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Mitchell’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Results & Report! (5/26/23)

A Block VS B Block!




The semifinals are upon us!

NJPW’s Best of the Super Juniors 30 reaches the semifinals, and Titán is in the biggest match of his career! But can he make it past El Desperado?


  • Robbie Eagles & Kosei Fujita VS Clark Connors & Gedo; Eagles & Fujita win.
  • Toru Yano & Tomoaki Honma VS Aaron Henare & Great-O-Khan; Henare & Khan win.
  • Six Man Tag: Ryusuke Taguchi & The Intergalactic Jet Setters VS The United Empire; The United Empire wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Chaos VS The House of Torture; Chaos wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tomohiro Ishii VS Shota Umino, Oskar Leube & Boltin Oleg; Okada, Tanahashi & Ishii win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Just5Guys VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; J5G wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30 Semifinals: Master Wato VS Mike Bailey; Wato wins and advances to the finals.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 30 Semifinals: El Desperado VS Titán; Titán wins and advances to the finals.


8 Man Tag: Just5Guys VS Los Ingobernables de Japon!

While Douki and Yoshinobu Kanemaru won’t be adding the Best of the Super Juniors trophy to the group’s collection, Sanada is still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and Taichi is still Mr. KOPW. Will NJPW still be run by Just5Guys? Or will Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, Hiromu Takahashi & Bushi make everything tranquilo?

J5G give the thumbs up while LIJ fist bump. And then LIJ attacks J5G! Hiromu’s after Douki, Bushi’s after Kanemaru, Takagi’s after Taichi and Naito’s after Sanada! Fans fire up as the bell rings and this is on record. Everyone else spills out while Hiromu keeps Douki in the ring. But then Douki rakes Hiromu’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Douki lets off and fans rally. Takagi headlocks Sanada, brings him around the way, then POSTS him! Douki CHOPS Hiromu, whips him, but Hiromu reverses. Douki ducks ‘n’ dodges and RANAS! Fans fire up as Douki dropkicks Hiromu out of the ring!

Fans rally as Douki builds speed, but Takagi trips him up! Hiromu gets back in to basement dropkick Douki! Fans fire up with LIJ but Sanada goes after Takagi. Takagi SMACKS him off the apron and then sends him back into the post! Hiromu CHOPS Douki, has him in a corner, and CHOPS him again! Hiromu says, “Motto!” and fans echo it, so Hiromu CHOPS again! “Motto!” “Motto!” CHOP! “Motto!” “Motto!” CHOP! Hiromu whips corner to corner, runs in, clotheslines, snapmares and basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Hiromu brings Douki up. Takagi tags in and fans rally as LIJ mugs Douki.

Douki throws forearms but Takagi HEADBUTTS back! Douki staggers, Takagi whips him and KNEES him, then runs to run Douki over! Takagi drags Douki up, to suplex high and hard! Cover but Takagi lets off as Taichi storms in. The two stare down, the ref reprimands, and Taichi backs off. Takagi drags Douki up with a facelock, Naito tags in, and LIJ mugs Douki. Douki throws forearms on Naito but Naito fires off forearms back! Naito cravats, Douki throws body shots, but Naito cranks the cravat. Douki throws body shots but Naito puts Douki in the corner. The ref counts, Naito whips corner to corner, then he SPITS at Taichi!

Naito runs at Douki, JUMP KICK! Leg sweep! COMBI- NO, Douki moves! Douki comes back but into a BOOT! Naito runs in, waistlocks, Douki switches, but Naito elbows free and arm-drags! Naito runs but Douki JUMPING HEADBUTTS! Fans fire up while both men are down! Naito and Douki crawl, hot tag to Taichi! The Holy Emperor gives Naito some Kawada Kicks! Naito goes to a corner, Taichi clotheslines, wrenches and- NO, Naito fights the saido! Naito whips, Taichi reverses to wrench and HOOK KICK! But LIJ attacks Taichi! Fans fire up, Hiromu & Bushi double whip Taichi corner to corner!

Bushi runs in, but into an AX BOMBER! AX BOMBER for Hiromu! DOUBLE BOMBER from Taichi and Takagi! Both men wobble, but Takagi ELBOWS! JABS! AX BOMBER from Taichi! Both men are down and fans fire up! Taichi hurries over, tag to Kanemaru! The Heel Master brings Naito up to whip, but Naito reverses. Kanemaru dropkicks the leg! And grabs that leg for a SHIN BREAKER! Step through, FIGURE FOUR! Hiromu stomps Kanemaru but Douki kicks Hiromu. Douki throws Hiromu out, Kanemaru lets off of Naito to stomp the legs. Fans rally as Kanemaru stomps Naito more.

Kanemaru drags Naito up, but Naito fights the shin breaker with elbows. Kanemaru kicks but Naito blocks to CLUB the leg! Now Naito goes after the leg, but Kanemaru fights him off! Kanemaru kicks the leg again, runs, but Naito dodges the dropkick! Naito dropkicks Kanemaru’s leg now! Fans fire up while both men are down, and Naito crawls to tag in Bushi! Fans fire up as Bushi climbs and aims, MISSILE DROPKCK! Bushirooni! Fans fire up and Bushi runs in corner to corner to back elbow Kanemaru! Kanemaru swings on Bushi but Bushi dodges to dropkick the leg out! Bushi ties up those legs, CROSS HEEL CLOVERLEAF!

Kanemaru scrambles and gets the ROPEBREAK! Bushi lets off, hauls Kanemaru up but Kanemaru fights the Fisherman. Bushi kicks low, runs, but into a dropkick to the legs! Both men crawl, hot tag to Sanada! J5G BLAST LIJ first! They drag Bushi up, double whip him corner to corner, then Douki back elbows! Feed to Taichi’s mule kick! Sanada adds a knee lift, and Douki adds an ENZIGURI! Sanada then gets Bushi in a dragon sleeper, for the SKULL SWING! But LIJ returns to save Bushi! They throw Douki and Taichi out but Sanada throws Naito out. Sanada drags Bushi back up for another dragon sleeper!

Bushi flails, spins, cradles, TWO!! Sanada gets free, he dodges Bushi to O’Conner Roll, into the dragon sleeper! Douki DROPKICKS Hiromu off the apron, then DIVES to take Hiromu out! Sanada drags Bushi into the SKULL END! The body scissors are on, Bushi taps! J5G wins!

Winners: Just5Guys, by pinfall

The IWGP World Heavyweight Champion puts away his old friend in the Black Mask, and is rolling strong into Dominion! Will he have to worry about Yota Tsuji bringing doomsday to his title reign?


Best of the Super Juniors 30 Semifinals: Master Wato VS Mike Bailey!

The Way of the Grandmaster enters the semifinals as B Block’s two seed, and he faces off against A Block’s top seed. Will Wato stop Speedball’s momentum? Or will Mike Bailey kick things up a notch and reach the finals?

The bell rings and fans rally up. Wato and Mike encourage them to get louder, and the two circle. Mike offers a handshake, and Wato accepts. Fans cheer the sportsmanship, and the two circle more. They feel things out, testing the water with kicks. Mike is a bit more aggressive and almost gets Wato with a spin kick. Wato tries some of his own, and the two knuckle lock. Mike KICKS Wato in the leg, but Wato KICKS Mike in the leg! They go KICK for KICK back and forth, then Wato SOBATS! Wato whips, Mike reverses, things speed up and Mike hurdles while Wato leaps over. Mike arm-drags, but Wato arm-drags back!

Wato ducks a roundhouse, waistlocks, but Mike wrenches out. Wato blocks the arm-drag, whips and DROPKICKS! Fans fire up while Mike bails out. Wato PLANCHAS and takes Mike down! Fans fire up, Wato stomps Mike, and Wato fires up a bit. Fans cheer him on as he puts Mike in. Wato then body scissors, rolls, and VENDAVAL! Mike scrambles and gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Wato lets go, and fans rally up. Wato drags Mike up, CLUBS him down, then CLUBS him again. Wato cravats, snapmares and KICKS Mike in the back! Wato eggs Mike on and Mike sits up, into a KICK!

Wato KICKS but Mike eggs him on, to then SOBAT! And fire off lightning kicks! And then ENZIGURI! Wato bails out of the ring and Mike builds speed! Wato gets on the apron but Mike BOOTS him down! Fans fire up as Mike goes to the corner, TRIANGLE JUMP MOONSAULT! Fans fire up and Mike struts around through the crowd. Mike encourages the fans to get louder so they oblige. Mike makes his way around to the other segments, gets them fired up, and then the ring count climbs. Mike waits on Wato to get up, then runs in, to JUMP KICK! Fans fire up and Mike wrenches the arm to then drop a knee on it!

The ref goes out, reprimands Mike, but Mike steps off. Wato writhes, Mike drags him up by that bad arm, and then Mike puts Wato in the ring. Fans cheer, Mike fires up with a “WOO~!” and the fans echo it. Mike stomps Wato, KICKS him in the back, then covers. TWO! Another cover, TWO! DOUBLE KNEE DROP! Cover, TWO!! Wato survives, fans fire up, and Mike paces. Wato sits up and fans rally again as Mike brings him up. Mike RAMS Wato into the corner, and RAMS again, and RAMS again! Mike whips Wato corner to corner, and runs in to BOOT him! That was one hell of a kick!

