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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Report! (11/13/17)




  • Triple Threat: Mickie James VS Bayley VS Dana Brooke; Bayley wins and joins the Raw Women’s Team at Survivor Series.
  • Enzo Amore & Drew Gulak VS Kalisto & Akira Tozawa; Enzo & Gulak win.
  • Jason Jordan VS Bray Wyatt; Jordan wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Shield VS The Miz & The Bar w/ The Miztourage; The Shield wins.
  • Finn Balor & Samoa Joe VS The Club; Balor & Joe win.
  • Braun Strowman VS Kane; no contest.


It has been three weeks since Raw was #UnderSiege.

And yet, it is as the New Day has said: Raw has done “nothing~!” At least, Raw seems to claim so, as Raw GM Kurt Angle denies knowing Kane was going to attack SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan! And even after being screwed out of the Raw Tag Team Titles by The New Day’s #UnderSiege2 “pump fake”, Raw did “nothing~!

The Raw Commissioner, Stephanie McMahon, is here!


And she welcomes Atlanta to Monday Night Raw, and speaks on decisions she must make that impact everyone from fans to talent to shareholders to staff. Things that normal people can’t even fathom, which is why she needs “true leaders” running the show. As such, she introduces us to Team Captain, Kurt Angle!


The Olympic Gold Medalist was put on notice at the same time he was appointed to the Raw Men’s Team, and he wishes Stephanie to understand that he was prepared for the New Day’s raid. She’s not upset, but she is curious how The New Day got in. No idea. Well he’s honest. Was there an actual raid? No… But Angle “valiantly” led the charge, no doubt. Was there a raid? Or was Raw tricked? Stephanie can make a highlight reel for Survivor Series out of this stuff. She’s being harsh, the fans love Angle. Angle makes good on being team captain, with the Fifth Man being… Jason Jordan. Who is he? A capable wrestler. No, who is he to Angle? His son. And what has Jordan done to make him valuable to team Raw? He’s very talented. Okay, maybe we should put this another way. Who is SmackDown’s Fifth Man? John Cena. Yes, the 16 time World Champion and franchise player, John Cena. And last Stephanie saw Cena, he was on Raw. So, Angle chose his son instead of Cena? Or Cena decided to join SmackDown when he got snubbed? You’d have to ask Cena. But seeing as fans love Angle, here’s a second chance. What is Angle going to do at Survivor Series? Break Shane’s ankle. Angle is captain, he’ll start the match, and if Shane “has the balls”, he’ll start, too. What, is this the 1990’s? That you two are going to go 1v1, that Shane is going to man up? No Shane is going to have the others do his dirty work. Plus, Stephanie doesn’t think Angle could break anyone’s ankle. Angle’s gone soft and is going to be Stephanie’s biggest mistake. Shane is trying to ruin the show their father made 25 years ago, Stephanie put that burden on Angle and yet Angle is not changing her mind. Don’t break ankles, put heads on platters! DECIMATE SmackDown. But Stephanie has no other choice. Angle — “Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta. Shield.”


Yes, the Shield is here, in full! Roman Reigns is healthy, Roman Reigns is with his brothers in Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, and the trio heads down the steps and to the ring. Stephanie wants the fans to make up their minds, are they cheering or not? Ambrose says that there have been a lot of leaders for Raw, none better than Angle. Angle is their guy, TLC proved he’s still got it. The fans join in, “You Still Got It!” Be that as it may, the Shield is missing those tag titles. They lost because of Angle. Are they even going to be at Survivor Series? Is it Angle or the New Day who made them look like fools? And where was Roman anyway? Wow a lot of questions. How about where’s Stephanie been? She wasn’t here for months, and all that happened was going through a table at WrestleMania. Oh, sorry, Rollins. It was HHH who put her through a table. Did she forget how this works? The Shield doesn’t do what she tells them, they do what they want. And they’d like to do something. Stephanie and Atlanta are all ears. The Shield wants The New Day. And if The New Day has balls, then there will be a match at Survivor Series. And The Shield will handle that. Angle has Team Raw, and The Shield will whoop the New Day’s ass. Raw is raring to go, can they win big at Survivor Series?

