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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (3/14/24)

ROH is Freshly Squeezed!



It’s a big time return or whatever!

Right before the AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament begins, Best Friends’ Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta return to ROH!


  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament: Billie Starkz VS Diamante; Billie wins and advances.
  • Lee Johnson VS Aaron Solo; Johnson wins.
  • Four Corner Survival: Kiera Hogan VS Lady Frost VS Leyla Hirsch VS Robyn Renegade; Kiera wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Ground: Athena VS Aisha; Athena wins and denies Aisha a title match.
  • Six Man Tag: Top Flight VS The Iron Savages; Top Flight wins.
  • The Workhorsemen VS Nick Comoroto & Jacoby Watts; The Workhorsemen win.
  • Lance Archer w/ Jake “The Snake” Roberts VS Darian Bengston; Archer wins.
  • ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Abadon VS Mercedes Martinez; Martinez wins and advances.
  • Four Corner Survival: AR Fox VS Jack Cartwheel VS Komander VS Slim J; Komander wins.
  • Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta w/ Chuck Taylor VS Griff Garrisson & Cole Karter w/ Maria Kanellis; Cassidy & Trent win.


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Billie Starkz VS Diamante!

Minion 400,237 and three-quarters said herself that no one is better than Athena, and she’s better than everyone else in the field! Will she continue to be one step behind the Fallen Goddess and one step ahead of the rest? Or will she be crushed by the Cuban Diamond?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and then Billie takes a swing! Diamante ducks, waistlocks and O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Things speed up, Diamante ducks ‘n’ dodges then rolls, but Billie leaps over! Billie sunset flips on the return, ONE! Diamante sits on it, ONE! Billie sunset flips again, ONE and Diamante rains down fists! The ref reprimands, Billie pushes Diamante away, and then she runs up, but into an OVERHEAD- OH, well, it ends up more like a flapjack than Belly2Belly throw but that hurts either way. Diamante runs corner to corner to HYDRAULIC DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!

The fans rally up as Billie stays in this, and she bails out to the apron. Diamante pursues and RAMS Billie into the LED barrier! The fans boo but Diamante flexes as she soaks up the heat. Diamante storms back up on Billie, and whips her hard into railing! Billie clutches her side and Diamante tells Billie to be humble. Diamante CHOPS Billie, Billie sputters, and then Diamante headlocks. Diamante brings Billie along, headlock punches her, then whips her at steel steps! Billie goes up and up to FLYING RANA! Not the cleanest but the fans fire up with Billie all the same! Billie stands, storms after Diamante, and puts her in the ring.

The fans rally behind Billie and she hurries to the apron. But Diamante ROCKS her! Diamante puts Billie in the ropes for a NECKBREAKER HOTSHOT! Diamante dumps Billie into a cover, TWO! Diamante is annoyed but she stomps Billie around. Diamante eggs Billie on, has her in a corner and RAMS into her! Then RAMS her again! Billie CLUBS Diamante but Diamante RAMS in again! The ref counts, Diamante lets off and CHOPS! Diamante then digs her boot in! The ref counts, Diamante lets off at 4, but Billie grits her teeth. The fans rally as Diamante stands Billie up and Billie fires body shots!

Diamante throws Billie down by her hair! The fans boo and the ref reprimands but Diamante soaks it up. Diamante sits Billie up, steps over an arm and has the neck wrench! Diamante adds a cording hold to stretch Billie out. The fans rally as Billie endures, but Diamante CLUBS away on Billie’s chest! Diamante goes back to the neck wrench and even grinds her forearms into Billie’s face. Billie fights up, throws body shots, and then ROCKS Diamante with a forearm! Billie runs, Diamante follows and tilt-o-whirls, into a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! The fans do cheer that ability, and Diamante runs to PLANKING SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Diamante argues the count but the ref defends it. Diamante eggs Billie on again, then CLUBS her down. Billie grabs at Diamante but Diamante scuffs her. Billie still rises up, and she ROCKS Diamante with a forearm! Diamante snarls and UPPERCUTS Billie down! Diamante pushes Billie to a cover, TWO! Diamante clamps onto Billie with a facelock, then stands her up. Diamante whips Billie to a corner, runs up, but Billie ELBOWS her away! Then BOOTS her away! Diamante tries again, blocks the boot, but not the REBOUND KICK! Billie hurries to dump Diamante out and builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit at the ramp!

The fans fire up and Billie keeps moving! Billie builds speed again to DIVE again! Another hit, but Billie wants the hattrick! Billie builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit again and the fans fire up! Billie points to the title belt, then drags Diamante up and puts her in the ring. Billie reels Diamante in, suplexes, GHOSTBUSTER! Cover, TWO?!? Diamante survives but Billie is fuming! The fans rally behind Billie as she goes up a corner. Diamante rise sup first to UPPERCUT! Diamante then drags Billie off the top, but Billie ELBOWS her, sweeps the legs, and mule kicks! Billie goes right back up, but Diamante springs to her feet!

Billie leaps over Diamante, goes to the far corner, and Diamante runs in! Wheelbarrow, but Billie makes it a FACEBUSTER! Billie half nelsons to haul Diamante up, but Diamante throws elbows with the free arm! Billie holds on but Diamante snapmares! Billie BOOTS her for it! Billie then brings Diamante in, suplexes, but Diamante cradle counters! TWO!! Billie stands into an UPPERCUT! Diamante reels Billie in, O’Conner Roll and CHAOS THEORY!! Cover, TWO!! Billie survives and shocks Diamante! The fans are thunderous while Diamante thinks on what to do now. Diamante sits Billie up and ROCKS her with a forearm!

Diamante says this is over! She throws more forearms, then some SLAPS and CHOPS! Diamante then stands Billie up, but Billie powers out of the cravat to LARIAT! The fans fire up and Billie flounders to ropes. Billie crawls back to Diamante as the fans rally. Billie fires a forearm, but Diamante gives it back! They go back and forth, harder and harder! The fans rally behind Billie with every shot, but Diamante ROCKS Billie! Billie ROCKS Diamante! The forearms keep going, they pick up speed, and Billie gets the edge! The fans fire up, but Diamante shoves Billie! Billie rebounds to ROCK Diamante again!

Billie runs, ROCKS Diamante against ropes, then keeps going! But Diamante follows to ROCK Billie! Diamante runs, but Billie ROCKS her! Billie runs, Diamante blows past her and wheelbarrows, for the STUNNER! Then a cravat for SHIRANUI!! Cover, TWO?!?! Billie survives again and Diamante pulls at her hair! The fans are thunderous as Diamante drags Billie back up. Diamante whips, runs up, but Billie BOOTS her! And SPIN HEEL KICKS! The fans fire up as Billie goes up top! SWANTON BOMB!! Cover, TWO?!?! Diamante survives but Billie just drags her into the HALF NELSON CROSSFACE!! Diamante taps, Billie wins!!

Winner: Billie Starkz, by pinfall (advances to the semifinals)

Atlanta fires up as Billie is through to the next round! Will nothing stop her from grabbing the gold and standing beside Athena as her equal?


Cole Karter & Griff Garrison speak.

The Diamond in the Rough tells the Ivy League MVP, “This is it. This is the biggest match of our career. Maria set this up for us, and we’re gonna make her proud.” Griff says that’s right. The “Baby Boys” have Maria behind them, so Trent & Orange, this is the biggest match of their careers, so they’re gonna do their best. Maria walks in and says, “Your best? Your best? 23 years old (Cole), 26 years old (Griff). You guys are babies. My Baby Boys! I remember thinking that everyone else owned my career when I was your age. That ROH or the person I was in the ring with, they owned my career.

“But the truth is, you own your careers. Y’know, [Griff] had that match with Adam Copeland, and it was great! It was on Collision and everybody was talking about it, and I was so proud. Until you lost. And because you lost, we haven’t seen the inside of a Collision ring since.” Griff feels bad, but Maria says actions have consequences and they need to understand that. These types of opportunities don’t happen every day. Orange, Trent, they’re jealous of Griff & Karter and what they can accomplish! They are on the path to do great things, and the stolen mask of Serpentico is just the beginning. Maria wants to be proud of her baby boys.

They aren’t gonna disappoint her, right? No, of course not! They’re gonna make her proud, right? Right, absolutely! Then let’s go. Maria leads the way, but will her boys’ best be enough against the Best Friends?


ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Ground: Athena VS Aisha!

Standing at 46-0, the Fallen Goddess continues to raise the bar on what it is to be the most dominant champion, male or female, in ROH history! Will she keep on going even towards Supercard of Honor? Or is she going to get caught slipping one of these nights?

The Code of Honor is upheld, the bell rings, and the fans rally for Athena. Athena waves to her minions then circles with Aisha. They step up, then Athena DECKS Aisha! Athena HAMMERS away on Aisha, argues with the ref, and then reels Athena in. Athena suplexes for a GOURD BUSTER! Aisha sits up while Athena cheers herself on. Athena runs up, but Aisha gets around to Gory Especial! Aisha spins and spins, then HIP BUMPS Athena away! Aisha runs corner to corner, and BOOTS Athena down! Aisha then drags Athena up to whip corner to corner, and then HIP ATTACKS her down!

The fans are torn, but Aisha goes up the corner. But Athena SHOVES her down! Athena then runs side to side to baseball slide DROPKICK! Aisha falls right to the floor, but Athena goes out after her. Athena CLUBS away on Aisha, then clinches for a scoop and SWING into the railing! Aisha writhes, Athena drags her up and RAMS her into the LED barrier! The fans rally as Athena stalks Aisha, brings her around, and shoves her into the ring. Athena stalks Aisha, CLUBS her and snapmares, to then KICK her in the back! Athena shouts, “This is MY show!” as she SLAPS Aisha again and again! Aisha crawls but Athena storms up on her.