Fans fire up, Mike scoops and SLAMS Wato into the drop zone, then he goes up, VADER KNEE DROPS! Cover, TWO! Wato survives but Mike keeps his cool. Mike drags Wato up, wrenches, and CHOPS Wato down! Mike drags Wato up again, wrenches and CHOPS him down again! Mike brings Wato up a third time, for another wrench and CHOP! But Wato ROCKS Mike back! Mike eggs Wato on so Wato ROCKS him again! And again! And again! Mike SOBATS! And AX KICKS! And ROUNDHOUSES! Fans fire up, Mike aims and runs in for the SHOOTING- NO, Wato moves and Mike belly flops!

Wato goes to a corner, Mike runs in but into BOOTS! And then Wato BULLDOGS! Fans fire up as Wato roars, and Wato brings Mike up. Mike kicks but Wato ducks it. Wato waistlocks but Mike breaks it. Wato jumps to ZIGZAG! Fans rally up again while both men are down. Wato goes to ropes and stands up. Wato waits on Mike, runs in and rallies with elbows and a BOOT! Wato whips to CALF KICK Mike down! Fans fire up again while Mike bails out. Wato shakes the bad arm, builds speed, and he FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Mike! Fans fire up again and Wato roars! Wato grits his teeth and he brings Mike up.

The ring count is 9 of 20 but Wato puts Mike back in. Fans cheer and Wato aims from the apron. Wato’s arm bothers him, but he still springboards, but into an ARMBAR!! Mike has Wato caught but Wato scrambles around to the ROPEBREAK! Mike lets off quickly while fans cheer. Mike refocuses, he stalks Wato, and he KICKS Wato in the bad arm! And KICKS him again! And CHOPS him in the corner! Fans rally, Mike whips but Wato blocks by holding ropes! Mike tries again but Wato still blocks! Mike wraps the bad arm around ropes to YANK it! Fans cheer as Mike gets space. Mike then runs back in, but only gets buckles!

Wato comes back but into an ELBOW! And then into BOOTS! Wato is down, Mike goes up, ULTIMA- NO, Wato moves, but Mike rolls through! Wato rushes in, Mike ducks the Screw High Kick, ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Wato clasps hands, rolls to a cover, TWO!! Mike escapes, Wato sunset flips but Mike sits on it! TWO and Wato sunset flips! TWO, into VENDAVAL!! Fans fire up, Mike rocks it to a cover, TWO! Wato still has the hold but Mike powers around to an ARMBAR! Wato powers his way to a waistlock, but Mike fights the suplex! Mike pops Wato up, into the ARMBAR!! Wato stacks again, TWO!

Mike CLUBS Wato, MOONSAULTS but the knees hit the mat! Wato avoids disaster to then roll Mike into VENDAVAL!!! Mike endures, fans rally, and Wato’s own arm makes it hard to hold the hold! Mike fights his way around, reaches out, teetertotters things all the way to the ROPEBREAK! Wato lets go in frustration and both men are down. Fans rally up again while Wato crawls away. Wato waits on Mike to rise, and he powers up, only for Mike to kick his kick away! And then ROUNDHOUSE! And THRUST KICK! Wato staggers to a corner, Mike powers up and fans are thunderous! TATSUMAKI- NO! Wato blocks!

But Mike hits back, wrenches and whips, but Wato reverses and wrenches to reel Mike in! RECIENTEMENTE!! Cover, TWO!!! Mike escapes at the last possible moment and fans are thunderous again! Wato roars, he drags Mike back up and reels him in, but Mike fights the waistlock! Mike steps through the ropes to the apron, Wato follows, but Mike ELBOW BREAKERS! Wato clutches that arm and Mike takes a fighting stance. Mike KICKS Wato in the chest! Wato KICKS Mike in the chest! Fans rally, Mike and Wato both stand again. Mike KICKS Wato, and Wato KICKS Mike! Mike KICKS Wato again!

Wato staggers, but he comes back to go forehead to forehead. ROUNDHOUSE! Wato reels Mike in, but Mike again fights the suplex! Mike trips Wato, to MOONSAULT KNEE DROP!! Wato sputters into the ring and Mike climbs up! ULTIMA WEAPON!!! Cover, TWO!?!?! Wato survives and shocks everyone!! Mike roars and shakes the ropes and the fans are electric! Mike drags Wato up, puts him on the top rope, and then tucks him in. Wato fights free and gut wrenches! T T D!!! Cover, TWO!!! Mike survives now and Wato shakes his head. Wato roars, fans fire up again, and Wato drags Mike back up.

Wato waistlocks, but the bad arm stops the suplex! Mike KICKS the arm! And ROUNDHOUSES! And then ROUNDHOUSES again! And then THRUST KICKS! Wato is dazed in a corner, Mike runs to TATSU- SCREW HIGH KICK!!! Wato finds new life, to TSUTENKAKU!!! Bridging cover, WATO WINS!

Winner: Master Wato, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

The Way of the Grandmaster continues on! Wato is on the rise, is this year going to be his time?


Best of the Super Juniors 30 Semifinals: El Desperado VS Titán w/ Los Ingobernables de Japon!

Now B Block’s top seed takes on A Block’s number two! Neither man has won this tournament before, will the Rogue Luchador take the next step towards becoming the Best of the Super Juniors? Or will El Inmortal stay alive until the end?

LIJ fist bumps with Titan and fans cheer. The bell rings and fans rally up for “TI-TA-NN!” Desperado says okay, that’s fine. He and Titan circle, feel things out, and tie up. Desperado waistlocks, Titan spins around to a facelock, but Desperado spins that around onto Titan. Titan spins it back onto Desperado but Desperado slips around to half nelson and snapmare Titan into a chinlock. Titan fights up, trips Desperado, rolls him and facelocks, but Desperado slips out to wrench. Titan rolls, handsprings and gets free. The fans cheer as the two stand off. Desperado and Titan reset and circle again.

Titan and Desperado feel things out, Desperado wrenches and spins Titan to a snapmare and back to the chinlock. Titan fights around, gets a leg for a toehold, but Desperado chinbars. Titan shrugs that off but Desperado rolls him with body scissors to have a rear mount. Desperado puts his hands over Titan’s eyes, then toys with the mask strings and slaps Titan around. Desperado then hooks an arm, turns Titan back around and brings him up to arm-drag. Titan kips up to arm-drag back! Fans fire up while Desperado bails out and Titan kips up. Desperado goes to the front row and mockingly applauds.

Titan waits on Desperado and Desperado returns. They circle again, knuckle lock, and then Titan SOBATS! Titan wrenches and whips Desperado to a corner but Desperado reverses. Titan goes up and over and handsprings, then blocks the chop to CHOP back! Titan has the knuckle lock, he goes up and up and tightrope walks to FLYING RANA! Desperado bails back out and fans fire up! Titan builds speed, but Desperado moves so Titan just rolls and flips! Desperado rushes in, Titan dodges to RAN- NO, Desperado dumps Titan to SMASH the knee on the floor! Fans fire up while Titan writhes.

Desperado stomps the bad leg, then YANKS it! Titan growls, hobbles up, and Red Shoes wants this back in the ring. Desperado borrows English commentary’s onion! “Onion-san” has been part of this tour the whole time, and he’s finally in on the action as Desperado throws him at Titan! Titan throws Onion-san back at Desperado! Red Shoes reprimands and gets Onion-san back to commentary. Desperado drags Titan up to POST him! Titan flops over and fans rally up. Desperado has fans move aside and everyone knows what this means. Desperado drags Titan up to BOWL Titan through chairs!

Desperado is personally disappointed, that was probably a few pins short of a strike. Red Shoes wants this back in the ring, Desperado fetches Titan, and splashes him with someone’s iced tea! Titan CHOPS Desperado, but Desperado eggs him on. Titan chops but Desperado CHOPS him down! Desperado drags Titan up and puts him back in the ring. Desperado stomps Titan around, drags him up, but Titan ROCKS Desperado! Desperado kicks the leg out, then brings him up to suplex. Titan slips out to waistlock but Desperado elbows free. Desperado whips, Titan reverses then goes Matrix to CALF KICK!

Desperado staggers to ropes, Titan runs in, but Desperado puts him on the apron. Titan GAMANGIRIS back! Desperado staggers, Titan springboards to FLYING RANA! Desperado bails out, Titan builds speed and Titan DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp and fans are thunderous! Titan rises and stomps Desperado around. Fans rally for “TI-TA-NN!” as he brings Desperado up. Titan wants the fans to move aside now! Titan KICKS Desperado, then BOWLS him into chairs! Now that’s a strike! Titan drags Desperado up and brings him further to the back! Titan knees low, SOBATS, then RAMS Desperado into the side of the stands!

Fans fire up, and now Titan goes up the bleachers! The upper deck gets a closer look at the action as Titan SUPER CROSSBODIES Desperado down!! Fans are thunderous and Hiromu loves it! Red Shoes checks both men and they’re somehow both okay to continue! Hiromu cheers his amigo on and Titan rises! Titan makes his way back to ringside and LIJ tells him he’s got this. The ring count climbs, Desperado is still down at 10 of 20! Titan gets up and in at 15, but Desperado is still so far away! Desperado crawls, runs, and slides in at 19.5! But Titan dropkicks the legs out! Titan gets the leg, for the TRAILER HITCH!

Desperado endures the push on the legs, he reaches out for ropes, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Titan lets go and fans cheer. LIJ and the fans rally for “TI-TA-NN!” as he brings Desperado up. Desperado throws body shots but Titan fires off a strike fest! But then Desperado UPPERCUTS! Desperado kicks, but Titan blocks to DRAGON SCREW! And then step through for LA CRUCETA! The Mexican lucha libre take on the Figure Four, but Desperado still endures. Desperado reaches out for ropes, but Titan rolls him away! Desperado then turns the hold over, but Titan turns it back over! Desperado drags Titan along with him, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK!