Triple Threat: Mickie James VS Bayley VS Dana Brooke!

With only one spot left on Raw’s Women’s Team, three must fight to be the Fifth Woman! As such, Team Raw’s Captain Foxy, “Bossy Banks”, Empress of Tomorrow and Brutal Beauty are ringside to watch.



The bell rings, the three circle, tie up, but Mickie gets the edge, double takedown on! Dropkick sends Bayley out, Mickie’s alone with Dana, snapmare and running — Baley trips Mickie up, covers Dana, TWO. Bayley brings Dana up, is put in a corner, Mickie comes back in to kick and whip but is reversed, collides with Bayley, Dana handsprings to hit them both. Dana keeps things moving, but Mickie dodges and Bayley runs Dana over. Bayley is dumped to the apron, Mickie comes back, Dana helps out, Bayley goes down to the ground. We go to break as Dana and Mickie stare down.

We return, Dana has Mickie caught in a corner, she rolls out but into Bayley’s back suplex! Mickie swings, gets a back suplex! Bayley throws Dana out to the apron, hotshot! But Mickie gives a flapjack to Bayley, kip-up to fire up. Mickie climbs up top, Bayley stops her with a forearm then climbs up to join her. They brawl on the top rope, Bayley is knocked away. Mickie takes aim, seated senton!


Dana breaks the pin, but gets forearms from Mickie. Back kick, front kick, Mickie runs to forearm Dana down. Bayley goes after Mickie, gets a stiff neckbreaker. Bayley bails out of the ring, Micke gives Dana a running facebuster. Dana rolls out, Asuka checks on Dana. Dana gets pissed, hits Asuka, that was a mistake. Dana gets in the ring, Asuka chases her out! Heel kick rocks Dana down! Bayley goes after Mickie, but she get rolled up, TWO! Neckbreaker denied into backslide, TWO, Mickie kicks, but Bayley hits Bayley2Belly! Bayley wins! She’s on the team! With all five spots filled, can this combination defeat SmackDown’s?


Enzo Amore & Drew Gulak VS Kalisto & Akira Tozawa!

The Certified Cruiserweight Champion and “Gabber Gulak” of the ‘Zo Train are in Atlanta, How You Doin’? Very well, thank you. Not you, Gulak. And days before taking on the Lucha Dragon to defend Enzo’s “boo”, as well as the future of 205 Live. Gulak wants to make it better, but it’s already great because Enzo’s on it. Kalisto has no money, no pockets like basketball shorts. Gabber Gulak gets time to talk, except for Kalisto and Tozawa appearing!


The bell rings, Gulak starts against Kalisto, but Tozawa wants in so Kalisto tags. “HAH! HAH! HAH!” echoes throughout the arena as they tie up, Gulak gets an arm lock and throws Tozawa down. Headlock, Tozawa powers out but Enzo tagged in and tackles Tozawa. The two stomp and whip but Tozawa dodges, Kalisto tags in. Springboard missile dropkick gets two for one! Team “Luch-AH!” in control as we go to break.