Athena whips Aisha to a corner, but Aisha stops herself! HIP ATTACK! And then a SPINEBUSTER! High stack, ONE!! Athena shocks Aisha, but Aisha fires herself back up. Aisha hauls Athena up, whips her to a corner, but Athena goes up and up, FLYING CODE BREAKER! Athena runs in at the corner to back body block! She goes side to side and ROCKS Aisha with a forearm! Athena then slips out to the apron, brings Aisha into the ropes, and Athena stands on Aisha’s head! The ref reprimands but Athena STOMPS and STOMPS and STOMPS! Aisha flops down while Athena snarls. Aisha crawls but Athena stalks her.

Aisha stands, Athena runs up and BOOTS her down! Athena isn’t done, she ties Aisha’s legs up in a figure four, then adds a STRETCH PLUM! Aisha endures, taps, Athena wins!

Winner: Athena, by submission (denies Aisha a title opportunity)

The Fallen Goddess adds something new to the arsenal, but then she still follows her usual bad habits. She goes out, sits Aisha against steel steps, and then lines up a shot. Athena runs in to KNEE Aisha into the steel! The ref reprimands but some fans want that “One More Time!” Athena paces, gets more space, and runs in again, for another KNEE!! Athena stands tall with her title but she also gets a mic. “That. That is what you have to offer, Atlanta? This hot garbage is what you have to offer me!?” The fans chant for “A T L! A T L!” and Athena frowns. “ATL isn’t even good enough to wipe my ass.”

Fans boo but Athena says since they forgot who she is, she is the FOREVER ROH Women’s Champion, the Fallen Goddess, the Minion Overlord, the ROH Gatekeeper, the American Joshi, the person that is the inspiration to every women’s division, and the main event of ROH! “Match after match, I come to this ring, I put my heart and soul and defend my championship! I give Suzy from down the street an opportunity, I give Rebecca from down the block opportunities! And what do I get in return!? Nothing. And quite frankly, I am bored! I need more! I deserve more! SHUT UP, I’M TALKING!”

Fans boo but Athena says she needs more than “these porcelain princesses, this hot trash!” SHE is the one who has put ROH on the map, put it on her back, and carried it to new levels! And the funny thing is, Supercard is only weeks away! But no one is lining up to face the Forever Champion. Hell, the entire locker room is so afraid of facing Athena, that they lined up for a second-place title tournament! And even then, Nyla Rose, a former AEW Women’s World Champion, after Athena threw her through tables, she could’ve stepped back up. But no, she stepped right out of ROH, tucked tail and ran.

The fans are torn between boos and another “ATL!” chant, but Athena says here we are. She is dying for competition! She needs it to solidify the most epic reign in all of pro-wrestling! Who is it gonna be? Hell, it isn’t anyone in ROH! So she will open every door around the world, anyone is welcome to step inside, because she NEEDS someone to take her to her limit! Athena NEEDS real competition! So who is it gonna be to take her the limit? Wait, that music… HIKARU SHIDA!! The Full Metal Warrior, the former THREE-TIME AEW Women’s World Champion, on top of other titles back home in Japan, is now in ROH!

Shida steps right into the ring with the fans cheering her on. Shida points her kendo stick at Athena and the title, so the challenge is clearly made. Athena holds up the belt, and Tony Khan already sends word that this is happening! Supercard of Honor, April 5th, Philadelphia! Will the Fallen Goddess soon learn that nothing lasts forever?


Backstage interview with Lee Johnson.

Lexi Nair congratulates Big Shotty over his big win over Aaron Solo, adding to his 2024 win streak. What is the secret to this success? Johnson says he has said it before and he’ll proudly say it again, he is not just here to take part. He is here to take over! 2024 has been looking really, really good, and he does not plan on slowing down any time soon. So welcome to the Shotty Show! Johnson is ready to stand at the very top of ROH, but what title will he take aim at first?


Backstage interview with Taya Valkyrie.

Lexi is with La Wera Loca and says it’s been a couple weeks since they’ve talked. But Lexi does have to ask, what’s it like being a “Boy Mom in Slam Town?” Oh, they’re just so cute! She wants to but the Tate Twins matching outfits and dress them up, they’re so adorable! But then Dalton Castle shouts as he clings to a wall. Taya says he is embarrassing himself, he should leave. Castle asks where Taya’s keeping The Boys but she says she’s not telling them, they’re hers! Castle knows they’re here, he can smell them! Castle goes looking through some sort of hamper…? Taya asks Castle if he really knows The Boys. What’s their favorite animal? What’s they’re favorite color?

SPOILERS! It’s sharks, and blue! Taya keeps quizzing Castle with “Who’re their best friend?” Mommy Taya, that’s who! And what do they like for brunch? SCONES! He knows that! NO, it’s tater tots! And lots of ’em! They even like sashimi, they get it when she gets a California Roll. Castle isn’t even fit to have Boys! Castle laughs as he asks what. He’s not fit. Not fit? No, he is not fit to have Boys! “Look at me, you filth! Tell me where they are!” Taya calls security as Castle gets in her face! Security storms in, they carry Castle away and Taya says she will tell Castle where The Boys are! They’re with Daddy TV, on top of a mountain, learning how to be MEN! And how to be TV READY!

Lexi is almost in tears watching this drama unfold. Taya composes herself and asks if there are other questions. No, we’re good… Will The Peacock ever have his life back in order? Or will Mr. & Mrs. Taya continue to rub his Boys in his face?


ROH Women’s World Television Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Abadon VS Mercedes Martinez!

The round of eight is almost over, and soon we will be left with the Final Four! The Living Dead Girl collides with the OG Badass, but who moves on to face Billie Starkz in the semifinals?

Martinez spits on her hand and the Code of Honor is upheld, then the bell rings. Abadon HEADBUTTS Martinez, then fires off forearms! Abadon whips Martinez to a corner, SPLASHES then fires off clotheslines! Abadon sits Martinez down tot hen STOMP her down! Abadon runs corner to corner to METEORA! Martinez flops out of the ring, Abadon CANNONBALLS her to the floor! The fans fire up and Abadon stalks Martinez. Abadon CLUBS Martinez, stalks her around the way, and then CLUBS her again! The fans rally behind Abadon, but Martinez BOOTS Abadon down! Martinez says the fans are sure quiet now!

Martinez refreshes the ring count, CLUBS Abadon, then pushes Abadon in the ring. Martinez talks trash then KICKS Abadon in the side. Martinez gets Abadon up, BUTTERFUL SUPLEX and a roll through, for another BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Martinez drags Abadon up again, and then lifts her up for a BUTTERFLY STRETCH! Abadon endures, so Martinez SLAMS Abadon down! Cover, TWO! Martinez paces around Abadon, talks trash and slaps her around, and the fans rally. Martinez UPPERCUTS Abadon, whips her to ropes, but Abadon holds ropes while laughing!

Abadon ELBOWS Martinez, runs and tilt-o-whirls to RANA! Martinez gets up, wrenches, but Abadon ducks a lariat, but Martinez turns around to LARIAT after all! Cover, TWO! The fans rally as Abadon stays in this. Martinez drags Abadon up, steps over, and has a seated cobra twist! Abadon endures and the fans rally again. Abadon fights around, throws some elbows and shots from below, and then stands up. But Martinez UPPERCUTS her down! Martinez drags Abadon up, fireman’s carries, but Abadon fights free! Abadon BOOTS Martinez, runs up, but Martinez DECKS her! Martinez then lines up a shot, but is creeped out by Abadon laughing and singing as she sits up!

Martinez runs in, Abadon blocks a boot and trips her! Abadon runs to BASEMENT CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Martinez is still in this but Abadon snarls. Abadon stalks Martinez to ropes, KNEES her low, then KNEES her again and again! The ref counts, Abadon lets off and whips, but Martinez reverses. Martinez gets around to SAIDO! The fans rally, Martinez takes aim, and runs in at the corner, to FOREARM SMASH! Martinez sits Abadon down, goes side to side, and BOOT WASHES! The fans fire up and Martinez YANKS Abadon for a SLAM, then high stacks! TWO, but Martinez gets a leg! Martinez sits on a HALF CRAB!

Abadon endures, crawls, reaches out, and the fans rally up again. Abadon drags Martinez back to get the ROPEBREAK! Martinez lets go in frustration and she runs corner to corner again. Abadon dodges, Martinez runs into buckles, and Abadon throws Martinez back. Abadon goes up to then reel Martinez in for a RANA! And a CUTTER! But Martinez flounders to the apron! Abadon crawls after Martinez, grabs at her, and then goes out to the apron with her. Abadon CLUBS away on Martinez, reels her in, APRON- NO, Martinez holds ropes to deny the DDT! Abadon sits up in a daze, and Martinez KNEES her right back down!

Martinez huffs and puffs, drags Abadon out along the apron, and KICKS, KICKS and KICKS Abadon in the back! Martinez then drapes Abadon out for the SWINGING NECKBREAKER to the floor! The fans fire up and the ring count starts. Abadon stirs at 5 of 10, claws at the floor mat, but Martinez is up first. Martinez puts Abadon in at 8 of 20, covers, TWO! Abadon survives and Martinez is frustrated. Martinez hears the fans rallying for Abadon but says she’s the one moving on! Martinez hauls Abadon up, but Abadon is deadweight! Martinez kicks Abadon around, drags Abadon back up, but Abadon SHRIEKS!

