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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/6/23)

Fallout from All Out!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Who steps to the plate for a Grand Slam?

A tournament begins to determine a new challenger for MJF’s AEW World Championship at Dynamite: Grand Slam in just two weeks!


  • AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley w/ Claudio Castagnoli VS AR Fox; Moxley wins and retains the title.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Emi Sakura; Kris wins and retains the title.
  • Le Sex Gods VS Aussie Open; Le Sex Gods win.
  • AEW Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament, Opening Round: Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Trent Beretta; Roddy wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • AEW Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament, Opening Round: Darby Allin VS Nick Wayne; Darby wins and advances to the semifinals.


Orange Cassidy is here!

The bandage on his head is a major sign to the truly bloody battle he went through with Jon Moxley on Sunday. Freshly Squeezed fought the good fight but he still lost his International Championship. Cassidy gets the mic while fans chant “FRESHLY SQUEEZED!” for him. They then chant “Thank You, Orange!” before Cassidy says, “Hey. Thank you. So uh… They told me to stay home.” Fans boo that, but Cassidy says he was like, “Nah, I’m not gonna do that.” Championship or no championship, Cassidy will be here every single week. “Because I am Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy, and I do not have a catchphrase.”

Fans cheer, and the music hits. The former International Champion isn’t losing that fighting spirit any time soon, will he fight his way back up to a title? But wait, speaking of, here comes the NEW International Champion, from the crowd side! The Maniac is looking to prove he’s a fighting champion, too, will Indianapolis get a taste of #DeathJitsu?

AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley w/ Claudio Castagnoli VS AR Fox!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Moxley raises the bar on what Cassidy did as champion!

The bell rings, Moxley rushes in but Fox goes Matrix to dodge! Fox then kips up, PELES, and he fires off on Moxley in a corner! Fox CHOPS, Moxley goes to another corner, but Fox CHOPS him again! Moxley goes to another corner, turns things around and CHOPS Fox! And CHOPS again! Moxley won’t let Fox get away, and he CHOPS again! Moxley rains down fists, the fans count along, but then Moxley digs his knuckles into Fox’s face! The ref reprimands, Moxley lets off and he brings Fox up. Moxley whips, Fox reverses and runs in, but Moxley puts him on the apron. Fox ROCKS Mox, then springboards to MISSILE DROPKICK!

Fans fire up as Moxley bails out. Fox builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Moxley at the ramp! Fans fire up more and Fox drags Moxley up. Fox puts Moxley in the ring, aims from a corner, but Moxley BOOTS him down first! Moxley drags Fox in, reels him in, and hits an X PLEX! Fox writhes and fans fire up again! Moxley says he’s about to crush this sucker, and he storms up to drag Fox up. Fans rally behind Moxley as he DECKS Fox! Darby Allin and Nick Wayne watch backstage, and Moxley follows Fox out to the apron. Moxley reels Fox in but Fox fights the lift! Moxley CLUBS Fox, then CLAWS his back!

Moxley suplexes Fox, but Fox slips into the ring! Fox avoids the shoulder, KICKS Mox, then hits a DRAPING DDT! Cover, TWO! Moxley bails out again but Fox pursues. Fans fire up as Fox runs up but Moxley kicks low. Moxley TOSSES Fox into railing! Moxley drags Fox up to TOSS him over the railing! Fans fire up as Fox tumbles, and Dynamite goes to break.

Dynamite returns and Moxley has Fox in the ring, to KICK him in the chest! Fans rally up as Moxley eggs Fox on, and then KICKS him again! Fox wobbles to his feet, Moxley KICKS again, but Fox ENZIGURIS! Moxley drops to his knees and fans rally up again. Fox stands and he LARIATS! Moxley shakes his head as he stays standing. Fox LARIATS again, but again Mox shakes his head. Mox blocks the discus, Fox ducks the lariat and mule kicks! And BOOTS! And NECKBREAKERS! Fox kips up and fans fire up! Fans fire up as Moxley goes to a corner and Fox runs in, but gets caught to a SLEEPER!

Fox RAMS Moxley into buckles, is free to snapmare, roll and CUTTER! Cover, TWO! Moxley bails out again and both Darby and Nick nod as they watch backstage still. Fox aims, slingshots, but has to bail out as Mox moves. Fox avoids the sweep, BOOTS Moxley, then hits the TIGER WALL MOONSAULT off the corner! Direct hit on Moxley and fans fire up! Fox puts Moxley back in, climbs up the corner, and fans duel. 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and Fox can’t believe it! Claudio is stoic, though, and Moxley gets Fox’s arm! KIMURA!! Fox endures, Moxley shifts to HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOW!!

Fox is dazed as Moxley drags him up, runs and- ENZIGURI from Fox! Fox runs, KING KONG LARIAT from Moxley!! Moxley drags Fox up, DEATH RIDER!! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

Moxley’s first defense is in the books, and Fox is now 0-2 in going for this title. Will Fox have to move on and try someone else’s luck? Will The Maniac continue to reign until he’s matched the Freshly Squeezed win streak? Darby does go out to the ring to commend Fox on this great effort. Fans cheer as Darby helps Fox up, but Nick is on the tron now. Because Christian Cage & Luchasaurus have found him! Captain Charisma says hello to Nick and asks how he’s feeling. Was he expecting someone else? Darby hurries back up the ramp as Christian tells Nick that Christian actually looked at some film of the late Buddy Wayne.

Christian feels he owes Nick an apology. Buddy’s worse than Christian thought! Nick is mad but Christian tells him not to do anything reckless. Christian knows Nick is just finding his own way in this world, looking for a mentor, and he thinks Darby is that guy. But Christian says if he wants a real mentor, maybe he should be looking at a champion. Just something to mull over. Say hi to your mom for him. Christian & Luchasaurus head out, what will Nick do about this backhanded offer?


AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Emi Sakura!

Speaking of champions, another title match helps open Dynamite as The Galaxy’s Greatest is already back in action! She made it past The Runaway, though with some surprising help. Will she be able to handle the Queen of Joshi on her own? Or will Emi Sakura take Kris’ throne?

Dynamite returns and Emi makes her entrance, throwing her crown and cape at the security guard like he’s her attendant. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is #MoreThanAWoman!

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. They approach but Emi dodges to laugh. Kris is annoyed, but Emi catches her in a roll-up! ONE, Emi reels Kris in to underhook, TIGER DRIVER! High stack, TWO! Kris bails out and Emi is raging already! Kris gets on the apron, Kris CHOPS her! Emi runs in to BODY CHECK Kris off the apron! Fans fire up and Emi “sips tea.” Emi runs in at Kris again, to SPLASH her against steel steps! Emi is all fired up, a side we haven’t seen in AEW before, and she puts Kris in the ring. Emi covers, TWO! Emi mockingly applauds Kris’ toughness but then lines up a shot to CHOP Kris back down!

Kris stands again, and CHOPS back! Fans fire up, Emi laughs and CHOPS again! Kris CHOPS, Emi CHOPS, it’s a CHOP fight! They go back and forth, Kris DOUBLE CHOPS, then whips. Emi reverses, wrenches, ELBOWS, and CHOP-LARIAT COMBOS! Fans fire up and Emi aims from the corner. Emi runs, DOUBLE LARIATS collide but neither fall! They DOUBLE LARIAT again, then Kris ROUNDHOUSES! Kris fires up, DOUBLE LARIATS bring both women down this time! Fans fire up and a standing count starts. Kris crawls to the apron, Emi follows, and Kris drags herself up with the ropes.

Emi runs in again but Kris RAMS into her! Then HOSHOTS her down, so she can slingshot and ELBOW DROP! Fans fire up with Mama Kris and she drags Emi up. Kris runs, to ROLLING- NO, Emi ducks to dragon sleeper! Kris powers out with a gut wrench! But Emi powers out to dragon sleeper! TWISTING DDT! Emi shouts, “I AM YOUR HIGHNESS!” Underhooks, stalling lift, and then TIGER BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Kris survives and fans fire up. Emi pushes Kris to a drop zone, steps on her, and again says “I am your highness!” Emi climbs the corner, but Kris CLUBS her first!

Kris Electric Chair Lifts Emi off the corner, to SLAM her down! Kris powers up and runs, to DISCUS LARIAT! And then a scoop and tuck, FIGHT NIGHT FEVER!! Cover, Kris wins!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

Mama Kris got a hell of a fight from Auntie Emi, but she came out on top! Will she continue to prove herself as the greatest TBS Champion yet?


Roderick Strong & The Kingdom sit down for an interview.

Roddy is asked about his parents, and he says, “Where do I start? The first thing is this: My parents, they just didn’t know how to be parents. They didn’t give themselves the chance, they were all wrapped up in their own problems. My mom, dealing with her drug issue. My dad, with his alcoholism. Their relationship was everything I know I never wanted. I mean, it got so bad that even my sister left. The hardest part of it all was taking care of myself. Night in and night out, with a BB gun at my side, passing out alone.

“Wrestling gave me an opportunity to be something that I was not. No one was judging me when I was in there for what my parents were doing, for how much money I didn’t have. So when people say professional wrestling is just a business, it isn’t to me! It is my everything! But… Adam already knew that.” Matt Taven & Mike Bennett pat Roddy on the shoulders as he continues. Roddy says he grew up alone, so he’ll win this Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament alone, starting tonight. But with a brace still around his neck, is there any hope for Roddy making it through in one piece?


Don Callis is here.

And fans rightfully boo him as he joins commentary to watch his former friend in this next match.

Le Sex Gods VS Aussie Open!

Don Callis may have turned on him, and the rest of the former Jericho Appreciation Society may have walked away from him, but Chris Jericho still has Sammy Guevara. As such, Sammy had Jericho’s back in fighting off Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis last Friday during Rampage. Will the Aussie Arrow & Dunkzilla be sent packing again as The Ocho & Spanish God fight their way into the AEW Tag Division? Or will The United Empire truly run the world?

The teams sort out and fans fire up as Jericho starts with Davis. They circle, tie up, and Davis powers Jericho to an open corner. The ref counts, Jericho pokes Davis in the eye! Then CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Jericho whips, but Davis runs Jericho over! Fans fire up and Davis drags Jericho up. Davis bumps Jericho off buckles, then CHOP-LARIATS! Fans fire up as Davis scoops but Jericho slips free. Jericho shoves Davis to a corner, CLUBS him, and then fires off! Jericho brings Davis around, tags in Sammy, and fans rally up as Sammy CHOPS! Le Sex Gods double whip to run Davis over with double shoulders! Sammy spins to pose, and Jericho joins him!

Fans fire up and Fletcher is annoyed as Le Sex Gods taunt him. Le Sex Gods then drag Davis up, double whip but Davis cartwheels to DOUBLE LARIAT! Fans fire up as Davis scoops Sammy and SNAKE EYES off the buckles! Tag to Fletcher, fans want that again, but Fletcher scoops and SLAMS! Fletcher gets fans joining in on the “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” “OI OI OI!” then he tells Jericho up his! But Sammy stands to CHOP! Fletcher CHOPS! Sammy CHOPS! They CHOP back and forth, then Sammy fires forearms and CHOPS! Sammy whips, hurdles, backflips and then DROPKICKS Fletcher in the gut!

Sammy kips up smooth and fans fire up. Sammy taunts the United Empire crowns and the fans rally behind him. Sammy drags Fletcher over, stomps him down, then tags in Jericho. Le Sex Gods mug Fletcher, then double suplex. They hold Fletcher up, fans fire up and after a count of FIFTEEN, the SLAM! Fans are all fired up as Sammy flexes and Jericho grins, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Jericho stomps Fletcher, brings him up and around to whip corner to corner, and runs in to clothesline! Jericho climbs up on the corner and he rains down fists! Jericho goes past TEN, to SIXTEEN! Jericho then brings Fletcher around to BULLDOG! Tag to Sammy, and Jericho drags Fletcher over so Sammy can stomp him. Sammy pushes Fletcher down, for the cocky pin! TWO, but Sammy brings Fletcher up to whip to ropes. Fletcher holds ropes, Sammy runs in but Fletcher dumps him to the apron. Sammy counter punches Fletcher, and Fletcher distracts the ref so Davis can YANK Sammy down and scoop SLAM him to the floor!

Davis throws the crowns up and Jericho protests, but the ref keeps him back. Davis puts Sammy back in while Fletcher taunts Jericho, and Fletcher drags Sammy up. Fletcher bumps Sammy off buckles, tags Davis in, and Aussie Open double whip to DOUBLE CHOP! And then PENALTY KICK to a SENTON! Davis paces around Sammy, kneels for the cover, TWO! Davis drags Sammy into a chinlock and grinds him down. Fans rally and Jericho encourages them to get louder. Sammy fights up, to JAWBREAKER free! Davis and Sammy crawl, but Fletcher runs in to CLUB Sammy down! Fletcher puts Sammy in the Aussie corner as Dynamite returns to single picture.

Fans rally for Sammy but Fletcher back suplexes. Sammy lands out of it! But Davis back suplexes now! But Sammy lands out of it! Hot tag to Jericho! Fans fire up as The Wizard CLOBBERS Fletcher, RAMS Davis, and then runs to run Davis over! Jericho keeps moving but Davis puts him on the apron! Jericho gets right up, goes up a corner, and he AX- NO, Davis catches him! Fletcher joins in, double wrench and FOREARM SANDWICH! Tag to Fletcher, Aussie Open aim from corners, but Sammy springboards to FLYING CUTTER Davis! Fletcher still hits Jericho but is stunned at what just happened!

Fans are thunderous and Callis admits, Sammy has great athleticism. Fletcher still whips Jericho to a corner, but Jericho comes back with a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Fletcher stays in this, but Jericho gets them even louder. Jericho stalks Fletcher to ropes, stands him up and CHOPS him! Jericho whips, Fletcher reverses but Jericho holds ropes to stop himself. Fletcher runs in but Jericho puts him on the apron, to then triangle jump DROPKICK! Direct hit and now Sammy’s back! Fans fire up as Sammy builds speed, to FLY! Direct hit on Aussie Open and Sammy lounges on the ramp!

Fans are thunderous, and Sammy hurries to set Aussie Open up for Jericho. Jericho PLANCHAS but only gets Sammy!! Then Fletcher SUPERKICKS Jericho, and Davis BOOTS Jericho down! Aussie Open haul Le Sex Gods up, run around the way, and SPINEBUSTER SANDWICH! Fans fire up as Davis puts Jericho in then tags in. Fireman’s carry, Fletcher aims, AUSSIE DENTAL PLAN! Another scoop, and then the LAWN DART CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and fans are thunderous! Fletcher tags back in, fans rally for “A E DUB!” as Aussie Open double whip Jericho to a corner.

Davis fires up and whips Fletcher so Fletcher can whip him, but Sammy’s back to SPANISH FLY Davis!! Both of them bail out, Fletcher still runs in but into a BOOT! Jericho swings, Fletcher gets around to hammerlock and dragon sleeper, but Jericho powers out of that to trip Fletcher! Jericho has the legs, the fans go wild and Callis freaks out, but Fletcher powers out of the Walls of Jericho! SUPERKICK!! GAMANGIRI in the corner! Fletcher reels Jericho in, to BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous but Fletcher rains down fists! “This is Awesome!” as Fletcher storms around in frustration.

Fletcher drags Jericho up, ROCKS him, then whips. Jericho KICKS back, runs in, but Fletcher dodges and Jericho BLASTS Sammy off the apron! Another miscue! Fletcher rolls Jericho up, TWO!! JUDAS EFFECT!!! Cover, Le Sex Gods win!

Winners: Le Sex Gods, by pinfall

Sammy is back in, he was ready to intercept Davis, but that back elbow takes Fletcher down and Jericho gets the win! Jericho wants to celebrate with Sammy, but Sammy pulls away? Fans want them to “HUT IG OUT!” and Jericho tries to get Sammy to cheer up, but Sammy pushes Jericho instead! Jericho pushes back! They start shoving more, the ref wants back-up! Security rushes in to keep these two from getting any more aggressive! Sammy says whatever and he just leaves! Is Jericho about to lose the last friend he had in AEW? Or does Sammy just need to cool off?


AEW Full Gear is coming back for another year!

Saturday, November 18th, AEW will be live on PPV from the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California! Tickets on sale this Friday!


Ricky Starks speaks.

Just moments after the vicious and bloody Strap Match between him and Bryan Danielson, Absolute said, “What just happened out there? Another curveball! Another obstacle thrown in my way. I did everything in my power tonight to make sure that I proved a point. Blood on my face, welts on my back, my chest and my neck. Tonight, I proved a point. I proved a point to you, Bryan Danielson! I proved a point to you, AEW! Tonight, Bryan Danielson did not tap me out! There’s not no man in this business that can tap me out! There is not nobody that can match me!

“And I hope this is a wake-up call for somebody that’s watching this. I’m pissed off, I’m angry. When in the hell is it gonna be time for somebody like me, who does what they say? Because all I want is a chance! Don’t give me a piece of bread and say that I’ve been fed. I want a full course meal! I don’t wanna have to keep pouring my heart out, because eventually, I will be empty. And when I leave that set, I don’t wanna hear somebody knock on my door and ask me to come back. I believe in it, I mean it, I am everything that I say I am. I am Absolute Ricky Starks, and I’ma say that ’til I die.” The fire is not out, but what will it take for Starks to blaze his trail in AEW?


