whips corner to corner but Swerve reverses, only for Bowens to come back and CLOBBER Swerve! Fans rally for Bowens as he fires back up.

Swerve stands, Bowens ROCKS him with a haymaker! And another! Swerve runs in, Bowens sidesteps then follows to run Swerve over! Bowens kicks Swerve, CLUBS him over and over and over with elbows and forearms! Swerve wobbles to the corner and fans fire up with Bowens! Bowens runs corner to corner, forearm smash! Side to side, forearm smash! Bowens reels Swerve in, OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO! Bowens is frustrated but he drags Swerve back up. Bowens clinches but Swerve throws elbows. Swerve wrenches to a double wristlock! Bowens endures, Swerve half nelsons but Bowens slips free!

Bowens ELBOWS Swerve, ROCKS him, CHOPS him and SUPER- NO, Swerve dodges the kick to throw Bowens down! Swerve rolls and hauls Bowens up to a BRAINBUSTER! Bowens sits up, Swerve takes aim from the corner, and fans boo as Swerve asks, “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” HOUSE CALL!! Cover, TWO!?! Bowens survives, but Swerve just STOMPS the bad arm! Swerve drags Bowens around, hammerlocks the good arm and stands on it as he pulls the bad arm! Swerve STOMPS the bad arm!! Bowens flails and clutches the shoulder! But Swerve goes up, KILL STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Swerve can’t believe that Bowens survives! Bowens rises and Swerve tells him to look him in the eyes. HOUSE C- NO, Bowens avoids the kick, but then Swerve blocks the roll-up, to TWIST the arm! Then half nelson, J M L DRIVER!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

Sneaky Swerve? This was Sinister Swerve! Will Bowens be in any shape to help Caster defend the tag titles? Or will the Acclaimed have no choice but to #BaskInTheirGlory?


AEW takes a closer look at Jade Cargill VS Nyla Rose.

THE AEW TBS Champion says she has given this company her blood, sweat and tears, and yet someone can just come and steal her belt and no one can do anything about it? Tony Schiavone says Nyla’s antics “have really, really worked in her favor. She basically put herself in contention for the TBS title by stealing the belt.” Renee Paquette says she’s been around firsthand to see how pissed off Jade is not having the physical belt, and to feel this disrespected. But the Native Beast tells Jade, “When you came here to AEW, you thought you were gonna run roughshod all over the Women’s Division. Well guess what? Brrrrrring! It was me calling! Your wake-up call!”

Nyla vows to show Jade exactly why the most violent storms are named after people! But Jade says that when she gets her hands on Nyla and get that belt back, it won’t be a game! Will Jade stay the UNDEFEATED TBS Champion? Or will Nyla finally be the one to dethrone #ThatBitch?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

“Needless to say, a week ago, it was wild and it was crazy. And a lot of questions. With that in mind, here is the ROH World Television Champion, Samoa Joe!” The Samoan Submission Specialist makes his way out, and despite what he did to Wardlow, fans still chant his name. Joe gets in the ring with Schiavone and Schiavone says that was a shocker last week as we saw the end of #WARJOE. Why exactly did all of that go down? Fans now chant for “WARD~LOW!” and Joe says first and foremost, it is an honor to be in the ring with Schiavone. He reminds Joe of an old acquaintance named Paul, but hopefully this goes better than that.

That said, it was a “shocker” what Joe did to Wardlow? That it was unexpected? Schiavone says yes, it was. Joe asks Schiavone a question back: “Is it shocking for a man to refuse to be a victim. Is it shocking to hear somebody stating the fact that they want something from you, and you take it for face value and you take action? Is that shocking, Tony Schiavone?” Well, put it that way, then no. So then is it shocking that Wardlow, week after week, came here, ran his mouth and failed to recognize the most dangerous man in the room? For that mistake, he paid the ultimate price! Because Joe refuses to wait around and be a victim, unlike most of the fans in this arena tonight!

Fans boo but Joe says they’re the type of people to wait around for the storm to hit! The type of people who sit around and wait for someone to save them! Joe saves himself! And if anyone has a problem with that, they can take it up with Joe. But wait! POWERHOUSE WILL HOBBS heads out! Hobbs has his music stop so he can say, “Congratulations, Joe, but you’re a little bit late to the party. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been the one kicking Wardlow’s ass for the pass several weeks. So why don’t I come down to the ring and kick your ass, champ?” Joe says he wants to see if Hobbs bumps knuckles as good as he flaps his gums! Joe tells Hobbs to get his ass in the ring!

Hobbs storms up, but here come WARDLOW! The AEW TNT Champion’s music puts Hobbs on edge, but Wardlow isn’t coming down the ramp! He hops the railing and SPEARS Joe in the ring! Wardlow rains down hands, Hobbs rushes in and goes after Wardlow! They brawl now, but then Joe rushes the two of them! The locker room sends out the biggest and bulkiest, like Josh Woods, The Butcher, The Blade and then some, and then even security rushes in! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but Hobbs slips out the side. Joe also exits, but Wardlow DECKS guard after guard! The Dark Order decide to just let Wardlow go.

Wardlow snarls and builds speed?! Wardlow FLIES onto the cluster!! Wardlow bowls over everyone, and then he tears off his shirt! He says this is Wardlow’s World, but will he topple two mountainous men to prove it?


Britt Baker speaks.

“Four times. Four times, Saraya, you stared me dead in the eyes and told me I don’t have what it takes to be a star. You reminded everyone that I’ve only been on television for three years. But in those three years, I went from a nervous, happy-to-be-here girl to a confident, tenacious, face of this company. In three years, I became a leader, and learned very quickly as a leader, you take all the blame when everyone else receives the credit. In three years, I became my own damn role model.

“And I wasn’t handed anything that you weren’t also handed, and that is an opportunity. I took that opportunity and I ran with it until I became undeniable, until every fan in that arena says it with me when I tell them I’m Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. And no, I didn’t wrestle in Madison Square Garden, but do you know where I did wrestle? In Daily’s Place. In Jacksonville, Florida, for over a year. When the fans couldn’t come to us, we were there for them. We kept the fire of professional wrestling burning in the darkest of times, and that’s an era you’ll never know.

And Saraya, I respect you. I respect that you fought addiction and won. I respect that you came back from a horrible neck injury. And I respect that you paved the ground for me to be standing right here, right now in this business. But this business owes you nothing. Nothing! It has moved on. And what you’re not gonna do is stand there and belittle me, belittle my accomplishments, belittle my blood, sweat and tears because you’re stuck in the past. I am the heart, I am the soul, I am the pulse of AEW. And if you think you’re above that, you can get the hell out. This is MY house.” The Doctor is ready to fight tooth and nail with the returning Saraya Knight, but who will truly be The Revolution?


AEW World Trios Championships: Death Triangle w/ Alex Abrahantes VS AR Fox & Top Flight!

The Bastard wants the Lucha Brothers to be more like him, especially if that’s what it takes to retain these titles. Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo didn’t seem so sure, but will they see what he means tonight? Or will this be a title match of shock & awe from three incredible high-flyers?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see what each side is willing to do to come out on top!

The trios sort out but tensions rise. The returning Darius Martin starts against Fenix while fans chant for “CERO MIEDO!” Fenix and Darius tie up, Fenix headlocks but Darius powers him to ropes. Fenix bucks the O’Conner Roll and drops down on Darius to cover, TWO! Darius knuckle lock covers, TWO as Fenix kips up! Fenix CHOPS Darius, goes up and up but Darius disrupts that to wrench and swing. Fenix dodges, but then is put on the apron. Fenix counter punches, throws Darius down, then slingshots over, but into a victory roll! Fenix rolls through that to have his own victory roll, but Darius throws Fenix up and out! Darius rallies the fans, but Fenix grabs at his legs!

Darius avoids the trip and turns wheelbarrow into waistlock. Fenix standing switches, Darius goes around and switches back. Fenix trips Darius but Darius boots Fenix to ropes! Fenix rolls back to wheelbarrow Darius but Darius arum-drags! Fenix tiger feint rewinds, but Darius ducks the heel kick! Both men bob ‘n’ weave and dodge kicks, and fans cheer the standoff! Fenix and Darius shake hands, then the tag out to their brothers. Dante and Penta circle now and fans rally with “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta steps up to Dante and tells him to listen. “CERO! MIEDO!” Penta pie faces Dante to ropes, but Dante flips up and over!

Dante ducks ‘n’ dodges to tiger walk kick Penta! Fans fire up as Penta rushes in, and Dante springboards to go up and over again! Dante rolls back, and TORNADO DDTs! Penta gets up, into a DROPKICK! Penta bails out and fans fire up! Penta hurries back in, and Dante tags Fox. Penta tags PAC! Fans fire up as these two stare down. Fans rally for the hometown Fox but Pac trips him! Things speed up, Pac handsprings over Fox but Fox trips Pac! Things speed up again, Fox handsprings over now and he eggs Pac on! Pac snarls, headlocks, but Fox powers out. Pac runs Fox over, keeps moving, but Fox hurdles and Pac leaps.

Fox keeps moving, now Pac hurdles and Fox leaps! Pac SOBATS, runs, but Fox follows. Pac dodges, but Fox goes Matrix to then ENZIGURI! Fans fire up as Pac goes to a corner. Fox runs in corner to corner, BIG back elbow! Snapmare roll and CUTTER! Pac bails out, Fox goes to the apron and he goes up the corner, to MOONSAULT! Fox puts Pac in, goes up the corner, and he SWANTON BOMBS! Cover, Penta PENALTY KICKS it apart! Dante ROUNDHOUSES Penta! Fenix jumps in, Dante gets under, Darius COMPLETE SHOTS! Fox & Top Flight have Pac in the corner, then they DOUBLE RIPCORD for the CUTTER!!

Fans fire up as Pac flops out of the ring to regroup with the Lucha Brothers. Fox & Top Flight build speed, but the Lucha Brothers SUPERKICK the Martins while Pac BOOTS Fox! Death Triangle then coordinate, SOBAT to double mule kicks! Then TRIPLE basement dropkicks sandwich Fox! The Martins return but get more DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Then Death Triangle coordinates again, Penta runs to wheelbarrow with Fenix, VICTORY SPLASH STANDING MOONSAULT COMBO! Pac covers Fox, TWO!! Fox survives and fans fire up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Pac is annoyed but he looms over Fox. Pac drags Fox up, wrenches and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Penta, Penta drags Fox up and he hushes the crowd. Then he CHOPS Fox against ropes! Fox is gasping as he drops to his knees, but Penta wrenches him and brings him over. Tag to Fenix, Fenix has Fox against the ropes and CHOPS! Fox sputters while Fenix fires up the fans. Fenix fireman’s carries, WASTELAND SLAMS Fox down, and then Penta goes up top! QUE PASO~! Cover, TWO!! Fox survives that stomp to the exhaust pipe but Fenix keeps him down with a chinlock. Fenix bumps Fox of buckles then tags in Pac.

Fenix CHOPS Fox, Pac runs in, DOUBLE BOOTS hit their mark! Pac stays up, and he stomps away on Fox! Pac snarls, digs his boot in, but the ref counts. Pac lets off at 4, Fenix gets a cheap shot in! Pac drags Fox up, wrenches, and he tags Penta. They mug Fox, that BIG kick going right to the ribs. Penta lines up a shot and he KICKS Fox’s leg out! Penta tags Pac back in, they mug Fox with another kick, and Fox hobbles to the corner. Pac stomps Fox down, then lets off to bring Fox back up. Pac whips Fox corner to corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Dynamite returns to single picture as Fox swings, but into a back suplex! Fox lands on his feet! Tag to Darius!

Darius rushes in to rally on Pac with big clotheslines! Darius whips, Pac kicks but Darius blocks to trip Pac up! Then PENALTY KICK! Darius drags Pac up, suplexes, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, ONE!! Pac shocks Darius but he drags Pac up. Darius puts Pac in the corner, UPPERCUTS, then tags Dante. Darius whips but Pac reverses, but Darius wings around Dante to then give him a boost for a dropkick to Pac! Pac staggers, Fenix tags in, and Fenix waistlocks Darius! But Darius throws Dante up and over so that Dante can waistlock Fenix! Pac aims at Darius but he dodges, and Pac has to pull up to not superkick Fenix!

