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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/19/23)

Live from coast to coast!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Everyone’s gonna wanna see this!

AEW Dynamite is so big tonight, it will air live across the United States! Will we see Wardlow take back the TNT Championship from Powerhouse Hobbs? Or will QT Marshall get involved again?


  • The Outcasts VS Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter; Britt & Hayter win.
  • AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QTV VS Wardlow w/ Arn Anderson; Wardlow wins and becomes the new AEW TNT Champion.
  • Jay White w/ Juice Robinson VS Komander; White wins.
  • High Stakes Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed VS The Jericho Appreciation Society; The Acclaimed wins and will not have to join the JAS.
  • Young Pillars Tournament Round 1: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Sammy Guevara; Sammy wins and faces Darby Allin next week.


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry is here!

Pittsburgh fires up for Jungle Life as this Young Pillar goes to the ring. Jack gets the mic and hears the fans singing along. JB tells Pittsburgh- Wait, Sammy Guevara is here! The Spanish God swaggers out to the ring, to JB’s annoyance. Sammy gets himself a mic while fans boo, and Sammy tells “Jungle Jack, ain’t nobody-” Wait! Darby Allin is here! The Steel City cheers again as the Relentless One makes his own way to the ring. Darby gets his own mic, and he tells Sammy, “out of all the Pillars, I’ve known you the longest. And oddly enough, I like you the most. Out of all three of us standing in the ring, I think to the fans, you’re least qualified to fight for the championship.

“That’s because perception is reality, and the people view you as a follower and not a champion. The biggest difference between me and Sting and you and Jericho, is me and Sting view each other as equals. It’s not called ‘The Sting Appreciation Society.’ But listen, you became TNT Champion on your own. And if you wanna become AEW Champion, you’re gonna have to do it on your own, because I think Chris Jericho is holding you back. But if you have a problem with that, if you and Chris have a problem with that, come say something to me and Sting about it. I’d love to talk it out.”

As for Jungle Boy, or Jack Perry, whatever he goes by nowadays… Darby will go with Jack. But “Jungle Jack” works, too. Out of all the Pillars, JB had to work the least to get here. He was handpicked because of some California Kliq. It’s true! And when he was first announced as AEW’s newest hire, Darby was still living out of his car, not knowing if he’d even make it here. And in that moment, Darby was jealous. But it didn’t take long for the jealousy to disappear, because when he saw what Jack is all about, nothing intimidated Darby. Nothing.

Jack steps up and tells Darby, “I’m standing here, looking at that paint all over your face. And everywhere we go, I look on in the crowd, and I see a bunch of little kids with that same paint on their faces. And all I can think is, ‘Oh boy, if they could only know what you’re really like.'” Darby is antisocial, unfriendly, rude to everyone back there who isn’t “cool enough.” But Darby’s saying he was jealous of JB while living out of his car, all because JB got signed first. But wrestling wasn’t even Darby’s first choice. Darby is only here because he didn’t make it as a skateboarder. Sammy sits back and enjoys this, but JB turns his attention to him!

JB says for Sammy, “it would be an immense challenge to come up with a new way to describe what a dirtbag you are. We don’t have that kind of time, so instead, I might surprise everyone a little bit. And I’ll tell you that out of Darby and MJF, I actually respect you the most. Because for better or worse–and trust me, it is always worse–with Sammy Guevara, what you see is exactly what you get. And hell, I even respect, every time you come out in this ring, you put your body, your life, your future, on the line. And I respect that. But… You are still a scumbag piece of sh*t.” Fans fire up for that one!

Sammy says okay, fine! He was all for talking trash to the face paint freak, but if Jack wants to get real, let’s get real! JB hates MJF so much, but in reality, JB is just like him! Both of them were handpicked to be here as the golden children of AEW! Let’s go back to the first ever Double or Nothing: Darby didn’t work here; Sammy was on the preshow; and after Sammy’s match, he went to the balcony to watch the show, and what’d he see? Bret “The Hitman” Hart was in the ring with MJF and “Jungle Boy.” And we can go back to the most recent PPV: Darby wasn’t on it, and neither was Sammy. But who was? MJF and Jungle Boy!

See, that’s why Sammy can relate the most to Darby. Despite their differences, they are two sides of the same coin. They will do whatever it takes, even risk their lives and do whatever crazy thing to make it, and they did. Fans applaud that because it is true. And honestly, Sammy has to thank Darby. Darby gave Sammy hope in this place. When Sammy wasn’t doing so hot in AEW, he watched as Darby lost match after match, PPV after PPV, and then bam! First Pillar to win a title here. Darby showed everyone that he can break whatever glass ceiling “they” wanna put on them.

Sammy sat back and watched Darby become TNT Champion. Sammy told himself he’d do that, but better, and he did, three times. Darby smirks while Sammy continues. Darby won the TNT title, so Sammy won the TNT title. Darby jumped off something big, so Sammy jumped off something higher, and that’s been their back and forth competition. “But Darby, now it’s your turn to sit back and watch ME as I become the world heavyweight champion!” Fans boo, they were with Sammy until then. JB says that’s what is the real similarity between these two: it’s all about “me me me me me.”

But JB has a “spoiler alert” for them. JACK PERRY is next. But not for him! He’s doing it for every single person who has supported him since day one! But wait, here comes MJF! The AEW World Champion has them cut his music, and oh no! Does Pittsburgh not like him? Good thing he doesn’t care what they think, since they actually think Britt Baker is talented. Facts. But ladies, stop fighting over him, they’re making him blush! He of course means the other Pillars. But he knows they all want after the title, so he had a conversation with his good friend, Tony Khan. Everyone knows they’re friends.

And Tony had an idea that MJF actually agreed with. What they decided to do is that there will be a Pillars Tournament. The winner of that will face MJF for the Triple B at Double or Nothing! Now, the first round, one of these three gentlemen–and MJF uses that term very loosely here–gets a bye. Can we get a hat with some names in it? Thank you, very much. The first bye goes to… Ugh. Darby Allin. Darby’s pumped about that. Fine, whatever! Get out of here, with your p*be beard. Anyway, that means in round one, for the first time ever, it will be Sammy Guevara VS Jack Perry! And that match happens in the main event next- NOPE! TONIGHT!

“Good luck beating the ever loving sh*t tonight, because you both suck!” MJF has them hit his music now so he can leave, he doesn’t wanna look at these shmucks a second longer. Fans are fired up either way, who will come out THE #1 contender to take on the Devil of AEW?


The Outcasts VS Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter!

Ruby Soho, Toni Storm & Saraya have been stirring the pot and drawing battlelines, and none more so than with the Pillar & The Killer! But will there be a big L for the DMD and AEW Women’s World Champion? Or will the Outcasts lose big in #Brittsburgh?

The Outcasts rush Britt & Hayter at the ramp! Ruby is after Britt while Storm and Hayter brawl! Storm kicks the champ down but Britt CLUBS Ruby! The Steel City is thunderous for “DMD! DMD!” but Storm sends Hayter into railing! And SMACKS her off the apron! And then RAMS her into the apron! And then CHOPS her against it! Ruby CHOPS Britt against the apron while Storm puts Hayter in the ring. The bell rings, Hayter gets moving, she ducks ‘n’ dodges to run Storm over! Things keep moving, Hayter keeps running Storm over! Hayter waistlocks, ripcords, but Ruby CLUBS Hayter!

Fans boo but the Outcasts double whip Hayter to the ropes. Hayter busts through the double clothesline to DOUBLE LARIAT in return! Fans fire up and Hayter kisses the biceps. Hayter UPPERCUTS Ruby in a corner, runs corner to corner to ELBOW Storm! Then she comes back to elbow Ruby! Hayter sends Ruby into Storm, runs in and clotheslines them both! And then, DUOBLE SUPLEX! Fans fire up and Hayter kisses the bicep again. Hayter builds speed, but Saraya trips her up! Britt kicks at Saraya and Saraya goes running. Hayter gives chase, dodges Ruby, CHOPS her then ROCKS Saraya!

Storm jumps in, but Hayter catches her to send her into railing! Hayter then RAMS Storm into the apron, puts her back in the ring, and Hayter gets herself a Terrible Towel to rally everyone up! Fans fire up, Hayter kicks and CLUBS Storm, then brings her up. Saraya tells fans to shut up while Hayter runs. But Storm follows to ROCK Hayter at the ropes! Storm stomps and scrapes Hayter against the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Ruby SUPERKICKS Hayter, then Storm HIP ATTACKS her to the floor! Saraya talks trash, and Ruby kicks Hayter around. But Britt rushes over to SUPERKICK Ruby! PANAMA- NO, Storm boots her!

Ruby hits an STO to the floor! The Outcasts talk trash to the Baker family while AEW goes picture in picture.

Ruby and Saraya “kick rocks” at Britt while Storm brings Hayter around to that side. Storm CHOPS Hayter against the railing, then puts her back in the ring. Storm drags Hayter from the corner to tag in Ruby. Ruby stomps away on Hayter, CHOKES her against the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Storm gets her shots in while the ref argues with Ruby! Ruby brings Hayter up, ROCKS her with a forearm, but Hayter hits back! Hayter fires off forearms but Ruby claws eyes! Ruby throws Hayter by her hair! Ruby then facelocks Hayter, but Hayter powers up! Hayter makes her way towards her corner and reaches out!

Ruby keeps Hayter back long enough for Storm to trip Britt! The ref reprimands but Storm acts innocent. Ruby stomps away on Hayter, brings her back to bump off buckles, and she tags Storm. They both dig boots in on Hayter’s face! The ref reprimands, the Outcasts let off, but Britt storms in. The ref has her stay back, and that allows Storm and Ruby to stomp and fishhook Hayter! The Outcasts get away with all that, then Storm brings Hayter up for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Hayter hangs tough but Storm bumps her off buckles. Tag back to Ruby and she puts Hayter on ropes to CHOKE her!

The ref reprimands, Ruby lets off, but Saraya hops up to throw knee after knee after knee into Hayter! Britt and the fans protest but Saraya gets away with it. Ruby bumps Hayter off buckles, tags Storm in, and Storm digs her boot in. Storm lets off with a stomp, then some more stomps, and AEW returns to single picture. Fans rally for Hayter while Storm taunts Britt. Storm runs corner to corner, but Hayter catches her into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Hayter crawls, hot tag to Britt! Fans are thunderous as Britt CLOBBERS Storm, DECKS Ruby, then CLOBBERS Storm again! And again!

Britt gets around, redirects and SLINGBLADES Storm! Ruby returns, Britt dodges to SUPERKICK! Britt runs in, blocks the boots and puts Ruby in the ropes, DRAPING NECKBREAKER! Storm runs in, into a BUCKLE SHOT! Fans fire up with Britt and she spells it out, “D! M! D!” The glove is here, and she puts it on. Britt DECKS Ruby, but Storm gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! And then STORM- NO, Britt powers up to AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, Ruby breaks it! Hayter gets Ruby and TOSSES her out! Fans fire up as Pillar & Killer ripcord and DOUBLE FOREARM SMASH! Then a feed to the HAYTE-BREAKER! Feed to the BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!

Hayter SLIDING LARIATS! Britt stacks, Ruby shoves Hayter onto the cover to break it! Then Ruby TOSSES Hayter out. Britt staggers up, runs in at Ruby but into an elbow! She tries again but gets DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Storm gives Britt SWEET HIP MUSIC!! Ruby puts Britt in the ropes, and Saraya CLOBBERS Britt with the title belt!! STORM ZERO!! Cover, TWO!?!? Britt survives and shocks the Outcasts! Pittsburgh is thunderous but Storm tags Ruby. Storm then slides and trips Hayter up to RAM her into steel steps! And then she SHOTGUNS the arm into the steps! Ruby puts Britt up top to CHOP!

Ruby climbs up, Britt throws hands, and then Britt SUPER GOURD BUSTERS! Storm storms over but Britt BOOTS her! PANAMA SUNRISE!! Cover, TWO!?!? Now Ruby shocks everyone! Britt drags Ruby up, runs, CURB STOMP! Britt DECKS Storm, too, then covers, TWO!?!?! Ruby survives, but now she’s caught! RINGS OF SATURN!! And then, the LOCKJAW!!! Ruby taps, Britt & Hayter win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter, by pinfall

The Outcasts tried all the tricks but it wasn’t enough! The homegrown stars won, but what is the status of Hayter given that attack on her arm? Will Storm, Saraya & Soho find a way to give the champ that L in the end?