Fans cheer and Titan lets Desperado go in frustration. Desperado crawls to the apron and clutches a leg. Titan rests, as well, and the fans rally up. Titan waits on Desperado to return, and he SUPERKICKS! Desperado ends up in a corner, Titan fires up and the fans are with him! Titan roars, runs, but Desperado SPEARS him first! Both men are down while the fans rally up. Desperado rises first, he stalks Titan, drags him up, and hits a BIG back suplex! Desperado hobbles over, brings Titan up and suplexes high and hard! Stack cover, TWO, into STRETCH MUFFLER! Titan scrambles and gets the ROPEBREAK!

Desperado lets go quickly and fans rally up again. Desperado hobbles over, brings Titan up, but Titan throws a forearm! Desperado eggs him on, so Titan throws another forearm! Desperado CHOPS and Titan drops to a knee. Desperado eggs Titan on more, and Titan stands to throw a strike fest! Titan runs, but into an ELBOW! Desperado runs, but Titan follows to hit the TORNADO DDT! Fans are thunderous again as Desperado bails out. Titan builds speed and DIVES into LOCO MONO!! Desperado shakes out his fist while Titan flops back in a daze. Desperado goes up the apron, Titan runs in but Desperado ducks the haymaker.

Desperado throws Titan down by his mask, but Titan kips up to PELE! Desperado falls down and Titan builds speed, to FLY! Another direct hit at the ramp! Fans are thunderous and Titan stomps Desperado around. Titan wants people to move aside, and he goes up the corner! Fans fire up as Titan reaches the top. SUPER DIVING- NO, Desperado moves!!! Did Titan just bust an ankle or a knee? Desperado puts Titan in, and gets the STRETCH MUFFLER!! Titan endures, flails, but Desperado gets an arm! NUMERO DOS!! Titan flails, Hiromu coaches him to keep fighting, and Titan crawls with one arm to get the ROPEBREAK!

Desperado drags Titan up fast, gut wrench, GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! Titan survives and Desperado grows frustrated. Desperado roars, the fans are with him, and he drags Titan back up. Desperado reels Titan in, underhooks, PINCHE- NO, Titan fights it, wrenches out, and SOBATS! Titan whips, Desperado reverses to reel Titan in. Titan SOBATS again, whips, but Desperado reverses. They RAM shoulders, but Titan falls over while Desperado falls out of the ring! Fans rally up, LIJ coaches Titan and Desperado clutches an ankle. Red Shoes checks him but he seems okay to continue.

Titan shakes his bad leg out while the ring count starts. Desperado rises at 8 of 20, stands at 12 and hobbles over into the ring at 15. Titan stomps Desperado, CLUBS him, then stands him up. Titan whips, Desperado reverses to SPINEBUSTER! High stack, TWO!! STRETCH MUFFLER!!! Titan endures all over again but LIJ shouts to him! But Desperado gets NUMERO DOS!! Titan fights, reaches out, but Desperado drags him away! Titan sits up!? And shifts around, DESTROYER!! Both men are down again and fans are thunderous! Desperado drags himself up with the ropes while LIJ and the fans rally for “TI-TA-NN!”

Titan feels it, he runs in at Desperado, but into a drop toehold into the ropes! Titan sputters, Desperado roars, and Desperado whips Titan. Titan reverses, to TORNADO DDT again!! Both men are down, but Titan crawls himself to the corner. Titan skins the cat to the top! Titan stands and leaps, DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!!! But double-edged for Titan! Titan still crawls, still covers, TWO!!! Desperado still lives! Fans rally and Titan roars again! Titan hobbles, he drags Desperado around and hooks the leg, but Desperado kicks at Titan. Titan stomps Desperado’s stomach! Leg hook, turn over, JAVE INMORTAL!!!

LIJ is fired up, the fans are thunderous, but Desperado fights the crossface portion of the hold! Titan still powers it onto Desperado and he pulls Desperado back! WAY BACK!! DESPERADO TAPS, TITAN WINS!!!!

Winner: Titán, by submission (advances to the finals)

Desperado could not endure and now his dream is denied for another year! But that aside, is Desperado going to be okay to continue wrestling the rest of this year? LIJ joins Titan in the ring to help him with the icepacks as well as to celebrate. But as Desperado takes his exit and Titan gets the mic, Wato makes his return to ringside. Titan gets the mic to say in Spanish, “Thank God for this.” And then in Japanese, he asks, “Feelin’ good, Kawato-san?” Wato joins Titan in the ring as Titan says, “Glad to see you here.” Going back to Spanish, Titan then says, “Next time, it’s just you and me, one on one.”

Titan says he has LIJ behind him, so you’ll get the best of him, “because I’m one of the few Mexicans to go the distance. To go to the Best of the Super Juniors Finals!” Fans cheer and Wato applauds. Titan then drops the mic, Wato raises his finger to say they’re the ones, and then pats his chest as a sign of respect. Wato leaves so Titan can celebrate his moment, but who will be celebrating biggest of all this Sunday?

My Thoughts:

A great card for the semifinals, and I did skim through the other matches I didn’t cover. Great win for Eagles & Fujita with Fujita getting the finish on Gedo. Great showing from The United Empire, and apparently they either want in on the Double Tag Team Championship Triple Threat in Aussie Open’s place, or to just face the winner between Bishamon & House of Torture so they can be the ones to face Aussie Open on their return. But they announced such intentions by attacking after the 8 Man Tag, which was then turned around on them by The House of Torture. Either way, this adds great heat into that title match, which I feel like Bishamon is going to win.

Really good stuff out of the Dream Trio against Shota and the Young Lions. The Young Lions got to really show their stuff even though they lost, and we did get some great interactions between Okada and Shota. And of course we got awesome stuff out of the BOSJ semifinals, and some rather surprising results. English commentary itself said that this is definitely the dark horse match-up between the two Number 2 Seeds. I definitely thought Mike Bailey and Desperado were winning. Or at least Mike Bailey was winning, Desperado VS Titan felt like it could’ve gone either way going into the match.

But I suppose NJPW has been pretty high on Wato and Wato has been doing solid work for a long time, so good of them to give Wato the win here. The final match is anyone’s game, but I feel like it’s 51-49 in favor of Wato so as to avoid Hiromu VS Titan for the title.

My Score: 8.8/10

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Andrew’s TNA Xplosion Results & Match Ratings: 2.22.2024

We get Dirty Dango and Mike Bailey in action, as well as the Around the Ring interview with Speedball Mike Bailey!



Let’s remember this took place right before the No Surrender pre-show, so there’s still No Surrender hype in the announcer points.

Therefore, we already know most of how the Top 5 turns out and if the allusions for momentum pay off…but Xplosion has established itself as more than just a wrestling show. We get to see a few of the undercard players get some ring time, we get wholesome interviews with Gia in full Southern Fried charming glory, and we always get some nice nostalgia moment with the throwback match. Its a quick and dirty 45 minutes, so its hard to be mad.

Speaking of dirty, he’s in the main event!



  • Mike Bailey vs Jai Vidal: Speedball wins via Ultima Weapon – ** 3/4
  • Laredo Kid vs Dirt Dango w/Oleg Prudius & Alpha Bravo: Dango wins via Down & Dirty – ** 1/2



Mike Bailey vs Jai Vidal

Vidal tries a cheap shot, Bailey blocks, puts his hands behind his back and says “try again”, he ducks the slap. Gives Vidal one more chance and just front kicks him when he winds up. Vidal is on the receiving end of early strikes and the Bailey Kick Flurry. Running Boot sends Vidal crashing to the floor, Triangle Moonsault connects and its all Speedball so far. Bailey throws Vidal back in, but Jai slips out and Bailey loses track of him when he goes under the ring. So Jai gets behind him, picks the leg and throws Bailey into the stairs.

Back in the ring, Jai is hitting a few Open Hand Smacks and a Tornado DDT. Jai goes for the SLAYmore Kick, but Bailey catches it and starts lighting up Jai with kicks into the Running Shooting Star Press. Vidal ducks a few Buzzsaw Kicks but Bailey holds one to catch him when he thinks he’s safe. Tornado Kick to the corner misses, Jai uses the ropes to keep distance, trips Bailey and then lands the Double Stomp into the SLAYmore Kick…but Bailey kicks out!

Jai lands a few Slaps that just piss off Speedball, he stands up, they trade shots, Jai misses the Yakuza kick, Tornado Kick lands into Ultima Weapon for the Bailey’s win!

Don West, You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! Trending Topics of the week:

5. Chris Sabin’s Longest X Division Title Reign

4. ABC vs GYV going to Match 3

3. Tickets on Sale for Rebellion in Vegas on 4/20

2. Josh Alexander vs Simon Gotch

1. Joe Hendry’s new AJ Francis song

Around the Ring with Gia Miller has Mike Bailey on it today. They start off with Bailey revealing he went to Cooking School and both he and Gia enjoying cooking. Ahh I relate to Bailey on the can’t bake aspect because its too specific and basically science. Bailey’s thing he created that he hasn’t been able to remake is a Pulled Pork Brie Grilled Cheese. I’m only mentioning that since it sounds delicious. 

TNA+ Flashback Moment: Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray, No Surrender 2012

This is right towards the end of the TNA height, still solid matches and memories, but its kind of like watching events from WCW 1999. 

Laredo Kid vs Dirt Dango w/Oleg Prudius & Alpha Bravo

Ahh he mixed it up saying he hates Lucha Libre this time. 

