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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Report! (12/5/17)



All images courtesy of the WWE’s official Twitter



  • The New Day VS Rusev & Aiden English; Rusev & English win(s).
  • The Bludgeon Brothers VS James & Carl; Bludgeon Brothers win.
  • Baron Corbin VS Bobby Roode; no contest due to interference.
  • Charlotte Flair VS Tamina w/ Lana; Charlotte wins.
  • Sami Zayn w/ Kevin Owens VS Randy Orton; Orton wins.


Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come to the ring!

SmackDown’s Best Friends have gotten away with a lot since reuniting, including last week when The Prizefighter’s Guardian Angel found a loophole around the Commissioner’s ringside ban. This would result in Kevin winning over The Viper, Randy Orton, and essentially rubbing Shane McMahon’s plan in his face. As for tonight in San Diego, Sami & Kevin welcome you to the Kevin & Sami Show! When someone is as great an athlete as Kevin, which Sami also is, you never stop learning. And when you’re the target of a McMahon Fmaily Vendetta, they’ll stop at nothing to get revenge. The fans tell the friends “You Suck!” but they’re ignored. Ask Daniel Bryan or Bret Hart or even Stone Cold Steve Austin about the McMahon bias. Or just ask these two, because these two are better than those three guys combined. They are the latest objects of the McMahon wrath, and it is exemplified by Shane O’Mac’s actions. He supposedly has the fans’ interests at heart but he tried to end Kevin’s career. Funny, McMahon family history tends to repeat itself. Randy Orton was Shane’s weapon, just like he was Stephanie’s weapon! Orton has been handed his opportunities while others have had to scratch and claw. Shane can’t stand that his team failed at Survivor Series so he needs someone else to do his dirty work! At the most embarrassing part: Shane’s plans didn’t work! When Kevin saw Shane do his little dance, Kevin knew what he had to do. No Disqualifications, Sami barred from ringside, and Kevin knew he had to beat Orton up so bad that he could no longer be an option for Shane. Check! Kevin had to show he was not afraid of Orton or SmackDown’s vendetta. Double Check. Kevin had to outsmart Shane McMahon. Triple Check! And it wasn’t that hard when Shane is “so blinded by his own short comings.” Shane has been born and bred in WWE, but even the best need a reminder. Shane, listen closely: right now, Sami is in the ring. Following so far? Okay now Sami rolls out of the ring, “ringside”. And that includes the terrible announce team, the time keeper area, the front row of fans–not the most pleasant sight tonight; you boo cuz it’s true–and then… Oh, this line here, that’s the end of ringside! It is where Sami beat Orton down with a steel chair! And it might be heinous or cowardly, but it wasn’t ringside. So Shane should choose his words more carefully. Shane shouldn’t try to get Kevin & Sami to conform. The irony is, Sami & Kevin used the system! Check. They won! Double Check. RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!

Orton puts Kevin down, Sami is at a loss for what to do! And here comes the money~! Shane O’Mac is here, and thanks Sami for explaining things. But Shane is here to clear things up. A personal vendetta against Sami & Kevin? Not true. Disrespect because Kevin & Sami weren’t at Survivor Series? Well to make up for that, they will get to be part of Clash of Champions, in a tag team match against the team of… Randy Orton! And his partner of his choosing. But Sami’s so ready to go tonight, so San Diego gets to have a 1v1 match of Sami Zayn VS… Randy Orton! And Kevin can be ringside, because he’ll be handcuffed to the ropes! Good luck! Can SmackDown’s best friends survive a night with The Viper?


Sami & Kevin are freaking out backstage.

What happened? What did Shane say? Sami is in a match against Orton. Then that’s good! You can get even! Wait, is Kevin banned from ringside? Worse, you are ringside, handcuffed to a rope! What?! What is this crap!? This is inhumane! And embarrassing! Kevin has a fix for this. How? What? Kevin’s gonna talk to Daniel Bryan. Can the SmackDown GM help these two out?


The New Day VS Rusev & Aiden English!

