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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report – 11/7/17 – AJ Styles challenges Jinder Mahal!

The Modern Day Maharaja or the Phenomenal One, who moves on to Survivor Series to face The Beast?!



  • Sami Zayn w/ Kevin Owens VS Kofi Kingston w/ The New Day; Kingston wins.
  • Randy Orton VS Rusev w/ Aiden English; Orton wins, Rusev is not on Team SmackDown.
  • Becky Lynch VS James Ellsworth w/ Carmella; Becky wins.
  • WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Usos VS Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable; Benjamin & Gable win by count out, The Usos retain.
  • WWE Championship: Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers VS AJ Styles; Styles wins and becomes the new WWE Champion.


AJ Styles has the opportunity to become WWE Champion again.

Jinder Mahal may be bigger and stronger, but he’s not The Phenomenal One, and that is AJ Styles! But Mahal says that he “flat out beat up” Styles, to prove he is “the superior champion.” The consequences are to defend the title, but Mahal is alright with that. Styles will be a Phenomenal Loser, Mahal will stay “YOUR WWE Champion”. Who will be the true WWE Champion after a night in Manchester?

Shane McMahon heads to the ring.

The SmackDown Commissioner and Men’s Team Captain is in Manchester, and the fans are Shane O’Mac says “November 19th will mark down in history” the beginning of a new era where Raw can’t call SmackDown “The B Show”, they’ll be THE Show. Two mega brands going at it and it’s gotten personal, with Daniel Bryan’s injury being the major incident. Shane holds Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle responsible. For what they did to Bryan, Shane is going to go after Angle, so Angle better be ready. And speaking of Daniel Bryan, he’ll be back next week, because he “resembles what everyone in that locker room has.” You get knocked down but you don’t stay down. Speaking of some tough fighters, let’s bring out some guys who “fired a shot across the bough of Monday Night Raw.” The Manchester crowd knows who he means, it’s The New Day! Awwww~ Manchester~! Don’t you dare be soure, clap for your world famous 4 time champs, and feel, the powah~!Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E “bleed blue” as they helped bring us new Raw Tag Team Champions. They distracted Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose, The Bar, and all of the Raw Roster by simply appearing in the crowd, and when it all wrapped up, Sheamus & Cesaro were champions instead of The Shield boys. “Made ’em look pretty silly.” Manchester cheers that “New! Day Rocks!” Kofi tells Shane that they didn’t mean for titles to change hands, but that stuff happens when you put Raw #UnderSiege baybyyyy~! And when it comes to the Raw Roster, what’re they gonna do? “Nothing~!” Because when they led that siege, they looked Raw “dead in the eye”, and what happened? “We beat them down!” The New Day is prepared to accept the consequences. And if #Rawtaliation is even attempted, New Day will send them back to Monday. Yes, SmackDown Spirit is strong with The New Day, it was all on a whim, but that’s awesome because… “New! Day Rocks!” Shane hip swivels with them.

But Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn arrive to say otherwise.

“That was the stupidest, most painful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Shane, they hate to break it to him, but he’s not cool. And never dance like that again. Wait wait, Sami is saying someone else shouldn’t’ dance? What about Sami’s entrances? Don’t listen to them, Sami. These two are here with important things to say. Shane may have a hard time dealing with losing at Hell in a Cell, but now he’s acting out, just don’t punish SmackDown for his shortcomings. Sami & Kevin could’ve been on Raw, could’ve beat up the entire Raw Roster, but they’re “men of honor.” They do things the right way, and just because that doesn’t jive with the “Shane McMahon Propaganda Machine”, he sets them up to fail. Well, this is the attitude that has kept these two from representing SmackDown. No, it’s because they lost “qualifying” matches! And Shane did nothing to fix the controversy. If Sami or Kevin had done things like that, they’d be suspended, fined, or even fired. And, because Kevin lost to Shinsuke Nakamura. Well, it’s a crime they even had to qualify! They are the top two stars on this roster! So what? What do they need to do? Not entertaining enough? They need to dance like the “puppets”! Whoa… Fans want to see that, but the only puppet here, is that “1930s paper boy, never been to a gym lookin’ ass Sami Zayn!” WHOA! Kevin has his hand so far up Sami’s butt, that every time he brushes his teeth — which isn’t often — Kevin gets a manicure. The New Day is loving their own burn, but so is Manchester. Sami sarcastically laughs it off, but he’ll be laughing harder when Raw beats SmackDown and they only have Shane to blame. Shane says they have no brand loyalty, yet walk around like they own it. Since Sami thinks he’s entitled, he is entitled to a match. Against who? Who who who? Kofi Kingston. And, it’s next.

