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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (7/4/23)

Happy Independence Day!



NXT White 'n' Gold Era

There’s gonna be fireworks in the ring tonight!

NXT celebrates the Fourth of July, but one team is going to be down in the dumps! Losers Leave NXT, Diamond Mine VS The Dyad, who says good-bye to the white ‘n’ gold?


  • Roxanne Perez VS Blair Davenport; Blair wins.
  • Tyler Bate VS Mustafa Ali; Ali wins.
  • Tatum Paxley VS Kelani Jordan w/ Dana Brooke; Kelani wins.
  • NXT Underground: Eddy Thorpe w/ Gable Steveson VS Damon Kemp; Eddy wins.
  • Lyra Valkyria VS Jacy Jayne; Lyra wins.
  • Losers Leave NXT: The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile VS The Dyad w/ Ava Raine & Joe Gacy; The Dyad wins, The Creed Brothers must leave NXT.


Roxanne Perez VS Blair Davenport!

The Prodigy was just one of the many women targeted by the Number One Gaijin, but she’s also the one fighting back! Will Roxanne pop off and give Blair a taste of her own medicine? Or will all enemies of the heir beware?

Actually, Roxie attacks during Blair’s entrance! So more the former to start here! Blair fights back, then whips, but Roxie reverses to send Blair into barriers! Roxie SMACKS Blair off the apron, and says she told Blair she’d get back at her! They get in the ring, the ref has Roxie wait but Blair gets her jacket off and says she still wants to fight! The bell rings and Roxie dodges a boot to then THESZ PRESS! Roxie fires fast hands, Blair pushes her away and gets out of the ring. But Roxie DIVES onto her! Direct hit at the commentary desk! Roxie puts Blair in, Blair bails out the other side, but Roxie CROSSBODIES from the apron!

Roxie rains down fists on Blair and fans fire up! Roxie puts Blair in, rams a shoulder in, then wrenches to clinch. But Blair throws Roxie down! Fans boo but Blair storms up to drag Roxie up. Blair suplexes, but Roxie fights free and waistlocks. Blair bucks the O’Conner but Roxie gets around again to RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! Roxie brings Blair up, Blair blocks the sobat to LARIAT! Fans rally for Roxie but Blair runs to SLIDING GAMANGIRI! Cover, TWO! Blair stalks Roxie to ropes, brings her around and whips her into a corner. Blair ELBOWS Roxie, snapmares her and then kicks but Roxie ducks! O’Conner, TWO!

Blair gets up but into a SHOTGUN! Blair staggers, Roxie runs in to UPPERCUT in the corner! Blair blocks the whip and ROCKS her in return! Roxie UPPERCUTS back! Blair ROCKS Roxie, then throws her into ropes! Roxie flounders and Blair drags her up. Blair bumps her off buckles and Roxie sits down in the corner. Blair looms over Roxie, drags her up, but Roxie blocks the buckle bump to elbow Blair away! Blair comes back, but into boots! Roxie goes up, but Blair shoves her down! Roxie tumbles to the floor, and Blair DOUBLE STOMPS Roxie on the back! Fans boo but Blair smirks as NXT goes picture in picture.

Blair looms over Roxie and drags her up. Blair RAMS Roxie into the apron, then gets in the ring as Roxie clutches her ribs. Roxie drags herself up but Blair goes out to POST her! Blair stalks Roxie, stomps her down, then puts her in the ring. Blair pushes Roxie to a cover, ONE! Roxie is hanging tough but Blair stalks her to a corner. Blair stomps and digs her boots in! The ref counts, Blair lets off at 4, and then she drags Roxie up. Roxie throws body shots but Blair CLUBS her down! Blair then clamps onto Roxie with a neck wrench. Roxie endures, fights up and fights back, to then roll Blair up! TWO!

Blair escapes but Roxie La Magistrols! TWO! Blair escapes again and RAMS into Roxie’s ribs! Blair drags Roxie back up, for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Blair is annoyed but she stalks Roxie to ropes. Blair stomps her and digs her boots in again. The ref counts, Blair lets off at 4 and Roxie goes to a corner. Blair brings Roxie up for a cravat and neck wrench. Roxie endures, and then rolls, but Blair holds on! Roxie tries again but Blair still holds on. Blair keeps on the cravat, then throws knees! Blair leans on the hold but Roxie still endures. Roxie fights up again, throws body shots, but Blair throws more knees! Blair throws Roxie down by her hair!

Blair stands Roxie up again, cravats again, but Roxie powers up and out! NXT returns to single picture as Roxie ducks ‘n’ dodges and rolls up with a bridge! TWO, and Blair storms up to CLUB Roxie down! Blair clinches but Roxie fights out to ROCK Blair with a forearm! Roxie wheelbarrows, but Blair turns that into a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Roxie is hanging tough but Blair sits her up for an armlock chinbar combo. Fans rally, Roxie fights up, and Roxie fires body shots! Then Roxie jumps up to MONKEY FLIP Blair away! Roxie runs in but Blair ducks the uppercut to put Roxie up top!

Blair ENZIGURIS Roxie, climbs up behind her, and SUPER BACK- CROSSBODY from Roxie! Roxie turns it around and fans fire up! Both women are down and a standing count starts. Fans duel as both women stir. The count passes 5 of 10, but Roxie drags herself up at 7. Roxie ROCKS Blair, but Blair ROCKS Roxie! They go back and forth with heavy forearms, and fans fire up with every shot! Roxie then dodges to ROCK Blair, CHOP Blair, and repeat! Roxie whips, Blair reverses and DECKS Roxie! Cover, TWO! Roxie survives and Blair is seething. Blair runs up to go up but Roxie gets under the jump!

Blair returns but Roxie dodges, SOBATS, hops on, POP- NO, Blair tosses Roxie off! Roxie goes up, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Roxie grows frustrated but the fans rally up. Roxie CLUBS Blair, and again, and again and again and again! Blair shoves Roxie away but Roxie comes back to clothesline Blair out! Fans fire up and Roxie says it’s done! Roxie builds speed, but has to stop as Blair moves out of the way. Roxie goes to the apron, avoids Blair’s leg sweep, and LARIATS on the return! Roxie then runs in, but is sent into steel steps! Blair runs up to KNEE Roxie into the steps! Blair leaves Roxie behind for the count to finish this.

The ring count passes 5 of 10, then 7! Roxie stands at 8, and jumps in at 9! Fans fire up for Roxie but Blair drags her up. Blair suplexes, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Roxie survives and shocks Blair! Fans fire up, Blair drags Roxie up and has the wrists, KAMI-GOYE!! But Blair won’t stop there, another KAMI-GOYE!! Cover, Blair wins!

Winner: Blair Davenport, by pinfall

Roxie put up a fight, but Blair still put her down! Will the Gothic Warrior bulldoze her way right up to the top of the division?


Backstage interview with Ivy Nile.

McKenzie Mitchell says The Creed Brothers face The Dyad in the biggest match of their careers. The losing team must leave NXT. Ivy says she’s really nervous, but she knows Julius & Brutus are focused more than ever before. McKenzie asked why they accepted at all, and Ivy wondered the same thing. The Schism are a dangerous group that needs to be eliminated. They could even take over NXT. But then Tiffany Stratton walks in and asks why McKenzie is talking to Ivy when last week, the Center of the Universe successfully defended the NXT Women’s Championship for the first time. Here’s a hint: she shouldn’t be.

Uh, successful? Everyone saw Tiff tap out. Everyone saw what? Did the ref see it? Didn’t think so. So not everyone saw. Well if Ivy was in there, the whole world would see her tap out! Doesn’t Ivy have somewhere to be? Luckily for Tiffany, she does. Ivy heads out and Tiff says if the Creeds lose, she goes too, right? Uh, no, it’s really only about Julius & Brutus leaving, same as it is only about The Dyad, not the full Schism. Tiffany sighs and rolls her eyes. Will Daddy’s Little Rich Girl find that the Diamond Pitbull is not a girl’s best friend?


Baron Corbin speaks.

“The truth is… Last Tuesday sucked. I didn’t walk out of there the NXT Champion like I thought I would. Now I’m embarrassed, and I’m pissed off. I miscalculated experience and the nostalgia of the Lone Wolf, and I thought it’d be enough. I’ve got everything I want: the money, the fame, the family. What I don’t have is the reputation. I’m seen as consistent, safe, good. Good? Are you kidding me with ‘good?’ What I want is to be feared and respected. I want people to say, ‘Who’s next for Corbin?’ Not, ‘Who’s Corbin gonna be next?'” Corbin gathers up old gear and brings it to his furnace!

“I understand to dictate my future, I can’t bank on the past. I have to kill it. I don’t need anyone bowing down to me, I don’t want a position of authority. It doesn’t matter if I have pockets, or what’s inside of them. I damn sure don’t need a manager, and I haven’t worked eight LONG years to go all the way back tot he beginning. Burn all the ships. I can’t go back. There’s no going back. It’s no more gimmicks, no nonsense. No bullsh*t.” So then, what will this No BS Corbin do about not being champion?


Tyler Bate VS Mustafa Ali!

The Big Strong Boi didn’t appreciate how The Beacon called the North American Championship match during Gold Rush, but Ali defends it was still fair. That said, both men want a shot at Wes Lee and the title, who makes the better case for themselves here tonight?

NXT returns and Bate makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. Fans rally up for Ali as he and Bate tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Bate pushes Ali back. Bate and Ali go again, knuckle lock, and Bate powers Ali back! Ali bridges, Bate sweeps the legs to a cover, TWO as Ali bridges up again. Ali rolls back, gets Bate in a straitjacket stretch, but Bate wriggles and powers his way to putting Ali in the jacket! Ali endures, arm-drags, then rolls, to ghost pin! TWO and Bate baits Ali into a roll-up, TWO! Ali gets back and fans cheer the technical exchange. They reset and fans rally up again.

Bate and Ali knuckle lock, but Ali wrenches to a wristlock. Bate rolls, rolls back, then squats and breaks free to wrench Ali. Ali goes to ropes, uses those to flip through, and then he rolls, handsprings and slips through to headlock. Fans cheer the technical back and forth but Bate powers up. Ali hooks the ropes to block that! Bate still fights, and he powers up to lift! Ali fights the suplex, but Bate powers out of the headlock. Ali runs Bate over, and then mocks his pose! Ali runs, things speed up, Bate hurdles but Ali turns hip toss into backslide, ONE! Ali shoots back in but Bate steps over and sits down, TWO!