Abadon BITES Martinez’s arm! The fans fire up, the ref counts, and Abadon lets off at 4. Abadon “apologizes” then gets around Martinez, SWING-OUT DDT!! Cover, TWO!! Abadon can’t believe it and shrieks into the night! The fans fire up as Martinez crawls to a corner. Abadon rises, runs in at the corner, but Martinez dodges! Abadon ELBOWS back, hobbles along ropes, but wait is that Diamante!? Diamante CLUBS Abadon on the back, Martinez reels Abadon in, FISHERMAN BUSTER!! Cover, Martinez wins?!?

Winner: Mercedes Martinez, by pinfall 

The fans boo because Abadon just got cheated! Martinez will face Billie in the next round, but will Diamante be her insurance policy even then? Is Abadon gonna haunt them until the end of time for this?


Eddie Kingston speaks.

“ROH has Supercard coming up. In the birthplace of ROH, in Philly. And there was someone almost about a year ago, very close to a year ago, who was supposed to have a title shot at Claudio but got injured, and never got his title shot. And that’s you, Mark. That’s you, Chicken, Mark Briscoe baby.” Eddie tells Mark that, as Mark knows, Mark wasn’t even allowed on the first ROH show because he was only 17! But he was there with his brother, Jay Briscoe, for Jay Briscoe VS Amazing Red. So why not now? It’s beautiful. It’s only two, three hours from home? Bring all your people, Mark. Not in a “I’m gonna beat you up” way, not like how Edde is going to scar Kazuchika Okada.

No, Eddie and Mark are going to show what the beautiful art of professional wrestling is. They won’t play around, they won’t dance. They will fight. They will fight for THE ROH World Championship, in Philadelphia, where this all started. Because Eddie respects Mark. And who cares who doesn’t like what Eddie’s about to say, they can talk to him about that. But Mark has been earning this shot for years, he deserves this shot, and Eddie wants to be the man who gives Mark that shot. It is happening, but will The Mad King make it through the Rainmaker with all the gold on his shoulders?


Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta w/ Chuck Taylor VS Griff Garrisson & Cole Karter w/ Maria Kanellis!

The Freshly Squeezed combination for Best Friends is getting in the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament, and they already won against the Superbad Squad. Will they keep things going against Maria’s Baby Boys? Or will the First Lady of Professional Wrestling be the proudest she’s ever been after tonight?

The Code of Honor is upheld by all four men, and Trent even shakes Maria’s hand. The fans chant for “Freshly Squeezed!” as the teams sort out, and Cassidy starts against Karter. Cassidy and Karter circle, the fans even chant for “Chuckie T! Chuckie T!” then for “Trent! Trent! Trent!” Cassidy raises his hands, but Karter rushes in! Cassidy gets around to headlock, but Karter powers up and out. Karter drops, hurdles, then arm-drags! But Cassidy arm-drags back! Then Cassidy avoids Karter’s arm-drag, and he has his hands up! Maria freaks out, Karter runs up, but Cassidy hurdles then MONKEY FLIPS Karter!

Cassidy kips up, keeps Karter from Griff, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Trent and Trent whips Cassidy so Cassidy can whip Trent, and Trent ROCKS Karter! Trent feeds Karter to Cassidy, just so Cassidy can hold Karter up. Trent runs to CLOBBER Karter, then Cassidy SPLASHES down! Trent moves Cassidy aside so he can cover Karter, TWO! Karter scrambles away as Maria coaches him, and Karter tags Griff. Griff runs up but into a hip toss! Trent KICKS Griff in the back, kicks low then CHOPS him! Tag to Cassidy, he and Trent double whip Griff to double shoulder tackle! They shake hands, then sit Griff up to reel him in!

Trent & Cassidy double suplex high and hard! Maria protests, Cassidy covers, TWO! Griff stays in this and Cassidy discusses the count as opposed to arguing. The count was fair so Cassidy goes to Griff in a corner. Griff turns things around to then throw body shots and an UPPERCUT! Griff whips Cassidy corner to corner, but Cassidy tumbles up and out. Cassidy ducks the haymaker to dribble Griff off buckles! The fans count along and Cassidy goes all the way to TEN! Maria is upset and she gets up on the apron! Trent protests, the ref is busy with them all, and Griff BOOTS Cassidy down! Karter shoves Cassidy back in, Griff SPLASHES in a corner!

Griff snapmares to a cover, TWO! Griff stays on Cassidy with a facelock and grinds him down. Griff drags Cassidy over, tags Karter, and they mug Cassidy. Maria cheers as Karter rains down fists! The fans boo, the ref reprimands about closed fists, so Karter lets off. Karter snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Cassidy is frustrated but Karter knees him in the back! And again! Karter drags Cassidy up, bumps him off buckles, then tags Griff. Karter bumps Cassidy off buckles, Griff ROCKS Cassidy in the back! Griff brings Cassidy around, CLUBS him down, but the fans rally up. Griff brings Cassidy back for Karter to tag in.

Griff sends Karter in but Cassidy BOOTS! Maria freaks out as Cassidy dodges Griff’s splash! Karter grabs a leg but Cassidy BOOTS him away! Griff gets a leg, Cassidy BOOTS Griff away! Griff AND Karter get legs! They drag Cassidy back but he BOOTS them both away! Hot tag to Trent! Trent rallies on Griff & Karter with LARIAT after LARIAT! Trent drops down to then STANDING METEORA Karter! Griff swings, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Trent holds on to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Trent drags Griff up again, but Karter runs in. Trent shoves Griff away, gets around Karter, and he GERMAN SUPLEXES Karter!

The fans fire up and Trent aims at Griff on the outside. PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Griff! The fans fire up but Maria gets between Trent and Chuck! She denies the people what they want, and Karter CLOBBERS Trent! Fans boo but Karter gives Trent an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Karter soaks up the heat, pushes Trent into the ring, and Griff joins in. Karter fireman’s carries, Griff runs up, BOOT O’ DOOM! Karter hurries to cover, TWO!! Trent survives but Karter rains down fists! The ref reprimands again but Karter drags Trent up. Karter bumps Trent off buckles then tags in Griff. Griff rains down forearms!

Griff huffs ‘n’ puffs as he lets off, but the fans rally up for Trent. Griff drags Trent up, tags Karter, and Karter runs to CLOBBER Cassidy! Griff feeds Trent to Karter’s KNEE, then hits an atomic FACEBUSTER! Cover, Cassidy breaks it! Tag to Karter and he TOSSES Cassidy! Griff hauls Trent up, Karter climbs. Griff scoop SLAMS Trent, Karter 450 FLOPS as Trent moves!! The fans fire up as Trent crawls, but Griff hurries in to anchor him! Trent slips around to SAIDO Griff away! The fans fire up again as Trent staggers up and around, hot tag to Cassidy! Cassidy “storms” up to Griff & Karter, and “unleashes” those kicks!

Cassidy then stomps and stomps and stomps and stomps! The fans fire up, Cassidy runs, and he DOUBLE SHOTGUNS! Cassidy kips up, the fans fire up, and Cassidy powers up his arm! Cassidy runs in but Griff puts him on the apron! Cassidy ROCKS Griff, goes up, and CROSSBODIES! Cassidy keeps moving, he ducks ‘n’ dodges Karter to tilt-o-whirl and DDT! Cover, TWO!! Karter survives and Cassidy grits his teeth. Chuckie T and the fans rally up, and off comes the elbow pad! Cassidy aims, but Maria trips him up! The fans boo, Griff runs in, ROLLING ELBOW! Trent is back and he SUPERKICKS Griff!

Karter CALF KICKS Trent! Karter dodges the Orange Punch to DROPKICK! Karter soaks up the heat as he drags Cassidy back up. Maria applauds as Karter suplexes, but into STUN DOG MILLIONAIRE, that sends him into a HALF ‘N’ HALF from Trent! Cassidy DIVES onto Griff! Trent aims at Karter, but Maria distracts! She wants a hug?! The fans boo but Trent figures why not. Trent hugs Chuck! You GOT to give the people what they want! Trent reels Karter in for the PILEDRIVER!! Then feed to the ORANGE PUNCH!! Cassidy covers, Best Friends win!

Winners: Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta, by pinfall

The biggest match of the Baby Boys’ career, and they fell hard! Best Friends will have to turn things right around because they’re going on a Rampage, will they keep the momentum going towards AEW’s own March Madness?

Wait! Spanish Annoucne Project sneaks in! They fire off hands on Griff & Karter! Maria panics, but she taunts Serpentico with the mask! She throws it down, he thinks about it, and so he grabs the mask! But Griff rises up! Griff turns Serpentico around, only to get punches from the mask hand! But Maria LOW BLOWS Serpentico! Karter LOW BLOWS Angelico! Maria shouts the mask is HERS, but then Best Friends return! They chase Maria off but she still has Serpentico’s property! When and where will #SNAKEMAN have his revenge? But for now, Best Friends stand with SAP, and they all HUG~! You definitely GOT to give the people what they want!

My Thoughts:

Another week of ROH needing to figure out its runtimes. The stream said 49 minutes, there were apparently technical difficulties and delays, and even then it ended up being a two hour episode instead. In many ways, this is just ROH reverting into AEW Dark. We still got good stuff, and as I skimmed through things, it seems there are some stories developing. Jacoby Watts has already been a parody of Christian evangelists that become self-important, and I do appreciate Caprice Coleman on commentary not being a fan of that given his own “man of the cloth” character. Jacoby is trying to lead Nick Comoroto to success but obviously in a misguided way, that might end up a good story to help Comoroto finally get something going again.