Fenix elbows Dante away, but he and Pac argue about what just happened. But then Dante half nelsons Fenix and Darius reels Pac in, ASSISTED TORNADO DDT, and a HALF NELSON SLAM! Fans fire up with Top Flight as they kick, KICK and LARIAT Penta! Death Triangle bails out, Dante tags Fox, and Darius builds speed. Dante slingshots over Darius’s DIVE! Direct hit on Penta! Dante then goes up and FLIES to take out Pac & Fenix! The Martins set up Death Triangle for Fox’s IMPLODER SENTON! Direct hit on all three men and fans are thunderous! Fox puts Fenix in, he runs corner to corner, but Fenix BOOTS!

“This is Awesome!” as Fenix GAMANGIRIS Darius away! Fenix goes up, Fox goes up after him, ARABIAN PRESS SLAM! Fox goes back up top, 450 SPLASH!! Cover, Penta & Pac break it! The Martins rush back in, Darius throws out Pac but Penta throws out Dante. Pac RAMS Darius into railing! Penta RAMS Dante into railing! Fox whips Fenix but Fenix tiger feint rewinds and HEEL KICKS! Tag to Penta while Fox wobbles! A KICK to the side, then Penta reels him in! Fenix goes up top while Penta tucks Fox in, FEAR FACTOR! Fenix DIVES to take out the Martins! Penta sets Fox up and tags Pac in, for the BLACK ARROW!! Cover, Death Triangle wins!

Winners: Death Triangle, by pinfall (still AEW World Trios Champions)

It would seem The Bastard learned from the Lucha Brothers that they didn’t need to cheat to win! They just outgunned the human fighter jets! Pac gets the mic to say, “OI! Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you a question. Do you think that Death Triangle are stupid? Huh?! Do you think that we’re not aware of what’s going on? Do you think we haven’t seen the videos, heard the rumors? Well what we’ll say is this. If there are certain individuals in this company who think they can make their triumphant return this Saturday at Full Gear… And if they think they can just mosey in and best the Death Triangle… Well that’s ridiculous.

“And you know who you are. So I will say this, and I will make it very, very simple for you. Gentlemen, we are…” “TRIANGULO DE LA MUERTE~!” “And if you want some this Saturday, then please bring the heat. Cuz I promise ya, Death Triangle runs from nobody! You understand?” Penta says you know what they have: CERO! MIEDO!! But wait! Another video plays on the tron! The ticking clock, Full Gear, the AEW World Trios Championships will be defended! Death Triangle VS… THE ELITE!! Fans are going nuts just to see it as a graphic!

Pac says, “Finally! Finally, some transparency! This Saturday, AEW Full Gear, Death Triangle VS The Elite. Gentlemen, you may think you’re coming for us. But we’ve been waiting for you.” Will Death Triangle be the death of The Elite? Or will Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks make up for the reign that never was?


Ricky Starks speaks.

“Lance Archer. You got one up on ol’ Absolute. I was not medically cleared to compete because of an attack by you, and that was cool. You love to attack people. Hey, so do I. That’s why this week on Rampage, it’s gonna be you and me. And I’m saying this: let’s start backstage! Let’s start with me wrapping my hands around your braids and dog-walking you around the arena. And then, breaking them off and making you choke on them! Why? Because I don’t talk in ifs, ands or maybes. I talk in absolutes. And the absolute truth is this: on Rampage this week, I am going to beat you!” The Absolute wants to fight, but will he learn that against the Murderhawk Monster, #EverybodyDies?


AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Semifinals: Ethan Page w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Bandido!

All Ego got past The Mad King while the Most Wanted got past El Toro Blanco. Now they meet, with just one win left before moving on to Full Gear. Will The Firm soon have a ticket to New Jersey and that golden ticket? Or will Bandido humble All Ego this close to the PPV paycheck?

Before the match, Ethan has a mic to say, “Is that it? That’s all the reaction All Ego Ethan Page gets? Well listen to Ethan Page, you simple, basic ass civilians! Tonight, I’m walking through Bandido, and then, Saturday at Full Gear, I’m becoming #1 contender!” It doesn’t matter if it’s Mox or Max, because at Winter is Coming, you’re looking at the NEXT world champion! Ethan gets in the ring and Bandido makes his entrance. The bell rings and Bandido circles with Ethan. They tie up, Ethan headlocks, but Bandido powers through to wrench and wristlock. Ethan wrenches and hammerlocks to then headlock again.

Bandido slips out the back to hammerlock, but Ethan throws elbows. Ethan headlocks again, but Bandido wrenches out and wrenches around to wristlock. Ethan wrenches and wristlocks in return, but Bandido handsprings and breaks free to aim a finger gun. Fans fire up but Ethan kicks low. Ethan headlocks, Bandido powers out and then hurdles over. Bandido drops down, Ethan stops himself but Bandido runs in. Ethan sidesteps, Bandido rolls off Ethan’s back, and then Bandido ducks ‘n’ dodges to handspring! Ethan moves, but Bandido tilt-o-whirl headscissors him away! Fans fire up and Bandido runs in to UPPERCUT in the corner!

Bandido reels Ethan in, finger gun BANG and suplex, but Ethan blocks! Ethan suplexes but Bandido knees free! Bandido suplexes Ethan up and over! Cover, ONE! Bandido keeps on Ethan with an armlock but Ethan whips free. Ethan grabs at the ref to distract from Stokely swiping at Bandido! Bandido is distracted and Ethan CLOBBERS him from behind! Ethan rains down fists while the ref reprimands and AEW goes picture in picture!

Ethan soaks up the heat as he roars, and Stokely just nods and shrugs. Ethan looms over Bandido, drags him up, and scoops him to SLAM him! Then Ethan drops a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO! Ethan wraps on a rear bearhug to keep Bandido down, but Bandido endures. Bandido reaches out, crawls forward, and he gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Ethan lets go at 4, but Ethan drags Bandido back up. Bandido fires forearms and a SUPERKICK! Bandido runs, but Ethan runs Bandido over! Ethan glares as he paces, and then he shouts at fans. Ethan soaks up the heat from Bridgeport, then he goes back to Bandido.

Ethan drags Bandido up, reels him in, and he hits a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ethan drags Bandido around, but Bandido powers Ethan to a corner! Bandido RAMS his shoulder in again and again, then finger gun BANG and- NO, Ethan dodges the splash! Ethan drags Bandido up to whip corner to corner hard! Bandido bounces off buckle and Stokely likes what he sees. Ethan tells the fans to kiss his ass! Ethan drags Bandido up, reels him in, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally for Bandido and he slips free of the crucifix lift! Bandido goes to a corner, Ethan runs in, but Bandido drops down to let Ethan hit buckles!

Bandido drop toeholds Ethan back into buckles, KICKS him, then sweeps the legs! Bandido runs to basement dropkick Ethan out of the ring! Bandido goes to the apron, he jumps over Ethan’s sweep, and he SUPERKICKS Ethan away! Bandido then climbs up the corner, stands on the post, and he ARIHARA MOONSAULTS!! Direct hit and down goes Ethan! Fans lose their minds and Stokely is stunned! Bandido puts Ethan in the ring, he climbs up the corner again, and Ethan stands for a SKY TWISTER! Cover, TWO!! Ethan survives and Stokely hurries to coach him up. Ethan stands, Bandido runs in! 21- NO, Ethan elbows free!

Ethan steps into the ropes to use them for a JUMPING CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Bandido survives and fans fire up! Ethan drags Bandido up while Stokely seethes on the outside. Ethan puts Bandido up top backwards, then he climbs up top. Ethan brings Bandido up into the crucifix, SUPER- STEINER!! Bandido turns Ego’s Edge into a steiner, and then he trophy lifts Ethan! For the SLAM! Bandido goes up top fast, and he FROG SPLASHES!! Cover, TWO!?! Ethan survives Bandido’s tribute to Latino Heat! Stokely is still panicked as he shouts for Ethan to get up. Bandido hurries up top again, but Ethan trips him up!

Bandido takes a tumble to the mat and he clutches his leg. Ethan goes up top, but Bandido SWATS Ethan! Bandido climbs up now, he stands Ethan up, but the bad leg stops him. Ethan scoops Bandido for a SUPER SLAM! Bandido stands, into a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Ethan then hauls Bandido up, for the EGO’S EDGE! Cover, Ethan wins!

Winner: Ethan Page, by pinfall (advances to Full Gear)

Ethan said it himself, “Two down, one to go!” But with Ricky Starks still having to face Lance Archer, and then the winner of that almost immediately having to face Brian Cage, who is it that meets All Ego in the finals?


AEW looks closer at Jungle Boy VS Luchasaurus II, in a Steel Cage!

Renee Paquette says this match practically has to be settled inside the cage, “because there’s just been so many different outside factors with these two men, I think they just need to keep things contained, no outside sources, no bullsh*t. It just needs to be these two men settling the differences between them, and having a definitive winner.” Jungle Boy Jack Perry says that when he and Luchasaurus step into that ring together, after 15 YEARS of friendship, “one of us is a beast, and the other one is a man. It’s time to find out who’s who.” Will the Jurassic Express Civil War all come to a close at Full Gear?


Backstage interview with Saraya.

Renee again interviews Saraya as we are days away from Full Gear and the in-ring return of Saraya, her first match in five years, and her first match since she was medically cleared earlier this month. How is she feeling? Saraya feels fantastic. She feels lucky to have this opportunity to get back in the ring again. She never thought it’d happen. She was told it’d never happen, so she’s very fortunate. But she’s sick of the back and forth between her and Britt. Britt comes out to talk about opportunities, but Saraya tells Britt that Saraya also got an opportunity to be here. She wants to be here, she chose to be here because she wanted to beat the best, and that is Britt.

Saraya is sick of the talking, she doesn’t want to keep talking, she’ll see Britt this Saturday at Full Gear! The Revolution heads out, will she take over to make AEW her house?


AEW looks at Rampage’s big time tag match!

Ortiz says that for the first time in some time, he’s actually nervous. He’s going to be in there with a living legend in Jun Akiyama, and the up-and-coming star, Konosuke Takeshita. Konosuke says he’s back in AEW, and he’s with the Japanese legend, “Sternness” Jun Akiyama. Eddie Kingston says it was May 1st, 1998, Hiroshi Hase VS Jun Akiyama in the Tokyo Dome. Eddie saw that match and said to himself, “I want to fight Jun Akiyama.” Konosuke says he and Akiyama will show the world DDT Pro-Wrestling’s style.

Eddie says he’s waited for this his entire life, and no disrespect to Akiyama-san, but he’s coming at him with the greatest fight he’s ever fought with! So this Friday, Akiyama better bring it, too.


AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator: Toni Storm VS Anna Jay “A S”!

Originally meant to be La Faccion Ingobernable’s Bunny, a change had to be made when Bunny got sick and wasn’t cleared to compete. So now the Jericho Appreciation Society’s Star of the Show gets to have her chance! With a title match looming at Full Gear, will the Queenslayer strike down the Lightning From Down Under? Or will Anna not be able to weather the Storm?

The bell rings and Storm circles with Jay. They approach, but then Jay slips past Storm and celebrates a bit. Fans boo but Jay says she’s serious this time. They approach, but again Jay slips past Storm to smile and celebrate. “I got her!” Storm is annoyed, she and Jay approach and Jay gets around Storm again, only for Storm to reel her in for a headlock! Storm thrashes Jay around, hits a takeover, but Jay keeps her shoulders up. Jay kicks around, powers up and out, but Storm runs Jay over! Things speed up, Storm KICKS Jay, then runs to BOOT Jay down! Jay flounders to a corner as fans fire up.

Storm runs in to hop up and MONKEY FLIP! Jay flounders away again and fans fire up as Storm runs corner to corner, Jay moves, Storm goes up the corner, but Jay kicks the legs out! Jay hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Storm flounders, Jay runs side to side, roll and KICK! Jay soaks up the heat while Storm sputters, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Jay stomps Storm around the ropes, drags her up and puts her through ropes to CHOKE her! The ref counts, Jay lets off at 4, and Jay mocks fans with fake tears. Jay puts Storm in a corner and digs her boot in! The ref counts again and Jay again lets off at 4. Jay soaks up more heat, but Storm ROCKS her with forearms! Jay ROCKS Storm back! Jay whips Storm to a corner, runs in and ELBOWS her! Jay taunts the fans, then she digs her boot into Storm! The ref counts while Jay takes a bow and blows a kiss. Jay lets off, ROCKS Storm with a forearm, then stalks Storm along the ropes. Jay whips and ELBOWS Storm again! Cover, TWO!

Jay argues the count but the ref defends it was fair. Jay CHOKES Storm, the ref counts, and Jay lets off at 4. Jay smiles and drags Storm up. Jay CLUBS Storm down then clamps on a chinlock. Storm endures as Jay leans on the hold and mocks the fans. Storm fights up, but Jay wrangles her back down! Jay leans on the hold but Storm still endures. Storm fights up, throws elbows, and fights free to throw a forearm! Jay throws it back, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Storm throws another forearm, Jay throws another one back. The forearms go back and forth, and Storm gets the edge!

