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Mitchell’s Ring of Honor Report! (1/6/18)



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  • ROH World Television Championship: Silas Young w/ The Beer City Bruiser VS Simon Grimm; Young wins and retains the ROH WTVC.
  • The Briscoes VS Ryan Nova & Eli Isom; The Briscoes win.
  • Flip Gordon VS Marty Scurll; Scurll wins.


Final Battle 2017 changed the ROH landscape!

The Briscoes retired Bully Ray Dudley with their own two hands, Jay Lethal proved himself the superior bad boy, and we have two new champions! The Last Real Man overcomes the K I N G, the Purple Mist and the Notorious Hitman to become ROH World Television Champion, while The Peacock overcomes the American Nightmare to become the ROH World Heavyweight Champion! Will the year 2018 be the Year of the Peacock?


The NEW ROH World Heavyweight Champion comes to the ring!

The Peacock, Dalton Castle, comes to the ring with The Boys! The Boys triumphantly returned to help Castle at Final Battle, and Philadelphia lets Castle know “You deserve it!” He lets them know “this certainly feels right!” The Boys even get cheers. Castle is so happy to be out here, because while he made mistakes–like investing in sparkling water, yikes–but joining ROH was never a mistake. Castle had people tell him he would never be champion, but he learned “a lot can happen between now and never.” Cody kicked him in the face, put him through tables, and dropped him on his head live on PPV for the entire world to see, but Castle got up and is still the new ROH WHC! Philadelphia approves of that with a “Fan up!” chant. “And as long as this is in my hands, the world’s gonna know that I’m not just a big fish in a little pond.” Castle is the megoladon in the ocean! But that’s when another winner from Final Battle appears.

Jay Lethal walks to the ring! The Franchise Player is quite a nice surprise to Castle. It is shocking, even. Castle has never seen Lethal walk out to interrupt or talk to him before. Lethal has barely even friend-requested him on Facebook! What’s the occasion? Philly wants Lethal to “Be His Friend!” Why is Lethal out here? What is on his mind? Lethal admits it, everyone can tell why he’s out here, “champ.” Oh? There are so many things he could want. Lethal says it’s just one thing, but he isn’t going to insult Castle. Lethal first wanted to congratulate Castle. Castle is strange, it’s true, but he is also the ROH WHC, and therefore the best in the world. Lethal wants his shot. Castle is again surprised, he has to think this over. He needs to sit down for a moment.

Castle wants Lethal to have a seat, too.

Philly wants Lethal to “Take a seat!” It’s okay, Lethal, take a load off so they can discuss this like “grown-ass men.” Lethal takes out a handkerchief and wipes down “the seat” before sitting down. But he stands back up, it’s just not comfortable. “It’s a real shame to waste a perfectly good Boy.”

Lethal wants to leave before “this gets weirder.” But before that, Lethal congratulates Castle and warns him that he’ll be having wrestlers “coming at you from every angle, every corner you turn”, and if Castle is a fighting champion, then he’ll love it. Lethal just wants to make sure his name is at the top of Castle’s list. Castle stands up now to look Lethal in the eyes. Lethal’s name at the top of the list? “Deal!” Lethal thanks Castle and leaves, a major match-up has been made! Castle prepares for that and a lot more, “but one thing is for sure: This one’s for the Boys!”

But wait! Punishment Martinez barges in!

He shoves The Boys aside, to then give Castle the South of Heaven Choke Slam!

The “Creeper of Violence” is the Survival of the Fittest 2017 winner, that means HE has a title shot in his back pocket. He holds the title up high, will it rightfully be his in the near future?!


The Kingdom speaks.

Matt Taven clarifies that he used to “sarcastically” call himself the Internet Darling, to mock all the “Melvins” in the world who would overlook him. “Well guess what: All your favorites have gone down to The King!” Taven has defeated Jay Lethal, Flip Gordon, Jay White and yes, Will Ospreay at Final Battle. The Kingdom wants all the titles, from World Six Man to World Tag to World titles. ROH can’t hold them back forever, and The Kingdom will kill the conspiracy! Why? “Because I’m MATT TAVEN, and this is my Kingdom.”