Ali sunset flips, TWO! Bate high stacks but Ali rolls through to backslide! TWO and Bate sweeps the legs! Cover, ONE as Ali goes Matrix! Bate rolls Ali up again, TWO! Bate hits a headlock takeover but Ali headscissors but Bate kips fere! Ali turns things around to headlock takeover, trap an arm, and CROSSFACE! Fans fire up as Bate fights and powers his way to an ANKLE LOCK! Ali endures, moves around, rolls and kicks Bate away. The two stand off again and fans cheer the exchange. Ali and Bate reset, Ali powers Bate to a corner! The ref counts but Ali ROCKS Bate! Bate CHOPS Ali!

Bate UPPERCUTS Ali, Ali ROCKS Bate! Bate UPPERCUTS, Ali CHOPS! Fans “WOO~!” while Bate scowls. Ali CHOPS him again! Ali whips, Bate reverses and runs in, but Ali goes up and over and keeps moving! Bate DROPKICKS Ali down! Fans fire up and Bate runs in to UPPERCUT! Snapmare and Bate goes up, FLYING UPPERCUT! Ali staggers up, Bate clotheslines him out! Fans fire up as Bate watches Ali go to the ramp side. Bate goes out after Ali, runs in and UPPERCUTS him down! Fans fire up behind Bate while NXT goes picture in picture.

Bate drags Ali up, puts him in the ring, and then step sin, but Ali catches him for a SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Ali catches his breath and storms up on Bate. Ali drags Bate up, snapmares and chinlocks. Bate endures as Ali leans on the hold. Bate fights up, pries at the hold then throws body shots. Ali CLUBS Bate on the neck! Ali whips corner to corner, runs and hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ali grows annoyed with the ref, but his count is still more fair than Ali’s was. Ali clamps on a chinlock and he stretches Bate back. Bate endures, fights up again, and he powers Ali back into a corner. Ali CLUBS Bate down!

Ali UPPERCUTS Bate in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Ali runs in, but Bate dodges, so the dropkick hits buckles! Ali tumbles back. Bate rolls him up, TWO! Bate stands into a kick and DDT! Cover, TWO! Ali grows frustrated with the Big Strong Boi, but he drags Bate back into the chinlock. Bate endures, fights up, throws body shots again, but Ali turns him. Bate powers out of the neckbreaker to ROLLING KICK! Both men are down and the two rise. Bate blocks to UPPERCUT! And again! And again as NXT returns to single picture! Bate fires off, whips, and back drops Ali away!

Bate runs in at the corner but Ali slips out. Bate blocks the kick but Ali ROUNDHOUSES through Bop! Ali slingshots, but into BANG! Cover, TWO! Bate keeps his focus and drags Ali back up. Bate underhooks, but Ali fights the driver to SUPERKICK! And then trip and step over to an STF! Bate endures as Ali bends him way back! Bate claws at the hold, reaches out, and Ali shifts to just a sleeper. But Bate powers his way to a fireman’s carry! Fans fire up as Bate starts up the AIRPLANE SPIN! Around for TEN times, but Ali DDTS!! Cover, TWO!! Bate survives and Ali just shakes his head. Fans rally up while Ali sits up.

Bate crawls to ropes, Ali says, “Too bad, Tyler.” Ali runs, but Bate tosses him up and out! Ali staggers back up, and Bate FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp! Fans fire up and Bate puts Ali back in! But Ali KICKS Bate as he slides in! Ali DIVES to take Bate out now! Fans fire up m ore, Ali puts Bate back in and hurries. But Bate dodges, REBOUNDER! Both men are down, Bate crawls to the cover, TWO!! Bate is beside himself now but he refocuses quickly. Bate drags Ali up, scoops him, and SLAMS him! Then Bate drags Ali up to scoop and SLAM again! Bate goes to a corner and climbs up. Bate SKY TWISTERS onto nothing but mat!

Ali avoids disaster and then sees his opening. Ali goes to the corner, skins the cat right to the top, but Bate UPPERCUTS! Bate goes to the apron and throws hands. Bate climbs up from out there, and fans fire up as they’re both up top now. Bate HEADBUTTS Ali again and again, but Ali gives those HEADBUTTS back! Bate wobbles, Ali keeps him up top, and Ali says it’s okay. Then he shoves Bate onto the rope! That hurts the little strong boi, then Ali adjusts. 450 SPLASH!! Cover, Ali wins!

Winner: Mustafa Ali, by pinfall

The Beacon played by the rules, though maybe found some ways around them, too. But Ali still won, and heh calls out Wes Lee for GREAT AMERICAN BASH! Is Ali finally going to have gold in the WWE?


Backstage interview with The Schism.

McKenzie is with Joe Gacy & Ava Raine, and asks why Gacy pushed The Dyad into this Losers Leave NXT match. Gacy said he did no such thing. He’d never push anyone into anything he knew their hearts weren’t ready for. Ava says Jagger Reed & Rip Fowler are two integral roots in The Schism’s tree. After tonight, the Creeds will finally be gone form NXT forever. Gacy says the right team will win and the outcome will only strengthen The Schism. Uh, wait, “the right team?” What does he mean by that? Ava says, “What do you think he means? Has he not always done what is right for our family?”

Gacy calms Ava and says it is okay. “McKenzie, it is quite simple. Tonight, we eliminate a problem from NXT. Forever.” That’s still not saying The Dyad will win… But does Gacy have faith in Jagger & Rip? Or will the Diamond Mine look to crush the Schism’s tree?


Tatum Paxley VS Kelani Jordan w/ Dana Brooke!

The treacherous, selfish and powerful powerlifter is looking to make a name for herself by any means necessary. Meanwhile, the former Michigan State Spartan All American level gymnast has the Flex Appeal as her new coach! Will Kelani prove she’s ready to level up? Or will Tatum take the new kid down a notch?

The bell rings and the two tie up. Tatum headlocks, Kelani pries at the hold but Tatum knees her low! Tatum throws more knees but Kelani rolls her up, TWO! Tatum wrenches Kelani’s arm to YANK it, then wristlock. But Kelani rolls, rolls back, handsprings, and dropkicks! And then arm-drags! Fans fire up for Kelani as she has the armlock. Tatum fights up, knees low, then gets the headlock, but Dana coaches Kelani. Kelani powers out but Tatum runs her over. Tatum runs, but Kelani drops, gets up and hurdles, then comes around to use the ropes in her arm-drag! And another dropkick! And another arm-drag!

Kelani keeps on that arm, Dana says she’s doing great. Tatum fights up, pulls hair, and whips Kelani away. Kelani runs Tatum over! Things speed up, but Tatum CLOBBERS Kelani! Tatum storms up, she whips Kelani to a corner, and then scoops her for a BACKBREAKER! Fans boo Tatum but she drops an ELBOW! Cover, TWO! Tatum wraps on a chinlock and she grinds Kelani down. Dana and the fans rally up as Kelani endures being bent backwards. Kelani fights up but Tatum knees low! Tatum CLUBS Kelani, puts on a chinlock, then she crossface forearms Kelani! And then BOOTS her down!

Dana coaches Kelani, Tatum whips and scops but Kelani slips out! Tatum kicks low again, suplexes, but Kelani STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRES! Cover, Kelani wins!

Winner: Kelani Jordan, by pinfall

Now that was stunning! Kelani snatches this one from Tatum, and Dana celebrates with her new protégé. But wait, Cora Jade walks her way out with a mic. “Aww~. Kelani, congrats on your first victory here in NXT. You must be doing something right if you already have Dana Brooke in your corner. Gymnasts sticking together. How cute. Look, I know you’re new here and everything, so let me say this real slow for you. A friend of Dana Brooke’s is an enemy of mine. I don’t need friends, I don’t need mentors, and I certainlyy don’t need and of you (fans). You pepole have absolutely zero effect on me whatsoever.”

Kelani cuts Cora off and says if Cora’s so hyped up and ready to go, Kelani’s got another match in her! How about we just settle this here and now? Fans like Kelani’s spirit, and Dana asks, “What do you say, Cora?” Cora mocks Dana and says, “Don’t tell me what to do, ever.” The Generation of Jade talks her talk but then just walks away, will she give Kelani that match down the line?


NXT checks in with Chase U.

The students chant “Welcome Back! Welcome Back!” for Andre Chase and he thanks them for that. Settle down now, class. But thank you for the letters, texts and voice mails. Those all warmed his heart. Thea Hail is so excited to have Mr. Chase back, she missed him so much! And he missed Thea. But first, today’s lesson is about recognizing a few people. First up, the MVP, Duke Hudson. In Andre’s absence, Duke stepped up, graded papers, helped the school not just survive but thrive. So thank you Duke, you proved why you are the MVP. The other students cheer Duke on, and Duke smiles. Okay, you can take your seat now, Duke. Oh, right. Of course.

Duke tells Nick to move, so Nick does. Duke sits down, and Chase wants to next recognize the “uncrowned NXT Women’s Champion,” Thea! The students cheer and Chase says Thea still made Tiff tap out. She’d have the gold on her shoulder, “if it wasn’t for these two clowns.” Chase brings up a picture of Drew Gulak & Charlie Dempsey. They tried to poison the young, impressionable minds of Chase U’s students. When Chase saw them go after Duke, and bully Thea, Chase couldn’t take it anymore. Chase calls on someone in the back with their hand raised. Does this mean Gulak & Dempsey won’t be guest lecturing anymore?

Guest what? Is he serious? Some things never change around here! Duke says he’ll handle this one. Duke stands up and turns around to tell the guy, “OF COURSE they won’t be bloody guest lecturers anymore!! What a stupid [censored] question!! Do you think you’ll see either of them again after Mr. Chase and I are done giving them a…” Duke looks to Mr. Chase and he nods. Everyone joins in to shout, “A CHASE UNIVERSITY SIZED ASS WHOOPING~!!” They’re all so pumped up! It feels good to be back! Chase & Duke are gonna take on Gulak & Dempsey, who comes out having “learned” their lesson?


NXT Underground: Eddy Thorpe w/ Gable Steveson VS Damon Kemp!