I did like in the Six Man Tag of Top Flight VS Iron Savages that they started with a “chug off,” and of course Action Andretti took that with his impressive speed chug technique. Archer of course dominated Bengston but fans had fun seeing Jake The Snake get a shot in first, and both Four Corner Survival matches were fast and fun. Great wins for Kiera Hogan and Komander through those, but Keira’s gonna be waiting on the Women’s TV title tournament to wrap up before she gets a title match, and Komander probably isn’t ever adding another title while he’s still AAA Cruiserweight Champion.

Really good match from Johnson and Solo because, as commentary made sure to note, they came up together through the Nightmare Factory and they know each other very well. Johnson’s win makes him 7-1 but that’s seven straight and really does deserve some kind of title match. It just doesn’t seem like that’ll happen until the other side of Supercard. Eddie had a great promo to officially establish an ROH World title match with Mark Briscoe, and Ethan Page is still waiting on Tony Khan to get Kyle Fletcher over here for an ROH World TV Championship match. Wheeler Yuta may still be recovering from minor injury, but it would be nice if the Pure Championship was back in action.

Athena of course won the Proving Ground match, but great promo from her to throw out an Open Challenge. And great choice for it to be Hikaru Shida, that will be an awesome match for Supercard. Now, as great as Athena beating Shida would be, part of her promo made me think that her time as champion has to be closer to the end. Athena can give the belt to Shida, making Shida a history-maker but then Athena can move on to AEW to get in on a title scene there. Even with Mercedes Mone now joining AEW, Shida in ROH and Athena in AEW freshens everything up to help both divisions move forward in to Spring and Summer.

Great stuff in the ROH Women’s TV Championship tournament. Billie of course won her match, she’s one of the main focuses in this tournament’s story. But then quite the surprise in Diamante helping Martinez screw Abadon over. At the same time, we weren’t getting Abadon VS Billie anyway, two fan favorites clashing and one has to win, that would be too hard of a call for anyone. Billie will surely beat Martinez, maybe with Abadon helping as revenge on Martinez, and then Billie is a finalist going to Supercard of Honor.

That promo segment from Taya and Cassidy was hilarious. It was a rather well-done take on a dramatic family situation, and I’m sure the next promo will be the debut of The TV Boys, where Brandon & Brent are “TV Ready.” And good stuff going into the main event. Good promo from Griff, Karter & Maria, really good match with Best Friends, but of course Best Friends won. I’m almost a little disappointed SAP didn’t get Serpentico’s mask back, but that again is a better moment to happen in like a “Mask on a Pole” match or a ladder match where the mask is hanging above the ring. That’s not a Supercard of Honor level match, but it can be a solid main event on the go-home episode in a few weeks.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (4/15/24)




Will it be a victorious homecoming for Sami Zayn?

Tonight on Raw, Sami Zayn returns home to Montreal as NEW Intercontinental Champion, but will he lose that title already to Chad Gable?


  • Sheamus VS Ivar; Sheamus wins.
  • Dominik Mysterio VS Andrade El Idolo; wins.
  • Jey Uso VS Finn Balor; wins.
  • Chelsea Green & Piper Niven VS Kayden Carter & Katana Chance; win.
  • Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell VS Ivy Nile & Maxxine Dupri; win.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn VS Chad Gable; wins and


Rhea Ripley is here!

Montreal fires up for Mami as she makes her way out to the ring, but her arm’s in a sling! She holds up the Women’s World Championship with her good arm before going to the ring, clearly not in a good mood. Adam Pearce is waiting in the ring, and Rhea gets a mic. The fans cheer “MAMI! MAMI!” but Rhea says, “So… Obviously, you guys know what’s going on right now, yeah? After the attack last week from Liv Morgan… I’ve now been told that I’m stuck on the bench for quite a few months.” Fans are upset but Rhea says she’s also been informed, told, whatever, she’s pissed! Y’know why? Because she has to vacate the one thing that means the most to her, her world title!

The fans chant “NO! NO! NO!” but there’s no getting around this. Rhea takes a long look at the belt and the fans call BS. Rhea says it sure is BS. This title right here, this means the most to her in her entire life! And that’s why this is so painful. Rhea sets the belt down on the mat, and gives it one last look. Rhea pulls at her hair in frustration, but the fans chant, “Thank You, Mami!” Rhea says, “Revenge tour? This is all because your stupid little revenge tour, Liv! Are you kidding me?” Rhea could’ve actually had respect for Liv, if she’d done this face to face! Instead, she blindsides Rhea like the coward Rhea knows Liv is!

And Rhea knows why Liv did it! It’s because Rhea would’ve dropped Liv right where she stood! So this is a warning to whoever wins her Women’s World Championship. When Rhea comes back, she’s coming back for BLOOD! And not just because of injury, but because when she finds Liv back there, they’ll have to lock her up in Montreal jail! But speaking of, here comes Liv! Pearce already goes to the ropes and security is there to keep Liv back. Liv is laughing, Rhea storms out after her! Security stays between them both, Liv dares Rhea to try something with one arm! The fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” but Pearce says nope!

Pearce ushers Liv away, Liv laughing all the way. Rhea is frustrated, so she HEADBUTTS a guard! The fans cheer, but when and where will Rhea’s revenge tour come looking for Liv?


Rhea returns backstage.

Judgment Day is there to see her off with a group hug. Damian Priest says they know when she comes back, she’ll make Liv regret ever messing with her, and even more badass than she is right now! Cuz she is Rhea Bloody Ripley, and they love her. She thanks them, and tells them to keep Judgment Day on top. Rhea heads out, will the boys be able to keep things together without Mami?


Sheamus VS Ivar!

After months away with his own injury, the Celtic Warrior is back! And that means Monday Night Raw is now Fight Night, fellas! He’s never felt better, but will the Viking Raider make him feel awful already?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally and welcome Sheamus back. Sheamus smiles and ties up with Ivar. They go around, break, then tie up again. Sheamus headlocks, Ivar powers up and out, but Sheamus RAMS him! Ivar rebounds, RAMS Sheamus, but Sheamus steadies himself. The fans chant “Let’s Go, Sheamus!” and the forearms start flying! Sheamus gets the edge, whips, but Ivar reverses. Sheamus ducks ‘n’ dodges and CLOBBERS Ivar! The fans fire up while Ivar goes to the apron! Sheamus storms up and grabs the arms, but Ivar HOTSHOTS Sheamus away! Ivar goes up, but Sheamus ROCKS him first!

Sheamus fires haymakers, then climbs up after Ivar to fire more! The fans fire up as Sheamus fireman’s carries Ivar, into the SUPER WHITE NOISE! Sheamus fires up and the fans are with him as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Ivar has Sheamus in a chinlock. The fans rally, Sheamus fights up, and Sheamus throws body shots. But Ivar UPPERCUTS back! Ivar runs, but Sheamus scoops to POWERSLAM! The fans fire up and Ivar goes back to the apron. Sheamus storms up, brings Ivar up, and hooks him in the ropes! The fans fire up as we get BEATS OF THE BODHRAIN! And Sheamus goes all the way to TEN! Ivar slumps down, flops into the ring, and Sheamus hauls him up. Fireman’s carry, but Ivar elbows free! Ivar BOOTS Sheamus, then HEEL KICKS! Sheamus falls, Ivar goes up! VIKING SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!!

The fans fire up as Sheamus survives and Ivar pulls at his hair in frustration! Sheamus goes to a corner, but he eggs Ivar on! Ivar storms up on Sheamus to rain down fists! The fans boo, the ref counts, and Ivar lets off. Sheamus still eggs Ivar on! Ivar and Sheamus throw hands and Sheamus gets the edge! Ivar shoves, cartwheels, and knees low! Ivar runs, springboards, but into a KNEE! Ivar staggers around, Sheamus brings the kneepad down, for the KNEE CAP! Ivar falls, the fans are thunderous as Sheamus beats his chest. Ivar stands up, into the BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

The Celtic Warrior is back, as is his classic theme song! He feels better than ever, looks better than ever, is he going to make one more run at the top of the mountain?



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Mitchell’s NJPW Wrestling World Results & Report! (4/14/24)

NEVER give up!



There WILL be new NEVER Openweight Six Man Champions!

Kazuchika Okada’s leaving NJPW meant vacating the NEVER Openweight Six Man titles. Now a tournament will be held in one go to crown new champions! Who NEVER stops until they make it reign?


  • Kickoff Match – Puzzle Presents: Touyuu VS Axe Wang; Touyuu wins.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships Tournament: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg VS The United Empire; Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg win and advance to tonight’s main event.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships Tournament: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture; The House of Torture wins and advances to tonight’s main event.
  • Tiger Mask & Satoshi Kojima VS El Desperado & Shoma Kato; Tiger Mask & Kojima win.
  • HANAKO VS Starlight Kid; Starlight Kid wins.
  • DOUKI VS Kosei Fujita; Douki wins.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Bishamon VS SANADA & Yuya Uemura; Bishamon wins and retain the titles.
  • NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg VS The House of Torture; Tanahashi, Yano & Oleg win and are the new NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions.


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships Tournament: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg VS The United Empire!

The Ace may also be President of NJPW, but that doesn’t mean he’s retired! He wants to get these Six Man titles back, will the Clown Prince and the Hulking Kazakh help him do that? Or will Great-O-Khan, Francesco Akira & Callum Newman conquer the Six Man Division?