Backstage interview with Don Callis & Konosuke Takeshita.

Renee Paquette is with the Don Callis Family and says to get right to it, what is with this veiled easel? Callis says not to worry about that, because he wants to talk Jericho. Like a serial killer, Callis loves watching his handiwork. Speaking of handiwork, did you know that Takeshita & Callis did the unthinkable and beat Kenny Omega twice in one week? This is the NEW big dog in AEW! They need to celebrate, and they will next week in Cincinnati, as well as the unveiling of their next target. Renee tries to sneak a peak but Callis tells her no. Don’t touch that. We have seven days until Callis & Takeshita make their next move, but will Kenny Omega return to have his own response?


MJF is here!

Indianapolis cheers as the DUAL AEW World & ROH World Tag Team Champion makes his way to the ring, mic already in hand. MJF is also sporting the brand new Better Than You Baybay branded shirt, a sort of plaid pattern using lightning bolts as well as MJF and AC logos. MJF has the music cut and fans chant his name. MJF smiles and shrugs, then says “Indianapolis, Indiana, the Devil has arrived in Hoosier country!” Fans cheer that, and MJF says, “Little known fact: When I was trying to make a name for myself on the independent circuit, I lived right here in Indiana, baby!” Fans cheer and MJF asks, “Who’s your Daddy?” They cheer for MJF and he soaks it all up.

MJF then says he’s all chubbed up! But anyway, this past Sunday, he and brochacho for life, Adam Cole, successfully defended their ROH World Tag Team Championships. And when MJF got to the back, he was greeted by “that mark,” Tony Khan and says MJF has to wrestle again on September 20th? Fans boo and MJF says that was his reaction at first, too. But then he realized, that’s Grand Slam Dynamite! That’s the #DevilsDen, that is his home state! So start spreading~ the news~! Because MJF is coming back to New York, New York! And he can assure us, whoever wins that tournament finds out the hard way that nobody is on the level of the devil!

But there is one person in particular that needs to be taught a certain lesson. Fans already know where this is going and they chant “JOE! JOE! JOE!” Wouldn’t you know, here comes Samoa Joe! The ROH World Television Champion goes right to the ring and holds up his title before getting a mic. Joe says, “Now pardon the interruption, champ, but I was in the back, I heard a little piss ‘n’ vinegar in your voice, and I realized that something was going on here, so I wanted to get a front row seat to make sure I saw what was about to be said. So I’ll tell you what. I’m out here, you’re out here, what seems to be the problem, kid?

MJF repeats that “Kid” part. Fans sing “JOE IS GONNA KILL~ YOU!” But Joe, this must be embarrassing for you. The only reason Joe is out here must be that he confused MJF’s music for an ice cream truck’s. Joe smirks and says, “Wow. That’s good. That’s good. But to be quite honest, the last thing I had to do with an ice cream truck, I was busy being the biggest star of the other company’s network. NO, Max! I am out here out of genuine concern, because you seem upset, so I pose to you the question one more time: what’s the problem, kid?” MJF tries to have a smile on his face and he says that’s twice now. But that’s okay. Real creative to repeat yourself.

But what’s really funny, Joseph, is MJF happens to be pretty creative himself. So Indiana, who wants to hear MJF get creative? The fans all cheer, and MJF smiles. “Hey everybody, look! It’s Pillsbury Joe Boy! No, no, no! Wait, wait, wait, everybody! That’s Samoa Dough! No, no, hold on, hold on. Meka leka hi, yo’ shmecka’s tiny, Joe!” Joe says, “Oooh~, jokes and venom.” But what a burn from a guy whose Bris had to be postponed because the rabbi had little to work with. “Now, Max, it seems that you’re having a hard time comprehending what’s going on. And granted, the time you spent out here with all these Midwest mouth-breathers probably made you that stupid!”

Fans boo but Joe continues to say he will ask one last time, and it might be the last thing they do tonight. What is your problem, KID!? MJF says you say “kid” one more time, he knocks your teeth down your throat! MJF then pulls back, upset that he let his anger get the better of him. He says timeout, because this is what Joe wants. He wants to skip the line, but sorry “Joey,” there’s a whole tournament going on if you wanna wrestle the champ. The fans tell Joe off and MJF lets Joe hear them. Joe says a lot of them are sounding like their mamas so they better relax. MJF says don’t bite on that, because he won’t either.

MJF would’ve bit back, back when he was a kid. But if anyone knows what MJF was like as “a kid,” it’s Joe, right? To coin a phrase from his brochacho, who’s ready for story time with MJF, baybay? Fans cheer that! MJF brings up when he was 19 years old, he had a tryout for the WWE in Brooklyn. And certainly as the fans can imagine, MJF knocked it outta the damn park, cuz he’s that damn good! Then he gets pulled aside by a certain individual that we all know, William- MJF dry heaves, he can’t say the name that easily. It was William Regal. But anyway, we all know the story, right? Regal said he would’ve signed MJF but MJF was too young.

MJF recaps how Regal wanted emails and videos once a month to track MJF’s progress, and then Regal blew him off. Fans boo that and say “HE EFFED UP!” MJF says we also know how that story ended: MJF knocked Regal’s British ass out and sent him packing back to NXT where he belongs! Fans cheer that, and MJF says funny enough, if Joe plays his cards right, he’ll be next! But see, later on that evening back then, MJF was given the chance to be a security guard and walk a wrestling legend down to the ring. Someone MJF studied, looked up to, and perhaps the most diabolical monster in pro-wrestling, Samoa Joe.

Yes, Joe m ight be the worst but he’s also really good, we can’t deny that. But what did Joe do? What did the great Samoa Joe do? He decided to take a 19 year old kid just trying to do his job, and shoved him into a brick wall and laughed. And to be honest, MJF knows why Joe did that. MJF knows how scumbags think, because he’s the fans’ scumbag! Fans cheer and chant “He’s Our Scumbag!” MJF says Joe did it because MJF was a kid and that Joe could get away with it. But guess what? The boy is full grown.

MJF is a generational talent! He is the AEW World Champion! He is the best wrestler on God’s green Earth, and the man who headlined the most historic PPV of all time!! This is M! J! F!! Fans are all fired up as MJF stares Joe down. MJF then tells “Joey” that he should stay out of MJF’s way, or else MJF “kills” Joe. Fans chant “Max is gonna kill~ you!” And does Joe wanna know why? Cuz his name is MAXWELL! JACOB! FRIEDMAN! And he’s better than you, and you know it!

MJF drops his mic, Joe shrugs and nods, and says, “That was a point beautifully made. Except there’s one problem with it. And it’s that you would think that I think you are a kid, that you’re diminutive.” Joe didn’t think that when he pushed MJF, he didn’t think of MJF as someone he could bully and get away with it. Joe didn’t think MJF was a kid, he thought he was a b*tch!! MJF holds back his anger, looks at his Dynamite Diamond Ring, but then SLAPS Joe! Fans fire up but Joe smirks. This is MJF provoking Joe, right? Joe attacks the champ and ruins his chances at a title shot, right? Joe won’t do that.

Instead, Joe will just go through the tournament beat everyone, and then come for MJF. Until then, have a nice day. Joe drops his mic, fans boo, and MJF goes to leave. But then Joe KICKS THE ROPES! It jams MJF up and then Joe stomps away! Fans boo, Joe rips the AEW World title off MJF and holds it up! Fans boo while MJF flounders, but then MJF LOW BLOWS Joe! MJF BITES Joe on the forehead! Then he stomps a mudhole on Joe in the corner! Fans fire up as MJF stomps away then rips off his shirt! MJF runs back in, but into the URENAGE! Joe seethes and storms around, to then drag MJF up to the top rope!

Fans freak out as Joe tucks MJF in, but here comes Adam Cole! Cole runs Joe off to defend his friend! Joe leaves it at this, but Cole calls the medics. Joe mocks MJF, fans boo him, and MJF says his left arm has gone numb! Fans cheer as medics get MJF out of the ring and Joe says that’s “precious.” Joe says he’ll try not to rip MJF’s head off next time, but there’s no guarantee he won’t just tear MJF apart! “B*TCH!!” The King of Wrestling Television actually leaves now, did he just change the main event of Grand Slam one way or another?

But then Roderick Strong starts shouting “ADAM! ADAM!!” Fans boo as Roddy & The Kingdom make their way out here, and Roddy says Cole is worried more about MJF’s neck than Roddy’s, again! Cole tells them, “Did you just see what happened?!” MJF is not okay! They can’t do this right now! Cole continues after MJF to the back, Roddy & The Kingdom continue to the ring. Will the Savior of the Backbreaker make it through the opening round? We find out, after the break!


AEW Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament, Opening Round: Roderick Strong w/ The Kingdom VS Trent Beretta w/ Chuck Taylor!

Dynamite returns as Trent makes his entrance, his Best Friend by his side. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Roddy puts Trent in a corner, but the ref counts. Roddy pushes Trent but Trent pushes Roddy back! Roddy picks Trent up to throw him down, then he floats to a headlock. Trent fights up, tackles Roddy, but Roddy slips around to a chinlock. Trent has the ROPEBREAK, and Roddy lets off. Roddy and Trent reset, feel things out, and fans chant “SUE WLL BEAT YOU!” Roddy and Trent tie up again, Roddy puts Trent in a corner, and the ref counts. Roddy lets off to get the leg, and he trips Trent!

Roddy has both legs now, but Trent fights around. Trent hooks a leg to block the hold, then laces the leg. Roddy slips free, facelocks and he grinds Trent down. Roddy taunts Chuck, drags Trent up and headlocks, but Trent powers out. Roddy runs Trent down, things speed up, and Trent STANDING METEORAS! Roddy clutches his neck and shoulder and goes to ropes. Trent drags him up, reels him in, but Roddy fights the lift. Roddy wrenches out to CHOP! Trent seethes as he goes to the corner, and he CHOPS back! Roddy CHOPS, and CHOPS, but Trent ROCKS and CHOPS! Roddy ROCKS Trent in return!

Roddy reels Trent in, BACKBREAKER! Fans boo while Roddy flexes. Roddy drags Trent up, reels him in, but Trent wrenches out and hits a BIG back suplex! Roddy clutches his neck again and he goes back to ropes. The Kingdom coaches Roddy but fans rally for Trent. Trent runs in to elbow, then TORNADO DDT! Fans fire up while Roddy bails out and regroups with The Kingdom. The ref checks Roddy’s neck, is he pushing things by competing tonight? Trent wants after Roddy but the ref keeps Trent back. Trent goes up the steps, but Roddy POSTS Trent! And then Roddy brings Trent up the steps, for an APRON BACKBREAKER!!

Fans boo Roddy but he soaks up the heat as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Roddy drags Trent up, CHOPS him against railing, and Trent falls over. Roddy looms over Trent, brings him up and into the ring, and then hurries to waistlock. Half nelson and BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Roddy keeps on Trent with a seated abdominal stretch. Trent endures, fights around, and throws body shots! Trent runs, Roddy follows and kitchen sink knees Trent down! Roddy drags Trent around to stomp him down, and then he sits Trent up for a neck wrench. The ref reprimands as Roddy fishhooks Trent, and Roddy lets off. Roddy has Trent under ropes, to ROPE GUILLOTINE! Trent sputters and the ref reprimands again.

Roddy storms around, drags Trent up, and CHOPS him! Trent ends up in a corner, Roddy stomps away, and then lets off to flex some more. Roddy says he’s moving on, and then he drags Trent up. Trent throws hands, CHOPS, and CHOPS again! Strong knees low! And hits a SLAM! Cover, TWO! Roddy clamps onto Trent with a chinlock, but also traps the legs in a figure four! Dynamite returns to single picture as fans rally up. Trent fights up to throw body shots, and he ROCKS Roddy! Roddy ROCKS Trent and Trent ends up in a corner. Roddy runs in, into a DOUBLE STOMP from Trent!

Fans fire up as Roddy and Trent slowly stand. Roddy fireman’s carries Trent! But Trent fights free to GERMAN SUPLEX! Trent holds onto the waistlock, drags Roddy up again, and GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Roddy clutches his neck, Trent stands him up but Roddy goes to ropes. Trent half nelsons to make Roddy break his grip, but Roddy wrenches out. Trent fireman’s carries to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Roddy survives and The Kingdom coaches him up. Fans rally behind Trent as he stands back up and brings Roddy around. Trent reels Roddy in, lifts, but Roddy fights to a fireman’s carry! GUT BUSTER DROP!

Roddy runs, to SICK KICK! Cover, TWO!! Trent is still in this and Roddy seethes. Roddy drags Trent up, reels him in, and puts Trent up top! Roddy climbs up behind Trent, picks him up, but Trent fights with punches! Trent twists Roddy’s nose! Roddy CLUBS Trent! And CLUBS him again! Roddy turns around, he fireman’s carries Trent, but Trent fights with elbows! Trent adjusts his position, to SUPER STEINER! But Roddy rolls through!? To have the legs! But Trent crisscrosses to cradle, TWO!!! Roddy gets free, but Trent ENZIGURIS! Roddy rebounds, but into a half nelson! HALF ‘N’ HALF SUPLEX!!

Roddy flounders, The Kingdom freaks out and fans fire up! Trent reels Roddy in, for a PILEDIRVER!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Roddy survives by fingertips and Trent can’t believe it! Mike & Taven coach Roddy, and Mike says Trent is reckless! Roddy rises but Trent is on him! Roddy holds ropes, the ref reprimands, Trent pries Roddy to get an Alabama Lift! Roddy holds ropes, mule kicks Trent then JUPMP KNEES! END OF HEARTACHE!!! Cover, Roddy wins!!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

The neck brace goes right back on, and The Kingdom hoists Roddy up onto their shoulders! The semifinals are on Collision this Saturday, will Roddy be ready for whoever he faces next? For that matter…


AEW reveals the Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Bracket!

Rampage holds the other half of the quarterfinals, with Jay Lethal facing Penta El Zero Miedo and Samoa Joe hopping right in to face Jeff Hardy! And then, Roddy is through, with his opponent being either Darby Allin or Nick Wayne, tonight’s main event match! Who will be headed for a Collision this Saturday in Cleveland?


Backstage interview with Toni Storm.

Renee is now with the Lightning From Down Under, and she asks how Renee is doing. Renee says she’s good, how is Toni? Toni’s great. That’s great. So last Sunday, AEW All Out, the AEW TBS Championship, Statlander VS Soho, Storm made a surprise appearance and snatched away the spray paint to basically cost Soho the title. What was going through her head? Huh? What’s Renee talking about? We saw Storm show up, take the spray paint can away, and that foiled the plan. Storm tries to remember that, but there are so many “performances” Storm does, it’s hard to keep them all straight, it’s all a blur sometimes.

But Renee, please, to move backwards, we must look forwards! Well, okay, yes, let’s do that…? Next week, there will be a Fatal 4 Way Contender’s match, the winner facing Storm’s friend, if they’re still that, for the AEW Women’s World Championship at Grand Slam. How does Storm feel about that? Yes, yes, the championship! Renee is so nosy! She just pokes, pokes, pokes. If you’re good, maybe next week Storm will give us an exclusive into her life. So until then, chin up, chest out, and watch for the shoes. INCOMING! Renee ducks the shoe and can’t believe it! But will Storm have it all together come Dynamite in Cincinnati?


Hangman Page heads to the ring!

Fans cheer as we’re about to hear from the Anxious Millennial Cowboy, and the winner of the Overbudget Charity Battle Royal, after the break!

Dynamite returns and Tony Schiavone is with Hangman in the ring to say what an ovation here in Indianapolis! Hangman bested 19 other men to win the Overbudget Battle Royal, winning $50,000 for the Chicago Public Education Fund! Congratulations! Hangman says yeah, that was hell of a weekend. He got a call on Saturday, was told about this battle royal for charity, and so he got on Google, booked a flight, and as he does, he won and gave that 50K to the CPEF. It is a cause and organization that are both near and dear to Hangman as a former high school teacher. He thanks all teachers, knows they’re underfunded and underpaid, and underappreciated.

Fans cheer and Hangman says thanks to AEW for giving him the opportunity to whoop some ass and help some kids. But he didn’t wanna just talk about this weekend, he wants to look forward. There’s a few months left in 2023, and he wants to talk about what he wanted to do with the rest of it. But then “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” Prince Nana leads the way out for Swerve Strickland, who scowls as he heads down to the ring. Swerve gets in the ring with Hangman, but Nana takes the mic to say Schiavone’s done enough, good night. Nana then tells the fans to show some respect for Swerve!

Nana hands the mic over and fans do cheer for Swerve. Swerve says being in a coffin for almost two weeks, you get a little clarity. Wait, no one let him out after All In? Swerve says a situation like that, you get some perspective on things. About your career, about who are around you, who’s involved. One of the first people Swerve thought of… was Hangman. And charity. Hangman doing charity now? Is he the AEW mascot or something? Hangman is doing charity for Chicago, a public school system full of delinquents that’s not gonna amount to anything anyway, they’re gonna just flunk out.

Swerve says that Hangman is doing charity in the Zero Hour, the preshow, instead of on the show of All Out, competing for championships. Hangman doesn’t have any shame, so Swerve will be ashamed for him. When AEW started, Hangman was the cornerstone. They helped build all this around him, handpicked by the hierarchy to be the franchise player, and look what he’s done! Former AEW World Tag Team Champion and former AEW World Champion! Setting box office records time and time again, leading up to All In London. And that attendance record in Wembley Stadium was built off Hangman’s work.