Backstage interview with Wardlow.

Renee Paquette is with the Maestro of Mayhem, and says that the last time he faced Powerhouse Hobbs for the TNT Championship, QT Marshall was pretty effective at ringside. Does Wardlow have a different approach to tonight’s match in his hometown? He sure does. It wasn’t too long ago that Wardlow had a Horseman with him ringside. That man taught Wardlow about “evening the playing field.” So Wardlow reached out to another Horseman to do just that. And in walks Arn Anderson! Fans fire up for the Enforcer, and Arn wants to get this “laundry list” right.

They knocked the windows out of Wardlow’s car, took his cash, his credit cards, his passport and flung it aside. All kid’s stuff, until they took his title. Arn knows what that means, he’s been a champ all his life. Does Wardlow wanna do what Arn used to do? Do some of that Horseman stuff? Cuz that wakes people up. Arn says Tully was a smart man who taught Wardlow how to be the best checkers player in AEW. But Arn says tonight, get ready, because now they’re playing chess. Will Double A be just what Wardlow needs to get back on top?


The Elite is here!

Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks returned last week and almost took Jon Moxley’s eye, or worse, in an attempt at vengeance. Fans sing along with Carry On, but Kenny has it wrap so he can speak. “These past couple of weeks are maybe some of the most difficult in my life. BCC, you are four of the most respected professional wrestlers on the planet. That was until you made my friends bleed, you sent my uncle to the hospital, you sent my friends into ambulances with him. And I can’t lie, I’m having trouble sleeping at night. The same image is burned to the back of my brain. The image of seeing that screwdriver in the top turnbuckle.

“And the one thing that I wish I could change about that night is taking that screwdriver out of that turnbuckle… and plunging it into your face, Jon Moxley. So what we have tonight, it wasn’t a meet ‘n’ greet, it wasn’t a get-to-know-you with the fans. I don’t really have much to say. The purpose of us out here is an invitation. Blackpool Combat Club, I wanna see you guys in this ring, and I wanna settle it like men. Let’s squash the beef once and for all.” Fans fire up and The Elite wait. But on the tron is Bryan Danielson saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Talk about amateurs! You guys have interview time, and you come out saying ‘I don’t have much to say?’

“Who’s gonna pay to see a monologue from a bunch of amateurs? Nobody pays to go see open mic night in a comedy club.” WAIT! This is a distraction so the rest of the BCC can attack from behind! Moxley CLOBBERS Omega while Yuta and Claudio hit the Bucks! Moxley CHOKES Omega with his jacket! But Nick gets in the ring to FLY out onto Claudio! Yuta and Matt brawl, and Matt SUPERKICKS! Nick SUPERKICKS Claudio into railing! Moxley and Omega brawl, the Bucks DOUBLE SUPERKICK Claudio over the railing! And then Nick FLIES out to hit Claudio again! Fans fire up as the fists fly!

Yuta has Matt, but Matt NORTHERN LIGHTS to the floor! And he starts up the POLAR EXPRESS! Another Northern Lights, and then another! Yuta goes writhing, and Omega has a chair! Omega JAMS Yuta, but Moxley gets a SLEEPER! Omega reaches out for stuff, but Claudio is back and he sends Nick into the railing! Yuta turns things back around on Matt! Omega RAMS Moxley into the apron, then TOSSES him over the railing! Claudio FLAPJACKS Nick off railing, Matt puts Yuta in the ring. Omega fires off on Moxley, and pulls his shirt over his head, hockey style! Matt aims at Yuta, but Yuta CLOBBERS Matt with the ROH World Championship!

Yuta CLUBS away on Matt’s bad arm! Nick hurries to CLOBBER Yuta! Nick rains down on Yuta but Claudio gut wrenches Nick to a POWERBBOMB!! Omega CLOBBERS Claudio! Omega KICKS Yuta! Omega GERMAN SUPLEXES Yuta! Moxley goes after Omega, Claudio helps mug him, and then Moxley hits a DEATH RIDER!! They stomp away, and Bryan comes out to say, “Exactly what I thought. Nothing but a bunch of amateurs. Except you, Kenny. You’re the one who I thought would be a professional. But maybe you’re not.” WAIT! Don Callis is here!? Don has a chair but Bryan asks what he’s even here.

Don decides to not go through with this and he drops the chair. Don runs off and Bryan says that’s right, run away. That’s the kind of person Kenny surrounds himself with. “Kenny is not an amateur. Kenny has more potential than anybody. But he’d rather just sit in the lobby of his own potential. And if that’s the case… He needs to be gone.” Bryan brings out his screwdriver!! Fans boo while Omega fights against the other BCC. But wait! Don returns, and is sending out Konosuke Takeshita? Yuta goes to intercept but Konosuke CLOBBERS him! Konosuke rushes in and he TOSSES Claudio! And he DECKS Moxley!

Konosuke stands between Bryan and Kenny! Fans fire up, but Yuta gets back in! Konosuke ROCKS Yuta, and Omega V-TRIGGERS! Konosuke gives Yuta a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Moxley stands up, Omega and Konosuke clothesline Moxley right out! Don joins his golden boys and fans fire up! Don whispers something to Omega, and he raise both men’s hands. Is Konosuke now part of The Elite? Will he be the difference maker in this battle with the BCC?


AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QTV VS Wardlow w/ Arn Anderson!

These two titans have battled back and forth, but this could be their biggest battle yet. Will the Book of Hobbs continue to be written? Or will the Maestro of Mayhem use Hobbs to compose his Powerbomb Symphony’s magnum opus?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is the alpha male of AEW!

The bell rings and the two titans stare down. They approach, and then Wardlow RAMS Hobbs into the corner! Wardlow RAMS away again and again, but he lets off as the ref counts. Hobbs rushes up to clinch and BELLY2BELLY! Hobbs gets Wardlow again, another BELLY2BELLY! And then another! Fans boo but Hobbs and his team soak up the heat. But Wardlow POUNCES Hobbs out of the ring! Wardlow pursues, storms up, and he fires off forearms with Hobbs! Hobbs kicks low, whips Wardlow, but Wardlow reverses! Hobbs hits railing hard! And then Wardlow clotheslines him up and out!

Wardlow then hops the railing and fans fire up! They go around the back, and Wardlow CLUBS Hobbs to bleachers! The two brawl, Wardlow kicks low, and he brings Hobbs back the way they came. The brawling continues, Wardlow kicks and reels Hobbs in! Fans fire up, it could be starting! But Hobbs back drops Wardlow to ringside! Wardlow stands up to JAB and TOSS Hobbs! Hobbs staggers up, QTV gets out of the way, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Wardlow stalks Hobbs around the way, but Hobbs throws hands. Wardlow CLUBS Hobbs, Hobbs knees low! Hobbs ROCKS Wardlow, Wardlow hits back, but Hobbs sends Wardlow into railing. Hobbs talks trash, but Wardlow runs in! But Hobbs sends him into the steel steps! Harley Cameron laughs at Wardlow while he writhes. Hobbs drags Wardlow up, UPPERCUTS him, then follows him back around the way. Hobbs ROCKS Wardlow, grinds his face off the apron, then pushes him into the ring. Hobbs takes his time going up the steps, and then he goes up the corner! Hobbs FROG SPLASHES!! Cover, TWO!!

Wardlow survives being squashed by the flying Powerhouse, but Hobbs kicks him down. Hobbs looms over Wardlow while soaking up the heat, but Wardlow hits from below. Hobbs rains down fists! Hobbs lets off to get in the ref’s face, then goes back. Wardlow TACKLES Hobbs! Wardlow throws hands, Hobbs hits back, and then Hobbs CHOKES Wardlow! The ref reprimands, Hobbs lets off, but he stands on Wardlow at the ropes! The ref reprimands again, Hobbs lets off, but now QT gets his shots in! QT gets away with it and Wardlow sputters as he sits up. Hobbs stalks Wardlow, brings him up, and throws hands.

Hobbs puts Wardlow in a corner to KNEE low! AEW returns to single picture as Hobbs puts Wardlow up top. Hobbs throws hands, climbs up after him, and brings Wardlow up. Hobbs mocks the conducting but Hobbs hits back! Hobbs SUPER GOURD BUSTERS! Wardlow adjusts, and SWANTONS! Both men are down but fans fire up! Wardlow and Hobbs stir while fans lose their minds. Wardlow goes to  ropes, as does Hobbs. Both men stand, and Wardlow snarls! Wardlow throws hands, but Hobbs gives them back! Pittsburgh is on Wardlow’s side, but they start throwing LARIATS!

Wardlow clinches but Hobbs CLOBBERS Wardlow from all sides! Wardlow drops, Hobbs runs, but Wardlow pursues! Wardlow LARIATS and down goes Hobbs! Hobbs staggers up, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! And then another GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Wardlow reels Hobbs in, suplexes, but Hobbs slips free! Hobbs scoops but Wardlow slips free! HEADBUTT!! Wardlow shakes it off, winds up and LARIATS!! Fans fire up as Wardlow says it’s time! But Harley gets on the apron. She waves at Wardlow but he just makes the pecs dance. Arn gets on the apron and he eyes Harley.

But QT gets in! DIAMOND CUTTER!! Hobbs picks Wardlow up, SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!! Wardlow survives and QT is furious! QT gets back in the ring to argue with the ref! But Arn steps in and fans are going nuts! QT says Arn don’t want none, but Arn says hold on. GET THE GLOCK! Arn’s finger guns cares QT off, into “CERO! MIEDO!” SUPERKICK!! QT staggers all the way into the Arn DDT!! Fans are thunderous as Arn drags QT out, but Hobbs rolls Wardlow up! TWO!! Wardlow pops Hobbs up?! POWERBOMB!! Hobbs staggers, Wardlow brings him around, another POWERBOMB!!

Fans are electric and Wardlow is feeling it! Wardlow conducts the Steel City Choir, and it is time for the THIRD POWERBOMB!! Cover, Wardlow wins!!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

Arn helped Wardlow get payback on the Powerhouse, and even Penta got his! But wait! Christian Cage is here?! And of course, his Right Hand of Destruction, Luchasaurus, is with him! From a titan to a kaiju, Wardlow isn’t fretting it. Will there be a war of the monsters for this title?


Backstage interview with Sammy Guevara.

Renee asks Sammy about tonight’s main event match with JB. The winner is one step closer to facing MJF for the title, so how does Sammy feel about it? But before he can answer, MJF interrupts “Sammy G! The Spanish God! Arrrrriba!” Sammy stops MJF there. They’re not friends so what does he want? First off, harsh. Second, MJF feels he and Sammy got off on the wrong foot, all the way back to the Inner Circle days. MJF has always kinda liked Sammy. MJF doesn’t even mind that Sammy sticks his tongue out more than Gene Simmons on meth. But Sammy’s a great guy. What do you want, Max?! Get to the point!

Alright, well, MJF believes that he has an agreement that would behoove both of them. MJF heard what Sammy said. It tugged at MJF’s heartstrings when Sammy said he was sick and tired of seeing all the other Pillars be more successful than him and watching from the sidelines. Sammy’s words, not MJF’s. But here’s what MJF offers: a guaranteed spot in the main event of Double or Nothing for the AEW World Championship. All Sammy has to do is lie down. And there it is! Of course! Here’s what will actually happen: Sammy will beat Jungle Boy; then Sammy will beat Darby; then Sammy will beat MJF to become the champ.

MJF says Sammy’s a great guy, really. And a hell of a talent! MJF thinks Sammy’s better than… than… uh… Darby and JB combined! But let’s talk odds. The likelihood of Sammy not just beating one, not just beating two, but beating all three other Pillars, and one of them being a generational talent, those are shaky, slim-to-none odds. So again, MJF is offering Sammy a spot on the PPV that Sammy’s never been to, for the world title, the biggest prize of them all, and a blank check with Sammy’s name on it. Write any number you want, and MJF knows Sammy will be fair about that. Sammy writes, and shows it to MJF.

Oh, okay! Is this serious? Yes. Okay, deal. Max… Friends don’t shake hands. Friends hug. They hug, and MJF is happy. Is this deal really going to happen? Or is one “friend” scamming the other?


Jay White w/ Juice Robinson VS Komander!