Sami Zayn w/ Kevin Owens VS Kofi Kingston w/ The New Day!

The bell rings, the two circle, Sami puts Kofi in a corner. Sami honors the ropebreak and gives Kofi plenty of space. The New Day joins in the “Paper Boy!” chants at Sami. Tie up, waistlock but Sami reverses out, Kofi reverses back, Sami rolls and reverses back again. Kofi rolls and flips to reverse back once more, bringing Sami to a knee. Sami pushes back and powers out but the whip is reversed, Sami springboards up and over, arm-drag into arm lock. Kofi works to get up and out, fans rally with the New Day claps, Kofi whips but is shouldered down. Sami speeds things up, Kofi hits him with a back elbow. Sami gets to a corner, Kofi misses his splash, Sami runs in for a monkey flip, Kofi lands on his feet! Woods plays him music to twerk to. Sami swings but misses, dorpkick from Kofi sends him out! Kofi watches as The Best Friends regroup, fans keep up the cheers for New Day. Sami takes his time getting in, Kofi keeps his eyes on him, Sami makes sure he stays back as he enters. THe fans taunt “Where’s the paper?” Kofi loves joining in, but then rushes out to separate the Best Friends. Sami pounces as Kofi reenters the ring, reeling Kofi in for a flipping lariat! Kevin taunts “Who rocks now?!” Sami takes his time stalking Kofi, puts Kofi in a corner, then rains down right hands before going up. Flying crossbody, intercepted by a dropkick from Kofi! Sami regroups with Kevin again as we go picture in picture.

The New Day keeps the fans going, Kevin coaches Sami back up. Kofi comes out to get him, double ax handle. Kofi goes to put Sami in the ring but Kevin distracts, Kofi gets shoved into a post! Sami acts like he didn’t’ do it, the ref continues his ten count. Sami gets Kofi up and in, drags Kofi up for elbows to the shoulder and then a chinlock applied. Sami leans on Kofi to squeeze and grind him, Kofi fights against the hold, The New Day rallies the fans for Kofi. Kofi gets up and fights back, but Saim pulls hair to yank Kofi to the mat. Sami stalks Kofi, throwing hands. Kevin applauds as Sami chops Kofi against the ropes. Sami whips Kofi, Kofi kicks Sami, Kofi runs in a corner but misses the splash again, Saim covers, TWO! Sami is annoyed but he keeps on Kofi at the ropes. Sami scoops Kofi into a pendulum backbreaker, TWO. Sami puts Kofi back in the chinlock, Kofi again endures. Kofi gets up and fights back again, we go single picture as Sami throws Kofi but Kofi rebounds, to then clothesline Sami out of the ring. Sami flounders, Kofi recovers, then bounces to slingshot senton onto Sami!

Sami put back in the ring, Kofi gets on the apron and throws a shoulder in, slingshots over, SOS! TWO! Kofi can’t believe Sami survived that, but he just gets up to call for the finish. Sami gets up, Kofi runs in, Trouble in Paradise misses, Blue Thunder Bomb hits hard! TWO! Kevin is upset, “that was three!” Sami doesn’t let it slow him down, he just targets Kofi from the opposite corner. Sami runs in, but gets Kofi’s swing kicks. Kofi springboards but Sami gose under, wants a suplex but Kofi slips out, standing switches to a snapmare, Kofi dodges to go up and fly! Crossbody hits! Kofi wins! Only for Kevin to come in and attack! The New Day come in to run him and Sami off, The Best Friends are furious as they exit. Will their sense of entitlement ever stop? Or will they get to say “We told you so” after Survivor Series?

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Backstage interview with Jinder Mahal.

He is to defend his title tonight, but is still set on defending his honor against Brock Lesnar. How is this match tonight changing his mindset? Mahal was dining with the Manchester elite, and called the appetizer “AJ Styles”, for Brock Lesnar is the “entree.” Styles is a formidable opponent for a mere man, but Mahal is a Maharaja! He will not be disrespected anymore. He makes a meal out of Styles, and “Feasts on the Beast” at Survivor Series. Mahal may be hungry, but so will Lesnar. Will Mahal have his fill? Or has he bitten off more than he can chew?

