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Mitchell’s AEW Collision Results & Report! (3/16/24)

Let the tournament begin!



Who will be the wild cards in this bracket?

AEW begins its own March Madness! House of Black or The Infantry, who wins to face FTR in the quarterfinal round?


  • Bryan Danielson VS Katsuyori Shibata; Bryan wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship House Rules: Julia Hart VS Trish Adora; Julia wins, retains the title, and Adora is banned from ringside in the tag team tournament match.
  • Daniel Garcia VS Lee Moriarty w/ Shane Taylor; Garcia wins.
  • PAC VS Aaron Solo; Pac wins.
  • Claudio Castagnoli VS Lance Archer; Claudio wins, by disqualification.
  • Kyle O’Reilly VS Bryan Keith; Kyle wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Wild Card: The House of Black VS The Infantry; The Infantry wins and advances to the quarterfinals.


Bryan Danielson VS Katsuyori Shibata!

A massive dream match worthy of a main event spot opens the night! Bryan is going after Will Ospreay at Dynasty, but will he make it through the Wrestler? Or will Shibata slay the American Dragon?

The bell rings and the fans fire up already as the two circle. Bryan and Shibata feel things out, knuckle lock then clinch. They move around, Shibata tries to wrangle Bryan but Bryan stays up, and the two reset. They knuckle lock again, go shoulder to shoulder, then use their heads to push the other around. Shibata waistlocks but Bryan wrenches to a double wristlock. Bryan hits a takedown to a cover, ONE! Bryan wrenches and hammerlocks but Shibata slips around, spins Bryan to snapmare, but Bryan slips out to hammerlock. Bryan keeps on the arm, then bridges over! Shibata endures, so Bryan moves around.

Bryan keeps on the hammerlock but Shibata fights up. Shibata wrenches to wristlock and fans cheer the technical exchange. Bryan rolls, bridges, and then slips through to wrangle Shibata. Shibata rolls, kips up, and WRINGS Bryan out! Bryan goes to a corner and the fans cheer. Bryan and Shibata reset again, feel things out, and Shibata gives testing kicks. Bryan gives those back, then they knuckle lock again. Bryan kicks, kicks, but Shibata kicks back! They kick and kick and kick, and then Bryan drops back to drop toehold and ANKLE LOCK! Shibata endures, Bryan shifts to hook the legs up, and then goes for the arms!

Shibata resists, but Bryan still pulls! Up, up and a DOUBLE STOMP on the knees! Bryan then isolates an arm to STOMP it! Bryan KICKS Shibata in the back, drags him from ropes and steps over to then wrench and wristlock. Bryan twists the wrist, wrenches, and ELBOW BREAKERS! Bryan wrenches again, but Shibata fires forearms! Bryan wrenches through to ELBOW BREAKER again! But Shibata fires more forearms! Bryan wrenches one more time, for one more ELBOW BREAKER! But Shibata ROCKS Bryan with forearm after forearm! Then he kicks and kicks and kicks, but Bryan shakes his head! So Shibata ROCKS him again!

Shibata fires forearm after forearm, but Bryan wrenches to ELBOW BREAKER! Then BUTTERFLY SUPLEX, into an ARMBAR! Shibata kicks, clasps hands, rolls around and he ties Bryan’s legs up for the BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Bryan endures, the fans rally, and Bryan powers out to an ANKLE LOCK! Bryan ties Shibata up now for a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Shibata endures, pops free to a cover, TWO! Shibata keeps on Bryan with a double wristlock! Bryan fights his way to a corner, the ref counts and teh fans cheer. Shibata lets go and Bryan slolwy backs up. Bryan then gets in Shibata’s face but Shibata stays cool.

Bryan shoves Shibata to egg him on! Shibata shoves back, the fans fire up, and Bryan shoves again. Shibata shoves, so Bryan CHOPS! Shibata nods and CHOPS! Bryan’s chest is already red but he CHOPS again! Shibata CHOPS again! Bryan fakes the chop to get a single leg takedown! Bryan stomps the bad leg, isolates the arm and STOMPS it again! The fans rally and duel as Bryan wrenches Shibata to a wristlock. Bryan arm-drags Shibata and Shibata goes to the apron! Bryan storms up, brings Shibata up, but Shibata fights the suplex! Shibata suplexes Bryan up and out to the floor! Bryan staggers up, Shibata aims from the apron, PENALTY KICK!

Fans fire up as Bryan falls over! Shibata dusts himself off and Collision goes picture in picture.

The ring count is climbing but Shibata steps inside. Bryan sits up at 5 of 10 while Shibata sits down cross-legged. Bryan rises at about 7, but slides in at 8! Shibata stomps Bryan down, then drags him around so he can isolate an arm. Shibata STOMPS the arm, returning the favor from earlier! Shibata then isolates the arm again, for another STOMP! Bryan clutches the elbow but Shibata KICKS him in the back! Shibata grabs the arm, wrenches it to then grinds it against a knee! Shibata CLUBS the arm, pulls on the arm, then wristlocks. Bryan endures, but Shibata KICKS him! And KICKS him! And KICKS him again!

Bryan bails out of the ring, the ring count starts, but Shibata storms after Bryan. Shibata whips Bryan, but Bryan stops himself! So Shibata BOOTS him against railing! Shibata then runs to BOOT Bryan again! Shibata whips Bryan, but Bryan reverses this time, and Shibata hits the LED board! Bryan make Shibata take a seat, to KICK him! Bryan then gets space so he can run in, and DROPKICK Shibata into the LED! The fans fire up with Bryan but the ref wants this back in the ring. Bryan pushes Shibata in, climbs up a corner, and Collision returns to single picture in time for the MISSILE DROPKICK!

The fans fire up as Shibata ends up in a corner. Bryan runs in, to DROPKICK! But Shibata follows to BOOT! Shibata rains down forearms, runs corner to corner, but Bryan follows to DROPKICK! Bryan CHOPS, and KICKS, and repeat! “WOO~! YES! WOO~! YES!” Shibata eggs Bryan on!? So Bryan CHOPS and KICKS again! Shibata turns things around to rain down forearms! Bryan roars but Shibata JABS and CHOPS! JAB, CHOP, repeat! Shibata rains down more forearms, then lets off to go corner to corner! HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Fans fire up for Shibata’s signature and Bryan is dazed!

Shibata hauls Bryan up to HALF HATCH! Cover, TWO! Shibata stalks Bryan, clamps on a chinlock, and the fans rally up. Bryan fights up to pry at the arm, the fans duel, but Bryan slips around to a waistlock. Shibata switches, Bryan wrenches to switch, but Shibata drop toeholds to the ANKLE LOCK! Shibata drags Bryan back but Bryan rolls to get the ANKLE LOCK! The fans fi reup as Shibata rolls to ANKLE LOCK back! Bryan rolls, ANKLE LOCKS, but Shibata stands, into a LEG TRAP GERMAN!! But Shibata rises up!? Bryan ROLLING- STO from Shibata!! The fans are thunderous while both men are down!

A standing count starts, fans chant for “A E DUB!” making this the opener! Some want them to “FIGHT FOREVER!” but this has to end somehow. Both men stand at 5 of 10, and Bryan fires Muay Thai knees! But Shibata gives those back! Bryan gives more knees, but Shibata blocks and fireman’s carries! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives but Shibata keeps his cool. Shibata stomps around to get the legs working, and then he brings Bryan up. “This is Awesome!” as Shibata gives HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! The BCC special is being used on Bryan! Shibata adds a few more, then brings Bryan around.

Shibata ripcords but Bryan ducks the lariat! Bryan runs from the corner, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, TWO?!? Shibata survives but Bryan doesn’t hesitate! Omoplata, LEBELL LOCK!! Shibata endures, the fans duel, and Bryan pulls on the hold! Shibata reaches but Bryan gets that arm! It’s almost a Rings of Saturn, but Shibata keeps kicking around! ROPEBREAK!! The fans fire up as Bryan lets off. Shibata sits up, into a KICK! Shibata wags his finger?! Bryan KICKS! And KICKS! Shibata shakes his head, then sits cross-legged! The fans fire up as Bryan KICKS again, and again, and then PENALTY KICKS!

Shibata rolls back to stand up! BOOT!! Bryan BOOTS in return! Shibata runs to BOOT again! Bryan rebounds to BOOT again! BOOT for BOOT, neither man is backing down, except to get speed! Shibata LCUBS and Kawada Kicks! He CLUBS Bryan again, the fans fire up with him, and now Shibata KICKS Bryan! Bryan shakes his head as he sits back up! Shibata KICKS and KICKS, but then Bryan crosses his legs! The fans fire up as Bryan copies Shibata, so Shibata sits with him! They stare down and they start throwing CHOPS! CHOP for CHOP, then both men stand! The CHOPS keep going and the fans love it!

Shibata and Bryan CHOP at the same time! Then Bryan KICKS the arm! And BUZZSAWS Shibata down!! The fans are thunderous again as Bryan aims from a corner! “YES! YES! YES!” Shibata rises, into the BUSAIKU- NO! Shibata gets around, ripcord PALM STRIKE!! Shibata then clamps on, IRON OCTOPUS!! Bryan endures the Inoki favorite, and ends up on the ground! SPLADLE, but Bryan has a ROPEBREAK by a toe! So Shibata runs, PENALTY- NO, Bryan rolls him up! TWO!! Bryan shoots in, Shibata sits on him, TWO!! Bryan sunset flips, TWO! Shibata jackknife bridges, ONE and Bryan has the arm! LEBELL LOCK!!!

Shibata fights around, pushes back toa  cover, TWO! Bryan ghost pins deep, BRYAN WINS!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

It was a fast and furious finish and Ottawa gives this a standing ovation! In the end, Bryan takes the win, but he does show Shibata respect by offering a handshake. Shibata takes the handshake and the fans cheer as they even hug it out. Even though he lost, will Shibata’s return to AEW bring him to another title opportunity? Will this momentum help Bryan be more than ready for Ospreay?


AEW TBS Championship House Rules: Julia Hart VS Trish Adora!

The Princess of the Black Throne may have Willow Nightingale chasing after her, but she’s still going to be a fighting champion. But will Julia regret gambling with her gold? Or will the AfroPunk making this about tonight’s wild card match be just the mind game she needs to win?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if the House starts tonight strong!

The bell rings and the fans rally as Julia just stares at Adora. Adora is already feeling out the grapple, but then Julia avoids her. Adora resets, Julia gets around again but to waistlock. Julia then spins Adora around but Adora shoves her away. Adora wrenches, WRINGS Julia out, then steps over for the deep motorcycle stretch! The fans rally as Julia endures, even as Adora does the splits! Adora smiles as she then pushes Julia to a cover, TWO! Julia gets up but Adora Alabama Lifts! Adora puts Julia in the Air Raid stretch! Julia endures, flails, but then powers her way to headscissors! Julia CLUBS Adora but Adora pops free.

Adora storms up again to whip and RAM Julia down! Julia bails out, the fans rally, and Adora storms out after her. Adora whips, Julia reverses, but Adora stops from hitting the apron. Adora elbows Julia, then scoops, but Julia fights free! Julia pulls hair to then RAM and SMACK Adora off the steel steps in one move! Julia then brings Adora back, to SMACK her off the steps! Adora falls, but Julia drags her back up to whip into barriers! Adora is down in a slump and Collision goes picture in picture.

Julia stands on the steps to soak up cheers and jeers, then she hauls Adora up. Adora throws body shots but Julia CLUBS her for it. Julia then puts Adora back in the ring, stalks her, and KICKS her in the back! Julia CLUBS away on Adora, then cravats to bump her off buckles. Julia fires body shots, the ref counts, and Julia lets off to dig her boot in. The ref counts, Julia lets off, and then Julia CHOKES Adora on the ropes! The ref counts as Julia adds a headscissor to the situation, but Julia lets off at 4. Julia stalks Adora to CHOP her in a corner. Adora ROCKS and CHOPS in return! Julia ROCKS Adora, then CHOPS again!

Julia fires fists, lets off as the ref counts, but then Adora turns things around to CHOP! Adora CHOPS again, and Collision goes to break.

Collision returns as Julia has a SLEEPER on! Adora endures as Julia leans on her, then fights up to throw body shots. Adora is free, and she ROCKS Julia with forearm after forearm! Adora salutes, but Julia ducks the chop, only for Adora to DOUBLE AX HANDLE her! Adora BOOTS Julia back down, then storms back up. Adora scoops to SHOULDER BREAKER, then covers, TWO! Julia toughs it out but Adora keeps on her. Adora has the fulln elson, but Julia RAMS Adora into the buckles! Julia is free, but Adora runs up! Julia dodges the boot, Adora comes back but Julia dodges the splash! Julia runs to clothesline!

Julia goes side to side to back body block! Julia then brings Adora out to STO, and then turn Adora over! HART- NO, Adora throws Julia to a cover! TWO, and Julia SUPER- NO, Adora blocks to BASEMENT GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO! Adora is frustrated but the fans fire up. Adora runs, but Julia avoids the senton! Ghost pin! TWO!! Adora escapes but just barely! Julia seethes, she storms up on Adora, but Adora shoves her away. Adora runs up but into BOOTS! Julia hobbles around, gets angry, and she SUPERKICKS Adora down! Julia goes up the corner, the fans fire up, and Julia MOONSAULTS! Cover, Julia wins!

Winner: Julia Hart, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

The Princess keeps her throne, and now she keeps Adora from reinforcing the Infantry later tonight. Will Captain Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo be able to survive when Brody King & Buddy Matthews have Julia tipping the scales in their favor?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

Not only is it live on Wednesday night after Dynamite, but Julia hart will be back in action as she and Skye Blue take on Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale in a Street Fight! Will Stokely Hathaway not need to tempt Kris & Willow with steel chains when anything and everything is legal?


Backstage interview with The Outcasts.

