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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Report – 11/7/17 – Enter The UK Talent!


  • Kalisto VS Jack Gallagher; Kalisto wins.
  • James Drake & Joseph Conners VS Cedric Alexander & Mark Andrews; Alexander & Andrews win.
  • Tyler Bate VS Enzo Amore; Enzo wins.

All images courtesy of the WWE Network streaming service


The Cruiserweight and UK Divisions crossover once again!

However, seeing as how they’re in Manchester, that means they’re on the home turf of the Bruiserweight and his compatriots. Pete Dunne got to fire the first shot last night in a Champion VS Champion match against Enzo Amore. Enzo lumped it all in with the conspiracy against him, but he invited the UK boys to show up on The ‘Zo Show. And he means that literall, he’s debuting a talk show for 205 Live! Will that move prove to be Enzo once again putting his foot in his mouth?

Enzo Amore heads to the ring.

The Certified G, Bonafide Stud and Realest Champ in the Room is ready for the debut of the actual ‘Zo Show. Enzo “can’t think of a better way to kick off the 205 Live Crossover with the United Kingdom”! He’s like Jimmy Kimmel, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra all rolled into one, yet better. Because, The ‘Zo Show is a ratings draw. Money can’t buy happiness is a lie, because he’s happy as hell! The fans say Enzo is “boring!” No, he’s Enzo, he’s not boring. But then he got to the UK, and “this place is a dump.” The people save their money for a rainy day, but it’s always rainy here. The weather is bland, the women are bland, the men are ugly and bland, this isn’t Manchester, it’s Blandchester. So to summarize, here’s an analogy: coaches coach, players play and cheerleaders cheer. Coach Angle sent out Cheerleader Kalisto and Player UK Champ, but Enzo doesn’t even know that kid’s name! Who is he? The fans let him know it’s “The Bruiserweight!” More like Loserweight. That said, Enzo was bamboozled. Enzo has been with a lot of women who he never learned their names, but he sure never got beat by a guy who he never got their name. Enzo’s backed against a wall, there is more of a conspiracy “than in the JFK files, and that’s a fact like a Snapple cap.” Bottom line: The ‘Zo Train wasn’t there to back him up. Fans still chant “Boring!” but Enzo just dances to the tune. No ‘Zo Train, but he doesn’t blame them, so it’s a big opportunity for the “UKers” out here. The UK Division can be the first ever UK ‘Zo Train. Bring out the not-so-bonafide studs.

Jordan Devlin, Tucker, James Drake, Mark Andrews, Tyler Bate and Joseph Conners are here, Enzo shaking each of their hand in turn. This is the ‘Zo Show, look what it brings to the party! Fans cheer for their countrymen, and Enzo sees their potential. That’s about all, but still. Enzo has cards to help ask questions. Jordan Devlin, trained by Finn Balor. But then, why is someone in the Balor Club hopping on the ‘Zo Train? Because the only thing he and Finn have in common is wrestling. Devlin’s more like Enzo: money, and fame. How You Doin’? Wow, the conductor of the train right here. Tucker, who has faced Finn Balor. Yeah, and that’s why Tucker knows Enzo and Devlin aren’t half the man Finn Balor is! Whatever. James Drake, aka Mr. Mayhem. Look at those puppy dog eyes, he’s out of his mind. What does Drake say about hopping aboard the ‘Zo Train? Choo Choo. Alright, two men have signed up! Enzo’s liking this. Mark Andrews, the “notorious” flyer, better than Kalisto at least. But does he know this? 205 Live has a weight limit. That said, Andrews needs to trim down or he won’t cut it. Man of the hour, Tyler Bate! They like him here. Inaugural UK Champion, the fans serenade him. Enzo likes Tyler, smiling like the cheshire cat. But, Enzo mustache him a question. Why should Tyler be on the ‘Zo Train? Well, Tyler enjoys a hot beverage in the cabin on Mustache Mountain. As great as being on the ‘Zo Train might be, Tyler can’t bring himself to want to hear Enzo’s “screeching, annoying voice” telling him what to do. News for you, Tyler, this is real life. The fans sing for Tyler again, Enzo dances. Having fun, yeah! Thank you, Manchester. But this is real life, life ain’t fair. As a real man, you gotta do things you don’t like to do. So, Enzo can see Tyler fit in just fine as the butler. Fold Enzo’s laundry, scramble eggs, clean his shoes, and shine his title belt. So go get the shine box. Tyler instead raises Bop, here comes Bang!