The Switchblade was expelled from NJPW, but he is here in AEW to reestablish his era! Will King Switch cut a path through the roster all the way to gold? Or will the Catalyst get no reaction out of the luchador?

The bell rings and fans rally for White. “Too Sweet! WOOP WOOP!” White smiles and wants Komander to hear that. Komander nods, and offers a handshake. White shakes it and the two circle. They tie up, White puts Komander in a corner, and the ref counts. White lets off at 4, and he “apologizes.” White offers a handshake now and Komander takes it, only for White to kick low and CLUB Komander down! White stands Komander up to stomp away and talks trash at the same time! The ref counts, White lets off, and he drags Komander up by his mask. White CHOPS Komander down, and Shawn Spears is in the crowd, also wincing at that.

Juice talks some smack and White stands Komander up. White whips, Komander blocks but White whips him back to the corner. White runs in but into a boot! White comes back but Komander dodges. White ducks the roundhouse but not the HEEL KICK! Komander runs in to forearm smash! Komander CLUBS and stomps away on White, then climbs up to stomp him! The ref reprimands, Komander lets off, and Komander runs back in. White puts Komander on the apron, but Komander shoulders back in. Komander springboards up high, gets White’s arm and rebounds off ropes to tightrope walk!

Komander CHOPS White, goes up and around and just shows off for a second, before he FLYING RANAS! Fans are thunderous while White tumbles out of the ring! Komander shakes off the dizziness while White crawls to the ramp. Komander goes up the corner, but White hurries after him! Komander hops down, dodges the haymaker and GAMANGIRIS! White goes down, Komander aims and goes to the apron. Komander BOOTS White, then goes up the corner, to ARIHARA MOONSAULT! White dodges, Komander lands on his feet, but White kicks low to APRON GOURD BUSTER! Fans lose their minds while AEW goes picture in picture!

White and Juice Too Sweet, then White soaks up the cheers and jeers. White fetches Komander up and into the ring, covers, TWO! White is annoyed but he brings Komander up by his mask again. The ref reprimands but White TOSSES Komander out. White tries to distract the ref, but the ref is watching Juice too closely. The ref has Juice back off, so White goes out after Komander. White sees Spears and asks what he’s even doing here. Spears says it’s nothing, just focus on the match. White CHOPS Komander but he still watches Spears. Because Spears has a number card to rank that chop! He gives it a FOUR!

White is annoyed but Spears shrugs. White drags Komander back up, to CHOP again! Spears gives that one… a SIX! At least it went up. White puts Komander back in the ring, drags him up again, and scoops to SLAM! White glares at Spears and asks for a score. A NINE! White likes that, but then Spears realizes he made a mistake. He turns the 9 upside down, and it’s another 6! White is getting really annoyed now, and he drags Komander to a cover. TWO, so White tries again. TWO, and White clamps on a chinlock. White grinds Komander down, but Komander fights his way up. Fans rally, and Komander throws body shots!

White CLUBS Komander down! White puts Komander in a corner, talks trash, and then climbs up. AEW returns to single picture as White says he wants us to spell it out! “S! W! I! T! C! H! B! L! A! D! E!” And then a Hang Loose CHOP! Komander flounders but White drags him back up. White dares Komander to do something, and Komander CHOPS! White CHOPS Komander off his feet! White gets the fans fired up, and he stands Komander up to try again. Komander CHOPS, but White just grins. Komander KICKS! And KICKS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And SLAPS! And CHOPS! Komander fires off and fans fire up!

Komnader runs, handsprings and arm-drags to then roll White around, into the DRAGON’S LAIR! TWO!!! White CLOBBERS Komander! White is getting mad now and he drags Komander around. White clinches, but Komander fires off elbows! White CHOPS Komander in return! White has Komander in a corner, puts him up top, and slaps him around. White climbs up but Komander slips under to ENZIGURI! White flounders on the top rope, turns himself around, and Komander GAMANGIRIS! Komander climbs up now, and on top of White! Komander has the arm and he bends it back!

But White reaches up to thumb Komander’s eyes! The ref reprimands, but then Komander GAMANGIRIS White to the floor! Fans fire up as Komander goes to the corner. Tightrope walk, but White gets in! White dodges the leap, but Komander dodges the lariat to SUPERKICK! White falls back out and Komander tries again! Tightrope walk all twenty feet! SPRINGBOARD TOPE!! Komander puts White in the ring while fans are electric! Komander salutes, he goes back up, and Spears says this is a TEN! Tightrope SHOOTING STAR!! But he bounces off the cover! Komander crawls to get White, TWO!!

Komander goes up, SPRINGBOARD PHOENIX SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!? White survives and Komander can’t believe it! Komander puts White in a drop zone, goes up, “This is Awesome!” as he tries again. PHOENIX- NO, Komander has to bail out as White moves! White clinches, BLADE- NO, Komander slips free and hooks White up in an elevated Octopus! But White powers out to SNAP SLEEPER SUPLEX! And then he drags Komander up into the BLADERUNNER!! Cover, White wins!

Winner: Jay White, by pinfall

White snatches victory from the jaws of defeat! Spears says that was a five. But then Juice goes after Spears! They brawl at ringside but White joins in! Bullet Club Gold mugs Spears! They put him in the ring, but Spears TACKLES Juice! White attacks Spears, the mugging continues, but here comes RICKY STARKS! The Absolute slides in, dodges White and SPEARS Juice! White runs away! Fans fire up for Ricky as he stands tall with Komander and Shawn Spears! Will we see these absolute tens take down Jay & Juice?


Backstage interview with FTR.

Renee is with the AEW World Tag Team Champions, and says this was meant to be about their titles, but she wants them to know that Mark Briscoe is currently being tended to by medical staff. We have footage of earlier today, The Trustbusters/Varsity Athletes jumped Mark! FTR is furious and they hurry to go to medical. Mark already has Team Triple J checking in on him, and Jay Lethal says they’ve got this. FTR says they’re just as much Mark’s friends as Lethal is, but then Mark shouts down all the arguing! Mark wants them to listen. He’s ready to roll, who wants to go with him? They can take out Daivari’s guys right now!

But the doctor, FTR and Team Triple J all agree, that is not going to happen. Mark is in no shape after that. Mark is upset that he isn’t cleared, but FTR says they’ll handle it. Lethal & Jarrett say they’ll handle it, and the arguing continues. Mark has an idea. It should be FTR and Triple J. Lethal doesn’t wanna team with FTR! Aw c’mon, man! Fine. Jarrett says Triple J will lead the way, and Mark wants to have a front row seat. They better whoop some ass! Mark’s mutual friends agree to the terms, but FTR says they’re taking the lead. Will the Sussex County Chicken’s eclectic flock take out Daivari, Nese, Woods & Slim J?


Chris Jericho heads to the ring.

Pittsburgh sing Judas for The Ocho as he’s about to confront the Panama City Playboy! Will The Wizard keep things civil? Or does he have a fireball especially for Adam Cole Baybay? We find out, after the break.

Dynamite returns and Adam Cole makes his entrance! Fans fire up and join in on the “BOOM!” as Cole goes to the ring. Cole gets the mic and Jericho points out Pittsburgh loves Adam Cole. Cole says, “Chris Jericho. For anybody who’s followed my career, they know how much I studied and idolized you. I mean, a lot of the foundation of Adam Cole the pro-wrestler was inspired by Chris Jericho. For god sakes, my catchphrase was inspired by Chris Jericho. I remember being in high school and reading your first book, where you talked about traveling the globe and learning all these different styles of wrestling.

“And I remember saying, ‘Someday, I wanna be like Chris Jericho.’ Now, fast-forward, and here we are in Pittsburgh, Adam Cole and Chris Jericho in the ring for the first time ever. I think that’s pretty damn cool.” Fans cheer that, and Cole wants to start by saying he has a ton of respect for Jericho. Jericho offers Cole a handshake, and Cole takes it. Fans cheer the respect shown, and Jericho says, “Adam Cole, Baybay! I’m glad you said those words about me, those kind words, I appreciate that. I’ve been watching a lot of your stuff recently, and I’ve been thinking a lot about this, and I really wanna say, from the bottom of my heart, that I have… absolutely zero respect for you.”

Fans boo but Jericho says he thinks Cole is an arrogant SOB. The audacity Cole showed to interrupt Jericho’s celebration, giving his little buddy, Keith Lee, a handshake, that was unacceptable. It’s unacceptable for a talent as legendary as Chris Jericho, and Cole is lucky Jericho doesn’t slap his dumb face right here, right now! Cole says he was afraid Jericho was gonna go this route and say those things. Because Cole and a lot of fans in Pittsburgh here think that lately, Jericho’s been a real jagoff. Jericho’s eyes widen as fans echo “JAGOFF! JAGOFF!” Cole says seriously, how hypocritical can Jericho be?

Sure, Jericho surrounds himself with his minions, the JAS, who hang on every word he says and look at him like he’s a god. But speaking of looking, when was the last time Jericho looked himself in the mirror and asked, “Who is the real Chris Jericho? Is the real Chris Jericho an egomaniac who has the JAS win his matches for him? Or is the real Chris Jericho the GOAT? The Demo God? One of the absolute greatest to ever do this?” Do you know who Cole thinks is the real Chris Jericho? “The real Chris Jericho is an insecure, fickle, stupid idiot.” Fans chant “STUPID IDIOT!” and Cole smirks.

Cole tells Jericho not to forget that Jericho wanted to confront Cole, and Cole is right here. Cole doesn’t wanna play games. No more walking down the ramp, giving each other the side eye. Jericho wanted Cole’s attention, he’s got it, so now what? Cole steps closer and Jericho stares him down. Jericho says, “First of all… I am not a jagoff.” Fans disagree but Jericho says, “Second of all, you don’t impress me, Cole. So let me say this. You know how the old saying goes, ‘You never wanna meet your heroes or your idols.’ But in this case, the saying is 100% true. You don’t wanna meet me, you don’t wanna know me, you don’t wanna have anything to do with me.

“So if you’re smart, you’ll turn around and get the hell out of this ring, the ring that Jericho built, right here, right effin’ now!” Cole asks what Jericho’s gonna do about it. What’s he gonna do about it? What’s he gonna do about it?! This! Jericho shoves Cole, and the brawl is on! Fans fire up as Cole has Jericho in a corner and stomps away! But Daniel Garcia rushes out to go after Cole! Garcia stomps Cole, stomps away in the corner, and Jericho storms up to help him! They stomp away on Cole, dig their boots in, and then here comes BRITT! Britt slides in to pull Jericho away! Fans fire up as Britt gets in Jericho’s face!

Jericho tells Britt to back off, but Britt SLAPS him! But wait! The Outcasts return! They slither in and surround Britt! They mug Britt! Fans boo but the enemies of Cole and Britt have the better of them! Jericho CHOKES Cole, and Garcia has cuffs! They cuff Cole to the bottom rope! The Outcasts want Cole to watch as they beat up Britt! Fans boo but the JAS and Outcasts soak it all up. Garcia then hands Jericho a kendo stick! Cole says go ahead, hit him! He dares Jericho! Jericho winds up, but then he looks to Saraya. Jericho hands the kendo stick to Saraya, and Saraya SMACKS Britt! Cole says to stop this, but Saraya smacks Britt again!

And again! And again! Cole and Britt reach for each other but Saraya just fires off! Jericho says, “You see what happens?! You see what happens?!” Saraya almost breaks that kendo stick off on Britt! Jericho and Saraya hug it out, and they all stand tall. Fans call them all POS’s, but they don’t care. Cole apologizes to Britt, but Britt says it wasn’t his fault. Will the Undisputed Couple be able to get revenge on the sports entertainers?


#HardyParty speaks.

Matt says The Firm has been emailing him all day, trying to find out the date and time of their #FirmDeletion! Hardy’s turned the tables on them, because now the Hardy Party is in control. And if you wanna know when this goes down, keep your phones on and charged. Matt tells Jeff it is great to have him back, and Jeff says it is good to be back. And if you wanna know more about all of this, tune in for Saturday Night Rampage as Jeff addresses the AEW fans. “Be there, or be triangular!”


High Stakes Six Man Tag: The Acclaimed VS The Jericho Appreciation Society!

Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn rejected the advances of the sports… enner-tay-ners… so they got jumped much like Cole & Britt just did. But now, they settle this in the Steel City, and Platinum Max has a rap! “Acclaimed on the mic, always done right. Dropping y’all quicker than stock for some Bud Light! Start countin’ ’em out! We’ll knock the taste of Jericho’s wiener out of your mouth! You get slayed all Spring, I’ma stomp you in the chest like Draymond Green! With no technical foul, they’ll have to wipe you up with the Terrible Towel.” Bowens gest the mic to say, “PITTSBUUUUURGH~! The Acclaimed-”

Oh no! The JAS jump the Acclaimed as soon as they’re in the ring! Will this score finally be settled one way or another?

Fans boo and the ref reprimands as Hager fires off on Billy, Parker rains hands on Caster and Menard drops knees on Bowens, all at the ropes! Parker kicks Caster out, Hager tosses Billy, but Caster and Billy drag them out in return! Billy sends Hager into railing! Caster ROCKS Parker! Bowens keeps Menard in and the bell rings to officially get this match going! Caster ROCKS Parker but Parker puts Caster in the ring. Bowens storms up on Parker and stomps away! Fans sing, “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy!” Billy gets in, he and the boys beat up on Parker. Bowens tags Caster, they mug Parker, and then Caster scoop SLAMS!

Bowens goes up, Caster holds the legs open! Fans fire up for SCISSOR ME TIMBERS! Parker writhes but Billy gets back in, and they all SCISSOR FINGER~! Fans fire up as Caster drags Parker back. Caster brings Parker up but Parker throws hands as AEW goes picture in picture.

Parker ROCKS Caster, brings him around to whip, but Caster reverses to DROPKICK Parker! Menard runs in but Caster ROCKS him! But Hager CLOBBERS Caster! The ref reprimands but Parker drags Caster into the JAS corner. The ref keeps Billy & Bowens back while the JAS mug Caster! Tag to Hager, and he drags Caster up to DECK him! Hager stalks Caster, talks trash on him, then CHOKEs him on the ropes. The ref counts, Hager lets off and bumps Caster off buckles. Hager fires off body shots then a clothesline! Hager checks, Daddy Magic’s nipples are hard! Menard tags in and he runs to KNEE Caster down!

Menard brings Caster up, whips him to the corner hard, then tags in Parker. Parker mocks the scissor fingers before he scrapes laces off Caster’s face. Parker brings Caster around, snap suplexes, then covers. TWO, but Parker drops an elbow! And another! And another! Parker wraps Caster up in a chinlock but the fans rally up. Tag to Hager, the JAS mugs Caster. Hager brings Caster up, whips him corner to corner hard, and Caster bounces off buckles. Hager “apologizes” to the ref, then sucker punches Bowens! And then runs, to HAGER BOMB onto boots! Caster and Hager crawl while AEW returns to single picture!

Hot tags to Daddy Ass and Daddy Magic! Billy rallies on the JAS with big haymakers! Billy dodges Hager to UPPERCUT! Billy clotheslines Parker out of the ring! “SCISSOR IT!” Billy reels Hager in, says “SUCK IT!” and then FAM- NO! Hager slips out to SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Both big men crawl now, hot tags to Bowens and Menard! Bowens fires forearms with Menard, but Menard knees low! Menard reels Bowens in, but Bowens resists the lift! Bowens wrenches out to ELBOW! JAB! CHOP! SUPERKICK! Fans fire up but Hager distracts the ref! Parker has his pocket comb, and he LOADED PUNCHES Bowens!!

Fans boo, Menard covers, TWO!?!? Bowens survives and Menard snarls. Menard tags Parker, Parker brings Bowens up and Hager holds him. Parker still has the comb in hand, swings, but Bowens ducks! Parker DECKS Hager!! Parker apologizes, but then he bumps into Billy! Billy takes the comb from Parker, and he BREAKS it! Parker is devastated! But then Bowens ROLLING ELBOWS Parker! Bowens slashes his throat, tags in Caster, and he gives Parker the ARRIVAL! Caster hits the MIC DROP! Cover, The Acclaimed win!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall (will NOT have to join the JAS)

Big win for the Acclaimed, and they are finally done with the sports… enner-tay-ners! But will Platinum, the Five Tool Player and Daddy Ass find their way back to some gold?


The Rampage card is set!

Airing on Saturday, we will have the AAA Mega Championship on the line as El Hijo del Vikingo defends against Dralistico! Will LFI not just be tranquilo but be golden? And then, as agreed upon earlier, the friends of Mark Briscoe are teaming up! It will be a massive 8 Man Tag as FTR & Triple J take on Mark Sterling’s stable of Slim J & The Varsity Athletes! Will Dax, Cash, Jarrett & Lethal #ManUp to get payback for Mark? And after defeating Anna Jay, Julia Hart is back in action against Kiera Hogan! Will the Hart of the House of Black continue her winning streak?

And speaking of winning streaks, we hear from Jade Cargill to address Taya Valkyrie’s challenge for the TBS Championship! That match happens next week on Dynamite, who will truly own the chicken wing facebuster? But perhaps biggest of all, Jon Moxley goes 1v1 with the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels! Will he have to worry about further retaliation from the Elite?


Young Pillars Tournament Round 1: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Sammy Guevara!

Tarzan Life collides with the Spanish God, but given that deal with the Devil of AEW, will this be nothing more than a formality? Or will Sammy still earn his spot at Double or Nothing?

Dynamite returns again as JB makes his entrance. The ref does his best to keep these two apart, but Sammy pie faces JB! The bell rings and JB SHOTGUNS Sammy out of the ring! Fans fire up, JB DIVES and sends Sammy into barriers! JB puts Sammy in, but Sammy builds speed to FLY! Direct hit and both men go down! Sammy says, “Who’s the man? I’m the man!” Sammy puts JB in the ring, and we see MJF watching backstage as JB builds speed again. JB FLYING RANAS Sammy to the floor! Fans fire up with JB and he drags Sammy back up. JB puts Sammy back in, climbs up a corner, but Sammy goes up right after him! SUPER SPANISH FLY!

Both men are down and fans are fired up! Darby watches from the rafters as a standing count begins. Both men stir, JB goes to a corner and Sammy goes to the opposite. They both drag themselves up at 5 of 10, and Sammy runs corner to corner. JB puts Sammy on the apron, ELBOWS him, then goes out to join him. JB SUNSET FLIPS, but Sammy holds the ropes! Sammy stomps but JB avoids them! JB grabs Sammy’s foot, Sammy pulls JB up to the apron! JB flips Sammy but Sammy lands on his feet! Fans cheer these two being evenly matched, and then fire up as they start throwing hands!

JB and Sammy are fast ‘n’ furious, but then JB SUPERKICKS! Sammy falls back, JB goes up the corner, and JB leaps, into a JUMP KNEE! Sammy looks to the floor, slashes his throat, and he brings JB up! SPANISH FLY to the floor!! Both men writhe while fans fire up, and Dynamite goes to picture in picture.

Sammy clutches a knee as he sits up and crawls away. JB stirs but Sammy slides into the ring. Sammy lets the ring count climb but JB crawls. MJF wants this to speed up, and Sammy does mat angels. JB drags himself into the ring before ten, so Sammy WRECKS him with a dropkick! Sammy goes out after JB and whips him hard into the railing! So hard that JB tumbles up and over! Sammy goes to fetch JB, and he stands on the railing to soak up the heat. Sammy then hops down, but JB CHOPS him! Sammy CHOPS back! JB CHOPS again! JB has Sammy sit on a fan’s lap and CHOPS him again!

But then Sammy has JB sit on someone’s lap, and CHOPS JB! Fans cheer as the two move along, and JB CHOPS Sammy in front of the bleachers! JB stalks Sammy to the railing, CLUBS him, then TOSSES him over. JB gets a sign from a fan, and it reads, “Major Jagoff Fraud.” JB spits on the picture of MJF, then SMACKS Sammy with it! Sammy staggers away, JB keeps after him, but Sammy RAMS him into the railing! Sammy puts JB in the ring, taunts the fans, and then gets back in the ring. Sammy rains down fists! Sammy clamps on a chinlock and digs his knee into JB’s back, but JB endures as fans rally up.

JB fights up, throws body shots, and AEW returns to single picture. Sammy throws JB down by his hair! MJF applauds, he likes that. “That’s my friend!” Sammy kicks JB around, has him in the corner, and he CHOPS! Sammy whips corner to corner, runs in, but JB elbows him! And ROLLING ELBOWS! And CHOPS! JB whips, Sammy reverses, but JB hits the COMEBACKER LARIAT! Fans fire up and Darby likes that. Darby gets the winner, he clearly wants them to soften each other up. JB whips, Sammy reverses again, but then JB puts Sammy on the apron to GAMANGIRI! JB goes back out there, to SUNSET FLIP ARPON BOMB!

JB puts Sammy in the ring, goes up the corner, and leaps for a FLYING DESTROYER!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Sammy survives and JB can’t believe it! JB goes to another corner and goes right up top. Sammy stands, but he kicks the ropes to trip JB up! JB tumbles down to the mat and now Sammy goes up top. Sammy aims, SHOOTING STAR, but he has to bail out as JB moves! Sammy SUPERKICKS JB, then hurries up top again! FLYING CUTTER!! JB flounders but Sammy reels him in, back suplex to an IMPLANT DDT!! Cover, TWO?!?!? JB survives and shocks Sammy! But fans say “This is Awesome!”

Sammy slashes his throat, drags JB back up, torture racks and GO TO- NO! JB blocks, spins Sammy around, POISON-RANA!! JB roars, runs, but Sammy ducks the lariat to JUMP KNEE! Sammy ducks the Comebacker and gets around, to POISON-RANA in return!! JB staggers up, but he comes back, BLINDSIDER!! Both men are down again and Pittsburgh is thunderous! A standing count starts and even Darby can’t believe what he’s seeing. The count reaches 5 of 10, JB sits up and Sammy crawls his way over. Both men sit up at 8, and Sammy slaps. JB SLAPS! Sammy SLAPS! JB puts some stank on his SLAP!

They SLAP then throw forearms! Fans fire up as the shots go back and forth, and JB SUPERKICKS! Sammy JUMP- NO, JB catches the leg into the SNARE TRAP!!! Sammy endures, reaches out, crawls his way forward, ROPEBREAK! JB lets off quickly, then drags Sammy back up and around. JB puts Sammy up top as fans duel, “Let’s Go, Sammy! “SAMMY SUCKS!” JB puts Sammy in a Tree of Woe and he goes up the corner. But Sammy sits up to claw at JB! Sammy gets free of the Tree, then runs in to SHOTGUN JB to the timekeeper’s area!! JB crashes through the table!! The ring count starts and Sammy is fine with that!

JB is still down at 5 of 10, with Doc Sampson checking him. JB stirs at 7, sits up at 8, and is almost in, but Sammy distracts the ref?! Because MJF appears outta nowhere!! MJF DIAMOND RING DECKS JB!!! MJF runs away and Sammy reminds the ref he was at 8! The count is now 9, then TEN! Sammy wins!!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by count-out (advances to the next round)

MJF celebrates with his “best friend,” who is more like his partner in crime! Darby is disappointed, but MJF lifts Sammy onto his shoulders because the Spanish God now faces the Relentless One! MJF lets Sammy down, but then Sammy picks up Triple B. MJF wants it back, so Sammy hands it over, and they hug it out. MJF bows to Sammy, but then Sammy bows to MJF. Will the Devil of AEW and the Spanish God be the ones going Double or Nothing? Or can Darby throw a wrench into their plans next week?

My Thoughts:

A great AEW, with great development for Double or Nothing. I thought we were getting a Triple Threat between the Pillars, or even a Round Robin, but I guess a single elimination tournament is fine because we just saw how it’s gonna play out. Great opening promo to get there to show that there’s heat between even the contenders. MJF and Sammy made a deal, and after a pretty awesome main event, MJF helps screw Jungle Boy over and now we’re getting Sammy VS Darby next week. But those two were so effusive in that celebration, you know this is gonna blow up in someone’s face. Either Darby still wins, or Sammy turns on MJF at the very last moment and they actually fight it out in their match. In the end, though, it still feels like MJF is gonna retain at the PPV.