We return, Gulak has Tozawa in a cravat. The fans “AH! AH! AH!” for the Stamina Monster, he feeds off the energy and fights out of the hold. Gulak grabs Tozawa again to keep him away form kalisto, Tozawa rocks him with right hands and a kick. Gulak keeps Tozawa down, stomp to the back. He swings on Kalisto, but gets into a saido suplex from Tozawa! Fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” chants. Tozawa and Gulak crawl, tag to Enzo and Kalisto! Kalisto springboard seated senton to Enzo, then a mule kick, front kick and whip. Reversed, but Kalist tumbles over and kicks Enzo away. Springboard crossbody hits, Gulak goes to break, Kalisto evades so that elbow drop lands on Enzo! Tag to Tozawa, he climbs up, missile dropkick takes Gulak down. Gulak is sent out onto Enzo, then “Luch-AH!” as the TOZAWA TORPEDO hits! But that’s not the end of it, Kalisto springboard swantons! Cruiserweights are all over the floor, so a ring count must begin. Kalisto gets to his corner, Tozawa fires up, he puts Enzo in. Enzo is kicked again, Tozawa has him in the right spot. Tozawa up, takes aim, but Gulak goes to save Enzo. Kalisto wipes Gulak out with a cannonball! Then Tozawa brings Enzo up, Enzo pushes him into Kalisto, Jor-DONE-Zo! Enzo rolls up, Enzo and Gulak win! Enzo took advantage of environment, but will he still have his “Boo” when it’s 1v1?


Kurt Angle meets with Team Raw.


Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman and Jason Jordan are all there, and they all heard Stephanie McMahon earlier. He’s taking no chances. Joe and Finn wanted to tear each other apart just last week, but Angle wants them to focus on Shane McMahon, John Cena, Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode. These two need to get along, so they’re teaming up against The Club, Gallows & Anderson. And Jordan pissed a lot of people off, including Stephanie, so he must impress tonight by going up against “the most sadistic superstar” around, Bray Wyatt. And Braun wants Kane. Well- Braun, wants, Kane. Then he’ll get Kane, in the main event. Can Team Raw get some final momentum before Survivor Series?

Time for Miz TV!


The Most Must-See Talk Show in WWE history hypes up Survivor Series and how it is truly Raw VS SmackDown. Most importantly at Survivor Series, “internet tough guy” Baron Corbin gets to step into the ring with The Miz, unless he loses that US Championship to Sin Cara on SmackDown. Some think it won’t happen, but it’s Corbin’s MO. He failed to use his Money in the Bank briefcase to become world champion, and his US Championship reign has been “lackluster at best.” Corbin wasn’t even on the show last week, so he wasn’t even the bathroom break! There’s a level Miz is on and a level Corbin is on, Miz’s is higher! If Miz doesn’t have opportunities, he makes them and capitalizes! Just look at tonight: The Miz can “have one of the most momentous victories” against The Shield. And by his side will be two men laser focused on winning even when SmackDown looked to invade: The newRaw Tag Team Champions — and Miz’s close, personal friends — Sheamus & Cesaro!


The Bar are once again champions but still not liked by the WWE Universe. Miz congratulates them on the win, and they appreciate it. But it was no surprise, they did what they always do: eyes on the prize. While Rollins & Ambrose wanted to defend Raw, The Bar just wanted back what belonged to them. An opportunity presented itself, they capitalized, and they’re now three time Raw Tag Team Champions. Give it up for the champs! Boos and jeers instead. The Bar are the real WWE tag team champions, unlike the SmackDown champions, The Usos. Yes, they won the “cute little B-Show” titles. Fans remind Sheamus that he looks stupid. When Miz’s hand goes up, your mouth goes shut, and you will respect your champions! As Sheamus was saying, The Bar are the A-Team tag champs. They are the flagship show’s champs! “Damn it, we are the Raw tag team champions!” And they’re gonna jailbreak the Uso Penitentiary! Just like they’re going to finally break the Shield! Yes, the true Shield, too. No glory hogging Kurt Angle stepping in, it is Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Think of the magnitude! Look at the odds they had to overcome, like betrayal and years of infighting, and now they’re reunited just to face The “Hollywood Bar”, the champions of Raw! This is not The Shield’s moment but theirs! Because they don’t just set the bar, they are the bar. Can Miz and friends really ruin the storybook reunion?


Jason Jordan VS Bray Wyatt!