The Alpha Wolf was getting tired of the Golden Gopher’s excuses, so he said any match type was fine. So Kemp went with this remnant from the Shane McMahon era of Raw! No ropes, no count outs, and no pinfalls, you either tap out or get knocked out! Will Eddy finally put this beef with Kemp away? Or will Kemp make Eddy feel like he’s a Young Lion again?

The ring is surrounded by prospects and superstars otherwise free for the night. The introductions are made, the rules are explained, and it’s time to throw down in the Underground!

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel things out, Eddy tests the water with kicks, but Kemp stays on his feet. They keep going around, Kemp blocks a kick to SPINEBUSTER! Kemp rains down forearms but Eddy keeps his guard up. Eddy kicks Kemp away, then kicks again! Kemp staggers, Eddy runs back in, but Kemp huits another SPINEBUSTER! Kemp just rains down forearms but Eddy moves arounnd. Gable’s training is helping, but Kemp still GUT WRENCH SLAMS him! Kemp wraps on a SLEEPER! Eddy is caught in body scissors, there are no ropebreaks to save him so he scrambles around. But Kemp KNEES him in the side!

Kemp rains down more shots, the fans boo, and Eddy turns to his stomach. Gable says to guard the neck but too late, Kemp’s got the SLEEPER! Eddy moves around fast, rains body shots, then stands to rain down shots! Kemp turns it over to hit back! They scrap and Eddy rains down more shots! They tumble out to the floor! The prospects move aside and Kemp throws forearms! Kemp and Eddy go past Gable, and Eddy DECKS Kemp! But Kemp uses a lady as a shield! Then he throws her into Eddy to SUCKER PUNCH! Eddy falls, fans boo, and Kemp just keeps raining down shots! Gable can’t do anything to help, and can only move aside as Kemp TOSSES Eddy into barriers!

Kemp now stares Gable down, and fans rally for Eddy. Kemp DUMPS Eddy over the barriers! Kemp says this is done, but Gable coaches Eddy. Kemp grabs at Eddy but ends up in a HANGING ARMBAR! Kemp deadlifts Eddy, to POWERBOMB him on the apron!! Kemp leaves Eddy behind to soak up the heat. Gable and the others rally for Eddy and he stands, only for Kemp to waistlock and deadlift! GERMAN SUPLEX! Eddy flounders and flops, the others rally up for him and he manages to rise. Kemp storms over, into a SOBAT! But Kemp SPINEBUSTERS again! Back to the SLEEPER! Eddy fights, pries at the hold, kicks around, and he gets up again. Eddy arm-drags free!

Fans fire up for Eddy, and he BOOTS Kamp! And KICKS! And BOOTS! And GERMAN SUPLEXES! Kemp flops around and the prospects go wild! Eddy runs up to waistlock again. Kemp swings, but into a SAIDO! Fans and prospects are all fired up as Kemp flounders. Eddy storms up, but into a clinch and FOREARM! Kemp and Eddy both fall, Gable coaches Eddy up again. Eddy rises, Kemp runs in, but into a KNEE!! The ref checks, Kemp is still conscious, so Eddy drags Kemp up! But Kemp clinches, to OVERHEAD SUPLEX Eddy to the floor!! Gable panics and the ref checks. Eddy is somehow still in this!?

Gable shows Eddy the gold medal to inspire him. Kemp CLOBBERS prospects just so he can get at Eddy! But Eddy POSTS Kemp! Kemp clutches his shoulder, Eddy GERMAN SUPLEXES him away! Fans are thunderous as Kemp flounders around. Eddy brings Kemp up but Kemp elbows him away! And kicks him away! Eddy scrambles up, gets in, and catches Kemp into a TRIANGLE HOLD!! Kemp’s bad arm helps him deadlift, but Kemp just collapses! Eddy rains down elbows, Kemp is OUT! Eddy wins!!

Winner: Eddy Thorpe, by TKO

The prospects drum along with the beat of Eddy’s song, that was one hell of a fight! Eddy has won 3-0 against Kemp, will this finally end things between them?

One of the prospects gets in and touches Gable’s medal. This guy is disrespecting Gable, so he takes the medal off, and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Another guy gets in, he gets an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Another jump in, for another GERMAN SUPLEX! Gable’s having fun now! But the biggest guy in the bunch steps up… Gable says okay then. They clinch, and Gable OVERHEAD SUPLEXES him! Eddy and Gable both stand tall in the Underground, will they both look to take over the top of NXT?


Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams speak.

Trick says, “Everyone talkin’ ’bout Trick Melo Gang. And now that we’ve put Baron Corbin to bed, Judgment Day looks like they got a problem.” Melo says it looks like they’ve got a solution. They don’t take this likely. They appreciate them sending Mami to give them a warning. She looked good, but didn’t really say anything. Melo will tread lightly, Damian Priest has that MITB contract and no champion is safe. But it’s a different ball game when you try to ball in the NXT court. Trick wants Melo to tell ’em what they gon’ do. Melo invites ALL of Judgment Day to come to NXT and follow through on the threat. Dirty Dom included.

“Cuz down here, we the judge, we the jury, and the executioners.” If Judgment Day wants to go toe to toe with Trick Melo Gang, that’s y’all’s Judgment Day. That’s all it is, and that’s all it’s gon’ be. Will Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley and even Finn Balor regret messing with… HIM?


Tony D’Angelo has another visitor.

Stacks is back and all smiles, but Tony confronts him about last week. Stacks says he knows, Gallus is still NXT Tag Team Champions. Not that. The other thing. What other thing? The tape! Don’t play dumb with him! What? What tape? He didn’t tape nothing! He cut a great deal for the both of them. And with who? Well in walks Joe Coffey! The Iron King says “long time no see,” though we know he visited last time. Tony asks Stacks if he’s really seeing what he thinks he’s seeing. Did they make a deal with the rat? What the hell? No, Stacks would never betray Tony! But Joe was in the trunk for- Oh, right, don’t talk about that here.

Joe says it was a long time, but he and Stacks came to an arrangement. Stacks VS Joe next week, and if Stacks wins, the charges against Tony are dropped, and the D’Angelo Family gets a shot at the NXT Tag Team titles. But if Joe wins, Tony will stay locked up until trial. And from what Joe’s heard, conviction is a guarantee. And then Tony goes away for a long time. Tony can’t believe Stacks agreed to that. Joe chuckles and says it was Stacks’ idea! What is Stacks thinking? He thinks he can beat Joe in a 3v1!? Oh so now he’s doubting Stacks? Stacks has to run all his ideas through Tony?

Since Tony’s been locked up, business has been good! Envelopes are full! The Underboss is making moves. Tony can’t believe Stacks would do this to him! Stacks was like a brother to Tony! And now Stacks is gonna sell Tony out to this guy? Tony calms down, and Stacks says Tony is in here. This was Stacks’ decision, Tony just has to live with it. Bye, Don. Stacks leaves but Joe tells Tony, “Good-bye, Don.” Joe laughs move, then takes his leave. Tony beats the crap out of the phone! Has Stacks doomed the D’Angelos? Or will he come through on his own gamble?


Lyra Valkyria VS Jacy Jayne!

The Morrigan says why bother wasting time talking behind her back, just get some guts and step to her. The Toxic Traitor didn’t really care to do that, but now she has no choice. Will Jacy pay for talking that trash? Or will she end up throwing Lyra out with the trash instead?

NXT returns and Lyra makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Jacy knees low, CLUBS Lyra, then throws her to a corner. Jacy fires off hands, the ref counts and Jacy lets off at 4. Fans boo but Jacy says she has ’til five. But Lyra goes up and over and eggs Jacy on. Then Lyra sunset flips, TWO! Jacy runs but into an armlock! Lyra has an armlock, but Jacy fights up. Jacy pulls hair, the ref reprimands, but Jacy whips. Lyra runs Jacy over! Things speed up, Lyra cartwheels through the arm-drag to arm-drag back! Lyra keeps the armlock as fans clap to the beat of her song.

Jacy fights up, Lyra wrenches and straight arm levers! She throws Jacy down, then SPLASHES the arm! Jacy fights up, headscissors and squeezes tight. But Lyra fights around, bridges, but Jacy CLUBS her in the ribs. Jacy says this is HER ring, but Lyra continues to fight. Lyra kips free, and the two stand off. Fans applaud as the two circle again. Lyra blocks a kick but Jacy ROCKS her with a forearm! Jacy runs in at the corner but Lyra slips around and rolls her up, TWO! Fans chant “GIGI’S BETTER!” and Lyra SHOTGUNS Jacy out of the ring! Lyra then builds speed, but Jacy blocks the dropkick to wheelbarrow and SMACK off the apron!

Jacy grins but fans boo as NXT goes picture in picture. Jacy stomps Lyra around, then drags her up to RAM her into the apron! Jacy then RAMS Lyra into more apron! Jacy puts Lyra in the ring, CLUBS her down, then drags her up. Jacy whips Lyra to a corner, runs in and back body blocks! Jacy then snapmares and KICKS Lyra in the back! And the front! Cover, TWO! Jacy is annoyed but Lyra scowls. Lyra KICKS Jacy in the back! Jacy trips Lyra, stomps her down, then clamps on a chinlock. Lyra endures, Jacy leans on her and grinds her down. Lyra fights back up, throws body shots, and gets free, only for Jacy to knee low!

Jacy fireman’s carries but Lyra fights free! Lyra waistlocks, O’Conner Rolls, TWO and Lyra ends up hitting buckles! Jacy goes to the far corner, roars and runs in, CANNONBALL! Jacy drags Lyra back to center, covers, TWO! Jacy CLUBS Lyra, goes for the arms, but then chinlocks again. Jacy leans on Lyra while fans rally up. Lyra fights around, stands back up and throws more body shots! Then a JAWBREAKER! Jacy staggers, but she still SUPERKICKS Lyra down! Cover, TWO! Lyra hangs tough but Jacy gets the legs for a BOSTON CRAB! NXT returns to single picture as Lyra endures. Fans rally but Jacy tells them to shut up.

Lyra fights, turns, and throws Jacy away! Jacy flounders, but she comes back, only for Lyra to victory roll! TWO, and Lyra gets around to crucifix to sunset! TWO, and Jacy SUPERKICKS again! Lyra flounders to a corner while fans boo. Jacy soaks it up, roars, and runs in again, but the cannonball only hits buckles! Lyra snarls through a bloody nose and she CLOBBERS Jacy! And again! SOBAT, front kick, HEADBUTT! Lyra runs to AX KICK! Jacy crawls to a corner and fans rally for Lyra. Lyra runs in but is put on the apron. Lyra ROCKS Jacy first, then slingshots to LEG DROP! Cover, TWO!