Really good stuff out of The Outcasts and the AEW Homegrown talent. That tag match was great stuff, and of course Britt is powered up in her hometown. Really good promo from Jericho and Cole, and good attack from Garcia and the Outcasts to beat Cole and Britt down. Now, they made sure to have a detail that kept Hayter out with that bad arm so she couldn’t make the save. But where was Keith Lee on this? Granted, AEW also follows the rule of no male VS female contact, so Keith couldn’t fight the Outcasts off, but he could fend them off. Maybe Cole will bring this up next week. At the same time, Keith’s got Swerve still after him, maybe that is his kayfabe reason for being absent.

Great stuff out of White and Komander, and even Spears bring ringside to troll White with his Perfect Ten score cards was great. Great save by Ricky Starks, too, and with Action Andretti busy helping Darius Martin in ROH, I guess Starks & Spears are gonna be the team going against Bullet Club Gold. Which is great because Spears needs a story to keep his return going, and this isn’t the worst thing to do. Fans still love the Perfect Ten gimmick, he can build momentum in this feud and come out the other side ready for at least a midcard title. Though I thought that with Ricky Starks after the JAS, so who knows.

Speaking of the JAS, really good Six Man Tag, and they kinda threw that stipulation update in with commentary. But either way, I figured the Acclaimed would win. They’re moving on from the JAS, they might even go after the Trios titles with Billy still looking good. Good promo from FTR, Mark Briscoe and Triple J, though the audio wasn’t consistent so it made things rather hectic. To be honest, commentary’s audio was off quite a bit in the first hour, so no question this was all live. But I like the idea of how, now that Mark has been dragged into Triple J, his friends are dragged into working together. It’s very out of the box “can they coexist?” thinking.

Great TNT Championship match, and I like that Arn and Penta countered QT being ringside. Wardlow wins big in his hometown, I hope Hobbs kicks QTV to the curb and then finds a way to bide his time before going after another belt. Great stuff from The Elite and the BCC, and also good continuity. Don didn’t get Hangman, he got Konosuke, because Don’s been trying to court Konosuke to the stable. Konosuke and The Elite are still great as a combo but this has to be a bit of a swerve. Surely something happens to Konosuke and Hangman is the only one The Elite can call upon to fight the BCC in their 4v4 match.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Continental Classic Update! (11/27/23)

What a start to the tournament!



Did your picks win points?

The AEW Continental Classic is underway, with almost everyone competing. Check in here if you haven’t seen the winners and losers of week 1!

Here are your Gold League standings!

  • Jon Moxley: 1-0, 3 points
  • Swerve Strickland: 1-0, 3 points
  • Jay White: 1-0, 3 points
  • Rush: 0-1, 0 points
  • Mark Briscoe: 0-1, 0 points.
  • Jay Lethal: 0-1, 0 points


Here are your Blue League standings!

  • Brody King: 1-0, 3 points
  • Claudio Castagnoli: 1-0, 3 points
  • Daniel Garcia: 0-1, 0 points
  • Eddie Kingston: 0-1, 0 points
  • Bryan Danielson: Yet to Compete
  • Andrade El Idolo: Yet to Compete


My Thoughts:

Nothing too crazy, nothing too wild, this tournament only just got started. The only disappointing point is that they could not get Bryan “cleared to compete” Saturday night. Not sure how much of that is shoot given the bad eye, but this was kinda the problem of wanting him in the tournament over tons of other choices. Bryan wants to face Okada for WrestleKingdom 18, how is Bryan supposed to do that at his best if he’s also gonna be in a round robin, doing five top level matches in about as many weeks? And it takes away from Andrade being able to do something. Also a little surprised we didn’t even hear from Andrade on Saturday.

Now as we heard on Saturday, round two’s matches are set. Gold League will see Mark Briscoe VS Rush, White VS Swerve, and of course, Moxley VS Lethal. Nice variety there, a couple 0-1 guys facing off, as well as two 1-0 guys, and then 1-0 VS 0-1. No offense to Lethal, but he feels like an 0-2 going up against Moxley. Hard to call the other ones but that’s the fun of it. Meanwhile, Blue League sees Brody VS Claudio in a showdown to be 2-0, then Bryan and Andrade finally jump in, Bryan against Eddie and Andrade against Garcia. Sadly, feels like Eddie and Garcia are going 0-2, no way Tony Khan is booking Bryan and Andrade to lose their first shots.

In fact, that could be half the reason they did wait on those two, that’s almost too good for just a first round opener. But I still would’ve done it, same as NJPW does stuff like that for round robins, which this is all modeled after anyway.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Reports! (11/25/23)

It’s a Continental Classic Collision!



The Blue League begins its round robin!

AEW’s Continental Classic began on Dynamite with the Gold League, and now Collision continues with the Blue League! But will Eddie Kingston make good on putting up his ROH World and NJPW Strong titles?


  • AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli VS Daniel Garcia; Claudio wins.
  • 2v1 Handicap: “Killswitch” Luchasaurus VS “The Boys,” Brandon & Brent Tate; Luchasaurus wins.
  • The House of Black VS Gravity & Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes; The House of Black wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Lady Frost; Julia wins and retains the title.
  • FTR VS The Righteous; FTR wins.
  • Keith Lee VS Lee Moriarty; Keith wins.
  • AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Eddie Kingston VS Brody King; Brody wins.


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so we’re doing this thing, right? Hey, everybody, we’re here at Collision, we’re ready for a fight! Let’s hurry this up, man. Brody, I’ll see you out there, partner.”

Brody King speaks.

“Pittsburgh, tonight is the start of the Continental Classic Blue League. Brody King VS Eddie Kingston. Violence is the answer. HOO!”


Daniel Garcia speaks.

“Claudio, you big doofus, what’s up? You remember me? I know you do. You’re familiar with my game, I’m familiar with your game. Let’s not talk too much. I’m sick of these people putting the camera to my face before my matches and after my matches. I’m ready to get into the ring and to win wrestling’s greatest tournament.” Red Death has his dukes up, is he going to dance all over the Swiss Superman? We’ll see right here to open the night!

AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Claudio Castagnoli VS Daniel Garcia!

The bell rings, we’re on the clock towards the 20 minute time limit, and the two rush in. Claudio headlocks, Garcia powers out but Claudio runs him over. Things keep moving, Garcia jumps but into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Claudio is a bit surprised but he kicks Garcia around. Claudio scoops then SLAMS Garcia, then watches him go to a corner. Claudio runs in, but into a BOOT! And another BOOT! Garcia leaps on for a GUILLOTINE! But Claudio powers up to suplex Garcia up and over! Fans fire up while Garcia writhes and Claudio catches his breath. Claudio kicks Garcia around again but Garcia stands to CHOP!

Garcia CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! But Claudio UPPERCUTS him down! Claudio drags Garcia up, UPPERCUTS him in the corner, then CHOPS! Claudio UPPERCUTS again, but Garcia shakes his head. Claudio pushes Garcia around but Garcia throws elbows! And body shots! And forearms! Fans fire up with Garcia but Claudio UPPERCUTS him back down! Garcia goes to a corner, Claudio runs in but is put on the apron. Garcia swings but Claudio counter punches! But then Garcia ducks the next to have a SLEEPER! The ref counts, Garcia lets off and then he runs to KNEE Claudio off the apron!

Fans fire up and Garcia mocks the gun arms to then do his dance! Fans fire up more as Garcia goes out to fire off shots! And he sends Claudio into railing! Garcia fires fists, lets off and goes to the far side to give the kids a kiss. Then he SHOTGUNS Claudio down! Fans fire up as Garcia gets space again. Garcia runs back in, but Claudio catches him! Garcia throws hands but Claudio SWINGS Garcia into railing! And again! And again!! Fans are all fired up and Claudio lets off as Collision goes picture in picture.

Claudio gets a drink of water to refresh himself, then he drags Garcia up to put in the ring. Claudio stands on Garcia at the ropes, the ref counts but Claudio steps away. Claudio then stalks Garcia, HIP DROPS, and he clamps on a modified neck wrench. Garcia endures, fights up, and he throws body shots. But Claudio scoops to SLAM him! Claudio stalks Garcia, clamps onto an armlock, and he grinds the arm down. Garcia still endures, claws at Claudio’s face but Claudio grabs that arm to put Garcia into a straitjacket stretch! Garcia endures as it’s almost a crossface variation! Claudio squeezes tight, smothering Garcia with his own arms!

Garcia fights, gets to his feet, and he JAWBREAKERS free! Garcia fires boxing elbows, but Claudio UPPERCUTS him back down! Claudio soaks up the cheers and jeers, then clamps on the neck wrench again. Garcia endures, kicks and moves around, and Collision returns to single picture. Fans rally as Garcia stands, throws body shots and fires off to put Claudio on ropes! The ref counts, Garcia choke grips but Claudio breaks free. Garcia SLAPS Claudio, then whips. Claudio reverses, Garcia ducks ‘n ‘dodges, pop-up GUILLOTINE! Garcia pulls on Claudio’s head while he has the body scissors, but again Claudio powers up!

Claudio suplexes, but Garcia slips out to a REAR NAKED CHOKE! Claudio drops to a knee, his face is turning red, but then he stands up to RAM Garcia into buckles! But Garcia pushes Claudio to ropes, O’Conner Roll, TWO! ANKLE LOCK! Garcia has Claudio down but Claudio boots him away! Garcia rebounds, ROLING JACKKNIFE! TWO!! Claudio LARIATS Garcia down! Garcia shakes his head as he goes to a corner. Claudio runs in to UPPERCUT! Claudio UPPERCUTS again and again and again! The ref counts, Claudio reels Garcia in for a short arm LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Garcia survives and the fans rally up.

Claudio drags Garcia into position, HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Claudio then drags Garcia up, reels him in and tucks the arms, RICOLA- NO, sunset flip! TWO, but Garcia steps through! Claudio fights that to stand, and now he has the legs! SHARPSHOOTER!! Garcia endures as Claudio sits deep on the hold! Garcia fights his way forward, reaches out, but Claudio drags him away! Claudio sits down again, but Garcia fights and fights! Claudio drags him back again, but Garcia uses that to roll Claudio into a cradle! TWO, and POP-UP UPPERCUT!! Cover, TWO?!? Garcia survives and stands up! But Claudio UPPERCUTS again!

Claudio reels Garcia in, RICOLA~ BOMB! Cover, Claudio wins!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Garcia earns 0)

Yuta returns from running away earlier, so that the Blackpool Combat Club can celebrate together. Bryan Danielson isn’t here tonight but he’ll also be competing in the Blue League later on, will the Blue League belong to the BCC?


Eddie Kingston speaks, again.

“Well, I guess the cold open wasn’t good enough. I’m just here so I don’t get fined. Jean Carlo, what do, how much, how long do I have? No, we’re good? Alright. You people want me to explain to you how much and how important this tournament is? I put two championships on the line in this tournament. The ROH World Championship, that my friends and my mentors have held. Low-Ki, Homicide, Xavier. I have now put up the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship. All I ever wanted to do in this business was to wrestle in Japan. And now I did that, and then I win a championship there and I put it on the line because I wanna make this tournament the most prestigious tournament in America.

“So, is that good enough for you guys? Cuz I gotta go get ready to beat up Brody King. This dude ain’t small, he ain’t no herb, so I gotta go get ready. I don’t wanna do this right now. Jean Carlo, how much longer do I have to talk? You’re not gonna tell me to wrap it up? There you go, ladies and gentlemen, it’s wrapped up. I’m out.” The Mad King has said all he needs to say, will he let his actions speak for him tonight?


2v1 Handicap: “Killswitch” Luchasaurus VS “The Boys,” Brandon & Brent Tate!

“Rechristened” by Christian Cage in honor of his finishing move, the Right Hand of Destruction looks to redeem himself in the eyes of Captain Charisma. But given his foul mood, will The Boys get the better of him?

The bell rings and Luchasaurus- er, Killswitch, BOOTS Brandon! And then grabs Brent to TOSS him into a corner! Killswitch fires off haymakers and uppercuts, then looms over Brent. He wheelbarrows to GERMAN SUPLEX Brent! Brandon returns, springboards, but into a choke grip! JURASSIC CHOKE SLAM! And then another choke grip, for an APRON CHOKE SLAM!! Brandon writhes on the floor and “Killswitch” goes after Brent! Choke grip, and BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Cover, “Killswitch” wins!