The Gold-Blooded Son needs to step up and prove he isn’t just being favored by his father, can he do so against the returning Eater of Worlds? The bell rings, the two circle, Wyatt swings but gets chased to ropes. JJ backs off so Wyatt can return, they tie up and JJ gets a waistlock. Wyatt backs him down, ropebreak in a corner, Wyatt walks away but comes back in, misses, Wyatt spooks JJ with that lean-back. Wyatt comes out, JJ dropkicks him down, then a waistlock. Ropebreaks made dirty as Wyatt hits JJ and then runs him down with a headbutt. Angle is watching this as JJ still lifts Wyatt up and puts him in a corner. Then, corner to corner! JJ is fired up, runs in corner to corner for the shoulder tackle. Overhead suplex! Wyatt rolls out, JJ pursues from around the corner to build speed, but misses wide and runs into barriers.


Wyatt has turned the tables, “you don’t know who you’re messing with, kiddo.” We go to break as the Face of Fear looms over JJ.

We return, Wyatt has JJ in the ring with a chinlock, but fans are rallying. JJ gets free but gets an uppercut, Wyatt goes after the leg, which JJ tweaked during break. Back senton to squash, TWO. Wyatt keeps on that leg, Wyatt dares JJ to get up. JJ does and fights back but then gets rocked by a stiff right uppercut. Wyatt keeps on JJ’s leg, JJ clutches it in pain. Wyatt brings JJ up, “Is he a hero?” Wyatt clubs JJ back down, then lift shim up for a scoop slam. JJ slips out, but that leg gives out, Wyatt boots JJ down, then slams him with a vicious yurinagi!


Wyatt goes to the corner, fans get loud as he does the spider walk. JJ rocks Wyatt with a right hand of his own! Then a back elbow out of a corner, JJ staggers over, Sister Abigail- roll up! JJ pulls off the win! And Stephanie was there to watch it. Has this valiant effort impressed her?


Wyatt clobbers JJ! Wyatt isn’t done with the Gold-Blooded Son, he runs JJ over with a lariat! Then he puts JJ onto the apron, and takes that bad leg to throw it against the post! JJ writhes in pain, Angle is devastated as he hurries out of the office. Fans chant “Thank you, Wyatt!” as they’re clearly not fans of Angle’s son.


JJ needs to be helped away, will he be in any shape to compete at Survivor Series?

Kurt Angle checks on Jason Jordan in the trainer’s room.


A lot of ice for that battered knee, and Jordan says he’s okay but… Jordan says Angle competed through injuries, Jordan wants to do the same. But he needs to be at 100%, not 90%. But this is Jordan’s chance, the opportunity he’s wanted for his entire life! He deserves this, doesn’t he, Dad? What will Angle decide come Survivor Series?

Altanta becomes Suplex City!


As such, fans duel “AJ Styles!” “Suplex City!” to the enjoyment of Paul Heyman, Advocate of the “reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Champion, BROCK, LESNAR!” And Lesnar has authorized Heyman to list the top five reasons to watch Survivor Series on the WWE Network. First selling point: the first time a Universal Champion and a WWE Champion will go 1v1, and the first time Lesnar goes up against Styles. This may be the only time these two ever have a match, so to put it simply, “don’t miss it!” Second selling point: Heyman wants to see this, too! He knows Lesnar better than anyone, and has seen with his own eyes this year alone, Lesnar has gone against the biggest and baddest but no one is better. Styles is an interesting opponent, and has mastered something that you learn in fight sports, “Speed Kills.” Styles has the speed advantage but that’s not all. Third selling point: “She said yes!” Oh, wait, someone proposed at this time? How sweet. Because she’s never had a Beast like Lesnar. By the way, interrupting a Heyman promo is tantamount to fighting Lesnar: you won’t win. Third selling point: Styles is the “single most talented in-ring performer of this generation”! Well, isn’t that Finn Balor? Those two can settle that on their own, but to Heyman, Styles is stylistically the “ultimate opponent” for Lesnar. Styles has the most momentum, second to Lesnar. Styles is a respectable world champion. But now Styles is the “ultimate underdog” because “this good ol’ boy from Georgia” is up against a “Georgia Bulldog eating carnivore” this Sunday! Lesnar shall prove he and he alone is “the number one champion in WWE, then, now and forever.” These are the odds Styles has to overcome. Fourth selling point: you wanna see a Rocky movie come to life? That’s Styles VS Lesnar. Fans chant for AJ Styles, and Heyman agrees. This year alone, Styles defeated John Cena, Shane McMahon and Jinder Mahal, which is why this is such a great story! But Fifth selling point: this in’t Rocky, this is Survivor Series. Styles won’t survive Suplex City, Styles won’t survive The Beast, Styles won’t survive the Conqueror, Styles won’t survive the F5. Heyman looks forward to telling the tale of Styles’ heroic effort as he puts on the show of his life only to be victimized by… BROCK, LESNAR. Is Heyman once again correct about his assessment? Or will Styles surprise us all in this once-in-a-lifetime match?