Lexi Nair is with Harley Cameron & Zak Knight and says last night, we saw things come to a head with Angelo Parker. Parker challenged Zak to a match tonight, what does he say? What does Zak say? Parker wants Zak in a match? Next joke, pal. Zak will give Parker that fight, but not here in Canada! Zak’s not giving Parker a homefield advantage, bruh! Harley says what pathetic country even is this? Do Canadians even realize that it’s Zak’s queen on their money? And what does Parker even have to offer? Poutine? Ice? Moose? Maple syrup? Syrup on moose? Zak has Harley calm down so they can get to the point.

If Parker wants to Zak, Zak will give him a fight but on his terms! Let’s be having ya! If not tonight, then just when and where is Zak going to fight Cool Hand Ange?


Daniel Garcia VS Lee Moriarty w/ Shane Taylor!

The Dragonslayer and #TAIGASTYLE have a lot in common, from being great young technical wrestlers with gritty grapples and stinging strikes in their arsenals, but also in being two of the names the Blackpool Combat Club once named as prospects for their mission of molding the future. Both men want to prove they ARE the future, so who steps over the other to lead the way?

The bell rings and the two rush up! Garcia dodges a boot, Lee dodges a chop, then Lee arm-drags Garcia but Garcia headscissors. Lee pops free, Garcia sweeps and covers, ONE! Lee sweeps but Garcia avoids the basement dropkick! Garcia headlocks for the takeover, Lee headscissors, but Garcia moves around. Garcia hops around, pops free, and he does his dance! The fans fire up but Lee scowls. Lee takes a swing but Garcia dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! Garcia whips, Lee reverses, but then Garcia goes up and over! Garcia comes back, fakes a punch to kick out a leg! Garcia runs to basement dropkick hard!

Lee tumbles out of the ring, the fans fire up but Shane coaches Lee up. The fans rally as Garcia goes out and fetches Lee. Garcia puts Lee in, but Shane gets in Garcia’s face! The fans boo but Lee DIVES to take Garcia out! Lee poses but fans boo. Lee stands on Garcia, soaks up the heat, and then drags Garcia up. Lee puts Garcia in the ring, runs up and sweeps the legs to basement dropkick in return! Cover, TWO! Garcia kicks at Lee so Lee stomps him down. Lee stalks Garcia to a corner, CHOKES him, but the ref counts. Lee lets off at 4, then argues with the ref. Shane gets a cheap shot! The fans boo, especially as Lee mocks the dance!

Lee stomps Garcia, stands him up, but Garcia fires forearms! Lee catches one to BELLY2BELLY! Then Lee twists the arm and bends the fingers! Lee powers Garcia’s arm into itself! Garcia endures and fights up, and the fans rally behind him. Garcia throws body shots, shoves Lee, then bobs ‘n’ weaves to then fire off hands from all sides! The fans fire up as Garcia puts Lee in a corner and stomps away! The ref counts, Garcia stands on Lee but he lets off at 4. Garcia goes corner to corner but blocks a kick! Garcia spins Lee to CHOP BLOCK! Garcia then GROUND DRAGON SCREWS the leg, then JAMS it up!

The fans fire up and Garcia watches Lee rise. Garcia choke grips, Lee breaks free, but Garcia SLAPS him! And SAIDOS! Cover, TWO! Lee is still in this and Shane coaches him up, but Garcia grits his teeth. Garcia storms around, grabs the legs, and he turns Lee, but Lee flips through to cover! TWO!! Lee ENZIGIRIS Garcia and Garcia goes to a corner! Lee fires up, runs in, but the bad leg slows him down! Garcia reels Lee in! Lee fights the lift to back drop, but Garcia sunset flips! Lee rolls through, avoids the dropkick, and DOUBLE STOMPS at the same time! Lee then reels Garcia in, to suplex, only for Garcia to slip free!

Garcia drags Lee down, into the HEEL HOOK!! Lee endures, reaches out, but he can’t get anywhere! Lee TAPS, Garcia wins!

Winner: Daniel Garcia, by submission

Taiga Style could not survive Red Death, and Daddy Magic joins in from commentary to celebrate the win! Will Garcia use this to get back up towards a title opportunity? Will Garcia be able to build his Dynasty?


Medical update on Darby Allin.

The match with Jay White, and the following beating by Bullet Club Gold, has left Darby with a broken foot. The Relentless One won’t even get to go to Mount Everest like he wanted, will the Switchblade & Gunns pay for delaying Darby’s dreams?


PAC VS Aaron Solo!

The Bastard is back, but he’s already on his heels as he lost the Six Man Tag on Big Business Dynamite. Will he rebound and be chasing down The Young Bucks soon enough?

The bell rings and Pac seems to think little of Solo. They tie up, Pac powers Solo to ropes, then lets off slowly. Pac then swings, but Solo dodges to SCREW HIGH KICK! Pac swings but into an EXPLODER! Pac bails out, and Solo FLIES out onto him! Solo hurries to get Pac up and in, covers, ONE!! Solo keeps on Pac but Pac CHOKES Solo into a corner! The ref counts, Pac lets off, and then Pac BOOTS him! Pac stomps away on Solo, digs his boots in, but the ref counts. Pac lets off with a shout and the fans fire up with him! The fans chant “Welcome Back!” and Pac stomps Solo. Pac embraces the cheers, then he stomps Solo some more.

Pac paces around Solo, KNEES him down, and the fans chant “He’s a Bastard!” Pac likes that, and he brings Solo up. Pac gets in Solo’s face to egg him on, then he SOBATS! KICKS! And SOBATS again! Pac runs, to SHOTGUN BOOT! Solo is dazed but the fans fire up. Pac then goes up a corner, watching Solo like a hawk. Solo stands, into the MISSILE DROPKICK! Pac kips up and the fans fire up again! Solo goes to a corner, Pac runs corner to corner and he UPPERCUTS! Solo flops into a drop zone, then Pac goes back up the corner. The fans fire up as Pac takes aim, for the BLACK ARROW! And then the BRUTALIZER!! Solo is OUT, Pac wins!

Winner: Pac, by submission

Pac holds on a little longer, but then lets off of Solo to have his hand raised. Pac then gets as mic to say, “Tony, Tony, Tony…! I told ya, The Bastard’s back! And I am looking for trouble. But y’see, this, THIS…! Well, it’s not exactly what I had in mind. So I’ll say this again. Tony Khan, I am looking for trouble! So find me some, or I will find it myself.” The fans fire up hearing that. Just what kind of trouble does The Bastard want to get into?


Bryan Danielson speaks.

He sits cross-legged, almost meditative, as he says, “Gratitude. Gratitude. I am so thankful I was able to wrestle Shibata tonight. Y’know, both of us were told years ago that we’d never be able to wrestle again, and here we are. Here we are in Ottawa, and we go out and we fought like hell!” Bryan looks up to the sky and says he isn’t sure who he has to thank for that, but he thanks them for that. And he is also grateful that he has a match with Will Ospreay coming up at Dynasty. Bryan watched what Ospreay had to say on Dynamite. How Ospreay’s followed Bryan’s career since he was a kid, and has tried to emulate Bryan.

But then Ospreay said this: When Ospreay gets in the ring, it’s live or die, and he doesn’t plan on dying just yet. What that tells Bryan is that Ospreay has followed Bryan, emulated Bryan, but he can’t walk in Bryan’s shoes. Ospreay has never been able to walk in Bryan’s shoes, or Shibata’s shoes, because they were told that they’d never wrestle again! They’ve been on death’s door because of this! Because of how much they love this! They have been on death’s door!! “So say what you want about what you’re willing to do. Because I know what I’m willing to do. And I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.” Is the American Dragon going to breathe more fire than the #BillyGoat can handle?


Claudio Castagnoli VS Lance Archer!

Like the rest of the Blackpool Combat Club, the Swiss Superman loves when it gets violent, but so does the Murderhawk Monster! Who will prove they can withstand more than the other on this violent Collision?

The bell rings and the fans rally as these two step up. Archer pie faces Claudio, Claudio shoves Archer. They tie up, go around, and they go along ropes. Then they go back to center and they break. The fans cheer, Archer headlocks, but Claudio powers out. Archer RAMS Claudio but Claudio stays up. Archer dares Claudio to do something. Claudio says fans want meat, here’s meat! Claudio RAMS Archer, Archer RAMS Claudio, repeat! The fans chant “MEAT!” with each collision! Archer kicks low, then scoops and SLAMS Claudio! But Claudio’s right up! Claudio scoops and SLAMS Archer! But Archer’s right up!

The fans fire up as these two circle again, and Archer eggs Claudio on. Claudio fires a forearm, but Archer grins. Archer ROCKS Claudio, but Claudio powers up to ROCK Archer! The forearms go back and forth, then Claudio rebounds to LARIAT! Archer stays up, and he LARIATS! Claudio LARIATS, Archer BOOTS, and then Claudio BOOTS! Claudio UPPERCUTS, UPPERCUTS, and UPPERCUTS! Claudio UPPERCUTS again then fires body shots! Claudio clotheslines but Archer doesn’t go out! Claudio runs, blocks a boot, and then he clotheslines Archer up and out! The fans fire up for Claudio as he then goes out the side.

Claudio runs in around the way, but Archer grabs him first! APRON CHOKE- NO, Claudio lands safe to BOOT back! Then Claudio leaps, but Archer dodges! Archer goes up to CANONBALL! The fans fire up with Archer and he looms over Claudio as Collision goes picture in picture.

Archer drags Claudio up to whip him hard into the LED! Archer CHOPS Claudio, then brings him around, Claudio throws elbows, CHOPS, and then he stalks Archer. Archer mule kicks, then sends Claudio into the railing! Archer digs his knee into Claudio, the ref reprimands and counts, and Archer lets off at 4. Archer backs the ref down, then goes back for Claudio. Claudio ROCKS Archer! And UPPERCUTS! But Archer SMACKS Claudio off the steps! Archer fires haymakers, follows Claudio back into the ring, and storms up to knee low! Archer scoops Claudio to SLAM him down! Then Archer stands Claudio up for a SLEEPER!

Claudio fights around, reaches out, but Archer leans on him. Claudio drops to a knee, but Archer gives crossface forearms! Archer looms over Claudio, mocks the cannon arms, then clamps on the chinlock. Archer even fishhooks Claudio’s face! The ref reprimands, Archer lets off, and then cording holds while digging a forearm into Claudio’s face. Claudio endures, fights up, but Archer goes back to the chinlock. Claudio stands, throws body shots, but Archer CLUBS him again. Archer swings, Claudio blocks and UPPERCUTS! Collision returns to single picture as the UPPERCUTS keep going! Claudio whips, Archer reverses and BOOTS!

Archer ripcords Claudio, for the HELLICOASTER! Cover, TWO! Claudio stays in this but Archer is amused. Archer stalks Claudio and says isn’t he supposed to be BCC or something? Archer CLUBS Claudio, drags him up by an ear, and then knees low! Archer reels Claudio in, but Claudio suplexes first! The fans fire up as Archer goes to a corner. Claudio pounds the mat, runs in and UPPERCUTS! Claudio keeps moving, but Archer LARIATS! The fans are torn as Archer grins and brings Claudio back up. Archer knuckle locks, CLUBS Claudio, then climbs up the corner. Archer tightrope walks, but Claudio YANKS him down into an UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO!!

Archer survives but Claudio has the legs! The fans fire up, but Archer kicks at Claudio. Claudio DOUBLE STOMPS him! Archer bails out, Claudio pursues, and Claudio runs in to UPPERCUT! Archer staggers around, Claudio puts him in, and then Claudio hurries up top. But Archer STEP-UP KNEES! Claudio flops down to the mat and Archer takes aim! The fans are torn as Archer choke grips, for the CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Claudio survives again but Archer seethes. Archer puts Claudio up top, UPPERCUTS, then lifts Claudio for the- NO, Claudio slips free! Archer elbows Claudio, but Claudio fireman’s carries! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!

Archer flounders and crawls to ropes, but the fans fire up again as Claudio runs in! UPPERCUT! And UPPERCUT after UPPERCUT from all sides! Claudio hoists Archer up top, UPPERCUTS again, then cravats for a SUPER CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Archer survives but Claudio keeps on him. Claudio reels Archer in, Gotch holds, but Archer back drops free! Claudio stands, ducks ‘n ‘dodges, and springboards to UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Archer survives but Claudio hears the fans calling for it! Claudio says okay, and he grabs Archer’s legs! GIANT SWING!! But The Righteous attack!!

Winner: Claudio Castagnoli, by disqualification

The fans boo a Dutch & Vincent beat Claudio down! The Righteous is helping their monster, but Bryan runs out to help his friend! But The Righteous & Archer mug Bryan! AUTUMN SUNSHINE!! Archer digs his knee into Claudio, The Righteous stand over Bryan, but SHIBATA runs out here! With a chair! The Wrestler runs The Righteous outta there! The fans fire up, but will Archer & The Righteous regret angering the Blackpool Combat Club?


Backstage interview with Angelo Parker & Ruby Soho.

Lexi Nair is with Cool Hand Ange & The Runaway, and she brings up Zak rejecting Parker’s challenge for tonight. What does he have to say in response? Parker isn’t even sure what to think right now. Ottawa is an hour and a half from where he grew up, this is a second home to him! Parker’s mom and friends are in the crowd, they were ready to watch him fight! He was ready to fight! Zak’s been asking for a fight for weeks! Ruby wants Parker to relax, but Parker asks how can he relax?! The Outcasts are cowards! If Zak doesn’t want a match, then he’ll get a fight because Parker’s gonna find him and give him a fight!

Ruby tells Parker to look her in the eyes. This is what The Outcasts want. They’re baiting Parker into a trap, just like Ruby knew they would. If Parker’s gonna go looking for a fight, he has to do it without her. Parker asks what that means. But then he admits, she’s right. He apologizes for getting carried away. He will leave it at this for tonight, and the two head out. Can Ruby & Parker stay united against The Outcasts? Or will Saraya tear them apart without having to plot and scheme?


Kyle O’Reilly VS Bryan Keith!

Finally, after two YEARS of being away, two YEARS of resting and recovering, Kyle O’Reilly returns to action! But he said himself that he wants to do this alone, so will AEW finally see what KOR can do on his own?