So now, Swerve is looking at Hangman in the preshow! Hangman either lost his confidence, his spot, or that he just doesn’t want it anymore. Swerve’s made some other observations, like Hangman hasn’t gotten new ring gear in almost a year now. Hell, Hangman hasn’t gotten any new merchandise! He has a contract extension, though, so he’s been eating good. And yeah, it’s showing. But Hangman doesn’t have singles matches on Dynamite or even promos on Dynamite anymore. Hangman doesn’t even have… title matches anymore. So what’s going on! Oh, right, he took a back seat to The Elite so they could ride driver. Hangman’s sitting in the back, and he’s gotten comfortable.

Fans boo but Swerve says opportunity after opportunity was handed to Hangman on a silver platter. If Swerve had gotten those same opportunities Hangman got, Swerve would be the first Black AEW World Champion by now. Fans do cheer that, cuz they can see it! Hangman nods, he does agree, too. So Swerve will leave Hangman with this. Option A, Hangman rides off into the sunset like them Westerns Hangman used to watch as a baby, letting his contract fizzle out alongside his career. He can do that in catering or at his house on the farm, Swerve doesn’t care where. Just move so Swerve can take the spot Hangman doesn’t want, and then AEW will be whose house? “Swerve’s House!”

Option B, Hangman ponies up, mans up, cowboys up, whatever it is he has to do to find that fighting spirit, that fire, that motivation, that confidence, and show Swerve, the fans, and Hangman himself, what that Cowboy Shid is all about!! Fans like that option! Swerve stares Hangman down and then offers Option C: Hangman and Swerve fight for the spot. But fair warning: Swerve has zero empathy for human life. He has no regard for anybody. Hangman chooses to do this with Swerve, Swerve will walk him like a dog! Either way, Swerve is coming for that spot that Hangman acts like he doesn’t even want.

Hangman says enough of this. He’s been through this already this year. Swerve wants a match? Then go to the back and go get it. Hangman is done with this! Hangman pushes past Swerve and Swerve laughs. “There he goes! It’s a shame, Hangman. It’s a shame that your wife and kids gotta see their father walk away from more responsibilities.” Fans boo and Hangman scowls. Hangman goes back to the ring and Swerve says there we go! Is Hangman ponying up? Hangman gets in Swerve’s face and says “I don’t know who the hell told you it was a good idea to come out here and get-” BRIAN CAGE ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!!

The Machine gets Hangman up to POWERBOMB! And then suplex, to DRILL CLAW!! Swerve kneels over Hangman and shakes his head. Swerve then grins as the Mogul Embassy takes their leave. Is the Cowboy going to be able to fight against the stacked deck Swerve is dealing from?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

On top of the two Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament matches, the Young Bucks get back in the ring to take on Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker! Will Matt & Nick Jackson use Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange to rebound from their All Out loss?


AEW hears from the Grand Slam tournament competitors.

Jay Lethal says this Friday on Rampage, he enters the World Title Eliminator Tournament, against a man with “cero miedo.” Lethal tells Penta to bring everything he’s got because Lethal always does! Penta says that on Rampage, he will break Lethal! And then he wins the whole thing to become the NEW AEW World Champion! Because it is time for a champion who has #CeroMeido!

Jeff Hardy says so much of his existence seems to be about redemption these days. He has rebuilt himself, he’s refreshed his system and refreshed his soul! Jeff’s faced Samoa Joe in so many different wrestling worlds, and he’s beaten him before. Jeff doesn’t just want to be a world champion again, he needs it. Joe, Jeff is tired of saying he’s sorry, time to rock ‘n’ roll! Even Matt Hardy is fired up, will Samoa Joe be rendered OBSOLETE?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite next week!

The AEW Women’s World Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way has been decided! Toni Storm VS Britt Baker VS Hikaru Shida VS Nyla Rose! Former champions all, but who will be the one to step up to Saraya? Plus, after the goading and beating The Mogul Embassy just gave Hangman Page, The Cowboy gets back on the horse to go after Brian Cage! Will Hangman send a message to Swerve through his Machine?


AEW Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament, Opening Round: Darby Allin VS Nick Wayne!

The Relentless One faces his young protégé for the first time anywhere, all with a spot in the semifinals on the line! Nick Wayne has learned a lot from Darby, but will Darby pull out some of the things he hadn’t taught him? Or will this be Wayne’s World going towards the Grand Slam?

The bell rings and fans cheer as the two shake hands and even hug it out. The two circle, tie up, and Darby headlocks. Nick powers Darby to ropes, whips him away and hurdles, but Darby sunset flips! TWO, Nick has it, ONE! Darby sunset flips, ONE! Nick jackknife bridges, ONE as Darby bridges up! Nick fights the backslide but Darby swings him around for a headlock takeover! Nick keeps his shoulders up, Darby pushes them down, TWO! Nick stands, powers out of the headlock to waistlock, but they go around and around and Darby uses that momentum to toss Nick out! Nick stands, but moves as Darby DIVES!

Fans lose their minds as Darby crashes down! Nick knows Darby too well to fall for his tope, but he’s still shocked at what just happened! The ref wants this back int he ring, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nick asks if Darby’s okay as Doc Sampson checks. The ref has Nick calm down and go to the ring. Nick rallies the fans up for Darby as Doc checks Darby from neck to back. Nick hops out to ask, but again the ref has him calm down and stay back. Darby slowly sits up, so he’s conscious, but he still crawls his to the ring. Darby rolls in, but then rolls right back out, giving himself a fresh count. Again, the ref asks Nick stay back. Doc double checks Darby but Darby stands up again. Darby rolls in, Nick gets the fans rallying for Darby again, and then Nick checks with Darby. They shake hands and Darby stands up.

Fans applaud as the two reset, but Darby still hobbles around. Darby and Nick tie up, and Nick gets around to hammerlock. Darby reaches back, backs Nick up to then snapmare, but Nick holds onto the hammerlock! Darby stands, but Nick sends him into buckles! Nick whips Darby corner to corner, runs in, but Darby BOOTS him! Darby goes up, but Nick UPPERCUTS! Darby wobbles up top, Nick climbs up after him, and Dynamite returns to single picture. Nick goes to the very top, brings Darby up to join him, and SUPERPLEXES! Then Nick rolls through, to FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Darby is still in this but Nick hurries to the corner. Nick climbs, gives some love to Latino Heat, then FROG SPLASHES onto knees! Darby saves himself but that was a bit double-edged given the pain in his lower back. Darby and Nick go to corners, fans rally up, and Darby runs in to SHOTGUN Nick back down! Fans fire up as Darby covers, TWO! Nick is showing his toughness, but Darby stands him up to CHOP! Nick staggers away, Darby stands him up to CHOP again! Nick goes to another corner, Darby follows, and Darby whips corner to corner. Nick goes up and over, Darby fakes Nick out, and Darby trips Nick!

Darby steps through, FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! Nick endures, fans “WOO~!” and Nick quickly turns things over onto Darby! Darby endures, crawls over, ROPEBREAK! The leglock is undone and fans rally up. Nick goes to the apron, Darby storms over but Nick RAMS into him! Nick slingshots but Darby holds ropes! Nick goes Matrix to stand up, he runs, hurdles but then Darby hurdles! DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Both men are down after thinking alike and fans rally up. A standing count starts, Darby and Nick stir. Darby sits up first, Nick crawls his way over, and they fist bump.

Fans fire up as Nick fires a forearm! Darby fires one back! Nick stands back up to throw a forearm! Darby hits Nick back! The fans duel, Nick nods and fires a forearm! Darby takes a moment to get a mic? “Nick, you hit me like an 18 year old. Hit me like you really wanna win this!” Fans fire up and Darby grins. Nick fires up and he throws another forearm! Darby puts his hands behind his back? Fans rally and duel more, and Nick winds up, to SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Darby flounders but then here comes Christian Cage! Nick can’t believe this guy has to come out here now, and same goes for Darby as the TNT Champion and Captain Charisma are on stage.

Christian & Luchasaurus stay away from the ring to join commentary, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Darby drops off the apron to catch his breath, but Nick builds speed to FLY! Direct hit but a bit double-edged given Nick’s bad shoulder. The ref checks Darby, though, as he went down in a heap under Nick’s body weight. Darby is okay to continue so Nick whips him into railing! Darby writhes but manages to crawl away, and Nick pursues. They get in the ring, Nick pushes Darby to a cover, ONE!! Darby shakes his head, his fighting spirit is stronger than that. Nick storms up to then CHOP! Darby grits his teeth as he goes to another corner, but Nick is on him again with another CHOP! Darby crawls, Nick gives him some space.

But then Nick puts Darby in a corner to CHOP! Darby pie faces Nick to egg him on, so Nick CHOPS again! Fans rally and Nick gets them even more hyped. Nick runs, but into BOOTS! Darby rolls, returns, but into an UPPERCUT! Nick covers, TWO! Nick pushes Darby down for another cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO!! Nick nods, he knows as well as anyone that Darby’s tough. Nick stalks Darby to ropes, and Darby drags himself back to the apron. Nick goes out to join Darby, and he storms up to bring Darby in. Dynamite returns to single picture as Darby ROCKS Nick with a forearm! Nick JUMP KNEES in return! Darby staggers, Nick hits a FLYING RANA!

Fans fire up, Roddy & The Kingdom are watching backstage, and Darby pushes Nick away. Christian says Nick better not use moves his dad used to or he’ll never win this. Nick goes up top in a very Darby way, though, and he says a quick prayer, before the SUPER FROG SPLASH!!! Nick drags Darby up and into the ring, goes up and up and  leaps, WAYNE’S WORLD!! Cover, TWO?!?! Nick is surprised but maybe Darby’s tougher than even Nick realized. Nick stalks Darby to a corner, hoists him up top, and fans duel again. Nick climbs up after Darby, cravats, and stands on the very top. SUPER- NO, Darby THROWS Nick down!!

Fans fire up as Darby turns around, but then he reconsiders? He pushes Nick to a cover, TWO! Darby is now frustrated that he let his friendship hold him back. Darby drags Nick up but Nick trips Darby! Nick steps through, to steal LAST SUPPER!! TWO!!! Nick goes right up, WAYNE’S- NO, Darby blocks to O’Conner Roll! TWO, and Darby springboards to CROSSBODY! TWO, and Darby hurries to ghost pin! TWO!! Nick stands, Darby hops on, CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!??! But Darby has Nick all tied up in body scissors, and has the arms, INVERTED MOTORTYCLE STRETCH!!! Nick endures as Darby bends those arms back!!

Darby even starts stomping Nick’s head! Fans fire up as Darby keeps going, but Nick VERBALLY quits! Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by submission (advances to the semifinals)

Christian sarcastically says that was very impressive. But he does have a question: what happens if Darby can’t make it to Collision? Anything can happen between now and Saturday, right? Christian & Luchasaurus leave commentary and Christian again sarcastically applauds. We have Darby VS Strong set for Saturday, who survives the Collision?

My Thoughts:

A great Dynamite, though the pacing felt like it slumped in the middle. The start was fast in a good way, with Orange Cassidy having a short but very on-brand promo that led us right into the back to back title matches. Moxley VS Fox was really good stuff, but of course Moxley wins his first defense. It is definitely going to be some time before Moxley loses the belt, though I don’t see him lasting as long as Cassidy did. Kris VS Emi was really good, too, but of course Kris also won here. Great promo from Toni Storm to show she’s going further off the deep end while also setting up the #1 contender’s match. Storm VS Britt VS Shida VS Nyla is going to be great stuff, but it almost seems too obvious that Storm would win to face Saraya. Unless they want to play it where Storm says she’ll let Saraya win, but then she actually fights Saraya seriously.

Really good tag match of Aussie Open VS Le Sex Gods, but of course there were the spots of “Face hits teammate by accident” here. It’s a bit of an overused trope but they’re still playing it well. Jericho certainly feels he’s without friends right now, but I’m sure when push comes to shove, Sammy comes back to help Jericho again. Callis had a good promo foreshadowing next week, but I don’t think he’s really moved on from Jericho or Omega that easily. Omega might even interrupt the unveiling of that painting to set things up towards a rematch at Grand Slam or even WrestleDream. Plus, who would Callis even go after next?

Great promo from Starks following his All Out match. And even though he lost, Starks really does deserve something, aka a title match. A little surprised he’s not in the Grand Slam Tournament but maybe he’ll come back around in time for Full Gear. Really good promo from Strong, sharing a bit of his past the same way he did in NXT when NXT was working to build him up. Great promo between MJF and Joe, though this might’ve been where things slowed down considering MJF promo segments are always long. But MJF explaining the story behind the infamous shove gif is great stuff, and of course Joe beats MJF down to build Heel heat. Amazing sell from MJF on the bad neck, and I’m also surprised Cole is nowhere in that tournament.

Great segue from Joe hurting MJF to Strong getting on Cole’s case. Great match from Strong VS Trent, and I figured Strong would make it through despite the “bad neck.” Really good promos from the guys competing on Rampage, though I hope Penta has more backup than just Abrahantes since Lethal has the carnival that is Team Triple J. Really good promo from Hangman and Swerve to set up a feud there, and Hangman VS Brian Cage is going to be great stuff next week. And then great main event from Darby VS Nick with great sell on Darby’s bad back. Really good win for Darby here, but Nick looked great even in the loss. Obviously things aren’t done between Darby and friends VS Christian & Luchasaurus, Christian probably gets involved during Darby VS Strong to allow Strong to win.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/20/23)

Dynamite returns to Arthur Ashe!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Who hits the Grand Slam? And who strikes out?

Dynamite returns to Arthur Ashe, and Maxwell Jacob Friedman returns to New York to defend his AEW World Championship against Samoa Joe!


  • ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Championships, Winner Takes All: Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Eddie Kingston; Eddie wins and becomes both ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Champion.
  • Chris Jericho VS Sammy Guevara; Jericho wins.
  • AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes; Fenix wins and becomes the new AEW International Champion.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya w/ Ruby Soho VS Toni Storm; Saraya wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Championship: MJF w/ Adam Cole VS Samoa Joe; MJF wins and retains the title.


ROH World & NJPW Strong Openweight Championships, Winner Takes All: Claudio Castagnoli w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Eddie Kingston!

This isn’t a rivalry, this is a grudge that has gone on for just over a decade, and this will be the end of it all! Will the Swiss Superman take away the title the Mad King fought so hard to get? Or will Eddie prove he IS the better man?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who leaves Arthur Ashe a double champion!

The bell rings and fans are thunderous already as Eddie and Claudio stare down. They slowly approach, then Claudio just BOOTS Eddie down! But Eddie’s right up to CHOP! And CHOP! Claudio forearms, Eddie CHOPS, repeat! New York is behind their own as he continues to go back and forth with Claudio! Claudio fires off forearm after forearm, then he  talks trash. “Is that all you got?” Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Claudio fires more forearms, then TOSSES Eddie out of the ring! But then Eddie drags Claudio out to whip hard into railing! Claudio hobbles, holding a knee, but Eddie choke grips him!

Fans fire up as Eddie MACHINE GUN CHOPS Claudio against the railing! Eddie ROCKS Claudio, brings him around, and whips him, only for Claudio to reverse and short arm LARIAT! Fans boo but Claudio soaks it up. Claudio drags Eddie up, ROCKS him, and stalks him. Claudio puts Eddie in the ring, fans rally up and Eddie catches Claudio in the ropes! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Eddie dropkicks that bad leg! Claudio avoids the next one and he deadlift gut wrenches, for the POWERBOMB! Claudio hobbles and fans boo, but Claudio drags Eddie up. Claudio reels Eddie in, but Eddie fights the lift!

Eddie CLUBS the bad leg, fans rally up, but Claudio SLAPS Eddie! Eddie SLAPS back! And GERMAN SUPLEXES! Fans fire up again as Claudio bails out to the apron. Fans chant “F HIM UP, EDDIE, F HIM UP!” Eddie storms over, and fires off backhand after backhand! Then URAKEN! But that hurts Eddie’s hand just as much! Claudio clamps on a SLEEPER in the ropes! But Eddie elbows free, only for Claudio to back suplex Eddie to the ramp! The LED Plexiglas ramp is a stiff worker, and Claudio looms over Eddie. Eddie is dazed and the fans rally up behind him. Claudio drags Eddie up, then stomps a hand!

Claudio then clotheslines Eddie back into the ring! Fans boo as Claudio climbs the corner. But Eddie rolls to the corner, only for Claudio to DIVING DOUBLE STOMP anyway! Claudio stomps Eddie, drags him up, and scoop SLAMS him! Claudio goes back up, to then DIVING HEADBUTT but FLOPS as Eddie moves! Eddie staggers up, but into an UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!! Eddie is still in this and Claudio is fuming as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Claudio and Eddie go to ropes, and then Claudio storms over. Claudio CLUBS away on Eddie at the ropes, then he drags Eddie up. Eddie pushes Claudio away but Claudio reels Eddie in. Claudio suplexes but Eddie blocks! Claudio throws body shots, tries again, but Eddie still blocks! Eddie then suplexes Claudio up and over! Fans fire up while both men flounder. Claudio stands first, runs and he BOOTS Eddie in the head! And then Claudio scuffs Eddie, kicks him around, taunts and toys with him, but Eddie CHOPS! Claudio kicks, Eddie CHOPS! Claudio SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Eddie reaches out in time!