ROH World Television Championship: Silas Young w/ The Beer City Bruiser VS Simon Grimm!

The Last Real Man only just won the title at Final Battle and now he must defend it. Can he stop the Gentleman Strongman from ending his reign already?

The bell rings, the two tie up, Grimm gets the arm. Silas resists the takedown, so Grimm wrenches his arm. Grimm shifts to a front facelock, Silas slips out with an arm wrench but Grimm turns that around to a waistlock. Silas gets a drop toehold and floats to his own facelock. Grimm gets up and wrenches out to a wristlock. Silas rolls, kip-up and cartwheel to wrench back, fans applaud the technical prowess. Grimm spins to a snapmare counter but Silas stays on his feet. He sweeps the legs, Grimm pops out and returns the favor, Silas slips out to roll, TWO! Silas kicks low and puts on a headlock, Grimm powers out, Silas shows his agility as he jumps up and over and rolls. They run at each other, Silas goes up and over for a crucifix, but Grimm rolls through to a fireman’s carry! Silas shifts to a sunset flip, TWO, Grimm high stacks to deadlift Silas up, but Silas shifts to headscissor Grimm away!

Grimm slips out to the apron while fans applaud. Silas goes at Grimm, dodges the shoulder to give a knee lift, then hits the triangle jump lariat!

Grimm goes down, The Last Real Man is in control while we go to break.

ROH returns to Silas whipping Grimm corner to corner, then hitting a corner clothesline. Silas keeps moving, but runs into Grimm’s armbar takedown! BCB coaches Silas to resist, Silas rolls Grimm while keeping hands clasped. Silas slips out of the hold to give Grimm a knee right to the head! Grimm looks out on his knees, Silas covers but has to shift Grimm around so he isn’t under the bottom rope. TWO, to the frustration of Silas & BCB. Silas dares Grimm to get up while he toys with him. Grimm fights back, they go forearm for forearm, but Silas gets the edge there. “That’s how a man gets it done!” He stands Grimm up, Grimm gives him a European Uppercut! Then another, and another. Grimm keeps going with EuroUppers, then runs to forearm smash, then a lariat! Fans rally as Grimm fires himself up. BCB rallies for Silas but Grimm is upon him. Grimm has a modified butterfly underhook, for a unique overhead suplex!

And with a pinning bridge! TWO, and very close. Grimm growls as he gets up again. Silas resists the piledriver to body drop Grimm up and over, but Grimm tries a sunset flip. Silas breaks free and gives Grimm a double stomp to the chest! Fans like what they see as Silas brings Grimm up in the full nelson. Grimm breaks out, wristlock swing-out for a boot! Grimm runs, Silas gets around him to hit the full-nelson knee smash after all. He lifts Grimm in the fireman’s carry, spins around, MISERY!

Silas wins and retains his title! One successful defense in the books, will he make 2018 his year? However, the previous ROH WTVC, Kenny King, is here!

“Silas Young, Silas Young, Silas Young. Or as I’ve been calling you since Final Battle: Pile o’ Dung!” The K I N G sees an irony in Silas calling himself the “Last Real Man” when everyone knows Philadelphia is full of real men and women. The people see through Silas. Silas proved “what a real man you’re not” at Final Battle, when he busted a beer bottle over Kenny’s head in order to take that title from him. Silas responds by questioning how Kenny thinks he can come out and “say something cute that gets a bunch of morons to agree with you”, it’ll bother Silas. Kenny may have a college education, but he’s still pretty stupid to how the business works. Pro-wrestling is “a business of results.” Silas’ “means of operation” resulted in him becoming the new ROH WTVC! Kenny knows that, and wants to do this the right way. He’s filed his paperwork, the Championship Committee approved, Kenny has his rematch coming. That’s not what this is about, though. What this is about, is that Kenny’s had himself about eight beers, and he’s ready to fight. Philly, raise your glass, because Kenny’s about to beat Silas’ ass! And if Bruiser wants in, Kenny will knock those last few teeth out of his fat mouth! Silas says he doesn’t need Bruiser, he can handle a drunk Kenny on his own.

Kenny takes one last swig, to spit it in Silas’ face!