The bell rings and the fans rally for Kyle. The two circle, the fans chant “Welcome Back!” and Kyle ties up with Keith. They go around, and around, then Keith headlocks. Kyle fights up but can’t power out as Keith holds tight. Kyle throws Keith away and the fans cheer. Keith smirks as he and Kyle reset. They circle again, tie up, and then Kyle goes for an arm. Kyle wrenches, wristlocks, but Keith fights up to clinch. Keith turns Kyle around, grinds an arm and hammerlocks it. They go around and Kyle slips through to back drop! Keith sunset flips but Kyle drops into an ARMBAR! Keith stacks Kyle, TWO!

Kyle stands but Keith runs him over! Keith keeps moving, Kyle drops then bails out to check his neck and shoulder. Medically cleared isn’t always indicative of a true 100% bill of health, Kyle wants to make sure everything checks out. Kyle then storms back in, and he circles with Keith. They knuckle lock, but Keith CHOPS! Kyle fires a forearm! Keith fires a forearm back! The forearms fly, then Keith CHOPS! Kyle SLAPS, Keith forearms, and forearms, then headlocks. Kyle powers up and out, drops but Keith avoids the hurdle to SOBAT! Kyle sputters, Keith runs, but into a JUMP KNEE! Kyle runs, fakes Keith out, then SLAPS him!

The fans fire up and Kyle stands Keith up to fire off strikes. Kyle whips, KNEES low, then reels Keith in, only for Keith to turn the cobra twist around onto Kyle! Kyle fights out to a facelock, but Keith wrenches out of the guillotine to HOOK KICK! The fans rally for Kyle as Keith waistlocks. Kyle wrenches, Keith switches, but Kyle switches, only for Keith to DDT! Cover, TWO! Kyle is still in this but he clutches the neck and shoulder. The fans still rally for Kyle as Collision goes picture in picture.

Keith huffs and puffs around, stands Kyle up, and KICKS him back down! Kyle sits up, but he has his leg guard ready. Kyle kicks at Keith, Keith rolls Kyle and drops a knee! Cover, TWO! Kyle goes to a corner, but Keith TOSSES him out! Kyle slowly rises from the floor, but Keith goes out after him. Keith CHOPS Kyle, KICKS him, then refreshes the ring count. Kyle BOOTS Keith back, then KICKS him against the apron! Keith KICKS Kyle down! Keith snarls as he looms over Kyle. Keith puts Kyle in the ring, stomps him, then CHOPS! Keith whips corner to corner hard and Kyle bounces off buckles! Kyle writhes and Keith just watches as Collision goes to break.

Collision returns as Keith has Kyle down in a cravat neck wrench. Kyle endures, fights up, and throws body shots. Kyle spins Keith to then JAWBREAKER! Keith runs up to BOOT Kyle! Keith runs, but Kyle kitchen sink knees him down! Kyle then drags Keith up, but Keith sputters. The ref has Kyle hold on so he can check Keith. Keith seems alright, so Kyle fires Muay Thai knees, kicks, CHOPS, and a LEG SWEEP! Keith flounders while the fans fire up behind Kyle. Kyle runs corner to corner to forearm smash! Kyle wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER, then SAIDO BOMB! HEEL HOOK!! Keith flails, rolls, and has the ROPEBREAK!

Kyle lets go quickly, and he waits on Keith to stand. Kyle KICKS the leg! Keith hobbles around, but he avoids the next kick to ROCK Kyle! Keith fireman’s carries, but Kyle fights around, KNEES the arm, and hammerlocks it, to then hop on for a GUILLOTINE! Keith fights, pushes Kyle down, but Kyle makes it a TRIANGLE HOLD! Keith tries to stack Kyle, so Kyle sits Keith down and lets off, to PENALTY KICK! The fans fire up as Kyle climbs a corner! But Keith rises like a Deadman! And RISING HEADBUTTS Kyle down!! The fans boo while Kyle flounders and stands up. Keith storms up to underhook, but Kyle fights that!

Kyle has a leg, but Keith knees free! Then he KNEES Kyle down!! Keith pushes Kyle to a cover, TWO!!! Kyle survives and the fans fire up! Keith snarls, he reels Kyle in and underhooks, TIGER DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! Kyle survives again and the fans fire up again! Keith runs in at the corner to GAMANGIRI! Then he goes up, reels Kyle in, but Kyle wrenches out to WRING Keith off the corner! Kyle storms up, AX AND SMASH! But Keith PELES! Both men slowly stagger to their feet, bump into each other, and snap out of their daze! Kyle blocks a kick! Keith blocks a kick! DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES rock both men! Kyle yoyos in the ropes to LARIAT!!

The fans are thunderous as Kyle is all fired up! Kyle reels Keith in, suplexes, and BRAINBUSTERS!! COver, TWO!!! But Kyle has the ARMBAR!!! Keith taps, Kyle wins!!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by submission

#Arm-ageddon strikes, and the Undisputed Kingdom show up to celebrate with Kyle! They even hoist Kyle on their shoulders! The fans are happy to have Kyle back, the Kingdom is happy to have Kyle back, will Kyle prove he is truly back and go for some gold?


Backstage interview with Deonna Purrazzo & Thunder Rosa.

Lexi is with The Virtuosa and La Mera Mera, and notes that next Wednesday, Dynamite in Toronto, they are going to have a match with Toni Storm & Mariah May. These two have never teamed together, so- Deonna stops Lexi there and says that the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Deonna and Rosa may not have been a team, but they’ve fought each other, so Deonna knows she can trust Rosa. And what really bothers Deonna is that at Revolution, Toni tapped out. If not for Toni’s butler or her cosplaying sidekick, Deonna would be here the AEW Women’s World Champion.

Rosa says it’d also be with the title Rosa never loss. So “Antonia” and “Maria,” if you want drama, oh baby, they’ll give you drama. Next week, these two stop all the games, all the jokes, and all the “Tonitania.” They have a mission, and that means it’s TV time! Will this dynamic duo be just the thing to snap “Timeless” Toni back to reality?


AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Wild Card: The House of Black w/ Julia Hart VS The Infantry!

The brackets were made just last night on Rampage, and the wild card round begins with a Collision! Will Brody King & Buddy Matthews bring glory to the House of Black? Or will Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo march right into the quarterfinals?

The teams sort out, but Brody & Buddy CLOBBER The Infantry from behind! Then they go out to RAM both men into railing! Julia watches happily as Brody runs Dean along to TOSS into more railing! Dean takes a tumble, Buddy THROWS Bravo into more railing! The fans hoot and bark, Buddy sits Bravo in a corner while Brody sits Dean up. Brody CHOPS Dean, he and Buddy both bark, and then they both run in! BOOT for Bravo, CROSSBODY for Dean! The Infantry sputters, Brody rolls into the ring, and the ref checks The Infantry. This isn’t even a match yet, will it be able to even start?

The House waits patiently, and Bravo somehow stands up. Bravo staggers into the ring, he says he wants this, and Dean says hell yeah! The bell rings, but then Brody SPLASHES Bravo in the corner! Buddy runs up to BOOT Dean down! The ref reprimands but the House and the fans bark. Brody roars then runs, CANNONBALL! Cover, DEAN BREAKS IT! Buddy drags Captain Dean up to TOSS him out, then PENALTY KICKS from the apron! The fans fire up for The House as Collision goes picture in picture.

Brody CHOPS Bravo down, then kicks him around. Brody DECKS Bravo, then stands him up to CHOP him back down! Tag to Buddy, then Brody digs his boots in! Brody lets off so Buddy can DOUBLE STOMP Bravo in the corner! Tag back to Brody, CATAPULT into a CHOP! Bravo then falls back against Buddy’s knees, and Brody adds an ELBOW DROP! Brody looms over Bravo, scuffs him, then drags him back up. Brody puts Bravo in the corner, CHOPS him back down, then tags Buddy. Buddy drags Bravo up, snapmares him, and KICKS him in the back! Bravo reaches out for Dean but Buddy drags him back.

Buddy ROCKS Bravo with a shot in the back, then snapmares for another KICK! Bravo writhes while Buddy mocks Dean. Buddy back suplexes Bravo, btu Bravo lands out! Buddy ELBOWS Bravo, taunts Dean, then BOOTS him down! Bravo runs up, Buddy goes up an dover, but Bravo dodges the splash! Buddy staggers, takes a swing, but Bravo bobs ‘n’ weaves to ROCK Buddy with the Carlie Crossover! Collision returns to single picture, Bravo hurries for his corner, but Buddy catches him! Buddy back drops Bravo but Bravo sunset flips! Buddy rolls through, Buddy ducks the Penalty Kick to roll Buddy up! TWO, hot tag to Dean!

Dean GAMANGIRIS Buddy, goes up, but slips off the top! Dean hurries to his feet, dodges Buddy’s lariat, and hits a BIG back suplex! Dean gets Buddy up, whips him, but Buddy reverses to put Dean in the House’s corner. But Dean ELBOWS Brody away! Buddy runs in, blocks Dean’s boot, but Dean ENZIGIRIS! Dean hurries to his feet, Brody tags in, but Dean whips. Buddy reverses, ducks the lariat, and waistlocks. Brody runs up, Dean BOOTS him, and he backs Buddy down at the same time! Dean fires elbows on Buddy, runs to ELBOW Brody, then SPLASHES Buddy! Brody dodges Dean’s splash to LARIAT!!

The fans fire up for The House as they loom over Dean. Bravo returns, Buddy dodges him, and Bravo sees Brody. Bravo fires up, throws a forearm, but Brody doesn’t budge! Brody shouts at Bravo, Bravo runs away but into Buddy’s POP-UP KNEE! The House drags Dean up, and sends him into DANTE’S INFERNO!! Cover, BRAVO BREAKS IT!! Bravo saves Dean, but Brody just laughs. Brody tags Buddy back in, and each man looms over The Infantry. They drag Bravo up first, TOSS him out, but Bravo is on the apron! Buddy runs up but Bravo ROCKS him! Brody runs up, Bravo DUMPS him out! Bravo ROCKS Buddy again!

Bravo kicks Brody, but Buddy KNEES Bravo down! Brody catches Bravo to DEATH VALLEY on the desk! The desk stays up, so Buddy hauls Bravo up as Brody clears it off! The fans fire up for “TABLE! TABLE!” Buddy puts Bravo up there for Brody, and Brody PILEDRIVERS onto the desk!! The desk is still up somehow!! Buddy runs in at Dean, CURB STOMP!! Cover, but Buddy lets off!? The House is toying with The Infantry! Julia whispers something to Buddy and he likes that idea. The ref argues with Julia, but wait! MARK BRISCOE is here, and he CHUCKS a chair at Buddy!! Adora may’ve been banned but no one said anything about Briscoe!

Buddy falls, Mark hurries to taunt Brody and lead him on a wild goose chase! Or in this case, a chicken chase! Dean flounders his way to a cover, INFANTRY WINS!!!

Winners: The Infantry, by pinfall (advances to the quarterfinals)

Julia is shocked! She and Brody took their eyes off the ball, and now they’re out of the tournament! Malakai Black storms his way out here, furious over what just happened! Briscoe says that’s what they get, though! Will the Dark Father have to handle this himself now? As for The Infantry, can Dean & Bravo regroup and be ready for FTR?


Adam “Edge” Copeland is here!

Ottawa fires up as the Rated R Superstar is here, and he has that mystery case with him! He showed Christian Cage what was in it last week and it was like Captain Charisma saw a ghost! Edge already has a chair and mic waiting for him in the ring, so he sets the case down to pick up the mic. The fans cheer him on, and Edge says, “The last time that I performed here in Ottawa, I didn’t know if I’d ever perform here again, I really didn’t. But I gotta tell ya, when I walked into this arena today, all of the memories came flooding back. Because Ottawa, you and I share a lot of history. That reaction just gave me one more memory, so thank you.”

The fans cheer again, and Edge says on that note, he wasn’t sure he’d ever compete in Toronto again. The fans boo and Edge says yeah, he knows, but c’mon, that’s his hometown. But hey, this Wednesday, it is fitting that he faces a guy who for 40 years, Edge thought was his best friend. Edge takes a seat, and he tells Christian Cage, because he isn’t even gonna think of him as “Jay” anymore, that guy’s dead. Who knows what Christian has become. Actually, no, Edge does know, it’s “Christian Cage.” Christian bought into it all, his ego is out of control. The thing is, they were best friends before they ever even got into wrestling.

Sure, this business, this sport, cemented the friendship, but they were friends before ever becoming wrestlers. So Edge had thought they’d be friends long after. Sitting on their deck, sipping scotch, watching hockey, reminiscing about chasing their dreams. But not just chasing but crushing it! They did that! The fans cheer in agreement there. Edge chuckles and says fast-forward to now. Again, they’d talked about coming to AEW, and Christian was on board! Edge came here, he wanted to retire alongside Christian. Edge didn’t come here to take away Christian’s spot, to take his shine, to take the things Christian worked for and deserved.

Edge didn’t come here to do any of that, regardless of what Christian thinks, of what “that human goiter,” Nigel McGuiness has to say. But okay, that’s fine. Christian wanted to change that, right? At Worlds End, Edge failed. He isn’t used to repeated failures, they don’t exist in his world, so he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and he moved forward, and he is stronger for it. Edge decided to get to work, earn his shot, and he did the Cope Open. Edge earned his shot, and then what did Christian do? He and the Patriarchy took Edge out with a Con-Chair-to. The fans boo but Edge says that is the move he and Christian created, so maybe it was fitting.

But when Edge was out on the shelf after that, he got a phone call. A phone call from a man who in the past has had to remind Edge of who he is. That man called again and reminded Edge just who Edge is, and he decided to take a few cues from that man, another wrestling sociopath. That guy invented “Barbie,” invented “Janice,” and so Edge decided to invent… SPIKE! Edge opens up the box, and pulls out a black two-by-four with so many nails in it! Spike here is hungry and wants to take a bite outta Christian’s bony ass! The fans like the sound of that! Edge says that phone call from Mrs. Foley’s baby boy worked, Edge remembered!