Six Man Tag: The Shield VS The Miz & The Bar w/ The Miztourage!


The match-up that was meant to be at TLC happens here and now, can the #HoundsofJustice keep the championship-studded “Hollywood Bar” from seizing opportunities tonight? The bell rings, Swiss Cyborg starts against Architect. They tie up, waistlock but standing switch, Rollins arm-wrenches and headlock takeover, headscissor counter form Cesaro, stand off. The two go again, Cesaro kicks low, gives a stiff European Uppercut, headlock but Rollins powers out, Cesaro shoulders him down. Cesaro runs, Rollins speeds it up, dropkick drops Cesaro. Tag to The Lunatic Fringe, they get running for a low lariat, a knee drop and an elbow drop. ONE, Ambrose puts Cesaro in a corner for stiff chops. Cesaro turns it around to give a chop of his own, Ambrose walks it off. Cesaro gives him another, Ambrose walks it off again to fire off more chops of his own. Corner to corner whip, reversed, up and over to a drop toehold, Indian Deathlock and a hook to the nose, Ambrose lets go at 4. Crossface punch, then Cesaro up, tag to Rollins. Rollins goes up, ax handle to Cesaro, then more chops. Tag to Ambrose, he goes up, a handle to the ribs. Cesaro fights back with a EuroUpper, tag to Sheamus. The Bar whips Ambrose, Bar Lariat knocks him down. Sheamus runs, low boot, then stomps. EuroUPper from the Celtic Gladiator, then body shots in the corner, cheap shot in the form of raking fingers in Ambrose’s face. Miz lets Ambrose go then tags in, the Intercontinental Champion keeps Ambrose isolated with a mudhole stomp. Then cheap boot grinds into the sides of Ambrose’s head. Miz stomps another mudhole, Sheamus tags in, Cesaro tags in, Super Saiyan mule kicks! Ambrose down for a cover, TWO. Tag to Sheamus, Sheamus goes up, ax handle for Ambrose. Sheamus gives Ambrose kenes to the ribs, elbows to the back, and then sits him down with a chinlock. Shift to keylock, but Ambrose gets to his feet as fans slowly rally. Ambrose fights back, Sheamus knees low, Ambrose gives a knee back. Tag to Rollins, dropkick to dropkick to clothesline from Reigns! Cesaro in, gets clothesline’d out. Double slingshot planchas! The Bar is down, Miz is alone with Roman.


Miz retreats to regroup with the Miztourage. The Shield flanks them, Bo goes into barriers! Axel has a neck brace, show mercy! No, not gonna. Miz runs away through the crowd! The Shield lets him go, they keep the ring, we go to break.