Down goes ‘Zo! Enzo is upset, the fans liked that. “Thank you, Tyler!” And now, Kalisto appears!

Enzo is clearly not in the mood to deal with his Cruiserweight Championship contender right now, but Kalisto isn’t even here for him. He hits the ring, and gets some of the UK boys to join in the “Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!” chant before we go to break.

WWE takes a quick look at UK Superstar, James Drake.

Mr. Mayhem didn’t make it out of the first round in the WWE UK Championship Tournament, but the Blackpool native has lived pro-wrestling to become a world-traveled talent that fights, wins, and gets noticed. A cold and calculating hybrid, Drake will do everything and anything to defeat his opponent. How will he do in his 205-UK crossover debut?

Kalisto VS Jack Gallagher!

The Lucha Dragon has one last chance to become Cruiserweight Champion against the Certified G, but for now he has to deal with Manchester’s own Extraordinary Ungentleman. Gallagher has been on a mission to bring Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann into a crueler world, but that didn’t work out on Halloween night last week. Gallagher says, “it’s good to be home.” Because it reminds him of everything he is glad to have left behind. Manchester’s chubby children, “lazy sods who survive on the dole”, and the man Manchester wanted him to be. That singing, dancing clown that Cedric Alexander is slowly becoming. Gallagher returns home a “real man’s man” who is “dignified” and who doesn’t need Manchester. Gallagher is bigger than Manchester, and is bigger than Britain. Fans of course boo his statements, the bell rings, and the two superstars tie up. Gallagher puts Kalisto up against ropes, arm drags him but then Kalisto shoulders low. Kalisto runs, sunset flip, TWO, headlock but Gallagher counters into his own. Kalisto powers out, Gallagher blocks the hip toss but Kalisto blocks a hip toss, acrobatic arm-drag sends Gallagher out. Gallagher paces to cool off, Kalisto swing kicks to knock him down. “Lucha! Lucha!” before Kalisto slingshots over to springboard off the second rope for a spinning seated senton!

The fans liked that, Kalisto gets up on the barrier and wakls but then Gallagher trips him up. Kalisto hits barriers and falls to the floor, Gallagher puts him in the ring. Cover, ONE, Gallagher tries again, ONE. Gallagher rains down right hands, then cools off to fix his hair. Gallagher grabs Kalisto’s arm, Kalisto resists, so Gallagher drops a knee on that arm repeatedly. A wristlock tortures Kalisto, fans rally, Kalisto gets up but is brought back down. Gallagher snarls but Kalisto kicks him in the head to break the hold. Kalisto reaches up, headscissor throws Gallagher, but then Gallagher barrels into Kalisto, cover, TWO. Gallagher back on that arm, hammerlock now. Fans rally, Kalisto gets up again, Kalisto fights back with back elbows. Kalisto runs, and thrwos Gallagher out. Gallagher is on his feet and in the ring, stiff roundhouse then a dosey-do to another headscissors throw. Kalisto keeps running, a headbutt stops him, but Kalisto kicks again, runs and hits a spike-rana!

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Cover, TWO, Gallagher gets to ropes for safety. Kalisto crawls towards him as fans rally, Kalisto wants to whip but is reversed into an arm wrench, so Kalisto fights back with haymakers. Kalisto breaks free, heel kick stuns Gallagher, Kalisto hops up and moonsaults, but is caught into a Fujiwara armbar!

Kalisto endures the torque, reaches but is rolled back from ropes. Kalisto rolls out, runs the ropes for SALIDA DEL SOL!

Kalisto wins! Gallagher now has another reason to dislike returning home. Can Kalisto use this grit and determination to take back that Cruiserweight Championship?

Backstage interview with Enzo Amore.

Things got rather personal between him and Tyler Bate earlier. Damn right they did! Tyler is lucky to even be on a WWE show and Enzo is the reason why he was! And yet Tyler takes cheap shots like that? Enzo’s closed bar tabs worth more than Tyler’s entire career, and Enzo promises to close the tab on Tyler’s career right here.