Jay clinches, knees low and whips, but Storm reverses. Jay ducks but Storm hit a THESZ PRESS! And fast hands! Storm fires up and so do the fans! Storm drags Jay up, CLUBS her again and again and again! Storm runs, LARIATS, and then drags Jay right back up to FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! It wasn’t quite perfect and Storm is frustrated. Storm drags Jay by her legs, ties those up, but Jay kicks and gets the ROPEBREAK! Storm lets off to run side to side, SWEET CHEEKS MUSIC! Jay hits the floor and fans fire up! Storm goes out after Jay, but Jay YANKS Storm into steel steps!

Jay drags Storm up and Gory Especials for a GORY BOMB! Shoutout to her bestie, Tay Melo! Or maybe an old friend of Storm’s? Jay puts Storm in the ring, drags her up and wrenches, DANGEROUS HOOK KICK! Then another GORY BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Storm survives and Jay is furious! Anna shouts that she’s gonna choke Storm out! She wraps on one arm, but Storm arm-drags free! Storm runs in to SHOTGUN Jay down! Jay is in the corner, Storm runs in corner to corner, SWEET CHEEKS MUSIC!! And then the legs are tied up, in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Jay taps, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by submission (denies Anna Jay a title opportunity)

Wait! Here comes Jamie Hayter! Storm’s former friend and next challenger is here, but she says she’s not here to fight? Hayter just wants to have a great match for the title with Storm. Storm holds the title up and then bumps Hayter. Hayter pushes back, but will she be able to knock Storm down? Or will Storm avenge another friend’s betrayal by proving she IS championship material?


BREAKING NEWS for “Full Gear Friday!”

Last week on Rampage, Lee Moriarty called out any and all champions under the AEW umbrella, and it was the Cold-Hearted, Handsome Devil who stepped up! Hook VS Moriarty for the FTW Championship happens live on Rampage! Plus, Athena VS Madison Rayne, and then the World Title Eliminator Quarterfinal, Starks VS Archer finally happens! Who wins to then face The Machine?

And BREAKING NEWS for Full Gear itself!

After the massive brawl between three massive men, it’ll be a massive Triple Threat for the AEW TNT Championship! Wardlow defends against BOTH Samoa Joe AND “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs! Will Wardlow’s World be changed forever after Saturday?


Jon Moxley heads to the ring!

William Regal accompanies the AEW World Champion as he makes his entrance through the crowd once again. Moxley gets a mic to say, “Thank you, Justin Roberts. I am Jon Moxley, and I am the AEW World Champion. And they say the championship doesn’t make the man, the man makes the championship. So who exactly is Jon Moxley? I’ll tell ya. I am the best professional wrestler on parent Earth. I am the baddest son of a bitch in this game. I talk sh*t and I back it up. I have traveled the world far and wide, seeking the toughest challenges. I have taken on all comers, and I have defined the AEW World Championship.

“And the announcers say like, ‘Oh, Jon Moxley, he loves to fight,’ like it’s a good thing. Like it’s something to be admired. It’s not. I’m sick in the head, man. I am literally sick in the head. I am addicted to the rush of adrenaline and pain and hurting myself and my opponent, being in wars, being in fights! I love it, man!” Fans cheer that! Moxley says no one can hurt him, because he literally doesn’t care. “That is exactly who Jon Moxley is. Now last week, I asked the question, ‘Who is MJF?’ And I am the world champion, so I scout my opponents, so I did a little research over the last few days to find out.

“And I found out a few things. I found out that MJF is actually a really good singer. Very good singer. I found out he has exactly one win in this ring in the last six months. He beat my Young Boy, actually. He took a summer vacation after some embarrassing bad Brian Pillman stuff. Took a summer vacation, came back with a Halloween mask on, and somebody handed him a poker chip in the worst ending to a ladder match I have ever seen. And now, he’s cashing in, he’s got a shot at the world heavyweight championship. That’s what we came to. So forgive me if I’m not exactly shaking in my boots.

“You people see the MJF he wants you to see, this perfectly curated version. Prepared speeches, handpicked opponents. I see a man dripping with insecurity, a kid playing wrestler. I see a man filled with fear that maybe he won’t live up to the hype. But you’re gonna see something very, very special this [Saturday] at Full Gear. You’re going to see the world champion do what he does best. MJF is not challenging me, I’m challenging MJF! I’m challenging you (MJF) to show me something! Show me you got some guts! Show me you got some balls! Show me something, MJF! Show me why everybody thinks you’re gonna be the future of this industry.”

Stokely Hathaway walks out? Stokely says Mox looks good, and then Lee Moriarty jumps in the ring! Moxley’s ready and he tosses Moriarty right back out! But the rest of The Firm attacks now! W. Morrissey CLOBBERS Moxley, then Ethan Page goes after Regal! The Gunns run in, Moriarty returns, and Morrissey and Moriarty stomp Moxley while the Gunns help Ethan hold Regal back! Fans boo, Ethan helps stomp Moxley now, and then Moriarty PENALTY KICKS Moxley! But here comes MJF! Maxwell Jacob Friedman storms out to the ring and dares The Firm to come after him now! MJF DECKS Austin, DECKS Colten, and then continues down the ramp!

MJF CLOBBERS Moriarty, slides in, but Morrissey choke grips! So MJF LOW BLOWS him! No matter how big you are, that still hurts! Ethan runs in but MJF dodges, the BOOT gets Morrissey! And then MJF pokes Ethan in the eyes and LOW BLOWS him, too! And then DECKS him with a haymaker! The Firm goes running and fans fire up with MJF! Regal guards Moxley but MJF tells The Firm that they should leave Connecticut before he “firmly take my boot and shove it up your ass!!” MJF then look to Moxley and says, “You, Jon, while you’re laying there, hopefully in a ton of pain, let me explain something.

“I did not save your ass cuz I like you, Jon, no. No, I saved you because I don’t want any of your piss-ant mark fan club making any excuses for ya when I know your lights clean out! No Dynamite Diamond Ring necessary! Ain’t that right, Will?” MJF and Regal glare at each other, and then MJF paces. “When I got in this business, my ultimate goal was to become the best wrestler in the world. And I’m not an idiot, Jon. I know this Saturday in the Prudential Center, I’m in for the fight of my life. You’re one double tough bad son of a bitch. But know this: I ain’t the same kid I was the first time we fought for that piece of gold.

“Y’see, this time, you can dump me on my head as many times as you want. You can make me bleed buckets. You can snap, crackle ‘n’ pop ever single ligament, joint and bone in my body, but I will not stop! Because I need that belt more than I need water, more than I need food, and more than I need oxygen! Because when you’re the man that holds the AEW World title, that makes you the best wrestler on God’s Green Earth, and GADAMMIT, it’s MY time!” Fans cheer that! “Now I heard you, Jon, I heard you last week when you said I’m not the Devil. That’s classic. Jon, maybe you haven’t been listening very well, so allow me to tell you.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. And this Saturday at Full Gear, you are going to find out that I AM the Devil himself! Because my name is Maxwell! Jacob! Friedman! And I’m better than you-” Moxley snatches the mic! Moxley says, “Y’know, I never really saw what the big deal was with you anyway. But this weekend at Full Gear, we’re gonna find out if you’ve got it in here. If you can’t find it in yourself, I will reach in and pull it outta you, because that’s my job. This Sunday… Is the show on Sunday or Saturday? Saturday? Okay. Full Gear, the training wheels come off.”

Moxley tosses the mic back to MJF, but MJF drops it. Regal is there to stare at both men as MJF points to the belt. MJF says it will be his, no matter what anyone wants. Moxley pushes past MJF to take his leave, but will the Maniac prove to MJF that he’s not better than him, and he knows it?

My Thoughts:

A great go-home Dynamite for AEW, but still with some big questions. Starks had a really good promo calling out Lance Archer, and Ethan VS Bandido was a great semifinal match, but uh… How is this going to work? Starks pulling double duty on Friday? Because I definitely see Starks going over Archer, and he’s meant to face Brian Cage, but will that be a “surprise” match on Rampage? Or part of Zero Hour on Saturday? Because they can’t just cut Cage out of the tournament, that’d be BS. Either way, Starks VS Ethan feels like the given World Title Eliminator Finals for Full Gear, so somehow Starks is going to make it through two monsters on the way to the PPV.

We got a great tag team opener with BCC VS JAS, and I like that Claudio swung Jericho while Jericho held the baseball bat. BCC wins is a sign that Jericho retains the ROH title, but who knows if it’s because Sammy gives Jericho the win, or because Sammy does all the work and Jericho takes advantage. Caster had a great rap live, and then had another hit in the newest music video. But then Swerve winning in the match, I’m pretty sure that means The Acclaimed win the title match and we start seeing Keith VS Swerve. Then, depending on how FTR VS Austin & Colten go at ROH Final Battle, it’s obvious we’ll get Acclaimed VS FTR going towards AEW Revolution in 2023.

Great promos to hype up the Full Gear matches, too. Britt had a great response to Saraya tearing her down last week, and then Saraya had a good response to that. It’s not like Britt can’t be a Face after that promo, but Britt of course prefers being Heel and does a damn good job of it, so win or lose, Britt’s staying Heel after Full Gear. Storm VS Jay was a great title eliminator and main event match, but I figured Storm was going to win. Hayter showing up to not fight Storm was a nice twist, and who knows how their match goes. But given Storm wanted to face Thunder Rosa in the first place, I bet Storm holds on until Rosa returns so they can finally have it out.

All the video promos were good, too, from Jade and Nyla to Jungle Boy to Darby’s newest vignette and the response from Lethal and Jarrett. We also got a great promo from Eddie, Ortiz and Konosuke to hype up their match for Rampage. That is going to be awesome stuff, especially for the fact that a legend like Jun Akiyama is making an AEW debut. The FTW Championship for Rampage is going to be great, too, and then we got a great segment from Samoa Joe, Will Hobbs & Wardlow. I knew the Triple Threat was coming, but only Joe has the potential to become a double champion, so maybe that’s not happening. But this could be a great chance for Hobbs to get the title without Wardlow looking that weak. Then Hobbs and Wardlow feud towards Revolution.

We got an awesome Trios Championship match, Darius looked great in his TV return, but I figured Death Triangle would win. And it was great that Pac was self-aware and knew The Elite was going to return. He called them out, they basically responded with that graphic, and that Trios title match could be a show stealer. And then we got both a great hype vignette and a couple of promos from MJF and Moxley. The Firm attacking and then getting run off by MJF, this is keeping alive the idea that MJF is just pulling a bigger con than ever before, but I still really hope that’s just to swerve us back and MJF actually does do this on his own. Moxley underestimating MJF could also be his downfall, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (6/15/24)

Happy Anniversary, Collision!



Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

AEW Collision turns one year old tonight, and to “celebrate,” Thunder Rosa and Deonna Purrazzo battle under NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! What won’t these two do to settle the score?


  • 8 Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Rocky Romero, Lio Rush & TMDK; The BCC wins.
  • No Disqualifications: Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo; Deonna wins.
  • Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Dalton Castle; Hechicero wins.
  • TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lee Moriarty VS Dante Martin; Dante wins and advances to Forbidden Door.
  • Kyle O’Reilly VS Anthony Henry; Kyle wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS The House of Black; The House wins.


Christian Cage speaks.

“Welcome to Collision. Welcome to the one year anniversary of Collision. That’s right, it’s been 365 days since I singlehandedly put this show on the map when I won the TNT Championship int he very first episode, and went on a run with the TNT Championship that will never, ever be seen again. Now in the spirit of Christian Cage’s Collision, tonight, I guarantee you will see why AEW is where the best wrestle. And in the spirit of usual unpredictability, on the eve of the most important holiday of the year, Father’s Day, I guarantee you, Christian Cage’s Collision is going to end up being… very special.” Just what does The Patriarch have in mind for “his” show?


8 Man Tag: The Blackpool Combat Club VS Rocky Romero, Lio Rush & TMDK!

Jon Moxley is still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Wheeler Yuta is still ROH Pure Champion, and both Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli are still bad, bad men! The BCC is looking to still be the baddest group around, but will they be rolling on towards Forbidden Door? Or will Azucar, The Bad Child and the NEW Undisputed NJPW Tag Team Champions prove they’re just a little bit badder?