Claudio sits Eddie up and clamps on with a top wristlock chinlock combo! Fans rally up as Eddie endures being squeezed and twisted around. But then Claudio KICKS Eddie in the back, and STOMPS the hand! Then he STOMPS the other hand! Eddie clutches fingers, but Claudio drags Eddie up by an ear. Eddie CHOPS! And CHOPS! Dynamite returns to single picture as Claudio eggs Eddie on. Eddie CHPOS, Claudio fires UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT in the corner! Claudio sits Eddie down, the ref back shim off, but then Claudio fireman’s carries! T K O! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous as Eddie hangs in there!

Claudio scuffs Eddie again, and that riles Eddie up. Claudio gives more toying kicks, then some harder shots. Eddie pounds the mat and fans fire up with him! Claudio kick sand kicks and kicks, and Eddie wobbles, only to sit up again. Claudio drags Eddie up to UPPER- NO, BACKSLIDE! TWO! Eddie ENZIGURIS! And then an EXPLODER!! Eddie has Claudio again, for a SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Claudio goes to a corner, Yuta coaches him, and Claudio sees Eddie go to the far side. Eddie runs in to clothesline! Eddie fires up and fires off MACHINE GUN CHOPS!! Claudio just brushes those off? Eddie CHOPS and CHOPS, then JABS! Claudio drops to a knee and fans are thunderous!

Eddie hauls Claudio up, Claudio fights the Northern Lights Bomb, so Eddie fires Kawada knees! Claudio JABS back! Eddie staggers, Claudio shakes out the cobwebs, and then both men stare down again. Fans fire up as the two step up, Claudio eggs Eddie on, then fires a forearm! Eddie CHOPS! Forearm! CHOP! Repeat! Claudio eggs Eddie on so Eddie CHOPS! Claudio UPPERCUTS! Eddie staggers back, steadies himself, and he CHOPS again! Claudio dusts that off, so Eddie CHOPS only for Claudio to catch it! HEADBUTT, short arm LARIAT!! Cover, TWO, but Claudio rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS!

Claudio reels Eddie in, straitjacket for the RICOLA- RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Claudio has the cover, TWO!! Flashbacks to Supercard of Honor there, but Eddie is up! Into an UPPERCUT!! Cover, TWO?!? Eddie survives and Claudio is furious! Claudio drags Eddie up, straitjacket, RICOLA BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?! New York is electric as Eddie still lives! Claudio is beside himself, but he pulls off the elbow pad now. Claudio drags Eddie up, talks some trash, and UPPERCUTS! URAKEN!! URAKEN!! Then a half nelson, HALF ‘N’ HALF PLEX!! Claudio stands, into the URAKEN!! NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Fans are electric again as Eddie powers up! Eddie drags Claudio up, reels him in, but Claudio fights the lift! Claudio then UPPERCUTS! Eddie URAKENS!! And POWERBOMBS!! High stack, EDDIE WINS!!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall (still NJPW Strong Openweight & NEW ROH World Champion)

He has done it! The Mad King has conquered Claudio and now reigns over two kingdoms! Yuta tells Claudio that yes, it really did happen. Yuta helps Claudio to his feet, and Eddie keeps his eyes on them. Claudio offers a handshake, and Eddie… accepts it! Claudio hands the ROH title over then takes his leave. Fans chant “You Deserve It!” and that is an understatement. How much more history will be made by Eddie Kingston now?


The Kingdom visits Roderick Strong in the hospital.

This was recorded sometime last week after Dynamite. Matt Taven & Mike Bennett sit by Roddy’s bedside as the nurse fluffs Roddy’s pillow. Mike says they wanted to invite everyone here so they could personally thank everyone for all the gifts and cards. Taven likes this card here. “I hope it makes your day brighter knowing how much everyone cares. Your attention to neck health awareness has been inspirational, and one day, I hope to be as neck strong as you. XOXO Olga.” Mike excuses the nurse and then Adam Cole visits. Roddy calls out to Adam and asks where he is, he can’t see. Then open your eyes.

Roddy does open his eyes and is happy to see Cole is here. Of course he is, he wouldn’t miss this for the world. Cole then says hi to The Kingdom and they ask him where he’s been. He got here as quick as he could. Oh, convenient, Cole shows up just as The Kingdom has to leave. Mike tells Roddy sorry, they gotta go. They’re going to be the new #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Titles. Roddy understands. He knows they don’t need it, but good luck. New champs coming soon. Taven then insults Cole’s shirt and pants. Is that how he dresses when he’s mourning? Cole says that’s real appropriate to say.

Cole then tells Roddy that he is glad Roddy is doing okay, and Cole hates to do this but he has to leave soon, too. Max has the world title match with Samoa Joe, and after what happened all last week, Cole has to make sure Max will be okay. Roddy says who cares! What about him? Cole wants Roddy to know he loves him, but Max is the one in danger. Roddy makes the bed sit up so he can look at Cole properly, just so he can tell Cole to go. Then Roddy lowers himself back down. Will Cole be able to help MJF through whatever is coming?


Backstage interview with Christian Cage & Luchasaurus.

Renee Paquette is with Captain Charisma and the AEW TNT Champion to bring up that this Friday, Rampage: Grand Slam, it will be Darby Allin & Sting taking on these two in a tag team match. Obviously, Christian & Luchasaurus have a ton of experience- Christian cuts Renee off to say they have a ton of experience in defending the TNT Championship. And at Rampage: Grand Slam, Christian & Luchasaurus walk through Darby & Sting, and then move on from them. But obviously, Darby isn’t going to move on until he gets another chance at Christian’s- er, their TNT Championship!

So here’s a proposition: Saturday on Collision, Darby VS Christian VS Luchasaurus in a Triple Threat for the TNT Championship! Sound good to Darby? Oh, and one more little wrinkle: if Darby wants his shot, then Sting is not allowed at ringside! And when Darby steps into the ring for their Handicap- er, Triple Threat… Then Darby has as much a chance of winning this championship as both the Yankees and the Mets! ZERO! As for Friday, bring your boy. Christian & Luchasaurus head out, will they dominate this entire week?


Chris Jericho VS Sammy Guevara!

For the first time ever, The Ocho and the Spanish God go 1v1 with each other! They’re both ready to fight harder than they ever have before, but who will come out on top?

Sammy’s entrance has him wearing an LED vest as a reference to all of Jericho’s light up jackets, and Sammy even has Monteasy live to rap the theme song! Is this Sammy’s time to take flight? Or will he be unable to get off the ground with Judas in his mind?

The bell rings and fans fire up as the two circle. Sammy offers a handshake, Jericho accepts it, and the two tie up. Jericho headlocks, then switches and hammerlocks to headlock again. Sammy powers out, but Jericho runs him over, only for Sammy to kip up! So Jericho slaps Sammy! Sammy slaps back, and the hands start flying! Fans fire up and Sammy CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS! Repeat! Sammy gets the edge, whips, hurdles, flips over, and Jericho stumbles into the DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Sammy spins to hit his pose! And Jericho still joins in? Sammy is surprised by that and Jericho SLAPS him again!

Sammy goes to ropes, Jericho storms up but Sammy rolls him up! ONE, and Sammy cradles! ONE, and Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! Sammy CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS! Jericho CHOPS again, then CHOPS Sammy in the corner! Fans fire up as Jericho whips corner to corner. Jericho runs in but into an elbow! Sammy swings, Jericho spins him around, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Sammy goes to the apron but Jericho storms over. Triangle jump, but Sammy ducks and Jericho hits the floor! Sammy builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and down goes Jericho! Fans fire up as Sammy puts Jericho in the ring.

Sammy goes up the corner, leaps, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Jericho hangs tough but Sammy keeps his cool. Sammy slashes his throat and he torture racks! But Jericho fights that, to hit a CODE BREAKER! Sammy goes to the apron again, but Jericho goes out after him. Fans rally as Jericho drags Sammy up, CLUBS him, but Sammy throws body shots. Jericho CLUBS and CLUSB and CLUBS Sammy, to then suplex. Sammy blocks, throws more body shots, but Jericho hits back! Then Jericho suplexes to the floor! Fans fire up while both men writhe and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men but they’re okay to continue. Jericho drags himself up with the apron skirt, then soaks up the cheers and jeers from New York. Jericho drags Sammy up and SMACKS him off the desk! The ring count is climbing, but Jericho clears off the desk! Jericho SMACKS Sammy with the desk hood! Jericho slides into the ring to stop the count and soak up more cheers and jeers. Sammy stands up, and slides in at 9! Jericho stomps Sammy, drags him up and reels him in, for a BIG back suplex! Jericho smacks Sammy around, eggs him on, and brings him up again, but Sammy cradles! TWO! Jericho rushes in to BOOT Sammy down!

Jericho drags Sammy up again, puts him in a corner and on the top rope. Jericho CHOPS! And CHOPS! And then he climbs up, to rain down fists! Jericho goes all the way to TEN, then SUPER STEINERS! Sammy writhes, Jericho pushes him to a cover, TWO! Jericho huffs ‘n’ puffs and paces around as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally, Jericho stands Sammy up and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Jericho eggs Sammy on, so Sammy CHOPS! And forearms! And CHOPS! Sammy fires off more, whips Jericho to ropes, but Jericho KICKS him away! Jericho runs, into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!

Both men stand and Jericho LARIATS Sammy down! And then LARIATS him again! Cover, TWO! Sammy is still in this and fans rally up. Jericho brings Sammy up, CHOPS him again, then has him in a corner. Jericho CHOPS, whips corner to corner, but Sammy goes up and over, ducks and steals the CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives his own move and Sammy is beside himself. Jericho goes to the apron, Sammy runs in to BLAST him off! Jericho hits the desk! Sammy then goes to the apron, to then go up the corner?! Sammy aims, says a quick prayer, and ARIHARA MOONSAULTS!

Sammy clutches a leg, puts Jericho in, and he fires up! Fans are with Sammy as he goes to the apron. Sammy springboards, into a DROPKICK! Sammy goes back to the apron, Jericho triangle jumps, into a CALF KICK! Not the cleanest but something got Jericho. Sammy SUPERKICKS to knock Jericho down, and then he goes back up top! FLYING CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Jericho just gets that arm up and Sammy grows frustrated. Sammy drags Jericho up, torture racks, GO TO- NO, Jericho blocks! Jericho trips Sammy and has the legs! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Fans are thunderous while Sammy endures!

Jericho sits deep on the hold, but Sammy reaches out! Sammy crawls his way forward, but Jericho drags him back! Sammy clubs at Jericho’s legs, tuck sunder and throws hands from below! Sammy then throws Jericho away! Sammy JUMP KNEES Jericho to a corner! Sammy runs in, is put on the apron, and Jericho ROCKS him! Jericho goes up the other side of the corner! Jericho drags Sammy up to join him, CLUBS him, but Sammy throws hands in return. They both stand on the top rope, to SUPER CUTTER!! Both men are down and fans are losing their minds! Sammy crawls to the cover, TWO!!!

Jericho is still in this but Sammy is too sore to be upset. Sammy and Jericho sit up, Jericho goes to ropes but Sammy is right on him. Sammy CHOPS, then whips. Jericho reverses, but Sammy avoids the dropkick! Sammy goes to the ropes, LIONSAULT onto knees!! Jericho counters his own move, and then runs to BULLDOG! Fans fire up as Jericho lines up the shot, Jericho LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Jericho grits his teeth, but he also has a sinister grin on his face now. Jericho throws down fists, then he brings Sammy up for a knee to the head! And another! And another! Jericho runs, into a JUMP KNEE!

Sammy torture racks! GO TO HOSPITAL!! But Sammy doesn’t cover!? Sammy goes up the corner instead, takes aim, and SHOOTING STAR- CODE BREAKER!!! Cover, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

Sammy gambled and just got busted! Jericho wins, proving why he is the master and Sammy is the apprentice. But the real question is, can these two still be friends? Jericho offers a hand, Sammy accepts, and they hug it out! Fans cheer as Le Sex Gods stick together! But then Sammy LOW BLOWS Jericho?! Jericho falls against Sammy but Sammy shoves him down! And here comes Don Callis?! No, Sammy, no! But Don pats Sammy on the shoulder. Don threw his friendship with Jericho away, and now takes away Jericho’s last friend! Will the Spanish God soon be a wrestling god thanks to the Don Callis Family?


MJF & Adam Cole pull into the parking lot.

The brochachos pull up in an emerald green Porsche, and as he steps out of the car, Maxwell Jacob Friedman calls out Samoa Joe! “I’ve been holding a grudge against you for eight long years. And when you decided to shove me, I took that and I turned it into a little ball, and I put that chip on my shoulder. And tonight, I take that chip and I bash your skull in! See, it was bad enough when you shoved me. But you took, and you took, and you took, and you tried to take away the two things now that are most precious to me: you are trying to take away my AEW World Championship, and you are trying to hurt my brother, Adam Cole.”

That is where Joe messed up. Tonight, MJF will choke Joe out in front of thousands of New Yorkers, MJF’s people! And the last thing Joe is gonna hear as he fades out is… “M! J! F! M! J! F!” Because they’re better than you, and Cole gets a call? It’s Roddy? Seriously? He’s upset but Cole wants him to talk it out. Cole says he still has MJF’s back but this is an emergency. Roddy, relax, you are not gonna die! Cole heads out to talk with Roddy about his neck, and MJF tells Joe, “Your ass is mine.” Will the ROH World Television Champion look to change that with his own two hands?


Backstage interview with Don Callis & Sammy Guevara.

Renee walks up to ask them if this all but confirms that Sammy has joined the Don Callis Family, but Don says not to cut her off, “but all will be revealed this Friday on Rampage. C’mon, kid, we got a lot to celebrate.” The two traitors head out, but then cross paths with Daniel Garcia! Sammy and Danny stare down, and then Sammy asks if he has something to say. Don has Sammy stand down and says Danny is money. For now, the two of them will go. Don gets Sammy outta there, but what are Danny’s feelings? He left the JAS, but is he upset Sammy joined the DCF?


AEW International Championship: Jon Moxley VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Maniac made it past the human skyscraper that is “Big Bill” Morrissey, but now he has to face what he did to the Immortal Firebird almost a month ago! Will Fenix burn Moxley down? Or will Moxley ace this, game, set and match?

Moxley goes up the ramp so he can drop his belt on top of Fenix’s cape. Moxley taunts Fenix, Fenix storms up after Moxley and CHOPS! Fans fire up as the brawl is on! Moxley ROCKS Fenix, whips him at the ring but Fenix goes up the ropes to JUMP SOBAT! Fans fire up while Moxley flops to the floor. Fenix uses the ramp as a runway to FLY and take Moxley down! Fans lose their minds and Fenix crawls his way over to Moxley. Moxley is dazed but Fenix’s back is sore from that landing. Fenix still stands up and he drags Moxley up. Fenix ROCKS Moxley, CHOPS him against railing, and then puts Moxley in the ring.

The bell finally sounds so this is a match! Fenix baits Moxley, avoids the stomp and then shoulders into Moxley! Fenix slingshots to sunset flip, ONE! Moxley stacks, TWO! Moxley staggers, Fenix kips up and things speed up. Fenix handsprings over the leg sweep! Moxley swings, Fenix catches him to CHOP, knuckle lock, and go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! Moxley stands back up and Fenix somersaults, into a FOREARM! Moxley is done playing around, and he runs to CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO! Fenix survives the shoutout to the Visionary, but Moxley rains down fists! Moxley then shifts to a cover, TWO!

Moxley has the double wristlock but Fenix fights up with body shots. Moxley facelocks but Fenix powers out to BITE the hand! Fenix BOOTS the punch, CHOPS and CHOPS but Moxley pokes the eyes! Moxley whips, Fenix tiger feints but into a BOOT! Fenix flounders to the ramp and then the floor but Moxley pursues. The ring count climbs and Moxley CHOPS Fenix against railing! Moxley dumps Fenix over into the front row! Fans fire up as Fenix drags himself up. Moxley drags Fenix up but Fenix throws body shots! Fenix ROCKS Mox, then pushes him away. Fenix jumps up onto the railing, but Moxley shoves him back down!

Moxley has Fenix on the railing, to DRAPING PARADIGM SHIFT!! Fenix is dazed now and Moxley gets a chair! The ref reprimands so Moxley puts Fenix in the ring. Cover, TWO! Fenix is hanging tough but Moxley eggs him on. Fenix chops but that was nothing, and Moxley BOOTS him! Moxley rains down fists, lets off, and Fenix crawls to a corner. Moxley storms over, brings him up, and clotheslines! Moxley flips fans off, runs in, but Fenix dodges to GAMANGIRI! And GAMANGIRI! And then JUMP SOBAT! Moxley staggers, into the SOMERSAULT CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! But Fenix hurries to a corner and goes right up! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Moxley is still in this but Fenix fires up again. Fans are with him as he runs, but into a KING KONG LARIAT! Moxley roars, fans fire up even more, and then Moxley flips off Fenix. Abrahantes coaches Fenix up, and he kips up to his feet! Fenix dodges Mox to SUPERKICK him out of the ring! Fenix goes out after him, brings him around, and puts him on the railing now! Fenix goes to the apron, then up the corner! Fans are losing their minds already, SUPER FLYING LEG DROP!!! Both men crash down and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks both men and they’re somehow okay to continue. Abrahantes coaches Fenix as he and Moxley stir. Moxley crawls to the ring, Fenix follows and pushes him in. Fenix then aims from the apron, springboards, but into a kick! PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives but Moxley just snarls and storms around. Moxley gets Fenix’s legs, ties them up, and has a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!! Fenix endures, reaches out, and fans rally as he fights forward. But Moxley shifts to a CLOVERLEAF STF!! Moxley grinds the hold, then shifts to just a facelock. Moxley drags Fenix up, Gotch hold for the PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!!