Dango keeps up with Laredo a little until a Headscissors sends Dango flying, Bravo and Prudius try to block Dango which causes Laredo to pivot. Wrecking Ball Dropkick for Bravo into a big Moonsault into bodies and Laredo is rolling.

They get back in the ring, Forearm Smash into a Michinoku Driver and Uno Mas Moonsaults, but Bravo distracts him on two and a Release Side Suplex gives Dango the edge. Dango just fires Laredo into the corners a few times and goes for a quick cover, but barely gets a 2. Chin Lock into a Sleeper gives Dango the heelish “rest hold” advantage. Laredo tries to fire but Dango stops it with a Knee. Near fall again and Dango goes into a Crossface to keep the Luchador grounded.

Laredo slips a Fireman’s Carry, Dango tries to chase, misses, and Laredo throws some offense together. Missile Dropkick into a Flying Neckbreaker for 2. Laredo goes for a Brainbuster, Dango slips it, hits the ropes and simultaneous Lariats to lay both out. Laredo is the first one up, Forearms into a big slap, goes for a Rope Run, but Dango turns him INSIDE OUT with a Western Lariat. Dango heads to the top for Down & Dirty, Laredo kips up, tries to counter the attempt but Bravo distracts the referee and Oleg trips up Laredo. Down & Dirty hits, Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap for the win!

Overall Score: 5.5/10

This gave Bailey a little momentum going into No Surrender, gave Jai his best showing to date, and reminded everyone that Dango is lurking in that upper middle card area thanks to his enforcers. Dango is an enjoyable gimmick, and I think they’ve done really well at using him often enough to care, but not shoving the “punk rock, don’t care” attitude in our face too much. Like most of us TNA fans remember Shannon Moore’s Book of DILIGAF, right? Punk attitude is fun, but applied correctly…and this is pretty well executed.

Also once again, Around the Ring interviews are charming, and I think do a really good job at ingratiating the talent beyond what the storyline or workrate dictates. Gia is a great interviewer.

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (2/26/24)

Scores will be settled!



The Road to WrestleMania gets intense!

Raw has grudge matches on tap as Sami Zayn faces Shinsuke Nakamura, and The New Day faces Imperium in a Tag Team Street Fight!


  • Sami Zayn VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Sami wins.
  • Chelsea Green VS Raquel Rodriguez; Raquel wins.
  • Tag Team Street Fight: The New Day VS Imperium; Imperium wins.
  • Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell; Shayna & Zoey win.
  • Nia Jax VS Liv Morgan; Nia wins, by disqualification.
  • Cody Rhodes VS Grayson Waller w/ Austin Theory; Cody wins.


Dominik Mysterio is in the ring.

San Jose is booing but Dom has the mic to say, “Everyone, please welcome the greatest Women’s World Champion of all time! RHEA RIPLEY!” The fans fire up as Mami makes her way to the ring, and she feels great after retaining her title at Elimination Chamber. Rhea gets the mic to welcome us to “Monday Night Mami!” The fans cheer Mami on and she smiles. Rhea says this weekend, she walked into her home country our Women’s World Champion, and she walked out of it still our Women’s World Champion. Nia Jax might’ve been the biggest threat to her reign, but it doesn’t matter how big you are. Rhea may be from Down Under, but Mami’s always on top! Because she’s Rhea BLOODY Ripley!

Wait! Here comes Becky Lynch! The Man started the Elimination Chamber match, won the Elimination Chamber match, and now she’s here to step to the champion she’ll be facing at WrestleMania! The fans cheer Becky on and she gets a mic now. “The Man has come around to San Jose!” The fans cheer that! Becky says The Man is also coming back around to WrestleMania… to fight Rhea. “But The Man came out here to say congratulations. What a night that you had on Saturday. Hell, what a night we both had on Saturday, hey?” Becky won the Chamber, Rhea successfully defended her title against Nia in her home country, stadium filled and in the main event!

Rhea had her family and friends there, what a moment. And even better, because now they won’t have to fly all the way to WrestleMania to watch her lose. Dom tells Becky “Nobody talks to Mami like that.” Fans boo Dom and Becky tells him to listen to them, “ya dirty kumquat!” Becky was talking to Mami, and if Mami won’t put Dom in his place, The Man will. The fans cheer that! Becky says Rhea is on a hell of a run, one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. And even though the last year, Rhea has been the face of this company, she’s spent most of the time being fed grapes by this loser.

Meanwhile, Becky has been the backbone, the heart and soul of this company! She became a Grand Slam Champion, all while writing a best-selling book! The Man can do it all, including beating “Rhea Bloody Ripley.” Becky throws down her mic but Rhea asks if she’s done. Yeah? Cool. First off, never disrespect her Latino Heat like that again. Secondly, “congrats” on winning the Chamber. It’s about time Becky stopped disappointing Rhea and actually won something to get even this close to Rhea’s level. Becky says she’s the backbone, but The Man always thinks they’re the backbone of everything.

The funny thing is, that behind every great Man is an even greater woman. But Rhea isn’t behind Becky, because Mami is ALWAYS on top. Rhea drops her mic now but the two still talk some trash. Rhea & Dom leave, title in Mami’s hand. Will Becky leave Philadelphia with that title in hers? WAIT! Nia Jax runs up from the crowd to CLOBBER Becky! Fans boo as Nia HEADBUTTS Becky then dribbles her off the mat! The sore loser drops a leg on Becky! Rhea dares Nia to try her then, but Dom says Nia’s not worth Rhea’s time. Nia drops another leg on Becky! And then she drags Becky to a corner, but refs rush out here!

Fans boo Nia while Adam Pearce tells her to stop this. The producers also get Becky to safety. Pearce says Nia’s getting a fine if she keeps going rogue. Nia backs down, but will she make sure everyone feels her wrath on the Road to WrestleMania?


Backstage interview with Nia Jax.

Jackie Redmond has caught up with the “heated” Irresistible Force, and asks why Nia attacked Becky. Nia says, “Why? Are you kidding me?” Becky won Chamber but she should NOT be going to WrestleMania over Nia! Nia beat Becky clean, so there’s no way Nia is letting Becky make it to WrestleMania. Then with Mania still weeks away, and Nia having a match with Liv Morgan tonight, will- Nia says whatever just happened to Becky, expect ten times that for Liv. Nia storms off, will she look to end Liv’s revenge tour cold here tonight?


Sami Zayn VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

Speaking of WrestleMania, The Great Liberator still wants a spot on the Grandest Stage of Them All, even if the path isn’t quite clear. However, the King of Strong Style says Sami just plays it up so people will pity him. Will there be no sympathy from Nakamura as he looks to take that spotlight for his own? Or will Sami get even with Nakamura for their previous match’s controversial finish?

Raw returns and Nakamura makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Sami wrenches to wristlock, but Nakamura pulls hair to put Sami on ropes. The ref counts, Nakamura lets off slowly, but then he KICKS Sami in the side. Sami goes to a corner, comes back, and they tie up. Nakamura headlocks, Sami powers up and out, things speed up and Sami hurdles to arm-drag! Sami has the armlock and the fans rally up. Nakamura fights to his feet, puts Sami in a corner and throws body shots and knees! The ref reprimands, Nakamura lets off and Sami bails out. Nakamura goes out to kick Sami low!

Nakamura whips Sami, but Sami goes up the barriers to QUEBRADA! Direct hit but perhaps still double-edged for Sami, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Nakamura has Sami in a seated cobra twist! The fans rally, Sami endures and fights with elbows! Sami gets free, he stands up, but Nakamura KICKS him in the side again! Nakamura storms up in a corner, whips corner to corner hard and Sami falls in a heap! Nakamura drags Sami up, fireman’s carries to put him on the top rope, then TOP SHELF KNEES! Nakamura keeps Sami up there, to run and TOP SHELF KNEE again! Cover, TWO! Sami is still in this but Nakamura kicks him around. Nakamura drags Sami up while fans sing “OLE~ OLE OLE OLE~!” Nakamura whips, Sami goes up and over and LARIATS!

The fans fire up and Sami grits his teeth to stand. Sami storms up to fire hands on Nakamura! Sami whips, Nakamura reverses to KNEE low! Sami drops, but then he scoops and MICHINOKU DRIVERS! Cover, TWO! Nakamura survives and Sami is stunned! Sami grits his teeth from the pain in his side, and he hauls Nakamura up. Nakamura RAMS Sami into a corner! And again! And again! Nakamura puts Sami up top but Sami CLUBS Nakamura! Sami reels Nakamura in, TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up while Nakamura flounders out of the ring. Sami builds speed but runs into a kitchen sink knee!

Fans boo as Nakamura stalks Sami to the outside. They’re both on the apron, and Nakamura stands Sami up. Nakamura hits an APRON GOURD BUSTER! Sami flops to the floor while Nakamura soaks up the heat, and Raw goes back to break.

Raw returns yet again, Sami blocks a kick but Nakamura fires forearms! Sami fires those back, the two brawl and the fans fire up! Sami gets the edge but Nakamura fires a strike fest! Sami ducks the roundhouse but not the WHEEL KICK! Nakamura goes to a corner and takes aim, KIN- NO, Sami gets around to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives and Sami can’t believe it! Sami watches Nakamura crawl to a corner and then goes to the other side. The fans fire up as Sami runs in, but Nakamura JUMP KNEES! Nakamura then goes up the corner to FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO!! Sami survives and shocks Nakamura!