James Drake & Joseph Conners VS Cedric Alexander & Mark Andrews!

Blackpool’s Mr. Mayhem and Nottingham’s Righteous Man fought each other tooth and nail in the opening round of the UK Championship Tournament, can they put differences aside to take on the Carolina Kid as he teams up with the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving wild Welshman? Andrews and Conners start, they faced each other in that same UK tournament where Andrews went over. They circle, tie up, Conners wrenches an arm but Andrews rolls and uses ropes to acrobatically arm-drag. A second arm-drag is blocked, but Andrews manages to land on his feet out of a snapmare, Andrews speeds things to almost spike Conners with that huricanrana. Conners gets to a neutral corner, Andrews runs in but gets a boot. Conners sunset flips, Andrews back flips and dropkicks, TWO. Andrews brings Conners over, tag to Alexander, hand-off on the arm wrench, but Conners uses power to counter and throw Alexander down. Conners brings Alexander over, tag to Drake, kick to that arm. Arm wrench, arm lock, Alexander rolls and spins out, takedown and then speed up, handspring headscissors throws Drake, dropkick drops him again. The fans applaud Alexander’s agility, tag to Andrews, scoop slam sets Drake in position for the synchronized standing moonsault and leg drop.

Cover, TWO, Andrews keeps on Drake with a whip to a corner. Drake goes to the apron, tags Conners but that’s not how those work. The referee is busy keeping Conners out, so Drake takes advantage to forearm smash Andrews down. Legal tag now, Conners goes after Andrews to give him a lean-back backbreaker, cover, TWO. Conners keeps on Andrews with clubbing forearms to the back, tag to Drake. Conners keeps Andrews stuck in the corner, Drake runs in to give Andrews another stiff forearm smash. Fans rally but Andrews is stuck in a neck wrench. Jawbreaker helps him get free, but Drake keeps Andrews away from Alexander, back suplex escaped, but Andrews’ headscissors is countered into a facebuster! Cover, Alexander breaks it. Drake tags Conners, they go after Andrews but Andrews fights out with boots and enziguris. Andrews on the apron, dumps out Drake, then soulders Conners back. Slingshots over, tag to Alexander! Alexander rallies on Conners, blocks a kick to give that stiff back elbow. Conners gets to a corner, Alexander runs in but misses as Conners evades, Conners runs back in but gets a dropkick to a knee that sends him into buckles. Alexander gets himself to the apron and gives a running knee to Conners in the corner.

Conners down, fans fire up, Alexander takes aim, springboard clothesline! Drake barrels in to break that pin, Andrews tags in. Drake and Conners whip Alexander, he handsprings to take out both men with the double Neuralizer! Andrews climbs up top, Alexander positions just right, Shooting Star on Conners!

Andrews & Alexander win! A successful debut in this crossover, perhaps they’ll do this again down the line.

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WWE takes a look at Tyler Bate.

The inaugural WWE UK Champion is also one of the youngest competitors in the entire Division. He stands out with his maturity, because age is just a number. The numbers that really matter are “1, 2, 3”. He may not be champion right now but he has a long career ahead of him, will he at least defeat the Cruiserweight Champion tonight?

Tyler Bate VS Enzo Amore!

Enzo asking why they’re booing.

No need to talk, Enzo got everything out of his system earlier. For now, the current Cruiserweight Champion stares down the former UK Champion as he gets in the ring. The bell rings, the two circle, Enzo swings but misses, Tyler has the fans singing as he toys with Enzo through technical innovation. He dares Enzo to get his leg, and then uses that to roll Enzo up, TWO! The fans cheer “Mustache Mountain!” as Enzo gets out of the ring to regain his composure. Tyler invites Enzo back into the ring, Enzo applauds his manners. Enzo gets in, ties up in a test of strength but Enzo tries a cheap shot, Tyler continues to toy with Enzo as he reels him in, reels him out, reels him back in, back out, then forearms Enzo down. Enzo swings, but gets caught, and thrown in an Exploder suplex!