Edge remembered who he is! He has kept it bottled up but he IS the Rated R Superstar, a man with dark caves in his head that Christian doesn’t and has never navigated! But be thankful for that. Though maybe not, because after this Wednesday, Christian will be in the hospital. Spike and Edge are gonna change Christian. They will take away Christian’s pride, his ego, and his manhood! This Wednesday, two kilometers from where they trained at Sonny’s Gym, Edge will make Christian say two words that will make it impossible to look his daughter in the eyes! Spike and Edge take away Christian’s pride, and make him those two words, “I QUIT!”

FORTY YEARS after this all started in their hometown, it ENDS!! The fans are fire dup, Edge looks Spike over, and you can bet Spike’s gonna get some serious screen time on Dynamite! But will Spike help Edge rip the TNT Championship away from Christian along with his pride and ego?

My Thoughts:

A great Collision here, lots of good story as well as great action. For one, Edge’s promo to close the night was great stuff, and I guess we should’ve figured “Spike” was the name of whatever was in the box. It’s a lot more menacing than what I was expecting last week, but not quite as menacing as Edge was making it sound. But win or lose, Edge is going to rely on Spike quite a bit in that match. Really good promos from Harley & Zak and Parker & Ruby. I am thinking there’s still a Mixed Tag in the near future, and that will somehow relate to Zak’s conditions.

Great tie in of the TBS Championship and the tag tournament wild card match. Adora’s stipulation basically kept this to just the House Rules of no ropebreaks and the 20 count on the outside, but of course Julia won either way. And then quite the plot twist with Mark Briscoe helping The Infantry win to screw over The House of Black. Sadly, it was also obvious Infantry was gonna win because they were the ones to get in FTR’s face, meaning they were gonna meet in the tournament. FTR will beat Infantry and move on to the semifinals, and maybe we get Mark VS Malakai 1v1 in a blowoff grudge match.

Great match from Garcia VS Moriarty to mostly give both guys solid TV time, and really good match from Pac VS Solo that Pac was of course winning. Pac had a good promo after, and while he keeps naming Tony Khan, Pac’s real target(s) should be The Elite. The Bucks are in the tag tournament, they can probably make sure security keeps Pac far away from them so Pac can’t do to them what Mark just did to the House of Black. But mostly, Pac’s probably getting his shot at Kazuchika Okada (and the AEW Continental Championship) after this Wednesday, going into Dynasty in April.

Great match from Kyle VS Keith, especially as Kyle’s first match back in literal years. Kyle of course won, and it was a good detail that The Undisputed Kingdom celebrated with him after honoring his request to do things alone. That will change at some point, though, as clearly The Kingdom isn’t the best at being friends. And then an awesome, almost PPV level match out of Bryan VS Shibata. Bryan also had a great promo to call out Ospreay, and then Claudio VS Archer was really good. It seems the BCC is starting a story with The Righteous now, which will be a big help to The Righteous as they haven’t really gotten to do anything since moving from ROH to AEW. Plus, they love violent matches, BCC loves violent matches, this is going to be some wild stuff.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/22/24)

Roll the dice!



It’s a risky gamble before Double or Nothing!

Double or Nothing is on Sunday, so Dynamite sets the table! Will AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland use Nick Wayne to send a message to Christian Cage?


  • Will Ospreay & Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom; Trent & Roddy win.
  • FTW Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata VS Bryan Keith; Hook AND Shibata win and will both challenge Chris Jericho for the title at Double or Nothing.
  • Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis VS Matt Sydal; Takeshita wins.
  • Swerve Strickland VS Nick Wayne; Swerve wins.
  • Malakai Black VS Kyle O’Reilly; Malakai wins.
  • Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS The Outcasts w/ Zak Knight; Storm & Mariah win.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Satnam Singh w/ Team Triple J; Bryan wins, by disqualification.


Will Ospreay & Orange Cassidy VS Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong w/ The Undisputed Kingdom!

Don Callis is on commentary as “both his guys” are teaming up as an unlikely duo against another unlikely duo! Will the Aerial Assassin get help from the former International Champion in gaining momentum for his match with the current International Champion? Or will it be #JustTrent and the Savior of the Backbreaker standing tall tonight?

The teams sort out and Ospreay starts against Roddy, but then Cassidy and Trent rush each other on the outside! Ospreay sees that and is distracted, so Roddy CLUBS Ospreay! The fans fire up as there is brawling in and out of the ring! Roddy ROCKS Ospreay, CLUBS him, then whips. Ospreay ducks ‘n’ dodges to tilt-o-whirl RANA! Then Ospreay PLANCHAS Trent! Cassidy goes up to CROSSBODY Roddy! Cassidy then DIVES onto Trent and they hit the desk! PIP PIP CHEERIO for Roddy! Cover, TWO! Ospreay keeps on Roddy but Roddy fights the underhooks! Bennett gets on the apron, Taven throws in a belt, but Ospreay kicks that belt back out.

The ref reprimands The Kingdom but Roddy clinches to an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Roddy tags in Trent and Trent storms up on Ospreay. Trent drags Ospreay up, CHOPS him, then stalks him to a corner. Trent stomps Ospreay, brings him up to ROCK him, but Ospreay ROCKS Trent back! Ospreay fires more forearms, then runs, but Trent CLOBBERS him! Trent tags Roddy, Roddy pushes Ospreay down and rains down fists! Roddy stomps Ospreay, drags him up, but the fans rally up. Roddy stomps Ospreay, fires body shots and a CHOP, then keeps on him with a clinch, Ospreay ROCKS Roddy in return!

Ospreay fires more shots but Roddy DROPKICKS! Cover, ONE!! Roddy clamps onto Ospreay with a chinlock and he grinds Ospreay down. Ospreay endures, the fans rally, and Ospreay fights up. Ospreay throws body shots then ROCKS Roddy! Roddy knees low, fireman’s carries, but Ospreay slips free to shove and back drop! The fans fire up while Roddy flounders around! Both men crawl, hot tag to Cassidy! Cassidy goes up, Roddy gets under the jump, but Cassidy just BLASTS Trent! Cassidy runs, tilt-o-whirl, but Roddy stops the DD! Roddy sends Cassidy to the corner, but Cassidy goes up and out!

Roddy runs in but Cassidy bumps him off buckles! Then he goes side to side to bump Roddy off more buckles! And then back the other way! The fans fire up, Cassidy climbs, but Trent YANKS Cassidy down! Cassidy is stuck up top, Roddy goes up after him! GUTBUSTER on the top buckle! Then Trent drags Cassidy from the corner! The fans boo as Trent hauls Cassidy up, but Ospreay makes the save! Ospreay sends Trent into barriers! Roddy WRECKS Ospreay with a dropkick! Then he gives Cassidy an APRON BACK SUPLEX, and Trent SPEARS Cassidy down! The fans boo as Trent & Roddy stand tall, but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Trent flexes, Roddy drags Cassidy up, and Roddy ROCKS Cassidy. Roddy puts Cassidy in, stomps up and stomps on him in a corner, then brings him over to bump off buckles. Tag to Trent, but Cassidy fires off forearms! Trent knees low, Cassidy sits down, and Trent stomps him at the ropes. The ref counts, Trent lets off at 4, and The Kingdom taunts Cassidy. Trent gets Cassidy’s legs to ROPE GUILLOTINE! Cassidy sputters and falls out of the ring, The Kingdom taunting him. Trent distracts the ref and The Kingdom stomps away on Cassidy! Roddy then drags Cassidy up to put him in the ring. Trent covers, TWO!

Trent is annoyed but he drags Cassidy up to tag in Roddy. They mug Cassidy, Roddy CHOPS Cassidy, then Roddy clamps on with a chinlock. Cassidy fights up but Roddy CHOPS him again! Cassidy grits his teeth, stands up, but Roddy CHOPS him down! Roddy soaks up the heat, then drags Cassidy up to pull on his arms. Cassidy endures the motorcycle stretch, fights up, and he works to put his hands in pockets! Roddy turns him around to CHOP! Dynamite returns to single picture, Cassidy puts his hands up, and then in his pockets! Roddy swings, misses, but he reels Cassidy in. Cassidy rebounds to SHOTGUN!

Cassidy works his way over, kips up, and hot tags to Trent and Ospreay! Ospreay rallies on Trent with haymakers! Ospreay whips, Trent reveres but Ospreay ducks ‘n’ dodges to FLYING FOREARM! Roddy runs back in to knee low! Roddy & Trent double whip, but Ospreay handsprings to DOUBLE PELE! The fans fire up, Ospreay covers Trent, TWO! The fans fire up and Ospreay has Trent in a corner. Ospreay runs in but Trent dodges! TORNADO- NO, Ospreay stops the DDT to suplex. Trent slips free, to HALF ‘N’ HALF! Trent tags Roddy, Roddy runs in to KNEE Ospreay! Then back suplex, but Ospreay sunset flips it! TWO!!

Roddy runs up but into a CHOP! Ospreay runs, into a kitchen sink knee! Roddy goes side to side to forearm again and again and again! Then the atomic SLAM! Cover, TWO! Ospreay is still in this and Roddy is frustrated. The fans rally, Roddy drags Ospreay up, and Roddy reels Ospreay in to suplex. Ospreay slips free, ducks Roddy’s knee, and tucks him in! CHEEKY NANDOS! Tag to Cassidy, and Ospreay Electric Chairs Roddy for the POWERBOMB! Then Ospreay goes up, gives Cassidy a thumbs up, and then hits the LEAP OF FAITH! Cassidy’s turn, he LAZY ELBOWS! Cover, TWO!! Roddy is still in this but Cassidy throws off his elbow pad!

Cassidy aims in a corner, but Trent grabs his foot! Cassidy kicks Trent away, Roddy runs up, but Cassidy BOOTS him! Cassidy goes up, but Roddy GAMANGIRIS! Roddy then goes up after Cassidy, but Cassidy fights the suplex! The fans rally, Ospreay joins in and he knocks Roddy down! Trent gets up to get Ospreay, SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! But Ospreay lands on his feet! The fans are thunderous, and Ospreay BOOTS Trent into the DEEP IMPACT! Roddy CHOPS Ospreay, ROCKS Cassidy, then KNEES Ospreay. Roddy runs, into the TIGER WALL KICK and ENZIGIRI! Tilt-o-whirl DDT from Cassidy!

Cassidy covers, and Ospreay keeps Trent back, but Trent powers through to break it up! All four men are down and the fans fire up again! Trent rises first, “This is Awesome!” as he rips at a buckle pad. The ref says stop it, and then Cassidy mule kicks Trent! SICK KICK from Roddy! The Kingdom distracts the ref, Callis hops off commentary to anchor Cassidy! Roddy can’t suplex him like that! Roddy gets mad at Callis, Callis hurries away, END OF- STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE! OSCUTTER!! But as the ref checks Roddy, The Kingdom run in! Ospreay dumps them both out! And then builds speed to FLY! Down go Taven & Bennett!

The fans are thunderous but WARDLOW CLOBBERS OSPREAY! The fans boo as the War Machine comes outta nowhere! ORANGE P- NO, Roddy ducks and Trent’s BUSAIKU KNEE hits! END OF HEARTACHE!! Cover, Roddy & Trent win!

Winners: Trent Beretta & Roderick Strong, by pinfall

The Kingdom’s numbers are just too much, and now they’re beating down Cassidy & Ospreay! Callis is furious, but then where’s his family!? Trent DECKS Cassidy, Roddy grabs the International title belt! BELT SHOT to Ospreay! Trent won’t let Callis get close, either! SNAKE BITE on Cassidy! Ospreay is busted open! Roddy tells Ospreay he will never have this title! Then Roddy drags Ospreay up, reels him in, and hits END OF HEARTACHE!! Ospreay flounders and writhes, and Roddy paints himself with Ospreay’s blood. Is nothing going to stop The Undisputed Kingdom from conquering AEW?


The Young Bucks speak.

Matthew & Nicholas Jackson want their own Elite security to get a good look at who they’re looking for. Nick then says, “Hey, Darby Allin, ya p*ick! You attacked The Elite unprovoked last week, so guess what? You’re barred this week.” Matt adds that in the interest of having the safest locker room in the business, sorry, no Darby allowed tonight. Matt tells the security to be very careful, Darby is resilient. He broke his foot, practically got Final Destination’d by a bus, and he’s still standing, and out for blood! Do NOT let this man in the building! What’re they doing still standing here? Get to your positions! And tuck your shirts in!

In walks Sonjay Dutt and he wants to commend these two for the great job they’ve been doing, and for knowing how to take care of problems. Darby won’t be an issue tonight. Last Saturday, they took care of two more problems in FTR thanks to The Righteous & Lance Archer. And tonight, it all comes to a head. Sonjay’s Indian Giant destroys the American Dragon. Matt says if Satnam beats Bryan, cool. But if he hurts Bryan, great. Alright, so long as the money’s in the envelope with a few rupees, because tonight, Satnam breaks Bryan like a pencil! HAHAHAHAHA! Sonjay heads out, Matt tells everyone to keep the energy up, next segment! Can he get some water? Thanks.


Bullet Club Gold is here!

Bakersfield, California fires up as The Bang Bang Gang brings their gold to the ring in a little black wagon. Granted, they don’t need all nine belts, just the one set that represents the Unified AEW & ROH World Trios Championships. Though, they do like to mix and match as they hold one each. Jay White gets the mic and hushes the crowd before saying, “Well, well, well, look at you! The greatest three man team in the game is here!” Fully Cocked Colten Gunn! Switchblade Jay White! And… Austin! THE Unified Trios Champions, the Bang Bang Gang! And White knows what they want. Guns up for the Bakersfield Gold Members~!

But y’know, on that note, White thinks there might be one very special little gold member out there walking around feeling confused, asking himself how he ended up in the situation he’s in. How he ended up burning int he spotlight at the feet of the Bang Bang Gang! That one little gold member is… Pac? Puck? Pock? Pack, but without K. Oh. Okay, okay, Pack. Let White tell him how you ended up here! You made three big mistakes! One: when the Bang Bang Gang is walking down the halls, you run, scatter, turn the other way. What’d Pac do? Looked at them with… that face.