Kenny wants at Silas but the referee and security get in the way. Silas and Bruiser get free and clear, but Kenny is all fired up. Philly wants to “Let Them Fight!” but that’s not happening tonight. Can the K I N G take his throne back from the Last Real Man?


ROH takes a look back at Final Battle’s New York Street Fight.

It was mean, it was bloody, and it was extreme! Bully Ray Dudley & Tommy Dreamer sought revenge on The Briscoes for their betrayal, but it would be for naught. Jay & Mark Briscoe would win, and Bully Ray would leave his boots behind. #ThankYouBubbaRay


ROH recaps the major WOH announcement from Final Battle!

The flourishing women’s division has made major gains in 2017, so naturally 2018 brings the pinnacle: there will be an ROH Women of Honor Champion!

“Beginning on January 20th, in Nashville, Tennessee,” the many talented women from around the world under the WOH Roster as well as partner promotion Stardom will compete to crown the inaugural Women of Honor Champion!


The Briscoes VS Ryan Nova & Eli Isom!

#DemBoys Jay & Mark are back in Philly after what they did to two ECW originals, and still don’t seem in a good mood. Will they at least go easy on the returning Nova & Isom? Turns out not, as they immediately pounce! They knock down, then run a corner train on Nova. Mark puts Nova on the ropes for a stiff chop, then an even stiffer one, then an even stiffer one. The Briscoes double-whip Nova to the ropes, and double shoulder him over. The fans cheer #DemBoys on, though, they enjoy this new edge to the Briscoes. Now the Briscoes focus on Isom, Jay bringing him up. Isom fights back, fires off forearms then runs, but into a clobbering clothesline. Jay tags Mark, The Briscoes stalk Isom, and Jay feeds him to Mark’s wicked lariat! They’re not done there, Mark feeds Isom to Jay’s roaring elbow. Mark climbs up while Jay drags Isom over. Froggy-Bow!

Direct hit, and the Briscoes win! They don’t like their hands being raised anymore, though.

The Briscoes wish to speak.

“Ladies, and gentlemen. You are looking, at the BADDEST tag team on the planet.” Philly agrees. At Final Battle, the Briscoes “ended a legend’s career.” They ended “your people’s hero”, Bully Ray. He is done, thanks to “Dem Boys from Sandy Fork BAH GAWD Delaware!” The Briscoes now want at the World Tag Team Champions, Motor City Machine Guns. “Don’t get us wrong,” MCMG is one of the best teams in the world, but “right here, right now, there is not a tag team in the WORLD on our level!” No one is on the Briscoes’ level, so MCMG better enjoy the titles while they can. “Because we coming for them.” When #DemBoys collide with Sabin & Shelley, who will rule ROH’s Tag Team Division?!


Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser regroup backstage.

Bruiser wants Silas to calm down, but Silas isn’t having it! Kenny King spits on Silas like a “sore loser”! Bruiser assures Silas that he can handle Kenny 1v1 like he did Kenny, Martinez & Shane Taylor at Final Battle. Bruiser meanwhile wants tag team gold. He also assures Silas that Silas doesn’t need to overwork himself, he “has a guy.” Silas admits that Bruiser does impress, so if he has someone he can trust, Silas will trust them, too. Who is Bruiser’s tag partner? Can they take the tag team titles for their own?


The Bullet Club speaks.

They’ve been on “such a successful run” and everyone tries to “ruin the fun.” There was a moment at Final Battle that really angered Nick Jackson. Matt knows exactly what moment Nick means: The “Hung Bucks” retained their ROH World Six Man Tag Championships, and The Addiction & Scorpio Sky ruined their celebration.

On top of that, Scorpio Sky betrayed Flip Gordon by hitting a Scorpio Cutter. This new trio of “SoCal Uncensored” makes Matt nauseous, and pissed Hangman off by hitting him “in his most prized possession.” If SoCal Uncensored wants at the Six Man Tag Championships, The Hung Bucks will give them a shot. “Right over the head, until we bust your brains out.” Bullet Club is ready, have Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky bitten off more than they can chew?


Flip Gordon VS Marty Scurll!

The captain of #FlipArmy has had his problems with Bullet Club, can he gain some retribution against The Villain here in Philly?

Exclusive footage of Marty Scurll speaking on Final Battle.