Jacy bails out but Lyra builds speed! Lyra WRECKS Jacy with a dropkick! Lyra puts Jacy in fast, goes up the corner, and leaps for the- NO, Jacy avoids the Turn of Fortune! SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Jacy is screaming in frustration and she aims from a corner, ROLLING- NO, Lyra dodges the kick to GAMANGIRI back! Lyra aims again, HEEL KICK!! Cover, Lyra wins!

Winner: Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall

The Toxic Menace get up to CLOBBER Lyra! Jacy’s a sore loser, we all know this! Fans boo but Jacy grabs Lyra’s shoulder pads to rip off the feathers! Lyra is fuming, will she get revenge on Jacy for this soon enough?


Noam Dar speaks to someone…?

“Hello, hello, hello. It’s me. It’s so good to see you, you look perfect as always. Look, I miss you so much. Life is so difficult without you. Nothing is the same! With you, I felt solid beyond belief! But now, everything just reminds me of you. I dream about you every single night. I even talk to you in my sleep. But you leave gaps, never to respond. Y’see? I’m going crazy! You said it would be forever! I need you back in my life. You complete me.” Yes, he’s talking to a picture of the Heritage Cup. The Meta Four rally around him, and Dar says next week, Supernova Sessions returns, but he isn’t sure how he’s gonna do it without the cup!

Lash Legend says they have to fix this and pronto. Jakara Jackson knows that already. Oro Mensah says Dar is down enough as it is, they have to take care of it for him. Dar wants five more minutes with the picture but they pull him away. What can they do to get Dar his precious back?


Kiara James is on the phone.

Yeah, “that” was so good. She figured Gigi could use a new look. Or rather, a fresh coat of paint. But speaking of, there’s a sign on her office door. “Wet paint?” She says bye to who she’s speaking with, and then steps inside. She looks around to see it all trashed! Paint splatters all over the wall, flowers strewn all around, and the word “PHONY” in big red letters. Kiana knows who did this but there’s still a note. “You can NEVER outrun your past – Gigi” Well okay then, Gigi, the gloves come off. What will happen next between the Calculator and the Outsider?


Von Wagner is beating up on Javier Bernal?!

Big Body Javi is getting thrown all around ringside and Stone says to kick Javi’s ass! Von TOSSES Javi over the steel steps! Then RAMS him into barriers! It seems Javi was talking trash, so this is what he gets! But Stone tells Von not to bomb Javi on the desk. Why not? Because it’ll mean more if he beats Javi in the ring. Von agrees with that, but then he trophy lifts Javi and aims for barriers! Stone stops Von and tells him to trust the process. Fans want the table, Von thinks about it, and he likes their idea better! Von clears off the desk, then drags Javi back up for the POWERBOMB through the desk!!

Stone is beside himself but the fans love it! Von smiles, was this the kind of therapy he needed all along?


NXT hears from Lucien Price & Bronco Nima.

Their childhood friendship started right outside this store front, La Caribena. NXT ain’t ready for this. They’re rolling up to the Perfromance Center, and Nima says they’re gonna run through the tag division. No one’s seen a combination like them. D1 athleticism with street wise knowledge. They’re not blood brothers but brothers at heart and they’re gonna unleash the anger. They went from younguns to OGs. NXT hears them coming, but no one’s listening. Every team better know they about to get it. Nobody’s safe! They’re on their way, and they’re bringing a storm with them!


Losers Leave NXT: The Creed Brothers w/ Ivy Nile VS The Dyad w/ Ava Raine & Joe Gacy!

Speaking of the NXT Tag Division, things have gone back and forth between these forces on the roster for months now, and it all comes to a head here tonight! Despite what he says, Gacy put Jagger & Rip in this position, but is it because he knows they will be forged by the fire? Or will Julius & Brutus use this one match to take a big bite out of The Schism’s tree?

But speaking of that animosity, The Dyad attacks the moment Julius & Brutus are in the ring! The fans boo, the ref reprimands, Jagger dumps Julius out and he helps Rip mug Brutus! The ref wants them to stop but Jagger goes up and Rip facelocks. But Brutus powers Rip into that corner! Jagger hesitates, and then Julius jumps onto Brutus’ back to get Jagger for a SUPERPLEX! Brutus then DUMPS Rip out of the ring! The ref wants this to settle down, but Brutus SLINGSHOT CANNONBALLS to take Rip out! The bell rings, Julius ROCKS Jagger, then goes up a corner. Julius aims, for the SHOOTING STAR! Cover, but Gacy drags Jagger to safety!

The fans boo, but the ref tells Gacy he is EJECTED!! Fans cheer and Gacy is furious, but now things are a bit more even as NXT goes picture in picture.

Gacy and the Dyad still throw a fit, but Gacy tells The Dyad they can still get in there and take the Creeds out. Gacy walks off while fans wave bye and surely sing “HEY HEY HEY” at him. Rip and Jagger regroup, talk strategy, and then Jagger tags Rip. Rip circles with Julius, Julius waistlocks but Rip switches. Rip spins Julius, snapmares, but Julius handsprings through! Julius DROPKICKS Rip down, whips him to a corner, but Rip reverses. Julius goes up and over, ducks ‘n’ dodges, tags Brutus in and then keeps moving. Brutus goes up to AX HANDLE Rip down! Brutus fireman’s carries to TOSS Rip, and STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Brutus drags Rip up to UPPERCUT! Rip kicks low to UPPERCUT back! Brutus UPPERCUTS again! Brutus suplexes, holds Rip up, and then SLAMS Rip down! Brutus whips Rip to a corner, but Jagger takes the hit for him! Rip comes back to CLOBBER Brutus! Tag to Jagger, the Dyad POST Brutus together! Rip tags Jagger back in and Jagger fires off hands from the outside! The ref counts, Jagger lets off at 4 and fumes around. Jagger gets in to ELBOW Brutus down! Jagger drags Brutus up, wrenches and RAMS Brutus’ arm, then throws down elbows! Jagger throws more elbows, cranks the arm, and ROCKS Brutus with forearms!

Tag to Rip, the Dyad mugs Brutus, then Rip holds Brutus in place for Jagger to ELBOW! NXT returns to single picture as Jagger holds Brutus and Rip SPLASHES! Feed to the WHEEL KICK! Rip covers, TWO! Rip clamps on with a chinlock and he grinds Brutus. Brutus endures, even as Rip full mounts the armlock. Fans rally and Brutus fights up. Brutus throws forearms, reaches out, but Rip knees low! Rip clamps onto the arm again, double wristlocks, but Brutus powers his way forward! Brutus and Julius reach for each other, but Rip turns Brutus around to ARMLOCK DDT! Cover, TWO!

Brutus clutches the arm but he’s still in this. Rip throws down hands, stomps Brutus right in the face, and then short arm LARIATS! Rip covers, TWO! Rip clamps onto Brutus, fans rally up for the Creeds, and Brutus fights up. Brutus throws forearms, reaches out, but Rip knees low! Rip brings Brutus around, but Brutus suplexes instead! Fans fire up while both men are down. Hot tags to Jagger and Julius! Julius clinches to OVERHEAD SUPLEX Jagger! And then OVERHEAD SUPLEX Rip! And then another clinch on Jagger but Rip CLUBS Julius! The Dyad mug and whip Julius bu t he jumps the lariats to DOUBLE LARIAT the Dyad out!

Fans fire up as Julius WRECKS both men with a dropkick, and then skins the cat to PLANCHA! Direct hit on both Jagger and Rip, and Julius fires off forearms! Fans fire up as Julius puts Rip in, but Jagger anchors a leg. Julius kicks free but Rip cradles! TWO!! Julius JUMP KNEES back! Tag to Brutus and the Creeds whip and fireman’s carry. KNEE DEATH VALLEY COMBO! Cover, TWO!! Rip survives and Brutus still clutches that bad arm. Tag back to Julius, the Creeds get Rip up, but Jagger SUPERKICKS Brutus! Julius ROCKS Jagger and tosses him, but Rip rolls Julius up! TWO!!

Julius escapes, Jagger tags in! Jagger gets around, crucifix and throat chop! Takedown into the cover, TWO!! Julius survives and Ava grows frustrated on their behalf. Jagger says this is what Julius wanted, and he ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! But Julius throws body shots and CLUBS Jagger! Julius reels Jagger in, gets him up, and POWERBOMBS! Julius high stacks, but Rip CHOP BLOCKS! Julius writhes but he also gets pissed! Julius fires off on Rip but Jagger CHOP BLOCKS! More damage to the leg! Tag to Rip and Jagger kicks Julius out of the ring. Rip RAMS Julius into steel steps and Julius tumbles over!

Fans boo while Julius clutches his leg in agony! The Dyad has control now as NXT goes picture in picture.

Julius rests against the barriers but Rip storms up to stomp the leg! Rip gets Julius up and brings him around, SHINBREAKER to the steps!! Julius writhes more, and Rip puts him back in. Rip drags Julius up, reels him in, and suplexes into the ropes! The legs get beat up even more! Tag to Jagger and he stalks Julius, to KICK the bad leg out! Ivy coaches Julius but Jagger stomps him at the ropes. Jagger wraps the leg around ropes and pulls! The ref counts but Julius kicks Jagger away. Jagger comes back, throws forearms, and tags in Rip. Jagger puts Julius in a Tree of Woe and Rip makes sure he’s stuck.

The ref counts, Rip CLUBS away on the bad leg until Julius falls out of the Tree! Rip stomps Julius, drags him up, and he scoops to SLAM him into ropes! The legs just keep taking damage, and Jagger tags in. The Dyad mugs Julius, and Jagger CLUBS Julius down! Jagger stomps the bad leg, talks some trash, stomps some more, then tags Rip in. NXT returns to single picture as Rip sucker punches Brutus! Rip stands Julius up to DECK him! And then he has the leg, HALF CRAB! Julius endures as Rip has him at a bad angle! Jagger and Ava taunt Julius, Julius raises his hand, but he refuses to give up!