Mistake two: When Bang Bang Gang handled Bang Bang Gang business in this ring with “Azucar” Rocky Romero, one little Bastard decided to stick his ugly bastard nose where it doesn’t belong. Mistake three and biggest of all, Pack, is questioning them. He asked, begged, pleaded for them to make him care, so they gave him what he asked for. But see as the- WAIT! Pac is on the tron! And he tells the Bang Bang Toy Guns that this is what he’s talking about! They warmed him up a bit. And he can’t even be made at them. Like they said, he provoked them first. But gentlemen, three on one? That’s not exactly fair now, is it?

So allow Pac to introduce them to his amigos. His hermanos! His LUCHA BROTHERS! The fans fire up as Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix y The Bastard, Pac, all stand as one! Death Triangle is reunited! White & The Gunns get ready, but Pac TACKLES White while the Lucha Bros DOUBLE SUPERKICK the Ass Boys! Pac throws adown fists, the others brawl, and the fans fire up! Pac ROCKS Colten, ROCKS Austin, but White knees low! White puts Pac in a corner but Pac dodges to stomp away! Death Triangle stomps away on the whole Bang Bang Gang! They then SUPERKICK everyone out! The fans are fired up but the Bang Bang Gang is in retreat!

Pac gets a mic to tell the boys, “You think you’re hard? Well this Sunday, Double or Nothing, AEW Unified Trios Championships! You think you’re hard? I guess we’ll find out.” Death Triangle wants gold again, will they take it from the Switchblade and his boys?


Chris Jericho is here!

The Learning Tree makes his way out, “Big Bill” Morrissey right behind him, because Jericho is joining commentary for what’s up next.

FTW Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Hook VS Katsuyori Shibata VS Bryan Keith!

While the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil wants payback on The Learning Tree, so does The Wrestler! They and The Bounty Hunter fought and won last Saturday on Collision, and now they all fight for a chance to go Double or Nothing with Jericho! Will wins big to then go after Jericho “For The World?”

The bell rings and Keith BOOTS Hook right down! Keith runs up on Shibata, Shibata dodges to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP int he corner! Hook storms up to fire hands on Keith! Shibata pushes Hook aside to CHOP, CHOP and CHOP! Hook pushes Shibata, the rivals stare down, but Keith RAMS Hook into Shibata! Keith then fires forearms on Hook. Keith runs, but into a SAYANAGI! Hook shoots around, REDRUM, but Shibata gets Hook in a SLEEPER! Keith DOUBLE JAWBREAKERS free! All three men stagger to their feet, and Hook clinches Shibata for an EXPLODER! Shibata comes back to BELLY2BELLY Hook!

Keith gives Shibata an EXPLODER! Hook gives Keith an EXPLODER! Shibata hits an STO on Hook! All three men are down again and the fans fire up! Keith, Hook and Shibata slowly sit up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Shibata runs up on Keith, throws him down, and has a HEEL HOOK! Shibata endures, crawls back, and has the ROPEBREAK! Shibata doesn’t have to but he does let off given the hold won’t count for anything now. Shibata drags Keith back, steps through, and FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCKS! Keith fights it, but Shibata clamps it on tight! But then Hook throws down forearms on Shibata! Shibata lets Keith go, crawls to a corner, and Hook drags Shibata up. Hook throws knees into Shibata, then brings him out of the corner to TOSS him out of the ring! Hook then goes for Keith, but Keith wrenches to a HOOK KICK!

Hook falls, Keith goes to a corner, and Keith huffs and puffs. Keith drops a knee on Hook’s head, covers, TWO! Keith huffs ‘n’ puffs more, and he CLUBS Hook to ropes. Keith CHOPS, then follows Hook around the way. Keith CHOPS again, then clinches, but Hook fights the exploder! Hook slips around but now Keith fights the exploder! Keith fires down elbows, but Hook still lifts! Keith fires down more elbows, but Hook tries again! EXPLODER! Both men are down, the fans fire up, and Hook rises. Hook stalks Keith, but Keith avoids the crossface forearms! Hook turns around, Keith KNEES him down!

Keith drags Hook up, underhooks, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Keith hits the TIGER DRIVER! Cover, Shibata breaks it! The fans rally, Shibata kicks and bumps Keith off buckles. Shibata BOOTS Hook in a corner, then runs to BOOT Keith! Shibata rains down forearms on Keith, then runs to BOOT Hook! Shibata HYDRAULIC DROPKICKS Keith! Shibata drags Keith up for a HALF HATCH! Cover, Hook breaks it! Hook knees low, clinches, T BONE SUPLEX! Shibata goes to a corner, Hook grabs Keith. Hook clamps on the REDRUM! But Keith RAMS Hook into a corner! Hook goes up and he goes for a HANGING REDRUM!

Keith RIDING HEADBUTTS! The fans fire up with Keith and he goes up, reels Hook in, DIAMOND DUST! PENALTY KICK from Shibata! Shibata gets Keith up, fireman’s carries, and USHIGOROSHI! Shibata stares Jericho down before putting on the FIGURE FOUR, with HEEL HOOK!! Keith endures, Hook gets in! REDRUM on Keith!!! Keith endures double submissions, he TAPS!! Then who wins?!? The ref has the two men let off of Keith, and declares they BOTH win?!

Winners: Hook & Katsuyori Shibata, by submission (both challenge Chris Jericho for the title)

The fans don’t want a draw, they want Hook and Shibata to fight it out! But Jericho gets on the mic and says yeah, he agrees! Hi, Bakersfield! He just wants to get camera time, right? But Rick Knox, what an interesting call. Two winners, two contenders, makes his job a little harder at Double or Nothing. But such is life, huh? Just gotta say, Hook and Shibata, he’s proud of you both for everything they’ve picked up from The Learning Tree and the Jericho Vortex. But he’s gotta warn you, as the longest reigning For The World Champion in history at over 33 days, he’s just getting started.

So even though it’ll be the first-ever Triple Threat “For The World” Rules match, he’ll walk out of Vegas the winner. Thanks, everybody! But he’s not losing to anyone ever, okay? Thanks, guys! Tony Khan texts Tony Schiavone, and it is official! The first ever FTW Triple Threat, will going Double or Nothing only guarantee Jericho loses?


Konosuke Takeshita w/ Don Callis VS Matt Sydal!

The Alpha wants to be IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, but he’s only getting a Title Eliminator match at Double or Nothing. Will the Zen Assassin simply be used as a warm-up and a warning for Jon Moxley?

The bell rings, Takeshita knees Sydal low then CLUBS him down! Takeshita brings Sydal up to CLAW Sydal’s face, then lets off as the ref reprimands. Takeshita drags Sydal up, and throat chops him! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but Takeshita deadlift suplexes Sydal for a BRAINBUSTER! Takeshita stands up, snarls, and he  stomps Sydal around. Takeshita gives taunting kicks as Sydal sits up, and then Takeshita stands him up. BLUE- RANA! Sydal dropkicks the legs out, then BASEMENT DDTS! Sydal hurries to the apron, then the corner! Sydal goes up, leaps over Takeshita, then keeps going, but into the BLUE THUNDER BOMB!

Takeshita and Callis agree, time to break Sydal! Takeshita stands Sydal up, winds up, ALPHA FOREARM! Cover, Takeshita wins!

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall

Takeshita made quick work out of Matt Sydal, but then offers a handshake, The Code of Honor if you will. Sydal accepts it, but then Takeshita ripcord deadlifts Sydal into a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN!! No honor, no respect, and the fans boo! But Callis loves it! Takeshita stomps away on Sydal, but then here comes Moxley! The Maniac was gonna be here either way, and Takeshita wants to know where he’s coming from! Moxley slips in from the crowd, has a mic, and he steps up to Takeshita. Then he DECKS Takeshita with the mic! The fans cheer Moxley on as he paces around. Moxley kneels and tells Takeshita he’ll see him at Double or Nothing.

Takeshita sent a message with his win over Sydal, Moxley just sent his response! Will this Title Eliminator turn into a slobberknocker?


The Young Bucks speak, again.

Nick tells Darby Allin, “you stupid idiot,” that they know he’s watching from somewhere in Bakersfield. They saw him on the travel list, but again, he is banned from the arena! The tech staff is given wanted posters of Darby just so they know, and Matt says it’s time to actually run this show. But sitting at gorilla, right in their spot, is Swerve Strickland! The Realest asks, “What up, turds?” Oh, sorry, is this one of their seats? Matt says it’s fine, he’s the champ, he can make himself at home. Good to see him, by the way. Also, has he seen Darby? He’s banned from the building. Swerve takes a copy of the poster, crumples it up, throws it away, and says no, he has not.

Anyway, hit his music, his match is up next. Matt says yes, of course. Someone do it! Is it this idiot’s job over here? Press the buttons! The music gets going, and Bakersfield is now “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!” But will Nick Wayne simply be Christian Cage’s sacrificial pawn in this game he’s playing?

Swerve Strickland VS Nick Wayne!

The bell rings and Nick throws his shirt at Swerve. Swerve takes that shirt, rubs his junk on it, then throws it back. The two step up, the fans rally for Swerve, and then Nick bails out. Swerve is annoyed, storms out after Nick, but Nick slides back in. Swerve sighs, slides back in, but Nick slides back out. Nick plays cat ‘n’ mouse with Swerve as he again slides in just as Swerve slides out. Swerve feints the slide, and now he has Nick! The fans fire up as Swerve fires off body shots! Swerve whips Nick right into barriers! Nick sputters, Swerve says if Nick wants a father, Swerve will be that father. Swerve takes off his regular belt to SPANK Nick with it!

Swerve gives Nick a good lashing, Nick hobbles away, and the ref reprimands. But the fans want that “ONE MORE TIME!” So Swerve winds up and LASHES Nick’s butt! Nick falls over, Swerve puts his belt back on, and the fans chant, “Thank You, Swerve!” Swerve leaves Nick behind to uncover a crossbar! Swerve brings Nick over but Nick fights back! Nick body shots, but then Swerve back drops Nick into the ring! Swerve then steps in to dropkick Nick down! The fans cheer and Swerve pushes Nick around. Nick goes to a corner, Swerve runs up but Nick puts Swerve on the apron! Nick blocks a shot, and bumps Swerve off the exposed crossbar!

Swerve staggers, Nick triangle jump DROPKICKS him down! Swerve staggers away again, and Nick goes to the apron. PENALTY KICK! Then ASAI MOONSAULT, but Swerve catches Nick! But Nick swings to DDT Swerve on the floor! Both men writhe, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Nick drags Swerve up and RAMS him into barriers! Swerve falls in a heap, Nick soaks up the heat, and then Nick stalks Swerve into the ring. Nick clamps onto Swerve, then KNEES him in the back! Swerve staggers up, Nick kick shim down! Nick puts Swerve on ropes to CHOKE him! The ref counts, Nick lets off at 4 and soaks up more heat. Nick then stalks Swerve, snapmares him, and scrapes his soles off Swerve’s face! Nick swaggers as he soaks up heat, but Swerve gets up to fireman’s carry! Nick flails to get free, and he CLAWS Swerve’s face! Swerve goes to a corner, Nick is on him with a snapmare and KICK!

Swerve grits his teeth, Nick eggs him on, and Swerve stands. Swerve snapmares and KICKS Nick! Swerve frowns as Nick stands back up, and the two get forehead to forehead. Nick CLAWS Swerve’s face again! The ref reprimands, Nick lets off, and he kicks Swerve. Swerve hits back, but Nick mule kicks! Swerve goes to a corner, Nick CLAWS at his face again! The ref counts, Nick lets off at 4, and Nick soaks up more heat. Nick taunts Swerve, avoids the kick, then taunts Swerve more. Swerve swings blind as Nick taunts him, JABS him, and repeat. Swerve runs up, misses again and Nick JABS! Nick still taunts Swerve, but Swerve ROCKS him!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Swerve CHOPS Nick, then UPPERCUTS in the corner! Swerve snapmare, gator rolls, and deadlift suplexes, but Nick knees free! Nick then TOSSES Swerve out, goes up and out to the apron, then ASAI- NO, Swerve anchors him on the corner! APRON BACK SUPLEX! Nick falls to the floor and the fans fire up! The ring count starts, Swerve slides in at 4 of 10, and then goes back out to the apron. Swerve aims as Nick sits up, and the fans fire up for the KILL STOMPS to the floor!! The fans are thunderous as Swerve drags Nick up and puts him in the ring. Swerve says this is what Nick wanted!

Swerve goes up the corner, Nick eggs Swerve on! KILL- BOOTS from below! Nick somersault clutches, TWO! Swerve gets out, runs in, but into buckles! Roll up, feet on ropes! TWO!! Nick SUPERKICKS! Then somersault and CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Nick is beside himself and Swerve scowls as he sits up. The fans fire up for Swerve but Nick says he’s gonna take Swerve’s House! HOUSE- NO, Swerve blocks the call! Swerve slips around to get a BACKBREAKER, then a power lift into a POWERSLAM! The fans are thunderous again and Swerve drags Nick up. Swerve says, “I am sorry.” But then HOUSE CALL!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

The Realest apologized for his past with Nick Wayne, but that didn’t mean he was gonna show mercy. But then LUCHASAURUS ATTACKS! The monster now called Killswitch takes Swerve out and of course The Patriarch & Mother Shayna are here. Luchasaurus CHOKES Swerve while Christian checks on his favorite son. But Swerve LOW BLOWS the dinosaur and DUMPS him out! Christian doesn’t know until he turns around! Christian wants Swerve to hold on, but then he runs away! Swerve pursues, HOUSE CALL drive-by for Luchasaurus! Swerve chase Christian right up the ramp and backstage!

Cameras follow as we go through gorilla, then to the hallways! Christian tries to block the path as he hurries for the parking lot! Christian finds the rental, throws the valet out, and then drives off, leaving his “family” behind! But then someone pulls up in front of him! It’s PRINCE NANA! Nana was waiting in the parking lot for this! Swerve grabs at Christian, they brawl through the car window, and Swerve drags Christian out! Then he throws Christian into the production truck trailer! And then back into the rental! Swerve beats down on Christian but Christian gets loose. Christian is going up the rental? Swerve pursues, Christian kicks at him!