Winner: “Killswitch” Luchasaurus, by pinfall

But he’s not done! He grabs chairs from under the ring! Fans boo because we know what this means! Wait, he sits one chair up? And he drags Brent up to CHOKE SLAM him on the chair! The seat is bent! Brandon returns, but Lucha-Killswitch drags him up. He has both Boys, but HERE COMES EDGE! We were going to hear from Adam Copeland at some point tonight, but he comes in from the crowd side to SMACK Luchasaurus with a chair! And again! And again! And again! Fans fire up with every shot from the Rated R Superstar! And then he rips off a crossbar! Fans fire up because he puts Luchasaurus in THE DEAL!!

Luchasaurus sputters, Captain Charisma is not here to save him! Though, would he? Edge puts one chair under Luchasaurus’s head, and then grabs the other! The fans are thunderous as Edge hits the CON-CHAIR-TO!! Wherever Christian Cage is, he must be devastated! W-wait, is Luchasaurus still getting up!? Since when has anyone ever done that!? Even Edge is shocked! So he CURB STOMPS him onto the chair!! Fans are thunderous again and they want that “One More Time!” Edge obliges, and he gives Luchasaurus a SECOND CON-CHAIR-TO!! Now Christian must be devastated! No Nick Wayne, no “Killswitch,” will Christian have to suffer the consequences of his actions?


Backstage interview with Adam Copeland.

Lexi Nari waits for Edge to come through the hallway. He turns the corner, and sees Lexi. He tells her to go so he can talk. Edge looks into the camera and says he’s looking “straight down the barrel at you, Jay.” Or is he Christian Cage? Or the Patriarch? All of this, what happened to Nick on Wednesday and to “Killswitch” just now, is Christian’s fault! All because of his insecurities! When Edge go there, Christian was afraid the people would just compare Christian to Edge again. That he’d be second fiddle, riding Edge’s coattails. Edge couldn’t care less about any of that!

Edge told Christian at the beginning that their friendship was more important than anything anyone could say! That it was more important than the business! But Christian couldn’t get past his own ego, could he? The night Edge arrived in AEW, Edge was going to Con-Chair-To Sting. Dynamite, he was gonna have Luchasaurus do that to Shayna Wayne! And Christian not so subtly told Edge the chances of them teaming up again. Christian put Beth’s name, his children’s names, in his stupid little mouth. And he knew Edge has a short fuse, he kept trying to light it and Edge kept resisting.

Until Christian said the one thing… That he was gonna break Edge’s neck, put him in a wheelchair, Edge drooling all over himself while his children looked at him and said their dad used to be something. So now this isn’t just about Edge, this is about his family! So now Edge is hunting Christian. He already has two heads on his wall. Christian can go to the hospital, ask his little Prodigy what happens when Edge snaps. Ask Killswitch, if he can still speak! Edge vows to change Christian’s soul, to hurt him, kick his face in. When Christian goes to bed at night and closes his eyes, Edge’s eyes will be what he sees, and the pain that Edge is going to bring to his world!

Edge doesn’t want to take the TNT Championship because it is the most important thing to Christian, and it is secondary to Edge. But he is still challenging Christian for Dynamite, December 6th in Montreal! Edge VS Christian for the TNT Championship! Edge will go places Christian can’t and never has because he doesn’t have it in him! Edge vows to take that title, but will he also take Christian’s soul?


The House of Black VS Gravity & Komander w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The AEW World Tag Team Championships may not have come home with the Kings of the Black Throne, but the Dark Father and the Aussie Juggernaut look to rebuild momentum for another shot. Will they make their opponents #FadeToBlack? Or will The Astronaut & The Commander be able to fly high towards their own opportunity?

The teams sort out and Gravity starts against Buddy. The fans rally up as the two circle. They knuckle lock, then Buddy wrenches and wrangles Gravity. Gravity kips up, Buddy throws him down, but Gravity kips back up. Gravity wrenches, but Buddy breaks free to headlock. Gravity throws body shots, powers out, but Buddy runs Gravity over. Things speed up. Gravity hurdles then ducks ‘n’ dodges, only for Buddy to kitchen sink knee! Buddy drags Gravity up but Gravity blocks the whip to wrench. Buddy knees low, back suplexes, but Gravity lands on his feet! Gravity ducks ‘n’ dodges and tilt-o-whirls to GERMAN SUPLEX!

Fans fire up and Gravity runs up on Buddy, but Buddy BOOTS him! Buddy tags in Malakai, drags Gravity up but blocks a kick, only for Gravity to ENZIGURI! Buddy falls out of the ring, and then Gravity builds speed. But Malakai gets in to catch him, pops him around, but Gravity arm-drags free! Malakai comes back to fire off knees, then shoves, only for Gravity to BOOT! Komander tags, Gravity runs in but Malakai scoops. Gravity slips free, Malakai elbows him, but Gravity handsprings in slow-motion! Only for Malakai to BOOT him down! But Komander springboards in to FLYING RANA! Fans fire up and Komander whips!

Malakai reverses, Komander ducks ‘n ‘dodges and FLYING ENZIGURIS! Komander hurries to torture rack, but Buddy distracts! Komander lets Malakai go, Buddy backs off, and Komander turns around. Malakai BOOTS the clothesline to HEEL KICK Komander! Then he BOOTS Gravity for good measure! Buddy HOTSHOTS Komander into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Komander survives but Malakai drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Fans rally and Malakai stomps a mudhole in as Collision goes picture in picture.

The ref counts, Malakai lets off and tags Buddy in. Buddy drags Komander up, snapmares him and KICKS him in the back! Buddy then runs to PENALTY KCIK and drop the KNEE! Cover, TWO! Komander hangs tough but Buddy drags him up. Buddy hoists Komander up to hang him out to dry! Tag to Malakai, they CLUB away on Komander, then Malakai KICKS Komander. Malakai then hip tosses Komander in! Cover, TWO! Malakai drags Komander up, whips him to ropes, and CLOBBERS him! Malakai drags Komander to a corner, TWO! Malakai clamps on for a chinlock and he grinds Komander down.

Komander endures, fights up, but Malakai knees low! Malakai whips Komander to ropes, but Komander sunset flips! Malakai stays up and Collision goes to break!

Collision returns, Buddy has Komander down with a chinlock, but the fans rally up. Komander fights up to throw body shots, then JAWBREAKERS! Buddy wobbles, Komander runs in but Buddy catches him! And RAMS him into the House of Black’s corner! Tag to Malakai, and the House double suplex. But Komander slips free! The House reels him in, double back suplex, but he lands out again! Komander ducks ‘n ‘dodges to hot tag Gravity! GAMANGIRI for Malakai, GAMANGIRI for Buddy! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Gravity SLAPS and CHOPS on repeat! Gravity LARIATS Buddy to a corner, then SPLASHES Malakai int he other!

Another clothesline for Buddy, then Gravity blocks a boot! But Malakai kicks Gravity away, Buddy brings him back in, KNEE right to the head! The ref checks Gravity but somehow he is still in this. Komander sneaks a tag while the House regroups, and Komander goes up. DOUBLE MISSILE DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Komander tilt-o-whirl DDTS Buddy! And then he ducks The Black Mass to shove Malakai into buckles! Torture rack and GUT BUSTER DROP!! Cover, TWO! Malakai is still in this but Abrahantes coaches Komander. Komander puts Malakai in the drop zone and calls his shot! But Buddy distracts again!

The ref reprimands, but Malakai is up to ROUNDHOUSE Komander! Tag to Buddy, and the House gets Komander, but Gravity YANKS Malakai down! Malakai ELBOWS Gravity, to then GOURD- STUNNER from Gravity! Not the cleanest, but then Buddy rushes in and is sent out! Gravity DROPKICKS Buddy, then FLIES! He’s caught!! And then DOUBLE- NO, Gravity escapes the bomb to fire kicks! Komander tightrope walks the whole 20 feet, to TORNILLO onto the House! The fans are thunderous for the luchadores as they get Buddy in the ring! Gravity also puts Malakai in, and they have two targets in the drop zones!

Komander and Gravity both go up, and they coordinate for a SPLASH and SHOOTING STAR! But they both get knees!! The House turns it back around, and then DOUBLE BOOT, into DOUBLE V-TRIGGERS! Fans fire up as The House isolates Gravity and lifts him up. DOUBLE POP-UP KNEES!! Komander runs in, into an ELBOW! Buddy digs his boots in but Malakai has him stand down. Malakai sits down and waits on Komander. Komander crawls after Malakai, only for Buddy to CURB STOMP! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall

Gravity & Komander put up a hell of a fight, but they could not stop the darkness! Will all of Collision soon belong to the House of Black?


Darius Martin & Action Andretti speak.

The Sight to See says, “Eight months. That’s how long it’s been since Darius and I have been teaming up together. And Darius, these past few weeks, I feel like-” Welp, never mind, commercial break. Oh, wait, they’re back. Darius knows what Action is talking about. And in steps DANTE MARTIN! Top Flight is back at full power, but then the commercials are back. Point is, will Angel Dorado help his brother and his new teammate become the Coldest Trio in the Game?


AEW TBS Championship House Rules Match: Julia Hart VS Lady Frost!

The first defense for the Princess of the Black Throne is also the first singles match to be contested under the House of Black’s personal rules! As such, “Dealer’s Choice” tonight gives us NO count outs! With Malakai & Buddy already winning and Brody King still to compete, will Julia keep the momentum going?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the House Always Wins!

The bell rings and fans rally up behind Frost. Julia ignores that as she and Frost tie up. Julia pulls hair to put Frost in a corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Julia bumps Frost off buckles but Frost turns things around to CHOP! Frost says that’s ice cold! But then Julia blocks the next chop, to pull on the arm, throw Frost down, and KICK her in the back! Fans are torn but then Frost kips up! Frost eggs Julia on, dodges her, and ROCKS her! And KICKS, UPPERCUTS and CHOPS! Fans fire up as Julia goes to a corner. Frost whips corner to corner, but Julia reverses. Julia runs in, Frost goes up and over and runs back in, but Julia slips to the outside!

Julia bumps frost off buckles, then ducks the haymaker. No count outs means Julia can take her time out there. But Frost rushes out, only for Julia to block the Penalty Kick. Frost kicks Julia away, then cartwheels over her leg sweep! Julia still trips Frost up on the apron! Julia CLUBS away on Frost, then has her dangling off the apron. Frost flops to the floor, and Julia drags her up. Julia RAMS Frost into the railing, RAMS her into the apron, and then CLUBS away! Julia RAMS Frost into railing again, smiling as she gets all the time in the world. Julia POSTS Frost and fans fire up! Julia then stalks Frost but the fans rally up behind her.

Julia grabs a chair! The ref reprimands, there are still disqualifications. Julia says that’s fine, and she just stands the chair up. Julia stalks Frost, but Frost FLAPJACKS her onto the steel steps and post! Frost drags Julia back, goes up the steps, and fans fire up for the MOONSAULT! Julia moves, Frost barely lands on her feet in time! Julia ROUNDHOUSES Frost, and Frost ends up taking a seat. Julia SUPERKICKS Frost off the chair! They go up the ramp, Julia sits the chair up again and makes Frost take another seat. Julia goes up the ramp, runs down and LARIATS Frost out of the chair! Fans fire up and Julia puts Frost in the ring. Cover, TWO!

Julia is annoyed but she stalks Frost. Fans rally and duel, but Frost ROCKS and kicks, but Julia ducks the buzzsaw, only for the HEEL KICK to connect! Frost runs in, and she LARIATS Julia down! Julia is up, she dodges the lariat to then SLAM Frost down! And BLINDSIDE LARIAT! But Julia isn’t done, “The House Always Wins!” HARTLESS LOCK!! Frost endures, flails, but taps! Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by submission (still AEW TBS Champion)

The Lady of the House has her first defense in the books, and the House is 2-0 on the night. Will Brody King make it a clean sweep?


Backstage interview with Don Callis & “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs.

Lexi is with the Don Callis Family, and says the last time we saw Hobbs in action, he put Paul Wight through a car windshield. Callis laughs and says Hobbs hit a Tombstone Piledriver specifically. Hobbs has had a lot of tombstones in his life, but Callis loves that they’re embracing it. In fact, they’re adding to it! Callis has a 173 IQ, is a member of Mensa, and has many advanced degrees. And yet for the life of him, he can’t figure out what got Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega, the Golden Jets, a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships. They were together for one match!