Julius claws his way around, Brutus and Ivy coach him, and Julius turns over to kick and kick and kick! Julius gest free and he crawls over to the corner. Hot tag to Brutus! Brutus rallies on The Dyad, and he TACKLES Rip to BRUTUS SMASH! But Rip gets away by kicking the bad arm! Brutus runs in to SPLASH in the corner, then he torture racks! SHELL SHOCK! Brutus goes to the apron to SPRINGBOARD 450?!? Cover, TWO!!! The fact Brutus made that work is wild, but Rip still survives. Brutus brings down the straps and roars! Brutus gets a leg for an ANKLE LOCK!!

Rip endures, fans rally and chant “TAP! TAP! TAP!” Rip turns over and he BOOTS Brutus away! Then throat chop! Rip goes up, leaps, TICKET TO RIDE!! Cover, TWO!??! Brutus survives and fans fire up! Ivy is relieved, but Rip tags Jagger. Jagger tears off his wrist tape, and he eggs Brutus on. Jagger ROCKS Brutus, then shouts, “Is this what you wanted?!” Jagger fires more forearms, and he tells Brutus is leaving! Jagger DECKS Brutus, but Julius is there. Julius tells Brutus to keep fighting because they aren’t going anywhere! Jagger ROCKS Brutus, and again! But Brutus powers up! Jagger throws more shots but Brutus CLOBBERS him!!

Brutus shakes out the bad arm, tags Julius in, and Julius hobbles up with his bad leg. Electric Chair Lift, but Rip drags Brutus down! Jagger slips off Julius to ROCK Brutus! Julius waistlocks but Jagger throws elbows! Jagger gets loose, Rip has Brutus in an Electric Chair now! TOPE DOOMSDAY!! The Dyad is all fired up and Ivy is worried now. Julius is furious now but he’s 2v1! Rip says it’s been 18 YEARS for them. Julius fires off haymakers on the Dyad! And DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS!! Julius kips up on ONE LEG!! Julius fires up, goes up a corner, and MOONSAULTS them both down!

Fans are thunderous but Ava gets in! So Ivy CLOBBERS her! Fans fire up as Ivy gets at Julius, but who is this in the red hooded jacket and golden Schism mask?! They sneak up and HEADBUTT Julius! Then they scurry away into the crowd! Jagger tags Rip, The Dyad aims at Julius! DOUBLE CODE BREAKER!! Cover, THE DYAD WINS!?!

Winners: The Dyad, by pinfall (The Creed Brothers MUST LEAVE NXT)

Fans boo, but there are yellow Schism masks peppered in the crowd who must be quietly loving this. Who was the person in the red hood and new mask? Was this why Gacy was so confident? As for Julius & Brutus, they’re not out of NXT! Where will they go now?


Finn Balor speaks.

“Trick and Melo. You ain’t sweatin’ me? You ain’t sweatin’ the Judgment Day? No, you were sweatin’ all over my ring when I dragged you from corner to corner a couple weeks ago on Raw. But I get it. By sticking your nose in my business, you get that Finn rub. But trust me, there ain’t gonna be no happy endings. I’ll see you next Tuesday. How’s that for subliminal?” The Prince is returning to NXT, and he’s bringing the Judgment Day with him! Will they look to bring down Trick Melo Gang?


Bron Breakker is here!

As if the fans weren’t bummed out enough by the Creeds being expelled, now the Big Bad Booty Nephew is here. Bron gets a mic as fans boo, and he says, “Now in case some of you live under a rock, a couple weeks ago, I competed in the biggest match in NXT history. On the most watched NXT show in over two years, because I called out Seth Rollins.” Fans boo and remind him he lost. But Bron says he and Seth went to war. “But the kicker was that not one of you in this arena, at home, believed that I had a shot. Until I speared Seth Rollins in the center of this ring, and I heard the energy in this arena drop.

“Now, Seth would go on to prove to the world how good that he is, and is everything that he says that he is, but I can’t stress enough how close that I was to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.” Fans boo more as Bron says it was “a fraction of a second away from winning gold, at only 78 matches in my career. 78 matches is all I’ve had. Hell, Seth Rollins has had more Premium Live Event matches than I’ve had period!” Bron didn’t have the “luxury” of traveling the world and wrestling in high school gyms before getting here. Everything Bron has done has been right here, live TV for the whole world to see every week!

Fans do cheer that, and Bron says night one, he beat one of the hottest stars in the business right now, LA Knight! Fans chant “YEAH!” but Bron says he’s just 25 years old. And yet he proved he can hang with the very best in this business, and he is that damn good! Fans are a bit torn there. Bron wants us to get used to seeing his face for decades to come because he’s got a lot more people to beat, and a lot more championships to win. And a lot of people are asking, “What’s next for the most intense superstar in WWE? What’s next for the badass Bron Breakker?” Well here comes ILJA DRAGUNOV!

Ilja tells Bron, “You would like to know what’s next in line for you, right? Well… Next in line is me.” Fans cheer that! Ilja came out to confront Bron like a man, not by attacking him backstage or in the middle of a match where his attention is somewhere else. No, Ilja did this with Bron’s head up, and face to face. Ilja wanted to let Bron know that between Ilja and the NXT title, there stands but one person: Bron. Ilja came out here to eliminate Bron. It’s funny that Bron talks about danger, because you’re standing in the ring with THE most dangerous man in NXT! Ilja hits a JUMP KICK and then fires off forearms!

Bron waistlocks, they go around, refs rush out but fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” Ilja gets loose but Bron TACKLES him! Bron rains down fists, superstars and prospects rush out to separate them, but they just get haymakers for it! Bron ELBOWS Ilja, Ilja PELES back! Even MORE superstars come out, but Ilja CLOBBERS Bron off the apron and onto them! The entire locker room empties but they just get clobbered by Ilja as he wants after Bron again! Bron TACKLES Ilja again, but then Ilja hits him back! These two are surely the most dangerous men in NXT, but who will be number one in the end?

My Thoughts:

A really good NXT, though this must’ve been at the end of a taping session because that crowd was half dead for roughly half of it (in total). Really good opener from Roxie and Blair, but it makes sense for Blair to win, as it’ll extend the feud. Really good vignette from Corbin, and I do like the idea of him getting rid of his King Corbin, Constable Corbin, Happy Corbin/Modern Wrestling God Corbin and even Lone Wolf Corbin stuff to try and be more of the Corbin he is now. But in a way that ends up being his gimmick: No BS Corbin. Either way, a good, fresh start and who knows what that leads to while he’s still in NXT.

Bate VS Ali was great stuff, but I had a feeling Ali would find a way to win. Wes VS Ali is going to be great stuff at the Great American Bash, the build over the next three weeks is going to be great stuff, but who knows how the match goes. As it has been said, Ali has not held any gold in the WWE, though he totally deserves to, but who knows if he’s to be the one that breaks Wes’ record setting streak. Though as I’ve also said before, it’d be a great move as Wes can then launch to the top title. Great promo from Meta Four, and I knew the moment Dar started talking to someone/something off camera, it was related to the Heritage Cup. The team is definitely gonna petition Dar gets a rematch with Nathan Frazer since he wasn’t the one who lost the cup.

Solid first match for Kelani Jordan on NXT TV, though her using Stun-Dog Millionaire as a finisher is not gonna work, because it is one of those rare counter attack moves. She should work on a finisher that plays off her being a gymnast, like a moonsault variation. That said, her and Cora having a match will be good stuff, and probably leads to a rematch of Cora VS Dana. Great promo from Chase U to officially give us Duke & Chase VS Gulak & Dempsey, and good promo from Kiana James to set up a rematch with Gigi Dolin. I kinda want them to come up with a unique stipulation within the No Disqualification family, so that there can be cans of paint and office supplies used to represent both of them.

Good final vignette from Price & Nima before they debut on NXT TV, and good promo from Trick Melo Gang and Finn Balor to set up some stuff between them. It can add some stuff to the Judgment Day dysfunction between Finn and Priest, especially if they’re called upon to be in a tag match against Trick Melo Gang. And I really liked how outta nowhere Von beating up on Javi was. And I thought this was going a certain way, but maybe NXT trimmed down my idea of pacifist Von VS righteous anger Von to get right to where Von uses his anger for good instead of evil. The fans are definitely gravitating towards “Face who is still aggressive” Von, they loved him tossing Javi around.

Really good promo from Tony D, Stacks and Joe Coffey. So Stacks isn’t a traitor but maybe just naïve? I do feel like he’ll find a way to beat Joe so that he and Tony can have their tag title match at Great American Bash. But at the same time, it’d be wild for NXT to go all law/crime show and have a kayfabe court trial that sees Tony acquitted and then he and Stacks still go after Gallus for the tag titles. Either way, I’m not even sure the D’Angelo Family takes the titles, Gallus make good Heels to take on just about any team they want in the division. Los Lotharios certainly want their shot, and I’d love to see Hank ‘n’ Tank get a try.

Really fun stuff in that “NXT Underground” match. But was it just me or did it feel like they could’ve easily had Gable Steveson turn on Eddy there? He was holding up his gold medal, he could’ve cracked Eddy with it behind the ref’s back, but instead he stayed Face and then just got to throw around the “obnoxious” Underground lumberjacks. But I’m really surprised Kemp didn’t get one win against Eddy, feels kinda underwhelming for the whole story. And very good match from Lyra VS Jacy, but I figured Lyra would win here. She’s still on a slow build to being a contender, and I kinda hope she and Blair cross paths to reference back to NXT UK.

We got a great tag match in the main event, and as I said last week, I had a feeling the Creeds would lose. They’ve already had the tag titles, there isn’t really anything more for them to do, so they’re probably moving on to SmackDown on the Road to SummerSlam. Ivy had a good interaction with Tiffany, they’re going to have a good match, and I’m sure the NXT crowd would love to see Ivy get her title shot. And pretty sure that hooded figure was just Gacy in disguise. He got himself ejected and pulled a Solo Sikoa from Night of Champions, aka came back when no one expected it. Now Gacy can take credit in some way, which will just add more dysfunction.

And great closing segment with Bron and Ilja, but it really exposed how the crowd was just done. Those boos sounded piped in, as it sure didn’t seem like anyone in the crowd was even bothering. But the fans did come alive when Ilja showed up to confront Bron, they had a great brawl, and they’re going to have an awesome match. Pretty sure Dragunov wins that, he finally moves up to the NXT title, and he can have an awesome feud with Melo. Bron losing would hopefully mean he moves on to RawDown, probably more Raw than SmackDown, and we’ll see where he goes from there.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (12/1/23)

SmackDown hears voices!