One team brings the Power of Positivity, the other team brings the power of RUSEV DAY~! Which is every day. And San Diego agrees! But December means the 12 Days of Rusev. On the first day of Rusev, my partner gave to me~, a tag team victory~! On the second day of Rusev, my partner gave to me~, two Rusev shirts!

And a tag team victory~! On the third day, San Diego~! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your world famous four time champs, and feel~ the powah~! With GIANT pancakes.

The bell rings, and the Drama King starts against Big E. They tie up but English throws hands, waistlock but Big E too big to lift. Big E swivels, then tosses English off, tag to Kofi for the running Penalty Kick! Cover, ONE, Kofi brings English up but English gives body shots and whips. Kofi boots back, then double jump crossbody, TWO. Kofi ducks a punch to give a jumping clothesline, then gets going for the Boom Drop, but Rusev bails English out. The two regroup outside, Kofi fakes them out. The New Day controls the ring while Team Rusev Day regroups.

We go picture in picture as the referee has the New Day calm down and return to their corner. Rusev gives English advice before he gets back in the ring. English tags Rusev, and now Rusev circles with Kofi. The two tie up, Rusev kicks then arm wrenches, then yanks on that arm to bring Kofi to his knees. Another yank, another wrench, KOfi fights back. Kofi wrenches Rusev’s arm in return, going for an armlock to keep Rusev down. Another wrench and a knee, Rusev gives a knee back and whips Kofi to a corner. Kofi elbows back then hops up, English distracts, Rusev runs in, misses, English tags and as Rusev whips Kofi, English dumps him out to the floor. The Drama King takes a bow as Woods checks on Kofi. English keeps him back as he drags Kofi up and bumps him off the announce desk. Back into the ring, English covers, TWO. English keeps Kofi in the Rusev Day corner, then gives a stomp before Kofi fights back again. English mule kicks Kofi and chokes him on the ropes! The ref backs English off, Rusev gets a cheap shot in. English returns to stomp Kofi out, then brings Kofi up for a chinlock.

Back to single picture, English sings his trash talk while holding Kofi down. The fans rally, Kofi feeds off that, then fights back. Jawbreaker sends English back, but English still blocks Kofi and brings him back to Rusev Day corner. Tag to Rusev, Rusev gives big kicks to Kofi’s ribs. A whip to the ropes, into a Bulgarian Bearhug. Rusev squeezes tight, English sings his trash talk, fans keep rallying. Kofi fights out but Rusev keeps squeezing, so Kofi keeps hitting back, big windmill kick from Rusev! TWO, and Rusev looks annoyed. The Bulgarian Brute stalks Kofi as fans rally for New Day, Rusev whips Kofi to a corner but Kofi boots back. Kofi reaches for Big E but is blocked again. The ref backs him off because of the ropebreak, so Rusev sends Kofi the other way, only to run into a jumping double stomp! Both men down, fans rally again, hot tags to Big E and English! Overhead throw, overhead throw, and then side belly2belly! Big E is ready, he gives the hip swivels then builds speed for the Big Splash! “New! Day Rocks!” as Big E scoops but English rakes the eyes. Tag to Rusev, he runs in, big yurinagi! TWO! Big E is a bit surprised, but he doesn’t slow down. He tags Kofi, Rusev rolls out, the fans fire up but Rusev drags Big E out to put him into steel steps!

Kofi still FLIES and takes Rusev out, then puts Rusev in. From the apron, Kofi mule kicks English, but is intercepted by Rusev, SUPERKICK to the back of Kofi’s head, Rusev Day wins!

With The New Day going towards a tag team title match, how will this speed bump affect their chances? Pretty badly, actually, as Rusev day is ADDED to the title match for a Fatal 4 Way! The Usos Penitentiary is getting full, who will come out of it the SmackDown Tag Team Champions!?


The Hype Bros are DEAD!