The fans rally for “SACHOU! SACHOU!” as he shows off the abs. Then the trios sort out, and while Oleg gets in Khan’s face, we start with Callum and Tanahashi. The fans cheer, the bell rings, and the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Tanahashi finds a point of leverage and powers Callum onto ropes. The ref counts, Tanahashi lets off cleanly, and the fans applaud. Callum and Tanahashi reset, tie up again, and Tanahashi headlocks. Tanahashi thrashes and grinds the hold but Callum pulls hair! The fans boo and the ref reprimands, but Callum lets slowly. But then Callum kicks low! Callum whips Tanahashi hard into a corner!

Callum runs corner to corner but into an ELBOW! Tanahashi goes up to CROSSBODY! The fans cheer as Tanahashi air guitars, but Callum gets to his feet in a huff. Yano and Oleg both reach out, but Tanahashi tags Yano. The fans fire up for Yano but Akira tags in. Yano goes to untie a buckle pad! Akira protests but he lets Yano have his fun. Akira then shadows Yano as he turns around. Yano is confused, turns around but Akira stays behind him. Akira then shoves Yano into the corner! Yano loses the pad and Akira dropkicks the legs out! Akira runs, rolls and basement dropkicks! Crowns up and the fans cheer.

Akira drags Yano over, tags in Khan, and Khan puts some stank on the Mongolian Chops! The Empire double whip but Yano holds ropes and tags Oleg! The fans fire up but The Empire mugs Oleg first! They double whip but Oleg holds ropes, to then come in and DOUBLE SHOUDLER TACKLE! Khan gets up but Oleg throws him with a fireman’s carry takeover! Callum runs in to BOOT Oleg, then runs, but Oleg CLOBBERS Callum and sends him flying! The fans fire up as Oleg hauls Khan up, but Khan CLAPS at him, twists an ear and CLUBS it, then clinches for a BELLY2BELLY! Khan then BLASTS Tanahashi and Yano off the corner!

Khan stomps away on Oleg, drags him back up, then Mongolian CHOPS! Oleg staggers, Khan Mongolian CHOPS again! And again! Oleg falls, Khan cocky covers, ONE! The fans rally as Khan hauls Oleg up in a facelock. Khan brings Oleg to the corner, tags Callum, and the Empire mugs him. Callum CHOPS, then tags Akira. Callum bumps Oleg off buckles, Akira CHOPS, then they double whip. Callum runs in to forearm SMASH! Akira runs in to clothesline! Feed to the DROPKICK! The fans fire up with Akira as he and Callum coordinate, back suplex SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Akira drags Oleg up and around to facelock, but Oleg throws body shots.

Khan tags in, he and Akira mug Oleg, and Khan CLUBS Oleg down. Khan drags Oleg up but Oleg ROCKS him! And CHOPS him! Oleg whips, Khan reverses to NORTHERN- NO, Oleg fights the suplex, so Khan RAMS him into the corner! Khan turns Oleg around, CLUBS him, and then climbs up. The fans cheer as Khan sits on his throne! Oleg flails, the ref reprimands but Khan hops down. Khan then HIP TOSSES Oleg down! Cover, TWO! The fans rally, Khan kicks Oleg around then whips. Oleg reverses and lifts, but Khan claws the ear! Oleg lets Khan down but avoids the lariat to DROPKICK Khan down!

The fans fire up while both men are down. Hot tag to Tanahashi! The fans fire up as Sachou rallies on Khan with FLYING FOREARMS! Then he BLASTS Callum and Akira off the apron! Tanahashi runs in at the corner, but blocks Khan’s boot! DRAGON SCREW! The fans fire up as Akira runs in, and gets a DRAGON SCREW! Callum steps in, but Tanahashi gets his leg! Tanahashi waves bye before the DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! The fans fire up with Tanahashi and he waits on Khan. Khan rises, Tanahashi runs in, but Khan sidesteps and TOSSES Tanahashi! But Tanahashi skins the cat! Only for Khan to waistlock!

Tanahashi fires elbows, but Khan ducks the shotei to HITSUJIGOROSHI into MARINE! Both men are down and the fans rally up! Khan and Tanahashi crawl, hot tag to Callum! Callum runs up to whip Tanahashi, but Tanahashi reverses. Callum stops himself, comes back, but into a spin, TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! The fans rally as Tanahashi crawls, hot tag to Yano! The fans fire up with Yano, he whips Callum at the bare corner! Callum stops himself, Yano runs in, but Callum dodges so Yano hits bare buckles! Callum runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, and BOOTS Yano down! The Prince of Speed shows why that’s the case!

The fans fire up with Callum as he goes Around the World for a DROPKICK! Snapmare and PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Yano survives, but Akira DROPKICKS Oleg down! Khan joins in, The Empire gets Yano up. They mug Yano in the corner, whip him corner to corner, then Khan runs in. Khan clotheslines, Akira clotheslines, and Callum runs to trip and STOMP Yano down! Cover, TWO!! Yano stays in this and the fans rally up again. Callum scowls and drags Yano to a drop zone. The Empire brawls with Tanahashi and Oleg while Callum climbs. The fans fire up as Callum aims, SHOOTING STAR, but he has to land out as Yano moves!

Tanahashi returns to dropkick Callum’s legs out! Khan BOOTS Tanahashi! Oleg scoops and SLAMS Khan! Akira dodges Oleg to ENZIGIR! The fans fire up, Akira runs and RANAS, but Oleg blocks it! Oleg swings Akira around to Shake, Rattle and- SUPERKICK from Callum! Tanahashi returns again, Callum ducks the shotei but then Tanahashi ducks the heel kick! SHOTEI! Yano rolls Callum up, Yano’s team wins!

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg, by pinfall (advance to the main event)

The Ace, the Joker and the Rook snatch the win and are now in the title match! Will this hot hand take the pot? Or will they be trumped by the winner of the next match?


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships Tournament: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS The House of Torture!

Shingo Takagi is once again NEVER Openweight Champion, but he, Yota Tsuji & Bushi are looking to add to the LIJ trophy case. But Evil, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Sho want to make up for their losses, will they find redemption through this tournament? Or will everything be tranquilo in Taiwan?

Sho gets the mic to say he hates being here in Taiwan, so he wants to win, get the titles, and get outta here as fast as he can! The fans boo but Sho just taunts them all. He tells LIJ to get out here already, so LIJ makes their entrance. Takagi shows off that he cleaned up that NEVER Openweight belt from all the black spray paint Evil defaced it with! The fans cheer Takagi, Yota and Bushi in turn, and LIJ fist bump. But the House attacks! The fans boo but the bell rings, and Kanemaru has Yota in the ring. Evil KNEES Takagi, then steps on the NEVER Openweight title! Sho DECKS Bushi, Kanemaru whips Yota, but Yota comes back to run Kanemaru over!

Yota runs to SPLASH, cover, TWO! Yota keeps cool and he brings Kanemaru up. Yota reels Kanemaru in, suplexes, but Kanemaru fights it! Yota ROCKS Kanemaru, ROCKS him again, and then again! Yota runs but Sho is there! The fans boo but Kanemaru CLAWS Yota’s eyes! Kanemaru whips Yota to the corner, and surprise! Evil takes the blue buckle pad away! Yota hits bare steel, then the House BLASTS Bushi and Yota! The fans boo but Kanemaru drags Yota up. Sho SMACKS Bushi off apron, Kanemaru TOSSES Yota, and then Sho and Kanemaru stomp away. The fans boo more, but then Evil whips Takagi at the edge of the stage!

Takagi stops himself by flailing and wobbling! The fans are relieved he stays safe, but then Evil CLAWS Takagi’s back! Sho puts Yota in the ring, Kanemaru covers, TWO! Kanemaru tags Sho, Sho scuffs Yota around and taunts him. Yota rises up, fires a forearm, but Sho eggs him on! Yota fires another forearm so Sho CLAWS Yota’s eyes! Sho throws Yota out then gets in the ref’s face, Evil JAMS Yota with a chair! The fans boo but Evil taunts them. The ref has to keep LIJ from going after The House, and Evil puts Yota in for Sho to cover. ROPEBREAK! Sho is upset but he steps on Yota’s arm. Tag to Kanemaru, he and Sho DOUBLE KNEE DROP!

Kanemaru drags Yota up, whips him to ropes, then kitchen sink KNEES him down! Cover, TWO! Gene Blast stays in this for his team but Kanemaru stomps away. Kanemaru then scuffs Yota, taunts him, but Yota just gets mad! The fans rally for Yota as Kanemaru gives him more kicks. Yota stands to ROCK Kanemaru, ROCK him again, and ROCK him again! But Kanemaru CLAWS eyes! Tag to Evil, the ref is again told to stop LIJ, and Evil CHOKES Yota with a House of Torture shirt! Evil shoves Yota down, covers, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO!! Evil is furious with the ref but Yota’s tougher than all that.

Evil stands Yota up, wrenches and whips Yota to a neutral corner. Evil runs in, blocks a boot, but Yota reels him in for the STOMP! The fans fire up while both men are down again! Yota and Evil crawl, hot tag to Takagi! The Rampaging Dragon runs up but Sho & Kanemaru drop away. So Takagi runs Evil over, scoops him and SLAMS him, but Evil avoids the senton! Sho & Kanemaru get in to stomp Takagi, double whip, but he holds ropes! Then DOUBLE PUMPING BOMBERS! But Evil CLAWS Takagi’s eyes! Evil runs, but into the ELBOW! JAB! YUKON LARIAT! The fans fire up as Takagi gets Evil back up.