Fenix survives again and Moxley is fuming! Moxley storms around the ring, Abrahantes coaches Fenix and the fans rally up. Moxley clamps on with a SLEEPER, then drags Fenix up again. Moxley CHOPS Fenix to the corner and Fenix drops to his knees! Moxley stands Fenix up to CHOP again! Dynamite returns to single picture and Moxley storms around. Fenix sputters, stands, and CHOPS! Moxley forearms, then he puts Fenix back in a corner. Moxley puts Fenix up top, climbs up to join him, but Fenix resists with body shots. Fans rally as Fenix HEADBUTTS and HEADBUTTS! Moxley falls, Fenix jumps to DIVING DOUBLE STOMP!!

Both men are down and New York is thunderous again! Fenix crawls to a cover, TWO! Fenix drags Moxley up and reels him in but Moxley resists the lift. Fenix CLUBS Moxley, but Moxley Alabama Lifts him! Fenix still CLUBS Moxley, they end up on ropes, and Moxley throws body shots! Moxley DECKS Fenix to the outside! Moxley goes out to run downhill, CURB STOMP ON THE RAMP!! Fans sing “OH~ OHH~ OHHH~!” for the Visionary as Moxley drags Fenix in. Moxley lifts, to stall, and PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Fenix survives and fans are thunderous again! Moxley is seething and he drags Fenix back up.

Moxley puts Fenix in a corner, CHOPS him, and CHOPS him, and then hoists Fenix up top. Moxley goes up, underhooks, but Fenix fights! Moxley falls, Fenix adjusts, SWANTON BOMB!! Then Fenix drags Moxley up and fireman’s carries, to BLACK FIRE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! HOW?!? Fans call BS, that twitch could NOT have been enough! But Fenix figures F it, BLACK FIRE DRIVER again!!! Cover, FENIX WINS!!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall (NEW AEW International Champion)

New York cannot believe it but they are loving it! Moxley’s reign ends after just three defenses, and Fenix has his vengeance! Death Triangle regains the gold once held by The Bastard, will Fenix blaze his own trail with this title? As for Moxley, he is getting checked by medics, what condition will he be in after such an epic fight?


Samoa Joe speaks.

“Oh Maaaax~! You feel it, Max? The night is upon us, a great celebration! Tonight is a night of consequences. And Max, you have run your mouth, you have made your angst known, you have told the world you’ve harbored your grudge against me for eight years.” But MJF better be prepared to hold onto that grudge a little longer, because Joe will smash him from pillar to post, in front of MJF’s people! And tonight, Joe finishes taking what he was trying to take from MJF all those years ago. But it won’t be MJF’s future, it’ll be his championship. We’ve already seen the landscape shift, will the One True King of Wrestling Television add to that?


AEW takes a closer look at the ROH World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders match.

Matt Hardy says that Friday on Rampage: Grand Slam, he and Jeff will compete in a match, with the winners going on to face MJF & Adam Cole for the ROH World Tag Team Championships at WrestleDream! But Matt Taven says they are the OGK, and the Melvins will put respect on the name of The Kingdom. Mike says that they do three things this Friday: Punch ’em in the wiener; hit ’em with piledrivers; and become the #1 Contenders! Best Friends join in, and Trent says this is one more shot for the boys to go on and get another shot to win the big one. Chuck knows MJF & Cole say they’re best friends, but we all know there is only one set of Best Friends that matter, and it’s these two!

Vincent says that a long time ago, being crazy meant something. But now, everybody’s crazy! The Righteous is here to purify AEW, and it starts this Friday on Rampage. Dig what they’re saying? It’s a Fatal 4 of four powerful teams, but who will come away with those golden tickets to Seattle?


AEW Women’s World Championship: Saraya w/ Ruby Soho VS Toni Storm!

The Outcasts used to be a strong trio within the AEW Women’s Division, but this very title is what tore apart the friendship of The Knight and the Lightning. Saraya won an All In London Fatal 4 to become champion, but Storm won the Fatal 4 to earn this match! Will Storm complete the #PortraitofaStar with some gold? Or will this Knight still reign?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who is the real star of the AEW Women’s Division!

The bell rings and Storm wants a hug? Saraya says no, she’s crazy as a loon and totally betrayed The Outcasts! Storm still offers, so Saraya SLAPS her! Fans boo and Storm looks hurt emotionally. Saraya SLAPS Storm again and says Storm is nothing without Saraya! “You need me! YOU NEED ME!” Then she SLAPS Storm again! So now Storm smiles? Saraya is confused, but Storm CHPOS her! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS again! Ruby shouts from the apron but Storm rushes over! Storm avoids Ruby’s cheap shot to CHOP her down! But Saraya BOOTS Storm down! Fans boo but Saraya tells Storm she’s a stupid cow!

Saraya has Storm on ropes, goes to the apron, and fires off knee after knee after knee! Storm flops to the floor and Saraya soaks up the heat. But then Storm trips Saraya up! Saraya hits the apron, Storm pushes her back in the ring. Storm sees Ruby standing there, and she goes under the ring? What in the world? The ref goes to check with Saraya, Storm sticks her feet out and Ruby drags her out from under there. Storm has SHOES! She kicks Ruby, then SLAPS her with those slippers! Fans fire up and Storm goes back to the ring. The ref says drop the shoe, then snatches the slipper away. But he misses the HIGH HEEL SHOT!! Cover, TWO!!

Storm is furious that Saraya survives! Storm argues with the ref then throws a fit as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Storm drags Saraya into ropes, drapes her out, to DRAPING DDT to the ramp!! Ruby rushes up to check Saraya, her neck is a major issue for her. Storm is torn between remorse and rage, but Saraya seems okay to continue. So Storm drags her in through the ropes, to DRAPING DDT again!! Cover, TWO!! Saraya survives and Storm seethes. Storm storms around, pursues Saraya out of the ring, but tells Ruby to back off. But that distraction allows Saraya to BOOT Storm! Saraya then SMACKS Storm off the desk! Storm staggers and flounders away, then Saraya CLUBS her! Saraya scowls as she stands Storm up to CHOP!

Saraya pushes Storm into the ring, tells fans off, then hops back in. But Storm ROCKS her! And CLUBS her! And CHPOS her! Saraya goes to a corner, Storm hoists her up top, and then ROCKS her! Storm climbs, Saraya hits back, they brawl up top! Storm CLUBS and CLUBS and CLUBS, then stands Saraya up. Saraya fights back with body shots, and she CLUBS away on Storm now! Saraya adjusts, to SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Storm survives and Dynamite returns to single picture! Ruby is furious while Saraya argues with the ref. Fans boo as Ruby tries to start a Saraya chant.

Saraya sits Storm up but Storm hits first! Saraya hits back, Storm hits again! They go back and forth, forearm for forearm, and fans fire up as Storm just HAMMERS away! Fans are thunderous for Storm and she grabs a turnbuckle. Storm rips the pad right off! The ref takes that but the buckle is still exposed. And then Storm gets the spray paint! Ruby snatches that away, payback for that TBS Championship screw job! The ref argues with Ruby, then with Storm, and Ruby rolls the can to Saraya! Saraya SPRAYS Storm in the face!! KNIGHT CAP!! Cover, TWO?!?! Storm survives the flashback to All In!

New York is thunderous but Saraya is furious! Saraya slaps Storm around, drags her up, and bumps her off buckles! And again! And then she considers the bare buckle. Saraya sits Storm in the corner but Ruby wants her to finish this! Saraya stomps but Storm blocks! Storm sets the foot down, to KISS Saraya!? And then reel her in! STORM ZERO!!! Cover, TWO!?! Storm’s kiss goodbye didn’t finish this! But Storm puts Saraya in the corner, against that bare buckle! Storm goes to the far corner, says “I’m sorry, I love you.” SWEET HIP- NO, Saraya moves and the buckle gets Storm in the booty! Saraya reels Storm in and onto the ropes, DRAPING KNIGHT CAP!!! Cover, Saraya wins!!

Winner: Saraya, by pinfall (still AEW Women’s World Champion)

Saraya shouts that Storm forced her to do that! Storm reaches out, but The Outcasts leave her behind. Will Saraya & Soho move on from Storm to conquer the entire AEW Women’s Division?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage: Grand Slam!

Considering it is a TWO HOUR special edition for Arthur Ashe, there’s more action to be had! And in a Mixed Trios match, Kris Statlander joins #OrangeHook to take on Anna Jay, Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker! Will the TBS Champion, the FTW Champion and Freshly Squeezed prove why they’re The Galaxy’s Greatest? Or will they owe some title shots to the sports… enner-tay-ners?

Then Skye Blue takes on Julia Hart in a battle of two young and hungry stars wanting their shot at some gold! Plus, after making a comeback at All In London, after sharing his side of the story, Mike Santana gets back in the ring! Will he blaze a trail to the top, all by himself?


BREAKING NEWS for Collision!

On top of the TNT Championship “Triple Threat” of Luchasaurus VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin, Andrade El Idolo accepts Jay White’s challenge from last Saturday! Will the Latin Idol learn what it means to Breathe With The Switchblade? Then Rob Van Dam competes in his home state of Michigan, FTR defends the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Workhorsemen, and Bryan Danielson gives Ricky Starks his rematch, in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH! With as much blood as was shed at All Out, how much more violent will the American Dragon and Absolute go?


AEW World Championship: MJF w/ Adam Cole VS Samoa Joe!

It’s the moment of truth! After watching the Grand Slam World Title Eliminator Tournament, Maxwell Jacob Friedman was very… happy(?) to see that the King of Wrestling TV won the right to have this match. MJF threw some Steiner math at Joe but now it’s time to put it to the test! Will the hometown antihero finally have his revenge? Or will we soon be calling him #TwoBeltJoe?

MJF’s entrance is an homage to Bret Hart and Mean Joe Greene. A kid shouts out to MJF, tells him to go get ’em, champ, and then MJF nods and gives the kid his scarf. And also whispers something before heading out. What’d he say? That the kid’s adopted?! Anyway… The introductions are made, the Triple B is raised, and we see who finishes Dynamite with a Grand Slam!

The bell rings and the fans are thunderous already for MJF. MJF and Joe circle, feel things out, and then Joe kicks a leg! MJF backs away to a corner, resets with Joe, and they feel things out again. Fans chant “He’s Our Scumbag!” but Joe just smirks. They circle, Joe corners MJF but the ref has him back off. So MJF pokes Joe in the eye! MJF hops on for a SLEEPER, but Joe THROWS MJF down! MJF clutches his neck, and conspicuous by his absence is Adam Cole. Was Roddy’s “emergency” more engrossing than Cole thought? Joe looms over MJF as MJF sits up, and MJF stands to say he’s okay. Joe CLUBS him down for it!

Joe stomps MJF, fans boo, but Joe stomps MJF on the neck! MJF goes to a corner, Joe JABS and JABS and JABS! Joe sits MJF down, then RIDGEHANDS him down! Fans boo but Joe just says “SUCK IT!” Joe eggs MJF on, drags him from the corner, and clamps on a neck wrench! MJF endures the torture but the fans rally up behind him. MJF fights up, throws body shots, but Joe throws him down by his hair! The ref reprimands but Joe drags MJF up to atomic drop! Joe runs but MJF dodges the boot! MJF kicks, Joe blocks and MJF apologizes, only to poke Joe in the eyes again! MJF jumps on for a SLEEPER!

Joe RAMS MJF into buckles! Joe is free, and he runs to BOOT! And SENTON! Cover, TWO! Joe paces, not at all bothered. Joe then drags MJF up, but MJF JABS, throat chops, and runs at the corner, into the “SIT YO ASS DOWN!” URENAGE! Joe paces while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Now Joe covers, ROPEBREAK! MJF saves himself by fingertips but Joe just drags him to the outside. Joe CLUBS MJF against the apron! MJF sputters, Joe drags him out and whips him hard into railing! MJF falls in a heap and Joe mockingly applauds. Joe then storms back over, drags MJF back up and puts him back in the ring. Joe CLUBS MJF again and MJF flounders away. Joe hurries in after MJF, CHOKES him on the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts 4. MJF sputters, only for Joe to KICK him in the side! Joe paces, drags MJF up, and snapmares to then neck wrench again! MJF endures all over again but the fans still rally.

MJF fights up, using Joe’s twisting for leverage, and he throws body shots! MJF runs, but Joe CLOBBERS him! Cover, TWO! MJF is hanging in there but Joe keeps his cool. Joe drags MJF up and puts him in a corner to JAB! JAB! JAB! And CHOP! MJF leans against ropes and the ref reprimands Joe, but Joe JABS MJF again as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally as hard as they can for MJF and he fires forearms back! Joe HEADBUTTS, then he hoists MJF up top! Joe tucks MJF in but MJF sunset flips! Stack cover, TWO! SUPERKICK! MJF learned that one from his brochacho! But Joe stays up, so MJF short arm LARIATS!

Joe is still up so MJF LARIATS again! Joe is still up, so MJF runs to LARIAT! That takes as much out of MJF as it does Joe, but fans are thunderous as MJF goes again. Joe LARIATS MJF down!! Cover, TWO!! Joe is getting annoyed now but he rips MJF’s new shirt up! Then he wipes his butt with it and throws it down on MJF! Fans boo and MJF is furious, that was his loving tribute to the New York MLB legacy! Joe gives scuffing kicks and toying pie faces. MJF is getting mad now! Joe HEADBUTTS, and MJF just glares at him! Joe SLAPS MJF, then CLUBS him! MJF fires off forearms!

Joe puts MJF in the corner, but MJF dodges to CLAW the back, and bump Joe off buckles again and again and again! Fans count all the way to TEN! MJF goes up to then rain down fists! Fans count all the way to nine, because then MJF BITES Joe’s head!! The ref reprimands, Joe shoves MJF away, but MJF backflips and lands perfectly!! MJF has New York all fired up as he takes the kangaroo stance! KANGAROO KICK!! Joe flops out of the ring, MJF kips up and shakes the ropes! Fans are thunderous but MJF stops because his neck bothers him again. The chants of “M J F! M J F!” gets MJF back to his feet!

MJF pounds the mat, fans rally, and MJF builds speed! No doubts this time, MJF DIVE into a GAMANGIRI! Joe goes up to get MJF on the apron, fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!! Joe then laughs as he watches MJF down on the floor! Joe drags MJF up while fans boo, and Joe puts MJF in the ring. Cover, TWO!! MJF is still in this and the fans are thunderous again! Joe is amused, but also rather frustrated. Joe goes out, and he brings out a TABLE! Fans are torn but they do love tables! Joe puts that table against railing, then drags MJF out of the ring! The ref reprimands but Joe brings MJF over.

Joe clinches, and URENAGES MJF through the table!! The ref reprimands, fans boo, but Joe just laughs again. Joe drags MJF up out of the wreckage, puts him back in the ring, and covers, TWO?!?!? MJF survives and the fans are thunderous again! Joe nods, he might even respect the fighting spirit. But now he pulls padding off the concrete floor!! Joe drags MJF out of the ring again, the ref reprimands, and they go to the bare floor! But MJF fights free, to BITE Joe’s leg!! Fans fire up as MJF lets off that, to reel Joe in! But MJF’s neck won’t let him lift Joe! Joe kicks MJF, reels him back in, and gets him up to PILEDRIVER to the concrete!!!

Fans are losing their minds and the ref freaks out! The medics check MJF but Joe just has an evil smile on his face! Joe looms over MJF but the ref has him back off. Joe doesn’t care, he SWATS and BOOTS medics and security! Joe drags MJF up and into the ring! Joe figures he can pay the finds once he has two champ checks! Cover, TWO!??!?! Joe is stunned!! Devil or not, MJF is not human!! Joe drags MJF up, and he says MJF better give up or else. MJF SPITS in Joe’s face! So Joe DECKS MJF!! Joe then drags MJF back to his feet, runs, and LARI- NO, MJF slips through, reels Joe in, and manages a POWERBOMB?!?! Cover, TWO!!!!

The fans are electric as both men are down! “This is Awesome!” as Joe and MJF stir! Joe sits up, as does MJF. They stand, and Joe CHOPS! Joe runs, but MJF ROCKS him with a forearm! Joe CHOPS, but MJF seethes to forearm! They go shot for shot, MJF SUPERKICKS! Joe ROCKS MJF! And again, and again, and again! Joe runs one more time, but MJF gets around to a SLEEPER! But Joe gets around, to a COQUINA! MJF grabs at the ref, and then LOW BLOW MULE KICKS in the distraction!! Fans fire up as MJF gets away from Joe. MJF then gets his Dynamite Diamond Ring out! MJF gives it a kiss and puts it on the pinkie!