At least, their friendship is, as Mojo Rawley snapped and beat down Zack Ryder last week. SMackDown’s Tag Team Division is down a team, but Mojo is backstage for an interview as to why he did this. “Everybody keeps getting on me for what I did.” Even GRONK does. But what about what Ryder did to Mojo? The second Ryder goes out with an injury, Mojo wins the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. And when things finally go Mojo’s way, Ryder returns to drag Mojo back down. Ryder is dead weight, but Mojo is a serious competitor. Mojo is no one’s teammate, he is a single superstar. If anyone in the locker room or in the arena or anywhere at all that has a problem with that, “then they can shove it!” #MojoRising, but what does that mean for the landscape of SmackDown?



GM Daniel Bryan deals with Carmella, Lana and Tamina at the same time.

The FABULOUS Princess wants to be part of the title match, the Ravishing Russian thinks Natalya shouldn’t get her match. But Bryan says the match is as it is. Carmella could be in the match, if she cashes in her Ms. Money in the Bank case. No, sorry, not ready to part with little Frankie just yet. She named the case? However, The Riott Squad appears. They are here, changes the landscape of SmackDown’s women’s Division, yet they’re on the outside looking in. Specifically, Ruby Riott pinned Charlotte and isn’t in the title match? Why? Her tattoos? Or her clothing doesn’t fit #BellaArmy? Or is Bryan just biased against blondes? Well, aside from Lana. Sarah Logan says he hates the South. Given he’s from the liberal state of Washington! The point is, Bryan didn’t recruit them to be afterthoughts. Who you calling an afterthought!? STOP IIIIIIT!!

Whoa… Bryan cools off and tells them that all of SmackDown’s women will be on the PPV, because the title match is now a Lumberjack match. Good enough for these six, but will any rioting be happening because of it?


The GLORIOUS Bobby Rood encounters Baron Corbin.

Relax, Roode. The Lone Wolf just wants to know how he feels about the Show-Off being added to their US Championship match when he doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near it. Well, 1v1, Roode could beat Corbin, which will happen tonight. But with it being 1v1v1, the odds go down mathematically. Mathematically, Corbin’s chances go down, too. That’s not fair, Corbin is the only one that matters in the equation. But Dolph Ziggler appears to address their concerns. Maybe it’s that he’s a two time world champion, five time Intercontinental Champion, a former US Champion and a successful Mr. Money in the Bank. So their chances of winning have actually dropped to zero. See you in Boston.


The Bludgeon Brothers VS Adam James & Josh Carl!

Harper & Rowan have returned to bring nothing but pain and suffering to the SmackDown Tag Team Division, no different for tiny James and Carl! One takes a heel kick, the other a big tackle, then a discus lariat on the outside! Back inside, big clobbering corner splash, then fed to Rowan’s spinning slam! Harper slaps Rowan, and becomes a human weapon, scoop slam style! Tag back, Bludgeon Brother double slam! The Bludgeon Brothers win again, who in the tag team division even hopes to slow them down?


Kevin returns from talking to Daniel Bryan.

What did he say? If it’s not good, Sami says they could get a lawyer to address this issue! Bryan said he’d “think about it”. Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Just gotta wait and see. Forget Orton, will Sami & Kevin even survive the stress of not knowing?


Baron Corbin VS Bobby Roode!

This was meant to be the 1v1 match at Clash of Champions, as far as The Lone Wolf or GLORIOUS One were concerned, but now it is a sampling of the Triple Threat they’ll be having at that SmackDown exclusive PPV. Who will get the edge before the Show-Off is added to the mix? Speaking of, Dolph Ziggler joins commentary to keep an eye on both of them. And also talk smack about them.