Marty will be the first to admit that Jay Lethal gave him “a spot of bother” at Final Battle, but he’s not upset. In fact, Marty is proud of Lethal for doing what he did. Lethal showed the world that his “inner villain” simply lies dormant within him. Hell, that’s probably what gave Lethal the confidence to confront Castle and demand that title shot. Marty wonders now, if it’s that easy, then why has he been waiting to be given one?! Marty has had ZERO chances at the “big gold belt”, and seeing as how he “helped” Lethal get his, Marty’s going to help himself. ROH deserves a worthy champion, “in the form of The Villain, Marty Scurll.”

The fans are red hot for Marty as the bell rings. The two circle, tie up, and Flip gets the wristlock while fans let out “Woop woop!” Scurll spins and breaks free to snapmare, but Flip spins to get the wristlock back. Scurll repeats but Flip gets the wristlock again. Third time isn’t the charm, either, as Flip slips out to put Scurll in the wristlock again. Scurll gets to the ropes and uses them to flip and then flip again, he arm-drags Flip but Flip handsprings through. Flip says “no no no” with a finger wag, Scurll speeds things up and shoves Flip, Flip walks on his hands. Flip bounces, kip-ups, then kip-ups to evade Scurll’s grapples.

Scurll tries to keep up with Flip, Flip stands up to boot Marty right in the mouth!

The fans applaud and cheer for Flip while Scurll gets to the apron. Flip walks over, Scurll throws in a shoulder, then goes to bump Flip off buckles. Flip blocks, and swing kicks Scurll right to the floor. Scurll crawls and gets to his feet while Flip takes aim. Flip slingshots but Scurll scrambles away, so Flip springboard back-flips!

Flip mocks the wing flapping while Scurll’s all the way in the crowd!

Scurll takes offense as Flip flaps and fans chant “Woop woop!” Flip dares Scurll to return while we go to break.

ROH returns to Flip whipping Scurll but Scurll reversing. Flip goes up and over, kicks low then whips Scurll. Scurll goes up and over but his whip is reversed, he turns things around and dodges Flip. Flip follows Scurll to a corner but then slips under and out, Scurll pursues for a cat ‘n’ mouse game. Flip goes to a corner, Scurll runs in, Flip evades, but then runs into a stiff European Uppercut! Scurll grabs Flip, and suplexes him into the buckles!

Cover, TWO, but the referee reprimands Scurll for trying to use ropes. Flip gets separation, Scurll stalks him and stomps him. Scurll brings him up and bumps his head off a buckle, then gives a stiff chop. Scurll keeps on Flip, pendulum backbreaker. Fans fire up as Scurll glares. They chant “Woop woop!” as Scurll puts Flip in a seated straitjacket stretch. Flip endures, powers up and out, and tries to turn. Scurll spins through to put the straitjacket back on Flip, then gives him a straitjacket backstabber!

Cover, TWO, and Scurll grows frustrated. He argues with the referee, and though he doesn’t throw that punch, he shoves him! So the referee shoves back!

Scurll begs for mercy, and the referee lets the match continue. Scurll goes over to Flip, Flip fights back, jawbreaker! Flip whips Scurll, Scurll reverses, Flip goes over to handstand and attempt a headscissors, but Scurll mule kicks him down! Cover, TWO, Scurll keeps his cool this time. He returns to Flip, putting him in a corner and rocking him with forearms. Flip fires forearms back, they go back and forth in a forearm brawl. Scurll gives fast body shots and a swift forearm, Flip responds with a stiff one of his own! Scurll comes back, misses, Flip hits the PELE! Both men are down but the fans applaud, then rally for them. The referee checks both men, they stir and stand up. Flip takes aim at Scurll leaning on the ropes. Flip runs, Scurll scrambles away and thinks he has outsmarted Flip, only to take that elevated 619 at the corner!

Scurll goes down, Flip goes up, springboard lariat! Flip is fired up, he lifts Scurll in a fireman’s carry but Scurll slips out. Scurll shoves Flip to ropes, Flip back elbows Scurll away, Scurll runs back in but Flip springboards to back-flip over him. Flip ducks, then springboards for the Spring-Blade!