We return, so has Miz, he plants Rollins with a DDT! TWO, and Miz is furious. Miz thrwos Rollins out, Cesaro lurks but Ambrose intercepts! Sheamus goes after Ambrose, Miz goes out to get Rollins. Back into the ring, Rollins clobbers Miz with a clothesline. Both men are down, Sheamus is there to tag Miz. Sheamus keeps Rollins back, suplex reversed, TWO, Rollins baits and dumps Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus has a rough bump but he still goes after Rollins, stiff elbows from Rollins are responded to with a hotshot. Sheamus goes up, takes aim, flying shoulder SUPERKICK’d out of the sky! Fans rally, Sheamus tags Cesaro but Rollins tags in Roman! The Big Dog rallies on everyone, jumping lariat on Cesaro. Cesaro in a corner, he gets those close-range clotheslines. All ten connect, Roman runs but Cesaro boots. Roman boots back! Then, Samoan Drop! Roman has fans cheering, jeering and booing, Miz goes after Roman’s foot. Ambrose DIVES outta nowhere! Cesaro EuroUppers Roman, Sheamus knees him, pop-up EuroUpper! TWO and Cesaro is shocked. Sheamus is back, Cesaro reaches but Ambrose trips Sheamus up, Rollins DIVES! Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Cesaro! Fans know what’s next, as Roman lets out the battle cry. SPEA- EURO UPPER! In position, Neutral — back drop! Miz tags in, Roman swings but misses, SUPERMAN PUNCH intercepts Cesaro!


Miz gets Roman in a roll-up, TWO! Miz wants the Finale, gets a flying knee! Sheamus goes after Rollins, gets Dirty Deeds! Miz is vulnerable as the Shield surrounds him. Miz senses what’s coming, the fans do, too. SPEAR! But that’s not all, the fans and The Shield fire up, time for the Triple Bomb!! The Shield wins! The New Day better be ready, because The Shield is back!


Kane has a message.

“Even as someone as sick and depraved as I am can smile. All I have to do is remember what I did to Braun Strowman.” The sound of that garbage truck crushing his body, “a true symphony of horrors.” And tonight, Kane will show Strowman there are worse things than death, one of them being Kane himself. Can the Big Red Machine establish superiority this close to Survivor Series?


Kurt Angle returns to the ring.


He brings up the decisions a leader must make. This is the toughest decision he’s ever made as a GM. Jason Jordan was injured in his match against Bray Wyatt, so as the Raw GM, and Team Captain of Raw, he cannot allow Jason Jordan to compete. Jordan’s replacement — Don’t do this. Jason Jordan is headed to the ring. Don’t take this away from him! This is Survivor Series, the one time that it’s Raw VS SmackDown, and the one time he’d get to be side-by-side with his father. But you’re injured. Not by Sunday! But he won’t be 100%. Jordan insists he’ll be fine, because if Angle can compete injured, so can he. Jordan can be just like Angle. It’s not worth it. But it is! Jordan has always emulated Angle, from high school to college to the WWE. Angle was his hero, so being on the same show is a dream come true. But, to be honest, Angle knows he didn’t pick out of favoritism. Don’t take this away from Jordan. Jordan won’t get another chance like this. It’d be an honor to represent Raw, so don’t take that from him. He wants to compete alongside his father. Please reconsider.


“Give me a break, Kurt.” Stephanie McMahon can’t believe this is happening. Just make the announcement, now. Fans want it, too. As if that wasn’t enough, TRIPLE H is here!


He marches right down to the ring, takes the mic from Angle, and after a stern stare down, Triple H makes the choice for him. “The Fifth Member of Team Raw, is me!” Triple H, on Team Raw?! And JJ doesn’t want to accept it. Fans are thunderous, but Triple H tells Angle he’s gonna do it. PEDIGREE to Jordan!


The Game takes no prisoners, he is fighting for Raw’s domination over SmackDown and the decimation of SmackDown. Is this the advantage Raw needs to silence SmackDown’s uprising?

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe VS The Club!