The bell rings, the two tie up, Corbin backs Roode to a corner. Ropebreak honored albeit obnoxiously, Roode fires out and puts on a headlock, Corbin powers out and runs Roode over while trash talking Ziggler. Roode up, he chops and kicks Corbin before whipping, reversed, dropkick takes out a leg. Roode then dropkicks Corbin out of the ring, GLRIOUS! Corbin returns but is knocked back out of the ring. Corbin walks it off, Roode grabs him by the hair but gets a stiff right hand that knocks Roode back. The Lone WOlf gets in the ring and rains down rights, Ziggler will admit that is one legit right hand. COrbin whips Roode corner to corner, big clothesline drops Roode, then COrbin trash talks as he puts Roode in a half-nelson chinbar. Ziggler says he knows he’s good enough, he doesn’t need the fans like Roode does. Speaking of, fans rally for Roode, Roode gets up and gives chops and kicks to Corbin again. Roode runs, but gets caught, choke slam escaped, then boots knock Corbin back. Roode hops up, jumps but misses, double clotheslines bring both men down. Ziggler gets up to get a “closer look”. By getting in the ring! He stalks Roode and Corbin, trying to decide who to hit first. ZIG ZAG to Roode! The match is disqualified, but Corbin gets the second ZIG ZAG! The Show-Off has made it clear that, now that he’s in the US Championship match, he won’t be overlooked or disrespected. Will he earn more respect with a win at Clash of Champions?


Natalya is excited for the SmackDown women!

Everyone gets to be ringside for her victory! Well, as Lumberjacks. Right, but still. Tamina gets to have a match tonight against Charlotte, so Natty will have her back. And if at Clash of Champions, Charlotte “attacks” Tamina or the others, they have the right to defend themselves, then throw her back and let Natty handle the rest. Though, if Natty ends up outside and the Riott Squad target her, they’ll have her back, right?

Before the Riott Squad, there was the Welcoming Committee, the heart and soul of SmackDown’s Women’s Division. No stray cats are going to ruin the title match. Speaking of, Ruby and her crew appear. Well, time for a proper welcome to SmackDown! And thanks for taking out Becky Lynch and Naomi, too. They’re the epitome of beauty, brawn and brains, and why Charlotte is jealous of them. She’s the kind that would sucker punch them, but Natty is honored to share the spotlight with “the most powerful women in the WWE.” Natty then bolts before anything happens. Can the Queen of Harts manipulate the others into doing her dirty work for her?


SmackDown takes a look at the path that led to Maharaja VS Phenomenal One at Clash of Champions.

The 50th WWE Champion ever used The Singh Brothers to obtain and retain that title, and felt he had defeated everyone worthy of challenging him, until AJ Styles spoke up. An epic battle ensued, and Styles became the new WWE World Champion! But Mahal would not take that loss so easily. Week after week, he beat down Styles, also with the help of the Singh Brothers. However, Styles again turned the tides to get the better of all three men, beating each Singh Brother in turn and then both of them at the same time! Mahal will now have to do things all by himself, as Mahal himself then brutalized the men who failed him. No more Samir or Sunil, can Mahal retain the title in the name of his people of India?


Charlotte Flair VS Tamina w/ Lana!

Well, not just Lana, as The Welcoming Committee has reunited for one night only to support the Daughter of Superfly as she goes against the Daughter of the Nature Boy. The SmackDown Women’s Champion already seems to be experiencing some of that Lumberjack Match atmosphere, can she make good here tonight? The two second generation superstars tie up, waistlock from Charlotte, Tamina elbows out. Tamina puts Charlotte in a corner, then brings her out only for Charlotte to return the favor and give those Flair family chops. Deep arm wrench, then another, but Tamina throws Charlotte down by her hair. Natty likes what she sees as Tamina drags Charlotte up and scoops her, but then Charlotte slips out, runs, and back elbows Tamina. Then a low boot drops Tamina, cover, TWO. Facelock from the champion, Charlotte whips but is reversed, so she rolls tot he apron and shoulders back in. Forearm, too, but Tamina catches her on reentry and powers her to a corner. Shoulder after shoulder into Charlotte’s stomach, then she’s lifted up for a Alabama position slam into the buckles.

We go picture in picture as Tamina rains down right hands on Charlotte and Natty applauds. Chalrotte gets up and elbows back, then again, SUPERKICK from Tamina drops Charlotte. TWO, and Tamina is frustrated already. She keeps on Charlotte with a thrashing chinlock. Fans rally as Charlotte gets up, and she stomps on Tamina’s feet. Charlotte runs but runs into Tamina’s lariat. Tamina catches her breath before she stomps Charlotte and chokes her on the ropes. The referee backs her off, Natty laughs as she enjoys the bullying Tamina puts Charlotte through with body shots and clubbing forearms. Snapmare and cover, TWO,  so back to the chinlock. Fans rally again, Charlotte works to get up as we go single picture again.