Takagi suplexes high and hard, then covers, TWO! Evil is tougher than that, but Takagi then says in Taiwanese, he’s not done! But Takagi still uses Japanese for “TOKI GA KITA! <THE TIME HAS COME!>” The fans fire up with “OI! OI! OI!” Then he fires down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS on Evil! Takagi runs, but Evil uses the ref as a shield! Takagi moves the ref aside, but Evil blocks the kick, gives it to the ref, and mule kicks Takagi down! The standard formula works out, and Evil tags Sho. Sho laughs as he runs up in the corner, clothesline! Then he brings Takagi around, wrenches, kicks, KICKS and SUPER- NO, Takagi blocks the superkick!

Takagi JABS, then YUKON feints to DDT! The fans fire up again and Takagi encourages them to get louder. Takagi hurries over, tag to Bushi! Bushi fires forearms on Sho, runs, but Kanemaru gets a cheap shot in! Bushi falls, Kanemaru steps in, he and Sho double whip Bushi to ropes. Bushi gets under the double elbows and shoves Kanemaru into Sho! Then Bushi DOUBLE RANAS! The fans fire up, and Bushi BLASTS Evil for good measure! Sho swings, Bushi spins him, DDT! Cover, TWO! Sho stays in this for the House but the fans rally behind Bushi. Bushi brings Sho to a corner, whips corner to corner, but Sho reverses.

Sho runs up, Bushi dodges, Yota STINGER SPLASHES! Takagi clotheslines, then feeds Sho to Yota’s V-TRIGGER! Sho wobbles, Bushi BACKSTABBERS! Cover, TWO!! Sho survives the onslaught but the fans rally for Bushi. Bushi drags Sho up, but Kanemaru runs in to BOOT Bushi down! Takagi JUMP KNEES Kanemaru! Evil whips Takagi into bare buckles! Evil mule kicks Yota, whips him, and Yota also hits bare buckles! Bushi dropkicks Evil’s legs out! Bushi drags Sho up, reels him in, but Sho breaks free and CLAWS the eyes! Sho runs, into a dropkick to the legs! Bushi SMASHES the knee, then ties the legs up! RIVERA!!

Sho endures, flails, but Kanemaru gets his whiskey! Evil distracts, Kanemaru WHISKEY MISTS! Sho is free, he has his Torture Tool! WRENCH SHOT!! Sho drags Bushi up, reels him in and tucks the arms, SHOCK ARROW!! Cover, The House wins!

Winners: The House of Torture, by pinfall (advance to the main event)

Like always, The House finds a way to cheat their way to success! Will The King of Darkness and his pawns find a way to trump Team Go Ace? Or will Sachou get to personally punish this faction for all their nefarious deeds?


DOUKI VS Kosei Fujita!

Japones Del Mal and the Ichiban Young Punk each staked their claim to the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, to the point that Douki left with the belt! If possession is nine-tenths of the law, then who will be the de factor champion after tonight?

The moment Douki’s on the apron, Fujita dropkicks him down! Fujita then builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit on Douki and the fans fire up! Fujita drags Douki up, puts him in the ring, then springboards to SWANTON BOMB! The bell rings, Fujita covers, TWO! Fujita runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! The fans rally as Fujita waistlocks and deadlifts Douki, but Douki throws elbows. Fujita ducks to CHOP, then he runs, only for Douki to do the splits! Fujita tumbles out, Douki builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit in return and the fans fire up again! The ref checks both men, they’re both okay to continue.

Douki sits up first, the ring count starts and Douki POSTS Fujita! Fujita falls over, Douki drags him up, and then DDTs to the floor! Douki slides in at 10 of 20, leaving Fujita to the count. The count reaches 15 before Fujita sits back up! Fujita flounders around at 17, 18, but springs in at 19! Douki drags Fujita up, CLUBS him, then stalks him to ropes. Douki CLUBS Fujita again, drags him up, and turns him for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! The fans rally and Douki keeps on Fujita with a chinlock. Fujita endures the knee digging into his back, reaches out, and kicks around. The fans rally more as Fujita keeps moving forward, to the ROPEBREAK!

Douki lets off in frustration, then drags Fujita back up. Fujita fires forearms but Douki eggs him on. Douki then knees low, and DDTs! Cover, TWO! Fujita is still in this and the fans cheer again. Douki whips Fujita but Fujita holds ropes to block! Douki tries again, knees low, then whips. Fujita reverses, CHOPS, but Douki HELL STABS! Douki runs, but into the WHEEL KICK! It was only a grazing blow but enough to knock Douki down! The fans rally up and Fujita hurries after Douki. Fujita fires a forearm, an UPPERCUT and a CHOP! Fujita whips corner to corner then runs in, to CHOP! Fujita snapmares Douki, then goes up, out and waits.

Douki slowly rises, Fujita springboards in, MISSILE DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Douki shakes his head, he’s tougher than that. Fujita drags him up, reels him in, and suplexes high and hard! Fujita keeps moving, PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Fujita grows frustrated but he drags Douki up. Fujita waistlocks, goes to ropes, but Douki bucks the O’Conner. Fujita CLUBS Douki, brings him back, but Douki fights the lift. Douki switches, spins Fujita around and drops down, ITALIAN STRETCH 32! Fujita scrambles, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer as Fujita escapes by a literal foot! Douki lets go in frustration and the fans rally.

Douki turns Fujita to Gory Especial, but Fujita fights free! Fujita arm-drags Douki away, then runs up, but into a BOOTS! Douki goes to the apron, RAMS into Fujita, then slingshots for DAY- NO, Fujita stays up, pops Douki around, but Douki sunset flips! Fujita rolls through, rolls Douki and hooks the legs up, REGAL STRETCH! Douki endures and the fans rally up! Douki claws at the mat but Fujita has those legs trapped! Douki still fights but Fujita pulls way back! Douki doesn’t give in, he gets the ROPEBREAK! The fans cheer while Fujita lets off in frustration. Fujita drags Douki up, spin him, but Douki fights the lift!

Douki throws elbows, runs, but Fujita reels him in! Douki kicks free but then Fujita ducks the enzigiri! Fujita waistlocks to deadlift, but Douki wheelbarrows! Victory roll, TWO! Douki goes for the full nelson! Fujita fights, so Douki shifts for the Bow ‘n’ Arrow Rack! Douki spins and spins, REINEDA! And then ghost pin, TWO!! Fujita escapes, but ends up in the ITALIAN STRETCH!! Douki pulls and Fujita is already red in the face! Fujita reaches out, Douki rolls him away from ropes! ITALIAN STRETCH!! Fujtia is fading! The ref checks, but Fujita gets a second wind! Fujita kicks around, reaches out, but Douki pulls!

Fujita’s fading again! The fans rally harder as Fujita gives one last kick, to the ROPEBREAK! Douki lets go and the fans cheer! Douki rises, goes to the apron, and takes aim for DAYBREAKER!! Cover, TWO?!? Fujita survives and Douki is furious! The fans rally, Douki gets the legs and turns Fujita over. Wheelbarrow, lift, but Fujita fights the rest! Fujita fires elbows, waistlocks, GERMAN SUPLEX! Douki tumbles away and the fans fire up while both men are down. Fujita rises, the fans rally, and Fujita brings Douki up. Douki ENZIGIRIS, but Fujita ENZIGIRIS! Fujita runs, but Douki ELBOWS! Douki runs but Fujita BOOTS then HEEL KICKS!

But Douki stays up! Douki runs up to LARIAT! But then Fujita rises!! Both men run, and Fujita LEG LARIATS! Douki crawls to ropes, Fujita runs in, STRADDLE ATTACK! Fujita roars, the fans fire up, and Fujita deadlift GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Douki survives but Fujita stays on him! Suplex, but Douki fights free, wrenches, hammerlocks, rolls, then drags Fujita up into Gory Especial! DODON NO JUTSU! Backslide cover, TWO! Douki just hops over Fujita to hook him up again! SUPLEX DE LA LUNA!! Bridging cover, Douki wins!!

Winner: Douki, by pinfall

And “still” IWPG Junior Heavyweight Champion, at that! If Douki can put on a match like that and pull off the victory, will nothing stop him from becoming the Best of the Super Juniors?

Oh no, Sho attacks! He wants his belt back! The fans boo as he stomps away on Douki then picks up the belt. To be fair, Sho is still the actual champion, but he takes aim with the belt! Douki dodges to ENZIGIRI! Then he reels Sho in for the torture rack, and swings for the SIDEWALK SLAM! The fans fire up as Douki takes the belt back! The Murder Machine tried and failed to take the belt back, will he also fail to stay a champion through the Spring?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Bishamon VS SANADA & Yuya Uemura!

Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi only just got these title back, but they’re fighting champions so they’re already putting them on the line! Will it be lights out in Taiwan? Or will the Cold Skull & Heat Storm bring gold back to Just5Guys?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if Chaos still reigns!

The teams sort out and Hashi starts against Yuya. The bell rings and the fans rally for Yuya as the two circle. They tie up, Yuya wrenches to a wristlock, but Hashi spins, wrenches back, and then hammerlocks. Yuya switches that onto Hashi, but Hashi drop toeholds. Hashi floats to a headlock but Yuya pops out the back to hammerlock again. Hashi rolls, headscissors, but Yuya fights that off to keep the headlock. Hashi keeps his shoulders up, fights to his feet, then rolls Yuya to get his own headlock. Yuya headscissors, Hashi kips free and the fans cheer! Hashi and Yuya circle again, feel things out, knuckle lock, but then Yuya shoots around to headlock.