Both men get on the roof of the car and the brawl continues! Swerve kicks low, DDT onto the roof! Christian sputters, flounders to the hood, and Nana has a chair! Nana hands it to Swerve and Swerve takes aim! But Christian moves before the Car-Chair-To! Christian runs away, but he better be heading to Las Vegas. Will Double or Nothing be the end of The Patriarchy?



This Friday before Double or Nothing, Rampage will be at a special start time of 6:30 PM Eastern! Make sure your DVR is ready for this special edition!


Malakai Black VS Kyle O’Reilly!

Speaking of Double or Nothing, before the Dark Father brings out the darkness inside Adam “Edge” Copeland, he must settle things with #CombatKyle. Will Malakai simply use Kyle to sharpen his edge before he becomes the Face of TNT? Or will this not be The End of Kyle O’Reilly?

The bell rings and the two stare down. The fans rally up, the two slowly approach, then feel things out. They test the waters with kicks and jabs. They go around, Kyle keeps looking for an opening but Malakai clinches him. They go to ropes, Malakai turns things around on Kyle, but he lets off cleanly. The fans cheer, the two reset, and they feel things out again. Each man still tests the waters, and Kyle shoots in for a leg. Malakai fights it, Kyle goes for an arm but Malakai arm-drags free. They start throwing kicks but also guarding! Kyle BOOTS, Malakai BOOTS, and both men ELBOW JAB! Both men KNEE low! Both men back down and the fans fire up!

Malakai snarls, he headlocks Kyle, but Kyle powers out. Malakai runs him over, covers, ONE! Kyle goes for legs, Malakai blocks and throws more knees. Malakai shoves Kyle then sweeps the legs. Malakai runs and springboards, but Kyle kicks Malakai’s legs out! The fans fire up as Kyle storms up on Malakai. Kyle KICKS, SLAPS, and KNEES, but Malakai sweeps the legs again! The fans fire up, Malakai drags Kyle up, and KICKS him now! Kyle hobbles, goes to kick but Malakai blocks and KICKS back! Kyle fires a forearm, Malakai grabs the leg to then JUMP KNEE! Kyle tumbles out of the ring and the fans fire up! Malakai paces while Kyle is dazed, but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Kyle sits up, shakes out the stars, but Malakai goes out to KICK! Kyle staggers away, Malakai KICKS him against barriers. Kyle KICKS back, KICKS again, but Malakai puts the leg on barriers! Malakai KICKS the leg and Kyle falls back! Malakai drags Kyle up, KICKS him against the apron, then KICKS him again. Malakai puts Kyle against barriers and KICKS! Kyle slumps down and Malakai paces. Malakai drags Kyle up but Kyle fires forearms and KICKS in return! Malakai BOOTS Kyle away! Kyle checks his chin, Malakai puts him in the ring. Malakai storms up but Kyle KICKS! Malakai KNEES low! Then Malakai grabs a leg to DRAGON SCREW! Cover, TWO!

Kyle grits his teeth as he toughs it out, but Malakai stomps him down. Malakai looms over Kyle, Kyle kicks at him from below. Malakai grabs the leg, and has a KNEE LOCK! Kyle endures as Malakai pulls on the leg! Kyle reaches out, fights with his free leg, and Malakai lets go. Kyle stands, hobbles, but Malakai blocks his kick! DRAGON- NO, Kyle sits down on the leg whip to have an ARMBAR! Malakai clasps hands, fights around, but Kyle pulls on the grip! Dynamite returns to single picture, Malakai hooks Kyle for a waistlock, but Kyle fights up. Kyle pries at the hold, wrenches out with a double wristlock, but Malakai KICKS the bad leg!

Kyle staggers back, yoyos int he ropes, but Malakai blocks the lariat and ELBOWS Kyle! Malakai reels Kyle in to suplex, Kyle knees free then fires more knees! Kyle fires off a strike fest, then WRINGS Malakai’s arm out! Malakai staggers away but the fans fire up! Kyle runs in to FOREARM SMASH! Kyle wrenches for an ELBOW BREAKER! But Malakai ROCKS Kyle! Kyle blocks a kick to KNEE and SNAP GERMAN! AX and SMASH! Cover, TWO! The fans fire up while Kyle grits his teeth in frustration. “This is Awesome!” as Kyle rises up. Kyle storms over to Malakai to KICK the bad arm! And KICK! And KICK! And KICK!

Kyle snarls as Malakai stands, so the KICKS keep coming! Malakai ROCKS Kyle, Kyle ROCKS Malakai! The forearms go back and forth, then Kyle KNEES low! Malakai fires a body shot, Kyle fires a one-two! Malakai gives that one-two back, so Kyle kick-kicks! Malakai fires off a flurry of his own, but Kyle fires forearms !Malakai blocks a kick, Kyle slips free, double leg takedown! GROUND ‘N’ POUND, then ARMBAR! Malakai fights it with a strong S grip, but Kyle gets the leg! ANKLE LOCK! Malakai endures and scrambles around while the fans fire up! Malakai reaches out, fights up, and Kyle shifts his grip.

Malakai ELBOWS Kyle, KNEES him, then suplexes, BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives and Malakai is beside himself! Malakai storms over to Kyle, gets a leg, but Kyle steps over to KNEE! AX and- ELBOW from Malakai! Kyle stays up, DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSES hit! Both men wobble, Kyle ROLLING ELBOWS! Malakai feints then THE END!! Cover, Malakai wins!

Winner: Malakai Black, by pinfall

Kyle got caught by that change in flow, and he just faded to Black! But wait! The lights all turn red! Malakai looks around in confusion, but this can only mean one thing. BLOOD FROM ABOVE?! It’s like something outta Carrie! Malakai is not just drenched, he’s fumbling around from how slick the canvas is! And then, on the tron, walking down the steps… is EDGE! “Malakai. Malakai~! Up here. Be careful what you wish for.” Edge grins and he has fangs! “See you soon.” Is Malakai going to regret bringing out that side of The Rated R Superstar?


Toni Storm & Mariah May w/ Luther VS The Outcasts w/ Zak Knight!

The Leading Lady and her understudy have had just about enough of Saraya & Harley trying to troll there way to the spotlight, and now look to finally end this farce! But given she’s still parading around in Serena Deeb’s banner, will the AEW Women’s World Champion be ready for The Professor’s test this Sunday? Or will the madness truly go off the rails this close to Double or Nothing?

The teams sort out and Harley starts against Mariah, a partial rematch from last Saturday. The irony that Mariah’s Toni cosplay is also a Harley Quinn cosplay but Harley Cameron is in all black. The two tie up, Mariah waistlocks, but Harley reaches back, headlocks, and grinds. Mariah powers up and out, drops down, Harley rolls and kicks low! Harley clinches but Mariah ROCKS her! Mariah whips, Harley goes up and out, then ducks Mariah to RAM into her! Harley ROUNDHOUSES Mariah away, goes up and in, then talks trash on Storm. Harley runs but Mariah follows, trips Harley, then keeps moving to SHOTGUN!

Mariah smiles and the fans fire up as she paces around. Mariah gets Harley up, scoops, and SPIN-OUT SIDEWALK SLAMS! Then Mariah fireman’s carries, but Harley slips free to tag Saraya. Mariah waits on Saraya and the two circle. But then Saraya backs away to ropes for defense, she wants the REAL Toni Storm! The fans fire up, and Mariah tags Toni! The two former friends circle now, and Saraya ROCKS Storm! Storm ROCKS Saraya, repeat! The fans fire up as they go back and forth, and are definitely on Storm’s side. Saraya kicks low, whips, but Storm reverses and hits a THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fists, then tags Mariah.

Storm scoop SLAMS Saraya, then Mariah offers herself up. Storm scoops Mariah to SLAM her onto Saraya! Cover, ONE! Saraya is tougher than that, but Mariah tags Storm back in. Mariah now scoops, but Storm is a bit sturdier. So Storm scoops Mariah to SLAM her on Saraya again! ELBOW DROP, cover, TWO! Tag back to Mariah, she brings Saraya up and fires forearms. Mariah snapmares Saraya, runs and KNEES Saraya down! Saraya flounders, has the ref check her, and Harley runs in to CLOBBER Mariah! Toni storms in but the ref stops her, completely missing the crazy one going after Mariah! Saraya has Harley slip away and she stomps Mariah now.

Saraya does jumping jacks to show off her cardio, and then she HEADBUTTS Mariah as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Saraya stalks Mariah to ropes, puts her through them, and then steps onto the apron to fire off knee after knee! The ref reprimands and counts, Saraya lets off, and then she steps back inside. Harley storms right up to AX KICK Mariah down! The ref reprimands and Saraya just shrugs. Saraya drags Mariah around, whips her to the corner, then tags in Harley. They mug Mariah, Harley stomps away, then stands her up. Harley digs her boot in, lets off at 4, and then Saraya CHOKES Mariah while Harley argues with the ref! Luther protests, Storm is furious, but the Outcasts get away with that. Harley covers, TWO!

Harley stays between Mariah and Storm and drags her up. Harley bumps Mariah off buckles, tags Saraya, and they mug Mariah some more. Saraya TOSSES Mariah out, storms out after her, then drags Mariah up to RAMS her into barriers! Saraya taunts the fans, soaks up the heat, and blows a mocking kiss to Storm. Saraya digs her boots into Mariah, the ref reprimands, but Saraya drags Mariah up and into the ring. Saraya keeps Mariah from Storm, tags in Harley, and Harley RAMS Mariah into the corner! Harley then brings Mariah around for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Harley argues the count as Dynamite returns to single picture,

The fans rally, Harley drags Mariah up, but Mariah ROCKS Harley! And ROCKS her again! And again, and again and again! The fans fire up as Mariah just hammers away! Harley shoves Mariah away, brings her around, then JAWBREAKER! Harley runs up, Mariah dodges, and DOUBLE FACEBUSTERS collide! Mariah crawls hot tag to Storm! Storm CLOBBERS Harley, BLASTS Saraya, then goes up and over Harley! Storm runs back at the corner, blocks Harley’s boots, and puts her in ropes for a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Saraya returns but into JAB after JAB! Saraya falls, Harley returns, but Storm HEADBUTTS!

The fans fire up as Storm poses! Storm then runs to SPLASH Harley in a corner! Harley sits down, Saraya runs in, but Storm drop toeholds Saraya into Harley’s hips! Storm laughs at them, then she drags Harley up for a SKY HIGH! Cover, but Saraya BOOTS it apart! Mariah returns, dodges the haymaker to HEADBUTT a la Storm! Mentor and protege help each other up, pose for a close up, then they each get an Outcast. “This is Awesome!” as they put Harley & Saraya up top! They each climb up, CLUB away, then coordinate. But Harley & Saraya each SMACK Storm & Mariah off buckles! STEREO SUPER SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMBS!! The Outcasts double cover, TWO!!!

Saraya & Harley coordinate now, they get Storm & Mariah in corners to stomp mudholes in! The ref counts, Saraya & Harley let off to coordinate again. They both storm back up for more, but Storm & Harley put a stop to that! They set those boots down, to plant some wet ones on their enemies! Consider their fates sealed with a kiss, because now we get STORM ZERO and MAYDAY!! Harley is then fed to a STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm & Mariah win!

Winners: Toni Storm & Mariah May, by pinfall

This dynamic duo dominates, and now they again adorn Storm with Deeb’s banner. But wait, Serena Deeb is here! She SMACKS Luther down with a chair!! Then she JAMS Mariah, and HEADBUTTS Storm! The fans are torn as Deeb grins. Deeb brings out a SHOE! HIGH HEEL TO THE FACE!! Deeb grins as she watches Storm crawl, then she picks the chair back up. Deeb uses the chair to take a seat on Storm’s back, and then pulls on a leg! FULL METAL HALF CRAB! Storm taps out, not that this is a legitimate hold in any way! The ref reprimands, other refs rush out to tell Deeb to stop, but Deeb only lets go when she says!

Deeb has just made Storm suffer, and she takes her banner back. Will she also take that AEW Women’s World Championship when she and Storm go Double or Nothing?


BREAKING NEWS for next week’s Dynamite!

No matter what happens at Double or Nothing, there will be an AEW World Championship #1 Contender’s Casino Gauntlet match! The winner will receive their shot at the title at Forbidden Door in New York!


The Bang Bang Gang regroups backstage.

They have their wagon of gold and are laughing off that surprise from earlier. Jay White’s pretty sure he knows what Death Triangle wants! They want Bang Bang Gang’s loot! They want Bang Bang Gang’s gold~! You want the gold? This is who you bring? The Lucha Bros? When White already has THE GREATEST brother tag team behind him? Colten says it’s just as White says, The Gunns ARE the best brother tag team in the world. And if you wanna shot at the titles, you gotta earn it! So how about a Gunn fight in the Collision Corral. Penta & Fenix are brothers, but so are The Gunns! Penta & Fenix are former AEW World Tag Team Champions, but so are The Gunns!

And Austin says don’t worry, they won’t be hard to find. Just walk into town, look above the saloon doors, and you won’t see “Cero Miedo,” it’ll say GUNNS UP! The Bang Bang Gang is locked and loaded, will Death Triangle win the right to fight for the gold?


Bryan Danielson VS Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt!

The American Dragon always fights against corporate corruption, that’s why he’s standing up against The Elite alongside Team AEW this Sunday! But The EVPs have been doing everything they can to make Anarchy in the Arena a foregone conclusion. Will the One in a Billion be just the thing to ruin Double or Nothing? Or will Bryan prove everyone’s the same size when down on the ground?

As the two get in the ring, Satnam gets right in Bryan’s face. Well, Satnam’s chest does, as he’s quite literally head and shoulders above Bryan. Satnam goes to pie face Bryan but Bryan pushes that big hand away. The bell rings, the fans fire up with “YES! YES! YES!” and the two circle. Satnam puts Bryan in a corner, but Bryan dodges the chop to KCIK, KICK and KICK! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan climbs up to fire hands but Satnam shoves him away! Satnam BOOTS Bryan down and the fans boo. Satnam stands Bryan up to bump off buckles, then stalks him to another corner. Satnam winds up to CHOP!