The teams sort out and The American Dragon starts against Lio. The fans rally for “B C C! B C C!” as Bryan and Lio circle. They feel things out, Lio ducks the roundhouse but Bryan blocks a kick! Bryan gets a SLEEPER, but Lio slips under to waistlock. Bryan switches, shoves, but Lio redirects! Bryan gets under the heel kick and the fans fire up for the standoff! Lio and Bryan reset, feel things out again, and knuckle lock. Bryan kicks low, brings Lio around to UPPERCUT, then UPPERCUTS again. Bryan whips, Lio reverses to then go up and RANA! Bryan gets up, but Lio runs to wheelbarrow. Bryan powers Lio to the corner, Yuta tags in!

The fans fire up for Yuta but Lio dodges to whip. Yuta whips, Lio reverses, Yuta goes up and over. Lio handsprings under ot kick and ENZIGIRI! Lio brings Yuta over, tag to Rocky, but Yuta gets loose. Rocky and Yuta trade forearms, the fans fire up, and then the CHOPS fly! CHOP after CHOP after CHOP and the fans fire up more! Yuta fires a flurry of forearms, then whips. Rocky slides under, kicks, Yuta ducks the enzigiri but not the HEEL KICK! Yuta rewinds to get around and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Yuta floats to a facelock, tags Claudio, and the fans cheer as the Swiss Superman kicks low.

Claudio brings Rocky around to CHOP! Claudio whips, Rocky ducks ‘n’ dodges to jump up and RANA! Tag to Mikey Nicholls but Shane Haste jumps in, too! Shane BLASTS the BCC corner while Mikey whips Claudio to a corner. Mikey runs in to clothesline! Feed to Shane’s UPPERCUT and snapmare, then Mikey SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Mikey keeps on Claudio and tags Shane. TMDK double whip but Claudio crisscrosses them! Then he runs to DOUBLE BULLDOG! The fans fire up with Claudio and he tags Bryan. Bryan goes up, Shane stands, into the MISSILE DROPKICK! The fans fire up with Bryan as Shane tumbles to a corner!

Bryan runs in to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps going but Shane FLYING ELBOWS! Shane storms around, goes after Bryan, but Bryan drags him into the LEBELL LCOK! Shanes’ team runs in but BCC intercepts! Moxley & Yuta TOSS out Mikey and Lio, but Claudio has Rocky in a COBRA TWIST! Shane endures, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets go while The BCC keeps beating on Mikey, Lio & Rocky! Moxley makes Rocky sit on the railing, Claudio BOOTS him down! Bryan KICKS Shane again and again, “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan winds up to BUZZ_ NO, Shane ducks to shove Bryan! Mikey trips Bryan, Shane basement dropkicks!

Mikey spins Bryan around to UPPERCUT! The ref reprimands, The BCC storms up, and Collision goes picture in picture.

The ref has everyone back off, but Rocky gets cheap shots on Bryan! The ref reprimands, Rocky backs off, and Shane drags Bryan in to stomp him down. Shane drags Bryan up, cravats, then tags in Lio. They mug Bryan, and Lio fires off at the ropes! Tag to Rocky, he adds on with KICKS! Rocky stomps Bryan down, tags Mikey, and they mug Bryan some. Mikey then CHOKES Bryan on the ropes! The ref counts, Mikey lets off, and Bryan sputters as he reaches out. Mikey drags Bryan up to tag in Rocky, and the mugging continues! The ref has to keep The BCC back and that lets the whole team beat up on Bryan!

Rocky taunts Yuta, goes back to Bryan, and brings Bryan around to snapmare. Rocky clamps on a chinlock and he grinds Bryan down. Bryan endures, fights up, but Rocky becomes a backpack! Bryan still reaches out, steps forward, but Rocky lets go to whip Bryan to a corner! Collision returns to single picture, Rocky runs up to clothesline! Rocky keeps going, TWO-EVER! Then THREE-EVER! Rocky hoists Bryan up top, climbs up after him, and goes to the very top. Rocky swivels them hips, but Bryan grabs Rocky for a SUPER ATOMIC DROP! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Rocky and Bryan crawl, hot tag to Shane and he BLASTS BCC!

Shane whips Bryan to a corner runs up, but Bryan dodges, hot tag to Claudio! Claudio BLASTS Lio, UPPERCUTRS Mikey, then UPPERCUTS Shane! Claudio fires off fast hands at the ropes, the ref backs him up, but Claudio jukes to UPPERCUT! The fans fire up, Claudio whips, and he back drops Shane hard! Claudio just keeps going, he UPPERCUTS Rocky on the outside! Claudio brings a chair around the way, sets it up, and then uses it to LAUNCH into Mikey! Claudio then returns to the ring, runs up and DOUBLE STOMPS Shane! The fans fire up and Claudio gets the legs! But Mikey gets in to LARIAT Claudio down!

The fans boo but Yuta DROPKICKS Mikey! Mikey tumbles out, Yuta DIVES onto him, but is THROWN into railing! Shane fireman’s carries Claudio, but Moxley’s in to CUTTER! Moxley shouts to Claudio and Claudio rises up! The fans are thunderous for the hot tag! Moxley gives Mikey a CUTTER! Moxley then runs in to clothesline at the corner! Moxley whips corner to corner, for another clothesline! Moxley goes up to rain down fists! The fans count along as fast as they can, Moxley goes right to TEN, then he reels Mikey in! Stalling PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! But Moxley clamps on with the SLEEPER!

Mikey fights up, pries free and elbows Moxley. Moxley BOOTS back! Mikey rebounds, Moxley dodges, DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Lio tags in and he goes up! FINAL HOUR!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley’s not done yet and Lio is shocked! Lio says no, now it’s time! Lio goes up top again, for another FINAL- NO, Moxley moves and Lio rolls through! Moxley BOOTS Lio down! Then Moxley underhooks, for PARADIGM- NO, Lio slips out! TMDK is in, URENAGE BOMB!! Bryan runs in, but into the scoop! Bryan slips free, shoves Mikey into Shane, then BUSAIKU KNEE! Shane DROPKICSK Bryan!

Yuta gives Shane an OLYMPIC SLAM! Rocky hits SLICED BREAD! Claudio SPINEBUSTERS for the GIANT SWING! Azucar goes around and around and around, and the fans count to TEN, but Claudio just picks up speed! Claudio TOSSES Rocky at 15! Lio leaps on for a SLEEPER! Claudio powers Lio around to TOSS into the DEATH RIDER!! Cover, BCC wins!

Winners: Blackpool Combat Club, by pinfall

The BCC defend homefield in AEW, and we’re just two weeks away from Forbidden Door! Moxley then gets the mic to say, “Tetsuya Naito of NJPW is a survivor, but The Forbidden Door is the final conflict. This is it. This is your last chance. I’m not coming to beat you,  Naito. I’m not coming to defend the IWGP Championship. I’m coming to Forbidden Door to put an end to Tetsuya Naito once and for all! Naito, I’m coning to Forbidden Door to finish you, to finish your career, to put you in a pine box, to put you in the ground, and to BURY your ass once and for all!!” A powerful ultimatum with still two weeks to go, will the Maniac also be the man that retires Naito?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

Youngstown, Ohio, please welcome The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn! The fans fire up as Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Daddy Ass make their way to the ring. Schiavone lets Caster have the mic, and he says usually the Acclaimed comes out here with a rap, some punchlines, but tonight, if you didn’t see, but the “love” EVPs, the Young F’s…! Well, those guys issued a $5 THOUSAND FINE on them for disparaging company executives!? There was a tweet about it! Seems these EVPs are outta touch with the fans! Youngstown confirms!

Caster says the fans don’t want a couple of women’s business suit wearing a-holes! They want Platinum Max roasting everyone! They want Bowens & Billy hitting the scissor fingers, and you bet they want The Acclaimed to become the NEW AEW World Tag team Champions! And if Bowens was The Bucks, he wouldn’t focus the pettiness on raps and tweets, but on the fact that they will be face to face with The Acclaimed for the first time in four years. And this isn’t the same team they faced before in 2020. They are not an upstart! They have the same exact accolades as The Bucks do! Scissor King, Platinum Max, FORMER AEW World Tag Team Champions, FORMER AEW World Trios Champions, the WINNINGEST team in the history of AEW!!

And all they have to get the titles back is beat The Bucks twice. So do your worst! FINE them, but all they want is to get those titles back, get this company back, and prove that EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! In fact, forget fines! Take those fines, stick ’em up your virgin asses, because everyone here is gonna kick it old school for you! YO! YO! YO! LISTEN~! But then someone says NOOOO~! And it’s Brandon Cutler! He tells The Acclaimed to listen! This one year anniversary of Collision is to be a night of praise for the EVPs! They’ve carried this show since day one! But these limp noodles use their public platform to disparage!

So if they want a fine? FINE! Here’s a $10 THOUSAND fine! Then it’ll be $15- Christopher Daniels comes out here to stop Cutler. The Acclaimed had Daniels’ back, so here’s some good news. Tony Khan has REVERSED the fines, they get their money back! And Cutler, we don’t need to hear any more from you. But Cutler shows his clipboard to Daniels. Daniels SMACKS Cutler with the clipboard! Then DECKS him with his fist! Daniels TOSSES Cutler in for The Acclaimed to handle! They trip him up, hold him open, and Bowens goes up to say, SCISSOR ME TIMBERS~! Cutler crawls away in shame, but will The Bucks make sure The Acclaimed pay for that on Wednesday?


No Disqualifications: Thunder Rosa VS Deonna Purrazzo!

La Mera Mera tried to be an ally to The Virtuosa against their common enemy, but the only thing they had in common was that they wanted to be the one to take down Toni Storm. That made them into enemies, and it has escalated to this! With nothing holding these two back, who stops at nothing to make sure the other regrets ever showing up in AEW?

Deonna doesn’t wait, she attacks while Rosa’s on the corner! The bell rings and Deonna puts Rosa in the Tree of Woe. Deonna runs in, but Rosa sits up! Deonna slides out of the ring, and Rosa CROSSBODIES down onto her! Rosa fires off hands, then POSTS Deonna! The fans rally behind Rosa and she CHOPS Deonna against the apron. Rosa SMACKS Deonna off the steel steps, then off them again, and then again! Rosa stands on Deonna, Deonna pushes her away, and Rosa starts bringing out stuff from under the ring! A chain, a trash can, and the lid! Rosa SMACKS Deonna with the lid! And then pushes the lid into Deonna with a boot!

The fans want tables but Rosa runs up first. Deonna dodges, Rosa dropkicks the steps! Deonna drags Rosa up, puts an arm between steps and post, then BOOTS the steps! Rosa falls back, clutching the elbow! Deonna snarls, goes looking under the ring, and she brings out a kendo stick! Deonna throws that all the way over the ring, but she gets some chairs. Deonna wedges a chair in a corner, then gets Rosa up. Rosa reverses the whip but Deonna stops herself! Deonna kicks and whips, but Rosa stops. Rosa ELBOWS Deonna, fireman’s carries, then DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS! Cover, TWO! Deonna stays in this but Rosa goes looking for more!

Rosa brings out a TABLE! Youngstown cheers as Rosa gets that big thing up, only for Deonna to DROPKICK it into her! The fans boo but Deonna soaks up the heat, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Deonna drags the table up for herself, and she puts that in the ring. Deonna drags Rosa up, wrenches, then kicks Rosa. Deonna hammerlocks an arm before she POSTS Rosa! And then she hammerlocks and POSTS Rosa again! Rosa clutches the side of her face, but there’s no blood, yet. Deonna gets Rosa in the ring, then drags her over to snapmare by the table. Deonna steps over Rosa to trap the arms, then turns her over so she can dribble Rosa’s head onto the wood! Deonna lets off and Rosa flops over. Cover, TWO! Rosa is tougher than that but Deonna keeps her cool as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and the two fight over a chair. Deonna JAMS Rosa up, takes a swing, but Rosa dodges! Rosa BOOTS the chair into Deonna! Then Rosa grabs the chair to JAM Deonna, and SMACK her on the back! And SMACK her again! Rosa brings Deonna around, fireman’s carries, and SAMOAN DROPS her on the folded table! Cover, TWO! Deonna is still in this but Rosa drags her around to put in a corner. Rosa hoists Deonna up top, goes up after her, but Deonna fights with body shots! Rosa CLUBS Deonna in return, but Deonna slips under! Rosa rains down fists, so Deonna YANKS her into the buckle! CHEEKY NANDOS!