The Bludgeon Brothers cometh.

“This world is a horrible place.” “We’re here to make it worse.” “No cage can contain us.” “No asylum can understand us.” “And when we’re done…” “Humanity will swell over.” Luke Harper & Erick Rowan are set to carve a path of pain in SmackDown, who will be the lambs to slaughter?

“Please welcome the melodious voice of Aiden English.”

The WWE’s Drama King asks Manchester remain completely silent as he introduces “The Lion of Bulgaria~~~! Who beat the Viper before~~~!” And tonight, promises to do it once more. Raw beware, at Survivor Series, all will declare: IT’S RUSEV DAY~~~!

Randy Orton VS Rusev w/ Aiden English!

The Bulgarian Hero was promised a chance to be on Team SmackDown. Originally it was against AJ Styles, but plans change, so instead Rusev must find a way to defeat The Viper to earn his spot. The bell rings, these familiar foes circle, kick blocked, RKO denied, roundhouse connects! TWO, Rusev tries again, TWO, again, TWO! Rusev is not letting up on Orton, he stomps Orton at the ropes as we go to break.

We return to Rusev having Orton in a chinlock. Fans rally for Orton, but Rusev thrashes even as Orton gets up. Fans now cheer “RUSEV DAY! RUSEV Day!” Orton headbutts Rusev back, then whips, Rusev reverses to windmill kick Orton down, TWO! Rusev tries again, TWO, so Rusev keeps on Orton.

Roode, Nakamura and Shane are watching, Rusev throws in shoulders in a corner. The ref counts and backs Rusev down, Rusev drags Orton out to cover, TWO. Rusev is getting frustrated now, fans duel between the two. Rusev gives Orton elbow drops on the run, covers, TWO. Rusev is further frustrated, he ptus Orton at the ropes to give Rusev Day kicks to Orton’s back. Cover again, TWO, Rusev tries again, TWO. Again, TWO. Rusev is furious now, he wants the win that badly. Rusev cools off, fans cheer and jeer, Rusev takes aim at Orton, RKO!!

Orton wins, no Rusev Day at Survivor Series. But then, who is the fifth man?

James Ellsworth waits outside the WWE Women’s Locker Room.

Tamina Snuka comes out first. Can she please fetch Carmella? She goes back in, he thanks her. Tick tock tick tock, Becky Lynch comes out… Where’s Carmella? That doesn’t matter, worry about her. She thinks she has a chance? She’s a woman, he’s am an, duh. Just don’t get hurt. Oh he’s worried she’ll get hurt? Yeah, because the WWE Women’s Revolution “is a farce.” And if Raw were to raid, Becky would be the first woman to hide behind Ellsworth. The city is Manchester, not Womanchester. Men are superior in jsut about every way, and the ring isn’t for “the softer sex.” He “lets” Carmella compete because it makes her happy. But he’ll be even happier when he proves he’s the “better man.” Ballsy statement. A pity he doesn’t have any.

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WWE looks back at #UnderSiege and the aftermath that followed.

Shane McMahon and the SmackDown roster surprised us all when they appeared on Monday Night Raw to ransack and rampage all over the Raw Roster. Then, whether Kurt Angle planned it or not, Daniel Bryan came to Raw and was savagely attacked by the Big Red Machine, Kane! The New Day responded by bringing #UnderSiegePart2, which was really only a “pump fake” to cost Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose their WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. Things have gotten so personal between these two rival brands, what will the aftermath of Survivor Series be?

Becky Lynch VS James Ellsworth w/ Carmella!