MJF runs in, but Joe puts the ref in the way! The ref sees the diamond ring and confiscates it! Then Joe LOW BLOWS MJF!! Joe puts MJF up top, tuck shim in, MUSCLE BUSTER!!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! HOW?!?!? Joe can’t even explain it!! The fans are volcanic as Joe drags MJF back up, into a SLEEPER!! MJF flails, reaches out, but Joe is leaning on him! The hand falls once! But wait! Here comes Adam Cole!! Cole coaches MJF on but the hand falls twice! Cole pounds the mat, fans rally up even harder, and MJF comes back to life!! MJF fights up and again Joe can’t explain it! MJF stands to BITE the arm!!

Joe lets go, MJF victory rolls! TWO!! MJF hurries to have a SLEEPER of his own!! Joe fights up, and he RAMS MJF into a corner! The ref had to bail out to avoid the impact! Cole distracts Joe on the apron, MJF undoes some wrist tape, and MJF CHOKES Joe with the wrist tape garrote!!! MJF hides it inside the sleeper!! The ref revives, MJF has Joe in body scissors!! The ref checks, Joe is OUT! MJF wins!!

Winner: MJF, by submission (still AEW World Champion)

MJF hides the evidence in his armpit, but then it falls out as the ref raises his hand in victory! MJF keeps the ref distracted and Cole takes care of truly hiding the evidence. MJF and Cole hug to celebrate, Cole had MJF’s back in the end. But Joe knows it, and he shoves Cole! MJF gets in the way to keep this from getting worse. Joe snarls, but he offers a handshake? MJF is wary, he knows all the tricks in the book, but fans want to see it. MJF takes the handshake, and there is now respect instead of a grudge. Will the One True King of Wrestling Television have to settle for defending his one crown?

As for the brochachos, they stand together with all their belts! The medics still check with MJF, that neck has to be killing him. With both the AEW World Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship around his waist, how long can MJF keep this up?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Dynamite for Grand Slam 2023, with the right balance of action and talking. A little surprised they didn’t open with the International Championship, but the Winner Takes All match was a great choice all the same. The right choice was made here with Eddie winning the ROH World Championship. Claudio doesn’t have to worry about going to ROH tapings when he only did so rarely, and Eddie can go back and forth between ROH and NJPW Strong, just as I’ve been saying since this match was teased. Then speaking of the International Championship, it was awesome stuff, but clearly, there was something along the lines of a concussion there with Moxley. Fenix wasn’t supposed to win, but winning the title given the injury makes sense. And hopefully Moxley is alright.

Jericho VS Sammy was great, and it was very surprising that Jericho won clean. But in the end, that’s because Sammy was gonna turn on him and join Don Callis! I like that Daniel Garcia’s part in this story is to now be the one member of the former JAS that left Jericho behind, who might now return to his side. Garcia VS Guevara is going to be great stuff, and at least there’s now more than two people in the Don Callis Family. Still waiting on Kota Ibushi responding to Don & Konosuke claiming they’re gonna end his career.

Really good promo from Christian Cage & Luchasaurus, but uh, isn’t having a TNT Championship match on Collision after the Rampage tag match a little too soon? Though, given Christian is only making such a match so he and Luchasaurus can beat down Darby and one of them still has the title is definitely more TV programming than PPV programming. Then maybe Darby gets a proper title rematch at WrestleDream to add another hometown wrestler to the card. The ROH World Six Man Tag Championships being the Rampage main event is great for the building story of Swerve VS Hangman, and might actually give Mogul Embassy a chance to retain.

Great title match from Saraya VS Storm, with great character work and references back to the previous matches. But as such, of course Ruby helps Saraya retain, and who knows where Storm goes from here. Good promo to set up the Tag Team Fatal 4 Way, but I still feel The Kingdom wins that to then challenge MJF & Cole. Great promo from The Kingdom with Roddy and Cole, and how that tied into Cole not being around for most of MJF VS Joe. Good promos from MJF and Joe, too, and we got a PPV worthy title match. MJF has now reached that Eddie Guerrero level where he can cheat and do Heel things but is still Face because the fans love him. As such, MJF wins, and it is great to see Joe show him respect.

Joe will still have plenty to do with his ROH TV title, and now I think AEW really commits to how Roddy & The Kingdom will get in between MJF & Cole, take those tag titles, and then MJF VS Cole Round 3 happens at like Full Gear to settle things once and for all.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (9/16/23)

Collision strikes gold!



Will TBS belong to the DMD?

Britt Baker has led the AEW Women’s Division before, and now she wants to create true history! Will she be the first to have held the Women’s World AND TBS titles in her career?


  • Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Ricky Starks & “Big Bill” Morrissey; Starks & Bill win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS The Iron Savages w/ Jacked Jameson; FTR wins and retains the titles.
  • Evil Uno John Silver VS Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster & Billy Gunn; Silver wins.
  • Aussie Open VS ???; Aussie Open wins.
  • Andrade El Idolo VS Scorpio Sky; Andrade wins.
  • The Hardy Boyz VS The Righteous; The Righteous win.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Britt Baker; Kris wins and retains the title.


The Blackpool Combat Club speaks.

Claudio Castagnoli says Saturday nights are alright for fighting, and that means it’s perfect for the BCC. Bryan Danielson tells Ricky Starks that last week, Starks choked Bryan out with a BCC shirt. Starks says he’s angry, he’s hungry and he’s greedy. Let’s see how hungry Starks is after Bryan shoves his fist down Starks’ throat!

“Big Bill” Morrissey & Ricky Starks speak.

Bill says his shoes are still soaked with the blood of Jon Moxley, and tonight, more BCC blood will be spilt. Starks tells Bryan & Claudio that there’s no place on this show for glory hogs. That is why Starks & Bill prove why they are the Faces of Collision!


Kris Statlander speaks.

The Galaxy’s Greatest knows Britt Baker has homefield advantage here at her alma mater, Penn State, and Kris is still sore from her main event title match just last night. But Kris is no normal champion, she is THE fighting champion. Tonight belongs to Stat!

Britt Baker speaks.

“We are here at State College, Pennsylvania, and we are your first AEW Collision women’s main event! Time for me to come home with that TBS Women’s Championship title and tell everybody why TBS is The Britt Show.”


The Dark Order speaks.

John Silver says The Acclaimed were too busy scissoring and didn’t take time to read the contract! Anthony Bowens isn’t wrestling Evil Uno! No, he’s wrestling THE MEAT MAN! Evil Uno says that’s right, and Silver will win tonight, because The Dark Order is good.

The Acclaimed speak.

Max Caster says, “Yo! Listen!” and Billy Gunn says they have been the AEW World Trios Champions for TWENTY DAYS! And Bowens says fine print or not, Uno or Four, the Five Tool Player, The Best Sciz in the Biz, will beat dat ass! Because EVERYONE! LOVES! THE ACCLAIMED!


Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli VS Ricky Starks & “Big Bill” Morrissey!

The American Dragon wants to settle things with The Absolute, so they’re each calling upon they powerful allies! Will The Swiss Superman be rolling into his Winner Takes All match with Eddie Kingston on Dynamite: Grand Slam? Or will the human skyscraper not be jumped over in a single bound?

The teams sort out and Bryan starts against Starks. Fans rally up and the two circle. But then Starks tags out to Bill and fans boo. Bill soaks up that heat and Starks mocks Bryan’s Yes fingers. Bryan KICKS Bill, KICKS again, but Bill stays up. Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS, but Bill catches Bryan to shove him to a corner! Bill CHOPS, then he CHOPS again! Bryan drops to his knees and Bill looms over him. Bill drags Bryan up to ROCK him with a right. Bill digs those blood-stained boots in, but lets off as the ref counts. Bill stalks Bryan, stands him up and whips, but Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges and dropkicks the leg!

Fans fire up as Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS the leg again! “YES! YES! YES!” but Bill choke grips to SHOVE Bryan down! Bryan goes to his corner, Bill shakes out the leg, and Claudio tags in! Fans fire up as the ROH World Champion steps to the big man. But Bill mocks Claudio by raising his hand for a test of strength. They knuckle lock and go shoulder to shoulder! Fans fire up for Claudio but Bill starts bending him back! But Claudio powers up to stand tall! Bill is stunned, but he kicks low! And ROCKS Claudio with a right! Claudio ROCKS Bill with a forearm! They go back and forth, and fans are on Claudio’s side!

Claudio fires off forearms, ducks a shot, then fireman’s carries! But Bill is too big, and he shoves Claudio, to SPLASH in the corner! Fans boo but Bill soaks up the heat. Bill suplexes, but Claudio slips free and UPPERCUTS! Fireman’s carry, but Bill slips free! Claudio blocks the boot to UPPERCUT again! Tag to Bryan, the BCC mugs Bill then double whip. Bill breaks the double lariat to DOUBLE LARIAT first! Fans boo but Starks tags in and fires off on Bryan in the corner! The ref reprimands and counts but Starks lets off. Starks runs Bryan corner to corner to bump him off buckles! Starks goes up to rain down fists!

Fans count along and Starks goes all the way to TEN! Starks poses, mocks the “YES!” and then CHOPS! Starks smiles, then SLAPS Bryan! Bryan glares at Starks, Starks pie faces but Bryan turns things around to KICK! And KICK! And KICK! And CHOP! And CHOP! Starks is stinging but Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS again! The ref counts, Bryan puts Starks up top, and then Bryan goes to the very top, to SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Starks is still in this, but Bryan wraps on a seated abdominal stretch! Bryan fishhooks Starks’ nose, but the ref reprimands. Bryan lets off with a CLUB to the chest!

Bryan stalks Starks, brings him up, and shoves him to the corner to CHOP! And KICK! Then JAB, JAB, JAB! Bryan whips, Starks reverses and CLOBBERS Bryan! Starks drags Bryan up, tags Bill, and they mug Bryan with a clubbing shot! Bill puts Bryan in a corner, goes corner to corner, and SPLASHES! Bill is loving it and so is Starks as he says, “Too easy.” Bill soaks up the heat, says one more time, and he whips Bryan corner to corner again. Bill runs in again, but into a BOOT! Bryan goes up, steadies himself, but Starks distracts! Bill BOOTS Bryan down, then almost gets Claudio! But this is a distraction so Starks can fire off shots on Bryan!

Fans boo, Starks gets Bryan up and in the ring, and the ref reprimands everyone as Collision goes picture in picture.

Bill swaggers around, then he stands on Bryan at the ropes! The ref counts, Bill steps off Bryan’s neck at 4, and then Starks drags Bryan up to CLUB away! Claudio storms over from the outside but Starks hurries away. The ref stops Claudio, and Starks claims bad leg. Bill digs his boots in on Bryan again, Starks talking trash the whole time, but the ref reprimands, Bill lets off, tags Starks, and Bill digs his boots in again. Starks brings Bryan up, goes up a corner, and gives us a “YES! YES! YES!” Absolute Old School! Starks soaks up more heat by mocking Bryan more, then he CLOBBERS Bryan! Cover, TWO!

Starks drags Bryan up, CHOKES him on ropes, the ref counts and Starks lets off at 4. Starks argues with the ref, all to distract from Bill CHOKING Bryan! Claudio storms over again, Bill lets off, and Starks bumps Bryan off buckles. Starks climbs up, and he rains down fists again! But Bryan trips him up so Starks CHOPS! Starks resets, he rains down more fists, and gets all the way to TEN again! Starks soaks up more heat with the mocking of the Yes Movement, then he fires off on Bryan again! Collision returns to single picture, the ref tells him to back off already, and Starks drags Bryan up by his hair.

Starks whips corner to corner, Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving! Bryan ducks ‘n’ dodges, and LEAPING LARIATS! Both men are down and Penn State is thunderous! Bryan and Starks crawl, a standing count is going, hot tags to Bill and Claudio! Claudio SWATS Bill’s lariat, fires off UPPERCUTS, then LARIATS! And then LARIATS again! Bill is still up so Claudio LARIATS again! Bill just roars! Claudio dodges Bill to fire off MORE UPPERCUTS! And then he clotheslines in the corner again and again and again, all the way to TEN, then to EIGHTEEN, to then UPPERCUT and LARIAT!! Bill finally falls!!

Fans are thunderous again as Claudio storms up and fireman’s carries! For the T K O!! Cover, TWO!! Bill survives and Claudio can’t believe it any more than the fans can! But then Claudio gets the legs, and the fans wanna see it! But Bill reaches up to choke grip! Fans boo but Claudio gets free, to springboard, into the SKYSCRAPER CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, TWO!?! Claudio survives and shocks Bill! Bill tags Starks, Starks fires off hands, even as Claudio ends up on ropes! The ref backs Starks down, but Starks then kicks Claudio low. Starks whips, Claudio reverses and hits a SPINEBUSTER! Claudio has the legs! SWISS SWING!!

Fans fire up and count along, Claudio goes all the way to TEN before the toss! Claudio takes a moment, covers, TWO! But Claudio has the legs for a SHARPSHOOTER! Bill BOOTS Claudio, but he holds on! So Bill BOOTS again and Claudio goes down! Bryan is up top, he MISSILE DROPKICKS Bill outta the ring! Fans fire up, Bryan builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and down goes Bill! Starks dodges Claudio, SP- NO, Claudio turns spear into lift! But Starks turns lift into DDT!! Cover, TWO!!! Claudio survives and Starks is beside himself! Starks pounds the mat, goes to a corner, and he aims at Claudio.

Starks runs in, SP- UPPERCUT!!! Cover, TWO!! Bryan tags in and fans fire up again! Bryan snarls as he KICKS Starks! And KICKS! And KICKS! And KICKS! Again and again, “YES! YES! YES!” Then the BUZZ- NO, Starks ducks to roll up! TWO, into LEBELL LOCK!!! Starks freaks out, he fainted to this once! He fights free and rains down fists on Bryan! Then CATAPULT into an UPPERCUT from Bill! STARKS SPEARS!!! Cover, CLAUDIO BREAKS IT! Fans are thunderous again but Starks drags Bryan up. “This is Awesome!” as Starks hoists Bryan up, but Bryan slips free! Bryan dodges Starks to WRECK Bill and then HOTSHOT Starks!

Bryan goes up, takes aim, but Starks distracts the ref so Bill can trip Bryan up! Fans boo but Claudio runs in to UPPERCUT Bill into the railing! Claudio runs in again, but Bill TOSSES him into the crowd! Starks goes up after Bryan but Bryan slips under to trip Starks! Bryan goes back up, brings Starks to the top, SUPER BACK- CROSSBODY!! Starks turns it around in time, covers, TWO!! Starks drags Bryan up while Bill BOOTS Claudio! The ref is distracted, Starks LOW BLOWS Bryan!! Starks reels Bryan in to ROSHAMBEAUX!!! Cover, Starks & Bill win!!

Winners: Ricky Starks & “Big Bill” Morrissey, by pinfall

The fans can’t believe it! Starks takes the low road and takes this win away from the BCC! Claudio is furious and he has a chair! Starks & Bill run for it, but will this momentum help Starks absolutely take over AEW?


The Hung Bucks speak.

Matt Jackson asks if they’re live and Brandon Cutler confirms, they’re live on these beautiful faces. How do the arms look? Never mind, shut up. Hangman Page tells the Mogul Embassy that it would seem Swerve has them working really hard for him. But if you want a trios match, why not make it a real gamble? Put up those ROH World Six Man Tag Championships! Nick says it’s gonna be a jackpot. And these three are familiar with those titles. Oh, right, so now they can become two-time Six Man Champs! See you “dweebs” next week! Cut it, Brandon. The red button. Hangman says “dweebs” is a good line. Brandon, cut already.

And so it is confirmed! Rampage: Grand Slam is already two hours, but it’s even bigger now! Will The Cowboy & Bucks once again be golden? Or will nothing stop Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona in their reign of terror?


“Powerhouse” Will Hobbs speaks.

“Sometimes, we need to know when to move on. But in this next chapter in the Book of Hobbs, it’s titled, ‘Destruction.’ Now in this chapter, absolutely no one is safe. And I’m not talking about putting an armbar, a headlock, on someone. I’m talking about physical pain. Mental pain. I’m talking about ripping your arm off, smiling, and eating you with it. In this chapter, it doesn’t matter where you are, who you are, you’re not safe. Absolutely no one is safe.”


Miro speaks.

“Hobbs, you son of a b*tch. You should be thanking the Redeemer right now. I punched you all the way to Heaven, stomped you all the way to Hell, broke your back… but I didn’t make you humble. And for that, somewhere down the line, we’ll have to meet up again. But you…” Miro looks up to the skies. “You went all out when I was at my weakest, you delivered temptation. My hot and flexible wife.

“Why, God, why? Why, why, WHY!? Every time I try to step away from you, you do everything to pull me back? I will not bend! It is not my fault that your absence from this world left all these people godless! And now they have hope, because they pray to me! And if any one of them fools don’t want to be redeemed, I’m gonna package them nice in a pine box and send them your way. For this is the promise of The Redeemer!”


AEW World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS The Iron Savages w/ Jacked Jameson!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood were feeling so good after All In London, but were brought down a bit at All Out. So they’re looking to reestablish their Top Guy status by taking on two of the biggest and bulkiest around! Will FTR make it past their hoss-tile opponents? Or will we all be sippin’ the Savage Sauce after this Collision?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see who are really the big dogs of AEW!