The Viper is here for The Bloodline!

He returned at WarGames, he returned to Monday Night Raw, and now, The Apex Predator, Randy Orton, returns to Friday Night SmackDown! Will he be able to strike at The Bloodline tonight?


  • Kevin Owens VS Grayson Waller; wins.


[Due to the scheduling choices of KFOX14 (El Paso & Las Cruces), coverage of SmackDown will not begin until 9PM Eastern]

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Mitchell’s NJPW World Tag League Results & Report! (12/1/23)

A Block, round 5!



Will it be Chaos for the Reiwa Musketeers?

Shota Umino & Ren Narita are just outside the top spot in A Block, can they take over and truly lead NJPW’s future in World Tag League?


  • Six Man Tag: El Phantasmo, Hikuleo & Jado VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Just5Guys VS Tiger Mask, Atlantis Jr. & Soberano Jr; Just5Guys win.
  • Six Man Tag: Master Wato, Yuji Nagata & Minoru Suzuki VS Ryusuke Taguchi, Lance Archer & Alex Zayne;  Wato, Nagata & Suzuki win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Yoh, Bishamon & Boltin Oleg VS Los Ingobernables de Japon; Yoh, Bishamon & Oleg win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Evil & Yujiro win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa; TMDK wins.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin; Kidd & Coughlin win.
  • 2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii; Yano & Ishii win.


Here are the current A Block standings.

TMDK: 3-1, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-1, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-2, 4 points
War Dogs: 2-2, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-2, 4 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2-2, 4 points
The House of Torture: 1-3, 2 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-3, 2 points


2023 World Tag League, Block A: The Gates of Agony VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi w/ The House of Torture!

Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona finally got on the board, beating the War Dogs. Meanwhile, the House of Torture is falling apart as they just keep losing! Will the Gates slam shut on them, too? Or will the King of Darkness & Tokyo Pimp find a way to lie, cheat and steal a win once again?

Wait, the Gates are coming out wearing House of Torture shirts? And then they wait for the House to make their entrance? Is this a sign that they’ve become allies? Dick Togo, Sho, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, and of course Evil & Yujiro all come out together and they seem pretty chummy with the Gates. All seven go to the ring now, and this is a rather interesting development. Did Prince Nana approve this deal? Everyone shakes hands and “put one out” so clearly there’s something to this. They even pose for photos! But then Kaun & Liona quickly and quietly TOSS Sho & Kanemaru, then they TOSS Dick! Yujiro & Evil don’t understand!

Kaun & Liona throw forearms, the bell rings and the Gates whip Evil & Yujiro. Yujiro & Evil hold ropes to then BOOT in return! But they run into double scoop SLAMS! The Gates tear off the House of Torture shirts, and Liona even wipes his butt with it! Evil & Yujiro are in opposite corners, Kaun runs in to ELBOW Yujiro and Liona SPLASHES Evil! Then the Gates trade, ELBOW for Evil and SPLASH for Yujiro! And back the other way! Fans fire up as the Gates tricked the tricksters! They fire each other up, and Kaun sends Liona into SPLASH Evil! The fans rally up, the Gates run in to SPLASH SANDWICH Evil!

Liona stands Evil back up, he and Kaun OPEN- NO, Yujiro saves Evil and they bail out. The House falls back, daring the Gates to come out after them. The Gates storm out after them, but going all the way to the entrance is suspicious. Sho & Kanemaru attack from behind with chairs! Fans boo as Dick distracts the ref so that the House can mug the Gates! Sho CHOKES Liona with his chair, but Liona bench presses it away! Yujiro helps Sho while Evil drags Kaun around, to RAM into the timekeeper’s area! Poor Abe-san! The fans boo but Evil gets on the mic to basically say this is what they get for messing with the House!

Yujiro SMACKS Liona off the timekeeper’s table, but Liona roars! So Yujiro POSTS Liona to knock him down! Evil drags Kaun up, puts him in the ring, and fans rally up. Evil CLUBS Kaun, CLUBS him again, and calls to the ref. Marty Asami returns and Evil stomps Kaun. Evil drags Kaun up, wrenches the arm and tags in Yujiro. Yujiro CLUBS Kaun’s arm, then reels him in to snapmare and ROCK with a haymaker. Yujiro looms over Kaun to rain down more fists but the ref reprimands. No closed fists! So Yujiro fishhooks Kaun’s nose! Yujiro sits Kaun up to run and basement BOOT! Cover, ONE!!

Yujiro is annoyed but he drags Kaun back up. Yujiro wrenches, wristlocks, and he CLUBS the arm. And stomps it! Kaun clutches the arm, it is taped up from that fight with the War Dogs. Yujiro wraps the arm around ropes! The ref counts, Yujiro lets off at 4 but the House all complains. Tag to Evil and he throws his shirt at Liona. Now the ref has to keep Liona out, and Evil throws Kaun out for the boys to stomp away on! Fans boo these vultures, but then Sho puts Kaun back in for Evil. Cover, TWO! Evil argues with the ref but the fans rally up. Evil tags Yujiro then runs to BLAST Liona! Liona stays up and roars, so Evil pokes him in the eyes!

Evil and Yujiro drag Kaun up, whip him to a corner, and Yujiro runs in but into Kaun’s BOOT! Kaun catches Evil for an URENAGE! Then Kaun uses Evil as a step to SHOTGUN Yujiro! Fans fire up while they’re all done, and Kaun crawls over. Hot tag to Liona! Liona rallies on Yujiro, BOOTS him, then catches Evil for a spin and LARIAT! Fans fire up more and Liona has targets in opposite corners. Liona roars, then SPLASHES Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! SPLASH for Evil! SPLASH for Yujiro! Liona just keeps going, then he whips Evil into Yujiro! Fans fire up with Liona, and he runs back in, but both Yujiro and Evil dodge!

Yujiro & Evil kick low, double whip to ropes, but Liona breaks the line to DOUBLE SHOULDER TACKLE! Fans fire up again and Liona roars for Kaun! Kaun rises and tags in, and the Gates get Yujiro up! But Yujiro moves, the double lariats collide! Kaun hurries to grab a leg but Yujiro BOOTS Kaun into Liona! Evil tags in and he storms up to CLUB Kaun! Evil stomps Kaun, Yujiro joins in, and the ref reprimands. Yujiro drags Kaun to a corner, he and Evil double whip Kaun corner to corner. Yujiro runs in to BOOT! Evil runs in to clothesline! Snapmare and then they set Kaun up while Sho distracts! Dick hops up, DICK CHOP!!

Fans boo as Evil covers, TWO!! Kaun survives and the fans fire up again! Evil slashes his throat, drags Kaun up, and spins him around, but Liona is back! HELL STAB! Then a HEADBUTT for Yujiro! Liona & Kaun BLAST Dick & Sho off the apron! The fans fire up as now Evil is alone! Kaun & Liona high five and LARIAT SANDWICH! They roar again and they get Evil up. HEAVEN’S GATES!! Cover, but Dick YANKS the ref out!! Fans boo, but Yujiro slips back in to CLUB the Gates! Kaun ROCKS Yujiro in return! Kaun & Liona set Evil & Yujiro up, but they block double low blows! Kanemaru and Sho get in, they DOUBLE LOW BLOW!!

Fans boo as the House stomps away on the Gates! Yujiro has his cane, Dick has the Spoiler Choker. Liona shoves Sho aside but gets the CANE SHOT! Dick CHOKES Kaun, Kanemaru gives him WHISKEY MIST! And then Sho CLOBBERS Kaun with his wrench! Dick gets the ref back in as Evil hits EVERYTHING IS EVIL on Kaun!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: Evil & Yujiro Takahashi, by pinfall (gain 2 points; The Gates of Agony earn 0)

Kaun & Liona lured the House in, but one good trick wasn’t enough to beat the numbers game. The House even mugs the Young Lions trying to help The Gates! Will this be the beginning of the most unwanted comeback in World Tag League history?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: TMDK w/ Kosei Fujita VS Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa!

The Mighty Don’t Kneel, but Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls did fall for the trickery of Toru Yano. Will TMDK be able to rebound and stay at the top of the block? Or will the Green Supernova and his protege still #CreateTheFuture?

The teams sort out and Mad Mikey starts against Oiwa. They tie up, fans rally up, and Oiwa pushes Mikey back, only for Mikey to put him on ropes. Mikey lets off but shoves Oiwa. Oiwa shoves back! They go forehead to forehead, then forearm for forearm! Mikey claws eyes, headlocks, and brings Oiwa over. Shane tags in, Oiwa gets away, and then Oiwa arm-drags Mikey! Shane runs in, but into an arm-drag! Oiwa wrenches and whips Shane to ropes, Kaito joins in so they can DOUBLE ARM-DRAG! And then DOUBLE DROPKICK! The fans fire and Oiwa has Shane in a corner. Shane throws a chop, but Oiwa stomps and ROCKS Shane in return.

Oiwa drags Shane up to wrench and wristlock, then he scoops to POWERSLAM! Oiwa runs, but Shane gets up to DROPKICK back! Shane puts Oiwa on ropes, stomps away, and then BLASTS Kaito! Mikey smothers Oiwa on the apron, lets off before he gets caught, and then Shane slides to SHOVE Oiwa to the floor! The ref has to keep Kaito back, so that lets Mikey stomp Oiwa. Mikey puts Oiwa in, Shane covers, TWO! Shane drags Oiwa up, brings him around and bumps him off buckles. Tag to Mikey and he CHOPS! Fans rally, Mikey eggs Oiwa on then CHOPS him again! Mikey ROCKS Oiwa, Oiwa ROCKS Mikey!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey but Mikey ROCKS him right back! And CHOPS him right down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally but Mikey sits Oiwa up and runs. Oiwa avoids the sliding lariat! Mikey hobbles up, throws a forearm but Oiwa throws back a flurry! Mikey fires a flurry of his own! Mikey runs, into an UPPERCUT! Oiwa runs and ROLLING ELBOWS Mikey down! Fans fire up as both men crawl, hot tag to Kaito! Kaito rallies on TMDK, whips Mikey and DROPKICKS him down! Shane kicks and runs, into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up again and Kaito whips corner to corner. Mikey reverses but Kaito comes back to NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up again as Kaito drags Mikey up and reels him in. Mikey fights the suplex, but Kaito fires forearms! Kaito reels Mikey in but Mikey suplexes! Kaito slips free, ducks Mikey’s elbow, but Mikey DDTS! Fans fire up while both men are down, Mikey crawls to hot tag Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS again and again on Kaito, whips him to a corner then BLASTS Oiwa before he UPPERCUTS Kaito! Shane keeps moving, CANNONBALL! Fans fire up with Hysterical Haste and he drags Kaito up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Kaito survives and fans rally up. Shane calls his shot and he drags Kaito back up to reel him in.