Bryan sputters and falls over, and Satnam soaks up the heat. Satnam drags Bryan up, suplexes, and holds Bryan up! Then the SLAM! The fans boo more while Bryan flops out of the ring. Satnam goes out after him, then RAMS him into steel steps! Sonjay clears the desk of the drinks, the action figures, the hood, everything, but then the whole thing falls apart! Satnam kicks the steel steps aside, drags Bryan over. The fans tell Sonjay how he messed that one up, but Satnam still lifts Bryan. Bryan goes to the apron! Bryan KICKS Satnam, and KICKS and KICKS! Bryan gets space, runs up, and FLYING KNEES!

Satnam staggers but stays up, so Bryan resets! FLYING KNEE again! Satnam staggers and takes a seat in the corner of the barriers! Bryan runs in to DROPKICK Satnam down! The fans fire up and Bryan rises. The fans want that again, so Bryan runs back in, only for Satnam to get up and catch him! APRON CHOKE SLAM! Bryan writhes, Sonjay is all fired up, but the fans boo. Satnam shoves Bryan into the ring, Sonjay and the rest of Team Triple J applaud, then mockingly say “YES! YES! YES!” Satnam steps in for a cocky cover, TWO! Bryan is still in this, but Sonjay pulls at a buckle pad. Satnam YANKS it right off!

Satnam storms up on Bryan, drags him up but the ref won’t let him use the bare buckle! Sonjay argues with the ref, so Bryan LOW BLOWS Satnam! Now that Satnam’s cut down to size, Bryan runs and BUSAIKU KNEES!! Satnam even hits the bare buckle! Bryan keeps moving, but Satnam still grabs him! So Bryan KICKS at the legs! And CLAWS at the eyes! And KICKS at the chest! “YES! YES! YES!” Then BUZZSAW! Satnam stays up!? This is a sturdy tree! He CHOPS Bryan, and then he looms over Bryan. Satnam hauls Bryan up, suplexes, but Bryan slips free! HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Satnam drops to his knees as Bryan keeps going!

Bryan then shifts to the omoplata, and puts on the biggest LEBELL LOCK ever!!! Satnam endures, TRIPLE J ATTACKS!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by disqualification

The fans boo but The Bucks said themselves that this wasn’t about getting the win but about inflicting damage! Jeff Jarrett runs the ref off while Lehtal drags Bryan up. Jarrett gets his guitar, but Bryan slips free! Jarrett avoids hitting Lethal, but then Bryan dodge shim again! BUSAIKU KNEE for Lethal! BUSAIKU KNEE for Jarrett! Sonjay tries to sneak in, but Bryan has the guitar! Sonjay clubs Bryan, but it was weak! Bryan swings, Sonjay dodges, and Satnam PUNCHES through the guitar!! The mugging continues, then Satnam hits a SPLASH in the corner! The fans boo, but now The Bucks make their way out here!

Matthew & Nicholas step out of the Codyvator and they have that envelope! That’s the payment for this hit job on Bryan! Jarrett CHOKES Bryan, then rains down fists! Sonjay receives the payment, and it looks good to him. The Bucks have Jarrett stand down, he did great. They shake hands, then The Bucks get to stomp Bryan! The fans boo as the EVPs drag Bryan to center, sit him up, and give him an E V P- NO! Bryan avoids the knees and they hit each other! Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan fires hands on Matt, “YES! YES! YES!” But here comes The Rainmaker! Bryan is ready for Okada, but then JACK PERRY ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!

The fans boo as Scapegoat takes down Bryan, and now The Elite all mug him! Ripcord, RAINMAKER LARIAT!! This isn’t over, either, as they drag Bryan out of the ring and up the ramp! And surprise! There’s a table waiting! But wait, who is this pulling up to the arena? It’s DRABY ALLIN! He fist bumps Tony Khan, who drove him here!! TK can travel now!? Darby storms into the ring, armed with some kind of airsoft gun! The Elite is freaking out, but here he comes! That’s not an airsoft gun, that’s a FLAMETHROWER!! The Elite freaks out even more, and then Bryan finally gets to fight back! He fires off KICKS on Nick, then TOSSES Nick down through the table!!

The fans are going nuts, and Anarchy in the Arena is only going to be crazier! Will nothing stop the revolution against The Elite’s “revolution?”

My Thoughts:


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (5/18/24)

Deonna Purrazzo’s on a Rampage!



The Virtuosa is sharpening her edge!

Deonna Purrazzo wants to tear into Thunder Rosa, but she’ll have to settle for Robyn Renegade first! Will The Virtuosa fine tune her style for La Mera Mera?


  • Kyle O’Reilly VS Lee Moriarty w/ Anthony Ogogo; Kyle wins.
  • Rush VS Cody Chhun; Rush wins.
  • Deonna Purrazzo VS Robyn Renegade; Deonna wins.
  • Brian Cage VS Anthony Bowens w/ Billy Gunn; Cage wins.


Kyle O’Reilly VS Lee Moriarty w/ Anthony Ogogo!

#CombatKyle may have lost out on the TNT Championship, but he isn’t going to stop the comeback over it. Will he build back up towards another title opportunity? Or will #TAIGASTYLE prove he’s the one deserving of those chances?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally, Kyle and Lee tie up, Kyle waistlocks, but Lee wrenches out. Kyle wrenches to waistlock, but Lee sits to switch. Kyle switches, facelocks, wrenches, but Lee rolls and rolls until he rolls free. The fans rally as the two circle again. They knuckle lock, go shoulder to shoulder, but Kyle gets under. Kyle lifts but Lee fights that. Lee lifts but Kyle fights that. Kyle tries again, but Lee trips him! Kyle uses his leg guard, trips Lee, knuckle lock cover! ONE as Lee gets an arm up! Kyle pushes it down, ONE as Lee gets the other arm up. Kyle puts that arm down, TWO as Lee bridges!

The fans cheer this technical exchange, Kyle jumps but Lee catches him! DOUBLE WRISTLOCK! Kyle scrambles around, slips free, ARMBAR! Lee clasps hands, stacks Kyle, TWO! Lee rolls Kyle to get the SLEEPER! Lee also has body scissors! But Kyle pulls on Lee’s leg, and that makes Lee let go of the sleeper! Kyle gets the leg, twists for a toehold, but Lee rolls over. Lee reels Kyle in, headlocks, then cravats. The fans rally, Kyle wrenches free to cravat back. Lee ELBOWS Kyle in the chin! Lee BODY SHOTS, then BODY SHOTS again! Lee runs but Kyle KNEES Lee low! Kyle snapmares, runs, then SLAPS Lee!

The fans fire up but Lee gets up. They get face to face, then go forearm to forearm! Kyle fires off fast strikes and he KICKS the legs out! Kyle wrenches to YANK the arm, then CLUBS it! Kyle wrenches, YANKS the arm again, then wrenches to an ELBOW- NO, Lee shoves Kyle away! Kyle runs up but Lee BUCKLE SHOTS him! Kyle staggers away, the fans are torn, and Lee runs up to KICK the bad leg! Ogogo applauds, Lee fires himself up, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Lee stomps Kyle down, drags him back up, and top wristlocks. Lee isolates that arm, flexes, and STOMPS the arm! Lee paces around, drags Kyle up, and SNAP HALF HATCHES! Cover, TWO! But Lee still has the arm and he hammerlocks it, to then SNAP LOCK it! Kyle endures, grabs at Lee, but Lee bridges and moves around. Lee traps the one arm, pulls on the other, and then makes it a RECLINER! Kyle endures as Lee leans back! Lee lets off as he loses the hold, but then he stomps the bad arm! Lee soaks up the heat as Rampage returns to single picture. Lee grinds Kyle’s bad arm, but Kyle fights up to throw body shots.

Kyle wrenches, ELBOW- NO, Lee has a SLEEPER now! Kyle rolls but Lee holds on tight! Kyle fights up to back suplex! Lee lands out, but Kyle KICKS! SLAPS! KNEES! KICKS! LEG SWEEP! The fans fire up and Kyle snarls as Lee goes to a corner. Kyle runs up to forearm smash! Kyle wrenches, ELBOW BREAKERS, and hits a BIG back suplex! HEEL HOOK! Lee endures and fights towards ropes! ROPEBREAK! Kyle lets go, Lee stands, and Kyle KICKS the leg out! Kyle runs up but Lee dodges the kick to SOBAT! Kyle goes to a corner, Lee runs in, but Kyle blocks the boot! Kyle shoves Lee down, KNEES him, then reels Lee in.

Lee wrenches out of the suplex, to SNAP the fingers! Lee runs up to BOOT Kyle in the corner! Kyle falls, Lee covers, TWO! Kyle survives but Lee reels him in, BORDER CITY STRETCH!! Kyle endures, powers through to clasp hands, and he deadlifts Lee into a CAPTURE SUPLEX! Lee is dazed and Kyle slowly rises. The fans fire up, Kyle storms up, and KICKS Lee’s arm! Lee KICKS Kyle’s arm in return! Kyle KICKS again, but Lee KICKS again! They KICK and KICK and KICK! The fans are behind Kyle, both men block kicks, so they start throwing palm strikes! The fans are thunderous! Both men let the other go, but then they DOUBLE ROUNDHOUSE!

The fans are thunderous as Kyle and Lee are both down! A standing count starts, both men slowly rise, and they stagger into each other. Lee gets Kyle first, suplex and- NO, Kyle knees free! GUILLOTINE! Lee wrenches free to RAM shoulders! Lee wrenches, to ELBOW- NO, Kyle wrenches to ELBOW BREAKER! Hammerlock, GUILLOTINE HOVERBOARD COMBO!!! Lee endures, and he uses his free arm to pry free! For HEADBUTT after HEADBUTT! Kyle drops into a TRIANGLE HOLD!! Lee is fading fast, but he deadlifts Kyle with the one arm! Only to go out! Kyle is free to PENALTY KICK!! Kyle gets Lee up, to ORANGE CRUSH into the ARMBAR! Lee taps, Kyle wins!!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly, by submission

Shane Taylor Promotion takes another loss on the night, but it was a hell of a fight against Kyle O’Reilly! But Kyle is going to face Malakai Black this Wednesday, will Dynamite be The End of Kyle’s comeback?


Backstage interview with The Acclaimed.

Lexy Nair is with Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn. First off, congrats on the recent success of the newest video. Thank you, Lexy. And Bowens is facing Brian Cage in tonight’s main event, how- Daddy Ass has us stop there. Let’s talk about everyone going crazy, running wild. The Embassy turning on Swerve, The Elite abusing their authority. Billy isn’t sure if Lexy has watched older wrestling, but Billy has a thing about authority. So if they wanna get wild, if they wanna go nuts, that is right up their aisle!

Caster says that’s right! He also thanks Lexi for saying those nice things about his song. But that song was about him and Bowens going back to the Tag Division. If you read the lyrics, which are great lyrics, but none of those team decided to wrestle The Acclaimed. Perhaps they’re a little too afraid to wrestle the best team alive. So they took the first match they could find, and that turned out to be Bowens VS Brian Cage 1v1. Sure, Brian is The Machine, but there are a lot of machines that are now antiquated, and we know Brian doesn’t have AI in his brain. In fact, he can’t update his software! It’s about time Bowens takes Brian to the junkyard!

Bowens says that’s right! Platinum Max & Daddy Ass said it themselves, there is a lot of chaos and madness going on in AEW! Bowens tells Brian and his cronies that they decided to side with The Elite, well you’re looking at the foundation of AEW! The best tag team alive, the best homegrown stars, The Acclaimed! That train is gonna roll right through Brian tonight, courtesy of the Scissor King! Because EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed! Say it again, EVERYONE loves The Acclaimed!! The Five Tool Player is fired up, but will he need all those tools to dismantle The Machine?


Rush VS Cody Chhun!

El Toro Blanco is back again, and this time he is looking to reach the top of AEW. Will he stampede through everyone put in his path until he is adored with AEW gold?

The bell rings, the fans rally up with “FOUR C! FOUR C!” Chhun runs up but Rush dodges! Chhun hits buckles, then Rush CLOBBERS him! Chhun sits in the corner checking his jaw, but Rush goes to the far side. “If you mess with the bull…” You get BULL’S HORNS!! Rush drags Chhun to a cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

Rush stands tall, but he doesn’t even care to celebrate, because this was more an inevitability than a victory to him. But then he sees Chhun stirring, and Rush drags him out of the ring! Rush CHOPS Chhun right down! Then he whips Chhun hard into barriers! The ref reprimands but Rush THROWS Chhun around again! Rush fires down fists, the fans boo as Rush DECKS Chhun! Rush won’t stop, he finds his favorite bright green cord! Rush LASHES Chhun, even as more refs rush out here! Rush CHOKES Chhun with the cord!! The refs all shout for him to stop, and Rush does. But he wants everyone to remember: Nothing happens unless HE says so!!

Rush storms off, spits on Chhun, and then grabs a chair! The refs warn him, so Rush simply stands on the chair to soak up the heat. Will nothing and no one stop Rush from rampaging his way to the top?


Lexy Nair is outside the trainer’s room.

She notes that to close Collision, Lance Archer & The Righteous viciously attacked FTR after the match. Bryan Danielson walks out, Lexy asks for a medical update. Well, The Elite put a bounty on Team AEW’s heads, and it seems to have worked. FTR won’t make it to Dynamite next Wednesday. But the Elite also failed, because here’s the thing. The Elite wants to change the world? They don’t even show up on Saturdays! And the failure is that Bryan is still here! So this Wednesday, Bryan will be on Dynamite. The Elite can take whatever shot they want, but they better get it done the first time. Otherwise, they won’t like the consequences.

Bryan heads out, but are The EVPs going to make sure no one makes it to Double or Nothing to oppose them?


Deonna Purrazzo VS Robyn Renegade!