Charlotte moves around as she gets to her feet and “WOO” echoes out. Charlotte is put in a corner, but dodges Tamina only to be run over again. Cover, TWO, Tamina is further frustrated, as is Natalya. Scoop but Charlotte slips out, spin around for the neckbreaker and Flair chops. More chops, more chops, more chops, whip to ropes is reversed, roll-up ONE. Tamina kicks low, then scoops Charlotte into the fireman’s carry, Charlotte slips down and boots Tamina down, Figure Four! Bridge makes it Figure eight, Tamina taps and Charlotte wins!

Natty is not happy, she sarcastically congratulates Charlotte’s win. This is her last taste of victory, because the Queen of Flair will bow down to the Best There is, the Best There Was and the Best Ever Will Be. But just as Natty mentions the Lumberjack match, the Riott Squad appears! For once, they agree with Natty. They should give Charlotte a preview of Clash of Champions. But that means introducing the stars of the show. Get your popcorn and sip your soda, because the Riott Squad is here for the feature presentation.

And these girls look as nervous as long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs. Becuase they know no one is safe when a Riott is about to break out. Stare downs between the women on the outside explode into brawls! Tamina and Sarah want at each other, but their allies back them down. Charlotte gets out in one piece, can she do the same in the actual Lumberjack match?


Kevin & Sami are dreading what comes next.

But then they talk to Bryan one last time. Kevin thanks Bryan for hearing him out. And you’re welcome for that. Bryan did consider the appeal, and while Kevin doesn’t want to be chained up, Shane doesn’t want him to interfere with the match. Bryan agreed with Shane. Chained up he will be, can Kevin stand watching his best friend go up against Randy Orton?


Sami Zayn w/ Kevin Owens VS Randy Orton!

Kevin & Sami keep pleading with SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan all the way to ringside, but Bryan tells Kevin that if he doesn’t he will be suspended. Why!? Because he keeps interfering with matches. Kevin reluctantly accepts and is chained to the bottom rope.

Bryan gives the keys to the referee, Kevin protests the entire time. Protests aside, the match begins!

Sami assures Kevin it’ll be okay before he circles with Orton. Orton backs Sami to a corner, then give shim right hand after right hand and even soem stomps before throwing Sami out of the ring. The Viper keeps on Sami by throwing him over the announce desk! No stopping there, back suplex to the barriers! Then back over the desk the other way, back suplex escaped, Sami gets in the ring. Sami gets back out on the side where Kevin is cuffed, Orton stays back.

Kevin gives Sami advice before the Underdog gets back in the ring via steel steps. Kevin distracts but Orton sees Sami coming. Orton knocks Sami down and then throws him at barriers again. Sami chops Orton, Orton replies with a European Uppercut. Orton bounces Sami off the announce desk once, twice, thrice, and then the back suplex onto the desk!

Sami writhes from the impact with a monitor, Orton drags him back up to put him in the ring. Kevin trash talks Orton but then Orton comes after Kevin. Only for Sami to wreck him with a dropkick! Sami stalks Orton as fans chant “Sami Sucks!” Orton goes into the steel steps, Kevin says Sami is the best! Back into the ring, cover, TWO. Sami is annoyed but he keeps on Orton with clubbing crossface punches. Sami drags Orton up, throws him out, and then stays in the ring while Kevin trash talks the RKO. Fans sing “Ole~ ole ole ole~” as we go to break.

We’re back, and Sami has Orton in a chinlock and keeps him down with knees to the ribs. Sami says he’s not afraid of th eViper, he then whips Orton to a corner, but Orotn fires out with a lariat and starts to rally, spinning powerslam! Sami gest to the apron, Orton stalks over and brings him up but Sami hotshots Orton away. Sami looks for stuff under the ring but Orton stops him so Sami gives Orton a heavy right hand. Bolt cutters! Time to clip the cuff chain, but Orton doesn’t give him time. Orton throws Sami to the side and then gives Kevin a forearm before putting him into the post. Sami tackles Orton, the ref gets the bolt cutters clear, things return into the ring. Orton is down, Sami climbs up, takes aim, but Orton trips Sami up. Fans chant “RKO! RKO!” as Orton sees Sami stuck on the top, Orton climbs up to join him. SUPERPLEX!