Cover, TWO! Flip grows frustrated, but fans rally for him while he goes up top. He takes aim at Scurll, but Scurll evades to force Flip out of his flight pattern. Scurll runs back in, but Flip catches him in the Samoan Pop! Then, running Shooting Star! TWO! Flip is shocked and Scurll rolls away while we go to break.

ROH returns one last time to see Flip springboard and Scurll shove him down! Scurll builds speed, jumps out to the apron and SUPERKICKS Flip away! He then hops down and clotheslines Flip down! The fans fire up again as Scurll drags Flip up and in. Cover, TWO! Scurll stands up and calls for it. Flip stirs, fans fire up with Scurll, he does the spin and “CHICKEN WING!” Flip swings a kick, a sweep, a Pele, but Scurll catches his foot and brings him into a ghost pin. TWO, mule kick! Scurll runs, Flip SUPERKICKS, but then Scurll responds with a lariat! Scurll brings Flip up and hits the Ghostbuster (Last Shot)!

TWO!? Scurll cannot believe the move that “ran off” the likes of Adam Cole, Lio Rush & Donovan Dijak did not work on young Flip Gordon. He goes back to Flip, brings him up, and chops him. Flip gets to a corner, Scurll runs in but is put on the apron, so he grabs Flip by the hair. Flip breaks free, sweeps the legs, then runs to DIVE!

Direct hit, but Flip keeps moving. He gets back in the ring, so that he can FLY!

Flip puts Scurll in the ring, fans fire up as he climbs up top. Flip takes aim, and flips for the 450 Splash!

TWO!? Flip is shocked Scurll survived. The fans “Woop woop!” for The Villain, but Flip still has his supporters. He gets up and chops Scurll, then hoists him up top. Another chop, then Flip goes to the apron and jumps up, Kinder Surprise countered into Chicken Wing!

Flip resists and arm-drags Scurll off, but Scurll rushes him. Flip evades, Scurll goes up, Kinder Surprise hits! Scurll is dazed, Flip hits a Falcon Arrow, TWO! Flip won’t slow down, he gets moving again but springboards into a EuroUpper! Scurll gives him a second Ghostbuster!

Scurll wins! He blows a kiss to the world, will he make 2018 the Year of the Villain?


My Thoughts:

A solid episode to officially start the year off. The results of Final Battle finally take effect, and surprisingly, Silas Young first defends his title against the newest ROH signee, Simon Grimm. Silas wins for obvious reasons, such as Kenny King needing his rematch. The interesting development here is actually that Bruiser is bringing a third “real man” into the fold so that they can go after the World Tag Team Championships while Silas focuses on his singles title. I have no idea who Bruiser’s new friend could be but I’d like to imagine it’s another hoss. There could even be a chance that it’s Shane Taylor, provided Bruiser can pay him. Obviously, Bruiser and his mystery partner will have to contend with solidly Heel Briscoes, who are looking to be ROH tag team champions again. I have a feeling it will be The Briscoes VS Bruiser & Mystery Partner in a #1 contenders match only for Bruiser & Mystery Partner to lose and then spiral off into a Silas & Bruiser VS Mystery Partner & Someone Else program.

The opening segment with Dalton Castle and Jay Lethal was great. Castle has always been a great character, and now champion Castle is even more fun. Lethal coming for him as a Face and then Martinez coming for him as a Monster Heel is great for Castle, it elevates his star power to match the belt. Then with The Boys back, The Peacock is set to dabble in the Six Man Division, such as their match with The Kingdom next episode. The Kingdom wants it all, and Taven is a WHC short of the ROH Grand Slam so it’d make sense for him to go after Castle as well. Scurll mentioned wanting at “the big gold belt” since he’s already been WTVC before, and then The Hung Bucks have Six Man Tag challengers in the new SoCal Uncensored, there is a lot of potential for huge crossovers, like Lethal teaming with Castle & The Boys long enough to face The Bullet Club, or dare I say, an insane Fatal 4 Trios match of Hung Bucks VS SoCal Uncensored VS The Kingdom VS The Peacock & The Boys. There’s so much potential for what ROH can do, but I don’t doubt they’ll do great with whatever they choose to do.

My Score: 8/10

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