Rosa falls into the Tree of Woe, Deonna runs up and this time, she RAMS into Rosa! Rosa falls out of the Tree, Deonna covers, TWO!! Rosa survives that Spear of Woe or whatever you’d call it, and the fans rally up. Deonna drags Rosa up, slashes her throat, and then Gotch lifts, but Rosa fights that! Rosa wrenches out to FULL METAL DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives hitting steel but Rosa won’t let up. Rosa brings Deonna over to a corner, and puts the trash can around her! The fans cheer as Rosa stomps away on Deonna! Deonna sits down, Rosa grabs the table and she brings that around. The fans cheer as it’s finally set up!

Rosa SMACKS the can with the chain! Then Rosa finishes setting the table up, to use it as a ramp! FLYING SHOTGUN into the trash can!! The fans are thunderous for that unique use of a table, and then Rosa covers Deonna, TWO!?!? Deonna survives the savage innovation, but Rosa won’t give up just yet. Rosa completely stands the table up now, but Deonna has a chair! She slide sit at Rosa, the table falls over, but Rosa JAMS Deonna up with it! Rosa reels Deonna in, underhooks, but Deonna fights the package to wrench out! Deonna reels Rosa in, for a KNEELING PILEDRIVER! Cover, TWO!!! Rosa lives and Deonna is stunned!

Deonna clamps onto the arm, FUJIWARA! Rosa reaches out, but ends up in the VENUS DE MILO!!! Rosa reaches with her legs, but Deonna HAMMERS away on her head! Deonna rolls past Rosa to then look around on the outside. She LOW BLOWS a staff member!? Just to CLOBBER Rosa with his camera!!! Deonna shows no mercy to anyone, and she puts Rosa in the ropes! MOTORCYCLE STRETCH IN THE ROPES! Rosa’s out cold, Deonna wins!!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by referee stoppage

That camera shot might as well have been a knockout! But Deonna still gets the win either way. Is Deonna going to move on from Rosa once and for all to then go after a title? Or will Rosa’s revenge not die with one loss?


Hechicero w/ The Gates of Agony VS Dalton Castle

Now this is a unique match-up! The Alchemist of Lucha is taking on The Peacock, and… wait are those The Outrunners being Castle’s substitute Boys? Well, uh, Turbo & Truth aside, will Castle be too hot to handle even for the man that summons fire? Or will Hechicero turn this Forbidden Door appetizer into sweet, sweet victory?

The bell rings and the fans fire up as these two get face to face. Hechi shoves Castle, Castle gets serious. They feel things out, tie up, and Hechi facelocks. Castle still powers Hechi to ropes, the ref calls the break, and the two let off clean. Castle gets fired up and eggs Hechi on. Hechi CHOPS, so Castle UPPERCUTS! They fire back and forth, CHOP for forearm, then Castle fires off a flurry! Castle runs, but HEchi follows to CROSSBODY! Hechi slips right into a SLEEPER at the ropes! Hechi shoves Castle away, goes up, and MISSILE DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Hechi kicks Castle around and eggs him on.

Hechi CLUBS away on Castle, runs, but Castle wrenches to LARIAT, KNEE, and DDT! The fans fire up as Castle gets a wild look in the eyes. Castle clamps on a half nelson, then CLUBS away on Hechi to get him up. Hechi fights with elbows of his own, but runs into an Alabama Lift! Castle spins, BANGAAA- NO, Hechi slips free, pops Castle up, and has the COBRA CLUTCH STRAITJACKET! Castle flails, pushes back to a cover, TWO! Hechi keeps the body scissors, wants the rear naked choke but Castle rolls. Hechi drags Castle up but Castle arm-drags free! Hechi BOOTS back, swings, but Castle blocks to ELBOW!

Castle snarls, runs, but Hechi follows to LARIAT in the corner! Hechi fires fast hands and a CHOP! Castle sits down, Kaun & Liona like what they see. Hechi powers up but runs into a clinch! EXPLODER! Castle and Hechi both rise, and the fans fire up with Castle! Hechi swings, but into another lift! Hechi sunset flips, TWO!! Castle just manages to escape, and he BOOTS Hechi! Hechi goes to a corner, Castle runs in but Hechi dodge! SHINING WIZARD! Hechi keeps going, LA MYSTICA LEG DROP! Cover, Hechi wins!

Winner: Hechicero, by pinfall

That was some in-ring magic for sure! The Gates of Agony celebrate with their new ally, will they and The Machine, Brian Cage, soon take over AEW and CMLL? But then Hechi beats up on Castle, puts him in a corner, and Liona HIP ATTACKS! Kaun METEORAS! The fans boo, but The Outrunners run in! Only to get CLOBBERED by The Gates… Hechi then feeds Castle to the Gates for the LARIAT SANDWICH! And they CLOSE- NO! Daniel Garcia hurries out here, with a chair! He and Daddy Magic have Castle’s back as they run off Hechi & The Gates! Will even The Alchemist of Lucha fear Red Death?


Backstage interview with Dante Martin.

Arkady Aura is with Angel Dorado, as well as his teammates, Darius Martin & Action Andretti. She brings up Dante facing Lee Moriarty in the TNT Championship qualifier. However, everyone else is banned from ringside. Dante says that’s fine, because Top Flight is about friendly competition. He remembers a time when Lee Moriarty was once about that. Darius asks if Dante is running. He’s not. Is he scared? He’s not. Because this is one of the best high-fliers today! High-flying and redeye-ing! Action promises that at Forbidden Door, Dante will be the NEW TNT Champion! But in steps Lio Rush. He says what’s up, long time no see. Good to see he has some new friends.

Not sure if any of them knew this or not, but Lio and Action go way back. That’s true. So as far as Darius, nice to finally meet you. Darius knows who Lio is, and won’t shake his hand. Okay, that’s fine. Just wanted to wish Dante luck tonight. Maybe see them around. Lio heads out, Action says yeah, great seeing him again. Top Flight heads out, but will Dante book him and the boys some golden tickets to Long Island? Or will #TAIGASTYLE make sure Shane Taylor Promotions takes over New York?


The Patriarchy is in the ring.

And “Mother” Shayna Wayne asks for everyone’s attention. They boo her? They boo a mother?! How dare you! Shayna demands they all get on their feet right now and pay respect to “the greatest father to ever live,” THEIR Patriarch, Christian Cage. And with that, Captain Charisma makes his way out here. Christian takes the mic and sits in the fancy chair they have for him. “Well, I didn’t exactly have ‘spending the most important holiday of the year’ in The Rust Belt, but here we are.” The fans boo but Christian says Youngstown needs to sit down and shut their mouths while he conducts his business.

Now, he’d be remised if he didn’t acknowledge what today is. Today is the anniversary of his son, Nick Wayne’s biological father passing away. Christian says that can affect a child many different ways. You might wonder why the universe can be so cool. But in a strange way, Nick’s father dying was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to him, because it led him to Christian Cage. The fans boo but Christian says this veiled picture must of course be a gift for him. Did Nick commission this? Nick even has a card! Christian opens it up, and it says Happy Father’s Day. A homemade card from the heart? Should he read it?

“To Dad, You are the greatest TNT Champion in history,m and I can only dream of having half your tlanet, but I will keep striving to prove my worth. Love, Nick.” How thoughtful, Christian appreciates that. And uh, can we unveil the portrait now? Of course! The curtain is taken away, and it’s a failry impressive painting. Did Luchasaurus do this himself? Wow. Then uh, this is… Okay. But Nick’s card is unbelievable! He’s a wordsmith! It’s popping off the paeg! Christian has never been prouder, he will cherish this forever. And uh, Killswitch- The fans chant “LUCHASAURUS!” but he says shut up, he’s Killswitch! Killswitch, why can’t you be more like Nick?

Luchasaurus storms off! The fans cheer but Christian says he wasn’t excused! Get back in line! Christian has something important to say and everyone will want to hear this. Luchasaurus reluctantly stands back by the chair, and Christian says that’s a good looking guy in the picture either way. Now, it is no secret that Double Or Nothing was a couple weeks ago. And Christian clearly fell short in his quest to become AEW World Champion. But what you might not realize is that there is alternate footage clearly showing his shoulder was up! The EVPs want to do the right thing and show this footage, but he politely asked not to show it.

This family does not make excuses here! They just roll up their sleeves and get back to work! Christian vows to one day be World Champion, and that path starts with winning the Trios Championships! That’s right! Christian’s gift to his “sons” is that they will hold titles together. The fans still chant for Luchasaurus but Christian tells them to shut up! Now yes, it is uncommon for the father to give a gift to his children on Father’s Day, but that is what a good father would do. He would give anything to make his children smile. Hey, even Tony Khan’s dad gave him millions upon millions of dollars to start this company!

But here’s the thing, Tony Khan, this very instant, Christian Cage says this is HIS company! He is the greatest, most talked about and influential star in this sport! He will win every accolade until he goes down as THE greatest in history! So Tony, Christian is your father now. They are The Patriarchy, the next Trios Champions, the Faces of TNT, now and forever! Captain Charisma has spoken, but will his declaration become reality?


The Bang Bang Gang speaks.

Juice Robinson says it is the one-year anniversary of Collision, and they are the Collision Cowboys, the men who built this brick by brick! Juice broke his back carrying this place! Colten says that as such, they hold a lot of gold. There are a lot of teams gunning for them, but they can’t handle the pressure. House of Black tonight, and now The Patriarchy wants a shot? Yeah, it’s Father’s Day, but you don’t get special privilege. Get in line! Austin adds that House of Black, they’re not sure what’s going on, maybe they’ve been in the dark too long, but open your eyes, dilate the pupils, and uh, notice that Jay White isn’t here.

Tonight is NOT for the titles, but tonight is about proving whether or not if you can hang with the OGs! And if you’re not down with that, they’ve got two words for ya: GUNS UP!


TNT Championship Ladder Match Qualifier: Lee Moriarty VS Dante Martin!

As we heard from Dante, these two used to be friends, but ambition seems to have given #TAIGASTYLE a bit of a salty edge. Will Lee use that edge to clip Angel Dorado’s wings? Or will Dante prove that he not only does things the right way, but can win at the same time?

The bell rings, the fans rally as the two circle, and then Lee goes for a leg. Dante steps over, trips Lee, then speeds up. Lee drops, hurdles, but Dante stops to hurdle and drop. Lee handsprings, then shimmies and shakes. The fans cheer and the two reset. Dante and Lee feel things out, and the fans are behind Dante. Lee gives a testing kick, then the two knuckle lock. Lee wrenches, trips Dante, then GROUND DRAGON SCREWS! The fans are torn, but Lee drags Dante around by the leg< Dante kicks free, reaches up, and RANAS! The fans fire up, Dante speeds up, ducks ‘n’ dodges, then jumps to RANA again!

Lee flounders, Dante stays by ropes,. Lee runs up, Dante goes up and over! Lee tumbles out of the ring, Dante builds speed! Dante FLIES, but lands safe as Lee moves aside! Lee thinks he’s safe, but then Dante uses the corner to DROPKICK Lee down! Dante copies the shimmy and then drags Lee up. Dante CHOPS Lee against the railing! The fans fire up for that one, and Dante puts Lee in the ring. Dante then jumps right up to the apron, springboards, but Lee trips him up! Dante tumbles back down and Lee grins. Lee claps and the fans applaud, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Lee waits on Dante, and Dante slides back in. Lee stomps Dante at the ropes again and again and again! Dante writhes, Lee drags him up, then KNEES low. Lee fires m ore knees, then shoves Dante to RAM into him. Lee reels Dante in to HALF HATCH! Roll back and cover, TWO! Lee keeps on Dante with a hammerlock, then traps that arm to go after the other. Dante endures, even as Lee pushes on the arm. Lee twists the fingers and wrist to bend the arm, and then use it as a recliner! Dante endures as Lee gives a thumbs up. Lee then sits back up, to stomp the arm down! Dante writhes, Lee stomps him around, then Lee drags Dante up.

Lee fires more knees into Dante, shoves him, but Dante leaps up and over to sunset flip! TWO, and Lee ROCKS Dante with fast hands! Dante blocks a kick but not the KNEE! Dante sits down, Lee basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Lee is annoyed but he clamps onto the arm again. Dante endures, Lee bends the fingers and wrist, to JAM the fingers into the mat! Dante still endures, but Lee clamps on, chinbars, and pushes on the joint. The fans rally, Dante fights, but Lee throws knees to keep him down. Lee pulls on the chinbar but Dante powers up. Collision returns to single picture, and the fans rally as Dante pries free!