High elevation, huge impact, but it takes even Orton out there. San Diego says “This is awesome!” but then Kevin uses the bolt cutters on the cuff chain! He’s free! Orton runs him over, though. Sami runs in, Orton dodges, drags Sami out, and hits the draping DDT! Orton hears those voices in his head and takes aim at Sami. However, Kevin come sin, Orton kicks him, Sami rolls up, TWO! RKO- denied! Helluva, dodged! Roll up, Orton wins!

He didn’t use his signature finisher, but he still won, but that means he gets beat down by Kevin from outta nowhere. Sami joins in to make it 2v1, nothing can be done about by the referee at this point. But Shinsuke Nakamura comes out for the save! The King of Strong Style gives Kevin the dynamic dropkick! Sami takes his strike fest, then an ax kick! Knees for Kevin, swing and hit, then… KINSHASA!! Orton recovers, sees Sami staggering, and gives him the RKO! Oh and since Kevin didn’t get one, RKO for him! And so that Sami is even with his best friend, Shinsuke gives him a KINSHASA!

Does this save and teamwork mean The Viper has already found his Clash of Champions partner?


Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are watching backstage.

And excellent finish to tonight’s SmackDown! Probably the best in SmackDown’s history! And that’s the end of punishing Kevin & Sami, right? After all they’ve done? This is just Shane warming up. There’s a stipulation on top of that tag team match: Shane O’Mac is special guest referee. And if Sami & Kevin lose, they are FIRED, from the entire WWE! Daniel Bryan seems concerned about that choice, will he be able to convince Shane of otherwise before Clash of Champions comes?!


My Thoughts:

A great SmackDown to further things towards Clash of Champions from top to bottom. Right from the start, Kevin & Sami set forth their belief that Shane is against them–which he is, but only because of how Sami & Kevin did him first–but as the rest of the night showed, Shane is slowly turning from justified to obsessed as he keeps piling on Kevin & Sami. The match made at Clash of Champions gave Orton his pick of the roster, so it could’ve been anyone joining him against Sami & Kevin. Then to chain up Kevin is another point of vindictive nature, even if the fans liked the idea, too. The tension between Bryan and Shane is growing, and I sense a double turn should Bryan defend Kevin-Shane from Shane’s tyranny. Or will it be triple turn, since Kevin and Sami would have to become the Faces if Shane goes Heel? Either way, that would be great for everyone involved, and it is practically given to us tonight with Bryan’s look at the end of the show after Shane adds Sami-Kevin VS Orton-Nakamura will be “win, or lose your jobs.”

Everything else was also great. The Women’s Division is ramping things up on par with Raw’s, with The Riott Squad and Welcoming Committee trapping Charlotte and the title in the middle, really good stuff. I’m hoping that, after Charlotte VS Natty in the Lumberjack mach, Carmella cashes in. It’s about time she does, because after Clash of Champions will be the Royal Rumble, and I’m guessing that includes a Women’s Royal Rumble, so Carmella might as well make the SmackDown Women’s title picture about herself. The Tag Team Division is getting amazing, too, as now Team Rusev Day is inserted into the already stacked SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, that Fatal 4 Way is going to be one of the best matches of the night. The US Championship is still questionable. Match will be great, as all three guys are talented, but the story itself does fit how it was framed: Why Ziggler? Why NOT Ziggler? This could be Ziggler’s way back to some positive booking but there’s also a chance he’ll just be another star’s way to the top, i.e., Roode wins by pinning Ziggler. And while we didn’t get any appearances by Styles or Mahal tonight, that recap package did well to sum things up, this Clash of Champions card is top notch and should hopefully deliver on everything.

My Score: 8.5/10

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