The Virtuosa is still seething over her many run-ins with Thunder Rosa, but it seems their rematch isn’t destined to happen just yet. Will Deonna one-up La Mera Mera by beating Robyn worse than Rosa did?

The bell rings, the two circle, and they knuckle lock. Deonna spins to wrangle Robyn, but Robyn rolls back. Robyn wrenches, wristlocks, but Deonna rolls, rolls and gets free. The fans cheer, Deonna smirks, but Robyn runs up. Robyn waistlocks, Deonna switches, but Robyn switches back. Deonna pries free to switch again, then she trips Robyn up. Deonna runs, Robyn stays low, then Robyn hits a rolling fireman’s carry takeover! Robyn runs up but Deonna ducks the kick to roll her up! TWO, and Robyn staggers up into an arm-drag! Deonna has the armlock, the fans cheer, but Robyn endures.

Robyn fights up, Deonna hits another takeover, and she traps the arm. Deonna makes it a cover, ONE as Robyn gets the shoulder up. Deonna knuckle locks, wrenches, then clamps onto the arm. Robyn fights up to whip free, then runs to sunset flip! Deonna stays up, then slaps the arms away to clamp on an ARMBAR! Robyn fights around, flails, and has the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Deonna lets go at 4, and Rampage goes picture in picture.

Deonna stalks Robyn, brings her around and whips, but Robyn holds ropes. Deonna ROCKS Robyn, Robyn still holds ropes! Deonna ROCKS Robyn again, whips, but Robyn reverses. Robyn ducks the forearm, and the backhand, then clinches for a HALF NELNSON FACEBUSTER! Robyn fires up, she sits Deonna up, and runs to SHOTGUN her down! Cover, TWO! Robyn is frustrated, but she drags Deonna back up and bumps her off buckles. Robyn CHOPS Deonna, smirks, and winds up to CHOP again! Robyn says one more time, then puts some stank on it. But Deonna dodges to CHOP back! Deonna whips corner to corner, but Robyn reverses.

Robyn runs in, but Deonna puts her on the apron! Robyn ROCKS Deonna first, steps in, but Deonna ARM CODE BREAKERS! Robyn writhes, Deonna storms over, and Deonna drags Robyn up. Deonna knuckle locks, wrenches, then top wristlocks to wrangle Robyn. Deonna traps the arm for a SNAP LOCK! Cover, TWO! Robyn clutches the arm but Deonna is on her again. Deonna pulls on the bad arm, then top wristlocks. Robyn endures as Deonna thrashes the arm, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns and Deonna wrenches Robyn’s arm. Robyn ROCKS Deonna, but Deonna wrenches again. Robyn fires off a flurry of forearms and the fans fire up! Deonna shoves Robyn but Robyn LARIATS on return! The fans fire up with Robyn, then she wrenches Deonna to reel her in, put her in ropes, and KNEE her! Robyn runs to then STOMP Deonna down! Cover, TWO!! Deonna survives and Robyn is frustrated. The fans rally, Robyn drags Deonna up, then fireman’s carries. Deonna slips free, shoves, and BOOTS Robyn down! Deonna slashes her throat and vows to end this! The fans fire up as Deonna drags Robyn up.

Deonna Gotch hooks, but Robyn slips free! Robyn pump handles, but Deonna arm-drags free! Deonna BOOTS the lariat, ARMBAR DDT! FUJIWARA!! Robyn taps, Deonna wins!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo, by submission

Deonna didn’t even need Venus De Milo, but then she puts that on Robyn anyway!! The ref reprimands, the fans boo, but Deonna makes Robyn suffer in Rosa’s place! But wait, here comes Thunder Rosa!! La Mera Mera rushes the ring, but Deonna runs away! So when does the part about regretting to mess with a Jersey girl come in? Rosa checks Robyn, and Deonna slithers back in! Deonna CLOBBERS Rosa from behind! Oh so that’s the part about Jersey? Rosa gets up, though, and Deonna retreats again. Rosa runs Deonna down and grabs her by the hair! Rosa drags Deonna back to the ring to RAM her into the apron!

The fans fire up as Rosa tells Deonna to fight her now! Rosa puts Deonna in, Deonna rolls out of the ring and runs into the crowd! The fans boo as Deonna flees into the night. When and where will Deonna have to give Rosa this fight?


Scorpio Sky speaks.

“I have done things people dream about. I’ve made money, faced legends, won championship after championship after championship. And you might not wanna hear this, but that was easy. And that doesn’t mean I don’t relate. I understand a normal person put in my position would fail. Because since time began, when people wanted to see a star, they’d look up at the Sky. And all that does is put me in the perfect place to reach down and lift you all up here with me. So to all the fans around the world, I’m coming back. And I’m here for you.” But will this comeback finally be the time Scorpio Sky reaches the top of the mountain?


Backstage interview with Sonjay Dutt.

Lexy Nair says Sonjay asked for this time, what is on his mind? Sonjay says first off, he sure doesn’t need Lexy here so hit the bricks. Skedaddle, peace, see ya. Lexy sighs and leaves, and Sonjay says this is for Bryan Danielson. The Elite have put a price out on Bryan’s head, and Sonjay just got off the phone with them, they have worked out quite the deal. Bryan says he’ll be on Dynamite, and so is Sonjay. But no, Sonjay isn’t the one that’ll take him out once and for all. This Wednesday, it will be The American Dragon VS… The Indian Giant! Yeah, that’s right! The one in a billion, Satnam Singh!

And y’know what? Dragon meat is expensive, so hopefully he goes well with a little chicken masala. This Wednesday, it will be one hell of a cookout! Sonjay laughs to himself, but will Bryan be the one with the last laugh after taking on this giant roadblock?


PROGRAMMING NOTE for Rampage next week!

Yes, Rampage returns to Friday nights next week, BUT at a special time of 6:30 Eastern, 3:30 Pacific! Make sure your DVRs know so you don’t miss this special Double or Nothing weekend edition!


Brian Cage VS Anthony Bowens w/ The Acclaimed!

The Machine turned on Swerve and then got beat by Swerve, crossing him off the list of top contenders. But will he reboot and head for other title opportunities? Or will The Acclaimed prove they can get it done in any division?

As always, Platinum Max has a diss track! “I heard Brian Cage got captain plans. We leave you bleeding so hard, you got menstrual cramps! Damn you are ugly, lookin’ pathetic. You are so small, get off the Ozempic! When did Brian Cage stop lifting weights? Beat him so bad, whip his ass into shape! Run you outta town just like Daim, because in Portland, Everybody Loves The Acclaimed!” Bowens then says, “PORTLAAAAND~! The Acclaimed have arrived! Scissor me, Daddy Ass~!” And he does~! The fans are fired up, but will Cage get his stuff in in response?

The bell rings and the fans sing “OH~ Scissor Me, Daddy~!” Cage and Bowens circle, tie up, and Cage shoves Bowens away! Cage flexes, fans are torn, and Cage says to scissor that. Bowens has Cage hold on, and then Bowens flexes. The fans cheer for Bowens, and he does scissor that! Cage runs up, Bowens gets around, then CHOPS! And CHOPS! Cage TOSSES Bowens to a corner, takes a swing, but Bowens dodges! Bowens CHOPS and CHOPS, but Cage shoves Bowens away. Cage runs up, Bowens gets under and kicks low. Bowens whips, Cage reverses, but Bowens goes up and over. Bowens hurdles, headlocks, but Cage powers out.

Bowens hurdles, slips around the lariat and DDTS! Cover, ONE!! Cage is tougher than that but the fans fire up behind Bowens. Bowens gets Cage up but Cage SPINEBUSTERS him! Cage says no more scissors! Cage storms up to RAM into Bowens! And RAM in again! And then CHOP! The fans “WOO~!” while Cage stalks Bowens. Cage bumps Bowens off buckles, then says one more time! NOT! Cage trolls the fans, whips Bowens, then runs up to UPPERCUT! LARIAT! SAIDO! Cage asks who betta but the fans are torn. Cage storms over to Bowens, drags him up, and ROCKS him with a forearm. Cage CHOPS, ROCKS Bowens again, then CHOPS again.

The ref counts, Cage whips corner to corner, then runs up. Bowens dodges the splash, blocks the kick, CLUBS the knee then KNEE JAMMERS into a DRAGON SCREW! Cage writhes and flounders to the apron while Bowens catches his breath. Bowens storms up, brings Cage up, but Cage swings! Bowens ducks, feints, then kicks the legs out! Cage hits apron on the way down, and Bowens aims. Bowens slingshots but Cage moves, so Bowens just goes to the apron. But Cage blocks the Penalty Kick to bring Bowens down, POST BOMB!! Cage gloats, then leaves Bowens behind, while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Bowens writhes, Cage goes back out to drag him up, and RAMS him into barriers! Cage brings Bowens around, SMACKS him off the apron, then drags him up again. Cage whips Bowens hard into steel steps! Bowens falls over in a heap, Cage flexes, then Cage refreshes the ring count. Cage drags Bowens up but Bowens pushes him away. Cage BOOTS Bowens down, then brings him up for an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Cage gloats some more, steps into the ring, and storms up on Bowens. Bowens kicks low, throws hands, but Cage JUMP KNEES! Cage digs his boots into Bowens at the ropes, lets off, and Bowens sputters.

Cage CHOKES Bowens again, the ref counts, and Cage lets off again. Cage drags Bowens up, scoops and uses him for bicep curls! Cage then TOSSES Bowens away! Cage swaggers around, flexes, and covers, TWO! Bowens KICKS Cage from below! And kicks him again! Cage KICKS Bowens, whips him to ropes, then CLOBBERS Bowens! Cage clamps onto Bowens with a chinlock and grinds him down! Bowens endures, Cage grinds him into the mat, but the fans rally up. Bowens fights up to his feet, throws body shots, but Cage KNEES him away. Cage wags his finger, gloats a bit more, then runs corner to corner to forearm smash!

Cage soaks up more cheers and jeers as Rampage returns to single picture. Cage run sin, but Bowens BOOTS him! And BOOTS again! Bowens goes up, leaps, but Cage catches him! Cage suplexes, but Bowens cradle counters! TWO!! Cage escapes but Bowens ducks the discus! Bowens hobbles but he still ROCKS Cage, throws more hands, but Cage SOBATS! KICKS! Cage runs, Bowens follows. Cage dodges, Bowens redirects and spins Cage for Rock, Paper, Scissors, SUPERKICK! The fans fire up with Bowens! Bowens mule kicks, front kicks, runs and FAMOUSERS! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives and Bowens can’t believe it!

The fans rally up and Bowens rises. Bowens waits on Cage, runs up to clinch, but Cage fires elbows! Cage waistlocks, full nelsons and SLAMS Bowens down! Cover, TWO! Cage is frustrated, but he wants Bowens to get up. Cage runs up, Bowens moves aside to KICK Cage in the ropes! Then DRAPING APRON DDT!! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Bowens rises, drags Cage up, and fireman’s carries! Cage fights that to POST Bowens! And ENZIGIRI! Bowens flops around the corner, Cage brings him up from inside! DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX!! Cover, TWO!!! Bowens is still in this and Cage is beside himself!

Cage starts up Terminator drums, the fans join in, and he drags Bowens up. Cage pump handles and lifts, but Bowens slips free of the driver! Bowens runs but Cage ducks the kick to roll Bowens up! Bowens rolls through, and he ducks the discus! The SOUTHPAW hits! Cage reels Bowens in, suplexes, DRILL- NO, Bowens slips free to ROLLING ELBOW! And SUPERKICK! Cage falls, Bowens runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives but the fans fire up! Bowens huffs and puffs and fires back up! Bowens waits on Cage, fireman’s carries, but the bad leg stops him! Cage shoves Bowens at the ref!

Cage runs up, Bowens sends him at the ref! Bowens waistlocks but Cage LOW BLOWS!! The fans boo but Cage reels Bowens in! DRILL CLAW!!! Cover, Cage wins!!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

Bowens may be an excellent former Tag & Trios Champion, but sadly he isn’t at the level needed as a singles guy. Will The Acclaimed have to regroup and focus on going after The Elite? Will The Machine be granted golden opportunities by said Elite?

My Thoughts:

A very good Rampage to once again follow up Collision, but I’m relieved that next week is going to be a partial return to normal schedule. Because as great as the matches here were, they just felt thrown together to tangentially tell stories. For example, Kyle VS Lee was a great match but Kyle has beef with The House of Black but they didn’t want Kyle getting one over on Buddy or Brody before facing Malakai next Wednesday. Shane Taylor Promotions deserves a touch better than being fed to the bigger stories, but maybe they come around as a trio after Double or Nothing to face like Bang Bang Gang or something.

And even our main event was an example of this. Great promo from Acclaimed, great rap from Caster as usual, but also a good choice for Cage to still win out. Cage has done singles champ stuff, is going to be the singles champ guy in whatever the former Mogul Embassy becomes after this, or even just a singles guy all on his own. Rush of course squashes his opponent tonight but him going after Chhun after was a good touch. At the same time, I kinda wanted the ref to reverse the decision and disqualify Rush after the match, throwing him into a worse rage and beating up on Chhun more. And again, why no La Faccion Ingobernable? Donde esta Dralistico, Preston Vance y Jose?

Good match from Deonna VS Robyn but of course Deonna won. Rosa going after Deonna and Deonna running away was not what I was expecting, it’s rather disappointing, and why not just give us their rematch with escalated stipulations already? Deonna VS Rosa in a Last Woman Standing maybe? Iron Woman Match so that it goes right to half an hour? Something cool like that would really show Tony Khan finally wants to do more with the Women’s Division after promising it like two or three times already.

And very good promos from Bryan and Sonjay Dutt to set up Bryan VS Satnam. I would think Bryan wins, but there’s a good chance Team Triple J goes after him post match anyway. As I just said in the Collision article, Anarchy in the Arena being No Disqualifications of the highest level, we could actually get way more than just the eight men advertised as the roster starts choosing sides, a very Avengers Civil War/Endgame type situation.

My Score: 8.6/10

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