Dante arm-drags Lee away, Lee runs up, but Dante BOOTS him! ROLLING ELBOW! Dante ROCKS Lee again, whips, but the bad arm jams up! Lee whips Dante away, runs up, but Dante slips to the outside! Dante ROCKS Lee, springboards to go up and around, but Lee grabs a leg. Dante kicks him away, jumps again and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Lee survives but Dante stays focused. The fans fire up with Dante as he rises, and Dante reels Lee in. Lee fights the half nelson, so Dante CLUBS away! Lee wrenches free of the waistlock, brings Dante to a knee, and he SNAPS the fingers! What a villain!

Lee gets Dante’s arms tired up, clinches, YOYO URENAGE! Into the BORDER CITY STRETCH!! Dante endures, reaches out, and he crawls with the one free arm! Lee kicks at that arm, but Dante uses a leg for the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer as Lee lets off, and then Lee brings Dante up! Lee suplexes into a SLAM, then covers, TWO!! Dante escapes that deep tuck and Lee is frustrated. Lee kicks at Dante while they’re both down, then Lee rises up. Lee aims, Dante rises, and Lee runs up, but Dante ducks the kick! JUMP KNEE! Lee wobbles, but he BOOTS back! Lee runs up, into a KNEE from Dante!

Dante goes up, METEORA! Lee is down and the fans fire up as Dante climbs a corner! MAMBA SPLASH!! Cover, Dante wins!

Winner: Dante Martin, by pinfall (advances to Forbidden Door)

And with that, the fourth spot is filled! Dante joins Mark Briscoe, Konosuke Takeshita & Jack Perry, but wait! Shane Taylor & Anthony Ogogo show up to mug Dante! The fans boo as STP are sore losers! BODY SHOT from Ogogo! But here come Darius & Action! They fight with STP but that’s 3v2! Shane DECKS Darius, Ogogo GERMAN SUPLEXES Action! URENAGE for Darius! The fans boo more but STP doesn’t care. Lio Rush hurries out here, he asks what this is all about. Shane dares Lio to bring his little ass in here! Lio does, and he slips under Shane to shove Ogogo into him! Then he schoolboys Ogogo to SPIN KICK!

Shane whips Lio but Lio stops himself at the ropes! Lio eggs Shane on, then DUMPS him out! Lee runs up but Lio TOSSES Him out, and HANDSPRING KICKS Lee into Shane! Lio stands tall with Top Flight, and refs hurry out to stop this from getting any wilder. Will Shane Taylor make sure Lio meets his final hour soon enough? As for Dante and Top Flight, they nod respect to Lio, but still no handshakes. Will Lio just have to give them all time to trust him?


Hikaru Shida speaks.

“I have been in AEW since day one. I am a three-time world champion. I am the longest reigning AEW Women’s World Champion. And I am officially entering the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. That tournament needs me. And Wembley Stadium needs me! And the Shining Samurai will go to Wembley Stadium to once again become Women’s Champion.” Will Shida shine all the way through the Summer to then go All In on an incredible fourth Women’s World Championship reign?


Kyle O’Reilly VS Anthony Henry!

The Violent Artist has been trying to do things on his own, but even now, Roderick Strong & The Kingdom tag along. They’re on commentary for this match, and BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite! It will be an “All-Star 8 Man” as Roderick Strong joins forces with Kyle Fletcher, Konosuke Takeshita and Zack Sabre Jr. VS Kyle O’Reilly, Orange Cassidy, Dante Martin & Mark Briscoe. Will the Savior of the Backbreaker still be able to support his “friend” here tonight knowing that now? Or will Roddy find himself rooting for the other guy?

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel things out, and tie up. Henry powers Kyle back but Kyle turns that around. They go around and around, Kyle waistlocks but Henry switches. Kyle switches and drags Henry down Henry blocks one kick but has to duck the other! The fans cheer as Henry backs off, and the two reset. Kyle and Henry feel things out, knuckle lock, and go shoulder to shoulder. They go around, Henry throws Kyle down but Kyle has the leg guard up. Kyle kicks one knuckle lock apart to trip Henry up. Henry uses a leg guard now, but Kyle stands. Henry uses body scissors to climb up and go for the arm!

Kyle moves around, back drops and ARMBAR! Henry scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Kyle lets go, KICKS at Henry, then wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! This relentless Kyle is the kind Roddy likes. Kyle wrenches, whips, but Henry holds ropes! Kyle KICKS the leg, then hooks it. Henry turns that around to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Henry traps Kyle’s head to NECK TWIST! Henry holds on, grabs an arm, then gives some kicks. Kyle just gets mad! The fans rally for Kyle and Roddy also coaches Kyle. Kyle stands, Henry KICKS, but Kyle ROCKS Henry. They fire off forearms, henry fires a strike fest!

Kyle blocks a kick, gives a strike fest in return, then SWEEPS the legs! The fans fire up as Henry flounders to a corner. Kyle runs up to forearm SMASH! Then wrench and ELOBW BREAKER, to a KNEE, to a suplex and FALCON ARROW into the ARMBAR! Henry TAPS, Kyle wins!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by submission

Roddy says that’s because of his presence! Roddy says Kyle is clearly missing something, or someone, to help him get that edge. Will Kyle show Roddy plenty of that “edge” this Wednesday?


Six Man Tag: The Bang Bang Gang VS The House of Black!

We heard from Rock Hard Juice Robinson, Fully Cocked Colten, and… Austin earlier tonight, but now is time to put up or shut up! Malakai, Brody & Buddy have been World Trios Champions before, but will they get one step closer to becoming Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions? Or will the House fold when facing the Collision Cowboys in their house?

The trios sort out, but then they all step to each other. The fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” but we get Juice and The Dark Father. Juice and Malakai circle, then tie up. Malakai headlocks, Juice powers out but Malakai runs him over! Cover, ONE and Juice arm-drags! Malakai headscissors, Juice kips free, but Malakai avoids the arm-drag to sit down. The fans fire up, so Juice lifts a leg a la dogs. Malakai stands up to KICK Juice down! Juice scrambles away, Austin tags in. Austin is all fired up, but then Brody tags in! Austin turns around and tags Colten! Colten says that’s fine, he can bark it up. Brody swings, Colten bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS-

Er, well, no, Brody doesn’t seem too bothered. Brody runs Colten over, he runs Austin over, then runs them both over! The Gunns stagger up, Brody runs up to DOUBLE LRIAT them out! Juice runs in but Brody TOSSES him out onto The Gunns! The fans fire up as The House stands together, they all build speed, but the Bang Bang Gang gets in to say BANG! So the House DECKS them all! The House tosses everyone out and the brawl is on as Collision goes picture in picture!

Brody is after Juice, Malakai TOSSES Austin, and Buddy CHOPS Colten. Malakai BOOTS Austin into the crowd! Brody sits Juice in a corner to CHOP! Malakai joins in to mug Juice, and Buddy KNEES Colten. Brody brings Juice around to whip hard into railing! Austin returns but Malakai KNEES him down. Brody CLUBS Austin, the fans fire up, and Brody CHOPS Austin. Buddy brings Colten over to join in, and he UPPERCUTS Colten into a seat. Brody herds Austin and Juice that way, the Bang Bang Gang all take seats, and Malakai KICKS away on them all! The fans hoot and bark with Brody as he runs in, to TRIPLE CROSSBODY!

The fans cheer and high-five Brody as The Bang Bang Gang all slumps down. Brody drags Colten up to put him in, and then stalks Colten to his empty corner. Brody grins at Colten’s fear, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns again and Buddy tags Malakai. They mug Colten, then Malakai wrenches to tag Buddy. Buddy climbs up to DOUBLE STOMP Colten’s arm! Buddy taunts Austin, goes back to Colten and wrenches. Tag to Malakai and he KNEES the arm! Malakai wrenches but Colten throws him down by his hair! Tag to Austin and Austin stomps away on Malakai! The ref counts, Austin lets off, but Malakai BOOTS him! Austin runs up to CLOBBER Malakai! Austin throws hands, then tags in Colten. They whip Malakai, to BODY SHOT, KNEE LIFT, and DROPKICK! Juice tags in to SENTON! Cover, TWO!

Juice stands on Malakai, the Gunns YANK Buddy & Brody down! Juice whips Malakai hard into the corner! Juice stomps away on Malakai, argues with the ref, then drags Malakai back up. Juice snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Malakai is still in this and Juice is frustrated. Juice stands Malakai up to bump him off buckles, then he tags Austin in. They mug Malakai, Austin asks “Who’s the Ass Boy now?” “YOU!!” Austin frowns, then fires hands on Malakai. Tag to Colten, he stomps away on Malakai. The ref counts, Colten ROCKS Malakai but the fans rally up. Juice tags in, he stomps at Malakai, then eggs him on.

Juice HEADBUTTS, but Malakai ROCKS Juice, DECKS the Gunns, then fires off on Juice! Juice blocks a kick, to LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Malakai is still in this and Juice is upset with the ref’s count! Juice clamps onto Malakai for a chinlock but Malakai endures. Malakai fights up as the fans rally, and Malakai KICKS the bad leg! Juice THROAT CHOPS back! Malakai falls into a corner, Juice goes corner to corner, CANNONBALL only gets buckles! Malakai crawls, as does Juice, hot tag to Colten! He CLOBBERS Malakai, then whips him away. Colten runs up, but only gets buckles! Austin tags in, grabs Malakai’s foot, but Malakai BOOTS him into Colten!

Hot tag to Buddy! The fans fire up as the Aussie Juggernaut fires off strikes and a BOOT to Austin! POP-UP KNEE for Colten! Austin runs up, into a tilt-o-whirl and LAWN DART into Colten! Buddy reels Austin in for the JACKHAMMER! Cover, Juice breaks it! The fans boo but Juice hurries to BLAST Brody! Juice goes back to Buddy to whip, but Buddy lands safe on the apron! Buddy GAMANGIRIS Juice, bumps him off buckles, then BOOTS him away! Buddy goes up, Juice staggers around, into the METEORA! Cover, TWO! Buddy’s bad knee is bothering him, but he hobbles up to tag in Brody. Brody storms in and the fans fire up as we go picture in picture again.

Buddy has medics check his knee, he may have taken himself out when he hit Juice. Brody does his best to focus on the match, and he puts Austin in a corner. Buddy is in some serious pain, though. Brody runs up to CLOBBER Austin in the corner! Brody hoots and barks and gets the fans back into this. Brody roars, runs, but Colten saves his brother! The Bang Bang Gang regroups on the outside, the medics are still checking on Buddy but it isn’t looking good. This is basically 3v2 now. Juice & The Gunns strategize, knowing they have the advantage now. The ref has Bang Bang Gang settle down a minute while Buddy is helped to the back.

The fans applaud as Buddy is doing his best to walk on the good leg, and Collision returns to single picture. But the Gunns jump on Brody, they and Juice mug him, and Malakai tries to help but is sent back out! The fans chant “YOU SUCK!” but the Bang Bang Gang doesn’t care! Tag to Colten and he stomps away on Brody. The ref counts, Colten tags Austin back in, and now Austin stomps Brody. Tag to Juice, he gets some stomps in! The fans still taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” but Juice blows boogers onto Brody! Then Juice CANNONBALLS! Direct hit and Juice covers, TWO! Brody stays in this and the fans fire up!

Austin tags in, then he tags Colten. The Gunns get Brody up, whip him to ropes, but Brody denies the 3:10 with a LARIAT! And another LARIAT! Juice runs up, but into a BOSS MAN SLAM! Brody is down and the fans fire up! Brody crawls, the fans hoot and bark, hot tag to Malakai! Malakai breaks through Colten’s lariat to BOOT Austin! Malakai dodges Colten, DECKS Austin, then ELBOWS Colten! A strike fest and a LEG SEWEP for Austin! SLIDING KNEE! The fans fire up, but Juice takes the QUEBRADA for Colten! Malakai still ROUNDHOUSES Colten and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Malakai snarls and the fans fire up! Colten rises, distracts the ref with talk of injury, and Juice grabs a leg! Malakai kicks Juice away, but Colten runs up, FLYING FOREARM! Cover, TWO!! Colten’s shot doesn’t finish this but he tags to Austin. The Gunns get Malakai up, double whip, 3:10- NO, Malakai BOOTS Colten, BOOTS Austin, but Juice HOTSHOTS! FAMOUSER from Austin! Cover, TWO!! Malakai survives and Austin is stunned! The Gunns reload, call their shot, and they coordinate with Juice! Juice goes up, but Brody is back! The Gunns dodge him, 3:10 TO YUMA!!! But they have to get Malakai down!