How do you make that math work when the last time Hobbs had his hands on Jericho & Omega, he broke them! Sent them to the hospital! And as Will would say, anyone can get it. So Kenny, Chris, they’re making a point of it! They don’t need two guys to beat the Golden Jets, Hobbs is a one man team! A one man wrecking crew! Tell ’em, Hobbs. “It’s simple: I’m big, I’m Black, and I’m jacked. And anybody can get it.” In that case, will both The Ocho & The Cleaner get it the next time they meet Powerhouse Hobbs?


FTR VS The Righteous!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood couldn’t win out at Full Gear, so they are still not the AEW World Tag Team Champions, yet. Will these #TopGuys figure out a way to return to the top? Or will ol’ Dutch & Vincent not #FearTheRevelation, but run headlong into it?

The teams sort out and Cash starts against Vincent. Fans rally behind FTR, but Vinnie gets around Cash to throw hands into the taped up ribs! Vinnie has Cash in a corner, fires off more shots, then lets off as the ref counts. Vinnie ROCKS Cash, throws more body shots, then whips. Cash reverses then drops, and then CLOBBERS Vinnie! Cash bumps Vinnie off buckles, tags Dax, and they whip, drop toehold and elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Dax drags Vinnie up, whips him to ropes, but Vinnie KICKS back! Vinnie runs, to ELBOW Dax down! Then a bump off buckles and tag to Dutch. Dutch ROCKS Dax, then whips him to ropes.

Dax blocks the hip toss but Dutch blocks in return, and CLOBBERS Dax with a lariat! Dutch stalks Dax to a corner, grins at Cash, but Dax CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dutch RAMS Dax in, runs in but Dax ELBOWS! Dax leaps but he falls short! The damage from the ladder match must be more than we know! Dutch hauls Dax up while laughing for a BEARHUG! But Dax BITES Dutch’s forehead! Vinnie runs in, Dax CLOBBERS him! Dax clotheslines Dutch up and out, then TOSSES Vinnie onto Dutch! Dax catches his breath while The Righteous are down on the outside, and Collision goes picture in picture.

FTR storms out after The Righteous, and they fire haymakers! The ref reprimands, Dax sends Dutch into railing while Cash SMACKS Vinnie off the apron! Cash UPPERCUTS Vinnie, Dax fires CHOPS and forearms on Dutch on repeat! FTR then lets off to regroup in the ring. Vinnie gets up, Cash CLOBBERS him! Dutch gets up, FTR both CLOBBER him! Vinnie slides in, Dax DECKS him first! Vinnie bails out, Dax pursues, but that lures Dax into a CROSSBODY from Dutch! The Righteous got the better of Dax there and Dutch drags Dax up and into the ring. Dutch tags Vinnie and The Righteous mug Dax in the corner!

The ref reprimands and counts, the Righteous lets off, and Dutch SPLASHES Dax! Vinnie brings Dax down for a cover, TWO! Vinnie stalks Dax, throws body shots in a corner, then stomps a mudhole into Dax. Tag back to Dutch, he stomps away on Dax, then UPPERCUTS him! Dax sputters, Dutch snapmares him into a chinlock, then CLUBS him in the chest! Dutch drags Dax back, tags in Vinnie, and they mug Dax. Vinnie throws hands, Dax CHOPS in return! And again! Vinnie fires off more haymakers, then snapmares Dax to a chinlock. Vinnie grinds Dax, Dax fights up, and Collision returns to single picture.

Dax fires body shots, runs, but Vinnie slips around to a SLEEPER! Vinnie smothers Dax while fans boo, but Dax reaches out. Dax starts to fade but Cash coaches him on. Dax fights up to his feet, and he throws body shots! Dax CHOPS, CHOPS, but Vinnie scoops to SLAM! But Dax avoids the elbow drop! And another one! Dax goes to the apron, RAMS into Vinnie, then ELBOWS Dutch away! Slingshot sunset flip, but Vinnie holds onto ropes! Tag to Dutch, and Vinnie drags Dax away for Dutch to SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Dutch grins and drags Dax up to reel him in, Canadian Rack for a POWERBOMB!

Dutch goes up the Righteous corner, and he SUPER SENTONS but misses! Fans fire up as Dax crawls! Dutch also crawls, hot tag to Vinnie! Vinnie runs up, waistlocks, but Dax elbows him away! Dax whips, Vinnie reverses but Dax ducks ‘n’ dodges and slides under Vinnie, hot tag to Cash! Cash runs in to rally on Vinnie! CHOPS and UPPERCUTS for The Righteous back and forth! Cash runs to LARIAT Dutch, but Dutch stays up! Cash whips, Dutch reverses but Cash goes up and over! Cash then dodges a boot, ducks ‘n’ dodges again, and he RAMS Dutch right outta the ring! Fans fire up but Vinnie kicks Cash.

Vinnie waistlocks, Cash switches, repeat! They go to ropes, Dutch sneaks a tag! O’Conner, but Dutch is in to BIG BOSS MAN SLAM!! Cover, TWO!! Cash survives and fans fire up! Dutch tags Vinnie, they drag Cash up, and set up for AUTUMN- NO, Cash shoves Vinnie into Dutch, then DROPKICKS Dutch out! Cash whips Vinnie into the corner, Vinnie reverses. Dax tags in as Cash goes up and over, Cash sunset flips and that sets Vinnie up for SHATTER MACHINE!! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

The Righteous had some good tricks up their sleeves, but the Top Guys didn’t fall for them! But then wait, Malakai Black is speaking? He says that if the House rushed the ring right now, there would be no one to save FTR. No Cesaro (he meant Claudio), no Yuta, and no CM Punk. Oof… The misconception is that AEW is the brotherhood that FTR thinks it is. Wait, the lights go out. And then the lights come back up, and Malakai laughs at how he made FTR panic. The House disappears into the night, but will they show the Top Guys that this is every team for themselves?


AEW replays Action talking with Darius.

The Sight to See says, “Eight months. That’s how long it’s been since Darius and I have been teaming up together. And Darius, these past few weeks, I feel like we’ve grown such a bond together. We’ve had so many great opportunities and it’s been so great teaming up with you. And you know I heard that this Wednesday, Dynamite is returning to your hometown of Minneapolis.” Darius agrees, they have had great chemistry. But it seems like there’s something just a little off. Darius knows what they’re missing. And in steps DANTE MARTIN! Darius asks his brother if he’s ready to step up. Dante nods and says, “I’m back.” Top Flight is back at full power, will Angel Dorado help his brother and his new teammate become the Coldest Trio in the Game?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

He welcomes out the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Ricky Starks & “Big Bill” Morrissey! The Absolute and Hyman Skyscraper head to the ring, and Schiavone says they came out of Full Gear and the incredible ladder match still AEW World Tag Team Champions. But then afterwards, after the Media Scrum, they attack Chris Jericho backstage and injuring that elbow. The fans boo, so please, explain yourselves. Starks thought there’d be more of a fight from Jericho, but Starks didn’t even lose his sunglasses. That’s the crazy part! But what isn’t crazy is that the “clout vampire” has leeched back onto Starks like a moth to a flame!

Starks is one half of the AEW Tag Team Champions, so of course Jericho will come back around to try and bite Starks’ lovely neck. It ain’t gonna happen. And then, Jericho brought a friend! Bill says Kenny & Jericho are the Golden Jets, but they look more like the Golden Girls. Starks likes that. Kenny & Jericho have traveled up and down the road and back again, but the thing is, Starks & Bill don’t even know each other that well! Bill, when is Starks’ birthday? No idea. Exactly! But what Starks does know is that Jericho & Kenny ain’t built like Bill.

Bill says four years ago, when he was in and out of the emergency room, having seizures from alcohol withdrawal, Bill always knew he’d make it back to the top! Fans cheer that. When Bill couldn’t get out of bed, at the lowest point of his life, he always knew he’d make it back to the top. Fans cheer that, too! Even Starks fires up! And when nobody believed in him, they all counted him out and said, “He’s washed, he’s done, he’ll never make it back to professional wrestling,” Bill always knew he’d make it back to the top! Starks adds “That’s right!” Fans chant for Bill, and Bill continues to say that standing in this ring with this guy and these titles, Bill will say he’s right. He made it back to the top!

Fans cheer again, and Bill wants Jericho & Kenny to understand, they all know about you two. They know all the accolades, and they are two of the best to ever, ever do this. But Bill doesn’t think Kenny & Jericho realize what they’re dealing with! They are angry, motivated, and not only gonna beat the living hell outta you, but EMBARRASS you! Kareem & Magic, Shaq & Kobe, Jordan & Pippin- Or perhaps, Pippin & Jordan? But when you look at Kenny & Jericho, you don’t see Jordan, Pippin, Kerr, Longley, Rodman, Harper, and sure as hell no Bill FREAKIN’ Wennington! When Bill looks at them, all he sees are the dudes that handed Jordan his bubblegum before introductions!

Starks doesn’t even watch basketball, and he knows all those guys are really good. And he also knows two things: one guy tells everyone he is the best and the other actually is. After Kenny & Jericho are done with Starks & Bill, Starks will let you know one thing. Starks likes his gum minty and Bill likes Big Red! The champs are ready for whenever and wherever the Golden Jets want their shot, but after what they did to Jericho’s wing, how far off in the future will that be?


AEW hears from the Gold League’s round one competitors.

Swerve asks, “You hear that? That was loud as ever.” Jay White says he is the number one seed, he has his first three points in the Continental Classic! Rush says “You’ve liberated the fury of the bull!” Mark Briscoe says there ain’t no shame in losing the game. Recognize that this is one loss in a round robin. White says he’s been in a round robin or two or three, and he is the ONLY ONE who actually won a G1 Climax! But Swerve says you’re gonna need earmuffs to drown out the people who are finally understanding. We’ve seen Swerve the Mogul. Time for Swerve the Champion. Rush vows to destroy everyone else! Mark says he’ll take this block and get that Continental Championship!

But White vows he’s gonna make sure everyone he faces gets ZERO points! And if you’re not down with that, he’s got two words for ya! But Swerve says those two words are, “Whose house? Swerve’s house.”


Keith Lee VS Lee Moriarty!

The Limitless One is still waiting on when and where he collides with former friend, Shane Taylor. However, representing Shane Taylor Promotions is #TAIGASTYLE! Will Moriarty prove he’s the top Lee in AEW? Or will he have no choice but to #BaskInHisGlory?

The bell rings and fans chant for “LEE! LEE! LEE!” Keith asks which one, him or Moriarty? Yes. Moriarty KICKS Keith, but Keith shakes it off. Keith and Moriarty feel things out, strike fight poses, and they start throwing hands! Moriarty bobs ‘n’ weaves, but Keith blocks a kick with a kick. Moriarty avoids a boot to give a boot, but Keith blocks the kick to SPIN KICK! Moriarty narrowly avoids that and fans fire up! Keith lets Moriarty have space, and Moriarty EDDY GORDO KICKS! Moriarty runs, but into a POUNCE from Keith! Fans fire up with Keith while Collision goes picture in picture.

Keith drags Moriarty up, bumps him off buckles, and then stands him up to GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Moriarty sputters and sits down, then flops out of the ring. Keith paces and the ring count climbs. Keith smirks while Moriarty hobbles his way back. Keith conducts the Steel City choir as Moriarty slides in. Keith whips corner to corner, but Moriarty goes up and under, then dropkicks a leg! Moriarty runs up to DROPKICK Keith into buckles! Moriarty goes to buckle bump but Keith blocks, so Moriarty KICKS an arm! Moriarty runs up to BOOT Keith, and then he BULLDOGS Keith down! Fans fire up, Moriarty hurries to cover, ONE!!

Moriarty is stunned, but he hurries to rain down shots on Keith! Keith shoves Moriarty away but Moriarty boots him back down. Moriarty snarls, then he storms up to wrap Keith’s arm around ropes. The ref counts, Moriarty lets off and he stomps Keith. Moriarty swaggers, drags Keith up, and wrenches the bad arm. But Keith clamps onto Moriarty’s face with his other hand as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns and fans want the Grizzly Magnum “One More Time!” So Keith sets Moriarty up, but Moriarty gets away! Moriarty KICKS and KICKS and CLUBS the bad arm. Keith shoves Moriarty with the good arm, but Moriarty bobs ‘n’ swings again. Moriarty jumps on for an ARMBAR, but Keith stays standing! Keith lifts Moriarty and fans fire up as he glares at Moriarty. Moriarty tires to pull that arm, but Keith lifts him up! Moriarty lets go, blocks a kick but not the LARIAT! Fans fire up and Keith shakes out the bad arm. Moriarty flounders to the corner, Keith runs in, but Moriarty dodges! Keith hits buckles, and Moriarty goes to buckle bump!