Nicknamed “WWE’s Battle of the Sexes”, it isn’t just the Lass Kicker coming out. Charlotte Flair, Naomi, Lana and Tamina Snuka all surround the ring to watch the FABULOUS Princess of Staten Island’s lap dog “Pretty Jimmy Dream” get neutered by #StraightFire. The bell rings, Ellsworth does some push-ups to work on his guns. Doesn’t matter, the fans know “Becky’s gonna kill~ you!” He gets face to face with Becky but taunts, she goes for his arm and he hurries to a rope. Ropebreak honored, Becky dares him to bring it. He takes off his shirt and ties up, waistlock and takedown, Ellsworth feels like he already won. They circle again, Becky gets the waistlock and he throws her off into a wristlock. Facelock, Becky gets up and powers Ellsworth up to the top rope! She lets him go, the fans serenade her with Bayley’s usual song. Ellsworth hops down, but runs right into her kick, and then she whips. He reverses, she goes up and over, keeps the run going, “Come at me, bro!” He ducks her chop, whips, she ducks under him then hops over, and by the time he realizes where she went, she gets him in a clutch cradle, TWO. Majistrol, TWO. Bodyscissors and roll roll roll roll roll, roll roll, roll, they both dizzily stagger about. Becky finds Ellsworth, firemen’s carry, and as if the rolling wasn’t enough, airplane spin! Ellsworth is extra dizzy, so Becky throws him out. Becky dares Ellsworth to return, and he’s thinking he should, too, faced with Tamina and Charlotte. He takes his time getting up and in, then shows the crane kick stance. Only to shove Becky down! Now Becky’s mad. He shoves her again, taunts the other ladies outside, Becky hops up and missile dropkicks him down!

Cover, TWO, Ellsworth gets to a corner. Becky runs in, he dodges, she hits buckles, schoolboy. TWO, so he gets her up to whip her into a corner. Ellsworth gloats again, then tunes up the band. No Chin Music blocked, atomic drop hits Ellsworth in the little Jimmy. HE goes to exit, middle rope is kicked to do the same, then a Becksploder throws him out. Becky lets her teammates and Lana keep Ellsworth from running away. A ring count gets high before he’s forced back in, he begs for mercy. He kisses Becky’s hands, and shakes them, then hags, she still puts him in the Disarm-her. Er, Disarm-Him. He taps, she wins, The Captain is on fire!

 Carmella comes in to trash talk with Becky, but she FABULOUS KICKS Jimmy!

The fans love that! Ms. Money in the Bank doesn’t need a mutt like him, she’s got her briefcase to be her best friend. Will SmackDown’s team of women defeat Raw’s with this level of unity?

Shane McMahon talks with Charlotte.

Did she see Angle’s face when The New Day invaded? Yes, and she assures him the SmackDown women will be ready for #Rawtaliation. Natalya walks in, apologizes for interrupting. But she’s pretty sure she knows what Shane wants. She accepts. Survivor Series will not only be Natty proving herself as the best WWE Women’s Champion, but she will also gladly take Charlotte’s place on the team. That’s not at all what he was going to say. Natty escaped Hell in a Cell using a chair. That didn’t sit well with management, so next week, Natalya will defend that SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte. The winner faces Alexa Bliss, the loser is on the team. Not fair! HOw many chances does Charlotte get? Apparently one last one. Will the Queen of Harts be dethroned by the Queen of Flair?

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Usos VS Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable!

The Uso Penitentiary has had the SmackDown Tag Team Division #OnLock, but their opponents are #ReadyWilling&Gable to break out and take those titles from them. But they’re just “two chumps thinking they can take these tag titles” and “thinking they can represent the Blue Team at Survivor Series.” Also, it’s American Alpha 2.0. Who is this? “Our next victims.”

And it’s a brawl! Gable & Benjamin are sent out of the ring, the Usos are all fired up as we go picture in picture.

Gable & Benjamin regroup while the Usos sort out which twin starts. We have Benjamin and Jimmy, they brawl at the bell. Benjamin gets the edge, Jimmy is staggered, whipped, but he ducks to chop back. Jimmy runs, Benjamin gives him a back drop. Benjamin tags Gable, double kicks and then an attack on Jey before double knees to Jimmy. Cover, TWO, Gable says “Uce-NO!” Gable gets Jimmy up, stiff forearm rocks him back, then a stiff haymaker, Gable goes for a T-Bone but Jimmy fights out, reverse dragon whip kick! We go single picture as the fans rally. Tag to Jey! Jey rallies on Gable, mule kick to uppercut. He ducks Gable, Samoan Drop slipped out, Benjamin tags in. Samoan Drop hits Gable, then Benjamin slips out of his own to give a spinebuster. Jimmy in, gets Pay Dirt from Benjamin! Jey rolls Benjamin, TWO, then Jey gets dumped out. Benjamin wants to go out, but the ref keeps him back. Gable takes advantage to chop block out Jey’s leg! Gable scrambles under the apron skirt, the ref starts a ring count. This won’t win titles, but Benjamin does make Jey fight back on his own. Jey can’t, Benjamin & Gable win by count out. No titles won in this, but a message was sent: Benjamin & Gable aren’t to be trifled with. Can the Usos make it to Survivor Series to defeat The Bar?