The fans fire up as Sami flounders to ropes. “This is Awesome!” as Sami bails out and Nakamura pursues. Nakamura stalks Sami, KICKS him in the side again, and then drapes him along the barriers. Nakamura CLUBS Sami, goes up the steel steps, and FLYING GUILLOTINE KNEES! The fans boo Nakamura while he leaves Sami behind. Sami sputters on the floor as the ring count climbs! We’re past 5 of 10, and then 8! Sami springs up at 9 to slide in at 9.9! KINSHASA!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Sami saves himself by a literal foot, but Nakamura stomps away on him for it! The ref counts, Nakamura argues with him, then goes back to a corner.

Nakamura aims again, “YAO~” but Sami sends Nakamura into buckles! BLINDSIDE HELLUVA KICK!! The fans are thunderous as Sami goes to the far corner! Sami roars, wants Nakamura to get back up, and he runs in again, HELLUVA KICK!! Cover, Sami wins!!

Winner: Sami Zayn, by pinfall

Sami gets even with Nakamura and gets back on the winning track! Is this just what Sami needs to find his way to WrestleMania?


Chelsea Green VS Raquel Rodriguez!

The Hot Mess is always complaining and bringing up issues, and she’s got an issue with the woman who eliminated her from the Last Chance Battle Royal. But will she only end up complaining more when she loses to Raquel 1v1? Or will Chelsea somehow, someway, bring down Big Mami Cool?

Raw returns and Chelsea has the mic to say, “San Joseee~! I’m speaking! Let it be known that tonight, after issuing a formal complaint to WWE Management, I will be competing in protest. That’s right. Last week, I would have won the Last Chance Battle Royal, and I would have gone on to become the most illustrious winner in Elimination Chamber history, had Pea Head Pearce not added that secret, stupid last entrant, Raquel Rodriguez!” Fans cheer Raquel but Chelsea says that was wrong! The people want HER! She’s the star! Raquel flew all that way to Perth, and for what? To lose? HAHA! To be a big dumb loser like the San Jose Sharks!

Fans boo but Chelsea laughs, and then she says after tonight, everyone will SHH when Chelsea proves Raquel is a loser, by kicking her- Oh, wait, here comes Raquel! The bell rings and Chelsea draws a line int he sand, daring Raquel to cross it. Raquel steps right over it! Chelsea draws another line and dares Raquel to cross that. Raquel does! Chelsea SLAPS Raquel out of panic! Then Chelsea apologizes, only to turn and run! But Raquel reels her in, whips her, and Chelsea ducks one lariat, but not the SOUTHPAW! The fans fire up as Raquel drags Chelsea up, scoops her, and hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! The fans fire up as Chelsea staggers back up.

Chelsea bumps into Raquel, and Raquel scoops for another FALL AWAY SLAM! Chelsea flounders, Raquel drags her up and tells her to shush. Raquel hits the TEXANA BOMB! Cover, Raquel wins!

Winner: Raquel Rodriguez, by pinfall

What was that about kicking someone’s butt? Chelsea might still need to figure out how to think before she speaks, but will Raquel let her actions do the talking for her on this Road to WrestleMania?


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Jackie congratulates him on the big win over Shinsuke. They’ve been talking for weeks now about adversity, and Mania is 40 days away. How much did Sami need tonight’s win? “Need” is an understatement to Sami. He’s been bottling stuff up for weeks now, trying to keep his cool, but this has been in his mind all week. A loss tonight, he couldn’t even tell you what it would’ve done not just to his path to WrestleMania, but to him emotionally. It would’ve perhaps disproved his claims of being a contender. But he doesn’t need to worry about that, because this win reaffirms what he’s been saying!

The belief in himself, the fire inside, he IS a contender and will be a champion, and that his path to Mania will come to him. And if it doesn’t, then he will go out and he will find it himself. Because this isn’t the first time nor the last that- Imperium walks over. Ludwig Kaiser looks Sami up and down, then scoffs and moves on. Giovanni Vinci smirks as he walks right past Sami, and then Gunther walks by. Gunther looks Sami in the eyes, then looks him over. Gunther laughs then leaves. Does Der Ring General not think Sami is a contender? Will Sami prove him wrong?


Backstage interview with Cody Rhodes.

Cathy Kelley is with the American Nightmare and says he made big news at Elimination Chamber by calling The Rock out for a 1v1 match. A lot of people question if that was smart given Cody’s match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Cody isn’t sure it was smart, either, but it’s simple: The Rock slapped Cody, Cody challenged him to a match for anywhere, anytime, and we await the rebuttal this Friday Night SmackDown. Then for tonight, Cody has a match with Grayson Waller, how does he see that going? Cody asks back, “Do you like Grayson Waller? Right? No. You don’t have to answer that right now.”

But Cody has been watching Waller. Waller won the Iron Survivor Challenge, has tons of skills, and not just on the mic. But if anything, Waller should certainly like Cody. The first time Cody was on the Grayson Waller Effect, he brought Jey Uso back to the WWE. And this past time, in front of over 50 THOUSAND people in Waller’s home country, Cody called out The Rock. And tonight, Waller gets his very first Monday Night Raw main event against Cody, and finds out first hand. Cody thanks Cathy for the time then heads out. Will the American Nightmare completely neutralize the Grayson Waller Effect tonight?


Imperium goes to the ring.

Ahead of their Street Fight match, Imperium is here so Der Ring General can speak. However, the fans boo so he waits it out. Gunther smiles and says, “After successfully defeating Jey Uso last week, I am standing here still your greatest and longest reigning Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion of all time!” Fans are torn on that, but Gunther continues by saying that he has to be honest, it was very, very close. Jey almost had Gunther beat, and Gunther actually felt it slipping away from him for the first time. But let’s be honest, he got lucky. Nobody’s perfect! But Gunther is still very, very close to it.

And before Kaiser & Vinci “outclass” The New Day, Gunther wants to address his future! Understand that over 600 days, Gunther has worked hard, putting his heart, soul and body into making this title into the most prestigious in this company! Fans do cheer that. “And I’ve beaten everybody along the way to achieve this.” Which leaves one question: Who will be Gunther’s opponent for WrestleMania? Fans have different ideas, but Gunther says he has seen all the ridiculous claims! Sami Zayn? Fans cheer that name! Chad Gable? “A THANK YEW~!” The Miz?! Fans cheer again. Gunther says it gets worse! He even sees people want R-Truth!

Fans really cheer for Truth, but wait! The Judgment Day makes their way out here? Finn Balor & Damian Priest are still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions after defeating “New Catch Republic,” Tyler Bate & Pete Dunne, and they’re leading the way, JD McDonagh & Dirty Dom right behind. These four step into the ring to stand across from Imperium, and the fans are torn seeing these seven stare down. Priest says, “Big Bad Gunther. We don’t sweat you, man. Although you’ve have quite the dominant run, second only to the run The Judgment Day is on.” Priest hopes Gunther was watching Chamber as Judgment Day ran the table.

And Judgment Day plans to do it again at WrestleMania. Except, they plan on adding even more gold! Priest tells Gunther in Spanish, and then in English, that they mean the Intercontinental Championship. Gunther says since they’re not cashing in the MITB briefcase, who is it gonna be then? Finn Balor? Big headed JD? Who? DOM steps up!? Fans boo and Gunther almost laughs again. Dom tells Gunther, even as fans boo louder, that when Dirty Dom and the Judgment Day say they’re gonna do something, they mean it. And that means that the Intercontinental Championship now belongs to them.

Gunther still grins at Dom, and then pushes him back. Judgment Day keeps Priest back, and Gunther dares someone to do something then. Priest says they’ll be taking that title one way or another, and Gunther doesn’t stand a chance. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” and Senor MITB throws off his vest, but Finn and the boys keep him back. Gunther holds up the belt, will nothing stop him from continuing his historic reign? Or will WrestleMania be his judgment day?


Judgment Day regroups backstage.

Priest has cooled off, and Mami asks what Dom is doing stepping to Gunther of all people! Dom says he’s got this! Well, he better. Rhea heads out again, and Finn tells Dom that he really should smooth things over. Dom agrees, but encounters Andrade on the way. Dom says long time no see, and Andrade says hey, kid. Dom says he has to smooth things over first, but good seeing him. Wait, wait, wait. Andrade has a meeting with Pearce to discuss his first opponent. See you soon, huh? Yeah, maybe. Dom wishes Andrade luck, but will the Prodigal Son have to face El Idolo before getting to Der Ring General?


Tag Team Street Fight: The New Day VS Imperium!

After almost two years of fighting back and forth, these two top level teams are putting things to rest! No disqualifications, no count outs, and no limitations on what they’re allowed to do, who will prove they are the superior team once and for all?

The New Day make their entrance, and Imperium rushes out of the ring to attack! They brawl on the ramp and the bell sounds while fans fire up! The New Day are dressed in San Jose Sharks uniforms, which the fans appreciate, and the brawl goes up to the stage. Kaiser ROCKS Kofi, Vinci kicks Woods, but New Day hits back with haymakers. Vinci sends Woods into the LED  screen! Kaiser UPPERCUTS Kofi! Then Vinci DECKS Kofi! Kaiser rains down fists on Kofi, Vinci stomps him, but the fans rally for New Day. Kaiser drags Kofi up, feeds him to Vinci, but Woods has Francesca MK II Turbo! And he CRACKS Ludwig with her!

