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Power Rankings: WWE RAW (9/27/17)



3. Braun Strowman

Dropping from 1 to 3 after the No Mercy PPV, mainly due to the lackluster showing. He looked lost when he was trying to escape the Kimora lock, as well as grabbing the rope when he went down to his knees, but the referee failed to call for the break then, until after another 40 seconds on being in the hold on the ground when he decided to reach for the ropes again. After dominating the entire match, he lost momentum and power because of the double wrist lock, and the match swung in Lesnar’s favor. He is still over as can be seen from his pop on the following RAW, he destroyed Curt Hawkins, Dean Ambrose and probably Seth Rollins next week, so he’s not buried. But that match at No Mercy exposed his inexperience and left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth to end the PPV.

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