Yuya grinds the hold, Hashi powers up but can’t power out as Yuya holds tight! Yuya grinds Hashi to the mat but Hashi endures and fights back up. Hashi throws body shots, powers up and out, but Yuya RAMS shoulders! The fans cheer as the two stare down. Yuya runs, RAMS Hashi again, but Hashi gets in Yuya’s face. Yuya shoves, runs, but Hashi ELBOWS! Hashi runs, but into a hip toss! And arm-drag! Yuya DROPKICKS Hashi, then BLASTS Goto for good measure! The fans fire up and Yuya goes back for Hashi. Yuya drags Hashi up, CHOPS him, then CHOPS again. Yuya whips, Hashi holds ropes, then BOOTS back!

Goto gets in, he and Hashi run Yuya over! Bishamon coordinate, ZANMAI! Sanada storms in but Goto kicks low! “SE NO!” and they DRUM away on Sanada’s back! The fans fire up with Bishamon, and Goto stomps Sanada to a corner. Hashi has Yuya in the opposite, then they whip. Sanada & Yuya reverse to send Goto and Hashi into each other! DROPKICKS send Bishamon out, then STEREO PLANCHAS take them down! The fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get louder. The fans oblige and Sanada brings Goto up. Yuya brings Hashi up to CHOP! And CHOP! Hashi fires a foraerm, but Yuya eggs him on.

Hashi fires more forearms, then CHOPs! Yuya CHOPS Hashi down! The fans fire up, but the ref says to get this in the ring. Yuya drags Hashi up and puts him in. The fans applaud and Yuya storms in after Hashi. Yuya drags Hashi up, ROCKS him with a haymaker, then CHOPS again! And CHOPS again! Yuya CHOPS Hashi in the corner, CHOPS him again, but Hashi CHOPS back! Yuya knees low, then CHOPS Hashi down! Tag to Sanada and the fans rally up. Sanada drags Hashi up, reels him in, and Sanada CLUBS Hashi on the neck. Sanada CLUBS Hashi again, but Hashi throws body shots! Sanada CLUBS Hashi down, then stomps him at the ropes.

The ref reprimands and counts, Sanada stops, then drags Hashi back up. Sanada knees Hashi into the corner, whips corner to corner, then runs in, but blocks a boot! Sanada trips Hashi, and ties him up for Paradise! The fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get even louder. The fans cheer Sanada on as he then runs to DROPKICK Hashi out of Paradise! Sanada then drags Hashi up and around, reels him in, but Hashi fights the suplex! The fans rally as Sanada powers up, but Hashi still fights it! Hashi goes to suplex but Sanada slips free! Sanada blocks the superkick to CLUB the leg! Snada runs, Hashi dodges, BLOCKBUSTER!

Sanada flounders and Hashi crawls, but Yuya jumps in! Yuya drags Hashi up but Hashi SPIN BACK KICKS! Hashi crawls, hot tag to Goto! Goto runs in at a corner to clothesline Sanada! Then he runs corner to corner to clothesline Yuya! Sanada kicks and whips, then he sends Yuya in. Goto dodges Yuya, CLOBBERS Sanada, then kicks Yuya! Goto snap suplexes Yuya onto Sanada! The fans fire up and Goto brings Sanada up. Fireman’s carry, but Sanada flails free! Goto elbows free of the waistlock, then kicks and whips. Goto runs in, but Sanada BOOTS him! Sanada QUEBRADAS, but Goto gets under!

Goto runs up but into a fireman’s carry! Goto slips free, Sanada throws more elbows! Sanada runs, Goto follows, but Sanada ELBOWS! STANDING MOONSAULT, but Sanada lands on his feet as Goto moves! Then Sanada basement dropkicks! The fans fire up while both men are down! Sanada and Goto stir, and Sanada crawls for his corner, hot tag to Yuya! Yuya storms up on Goto, brings him up and reels him in, SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Goto stays in this but Yuya stays calm. Yuya drags Goto up, underhooks the arms, but Goto fights the lift! Yuya still tries, but Goto lifts Yuya to back drop him! The fans fire up while both men are down!

Yuya goes to a corner, Goto crawls to ropes. Goto stands, runs up, but Yuya ELBOWS him! Yuya runs, Goto follows and LARIATS! Both men are down again and the fans rally! Goto crawls his way over, hot tag to Hashi! The fans cheer as Hashi fires off a forearm, body shot and CHOP! Yuya falls, the fans fire up, and Yuya goes to a corner. Hashi runs up to CHOP! Hashi whips to CHOP! Then he mule kicks, turns Yuya, but Yuya fights the neckbreaker! Yuya whips, Hashi reverses but Yuya CLOBBERS him! The fans fire up as Yuya kips up, and Sanada jumps in. They get Hashi up in a corner, and whip corner to corner.

Yuya runs in to CHOP! Sanada runs in to ELBOW! Sanada feeds Hashi to Yuya’s arm-drag! And then they DOUBLE DROPKICK! Hashi roars as he rises, but then a DOUBLE BOOT takes him down! Cover off #Just2Boots, TWO! Yuya is a little annoyed but Sanada keeps Goto out of the ring. Yuya drags Hashi up, underhooks, but Hashi fights the lift! Hashi wrenches out, Yuya ducks the lariat and waistlocks, but Hashi RAMS him into buckles! Goto runs in to clothesline Yuya! The fans fire up as Goto BLASTS Sanada off the apron! Bishamon fires up, they bring Yuya around, feed to the fireman’s carry, and FIERCE FLASH!

The fans fire up with Bishamon as Hashi calls for the finish! Goto dragon sleepers, Hashi grabs the legs, but Sanada CLUBS Hashi! Goto pushes Yuya aside but Sanada kicks him to whip him. But Goto reverses to fireman’s carry! But Sanada slips free! Only to run into HIDDEN GAP! And then they get Sanada up! But Sanada kicks free of Hashi! Goto fights Sanada’s suplex, Hashi gets the legs, but Sanada kicks free of Magic Killer! Sanada then puts Goto up for MAGIC SCREW! The fans fire up again as Hashi runs in! Sanada ducks, feed to Yuya’s UPPERCUT! DOUBLE CHOP! ENZIGIRI! Cold Skull & Heat Storm watch Hashi rise, SHINING WIZARD!

The fans fire up as Yuya brings Hashi back up, underhooks, and BUTTERFLY BOMBS! Cover, Goto breaks it! Sanada TOSSES Goto out and leaves it to Yuya! Yuya roars, goes to a corner and climbs up, to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!! Hashi survives and the fans fire up again! Yuya grits his teeth and roars! Yuya drags Hashi up, reels him in. Yuya traps the arms, but Hashi fights the Deadbolt! Yuya CLUBS away on Hashi, then tries again. But Hashi CHOPS! Yuya PELES! Yuya gets Hashi back up, swings him around, but Hashi LARIATS! Both men are down and the fans rally even harder! Hashi and Yuya stir, and head for each other.

Yuya gets in Hashi’s face, but Hashi fires a forearm! Yuya fires back! Hashi fires another, so Yuya HAYMAKERS! Hashi throws another forearm, Yuya fires another haymaker, repeat! They go back and forth, pick up speed, and the fans rally harder and harder! Hashi gets the edge, then CHOPS! Yuya roars, but Hashi DOUBLE CHOPS! Hashi roars, runs, but into a DOUBLE CHOP from Yuya! Goto returns but Yuya dodges! Feed to Sanada’s DROPKICK! Sanada & Yuya double whip Hashi to a corner, then Yuya runs in. Hashi dodges, dropkicks Sanada’s leg, then he sends Yuya into Sanada! SUPERKICK!

Yuya staggers, Hashi brings him around, and Hashi fires forearm, body shot and CHOP! Hashi runs, but Yuya spins him around! DEAD- NO, Hashi fights the suplex and Goto LARIATS at the ropes! Then spin and tuck, KARMA ROLL! Bishamon wins!!

Winners: Bishamon, by pinfall (still IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

Yuya can’t believe he got caught, but he did! Goto & Hashi


NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg VS The House of Torture!

Ace-sachou and the Clown Prince bring back the high school “Yankee” bad boy look as they prepare to face some real punks! Will they and big bad Boltin tear down the House? Or will the King of Darkness make sure Everything is Evil again?

The introductions are made, but then the House attacks! They TOSS Tanahashi aside, then TOSS Yano, and Evil CLAWS Oleg’s face! Sho digs a chair into Tanahashi’s leg! Red Shoes is so busy with Sho that he misses Kanemaru’s WHISKEY BOTTLE SHOT on Oleg! The fans boo but the match hasn’t started, there’s nothing Red Shoes can do about any of this! Kanemaru & Evil then mug Yano on the outside, and use spare wrist tape to hogtie him! The bell finally rings as Sho puts Tanahashi in the ring, and Sho CHOKES Tanahashi! Red Shoes reprimands, Sho steps off, but Kanemaru stomps away on Yano!

Yano calls for help but Oleg is down and the House mugs Tanahashi! The fans boo but the House soaks up the heat. They stomp Tanahashi more, but Red Shoes reprimands. Evil and Kanemaru split the wishbone, and then Kanemaru CLUBS Tanahashi. But Tanahashi fights back with forearms! The House mugs Tanahashi again! Red Shoes reprimands, there has to be a 1v1! Kanemaru stays the legal man as he drops elbow after elbow on the bad knee! Tanahashi endures the toehold, so Kanemaru shifts to drag him over. Tag to Evil, he and Kanemaru split the wishbone again! Tanahashi writhes but Evil drags him around.