Woods uses the slide to SMASH Vinci, and then Kofi uses the horn piece to SMASH Kaiser! Woods uses the broken pieces to beat up on Kaiser! The brawl goes back to ringside, Kofi throws headbutts! Woods ROCKS Vinci, then helps Kofi go looking under the ring. San Jose fires up as New Day brings out a TABLE! But Imperium CLOBBERS The New Day! The fans boo as there’s no furniture yet, Imperium puts New Day in the ring. New Day DECKS Imperium off the apron! The fans fire up as New Day builds speed and they DOUBLE DIVE! Kofi wipes out Kaiser, Woods wrecks Vinci with a dropkick, and the fans fire up as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and the brawl is now in the crowd! Kofi ROCKS Kaiser, Vinci ROCKS Kofi, but Woods SMASHES a beer can on Vinci! The fans fire up as this keeps on moving, and Woods headlocks Vinci to bring him away. Kaiser ROCKS Kofi, Woods dumps Vinci back to ringside, but Kaiser sends Kofi into barriers! Woods CHOPS Vinci, Kaiser ELBOWS Kofi in the forehead! Vinci hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX on Woods! Kaiser GAMANGIRIS Kofi down! Fans want tables, but Imperium doesn’t care as they put Woods in the ring. Kaiser goes looking under the ring, and he brings out a table after all! Only to put it right back!

Fans boo but Kaiser gets himself a chair. Vinci drags Woods up, Kaiser aims and JAMS Woods in the ribs! Then SMACKS him on the back! Kaiser talks trash while fans boo, but Kaiser and Vinci sit Woods up. PENALTY KICK! Kaiser drags Woods, puts him in the ropes, and Vinci adds a chair to the mix. Vinci & Kaiser go side to side and back again, FULL METAL DOUBLE DROPKICK in the corner! Woods sputters as he falls from corner to floor! Kofi returns and he HOTSHOTS Kaiser, GAMANGIRIS Vinci, and he goes up top! DOUBLE CROSSBODY! The fans fire up as Kofi keeps going, and he RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS Vinci!

Kaiser runs up, but Kofi scoops and SLAMS him onto Vinci! The fans fire up as Kofi runs for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kaiser gets away but Kofi clinches him! Kofi and Kaiser throw elbows, then Kofi drags Kaiser down. Kofi DECKS Kaiser, then hurries to get that table! The fans are thunderous as Kofi sets it up and brings Kaiser around. But Vinci makes the save! Imperium DOUBLE SUPLEX Kofi into the ring! But Woods is back to SHOTGUN Kaiser, and mule kick Vinci! Woods fires off, Vinci kicks and CHOPS! Woods falls, Vinci stomps him out of the ring. Vinci & Kaiser regroup, Kaiser has kendo sticks!

Kaiser SMACKS Woods, then hands one to Vinci. Vinci and Kaiser DOUBLE SMACK Woods again and again and again! They stretch Woods across steel steps, and Kaiser gets space! Fans boo as Kaiser runs in, but Kofi JUMP KNEES first! Vinci LARIATS Kofi! But Woods waits on Vinci in the ring! Vinci ducks ‘n’ dodges to CROSSBODY! Vinci gets the kendo stick to SMACK away on Woods again and again and again! Kaiser has the chair and he SMACKS Woods, too! Fans boo as Imperium stands tall, and Raw goes back to break.

Raw returns again and Imperium RAMS Woods into barriers! Kaiser smirks, turns around, ARMCHAIR ATTACK! Kofi takes Kaiser down with that, then BOOTS Vinci! Kofi whips Vinci into steel steps! Fans fire up as Kofi puts Kaiser in the ring, stalks him, and Woods is there, too! Now New Day has the kendo sticks! The fans fire up again as Kaiser realizes the trouble he’s in! The New Day SMACKS away on Kaiser again and again and again! The kendo sticks are coming apart! The fans are thunderous as Woods tells Kofi, “GET THE TABLES~!” Kofi & Woods go out, stomp Imperium down, then find a table under the ring!

New Day sets the table up at ringside, then Woods CLUBS Vinci. Woods brings Vinci over, Kofi throws some hands, then they put Vinci on the table. The fans rally up as Woods climbs up a corner! Woods aims, the fans are on their feet, and Woods SUPER MACHO ELBOWS through the table!! Vinci writhes while Kofi & Woods roar! They haul Vinci out of the wreckage, put him in the ring, and Woods climbs again. Kofi hits a BACKBREAKER, Woods adds a KNEE DROP! Cover, Kaiser yanks the ref away!! The fans boo but Kaiser gets away with that one, but Kofi KENDO STICK DIVES! Down goes Kaiser!

Vinci flounders out of the ring, a red line of blood on his back from where the table got him. Kofi puts Kaiser in so he and Woods can kick him around! The fans know “This is Awesome!” as New Day drags Kaiser to his feet. Woods scoops Kaiser, Kofi climbs up, but Vinci rises! Vinci SHOVES Kofi down through a table!! The one from earlier! Woods ELBOWS Kaiser away, grabs at Vinci, Vinci SMACKS Woods with a cookie sheet! Kaiser RAMS Woods into a chair wedged in a corner!! Roll up, Imperium wins!!

Winners: Imperium, by pinfall

The New Day brought the fight but they lost the fight! Will Kofi & Woods be able to rebound from this crushing defeat? Will Kaiser & Vinci look to confront Judgment Day over the titles Finn & Priest have?


Adam Pearce is on the phone.

He talks with Bronson Reed, and says this isn’t the first phone call he’s had just like this. But yes, “it” is on the front of everyone’s mind, Pearce will address it soon enough. But congratulations on the newborn baby, see you soon. Pearce finishes the call, Chad Gable walks in and they shake hands. Gable over Ivar was a hell of a win, congratulations. Oh, well A THANK YEW~ then. But Gable just wants momentum going to WrestleMania. And speaking of, we all know Gunther wants an opponent going into the big show. Everyone will be coming to Pearce with their reasons why they’re the guy.

Gable has reasons of his own. He comes here as not just a competitor but as a father. Last time Gable faced Gunther, he was this close to taking the title. But that’s not what haunts him. What haunts Gable is that Gunther reduced Gable’s daughter to tears, and laughed at her misery! Gable needs to make this right. Gable’s reasons are honest. To anyone else, this match would be about the title. But for Gable, this means more. Pearce sees that. He has a lot to think about. Who will be in the running for a shot at Der Ring General?


Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark VS Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell!

Speaking of title chases, The Queen of Spades & The Hunter are hot on the trail of Damage CTRL! Will Shayna & Stark be primed for their shot at Asuka & Kairi Sane? Or will the Poison Pixie & #IndiWrestling find the way to a rematch from Elimination Chamber?

Raw returns as Indi & Candice make their entrance. The teams sort out and Candice starts against Shayna. Shayna runs up, Candice dodges to kick a leg out and ENZIGIRI! Then STEP-UP SENTON! Candice hurries to BLAST Zoey, then she dodges Shayna to back body block! Candice goes out to CANNONBALL Zoey! The fans fire up as Candice then avoids Shayna’s shoulder to KNEE her away! Step-in TORNADO- NO, Shayna SLAMS Candice outta the DDT and KNEES her down! Candice is dazed but Shayna stands on her arm! Shayna lets her hair down and STOMPS Candice’s elbow! Tag to Zoey and Zoey storms right up.

Zoey wrenches and YANKS the bad arm, then YANKS it again. Zoey steps over to HIP DROP the elbow, then she stalks Candice to ropes. Zoey wraps the bad arm around ropes and pulls! Zoey grinds forearms into Candice’s face while saying she’s a nobody! Zoey whips Candice into buckles hard, then grinds her forearms in again! The ref counts, Zoey lets off, and she brings Candice up for an INVERTED EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Candice stays in there but Zoey pushes her around. Zoey stands Candice up but into a CODE BREAKER! Hot tag to Indi and the fans rally up! Indi dodges Zoey in the ropes to UPPERCUT and BOOT her away!

Indi hurries in, LARIATS Zoey, BLASTS Shayna, and LARIATS Zoey again! Indi CLUBS, DECKS and then stalks Zoey. Zoey swings, Indi dodges, but Shayna tags in before the SPINEBUSTER! Indi roars, but Shayna grabs her! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Indi taps, Shayna & Zoey win!

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark, by submission

The Queen of Spades & The Hunter put away Candice & Indi faster than Asuka & Kairi did, will this be more than enough to name them the next contenders? Or will not even Shayna & Zoey be ready for DMG CTRL?


R-Truth is in the Judgment Day clubhouse?

And then he’s joined by The Miz and “DX,” aka DIY. They all sit down and Miz asks what Truth is even doing here. Well, Judgment Day’s gone for the night. He doesn’t want them to see him like this, but he was reminiscing about all the good times. Johnny Gargano says Truth’s always cheering them up, so they’ll return the favor. They’ll get revenge on The Judgment Day. And speaking of, Ciampa has a plan. Are you ready? What? He said… Are…! You…! Ready!? Oh, Truth gets it now! They’re gonna regenerate, right? What? Y’know, Regeneration X. Now that’s what’s up! No, no, it was Degeneration- Never mind. That is what’s up, and it’s AWESOME~!

Truth says let’s do it then! Hold on, he’s taking the TV back. Don’t worry about unplugging it, ain’t no cords on it. So it’s wireless? Nope. Truth, Miz and DIY head out, just what will they do to finally get one over on Judgment Day?


Drew McIntyre is here!

The Scottish Terminator and the winner of this year’s Elimination Chamber match is in San Jose, primed to face Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship! McIntyre gets the mic to say, “We did it.” He wants to thank the fans. You don’t achieve success alone, so everyone here and around the world, thank you for praying harder than ever before. Because of them, it is happening! McIntyre VS Rollins for the WHC at Mania! McIntyre feels like hell, though. He is more jetlag than man right now, especially after being the first man in the Chamber and the last man standing. He got hurt in there, an eardrum blown out. It was a bit of an incident after the show.