Enzo gets out of the ring again in frustration, Tyler simply waits for him to return. The fans sing for Tyler again, Tyler waves. Enzo says “Screw you, and screw you!” Tyler comes out to go after Enzo, gets a shot in but then gets flapjack’d onto the barriers! Enzo throws Tyler into barriers, then again, fans boo and jeer as Enzo paces. Enzo talks trash about stepping into ring with a real man, another flapjack to put Tyler into barriers. Back into the ring, Tyler is in a corner and Enzo stomps a Bonafide mudhole into Tyler. Enzo gloats and dances, yanks Tyler up into a sidewalk slam, TWO. Enzo is annoyed, the fans rally, so Enzo mocks the rally. Tyler fights back, it’s a brawl but Enzo stomps and rains down rights to keep Tyler grounded. Chinlock that Enzo puts a bridge into for pressure, Enzo is clearly learning in-ring skills. Fans rally for Tyler all the same, Tyler gets up, Enzo brings him back down into that chinlock. Enzo still doesn’t like the fans cheering on Tyler and saying “Enzo Sucks!” Tyler gets up, reverses, back suplex slams Enzo down. The fans rally again, Enzo is up first, Tyler throws hands into Enzo’s stomach. Enzo brings him up, Tyler gives more body shots. Enzo throws Tyler at ropes, Tyler handsprings and comes back with a lariat! Tyler is fired up, he whips Enzo to a corner, runs in for the knee, corner to corner for another try but Enzo sticks up a boot to drive Tyler into the mat! Fans rally again, Enzo tells them to shut up! He drags Tyler up and lifts him onto the top rope. Enzo climbs up, Tyler resists, European Uppercuts hits Enzo over and over and over, one last big EuroUppers sends Enzo down. Tyler adjusts, Enzo gets up and knocks Tyler all the way down! Tyler’s leg gets awkwardly hung up, the referee checks him. Enzo mocks Tyler’s pain, drags Tyler up and in, and then mocks the boos and jeers. Enzo goes back to Tyler, to reel him in for a big lariat that flips Tyler all around. Enzo isn’t done, he dances to the “Enzo Sucks!” chants. Enzo drags Tyler up again, Jor-DONE-Zo!

Enzo wins! He goes 1–1 against UK Division champions, and then rubs it in by holding up his title while dancing over Tyler.

Enzo then adds injury to insult as he rains down more rights on the vulnerable Tyler! Kalisto to the rescue, he runs Enzo out of the ring.

Certified G retreats, proud of himself all the same. Will he pull off another Realest Cheat in the Room at Survivor Series to keep The ‘Zo Show going?

My Thoughts:

For having a crossover between WWE’s two underutilized divisions, this didn’t work out as exceptional as it could’ve been. Being only an hour did limit things, but there was still plenty they could’ve done better. The UK crowds tend to be smark heavy, and they were having none of Enzo’s jabber during this rare treat of WWE TV programming. Perhaps Enzo should’ve tried to keep it even more concise for his opening monologue. Enzo still did well in running down the crowd in response, as well as working to make friends with the UK Heels and upsetting the UK Faces. Good move for Tyler to be the one to retaliate, he really is WWE’s choice for Top Face and fans are in agreement. Kalisto VS Gallagher was alright, Gallagher working to do the same as Enzo and get that easy heat for turning on the crowd, but it means even more when it’s Gallagher’s hometown. Kalisto goes over to keep momentum going towards his title match, and fans are actually happy to see the hometown guy lose since he’s a Heel. The tag match was good, I was a bit surprised Drake & Conners made such a good team but they could really try something there if the UK Division were to ever get tag team titles or be allowed crossover into a Raw/SmackDown Tag Team Division. Same goes for Alexander & Andrews, their styles compliment each other, as seen here. In a longer show format, they could’ve done a bit more to really showcase Andrews’ moveset, along with Conners and Drake, but this was good for the time it was given. The main event didn’t really get a lot of time, it was 10 minutes at most and even the ending might have been summarized because of Tyler’s tumble off the top rope. That leg’s hyperextension might be legit, hopefully Tyler will be okay to make whatever dates he has on his schedule, but it’d explain why Enzo wins 1–2–3 as opposed to a cheat. Either way, it does keep Enzo’s momentum building towards Survivor Series, and I hope the Cruiserweight Championship match allows Kalisto to show a bit more, but the result could go either way.

My Score: 7.5/10

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