The teams sort out and fans are already fired up for FTR. Jameson taunts Dax about his lack of a six pack. Too much tequila and pizza! But then Dax picks Jameson up and Cash joins in, SHATTER MACHINE for Jameson! Fans fire up, but then the Savages CLOBBER FTR! Bronson whips corner to corner, Boulder whips him in to SPLASH! Boulder then SPLASHES, and the Savages DOUBLE BACK DROP! Boulder tags Bronson, then runs to SPLASH Cash on the mat! Boulder sets Cash up to DIVING SPLASH! Cover, Dax breaks it in time! Boulder drags Dax up and TOSSES him out!

Bronson hauls Cash up, feeds to Boulder’s BACKBREAKER! Bronson says he’s gonna BUST, and then he hits a SKY HIGH! Cover, TWO!! Bronson snarls, but he runs in at Cash in the corner, ready to motorboat! But Cahs dodges and Bronson POSTS himself! Fans rally up as Cash and Bronson crawl, hot tags to Dax and Boulder! Boulder CLOBBERS Dax! Boulder taunts Dax, fans boo, but Boulder whips Dax to ropes. Dax ducks ‘n ‘dodges and slides under to JAB, JAB, and ROCK! Boulder shoves but Dax SHOTGUNS! But Boulder comes back! Dax avoids the elbow drop but Boulder scoops him! POWERSLAM!

The straps come down and fans are torn. Boulder storms around, goes up the corner, and MOONSAULTS but FLPOS as Dax moves! Dax RAMS Boulder into the corner, Cash helps out to hoist Boulder up, but Bronson returns! FTR DOBULE HAYMAKER, then they hit SHATTER MACHINE!! FTR go back after Boulder, Cash tags in and goes to the other corner. Dax gets Boulder up, SUPERPLEX for the Power! Cash SPLASH for the Glory!! Cover, FTR WINS!!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The challenge was made, the challenge was accepted, and the challenge was won by the champs! But wait, it seems another team wants their shot! The Workhorsemen get in the ring and stare FTR down. JD Drake & Anthony Henry seem to think they’re next, so FTR offers handshakes. The Workhorsemen take it, and the four stare down. But Aussie Open is watching from backstage and seem amused. Will JD & Henry catch FTR off guard? Will Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis be next in line after them?


Backstage interview with Keith Lee.

Lexi Nair is with the Limitless One and says it is good to see him again. Last week, Keith talked about- Oh, well, Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty walk over first. Shane says it is always Keith living int he past. Listen, Shane is here to introduce the world to the newest member of Shane Taylor Promotions, “The BEST Damn Technical Wrestler int he World,” Lee Moriarty. Keith knows Moriarty. Hello and salutations. But Shane says anyone in singles competition should run from Keith? Shane doesn’t run. But Keith already knows that, too, right? Yes, and about Shane’s mistakes. Not running will soon be one.

Shane says let’s find out then. Moriarty is hyped up for this, when and where will these old frenemies have it out?


John Silver VS Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster & Billy Gunn!

A bait and switch from the “good guys,” and now Number IV will be facing the Five Tool Player instead! But of course, Caster has a diss track ready! “Acclaimed in the house, and Bowens’ ’bout to kill a boy! Kinda like how Penn State just beat Illinois! John Silver is the Meat Man, why? Because he just beats his meat, man! And where’s Uno and his business suit? Lookin’ like a dominatrix on a job interview! ‘Ey yo, they’re singing the name! In Happy Valley, everybody loves the Acclaimed!” Bowens takes the mic to shout, “PENN STAAAATE~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does~!

Silver gets the mic and asks what is going on. First off, he googled “scissoring,” and they’re doing it wrong. He’s not gonna do it. Second, they didn’t read the rest of the contract, because it says Billy & Caster are banned from ringside! Fans boo but Silver says no one likes scissoring anyways, so they’re gone! Fans call BS but Bowens says it’s okay, he’s got this. Caster & Billy start to leave, and Silver CLOBBERS Bowens from behind! The bell rings and fans boo as Silver CLUBS away on Bowens! The ref counts, Silver lets off, and Bowens turns things around to CHOP! And CHOP! And then he fires haymakers!

The ref counts, Bowens fires up, then ROCKS Silver! Bowens goes corner to corner, runs around the world, and ROCKS Silver with another haymaker! Then a scoop and SLAM, and Bowens scissors in front of Silver’s face! Silver grabs Bowens’ arms, fights up, but Bowens throws him away, and DROPKICKS him down! Fans boo as Silver bails out, but Bowens keeps his cool. Silver takes his time returning, fans rally up behind Bowens, and Silver finally steps in. They circle, but then Silver uses ropes as defense! The fans boo but Silver cheap shots Bowens! Silver UPPERCUTS!

Silver says he’s freakin’ jacked, then he whips corner to corner. Sivler runs in, into an ELBOW! Bowens reels Silver in, but Sivler GAMANGIRIS Bowens to the floor! Fans boo but Silver smirks as Collision goes picture in picture.

Silver watches Bowens get up, then he runs in around the way to BOOT Bowens down! Silver taunts the fans, puts Bowens in the ring, and stalks him. Silver ROCKS Bowens with a right, ROCKS him again, and then CHOKES Bowens on the ropes! The ref counts, Silver lets off, and Silver taunts Bowens. Bowens shoves Silvera way, goes to a corner, and kicks back! Then fires forearms! Silver YANKS Bowens into buckles! Silver paces, drags Bowens up, and KICKS him in the chest! Bowens sputters but Silver KICKS him again! Silver flexes, soaks up the heat, then KICKS, but Bowens blocks! Collision goes to break!

Collision returns and Silver cravats. Fans rally, Bowens fights free and throws forearms! Silver KICKS Bowens back! Silver DECKS Bowens, then soaks up more heat. Silver drags Bowens up but Bowens ROCKS him! And ROCKS him again! And again! Silver KICKS! Silver runs, but Bowens follows! Silver ducks but Bowens redirects and fires off the Five Tool Strike Fest! SUPERKICK knocks Silver down! Fans fire up as Bowens says “EVERYONE! Loves the Acclaimed!” Bowens kicks, runs, and KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Bowens feeds off the energy.

Silver rises, Bowens clinches but Silver fires elbows! Silver ROCKS Bowens, but Bowens fixes the neck to ROCK Silver back! Silver ROCKS Bowens, Bowens ROCKS Silver, repeat! Fans fire up as they keep going, but Silver CHOPS! Silver runs, but Bowens ROCKS him! Bowens runs but Silver BOOTS him! Silver runs but lures Bowens into a SUPERKICK! Silver runs, into a LARIAT! Fans fire up with Bowens and he runs corner to corner, but Silver dodges! ENZIGURI, GERMAN SUPLEX, and then SUPERKICK! Then a deadlift BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans fire up as Bowens survives, but Silver keeps his focus. Silver aims from a corner, Bowens rises, and Silver runs in, only for Bowens to dodge! Fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI! Fans fire up with Bowens and he runs to SHINING WIZARD! Silver flounders and bails out, but Bowens hurries out after him. Silver slowly rises, Bowens runs in, ROLLING ELBOW! Fans fire up with Bowens again and the ring count starts. Bowens drags Silver up and in, gets the fans even more fired up, but EVIL UNO POSTS Bowens!! Where’d Uno even come from!? Under the ring?!?

Uno puts Bowens in for Silver to RUNNING KNEE!! Cover, SILVER WINS!!

Winner: John Silver, by pinfall

Caster & Billy rush back out but Uno says Silver did it! The Dark Order gets away with this one, but how are they the “good guys” in this story of champions and challengers?


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“What do you guys want me to say? Like, don’t we have a thing on YouTube explaining it? Me and Claudio go all the way back to 2000 and what? Six? Seven? When he first moved here to this country. We became friends, and we lived together, and then he started judging me.” Claudio knew what Eddie goes through emotionally and mentally every day. But Claudio decided not to do business with Eddie, not to respect him. Don’t edit this out, you idiots. Claudio left potholes in that road that many had to clean up. That’s why Eddie doesn’t like him, holds a grudge against him.

And don’t edit this out, neither! Renee told Eddie to fix it! And it’s driving him nuts because he’s been trying to fix it! Since Wembley! He thought the singles match could fix it! That him not answering Moxley’s calls could fix it. But y’know what? THIS will fix it! THIS will end it! Win, lose or draw, THIS will finish it! Claudio says Eddie doesn’t know how to have friends? How to keep ’em? Well, he’s right! Cuz Eddie pushes them away, then blames them for it. That’s the curse Eddie lives with. But what Eddie does have and will always have, is home! New York’s always been with Eddie! Burroughs, Yonkers, wherever it is, that’s Eddie’s home.

And Claudio thinks Eddie’s gonna let Claudio into Arthur Ashe just to beat him? End him and end this with Eddie on the mat? You are out your effin’ mind! All of New York has Eddie’s back! Try to beat him there! They’re built different! Built in the cold and the misery! Can Claudio deal with that? No, he can’t. Eddie gives Claudio all the credit in the world. The skills, the body, but he ain’t ready for the misery! Eddie’s gonna eff Claudio up in New York! Now get out of his face! The Mad King is definitely raging, but will he use that to burn Claudio down? Or will it burn Eddie out?


Backstage interview with Hook and Orange Cassidy.

Renee is with the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil and Freshly Squeezed, and they’re enjoying a bag of chips. They asked for this time, so what’s up? Cassidy says he and Hook should, uh, try a tag match or something. Hook says yeah. Cassidy says maybe Grand Slam? Hook says let’s do it. They bond over having chips, and Renee says cool. #OrangeHook is go, but who will they face?


Aussie Open VS ???

Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis went on a Rampage and got a win, and now they’re ready for a Collision! Will the Aussie Arrow & Dunkzilla just keep on building momentum back towards a title match?

The teams sort out, Fletcher ties up with Wes and headlocks. Wes powers out, Fletcher reverses and Davis runs in to help CLOBBER Wes! PENALTY KCIK! SENTON! Fans fire up and the big guy gets in! Aussie Open dodge to DOUBLE BOOT! A-LIST LARIAT from Fletcher, SLIDING FOREARM from Davis! Tag to Fletcher, Aussie Open gets Wes up to underhook, BUTTERFLY BOMB!! Cover, Aussie Open wins!

Winners: Aussie Open, by pinfall

Practically a record win, and now Aussie Open get the mics! Davis starts up, “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!” “OI OI OI!” Davis then says, “F T are you paying attention?” Fletcher says that was a nice win FTR got earlier. What was that? Two, three minutes? Well on Rampage, Aussie Open did the job under one minute, and maybe even quicker here tonight! Fans cheer that, and Fletcher says FTR loves to talk about how many titles they’ve won, and won everywhere they’ve been. But so have Aussie Open! FTR won the ROH World Tag Team Championships, but so have they. FTR won the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships, but so have they! Belts they never lost, by the way.

So if FTR wants to throw out open challenges, fine, they don’t care! Because right here, right now, Aussie Open calls their shot! October 1st, 2023, one year to the day they last stepped in the ring with FTR, WrestleDream in Seattle, for the AEW World Tag Team Championships, IF FTR still has ’em! Aussie Open VS FTR round one at NJPW Royal Quest was an instant classic, will WrestleDream give us an even greater one?


Toni Storm: Portrait of a Star.

The Lightning From Down Under sits with RJ City for an interview. She thanks him for doing this, and he says she is about to face her friend, Saraya- She says this lighting is blinding her. Is this really what they’re going with? Oh, uh, sorry. They can try and soften it. Or at least lower it or something. This is an interview, not an interrogation. RJ apologizes and he continues. Storm VS Saraya is set for Grand Slam for the AEW Women’s World Championship, but fans have started to notice a… change in Storm. A change? What change? The business has changed! Storm is still the same loveable and captivating person she’s always been.

But she feels the business used to be about making stars and earning money. No, now it’s about listening to the fans and signing every little girl with a sob story. But sorry, isn’t this a company, not a charity? These people wouldn’t know talent if it slapped their tits off! And if that has to be Storm, then so be it. She looks around at the set, and the lamp is hideous! Can we do something about that? No? Sorry. TO BE CONTINUED~!


Scorpio Sky speaks.

“Getting back in the ring after back-to-back injuries is daunting for anyone, and I’ll be damned if they didn’t throw me right back in the deep waters, just where I belong. After all, I didn’t win gold in this company three times by being afraid to get wet. And Andrade is one of the best in the world. And that’s who I’m here to face. So Andrade,” Scorpio switches to Spanish to say, “I know you’ll come with everything, but it won’t be enough.” This time, Scorpio isn’t coming back, he’s here. Will The Closer strike out The Latin Idol?

Andrade El Idolo VS Scorpio Sky!

The bell rings and fans rally as the two stare down. They approach and Andrade offers a handshake. Scorpio says nah, man, this ain’t ROH. But fans chant “SHAKE HIS HAND!” Scorpio tells them to shut it, and the two tie up. Andrade headlocks, Scorpio powers up but can’t power out as Andrade holds on tight. Andrade wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER, then hammerlocks. Scorpio reaches back to flying-mare! Fans rally, things speed up, Scorpio hurdles then trips Andrade up to have the leg! But Andrade slips free to facelock. Scorpio fights up, goes to ropes, and the ref counts the break.

Andrade shifts to a headlock, Scorpio powers out, but Andrade whips. Scorpio KICKS back, runs, but Andrade dodges. Scorpio rolls back to headscissor and RANA! Fans fire up and Scorpio runs in, but is put on the apron. Andrade runs in but Scorpio ROCKS him! Scorpio steps in but Andrade has the leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Scorpio falls to the floor and fans rally up. Andrade goes to the apron, goes up the corner, but Scorpio SHOVES him down! Andrade crashes to the floor and Collision goes picture in picture.

Andrade writhes, Scorpio hobbles his way over, and Scorpio hauls Andrade up to RAM him into the apron! Scorpio puts Andrade in, slaps his bad leg, and then storms in after Andrade. Scorpio RAMS Andrade into a corner, and again, and again! Scorpio lets off as the ref counts, and he brings Andrade around to snapmare and SCRAPE the face! Andrade checks his forehead, but Scorpio covers, ONE! Scorpio drops an elbow! And another! Andrade goes to ropes, puts Scorpio in a corner and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Scorpio dodges to ROCK Andrade! And KNEES him down! Andrade checks his jaw, but Scorpio drops another elbow!

Scorpio drags Andrade up, reels him in, throws up the three, and he suplexes, only for Andrade to block! Andrade snap suplexes! Uno Amigo! Another for Dos Amigo! But Scorpio wrenches out to back suplex! Both men are down, fans rally up, and Scorpio twists Andrade with a neck wrench. Andrade endures, even as Scorpio leans on the hold. Collision returns to single picture, fans rally up, and Andrade fights up to his feet. Andrade throws body shots, breaks free and then he CHOPS! But Scorpio knees low, scoops, but Andrade turns it to a CROSSBODY! Both men are down again and fans rally up.

Andrade rises but Scorpio is on him with forearms! Andrade CHOPS! Scorpio BOOTS! And BOOTS! And BOOTS! Andrade finally falls, but he fires up! He eggs Scorpion on, so Scorpio BOOTS again! Andrade eggs him on more, blocks the boot, and then DRAGON SCREWS! And then another DRAGON SCREW! Then Andrade runs to CLOBBER Scorpio! Scorpio goes to a corner and fans fire up as Andrade kips up! Andrade feeds off the energy, runs corner to corner, but Scorpio stands to ELBOW back! Scorpio goes up the corner to FLYING SUNSET FLIP! But Andrade rolls through so Scorpio sunset flips again! High stack, TWO!!

Andrade escapes and bails out of the ring. Scorpio builds speed to FLY out onto Andrade! Direct hit and both men go down! Scorpio shakes out the bad leg, hobbles after Andrade and puts him in again. Fans rally up, Scorpio storms up and fireman’s carries, but Andrade fights free! Fans duel, both men throw shots, and Scorpio runs, into a boot feint and ELBOW!! Then underhook, but Scorpio fights the DDT! Cradle counter, TWO!! Andrade runs in, Scorpio kicks low to run, but into a dropkick to the leg! Andrade steps through to have the figure four! Fans “WOO~!” and Andrade bridges up! FIGURE EIGHT!! Scorpion taps, Andrade wins!

Winner: Andrade El Idolo, by submission

Scorpio couldn’t withstand the pain, but he does still show Andrade respect. Wait, Jay White is here! The Switchblade isn’t waiting to have the ring on his own, he’s here with Bullet Club Gold now! And White says he’ll get to the two in the ring in a second. But first…! Where are they? Colten whispers it to him. Guns up for State College gold members! Fans cheer, and White tells Mr. Andrade El Idolo, if he pronounced that right. White wasn’t here last week, but he watched his boys, and that means he watched Andrade watching his boys. And when Andrade was watching them, he seemed to have fun watching BCG.