McIntyre was talking with the doctor afterward, and he told McIntyre that he is hurt, he might not make WrestleMania. Fans boo, but McIntyre told the doc, “Who do you think I am? CM Punk? Nothing’s gonna stop me from making Mania!” Fans are torn, they should’ve known McIntyre was going there with this. And then McIntyre sits down cross-legged a la Punk! “Don’t look up my kilt, ya pervs.” McIntyre tells Punk that he knows it hurts not to be part of Chamber or WrestleMania, and it probably kills Punk to see McIntyre in the world title match instead. But he wants Punk to know he thought about him after the match.

McIntyre wants to do something special just for Punk. We know Punk is straightedge, doesn’t drink alcohol, so McIntyre drank twice as much for both of them to celebrate. McIntyre grins and says okay, to more serious business. He has to talk to the champ, so if he’ll indulge McIntyre, “Mr. Rollins, c’mon down.” And here he comes! The fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” as Rollins makes his way out in a baggy, wine red suit. Rollins joins McIntyre in the ring, and McIntyre points to the sign. Rollins says yeah, we’ll get to that, but if McIntyre will indulge Rollins a moment… “SAN JOSE! Welcome to Monday Night Rollins!”

And a congratulations to Drew McIntyre! Fans boo but Rollins says no, no, McIntyre did it. Rollins is proud of McIntyre for clawing his way back to a title match with him again. And this time, McIntyre has an opportunity to do what he’s been wanting since 2020: win the world title, but not in an empty warehouse! This time, it’ll be in front of a capacity crowd at the BIGGEST WrestleMania of all time! But… there is just one thing standing in the way. He is the Visionary, he is the Revolutionary, he is Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins! The fans sing again and Rollins revels in it. McIntyre says yeah, Rollins is standing in the way.

McIntyre says beating Rollins is no easy job, but beating McIntyre is no easy job, either. So why is Rollins making it so hard on himself? We’ve seen what’s going on with Roman and Cody and The Rock, Rollins should just stop. Rollins doesn’t need that in his life. McIntyre’s talked with Rollins about this, from the bad knee to the bad back. Rollins should take time off, rest up, and be at 100% for WrestleMania. But Rollins won’t listen, doesn’t have to, he’s a grown man. But it just doesn’t make sense to McIntyre why Rollins is going to SmackDown this Friday to fight Cody’s battle when Raw needs Rollins here!

That stuff is their business, screw them! When McIntyre is champion, he won’t care if SmackDown is on fire and begging for help, McIntyre wouldn’t piss on ’em to put it out! McIntyre’s responsibility will be Raw and the World Heavyweight Championship only. But here is something for Rollins to think about: The Bloodline situation. We know where this is going, Rollins doesn’t need to go down that path. We know the outcome, it has happened time and time again, and to McIntyre personally. You push Bloodline too far, you know what happens! Their match at Mania will be a killer match, the fans going wild, Bloodline will hit the ring and cost Rollins the title!

So please, for Rollins’ sake and McIntyre’s, just back off. Fans boo and Rollins takes off the sunglasses. Rollins tells McIntyre, “I respect everything you just said. But respectfully, some risks are worth taking.” Fans cheer that, and Rollins says that he’ll be straight here. McIntyre’s known Rollins a long time, he knows what Rollins is about, so he knows that everything McIntyre just said, Rollins has already thought about. Rollins has replayed it over and over, all the negative outcomes. It’s why Rollins is the Architect, the Visionary, and the truth is… McIntyre might be right. Rollins’ knee may not be ready, the back may give out, and Bloodline might leave him broken in their wake, just like they have everyone else.

WrestleMania might be an easy night for McIntyre. McIntyre might be right, but what if he’s wrong? Like Rollins said, some risks are worth taking. He’s been selfish in his career and in his life, and Rollins thought that the goal at the end of the road would fill the void. But every single time, when Rollins got to the top, he felt empty inside. It wasn’t until he had his daughter that Rollins realized not everything is about him. There are some things in life bigger than all of us! The World Heavyweight Championship is bigger than us! Taking down the Bloodline is bigger than us! Fans cheer that!

Rollins asks McIntyre back: If they don’t take care of Bloodline before Mania, then what? Let’s say McIntyre does take the title from Rollins. It doesn’t matter if McIntyre is champion or Rollins is champion, The Bloodline wants power, and it’s only a matter of time before they come for the World Heavyweight Championship. So McIntyre might be right, but what if he’s wrong? What if Rollins’ knee is 100%? What if his back is ready to go? What if they can rip The Bloodline apart once and for all to secure the future of this industry!? Because if they can do all of that, then at WrestleMania, it is just Rollins, McIntyre and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rollins said this before Crown Jewel, and he’ll say it again here: May the best man win. And some risks are worth taking. Rollins drops the mic and takes his leave, will this gamble go his way? Or will McIntyre find his own way to win it all?


Nia Jax VS Liv Morgan!

The Irresistible Force is a sore loser, determined to prove she’s far more worthy of a WrestleMania moment than every single woman that was in the Elimination Chamber match. To her point, she did get the better of them all just last week. Will she do it again tonight? Or will Liv make Nia #CryAboutIt some more?

Raw returns as Liv makes her entrance. The bell rings and Liv SHOTGUNS Nia! Liv fires off forearms but Nia shoves her away. Liv runs up to back body block! Liv runs up again, SHINING WIZARD! Liv keeps moving, but Nia stops the rana! Nia swings Liv up and around, SAMOAN DROP! Nia soaks up the heat while she paces around Liv. Nia drags Liv around to pull on the arms! The fans boo and Liv endures, but Nia STOMPS her down! Liv sputters but Nia drags her up and puts her in a corner. Nia runs in to SPLASH Liv, and Liv flops down. Nia runs back in, HIP ATTACK! Nia rubs it in quite literally, then drags Liv up.

Liv fires body shots, runs, but Nia ELBOWS her down! Nia drags Liv around, and has a leg for the STRETCH MUFFLER! Liv endures as she dangles off the mat! Nia then swings Liv into buckles! Nia drops Liv, kicks her around, and then goes to the apron. Nia lines up a shot, but Liv dodges the leg drop! Fans taunt Nia with “MY HOLE! MY HOLE!” while Nia hobbles away. Liv aims, builds speed, and DVIES! Down goes Nia and the fans fire up while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Nia has Liv in a BEARHUG! Liv endures as Nia squeezes and thrashes her around! Pat uses the telestrator to show us just how much Liv was suffering in the Stretch Muffler. Back to present, Liv fights out of the bearhug and ENZIGIRIS! Nia wobbles, and then CLOBBERS Liv! Nia runs to SENTON but misses as Liv moves! Liv goes to a corner, Nia runs up, but Liv slips to the apron! Nia hits buckles, Liv KNEES her back! Then HOTSHOTS her away! Nia staggers, Liv goes up the corner, and fans fire up for the MISSILE DROPKICK! Nia staggers to the corner but Liv runs in! Nia blocks the Code Breaker!

Nia puts Liv in the corner but Liv ROCKS her! Liv leaps, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Nia is still in this and Liv grows frustrated. The fans rally up as Liv rushes Nia, but into a fireman’s carry! Liv sunset flips through, but Nia stays up! Nia drags Liv to her feet for a HEADBUTT! Liv ends up in a corner, Nia runs in, but Liv dodges, Nia POSTS herself! Nia falls out of the ring and Liv hurries to the apron! Liv runs but Nia catches her! SAMOAN DROP into the post! The fans boo but wait! BECKY LYNCH FLIES IN!

Winner: Nia Jax, by disqualification

The Man fires off on Nia and SMACKS her off the desk! And again and again and again! The fans fire up as Becky dribbles Nia! Becky then SMACKS Nia off the apron, puts her in the ring, and storms up on her to CLUB her right back out of the ring! Nia hurries up the ramp while the ref keeps Becky back! Becky wants Big Time revenge, will she tear Nia down before going after Rhea? And how will Liv feel about this when Becky’s revenge just cost her a win?


Backstage interview with Grayson Waller & Austin Theory.

Cathy Kelley is now with A-Town Down Under and brings up Elimination Chamber’s “massive scoop.” Does Waller feel Cody being the guest on the Grayson Waller Effect backfired on him? Waller says once again, Waller gets the biggest scoop via his show, not surprised! Big for Waller, big for Australia, but that doesn’t change the fact Cody disrespected Waller in his home. He beat up Waller’s boy, Theory, and Waller did everything he could to protect him (not), but now they flip the script. Waller will disrespect The American Nightmare in his house, and then The Rock & Roman can pick the bones. This lad ain’t ever gonna finish his story!

Cathy thanks them for their time, will the Grayson Waller Effect be super effective? Or will nothing stop Cody from making it to Mania?


WWE mourns the loss of Ole Anderson.

The OG Four Horseman passed away today at the age of 81. A great tag team wrestler and one half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew, he will be missed.


Adam Pearce finds Becky backstage.

She says after what Nia did to her, Becky was not gonna be able to move on until she ends this. Becky wants her shot at Nia. Oh, really? Then how does next week sound? Sounds perfect to Becky. Then it’s official. Becky thanks Pearce, but then Liv storms in! Liv says she was in the middle of something out there, but guess Becky doesn’t care about anyone else. Not everything is about The Man! Liv storms off, is Becky only going to settle one score to have to worry about another?


Backstage interview with Jey Uso.