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Backstage interview with AJ Styles.

Mahal called Styles the “appetizer”, how does he feel to being overlooked? Mahal needs to learn portion control, and to not take Styles lightly. Everyone wants to become WWE Champion, so Mahal better focus on tonight. People have always underestimated Styles, and Styles always proved them wrong. He works harder and longer than anyone else, so Mahal is going to learn first hand that SmackDown “is the House that AJ Styles Built.” And to steal Mahal’s phrase, Styles will become the Beast Master, too.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, our names are the Singh Brothers.”

And they are the Advocates for the “reigning, defending, undisputed” Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal~!

WWE Championship: Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers VS AJ Styles!

This has been a long time coming considering how much The Modern Day Maharaja toots his own horn, as well as has Samir & Sunil toot it for him. Now it’s time to put up or shut up, who will be the man to face The Beast at Survivor Series? The fans are on Styles’ side unanimously from the sound of it. The bell rings, the two circle, tie up, Mahal pushes Styles back to show his physical strength. But then the fans chant “You Can’t Wrestle!” at him. Waistlock from Styles, Mahal gets a ropebreak then gives a dirty back elbow to knock Styles back. Mahal dares Styles to come at him, the fans now say “You’re on Steroids!” Mahal flexes, that doesn’t refute what they said… They tie up, Styles gets a kick in then puts on a headlock, Mahal tries but can’t power out, so he lifts Styles to get leverage, shoves Stylse and they collide shoulders. Styles rolls Mahal up, TWO, crucifix blocked, sunset flip as well, Mahal tosses Styles out! Mahal and the Singh Brothers are confident in the Maharaja’s chances, we go to break.

We return, Styles and Mahal tie up but Mahal kicks low to put on a headlock. Mahal gets the takedown, only the Singh Brothers applaud. Fans rally for Styles, Styles pulls on Mahal’s hair but that doesn’t help him get free. Styles gets himself up to his feet, then fights back against Mahal. Mahal knees low and clubs Styles on the back, runs, Styles hits a dropkick that sends Mahal out! Forearm to Mahal as he tries to reenter, the Singh Brothers trash talk. Styles slingshots over, lands on the apron, Mahal trips him up. Styles staggers away, Mahal rushes him at the barrier but Styles boots back. From the timekeeper’s area, Styles flies, but is caught! Mahal swings him onto the announce table! Mahal drags Styles up and into the ring, then stomps away before springboard knee drops rain down. Mahal grinds a knee into Styles’ chin. Mahal drags Styles up into an armlock. Mahal rams a knee into Styles’ spin, then an elbow into Styles’ head, then another knee into the spine. Back to the arm lock, the fans rally for Styles. Styles feeds off that, Mahal keeps him from getting a ropebreak, but the fans build to a stronger rally and Styles fights out. Styles is thrown down by his hair, the fans boo Mahal. Mahal grins as he gives a big knee drop to Styles’ chest. Mahal dares Styles to get up, just so he can knock Styles down again. Mahal keeps stomping, almost toying with his contender. But one springboard knee too many, Styles gets feet up to kick Mahal away. Styles gets to a corner to recover, Mahal runs in, but misses the splash. Styles is up and throws haymakers, Mahal is on the ropes now. Styles backs up, Phenomenal Blitz! Low running forearm! Mahal and Styles are both down, but Styles kip-ups right to his feet. Big clothesline in a corner, then a suplex, but Mahal blocks with power. Mahal lifts, Styles slips out, Ushigoroshi! TWO! Styles isn’t frustrated, he just gets himself moving again. Styles grabs Mahal, calls for the CLash, but Mahal powers Styles up and over. Sunset flip, and kicks to Mahal’s chest. Mahal blocks one, throws Styles down, but then Mahal’s boot is countered into a takedown and stacked cover, TWO! Styles gets to a corner, runs out but is tossed by Mahal, cover, TWO! Mahal and the Singh Brothers are frustrated, the champion is running out of ideas. The fans cheer for Styles, Mahal lifts him up to the top rope, and then climbs up to join him. Fans boo and jeer, but Styles slips down to trip up Mahal! Styles rolls Mahal, Calf Crusher! Mahal endures, reaches back and rams Styles’ head into the mat. But Styles holds on! Ropebreak for Mahal, Styles lets him go. BOth men are slow to getting up, Styles is shoved away but another Phenomenal Blitz, countered but a clubbing lariat! Cover, TWO! Mahal glares as he stalks Styles, Mahal lifts Styles up top again. Mahal climbs up, prepares the superplex but Styles slips down again, Mahal grabs him and puts him back up in one motion. Styles fights back, tornado DDT denied, but then Styles dumps Mahal out of the ring. Styles takes aim, slingshot forearm topples Mahal over!