Keith again blocks, even with just one arm! Fans fire up as Keith then SHOVES Moriarty away! Moriarty comes back to JUMP KICK! Keith staggers, Moriarty goes up, and Moriarty hits a FLYING BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Moriarty is frustrated, and he tells Keith to stay down! Moriarty stalks Keith as fans sing, “OH~ Lee Moriarty~!” Moriarty powers up, to BUZZ- NO, Keith blocks the kick! Keith swings but Moriarty KICKS the bad arm! But Keith shoves Moriarty right to the apron! Moriarty springboards back in, into a HEADBUTT!! Keith then fireman’s carries, for BIG BANG CATASTROPHE!! Cover, Keith wins!

Winner: Keith Lee, by pinfall

Limitless Keith Lee topples Taiga Style, and now he waits on when and where Shane Taylor wants to finally settle the score. Will nothing stop Keith from fighting his way to the top of AEW?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

Gold League continues Continental Classic action, with Mark Briscoe VS Rush, White VS Swerve, and of course, Moxley VS Lethal! Will tides turn for the winners in the first round? Or will losers continue to lose in this high stakes and star studded tournament?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee.

Lexi congratulates him on an impressive win, but what is next for him? Keith says initially, he planned to come here and tell us all how good Moriarty is, how talented he is, how great #TAIGASTYLE is. He is that damn good, Keith will give Moriarty that, but he ain’t no Keith Lee. In fact, Keith is tired of the misrepresentation, the mistreatment, and lack of opportunities given to Keith. So now, Keith is gonna take it. That means…him. You are who Keith is after and you know who you are. And Keith will see you soon. Is that a message to Shane? Or to a champion in AEW?


AEW Continental Classic, Blue League: Eddie Kingston VS Brody King!

Two gritty, no nonsense warriors collide to start their Continental Classic! But will Eddie regret putting up the ROH World & NJPW Strong Championships for this tournament? Or will the Mad King be able to trump the King of Death?

The bell rings, fans fire up and Eddie stares Brody down. They storm up, feel things out, and then tie up. Brody powers Eddie to the corner, the ref counts, and Brody lets off. The fans rally up and duel, the two go again, and Eddie headlocks. Brody powers up and out, Eddie RAMS him but he’s the one that staggers back! Brody runs to RAM Eddie and Eddie again staggers back! Eddie rebounds to RAM Brody, Brody runs to RAM Eddie, repeat! The fans fire up as the two RAM each other again, and then Brody CHOPS! Eddie CHOPS in return! Brody frowns to CHPO, so Eddie CHOSP again! Brody CHOPS, Eddie sputters but he CHOPS!

The CHOPS keep going, fans ‘WOO~!” and then Eddie wrenches to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Brody throws body shots in return, then CLUBS Eddie down! Brody snarls, fans hoot and bark, and Brody eggs Eddie on. Eddie stands, Brody SPLASHES, and Eddie sits down. Fans bark and hoot again, Brody runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Brody storms around, Eddie falls out of the ring, and a ring count starts. The count out would still give Brody his points, but Eddie hurries back up. Brody runs up to BOOT Eddie back down! The ref reprimands, Eddie writhes, and the count restarts. But then Brody goes out after Eddie!

Brody drags Eddie up, throws forearms and a CHOP! Eddie CHOPS back! Brody CHOPS Eddie down! Brody stands on Eddie, stomps him, then drags him up to whip Eddie into steel steps! Fans hoot and bark and rally as Eddie stands. Brody runs in, but is sent into steel steps! Fans fire up again as Eddie shakes out the stars. Eddie hears the count, hurries back in at 7 of 10, and then heads back out after Brody. Fans rally up, Eddie runs in, but Brody ROCKS him! Brody sits Eddie down to CHOP! And CHOP! Eddie falls over, Brody gets space, and Brody returns, BASEMENT SPLASH against the railing!

Fans fire up but the ref tells Brody to get this in the ring. The count starts again, Brody drag Eddie up, and Brody CHOPS! Eddie staggers away, has his dukes up all the same, but Brody CHOPS again! Brody puts Eddie in at 7 of 10, then storms in after him. Brody CHOKES Eddie on the ropes, the ref counts, but Brody lets off at 4. Eddie sputters, fans rally and duel, and Brody drags Eddie up. Brody scoops to SLAM, then runs to SENTON! Eddie sputters and coughs but he isn’t giving up just yet. Brody covers, TWO, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Brody looms over Eddie but Eddie chops from below! Brody SLAPS Eddie! Eddie CHOSP, Brody CHOPS, they fight even on their knees! Brody HEADBUTTS Eddie down! Brody then storms up on Eddie, has him in a corner and fires forearms! Brody CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Eddie hits back! So Brody CHOPS again! Brody whips corner to corner hard and Eddie bounces off buckles! The ref checks on Eddie, but Eddie says he’s still in this. So Brody stands on Eddie’s head at the ropes! The ref counts, Brody lets off, and he storms around. Brody BOOT WASHES Eddie! Eddie sputters but Brody comes back to stand him up.

Eddie clinches! But Brody throws elbows and Eddie falls down. Brody drags Eddie up, CHOPS him again, and follows him to the corner. Brody hoists Eddie up top, climbs up after him, and throws body shots. Eddie fires shots in return, they brawl up top, and Brody CLUBS away on Eddie’s back! Collision returns to single picture as Eddie HEADBUTTS Brody away! Brody storms up to ROCK Eddie back! Brody goes back up, and he SUPERPLEXES! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Fans rally for Eddie as he and Brody stir. Brody stands, he stalks Eddie, and he drag Eddie up, to CHOP again!

Eddie falls back into a corner, but Brody whips corner to corner. Eddie barely makes it! The ref checks on Eddie but Eddie refuses to give up. Brody runs in, but into a BOOT! Brody returns, into another BOOT! Eddie runs and LARIATS! Brody stays up! Eddie snarls and runs again, but blocks a boot to LARIAT Brody down! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Eddie and Brody stir, slowly rise, and Brody goes to a corner. Eddie runs in to clothesline! And MACHINE GUN CHOP! The fans fire up and Eddie roars as he reloads! MACHINE GUN CHOPS! Then a clinch! Brody fights with elbows again, and he gets around, GERMAN SUPLEX!

Eddie rises!? But he staggers about, mostly running on adrenaline and anger! Brody reels Eddie in but Eddie URAKENS!! Eddie falls on the cover, TWO!! Brody survives the Backfist to the Future, but fans fire back up. A standing count starts, both men stir at about 2 of 10, and Brody rolls away from Eddie. Eddie and Brody are still down at 6, and at 8! They both push up off the mat and go forehead to forehead. Then Eddie CHOPS! Brody CHOPS! Eddie brings down the straps and the fans love it! Eddie eggs Brody on, so Brody CHOPS! Eddie CHOPS! Brody CHOPS! Eddie wobbles, but then he CHOPS!

Brody seethes, CHOPS, and Eddie grits his teeth! Eddie glares at Brody, puts some stank on it, and he CHOPS! Brody grits his teeth now as the fans “WOO~!” Brody CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS, then fires off forearms! Brody runs, but Eddie kicks a leg! Then ENZIGURIS! Brody wobbles, into a DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Brody is still in this and Eddie is beside himself! Fans rally up for Eddie as he drags himself to ropes, and Eddie drags himself up to his feet. Eddie wobbles, steadies himself, and he glares at Brody. Brody rises, Eddie heads over, and Eddie reels Brody in. But Brody’s too big to scoop, so Eddie fires body shots and CLUBS Brody!

Eddie reels Brody back in but Brody is still too big! Brody back drops Eddie away! Both men stumble around, Eddie is up, but into an URENAGE! Brody wants Eddie to get up, and the fans hoot and bark. Brody roars, runs, but Eddie catches the discus! Brody swings an elbow, but ends up in an EXPLODER!! Brody’s right up!? But he swings into a HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEX!! Eddie stands, reloads, SAIDO!! Cover, TWO!! Brody survives and the fans are thunderous! Eddie seems unsure what to do, but Eddie drags Brody back up. There’s five minutes left in the 20 minute time limit, Eddie has to hurry!

Eddie stands Brody up, reels him in, but Brody wrenches out! Brody ROCKS Eddie, reels him in, and lifts, for a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Eddie survives by a literal foot and Brody can’t believe it! Brody storms around, the fans rally back up, and Brody fires off more forearms! Eddie wobbles, Brody throws more shots, but Eddie doesn’t fall! Eddie leans on Brody, Brody says goodnight, but Eddie ducks! URAKEN!! Brody rebounds to BOOT Eddie again! And then the GONZO BOMB!!! Cover, Brody wins!!

Winner: Brody King, by pinfall (gains 3 points; Eddie earns 0)

What a brutal battle, perhaps worthy of the G1! This fight alone puts the Continental Classic on the map, and it puts Brody on the board! The House Always Wins as they sweep the night, but will Brody be able to sweep block?

BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Blue League match-ups!

Bryan Danielson finally starts his run against Eddie Kingston! Those two hate each other, will that match somehow outdo the one we just saw? As for Brody, he goes up against Claudio Castagnoli while Daniel Garcia takes on Andrade El Idolo, who continues their momentum and who turns things around?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Collision here tonight, great continuation of the Continental Classic, but I’m already wondering how they’re gonna make up for Bryan Danielson and Andrade El Idolo not starting here with everyone else. Maybe Bryan VS Andrade is added to Dynamite at some point so that there’s time for them to recover before going into a Collision? But either way, awesome stuff from Claudio VS Garcia and of course awesome main event from Brody VS Eddie. Garcia had a good promo on Rampage to plug his part in the tournament, but sadly he loses this first match. Eddie losing the first round also made some sense in terms of storytelling. He put up the other belts, he has to fight his way up from an underdog position to get them back.

Great stuff for the House of Black overall tonight, with everyone in the group winning. Though, that was a given for Julia since this was her first title defense and she wasn’t gonna lose so soon. And it seems House of Black is building their feud with FTR, that’ll be good stuff to build them both back up towards another shot at the tag titles. I did laugh at Malakai saying “Cesaro” and “CM Punk” tonight, though. And great promos from Starks & Bill tonight, pulling upon his real life fight to get back could basically make Big Bill a Face, but he and Starks are also just so good at being Heels.

But Don Callis calling out Jericho & Omega for a 2v1 with Hobbs makes no sense given we all saw Starks & Bill beat him up and hurt that bad arm more. Hobbs VS Omega 1v1 could still be some great stuff, even though Like a Dragon felt like it was the blowoff. I suppose Hobbs VS Omega could also be a vehicle to give us the return of Paul Wight and setting up Hobbs VS Wight for Worlds End. Though, knowing Jericho, he’ll still try and fight with the bad arm and that could end up a liability that helps Hobbs win, helps Starks & Bill win, something so that Jericho & Omega don’t actually end up tag team champions, really making taking the title shot off the Bucks all the weirder.

Great match from Keith VS Moriarty but I figured Keith was gonna win. Keith didn’t say Shane Taylor’s name, so I really hope this isn’t Tony Khan having them shift gears away from that story the same way he never gave Keith and Swerve a true blowoff. Granted, Keith does deserve to go after a championship, as he also should have a long time ago, but I guess we’ll see. Honestly, a title is the only thing that could make up for Keith not getting in on the Continental Classic, which itself leads to a title. And the only title I can think of is the AEW International Championship because the world title already has way too many people going after MJF, and the TNT title is spoken for.

Speaking of, awesome stuff from Edge going after “Killswitch.” Luchasaurus getting up from a Con-Chair-To was great, too, but this of course gives us Edge VS Christian for the TNT Championship. Too bad it couldn’t be Winter is Coming, or rather that Winter is Coming wasn’t set for Montreal. Either way, it’ll be great stuff, and maybe, just maybe, Luchasaurus finally breaks away from Christian.

My Score: 8.9/10

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