Jackie Redmond is with Main Event Jey and says despite a hell of an effort against Gunther, not an outcome Jey wanted. How does Jey plan on getting back in the title scene? Jey says he’ll keep on being him, doing what he does, keep on showing up to Raw and being Main Event Jey Uso. Last week, he was this close to having his first singles title. Feels like when he tries to get close to something, he falls short. When he tries to complete the mission, he falls short. When he tries to do something positive for himself, he falls short. When he tries to pull himself up, he falls short. Whether it is his past enemies on Raw, or his own flesh ‘n’ blood.

Jey then spots said enemy in McIntyre. McIntyre says he knows Jey is having a tough time. McIntyre is in a good place, riding high, but he felt this was a good time to have this talk. McIntyre knows how Jey is feeling, and McIntyre wants Jey to know that from the bottom of his heart, Jey deserves it. Jey fires off on McIntyre and it’s a brawl! Refs and security rush in to pull these two apart! The Scottish Terminator can’t help himself when it comes to pushing buttons, but will he regret getting on Jey’s bad side?


Cody Rhodes VS Grayson Waller w/ Austin Theory!

The American Nightmare wants after The Rock, but it seems the Aussie Icon has just ended up a pawn in the Bloodline’s game. Will Cody get past this obstacle to have a clear path to WrestleMania? Or will Waller be drinking a shoey in The Tribal Chief’s honor?

Raw returns as Cody makes his entrance, the fans singing along, “WHOA~ OH~!” The bell rings and the fans rally up behind Cody. Waller is annoyed by that as he circles with Cody. They tie up, go around, and Cody headlocks for the takeover. Waller headscissors, Cody kips free and hits another takeover. Waller headscissors, Cody kips free again and waistlocks. Waller elbows free, runs up and bumps Cody off buckle! Waller taunts the fans but they rally behind Cody. Waller JABS Cody, CLUBS him, but Cody turns things around to CHOP! Cody stalks Waller to a corner, whips him corner to corner but Waller reverses hard!

Waller storms up to cravat Cody and fires off knees! Fans boo but Theory soaks it up for Waller. Waller throws body shots on Cody, has him against ropes and CLUBS him. Waller ROCKS Cody with a forearm, throws body shots, and he keeps Cody on the ropes. Waller wrenches and whips Cody but Cody reverses to kick, drop and RHODES UPPERCUT! Cody then reels Waller in to suplex, and he holds Waller up! Fans cheer as Cody waits until ten for the GOURD BUSTER! Cody then clotheslines Waller up and out! Fans fire up as Cody stands tall and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once again and Cody throws body shots to get free of a chinlock. But then Waller LEG LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Waller keeps on Cody with a cravat and he cranks the neck wrench. Waller says he won’t let Cody disrespect him! The fans rally, Cody fights up, and commentary says Paul Heyman is somewhere in the building. Did he bring The Bloodline with him? Cody throws more body shots to get free, then he CHOPS! Waller kicks low, reels Cody in to back suplex, but Cody lands out of it! Cody CLOBBERS Waller, goes to a corner then goes up and over, to SNAP POWERSLAM! The fans fire up with Cody as he rises!

Cody runs, springboards, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cover, TWO! Waller stays in this but then Theory distracts Cody! Cody glares at Theory, runs him off, but Waller is up, to JAB! Cody drops to his knees, and Theory says that’s teamwork! Fans boo but Waller whips. Cody ducks ‘n’ dodges to DIVE! Theory is sent tumbling up and over the desk!! The fans fire up but Waller goes out to LARIAT Cody down! Waller puts Cody in, says this is the real deal, and he somersaults, but Cody dodges the flatliner! CODY CUTTER! The fans fire up again and Cody dragon sleepers for the CROSS RHODES!! Cover, Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by pinfall

A-Town Down Under probably wishes they’d stayed home on this one! Cody is rolling down the Road to WrestleMania, but “Ladies and gentlemen,” The Wise Man confirms he is here by stepping on stage. Heyman has private security but Cody still gets a chair! Cody also gets a mic while Heyman says it’d figure “San Josie” would boo ladies. They’re ruining his shtick! Heyman continues his introduction, but Cody doesn’t give a damn! If this is a set-up, then come get him! Heyman has everyone calm down. This is not a Bloodline set-up. The only member of The Bloodline here tonight is Heyman. Does anyone see a drop of Polynesian blood anywhere in the security?

That’s rhetorical, because the answer is no. These gentlemen are Heyman’s “friends” from the NYPD. They are off-duty, technically, because they’re suspended, but that’s a whole different story. Heyman came here to California to let us know no one wants an apology. Heyman understands how insulting it must be to get Will Smith’d across the face. But Heyman wants Cody needs to take The Rock’s name out of his freakin’ mouth. Because The Tribal Chief, Roman…! Reigns…! has authorized Heyman to let Cody know, that if Cody does not back away from this… Like, you can’t just say you want a match with The Rock and then it magically happens.

Well, it magically happens if you ARE The Rock, but Cody screwed that all up, didn’t he? See, a year ago, they were crying in the ring with each other, Heyman forgives Cody. But The Rock doesn’t. And understanding that Cody is in the WrestleMania main event with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship, Heyman is begging and pleading, “Please, Cody. Please. Pretty please, with a cherry on top… Withdraw this challenge from The Rock… or else.” Cody takes a seat and asks, “Or else what, Mr. Heyman?” Does Heyman wanna know why Cody hasn’t rained holy terror on this mic about Heyman’s new boy, Dwayne? Why Cody hasn’t trashed The Rock in media?

It’s simple! Like everyone here, Cody was a fan of The Rock! How could he not be? Put yourself in Cody’s shoes! He comes from a family where every meal was determined by ticket sales, and nobody sold more than The Rock! But Cody is done, fed up with being nice! If this is a set-up, then like Cody said, “Come and get me.” Heyman says he has a better idea. Heyman and his “friends” go to the apron and Heyman asks if he may step inside. Heyman may not. Heyman says that’s just rude. But the “friends” step in and Cody says okay, then he’ll make this clear. If one more person steps towards Cody, he is dropping every single person in this ring.

The fans fire up and Heyman says okay, he respects that. As Cody will surely respect that his threat doesn’t apply if Heyman is that one person, right? WRONG! Cody gets his chair and he JAMS everyone up! Then SMACKS them all down! And then CHUCKS the chair into the one guys’ face! CROSS RHODES!! The fans fire up as Cody stands his ground! He dares Heyman to send The Bloodline, but Heyman has his phone to call Roman Reigns. And another phone to call The Rock! Cody says go ahead, call whoever he’s got! Because the Bloodline isn’t hunting Cody, Cody is hunting The Bloodline!

Heyman looks a little worried as Cody has another round to JAM and SMACK the “friends!” Cody TOSSES one, TOSSES another, then TOSSES the third! Did this little stunt backfire in the worst way possible for The Bloodline?

My Thoughts:

Another great Raw, with great build upon the WrestleMania stories. I really like this intertwining of stories between Judgment Day and other groups. Great opening promo from Dom, Rhea and Becky, which then turned into Nia attacking Becky, which then in turn became Becky attacking Nia during her match with Liv. Now, while we’re getting Nia VS Becky 2, it feels like Liv is adding Becky to the revenge tour. There’s talk of Triple Threats for world titles at every 10th WrestleMania, what if it was for the Women’s World Championship? Granted, it’d be a shame since Becky fought her way to earn the shot, but it would hearken back to Mania 35 where Becky won a Triple Threat.

Judgment Day confronting Imperium over the Intercontinental Championship was some good stuff. And I do appreciate that even Rhea felt Dom was biting off more than he could chew stepping to Gunther. Now, it sure feels like they want Sami to get his shot after that encounter with Gunther, but I like that Andrade is also in the mix after his talk with Dom. Sami VS Nakamura was an awesome opening match, it probably should be Sami given he mentioned “doing something historic” last week. But Sami having to get through Andrade, Bronson, Gable and maybe even Dom would really make it a great road to Mania.

Awesome Street Fight tag match, too, and I was rather surprised Imperium won. But I have a feeling Kaiser & Vinci will be getting in on the Undisputed Tag Team Championship story, same as The Awesome Truth. Good but short promo from Truth, Miz & DIY to keep up the “DIY is DX” gag and establish that the feud is continuing. Awesome Truth still feels like they’re set for their shot at Mania, but maybe Imperium and a team from SmackDown get involved to make it easier for Finn & Priest to lose the belts.

Raquel all but squashing Chelsea was entertaining, though Shayna & Zoey all but squashing Candice & Indi was a little disappointing. I suppose Shayna & Zoey are still being established as challengers for DMG CTRL, we might get a Fatal 4 tag title match for the women. As I said at Chamber, maybe Bianca gets in on the tag title story since the top titles are spoken for. Meanwhile, great promo from McIntyre with Rollins, though it maybe took a little too long to get where it was going. It is good character stuff from McIntyre to be hypocritically worried The Bloodline is going to screw Rollins over when McIntyre just wants the title regardless.

Great bit with McIntyre and Jey, too, though it felt like Jey was just going on and on to stall for time as McIntyre was heading over there. McIntyre VS Jey one more time will be really good stuff to give McIntyre momentum going towards Mania. And really good stuff from Cody Rhodes tonight. Good promo before his match, good promo from Waller as well, and really good main event from Cody VS Waller. Heyman showing up was a nice surprise, though it was a weird move for him to bring fake cops that were supposedly suspended. We all knew they were getting beat up by Cody anyway, maybe this was some kind of adlib to keep from Cody beating down Jimmy and/or Solo. There’s a very good chance that happens on SmackDown anyway, so they probably didn’t wanna be redundant.

My Score: 8.8/10

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