Austin turns Malakai, Juice finally aims, but PAC is here?! The Bastard spooks Juice, trips him up, then flips off Austin! Austin swings on Pac, but turns around into THE END!!! Cover, The House wins!!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

The Bastard told The Bang Bang Gang that he was not going to let what they did to Death Triangle slide! The House still gets the win, even with Buddy going down with a bad knee. But then The Patriarchy has to come in via the tron to ruin all the fun. Christian Cage says congratulations to The House. Congratulations on becoming the #1 contenders to the World Trios Championships. The only problem is, they’re not a trio anymore. The Patriarchy reveals they took out Buddy!! The Patriarchy leaves Buddy down and out, right as Malakai & Brody rush to the back! Will Christian Cage stoop to new lows just so he and his “sons” can rise up the ranks?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision for the anniversary episode, and I appreciate it was more rock, less talk. The only real talky stuff was everything Christian Cage did, but even that wasn’t so bad because he didn’t take forever getting to the point. He takes credit for all the good Collision content, heavily favors Nick Wayne over Killswitchasaurus, and then tries to hide his failure at Double Or Nothing by going for the trios titles, which he can totally just use Nick and Luchasaurus to win for him when the time comes. Really good promo from Bang Bang Gang in response, and great main event between Bang Bang Gang and House of Black.

If Buddy isn’t actually hurt, he was doing amazing acting tonight. And with how Christian “attacked” Buddy, it seems the story is the same either way: The House will need a new third man to challenge Jay White & The Gunns. Pac showed up to stick it to the Bang Bang Gang, so maybe The Bastard becomes an honorary member of The House of Black just to take the titles. And honestly, what better feud than Christian “Greatest Father Ever” Cage and “The Bastard” Pac, with how “bastard” also has the old definition of “a fatherless child.” And honestly, when is Luchasaurus going to break away from Christian? Should happen during the trios title match.

Really good 8 Man Tag, but I should’ve figured BCC would win, and that Moxley would again tell Naito that he’s done after Forbidden Door. It’s the same thing he’s been saying all week since Dominion last Sunday, he’ll probably keep saying it for those who weren’t paying attention, and I am starting to think that’s just because he’s going to lose in Long Island so Naito can have finish his last run with the world title. And good integration as Lio says hey to Dante before Dante has his match with Lee. Great win for Dante, and I figured he would because you need a true high-flyer in a ladder match. Lio helping fight off Shane Taylor Promotions is also interesting, can’t wait to see which way this splits. Could someone be leaving Top Flight to join STP?

Kyle VS Henry was a strange filler-not-filler, because at least we got the news of an 8 Man Tag happening for Dynamite. It’ll be a great match, with some Forbidden Door build involved as Cassidy will be facing Zack Sabre Jr. and now we’ll be seeing Mark Briscoe, Dante Martin, and Konosuke Takeshita in the ladder match. With that, feels like one of the Kyles takes a loss. Either Roddy purposefully costs O’Reilly or accidentally costs Fletcher. I’m thinking the former so that Roddy can insist O’Reilly still needs him to be relevant. Then they can take that feud through the Summer, maybe even into the Men’s Owen Hart Cup.

Really good promo from Shida, and she’ll be a great part of the Women’s Owen Hart Cup. Probably won’t win it, though, with the potential story of Mariah May challenging Toni Storm, or with Willow looking to go back-to-back. Very good match from Hechicero VS Dalton Castle, and it was a rather clever move that The Outrunners were the pseudo-boys that failed to save Castle while Garcia & Menard succeeded. Add Angelo Parker to that and you’ve got an 8 Man Tag right there of Garcia, Menard, Parker & Castle VS Hechicero & The Cage of Agony. Very good No DQ match from Deonna VS Rosa, but as I said earlier in the week, I figured Deonna would win. She’s a Heel, the current champions are Faces, she will make a good challenger to maybe the TBS Championship for All In.

And a great promo from The Acclaimed to call out The Bucks for their continued abuses of power. Cutler being the scrub that takes beatings on behalf of The EVPs is a pretty silly recurring gag, but Daniels getting in on the fun was good stuff. The Acclaimed surely do find a way to win the Title Eliminator in order to force a title match that The Bucks probably cheat to win. This probably still leads to Acclaimed helping Swerve for Blood & Guts, as I sensed on Wednesday.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (6/14/24)

Toni Storm is on a Rampage!



The Leading Lady “rehearses” for The Forbidden Door.

The AEW Women’s World Champion knows Mina Shirakawa wants her spotlight, but Toni Storm must first test her mettle against “Titanium” Alex Windsor!


  • Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor; Storm wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez; The Cage of Agony wins.
  • Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino; Shota wins.
  • Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo; Satnam wins.
  • PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; Pac wins.


Toni Storm w/ Mariah May & Luther VS Alex Windsor!

The Leading Lady knows her beloved, budding protege’s past partner is coming for her prized possession, but she is looking to send a message tonight. Will Mina Shirakawa hear that message loud and clear? Or will Titanium Alex be nobody’s tune-up?

Speaking of, Alex doesn’t even wait for the bell, she goes after Toni the moment she’s in a corner! The fans boo but the bell rings and the ref reprimands. Alex fires off haymakers on Storm, then bumps her off buckles. Windsor soaks up the heat, whips Storm back in, then runs up to CHOP! Windsor soaks up more heat, then runs back in, but into a THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fast hands, then fires up! The fans are with her and Storm gives Windsor a point-blank HIP ATTACK! And then another! And then another! Storm winds up, the fans fire up, and BOOM, another hip attack! Windsor tumbles out while the fans cheer.

Storm runs side to side to HIP ATTACK Windsor off the apron! Storm calls Mariah over, nuzzles her, then goes after Windsor. Storm CLUBS Windsor, drags her up, then reels her in. Windsor fights the suplex, throws body shots, and then swings, but Storm DECKS her first! Storm goes to the ring but Windsor gets her for a wheelbarrow! Windsor SMASHES Storm off the apron! Windsor KICKS Storm, gets her back up, and hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Storm flounders, Mariah is concerned but Windsor gets in her way. Windsor CLUBS Storm, HAMMERS away, then soaks up the heat. Windsor slides into the ring and Mariah checks on Storm.

Windsor taunts Storm, then goes back out to fetch her. But now Luther stands in Windsor’s way to keep her from getting at Mariah. Windsor drags Storm up, whips her, and POSTS her! Storm staggers around, Windsor runs up to CLUB her again, then throws body shots! Windsor CLUBS Storm, soaks up more heat, but Storm RAMS Windsor into barriers! The fans fire up as Storm rolls into the ring. The fans rally as Windsor drags Storm to a corner, to SLAM the legs into the post! And again! And again! And again! The ref reprimands, but Windsor YANKS Storm out to CLUB her down. Windsor rolls into the ring while fans rally behind Storm.

Luther & Mariah check on Storm, but Windsor goes out again. Luther says to stay back, but Windsor SHOVES Luther into Mariah, which sends Mariah into Storm! The fans boo but Windsor stomps away on Storm, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Windsor drags Storm up and ROCKS her with a forearm! Storm sputters and staggers around the way, but Windsor stalks after her. Windsor has Storm against barriers to CLAW the eyes! Windsor puts Storm in the ring, drags her to a cover, TWO! Storm is tougher than that, and Mariah scowls at Windsor. Windsor fires forearms on Storm, ROCKS her, then whips Storm to ropes to run her over! Cover, TWO! Windsor grows frustrated but she drags Storm up for a cravat. Storm endures the neck wrench, but Windsor throws in knee after knee!  Storm throws body shots but Windsor whips her to a corner.

Windsor runs in but Storm dodges! Rampage returns to single picture as Storm blocks boots, puts Windsor in ropes and hits a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Windsor writhes, Storm goes to the far end, and the fans fire up for the close up! Storm runs in to SWEET HIP MUSIC! And then the fisherman SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect but Storm storms around. She drags Windsor up and reels her in, but Windsor wrenches out to HEADBUTT! Storm HEADBUTTS back! Storm runs, but Windsor clothesline at ropes! And again! And then a RIGHT ANGLE SLAM! Cover, TWO! Storm survives and the fans rally up!

Windsor drags Storm up but Storm drags her into a cradle! TWO, SHINING WINDSOR! Cover, TWO!! The fans rally for Storm again but Windsor snarls. Windsor storms up on Storm, drags her up, short arm- NO, Storm dodges the lariat, runs, and smothers the pop-up to STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm wins!

Winner: Toni Storm, by pinfall

Storm breaks through Iron Will Windsor, and revels in the praise of her adoring public. She also holds Mariah close, but will she still have both once she passes through The Forbidden Door? Or will the Fighting Gravure Idol steal more than just the spotlight?


Backstage interview with Harley Cameron.

Arkady Aura is with The Outcasts’ crazier component, and says she’s a bit surprised to see Harley without Saraya, considering the big win last week. Yeah, yeah, who cares? Saraya is not here as a form of protest! All these women are all declaring for the Women’s Owen Hart Tournament. Oh~, declaring~! What are we? Royal subjects? Oh, a royal decree from the king! Or maybe we’re more old Southern women, “Oh, I do declare!” The only one who should be declaring anything is Saraya. Because the winner gets a world title shot at All In. And who was it that won last year at Wembley Stadium? Saraya! What a declaration!

And with that said, Saraya’s done it before, and she will do it again. And now Harley declares this interview over, goodbye. Then from Harley’s mouth to the world’s ears, will Saraya make sure she is the one crowned the 2024 Queen of Harts before crowning herself champion once again?


AEW hears from Thunder Rosa and Deonna Purrazzo.

La Mera Mera tells “Deonna, you might’ve been a little bit busy, but there were some flashing news. Saturday is the one-year anniversary of Collision. And as a tradition, Thunder Rosa always likes to pick a fight. And who else than you?” But The Virtuosa asks back, what does Rosa not understand here? Rosa’s selfishness has forced Deonna to embrace her own. But La Mera Mera isn’t owed anything. From where Deonna comes from, those who want respect must show respect. And those who refuse get respect beaten into them. Saturday Night Collision, Rosa VS Deonna, NO DISQUALIFICATIONS! And Deonna asks what Rosa thinks happens when her head collides with a chair.

Rosa says nothing will stop her from showing Deonna the real respect of a warrior. No disqualifications, no problems. Happy Anniversary, Collision! But who will celebrate by standing over the other’s battered body?


Six Man Tag: The Cage of Agony VS Solomon Tupu, Jay Marston & Kevin Gutierrez!

Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona have broken away from Swerve’s House to do things their way. So far, so good, for them. But will their opponents wish it’d been another three sent into The Cage of Agony?

The trios sort out, Tupu starts against Kaun, and the two circle. Liona distracts Tupu and Kaun DROPKICKS Tupu into the corner! Kaun CHOPS, then fires off forearms! The ref counts, Kaun bumps Tupu off buckles to then fire off more forearms. Kaun CHOPS, the ref has him back off, and Kaun runs in. Tupu goes up and over, keeps moving, and Gutierrez tags in. Kaun CLOBBERS Tupu but Gutierrez kicks low! Gutierrez whips but Kaun reverses. Gutierrez ducks ‘n’ dodges, but Liona sneaks a tag. Gutierrez hurdles but turns around into a BOOT! Liona CLOBBERS Gutierrez! Liona looms over Gutierrez, drags him up, then BODY SHOTS!

Liona BODY SHOTS again, and again! Gutierrez falls, but Liona drags him up again, to LARIAT! The fans rally as Liona drags Gutierrez over and tags in The Machine. Gutierrez fires haymakers on Liona, but they do nothing! Liona SPINEBUSTERS Gutierrez! Cage smirks, Marston tags in, and Marston ducks ‘n’ dodges, but runs into a BIG back drop! Cage drags Marston up, reels him in, puts one out, an d gives Marston a POWERBOMB! Cage then tags to Kaun, Liona steps in with him. Tupu runs in, dodges The Gates, but Cage SUPERKICKS him! Then the Gates get Tupu up to CLOSE THE GATES!

Cage drags Marston over, and the trio TRIPLE SLAMS him! Kaun covers, The Cage of Agony wins!

Winners: The Cage of Agony, by pinfall

This dangerous trio is only more dangerous now that they’re the ones in charge! Will they be right on the heels of the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Champions?


Rocky Romero VS Shota Umino!

It’s another Forbidden Door appetizer as Azucar “welcomes” The Roughneck back to AEW! #SHOOTER has learned a lot from Jon Moxley over the past four years, will he show all those lessons have paid off? Or will Rocky make it clear Shota’s still got a lot to learn?