It seemed Andrade was having fun watching the Bang Bang Gang! A lot of fun watching Rock Hard Robinson, “Full Cocked” Colten, and… Austin! Wait, no nickname? The fans say he should be “ASS~ BOY!” But Andrade, these are White’s boys! But maybe Andrade wants the Switchblade Spotlight? Everyone wants it, no one else can handle it! And White will prove it when he gives Andrade the opporutnity of a lifetime! Step into the spotlight with King Switch, and learn the lights are too hot, too bright, and you’ll be gasping for air as you Breath With The Switchblade! This is STILL White’s Era!

Austin says if Andrade’s not down with that, they got two words for ya! No, not those words. #GunsUp! And if that’s still not good enough, then maybe they just do things right now? Andrade storms out and Juice eggs him on. But refs and security stop them! Fans boo, Andrade eggs the Bang Bang Gang on but they just wait on the ramp. Will Jay White live up to his own hype when he steps to El Idolo?


Backstage interview with Katsuyori Shibata.

Tony Schiavone is with The Wrestler, the ROH Pure Champion. Shibata will defend his title next week on Honor Club, against Nick Wayne. But as we all know, October 1st will be WrestleDream, and Shibata has something to say. Shibata uses his phone’s Google Translate text-to-voice featured to say today he is one of the best in the world, and a great champion. October 1st, WrestleDream, Shibata is coming. Who will get their wrestle dream of facing The Wrestler in Seattle?


The Hardy Boyz VS The Righteous!

For whatever reason, Matt & Jeff Hardy found themselves looking up at the faces of Dutch & Vincent after last night’s 8 Man Tag. But it would seem Dutch & Vincent want a little bit of payback from the tag team battle royal not too long ago. Will that be possible against a legendary team like the Hardys? Or will it be as easy as snapping your fingers?

The teams sort out and Matt starts against Vinnie. They circle, Vinnie offers Jeff a shot, but Matt fires off forearms first! Vinnie kicks low, Matt clinches, but Vinnie elbows free to run and CLOBBER Matt! Cover, ONE, but Vinnie pushes Matt down to rain down fists. The fans boo but Vinnie soaks it all up. “You dig what I’m sayin’, man?” Vinnie cravats, goes for the corner but Matt sends him into buckles! And again, and again! “DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!” Matt shouts V1 and he tags Jeff in. Dutch runs in but The Hardys dump him out! Matt ROCKS Vinnie, Jeff ROCKS Vinnie, and repeat!

Jeff whips Vinnie into a BOOT from Matt, then Jeff adds a JAWBREAKER! Matt hits a NECKBREAKER, then Jeff SPLASHES down! Cover, TWO! Jeff drags Vinnie up, snapmares and basement dropkicks! Jeff drags Vinnie up, tags Matt in, and then the Hardys double whip corner to corner. Matt sets up, Jeff runs in, POETRY IN MOTION! Vinnie flops, Matt starts up more “DELETE! DELETE!” Vinnie stands, blocks a kick to give a kick, but Matt RAMS him into the corner! Dutch tags, Vinnie whips and Dutch hits a SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Matt is still in this, and Collision goes picture in picture.

Dutch UPPERCUTS and Matt goes to a corner. Dutch ELBOWS Matt, then CHOPS him against ropes. Matt sputters, hits back, but Dutch ROCKS him! Dutch stomps Matt, UPPERCUTS again, then tags in Vinnie. The Righteous DOUBLE ROCK, DOUBLE CHOP, then double whip so Dutch can CLOBBER Matt! Vinnie covers, TWO! Vinnie keeps on Matt but Matt throws hands. Matt backs Vinnie down but Vinnie ROCKS him back! Vinnie CHOKES Matt in the corner, the ref counts, and Vinnie lets off at 4. Vinnie bumps Matt off buckles, tags Dutch back in, and Dutch throws body shots!

Dutch snapmares, then lines up a shot to drop the leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Dutch keeps on Matt with a facelock. Matt endures, fights around but Dutch shifts to a chinlock. Dutch squeezes tight, Matt fights up, and Matt throws body shots! Dutch CLUBS Matt down and Collision goes to break!

Collision returns and Matt crawls. Vinnie mockingly encourages Jeff to reach out, then he goes back for Matt, only for Matt to hit a SIDE EFFECT! Both men crawl, hot tag to Jeff! Fans rally as Brother Nero rallies on Vinnie! SPIN BACK KICK! Dutch runs in, into an atomic drop! Leg trip, and LEG SPLITTING LEG DROP! Basement dropkick added on, then an elbow drop! Jeff fires up with the fans, and he kicks Vinnie to TWIST- NO, Vinnie powers out! Vinnie runs but into an elbow! But Vinnie keeps Jeff from going up, so Jeff kicks low, TWIST OF FATE! Dutch hurries in to stop the cover!

Matt storms in to throw forearms on Dutch! And a JAWBREAKER! The Hardys DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE Dutch up and out! They call for “DELETE! DELETE!” as Vinnie stands. Kick and TWIST OF- NO, Vinnie powers out, only for another SIDE EFFECT to hit! Jeff is up top, but Dutch YANKS him down! And then Dutch drags Matt out to RAM him into steel steps! Vinnie hurries to get Jeff, and The Righteous combine for AUTUMN SUNSET! Cover, The Righteous win!!

Winners: The Righteous, by pinfall

Vinnie & Dutch grin as they soak up the heat from the fans! They just pinned the highly decorated Hardy Boyz! Is this a sign that The Righteous shall reign soon enough? Fans boo as Dutch gets the mic to say, “Vincent! Dutch! We are The Righteous! Two believers who seek truth in the liars’ eyes! HAHAHA!” Vinnie says speaking of truth, they just defeated one of the greatest tag teams in the world! Fans boo more but Vinnie says like it or not, the people of the world are just prisoners to false icons. They’re fooled by the conmen, and listening to the devil on their shoulder! But Vinnie doesn’t believe in the devil, man! They’re here to tell ya the truth!

Their truth will kill the egos that leave to false loves and fake friendships. Kinda like MJF and Adam Cole… Those two just happen to be the ROH World Tag Team Champions. Dig what he’s sayin’, man? The Righteous want after #BetterThanYouBaybay, but so do a lot of people! Will Vinnie & Dutch cut the line? Or will The Kingdom have something to say about this?


Claudio Castagnoli speaks.

“Let me guess. Eddie was screaming and he was yelling and he was cursing. See, Eddie, I know you. That’s why you’re mad at me. Because I know what you could become, I knew what you threw away, I know you better than you know yourself.” For the past ten YEARS, Claudio has had to hear Eddie complain to anyone that would listen. Eddie dragged Claudio through the mud, because he was not man enough. Eddie’s still not man enough! Claudio’s beaten Eddie before, and he’ll beat him again, and this time, it will be the last time because Claudio is sick of it. “Eddie, let’s put an end to it.” Kingston VS Castagnoli, the final chapter. Together, dreams and title aspirations will burn down to ashes!


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Collision!

Rob Van Dam is back in AEW to wrestle in his home state! And after the handshake earlier tonight, it is official, FTR defends the AEW World Tag Team Championships against the Workhorsemen!

Backstage interview with FTR.

Schiavone is with Dax & Cash as the news breaks, and Cash says they have Henry & Drake, a team FTR has been aware of for the last 15 YEARS. And that is what these open challenges are all about. They want teams to step up. Then if they make it past Workhorsemen, with or without the belts, they face Aussie Open. Dax will bet every dollar he has that FTR will still be the tag team champions! See you boys in Seattle! #TopGuysOut!


Collision returns with a backstage interview with Ricky Starks & Big Bill.

Schiavone is with The Absolute and the human skyscraper, and while they won tonight, they seem very upset. Why is that? Starks says he should’ve figured that they’d play some promotional video package for the guy Starks just beat! And for a guy that doesn’t even work here! At WrestleDream, a show Starks doesn’t even have a match for! This is the type of stuff he is talking about! He is over it, beyond exhausted. The deal is, Starks beat Bryan tonight. And he gets that it is everybody’s dream to beat Bryan Danielson. But guess what? Starks did it! Now to be a nightmare!

And to do so, Starks will go to lengths he has never gone to before. So next week on Collision, Starks VS Bryan in a TEXAS DEATH MATCH! Show up, Starks will show out, and he will put an end to the fiasco known as Bryan Danielson. Starks & Bill head out, will The American Dragon even survive to face Zack Sabre Jr. in Seattle?


AEW TBS Championship: Kris Statlander VS Britt Baker!

The Galaxy’s Greatest gave Jade Cargill a rematch just last night, and that was one to remember! But will Kris be able to do it all over again not even 24 hours later? Or will The Doctor become a history maker in AEW?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see is history is made in Britt’s alma mater!

The bell rings and fans fire up for the hometown hero, “D M D! D M D!” Britt and Kris stare down, circle, and then tie up. Kris shoves Britt away to show her strength, and the two circle again. Fans rally up, Kris and Britt tie up again, and Britt headlocks. Kris powers out, then runs Britt over! Fans boo but Kris just smiles. Britt stands, Kris nods and the two reset. Fans rally, the two circle, and they tie up again. Kris scoops to SLAM Britt, and she flexes on The Doctor. Fans are a bit torn now but Britt bails out to catch her breath. She acknowledges the “We Are” sign at ringside, and heads back in.

Britt and Kris reset, step up, and talk a little trash. Britt ROCKS Kris, but Kris smiles to ROCK Britt! Britt ROCKS Kris, and Kris ROCKS Britt! They go back and forth, Kris CHOPS, then runs! Britt follows, slips around, shoves Kris to a corner but Kris goes up and over! Kris hobbles a bit, her legs are still braced up. Britt runs in to NECKBREAKER! Britt runs to SLING- NO, Kris powers out to then POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Kris keeps cool and fans rally up again as Collision goes picture in picture.

Kris brings Britt up, suplexes, and holds her up for a count of TEN before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Kris is annoyed but she brings Britt up and in. Kris whips Britt to a corner, then runs in. Britt fights off the scoop but Kris ELBOWS Britt. Kris scoops, Britt fights, but Kris still hits a BACKBREAKER! And she bends Britt against her knee! Britt endures, so Kris shoves her down! Kris then wraps on a cobra clutch and grinds her down to the mat. Britt endures, fights up, and the fans rally. Britt stands, CLUBS Kris, but Kris ROCKS Britt! Kris scoops Britt to SLAM her into a drop zone!

Kris goes up while Britt writhes, but Britt hurries to SMACK Kris! Britt then climbs up after Kris to throw hands! Kris hits back, the two brawl up top, and Collision returns to single picture. Kris gets the edge, shoves Britt down, then CLUBS away on her back! Britt falls, Kris adjusts, and Kris MOONSAULTS but FLOPS as Britt moves! Britt goes to the apron, but Kris rushes her! Britt HOTSHOTS Kris down! Britt drags Kris to the corner, and she SLAMS the right leg into the post! And then Britt SLAMS the left leg into the post! And then back to the right leg! And back to the left!

Britt lets off, to run and SLINGBLADE Kris down! Britt keeps moving, another SLINGBLADE! FISHERMAN- NO, Kris slips out to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Kris doesn’t slow down, she drags Britt up to suplex, SPINNING FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Britt survives and Kris grows frustrated with her. “This is Awesome!” as Kris hauls Britt up. Kris runs, but Britt trips her out of the scissor kick, to CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Britt brings out the glove! Britt puts it on, spells it out, “D! M! D!” but Kris rolls her up! TWO, but Kris swings. Britt dodges, returns, and tilt-o-whirl, LA MYSTICA!

RINGS OF SATURN! Britt reaches but Kris blocks the hand! Kris powers her way around, has Britt’s arm, and fans boo as Kris wrenches to ROCK Britt! Britt ROCKS Kris! Kris ROCKS Britt, but Britt ROCKS Kris! They go back and forth, harder and harder, and fans rally up! “YES! BOO!” Britt gets the edge, Kris shoves to ROUNDHOUSE! Kris runs, into a SUPERKICK! Britt runs, ROLLING- NO, Kris ducks, but then Britt SUPERKICKS again! But Kris still LARIATS!! Both women are down, and the fans are thunderous! The ref starts a count, Kris and Britt stir, but we pass 5 of 10!

Britt goes to a corner, and she drags herself up at 7. Britt runs in, but Kris TOSSES her to the corner! Kris UPPERCUTS, runs side to side, and she- NO, Britt dodges and the knee hits buckles! Britt goes up, STATE COLLEGE SUN- NO, no sunrise! But then Britt turns the tuck to a sunset flip! TWO!! Kris ROUNDHOUSES again! And reels Britt in to tuck and POWER- NO, Britt slips free! DESTROYER!!! Kris wobbles, Britt reels her in, underhooks for a PEDIGREE!! CURB STOMP!! Cover, TWO!?!? Kris survives and no one can believe it! Britt is shocked, too, but she goes back to the corner.

Britt hops up, Kris rises, “D! M! D!” But Kris Electric Chair Lifts! Britt fights free and has an IRON OCTOPUS!! Fans are thunderous as Britt brings Kris down to a knee with this! But Kriss fights back up! So LOCKJAW OCTOPUS COMBO!!! Britt drags Kris down to the mat, fans are freaking out, but Kris rolls it with a fisherman hook! KRIS WINS!!!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

The Nittany Lions cannot believe it! Kris snatches victory from the Lockjaw of defeat! Even so, Britt shows Kris respect by shaking her hand, and then raising it in victory. But wait! We see in the skybox that Julia Hart is watching. Will the Lady of the House of Black look to take everything away from Mama Kris?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Collision here, but it felt like a lot of talking even for an AEW program. Also, what was with them not knowing they were live before the Keith Lee and Ricky Starks interviews? I’d like to think AEW has figured out how to do live television by now, but I guess not. They didn’t have the problem with The Elite’s promo, but that’s because they literally have asking Cutler if they’re live as part of the bit. That aside, it is both odd yet intriguing that Keith Lee VS Shane Taylor is being revisited almost a year after the Swerve in Our Glory story… Well, it never resolved, but that’s when Keith and Swerve broke up.

Speaking of The Elite, Hung Bucks had a good promo and I should’ve known they would challenge for the ROH World Six Man titles. I said on Dynamite that I hoped they wouldn’t, because it kinda buries the entire ROH roster if no other team could dethrone The Embassy but The Hung Bucks just jump right in and win. Though, I suppose it’s no different than the ROH World Tag titles being used in story for MJF and Adam Cole. The Righteous VS The Hardys was really good, too, and a bit surprised The Righteous won. But they’re after the ROH tag titles just like The Kingdom, so maybe MJF & Cole get overwhelmed and lose the belts that way.

Then we got some good stuff out of the Acclaimed and Dark Order story. Clever swerve (if that’s what it counts as) where they change Uno out for Silver, bring up a ringside ban, and then Uno still shows up to help cheat Bowens. Their own AEW World Trios Championship match will also be next week for Rampage, which makes for an interesting juxtaposition to me. I really thought The Dark Order would be in ROH more so they could get the ROH Six Man belts, but Tony Khan had different plans. What I’d like for him to see through is The Dark Order getting new recruits.

Great promos from Hobbs and Miro to hype up a future rematch, but Hobbs emphasizing the word “absolutely” and his video package having some clips with Starks in it makes me think Hobbs will want to revisit that feud. And Miro’s possibilities are very open, or maybe too much. Honestly, I thought he was going to feud with The House of Black to revisit something also not wrapped up, and then he could take MJF being the “Devil of AEW” literally so that Miro could show God he can destroy what not even He could. But for now, it just feels like Miro is so far removed from the top title, it is a real shame.

Starks & Bill VS Bryan & Claudio was great stuff, and great Heel win for Starks & Bill over Bryan & Claudio. Starks continues to call out his being overlooked, and Starks VS Bryan in a Texas Death Match is going to be insane. FTR VS Iron Savages was a lot of fun, but of course FTR wins. Aussie Open crushing two randos that didn’t even get introduced was pretty fun, but I figured they’d call out FTR for a rematch. I would think the titles will be on the line, as I don’t see The Workhorsemen taking the titles off FTR. FTR VS Aussie Open could go either way, but even then, it feels like FTR comes out the winners there to take these titles to Full Gear.

Really good match from Andrade VS Scorpio, but Andrade winning was a surprise after the Scorpio promo. But it would seem Bullet Club Gold wants to start a feud with Andrade, which still leads me to wonder why Andrade and La Faccion Ingobernable aren’t reunited yet. That would make for some great faction feuding there. Though, why did they drop Andrade VS House of Black so soon? Again, I guess Tony Khan changed plans, but he should really see certain plans through first. This kind of disconnected booking feels a bit like older WWE, if you ask me.

Very good promos from Eddie and Claudio to call each other out and put some last hype on their Winner Takes All match next week. That is going to be an amazing match, for both what they can do in the ring and for the story behind this. Then another hilarious promo from Cassidy and Hook, and #OrangeHook is going to be a great team. Though, that is both a great move, and a disappointing move because Hook just got the FTW title back and should be facing new challengers, while Cassidy should be (kayfabe) healing up so he can go after a new title, like the TNT Championship once this thing with Christian, Luchasaurus and Darby is over.

And great TBS Championship match tonight, though it was gonna be hard to follow Kris VS Jade from last night. AEW tends to favor hometown heroes, but as I said with Kris VS Jade, they couldn’t have Kris lose the belt so soon. Britt could still try again down the line, maybe going fully Heel again, but she and Shida should really have things out first, and then the winner of that faces Kris for the title at like Full Gear.

My Score: 8.8/10

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