Shane underhooks the arms, lifts, but Kaito fights free to chicken wing! Shane fights that to ROCK Kaito! Shane eggs Kaito on then UPPERCUTS him! Kaito comes back to UPPERCUT Shane! Shane UPPERCUTS Kaito! Kaito grits his teeth and shakes his head. Kaito UPPERCUTS, Shane UPPERCUTS, repeat! Fans rally, Shane gets the edge with UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT, but Kaito rebounds to RUNNING UPPERCUT! Both men are down again, and the fans fire up! Shane crawls to an open corner, Kaito crawls to hot tag Oiwa! Oiwa runs in to forearm smash, then he whips Shane corner to corner. Oiwa runs in to DROPKICK!

Fans rally up again as Oiwa clamps on a gut wrench, for a GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa drags Shane up again, GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Oiwa isn’t done, he drags Shane up for a GUT WRENCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Oiwa BLASTS Mikey and Kaito slides in. They double whip Shane, then Kaito sends Oiwa in to ELBOW! Kaito runs in to forearm! Feed to the SPIN POWERSLAM! Cover, Mikey breaks it! Kaito TOSSES Mikey and Oiwa fires up! Oiwa drags Shane up in a waistlock but Mikey makes the save! Mikey CHOPS and Shane LARIATS! They coordinate, fireman’s carry, HIGHWAY TO HELL! Cover, Kaito breaks it!

The fans fire up again but Mikey tosses Kaito out. Shane kicks Oiwa around, eggs him on, but Oiwa sits up. Kaito gives more kicks, and a boot! Shane aims from a corner, runs in, but Oiwa dodges the Shane-ing Wizard to single leg, ANACONDA SUPLEX! Shane staggers back up, Oiwa gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Mikey sweeps Oiwa’s legs! Mikey whips, Oiwa reverses and DROPKICKS! Oiwa calls to Kaito and he returns. They get Shane up and fans fire up with them. Oiwa Electric Chair Lifts while Kaito climbs. But Shane victory rolls under the crossbody! TWO!! Mikey catches Kaito for a MIKEY BOMB!

Oiwa fires off on Mikey and DOUBLE CHOPS! But Shane SUPERKICKS! Mikey scoops, TANK BUSTER!! Cover, TMDK wins!!

Winner: TMDK, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kaito & Oiwa earn 0)

A powerful battle from both teams, but only one team was mighty! Will Shane & Mikey still be the A Block finalists


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Great-O-Khan & Henare w/ Callum Newman VS Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin!

The Dominator & Face of Fury are holding on at 2-2, but so are #WarReady and the Dreadnought! Will the United Empire conquer these War Dogs and stay strong? Or will Kidd & Coughlin win won for the Rebel?

But of course the War Dogs attack at the ramp! But the Empire is ready, and Khan JAMS Kidd with his banner’s staff! Henare fires hands on Coughlin, HEADBUTTS him, and Khan CHOKES Kidd with the staff! Khan throws Kidd down, Henare CLUBS away on Coughlin, and the Empire gets the Dogs set up for Callum! Callum FLIES! Direct hit and he even lands on his feet! Fans fire up with the Empire and they throw the crowns up. Khan CLUBS Kidd, Henare LASHES Coughlin with his vest, and then Khan whips Kidd hard into railing! Red Shoes says fine then, and the bell rings to get this on record.

Fans cheer while Henare puts Coughlin in and throws forearms. Henare runs to then run Coughlin over! Fans cheer more, and Henare aims. Henare KICKS Coughlin in the back! And KICKS him again! Henare snapmares Coughlin to KICK him again! Then he SENTONS onto knees! Coughlin deadlifts and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Coughlin stomps Henare while Kidd whips Khan hard into railing, sending him up and out! Kidd then drags Khan to the back area of the stands, and whips him all the way into a wall! Coughlin digs his boots into Henare in a corner, then his knee. Red Shoes reprimands and Coughlin lets off.

Kidd and Khan keep brawling in the back as Coughlin CHOPS Henare! Coughlin whips Henare corner to corner then clotheslines! Coughlin then scoops Henare, and hits a FALL AWAY SLAM! Henare tumbles and writhes while fans applaud the show of strength. Coughlin covers, TWO! Tag to Kidd, and the War Dogs get Henare up. Coughlin holds the arms back so Kidd can CHOP Henare! And CHOP again! Kidd then stands on Henare’s head but Red Shoes reprimands. Kidd steps off to storm around. Kidd mockingly asks where Will Ospreay went. Kidd says he’s beating up Ospreay’s boys like they’re his b*tches!

Kidd DECKS Henare, then digs his knee in again. Tag to Coughlin, he drags Henare up, and says “Knock knock” as he taps Henare on the head. Henare snarls but Coughlin SLAPS him down! Coughlin says Henare’s supposed to respond, “Who’s there.” Coughlin kneels on Henare but Khan knocks him over! The War Dogs mug Khan, Kidd drags him out of the ring, then whips him hard into railing! Kidd even DECKS Callum for the hell of it! Fans boo but Kidd says he’s a madman! Coughlin stomps Henare, drags him up, and RAMS him into the corner. Tag to Kidd and Kidd RAMS into Henare. Kidd then snapmares Henare to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Khan runs back in but Kidd DECKS him! Kidd drags Khan up to throw him out, and Coughlin hauls him up to whip hard into more railing! Kidd storms around, kicks Henare, but Henare grits his teeth. Kidd eggs Henare on, kicks again, but Henare blocks! Henare steps over to WHEEL KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Henare crawls, Khan drags himself up! But Coughlin runs in to BLAST Khan off the apron! Coughlin then goes out to stomp on Khan, and Kidd CLUBS Henare. Coughlin sends Khan into railing again! Kidd drags Henare up, ROCKS him, then bumps him off buckles. But Henare just growls!

Kidd bumps Henare off more buckles, but Henare just headbutts the buckles! Kidd eggs Henare on, CHOPS him, then whips him. But Henare reverses to SAMOAN DROP! Fans fire up as Henare crawls for his corner. Hot tag- NO, Coughlin YANKS Khan down! Red Shoes reprimands, Coughlin whips, but Khan reverses to send him into railing! And then Khan BOOTS Coughlin down! The fans fire up, hot tag to Khan! Khan runs Kidd over, whips him to a corner and clotheslines! Then torture rack and swing, NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Kidd is still in this but the fans rally behind Khan. Khan sits Kidd up, into the IRON CLAW SLEEPER!

Kidd BITES the fingers! And SNAPS them! Kidd runs, rebounds, but Khan gets under! Henare runs in, ASSISTED SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Kidd survives but Henare and Khan coordinate. Shoutout to Aussie Open, RUNNING KICK SANDWICH! Scoop, HEEL KICK T T D!! Cover, Coughlin breaks it! Coughlin and Henare trade big forearms! Fans fire up as they go back and forth! Coughlin gets the edge, but Henare BODY BLOWS! And ULTIMA- NO, Coughlin fights the full nelson! So Henare shoves him to a corner for a SHINING WIZARD! Then snapmare and RUGBY KICK! And then the Monster Rage boils over!

Henare drags Kidd up, fireman’s carries, and Khan runs. But Kidd slips free to shove Henare into Khan! Kidd BITES Henare, TOSSES him out, talks trash, but turns around into the HELL STAB! IRON CLAW, but Kidd grabs at Red Shoes! RIGHT HAND!! Kidd and Khan fall over after that closed fist shot! Fans rally up as hard as they can but Kidd snarls as he drags Khan up. Kidd runs, springboards, OSCUTTER?!? Kidd sends a message to Ospreay, and Coughlin is back in! Gut wrench, Coughlin goes up, HIJACK TOMBSTONE!! Cover, War Dogs win!!

Winners: Gabe Kidd & Alex Coughlin, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Khan & Henare earn 0)

That madman tells Ospreay that he’s dead when they finally face off 1v1! December 16th is still two weeks away, is Kidd going to overlook the rest of the WTL all because he wants after the Kingpin?


2023 World Tag League, Block A: Shota Umino & Ren Narita VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii!

The Reiwa Musketeers are coming off a big main event win last round, and are near the top of the block! But the Clown Prince & Stone Pitbull just took down the top of the block last round against TMDK! Will Yano & Ishii pull off another shocker to get to the front of the line? Or will the Roughneck & Son of Strong Style make it through the Chaos?

The teams sort out and Ishii starts against Narita. The fans rally, the two tie up, and they’re in a deadlock. Every step Narita pushes Ishii back, Ishii pushes Narita back. Ishii uses his stockier frame to keep pushing Narita, and they end up on ropes. Red Shoes calls the break, Ishii lets off, but Narita intercepts the forearm with a forearm! Narita fires off more shots, but Ishii eggs him on! Ishii and Narita trade forearms back and forth, fans fire up as they pick up speed! Narita ROCKS Ishii, runs, but Ishii avoids the boot. Narita avoids the lariat to BOOT Ishii down after all! Fans fire up and Narita stomps Ishii. Narita then stands Ishii up to bump off buckles.

But then Ishii hits Shota! Shota hits back, Ishii fights both Musketeers at once! That doesn’t go well and they mug him 2v1. Tag to Shota and he digs his boots in while Narita BLASTS Yano! Red Shoes counts, Shota & Narita double whip Ishii to ropes, then DOUBLE ELBOW! SENTON! SOMERSAULT SENTON! Then they shake hands to DOUBLE ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Shota kicks Ishii around, eggs him on, but Ishii stands. The two stare down, and Shota throws a forearm. Ishii eggs Shota on now, so Shota throws more forearms. Ishii leans into the shots and backs Shota down like that! Shota keeps throwing shots, but Ishii DECKS him!