Styles gets Mahal up and in the ring, where it has to be decided. Styles gets on the apron as the Singh Brothers coach Mahal. Styles aims, springboard, 450! Can’t cover, the Singhs drag Mahal out! The fans say to get those two out of here, Styles chases and tackles one of them down! Then he jumps and takes out the other! Styles has the fans all fired up, Mahal is in the ring, sliding knee to take out the first Singh. Mahal tries to pounce, Styles knocks him back, Phenomenal- KARAS!! Mahal crawls, covers, ROPEBREAK!

Mahal is furious but the fans are loving it! Mahal wants to finish it, fans boo. Mahal brings Styles up, prepares something on the top rope but with Styles backwards now. Mahal climbs up, puts on the half-nelson, Styles fights out of that! Styles adjusts, HOTSHOT! Mahal snaps back, Styles gets on the apron and takes aim… Springboard, PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! STYLES WINS!! We have a NEW WWE Champion, and he is Phenomenal!

The Maharaja’s reign has ended, can Styles conquer the conqueror? Mahal punishes the Singh Brothers for this failure, what will the Maharaja do now that he’s no longer doing anything at Survivor Series?

My Thoughts:

Another crazy good night of WWE in the UK, even if people were talking about it in real-time online because WWE couldn’t help but give away the headline of a new champion crowned, emphasis on how it was singular. That aside, this was all great build towards Survivor Series, great twists and turns to really get some hype going for the PPV. Good opening where Shane congratulates and compliments New Day for pulling off the invasion/screw job on Raw, which smoothly shifted into Zayn VS Kingston, a good opening match. Was hoping for Sami & Kevin VS The New Day but that’ll be next week for the go-home, and logically there was no #Rawtaliation tonight because everyone can guess it would be led by The Shield in full wanting revenge on New Day. Tonight wouldn’t work, can’t have such a big moment like #Rawtaliation happen to start a show, and Roman Reigns was already announced to be back next week, so the timing is better. Shield VS New Day in a Six Man Tag is going to be great, I kinda hope it’ll be Tornado Tag to truly make up for not getting the Shield in full at TLC. Rusev VS Orton again was an alright way for Rusev to not be on the SmackDown Men’s Team, since it would be a waste to give us first-time-ever matches like Rusev VS Roode or Rusev VS Nakamura for nothing. This does make everyone wonder who SmackDown’s fifth man will be out of the talent left to choose from, and they only have next week left to announce it, will the announcement live up to the hype?

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James Ellsworth really hammed up being a misogynist tonight to get cheap heat. And everyone knew he was going to lose to Becky Lynch, mostly because he’s James Ellsworth and she’s Becky Lynch. This was mostly a moment to unite the SmackDown Women’s Team as even Carmella appears sick and tired of Ellsworth’s ego. And Natty’s ego just got shot down, she might not even be the champion after next week as Charlotte gets a chance in Charlotte, NC. I wouldn’t mind seeing Charlotte win so that it’ll be her against Alexa Bliss for Champion VS Champion of the two women (so far) to have been both Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions in their careers. And though Sin Cara got injured at a house show, SmackDown seems to still have Corbin VS Sin Cara 4 as a US Championship match next week. That must mean the injury wasn’t as bad as it looked and he’ll be just fine, but I still don’t see Sin Cara taking that title just yet, to allow Corbin and Miz to settle their war of words in the ring. Did not see Usos retaining their titles the way they did, Gable could’ve legitimately hurt Jey there. Maybe what Gable & Benjamin are plotting is to force the Usos to vacate the titles so that it won’t be about beating the top team but the bottom teams to get the gold. And though it was easy to tell Styles won the title from the vague spoilers given, it was still great to see it as Styles is the first to defy the numbers game and finally defeat Mahal clean. I also liked the detail of Mahal knocking out a Singh Brother in frustration. Styles VS Lesnar is going to be great, and now will actually make for a match Heyman might take seriously, which we’ll likely hear about Monday.

My Score: 8.5/10


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