Evil stomps away on the bad leg while Sho keeps Yano and Oleg down on the outside. Evil has Tanahashi on ropes but the fans boo. Evil CHOKES Tanahashi, Kanemaru and Sho join in, and then Evil covers. Red Shoes refuses because of all the shenanigans. Evil stomps Tanahashi drags him from ropes to cover, TWO! Wait, who rings the bell? That’s Sho of course, and the fans boo. Red Shoes and Sho argue, and Sho acts like that was all Abe-san. Red Shoes knows better than that, so the match continues. Evil tags Sho, Sho stomps Tanahashi around, then Sho drags Tanahashi by the leg to DDT the foot!

Tanahashi writhes, Sho tags Kanemaru, and Kanemaru storms up to get the bad leg. Kanemaru SMASHES the knee! Kanemaru eggs Tanahashi on, stomps the bad leg, but Tanahashi glares at him defiantly! The fans fire up as Tanahashi rises, and he fires off forearms! But Kanemaru claws the eyes! Kanemaru runs, Tanahashi blocks the boot to DRAGON SCREW! The fans fire up, Tanahashi crawls, and Yano’s free of the tape! Hot tag to Yano! The fans fire up as Yano goes to untie a buckle pad! Shiro is free and Yano throws him to Kanemaru! Red Shoes reprimands Kanemaru, Kanemaru defends his innocence, but Yano SLAPS Kanemaru on the head!

Yano whips Kanemaru but Kanemaru reverses! Yano stops from hitting bare buckles, Kanemaru runs in, but Yano sends him into the bare buckles! Roll-up, TWO! Yano stays fired up and the fans join in. Yano gets Kanemaru up but Kanemaru body shots, elbows and runs! But Yano atomic- NO, Kanemaru CLAWS the eyes! So Yano CLAWS the eyes! Yano runs, but Evil trips him! Sho stomps Oleg down, Evil drags Yano out, and Evil CLAWS Yano’s eyes! Red Shoes reprimands, but Evil and Kanemaru distract him so Sho can CHOKE Yano with a chair! Sho then drags Yano up, puts him in the ring, and Evil takes off his shirt.

Red Shoes says no, he doesn’t trust Evil with the shirt. Red Shoes confiscates the shirt, but Evil has a tag rope! Evil CHOKES Yano with the tag rope! The fans boo as Evil gets away with that one! Cover, TWO! Yano is still in this and Evil is upset with Red Shoes! Evil drags Yano up, wrenches, and YANKS the arm, to then CLUB it! Tag to Sho and he runs up to wrench Yano’s arm and bend the fingers! Sho wrenches again to ELBOW BREAKER! Yano falls but Sho tags Kanemaru. Sho pulls on the bad arm while Kanemaru goes up, and Kanemaru AX HANDLES the arm! Kanemaru wrenches the arm, YANKS and YANKS and wrangles Yano!

Kanemaru isolates the arm with atop wristlock, and STOMPS it! Then Kanemaru hits an ARM WRINGER! Kanemaru stomps Yano, BLASTS Tanahashi, then tags Sho. They get Yano up, Kanemaru wrenches the arm and Sho climbs, to AX HANDLE! Sho grins while Yano writhes, and Sho stomps Yano around. Sho bends the fingers, twists the wrist, then gets Yano up to wrap his arm around ropes. Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Sho lets off but distracts Red Shoes so Kanemaru can bend the arm! Evil tags in, he storms over, and he bumps Yano off buckles. Evil then TOSSES Yano out, and gets in Red Shoes’ face again!

Sho CHOKES Yano with the chair, then Kanemaru drags Yano up. Kanemaru wrenches and hammerlocks the arm to POST it! Sho then puts Yano in while Tanahashi protests. Red Shoes tells Sachou to stand down, and Evil covers. Red Shoes is late to the count, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO!! Yano is still in this and Evil is furious! The fans cheer, though, and Evil drags Yano up. Yano pulls hair! Evil kicks low, whips, but Yano reverses for the hair-pull takedown! The fans rally up, hot tag to Oleg! Oleg CLOBBERS Evil, BLASTS the House, then scoops Evil to SLAM him! Oleg runs to SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Oleg stays cool and he deadlifts Evil! Sho & Kanemaru attack, they reel him in, but Oleg fights the double suplex to DOUBLE SUPLEX them! The fans fire up as Oleg deadlift GUT WRENCH PLEXES Sho! Then he deadlifts Kanemaru for Shake, Rattle and THROW! The fans fire up as Oleg fires forearms on Evil, then gut wrenches. But Evil CLAWS the eyes! Red Shoes reprimands but Evil reels Oleg in. Oleg fights the fisherman to clinch and OVERHEAD BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Evil survives but Oleg hauls him back up! Fireman’s carry, but Evil slips free! Evil shoves Oleg at Red shoes, then LOW BLOWS!

Fans boo but The House BLASTS Tanahashi & Yano! The House then gets Oleg up, whips him to a corner, Sho forearm SMASHES! Kanemaru ELBOWS! Evil clotheslines! Snapmare and the set-up! Yano gets in but Red Shoes is distracted! Kanemaru DICK CHOPS! Cover, TWO!! Oleg survives and the fans fire up! Evil is shocked, but he vows to end this now! The fans boo but Evil drags Oleg up, spins him around, EVERYTHING- NO, Oleg fights free! Evil knees low, runs, but Oleg CLOBBERS him! Both men are down and the fans fire up! Oleg crawls his way over, hot tag to Tanahashi! The fans fire up as The President BLASTS the House!

Tanahashi keeps going to CLOBBER Evil! Tanahashi fires forearms and body shots, then he scoop SLAMS Evil into the drop zone! Tanahashi goes up, for the SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi stays cool as the fans fire up. Evil wants mercy but Tanahashi runs to SLING- NO, Evil ducks it, and whips Tanahashi into bare buckles! Tag to Sho and Kanemaru BLASTS Yano! Sho & Kanemaru double whip, Sho runs up to forearm smash! Feed to Kanemaru’s basement dropkick! They DOUBLE SMASH the knees! Sho clamps on the KNEEBAR!! Tanahashi endures, the fans rally, but Yano stomps Sho!

Kanemaru CLAWS Yano’s eyes and TOSSES him out! Evil gets in with the chair! Red Shoes stops Evil but Sho sneaks his Torture Tool! The Murder Machine wants to do this like he did to LIJ! Sho lines up the shot, but Tanahashi ducks! But WHISKEY MIST is there! Roll up, OLEG BREAKS IT!! The fans fire up as the House goes after Oleg! They TOSS Oleg, then they intercept Yano! They double whip, Yano holds ropes to taunt them! Yano ducks Kanemaru, shoves him into Evil, then shoves Red Shoes aside so he can DOUBLE LOW BLOW! Sho staggers up, winds up with the wrench, but Yano dodges!

SHOTEI from Tanahashi, then he SLINGBLADES Sho down! Oleg returns and he hauls Sho up! Oleg fireman’s carries Sho, and hits the ROLLING SENTON! Tanahashi is up top, HIGH FLY FLOW!! Cover, Team Go Ace wins!!

Winners: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano & Boltin Oleg, by pinfall (NEW NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions)

A huge victory for The Ace of the Universe, for the Producer, and for the Young Lion! Oleg goes right from new kid on the block to a champion alongside two living legends! The House regroups, will they ever learn their lesson?

As for the new champs, Yano presents Oleg with his own high schooler blazer! It might be a couple sizes too small, but Yano still helps Oleg get it on! Oleg smiles as he is presented one of the belts, and is truly part of the club! Yano gets Shiro the buckle pad to join in on the photo op! And of course, they do the squat! Tanahashi-sachou then gets the mic so that he may speak. “Long time no see, Taiwan! Thank you very much, xièxiè.” Fans applaud his use of Mandarin! Tanahashi continues to say that NJPW hasn’t been able to visit Taiwan in some time, “but we’ll be back a lot from now on!” The fans love the sound of that!

Tanahashi vows to “keep NJPW fired up in Taiwan,” and that they’ll see them again very soon. “And finally… Taiwan, ASHITEMAAASU~!” The fans cheer and once again, the bad boy champs squat for the photo op. Will this unique trio lead the way into a brighter future for not just NJPW, but for the entire Wrestling World?

My Thoughts:

A great event for NJPW’s return to Taiwan, though things went about how you’d expect as far as results. Great stuff in the non-title matches, and really great win for Douki over Fujita. Douki giving Sho a taste of his own medicine with the theft of the belt is great, I hope Douki literally holds onto the belt until the final round of the Best of Super Juniors. Great tag title match from Bishamon VS Sanada & Yuya, with a great win for Bishamon. I figured Yuya was taking that pin, but he and Sanada make a pretty good team, maybe they’ll try again.

And great stuff in the NEVER Openweight Six Man tournament, but I had a feeling it was going to be Tanahashi’s team winning in the end. At least, once it was them against House of Torture, it was certainly clear. It wasn’t even that Tanahashi is President of NJPW. Evil wasn’t gonna just get a belt to replace the NEVER Openweight title, and Takagi wasn’t gonna be Mr. NEVER right away, so why not put these belts back on Tanahashi and a team he now leads. Great honor for Oleg as he hasn’t even gone from Young Lion to established guy with a gimmick. Oleg’s shown he can have fun and goof around, I think he’ll be a great third man to Tanahashi & Yano.

My Score: 8.7/10

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