This match is the definition of dysfunction: The Extraordinary Man has to team with The Destroyer, who he despises, in a match against The Good Brothers, who he was once teammates with. Can differences be put aside for the greater good of Team Raw? Well, not with how Joe shoves Finn to force him to start the match… The bell rings, The Machine Gun takes advantage by attacking Finn from behind, not really #GoodBrotherBehavior… Anderson keeps on Finn but Finn fires back, tags Joe, Joe gives jabs to Anderson. Tag to Finn, Finn arm wrenches but Anderson rocks Finn with a right. Whip reversed, sunset flip rolled through, dropkick. Anderson gets out of the ring, Joe runs in to clobber Gallows. The tension is strong as we go to break.

We return, Finn tags Joe and Joe goes after Anderson. Tag to Finn, Anderson is isolated. Finn chops, whips but is reversed, Finn dodges and gets to the apron, swing kick knocks Anderson away. Finn goes up, Gallows distracts, Anderson capitalizes. Finn tumbles to the mat, Gallows tags in, and he rocks Finn with a right hand. Gallows drags Finn up, Finn blocks and fires back rights of his own, but is pushed back to take a YAKUZA Kick, Too Sweet. Elbow drop after elbow drop, Gallows covers, TWO. Gallows drags Finn up and powers him to Club corner, tag to Anderson and Anderson rains down rights. Anderson brings Finn to a neutral corner and rocks him with a right hand, snapmare to chinlock. Anderson grinds and squeezes Finn, fans rally, Finn gets to his feet and fights back. Finn runs, but gets elbowed down, TWO. Back to the chinlock, fans rally again, Anderson switches to an armlock, Finn endures the wrenching. Anderson wrenches deeper, fans keep rallying, Finn feeds off it and gets to his feet. Finn reaches, reaches, but Anderson uses hair to pull Finn back. They brawl, stuff EuroUpper into a spinebuster, TWO! Anderson is frustrated, but The Club is in control as we go to break.

Back again, Finn fights out of Gallow’s chinlock, but is spun off into a boot, Too Sweet. Gallows steps to Joe, but that makes him miss the elbow drop on Finn. Finn takes an uppercut, gives a PELE! Both men down, Finn crawls, tag to Joe! Anderson tags in, but Joe rallies right over him, atomic drop to running boot, back senton! Forearm for Gallows, then the back elbow and PELE for Anderson in the corner. Anderson down, tag back to Finn to go up top. Gallows in but thrown out, so Finn gives him the Penalty Kick! Joe sits Anderson down! Joe DIVES on Gallows! Coup de Grace! Finn & Joe win! Joe leaves, not wanting to celebrate with his teammate, but if they can work like this at Survivor Series, can Raw win against SmackDown’s best?


Backstage interview with Alexa Bliss.

The Goddess of Raw will face the winner of Charlotte Flair VS Natalya tomorrow night. Any preferences? So, the Queen of Cats or the Queen of Dysfunction? Great. It’s not fair that Alexa has no time to prepare, but whatever. When she made the jump, the power shifted, and SmackDown truly became The B Show. Alexa DVR’s and forgets, but tomorrow is actually important. She might even show up to watch it live. But it doesn’t matter, the Goddess will reign supreme. Is her confidence justified? Or will she be horrified this Sunday?


Braun Strowman VS Kane!



Motivated by revenge and a desire to be top of the food chain, this main event is simply #MonsterVSMachine. The two lock eyes all the way from when Strowman marches down the ramp.


The two stand face to face in the ring, uppercut from Kane before the bell, Strowman boots him down. This isn’t even a match yet, Strowman just stomps on Kane. Kane gets out, Strowman pursues, Strowman gives Kane an uppercut. Headbutts and elbows, too, as they go around the ring, Strowman with the edge over Kane. Strowman gives body shots against the barriers, Kane crawls. Strowman keeps going, the referee tries to get this in the ring as an actual match but Strowman keeps punching Kane. Strowman grinds Kane against the barriers the clobbers him, making him feel like the trash Kane tried to turn him into. They fight in the timekeeper’s area, Strowman whips Kane but is reversed, Strowman goes into steel steps instead! Kane decides to up the ante, he brings out a table!