Fans fire up and Ishii rains down more shots on Shota! Red Shoes counts, Ishii lets off, and then Ishii eggs Narita on. Red Shoes keeps Narita back and Yano tags in. Yano fires up, and he unties a buckle pad! Then he throws it to Shota and tattles on him to Red Shoes! Shota gives the buckle pad over, and Yano SLAPS Shota in the head! Fans cheer but Shota scowls. Yano claws the eyes! Yano runs, Shota ELBOWS him then runs to basement dropkick! Tag to Narita, and Narita whips Yano to ropes, for a NECKBREAKER DROP! Cover, TWO! Yano is still in this and fans rally up. Narita brings Yano up but Yano pulls hair!

Narita kicks and whips but Yano reverses to throw Narita down by his hair! Yano drags Narita up and whips him into the bare buckles! Narita writhes, Yano BLASTS Shota, and Ishii rushes over to go after him! Yano throws Narita out and then goes out after him. Yano whips Narita hard into railing! Ishii whips Shota hard into railing, too! Yano drags Narita back up, puts him in the ring, and he stomps Narita around. Yano drags Narita up, tells haters to shut up, then tags in Ishii. Ishii CHOPS Narita, stalks him, and CHOPS him against the ropes! Ishii eggs Narita on and CHOPS him again. Ishii continues to egg Narita on, so Narita throws a forearm!

Ishii slaps Narita around, Narita throws more shots, but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Fans applaud, and Ishii taunts Shota. Shota coaches Narita but Ishii gives Narita toying kicks. Ishii HEADBUTTS Narita, CHOPS him, then CHOPS and CHOPS again! Narita roars but Ishii CHOPS him back down! Ishii whips Narita corner to corner, runs in, but into a BOOT! Narita runs up, Ishii ROCKS him! Ishii swings, but into a HALF HATCH! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Hot tag to Shota! Shota fires off on Ishii, whips him to ropes, but Ishii reverses. Shota CLOBBERS Ishii, then BLASTS Yano! Fans fire up behind Shota and he sends Ishii to a corner.

Shota runs in to UPPERCUT, then FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Shota keeps going, and he turns Ishii over into an STF! Yano stomps Shota, so Shota kicks Yano and tosses him out. Shota goes back to Ishii, stands him up, and clinches. Ishii fights the lift with elbows! Shota ROCKS Ishii, gives him taunting kicks, but Ishii ROCKS Shota back! Shota and Ishii stare down, and Shota fires off forearm after forearm! Shota has Ishii in the corner for more shots! Red Shoes reprimands but Ishii roars and turns things around to CHOP and ROCK Shota on repeat! The fans rally up as Shota sits down, only for Ishii to stand him back up for more!

Ishii CHOPS and ROCKS Shota into sitting down again, and the fans fire up! Ishii eggs Shota on, kicks him around, slaps him even, and Shota scowls. Shota storms up on Ishii, Ishii throws a forearm. Shota eggs Ishii on, and leans into the shots a la Ishii. Shota then ROCKS Ishii and he staggers away! Ishii comes back, Shota clinches but Ishii slips around. Shota elbows Ishii, whips, but Ishii reverses to SAIDO! Fans fire up while both men are down! Shota and Ishii crawl, hot tag to Yano! Yano fires up and whips Shota, but Shota reverses. Yano avoids the bare buckles, to then bait Shota into them! Roll up, TWO!

Yano runs, but Shota DROPKICKS him down! Fans fire up again, and Shota crawls to hot tag Narita! Narita runs up on Yano, BACK ELBOW! Then HALF HATCH BRIDGE! Cover, TWO! Yano escapes, but Narita BLASTS Ishii to cut off the tag. Narita clinches but Yano fights the lift! So Narita trips Yano, and rolls him, CROSS ANKLE CLOVERLEAF! Yano endures, the fans rally up, but Narita drags Yano from ropes! Yano keeps fighting around, he reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Narita lets off in frustration but the fans rally up again. Narita stands Yano up, reels him in, COBRA TWIST! But Yano powers free with a hip toss!

Narita runs in but Yano trips him! CATAPULT into the bare buckles!! Ishii clotheslines Narita, too! Then he BLASTS Shota! Yano fires up and he hauls Narita up. ONI- NO, Narita fights free! Narita gets around, SLEEPER! Yano is fading fast, but Narita goes to the COBRA TWIST now! Yano endures, fans rally up, and Yano fights his way around. Shota keeps Ishii out, and Narita brings Yano away with the SLEEPER! Then back to COBRA TWIST! Yano is turning red like his favorite chair! But Ishii sends Shota into railing, to then TACKLE Narita! Fans fire up while Narita tosses Ishii back out. Narita roars and goes back for Yano.

Narita drags Yano up but Yano fights the suplex. Narita knees low, runs, but Yano avoids the boot to clinch and BELLY2BELLY! Fans fire up while both men are down! Yano and Narita crawl, hot tag to Ishii, and he BLASTS Shota! Ishii drags Narita up, throws him into Shota, then runs, but Narita BOOTS! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Ishii escapes and the fans fire up again. Narita crawls, hot tag to Shota! Shota aims at Ishii, BANG and V-TRIGGER! Shota then slingshots to APRON DDT Ishii!! Fans are thunderous and Shota stands tall as Ishii flops over. Red Shoes checks but Ishii is somehow still in this.

Shota drags Ishii up as the ring count begins. Shota puts Ishii in, climbs up a corner, and he MISSILE DROPKICKS Ishii down! Then Shota resets, to slingshot CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans fire up again! Shota drags Ishii up, dragon sleepers, but Ishii fights free. Ishii runs, into a snap cradle, that then shifts into a BONE LOCK!! Ishii endures the over-the-shoulder crossface, but Narita keeps Yano out! Shota pulls on the hold, but Ishii still fights around! Ishii reaches out, but Shota pulls back more! Ishii flails and kicks around, to have the ROPEBREAK! Shota lets go and the fans fire up again.

Narita slides in, he and Shota coordinate. Shota wrenches Ishii, dragon sleepers, and then gets Ishii up. Narita runs, BOOT into SAVING GRACE! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives and the fans are thunderous again! The Musketeers stay focused, though, and they haul Ishii up. They double whip him to a corner, Shota runs in to ELBOW! Narita runs in to JUMP KICK! Feed to Shota’s forearm! Narita’s BOOT! Shota’s ROLLING ELBOW! Another BOOT! And then the lift, for the HART ATTACK! Cover, YANO BREAKS IT! Fans fire up but Narita fires off on Yano! Yano gets around, fireman’s carry takeover! Yano kicks and whips Shota, but Shota reverses!

But Yano denies the tornado DDT! Yano atomic drops Shota, then pops him up. Shota fights the Onigoroshi, underhooks Yano, but Yano RAMS Shota into bare buckles! Ishii reels Shota in, hoists him up, POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Shota survives and the fans fire up again! Ishii roars, the fans duel, and Shota flounders up. Ishii runs, Shota BOOTS him, blocks the lariat, and ENZIGURIS! Narita is back to WHEEL KICK! Narita hurries to get Ishii up and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Then a clinch, but Ishii HEADBUTTS free! Narita ENZIGURIS, Shota full nelsons! Narita runs, but Ishii gets free, the BOOT hits Shota!

Ishii shoves Shota into Narita, Yano drags Narita out! LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!?! Shota survives and fans are thunderous again! Ishii grits his teeth and he stands back up. Ishii roars and looks to finish this off. We’re at 20 minutes, Ishii suplexes, but Shota slips free! HALF ‘N’ HALF! But Ishii gets right up to CLOBBER Shota! But Shota’s right up to SHOTGUN Ishii! Ishii’s back, but Shota pop-up KNEES, and LARIATS! Fans fire up again and Shota drags Ishii up. HALF ‘N’ HALF BRIDGE! Cover, TWO!! The fans are thunderous and Shota just fires up again! Shota aims from a corner, vowing to end it here!

Ishii slowly rises, Shota runs in, BLAZE BLADE!! But Shota isn’t done! Underhooks and- NO, Ishii wrenches out to PELE!! Both men are down and the fans are electric! Ishii goes to the corner while the fans duel, and he SLIDING LARIATS!! Cover, NARITA BREAKS IT! Yano runs in to toss Narita out! Ishii roars and he drags Shota back up. Ishii suplexes, but Shota fights free! Shota wrenches, ROCKS and ROLLING- NO, Ishii ROCKS Shota! But Shota catches Ishii, only for Ishii to wrench out! Shota POP-UP UPPERCUTS! And then V- NO, Ishii blocks to HEADBUTT! And then Ishii spins Shota to a BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, CHAOS WINS!

Winners: Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii, by pinfall (gain 2 points; Shota & Narita earn 0)

There weren’t any tricks needed here, Ishii & Yano beat the Musketeers straight up! Is it still too soon for Shota & Narita to say the Paradigm Shift is coming?

And because it’s Ishii who won this, he’s a true strong silent type, so he and Yano just get outta here! No closing address tonight, but will actions speak louder than words for the Stone Pitbull in this tournament’s second half?


Here are the NEW A Block standings!

TMDK: 4-1, 8 points
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 3-2, 6 points
Shota Umino & Ren Narita: 3-2, 6 points
War Dogs: 3-2, 6 points
Kaito Kiyomiya & Ryohei Oiwa: 2-3, 4 points
The United Empire: 2-3, 4 points
The House of Torture: 2-3, 4 points
The Gates of Agony: 1-4, 2 points

My Thoughts:

Another great round for World Tag League and this block, with some rather shocking moves. I really thought The Gates were going to get going after their win last round, but I guess the House of Torture couldn’t just drop off that badly so they had to win this here. And as we saw in that main event, Yano & Ishii are making a go of it in this block. They beat Shota & Narita, who are certainly still frontrunners, but that was great stuff to make a point that Shota & Narita aren’t ready to beat the real “old guard” they’re talking about replacing here. War Dogs beating the Empire seems fine, they’re mostly just keeping pace so they could cost somebody later.

And great match from TMDK VS the Noah duo, and a great win for TMDK to again be the clear first place team. 4-1 at the halfway point, this block is on Shane & Mikey to win or lose, and as I’ve been saying, TMDK as both a group and as just these two, the OG members, have been solid a long time. It’d be great if they got to the tournament finals here, maybe even get that title shot at WrestleKingdom.

My Score: 8.9/10

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