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The Arc Of Wrestling: WWE/WWF Survivor Series 1998



Professional Wrestling is a world built on storylines, and when strung together they form a storyline ARC. Jeremy Lambert and Steve Cook come together in each episode of The Arc Of Wrestling to discuss one storyline arc.

This episode features WWE/WWF Survivor Series 1998: Deadly Games

Listen in as Steve and Jeremy discuss the Rock’s ascension to his first world championship in a tournament tailor made for him to succeed!

Arc Of Wrestling WWF Survivor Series 1998 Vince McMahon The Rock

Jeremy Lambert is a veteran writer of 411Mania, Fightful and so much more. Steve Cook is a veteran of 411Mania, PredLines and is featured on The Chairshot twice per week. Together they bring their years of fandom and analysis to take you through one of wrestling’s promient (or underappreciated) storyline arcs in The Arc Of Wrestling.

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