The fans are loving it already as Kane sets the table up. Kane stalks over to Strowman, kicking the Monster while he’s down. Kane brings out a chair, SMACK across Strowman’s back. And SMACK again, but Strowman stays standing. Choke grip and Kane brings Strowman over but Strowman pries his way out and then SMACKS Kane with that chair! Strowman is again stalking Kane as he SMACKS Kane a second time. Strowman sees that table and brings Kane over. A stiff uppercut rocks Kane again, Strowman puts him on the apron then climbs up the other side. Strowman climbs up, drags Kane up to join him, aimed at that table! Kane resists, punches Strowman, Strowman teeters but saves himself. Headbutt sends Kane into the ring, Strowman adjusts, Kane grabs him by the throat. Strowman breaks out, flying double ax handles! Strowman scoops Kane onto his shoulder, spiraling powerslam goes through the floor!!


The fans are losing their minds as these two behemoths disappear into the void under the ring, what is the condition of either monstrous man?!

My Thoughts:

Raw finally gets their go-homes to feel important again. Bayley wins a triple threat to be the Fifth Woman, though it seemed touch-and-go as there was a chance it could have fed into a long-game turn for the Huggable One. But it just works better with the WWE’s Four Horsewomen all in the match, at least for now. Enzo & Gulak win against their rivals tonight but that adds into the math of the Faces likely winning blow-offs in the coming week, Tozawa on 205 Live and Kalisto at Survivor Series.

And then there was the real big stuff. Stephanie wants Raw to not just win but dominate, so she adds on to that ultimatum from last week by questioning Angle’s decisions. The Shield, while maintaining their tension with the Billionaire Princess, promises results when they get payback on The New Day, the dream match we’ve all wanted. And tonight’s Six Man Tag against Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro was great, the fans were into it, even with Roman participating. Angle ends up putting all of Raw’s Men’s Team in action with mixed but important results. Jason Jordan and Bray Wyatt had a solid match, but this was a great way to swap out Jordan for a huge surprise in Triple H while planting seeds for several things, such as Jordan turning Heel because fans actually liked what happened to him, as well as Angle VS Triple H at Wrestlemania for what Triple H did to Jordan. Finn and Joe manage to keep dysfunction out of the way bell to bell for a solid match, but I’m a bit disappointed there wasn’t a moment of hesitation between Finn, Gallows and Anderson. Maybe in a 5V5 elimination match, the dysfunction might come into play. And then hot damn that ending. Starting as late as they did, Strowman in a main event match with another giant, it was all a formula for breaking something to close out the show with shock and awe, I just didn’t expect them to break through the ring. Even though Team Raw now has Angle and Triple H, Strowman is the key to Raw’s victory.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Tag titles are on the line!



Will the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships belong to NXT?

The inaugural Women’s Dusty Cup Winners, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles! But will the NXT alumni show they still dominate the black ‘n’ yellow?


  • Xia Li w/ Tian Sha VS Kayden Carter; wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa; win and
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez; win and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of WWE NXT will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Dynamite’s headed for Revolution!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW’s stars meet at the Crossroads!

Before the Revolution returns, AEW Dynamite ignites! And Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet meet Jade Cargill & SHAQUILLE O’NEAL in a stacked crossover Mixed Tag Match!


  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens; wins and advances to the Revolution Ladder Match.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS FTR & Tully Blanchard; win(s).
  • PAC & Rey Fenix VS ???
  • Matt Hardy & Marq Quen VS Hangman Page & John Silver; win.
  • AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Nyla Rose VS Ryo Mizunami; wins and will face Hikaru Shida for the title at AEW Revolution.
  • Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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