The bell rings and the two shake hands to show there’s sportsmanship here. The fans cheer, the two tie up, and Shota wrenches to a wristlock. Rocky rolls, slips around, facelocks and cravats. Shota swim moves to wrench and wrangle Rocky to the mat. Rocky stands, Shota wrenches and wristlocks, but Rocky pulls hair. The ref reprimands, but Rocky wrenches through to an IRON OCTOPUS! Shota endures, powers out and throws Rocky down. Shota has the toehold, then digs a knee into the knee. Rocky turns over, stands up, clinches, and they end up on ropes. The ref counts, Rocky slowly lets off, and then CHOPS!

Shota just stares Rocky down! The fans fire up, and Shota winds up to CHOPS! Rocky staggers and sputters, Shota fires forearms! Shota spins, Rocky ducks the elbow, but runs into a scoop and DROP! Then a basement dropkick! The fans cheer and Shota does a dance similar to Mercedes Mone’s! Shota stomps Rocky around, CLUBS him, then stalks him to ropes. Shota CLUBS Rocky again, but Rocky grits his teeth. Shota ROCKS Rocky against ropes, then has him in a corner. Shota stomps and UPPERCUTS, then he stalks Rocky. Shota stomps Rocky, UPPERCUTS again, then whips to ropes. Rocky holds ropes to BOOT back!

Shota runs up but Rocky DUMPS Shota out! Rocky builds speed and DIVES! Shota’s head hits the desk and the ref checks him out while Rampage goes picture in picture.

It seems Shota is okay so the ref goes back to the ring. Rocky stands, fires up, and gives us some Latino Heat. Rocky puts Shota in the ring, drops a knee into the back, then stomps Shota before dropping a knee on the chest! Cover, TWO! Shota toughs it out but Rocky drags him up. Rocky KICKS the bad arm, wrenches it, then hits an ELBOW BREAKER! Shota goes to ropes, Rocky puts him through ropes, to KICK again! Rocky goes up a corner, gives some more Latino Heat, then MISSILE DROPKICKS! Shota flounders, Rocky covers, TWO! Rocky argues the count but the count was fair, so Rocky clamps onto Shota with a cobra clutch!

Rocky thrashes Shota around but Shota endures. Shota fights up, throws elbows, but Rocky CLUBS him on the back. Rocky TOSSES Shota out, then aims from the apron! CROSSBODY, but Shota catches him! Shota pops Rocky up but Rocky slips free, so Shota SHOTGUNS him down! Both men are on the floor on the outside and the fans rally up. Shota rises up, fetches Rocky, and puts him in the ring. But Rocky DROPKICKS Shota back! Shota is down in the corner and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Rocky clotheslines Shota in a corner! Rocky keeps going, and clotheslines again! Then he keeps going, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! The fans fire up and Shota pounds the mat. The fans rally behind Shota and he aims at Rocky at the ropes. Slingshot, APRON DDT! The fans fire up again as Rocky flops to the floor! Shota puts Rocky in, then goes up a corner. Shota aims as Rocky flounders, MISSILE DROPKICK! Shota hurries to clinch, EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Rocky survives but Shota stays focused. Shota waits on Rocky to rise up, then runs in, IGNIT- NO, Rocky makes it a backslide!

Shota rolls through the cover, blocks a kick, ducks the enzigiri, but not the REWIND HEEL! Shota staggers to a corner, Rocky runs in. Shota dodges, runs in, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! Rocky goes up and up and TORNADO DDTS! Rocky pounds the mat, the fans rally behind him now, and he aims from a corner. Shota rises, Rocky runs in, SLICED BREAD!! Cover, TWO!! Shota survives and Rocky roars! The fans are torn as Rocky drags Shota up. Rocky fires forearms, but Shota just eggs him on! The fans like that, so Rocky fires more forearms! Shota roars, but Rocky UPPERCUTS! And cravat, for the SLICED- NO, Shota poops free!

Shota POP-KNEES, then IGNITION!! Cover, TWO!! Rocky survives but Shota takes aim from the corner now! A shoutout to Ospreay here with his BLAZE BLADE!! And then PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Shota wins!

Winner: Shota Umino, by pinfall

The Roughneck does indeed prove that what he learned from his senpai, his upperclassmen, have indeed made him into a great wrestler! But will he become one of the greatest wrestlers as he continues to battle all around the world?


Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal VS Rosario Grillo!

The One in a Billion is a big, big man, but he still has a lot to prove if he wants to be the best of the best. Will he finally start building on a win streak? Or will Rosario overcome this mountain of a man?

The bell rings, and Satnam offers a handshake? Rosario takes it, but Satnam won’t let go! Rosario kicks and kicks and CHPOS and CHOPS, but Satnam’s grip is too strong! And speaking of, he grabs Rosario by the neck, to PO-UP BEARHUG!! Satnam ragdolls Rosario! Rosario is OUT, Satnam wins!

Winner: Satnam Singh, by pinfall

Satnam TOSSES Rosario aside, having made quick work of the mere mortal. Sonjay Dutt gets in the ring with a mic to say, “Hey hey hey hey hey! Bubba (Jay Lethal), tell ’em, what’re you gonna do?” Lethal takes the mic to say ladies and gentlemen, Satnam Singh is on a freakin’ roll! Satnam just squashed Grillo in record time, and Lethal is so impressed that not only will he beat his opponent tonight, but he and Sonjay have a little side bet that Lethal can do it even faster than what Satnam just did. Satnam chuckles and Lethal says he’s done waiting! Bring that poor shmuck out here! Did Lethal not read the match card? Lethal’s up against THE BASTARD!!

Fans fire up as Pac makes his entrance out here. Pac already said he was in a bad mood on Dynamite, and surely Lethal taking him lightly isn’t helping things. Will Pac make sure Sonjay wins that side bet with Lethal?

PAC VS Jay Lethal w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh!

The bell rings, Pac dodges Lethal to flying-mare! Pac has the headlock, Lethal puts him in a corner, and the ref counts. Pac lets go but Lethal stomps a mudhole! The ref counts, Lethal stops and walks it off. Sonjay knows he’s already won the side bet but he still wants Lethal to win the match. Lethal tosses Pac out, but Pac lands on the apron. Pac RAMS into Lethal, slingshots up and over, then comes back, only for Lethal to hip toss! Lethal cartwheels but Pac kips up! Pac SUPERKICKS Lethal, Lethal bails out, so Pac runs to FLY! Direct hit and Pac stares through the camera into the souls of the AEW roster!

Pac drags Lethal up, but he’s wary of Satnam. Pac puts Lethal in, goes up, and fans chant “HE’S OUR BASTARD!” Lethal rises, but Sonjay distracts the ref! Pac hops down, BOOTS Lethal, but Satnam trips Pac! And YANKS him out! The ref saw that one! The fans cheer as the ref EJECTS Satnam! Team Triple J is freaking out, but Lethal rains down fists on Pac. The ref counts, Lethal lets off but the fans sing ‘Hey hey hey! Goodbye~!” to Satnam. Lethal whips Pac hard into railing, then RAMS him into the POST! Lethal then runs to DROPKICK Pac down! Sonjay mockingly asks if Pac’s hurt, but the ref tells him to back off!

Lethal tells Sonjay to cool it so he doesn’t get kicked out. Lethal drags Pac up and into the ring while Sonjay mouths off to fans. Lethal drags Pac up, but Pac fires body shots. Lethal TOSSES Pac out, builds speed, and Lethal fakes the dive to Fargo Strut instead. The fans “WOO~” with Lethal and he smiles. Sonjay says Lethal’s the man! Lethal then goes out to fetch Pac, but Pac whips! Lethal reverses, Pac hits steel steps! Sonjay mocks Pac again with a fake apology, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Lethal leaves Pac behind, and he counts along with the ring count. Pac is still down at 5 of 10, but he drags himself up with the apron. Pac flounders in at 8, but Lethal stomps him down! Lethal drags Pac up, bumps him off buckles, then stomps a mudhole. Lethal RAMS Pac into the corner, snapmares him into a chinlock, and he grinds Pac down. Pac endures, pries at the hold, and fights up. The fans rally as Pac breaks free! Pac ROCKS Lethal, CHOPS him, then CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS again! Pac whips Lethal, Lethal reverses then TOSSES Pac out! Lethal wants the ring count again, but that’s just all distraction so Sonjay can stomp away!

The fans boo and try to point Sonjay out, but he scurries away. Lethal gets the ref to finally count, and then joins in. Pac is still down at 5, drags himself over, and Lethal grows anxious. Pac rises up and drags himself in at 9! Lethal runs to ELBOW DROP! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Pac survives by a literal foot but Lethal drops elbow after elbow on that leg! Lethal just keeps going with elbow after elbow, then soaks up some heat before dropping a knee on the knee! Cover, TWO! Pac toughs it out but Lethal covers again, TWO! Lethal argues the count, the ref says it is a fair count, so Lethal drags Pac around by the leg.

Lethal stomps away on Pac’s leg, and Rampage returns to single picture as Lethal steps through. Pac kicks but Lethal blocks that, and now Lethal steps through on that leg. Pac kicks again, Lethal blocks again, but then Pac kicks Lethal away! Lethal comes back, trips Pac, and steps through, but into a cradle counter! TWO!! Lethal escapes, gets around, back suplex! Pac lands out, so Lethal handsprings, but Pac SHOTGUNS Lethal while he’s upside-down! The fans fire up while both men are down! Sonjay coaches Lethal but the fans rally for Pac. A standing count starts, Pac drags himself up with ropes to stand at 5.

Pac storms up, blocks a shot to ROCK Lethal! Pac ROCKS Lethal again and again, then SOBATS! KICKS! SOBATS! Pac runs, to SHOTGUN BOOT! Lethal is dazed and Sonjay is worried as Pac goes up a corner. Pac watches like a hawk, to MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Lethal stays in this and Sonjay coaches him again. The fans rally for Pac as he watches Lethal rise again. Pac waistlocks but Lethal fights the lift. Lethal trips Pac, powers through, but Pac kicks and kicks and kicks! Lethal lets go, but he KICKS Pac’s leg out! Lethal drags Pac up, for a SHIN BREAKER! Then DRAGON SCREW! Then Lethal steps through, for the FIGURE FOUR!!

Pac endures, Sonjay tells him to quit, but the shoulders are down! ONE as Pac tilts to the side! Pac reaches out for ropes but Lethal thrashes and pulls on that leg! Pac fights over to the ROPEBREAK! Lethal lets go, the ref checks with Pac, but Pac says he’s still in this. Lethal rains down fists, then goes to a corner. The fans boo as Lethal climbs, and Lethal calls his shot. But Pac goes up to get a leg! Lethal CLUBS away on Pac, then drags him up top. Lethal reels Pac in, but Pac fights the lift! Pac back drops Lethal away! The fans fire up and Pac adjusts. Sonjay stresses out as Pac aims, but Sonjay gets on the apron!

Pac hops down, runs up and BOOTS Sonjay down! The fans cheer, but Lethal is lurking! Lethal runs in, Pac dodges, but Lethal switches to SNAP GERMAN! Lethal handsprings, but Pac sidesteps to run! But Lethal still hits a CUTTER! But that wasn’t lethal enough, so Lethal handsprings again! LETHAL- NO, Pac dodges to LARIAT!! And then, BRUTALIZER!! Lethal is caught, he QUITS, Pac wins!!

Winner: Pac, by submission

Pac makes Lethal suffer a few seconds longer before letting go. That’s what Lethal gets for calling The Bastard a shmuck! Pac is going to be in the Men’s Owen Hart Tournament, will he win it all to go All In for the AEW World Championship?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage here, even with an extra squash match for the fun of it. Cage of Agony are definitely rolling, not sure they’ll be going for the trios titles while a Heel faction like Bang Bang Gang has them, but Cage, Kaun & Liona would definitely be a tough challenge for them. And I really liked that they segued from Satnam’s squash win to Lethal’s great main event with Pac. Great win for Pac to build momentum towards the Owen Hart Cup, I do like the possibility of Pac being in the main event of All In. Whether Pac is facing Ospreay or Swerve for the world title, he’ll give us great promos in the build and an awesome match in Wembley.

Great match from Rocky and Shota, and a great win for Shota. There might be something in the works for Forbidden Door, but I don’t see Shota getting in on title stories in AEW. Really good promo from Deonna and Rosa, and their No DQ match is going to be awesome stuff. That match can really go either way, but something tells me that Deonna wins. As it stands, we’ve got two Face champions in the Women’s Division, and that won’t change after Forbidden Door, so Deonna is a very strong Heel to go after Storm or Mone. And speaking of, great opener out of Storm VS Windsor, which I clearly thought was gonna be the main event but oh well. Still a good showing for Windsor and a good win for Storm, and Storm has momentum going to Forbidden Door, though she surely isn’t losing.

My Score: 8.7/10

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